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Name: 20170119_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 19, 2017
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In The Alex Jones Show, various topics are discussed, including potential terror attacks on Trump, globalist propaganda operations like CNN trying to create hysteria, and personal encounters with arrogant individuals in Washington D.C. The show also touches upon the importance of an informed citizenry, the significance of Trump's victory, and the role of alternative media in providing critical analysis. Additionally, support is expressed for Steve Bannon and his role in shaping policy under President Trump, while concerns are voiced about some appointments made by the President. The show also highlights various products for sale on InfoWarsStore.com, including slingbows, razors, and clothing.

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The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Now, there isn't just evil in this world.
And you are seeing the sleeping giant that is the American Republic rising again like the mythical phoenix from the ashes.
This will be a day long remembered.
We are sending the collapse of the globalist program all over the planet.
Here we are, live from Washington, D.C.
We're right out the window from our humble studios here.
I can see the Washington Monument.
And in fact, it'll be tomorrow that Donald Trump is going to come right down the road and go to the nation's capital to be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.
Now, I don't want to sit here on the show every segment and say, see, I told you so over and over again, but I've warned everybody if they were going to try to take the President out, they would use COG.
And when we come back from break, we have CNN reports and others licking their lips, promoting the idea, normalizing the idea that if Trump gets assassinated or if Trump gets removed because he's a Ruski agent, Obama will appoint the new president.
So they're selling that idea right now.
And it's very interesting that you're seeing a bunch of Democrats not show up to this, and you're seeing John Kerry not show up.
If a nuclear weapon goes off, big one, small one, so-called improvised, one cooked up by jihadis, if a nuke goes off, you can 100% know it was the criminal elements that have infiltrated the deep state, the shadow government.
We set up a shadow government after the atomic bomb was created.
under mutually assured destruction or under really the Mexican standoff that nuclear weapons created.
Where that if the government got knocked out in a sneak attack, there would be a backup emergency government to reconstitute the Republic.
The problem is anything like that can always be used to take the government over.
An example is Operation Valkyrie, using the Valkyrie system that Hitler set up for COG.
They tried to use it against him.
I'm not saying Hitler's good.
The point is you can see how this could be used here either for good or bad.
This is how they will go at him.
It was declassified back in the 80s.
That some people looked at overthrowing Reagan using COG.
So we know that COG's been looked at as the prime way to overthrow a president.
And sure enough, here it is, the day before.
The inauguration, they're floating it.
And I said, first they'll say he's a Russian agent, then they'll say he's illegitimate, then they'll say that we've got to have a civil emergency and suspend the election and have no elections.
Once they start talking about that, they'll want to federalize the election so that the quote, Feds, the people Obama controls, the globalists control, will oversee the election.
Boom, boom, boom, boom!
Every bit I told you has now happened.
Now, they're going up against a rock and a hard place.
They're going uphill.
Because most of the intelligence agencies are away, most of the military is away, the American people are somewhat away.
So if they do this, they're doing it at high noon with their goods hanging out, okay?
And their big, fat, ugly butts hanging out.
So, we need to let them know, we're watching you, we're aware of you, we see you, so they do not pull it off.
But let me tell you something.
It's very worrisome that we now have 50-something members of Congress that aren't going to be at this thing.
And I'm sitting here just a few hundred yards from the Capitol.
It is very, very worrisome that they're all openly talking about him, Trump, dying tomorrow and how Obama will just install someone new and it's completely normal and no big deal because he hasn't gotten any of his committee people, any of his cabinet people approved yet.
So sorry, the Trump administration never existed.
It's going to have to be
People Obama appoints.
And it turns out Obama has people designated waiting at a facility outside of
The District of Columbia, at Site R out in Maryland, and then also out in Colorado, in Colorado Springs, they've got the new government just waiting!
It hadn't even been activated in a long time, but magically for this inauguration it's been activated, and the people are in the bunkers.
Oh, is this a little bit suspicious?
You'd have to be insane as a COG historian, like I am, to not understand this is dangerous.
So again, I told you, COG, COG, COG, COG, COG is the way they're going to go.
I'm not saying they're going to pull it off tomorrow, but they're sure thinking about it.
We'll be back.
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These arrogant globalists thought they defeated humanity.
The truth is, whether it's Obama or George Soros, they're losers.
Everything they had, everything they threw against us, failed.
Now, just because we defeated these tyrants, for now, doesn't mean we've won the war.
The war has happened within our hearts, within our souls, and in our minds.
We have to be good.
We have to be pure.
We have to be strong.
We have to build prosperity.
We have to bring everyone of every race, color, and creed together.
If we're going to truly defeat these tyrants who believe we were going to fail, who believe their divide and conquer would work.
Yes, we've won the first phase, but the battle for the soul of humanity has just begun.
But Obama and Hillary and Soros, you were losers from the day you were born.
It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host Alex Jones.
And that flag is the American flag!
Infowars helped fuel the rumor that President Obama is an ISIS supporter.
It's been a cozy relationship from the beginning.
I will not let you down.
You'll be very, very impressed, I hope.
And I think we'll be speaking a lot.
Donald Trump and Alex Jones.
This means that Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones!
Ladies and gentlemen, it is January 19th, 2017.
We are less than 24 hours out right now from the beginning of the inauguration of President Trump, 45.
This is so historic on every front.
And the corporate dinosaur media keeps trying to say it's not historic that Trump was elected, when it is completely historic.
It was historic in a very negative way that the establishment, by the time Kennedy was assassination, began to install presidents that they controlled.
To a certain extent, Reagan tried to be his own president, and so they attempted assassination on him, and pretty much got control of him from that point on.
Then with George Herbert Walker Bush, and his protégé Bill Clinton, and then his son, and then Obama, we have had
30 years.
30 years of an intelligence agency coup d'etat in this country.
REX 84 was declassified in congressional hearings, parts of it, in the late 1980s during the Iran-Contra investigation.
And it was discovered under REX 84
Operation Cable Splicer, Operation Garden Plot, and others, that there were COG plans being hatched by George Herbert Walker Bush on basically overthrowing the government using continuity of government systems, or COG.
It had actually been L.L.
Lemnitzer in 1962, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that had proposed the plan to John F. Kennedy.
A plan to stage terror attacks in America, blame it on Russia, and start a nuclear war.
Kennedy discovered the plan, fired Limnister, but Limnister had stay-behinds in the Pentagon who became the corporate officers over two people, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney.
So they sat at the feet of individuals, and their names were on reports that even came out in the 1980s, that in the mid-60s and 70s, they were inside the Pentagon and inside the Gerald Ford administration, cooking up and selling the plan of COG takeovers, using Continued Government Emergency.
So, this group of neocons is obsessed with this.
And they understand that Hitler was almost taken out using a similar COG system, Valkyrie.
The reason I'm obsessed over COG is because when you hear them start talking about it, you hear them start selling it to the public.
That means they're preparing the mind.
They're preparing the soil of the brain so that these seeds will sprout and so we just think it's normal
If there's a terror attack taking out Donald Trump tomorrow, or taking out Donald Trump in Congress maybe at his first State of the Union in a year.
And then, oh, now there's a new COG made up of career bureaucrats and others waiting to come in, if the main body of patriots
is taken out in Congress and in the executive branch, as well as the judiciary, would be a perfect time to do it during an inauguration, during a State of the Union.
But here's the problem.
Here's a little tell-tale sign.
And I've laid this out in detail.
If you're a regular listener, you know I've covered this the last month ad nauseam.
I said they'll start hammering he's a Russian spy.
I said this before the election.
They'll announce they've got to federalize the election.
Even after the election, because Obama's still in for two months.
Then they start to say the President's illegitimate.
They start to say he's really a Russian agent.
They start to say we need a civil emergency, a national emergency.
Then you'll start hearing people are going to boycott the inauguration.
Then you hear if he's killed at the inauguration, or if he's indicted days before or the day of the inauguration,
It's okay because COG will step in.
The president will appoint a new president.
Obama won't stay on.
He'll appoint a new president.
And then Homeland Security, with their people in, that they've put in, Loretta Lynch and others, or the stay-behind folks they've put in, they will then hold the new free, fair election, like they have in South Africa or Venezuela or, you know, Cuba.
And that's the rest of the story.
And now they have said everything I said they would say and do if they were planning a coup d'etat against the peaceful transfer of power.
Now, I want to be clear.
I'm not saying that they're going to do this.
Clearly, bare minimum, it's about delegitimizing Trump ahead of an impeachment, which they're also beating the drum for.
But that's
That's kind of like the field goal they're going for, okay?
They can't get the touchdown, they just want a field goal.
The field goal is building up the discrediting, sabotaging agenda of getting the economy going to undermine Trump.
It's not about the economy, it's about power.
Because if you control things, it doesn't matter, you get the money anyways.
is the richest city in the world now.
And the people here from the establishment have literally been hissing at me like vampires when you open up their crypts.
Happened last night.
I'm still debating whether I should tell the story.
But a prominent member of the media, a media owner, a media mogul, literally, disdainfully hissed at me from a very arrogant, evil position.
And again, I realize evil people, it's like a power trip.
They're on an arrogance trip.
And they're so arrogant, they're like mentally ill.
I mean, you should have seen this guy just sit back and just go... Like he hated my guts.
Because I guess to him, I'm like a monster.
Like Frankenstein just came walking in.
And I've been running into him on the street, man.
These lobbyists and people see me and they go... And just pull back in...
I don't know.
So we've heard the build-up for impeachment, we've heard the build-up for civil emergency, national emergency, we've seen the push saying he's really a Russian agent.
But Maxine Waters, everybody coming out saying Putin directly tells him what to say and came up with the term Crooked Hillary and drained the swamp.
Because again, none of us can say draining a big corrupt body.
That's what you say about a corrupt city council, he's drained the swamp.
Or you've got a corrupt corporate board, it's called draining the swamp.
I mean this is like a cleaning house,
Spring cleaning?
It'd be like if Trump said, we need spring cleaning.
Oh, you got that from the Russians, did you?
It'd be like if I said, boy, that's another kettle of fish.
Oh, that's a fancy term to get that from Putin.
Putin's a thesaurus.
He's like an encyclopedia.
I don't go to the encyclopedia and pull out the book and look something up.
I just go, Putin!
I call him up and I say, I know you're not busy, the President of Russia, what do I say today?
And he goes, comrade, you will say this today.
He gets his phone and he goes, listen to me.
This is what you need to do.
You need to tell Trump, I mean Trump, you, you, you, Trump, you need to go on air and you need to tell them
You need to tell him that she is crooked!
I'm going to skip this break.
But we make jokes about this.
We laugh about this.
We say this is silly.
It's not silly because they're so delusional and so disconnected from reality.
I didn't sound like Putin, did I?
I sounded like Cookie Monster.
I don't really do a good Russian accent.
I can do other...
Other really good accents?
You know, the globalists are like Cookie Monster, except they're eating the Constitution of Prosperity.
They're like, oh, free country!
Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom!
I mean, we could, again, make jokes about this all day, but my eight-year-old daughter still likes Cookie Monster.
But let me get serious.
We're talking about nukes going off and COG.
Let me give you the big, giant announcement.
Let me give you the huge announcement here.
And I'm going to play this clip from CNN and come back and get into it more.
If a dirty bomb goes off, or a truck bomb full of plastic explosive, or nerve gas, you know, if ISIS got in and fires a mortar of nerve gas into the crowd, you better know 110% the Democratic Party, the globalists, the Soros crowd are where you go looking.
One hundred and ten percent.
If that happens, we need to understand who had the motives, who had the means, who had the history, who prepared the ground, and who called for it.
It'll be a false flag.
They will blame it on some foreign enemy, or they'll claim it's some right-wing group.
It doesn't even have to make sense, because they think they've got the corporate media behind them, and they'll just go with the big lie and get everybody to buy into the hype.
It's not going to happen.
And because of that, they may back off.
They may not pull something tomorrow.
In fact, I think it's probably a 70% chance they're not going to pull anything tomorrow.
But still, they're hyping it and pushing it and hoping it happens, and hoping some deranged lunatic shows up with a truck bomb or with a gun.
Because then they can demonize the Second Amendment and say, oh look, Trump's for the Second Amendment, but his inauguration got marred by gunshots.
You know, there's a threat continuum.
On the lower end, it's just riots and people burning things.
And then you move on up, it's a shooting.
Then it's a mass shooting.
And then it's a car bomb going off a mile from the inauguration.
Or it's a car bomb going off 500 yards from the inauguration.
Or it's one driving through and blowing up and killing Trump and a bunch of the government.
And then COG activates.
Or it gets worse!
A tactical nuke goes off a half mile, killing the President and everybody in the surrounding area.
Or maybe the globalists go big and just a 50 megaton detonates.
And they claim the Russians had it buried under their embassy since 1969.
The word is they did smuggle one in.
The word is there is one under there.
I mean, who knows?
We don't think the United States has to snuggle weapons into Russia.
I mean, the Cold War was very serious.
But this is what's ongoing, ladies and gentlemen.
And meanwhile, we have these foreign multinationals admitting at Davos, we have, in fact, let's cue that clip up later in the show if we can find that.
I forgot to tell the crew.
So it's no fault of theirs.
We have Biden at Davos saying globalism is collapsing, that their whole world order is in great crisis because of nationalism and populism.
Oh, how horrible.
I thought it didn't exist.
I thought globalism didn't exist in the New York Times.
And then we've also got the Chinese Communist President there promising to prop up world government.
And we've got them all lecturing us on democracy.
Yes, the Communist Chinese President and Joe Biden about how the democratic world order is in crisis and it's the fault of nationalist movements.
You mean we elect a movement to have Brexit?
You mean we elect Trump and elect a record number of people to the houses?
In the
See, now they're already getting the idea, because if they came right out and said, he should be removed, he's a president at first, you go, how dare you challenge an election?
You say we never should do that.
Now it's like, oh, he's semi-president-elect.
We're not sure.
Well, what if he gets killed?
What if he's a Russian agent?
Well, we do need to impeach him, because Putin talks right in his ear.
If a weapon goes off, if there is an attack,
The motive, the means, the history, the preparation is directly on the globalists.
And if they think they're going to get away with it, they think they're going to have some COG and announce that they've got a new provisional government in place, I'm sad you're going to do that because the stock market will probably crash and a bunch of the bad stuff will be very destabilizing.
But you know what?
I'd give your coup about 24 hours.
And about 24 hours into that, who do you think provides you your security?
100% absolute quantifiable fact that within 24 hours a chain reaction would be shut off.
And it would be goodbye, Bluebird.
Bye bye.
So you think you're going to do this?
You think you're going to run and poison people with polonium and pull all this crap against a bunch of Americans that just want prosperity and just want sovereignty and just want to be a prosperous nation?
We don't want to be cuckold.
We don't want to be dominated.
We don't want to be shut down.
We don't want to be ripped off anymore.
And it doesn't mean Trump is perfect.
But he's not out to get us.
He's a good guy who wants prosperity and wants what made America great again.
But under globalism, America isn't supposed to be great.
We're supposed to be managed and controlled and have policies in place where we can't even compete.
That'll teach those Americans.
That's what the multinationals have done.
And it's over.
Because even if you kill me or Trump or Matt Drudge or Ron Paul or Senator Paul or whoever you think you're going to go after, let me explain something.
Ideas are what are bulletproof.
Victor Hugo, no army can stop an idea whose time has come.
No army can stop an idea whose time has come.
No army.
So, it got paraphrased in Viva Vendetta.
Ideas are bulletproof.
And we have an idea a thousand times better, a million times better.
I mean, freedom, open societies, free association, true wealth, true empowerment.
Men being men, women being women.
Notice they assault what makes us strong.
No, if you want to be something else, hell, you want to be a dog, that's great.
I'm not paying for your sex change.
I'm not paying for you to think you're a dog.
You understand?
But see, it's being imposed by the globalist-run media to make us weak because men and women together with families
And building and being strong.
And women challenging their men.
And men challenging their women.
And culture being strong.
And admiring that is what makes us excel.
And America was the model of that rugged individualism.
They're attacking our strengths.
It's declassified.
It's in the WikiLeaks.
I knew 20 years ago because it was in textbooks, because they bragged about it, but it was declassified two years ago.
But for decades, the CIA put out ugly art, ugly literature, and then gave it awards to say it was beautiful to twist people's minds and to denigrate things that everyone universally knew were more beautiful and regal.
And then now what they do with MTV and all of it is to wreck brains.
This is military technology being used against people.
People go, oh, I thought the military was good.
And now you're saying military technology.
See, the military and military technology are two different things.
Globalists weaponizing the food, the water, the culture is in all of us.
They hate the troops more than us because they've been
Allowed to be men to a limited aspect, to be used by the power elite, who disdain them and hate them, and then now that they're done with them, and the age of the robots is rising, they plan to get rid of them and phase them out.
So if a nuke goes off, or a truck bomb goes off, or there's a mass shooting, or chlorine gas is released,
You know who did it, just like if the city gets caught on fire.
It's admittedly funded by Soros and other Clinton-connected groups, and refused fascism, saying they're going to stop Trump being elected.
Trump-Pence regime, stop it before it starts.
Bring DC to a halt.
Take to the streets.
Every night, every day, growing in numbers.
And meanwhile, they're financed by the big foreign banker, Nazi collaborator.
I'd say take the streets and take it back if they declare COG and Obama installs some new person.
I'll be in the streets, and I bet the cops will be with me.
No, we sat here and watched people elect Obama because we knew that who he was running against were shills, so it didn't matter.
With Trump, they're crapping their britches because it's real.
I'm going to go to break here in a few minutes, and I'm going to come back with the clip I've been mentioning.
The full clip.
Let me play the shorter clip now.
Just the 30-second clip.
It's up on InfoWars.com.
It's the top story on DrudgeReport.com.
At least it was 30 minutes ago.
We can punch that up on screen for folks up there on the top left-hand corner of Drudge.
And the headline is...
Let's pull it up here.
CNN is reporting that Obama will appoint the next president if Trump is killed.
If Trump is killed during inauguration, Obama appointee would be president.
And they're licking their chops talking about this and saying he shouldn't be president.
And I'm going to say it again.
A bunch of Democrats aren't showing up.
What's the number now, dude?
It was 50-something this morning.
Oh, it's 60 now.
Oh, first it's 5, and I said this a few weeks ago.
First it's 5, then it's 20, then it's 30, then it's 50, then it's 60, then it's 100.
Then it's 200.
And if you see Republicans, word is I guess McCain's saying he may not show up.
Oh, and John Kerry, and oh, the Bushes.
Herbert Walker said he didn't want to be six feet under.
He said, I'd be six feet under if I came to that.
Was that cryptic from the old Crypt Keeper?
Or was it just an old former head of the CIA being a friendly old, jolly old, jolly old saint, jolly old elf?
How many is it now, dude?
60 and counting.
It was 50 at the hotel an hour ago, Buckley.
60 Democrats and counting are not attending the Trump inauguration.
Yeah, a nuke goes off, you're all prime suspects.
We're going to come back and play the long clip, the short clip.
We've got the Soros busting people in.
We caught that on video last night.
It's all on InfoWars.com and DrudgeReport.com has amazing coverage as well.
Stay with us.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Last night in D.C.
left me in a haze.
I tell you, I'm feeling good.
You know what I liked was that intro, that outro last segment, where we have that liner that we've had for almost 20 years, about 18 years, where we talk about, uh, we're on the march, the empire's on the run.
That is where it all meets the road, folks.
That's where, that's where it comes down to who wants it more.
You want to live in a free society or do you want to be a slave?
And again, we're not offering some utopia.
We're talking about rugged individualism, free market capitalism, the family, God, what made this country great.
If you don't love God, if you don't love family, that's fine.
Go live your life.
Don't try to make us live like you do, miserable.
You don't believe in anything, so you believe in evil.
Because the truth is, if you don't believe in anything, you just sink to evil.
That's what you manifest, that's what you believe in.
In fact, it was
Something I was reminded of just a few days ago was that not only were the folks that had the French Revolution called the Jacobins, but the Democratic Party for a while here in the United States was called the Jacobins.
And it got to where basically Thomas Jefferson had to finally start criticizing the French Revolution and come out against it once he was president.
As it turned out, during the French Revolution, for a while they even wanted to kill Thomas Jefferson.
And to explain what happened is, he's the founder of the Democratic Party.
The Jacobins were the Illuminati.
This is in the encyclopedia.
They wanted to overthrow the family.
They wanted human sacrifice.
They wanted a nine-day work week, no holidays.
They wanted to set up, basically, a council of men as gods over slaves.
But they sold this as freedom to the people and an overthrow of the church and royalty.
And I'm not defending royalty or the church.
The point is they wanted to overthrow it and create an absolute dictatorship, a cult of power.
And that very group tried to take over our revolution.
They failed, so they had their own in France and in Germany to an extent.
It failed there as well.
But it was a hellish nightmare.
And so when we look at the Democrats trying to overthrow reality, trying to hurt children, trying to bring in jihadis, trying to overthrow the church, trying to overthrow the family, it's because this is a cult.
A religion of degeneracy.
A religion of corruption.
And they are Jacobins.
And you know it's funny, I've done my own historical research and started calling them Jacobins about ten years ago.
And then you research history deeper and you find out, whoa, I researched them and called them Jacobins, but it turns out they were literally called Jacobins.
I mean, it's just crazy how the more you research history, you'll come to your own conclusions about it, really deep stuff.
And then you'll read more and find out 10 years later that it was known then.
And their whole plan was known then, and that you just rediscovered it.
You didn't discover it, you rediscovered it.
It's like claiming in 1498 or 14... When was it that Columbus discovered the New World?
My memory fails.
That's the most basic of stuff now.
I can't remember sometimes, but... Those little factoids.
You know, like, uh, Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492, is that it?
You have to... little rhymes to remember it?
And of course we know they've dug up Vikings now that were here a thousand plus years ago, but who do you think discovered it 15,000 years ago?
Mesoamericans coming across the Bering Strait land bridge and paddling in on canoes just like the folks from Tahiti founded Hawaii 2,000 years ago.
Hawaii is one of the places the last settled.
2,000 years ago is when the
Is when the Polynesians discovered it, then Captain Cook, of course, later.
It's just amazing to, like, think I've discovered things and think, oh, I figured this out, and then later you find out they knew all about it.
It was in newspapers, and the Democrats were called the Jacobin Party from about the 1790s to about the 1820s.
And then they confused Jacobinism with Masonic order, and even banned Masonry in the US for a few decades.
Because, and Washington warned of this, he said, the Jacobins and the Illuminati are taking over the Masonic order, they're turning it to evil, and they mean to bring down the entire order, and basically counterfeit and scapegoat us if we don't stop them.
So people always ask me, oh, you say you're for the Founding Fathers, they were a bunch of Masons.
Man, I've had a lot of family that were Masons, great-grandfathers that were high-level Masons and people.
Masons founded Texas.
Most of the people that fought against the British crown were Masons.
And then the British crown was Masons.
So, again, it's like saying all of Israel's bad, or all Catholics are bad, or all Protestants are bad, or, you know, all this or that are bad.
It's just not true.
Even with Islam.
You can't sit there and say they're all murderers, they're all killers.
It just so happens those that run Islam, and the dominant orthodox dogma of Islam now, that is becoming the dominant form, is radical, murderous, jihad, takeover, expansionist, political Islam.
So it is an evil weapon now, but you can certainly say throughout history there's been lots of Muslims that weren't bad people.
The point is all these labels mean nothing.
But we sit here in the nation's capital, and it's important to understand that George Washington did found this country.
He was for real, and he was not part of any Jacobin revolution.
And in fact, we would have never had this country had the Jacobins gotten control.
So thank God for George Washington, a true king among men, who they wanted to make king, and he turned it down.
They wanted him to serve a third term, back before there was even a law on that.
And he said, nope, I'm gone.
See, that's a real leader, folks.
He wanted to defeat the enemy, secure the republic, and then retire.
He was about to come out of retirement, over things happening in the country, and that's why the word is they poisoned him.
Now, let's continue, ladies and gentlemen.
Oh, poisoned!
Where have I heard of that before?
Let me start getting to these clips.
If you just joined us,
It's important to understand that a whole bunch of Democrats, 60 plus, and the number's growing, members of House, members of the Senate, former members of the Executive Branch, the head of the State Department, John Kerry, are saying they're not coming.
If a nuke goes off, if a bomb goes off,
The Democrats not attending are prime suspects.
Their parties called for Trump to be overthrown.
They said he's a Russian agent.
They said impeach him.
Their own publications have said somebody needs to put a bullet in him.
Somebody needs to kill him.
Hollywood producers have called for his death.
This is outrageous!
And notice the public didn't buy your demonization.
It shows how discredited you are.
So now, what do evil cabals turn to when everything else has failed?
They turn to the sword.
Well, remember what the Bible says.
Those that live by the sword die by the sword.
And you've been cocooned for so long here in D.C.
Interlopers, hijackers, criminals that have hijacked our nation.
You and your collaborator media, you and the trash pile media, you and the garbage media, you and the Decepticon fake news media, you and the horror media, are done.
No matter what you do, no matter who you kill, no matter what you pull off, the whole world sees you, the whole world hates you.
By the way, Trump and his people have started to come out and point out that China and Saudi Arabia and the EU were heavily involved in our election.
The Russians, their foreign minister came out and snapped while meeting with the leader of Australia and said, how dare you?
We weren't involved.
The proof is EU governments admit they meddled.
So, it's good to see that talking point getting picked up.
And again, this is common sense.
Why didn't anybody else point that out?
Why have I been hammering it for months finally to see people picking it up?
I'm not complaining here.
I'm saying this is common sense stuff.
I'm going to get to this clip here and the other clips in a moment.
Briefly, I want to tell you about something extremely exciting and I meant to launch this last week.
I've just been so busy we didn't get to it.
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Another lady, it was 20-plus, wouldn't get rid of flesh-eating bacteria.
I mean, this is killing hundreds of thousands of people a year in the U.S.
alone, and it's just back-of-the-newspaper stuff.
So I personally have been researching a lot of things, I'm just going to leave it at that, through our contacts.
This is a whole other subject.
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You've got to have doctors that are involved even in taking things through the FDA process.
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The point is my dad has actually done that program.
Well it's the same thing here.
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Skipping this break.
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This is how I'm financing having a big crew here.
It does feel weird.
I mean, we do need it because I need to come home to my kids and keep the fight going.
Quite a security team.
It's like bizarre.
But I tell you, my current security guys, there's just a couple of them.
So we're going to bring in some extra people.
And it's really great folks.
So that's going on.
Really smart, too.
It's amazing how smart these guys have been.
Like Navy SEALs for 15 years and other guys have been in other special operations ships for 20 years.
I think they've seen a couple things.
I tell you, Q especially just constantly knows exactly what's going on.
Like he'll say, I bet it's this, or look at that, and sure enough it is.
But that's because the guys that don't have those instincts don't make it.
You know, you learn, the more you live, it's like all instinct.
Go with your gut.
Go with your gut.
Go with your gut.
Go with your gut.
Go with your gut.
Go with your gut.
Go with your gut.
Go with your gut.
Anyways, folks, I went with my gut with Donald Trump, and look what's happened.
The enemy is out to get him because he's so real.
And they've got their bots overtime attacking myself, Roger Stone, and Trump, and Drudge.
That's a badge of honor.
In closing, before I get to the videos and the clips, we've got a big broadcast lined up here today.
We're going to either interview him on the street or he's coming in a studio.
Stone is sick.
He's got 20% of the energy he used to, so they didn't kill him, but they sure tried.
We're good to go.
Tomorrow, because I'm going to be in the inauguration, in about that area, obviously, streaming live, and we're going to have the crew also on the ground, so we're probably going to have some special broadcast on Saturday.
Tomorrow's the 14-hour special.
Rob Dew, come on over here, if you can, bring a... Well, you know what?
We'll go to break next hour and come back to you.
I just wanted to hear exactly what you've got planned, some of the stuff that's going on.
Rob Dew actually told me he got himself a groovy jacket for D.C.
So you can infiltrate the commies.
And, uh, it's a purple revolution.
Merging blue and red together against the unelected Trump, the quasi-president-elect as, uh, Joe Biden!
Sure, come on in now.
So we've got all those products.
You're the people that fund all this.
Thank you for your support.
Big specials in.
But support our local AM and FM affiliates.
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You get your great longevity products at www.infowarsteam.com because this is the free market and how we funded this.
All right, dude, before we get into who we've got on the ground, what's coming up,
Our capabilities, the 14-hour broadcast that starts tomorrow, and more as we're live here at now, what, 1250, 1253, 1253, 1252, 37 seconds technically, Eastern Time here in D.C., the atmosphere, what's happening.
What do you make?
Because I know you sit there listening to the show every day, and I'm not trying to brag, I've just studied them, I know how they operate, so I tell people this and I remind them so they know I'm not joking.
I said if they start doing XYZ all the way down and then start saying COG, what if Trump gets killed at the inauguration or indicted, oh Trump appoints the president, I said if they start saying that and they don't show up at the inauguration, they may try to nuke him.
And I'm not fear-mongering here.
I'm in their head.
I mean, they're this crazy.
I mean, hell, they turned loose jihadis all over the Middle East, killing 300,000 people in Syria alone.
I mean, Obama's been caught.
It's come out, you know, audio and video of them saying, we created ISIS and Al-Qaeda.
Obama wanted Al-Qaeda to grow.
Cy Hirsch was exposed to it.
The military all knows it.
That's what finally... They were so arrogant.
The military finally said, we've tortured people, we've done all this crap, we thought it was the right thing to do.
Now, you're actually going to put Al-Qaeda in charge of everything?
After we fought them for all these years?
You really did work with them on 9-11.
So the big tipping points here, dude, but...
They don't know how to jump off the boat and swim for shore.
I think they're going to try to stay on the boat with us.
I think so.
And look at this.
This came out of Washington Examiner.
Media warns of inauguration drone bombing.
Not safe.
They have anti-drone technology everywhere around here.
For those that don't know, all the commercial drones and the ones you buy at the store for two years have stuff that won't let you in these areas.
I tried to fly them by the Capitol in Austin just to get a shot for our show, and it just
Yeah, it's ridiculous.
They have so much security set up here.
It's at least a million times...
Plus a thousand times more than what's going on.
That's public budget.
DOD's everywhere.
Yeah, we don't see probably 90% of the security going on.
They're putting up some barriers and fences, but beyond that, it's the human intel, it's plainclothes cops walking around, plainclothes agents walking around.
We spotted some earlier.
The point is, the government's already been transferred to Trump.
I just want to give you guys a news flash.
The commanders are already giving the authorization.
I don't even want to... Well, they're scared of those 200 executive orders he wants to sign as soon as he gets into office.
Oh yeah, I forgot to say that.
He's going right over there and going to sign.
He's going to sign at least five today.
And 200 by next week.
And they are, they're literally crapping their drawers at this.
And the Democrats are all running around in this bandwagon, going on Congressman Lewis, who's, he's pretty much a dirtbag.
I want to play this clip.
Let's play the short one, and I'll play the long one, I promise, next hour.
Right at the start of the hour.
Let's play the 30-second CNN going, if he gets killed, Obama appoints someone to COG.
Here it is.
The inauguration, you have two lines of succession.
One for the Barack Obama administration, which is still in place.
And one which really won't be in place until Donald Trump is inaugurated, comes into office and actually formally nominates and the Senate confirms his people.
You might actually end up with a president from the prior administration because of a tragedy.
Adding to the confusion, by noon Friday, all of Obama's cabinet secretaries are expected to resign.
John Kerry, the current Secretary of State, would be the first cabinet secretary in the line of succession, but he's out of office by noon.
Donald Trump's pick for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, may not be confirmed for another week or two.
So who would be Secretary of State on Friday afternoon?
According to State Department sources, the job would fall to the highest-ranking non-political official in the department, the Undersecretary for Political Affairs, Tom Shannon.
One of the most obscure possibilities is that someone who is an acting Secretary of State, someone lower down the line in the State Department today, assumes the acting Secretary of State position, is in the line, and the worst happens, and that person becomes President, at least for a while.
All right, we're going to put the full clip coming up in the next hour with a bunch of other clips.
You know what I do, folks.
I tend to not get to those until later.
So, powerful second hour coming up.
Rob, what do you make of this?
I mean, they're clearly trying to prepare the ground for an attack.
They're hyping drone attacks.
They're hyping, you know, people are going to kill Trump, attack the crowd.
They're hoping it happens, hoping a loon does it.
But what do you make of all the Democrats not showing up to this?
That makes them suspects if something happens.
I totally agree, and I think it's a fake thing that they're saying, oh, Trump's illegitimate.
They don't all believe that.
They're probably being tipped off.
But look at this.
This was on the Today Show this morning with a segment called Drone Danger at the inauguration.
And they're talking about a high-fly security threat and that bombs have been dropped in Iraq with drones at least once a day when strapped to the bomb.
And this is a quote, a worst-case scenario, especially with hundreds of thousands of people gathered at one spot, like the inauguration, the report said.
So it's predictive programming.
Oh, we told you it could happen, and look it did.
Well, the number one threat would be...
Somebody getting in a helicopter with a plastic explosive and flying it in real close to the ground, so it'd be hard to be shot down by a missile or it'd be hard to jam it.
But they've got EMP guns, you name it, and this isn't something terrorists don't know, where they can just shoot it in a helicopter and take it out.
And believe me, they're not hiding it.
There's guys with service-air missiles out here.
There's people with, you know, guaranteed with more classified stuff.
There's helicopters flying everywhere around here.
As soon as we walked out on the balcony,
Well, here's the deal.
They've left our borders wide open.
They've brought in hundreds of thousands of people here, jihadis, millions in Europe.
Every time they attack,
The media blames our guns when they're the ones that brought them in.
So, here's the deal.
When I say it's a false flag, they've opened the borders up, they've brought all this in, and then we've got to be a police state at the micro level.
It's like leaving your doors open at night without having an armed guard by your bed.
No, you want to lock your doors, folks.
That's the first line of defense.
All right, well, tell me about the 14-hour broadcast.
We come back in 70 seconds in the second hour.
A lot of guests and a lot more.
I'm live from D.C.
Trump 45 about to happen.
You are listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today!
Migrants are racing for the U.S.
border right before Trump is taking office.
There's an article that's up on the Drudge Report that talks about how illegals are coming for the U.S.
border in lieu of a Trump victory.
He's taking office tomorrow, folks.
Migrants that are trying to sneak into the U.S.
on the last day of what they see because they realize that a wall is in fact coming.
These challenges are nothing compared to a bigger fear they have that someday soon U.S.
President-elect Donald Trump will build that wall and keep them out.
Not all together.
So, before Trump takes office tomorrow, they're racing against time, riding a freight train up to the border to look for a way across.
In the town, near a frontier, a group of Hondurans warn themselves near a fire of trash in the early morning cold.
There's an article that YouTube has put up showing these migrants ready to jump the train in the event that it slows down.
And I've got news for you folks, that wall is coming, but it looks like migrants are feeling the burn, literally, and racing for the border.
I'm Margaret Hall reporting for InfoWars.
We're good to go.
Before America can be great again, she must be free again.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Great song bringing us in.
We got our Alex Jones from Pennsylvania Avenue overlooking the parade route of the 45th President of the United States.
And he says he's going to sign at least five executive orders tomorrow.
Another 200 the next week, because they've got to look at them very carefully.
These are legal documents.
They've got to make sure they're constitutional to just reverse everything Obama's done.
Then they've got to go dig the bureaucrats out, who look like they're scared to death.
Later in the broadcast, I'm going to go ahead and tell the story of running into one of the major media owners, who I've always been nice to and left alone, even though I've seen them take some bad turns in the past.
But talk about Democratic Party operatives inside the Republican Party, inside the Liberty Movement.
It was like... It was just crazy.
And I gotta tell you, the arrogance...
I have a great story with that too.
It's just, I'm so sick of arrogant people, and the arrogance here is dripping.
It's dripping.
It's just crazy.
I mean, you can be around Navy SEALs or Delta Force guys, you name it, who are like the top of, you know, they're real humble and nice.
And then you're around these little scummy political operatives and they think they're so tough, so smart, they make me sick!
These people are the swamp!
Let me tell you, Trump behind the scenes, same way, so humble, so gracious, so nice.
It's because they have no power, those other ones.
And then the people that run around and go, I'm a democratic leader, I'm a democratic leader.
They love to just talk about how powerful they are, and they really don't have any power.
And they're all sadly, like, mentally retarded.
Yeah, that's for damn sure.
Hillary's my president!
I'm so sorry for him.
It's sad.
And just flying on the plane, you could tell who was a protester, who was going to be a protester, and who was there to support Trump.
And we even ran into a Texas State Rep right outside, had a big hat on, big tall guy too.
And he was proudly wearing his hat and nobody was messing with him.
Because when you walk around like you're ready to kick some butt, if anybody touches you, nobody's going to mess with you.
That's right.
Whenever they beat people up, it's like real liberal hippies.
They don't mess with you because you're 6'4", but you know, you are wearing a purple jacket, so.
I am.
That's to infiltrate.
Is this for infiltration?
Yeah, totally.
It actually looks sharp.
You can pull it off.
Purple revolution.
See, little short fat guys like me, we can't pull off peacocking like you.
Well, you know, that's just, you know, sometimes you gotta... He's coming to Washington, new suit.
I got one tonight, too, for the deplorable, which you're gonna be speaking at.
Yeah, which they caught the Democrats at the ping-pong pizza place of all places, planning to gas us.
Can you imagine if we got caught planning to gas people and causing a stampede?
It would be the end of the world.
I would be arrested the next day.
I would be in jail.
Those guys are walking around.
It's no big deal.
No big deal.
You know, well that's because the cops aren't bad, but the political bureaucrats above them, it's D.C., they think it's great.
No, they want to see it shut down.
They would love nothing more than to see it all shut down.
Notice they tried to imply that I was trying to get violence to the ping pong place.
When I was saying that's probably a distraction from all the other stuff, and then meanwhile they're at the ping pong place calling for gassing us.
Yeah, exactly.
Hats off to Project Veritas.
They really hit another one out.
And that's amazing because that probably would have happened had they not had one of their guys in on the inside.
We probably would be getting a gasp.
You know, this is not a worship Trump event, but I gotta tell you.
Even a lot of the office wasn't 100% behind me until like three or four months before the election.
Now, everybody's converted.
And it wasn't peer pressure.
People really saw what was going on.
And I told the office, if you want to be against Trump, go ahead.
And I had some people that said, you know, I think I'm just going to boycott.
I was like, I understand.
And you know what a lot of it was?
It was watching those debates and watching him, because we covered those debates.
We would sit there and watch him and comment on him in real time.
It was like everybody piling on him, everybody lying about him.
And going, you were never against the Iraq War, we have six clips of it.
And him calling out Bush for flying out the bin Laden.
And he's against the vaccines.
That was huge.
He's the real deal.
Oh yeah, the vaccine stuff.
We got a bunch of clips.
Joining us now is Michael Schneider of the EconomicCollapseBlog.com, and of course he's a frequent contributor to Infowars.com.
Talk to us about your concerns about what the anarchists are trying to do in terms of promoting martial law.
Yeah, thank you David.
People need to realize that this starts tomorrow.
The radical left, the election of Donald Trump was perhaps the single most galvanizing moment in the history of the radical left, certainly since the days of Ronald Reagan, where they didn't expect Donald Trump to win.
They kind of treated him as a big joke.
But now that they've won, they're fired up.
They're ready for battle.
They're ready for war.
While many, many patriots, many conservatives have kind of gone to sleep.
Many Trump supporters said, hey, he won.
So now the battle's over.
The truth is the battle's just beginning.
In fact, an organization known as refusefascism.org recently took out a full page ad in the New York Times talking about how we need, must resist Donald Trump.
It's all funded by the radical left, people like George Soros, all ultimately controlled and dominated by the globalists.
But they're being told that Donald Trump is Hitler, that he's the devil, that he must be resisted, basically to the left.
Donald Trump is the personification of everything that's wrong with America.
And so what they plan to do on Inauguration Day, they plan to disrupt the activities as much as possible.
One of the big things they're planning are blockades.
They're planning blockades of the major transportation routes into Washington, D.C., and then the major transportation routes in and across the Inauguration Route.
So they want to keep people from getting there.
They want to get on the news because if there's a whole row of bodies across a major interstate or across a major parade route in Washington, DC, that's going to get attention.
That's going to get on the news and that's what they want.
So they say openly they want to force as much of the inauguration celebration as possible inside.
They want to turn it into a riot, into chaos.
They want to do whatever they can.
To disrupt things, to upset the proceedings and to get attention for their cause.
Now, of course, they can't stop Donald Trump from being inaugurated.
But what they want to do is they want to completely change the narrative of the day.
If you remember past inaugurations, for example, when Barack Obama was inaugurated, it was a big celebration.
You know, the whole nation came together and Barack Obama got out of the vehicle and walked the parade route and it was peaceful and people were cheering.
They wanted to turn it into the exact opposite.
Chaos and riots and all these things are about provoking a response.
And so they want the National Guard and the authorities to crack down hard so they can say, hey, look, this is martial law.
Look, they really are fascists.
They're going to go from a love fest that they had with the media and Barack Obama.
They're going to go, look, the country is torn apart by the presidency of Donald Trump.
The media is waiting for this, waiting to pounce on this.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, coming up the next hour, we're going to have Owen Schroer on the ground reporting live.
We've got some of the very important reports he's filed last night, catching the buses being brought in by the Soros Group and others, with the organization's pledging to stop Trump from being elected.
Or from being actually inaugurated.
And we also have CNN, you name it, saying what if there's a nuke attack?
What if there's a drone attack?
Other publications, The Hill, you name it.
Well, Obama will have to appoint the next president, and there will be a new election in Homeland Security with their people who federalize the election.
They will oversee it.
Ladies and gentlemen, you're supposed to have separation of powers, not just legislative, executive, judicial, but between the federal and state governments.
It's called federalism.
And people misappropriate the term federalism, meaning the feds are all powerful.
No, federalism means it's equally shared with the states with a little leg up on the feds.
That meaning the state legislatures, they elect, that gives them real power, U.S.
In 1913, same day we got the income tax that fell observe, late at night, they rammed that through.
And now we live under it.
So the balance of power shifted.
You could argue it happened after the Civil War, but it really happened after that.
It was a federal power grab for a while, but it failed to actually strengthen the states to a certain extent after their rebellion.
Now, look at all these Homeland Security helicopters flying outside the window.
It's quite a scene.
Maybe next time they fly by the monument, Buckley, you punch that up.
That's amazing out there.
In fact, look at my ugly head.
Let's give people a Washington Monument shot for a better result.
I think a helicopter's about to fly back into view.
And I believe that up there to the right, we'll get a shot of that, is the post office hotel that Trump rebuilt.
Oh yeah, there's Trump's hotel.
And we ought to go do a report on his new hotel.
He did it a year early and under budget.
Isn't that amazing?
Unlike government work, where everything's way over budget.
Right now they're having a crisis in California with this bullet train they keep wanting to build.
It's hundreds of millions of dollars over budget.
Yeah, that's why we can't ever have anything like the Japanese or the French, now that they're perfect, because there's so much corruption.
They just bilk it.
And that's a big Democrat thing.
They love to grab into those money pits and just siphon it all off for their little campaigns and their friends and parties and dinners.
But they don't ever build anything.
They don't ever do anything.
Yeah, how about we build an incredible spaceport?
How about we build the future instead of just running around acting like thugs?
Have you seen the arrogance around here by these people?
It's amazing.
There's all these guys in black trench coats.
$100,000 Rolex.
It's not that a Rolex is bad, but they just think they're God just stomping around.
And it's like even if they have $100,000 a year job, they just act like they're arrogant.
So that's their power.
And I'm not saying...
You know, it's bad to make $100,000.
I'm just saying, they're embarrassing how arrogant they are.
It is.
And then you walk around D.C.
and what do you see everywhere?
Not even with the security that they've put up.
Walls, fences, everything's secure.
It's like, we're the government.
We can be secure.
You can't be.
That's right, you can't.
That's the big attitude.
You can't have a gun.
You can't have a border.
By the way, in Austin, because I was trying to buy a condo, so when I have family come into town or whatever, we have a condo.
I kind of live outside town.
I need a place in town.
So I went around everywhere where all the new condos are being built, and I was like, I want a condo community that has a gate.
And they went, oh, the city council won't give permits for about five years for those.
You didn't know?
They don't give gate permits anymore to build.
They think we should all just be together in one community.
I don't
You call the cops, they're there in 30 seconds.
I mean, where I'm at, you call the cops, it takes them five minutes.
Which is fine, we're not bad.
I mean, the point is, the average is 12 minutes.
I'm talking 30 seconds.
They say one minute.
So they have a one minute police response time in the rich areas.
They call it the government district.
See, this is all unspoken, but it's actually in the law in Texas.
They got laws passed.
Where Tarrytown and the government district of downtown, only part of it, is under Texas COG and critical infrastructure, they call that, and it has its own power.
In the grid, it's hooked into the main grid, but it doesn't lose its power when there's rolling blackouts to keep other people from losing power.
They keep their power on.
So they have better police, they have better power, they have everything, bro.
Let me tell you this, this guy I sat with on the airplane, he's a real estate developer.
He said they're building two new hotels in Austin and they have no parking.
They have four parking spots out front for handicapped and that's it.
They won't let them build new parking.
And that's all, and I'm telling him about Agenda 21.
He's like, oh, I don't know.
I said, you're sitting here explaining to me what it is.
Two foot, two foot deep swimming pools.
They're phasing everything out.
Coffin apartments.
He mentioned the coffin apartments.
He goes, yeah, they're really small.
We call them coffin apartments.
I said, that's Agenda 21.
That's to get everybody out of their bars.
By the way, that's my term.
What I love is I, I brand the stuff 10 years ago, but, but I'm not bragging.
It's just, we can fight in the war is what I'm saying.
We can call it not luxury micro, no, it's a frickin' coffin apartment where you pay on average six, seven times what you would per square foot for something much better.
They're teaching you to go, oh, I love my coffin apartment, instead of having something big and nice, while they live in palatial mansions.
That's the difference.
They don't do what they say we have to do.
They don't live in the micro houses.
They don't go around and do that.
They don't make the hotel fancy and cool that it doesn't.
Oh, this hotel has dry urinals.
It stinks.
Isn't that elitist?
They also set up, he was telling me, they set up these poop chutes for the dogs.
They cost a million dollars and the dog goes on it and it goes down to the sewer.
So people don't have to walk their dogs anymore.
They can just bring them up to wherever they're at and it just goes right down.
Sounds like hell.
It's really weird.
Sounds like hell.
But he mentioned, you know, about the regulations and getting the stuff done and how it was hard in the 80s.
He's been doing it since the late 70s.
And this guy was super rich and a big Trump supporter, but he was Egyptian.
And he got singled out at a Trump rally, the one in Austin.
ABC sat down next to him and asked him a question like, oh, what do you think about Trump changing the wall plans?
What do you think about?
He goes, and they asked him about something else.
He goes, well, I think it's fine that people can change their minds.
He said, he's not just, it's my way or the highway.
He can be talked to, he can be reasoned with.
I think that's great.
And the guy asked him a bunch more questions.
They didn't put those on the air.
And later he goes, where are you from?
He goes, I'm from Egypt.
He just got all mad that he wasn't giving him the answers he wanted because he saw a perceived minority when this guy is, you know, probably one of the... Well, let me tell you, if you're a Muslim and you want to have a nice house and have your daughters not to wear hoods over their heads, and you just want to live in a free country, that's the thing.
Actually, most Muslims are heretics.
They don't want to be under this crap.
That's why, like, Iran, I mean... Oh, yeah.
They have internal polls they've done.
Like, 70% of Iranians love America.
And they do.
And they have beautiful countries.
They do not want to be under this stuff.
They do not want to be under this stuff.
Well, and this guy also mentioned about the Christians.
He's a Christian.
Of course.
He goes, Christians are the ones who build the roads, who are the doctors, who keep everything running in the Middle East, and there's 30 million of us out there, and we need help.
And he goes... It's the same thing in Latin America.
It's the Amish that are in South America, and they're the ones who are corrupt, so everyone survives off them.
And they live off of them and bilk them, and then they're blamed.
And again, it doesn't matter whether they're white,
Or whether they're Lebanese Christians.
That's right.
See, it's cultural.
And I don't mean the fake megachurch folks.
I mean the real Christians are a stabilizing force in any country.
It's well known.
And he was repeating that over and over again.
I'm like, yeah, exactly.
I said, and our government is going out there and causing the Muslims to get up.
And of course he knows.
He knows that our government four years ago overthrew Hosni Mubarak.
Oh yeah.
And then they killed tens of thousands of Christians, blew up hundreds of churches, were crucifying Christians upside down.
And then the Muslims revolted and overthrew it.
They didn't want that.
Yeah, exactly.
Because guess what?
They realized stuff wasn't working.
They ran out of another million Christians and all of a sudden, you know, the trains weren't running on time.
Yeah, and there's no doctors and there's no lawyers and there's no business people and there's, you know, nobody's doing anything except the ones who are just running around cutting people's heads off.
And it was amazing to hear him say that, being from the Middle East, coming here in the late 70s, but going back and forth and seeing what it was like, and just hearing him talk about the Egyptian revolution.
I said, well that was all our government.
He goes, I know!
I said, so why don't you think that?
Because he didn't believe that they'd killed bin Laden way back in the day.
He had never heard about the Bin Laden story from the Jerusalem Post, or Figaro, where the CIA came to meet him.
I sat there and read the article to him.
I was like, look, here it is.
Bin Laden was on dialysis.
He was gone.
There's no way they took him out back in 2000.
See, I'm glad you did that, but you should have put it on tape.
I know.
He didn't want me to be filmed.
You guys spend so much time talking about it, it's not on air.
It needs to be on air.
Well, that's why I'm sharing the story.
You're better than I am as a talk show host in person.
If you host a show by yourself, you're not as good.
That's because I work off you.
No, you do a great job, dude.
You do better than I do.
I'm serious.
I hear you all day at the office.
You at night walk around educating people smarter than I am, and you'll never do it on air.
I'll do it on air.
You're doing it on air right now?
Doing it on air now.
So we gotta share these stories.
Will you do it live?
Like Bill O'Reilly?
I will.
I'll do it live.
I'm gonna be out there live in a second.
I'm getting my gear together.
What's coming up in the 14 hour broadcast?
I'm gonna skip this break.
Last one of the day I'm being bad.
But it is a big celebration.
It's my show.
I wanna flush thousands of dollars every few minutes.
I'll do it.
Don't let's call it tomorrow.
Well, tomorrow we're going to start at 8am and go to 10pm.
And I'm sure you're going to have us go longer.
So, it'll probably be 14 hours plus, but we've got David Dyte, Liam McAdoo, Margaret Howe back in the studio, Ashley Beckford will probably be popping in, Darren McBreen, and then on the ground we're going to have Owen Schroer, Millie Weaver,
We're good to go.
But it's going to be an amazing experience to share with everybody out there who can't be here, even though there's going to be a million or so people here who are pro-Trump and probably another 300,000 who are anti-Trump.
And of course the big news is...
They are coming out now and saying that a lot of the protesters aren't showing up.
Yeah, the J-20 people said they have scaled down their blockade schedule.
They've scaled it down because... Zimmerman found that this morning and read it out.
Zimmerman, if you can find that tweet again, wherever it was... No, I know.
I saw it.
The reason they're scaling it down is most of the people that are legitimate leftists were Bernie supporters.
I've had Bernie supporters all day come up to me with, well we like you Alex, we know Trump's good now, wanting to cut prescription drug prices.
And he's not going to do it in a Nixonian way with orders.
He's just going to bring competition in.
He's going to say, I'm not going to let you sell the drug in another company for less, and then you claim, oh, it's your drug, you own it.
You're going to have to sell it for the same price if you do it here.
That's called competition.
Or I'm going to let them import from the other country your stuff you're making here, selling to Mexico, or selling to China, and then bringing it back.
Plus, all the tariffs and stuff that China's got on us internally, he wants to bring back.
We're going to have all these drugs and stuff.
You're going to make them here.
Or you're going to pay a damn tariff.
Again, folks, that's not protectionism.
We've been screwed over.
Come on over, Zimmerman.
Yeah, I love the fact that Trump has just gone out and said, you know, he's made all these announcements and he's not even president yet and companies are changing their tune.
They're keeping jobs here.
They're bringing more jobs in.
The guy from Alibaba said he's going to make a million jobs, a million jobs.
And these are going to be good paying jobs.
And when people see people, oh, what about these tax cuts?
This is globalism.
They set up
The highest taxes in the world, the big corporations did because they wanted to only move to China.
Trump makes the tax the same.
All these other globalists, you know, are going to be forced to then just understand that they're going to have to bring jobs back because it becomes a free market.
And when you have more people paying less taxes, everybody doesn't have to pay as much, but we still can have all the things that make this country great.
And let me add something that's absolutely key.
A lot of people that are at Davos, a lot of people that follow globalism, it's because they're bullied into it.
Like Peter Thiel.
A lot of people do not like what's going on.
Once there's solidarity and support for real free market, which Davos claims it's selling, once the real thing comes, the counterfeit doesn't have anywhere to be.
It's exposed.
It's thrown out in the cold.
So there's a lot of people in the system that do want to do the right thing.
But there's no way they can do it because the public wasn't awake.
We had to be awake.
We had to start the movement towards nationalism and real competition again to break the globalist monopoly of crony capitalists that they claim is free market.
No, the Heritage Foundation and globalism is not free market.
And it's another great mental screw job how they claim they're the great protectors of that when they're the opposite.
Now, I want to play a clip here.
Because I mentioned this, I want to go to a new fail video.
We've seen a bunch of these that are kind of recycled.
They're powerful.
But this is a new one because it goes back in time, not just to right before.
Let me just go back here.
Not just to right before the election, but a year before.
Video shows how media hacks howled with laughter at clown Trump.
Let's play this three, four minute clip and we're going to come back and get into Owen Schroer on the ground with the globalist minions being busted.
Here it is.
Ed Rendell, do you have any doubt that this is anything more than a carnival show?
And you watch that speech today, we all laugh about it, and I'm sitting here laughing out loud, you know, for the entire front part of the show here as we're talking about it.
I mean, it was a rambling, a rambling mess of a speech.
That said, it was very entertaining.
I was howling, howling.
He's got gummudgeons of money, he's got a lot of recognition, and he just became the 12th presidential candidate for the Republican Party.
Is it typical Donald Trump fashion or is it hilarity run amok?
This morning some Republicans say they're worried Trump will turn the campaign into a circus.
Party leaders worry Trump's presence will turn the primary into a joke.
America's largest Latino civil rights organization called Trump an exceedingly silly man.
Donald Trump is a fool.
Hell froze over and now we're stuck in the ice with Donald Trump.
Chuck, you and I have seen this public dance from Trump before.
I guess the question is, is this candidacy for real?
Will it be significant?
It's like, I can't tell if this is politics or if this is just PR from a celebrity.
For the National Press Corps and other elites, Donald Trump's campaign is a pure vanity exercise and a target ripe for outright mockery or low-level derision.
On the one hand, he's a late-night joke.
On the other, he's the proverbial skunk at the garden party.
How does the Republican Party handle a political streaker who knows how to get attention?
Sadly, the biggest bus surrounds Donald Trump.
How to take Donald Trump?
Well, consider the newspapers this morning, at least the tabloids.
The Daily News considers Trump a clown.
The New York Post considers Trump a rich guy who could make it to the White House.
I do not hate Donald Trump, but I do not take him seriously.
I thought, you know, everything that was garish and ridiculous about him was fully on display.
Will people who love him love it?
Yeah, but will it get him anywhere close to becoming the nominee or the President of the United States?
I think not.
I think there is a vein for him to tap, and he's going to get some serious votes.
He can't win, but he can get a lot of votes.
While no one expects Trump to get close to winning the nomination, that doesn't mean that they're happy he's in.
I mean, this is the problem with Donald Trump for Republicans.
Of course he's not going to win.
He probably will make the main stage.
He'll be one of the top ten vote-getters just because of name recognition and our obsession with stardom.
The problem is, he's going to be a flamethrower.
He has nothing to lose.
But he says the most provocative things, like when Mexico sends its people, they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists, and some, I assume, are good people.
What is your strategy and how can you succeed?
When you say things like that.
Well, you can't, again, Gayle, if the question is how can you become President, you can't by saying things like that.
Can we stipulate for the purposes of this conversation that Donald Trump will never be President of the United States?
Monument first.
And ladies and gentlemen, here we are with the Washington Monument out the window as we're off of Pennsylvania Avenue.
We're going to have Owen Schroer coming up in about 15-20 minutes from the ground right in front of the Capitol where the President-elect will be inaugurated at 12 noon tomorrow.
They're having fantasy dreams on CNN and other TV channels of the dinosaur pile of garbage media, the Decepticon traitor media.
They're so evil I have to mention all their names.
Honka Devil has a string of names, so do they.
The Abomination Desolation, the Old Worm, the Old Dragon, the Black Serpent, Beelzebub, Baphomet, Satan, Lucifer, Morningstar.
Well, they've got a lot of names themselves, don't they?
We're going to be there covering it all.
And they're hoping that somebody kills Trump so Obama can appoint a new president.
And then they're going to have a new election that Homeland Security runs, totally unconstitutional, over the state governments.
Just that's not how federal law works.
But Homeland Security wrote a letter to the Associated Press two weeks ago just saying that's the way it is.
Because Jay Johnson says, and you know, Loretta Lynch says, I don't care what law says.
I'll get on the plane with somebody on a criminal investigation.
I don't even know if they get badges.
I mean, that's how it rolls.
And then say we talked about our grandkids.
And you've got all these greedy, crazy bureaucrats and lobbyists and corporate people.
I'm not saying they're all bad, but we've seen them.
A lot of them are like snakes.
Like Wormer Grimewood or whatever his name is.
Grimmer Wormtongue?
Yeah, absolutely.
Another Lord of the Rings analogy.
I was asked by Vice, why so many Lord of the Rings analogies?
I don't really watch the movies much, but they're okay movies.
It's just funny archetypes.
The archetype characters, yeah.
The archetype characters.
I mean, these people are panicking, they're scared, they're crazy, and all Trump wants to do is cut spending by 10%.
That's because every economist says if we don't do that within a couple of years, we will be like Mexico or Venezuela.
It's over, folks.
We're going over the edge of a cliff.
Sorry, D.C.
You know, the average D.C.
bureaucrat is making millions of dollars a year on everybody's backs.
We can't do it anymore.
And if you cut our taxes a little bit and increase the unemployment levels, you're going to see more money.
You're going to see more money than you can spend, and it's going to be amazing.
Then you can skim even more off the top.
And I'm not saying that's a good thing, but a real smart mafia guy wants a big, fat, juicy pig to bleed.
These people are in competition with flyover country and hate average people having any wealth.
So they're so dumb, they want a big poor country to rule over.
That's what third world jackasses do.
That's what everybody did before the Renaissance.
In Europe, dark ages.
It lasted a thousand years because the elite wanted to keep people poor and didn't want them reading books and wanted them dumbed down.
And you're trying to bring back the dark ages.
Guess what?
We don't want it.
We don't want it.
We don't want the dark ages.
We want the light.
We want the golden age.
We want it right now.
We want it right now.
It's like Tony Montana says, hey, just like your president Jimmy Carter says, I want freedom.
I want it now.
I want the world to go and everything in it.
And the $500 suit.
Look at that pelican.
Fly pelican.
I think we should have Tony Montana for president.
Hey, seriously.
It isn't going to be like that having Trump president.
I love the way, that moment when he called out, called him out as fake news.
Did you see that live when it happened?
That was frickin... Oh, you're on vacation in Colorado.
No, no, no.
I was actually watching it real time.
We're holding back and we shot a video and just watching that in real time going, oh my God, this guy is going to be president and he's calling CNN fake news.
And when we landed at the airport, they had some CNN story with Obama, how he's just not happy with Trump.
But if he sees any meddling in the election, he is going to speak out.
They were the ones meddling with the election.
That's the funny thing.
They were the ones doing it!
Speak out Obama!
Speak out about your own meddling!
I only knew of three.
And in some places like Georgia, they broke into dozens of computers.
Georgia was hacked big time by DHS.
And they go, well, maybe it was a rogue employee.
Maybe we don't, uh, and then they never come back with an answer.
And then now DHS fails.
We're like, we need to fully take control of it to keep it safe.
Cause, cause the Rooskies are so powerful.
And the only way they found out about other states is the guy in Georgia canvassed all the other states and said, didn't any of you guys report any of these problems?
And three or four wrote back and said, oh yeah, we had the same thing happen.
They were going in and probing our databases, probing the databases, looking around.
But what happened in Georgia was unprecedented, what happened.
They were going around like two or three times, one on the day of the election, going into the voter rolls and messing with stuff.
They don't even know what they did at the end of the day.
All right, I'm bad again.
I didn't get to any clips.
We're going to come back with the clips, I promise.
Or Rob can punch me.
We're on the march, the Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
People have asked me for 20 years, Alex, why don't you have firearms and firearms accessory sponsors?
And the answer is, it's a minefield.
Well, in 2016, things changed.
And Tennessee Arms, that is the founders, the inventors, the leaders, they defended it in court.
Of the resin lowers, with the brass inserts, that in many cases go further than even aluminum or steel manufacturing.
30,000 to 60,000 rounds by third-party reviewers.
This is the best system out there.
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You're getting the highest quality product, the most tested, the most durable, the most certified, the most believed in.
You need to have this true piece of America ready in minutes.
Migrants are racing for the U.S.
border right before Trump is taking office.
There's an article that's up on the Drudge Report that talks about how illegals are coming for the U.S.
border in lieu of a Trump victory.
He's taking office tomorrow, folks.
Migrants that are trying to sneak into the U.S.
on the last day of what they see because they realize that a wall is in fact coming.
These challenges are nothing compared to a bigger fear they have that someday soon U.S.
President-elect Donald Trump will build that wall and keep them out
Not all together.
So, before Trump takes office tomorrow, they're racing against time, riding a freight train up to the border to look for a way across.
In the town, near a frontier, a group of Hondurans warn themselves near a fire of trash in the early morning cold.
There's an article that YouTube has put up showing these migrants ready to jump the train in the event that it slows down.
And I've got news for you folks.
That wall is coming, but it looks like migrants are feeling the burn, literally, and racing for the border.
I'm Margaret Hall reporting for InfoWars.com.
Our fellow info warriors across the United States and across the planet really love the Hillary for Prison 2016 shirts that we began to put out in 2015.
It became a global meme against globalism and corruption.
And a very strong maxim that's now being continued on today.
So we now have George Soros, because the media attacked me on this whole goblin meme.
They've made huge jokes about it, but it's totally blown up their face.
We now have George Soros
As a goblin on the back and it says with a cross through him, you know, an X like Ghostbusters, no Soros, him as a goblin.
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It's powerful.
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The globalist's great error is to believe that as they collapse humanity, they end up on top.
The truth is, humanity is coming down fast.
But we're miles above them, on our journey to hell.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We are right above Pennsylvania Avenue with Homeland Security helicopters flying by, looking in on us.
And then we've got
We've got the Washington Monument out there.
I tell you, it's an incredible time to be alive.
History's happening.
Trump's for real.
He's anti-New World Order.
He was let in on the whole communist, globalist plan back in the 60s by the congressional experts that had access to all the classified files.
And the information I'm releasing here on air, nobody else has.
I just want everybody to know that.
But I think now is the time to even release that information, so people understand exactly why Trump has been a patriot sleeper cell.
And I always said, what if we had people that went along with the system like the leftists have done, but were actually sleeper cells the other way around?
And it turns out that that's exactly what Donald Trump is.
Donald Trump is a Americana sleeper cell inside the New World Order takeover, and that is why they are truly scared.
I love people going, oh, he's New World Order, you know, he's been to parties with the Clintons.
What do you expect when you go to these galas?
He had to play along with them.
He did fight NAFTA, he did fight, yeah, he did some other good stuff.
He's trying to get taxes cut for poor people.
But he's hired record numbers of minorities and women.
And it's put a lot of gay people in charge of... But he's racist.
Well, I mean, I don't want to sit here and pander to gay people, because I'm not against gay people, I don't hate them, none of that.
But I shouldn't have to pander and grovel to prove I don't dislike gay people.
It's just like Trump waving rainbow flags, and they say he's a homophobe.
And then, like it turns out, most of his casinos are run by gay guys, for whatever reason.
Trump said, oh, they're my friends, they tend to want to work 20 hours a day and really care.
So, for some reason, gay men are the best casino runners.
And they're snappy dressers.
And they're snappy dressers.
The point is, is that we don't... I don't have to sit here and go, I have nothing against gay people.
Some of my friends are gay.
I haven't done anything wrong.
I don't have to sit here and explain to you that I don't dislike you.
If I said I disliked you, then you wouldn't know it.
But the left goes, no, everyone that wants low taxes really hates black people.
And I'm so sick of...
I'm so sick of my whole life hearing I hate black people and it's gone from making me feel guilty.
I'm like a little kid hearing white people are bad from white people.
I'm like, I'm bad because I've got this color skin.
And then the black people are hearing I'm bad because I'm white.
So they beat me up.
They've been turned into bad people and into what maybe what my ancestors might've done to them because they were told I was my ancestors and did something to them.
Because yes, I'll say probably my ancestors probably did do something to black people.
Most whites probably can't say that.
But I mean, I've been here long enough in this country, my family, yeah sure.
But I mean, most white people have no connection to any of it.
But I didn't do any of it.
And my parents sure as hell didn't do any of it, or their grandparents or their grandparents.
They were all Christians trying to make atonement for it.
So how do people try to make atonement for something?
How do we then become the bad guys?
Well, it's because it starts off being white and being like, what, 13% of the world population?
It might be less than that.
It's seven now.
We control everything.
We run everything.
We do everything bad.
We created this whole system with paved roads and open sewers and electricity.
And for that, we have to be put in our place.
Well, let's give people the real history.
The Chinese.
Africans, Latin Americans, it was all the same.
The elite didn't want the public having technology.
I mean, the Mayans had a calendar more accurate than the Romans, okay?
They had the wheel.
They didn't want to give it to the public.
Oh, the Mayans couldn't even invent the wheel.
No, they didn't want to give it to the public.
So the point is that, yeah, we get systems of control.
So can you say whites are more elite because they ended up developing the modern mathematics and space travel and clocks?
You go back 600 years ago, all of Europe was under total siege.
Most people had a very low, nobody could read, like maybe 1%.
But it was on purpose.
The Dark Ages were admittedly installed by the royals and the church.
And it made Europe so weak, they couldn't even defeat the Muslims.
And because the Muslim threat got so bad, finally it allowed innovation, at least in weapons.
And they started educating people as well.
It was just to be able to fight the Muslims.
So dumbing people down made us worry about the fall of the Muslims.
So over a couple hundred years it developed, letting some guilds exist just to service the troops.
Because the nobles finally went, okay, we gotta, they just took continent to noble.
We gotta do something.
This is a real history.
So, it forced them competition.
See, there was no competition inside Europe.
Everybody was slaves.
Men were kept outside, women were brought in, just like with blacks in America.
The Romans had the same deal, folks.
But blacks were too valued, so they weren't actually kept outside.
It was the whites were like cheap slaves.
And the blacks were like the prized slaves.
And a lot of blacks were actually free, but see, they create this thing where blacks feel like they're this chip on the shoulder, you're nobody, you were slaves, everybody was slaves.
Now, let's continue and expand out, and I'll go to these clips.
This is an important history lesson.
For whatever reason, 500 years ago, people started to break out of it in Europe.
They wanted freedom.
And a renaissance started, because people were so oppressed, about getting into literature, and getting into freedom, and getting into math, and getting into science.
And Europeans, because of their previous Ice Age brain,
They've done genetic epigenetic tests as well.
Do obsess more about shelter and designs and hunting and preparation.
The jokes are in Europe, the trains are all on time.
There's an OCD-ness about in the Ice Age, if you didn't do stuff just right, you were dead.
So selectively, whereas Africa might have been strength, stamina, whatever, or you died.
There was plenty of that in the Ice Age, but if you didn't plan stuff out just right, you were dead.
If you tried to get home 20 minutes late from a hunting trip, you'd freeze to death.
Because it was going to go 50 below zero, like that.
And so there is that planning in the Western brain.
But see, that also gives the Western brain over to evil.
Because if it gets captured by corruption, then it starts scheming in like fifth dimensional chess.
You understand?
So that's why it takes good Westerners who are into freedom to counter Western evil.
So yes, you can say the West is evil.
Show the helicopter, Buckley.
Well, I think you're right.
It is geographically, people do different things for different areas.
And if you're living up north, you do have to plant your crops on time, you have to watch the weather, and then when you're down in sub-Sahara Africa or South America, it's a different
Well, it's a different type.
You have to be ready for a predator to come out after you.
You have to be able to defend yourself.
And you have to be able to be fast and cover long distances.
So all that makes sense.
And then you see the way it is now.
And when you talk about elites, there's good elites and there's bad elites.
There's a predator class within the elites and then within the middle class also that kind of worms their way up.
Who's just there like that.
And then they want to serve that big predator head class, you know, the little flying monkeys.
The elite class should be empowering everybody to bring them up.
No, they should be.
Because in our society, it's going to get better.
I mean, I literally could envision 20-plus years ago, much of it.
And like 90% of my vision, I pictured other people rising up who were better than me because I wasn't arrogant.
But when I struck the alarm bells, Paul Revere, I thought it would get other people to rise up and take action, which it did.
It just took longer.
But again, there's that long-term planning, that patience.
Patience is key to anything big.
Yeah, 20 years, it's like you push the pebble down the hill and 20 years later it's a giant boulder going, fake news!
You're fake news!
And just running over people and destroying.
And let's be clear, right before me the same pebble, Drudge Report, and a bunch of other pebbles.
But it was all the same trajectory.
It all kind of happened at the same time, too.
Drudge started about the same time you did.
Well, it's like radio got invented by three guys the same week.
And it's just knowledge builds like the 100th monkey to this, you know.
I mean, Drudge kind of comes in like half, like he was like a senior and I was like a junior in the same, but was in the same school, kind of the same class.
He was a little bit before me, but it was all the same wave.
And then Trump's the big mega wave you see sweeping.
And here's the problem.
If the global is trying to block this one, I almost hope they try to block this wave because they might be able to halfway do it.
That summons the King Kong.
I mean, if they block this King Kong coming and it'll almost be so free market, it's cultish.
I mean, I'm really worried about, oh, helicopter by the monolith.
I'm really looking forward to it.
I'm really looking forward to these next four years.
King Kong's to climb that.
We need to make a new King Kong and reattach Washington.
If he climbs the Washington Monument, that'd be badass.
It's got Trump's head on it.
That's it!
He's King Kong attacking Washington!
I'm ranting, go ahead, sorry.
A grievance.
It's like everybody's got a grievance about something.
Why don't you put your head in the game and start making something happen positively instead of just worrying about why you're not getting yours.
The reason you're not getting yours is because you're sitting out there complaining that you're not getting yours instead of doing something.
That's the big reason.
Yeah, I mean, the only problem in America, if you actually try to get yours, you're gonna get so much, your kids are gonna turn into a deck of slots.
That will be true.
And, you know, I have that problem with my kids.
They have so much.
I'm like, you kids are spoiled.
We take you out on trips, we do things with you, we let you have stuff, and, you know, you need to learn how to work.
And then they artificially see some Kim Kardashian show that is a prison of crap.
Who wants a closet with 200 purses?
You know, and then like, you know, extra rooms for your dog crap, so, you know, and it's like, you know, I had a five bedroom house for a while, and I downsized to like four or three.
Because, I mean, I say four, because one of them's a study, so it'll be a room.
But, I mean, it's like, it's a hassle.
And then who wants to be around rich neighbors?
Like, I know a lot of minorities think that white people are all racist and don't like you.
Let me explain something.
You move into a wealthy neighborhood, and I moved into just middle class ones.
They're all a-holes to each other and hate everybody.
I don't care if you got blonde hair and blue eyes, man.
They're all just mean to each other, because it's like Washington.
All they've got is this weird class thing.
And again, real rich people are cool.
It's all these fake wannabes that are like so obsessed with my Mercedes and I'm cool.
And it's not that a Mercedes is bad.
It's like they want to think they're better than you.
It's like a cult.
What would you call it?
It is this weird arrogance, but it's like a powerless arrogance because they have that arrogance because they really don't have any power.
They always want petty power, right?
What is that truck doing parked on the street?
And I'm like, that violates the homeowner's rules.
And I'm like, well, the homeowner rule actually says that to be parked there, but that's not my truck.
That's working on the other neighbor's backyard.
And they're just like, I mean, I've got, I mean, I lived in the country for a while.
Then I moved back in a little bit closer and I had been in a place with homeowners association and it is just a fricking nightmare.
I had to deal with it too, over a trash can.
They don't like my trash can on the side of the house.
I'm like, sorry.
It's going to stay there.
Oh, same thing.
I'm not putting it in my garage.
I've been written up for it on the side of the house.
The damn thing stinks.
Yeah, I'm not putting it in my garage.
They're like, well, you can put it in your garage.
Then it makes your car smell like rotten shit.
No, it's going to stay on the outside by there.
Oh, by the way, your construction crews have garbage everywhere, and everybody else is breaking every other rule, but you're going to single me out?
And the only answer is to start writing everybody up.
They put a sign up saying no parking.
And then if anybody parks outside my house, the tow trucks come, then everybody else is allowed to have their cars.
And I'm like, I've got to start calling.
Oh yeah, the tow truck.
And so I get back next week, I'm just going to call tow trucks every day.
And the thing is, then they'll grovel.
It's like as soon as you use force against them, they back off.
But I have to crush them first.
Well, it's that weak petty power that they think they have and they have none.
Or they think I'm dumb and they control the tow truck company.
It doesn't just have to be the number listed.
Under law, you post that, I'm going to call another tow truck.
See, they think I'm dumb like everybody else.
I'm not.
And guess what?
I will defeat you just like I defeated the globalists.
It's the same deal.
We'll defeat every level, dude.
And we've been doing it.
And we're not going to get tired doing it.
Isn't it exciting?
Whether it's Hillary Clinton or Homeowners Association, move bitch, get out the way.
Or even a small local government.
You know, a local government that comes after you and tries to put these regulations in to not let people build or let people develop their own land.
That's the kind of stuff that we're going to be doing.
And I think you're going to see, now that we've got, we get Trump in office, we settle in the first hundred days, you're going to see InfoWars take on this whole new thing, going into more health stories that we've kind of let by the wayside during covering a lot of this.
We're also going to get a lot of information.
We're going to keep, not Trump, honest.
But trying to surveil the minions, like this one for education, who's the only bad one because she was for Common Core.
But she's also for school choice, so Trump got told he'd like her.
He doesn't know all this stuff.
Who could?
She gets up there in front of the thing and goes, oh, I agree.
Saying, women grab me.
They want me.
I can grab them.
That's saying a woman's on you.
Of course they want me.
You know, it's not like saying they're not, you know, like the leftists.
If a woman's like kissing you and you touch her,
You're right, Peter.
Watching these hearings, like Marco Rubio... You know they said that famous World War II deal of the sailor getting off the boat?
Oh, kissing the girl?
That's sexual assault?
Because his hand is on her hip.
Let me tell you, a woman jumps on you and starts kissing you, and it's your wife or girlfriend you haven't seen in two years?
I mean, she gonna get mad you're not grabbing her hip.
That's what you're supposed to do.
You grab them right here in the back of their neck.
You grab their butt.
That's what women want.
It's what mammals do.
They're taking our normal behavior and saying it's illegal, but then teaching your five-year-old how to be a tranny and give blowjobs is okay.
Or get a sex change, yeah, exactly.
They're now trying to tell 12-year-olds out in California, you can have your stuff cut off if you want, outside your parents.
So the government cutting your kids weenie, that's okay.
But I'm not supposed to, if my wife leans into me and I kiss her, I mean, this is crazy.
Yeah, and you know, they interviewed the two people that 50 years after that famous photo that you're talking about.
The rape photo?
They didn't even know each other, but they were so happy that the war was over, they both came to each other and embraced at the same time.
Well sure, I knew when the war was over, that's why they were calling it the assault, because
No, no.
They didn't know each other.
Well, they hate that magnetism.
She's good looking, he's good looking.
Let's get it.
Let's have a party, man.
People were happy that we ended World War II.
That's what they were happy about.
I mean, this was a huge war.
That was a sexual assault.
Helicopter by the obelisk.
I'm obsessed with that shot.
Man, the cinematography we're getting out here.
It is really good.
It's amazing.
Even the tunnels, where they have the tunnels for the subways, they have these cool-looking, catacomb-looking patchwork, or I guess a beehive.
It's like a beehive underneath the ground.
It's really amazing.
But you walk around at night and you see how the government has everything secured for them.
But we can't have that.
Oh, it really pisses me off.
You left the borders open, all this crap.
You probably have to do this now.
Don't take our right to have a gun or lock our door, you assholes.
Excuse me, I apologize.
We're going to go to break.
I haven't played Clebs, I've been bad.
Can we play the CNN?
We're good to go.
Inauguration, you have two lines of succession.
One for the Barack Obama administration, which is still in place.
And one which really won't be in place until Donald Trump is inaugurated, comes into office and actually formally nominates and the Senate confirms his people.
You might actually end up with a president from the prior administration because of a tragedy.
Adding to the confusion, by noon Friday, all of Obama's cabinet secretaries are expected to resign.
John Kerry, the current Secretary of State, would be the first cabinet secretary in the line of succession, but he's out of office by noon.
Donald Trump's pick for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, may not be confirmed for another week or two.
So who would be Secretary of State on Friday afternoon?
According to State Department sources, the job would fall to the highest-ranking non-political official in the department, the Undersecretary for Political Affairs, Tom Shannon.
One of the most obscure possibilities is that someone who is an acting Secretary of State, someone lower down the line in the Secretary of State, State Department today, assumes the acting Secretary of State position, is in the line, and the worst happens, and that person becomes President, at least for a while.
The uncertainty creates the potential for chaos, high theater, or a hit TV drama.
Sir, you are now the President of the United States.
In ABC's Designated Survivor... Alright, folks, we're gonna be back.
Stay with us on the side.
And Nico just popped in my ear, which I told him to do.
So you're a little news light, boss.
I know you're excited.
Let's get into some news.
I agree.
We're gonna hit some news and a lot more straight ahead.
Mark Moreno, producer of Climate Hustle and publisher of Climate Depot.
Thank you for joining us, Mark.
Thank you, David.
Happy to be here.
Yes, you're completely accurate about the EPA, and even worse than what you're describing, like about the Chrysler attacks by the EPA and their alleged emissions violations.
The Republican Congress a few years back, even under George Bush, they have statutorily killed
The SUV in America unless Donald Trump's administration and the new Congress tries to change it and what I mean by that is you mentioned the corporate average fuel economy standards.
They're trying to merge those or bring them in line with what vehicles have been which means
We're talking about Ford F-150 pickups, Jeeps, everything else having to move to aluminum, much lighter weight, the shrinking, the downsizing, and so that's one of the other things they're doing aside from hassling them with these emission alleged violations.
They're now coming after them for their weight, size, materials that they're made out of.
It's a way of essentially re-engineering American society in the face of global warming.
And they're doing this from everything from our lightbulb to our appliances.
Consumer Reports even says that high-end washing machines don't perform as well as low-end washing machines of 15 years ago, brand new ones, because of all the Energy Department, Energy Star, sucking all the available power out of these machines.
So they're forced to make them lighter, lightweight, lighter duty.
It just goes on and on, and it goes all the way up to our population, whether we can eat beef, our transportation, carbon taxes.
So Donald Trump is probably the greatest threat to this agenda that's occurred in the history of the entire modern environmental movement since 1970.
And here's what I never understood about the never-Trumpers who allege to be conservatives.
You get all the previous Republican nominees since Reagan.
You have George H.W.
Bush, who was an absolute disaster when it came to climate change issues in the United Nations and environmentalism.
You have John McCain, who was nominated in 2008, and he was actually a
We're good to go.
He's the only one who is not in league with both the Republican and the Democrat establishment, as you just ran down that list.
So they know how to get their people in on both the Republican and the Democrat ticket, and this time Donald Trump broke through that to try to break this lock on power that both the Democrat and Republican establishment have had.
I live back in the woods, you see.
Some of the stories up on Infowars.com.
Trump viewed favorably by more than half of the US voters.
We know there were fake polls during the election.
It's hard to get major polling companies to actually do an honest poll for you.
It's just the demographics they use, who they target, they have a huge agenda that's known.
But Trump and others were able to do internal polls and other major demographic polling agencies and some of the internet aggregate numbers we have show that Trump's actually very popular with black Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans compared to other Republican candidates and other Republican figures.
That's why I got 35% of the vote from Hispanics?
They claim they only got 10% from blacks, but we know they stole the election in many black areas.
Evidence of that came out.
Because I've had so many black people shake my hand and say they want Trump and they want prosperity and they don't like how Obama ignored them for all those years.
That's why the media knows their hold on people is falling apart.
So they're intensifying a major, major push for racial division in this country.
Let's show part of a report that's up on Infowars.com.
From Owen Schroyer showing the buses being brought in last night with the protesters, but they've already had to scale back.
It's like a group of young millennials who are going to be protesting tomorrow.
They're arriving by bus.
Oh yeah.
Are you going to get there?
Why'd you add that on?
It's cold out here, man.
Don't be mean.
Alright, they're putting them on buses now.
It looks like it's ducks.
There's the bus line right there.
It's loading them up.
It's going to take them to some housing and then they're going to start depositing them around on Inauguration Day.
Roger, reporting for InfoWars.com.
Okay, now for radio listeners, we actually have video of the buses for radio listeners.
We have the video.
It's on Infowars.com.
There's a longer report coming up in the next segment.
So it's Troyer reporting.
That was Rob Duke.
By the way, I'm here looking at Infowars.com right now, and I'm looking at Belgian aristocratic pedophile re-exposed, boys and girls tortured, killed, and forced to eat feces.
So they don't just grab your kid out of the backyard and rape him for a couple months.
They torture him and they make him eat crap and they kill him after they beg for food.
And reportedly in Belgium, where this came out a few years ago, more has come out, they sit in the room while the toddler cries for mommy, like a beautiful satanic music, and while they beg and beg and beg, sometimes they'll feed them a little more just to get their strength back up to beg and get hope.
They call it sucking them dry.
It's vampiric.
It sucks their soul.
And that's who's in D.C.
That's who Trump's kicking out.
That's why Trump wants to stop the vaccines.
He knows that's a soft kill, a lesser magic attack on your family.
And I know this is hard to believe, folks, but there's a new article out that deals with, you know, Meryl Streep defending Roman Polanski that, you know, drugs 13-year-old girls and anally rapes them.
And that's just what he's been caught doing.
They want, the globalists want to grab your kids, and this is on record, and they want to rape them for a few months and then make them eat crap before they drink their blood.
Now, I know that sounds insane.
I'm not the insane one.
That's what they're into.
That's what they do.
People ask, why don't you cover this more?
I've been covering the satanic pedophile networks for 20-something years.
And they're just on such power trips
That they've been let into this thing by the devil and that they're on this, you know, crusade against love and light and goodness.
It's sick!
Just because they've done these horrible things and are in these clubs doesn't give them power.
But they believe because they do these unholy things they are special.
They are great.
Yeah, they're great piles of crap.
I mean, you make little kids you've tortured eat crap?
God is gonna torture you for a trillion years.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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It helps detoxify.
Selenium is another one of those absolute must-haves.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
The devil is a master of deception.
The modern system says that if a man embraces a woman who's attracted to him and kisses her, it's sexual assault.
But teaching five-year-olds how to have sex isn't pedophilia in the public schools.
In a Daily Mail article about Belgian aristocrat pedophile ring exposed, boys and girls tortured, killed, and forced to eat feces.
This is part of a long-term satanic ritual that's carried out over and over again.
They've made films about it.
People then think it's Hollywood movies.
In history, the word, I guess, sadism does go back to people that wrote about this type of thing, but this is all a ritual.
I've read about it going on thousands of years.
Didn't even know that they'd even codified it into modern times that it was going on until more of this came out.
But by defiling the innocents, they believe they've moved themselves closer to evil.
And they kind of tell you this in Revenge of the Sith, I guess, Episode 3 of Star Wars, where Darth Vader isn't really evil yet, and Republican goes,
You must go and kill all the younglings, hundreds of children at the Jedi Temple.
Only then will you be strong enough on the dark side.
That's exactly what they do.
They do these horrible things to defile themselves, believing they're burning away their humanity to become stronger.
Let's go to a few minutes of Owen Shroyer's report from the ground with the protesters last night.
We're going to come back with Owen Shroyer on the ground, just 600 yards from me, where the president is going to be inaugurated tomorrow.
Let's go to that report.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, it's Wednesday night in Washington, D.C.
Owen Sawyer here.
The InfoWars crew has just arrived.
We're checking into our place.
And we already have protests.
Here we go.
This should be good.
Trump and Pence are fascists.
I don't think they know what fascism is.
Hey, what makes Donald Trump fascist?
Can someone tell me why Trump is fascist?
Hey, why is Trump illegitimate, ma'am?
Why is Donald Trump illegitimate?
Why is Donald Trump fascist?
Do you know what fascism is?
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Excuse me, sir.
Can I ask you a couple questions?
What has Donald Trump done that's fascist?
What has Donald Trump done?
Can you tell me?
I don't need your flyer.
Why don't you tell me?
That's why you don't know.
That's why I'm following around.
Now you just littered.
He just littered.
So he's a litterer.
So that's nice.
Can you answer a question?
How is Trump fascist, sir?
See, here's my problem.
All you protesters never answer a question.
And you just say F Trump, are you doing?
So there you go, folks, this is the first protest.
There's probably about 200 of them.
This is a peaceful protest, I'll give them that.
It's just like a group of young millennials who are going to be protesting tomorrow.
They're arriving by bus.
Oh, yeah.
Hey, you want to get this?
Why don't you have that on?
It's cold out here, man.
Don't be mean.
All right.
They're putting them on buses now.
It looks like it's ducks.
There's the bus line right there.
It's loading them up.
They're going to take them to some housing, and then they're going to start depositing them around on inauguration day.
Roger, reporting for InfoWars.com.
All right, my friends, we are going to go to break here in just a moment.
Again, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
InfoWars.com is the news site.
I know all of you know that.
I take it for granted, too.
I sit here and hardly promote my own website on air or the incredible stories that are there.
But it's bigger than The New York Times online.
It's bigger than The Washington Post online.
The enemy knows that.
They are so pissed.
They are so angry.
Roger Stone is coming up right now, I'm told.
Is set to pop in with us in the next segment, but all this and more is coming up today.
I'm Alex Jones and we are here for the 45th president to be inaugurated tomorrow.
Stay with us.
James O'Keefe, of course, as you know, is president of Project Veritas.
He's well known for his 2009 ACORN investigation, the systematic corruption that he discovered and showed in multiple offices that ultimately forced that group to disband.
Tell us a little bit about part one that we saw yesterday.
Of course, what they were talking about doing was releasing
Butyric acid in the deporbal, and that is the thing that gives human vomit its smell.
It's a very disgusting, intolerable smell.
It makes people sick.
They want to do that.
But, in concentration, it is an acid, and so it'll burn your skin, it'll burn your lungs.
It's a very dangerous thing.
That's a criminal conspiracy, isn't it, James?
Yeah, it's actually covered under the D.C.
anti-terrorism statutes.
And it's not just a prank.
This acid could... It's a flammable material.
It could burn your lungs.
It could cause a stampede out of the National Press Club.
People trampling one another.
It's considered terrorism.
And we took the footage to the FBI.
They had these people's names and numbers.
They had their last names.
When we took this footage to them, they thanked us and said they were going to be launching an investigation.
And they also said they wanted to set off the sprinkler systems and get people wet.
It's going to be cold outside.
They want to do as much harm physically to people as possible.
You know, people have a right to exercise their free speech.
And I think that the protests in terms of standing there with a sign, talking about something, I think we're actually too restrictive on that in the U.S.
because you look at these political conventions, what they do is they have protesters at both the political conventions, they put them
Far away from where the political convention is.
In most cases, the last several elections, they put them in cages.
You have to have a permit ahead of time.
But we're not talking about that kind of free speech here.
We're talking about people who are being paid to agitate.
And we have seen this in the run-up to the election, that they get violent with people, that they instigate violence.
And then, of course, that violence is blamed on Donald Trump, or on Trump supporters, and not on the people who go there as paid agitators.
And they're trying to do something that is very dangerous to people.
It ought to be a crime.
Yeah, it is a crime.
It's considered under the anti-terrorism statute.
You have the statute up in front of you there.
It's punishable by a five-year prison sentence and significant fines.
They're also going to try to shut down the railroads.
They're going to try to disrupt public transportation.
And by the way, it's kind of ironic that the anti-fascists are planning on gassing people.
I mean, I hate to make a joke, but in the HVAC system, it's just bizarre.
Their narrative is to pretend that there's going to be some kind of spontaneous conflict, and who started it?
Did that side start it?
Did the other side start it?
If you show that they've been premeditating this type of activity, then that kind of destroys their whole narrative that, oh, it was the Trump supporters who started this.
We were just there innocently standing by.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
All right, we've got some of the crew coming back in.
Roger Stone reportedly is getting here, about to be up here in the building.
We've got Owen Schroyer, we're about to go to live, about 600 yards away, right in front of the Capitol, where Trump will be inaugurated tomorrow.
Before I go any further,
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Now, I haven't gotten to Trump actually saying he's going to do 200 executive orders the next week, five tomorrow.
I haven't gotten to our report on Stone being poisoned that we should air next hour.
By the way, I love Anthony Acumi.
I asked him to host the show twice a month, and he did it graciously.
Big, dedicated host, but today, super hot.
Have we heard from Anthony yet, whether he wants us to co-host with him next hour?
I mean, I'm sure he always invites me on.
He probably will, but if Stone's getting here late with all these checkpoints, they now, just as we got here this morning, block the road.
If he doesn't get in, I'm sure Anthony's going to want him on.
I'll let him run the show, but we can kind of split the show, too, and just do a Facebook mentions in here, I guess.
I've been hearing he's going to be here for an hour.
We'll see what happens.
But right now, I know who is here.
The great Owen Schroyer!
In D.C.
since yesterday, he's witnessed a lot more than we have, just because he was at the right place at the right time.
He's right there where Trump's going to get inaugurated tomorrow.
First off, before your observations, what do you make of CNN and a bunch of other publications saying Trump might get killed tomorrow?
A truck bomb, a nuke, a drone attack, and it's quite normal, no big deal.
President Obama will appoint a new president, and then Homeland Security federalize the elections, so they'll decide in the new election who's president.
I mean, this is all
Everything I kind of saw in my, you know, thinking about this, I'd call it the Odin sleep, and now we're watching all this unfold.
So the question is, is my spidey sense wrong or is this bad?
I don't think they're going to pull it.
In fact, I feel very confident that they've capitulated and they're kind of running an old program in case they wanted to do it.
They've already paid for advertisements that were still airing after the restaurant closed.
A dollar short a day later, a day late, a dollar short.
I think they're failing.
I think they're reorganizing.
I think they're under our control at this moment.
But I'm feeling good.
I see a lot of evidence that good things are happening.
And they're really panicking and look butthurt.
And there's photos on Drudge of them, you know, the final days, like they're entitled to rule everything.
I don't know.
I mean, still, they're setting the table for COG overthrow of Trump.
They're sure selling they want impeachment.
They claim every thought he gets is from Putin.
So, Owen Schroer, what do you think about that?
Well, this is the normalization tactic.
It's a psychological conditioning tactic that they push these narratives out there.
And then if it ends up coming true, it's already normalized.
The people have already capitulated.
They don't want to make a big deal out of it.
So that's what I think CNN is trying to do here, talking about possible assassination attempts.
Talking about possible Obama appointing a different president.
And they've done it over and over.
They did it with the Electoral College.
They did it the entire election with the polls.
And they failed it every step of the way.
So my guess is they're going to fail again, Alex.
I think that they're setting themselves up for failure.
I think that you might be right, and they have accepted that they've lost this battle.
And maybe now they're thinking bigger again towards the war.
What will they pull next?
They can't stop Trump from being inaugurated.
But it's funny, you talk about CNN, and if Zimmerman wants to show this, he doesn't have to.
CNN is actually on top of a building.
They've set up their stage on top of a building, and we know why.
Because we had people, info warriors like you, get behind their set, troll them, put Bill Clinton is a rapist shirts on air, hold up Trump signs on the air, so they had to go up and hide on a roof.
So that's what CNN is doing.
That's right, we've run them into a fortress mentality, which is the first stage of winning.
But from my experience out here, Alex, I will say this.
Trumpians have taken over D.C.
The leftists, the protesters, they want to run with all this social media trends like Occupy D.C., Occupy Inauguration.
I've got bad news for you.
We are the ones occupying.
I'm surrounded by thousands of Trump supporters right now.
I walk around Capitol Hill and people are chanting right now.
Listen to this.
This is crazy.
I walk around Capitol Hill.
Bring some of them in, Alan.
Bring some of them in.
Do we have any info warriors that want to give a shout out to Alex Jones?
Come here.
He wants to hear from you.
Look at this.
Hey, Alex Jones wants to know why you're out here.
I'm out here because I love Trump and I think he's going to make America great again.
You know, the protesters are saying that they're going to occupy D.C.
All I've seen is Trump supporters out here.
What about you?
Absolutely, I've not seen nor have I heard any protesters out here.
Just tons of Trump supporters.
So I think Alex, and I don't know if anyone's seen it, me and Millie did a video.
I think they're setting themselves up for failure here.
I think they're inflating these numbers of hundreds of thousands of protesters.
I don't think so.
We've seen busloads come in.
They might get a couple thousand, maybe tens of thousands.
No way hundreds of thousands.
Look at all these people recording us.
Let me tell you something.
Nobody cares about any other media organization that comes out here, okay?
There are all kinds of media people that come out here.
They've got their cameras set up.
They've got their microphones.
Nobody goes up to them and shakes their hand.
Nobody says, hey, I love what you do.
That happens to us, because we relate to these people.
We talk to these people on the street, and we're Americans like these people.
We elected Donald Trump because we want to make America great again.
Exactly, and why is it dirty to say, make America great again?
Under globalism, you're not supposed to be great.
You're supposed to just fail and let the government rule your life.
Again, the things people say is Trump real.
What he's saying and doing is real.
These ideas are cancer to the New World Order.
They're victory to us.
Of course he's real.
He wouldn't be invoking this.
It's like sunlight to vampires.
Trump's 100% real, man.
That is why his only issue is he's a strong man.
He believes, because he's a good guy, and he's not going to be a hypocrite, he's going to take the gloves off.
And I agree with that to a certain extent with enemies.
I'm just saying, once the enemies are vanquished, the gloves have to go back on.
Well, and you saw the video that I shot last night as soon as we got here of those protesters.
They have nothing to say, Alex.
They have nothing to say.
It's the same argument that they've been saying for ten years now.
Racist, homophobe, Russian agent.
And I say, how is he a racist?
How is he a fascist?
How does he hate immigrants?
They cite fake news.
And you can see it.
What I've noticed now is they have these handlers.
So, I'll be talking to somebody in these protest groups, who's just a regular citizen, perhaps they've been brainwashed, they've been victimized by the fake news, and they're actually having a conversation with me, and we're talking, and all of a sudden, I start to defeat their false narratives, and what happens?
Oh, it's always that way with leadership and non-leadership.
So, the handler comes over and grabs you.
Uh-oh, you're not allowed to talk to them, because they're so worried, they have this little brainwashed minion, they worked so hard, and they paid to be there, they might actually start listening to you.
But I think that's what's happening, and they have like these adult handlers or something, they come, they grab them, they run them away before they can have a conversation with us.
Most people won't even talk to me, but the ones that do, you can tell they're just regular people, they really think that Trump's a racist, they've been tricked, but when they have a conversation, I was talking to some other people, a lot of these people that are out here protesting Trump or that voted Clinton, they've never met an actual Trump supporter.
They've never talked to somebody that supported Trump.
Oh yeah, I mean they hate the fact that blacks and Hispanics at record numbers are going to Trump rallies.
That's why I think the president, once he's president-president in office, should continue rallies every few weeks or every few months.
It's just to bring everybody together and call for everyone of every race, color and creed to come together to say, see, they don't want this.
They said the Tea Party was racist.
This isn't true.
We're all together.
I'm telling you, he has to do unity rallies.
I'm going to tell him that next time I talk to him.
But he's already planning it all.
It's crazy.
He's just talked to Trump.
It's like mind melt.
He's already on the same plane.
It's like the same frequency.
We have a name for it.
We're all powered by the force, Alex.
Make America great again.
We're going to come back to you.
Let's get that crowd
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Freedom came my way one day.
And we tried to elect Trump, but they came after us.
All of a sudden, they pulled out CLG on me.
So I shot him down.
I shot the sheriff.
But I didn't shoot the deputy.
If I am guilty, I will pay.
If I'm guilty, I will pay.
I shot the sheriff.
I didn't shoot the deputy.
I didn't shoot nobody.
That's Sheriff John Brown.
I shot the sheriff.
He came in to shoot me down, so I shot him.
New World Order started this fight.
We didn't start it.
A bunch of weird elites want to make us poor so they can control our lives.
Go to hell.
It's not happening.
Owen Schroer out there right in front of DC.
Capitol right there where Trump's getting inaugurated tomorrow.
Very iconic.
Please continue.
Let's talk to that crowd.
Let's see what's on their minds.
Alright Alex, well we'll move here in a second, but I just want to, again, talk about this.
We are dominating out here.
I'm telling you, there are thousands of people here.
Here, come here, we'll talk to this man right here.
There are thousands of people... By the way, I'm coming to join you when I get off air here.
I'm coming to join you.
Here we go, we got a Latino for Trump here.
Where'd you come from to see Trump get inaugurated?
Uh, Fontana, California.
Tell me, you're with Latinos for Trump.
You beat the mainstream media brainwashing.
Tell me about that.
Well, I was born in Venezuela.
I've seen what the left has done to my country, and ever since I've seen the Bernie Sanders movement and how extreme they took it, I saw my own country in that situation, and I don't want that for America.
Now, and you're sharing this with other people as well.
Yes, I did, but the mainstream media has just brainwashed it too hard.
So I had to fight on my own campus, being a political science major, but I did it.
You know what I mean?
What do you think about Trump's plan to secure the border, build a wall?
I think it's great.
You know, you have to secure the border, but it also helps Mexico, too.
You have millions of immigrants that are coming to America, giving $5,000 each to cross the border to the cartels.
And the cartels are what's messing up Mexico.
Hell, this guy is a maverick.
This guy's a real maverick.
Giving them an incentive not to come.
I love getting to meet all the mavericks in the liberty movement.
It's just so good.
Mexico can get back on their feet.
You know what I mean?
You have to.
Well, thank you for your time, sir.
Hey, Owen, tell that guy that I'm telling he's a real maverick.
Hey, you're a real maverick, my friend.
Alex Jones loves you.
Alex Jones loves you.
How are you doing, my friend?
You here to see Trump get inaugurated?
Yeah, I'm going to try to see him on and on.
You don't like Trump, huh?
What's wrong with Donald Trump?
So then it shouldn't be hard to name one thing.
He's a narcissist.
He's a misogynist.
What has he done that's misogynistic?
Hillary funds the Muslims murdering tens of thousands of women.
Sex slavery.
He's a misogynist.
No, he's a real man, which you don't like.
So, I mean, come on now.
You don't believe in locker room talk?
You never have dirty jokes with your friends?
I never did it that way, no.
You've never made a dirty joke in your life?
Oh, I never had a woman!
Wait a minute, let me ask you a question.
I was raised Catholic too, and Catholics drink and curse like sailors.
But let me ask you a question.
So, did you vote for Hillary Clinton?
Yeah, I kind of did.
Not with a lot of enthusiasm.
So, but do you think Hillary was a better candidate than Trump?
More character?
And I'm sorry, do you know Hillary Clinton's political history?
Do you know about Libya, Benghazi, Fast and Furious?
What do you think about President Bush?
Funding radical Islam to rape women and enslave them.
Yeah, we don't like President Bush.
Call that little bastard out.
No, no, no.
In fact, Donald Trump butted heads with the Bushes, if you don't remember.
He was against the war.
Donald Trump was against the Iraqi War.
I like that about him.
See, there's things I do like about him, but not very much.
Why don't you call him an oppressor of women when he isn't, dumbass?
Not judging by the cabinet people he's put in, by his attitude.
He's got a bad attitude, man.
He's like a child.
Oh, he's got a bad attitude?
He's got a bad attitude.
You gotta give him a chance, man.
For what?
He's the president.
America elected him.
This guy claims he's anti-elitist, and then meanwhile the whole elite's against Trump.
Hillary Clinton got three million more votes.
He didn't even win the election.
Oh, she stole five states.
No, he did.
He did win the election, actually.
Okay, he did.
More people voted for Hillary.
Okay, but that's not what decides the election, you need to realize that.
Doesn't matter, he won the popular vote too.
No, negative.
Have you ever seen an actual... Have you seen a... Did you know that 98% of the counties voted for Donald Trump in this country?
Oh, that's too bad.
I know a lot of... That's who won the election.
Yeah, a bunch of slaves kept in compact cities.
That's right, 98% of the counties voted.
Anybody that's range-free didn't vote for him.
Didn't vote for her.
What brought you out here?
I'm here to watch President Trump get elected, because I am a Trump.
The guy got it.
Everybody else don't live in the bubble.
Where are you from?
Logan County, West Virginia.
Traveled here to see the inauguration?
Yes, sir.
Well, thank you for your time.
Have a safe weekend.
Owen, we're going to come back with you.
I don't know where Roger Stone is, but it's OK.
Stay there, Owen.
We'll be back with Owen Schroer on the ground.
And I'm coming out there after the show ends.
I'm going to be out there with special live feeds.
You bet your bottom dollar, baby.
We'll be back.
We're on the march, the Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Here I come now, baby!
We are back live with the great Motor City madman, Ted Nugent, bringing us in.
Now, here I come now, baby!
Look, I don't have irrational hopes about Trump.
I just see the enemy completely panicking, entitled, out of control, arrogant, stupid.
And it's exciting.
I've looked at Trump's policies.
They're good across the board.
Our only problem is
Dealing with the fact that it's going to create such prosperity that we are so culturally evil that it'll cause a lot of problems.
But that's better than being super poor and having how we're going to live our lives dictated to us by people that are anti-human.
So the other choice is a much greater evil.
But wealth does have some dangerous byproducts with it as well.
As many historians and as many apparent
I don't know.
Victor Hugo, this is the Alex Jones Show.
I think I'm just going to take those names officially.
Take those terms and put them out there.
Noah Schroyer is out on the street in D.C.
in front of the Capitol.
He's talking to folks out there.
I've got a John Bowne report I want to get to.
We have Roger Stone coming up as well and Anthony Acumia.
And again, I'm going to be out on the streets tonight with a lot of live feeds, taped stuff we'll be putting up.
Just watch InfoWars.com for the latest breaking news.
But getting serious, let me go back to Drudge Report real quick.
InfoWars has a lot of breaking news, but Drudge has even more.
Let's go over some of the news.
CNN disaster could put Obama cabinet in Oval Office.
It shows the Capitol blown up.
And that's what they're saying.
Media warns of inauguration drone bombing.
Not safe.
Fortress Washington girds and prepares itself for days of resistance.
Cops set up mobile booking stations.
Reveal training camp where protesters plan to disrupt.
We can put all this on screen.
LGBT queer dance party outside Pence's home.
Ginnrich skewers boycotting Dems.
Look, I love a lot of what Ginnrich says.
Ginnrich is one of the most eloquent speakers.
He's super smart.
I give him that.
I think Karl Rove
It's just an arrogant moron who comes up with basic Machiavellian operations but doesn't even know when to deploy them.
But I'll give Gingrich this.
He's smarter than I am, probably.
But he's got a dark twist, man.
He's a weasel.
And he comes out and says things like, oh, Trump never mentioned drawing the swamp.
Oh, it's all a fraud.
Ha, ha.
Too discrediting.
And now Trump made you apologize and doesn't trust you.
Of course, Trump always didn't trust you, Gingrich.
You're just a good guide, as the former speaker, to help them figure out how stuff works.
And as Trump gets deeper into this, believe me, you're going to see some big developments, ladies and gentlemen.
And continuing with Drudge, last call before the wall, illegals flood in.
Again, I'm not against poor, desperate people from all over the world.
But they're turned in to socialists, globalists when they get here, and brainwashed, and taught all this racial hate stuff.
I mean, if we had bordering us some country or a continent with, you know, 600 million white people, but they had diseases, they were unemployed, they were uneducated, and they were being brought in by a group of people that was going to turn them into America haters, I'd say don't do it.
Well, actually, a lot of Eastern Europeans are being brought in that actually never got out from under communism and just buy it.
That's happening.
But the biggest group is the Communist Chinese.
And they're bringing in people
We're good to go.
It runs from bad to worse.
But I don't sit back and go, boy, we're better than Latin America and Venezuela.
I'm feeling real good about myself right now.
I'm in fear of that.
I know our politicians are even worse than theirs.
They're just living off such an accruement of wealth and power and chivalry in the West.
It's such a depletion they've got that once the corruption runs out of gas, it's going to be the scariest thing you ever saw.
Because there's going to be this giant horde of bureaucrats, their own giant, demoralized, brainwashed, dependent mass of poor white people, Hispanics, blacks, you name it.
It's going to be a trash fest.
A bunch of entitled, spoiled, rotten people through MTV that have been given a culture of crime.
I don't care if you're poor, white, people, blacks, or Hispanics.
Man, they teach a culture of thuggism and it's so disgusting.
And it's all to just prime the underclasses for prisons.
Do I then blame the cops who are facing this onslaught of crime?
It's a larger paradigm playing us all off against each other.
And the answer is recognizing it.
Now, if you're a black guy in East Texas and a Dairy Queen walking out of a place at 10 o'clock at night and three Klan members try to mug you, that still goes on, you got a right to kill them!
Now, that doesn't mean you buy into the whole race paradigm, but you've got a right to defend yourself.
Well, the same thing if you're in East Austin and three black racists try to attack you because you're white and demand your money, start trying to assault you.
Do what you gotta do!
It's not racial.
They were in a race cult.
They were brainwashed.
They were idiots.
They need to die if they're trying to kill you.
But you don't sit there and then turn it into some deal of hating people because of what color they are.
You gotta understand that that's the globalist winning.
Let me ask you, it's no big deal.
I always love getting stoned.
We interviewed him tonight for the Nightly News.
It was here about 45 minutes ago.
I just talked to him.
He's stuck at the Mayflower Hotel.
And I'm going to try to just go over there and Skype him.
That is the answer.
And we'll do it with Anthony Cumia.
Which I said at the start of the show.
He doesn't need to come here.
Let's go to him.
I'm not mad.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I told him that.
He finally got back and said, hey, I'm still stuck here at the Mayflower.
Yeah, I knew that would happen.
Just go do the interview there.
I don't even care.
But I need to get my credentials.
The golden ticket.
Alright, thank you.
I mean, I mean, I'm not trying to get, I'm not trying to get, pardon me?
Let's get Owen back on then.
I'm sorry, he's been holding for 10 minutes, I'm ranting.
I wouldn't normally want to go to, you know, any type of event, but this is kind of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory right now.
And see, I'm not racist.
I like Oompa Loompas.
Have I got some freedom for you?
Guns and private property as well.
Lots of cool people.
And we're not selling out the country.
No, we're not doing it!
America's got a lot of problems.
Was that not a messed up Olympia?
This is totally screwed up.
The part is the train wrecking on air.
Listen to this.
You know, what we're seeing, though, is a revolution in America.
We're witnessing a real revolution, a peaceful revolution against the globalists, with the American people, the patriots in government, and others, leaking just the right amount of stuff to kick out the corrupt people.
Because I'm not somebody that says, hold back stuff.
I say, let it all come out, justice be done, may the heavens fall.
But reportedly, a lot of the stuff is so horrible that the Democrats have been up to,
I mean, you know, it's beyond succulent hot dogs.
I mean, if it came out, it would be a civil war.
And I'm just saying, if they keep pushing, or they shut off a nuke tomorrow, or they try something like that to keep Trump from getting in, the gloves are going to completely come off.
Because here's the deal.
We don't want to conquer the leftists and the Soros people and the globalists.
We want you to have a wealthy, great future and to be free.
We don't want to mount your head on the wall.
We're not in a wee-wee contest with you.
This isn't about that.
We just want you to get out the way.
Get out the way!
You see them headlights?
You hear that horn?
Get out of the way!
You want to drive slow?
Get in the ditch!
Get out the way!
Get out the way!
China could have coal-powered plants that are dirty?
We should be able to have clean ones.
China has lower corporate taxes than us, we should have lower.
So the money comes back in here.
That's why, like you were mentioning, Alibaba's announcing they're coming here?
Hiring a million people?
That's amazing, huh?
Steel mills coming back?
Chrysler coming back, Ford coming back, and Obama's feds go, we're just going to fine you $4 billion apiece now because you're coming back.
I mean, that's treason!
That's a military attack!
Oh, you're going to come back?
We're going to blow the hell out of you with regulators.
And again, if Trump tries to shut that down, they'll go, Trump has interfered in criminal investigations and was colluding.
We're going to indict him.
Trump's got to be careful, man.
Because they have really set him up.
And we gotta back him.
You know, we keep calling for this champion.
We keep calling for somebody to take him on.
And then it manifests in front of us.
And we're like, Trump isn't doing enough.
Trump isn't... What happened to Owen Schroeder?
Did the camera die?
Oh, it died.
Oh, okay.
Well, it's no big deal.
You know what, we've got a lot of reports to get to.
You know, I should take some calls.
Let's talk specifically about them saying drones are going to attack.
Weapons, bombs, don't go, don't go.
Given the Democrats' cover not to be there, so if there is an attack, they don't get looked at.
I'm telling you.
Or it's just a way to call in a bomb threat, basically, to the Trump event.
Is that what they're doing?
I mean, any way you look at it, it's terroristic.
Toll-free number to join us, 800-259-9231.
I engulfed that Potbelly.
Is it called Potbelly Sandwiches?
I had a Potbelly Sandwich during the break of three minutes and loaded it with delicious polonium.
You know, it's a conspiracy theory that polonium isn't good for you.
Potbellies are good, too.
We have one in Austin.
They're not a sponsor, folks.
Potbellies, brought to you by polonium.
That's a joke.
Great copy.
There's plenty of them in it.
It's a joke about Roger Stone.
I shouldn't be joking about Roger Stone.
Speaking of the devil, let's go to a Roger Stone report.
So you're going to eat first?
You're not allowed to eat?
How close is it?
Okay, well what about Owen and all that?
Can't we just send our reporters?
Yeah, I'm a little closer.
This is the poisoning of Roger Stone.
We make jokes about this.
I don't want to tell him he looks terrible on air and stuff.
But I mean, he looks like 10 years older.
He really, last night, he was like, he couldn't even drink a glass of wine.
He had to go.
So great job, guys.
You did a really good job poisoning him.
And I think he's starting to really read the literature about polonium and how to put a good face on this.
But I'm sitting here, you know, I'm not laughing about it.
It's more like gallows humor.
Because all I can do is make a big joke about all this.
Because we're going to get the people that are up to this.
You can bet your bottom dollar that it's not about reprisals, it's about the right thing happening.
And especially if Roger Stone dies, then you can bet the President is going to come after people that are out there.
But I ran into this, I ran into Christopher Ruddy of Newsmax last night, and a bunch of people at his table had come over to say hi to us.
It was at the Palm Steakhouse.
We're good.
And for over a decade, he's like a minion of the Clintons and plays golf with Bill Clinton.
You couldn't pay me to go play golf with that doddering zombie and, you know, the whole Jerry Epstein crew out in Florida.
So Chris Ruddy, man, when I came over, Stone goes, what are you doing with those Democrats?
They hate your guts.
And I went, no, they do.
It was like, God, it was horrible.
He was like, yeah.
I said, well, you went over there.
Well, I went over there to tell them I know what they're up to.
So I saw Stone goes over and talks to them and comes back.
So I go, oh, that's Chris Ruddy.
And he goes, you're going over there?
And I went over there.
I mean, he could win an Oscar for the disdain and the hate.
And just, I'm like, hey, he was just like, the fact that he thought insulting me and laughing at me would get to me, he hurt me and that a fellow human had fallen that far.
And that somebody I admired 20 years ago was that low.
And I was just like, he wasn't that bad.
See, I'm being really mean now.
But he was that bad.
He was trying to be disdainful.
A lot of folks at the table were listeners that came over and got photos with me.
And then he didn't like that.
He was like, wait, my own entourage likes Alex Jones.
And some of them were famous.
But it's just, what world are these guys living on?
Let's go to this boil down of the big interview we did just a few days ago with Roger Stone, who, he's got a good attitude.
It's like these guys that are stage 3 cancer and they're like, oh I'm going to be fine, I'm going to be great.
He's like, oh they say it's a small dose, I'll probably be fine.
And the thing is, it kills you over a long period of time.
And so the truth is, the fact that he's walking around is a big deal.
And I'm not trying to be a drama queen here or freak his wife out.
Hopefully his wife's not listening, but she's a beautiful, great lady.
And I'm sitting there talking to her and he's like, yeah, I don't know.
I don't want to get into the polonium too much with my wife.
I guess it's like code word for don't, but I mean, we got to report the news here.
Took a year to kill Linton Inko.
And, uh, I love how it's only like 20 newspapers.
That sounds like a big deal.
It should be in thousands of newspapers that Roger Stone was hit with polonium.
And I sit here and make jokes about it myself.
I mean, we have to watch where I get food now, all because I just want to cut your taxes.
I mean, it's BS, man.
Alright, get over there and I'll let Kumia know.
He's basically interviewing Roger Stone.
Zack, Kumia's taking over.
We got a key.
Alright, we're gonna go interview Roger Stone.
We got Anthony Kumia coming up.
We got a lot more.
I know we just gave out the number.
Let me skip this break for more time.
Yeah, I mean, the network complains and I skip a lot of breaks.