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Name: 20170203_Fri_NightlyNews
Air Date: Feb. 3, 2017
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Welcome to the Info Wars Nightly News.
It is Friday, February 3rd, 2017.
I'm Leanne McAdoo and here's what's coming up tonight.
The establishment media continues to embrace anti-Trump riots across the country.
And MSNBC calls Milo a flamethrower and blames Donald Trump for the nationwide divide.
Meanwhile, it is George Soros who continues to fund these radical leftist groups who organize violent protests to shut down the First Amendment.
Then, a liberal woman who was triggered over Donald Trump becoming president tries to run over a police officer.
Are you crazy?
Have you lost your mind?
That's up next on the InfoWars Nightly News.
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
Today officially marks two weeks of President Donald Trump and the party of perpetual outrage.
Doesn't seem like they're going to be stopping anytime soon.
Everything is turned up to 11.
It's all a five alarm fire.
And now the Democrats are actually kind of wondering if this is such a good idea.
Is perpetual opposition undermining a more focused message?
You'll recall in a speech on the Senate floor Tuesday, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer defined President Trump's
I think?
I don't
Is a risk because if you protest everything with outrage, nothing is going to end up sticking with the American people.
And so they're going to kind of push back or everything's just going to kind of dull out at that point.
If they cry wolf every 12 hours, the effect of their urgency is going to wane over time.
Instead of presenting an alternative vision, will they end up looking simply like a party of outrage?
Very good question posed there in this article, but that's exactly what they are looking like.
I don't
Are you
These Antifa terrorists fighting ferociously against President Trump resist everything at all points.
They are going out saying they're fighting fascism with fascism.
So this is the Hegelian dialectic we're looking at here because what's going to happen?
Well the state's going to come in and be fascist and shut everything down and that's exactly what now we're starting to see.
We've got at least 10 bills
was pursued down a Washington D.C.
alley by a group chanting, shame, shame, shame, which is literally what they used to do when they would march witches to go burn at the stake.
They would point at them and go, shame, shame, shame.
So this is just crazy, ridiculous witch hunt that they are engaging in here on the left with this domestic terrorism, and they're ruining it for everyone.
They're actually
Fighting violently, protesting free speech to the point where now we're seeing bills being put out that could potentially limit the First Amendment.
This is ridiculous here.
So a lot of critics, of course, are saying that these bills could impinge on constitutional freedoms.
A lot of them were filed before Trump was even elected, and this was in response to these violent protests, their Black Lives Matter, as well as the oil pipeline protests.
But President Trump expressed his disgust with these displays.
He tweeted out, They're really proving this point.
This is key.
And it's interesting because people are wanting to push back.
I think?
George Soros.
Imagine that!
So it's also the city of Tucson, so your taxpayer dollars going to fund this, and a major labor union and several large financial institutions.
So this is the Global Alliance for Justice.
It's based in Tucson.
It's listed as an organizer and fiscal sponsor for Refuse Fascism, which is a communist group that encouraged left-wingers to shut down Yiannopoulos' event.
I think?
Who perpetrate violence through the policies that they support.
So this is what they do.
They tear the country up, burn the city down, and then they blame it on Donald Trump.
Or they call Milo Yiannopoulos a terrorist when they're terrorizing things.
Which actually, if you want to look at a little irony there to just kind of underscore this point, we have an MSNBC reporter calling Milo a flamethrower while the video that's playing during this talk
Is violent leftist literally throwing fireworks?
Check this out.
So as you can see, we've descended into total madness here where we are seeing the visuals on screen and they're telling you the exact opposite or blaming others for the actions, the violent actions of these protesters.
But getting back to the Alliance for Global Justice, who is one of the groups that help organize this violent shutdown, they received $2.2 million in funding for the fiscal year ending March 2016.
And so you can see all their benefactors for
Fascism and Alliance for Global Justice, it's all online.
So the biggest donor is the Tides Foundation, which is a non-profit funded by George Soros.
They gave him about $50,000.
They also include the city of Tucson and United Steelworkers Labor Union.
So obviously the unions, people are forced to pay into these unions, you're forced to pay tax dollars, and now your money is going to fund these type of violent protests.
And so these are not spontaneous protests popping up because people are just so upset, so outraged.
They are being purposefully sent to protest certain things.
And we have, you know, these Antifa groups coming out actually threatening people violently, punching them in the face.
We saw a Trump supporter beaten with shovels, left unconscious on the ground.
They pepper sprayed a girl in the face.
Margaret Howell is actually going to be speaking with her later on in the show.
We're good to go.
And so they're basically threatening her, like, we know how scared you're going to get, so watch out for us.
So she reports it to Twitter.
Twitter doesn't even shut the account down.
They just said, well, we've asked them to delete the tweets in question.
So then after they do that, Antifa says, we'll catch you another time, Cass.
This isn't the last you've heard or seen of us, honey.
So they're just very, I mean, when you have the media and former President Obama coming out praising these violent protesters and calling it
Well, violent rioters and calling it protests and the name of the First Amendment and that this is how democracy works, then these people feel bold.
They feel like they can threaten people outright, and especially when you have Twitter just lets these terrorist groups terrorize people.
Meanwhile, if you make fun of a comedian, you'll get your entire Twitter account taken offline like Milo Yiannopoulos did.
And here's some other thing that we're seeing.
There's about 10,000 plus people calling for the assassination of Donald Trump online.
This includes celebrities.
It includes journalists as well as elected officials in some other countries.
Here you have the Village Magazine debating whether or not Donald Trump should be killed.
We're good to go.
Here we have another crazy woman.
She's so angry that Trump is president, she tried running over a police officer.
So she wants to take her anger out on just a random police officer who was trying to direct traffic.
And she was so angry, yelling out the window, shaking her fist.
This is 58-year-old Eileen Pierce.
Kind of reminds me of the Triggly Puff professor that was out triggered at NYU when Gavin McGinnis was to be speaking as well.
And she is screaming and yelling at the police because they're not beating up the Nazis.
And so it's these little Antifa protests, the protesters and students who are going and beating up the Nazis.
And the teacher, the professor, is yelling at the police, why aren't you beating up those Nazis?
That's your job.
I know Millie Weaver is going to be speaking about that coming up later on as well.
But we're sort of seeing this.
This is what Obama left us.
These are the landmines that he left for President Trump and for this country.
This is order out of chaos.
This is all by design.
This is why we're seeing kind of a war on police right now with this crazy angry woman, for instance, in an Indianapolis suburb.
Seven police officers had their homes attacked in just one night.
So they're targeting law enforcement just outright in this country.
And we're seeing kind of that anti-cop rhetoric.
But we're only going to be seeing this ramping up as Trump's presidency moves on.
One thing, though, that he has been threatening, Donald Trump, is to remove the federal funding from these sanctuary cities, especially here in Austin, Texas.
I mean, illegals are being urged to fight back here.
$27 billion in federal funds given to these sanctuary cities.
So we're going to be seeing some more protests in 106 of these sanctuary cities across the US as they push back against their money being taken away by Trump.
I want to tell everybody something right now.
I want to tell all the fake libertarians and all the fake conservatives and all the never-Trumpers something.
I'm not talking to liberals right now.
Brainwashed zombies, they don't listen.
They just scream, KKK!
Go away!
Go away!
No Trump!
No fascist USA!
This checkpoint is closed!
This checkpoint is closed!
This checkpoint is closed!
This checkpoint is closed!
So who are you with?
I'm not allowed to take video.
What's that?
I'm not allowed to take video.
This looks like political violence designed to squelch opinions the perpetrators of that violence disagree with.
Am I reading it correctly?
That's exactly what it is.
And what's particularly scary and particularly, should be particularly troubling is not only happening on an American college campus, you know, supposedly in the land of the free, you know, these are these places where you should be able to engage with different places where you should be able to hear or hear speakers and students who come to my talks who don't necessarily agree with me, but just want to hear the other side.
I want to talk to people who claim they're asking for the Second Amendment and claim they're for sovereignty and all the rest of it, who still can't.
Admit they were wrong about Trump and come up to me on the street or in emails I get or comments I see on YouTube, oh yeah Alex, what about Goldman Sachs?
This is a whole cabinet full of rich guys and gals who I'm sure have lots of favors in there.
As long as Trump goes out and actually gets people that know how to guide him through the globalist wilderness, like Lewis and Clark,
And as long as it's our anti-New World Order, pro-America, pro-human agenda that gets done, I'm all for it.
I made the analogy of, I don't care if he has a goblin guide that leads him into the mines of Moria, as long as, you know, I don't catch him kissing goblins.
At the age of 22, after graduating from Yale, I got a job at Goldman Sachs, where I spent the next 17 years.
I started on a folding chair in the mortgage department.
Nine years later, after many sleepless nights, I was put in charge of mortgages, U.S.
government bonds, municipal securities.
Several years after that, I worked directly for future Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson as the firm's Chief Information Officer.
In that role, I oversaw 5,000 people and a $1 billion budget.
And we haven't seen that happen, have we?
No, he's got the goblins under his control and they're doing exactly what he says and clicking their heels when he gives orders and then running off with little gleaming eyes into the night to do his work.
That's true genius!
Of course he brought in top architects from inside the enemy operation to help know where to place the plastic explosives for the control demo that we're now witnessing.
And his guides have taken him through the inner workings of it.
He already had a good understanding as an outsider billionaire who was able to defeat their monopolies himself.
Because Trump is all about one man doing it his way, defeating them.
And he sees us as him.
And our victories and our successes is his.
Look at him getting on a helicopter, not telling the press where he's going.
I love it.
I relish it.
Going out to Fort Meade to pick up the remains of the Navy SEAL that died.
He's over-delivering at breakneck speed, as they say, an obsession.
Because his will, his name, his family, his honor, his treasure is bound to America and the planet succeeding, and that's what it is when you believe in humanity.
It's exhausting, but it's exhilarating, and it's empowering.
All these inbred elites were given their power hereditarily, third, fourth, fifth, sixth generation, so they don't understand that, and they just look down on everybody and want to make everybody poor so they can manage them and control them.
With Trump, he's fully in.
He has merged his essence with the Republic.
And restoring things.
And so, that's why Trump will not betray you.
Now, what I'm announcing here today is already a custom here in the United States, and that is extending the Christmas holiday up until New Year's Eve and then taking down the Christmas trees and taking down the Christmas lights.
Ooh, I keep saying Christmas.
I'm so politically incorrect.
The day after New Year's Eve or New Year's Day.
And so I've decided right through New Year's Day, we're going to keep
The virtual Christmas tree or an HD video shot of downtown Austin at the capital of the beautiful Christmas tree up just to upset the social justice warriors and all the little snowflakes that want to bully us into banning our culture and banning free speech.
In fact, there's a war going on, not just online, but in the streets.
I've seen it, where people on the hike and bike trails say Merry Christmas, and then folks don't respond and they say Happy Holidays!
Or even family I have, that I send the message of Merry Christmas to, they respond back with Happy Holidays.
It is some distant cousins, but it's going on.
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I certainly hope and pray you had a blessed and merry Christmas, and I'm really focusing and working hard to make sure we have a great new year as Americanism, not globalism, accelerates into the future.
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I'm Alex Jones signing off from the Central Texas News Center in Austin.
I financed, along with Gary Haven, an aid mission to Haiti to bring food and medicine and also the truth with my reporters just last year, just about three months ago.
And they were landing on not even dirt airfields after the latest hurricane hit.
I mean, this was deptifying stuff.
The day our crew landed, another plane crashed and all aboard died.
Gary Haven is probably the biggest private donor to Haiti that actually delivers the food himself.
The Clintons set up a foundation, everybody knows, that stole close to two billion dollars, or 96.4%, almost 97% of the money that was given.
They were all over national TV, MSNBC, CNN, saying, give your money to the Clinton Foundation.
They'll give it to Haiti.
And they had Haitian leaders on TV with them.
We've interviewed Haitian senators.
We've had our investigative crew there.
We've been to their capital.
Haven has been there hundreds of times.
And it's basically a celebrity because he actually delivers real food with three aircraft, sometimes around the clock, sometimes every day of the year, normally about 200 times a year.
So he's been doing it since the earthquake hit.
And hundreds of thousands have starved to death, cholera, disease, you name it.
It's one of the biggest disaster zones in the world.
We're going to go to Roger Stone here in just a moment with breaking news, because I was really excited seeing on Black History Month, Trump having a meeting there with a lot of great leaders.
And I was also excited about one of his outreach communicators that he was hiring, because I was familiar with her and seen her on Fox News and other channels.
But then I began to do more research and talked to Dr. Jerome Corsi, investigative journalist, formerly of the World Net Daily, who works for Infowars, three-time New York Times bestseller, that the Clintons reportedly are connected to this lady and that she got Trump, who's very, very busy.
Michael Savage has said that Trump needs to be careful doing so much so quick.
It's great to deliver on all the promises, but what about moles?
What about people in his name doing bad things and later he gets blamed?
And I've said we're watchdogs here.
We know Trump's for real trying to restore the Republic.
We're loyal opposition, but we're here really tracking what's going on in his administration and different developments there.
Because clearly when you're trying to bring in 4,000 plus people to run the executive branch, not everyone's going to be perfect.
I'm someone that's got 60-something crew members and sometimes you get a dud or even an infiltrator.
So, joining us on this live Facebook Mentions, and I'm going to take this HD video and put it on the Nightly News tonight as well, but folks on our Facebook are seeing this first.
There's a story about Dr. Jerome Corsi, up on Infowars.com, exposed insider coup to sabotage Trump.
Coup designed to protect the Clintons.
And it's been uncovered.
And that's a powerful headline, but we might change it.
I'm kind of the omnibus editor here to bombshell Clinton moles found inside White House.
It's not just one mole.
We'll be bringing out more moles as time goes on here.
Roger Stone, I called him and I learned about this and I talked to several other sources and he said, wow, you're really on it.
I've been vetting all this too and I've confirmed it.
So we got Dr. Corsi, we've got Roger Stone, we've got my other sources that are really concerned about this because she's set now and got Trump to agree to it.
He wants to help Haiti.
He said the Clintons raped Haiti.
They stole $2 billion.
It's terrible.
I want to get real aid to Haiti.
I want to help Haiti.
He said that during the campaign.
So she's like, oh, well, I've already been somebody kind of working for your campaign as a spokesperson.
Unofficially, since you're now hiring me, let me lead a delegation for the new, quote, inauguration of the new president that is a known Clinton operative.
And Trump's just saying, hey, let's be nice to Haiti.
He doesn't understand.
The Haitians, when they hear the word Clinton, and we have video of this coming up, begin yelling and screaming.
I mean, they know that Clinton's robbed them.
It's confirmed.
It's not debatable.
It's like Bono.
Steals 98% or more, sometimes 99, of the money he gets for AIDS benefits and stuff.
He keeps it.
I guess he doesn't steal it because he says it's for his foundation.
He just keeps it.
I guess we're dumb.
So this is a big, big deal, folks.
And here to give us all the background, all the facts of how the Clintons are trying to get Trump to certify their viceroy that they've got in over Haiti, who's still ruling it.
They took all the aid money, only put it in one little port that wasn't damaged by the
Tectonic activity, the earthquake, made it a big economic zone for themselves, built basically a sweatshop for themselves.
I mean the exploitation, the precision of it, the total evil of it, is really hard to believe, but it's all public.
So Roger Stone to flesh this out, to give some background to this, and Dr. Corsi's article, Exposed Insider Coup to Sabotage Trump.
Let's go ahead and go to Roger Stone right now joining us via video Skype.
Thank you, Roger.
Thank you very much, Alex.
As you have told your listeners, a reliable source has told me that President Trump is going to be sending an official White House delegation to Haiti on Monday.
It appears that they are going to attend the February 7th inauguration of the Clinton's puppet, the money laundering parting gift to Haiti,
The newly elected, fraudulently elected, Jovenel Moise, who by the way is already under investigation for money laundering.
These Alex are the exact same criminals who helped the Clintons rape Haiti when, as you know, in the aftermath of the earthquake, they absconded with literally billions in relief funds, either from the federal government or from the international community through the UN.
Bill Clinton got himself appointed special ambassador to Haiti, and the grafting and stealing began.
In a series of no bid contracts, all of this money disappeared into the pockets of Clinton cronies.
And as you indicated, the federal dollars were used on the 20% of the island that sustained no damage in the earthquake to build a state-of-the-art port
So that the Clinton cronies can import the oil and gas and minerals out of the country, leaving the people destitute.
Classic globalist program.
Use our goodwill and our federal money and our donations to build an extraction port while putting in no infrastructure and the people are literally dying like dogs in the street.
This is unbelievable.
To be clear, Haiti has had two elections, both of them marked by widespread fraud.
The man pulling the strings is a gentleman by the name of Dennis O'Brien, billionaire cell phone entrepreneur who got the
The monopoly contract from the Clinton-backed previous government, and now he seeks to insert a new puppet regime so that the grafting and the stealing can begin while the average Haitians get nothing.
Why would the president send a delegation to legitimize the new viceroy who sold his election through a fraudulent process?
Well, the answer is shocking, Alex.
It turns out that Omarosa Magal, of Apprentice fame, who is working in the White House staff,
It has a relationship with Ron Daniels, the Black Democratic consultant who helped heist those two fraudulent elections.
In fact, my research indicated that Omarosa actually traveled to Haiti in 2007 for the Haitian Support Project.
That's the official Clinton-Digital-Ron Daniels front.
Now again, let's break down who Emma Rosa is.
We'll put her image up on screen.
She's this new community liaison.
Very lovely lady.
I've seen her on the news talking.
I like her, but it's unfortunate that she's connected to these people.
Is she being used in setting up this delegation or do you think she knows from your source?
Well, the fact that she has a previous relationship with the chief operative for the oligarchs in the Clintons, this fellow Ron Daniels, to be clear, Daniels doesn't work for the Clintons.
He works for the cell phone oligarchs who are cronies of the Clintons.
And together, they have raped this country.
I would go to the interview that I did on InfoWars on Wednesday with Dr. Zilli Danto, who lays the relationships out in stark detail for anyone to see.
Omarosa is disserving the president.
Perhaps she doesn't understand that the people she is trying to arrange to have lauded with an official delegation
Are criminals, are usurpers, are not supporters, shall we say, of Donald Trump.
The Haitian American community was very supportive of Trump.
They want justice for the nation of Haiti.
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It's amazing.
One of the plays that we see being used throughout history by the controllers to manipulate the masses is their interpretation of the Hegelian dialectic.
Now this is loosely translated as problem, reaction, solution, order out of chaos.
But this is an 18th century theory that basically says the human mind cannot understand anything unless it is split into opposites.
And then the discussion that's in the middle would be the synthesis or the solution.
But the problem that we're seeing today is that this theory is being exploited to manipulate the population.
It's kind of the left-right divide, divide and conquer, left versus right, black versus white, keeping all of us fighting amongst ourselves.
So while we're divided, they are conquering us by providing us with their solution.
So my guest today has actually just released a solo album based on the Hegelian dialectic.
This is Prodigy.
He's a multi-platinum recording artist and member of one of the most legendary names in hip-hop, Mobb Deep.
Prodigy is an iconic voice in the genre.
He's always been very outspoken in his lyrics about conspiracy theories, the Illuminati, secret societies.
He's also released many critically acclaimed albums, as well as books, including his latest Commissary Kitchen, My Infamous Prison Cookbook.
It's a book about food and nutrition in correctional facilities.
And it was actually banned in the California correction system because it contained a recipe for alcohol.
And when he isn't touring, Prodigy is traveling the United States, lecturing at venues like MIT about the prison system and offering insight on changing the quality of inmates' lives.
So Prodigy, thank you so much for joining us today.
It's a pleasure to have you on the show.
Thank you.
Thank you for having me, for real.
Now, you know, I got to admit, I was kind of doing a little bit of research, kind of brushing up on the Hegelian dialectic last week, and after just kind of reading up on it, I see it everywhere.
You're seeing it with all the protests.
I mean, we are living in it, living, breathing this left-right divide right now at present.
Obviously, you know, you're seeing this as you're writing your album.
So how are you seeing this playing out presently?
Well, man, I mean, I've been working on this album for the past three years, and it's a three album project.
So the one that's out right now is just the first one.
And then the next two will be coming out soon.
Yeah, the whole time making the album, man, just seeing what was going on in the world and, and then all the way up until what's happening right now.
It's like,
The music for this album, man, just fits perfectly for what's happening right now.
Like the name and the album and everything.
I mean, that's why it always fit perfect.
But now, especially with all the controversy that's going on right now in the world, and more than ever before, it's just like, it's a perfect fit for what's happening.
You know what I mean?
Even like on the album cover, like, you know what I'm saying?
Just the album cover is just dealing with me,
Trying to be a spiritual good person and do the right thing with myself in this world and then also dealing with all the craziness with politics and everything else we deal with.
These companies, big corporations, the laws, judicial system, you know what I mean?
Just everything, man.
It's built against, you know, minorities, you know what I mean?
And it's like, now we in a time where it's time to dismantle all of that.
You know what I mean?
It's time to dismantle that old way of life, man.
And grow as humanity.
You know what I mean?
And grow as people, man.
As human beings.
You know what I mean?
Men, women, everybody, man.
You know what I mean?
Well, we're seeing this resistance where you're seeing the masses kind of have been waking up now for a while.
People are really activating, really mobilizing for their certain causes.
But the thing that's really kind of disappointing to me is I appreciate seeing the masses kind of awakening, but they don't realize how they're being kind of useful idiots.
And being paid to protest certain things or, you know, you're thinking, why are you only protesting Donald Trump?
Why weren't you ever protesting all, you know, President Obama dropping all the bombs in the first place that created the refugee crisis?
Why are you just protesting now?
So we're sort of seeing people being mobilized and their energy and their awakening.
Yeah man, I mean...
There's a lot on the album, on part one of Forgetting Dialectic, Book of Revelations.
There's a lot dealing with that.
Just telling people, man, like, you know, you gotta, you gotta start.
You know, graduate to the next school of thinking, man.
Like, you know what I mean?
We, like I was saying, we in a time for us as humans to evolve.
Technology and the world is becoming smarter.
Kids are smarter.
Like, it's time to evolve, man.
It's good to be out there and protest for, you know, your rights and things you're supposed to do.
But, you know, there's a way to do it also, man.
There's a way to do it in the time that we living in now.
You know, legally, the legal process, and just doing things the right way, you know, the world is already changing.
So it's just gonna happen.
So all you gotta do is just follow the right process, and live the right way, and don't feed into all of this craziness, man.
Because there's a lot of, you know, they're pushing, they're promoting race war, they're promoting religious war.
They got us out here protesting and arguing for shit that's not even what we should be protesting and arguing for, right?
You know, you got to be real careful with that type of shit, man.
That's not dope.
Now, look, a lot of protests and things from the past, of course, brought us to where we had to help change things for Black people, for minorities, for the world.
You know what I mean?
A lot of the protests helped, you know, with Martin Luther King and, you know, Rosa Parks, just to name a few.
You know, the ones that
That people really know.
Those protests helped change things, helped, you know, change human rights, civil rights, you know what I mean?
It was a good thing, you know what I mean?
But we're living in a time right now, super information age and, you know, it's obvious that anybody could be successful and make a difference, you know what I mean?
The right way.
Without just being so ignorant about it.
There's a lot of ignorance out there in the world.
I don't know if that's what you're saying.
There's a lot of ignorant people out there in the protest.
They're doing a lot of crazy ignorance.
They're protesting for a lot of the wrong things at the wrong time.
They're going about it the wrong way.
That's what I would say.
Well yeah, they're fighting fascism with fascism.
They're being violent, they're setting things on fire, rioting, and they're doing this to stop free speech.
I mean, I'm obviously right now, I'm presently speaking about the riots taking place at UC Berkeley.
where it's just it's mind-blowing because UC Berkeley was the place where they started the free speech movement where you had college campuses students fighting for the right to have different versions of political actions and talks and speakers be able to come on their campus because up until then free speech wasn't allowed on college campuses you know they did away with it so they were fighting for that and now we're seeing the exact
Opposite, where they're actually lighting things on fire to stop free speech on college campuses.
What do you think about what's going on there with the millennials?
I mean, anything that stops free speech is not good.
Like, I can't deal with that.
You know what I mean?
I need my freedom of speech.
This is what I do for a living.
My freedom of speech is my business.
You know, that's how I conduct my business out here.
In this world, American capitalism.
You know what I'm saying?
You can do anything you want in this world, man.
You know what I mean?
This is definitely a great, and it's the country right here.
This country is the best country for a reason.
You know what I'm saying?
This country is like a science experiment.
It's like a test tube baby.
You know what I mean?
I got a song called Test Tube Babies, and that's what this,
America is.
You know what I mean?
It's a science experiment.
Test tube baby.
Like it's a mutant.
You know what I'm saying?
It's mutants.
You're like the X-Men out here.
So it's like it evolved into something
That is not how it started.
It started from a foul.
Like, you know what I'm saying?
A lot of genocide, a lot of murder, you know, thieving of the Indian land.
But we're here now and it happened.
So what you gonna do about it?
You know, as bad as our history here is in this country, we know pretty much every civilization, that's how they all kind of came about with conquering other people's lands and a lot of terrible, awful things.
But you're right, we are here now, presently, and this is the time when we can all make a difference and change.
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We can answer your questions.
I'm Margaret Hall reporting for InfoWars.com.
I'm joined in-house now via Skype with Kiara Robles.
Now, she was at the protest, that infamous video.
She was pepper-sprayed in the face.
Welcome to the InfoWars, Kiara.
Let our audience know, for those of us who haven't seen it, what happened to you?
Hey, thank you so much.
I mean, the other night was just absolutely insane.
Absolutely insane.
And the media coverage of it was such garbage.
For the people who have or haven't seen the video, basically what happens is I'm talking to some reporter wearing a Make Bitcoin Great Again hat, and this guy is trying to egg me on.
He's trying to say, well, why are you here?
What do you want to see here?
It's like, well, I'm just another gay Trump supporter trying to see another gay Trump supporter.
We're all there to see Milo speak.
I just mean, like, dear God, like, right as he was starting to just really get to me, I just told him, you know what, like, I'm done, like, some of the people here are protesting peacefully, but the majority of them, look, and then right as I'm giving, you know, my little spiel to the people who are here doing it peacefully, they come up from underneath, a woman actually comes up from underneath and just pepper sprays me in the face, which actually was not even the beginning of the evening.
That was just, just, just the tip of it.
Nothing happened to her, right Chiara?
She was never charged?
Nobody ever said anything to her?
No, no, no.
Absolutely not, no.
They just kept on keeping on.
Did you get her information at all?
Did anybody photograph it or anything that you know of?
Well, no.
The whole night, there were about... I was with my five friends.
As far as I could tell, we were... maybe there were 20 Trump supporters, and there was over 150 of these black, masked, you know... I wouldn't even call them kids, because some of them were actually, like, older people.
Did they look like they were part of the protest movement at all, or did they seem to be bused in and paid?
Well, that's one of the things.
Everyone there was protesting.
I mean, technically I was protesting, but it's impossible to know if they're paid just by looking at them.
I guess my question is, so when we cover protests, and sometimes I've noticed this myself, you seem to have a select group of people that are dressed in a certain way.
They seem more organized.
Like, I woke up that morning, you know, like, just trying to go to an event.
They woke up that morning with their pepper spray, with their outfit, their black outfit, all put together, laid out on their bed.
Like, they had a march plan.
I was so, uh, actually naive to how prepared that they would be.
I mean, they brought, they were flashing lights in our faces, like the ones, um, traditionally that police might use to see if you're drunk or something like that.
So yeah, the light thing was actually what started the next part of the disagreement between me and these protesters, or rioters, or however you want to label them, you know?
It's like, this woman is flashing a light in my face, which wasn't really caught on camera quite as well.
And I asked her, you know, like, OK, like, you know, get out of my face.
I had just gotten pepper sprayed or whatever.
And before I even had time to react, I just hear people screaming.
I look over.
My friend's getting it.
It wasn't pepper spray.
It looked like it was bear mace because it was like this yellow kind of color and it was targeted all towards their eyes.
The next thing you know, it's in my eyes.
I'm watching my friends fall to the floor.
One of my friends gets beat like with these flagpoles that they're protesting peacefully with.
And, I mean, I was lucky that I was able to jump the fence and get out of there in time, but it was very, very difficult to watch people, you know, that are your people, like, on the floor not be able to help them.
I mean, we all wanted to defend ourselves, but they make it impossible for you to do that.
Like, they come prepared.
You said that there was only one arrest that you noticed.
Why do you think that was?
That is so infuriating.
You've got these cowards in masks literally beating people, maybe to death, and one arrest out of the whole thing.
That's right.
That's right.
My friend was in the hospital for broken ribs.
And you know, someone else was actually, like, potentially did not make it through that evening.
So why do I think that is?
I mean, people have been talking about the mayor possibly coming out.
The whole city, Trump talks about drain the swamp.
It's like all of California is a swamp as far as I'm concerned.
Every person there was condoning it.
I mean, they weren't exactly helping people who were getting hurt.
You know, they're all watching it.
It just goes so far up in California.
The corruption just goes so far up.
The mayor told the police to stand down.
Doesn't mean the police have to stand down.
They're like right behind the wall just watching.
Just watching all of this go down when they were totally capable of doing something and they chose not to.
You mentioned that you were part of Gays4Trump, a gay supporter of Trump's.
Can you tell me out here, Kiara, you know that we see people on the left, they're like, Trump hates gays, Trump hates women, Trump hates blacks.
You name it, Trump hates it.
Break up these lies for me.
That's right.
Well, I mean, anyone who thinks that is just, they have a very low resolution view of the world, right?
Like they hear these things on MSNBC news or
They hear it on CNN, and they don't even take the time to Google it.
It's like, if you really, really think that everyone, like, half the country is a Nazi, like, really like that, I just can't believe that.
It actually, like, it makes me just so confused.
I don't understand how anyone could think that, really.
But apparently, you know, like, I am part of the Gays for Trump organization.
There's a ton of gay conservatives out there.
They've always been out there.
This is nothing new.
The media just always wants to use identity politics, and that's why Milo was so successful at tapping into this.
This confusion in society is like, they don't understand him because he's a gay conservative and it goes against their fundamental narrative.
So, and you know, it's satisfying for us to watch, but dear God, I mean, if that's what it takes to get people's attention these days for identity politics is to break it down, it's like, it actually has to degrade into violence.
People actually have to get pepper sprayed and beaten, end up in the hospital.
It's like, how much worse does it have to get before you realize it's like, there are plenty of people on the right that, you know, one of my friends was,
My other friend who was there was gay.
I was there with an elderly, older gentleman, gay Asian man, with his dog.
It was a diverse group of people on the Trump side, as far as I'm concerned.
And these people, they're just all chanting.
They're all the same.
So I don't know.
I don't know what to make of it.
I'm still trying to wrap my head around it, honestly.
I mean, I have to ask this on a side note, and not even a part of this interview.
You know, I was telling you off camera, Darren McBreen and I were talking.
We're like, we want to find this, you know what, to make him a meme, because who hits a girl?
Who pepper sprays a girl?
Turns out it was a woman.
Nothing happens to these people.
You said that they seem very organized, very, you know, systematic in their approach.
You talked about bear spray.
What's it going to take?
I mean, we're at the point in this country where we're on the brink of a civil war.
They're messing with 55, 56 million people that are gun owners that want to protect their property, their houses, their children.
I mean, do you see?
They want this.
From watching your tape, they want this military coup.
They're out there with their signs saying that this is a civil war, and then they're beating people up with their flags saying this is a civil war, and everyone on the left just condones it.
It's like, in California, literally everyone thinks, oh, well, you know, most of them were peaceful.
I was saying that as I got pepper sprayed.
And that wasn't even the worst of it.
I have no idea how much worse it's gonna get.
I really don't want to find out, but that's why I go to these things and, you know, to the best of my abilities, try and say, like, please to God, like, can this s*** just stop?
Can this s*** just stop?
Can we actually have an intellectual debate on a college campus?
Apparently not.
The tolerant left.
The tolerant, loving, love trumps hate.
You know, covering these protests myself, I've only done a few of them this past year, that you see the most violent, aggressive people talking about love.
The irony of that is just... Well, people have shields with heart spray painted on them.
It's funny when you see it in a photo, but when you see it in real life, you're like, what is going on?
What are you trying to convey to me that you put a shield?
It's so difficult to understand.
It really, really is.
From my perspective, it seems like a lot of these people are very, very angry people, and they're just looking to attach to a movement that will allow them to justify their violence.
So that's why I'm mostly upset about people in the middle.
Can you imagine if Trump supporters were beating members of the left violently with flagpoles and spraying them?
It doesn't happen.
It doesn't happen.
You know, for the most part, the people that I've met that supported Trump at these rallies, they're peaceful, they're respectful, they're typically educated, they're hard-working members of society, they come from every race, color, creed, sexual orientation, background, you name it.
They just happen to care about this country.
They're sick of seeing it go down the tubes, frankly.
But the narrative is such a bull.
We're running out of time.
We've got less than a minute.
For our audience who might not have, you know, you talked about those people in the middle.
Reach out to them, Kiara, because at some point they're going to have to stand up and pick a side for this to be over, in my opinion.
Even my family, I feel the same way.
It's like, oh, there are violent people on both sides.
It's like, no.
No, I'm not gonna be the person that says that kind of thing anymore.
Like, yes, that is true to some extent, but we're talking about not whether or not there's a Nazi that exists in the world.
We're talking about to the degree that which the left is violent.
Who is more violent?
This is a matter of degree now.
It's like they're out there beating up gay Trump supporters.
Like, who are the f***ing fascists?
Seriously, I love it.
Kiara Robles, Gay is for Trump, Women Who Rock, thank you so much for joining the InfoWars, sharing your story.
Thank you so much.
Thank you for coming on.
For more reports like this, be sure to check out our website, InfoWars.com.
I'm Margaret Hall reporting.
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