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Name: 20170124_Tue_NightlyNews
Air Date: Jan. 24, 2017
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Welcome to the Info Wars Nightly News.
It is Tuesday, the 24th of January, 2017.
I'm Leanne McAdoo and here's what's coming up tonight.
Tonight, a new FCC chairman and what it means to net neutrality and the future of the Drudge Report.
Also, liberals are freaking out over Donald Trump's executive order removing the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, but their reasons are unmerited.
An Infowars exclusive as Alex Jones and Ted Cruz meet in person.
Look at this, a secret meeting with Alex Jones and Ted Cruz.
The con's here!
And then, four rogue liberal freakouts as video surfaces of a social justice warrior groveling at a black barista.
I mean, as a Clinton supporter, like, that's all I care about are other people's dreams!
And women!
And the babies!
Oh my God, I care about the children of America so much!
All that and more on the InfoWars Nightly News.
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
Well, once again, Donald Trump is putting people in positions who have been outspoken opponents of these positions.
He's done it again here with the FCC.
He has named the new FCC chairman Ajit Pai.
Now, Pai was someone who in the past has said that they wanted to take a weed whacker to net neutrality.
He's been an outspoken opponent of it.
He says, you know, of course, I'm looking forward to working with this new administration.
But he is a telecommunications lawyer who has served on the FCC since May 2012.
He is a free market advocate and he's been sharply critical of new regulations adopted by Democrats in recent years.
He said we need to fire up the weed whacker and remove those rules that are holding back investment, innovation and job creation.
He said this in a speech last month.
Now, chief among Pi's targets is going to be the net neutrality online traffic rules that the FCC adopted in 2015.
These regulations are designed to ensure the free flow of online data by barring internet service providers from discriminating against the legal content that's flowing through their networks.
So Verizon can't block you from searching Google, or Netflix can't stop you from watching NBC, things like that.
To do that, the FCC imposed utility-like oversight of broadband providers.
Now, President Obama and Democrats were very much for this, but the two Republicans on the FCC Commission were very against it.
And as well as Donald Trump spoke out against these new rules, he tweeted in November 2014, Obama's attack on the internet is another top-down power grab.
So you have some small, you know, your future innovators, your next Google or your next Netflix that might come along, they will never be able to fight against the net neutrality that's put in place.
They'll never be able to compete with companies like Netflix who are able to pay for, you know, the stronger servers to deal with all that traffic.
So it kind of stifles the little guy.
And that's why Facebook, Google, they're all for this because they don't want any future competition.
Now, just to give you a little background on Pi, you'll recall that he was the one who came out saying that he foresees a future in which the Fed's regulators could seek to regulate websites based on political content, and they could use the power of the FCC to do that.
And he said, you know, the Feds may come for the drudge report, and that he himself had been personally harassed with threats to his family for speaking out about this.
They told us the government agency would decide that the marketplace of ideas is
American prosperity is, you know, playing unfair in the online political speech sandbox?
I don't think so.
I mean, I think that, in my view at least, being a free speech advocate, the First Amendment means not just, you know, the cold parchment that's in the Constitution, it's an ongoing cultural commitment.
And I sense that among a substantial number of Americans and a disturbing number of regulators here in Washington, that online speech is a dangerous, brave new world that needs to be regulated.
Well, President Donald Trump has said that he is going to be retaining James Comey as director of the FBI.
Apparently, Comey briefed senior agency officials about this transition last week, indicating that the president had asked him to keep his post.
And now, of course, the FBI director is appointed to a 10-year term to insulate the office from political influence.
He can be dismissed by the President, of course, for cause.
Comey has served as Deputy Attorney General in the George W. Bush administration.
He was appointed Director by former President Barack Obama in 2013.
So here you can see both sides of the aisle.
They thought that James Comey was doing a really great job until he came out and spoke against Hillary Clinton.
And then all of a sudden he couldn't be trusted.
He was a loose cannon.
I think so.
Being delayed by the Democrats there, Senate Democrats delaying it.
So Senator Tom Cotton and Chuck Schumer reportedly got into this angry confrontation about it.
Cotton was reportedly irate with Schumer's delay, loudly accosted him on the Senate floor.
And Chuck Schumer retorted saying the Senate had never confirmed a CIA director on Inauguration Day.
You'd know that if you would have been here eight years ago.
And Cotton said, eight years ago I was getting my ass shot in Afghanistan, so don't talk to me about where I was eight years ago.
So, I don't know, things are getting ugly there as we can see.
People really, you know, they kind of understand that they don't really have a leg to stand on there.
So proponents of globalism, they've expressed disappointment in President Trump's decision to scrap the TPP and they claim these bilateral trade deals will take too long to negotiate.
It'll just take too long to push their globalist agenda.
So a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution said,
So, of course, the people who are upset about this are Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, JPMorgan Chase, the Hewlett Foundation, globalist billionaires, former Goldman Sachs president.
So these are all the people that are seeing their agenda that they've been working on behind the scenes to enrich themselves and their global order.
That is getting stymied.
They don't.
They're, you know, very upset with it.
But Sean Spicer, the White House Press Secretary, said,
And we're seeing that now, of course, with NAFTA with Trump saying, look, we want a better deal or we're out.
We want to renegotiate.
So China is actually putting out this communist propaganda that Western democracies are fragile and the election of Donald Trump.
And then, of course, the protests following show that the fragility of that Western democracy.
And this is coming out of their state run newspapers.
I don't think so.
Crumbling from within.
So China's like, we'll step up.
We'll take care of that.
And Bloomberg also notes that the Mandarin language state-run newspaper People's Daily is also promoting this idea that free societies are on the brink of collapse due to Donald Trump's inauguration.
So they're just salivating over this.
But of course, this is just communist propaganda trying to tell their people, see, aren't you glad that you live in this communist dictatorship?
You should be happy for those little blades of grass that we're feeding you.
I'm sorry that your family's starving, but it's so great over here.
Look at them.
They're fighting and protesting in the streets.
They're about to crumble.
So there was an expert that actually spoke to Breitbart News and said it's simply untrue that the demise of the Trans-Pacific Partnership is going to help China, even though that's what China is trying to pump out right now.
Um, he basically said that this is an easy move that Trump made.
It's going to be great for jobs.
Um, TPP was bad for manufacturing to the point that even the analysis, the propaganda that was supporting the TPP acknowledged that manufacturing was going to lose jobs.
They weren't even trying to sweep it under the carpet.
They were totally trying to sell us on the fact that this was going to be great.
And we were about to get creamed, crushed.
Donald Trump knew it.
So this is going to be great.
And he points out that China is already out there with the infrastructure bank.
They're using trillions of dollars that they've gained through our lopsided trade to try to lure countries to following its ways.
So regardless of the TPP or not, China is going to go ahead and do that.
And that's exactly what Donald Trump's been saying.
He's like, they're going to do it anyway.
The manipulation of the currency and whatnot.
So we need to negotiate a better deal that's going to put us on better footing because right now they're holding all the cards.
But we can quickly move along.
Some people who are really excited about the fact that Donald Trump is in office as well as General Mattis, the U.S.
military bases.
You've got to check out these memes.
They're replacing their Obama portraits.
So, you know, in all the bases, they put the portraits of the commander in chief and the chain of command.
And so they.
If you want to scroll and show the pictures, they are using all these memes to show, you know, this is my Commander-in-Chief and then my General Mattis.
So they are super excited, obviously, there.
And you can see why, because...
Daily Caller has the seven most egregious acts of social justice in Obama's military.
So this is what they have been dealing with to where now they're super excited about having Trump and General Mattis.
They have a handbook that tells soldiers not to criticize pedophilia.
Remember, we reported on that.
Some of these countries, it's just their culture.
Don't criticize the pedophilia.
The Bible disrespects diversity.
An Air Force base banned the greeting, have a blessed day.
Army ROTC cadets were pressured to walk around in bright red heels for social justice.
And Department of Defense approved training listed the Declaration of Independence as a document that perpetuates sexism.
Navy domestic violence training said traditional gender roles are an example of male privilege.
The Navy tried to fire a chaplain for biblical teaching on sexuality.
So, there you go.
Now you can see why the U.S.
military is celebrating with these memes.
Meme magic is real.
They are ready for President Donald Trump.
Stick around.
Margaret Howell and Owen Schroer will be joining me for a roundtable coming up next.
We'll be behind you 100%.
Look it, there's a secret meeting with Alex Jones and Ted Cruz.
They called us here.
They did.
So what did you think about yesterday, Ted?
Well, I think it's the start of a new era.
And what we've been given is something rare and it's something historic.
How much political capital do you think we can gather to make action happen?
Well, the question really is do we stand up and deliver?
Do we do what we said we would do?
The week after the election, I traveled to New York, sat down and trumped out on President Trump.
And I told him I want to do everything I can to help lead the fight, to actually do what we promised.
Let's just finish up here for a minute.
Senator Cruz, I want to thank you for making good on your promise to back Trump when he was the nominee.
Absolutely, and I campaigned for him.
The victory on election night was a mandate for change.
Let me just ask you one more question about the speech.
I thought it was a true return of Americana, invoking the birthright that George Washington talked about, and bringing God back in, and the word Jesus Christ.
That just energized America.
Your comments on it?
Look, I think it signals the beginning of a new era.
And we've had a president for eight years who ignores the working men and women of this country.
And that's what the speech was all about, is the people who've been left behind.
This race was decided.
By the truck drivers, the electricians, the plumbers.
It was decided by the school teachers.
It was decided by the men and women with calluses on their hands.
Who have been screwed the last eight years by Washington.
And on election day they said enough is enough.
And I am excited.
I think we are poised to have the most productive Congress in decades.
Actually listening to the American people and getting the federal government off the backs of small businesses.
Bringing back jobs and seeing for once wages going up rather than going down.
Sure, what are the chances in closing that we have condos right next to each other the last three days and not know it?
Well, it is a small world and I will say an awful lot of folks came to Washington to celebrate and I was proud to be up there yesterday.
Are you headed back to Texas right now?
I'm headed back tomorrow morning.
Well, let me ask you this about the whole situation.
I just want to say I really admire most what you've done.
When you came out and just battled Obamacare and everybody was saying that you, you know, it would never be repealed and you really built momentum and broke the idea that it was invincible.
So I think you get a lot of credit there.
And that's why I was supporting you early on for president.
And then secondarily, when you exposed that we can't be Al Qaeda's air force and really exposed and gave the generals the moral courage to come to Obama and say, we're not going to back ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria.
I think that began really the collapse of Hillary and
Well, thank you, Alex, and it is an exciting new day and
I hope you come on the radio show, because listen, we're a lot bigger than we went back.
Our numbers are about global reach, about a billion a month now.
I'm serious, that's what I'm saying.
Thank you.
Take care.
The Federal Reserve is a private banking cartel.
The Fed is a sometimes very independent organization.
What should be the proper relationship between a chairman of the Fed and a president of the United States?
The Federal Reserve is an independent agency.
There is no other agency of government which can overrule actions that we take.
They print our money and then loan it to us at interest.
The IRS is their collection agency.
So long as that is in place and there is no evidence that the administration or the Congress or anybody else
...is requesting that we do things other than what we think is the appropriate thing, then what the relationships are don't frankly matter.
Jeff Duncan says he saw IRS special agents using semi-automatic rifles at a gun range.
Now he wants answers to why the agency needs that type of firepower.
Is this global governance at last?
Is it one world the central bank is in charge?
Know your history and you will know your enemy.
Now what I'm announcing here today is already a custom here in the United States, and that is extending the Christmas holiday up until New Year's Eve and then taking down the Christmas trees and taking down the Christmas lights.
Ooh, I keep saying Christmas.
I'm so politically incorrect.
The day after New Year's Eve or New Year's Day.
And so I've decided right through New Year's Day, we're going to keep
The virtual Christmas tree or an HD video shot of downtown Austin at the capital of the beautiful Christmas tree up just to upset the social justice warriors and all the little snowflakes that want to bully us into banning our culture and banning free speech.
In fact, there's a war going on, not just online, but in the streets.
I've seen it, where people on the hike and bike trails say Merry Christmas, and then folks don't respond and they say Happy Holidays!
Or even family I have, that I send the message of Merry Christmas to, they respond back with Happy Holidays.
It is some distant cousins, but it's going on.
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Well, Donald Trump is president and the left is flipping out.
Not only are they justifying political violence, as long as it's against a Trump supporter, but I guess the only way that you can make it in Trump's America if you're white is by throwing yourself on the table and displaying all of your white guilt and all of its glory.
And just apologizing for, I don't know, existing?
I am unsure.
Especially for being a white male.
Margaret Howell and Owen Schroyer join me now.
Guys, I don't even know where to begin.
It's just, look at all these, it's just, all craziness abounds.
The one complaint of the women's movement, should we call it a movement at this point?
I don't even know what it is, is that there were too many white women.
There is such a ridiculous notion that...
I'm sorry.
The population be damned.
Something's really wrong.
And apparently you don't even have to have a vagina if you want to march because women who don't, they're included too.
That was one of the transgenders who was very angry that women's march had too many white cis women.
And it was all about the vagina, you know, and stay out of our vagina and stuff.
And, you know, you can't do that because not all women have vaginas.
So there you go.
It's crazy and very angry.
Yes, that was upsetting.
We also have a... Now, Owen, you brought this video to my attention, played it on the Alex Jones Show today.
This one is just too unbelievable.
I just can't believe it's true, but it is so hilarious.
Yeah, you literally don't.
You won't believe it.
Tell us about this story.
Okay, well, I don't know what, you know, I can't really fully explain it except what you just said.
I guess this woman is just completely throwing herself on the counter at this barista because there's a black barista.
Now here's the funny thing.
One point, actually I think it's 154 million women are in America.
A million of them marched on D.C.
So that's less than 1% of the women in America.
So really you guys are the complete minority.
And if you're complaining that there's not enough black women out there, maybe that's because the black women are working.
Had a job!
Maybe they have jobs and they want to take care of their family.
I don't know, just a notion that may be true.
For example, like this black woman in the video.
This woman orders a coffee, the barista happens to be a black woman, I guess I'm, I shouldn't even assume that, I don't know what she's identifying in, but no, but honestly, okay, that's what she is.
So, this woman who orders it, she's white, you can see her there, she starts flipping out!
Unprecedented levels!
She's like, I want you to have a job!
I want you to have an education!
I want you to get tipped $20 an hour!
You didn't tip her $20 an hour!
So she's freaking out, and this poor girl is just standing there like, I'm just working here.
Maybe she even likes her job.
And there's a whole line of people behind her.
And they're all staring at her.
And then at the end of the video, it's the most unbelievable thing, so she finishes her, she concludes her rant, and the barista just goes, so was it coffee or caramel?
See, this is the social justice warrior in action.
She's the virtue signaling.
It's doing absolutely nothing.
The girl is kind of like, I've got a job.
I like my job.
I probably have health insurance.
Some baristas make pretty good money.
They get health insurance.
OK, so then moving on.
So we also know that there's a white candidate for the DNC chair.
And apparently the only way she knows that she is going to make it there to be chosen as the chair for the DNC
As a white person, she says her job will be to shut other white people down.
Let's take a listen.
And my job is to shut other white people down when they want to interrupt.
My job is to shut other white people down when they want to say, oh no, I'm not prejudiced.
I'm a Democrat.
I'm accepting.
My job is to make sure that they get, that they have privilege.
And until we shut our mouths,
And we listen to those people who don't.
And we lift our people up so that we all have equity in this country.
So Democrats, you are in for a real treat.
I mean, as if they don't realize that this is what, this is why Donald Trump is the president.
And they're doubling down on it.
What they're in for is a belief system that treats women as second class citizens.
That's what they're lobbying for.
That's what we want.
We want you to be treated as a second class citizen.
I say this because
And Leanne just handed this to me.
This anti-Trump feminist is chanting Allah Akbar during a protest in Germany.
Because honestly, you know, feminism and radical Islam very closely aligned, as we know.
And these clips, the clip of this, the demonstrators are yelling the pussy grabs back, because that's really not in line with the Allah Akbar protest, you know, line a little bit.
Let's take a listen.
I can't!
So that was something that was just, like, insane to me at these protests.
The women were, like, putting on hijabs, and they're crying, and it's like, why are you capitulating to Islam?
I do not understand.
Meanwhile, Islam is the most anti-gay, patriarchal, misogynistic viewpoint on the earth, if you will.
Not to be disrespectful, but that's kind of what we're talking about here, folks.
And yet, they're aligning themselves with this because that makes a lot of sense.
When actual Iranian feminists, I believe it was in Iran, these were actual feminists fighting against being forced to wear the hijab because they saw it as oppression.
Now everything's kind of come full circle where it's like, oh, we love the oppression.
We're empowered by putting on these hijabs.
So there's kind of like confusion, you know, within that circle, but to have like white
I don't even necessarily think that's it.
I think that if they really knew the true nature of radical Islam or how women or homosexuals are treated, they obviously would not be out here saying and doing these things.
The only reason why they've been indoctrinated into these protests or into these movements or into these narratives is because it's all been put into some sort of a flash pan that is anti-Trump.
So whatever's anti-Trump, they're going to hop on.
Even if it's the most radical, unfair treatment of women, unfair treatment of gays, even if it is, they're still going to get on board that because it's anti-Trump.
That's the brainwashing.
Well how incredible is it that we've seen just such a pushback against Christianity and you have, you know, these businesses being targeted for not wanting to bake a wedding cake for a gay wedding, you know, the pizza parlor, that type of thing, yet completely aligning with Islam, which is like
Do you not understand that they're actually present day against?
You can have your head chopped off if you're a woman and you go to certain places alone without a man.
I mean, this is what we're talking about.
And radical Islam is our target.
And even Trump said that in his inaugural address, that he was going to eradicate radical Islam from the face of the earth.
I got so much backlash on Twitter from retweeting a line in his speech as though that's something that's inflammatory.
That's kind of basic here, folks.
We're talking about the eradication of something that wants us all dead, frankly.
And here's another strange dynamic or strange paradigm to this.
Did 9-11 happen?
I'm sorry, did radical Islamic terrorists bring down the World Trade Centers?
Now, again, we have our own quote-unquote conspiracy theories about the truth behind that, but as far as the mass public is concerned, as far as the war on terror is concerned, have these people just decided that either, this is what I'm confused about,
Have they decided to accept the truth about 9-11 that as we have been lied to this entire time, elements of Saudi Arabia, even the United States government involved, is that what they're out here admitting?
And if that's the case, why aren't you protesting for the truth of that?
So you're out here...
Pro against the people that allegedly took down two buildings and killed thousands of people in our country.
It's sad that the only thing that unifies women in our country is abortion, frankly.
I wish we could just get... You know, there's so many more unifiers.
We're running out of time.
I'm only going to take five seconds here.
I just want to say this.
The suffrage movement of 1913, 1911, whenever Woodrow Wilson became president, frankly, women did this on the Hill.
They wanted the right to vote.
You have it already.
You've already won.
I'm trying to figure out what their message is here.
It's very frustrating.
Yeah, they're like, we have the most rights out of any woman anywhere, but we are so oppressed.
It really, truly does not make sense.
Of course, you see some more irony there with those violent protesters.
You all recall that DC limo that was torched up in flames.
Turns out the protesters torched the limo that belonged to a Muslim immigrant.
So there you go.
They can't even get their story together.
Good work.
Watch out, though, because people are punching back.
They already assaulted a bunch of women down there.
And look, they just attacked another woman!
Get in the middle of the road and block your piece of s***, you f***ing b***h!
Oh, there he goes.
F***ing do it again, b***h!
Come on, Mike.
No, yeah, I'd be a big metal f***ing weapon too, huh?
Let's go, b***h!
Hey, hey, back it up!
You hit a lady!
I don't give a f***!
Can you go and get your head back?
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
Wars are not cheap.
And a lot of revolutionaries rob banks, you name it, to fund themselves.
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I believe in the Renaissance.
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I'm Margaret Hall reporting for InfoWars.com.
I'm joined in studio by Joshua Musias.
He is head of Vets for Trump.
Joshua, welcome to the InfoWar.
I want to jump right in.
You've met with Donald Trump many times.
Tell me, what are the issues that you put before him?
Are you hopeful?
I know that, you know, we got him in.
Now what?
Yes, we put forth the issues of veterans and their concerns.
And when I say the veterans and their concerns, I mean the whole veteran, from traumatic brain injury, PTSD, all the way down to other concerns physically and monetarily.
And I have to say that every time, he's knocked it out of the park.
Every time we brought an issue forward, he's brought forward a team and they are implementing those things right now.
We are very hopeful of what is to come for the veteran community.
When you talk to him, you get a sense that he has a heart for the vets of this country, and you guys are behind him.
I noticed that at these rallies, he would show up, you guys would be there.
You really feel like he has a heart for you and your issues, don't you?
I know he does.
I've seen it.
I've seen it firsthand.
I've seen how he's pulled in my friend Tony Porta, who was blown up five years ago as a wounded warrior.
Many friends from the Spec Op communities to come in.
Our majors, our generals, all the admirals.
He really has a heart and affinity for our community.
He's said himself that the veteran communities are the best among us.
And I believe that.
I see that.
I know these men.
I've worked with them side by side.
How many of them are you, Joshua, in numbers?
I know you're spread out across the U.S.
Are we talking tens of thousands of supporters in this organization that are coming together for Donald Trump, essentially?
Well, from San Diego to Maine, the Veterans for Trump movement, the Vets for Trump movement is in the hundreds of thousands.
Every event that we go to, we easily line up a thousand veterans to align outside of his VIP circle to create a buffer.
We've seen, as you saw in the inauguration, 200,000 bikers for Trump, a majority of which are veterans showing up as well and are all cross-pollinating with those groups and coalition.
And over the past two years, just as a reporter, I would cover so many stories of vets and suicide rates.
They're off the charts.
There was a hospital in Atlanta.
They actually had to put a fence on the roof of the parking structure where they treated veterans so they wouldn't jump when they went to park their cars.
We've seen President Obama neglect the vet on every level.
We have a serious problem with homeless veterans in this nation.
Do you feel like, what are some solution-based ideas that you have that you want to see Trump implement in these first 100 days?
Well, it's imperative that we look at the whole veteran, and I'm very excited for the new appointment as Secretary of VA and all the subsequent appointments that we hope to see thereafter to deal with the issues from, as I said, the whole veteran, whether it's a monetary issue with getting them jobs, because a lot of the veterans need to see their next mission in life.
They want to know what it is that they're going to do to be able to serve their country.
They gave an oath.
To uphold the Constitution, to defend it against both foreign and domestic enemies.
And now they're missionless.
They want to help and serve in their domestic capacities wherever they can.
And they're looking for jobs.
They're looking for placement.
They want to serve again.
They want to give.
This is how they want to live their lives.
They are patriots.
So jobs is a huge issue for the veteran community.
And of course, it's our health care.
It's ensuring that health care is being taken care of.
All of these issues that have been lined up for decades, just stuck in a
I think we're good to go.
Do you think under a Hillary Clinton presidency, I mean, the military support, and I know you guys are so upstanding, you don't share your opinions, especially on presidents, frankly, and presidential candidates, but if you could talk to me about this, what do you think our military would have looked like, you know, and even having hope for people that have really suffered under the past eight years
Because of Obama, because of these policies, because of these rogue foreign wars that we engage in and never come out of, don't you think they would have continued?
I mean, we've really come off a cliff here.
We really have.
I believe that God just saved our country and will be saving the world in so many ways.
To see Hillary Clinton would have just been the same thing Bill Clinton was, which I served under back in 96-02.
I watched how my Navy was being torn apart.
I saw how it was no longer going to be the military of my father and my grandfather.
My cousins and my brother who just recently passed, it was, it would not be the government's supporting structure which is so imperative to defend our freedoms and protect the rights and the Constitution.
The military has lost so much over the past 15 years.
The policies, what they've done, we are on pre-World War II
It's imperative that we build up our military.
It's imperative that we protect our borders.
It is imperative that we take care of our citizens, our Americans, first across this world.
And from there, we will take care of our allies, take care of our friends along the way.
Joshua, I just want to talk to you a minute.
You were talking about the issues.
We're running out of time, but just take me back.
So we've got jobs on the table for vets.
We've got mental health issues on the table for vets.
A homelessness issue that he's promised to tackle.
Is there anything else that you want our audience to know that vets are facing?
You know, we have such a massive veteran audience and I know they already have a heart.
They know these issues really well, but for people that don't understand them, that don't realize how our veteran community suffered, if you could just bring people in, maybe in an anecdotal way,
And share some of that.
Thank you very much.
Well, we have 1.2 million veterans that are under the poverty line.
This needs to change.
It's imperative.
Veterans feel that we are second-class citizens.
This is how we feel that we've been treated.
This is not spanning just recent.
This is for the Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran who has come back.
They feel thrown to the side and have for going back to Vietnam War.
Nothing has changed, unfortunately, for decades.
And I believe that we see the heart.
We know that within one degree of separation from any veteran, we can get to two-thirds of America.
Yes, we comprise only 10% of the country.
But from there, it is the uncle, the brother, the cousin that is served.
And it is family.
We are family.
We are your family.
It takes seeing the need.
I think the compassion is there.
I really believe that.
I believe that America has compassion for our community.
But we need to see what the need is.
And it's time for veterans to stand up, to serve, to continue to serve, but now to serve in leadership positions so that they can help them.
Their constituents and their community.
And when you see a veteran and you see an opportunity to help that veteran to step forward and step out in order to help in a community way, to encourage that veteran to do so.
Oftentimes we're the last people to ask for help, and it really, we've neglected them.
I know you've been in Washington, D.C.
this past week celebrating the inauguration, and we saw tens of thousands of these idiotic protesters.
I saw this sign, I had to tweet it.
In the women's march coming after it, a woman held up a sign that said, uh, radical Islamic feminist.
It's like she had no frickin' clue.
No clue.
What she was even, talk, talk to me a minute about those people, these, these ridiculous, it's almost like a brain dead, half of, we have some population that's a little.
Very emotional.
What's going on with that, Joshua?
Well, I mean, I can't speak specifically what's going on with that.
Anything that you've seen you want to highlight?
Oh yes, most definitely.
What I can see is what I saw while I was here.
You know, having walked the whole inauguration from the silver line to the orange line, if you look at a map, you can figure that out.
Crossing the parade route of Pennsylvania Avenue three different times, ensuring that 50 VIPs were brought from the prayer breakfast to their seats, ensuring that people were brought through security where they could.
To come in, friends and family that were here celebrating, and other diplomats that I know, people that we know here.
And all in all, all through that process, there were so many people at the inauguration.
Then the next day, to see hundreds of, I don't know how many people, thousands of people to clog the subways.
And I met up with a friend and an Afghan war veteran, and we were talking about mindfulness for the PTSD veteran.
And we wanted to share on the tube just as we were going down in D.C.
up to lunch.
I said, let's get together, let's talk on the train.
And as we were walking in there, there had to have been at least 15,000, as we called them, pinkies with these pink hats.
Joshua, you know, really confused population.
One vet putting the smack down on these snowflakes.
I love it.
That is going to do it for us.
I've loved having you here.
Thank you so much.
We are out of time.
Check out this special report.
It's going to be on the Nightly News tonight.
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
Intersectional feminist movement was created by the Central Intelligence Agency and major Western foundations to not just annihilate the family and turn women into
We're good to go.
Giant throngs of so-called third-wave feminists putting on hijabs, holding up signs of American flag hijabs over women's heads, and screaming Allah Akbar.
Similar events also happened in Germany.
Allah Akbar!
Parental discretion is advised in the video you're about to see.
No hate!
No fear!
Refugees are welcome here!
As violent leftists rioted in Washington on Donald Trump's inauguration day, our AFDI correspondent Laura Loomer was there.
Laura also attended the Women's March the next day.
At both, she found the opposition to Trump to be angry, arrogant, confrontational, and unwilling to confront facts that disprove their positions, particularly on Trump's opposition to Islamic terrorism.
I'm a woman.
Do you know what's smartest about it?
Yeah, equality for women, right?
Do you think women in Islamic countries have that?
You don't know shit.
Oh, I don't know shit?
You want that broken?
Fuck out of my way, man.
No hate!
No fear!
He took away the civil rights page!
He is a fucking Nazi!
Get it, honey!
Get out of your fucking mind!
How'd you know?
No hate!
No fear!
We must drive him from power!
We must drive him from power!
No hate!
No fear!
You can talk about assaulting women without their assets!
You are so politically correct!
Responding to the call of march organizer Linda Sarsour, who actively promotes Sharia law in America, women's marchers repeatedly showed that they had no idea of the grim reality of life for women under Islamic law.
Polygamy, beatings, honor killings, genital mutilation, and they had no interest in hearing about it.
For them, Muslims are an oppressed class threatened by Trump.
Jihad terror and Sharia oppression just don't matter to them.
Are you sure you have all your facts here?
Do you know what Sharia law is?
I understand.
Yes, I do.
Under Sharia law, for example, women have to be... It's over.
It's over.
We don't want to talk to you.
You need to leave.
You should just go home.
You should go home.
It's home.
You're going to cause problems.
You're putting yourself in danger by saying that.
Oh, I am?
Yeah, you should go home.
You're normalizing the fact that Islam is misogynistic.
And so is Christianity, and so is Judaism, and so is every other religion, because religion is inherently misogynistic.
I don't really care.
I don't think we want them to die either, but yeah, I don't think we're interested in a conversation.
I don't have an opinion on it because I'm not Muslim, so I'm not going to speak on religion.
We don't have to be Muslim to know that Islam is misogynistic.
The fact that they force their women to be dressed in pink.
Why do you wear it?
Because it dignifies me and puts my mind to the front rather than my body.
This is an act of worship that I choose to do.
It's her choice, but for all too many Muslim women, it is not a choice, but comes with a grim threat of violence.
Numerous Muslim women have been threatened, brutalized, and even killed for refusing to cover their heads.
The Women's March did not stand in solidarity with them.
These encounters show something very important about the Trump-hating, America-hating left.
It simply doesn't know what it's talking about.
What's most shocking is the unladylike frothing ignorant cussing and hatred and the way that it's acceptable for beta males that are Renfield servants of the brainwashed women to go around henpecking or he-pecking, a word I'm now inventing, women that dare just come with a sign pointing out that Islam is oppressing women and that Sharia law
The pushers were the ones actually running the mass demonstration.
This isn't about empowering women.
This is about overthrowing the West that did empower women, as well as finally ended slavery worldwide.
These are corporate, weaponized, brainwashed, chip-on-their-shoulder women who have been turned into lovers of death.
They hate the family.
They celebrate abortion as a sacrament.
They are the living dead.
We may see them and recognize them as a cancer that can be excised or contained, but this cancer is already metastasized and is in control of almost all public education, both primary and secondary, as well as many private school institutions, and they dominate the media.
If you ever wanted to see what the fall of humanity looked like, this is it.
A plague that can only be described as Satanism itself.
I'm Alex Jones and this is the Infowar.
I want to commend the great work of the journalist that brought you this footage.
Go to their YouTube channel and be sure and subscribe and see the other groundbreaking videos they're involved in.
Well ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump is the President of the United States.
It has not even been a week yet, and I've always wondered, what will I do if Donald Trump becomes President?
All of those times spent bashing Obama and his administration.
How will I find the time to fill the news?
But then I realized,
The mainstream liberal news is not going to give up on attacking Trump.
This is something that I see every day now.
I'm sure you've seen it as well.
Now here's a story out of Yahoo.
They seem to be one of the provocateurs of bashing Trump every day.
This is a story from Yahoo.
White House defends Trump's debunked claim of massive voter fraud.
Maybe we'll investigate.
One thing they like to do is they'll just say discredited, discredited.
Now it looks like they're just going to say debunked, debunked.
And they go out through this whole story.
They're not going to actually debunk the claim or provide any evidence.
But White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Tuesday doubled down on President Trump's claim that millions of people voted illegally in the recent presidential election despite widespread evidence to the contrary.
And then provides zero evidence.
Widespread evidence to the contrary, with zero evidence actually provided in the story.
And I'm sorry, wasn't it the Russians that hacked the election?
We all remember that narrative.
Russia hacking the election, Russia meddling, Russian influence in our election.
Still no evidence of that, and that story has completely disappeared.
But they're perfectly fine running with the narrative that Russia hacked the election, but how dare Donald Trump say that there was a massive voter fraud and then they just say it's debunked without providing any evidence.
Trump said three to five million votes were cast by people who illegally immigrated to the United States.
Now this to me is kind of a loaded claim or a loaded argument because you have to consider
How people got here under Obama?
Was it legal the way Obama used the executive actions?
Was it legal some of the amnesty practices under the Obama administration that brought people in to vote?
So that's kind of a loaded point.
But they go on.
Though fact-checkers and independent analysis have never found evidence of widespread voter fraud.
Hmm, you mean like Russian hacking?
And of course the irony here is, oh and it goes on, no credible study supports Trump's claim.
And that Trump has continuously made baseless claims about widespread voter fraud before he even ran for president.
Folks, there are multiple, very detailed studies that have documented voter fraud.
I have covered these at nauseam.
Thank you so much for tuning in to the Nightly News.
Owen Troyer signing off for Leanne McAdoo.
We'll be back tomorrow, 7 p.m.
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