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Name: 20170125_Wed_NightlyNews
Air Date: Jan. 25, 2017
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Welcome to NFO Wars Nightly News.
I'm David Knight.
It's Wednesday, January the 25th, 2017.
Here are our top stories.
ABC News claims ownership of Donald Trump's words as president, as the network issues strict rules and a bizarre copyright claim for an upcoming interview.
Meanwhile, ABC is running a pro-Obamacare video that was produced by Obama's White House, and they are calling it Real Authentic News.
Then, California dreamers want a country without Trump and they are seriously talking about secession.
All that plus a showdown in Texas where Governor Abbott clashes with a liberal sheriff in favor of Sanctuary City.
We're not going to sacrifice the lives of our fellow Texans in the hands of people who are here killing.
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
Another example of how mainstream media is desperate to maintain its declining monopoly.
We now have ABC News issuing, as Drudge pointed out, strict rules on how reporting can be done of the first exclusive interview, they say, of Donald Trump.
What they're trying to do
It's copyright President Trump.
They're setting a very, very dangerous precedent for free speech.
Overturning the idea of fair use and asserting in very legalistic terms what they are demanding from people who cover this interview.
They're saying that excerpts can be no more than three minutes, but here's the key thing.
They're saying that material can no longer be used after February 1st.
In other words, they're going to give people about a week to look at the clips.
You can't air these clips without very specific directions in terms of on-screen credits.
You have to have an audio introduction.
This is totally unprecedented, folks.
This is not anything that anyone has tried to assert before in the press.
And we've seen this coming.
We had just about nine days ago, as the White House was saying, we're going to open up the process to talk radio hosts, we're going to open it up to bloggers, we're going to increase by about a factor of ten the people who are able to cover White House press conferences.
And you had the Trade Guild, essentially, the White House Correspondents Association, say, no, we're not going to have any of that.
We have 49 seats that we're going to allocate amongst 200 journalists that make up the White House Press Corps.
We're going to maintain this position of privilege.
We're not going to allow you to open this up to a larger offering of the press.
And as they push back against the idea that Trump would include other people,
They say that Trump is the one who is trying to suppress free speech.
Understand that when we talk about what the president says, that has always been covered under First Amendment in terms of political use and fair use is what the Supreme Court has determined this to be.
Fair use is commentary on what the president is saying and that is precisely what they're trying to shut down with all these rules.
Essentially what ABC is doing is lawyering up
With detailed rules about what can and cannot be covered and banning the future use of this.
This is a key thing that we have to understand.
And we have to, in the words of Jim Acosta, as he was accosting the President in that press conference, the first press conference that Trump had, he said, Mr. President-elect, this is not appropriate.
Well, ABC, this is not appropriate.
And we understand where they're coming from.
This was something that was going to be a part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
It wasn't simply about trade between countries.
It was also about establishing new claims on copyrighted material and penalties associated with that.
You have to understand that the globalists and the monopolists who are controlling our government, our press, they want to make sure that they own everything and then they own it in perpetuity.
That's why they say that they're going to ban any future use of this.
And let's go back four years.
To win Barack Obama won election the second time and then started with his push to get Obamacare and go back to June of 2009.
Here's an article from Fox News ABC News teams up with Obama White House to present the president's health care plan.
And of course, this was going to be an hour-long special that they were going to do from the White House East Room.
And this is in addition to them broadcasting their nightly news every night from the White House.
Now, in response to this, we had the RNC come out and say, in the absence of opposition, I'm concerned this event will become a glorified infomercial to promote the Democrat agenda.
And that's what it did.
If that's the case, they said, this primetime infomercial should be paid for out of the DNC coffers.
President Obama does not hold a monopoly on healthcare reform ideas or on free airtime.
Oh, but yes he did.
He had a monopoly on free airtime because the established media gave that to him.
And at the same time, when the Republican Party said, we would like to have equal access, equal airtime that you're giving the President because you're promoting his ideas exclusively, they said no.
So then the RNC said, fine, we'll buy time on your network.
And they said no.
That's true monopoly power.
And what President Trump needs to do
On Thursday, the day after they did this, they had another ABC anchor, Diane Sawyer, ran the news item that a White House produced video, complete with schmaltzy background music, and of course this is Media Research Center pointing this out.
They said, President Obama ostensibly took a phone call from a cancer patient.
This is the way they marketed Obamacare to the public.
They said, now I'm able to get health insurance thanks to Obamacare.
But as I pointed out, the video wasn't even new.
And she said that it was merely a conversation that took place recently, but today we got to listen in, trying to make it current.
Consider also that ABC News just yesterday had to issue a correction for mischaracterizing and deliberately editing an interview with former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer.
This is what they put out.
They had Ari Fleischer that they edited to say, it looks to me as if the ball was dropped on Saturday.
That's what they put out.
But the full quote was, it looks to me as if the ball was dropped on Saturday, Sean recovered it and ran for a first down on Monday.
See, when ABC News does that, when they're blatantly partisan in the way they sell Obamacare, when they try to shut down our ability to run their clips, and yet they, just yesterday, edited this to completely change the meaning of Ari Fleischer, we should be very concerned.
But here's their exclusive report that they have here, and this is a teaser for their interview.
They say, President Trump says construction of the border wall will begin in months.
This is the news that came out of their exclusive interview that they don't want anybody to air unless we pay them or follow their strict rules.
What he said in this interview, he said, all it is, is we'll be reimbursed at a later date for building the wall at whatever transaction we make from Mexico.
I'm just telling you there will be a payment.
It will be in the form, perhaps a complicated form.
Well, what form will this payment for the wall take?
We saw yesterday that Mexico was saying, we're ready to quit NAFTA if the U.S.
talks fail.
And this was reported by AFP, they said Mexico drew red lines on Tuesday that during the U.S.
election campaign, Trump vowed to make Mexico pay for a massive border wall and threatened to finance it by tapping into the $25 billion in remittances that Mexican migrants sent home last year.
Asked whether the Mexican delegation would walk away from the negotiating table if the wall and the remittances were an issue,
The spokesman for Mexico said, absolutely.
Now with NAFTA, 80% of Mexico's exports go to the United States and as they point out in the article, it's a clear indicator of the country's dependence on the U.S.
market for its economic well-being.
But nevertheless, Mexican government officials warned on Tuesday that Mexico is also willing to exit the 23-year-old NAFTA agreement.
In other words, they're going to take the ball and they're going to go home.
But I would say that if they're selling 80% of their exports to the United States, I think the U.S.
owns that football, not Mexico.
When you look at the deficit of payments, regardless of the remittances that were sent home by Mexican migrants who are working here, foreign citizens who are working here illegally,
It's not just the 80% of their trade, and it's not just the billions of dollars that are sent back by Mexican migrants.
It's also the fact that they have a surplus trade with the United States of 60 to 75 billion dollars a year.
Now if we go back 23 years before NAFTA,
There was roughly a trade parity.
Some years they would have a surplus, some years the U.S.
would have a trade surplus.
Immediately after NAFTA, we had a $15 billion trade deficit with them.
About three times bigger than the trade deficits we'd had before, the worst trade deficits we'd had before, and it never got smaller than $15 billion.
It's been about $60 to $75 billion the last several years.
So they're already going to be paying for this in terms of factories that are not going to be moving to Mexico as well as factories that are going to be coming back to the United States.
But what else will they do?
Of course today we saw that Trump has signed orders on the border wall as well as on immigration enforcement.
The Hill points out that President Trump today signed two executive orders on immigration including one that directs federal agencies to begin construction of a wall on the border of Mexico
And that was, of course, the centerpiece of his campaign.
That was what began the Trump train, if we go back and look at the presidential campaign.
Trump repeated again today, a nation without borders is not a nation.
Beginning today, the United States of America gets back control of its borders.
The president said his directive will save thousands of lives, millions of jobs, and billions and billions of dollars.
He called for the construction of, quote, a large physical barrier on the southern border.
The other executive order that he signed today deals with immigration enforcement and ends the catch-and-release program.
Now understand, this is something that was begun not even by Obama, but by George W. Bush.
This is something that the Republican and Democrat establishment have been pushing.
He is now pushing that back.
He said federal agents are going to unapologetically enforce the law.
No ifs, ands, or buts, said Sean Spicer, press secretary.
The immigration actions, as The Hill reports, also seek to withhold visas
We're good to go.
But before we do, I want to go back and take a look.
We're now only, well less than a week into the Trump administration.
He was sworn in on Friday.
Over the weekend there was essentially, he said day one was going to be Monday, but of course things happened even over the weekend and we have seen massive moves and I would say we've seen a lot of promises that were made as promises that have been kept.
And of course the Wall Street Journal is saying the same thing.
They say the new Trump White House website
Sets an agenda that mirrors their campaign pledges.
Well, I would just say it keeps the campaign pledges that we've seen.
So let's take a look at some of these.
Let's go to the WhiteHouse.gov site and let's take a look at some of the memorandums that have come out and press releases from the White House itself pointing out what has happened.
Of course, there's the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
It was one of the first things that Donald Trump shut down.
But I want to read you the language.
We're good to go.
Understand, bilateral trade negotiations, in other words, we're going to set up agreements between the U.S.
and Britain, or between the U.S.
and Germany, or between the U.S.
and Mexico, those are going to be much easier to negotiate than these massive multilateral trade agreements that are going to involve many nations all at once.
It will be fair, it'll be clear what's going to happen, and it isn't going to involve the loss of sovereignty
And the other thing is that they snuck into this trade agreement.
You understand that with the trade, the TPP trade agreement, they were going to create an international trade commission that could amend this agreement, whatever it was that passed, and we weren't allowed to see it for the longest amount of time, and they were going to run it through the Congress without any kind of amendment or debate.
And once it ran through, this small, unelected, unaccountable international commission was going to have the freedom to change it at will.
And they would be able to add countries to it at will as well.
Let's take a look at one of the other things that Donald Trump did.
Minimizing the economic burden of the Affordable Care Act and pending repeal.
Here's another statement, immediate release from the White House.
They said,
In the meantime, pending such repeal, it is imperative to take all actions consistent with law to minimize the unwarranted economic and regulatory burdens of the Act, to prepare to afford the states more flexibility, more control to create a more free and open health care market.
He also said he's going to exercise all authority and discretion available to waive, defer, grant exemptions from, delay the implementation of any provisions or requirement that would impose a fiscal burden on any state or cost, fee, tax, penalty, or regulatory burden on individuals, families, health care providers, health insurers, etc.
Do you understand the chains that were taken off of the American public
I don't know.
Health Care Act.
Next one.
Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies.
Subject to any exemptions, like emergency situations or urgent circumstances, you will send no regulation to the Office of the Federal Register until a department or agency head appointed or designated by the President afternoon on January 20th reviews and approves the regulation.
See what's happening, we had midnight regulations by the tens of thousands being run through by Obama as well as other organizations like the EPA.
And what he's saying is, this is going to stop.
And if they have recorded this, but they haven't published this, you're not going to publish it.
We're stopping these regulations right now, and you're going to have to get approval of the heads that have been appointed by Donald Trump.
Then he goes on with a hiring freeze, and then he goes on with expediting infrastructure projects, pointing out that the regulations that the federal government has put in have actually increased pollution, increased expenses to everyone else.
The human cost, the environmental cost, has been exactly the opposite direction.
Stay with us.
When we come back, we're going to talk about the sanctuary city fight that has begun right here in Texas.
The Federal Reserve is a private banking cartel.
The Fed is a sometimes very independent organization.
What should be the proper relationship between the Chairman of the Fed and a President of the United States?
The Federal Reserve is an independent agency.
There is no other agency of government which can overrule actions that we take.
They print our money and then loan it to us at interest.
The IRS is their collection agency.
So long as that is in place and there is no evidence that the administration or the Congress or anybody else
...is requesting that we do things other than what we think is the appropriate thing, then what the relationships are don't frankly matter.
Jeff Duncan says he saw IRS special agents using semi-automatic rifles at a gun range.
Now he wants answers to why the agency needs that type of firepower.
Is this global governance at last?
Is it one world the central bank was in charge?
Know your history and you will know your enemy.
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Welcome back.
We were just talking about the promises that Donald Trump made, the promises that we've seen him keep in just really the first three days.
And of course, some of those go back to when he was president-elect, already starting to unravel NAFTA at that point in time.
On Friday, when he was first inaugurated, we saw the White House website change and immediately all the information about climate change, which he didn't agree with and which I don't agree with, that was all taken down.
So we've seen some very positive steps moving very quickly.
But of course there are some concerns that still remain as we see some of his cabinet level picks and we see Steve Mnuchin now who previously said that he didn't think that there were too many IRS agents in spite of the army of IRS agents that were added for Obamacare.
Now he is backing an independent Federal Reserve and signaling that he doesn't think that reform is a priority.
In other words, should we audit the Fed?
Nah, he says.
And as this is reported by Bloomberg, they say the response appears to lean against legislation such as the Fed Oversight Reform and Modernization Act of 2015, introduced by the House of Representatives last year but did not become a bill.
Many people believed and are still hoping, as Donald Trump talked about auditing the Fed, that we have the best chance we've ever had of getting that passed.
And I think as we look at this,
The comments, even that Bloomberg said, was that he doesn't want to make waves at this stage.
So our hope is that this is simply Mnuchin trying to be non-controversial so that he can get in and do the real deal.
But it still is worrying to see that.
Nevertheless, we've seen nothing but positive signs in terms of the actual executive orders that Donald Trump has taken.
And of course, one of those today was the move against Sanctuary City, saying that they were going to not
Send federal funds to cities that are involved in this.
And of course, just the 20 largest, I'm sorry, the 12 largest cities that are involved as sanctuary cities have 20% of illegal immigrants here.
Or let's just put it this way.
Foreign citizens who are here illegally getting services.
Now this is not going to happen in Texas without a fight.
Governor Abbott has thrown down the gauntlet here and the Travis County Sheriff has taken it up.
So we have a fight developing right here in Travis County that is going to have national implications.
As a local station here, KVU, pointed out, Abbott is seeking laws to remove the sheriff after ICE detainer policy announcement.
They say days after the Travis County sheriff, and she was just newly elected, Sally Hernandez, released a video detailing her policy concerning U.S.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Governor Greg Abbott here in Texas said Wednesday he will seek new laws that remove her from office.
Now, what is she saying she would do?
She said she will cooperate with ICE if the people who are here illegally, already breaking that law,
We're good.
Now, what Abbott has said is that, of course, the Texas Legislature only meets every other year.
They're now in session.
He's going to seek legislation that would include civil and criminal penalties for any official that is creating a sanctuary city.
He said that they're working on laws that will, one, ban sanctuary cities and remove from office any officeholder who promotes sanctuary cities and impose criminal penalties as well as financial penalties.
He went on to say it is a dangerous game of political Russian roulette with the lives of Texans at stake.
Now of course, one of the places where sanctuary cities are the most popular is California.
As a matter of fact, we could say California is not a sanctuary city, but a sanctuary state.
And of course there is a growing movement in California of people who would love to secede from the United States.
We've even heard people give it the name Cal Exit.
As to that, I would just say, how can we help you do that?
Now it has jumped up to one-third of the people in the most recent poll from Reuters saying that they would like to secede from the United States.
Now this is a big increase from 2014 when the same poll found 20% of the people would support secession.
Now that's up to 32%.
And they point out that with 39 million residents, it is the sixth largest economy in the world.
So maybe California wants to go it as a nation state.
Maybe they would like to join Mexico.
Maybe they'd be more comfortable doing that.
Wired Magazine points out that if they want to do that, there's a couple of problems.
Even though California is one of the wealthiest of the states, even though they are very large in terms of their economy,
They also are reliant for their massive welfare state on subsidy from the federal government.
They say California has some pretty ambitious laws.
They give undocumented immigrants driver's licenses.
They let them attend public universities at the expense of the state and the taxpayers there.
It provides millions of people with health care.
And it has some of the most ambitious climate regulations on the planet.
And all of this costs money.
And so, when you look at this and you say, California is very wealthy, they don't have to worry about this.
Remember the example of Detroit and Michigan in general.
That was just a couple of decades ago, the center of the American economy.
That was where most of the wealth was created, just as now that has moved from Motown to Silicon Valley.
But we saw the same Democrat policies destroy Michigan's economy, especially Detroit.
And it will do the same thing here.
So I would say if they don't want to leave,
Maybe we can throw them out.
Or maybe we can leave the United Nations.
If there's not going to be a Cal exit, maybe we can have an Am exit.
And as we pointed out before, a bill has been introduced to get the United States out of the United Nations.
This is H.R.
Make sure you look at this and promote this.
The American Sovereignty Restoration Act.
This is a bill that's been introduced into Congress.
And Zero Hedge had an interesting article.
And they pointed out that essentially if the U.S.
reclaimed sovereignty from the U.N., it would be the equivalent of what Britain did by reclaiming its sovereignty from the European Union times ten.
And they said perhaps the biggest revelation that would come out of this would be the exposure to the level of theft and fraud so that people can understand that if we leave this registered corporation of the United Nations, and it is a corporation,
That it would also move the U.S.
back to common law and away from maritime law.
So take a look at that Zero Hedge article.
It has the references to what maritime law is.
As we look at moving out of these globalist power structures, understand Germany is still angry about Brexit.
And they want to push back every way they can against Donald Trump.
That's why they aren't taking action against someone who threatens to kill Donald Trump.
Margaret Howell has more on this.
We know that the liberals in the mainstream media, they're basically all lunatics.
They're like a runaway train.
They spout lie after lie after lie.
And usually we get to call them out on their bolt.
Now, this normally takes place here in the U.S.
with CNN.
You know, all through the inauguration, they were calling for what-if scenarios.
The Today Show did the same thing.
If Trump's assassinated, who takes office?
Who remains in place?
You know, they took it a step too far.
But this one German newspaper publisher actually said on the air, I cannot make this up, the fact that somebody could murder Trump to get him out of office.
So he's basically trying to incite violence and an assassination against a current sitting president.
What a freaking lunatic!
You know, they don't even realize how far they've gone with all of their garbage.
And it's not enough for them to try to twist the words of people in his administration like Kellyanne Conway.
We saw this last weekend.
Uh, where she was trying to explain that CNN, they do have a set of alternative facts.
Basically, they're liars.
I mean, they were talking about a crowd estimate, which we know that the Park Service, the National Park Service doesn't even do a crowd estimate because of lawsuits.
She was trying to explain that.
They twist her words, they twist everyone's words.
But this guy in particular, this German newspaper publisher, he's actually responding to a caller on a show and he says, murder in the White House, for example.
He said it seriously, uh, that somebody in the White House could actually kill him.
These freaks, they don't even try to mask it anymore.
They don't even try to hide the fact that they have this horrible disdain for a president.
They can't smear him with lies, so they're calling for his murder now.
You know, folks, just the epitome of dying breed, and thank God they are dying out.
They've totally discredited themselves for their coverage of him, his administration, his politics, and they're so bratty and so ridiculous.
Check out this article, it's up on our website.
While you're at it, download our app, infowars.com forward slash app.
I'm Margaret Hall reporting.
Did you know that only six corporations control 90% of what millions of Americans see, hear, and read every single day?
It's the illusion of choice.
Think about it.
The mainstream media is owned by only a handful of megacorporations with vested interest.
But on the other hand, the Internet is an interconnected network of billions of sources.
So you can research information for yourself from multiple sources,
Or you can blindly accept what you hear or read in the mainstream media, never questioning what you are being told.
This gives you a false sense of reality.
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Owen Schroyer here for InfoWars.com and Donald Trump has said that he is now going to launch an investigation into voter fraud.
I'm joined here by Maggie Howell.
Now Maggie, this is something that we were covering a lot during the election cycle.
This is something that myself personally was covering and looking into a lot during the election cycle and when I started seeing these mainstream
We're good.
We know that they were busing in people, which is illegal by the way.
You can't bus people in from one place to the next to vote in a specific area because you're trying to change the outcome of an election.
There's also voter rigging, that aspect, which we've covered, you and I have covered at length with these smart-o-matic machines and being able to change votes from one place to another.
Uh, a county in Pennsylvania, there were reports coming out that people that would vote straight line ticket Republican, their votes were changed.
Now, in respect to this voter fraud claim, uh, Trump is calling it for an investigation into this because we know we have illegals in this country, people that aren't legally allowed to vote that are actually casting votes on ballots each and every day.
And that's a major issue and it impacts the outcome of an election.
This is happening in California, Nevada.
It's happening all across the Southwest.
And he's trying to get at the heart of this.
This is not a race issue.
This is an issue of legality.
And there is voter fraud that's in existence.
That's what we do know.
Well, and I'm glad that you pointed that out, because to me, this is something that is nonpartisan.
This is something that should be viewed as nonpartisan.
You would think Democrats, Republicans, Independents, everybody would want to get behind this.
Especially considering how much proof of voter fraud we've had.
I mean, again folks, I covered this at nauseam.
Multiple CBS investigations, a Federalist investigation.
There's an entire website with hundreds and hundreds of pages of documented voter fraud.
And I think what they try to do with this
No, not only should it not be non-partisan, but Republicans like Lindsey Graham, this was on the cover of CBS, he's calling Trump's voter fraud claims inappropriate.
He goes on to lecture Trump, saying you're the leader of the free world and people are going to start doubting you as a person if you keep making accusations against our electors.
Well, hey, Mr. Graham, we do know that there is justification, there is just cause.
And look, Owen, there isn't ever going to be an election, whether it's a county dog catcher post or President of the United States, that's going to have surgical precision when it comes to voting.
We know that because people are human, there's human error, there's dimpled chads, if you will, coming out of the bush.
What we're talking about here is
Blatant, you know, in-your-face voter fraud where people know they shouldn't be voting and they're doing it anyway.
That's the first thing.
The second thing is double registration, registering in more than one state and casting a ballot in each state.
Both cases are illegal.
That's what we're talking about specifically here.
We're not talking about mistakes.
We're not talking about accidents happen.
We're talking about on a mass scale, millions of people voting illegally, which is exactly what happened in the November election.
I don't know.
Undercover video from Project Veritas talking about busting people around to vote, talking about illegal voters, talking about how they can register twice, or even sullying registrations of Republicans coming in at the booze, dead people voting.
So we've got all of this that was undercover and exposed by Project Veritas, but then they want to say that these claims have been debunked when if anything they've been proven.
And let's keep in mind,
Influencing the election.
Now, they tried to say hacked the election.
Of course, that's a false narrative.
They didn't actually hack anything.
Maybe they leaked the DNC emails, but that has not been proven.
But wait a second.
So they're saying, okay, Russia's putting out all these talking points.
Russia's putting out all this fake news against Hillary Clinton, right?
So that's how they influenced the election.
But then hold on.
What about all the fake news that you put out about Donald Trump, CNN?
What about all the fake news that was put out about Donald Trump by the mainstream media?
So how about that for rigging an election?
But again, that's not what they're talking about.
That's not what Donald Trump is going to investigate.
And I, again, bring it back to this.
How is this not a nonpartisan issue?
Who would be upset with wanting to find out the legitimacy of the elections?
Because let's remember, sure, we were saying, hey, look, voter fraud exists.
Voter fraud is a real thing.
Election fraud is a real thing.
The left was saying, no, it's not.
No, it's not.
No, it's not.
And then after the election, who was complaining about the results?
It was the Hillary voters!
You know why?
Because they couldn't steal it.
You know, they tried their damnedest to steal this thing, and they just couldn't do it, folks.
You know, for whatever reason, I don't know if it's divine providence, we were spared from this evil monster, and now they're all mad, upsettingly so, because they don't have any substantial claim to the fact that the Russians hacked.
They realize that narrative is dying out, but they have to protect themselves, because you know what?
Voter fraud is the only way any of them win!
We're good to go.
You know, even in Kansas you would see reports of this push for people who had questionable, they didn't want you to be able to, they said it was racist if you had to have a license to vote.
The reason that they were doing those campaigns in those states is because they knew that people that didn't have a license most likely couldn't legally vote and you had voting districts that were pressured into allowing people to come with no legal paperwork.
I mean it's really some, I'm sorry.
And they do the same thing though.
But they do the same thing with the voter IDs.
They do.
They claim that it's racist.
I'm sorry, how is a voter ID racist?
It's not like only white people are getting them.
If you're a citizen, you get a voter ID, you get a vote.
That's what it's for.
And it's like this.
I'm sorry, I can't go down to Mexico and vote in their elections, okay?
That's absurd!
If I tried to do that, I'd probably get arrested!
And you know how they would find out?
Because they'd ask for a voter ID!
It's very simple.
And here's what I think is gonna happen, and this is why I think Donald Trump is thinking two moves ahead, and this is a brilliant strategy.
He's gonna come out,
They're going to do an investigation into this, unlike obviously any past administration has done.
You know, the media apparently has to do it because the administrations of Obama and even Bush apparently wouldn't do it.
And he's going to come out and he's going to say, look, here's what we found.
Dozens, hundreds, if not thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of voter fraud and maybe even election fraud.
And what is the mainstream news going to do that said it was debunked?
What are all those people going to do that said you were a conspiracy theorist because you said that votes are rigged?
So I think it's a brilliant move for Trump because not only is he going to prove that these claims are legitimate once again, he's going to force the mainstream media to fall flat on their face.
We know we have 13 million people that are in this country illegally.
It's probably more than that now.
Excuse me.
Are they voting or not?
I don't know.
We'll find out maybe.
I don't know.
Of course we're gonna have voter fraud!
I mean, this is just, it's a no-brainer.
It's like the left, they're all discussing narratives, and forgive me, I know we're running out of time.
It's dying.
Yes, there was voter fraud.
Yes, it probably cost him the popular vote, if we're being honest.
And he wants to get to the bottom of it.
And I don't blame him.
And that's the thing.
This should be a non-partisan thing.
It'll be an investigation to actually find this out.
And again, it's just like,
If you're an American citizen, why wouldn't you want to sure up the election?
Why wouldn't you want to sit here and say, you know what?
Maybe Donald Trump's crazy.
Maybe there's conspiracy theorists out there.
But you know what?
Let's actually have an investigation.
Let's actually find out.
We've seen the reports.
We've seen investigations.
Let's see it actually come from the White House.
Let's see it actually come from Donald Trump.
Maggie, thank you for joining me.
I know that we're both glad that this investigation is going to be done, and we both expect the truth to come out.
Voter fraud exists.
Perhaps he's an election fraud, and it comes from the left.
Alex Jones here with a very important news update to anybody out there that wants to be prepared.
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This is what it looks like when in the rare event the United States votes in a populist president and that president begins the uphill battle of mending the fabric of the U.S.
Constitution torn apart by puppets installed by an embedded foreign globalist system.
Would you ever have Donald Trump on your show?
What if he asked you?
What about Melania?
To talk about what?
She can barely speak English.
Of course, the brainwashing social engineering media minions have their claws so deeply dug into the psychological soil of the nation that the legalized propaganda quietly enacted in 2013 under President Obama will not stop.
No matter how diligently, the Trump administration refutes the lamestream media's alternative facts.
You know, I have a running war with the media.
They are among the most dishonest human beings on Earth.
And they sort of made it sound like I had a feud with the intelligence community.
And I just want to let you know, the reason you're number one stop, uh, it is exactly the opposite.
And they understand that too.
Think about how dumb they think you are.
We had a tweet go out about Martin Luther King.
Think about how racially charged that is.
And someone rushes out and says to the entire press corps that the President of the United States has removed the bust from his office.
Do you, I mean, think about what the signal, hold on.
He actually apprised to quote, my colleagues.
That's the exact quote.
Okay, that quote, that report got tweeted out around.
And to report, where was the apology to the President of the United States?
Where was the apology to millions of people who read that and thought how racially insensitive that was?
But the first time he confronts the public,
It's a falsehood?
Chuck, I mean, if we're going to keep referring to our press secretary in those types of terms, I think that we're going to have to rethink our relationship here.
But look what happened the day before, talking about falsehoods.
We allow the press in and what happens almost immediately, a falsehood is told about removing the bust of Martin Luther King Jr.
from the Oval Office.
No, that's just flat out false.
If it wasn't obvious before, it has to be now.
Any rational American can plainly see President Donald J. Trump has hit the ground running into his first 100 days and already has a 57% approval rating according to Rasmussen polls.
Compared to the King of the Snowflakes and the fascist and racist left's Barack Obama, who after eight years of unyieldingly wounding the republic, had an average approval rating of 47.9% according to a Gallup poll.
We have to accept that there is prejudice that exists within our own party and we have to be able to have a confrontation.
And my job is to shut other white people down when they want to interrupt.
My job is to shut other white people down when they want to say, oh no, I'm not prejudiced.
I'm a Democrat.
I'm accepting.
My job is to make sure that they get, that they have privilege.
And until we shut our mouths, and we listen to those people who don't, and we lift our people up,
So that we all have equity in this country.
As CNS News reports, that puts him behind Richard Nixon, who resigned, and George W. Bush, who saw his approval rating drop as low as 25% near the end of his term.
When the history books are written, the only change former President Barack Obama brought
We're good to go.
Now I want to go back to Darren McBreen and Margaret Howell.
You had actually one of these precious snowflakes was telling us a very personal clip about how he felt about this and what he was going to do.
Let's go back to Darren and Margaret.
This is an urgent message from a liberal in distress.
So we take you now to an underground bunker deep in the heart of the land of idiocracy.
Well, here we are, folks, at the end of everything.
Human civilization, as we know it, is coming crashing down.
The world is over.
Donald Trump will be sworn in this week.
And then it's all over.
It's all over, guys.
I'm so scared.
I'm so alone and so scared.
This can't be real.
Please believe us.
We elected for the first time someone who is selfish, dishonest, egotistical.
For the first time.
And we could have had Hillary Clinton instead.
And now we're going to pay the price.
We can survive this, okay?
We can survive it, but you have to get underground.
And I am at my mom's house where I've been temporarily rooming for the last 31 years.
And I'm down in the basement, as you can see.
I've made kind of a bunker for myself here in the basement.
You've got to get underground now because we don't have a lot of time.
Look, based on everything that I've read on Facebook, right after the inauguration, Donald Trump is going to drop a nuclear bomb.
Gender nonconforming.
100 billion gallons of oil into the ocean in order to kill all of the dolphins.
And then, um, based on what I've heard from people like Keith Olbermann, he is going to blow up Jupiter with a death ray.
And finally, the last act of cruelty and sadism, the last straw for all mankind, will be when he blocks
CNN reporters.
On Twitter.
This is all going to unfold very quickly, so you need to prepare yourself now, and if you have not been stocking supplies and foods, you gotta do that.
I have all of the supplies I'm going to need to survive the apocalypse right here, and I wanted to show you a few of the things I have on sale right now.
You're obviously going to need a lot of non-perishable food items, including yogurt.
Vegan, plant-based of course.
Other survival foods.
Pita chips.
Gluten-free, obviously.
That's a great parody piece, but let's talk about what you really do need.
McGreen, I don't think that's going to stop you from that death ray.
Oh, damn.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on, for your mind.
As a community moves towards despotism, respect is restricted to fewer people.
That's veteran Denver Police Officer Charles Jones IV smashing an unarmed suspect in the face six times.
Officers accused of using excessive force on a suspect and then trying to erase the evidence.
I'm observing what they're doing and they're all saying to me, I don't understand what's going on.
A community rates low on an information scale when the press, radio, and other channels of communication are controlled by only a few people.
Does it raise ethical questions about the use of government money to produce stories about the government that wind up being aired with no disclosure that they were produced by the government?
Now's the time you ask such a question.
What difference at this point does it make?
When a confident observer looks for signs of despotism in a community, he looks beyond fine words and noble phrases.
There are actions I have the legal authority to take as president that will help make our immigration system more fair and more just.
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We are trained to deceive if we have to.
You really don't have to trust me.
You shouldn't trust me.
In fact, by my actually participating in that, I will taint the news.
In communities of this kind, despotism stands a good chance.
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