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Name: 20170131_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 31, 2017
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The podcast discusses various topics such as politics, globalism, technology, and alternative news sources. Alex Jones talks about Russia's involvement in US elections, conspiracy theories related to the Clintons, Obama administration, Google, and mainstream media. He promotes his book "The Making of the President 2016" and discusses discounts on InfoWarsLife products. The speakers criticize how young liberals are being targeted by Trump supporters due to their susceptibility to conditioning in schools, discuss the media's legitimization of violence against those with opposing political views and how terrorism is being mislabeled by the left. They also talk about the new book "The Making of the President" by Roger Stone and criticize the left for encouraging violent extremists while condemning the right's fringe elements, highlighting double standards when it comes to political issues. News stories covered include Obama's attempts to undermine Trump's presidency, Chuck Schumer's hypocrisy on refugee issues, and the arrest of an anti-Trump protest organizer for sexually abusing a minor.

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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
I was born in the soul of misery And I never had me a name They just give me a number
To have microchip identification devices implanted into their body.
Got a long line of heartache, I carry it well.
The list of lives I've broken reach from here to hell.
Bad luck wind been blowing at my back.
I pray you don't look at me, I pray I don't look back.
Alright, we are live.
It is the final day of the first month of 2017.
We're now 10 days into the Trump era.
And it couldn't really get any better than this when it comes to him delivering.
Obviously, big Supreme Court pick coming this evening by the President, another big announcement.
His energy, his focus, just dominating the globalists on every front, reversing them, not just here, but on a planetary scale, as nationalist movements go from exploding to supernova.
Trump has also announced that he will definitely pull out of the Paris climate deal and carbon taxes that are only leveled on Europe, Australia, the United States and Canada.
No one else.
He's pulling out of those.
That will supercharge the economy.
He says he will do a big number to Dodd-Frank.
That was written by private Federal Reserve shareholders openly to take over small banks and other small lending facilities and community banks as well as credit unions and basically not let them loan to the public.
All the big mega banks gorged on trillions of liquidity, much of it interest-free and in some cases absolutely free.
So, fighting for the little guy, fighting for Main Street, not Wall Street again.
And a good Main Street is good for Wall Street if Wall Street doesn't want a consolidation and doesn't want a controlled system and a crony capitalist quagmire.
That's why a lot of Wall Street is good.
It's only the few top big ones that want a monopoly and that's why you see the markets surging 2.2 trillion dollars.
We've got all of that to break down.
Just more of him telling the truth.
More of Trump delivering.
I look at all three of the gentlemen that they say are frontrunners.
Now I was told about a week ago from several sources that the individual they now that say is in the lead is in the lead.
But Trump can change his mind last minute.
So we're going to see what happens today.
I don't know if I'm pronouncing this fella's name correctly, but Neil Gorsuch is the guy that I heard about weeks ago as being in the lead.
And then I was watching Fox this morning and they were saying he's in the lead and that there's been talking points already circulated about why he's the best to a bunch of top conservative pundits.
But look, something could come in on him any minute.
One of the other individuals in the running is a judge who's been on the bench with Trump's sister.
So who knows what's going to happen.
I've looked at them all.
They are
Worlds better than the type of people Obama would have put on the court.
Are they perfect?
Absolutely not.
But I've tried to burrow in into some of their records and they're all pro-gun.
They're all pretty much strict constructionists that don't really make comments from the bench or legislate from the bench.
They execute according to the strict jurisprudence of our republic and even transcending that English common law.
Looks good.
Another promise kept by Donald J. Trump.
I know that Napolitano's met like five times with Trump and that was in the running, but Trump just said, you know, the original list didn't have you on it.
I just can't do it round one.
So there you go.
Trump is pigheaded in a beautiful way.
We'll be back.
There's one ex-official that's calling on Mexico to, quote, unleash drug cartels to punish President Trump.
He's suggesting that drugs should be allowed to flow freely into the U.S.
Of course, I'm talking about former Secretary of Foreign Affairs George Castaneda.
He's calling on Mexico to punish Trump for his actions on deporting illegals here in the U.S.
and building a border wall.
He's suggesting that criminal cartels should be allowed to run drugs freely in the U.S.
During an interview on CNN, the ex-official suggested that drug cartels could be unleashed on the U.S.
as retribution for, quote, Trump's aggressive stance toward Mexico.
He goes on to say, Mexico has a lot of negotiating ships in this matter.
For example, drugs that come through Mexico from South America or drugs that are produced here in Mexico all go to the U.S.
This is not our problem.
We've been cooperating with the U.S.
for many years on these issues because they've asked us to and because we have a friendly, trustful relationship.
You know what, pal?
That relationship does include a wall which is being built whether you like it or not.
I'm Margaret Howe reporting for InfoWars.com.
Ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones here on the road with a very important announcement.
Roger Stone's new book is coming out in a couple weeks.
It's exclusively available at pre-order at InfoWarsStore.com.
It's the making of a president, and it breaks down how Trump really got elected, the inside baseball, the current battles, and a blueprint for the future and what Trump and others are really planning to do to restore the Republican prosperity.
But bottom line, this is the book that got Roger Stone poisoned with polonium.
It breaks down what really happened with the Russians.
So much more, and it supports him, and it supports Infowars and our whole operation.
So it's essential that this book go to the top of the charts in the political area, if not the very top of the charts.
Joe Biden has come out and said world government is collapsing.
They are in full crisis mode.
Nationalist movements are exploding.
Everybody needs to go pre-order.
So you get it first at Infowarsstore.com.
The Making of a President by Roger Stone.
I'm Alex Jones jumping on an airplane to go to the inaugural event with Trump.
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We've got it.
This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Well, we warned of it.
Lou Dobbs warned of it.
Ron Paul warned of it.
I made a documentary film titled Battle for the Republic that was based on it.
That was the prediction that there would be an attempt to break Mexico, part of Nevada,
New Mexico and even Texas away and be part of Mexico or be its own autonomous state outside of Mexico, outside of the United States.
And the Club of Rome, the Council on Foreign Relations, the TPP documents have also shown this, the NAFTA and GATT, Banff, Canada, North American Union, partnership agreements.
It's all been covered at nausea.
Remember Lou Dobbs 10 years ago harping on it every night?
Having top ratings and then getting fired from CNN.
Remember Lou Dobbs coming on the broadcast discussing it?
Because it's an admitted plan by the big foundations and the colleges to break off part of the United States and create a, quote, Chicano nation.
Now, I was taught this in Anderson High School here in Austin, Texas, in the art department.
I took art, you know, one hour a day when I was a senior, and all it was
was a America bashing fest, and of course it was an old liberal white lady that was leading it.
And she took us to a field trip to UT, not once but twice, where we were brainwashed for an entire day, with lunches provided by the Ford Foundation, about the Chicano Nation and how white people are inherently bad, and how the Southwest is going to break off and be part of Mexico, or be its own state.
This has not come from Mexicans or Hispanics.
It is a totally made-up cosmology developed in the 1940s and 50s by the Ford Foundation as a long-term strategic plan to break up the United States.
Now, of course, once it breaks up and becomes an autonomous zone, it's controlled by the globalists.
They create mega-regions, destroy the old nation states' rights, destroy their cultures, play people off against each other, balkanize them,
And then break the area into sub-states, just like you're seeing in the Middle East.
This is the old game of empire.
A corporate global empire coming in, destroying the nation-state.
So look at DrugsReport.com.
We'll play a clip of this in a moment from CBS News.
California sanctuary state.
Dems move to block Trump's picks.
We're gonna get to all that.
And it's being announced as well.
You're hurting California's trade because you're keeping out a few thousand people here and there and following the same law that most countries follow and the same law that Mexico follows.
This is so egregious and so horrible.
We are deciding to just ignore your laws and basically begin the process of breaking away and accelerate the process of a referendum for secession from the Union.
The only problem is, there's only two state constitutions I know of that authorize that, and that's the Texas Constitution and the New Hampshire Constitution.
Several others have similar right-to-revolt clauses, but Texas is called the Lone Star State because it entered by treaty as a nation to the Union.
And then shortly thereafter pulled out for the Civil War, then was forced back in.
But the point is, still under treaty, Texas could secede.
That's why it's called the Republic of Texas.
By the way, I'm not calling for that, because that could be used by the globalists as well to break the country up.
But if the country was already totally dominated by globalists, then we'd have to revert to secession just to reconstitute the republic.
I'm a Sam Houston type of guy.
The whole Civil War was a sucker job by British intelligence to destroy the South and the North so the British could control Western expansion.
That failed!
And I'm not in an exercise bashing the British.
This is just what they were doing.
What you're hearing here is the real historical fact, not what's taught in schools.
Now, let's just continue here with the news.
There is a lot to get to, obviously.
Trump is making right on his Supreme Court pick.
The top three all have very conservative, strict constructionist
Backgrounds or literal interpretations of the Constitution, light years better, worlds better than what we would get with Obama.
We also have a lot of economic news we're going to be getting to today as well.
We're going to have the latest hoaxes on the travel ban and a lot more.
But first off,
It really is frightening the ignorance of a lot of the supporters out there of mainstream media lies, aka the Democratic Party, minions.
They'll believe anything.
Trump has enforced a law that Obama put on the books in 2013.
He has followed the Constitution, even the Attorney General that had been
Appointed just as an interim until sessions is approved or not approved.
That should be happening today as well.
She came out, we have clips of that coming up, and said, I had to do this for conscience, basically.
And now they're saying she's this big rock star.
When her own lawyers, and in her own statement, she admits what Trump is doing is constitutional.
He's not barring people on their religion.
Because Congress shall make no religion, or Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
Glad the Democrats are suddenly discovering the First Amendment that they've been waging war against when it's religious in nature.
The First Amendment begins with religious rights not being given, but simply being pointed out that government had no jurisdiction over those.
And if you look at what Trump's doing, it is literally, word for word, what was passed in 2013 and in 2008 by Obama.
Obama has bombed five of the six countries that Trump's talking about.
They're all basically, except for Iran, failed states.
Who don't even have regular flights to Western countries.
I mean, they are literal Somalia folks is a hellhole.
Sudan is a hellhole.
They don't have functioning real airports.
Unless there's a military base in Sudan to bomb Christians in the South.
These are people sworn to tell us who still have slave blocks at which horses and women are sold weekly.
Women, I'm gonna say that again, women are sold as sex slaves in Sudan and in Somalia.
We're bringing people to the United States, if you're a TV viewer, I'm gonna show you this image, that literally wear outfits out of the Arabian Nights and are on another planet.
I mean, this is like setting grizzly bears loose in your neighborhood.
Completely whacked out.
Running around, beating, torturing, murdering, you get caught saying you're gay, you're dead!
But in Upside Down World, we all get lectured about how we're not tolerant and how we're bad and get to see weirdo feminists chanting Allah Akbar and putting on hijabs to certify their full conversion to Stockholm Syndrome.
So it is simply incredible.
And then Trump just goes, oh, if you don't have a vetted passport, and you can't prove who you are, and you're in a database that you're probably a terrorist or connected to them, you don't get in.
I mean, you show up in some of these airports and you see the people they're bringing in.
Again, they don't know what planet they're on.
I saw people trying to get yaks.
They even have some photos of it, I don't want to believe it.
And what appeared to be pygmy...
Camels into the parade route of the President, and they were turned away.
I mean, it's crazy.
It's like there's chickens flying around in the airport or something.
And that's all fine and dandy, but you can't take people from caveman world, where women are, you know, chained up in the basement, and then bring them here and then bitch at us, because, you know, we're these evil Westerners, according to them, have women sitting up on pink pillows compared to their cultures, and then complain all day.
It just doesn't...
Match up with reality.
It's not congruent.
It is essentially mental illness.
There's a video up on InfoWars.com I shot last night.
Where I break down the fact that Trump is signaling the awakening of liberals.
And by that I mean true liberals that want freedom, lower taxes, private property, and to be left alone to lead our lives as we see fit as long as we don't hurt somebody else.
That's the true definition of a liberal.
And even the mainline kind of establishment fascistic liberals are waking up because finally their god, the state, has been toppled or captured by the evil golden toad, Donald Trump.
And so, because the Golden Toad, as I call him, has gotten back in the office of America, and they see that spirit rising, they're all panicking because their God, that they worshipped, that's what atheists worship, they admit it in many cases, is the state.
I don't think so.
One step into a wider world and are now beginning to ascend the stairs and join us on our long march of human destiny.
Meanwhile, the super-rich are preparing for the end of the world because of Trump.
They're accelerating all that.
Why not just promote prosperity and not use division to control people and try to unify humanity around basic tenets?
We're still going to have disagreements, we're still going to have problems, but they're not going to be manufactured.
They're not going to be adding oxygen to the fire.
Now you're learning.
The state is not God.
It's dangerous.
It could do things that scare you.
Even if it's a fantasy, your fear is about Trump.
Still, you're now coming a few more clicks into the realm of reality.
And I don't say that in a patronizing way, but if you look at the dumbed down gruel that is extruded out against the American people daily, and that is taken up like it's mother's milk by acolytes of MSNBC and CNN, and if you go and look at these throngs of people at their own demonstrations, they look like a psychic intergalactic spider sucked about 95% of their soul out.
I don't care what color they are, they have weird translucent skin, growths all over their faces, big jowls hanging even at young age, just kind of stumbling forward like Gollum with their hands extended, like they're groping in the dark, even though it's high noon.
I mean, I looked at them and I was like, my God, this is a fallen, ugly, stupid group of people.
With the only light in their eyes is like some murderous greed and envy of anything better than them.
Now that said, we're going to break down the latest on the immigrants, the latest on the Supreme Court, the latest on so many fronts, and the latest on the move to begin the cultural breakaway of the Southwest into its own squalorous northern Mexico.
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It's the making of the President 2016, coming up a little bit later in the hour.
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He has left a lot of stuff.
Never before seen photos of Trump.
Never before seen.
I'm not even sure if I can show all the stuff in the book.
I didn't ask Roger.
He's on tomorrow.
But I'm going to flip to the book for everybody coming up.
That said, this short segment is kind of a no-man's land, so let me just tell you some of the other stuff coming up.
Oprah Winfrey makes me sick.
Oprah Winfrey, because I know all about her, is bad news.
She's a super manipulator.
She is the richest person in entertainment history, which is fine with me, but she's been engaging in class warfare all along.
She funds to the United Nations a massive tax-exempt foundation that's tied into Bill and Melinda Gates, and population control, one-world religion, and convincing Africans to basically roll over and die.
She is a New World Order alumnus of the worst sickening order, and she's been caught in secret meetings
With Warren Buffett and Dr. Evil himself, Bill Gates.
And I mentioned this, this morning, to some of the crew, that she's now getting a 60 minute slot.
And I said, you know, she's been in secret world government population control meetings.
And they're like, really?
And I said, yeah, go look it up.
And they pulled up a whole bunch of mainstream news from the last decade.
But again, before that was ever even in the news, I was told about Winfrey and her activities.
She is uber bad.
And the people think that Obama was the blackface to sell death to Africa.
No, he was just the delivery man.
The Black Widow, pun not intended, but someone that destroys her own culture, her own people, a woman that is a vicious predator, is called a Black Widow.
And she is a Black Widow.
In every shape and form.
In the politically correct world, people will be like, don't call someone a Black Widow that happens to have chestnut skin, even though she acts like a Black Widow.
And despite the fact that I would call a white woman doing these types of things a black widow.
Bill Gates is a big fat black widow.
In fact, that's my most common allegory or analogy or comparison to the globalist is psychic and also cultural spiders.
I liken it to whatever the creatures are and under the skin with Scarlett Johansson, they interdimensionally dis-sanguinate your
Innerds can only leave your skin floating in a vat, in an underwater portal to another dimension.
Oh, that's in the science tech today.
A bunch of top scientists are out saying that we're in an alternate dimension, artificially constructed, that they can pick up the computer code projecting it.
Boy, they really want to tell you that God isn't real, but
Creation's been manufactured and they know how to give you a real creation, a real reality, you just gotta tune out of this one and come into their matrix.
So they're now assaulting reality itself and thus God's mind.
God's dream.
Because all of this is just God's dream.
Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.
Sometimes I guess in God's dreams there are nightmares.
God has a conscious dream that creates free will and new creatures, all in the great continuum of the consciousness of God.
Now, when we come back, we're going to start burrowing in piece by piece the news and the clips, now that I have pontificated in a cogitory way.
I'm Alex Jones, this is the InfoWar.
Get The Making of the President 2016 signed exclusively at InfoWarStore.com or by calling 888-253-3139.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
There's one ex-official that's calling on Mexico to, quote, unleash drug cartels to punish President Trump.
He's suggesting that drugs should be allowed to flow freely into the U.S.
Of course, I'm talking about former Secretary of Foreign Affairs George Castaneda.
He's calling on Mexico to punish Trump for his actions on deporting illegals here in the U.S.
and building a border wall.
He's suggesting that criminal cartels should be allowed to run drugs freely in the U.S.
During an interview on CNN, the ex-official suggested that drug cartels could be unleashed on the U.S.
as retribution for, quote, Trump's aggressive stance toward Mexico.
He goes on to say, Mexico has a lot of negotiating ships in this matter.
For example, drugs that come through Mexico from South America or drugs that are produced here in Mexico all go to the U.S.
This is not our problem.
We've been cooperating with the U.S.
for many years on these issues because they've asked us to and because we have a friendly, trustful relationship.
You know what, pal?
That relationship does include a wall which is being built whether you like it or not.
I'm Margaret Howe reporting for InfoWars.com.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
What's California up to?
Might have heard of this before.
Now it's official.
They want us to cede.
MSM's reporting it like it's completely normal.
But the fact is, there could be retaliation by others saying we're going to cut you off if you cut us off.
The World Trade Center in downtown Los Angeles alone has helped attract more than a billion dollars of foreign investments into L.A.
County businesses.
But President Trump's executive order imposing travel bans on seven majority Muslim countries that have sparked nationwide protests and outrage may have unintended consequences on our local economy.
NAFTA negotiator and former U.S.
Trade Representative and Secretary of Commerce Mickey Cantor says he is deeply troubled by the ripple effect and anxiety the travel ban may cause to our local businesses that extends beyond the seven banned countries.
We are a global city in Los Angeles and our international trade really drives this economy.
If we can't travel freely and if there are restrictions that are limited on our travelers and our businesses, this again can have dire consequences.
Stephen Chung, president of the World Trade Center in Los Angeles, also worries the money that freely flows from international investors could slow and we could be subject to increased tariffs and immigration and travel bans as well.
He says if there's fear of travel restrictions, many investors won't be willing to take the risk to invest here.
And the report is up on DrudgeReport.com.
You can read the full report where they talk about basically becoming a sanctuary state.
Let's talk facts.
Globalism was sold as free open trade and free movement of people that aren't criminals or terrorists.
Instead they've been bringing in criminals, terrorists, you name it.
But more importantly, bringing people in and then declaring culture war with people that aren't white.
So flipping it, getting white people to go along with the idea of being a multicultural civilization and not being race-based as every other group is race-based.
Chinese don't let big groups of outsiders come in.
Japanese don't let you do that.
Nigerians in Africa don't let you do that.
You try to go to Muslim countries, they don't let you do that.
Even if you're a Muslim, a bunch of you move in from another country, they'll kill you, they'll blow you up, they'll throw you out.
That's tribalism.
That's territorialism.
Try to stick your hand in a beehive, they're going to sting you.
But we were taught, get rid of your territorialism, because we're Christians, that's what unifies us, so that's our ethos.
Never fully realized, but in the West, creating the greatest open, free societies ever, because of that operating system.
Globalists have been using that against us.
Oh sure, let's build up the third world.
Yeah, let's develop them.
Let's share the world's wealth and come together.
And let's do all this.
And then meanwhile, they teach the high schools and colleges, all whites are bad or inherently evil must be gotten rid of.
Whites must be suppressed.
They must be disenfranchised.
They must have everything they have taken away.
Give us your houses.
Give us your cars.
Give us your children.
There's a new clip that I forgot to tell the crew about.
It's up on Infowars.com in a Paul Watson video where Black Lives Matter says it's time to start killing whites and says, quote, give us your cars, give us your houses.
This is a person with a bullhorn leading the group.
Give us
I'm going to go back to this in a minute.
Where have I heard this before?
The Vikings pulling up?
Give us everything?
Or an African tribe raiding the next tribe?
Give us all your stuff?
Or Hitler invading countries in Europe?
Or the communists taking over countries?
I mean, I've heard this before.
A real genius.
Arrogant, full of herself, totally racist.
But believing only white people can be bad, so she's like, give us your cars, give us your homes, give us everything, and by the way, it's time you start dying.
I mean, this is one of the stupidest, dumbest, just racist idiots.
But it's, oh, how beautiful, how sweet, here, here's some Apple funding, here's some Facebook funding.
Here's some more globalist funding so we can just bring people in and then mix them all together in a big confused mess, a tower of babble, which the globalists can then control.
So there's your problem.
And teach total dependency.
I saw three articles yesterday in mainstream news about don't use the word mother and father.
So it's gone from three years ago, four years ago, being recommended at universities and being laughed at as academic kookiness.
No, it's not academic kookiness.
It's a plan.
To officially, in medical facilities, do not say expectant mothers in paperwork.
A tranny might come in to your gynecology department, even though she has a penis, and might be hurt.
Hey, here's the deal.
You can be a tranny.
I don't hate you.
The point is, don't hate women.
Let them have what they have.
Their uterus, their ovaries.
No, but see, this is a dominance.
This is a takeover.
This is a exploitation.
Now the Alberta schools are saying, don't use it.
It is really, really expanding.
Don't say mother and father.
And they're doing it, and they're teaching your kids, and they're coming in and telling your five-year-old or six-year-old daughter or son about all these other sexual ideas and all these other sexual systems.
Imagine if, like, the scientists are trying to teach the male puppy at seven weeks how to not be a male.
You'd be like, they're trying to screw up its life force.
They're trying to kill that species.
That's what you do with fire ants or screw worms or whatever group you're trying to eradicate is you target their reproduction.
And we're being targeted chemically, biologically, culturally, and then there's all the white papers admitting they're doing it to us.
And I go out to these parades and I see the males that for whatever reason genetically were more predisposed to submit to this and for it to be more evident and they have no sperm count.
They have necks that are probably two inches around.
I mean, I'm not kidding.
Horrible sunken eyes.
Young and old.
They look like living dead.
They don't look effeminate.
Because there's always been men that are effeminate.
They don't... The women are like hyper estrogen goblins.
And the men are like little skinny zombies.
And it's like, look what they did to you!
And then I think about it, how compared to say my dad's dad, I'm a pretty masculine tough guy, but he looked a lot more masculine and tough than I did, and acted like it too.
That was just normal, that's how men acted.
Everybody was real polite and real nice back then, because everybody better be nice and polite because something will break out real quick.
Now it's the future of the chemicals and everything, and the TVs, and the kids don't play outside anymore, and this is massive cultural death.
And then you bring in a bunch of third-world people, totally confused, who already have inferiority complexes, given to them by the media, and then they tell them, you feel inferior because evil white people.
Destroy them!
And most whites go, gosh, I'm not racist.
Let me capitulate to whatever you want.
But you're not really capitulating to whatever they want.
You're capitulating to the terms of surrender the global social engineers are issuing through the giant throngs of
Orc-like, goblin-like, troll-like people.
And I mean, let's just be honest.
This is what 10 hours of TV and sitting on your ass all day, GMO does.
The women, in every species, when men cease to be men, when males cease to be males, women then take that role up.
And they've done all the biological tests, they know what they're doing.
And so we have mutant women that look like men, and we have men that look like dead people.
And that is who we are now.
And it's gonna get worse.
You think a 91% sperm count is bad, that's 91% down?
Soon it'll be 100% in most people.
It'll be children of men.
It'll be
But don't worry, you'll be able to go to the Globalist and they'll have some recombinant 5, 6, 7, 20 parents.
Oh, and we're able to give you a designer embryo with your genes, but with some back doors.
And they admit all this.
Oh, we're going to culturally control and X out traits so your son or daughter will be beautiful and strong and won't be predisposed to have all these problems, but they're going to be lacking something because they're not going to be human.
Somebody, when you hear
You know, first embryos, or first, you know, first babies from three dads.
And it's always weird, like, we're gay, so we want to have a embryo that's all from us.
You don't have mitochondrial DNA, Jack.
Two men having a baby isn't a baby.
Even if you implant it in a woman.
It's not a human.
It's a humanoid.
You're now in a science fiction movie.
But because you say, oh, it's two gay men having a baby.
Oh my God!
No discussion about this humanoid or three lesbians that live together.
I saw them on the news.
We're going to have a baby soon.
They're almost ready.
And she's going to carry it.
The scientists are going to create it with our loving DNA, and then we're all going to have our baby.
And of course it's all based on a woman baby, a man baby.
It's so... You're living in a fantastic science fiction book.
But it's real.
Couple big announcements.
I am going to form a nucleus of a Washington bureau based around writers and investigative journalists.
And then in phase two, within six months, I plan to have camera people and editors on site.
I could lease it out and find help, but then you can get infiltrated pretty quickly and people will try to commit crimes in your name.
So we've got to be careful.
That's the type of stuff we deal with.
Media Matters admits that's the type of operations they run, infiltrating organizations.
So we've got to be very, very careful.
I mean, I've had people try to set fires, you know, in the woods when I'm covering a military event and say that I was burning buildings down.
I mean, it's serious doing my job.
And it's serious working for us, too.
We've gotten strong enough now.
We've got a president in the White House, so we've got a lot of more and more friends in the system as we try to devolve it back to the states.
But it's a serious thing to work for Infowars.
You've got to watch your six, especially if you're yours truly.
We're going to deploy people to D.C.
and who better to deploy the people that have already lived there, already been pressed there, already had credentials there.
So Dr. Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., number one New York Times best-selling author three times, who successfully is credited with torpedoing two Democratic attempts at the White House, is a real thoroughbred
of journalism and defense of this republic.
A man who's tirelessly been exposing NAFTA, GATT, the TPP, the New World Order, gun control, globalism in general, will be joining us.
He's also known Donald Trump for 40 plus years and been in business with him.
So it's a good contact and a good journalist.
We're honored to have him.
He's now going to be the Washington Bureau Chief.
And I'm going to try to build an operation with probably 10 people.
It'll take money, obviously, and funds, but I'm going to do it first rate.
And that's why it's more important than ever that everyone go to InfoWarsStore.com and get The Making of the President 2016.
I want to show TV viewers, if you're a radio listener, go to InfoWars.com forward slash show, and you can actually see the video feed of this, but The Making of the President 2016, How Donald Trump Orchestrated a Revolution.
Every book we sell, I don't know how Stone's going to do this, he's already mailed us 500, but he's got to do thousands more now, signature cards will be put in each book.
So there you go.
Roger Stone is one tough cookie.
We appreciate him.
President Donald J. Trump.
There's an even better tweet he put out about how he's tough and loyal.
But whatever.
There's your quote for the president.
And it has got amazing photos in it and graphs and history.
And I love right here in the back.
It says, who wore it better?
Photo courtesy Stone Cold Truth.
Dewey defeats Truman.
And that's what we predicted, that they would say that Hillary was invincible, but that wasn't going to happen, because we knew the internal polls.
And you've got President Trump on the New York Post.
So it absolutely is historical to see that happening.
I think?
Senator Ted Cruz's father to Lee Harvey Oswald, that's all in there and how he dropped out two days after that was announced.
Milo's in there.
The Drudge Report's in there.
There's just so much incredible, incredible information and background and history.
The famous look of Bill Clinton whenever the rape of women came up.
In fact, of course, Stone had that all set up beforehand to have those women there.
Bringing out his illegitimate son here on the broadcast.
I mean, it's all there.
This is just the photo section of this.
It's got Trump at Stone's wedding and dancing with his wife and it's got
Hillary for prison.
And that and Stone's Yard.
It's got so much more.
It really is amazing.
But the book is first rate.
This is something everybody wants on their coffee table, wants in their business, wants to give as a gift.
I mean, this is so classy.
Official release, The Making of the President book at InfoWarsTore.com or call toll free 888-253-3139.
And Stone's coming on tomorrow.
He's got more quotes here.
Breathtaking in its scope and detail, Stone explains how Donald Trump pulled off the greatest upset in American political history.
Variety says, we're living in the age of Stone, indeed his journey from Dick Nixon's dirty trickster to Donald Trump's man in the trenches does roughly mirror the trajectory of the American right.
It's bigger than that.
I mean, Stone doesn't like to take the credit, but it's true, because Nixon wrote about it.
About, hey, you need to go to lunch or go to a baseball game with this Trump fella.
And also Roy Cohn, the big anti-communist lawyer, that was the real mentor behind Trump.
I'm not saying did it for Trump, but behind a lot of him learning the ropes early.
And then, basically, Nixon meeting with Trump and then telling Reagan, you gotta have this guy to the White House.
This guy
He's gonna end up being president someday.
That's what Reagan famously said.
I felt like I was shaking the president's hand, not the other way around.
There's just always something about Donald Trump.
And Roy Cohn picked up on it.
He was super smart, obviously.
You see him demonized by Hollywood.
It's all just made-up crap.
He, of course, was the right-hand man of Senator Joseph McCarthy.
That's what I'm telling you.
This is like deep state.
Patriot right-wing return of the Republic.
This is people that have been there for 50, 60 years, 70 years.
The left would call it lurking, trying to save the country, but now you really see it happening.
So, oh, leftist!
You have sleeper cells?
You get people to run for office and, you know, then they activate and really show people who they are on the left?
How about from the American perspective of restoring the Republic?
That's what Trump said in his inaugural speech.
He said, this isn't about left and right and parties now.
This is about the American dream and the destiny and bringing God back in and having a level playing field and producing prosperity and wealth and not producing a bunch of division.
It's big!
And you mark your calendars, January 20, 2017, the day America was reborn.
I said that in the morning.
Hadn't talked to Trump about the speech.
And then that's what he came out and said, because it's what he had to say.
It's not that we're synced.
It's that we're synced to the Republic and the spirit of liberty that is rising.
Trump is really trying to deliver on a lot of promises.
Pulling us out of TPP, day one.
Signaling that we're going to try to cut our corporate tax so we can be competitive.
I'm a non-interventionist.
I don't like entangling alliances.
I don't have anything to do with NATO, United Nations.
I think that's...
You know, all a danger to us, and that's what I've been fighting for.
So I watch carefully of the individuals who have been living under those conditions.
The military people certainly have been mixed in with that a lot, too.
They won't look at the difference between military spending and defense spending.
They still talk about defense.
Defense spending, defense spending.
I don't want to cut a penny out of defense.
But I do want to slash military spending because it's nothing more than getting us into mischief around the world and incentivizing these people to be come and get us.
And as long as we do that, we're going to have a problem.
So I want a stronger defense by having a change foreign policy and also to separate the two between military and also, you know, defense.
And I think Trump does say some things about, you know, cracking down on some of the waste and fraud.
But I also think it's very important to know what our policies are.
Are we truly the policeman of the world?
And of course, I think that's a dangerous position.
When he announced we're pulling out of TPP, he didn't reserve it and say he's gonna oversee it with Congress and renegotiate it.
He said it's unconstitutional, they have no authority to negotiate it.
The president didn't.
It's just dead.
I mean, right there, he handed power back to Congress, back to the states, back to the people.
He didn't say, oh, I'm going to renegotiate it.
That's a big sign.
Well, you know, I think you're right about the TPP.
I'm delighted.
I don't want to get anywhere close to that.
We need to get rid of the WTO and the UN and all that others.
In a year from now, if we're in a lot less than seven countries, then I'm going to say, great, move on.
But right now?
I'm watching carefully because I think it's really, really hard to use as an example turning around an aircraft carrier.
It's very, very difficult.
You have been called basically a Russian agent.
I have been called one.
Trump has been called one.
All these fake revelations have come out.
None of them are true.
It's totally made up.
And that's how they pass that law to, quote, try to control U.S.
media is because, quote, the Russians are so powerful.
This is like McCarthy on PCP.
That was the word I was thinking about as you were saying that.
It's the McCarthyism.
Yeah, they're trying to destroy people who come up with a messenger.
You know, somebody called in when my name was on the list and they were a little bit worried about it.
And my staff said, no, that's good news.
That's good news.
We're on the right side, you know, of them attacking us because they want to destroy us because they're afraid of the truth.
All over the country, there are Muslim marches on capitals.
And I want to be clear here.
I don't say this to kiss the rear end of the Muslims.
I say it because I've been a respectful, real person, who a lot of Muslims just thought was the greatest thing since sliced bread when I was against the Iraq war, against the Libya war, against the Syria war, because I'm against going and bombing and invading countries to destabilize them so Islamic State could come out of Saudi Arabia and take over.
That's the admitted plan.
That's the great evil of what Obama and Hillary and John McCain and Lindsey Graham did, bipartisanly.
And that's what Trump is opposing and blocking, and that's why they're so angry with him.
Obama destabilizes all these countries, has a deal to open up Europe, flood Europe with refugees, to have a crisis, to codify globalism, and have us accept all these refugees and open borders, and instead, from Germany to France to the UK to the US to Australia, people are revolting against it.
The only place they're going the other direction is for pretty boy
Trudeau in Canada.
So it's crazy.
These elites all have bodyguards, they live behind walls, they're protected, and any Muslim knows that their countries are the most dangerous places on earth, and that radical Islam is always trying to overthrow those countries that aren't oppressive.
I wish the Muslims weren't like this.
I wish they weren't killing millions of Muslims every few years.
But the biggest group killing Muslims is Muslims.
And Muslims have a Muslim problem.
So you're running to the left to protect you and love you when you know the left doesn't have any of your values, you claim.
I mean, you execute people that are homosexual in your own countries, women don't have any rights, and then you have women's marches led by Muslim women?
It's a cruel joke!
And most Muslims I've known are really smart, cool people.
I don't say that patronizing.
I mean, you know, engineers, doctors, you name it, lawyers, they're smart people.
I'm talking about Arabs I've known, people from the Middle East, Persians, you name it.
But usually they won't go, I love your show, you know, these are corrupt states and the mullahs are bad.
Again, upwards of 80% of people in Iran don't like their government.
But the people leading Muslims here and in Europe and in the Middle East and in Asia are the radical ones.
They're the bullies.
They're the ones in control.
That's why they've got to be opposed.
Now coming up, we have Owen Schroyer and crew at the Texas Capitol where the Muslim
Capital March is ongoing.
He'll be joining us coming up in about 45 minutes.
Dr. Jerome Corsi, investigative journalist who's starting our Washington Bureau for InfoWars, is going to be joining us.
This will be all over the newspapers by tonight.
And wait till they see who we're going to be hiring to work with him.
In a nucleus of long-term journalists, three number one New York Times bestselling books.
That's going to be the guy.
Haunt showing, editing, reading over things, making sure it's all vetted, knock on wood, he's never been sued.
Got the sources.
Member of the press club, on and on and on.
Lived in D.C.
much of his life, in Virginia as well as New Jersey.
Perfect guy.
He's going to be joining us on the show as a guest, but he works with InfoWars now.
He's employed by InfoWars.
So we're very, very excited about that.
And then we're going to go into the third hour.
Dr. Steve Pchenik, formerly with different intelligence agencies, will be joining us to give his view on the ongoing attempt for civil unrest in the country and how he thinks the first 10 days of Trump have gone.
That's all coming up.
I haven't gotten into more on the travel ban, which isn't a travel ban.
It isn't a Muslim ban.
And by the way, Trump said to let in close to a thousand refugees just this week.
But they're vetted.
We know who they are, and they're women and they're children.
They're not military-age men that have Facebook pages going Allah Akbar with Islamic jihad stuff.
Oh yeah, 80% of the refugees that came into Europe were military-age men, and most of that had fake passports.
This is the jihad army.
I mean, Europe's taking them back for, quote, retraining and social work, and to, quote, rehabilitate them.
Okay, they're letting jihadis in.
All Trump's doing is what's sane.
The more I think about it, it's just crazy.
We've seen politicians from across the world like whining sniffling babies over Trump's immigration ban.
We've seen Sadiq Khan declare actual war on President Trump because he has the nerve to point out that some people come from terrorist places and we should have a temporary travel ban.
We've seen Chuck Schumer, senator from New York, actually cry stating that the Statue of Liberty is shedding tears because liberty has taken such a hit this week because of Trump's ban.
I've got news for you people!
The countries that are on Trump's ban were actually identified by President Obama.
At least 20 alleged terrorists since 2014 have come from countries affected by Trump's immigration ban.
There's an article up today on the Daily Caller and it identifies these 20 alleged terrorists.
In the past three years, they were actually immigrants or refugees from seven majority Muslim nations that President Trump has temporarily banned in his migration ban on Friday.
These countries include Iraq, Iran, Libya,
Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.
They won't be allowed to immigrate to the U.S.
for the next three months.
I'm Margaret Hall reporting for InfoWars.com.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Our republic has been down but not out.
And now, across the planet, nation-states on the verge of extinction.
Not perfect, but based on foundations of culture and society, are rallying to pull away from the giant squid that is the New World Order.
And in the depths of lies, in a sea of fraud by MSM, we do battle as we struggle towards the surface.
What a time to be alive, my friends.
What a time to be alive.
Dr. Jerome Corsi is joining us.
I was going to have Owen Schroer at the Muslim Capital March that's happening across the country at the nation's capitals, state capitals, and federal capital on in like 45 minutes, but he tells me that the Muslim March is petering out, so I'm sure we'll have excerpts of that later in the broadcast.
We also again have so much news that it's mind-boggling.
Paul Joseph Watson from London will be heading up our new London Bureau.
He is going to be hosting the fourth hour as well.
So that is all coming up.
We obviously all eagerly await the Supreme Court justice nomination, but all three men that are at the top of the ticket
We have very conservative backgrounds and pedigrees and are strict constructionists, so we should know by this evening.
But either way you slice it, it looks like Trump is delivering on going with judges that he said he would from the original list that was issued, that was compiled by a big computer program and a stat organization for the most conservative judges in America.
And then Trump has been selected from that.
That's what he does as a businessman, is he uses computer models.
And I'll assure you, just at the level we're at in commerce, we have access to a lot of templates and data systems the general public isn't available to, or can't quite frankly use or understand in everyday transactions.
But the stuff that Trump gets from the big, big firms like Bloomberg and others is like NSA.
And Booz Allen and all these other organizations.
I mean, that's what Trump's, oh, I'm gonna get intelligence from three or four socialist, globalist, liberal CIA people handpicked by Obama to come over here and spy on me and jack with me when his own generals are saying, don't get near these people.
I mean, everybody knows there's a whole bunch of CIAs, probably seven, eight of them.
There's the leftist CIA, there's the,
Army mercenary arm of the CIA.
There's the Catholic arm of it.
I mean, there's just so much.
And you sit there and you look at it and you see him like, the CIA says Trump not good.
The CIA?
Unadmitted Wahhabist?
And a communist in college?
How do you make this stuff up?
Dirtbag's what he is.
Still threatening the President today.
I mean, that is unprecedented.
That shows he's got big, powerful multinationals behind him who are trying to figure out how to take Trump down.
But Trump has a lot of the good people in government on his side, and he has the American people on his side, and the MSM is so discredited that the more they attack him, the better.
You know, Spicer and everybody, I know we're smart guys, but
They keep trying to get the media to be nice and stop lying.
Just go in there and battle them and let them tell lies and expose their lies and destroy them!
Instead of arguing with them, just expose them, move forward.
And I almost don't want ABC and CBS and CNN and MSNBC cut out of the briefing rooms, even though they are proven fake news and globalist and foreign-owned, multinational-owned.
I want them there frothing and flailing and, you know, lying and just doing what they do because it just further destroys them.
They know they're destroyed.
They know they're hated.
They know they're the political
Equivalent of zombies.
They're the walking dead.
They're the undead, dinosaur, reanimated movement.
And they only exist in the fantasy world.
But if you believe in the fantasy world and tune into them, then you are in a world of zombies.
Because it's fantasy.
But you can always live in Neverland and make believe.
I choose not to.
And more and more people are breaking with the fantasy world.
Filmmaker, conservative activist, musician, Bob Dylan expert, who often plays with one of the greatest Dylan tribute bands in the country, Joel Gilbert joins us from Hollywood.
Joel, welcome to InfoWars.
Great to be here, Roger.
You're looking good.
Feeling much better.
Now, having studied this man so carefully, what is your take on Obama?
And what is your take on his legacy?
And what do you think he's planning to do going forward?
Obama was trained as a professional agitator.
His job was officially community organizer.
But that was the official name for community agitator.
And as I showed in my film, the job was, and I'm quoting from their literature, the job was to rub salt in the wounds of minorities and then use their discontent to take power.
For Marxists like Obama, America is hell.
Because they compare America to the perfect socialist utopia that's unattainable.
So their conclusion is America is therefore evil and must be torn down and rebuilt to make the perfect world.
Conservatives have a different view of the world.
We look at other countries and compare them to America and say, well, America is a society that has individual rights, individual liberty, and we can pursue happiness.
So we're happy in America as opposed to the left who are miserable.
With Hillary out of the way, Joel, Obama is the titular head of the Democratic Party.
Michelle is certainly young enough to run for public office.
Are they secretly planning a comeback?
A restoration, as it were?
Uh, I think we have to be very concerned.
I think Obama remains dangerous.
He was a professional agitator, trained for 10 years.
He was a trainer for Acorn.
I think he was never interested in being president or the presidency, and that's why he went on all these golf vacations, never attended his security briefings, put his feet up on the desk, because he wanted to use the presidency to agitate, not to be president or governor.
And that's what he's done all these years in office.
He's agitated and divided the country.
So I expect Obama to go back to being who he is.
And his Bonnie and Clyde partner in crime is Michelle Obama, who herself was a radical activist.
A lot of people don't know she grew up in Jesse Jackson's household.
Good friend of Santita Jackson.
And she was also radicalized.
This is why these two together represent a formidable, stealth, radical couple that pretend to wave the flag and love America.
As I show in my film, there's no place like Utopia.
But they do have a hidden radical agenda that they learned from, you know, Bill Ayers and the Marxist terrorist gang that taught them.
He aligns himself with the truth, and it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
I love getting up in the morning, see my children, spend time with my family, but I love getting up now because it's like we're in another world, isn't it?
Or in between two worlds.
We've got the globalists and their plan for war and poverty and collapse and racism and class warfare.
And then you've got Trump just delivering pure Americana, every promise he said he would engage in.
We're 10 days in and the word that's been used is dizzying.
It's amazing.
We're going to break down the imminent Supreme Court announcement, the huge hoax that it's a crisis, he's been discredited, he stopped people from these countries, California's going to secede.
All of it lies.
He did exactly what Jimmy Carter and Obama and everybody else did.
He did his job.
Imagine if he let people in, there were terror attacks, the media would then blame him.
They covered up for Obama, but it didn't work because the mainstream media isn't the only media.
Now Dr. Jerome Corsi is going to be with us for the balance of the hour.
Here in about five minutes we're going to him with big announcements.
Investigative Journalist Dr. Jerome Corsi has officially joined InfoWars as the man who's going to set up our Washington Bureau.
But I want to go to Owen Schroer because we were going to have him on later, but the Muslim March on the Capitol is happening in every state, supposedly, and in D.C.
The Muslim March on the Capitol is breaking up right now.
He's down there getting a report.
Owen, tell us what you've witnessed.
Well Alex, it was kind of a mixed bag out here.
There were a pretty good number of protesters, but kind of what we've seen lately with the protest is where they don't want to admit that they're actually out here protesting Trump, so they kind of, you know, will steer it in a different direction.
They didn't really mention the travel ban much when the speakers were talking.
Most of it was just talking about trying to make Muslim-American relations better, which I think we can all get behind that.
We just want it to be based in truth.
The best part of the event, and I actually captured this on footage, and I think it kind of illustrates exactly what we're dealing with here with the double thing.
They were protesting because of Trump's travel ban and because of Trump's wall.
Now, I tried to get in and film the speaker, Alex, and you know what happened?
They made a wall around me and banned me from getting in.
So they're out here, literally, this has literally happened.
I have it on video, chanting, no ban, no wall, as they banned me from getting into the event and walled me off.
So, and okay, I understand it.
You want to protect the speakers?
What do you do?
You build a wall!
Just like Trump wants to do.
Down here, they're going to do a wall.
So there it is, there it is.
Come back, do your piece, and say we see the hypocrisy of the Great Wall of China, but when they do it, it's okay.
When Mexico has a wall on its southern border, which they better have, Guatemala's dangerous, it's okay.
Obama wanted to give $75 million to help support that wall, by the way.
That's right.
We're not trying to lionize the minorities and the Muslims.
It's true.
The nasty ones, unfortunately, are mainly weird, ugly white women.
I don't understand this.
So like I said, and I actually spoke to a few Muslims.
We have it on camera.
They're out here like, oh, you know, the travel ban, maybe I like it, maybe I don't.
But I just came out here today to show that I'm a Muslim American, I'm a citizen, I love this country, and I want to protect this country too.
But we need to know that you don't have to look down upon us.
You don't have to look bad.
We're not the bad guys.
And then the sad thing is, unfortunately, again, the non-Muslim people out here are permitting you from talking to people.
They say, go home, go home.
We caught on video.
Go home, don't talk to them.
They just want confrontation.
Go home, go home.
Please don't talk to them.
We're like, wait a second.
We're trying to come together.
We need to talk.
So it's a mixed bag out here.
Well, you know why every rally you go to around the country that's funded by Soros, and he admittedly funds it all,
About half of it total, but every major group is.
They're afraid that their followers, who are dumbed down, will talk to a real person and might go get a hamburger or a drink with you.
And so they've got to keep their little dwindling numbers together and keep them in the cult.
Cults never let you talk to outside groups.
That's the main hallmark.
And the Democratic Party has gone from a bunch of kooks to outright cult.
And before you go to Jerome Corsi, you're exactly right.
We've captured that on video multiple times.
The one last point I'll make before you go to Jerome is, we tried to go, there was a prayer, a unity prayer happening at the First United Methodist Church right here behind me.
I tried to get into that.
I couldn't get into that.
You know why?
Because they want to register and vet the people getting in.
I get it!
Let's keep the event safe!
Again, it's just the irony and the hypocrisy.
You know, you're making some good points.
I know Dr. Corsi's sitting there.
He's happy for you to continue for a few more minutes.
Other observations, Owen?
Well, there was one man who was out here who was protesting Sharia law.
He had a sign that said, Jesus saves and a no Sharia law sign.
And he was kind of met by people that were singing at him.
Again, but the weirdest thing about this is, if
The people that were singing at that guy in support of bringing together Muslims and Americans, they're not even Muslim!
It's the same thing in a Black Lives Matter rally.
All the people are white!
All the people that are out here were white.
The Muslim people that I talked to were just like, hey, yeah, we're just out here to show that there are people in America that are Muslim that are just law-abiding citizens.
That's what they really wanted to do.
For sure.
I mean, any Muslims that have really been in violent Islamic countries, a lot of them came here to escape it, and they're really what you call moderate Muslims or what jihadis would call heretics.
And they're the ones usually getting killed in attacks.
Let's be clear.
Most Muslims in this country are hard-working good people but the dominant culture of Saudi Arabia that's taking over all of Islam is incredibly oppressive and just absolutely out of control and trying to henpeck everybody into submission right now and they're using the terror attacks that are coming from their own organization to try to then call for censoring our speech.
That's why it's not compatible.
We cannot take people into the country that come from these war-torn areas because most of them are the invaders that couldn't take over Syria, who came from all over the Muslim world to take it over and steal somebody's house or farmland.
They've had their butts kicked into Europe and into the United States right now.
Well, and look, we've been talking about the interference, the U.S.
interference in the Middle East for a long time and all the wrongdoings that our government is responsible for over there.
So you sit here and you try to scratch your head and you say, five of the seven countries that are on the travel ban, Obama bombed for eight years.
Eight years!
You don't think there's people in those countries that hate us because we bombed them for eight years?
Obama more than anybody and Hillary destabilized the whole Middle East.
They funded the Arab Spring.
They're behind this whole thing.
We'll talk to you more once you get back in studio later and follow those reports.
I can't wait to see those.
You got it, Alex.
Talk about hypocrisy being illustrated and writ large for all to see.
The left blocking people getting into their public meeting at the First Methodist Church that's literally run by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
It's unbelievable.
I've been there.
I've been a guest there before.
It's pretty shocking.
And then on top of that, just down the street, 200 yards away at the Capitol, the liberals are out there protecting the Muslims from the press.
When all we want to do is talk to them, you should want to talk to the press.
Now joining us for the Balance of the Hour,
He is Dr. Jerome Corsi.
You can follow him at Twitter at Jerome underscore Corsi.
He formerly has done a great job for, I guess, 12 years or so with WorldNetDaily.
He's a, what, three-time number one New York Times best-selling author.
He basically pioneered, along with Lou Dobbs and others I'd give great credit, along with Infowars and Drudge, but really Corsi and Dobbs more than anybody, exposing NAFTA, GATT, TPP, globalism.
And so, so much of what he's worked for we're now seeing take place.
So, I'm really honored
To have him as the lead man to be our Washington Bureau Chief and to set this up in Washington, D.C.
How successful it is, is up to him, myself, you the listeners, and of course all of you out there that support the broadcast by visiting infowarestore.com.
So, Dr. Corsi, it's great to have you here with your maiden voyage.
I mean, it really isn't maiden.
You've been coming on the show for about 12, 13 years, but it's great to have you.
Well, Alex, it's a real honor to join InfoWars, to join Alex Jones and your whole group.
You've done great reporting over the years.
I'm honored now to be an official part of InfoWars, and I'm very excited to get to Washington, to establish press credentials at the White House.
I think?
And you know, all the information, drivers licenses, social security numbers, and I've asked for passes for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week.
So hopefully as soon as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday next week, InfoWars.com is going to be in the press briefings at the White House as White House accredited press.
Well, I want you to be able to continue, but everybody knows I'm not at a loss for words.
The media really likes to imply that we're the fake news, they're the real news, but the President himself keeps saying, no, you're the fake news, and exposing them.
We're the press that helped get the President elected, along with Breitbart and Drudge and WorldNetDaily and others, and Daily Caller does a great job, too.
We're all in this together.
I don't
I ran into some senior people that had worked in the campaign and are working for Trump.
They're like, oh, we love Paul Watson.
When's he coming?
Are you going to have a bureau?
Blah, blah, blah.
And I'm like, oh, I'm sure.
I just took it as a foregone conclusion that that would happen.
You know, I'm certainly not going to quote what the president's told me, but I'm just going to leave it at that.
And the hundreds of articles saying Jones caught lying.
He doesn't have credentials.
They haven't been issued yet.
They haven't issued any.
It's starting next week, as you know.
So they take everything we do and twist it to make it sound like we're outcasts, we're failures.
It's so ridiculous.
InfoWars and your work and all of it is seminal and changing the world.
And we're not bragging.
We're explaining why MSM demonizes us and belittles us, hoping that our listeners and viewers think they're small as well when they have changed the world.
When what we're doing is now taking over the planet.
I mean, the globalists admit they're in full panic, and they admit in internal papers that have been leaked,
They want to shut down Drudge, Infowars by name, but then, Dr. Corsi, we don't have any power and we're a big joke.
The truth is, we're changing the world.
Well, and Alex, I had press credentials in 2012.
I was traveling press with Romney's campaign on his airplane.
We're good.
To be cleared, perhaps tomorrow, in order to be able to know I can get credentials when I show up at the White House on Monday.
Now, the real fake news, and my first article with Infowars today pointing out that Google is now trying to worm its way into the Trump White House.
I mean, this is a huge organization, Google, that has been a solid backer of the Clintons and Democratic leftist causes.
In fact, Eric Schmidt, the founder of Google, actually was one of the top campaign advisors for Hillary Clinton.
He considered himself the top outside advisor.
I'm going to put together an article for tomorrow showing that the father of fake news is none other than this guy Brock down running Media Matters and his co-conspirator,
And the fake news is Google, which is now trying to block organizations.
They won't even say which organizations they're blocking.
And let's be clear, they had almost daily meetings three times a week, officially with Obama, and then daily meetings with Hillary and Podesta, crafting what search terms were allowed, controlling the entire narrative beyond communist Chinese style censorship, and now they're trying to weasel into the White House like they're these big friends.
Now, Google has a lot of great services and some good people.
I'm not saying I hate the whole organization.
You know, we've done a lot of big things through their platforms like YouTube.
But the issue here is, this is a group that literally, as you said, was the high command of Hillary's operation, and so Trump needs to be absolutely aware of these people.
If this isn't folks letting in the Trojan horse, I don't know what is.
Well, and also, Google has all of these capabilities of, you know, taking clicks and gaining information, profiling, micro-profiling, perhaps the whole population.
Anybody using a Google search engine.
And what Schmidt and Google were doing for Hillary was taking this data on us as Internet users.
So when they go to your door, they have a computer with everything about you.
And let's be clear, they have intelligence files on everyone, including the president.
Yes, that's right.
And these intelligence files are being used by the Democrats and Hillary to go take what Obama did and his data managing techniques.
And this is very powerful.
When these people show up at your door, they're targeting you to vote.
They know what you like.
You know, what subscriptions you have to magazines, what you watch on TV, what you click on the Internet.
They've got all this data and Google offered, and we see it in the WikiLeaks released emails from Podesta, where Eric Schmidt was offering to provide all this data to Hillary and to create a data file
And that is literally a billion times what Nixon got impeached for.
I mean, this is just, or was about to be impeached for.
I mean, explain how big a deal this is.
Openly, publicly, and it's in the WikiLeaks, saying, we're going to give you intelligence files on everybody.
It completely violates any privacy idea.
I mean, it means anything you do on the internet now, if you do it through Google,
is going to be subject to being provided to Democratic operatives so you can be profiled.
Now we know the Democrats, when they were in charge of the federal government, they were taking this information, they were giving it to the IRS.
You had a Department of Justice that was completely politicized.
A CIA under John Brennan, totally politicized.
This data that Google has is enormously powerful if it can be used either to get voters for Hillary to the polls or punish
And prevent those that the data, the Google data, shows the Democratic operatives are voters that are going to be of supporting Trump or supporting conservative causes.
This is really a fake news is a made up term.
Which is the code words for keeping conservative views off the internet.
Keeping Alex Jones out of the public view.
That's what fake news is all about.
That's where Google, that's where Brock, that's where the left is headed.
Make no mistake about it, their final aim is to say we're fake news and InfoWars does not have a right to exist.
Dr. Corsi, you're on target as usual, and that's exactly what they were planning to do when Hillary got in, because they believed she was going to win, because they were basically skewing the poll numbers.
They tried to steal a bunch of states, we now know that, but they failed, and so now they're in panic mode.
From your research, and talking to folks at the Beltway and others, what are your biggest concerns?
Because I don't want to get too confident here, that's why I've committed to basically spend every bit of capital we've got, and
Well, that's my whole commitment to create a Washington Bureau for you, Alex, for InfoWars, because it's going to take
You know, an army of our journalists who are trained to present the truth, to research, because you've got, I mean, just watch any White House press briefing, even the few that Trump has held, and you've got, you know, the front row is still the comfortable mainstream media, CNN ensconced there.
Yeah, we ought to get Bannon and others and Spicer.
They should create maybe a lottery where it literally is a deal with numbers in it and it scrambles and then people reach in and get what they get and that's where you sit.
And get a bigger room.
Get a room where we can really set up and have a number of people in this audience who are not just the, you know, selected Washington correspondents who are all of a like ideological leftist agenda.
We're all set out to attack everything Donald Trump does.
What we've got to do is establish a Washington bureau.
We've got reporters capable of digging down the facts and countering the mainstream media lies.
Sure, and here's an example.
Imagine Breitbart, who is now there, or Infowars, or Drudge had a correspondent.
Imagine we would ask the right questions like, you've been criticized with non-existing proof of being funded by the Russians, but what about Saudi Arabia in this news article?
Print such and such bragging that one-fifth of Hillary's funding comes from them.
Or what about the Communist Chinese in the People's Daily openly bragging that Trump will not be elected because they're putting funds in the campaign.
Why isn't the President and you defending yourselves with the fact that the proof is Hillary was foreign finance, not you?
Well, and also, what about these protesters who, obviously, we just saw from the report in front of the Capitol, you know, are not... These are paid protesters.
These are, you know, what Kramer was doing, what we had exposed...
I don't
Well I'm glad you were able to get in.
We had to go to three different entrances and I saw them beating women up on purpose and the police ordered to do nothing.
And we have it on video.
It was just so insane.
And then you'd go on the news and they'd said Alex Jones was kicked out of the inauguration and arrested showing footage of the police protecting me in Cleveland.
So they didn't even get the right city.
The woman right in front of my wife was attacked by one of the protesters.
Fortunately, the police grabbed the guy and protected her.
But I mean, we were walking in all kinds of different ways to get into the Inaugural Balls at the Convention Center.
It took us over two hours just with the protesters.
And yet people did persist and get in.
But these protesters were violent.
They should have all been arrested by the police.
Police are standing there watching them.
They're not sweeping the streets.
They're not clearing them.
We've got to realize that these are not your 1960s.
You've got a right to go protest.
I do it all the time.
Do it in the area.
Don't block the street.
Don't attack anybody.
But no, I mean, I've been arrested twice for doing nothing demonstrating, but because I was being loud.
Okay, fine.
The point is, is that they literally were attacking people in front of me.
I couldn't believe it.
Well, and Alex, I've got the information.
I'll be developing an article here very quickly that Russia is actually supporting and funding these terrorists who are out as protesters to disrupt Trump and to disrupt the inauguration and these other events.
This is Russia, you know, the whole idea that Russia was wanting to elect Trump is nonsense.
Russia was funding, through the workers of the world and through other communist groups, the recruiting of these crazies to be protesting Donald Trump and disrupting rallies.
Russia's whole goal was to create chaos.
Now, Doc, this is bombshell because I've known you 15 years.
I've never seen you make anything up.
The whole narrative we've been shown is, we have WikiLeaks, that Hillary was doing this and Soros was doing this.
So why would Russia be doing it as well?
Is it a double game?
When will we see the proof of this?
I'm not denying that you've got this information, but this would really, really get so sophisticated it makes my head spin.
I'll start writing it up for tomorrow.
You'll have it tonight.
Alright, well let's flesh it out more when we come back.
Stay with us.
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We've seen politicians from across the world like whining sniffling babies over Trump's immigration ban.
We've seen Sadiq Khan declare actual war on President Trump because he has the nerve to point out that some people come from terrorist places and we should have a temporary travel ban.
We've seen Chuck Schumer, senator from New York, actually cry stating that the Statue of Liberty is shedding tears because liberty has taken such a hit this week because of Trump's ban.
I've got news for you people!
The countries that are on Trump's ban were actually identified by President Obama.
At least 20 alleged terrorists since 2014 have come from countries affected by Trump's immigration ban.
There's an article up today on the Daily Caller and it identifies these 20 alleged terrorists.
In the past three years, they were actually immigrants or refugees from seven majority Muslim nations that President Trump has temporarily banned in his migration ban on Friday.
These countries include Iraq, Iran, Libya,
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Coming to you from the former United States of America, deep in the heart of Texas, it's Alex Jones.
I hear people talking bad about the way we have to live here in this country.
That's right, under globalism, America is really just ten FEMA regions.
Under global governance.
But I may have to get rid of that liner.
Because now if Trump succeeds, we have restored the Republic.
And notice with TPP, he didn't just, you know, take TPP and then use the negotiation power he has as an executive to make Congress bow down in favors and then make them, you know, do his will.
He just said, it's unconstitutional.
I didn't negotiate it.
The American people weren't involved.
Congress wasn't involved.
It's dead.
And the power goes back to the states.
And he's doing that on every front.
Real estate's getting all these perks and all these free government bailouts and deals.
Trump just killed that.
And meanwhile, look at the investment pouring in to the United States.
We're going to go back to Dr. Jerome Corsi for the balance of the hour, get more into this Russia report that I know he's been working on for months, that he's going to break tomorrow at Infowars.com.
And I want to run over the gamut of news with him as well.
But before we do that, remember Hillary's book, Stronger Together?
Well, it only sold 2,912 copies.
That's right.
That's what it sold.
Isn't that just cute?
Of course he sold 100,000 books in one week before.
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Some places, bookstores, are selling this for like $29.95.
And it's got never-before-seen photos, graphs, documents.
I mean, it is really impressive.
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And where we're going into the future, it really is historic.
Get yours today at InfoWarsStore.com or call toll free 888-253-3139.
Really exposes the arrogance of the Clintons and David Brock and all the rest of them.
And you know, here's the good news.
All I care about is winning.
I'm not in competition with anybody else that's a Patriot.
I'm just moving forward against the globalists.
And I understand you're singing from the same sheet of music, listeners and viewers.
That's why I appreciate you and I'm so humbled.
You see, I haven't had time to go back and brag about how you went out and wore the Bill Clinton's rapist shirt at hundreds of rallies and took over the media and changed the narrative away from Trump supposedly abusing women with no proof and all the fake lawsuits that have been dropped.
We don't have time to sit here and give ourselves credit for all we did.
But understand, we do need to take some credit in the future because it's a blueprint for victory.
They just hope we forget about all this, but Trump isn't.
If Trump delivers, which he's beginning to do in ways that are really hard to believe how fast he's moving.
He's over-performing in my view.
If he just keeps doing this, he's going to go down like George Washington 2.0.
And he's going to be able to secure our children and their children's futures.
And as goes America, goes the world.
As Texas goes, goes the nation.
And as the nation goes, so goes the world, as Eisenhower was fond of saying.
And you see that happening now, ladies and gentlemen, and I'm very proud of much of the resistance coming out of Texas, not just me.
They dispatched Beck down here to try to take over, and he failed.
I don't want to fight with Beck, but he's a true Judas Iscariot.
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Does the show three times a week.
And that'll be one 30-time Pacific that we go on.
Okay, let's go ahead now and go back to Dr. Jerome Corsi.
Doc, let's flesh out this Russia thing.
And listen, you've broken so many big stories over the years.
You've got the secret documents on NAFTA and GATT and TPP.
I mean, you've been a game changer.
I know there are leftist foundations in Russia that the State Department sends money to, that then come back and were against Trump, and there was also Russian groups that were for Ukraine being overthrown, but they were really globalist groups.
I know you've not been an enemy of Russia or anything, you've supported Trump wanting to have peace and go after jihadis, but I really respect you when you say you've got the investigative reports and the witnesses and people to prove that
Some type of Russian funding was actually trying to disrupt Trump rallies.
The question is, who would be behind it in Russia?
So break down a little bit of a prelude or an hors d'oeuvre of what's coming tomorrow.
Well, I will, and I also want to say that Roger Stone's book, and I just posted a review on Amazon, this is the definitive book of the 2016 campaign.
And it's written by a master.
I mean, there's hardly anyone more experienced who knows Donald Trump better.
More political operative than Roger Stone.
If you want to understand what happened, why Trump won and why Hillary lost, how Hillary lost, you've got to read.
You must read.
This should be required reading in all political science bureaus around the world.
Instead, they're just trying to ignore why Trump won.
It's got information in it, and Roger, really, I think, this is Roger's best book.
He really kind of pours out his soul on this one, and his deepest strategies, so you can understand that, you know, Trump's victory did not just happen.
It was, you know, Alex, and you're discussed very extensively in the book.
Alex Jones is made, focused on, as one of the key reasons why Donald Trump
Well, it's an amazing time to be alive.
Let's talk about the Russians and then what you expect the globalists to do to try to stop Trump.
Well, first of all, you've got to understand that Putin, it plays all sides.
And Russia is always for causing disorder, confusion, chaos.
Russia's benefited from this as part of the whole, you know, fundamentally communist strategy for destabilizing a society in preparation for overturning the government.
Russia can say all it wants that it's not communist, but Putin's still KGB.
Now, I think Trump can deal with Putin.
But this is going to be a matter of power politics.
It's not, you know, I've looked Putin in the eye and I see his soul.
Forget about that.
Putin's a nation state.
He's got strong interests and we have to be a nation state with strong interests.
We have to define it maturely with Putin.
Who's going to do what?
And, you know, when there's legitimate evidence and there is, workers of the world, other organizations that are communist funded,
Operatives being sent back to Russia for training, brought back here to the United States, funding coming out of Hillary's campaign through the Democratic National Party into these groups, these operatives, operating below the surface to hire thugs.
And we saw them!
I mean, I saw them firsthand with my wife.
We both can attest to it.
These are not 60s protesters at the inaugural.
These are
Every other word is a foul word.
Throwing stones.
Breaking windows.
These are anarchists.
They're nuts.
Some of them are mentally ill.
Charging in to attack people who are simply trying to go to the gala.
You know, to the inaugural gala.
This is not
This is organized political protest of Martin Luther King variety.
This is organized chaos and disruption.
Sure, but going back to my point, Russia legitimately is trying to build up its families, bringing back Christianity.
I don't lionize Putin, but he has made a lot of free market reforms.
He has been exposing globalism and promoting nation states resisting that.
I understand most governments play a double game as well.
I just think in general, the globalist anger at Russia, I think is legitimate.
I mean, Russia more and more is blocking globalism.
Well, I mean, there's certain things that Russia does and Putin does that can be to the advantage of ending globalism and advancing the cause of freedom.
I don't know.
That, you know, everybody's riding for themselves in international politics, and Trump is going to have to deal with Russia and Putin as a nation-state that has ambitions in Ukraine, the Crimea, Eastern Europe, its sphere of influence, and is going to act to destabilize other countries.
Rules are going to have to be set, and we're going to have to expose when Russia is inappropriately working with the Soros left
To fund disruptive protests.
I mean, it's also important because here Roger Stone is being attacked as being the architect, you know, behind WikiLeaks.
Forget Trump, you know, as the elected president.
The truth is Russia did everything it could to attack the Trump campaign.
Well, I mean, I want to see it because all I'm saying is Putin is outlawing Soros' groups and rolling up his organizations in Russia.
So, I mean, I can believe that the way bureaucracy works, you could have leftists in the Russian system that were going for Hillary.
I mean, we know that.
I just don't see it as if
But I was also told by some other smart folks, they said, listen, Putin on the surface says he likes Trump and hopes if Trump gets elected they can work together, but overall they want to work with Hillary because they have her penetrated, they have her emails, and they know that Hillary's, you know, people got 35 million for the uranium, she met twice secretly with Putin, Kissinger is an advisor to Putin, so there is some triple sophisticated game going on.
And Hillary, you know, this I've wrote about extensively.
I mean, Hillary, it was being paid, as was Podesta, through money laundering connections and Russian banks that are being paid millions of dollars for transferring U.S.
technology to Russia under this, you know, failed reception.
Sure, so Trump needs to bring that out and burn the Democrats because
Here's the deal.
I'm not a vindictive person.
They're not giving up.
They've got TV shows and movies and Vice calling for his death.
The New York Times saying he needs to be killed.
It's a daily drumbeat.
And so we're under attack.
We haven't won yet.
And they're doing illegal things.
And I think Trump needs to take the gloves off.
I mean, I know he wants to stabilize the economy first, show people prosperity, but they might kill him by the time he gets that done.
And these protests, what the left is engaging in right now, is classic Soviet agit-prop.
Propaganda to agitate, to create disruption.
If you take a look and see these protesters in the street, through the lens of KGB-funded type protesters, through communist organizations operating in the United States, as well as Soros,
You see, the far left is just buying into what would be called agit-prop.
Sure, sure, agitation propaganda, but larger than that, I think it's more of a wind-up toy.
Like, the old Soviet Union has pretty much fallen apart, and they're kind of more of a Russian federation and a new Russian empire is what they're trying to go back to.
So I agree they want to rebuild and expand.
No one's debating that.
The issue is they haven't expanded much yet, and then meanwhile,
Sure, they're following some old Soviet diagram and template and operating system, but I don't really see that being directed on Russia.
Well, you'll see the evidence starting tomorrow.
It's a big story.
And you'll see it starting tomorrow.
But the point is, we can deal with Russia.
For instance, we can cooperate with Russia and Turkey and Egypt in the Middle East to defeat ISIS.
It doesn't mean we're suddenly going to become, you know, best friends with Putin.
We can cooperate when the interests match.
We've got to constantly understand that when the interests don't match, there's going to be conflict.
Absolutely, but expanding on that, why won't Trump, when the Saudi Arabians and the Communist Chinese admittedly funded Hillary,
And then there's no evidence of a Russian connection to Trump.
That's been documented.
PPGate, all of it totally made up, you know, pulled out of Hillary's rear end.
I mean, I'm sorry, that's where it comes from.
Or I guess John McCain's.
Why won't he then bring that up?
Why won't he go after him?
He's got them.
Well, there's about to be a new day here in the whole new Attorney General and the whole new office of the Attorney General Department of Justice.
And you're going to have you're going to have a situation in which
The Department of Justice is going to be empowered to investigate a lot of things.
Hillary Clinton did not get a pardon.
The Clinton Foundation is still in operation.
And I agree.
What does it signify that Obama didn't give that to her?
Well, Obama would have had to make the pardon public.
He can't do a private pardon that is not known.
If he did, I think it would be illegitimate.
The pardon has to be efficient.
I don't think... Let's shift gears then.
Let's shift gears to the Supreme Court that we're hearing about tonight, the new pick, and then other things Trump faces after the break.
But first, just as an American, as a patriot, somebody who's been defending this country for 50-something years, State Department, anti-terrorism, you name it.
What do you think of Trump?
Because he's almost too good to be true for me.
It's so ridiculous how he's doing everything he said he would so decisively.
I look at what he does.
It's all so researched and so well done.
It's almost uncanny.
Well, I've known Trump for, you know, 40 years.
I watched him in New York.
I virtually lived in the plaza for about two or three years.
I was working in financial services.
Trump is the real deal.
I said this from the very beginning.
You said this two years ago on my show.
I did.
Trump is the real deal.
I mean, he is going to deliver.
He's going to deliver far more than anybody expects him to deliver.
He's going to keep the campaign promises.
He's going to, you know, rip into this left like the left has never seen it.
You think Trump cares?
You know, if the left goes insane because he had a limited travel ban on seven countries for a short period of time, Trump doesn't care if they all go nuts.
He's going to continue the ban.
He's within his legal rights to do it.
And Trump is happy to expose the left as being completely off the wall and insane and lying and distorting what he really did.
Trump trapped the left into this.
Well, he's going to do it continuously.
Supreme Court nomination is going to be one, I think, that all patriots who love America and who want the Constitution restored are going to be able to embrace and champion.
And you're going to see Schumer and the others in Congress, no matter who the nomination is, launching up to protest and obstruct.
The American people, I think, are going to get very sick and tired of seeing the Democrats just trying to block Trump.
Alright, you're really a banking expert.
That's what you really did until you were a journalist 20 years ago.
I want to get into the world economy.
Can Trump stave off a world financial collapse that Dent and Ron Paul and others believe is basically overdue?
They both say Trump's doing great stuff, but they think it's a day late, a dollar short.
Anthony Gucciardi joins us to talk about Bio PCA, the latest formula to be announced and released by Infowarslife.com.
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It's a win-win.
Big Sam left Seattle in the year of 92 With George Pratt, his partner, and brother Billy, too
Here's an article backing up what Corsi was just talking about in this big article that's on Infowars.com.
Google's Eric Schmidt.
Trump and men will do evil things.
And this is just out today.
Report, Hillary allies think Obama, not Putin, cost her the election.
Where do you think Hillary goes?
What's her legacy?
She looks sicker than ever.
I mean, I don't think the left and the globalists themselves realize how much trouble they're in.
I mean, I see the Davos Forum with the communist Chinese president coming and saying, don't worry, I'll prop you up, and lecturing us, even in the Wall Street Journal, how we should censor the alt-right.
I mean, it seems like they don't realize how much trouble they're in, though.
Well, I think that's right, Alex.
I think you're going to see, step by step, Donald Trump is going to take on the left.
He's going to take on Hillary Clinton.
She's not out of the woods yet.
She's not been pardoned.
The foundation is still operating.
Every day that foundation stays open.
The Clintons are guilty of inorment, benefiting out of that foundation personally.
They're criminal charges that should be brought and they shouldn't be excused.
You asked about the financial issue.
I think you're going to see also Trump taking on Janet Yellen at the Fed.
For the entire Obama administration, the Fed has kept interest rates at zero.
We've had a fake non-growth, but it hasn't been the Depression at all to have been under Obama.
The job growth has been non-existent because it's all been part-time jobs.
You have millions and millions of more people who have just dropped out of the labor force.
You know, another $10 trillion in debt.
I mean, if the Fed had not been a willing accomplice, Obama could not have pulled off this, you know, crime on future generations.
Sure, and now the Fed isn't going to issue QE3 because Trump's in, so what effect does that have?
Can Trump pull us out of this?
Yeah, I think the key element, the first and most important, is growth.
I mean, with economic growth, there's a lot we can do that you never saw explored by Obama because the growth was anemic.
All you had with Obama was regulations.
Well, it was selective.
It was only to the elites.
Well, and that's right.
You saw the very top getting exceedingly wealthy.
So, you know, Eric Schmidt now has $11 billion.
And, you know, that's what his net worth is.
And the average person is wondering about how they're going to make their car payments and their mortgage payments, credit card payments.
Most people are living paycheck to paycheck in the United States.
And, you know, the elite in Hollywood and the Eric Schmidts of Google
Are having these, you know, Obama-permitted and Hillary-permitted fortunes to be achieved by having monopolies that should not be existing.
I mean, Google's power, I think, and I continue to write on this Google theme, it also involves regulatory decisions that were made in Google's favor.
Control of data.
You're going to see Google being exposed for what it is, which is a democratic data operation.
And I dare Google to try to start blocking InfoWars as they've done on Chrome and other areas that they had to pull back because we're exposing this.
We have a right as citizens
Well, and also, it's a process of defending ourselves.
I mean, if Hillary had won,
You can bet the FCC, which was in the process... Oh, they admitted they were going to start shutting down free press.
Obama signed that law.
Come back and do five more minutes, Dr., and we'll let you go.
We have another guest coming up.
But I want to talk about that.
Obama signed that law two weeks before the election, or two weeks before Trump got in, saying, federalize all media.
What is Trump going to do about that?
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Another time in the age of wonder.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
I want to pull back and just get Dr. Corsi's take on the unprecedented historical moment we're now all living through.
A true battle that's joined
Massive money and power, but an empty, evil ideology versus free humanity.
And I don't script this like we're the good guys or the bad guys.
That's the way it really is.
We're promoting freedom, they're promoting tyranny.
And their alliance with Islam and orthodox and radical forms of it is truly insane.
And the elite's having to go run for the hills and build armored redoubts for societal collapse when they themselves are pushing conditions they admit are causing that.
It's like they're so greedy, they just can't help it.
And their real greed is consolidating into monopolies and killing the true free market system that could grow us out of this.
So asking Dr. Corsi, can we get out of this financial collapse?
They've opened up.
And he said, yeah, we grow our way out.
And Trump is working around the clock to do that.
But in closing,
A lot of big stories daily coming to Infowars.com.
We're going to be getting some more folks working under you and covering a lot of stuff as it breaks, but also commentary on the media, exposing fake news.
We need you to do that, Doc.
Your great commentary on air, but also articles just pointing out where they're deceiving, what they're doing, what the special interests are up to.
But in closing, in the three minutes we've got left, just what is it like for you
Let's say fighting 10 years ago against this, to now see they've capitulated.
Globalism is admitted, world government's admitted, the authoritarianism of it is admitted, and so they really have no moral argument now.
It's very strange.
Well, going back to when I was first on your show, maybe 13, 14 years ago.
I mean, it goes back.
We've been working together for years.
We were talking about the Security and Prosperity Partnership in North America, creating a North American Union, and we exposed these things, and today it's openly clear that the globalists had a plan to not only destroy the United States, but to do this trans-Pacific and trans-Atlantic partnership for global government.
These are
We're good to go.
The Internet is about, that's why I'm so honored to be with you, it's about live streaming.
It's about what we're doing right now.
Millions of people watching, you know, on the Internet, live time.
And what we're going to do is we'll have an apprentice program for journalists.
In DC, we're going to recruit young journalists.
We're going to be out in the field recording what's going on.
It's going to be very exciting because we've got to show people what's actually happening.
That's right.
I mean, you could easily retire.
I mean, I could sit back at this point, but this is epic history.
We've got to do it or the enemy's going to win.
But we have a real shot now of winning.
We were fighting 20 years ago, not knowing if we could ever even turn the corner, but just out of sheer will.
Now it's ours to lose, I think.
I have no intention of retiring.
I mean, look,
Right now, the internet is the cutting edge, the front line of the battle.
Livestreaming what we're doing right here.
This is the front line.
Because Hillary Clinton, if she'd been elected, would have had the FCC with fake news, all of this, you know, not mantra.
Obama signed to put the CIA over the FCC!
You know, what the left realizes, and they're in complete panic over it, is that the mainstream media
NBC, CBS, they're all dead.
Nobody's gonna watch them in 20 years.
Maybe not... New York Times, dead.
Hollywood, dead.
You know, these are all bypassed ideas and technologies.
You don't need a New York Times.
But Obama would establish a Ministry of Truth, and he would have censorship over what is permitted to be said in America.
You've already got the mainstream media acting like that.
That's right, and we grabbed victory from the jaws of defeat.
Thank you so much, Doc.
We'll talk to you soon.
Great to have you with InfoWars.
I'm really honored and thrilled to be with you.
Thank you, Alex.
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How many times must I tell you, baby?
How many bridges I've got to cross?
How many times must I explain myself?
For I can talk to the boss.
For I can talk to the boss.
Roger Stone's new book officially comes out tomorrow, but everybody that pre-ordered it, we're shipping them out today.
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People think holding on to something gives them victory.
No, it's going all in.
Especially when we're turning the tide.
There is a tide and the affairs of men when taken at the flood leads on to fortune.
Most men live their lives out in horrible nightmare shallows.
Can never actually affect any change or live in a time where they could be involved in the destiny of the species forever.
We live in a time of just the deepest, greatest blue ocean we've ever seen.
To paraphrase
William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.
There is a tide in the affairs of men which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.
Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries.
On such a full sea are we now afloat.
How'd my paraphrase do?
My modern paraphrase.
So we are alive in a sea of possibilities right now and a huge animating war
Against insiders and globalists and parasites and people that would shackle humanity and hold us back from our greater destiny.
Now, Trump picks Bannon for National Security Council.
He's also bringing the CIA in.
This is a big deal.
I can tell you right now, you read Bannon's writings when he said,
We're basically brothers when it comes to our political views.
I'll just leave it at that before the media goes off the deep end.
But a lot is going on, and the enemy is scared.
We have ideology that's real.
We have prosperity that's real.
We have Americana, the sexiest thing this world ever saw.
Not that it ever even fully got realized, but we're going back to what made us great.
And all the special interests are howling right now.
Paul Watson's hosted the fourth hour from London, England.
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I've got like 15 clips I want to get to.
I've got all the science and tech news that's amazing I want to get to.
And I've got 46 and a half minutes left here.
And we're going to get Pchenik on.
His line just dropped.
So we're going to see when we get him back on.
But I have got a ton to cover here.
And we're going to attempt to go to all of it.
But this really is an amazing time to be alive.
I want to go to the Acting AG Obama appointed.
Was told Trump's travel ban was legit, but still played politics anyways, and that's what's important.
She admits in letters that it's legitimate.
It's a repeat of what Obama did, and what Jimmy Carter did, and what Reagan did, and what Bush Sr.
did, and what George W. Bush did.
But they lie.
They lie.
And they say that it's unprecedented, and that it's a ban on our religion.
Well, here's the deal.
Most of these Muslim countries have a ban on Christianity, or animism, or Buddhism.
So speaking of that, I'm going to play that clip and then we're going to go to Dr. Steve Pichetting.
Here's the acting A.G.
Obama appointee saying, I'm not going to do what you say.
And Trump said, good, you're fired for insubordination.
Direct action.
Here it is.
It's being reported... She certainly clarified that misconception.
It's being reported that the department's own Internal General Counsel, the Office of Legal Counsel, reviewed the executive order and approved of it.
So she's flying in the face of her own best lawyers.
Well, she's flying in the face of so much, I don't know that we can parse it down to something that isn't material.
I mean, this is egregiously dishonorable conduct on her part.
John Bolton, great to have you.
What it is, is open rebellion.
And we're in a state of soft civil war.
And the Soros crowd and others aren't giving up.
They're intensifying their operations.
So I want to ask Dr. Steve Pachanek, who obviously was head of psychological operations at the State Department, works in other agencies, one of the co-founders of General Boykin, the Schumacher of Delta Force.
I want to get his take just on the State of the Union right now before we get into topics he wants to cover, because we don't, you know, pre-script these live interviews.
For me, Trump's over-delivering, very impressive.
I'm really worried about him.
They're selling a narrative of assassination and coup and how great that's going to be in the New York Times and HBO.
I mean, it's just everywhere.
And I'm really concerned that they have an attitude like they've got something big planned and they're not giving up in the face of just prosperity and Americana.
So I want to get your view on the current developments and so far what you think of President Trump.
Well, I think he has delivered exactly what we expected him to deliver, what you and I have been talking about for 12 years or more.
And that is, he's brought a businessman's perspective to the running of government.
It's been over 100 years since we've had a businessman, and the only one was Hoover, quite frankly.
But what you're seeing now is the quietest, most effective revolution that you, I, and my fellow consorts, doesn't matter who they are, implemented.
Through the ascendancy of Trump and his family.
Trump doesn't need to do this.
His family doesn't need to do this.
What he is doing is exactly what I do or others do in the business community.
We come in, we clear out an institution in ASAP time.
That means you don't have a chance to protest or any time
To Rick, to drive an anti-defamation... The Kabuki Theater is over.
The Man of Action's here.
That's correct, and I think everybody has to understand, the State of the Union is fine.
We're not in a civil war.
Number one, there is no civil war initiated by the left or the press.
What's happening is, you're hearing the gurgling of a dying institution, both in the media and in the left wing.
But you agree that they are trying to sell an uprising?
Well, they can sell whatever they want, but they can't mimic or ape what you and I and a group of others have done very quietly, very sotto voce, what we effectively did way before that they had any idea that was coming in.
And actually, we have to thank Hillary for being so incompetent, as well as her $100 million dollar coterie.
That's right.
We shouldn't be too arrogant.
We were facing massive incompetence.
Oh my God!
On the contrary, I want to thank Hillary, I want to thank the Dewey Square Group, I want to thank all of those who were paid off and were totally, completely incompetent.
Every Democrat, every newspaper, and every piece of content that had a narrative that was a Kumbaya narrative.
Isn't it their arrogance that made America finally reject them?
Well, it's not only their arrogance.
It really is, Alex, as you and I know, competency.
You and I share, as we do with millions of Americans.
We're small business people.
We're anything but close to 500 million.
We don't show up, the donuts don't get made.
Well, that's correct.
I mean, that's a great way to say it.
But honestly, we're not bankers, we're not VCs, we're not sycophants, we're not parasites.
What you have seen is the end of an era of parasites.
And Trump knows that.
You would come on 10 years ago and say, we need farmers, we need ranchers, we need auto part producers, we need working people building a world about people.
Trump gets that.
It's not about robots.
He's making it about people again.
The globalists wanted to demoralize us and control us.
Trump gets that it's about giving people satisfaction of being self-sufficient again.
You hit it on the head, Alex.
You and I talked about it.
I wrote a blog years ago that the greatest national security problem we have in the United States is not our debt.
It's not even ISIS.
It's the fact that family farmers are less than 6% of our country.
No one is going into the family farm business because it's too hard.
I have friends who work 18-hour days, 7 days a week.
We don't see that in the upper crust.
We don't see that in the Hillary's.
We don't see that in the Washington Post.
I don't see that in the bankers of Goldman Sachs or Lloyd Blankfein, who comes in and defies an order on immigration.
But we are seeing 18-hour days out of Trump.
That's not put on.
He literally is a machine.
Actually, I'm very impressed.
And as a physician, I'm a little bit worried about a man who's a little bit younger than myself, who has this kind of energy, goes 18 hours a day, 7 days a week.
I was about to say though, he's the oldest president ever elected.
Well, he may be the oldest in terms of age, but he is the youngest in terms of attitude, ethos, and eagerness.
I hate to sing the praises of Trump too much, but if you study history, this is a real anomaly.
This is a real unicorn.
It's what you said, Alex.
It's what we worked at.
It's what millions of your listeners have heard all over the world.
This is the American Revolution.
I talked about it.
I wrote about it 20 years ago in fiction and in blog.
You made it possible.
Roger Stone made it possible.
I, a bunch of others, but this is a real secondary revolution.
It is not, it's not filled with guns, it's not filled with hatred, it is simply a concept called change.
And America is frightened because for too long, we... Dr. Pagini, your Skype degraded.
I'm going to reconnect with you because it's totally degraded.
Reconnect with him.
It's totally degraded.
We're going to come back with him.
He's making some powerful points.
The second American Revolution is here.
Make no mistake.
Trump is doing everything, exactly how you level playing fields.
Quite frankly, it's a tip towards the small business person and local communities and African-American communities.
Because he knows the globalists are going to use that as a time bomb to bring the country down.
So just from a self-serving position for his kids and himself, he also cares about those people.
He's trying to like, here's jobs, here's support, here's a life, you know.
He's telling the elites, you better invest here, or the whole world economy is going to go down.
Now's the time.
So this is a very pro-human approach we're seeing, instead of this bean-counting, Michael Bloomberg, technocrat view.
Your Skype was breaking up there, Dr. Pachinik, continue.
I have to ask my pitch.
It's getting better.
Is it better?
Let me see what I can do.
It's okay.
It's a little bit better.
We're going to come back to you in a minute.
But again, ladies and gentlemen, the wonders of Skype, the wonders of talking to somebody in Florida and I'm here in Texas and you're watching in Japan or Russia or Mexico or Canada or right here in Austin, Texas.
But I don't say this as a patronizing thing to pat you on the head.
I'm going to say it very, very slowly.
I am completely humbled and I am thankful every minute of every day that I'm conscious for everyone that's helped us.
From Matt Drudge, to my parents, to the crew here in this office, to you.
And I know you're thankful to me as well.
We're in this together.
This is real.
I really want prosperity and justice.
I really want to stop racism.
I really want to empower humanity.
I really want to conquer cancer with God's help.
I really do believe in humanity.
And there are a lot of us.
And we're going to come together and we're going to build systems that outperform anything the globalists could ever create.
And we are going to change the world.
Why wouldn't we?
Look what we're promoting.
Everything is good in the understanding that we have love for our fellow humans.
It's easy to dominate and control weak people and then feel powerful because you're smarter than them.
But that, that is a curse.
And see, you don't think like that, so you're blind to the enemy.
I was blind for a long time too, but you have to admit what they're doing.
And you are the reason Infowars is so successful.
You are the reason.
And they're trying to block us.
They're trying to censor us.
They were going to bring in a real authoritarianism under Hillary.
Good people in our government, good people in corporations and business and daily life, and just you took action.
You know, Dr. Pashutic, you're back now with a clear shot.
You were breaking down the second American Revolution, how big this is.
You're right.
We should celebrate this more, not just to pat each other on the back, but to recognize what is successful and what has worked, and then deploy it further.
Because I know you want to say,
They failed, they're over.
We're beating them.
You know, Trump's blitzkrieg.
But, I mean, they are involved in some counter-strikes here.
So let's flesh this out.
Well, let me put it this way.
This is far bigger than just an American revolution.
It's something that you and I talked about.
The breakup of the EU is imminent.
I've said it for years.
Theresa May, Prime Minister of England, did the smartest thing possible, came to see Trump, said that they're going to negotiate a separate agreement with Trump
Prime Minister of Japan, Abe, came to see Trump.
South Korean ambassadors are coming to see Trump.
What's happening now is that America has redefined its position in the world, taken out of the notion of the multilateral context, which was really not to our advantage.
All the membership that we had in all these WTO, United Nations, was worthless.
We were spending countless numbers of billions of dollars for absolutely nothing, and Trump
Look at the problem.
He saw what we had to do.
We had to withdraw and reconfigure ourselves into position of power.
We're not isolationists.
This is not a
Your sky broke up, but I'm going to say this.
If you really look at it, it's major Americana cultural expansionism.
Our real power is being Americana, so all the tyrannies of the world are the ones that better be upset.
And you know what, Dr. Pachinik?
Tyrannies and centralized systems are upset.
Again, your sky's breaking up, that's why I interrupted.
Let's do this, because he's really on fire today.
Let's get him on phone right now.
You know, Skype's a weird thing and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
Skype can work great at my house for two months and then just not work after that.
Let me plug now because we're going to come back and I won't plug and then tomorrow I'm going to take a lot of phone calls.
I'm going to be on the road.
I'm going to be also on Joe Rogan's podcast tomorrow as well.
That's at 3.30 Central Standard Time.
It's 1.30 Pacific Standard Time, so I'll do three hours here.
I'll take an hour break, drive over to his place, over to his studios, and do the show with Joe.
And I've been friends with Joe for 18 years, but the real reason this is important is I've never been on the podcast.
I just, I've just never gone out there to be on it.
And so Joe, about five years ago, goes, I'm not doing your show anymore until you come on mine.
And then he's always busy, and I'm busy.
We play phone tag.
It's never happened.
So he's done three or four interviews since then, but he's always like, you know, I told you, why don't you do my podcast?
And I don't think, he knows I don't really think in a Machiavellian way.
I mean, I can, but I don't operate like that.
Like, why do you have me on your show, but you don't come on mine?
And it's just because he doesn't have guests via Skype.
And Joe's a big comedian.
He has 10,000 people show up to hear him do his routines.
I'd say he's in the top 10 comedians right now.
He's a multi-talented guy.
So he comes to Austin, I'm able to have him on the show, but normally it's just more screwing around in the morning or whatever.
Joe talks about some really intelligent
Thought-provoking things on the air.
And again, he has a really wide audience of people that I think are seeking the truth.
So that's why I rarely travel to do interviews.
And I really don't like Los Angeles.
But I am going out there because I want to reach out to Joe's audience.
So, you don't want to miss that.
That'll be tomorrow on his podcast.
Now, going back to Dr. Steve Pichetnik.
Sorry I've been interrupted by Skype.
Not my fault, though.
Get back into this de-evolution.
What's happening and what you expect.
I mean, I want to believe you that we're really
Thank you, Alex, and I do apologize for the Skype.
It's not interference from anybody else, but just my incapacity to run.
Let me make it clear.
This is not about self-congratulation.
There's nothing here where we who were part of this revolution, including the Trump family, are successful.
Success really gets defined on a continuous basis.
What's happened is Trump and Bannon and the others have understood very clearly
We've taken out every civilian who has in the past or will in the future create an unnecessary war.
How is that done?
Well, that was done paradoxically by putting in generals and military men who've been in combat, who understand that we're wasting our men and resources on wars that make no sense.
I don't know.
All of
One presidency, two pres... Over decades.
We hadn't had a president who'd been in the military since Bush Sr.
and James Carter.
And it wasn't an accident that under Jimmy Carter and Bush Sr., we were asked to put in more military people in order to stop wars that had occurred.
The second part of all of this is we no longer want to be tied to financial transactions which have no benefit to us, the American people.
All right, Doc, let's come back and break down this huge Trump revolution.
We're ten days in.
He is delivering.
This is historic.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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There's one ex-official that's calling on Mexico to, quote, unleash drug cartels to punish President Trump.
He's suggesting that drugs should be allowed to flow freely into the U.S.
Of course, I'm talking about former Secretary of Foreign Affairs George Castaneda.
He's calling on Mexico to punish Trump for his actions on deporting illegals here in the U.S.
and building a border wall.
He's suggesting that criminal cartels should be allowed to run drugs freely in the U.S.
During an interview on CNN, the ex-official suggested that drug cartels could be unleashed on the U.S.
as retribution for, quote, Trump's aggressive stance toward Mexico.
He goes on to say, Mexico has a lot of negotiating ships in this matter.
For example, drugs that come through Mexico from South America or drugs that are produced here in Mexico all go to the U.S.
This is not our problem.
We've been cooperating with the U.S.
for many years on these issues because they've asked us to and because we have a friendly, trustful relationship.
You know what, pal?
That relationship does include a wall which is being built whether you like it or not.
I'm Margaret Howe reporting for InfoWars.com.
You are either with the Republic or against it.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
The reason I harp on the fact that Trump is delivering on every front is this is just amazing.
We have seen a historical time in the last two years and now the time we're going into is going to be even more historic.
And what we have is a group trying to take over power and this huge centralized system that actually wants to empower the individual and wants you to have hope and really wants to get back to normal human values that transcend whether you're an American or Russian, Chinese, Mexican, it doesn't matter.
And when you see somebody like Stephen Bannon, who openly wants to make people so prosperous that we break the will of political correctness,
And the people that really have a vision and an understanding of the really sick psychological control that the nanny state was trying to put into society.
And we've got a long way to dig out, but the worm is turning very, very quickly.
So as Pchenik was just saying, Dr. Pchenik, this isn't about, oh, look, we're having big victories.
Oh, look, Trump's so great.
It's about, wow, this is what it looks like when somebody really takes action and doesn't care what the other side has to say and is committed.
It really is magic to see, and that's why they're so over-centralized in the executive branch, that now it's their biggest enemy, as Trump can reverse everything, just copying Obama's executive orders and laws, but tweaking them.
Then when they attack him, he says, wait a minute, I'm just doing what Obama did, but actually implementing it.
And so what freaks me out is I'm so used to dealing with Democrats and Republican establishment types that just go off press releases and are so lazy and work like five hours a day and don't even know what they're doing themselves.
They're just arrogant in their power and MSM covering up for them.
And the counterattacks are so ham-fisted that it was like battling people that, you know, were mentally retarded, quite frankly.
But they still had power, so it was still an adversary.
Watching Trump now, I look at what he does, it's so well-researched.
And so
Decentralize the technology, devolve power to the states.
America 2.0.
And he said that in his inaugural speech.
Dr. Puccini, what was it like for you to see that inaugural speech?
Your colleagues you talked to, other people that have been trying to keep this country free for decades and decades.
Is it surreal for you?
Because for me it is just bizarre to see this paradox.
Well, let me just say, when I heard the speech, I cheered.
I thought it was to the point, it was brief, and it was comprehensive.
Was it surreal?
Not really, because when somebody like you or I think about a regime change, which this was, and it's too late for
The people on the left, or the media, or whatever you want to call it, it's too late for them to implement any other changes.
All they can do is create obstructions which are not really valid, as you see the Schumers who start a cry and it's disingenuous, or the blank fines who raped our government and our people from Goldman Sachs, and they're complaining.
The reality is,
Those days are over.
And what we will see now is the breakup of the government.
And it's beginning with the State Department, where I'd work, which I've said... And what's crazy is hearing you and Bannon and others, Trump is literally doing it.
He said, I'm breaking it up, get ready, and then he starts doing it.
That's correct, and that whole concept that I'm going to do it, and subsequently, you Americans, or wherever you're involved, you have to pay the price.
No one has realized that particular issue, and that's what the press doesn't understand, that's what the Hillarys don't understand, the Democrats don't understand.
There are consequences.
The consequences have been obviated for too long.
Now, analyzing these problems, this is the way to go.
We're going to make the government smaller, which by definition should have been smaller.
We're no longer going to have a million people on the Pentagon supporting a million soldiers.
That's not going to work.
We're no longer going to have 20,000 Foreign Service officers, who really don't do very much.
Sure, what do you make of democracy or anything else?
I'm going to take that down.
So by self-definition, the people select themselves out if they think they can protest against Trump.
I don't have a problem with that.
That's your right.
But the consequence is you can't hide behind anonymity the way the State Department officials are trying to do.
They want to have their change and the counterbalance to Trump, but they don't want to be named.
I would rather have them named than say, OK, you don't have to work here.
We don't have to pay you for 20 years of being in the Foreign Service.
I'm not sure what you've done.
I'm not clear what the outcome is.
And quite frankly, this is what I used to do in management.
And we used to get rid of people one after another.
Now, the system is not used to the sweeper or the cleaner.
And that's really what Trump has been doing.
And people like yourself or myself, we can articulate the point of view, we implement it, but then what happens?
It becomes infectious.
The Hillary's and the Clinton's and everybody else becomes irrelevant.
What becomes relevant is that we become the focal point.
For England?
Now the biggest problem is... We're now the role model all over and the dominoes... I mean, look at Le Pen.
She's racing to first place in... Correct.
Nationalist movements are exploding.
Why do you have your top story?
You sent it to me.
Let's briefly talk about this.
What does it signify that he's put Bannon in for National Security Council but brought the CIA back in after decades as well?
And then I want to circle back around to the outgoing CIA head openly threatening Trump unprecedented.
Well, I wrote an article about Bannon.
It's not the first time.
It's really the second time where I support a man like Stephen Bannon.
He's born of a Democratic left, pro-labor, pro-Democrat, came out of Norfolk, Virginia.
But thanks to his own desire to make something of himself, he went to Virginia Tech, then got a master's degree at Georgetown, then volunteered to go into the Navy, became an officer in the Navy, was involved in surface warfare.
It's about Renaissance men.
I'm sorry?
It's about Renaissance men.
Yeah, but on the other hand, it's about America.
Every American, in a way, is a Renaissance person, because they have the ability to decide what they want to do.
They don't have to stick to one profession.
They're no longer geared to be one thing, like the Foreign Service or the CIA, where you put 25 years in and then you get a pension.
Those days are gone.
The pensions won't be there.
That's the sad news for America.
But the people who are entrepreneurial, like the Steve Bannon, like yourself and others, those are the ones that will flourish.
When you put that uncertainty into the system of being entrepreneurial, which is the basis of this country, then all kinds of things happen.
Sure, let's walk through some of the headlines on your site.
You point out Democrats suffer from senile dementia, claiming Putin puts words in Trump's head.
Let's talk about that.
Let's talk about the women's march you've exposed.
I mean, let's talk about then, if they are defeated then, what do they do?
Because they've got tens of millions of people.
I've been out there.
I don't need a psychology degree to know they're mentally ill.
Well, it's not an issue.
You know, I differ from you in a little way because I know the people who are protesting.
But if you think about the protest, women getting together and protesting that we are women and we want a liberated freedom or whatever, it's not relevant.
It was so awkward and so basically inept.
That's right.
I agree.
They're not synced up with anything.
I mean, we're in the zeitgeist.
Everything we're doing is like this human will to succeed and propel and invent and trailblaze and discover.
And everything they do is like trying to pull us down.
As a psychiatrist, what do you call that?
Do they hate themselves so they're projecting their loathing?
Because I'm not being a mean person, but... No, I don't want to get into the psychiatric mode.
What I call themselves is what I called Hillary Condoleezza and Madeleine Albright.
They were basically people who came out of the so-called elite schools, either Stanford or Harvard or whatever, and they thought that was sufficient and necessary just to keep them for the rest of their life.
That wasn't the case.
The simple case is, you can protest whatever you want, you have to articulate it, but it's not relevant to the United States.
Because the real people who voted for Trump were exactly the people whom we've talked about and who listened to the Alex Jones Show.
And you've said this a thousand times, and hearing you and Bannon, it's like the same person, but I've been talking to you 15 years now, Doc, not 12.
He says they don't get us.
They don't know America.
They don't know who they're dealing with.
They're not even in the same universe as us.
That's really it.
They are literal elitists.
It's as simple as that.
I mean, you're going to Los Angeles.
I worked in Los Angeles.
It's not real.
I mean, there's a movie called La La Land, which is terrible.
But they think this is a representation of what they're about.
It's literally not relevant to the way of life in America.
Once Hollywood was relevant, it is no longer relevant because of the internet, because of the Alex Jones, because of the webinar.
So what's happening is you're seeing arcane systems disappearing in very quick time.
So we're like watching ships sink, basically.
Well, they're not sunk completely, but they're getting water on board.
They are sinking very rapidly.
It's more kind of the death of an elephant.
Could they reinvent themselves if they joined with the American system of the Americana?
Could they go from being historical to being historic?
Yeah, that's a good point, Alex, because if you see a guy like Bannon, who came out of the Democratic left and came out of pro-labor and all, and switched, he went to the side where he understood that real America was not about elitism.
It was about work, about achievement and failure.
That was not inherent.
In the left, where it had labor unions, where you had a steady income, where you had a pension, those days are gone.
The notion of consistency and security, that's gone for the individual.
For the nation, no, because we grew and we did our best when we had to develop technology, when we had to take great risks, and that's where we are right now.
Well, it's just like children.
If you don't make them strive, make them learn, make them go under pressure, they turn into just demonic, spoiled brats.
And America has somewhat turned into a spoiled brat, but it was not equally distributed.
So you're being very positive today.
In closing here, what are the pitfalls?
What do we have to look for to make sure we secure this victory?
Because I am just in celebration mode, quite frankly, which I've never been in for 20 plus years.
Like, a great feeling of completion.
I know we've got more fights to come, but the fact that Trump is delivering
It's just breathtaking.
It's much better than I thought it would be, but I still want to guard the victory.
What do we do?
Well, we have to be patient.
The initial incision by the surgeon Trump doesn't necessarily mean that the operation is successful.
Like any operation where we literally are changing the metabolism and the state of the patient, which is what America's in, we have to wait for the completion of the operation.
Who are the people who will implement the change?
How good are they really?
How effective are they?
Is Trump going to monitor that?
And those are the kind of things that we have to watch out for.
So the revolution has just begun.
But remember, in every revolution, those of us who are the
Sure, Bannon came out and he said, keep us honest.
We're fighting all these special interests.
It's dizzying.
Please watch our backs.
Please criticize us.
Don't just get behind us.
He said that two weeks ago.
Let me ask you this then.
As a psychiatrist, but also as a doctor and as a veteran and all the other things you've done,
Looking at it from a psychiatric position, I don't see Trump as a narcissist like they say in these overblown terms they use too much.
He is like about almost OCD about success, victory, piles of work, delivering on what he says he'll do, and the ultimate task is to defeat all these other elites.
He sees that we're given everything they had, and so it's almost a good thing that he's hyper-dominant and sees his victory like a big dog hauling us back a big deer by the neck.
I mean, it's almost very dog-like.
I don't mean that in a diminutive word.
No, I understand what you're saying.
Let me make this very clear.
Every one of us has narcissism.
There's what we call malignant narcissism.
There's what we call healthy narcissism.
In the case of Trump right now, he is manifesting a very healthy amount of narcissism saying,
I'm going to change, but it's not only me.
Sure, but that's what I'm saying.
I'm not a psychiatrist, but explain.
I don't use the terms you use, but it seems like his whole identity and will is about empowering us.
He sees us as him.
I mean, that sounds very positive, but also could have some dangerous connotations if there's setbacks.
But break it down.
Well, the connotation, when you have a leader as strong-willed as Trump, you also have
I don't mean in a negative way about Trump, but the higher the monkey climbs, the further he falls.
One of the things that Trump has to watch out for is what we call in the business idealization and devaluation.
That means everyone he meets, or however great he is, the higher he goes and the higher he claims somebody else goes, the further it is possible for someone like me or others to devalue him.
So there's an inherent failure.
Thank you very much.
That's an inherent part of every revolution that I've studied involved in.
And so what we tend to do in the more effective regime changes, we lower the flame, we keep it far more quiet, and we make sure that our potential opponents
Can be successful in certain ways.
It's not the greatest thing to make sure that we have defeated anyone.
We haven't defeated anyone.
These are part of America.
Sure, they're all part of the process.
We're trying to empower them and hoping we can be good enough to really be worthy of this great object.
Well, the point is, remember, this is just the beginning, my friend.
And in the beginning, there are many things that look very, very positive.
But like anything else, as you have repeatedly stated, he is only a human.
He knows that.
His capacity is limited by the fact you only have 24 hours a day.
He gets tired.
He has people who are beyond his family reach.
He has to depend on others whose ideas are not his and have countervailing... Sure, well I've talked to folks who've been around Trump after he's been working like 20 hours a day the first few, and I don't want to get into it, but he is like literally just going in and collapsing.
So he's, I tell you, he's really doing it though.
Well, remember this Alex.
We have many leaders in the military who've also been on duty 24-7.
They have countervailing points of view.
And I would certainly caution or put a very pleasant advice to Trump and his people to accede to those of those military generals who see things differently.
In other words,
Don't assume that everything he does may be the only way to do it.
Do understand that the people... Well, I mean, he let Mattis appoint all his own people.
Same thing with Flynn and the rest of them.
Let's do one more segment, and then Paul Watson's coming up from London.
I'm Alex Jones.
Now I want to go back to Darren McBrain and Margaret Howell.
You had actually one of these precious snowflakes was telling us a very personal clip about how he felt about this and what he was going to do.
Let's go back to Darren and Margaret.
This is an urgent message from a liberal in distress.
So we take you now to an underground bunker deep in the heart of the land of idiocracy.
But here we are, folks, at the end of everything.
Human civilization, as we know it, is coming crashing down.
The world is over.
Donald Trump will be sworn in this week.
And then it's all over.
It's all over, guys.
I'm so scared.
I'm so alone and so scared.
This can't be real.
Please don't leave us.
We elected for the first time someone who is selfish, dishonest, egotistical.
For the first time.
And we could have had Hillary Clinton instead.
And now we're going to pay the price.
We can survive this, okay?
We can survive it, but you have to get underground.
And I am at my mom's house where I've been temporarily rooming for the last 31 years.
And I'm down in the basement, as you can see.
I've made kind of a bunker for myself here.
You've got to get underground now because we don't have a lot of time.
Look, based on everything that I've read on Facebook, right after the inauguration, Donald Trump is going to drop a nuclear bomb.
On Mexico.
100 billion gallons of oil into the ocean in order to kill all of the dolphins.
And then, based on what I've heard from people like Keith Olbermann, he is going to blow up Jupiter with a death ray.
And finally, the last act of cruelty and sadism, the last straw for all mankind, will be when he blocks CNN reporters.
On Twitter.
Already been blocked at the YMCA, so... You need to prepare yourself now, and if you have not been stocking supplies and foods, you gotta do that.
I have all of the supplies I'm going to need to survive the apocalypse right here, and I wanted to show you a few of the things I have.
On sale right now.
You're obviously going to need a lot of non-perishable food items.
Vegan, plant-based, of course.
Other survival foods.
Pita chips.
Gluten-free, obviously.
That's a great parody piece, but let's talk about what you really do need.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
And we've been resisting the globalists and the corrupt consolidators of power who want to show it all up.
Who think humanity's ugly because they themselves are so ugly, but we have to also
Resist our lesser angels and be good people.
We've got Roger Stone's book.
Everybody that gets it, gets it signed here.
No additional charge.
And it's discounted $5.
Out of the gates, because I bought so many of them, I can discount them.
At infowarestore.com.
Or call toll-free, 888-253-3139.
Roger's on the show tomorrow.
Now we're talking to Dr. Steve Pichinik.
We're almost out of time.
Paul Watson's going to be taking over.
I got to most of it today.
I may do five minutes into Paul's time.
I need a few more clips I want to cover.
But make no mistake, I think humanity's coming back up to the surface.
When Trump said in his inaugural speech that
Mark January 20th, 2017 as the day that America basically was reborn.
I think the whole movement to put Trump in was that.
But it really was the spoiled brat nature of Obama and Hillary and Obama coming out when Trump did the same thing, you know, he's done and bitching.
It's like they're so comical.
I don't normally downgrade my enemies.
But if you look at Madeleine Albright and Hillary and all these people and Michael Moore, I mean,
They're like caricatures of losers and it makes me feel bad.
How did we ever get in the position where these people were ruling over us?
Dr. Pachinic?
Well, you have to remember that whatever was the institution is gone.
How we got there, it's a multi-level issue.
We're good to go.
There are many things that we can do as business people where we can change the nature of our... But I mean life is a business.
It's all calories.
It's all numbers.
It's all survival.
It's all procreation.
Life is a business.
Well, it's a business because we began as a business.
We started with a revolution called the Tea Party.
Every one of our founding fathers was in the business of real estate, or tobacco, or cotton.
And every one of our subsequent entrepreneurs came out of the fact that we created, in part with England, the Industrial Revolution.
We are now in the process of deciding which countries we want to do business with, which countries we do not want to do business with, which countries... Which is part of sovereignty, saying America decides, like a woman, who we get in bed with.
I mean, it's about basic sovereignty, that's why they're so pissed.
Well, that's correct.
Basically what we're doing now is we're negating on the notion that we've absolved ourselves of responsibility in the past, meaning we're no longer going to acquiesce to some group of 110 different nations which may or may not contribute to world peace or the weather or... Or Saudi Arabia heading up the Human Rights Board?
You know, jokes like that?
Saudi Arabia, you know, heading up the UN Human Rights Board.
That's absurd.
And now what's going to happen, despite the fact that Trump has businesses in Saudi Arabia, the following countries will be in serious trouble.
And I'm not throwing that out as a threat.
I'm just saying it's evident.
One is Saudi Arabia.
They have an unemployment rate among their youth of over 40 percent.
Next is Qatar, then Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Then you go into Turkey, which has trouble.
Then you're going into Germany, which has trouble.
Hold on, there's five more.
This is important.
On Geopolitical with Dr. Steve Pchenik, who's overthrown plenty of tyrannical regimes, who he thinks the next dominoes to fall are.
I tell you, those Islamic regimes are such spoiled, rotten people.
They treat their people horrible.
I'd love to see them fall.
We'll be back.
Anthony Gucciardi joins us to talk about Bio PCA, the latest formula to be announced and released by Infowarslife.com.
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We actually want to make something that's good.
Went on what Mother Nature gave us, and it's changed my life, and it's also helped the InfoWar change the country and the world.
It's a win-win.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
We're gonna Google this, or search it in this live on air, but I think Saudi Arabia's got something like 8,000 princes, and the lowest level one gets like 5 million a year.
I'm going for a member, we can pull it up.
Just the number of princes, and then what they get a year.
The general public's real poor.
You're smart off against the government to execute you, if you're homosexual they execute you.
And then, you know, when they have a bombing campaign and a guy flies one air mission from 20,000 feet and drops a bomb with no anti-aircraft on a village, they buy him a $300,000 Bentley and give him, like, an Iron Cross, basically, or Congressional Medal of Honor, you know, flying cross.
I mean, I don't want to sit here and bash Saudi Arabia, but what a joke!
And some made-up royalty the British created, you know, in the 1920s or whatever?
You were getting into failed states and just talking about those.
I mean, a failed state is different than one about to fall.
But yeah, you talk about 40% of people in Saudi Arabia being unemployed.
Break that down, Dr. Pachetnik, in the next few minutes.
Other places you think are in big trouble.
Well, the biggest problem besides the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, and the Sunni countries will be China.
And it's not an issue of a military confrontation.
It's an issue that President Xi
Who is really what we call a princeling, the son of a major revolutionary, who really can't handle the economy, which is totally messed up.
There is a huge outflow of cash that's going into the United States and elsewhere.
He has a major devaluation of one.
He has companies that are so corrupt that they're making up numbers for the bonds that they're selling in the trillions of dollars.
And he has political unrest.
What that means for the United States is that we're not going to war.
We simply have to stabilize and help him to stabilize his own government before he thinks that an external war can help him out.
The truth of the matter is that China is both economically and politically very fragile.
They have no water.
They have to depend on the Himalayas and the water that goes into India.
Germany now has to hold the basis of the foundation of the EU.
France is in a terrible shape.
Spain is in terrible shape.
Greece is in terrible shape.
Italy, Portugal, terrible shape.
The one country that seems to be cleaning itself out even better than we have is Brazil.
Brazil has indicted its former president, Lula, the president before that, its vice president now.
And they're having a very similar nationalist, anti-globalist movement.
And the Brazilians are lovely people.
They're not aggressive.
They're wonderful Catholics from Portugal.
And they have effectively neutralized four of their senior people and are continuing to do that in their Congress.
So I see a very optimistic future for Brazil.
I do not see one for Venezuela.
He should be taken out.
What about Cuba?
Argentina will come back up and other Latin American countries as well.
Hopefully Chile.
The reality is America will still be the lodestar for most of the countries around the world.
Not because we're going to send troops, but simply because of the model that we're instituting now of an internal revolution without violence becomes a very important paradigm for people all over the world.
It started in Arab Spring in Egypt.
It didn't succeed there because in turn the military had to be put in, but now
What the world is going to watch is how effectively Trump and his people can literally make change.
1776 worldwide.
Couldn't you call it 1776 worldwide?
I think it's a valid point.
This is more significant in any way than, well, I can't say more.
It's equal to the 1776 because we're literally in the 21st century where the new commodity and the new way of relating is through binary numbers.
Sure, sure.
And that original root, though, of 1776 now is under the mighty tree.
Thank you, Dr. Pachenik.
Find his book some more there.
Thanks, sir.
I'm gonna come right back and introduce Paul.
Plus, I got the real numbers of the Saudi princes.
It's worse than I said.
Stay with us.
What we saw in Quebec City, the way I look at it, it was intended to be one of those booster charges.
You need to accelerate the hysteria, the panic.
It was a misfire.
Yeah, it was a misfire.
That's why they went from Daily Beast at the crack of dawn this morning showing two white French guys with rifles to having to retract it.
They were already primed.
They were primed.
And the people were already at the airports.
Imagine how easy it would be to shut this country down with people just acting a little bit more hysterical at the airports.
The country would come to a halt.
Soros made moves against the stock market today in conjunction with demonizing Trump, so they're already trying that.
In fact, it appears they had it all set with this false flag, you're probably right, and the riots they already had primed for a stock market plunge to blame Trump, but it failed.
The moment is lost because
You know, gradually the new media gets the word out that these six countries were just Obama's terror, failed terror states.
These are nations like Libya and Sudan and Yemen that we don't, or Somalia, nobody that's useful to our country comes out of there.
Well, they don't even really have real airports, right?
I mean, places like Somalia.
You can't go there and stay alive.
If you're a white Christian, you'd be dead or kidnapped in a week.
But if this attack in Quebec City had worked...
God help us, right now the country would be in a... if, let's say, 50 Muslims had been killed and there was a blue-eyed Quebecois outside dead, which I think is one of the ways that this scenario was intended to play out.
How they tried to plunge the stock market this morning, how they put out the fake news, and the site you mentioned is synced with Soros.
Yeah, oh, they got caught in a dry run, or it misfired.
I think it was a misfire and the left will try to just bury the story.
It's like an un-story, a non-story.
If this had been a white guy with an AK-47 dead outside of a mosque with 50 dead Muslims inside, the people that are at the airports now would be shutting the airports down.
And it would legitimize all them out there.
Oh look, Trump supporter goes and does this, but he lived.
The dumb mind control or easily influenced idiot lived.
And so now it's not, you can see it now.
Matt, you're absolutely right.
They absolutely had the whole thing set up.
We need to look carefully into the Canadian connections.
There were apparently two competing mosques up there.
There's a more radical mosque.
And a more moderate mosque.
The moderate mosque is the one that was attacked.
And this is a classic profile of a false flag.
We should be on maximum terror alert right now and watching for false flags.
Yes, and any knuckleheads on our sides, please don't do anything stupid.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, I'm about to turn this over to Paul Watson, hosting from London, England, with all the important information he's got to cover that everybody eagerly awaits.
But just finishing up, I went off memory and said 9-10,000 Saudi house members getting millions of dollars apiece, some billions a year.
And I'm sorry, the number's grown since I looked at it 6-7 years ago or whatever.
I just had in my head 9-10,000, but I said check it.
15,000 members of the Royal House.
But 2,000 that get to hundreds of millions a year.
But the lowest level gets like a Bentley and, you know, every year, and a helicopter every 10 years, and a jet and $3 million a year.
Higher ups get billions a year.
I mean, this was all set up by British intelligence between 1901 and 1930.
I mean, they were building it and turning it loose, the most radical form of Wahhabism.
They would attack the Spice Trail.
They would attack the caravans going through Mecca.
Alright, I'm going to turn things over to Paul Joseph Watson.
I've got this selfish question to my friend.
Give me your honest assessment of Trump.
I mean, I know about a year and a half ago you had cold feet, but liked him, you love him.
Now, obviously, he's been delivering, but ten days in, I mean, what would you call what's happening and the establishment media only intensifying their lies, Paul?
Well, it's amazing, Alex.
I thought going into the first hundred days of Trump would be, you know, holding his feet to the fire and making sure that he followed through on what he promised.
Turns out that we didn't need to worry about that at all.
He's going at light speed with everything that he promised.
And, of course, that's brought this mass frothing temper tantrum, the toys out of the pram temper tantrum, to the fore.
Again, the left is completely determined they would rather see America collapse than Trump be successful.
That's the point that it's gotten to now.
And you can see it with this travel ban.
I mean, we've seen a narrative over the past couple of days, which is, oh, what if this offends ISIS?
What if this offends terrorists?
Yeah, they'll get us if we don't capitulate and run a white flag up.
Even Khan's dad goes on TV and goes, you will now face attack.
I mean, it's like, wow, how veiled is that, asshole?
Excuse me, excuse me, I'm sorry, go ahead.
Yeah, the Foreign Secretary or the Home Secretary in the UK has just come out, this is on BBC, Amber Rudd, Trump travel ban could help ISIS, and she's saying it's a propaganda opportunity for so-called Islamic State.
Well, number one, the very existence of the West and America is a propaganda opportunity.
Number two, you actually look at what ISIS supporters have written, and we had a big article about this yesterday,
And they are enjoying this because they say directly in their own words, this division that's caused by these leftist protesters rioting at the airports, smacking Trump supporters and knocking them out with metal objects while chanting, peaceful protest.
The ISIS supporters love that.
They want more of that because they see this division as a way to exploit... And then CNN spins it and blames Trump like it's his fault ISIS is attacking and his fault ISIS is exploiting their own Soros protesters.
I don't see this going well for them though.
His Gallup poll numbers in Rasmussen only go up now upwards of 60%.
We know those are even skewed polls.
So what does this bode, Paul?
Well, it bodes for a second Trump term.
I mean, we had a Rasmussen poll yesterday, 58% support the travel ban, only 33% oppose it.
Again, in complete contradiction to this frothing media narrative.
The whole country is in a tumultuous hissy fit against Donald Trump's travel ban.
Complete BS.
Most Americans support it.
Most Americans think it's reasonable.
The Americans that do support it don't think that it goes far enough.
There's all this rhetoric about, oh, why aren't Saudi Arabia on the list?
Well, number one, America actually gets detailed information about Saudi Arabia.
Yeah, Saudi Arabia exports its terrorists.
It doesn't let it go on its own country.
So they've got real databases on them.
Little more sophisticated, but they do send American intelligence on Saudis coming into the US, so at least we know who they are, unlike, you know, Iraq and Syria, which don't.
That's one reason.
Another reason, they're looking at adding more countries to the list.
This list is based on seven countries chosen by the Obama administration, which of course the left
Didn't give a damn about back in 2011 when Obama banned Iraqi refugees for a period of six months, double the amount of time that Trump's banned them.
And again, you've got, you know, Chuck Schumer out there crying back in 2015, and we're going to play the clip later.
He called off the back of the Obama administration's recommendations for basically the same system, a limit on refugees, basically extreme vetting.
So in 2015 he's advocating the same system, in 2017 he's crying... Well that's my last question, Paul.
Is this... as they call us fake news, it seems like they've only gone more insane and are now attacking basic pillars of known fact, just like Trump is
Enforcing Obama orders, and they act like he's like murdering Islamic children or something.
This is totally insane.
Separately though, very, very briefly here, because we didn't pre-plan this live on the radio and TV.
You've been with me now, what, almost 16 years, Paul.
You've done a great job.
You've seen InfoWars grow.
From just you and myself and two or three others when I first hired you to where it is now.
I know I've got to start a Washington bureau, a London bureau, at least a few people under you.
I know we've got to do this because we're going to change history.
We've already done it.
It's a responsibility.
I can't just sit here and sit idly by.
It is about restoring this republic.
But encouraging people to support us and buy the books and buy the videos and buy the t-shirts and buy the non-gmo heirloom seeds and buy the water filtration systems that are 25% off right now.
I mean, where can you say supporting an organization has had bigger effects on the world than supporting InfoWars?
I don't say that from a...
It's the opposite.
I don't want to grow.
I hate managing people.
I don't want to do all this.
But it's the responsibility that I've got to carry out.
So I want to thank listeners for the support.
But Paul, unscripted, I know you're a private guy, but what has your journey been like?
And where do you think we're going from here?
I mean, don't you have that same sense?
I mean, last night I was texting you at 11 o'clock at night my time.
You were texting back.
And I guess 5 a.m.
you were still working.
He's like, I gotta go to bed.
I mean, I know you just work all the time now.
It's an animating spirit.
Trump feels it.
Your take on that, and then I'm going to let you take over.
In fact, I'm gone.
I want to hear what you have to say.
Well, the numbers are clear.
We're having as big an impact, more of an impact than we've ever had before.
I get literally, what, 2,000 messages a day from people all over the world saying, we love you, you woke me up, from leftists, from millennials, from Muslims, people you wouldn't normally expect.
The big difference is- Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.
Trump's people know you particularly are breaking the conditioning of young liberals.
In fact, you're seen now as more and more of the secret weapon.
Even more than Milo, Paul, you don't realize it.
No, I get messages from people, not just like college students, not 16, 18 year olds, but literally some of them are 10, 11 years old and they're already watching my videos, they're watching InfoWars, they're already noticing the brainwashing in the schools.
This is a massive revolution that's taking place, a restoration, and we are capturing the minds of the next generation.
We're literally red-pilling the next generation because our arguments resonate.
I mean, our Twitter feeds, our Facebook feeds, we're now competing, for example, with BBC News.
We're beating them on Twitter.
We get more Twitter impressions than BBC News.
They have 27 million followers on Twitter.
What does that mean?
It means that people follow them just because they think they should follow them.
They don't resonate.
Their message doesn't resonate.
That's right, they've got all the followers because of all their millions in advertising, but no one's looking at them.
That's the thing about Infowars, which has always been the case, but now more than ever, we have an activist audience.
We have an audience that will go out to bat for us, will push our news.
Whereas, you know, the BBC, ABC News, whoever, people just let it wash over them.
Their audience are basically
At one end of the spectrum, you know, geriatrics.
At the other end, just really, really dumb people.
They've got unconscious zombies who aren't in the arena.
We've got people with the light of God in their eyes.
It's beautiful.
I mean, let me tell you, in these crowds, whether they be black or white or Hispanic, our fans have such electric eyes and are so awake, it's like humbling.
I start getting tears in my eyes.
And I'm like, oh my God, this is magic.
Then I look at who they've got.
I don't say this with pleasure.
The Women's March looked like undead.
What is going on here, Paul?
I think you've seen a polarisation, Alex, where at one end of the spectrum, the really engaged, active, well-read people are coming over to us, and the dumbos who just emotionally react to any news story whatsoever, that's why they're drawn to the likes of Rachel Maddow or MSNBC, because their brains are literally not as well-developed, and they react more emotionally to news events.
So they're always going to have those people, and yeah, they're always going to have reasonably sized numbers of viewers.
Uh, you know, Rachel Maddow probably gets, what, a couple of million a night or whatever, but they're not active people.
You see them on Twitter.
In fact, I have arguments with them sometimes, you know, with people who send me death threats.
I like to engage with them, have a conversation with them.
It always turns out that there are borderline insane mentally ill people on drugs who have basically just had a mental breakdown and they're just lashing out on social media.
That's right.
All they've got supporting them, I'm skipping this break so you have more time, is unfortunately people that succumb to the propaganda.
These are fallen fellow humans.
The problem is you try to help them, they bite your hand.
What do we do?
Just move on, Paul?
Well, they're fundamentally unhappy people, which is why I've said recently, I think the media's legitimisation of violence, and we saw it escalate after the Richard Spencer incident, where he got punched and all the leftists came out and said, yes, it's good to punch Nazis, which basically... How dare you ask the question if you should punch a Nazi or not?
The Nation, Newsweek, came out with these articles saying, oh, it was beautiful, we could have put it to the sound of music.
Violence in advance, to advance a political cause.
You Google that, it's called terrorism.
First it's Nazis, then they start talking about, oh, Breitbart writers, let's go out and punch a Breitbart writer.
Alright, so it's basically anyone who you disagree with.
And then here's what happens, you punch me, I bash your brains out, then I'm bad for defending myself?
Because let me tell you something, you punch me, I'm going to attack you.
So, all those people who advocated violence against those with whom they disagree politically, in other words, terrorism, alright, you've lost your right to have an opinion on an issue such as what happened up in Canada, where you had supposedly this right-wing extremist go to a mosque, shoot dead six Muslims.
That's tragic.
I'd condemned it as soon as I found out about it, because all violence in pursuit of political objectives is terrorism, and it's wrong.
The problem is the left doesn't think that.
They think that so long as they disagree with you, that they can strike out, they can punch you in the face, they can set Trump supporters' hair on fire, they can launch acid attacks at the deplorable.
Okay, so from now on, the people who made that argument, every time a far-right nutcase does go out and kill people, you've lost your right to have an opinion on that.
The other aspect of this, Alex, the right, it's fringe, crazy, violent extremists.
The right always condemns them.
The left encourages them.
I mean, look at the narrative since Trump basically became the nominee, before he became the nominee.
Again, violence at his rallies was blamed on Trump, was blamed on Trump supporters, was legitimised by the mainstream media.
They had the guy who tried to run up on stage and attack Trump, I think it was in Ohio, back in March of last year.
The next day he was on CNN.
They were lionising him.
Look at Michael Sanford.
I'm going to play a clip later.
This is a 20-year-old British guy.
Bottom line!
The left fantasizes about violence all day, but if you even defend yourself against them, they claim you're attacking.
Paul, I wish you'd do the show more than once a week.
Everybody loves you.
You're doing a great job.
Take over, my friend.
I get to talk to you more here on air than I do in private because we're both so busy, but thanks for doing a great job.
Paul, just take over.
Okay, thanks, Alex.
Yeah, let's get into this now because I mentioned it before.
This is out of the Independent.
Quebec mosque shooting suspect was a fan of Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen.
Now, of course, initially, the report said that this involved two suspects.
Two suspects were arrested.
One was a guy called Mohammed Khadija, who had Moroccan origin, obviously Muslim.
That country is, what, 98% Muslim.
The other one was basically a white student from Quebec.
It later turned out that the Mohammed Qadir individual was just an eyewitness.
And in fact, this guy, Alexandre Bissonnette, was the sole assassin who tragically killed six Muslims at a mosque there in Quebec.
Now, of course, when this story first emerged, I think it was on the evening of Sunday or late night Sunday up there in Canada,
It was at the top of the headlines.
Leftists were outraged.
They were screaming bloody murder, of course, and attack on a mosque.
This has to be...
Alex Jones's fault, this has to be Donald Trump's fault, this has to be Marine Le Pen's fault.
Now what initially happened was, you had, I think it was the Daily Beast, CNN and others, they came out and based off of a fake Reuters Twitter account, a parody account, which was obviously a fake, they reported the names of the two shooters, the two terrorists, were these two white supremacists and then they gave the name falsely
Of course.
Of course, that turned out to be complete BS, so then they had a problem.
We slowly found out more about what was going on with this attack, and then it came out that one of the alleged suspects, one of the suspects that had been arrested, was this guy called Mohammed Khadija from Morocco, or at least had Moroccan origin, and that Allah Akbar was shouted during the attack.
As soon as that came out, the left suddenly lost all their outrage about this incident, and you could see it drop down in the headlines, despite the fact that it was still, you know, relatively fresh news within 12 hours of the attack.
Every single mainstream media website, you could see it drop down the news.
Then, of course, it was revealed that this Mohammed Khadija was just an eyewitness.
He wasn't
The culprit, the culprit was a white supremacist called Alexander Bissonetti.
And once they found that out, it rose back up in the headlines because agenda.
So again, they don't care about innocent Muslims being killed.
They only care if they can blame it on their political adversaries.
All violence in pursuit of political objectives is terrorism, whether the culprit is a Muslim, a black guy, a white supremacist, whoever.
That's the definition of terrorism.
Violence in pursuit of a political objective.
This should be condemned.
This is terrible.
But again, the right condemns
Extreme right-wing extremists who commit violence.
Far-right fringe extremists who commit violence.
The right condemns those people.
Only extreme fringe elements of the right, like the Westboro Baptist Church or whoever, don't condemn those individuals.
You look what happens on the left.
They not only don't condemn the individuals responsible for violence in pursuit of political objectives, i.e.
terrorism, they embrace them.
They legitimise them.
In fact, let's go to that BBC clip now.
This was a guy, Michael Sanford, 20-year-old British citizen who tried to assassinate Donald Trump, tried to pull an officer's gun and shoot Donald Trump dead.
Listen to the tone of how they're now treating him in this BBC sob story documentary.
Let's go to that clip now.
But how did a young British man from Surrey end up trying to assassinate the most controversial and high-profile man in the world?
Donald J. Trump!
We've always just been a very, very close family unit.
We thought Donald Trump was the worst thing for the world.
This is not a hardened criminal.
This is just a young kid who found himself in an awful situation.
He tried to assassinate him.
He was a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Michael is due to be sentenced and could face decades in prison.
Michael Sanford could have altered the course of American history.
But were these the actions of a boy with a history of mental health problems?
He seemed just a totally different personality from the boy I'd known.
You know, he's going to spend his 21st birthday in prison.
Someone who really shouldn't be there.
Or was it a premeditated attack?
When Michael was shooting, he was doing this.
Who's he working for?
Maybe he got radicalised.
There's nothing I can tell him that will make his situation any better.
I just want my son back.
That's the BBC talking about a guy who planned to and tried to assassinate Donald Trump.
Can you imagine the BBC coming out with a documentary about Dylan Roof?
Portraying it in that manner, like it's a big sob story, like, oh, this poor, misunderstood, mentally ill individual.
Of course, they always trot out the mentally ill explanation when it's a left-wing terrorist or when it's an Islamic terror attack.
But you dare do that when it's anybody else, and they come down on you real hard.
But, you know, strictly speaking, liberalism is a mental disorder, so mental illness is involved.
But again, just listen to the tone of that piece, which again goes to my central point.
The right condemns its fringe extremist violent element.
The left doesn't.
It embraces it.
It encourages it.
I mean, you saw the event at Portland Airport on Sunday afternoon, where they rushed in, they smashed this member of the Bible believer group over the head with a metal pole.
They started kicking him in the head until some of his friends could get round him and protect him.
And you could hear what they were yelling.
Hunt the Nazis!
Hunt the Nazis!
They were whooping and hollering while this was happening.
The crowd then broke out into a chant, Peaceful Protest!
After they just smacked this guy over the head with a metallic object, left him in and out of consciousness, vomiting, and they're there chanting, Peaceful Protest.
Again, they're not peaceful.
These are violent individuals.