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Name: 20170123_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 23, 2017
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In this segment of Alex Jones' show, he discusses topics including President Trump's military actions impacting Russia's stance, the corruption of globalists, rebuilding America's military strength and infrastructure, ongoing sales at Infowars Store, and clips of anti-Trump protesters behaving violently or irrationally. He encourages listeners not to believe the media's lies and supports Trump's agenda. The segment also includes ads promoting various products such as PixWireless.com for unlocking phones, nanocurcumin for better absorption into one's bloodstream, 67cash.com for personal loans, a free copy of an Amazon best-selling book on dot-com success, KD Armor for rifle threat solutions, and non-perishable survival food kits.

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This will be a day long remembered.
We've seen the end of the Clintons.
We'll soon see the end of the globalists.
Donald J. Trump is now President of the United States.
It's not true!
That's impossible!
Search the features who know it to be true.
This is the heart of 1776.
You're a white man!
It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host Alex Jones.
Move, bitch!
Get out of the way!
Infowars helped fuel the rumor that President Obama is an ISIS supporter.
It's been a cozy relationship from the beginning.
I will not let you down.
You'll be very, very impressed, I hope.
And I think we'll be speaking a lot.
Donald Trump and Alex Jones.
This means that Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones!
Well, for the globalists, the day of doom has come.
And for their dumbed-down slave minions, they are in complete panic.
They are in open rebellion against our republic.
They are in open warfare against this nation's state and prosperity itself.
There is a civil war taking place.
Made up on their side by a bunch of miscreant, brain-dead bullies, and on our side by people simply trying to resuscitate the Republic.
I've traveled quite a bit, but not as much as my reporters, and repeatedly people come up to them and scream, you're an effing white male, you have no right to speak.
Shut up, go away, and then assault them.
And it's always a white man or a white woman
There's no irony lost on them that they're saying, you don't have a right to speak, you're an effing white male.
Now, I thought that that was just Abe Skrillex and a few other people that we caught on tape and then it became some meme.
I didn't understand until I went to DC, but it's also happened in Austin now in the last month.
Where people walk up to me and go, F you, white male!
You're the problem, white males!
And it's a white person saying this to you, but it's always a shriveled beta male that looks like they are a reanimated dead body.
I mean, they look like concentration camp victims.
They've almost got green skin, their eyes are dead, and they just see somebody, and I'm not saying I'm Mr. Super Alpha Male, but, you know, I got tan skin and a big chest and a big neck, and I'm alive and happy, and they just see the fact that I'm happy and virile.
And man, they see my good-looking kids, oh, they just go crazy.
They just, it's horrible.
And then I sat there, there's one video that's like 40 minutes long of the anti-male pro-world government march that took place on Saturday.
I was leaving D.C.
while it was starting from like 9 a.m.
to noon.
I was in the middle of it, and for 40-something minutes I streamed in the middle of it, and every 15 seconds
It's F you, Alex Jones, and every minute or so, F you, you're a white male with hatred!
That I would have for somebody if they say, killed my kid.
I mean, I'm talking women that were so hateful, and then they'd say, with just total hate in their faces, hate not love!
Or, excuse me, I was being honest about what they're really doing.
Love not hate!
Love conquers all!
Love trumps hate!
Oh, excuse me.
F you, white male!
And we're going to take these videos and analyze them and just clip it together.
I mean, I've got hours total over the three days I was there of F you white male.
And these are completely whacked out crazy people.
And they were attacking Millie.
They were attacking Owen Schroer.
And they would attack and then say, don't be hateful, we love you.
I mean, folks, these are crazy people.
And they are total slaves.
And they believe everything.
They believe that Martin Luther King's bust has been taken out of the White House.
They believe all the lies they're fed.
They're victims.
He was a veteran Secret Service officer during the Clinton White House, and he discloses his first-hand experience with Hillary Bill and how they operate.
He's had federal law enforcement experience of nearly 30 years.
So now, joining us is Gary Byrne.
And I gotta say, Gary, thank you so much for your book.
I'm sure that it had an impact.
You may be one of the people that actually hacked the election.
Exposing the crisis of her character, you know?
People who told us the truth about Bill and Hillary Clinton, whoever they are, thank you and I'll thank you because we know who you are.
You put your name on here and told us what you saw firsthand.
Thank you very much for those kind words.
I don't know how much influence I had.
Certainly I had some, and I'm grateful for that opportunity, believe me.
The way law enforcement is looked at today is a little bit different than it was years ago.
It seems okay in certain parts of the government, and certain members of Congress seem okay when people are hostile towards law enforcement, and to the point where it's almost where some people think that it's okay to physically attack
It's okay to say that you don't agree with President Trump getting elected.
But listen, the reason he's elected is because both Democrats and Republicans stopped listening to a good portion of the country.
And they have revolted.
And they voted in Donald Trump.
And let's get him in there and let's see what he can do.
And I'm telling you, in my heart of hearts, I believe he's going to do very good for us.
And I think we're in for a good four to eight years.
Yeah, and as you pointed out, it's unprecedented to see law enforcement come out and endorse a presidential candidate the way that we've seen this before.
We had the Border Patrol, the first time ever the Border Patrol Union endorsed a presidential candidate because they were tired of being told they couldn't do their job.
But I agree with you.
There's a lot of blame to go around on both the Democrat and Republican side.
We need to give Donald Trump a chance.
We need to say, hey, look, let's celebrate the peaceful transition of power.
In a democratic republic, why can't we celebrate that?
But that's what these people don't want.
And as we've seen these people arrested, we find out the very first rounds of these people who were protesting immediately after the election, as they booked them, somebody did a check on them and found that most of them weren't even registered to vote.
So they didn't even participate in the election.
They don't want to participate in a peaceful democratic transfer of power.
They just want to create anarchy. 33139.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
I'm not your slave, New World Order, or your minions.
You see, a lot of times the strongest are actually noble and don't want to enslave people, but it is many times the servile minions of evil that actually enjoy power and want to control everybody's language, reproductive rights, and the entire system of the culture.
They're breaking up our families.
They're trying to impoverish us.
It's all admitted.
It's all by design.
And humanity worldwide is awakening to it.
And there is an explosion in the rediscovery of basic human systems.
Not values, but systems of men and women and families and sovereignty and free market and free association.
Humanity hit the bottom in 2016.
And humanity began to come back up towards the surface for air on January 20th, 2017.
Trump and Bannon and others and myself are truly intending a new global renaissance and massive human empowerment.
This is completely real.
That's why the forces of evil are crapping their drawers.
There are hundreds of articles a day saying that Trump is challenging world order.
And their new spin is that the end of the American century is here.
No, the globalists said this was the Chinese century.
Now it'll be the American millennium.
Just watch!
Russia has analyzed this and had their best people look at it and they know it's genuine and is deciding to link up with it.
Japan is linking up with it.
And for the first time since before World War II, Japan is announcing it's going to do fair trade deals now because Trump wants to really be a partner and not a group dominating Japan.
And Japan, that has been manipulated by the globalists for decades and told to screw over America, is now announcing a reversal of that operation.
This is so incredible, I'm getting chills on top of chills right now.
Now let me tell you, they are allowing Madonna, who's one of the main spokespersons for Sorin,
Or the Illuminati for the enemy to come out and call for the bombing and death of Trump.
What an ugly harpy trying to pretend she's a young teeny bopper.
Secret Service will investigate Madonna after Singer says she wants to blow up the White House.
Lady, you're pushing people for insurrection and war.
If a war starts, you're now in a man's world.
You are a combatant.
And you're fair game, sweetheart.
So you call for the death of the man that will restore not just the Republic, but the planet on a godly course of freedom?
Well, let's just say people that actually do things don't make threats.
But we know what you're trying to do, and you know this.
If you are ever successful or any of your minions are successful, there's not going to be anywhere on earth you can hide which.
So you want to get in the arena?
You want to back the jihadi so she backs open borders and bringing in the most oppressive people on earth towards women?
You are an old, ugly vampire.
And by the way, I love old people.
I'm not knocking women that are old.
I'm saying she's an old, evil, witch-like woman trying to be the young girl.
It's directly out of archetypal fairy tales like Snow White.
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?
Now the truth is, your true form is now being revealed.
Just look at that person, completely turned over to evil.
Camille Paglia blasts Madonna's humiliating decline, embarrassing inability to deal with aging.
Yes, it's what really marks a woman.
Can they age gracefully and then be strong and convert their timeless beauty into the actions and helping their family and others?
Or do they turn into an evil witch?
Well, we know which way Madonna went.
Let me just do this.
It's a complete overwhelm.
It's so hard to even cover all this.
Trump comes out, and I'm sitting there on the Olympical this morning watching it, and for 40 minutes with no teleprompter, just lays out total veritas.
That there's all these unfair trade deals, he lists them specifically, and he says, listen, we're just going to equalize whatever they're doing, but we're going to have zero tax and zero tariffs domestically, so we'll have 50 beautiful, one vertical states to have competition in, and then anybody that equalizes trade with us, then we will equalize with them, but everybody thinks we're a joke because it's all so one-sided.
The Heritage Foundation and all these groups lie to everyone and say that free trade is China with massive tariffs on us and us with no tariffs on them.
Let me tell you what a real tariff is.
It's Obama saying you can build a coal power plant or have one, but we're going to shut you down.
We're going to bankrupt you.
Trump comes in and says, we're going to slash regulations 75%.
I've talked to all the major business leaders, and they want tax cuts, and they're going to get those, and the middle class is going to get those, and the poorest Americans just won't have any more taxes.
But he said, everyone, almost 100% say we want the regulations out of it.
Where I live in Austin, Texas, it's almost as bad as San Francisco with regulations.
That's just the city.
I have family.
That the city, for six months, won't give them the occupancy letter to be able to move into the house they rebuilt.
Obama went from Kohl's top cheerleader to its number one enemy.
That's right.
That's all part of his deception, his manipulation.
Cutting off our power.
People go, I don't own any coal stock.
It was over half our energy just eight years ago.
It's 25% of it now because it's expensive or it's not available.
You wonder why there's not jobs.
Energy is the oxygen of the economy.
If you don't have a tank of oxygen, whether you're a foot under the water and can't get up to the surface or 100 feet, you will die in four minutes.
If you don't have readily available cheap energy, you're done in an industrialized world.
They were turning off the lights for everyone but themselves in a consolidation.
A greedy, horrible consolidation.
And as Trump said, it's not reasonable.
And it's reasonable for us to have a demand of a real economy.
And it's easy.
They admit in the white papers that they're trying to tie down the economy.
But out of everything I'm going to cover today, and there is so much, the biggest news was near the end of his 22-minute speech on Friday.
And I was there like 70 yards below as he gave that speech.
It was so historical.
And it was so on target.
I knew it was true.
I knew he was True Blue.
I just could not believe the total reversal and the fact that I ever doubted Trump.
My gut, my spirit didn't, but now it was just pouring through my flesh that this is a treasure.
And no wonder every evil enemy hates him, just as they hate me, and just as they hate you, you bitter clingers in flyover country.
Ashley Beckford, a great reporter and researcher and video editor.
That's how we first hired her, but then she's great at reporting.
She also has courage, and that's really what you need.
She went down to the Women's March.
They just say they speak for women.
George Soros does.
They admitted he funded almost every organization that brought the people out.
An exercise of database control.
They put their people on the street.
They called her an Uncle Tom, just as they did months ago, even before Trump had won.
It's just crazy.
They're the nastiest, most hateful people ever.
I was called a white male at least 300 times by white women or little weird beta scrawny guys screaming at me, I hate you, you effing white male.
You're the cause of all the problems.
I mean, that is the 180 degree difference from what Martin Luther King said.
That you judge people by what they do, what they stand for, and what they produce.
And the character, this is the most racist, hateful, they're so cartoonish.
And I don't say they were ugly and skinny and zit covered, I felt bad for them.
I mean, if there'd been like 30% of them like that, I didn't see one male that looked as strong as I did.
I didn't see any of them that looked half as manly as I did.
And then I looked around,
With like the war hero security I've got and Navy SEALs, and I'm going to leave it at that.
And they look like twice as tough as I am.
And then I look at them, these people are like, I could have taken on 50 of these guys.
I mean, easily.
And I'm not just saying that.
I mean, I know.
I mean, I've gotten in brawls where you beat down one guy and two more get on you.
I mean, the point is, I mean, maybe 100.
They were so weak and so shriveled and so dead looking.
It was like a science fiction movie, like some interdimensional spider had sucked their soul out.
Man, I'm scared.
I've never been scared.
We're going to skip this break until now.
And I was scared for them because it's like they're demon possessed folks.
It's like we're in a sci-fi movie.
And the women were like these bloated, hateful, the faces they would make were so demonic.
They go, yeah, white male, yeah.
I mean, I call them goblins because they are.
We've got the videos.
A lot of you watched them live.
We're going to get the clips and slow them down and then, yeah.
I mean, I know the media will take those pictures and show those, but I don't care.
That's what they do.
They deceive.
They say, he took the Martin Luther King bust out.
Then they show the crowd at 830 when the police hadn't even opened up the barricades to let anybody in yet.
And they go, look, nobody showed up for his crowd.
Trump comes out, counters him, shows he had the biggest crowd ever.
And they come out on the news and say, well, CNN says, well, we know Hitler had big crowds.
And he went to the CIA memorial in Lanley at the CIA to speak.
And it was just incredible.
Now, if you're a TV viewer, most of you have already seen this, but radio listeners, I'll describe it.
They showed it.
They were smart.
They didn't show it.
When it was totally shut, and all the checkpoints were shut so you couldn't get in down Pennsylvania Avenue, they waited until they just opened it.
And, I mean, because this happened like five minutes after they'd opened it, so that there were still some crowds that looked like little, little circles.
But of course, then it completely filled up, even though there were Black Lives Matter and all these Soros groups beating people up at the entrances, and the police were letting them do it.
But just think of how evil the media is that they ran this deception, and they had people in the airports, to me and to my crew, who flew on another flight, saying, you're losers, ha ha, we saw the photos, no one showed up for your rally.
And they're still running this!
CNN last night was still saying Trump didn't have a big crowd.
Even though the Metro and all the evidence shows the biggest crowd ever.
But I mean, and then when Trump defends it, and shows the truth, they say, oh he's arrogant and is always defending himself.
Yes, this is a process of exposing what servile liars you are.
But he goes to CNN, Freudian slip, same group, CIA, and people are sick of the tyranny, they're sick of the evil.
Standing ovations.
And then they cut back to CNN and the host is like, look at him in that hallowed ground.
Who does he think he is even being there at that memorial area when these CIA people don't like him?
And it was the total opposite of him just getting standing ovations and they cut to, how dare the President of the United States visit the CIA?
Who the hell does he think he is?
I'm telling you, the propaganda is so dumb and none of it makes any sense.
But see, they've green-lighted the media, do whatever you want, be as nasty as you want, and they're for a spirit of keeping us poor, and dominating and being bullies, so they've been hired because they go along with that, and so it kind of accelerates the recruitment of more scum, and they're led by a bunch of pedophiles at the top, we all know that, and so this is what evil looks like, so I can tell you.
There is a great spirit of wickedness that was in these people and after they lost they really showed their fangs and who they are and they are now running around bullying and screaming and getting in everybody's face everywhere.
And that's why it's important for all of us not to go back to sleep, but to redouble our efforts.
I told my crew when Trump won, I said, I want you to bring back in the guy that builds the ESPN studios, the Fox News studios, you name it, in this warehouse here that we just cleared out.
I want a giant war room.
We're going to call it the war room.
And I'm going to do daily briefings in there.
And I'm going to start a whole new show every day.
I'm going to work more now.
And I'm going to try to create even more reporters and people.
And we're going to live time with like screens, analyze lies as they're happening.
And fact check as they're happening.
And I said we're going to call it the war room.
Now that was internally.
David Brock, the main Democratic ground level strategist for the Soros operation,
has announced that they are moving to impeach Trump.
They're setting up a new operations center called the War Room to wage war against Trump and to move for the impeachment of Trump.
It begins, David Brock, far-left donors, plan Trump impeachment.
And you can see now, they were arrogant believing their own propaganda that was meant for the weak-minded public to just stand down or believe it when Hillary stole it, believe that it was real.
Now that they figure out how bad they got beat, they are charging back with at least, now listen to me carefully, ten times the energy.
They couldn't get hardly any of their people out on the streets before because they were so arrogant believing they were invincible.
They said a half million women hit the streets.
Usually the media lies.
It was over a million.
The Trump crowd estimated about 1.8 million.
It was over a million women.
Now nobody was trying to block them going into Pennsylvania Avenue.
Nobody was trying to stop them.
Nobody was beating them up.
Like they were doing to us.
But, and they were just so stupid.
Most of them, we tried to talk to them, could hardly talk.
They were either really young and really stupid or they were just hateful old women with men in tow that would all walk behind them and take their orders.
So it's a total inversion of reality and just the caricature of what they claimed that men were doing, oppressing women,
They are now going to do it to, quote, men.
But then there's a twist to all that.
There was a globalist double-cross plan to carry out 9-11 with Saudi Arabia to then take over the Middle East, take out Islam's non-radical enemies, then open up Europe and the United States, bring in the jihad, and make us conform to them.
But that plan has basically leaked.
It's been exposed.
But that's why I said on the live stream, Saturday, in the middle of them screaming and cussing at me, because there were so many Islamic men and so many Islamic women wearing hijabs and holding up signs of women in a red, white, and blue hijab, I said, I bet this is going to be Islamic-funded, is one of the biggest groups.
Turns out the biggest group there, funded by Soros, is a Sharia law group saying women need the freedom of being under Sharia law.
I got home and they had the woman on CNN saying, we're going to bring Sharia and freedom to women.
They're flipping the script.
They're going from denying all this to openly activating.
I mean, who could make that up?
And we would say to women, you know, the Islamists, that Hillary and Kerry and Obama turned loose, have enslaved hundreds of thousands of women, killed hundreds of thousands, sex slavery.
They go, no, that's not, that's Trump!
There's an interview with Milley, and she brings it up to them.
She goes, well, Hillary is the main, one-fifth of her money came from Saudi Arabia.
That's admitted.
And they go, no, that's not true.
Trump got way more.
He's way richer.
They just have no connection, no understanding.
I mean, it is crazy.
Women's March organizer recently met ex-Hamas operatives, has family ties to terror group.
Yeah, and pushes surreal law for women.
And then they bring her and others on CNN.
You cannot make this stuff up.
You cannot make this stuff up.
Now here's how Trump's going to beat them, and they know this and it's why they're so scared.
The United States is going to end up dominating the planet out of this, but not out of military force and not out of coercion, not out of dirty trick squads, but off of turning on the engine of liberty and deploying the incredibly advanced technologies that DARPA and our top scientists and others have developed and that have also been stolen from everybody else.
We're good to go.
The UK, Germany, and the US, if you want to get down to it, like 90% of it, everything, okay?
And France and others were involved, but if you've got the main engine of innovation, and the Japanese and Chinese have done a lot too, but nobody can deny, the internet, all of it, atomic weapons, it just goes on and on.
We're the leaders.
And instead of this all being shelved as disruptive technology, Trump is preparing to roll it out.
Now, they're desperate, because they're going to kill tyranny with prosperity.
And ladies and gentlemen, you can't say it's the cure for cancer because some of these are so fast-moving and so deadly, and some people's physiology, you know, don't take to some of the treatments that have been suppressed.
But yes, ladies and gentlemen, they have serious treatments that will pretty much, as we know it, make cancer be seen as something like polio that's completely eradicated in the West.
And Trump knows they're putting it in the vaccine.
He knows instead of curing it, they're giving it to people.
That's been declassified.
Trump knows everything.
I told you he'd come out against the vaccines.
Not that that science isn't okay.
It has some side effects.
They're Trojan horsing it.
Trump has good will.
Trump is loving and strong and just a good person.
And it seems like unthinkable, but he's a hard-nosed business guy.
He's an alpha male.
He's a strong guy.
Don't let people push him around.
Runs over his competition.
But Donald Trump knows that even if his family can be touched by these bad vaccines, that this is pure evil.
And we've prayed for it, we've hoped for it, we've worked for it.
Let's be clear, InfoWars and our audience created the atmosphere and the global movement at the right time to totally discredit globalism right as it began to go off the launch pad, as I've told you for 20 years.
We're going to expose it.
We're going to warn people about it.
They're going to laugh at us.
They're going to attack us.
But as soon as they begin to go operational and turn the world economy off and go after the family and announce their world government, when their system is on the launch pad with primary ignition, the public will wake up.
There'll be a huge brush fire of consciousness.
And then our big artillery guns will load and blow that ship up on the tarmac.
And right now, it's on fire.
It's blowing up right now.
I mean, it is exploding in front of your eyes.
It came quicker than I thought.
We are blowing it to pieces right now.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Well, it's no secret that Hillary Clinton is the one that coined the term deplorables, and that we stole it, ran with it, and now owned it.
But let's recap some of the behavior we saw over the past election and at the inauguration.
People protesting Trump were assaulting reporters, burning limos, smashing buildings, throwing stink bombs, disrupting the inauguration and other events that were happening, blocking streets, cursing at reporters.
At the Women's March, you had people on the stage cursing repeatedly, talking about fellatio on air, saying Trump can fellatio himself, threatening to bomb the White House, wearing pussy hats, spitting on people.
How about all the assassination threats we've seen on Twitter?
I'm not seeing any of that from Trump supporters.
So after all, who are the real deplorables?
I've said it once and I'll say it again.
When they go low, they go really, really low.
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Well, in 2016, things changed.
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You cannot lose.
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You need to have this true piece of America ready in minutes.
You are either with the Republic or against it.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, I want to roll through the news here, obviously, and break down the big picture, because we've got a truly
Demoralized, brainwashed, servile group of state worshipers who...
Just live such bizarre, domesticated, weak lives that they see those of us that aren't domesticated and those of us that are alive as the enemies.
They want to get rid of us.
There could be one of us left on the earth that, you know, these zombies hadn't pulled down and basically turned into one of them that they would allow us to survive.
They wouldn't let one of us
Be left.
I mean, it's totally spiritual.
And I've always known this, but when I saw it in D.C., I was hurt.
I didn't think, wow, our opposition looks like hell.
I was looking all over the place and I couldn't find any of them that didn't look like they were half dead.
Young, old, you name it.
During the Trump event, right before the inauguration, I did see some attractive women and people, but they were always with like really weird, wimpy guys that were giggling and laughing, and I'd say, come on over to the camera, just tell me what you think.
They'd go, no, and just start laughing and were like mentally ill.
And I could tell the women, and I'm not saying this to brag, were attracted to me.
But they'd be looking like they're attracted to me, but then just looking like I was evil and then shake their head and just walk off like they were in a trance or something.
It was really, really bizarre, I mean, to see.
And then to see the Trump supporters.
I mean, the black Trump supporters were like the best dressed, most articulate people.
And people would say, oh, they're black, you're saying articulate.
No, I'm saying more articulate than me.
See, that's your racism.
When I say some black guy was a really great speaker, it was because he's a really great speaker!
The way his voice sounded, the way he looked, what he said was better than what I said!
I wasn't patting a black guy on the head.
I was saying what I said.
See, everything they've got geared where we can't ever come together.
They're even teaching.
If some white person tells a black person they think they're really cool, that's because they're racists.
They've got everything geared to keep us at each other's throats.
Let me get back to what I said.
The Indians that we spoke to were the most eloquent, smart, fiery, focused people I've ever seen.
The black Trump supporters just had power in their eyes.
The Hillary supporters looked completely freaked out and like they were lost puppies.
Just totally freaked out and going, I used to really like you Alex, but now you're racist and I just hate you.
That's one to attack me and I'm like, Oh, but no, but you're good.
Oh, but you're, I mean, it's like, they're like mind controlled folks.
This is crazy.
And I'm just saying the black people I ran into were mainly confused.
But not the white people, man.
They were whacked out of their minds.
And then I was around the Trump supporters and I was almost embarrassed.
I was like, these people are all so good looking.
I mean, I was like the 50th percentile in there.
I'm not bad looking.
They were just super handsome, super good looking.
The Hispanics, the Asians, the everybody.
And you could feel it.
I saw Chinese and Japanese people in the crowd, all super nice dress, you know, super like crying when Trump was up there.
Because they could feel it.
The term they have in Japanese for the spirit, or you know, somebody's mojo, but they can really pick it up.
They're just like, whoa.
Gee, it's beyond that.
It's called, uh, it's another term.
The Japanese believe you get around somebody who's powerful.
You can, by being around them, you actually pick up their, um, I forget what it's called, but you can really feel it.
And, and, and,
It was amazing and it was that crowd of people and Trump's up there, he's feeling it, he's receiving it as like a big dynamo generator to give us the confidence to break the spirit of evil and weakness that has broken this country's back and we can see our back being healed and the sinew and the bone coming back together.
And the enemy is just, NO!
I poisoned your water, I poisoned your food, I poisoned your culture.
It's all declassified.
We've put poison art out there.
We've tried to destroy your families.
And now this!
They are just howling, howling at the moment they thought they had us.
And it just makes me want to work 25 hours a day.
I mean, I'm not kidding.
I just... This battle is so real.
Evil is so real.
We must defeat this.
You know, Trump got the big briefing and the nuke codes before he walked out, because they said, the President of the United States, he's the President, then he takes the oath.
There's that transformational twilight or dawn moment, that twilight or dawn between the old administration and the new.
And Trump walks out, Trump goes in like this for the briefing, he comes out and is like,
People are like, whoa, he looks shaken.
Uh, sir, there's a long-term eugenics program.
You've already been briefed on that, I'm sure, by some of the generals, but they've only got part of it.
It's a, there's a species-wide, uh, program going on and, uh, and he's going to get all the briefings now.
And then Donald Trump is going to know what I've reverse engineered and more.
You can look at his face when he talks about, we're going to unlock the secrets of the universe.
We're going to unlock
The secrets to disease and illness and we're going to eradicate it.
And you can see he looks like he's about to break down.
He's a guy right at that moment because now he knows.
They're not going to be able to keep it from him.
Just like when JFK came into the presidency and they said, sir, there's an ongoing plan to blow up buildings in the U.S.
and blame it on the Russians and start World War III.
And there's a plan to survive in the bunkers, sir.
And he said, that's crazy.
I'm firing these generals.
Eisenhower had just said no to him, and was all freaked out at his farewell address, like, beware the military-industrial complex.
He wasn't against the troops, like the media says.
He was against the people that it hijacked, who were crazy.
Lendon, sir, and others.
Well, Trump just got those briefings.
And I know what they are, because I've studied the whole enemy plan.
You know, the enemy in the 20s and 30s and 40s wrote about what they were gonna build.
They did it in the 1860s, too.
I don't know how they got their advanced knowledge, but they said, we've got to discover the double helix.
We've got to create biometrics to control everybody.
We've got to begin social engineering through the food and water and through injections.
That's a quote.
And they even wrote books on the whole plan.
So when they were conceiving of it, it's all public.
And then you can see the program was developed and set up.
And so the strongest of us have already been really hurt by all this, but imagine what it's done to the weaker of us.
It's turned them into these hordes.
God Almighty, man.
It was horrifying.
My soul cried out for them, and I...
I caught myself saying, not even aggressive things, just loud things back to them about, I'm here to help you.
Look at how you're with the jihadis, look how they're directing you.
There'd be guys in their little Islamic jihad outfits, you're gonna get it Jones, pop right up in my face.
And I'd say, is your brand of Islam leading this and enslaving women?
Is it happening?
And they would just like look at me because they knew that I was right and looked embarrassed.
Only the controllers looked embarrassed.
Because they know what they're doing is gonna damn their soul to hell.
You gotta have a certain IQ to be a controller, and then you realize that you're gonna be destroyed as well, and that you've been bullied from birth into this radical Islam, and that you're part of something that's so anti-human.
Now, I wanna play this clip, because I mentioned it, but this is the most important clip out of all of it.
To say America first, it simply means our nation's built to take care of the people and give people a chance to grow and have initiatives and pride and ideas and true service.
Not naked psychological warfare declassified to divide us all and turn us into stupid slaves.
And I look at the panicked people still at their chairs.
Still at CNN, still at MSNBC, they're all being sold off soon because they couldn't deliver.
And this is them desperately going, no, no, no!
We'll beat him!
We'll beat them!
Their bosses are building, you know, thousand-acre compounds in Kauai, like Zuckerberg and others, or they're moving to the Cook Islands or New Zealand.
They're all evacuating now.
Because they're planning something big in phase two to stop Russia, to stop the United States, to stop Japan, who has joined us, and to stop the UK, who's joined us, in an emergency plan to turn the eugenics world government program around.
We don't have long.
The next phase was going to be huge wars and bioweapons being released that are going to start killing hundreds of millions.
They'll use that crisis to put in a bigger police state and then billions.
They were getting ready to go truly operational.
We're good to go.
Because you're seeing the other Brigsits and other nationalist movements, they're strong.
But notice when America does it, it's with a flame-throwing colossus like Trump, who just cuts down the line with, it's only the Holy Spirit.
I mean, that speech he wrote, notice I was tweeting before, he's going to declare the birthright, bring God back in, for real.
He's going to declare providence and say, God is with us, but we have to ask God in, and give God the credit.
Obama and all of them were just being exercised like demons because they understand they had to break our will, get God out to control us.
And by getting God out, they took over our churches and put little devils in almost all of them.
You go into those churches, you feel the energy.
It's the most satanic you feel anywhere.
All of that's going to be broken if we decide to break it.
This is an incredible time, ladies and gentlemen.
It is unspeakably good.
Now, a nuke could go off tomorrow.
People say, oh, well they didn't go off during the inauguration.
I didn't say it would.
I said they're really hyping terror attacks and a bunch of Democrats aren't going to be there and they're calling for the death of Trump and he needs to check the White House for explosives because I wouldn't be surprised if they don't blow the damn thing up and have, you know, a thousand pounds of C4 in his office when he goes in there and say, you know, Al-Qaeda did it.
You notice he's not staying in there for months, and you notice that Madonna's calling for the White House to be blown up.
Their intention's very clear.
But if you people think you're gonna kill Trump, and then kill this worldwide movement, if Trump's killed, God is gonna send somebody right out of the blue, five times more powerful.
That's how this works.
Anyone who's listened for 20 years knows I've always talked about the fact that I was on air knowing in my spirit that I had to warn everybody for the public and the world, and not just for this country, but worldwide, national sovereignty, the renaissance, reawakening to truly godly values, and most importantly, that I knew there were leaders out there, and you heard me beg every week, where are the leaders?
Where are the billionaires?
Where are the strong men that I know are smarter than I am, who don't have spirits of evil?
Where are you to oppose this eugenics program?
And now, you're about to see it.
I've got tons of news I need to hit, but here's that clip from near the end of the speech where he, this is a prelude, a hint.
Kind of like the sun coming up from behind the mountains, and it's really dark, but the first light comes over, and you see it in some high clouds, it's golden.
Might be 30 minutes till you actually see the sun come up, but you get that first line of light, and you're seeing it, and the enemy sees it,
Like a fiery standard in the sky, a message.
And they are just beside themselves.
Because America has hit bottom and is coming back up, and so are so many other places in the world.
And as that spirit accelerates, as the optimism intensifies,
As we reject the evil Hollywood culture and all the rest of the garbage, it is going to be an incredible time.
But it's because the enemy is going to reorganize with AI and other systems and global crises that are going to come, and humanity needs a time to strengthen itself before the final phase that will choose the destiny for humanity forever.
This is the prelude in the next 15-20 years
For the entire future, this is it.
Trump's not perfect, nobody is, but it's a preparation.
You know, Ron Paul has an article that's up on InfoWars.com, I'm going to talk about in the next segment.
He says, Trump's foreign policy an unwise inconsistency?
Trump cannot be for war and against war simultaneously.
Well, Ron Paul, Congressman Paul, former congressman's on this Wednesday will discuss this.
People misinterpret the Bible, I mean it's admittedly misinterpreted, where they say, thou shalt not kill, it's really thou shalt not murder.
Because in the very same book in the Bible it says rise up and defend your family and kill those that come to hurt you, you know, during the night at your home.
I mean, that's undebatable.
But they take it and they twist it and they, just like they do in Romans 13, they say thou shalt not kill.
Really, I mean, don't even kill a cow, don't even kill a sheep we're about to eat?
And then the whole Old Testament's about defending yourself and killing those that come to attack you and defending your family.
Well, it's the same thing here.
If Al Qaeda and ISIS are attacking innocent nations, killing people, spilling out murdering, we're going to defeat the problem that the globalists helped create to stop it, to liberate.
Trump didn't start those wars, he's trying to end them before they spill all over the world, which was the globalist plan.
So it's not inconsistent.
It's stopping war.
It's stopping death.
And everybody who's studied any history knows, or the Bible, there is a righteous war.
It's a war of defense.
And so I understand he's saying, well this is inconsistent.
No it's not.
Let's not start a war with Russia.
China's threatening us, let's beef up for that.
Let's not turn radical jihadis loose everywhere to murder people.
Let's go roll them up and kick them back to their countries they were in and try to liberate those countries.
If the people vote for that, we'll support them.
Instead of having an Arab Spring to put every radical, jihadist, Saudi Arabian funded group in.
He's blocking the entire New World Order program.
He's not an isolationist, ladies and gentlemen.
He's about to resurrect America and spill it out free market and culturally worldwide.
1776 worldwide.
I'm gonna skip this break too.
Let's go ahead and go to the club.
We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the Earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries, and technologies of tomorrow.
A new national pride will stir our souls, lift our sights, and heal our divisions.
It's time to remember that old wisdom our soldiers will never forget.
That whether we are black, or brown, or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots.
We heard that before.
This is it.
Everybody says they want freedom.
Everybody says they want to be able to come together, have a shot at the future.
This is it.
It doesn't mean Trump's going to implement anything perfectly.
He's got all these underlings, all this bureaucracy.
Our country is super corrupt.
There are so many lazy, dishonorable people that have been produced by this system.
We've got to cut them off.
It's like spoiled kids.
They've got to be cut off.
There's got to be some tough punishments here and tough measures.
And you know, people like Madonna shoot their mouth off and say, go kill the president to a crowd of a couple hundred thousand people, half a million people, maybe a million people.
One way or another, she's going to get repercussions for that.
People say, oh, don't threaten Madonna.
Hey, she's the one making the threats here, who wants to kill an elected leader.
Madonna needs to pay.
The leaders of this evil
We'll go around trying to organize death and destruction and openly announce war?
That's a violent action.
If I told a crowd of upwards of a million people, I want to blow up the White House, somebody ought to do it.
A lot of weak-minded people take that as the reason to do it.
And then somebody goes and hijacks a gas truck and loads it with explosives and gets it in and blows up part of the White House?
They'll hail Madonna as a hero at MSM.
MSM isn't just controlled leftist media.
It's the worst elements of the corrupt hijacked intelligence agencies who have a religion of making you poor and dominating you.
America is the big prize in their world government takeover.
Notice the stronger a people are, the meaner the globalists are to them in different countries and regions of the world.
And they hate us the most.
They hate the Russians wildly.
They hate the Japanese.
They hate people in Africa.
They hate everybody.
They hate Europe.
They want us poor and under their control.
This is the key to everything.
They want us sick.
And you go look at their servants.
It's, it's, it's... Judge a tree by its fruits.
You go look at their minions.
You go look at their slaves.
You go to that Million Woman March.
And it was just the vicious, ugly, hateful, twisted, stupid, scraggly,
Just shuffling obese, and I'm not trying to be mean.
I've been overweight.
The point is it's part of the plagues of the corruption.
And then the few people that didn't look like they were half dead were young high school girls who would say, oh, it's Trump's funded by Saudi Arabia, not her.
Nah, I love Hillary.
Just their delusion is God.
And then she gets attacked physically.
A man literally
Well, it's all in the video.
It runs up to her, Owen Schroer, separately, and they start humping you.
They start pushing you with their weight and humping you.
Or they throw urine or feces on you, or batteries.
And they scream with the ugliest faces I've ever seen.
I mean, they contort them into ugly faces.
I hate you!
I mean, I'm not going to do it because it hurts my voice.
And I can make the faces.
It's, I mean... It's very demonic.
So they have tied their minds into a very wicked place.
They are dialed into the ether to a very, very wicked low area.
This is the guy that goes around humping.
He's humping the street preacher.
Here, back this up.
There's so much cussing, though.
I mean, there's like F-bombs every three seconds.
And there's a street preacher, and they go to conservative events, liberal events.
They go to football games.
They go to everything.
They're all over the country.
I forget the group.
And they're good street preachers.
They really lay it out.
It's good to listen to.
It's their First Amendment.
And he starts pushing him, and pushing him harder and harder until he almost falls over.
And this is one of the biggest ones.
This guy would be like a, you know, top
100 percentile for the trendies.
I mean, he's like their alpha male.
And he's humping this guy.
He's humping him.
And they start shoving him.
And then he starts shoving and humping on Millie.
And then Owen had people shoving and humping him.
Because they're all trained.
And they all go to these events, these seminars.
And they found it freaks people out if they're pelvically, up to your buttocks, thrusting their penis into you.
This is what they do.
I had them doing it to me and I'd be like, what are you doing?
And they're just humping on the side of you.
I just shove them off of me.
I mean, I'm done.
So, if you're a radio listener at Infowars.com forward slash show, Cruz did a great job of bringing this up.
I don't know how you're finding it in just seconds because there's like, that'll be 30 hours of video on Infowars.com and our Facebook and YouTube.
We've got to have people go through it and put it up.
By the way, let me just stop for a moment.
I've skipped two breaks today.
I've done all this.
I'm not doing that anymore today.
This is how we fund our operation.
This is how we have reporters all over the country.
I want to set up White House correspondents, because I've got to have a camera crew, video personnel, social network folks, and at least one or two reporters.
I intend, but I actually have to plan it, not just do it half-baked, to set up a Washington bureau, because now there's real change happening as we retake the nation's capital.
It takes money.
I need the money.
Paul wants to set up a London bureau.
Just a few people, but he'll get the job done.
And we talked about today, also rotate in about six months out of the year into the DC Bureau.
I talked to some of the Trump people.
They thought Paul would be ideal at the White House.
He's a humble guy.
I have to make him go on air, and he's like a superstar because he doesn't want to go on the air.
When he does it, he's so good.
Guy's been with me 16 years, made him start going on air 5 years ago.
Pull him, I'm cutting your pay in half if you don't start doing it.
Just amazing.
But we got a lot of plans, we're going to fight hard, now more than ever ladies and gentlemen, and we need the money, and we've got nutraceutical supplements that everyone's gotta have.
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All right, thank you all for your support.
Amazing job.
This is your victory.
Humanity's turned the corner and coming back to life.
We'll be back with a second hour.
A bunch of guests coming up and a bunch of news I haven't hit yet.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
It's Alex Jones.
You know, there's a clip up on Infowars.com in an article.
Giuliani says, why doesn't the press just admit they despise the president?
Admit it?
Most of them say they want to kill him.
They get away with saying kill him.
They're organizing it.
They said they want me dead.
I had a guy in Austin show me a gun.
As I was leaving a restaurant, coming up and showing me, and you know, F Trump.
Then another car drives by, F you Alex Jones.
It's just like they feel entitled, they really believe they're crap because they're losers, and all they've got is hatred.
It's crazy.
And now David Brock, the guy that obsesses on me almost as much as he does Trump, I'm very honored by that.
It's up on InfoWars.com.
Now coming out and saying they're going to begin the impeachment with a new system they're launching, the Trump War Room, to target the administration.
Well, we're launching our own war room.
I've got the exact same term.
And we're launching a D.C.
America Defense Center, basically.
Because this isn't journalism.
I mean, we do journalistic endeavors and do research and just tell the truth.
This is open war.
Insurrectionist enemies.
Foreign and domestic.
In the news, begging Communist China at Davos, oh please help us get rid of Trump!
We want world government!
I mean, that's called treason!
Then you accuse us of being with Russia?
Oh, Russia overpowered the election.
They're so powerful.
They're so amazing.
And then on Friday, for the inauguration, they claimed Roger Stone and Manafort that the CIA might have communications with them and the Russians.
There are none.
There is none.
It got to the point, like, a few times I had Russian women walk up to me and try to say hi, and I wouldn't even take pictures with them.
I'm sorry, how do I know that's not one of their operatives?
And then they say, oh look, he's with a Russian spy or something.
I mean, it is just getting crazier and crazier and crazier.
And the articles are just pouring in.
police wore pussy hats, that's what it's called.
In support of Soros-linked protests.
Yeah, they don't even change the name from Pussy Riot.
It's the same thing.
Pink, you're women, the men are against you.
And the D.C.
police, who were appointed by Obama, their police chief, would not defend women I saw being bloodied.
So I went over there and tried to do something and the police drugged me out.
Then they had a bunch of news articles put out showing images of me being taken out of the communist group that attacked me for my protection in Cleveland, and multiple newspapers, including TV, MSNBC, ran the image of where I'm being escorted out months ago in July last year, and then added I was drunk, and the police were escorting me out.
I mean, they've gone to levels of... I mean, lying's one thing in bad if you lie about some fact in a story.
That's classical lying.
This is like whole cloth... No, no, no.
I wasn't just drunk when I did this at, you know, 11 o'clock in the morning or whatever.
And then they combined it with some nighttime thing.
I actually came down off a beanstalk there in D.C.
That's how I got there from Austin.
There was a beanstalk from Austin all the way over to there, and I came down off a magic beanstalk.
I mean that's how, I mean I read these articles now and they don't even make sense.
It's like a crazy person wrote it.
By the way, I meant to tell you, have you guys seen the footage of the most deranged anti-Trump protester yet?
The person in the clown outfit flopping around the ground with tin cans?
I want to show that when we come back because let me tell you something.
This wasn't just a one case scenario.
There were people running around completely mentally ill everywhere.
In fact, can we come in with the intro?
This is Owen Schroer for InfoWars.com, and I met so many amazing people at the inauguration and on this journey to make America great again and get Donald Trump in the White House.
All the amazing people I met and all the love I received meant so much to me.
My heart and my capacity for love has grown ten sizes.
I dedicate my work to you, and to all the pseudo-intellectual liberals out there with your noses up.
It's time for you to take a bite of humble pie, and the election of Donald Trump is the pill you have to swallow.
You need to know, your douchebag sense of entitlement is so palpable that it makes you the ugliest person in the room.
And if you don't come off your self-made soapbox now, you will soon be the most lonely, desperate, desolate people on earth.
Donald Trump is your president.
The reality is, Donald Trump is the president, America elected him, and we're here to make America great again.
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He's now President of the United States.
It's not true!
That's impossible!
Search your feelings, you know it'll be true.
It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host, Alex Jones.
Move, bitch!
Get out of the way!
The American flag!
Infowars helped fuel the rumor that President Obama is an ISIS supporter.
It's been a cozy relationship from the beginning.
I will not let you down.
You'll be very, very impressed, I hope.
And I think we'll be speaking a lot.
Donald Trump and Alex Jones.
This means that Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones!
I'm not bragging.
It's a fact.
You, the audience, deserve to know this.
InfoWars is the main operating system of the rebirth of the American Republic and is a key blueprint worldwide in nation-states launching a new renaissance.
I've been told that by the President.
I've been told that by Nigel Farage on and off air.
I have been told that by the top generals.
You name it.
And it's because we, the people, this audience of, hell, we even had 5, 6, 7 million listeners 16, 17, 18 years ago.
The show's been big for a long time.
I was on the air one year and I had the top show on Saturday night and then I was given a weeknight show and I'm not bragging about that.
This is historical.
You need to understand we've now gone to over 40 million a week that listen or watch.
That's not counting our articles and all the rest of it.
And that's on our platforms.
But we have access to all these Google Analytics systems that can show us the reach.
We have access to Facebook Analytics.
I'm going to start showing people a lot of this.
I've got to get authorization because we have high-level access to this because of how big we are.
And there's a lot of provisos in it.
You're not supposed to publish a lot of it because it's, I mean, it's details.
It's basically NSA technology.
But our reach is now quarterly 2.3 billion people on Facebook alone.
That's why they're trying to kick us off of it.
I mean, it's just insane.
And reach means it's in front of people.
We don't know if they saw it or watched it.
But what I'm telling you is, you deserve the victory.
Our crew, every one of my reporters, the people behind the scenes, from the janitor, to the folks getting the video clips, everybody.
And our guest.
But I gotta tell you, just historically, not about credit, but we have to know what worked, and it was the truth.
It was taking action.
Trump is now delivering.
He tripled down on his speech on nationalism, the new renaissance, bringing God back in.
Started bombing ISIS within one hour of being president.
As soon as Mathis was confirmed, one hour after he was president, by one o'clock in the afternoon, they were hitting all the ISIS targets, rolling them up with the Russians.
Within one hour, the U.S.
Air Force was green-lighted.
They'd been blocked.
No more will they have planes dropping leaflets an hour before.
And just let the trucks of stolen oil go into Turkey.
It's all over.
Signed the repeal of Obamacare two hours after that.
The beginning of the repeal.
Getting rid of the forced mandate.
And just delivering, delivering.
I can't even keep track of it now.
I'm going to Roger Stone.
I can't even keep track of... Foxconn is going to have non-slave factories now in the US.
They're moving here.
Chrysler, Ford's announcing more.
Toyota's suddenly announcing more.
All of it.
I'm just going to tell you because I'm not just privy to it.
I've done the research.
There's a real world alliance that our top generals and others have said is really for America and the world.
That's the U.S.
with the U.K.
with the Russians and with Japan and with any Latin Americans, Africans or Middle Eastern countries that want to be pro-freedom.
Cleaning out the Euro, breaking that up, restoring freedom, restoring the borders, and then just having a total free-for-all with all these advanced technologies that DARPA and others have been ordered to suppress because they call them disruptive, being deployed to America.
And then in deals for licensing for the rest of the world.
And they're saying Trump's about to handicap American supremacy.
America is about to absolutely take over the whole planet, but not a bunch of corporate chiefs.
The idea and wealth, it's incredible.
If Trump can deliver the plan, it's not his plan, it's not my plan, it's God's plan.
It's over.
Humanity goes to the next level.
Like none of it.
We can be given the reprieve, folks.
This is like a novel that has multiple endings.
We decide.
God gives us free will.
Roger Stone, cutting the bureaucracy 75% that they admit is not to keep the earth clean.
It's meant to hurt our industry and shut us down.
He's just delivering on every front.
He said it.
He got his hair cut.
He's not wearing makeup.
Looks even better today.
I mean, it just gets better and better and better.
And I've gone from my gut saying go with Trump two years ago when we first started meeting, to now just going, man, it's almost scary.
All I got to do is follow my gut.
He said, we're just going to win and win and win.
I'm going to get sick of winning.
And it's almost, it is crazy.
And then I saw the hate of the Soros-funded people worshiping Islamists being run by Muslims.
That was a Muslim march with women asking to wear hijabs and be slaves.
I mean, you can't make this up.
They're like insane.
This is like ten times a Twilight Zone episode.
It's so bizarre.
Roger, your book is now on pre-sale, about to be shipping at InfoWarsTore.com.
We're going to talk about that some, but I'm going to skip this break too.
It's historic.
But I just, I'm beside myself.
It's how good we are and how bad they are.
I've never been like that.
And I'm not saying that in an elitist way.
I felt bad for how ignorant and hateful and having hundreds of women scream, you're an effing white male, spitting in my face, being totally racist against white people.
They were white themselves, not seeing the irony of how Martin Luther King said the opposite.
I mean, I just don't understand how good this could all be when you're informed versus these people.
I mean, my optimism has never been anywhere near this.
But I also fear when Madonna is openly allowed to say, we need to blow up the White House, let's do it, to probably a million women.
And then saying that he took the bust of Martin Luther King out, knowing they've got low information listeners who only listen to them, they still think he took it out now.
So it's seeing them triple down the lies.
I don't even know what to say at this point, Rogers.
Well Alex, first of all, a very big victory only moments ago for President Trump and his new administration when my friend Senator Marco Rubio announced that he would vote to confirm Rex Tillerson as the Secretary of State.
Now, Senator Rubio had an opportunity to express his concerns about the appointment, but he has wisely decided to give the president his own team to try to remake our foreign policy.
So this is a key vote because with Rubio and the undermining by Senator John McCain in his mini-me from South Carolina, we probably would have been short of the 50 votes.
Meaning that the Trump administration would have to deal with the Democrats to ensure the confirmation of Rex Tillerson.
I think Tillerson's a brilliant outside-the-box choice.
He's a practical businessman who, like Donald Trump, wants to get something done.
He's a tough negotiator.
We need some tough negotiations with Vladimir Putin and the Russians so that we might have peace.
Peace is the objective.
This isn't about how you get along with Putin.
It's about peace.
And what you're seeing
Both in the demonstrations, Alex, and in the constant campaign to undermine Trump, is that the deep state just cannot accept his election.
They won't stop trying to undermine him.
And how does that not certify him of the so-called left that claims they're anti-establishment, when the entire establishment is in its death throes throwing everything they've got at Trump?
Now, there is some dichotomy in my view between the violent demonstrations that took place during the inauguration and some aspects of the Women's March.
My own granddaughter caught a Coke bottle in the ankle when there was a rain of bottles and rocks and eggs when we were
Attempting to enter the deployable, the deplorable, I myself saw protesters smashing the ATM machines, smashing the windows of banks.
I was apprised of the situation.
They attacked Larry King!
Larry King, my own 27-year-old granddaughter decked a protester, literally knocked him cold when he pushed her off the sidewalk into some dirt and called her a Nazi bitch.
So, you know, the question one has to ask is, what was the DC Metropolitan Police doing
I understand people have a right to free speech.
Oh, let me tell you, they wore the George Soros quote, pussy hats.
I'm sorry folks, that's the name of it.
The pink hat, Soros funded it.
They wore the hats, the police admitted to us, they were ordered to stand down because Obama was the commander in chief until Trump was sworn in.
So the police loved it.
Well, the police clearly were ordered to stand down.
My point, of course, is that people are entitled to a mass protest.
300 people outside the deplorable cheering, jeering, holding signs.
Sure, but not throwing batteries and urine.
We didn't block the Soros march of the women.
In other words, there are people throwing rocks, people throwing bottles, people throwing baggies full of urine, people throwing baggies full of Clorox, people throwing eggs, a shower of eggs.
By the way, Clorox is an attempt to blind you.
If that hits you in the eyes, it, I mean, somebody, let me say something.
You throw Clorox at me, I'm gonna bash your brains out.
And that is an assault with a deadly weapon.
Well, women in my party were spat upon on their attempt to get to the inaugural ball.
A variable rain of spit from these scumbags.
Now, the Women's March, in all honesty, I think there were many, many, many, many women there.
And they were a bunch of them staying in my hotel.
They were very nice people.
They have legitimate concerns.
I think they're going to be happy in the sense that I don't think Trump is motivated by social issues.
I think that he is highly sensitive to the women's health issues because of Ivanka's activities in that area.
Uh, so I think there were a lot of sincere people there.
They, Alex, were infected by the Soros types with their violent and nasty anti-Trump signs and their professional agitators to give the entire march a more radical bend.
There were some good people there.
There's some people there who don't hate Donald Trump, but they just have concerns about his views.
And then there's other hardcore, you know, Soros stooges
We're looking for an incident.
Looking for this not becoming a symbolic march over issues, but spilling over into violence.
And no, I don't care what they say, I'm not wearing one of those little pink hats.
Well, notice it's all part of Soros' color revolutions.
They didn't even change the name of the revolution they funded for eight years in Russia with pink hats, purplish pink hats, calling it the Pussy Revolution.
It's the same thing.
That's exactly right.
David Brock, the thug who works for Soros,
Let me stop you right there.
They have the IRS persecute everybody for no reason for years.
MSNBC said
Oh, we're auditing and harassing and arresting the Tea Party because they deserve it.
They're all racist.
I'm not calling for Trump to persecute people.
I'm not calling for it.
But if they're breaking the law, the Attorney General, the IRS, you name it, and Brock and Al Sharpton owes $5 million in taxes.
If I did, I'd be under the jail.
I'm tired of them being above the law.
We get harassed.
You've just been audited and harassed.
You're following the law.
They're not.
I'm sick of it.
Well, it's very clear to me that you have a situation in which Soros is inciting people to violence, and he's paying them to do that.
That is a federal crime.
If he incites people to make threats against the President,
That is a federal crime.
It seems to me that Mr. Soros is entirely indictable in this country if the Hungarians don't do it first, frankly.
Because he is fomenting problems and revolution by violent overthrow around the globe.
The real irony, of course, is that Brock and Soros, or I should say Brock and Soros' money, probably spent $300 million in this constant harangue of covering up Clinton's deepest crimes while attacking Alex Jones and Roger Stone endlessly.
Why anyone would give this loser $40 million more so that he can fail?
Well, that's my next point.
Let me go over some of these articles.
police wore pussy hats in support of Soros-linked protests.
And most of them weren't like that, but I went to them.
They said, I'm sorry.
We've been ordered not to help you.
Women bleeding.
People trying to go to work.
They said, I'm sorry.
We've been ordered not to do anything.
So I went and made a big scene until they were forced to do something, at least at one of the entrances.
Meanwhile, German Feminazi shan Allah Akbar at Islamist-backed women's march.
I mean, this is crazy.
In Germany, and it was here, we have footage.
I couldn't believe it.
They were chanting that they want Sharia law and that I'm a white male fascist.
So, because most of the Islamist male controllers are brown, they think going under Islam is good.
I mean, this is the craziest Stockholm Syndrome, cuckold, weird-ass stuff.
I mean, I couldn't believe it, Roger.
In fact, saying it.
I mean, it went on for hours.
It was like all these signs, Allah Akbar, and the women coming up.
I mean, this is the craziest crap.
Like, the West created freedom for women, spoils women, puts them on a pedestal, and they're bitching at us?
Saying, I want to be under fricking beehive hats and be murdered if my husband wants to?
What the hell?
I've got stacks of articles admitting it.
Sweden immigrants arrested after gang raping woman on Facebook live.
And you look at these animals.
Don't these feminists... I have Gloria Steinem admitting she worked for the CIA to break up the family on film now.
I didn't even know this existed.
She went on 60 Minutes early.
I'm sorry, I'm ranting.
While you're talking, I'm going to be showing TV viewers some of these articles, but I mean, the merger of the left with Islam, they really believe it's going to be the muscle that takes over for them.
This is craziness!
Well, Alex, I concur with your views.
At the same time, I think the president is undeterred.
He is going to stick to his agenda.
And I don't think he's going to be affected one way or another by these marches or by the shrill attacks of these Soros, you know, bots that are so entirely obvious, in my opinion.
I'm more concerned, frankly, with the story in the New York Times that was purposely timed for Inauguration Day, that claimed that myself, Paul Manafort, the former chairman of the Trump campaign, and somebody named Carter Page, who was allegedly an advisor to Trump on Russian issues, were under investigation by the intelligence agencies, and that they had intercepted email communications
In financial transactions between the Trump forces and the Russians.
Now they said they might!
They left it revised though.
Mike, I can assure you, as I have previously, that this is bunk.
There are no email transmissions between me and anyone involved with the Russians or the Russians themselves.
I have no Russian clients.
I have not been in communications with any Russians or anybody representing Russians.
And they know better than that because in the 80s they tried to recruit you and you did a sting on them and sent them to jail.
So it's the same thing here, which is the left cannot drop this maid.
Trump goes to the intelligence, right to Langley, and gives a speech in which he says he's going to be backing the agency.
Well, I'm all for that.
After cleaning house.
Fully open the gates.
I mean, what about just the conniption fit of deception after deception after deception?
I mean, like you said, they don't seem to understand they were already rejected.
So what happens, Roger?
Now, what do you see happening now that they've only gone more insane?
Well, Trump must clean house at the Central Intelligence Agency.
Certainly, replacing John Brennan with Richard Pompeo will be an improvement, but he must recognize that the second and third level there, and others, there are rogue elements, perhaps controlling elements of that agency.
Starting with John Brennan.
John Brennan predicted the Russian hacking before it happened.
John Brennan continues to claim that this Russian hacking happened.
It didn't.
This is the same John Brennan who's a longtime member of the U.S.
Communist Party, who was the station chief for the agency
Sure, he was definitely turned, but he was a communist when he was younger.
Look at this, Rince Priebus, ex-CIA chief Brennan Bitter, he wasn't retained by President.
He's actually shocked that Trump removed him when just a week ago he said, you better watch your mouth, President-elect.
Who the hell does this crazy John Ottey think he is?
You're exactly right, but it's not just him out there.
I wonder if Brennan's gonna be canoeing anytime soon, or kayaking.
Well, look, I think Jeff Sessions should take a hard look at this guy's entire record.
I do not think that he is loyal to the United States.
I think he was flipped.
I believe he... And they're clearly so mentally ill that they don't think we don't see what they're doing.
Let me ask you this.
You talk about the atomic fever.
I saw the arrogance of these people.
Why are they so mentally ill?
Well, because they've been running things for 30 years.
Everything has been done the neocon way.
The Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama combine has run the country into the ditch, but they are used to having their way.
Now, along comes this upstart, this reformer, Donald Trump, with his own ideas, and you can't bully him.
And you can't buy him.
See, the Saudis are very adept at buying people.
They buy their way through Washington.
All the special interests buy their way through Washington.
And Trump just doesn't play that game.
So there is a panic.
Beyond that, there's a panic over what they see as his narrow-minded agenda.
Oh yeah, they claim he's going to hurt the whole world government, but they've been using our money to build the world government.
What do you make of coming in and delivering 75% cut in regulations?
Well, meanwhile, Trump is working the phones with some of these big companies like LBJ.
He is wheedling and coddling and coaxing and talking and negotiating and pushing and probably threatening people in these big companies to stay in the United States.
Well, he threatened them on air.
He said, you're not bringing your crap back in here if you leave.
It's called leadership.
It's what we've lacked.
And by the way, the Heritage Foundation says, oh, it's the end of free market.
We've been ganged up on by everybody else looking out for their interest for 50 years.
That's coming to an end.
It's only fair.
Trump is a free trader.
We just don't have free trade.
We have free trade and then a bunch of rules put on top of it that means we really don't get access to fair markets.
He's going to fix that.
Well, the numbers are incredible.
You look at China or Japan, they just don't let our cars in.
And then we just open our market up to theirs to millions a year.
It's over.
And Japan says they're going to play ball.
They understand that they've been stagnant for 20 years.
It's time to stop this.
It's time to turn it around.
And Japan knows Americans need to be able to afford to buy their great cars.
We'll be back with Roger Stone.
History has happened.
We'll look at his speech straight ahead.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Anthony Gucciardi joins us to talk about Bio PCA, the latest formula to be announced and released by Infowarslife.com.
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We're not gonna take it.
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And by the way, I don't think of a beta male as just somebody who's skinny.
I'm talking about beta.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Some of the most aggressive people I know are little guys, and they're alpha males.
Call it Napoleonic, whatever you want, I love them.
I'm talking about just everybody like this, zombies, screaming, you're a racist, you're a homophobe, you're a this and that, foaming at the mouth.
I mean, that's just an ugly looking crowd.
And I guess they just, they just misery loves company.
We're going back to Roger Stone here in just a moment.
His new book, The Making of a President 2016, how Donald Trump orchestrated a revolution by Roger Stone is available for $19.95 discounted out of the gates.
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And yes, that's how we fund this operation.
Looking at the news here, and again the arrogance of these people, and you mentioned it, David Brock, it begins David Brock, far-left donors, playing Trump impeachment.
Brock SuperPAC creates Trump War Room to target administration, while I'm announcing a DC War Room that I'm going to set up with reporters and people.
I'm all in.
I'm expanding in the face of this, and I just believe the revenue will come in to do it.
I'm going to the next level to fight these people, seeing what they're doing.
We don't have Soros funding us.
We have the listeners getting the great products, the old-fashioned free market way.
But just look at Trump on this front.
There have been a lot of people on the so-called left that were against wars that were wrong.
And who were against TPP because it was unelected corporate world government.
Well now Trump to sign orders to renegotiate NAFTA and pull out of TPP.
Hip hip hooray!
But you bring this up to them.
I brought up this weekend that, hey, he's going to repeal it.
He's doing it right now.
They're like, shut up, F-er!
And it's just like, well, just be rational.
You're a white male!
I'm like, that's your white male husband that, like, walks behind you like a baby elephant holding your tail.
I mean, that was just the shuffling men that just grovel to women.
Like, that's how you're a good man.
As if men and women in relationships act like that to begin with.
All the men I know just lavish their wives and girlfriends.
There's no, the guy's in charge, but she knows if a guy comes up in the parking lot and wants to fight or mug somebody, she's like, get in there.
And if somebody's going to have a baby, it's mama does it.
Men go out and do the hunting and killing, the women run the show back at the hut.
But the issue is they're ending all that.
exit from the United Nations could become reality with a fresh bill.
It's all happening, but just in.
Fox News during the break.
We can put it up.
Republican senators introduce a bill.
See the attack from the Republican establishment.
Blocking the president from easing Russian sanctions.
Made up.
Based on the lie that Russia invaded Ukraine.
I thought it was George Soros bragged.
They spent 5 billion U.S.
taxpayer dollars, and a billion it is, to overthrow an elected government.
And start blowing up the infrastructure and mass murdering, forcing the Russians to come in just 10 miles into Ukraine to protect the Russian enclaves and their infrastructure they built, supplying gas to Europe.
But an invasion of Eastern Europe and a takeover of the gas supplies, hurdling us towards World War III, and Obama massing US troops in Poland, that's not an act of aggression!
Russia just sitting there!
Putting up with it is.
Again, Trump just sees it very mechanically.
Russia's not expanding.
The crazy globalists are.
While they flood Europe with jihadis, that's coming to an end.
Because America is just and righteous and strong.
Roger Stone.
Alex, I think that this is Trump sticking to his agenda.
He's going to renegotiate these massive trade deals.
The Mexicans and the Canadians have already indicated they're ready to enter those talks.
This, again, is leadership.
Total delivery!
Well, and tying the hands of the President when it comes to sanctions before he's even had negotiations with the Russians as to peace in that region.
Look, Hillary Clinton promised the neocons an expansion of the proxy war.
They were prepared to do a no-fly zone.
This is an open invitation for World War III.
And by the way, I want to say something to Ron Paul.
I love Ron Paul.
He's on Wednesday.
He has an article out.
It's on Infowars.com.
Trump's foreign policy and unwise inconsistency, you know, and he's basically saying we can't be for war to take out ISIS and Al Qaeda.
That's the globalist proxy war meant to start war with Russia.
We have to go clean it up or it'll start a war with Russia, Congressman.
And I understand Paul, again, just sticks to it from an absolute blind point of view in that he does what he says he'll do.
No war at any time.
Well, this isn't war if it's cleaning up the neocons and the Democrats trying to start World War III.
Sorry, go ahead.
Well, unfortunately, ISIS was formed, and it's a bipartisan mistake.
We let ISIS rise because of the vacuum created by George W. Bush.
Hillary and Obama encouraged ISIS, and Hillary armed ISIS.
And they're now a fact of life.
A better stewardship of our foreign policy in the region.
There had been no ISIS.
But that does not mean that you want to rush off to war with Russia over Syria.
Assad, who runs the country now, is a bad guy.
Props of Hezbollah, propped up by the Russians.
On the other side you have ISIS, propped up by the Saudis.
This is not worth a drop of American blood or any borrowed millions for bombing.
So this is what the deep state is upset about.
Glenn Greenwald brilliantly had this, I think, exactly right last week.
He's not a left winger.
He's not a right winger.
He's certainly not a Trump fan.
But they are deeply disappointed that they're not going to call the shots.
Greenwald is a leftist, but he's a real old-fashioned one.
He has integrity, showing Trump's right on all these fronts.
He has to admit it.
Just like, to his credit, Bernie Sanders is having to come out and say,
Okay, Trump's actually doing a lot of good stuff, even from his agenda perspective.
And Trump said, this isn't liberal or conservative agenda.
This is Americana.
This isn't about parties.
This is about prosperity and common sense.
He's turning out even better.
I mean, he's getting even stronger now that he's in power.
You know, I do still think he has to be very careful of the Quizlet.
I mean, nobody opposed his election more than Google.
They were mega, mega donors to Hillary.
They had a revolving door going with the Obama administration in which they were getting regulatory fixes that were good for Google but weren't good for consumers.
Wouldn't work good for a free and open net.
They were manipulating their data online, their searches, to hate Hillary and now suddenly they're trying to cozy up the down front.
Now suddenly they're trying to insert some of their people into the White House to have sway over international policy.
So they have to be watched like a hawk.
They're typical.
Sure, well, I already know that Trump's like Superman.
I mean, this is just crazy, but how?
I guess he's got the right advisors in there.
I just don't know how.
He can negotiate each deal properly when it's so confusing, even though I've researched it deeply with all these big telecoms.
He isn't taking money from Google to give them what they want, so he should really just get a panel of experts together and decide what keeps the web free and open and tell Google and Facebook and everybody, listen, you've already had a bunch of monopolistic practices.
Okay, you keep doing that and not promoting Americana, we're going to break your back.
We're going to break your arms.
I mean, if they'll back off and just promote Americana and freedom, they can have their big powerful organizations.
But if they serve an agenda against America, they need to have their necks broken.
Well, Donald Trump has obviously control of the AT&T-Time Warner merger.
He expressed concerns about this during the campaign.
Time Warner, of course, owns CNN.
CNN is the epitome, the ground zero in the
And let me ask you this.
Why are they foaming at the mouth now, even five times worse than two months ago, quadrupling down again and again?
I mean, I guess their bosses have just said, destroy Trump.
It looks like the establishment is still intending to remove him.
I mean, let me tell you, Madonna didn't get up there and say, blow up the White House in front of hundreds of thousands of women because she just thought it up.
I mean, it looks like this is what I want to strategize the last few minutes with the U.S.
Clearly, we're winning.
Trump is amazing.
Worldwide, sovereignty exploding.
He's not going to be perfect.
He's going to make mistakes.
But overall, he's over-performing what I expected right now.
He is not disappointing me.
He's promised everybody this, and he's not.
He's delivering.
But they are acting with body language like they are on a crazed counter-offensive.
What are you concerned about?
What do you think is going to happen?
Well, first of all, in all candor, Alex, I think celebrities like Madonna, like Ashley Judd, they're simply trying to recharge their fading celebrity by making outrageous statements and threats against the president.
In the case of Madonna threatening to blow up the White House... Well, I think Madonna should have her fat ass locked up, because that wasn't free speech.
That's a call to overthrow our country and plunge us into civil war and probably nuclear war.
It is an inappropriate call for violence.
We both know she's not going to be prosecuted.
Probably the record sales aren't going that well.
She's looking a little long in the tooth and she's trying to prop up her brand in a politically correct way.
Ashley Judd claims that Trump has wet dreams over his own daughter.
What kind of vile, nasty stuff is that?
Oh, let me add this.
SNL says that Barron is going to be the first homeschool shooter.
I mean, it's absolutely amazing.
Another one, Comedy Central, says that Barron's a date rapist.
I mean, these people are scum.
Can you imagine if this was said about the first ladies' kids when it was Obama?
Well, first of all, Barron is a minor, so he's off-limits.
Criticizing the massive theft of, say, Chelsea Clinton at the Clinton Foundation, she's a 35-year-old adult.
Where are the basic rules?
People think chivalry is wimpy.
No, you don't want your family targeted.
I leave people's families alone until they get political and they're adults.
But this is unbelievable going after little kids.
I mean, I'm getting tired of it.
Yeah, but it is part of the elitist derision.
They are never going to accept Trump or the results of this election.
There's a lot of bitterness there.
But instead of engaging them, they're best to be ignored, frankly.
You and I can engage them, but the President should stay focused on his agenda.
Sure, but it does show what trash they are.
Well, but it doesn't matter how many people call him a racist if he revives our inner cities and proves he's not.
If he gets affordable housing for poor people, which is one of the biggest problems in this country, and Trump is a builder and understands affordable housing and the housing issue like no one we've ever had as president, his father made his fortune building people, after the war, affordable housing.
So if he just stays focused on the agenda... So the answer is deliver prosperity so fast it totally discredits them even more?
He's the ultimate free enterprise guy.
He's the ultimate entrepreneur.
He wants to make this country cook.
He understands that if you revive the economy...
If you unleash the free enterprise system, we can have money for all the other things we need to do.
And by the way, Roger, you and I talked about the fact that this could be bigger than 1776 if he delivers.
That was the birth.
We were about to die.
If this all happens, it'll be bigger than 1776.
He'll be bigger than George Washington.
And I'm not just somebody that just says that.
I'm telling you, they're going to be building
Trump monuments on Mars in a hundred years that are five times bigger than the Washington.
I mean I'm telling you I could see the whole thing now.
Let me ask you this and then I gotta go.
I know there's a lot of real suppressed technologies.
I don't mean the stuff that we hear about, you know, in the books and things that get written that are fiction.
I mean, I know there's been a lot of real suppressed technologies.
Things are doled out.
They're selectively doled out.
There's a lot of major treatments for cancer, other diseases, a lot of things that the elite plan to hoard.
Trump signaled he's going to start flooding that out, getting drugs approved quicker, getting other things out, basically ending sickness, ending death.
You know, ending cancer like we ended, you know, things like smallpox.
This is such an exciting time.
Talking about space exploration, unlocking the secrets of the universe.
I know for a fact
That, you know, they had laser weapons they were using in war in Vietnam.
They used them heavily in Panama.
That's just an example.
I mean, everything's 30 years more advanced than they're telling us.
They're only on governmental reservations and corporate reservations.
I've had family that was privy to some of this.
That's how I know.
They didn't give me the classified info.
They just said you wouldn't believe it.
So the fact that Trump, with American dominance, is getting ready to deploy stuff bigger than the Internet for the economy, but also for life.
How soon do we start seeing that?
Well, look, nothing big happens quickly, but you have somebody who believes in American exceptionalism who's going to do a technological review and see how we can unleash the ingenuity and the creativity and the technological ability of the American free enterprise system.
This is a guy who says he's going to appoint Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
to join a task force to examine vaccinations.
Let's get to the bottom of CDC and that issue.
He's interested in facts, Alex.
He's a pragmatist interested in getting things done.
At the same time, he has two or three, you know, bedrock American principles he's not going to violate.
America first.
He made that clear.
Every trade deal.
Every new law.
Every new regulation.
Does it put the people's interests first?
That alone will be refreshing.
He's not afraid to say that we have a divine creator.
He's not afraid to bring back references to God.
Well, he understands that also, again, breaks the back of political correctness, but it also really does invoke the fact that the state isn't God.
There's a God above that.
That moves us up above the state.
It's really amazing.
Other tidbits, and I'm going to let you go, Roger.
The book now available pre-order.
When does it specifically come out?
Again, the making of a President 2016.
The making of the President 2016, how Donald Trump orchestrated an American revolution will be in
Bookstores and will be shipped on January 31st.
You can get a very good price at it on the Infowars store.
It's also available, you know, at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
And at StoneColdTruth.com.
In all honesty Alex, you have to read this book to understand what's going on right now.
And for anybody who buys the book through Infowars.com at the store, I will supply you at my own expense a book plate with a personal inscription that you can attach to your book.
But to understand the struggle with the globalists,
To understand how the mainstream media has lost their monopoly and how this entire political communication system has tipped to the alternative media like InfoWars, this is detailed in the book.
You made a very important point at the beginning that I have to come back to.
People do not understand how to gauge how big this revolutionary army is.
If you look at the people who are watching Alex Jones and InfoWars and so many of your fine correspondents on the net, plus Facebook Live, plus YouTube Live, plus podcast, plus radio, you're dwarfing Sean Hannity.
Nothing against Sean Hannity.
Skip this break, it's too important.
Warfing them in reaching the Trump foot soldiers.
Yeah, I'm just the most revolutionary president since George Washington.
Total change, I'm there.
They admitted in the article trying to make me look bad, but they go, every other person was a huge fan.
Every other person wanted to meet this big egomaniac.
I'm sitting there quietly watching the speech, being mobbed.
You were getting mobbed so bad I had to leave the area you were in right below the president.
I almost had to go because it was becoming a disturbance.
Everyone wanting selfies.
People all saw the live streams.
It wasn't just Trump supporters, it was like
Black cops, female cops, white cops.
It was people stopping taxis, you know, people from India.
It was all over the place.
It was at the restaurant.
I was eating it.
They were bringing me free food, free drinks.
I mean, it was just absolutely insane for me to see how big it is.
I mean, it's already, I can't walk down the street in Austin, every fifth person's a listener.
It was half, and the Chicago Tribune, I think you guys can Google the article, I think it was titled,
The article was titled, uh, you know, as celebrities, uh, you know, uh, shun Trump, Alex Jones is there.
We're just typing Alex Jones, Click News, and then the type of Chicago Tribune.
But what I'm saying is, is they had to admit every other, there it is, celebs steer clear of President Trump, not Alex Jones.
And then they make some joke out of it, like, like we're, again, they play like sophomoric games.
It's like fighting them is like I'm back in third grade or something.
It's so mentally ill.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
Alex, I just don't think they fully understand the reach.
Because they're the old media.
The networks, the cable networks, they're losing their monopoly and they resent what you are doing, number one.
Number two, they want to talk about, you know, Sandy Hook and 9-11 and extraneous matters.
Those are important issues.
You have your views.
Trump is about sealing our borders, revitalizing our economy.
Peace with the Russians.
Getting us an immigration system that works.
He said we've been negotiating deals and selling off America for an elite.
That's what globalism is.
It's over.
It's about oppressing people worldwide.
It's a new colonialism against the West and everybody else.
It's over.
But getting back to this then, I agree with you.
What happens to MSM now as they prepare to sell off CNN?
The word is MSNBC is going to be basically sold off and lay off half its people.
So they're kind of shutting down, but the foundation Soros isn't giving up.
So what is that dichotomy?
What is that going to be like?
Alex, who knows?
Maybe RT will buy CNN.
I was supporting Richard Nixon's... No, I know you were.
I know it was the Republicans that ended slavery and they were the... I resent this nonsense that I'm a racist because I once called Roland Martin stupid.
I'm sorry.
I mean, here's the deal.
They know you're not.
They just use it like it's a magic word.
Yeah, it's a bogus false attack.
Quite frankly, I want to make everybody so successful and so wealthy and so into Americana that I don't care what color somebody is they marry my daughters as long as they're a patriot.
The problem is I can't probably find anybody that's a patriot.
The globalists keep winning with young people and the good news is I saw massive numbers of young people that were there and were awake of every race, color, and creed.
It was very, very exciting.
Yeah, no, I think this is where you really can take solace, and that is the people who, you know, came to me wanting selfies, and wanted autographs, and wanted me to shake hands with them, or sign their books, or sign their programs.
They're all young people.
They're the future generation of revolutionaries, and they get it.
You know, I'm reminded of something that President Nixon once said to me, Alex, we were going through an airport, we were late for a flight,
A woman popped up and said, oh, Mr. President, can I get your autograph?
Despite the fact that we were late to the gate, Nixon signed her autograph with a flourish and asked her where she was from.
And after we got out of earshot, he said to me, never refuse a request for an autograph or they'll think you're a real asshole.
So, uh, it was, it was an exciting time and it was great to be with so many like-minded patriots.
People who see the big picture and understand that we're not interested in aggrandizing ourselves.
We're interested in a revolution.
I mean, one thing the Russians have gotten is they're like, this new group of Americans just want ideology of freedom and just want prosperity and to work with everyone.
And people say, well, doesn't Russia know if Trump's built the military, you know, he might still... Russia is so hungry for the chance to actually work with the United States.
And we've got so many real enemies.
Don't worry, there's gonna be plenty of bombs to drop on the jihadis.
And again, Ron Paul, who I love to death,
The globalists helped create them.
They're taking over the world.
We have to defeat them or the world will go on forever.
We have to destroy ISIS.
We have to get Saudi Arabia back in its rat hole.
You know, it's the Saudi leadership.
Clearly there is an alliance with the New World Order and the Islamists that has got to be defeated.
So I'm going to tell Ron Paul that on Wednesday and bring up, you know, Serb.
Listen, I understand you're against war.
I support you.
But, you know, Saudi Arabia and the globalists carried out 9-11 so they could take out Iraq and all these countries.
They're the real enemy.
Look, Donald Trump understands that when we took our ill-advised actions in Libya,
We had to go borrow, as a country, $1 billion to pay for the bombs for an aggressive war.
Now, we can keep borrowing money to pay for bombs and missiles and guns and weapons, or we can use that money to rebuild our military strength, at the same time, finding a way to rebuild our infrastructure.
That's right.
They were running our military in the ground.
I know you gotta go.
Thank you, Roger.
We'll talk to you soon.
Great to be here with you, Alex.
Many thanks.
You bet.
Wow, so much has happened, and I know I've been so fired up that I just did like, you know, two hours here, and I haven't covered any of this massive stack of news.
I've covered some of it.
We've got other guests coming up, a lot more to break down today, and I have just been a wild man when it comes to skipping breaks.
I'm not going to do that in the next few days.
I apologize to the network and everybody else, but those are network breaks, so I can do it.
It's just such an amazing time, but I have to go over how the enemy's bad.
Because I understand a lot of positive things are happening, but these are nasty, horrible people.
And they've got to be defeated.
Also, we're going to play all these, because the crew spends hours getting all these clips together.
We've got feminism funded by the CIA, very powerful.
Inauguration Day reboot, 2.0, very powerful.
Trump tells business leaders he wants to cut regulations by 70% or more, maybe more.
President Trump calls out fake news for lying about his feud with the intelligence community.
Madonna says blow up the White House.
Shia LaBeouf verbally and physically assaults Trump supporter.
Anti-Trump protester lights girl's hair on fire.
When we come back, I want to play the derangement, because I saw this myself, this type of behavior, of one of these poor brainwashed victims.
Passengers cheer as woman berating Trump supporter kicked off plane.
Spicer slams media in first day briefing.
Van Jones says Trump's Hitler.
Give me a break, man.
He's the opposite of Hitler, you piece of filth.
Hitler wanted to expand.
Trump just wants to be free.
Well, it's no secret that Hillary Clinton is the one that coined the term deplorables and that we stole it, ran with it, and now owned it.
But let's recap some of the behavior we saw over the past election and at the inauguration.
People protesting Trump were assaulting reporters, burning limos, smashing buildings, throwing stink bombs, disrupting the inauguration and other events that were happening, blocking streets, cursing at reporters.
At the Women's March, you had people on the stage cursing repeatedly, talking about fellatio on air, saying Trump can fellatio himself, threatening to bomb the White House, wearing pussy hats, spitting on people.
How about all the assassination threats we've seen on Twitter?
I'm not seeing any of that from Trump supporters.
So after all,
Who are the real deplorables?
I've said it once and I'll say it again.
When they go low, they go really, really low.
This is Owen Troyer for InfoWars.com.
Real News.
Fake Deplorable.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Distance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
The poets tell how Poncho fell and left his living in a cheap hotel.
The desert's quiet, Cleveland's cold.
So the story ends, we're told.
Poncho needs your prayers, it's true.
There's another Merle Haggard song I want to play that's on the fighting side of me.
I think that's in the computer in there.
Maybe we should get that.
I want to play that later in the broadcast.
Boy, I tell you, Trump is so delivering.
I didn't want to just sit here and bitch at the government all day and talk about this corruption, talk about that corruption, just because I hated America.
I was doing it because I hated seeing America be run down the tubes.
But Trump is so bold, and I've looked at what they're actually doing, it's so fair and so good.
And so symbiotic, so the other side gets a good deal as well, so that there's actual trade.
And then I see these people attacking him, and how ugly spiritually they are, and how vicious they are, and how mindless they are, and how controlled they are, and it just is a weird paradox.
Because the light in the eyes, the spirit of goodness, the opposite of hate in the Trump supporters was so amazing, and then you looked at the other side, they were physically ugly,
But there was an ugliness about them beyond their physical traits.
It was just a sunkenness.
The eyes were all sunk in.
They had no spirit.
They felt like soulless creatures.
Their aura was like hell.
And I get it.
Hell, people just resonate to their own energy.
Hell's where all the people, like them, go.
God doesn't even put them there, in my gut view.
It's that they resonate towards their own energy.
And hell would be an eternity with all those zombies and slaves just stumbling around, screaming out mindless slogans.
They're weak, they're ugly, they have nothing but hate.
And it's so clear, I always knew they lie and twist, but everything they say is the opposite.
They say we work for foreign powers, they work for foreign powers.
They say we're racist, they're screaming, you're an effing white male, and they're white.
They're pushing race-based stuff.
They say they're hateful, and they're just frothing and screaming and just... And they come over and say, give me a hug, why are you so hateful?
And I go, okay, and then they go, eff you, some of them.
Because once they got...
Like, will you take a picture with me?
Will you take a picture?
And I'm like, sure.
Nah, I don't want to.
They just wanted me to, like, refuse them so that they could act like I didn't love them individually.
Believe me, I didn't go out there because I hated you.
Because if I hated you, I would be using you, just like your masters do.
They're just, they're leaderless people.
They didn't have ancestors.
And I'm not bragging about it, but I tell you, the greatest thing I have, my greatest possession, is that I come from good people, who weren't screwing folks over, and who were dedicated and hardworking and loving and creative.
And just be glad, folks, that
Whatever happened to them and their family lines, it's not us.
Because let me tell you, the family of this audience, and I'm not saying this to give you some esprit de corps or make you feel special, you really are the light of the world, bringing back the salt, bringing back the guts, bringing back everything that really allows our civilization to flourish.
You're it.
You're the hope.
You're the resistance.
You're everything.
All our hopes go with you.
I tell my son that, everything, you gotta be strong, you gotta be upright, you gotta be a good person, because all God's hopes and dreams go with you, not just mine.
We've had this big victory, but we're being given it because people prayed and fought and took action.
But let me tell you, I can see the next enemy waves coming in, especially down the road.
We're going to look back and wish we'd have moved quicker and fought harder with what's coming.
Stay with us.
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This is Owen Schroer for InfoWars.com, and I met so many amazing people at the inauguration and on this journey to make America great again and get Donald Trump in the White House.
All the amazing people I met and all the love I received meant so much to me.
My heart and my capacity for love has grown ten sizes.
I dedicate my work to you, and to all the pseudo-intellectual liberals out there with your noses up.
It's time for you to take a bite of humble pie, and the election of Donald Trump is the pill you have to swallow.
You need to know, your douchebag sense of entitlement is so palpable that it makes you the ugliest person in the room.
And if you don't come off your self-made soapbox now, you will soon be the most lonely, desperate, desolate people on Earth.
Donald Trump is your president.
The reality is, Donald Trump is the president, America elected him, and we're here to make America great again.
Make planet Earth great again.
Expose the fake news media and change the world.
You can either join us or be a humorous footnote in world history.
Thanks to everyone so much for the love shown over the course of this journey.
Donald Trump is our president.
Now let's get to work.
I hear people talking bad about the way
Well, it's just some footage of the inauguration.
Those big crowds, they say, didn't exist.
Think about how dumb they think you are.
To show the gates when they open at 8.30 and people just start pouring in.
Because they don't want to show nobody.
People know that would be a lie.
You see them all pouring in.
They don't show you hours later when it's the biggest crowd ever.
Or they say, yeah, he took out the Martin Luther King bus.
The whole media runs with it.
And it's just ongoing.
It's not like our country is North Korea.
This is a country worth defending.
They're afraid of it.
The idea... In Europe, there was a renaissance.
You weren't allowed to have your own business.
You had to work for a lord.
The renaissance was about little people.
Restaurants didn't exist then because the elite wouldn't let somebody open one.
Basically, if you had a tavern or a hotel, there could be like maybe one on the road because it was authorized by the local lord.
And it had huge prices because you had to buy it there.
It's a country store.
A company store where they overcharge you.
Yeah, you can be a sharecropper here, but you gotta buy your food here.
You gotta buy your clothes here.
It costs five times what it should.
That's all globalism is!
And if you want to rip people off and not have competition, you're walking on the fighting side of the inheritors of the greatest experiment ever in the Renaissance.
And I talk about Renaissance constantly because other people don't understand how historical it is.
Now you're hearing it.
And again, I'm not... When I tell you the success we're having,
I knew we were having big success over a decade ago, but I didn't know how big.
And now, listeners have to know, the little things you do add together, they're huge.
Leanne, you were here watching the footage, going out covering things.
There was the big march of women here as well.
They really are deceived.
It's much bigger than it would have been, obviously.
The fact that he won has really freaked them out, and they really think Hitler's coming for them, with Van Jones and the Pope all saying he's Hitler.
I mean, I know in the last couple years some people were kind of a little on the fence about Trump.
As time's gone on, I never ordered anybody around here to get behind Trump.
Some people were, again, in the middle of the road or didn't like him.
Everybody here has come over to Trump and then said, wow, he's better than we thought he'd be.
And now seeing that speech, saying this isn't liberal or conservative, this is about empowerment and coming together.
And everyone racially loving each other and working together.
And it wasn't done from a stirring up old wounds perspective.
It was, we're great, we got red blood, let's go to the stars.
And that just had the enemy so upset.
Everyone's faces.
CNN actually put out this gigapixel photograph of the inauguration.
They debunked themselves on that crowd size.
You can go to it and see how huge the crowd was.
But you can also go behind Donald Trump and see all the people, all the elitists that he was speaking specifically to.
The people who have been serving themselves rather than being public servants.
And it's okay to be rich and successful if you build something that people then pay you for and it's a good price.
But you don't just take over everything and then make everybody poor because you can get more out of them for each thing you sell them.
And tell them they're going to be in trouble for insider tradings and things like that, but then exempt yourself so you can get rich off the back of the people, but then make it so that no one else can get rich and you should live in the world.
And by the way, the Republicans said, hey, yo, no, let's keep this law where we can insider trade.
Trump said, we're getting rid of that.
Guess who isn't in the stock market?
Donald Trump.
Look at this, CNN's Gigapixel.
Look at there.
You can see the crowds filled in.
Obviously, yes.
And can we just put it to rest?
Of course, more people were there for Obama's inauguration.
It was A, historical.
B, it was lined up with MLK Day.
So, of course, there were more people in town.
Let's be clear.
Let's be clear.
They didn't have to fence off that much.
They won't let you stand on those areas that are covered up.
So they show, oh, look, there's areas with no people.
Well, look how it's symmetrical.
I mean, for radio listeners, I'll describe this.
Go back to the back.
Go back to down Pennsylvania.
The Metro found like 550,000 people use it.
For Obama's first, it was only 300-something thousand.
The point is, CNN showed a photo earlier of 8.30 in the morning when the gates first opened and said nobody was there.
Well, and also, too, people on Twitter, they're fighting about it.
They're like, well, if you come from the opposite angle looking toward Trump from the monument, it looks more sparse.
Well, okay, that's fine.
Then Donald Trump is not wrong when he says it went all the way back to the monument.
You know what I mean?
So it's like, either way, you look at this argument, but they just have a- Meanwhile, meanwhile, I couldn't get in for over an hour because they were beating people up and attacking them trying to get in.
Look at that fake crap.
They debunk themselves with their own pixelated photo.
In fact, no one's done this properly.
I'm going to shoot a video after the show today and I'm going to show CNN debunks itself.
I guess we just kind of did it right now.
They show their 8.30 in the morning photo and it's almost empty.
And they doubled down with this photo yesterday at the gym.
That's why I got so triggered and I had to come on to the show yesterday.
Because then again, CNN's like, Trump said we lied.
Here, we'll show you the photo.
They're incredible.
We'll show you the photo.
What do you think they're thinking?
Because they keep getting caught and then they double down.
What they're thinking is that people, these morons, that only get their news via CNN, they think that they're going to get by on the fact that... Now let's be clear.
This is when he's being sworn in.
This is CNN's own megapixel photo on their own site, showing it completely full, all the way to the back.
Now, let's go to a shot when they first opened the gates.
Because they didn't have it all gated off as far back in 2009.
They had to with this because of all the threats.
Now, look at that.
Look, look, look at that.
I mean, if you're a radio listener, we're going to put this video up on Infowars.com.
They are crazy.
But, but, Leigh-Anne.
They think you're crazy.
And not only that, but CNN also refused to cover the fact that there were mobs of people blocking off all the entrances.
Or beating people up.
Beating people up.
And the police were wearing pink.
Condom head hats, like the women protesters, and letting them do it to us.
So we went ahead and just started.
We were told to stand down.
We just went ahead and just ran over people.
Well, you know.
In fact, I did it twice, and there was another group, and I just ran them over again.
Of course, it was... I mean, I normally run over them anyways, but I did have some pretty tough guys with me.
You really?
I had one guy, like, he like threw six people.
That was their moment, you know, they were allowed to be tough and feel like the tough, you know, that they think the world is theirs.
That's why you had the older woman.
I saw one anarchist punch this really big guy who was just going to his job.
And he tells them, because they were blocking a normal street, not just the entrances, like up there.
And I saw it, I was waiting for my credentials.
Cabbie was bringing them to me.
I don't know.
But imagine, he's clearly got a lunchbox, he's not a Trump supporter, he goes, I'm going to that construction site, right by the condo, they were building a new building, they torn one down, they just start attacking him!
Screaming, you're a white racist, and they were white!
Order doesn't matter to these people, they want complete chaos, complete anarchy, and they- Well why would they attack some working class schmo in a construction outfit with a lunchbox?
That's a viral video, because Q's in it!
I'm down, you know, I'm across the street.
Q went over, he tells the cops, one of my security guys, he goes, if you're not going to do something, I'm going over there.
And so he goes over there and by then it got shut down.
But that's on the viral video.
I told him to give that to you.
I don't know if he did, but it's one of the most viral videos out there.
Well, then you just see them all in their little skinny jeans.
They got zero muscle tone, you know, zero strength.
The only strength that they have is that they can hide under their balaclavas in their group.
So one will come out and hit and then they run back into the crowd.
You can't tell them apart because they all look the same.
They're like a little insect army.
I mean, look at these dweebs.
Oh, let's tear up a city on trashcan.
That'll get something going.
Oh, look how tough we are.
And then they go... You don't hurt McDonald's bashing the windows out.
You expose his GMO crap.
Oh, and Bill Gates is part of McDonald's and been on the board.
Monsanto is.
Oh, but guess who's fighting them?
Bill Gates.
And these are the same people that donated a lot of money to Hillary Clinton's campaign.
It's like, they didn't donate to Donald Trump's campaign.
They donated to him.
Now remember, a lot of radio listeners can't see this.
Leanne, we found a clip.
I'm going to get ready to play it after the break.
Gloria Steinem, back in the 60s, talking about the CIA and how it funded her and the foundations funded her.
Again, people say, wow, that's what you always say.
It's declassified.
It's true.
It is not to empower women.
There was already a women's rights movement.
And that was all part of the Western, you know, the world.
Was led by the West and women empowerment.
Then they act like we're the people disempowering women when that's where it came from in the West.
And women have always been more honored in the West.
Now they've inverted that and we've got Gloria Steinem, and I pulled some of the articles, we're going to show them for people and also go over them, admitting in mainstream news that the CIA ran Miss Magazine, all of it, to control it and break up the family.
And they just admit all of this and they're doing it again today, Leigh Ann.
Cultural Marxism.
It's all right there.
We got the documents.
It's not like they're trying to hide their plans.
I mean, it's all right there in black and white.
What do you think of the women running up and just screaming, thinking basically any masculine male is the enemy?
I just think I'm really kind of frightened, you know, like I pointed out that cover of the National Geographic magazine, how women aren't even included on the cover of the gender revolution.
Oh yeah, talk about that.
In the future, women and men don't even exist.
Because see, if we exist, male and female, in that relationship of the normal species, that is the species, then it's hurting others.
Well, that's the whole cultural Marxism thing.
We all have to be the same.
There's no gender.
There's no culture.
It's the cultural Marxism, and it's a failure.
It's failed in the past, but this is what they hope, is that we're all just this sort of subspecies.
And really, they've sexualized some little kid in National Geographic.
Let's show the cover.
And this is really just basically pervert behavior.
So here's this, I think they have a few different... The gender revolution!
We put chemicals in your water.
This has always gone on.
We're not mad at anybody that feels like this.
The point is, this has always gone on some, but now they're forcing it, is the point, with the chemicals.
Well, my point, and what made me so angry about that cover, is fine, sure, you want to talk about the gender revolution, that's fine.
But where are men and women?
Where's just, you're a straight up woman.
You're a heterosexual female.
No, no, no.
Now at all these campuses and stuff, that's not allowed.
You're not welcome.
And then I started getting yelled at.
And it's a bully.
It's a cult.
They're forcing you into it.
Sorry, what happened?
I was getting yelled at.
They're like, so you don't believe transgender women are real women?
Like attacking me.
So see now, the only real woman is a transgender.
See now, now you're being replaced.
It's a scientific revolution that would be run by aliens if they were actually in control.
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We are back!
I've got so many clips to get to.
We'll start doing it in the next segment.
And I believe we have one of the other reporters coming in that was at the Women's March and got attacked.
Yeah, and she's a black lady.
It's just crazy how hateful these grips are.
But again, they've been entitled to go out and act like this.
But here's Gloria Steinem back in the 1960s on national television bragging about how the CIA recruited her to take over the women's movement with the foundations.
They knew about her work with the foundations.
They wanted to work with her.
The foundations created the CIA.
Okay, this is all declassified.
This came out in the 70s congressional hearings.
I keep talking about foundations.
They're the ones that talk about putting chemicals in the plastics to confuse the sexuality of men, make them feminine, make women hyper-feminine, but then that gives them breast cancer.
That's what the glyphosates and the chemicals and all of it do.
And I was seeing that the people most affected by the chemicals, most susceptible, you could see them, they were really screwed up, were the people out there protesting Trump.
These are the people that this project was successful ruining.
Here's Gloria Steinem that helped destroy the American family.
Here she is.
Gloria, at the festival you work for the Independent Research Service.
That's right.
Well, exactly when did your own association with the CIA start, and in what fashion?
Did they come to you, or did you go to them?
In 1958, when I came home from India... Yes, look at the arrogance!
...student leaders, past and present, many of them active with the National Student Association, this kind of small foundation to encourage Americans to go, they thought it was a good idea, too.
I was then told by foundations and professors and friends that I should not do this, that I would get in trouble with the House Un-American Activities Committee, the American Legion, all of those fifties people.
And I became convinced that it was impossible.
It was at that
Let's hit pause real quick.
Oh, the House on Un-American Activities claimed there was a secret CIA, Army-directed program to break up the family.
Everything that he said has come out to be true.
Joseph McCarthy, the Russians, he classified it a decade ago.
Now the Russians realize they were put under an accelerated program that we are now under.
The same people that did what they did to Russia are now trying it here.
They just had to do it slower because we were so much stronger.
The Tsars, you know, were somewhat oppressive, so Russia never really had the freedom.
They've been under autocratic rule.
But it was much less worse than this.
It was at least Christian and family-oriented.
So it was easier to do under Communists.
But now that's all declassified and Russian national TV admits all this and plays these clips.
And now that's the kinship we have that Russia has been oppressed by the very same group.
She's like, oh, these 50s people.
Yeah, you know, all the people that made America.
Oh, we had to get around them and we couldn't get funding.
So we got it from the CIA to do what?
Tell women, you're no good if you stay home with your kids.
You're scum.
Hey, women can do great stuff and be in command jobs if they want it.
Let's accept women in.
You're nobody if you don't leave your kids in daycare and let us give them a bunch of shots and let the state take over.
You're nobody if you don't let the state raise your kids.
That was the CIA.
Who said that back in 1954, John Birch Society?
They didn't just pull this out of their head.
Why does the John Birch Society back then know everything?
Because there were good people in the CIA and everywhere else that leaked it all, the plan.
It just sounded so fantastic, and the MSM was dominant.
They were able to demonize people that were telling the truth, but not anymore, because those seeds have now grown to mighty oaks.
Yeah, well I know you have reported many times in the past just on that 50 steps of the communist takeover of America, and it was read into the congressional records in the 50s, and just how unbelievable it is.
And you were saying how difficult it was for them to implement this takeover here in the U.S.
because we were so aware of it.
But then when you go back and you read those 50 steps... Everything's been done.
It's happening right now.
It's in your face.
And guess what?
America finally realized it was under attack and got up and kicked ass.
Yeah, well, we gotta keep fighting now.
I mean, the giant's bloodied and stumbling around, but in the meantime, the little bloody goblin is running for its life.
Yeah, we finally woke up from the stupor, though, but just kind of... Well, I'm ranting.
I want you to come back and go over some of these articles and some of the history of it, but, like, I met with the New York Times, go, oh, Gloria Steinem, CIA, and I'm like, yeah, it's in her own book.
Now we've got film of it that did air on 60 Minutes Later, but was from the New York Times and the Washington Post.
So, there you go, folks.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march, the Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That's Infowarslife.com.
This will be a day long remembered.
We've seen the end of the Clintons.
We'll soon see the end of the globalists.
This is the heart of 1776.
You're a white male!
It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host Alex Jones.
Move, bitch!
Get out of the way!
Infowars helped fuel the rumor that President Obama is an ISIS supporter.
It's been a cozy relationship from the beginning.
I will not let you down.
You'll be very, very impressed, I hope.
And I think we'll be speaking a lot.
Donald Trump and Alex Jones.
This means that Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones!
By the way, we are going to get into a lot of different issues here.
What happened at the Women's March.
Again, it's women.
They just brand it.
All women are for globalism and the end of the family and slitting their wrists and running around pouring gasoline on themselves.
This is the brainwashing that we see in what we've dealt with.
But before I do that, I want to talk about an event that happened Saturday as I was about to leave DC.
I had a condo right there on Pennsylvania Avenue, and as I come out of the condo on the ninth floor, I'm waiting for some of the other crew to come out of their rooms, and out of the mist,
Almost out of the mist.
It was like the lights weren't working at the end of the corridor.
Out of the dark comes Ted Cruz.
People make jokes about him and that.
So I thought I'd go ahead and play this interview.
And look, I do like Ted Cruz and some of the things he's done.
He destroyed himself pretty bad early on.
So we're going to play that report a little bit later.
I said I would do that yesterday.
I just didn't get around to it.
But at the little no-man's land, at the end of the hour, I'm going to play that.
But before I do that, I'm going to air this report from this weekend, but it's very pertinent now.
Inauguration Day Reboot, America 2.0.
Inauguration Day Reboot, America 2.0.
Here it is.
You know, the free press is central to our democracy.
And, nah, I'm just kidding.
You know I've got to talk about Trump!
Come on!
Which Republican candidate has the best chance of winning the general election?
Of the declared ones right now, Donald Trump.
Providence, in motion, my fellow Americans.
Whether you belong to Hillary's deplorable horde, or you are the vilest commie roaming the American taxpayer's streets of gold, one thing can't be denied.
This is a new beginning.
The prayer of King Solomon from the Book of Wisdom.
Let us pray.
God of our ancestors and Lord of mercy, you have made all things, in short lived lacking in comprehension of judgment and of laws,
Indeed, though one might be perfect among mortals, if wisdom which comes from you be lacking, we count for nothing.
The glum perp walk of the sourpuss Democrats was worth the price of admission.
We live in a challenging and tumultuous time.
A quickly evolving, ever more interconnected world.
A rapidly changing economy that benefits too few while leaving too many behind.
And as Obama and crew were officially relieved of duty, a sigh of relief hung over the beautiful for spacious skies.
So help me God.
So help me God.
I, Donald John Trump, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.
That's the Constitution of the United States.
So help me God.
So help me God.
Congratulations Mr. President.
The protesters, mad dogs with no rhyme or reason, flung the last throws of their mockingbird media brainwashed riddled minds from decades of gorging on a diet of delusion and fear into the cold streets of Washington, D.C.
You're out here protesting so people can see your protest, but why don't you want to talk when there's people here that are willing to cover it?
However, Providence hung heavily in the air, and it is huge.
The wealth of our middle class has been ripped from their homes and then redistributed all across the world.
But that is the past.
And now, we are looking only to the future.
In the words of Donald J. Trump... We are one nation, and their pain is our pain.
Their dreams are our dreams, and their success will be our success.
We share one heart, one home, and one glorious destiny.
The oath of office I take today is an oath of allegiance to all Americans.
John Bowne for Infowars.com.
I want to say something very, very calmly here because it's so big and I don't think I've stated it properly.
What Trump is saying and doing, and what I saw Spicer just saying during the break, everything they're doing will destroy the globalists.
There's no way they can't deliver because the message is the destination.
When you expose unelected corporate world government that's tax-exempt running things that admits in its own internal annals that aren't secret,
They're public, that's how arrogant they are.
Imagine what's secret, that they want to make us poor and hopeless.
They want to sow division between people of different skin colors and religion.
And start wars.
And then put radical Islam in charge of everything.
The most crazy oppressive people the world's ever seen.
The most racist people the world's ever seen.
It's crazy.
And Trump's for real.
And he's delivering like no one's ever seen.
There's a new Kit Daniels article.
That kid is getting so prolific.
And the guy writes like five articles a day, and each one better than the next.
Not satire!
I was thinking this this morning.
I didn't even say this to Kit.
It's funny how our brains are synced sometimes.
Because we're so immersed in this truth.
I was like, it's like it's not real.
I feel like I'm being a cheerleader.
And I love to go after the government.
I love to attack people.
I mean, you know, they're doing it.
But it's like, I keep looking for something Trump's doing.
And it's like he's over-performing.
It's crazy!
I mean, I was talking to people from Detroit and stuff, both black and white, and they're like, yeah, they're announcing like eight more companies come back just because he got them to.
I mean, you know, and then the union's attacking because he's bringing jobs back.
I mean, because they're Democrats.
I mean, it is, it is, it's like a suicide pact they've got.
But here's the new Kit Daniels article, Trump wrestles control from trilateral elite.
What an astute statement, because it's the Trilateral Commission that works with Japan, that works with the United States, and that works with Europe to agree to all the trade deals to consolidate corporate control.
How about we don't consolidate?
How about we have a boom?
The only group allowed to have a boom for 30 years has been China, and their people haven't got any of the money.
I don't want to hear one more time that I don't like Chinese people.
Well, you know who doesn't like Chinese people?
Mao Zedong.
He killed 84 million of them.
And so this is so exciting.
Obama's pro-slavery stance actually makes sense.
That's in the TPP.
It legalizes forced labor.
I mean, seriously, you can't make this up.
Wasn't really a trade deal, but an all-out
Rather an enabling act to allow transnational corporations to dump American workers and erode U.S.
economic independence.
This is all part of a program by the Trilateral Commission who groomed Obama to secretly seize control of the U.S.
government from within with the sole intention of breaking down U.S.
national sovereignty and economic might to make the way for the North American Union, much like the E.U.
And now all of that is on fire.
So now they've gone from denying world government exists, saying world government was American.
I've got a huge stack of news here just from today.
World government was American and now American world power is collapsing.
No it's not.
Everybody's going to love us again.
We never got any of the spoils of all this stolen stuff.
The globalists did.
Look at this.
Will Trump be the end of Pax Americana?
It was never a Pax Americana.
It was global government.
That old neocon plan.
Trump challenges world order.
Blah, blah, blah.
On and on and on.
So I gotta tell you, his common sense approach is unrivaled.
The fact that you spread the word, built the movement to defeat the globalists, and then now we're here is incredible.
But, the people that have been brainwashed and manipulated, notice the Republican establishments against him as well,
They're all coming out against Trump and going into total hysteria.
I got called an effing white male probably 300 times by exclusively white women.
And then the black people I saw in the demonstrations just looked bewildered.
They'd say, I like a lot of what you do, Alex, but why are you here with a Hitler?
And I'm just telling you what I saw.
And then the white men were just like zombies walking along behind the women who look like they've been like vampires who've drunk all their blood or something.
I mean, they look all shriveled, like whether they were old or young, look retarded.
I mean, I'm not being mean here.
I felt sorry for them.
But then Ashley Beckford, our great intrepid reporter, has a lot of courage wearing a Make America Great hat.
Went downtown for the big march, and Leanne got triggered seeing them lying, saying nobody showed up at the Trump event, even though they admit 300,000 couldn't get in because they were blocking the entrances, and it was still full.
They just nailed the thing where you can't stand on the grass in certain areas.
So there's like little areas where the cops tell you to get off that.
In fact, there was all this grass area.
I'm right there in the front.
They go, you can't stand here.
Well, somebody had already taken my chair.
I didn't kick them out of it.
So talking about all this, we've got a video coming up, we'll play, of what happened there.
I wish we had enough camera people.
I love doing that though.
Her voice wasn't welcome there.
She didn't matter.
Talk about what happened to you.
Well, I said, I'm a woman, so let me go ahead and show my face at this Women's March.
This is very important.
You know, for women, they're talking about different aspects of women's rights.
Or so I thought.
When I actually arrived there, I found out it was very, very disjointed.
Basically, you had all these people coming out here.
They don't even know what they're coming to even protest.
They're basically out there just hating on men, hating on Donald Trump in particular.
It's basically a Donald Trump and men's hate fest.
They literally had signs where they're hating on men's anatomy.
Just by having male anatomy, you're automatically evil.
You're automatically evil.
So it's the ultimate sexism.
Right, exactly.
I mean, it's like, I mean, exactly.
Unless you identify as something that's non-binary.
Then you're okay because you've already known it.
And you just answered my question, what's the plan?
You have to then say, I'm not male or female, I'm not white, I'm not black.
They create such a race war that then you just say, I'll do whatever you say, I'm whatever new definition you say.
Right, when I was out there, I actually met, of course, several androgynous people, trans people, and there was this guy out there who was saying he was androgynous, and he was just reiterating to me how racist the LGBT community is.
I actually should do a video on this because I have a lot of clips.
Oh, I agree.
I'm not against anybody.
Oh yeah.
And they threatened to, you know, basically physically attack me.
And then they, you know, verbally attack me all the time.
And basically this woman in the same video agrees with him.
Look at how that guy has pictures of Hillary who funds radical jihadist enslaving women.
Pictures of Hillary all over him.
What a conformist.
Yeah, that's what I was saying.
And then that's the gay woman who was saying her wife is black so she's able to call me a race traitor.
And that she wasn't black.
Well, yeah, that's another aspect.
So that excuses her.
Yeah, she gets a pass to be racist.
And they were so freaked out.
All they did was insult you.
They didn't have any ideas.
Yeah, I was shocked by actually how many people really showed up and it was just like they really had such a disjointed message you couldn't figure out really what they were protesting about.
Let's talk about yesterday.
How long is the video you've got?
Because I want to play it.
Well, I think this cut is about five minutes, but I have hours and hours of footage.
I was out there for four hours and just basically having a monologue with myself.
Because they won't talk to you.
Right, they wouldn't talk to me.
I've never seen it where, because if you go to a
Any other type of political event, people want to talk.
They want to be on camera.
They'll never talk.
They just scream, you're a racist or you're a... They were so triggered by my Trump hat.
I was saying in the video, I said, don't try to adjust your television screen.
This is actually a black woman who supported Trump.
I voted for him in the primary and the general election.
I guess, you know, that makes me a bad person.
I'm not with the group.
You know, I'm not a woman.
I'm not, you know, part of Black Lives Matter.
Your black life doesn't matter unless you're actually agreeing with their communist talking points, basically.
Well, they're trying to brand it exactly that they own black people.
That's called slavery.
And they own women.
Because if you're for the women, you're for the march.
It's complete mental slavery.
But you can't wear your Trump hat, but you're allowed to wear the hijab and meet up with Hamas and... Yeah, what about all the... I saw these hijabs and women going, I'm for women's rights, I wear a hijab.
That's the opposite.
Is that not part of the patriarchy and male dominance?
That's the ultimate form of it.
And then on the other spectrum, you had all these naked women who were basically topless.
This is in my video.
Sorry, I know it's a family show, but there are all these people, these women.
OK, it's going to be 210.
They're saying the report's going to be about two minutes long.
And basically, there are all these women just exposing themselves.
And they were saying, this is my woman's right.
And I was saying, you know, to myself, guess what?
You know what?
You wouldn't have these rights in these Islamic countries.
You supported Hillary Clinton.
You support Bernie Sanders.
You support the Communist takeover.
Well, guess what?
You're not going to have your women's rights.
You're not going to have your rights to expose yourself because that's America.
See, that's called logic, but I was saying the same thing.
Only here in the West you do that and I'm fine with it.
But exactly, they wouldn't listen to logic.
Right, exactly, there's no logic.
They're so oppressed that they can run around naked.
Right, they don't even want to hear my opinion.
Call you an effing white male and beat you and call you racist names.
No discourse whatsoever.
Oh yeah, the cops let them attack everybody, including women.
Oh yeah.
Because they're liberal, it's okay.
How do you think both...
Chime in, whoever.
How did we get to this point?
Because I've got to be honest, I'm kind of stunned after I was in D.C.
It was so crazy.
It was like being in a giant cult.
It was just the craziest thing I've ever seen.
I put a lot of the blame actually on our former, so glad to say that, former president, Barack Obama.
You know, all this race baiting and fomenting this kind of race war idea really came out of his presidency.
Obama came out like, hey, I'm the first black president when that's, you know, not even true for many, many reasons.
And basically it just spurred people to think he's for me.
He's, you know, my president.
He's going to change everything and make everything good for the black community.
And guess what?
He did nothing.
In fact, he increased the poverty rates.
He increased the pay.
Totally for granted.
I know behind the scenes in the public, Trump specifically wants to make a point, is obsessed
With bringing the best jobs to predominantly black areas.
People can say, well that's discriminatory, what is this affirmative action?
No, that's people that want to work.
And people are owed a debt after what the Democrats and everybody and the Republicans have done.
We should bring a lot of jobs.
And I'm skipping this break, sorry.
Forgot to tell you.
I mean, this is just so incredible.
Trump really loves everybody.
With Obama to their face and Hillary and the Clintons to their face.
These people in Detroit and elsewhere who've been begging for a little bit of help to say, you know... Eight new factories coming to Detroit.
I love it.
And the bottom line is this, people like me and Ben Carson, we supported Trump because we want to increase the wealth of the black community.
And for them to say, like Mark Lamont Hill, we're mediocre Negroes?
Ben Carson is a mediocre Negro.
That's ridiculous.
Well, yeah, like speaking racially of a group, you've got to agree with me or you're not a person.
He is a multi-millionaire neurosurgeon.
Didn't he actually win like a Nobel Prize or something?
You know what mediocre means?
It means subhuman.
It means like you're not... Meanwhile, Mark Lamont Hill is like totally privileged.
But he speaks on behalf of the black people.
Let's play a clip of that.
I've got a clip here.
We've got a bunch of these.
Madonna says blowing up the White House, speaking at Women's March.
I want to play that because I mentioned it.
Then I've also got a clip here of CNN host saying that Trump is basically Hitler, Van Jones.
So let's go ahead and play that first clip of Madonna.
Here we go.
Lock her up.
I'm angry.
I've made billions.
I am outraged.
I'm so oppressed as a woman in the West.
I'm so angry, I gotta read my notes.
I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.
She's so terrible.
But I know that this won't change anything.
We cannot fall into despair.
I love this arrogant devil worshipper.
She's well-known.
As the poet, W.H.
Auden, once wrote... Hasn't she damaged women enough with her music and her disgusting behavior?
She's a pig.
Get her off there.
I'm going to be honest.
I don't want to sit here.
They go, you effing white males are the problem.
I'm sure we've got problems.
I was there, okay, for three days.
I got to say, the nastiest stuff was weird white women.
I'm not bashing white women.
I'm just saying whatever programming they did to them,
Like, whatever guilt they had that made them more, like, go with whatever they were told, they were just, like, crazy.
And they were just, like, frothing and spitting and attacking and just running around foaming at the mouth.
Like, what have they done to them?
I have no idea.
It's very delusional.
They're very delusional and living in an alternative reality.
It's like these fat white gay guys walking over to a beautiful black woman and saying,
You're an Uncle Tom, you're an idiot, like, getting in your space.
Or yeah, or Tom.
And they made you cry.
Something else, one of those signs that I read out there was that this is, one of the signs was like, I'm marching for all the women who voted against their own best interests.
It's like, no, a lot of women voted for Donald Trump because we don't think that the most important thing is just the rights to an abortion.
There's a lot of... He's gotten awards for putting more women in executive positions, gays, minorities, but he doesn't care.
If you'll get the job done, you got the job.
I remember I looked at an interview he did, he goes, I don't know why most of my casinos are managed by gay men, they just seem to do the best job.
It's kind of like saying in the NFL, why is it mainly black males?
It's like, for some reason, in certain niches, people start to be better at stuff.
It's like, oh he's anti-gay!
Maybe if we were more prosperous and we had money and jobs, then we wouldn't have to prolong having a family.
We wouldn't have been indoctrinated that you can only have one job.
But of course we need women to be able to be in the workforce.
But it's the West that allowed that to happen.
Yeah, and that's what it was all about, was about abortion rights, you know, so-called abortion rights.
Which really means kill all the minorities.
Right, and then they wanted, yeah, and they wanted to talk about Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood.
I also want to do a video on that to let everybody know the true history of Planned Parenthood.
Margaret Sanger, total racist, total person who... She said you were a weed that should die before you're born.
Right, exactly.
She said we have to, we can't let it go out.
And Ms.
Beckford, you don't look like a weed to me.
Neither does Leanne or anybody around here.
Yeah, we definitely don't need to exterminate the black community, that's for sure.
And that's what Planned Parenthood is going to do.
For me, that's the litmus test.
If you are all foaming at the mouth about, I mean, let's admit what was founded by basically, Margaret Sanger was basically the captain of the KKK.
So, and I'm sorry, I get women and kids and things happen.
You're worried you've been raped or might be deformed.
That's a medical procedure.
You know, for the safety of the woman.
Let's just be honest.
But the thing is, we don't have to worship killing the babies.
I'm not judging anybody that's had an abortion.
I've been honest.
I've paid for them in my time.
Okay, I'm sad for it.
The point is, is that it doesn't have to be some national worship fest for it.
And you don't have to blame women who voted for Donald Trump saying that we voted against our best interests as if jobs and the economy and being able to feed our families or have a future, I mean, as if they're... Well, here's the deal.
They weren't trying to put women in jobs and power to empower women.
Their own white paper said it was to end the family and enslave everybody.
And quite frankly, they said women in the psychological actuaries would serve tyranny better than men.
Not that men won't serve tyranny, but on average a certain percentage of men will rebel and lead a revolt.
So they actuated all out with studies and said, we're going to put women in charge, but only in charge of their own destruction, because who will believe mama is bringing death to the family?
Well, you went and saw those women at that march.
You saw people are ready to bring the death.
They made women believe that they don't need men in order to survive and in order to, you know.
And we need you to survive.
That's how we keep the species going.
It's a symbiotic relationship.
We're one species.
They don't seem to understand that.
They don't seem to understand basic biology.
Space aliens arrive, they would do this plan.
I don't get into aliens and all that stuff, but I look at the plan and I go, this looks like some stuff some green men did.
I mean, this doesn't look normal.
Well, now they're trying to convince with National Geographic and others that even just your average woman... Yeah, let's show that again.
A woman doesn't even deserve to be on the cover.
Because that would hurt somebody if you're just a woman.
It wouldn't have... You know, just a woman.
If they were just trying to show the gender revolution and they had only gender binary, trans woman, trans man, trans this, fine.
Okay, fine.
But they made a point to put a male alongside all these other different genders.
So why not put female?
Just plain male?
No, because who are they targeting?
Who have I said, Leigh Ann, you've been here five years, you're doing a great job, four and a half years.
What do I harp on?
Who are they targeting?
They claim to be your best friend as a woman.
Who do you target?
You bring people down.
Who are they targeting?
We're good to go.
And then you get washed in testosterone.
The point is once they take, women are the species.
The big joke is humanity is woman.
So the big joke is they're literally telling you, oh we care about you, we represent you, they want to kill you.
Do you understand that?
That's why scientists are figuring out how to create life without a woman all together.
They're using like stem cells from a leg or just a random kind of
Yeah, they're trying to splice like five men together.
Okay, because I've heard with the women, the woman has the mitochondrial DNA.
You can actually take two eggs and create a girl.
If you're a lesbian, it's cool.
This is only from a woman.
See how weird this is?
But it's deeper than that.
That's just pop selling.
We're going to break.
We'll come back.
Here's the big secret.
Women only carry the mitochondrial DNA.
That's the entire race consciousness of the species.
So if you don't have the mitochondrial DNA, then it's not really a human.
It's just some weird clone splice creature.
So here's the deal.
They're cutting off the entire race memory and the fact that the mitochondrial DNA
Only women have it.
Women have a second set of DNA and it overrides the other and decides what DNA is manifested.
And again, I'm not saying this to kiss women's ass.
It's the truth!
It's like Hitler said, first you get the women, then you got the children, so follow the men.
It's an attack on the species.
Ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones here with the Inauguration Special.
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It's Alex Jones.
Owen Schroer is coming up in about 20 minutes.
I'm gonna haunch out and go get the broadcast going for the night.
We're not just saying we're the front lines of the Info War, sometimes I wish we weren't.
Let me tell you, because I have all this responsibility, I know how right we are, I know how evil the globalists are, and I just hope listeners understand, this is real.
Ashley Beckford, Leanne McAdams, this is a short segment.
Niko Okusa just popped my ear and he goes, you know what would be really nice?
If you didn't skip all those breaks and not plug one time in the last hour, maybe we could fund the Washington Bureau.
Maybe we could actually pay everybody around here.
And that's right.
The free shipping on some things, 30-40% off swearable food, 30% off on nutraceuticals, it all ends today.
It has to end today.
We're good to go.
We've got to not be politically correct.
Let's just admit it.
Say what you said during the break.
Well, I was saying that it's very controversial of a statement, but the bottom line is this.
I believe that the LGBT movement and community is basically creating this whole sort of situation where we're going to actually become depopulated.
We're depopulating the earth.
We know the birth rates have been lowered and it's a system... Well, they've been used as a pawn in that.
Right, yeah, yeah, right.
I don't think the individual LGBT community member is aware of this, but the bottom line is that it's a systematic way of depopulating the earth, of limiting human population.
We know Bill Gates, he wants that population to go to zero, so that's part of it is the LGBT agenda.
Yeah, I mean...
The owner of Facebook that says we're dumb effers is basically buying Kauai, kicking the natives off their property.
He doesn't want anybody around.
Yeah, what, can you have a hundred different genders on Facebook?
I thought there were two.
Apparently there's a hundred.
No, the science is not settled on that.
Well, as soon as men and women realize we're under attack, it's not about being inclusive of other people.
That's ridiculous.
I don't attack anybody.
The fact is, they tell the kids, no, you can't be male or female.
You've got to be something else now.
I was surprised at how nasty people in the LGBT community can be.
58 gender options for Facebook users.
Well, that was from 2014.
There's more now.
It's over 100 now.
There's more.
They're doubling and tripling, I'm sure.
They don't teach the kids math or history.
It's all just all this new stuff.
No, that's completely it and you wonder why the world is going mad.
And they sell the idea that they can teach our kids, I mean I don't want to tell my kids to like 10 or 11 about sex and stuff, they want to teach a kindergartner about all this stuff?
That's called pedophilia.
Right, well and it's like they're teaching them an alternative version of reality so no wonder everyone is going insane.
They're grooming them for abuse, either to abuse themselves or to be abused by other people.
You're right, Leanne, you just said it, Leanne made this point, like she feels crazy being around this now.
And when I was in D.C.
after like hours of these crowds, like screaming I was a racist and I knew I wasn't and I'm evil because I'm white and that's pure racism and all this other crap, I was feeling crazy.
I had to go in.
I just said, guys, we can't do this anymore.
I was like, their insanity is like, it's...
And just the fact that their version of reality is being reinforced on CNN and things like that where you can, you're, it's, you literally want to go insane because you know that those pictures are fake.
But they're putting it out there.
They've been admitted to be fake.
I was there and saw the whole mall full of record numbers and they said no one was there and they show a fake photo.
And they don't get in trouble!
Then they'd bitch at the president for calling it out!
Right, and that's, I mean, and this is just one particular story.
Think of all the other stories out there with these hashtag alternative facts because that's the other thing they've started now.
It's not fake news, it's alternative facts that they're trying to say that Trump is bringing in the alternative.
Right, they said that he removed the bust of Martin Luther King Jr., which is a total lie.
It was behind a curtain.
Yeah, it was behind a
Which they didn't want.
And that was that whole message of who fought Hitler.
And who fought the jihadis, Winston Churchill.
That was a message.
I tell you, these people are sick.
Our true allies.
I mean, anybody that allies themselves with the jihadis, I mean... We'll be right back.
We got the key report from out there on the ground.
We, the citizens of America, are now joined in a great national effort to rebuild our country and restore its promise for all of our people.
This moment is your moment.
It belongs to you.
Today's ceremony, however, has very special meaning.
Because today, we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another, or from one party to another.
But we are transferring power from Washington, D.C., and giving it back to you, the people.
For too long, a small group in our nation's capital has reaped the rewards of government, while the people have borne the cost.
From this day forward, a new vision will govern our land.
From this day forward, it's going to be only America First!
America First!
We will follow two simple rules.
Buy American and hire American.
At the bedrock of our politics will be a total allegiance to the United States of America.
And through our loyalty to our country, we will rediscover our loyalty to each other.
When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.
We must speak our minds openly, debate our disagreements honestly, but always pursue solidarity.
When America is united, America is totally unstoppable.
It's time to remember that old wisdom our soldiers will never forget.
That whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots.
Together, we will make America strong again.
We will make America wealthy again.
We will make America proud again.
We will make America safe again.
And yes, together, we will make America great again.
Thank you, God bless you, and God bless America.
Front lines are in our mind.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Tell your children not to drink the fluoride, baby.
Can you keep them in the dark for life?
Can you hide them from the waiting world?
We're not gonna do that.
We're bringing the light to the world.
No, they don't want that.
Ashley Beckford, you're making great points during the break, so is Leigh-Anne.
You guys take over in this segment.
We've got this clip to play and more.
Then, Mr. Schreuer is coming here to join you guys, and I'm going to hand the baton over, but it was so clear-cut.
It was so clear how right we've been being in D.C., what you saw, the craziness.
The fact that this is a cult, the fact that it's anti-human, it's hard to believe our own species cooked this up.
It is.
It's really hard to believe.
I mean, we were talking on the break about how we really think it could be kind of a spiritual battle here.
I mean, that's what it feels like to me.
We don't know where these people are getting their ideas or where all this negative energy is coming from, but it feels otherworldly.
We're saying it feels like we're in some sort of science fiction novel or in a dystopic situation.
It's very, very strange how these people actually seem like they're in a separate reality.
I was talking about Carlos Castaneda.
Are we in another dimension?
A totally alternative dimension.
Our realities have been superimposed on each other.
That's why some people can listen to Donald Trump's speech and be like, wow, that was amazing.
And other people are truly believing that it's the second coming of Hitler.