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Air Date: Feb. 7, 2017
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Tuesday, February 7th, 2017.
We've got stunning information and documentation today to break down as we give you the latest analysis of the global war taking place against the huge megacorporations and their attempt to establish a out-of-control, oppressive...
Again, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Thank you so much for joining us today.
I'm going to get into all the news, and I mean all of it, coming up in the next segment.
But first off, I want to talk about something that affects us all, and that's life and death.
A lot of people I talk to never even get to meet any of their grandparents, much less all four of them.
And my grandmother was almost 93 years old when she died this morning at about 130.
And she was still cogent a few days ago when I went and visited with her, but she'd had breast cancer for about six years.
She'd had breast cancer before, and they'd removed part of her breast.
She got breast cancer six, seven years ago and decided to not be operated on, and that she would just go home when God was ready for her.
And at almost 93 years of age last night, she went home to be with her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
But the reason it's important is, I don't really cry for the 93-year-old woman who I knew my whole life and loved so much and who taught me so much.
I cry for the 30-year-old woman who went and got the second round of polio shots when my mother was four years old and her brother was nine years old that
Paralyzed her and almost killed her and took her years to be able to walk again.
She was a beauty queen.
And then I think about the SV40 cancer viruses that were admittedly in that vaccine as well.
And to think about how they soft killed my grandmother way back in the early 1950s.
So they got her way back
In the early 1950s when she was 30 years old.
Everybody should really think about that and think about what vaccines are doing to people today, especially our military that are shot up with so many experimental ones as well.
And I just think about how magic it is to have all these great ancestors and to know that I'll have progeny into the future and I'll be one of their ancestors.
I just want to deliver.
For humanity and really build something beautiful and great.
And so did my grandmother.
And all four of my grandparents were great, interesting people in different ways.
I really can't say who my favorite was of any of them, but it's just great that I knew them.
And I hope that spiritually that I can resonate to the plane that they're going to be on with God and transcend this fallen plane we're on and be with her again.
She was very, very a few days ago.
She'd be conscious talking about things, be completely there, and then just suddenly be somewhere completely else talking to her dead brother and talking to other members of her family.
So she believed she was already in heaven.
And I think about Colonel Craig Roberts.
Who was a Marine Corps sniper and veteran helicopter pilot, investigator and best-selling author, sniper one shot one kill, who exposed Oklahoma City as an inside job and so much more, and the murder of police officers by the Clinton mafia to cover it up.
And he died for about 10 minutes on the operating table for colon cancer and was there at the portal with the angel.
The decision was made to send him back.
They'd already walked off and he came back to life.
And atheists, people that don't believe in God, and people that are in other cultures, they have that same near-death or death experience.
So just know this, there's a lot going on in this world, but I just want my grandmother to know that I love her and I appreciate her and I can still feel her presence now.
It's like I can feel my first grandparents that went, Jerry Jones, my dad's dad.
I don't know.
The most important thing to do is to reach out for the young today that are under all the GMO and all the chemical attack and all the cultural attack and defend them because that's who really matters.
He is the young.
They are the future.
After all, we were all young once.
Did you know?
The D next to some of the politicians' names on television actually stands for double standard.
That's right, the double standard party is always working hard to find new double standards.
Look at immigration.
When Obama and Clinton introduced the same policies as Trump, the double standards stood and cheered.
But with Trump, they protest and jeer.
Those same protesters held signs that said the future is female.
Except the future is female only if they agree with you.
If it's Betsy DeVos, then no way.
As double standards pleaded all night for their colleagues to vote no on DeVos becoming Secretary of Education.
I'll admit, there were some good points brought up by the double standards against DeVos, a rarity indeed.
But if the double standards hadn't been like the boy who cried wolf for the last year and a half, Trump is Hitler, Trump is racist, Russian hacking, Republicans won't accept results, there's a Muslim ban, then maybe their effort to stop DeVos could work.
But they've been the boy who cried wolf for far too long, and no one wants to hear the wolf story again from the double standards.
This is Owen Schroer for InfoWars.com
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These arrogant globalists thought they defeated humanity.
The truth is, whether it's Obama or George Soros, they're losers.
Everything they had, everything they threw against us, failed.
Now, just because we defeated these tyrants, for now, doesn't mean we've won the war.
The war is happening within our hearts, within our souls, and in our minds.
We have to be good.
We have to be pure.
We have to be strong.
We have to build prosperity.
We have to bring everyone of every race, color, and creed together if we're going to truly defeat these tyrants who believe we were going to fail, who believe their divide and conquer would work.
Yes, we've won the first phase.
The battle for the soul of humanity has just begun.
But, Obama, and Hillary, and Soros, you were losers from the day you were born.
It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host, Alex Jones.
Move, bitch!
Get out the way!
We pledge allegiance to one flag, and that flag...
The American flag!
Infowars helped fuel the rumor that President Obama is an ISIS supporter.
It's been a cozy relationship from the beginning.
I will not let you down.
You'll be very, very impressed, I hope.
And I think we'll be speaking a lot.
Donald Trump and Alex Jones.
This means that Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones!
Ladies and gentlemen, here we are as we kick off this live worldwide broadcast.
It is, of course, Tuesday, the seventh day of February 2017.
We have several huge guests that are going to be joining us today.
We have one of Putin's top advisors, as well as a university professor out in California who has witnessed the incredible authoritarian bullying of the so-called left and how that ties into
The legislature of the state, the dean of UC Berkeley, defending the physical attack on people that they don't agree with.
So that's all coming up today.
First off, there's a tactic that the mainstream media is using where they pretend that InfoWars is discredited and not cutting edge, and then they connect that to Trump and pretend that he's discredited.
Hoping to split Trump off from his base.
Now Trump knows they're doing this, but they every day say Alex Jones is Trump's brain.
Trump gets everything from Alex Jones.
No, Trump has agreed with me on a few things that are overwhelmingly documented.
Trump is his own person.
I don't say that because I don't want to sit here and make the president mad.
I say that because it's true.
But clearly they're trying to hurt Trump by driving him away from his base.
It's not working.
He's delivering in spades.
But every day I see scores of these articles.
Infowars is behind President Trump's idea that the media is covering up terrorist attacks.
The Washington Post.
Then they show headlines where myself, Paul Watson, and countless others, but they only show screenshots.
You can't go see it for yourself.
It's a screenshot.
Where we go show
Where police chiefs, the FBI, you name it, are told to cover up the fact that Islamists are carrying out attacks, just like San Bernardino.
Now the truth is, Trump has trolled the media when he spoke at Central Command in Florida yesterday, at their headquarters, because he knows they'll bring all this out now and lose this debate.
He trolled them.
He baited them.
I wish I was that smart.
See, that's the Trump dimension.
He knows everything I know and then knows how to really play these people.
I mean, I know how to play them too, but
I don't know how he has the energy at 70 years old.
It's just incredible.
And this is all coming from Trump.
That's what's amazing.
I mean, some of it's Bannon, but notice that they keep saying Bannon is Trump's brain.
Bannon makes all the decisions.
No, Bannon goes and researches the laws to carry out the plan of Trump.
So yes, he's there assisting him.
Just like the magician's assistant.
But it's not Bannon running the show.
It's not Roger Stone running the show.
It's not Alex Jones running the show.
It's not Matt Drudge running the show.
It's Trump.
President Trump made a whopper.
Oh, another whopper like illegals vote?
I have George Soros publicly organizing illegals to vote today.
Announcing it himself.
They have all these states trying to pass laws for illegals to vote.
And they look at us and go, there's no illegals voting.
There's no people voting in dead people's names, even though you get caught.
There's no Atlantic Ocean.
There's no sun at high noon.
There's no... It's gotten to a point where there's not even being reported, he said, at military leaders at U.S.
Central Command.
And in many cases, the very, very dishonest press doesn't want to report it.
They have their reasons, and you understand that.
So then they go on to say, oh, here's where he got it, they got it from Alex Jones.
Again, pretending they control reality, pretending they define things, and saying Infowars is discredited.
And thus, by extension, Trump.
When the more Trump embraces the new media, and the independent media, the more he will continue to get his agenda done.
I mean, take Matt Grudge.
If you didn't have Matt Drudge, and MSM actually even got this right last year, then Trump wouldn't have gotten elected.
Because Infowars is strong, but we don't have the total dominance of Drudge to force a meme or a topic out there.
We could do it sometimes, but not every time.
So if it wasn't for Infowars and Drudge and Breitbart, and Trump knows that, he wouldn't be in the position he's in.
So the media thinks Trump's dumb and is trying to cut him off from his base and from the fount of his agenda, which is Americana Constitution.
So I'm going to go through a whole stack of news, documenting.
I mean, Homeland Security was told eight years ago, do not say Islamic terror.
And when you stop somebody, you can't ask even where they're coming from, or if they're a Wahhabist, or look on their cell phones.
So you're coming from Yemen, you're coming from Saudi Arabia, you're coming from Sudan, you're coming from places that are war zones, like Somalia, a totally failed state, and you can't even ask when it comes up in a data sheet that you're Al-Qaeda, are you with Al-Qaeda?
They can ask me if I'm part of a criminal group, they can ask me if I've got drugs, they can ask me if I've got fruits and vegetables, but you can't ask the Islamists this.
They're actually in the news saying, oh, Trump may lose his appeal now because he mentioned Islam.
Congress shall make no law respecting an established religion, or whatever the friction size thereof, but you can bar someone that's part of a religious group that its tenet is to bomb and kill innocents.
That's a cult.
Not a violation of the First Amendment.
When you've sworn allegiance to a murderous military death cult, you don't have a right to come here.
Just like every other nation has a right to bar whoever they want.
And it's clear in law.
What they're saying now through the courts is, oh no, we can open up to anybody we want, anybody can come here.
Which is globalism, which is the end of our sovereignty.
So, InfoWars is behind President Trump's idea that the media is covering up terrorist attacks.
That was on CNN last night.
This morning, it's everywhere.
And sure, it gives us a little bit of traffic, but they have dwindling audiences of idiots.
This is mainly a psy-op so that Spicer and people read this and go, look, Mr. President, more about how Alex Jones is your boss.
Don't listen to him.
Go with the mainline Republicans.
Listen to Priebus.
That goes on, by the way, behind the scenes.
Word for word.
We're going to be getting into that whole stack.
We're going to be getting into how Starbucks in Saudi Arabia won't serve women, but Starbucks is fine with that.
They just want to create racial division here in America and harp about how our country is so bad.
We're also going to get into the dollar jumping and stock market going back up to all-time highs, despite the fact that Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Bloomberg, all these suspects have been trying to drive the dollar down with Soros.
It failed again, turkeys!
And more major TV sets that are coming out admit they actually watch you in live time and listen to you and sell the data.
Vizio's the latest, we'll tell you about that.
Yeah, more fake news we broke.
We broke TV's watching and listening to you because it was in a Google press release to their shareholders.
Fifteen years ago, Paul Watson broke that?
Oh, it was fake news.
For years they said, Crazy Alex Jones says your TV's watching and listening to you.
Yeah, it was so crazy, a Time Warner engineer who held patents came and met with me pulling up his $200,000 Mercedes and said, I just can't do it anymore, Alex.
Here's the blueprints, the new Scientific Atlantic cable boxes have microphones listening to you with keywords.
Oh, oh, such fake news.
All now proven correct.
That's why we're exploding, you're contracting.
I talked to Joe Rogan last night.
He said clearly this is the biggest podcast in his seven and a half year history, dwarfing stuff that's been up there seven years.
In fact, it's had, because you can't see on iTunes.
I don't even know, Joe didn't tell me how to talk about this, so I'm going to go ahead and talk about it.
I'm going to skip this break to have time.
Joe said it is definitely censorship.
Because he is all the top iTunes shows of all time, and they won't even let him have but a couple up there.
Even though they say this is our top shows of all time, Joe has every top podcast of all time on there, but they will not even show it.
And this one, they're purposely burying, because we mentioned Pizzagate, just like YouTube won't let it trend, even though
It should have been number one on YouTube the first day and then gotten 20 million views, but they killed it where it was only on his channel, but you basically couldn't share it to the most viewed channels.
It didn't take its place in poll position, so it only got, you know, 2.2 million or whatever.
So that's how they operate.
That's how they censor.
That's how they control.
And Breitbart had its apps kicked off a month and a half ago off of iTunes.
They paid for them years ago.
They were there and they said, you're racist.
We're kicking you off when there's nothing even racist there, which we always said.
First, they banned the racist, which I don't agree with.
I don't agree with what they're saying.
But if you ban them, everybody else is next.
And now you notice the Democrats can say kill whites.
Whites are bad.
Whites are evil.
White say that.
You're an effing white male.
That's okay.
That's loving.
But we can't even say that that's racist or we're shut down.
We're all in this together.
And Trump's busy trying to keep the economy going, defend the borders.
I get
Exposing Obama's bill he signed to start restricting the press is down the road.
Trump has bigger fish to fry than the fact that his own chief strategist's news site is being censored.
But this is a big deal for America and Trump needs to start addressing it.
And he is.
He's first discrediting the MSM.
That says, Trump's crazy, we're not covering up Islamic attacks, we're not playing them down.
The FBI, two years before, knew that the two San Bernardino shooters were going to Saudi Arabia and other countries to train for terror attacks and were threatened with civil rights criminal indictment if they didn't drop investigations of the mosque.
That came out a week after, and the FBI leaked that they were told to say it wasn't terrorists, even though they went to a Christmas party targeting Christians and Jews because of their religion.
But that's okay!
And on and on and on, they say it's not Islamic terror when they run over people.
I mean, this is crazy.
And then they go, oh my gosh, InfoWars is insane!
It says we're covering up, and Trump's insane for saying it.
No, Trump just trolled you.
You are the ones that are now talking about, we don't cover up this.
You cover up black on white crime statistics.
Reporters all over the country have been told.
You cover up Islamic rapes and murders in Europe.
More police unions are coming out and saying, in Sweden and Germany, they've been ordered to cover it up.
And you've got the nerve.
To shake your finger at us and say we're covering... Oh, kind of like we said the polls were fake and Trump was going to win?
Kind of like that?
Kind of like I said that George Soros was directing the Democrats to send out people to rough folks up at Trump events and then blame it on Trump?
And exactly what I said came out?
Because I have major sources in the Secret Service and in the Chicago PD?
I mean, I don't want to tell you too much here.
Let's just say we've got all the intel, and we know exactly who's doing what.
My problem is, I'm so busy I can't even go through all this stuff.
Let's go to this first video.
Trump trolls CNN into covering Islamic terror that they say doesn't exist.
And when he says they're covering it up, they say, oh ha ha ha, of course we cover Islamic terror.
Ooh, ha ha, gotcha dummy.
Here it is.
...released this list of terror attacks the president said the media is downplaying or not reporting on, right?
Oh, that's right, Anderson.
I have it right here.
78 attacks since September of 2014, and the White House is careful to say that most of these attacks were not reported on adequately enough, but Anderson, just going through the list, there's no scoring system or grade system here to say, okay, these attacks...
It's come out that the FBI and others are told to stand down and not call it Islamic terror.
I mean, we've had authors on that worked inside Homeland Security as senior analysts who were at the meetings where they were told seven, eight years ago, you will no longer say the word Islamic terror.
It does not exist.
And Anderson Cooper is CIA, the whole foundation leftist arm of it.
He went to Cairo and celebrated the Arab Spring that overthrew the country and murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent people.
I'm going to go over all those names and all those documents in a moment, but Cooper and this other dingbat try to sit there and look shocked by this.
Everybody knows you're con men, okay?
Everybody knows you're frauds.
You have a tiny audience, so get a bigger teleprompter, get a bigger studio, bro, because you aren't getting your job done.
Yeah, the other dingbat is Jim Acosta.
Here it is.
This is perfect, because the default is to say Trump's a liar.
So they come out and say, Trump's a liar!
We cover all the 70-plus Islamic attacks!
Of course we covered all the Islamic attacks!
And under it, if you're a radio listener, it says, breaking White House releases list of uncovered, under-covered attacks.
Again, White House releases list of under-covered attacks, and then they put in parentheses, we covered many.
So, they're admitting they didn't even cover them all, and what we're saying is they under-report them.
I mean, when a black guy kills a white guy, newspapers all over the country know you don't put a picture of who did it, and you don't say who they are.
And whenever they're looking for someone, most of the time they won't even say a Hispanic male or a black male.
They'll just say it if it's a white male.
Everybody knows about this.
This has been admitted.
So again, Trump is a total genius how he is annihilating our enemy that is the foreign-owned globalist corporate press.
Let's go back to these two jokers.
This appears to be a talking point that is in search of a set of facts that just doesn't exist.
The other thing we did not get an answer for is why the president made this claim today that the news media are not reporting on these attacks.
He said, I think you know why, to those military commanders today, but no explanation was given as to why the news media... Pause again, let's back that up 10 seconds.
No one knows why he's saying the military, I think you know why.
Because CENTCOM told him, and General Flynn told him, and General Mattis told him, and all the generals told him, sir, there's been a deal made with Saudi Arabia and Al Qaeda to take over more than 50 countries.
They've already invaded 16 of them.
That was back in the time four years ago.
And we've got to stop them.
They're now in 30 plus countries on that list, sir.
We've been double-crossed, sir.
They overthrew our ally, Egypt.
They overthrew Gaddafi, who'd made a deal with us.
They're trying to overthrow Syria.
They're trying to overrun Iraq.
Sir, it's a major threat.
We've got to stop it.
They've been telling Trump that.
Trump's had General Flynn and people telling him behind the scenes for three years.
A year before he ever announced running for president.
Four and a half years ago, General Dempsey, the head of the Joint Chiefs, went to the White House and told Obama, we're not going to be the air force for Al-Qaeda.
Remember all that in the news at the time?
So, oh, we don't know what Trump's talking about when he says the military.
I think you know why.
You know what, President Trump?
Keep taking the gloves off.
Say you know why.
Hillary and Obama are the founders of ISIS and the Saudi Arabian caliphate expansion.
And you are the ones that came to me and asked me to run for office to stop this.
So now here we are, men.
The gloves are off.
No limits.
We're taking them out!
You really want the rest of the story, Cooper?
Hoping you and your idiot audience don't know what's happening?
Hoping there's still some dwindling group of morons that are low information and will still buy all of your posturing?
We don't know what he's talking about.
Cooper was a cheerleader in the Middle East for Al-Qaeda!
Cooper is a monster!
A total blood-sucking, robber baron, great-great-grandson nobody!
An enemy of the Republic!
Every single one of these people, who knows what they're doing consciously, is undermining this country, trying to crash the stock market, trying to cause race wars, trying to get illegal aliens to vote.
That's in the news today.
Out of one side of their mouth, we're organizing illegals to vote!
Let illegals vote!
But there's no illegals voting!
Trump's insane!
Every single one of them is now an enemy of the Republic.
Back to him.
You know why, to those military commanders today, but no explanation was given as to why the news media would not report terrorist attacks, given all of our coverage.
It's just not true.
I'm keeping them honest.
As Jim said, not only did we cover many of the attacks on that list the White House has released, we covered them heavily.
I know because I was there on the ground reporting a number of them.
360 was in Ottawa, Canada, October 2014.
That's on the list.
Where a gunman killed a reservist at the National War Memorial, where he was on duty at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
I was also in Orlando last June.
That was on the list also after 49 people were gunned down at the Pulse nightclub.
But we can go back and show how you first reported for days that it wasn't Islamic and would never say it in San Bernardino or in Orlando.
Everybody knows that and how it suddenly goes out of the news in a day or two.
Hillary State Department blocked investigation into Orlando Killers Mosque!
I mean, this was all in the news!
And they go, oh, well that's Infowars, with us all linking to the Florida newspapers.
We're credible.
They know it.
Let's go out to break with Paul Watson.
Here's Paul Watson.
Media coverage of terror attacks is more like a cover-up.
Here it is from last year.
After the Munich shooting last Friday, almost every other media outlet included the name Ali in the name of this culprit.
The BBC didn't.
You know, hours after the priest beheading yesterday, where we knew that they were shouting Allah Akbar, we knew that they were chanting pro-ISIS slogans, they were Muslims.
They were beheading people, or at least slitting their throats.
We knew it was an Islamist attack.
Hours afterwards, the BBC was still reporting
No Known Motive
This is a quote from the BBC, not the Onion.
We'll be back, folks.
We'll be right back.
But understand, they use this in the Washington Post to discredit us when it's total proof on them.
You understand?
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I got something that tells me what it's all about!
I got soul, and I'm super bad!
I got something!
Alexander Dugin is going to be joining us in about 30 minutes.
Long-time advisor to President Putin.
The mainstream media, the corporate media will call us Russian spies for having him on.
No, it's called what cultures do is talk to each other.
If you don't want to have nuclear war...
You know, like Hillary met secretly twice with Putin, but that's okay, and her minions made deals to transfer uranium to Russia.
But all that's okay when they actually sell us out.
I don't blame Russia, that's part of their only interest.
Trump's gonna stand up for our interests, he's just not gonna look for trouble and try to dominate Russia because he believes in national sovereignty and doesn't want to conquer Russia.
He intends, via trade and other areas, to try to make money with Russia through commerce!
And he will, guaranteed, you watch, because we have the leverage, get a better deal.
But the deal they get will also help Russia!
And it's okay for MSM to interview the guest that's coming up, but it'll just be bad when I do.
You watch tomorrow, it'll be, Alex Jones is a Russian spy.
Dugan's named Alex.
I'm named Alex.
So much happening.
Betsy DeVos has been confirmed in the Senate.
That's some breaking news.
Let me give you a bunch of other breaking news that's coming up.
UK Speaker vetoes Trump address to Parliament.
Jamie White, InfoWars.com.
Globalists claim national sovereignty is racist.
That's right, just a president or anybody saying who can come in the country is bad.
Saudi Arabia can ban any refugees to their country, that's fine.
And not let women shop or go out in public without hoods over their heads.
And Starbucks just doesn't let you in in Saudi Arabia.
But see, that's just their culture.
It's okay.
Overwhelming evidence proves Trump right about massive voter fraud.
Dr. Jerome Corsi, Infowars.com story.
Top Clinton lawyer joins Soros Super PAC to stop voter IDs so illegals can vote.
The Haitians are protesting the Clintons, but you'll never see that in the news.
That's all coming up.
China is proposing further tightening of internet oversight.
That means ending free speech, but Reuters puts it like it's a good thing.
And the Vatican's caught having an organ harvesting meeting, basically, at their human rights board.
Isn't that just cute?
It's kind of like putting the Saudi Arabians and the Yemenis over human rights at the UN.
Let's put the Big Bad Wolf over the Three Little Pigs house, or the fox over the hen house, or let's put Hitler over the local Berlin synagogue.
You know, let's put the devil over heaven.
Let's put...
Let's put the state over humans and over God.
It's upside-down world.
Yeah, that's what it is.
That's all coming up.
But the good news is, they've been trying to drive down the stock market and drive down the dollar.
It had the opposite effect.
Dollar jumps on rate bets.
stocks at records.
Market rat Bloomberg.
Not going too well, is it, for you?
But make no mistake.
They're trying to bring things down.
They're trying to blame Trump and other nationalist movements.
They've told the Brexit movement, how dare you try to get out of the EU you never entered, that we took over your country.
And how dare you not let us make 90 plus percent of your laws and open your borders.
We're going to destroy your economy.
And they're trying.
That's called terrorism, economic terrorism, bullying, and I've got stacks of articles where universities, the universities are training the students on quote fight club to go out like hoodlums or like S.A.
Rome storm troopers in proto-Nazi Germany and beat people up in the streets while they scream
Go away!
Go away!
Black Lives Matter!
Go away!
Donald Trump!
Just bumping into people, running over people.
The cops was all freaked out, marching at the head of them as they just ran over whoever they wanted.
It was just like, this is just an exercise of like a temper tantrum of a two-year-old.
I remember Paul Watson's viral video a few years ago where he said, Millennials are like toddlers.
It's just crazy.
You're just standing there in a multi-racial crowd of humans trying to get cabs, and here comes this people just, we're the good guys, out of our way, boom, into you, and you're like, whoa!
And they walk by, F you, Alex!
Showing some of them who knew who I was, and they're just still screaming, KKK!
All I'm trying to do is turn the economy back on and not let all the money go to the bankers.
Shut up, KKK!
You know, I don't want war with Russia.
Shut up, Russian agent!
Oh, I saw these great memes I didn't get to yesterday.
Because I let some Agenda 21 news I read really get me down.
I shouldn't let them get me down.
But it was all these memes.
Man, we can Google it.
Russia lost the game for Atlanta.
That's right.
It was the Russians that caused the turnaround for Brady and everybody else.
And of course, you know, Trump, that's his favorite team.
So obviously it's now about white supremism.
The news actually said, a lot of people are saying it's white supremacists because the Patriots have the highest level of white players.
Oh my gosh, it's almost half the team isn't black.
That's okay!
It's whoever the best players are.
People don't watch it and go, I'm rooting for the Patriots because they're white.
But the media put that out and sure enough, some of the white supremacists go, yeah, that's true.
Tom Brady's our avatar.
So now the ball's rolling, you see.
Everything turns into something being racist.
Let me say this, though.
Some teams are like 80% black.
Now, are we going to have affirmative action and say, well, you know, you need to give, say, a little Asian player from, let's say, Japan.
You need to let some guy that weighs 100 pounds play out here or it's not fair because we need to give them a chance with affirmative action.
Because that's kind of where all this goes, but I'm digressing.
I'm gonna break all this down here today.
First, I wanna get into some really bizarre, senile behavior that's going on that's actually frightening.
And there's so many of these clips, I can't even get to all of them, but I'm gonna try to get to some of these.
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Thank you all for your game-changing support.
Let's get to some really frightening videos.
We've all seen Maxine Waters say that she believes Putin actually tells Trump everything to do.
Drain the Swamp, or Lock Her Up, or Hillary for Prison, that all came from Putin.
And quite frankly, Lock Her Up and Hillary for Prison came from us and our audience.
Our audience wearing Hillary for prison shirts, they started saying, lock her up.
So I can't even take credit for that.
But that, I can tell you, that didn't come from Putin.
Or maybe we've got a Putin advisor coming on next segment.
Maybe, or next hour, maybe it did come from the other Alex.
So we're going to be breaking that down.
We've got Pelosi saying, how do you make this mic work?
But first, Nancy Pelosi promises to oppose President Bush's agenda.
So she doesn't even know it's President Trump.
This woman had nothing when she went to Congress.
She's almost worth a billion smackers now.
Talk about sucking at the trough.
At the teat.
And then Nancy Pelosi refuses to say the Democratic Party needs new leadership.
And then we've got dingbat Democrat Maxine Waters hopes Trump won't serve four years, thinks Putin invaded Korea.
I mean, she's up there going, he invaded Korea!
I love it!
My grandmother at almost 93 died last night.
And she was more together than Maxine Waters.
My grandmother was really proud of the fact that we were talking to her this weekend.
She'd be like, you're doing big things.
I'm so proud of you.
Just stay humble.
I was sitting there feeding her chocolate mousse.
I was telling everybody, I said, look, she's going soon.
Just let her eat what she wants.
Let her have ice cream is what she's asking for.
Good Lord, give her, she started wanting beer.
She hadn't wanted beer in years.
I want a beer.
Oh boy.
Again, let's go ahead and go to this meltdown of these entitled disconnected nutballs.
Nancy Pelosi promises to oppose President Bush.
She doesn't even know what president it is.
Here it is.
This, while it's only a couple of weeks since the inauguration, there's complete evidence, there's practically, we've seen nothing that we can work, that I can work with President Bush on, and I'm disappointed because I thought
That there might be some interest because of what he said in the campaign, which turns out to be not true, a hoax, and really dangerous to the economic stability of America's working families.
What are we going to do?
How can a president who is acting in the manner that he's acting, whether he's talking about the travel ban, the way that he's targeting Muslims, or whether he's talking about his relationship to Putin and the Kremlin, and knowing that they have hacked our DCCC and DNC, and knowing that
He is responsible for supplying the bombs that killed innocent children and families in Aleppo.
And the fact that he is wrapping his arms around Putin, while Putin is continuing to advance into Korea.
I think that he is leading himself into that kind of position.
It is.
I mean, to invade Korea.
Can you believe President Trump invaded Korea with Putin?
And then
That Guam had too many Marines on it and flipped capsized as well.
We've got Pelosi saying though that there doesn't need to be any new leadership.
This is at the same press conference.
Pelosi doesn't know who the president is.
Maxine Waters thinks that Trump is working with Putin to invade Korea.
They've got all these made-for-TV movies about Aleppo.
Here it is.
The issue of Democrats having lost touch with the Rust Belt, with a lot of voters in there that used to be... And I guess I want to ask it this way, which is... The Democratic Party need new leaders to touch base on this stuff.
Whether it's Hillary Clinton, yourself, Chuck Schumer, you've all been in power a long time, and there was a rejection of that.
The point is...
By the way, folks, we need that DNC lady running for DNC that says, I'll suppress the white people, I'll make sure they don't get any privilege, I'll be a good, good, good, good, good White House slave.
That's who we need.
She'll really destroy them.
Happy Valentine's Day, honey.
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So thank you all for your support and please support our local affiliates and their local sponsors as well.
It's amazing.
Okay, coming up we've got
One of Putin's admitted top advisors.
So we're going to be talking to him about the state of the world and what's happening.
He speaks English.
I don't speak Russian.
They had to translate when I've been on their national TV show.
So that's coming up.
And then we also have Professor Daryl Hamamoto, who's out at UC Davis, who's been warning.
And he's what you call a real liberal.
I mean, he's not
Anti-gay, he's not anti-woman, he's not.
He says there's just this weird race cult.
He was on a couple years ago saying, watch, they're totally racist.
And they're led by white women and mainly Latino women, that's what he's saying, by the foundations putting them in charge to totally teach the downfall of society.
So, and I was hearing him going, man, is he being a little extreme?
But let me tell you, you go to these rallies and they're just screaming, you're a white male, shut up, you need to die.
And then the men walk behind the women, and it's a cult, man.
If I went to an event and all the men walked behind the women, I'd be freaked out.
It's just crazy.
The only time I'm walking in front of a woman is to get the door for them or get their bags.
But look at this report by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com.
Starbucks in Saudi Arabia refuses to serve women.
No entry for ladies.
Only send your driver to order, because women can't drive either.
The Starbucks coffee shop in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, recently refused to serve women and claimed that the corporate giant was swiftly forced to deny.
Oh yeah, because Saudi Arabia doesn't ever restrict women.
A Twitter user by the name of Maneer N posted an image of a message posted outside the Starbucks which read, please, no entry for ladies, only send your driver to order, thank you.
Starbucks in Riyadh refused to serve me because I'm a woman and asked me to send a man instead.
Oh, of course!
Again, another conspiracy theory.
It's well known that a lot of shops, a lot of businesses and things don't serve women.
And look, it's one thing if you're a women's only shop or a men's only barbershop.
Remember the men's barbershops getting sued?
Because they're like, listen, we drink beer.
There's, there's Playboy magazines are laying around.
I'm sorry.
And then the women start threatening, okay, I'll cut your hair.
And still they sue.
It's one thing if you're a, you know, it's like curves is for women.
Gary Haven started it.
I'm not gonna walk in and go, hey, I'm a woman!
Let me, I mean, I get women wanting to be with women, men wanting to be with men, like a guys club or whatever.
You know, a man cave.
But we're talking about a Starbucks that says it's open to everybody.
Well, that's okay, though, because the Saudi Arabians, that's just their culture, and, you know, after all, Donald Trump's making up that there's Islamic terror.
Or, no, I'm sorry, he's making it up that the media's covering it up, even though I have a mega-massive stack of that I'll get into after our first guest leaves us.
But here's just some of it.
Infowars is behind President Trump's idea that the media is covering up terrorist attacks.
Washington Post.
And they show Paul Watson like it's discrediting of him when he's showing them covering up attacks.
Journalist calls out White House claims over terror reporting.
Second Swedish police officer blows the whistle on migrant crime cover-up.
Anti-Christian attacks rise 245% in last year.
Media won't identify once-supported murderer who raped woman as illegal.
Press and Sanctuary City runs cover-up for criminal who raped Austin woman in front of her child.
Don Salazar exposes that.
Mass media covers up terrorism to protect Islam.
Fed shutdown terror investigation that could have prevented San Bernardino attack.
Philip Haney, high-level anti-terror analyst.
DHS, Obama blocking terrorist probes.
White House intentionally ignoring surveillance.
Hillary State Department blocked investigation Orlando Killers Mosque.
It goes on and on and on and on.
Everybody knows they've been covering it up.
We'll be back.
I'm Alex Jones.
You are listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
Did you know?
The D next to some of the politicians' names on television actually stands for double standard.
That's right, the double standard party is always working hard to find new double standards.
Look at immigration.
When Obama and Clinton introduced the same policies as Trump, the double standards stood and cheered.
But with Trump, they protest and jeer.
Those same protesters held signs that said the future is female.
Except the future is female only if they agree with you.
If it's Betsy DeVos, then no way.
As double standards pleaded all night for their colleagues to vote no on DeVos becoming Secretary of Education.
I'll admit, there were some good points brought up by the double standards against DeVos, a rarity indeed.
But if the double standards hadn't been like the boy who cried wolf for the last year and a half, Trump is Hitler, Trump is racist, Russian hacking, Republicans won't accept results, there's a Muslim ban, then maybe their effort to stop DeVos could work.
But they've been the boy who cried wolf for far too long and no one wants to hear the wolf story again from the double standards.
This is Owen Schroer for InfoWars.com.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Give me liberty or give me death.
It's Alex Jones.
Give me liberty or give me death?
Well, my grandmother, almost 93 years old,
He died at 1.30 in the morning and the reason I raise that is, it just reminds me of how mistakes in medicine have touched us, but also things on purpose.
Now, we're not sure, there's conflicting evidence on both sides about if they did it on purpose in the 1950s with the oral delivered vaccine that gave so many people polio, that's admitted, and that also gave so many people cancer.
That's undisputed in history.
We don't know though if they consciously did that.
But we do know they covered it up.
And we do know into the future they've still been doing it ongoing around the world.
With SV40 and others.
And my grandmother got the second round of the polio vaccine.
And got the vaccine she was given it for.
And one of the co-developers of it famously joked on PBS, we played the club,
Yeah, we said, hey, this is killing a bunch of people, and we said, well, hell, there's too many people.
So my beautiful grandmother, who had my uncle, who she lived longer than, my mom's brother, and my mother, and she was on, almost in an iron lung, almost died, fought back.
They said she'd always be in a wheelchair.
She was on crutches, and it was a beautiful lady on crutches, but I watched her
Racked with pain, uh, much of her life.
And then I watched her again, them cut off, cut apart one of her breasts about eight years ago.
And she got cancer in the other breast.
She said, I'm ready to go.
Seven years ago.
And they said, we'll be dead in three years.
It's slow acting, but it'll be dead in three years.
She lived seven years.
And she would not see doctors basically anymore.
Went off her medications and everything and lived seven years and boy was she ready to go.
So quite frankly I'm not happy she's dead but it is a big relief and she did it her way and that's what matters.
But it fundamentally makes me angry that they did that to her way back when she was 30 years old and had the best years of her life in front of her.
And that they're doing it to countless children everywhere.
And they'll take, you know, one person, a right-winger hits and kills as the biggest thing in the world.
And then they'll take Villamanda Gates all over Africa, Latin America, Asia, with people getting, quote, paralyzed after the polio vaccine.
And they go, oh, it's polio-like symptoms.
They're just out there giving it to them everywhere.
They tell us, oh, we've eradicated polio here.
Well, that's because they went around spreading it.
Then of course people learned immunity.
And how they give the troops live anthrax shots.
Because you can't attenuate anthrax.
It's in a crystallized form.
The cell divides and absorbs the other side and can live a million years.
Radiation doesn't kill it.
Nothing kills it but dissecting it at a microscopic level or blast furnishing it.
I mean there's no debate you shouldn't give the troops the anthrax shot.
And I'm really just digressing.
I just think about how they do this human testing on us.
Now this whole system is basically a big secret human testing operation and that's why you can't trust.
It's in the news today that televisions are watching you and listening to you and shelling the data.
It's in the news that the vaccines have liability protection and are hurting people.
And what's Trump doing?
First president ever to come out and say, we need to investigate vaccines, they're dangerous, they're being contaminated, they shouldn't have liability protection, they should face the same rules as everybody, so they can't carry out the social engineering.
You wanna know why the public looks like a bunch of half-dead zombies?
Fluoride Vaccines GMO TV.
Every study shows you what's happening.
This is on purpose.
Phasing out the human population.
Look at the Russian population's been plunging.
I'll give Putin one big fat gold star for the fact that he's tried to reverse that, get their population numbers back up.
They're not putting fluoride in the water there.
They're not trying to break the family up.
That's why the devil Hollywood is so upset.
Because it comes to kill, steal, and destroy.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the Info War.
Our guests, Russian advisor Alexander Dugin, straight ahead.
Ted Malek, the man tipped as Trump's selection for US ambassador to the EU, is not welcomed by the EU bureaucrats.
There's a move in Brussels to block Trump's pick, but Malek replied, Trump's pick for EU ambassador illustrates wise, strategic thinking in the chess game against the globalists.
Ted Malek's credentials read like the perfect resume of an elitist.
In fact, he even wrote a biography titled, Davos, Aspen and Yale.
But it's the tagline that says it all.
My life behind the curtains as a global Sherpa.
He knows globalism from the inside, having served as an expert to prepare summits.
And he will serve them no more.
But the UN is the center, the driving force of globalism.
So why not put someone like Malek on point there, rather than an establishment figure like Nikki Haley?
If they can aid European nations,
Hey, everyone!
Pharmacist Ben Fuchs here, host of The Bright Side.
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Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're here in Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, and our guest is joining us from Moscow, Russia, Alexander Dugin.
The media says that he's a top advisor to Putin, but from my research, I'd say it's more like when the media says that I'm telling Trump what to do, that's not really what's happening.
We're just looking at the same picture, the same story, the same truth.
We're reading from the same historical piece of music.
But undoubtedly, Dr. Alexander Dugin is one of the leading people when it comes to rebirth in Russia, and rediscovering the greatness of Russia and humanity itself, and creating a pro-human system.
Now, I've only read one of his books, and I've read quite a few of his writings over the years, and am well aware of who he was.
Even a decade ago, I tried to get him on.
But here he is now.
I've been on one of his national TV shows that he has in Russia.
You know, there's so many bios out there, so many things the media says he said, I want him to spend a few minutes about himself first, before we get into all these big huge topics, because I will cover what the elite believe, or I will cover what some other group believes, and then I'll wake up in the morning and the newspaper will say, Alex Jones believes XYZ, and that's not true.
So it's better to directly hear from someone
Telling you what they actually believe in and what he believes Putin believes in and the type of world system I'm trying to create versus what they're trying to create versus what the globalists are trying to create.
And I noticed one of the topics he wanted to get into, we haven't talked beforehand, but he just gave us a few notes here, is post-globalism.
Make no mistake.
We are post this form of corporate global government.
Now they may fight on for a while, but it's not a boast to say, you can look at all the evidence, they are in major retreat.
I use the allegory or the analogy of 1945 Germany, a few months before the final fall.
You know the Nazis are going to fall.
The question is, how long will this go on?
So we're long past the Stalingrad moment, where you know they're going to lose.
The globalists, using that analogy, say, for Nazis, because they're very similar to it.
The problem is, what are they going to do to try to keep power?
Well, Soros has doubled the amount of money for rioting.
They're training people at universities now to go out and attack the public.
They're planning something big.
So we'll talk about it all in the next hour, and I'll try to just sit back and let our guest speak, because he speaks English.
Doctor, thank you so much for coming on this.
We'll spend a few minutes just on you, what you really stand for, what you really believe, the big movements you've launched that admittedly have reinvigorated Russia and given it faith again in yourselves.
The globalists want to suck that out of all of us.
And then let's get into who you think Putin really is, who you think Trump is in this new multipolar world.
Thank you, Alex, for your kind presentation.
I would express my ideas concerning what is going on in the world with a new agenda for the United States with Mr. Trump that I support with all my heart.
And so what is going to be to happen with Russia and with Mr. President that I as well support with all my heart.
And I think you have put the things very clearly, dear Alex, because you have said exactly the truth about my relations with Putin.
We defend the same position, we share the same concern, so we are loving our people, and I am making that on the level of ideas.
is doing the same acts and steps in the great politics, but there is quite a correspondence between that.
And I agree, because when I'm seeing infowars and when I'm hearing what Alex Jones says, it is the same agenda, I hope, that Trump
Mr. Trump, Mr. President Trump, share as well.
And that meant the kind, not coincidence, that meant that unity of the same position, the sharing of the same values and the same ideas.
So that is quite clear.
And we are blamed, not because we are bad or pretend to be extremists.
It is all a lie.
Because, for example, in my book, Farth Political Theory, I'm criticizing three political theories.
All three.
I'm against liberalism.
Against globalism.
It goes first.
I am against communism, and I was always, because I was dissident in the Soviet time, because I didn't, I never shared the conventions of communism.
I am traditionalist, I am Christian, and I didn't accept this kind of values.
I am anti-communist, but at the same time,
I'm anti-Nazi, anti-Nazi, anti-fascist, because I didn't share no racism, no brutal corporative state in the sense of statism.
So, and I'm always affirming the same thing.
I belong to the fourth political theory, and when they try to present myself
As a kind of extremist or communist or fascist, it is absolute lie.
I've actually read your writing.
You'll explore each avenue of those and show the problems of how they're all basically failed systems, centralized.
We have to go back to our primal natures, basically.
Trump wants justice and he doesn't want wars with countries that aren't getting in our business and attacking us.
I just know this.
He can see the real world and see that an alliance with Russia
And with European countries and with the UK and with Japan and others, against some of the other countries that are trying to expand and actually threatening people's way to go, instead of globalists using America as a tool of world domination.
That's why they're so mad at Trump.
Can we speak specifically, since you bring it up, the post-globalist world, where you think we are?
But first, can you speak, knowing Putin, obviously, and seeing the distortions of the press, why Vladimir Putin is so popular in Russia and around the world, and what he really stands for?
So, my introduction was important because I would like to stress that I am simply a realist as well as you, Alex, as well as Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin.
First of all, realism.
Realism doesn't mean nationalism.
Realism doesn't mean some ideology.
It is considering the sovereignty of the people, of the nation, as the highest value.
And that is completely anti-globalist agenda.
Exactly, because Trump's a known realist.
You're saying Trump's a realist, you're a realist, I'm a realist.
We should celebrate sovereignty and nationalism and cultures and work together and not try to conquer each other.
I mean, what you're saying is just common sense.
There's been a sickness of this globalist attempt to conquer all cultures and destroy them.
So this is a human right to resist this common enemy.
And what is important in this sovereignty, national sovereignty, state sovereignty, is the form to defend identities.
The identities can be different.
They could coincide or not coincide.
But that doesn't mean necessarily the war or the conflict.
We could accept the differences in a positive way.
Americans and Russians are different.
Europeans and Americans and Russians are different.
The people of the other countries... And we shouldn't have to accept some global system, much less who programs what we're supposed to be.
It's not just that we should all, quote, work together.
They want us to give up our identity and then take something on.
And when you study what we're taking on, it's cultural death.
And globalists, they try to make a kind of pacifist dream, killing the country, killing differences.
We need to affirm our identities, and that is the way to understand each other.
That is the position of Putin as well.
He is not imperialist.
He is not fanatic.
He has no idea to invade no country.
In fact, I notice how humble he is.
He's always saying America is more powerful.
Okay, you're great.
We just want our right to be here.
And I think that now we are in a situation where there is not anymore a kind of hostility between our countries.
I would say I was anti-Americanist, anti-American during the government of Obama, of Bush, not because I don't like Americans.
I was in America once, in Washington, and I like America, I love America.
But I hate the globalist agenda!
I'm sure if America's been conquered by globalists, which we're starting to try to stop, then you have to rally your people through nationalism to defend yourselves.
Yes, so now we understand, everybody in Russia, now we understand that America was hijacked by a globalist sect, and Trump is restoring American dignity.
And we stopped immediately to hate America, immediately, because that wasn't America that we hated before, it was globalist elite.
And now we see that half and more, the majority of American population, as well as against this globalist sect.
And that makes globalism the problem of each country, each people.
We are as well under attack of globalists, as well as you.
And we need to be united, conserving our differences.
And I think that the real multipolarity
Could lead to cooperation, to the friendship between different countries and different people.
But we need, absolutely, we need to fight our common enemy.
And before we had a deal, we had a deal with Mr. Soros that tried to overthrow our government, tried to create a color revolution.
And by the way, for new listeners and viewers, because the media is going to grab this and twist it, he brags on CNN he overthrew Ukraine.
He brags he's trying to overthrow Russia.
He brags he has hundreds of NGOs, non-governmental organizations doing it.
That's so crazy.
Then Trump says, no, we're not going to do that.
And they go, you traitor.
But it's the very same foundations trying to overthrow America.
This is a global disease, and Russia threw off the oligarchs that we're trying to throw off.
That's the solidarity.
And that's why the globalists hate Russia, they hate America, and Japan is hungry to throw off the oligarchs.
Turkey, I know, you've been, in fact we should bring this up later, you've been instrumental reaching out to Turkey with a deal with Russia to bring your cultures together and not be played against each other.
So I want to talk about the larger geopolitical view, where you think this is going, but absolutely
Looking at this, we have a clip from just last week, or this weekend, of Nancy Pelosi saying she wants to know what Putin's got on Trump.
Well, I want to tell her, Trump doesn't want war with people that haven't done anything, plus people that have nuclear weapons, plus he's been advised by top generals that made secret deals that are now public.
I don't know.
We first reported it four and a half years ago.
People didn't believe it.
Now it's mainstream news.
And so General Flynn and others are saying Russia wants to work with us.
They're not a threat.
Let's destroy the EU.
It's unelected.
It's evil.
Let's free Europe.
Let's have a bunch of trade.
Let's get China under control.
And let's actually have real peace.
Now, we'll still have our militaries, we'll still have issues, I'm sure we'll still have problems, but we're not going to try to conquer Russia or vice versa.
This is ridiculous.
The globalists are attacking all our countries, trying to make us all poor.
Let's get them off our back.
Then if we want to kill each other later, that's our own issue.
The point is that globalists are the big enemy.
So I want to get your take on what do they have?
Let's talk to the guy they call Putin's brain.
He's not.
He's like, I'm not Trump's brain.
We just believe the same things.
So we're synced up here.
So, my idea is that you are absolutely right.
Now you are facing, you American, you are facing the same threat with Soros and the same NGO.
So what was American, so-called American attack against us, now we are dealing with the same threat in your country.
And I agree absolutely with you that Russia, we need to understand that Russia is no more communist.
We couldn't apply the old Cold War cliché, old Cold War models to understanding our new situation.
Russia is traditional.
Christian country as well as America is.
And radical Islam supported by globalists.
is our common enemy.
And I think that now what is important in Russia, that we are hearing the voice of the people who are dying for our freedom, of the military men, of the people who defend our security.
And I think that that is very important for globalists.
They are mad generals, mad militarists and so on.
But for us, they are very
I want to talk about that in a moment and we do have the Pelosi clip now.
Sorry, I wasn't clear to throw to it.
Here is the leading Democrat saying she wants to know what Putin has on Trump.
This is just ridiculous.
Here it is.
But let me just go back to the first part of the Senator's statement.
I want to know what the Russians have on Donald Trump.
I think we have to have an investigation by the FBI into his financial, personal, and political connections to Russia, and we want to see his tax returns so we can have truce in the relationship between Putin, whom he admires.
But I want to go back to the issue of Democrats.
So let me say it again, just so Pelosi understands.
And again, this is Pelosi, who's acting very, very senile more and more, and just said yesterday that she believes that President Bush is being bad.
Got some very evil people that have put some very senile, brain-damaged, self-centered people, I don't mean that mean, in power because they don't know what they're doing.
We also have one of the other top Democrats, Maxine Waters, saying Putin has invaded Korea and Trump is helping him.
So, you have to understand, folks, this isn't the same press conference.
These are doddering
Lunatics, and I don't mean that mean.
It's very dangerous, and it's got to be dealt with.
And our military is horrified because, quite frankly, they've been given orders to launch attacks on Russia, okay?
That's where this craziness has gone, and it's gotten to the point where the military is saying, no, we're not committing suicide for the planet.
So there's just a very spoiled, evil, hunchback force that we're trying to kick out of Europe and the United States right now.
Not that Russia's perfect, but at least Russia is trying to pull itself free of this face-sucking succubus.
So I want to get your take on that, Doctor, and then let's get to this next clip of Maxine Waters saying, Putin invaded Korea.
Go ahead.
Sure, we'll go ahead and play Maxine Waters.
Here she is.
He's responsible for supplying the bombs that killed innocent children and families.
Yeah, in Aleppo.
And the fact that he is wrapping his arms around Putin, while Putin is continuing to advance into Korea.
I think that he is leading himself into that kind of position, where folks will begin to ask, what are we going to do?
And the answer is going to be, eventually...
Yeah, overthrow the president.
So there's everywhere saying kill Trump, they're all over the newspapers.
And let's be clear, Soros bragged on CNN, Fareed Zakaria, that he overthrew the State Department, Ukraine, and tried to kill the Russians.
Why he has this endless hatred of Russia, maybe you can explain.
So anyone who's informed knows that Russia didn't invade Ukraine, but she can't even get it right.
She says Korea.
I mean, how do we deal with a leadership that is this rotten in the mind?
I think that is a very good example of how globalists understand the world.
For them, Korea or Ukraine or Syria or Aleppo is the same.
It is completely pure illusion.
It is virtual for them.
And they sent American people to die in the near east as in a computer game.
They have no responsibility at all for the people.
They don't understand the history.
They don't know geography.
And they are speaking about Putin inviting Korea
That shows how deep their knowledge is about Russia, about Putin, how deep their understanding of geopolitical world, of people, of geography.
That is characteristic for globalists.
They have a huge lack of culture.
That's right.
Lack of culture.
Because they have no culture.
They're trying to make us like them.
And I've studied Russia sometimes.
Never been there, unfortunately.
It's so interesting.
But Russia had so much land.
That was its problem.
Russia was never an expansionist.
Sold us Alaska.
Was a friend of ours in the Civil War.
Until the globalists put the communists, the proto-globalists, out of New York and out of London, admittedly, put the communists in to take over your country and exploit it with the same social justice warrior brainwashing America's now going under.
Yes, exactly.
I think that we need to, a little bit, to make our strategy educational one.
Because if we, only with very incompetent people, with very stupid audience, the globalist thesis, the globalist speeches could reach their goal.
And now Americans
We're good to go.
Alexander Dugin, doctors stay there.
We're going to come back.
This is powerful information.
How do we stop the globalists?
They're in trouble.
But how do we truly make it the end of globalism, post-globalism, straight ahead with a lot of key points?
And we're going to open the phones up as well for your question for the man they call Putin's brain.
We'll be right back.
I'm Alex Jones.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Everybody knows I don't promote violence.
That's why I don't want senseless war.
But radical Islam, Israeli Orthodox Wahhabism, has been funded for decades by the robber barons, by the globalists, and they've openly flooded Europe with 5 million.
Eastern Europe has an instinct to survive because they dealt with the Jihad.
The crusade was a response to defeat that, with both the Orthodox and the Catholic Church battling it.
And that's our shared ancestry and history with Russia.
And the globalists see any strong sovereign nation as an enemy, especially a Christian nation.
I've talked to top Hollywood producers.
I mean bigger than Chris Carter.
I was just out in Los Angeles and they said, no, it's true, it's totally anti-Christian.
There is like a satanic hate of Russia and of the Christian Church in America.
And now they've got this new Pope that's, that is definitely anti-Christ.
I don't mean the anti-Christ, but is an anti-Christian spirit.
Says Europe, how, he goes, I get sick at my stomach when I hear about Europe being Christian.
You say that from behind 100 foot walls while you open the borders up with people that are constantly killing each other in their own countries.
There are lots of Muslims that aren't radicals, but the Wahhabis call them heretics.
And they are now coming against everybody, and they are the shock troops of this thing, and they're saying Trump can't even execute a law that's already on the books to say that if you're coming from Somalia, a failed state, that there's no proper IDs until we have a system set up that proves they are who they say they are?
Until they quit using fake IDs, we're gonna block them?
That's something every president's done.
But now the courts, the media, the Republicans, the Democrats, they all come against him.
Alexander Dugin, author, researcher, launched much of the nationalist or sovereignty movements in Russia.
I mean, just an absolute rock star in his own country.
Demonized and misrepresented here, obviously, in the United States.
And I obviously haven't read all his writings.
I don't agree with all of them or disagree.
The point is, is they're saying the Kremlin's a candidate.
And they're going on to say that Larry King is a Russian agent, and Shultz is, and Jesse Ventura
And they go on to some of these things and say, I am.
I mean, that's ridiculous.
I mean, during the Cold War, my family was fighting the Russians.
It's pure, absolute malarkey because they were under communism.
But again, it was a manipulation.
Trump knows because he sat at the feet of the top advisor to, this is just a history lesson for folks, to Joseph McCarthy.
And McCarthy finally went, it's not the Russians, there's an evil global group manipulating both sides.
And that's when they shut him down.
We've got to stop it!
Trump was given all that info when he was like 25 years old.
You can actually dig and find New York Times articles about it, about Roy Cohn and all the rest of it.
So Trump's got the big picture.
So when he was told all this by top generals, they asked him to run a year before the election.
They said, sir, you're the man.
We know you know all this.
And he did it.
He did it and he won.
This was a military and intelligence coup with the American people.
The revolution here was American.
How dare the media act like we couldn't do this ourselves and the Russians did it?
Of course the Russians cheered it on as they watched the globalists in Europe, the Vatican, the Saudi Arabians, the communist Chinese, not the Chinese people but their leadership, all gang up on us and try to stop us getting free like Russia did.
But here's the difference.
Putin took him a decade to get Russia quasi-free.
Trump has been in 17 days and they're already trying to kill him.
So I want to speak about the end of globalism or what happens if they kill Trump.
Just all the key points that you want to impart to folks about Putin's concerns when you talk to him, where you guys see this going, just all the different angles to this.
But look, we've come this far with him already wanting to start a war in 2008 and last year.
So thank God we've backed the clock, the doomsday clock back, I think, a few minutes.
Alexander, go ahead.
Yes, I agree once more, absolutely with you, that now we need to think about the future.
First of all, globalists, they remind me of the black periods of my own history, of Soviet history.
The lie is a Stalinist type of lie.
It is a communist, Stalinist type of lie.
It is completely... They try to impose their understanding of the things.
They ignore the position of the other.
And our fight together for the future world should be based on this defense and affirmation of identity, cultural, religious, spiritual.
And we, Russians, we want nothing more.
We don't want
Occupy, invade anybody.
We need to secure our borders.
We need to create our country safe, morally safe.
And that's all.
That's all.
But we are under constant attack.
We are not anymore communists.
We have overthrown communists.
We are trying to create Christian
I think?
And now America is a little bit in the same situation.
And when they say, globalists, they say that Putin has helped Trump, it's a lie in the way they try to explore that.
All this, all this stupid histories about the hackers and so on and so on.
But Putin really has helped Trump
Showing the example how to defend the realist values.
The way he did it was by leadership and openly putting the ideas out like you've done and I've done.
And our ideas defeat globalism because it's about being soulless.
And if we just stand up, they can't beat us.
So Russia is the example of pulling out of globalism first.
And I salute you for that.
And now all over the world, from Brexit to Italy, to everywhere, to Iceland, everybody's pulling out, and they keep saying, Russia did it, Russia did it.
It's not true that Russia manipulated it, but Russia did lead by example.
And I think now the situation is a little bit changed.
Very interesting.
We're living in an important moment of human history.
Now the initiative to change the world is once more in the hands of Americans.
In the hands of Trump.
Russia has made a kind of introduction to the change of world order in order to create multipolarity.
But now
Everything, all depends on the United States of America, on President Trump.
Because now he is in a position, he is capable to save the world and people of the world from globalism.
And he has begun this real spiritual fight.
It is not only a political fight, it is not only
It is not a technical or material fight.
It is a spiritual fight.
It is a kind of... And now America is a kind of leader in this war after Brexit and after Trump presidential election.
That is a turning point of the history.
I think now the initiative has passed to you and now you need to make all the efforts because you are in the best situation that you are the first
First power in the world.
And now we are very proud about that.
Yesterday, in Obama's time, in the possible Clinton perspective, that was a doom for us that you are first.
And now it is hope for us that you are the first power in the world.
And I think you need to concentrate on the vision of the future.
Because in America, there are so many examples of real greatness before this globalist turn in the last decade.
And Alexander, let me just add this for the listeners.
What's the best website?
We have several here for people to visit, to learn more.
Tell us about some of your books, so people can actually read what you've said instead of what the media says.
What are some of the best websites for people to visit of yours?
I think maybe 4pt.com.
It says 4th Political Theory.
There are many texts in English or Catechum.com where we are publishing our English texts.
As well in America, they have published
Some of my books concerning First Political Theory, the book on Heidegger and the book of Putin's geopolitics.
And there are many other books that are not translated.
I suggest to people to try to search something in order to understand better my ideas.
And when they read my books, maybe they will oppose some points or debate some points.
But what is important?
We need to think differently.
We need to try to open new perspectives to conservative understanding.
The conservatism is a kind of lie.
It is not repetition of the same truths from the past.
No, exactly.
It's always having to, like, learn from the past, but codify and celebrate men and women together, families, honor, men being strong, people telling the truth, production, lifting society up, not dominating the weak, basically nobility.
Yes, exactly.
But the roots of the tree are always growing as well.
So tradition is changing as well.
And conservative demands a kind of imagination, a kind of view for the future.
Because fake liberalism is an attempt to take over the human species.
Conservatism is actually the compendium of everything.
Because what is to conserve?
It is just that we are conserving what is good, but we are actually the future.
The left claims they are progressive, but only progressive like a cancer.
Absolutely, absolutely.
You are quite right.
Cancer is the right name for globalization.
They try to repeat the same mother, the same gender politics, the same hyper-individualistic attitudes towards human nature.
And they destroy the differences.
They destroy the richness of the human life.
I mean, they're at war with language, people being individuals.
Let me just throw the number off to take a few calls.
I forgot to do that.
I apologize.
Quick questions for our guests.
And again, ladies and gentlemen, I just want to point something out.
I'm not an intelligence agency.
I organically built InfoWars and, you know, did this just off of Americana and the list are supporting us.
But, obviously, over the years as we've grown, I mean, we know generals and colonels and CIA people and a lot of famous folks, a lot of undercover people.
Let me just tell you, almost the entire CIA, NSA, the branches of the military, know what happened to Russia.
They now know about all the secret documents about the globalists, the proto-globalists sent over to take over Russia, who was not expansionist, to use Russia as this engine to take over, how that stalled and failed, how Russia's reconstituting.
They've got a few people in intelligence agencies that
Still want to have war with Russia.
They believe that's the global domination model and that, you know, they need to prove that Trump's not a Russian, you know, agent by going after Russia.
Believe me, if Russia does anything or pulls anything with Trump, it's not going to, it's going to be, it's going to be quick action.
But Trump knows that Russia is not, doesn't want to do that.
Trump understands with all the top generals advising him, not because they're Russian agents, these generals, like Madison and others, are historians.
And they read my work, their own research, they read the doctor's work, they know, okay?
They now know the big plan.
They're trying to free humanity.
This is actually a good group.
There's not just evil in the world.
So we're in a very, very epic historic time.
You talk about a swamp, the concept of the swamp, Putin as Trump and the bipolar system.
Let's talk more about that and then take some phone calls.
The swamp appears to be a kind of word used only for the electoral campaign in the United States.
But the sense, the meaning of this new political concept is much deeper.
And it is quite the right word, swamp.
Because the swamp is the same as the globalist system.
It is anti-national.
It tries to destroy, to penetrate any country.
It's a blob.
You don't know who runs it.
It's secret.
It's dark.
Everything Trump does now, you notice, is out in the light.
He shows it all.
And it could operate only in secret.
They try to impose their agenda, notwithstanding their acceptance or rejection of the people, of the societies.
The swamp is absolutely anti-democratic.
It is anti-people.
And now the swamp has found a world
Well, we are!
He's against populism.
But the populist is the man, the person, who defend his own people.
They're calling us populist like it's dirty!
Isn't that good?
Yeah, absolutely.
Populist means the people.
Why, you're for the people!
I mean, that's how deluded and disconnected they are.
What I can't believe is we were ever conquered by scum like this.
Because I guess we don't think evil.
We don't think like they do.
I don't think about screwing people over because I'm strong.
I have too much honor.
But it is really true.
We have really been conquered by a bunch of jokes, which really is our fault now if we know this, if we let them keep dominating.
Now, their nature is clear.
When they begin to call us populists, to accuse us to be populists, they show their real nature.
They hate people.
They are completely anti-democratic.
They are against Americans, Russians, as well as against Israelis or Jews, because they try to destroy everything.
Yeah, exactly.
Let's go further.
It comes out in the WikiLeaks that George Soros on the left wants to overthrow Israel.
Whether you love Israel or hate it, Israel's done some bad things, some good things.
They want to overthrow it, too.
They're Jacobins.
They're Illuminists.
And I want to tell you something, because they claim you say this, and I'll skip the breaks.
We have more time, and then take some calls.
It's so important.
I grew up
And I'm related to the Puritans, folks like that.
And they were, Francis Bacon, trying to set up a new Atlantis.
But they thought it'd be a new Atlantis of freedom, a new renaissance, a good thing.
I understand your earlier writing saying it's the land-based old human Russia versus this new liberalism of the Atlanteans.
But all I'm saying is, for me in research, it's actually the people that want to set up new freedoms that are the classic liberals versus the new cancerous Jacobin false 1776.
French Revolution is the counterfeit of the new Atlantis versus George Washington and the real Atlantis.
He countered the Jacobins and his writings sound like your writings.
Maybe the media took you out of context, or maybe you're right and I'm wrong, but just knowing, you know, that I was basically brought up, it wasn't like a cult or anything, but like, we're building the new great world to empower the whole planet, that's America's secret destiny, you know, because I had a lot of family that helped found Texas and other places.
It wasn't like, it was just known, this is what we do, and we don't want war, we want to fight evil, we want to, you know, free the oppressed.
So talk about your theory of the Atlantean civilization versus the Russian land-based civilization.
Because, hell, Russia, as you know, was pretty much founded by water-based Vikings, to a great extent.
So I guess, I mean, wouldn't you argue at the end that Russia itself is an Atlantean creation?
So, first of all... Oh, just one favor.
Your thing's a little... I'm loud, too, because I'm excited like you.
Just because there's a little bit of reverb that got worse, just don't talk too loud so we can hear you, sir.
Go ahead.
That is not a Russian invention idea of Atlanticism and Eurasianism.
It is a Britain concept of Mr. Francis Bacon.
Mackinder, Spickman, an American tradition of geopolitics.
And they made an identification between Western society as an Atlantis liberal society and Eastern society as a society that is based on the collective values.
So that was more or less so.
But at the same time,
It is geopolitics, and when the West acts with such concepts, we are obliged to counterpose, to oppose to that Atlanticist concept.
This imperialism or colonialism of the West, our Eurasian response, but now we are going to the new new stage of geopolitics.
Now, real terms of opposition and geopolitics are
The geopolitics of this war against the geopolitics of the people.
And we need to revise a little bit this geopolitical vision because it is completely authentic.
That fits absolutely when we're dealing with a globalist agenda.
Sure, absolutely.
But I get your point that the New Atlantis idea could merge with the British Empire and then end up taking over the world and then say merge it all together.
So it kind of is.
The proto-globalism is what you're saying?
Yes, absolutely, absolutely.
Britain's vision of the world was the root, a truth of globalization.
And the United States of America, they opposed to this Britain domination.
They opposed, you have opposed... No, they were, and of course the Russian czars, I'm not saying they were perfect, but they were opposed to it too, and that's why they were basically taken out.
And that is why we were friends with America, because we opposed this globalist agenda, and we affirmed the liberty, the freedom for each society to construct, to create, to build their own civilization.
Let me ask you a question.
Would it have been better, because obviously World War II, the Nazis were bad, but if you look at World War I, the British did basically start that.
Russia helped defeat the Germans and then got betrayed.
Would it have been better for history if Russia wouldn't have come in on the side of England?
I think that it is difficult to revise the historical aspect, but what is important is that after the Second World War, there began a Cold War based on this geopolitical attitude.
And the United States of America, that was a kind of special power, a very special power that served very much for the balance of the world.
...began to turn into the new instrument of globalists.
The new instrument... No, absolutely, and there's no doubt the globalists brag.
Why do you... I'm gonna go to some phone calls, sir, and then I gotta go at five after.
If you do a few extra minutes in the next hour, that'd be great to finish calls.
So I'm gonna go to them.
But clearly, the globalists... I try to study what they come out of, but it's just an amalgamation of people that stand for nothing but raw power, and then they see any culture...
Or any honor as a threat to them because they're dishonor.
They cannot coexist with any form of goodness.
They truly are evil.
I don't just demonize my enemy out of hand.
It took me decades to come to grips with the fact that we truly face organized evil and it's operating system and it's destination is evil.
And so that's why it's so scared and I believe it is being rounded.
In your gut, do you think we're going to defeat this system and what tribulations are we going to go through?
Then we're going to go to some phone calls.
Absolutely, you are completely right.
And what is important with Trump, that Trump now is changing this core, this direction of 100 years, of last 100 years of America, Atlanticist, British, imperialist.
Traditionally, there were very good periods in the last century for America.
But America, as has been said by Buchanan, America has won the world, but has lost itself.
And that is very tragic.
So America stopped to be real America and became an instrument for globalist
That's right.
And so we're seeing the rebirth of America just as we're seeing a rebirth of Russia and a rebirth of nation states everywhere.
And that's what horrifies them is the sleeper is awakening.
You're completely right.
And I think now that the most important mission, most important mission in the global sense now is in the hands of Donald Trump, because he has changed already the direction of
No, I agree.
So what do you think of him working so far?
I mean, he is executing every promise he said he would.
And when they asked him to attack Putin, when Putin's done nothing to him, he refuses to do it.
He refuses to be bullied into it.
And so they're trying to organize Trump's death right now.
Can you speak to that?
Yes, but I think that Trump is completely wrong to consider Trump to be a kind of pro-Russian or pro-Putin.
It is not so.
He is pro-American.
He is a patriot.
He is working only for the interest of
His own country, for your country.
And that is why he is very close to Putin.
Because Putin makes exactly the same.
And that's what Trump said.
He said, I like Putin because he stands up for his country.
I'm going to do the same thing.
He says Putin's a model.
And they get so mad at that.
Putin's beat the globalists.
Trump wants to beat him.
Why shouldn't he be a model?
And at the same time, I think that for Trump and for Putin,
Our national interests are first, more important than anything else, and that is why realists with realists could agree.
For example, there are so many things that divided Russia and Turkey, and we were on the edge of the new war, and globalists tried to
You did.
You did.
In fact, you're credited with that.
I want to do five more minutes.
I think just a few calls here, but just in closing, looking at this,
The average American, I mean the polls are even better than you see, does not want war with Russia.
They see through it, they're sick of it.
I'm just really concerned about curveballs, sneak attacks.
Just in the last 30 seconds before we go to break, what tricks do you think the globalists have to try to stop this?
So, I think that globalists now, they have changed their pole.
Before they were in the United States, now they are more in Europe.
And I think that now, French elections with Marine Le Pen and beyond, and the other... That's right, they're trying to stop nationalist victories everywhere, populist victories.
They're trying to stop the people everywhere.
We'll be back in 70 seconds, final segment with Alexander Dugin.
Stay with us.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
Look who's being discriminated against now.
That's right, a new leftist fight club has started at the University of Central Florida where the Knights for Socialism have organized to teach left-wingers how to bash the fash.
No Republicans or Trump supporters allowed.
Donning the Antifa logo, you can find them on Facebook.
So I guess the first rule doesn't apply to these guys.
They want to show off the fact they're getting together to train to beat down Trump supporters because the previous incidents of beating, pepper spraying, kidnapping, lighting on fire wasn't enough.
Of course, the irony is they cite the rise in hate crimes against Latinos, immigrants, Muslims, women, the LGBTQIA, whatever that is, community, Jews, African-Americans since the rise of Trump, and other alt-right neo-Nazis.
Even though all evidence points to a rise in hate crimes against Trump supporters.
So I guess if this isn't a terrorist group, no longer will we see the cheap shot and run technique.
Now leftists are just going to tow up on the streets.
This is Owen Schroer from the Information Fight Club.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Coming to you from the former United States of America, deep in the heart of Texas, it's Alex Jones.
I hear people talking bad about the way we have to live here in this country.
I'm going to have to get rid of that line or something.
We're taking America back from globalists.
And I don't mind them switching sides.
But ma'am, when you run down my country... Walking on the fighting side.
They say countries themselves are bad.
The president wanting to have a border is bad.
This has been an amazing interview.
A little bit echoey.
With our guest, but I want to get him back up sometime.
I'm going to mail him an external mic.
But Alexander Duggan is our guest.
Dr. Alexander Duggan is our guest.
They say he's the brain of Putin.
Obviously, that's not true, but he is an advisor to him.
What an amazing time he's given us.
We're very, very thankful.
I didn't get to a lot of these calls.
I apologize.
Let's go to a few right now.
Let's talk to Hans in Pennsylvania.
Hans, you're on the air with our guest.
Go ahead.
Yes, good afternoon.
The major obstacle to the globalists in taking over America has been the American citizen's right to keep and bear arms.
And a good example of the opposite of that is the globalists disarming the countries of Europe and
Now that the Muslims have invaded Europe, the men don't even have any means of defending their women or their children, and the Muslims are running wild.
And I was wondering if Mr. Putin would consider arming his citizens as well as a defense?
That's right, Putin's now doing pro-family stuff, pro-Christian stuff, and I've heard some of the gun laws have been loosened up.
What about that, Alexander?
I mean, I agree that an American tradition to have arms represents a kind of real dignity of the man.
So I am supporting this tradition.
It's a very good tradition, a very democratic tradition.
You're afraid people are armed, so what about Russia?
Yes, you could defend not only your dignity, your family, your tradition, your religion, but as well you could defend democracy.
And that is very important.
That is why globalists are against this.
They try to unarm American people.
But we have different understanding of
It is not in our tradition to have arms, much more in our tradition to have a powerful state with a spiritual leader defending traditional
Well, it is our, our arm is a little bit different.
And I think that in Russia, uh, uh, uh, the real success of Putin is, uh, uh, precisely reside in the fact that he loves his own people.
He loves Russia and he gives them a culture.
You make some feel good again.
Thank you so much Hans.
Great point.
Jesse, real quick from Texas.
Go ahead, Jesse.
You're on the air.
Hi, I just wanted to know if, um,
Now that we have a new administration that's anti-globalist, do you think it's going to be possible for Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin to work together and actually form a U.S.-Russian relationship unlike any we've ever seen before?
That's a great question.
When is this rumored Rocky Ovec meeting going to happen?
Alexander, have you heard anything about when the two leaders are going to meet?
I think that now the relations are already much better.
And we feel that.
Anti-Americanism has vanished in our country.
And that is very important.
Because Putin hears what the people think.
And he understands that.
And in our relations now, from the Russian part, there is the end of anti-Americanism.
That was very, very high.
And I think our leaders could make the world, the humanity great again.
Sure, let's be clear.
Russia could use this, hey outsiders are against this, as a way to control people.
But Russia's been very nice about seeing Trump's position and trying to make good relations.
Alexander, thank you so much for the time.
Hope you'll come back again soon.
I'll come back on your show anytime you'd like.
Thank you so much and have a great week.
Best wishes to all American friends.
Alright, absolutely.
America first, Russia first.
Nations for nations, nations for their people.
A revolutionary idea instead of globalist enslavement.
We'll be back with our next guest.
Stay with us, I'm Alex Jones.
Look who's being discriminated against now.
That's right, a new leftist fight club has started at the University of Central Florida, where the Knights for Socialism have organized to teach left-wingers how to bash the fash.
No Republicans or Trump supporters allowed.
Donning the Antifa logo, you can find them on Facebook.
So I guess the first rule doesn't apply to these guys.
They want to show off the fact they're getting together to train to beat down Trump supporters, because the previous incidents of beating, pepper spraying, kidnapping, lighting on fire wasn't enough.
Of course, the irony is they cite the rise in hate crimes against Latinos, immigrants, Muslims, women, the LGBTQIA, whatever that is, community, Jews, African-Americans since the rise of Trump, and other alt-right neo-Nazis.
Even though all evidence points to a rise in hate crimes against Trump supporters.
So I guess if this isn't a terrorist group, no longer will we see the cheap shot and run technique.
Now leftists are just going to tow up on the streets.
This is Owen Schroer from the Information Fight Club.
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We're good to go!
Because of what we did on this day, change has come to America.
The nation has been hijacked by international forces, bent on global governance.
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You know, I really do want to see prosperity and all of humanity working together through free will and free association.
That's what Martin Luther King talked about, not what color you are, where you came from, what you stand for, what you produce.
Everybody knows that.
I don't care where you're from, what you look like.
You make a pair of boots I like, I'm gonna buy them.
You make beautiful music that I like, I don't care where you come from, what you look like, I'm gonna buy it.
You cook great food.
Man, I'm gonna seek it out.
I wanna go in all those so-called ethnic restaurants, and I want that culture.
The truth is, humanity wants each other's cultures.
We just don't want to be
Played off against each other.
And that is happening so bad.
I've got stacks of articles where people wearing Trump hats are being beaten and attacked everywhere.
Where you've got Schwarzenegger, you've got Robert De Niro saying, I want to beat up Donald Trump, smash his face in.
You've got all these newspapers and magazines saying, kill him.
And then they call him a fascist.
I mean, it is just completely insane.
And then all these other presidents block people, usually from the very same radical Muslim nations, because they don't have real passports, until we find out what's really going on.
Then they say, oh my gosh, he's overridden by the San Francisco appeals court, he's discredited, he's a fascist.
And now universities, we put the article on screen for TV viewers, are organizing fight clubs to train, to go out and beat up libertarians and conservatives, or I guess gay activists like Milo, that dare come to their
And again, I would call Milo pretty much a classical liberal.
He's a liberal that doesn't like fake liberals sitting there beating up women in his name or this monopoly to say, if you're gay, then you can't be libertarian or conservative.
It's a cult, folks.
And I remember
Our next guest, Professor Daryl Hamamoto, coming on like three years ago, two years ago, a year ago, and saying they're instilling racism, they're instilling a cult, they're putting women in charge.
We're not against women, but it's like this weird thing where every ad and every movie, the women are the heroes.
That's not to empower women, it's to make women be at odds with their own species and have a chip on their shoulder.
A woman should be assertive like a man and they're being screwed over.
This is
Power trip!
It's like this bullying insanity, and it's like, oh, what, you don't like lesbians?
I'm like, no, I could care less!
The point is, he's like, what is this?
What is this weird hyper-dominance thing where I'm gonna speak like you say, I'm gonna do what you say, I'm gonna submit to you?
It's a bunch of crazy tyranny.
And so, quite frankly, I heard him talking about all this three years ago there at
You know, one of the California universities and Berkeley and you know where all this is going on and I just can't even believe it.
That it's gotten to this point, and of course he's been persecuted, and he's not even some right winger, for trying to expose this and this weird cult, because even though he's a Japanese-American, he's a man, so he's bad too.
And of course, it's big corporations and big foundations that he's been through their programs.
He's been through the big secretive Rockefeller programs.
That's why he can kind of guide us through it, that are teaching this, but not to empower women, but to take any human culture away from them.
How do you kill fire ants?
How do you kill
I don't know.
What is this being force-fed to five-year-old kids about when they're not even thinking about sex?
We're good.
His current project is a volume that outlines the principles of the New World Order theory and is directed to the current generation in college and university and undergraduates in search of alternatives to the dominant foundation-guided corporatist curriculum.
Trynday.com is where you can find his book.
So, I've been ranting here, but I've got to tell you, this has gotten so crazy that I don't even know what to call it now, but it's good to have you back with us.
Thank you very much, Alex, for inviting me.
Before we begin, though, I wanted to compliment one of your frequent contributors, Roger Stone, with this excellent book here, The Making of the President 2016.
I've gotten my two copies ordered through InfoWars.
And this is the first draft of history.
This is the book that academic historians, for what that's worth,
That academic historians will refer to when they write about this epical moment, not just in American political history, but in world history in general.
This is a truly.
Excellent piece of work, and it's not a coffee table book.
There's great photos, four-color photos, that are included in this volume, but it's very, very dense.
It's not a commemorative... No, you're right.
When I say coffee table book, usually that means photos.
You're right.
I mean, it's got a lot of text as well, but it's something you want to show off.
Oh, absolutely.
But from a participant observer position, Roger Stone, you're getting the inside lowdown on the specifics of this incredible campaign.
Also, if I could, and that was a really excellent interview with one of my intellectual heroes, Professor Alexander Dugin of Moscow State.
I hope you'll invite me to Moscow.
I haven't been to Russia myself yet either, so that I can give some talks and talk to journalists and people, everyday people, and absorb and immerse myself in the beautiful, soulful Russian culture and history.
Anyway, I just wanted to add that, and I read his books avidly, this is more of an academic book, this is his political philosophy, it's called
I think?
Or highlight one of its dimensions, and that is that the Eurasianist concept is going to be one of the master concepts for the revival of the American economy, the U.S.
economy, and the world economy.
So it's, in addition to a political, geopolitical concept, it's a very, very practical blueprint or conceptual map for how we are going to get out of our economic crisis.
And I agree, Professor Hummelmeier, but imagine
We're having this complex talk.
Our audience is getting it.
Compare this to Nancy Pelosi not knowing who's president or Maxine Waters thinking Russia attacked Korea.
I mean, I don't say this to be in an elitist position.
I think of myself as an average person.
I am frightened by the Republican and Democratic establishments' arrogance and fossilized brain structure.
Oh, absolutely.
But I'm not going to scoop so low as just to dismiss them as being moronic.
No, no, they're in control.
That's what I'm asking.
How did this dominate us?
Well, they're very much in control, but it's from sources, which hopefully I can get to later today, that are very similar to the mechanisms that students and the professional rioters are under control.
It has a lot to do with frequencies, EMF, and pharmaceuticals, which I've spoken to before on your show previously.
I think most of these people who are in positions of power
They need to be vetted so far as their health, their mental health, and their physical health.
There are people behind this who use basically mentally ill, addled, front people.
Yeah, they are insane clowns.
Well, we've got three minutes to break.
Let's roll through your opening salvo, Professor Hamamoto, on what we're seeing at Berkeley, what we're seeing the attack of women, and the media praising it, the bizarre behavior.
Well, it's already been declared that future transhumanist or posthumanist society will be female-led.
I was just reading the Chronicle of Higher Education, and the latest wrinkle on that is the elite institutions such as Yale.
It's the same old story, going back to Skull and Bones.
They're promoting polyamory, which is multiple husbands by a singular mamacita who controls that family.
So, this is their declared intention, and how we proceed on that level remains to be seen.
I have some concrete proposals that hopefully... Well, I remember you were on, like, three years ago or longer, saying that they're going to have the men walk behind the women, all this.
I witnessed that at the Women's March, and the men all did it.
It was like a cult.
So start breaking that down.
You're following the Queen Bee.
And, by the way, one of the strategies that we're going to use here is trolling these people and pranking them.
You recall the so-called Women's March on Washington that was Soros-funded?
And you saw the so-called Pussycat?
Well, here is one of our solutions.
We're going to use the phallic guitars.
In pudenda pink, right, this happens to be a pure Americana, a Fender Esquire guitar.
I took it to one of these social justice warrior rallies with my little Fender Champ amp and I asked to sit in.
I watched them on YouTube and I figured out what they were trying to do.
They were trying to propagandize
We're good.
Um, and they were hired.
This is part of the cultural takeover as well as the academic takeover.
And then we're getting into the discussion of Professor Robert Reich.
I'm very, very disappointed.
And I think he was.
Pretty much a traditional liberal under the Clinton administration.
He was the Secretary of Labor, but now he's a professor.
And now he's saying it was Trump people that rioted.
When we come back, then let's get into the social engineering, what we're witnessing, and how it's a cult.
Because we try to talk to people that are part of these protest groups, they won't talk to us because they're all basically told what to do.
And they get all these little scared freshmen that come to the schools and they're inducted into a eugenics cult, basically.
We'll be back.
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So Ed, you see Barclay.
Employees going around beating up women and men, and the university's just praising it, saying, well, you're fascist, you deserve it.
The demonization of people projected onto them for their political views.
I want to tell all the minions of this something.
Your culture, your political system, your whole ethos is a false corporate program, not to give you power down the road, but to sabotage society while the machines and the automation and globalism take over and as we're made obsolete.
And if you go look at your rallies, you are the most uninformed, uneducated, unprofessional people I've ever seen.
I don't say that to be mean, it's just that you're in a cult.
And I want to see you come out of it.
It doesn't mean what I'm doing is perfect, but you're really a mess.
And we have Professor Hamamoto, who's been through the Rockefeller Foundation programs for education, but saw it and has been exposing it and has been persecuted for it.
So understand, the whole power structure is against Trump.
Not that he's perfect.
So you sit there and claim you're anti-establishment.
Goldman Sachs is trying to sabotage the economy right now.
They're openly against Trump.
They gave zero money to him.
So don't shake your finger and say he appointed three Goldman Sachs people.
That's because they're guides to do the demolition of this program.
But Trump sees the wave of nationalism and sovereignty and populism that's here.
He knows what he's riding on.
That's why he's successful.
What about you?
I don't want to sit here and laugh at you and say you're chumps.
I want you to wake up.
This is your short segment, Professor Longman, coming up.
But just the big picture of what you witnessed for new listeners, new viewers, what's been happening at the campuses, just the craze-eyed madness you're witnessing.
I was just saying, what is this madness we're witnessing?
First of all, the Bay Area has long been, for decades, one of the primary regions for cult formation, whether it's fake religions such as the People's Temple, which, by the way, was linked to the University of California and the University of California, Davis.
All right.
There's an excellent book that's never really been published, a dissertation on that topic.
But going down to the Stanford Research Institute, which most of your audience will know about, and including UC Berkeley and the whole UC system with it, currently with their neuroscience, but back in the early days with studies on obedience and torture and the Zimbardo experience.
And that's why Napolitano is there.
You even predicted two years ago when she went there, she was going to plan something big, but go ahead.
By the way, she has a second occurrence of cancer.
And the reason I mentioned that is because a lot of these students who are on or provocateurs, professional writers and students who are exhibiting strange, bizarre behavior like Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi, they're being bombarded by 5G technologies.
The city of, and this is from an environmental science I respect and admire greatly, Lauren Moray,
She has gone very deeply and shown how the city of Berkeley and Oakland, Alameda County, has been completely wired into a smart city.
And this is altering the behavior.
Oh listen, when I go into these smart grids, I get sick all the time.
And the plants are dying.
There's no doubt this is going on.
So we have a really, really, really deep, radically deep problem here.
It does the students, the young people, and us, ourselves, a disservice to just call it cult behavior.
And some people just say, oh, well, it's Berkeley in the 1960s.
Forget it.
That's the last war.
Generals are always fighting the last war.
Yeah, the CIA putting out suitcases of LSD is nothing.
Sorry, go ahead.
Oh yeah, yeah.
People are fixated on the 60s and how it was a CIA contract and all that.
But what we are seeing is silent weapons in a quiet war, right?
I mean, we've seen that paper.
And a lot of it is workshopped at the University of California.
The Department of Energy as well as the Department of Defense.
And in the meantime, the thin sliver of our humanity that remains, that should be taught in the English and Comparative Literature Department, instead has been hijacked by these so-called performance people, performativity, the people that give rise to Maria Abramovich and are encouraging these types of street theater that we're seeing here.
So, we see it from a curricular standpoint, this is full spectrum dominance, as well as from a techniques perspective, a rollout, and it's a trial run.
Your city, Austin, as well as Alameda, right?
Oh, no, that's why I've got to get out.
I've announced a three-year plan to the crew to get out of here, because they admittedly, they're saying Austin's the best city in the country to live.
They're rolling out this Code Next program, where all the houses look the same, and no more single-family dwellings.
I mean, this is a cult.
And it's no accident that both Austin and Alameda were the sites of Operation Urban Shield.
And you covered this about two or three years ago yourself on InfoWars.
Full spectrum dominance.
Let's stay right there.
Mastering the human domain.
Come back.
Take your time, Professor.
I want you to roll out the next 18-minute segment, What's Happening.
And listen, if you're a new listener and one of these victims, we love you.
Break free of the conditioning.
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Charlie Daniels, he's always loved America.
Let me just read a little thing here.
The American system of justice must be changed to conform to the rest of the world.
Individual rights must take a back seat to the collective.
Well, you know what the next move's gonna be, don't you?
It's gonna be coming after your gun.
Oh, yeah.
I tell you, it ain't gonna sit well down my way.
At all.
It ain't gonna sit well.
Do you ever wonder what happened to America?
They lost.
Wanna see what Trump's up against?
We won.
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It's Alex Jones.
I remember about 16 years ago there was an article in the Baltimore Sun about DARPA that invented the internet testing adding frequencies of microwaves on top of cell phone towers to calm the public.
And light bulbs that go into police departments to transmit data to the computers and, you know, patents for TVs to watch and listen to you and people say, oh, you're crazy.
Well, here's, uh, Ars Technica today.
Vizio smart TVs track viewers around the clock without consent, sell the data.
Manufacturers will pay $2.2 million to delete data to settle privacy invasion charges.
Yeah, the answer is sue all these companies.
And I'm not an aggressive person, but when they didn't put the agreement in, that's why Samsung has an agreement when you punch it up, it says, we're going to sell this to third parties and even admonish us, so watch what you say.
That's a quote.
Watch what you say.
Twenty-something pages into the terms of service.
I agree this all sounds Buck Rogers and crazy.
It's twenty
You're in, Buck Rogers, but the future is not equally distributed.
We're gonna go back to our guest, but Nico just said, listen, you didn't plug any last hour.
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That's privatepowergrid.com and it's our sponsors that make this transmission possible.
So, Professor, I want you to take over in this segment because I've been butting in a lot.
But just continue with the history.
But looking at the actual wreckage of this,
I mean, it seems like they're going insane.
But I know they're meant to make us go insane, and then the system just organizes it, tests it, and controls it.
But it seems like the elites are getting blowback, too.
They're kind of smoking their own dope, is what I'm saying.
Go ahead.
Well, yeah, as I mentioned, Janet Napolitano for the second time in her life is suffering from the ill effects of cancer treatment.
So it's hitting all these people who think that they are on the side of history, on the right side of history.
It's blowback.
It's techno blowback, if you will.
But before I go on here, I just wanted to thank your father, Dr. David Jones, for developing that tooth gel.
I ordered five tubes, and it's great.
And as everybody knows, the digestive system is your main driver to your overall health.
So start with your teeth and your gums.
Anyway, let's go back to this.
And I think it's important because we need these technologies in order to defeat the 5G, the EMF,
The various pharmaceuticals that we're being, and the chemtrails, right?
The geoengineering that are bombarding us continuously.
And I noticed your son is advertising a RF protector for cell phones.
Right, we need those.
And it's going to be a great opportunity for inventive entrepreneurs to come up with these types of technologies that will help protect us as we are taking back the republic and disassembling these 5G technologies that are going
I've been collecting academic articles by the dozens.
It's all out there.
This is hard information talking about the devastating effects down to the DNA level of these new technologies that young people have become addicted to in a very short time.
And it's 5G.
It's astounding.
So we're out of tinfoil hat conspiracy type discussion here.
We're talking about scientists themselves, just like dissenters and the whole climate fraud science scandal have come forth with science papers to validate their position.
Unfortunately, the University of California is one of the chief globalist institutions in the world, has signed on to this larger agenda, whether it's called Agenda 21, you name it.
They are the epicenter of it, but nobody, including the chancellors, the president, and as well as the professors who think that they are doing some sort of engaging in some sort of, this is their favorite word, transgressive activity by fomenting violent acts against innocent people, as well as engaging in repulsive
So-called performance art and collecting so-called transgressive art and hanging it in their their deluxe homes like the one of the Podesta brothers You're you're heading down the wrong trail and as Alex alluded to earlier, there's still hope for you.
There's there's still time for you and there's still hope and
But you just need to be deprogrammed and we're going to come up with a tech.
We're going to detoxify your mind as well as your body over the coming months.
And if I may, I'd like to talk a little bit more about the techniques of riot and urban violence.
Sure, what we saw at Berkeley, and again the media defending it, or even blaming the Trump supporters, women being beaten by crowds of men, this is happening all over the country now, this is the new sacrament, and I wonder why the dishonor is what they want to do.
It's not like they beat up a few women, they target women, what is that?
Well, in Berkeley itself, I was doing some research on this, there are, and who knows who the funders are, and this is where independent journalists and investigators come into play here, but there's a meeting place, it's at 4799 Shattuck Avenue in Oakland, California, it's a major street, it's called Omni Commons, and they have these little, these,
Infiltrators, these provocateurs, have these little spaces where they can go and plot out their street data and their little actions.
We need to find out who's behind Omni, O-M-N-I Commons, as well as other institutions.
I also see that the Berkeley School District is, if not subsidizing, but directly propagandizing a new generation of K-12 children in the Berkeley area, in the entire East Bay.
There is this one teacher there.
Her name is, let's see, what is her name?
Pallarda, I think her name is.
And she definitely looks like one of these Nancy Pelosi slash Maxine Waters mind-controlled bat-ass crazy type demonstrator.
But she's a teacher there, so she's exposing the K-12 students to her
I saw her pop up at the demonstration in the capital city of Sacramento, California, with a fake bandage on her head.
Supposedly, she was there to fight neo-Nazis, who are probably, who knows?
They were probably not neo-Nazis.
They were probably provocateurs themselves.
They might have been part of the Black Bloc.
And then recently at Wednesday, last Wednesday at the Berkeley riots, she shows up again.
And the reason I mention this is because, and this is somewhat speculative, you know, we can do this.
We can kind of put out these hypotheses based on what we already know about decades and decades of mind control systems and programs, much of which, by the way, as I stated before, we're concentrated in the East Bay.
But she and others of a certain subset within the Asian American community, most specifically, I'll say it, even though the majority are great, nice, hardworking, intelligent, and upright Christian people.
I'm talking about Filipino Americans.
I think they're coming out of the Alameda Naval Base.
They are the products of what colloquially is known as the Super Soldier Program.
And what's happened is that they come out of a total Navy family of totally administered life, from meals to health care to education.
And there's this new generation of immigrant Naval personnel of Filipino-American heritage who got to the United States through their military service, who are now at the core of
Of course.
Yes, exactly.
As you know, within any institution, there's always a shadow entity within at the very top.
So they're coming out of Alameda, I think, and how I came upon this insight is through the work of a Filipino-American multi-generational Navy family person by the name of James Bartley.
So your viewers might want to check out his work.
And he goes into great detail.
More detail than I'd be able to.
He goes into great detail on how this has played out in his own life.
And now we're seeing a larger rollout.
Remember the guy at the naval yard saying, you know, this is my ELF weapon or whatever?
And you see the guy that was at the Fort Hood shooting?
He was a... Hassan.
He was a medical doctor.
And he also... So we're seeing a lot... Well, bottom line, two years the CIA knew what he was planning and didn't stop it.
And he was reportedly getting orders online that he shouldn't stop it.
And there's definitely something going on here.
Well, let me pull him back from this.
Where do you see all the insanity going?
Because they're only intensifying what's the endgame of the controllers.
It is mind control to be able to get a bunch of people to go beat up women.
I'm sorry, I didn't catch the last part of that.
Where do you see it going?
I mean, where do you see these political movements going now that they're in this call for violence, call to kill Trump?
What are your big picture concerns?
Well, I'm afraid there are going to be killings that takes place in the same way we saw Charlie Hebdo in Paris.
What do you think of him exactly organizing the left into fight clubs to prepare to go out and attack and kill people all over the United States?
Here's what I don't get.
You start a fight with 100 million gun owners, you start a fight with the military that's awake to what's happening, and some of the police that are awake.
I mean, it just sounds like they're setting him up.
But then I see Soros has succeeded in other countries with this, so I see his confidence.
Or is it really a plan to set up the left?
But then I see the legitimate attacks on Trump.
They really tried to beat him.
So, I think they've gone crazy themselves.
I don't... Look, George Soros' son, as you know, goes to Berkeley there.
Yes, he's a graduate student there, and from what I understand, he's there primarily to carry forth the agenda for the next generation, which is a fake left liberal progressive.
Sure, well there's no doubt UC Berkeley, but also California State Schools are the tip of the spear, except for like Harvard and MIT.
I mean, why do you think California's been chosen as the admitted testing ground, the development?
I mean, they're putting all their eggs in that basket right now.
Well, as I stated before, it's because the globalists, the bankers, want to retard, if not completely derail, the Eurasianist economic engine of growth, the region that Alexander Jugen has and others.
I get it.
So California is a link into Asia.
They want to create a disease in California that culturally spreads through Hollywood.
And that's why they want the Chinese to buy up Hollywood.
I mean, the university.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
No, no, no.
Talk about, talk about, talk about the Eurasia movement.
Talk about that.
Well, at its founding, the Skull and Bones men who founded the University of California in Berkeley, which was just a sleepy little town at the time, it was part of a conscious process to cite the university, to point to Asia.
They knew this.
In the latter part of the 19th century, you know, we're talking about the Spanish-American War, and they were appointed specifically after... Sure, they just grabbed the Philippines, they just got in the calling stations.
And Hawaii, of course, right, which was a territory.
So, this is the engine of American and global rejuvenation and renaissance, the Eurasianist concept.
We're seeing it.
It's called the Silk Road economy.
They're building train lines going from Southeast Asia
All the way to Tehran and you can take the ferry to London.
So that is the new renaissance?
Oh yes, it's the Earth Island.
And that's the good news for these young people that we're going to deprogram because they do not see... Because you can be part of the real economy and not be sabotaged.
The globalists want to sabotage you because you're going to be powerful in the new economy.
They're hobbling you.
They're starving you just like the serfs of medieval Russia or Japan, where you're like one foot smaller and 50 pounds lighter than the warrior class of people.
And you don't even look them in the eye or they will cut your head off, right?
I mean, they want, these globalists want a neo-feudal society.
In order to achieve that, they have to stunt the economy.
And by the way, neo-feudalism has been, every culture was the same.
It's like they're trying to put us back, not forward.
They're the opposite of progressives.
That's absolutely true.
Now, under the Neo-Feudalist Society, though, there were really highly testosterone-driven men who would use farm implements to attack and defend themselves against the Samurai who were put out there by the feudal lords to extort taxes from the people.
They use the nunchaku, they use the sickle, they use the torch, they use the pitchfork.
So, I disagree with Professor Duke in that the Russian people have always been armed, but our ace card here is weapons.
Not just rifles, by the way.
Informational, exactly.
Well, I think, let me ask you this question.
This is so on target, Professor Yamamoto.
They are panicking right now.
I think globalism is being set back.
I don't think we're in post-globalism, like the professor was saying earlier.
But I mean, they know they're getting their ass kicked.
The energy of humanity willing itself to success, I don't see them suppressing.
In fact, I see it actually energizing us.
Well, yeah, these are desperate moves in desperate times for them, but I would not let down.
Who knows what types of curves they're going to throw at us again.
Now, there's another dimension to this analysis that I come up with recently in light of the pedophilia roundup in the state of California.
Oh yeah, I meant to ask you about that.
A lot of this is being thrown on its flack by the upper level handlers of the University of California to divert attention from a looming pedophilia roundup in the University of California.
So, think Penn State.
Think Penn State.
And it's not necessarily strictly, more strictly speaking, it's called the febophilia.
And that's the same sex use and exploitation of young men, 18 years or older.
A lot of them, you know, varsity athletes, for example.
But there's not only a Luciferian slash Satanic underground at the University of California at Davis as well, but I suspect, and by the way, I don't have any information on this, inside information, but I suspect from what I've heard and seen and observed, and again, this is partly speculation, we can do that.
Based on past performance that there is a FIBA Philly undergrad at the University of California that they need to suppress.
And the reason I think I'm over the target is that I went in over the holidays to access my office and I found out that I had been locked out.
And one of the main ringleaders at UC Davis, who's the vice provost of academic affairs, wrote me a nasty letter.
And a friend of mine told me she was looking at my profile, faculty profile, the University of California, Davis, and it's not there anymore.
Let's talk about it on the other side.
Well, stay there.
That's interesting.
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Do you ever wonder what happened to America?
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When I call the globalists satanists, most of them don't get around a pentagram and worship Beelzebub, but they're just all about them.
They're burning with how great they are.
And instead of wanting to empower others, because they're not really that great, they just hate everybody that's successful.
And that's the nature of slavery.
It's the nature of feudalism.
It's the nature of globalism.
And they've created a giant horde of dumbed-down dangerous people, so the middle class will join the elite in hating them and enslaving them, and then we all fall
Once we've done that, that's the big trap.
And Professor Yamamoto is our guest.
Obviously, what better group to run oppressive systems than pedophiles?
Because it's not about sex, it's about dominating them, stealing the innocence.
It's a very dark spiritual thing they're up to.
Get past religions, it's very dark energy.
And it runs this planet.
Uh, and so, you know, we were getting into, uh, you know, the whole Pizzagate thing, which it doesn't matter that Joe Rogan's got the biggest podcast ever.
He was telling me yesterday it's blocked where it didn't go to the top where people will see it.
And, and of course that happens to everything we do here, but it's okay because the listeners understand, but spread the link, spread the article, spread the videos.
You're the reason we're having this big effect despite the algorithms trying to block us.
So you were getting into, you're locked out of your office.
Tell us what else happened.
Yeah, I've become a Soviet-style non-person and my profile has been taken off my departmental website.
So they do that before they officially fire you?
They kind of just disappear you?
Exactly, right.
There are different techniques that come out of it.
Unfortunately, they don't have very much imagination.
If you do any reading, it's very predictable.
Yeah, they're hoping you throw a fit and go crazy and quit because they don't want the fight.
But my audience and my classroom, ironically, has become much larger than the University of California, Davis.
The University of California, Davis was part of the Manhattan Project.
It's been part of these mind control programs that I've alluded to.
Well, they even helped write the script to cover up the nuke plant that blew up.
Remember that?
And they're also a big recipient of a Monsanto slash Bayer funding.
There are a number of people in the sciences and biology and agriculture.
But it shows how weak they are.
So what's happening?
I mean, you're going to try to, like, you know, remove your tenure or what's going to happen?
Are they just trying to mess with you?
They're trying to.
Put me out of the institution, but doing it in a way that's not going to expose them to embarrassment and bad public relations.
I've been there for 20 years now.
It's going to look very strange when a person who had an exemplary publishing and teaching record all of a sudden disappears.
But they're not going to get away with it, because before we leave today, I have at least one
Versus socialism, versus fascism.
We're going to do like the thinker who was connected to Anthony Sutton, Patrick M. Wood.
We're going to instead focus on the technocracy and how all of us are going to be enslaved by this technocratic... All of us are being losing to robots and they admit the age of us is over.
Come together.
AI and nanotechnology and sophisticated robotics.
That is the common enemy.
And we have to educate these young people that this is what's really taking place here.
And I'm going to start the movement.
Buy human.
In fact, I've been meaning to launch that.
I'm going to say it first.
Buy human is the movement.
We're not against robots, but they've been programmed to displace us.
So until it's, we have to buy human.
Such as, um, handcrafted musical instruments.
That's a good start.
Well listen, how do folks contact you, Professor, to defend your free speech and talk about, I mean, I'd love to get with one of my writers, too, so we can write an article about your persecution.
Okay, absolutely.
You can contact me on my Facebook.
It's called Daryl Y. Hamamoto and I have a YouTube channel called Professor Hamamoto.
We're going to talk soon.
Paul Watson is taking over from London.
I'm out of time.
Let's have you back up next week because I want to defend your free speech and get an update on what's happening.
Paul Watson from London.
Stay with us.
Did you know?
The D next to some of the politicians' names on television actually stands for double standard.
That's right, the double standard party is always working hard to find new double standards.
Look at immigration.
When Obama and Clinton introduced the same policies as Trump, the double standard stood and cheered.
But with Trump, they protest and jeer.
Those same protesters held signs that said the future is female.
Except the future is female only if they agree with you.
If it's Betsy DeVos, then no way.
As double standards pleaded all night for their colleagues to vote no on DeVos becoming Secretary of Education.
I'll admit, there were some good points brought up by the double standards against DeVos, a rarity indeed.
But if the double standards hadn't been like the boy who cried wolf for the last year and a half, Trump is Hitler, Trump is racist, Russian hacking, Republicans won't accept results, there's a Muslim ban, then maybe their effort to stop DeVos could work.
But they've been the boy who cried wolf for far too long, and no one wants to hear the wolf story again from the double standards.
This is Owen Schroer for InfoWars.com.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
We're back for the fourth hour of The Alex Jones Show with me, your host, Paul Joseph Watson, and we have a very important video coming up at the bottom of the hour, which I put together basically over the course of a month.
That's how long it took to put together.
It is the truth about popular culture.
It's already going viral on YouTube.
Gonna play it at the bottom of the hour.
Absolutely vital that we red pill the next generation.
And by the next generation, I don't mean millennials, because they're pretty much a lost cause at this point.
I'm talking about Generation Z.
Who are the most conservative generation, the most reality-based generation since anyone since World War II.
These are the people we're really waking up.
It's no longer a cliche.
I get messages every single day.
Deluge of messages.
Not just from millennials, but from teenagers.
People born after the year 2000.
They're a massive source of our fanbase, of our listenership right now.
They are the most conservative generation since World War II.
They are waking up quicker than ever.
They are rejecting this toxic, plastic, contrived, vulgar, popular culture.
In greater and greater numbers, and coming over to our side, the reality-based culture.
And that is why I say conservatism is the new counter-culture.
Because one, it really triggers liberals.
They really don't like it when you say that, because they think they have a monopoly on cool.
As Andrew Breitbart said, politics is downstream from culture.
If you influence the culture, if you hijack the culture, if you hijack this celebrity bandwagon that feeds young people their political opinions,
Because of course most of them don't read newspapers, they don't watch television news, they get their opinions, their outlook from celebrities.
If you are able to hijack that, you're able to turn around an entire generation.
And Generation Z is really coming to fruition as the most red pill generation since World War II.
The most, they call it conservative, it's really just
Reality based, common sense based generation and it's the youngest generation.
These people are going to be around for a while and they're coming over to our side in greater and greater numbers.
So we're going to get into that at the bottom of the hour with the truth about popular culture.
Top story up on Infowars.com right now though.
Clear majority of Europeans want total ban on Muslim immigration.
And what do you know?
The contrived narrative that this was outrageous, that only racists and Islamophobes and deplorables thought like this,
Has proven to be completely wrong, not only in the United States of America, where we had a Reuters-Ipsos poll about a week ago which said that Americans supported Trump's travel ban, 49-41%, now in Europe.
Which is a lot further to the left than America.
As you know, we have a massive survey, extensive new poll carried out by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which is not Breitbart, okay?
It's not the Daily Mail.
It's not the Daily Express.
It's not Marine Le Pen.
It's not Nigel Farage.
It's not Infowars.com.
That is a globalist institution.
If they wanted to manipulate this, they would not have manipulated it all this way because they don't make very good reading if you're a globalist body that has supported mass immigration for the past several decades.
This poll found 55% of Europeans agreed with the statement that they want to stop all further migration from mainly Muslim countries.
Now don't go thinking that, well, 45% said the opposite.
25% responded they don't know, so they didn't have an opinion either way.
Just 20%
Of course.
A significant, clear majority agreed with that statement.
This mainstream media narrative that this is a fringe issue, that it's outrageous, that it's racist to agree with this, completely debunked.
This is now the mainstream view.
We'll be back on the Alex Jones Show live with more.
Don't go away.
Look who's being discriminated against now.
That's right, a new leftist fight club has started at the University of Central Florida, where the Knights for Socialism have organized to teach left-wingers how to bash the fash.
No Republicans or Trump supporters allowed.
Donning the Antifa logo, you can find them on Facebook.
So I guess the first rule doesn't apply to these guys.
They want to show off the fact they're getting together to train to beat down Trump supporters, because the previous incidents of beating, pepper spraying, kidnapping, lighting on fire wasn't enough.
Of course, the irony is they cite the rise in hate crimes against Latinos, immigrants, Muslims, women, the LGBTQIA, whatever that is, community, Jews, African-Americans since the rise of Trump, and other alt-right neo-Nazis, even though all evidence points to a rise in hate crimes against Trump supporters.
So I guess if this isn't a terrorist group, no longer will we see the cheap shot and run technique.
Now leftists are just going to tow up on the streets.
This is Owen Schroer from the Information Fight Club.
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I've been everywhere, man.
I've been everywhere, man.
Across the desert, there, man.
I've breathed the mountain air, man.
I've traveled like I had my share, man.
I've been everywhere.
The world is a dangerous place.
Not because of evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
I'm a killer.
I've been everywhere, man.
I've been everywhere, man.
We're really seeing the re-emergence of this weatherman-style ideology, this immediate resort to fists, to violence, to fighting, over actually having any kind of argument, any kind of reasoned political debate.
Because the left, or the far left, at least for the time being, although it's being given cover by the mainstream left,
They've lost the argument.
They called us racist and Islamophobes for years, and for many years it worked.
Let's admit it, it did work even though it wasn't an argument.
People bought it in the public eye because they were so afraid of being lumped into these groups, they were so afraid of being called these slurs, these pejoratives.
So it worked for a while, and then it stopped working when people got wise to it, when access to information became so great that they could see it was completely transparent, and that's why we had Brexit, that's why we had Trump, that's why we had the rejection of the left in Italy, that's why we're going to have more massive rejection of the left in these European elections that are coming up in 2017.
So, their tactic of calling us racist failed.
They finally understood that it has now failed and no longer works.
Now we're seeing them move on to the next phase, which is this Weatherman ideology of violence.
This is why we see socialists at universities being trained to beat people up.
This is why we see even celebrities now like David Harbour and others get up on stage at these award shows and say, just start punching people in the face.
Because they're Nazis, and anyone you disagree with is a Nazi, so that's kind of a dangerous idea, isn't it?
First it's Neo-Nazis, then it's Milo Yiannopoulos, then it's anyone who works for Breitbart, then it's just Conservatives in general.
And at the last Trump riot at Berkeley, they had a sign in graffiti saying, Liberals get the bullet next.
So don't think you're safe.
It's like the old Nazi thing, you know, first they came for the communists, I wasn't a communist.
First they came for the Jews, I wasn't a Jew.
They've made it very explicit, this violent far-left element, which is being funded by the establishment, by George Soros, that they see liberals as the enemy too.
Yet what do we see across the board?
Liberals giving them cover, justifying, legitimising that very violence that we've seen over the last few weeks, which is only going to get worse if this is not decried.
They've run out of arguments, now they're resorting to their fists.
And they're seeking aid and comfort from actual terrorists.
They're actually now aligning themselves with jihadists because they both share the same method and tactics of using violence, thuggery and intimidation to get political power.
Like terrorists do.
That's the very definition of terrorism.
Using violence to advance a political objective.
Which the far left is now doing with the implicit support of the mainstream left.
But again, it's not working in the polls.
They're losing the argument, and this new survey from the Royal Institute of International Affairs exemplifies that perfectly.
Again, 55%.
They asked 10,000 people.
This wasn't a little phone survey with, you know, 200 people.
10,000 people in 10 different European countries.
If they agreed with the statement, all further migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped.
55% said yes, 20% disagreed with the statement, 25% said they don't know.
You can break it down country by country.
Even in Spain, which shows the weakest support for halting Muslim immigration, 41% endorse a hull, compared to 32% who don't.
And that is the weakest.
And that's obviously because Spain hasn't had mass Muslim immigration, so they haven't had to deal with the consequences of it so far.
But even in the weakest countries in terms of support for this statement, those are the numbers.
You look at France, which of course over the past two years, numerous horrific terror attacks
They've had the Calais migrant camp debacle.
They've had, basically now when you go to Paris, it's like an open-air migrant camp.
There are people with mattresses on the streets.
Even in the upscale areas of Paris, you look at the numbers there, 61% oppose Muslim immigration.
And we're talking about a total ban here.
61% oppose, just 16% support it in France.
Look at Germany.
Where of course they've invited in, what is it up to now, 1.3, 1.5 Muslim migrants, 99% Muslim migrants.
Cologne, mass molestation, Hamburg, other areas, well the numbers show 53% of Germans support a total halt on Muslim immigration, compared to 19% who oppose that view.
And you can go through it country by country, Poland is even stronger, 71% oppose it compared to just 9% who support it.
And then you look at millennials.
Out of everyone asked this same question, do you agree with the statement all further migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped?
Amongst Millennials, 18 to 29, 44% agree with that statement compared to 27% who don't.
So even Millennials support this by a clear majority.
We're talking about by a 17% majority.
Millennials in Europe want a total ban on Muslim immigration.
Those are absolutely extraordinary numbers.
The big question of course, will they translate into the elections?
We've got the French election coming up here in about six weeks time, the first round of it at least.
We've got the Netherlands election shortly after that with Gert Wilders and of course we have an election in Germany later this autumn, later this fall.
Will those numbers translate into actual political change?
What they tell us for the time being is that we're winning the argument.
No matter how many Nazis you punch, which at this point is anyone who disagrees with you, we're winning the argument.
You're looking increasingly deranged.
You've allied yourselves with the very people who want to destroy the West.
And they're openly engaging in an outreach right now.
Of course, we've had the story before.
ISIS puts in its own manifesto that the far left in America and Europe broadly shares the same goal as them, so they're going to try and recruit them.
And look at what's happening now.
Turning to brazen violence because they've run out of arguments.
They've lost the argument.
And the question is, why do large numbers, a clear majority of Europeans, support a total ban on Muslim immigration?
Well, it's because they see that
Governments import huge numbers of people who are dependent on more government.
Of course it is the left that is the party of big government.
It's a political objective to import large numbers of people that will vote for your agenda.
That's one of the reasons why they do it.
That's why they started doing it in the first place.
You know, many of these people do want to escape a terrible life situation in the Middle East.
It's not much fun to live there.
Question, of course, is then why do they bring that whole culture over and just import it into Europe and just ghettoize and don't assimilate into what is clearly a superior culture, Western civilization?
Of course it's completely failed.
Now we have a situation in Sweden which is so out of control that two top cops in Sweden have gone public, at great risk to themselves, given the sheer level of intolerance to anything that's not far left in that country.
Two top cops in Sweden have now gone public, decrying the impacts of mass immigration.
We have the article up on Infowars.com right now.
Second Swedish police officer blows the whistle on migrant crime cover-up.
A second Swedish police officer has gone public to blow the whistle on how authorities are covering up a migrant crime wave just days after another top cop was reported as a racist for making similar comments.
The first police officer, again a veteran out of Olbrero in Sweden, he posted a message on Facebook.
It went completely viral.
They reported him to the authorities as a racist simply for pointing out that the country is in chaos due to an epidemic of crimes, serious crimes being committed by Muslim migrants.
And I know this for a fact because I see the stories every day because I have friends who live in Sweden
Who now they say, walking down the street hearing explosions in the background is just a routine part of day-to-day life.
They just accept it.
Not only do they have, we've had the video, we've had the clips, people throwing fireworks at people walking down the street.
Now, these migrants literally just turn up at government offices and just throw grenades at the building.
That's how bad it is.
They cover it up, because of course they don't want the public to know the full scale of the chaos.
But they already know it because they live amongst it.
We've had riots.
We've had cars being torched almost every night now in Malmo.
You know, one of the top police chief had his car torched just the other day.
That was a big story.
And according to yet another police officer, a veteran there in Sweden, they are using this Code 291 procedure to cover up information about crimes committed by migrants.
Crimes which include terrorism.
Okay, you've got this big media narrative against Donald Trump.
Oh, the media's, um...
Not reporting on Muslim terrorism.
What a conspiracy theory that is.
Well, actually, no.
Germany have told, the authorities there have told the police not to report on the identity of suspects, if they are migrants, whether they're committing low-level terrorism or serious crimes.
Same situation in Sweden, and now another top cop has blown the whistle.
This is Thomas Assenloff, who says that the Code 291 procedure is being used to cover up
Crimes committed by migrants, they're not releasing the photographs of the suspects in crimes to the public, even though it's in the interest of public safety to do so, because again, they don't want to further this reality, to even establish this reality in the minds of the Swedish public, that mass immigration is causing huge problems.
I know people that live there.
I see the stories every single day.
Of course, the first individual who came out to blow the whistle on this, Peter Springer...
Now he's been deluged with bouquets of flowers from the public who are supporting the fact that he was brave enough to go public in the first place.
Now his Facebook post, and we'll get into it after the break, again, he blew the whistle on this massive situation that's being covered up by authorities.
Now he's getting the backlash.
We'll come back more.
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Come, you masters of war.
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Now getting back into the news, of course, I mentioned before the break, these two top cops in Sweden have gone public, saying every single crime, or almost every single crime that they process that comes across their desk, the suspect is named Mohamed, Mohamed, Mohamed, Mohamed, Mohamed, you can spell it differently, the suspect is still named Mohamed.
They're talking about serious crimes, rape, extortion, blackmail, abuse of judicial procedure.
Violence against the police, drug trafficking, aggravated drug offences, attempted murder.
You've seen the horror stories out of Sweden.
These cops have gone public, simply pointing out the reality.
One of them, at least for the moment, has been reported to the authorities as a racist for pointing out these known facts.
But finally, it seems, given the reaction, the public reaction to this officer going out, sticking his neck on the line and telling the truth,
It seems that they're finally starting to come around.
He was deluged with bouquets of flowers.
What's interesting is that the police department wouldn't allow the press to come and take photos of these flowers.
You see them here, but the police department wouldn't allow the press into the police station to take photos of these, because again, that busts the narrative that there is now a huge groundswell of support
Which is coalescing in the Sweden Democrats performing well recently in the polls against mass immigration and what it has done to Sweden.
And let's just go through a few more stories to that effect just from today!
Muslim migrants shouted damn Germans as they torched refugee camp.
This is out of the Gateway Pundit.
Muslim migrants shouted, damn Germans, and laughed as they torched a Dusseldorf refugee camp.
Now, what was the reason for torching their own refugee camp, at which they're looked after with taxpayer money, at great expense?
Well, they ran out of Nutella, which is a chocolate spread, and gummy bears.
So, supposedly fleeing war-torn Syria, supposedly fleeing ISIS, terror, civil war, and yet they get triggered and burn down their own asylum center because they ran out of gummy bears.
Now, something tells me that not all of these refugees are actually fleeing war, and that many of them aren't actually refugees, and that they're just economic migrants.
Could that be the case, do you think, if they get angry when they run out of gummy bears?
Well, I wonder.
We'll be back with more on the Alex Jones Show.
The big video.
The truth about popular culture is coming up.
Don't go away.
We'll be back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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It's Alex Jones.
Popular culture is more vulgar, vapid, self-absorbed, hedonistic, and dehumanizing than at any other time in living memory.
Culture is supposed to be uplifting.
It's supposed to infuse our lives with intrigue, lust for knowledge, and appreciation of beauty.
Instead, for the past two decades, pop culture has only served as a sewer pipe of projectile diarrhea aimed directly at our gawping mouths.
By its very definition, popular culture has always been mass-produced for mass consumption.
But over the last 20 years, as I'm sure you've noticed, pop culture has become significantly more vacuous and obscene.
It's a rancid assault on the senses.
Why is popular culture so contrived, plastic, empty, meaningless, grotesque, and incredibly retarded?
Because from the 20th century onwards, post-modernist moral relativists, critical theory espousing cultural Marxist nihilists began to seize control of society.
Post-modernism seeks to erase the distinction between high culture and popular culture.
They want to turn everything on its head.
In simple terms, post-modernists have sought to reshape society in their image.
And that's why everything's so ugly.
From architecture, to art, to music, to entertainment.
They're making everything hideous.
The goal?
To completely undermine the foundation of Western civilization and leave us open to subversion and capitulation, look at television.
TV's endless portrayal of broken families, emasculated male figures, and aberrant, nihilistic, droog-like youths.
The stars of so-called
Reality television are virtually always narcissistic, amoral, and borderline insane.
They have no redeeming traits.
Indoctrinating us with the idea that this is actual reality.
That this is how we should act too.
You're beginning to think that the tube is reality and that your own lives are unreal.
You do whatever the tube tells you.
You dress like the tube.
You eat like the tube.
You raise your children like the tube.
You even think like the tube.
This is mass madness, you maniacs!
In the decadent late stages of a society, bizarre behavior proliferates and is legitimized by the dominant culture.
They're fetishizing pathology.
We're even seeing the mainstreaming of pedophilia by the news and entertainment media.
Salon.com giving a platform to a wannabe child molester.
Articles that legitimize watching child porn.
A new Fox show that shows a transgender six-year-old wearing a sadomasochistic ball gag.
This is all intended to drag us down into the gutter once we absorb this kind of degeneracy.
Our moral filter is irreparably damaged.
Studies show that the more TV you watch, the more depressed you are, even for active people who exercise regularly.
And is it really any wonder, given the warped and corrosive view of humanity that is perpetuated by television?
We are their cattle.
We are being bred for slavery.
Can somebody please explain to me what the hell that's all about?
Just that idiot licking his nuts again.
Popular culture is also hyper-sexualized.
It's not prudish to observe that the sexual imagery we're bombarded with by television is infinitely more gratuitous than it was just 25 years ago.
Even pornography itself is becoming uglier and nastier.
It's documented that this hyper-sexualization process has normalized cheating and betrayal.
It's this, oh everyone else is doing it, so why not me, mentality.
Hypersexuality in popular culture leads to ruined relationships and failed marriages.
Pop culture is making us miserable and lonely.
Look at the cult of celebrity.
Being famous used to require having actual talent, even as recently as 20 years ago.
Now, the measure of fame a celebrity achieves is directly proportionate with the volume of tasteless debauchery that they inflict on the world.
Vulgarity has replaced talent.
The more vulgar and ostentatious, the better.
Thanks to social media, young people have been indoctrinated into this idea that narcissism
Not fulfillment, not meaning, not authenticity, but narcissism is the ultimate measure of satisfaction and importance.
Celebrity is just a reflection of that.
So what do we look for in our celebrities?
We look for narcissism.
When 16-year-olds were asked in a survey, what would you like to do for your career?
54% answered, become a celebrity!
Yet nearly 70% of them had no idea whatsoever how they would achieve this.
Sometimes when I watch TV, I stop being myself.
I'm a star of a series, or I have my own talk show, or I'm on the news getting out of a limo, going someplace important.
All I ever have to do is be famous.
People watch.
It's no surprise that since the explosion of celebrity-led narcissism, young people are more depressed than ever.
Suicides amongst those aged 10 to 24 are up every year since 2010.
Why are you all so unhappy?
Because you're aspiring to something completely vacuous.
And unobtainable for the vast majority of people.
Popular culture is making us miserable.
Celebrities are now more revered than religious icons.
This is why people suddenly turn into gushing morons whenever a celebrity dies.
Rendered blubbering idiots over somebody they never knew and never even met.
In many cases, someone they weren't even interested in until they died.
It's like North Korean competitive crying every other week.
And look at celebrities who wake up from their coma and use their platform to bite the hand that feeds them by questioning what they're a part of.
I've got one that can see.
When Kanye went off script and started decrying the popular culture he once served, they put him in a psych ward.
They've been paid to play that fool!
Look at how the custodians of pop culture treat celebrities who think for themselves or who challenge the status quo.
They're immediately dispensed with because the entire scam is dependent on a complete lack of diversity, a vicious intolerance of anything that's truly original or unpredictable.
That's why popular culture is so sterile.
And you know, it's ironic that one of the most popular talent shows is called The X Factor.
Given that the introduction of actual X factors, i.e.
unknown quantities, into the system would cause it to collapse.
Look at popular music.
The same handful of people writing and producing songs for the same handful of popular artists.
Why do you think everything sounds the same?
The same procession of electronic beats, repeated hooks, and verbal diarrhea that passes for popular music now.
Music is less diverse, and the lyrics are more dumbed down than ever before.
Man, rap today f***ing sucks bad.
They're not even saying words anymore.
They just got a hard-ass f***ing sh** to trick dumbasses like you to make you think you like this sh**.
You've hit a brick wall.
There hasn't been a single authentic movement in popular music for the last quarter of a century.
And look at the effect it's had.
Young people were once able to channel their self-loathing, their anger, through the medium of rebellious music.
Think punk, grunge, goth.
Now they're all growing up listening to sterile drivel like One Direction and Maroon 5.
Yes, we always had manufactured plastic crap.
But we also had alternatives.
Now there are no alternatives.
They just don't get the airtime.
MTV used to play alternative music videos.
Is that what they mean when they say videos have symbolism?
What does MTV play now?
Sixteen and pregnant musicians with actual talent and authenticity, because they still exist, are prevented from challenging this sterile status quo, while talentless, button-pushing, noise-vomiting DJs are deified.
Millennials have been stripped of the ability to diffuse their adolescent rage and alienation into music or subculture, so they turn to the mental ghetto of identity politics instead.
And that hasn't gone so well.
What has my generation contributed to advanced popular culture over the last 30 years?
Humiliatingly little.
Seriously, what have we contributed?
Can you name anything positive?
Gangster rap?
A movement that encouraged millions upon millions of young people to aspire to act like degenerate criminal thugs.
Yeah, that worked out great, didn't it?
But then look at someone like Hopsin.
Here's a guy who raps about how retarded and destructive gangsta chic is.
A guy who tells young people to get off drugs and live clean.
What happens to musicians like Hopsin?
Yeah, some of them get signed to big labels, but then they get parked for three years, or their albums are deliberately given no promotion.
They're never allowed to obtain superstar status.
How does rap music go from really good to so dry?
Real artists get shoved and wack ones get famous.
To leave masses brainless, a smart mind is dangerous.
Because their message represents a threat to cultural Marxism.
A threat to the toxic identity that the music industry force-feeds young people.
Look at youth counterculture.
In the past, youth culture was spearheaded by students.
They created the counterculture which then trickled down into pop culture.
What are students busying themselves with today?
Safe spaces, political correctness, virtue signaling, and gender studies.
When did being cool become about parroting everyone else's opinions?
They are socially conscious citizens and are provoked by the loathsome presence of an unmutual.
They are sh...
When did being hip become about writing laborious Facebook posts about how progressive you are?
As Theodore Dalrymple noted, the pressure to conform to canons of popular taste, or rather lack of taste, has never been stronger.
Everyone's petrified of constant social media surveillance by their peers.
And we force ourselves to swallow this rotten culture just so we can feel an affinity with our peers.
So we can fit in.
That's why there's no discernible youth counterculture.
It's all predicated on conformity.
And kids today are so satiated with the deluge of entertainment on offer that they have no time or interest in rebelling against the received culture.
No time to create their own luck.
No inclination to form their own ideas about the world, when it's so much easier to just regurgitate what Russell Brand or Meryl Streep is saying.
Whether it be fashion, art, music, literature, comedy.
Culture has been completely sanitized.
There is no counterculture.
And that's why, with very few exceptions, everyone looks the same.
Same haircut, same beard, same clothes, same meaningless tattoos, same lazy cynicism.
Same political views, same outlook.
There's no authenticity.
There's no daring.
There's no individuality.
Look at modern conceptual art.
The post-modernist war on absolute truth has spawned the demented belief that anything whatsoever can be considered art.
Why is modern art that requires skill or displays awe-inspiring beauty ignored in favor of tawdry trash?
Literally trash.
Have you ever visited Tate Modern in London?
It's a giant building full of scrap metal, concrete blocks, urinals, and this.
Whatever it is, they call it an art gallery.
It more closely resembles a landfill site.
What does this look like to you?
Dog food and a turd?
No, it's conceptual art.
The post-modernist decree that literally everything
has to be part of a social justice movement has also inspired feminists to offer up their bodily functions as art.
A giant ass was nominated for the Turner Prize.
I mean, forget full retard.
We've gone full idiocracy.
The years passed and mankind became stupider at a frightening rate.
And the number one movie in the country was called Ass.
And that's all it was for 90 minutes.
It won eight Oscars that year.
So we're told to genuflect over the deeper meaning of a six-foot butt crack while actual works of art are being renamed because the original title might be offensive.
Look at modern theater.
We went from Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde to this.
They're making everything that's supposed to be exquisite hideous and repugnant.
What's supposed to inspire us now dehumanizes us.
When ugliness is venerated as beauty, we know we're in the depraved late stages of a civilization.
Popular culture is so invasively vulgar that it's often cited as one of the factors in the radicalization of Islamic terrorists.
Jihadists in the West often immerse themselves in this culture and then become suicide bombers as the only form of repentance.
That's how bad it is.
That's right.
Jersey Shore and Miley Cyrus are actually seen by terrorists as legitimate reasons to attack the West.
And who could argue with them?
But seriously, when we defend Western civilization, we're not talking about popular culture.
We're talking about the Sistine Chapel, not Piss Christ.
We're talking about Beethoven, not Bieber.
But we've become bored of what we've inherited.
The true meaning behind the rich tapestry of our cultural heritage has been forgotten.
Popular culture as it exists today actually represents a direct threat to Western civilization, since it provides our enemies with a justifiable reason to destroy us.
Civilization is starting to unravel.
If we allow this to represent what we stand for, whatever moral superiority our ancestors earned will be eviscerated within a generation.
That's why we need to constantly savage this notion that popular culture represents Western civilization.
It doesn't.
The weaponization of popular culture, as I've described it, is merely the reassertion of cultural Marxism.
By making the culture that underpins our society completely meaningless, and therefore rudderless, it can be easily overthrown.
We need to reject popular culture in all its grisly, grotesque, dehumanizing forms.
We need to encourage a new cultural renaissance that is once again inspired by beauty, talent, and the exaltation of human accomplishment.
That is the truth about popular culture.
It is available right now up on my YouTube channel.
Get it.
Red Pill Generation Z. Just picking up on one aspect of that video, I talked about the vicious intolerance that the entertainment industry has for anyone that deviates from the leftist consensus.
Share it.
The Orthodoxy.
TMZ reports Kanye West deletes all Trump tweets.
Kanye West has scrubbed his Twitter account of all things Trump and it's because he's unhappy with the President's performance over the first two weeks in office.
Yeah, right.
It's not because he's been hounded and intimidated.
By leftists in the entertainment industry for daring to go against the grain, is it?
Absolute, complete, vicious intolerance of diversity of opinion.
They hate it.
We'll be back with the final segment on the Alex Jones Show Live.
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Now you heard before the break we had the truth about popular culture.
Basically at this point,
Millennials are lost.
Generation X is lost.
But the good news is, Generation Z is the most conservative since World War II.
This is a report I have in the Daily Mail, which is actually a few months old now, but I wanted to re-highlight it.
When I say conservative, it's basically just reality-based.
It's common sense-based.
The most conservative since World War II.
You look at the percentages.
Around 85% of Millennials and those in Generation X had a quiet or very liberal stance overall.
You compare that to Generation Z and it's quite the opposite.
The numbers are very encouraging.
1 in 7, 14% of 14 and 15 year olds took a quite conservative approach to life, compared with only 2% of Millennials and 1% of Generation X.
So those numbers are vastly superior.
Again, I get messages every single day from teenagers saying how much they support me.
Conservatism is the new counterculture.
They're bombarded with trigger warnings, with safe spaces, with left-wing puritanism from cradle to death.
This is the new form of rebellion.
If they're going to school and hearing these same turgid leftist viewpoints every single day and being shut down whenever they try to challenge them, well of course, naturally, they're going to rebel against that.
And that's what's happening with the next generation.
We're turning over the next generation to be on our side with the information, with reality-based information.
That is the red-pilling of Generation Z.
And there's an independent article up right now which ties into this.
Millennials are struggling, and I bash millennials, I'm a millennial, but quite frankly a lot of them are lost right now.
Millennials are struggling at work because their parents gave them medals for coming last.
Bosses the world over are struggling with their millennial employees.
They say we confound leadership, are self-entitled, narcissistic, lazy and tough to manage.
This is the attitude that's created with this everybody-gets-a-trophy mentality.
This is the attitude created when you have an entire generation suffering from narcissistic personality disorder because they're all drug addicts for social media likes.
They literally get the same impact as a hit of dopamine when somebody likes their Facebook posts.
They've become addicted to that.
They've become addicted to approval to social brownie points from their peers, which is why they all share the same opinions, and why anyone who dares to go against the grain and have actual reality-based opinions is socially ostracized.
Tying into that is another story which found that Antifa members, the far-left violent anarchists, Antifa members in Germany,
92% of them still live with their parents, and 90% of them are single.
In other words, these people are complete losers.
Millennials are lost, but Generation Z is ours.
That's going to wrap it up for the show.
Alex will be back, 11 to 2 tomorrow, breaking news at infowars.com.