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Name: 20170205_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 5, 2017
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Alex Jones discusses the political situation in America and around the world, criticizing globalists and praising President Trump's efforts. He talks about recent protests and court decisions affecting Trump's travel ban, air purification systems, body armor, health products, and various other topics. Jones also discusses the Super Bowl Halftime Show and its representation of open satanic rituals, as well as the effectiveness of InfoWars compared to Joe Rogan's podcast. He criticizes leftist magazines for calling for Trump's assassination, mainstream media's misrepresentation of Trump's statements about Putin and Russia, and the censorship of his own content. Jones warns against infighting within the Trump administration, promoting unity against those attempting to overthrow Trump. The speaker discusses Reince Priebus forming a faction within Trump's administration, leaks by bureaucrats who they believe are committing treason, and the launch of their book "The Making of the President 2016". They also promote various products available at Infowarsteam.com, including body armor and health supplements.

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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
It's Super Bowl 51.
We're going to be telling you who the winner is before it's even announced, before the game's even played.
That's tongue-in-cheek, but that's coming up.
We're going to get into this federal court trying to block Trump and a lot more.
Key transmissions, several guests as well.
But first, another riveting, piercing report from John Bowne.
I want to tell everybody something right now.
I want to tell all the fake libertarians, all the fake conservatives, and all the never-Trumpers something.
I'm not talking to liberals right now.
Brainwashed zombies, they don't listen.
They just scream, KKK, go away!
KKK, go away!
No Trump!
No fascist USA!
This checkpoint is closed!
This checkpoint is closed!
This checkpoint is closed!
This checkpoint is closed!
So who are you with?
I'm not.
What's that?
I'm not going to let you take the video.
This looks like political violence designed to squelch opinions the perpetrators of that violence disagree with.
Am I reading it correctly?
That's exactly what it is.
And what's particularly scary and particularly, should be particularly troubling, it's not only happening on an American college campus, you know, supposedly in the land of the free, you know, these are these places where you should be able to engage with different, like, places where you should be able to hear speakers.
And students who come to my talks who don't necessarily agree with me, but just want to hear the other side.
I want to talk to people who claim they're acting for the Second Amendment, and claim they're for sovereignty, and all the rest of it, who still can't
Admit they were wrong about Trump and come up to me on the street or in emails I get or comments I see on YouTube, oh yeah Alex, what about Goldman Sachs?
This is a whole cabinet full of rich guys and gals who I'm sure have lots of favors in there.
As long as Trump goes out and actually gets people that know how to guide him through the globalist wilderness, like Lewis and Clark,
And as long as it's our anti-New World Order, pro-America, pro-human agenda that gets done, I'm all for it.
I made the analogy of, I don't care if he has a goblin guide that leads him into the mines of Moria, as long as, you know, I don't catch him kissing goblins.
At the age of 22, after graduating from Yale, I got a job at Goldman Sachs, where I spent the next 17 years.
I started on a folding chair in the mortgage department.
Nine years later, after many sleepless nights, I was put in charge of mortgages, U.S.
government bonds, municipal securities.
Several years after that, I worked directly for future Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson as the firm's chief information officer.
In that role, I oversaw 5,000 people and a $1 billion budget.
And we haven't seen that happen, have we?
No, he's got the goblins under his control, and they're doing exactly what he says, and clicking their heels when he gives orders, and then running off with their little gleaming eyes into the night to do his work.
That's true genius!
Of course he brought in top architects from inside the enemy operation to help know where to place the plastic explosives for the controlled demo that we're now witnessing!
And his guides have taken him through the inner workings of it.
He already had a good understanding as an outsider billionaire who was able to defeat their monopolies himself.
Because Trump is all about one man doing it his way, defeating them.
And he sees us as him.
And our victories and our successes is his.
Look at him getting on a helicopter, not telling the press where he's going.
I love it.
I relish it.
Going out to Fort Meade to pick up the remains of the Navy SEAL that died.
...battling the Al Qaeda globalist forces that John McCain and Hillary and all the rest of them turned loose in the Middle East and into Africa.
How presidential is that, personally meeting the family?
And there's optimism, and the globalists are trying to kill that optimism.
And now he's over-delivering at breakneck speed, as they say, an obsession.
Because his will, his name, his family, his honor, his treasure is bound to America and the planet succeeding, and that's what it is when you believe in humanity.
It's exhausting, but it's exhilarating, and it's empowering.
All these inbred elites were given their power hereditarily, third, fourth, fifth, sixth generation.
So they don't understand that, and they just look down on everybody and want to make everybody poor so they can manage them and control them.
With Trump, he's fully in.
He has merged his essence with the Republic and restoring things.
And so, that's why Trump will not betray you.
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We are transferring power from Washington D.C.
and giving it back to you, the people.
Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo!
This is the heart of 1776.
Yes, I have thought an awful lot about going up to the White House.
Huge nationwide protests erupted once again on President Donald Trump's second weekend in office.
When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.
When America is united, America is totally unstoppable.
Donald J. Trump is now President of the United States.
And most importantly, we will be protected by God.
From the front lines of the info room, it's Alex Jones.
So there's Donald Trump saying unify everybody, race, religion, creed, under America, and freedom and prosperity.
And you have the leftists all over mainstream news, including CNN hosts, saying, oh, poor white people, when it shows them being pulled out of their cars and beaten just because they're white.
And when they won't let speakers speak at Berkeley and women are beaten and men are beaten and cars are burned up, the media, including the dean of the school and the lawmakers in California say, this is good.
We're going to get violent.
Robert De Niro goes on The View and says, I want to punch Donald Trump in the face because he's a bully and you've got to fight bullies like a bully.
No, Donald Trump's not a bully.
The globalists have completely bullied this country into submission and now we're standing up.
More than 100 nations have travel bans on countries.
Japan has travel bans on the very Muslim countries and more that Trump put in.
Because they know people coming in unvetted from Somalia are very, very dangerous.
Somalia is not a failed civilization.
It was never a civilization.
Hundreds of major publications every week are calling for Donald Trump's murder.
Republican and Democrat appointed judges that are globalist controlled are trying to block him, simply saying, we can have borders.
Did you know another federal court just as high?
Said that what Trump's doing is under the Constitution, under law.
But that got ignored in the 9th Circuit out of San Francisco.
Said, we didn't get any information in Trump's brief.
So it's overturned.
Until we get more info, it's on hold.
But the public doesn't know about law, do they?
They just hear, oh, the horrible, horrible Trump.
Even though he's just enforcing an Obama law.
This is the bureaucracy, the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, the Saudi Arabians, the Communist Chinese, the whole world, Hollywood.
Everybody ganged up against America and Donald Trump.
But something's happening.
As Trump starts to bring jobs back, as Trump moves to cut taxes, as Trump moves to get banks to make small business loans, something that hadn't been done in 10 years.
There's been a consolidation on purpose to make you poor by both parties.
It's an admitted plan.
As that happens,
Grassroots of every color, who are all the same race, humanity, all bleed red blood are waking up and the poll numbers show him going straight up.
He was at 41 before the election with skewed numbers, now he's up at 60.
And they're panicking because those are even polls targeting key demographics they believe will show low numbers for Trump.
His real numbers are above 70 right now.
Remember, I told you that during the election and it was true!
Because there are internal polls you can get, but when you go to major pollsters now, they're so controlled they will not give you a public poll.
It's under contract.
That you can set the parameters of that are actually fair.
And the demographics you want polled that are fair.
They have their methodology.
So the fix was in, and that's now come out.
I told you the fix was in with Pulse.
So the fix is in, but even in their cooked Pulse, he's 19 points up in Rasmussen and Pugh and, um...
Gallup and so many others.
This is very exciting.
That's the real news.
So much to cover today.
First, let's go to another powerful John Bowne report.
It's up on Infowars.com.
We have more Paul Watson reports as well we're going to be premiering.
National security endangered by Soros motivated judge.
Again, Soros and the EU want total open borders.
Germany's taken three million quote migrants
80% military age, man, they're only taking more and more and more and more.
And they're murdering, killing, stabbing.
And when Germans criticize that they get arrested, it's a total takeover plan to bring in third world populations, the central bank's control.
And they make it look bad to want to stop that flow.
As if a country can't decide who can come in and who can't.
You want to get into Australia, you've got to jump through a bunch of hoops and have a bunch of money and prove that you're coming there with skills.
You've got to have a couple million dollars in major skills they want to get into Switzerland.
But other countries, France turns back, I've been flying into England before to cover Bilderberg, and watch Canadian citizens that are supposedly part of the realm, part of the Commonwealth, turn back because they're activists.
In front of my eyeballs!
No criminal record!
But again, they play on the ignorance.
Oh my God, he wanted to stop these portal sweeties from
Sudan that's waging a war against the Christians of the South?
It's in a civil war?
Oh, we're not taking people unvetted from a civil war zone?
But when you fly in as a citizen, you get asked questions?
No questions, folks.
They're not allowed to turn you back with fake ID.
That's what Obama did.
We take these refugees under a UN program, and they decide who comes in.
Let's go to Sean Baum's report.
Seattle Washington federal judge James Robart based his judgment of the Trump administration's decision to follow through with a travel ban of seven Muslim countries as not rationally based.
However, this purported logical judge
Was quoted by CNBC as stating, Black Lives Matter.
In August of 2016, Breitbart reported that the Black Lives Matter movement was funded by the U.S.
national security public enemy number one, George Soros.
In a detailed 69-page Open Society report on the agenda of an Open Society U.S.
programs board meeting,
Held in New York October 1st to October 2nd, 2015, a portion of the Soros-funded agenda read, recognizing the need for strategic assistance, the U.S.
Programs Board approved $650,000 in Opportunities Fund support to invest in technical assistance and support for the groups at the core of the burgeoning Black Lives Matter movement.
Furthermore, Soros' shaping of Black Lives Matter was used to alter the 2016 elections, oddly never mentioned by the Democrats, and their zeal to vaguely and solely blame the Russians.
As a hacked Open Society document stated, leaders of Black Lives Matter and the movement for Black Lives work to influence candidate platforms during the 2016 primary season.
This came alongside the recent acknowledgement by political strategists that African American voters may be much more pivotal to the 2016 general election than previously forecasted.
President Trump responded to Judge Robart in a tweet stating, What is our country coming to when a judge can halt a homeland security travel ban and anyone, even with bad intentions, can come into the U.S.? ?
I don't work over in the United States.
I work overseas.
And I'm currently in Iraq, which is one of the countries that were on the list.
And there's been a lot of discussion about the U.S.
taking a border.
Obviously, in the United States, there's a lot going on.
And over here, there's a lot going on as well.
Just a lot of things you all don't see.
My simple question was, as an American, if I went out in town right now, would I be welcome?
And they instantly said, absolutely not, you would not be welcome.
And I said, okay, so what would happen if I went out of town?
And they said, the locals would
Snatch me up and kill me within an hour.
I'd be tortured first and after they were done torturing me, I'd probably be beheaded.
It would, you know, go on video for everybody to see as, you know, an example.
I already knew this was gonna happen, but I wanted to hear it from them.
I wanted to hear it from them.
And the point of it is, the point I'm trying to make is, this is the local populace that would do this.
This isn't ISIS, this isn't Al Qaeda, this isn't the PMU, this isn't a militia from the Iranians or anything like that.
This is the local populace that would do this.
My question to them was pretty simple then after that.
If you would do this to me in your country, why would I let you in my country?
Because all this means to me is that... That's right.
We'll be back.
Full reports on InfoWars.com.
Stay with us, Matt.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We are on the march.
The empire is on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
So you have a temporary ban for 90 days on people coming in from seven nations out of almost 200 countries who were unvetted.
Something previous presidents have done or similar things they've done.
And the media hypes it that it's going to cause the stock market to go down.
So the stock market had gained 1 trillion 200 plus billion.
It's now lost
A little bit of a hundred billion.
But the media is saying, see, the economy is going down, it's all over, yay!
Isn't that wonderful?
But what they're not telling you is that central banks around the world are now starting to raise interest rates.
They came out when Trump got elected and they said, okay, we're just gonna raise...
Interest rates, that'll kill this nationalistic movement in the UK, and the United States, and Germany, and Austria, and Australia, and areas of Italy, and just all over.
Spain, you name it.
So, the globalists for almost 10 years
Nine years, have been giving themselves 0% interest, not to mention bank or bailouts that are just trillions of dollars to themselves, that taxpayers have to back up.
So they plunge the economy, then we have to back up their bad debts, and then they turn around and take the money we've loaned them, and loan it back to us at incredible interest.
And so the first thing Trump did when he got in, just 16 days ago, he's only had like 10 working days, but he's been working all 16, the first thing he did,
was to come in and say, let's start moving with banking regulations.
Let me get my Treasury Secretary in there.
They have totally blocked all the money being given to small businesses and individuals.
Lending has just been shut off ever since interest went to zero, because why should the banks do that?
They're the first handlers of the money.
So they get it at zero, but only select mega banks.
Trump said, no, sir.
We're going to give 0% interest to the little banks, the local banks, the regional banks, the private banks, the banks that aren't part of the insider groups.
Not just the six big ones.
Not just a bunch of foreign banks.
We're going to give 0%.
And Trump's pressuring the Federal Reserve right now, that is a consortium of private banks, but it's an intergovernmental meeting group.
It's just kind of the council of the private banks.
He's pressuring him to keep it low.
Not that's even good overall, generally.
We need some interest so people that save and invest make money.
But while America and the world is in this long depression-slash-recession for the average person, it's time for Main Street to get a bubble.
Because when Main Street gets a bubble, you actually get a bridge built, you actually get a business built, you actually get some jobs, you actually get some money saved, you actually get some cars bought, some restaurants visited, some haircuts paid for, some new clothes, a new coat, some new shoes.
Yes, these are dangerous bubbles, but they already created a mega bubble nobody can get out of unless we get the average person out of the bubble, because that's where you are able to rebuild an economy.
But without getting some money to those people, it's not going to happen.
This is 101 economics.
Trump should be a superstar, loved by the general public or the average poor person.
But the average poor person is a Democratic supporter.
Especially on the East and West Coast, and they just really think all their prosperity comes from the government.
They don't even care that the stock market's up, because they don't own stock.
They don't understand that those businesses are hiring a lot of times based off how their stock's doing.
So, there's danger in the Trump euphoria.
There's danger in a bubble.
There's danger in him betting on he can supercharge things, but here's the deal.
The danger of not doing it is a guaranteed ongoing worldwide recession slash depression that's meant to consolidate total control and pick winners and losers.
So, I've been hammering on this for nine years, having economist after economist on.
You've heard Ron Paul, big pessimist of every politician.
He says, quote, a week ago,
Donald Trump's doing a great job on the economy.
I think it's too little too late, but he's doing a fantastic, you can pull the clip up, a fantastic job.
Paul is one of the least complimenting people out there, okay?
He's very, very, not mechanical, but he's just very, very dedicated to just being very, very machine-like.
There's a headline exclusive.
Ron Paul says Trump is trying to stop global collapse.
Folks, it's because he is.
I'm a smart guy.
I'm going to be okay during a global collapse, okay?
So many people are self-centered, though.
They're like, well, I don't care, you know, if the general public, you know, gets hurt in this.
And of course, I'll get hurt as well.
But what's really going to hurt me is seeing my fellow Americans and others really going bankrupt, being on the street, or living ten people to a small house and not getting enough food.
And I've seen this played out, this globalist program, over and over again in other countries.
They have an admitted blueprint.
In 2002, Joseph Stiklitz, who'd won the Nobel Prize twice,
Once Freakonomics left the World Bank as our chief economist, he said, I will not be part of the criminal activity taking place and trying to make the public poor.
Magically, thousands of pages got leaked right after he quit.
He says it isn't him.
He's been on the show seven or eight times.
He says it's not him.
But regardless, somebody leaked it.
And you got to go read them.
Greg Powell's got the documents, published it to the BBC's credit back then.
The BBC's almost completely worthless now.
They did some good even back then, 2002.
And it was the plan of the IMF and World Bank.
Again, international meeting houses of mega-banks.
They're just the front groups, governmental name, it's the International Federal Reserve basically, deciding to implode now the first world and make us debt slaves, kill the engines of production, the engines of liberty, the engines of upper mobility, and have a giant consolidation for political control.
And even the liberal, Stiglitz, he's a big liberal,
I disagree with him on lots of issues.
He still had a soul and cared about poor people and working people, the middle class.
I mean, we don't want just a bunch of billionaires and trillionaire globalists that then rule on, like, mountaintops that are all high-tech and have electricity.
And we're down here like it's Ceaușescu's Romania or Venezuela and don't have electricity most of the time and have kids starving on the streets.
But that's the management tool of the globalists.
That's what we're headed into.
Meanwhile, Donald Trump
And by the way, a major federal judge at the same level as the other judge came out in a ruling, and Trump pointed this out in his weekly address yesterday, and ruled for Trump, and said absolutely the president has the right to block certain countries, certainly for short periods of time, and Congress has the right to pass laws, and there are laws on the books, and gave this big ruling.
And then the Ninth Circuit
Doesn't look at his ruling, looks at another judge's ruling, that's a big Soros guy, appointed by George W. Bush.
They're like, oh look, he's appointed by George W. Oh, a Republican.
The Republicans are our biggest problem!
I mean, use your heads, ladies and gentlemen.
And says, oh, no proof was given in the White House filing to us, because the circuit judge that they picked, other circuit judges, not just one ruled for Trump,
The circuit judge, they then cherry pick, gives his briefing.
Trump puts his in and they go, oh, not enough information when they already had and under law are supposed to look at other comparable rulings by the same level of judges that was already on record.
And Trump's brief mentioned that, but they just ignored it.
And said the president doesn't have the power to control who comes to the border?
Obama opened the borders up completely and let all those people come in out of Latin America and places with TB and syphilis and everything else you can imagine.
The plague has been coming in.
Trump is really trying to deliver on a lot of promises.
Pulling us out of TPP, day one.
Signaling that we're going to try to cut our corporate tax so we can be competitive.
I'm a non-interventionist.
I don't like entangling alliances.
I don't have anything to do with NATO, United Nations.
I think that's...
Look at the difference between military spending and defense spending.
They still talk about defense.
Defense spending, defense spending.
I don't want to cut a penny out of defense.
But I do want to slash military spending because it's nothing more than getting us into mischief around the world and incentivizing these people to come and get us.
As long as we do that, we're going to have a problem.
So I want a stronger defense by having a change foreign policy and also to separate the two between military and also, you know, defense.
And I think Trump does say some things about, you know, cracking down on some of the waste and fraud.
But I also think it's very important to know what our policies are.
Are we truly the policemen of the world?
And of course, I think that's a dangerous position.
When he announced we're pulling out of TPP, he didn't reserve it and say he's gonna oversee it with Congress and renegotiate it.
He said it's unconstitutional.
They had no authority to negotiate it.
The president didn't.
It's just dead.
I mean, right there, he handed power back to Congress, back to the states, back to the people.
He didn't say, oh, I'm going to renegotiate it.
That's a big sign.
Well, you know, I think you're right about the TPP.
I'm delighted.
I don't want to get anywhere close to that.
We need to get rid of the WTO and the UN and all that others.
In a year from now, if we're in a lot less than seven countries, then I'm going to say, great, move on.
But right now?
I'm watching carefully because I think it's really, really hard to use as an example turning around an aircraft carrier.
It's very, very difficult.
You have been called basically a Russian agent.
I have been called one.
Trump has been called one.
All these fake revelations have come out.
None of them are true.
It's totally made up.
And that's how they pass that law to, quote, try to control U.S.
media is because, quote, the Russians are so powerful.
This is like McCarthy on PCP.
That was the word I was thinking about as you were saying that.
It's McCarthyism.
You know, they're trying to destroy people who come up with a messenger.
You know, somebody called in when my name was on the list and they were a little bit worried about it.
And my staff said, no, that's good news.
That's good news.
We're on the right side, you know, of them attacking us because they want to destroy us because they're afraid of the truth.
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Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
You can run on for a long time.
Run on for a long time.
Run on for a long time.
Sooner or later gotta put you down.
Remember the 2016 Illuminati Super Bowl Halftime Show?
Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Madonna, and Coldplay?
All of them doing open stage training rituals.
This time we're gonna have the ladies.
It was part of the spirit cooking, part of the whole Aleister Crowley events that
Podesta and other Hillary minions go to in New York.
The high priestess admits these are real rituals she's doing.
And old lady Gaga loves to go to those.
She's going to be ruling over everyone on top of the stadium reportedly in Houston.
We've got Owen Schroer and the rest of our crew down there reporting.
He'll be popping in towards the end of the next hour.
Roger Stone's popping in with a lot of new developments.
Inside the Trump administration.
But a lot of people are going to ask me, hey, why are you even here on Sunday when the Super Bowl's on?
I could care less about the Atlanta... What are they?
The Atlanta what's?
Seriously, I'm having a... Falcons.
The Falcons.
And the New England Patriots, because I know this has all been built up and designed so that men put their normal male energies into watching a bunch of other overpaid, spoiled, rotten men involve themselves in what is proto-virtual reality.
Sports is the original simulation of business and family and war and life.
Sports is mainly war-type competition carried out.
It's like my cat where I have a fake mouse on the end of a string and I drag it along and the cat chases it.
The cat loves doing it because it has instincts to do it.
But it's not a real mouse.
By the way, my daughter's seen a mouse in the kitchen.
I've never seen it.
The other day, my cat walks up with a little mouse, a little gray mouse in its mouth.
Kind of sad.
But the point was, he actually got a real mouse this time.
She's got a toy on the end of a stick.
It's like a mouse.
He'll chase it around crazy for hours.
He'll chase laser pointers, you name it.
So will the dog.
But see, I'm not a dog.
I'm not a cat.
And all of this is the same thing.
You're like, well, so what?
Let them have fun.
I get it.
Sports are great for your kids to be in, or for you to be in, or to go see your friends in it.
I'm not saying it's unhealthy overall, it's that the way it's force-fed, and the messages they then couple to it, all the anti-gun messages, all the open border messages, all the anti-Trump messages, all the feminist anti-family garbage, all the green police Audi commercials, and then force-feeding us the devil worshipper, Lady Gaga, and all the weird rituals they conduct, and ooh, it's the big pageant of the Super Bowl, and the players coming in through like a spaceship entrance,
With glowing walls all around them, like this is the most magic thing in all the world.
Nothing is more important.
Meanwhile, we discovered three years ago via ICE sources, and it was later confirmed in the New York Times of all places.
We were down in McAllen, Texas, and our reporters have it on tape.
They admitted, yes, we're ordered to bring in illegals.
Only 17% are actually children.
It's adults.
They're from the Middle East, China, Latin America, Europe, you name it.
And a lot of them have serious diseases and we're ordered to let them in.
And we air these videos of Senior Border Patrol telling us this and they get 500,000 views.
When other videos we do get 10 million.
The most important stuff in the world was like, okay, so what?
The president ignored federal law on how you're able to come through a port of entry with a proper passport, proper visa, time to be here, what your purpose is, check for, you know, diseases, check for vegetables, you know, things that are, diseases in the plants, all of it.
Because, you know, if you get one little egg pack of a type of beetle into Hawaii, that's going to wipe it out.
Same deal.
And they say, no.
We don't care.
It doesn't matter.
Then we get a president that says, oh, seven nations.
Obama's done four before, four of the same.
He also bombed them at the same time.
You're not vetted.
You don't have real passports.
Your governments have collapsed.
We found you with all these fake passports.
We need to have extreme vetting, actually know who you are, and run you through a database biometrically.
And they said, oh my gosh, you're the meanest racist in the world.
And you can't do it and you're horrible?
And so one federal judge said Trump was right.
Another federal judge, even worse than yours, said he was right, filed a brief.
But then another judge said he was wrong!
And so the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco, the most globalist one out there, almost all of them appointed by Democrats.
They come out and they say, that's right, Trump, we're not going to even look at what you're doing, basically, until you give us some other big filing.
And then even then, if they refuse it, which they're sure to do, it'll take five of the Supreme Court justices to override it.
And right now, the Supreme Court's 4-4.
Scale me.
So the media can then take Trump's perfect record of delivering and doing everything he said he would do,
Run around, get upset, say he's this horrible person, sell it like his agenda is fascist and evil, and then start calling for his impeachment, his murder, all the rest of it, when it's Obama and Hillary and John Kerry that destabilized the Middle East, caused the huge flow of refugees, and destabilized the whole place to try to help Saudi Arabia put all these jihadis in.
So while
We're all busy here, even debating what the media is doing.
Understand, Trump is doing his basic duty and even using laws that Obama signed.
And CNN even ran articles going, oh look at Trump, he criticizes Obama all day, but he used an Obama law to do this.
You know, I thought Obama's bad!
The point is, of course he should use an existing law without having to pass another one and then sign an executive order on top of it.
Again, they're attacking him saying it's illegal and bad and horrible, but then admitting out of the other side of their mouth, oh look, he's copying Obama.
Meanwhile, you've got the Washington Post as the only liberal publication to ask, how far can protests go?
Well, not when there are riots or you're trying to kill people or beating people or burning up people's cars or trying to burn up Larry King's car.
All because he's white.
How far can protesters go before the government steps in?
And that's because the Washington Post realizes the head of UC Berkeley, the legislature's come out and said, hey, Trump, you better not cut our federal funding.
We're gonna continue to not let people have events at universities.
If the mob of people say they can't, we're bullies, we're thugs, we're going to stop you.
I mean, I've got the news articles here where they're saying,
They had Robert Reich go on CNN Friday and say that it was Trump supporters that rioted at UC Berkeley.
MSNBC, I played the clip Friday, said that Milo was throwing firebombs.
Milo, the gay conservative activist, had nothing of any such.
They lie and they lie and they lie.
So let's go over some of the things they're now pushing against President Trump.
Because this is the group of bullies.
This is the group of thugs.
These are the people trying to shut down our free speech.
Of course I want to punch him in the face.
Robert De Niro slams Donald Trump again on The View, and says when people are bullies, you have to bully them back.
So if I want to just walk up to Robert De Niro, because I know he acts tough in movies, and I break his nose, I'll say I'm gonna do that.
But I walk right up, and I punch him up under the nose, and actually tear his nose completely off his face.
His old ugly nose, his old buzzard beak, directly off his face, okay?
And he falls down and hits his head.
Because I said he was a bully?
Is that okay?
Because I dehumanized him?
By the way, I like Robert De Niro as an actor.
And I think he's right on vaccines.
Hey buddy, you got censored with a movie you tried to show about vaccine dangers.
Donald Trump is putting Robert Kennedy Jr., who you admire, at the head of a commission to find out.
This is wounding millions of people a year.
Killing thousands and thousands.
The government knows it's been declassified.
Why don't you not get bullied by peer pressure and do the right thing, De Niro, and actually find out how good Donald Trump is?
Donald Trump is reenacting Glass-Steagall.
Something that everybody agrees you need, except the globalists.
So banks can't run scams.
He's trying to get money back to poor people.
He's trying to cut taxes on poor people.
He's trying to...
Kill carbon taxes.
The TPP.
Totally illegal.
Global government.
Talk about checks and balances.
Our government had sold us out to it without even having a vote.
Trump just killed it!
But the media is saying he's ineffectual.
Almost had a Freudian slip.
He's intellectual.
He's ineffectual.
He's evil.
He's bad.
It's the end of Trump.
And then we come back.
All the articles where they say kill him.
Kill him.
Kill him.
Kill him.
Murder him.
And so much more.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
Another terror attack in France as a machete-wielding man stormed the Louvre in Paris, chanting Allahu Akbar as he was immediately gunned down by French soldiers.
The man attempted to enter the Louvre.
He was refused entry.
He pulled out his machete, charged into the museum, injuring one soldier before being shot.
The terrorist was shot five times in the stomach and is currently in critical condition.
He was also said to have paint bombs in a backpack he was carrying.
Another man was arrested at the scene, but it's not yet known if he is linked to the attack.
A spokesman for the French Interior Ministry said the identity and nationality of the suspects are unknown.
A building in Paris was raided by police in connection with the attack, which has been labeled terrorist in nature by the French Prime Minister.
Donald Trump tweeted about the attack, urging Americans to get smart.
That's right, we don't want the terror that's descended upon Europe to make its way here.
The President of France, Francois Hollande, praised security for the quick response.
I bet you did.
They may have saved lives, but I doubt they saved your job.
This is Owen Schroer for InfoWars.com.
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Selenium is another one of those absolute must-haves.
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As a matter of fact, there's 25 genes in the body that are directly dependent upon selenium.
So it really is an all-around nutrient that everybody really needs.
I'm taking it now.
If you look at Bill Clinton, far worse.
Minor words and his was action.
His was what he's done to women.
There's never been anybody in the history of politics
In this nation that's been so abusive to women.
Bill Clinton was abusive to women.
Hillary Clinton attacked those same women.
And attacked them viciously.
Four of them here tonight.
So much of what he's just said is not right.
But he gets to run his campaign any way he chooses.
There is an information warfare happening right now.
It's a fight for our minds.
And InfoWars.com is on the front lines.
Download our free multimedia app at InfoWars.com forward slash app.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
A lot of people ask me, Alex, why don't you just have fun on a Sunday like this and go watch the Super Bowl?
You deserve to relax.
If it was a wholesome event and wasn't filled with anti-gun, anti-family propaganda, and wasn't used to divert men into systems of being ineffectual, ineffective,
Then I would be for it as a wholesome form of R&R like mountain climbing or hiking or swimming or playing in sports yourself.
But the NFL and all this stuff is just a pointless idol to waste away your life.
And it's a joke.
And the globalists are laughing at you.
And then George Herbert Walker, the author of the World Government Program to get rid of our sovereignty, the guy that was the head of the CIA and the head U.S.
ambassador to China, who got the deal through to let China take over U.S.
control of much of the planet, to leverage out free societies.
And then Lady Gaga and the Pope, the globalist Pope that most Catholics are battling.
Who's openly calling for world government and bad-mouthing Christianity in Europe and calling for an Islamic takeover?
He's gonna have some video at the Super Bowl?
More like the Super Crapper!
The Super Bowl is like a port-a-potty that has a door on the bottom and you climb into it when you watch it on television and then George Herbert Walker Bush and the Pope and Lady Gaga and Madonna and a bunch of spoiled rotten Roydhead football players and a bunch of other people all come and get inside the port-a-potty and go to town on you.
Pope prepares video message for fans attending Super Bowl.
He says sports is healthy and brings us together and we should do it more.
Don't have culture.
Don't have tribalism.
Don't have family.
Don't have values.
Don't have a country.
Don't have nationalism.
Just go to the big corporate sports games with the big rituals and all the Satanism and all the rest of the crud.
All the drunkenness that go to this clearly big, giant, evil event.
And now the Pope is one more person that wants to use the port-a-potty on people.
I mean, that's it.
The Super Bowl is a big toilet.
And when you climb into the Super Bowl, you willingly go in there and open your mouth like a baby bird so Pope Francis can get over your mouth and squat and crap right in your mouth.
Now the reason I bring up Pope Francis in that, and I never would talk like that, but he's the Pope!
He said a few months ago that if you believe in nationalism, or support Donald Trump, or question government lies, that you, quote, are someone that takes sexual pleasure in eating feces.
And I was thinking about that.
Everything they say is the opposite of what it really is.
So when you listen to him, you're spiritually
Communing with that.
And by the way, if you're a new listener, just type in, Pope likens conspiracies to the sexual desire for feces.
People won't believe it.
Let's put it on screen.
There it is.
Pope Francis compares fake news consumption to eating feces.
If you read the actual quote, it's conspiracies.
Well, the very same London Guardian ran reports that he used blackmail on the last Pope of pedophilia inside the church, which we know is going on, to get control.
And he isn't even a Catholic, but is a Jesuit communist.
See, the Jesuits were designed to go in and take over non-Christian countries.
Well, why not just overthrow Christianity itself?
Hillary says she loves Jewitical thinking.
Can we put that quote back up on screen earlier?
The crew was asking, is that a word?
I said, no, it's the same as ineffective.
They're telling us Trump's ineffectual.
He's gotten more done than any president in 16 days.
He's gotten more done than any president in a year.
And it's all good.
It's all constitutional.
And of course the pack of criminals and both political parties and the foreign banks and all of them that think we're broken, think they rule us, are freaking out because they know he's effectual.
They know he's effective.
They know he's getting it done.
The Trump effect.
Not producing.
We'll put it back on screen.
Not producing.
This is ineffectual.
Not producing any or the desired effect.
Lacking the ability or qualities to cope with a role or situation.
Same message.
He's a loser.
He doesn't know anything Obama knows.
Obama was a community organizer and was given everything.
Forget some guy that made hundreds of millions of dollars total for his companies.
Just forget it.
He's a loser!
And again, why am I so behind Trump?
Because right down the line he's right on everything but torture.
And last week he said, you know what, I've talked to General Mattis and he's against it and now I'm against it.
And now he's even coming out and saying he's against general surveillance of the public as he learns more.
That's what scares them is Trump's real smart and knows more than I do on most subjects, but as he gets informed, he goes and checks it out and changes course.
In fact, he's not pig-headed.
When he knows you're lying to him and trying to intimidate him, he comes off as pig-headed, horse-headed, a mule.
But anybody ever got anything done in history behaved more like a jackass.
So, what are they pushing?
What are they doing?
Oh, of course I want to punch him in the face.
Robert De Niro slams Donald Trump again on The View.
And says, when people are bullies, you have to bully them back.
No, the whole world's being bullied right now.
Leftist magazine shows Trump in crosshairs and says, why not?
Calls for basically killing him.
And then I've got to break down the Democrats this week, having the former deputy head of the Defense Department shop a coup at the Pentagon.
Imagine you show up at the Pentagon.
I'm here.
I used to run this place.
I'm going to visit everybody about a coup.
Wanting Trump to come arrest her.
See, that's why they're having people beat up women at all the rallies.
I saw in D.C., I was there, and saw in San Francisco last week, and all over, they target women, they target on camera, and they...
They target Trump's family, and they target Congresswomen who support Trump's children, and they're trying to get us into a physical fight, so that if Trump, rightfully, has the FBI go after the former head of the Defense Department, the deputy head, it'll be, look, she was just saying remove him, and he had her arrested, see, he's a tyrant!
I mean, we just attacked a bunch of women and burned things, and then if the police do anything, it's Trump's fashion.
In fact, the day after they attacked people at UCLA,
Or at UC Berkeley.
I saw it yesterday and it was like, Trump dangerous for free speech.
Some are calling for censoring at Berkeley.
It was like, that nasty.
And then the next day it was on the news, some Trump people were attacking women.
They would show their people attacking women in black outfits and say, we did it.
Just like they said when I was attacked, that I was arrested and thrown out of the inauguration.
No such thing ever happened.
But they don't care.
Because they're going after the audience they know is not informed.
More than 12,000 tweets have called for Trump assassination since the inauguration, Daily Mail.
Rage of Trump's UK critics astounding, says Lord Kerry.
Says he doesn't really know what the real crimes are.
I love it.
It's all these women at women's marches holding up images of women in burkas.
And then women, we have this video on Infowars all over the world saying, I'm converting to Islam because they have such hatred of the West.
Yeah, wait till they dump acid on your face because you're caught showing your face in public.
The more liberal countries just make you wear a hijab.
In most of the Muslim countries, you get your face burned off, but that's okay.
In fact, I ought to find that video, it was on Infowars.
I think the headline is, Feminist Call for Women Being Beaten Sharia Law.
I mean, it is just, I think Jacobson put it together, it is just, it's just, you're there with them going, ask you white male, we love Islam, we love Sharia law, and then you learn a big Sharia law woman ran for Soros the whole D.C.
march, and you're like, really?
Rage of Trump.
Morgan Freedman.
Morgan Freedman.
Trump has to be a good president.
What I see is a guy who will not lose.
That's up on Infowars.com.
Morgan Freedman came out and said that to AARP.
Trump comes out and is, quote, defended killer Putin on national TV.
We've got a lot of killers.
You'd think our country is so innocent.
And they talk about, he's a killer.
You know, we don't want peace with him.
And he says a bunch of countries are killing.
We kill.
We stop all the war.
They kill.
It's stupid.
They only take the quote out of context, Bill O'Reilly, to act like Trump is sitting there pushing anything that Russia does.
And I love how he's still friends with Bill O'Reilly, who openly throws him under the bus constantly.
So that's just some of the news.
We're going to go to break.
We're going to come back and we're going to talk to Roger Stone about breaking news inside the White House and more.
Then we've got our reporter Owen Schroer on the ground in Houston covering the Super Bowl.
That's coming up today throughout the weekday transmission.
11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
I'll be covering a lot more news and taking your calls.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
It's Alex Jones.
Alright, Roger Stone's coming up in the next segment, but... I'll just make a point here.
I've been so busy producing the broadcast and actually going out and shooting the videos, the live reports, trying to manage the crew, that I've not been the best at all the different platforms there are out there to make sure that our live feeds and our podcasts get out to folks.
We already dominate, to a great extent, the internet.
Not just, you know...
Political news, but but Infowars all put together is one of the biggest media outlets in the world.
But for me, it's not how big we are.
It's how effective we are.
And an example is Joe Rogan has one of the top five podcasts in the world.
He's been doing it seven and a half years.
90 million downloads a month, 20 million on YouTube.
That's 110 million.
I was talking to him about it.
If you count all the derivative stuff,
200 million people watch or listen to the podcast.
Now, some people obviously don't see the whole thing, but 200 million people, that's a lot, okay?
Now, InfoWars basically does the same thing or more, but I don't care.
It's not about who has the biggest.
I went on Joe's show, and I talked to him yesterday, and he said, yes, it's now the biggest ever.
And he said he's been on iTunes for seven and a half, eight years since they started.
He said it's never happened.
They held it up for a day and a half and were going to censor it until there was a backlash.
And it's already shot up to the very top of the charts.
And of course, you know, there's hundreds of YouTube versions of it with 1.9 million, 300,000, 400,000, 200,000.
I mean, right now there's more than 10 million views of it conservatively.
I just went and looked myself and that was just spending a few minutes to look it up.
On YouTube.
There's so many versions of it.
But I counted 10 million views up just in an hour.
And I didn't spend that much time doing the research.
Maybe 45 minutes.
But the point is, is that I don't have time to do all this research.
I go on there, it's number one ever.
And he's had top rock stars, top movie stars, everybody on.
Joseph, movie star, TV star.
You know, hosts the UFC.
One of the top 10 comedians in the country.
Sometimes he gets as many as 20,000 people to come hear him speak alone.
He sells out the Moody Theatre 5,000 every time he comes to Austin.
He sells out four shows in a row at Cap City Comedy Club that holds like 2,000.
The point is he's a big, big celebrity.
And my coming on the show is the biggest thing that ever happened to it.
The point is that I'm sitting there talking to my crew.
When you think about how iTunes has blocked us having our own podcast as video, they won't accept our videos on there.
We've gone through the process for years.
They just kicked Breitbart off.
That was in the news.
And it's just, we just take it.
Oh, you just kick us off because they will dominate it.
We'll be number one.
Just like we'll dominate everything else we do because we know what we're talking about.
And we'll defeat the globalists, just like Trump's dominating on every front, and they want to censor him, and shut him down, and not let you hear what he really has to say or does.
So later, I'm going to play his weekly address, and we're going to play his speeches here.
We're going to focus on it, because you know what?
I've looked at what he's doing, and Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, said, you judge a tree by its fruits.
He's got the biggest, juiciest fruits I've ever seen.
It's unbelievable!
You think I care about personality or Trump coming on the show or telling me he likes what I do?
I could care less.
Except he's the real deal.
Then I do care.
You understand?
I tried to have them all.
I had the Clintons try to recruit me.
I had Bush try to recruit me.
I've had the biggest radio networks try to recruit me.
I was even put on
All sorts of big stations and XM and then told, now Alex, people are upset with what you're saying.
You want to be taken off XM?
And I said, I never even made a big deal of that.
I said, yeah, I can't stop.
Month later, I'm off.
Just like I've been fired off radio stations.
I mean, you know, this is not about me, okay?
It's about the mission.
But I'm telling you, I've won all the Super Bowl rings in the radio world.
Okay, you know, this guy's looking for his fifth or sixth ring or whatever it is.
I deserve 15.
But I don't want the stinking rings.
They're ridiculous.
The point is, imagine winning every time.
Every time being number one.
And I'm not just number one.
Look at Paul Watson.
He's dominating.
Does he get any attention?
Because they have to ignore the real victors.
Need more proof the political left has completely lost its mind?
New video surfaces of a New York University professor on the streets at a Trump protest shouting and cursing like a lunatic at police at neo-Nazis proudly announcing she is a professor as she loosely drops F-bombs 15 times in her 80 second rant with plenty of other obscene language peppered in.
She tells the NYPD to F off.
Good luck next time you need them.
Then declares Trump and all his supporters are neo-Nazis who are not for LGBTQ rights even though Trump did just stand for LGBTQ rights in the workplace.
You can see this wicked creature spitting and fuming like a wild banshee as she insists the police start beating up the Trump supporters so that her students don't have to.
We've seen white people shout down white people for being white.
We've seen protesters strap baby dolls to themselves then dance in the streets while playing the flute.
We've seen them assault people, burn and destroy communities.
What will the Never Trump movement do next?
This is Owen Schroer.
Stay tuned for more at InfoWars.com.
We are transferring power from Washington, D.C.
and giving it back to you, the people.
Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo.
This is the heart of 1776.
Yes, I have thought an awful lot about going up to the White House.
Huge nationwide protests erupted once again on President Donald Trump's second weekend in office.
When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.
When America is united, America is totally unstoppable.
Donald J. Trump is now President of the United States.
And most importantly, we will be protected by God.
From the front lines of the info room, it's Alex Jones.
They are.
Beating up white people.
Oh my goodness, poor white people.
Please, stop.
The Democratic Party is such a race-mongering, KKK-style group now that you saw the new DNC chair who's been nominated.
She said, I'm white, but I will keep white people down.
I will shut them up.
I'll make sure you, a people of color, get the privilege.
That is literal KKK talk.
Meanwhile, Trump
It's like, we're gonna come together.
But inverted.
Now they can stop us.
And they run around saying he's racist all day.
All the Clintons sucked.
Two billion.
Even the Washington Post admits it.
This is confirmed.
Kept 96 plus percent of the money in Haiti.
We sent an aid mission there.
And the people of Haiti, if you say the word Clinton, want to kill you.
It's all on Infowars.com.
And so, Roger Stone's really concerned about this because we've discovered what appears to be a Clinton mold inside the Trump White House that wants to basically take control of an initiative out to Haiti and certify the new Clinton viceroy, or vice king, or minion, or puppet that's there.
But I don't want to spend our old 30 minutes we have, or 25 minutes, with Roger Stone on that.
I want to just recap the Dr. Jerome Corsi article from Friday.
The interview I did with Roger for the Nightly News.
That's all up on InfoWars.com.
But this is a big deal.
I want to get into some of the other stuff.
This ruling.
Let's hit that first.
Roger, we have this ruling and we have one federal judge at the same level citing history, the law, the executive order.
Of course the president can do this.
Then you've got this other federal judge, this George W. Bush minion, this open borders guy, this Soros-style guy, saying no you can't.
And then the Ninth Circuit, that's San Francisco, totally socialist, saying
We're going to wait until you file more information.
Well, it's known powers of presidents to do this, so they're trying to make law from the bench, preemptively, even though they know he's about to get his Supreme Court justices in.
And then you see the open calls in another 15 newspapers a day, I mean more than that, to kill Trump.
This is clear insurrection.
And then you have the deputy head of the Defense Department under Obama,
Shopping in major newspapers a coup d'etat.
That's not free speech.
This is open organized rebellion against the elected president that the American people have because they're so desperate.
No, Alex, I think you're absolutely right.
The resistance to the election of President Trump continues.
Many in the mainstream media and many in the government intend to pull out the stops in an attempt to smear Trump and remove him.
None of this has abated.
It's as if the election never really took happen.
It's as if their challenge of the Electoral College didn't fail.
It's as if their recount
Wasn't essentially a worthless waste of time that ultimately increased the number of votes for Donald Trump.
So the biggest problem, I think, right now, Alex, is the infighting within the Trump administration, where I think some aides to the president are disserving the president with their leaks.
You know, Nixon would be rolling in his grave now.
And by the way, we know some of the names.
We're trying to be nice here.
We know about the dirty tricks behind the scenes.
I mean, these people need to stop right now.
Well, this is a power game.
And Steve Bannon is entirely focused on policy matters where he is simpatico with the President of the United States.
Steve Bannon is Trump's brain story, as planted by some who are not friends of Steve Bannon, is meant to hurt Bannon's standing with the president.
Making it look as if Biden is taking credit for the President's accomplishments.
Sure, because the President has his agenda, his will, that is synced because they're both Americana guys.
It doesn't mean one or the other, you know, is controlling the other.
He picked him because he's so synced with him, or simpatico, as you said, and so they're busy spending all their time trying to run him out because they know he's the guy helping the President actually go vet and check and then put his agenda out, which we've already seen in beautiful
That's exactly right.
And you very clearly have now a Reince Priebus, regular Republican, never Trump faction, which is the larger faction because Priebus has sway and authority over the hiring of the White House staff.
When the president gave him this authority, he gave him quite a bit.
Now, there is grumbling among many of the original Trump people that a very, very small number of Trump supporters seems to be serving on the White House staff or even thus far in the administration.
So that is a kind of a festering problem.
In fairness, the president's only been in office for two weeks, and it's a little early to say
But I would point out to you, Alex, that when Jim Baker, who had managed George Bush's campaign, was hired by Ronald Reagan to be his White House Chief of Staff, the first thing Baker did to insulate himself from criticism is to go out to a high level of high, pardon me, a large number of high level Reagan
That's right.
Let me set it in layman terms here.
Trump's super smart, has great guts, great instincts.
I'm not second-guessing him.
I marvel at what he's done.
But he's brought in a disproportionate amount of his hardcore, never-Trump enemies.
And they're surrounding him, and they're already doing Weasley stuff, they're already leaking, and the Republican establishment's already not backing him on this clear situation with protecting our sovereignty and from terrorists.
And so Trump is a corporate guy who's used to taking over a company, and...
You know, if he puts in the old leadership that was still doing a good job, they're still going to be for him, because now he's just the owner.
I think there may be some instinctual blind spots here, because I know he thinks he's going to co-opt them for our agenda by being nice to them and still letting them have power.
He doesn't understand that they joined the globalists because they have a twist of evil, a twist of Cain, and they've been promised even bigger things, if they can kill the king, and that this is kind of a, let's stab Julius Caesar to death here.
Well, I happen to know for a fact that both the New York Times and the Washington Post were granted access to Reince Priebus, Kellyanne Conway, and Steve Bannon on the record on Friday.
And if you listen to all of them, we're one big happy family.
There are no tensions.
There is no jockeying for White House positions or government positions.
And that is, I understand, what they're supposed to say as good soldiers.
As I say, those who have leaked do a disservice to the President.
So their fighting is not in the open.
Their fighting is subterranean, as it were.
But it is really cursing the President.
Somebody leaked to the Washington Post last week that Trump was like a clueless child in a particular meeting.
These are people who work for Trump.
It's also not true, anybody who's met him.
Well sure, and let's just, oh my gosh, Trump is so slick it's unbelievable.
But the point is, I want to come back and talk about this, we've got the bureaucrats, and I read this Friday, I made some calls,
And so far, I have three confirmed sources that the Pentagon believes that this Obama strike list that was given to Trump the day he visited the CIA, that Obama had the green light to strike, he knew they were al-Qaeda, ISIS bases, and said, no, don't hit them, that they may have forwarded to the Saudi Arabians that strike list to set up our troops to set up Trump.
Filmmaker, conservative activist, musician, Bob Dylan expert, who often plays with one of the greatest Dylan tribute bands in the country, Joel Gilbert joins us from Hollywood.
Joel, welcome to InfoWars.
Great to be here, Roger.
You're looking good.
Feeling much better.
Now, having studied this man so carefully, what is your take on Obama and what is your take on his legacy?
And what do you think he's planning to do going forward?
Obama was trained as a professional agitator.
His job was officially community organizer, but that was the official name for community agitator.
And as I showed in my film, the job was, and I'm quoting from their literature, the job was to rub salt in the wounds of minorities and then use their discontent to take power.
For Marxists like Obama, America is hell.
Because they compare America to the perfect socialist utopia that's unattainable.
So their conclusion is America is therefore evil and must be torn down and rebuilt to make the perfect world.
Conservatives have a different view of the world.
We look at other countries and compare them to America and say, well, America is a society that has individual rights, individual liberty, and we can pursue happiness.
So we're happy in America as opposed to the left who are miserable.
With Hillary out of the way, Joel, Obama is the titular head of the Democratic Party.
Michelle is certainly young enough to run for public office.
Are they secretly planning a comeback?
A restoration, as it were?
Uh, I think we have to be very concerned.
I think Obama remains dangerous.
He was a professional agitator, trained for 10 years.
He was a trainer for Acorn.
I think he was never interested in being president or the presidency, and that's why he went on all these golf vacations, never attended his security briefings, put his feet up on the desk, because he wanted to use the presidency to agitate, not to be president or governor.
And that's what he's done all these years in office.
He's agitated and divided the country.
So I expect Obama to go back to being who he is.
And his Bonnie and Clyde partner in crime is Michelle Obama, who herself was a radical activist.
A lot of people don't know she grew up in Jesse Jackson's household.
Good friend of Santita Jackson.
And she was also radicalized.
This is why these two together represent a formidable, stealth, radical couple that pretend to wave a flag and love America.
As I show in my film, there's no place like Utopia.
But they do have a hidden radical agenda that they learned from, you know, Bill Ayers and the Marxist terrorist gang that taught them.
People have asked me for 20 years, Alex, why don't you have firearms and firearms accessory sponsors?
The answer is, it's a minefield.
Well, in 2016, things changed.
And Tennessee Arms, that is the founders, the inventors, the leaders, they defended it in court.
Of the resin lowers, with the brass inserts, that in many cases go further than even aluminum or steel manufacturing.
30,000 to 60,000 rounds by third-party reviewers.
This is the best system out there.
And we're talking a third the price of leading competitors.
This is how it works.
You order.
Customized or
Straight from the factory, however you want it.
It is shipped on the next business day to you and your family.
And a percentage of the profit goes to fund the defense of this republic.
You cannot lose.
You're funding the Infowar.
You're getting the highest quality product, the most tested, the most durable, the most certified, the most believed in.
You need to have this true piece of America ready in minutes.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
You know, I've admired Ron Paul and known him and been a friend, I guess, for 20 years.
I've been interviewing him 21 years.
Maybe friends the last 10.
But it's not the same as it is with Trump.
Trump is so fire-breathing, so energetic, so cunning, so real, and he's having results so amazing that it just makes me be endeared to Trump.
I'm ready to die for Trump at this point.
And I'm already ready to die for America.
It's the same feeling I have for America because he is America.
You're America.
It's the same way I get endeared to people I know that have fought hard and lost legs or arms for this country and just how hard-working and good they are.
Now, compared to the average person who's lazy and doesn't care, I just feel humble to be around those type of people.
Because I study policy.
I'm a policy wonk.
And I know that Trump and Bannon really know what's happening.
They're really trying to cut taxes.
They're really trying to get loans to small businesses.
They're really trying to get us out of carbon taxes and Obamacare.
And they're doing it!
They're delivering!
And it's so well thought out.
It's so good!
I've studied history.
I've covered politics for 25 years, 21 on air.
And I've never seen anything like this.
This is bigger than 1776 if Trump can deliver.
And then I see all the news.
I've got articles today.
Ha ha, there's tens of thousands of bureaucrats that are going to leak everything you're doing militarily and sabotage you.
That's called treason.
That's executionable.
And then, I saw that earlier in the week, and then I started seeing articles going, well, word is they leaked about that mission.
And the list, because it was so effective, and you know Obama doesn't want Al Qaeda and ISIS to get rolled up because Hillary and Saudi Arabia and all of them were behind them.
And then I made some phone calls, one of the calls hadn't come back yet, but I called others and they said yes, that's what's being looked at, they were ready for them when they got there.
And we know Obama wouldn't green light these lists that the Navy SEALs and Special Operations and the Green Berets and the Delta Force wanted to go after.
So, that's what happened.
And the CIA came to Trump and said, here's a list of a whole bunch of targets we've had for six months.
Obama won't hit them because it's his real command bases.
And Trump said, well, let's have meetings about it.
And they said, hit them then.
They said, okay.
That's what you're saying.
And then now moles in those very groups have now leaked the end of the list so that when our forces show up to take out the worst terrorists in the world,
Well, because Alex, Washington never changes.
And the same people who have been running things for 30 years,
Like the status quo.
The status quo works.
In fact, did they say Bay of Pigs was really to set up Kennedy and make him look bad?
Yeah, I mean, look, the CIA has a track record that is unenviable when it comes to truth-telling.
They lied about torture in Iraq.
They lied about Benghazi.
They lied about Iran-Contra.
They lied about Vietnam.
They lied about the Kennedy assassination.
That's what they do.
They lie.
And that's why Brennan was so arrogant outgoing, is they're going to Bay of Pigs the president trying to protect the country because they're allied with the GD Islamist.
Meanwhile, Alex, the previous co-option of the Trump campaign or the Trump movement, I predict will come next in a series of fights over high profile ambassadorships.
Now, as you know, these ambassadorships
I have always had a political tin.
Almost every president has appointed a major donor of theirs to the Class A embassies.
So, for example, Nixon appointed Walter Annenberg, a media executive, a major donor to Richard Nixon, to the court of St.
James, the British ambassadorship.
It was revealed this week in an incredible piece
By Pamela Geller, that Priebus is pushing a man by the name of Duke Buchan III, a Bush supporter, a Jeb Bush supporter, who only later comes to the fight in the general election, gives Trump $900,000.
That $900,000 is reported on the Federal Election Commission sites.
And very briefly on Open Secrets, but then suddenly disappears.
Mr. Buchan has a long history of federal investigations in the regulatory area.
He has conflicts of interest pertaining to his participation in federal contracts.
And last but not least, Mr. Buchan's partner in a hedge fund business,
is a high-ranking official in the Chinese Communist Party.
So here's the bottom line.
Trump's counting on his captains to bring him good people.
He's good.
But here's the second part of the story.
I've seen him do this before, correct me if I'm wrong.
They're going to put bad people in, get the money, Trump won't know, and then burn him saying he broke his promises.
Remember Gingrich saying, don't worry, he's not going to drain the swamp.
Don't worry, he's going to hire lobbyists.
He's had a lifetime ban on them.
So Trump's trying to deliver, but they're going to sabotage him, get the money for it, and then blame him.
Well, and the important thing to understand here is that Mr. Priebus is interested in rewarding the party donors as opposed to rewarding the Reagan donors.
Oh, the Trump donors.
Pardon me, the Trump donors.
I misspoke.
It's the same story, though.
It really is, quite sadly.
Also, Alex, I wanted to mention to you that for some reason, despite the phenomenal launch of the making of the President 2016, Donald Trump
Orchestrated in a revolution, which is doing extremely well, was number one on Amazon this week in new releases.
Barnes & Noble refuses to post any reviews of the book.
By the way, the book is available, The Making of the President 2016, discounted, already 20%, 1995, InfoWarsTore.com.
For a limited time, all of them will be signed by Roger Stone and myself.
InfoWarsTore.com, I have them in stock.
It is already number one on Amazon.com.
Number one on Amazon.com for political book, already in the top 20 total, but they don't care.
You heard it, Barnes & Noble won't even list it, and it gets worse.
We're going to come back briefly and talk about this, Roger.
The Joe Rogan podcast has been delisted from YouTube even though it has millions of views and iTunes was trying to delist it as well because we talked about Podesta and we talked about Weiner and the child porn charges.
What do you make of this censorship?
It is unbelievable.
I'm just reading this here.
It's extraordinary that the ongoing effort to silence us just doesn't stop.
And when I read that David Brock
...is in conversations with the government as to which websites to block as fake news.
I shake my head.
I'm asking, how is David Brockman, Trump's in now, still deciding that you can't see InfoWars or you can't see your book?
I mean, again, Trump's surrounded by a bunch of scum.
Let's just say it.
Washington's a swamp.
He can't even get personnel that aren't backstabbing pieces of crap.
What we saw in Quebec City, the way I look at it, it was intended to be one of those booster charges.
You need to accelerate the hysteria, the panic.
It was a misfire.
Yeah, it was a misfire.
That's why they went from Daily Beast at the crack of dawn this morning showing two white French guys with rifles to having to retract it.
They were already primed.
They were primed.
And the people were already at the airports.
Imagine how easy it would be to shut this country down with people just acting a little bit more hysterical at the airports.
The country would come to a halt.
Soros made moves against the stock market today in conjunction with demonizing Trump, so they're already trying that.
In fact, it appears they had it all set with this false flag, you're probably right, and the riots they already had primed for a stock market plunge to blame Trump, but it failed.
The moment is lost because
You know, gradually the new media gets the word out that these six countries were just Obama's terror, failed terror states.
These are nations like Libya and Sudan and Yemen that we don't, or Somalia, nobody that's useful to our country comes out of there.
Well, they don't even really have real airports, right?
I mean, places like Somalia.
You can't go there and stay alive if you're a white Christian.
You'd be dead or kidnapped in a week.
But if this attack in Quebec City had worked,
God help us, right now the country would be in a... if, let's say, 50 Muslims had been killed and there was a blue-eyed Quebecois outside dead, which I think is one of the ways that this scenario was intended to play out.
How they tried to plunge the stock market this morning, how they put out the fake news, and the site you mentioned is synced with Soros.
Yeah, oh, they got caught in a dry run, or it misfired.
I think it was a misfire and the left will try to just bury the story.
It's like an un-story, a non-story.
If this had been a white guy with an AK-47 dead outside of a mosque with 50 dead Muslims inside, the people that are at the airports now would be shutting the airports down.
And it would legitimize all them out there.
Oh look, Trump supporter goes and does this, but he lived.
The dumb mind control or easily influenced idiot lived.
And so now it's not, you can see it now.
Hey Matt, you're absolutely right.
They absolutely had the whole thing set up.
We need to look carefully into the Canadian connections.
There were apparently two competing mosques up there.
There's a more radical mosque.
And a more moderate mosque.
The moderate mosque is the one that was attacked.
This is a classic profile of a false flag.
We should be on maximum terror alert right now, but watching for false flags.
Yes, and any knuckleheads on our sides, please don't do anything stupid.
Our fellow Infowarriors across the United States and across the planet really love the Hillary for Prison 2016 shirts that we began to put out in 2015.
It became a global meme against globalism and corruption, and a very strong maxim that's now being continued on today.
So we now have George Soros, because the media attacked me on this whole goblin meme.
They've made huge jokes about it, but it's totally blown up their face.
We now have George Soros.
As a goblin.
On the back, and it says, with a cross through him, you know, an X, like Ghostbusters, no Soros, him as a goblin.
It says, Deport Soros on the bottom, and on the top it says, InfoWars established 1996.
So, it is a limited edition, Deport Soros on the back, Hillary for Prison on the front, right-hand shoulder, InfoWars.com.
It's powerful, I hope you get out to everybody you know.
InfoWarsStore.com, or call 888-253-3139.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Big Brother Mainstream Media Big Brother Mainstream Media Want answers?
Government cover-ups
Do you want answers?
So do we.
Well, so does he.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
I know I'm not manly.
I got a bunch of cattle, but no hat.
And I'm not watching the Super Bowl right now, a kickoff happening with George H.W.
Bush doing the coin toss.
That happening right now, we probably should put that on screen, actually.
Because it's just a bunch of globalists that are hated trying to go to a popular event and force themselves on us.
I'm boycotting it.
You see, my country and my world's under attack by globalists.
Oh yeah, it's happening right now.
I've got to fight the new world order.
Let's hear this right now.
Let's cover this propaganda.
Here we go.
No audio.
Here we go.
Oh, he was able to flip it.
Let's see who gets it.
It's the coin toss right now.
Roger Stone's with us.
Coverage of the live Super Bowl.
Did I ever tell you guys I wanted to call the live feed today?
Coverage of Super Bowl 51.
Because we're doing it.
Here you go, ladies and gentlemen.
We have audio.
Let's turn it up.
So who got it?
Good luck, gentlemen.
Even pay attention to this stupid crap.
Oh, thank you, sir, for your world government.
It's these people that everybody hates.
The 41st president of the United States.
The 41st president of the United States battling Trump.
Battling America, selling us out to China.
The super satanic, egomaniac, skull and bones, satanic rituals.
Recovering Super Bowl propaganda, not wanting to even take the transmission.
Do we even pay attention to who got the coin toss right there?
I'm glad we don't even know.
It's the possums versus the dirtbags.
Seriously though, we're not just saying we got censored.
It was in the news that CNN, MSNBC were banned by David Brock at Media Matters, the main Soros operative.
Two weeks before Trump got into office, his president-elect, Obama, passes a law, signs it, to put the CIA over media to quote, ban fake news, drugs report, and info wars, and Breitbart.
Now, Trump's so busy trying to turn the economy on, he doesn't even know that they've got advising Congress right now, Brock, on what websites to ban and shut down when he wants his chief presidential advisor's site shut down.
Even if it was fake news, which it's not!
You don't have a right to shut it down.
We're not North Korea.
And now, this book, which we're selling, everybody should get it.
We need funds to fund ourselves.
It could be a piece of toilet paper.
You should buy it for $19.95.
Hell, for $30, it's a big old thick, juicy, color photos, making of a president 2016, how Alex Jones got Trump's ear.
It's all in here.
And they're trying to censor it because it went to number one on Amazon political, and it usually goes to number one after that.
They don't want this to be made into a movie.
They want to block us.
They want to ignore the fact... And again, the Joe Rogan podcast should, by trends, hit number one on the front page of YouTube in the trending section everybody goes to.
They just blocked it!
And then for a day they blocked it on iTunes.
I talked to Joe yesterday.
He says it's already the biggest thing they ever had.
He sees the internal numbers.
They're even blocking that from the public.
So again, everything we do is number one, number one, number one, number one, number one.
You're told what America wants is what's number one.
No, they give you the false number one.
has got to go and get the making of the President 2016.
You know, it's nutraceuticals and t-shirts and stuff that fund us and other sponsors.
I mean, if I sell 50,000 copies of this book, the percentage I make, it's not going to fund a lot, but it'll help the operation.
That's not what matters.
This is a great historical book.
And they're trying to censor it.
You get the book and then buy ten of them.
Give them to friends and family.
Get aggressive in the info war.
Going back to my friend Roger Stone.
I wasn't going to go off on a jag about this, but we're truly being censored.
Used to, if something got censored, it made it cause celeb.
And I guess we kind of are, but man, we're really getting censored and you hit my hot button.
As we were ending the segment, when you pointed out, yeah, Brock is still in there.
I guess going to decide, you know, who Trump has in the press corps.
Go ahead.
Well, Alex, it is absolutely true that both the New York Times and the Washington Post requested copies of my new book in advance.
And of course, we supplied them, as is the normal case.
They have today written nothing.
They intend to write nothing.
I'm happy to say the book has gotten very widespread publicity on Breitbart News and in other leading alternative outlets, which I think that plus InfoWars has helped, you know, generate the rise of the book in terms of the international rating.
We are this close to making the New York Times bestseller list.
It is entirely conceivable, we'll know within about the next couple days.
Buy your book at Infowars or any place else where the book is sold to help us.
As a political statement, as a political statement.
But regardless, doesn't the New York Times make itself obsolete?
Because they've been caught saying before, we're not going to report on conservative books that make the best list.
Yeah, I mean, their bias is manifest.
And I think it is obvious.
But this book, I think, has a broader appeal than just
Liberty-minded conservatives and Trump supporters because I explained from a mechanical and analytical point of view how Trump managed to pull this off.
And how, in all honesty, Hillary and Bill Clinton were asleep at the switch.
That's right.
This book shows how the establishment was delusional, is delusional, and isn't about the past.
It's about the future.
I finally read a third of it when I first got it before I left town last week.
I went to L.A.
to be on Joe Rogan's show, read part of it on the plane there and then back.
Amazing job.
And again,
Will your book save the world?
But all of our actions together will.
And the system is truly panicked right now.
And I want our listeners to understand something.
Today I went out and shot videos down at the UT Sports Stadium about the Super Bowl.
With that as a backdrop.
I can hardly shoot the live feed because half the cars...
You can hear it on tape.
That drove by.
We're saying, yay Alex, we love you, Alex, Alex.
Black people, white people, Hispanics.
A Hispanic guy with a white girl.
A black guy with a Chinese lady or whatever.
Humans of all types.
We're all the same people.
And it's getting to where...
That's actually yesterday, but it's getting to where I can't even do these reports because so many folks come over.
If the listeners simply reach out next level and keep telling neighbors, friends, family, folks about Infowars.com and the forbidden information and your book and what we're doing, it's going to explode packs.
I mean, what I'm saying is I think Trump is a manifestation of the huge awakening.
What do you think, Roger?
I think you're absolutely right, Alex.
I think that our opponents are enemies, as it were, on the wrong side of history.
Donald Trump has come along at exactly the right time to break the yoke of globalism and to expose the entire mainstream media phony screen.
All right, Melissa, in closing, I'm going to let you go.
We've got two minutes left.
Other big things to watch for.
What's happening?
Well, you identified a very important one.
Tomorrow is the faux inauguration of a man named Jovenel Moise, who claims to be the legally elected president of Haiti.
He is part of the Clinton gang that have subjugated that party, stole 80% of the earthquake aid,
And now seek to install this gentleman who's been in two disputed elections.
The first one was so flawed, so dirty, so stolen, they threw it out.
Now, to our shock and surprise, Omarosa Magul, Omarosa of The Apprentice, now working as a Trump White House aide, recommended that the President send a delegation from the White Houses, who would not be an official government
Or State Department delegation, of course.
It wouldn't connote recognition legally, but it sends all of the wrong signals.
These are the people who raped the country.
They are trying to install a puppet government.
They want his unofficial certification, and this is him only helping the Clintons as their foundation dies.
Trump doesn't know about this.
How do we make a big noise in 20 seconds to make sure Trump doesn't do it?
The answer, I think, is Rex Tillerson, who is the Secretary of State and whose wheelhouse this issue is in.
And we're going to be reaching out to the new Secretary very soon.
Alex, stay tuned.
All right.
Thank you, Roger.
We'll talk to you more at StoneColdTruth.com.
Get the book, The Making of a President 2016.
It's all part of the victory.
Give the gift of information.
Buy the book.
Give it as a gift.
We'll be back from the Super Bowl.
Live coverage straight ahead.
Joining us now is Donald Trump.
Donald, big announcement today.
Tell me what you think about the wall.
Are you excited to get started on this thing?
Well, first of all, let me say it's unbelievable to be speaking with you.
You're an incredible, incredible person.
I love everyone at InfoWars.
As I said, I'd be back on the program.
I know Alex was whining about it this morning, so that's why I'm here.
But let me tell you that you guys are great.
Leanne, Kit, and everybody there.
Paul Joseph Watson and all your guests.
Roger Stone, great friend of mine.
Unbelievable Nixon tattoo right between his shoulder blades.
Yes, I'm very, very proud of the wall.
Let me show you this right here.
This is the executive order we just signed today.
We're going to be building the wall in a couple of months.
It's going to be a huge wall.
So unbelievably huge, it'll not only stop illegal aliens, it'll stop space aliens.
Now, what kind of backlash have you seen from the press?
We know that they're trying to get in a verbal conflict with you, it seems like, every day now.
What is the press saying about your announcement with construction plans?
Look, the press are horrible, people.
Every day I've got Sean Spicy Spicer out there.
He's unbelievable.
I know Alex criticizes him sometimes, but Spicy Spicer is doing a fantastic job.
Every chance we get, we're calling out the press.
We're going to be expanding the press room, allowing Skype streams to go out Facebook, Instagram, and everything.
It's going to be phenomenal, because we're no longer going to treat the mainstream media like they are some kind of elite organization.
We want people in there.
I know Alex was even talking about possibly getting Paul Joseph Watson in.
And I think that's a fantastic, fantastic idea.
Now is there some kind of executive order that you could sign to remove some of these people that promised that they would move out of the United States if you won?
Like Whoopi Goldberg or Miley Cyrus.
Can we get an executive order to get these people out of here?
I don't know if I can do an executive order, but if we team up together, we could probably launch a GoFundMe in order to pay for their plane tickets.
And in fact, I'd be willing to donate Trump Force One in order to fly them out to Canada, if Canada will accept them, which I don't think they will.
Donald, tell me what it's been like for you so far.
You've been in office not quite a week yet, but you've experienced what it's like to be the United States President.
Tell me what that means to you.
Well, what it means to me is exactly what I've said.
We're going to make America great again, and I think you can see, Owen, that I'm working very hard to do that.
I've moved many things forward just in the last few days, and I'm going to be doing this every day of the presidency until we make America great again, greater than ever before.
Now, I saw some words actually exchanged between you and Barack Obama right before you took the inauguration.
Do you care to enlighten our audience, maybe, what was said?
I told him keep the keys because I'll be changing the locks.
I mean, we need new locks there anyway.
I like the gold-plated ones that they had for Aspen.
Another terror attack in France as a machete-wielding man stormed the Louvre in Paris, chanting Allahu Akbar as he was immediately gunned down by French soldiers.
The man attempted to enter the Louvre.
He was refused entry.
He pulled out his machete, charged into the museum, injuring one soldier before being shot.
The terrorist was shot five times in the stomach and is currently in critical condition.
He was also said to have paint bombs in a backpack he was carrying.
Another man was arrested at the scene, but it's not yet known if he is linked to the attack.
A spokesman for the French Interior Ministry said the identity and nationality of the suspects are unknown.
A building in Paris was raided by police in connection with the attack, which has been labeled terrorist in nature by the French Prime Minister.
Donald Trump tweeted about the attack, urging Americans to get smart.
That's right, we don't want the terror that's descended upon Europe to make its way here.
The President of France, Francois Hollande, praised security for the quick response.
I bet you did.
They may have saved lives, but I doubt they saved your job.
This is Owen Schroyer for InfoWars.com.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
These are our people.
This is our land.
These are our people.
The workers, the strivers, the builders.
Who are they?
These are our people.
Who are they?
They are the dark armies.
The dark, murdering armies whose only honor is atrocity.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
What's crazy is that is an intro from like a 1950s BBC production of 1984.
Our enemies are not dark armies of third world people.
It's globalists manipulating different human groups against each other.
But that doesn't mean we can just then open the border up and bring in giant masses of people into a globalist program they mean to destroy all of us with.
Milo Yiannopoulos is on the show tomorrow.
On the phone, I'm trying to get him on via Skype.
And he's invited me out to do a live broadcast with him in Miami next week.
I'd love to do it, but we'll see if I have time.
I can't just jet set out to be on Joe Rogan over here.
But we are reaching a lot of people this way, so why not?
But I'm really sick of being called a homophobe constantly.
Maybe that'll help.
But actually, he's always being demonized, even though he's gay, for not wanting to ban free speech.
So it's a very scary time.
Now, Owen Schroyer is a great reporter for InfoWars, and you notice usually he's very pro-police officer.
Very, you know, pro-law and order.
But I sent him to Houston with three of our reporters, and they've all split up, and he is really upset.
He's not inside the Super Bowl.
He was telling our crew that you can be like a half mile away.
They're not letting you walk down the street as a reporter in Texas.
So Alex, there's a weird dynamic happening now, and law enforcement knows who we are, they know who I am, and we saw a little
We're going to try to boost your mic because you don't have external mic.
You've got internal mic on.
I love you guys.
I sent like four people there.
How are you by yourself, bro?
We just get separated and you can't get out.
All the streets are blocked.
I have to walk five miles to get to the other side of the stadium.
Now there's a helicopter.
The Texas DPS is actually hovering right above us here.
I'll try to get a shot.
Yeah, show us.
Show us.
This is really bad audio.
Can you guys boost this so folks can hear it?
Or do I have to get out of this interview?
Because I can barely hear.
Does that mean the crowd can hear?
I can barely hear him.
You're saying it's fine on air, so I believe it.
He is definitely above you, Owen.
So, the police know who you are, and you're an evil reporter.
They've obviously been ordered to, like, stop reporters talking to people, because what they don't want is they don't want anybody getting publicity with the big corporations, obviously.
Lady Gaga and, uh...
I don't even care if you're on screen, just get up next to the mic, or aim the camera at the helicopter, then get up against the mic on the phone, since you're hooked up wrong, and tell me what they're doing to you, Owen.
Is that better?
Can you hear me now, Alex?
That's better, go ahead.
Okay, so yeah, I don't know what's going on.
This helicopter just started hovering right above me.
Literally, just started hovering.
No, I see it.
So tell us what the police are doing to you.
This is very shameful.
So, in Washington, D.C., some of the police knew who we were, and they said, you know, hey, we got your back, you know, let's not see any violence.
And then in Austin, some of the police knew who I were, and they said, hey, Schroyer, you know, try not to antagonize too much.
But they never stopped me from actually speaking to people.
Alex, I caught it on video.
I'm over here talking to the protesters, and the cops made me leave.
They made me leave, Alex.
I couldn't believe it.
And here's the thing.
And the helicopter's going away now.
Can you hear me better, Alex?
Yes, I can.
This is an interesting dynamic that I think we need to talk about.
So, you know, I've had run-ins with police that make you dislike police, right?
We've always been against the police state, but we see how the globalists are trying to use... Sure, they're trying to make them the enemy, they're trying to cause a clash of civilizations, a civil war.
And so the average cop is not at fault for what's happening in the country.
Yeah, and we recognize that.
But what's happening now is, and I blame this on the protests that have gotten violent.
So, the protests have gotten so violent... No, what would happen to me in D.C.?
They'd be beating me up, and I would fight back, and the cops would come threaten me.
You know, I experienced it.
So now they're just shutting down free speech, Alex.
That's what it is.
Bring the Muslims in.
They shoot and bomb and stab.
So all of us lose free speech not to make them mad.
The Black Lives Matter people come out and say kill cops everything.
We go expose them and the answer is we're bad because we're antagonizing the dumbasses.
We're using our free speech as America against the problem.
And Alex, there wasn't any... all the protesters that I've been talking to have been nice people.
Nobody's out here being violent.
We were just having... So obviously then it's not a Soros group.
What is this?
I mean, what protest group is it?
Well, the group that I'm talking about right now was an anti-North Dakota pipeline.
They're anti-pipeline.
Okay, so those are environmentalists.
They got a reasonable point.
Okay, I get it.
And they were talking, and we were just having a conversation, and I'm talking to this one guy... Wow, so you finally found real protesters that'll talk to you?
I have to give him credit, Alex.
There's actually the people that I've ran into out here that are demonstrating have all been peaceful.
They've all had good points.
They've all been able to back them up.
And let's be clear.
Normally, that's not the case.
And we've documented that, you know, hundreds of times now.
Well, I can't wait for you to upload this cop.
I mean, these police, what'd they say to you?
So I'm just standing here, I'm talking to these people, and the cop just comes and he just shoves me away.
He says, quit talking, quit agitating.
And then the whole thing, literally, the cop is literally just pushing me away from them.
I'm saying, this is my First Amendment, you're stopping my First Amendment.
He goes, you're agitating, you're instigating.
No, I mean, I know what the orders were.
It was probably, don't let there be a riot at the Super Bowl, stop it at any cost.
But, I mean, just because at Berkeley they beat people up doesn't mean you lose your First Amendment.
I'm sorry.
I'm gonna call R.J.
I should try it right now.
Hold on.
Keep going.
Well, and it's strange because, again,
It's not like we were getting violent.
We were just having a conversation.
I'm literally just talking to this guy.
I'm filming.
He's talking.
He's telling me why he's protesting.
And I get shuffled off by the police.
And look, dude, there's eight police on every block.
There's a total police state here in Houston.
I'm having to do this broadcast live.
I don't want the police to be my enemy.
I don't want to talk bad about the police.
But they're stopping my First Amendment right.
I got two numbers for R. Day Cervantes.
Let me see the answers.
So now I have to sit here in front of the police and complain about how they're stopping my First Amendment right, and they all look at me like I'm the bad guy.
No, you stopped my First Amendment right, and it wasn't... Hello?
Hey, hold on!
Hey, hey, hey!
Hey, police chief, how you doing?
You can hear me.
I can't hear you.
Just text me.
Are you inside the Super Bowl?
Can't hear you.
Can you hear me, Art?
Yeah, I just called the police chief.
Well, I'm going to call him once the show's over.
He's probably inside the Super Bowl.
Did you hear that?
That's hilarious.
That's crazy.
He used to be the Austin police chief.
He's a nice guy.
He's really responsive.
He never did that here in Austin.
In fact, the cops got better about free speech when he was here.
He had some problems, too.
In his heart, he didn't like the whole socialist... He's a Cuban-American, so he doesn't like communists.
That's a positive thing, but I will get to the bottom of this.
I'm going to call him, alright?
For whatever reason he couldn't hear me.
So listen, we only have a few minutes left of the broadcast.
What are other points to make here?
We need to bring this to a head, Alex.
The protesters that are protesting Donald Trump, they say they don't want a dictator.
They're protesting Donald Trump because they're afraid he's going to be a dictator.
They're afraid about martial law, the police state.
They don't realize that their actions are going to make Donald Trump a dictator.
Their actions are going to bring in the police state.
It's already happening, Alex.
It's already happening.
And it's all because of the George Soros violent protest.
He's going to get what he wants.
He's going to get what he wants.
That's it.
They destabilize, they have a soft civil war, then they take all of our rights.
When they did it, just like Obama floods us with unvetted Islamicists, Trump finally tries to do something because of all the terror attacks, and then they have a judge block him and say the president doesn't have the power to do that when he clearly does.
Yeah, they say it's unconstitutional when there's literally bills that say it's well within his legal stature to make the moves that Donald Trump has done.
But again,
It's not even about policy to these people, Alex.
You can try to talk to them.
They don't know the first thing about policy.
No, I understand.
Well, listen, you're doing a great job.
Do some live feeds out there.
Go try to talk to protesters again when the cops come and say, hey, I'm live on air.
Say, we're calling R.A.
What are your orders?
I'm not agitating.
Just because you define me talking to a crowd, I wouldn't talk loud, though, as that doesn't mean that's so.
Or do whatever you want, but upload that video, too.
You're doing a great job.
I'm out of time.
I appreciate you, brother.
All right, Alex, I love you.
I'll get that video up right now.
You bet.
More feeds at Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
A lot of articles, stuff I didn't get to.
There's so much there, folks.
Check it.
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Nutraceuticals, great products.
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I want to thank you all and thank the crew as well.
See you back tomorrow at 11 a.m.
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