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Name: 20170127_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 27, 2017
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In a recent InfoWars broadcast, Alex Jones praised President Trump for his quick actions in his first week as president, while criticizing actor Shia LaBeouf's anti-Trump "art project" and its hypocritical nature. He also discussed a study by Jesse Richman which found that likely 6.4% of the estimated 20 million non-citizens of voting age living in the U.S. voted in the 2016 presidential election, adding 843,000 votes for Clinton. This supports Trump's claims of voter fraud. Jones promoted products from InfoWars sponsors and teased a special report that he believes will support Trump's allegations of voter fraud.

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And Trump is delivering massively.
In fact, even CNN admits this is unprecedented.
They said it's an obsession.
Trump is obsessed with doing what he said he would do.
Mass resignations, mass firings, spending freezes, hiring freezes, program freezes on new spending.
It's incredible how he's delivering.
Now I did extra preparation today, so much that I'm almost not even ready to get on air via what we've been discovering the last few days.
Rob Dewey was up here late last night.
It's coming up later in the broadcast because it's so big, I can't just, you know, release this without fanfare.
We've discovered studies and more proof that Trump is more than right about the illegals.
But first off, here's a key report about some of the spoiled brat brainwashers out there by Paul Joseph Watson.
Shia LaBeouf is a narcissistic attention whore who has to compensate for all the shitty movies he's been in by constantly acting like a mentally ill thug to get media coverage.
His latest art project is a beacon for hysterical anti-Trump millennials to rhythmically chant.
He will not divide us.
He will not divide us.
Like cult members, the performance art isn't about opposition to Trump, LaBeouf told the Associated Press.
No, this is about rejecting division and uniting people under a peaceful and tolerant message.
That'll be why Shia has spent the last week aggressively screaming in the face of anyone who makes fun of his sh**ty art project.
Culminating in his arrest for violently assaulting someone.
Oh, but that was just a neo-Nazi.
How dare you defend him?
No, it was actually...
One of Shia's own supporters.
You're saying we're not the virus, you're being a mantra to each other.
I'm still there to show solidarity.
Right, so forget the Trump supporters, forget the 4chan trolls.
Shia actually succeeded in creating division amongst his own fans.
Shia, preaching against hatred, intolerance and division is a pretty tough sell when you're the physical embodiment of hatred, intolerance and division.
But it's not really surprising, given that LaBeouf seems to have a habit of getting arrested for assaulting people all over the world.
Look at how USA Today reported this.
Was Shia LaBeouf's arrest triggered by anti-Semitic trolling?
No, that was a completely separate incident that happened two days before.
He was arrested for assaulting his own supporter.
Dude, if y'all try Shia one more time, he's a Jewish man.
That guy just praised Hitler.
All Shia did was push him away.
I'd do worse.
The f***?
First off, stick to vacuous Instagram selfies because when it comes to politics, you're a basic bitch.
Secondly, no you can't violently attack people because they make Hitler jokes.
Did the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists deserve to be slaughtered because they made jokes about Islam?
Can I go around punching communists in the face if I get offended over a hammer and sickle?
No, because if they don't have a right to free speech, no matter how offensive, then neither do I. That's how it works, dummy.
Violently attacking people to advance a political agenda is called terrorism.
The fact that I even have to explain this is depressing.
Listen, Shia, stop dressing like a homeless person in a lame attempt to appear like an authentic artist.
You're not Che Guevara.
You're a privileged multi-millionaire Hollywood celebrity.
On yet another ego trip.
The child above is a rich white liberal who doesn't care about the working class.
I actually liked some of your previous art projects about the hysteria surrounding the cult of celebrity.
But with this, he will not divide us crap.
You're jumping on the anti-Trump hysteria bandwagon created by the establishment media.
It's not original.
It's not alternative.
It's not avant-garde.
It's not daring.
It's the ultimate example of conformity.
It's dumb virtue signaling, and it's only had the effect of creating more division.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Friday, the 27th day
I'm January 2017.
Headline, Washington Times.
Trump argument bolstered.
Clinton received 800,000 votes from non-citizens.
Study finds.
In a study done by Jesse Richman of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, he found that likely 6.4% of the estimated 20 million non-citizens of voting age living in the United States voted in the 2016 presidential election.
The way he sees it, this added 843,000 votes for Clinton, 81% of the non-citizen vote.
So there it is again.
Voter fraud proven to be happening, another independent study has found.
Stack that up with independent CBS investigation, the Federalist's John Gibbs investigation, a compilation of documented voter fraud at discoverthenetworks.org, and more to come, I'm sure.
Remember, just yesterday, CNN, USA Today, and other mainstream media outlets claimed Trump's claim of voter fraud was debunked.
Even factcheck.org said it wasn't true.
This is Owen Schroer for InfoWars.com
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Another world.
Another time.
In the age of wonder.
Well this is another broadcast that no one's going to want to miss or need to miss.
This doesn't happen very often but when it does
Basically need to just get off the radio right now and not even be here.
Because I need to go into preparing a special report that will completely devastate the globalists.
And folks, no, I don't talk like that unless something is devastating.
Because they've bet everything in the first week of the presidency on saying Trump's a liar.
And the underlying foundation of that is he's lying, saying that 3 million illegals swung the popular vote for Hillary, and then Trump says it's in the studies.
Well, we research every day, and so I did find a few studies that backed up his claim, but it was a margin of 4 million up to 20 million, but you couldn't quantify actually
How many of those were actually fraud?
Or how many of those were actually voting?
And then of course there's Electoral College, where they admit illegals.
Get more Congress people for those states just off the census, and so that swings.
But we found other studies that no one has covered.
And that have gotten no attention by prestigious universities.
And political science departments that find exactly what Donald Trump said.
And I'm starting to figure him out.
He baits them.
He puts stuff out, knowing it's the truth, but just him saying it, lets them lie about him, and then lets the truth come out.
It's crazy.
It's exactly what Trump said.
By the way, he went with a low number.
You have the electoral college numbers.
We're talking about, in the last decade, more than 10 million people in key demographic states like Florida, California, it's more than 10 million, and New York, most of them illegal, into the electoral college so that those states that have higher populations get apportioned more House members.
And so, that right there
Gives the Democratic Party more votes in Congress, and more control, and more funding.
So, you start looking at it, Trump's given us a low number.
And then, while I'm busy last night and this morning with Rob Doo, breaking out in sweats this information is so powerful, I'm going to break down at the bottom of the hour, that Rob's in there working on a special report, and so is McBreen.
I go to DrudgeReport.com,
And there's this big old enchilada.
Washington Times, Trump argument bolstered.
Clinton received 800,000 votes from non-citizens.
Another study found.
So, and they were looking at different data in a different area.
It's just, it's, it's, it's... Everybody knows the Democrats said their battle plan to win was to get illegals to vote.
Hell, that's in Bloomberg.
I've got that right here.
That's what's so frustrating.
Everybody knows that.
And then they try to get illegals to be able to vote in all these states, and they try to get rid of ID laws.
So we know that's their plan, and they tell us, no, Obamacare is free, no, Hillary's going to win the election, no, 2 plus 2 equals 5, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
But the truth is, I'm trying to do the math, and I've got statisticians that are about to look into it, breaking all this different data together, but it looks like
Eight million dead people and illegals voted in the last election?
If you add population growth to the 2012.
Because it was about seven million voting illegally then.
So maybe eight, nine, ten million now?
Like double, triple what Trump says?
You cannot make this stuff up.
No wonder they're so scared of it going, everyone knows no illegals are voting.
Everyone knows no one's voting with dead people's names.
Everyone knows the moon is made of
Delicious Swiss cheese.
Everybody knows that Hillary Clinton is in great physical shape.
Why, she's in the best shape of any woman ever.
Why, she can climb Mount Everest in a single bound.
Faster than a speeding bullet.
More powerful than a locomotive.
She can leap over her lesbian girlfriends in a single bound.
So that's all coming up.
But first, I'm going to hit you with a special report while I
Catch my breath, because my heart's going boom, boom, boom, boom, because I've got it all right here, and I want to present it and roll it out for you.
Maybe I should wait until the middle of the next hour.
I've got another guest scheduled to come up, but I just, I almost want to have a guest host come in here and just cover the show while I just try to go through all this, because I've got it all here, but I want to get some math numbers on this.
I mean, this is just, it totally proves what Trump's been saying.
I'm going to give you the studies, all of it.
Let's go ahead and go to a special report that's up on InfoWars.com that is so important to get out to everybody.
Emergency alert!
Communist Chinese now taking over U.S.
media and attacking President Trump.
This is unprecedented.
Here is this emergency RedLink report on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
This will bring them down if you put this out as well.
It's been said that truth is stranger than fiction, and now it's coming true.
In just the last few weeks, Communist China has openly sent their president to the Davos Forum and called for China to run a world government that blocks the United States' recovery and that stops President Trump.
And now they're even advising the MSM on how to censor the independent press in this country.
But it gets even worse.
The Communist Chinese government is now buying up the major Hollywood studios and openly producing movies where President Trump is a dictator and needs to be overthrown.
In the last decade, China has been producing more and more of its films to be palatable to the communist Chinese.
In fact, the unelected communist dictatorship has been dictating how films are actually produced and how they're edited.
They've been even controlling the plots of films and demanding that movies like Red Dawn
The remake not be released because it criticized China.
They had to go back and cut China out and re-release it.
So this problem's been getting worse and worse over the years, but now it's gone to a whole new level.
In the last few months, it's been reported that Communist China-backed billionaires have been buying up controlling interest in the major six production studios in Hollywood.
Now, Hollywood has been very anti-family, very anti-gun, very anti-American for a very, very long time.
But now, with the Communist Chinese and a foreign power getting a controlling interest in major studios, we are looking at a clear and present danger to the very sovereignty of our country.
Mr. President, you have been falsely accused.
I've been accused.
Former Congressman Ron Paul has been accused.
And many others of being secret Russian agents.
Maxine Waters even claimed that Putin told you in your ear that Hillary was crooked.
If they're the ones who came up with crooked Hillary, if they're the ones who came up with she's ill, something's wrong with her energy, and the way that he basically, you know, described her in the campaign, I think that is something that would put the question squarely on the table whether or not he should be impeached.
Of course, all of that now has been debunked as completely false.
But the real threat, the outside power, is Communist China coming in and taking control of Hollywood and a lot of news media as well in the United States with tens of billions of dollars they're spending.
You've talked about monopolies being threats inside the United States.
What about the Communist Chinese having a monopoly over Hollywood and the news and information we see coming out of corporate fake news?
It was already unreal to witness the Communist Chinese government, including their president, being interviewed by major U.S.
newspapers lecturing us on how media that supported Trump was fake news and should be shut down.
These were foreign powers openly coming in and getting involved in our election process, while the very same traitor media was claiming the Russians were the ones behind Trump's support.
It's just crazy.
They do in public everything they claim that we're doing.
And now, we see what the Communist Chinese are doing with their takeover of Hollywood that is almost totally complete.
They are producing blockbuster films with hundred plus million dollar budgets, produced by people like Michael Bay and directed by him, where Donald Trump is a dictator villain that must be overthrown.
In the film, a U.S.
soldier is hired by a loving communist Chinese billionaire to go in and get his family out from the tyrannical United States and to lead the American people in an uprising against Little America.
That's right, Hollywood's producing films telling us that America is little under President Trump.
No country has ever survived such treason if it's not answered.
No country has ever put up with foreign outside powers coming in and taking over their media and their theater systems.
That is the heart
We're good to go.
It is your duty to call out Communist China for what they're doing and to tell Hollywood that the American people are not going to sit on the sidelines while they engage in this demoralizing anti-free speech takeover.
Because the Communist Chinese are an outside power and they say we shouldn't have speech.
Well, they sure don't have a right to come in as a foreign power and buy up our media and then propagandize us domestically.
Mr. President, I know you have the power to shut down this foreign takeover cult.
But the press would claim you were violating the free speech of the Communist Chinese, who don't let their own people have free speech, and who execute Falun Gong Buddhists for basically practicing yoga in their own homes.
I think, personally, the best thing to do is to use your bully pulpit.
To expose this tyranny and to point out they're doing everything they claimed that the Russians did in the election.
But regardless of what you do, Mr. President, the American people need to take action and boycott these Hollywood production houses that are engaged in attempts to cause a civil war in this country.
To be clear, the Communist Chinese have almost completely taken over Hollywood illegally.
This is a massively traitorous move by Obama allowing this to happen.
And now they are producing not just this film, but other films that all portray President Trump as a loser that causes the downfall of our country.
These people want us to fail.
They want to kill the Republic forever.
They want to discredit the idea of a free, open society.
And we've got to stand up against it and speak out against it.
I know they've jumped the shark.
They've really stepped in it here.
If we stand up and point out that they think we're so braindead, they think we're such zombies that they would attempt...
To put out movies like this, it's so sad to see how far Hollywood's fallen.
They are so desperate to dominate this country that even at the Davos Forum, we see the communist Chinese unelected president promising the globalists that he'll be able to bully America into submission and that he'll be able to complete their world government.
When China is tottering on the edge of collapse.
In closing, President Trump deserves all our prayers.
We've got the Washington Post calling him Hitler for the stock market gaining $2 trillion on exuberance and optimism and calls for tax cuts and cutting regulations.
We've got Madonna calling for the White House to be blown up.
We've got thousands of other publications calling for similar things.
And he's got the courage and the will to stand up against this tyranny and be so strong.
And I'm asking you, Mr. President,
To call out the Communist Chinese for oppressing their own people and attempting to bully you and the rest of us into submission.
I'm Alex Jones and this is the InfoWarp.
Alright folks, there is so much to cover obviously here.
After the next break I'm going to go into new evidence that's actually old evidence backing up Trump's claim.
And there's other studies that have now been recently done by major universities in Virginia, just in the last few months since the election, showing the similar trend of illegals voting.
We know illegals are voting.
But they look at us and tell us no illegals are voting.
That's crazy.
But the New York Times said so, even as the Democrats pass laws in their states that get killed by governors that are illegal, to let illegals vote.
This is crazy.
Trump embraces conspiracy theory, conspiracy theorists to promote illegal vote claim.
And they're all over CNN, they're all over the New York Times saying, he learned this from Alex Jones!
As if that discredits Trump saying, I'm the only place where this is being reported.
And then you go to Paul Watson's article from last year.
It's Pew Research, it's other university studies.
And now we just went and found a bunch of others last night.
And separately, the Washington Times found another one and published today.
So what's happening is, everybody's digging now that the President's called for an investigation.
And it's proving everything he said more.
But that's coming up in the next segment.
Separately, they're engaging in all this new deception, where they take things I'll say in a Facebook mentions or out of a four-hour radio show, and go, look, Jones is lying.
He says he's been given White House press credentials, but they haven't issued press credentials yet, and the White House says they haven't issued them to Jones.
When you go back to what I said, I don't even know if I want to go to D.C.
or have a bureau there.
It costs so much money, and we don't want to be really part of D.C., but now that Trump's there, it'd be good to be able to cover what the enemy media's doing.
And I've been contacted by people that have credentials previously and who've been in Washington bureaus, who are very prominent household names in the media, who want to work with us.
And I've been contacted by a lot of other people that'll be announced very, very soon
It's just, it depends whether I want full-time people there or part-time.
But we're looking at it, okay?
And obviously, yes, people involved with the Trump operation have said
Wow, we'd love Watson to be here.
Is he going to come?
It's like, hey, when are you coming?
And I say, yeah, we're going to get our credentials.
Turns out that Jones is a big liar.
He's not media.
He's not allowed to go.
He's not allowed to be there.
You know what?
That's it.
I made the decision this morning, just because of MSM, that we're going to go ahead and probably just set up a whole bureau in D.C.
and just totally dominate.
How's that sound?
This is what you want.
This is what you get.
You say we're liars.
You say we can't do this.
Just watch who we have working for us in our D.C.
Just watch and just wait.
I'm going to leave it at that right now.
But it's just so much fun to rub these liars' noses in it.
Now separately, Trump is completely delivering a dizzying pace.
CNN says he's obsessed, or it borders on obsession, doing what he said he'd do.
As his Gallup poll goes up and up and up.
And listen to this quote of Trump.
He says, think of everything we can achieve and remember.
Who we must achieve it for, Trump told Republican lawmakers Thursday in Philadelphia.
Now we have to deliver.
Enough all-talk-no-action we have to deliver.
Then they act like it's a bad thing.
He got rid of the Trans-Pacific Partnership that we worked secretly to get through over the years.
He's building the border wall.
He's moving to cut the taxes.
He's signing all these executive orders to stop harassing coal plants to get cheaper energy.
It's terrible!
What are we going to do?
And their answer is, sabotage, but coming up, while other outlets fact-check Trump's InfoWars.
Provides alternative facts.
That's right.
Well, other outlets fact check Trump.
InfoWars provides alternative facts.
That's right.
They've got articles out that we provided the alternative facts from CNN's gigapixel photo from the dais showing the entire mall filled past capacity with overflow and showed CNN running a clip of when the gates first opened saying that was the full crowd.
Yes, that's our alternate facts.
No, you are in an alternate reality called Deceptionville.
We're in reality-based journalism, which is just common sense.
So get used to it, and freak out all you want, and try to define us as not real.
You've defined yourself as a pack of liars, with Don Lemon running around yesterday saying, I don't like to call Trump a liar, but he's just a liar about the three million illegals in the election.
Well, we have studies showing just that on the other side of this rig.
But before I go any further, I want to announce...
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Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Headline, Washington Times.
Trump argument bolstered.
Clinton received 800,000 votes from non-citizens.
Study finds.
In a study done by Jesse Richman of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, he found that likely 6.4% of the estimated 20 million non-citizens of voting age living in the United States voted in the 2016 presidential election.
The way he sees it, this added 843,000 votes for Clinton, 81% of the non-citizen vote.
So there it is again.
Voter fraud proven to be happening, another independent study has found.
Stack that up with independent CBS investigation, the Federalist's John Gibbs investigation, a compilation of documented voter fraud at discoverthenetworks.org, and more to come, I'm sure.
Remember, just yesterday, CNN, USA Today, and other mainstream media outlets claimed Trump's claim of voter fraud was debunked.
Even factcheck.org said it wasn't true.
This is Owen Troyer for InfoWars.com.
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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are back live.
Thank you for joining us.
And, of course, the vice president, for the first time ever, just spoke to the big yearly Pro-Life March in D.C.
when Trump did the ABC News interview a few days ago.
And he brought up the fact that he was going to be supporting the March for Life.
The reporter's mouth hung open.
Because if you say, we're against shipping TB and leprosy into the country, you go, to make the audience watching think that's a bad thing.
Or, the vice president's going to keep his promise and go speak to a major pro-life group.
And we're not going to let the public schools teach kids how to be sexually active when they're in the first grade.
And we're not going to leave the borders wide open.
And we're not going to let foreign governments buy up our media.
And we're not going to have unfair trade deals.
Again, it's all body language signaling to the viewers that this is a kook.
But the mainstream media are the ones that are discredited.
They are the ones that have been exposed.
Meanwhile, you now have the special relationship back with the UK and you have the British Prime Minister visiting.
So this is a blitzkrieg.
He is now less than
Seven days out from when he got inaugurated, and in a few hours it'll be seven days, and it's already changed the U.S., it's already changed the world.
It is amazing the creative destruction we're seeing as they begin to remove this treacherous bureaucracy that is now fighting for its life.
The problem is it wanted to bring down what was left of America to secure its dominance.
It had to be defeated.
And in the 11th hour, it began to happen.
The problem is they're planning on plunging the world economy.
From Ron Paul to Mr. Dent, they all agree that we're in serious trouble.
They are trying to now cut the QE3 to stall Trump's recovery.
If they just gave him six months, a year longer, it'd be assured.
But they're stalling it right underneath his feet.
That's why he is accelerating as fast as he can.
to try to change this.
So they're saying it's bad, but we know it's good and it's what we asked for.
Now, before I go any further, I want to play a clip and then come back with the election news, proving Trump was right.
How Donald Trump changed the presidency in seven days from CNN.
We're going to play that here in just a moment.
Here it is.
A new world order.
Presidential decrees cascading from President Trump's pen.
A border wall with Mexico kicking off the world's first leadership Twitter spat.
Mexico's president announcing on a video they won't pay.
Trump firing back on Twitter that it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting.
President Pinanietto tweets back, I will not attend the meeting scheduled for next Tuesday with the POTUS.
Another decree cutting the Trans-Pacific Partnership adrift.
The other 11 member nations and the rest of the world now figuring out what it means for them.
We must not underestimate what he has in store.
He will lead a protectionist, nationalistic program.
NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, could be next.
And tighter immigration controls for some Muslims.
Then Israel.
Total defrost of that White House relationship.
Already Israel announcing plans to expand settlements.
America's regional allies scrambling to respond.
President Trump making good on some of candidate Trump's promises.
I think areas in the South China Sea that are part of international waters and international activities, I think the U.S.
is going to make sure that we protect our interests there.
His spokesman tough on China, drawing swift Chinese condemnation.
The United States is not a party to the South China Sea issue.
We urge the United States to honor its commitments.
Amidst all this controversy, the first world leader to visit President Trump.
Time and again, it is the relationship between us that has defined the modern world.
British Prime Minister Theresa May trading on historic US-UK bonds to boost business between the two nations.
But pushed off message by Trump's latest comments.
Torture may be okay.
Defending herself before she left the UK.
We have a very clear position on torture.
We do not sanction torture.
We do not get involved with that and that will continue to be our position.
The British leader also facing European pushback on her visit.
Concerns Trump is using Britain to divide Europe.
No, what Trump is doing is exposing the globalists.
What Trump is doing is pointing out this multinational corporate takeover operation that is going into
The nation states and setting up political systems to indebt the populations.
Now, let's get into the big news.
The New York Times, CNN, every other major corporate establishment publication has come out and said that Donald Trump is a liar.
And the first clip I'm going to play in a moment is Don Lemon of CNN yesterday saying he doesn't want to call Trump a liar, but he is.
This is the same CNN that lied about WMDs, the same CNN that got caught
Lying about Obamacare saying it was free or there were no death panels.
The same CNN that got caught lying about the polls with Hillary and got caught colluding with her, giving her the questions beforehand.
The same CNN that is completely and totally discredited and is a giant, to use Trump's term, pile of garbage.
Pile of deception.
And there are literally hundreds of publications out today saying that Trump gets his information from InfoWars concerning the 3 million illegals voting.
That does two things.
It implies that we're bad information and it also implies that Trump's bad because he got his information from a bad place.
InfoWars has reported what Pew Research has shown that millions more may have voted and that tens of millions of quote dead people may be having their identities used.
We have other studies showing upwards of three million
That have voted in past elections.
We have giant public Democratic Party programs to get illegals registered, to not have them use IDs, and to pass laws in states that have been killed only by governors.
It's gotten all the way to governors to legalize, quote, immigrants voting.
And some cities like San Francisco say they do it regardless and let you vote.
So organized racketeering fraud is going on.
You have this wall of disinfo, including on Fox News.
Saying, well, Trump's right, there are a bunch of illegals that could vote.
There are dead people who have been taken off the rolls, but there's no proof.
Now, that's Fox regular.
Fox Business has told the truth and shown the pure research.
We're going to play some of that, but here's the new news today.
We found this a few days ago.
Major university studies, two different ones.
George Washington and, of course, Old Dominion.
And we're building a special report that was going to air today on this.
Separately, one of the same universities, Old Dominion, came out in the Washington Times today and has already looked in the last two months at this election and found massive numbers in a limited sample, 800,000 illegals voting.
And that's not even a complete sample of the whole country.
So the new news is we have found two university studies finding 2.8 million or more, depending on how you look at the demographics, voting in a previous election.
And with demographics of illegals going up, it shows even higher, showing his number of 3 million to be low.
But it gets more insane.
I'm giving you a synopsis before I show all the facts.
The Democrats have bragged in internal fundraising letters in 2008 and 2012 and publicly in Politico and Bloomberg, and I have them, saying our secret weapon is illegals.
Our secret weapon is illegals to vote but also to be in the census so that those Democrat states get more
House members, and then that means a higher number in the Electoral College, meaning a higher vote tally in the election.
And the number, it appears, conservatively, is between 7 and 10 million added to the Electoral College, which shows Trump conservatively at 10 million illegals and dead people voting.
By the way, that's not even counting the dead people.
Because you've got Democrats with a big list going out who are citizens voting repeatedly.
They also use illegals, poor people, you name it.
So Trump keeps focusing on the illegals when, and again I've been poring over this for months, well years, but really for months on it every day.
Most studies show that the illegal voting, the voter fraud, but again it's election fraud because it's organized on top, it's both, is probably double citizens going around doing it.
They've actually had trouble getting illegals to go out and engage in fraud.
Because, let's face it, the average illegal from wherever they come from doesn't want to get picked up, doesn't want to be arrested, wants to lay low.
So they're trying to get illegals to go out and vote.
That's why they're trying to get laws passed so they'll go do it.
They're like, no, senor.
No, no, no, no.
But you get these Democrats, mainly white, urban,
I don't
And they're screaming, you're an effing white male!
You're the problem!
I hope you die!
I mean, they are ready to do anything.
They were putting hajibs on.
The group running it, it now is connected to torture and murder of people and genital mutilation.
They were out handing out hajibs that were American flags in front of me.
I didn't know it was a national movement or that was who was running it.
And the police were wearing the weird hats and not stopping them from beating people up.
I mean, it was just crazy.
So Trump needs to clean out who's been put in charge there in D.C.
But going back to the facts, because you can't make this up, this is just so massive.
This is so massive that when you add the Electoral College, because again, the illegals get picked up by the census, that then gets added as apportionment in the House for members of the House.
That's what California has the most House members.
Texas second.
Then it goes, what, New York, Florida.
Think about that.
And then, when you vote in that state, that then, your vote counts more because of the apportionment under the Electoral College, so Trump has been proven right in a whole new way, and then it's not Alex Jones saying it, it's the Democratic Party in their own fundraising memos saying, don't worry, this is our secret weapon, and then you've got Politico, Bloomberg, and the New York Times, I forgot that one.
All bragging in 2008, in 2012, in 2014 in midterms, and now in 2016.
So we're codifying all this with graphs, numbers, the studies, all of it into a big report, but I'm live here on the radio breaking this down for radio audience.
Let me now show some proof for everybody who is watching theinfowars.com forward slash show and TV and cable affiliates out there.
Document Cam, please.
So here's the Washington Post.
Without evidence, Trump tells lawmakers 3 to 5 million illegal ballots cost him the popular vote.
January 23rd.
Now here's CNN last night, New York Times today, while other outlets fact-check Trump.
InfoWars provides alternative facts.
Yes, let me show you the alternative facts to Don Lemon just saying we're liars.
Trump is a liar.
I'm a liar.
We're just liars.
Oh, that's a big fancy fact.
Oh, look what I have.
Oh, I have all these university studies, prestigious political science departments, multiple George Mason University, Old Dominion University.
It goes on and on.
Oh, I'm about to go over all that for you.
Alternative facts.
You mean truthful facts.
You mean stay up till midnight type facts.
And the great part is, we're digging up all these studies and other people have already dug up other ones faster than we can even do it.
They're up on DrudgeReport.com right now.
So first, let's show Don Lemon.
He's arrogant.
He's got a nice tie on.
He's at CNN.
And he just says, oh, it hurts him so bad to say Trump's a liar, but he is.
Here is the real liar.
I think that in journalism, our role is not to be stenographers.
Our role is to be watchdogs.
And we have to provide that kind of accountability.
And I think when a president or anybody else says something that is verifiably, empirically false,
Then one has to call him out on it.
It's tough to call the President of the United States a liar, because you want to respect the office.
But I think it does a disservice to the American people, and even to the President, and even to, you know, journalists.
Not to call.
Call it what it is, and it is a lie.
It is a lie.
Yes, you are a big fat liar, and we're going to go over that right now.
Now, before I get to all the numbers and the latest studies, let's just give you Pew Research, the top research facility organization in the country, drawing from universities, government, you name it.
Their numbers are way bigger of who could potentially do it.
But again, the Democrats are organizing this, they're getting caught doing it, they're getting caught voting for dead people, they got caught in the last election, got arrested in like seven different states, but they're just saying it's preposterous, no such thing exists, just like they said it was preposterous six months ago, no one would ever federalize the election, that's tyranny, which Obama's now done, and all 50 state attorney generals
Including Democrats have said it's tyranny and asked Obama to reverse it.
Everything I told you, happening.
Boom, boom, boom!
That's why we're exploding and bigger than you see it in.
You are, you are, you are jokers.
You are, you are frauds.
We're right.
You're wrong.
We tell the truth.
You lie.
We're honorable.
You're dishonorable.
We love America.
You hate America.
We have your WikiLeaks.
We know you hate the country.
You want to conquer us and break our will.
Guess what?
It didn't happen!
And you think I hate it when you lie about me?
I love it!
People call me.
I had a big national talk show host call me last night.
I was like, how are you doing under all this attack?
I'm doing great.
Time's never been better.
Got a bunch of traitorous scum attacking us?
So, let's give you some of the background.
Here is Pew Research.
This is old news, we'll get to the new in a minute.
Part of where Trump draws his analysis.
Let's go ahead and play that short Fox Business piece.
Pew, 24 million people, one of every eight, voter registrations in the U.S.
are no longer valid or significantly inaccurate.
More than 1.8 million dead people are listed as voters.
So you could use that name, go ahead and vote.
Approximately 2.75 million people, two and three quarter million people, are registered in more than one state.
So that outlines, I think, the possibility of voter fraud.
Okay, so let's just stop right there.
It's proved in these studies, going back years, we're going to show you when we come back.
But don't forget we have Project Veritas and all the other investigative journalists with the head of elections in New York saying every election they bus illegals and poor people around to vote dozens of times apiece.
Let's not forget we have all the video of the people actually running it for the White House and Hillary admitting the giant fraud and saying F them.
Even if we get caught nothing will stop us.
So we're just going to keep piling on but when we come back
There's just too much evidence.
The new info that absolutely proves what Trump's saying, which shows Trump's actually already read these studies and was just baiting them to say he was a liar, knowing it would come out and totally expose them.
This is incredible.
It's all coming up straight ahead.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is InfoWars.
Please spread the articles and all the work.
Filmmaker, conservative activist, musician, Bob Dylan expert, who often plays with one of the greatest Dylan tribute bands in the country, Joel Gilbert joins us from Hollywood.
Joel, welcome to InfoWars.
Great to be here, Roger.
You're looking good.
Feeling much better.
Now, having studied this man so carefully, what is your take on Obama?
And what is your take on his legacy?
And what do you think he's planning to do going forward?
Obama was trained as a professional agitator.
His job was officially community organizer.
But that was the official name for community agitator.
And as I showed in my film, the job was, and I'm quoting from their literature, the job was to rub salt in the wounds of minorities and then use their discontent to take power.
For Marxists like Obama, America is hell.
Because they compare America to the perfect socialist utopia that's unattainable.
So their conclusion is America is therefore evil and must be torn down and rebuilt to make the perfect world.
Conservatives have a different view of the world.
We look at other countries and compare them to America and say, well, America is a society that has individual rights, individual liberty, and we can pursue happiness.
So we're happy in America as opposed to the left who are miserable.
With Hillary out of the way, Joel, Obama is the titular head of the Democratic Party.
Michelle is certainly young enough to run for public office.
Are they secretly planning a comeback?
A restoration, as it were?
Uh, I think we have to be very concerned.
I think Obama remains dangerous.
He was a professional agitator, trained for 10 years.
He was a trainer for Acorn.
I think he was never interested in being president or the presidency, and that's why he went on all these golf vacations, never attended his security briefings, put his feet up on the desk, because he wanted to use the presidency to agitate, not to be president or governor.
And that's what he's done all these years in office.
He's agitated and divided the country.
So I expect Obama to go back to being who he is.
And his Bonnie and Clyde partner in crime is Michelle Obama, who herself was a radical activist.
A lot of people don't know she grew up in Jesse Jackson's household.
Good friend of Santita Jackson.
And she was also radicalized.
This is why these two together represent a formidable, stealth, radical couple that pretend to wave a flag and love America.
As I show in my film, there's no place like Utopia.
But they do have a hidden radical agenda that they learned from, you know, Bill Ayers and the Marxist terrorist gang that taught them.
I was a highwayman Along the coach roads I did ride With sword and pistol by my side Many a young maid lost her baubles to my trade
We are back live, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Alright, let's get into the new meat and potatoes.
And again, we're putting together reports with the graphs, the numbers, the facts.
We even employ, part-time, a statistician.
He works for one of the largest corporations in the world.
He has to secretly go over our data for us, because obviously, you know, you can't work with the enemy, the American people, and actually work for a major corporation.
That's the way the blackballing works, but we work with multiple statisticians, actually.
I'm going to ask Professor John Lott, in fact today I'm going to call him, and ask him to try to crunch the numbers on the voting.
He's one of the top statisticians in the world.
He's listed in the top ten by the big international organizations that are out there.
I'm going to ask him to do it as well, because I want to be able to say we have the top statistician looking at this instead of just me.
But we have statisticians in these big university studies and corporate studies showing the same numbers year after year just getting bigger.
The same pattern.
So, while other outlets fact-check Trump, InfoWars provides alternative facts.
Isn't that just special?
We actually bought the study.
We didn't just read the synopsis.
We went and paid the 20 bucks for the major university study.
Now we have George Mason University and Old Dominion University combining their research and their studies.
Right here if you guys are looking for it with the camera.
Do non-citizens vote in U.S.
This is from January 2014, two years ago.
And the findings are non-citizen votes likely gave Senate Democrats the pivotal 60th vote needed to overcome filibusters in order to pass health care reform and other Obama administration priorities in the 111th Congress.
And when you get into the actual study, they look at illegals voting in general elections, but most importantly illegals also again affecting the Electoral College, which the Democrats brag is their secret weapon.
This study examines participation rates by non-citizens using a nationally represented sample that includes non-citizen immigrants.
We find that some non-citizens participated in the U.S.
elections, and this participation has been large enough to change meaningful election outcomes, including federal college, electoral college votes, and congressional elections.
Non-citizen votes likely gave Senate Democrats the pivotal 60th vote, and it goes on from there.
You can read it for yourself.
George Mason University.
Old Dominion, very respected political science.
Since the audit, non-citizen population of the United States was roughly 19.4 million.
The number of non-citizen voters, including both uncertainty based on normality distribution and sampling error, the various combinations of verified reporting, could range from just 38,000 at the minimum to nearly 2.8 million at the maximum.
And it goes on, though, only a limited sample of the country, so that a full sample would be much higher.
That's a limited sample, as high as 2.8 million.
And that study doesn't even deal with the Democrats.
This is Politico.
This is Politico.
October 3rd, 2015, illegal immigrants could elect Hillary.
Illegal immigrants could elect Hillary.
Illegal immigrants could elect Hillary.
Illegal immigrants could elect Hillary.
Illegal immigrants could elect Hillary.
Let me tell CNN.
New York Times.
Illegal immigrants can elect Hillary.
Illegal immigrants can elect Hillary.
Illegal immigrants can elect Hillary.
Illegal immigrants can elect Hillary.
How non-citizens decrease Republican chances of winning the White House next year.
And they talk about the demographic and giving them more electoral college, votes in your state by the millions, and California alone to win.
It's estimated that they've added, in just 10 years, 4 million people to California that are illegals.
Not to mention tens of millions nationwide, ladies and gentlemen.
Over 10 million nationwide.
What's that right there?
That's, in the Electoral College, a total number for the state that's much higher, proving Trump just on this.
Just on the Electoral College.
Do you understand?
He defeated the biggest rigging ever with such a landslide they couldn't stop him.
Trump's right!
Trump's been proven correct, you lying pack of scum!
Who is Ike Batista, once the richest man in Brazil, a successful oil and mining tycoon, and now a fugitive to justice?
Brazil is currently trying to drain its own swamp, and the arrest of Batista is one of many steps they are taking.
It turns out Batista, owner of the EBX Group, was involved in bribes to the government via interactions with former governor of Rio de Janeiro, Sergio Cabral, who was also arrested, in conjunction with activities involving the state-owned oil company Petrobras.
Brazil's own drainage swamp has been called Yava Jato, or car wash.
It has produced many arrests, including Cabral's top aide and former secretary in Rio, Wilson Carlos Carvalho, former governor of Rio, Anthony Garatinho, under suspicion of vote rigging, a former top executive with Batista, Flavio Godinho, accused of money laundering in association with Cabral.
And another top aide of Cabral's, Carlos Miranda, has also been jailed, showing the United States that it is possible to drain the swamp and nobody is above the law.
This is Owen Schroer for InfoWars.com.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
For America to be great again,
Before America can be great again, she must be free again.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Now before I go on with my euphoric support of Trump,
He has tacitly, on the surface, backed off his promise to prosecute Hillary.
The problem is the president can't make that promise.
It's not his position.
He just should say he will not stand in the way of the law being carried out.
And Sessions has said he will recuse himself.
He didn't say, I might, if she's indicted.
He says, I will recuse myself, basically, when she's indicted.
So that's some good news.
But on the surface, that kind of hurts his perfect score of unprecedented delivery of everything he said he would do.
And then, there's a place where he's wrong.
And that's torture.
And yes, I know they've been teaching torture for over 100 years.
I know that the military's been torturing people for a long time.
I know that's not any big secret.
The Green Berets would hook, you know, a field radio, kind of crank up to people's genitals and, you know, crank it to get the answers.
And, you know, they say torture works, you get the answers real quick.
The problem is a government that'll do that pretty soon starts doing it for fake confessions.
And pretty soon you turn into what you're fighting.
So I think it's the only area where Trump's wrong.
Here's the problem.
Trump knows the military's doing it.
He's not going to lie about it.
See, that's the difference.
And I gotta say, it's kind of heaven and hell, isn't it?
Because it's very good to hear him be honest about it, but it's not good to then know that he's doing it.
But it's still like sickeningly refreshing, and I mean it's sickening but refreshing, that he's just honest about it.
Donald Trump says torture absolutely works, but does it?
And see, I don't like being in the position of CNN breaking down the fact that it doesn't always work.
Oh, and folks like the North Koreans do it.
I mean, I don't know many people that were in the military in actual combats that didn't torture people.
I mean, that's just, it goes on in mass and they torture right back.
And I can't say if I found somebody who doused their kid in gasoline and then had the helicopter land to save him and then blew themselves up or tried to, you know, that that person or whoever helped him shouldn't probably get tortured.
I would, I'm going to be honest, I would probably in the, you know, fit at the moment
Kill him.
But that's the kind of stories that I've had family tell me.
Just about, you know, you fight adversaries so slimy and so low, Trump says, well, they go low, we go low.
But I've got to tell you, she's like the British Prime Minister coming here, being very supportive of Trump and Brexit and the fight against globalism, but she has to have the proviso, we don't torture.
Even though British troops do torture people.
Maybe they didn't tell her.
So see, Trump knows it's institutionalized and he's been told by people he respects that, sir, we need this.
And so he's so honorable that he won't even lie about it.
But then you can say that it's not a good thing.
So it's a real paradox.
It's one of the biggest paradoxes I've ever seen in my life.
That's what you get with Trump, is because he really does what he says he'll do.
He really does what he says he'll do.
And you know, quite frankly, if I think something's a distraction, I'm just not even going to go there.
And Trump's not going to go there either.
But this is the real deal.
This is somebody really trying to save the country in its darkest hour.
This is our darkest hour since Trenton, New Jersey.
Make it or break it for the Republic.
And I want to believe he knows what he's doing, but there's that one thing hangs out in the middle that is wrong.
And I think it could end up being our downfall if he's openly saying torture is okay and then there's some type of horrible abuses of like children like in Abu Ghraib that happened.
And then that, the people running things that have infiltrated will use that to frame Trump.
And I think he's really walking into a trap.
He's walking into a trap and I would say Mr. President,
Disavow it.
Say, look, I understand sometimes with Al Qaeda, people get rough, they take the gloves off, but we're not going to codify this into law.
If you do not codify something like that into law, because it's something that shouldn't be done, except in extraordinary emergency situations, let's just be honest, where people are going to die, and you're dealing with a scumbag that you know has just killed a bunch of people right in front of you.
And if you're going to torture him, you've got to kill him after.
I mean, I'm just going to be honest, that's what my gut tells me.
Roger Stone cutting the bureaucracy 75% that they admit is not to keep the earth clean.
It's meant to hurt our industry and shut us down.
He's just delivering on every front.
He said it.
He's not, he got his hair cut.
He's not wearing makeup.
Looks even better today.
I mean, it just gets better and better and better.
He's a tough negotiator.
We need some tough negotiations with Vladimir Putin and the Russians so that we might have peace.
Peace is the objective.
This isn't about how you get along with Putin.
It's about peace.
And what you're seeing, both in the demonstrations, Alex, and in the constant campaign to undermine Trump, is that the deep state just cannot accept his election.
You talk about the atomic fever.
I saw the arrogance of these people.
Why are they so mentally ill?
Well, because they've been running things for 30 years.
Everything has been done the neocon way.
The Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama combine has run the country into the ditch, but they are used to having their way.
Now, along comes this upstart, this reformer, Donald Trump, with his own ideas, and you can't bully him.
And you can't buy him.
See, the Saudis are very adept at buying people.
They buy their way through Washington.
All the special interests buy their way through Washington.
And Trump just doesn't play that game.
So there is a panic.
What do you make of coming in and delivering 75% cut in regulations?
Well, meanwhile, Trump is working the phones with some of these big companies like LBJ.
He is wheedling and coddling and coaxing and talking.
He's going to renegotiate these massive trade deals.
The Mexicans and the Canadians have already indicated they're ready to enter those talks.
This, again, is leadership.
Hillary Clinton promised the neocons an expansion of the proxy war.
They were prepared to do a no-fly zone.
This is an open invitation for World War III.
And by the way, I want to say something to Ron Paul.
I love Ron Paul.
He's on Wednesday.
He has an article out.
It's on Infowars.com.
Trump's foreign policy and unwise inconsistency, you know, and he's basically saying we can't be for war to take out ISIS and Al Qaeda.
That's the globalist proxy war meant to start war with Russia.
We have to go clean it up or it'll start a war with Russia, Congressman.
And I understand Paul, again, just sticks to it from an absolute blind point of view in that he does what he says he'll do.
No war at any time.
Well, this isn't war if it's cleaning up the neocons and the Democrats trying to start World War III.
We are on the march.
The Empire is on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right.
As everyone knows,
Infowars gets attacked conservatively hundreds of times a day, just in print media and on national television.
Sometimes we get attacked thousands of times a day.
In the last few days, it's been reaching those numbers.
New York Times, CNN, ABC News, CBS, you name it.
They go after their main enemies.
They say, Alex Jones is a total lying kook.
There's no proof of election fraud ever.
It's totally insane.
Same folks told you that Obamacare was free.
Then they say, and Trump's nuts, he gets his info from Alex Jones.
Which might be true, maybe 2% of the time.
Yes, Trump sometimes listens to the show, watches videos, reads articles.
He reads everything.
In his words.
So they then try to discredit Trump, and they discredit us with a straw man.
And the reason that's important is it's a tactic.
They're attacking what they're scared of.
Now he just joined us the last hour, I spent 30 minutes laying out
Major university studies, internal Democratic Party memos, and even Politico, Bloomberg, you name it, admitting in their words their secret weapon is illegals, voting, and changing the Electoral College so that a state represents more votes as a bloc.
And admitting that California alone, via illegals, in the last three election cycles, has added more than 4 million people to its voting rolls, because even though they're not voting, they're counted as a block in the electoral college.
It counts the entire population, not just voters.
This is total proof that Trump is right.
Then we found a bunch of other studies with millions of dead people voting and millions of illegals voting.
It's mind-blowing.
We just laid it all out for everybody.
We're going to take that excise piece from the second half of the first hour and post it as soon as we can.
To Infowars.com, so if you're a radio listener you can share it with your friends and family and see it for yourself.
Because this is an Infowar.
And we're going to continue to hurt CNN and hurt the Global Crime Syndicate every time Don Lemon comes out and calls Trump a liar and says there's just no proof.
It's insane!
And he has a Bozo the Clown looking New York Times guy up there looking like, you know, the cat ate the canary going, it's just hard to deal with it when a president has no proof and says these things.
The problem is there's too much proof.
But just like Obamacare said, it had death panels, it had committees that decided who got treatment, bioethics, just like it had 18,000 IRS agents in it to raise taxes on people and have $5,000 penalties that started hitting two years ago and phased up in 2017 at $5,000.
Ladies and gentlemen, my crew didn't want
A bunch of them didn't want Obamacare, and a bunch of the crew got hit with penalties, and we started getting hit with them last year.
Oh, but it doesn't exist.
You just get tens of thousands of dollars of notices from the IRS, but you see Don Lemon's laughing at me because it doesn't exist, see?
He said so.
He's arrogant Don Lemon.
I just think about how arrogant his head is, how arrogant his face is.
I want to play that first again.
And then I'm going to play the fact that they're claiming there's Trump's war on media, and then, there's a five minute CNN clip from last night attacking yours truly, where they say that Trump gets his alternative facts from InfoWars, again.
And it's the biggest bunch of bully you've ever heard except for one part.
They go, Alex Jones claimed he had press credentials, but they said they haven't been issued to him.
I said, we've been offered them and we're going to get them, and I've been talking to folks.
It doesn't even matter.
They have to give them to me.
If we have somebody that lives in D.C.
It's a non-issue.
But they want to rubble the idea that I lied about that, and that we're these losers who are on the outside and aren't press.
It's just crazy how they play these games by defining things, but then they go and admit in the piece, but actually, Jones can get the credentials if he wants them.
Yeah, I can have 50 people with their credentials.
It just doesn't mean they'll be in the frontline White House press corps, which we don't even particularly want to do.
Except, I don't want to let this cat out of the bag yet, but I don't want to terrorize the mainstream media too much.
But I tell you what, just as an experiment, since it freaked you out so much, we're in the process, they reached out to us, top well-known veteran journalists that want to work with them for us, that have worked with top publications and currently do, coming to work for us, who've already had White House press credentials.
You know what?
Instead of having one, I think I'm going to do three.
How's that sound?
How's that sound?
Just to rub it in.
And then I'm going to play clips of you saying I'm lying.
How's that sound?
Kind of like I can play clips of saying that Trump's 15 points ahead in polls and your polls are fake?
Or that Trump's going to win?
Or that Trump's going to win Pennsylvania?
And you made fun of that a lot, didn't you?
Because you think it's all a big joke.
You know what, I'm just going to stop right there.
It's just hilarious to watch a bunch of posers, a bunch of pretenders, sit there and look at me that built my own giant media empire that reaches billions of people every quarter, and you sit there and look at us and say we're pathetic when DrudgeReport.com, new research study out today, is number one in the world and dwarfs the top ten media companies combined.
Infowars, according to Quantcast, dwarfs the New York Times, dwarfs the Washington Post.
But I don't dwarf the top ten at the same time like Drudge does.
And guess what?
I love the fact that Drudge is so much bigger than us.
It makes me feel so good to know that there are other people out there walking point in this dangerous situation.
And again, they claim MSM is really number one, but they actually have to admit later that, well, Drudge is number one because ESPN and MSM have a database of emails and fans.
That's how they claim it's bigger.
But when you get to total news coverage, Drudge is bigger than Fox News, New York Times, BuzzFeed.
All of them combined.
And they do weird stuff to us at Quantcast and at all these other things.
They just delist us.
They just don't even show us.
It's a blank until we bitch at them.
Then they post it back up and a day later take it back down.
Because I guess taking us out of the winner's circle makes us not be winners.
I was talking to one fellow who I know pretty well.
Who was the host of a major survival show, and they make him sign a contract that's all entertainment, and when he won, they said, well, it's not politically correct, because you're a white guy from Texas, we're not going to give you the win.
And he said, okay, just took the money.
But that's how this whole thing works.
It's really wild.
To just actually be in the Google Analytics and to see yourself bigger than all of them and then to have them sit there laughing at you and thumbing their nose at you and telling you you're a loser.
Again, this isn't about InfoWars.
It's about the fact that these people are all about rigging everything and they wonder why they're a shadow of their former selves.
It's because they're so discredited.
No Don Lemon, no New York Times, no CNN.
Trump's not lying.
When he comes out and says 3 million illegals voted, they've got studies going back years showing that and we showed them last hour.
But let's go ahead and go to Don Lemon.
I think that in journalism, our role is not to be stenographers.
Our role is to be watchdogs.
And we have to provide that kind of accountability.
And I think when a president or anybody else says something that is verifiably, empirically false, then one has to call him out on it.
It's tough to call the president of the United States a liar, because you want to respect the office.
But I think it does a disservice to the American people, and even to the president, and even to, you know, journalists.
Call it what it is, and it is a lie.
It is a lie.
No, you are verifiably and empirically a fraud that works for a known organized crime syndicate known as CNN run by criminal elements of the Central Intelligence Agency.
Gore Vidal, before he died, wrote about the fact that he'd be at CNN and they would have CIA section chiefs there running the organization and basically trying to censor him.
This is disgusting.
I mean, Anderson Cooper's been CIA for 20-something years.
What are you doing in the media?
People are like, oh, there's no CIA in the media.
Really, Obama signed a piece of legislation, the NDAA for 2017, a month ago.
It said the CIA will be over the Board of Governors of the FCC through the State Department and will spend hundreds of millions of dollars countering disinformation in America.
Three years ago, they changed the federal law so the CIA could engage in domestic propaganda.
You want me to pull up Foreign Affairs, The Washington Post?
Oh, but the CIA's not involved.
They go, Alex Jones is discredited.
He says Anderson Cooper was CIA.
Well, he only worked for him previously.
Oh, I see.
He only worked for the CIA previously.
Thank you for explaining to me how all that works.
I really appreciate that.
Oh, he's really discredited.
Anderson Cooper only worked for him before.
Oh, oh!
And then with no journalistic background, just comes in and reads off a teleprompter.
Alex is discredited too.
He said Trump would repeal Obamacare, and now he's started doing it.
See, all we do is deliver.
All we do is tell the truth, or die trying.
And whenever we make mistakes, we come and tell you.
And we make them routinely, on little stuff.
And most of the time, I report something as smaller, and it was actually bigger.
Just like I was saying last week, 1.3 trillion out of the stock market.
Well, I'm sorry, by the time I was saying that, it was 1.7.
By Monday, it was 2.1.
It's now 2.2 trillion as of this morning.
And Trump knows our only hope is to have a super bubble.
We've all got to hire, we've all got to expand, if we want to try to beat these people.
In fact, that's why I'm going to expand, I'm going to hire more, I'm going to double down, do everything I can, because
This is the prosperity that people need to absolutely discredit crony capitalism and collectivism.
We're going to be right back after this quick break and I'm going to get into so much more on the economy, you name it, and the latest CNN propaganda piece that is unbelievably deceptive.
Stay with us.
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That's InfoWarsLife.com.
Trump is really trying to deliver on a lot of promises.
Pulling us out of TPP, day one.
Signaling that we're going to try to cut our corporate tax so we can be competitive.
I'm a non-interventionist.
I don't like entangling alliances.
I don't have anything to do with NATO, United Nations.
I think that's...
You know, all a danger to us and that's what I've been fighting for.
So I watch carefully of the individuals who have been living under those conditions.
The military people certainly have been mixed in with that a lot too.
They won't
Look at the difference between military spending and defense spending.
They still talk about defense.
Defense spending, defense... I don't want to cut a penny out of defense.
But I do want to slash military spending because it's nothing more than getting us into mischief around the world and incentivizing these people to be... come and get us and...
As long as we do that, we're going to have a problem.
So I want a stronger defense by having a change foreign policy and also to separate the two between military and also, you know, defense.
And I think Trump does say some things about, you know, cracking down on some of the waste and fraud.
But I also think it's very important to know what our policies are.
Are we truly the policemen of the world?
And of course, I think that's a dangerous position.
When he announced we're pulling out of TPP, he didn't reserve it and say he's gonna oversee it with Congress and renegotiate it.
He said it's unconstitutional, they have no authority to negotiate it.
The president didn't.
It's just dead.
I mean, right there, he handed power back to Congress, back to the states, back to the people.
He didn't say, oh, I'm going to renegotiate it.
That's a big sign.
Well, you know, I think you're right about the TPP.
I'm delighted.
I don't want to get anywhere close to that.
We need to get rid of the WTO and the UN and all that others.
In a year from now, if we're in a lot less than seven countries, then I'm going to say, great, move on.
But right now?
I'm watching carefully because I think it's really, really hard to use as an example turning around an aircraft carrier.
It's very, very difficult.
You have been called basically a Russian agent.
I have been called one.
Trump has been called one.
All these fake revelations have come out.
None of them are true.
It's totally made up.
And that's how they pass that law to, quote, try to control U.S.
media is because, quote, the Russians are so powerful.
This is like McCarthy on PCP.
That was the word I was thinking about as you were saying that.
It's the McCarthyism.
You know, they're trying to destroy people who come up with a messenger.
You know, somebody called in when my name was in it.
Listen, they were a little bit worried about it.
And my staff said, no, that's good news.
That's good news.
We're on the right side, you know, of them attacking us because they want to destroy us because they're afraid of the truth.
There's a lady in the night.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central, we're here.
Back weeknight, 7 o'clock Central.
Sundays, I'll be here this Sunday live, 4 to 6 p.m.
But not Trump.
And God always delivers in the darkest hour, and Trump's it.
My gut told me he was for real.
And he's just over-delivered.
Seven days and it is incredible.
Even the establishment admits that it is a lightning war against them.
It is truly beautiful.
Later I'm going to be breaking that down.
We also have David Nighthouse at the fourth hour.
Roger Stone popping in.
With new information in the third hour, and I do intend to open the phones up as well later in this hour into the third hour.
I want to start tackling the CNN piece in the next segment because it's so deceptive.
And again, it's bigger than just, oh look, they're lying about illegals voting.
They're trying to delegitimize Trump's election.
They're trying to overthrow the U.S.
via globalism, where you bring in outside groups, have them swear allegiance to your political party and your corporate socialism, and then you conquer the nation.
That's what the plan is from the U.N.
That's what Peter Sutherland, who founded the E.U.
and runs the U.N.
Migrant Council, says they're doing.
That's where they miscalculated was admitting their plans.
And Trump knows all about this.
Dr. Jerome Corsi has known him well for 40 plus years, worked with him in business and in banking.
And of course, he also worked for the State Department and a bunch of other things.
And he just says, Alex, let me assure you about a year and a half ago, I wasn't questioning Trump.
I was talking to him off air and on air.
He said, let me just give you a newsflash.
Trump knew all about this when he was a young man, before you were born.
And I pressed him and others, and I did some research off what I was told and talked to some other people, and they said, listen, Trump has been waiting his entire life for this.
Trump is basically beyond a John Berger.
Trump knew about all this when he was a little kid.
And then later in life,
Was heavily immersed in it in New York City.
And has been sitting there watching all these people the whole time getting ready.
You don't just think the enemy has sleeper cells, do you?
I love it!
It's crazy!
And here's the good part.
The minute he turned sideways on us, we know he got compromised.
But it's not gonna happen.
He's so pig-headed, it's beautiful.
He's ready for them to kill him.
He doesn't care.
He doesn't care.
He told the Secret Service, I don't care what you say, I'm getting out walking down Pennsylvania Avenue.
You see him, like, tugging him, trying to make him get back in.
He doesn't care.
He wins if they kill him.
He wins if they don't.
The only way he loses is if he doesn't deliver.
And I said, I will believe in Trump if he delivers or dies trying.
And you know what?
He is going to do it or die trying.
And you know what?
I'm not going to get into the conversation with Trump.
I'm just going to stop right there because it becomes a diversion.
But let me just tell you, you wouldn't have these discussions with people if you weren't 100% real.
And I've made the joke like, hey, it's like Donald Trump White House is Alex Jones White House, but it's the other way around.
He was around before me.
He just had a different way of doing it.
I'm not the only person that doesn't like the New World Order.
I was 18 years old and didn't like it when I was in college and decided to fight it right away.
So I did what I've done in 20-something years.
25 years.
With Trump, he has had the super long game, which is the definition of intelligence.
Long, patient planning that's executed is the essence of world building.
And I'm telling you, I, from researching things, I need to write a big article about the real Donald Trump.
Just so people know, because I'm sure of it now, he was hiding in plain view.
Because I don't have any, I'm not an amber with power, everybody knows that.
I can't stand sycophants and globalists and pomp.
He only did all the pomp and stuff so that they would think he was one of them as camouflage the entire time.
This guy is uber smart.
He's that rare mix of genius and will, but also he's got the Joker in him.
Trump is the big joker.
He's the big, big, big, big magic elf everybody's been waiting for, folks.
Santa Claus came to town, ladies and gentlemen.
He's been making a list.
He's snotty and nice.
He's been marking it twice.
So, this is the war, and it's crazy.
And I'm done talking about that when we come back.
Let me tell you, it's an exciting time to be alive, though.
And the enemy's pulling all the stops too, but they are squirming, they are scared, and they don't know what to do.
But the jolly old elf hit the scene, and they are crapping their drawers.
All right, we'll be back.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the InfoWar.
And we're gonna come back and break down the CNN piece and more and his war on the media.
No, it's his war on him and America.
He's only fighting back.
They can't stand that.
When they attack us, we attack back.
They go, I have free speech.
Yeah, I have free speech to counter you.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Who is Ike Batista?
Once the richest man in Brazil, a successful oil and mining tycoon, and now a fugitive to justice.
Brazil is currently trying to drain its own swamp, and the arrest of Batista is one of many steps they are taking.
It turns out Batista, owner of the EBX Group, was involved in bribes to the government via interactions with former governor of Rio de Janeiro, Sergio Cabral, who was also arrested, in conjunction with activities involving the state-owned oil company, Petrobras.
Brazil's own drain in the swamp has been called Yava Jato, or car wash.
It has produced many arrests, including Cabral's top aide and former secretary in Rio, Wilson Carlos Carvalho, former governor of Rio, Anthony Garatinho, under suspicion of vote rigging, a former top executive with Batista, Flavio Godinho, accused of money laundering in association with Cabral,
And another top aide of Cabral's, Carlos Miranda, has also been jailed, showing the United States that it is possible to drain the swamp and nobody is above the law.
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Came in last night at half past midnight.
Baby of mine wouldn't let me in, so move it on over.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Yeah, the New World Order pyramid is in deep trouble.
Once we expose it, the top-down control system has came over.
Donald Trump is overthrowing the New World Order.
Donald Trump, with your backing,
...is the wrecking ball that's being taken to the tyrannical planetary regime.
Move over!
That's right.
I want to open the phones up.
The toll-free number to join us is 800-259-9231.
So post it in an article from CNN, while other outlets fact-check Trump.
InfoWars provides alternative facts.
And I was actually watching this yesterday and saw them attack me.
The video clip is a shorter clip where we're not in there, but the point is is that they're coming after us all over the place again saying we're putting out alternative facts.
That's a Conway quote.
Not the best word to use, but we don't believe known liars.
We go out and do our own research.
That's the response to them calling us fake news, conspiracy theorists, all this.
It's not working anymore.
Truth, trust, and Trump.
They're trying to erode
The trust in Trump, when they have no trust, and his lowest Rasmussen poll, as well as Gallup, was 41 and 43 respectively.
Rasmussen and Gallup now have him sitting, ladies and gentlemen, at 59 points, and that's using a sample that skews towards Democrats.
People go, how do you know that?
I've studied polls.
I've paid for polls to be commissioned.
I've said I want a straight poll done by big companies.
They go, we're not doing it the way you want.
Or we're not working with you, Republican and Democrats.
They want a closed shop of information, a monopoly of info, and they're panicking because Trump is smashing all of that.
Trump is destroying that.
So let's go ahead and go to this first clip here that I've been mentioning, toll-free number 800-259-9231.
There's so many to get to, but this deals with Trump and the media.
Here it is.
They're very hostile.
These are very hostile people.
These are very angry people.
But they're also colluded against you in the campaign.
My question to you is... Well, they're very dishonest people.
The media is very dishonest.
I've been saying it.
I say it openly.
I said journalism's dead, so we agree.
Never dead, but they're very dishonest people in many cases.
Hey, look, you have some very honest ones, but I get stories that are so false.
And so dishonest.
Martin Luther King's bust.
Yeah, they said Martin Luther King's bust was taken out of the Oval Office.
By me.
It's there.
See, that's a very serious charge.
Because they're not saying the bust is taken out.
What they're saying is that I'm a racist.
That's what they're saying.
That's a very serious charge.
Then it turned out the bust... In fact, I got very angry at my people.
I said, who took that bust out?
Because I wasn't there.
And they said it was never moved.
It was in the same exact spot.
It was never moved.
I said, how could they say it?
A reporter said that it was taken out.
But that's a very, very serious charge because that's a racist charge.
Then when it was revealed that they were wrong, nobody even talks about it.
That's right.
And when they say that no one was there and show a shot of when the gates first opened for the inauguration, he comes out and says they're lying.
That's a big deal to have like North Korean style media.
And they go, oh, stop bitching.
No one was there for you.
I was there.
It was full.
You go to the gigapixel shot CNN has on their own page and it shows the whole thing jam-packed.
And Don Lemon comes out and says, no, he's a liar.
He had a small crowd.
Don Lemon has no viewers.
But he has this weird little arrogant con-artist face, so that the rest of the con-artists at CNN go, oh look, this con-artist can, you know, con them.
Let's just keep doubling and tripling down.
So let's go to this next piece dealing with Trump.
This is where they claim that while other outlets fact-check Trump info wars, provides alternative facts.
Now again, alternative facts like
University study, Old Dominion University, George Mason University, concluding that upwards of 2.8 million illegals voted and swung key elections in 2014.
And then they've come out again in the Washington Times today and said they found, just in a limited sample, 800,000 illegals voting.
And then, you've got their own internal memos, and you've got Bloomberg, and you've got AP, and you've got Politico.
Here it is, I'll show you.
Illegal immigrants could elect Hillary.
How non-citizens decrease Republican chances of winning the White House next year.
And how?
The Electoral College is done off census.
It's like it is in Leviticus in the Old Testament.
It's off the census.
They number the people.
And then you get that number of electoral votes in your state for how big your population is for House members, even if those people don't vote.
And then that is also counted up for the number of electoral votes you get representing voters.
And so that's how it counts as millions of extra votes in California alone.
Of how Hillary won.
There's more than 3 million illegals, admittedly, in the population of California.
It's more than 4 million just the last decade confirmed there.
And so, there's the votes right there in the California electoral college numbers that went for Hillary and not Trump.
Because that's how they condense the individual votes.
What he's saying is way low.
It's 7, 8, 9, 10 million on the conservative side.
Not 3 million, Mr. President.
It's bombshell!
Because we're only looking at the admitted 20-something million dead people still on the rolls, and, you know, 10-something million illegals on the rolls, and going, well, how do you prove it?
You know, the Democrats are trying to get him to vote.
We know this is going on.
I mean, I don't want to harp on this all day, but this is critical, because he's got an investigation going into all this.
And the Republican Party doesn't want this information out there, because they want Trump to be defeated.
They're globalists.
And so they're hoping all this doesn't come out.
Well, we're going to make sure it does, and our beautiful audience
He's going to make sure it all comes out because this is what's going on and Trump's been proven right again.
Let's play part of this CNN piece.
Here it is.
Welcome back to Reliable Sources.
I'm Brian Stelter, live from Washington, D.C.
Back it up.
Let's just split screen.
Reliable sources, everything.
We're reliable, like a white truck pulls up at the playground and goes, we have free candy, we have puppies, we have comic books.
That's the equivalent, you know, to kids of reliable sources.
Oh look, there's a puppy painted on the side of the truck.
Oh hi, come on in the back of the truck.
Come on America, come in here so we can strangle you, enslave you, control you.
Look at this guy.
Look at who they've got to hire to be traitors now.
I mean, does that guy look like he's a chump or what?
That he acts like a big, fat chump.
Oh, thanks for joining us here on Reliable Creeper Van.
It should be called here on Reliable Rape America Van.
Here on Reliable Creeps.
We've already gang raped you hard, we're not done.
Put these handcuffs on and we'll go easy on you.
Put the handcuffs on.
He's saying.
So let's go back to put the handcuffs on and everything will be okay.
That's the name of the show.
Not Reliable Sources.
I'm going to sit here and decipher the whole thing.
Let's start over.
I just pumped the dog look guy.
Here it is.
Welcome back to Reliable Sources, I'm Brian Stilter, live from Washington D.C.
Don't stop again, back it up again.
I'm Brian Stilter.
I stilt the facts and I'm a con man, manipulating you and Alex Jones' opinion.
Here, let me look at this guy.
I guarantee you, this chump can't get women if he tried.
Million dollars on it.
I mean, he's got his CNN job, his little nerd tie, all of it.
This guy's a punk.
This guy's an anti-American rat.
This guy's an enemy.
Let's go back to him.
Welcome back to Reliable Sources, I'm Brian Stelter, live from Washington D.C.
Oh, let's finish up.
He came in right off the teleprompter.
I'm live in D.C.
Welcome back to Reliable Sources.
I'm Brian Stelter, live from Washington, D.C.
Get it out.
It's D.C.
District of Criminals.
Get it out.
He's the real man.
Look at him.
He's got his eyes kind of narrowed.
I'm a seeing reporter.
Tim's Bond.
No one can stop him.
He will teach you.
Let's go back to...
Mr. Stilted on CNN.
Here it is.
Maybe you do too.
We'll see.
Here's the psychology.
I've got real issues with Trump.
Maybe you do too.
Maybe you're like me.
Only folks you're getting is people that are near brain-dead nursing homes, bro.
I was in one today.
Come to me.
Maybe you feel like me too.
I mean, when you hear somebody going... It's just all these tricks they use.
Here, let's just go back to him.
Deny reality on a daily basis?
Back the whole thing up.
I gotta start from the beginning.
Deny reality on a daily basis that Hillary was invincible, that could never be beaten, and was 50... CNN had polls where he was... she was 50 points ahead of Trump.
How the hell is that possible?
Look at that little smiley punk face.
All he's got is a little con man face, like... Can't even do it.
That's what you see when you're chained up in the basement, the door opens, here it comes.
Let's continue.
Welcome back to Reliable Sources, I'm Brian Stelter, live from Washington D.C.
All I have today are questions, maybe you do too.
Will President Trump... Now all I'm going to do is lie all day, I don't have questions.
It isn't a question, he comes right out and says, it's verifiably a lie.
That this is all scientific.
He opens up an area of your brain that's of questions, where you're open and looking.
Then he tells you he's absolutely a fraud, lying to you constantly.
All of this is written by psych warfare chiefs, little chicken-neck psychiatrists behind the scenes, flapping their fingers, you know, hoping to screw America over, because they'll be manly someday if they can just dominate those big men they see at the grocery store and drive in those big trucks.
They scare them!
So, if I can just dominate the other men on the modern battlefield... Here, let me type like they do.
Here you go.
Because they're so scared.
Oh God, oh God, the Midwest, I've got guns.
Just all of a sudden, they're manly, they dominate us.
They're tough, they're cool, they're smart.
Because the real men don't want to dominate anybody.
We're so dominant, we can't even handle all the victory.
Meanwhile, being run over by parasites like you.
Everything he says is to hurt you and your family.
Here, back it up from the start again, I'm sorry.
Welcome back to Reliable Sources, I'm Brian Stelter, live from Washington D.C.
All I have today are questions.
Maybe you do too.
Will President Trump deny reality on a daily basis?
Will he make up his own false facts and fake stats?
If so, what will the consequences be?
What will the consequences be for the president?
They mean the American people that elected him.
It's all about consequences.
What do we do?
How do we impeach him?
How do we destroy him?
Let's continue.
Give up trying to fact check?
Is that the goal?
Oh, pause.
Give up trying to fact check.
That's because you've already given up.
We already hate you.
We already know you're a fraud.
We're just putting a tombstone on the pile of manure.
Go ahead.
Down to wear us out.
Hey, pause.
Wear us out.
They're trying to, hell, what did I tell you?
They're trying to break our will and wear us out.
Do I look worn out, boy?
You look worn out.
I bet your family are a bunch of soft, cowardly, ugly-looking people.
I don't mean that to be mean, but you know what?
You want to wear us out?
You look like a pile of dishonorable trash!
People like you didn't found this country!
You can't fight your way out of a wet paper bag, scumbag!
It's why you went and found the most evil organization you could and groveled to it!
Because weak people grovel at the altar of evil!
Well, guess what?
I don't!
And I see you!
Who will you trust?
Is this all accidental?
Who will you trust, this little creepy son of a bitch?
Or your own gut reality?
Or is the Trump administration creating confusion and sowing division on purpose?
Everything he says is what they're doing.
Creating division, sowing distrust, that's in the WikiLeaks.
How do we keep them desperate?
How do we confuse them?
The answer is cultural warfare.
Yes sir, yes sir, yes sir!
That's the official WikiLeaks!
So everything he's telling you, he now puts in a teleprompter that Trump's doing.
Trump, we're unifying red blood as Americans, coming together of every race, color, and creed for innovation and life.
We need to all hire each other and work with each other and be loving and believe in God.
Meanwhile, Trump's trying to divide us.
Here comes a million women screaming he's an effing white male.
All whites are bad.
Funded by this guy's bosses.
The idea to force voters to choose between the reporters and the commander-in-chief, to cast doubt on the media so much that you just give up and trust nothing.
Pause again.
Oh yes, you just give up and trust them.
Don't give up, our few final viewers, as the Gallup poll goes up for Trump.
Don't give up.
Come back to us, because that's all there is is us.
That's all there is is CNN and Joker Boy reading off somebody else's teleprompter writing.
Don't give up.
Stay with us.
Believe in hope, unity.
That's all we push is disunity, but it doesn't matter.
Just don't give up.
Continue, please.
Is Trump gaslighting us?
Oh, hit pause again!
Oh my God, how many... We have introduced the term in modern culture of gaslighting.
It's when somebody punches you right in the nose and tells you they didn't do it.
They tell you Obamacare is free when it's not.
They tell you Hillary's gonna win, she's invincible when she was way behind.
They tell you she's in the best shape of her life when she's dying.
That's called gaslighting.
It's called telling you that there aren't any IRS agents or penalties for Obamacare.
Make you doubt your own eyes?
Does he know what gaslighting means?
Oh, hit pause!
That we don't have our own eyes.
He's sitting here, he's sitting here saying what I was saying 20 years ago.
You can see through them, you've got your own eyes, you know they're a pack of liars, we're gonna stop them, they're gonna build a world government, they're gonna go after our families.
Then they did everything I said.
See, here's the difference, bro.
We're right, you're wrong.
What we say comes true.
What you say doesn't.
See how that works?
I don't read off a teleprompter, little man!
Keep going.
Here's another question.
Will Trump's staffers lie for him?
Does Sean Spicer remember saying this?
Here's another question.
Will they lie for him?
Implying he's this big liar and wants them.
Here's another question.
Is Trump raping his wife?
Do you rape your wife often?
Here's another question.
Will they lie for him?
There's no lying.
He's bulldozing over your whole criminal unconstitutional agenda.
Withdrawing out of TPP, you name it.
He's delivering.
Your answer is, will they lie for him?
Keep going.
That's them trying to get them to curry favor, saying to Spicer and others, we'll make you big stars in MSM.
We'll make you big stars in mainstream media, in Dying God for Media.
Come to us.
Come to the Island of Harpies.
Come to the Siren Song.
Come to us on the River Styx.
Get on the boat.
With Char on!
Come to the loving land of dead media.
Oh, never mind the skeleton faces.
Just come, come, come, come, come as we fall and fail.
We'll patch you on the head in a bubble in D.C.
Make you feel like you're powerful.
Trump's biggest problem is going to be infiltration and blackmail by globalists into his operation.
That's going to be his main problem.
And he will need a Praetorian Guard of people watching to stop that.
Skip the break.
I want to cover this.
This is too important.
Let's continue.
The one thing that whether you're Republican, Democrat, Independent, you have your integrity.
I may tell a reporter I can't comment on something or, you know, I'm not able to discuss it, but... You know, hit pause again.
And I don't think... Should we play Gibbs saying he was told a lie about the drone program that had existed for five years and say it didn't exist?
Because you're the ones that have this whole history of being discredited.
Then they cut out a context of Spicer saying, I have my integrity.
I may not comment on something.
And then they're implying he's already lying.
Let's go.
And I don't intend.
I would argue that anybody who's an aspiring... Pause.
See, they're trying to imply that Spicer's already lied.
They've asked him about aspiring people and how they should be successful.
He's telling them just about the code of ethics.
They're implying this is a code of ethics because of Trump lying.
So the first thing he does is, again, lie to you, all because he has a head that looks like a donkey's wee-wee.
And so that's his credibility.
Here it is.
Communicator, adhere to that.
Because if you lose the respect and trust of the press corps, you've got nothing.
You've got nothing, he says.
So does Spicer have anything?
Has he squandered all of the goodwill he's built up over the years?
Or is it a chance to repair this relationship?
Can he win back his credibility?
Alright, pause again.
He's saying Trump doesn't have credibility, which he has total credibility with people that are thinkers.
His support is expanding as he delivers his agenda.
But this little nobody says, as if he's the authority up here as the big mommy dictating reality, will he win back his credibility?
Will Trump, will Spicer, will you?
You've been discredited when they're the ones that have been discredited.
Again, everything he says is about himself.
Everything he says is a fraud.
This is all about credibility, after all.
Take a look at what else Sean Spicer said.
Again, this was a David Axelrod out at a university three weeks ago.
Axelrod asked a very important question.
Would you quit if you were asked to?
It's not a question of quit.
I can't... I don't think any communicator worth their salt can go out and tell a lie.
You just... You can't do it.
I think it's one thing for a surrogate to say something, or... And again, I'm not by any means advocating that.
I think you have to... You can spin the way you want, but I think to go out and tell a lie is something that's just not acceptable.
Now let's stop.
They say, can Trump, and everybody went back to credibility, Trump's a big liar, Trump's a deceiver, that's what Don Lemon and all of them are saying is the talking point.
Then they ask Spicer, who's being real with them, hey, would you ever lie?
And he says, no, I wouldn't.
So it all implies
That Trump is there lying.
What are you doing going to all these events because you're a journalist and now you want to be cool in the journalism world?
You're gonna be cool, Spicer, by being as far away from them as you can be.
It's uncool to be in all these clubs of really traitorous scumbag people.
InfoWars is super successful and dominant because we are not of their system.
In fact, let's play Gibbs right now.
Here it is.
When I went through the process of becoming press secretary, one of the first things they told me was, you're not even to acknowledge the drone program.
You're not even to discuss that it exists.
And so I would get a question like that, and literally I couldn't tell you what major ass, because once I figured out it was about the drone program, I realized I'm not supposed to talk about it.
But here's what's inherently crazy about that proposition.
You're being asked a question based on reporting of a program that exists.
So you're the official government spokesperson acting as if the entire program... Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.
I think in many ways, and I think what the president has seen, and I have not talked to him about this, I want to be careful, this is my opinion, but I think what the president has seen is
Our denial of the existence of the program, when it's obviously happening, undermines people's confidence overall in the decisions that their government makes.
Think so?
So here's the deal.
You've got a whore media.
That's not fair to whores.
You've got a traitorous sellout media that will tell any lie and do anything that is totally destroyed in a general election, shooting everything they've got at Trump and the American people and failing.
And then they have the chutzpah, the bravado, whatever you want to call it, the arrogance, the hubris, the just crazy double-down confidence game.
To then say Trump's done all this when Trump got elected being brazen and telling the truth.
And being naked in what he believes.
And being teleprompter free.
For almost all of his campaign.
That's what they want.
So you turn it all around after all your sellouts and all your lies and bring in the new press secretary weeks before he's in office, this was from three weeks ago, and say the gotcha question
Would you tell lies for Trump, as if Trump's a liar?
You know, I'm done with the peace.
It just gets worse from here.
I mean, these people are just absolutely despicable liars.
And by the way, those aren't even strong enough words.
These people are trash.
I mean, these are empty, horrible people that would do anything, the powers that be told them.
They're very dangerous people.
These are your family's enemies.
They want to make you poor.
They see you as bitter clingers.
They have it out for you.
It's their ego.
They're better than people.
And they get off on Obamacare to impoverish you and call you dumb effers and thank God you're so stupid.
Ha ha ha.
Ha ha ha.
Like a bunch of skeks he's laughing.
And that's all over, jackasses!
They'll still be evil fighting good, but humanity's standing up.
Feel it?
You've been attacking a sleeping humanity.
And boy, you were really proud of yourselves as the Lillipallies, weren't you?
But you're just that, a bunch of little nobodies.
So get ready.
I hope you enjoy it.
Because humanity and liberty is rising.
A few points here I gotta hit.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
I know we loaded the phones up and I started ranting.
So let me go to some of your phone calls right now.
You'll get to talk to Roger Stone coming up.
Mark and Chris and Roger and Vince and Tim and others.
At least 25 million dead and fraudulent registered voters in the 2016 election.
The reason that's big is that's the new election, not Pew Research on 2014 or 2012, the general election.
It also ties into the new study.
With Hillary getting 800,000 illegals to vote for confirmed.
The same universities that have studied in the last election before that and found 2.8 million voted.
So, I mean, Trump is just being proven absolutely correct.
This is bombshell.
So great job, Kit Daniels, getting that out.
I mean, I just keep not finding fault with Trump except for torture.
And then again, it's not his job to say, we're going to prosecute Hillary.
So he's stepping back.
I believe that will happen because it's the right thing to do.
And he is obsessed, as they admit, with delivering.
You heard it here first, folks.
Hillary is in deep doo-doo.
Let's go ahead and talk to callers here.
Let's talk to who's up first.
Chris in Ohio.
You're on the air worldwide.
Hey, Alex.
First, I want to say, man, I want to thank you.
I want to thank Roger Stone.
I want to thank Paul Watson for being the tip of the spear and for the captain at the helm of this ship that we call Freedom.
There's nothing like what's happening now, and it's just an unbelievable time.
I am astounded and cannot believe what CNN is putting out there, all their garbage, their trash.
I mean, they've been doing it for so long that it feels so good to finally see it.
And by the way, they know they're traitors.
It's in the WikiLeaks.
They know they want to make us desperate and poor.
And he's saying, oh, Trump wants that.
It makes absolutely no sense, you know, and their audience are nothing but cookie-cutter zombies that have been zombified into this Orwellian, technocratic-style way of thinking, to where these people, I mean, it's like trying to shake them by the shoulders and scream, wake up to these people, and they can't seem to see it!
I mean, I saw you out there during the inauguration at the Women's March, and these people,
Every time you made a point, all they could do is say, fuck you, or all they could do is flip you off.
And it's so pathetic.
No, I hear you.
I gotta let you go, because once we hit the delay, it's got to build back up for our callers.
It's FCC stuff, and we get penalized, but you're a great caller.
And no, I mean, I was there at the Women's March, and it was, like, mainly white women.
I'm not saying that to go easy on the minorities.
I mean, it was white women.
In fact, I don't want to go easy.
That was all it was, was screaming, F you white male, go to hell, I hope you die.
And there's a new video on Infowars.com, and I saw this myself, if you're a minority, a black man or a Hispanic woman or something, they frickin' attack you and flip, man.
I mean, they don't know what to do.
You're like black or Hispanic or Asian.
They start beating you up.
I keep seeing all these Hispanic and Asian women beat up, bleeding.
I mean, if they saw one of them trying to get into a Trump inauguration, they had orders.
It was at multiple checkpoints, and they would just start attacking and hitting.
It was just frothing, because if minorities go in there and get hugged and accepted by a bunch of white people, they're going to go, wait, what's going on here?
I thought they were all white supremacist inside there.
And they don't want those images on TV either.
We're gonna go to Roger in Texas and others when we come back, and then of course Roger Stone's joining us.
But I will get to your calls early in the interview, I promise, straight ahead.
But yeah, no, it's a crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy time to be alive, and they've been so racial in trying to say everybody's a racist that doesn't agree with their agenda that they've become the very racist they said they were fighting.
But it was always like that.
It was Christians and blacks rebelling that ended slavery in this country, and it was the Republicans.
And might agree with everything Lincoln did.
You know, that turned sour as well.
I say both sides were wrong in the Civil War.
That's been declassified.
British intelligence manipulated it.
But it was always Republicans and it was always Christians that did it.
And then they turn around and go, oh, the Republicans just passed the Civil Rights Act in 58 and 60.
What are we going to do?
Well, let's flip and claim we represent the minorities now.
And then the minorities bought it.
So, you know, it's just crazy.
And I'm not saying Republicans haven't played race politics too, it's just that when you're historically informed, it's very frustrating, because stuff's upside down.
I'm going to lay it out short and sweet.
I got so dedicated to fighting the globalists and their program for world government that I stopped working out.
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Headline, Washington Times.
Trump argument bolstered.
Clinton received 800,000 votes from non-citizens.
Study finds.
In a study done by Jesse Richman of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, he found that likely 6.4% of the estimated 20 million non-citizens of voting age living in the United States voted in the 2016 presidential election.
The way he sees it, this added 843,000 votes for Clinton, 81% of the non-citizen vote.
So there it is again.
Voter fraud proven to be happening, another independent study has found.
Stack that up with independent CBS investigation, the Federalist's John Gibbs investigation, a compilation of documented voter fraud at discoverthenetworks.org, and more to come, I'm sure.
Remember, just yesterday, CNN, USA Today, and other mainstream media outlets claimed Trump's claim of voter fraud was debunked.
Even factcheck.org said it wasn't true!
This is Owen Schroer for InfoWars.com
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
It's Alex Jones.
Donald Trump didn't just change the presidency or the republic in seven days, he changed the world.
I've got to say, I'm so honored and I'm so blessed.
And I think my lucky star is that I bet on Donald Trump more than two years ago.
And I'd met Roger Stone before, but now he's a really good friend.
Got to know him, one of my favorite guests.
More and more going to be working with these broadcasts.
Along with some other great journalists and folks we're going to be announcing in the near future.
This is an amazing time.
For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
That's Newtonian physics.
And we pretty much hit bottom.
Liberty is now exploding.
A blitzkrieg of action.
I agree with everything Trump's done, except for torture.
And I had Ron Paul on.
He said, no, Trump's doing a great job on the economy, trying to save it.
The problem is central banks are now about to raise interest rates.
They're trying to head him off at the pass and stop the recovery and they admit they're doing that.
CNN and others are calling him a liar on 3 million illegals voting, even though I have new studies that we've dug up out of Old Dominion University in Virginia, George Mason University from 2014, saying the election in the Senate was won by millions, upwards of 3 million illegals, 2.8 million, that they caught voting just in the states they looked at.
That is in a major study.
There's another study out by the same university just on this election.
Finding that 800,000 voted for Hillary.
That's the Washington Times today.
But more importantly, there's internal Democratic strategy memos that have come out the last few years.
And even Politico.
Illegal immigrants could elect Hillary.
This is 2015, October 3rd.
How non-citizens decrease Republican chances of winning the House next year.
Now let's break that down.
If California and Florida and New York and other states have increased immigrant populations in them, in the Electoral College, and then that gets counted as higher Electoral College numbers, and more House members, but also a larger Electoral College number, that beats other states.
Their vote, even if they're not voting, them being there via the census, gets added in, and the Democrats were betting on that, and still they lost.
So Trump's number of 3 million is low.
I already filed a special report today.
More is coming out.
It's up to you to get this out because they've bet the farm, just like they did on fake polls, on the fact that Trump didn't win the popular vote.
He's right to say, I did, and to secure our election process.
I told you they federalized the election.
They did it.
I talked to people inside Homeland Security.
I mean, we have sources, and it's even dangerous to talk about this, and I don't mean dangerous politically.
I mean, dangerous to my life.
I've got sources where I'm like, is it safe for me to be getting information from high-level and U.S.
intelligence agencies?
And they say, oh, everybody loves you, Alex.
Here's the info.
And I'm not talking about Pachinik, who has his sources as well.
I mean,
Obviously, I never tell about sources, and people know they can trust me, and they know I'm Americana.
But now, in this whole new ballgame, I can't believe the intel we get.
It's so accurate.
Roger, I know you want to get into fake news today, and MSM, and the type of distortions they're putting out, and more.
But wow, is Trump not delivering?
This is dizzyings, the word that's being used.
CNN said, it's terrible.
He's obsessed on doing what he said he'd do, as his Gallup poll and Rasmussen polls go to 60%.
Absolutely, Alex.
Anybody who thought that Donald Trump was going to come to Washington and delete or download or sideline his agenda doesn't understand Donald Trump.
He is a very driven, focused, and exceedingly stubborn person when he sets his mind to something.
And he understands the importance of sealing our borders.
He understands the importance of ending this flow of illegals into the country.
He's not going to give an inch.
He's actually going to do what he said he would do in the campaign.
How refreshing.
How unusual.
How American.
So, you know, these minor flaps about his Twitter feed and how many people were at the inauguration versus Obama.
Meaningless, really.
He's delivering on the big picture items.
So do you agree they're distracting us, and I've taken the bait and so has he, with the ridiculous lie of showing a photo from the monument when it first opened?
When we had the gigapixel showing it was jam-packed?
I mean, even though it's meant to be an outrageous lie to divert him and us.
Yeah, there's no question about that.
And CNN continues to lead the band in this regard.
They continue to report things day and night that are simply not true.
Fake news.
And then of course, and we had this throughout the entire campaign, they turn around and accuse us of doing precisely what they are doing.
CNN is disgraceful.
This is not a news organization.
This is an ideological front.
This is a propaganda machine.
There's nothing wrong with that.
That's how our American system works.
They're allowed to spread propaganda.
Just don't claim to be a news organization.
And they're allowed to go bankrupt.
So moving forward, though, I would give him an A+.
Simply incredible.
The CIA warmly welcomed him, despite what we were told.
I mean, this is devastating.
What are the top issues right now, Roger Stone?
Well, look, he's got a Supreme Court judge to pick.
I think that's probably the most important thing on his mind at the moment.
With the strong support of Jeff Sessions at his side, he is moving ahead very aggressively on the immigration issue.
He's very focused on infrastructure, which makes sense, Alex.
He's a builder.
That's what he does.
And he is searching for a way to finance
The rebuilding of our roads and our bridges and our tunnels and our hospitals, our schools.
And it's very high on his agenda.
And he's not going to drop it because it's very important to him personally.
This is a guy who can look at a bridge or can look at a building and say, wow, great architecture or wow, this thing's about to tip over.
So infrastructure is never far from his mind or his agenda.
He's a doer.
He's a man of enormous confidence.
And he is unswayed by all these personal attacks.
I just don't think he cares.
He's there for four years, at a minimum, and he's going to fulfill as much of his agenda as he possibly can.
In a moment I want to play a clip of the ABC quote, first interview from the White House, where the reporter tries to bring up the women's march funded by Soros and Islamic groups publicly, I couldn't believe that, the Islamic part, and
He just ignores the women's march, doesn't even tangle with them and take the bait to fight with women.
He says, oh, I love the pro-life march coming up.
And now Vice President Pence goes and speaks to it, which absolutely outrages them.
Him following through the first vice president to speak at a pro-life event.
Look, the president of the United States is pro-life.
Get used to it.
The women's march, and I have a slightly different take on this.
I was there.
I spoke to a number of the marchers.
I, in fact, had cocktails with them later in the evening.
There are a lot of good, sincere women there who are legitimately concerned about women's rights.
They're not haters.
They're not attacking anybody.
They have legitimate concerns.
But unfortunately, Alex, you put your finger on it.
They were infected and infiltrated by agitators.
Most of them paid agitators, carrying the nasty signs, chanting the obscene chants.
And it gives everybody a bad name.
It takes away the legitimacy of the people who are there for sincere reasons.
This didn't sway the president in any way.
Believe me.
He's very sensitive to women's health issues, largely because of his daughter, Ivanka, has made him sensitive to these issues.
So a flap about the Women's March is neither here or there.
Are we going to seal our borders?
Are we going to renegotiate these trade deals?
Are we going to make the country safer and more prosperous?
And you are their president now, too.
That's true.
Could you hear them from the White House?
No, I couldn't hear them.
But the crowds were large.
But you're going to have a large crowd on Friday, too, which is mostly pro-life people.
You're going to have a lot of people coming on Friday.
And I will say this, and I didn't realize this, but I was told, you will have a very large crowd of people.
I don't know, as large or larger.
Some people said it's going to be larger.
Pro-life people.
And they say the press doesn't cover them.
I don't want to compare crowd sizes again.
No, you shouldn't.
But let me just tell you, what they do say is that the press doesn't cover them.
So what's beautiful here is he's bringing up the fact they always ignore pro-life or pro-gun marches.
The president isn't going to do that.
This is so beautiful how he's tying in and exciting his base and getting him to march more and getting him to be involved.
Republican presidents never do this.
Now, Donald Trump understands the value of the bully pulpit.
He's using it every day.
His nighttime tweeting is driving the mainstream media insane.
Therefore, I would urge him, not that he needs any urging, to continue to speak his own mind.
Look, I've known Trump for 40 years.
He is his own man.
He's not taking stage directions from anyone else.
He's getting good advice from the Vice President, and from Senator Sessions, and a cross-section of people.
And that's why the elite hate him.
I want to ask this before we go to break.
Getting us out of TPP, he could have grabbed it like Obama did, held it, used it as a corporate tool over corporations to serve him.
He didn't.
He just withdrew, said it was negotiated secretly, the President can't do this, and gave it back to Congress, killing it.
I mean, he's devolving power back to the House, back to the Senate, back to the states.
That's because Donald Trump is entirely a man of his word.
He told you what he's gonna do, and now he's doing it.
It's a new thing for Washington.
They've never seen this inside the Beltway before.
They're in shock, to say the least.
I gotta say, Roger, he is over-delivering right now.
I am pretty blown away.
Well, so far, so good and over delivering in the face of an overwhelming negative onslaught from some in the mainstream media.
So kudos to him.
But I don't expect this freight train to get sidelined any time soon.
I want to ask you about what you're worried about, also some of the media demonization, where we're going from here, the economy, and more with Roger Stone.
His book, by the way, comes out in just a few days.
We just got him in.
You can pre-order him right now at InfoWarsStore.com and support Roger and InfoWars.
Get his book, The Making of a President.
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No, this is through the roof.
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I mean, that's amazing.
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It's amazing.
Here comes the Trump train, baby.
Turn it up.
Get ready.
Get on board.
It's the Trump train.
All right, we got stones about 45 after.
I'm going to take a few of your calls coming up in the next segment.
This is a short segment.
I don't want to be too optimistic, but optimism is what we need to get out of this global collapse that they admittedly, the central banks, are trying to accelerate to stop Trump.
But nationalism is exploding everywhere.
The fact that England and their new prime minister is wanting to link up with us, Japan, Russia, we now see the real axis of nationalism against the axis of globalism.
But the Communist Chinese openly in the news and at Davos saying,
We're going to take over the media.
We're going to take over Hollywood.
We're going to bully the American people into submission.
I sure hope next time you talk to the President, I know he's exposed this, or next time anybody talks to him, the listeners need to tweet him and talk to him.
I hope he comes out and says, look, it's not the Russians doing this.
The Chinese admittedly were involved in the election.
Now they're in the newspapers saying they're going to take over Hollywood.
They've got a new movie coming out with the Transformers director, where Trump's a dictator.
I mean, Roger Stone, this is crazy.
Well, they're manipulating those elements that they still control.
Alex, you're absolutely right about the central banks.
What they're really doing that's more egregious than anything is they're requiring the community banks to require a larger percentage of money down for builders.
So people who want to build new housing, and affordable housing is a giant problem in this country, they're being squeezed by the community banks at the direction of the central banks.
They need to ease up and let them put down a more reasonable amount of money down.
And Trump wants 0% basically of the general public that the banks have had for 8 years, and they're saying no, in fact we're going to raise rates basically on everybody.
So they're trying to strangle the housing industry, which as you know is always the leading indicator
Of an economic revival.
I can't tell you how many people in this industry have complained to me about this.
And the president, fortunately, because he's a builder, because he's borrowed to build, he completely gets it.
Stay tuned.
Well, that's good news.
So I guess if they come out and keep doing this, he's going to come out and expose what they're doing?
Nobody understands the banks and lending and the construction industry like Donald Trump.
He is first and foremost a builder.
And he understands this is one of the keystones to moving this economy.
And as he's already demonstrated, he's not afraid to take anybody on.
That's right.
George Washington was the founder.
If Trump delivers, which I believe he will, he's going to be known as the builder.
I like it.
I think he would like it.
Look, he has the potential to be one of our greatest presidents.
The great danger
Is to be dissuaded by the siren song of the Washington establishment, who show up to kiss your ass, pretend they were for you, while they're secretly moving to slow down or retard your agenda.
These people exist.
I saw a lot of them at the Inaugural last week.
Let's talk about that threat.
Let's talk about the beautiful people of Potomac disease.
Yeah, it's an inside the beltway phenomena.
They like things.
Just the way they are in the current Washington system.
And I know, I was a heavy duty lobbyist for a number of years.
Money can buy... Ma, they said you were the biggest lobbyist for at least 15.
Money in Washington, up until Donald Trump came along, could buy anything.
Donald Trump cannot be bought, doesn't need your money, doesn't want your money, and of course he can't be bullied.
This is why the Inside the Beltway, K Street, Wall Street combine is so hysterical.
Oh my God, a president we can't buy off!
That's right, their whole world is ending.
I mean, we sent him there to blow up this tyranny, he's doing it.
Well, and he's going to drain the swamp.
Now, there are people who are going to try to talk him out of draining the swamp or try to explain why the swamp can't be drained, but they don't know Donald Trump.
They don't know how focused and how driven he is.
He wants to go down as a great president, but more importantly, he wants to make America great again.
Let's not lie to each other, because we don't want to be too optimistic.
His election is as big as 1776.
If he delivers, and even gets us out of this, he's going to be greater than George Washington.
And I'm not just saying this.
Historically, the world's bigger, it's crazier.
If he can defeat all these evil forces with our help and support and our prayers, this is George Washington 2.0.
But George Washington didn't have a hostile electronic media mummy dummies out there lying about him.
No, he had an army of real men behind him.
That's right, real men.
And Trump has, fortunately, the foot soldiers of the Trump revolution.
Many of whom came to his candidacy through InfoWars.
That's what I was about to say.
It's we, the people, that have to rally, defeat the globalists, get more involved than ever.
If we go to sleep, Trump loses.
If we energize the agenda, we win.
Let's talk about that and some of the stuff we talked about this morning.
Incredible lies they're putting out against you, particularly, that just illustrate how they deceive and twist and take some phone calls straight ahead with Roger Stone.
I'm Alex Jones, and you are seeing the wrecking ball.
Donald Trump, like a huge mace, savaged the head of Soros.
We're on the march, the Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Headline, Washington Times.
Trump argument bolstered.
Clinton received 800,000 votes from non-citizens.
Study finds.
In a study done by Jesse Richman of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, he found that likely 6.4% of the estimated 20 million non-citizens of voting age living in the United States voted in the 2016 presidential election.
The way he sees it, this added 843,000 votes for Clinton, 81% of the non-citizen vote.
So there it is again.
Voter fraud proven to be happening, another independent study has found.
Stack that up with independent CBS investigation, the Federalist's John Gibbs investigation, a compilation of documented voter fraud at discoverthenetworks.org, and more to come, I'm sure.
Remember, just yesterday, CNN, USA Today, and other mainstream media outlets claimed Trump's claim of voter fraud was debunked.
Even factcheck.org said it wasn't true.
This is Owen Schroer for InfoWars.com.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
You know, I love this Alice Cooper song.
Let's keep it rolling for a minute because I used to be really nice on air 20-something years ago.
I got no friends.
Cause they read the papers.
They can't be seen with me.
And I'm feeling real shot down and I'm feeling mean.
No more!
Hey, you want to be nasty media when you're nasty piles of garbage?
I'm gonna come after you.
No more Mr. Nice Guy.
I'm an overnight success, 25 years in the making.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the InfoWar.
And all I want to see is America succeed.
I love flyover country.
I love the East Coast, the West Coast.
I love Michigan.
I love Texas.
I love Indiana.
I love California.
I love black people, Hispanics, whites, everybody else.
I love the Easter Bunny.
As long as he didn't try to rape me and my family.
Yeah, I got no friends.
In the establishment.
And thank God they can't be seen with me.
I don't want to be associated with them.
I'm feeling mean.
I'll take a few phone calls and a few other things with Roger.
He's punching out.
Drive across town to a BBC interview.
But it really is amazing.
When I'm here with National TV, National Radio, they come interview me.
I do a few of them.
They go, listen, we're really listeners.
They gotta do a hit piece.
I'm sorry I gotta do this, but it won't be too bad.
But watch what you do or they'll take it out of context.
And it's just, it's, they go, yeah, we're mercenaries.
It's horrible.
They almost pay us nothing now.
It's all collapsing.
You're absolutely right.
So, I mean, they're running out of gas.
We're exploding.
They're imploding.
And it's because we have goodwill for the average person.
And folks know that we're reaching out and trying to empower humanity.
Roger, I want to move quick to go to calls.
As I promised, folks want to talk to you and talk about action against George Soros.
Mark in Oregon has been holding before you got here.
During the break, I said, what do you want to cover next?
You said, why isn't that a-hole arrested?
And you mentioned it.
So I'm going to have you talk about that and then go to Mark.
Yeah, look, I'm not an attorney, but I do know that paying people to advocate violence and assassination of an American president is against the law.
George Soros was a Nazi collaborator.
He's a criminal.
Have federal marshals go to wherever he is and pick him up.
Have a friendly country extradite him.
Let him stay in trial and pay the penalty.
Yeah, let's send him to the Russians.
They really like him.
Yeah, look, I think the Hungarians are going to get him first.
This guy is a stone cold criminal.
Yeah, they had a million people marching hungry against him.
The whole world gets he's the guy.
Right, so why hasn't he been arrested?
I guarantee you, if there was some billionaire going around advocating the assassination of Barack Obama, he would have been detained.
He would have been charged.
As he should have been.
But for Soros to continue to this, and to continue pouring money into the criminal David Brock, the money launderer, so he can continue to smear Trump, is an outrage.
Just an outrage.
Let's expand on that briefly.
I mean, you were hit with polonium.
I tried to make jokes about it, like, who would want to do that?
Well, they just blamed you for all the election.
You're a Russian spy and you're behind WikiLeaks.
So you're this evil mastermind that has to be arrested.
Then you're poisoned.
I guess you couldn't testify.
Where are their hearings, suddenly?
You survived, Trump got in, now they don't want to have the hearings, do they, Roger?
No, I think the hearings sounded to me like they're off.
So what's interesting to me, Alex, is in terms of trying to figure out who tried to kill me or who tried to poison me, it's a crime that'll never be solved, simply because, let's face it, there are way too many suspects.
Well, I'm almost, I don't want to say jealous, but your Jan, John Hancock might be bigger than mine.
The fact that they tried to kill you and not me.
I mean, they've done some stuff to try to kill me before and attack me and try to kill my name.
But you definitely have really get the grand prize.
Uh, and the fact that they tried to whack you, buddy.
Well, next time I'll take a pass.
Uh, it's a horrific experience.
I'm aggravated by those in the mainstream media who say, Oh,
Maybe this was a hoax by Stone to sell more books.
I don't recommend it for weight loss, let me put it to you that way.
But the bad news for the establishment is, I'm back, I'm strong, I'm on the mend.
And I'm going to be writing and reporting on their foibles just as before.
I'm happy to say Breitbart yesterday took an excerpt out of The Making of the President 2016, got enormous readership, big boost from InfoWars.com, the book now available at the InfoWars website.
And I reiterate, for anyone who buys the book at InfoWars,
If they will email me, just email me saying, I bought the book at InfoWars, I'll believe you, and I will send you a signed book plate that you can slap in the front of the book and now you've got an autographed book.
Sure, well if you want, just send us a big stack of those too and we'll put those in there.
But to be sure, I know we're not good at talking about promotion, we're so busy.
Send us the excerpts on Breitbart or we'll just copy it.
With a link to Breitbart and post that to Infowars.com right now, the full excerpt with a link to buy the book at InfowarsStore.com.
I don't care if you get it at Breitbart or anywhere else.
Quite frankly, we're all in this together and more of us makes us less of a target.
I mean, my God.
I want to explain it to folks.
Roger, you feel better I'm there.
You know, Bannon feels better you're there, I'm there.
Or Joseph Farah, or any of these.
You know, or Tucker, who has the Daily Caller.
We feel good when Tucker gets promoted, not bad.
We're not in competition with them.
We're in competition with George Soros and the Globalists.
Now maybe after we defeat them and the world's a much better place, then, you know, guys like to fight.
We can then have some battle over who's dominant.
But right now, the enemy is the Globalists.
I couldn't agree more.
Look, I love Tucker Carlson's new show on Fox.
I never miss it.
I think he's terrific.
He's a real patriot.
He's a gutsy guy.
And I'm proud to call him my friend.
We're not in competition between any of these organs.
So look, there are too few of us breaking through.
This is the election where the tipping point was reached.
ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and CNN.
They lost their monopoly.
We broke the back of their monopoly.
And by the way, I've been watching their body language.
They are on CNN, MSNBC.
They are genuinely panicked.
They're not acting panicked.
They look like they're waiting to get their pink slips.
And the word is MSNBC and CNN are going to be sold off and basically just collapse.
Well, I don't see the AT&T-Time Warner merger happening if Time Warner continues to own CNN.
CNN is losing money, putting forward such talented geniuses as Don Lemon.
No wonder they're losing money.
It's a harangue.
It's a constant negative harangue.
There are very rarely anybody who's articulate to defend the administration or to defend President Trump.
It's almost unwatchable.
It's not even vaguely entertaining.
But above all, it is not news.
It is not in any way news.
Meanwhile, Drudge broke all records last year and just broke those records there.
Billions of visitors a month.
This is insane.
Well, and I see a promotion for a new special piece being anchored by Mike Smirconish on the President Trump and his results so far, his administration so far.
Now, Smirconish is a very, very smart guy.
I promoted him for a job in the Reagan administration where he served with distinction.
So I'm going to be interested in seeing this piece, and I'm only hopeful that it will be unbiased, that it will be honest.
Well, here's the bottom line.
Wars are fought with blood, they're also fought with money, and we got great products, we got great books, great materials.
If you don't buy The Making of a President, that is the blueprint of how we won, where we're going, with a blueprint forward, stick a fork in it, we're done.
I mean, it takes a lot of money to run this operation.
Stone racing around the world, giving up a successful
Lobbying 15 years ago when he really had a moral crisis, and I'm not saying he was a bad guy, but he's told me this personally, you know, and going out and fighting tyranny since then and exposing JFK's assassination is a beautiful thing.
$19.95 in hardcover, normally $24.95.
Buy it from InfoWarsTore.com today, or call toll-free 888-253-3139.
We'll take a call or two for you, and you've got to go and then finish up, but Stone, in the 40 minutes we've been talking, any other tidbits you should add?
No, I think you have to watch this Supreme Court nomination very, very carefully.
I love how you know what's going on.
I mean, I know I've heard from other sources as well.
You're like, we have to watch very carefully.
Yeah, you know, I think Donald Trump could have as many as four appointments to the U.S.
Supreme Court.
That means that he could be a transformative president as opposed to a transitional president.
This is this is really epic.
And I think that his first appointment is going to give us
Some key to what the other appointments will be.
This is the unique opportunity.
This is what we fought over in the last election.
Well, I mean, isn't it already decided?
He said it's decided.
You know, I mean, he's going to go with the list he said he was, even though we all know.
I mean, I heard the grapevine from some other people that there's somebody who'd really be even better.
But I don't know how he didn't get on the first list.
I wish he did.
Well, look, I respect and support whoever the president chooses.
The people are very solid.
I do think he'll have greater latitude in his second and third, maybe fourth appointment.
But he's going to remake the court, and when you remake the court, you remake the country.
Sure, that's the thing.
He's delivered on everything.
We'll see what happens in the Supreme Court, but I mean, you can see he is obsessed with delivering because he wants to be a purist.
I'm very excited.
We'll take a call or two and then Roger's got to go to drive across town for a BBC interview.
Mark, I'm going to you first because you, before Roger was on, raised action against George Soros.
Look, he's a horrible, evil person that obviously overthrows governments and does violent things.
I don't want to pick a fight with him to act tough for the audience, but as a man, I have to say, you know, I mean, how much do we have to put up with from this guy?
Go ahead.
Kudos, Roger and Alex.
Two of my heroes.
Roger, it's truly great to hear you sounding at least as vital and strong as you've ever been.
A full recovery.
I truly believe that the making of a president will be number one on all book lists.
It will be number one for a long, long time.
The evil ones have read your book covertly.
And tried with polonium to block its ever-seeing light of day.
Sure, and he almost didn't get it written.
I have about a one-minute statement I'd like to make.
Go ahead.
I think it's extremely important.
The top globalists will, if they're allowed to, assassinate Donald Trump and or begin a civil war in America and or start a world war, as of course you both are fully aware.
The necessary move to make now that the enemies of mankind are fully exposed is to utilize the police, the intelligence, and the militaries of the world which are pro-liberty and are ready and willing to engage in a gathering up operation which will arrest the first, second, and third levels of the Illuminati, the ones such as Soros and Rothschild,
And the backup and operational command and control which operate beneath the top level of command.
It's easily proven in a court of law that these miscreants have committed many and various crimes against humanity.
With no command and control in this evil organization, the only ones left will be those whose sole function has been to take and implement the orders given.
Mark, Mark, that's a one-minute statement or more.
Let me just say this.
As long as your process is done.
But I agree with you and so does Roger.
Soros has committed a huge crime.
So has Hillary, everybody.
Look how Trump's only delivering.
He can't say, I'm going to prosecute her.
That's not his place.
The fact that he's recused himself by saying, oh, I hope that doesn't happen.
I, at a gut level, believe he won't stand in the way of Sessions, who already says he will recuse himself, not if, but when she's indicted.
Thanks for the call, Mark.
Roger Stone.
Yeah, I think your caller is exactly right.
I can tell you this, Alex.
If I shuttle money between a non-profit and a political action committee and the various other fronts, millions and millions of dollars, as David Brock has done, I'd be in jail right now.
Wasn't the lesson of Watergate that no person, no matter how elite,
I'm not a crook!
I'm not a crook!
I agree with you.
Let's do it.
Let's talk to Roger in Texas.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, thank you.
This is Roger, your Indian American caller.
Long time.
I report on...
Everything to do with radical Islam in Texas, and I've been a follower of Roger Stone.
Well, awesome.
Let me just say this.
I was at the Women's March trying to get out of town, and I was there covering it for like three hours.
It was run by Islamics.
They were handing out hajibs to women, and then it was in the news it was run by Muslims and Islamists, and this weird group connected to Hamas.
So I'm asking, since when do the women groups
I'll go back to your caller, Roger Stone.
Sit there and openly be run by Islamists when that's the most oppressive group to women anywhere, Roger.
Yeah, let's be very clear.
Radical Islam does not allow women to appear in public without their veil, to choose their own husbands, to own property, to vote, to travel without the permission of their husbands.
And if a woman is raped in an Islamic country,
She will be stoned to death, and the rapists will be held not responsible.
Is that what our feminists want?
Let's ask Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem.
Do you like that?
Do you like that system?
Because that's what you're supporting.
But it's crazy.
It's like it's not real.
It's like satire.
Madeline Albright, let's cue it up if we can, came out in this short clip.
She tweeted it too.
She said, I want to join Islam now.
I think I'm joining Islam because we're being mean to Islam.
No, we're not.
I mean, it's crazy.
Roger, in Texas, your question for Roger, go ahead.
Yeah, so Alex, I was, Alex and Roger, so yesterday I was at a historic hearing by the Texas Homeland Security Forum called Defending Against Radical Islamic Terrorism in Texas, and this should have been reported by the mainstream media, not just nationally, but locally as well, which Roger knows how corrupt they are, and you know as well, Alex.
Sure, so they didn't report on it, go ahead.
No, they did not.
And this was hosted by Representative Biderman and Lieutenant Colonel Roy White.
And they had experts and former Muslims and current Muslims.
Sure, so what were they covering?
The plan to take over?
Yeah, so they sent out a question to CAIR and 400 Islamic organizations saying, OK, do you agree that the Constitution supersedes Sharia law?
That's it.
Nobody replied.
No, that's right.
All the major Islamic groups won't decry terror, won't decry overthrowing the Constitution, won't decry conquering America.
So that's it.
You're incompatible.
And I don't care if you were a Muslim, if you didn't want to overthrow the damn country.
Roger Stone, great point.
Hey, don't matter, Roger.
Shoot your own video, put it on YouTube, we'll pick it up.
Don't count on the media to cover it.
You are the media, Roger Stone.
That's exactly right.
We all remember back during the campaign when you had this father of an Iraq War veteran speaking at the Democratic Convention, criticizing Trump for his disregard for the Constitution.
Is this guy kidding?
He believes in Sharia law.
He had written himself that Sharia was superior to the Constitution.
So who's bullshitting who?
It's an outrage, but you won't find that covered or mentioned on CNN or CBS.
It doesn't exist.
They don't report it.
You're exactly right.
We've broken the monopoly.
Go online.
Tape your own video.
Cover your hearing.
Folks, if you want to destroy CNN and NBC and ABC and all of them, go out and put it on YouTube.
You'll get thousands if not hundreds of thousands of millions of views.
Start your own news organization.
Do it.
You don't have to be perfect.
Just do it.
Please destroy them.
Please, I'm begging you.
I want competition.
Make me obsolete.
Please, I just want to beat them.
Please, please, please.
Roger Stone has stonecoldtruth.com.
He's agreed to stay five more minutes at the end of the hour.
Get his book, The Making of a President.
Now, Donald Trump led the revolution against the New World Order.
It is a big, old, thick, hardcover book.
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And 25% off on water filtration and air filtration systems.
He's the main progenitor of reversing decades of free speech being shut down in this country.
So where are the other men doing this?
Well, people like Trump are fighting to crush the establishment media just by simply allowing competition.
And this time, it isn't even about the broadcast spectrum, it's about mainstream media discrediting themselves.
It's surreal to watch how truly authoritarian these people are, but they're having their victory jerked away from them at the last moment, so they're going into conniption fits.
I mean, the great worry is, you could get companies like Facebook, and they've already given some indication that they'll yank what they decide is so-called fake news.
That you'll have private censorship.
Maybe Twitter would do the same thing, because they are clearly in the liberal camp.
They're the ones who were close to Obama and Hillary.
The statute basically has the federal government involved in monitoring all of cyberspace, including broadcasters, to determine whether there's so-called fake news, whatever.
The government decides it's
We're good to go.
Sure, I'm trying to cipher this new FCC head.
So just, you heard my breakdown of what I've read from his position, and the fact that it looks like he is trying to keep a free internet, they're spinning it, that he's trying to take over a free internet, and wants to shut down Drudge.
I believe he's saying the opposite.
You know, I believe that's certainly true.
I think that the large amount of political momentum against them will be those who want so-called net neutrality, that is, to enable the super-huge people like Google to be able to not pay their way in the Internet or in the cyberspace.
The net neutrality is like this, Alex.
It would be like saying the airlines couldn't offer first class tickets.
That they had to treat all passengers the same.
Even though some would be willing to pay more for superior service.
I mean, which is satisfactory to everyone.
If you don't want to pay more, then you would have a different kind of service.
I mean, and that would be absurd.
It would be like saying, you know, you can't have FedEx anymore because, you know, you're paying to get your packages delivered faster than the post office.
If we had to live, we can't even survive today without FedEx.
If you just tuned in, I'm Roger Stone, sitting in to the end of the hour for the great Alex Jones.
I love this part of the show where we get to take calls from the real Americans, see what's on their minds.
So let's go to Vince in Illinois.
Vince, what's on your mind?
Hello, Roger.
I've been a longtime listener to Alex Jones.
I was there in the beginning when he first started over 20 years ago.
Did we lose Vince?
I have real fears about if the deep state does assassinate or take out Donald Trump.
How can this train keep on rolling?
How could we make sure that?
Not sure what we have here, folks, but... Vince in Illinois?
Can you hear me, Roger?
All right, well, I'm going to keep talking until we straighten our technical problems out.
As Alex said, the making of the President 2016, how Donald Trump
This is a definitive look about how Donald Trump was able to take on the mass media and take advantage of the rise of alternative media, InfoWars, Breitbart, Daily Caller, and others.
In this new media mix, how he challenged the American establishment across the board to win the greatest single upset in U.S.
political history.
I have said and I say again, if you buy your book from Infowars.com and the Infowars store, I will send you a personally autographed book plate to put in the front of the book and you will have a signed copy of what I believe will be a New York Times bestseller
And a historical book.
So I urge you to go to the Infowars.com store and order your copy today.
I must also say that we are very pleased today, when I went outside to pick up the mail, my order of DNA Force has arrived.
Now, Infowars store was out of this for a small period of time.
Fortunately, I had enough stock, so I didn't
Miss anything?
But, uh, let us now go to Tim in Illinois.
But folks, DNA Force back in the stores.
Thank you, Roger, and I popped out with a family call, but I'm here as great heavy co-hosting.
Tim, go ahead.
You're on air.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
I have a great idea that I was hoping you could forward to President Trump for me that can be a death blow to both of these things that we're talking about today.
You know, since 1985,
It's only been illegal for two countries to do direct-to-consumer advertising with pharmaceutical drugs.
Now, a week or so ago, John Rappaport said that approximately 70% of the budget for these organizations is from Big Pharma.
So, how about a tasty little
That is incredible.
That would kill MSM overnight.
That is an absolute sword of Damocles over their head.
Thank you, Tim.
Roger Stone, your comments in closing.
Very clearly Donald Trump is prepared to take on Big Pharma.
They have been living a privileged and exclusive life under the previous administrations.
But Trump is very concerned about getting effective medicines to the people.
Look at RFK Jr.
Look at RFK Jr.
and the vaccines.
Absolutely epic.
And Trump's not going to back down.
He wants an investigation.
And a full report on vaccines and whether they are hurting people.
All right, Roger.
Thank you for all the time.
Get in the car and rush over to that BBC interview.
I know it's coming up soon.
Again, to StoneColdTruth.com or MFullWars.com.
Thank you, Roger.
On my way.
All right, folks.
Thank you.
Fourth hour coming up.
I'm going to intro it with David Knight.
So stay with us.
MFullWars.com forward slash show.
If your station doesn't carry the fourth hour, stay with us.
We'll be back.
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If you look at Bill Clinton, far worse.
Minor words and his was action.
His was what he's done to women.
There's never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation that's been so abusive to women.
Bill Clinton was abusive to women.
Hillary Clinton attacked those same women and attacked them viciously.
Four of them here tonight.
So much of what he's just said is not right, but he gets to run his campaign any way he chooses.
There is an information warfare happening right now.
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It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Alright, David Knight is hosting this fourth hour.
I'm going to co-host about 20-something minutes with him here today.
I'm going to continue with the phone calls I promised to get to everybody, Greg and Dan and Jason, Vince and Ron.
But David is co-hosting with me in the shower and I'll be gone in about 20 minutes.
We were talking in the hallway, if you want to repeat some of the statements you were making to me.
David's not there yet, I wanted to bring him in.
David was saying in the hallway, man, Trump has really knocked it out of the park.
Yeah, I'm gonna call us with him.
Sure, everybody knows.
So, really knocked it out of the park.
Very, very exciting time for all of us to be alive.
I mean, look, if something's negative, I'll tell you all day long, they said I'm the king of negative.
Well, you got Bush and then Obama and the Clintons before him and Herbert Walker and all this criminality.
It just got worse and worse and worse.
And now you're seeing stuff that's known to help workers, known to help people, known to get the economy going, known to help people being given dangerous vaccines, securing our border, building infrastructure, pulling us out of foreign takeovers like TPP.
I mean, it's just hard to find fault.
It's very, very hard to find fault with Trump.
It really is.
Let's go to Dan in New Mexico.
Dan, thanks for holding her on the air.
Yep, sure.
You want me to screen your call, or are we going to go on air?
Yeah, Dan, you want me to screen your call, or do you want to be on air?
I mean, it's cool either way.
What would you like to do?
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
I'm here, I'm here, I'm here.
I wanted to bring up a couple things.
Too bad I missed Roger, but tomorrow is the anniversary of the meeting that never happened with LaVoy Finnegan, who got gunned down on his way to a meeting.
The Bundys are still in jail in Nevada.
They can certainly use a pardon from President Trump.
There's also a 77-year-old Navy veteran who is rotting in jail in Nevada.
He's from Montana for building a stockpond on his property.
With full approval from the Army Corps of Engineers, full approval from the... No, no, they didn't get arrested.
So people are tired out west of being harassed and Trump's cutting down those agencies and going after those folks.
That's a great point.
I appreciate your call.
Let me bring in David Knight with his take on that.
I know that's near and dear to his heart.
He covered the whole situation out in Oregon.
The situation, of course, out in Nevada as well.
All historic with Obama targeting him and shooting up the vehicle.
And now the guy that shot up the vehicle, I think has been indicted, correct?
I'm not sure about that, Alex.
I don't think they've indicted the guy.
Well, they have a criminal investigation going, last time I heard it.
Well, they did.
They found that initially they had lied about not shooting the car.
They found the bullets that belonged to the police.
But, Alex, I hope that he also pardons the Hammonds.
The people that the Bundys went to Oregon to try to help because they were victims of an out-of-control bureaucracy that tried to set them up as terrorists and say that they were arsonists for doing something that was far less than the EPA or the Bureau of Land Management or the Forestry Service did on a routine basis.
That was setting a backfire to stop a fire that was going to wipe out their property.
So that was one of the things that began the Oregon situation.
And of course, Alex, as we saw at the very end of the Obama administration, it was the EPA
That was running through massive amounts of legislation rules at, it's not legislation, it's rules that they come out with, at the very last minute.
And I'm very encouraged to see Donald Trump push back against the EPA.
I've got a story here we're going to talk about the person who was on the transition team for the Environmental Protection Agency said he would like to see Donald Trump start with a 50% cut in personnel at the EPA.
I would like to see that as well move on from there to 100% cut.
But Alex, we've also seen
Rumors that Donald Trump is considering pardoning this individual who was sent to jail for taking a couple of pictures in the submarine that he had served in.
Those pictures would be classified no higher than confidential.
And of course it was a really egregious example of the dual standard when Hillary Clinton gets off.
Sure, so how does Hillary get away with things 10,000 times worse but this guy goes to jail?
And that is his whirlwind's first seven days straight ahead and more phone calls and then I'm gonna punch out of here at 20 after and let David Knight take over.
I'm Alex Jones and this is The Info War.
Spread that link, folks.
They do not like it out there.
And when you take action, nothing on earth can stop you.
So again, I want to thank you all.
Donald Trump resisted all of the pressure from those protesters and those never-Trumpers and all the Hollywood elitists and he has officially become the 45th president of the United States of America.
I am joined by the beautiful Margaret Howell and of course Adam Curry, the co-host of the No Agenda Show, noagendashow.com.
So, you guys, sum it up.
I mean, we could see Michelle Obama's face.
I mean, I think she made it pretty clear how she felt.
What did you guys think about the inauguration?
First of all, Hillary looked doped up.
Oh yeah.
Bill kept looking at Melania the whole time.
I don't know if you guys covered that.
Who couldn't?
Who couldn't look at her?
It was a little creepy the way he was looking.
I think the Drudge headline was Blum and Glummer because the Clintons really looked... You could see that their power was no more.
No one was kissing the ring of the Clintons there.
And they were just trying to hold it in.
Some people even snubbed them, didn't even go for handshakes, and Hillary Clinton was giving these icy stares.
I'm an empath, so I sort of felt a little bad for her, but you know, we did that.
We did that.
We did that.
Trump, the whole campaign, one of the few people in this race who consistently would say, our country.
There's always this country, this country, in this country.
But I continuously heard Trump say, in our country, we're going to make our country great again.
And that kind of spread throughout all those appointees as well.
I like that.
It's subtle, but I think it makes a big difference.
Very big difference.
As an empath, you should know that.
Yes, very subtle.
This happened after November 8th, really.
We are living in parallel universes.
I mean, it's hard to exactly explain how that is, but it's happened.
I mean, multi-dimensions exist.
I am convinced this is happening.
You can have two people look at the exact same information.
I don't
Well, this was going to be the internet president.
We were like, oh, whitehouse.gov, it's going to be changed, can't wait.
They'll be tweeting, doing all kinds of stuff.
And this is actually a president who will use this.
And that's not the first time.
And you circumvent the mainstream media.
It makes them mad, but I think, ultimately, it should be a good thing.
Actual reality is what people want.
They also want scripted reality, or unscripted drama, whatever it's called.
Because, of course, reality television is anything but reality.
When you give people actual reality, which means, oh, man, there's bumps and warts and some stuff on it, and it's not exactly clean, and what's going on?
It seems like anger.
People are drawn to that.
And this is what the press is extremely upset about.
It's a long way back to the Republic.
You want to live in a free country.
Put up with some big lies.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Riding on the highway, going to a show.
Playin' rock and roll.
Gettin' had.
Get it beat up.
Broken bones.
Gettin' took.
I'm here to tell ya.
It's harder than it looks.
Until you reach the tipping point.
In the beginning, it's hard to find a Patriot, but not later.
Because then it costs nothing to be a Patriot.
We're far from that point yet, but we're a lot closer than when I started, or Ron Paul started, or Barry Goldwater started, or right back to Thomas Jefferson, and right back to the Magna Carta, and Francis Bacon, and all the rest of it.
Going back to David Knight and your phone calls in this segment, he's got a lot to cover.
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