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Name: 20170126_Thu_NightlyNews
Air Date: Jan. 26, 2017
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
I'm Owen Schroer.
I'm Darren McBreen.
Today is Thursday, January 26, 2017.
Here's a quick look at what's coming up.
Tonight, tensions rise between President Trump and Mexican President Nieto over paying for a border wall.
Nieto said yesterday, Mexico does not believe in walls.
Trump replied, then don't bother coming to meet with me.
Today, Nieto canceled his meeting and the Mexican peso plummeted.
We look at the consequences and how Trump will send Mexico the bill for the wall.
And, while Mexico fights Trump,
British Prime Minister May was in Washington today forging a new, stronger alliance with America and building economic bridges and trade.
Then, the Trump guy makes comedy great again.
Yes, I'm very, very proud of the wall.
Let me show you this right here.
This is the executive order we just signed today.
We're going to be building the wall in a couple of months.
It's going to be a huge wall.
All that and more on tonight's InfoWars Nightly News.
I'm good.
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
Owen Schroer, Darren McBreen with you here for the InfoWars Nightly News and the big story today Darren was the president of Mexico's response to Donald Trump talking about them paying for the wall.
This is how it went.
Donald Trump says Mexico you're gonna pay for the wall.
The Mexican president says you know what I'm not paying for the wall.
They canceled their meeting that was supposed to take place.
Donald Trump then says okay fine I'll import a 20%
We're good to go.
I'm not going to pay for that.
So this is a big, huge deal going on right now.
Of course the mainstream media is going to pile on, but I guarantee you by the end of the day, if it doesn't happen from the get-go, we might pay for it at first.
Mexico will end up paying for it.
Well, and it's an interesting thing to watch too, because obviously Trump is now levying this import tax.
There's other ways I think that he can... All kinds of ways he can go around it.
There's other leverage I think that he's going to try to play here.
Will the Mexican president eventually back off?
Will they reach some sort of compromise?
Or will he just stand put, say, no, we're not going to pay for it, and then the country suffers economically through trade deals?
But it is worth mentioning that this is kind of the hypocrisy of the left.
Now, let's recall, because the liberals have a big problem with the wall.
I can't believe we would build a wall.
Heck no, we're not paying for it, says Mexico.
But wait a second.
The Obama administration was going to spend $75 million to secure Mexico's southern border.
That's right.
Mexico's southern border.
The Obama administration was willing to fork over $75 million for that.
Hillary, by the way, Hillary approved of that as well.
It wasn't a wall, that was a fence.
Wall, fence, border security, it doesn't matter.
The point is, the Mexican President seemed to have no problem with it then, but now he doesn't want to work with Donald Trump.
And it'll be interesting to see.
Now, David Knight is going to have a very intricate breakdown of this and the rhetoric of the President of Mexico, which was actually kind of going uncovered.
The things he said are actually pretty shocking.
David Knight's going to cover that later.
But, you know, it'll be interesting to see, Darren.
Is this kind of trade war or tax war or wall war, whatever you want to call it, is this going to continue for years to come?
Or will Donald Trump and the Mexican president, whoever it may be, be able to come to grips and be able to make fair agreements?
Obviously he's already gotten rid of NAFTA too.
Yeah, well, we've got a lot of work to do.
Lots of work to do.
I think Trump is the guy that's going to be capable of doing the job.
It remains to be seen, but obviously they're butting heads right off the get-go.
You know, and there is a lot of work to do, Darren, and part of the problem we have is some of the media trying to get in the way.
They're trying to gum up the works.
It's a huge part of the problem.
It is a big part of the problem, and it's causing a divide in America.
Now, you've got a lot of stories with celebrities, we've got a bunch of stuff covering how the media and the celebrities are coming after Donald Trump, but I want to look at some of the comparisons here, the way the media covers it.
Now, we're seeing this, this is a story from Yahoo, but we're seeing this all across the spectrum.
Talking about Donald Trump being a liar, Kellyanne Conway being a liar, Sean Spicer being a liar.
You know, all these people are liars.
Story out of Yahoo, Will Trump's aides draw the line on lies.
And this is a similar headline we've seen in multiple different publications.
But you know, I'm sitting here scratching my head, Darren.
Where were these outlets when Obama was lying?
I never saw these headlines during Obama's lies.
It's a double standard with them.
So check this out.
This is Nicholas Kristoff from the New York Times and Don Lemon on CNN, both calling President Donald Trump a bold-faced liar.
I mean, I think that in journalism, our role is not to be stenographers.
Our role is to be watchdogs.
And we have to provide that kind of accountability.
And I think when a president or anybody else says something that is verifiably, empirically false, then one has to call him out on it.
Gotta call him out.
And see, that's the kind of trash you can expect on a daily basis on CNN.
That's what they do.
Well, this just makes me so mad because they're talking about voter fraud being
An unmitigated lie?
It's an unmitigated fact!
We've got all kinds of stuff.
I mean, I can't even believe this.
Voter fraud.
Illegal immigrants could elect Hillary Politico.
Biggest election fraud in history.
From both sides of the table.
Discovered in the United States.
Black box voting.
Bev Harris.
Voter fraud.
Caught on camera.
Caught on tape in Philadelphia.
I mean it goes on and on.
Dead people are voting.
We beat our head with the proof of voter fraud for 12 months leading up to the election in November.
And now Donald Trump is investigating it so he's a racist.
They don't want him to investigate it because they're going to find out that Hillary Clinton was a huge responsible... And of course... And there were a lot of illegal immigrants who voted for Hillary.
And of course we already know this thanks to Project Veritas and the work that they've created.
And there's other, again, both sides of the spectrum have looked into voter fraud.
But here's the point that you just nailed right on the head.
So, okay, Don Lemon wants to have his little segment and say Donald Trump's lying about voter fraud.
Okay, what's Donald Trump gonna do?
I'm gonna launch an investigation on voter fraud.
Let's see what happens with that, Don Lemon.
Oh, you think, like, I love this, oh, Donald Trump says illegal immigrants are coming here and raping and murdering people.
Okay, well, you know what, let's go ahead and do an investigation on illegal immigrants coming here, raping and murdering people, and we'll go ahead and publish our findings on that, too.
Oh, I guess we're gonna find out the truth, and we're gonna find out who's the real fake news.
This is a mass difference between the Obama administration and the Trump administration, and this is something I'm gonna talk about later, but that's nailing it right on the head.
And I like the new press corps.
He's saying they will hold the press accountable, and they're also going to expand the White House press corps to include
Independent media and I'm sure we'll be there and Breitbart and all the rest so it's gonna be exciting and we will ask the tough questions that You know that they're not used to but I think it's gonna be exciting once we get in there It's gonna change the whole spectrum.
It should be interesting and they talk about doing a disservice to people
That's what CNN has been doing for decades.
That's what lying politicians like Barack Obama had been doing for decades.
You want to talk about a disservice.
But of course, it doesn't just stop with Don Lemon.
It doesn't just stop with CNN.
I mean, this just goes on and on.
It's from all angles.
Where to begin, where to end.
ABC airs promo for show about president being shot during the Trump interview.
During the Trump interview!
You think that's a coincidence?
I mean that's subliminal, just throwing it out there.
I mean that's what I'm saying, what are the odds?
Now obviously this is a show that I believe has been going for a long time, it's not like they just started this after Trump won.
But, in the big interview, terrible timing, bad taste.
Bad taste, exactly, bad taste.
Well, speaking of bad taste, and speaking of CNN, CNN's Mark Lamont Hill, he's the guy who said that the black people, that they are incapable of being racist.
And he's also the one that said that anybody that's a black supporter of the President of the United States, he called them, meaty, ochre, negros.
Check it out.
Diversity Coalition, where we reach out to all different types of people.
It was a bunch of mediocre Negroes being dragged in front of TV as a photo op for Donald Trump's exploitative campaign against black people, and you are an example of that, son.
So now you want a name call, Mark.
Simone, you better jump in if you want to talk.
Now you want a name call.
Now you want a name call.
And then you want to demarge the line.
Let me back Mark up here.
Let me back Mark up here.
Simone has not spoken.
Let me back Mark up here, because Mark's making an important point.
Alright, so... Important point.
Racially dividing people.
Well, calling black supporters of Trump mediocre negros is one thing.
But I wonder what Snoop Dogg thinks of all this.
Inquiring minds want to know.
Which one of you Jigaboo-ass niggas gonna be the first one to do it?
I'm waiting.
I'm gonna roast the f*** out of one of you Uncle Tom-ass niggas for doing it.
Which one of you niggas gonna do it first?
I suppose the one that performs for himself.
I tell you what, Snoop Dogg, I challenge you to go up to Jim Brown.
Call Jim Brown an Uncle Tom.
Mike Tyson?
You know, Mike Tyson.
Call Mike Tyson.
Yeah, there's a lot of NFL guys that support Trump.
We've got Terrell Owens, Herschel Walker, Ray Lewis.
Can you imagine walking up to Ray Lewis and calling him an Uncle Tom or a mediocre Negro?
Well, here's my thing.
I don't get it.
How are you going to make the statement that black people can't be racist and then I have proof here of black people being racist against other black people?
I mean, that was just what I saw from Mark Lamont Hill.
And that's for meeting with the President of the United States.
You know who just met with Donald Trump?
Martin Luther King Jr.'
's son.
Martin Luther King Jr.'
's niece voted for Donald Trump, you know?
And to sit here and insinuate as if these people had no free will of their own to support Donald Trump or to go speak with Donald Trump, that's really just an absurd
Claim to make, and it honestly is offensive just to anybody who would support Trump.
I'm offended by it, and I think it's a huge insult, and I just, I can't, I'm a real, I can't believe Snoop Dogg would come out and say something like that.
That is shocking.
I mean, I don't know, Snoop Dogg is somebody who, you know.
He's a legend in his own mind.
Sits around and smokes weed all day, but I, you know, I thought that made you peaceful.
Unfortunately for Snoop Dogg, it seems to have not had the same effect.
The good thing is, it's not really having an impact.
People of all colors, it doesn't matter.
We're seeing beyond this propaganda.
And it goes beyond just CNN.
I mean, look, this is all over the place.
I don't even know where to begin.
How about this one?
Doomsday Clock moves closer to midnight.
So the Doomsday Clock scientists now have moved it 30 seconds closer to midnight.
They didn't necessarily cite
In specific words, the election of Donald Trump was the reason for this, but the timing, you would think, is a response to Donald Trump being elected.
And if you heard some of the things they said, I'm sure you can go back and watch this on C-SPAN, talking about political rhetoric, the nuclear state that we're in, sort of alluding to Donald Trump.
They're going to use it to attack Donald Trump.
And they call him a warmonger because he's a Republican.
They have no idea that he wasn't for the Iraq War.
He definitely doesn't want to get involved in these other countries.
He wants out of Syria, but he wants to kick ISIS ass.
That's the good news.
You know, another one, and I'm sure most people have seen this, the teacher that has a squirt gun pointed at Donald Trump on the screen saying, die, die, die.
Now, this is a teacher doing this in front of the kids, the youth, the future.
You want to talk about brainwashing, this is a brainwashed minion
Now brainwashing the very students that she's supposed to be teaching.
And this is the result of listening to people like Snoop Dogg who talk that way, or watching CNN.
Here's the direct result right there.
And I'll tell you one thing, you can see this in the videos that I shot out on the streets of DC.
A lot of these marchers were teachers, and it's really sad to think that these
Shallow-minded people are ones shaping the minds of the youth.
They take their students out of the class, escort them out, come with me, let's go protest.
Teachers and faculty.
And there was actually a teacher in St.
Louis that had gotten herself in a lot of trouble for a sign that she put up during the Trump protest.
So again, these are the teachers, part of the brainwashed masses.
How about Shia LaBeouf, or I guess LaBeef?
Some people are calling him Sharia Law Labeef.
Here's the deal.
He got arrested at one of his protests.
He assaulted a Trump supporter.
And here's my deal.
Darren, you know I'm into boxing.
LaBoeuf apparently has a pent-up anger.
I challenge him to a boxing match.
I've already got thousands of dollars committed to this.
We can get it to go to charity.
So, as soon as you get out of jail, check your Twitter account, accept my invitation to a boxing match.
You can get some of your pent-up aggression out on a Donald Trump supporter like myself.
How many rounds before you knock him on his ass?
Well, you know, people are going to pay top dollar to see this, so I might have to dance around him.
I don't want to pull a Mike Tyson 30-second knockout on him, you know?
But hey, there you go.
And money all proceeds to charity.
I think a lot of people will be interested in watching.
Well, even if you lose, it's a win-win situation.
And I'll just say this.
He looks like he might be a biter, though.
No, he could be.
Biting will not be allowed.
I will say this though, it was thrown out that if this boxing match happened, the main event should be Cenk Yogurt versus Alex Jones in an MMA style.
I'd pay to see that.
I'm telling you, people would pay top dollar.
We could raise a lot of money for charity.
Now here's a legitimate
Claim I think being made against Trump from Kim.com.
Now he tweeted, Manning exposed U.S.
war crimes.
Whistleblowers and hackers are watching.
You won't last long with such comments.
You're falling into Obama's trap.
And that was a response to Donald Trump tweeting, ungrateful traitor Chelsea Manning who should never have been released from prison is now calling Obama a weak leader.
I think that Kim Dotcom might be on to something here.
I think that Chelsea Manning and the whistleblowing stance he took is something that could be applauded or could be looked down upon, but from my perspective it looked like he was trying to do right by the American people.
Yeah, he's up there with Snowden and the rest of them.
So it should be interesting to see if Donald Trump responds to that, but that was something Ken.com tweeted out that I thought was actually a fair criticism.
Sort of like some of the criticisms that people are saying, hey, you guys didn't like Obama signing all those executive orders, well now Trump's doing it.
Well, so far I've liked the executive orders, so I'm not going to raise too much of a fuss.
But just to finish it out, Darren, lame duck Obama, those tanks and all that equipment he deployed to Russia, it turned out they had no fuel, there was no battery power.
He wasn't a leader, he was a misleader, and my God.
I mean, can you imagine?
It's a good thing, oh my God.
It's a good thing it was totally fake, right?
Yeah, so it's a good thing that there were no tensions really going on there.
Thank you, Darren.
Thank you, mister.
It's good to be here.
We'll be right back with more on the InfoWars Nightly News.
Which one of you Jigaboo ass niggas gonna be the first one to do it?
I'm waiting.
I'm gonna roast the f*** out of one of you Uncle Tom ass niggas for doing it.
Which one of you niggas gonna do it first?
I suppose the one that's performed for himself.
Now, what I'm announcing here today is already a custom here in the United States, and that is extending the Christmas holiday up until New Year's Eve and then taking down the Christmas trees and taking down the Christmas lights.
Ooh, I keep saying Christmas.
I'm so politically incorrect.
The day after New Year's Eve or New Year's Day.
And so I've decided right through New Year's Day, we're going to keep
The virtual Christmas tree or an HD video shot of downtown Austin at the capital of the beautiful Christmas tree up just to upset the social justice warriors and all the little snowflakes that want to bully us into banning our culture and banning free speech.
In fact, there's a war going on, not just online, but in the streets.
I've seen it, where people on the hike and bike trails say Merry Christmas, and then folks don't respond and they say Happy Holidays!
Or even family I have, that I send the message of Merry Christmas to, they respond back with Happy Holidays.
It is some distant cousins, but it's going on.
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Well, ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump has just announced his plans to get construction started on the border wall.
Joining us now is Donald Trump.
Donald, big announcement today.
Tell me what you think about the wall.
Are you excited to get started on this thing?
Well, first of all, let me say it's unbelievable to be speaking with you.
You're an incredible, incredible person.
I love everyone at InfoWars.
As I said, I'd be back on the program.
I know Alex was whining about it this morning, so that's why I'm here.
But let me tell you that you guys are great.
Kit and everybody there.
Paul Joseph Watson and all your guests.
Roger Stone, great friend of mine.
Unbelievable Nixon tattoo right between his shoulder blades.
And Steve Potenic, who helped us a lot in the intelligence community.
Yes, I'm very, very proud of the wall.
Let me show you this right here.
This is the executive order we just signed today.
We're going to be building the wall in a couple of months.
It's going to be a huge wall.
So unbelievably huge, it'll not only stop illegal aliens, it'll stop space aliens.
Who knows?
I don't know.
What do I know?
All I know is that we're going to continue to protect the American people.
Tomorrow we'll begin to remove ourselves from the United Nations.
Now, what kind of backlash have you seen from the press?
We know that they're trying to get in a verbal conflict with you, it seems like, every day now.
What is the press saying about your announcement with construction plans?
Look, the press are horrible people.
Every day I've got Sean Spicy Spicer out there.
He's unbelievable.
I know Alex criticizes him sometimes, but Spicy Spicer is doing a fantastic job.
Every chance we get, we're calling out the press.
We're going to be expanding the press room, allowing Skype
Streams to go out Facebook Instagram and everything.
It's gonna be phenomenal because we're no longer going to treat the mainstream media Like they are some kind of elite organization.
We want people in there I know Alex was even talking about possibly getting Paul Joseph Watson in and I think that's a fantastic fantastic idea
Now you've signed some other executive orders, including removal of the TPP, or removal of the United States from the TPP.
This was met with a lot of backlash, not just from the liberal media, but also some of the American people who think that this is an un-American thing, but you think this is going to bring jobs back.
Are you proud that the United States is no longer in the TPP?
Look, I promised I'd get us out of TPP.
Of course I'm proud of it.
It's unbelievable.
It was going to destroy our country.
At the end of this week, I'm meeting with a couple of representatives from Mexico.
We're going to start the negotiations on NAFTA.
Next week, I'm meeting with the President of Mexico.
He thinks he's going to talk tough.
Eighty percent of Mexico's revenue comes from deals and exports into the United States.
Mexico is going to bow down to us, and I swear I will tell him I am going to close
Every single Taco Bell in the United States, if they think they're going to talk tough with us.
Now, tell me, Donald, you saw obviously the Women's March.
They were wearing their pink hats.
What did you think about the Women's March?
What kind of words would you have for the women that were marching?
It really, I think, turned out to be just an anti-Trump march.
They didn't like you.
Look, it was a progressive march funded by George Soros, I will tell you that much.
Fifty of the sponsors were funded by George Soros.
So these poor women go out there, they're being used, just like in Black Lives Matter rallies.
They think they're out there doing good, but in fact, they're being pushed out there by the progressive globalist movement.
We need to stop it, and I feel bad for these women and the mess they made.
I called it hashtag pigs on parade.
It's unbelievable.
Did you see Rosie O'Donnell out there?
I didn't see Rosie.
Rosie O'Donnell is a disgusting, horrible person.
I always said on the campaign trail in the primaries that I was a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.
I believe in the right to bear arms, except in the case of Rosie O'Donnell, whose arms are too flabby to ever go bare.
Now, is there some kind of executive order that you could sign to remove some of these people that promised that they would move out of the United States if you won, like Whoopi Goldberg or Miley Cyrus?
Can we get an executive order to get these people out of here?
I don't know if I could do an executive order, but if we team up together, we could probably launch a GoFundMe in order to pay for their plane tickets.
And in fact, I'd be willing to donate Trump Force One in order to fly them out to Canada, if Canada will accept them, which I don't think they will.
Yeah, that might be another.
I mean, you're a strong negotiator.
I'm not even sure if you could negotiate that deal.
I think Cher said she wanted to go to Saturn.
How are you going to negotiate that deal?
How are we going to get Cher out of here?
Look, I've got Peter Thiel on board.
Unbelievable guy out of Silicon Valley.
He's friends with Elon Musk.
They started PayPal together, both exploring space, and I think they'd be willing to help me ship Cher to Mars.
She's a horrible, horrible person.
Donald, tell me what it's been like for you so far.
You've been in office not quite a week yet, but you've experienced what it's like to be the United States President.
Tell me what that means to you.
Well, what it means to me is exactly what I've said.
We're going to make America great again, and I think you can see, Owen, that I'm working very hard to do that.
I've moved many things forward just in the last few days, and I'm going to be doing this every day of the presidency until we make America great again, greater than ever before.
Now I saw some words actually exchanged between you and Barack Obama right before you took the inauguration.
Do you care to enlighten our audience, maybe, what was said?
I told him, keep the keys because I'll be changing the locks.
I mean, we need new locks there anyway.
I like the gold-plated ones and they had brass.
But no, I told him, pack your stuff, be out by one o'clock, and I never want to see you again.
Otherwise, we're going to come forward with the birth certificate and expose the fact that he was the one funding ISIS and probably the head of the Jihadi Caliphate.
That's what I believe.
Hold on a second.
Hold on a second.
What's that Putin?
I've been tricked.
This isn't the real Donald Trump.
I've been had?
I've been made a fool?
This is fake news?
Hold on a second.
Putin just told me you're not the real Donald Trump.
Is that true?
Have I been made a fool?
Well, first of all, let me tell you something.
That is totally amazing because we knew that Infowars was in communication with Vladimir Putin and you just proved it.
That's horrible, Owen.
You just proved that you guys were in bed with Russia the whole time.
Wait a second.
Wait a second.
Who is this really?
My name is Dustin Gold and I actually produce political comedy.
I've been doing it for eight years and prior to that I was actively involved with politics, mainly around the illegal immigration debate towards the tail end of George Bush's presidency.
Wow, well you, uh, I gotta say, you had me fooled.
You do a pretty good Donald Trump, and actually, I'll just be perfectly honest with the audience, we set the whole thing up, obviously.
You actually did a great job at the Deploraball.
I met you there, I saw you speak there.
What got you started?
What gave you this idea?
Is it because you did such a good impression, or did you have to work on that?
No, what happened was I've been managing and developing political impersonators for the last eight years.
I started with a gentleman named Reggie Brown, who does a Barack Obama, and I grew it out from there.
And over the last four or five years, I've worked with a guy named Tim Waters, who was the top Bill Clinton impersonator under Bill Clinton's presidency, and he was on The Tonight Show 200 times.
And Tim is also a very libertarian, conservative guy, and him and I have worked on several
Projects going into this election season.
I was working with Donald Trump impersonator and I was also training Tim.
So I studied Donald Trump inside and out, watched all of his speeches, all of his press conferences, everything back for 30 years that I could get my hands on.
And it was such an intriguing character.
And what I'm doing is a little bit different than what Tim does, which is mainly for corporate events, that I wanted to take this character and start to develop something where we could begin to fight back.
Thank you.
And I've seen that on your website trumpguy.com you have make comedy great again.
We've kind of seen some of that where political correctness has entered kind of a new censorship of the political comedy realm and you're just kind of right in the face of it just smashing through it.
Yeah, it's all part of the info war, and this all goes back, you know, to reading and understanding Saul Alinsky, and understanding the tactics that the left have used.
And one of the things that was the most amazing thing about Donald Trump, as I started to study him 18 months ago, was I knew right away that Donald Trump had studied Saul Alinsky, and that's what really amazed me, that he was using these tactics against the people who have used them against freedom-loving Americans.
And that was one of the big things why I
Felt like I could trust Donald Trump because he was using things that I knew that even other politicians that maybe we support some of their policies had no idea how to fight back against these people.
And the next step, I think, as you guys are doing what you're doing online and right side broadcasting and Breitbart and others in that.
Sphere we also need to begin to attack comedy and entertainment and begin to put things up against the Alec Baldwin's and the Will Ferrell's who are going to create comedy under the guise of making fun of middle America's racism when in fact they're creating racist comedy which is totally fine I think it's it's great and I don't believe in political correctness but I don't like the fact that they lie to us and they try to silence us and
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This stops that, unless it's a slug.
I mean, that's amazing.
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This deal is so insane, is so good, it makes my head spin.
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It's amazing.
Well, the peso was crushed once again today after the Mexican president decided to cancel a meeting with President Trump.
Now, this is just another example of Trump's Twitter boiling over into real-world diplomacy.
Now, President Peña Nieto was expected to visit the U.S.
next week.
They were going to discuss immigration and trade issues.
But President Trump tweeted out that the meeting should be canceled if Mexico won't agree to pay for the wall.
So then the Mexican president tweeted back,
I don't
This is just one example of the way that Mexico will pay for the wall.
They said the 20% tax on annual Mexican imports would raise about $10 billion a year.
That would easily pay for a border wall that's estimated to be only between $8 and $20 billion.
So, David, a lot of people are saying that Donald Trump underestimated the Mexican president, but I think possibly they might have underestimated Trump.
I think Donald Trump holds the trump cards here.
He holds all the cards.
Basically, 80% of Mexican trade is with the United States.
So they really have more pressure on them to come to the table, especially since they have a massive surplus and have had
Since NAFTA was passed.
When NAFTA was passed 23 years ago, we'd had rough equivalency.
Then it immediately went to $15 billion surplus for Mexico.
Has never gotten smaller than that.
In recent years, it's been between $60 and $75 billion.
So he says a 20% tax, yeah, that would work out to $12 billion.
If it's $75 billion like it was just a couple of years ago, there'd be $15 billion in one year.
But Leanne, I think the thing that's being missed here is that this is being portrayed in the media as a Twitter war between the two of them.
The person who threw down the gauntlet, and I have to say that what Nieto said before Donald Trump came back and said, well, hey, if you don't want to build a wall, don't even come to the meeting.
I don't know.
I think so.
Understand that when you don't want assimilation here, when you maintain that they're going to be your citizens and you're going to move forward with this, this is nothing than an invasion, outright war.
Let me read you what he had to say.
He said, Mexico has 50 consulates in the United States.
They will become true ramparts in defense of migrant rights.
In other words, we're going to use our 50 consulates, one in each state, we're going to use them like forts in our immigration invasion.
He goes on to say, whenever a Mexican migrant is at risk and needs our help, we must be there.
His or her country must be there.
In other words, they're not American citizens, they're Mexican citizens staying in your country and we're going to be there to protect them against you.
And that's why I say we need to not call them illegal aliens, certainly not undocumented workers or migrants or whatever.
We need to understand they are foreign citizens here in defiance of our law.
And that's what the Mexican president went on to say.
He said the Mexican government will offer them legal advice to guarantee the protection they reserve.
Join me in working to support and stand by our fellow citizens as they take over our country.
And of course, he says Mexico does not believe in walls.
Obama gave 75 million dollars to Mexico to help secure their southern border with other countries.
But let's look at this in the larger context, Leanne, because at the same time this is happening and everybody is portraying Donald Trump as a bully, Donald Trump is meeting with the British Prime Minister on the very same day.
What are they doing?
They're pursuing a bilateral agreement.
And when we look at the big fight here that's going on, it's between Donald Trump has taken on the
We're good to go.
Well, as the British Prime Minister is here, AFP points out, the trade tops the agenda as the British Prime Minister is in the U.S.
to meet Donald Trump.
And, of course, this is Prime Minister May.
They say May is keen to start talks on a U.S.-UK free trade agreement for when Britain leaves the European Union.
And, of course, that's what they're looking at.
They're looking for how they're going to develop the economy.
And they go on to say in this article, the President's criticism of EU and NATO have caused alarm across the Atlantic.
That's echoed in the article from the New York Times, British alignment with Trump threatens the European order.
And here's the issue, folks.
They point out, and most of this is the New York Times talking to the Council on Foreign Relations, various spokespersons from the Council on Foreign Relations in America and Europe.
And of course, they're being the mouthpiece for them.
They say there's crumbling pillars.
And of course, those pillars that are crumbling are the TPP and the TTIP.
The trilateral commission, the three sides of the trilateral commission, as we pointed out all along, Leanne, were the Union of Europe and then Asia and then America, joining all three of those different areas
Creating a consolidation in those regions and of course in Asia they just really needed China.
But then also in these other areas creating the European Union which is now unraveling on its own.
But the United States was to be the unifying force in this trilateral blueprint.
And these agreements that Donald Trump has now shot down were actually the physical manifestation of these trilateral Commission blueprints.
And what they say here is the German foreign minister wrote in a column just this last week
He said, the old world of the 20th century is gone.
Francois Hollande said, the French president said, this opens a period of uncertainty.
But here's the key thing.
Mr. Leonard, who's with the Council on Foreign Relations, said that the British have not accepted the view that the European governments have, that their prosperity and security is based on an international architecture.
In other words, the British are ready, as we saw with Brexit, they're ready to leave the globalist order.
But the Europeans, the French and especially the Germans don't.
They see their prosperity as part of that international world order.
And that's the key Leanne.
This isn't really about a war between Americans and Mexicans.
The Mexicans have been a part of this trilateral commission, this globalist new world order.
The building block of that was NAFTA and then of course the North American Union.
And that is what Donald Trump is going to, is destroying right
Right now, NAFTA say we're not going to do that.
The British have said we're going to be part of the European Union.
And so, as those components of the global order are coming apart, that's what's at issue here.
And yet, the Mexican president is doubling down and saying we're going to continue to invade your country.
Right, and of course about two-thirds of the Trilateral Commission, they're not even U.S.
citizens, but they're drafting U.S.
And so here we're kind of seeing this again with the Mexican president that he's saying these are our citizens, we're going to protect them in your country, and they're going to be sending the money that they earn in your country back to Mexico.
Trump's talked about that a lot.
And he can tax that.
Yes, and he said that that's another option for having Mexico pay for the wall.
But what I've been seeing a lot in the media is that the new spin on what's happening with the 20% import tax is that, oh, well, it's going to be a 20% hike on food.
And so they're going to put this panic out there that we get so much of our food imported from Mexico that now families are going to be struggling to put food on their tables.
Well, let's look at it a different way.
Perhaps this means that our small farmers here, our local farmers, will be able to have jobs once again.
That's right.
And people on the left need to understand that they typically understand the issues with the advantage of growing your food locally.
Locovores, they call themselves, right?
And so wouldn't it be nice if we were able to grow more of our food locally and be assured of its quality rather than having this corporate food or food that is brought into our country from Mexico or from China that doesn't have the same kind of quality standards that we see?
But before we run out of time, we've just got a moment here.
In the bigger scheme of things, understand that as he's talking about a 20% tax on Mexico, he's talking about cutting the UN funding by 40%.
And he's coming after the UN.
He understands where that is, and we need to understand where that is as well, because we've got this dictator alliance, as New American points out, the Group of 77, calling for a new world order tax.
A tax for a global governance.
That's what the UN is at.
And Donald Trump is at the center of that, shutting that down, saying we're going to cut funding to the United Nations as well.
And we're definitely seeing the globalists cringe at all of the moves Donald Trump is making.
But, you know, as you said, he's absolutely going to take out the globalist leg, their agenda, one at a time.
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Well, ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump is a blast furnace against the globalists and the special snowflakes are having a tremendous meltdown.
But the true comparisons being made between Donald Trump and Barack Obama's presidency so far
Are very different when you look at it and I think you can kind of see this in some of the approval ratings that we've seen but also just the way Donald Trump has been carrying himself around the White House and allowing media and the American people inside.
Here's a story out of Roll Call.
Trump's White House charm offensive a contrast to solitary Obama
The new president wants strong bonds with congressional leaders and I think he also wants strong bonds with members of the media who will actually give him fair coverage and the American people.
That's why he's signing these executive orders in front of cameras.
That's why he's letting cameras into the stairs or escalators or elevators at Trump Tower basically round-the-clock coverage on everything Donald Trump is doing, every meeting he has.
He's been pretty transparent as far as that is concerned.
They talk about how he plays the room.
Now, this is something that I don't like.
Alex Jones talks about Trump getting in bed with goblins.
Journalists that are allowed in the White House have been capturing pictures of Charles Schumer chatting with Trump.
Of course, this is just one of the days when Trump is allowing the journalists to mingle with him in the White House.
I just wanted to point that out because people say, oh, you just support Donald Trump on everything he does.
No, that's not exactly true.
And I definitely don't like it when it looks like he's mucking it up with Charles Schumer.
I can't stand that guy.
This is from The Hill.
Trump sets dizzying White House pace in first days.
In his first days in office, President Trump is taking on a dizzying schedule that is decidedly different from those of his immediate predecessors.
Again, the stark differences between Trump, Obama, and even Bush.
Trump is in the Oval Office to take meetings earlier than Obama, getting up, working harder in the morning.
And he's worked through dinner to stay in the West Wing later than President Bush.
He's also on Twitter, till the wee hours of the night that the leftists cannot stand.
He's constantly doing interviews.
He hasn't actually done that many press conferences yet.
He just did his first television interview with ABC.
But the cameras are always in there.
People always seem to know where Donald Trump is.
He's always making a public appearance every day, talking to the American people about executive orders he's signed, meetings that he's had.
This is a big difference between any president that I've ever seen.
Whether you like Trump or not, I think that that's undeniable.
Now the list of Donald Trump's executive orders continues to grow and pile up.
You can see some of this.
Fox News has already begun to compile these executive orders.
But this is a fair point that I'm hearing from actually
Fair-minded, logical-thinking liberals saying, hey, you didn't like it when Barack Obama passed all these executive orders.
Why aren't you calling Donald Trump for doing the same thing?
To which my response is the same.
I like the executive orders that Donald Trump has passed.
It's too bad that we've reached these desperate times that we have to put so much power into the executive branch of government.
But that's what I think the answer is.
And Donald Trump is coming through on his promises that he made to his constituents.
Now, we're seeing that Donald Trump is actually gaining popularity, despite what the media would tell you and the protesters in the streets.
A daily presidential tracking poll from Rasmussen reports, daily presidential tracking poll for Thursday shows that 59% of likely U.S.
voters approve President Trump's job performance, 44% who strongly approve.
And if you look at the graph,
Since January 20th, he's gone up almost every day.
Now obviously, it's early to try to make any assumptions about this, but if early trends are any indication, which I think they are a fair indication, it shows that Donald Trump is gaining in popularity.
And I think we'll continue to see this as middle-of-the-road or political atheists start to see Donald Trump coming through on some of his promises, or Donald Trump delivering to the American people.
And continues to fight the political correctness that has entered the mainstream.
I think that's something that a lot of people really appreciate.
And the more they see Donald Trump, the more they'll start to appreciate that.
And the more he comes through on promises, the more they'll say, oh my gosh, a politician who comes through on his promises, this is a first.
Maybe I can get behind that.
Not everyone is on the rise.
Some people are on the fall.
One is David Brock.
A total failure.
A man that we called out for potential money laundering.
Still no investigation into that.
Dems to David Brock.
Stop helping.
You are killing us.
Yeah, it's not just David Brock, it's Hollywood, it's the liberal media, but they know what's up.
Democrats know they need someone to lead them out of the wilderness, but they say that someone is not David Brock.
Well, unfortunately, you're one election too late for now.
But I've just been thinking about this.
Again, it's Hollywood.
It's the arrogant people in Hollywood.
It's the arrogant people in the liberal media.
It's the protesters out on the streets committing acts of violence, having no intelligence at all.
This is what's also hurting the Democratic Party.
Now, you think about this.
David Brock thinks he's the future of the Democrats.
He thinks he's going to start some sort of Breitbart of the left.
So, you've got Don Lemon, who's the future of CNN, and you've got David Brock, who's the future of the Democrats.
That's going to be a losing side for a long, long time if that is the case.
Now, let's talk about the winning side.
Tucker Carlson grills BuzzFeed's editor-in-chief on decision to publish dossier.
Tucker Carlson is absolutely kicking ass!
Yes, right now.
Ben Smith, editor of the failing pile of garbage, to quote Donald Trump, BuzzFeed, appeared on Fox News tonight to Tucker Carlson, talked about Tucker Carlson, about his size decision to publish that dossier.
Now, while I understand what Ben Smith is getting at, he just wanted to put this out here, he wanted to report on it, he even said, I don't know if this is true or false, I get that.
Even myself, I've done that to an extent.
Here's the difference.
This was so obviously fake.
This was so absurd, the fact that you were so desperate that you rolled with something that you knew was completely fake shows the intent, shows your nature.
And that is why you're a failing pile of garbage.
It's not because you put something out there that you couldn't fully vet but that you wanted to report.
It's because you put out absolute garbage that you knew was absolute garbage.
That's why you are a failing pile of garbage.
Donald Trump hits that right on the head.
Now folks, we're not living in Kansas anymore.
This stuff is absolutely crazy.
Genetically modified cyborg dragonflies that can be remotely controlled to spy on people.
And of course, this is on the heels of the news of the military just publicly showing their macro drone fleet.
That's one of the craziest things.
But this is the Dragonfly, half insect, half machine, fitted with a fingernail-sized backpack powered by a solar panel remotely controlled by an operator.
The Dragonfly can be used for guided pollination as well as surveillance missions.
Now, if you watch Black Mirror, there's actually an episode about essentially
Motorized bees that pollinate the world, and that ends up going terribly wrong.
But this isn't where it stops.
Human-pig hybrid!
Alex Jones has been telling you about this for a long time.
Scientists hope to create part man, part pig organs.
Well, they probably already are, to be honest.
A hybrid human-pig embryo has been injected into a sow's womb as scientists push the ethical boundaries of science in the hope that they can create a life-saving donor organs.
So, Alex Jones was right.
They've got human hybrids with pigs, and they're growing human organs inside of pigs, putting doors into the animals so that they can get them.
Now, look!
We're humans.
We've got cutting-edge science.
We're going to naturally try to use some of that science to extend our lives.
But most people probably have no idea what's going on with this.
Where's PETA?
Where's the liberals?
Are anyone sticking up for these pigs?
I don't know.
I don't think so.
But it's going on and you need to know about it.
Elon Musk wants to dig a tunnel and he's excited to be talking to Donald Trump about helping ease traffic in LA.
He's to the point, see I'm of the mindset when I'm sitting in traffic I want to blast off with my own personal like rocket propulsion backpack.
Elon Musk wants to just burrow and dig a tunnel under LA.
So he's talking about doing that.
Maybe with Donald Trump some of Elon Musk's ideas can finally get to the forefront.
Now this is from Bloomberg, over the pond, French frontrunner rocked by probe, handing an opening to rivals.
Now here's the thing, they're acting like Le Pen isn't the leader for the next president of France, that it's Fallon.
No, it is Le Pen, Bloomberg.
Le Pen is going to win, just like we made America great again.
Thanks everybody for tuning in to the Nightly News.
We'll be back tomorrow night, 7 p.m.
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