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Name: 20170120_Fri-1_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 20, 2017
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This passage features various segments from The Alex Jones Show discussing Donald Trump's inauguration, protests, and political views. The hosts express excitement for Trump's presidency, criticize the media's portrayal of protesters, and discuss their own experiences at the event. They also promote products related to survival and health. Overall, the episodes convey a sense of optimism and unity among Trump supporters.

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And welcome back to InfoWars' 14-hour Freedom Fest.
We are here together covering live the presidential inauguration.
Of course, Donald Trump resisted all of the pressure from those protesters and those never-Trumpers and all the Hollywood elitists.
And he has officially become the 45th President of the United States of America.
I am joined by the beautiful Margaret Howell and of course Adam Curry, the co-host of the No Agenda Show, noagendashow.com.
Thank you.
So, you guys, sum it up.
I mean, we could see Michelle Obama's face.
I mean, I think she made it pretty clear how she felt.
What did you guys think about the inauguration?
Well, first of all...
Hillary looked doped up.
Oh yeah.
Bill kept looking at Melania the whole time.
I don't know if you guys covered that.
Bill couldn't look at her.
It was a little creepy the way he was looking.
We're actually looking for that clip because we want to do a segment about, you know, he just can't resist a beautiful... I mean, any woman, frankly.
She is really stunning, though.
He really telegraphs.
He's like...
A little rude, actually.
Yes, I think the Drudge headline was glum and glummer, because the Clintons really looked, you could see that their power was no more, no one was kissing the ring of the Clintons there, and they were just trying to hold it in.
Some people even snubbed them, didn't even go for handshakes, and Hillary Clinton was giving these icy stares.
I'm an empath, so I sort of felt a little bad for her, but, you know, we did that.
We did that.
We did that.
We actually did do that.
You say that lightly.
We really did.
We put our hearts and souls into making sure that she did not become president of the United States.
Our dark hearts.
Our dark hearts, exactly.
Well, Alex has a very dark heart.
Ours are moderate.
I'm joking.
Dark hearts, and of course, fake news, and sponsored by Russia.
All that.
To make sure I'm in the right place.
We did all of that.
I think that Russia still, right now, their translation is a little slow, which is why sometimes our comments are delayed a little because we have to have them translated.
Actually, I should have gotten that off my phone.
I have a picture of the invite for Vladimir Putin.
He was invited, for sure.
Yeah, you've got to go through KGB, the Kremlins, they've got their own frisking process that you've got to go through.
Well, I know the meme that's going around right now is Michelle Obama's face, and everyone's just taking, she's really good at giving a side eye, and they're saying Michelle Obama is all of our, is all of us for the next four years, just taking that side eye.
She really wasn't trying to hide the fact that
A, she's ready to step out of there, and B, she's kind of not hiding how she really feels about Donald Trump.
Yeah, that was pretty obvious, but on the other hand, for me, it's just watching it, and I just scanned through the channels.
What a beautiful day!
I mean, everything kind of worked out perfectly, everything went according to plan.
There were supposed to be jets flying over, I never saw that.
I didn't either.
I don't think that happened.
You know, this is a great day in America.
Whenever this happens, no matter who becomes president, it was really nice to watch, really good to see that everything went reasonably smoothly.
I mean, when I saw CNN the other day with, well, what happens if there's a terrorist attack and all these people are wiped out?
Who will be president?
Why are they even putting that out there?
We're not just fake news.
We're going to bring out these hypothetical scenarios.
It's almost like they wanted that to happen, Adam.
You know, if I didn't know better, I would think that they were actually planning for an assassination attempt.
There's still time!
Anyone out there?
Do you have any crazy ideas?
It was an emotional day, was it not?
Like, listening to his speech, I was actually crying at my desk, just a little.
Like, you can't hold it back.
It was so emotional.
I like short speeches.
I like that.
Short speech, good.
Man, all about America.
Well, most importantly, and this is something that I've been harping on for the past year and a half, Trump, the whole campaign, one of the few people in this race who consistently would say, our country.
There's always this country, this country, in this country.
But I continuously heard Trump say, in our country, we're going to make our country great again.
And that kind of spread throughout all his appointees as well.
I like that.
It's subtle, but I think it makes a big difference.
Very big difference.
As an empath, you should know that.
Yes, very subtle.
And just, you know, watching Melania as she was walking down the steps, you can tell, and even yesterday... What an outfit, by the way!
What an outfit!
Yeah, very Jackie O. Totally, with the gloves, the shoes, just beautiful.
Very classy, and you could just, even yesterday when they were there at the Arlington Cemetery, they were, you could just tell that they were really humbled and sort of like, whoa, we are about to enter the White House, we did this, like, and I felt the same way, just sort of,
I mean, I guess probably eight years ago with your black community, seeing a black president going in, like, yeah, all of us can get there.
I mean, you know, there's a lot of girls that think that maybe they have a sordid past or maybe they have some pictures they don't want out there.
And look, it really backfired on them, didn't it?
We're trying to muddy her up.
The only thing that did was make her human, frankly.
It resonated with, as you say, so many people.
Nobody at this table, of course, has any... Anyway, I'm joking.
We're talking about an immigrant who speaks with an accent, who does have photographs out there that people have tried to use against her, and she really came across as very stunning, very first lady-like, and somebody you would aspire to be.
And it's so interesting how for the last few years there's been this whole pushback against slut shaming and all of that and that it would be the very people who have been trying to push this agenda who then would try to turn that around and take Melania down.
Well, this happened after November 8th, really.
We are living in parallel universes.
I mean, it's hard to exactly explain how that is, but it's happened.
I mean, multi-dimensions exist.
I am convinced this is happening.
You can have two people look at the exact same information, and one will say,
This is great, and the other will say this is horrible.
And it's the same information.
And I hope this rift in the universe clears up a little bit, because it's not a good thing.
Well, I agree with you.
It's almost as if it's superimposed.
Those two, the multiverse, it has actually split because on the one hand you have all these people that are so ready, so excited to get moving and move to the bigger and better things and the higher power and just listening to Donald Trump's speech.
People will hear the exact opposite of what he said.
That is correct.
That's exactly what happens in an alternate universe.
And I've heard people even on CNN say, oh, I'm living in an alternate universe for a minute, because they don't agree with what's being said.
Oh, because they're trying to pump out what's not reality.
But I believe that it actually is happening.
I'm excited about that.
I like the rift.
Alex was talking about the energy earlier, and the energy has really changed.
You can feel almost a relief, like a release of something really dark, frankly.
That's how I feel anyway.
I mean, we were talking about this in the hallway.
We're just joyous.
There seems to be a release of energy, and it's just been, you know, just a calm joy, frankly.
Well, this is, the negativity is not over.
That's a good point.
My favorite place to go is the face bag, you know, to see what people are saying.
This article that was going around for the past couple of days, it was a Politico article, and they got a bunch of mainstream journalists together.
I wish there was audio or video of it, I don't know if there is.
Bit by bit going through how they have traveled with him on the campaign and have covered him for years back to 2000, I think even.
And every single one of them is really bitchy.
But the one thing that they are consistently mentioning is Twitter.
This is why this negativity will not stop because here you have now a president who goes directly to the people.
I know everyone says it, but this is not just a small thing what's taking place.
When Obama came in,
This was going to be the internet president.
We were like, oh, whitehouse.gov, it's going to be changed, can't wait.
He'll be tweeting, doing all kinds of stuff.
It was never going to happen.
Very filtered.
The least transparent administration ever.
Well, okay, that's a different topic.
But truly, this was supposed to, because they had won through data and internet and social media, which I think may have not been all that true, or maybe there wasn't enough knowledge in the opposition at the time.
This is actually a president who will use this, and that's not the first time.
And you circumvent the mainstream media.
It makes them mad but I think ultimately it should be a good thing.
Oh it's going to be a great thing and you make a very good point because they say President Obama and then even Hillary Clinton would have had the edge there because she took on his social media team that helped him really win the election and so you would think that they would have had power but it didn't come off as authentic whereas Donald Trump used that same social media power but it came off as authentic as much as they hate to say it because he could be so brash at times.
Everyone keeps saying, you know, reality star makes a big reality.
Hey, you know what?
Why is reality... We're all reality stars!
It's YouTube era, you know?
Actual reality is what people want.
They also want scripted reality or unscripted drama, whatever it's called.
Because of course reality television is anything but reality.
When you give people actual reality, which means, oh man, there's bumps and warts and some stuff on it and it's not exactly clean and what's going on?
It seems like anger or, you know, just...
People are drawn to that.
It's a human factor.
Wait, that wasn't put through a filter.
Yes, and this is what the press is extremely upset about.
It's not tradition.
This is not protocol.
What are you doing?
Right, and the fact that he is saying that... Is this live now?
I guess they're starting the... He is going to do the walk.
Yeah, very good.
He's walking in the street, wow.
Very good.
That's quite a message to send to everyone that had been... Barron, man, is he tweaking again?
Barron is off the hook.
Yeah, he's funny.
Let me see.
Oh, this is great.
Yeah, so this is good showing, uh, I mean obviously the Secret Service are a little bit nervous about it, but...
They had the doors open even.
They would even not do the typical walk from the car to the White House.
They had to do that with George W. Bush because they were afraid of riots and everything.
So here, as we can see, they keep trying to tell us the country is right on the verge of a new civil war.
Well, I don't think Trump's feeling that.
I'm not in disagreement that there is a new civil war.
It's just, it's not going to be an actual war that comes to blows.
It's just people
Kissing and moaning at each other on facebag.
I've lost so many friends.
We're not seeing the snipers on the building.
On any of the buildings, which I'm sure you can only imagine.
Of course.
Yeah, this is pretty incredible.
And I know we've got some guys on the ground there.
Kit Daniels is there.
Owen Schroyer is there.
We've got Millie Weaver there as well.
I know Josh Owens and Michael Zimmerman are with Alex Jones.
Um, it's not a very huge city, but like I said earlier, it takes hours to get anywhere because they've got it really quarantined off.
Just a very short walk, just a little walk.
Yeah, don't make it all the way up to where those violent protesters were at.
Now, what is the latest on protests?
Have you seen anything with the... We're covering this over the past couple of hours.
We know that they're going to be heightened when it darkens.
We typically see that when the lights go down and the sun is gone.
Because they're so brave.
I don't think that's going to happen at all.
I think they're all going to go partying.
There's a whole bunch of dress up parties.
We're all crazy partying.
We hate the patriarchy.
I think so.
There's tons of dance parties in DC.
I hope you're right.
I'm a little bit jealous that we are in Austin covering this.
Oh, I am so jealous.
I was supposed to be there.
Oh, they have a protest at 5pm if we want to go.
Oh, that's right.
So you'll have fun driving back in traffic.
So we're going to protest here at 5?
There's a protest starting at 5.
There was a campus walkout to be able to... Oh, it's led by a city council member.
That should be fun.
Antifa, it's the Disrupt J20, and they got their permit for 5-5-30 so they can disrupt rush hour traffic and really truly shut us down as much as they possibly can.
They didn't get the memo.
They've already lost.
Trump's already your president.
Your resistance is futile.
I'm discouraged that the D.C.
police stood down.
I think that the standing down when the woman was getting beating is not a good sign.
So if there are protesters, hopefully they can keep them contained into one place.
Yeah, and of course the D.C.
police were kind of given the orders to let people protest, let them, but that was the thing is that if it starts getting violent, all bets are off, then you can go in.
So it is interesting that they did stand down and watch some protesters
How violent?
We have some blood that has been drawn.
I didn't see any of that.
And there was also last night at the Deplora Ball, a guy got punched in the face, another one got hit in the back of the head with a flagpole and was bleeding everywhere.
Well, you put hundreds of thousands of people together, something's always going to happen.
It seems like it's been pretty peaceful in general.
There were protesters in Austin and Guadalupe earlier walking down the street.
Yeah, actually the vegetarian restaurant that I like to go to here, they're having a big thing, and I didn't even click on it because I was like, oh!
But you know what, I know one of those Red Guards.
Oh, here's some.
There we go.
Is this from, this is live?
Or is this from earlier?
This is from later, I think.
Yeah, from earlier.
Yeah, I was going to say, I don't think they would have Trump just out walking around if this was what was going on.
But yeah, I mean, these are the people who they want to take America back?
I don't know, make America something really bad that no one wants?
Do they think that they're going to take down the leadership in this country and that they're going to be in powder?
Because I don't want those people in powder.
These people that I'm seeing here, these are just troublemakers.
The ones with the signs, the one with the, what is it, against fascism.
It's the Workers, World Workers Party.
It's a socialist demonstration.
And those are the real socialists.
Like, really, really, they want big socialism.
And I've looked at all their demands, I've looked at all of the lists, you know, it's like... What do they want, Alex?
Don't touch the Affordable Care Act, free college, I mean actually a lot of it's Bernie Sanders platform.
Obviously you can't, I mean it's really, if anything that I see in all of these lists of things, there's no giving.
It's all I want, I want, we want this.
There's no plan for how to pay for it.
There's no giving, like make facilities so people can help others and do other things and really work together.
Now this is only about... Pay for my college education.
So those protesters, they're just troublemakers.
You can get that in any situation.
And what I'm seeing is the key word is the resistance.
This is really being used.
Keith Olbermann is the resistance now.
Keith Olbermann now has said...
This is the resistance.
Like he's kind of co-opting.
Let's resist.
But I've seen people say, you know, protesting Trump is kind of like the French resistance against the Nazis, which is way over the top as a comparison.
But you watch for this word resistance, all in the resistance.
And I've seen all of the initiatives, everything that everyone's going to do.
I don't see any goals.
Only I see is like, we're just gonna, you know, we're gonna fight it.
We're gonna not let them do it.
It's like, well, there are tools in our system.
We have representatives.
We have, you know, you can go through, you can petition your government.
You can lobby.
There's a million things you can do.
Just standing, jumping up and down, that doesn't do it.
Well, if they really truly want to change, then that means they wouldn't be able to continue collecting all of these donations and funds from everyone, because these are actually the exact same protest groups that were out at George W. Bush's inauguration as well.
The same signs, the same protests.
You make an excellent point.
This has been an amazing fundraising drive for women's groups and organizations.
We have just been hammering with
The fake news that Trump's going to take us back 300 years with the LGBT civil rights movements.
They would be mad at the DNC and Hillary Clinton because she stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders.
You would think that the anger would be channeled inward instead of outward because they were robbed.
I hate to tell you.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz was the little bone that they threw.
The culprit, right!
I will fire her.
So many corrupt entities within the DNC.
It looks like you would channel all that anger if you really cared about changing the process and making sure that you had fair and accurate representation.
You would do something about that instead of burning down a city and protesting somebody you keep calling a Nazi.
Yeah, we want to stop fascism so we are going to pummel your face.
No, I mean, already cemented... One can hope, Adam!
Cemented in everybody's mind already is Putin.
Russia did it.
Russia influenced the election.
I heard Maxine Waters say if we find out that Trump was responsible for coming up with the term
You know, Crooked Hillary, that she was ill and not feeling well, and then, you know, that's grounds for impeachment.
Which, it's not, but it's just, that's how insane... It's like, have you ever watched the campaign process before, and how dirty these people get?
And, the fact is, Crooked Hillary, she coined that own phrase for herself by being crooked, and we saw her collapse face first at the 9-11 memorial, and have those hacking fits.
I mean, she's ill!
No one made up conspiracy!
So what do you expect in the first 100 days from the new president?
Well, we're excited.
I mean, today it was pointed out that he's already doing a special executive order to make sure that Mattis can be confirmed.
We know that there's a promise.
A formality.
And I want to go back to this Russian thing, and we'll get to that, because this is really bothering.
As somebody who lived and worked in Russia, it's so bizarre.
You lived and worked in Russia?
I worked for RTU.
I did.
She's a Russian agent.
And I am a Russian agent, and that's exactly why Alex hired me.
Only because, exactly, I have an inside tunnel to the Kremlin, where I used to live.
How long were you there?
About almost a year.
And it was just really, it's so bizarre and so baffling to me.
And obviously, Russia hacks.
There's no question.
They have very good hacks.
We hack.
China hacks.
Everyone hacks.
We were hacking Angela Merkel's phone for two and a half years.
We are the ultimate hackers, people.
It's just really strange to me.
But it's a red herring, you see.
It's a red herring.
What really happened is people saw what was really going on.
And people said, oh, I want to stay away from that.
I think that's really what would throw people in the other direction.
But it will never be that.
You go back in history.
Just like Assad used chemical weapons on his own people, which has been proven it's not.
It was not the signature of the chemical weapons.
Obama knew that.
He had it tested in the UK.
Doesn't matter.
Consistently, you will hear, in the mainstream of course, that happened.
So this will be the election where the Russians did it.
There will be no conversation about pay-for-play, no conversation about screwing Bernie Sanders over.
You don't even hear people talk about the five
Are you kidding me?
Hillary Clinton just said she'd declare war with Russia over some hacked DNC?
Well, this goes much, much further.
There is a 100 percent, it's almost like religion inside the State Department and inside, well, let's call them civilians in the Pentagon, which would be spies.
They are extremely wary of Russia and always have seen Russia as the bad guys.
Isn't that convenient, don't you think?
We need a bad guy.
We haven't engaged in a conflict with Russia.
The Cold War ended, of course.
No, that's not true.
We have sanctions on them, which is an act of war, as far as I'm concerned.
I agree with you on that, but I'm saying, like, specifically, an outright... there have been provocations.
Let me retract this for a moment, because I remember, even in 2014,
There was this annexation that happened, then a provocation, and then we sanctioned.
It's a bizarre dance we're doing.
I'm of the belief that we personally, it's this administration, it's one rogue administration, it's not a consensus among people to be at war with Russia.
Let me just go back, you said annexations, you're talking about Crimea.
I am, yes.
What we don't talk about, of course, is how Victoria Nuland went in there.
We don't.
No, we don't, do we?
How he placed American bankers in charge of the financials.
Caught him on the hot mic.
Joe Biden's son is in control of the oil there now.
Big oil and gas companies.
He's buying up gas assets like there is no tomorrow.
Forget the legality issue of this for a minute.
So you destabilize a country, you try to usher in pro-democracy, you basically arm rioters, which were the Maidan.
Which is what's happening now in Washington, and then we have the audacity and the nerve to preach to the world about democracy when really it's about control.
It's just about control.
I remember this at the time, I don't mean to get off topic about Russia, but they are building this massive gas pipeline through the Ukraine to be able to, you know, sell gas to most of Europe, and it would have made them wealthier.
And Ukraine was such a pivotal point, we couldn't have allowed that to happen.
We needed to usher in democracy.
Well, thank you for pointing out the obvious.
This is always about resources, so gas in this case.
It's not about democracy, folks.
No, no.
That's a code word.
The European Union is the customer.
Russia is providing.
They have a direct pipeline through the north into Germany.
And Ukraine is bankrupt.
They owe Russia a lot of money.
They weren't paying.
They weren't paying for the gas, so Russia shut it off.
Now, here's what we need to look at.
This is fun!
I love having this guy here.
Cyprus is on deck.
And guess who was just there last week?
Victoria Nuland.
So, whenever she appears, be very careful.
So, they're trying to reunify Cyprus.
You know, the Turkish side, and there's British stuff involved.
That would be for another pipeline, again, to push Russia off, which would come from the Leviathan Field, which was discovered a couple of years ago off the coast of Israel, through Cyprus, then we go into Greece, and then we're in Europe.
But there's also other competing pipelines coming straight through Turkey that is not from Russia.
They'll come from, where am I thinking, Georgia.
Come on, you lived in Russia, you should know.
Well, the fall of Tbilisi and making sure that that border was destabilized and then propping up.
We could get into a two-hour discussion over why we care about having hostilities with Russia and it has everything to do with money and nothing to do with democracy.
Honestly, we should do a segment over specifically Russian politics.
We could debunk some of these myths for people, actually.
We are in the same game.
We fight all the time.
Syria is ultimately about pipelines.
One coming from Qatar, financed by the Saudis, one to go straight up to Turkey.
Are you okay?
Yes, I'm fine.
Iran, Iraq, Syria, of course.
That's what Assad chose.
He said, that's alright, I've got my own pipeline.
And that's what it's about.
And our Pentagon, or our State Department and Pentagon, have been abused as resource extraction units.
And how wonderful that they can lie to all of us and tell us that it's about this or that, or that we've been able to catch them recreating the fake news with the BBC and saying that there's certain, you know, this gas was deployed on these people and then they reuse the footage, but the lady has a mask over her mouth so they're able to dub her saying something different.
Ten years.
My co-host on the No Agenda Show, John C. Dvorak, he, you know, we got to the pipelines maybe five, six years ago, and now you cannot view politics any other way.
It's all about this.
It's about money.
It's about the game.
We have got to get, you had me every step of the way.
We're going to go to break and come back.
I've got Joe in the ear.
We've got to catch a break and continue this in a moment.
Okay, well we will be back on the flip side.
But yeah, so when we get back, I definitely want to talk a little bit about how we've got the Directors Guild of America threatening anyone there, saying, look, if you guys do anything with Trump or his inauguration, or make him look good, you're out, you're a Nazi sympathizer.
DGA is saying?
They're getting this, they're getting this.
So we're going to talk about this in a little bit.
Yeah, and then just all this street art that's coming out.
So it's interesting because this is in stark contrast to the way that the media and Hollywood was totally sycophantic over Obama all these years and how they were colluding directly with the Obama administration, even getting his talking points in the TV shows that we were being given.
So we're going to talk about all that on the flip side.
We'll see you guys here in just a minute right after this.
We will make America great again!
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And welcome back to InfoWars.
You are watching our 14-hour broadcast.
We're bringing you live coverage of the inauguration and all of the festivities after Donald Trump has officially been sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.
And when we were listening to, coming in from the break, we were hearing Donald Trump, the infamous, we will make America great again.
What did you guys think about the speech that he delivered this afternoon?
And of course, the part I loved so much
Um, was that today we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another or from one party to another.
We're transferring power from Washington D.C.
and giving it back to you, the people.
True or false?
What do you think?
Well, that's what everybody voted for.
People who voted for Trump, I think that's what they're expecting.
And I, I think people will hold his feet to the fire.
It's going to be very interesting to see what happens.
I love seeing mainstream complain about the speech, like, oh my, this is radical, this is going to go down in history, it's a crazy radical, because there was no, you know, it really wasn't the mountaintop, you know, dawn, new dawn in America, it was very pragmatic.
He's quoting scripture!
This is how we're going to get the job done.
I mean, that's a controversial thing to do if you're talking to, you know, he wasn't, it was pretty brazen, if you will.
I mean, he's literally quoting scripture and he was talking about destiny, manifest destiny, the birthright of America, and he really taps in.
And then, interestingly enough, he had one of the foremost evangelical pastors, Paula White, in the whole country, who has really been, you know, pushed off to a side and, you
You know, very demonized for being fanatical, if you will, by the left.
She's the one who gave the benediction, along with Ford.
I mean, that's, you know, he doesn't seem to care if he's considered to be radical.
That was a really powerful message that he sent.
And he gave that pause.
Under God.
That's right.
Yeah, that was nice.
Well, you know, the media in the United States likes to think that they really choose the President.
Their God.
Oh, they choose the President.
I'm sorry.
Well, is there a difference?
We've seen this over and over again where you have, you know, Howard Dean.
Weird scream, you're out.
You know, you got Dukakis, nutty helmet in the tank.
Yeah, you're a loser.
You gotta go.
That just didn't stick.
Yeah, they tried so hard at every move to pin something on Donald Trump and to get everything, deflect everything from Hillary Clinton down to the point that they would lie and say that she was just fatigued or something when she collapsed.
In front of everyone's eyes around the world, and that of course went like wildfire because someone was there.
It wasn't the official press corps.
It was on Twitter, just an innocent bystander.
They were trying to even protect the people from seeing that.
Wasn't it weird, the Paul Ryan thing, where, you know, so Paul Ryan, we understand that Downey and Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney, they're sort of like
Tight bros.
And the understanding was that the inside camp at the RNC, the Republicans, are the ones that actually leaked that tape.
Roger Stone alleged that Dan Senor, who's a Republican operative close to Paul Ryan, was the one who kind of aggregated that pussy gate tape into the... So it was weird for me to see Paul Ryan, knowing the conflict and the underbelly of... He was the one who potentially tried to take out Trump, standing there next to him in a... Yeah, but that's...
That's politics!
And did you see Pelosi?
She couldn't have been further up Trump's butt when he was signing the paper.
She was right there!
And to me, I was like, man, this is kind of in stark contrast to what he was saying, which I really thought too, you know, he was really saying, for too long, a small group in our nation's capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have bore the cost.
The establishment protected itself, but not the citizens of our country.
Their victories have not been your victories.
So, all the people that he's speaking about are sitting behind him going... They're so non-self-reflective, they had no idea that he was talking about them.
So, question for both of you.
How do we now, instead of, because this is pretty divisive still, what you just said, how do we
How do we connect with the other half of the world?
It's not just the United States.
Europe is insane.
I have friends, I grew up in the Netherlands, I have friends there.
They really believe, you know, this is it.
The Third Reich has risen again.
So what can we do?
Because if we just perpetuate it, I don't think it's going to help anything.
Well, I think it's also very interesting, this isn't a solution right here, but just to kind of add to that point, I've got a friend in Belgium who's always calling and saying, I just saw you guys on the news here when we went and
Had our little thing with the Young Turks and all of that, made the international news.
But the way that the media covers it here, imagine how protected it is there.
I mean, maybe if you go to RT or something, they might show you what's really going on in the US.
But I mean, the BBC and all, they protect the establishment here as well.
And so they're only getting a certain aspect of what's going on in America.
And that's why he's always like, who are you going to vote for?
It seems so terrible there.
Your country is collapsing.
And I was like, Trump?
It's not hard at all!
You're getting fake news!
Maybe we have to convince people to tune in to other sources of information and make it attractive for them to tune in to other sources of information.
Well how do they do that when they live in countries that their governments are censored?
The internet is censored there!
Not really.
What countries are you talking about?
The EU.
It's starting.
On Facebook, certain things will no longer be allowed.
Heavily fined in Germany.
You're going to get fined or kicked off or ostracized.
Facebook will actually get fined if they do that.
They're fining the citizens as well.
Maybe we'll start to remember and recall that the internet is not Twitter and Facebook and Google.
Get out of these ghettos!
They need to be more open and listen.
I've heard a lot of things from the Democratic side which are not unreasonable.
But if we continue to bicker... Well, that's the thing with this phantom left-right divide that we need to start realizing that we have a lot more in common than we think.
That's why with Bernie Sanders, everything he was saying, we're like, I understand why you support him.
We agree with that as well, but the solutions he's providing is saying,
Let's give even more power to this current corrupt government and just hope that they do right by us this time.
And so that's what's not going to work.
So we definitely need to start looking at, you know, what it is that is the same.
Just like, you know, Trump said in his speech today, we all bleed red.
So, yeah, I think that that's that's a message that we need to break through is just how similar we are.
There's a misconception that Germany has a free press, and they're spending time in parts of Western India.
I love doing Man on the Streets.
Because you can edit it together to make it look any way you want.
You can ask people what they really think, and in Germany specifically, if you ask people what they think about Merkel, they seem to be so afraid to discredit her, to talk about her in any way, even when the disgust was on their face.
I mean, people on the street or media?
Just in everyday, no, everyday people.
I think that's changing.
I don't, I mean, it's not something, and I love watching men on the streets, even when they're trans, you see people with this, and it's like, why is there this, there seems to be an oppression about, and you ask about the immigration policy, and do you think that this is fair?
Do you think this is right?
How do you feel?
And it's like, I don't, I don't, when clearly you have an opinion.
Because that is worse than death.
It doesn't even have to be censored, as long as there's a fear of saying something that's wrong.
Well, it's totally cultural, and in Germany, I've been there a lot, I know a lot of people there, I think up until maybe the beginning of the year, there was still this general idea, we're Germans, we're doing a good thing here, we're helping out people.
A lot of guilt.
And you don't want to be...
Historically, in a way.
It's just like here we have white guilt for a long time and, you know, they don't all harbor that, you know... Well, it's just like all white Americans here do not harbor the guilt of slavery, even though we can all look around and say, yes, that was absolutely wrong, but I don't personally feel responsible for it, so why are we having this white guilt, white privilege shoved on our throat?
Whereas, you know, I mean, this was, you know, within a hundred years, so it's not even that
Far off in history, those people are still alive, you know?
So, of course, it's a little... They lived through the remnants of World War II.
There are some people that are still living in society.
I have a total... We've got to get... There's so many points that you've made.
I mean, wait a second, let's go back and revisit this, slowly.
I'll tell you something else that happened.
Something else that happens in... We've got Alex.
Oh, great.
Oh, good.
Oh, okay.
He's on the Face Bag Live!
Uh, there he is.
So all you that tried to ally yourselves with the whole world against freedom, the whole world wants freedom.
They don't want your global tyranny.
It's like six years ago, they were going to pass the carbon tax and they leaked the UN treaty.
And the UN treaty said that they were going to double tax the third world.
They promised the third world was free crap.
Well, you know what?
The third world got the document was to screw them over.
All this wealth redistribution is pushed by a bunch of billionaires and people that don't want you to be wealthy.
They want you so poor, their money... See, let's play this.
How does a globalist billionaire get even richer?
They make your money worthless, they disempower you, so every dollar they've got is worth ten times that.
You understand?
Making you poor makes their money go up in value.
Making you rich makes their power go down.
We want your power to go up.
I think I just broke it down.
That's really what this is all about.
We want to make your power go up.
We want you to be successful.
Because we feel like crap when you're not successful.
And they'll be losers and they'll never be successful.
That's their problem.
We're going to give everybody a real shot at this.
And you watch, the success is going to be unprecedented because that's the promise of America.
Doesn't mean we aren't broke back and got our own problems.
But compared to other countries, we're the gold standard.
And it's coming back.
America was exceptional.
It became exceptionally evil.
Now it's going to become exceptional in the fact that it shines and defeats the New World Order.
Any of you guys want to get involved?
Here, come on over here, young lady.
No, no, you talk to folks.
Where are you from?
I grew up in Long Island.
What's your view on all this?
I like Trump.
Go Trump!
And tell us why.
Because, you know, he's very passionate and knows what the people need.
At a gut level with, say, female intuition, what do you pick up from Trump?
He's for females, definitely.
Yeah, and he has a beautiful family, and looking at Ivanka and Melania, it's really an inspiration, and he's definitely not anti-feminism.
No, he's not.
He's, like, worshiping women.
He's not attacking them.
Yeah, he respects women.
Yeah, Trump worships women.
He ain't attacking them.
And they want to kill the cult of loving women.
That's what this is all about.
That's what it's all about.
Come on over here.
The globalists want control of the women because you've got the power.
Come on over here.
Hi, I'm a woman from... No, loud and aggressive.
I'm a woman from California, Democrat.
Didn't vote for Trump.
I came here to see what was going on.
I came here to see the change that he's been talking about, and I hope to God that he went to church this morning, and I hope he prayed for the people, and I hope the people will pray for him.
Let me just tell you, when I personally talk to Trump, he gets it, he talks about the spirit of America and God with me.
The New York Times asked me what Trump talks about, I wouldn't tell them because they're the enemy.
I'll tell you, Trump
He's even told me, he said, you know, I always loved God and I loved America, but now that I feel the Spirit, do you feel it?
We talk about the Spirit.
I mean, you could feel it!
How could you, how could anybody who doesn't love goodness not know the Spirit of Liberty's rising?
I feel the spirit all the time, but I don't know who you are, but I don't, and I hope that you really do feel the spirit of everyone being good and kind and stop the war and stop the massacre.
Well, he's trying to do that.
He's only trying to go after the real enemies.
Well, I think all our presidents have tried to stop the war and the madness from all the way back to Abraham Lincoln to the Black People Matter.
You know, it really, I can't imagine.
We were there yesterday and seeing that museum and seeing what has happened in the past and hopefully... The past is very important.
We should remember, but also we shouldn't take it on like we did it.
But I totally agree with it.
I don't think we did it.
I think we need to move on and make it better.
Great points.
Ma'am, come on in here.
Yes, I'd like to say that Donald J. Trump is a breath of fresh air.
And for all of you men, how refreshing to have an alpha male, because this society has been demasculizing men.
And enough with the political correctness.
I am so tired of those intellectual, over-educated idiots
Like, Senator Schumer today, okay, being political, it was good that we shut him up.
So, go Trump!
I would like to say first hand,
I was in the midst of seeing the divide between the two parties today and it was something to see.
I didn't see the anger that was coming from the other side.
It was scary as a Trump supporter.
I didn't feel like my voice could be heard without repercussions, especially being a woman.
I'm from Grand Rapids, Michigan originally, but I live in Virginia.
And it was an experience to see today.
And to be in the middle of it and to, I don't know, it was just a big experience and I'm so grateful I'm here.
Were you surprised Michigan won for Trump?
No, yes and no.
I think people are starting to wake up now.
I think, I definitely think people are starting to wake up and I could see it happening even when I lived there and I'm actually proud that it is happening and I was very proud of my home state.
Alright, anything else?
Nope, that's it.
Anybody else want to talk?
Sure, let's do it.
Come on over here.
Yeah, let's get a shot.
Alright, we're gonna get some shots here.
That's what it's all about, ladies and gentlemen.
Good ol' Americana.
Oh, smile.
Look this way, smile.
Say, make America great again!
Make America great again!
Thank you.
Thank you.
Alex Jones!
Let's get buckling in here.
My great cousin.
This is my uncle's son.
Go ahead.
Well, I don't have much to say other than I'm very heartened by what I've witnessed here today.
It seems like there's people of all colors, of all political persuasions that have come together to watch Trump basically take control over this country and to get rid of the regime that we've lived under for the last few years that has been stifling so much of the American spirit.
Right now, Trump has been on the phone.
He's already brought
Potentially hundreds of thousands, if not millions of jobs back to the United States, which is the lifeblood of our country.
And our prosperity, our freedom is based on our prosperity because we're able to extend our way of life into the rest of the world and be a shining beacon on the hill to the rest of the world as Americans.
And I think that that light has been diminished over the last decade.
I think that now we have the opportunity with Trump in office to basically bring that back into focus, take us back to basics, take us back to the fundamentals of what made America great again in the first place, and focus back on that again and rebuild that from the ground up.
And so it's been really, really fantastic for me to see so many hopeful, wonderful people wearing the red MAGA hats out here representing Trump.
You know, it's interesting when you're in the world by and large, a lot of times you
People demean you and they make you feel bad because you're a Trump supporter.
They all look down on you.
They say that you're stupid.
They say that you're an uneducated white male.
They discount your values.
They call you a racist.
They call you a homophobe.
Anything in the book that can throw at you that might, you know, affect you.
A Russian agent.
A Russian agent.
Anything in the book that they can throw at you that would... Like I'm Papa Smurf.
We'll come back to you in a minute.
Bring this guy over.
God bless you, brother.
How you doing?
Pretty good.
Go ahead, take over.
Tell us what you think.
Oh, thank you.
What do you want me to say?
No, tell us why you're here, what you think of Trump.
I'm originally from Taiwan, and right now I live in Alabama, 35 years.
We wish you all we can get, when we go to the store, we can say we buy metal in USA.
That's awesome.
But what I was talking to Mr. Jones about was the fact that you came from Taiwan.
You gotta talk about living under tyranny versus here.
Yeah, I come from Taiwan.
Taiwan is a...
It's democratic, democracy.
Every time China tries to take over Taiwan, so we don't want it.
We hope the U.S., United States, American can have a way to protect Taiwan, to preserve democracy.
What do you think of Trump starting to stand up for Taiwan?
Hold that microphone up to your mouth.
When Trump got all that heat for saying thanks to President Tsai for congratulatory call, and everybody lost it like he had done something terrible.
Yeah, that's why we support Trump.
Hopefully Trump can help Taiwan to preserve Taiwan's democracy.
God bless you, sir.
Thank you.
Come on over.
You were the guy I recommended I have this fell on.
You know, God bless you, sir.
Thank you.
Come on over and talk to folks.
Tell people how you are.
Go talk to them.
Go ahead.
My name is Brad Pullum, and I'm from Athens, Alabama near Huntsville.
And I just came up to Mr. Jones to tell him that I really appreciate, and I know a lot of people in this country who truly appreciate,
And I don't want to be crude or crass, but I said the fact that he had the balls to do the right thing.
To stand up and say what needed to be said, and he absolutely, just like our new president, thank God.
You know, I mentioned when God chooses a leader, and I really mean that.
I'm not blowing smoke for you, Alex.
But Alex has done what God called him to do.
I have no question about it.
My dad's been a pastor all my life.
But I know that this whole thing has been ordained and we have a job to do.
And I'm not going to try to preach here.
I'm saying absolutely true.
Yes, you can.
You're supposed to try the spirits and see if they be of God.
And this is.
And you know, is Trump, is he perfect?
If he is,
He'll be the first man, except for Jesus Christ.
But he loves justice.
That's right.
He loves justice.
And the beauty of the thing is that he's not a politician.
He's not a guy who needed to bow down to the man.
I am really happy that we had the balls to do that as well.
We're like, what words are you going to say?
How crass is he going?
Balls had two syllables.
That was very terrific.
I love what I was saying.
Our mics weren't open.
That lady with the hat was talking about the emasculation of men.
You didn't know which way she was going.
She turned around, looked at all you men.
It was you men!
You know, this has been going on for quite a while and it's been very disturbing.
And it's not just white, straight men, which of course are the enemy and the losers of the day, but making certainly American men, I'd say most men, look weak and dumb.
And stupid.
Uh, oh honey, I got the wrong dishwashing detergent.
I'll go back to the store.
These are the commercials.
And then it cuts to the woman and she's like, I gotta do everything myself.
You know, um, I've been around long enough.
I don't care that much, but it's truly insulting.
I mean, one time as a joke, of course, but you know, it's, it's, and it's an ongoing meme.
It just continues this demasculation of, uh, of male.
Yeah, and now that it's been pointed out and people are actually fighting back against it, they still use this trope in commercials and it's offensive to me.
It's like, how stupid do you think we are?
How do you fight back against it?
Yeah, well I guess you're typical people who are aware that it's trying to break down the family and emasculate the males and say that women are the future, the only ones that matter.
We will annihilate the male race!
I don't have a television.
I've got to get a point of perspective.
I haven't seen a commercial in a very long time.
Yeah, well I don't have a TV either.
So when I do, it's like something like either before a movie or something like that.
But this is what Hollywood is trying to tell us, that men suck and women are great.
Speaking of Hollywood, Leanne has this fantastic article that we've been trying to get to for an hour about the Hollywood elites and how they are pissed.
Is that a good word?
Oh gosh, they're all so pissed.
Oh you've got it, so yes.
So apparently, several Directors Guild of America members forwarded an email to whoever this reporter is.
There's a letter that went out.
I think it's on the flip side here.
I can read this?
You can read it!
You got it!
It went out to a number of the Directors Guild of America members and in the email, I wish we had the email itself, but the email says, Trump is the monster we all fear, not an overstatement, he's about to destroy this country again, instead of our country, this country, don't do something about it.
Here's the threat, there's no need of naming names when the inaugural credits will tell us enough about the people who truly care about this country and who don't share the same ideas.
So it's kind of like, if you do something, this is what Hollywood has been.
You're siding with Nazi scum, if you do anything to put him in a positive light.
Now we got Shia LaBeouf, who I actually really used to like him, but he's become so douchey.
So now he's launching this four year live stream to protest President Trump, so this is going to be
Some art that we don't understand.
Are you familiar with the term moral self-licensing?
You can look it up.
Hundreds of studies have been done on moral self-licensing.
When you do something that you perceive as good, which really is not that much, it doesn't have that much of an impact, Ice Bucket Challenge is one of them.
Changing your avatar, your icon on Twitter or on Facebook.
These are things that fall into moral self-licensing.
So when you do that, you feel so good about yourself and have done something.
Yeah, I'm making a difference.
And when it's all in this virtual world where you're at home and no one can really see you, and you of course are making absolutely zero difference, this is what I think Shiloh Booth is doing.
Say it again, Moral... Moral Self-Licensing.
So Moral Self-Licensing should be the name of this project.
Basically what it is, it's just this wall with a camera attached to it.
It'll be live streaming for the next four years and people walk by it and they look into the camera
He will not divide us.
So they're just going to keep this message of resistance going via this live stream art project.
And like you said, doing absolutely nothing, making zero difference other than telling yourself alternate reality.
He's not standing with it, he just wrote it on the wall.
Yeah, it's here against the wall and you look into the camera and then so people can log into this live stream 24-7 and whoever wants to go stand in front of it.
So, you know, I like that term because you're right.
This is just that.
It's just like switching the colors on your avatar on your social media.
You're doing absolutely nothing to make a difference in the world.
You're just deluding yourself, thinking that truly you are going to stop.
The President-elect, who is now the President, from becoming the 45th President!
I would like to appeal to people I know who are on social media, and instead of what I keep seeing you write and post, saying, well, we're just going to turn it all off for four years, not going to listen, may not even last four years, I don't want to know, just close my eyes.
Please consider, if you have a different opinion, to actually bring that through channels that make a lot of sense.
And if that's just righting yourself, that's fine too.
But I don't like the idea of fellow citizens saying, I'm just not going to look at you.
It's childish and disappointing.
And we've got to open up.
So we'll be continuing this conversation on the other side right after this message.
America great again!
Great again!
Great again!
And a very strong maxim that's now being continued on today.
So we now have George Soros, because the media attacked me on this whole goblin meme, and they've made huge jokes about it, but it's totally blown up their face.
We now have George Soros as a goblin on the back, and it says, with a cross through him, you know, an X, like Ghostbusters.
No Soros, him as a goblin.
It says Deport Soros on the bottom and on the top it says InfoWars established 1996.
So it is a limited edition Deport Soros on the back, Hillary for President on the front, right hand shoulder InfoWars.com.
It's powerful.
I hope you get out to everybody you know.
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And the answer is, it's a minefield.
Well, in 2016, things changed.
And Tennessee Arms, that is the founders, the inventors, the leaders, they defended it in court.
Of the resin lowers, with the brass inserts, that in many cases go further than even aluminum or steel manufacturing.
30,000 to 60,000 rounds by third-party reviewers.
This is the best system out there.
And we're talking a third the price of leading competitors.
This is how it works.
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Customized or
Straight from the factory, however you want it.
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And a percentage of the profit goes to fund the defense of this republic.
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You're funding the Infowar.
You're getting the highest quality product, the most tested, the most durable, the most certified, the most believed in.
You need to have this true piece of America ready in minutes.
We will make America great again!
Everyone please stand.
Please raise your right hand and repeat after me.
I, Donald John Trump, do solemnly swear.
I, Donald John Trump, do solemnly swear.
That I will faithfully execute.
That I will faithfully execute.
The office of President of the United States.
The office of President of the United States.
And will, to the best of my ability.
And will, to the best of my ability.
Preserve, protect and defend.
Preserve, protect and defend.
The Constitution of the United States.
The Constitution of the United States.
So help me God.
So help me God.
Congratulations, Mr. President.
What a great honor to be able to introduce for the first time ever anywhere, the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump.
Chief Justice Roberts, President Carter, President Clinton, President Bush, President Obama, fellow Americans, and people of the world, thank you.
We, the citizens of America, are now joined in a great national effort to rebuild our country and restore its promise for all of our people.
Together, we will determine the course of America and the world for many, many years to come.
We will face challenges.
We will confront hardships.
But we will get the job done.
Every four years, we gather on these steps to carry out the orderly and peaceful transfer of power.
And we are grateful to President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama for their gracious aid throughout this transition.
They have been magnificent.
Thank you.
Today's ceremony, however, has very special meaning.
Because today, we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another, or from one party to another.
But we are transferring power from Washington, D.C., and giving it back to you, the people.
And there you have it, folks.
That was Donald Trump giving his speech at the inauguration today, 45th President of the United States.
And you are watching InfoWars.
This is our 14-hour live coverage.
And we are going to be here with you for about another hour, Margaret and Adam Curry.
We're going to have some of our crew is actually going to be going out to the protests here taking place in Austin, Texas.
The Disrupt J20 crowd is going to be there.
I know they're going to be doing a women's march this weekend as well.
So this isn't over yet, folks!
You know what I love about the protesters?
Of course, you know, they're protesting capitalism with their iPhones and cappuccinos from Starbucks, you know.
And also, they're asking for funds.
Help us get there!
So they're asking for capitalism to help them fight capitalism.
Well, I have to say, I'm very, very happy that we are not actually occupied by a foreign force, because if this is the resistance, then we'd be in deep trouble.
We're screwed!
Very deep trouble.
Well, I know that Millie Weaver has tweeted out, they're all there in the parade.
Americans have been booing the mainstream media trucks that are in this inaugural parade.
They're shouting, fake news, fake news, as they ride by.
The crowd is also booing Chuck Schumer, chanting, drain the swamp, drain the swamp.
So these people that are there, they're so used to being in power and adored and kiss my ring.
Can you imagine how this would be if Hillary Clinton, this was her parade?
Remember how they had her in that glowing white suit?
I don't really want to go there, Leigh-Anne.
So traumatizing.
Can you imagine if this was totally different?
No, I cannot.
We would be the people moving to Canada.
No, I cannot, frankly.
Well, not Canada.
It's too cold there.
Maybe go back to Kentucky.
It's his own country there.
I mean, we really, the past three months alone, we put our heart and souls into making sure every day, day in and day out, report after report, that she did not become president.
I don't even want to think about that.
I know.
I know, but it's still, I just, I mean, the speech that he gave today, with only really referring to himself three times, mostly it was about our country, we the people, you, this is your win, we're going to make America great again for you.
If Hillary Clinton had been, it would have been all about me, I'm the first woman, I broke through the glass ceiling, this is so, and it would have just been very like more social programming rather than, hey, you know what, let's work together, let's get some jobs back, let's make our country great again, let's secure our borders, like things that people
Well that of course is just talk.
We have to see it actually happen.
I remain skeptical of any person who comes in through any political party because we know that they're pretty much run by the same people anyway.
My favorite line from the speech though, which I think is good advice, if you open your heart to patriotism there's no room for prejudice.
That's a great line.
I like that very much.
Yeah, and you can't fight against that.
That's why I'm curious to see just how the journalists are going to cover his speech today.
And what are they going to be able to take out of that?
How are they going to be able to spin it and make him the monster?
We were covering a few days ago that thousands of people were on their way to protest.
Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands.
And the latest update on Washington Post as of 35 minutes ago are 100 arrests.
So if we're seeing all of these protests, where are they exactly?
I know that maybe in certain parts of the city there were some last night at the Deplorable.
But largely, my sister's in Washington walking around, and I'm like, get some photographs!
Is anybody protesting?
Well, I mean, you see the inaugural parade kind of going on behind us, and I know they're pulling up the footage here and there, but it's...
Largely without any problems.
They're just kind of going on doing their thing.
This is the ceremony.
Wells Fargo and F Street there does have a shattered door.
There does seem to be that.
There are little pockets of crime happening here.
Typical night in D.C.
What do you think the first order of business will be on Monday for the new president?
Well he's talked about the executive orders he wants to start the process to repeal the Affordable Care Act as well as get the process going on immigration which is a lot of people are kind of up in arms about that but that's what he got voted in on for those promises.
I think and of course everyone has been affected by the Affordable Care Act and of course the recent increases in premiums.
If he can really come up with something, and this stuff doesn't happen overnight, there's no way that this happens in a month or two months.
And they don't want it to happen overnight.
It'd be catastrophic, really.
But even just the process, it takes a lot of time.
But when you can save people $500, $700 a month, I think then we'll see some, and of course, if we still have reasonable coverage.
We have to remember this is a banking scheme.
This has nothing to do with anything.
It's insurance.
Insurance is just part of the banking system.
And there's a lot wrong if you know that these same insurance companies basically negotiate doctors and hospitals down to 28 cents on the dollar.
28 cents on the dollar!
Which is why they overcharge for so many things.
It costs you a hundred dollars for a q-tip or an aspirin because they know they're only gonna get a small part of that back.
Do you remember when insurance companies were the enemy and it was all about making sure that they sort of like an antitrust measure was put into place that you were breaking them up and making sure that they didn't have a monopoly on a system and in reality looking at Obamacare we saw the same companies that are... Precisely.
Aggregating which company?
It's a straight... You get this state, you get that one.
It didn't actually break up the monopoly that it was supposed to break up.
And I'm with you.
I think healthcare is so unaffordable.
Healthcare insurance.
The healthcare is actually 60% cheaper, almost 70% cheaper than what the insurance scam is actually saying.
Well that's what actually our news producer Rob Dew is saying that he went in and when they had their fourth child they paid cash for it and he let the doctors know I'm watching every single penny nope I don't need that no I don't need that $100 q-tip.
I think he said he paid around $5,000 and that same thing would have if you had insurance would have been $40,000, $50,000, $60,000 to have a child and then so you you know who can who can really pay that if you're a young person who just
Well, that's just the bill.
It's just phantom money.
But the problem is, we're still paying premiums based upon that exorbitant price.
But really what happens down at the bottom is something very different.
And of course, it's mandatory, which makes it an annoying factor.
And Donald Trump has made it very clear that he agrees with some of the provisions in the Affordable Care Act.
He thinks that, no, you shouldn't be able to be denied coverage if you have pre-existing conditions, which is, that was the clincher there.
Everyone should be able to get health insurance regardless if they have a pre-existing condition.
So he doesn't want to do away with that, and I think that that's been a real disinfo that's been put out there.
So many people feel like if
If they repeal, that's going to go away.
And I think across the board, they've tried to make that clear.
That's not going away.
That works.
That's a good thing.
We'll see.
It has a cost associated with it.
There's no doubt about it.
So if we do love our fellow citizens and we say, OK, I will pay more because someone who has a pre-existing condition can get coverage that way, of course.
But there have to be some limitations.
This is bankrupting people.
It's bankrupting people.
I don't have, I'm currently uninsured.
I was as well until we just got this last round and it's costing me zero dollars.
I have like catastrophic coverage so I'll have to pay like five thousand dollars but I was like fine sure since I'm not but other than that I've I've just taken the penalty because it's ridiculous it was like almost five hundred dollars a month and that was just you know that wasn't even my deductible.
If you get up to my age, it's like, hey, $1,500 a month and $6,000 deductible.
Yeah, you can afford that.
What's your problem?
How many kids do you have to feed?
So, yeah, I know so many families.
And then, of course, if you do have kids in a family, you have to do it.
You're under their thumb.
You have no choice.
So obviously that's going to be one thing and I know you were touching a lot on immigration and just these sanctuary cities.
Oh my goodness.
Well let's back up for a second.
I've helped three people come into the United States legally.
Sadly two of them were ex-wives.
So I screwed on that deal.
The main problem is the cost.
I've helped people in Austin who
You know, really needed to get legal.
And it's just, you know, it's about $4,500-$5,000 per person.
And although a lawyer will cost you about $1,500, all the rest is fees.
It's fees from the government to fill out a form.
And actually they make a joke.
Oh, it's $420 for this form.
Okay, I got it.
But that's exactly what's going on.
It's huge fees.
It's not that difficult.
It really isn't.
Um, it's just, it's a scammed up system people can't afford to do it.
Well yeah, there's that, but then there's also this backlog with the visa process where you have people who've been trying to do it legally, they want to bring their money and their fortune and their business into this economy.
I don't think that's, I don't know, I mean we had some passport issues and visa technology issues, the database.
You know, got corrupted and was down for several weeks.
I don't know if there's a huge backlog for any other reason than a lot of people maybe want to do it right now.
Well, that's why there's the big issue of, you know, jumping the line, basically.
You have people that just, you know, rushed in and as long as they met a certain threshold, they're getting in front of the line.
As someone who did this legally twice, to then hear, oh, well, but, you know, we'll just let these people go or give them clemency or, you know, I don't like that idea.
We have an amnesty issue too going on at the same time.
So we've got a legal immigration issue, and then we have a problem with too much money, and then we have this asylum situation where people are rubber-stamped, for example, 117,884, which was his promise, and he met it, plus 884.
We see a rubber stamping issue.
What makes that person and their life more valuable?
And it's a bizarre concept to think, okay, we're taking X amount of people from this area that we've declared to be, you know, it's just a strange way of doing it.
And then doing away with the Cuba, the Cuban policy, where if you can make it to our land, if you can touch foot, I forget what the
The phrase was there, but if you can make it to our country and set feet on our soil, then you can stay here.
And Obama, last minute, did away with that.
And they're saying that that was kind of in order to force Trump's hand.
Well, if you have a problem with these people coming here from a communist country, why do you have a problem accepting refugees from war-torn countries?
So it was kind of to put that into perspective, because you're thinking, why would Obama do that when he's also sitting here telling us that we need to accept all of these other people from these specific
Well, again, I have no qualms about saying that I don't believe this is any humanitarian issue at all.
Ultimately, again, it's about resources.
So, oil, gas, drugs, and there's always a hooker involved.
That's how it always is.
But the Syrian refugees, there was a huge pipeline built up with the Clinton Foundation.
And the Clinton Foundation was placing them in Detroit and other places to help out other businesses around them, help out friends who have building businesses.
So this pipeline was premeditated.
Specifically Syrian refugees.
To get that in, to really help other people.
I'm not saying that the Syrian refugees weren't helped.
But there's always these other motivating factors.
Well, it's interesting, you talk about Detroit and these other cities where we're seeing them kind of ravished with this current economy and even Flint, Michigan and others, they're just desperate for money to help them.
Should you only have them in Austin?
I believe we have Syrian refugees against the wishes of the governor of Texas.
Absolutely, yes.
And that's a whole kind of other fight that's going on.
But there is, okay, there is a, um, just the fact that they allow the Syrian, they say, they actually put this message out there, you know, that we're going to rebuild our cities with Syrian refugees, when the people that are actually in these cities suffering are going, Bill Clinton said we could rebuild Detroit with Syrian refugees.
That's the pipeline.
Well, I know, I hear we've got Alex Jones, I believe, is he going to be on Facebook Mentions here?
Do we have him piping in with us?
My whole family fought the Russians forever, but a bunch of them didn't.
Oh my, oh, yes, yes sir, I'm getting all your orders right now.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
Do you think, do you think... Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Do I think, what do I say, sir?
Go ahead, go ahead.
Do you think he has compromising information on Trump?
Hold on, sir, does he have compromising information on Trump?
Trump is the biggest control freak on earth.
You think he goes to Russia with whores they send up to his room?
I do.
Oh yeah, oh yeah.
He specializes in that type of stuff.
Trump doesn't do that.
Let me tell you a little secret about Trump.
If you're not the number 10 super beauty model, no, if Trump's in bed with you, he's married to you.
I'm friends with his wingman.
I believe you.
Alright, true.
Hey, how's the left feel?
Because they really get pissed.
You know, Trump never calls me.
Every couple days.
We don't have big, long talks.
And I'm not involved in his speech writing either.
Can you imagine how badass Trump is?
Trump is so real and so Americana.
Why not just be excited about it?
Instead, the Russians are going to get us!
Oh my God!
There's a Russian under this plant!
There's a Russian under this plant!
Look at that!
There's a Putin under this!
Here's the thing.
Russia isn't in our business.
Russia's almost collapsed.
They're not our enemy.
So Trump doesn't want to attack them.
See, in Trump's world, if you're not against us, we're not your enemy.
What an original thought!
If you're weak and falling apart like Russia, we want to help you build up.
We don't want to piss on you.
See the difference?
The globals want to pick on a weak country.
China's not weak.
They're taking over everything.
They're pushing us around.
They did the OPM hack.
20 million names.
They've rolled us up.
The country was this close to falling, bro!
Thank God we've got Trump!
The goddamn Chinese Communist are the enemy!
And they're the ones hurting their own people!
Is Trump going to block us from helping the Ukrainians fighting Russia?
Our government under Obama overthrew the elected Ukrainian government.
Their actual leader is Hal Hitler on TV and the left worships them while calling Trump Hitler as groups he put in power.
Obama literally are neo-Nazis.
Their official campaign slogan is Hal Hitler.
The left?
The frickin' Ukrainian government are Nazis!
Well, hey, some people get in there, sure.
That's who our government put in power!
Well, not for that.
But I gotta hand it to them.
The Nazis just have people howling Hitler.
They have, like, hot blondes shooting electricity out of their fingers as they howl Hitler.
I mean, who can make this up?
It's like, oh, they're howling Hitler with electricity shooting out of their fingers, our government overthrew it, and I'm supposed to be for it.
I've never been to Ukraine.
I don't give a crap.
I went and read all the data.
I'm not for starting a war with Russia, dude.
They got 10,000 nukes, man.
Meanwhile, they don't have the Panama Canal, or all our ports, or 98% of rare earth minerals.
They're taking over.
The Chinese got 50,000 front companies, man.
They've censored journalists, I know.
Movies can't come out because of them.
The Chinese communists have hurt their own people.
Now the globalists at Davos this week said their president spoke, unelected, appointed by the Politburo.
He said, we will complete the New World Order and defeat the American populace.
And our media was like, we're trusting in China to defeat Trump.
Our media is saying they trust in China to defeat our new president.
What the hell?
How could any of you not understand what's happening?
What world do you live in?
What the hell is your problem?
Yang Zemin will save us!
Go ahead!
There's video, we'll cut it into this.
I have nothing on that.
We've reached Twilight Zone!
Thank God the communist Chinese president is here to counter Trump.
They're like, Xing, China will conquer American populism.
What the hell?
They got mobile execution vans, man.
They killed Buddhists for no reason.
Now I've got to kick their ass?
And then people go, you must be against Chinese people.
They've killed 100 million of their own people!
The biggest victims of communism are Chinese!
And I got a sinner!
I don't need a board!
I don't need any of this!
The will of the Republic will dominate this big earth!
1776, baby!
1776 will commence again!
You like it?
This is just the info war!
Imagine you get in a physical fight with us, it's over!
You understand that?
I know you do now, don't you?
We haven't taken the gloves off.
And if you want to keep pushing with your commie Chinese and everybody else, we're going to blow your ass off the map.
All the secret weapons ain't in the control of you anymore, are they?
They're now in the hands of George Washington 2.0!
So I know why you're shaking in fear.
I'm done.
Who else wants to talk?
Talk to this guy.
This guy right here.
Oh God, Alex.
I don't even know how to follow up with that.
Well there you go, Alex Jones with another impassioned plea.
He's got lots of fans here today and it is another situation where Alex just took control of the street.
That's what he likes to do is come out here among the people and basically... Dominate.
Dominating the situation.
I've always wondered what happens if you take too much of the male vitality.
That's it right there.
Now you know.
I mean, is Alex going to get involved with any of these protesters tonight?
Let's hope he gets off the street before they show.
I feel sorry for the protester.
Can you imagine that energy in the face of these fascists there?
So, I guess it's about 5.30 there.
We're going to play a few reports from our guys who are in D.C.
We'll get to those here in a minute.
Um, but yeah, I mean, just kind of closing comments.
What do you guys think about what happened today?
The feeling?
What do you, what do you expect is going to happen, you know, over the weekend with the Women's March?
And you think they were going to resist forever?
No, I mean, clearly there is no actual driving force for people to really go and riot and cause a protest.
It seems great on paper, it looks great on the social media, but when you get there, you know, it's scary.
You've really got to be all in.
I don't see that, I didn't expect it.
There's always troublemakers, of course.
But more importantly, I really want to see how the narrative about Russia continues, and when that will either fade.
My uncle, he was in D.C.
during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
People were really, really afraid.
And there was Russia was going to do this, and it was, oh my gosh, and they were getting bomb shelters ready.
It seems, this is even a more precarious situation that we're in today, whereas I know, I believe I know what's really going on, and this is, you know, besides that I think the President is pretty laid back in general, doesn't want to cause a ruckus, but this is really, our friendship, hopefully with Russia, is a big message to China.
Because China really needs to know that there's more to us than just us, and that we do have other partners out there in the field.
I think Russia's going to be very important.
However, what I believe is going to be critical is Kaliningrad.
Now we have NATO in Poland, and Kaliningrad is right above Poland.
Again, we have a province, a little piece of Russia that's sitting there, and I hope that we don't provoke too much for what's going on there.
Yeah, absolutely.
And I know, kind of on that, that was something that Donald Trump said he's also going to be doing the first 100 days, is pulling us out of the 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership and renegotiating that deal, as well as trying to renegotiate NAFTA as well.
It's not even a deal.
It was never signed, ratified, etc.
NAFTA will be more interesting to unwind that.
Let's actually get a businessman in there to negotiate on our behalf.
Well, you know, we've been talking about this for decades.
We should have business people in there.
Well, now we've done it.
We'll see how it works.
Yeah, and so again, here's this alternate reality.
You get Rex Tillerson, who is, you know, he could not be more embodiment of the oil and gas industry.
But maybe, because again, the State Department, if you look at what certainly Hillary Clinton did, she would mobilize private forces, whatever needs to be done to get the oil and gas industry the resources they want by killing people.
It's very possible
That maybe if you put these guys in charge of it directly, it's like, oh, we can probably do a deal.
We don't have to kill people, so there's not people in the middle who are involved who need to make money off of it and are dealing with power.
And this is exactly what the Clinton Foundation, among many others, was doing.
So, you know, we'll see.
We'll see what happens.
I really have high hopes.
So do I. But I would be the first to stand up and say, uh-uh, this has got to go.
Well, you know, us here at InfoWars, we're constantly trying to check those in power, so it's so difficult now where we're really being hopeful and also going, uh, when is, you know, when is that other shoe going to drop?
Just kind of knowing how these things typically go, especially now that he is in bed with the goblins there in D.C.
officially, so.
What was the question?
Just kind of, how do we feel?
What do you think?
I feel so hopeful that, you know, the past eight years, you know, guys, we put up, we dealt with it, we survived it, so surely you can too.
Look, the economy, honestly, that's my thing.
Speak for yourself!
I feel like, you know, a breath of fresh air, honestly.
A wind of change has happened and the speech of reclaiming our birthright, I feel like it's arrived and there is a blessing that is on the earth that hasn't been here, in my opinion, in a while and hopefully
People that don't feel that way, they're going to start to feel economic relief and perhaps even ease up a little on this fear, this clenching that's happening when they see their family prosper, which is the goal of this.
I really felt that way walking away from this with this speech today.
I agree, yeah.
You can't deny, just like you were mentioning, when you see the cost of your health care go down, and you're getting a little bit more money in your pocket every month, your family has, you're able to have two parents with an income, or maybe even just one parent because the job pays so well.
Besides just the hope, I see some very interesting things taking place in this administration.
It's obvious that the chief executive, Trump, has a chief operating officer.
That's Pence.
The Vice President will be very important in this administration.
I agree.
And that's kind of the way businesses work.
You know, you have the operating guy, he runs around and I don't know who's going to do sales, but we'll find out.
No, I agree.
I think Pence really impressed all of us when he had the debate and just kind of showed how he's going to be the opposite side of the pendulum there with Donald Trump.
And yeah, so I definitely agree.
I think we're in a
Moving into some really good times for the United States of America.
So we're going to go to some of these reports.
The first one that looks really interesting to me, Owen Schroer shot this, so I think this is probably either from this morning or last night.
These were Trump supporters who were in the face of these protesters and they were not backing down and we're told that this is excellent.
Thank you, Owen Schroer.
Let's go ahead and roll that.
Everyone, please stand.
Everyone, please.
I think... Is that it?
I guess I don't need to... I should have been like, bye, see you!
I'll ask them if they want me.
This is an 11 minute report.
There's going to be protesters.
There's a march organized for Saturday, but already they're having problems.
I read a brief thing that they're having inclusivity problems.
They don't know what they're doing, but I think it's going to be peaceful.
You walk down the streets here, you see everybody right there wearing a Trump shirt, people wearing Trump hats, and really, it's a great environment right here.
Yeah, you guys recognized me and you were like, hey, let's talk to InfoWars.
What do you expect from the protesters?
Um, well, like Kevin says, this could be a lot of, uh, I think this could be a lot of small disruptions, because I think people, these people... That's right, there we go.
I think these people really, a lot of them just don't have jobs, they don't care about them, so they actually... Or their job is to protest now, right?
Exactly, yeah, $10 an hour, but, um, yeah, I think it's different when you're face-to-face with somebody, and, um, I mean, you see the atmosphere here, it's just very, like, we kind of took over the city, so, um... Yeah, it's great.
Yeah, so I think there'll be small things, there'll be people just trying to, you know, show, oh yeah, I'm anti-Trump, but I don't think there's going to be any real violence.
The funniest thing is that D.C.
voted like 93% for Hillary, I want to say, and just being out and about, I got in yesterday morning, you guys have probably had the same experience, is that the majority of people here have never really talked to Trump supporters.
And then you have in one week, you know, probably hundreds, hundreds, tens of thousands of us are shown into the city and people are having their real first exposure of the Trump supporters.
And it's eye-opening for them.
And there's been a lot of people asking us, so why'd you vote for him?
You know, I don't understand it, which is another topic, but it's their first peek into our opinions.
And it's crazy, too, because, like you said, most of them probably haven't talked to a Trump supporter.
They have all of these, you know, pre-decisions about who we are, what we think.
Right, and then they talk to us and they're like, oh, you're actually normal guys.
But that's what we were talking about.
So, you know, you guys traveled here from Louisiana.
Obviously, people traveled from all over the country to be here for the inauguration.
Do you guys also think, I mean, are we going to just outnumber these people?
I think so.
I think we're going to outnumber them and we're going to out-spirit them just like we've been doing for the past year.
Okay everyone, we are going to pull out of this report with Owen Schroer.
Alex Jones is now back live in D.C., so let's go to Alex Jones.
A lot of mean looks, mainly because we cheered when Trump gave his speech.
So we got out of there, head over to see some of the protesters, and we got some mean mugs, a lot of questions.
Lots of interviews for some reason.
I wonder why.
So, that was the experience today.
Saw the parade and caught up with InfoWars like we planned.
Oh, awesome.
Well, tell us anything interesting that you've seen.
Have you seen any skirmishes go down or any acts of goodwill between people?
Yeah, acts of goodwill.
We, we met him at a restaurant and we saw the InfoWars gear and we asked him, familiar with where's Alex, where's Alex?
So we actually saw Rob Do a little bit in 909 a few hours ago and goodwill, they brought us here and we got to meet Alex.
Absolutely, that's cool.
So what do you think is going to happen now that Trump is in office?
How do you think America is going to change?
I think America will be a better overall country in the sense of
Fiscally, more trade deals, more jobs coming back, lower taxes, people investing more, saving more.
More prosperity.
So that's what I'm looking forward to.
Fantastic, man.
Thank you.
Well, thank you for talking to us.
Appreciate it.
Well, there you go.
You hear from everybody on the street.
You don't really see long-form interviews like this on mainstream media because they want to take everything, cut it into a little snippet or control the narrative, make people read off of teleprompters.
We do have a young lady right here who seems to be eager to tell us her story.
How you doing?
What's your name, ma'am?
How are you doing, Pam?
Yes, just super, except for the cold toes.
How was your day today?
Yeah, it was absolutely wonderful.
And what was great about it was the spirit of Americans.
These are the Americans that came out.
It's very exciting.
I'm kind of a political junkie and I like you.
I quote you a lot.
Well, thank you.
Yeah, and these are the Americans who put ourselves back in business.
And Trump heard us and here we are.
And it was very exciting.
Can't get this smile off my face.
That is fantastic.
What was the highlight of the day for you?
I think his speech.
I loved his speech.
While it was exactly Trumpian, it also was a little bit a slap in the face of Obama and what has been happening for the last eight years.
And I thought it was cool.
That's not a very eloquent word, but it was really good.
Not at all.
I think that describes it really well.
Yeah, I think he managed to come out in one fell swoop, sort of declare what his intentions are.
What did you think of the ceremony overall?
It was beautiful.
It was the center of the universe.
I loved it.
Everybody in the world was watching.
And even though I was just a little teeny-weeny red dot, yeah, I was there.
Well, that's fantastic, and it was great to be part of that crowd.
It was great to be there with so many like-minded people and feel the energy when they were all yelling Trump, hundreds of thousands of people.
Are you from Georgia?
I moved from Georgia to South Carolina, so now I'm a Nikki Haley fan.
There you go.
You know her?
You know who she is?
It's him.
Nikki Haley.
Nikki Haley's the governor of South Carolina.
So you know?
Hey, I'm going to come right back to you in a moment, but let me just say this.
People are saying bring back Drunk Alex.
Well, I wish I was drunk.
I hadn't had anything yet, but I'm exhausted.
You shake over a thousand hands.
You get up at 5 a.m.
Buckley's like, get up!
In our condo we got...
Get up, get up!
I've already been sleeping like midnight, and I'm tired.
You go shake a thousand hands, you go out to this historic, and you interview hundreds of people, and let me tell you, you're not exhausted.
You're triggered by a control freak, though.
She triggered you.
Do what?
That control freak lady triggered you.
The control freak did trigger me.
She's like, oh my god, you smell like alcohol.
You're a man.
Which is a good idea.
We ought to go in there and get a drink, actually.
I thought of that.
I did good.
I went like 25 days last month without a ram.
Muscle bit away.
I've only gained 10 pounds back from taking a vacation.
That's a pretty epic rant, though.
That was pretty epic.
What was that with her?
Yeah, the whole thing.
They go like, Russians?
The Russians came to keep their country together.
They literally say, I get minus from the Russians.
What an insult!
That's Maxine Waters, though.
Like, I can't have my own idea, Mr. Trump can't.
Everybody knows Trump's Mr. Idea.
No, he gets it from Putin.
Hold on, Mr. Putin.
I mean, Buckley, I can't handle it anymore.
It is pretty ridiculous, I mean... You're at the office with the Soros... Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, exactly.
The red phone rings, the red phones from the Kremlin rings.
Well, generally it's one of his attaches and Putin is holding on the line to talk to Alex.
It's a very reverent moment, you know, the lights go down, they play the Russian national anthem and we unfurl some flags.
This is Alexander Good.
You were born in Russia.
Your codename is Soprentor.
You've done well.
Exactly, exactly.
And we will not rest until we have conquered the United States.
No, no, he calls, he goes, well done, Corporal Commandant.
Oh, thank you.
Now I will merge with the Decepticon leadership, Megatron, to enslave the Earth.
Good, good, Megatron.
Or is it Autobots, roll out.
I am Optimus Prime.
Well, there you go.
From the mouth of Alex Jones himself, here we are.
From the mouth of Supreme Court.
Here we are reporting to you live from Washington, D.C.
It's been an epic day.
I feel like it's going to be an epic night, too.
We don't know what the future is in store for us, but at least we think it's bright because we have Donald Trump.
He's got the keys to the nation, and he has a large percentage of us behind him that are really looking forward to it.
And isn't it just worth it watching all the control freaks that are so arrogant crap their pants?
And Trump's saying, hey, it isn't about Washington now, it's about you.
You see how sick Obama looked on the jumbo drone?
Oh yeah, absolutely.
Because he was right up front, I couldn't see, but on the jumbo drone.
I think they're all quaking in their boots.
I think everybody here in Washington, D.C.
better go look for a real job.
A real job somewhere else.
Maybe as an accountant or, you know, maybe a farmer.
Maybe they need a job.
Fifty years ago, this was not a wealthy city.
It's the richest in the world.
's the richest in the world.
Hey, you ain't making Swiss watches.
It should be Geneva.
Or it should be like, you know, New York.
It should not be D.C.
I mean, you don't produce anything.
They walk around, you know, arrogant in black trench coats.
Guess what?
You want to fight?
Meet me in my Huckleberry.
Or as they say in true grit, fill your hands.
I guess you did fill your hands.
We just kicked your ass up and down the street.
And hey, if you want to go to the next level, to physical, that's your deal to start.
Because everybody knows, folks on defense always win.
Well, thank you for joining us here in Washington, D.C.
for this epic, epic transmission.
And if you go to Infowars.com forward slash show, they're going to keep going because we're going to keep coverage of this until 10 p.m.
Central, which is 11 p.m.
Eastern Standard Time.
And we have everybody there in the studio breaking things down.
We have lots of reporters roaming around here, finding information, looking into all the different stories that are developing right now.
So once again, thank you so much for joining us.
Go to InfoWars.com forward slash show if you're watching this on Facebook Mentions.
And we'll probably pop up here in a little bit, Noah and Alex.
So thanks a lot.
Thank you for all the love.
Thank you for all the support.
Have a good evening.
Buckley Hammond signing off.
More than 20 years ago, when I started InfoWars, I was a fitness addict.
As time went on, my metabolism slowed down, I quit working out, I was working 18 hours a day, and I gained right at 100 pounds.
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We will make America great again!
And welcome back.
You are watching our 14 hours of freedom live broadcast covering the inauguration.
There's the wall of meat driving by.
There it is.
I don't think that's the official wall of meat.
Maybe I should put my glasses on.
Yes, we're here kind of watching all the ceremony play out.
I gotta admit I really have never tuned into this so I don't know this little bit of Americana that's happening right now with all of the
The typical things that would happen in the inaugural parade, but here it is behind us going on.
It's an incredible time to be alive, folks.
I wanted to talk a little bit, just briefly, about some fake news that CNN engaged in this morning.
So they said, Nancy Sinatra is not happy Trump will use her father's song at inauguration.
And she tweeted back at them, that's not true.
I never said that.
Why do you lie, CNN?
Why is everyone so obsessed with celebrity?
Celebrities of course will change the course of history.
Oh yes, as they've proven in this election cycle.
That their power is no more, in fact.
Which, that's pretty incredible to me to just see.
Seeing people break through that conditioning.
You know, you played kind of a pivotal role back in the day of conditioning the minds of the youth, and now what do you think?
I was totally responsible for ruining a lot of youngsters.
He's taking it!
He's taking it!
And I woke up one day, I literally realized, oh my god, this is not what I want to do, this is not where I want to go.
I've been in radio and television since I was 15.
And, you know, don't ever think that there's like this magical, you know, memo that goes around, you have to talk this way.
It's the milieu.
It's how, you know, no matter where you are, it's how just the organism itself, people flow along with that.
And, you know, to see, and that was the last time I was here, to see what MTV has become and the position they're taking was very disappointing for my alma mater.
Yeah, I mean did you see the outright brainwashing and propaganda and it's just really interesting that it's almost so heavy-handed that
It's caused people to wake up.
So you almost got to be thankful for it.
Just like all of these kids being born with autism.
They're all being born at a certain time all at once to force humanity to go, what the hell is going on?
We shouldn't all have cancer.
We shouldn't all be sick.
Something's happening.
So it's almost as if it's a divine happening that's forcing us to wake up on a mass scale.
You know, I would say that that's kind of a good thing, that we're being bombarded with it.
I'm not quite sure I'm on board with the divine intervention giving kids autism.
I think that may be things like Atrazine.
Yes, agreed!
And it's also recognizing there are children who are very special, who may not be the norm, who are usually highly intelligent.
Very much so.
I'm with you on that.
Well we have this, it is our free will universe and so for such a long time people have just sort of sat back and allowed our food supply, air, everything to just be bombarded with this onslaught of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and everything and then just wondering, I mean so it's almost like, wake up people, wake up!
And I feel like humanity truly has with this.
I want to start being less apologetic.
I absolutely think, just to clarify this and then we can move on to Trump because this is bigger news, there is no question in my personal brain that there is a corollary link between vaccinating, not having a blood brain barrier, and autism.
No question.
For me.
Well, it's nice to see that Robert Kennedy will be running the Vaccine Safety Council.
We've had this fund for many, many years in the United States.
The pharmaceutical companies are indemnified.
By law, they are untouchable.
But there is this huge fund that pays people, you know, just take the money and shut up.
If your kid has severe harm or death, but there's no admission of guilt.
No, no.
Hush money, sort of.
That would be silly.
But, you know, of course there's some original vaccines that I think are pretty darn good.
Yeah, of course.
I think it's giving like 30 before the age of 3, that's the problem.
That's a little much.
Other countries that don't have these communicable diseases don't bombard their children with the vaccine.
I think it's everywhere now and you know, if there's one thing that bothers me the most, it's Gardazil, it's HPV.
I have many women in my life and they are terrorized by the pharmaceutical system for something that
Really, a lot of people have and you can get rid of it yourself.
Yeah, well, and also too, Gardasil, it'll cure, it'll help you not get those certain two types of cervical cancer, but it makes you more susceptible to 17 other kinds that are much worse than those.
They don't tell you that though.
But that's in every, every, every Western country now.
Every Western country, they're pushing the HPV vaccination for boys as well, of course, because, you know, boys have cervical issues.
Right, well and that's the reason why it's so prevalent is because there's no test for it when the guys have it.
But it's, yeah, it's a dangerous precedent we're setting and I feel like we do have a president that's kind of going, you know what, I'm going to thumb my nose in your face and I'm going to appoint people who are, I forget these other appointees, like people who are questioning climate change.
I'm going to put him in charge of the EPA and I'm going to let Robert Kennedy be in charge of this, let's study this!
Let's actually get some people in there who aren't afraid to ask the the hard tough questions that don't just go along with the typical narrative and you know which you'll be demonized if you dare say well wait a minute is the science settled?
Well, we're going to see how it goes.
I'm cautiously very optimistic about everything.
I think it's a clean slate.
It obviously is something, a completely new direction.
And, you know, I think within a couple weeks we'll already know how things are going.
But that'll have to be based upon data and not, obviously, based upon mainstream reporting.
Well, Adam, I think that what's happening here is you
You just don't want to be featured in any of these videos that we make in a year or two with all the crying Obama people.
Who, me?
I would be perfect for that!
Come on!
Trump, yay!
He's gonna save everything!
I have to adjust my man bun.
I did not have a mullet.
This is technically not a mullet that I had.
It was beautiful blonde locks.
I did not have a mullet!
Fine, I think I've overstayed my welcome here.
Yeah, I think we definitely need to pull up some photos from the past.
We'll find those.
Oh, you don't want to see my family photos from the past.
She did have a little bit of a moment.
Yeah, my mom gave me really awesome home haircuts.
Okay, well we're going to go to a report from one of our reporters there on the field.
So I wanted to thank you, Margaret Howell and Adam Curry.
What time do you do the live version of the No Agenda?
Well, we'll be deconstructing, of course, this whole inauguration.
We do it live on Sunday, No Agenda Show, noagendashow.com, and that starts at 11 o'clock Austin time.
But of course, the podcast, you can listen to it anytime you want.
Anytime you want.
Well, thank you so much for joining us.
Thank you.
Nice meeting you.
And we're going to go ahead and play this report from Kid Daniel's watch, Explosions, Fires at Anti-Trump D.C.
I'm at 13th Street and K Street.
It sounds like flashbang explosions.
Mary's blown out.
We're wearing goggles.
You hyped up under those f***ing kicks!
Come on then!
One unit!
If you break up that unit by not standing together, then you're not a unit!
Hey, that's my car.
It's a pleasure to meet you, sir.
It's not a standing round.
Alright, alright.
Sure, bye bye.
Don't touch me.
You're a journalist.
Back up!
Back up!
Back up!
Back up!
Back up!
Back up!
Back up!
Back up!
Back up!
Back up!
Back up!
Back up!
Hey Daniel, Head4Wars.com.
Watching the scene in the corner of 12th and L Street.
Looks like they are burning an American flag or something.
Let's go take a look.
This is live, everybody.
This is the burning sensation of the acres, of the whole acres.
So we're at a four-to-one media to protest our situation.
I'm getting out of here.
This is not the news!
This is not the news!
This is not the news!
This is not the news!
This is not the news!
This is not the news!
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It's been something that I've been working on for a long time, Alex, because I think it's very, very important.
What the aging process is, is when the cell replicates, we lose a little bit of our telomeres.
Telomeres are the little cups on the end of our chromosomes.
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Exclusively available at InfowarsLive.com or by calling toll-free 888-253-3139.
Everyone please stand.
Please raise your right hand and repeat after me.
I, Donald John Trump, do solemnly swear.
I, Donald John Trump, do solemnly swear.
That I will faithfully execute.
That I will faithfully execute.
The office of President of the United States.
The office of President of the United States.
And will, to the best of my ability.
And will, to the best of my ability.
Preserve, protect and defend.
Preserve, protect and defend.
The Constitution of the United States.
The Constitution of the United States.
So help me God.
So help me God.
Congratulations, Mr. President.
What a great honor to be able to introduce for the first time ever anywhere, the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump.
Chief Justice Roberts, President Carter, President Clinton, President Bush, President Obama, fellow Americans, and people of the world, thank you.
We, the citizens of America, are now joined in a great national effort to rebuild our country and restore its promise for all of our people.
Together, we will determine the course of America and the world for many, many years to come.
We will face challenges.
We will confront hardships.
But we will get the job done.
Every four years, we gather on these steps to carry out the orderly and peaceful transfer of power.
And we are grateful to President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama for their gracious aid throughout this transition.
They have been magnificent.
Thank you.
Today's ceremony, however,
Has very special meaning.
Because today, we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another.
Or from one party to another.
But we are transferring power from Washington D.C.
and giving it back to you, the people.
I make this promise.
We will make America strong again.
We will make America proud again.
We will make America safe again.
And we will make America great again!
Ladies and gentlemen, the next President of the United States, Donald Trump!
The show goes on!
Representing College Station, Texas.
A youth country and western dance team made up of boys and girls from ages 8 to 18.
These are the Little and Elite Wranglers from College Station, Texas.
Once again, the Boy Scouts of America from Bethesda, Maryland, carrying state flags in the order that they entered the Union.
From Maine, Missouri, Arkansas, Michigan, Florida, Texas, Iowa, Wisconsin, California, Minnesota, and Oregon.
Let's hear it once again for the Boy Scouts of America National Capital Area Council for their participation today.
Now, once again, to tell you about our next military element from the DoD, our special announcer for the day, Marine Corporal Alex Smith.
Coming up next is the Air Force, and representing them in today's parade is the Air Force staff.
Surprising, the four-member staff are members of each component of the service.
Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, and the United States Air Force Academy.
Let's hear it for the Air Force Band!
Following them is the United States Air Force Academy, represented by 90 cadets of the United States Air Force Academy, marching beneath the colors of the Cadet Wing.
These young men and women represent more than 4,000 members of the Air Force Cadet Wing.
Following them is the United States Air Force.
Representing the active duty Air Force is the United States Air Force Honor Guard.
The all-volunteer unit has represented the Air Force at official ceremonies around the nation since 1948.
Following them is the United States Air Force Color Guard.
Proudly carrying the colors of the nation, the United States Air Force are members of the United States Air Force Honor Guard.
Established in 1948, the Honor Guard performs in a variety of ceremonies, including promotions, retirements, military funerals, and state funerals, including President Reagan's.
Now marching on behalf of the United States Air National Guard, members of the District of Columbia Air National Guard, the Capitol Guardians, have supported every presidential inauguration since 1861, the inauguration of President Lincoln.
Following them is the United States Air Force Reserve.
Representing nearly 70,000 citizen airmen of the United States Air Force Reserve is the 459th Air Refueling Wing located at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland.
Throughout its history, the Citadel has maintained a tradition of duty, pride, and excellence as part of the cadet experience.
Please welcome, from Charleston, South Carolina, the Citadel Regimental Bag, Pipes, and Bands.
These 61 members are first-class senior cadets.
And this equestrian unit is the 1st Cavalry Division's Horse Cavalry Detachment from Fort Hood, Texas.
A special ceremonial unit for the Department of the Army, founded in 1972.
Comprised of active duty soldiers, the unit has performed in ceremonies across the country, including 13 Tournament of Roses parades and 5 inaugural parades.
Now the Olivet Nazarene University Tiger Marching Band from Corbinaze, Illinois.
This unit was the lead band in the 2016 London New Year's Day Parade.
And welcome back.
You are watching InfoWars' 14-hour live coverage of the presidential inauguration.
Donald Trump is officially the 45th president of the United States.
Those pesky protesters did not get their resistance.
It did not work.
Darren McBreen, I mean, what an incredible day.
How do you feel?
To me it feels like election night all over again.
So it gives us an opportunity to celebrate it all over again.
And we have an administration that's eager to basically do an about face on all of Obama's policies.
And I'm looking forward to the White House Press Club.
Or the Press Corps, that's what they call it.
That's going to change big time because for the first time we're going to have independent media in it.
Like I always imagine, Leanne McAdoo, Mr. President, I have a question?
Yes, Leanne McAdoo, Infowars.com, I have a question.
So that's going to be a reality in the near future and there's a new sheriff in town and the globalists are not too happy.
Yes, actually as 1159 a.m.
Eastern, the new sheriff in town, evidence of the regime change on the White House website.
All references to climate change have been deleted from the White House website today at noon.
The official White House website had a very lengthy information page about the threat of climate change and the steps the federal government had taken to fight it.
At noon, at the instant Donald Trump took office, the page was gone, as well as any mention of climate change or global warming.
So it's going to be very interesting how we're going to be kind of undoing all of the agenda, this progressive agenda that has been really shoved down our throats for the last eight years.
And I see we've got our guys there on the ground.
There they are.
Rob Dew and Owen Schroyer, of course, have been right there with the Goblins.
Guys, how deep did you get with the Goblins?
Just, you know, wading through knee deep?
Knee deep.
You didn't get in bed with the Goblins, did you?
He might have, I didn't.
I've got some videos that I haven't uploaded yet that I'm going to upload tonight where I'm pretty much right in the belly of the beast with the goblins.
And I think Kit Daniel actually took a video, I don't know if he put it up yet, but we're standing on the road and the whole protest is literally marching right at me.
So I'm standing right in front of them.
I wish I could have had my bullhorn.
But we were able to talk to a couple of those protesters.
But no, honestly, they were pretty weak, I would say.
Oh, and I have a little story.
Me and Josh were walking by and I go, oh my God, look, it's the Anarchists.
And there are the Black Bok Anarchists.
There's probably eight or nine of them with a female trailing behind.
But I guess they were all other males because they all had their faces covered.
And they had their big flags and they're walking.
And I stop and film them.
And then as they walk by me, I go, ah, I guess, I say something like, I guess you guys didn't stop the inauguration.
And the guy turned around like he was going to come fight me, and he stopped short because I just stood there, and I had the Warhammer, which... Bring the Warhammer over here, let's give him some screen time.
You're giving the Warhammer a little love?
Hey, grab him by the Warhammer.
And I was holding this in my hand.
Right here is the Warhammer.
It's got a light on it, this thing which tells time, and a shotgun mic, and an InfoWars mic, and it holds a couple iPhones, and it's pretty badass.
And it can also choke people with it.
It looks like a transformer.
We're looking to install the rape whistle on here soon.
But I just stood there and he stopped short and goes...
Alex Jones is really Bill Hicks!
The frogs are doing it!
The frogs are doing it!
It like runs off.
And it's like these people have nothing.
It was very strange behavior.
Here's the thing.
They were attacking women earlier today that were trying to get into the parade route and Alex saw this happening and he actually had to be removed by the police.
They were moved into another safe area because he was about to attack these people who were going after women.
So, and these are the same people that were, you know, they cover their faces, they wear all black, they pretend to be anarchists, but really they're paid socialists, and they're probably trust fund kids as well.
He saw them attacking women.
Women were coming out bloody.
We interviewed two of them during the last Facebook Mentions.
They came on.
One lady was so distraught about it, she wouldn't even show her face.
She turned her back to the camera and told her story of how she was attacked.
And this is serious.
I mean, these are men attacking women.
That's how weak these people are.
That just shows you what cowards they are.
Yeah, and it's just me and Josh and there was like eight of them.
All right, but we probably could have taken them.
I was ready.
I like the names they come up with because one of the names that was at the Deplora Ball last night, an anti-Trump group, the DC Anti-Fascist Coalition.
Yeah, there's a lot of anti-fascist coalitions out here.
Beating women.
Ignorantly believe that Donald Trump is some kind of fascist.
This morning they were calling me a Nazi, and yet they have a sign that says socialism.
And they don't understand that the Nazi party was the National Socialist Party.
They just don't understand that.
Hey, I know you guys have got Airbnb there, but are you staying, like, what is this Secret Society artwork behind you guys?
Ah, I'm glad you asked.
You're not allowed to know.
If you look right here, it's the Rosicrucian seal right there.
Subliminal messaging.
Actually, this was the artwork in the place that we rented.
There was a big mirror here and we took that off because it looked weird.
That's actually the Trump lion right there.
That's the Trump lion that you're seeing.
So we grabbed some artwork and put it up.
You grabbed him what?
Oh, just artwork, okay.
But let me tell you, it was quite a day today just seeing
The lack of protesters.
There was one little section of protesters.
Yeah, we outnumbered them.
I was guessing 5 to 1.
I'd say 10 to 1.
Well, if you watch the mainstream news media, it looks like it's just being infiltrated by protesters everywhere.
Well, I could understand that, I guess.
They're essentially doing what
You know, we want to do, which is go film the YouTube gold or the TV gold of these ignorant protesters.
They do it for a different reason, but, you know, obviously that's the goal.
So, of course, someone who's watching it on TV is going to have that experience when that's all they're looking for.
But the Trump supporters, I mean, there's probably 20,000, 30,000 watching the parade.
There's probably 20,000, 30,000 at the Washington Memorial.
That's right.
Another 20,000 at the Lincoln Memorial.
I mean, they're everywhere.
They're literally just all over the streets.
Let me ask you this, when the campaign first started, and we'd go to these Trump events, and then there would be the anti-Trump agitators outside, they would see our InfoWars sticker on our microphones, and they would get triggered.
But it seemed like the more the campaign went on, the more they would recognize it.
And now it seems like everyone out there that's protesting Trump, as soon as they see that InfoWars on the microphone, do they get triggered immediately?
They run away.
They are afraid to debate.
I was debating some people this morning and they were being told, the one white guy, and I'm not even being racist, but it felt really weird and racist when we were trying to interview and talk to these people and there was, I guess, the leader and he was black and he was telling the white people not to talk.
He's a Democratic leader.
Don't engage, don't engage.
Yeah, Democratic leader.
And, um, but, yeah, these were even socialists.
They weren't even Democrats.
They were, these were total socialists, communists.
And, you know, you get to, you go, wow, you know, communism's killed, what, 100, 200 million people in the last century?
And, you know, what are you gonna do?
I go, what are you gonna do for your final solution?
They go, oh, you're trying to bait us into a Nazi thing.
No, your final solution is you want to kill people to take over the memes of production, which, uh, we're not gonna allow that to happen, unfortunately.
And I said, I go, what are you gonna do when you get a job?
I would say my experience as far as the InfoWars Mike Flagg is
Either they see it, and they just immediately flick me off, pretty much, or say, F you, F Alex Jones, or whatever.
Or I heard a lot of chemtrails.
I got a lot of chemtrails today.
Because they're really upset that their fake climate change stories, anthropogenic climate change things, are falling to the wayside now.
So they either flick me off, say F Alex Jones, or, but what I also notice now, and this didn't used to happen to me as much, I think that they're catching on, like kind of what you were referencing there Darren, I think they're starting to catch on because now, when there's groups of them, someone will point me out, someone will point that out, and they'll send over a bunch of goons to kind of like try to, basically they just surround me, they just try to meat wall me, like the bikers for Trump.
Uh, we're gonna do.
And actually, I just put that video up.
It went up earlier and it got, uh, it got, it got distorted.
So I'm gonna see if that video went up cleanly.
And I'll just tell you guys, this was, this may have been my best moment of the trip.
It was, it was tough out there.
The protesters were pretty weak.
But I'm trying to get this video up right now.
There was a protest.
They were blocking the gates.
So when they try to say that there weren't very many people in the inauguration, that's because these protesters were literally blocking the gates.
They were stuffed up in the entrance.
And look, we obviously want Trump safe and everyone safe here, but I won't go off on it.
But the security here, they need to figure something out because it's absolutely ridiculous.
But anyway, they're sitting here and they're blocking this entrance and they're having their little protest.
And the leader of it, this little goblin, decides that she's going to hold a moment of silence in solidarity to protest Donald Trump.
So, of course, they had their little moment of silence.
What do you think I did?
I screamed out, Make America Great Again at the top of my lungs.
And then immediately they all freaked out.
They sent over a meatball to try to block me off.
And I ended up engaging in a conversation with a few of them.
So I'm going to try to get that clean video up.
But yeah, for the most part, if they see us, they either run.
There was actually one woman.
I'm going to put this video up too.
This is wild.
I'm coming up, these women, everyone's taking a picture of these two young girls because they have their anti-Trump sign, okay?
I come over, I'm like, hey, I'm with the media, can I get an interview, we'll talk about your sign?
The two young girls knew who I was, knew about InfoWars and said, oh, sorry, we won't talk to InfoWars, we're not talking InfoWars.
Makes sense to me.
Why won't you stand in front of the camera?
Why won't you actually voice these issues?
And of course they know why, because they'll be shut down.
And then she ultimately talked to me.
And of course we disagreed on just about every political issue, but we had the conversation.
And that's what she said to these girls.
And at the end I was like, look, we're going to disagree, but it's totally hypocritical to come out here as a protester, hold up a sign because you want to be seen, you want to be heard, you think that these are the real issues, and then when there's somebody there
Giving you a platform, giving you essentially an amplified voice, you want to turn away and hide.
And we know the reason why is because...
The dynamic of us amplifying their voice is kind of an illusion because they know that their voice is fake.
They know that they're a fraud.
And our voice is the voice of truth, and we just, pun intended, we trump them.
Well, and they're also afraid to be told no.
They don't want to, they don't want you to contradict their held belief.
Their fake reality.
And then when you do, go ahead, go ahead, Lance.
Well, what's going to happen with them?
I mean, we were just talking about they removed all information about the climate change on their website.
They're very tricky.
What are they going to do when their entire narrative that they've based their existence around, it's totally crumbled?
If everybody has air conditioning, the whole world's going to boil over.
And that's the thing.
Donald Trump, he could bypass the media altogether by going straight to Twitter, going to social media and independent media.
So the mainstream media is in big trouble.
Establishment media.
I just, I just find it odd these people, they've been proven wrong time and time again and they're gonna, they're gonna staunchly, this is gonna be their new thing I think, is with the whole climate change.
They're gonna say Donald Trump wants to kill the planet or whatever, you know, because he doesn't want to say climate change.
So I think that that's the new thing.
Trump, planet killer, doesn't believe in climate change.
And so they're gonna, they're gonna cling on to this thing.
This is gonna be like the new thing.
They might even start spinning it in the media too.
And it's just the most ridiculous thing.
How much more evidence do we need?
It's not even debatable!
Chemtrails are real!
They're real!
This isn't a debate!
The argument is over!
It's over!
I've been kind of in the chair most of the day, so I haven't really been able to see how the media... How do you think they're going to deconstruct the speech that he gave today?
It was very inclusive.
How can they spin it?
All you have to do is take and look at how many times Obama mentioned his name in the speech, his farewell speech, and then I think it was like 75 times.
And Donald Trump, I think, mentioned his name three?
And I actually, I was more about we, inclusive.
And he goes, for all Americans.
It's going to be great for all Americans.
And what we, well, this is what I found.
The people that are coming up to Alex Jones, most of them are minorities.
They're either immigrants, or they're Hispanic, or they're black.
And those are the ones who come up fervently wanting to talk.
Like, they're not just, hey Alex, hey Alex.
Those are the ones who are like, damn it, man, I'm glad somebody's speaking out.
I'm glad.
And it's been amazing.
Like, you know, I've been around here for a while, and I've seen people come up to Alex and stuff, and this time it's been different.
It's more of a real love.
Like, oh my God, this one kid goes, you're my hero, and gave him a big hug.
You know, and this was like a 15 year old kid.
And that's the effect, you know, Alex definitely has a big effect, probably more than all of us put together, but we're also amplifying that as well.
We're there on the sides being auxiliary boosters to what he's doing.
And just making our umbrella bigger, just having more presence out here.
And that goes for our listeners too, and the followers of InfoWarriors, our fellow InfoWarriors.
I don't know how many times we get, you know, I don't want to call them fans, they're InfoWarriors.
They send us information, very, very good stuff that we share.
This is an army of information out there.
I've met so many great people out here.
I've actually met people that may even end up doing interviews with us because they're very bright people, intelligent people.
I've met people that have provided me with insight.
I can just say what you were saying about the trust fund babies being these protesters, that's confirmed from within Project Veritas, so I'll just leave it at that.
It's not hard to figure out.
But when you talk, when we're talking about
All the fans that we're seeing.
There was one.
I actually tweeted this out.
There were these two ladies.
It was a Latino woman and she had Latina for Trump on and it was a black woman.
And they recognized me and they come up to me and they're like, oh, we want to take a picture.
We want to take a picture.
And so we take the picture.
It's a good picture.
And she's like, she's like, you've got to tweet this out.
They can't call you racist anymore.
They can't call you racist.
I'm like, they're going to call me racist first thing when they see this picture.
They're going to say, oh, he did that so he won't call him racist.
So I tweeted out the picture.
I called myself a racist.
And there you go.
A racist.
But it really is, and you know what it is, I think, Rob?
I think that there's a feeling of solidarity here with all the Trump people.
I mean, we really have occupied D.C.
Guys, for those of you listening that haven't seen the footage, I mean, I'll try to paint the picture for you.
You're walking down the street and every other person is wearing a Make America Great Again hat on.
You're walking down the street and every other person has some presidential Trump gear on.
It's like we're in Trumpville, America.
It's wild.
And every fifth person is an InfoWars fan.
I'd love to point out right now how CNN's homepage has the inauguration of Donald Trump, hail to the chief.
So in one respect, they're kind of saying, okay, it's time to kiss the ring.
But on the other hand, they're saying, oh, we just elected an emperor.
We're done.
So it's, it's, they're, they're never going to stop.
What's the image look like?
It's just all the kind of the rolling tweets.
They don't have his image up there, but it's just right there.
Bold print.
Hail to the chief.
Here he is.
The tweet.
We've elected him.
The tweets!
The tweets!
We were talking earlier about how this is a celebration day as well.
Inauguration day is a celebration day.
And Donald Trump, this is not just about Donald Trump.
This is about the American people invading Washington D.C.
and taking our country back.
This is, you know, the globalists, they're going to have a tough time after this.
This changes everything.
I don't know.
I don't
That's a stark difference.
You know what I'm saying?
Donald Trump is thinking about this.
He's not thinking about himself.
He's already in the mindset that he knows that the American people put him in power.
He knows how he got into power.
With Obama, it's all about me, me, me.
It's a mindset.
With Trump, it's like we, we, we, because he knows who put him in power.
During that speech, I'm sorry, I was going to say, during that speech though, I didn't see any teleprompters?
I didn't see any notes?
Well there were teleprompters up, they just had the camera, they had the camera really tightly zoomed in.
So I know someone had to have written that speech.
Well yeah, he did and he also, I forget who his, it was Stephen Miller or something?
There was pictures of him.
I tell you what, it was one of the greatest speeches, it's JFK level inauguration
They were memeing his photo.
There was a photo of him and it became this big viral meme.
People saying all sorts of stuff with him writing a speech.
But yeah, I wish I could say that it was teleprompter.
It seemed like it was really.
He sure read it like it was.
Totally came from the heart there, yeah.
It was awesome.
Only we are teleprompter.
That's right.
No teleprompters allowed.
You get shut down.
Well, and I think a lot of this shows that what we're talking about is the majority.
We're not the minority.
We're not the silent minority.
We're not the silent majority.
We are the vocal majority now.
We're able to take
The news that comes out and analyze it and show people where it's fake and people are able to see that and it goes and goes and goes and everybody else sees it and they share it with their friends and we really have transcended the paradigm I think at this point to where you know it's not about
We spent a lot of time talking about Trump the last two years.
And we're still going to be talking about Trump.
But now's the time where we have that audience and we can start putting out that information, that evergreen information that everybody can use in their everyday life.
Whether it's driverless cars or vaccines or glyphosates or, you know, the nutraceuticals we provide.
Because all that stuff that
That's what we do at InfoWars.
It's all about making us better.
It's not about sitting back and waiting for stuff to happen.
It's all about what can we do to do stuff better?
You know, it's like fine tuning a hot rod, you know, and that's the stage right now.
We have the hot rod.
Now we're going to fine tune it and make it run, you know, 100 miles to the gallon on gas and run 300 miles an hour when we want to and stop on a dive and take curves and.
We can really like blossom into the next level where you know we're up there with Daily Caller and we're up there with Breitbart and I think we're in some ways we're more popular than those places but in some ways we aren't.
And but I think now's the time looking at this supporting Trump
And putting all that information out there.
But also putting out more information that people can use in their everyday lives.
That's where I think we need to go and really start working on that now that we've got Trump in office.
Because it was, I tell you, it was a lot of, hold your breath, he's not in yet.
I still thought he was going to be a sniper on the roof today as well.
Let me tell you, just looking out our window out here, there were snipers all over the place.
The security here is so ridiculous.
I mean, it's just, it's honestly absurd.
But you know, part of the thing I think that when you talk about making yourself better, making everyone around you better, part of that is, you know, having conversations, even when you disagree.
Oh yeah.
Having that debate, finding common ground, you know, finding compromise.
You know, making, the creation of this country was not easy.
Some of those guys fought tooth and nail and still didn't get their way.
But at the end of the day, here we are in America, and we got a chance to make this the greatest country in the world, I think.
And the thing that's also so wonderful is that we have a president now who is...
Ask these questions as well, and he is appointing people like Robert Kennedy Jr.
to run this with the vaccines or a climate change denier to head up the EPA.
And here's the issue that I have, is that we're willing to ask these questions, we're willing to go down these dark paths, we're willing to find the truth.
And we're willing to have conversations about it, even if it's not comfortable.
But these protesters and the left are not.
They are completely left out to dry on this.
We cannot, we cannot grow with these people.
And it was just really illustrated to me again today.
I can't grow with you, man.
You can't, you won't talk to me.
You won't accept reality.
You just hate me.
And there's no, there's no even possibility of growth.
If people are watching this morning, I was on with Paul Joseph Watson about 8.30.
And these people were, 830 Central, these people were flipping off the camera, putting their fingers in front of the camera, screaming.
They loved hitting you with their sign, like, accidentally.
Bumping into you, forming their... Yeah, I'm sure that was an accident, dude.
Well, they had training.
How can you get just past illegal without getting arrested?
And, you know, instead of engaging, there was one guy at the end who started talking to us.
And we came to agreements.
We're like, look, Donald Trump is not going to be perfect, and he's probably going to do some things we don't like.
This is a way better solution than what we were looking at with Hillary Clinton.
Let me tell you, we would have driven straight off the cliff with Hillary Clinton.
It would have been horrible.
And then there'll be some times where you find one of those rare protesters who is willing to engage, and you start having conversations, and then they'll say something about Trump or one of his policies.
For example, I've never been really a big wall guy.
I'm a big border security guy.
I think we need to secure the border.
I think a wall is kind of archaic at this point, but I'm not anti-wall, pro-wall.
We're gonna build a wall.
The wall just got 10 feet higher, okay?
But here's the thing, so he's like, wait, he's like, oh yeah, build a wall, racist, you know, Nazi.
I'm like, actually, I'm not really a big fan of the wall.
And he's like, whoa.
He's like, wait, you don't just accept everything Donald Trump says?
Oh my gosh, wait, what?
Think for yourself.
It was like a shocking moment.
And actually, you know what's something amazing?
Here's an amazing thing, too.
In D.C., obviously most people recognize me from the Age Skrillex video, okay?
Everybody's seen that video.
That's where I get recognized.
What video is that?
It's Age Skrillex, Carl the Cuck, you know, some video, I don't know.
You're an effing white man.
I own a mirror.
I know I'm white, okay?
I get it.
And I had to hear it again in D.C.
Are you kidding me?
But get this.
I'm not kidding you about this, though.
Build a wall.
In this trip, I actually think I got more people coming up to me saying they recognize me from the Van Jones video.
I got a lot of views.
And what they do is they came up to me and they said, hey, you know, the conversation that you had with Van Jones was awesome because you both had your points of view.
You were able to eloquently try to inject your points of view into the conversation, keep it civil.
And a lot of them were saying, you know,
We saw you talking to Van Jones, and it just kind of opened their eyes that there is room for discussion here.
Like, and a lot of them came up and they're like, it's weird because they see Van Jones in that video, but then they see him... It's not the Van Jones they get on TV.
And that's the thing.
And so then they start to question, why is that?
What's the difference with TV?
Like, so it's just, it's this weird road.
Because he said some good stuff.
He did, and we agreed on some stuff.
His parents were police officers.
I'm like, whoa, dude, you're very anti-police, and your parents were police officers.
And you get a whole different perspective, and he's like, we've got to come together, we've got to talk.
And then you see him on TV saying White Lash.
Exactly, White Lash, and he's one of the people holding up the anti-Trump stuff with all the actors.
The messy truth, and it doesn't come down to anything.
Exactly, exactly.
So hey, we're going to go to break pretty quickly here.
You guys are going to take a break.
You guys have been working.
Oh, I mean, we've been working, too, but you guys have been on the air all day.
You guys have some pretty golden tans there.
Do we look tired?
Hey, do we look tired at all?
Who goes to D.C.
in the cold and fog and gets a suntan?
Hey, we left Austin.
It rained for 39 straight days when we left Austin.
So, yeah, we finally saw the sun.
It's been good.
You know, I don't really enjoy D.C.
I kind of got pissed off the other night.
I was walking around, I'm looking at all the walls and gates around all these federal buildings, and they have their security, but they don't want us.
That really triggered me, that we can't have our security, but the federal government can have walls and gates and guards.
It's reached another level, and we'll talk about it on the other side, but I experienced it tonight.
It's reached another level.
And I guess you guys are going to say goodbye.
We're going to go for another 20 minutes or so, and then Gerald Salente is going to be coming up guest hosting, and I think we'll go into Gerald's hour a little bit and banter with him, because I'm interested to see what his perspective is on all this as well.
So thanks for watching, everybody.
This is part of the 14 hours, which may be more if Alex Jones shows up.
He may ask us to go to midnight.
Paging Alex.
Paging Alex Putin.
Alex Putin.
Oh, but I tell you, you gotta watch the last Facebook Mentions we did.
Donald Trump goes into the White House, I think is what we called it.
It is epic.
He goes off on, this one guy starts talking about the dossier, and he compared the dossier to a dog turd.
Said if we have a dog turd, call it a dossier.
Does that change it?
That is still a dog turd.
Anyway, you have to check that out.
This is Rob Dewey.
Here, you want this martini?
Hey, it's a dossier.
I just gave you a martini, dude.
It's a spit martini.
Hey, we'll be right back after this.
Thanks, everybody, for watching.
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Thank you to Leanne and Darren McBreen.
I wish we could be there in person, but it's also been great being here at the inauguration.
Let me tell you, I am all smiles today.
Donald Trump is now the 45th president of the United States.
It's happening.
He's signing executive orders.
He's making it happen.
And it's not about executive orders that are taking away our liberties.
It's about undoing the chains that have been holding us down.
So we'll be right back after this break and thanks for watching.
Dr. Grip, you developed Living Defense for us.
It took you over a year to do it.
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People eat raw sushi.
People eat more raw food.
You have all these different organisms showing up in the water supplies now.
You even have it in the air supplies, these tiny microorganisms.
So it's not like we can get away from them.
We just have to do everything.
I recommend doing a parasite cleanse at least twice a year.
All right.
Well, I'm glad we've got some back in because I'm going back on it today.
It just came back in yesterday.
Living Defense.
And folks, you can't lose.
It's full of stuff that's great for your body, period.
And you support the broadcast.
Thank you, Dr. Group from the Global Healing Center.
Thank you so much for all your work, sir, on this great product.
Well, that sound means it's official.
We now have a 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump.
Donald J. Trump was, I guess he took the oath to defend the Constitution from enemies, foreign and domestic.
At 12 o'clock today.
The Clintons may have crapped their britches.
As everybody started to cheer, I'm like, well, that must have happened.
Josh goes, yep, I just got a tweet.
He's president.
We were walking around in the back periphery area just looking for the protesters, trying to engage them.
And, of course, these people aren't people who want to engage.
They just want to scream and shout and beat on buckets and blow whistles.
I would like to, uh, I'd like to blame the left for something right now.
For something I had to deal with today.
Do you mind if I just... The security apparatus?
Do you mind if I just kind of air my grievances right now?
I won't get too into it.
It's not Festivus, but we'll let you.
Here's the deal.
So I basically was, I don't know, a block away from where we're at right now, maybe two, and it took me about three hours, maybe even four hours to get here.
I was a block away.
And the way they have the streets laid out, it's like you can walk up and down, but you can't get through side to side because there's so much security.
So I'm sitting here and I'm thinking, well it doesn't make any sense, because as I'm walking down these roads, the roads in between are actually empty.
I should be able to just walk, there was no parade route, there was nothing in the way, they were just empty.
But the police had no idea what was going on.
They were just told you can't walk through here.
They said, oh, you gotta go around there, then you go around there, it's block two.
But what I found out was, this is what I found out, the reason why they weren't letting anyone through those through roads, which they normally would be doing, is because they couldn't have, essentially, a TSA unit there, or a checkpoint there, to check everybody walking through those roads.
So basically, they wanted to have a checkpoint at every intersection.
Is what they want to do.
So here's what I'm saying though.
Because I get it.
We need the security.
We've understood the threats.
You know, we've seen the Project Veritas videos.
We know about what the globalists might try to do.
But here's why I blame the left for the troubles that it took.
For not just me, folks.
Trust me.
There were a lot of people that were peeved at the way they shut down these roads here.
I blame the left because A, the left had to amp up the protest, they had to make a big deal about their protest, they had to threaten this inauguration so they had to increase security in Washington, D.C.
And then I blame the left on a second note because you are the people that want the open border.
You are the ones that are allowing ISIS to infiltrate this country.
You are the ones that are allowing that threat to exist.
So thank you to the left.
You couldn't walk through Washington, D.C.
today because of your protest and your open border policies.
So I just wanted to thank the left for that.
But you know what?
I should be thanking them.
I got about 10 miles of walking in today, so I'm all chipper.
Thanks to the left because of your threats with the open border and the protest.
People can't even walk through the streets of D.C.
that they pay tax dollars to use.
You literally could not cross Pennsylvania Avenue, which is right out here where the parade was earlier today.
I think so.
You know, and you go back to, I think it was one of those correspondence dinners, those White House correspondence dinners, where they have the comedians, and I think it was Seth Meyer made the joke of, oh, I thought Donald Trump was running as a joke.
That was Seth Meyer, the joker, the comedian.
And I think it's at that moment that Donald Trump probably said, you know what, I'm going to win this thing.
And I'm going to grind this guy's face into it, this little sniveling wimp.
Like his brain just kind of magically morphed into like a middle finger?
Yeah, he just went mega.
And then to watch Seth Meyer the day after the election cry because his mother wanted to see a woman president.
And I have nothing against a woman president, but it ain't gonna be Hillary Clinton.
It ain't gonna be Hillary Clinton.
You know who I think it could be?
I'll say this right now.
And it's not because she's a surfer.
It's not because she served in the military.
It's because she spoke out against our government funding ISIS.
And she's a congresswoman from Hawaii.
Her name is Tulsi Gabbard.
I honestly think she could be our first woman president because she speaks truth.
She's not afraid to stray from her party.
She's a Democrat.
And she's not bad looking either.
But I don't know, I think Ivanka right now is the lead candidate for that.
As long as it's not Hillary.
As long as it's anything but Hillary.
I think Hillary's gone and buried.
What about Michelle?
You think Michelle might consider?
No, no, no, no.
Michelle is the bitter- Would that be the first woman president, though?
I think she could be.
Might be a codpiece.
I don't know.
Oh, well, Michelle, yeah, yeah.
I don't know.
I'm not going to get in a merman.
But it's just amazing what we saw.
We're going to have Gerald Cilente coming up in about 10 minutes.
We're going to banter with him back and forth.
Have you guys been taking calls today at all?
I don't know if we're going to have time to take calls, but maybe we'll do that when we come back.
We're actually going to come back after Cilente does his hour in this 14-hour marathon broadcast, which we love doing.
I'm sure the crew back there loves it because we feed them very well while it's being done.
We're going to come back, have Gerald Cilente on for a little while, and then...
He's gonna go and then we're gonna come out.
We're gonna have a young man who was beaten up at one of these events by some protesters.
His stuff was all over Twitter.
It was like one of the few... He was probably the bloodiest attack, I think, that happened here at this inauguration.
And it's wild because they were burning things, smashing windows, attacking people.
And just real quick, because I thought about this with the Seth Meyers thing, because me and you were talking about winning the culture war.
Not just, you know, the political thing, but also the culture war to try to change some of these indoctrinating industries, just to, so they're not, basically you can't be a conservative and exist in the industry.
You know, that culture war.
And it's like, I see people like Seth Meyers and I'm like, dude!
You know, just come on the winning team, man.
I'm not even going to be mad.
I'm not even going to be mad.
You're a joker.
You're literally a comedian.
Just flip-flop.
Who cares, dude?
Come on the winning team.
Quit embarrassing yourself.
Let's go shoot some guns and talk about how great the Second Amendment is.
Yeah, but we're going to talk with Gerald Cilenti.
I look forward to that.
Yeah, and I'm sure he's got some great insights of what's going on.
All these people keep saying, you know, the economy is going to collapse.
I love these people, these protesters.
Oh, Trump hasn't done anything for the economy.
He hasn't even been president yet, and he's already done so much that you know about it.
It's crazy.
Well, Ali Baba said they're going to bring a million jobs.
Oh, fake news.
Can you believe that?
Fake news, even though the guy is literally there at Trump Tower shaking his hand.
It's probably fake news.
I tell you what, I was talking with our security detail here with Alex, and when they did the, I think it was a 21 cannon salute.
The first time those cans went off, they said, uh-oh, is this it?
And then they went off again, and they're like, oh, okay, it's just the 21 can is the loser.
Just the ceremony.
But they held their collective breath all at that one instant.
And, you know, because there were times that we thought that, you know, CNN's run those stories, oh, if the president doesn't get inaugurated, then here's the guy that Obama picked, because none of these cabinets have been sworn in yet, they haven't been approved, so there's nobody that could take over in Donald Trump's regime, and it would be somebody that was appointed by Obama.
And they kept playing that up like something was going to happen.
And then you have 60 Democrats sit out of the whole ceremony.
I think that's going to be their death knell right there.
Even people who don't support Trump are going to view that as, you know, very anti-American, very despicable.
And these people are despicable.
And they should be called out.
Well, it'll be interesting to see if that starts to kind of manifest itself.
These politicians that try to buck Trump, they end up losing their jobs.
They don't win when it's their time on the ticket.
The election comes up and they don't win.
They don't exit after it.
So we've got a long way to go with where we're at.
But man, I tell you, we couldn't have a better start to 2017 than getting Donald Trump into the presidency.
It's official.
There's so many things that they can't do now that they could do even yesterday.
You know, and it feels good, and I tell you, the mood on the street, the families that are here, the people, the excitement, the excitement from these people just being here, seeing what's going on, seeing other Trump people.
You know, I met a group of high schoolers, I put a video up, and they were all here to see Trump, all supporting him.
A lot of their families didn't even support, they voted for Hillary.
You know, this kid, his dad was a Republican, his mom was a Democrat.
They both voted for Hillary.
Did that happen to be the group from St.
Wearing their neon yellow hoodies?
No, no, no.
They had hoodies on but they were red.
And they were from Florida and Texas.
But, you know, there's a lot of high school groups coming out.
Yeah, because I was able to find some schools from where I grew up in St.
They were kind of saying the same thing the students were to me.
They were like, well, you know, my parents didn't really like Trump.
Of course, my teachers didn't really like Trump.
But they were kind of like, I think he's kind of cool.
You know, I'm going to give him a chance.
Well, and I think kids can see through BS.
And also kids don't like to do what their parents are doing.
So if your parents are voting for Hillary, they're like, oh man, I better not vote for Hillary.
I'll vote for this other... You know, I think it's funny that Trump's 70 years old.
He does not look 70 years old.
And he has the energy, I mean, of a 20-year-old, I suppose.
I mean, the guy's unbelievable.
High energy.
He's got this MAGA energy.
Totally MAGA.
Unless there's like five Donald Trumps and we just don't know.
That's the only reason I could see how, unless he has unbelievable energy.
It's been good.
Five clones or high-energy Trump?
It's been good.
I'm actually going to check Twitter, see if anything brand new is coming out.
I haven't seen anything.
The same reports we're hearing, all the Trump appointees are being confirmed.
Oh, good.
Now, did Marco Rubio, the one thing I haven't seen yet is Marco Rubio standing in the way of Rex Tillerson.
Little Marco, little Marco now.
In fact, when Marco runs in the next
Flora Reyes.
Let me read this.
He's gonna have to have his name as Little Marco.
Let me read this.
I cried today watching the inauguration and knowing we stopped Hillary from ruining more lives from all her corrupt lying ways.
And that was Kathy Shelton who wrote that.
And if you don't know who Kathy Shelton is, she was a little girl when she was 12 years old.
She was gang raped.
And Hillary Clinton defended one of those rapists, and she took evidence of this bloody underwear and took it over state lines, which is against the law.
She tampered with it.
And when she brought this little girl up on the stand, 12-year-old girl, imagine your daughter, 12 years old, gang-raped, brought up on the stand, and the defense lawyer is going, oh, you wanted it, didn't you?
You wanted it.
That is how wicked Hillary Clinton is.
And we were this close to having Hillary, well, after the election it was this close because she lost by a landslide.
But we were that close to having that evil witch in charge of everything.
And let me tell you, if you think Libya and Syria were her stopping points, they weren't.
She wanted war with Russia.
And just, and jerks like John McCain and Lindsey Graham, these
I'm glad I don't run into one of those guys because they're going to get an earful.
Especially John McCain and Lindsey Graham.
They are un-American trash.
They hate this country.
Those are the people that the protesters should be in the street protesting.
Not Donald Trump.
But they don't do the research.
They don't know the history.
They don't understand the actual geopolitics.
So as we go to break, we're going to go to break, come back with the swearing in.
Of course, we're going to relive that moment over and over and over again because now it's bona fide.
Now he's the 45th president.