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Name: 20170118_Wed_NightlyNews
Air Date: Jan. 18, 2017
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
I'm your host, Margaret Howell.
It's Wednesday, January 18th, 2017.
Here's what's coming up tonight.
Tonight, the global elite are in serious trouble as their own agencies turn against them.
Meanwhile, criminal elements within the upper levels of our nation's intelligence communities begin to purge whistleblowers and Trump loyalists as Inauguration Day approaches and the real purge begins with President Donald Trump draining the swamp in Washington.
More blunders from the land of idiocracy.
California Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters said it was the Russians who gave Donald Trump the term Crooked Hillary.
If they're the ones who came up with Crooked Hillary, he should be impeached.
You are so dumb.
You are really dumb.
All that plus much more, up next on the InfoWars Nightly News.
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
We are T-minus 36 hours away from Trump taking the oath of office there in Washington, D.C.
11 o'clock on Friday, Central, 12 p.m.
Alex Jones, Owen Troyer, Rob Doo, all the ground covering this.
We're bringing you the latest as we see it.
But first, I want to get to this story regarding Roger Stone.
You know, Mr. Stone is a great lover of liberty.
And when I saw his face yesterday, when he first appeared, there was a breaking story with Alex.
And the second I saw his face, I said, that man looks like he has been poisoned.
The lesions on his face.
You know, my heart just went out, went out to him, frankly.
And I wanted to play you the assassination attempt recount on his life.
He talks to Alex about this yesterday.
Take a listen.
As I told you, I became extremely ill.
This manifested itself in over 14 days of high fevers, delirium, night sweats.
I had lesions on my chest and my face.
I had extreme diarrhea.
I had vomiting that could not be stopped with medication.
I became exceedingly dehydrated.
And I ultimately had to be hydrated with IV and saline injections.
And as you said, the last time you were in the hospital was when you were born.
Yes, I am a generally healthy person.
You're a marathon runner, a whole nine yards.
I have been a runner and a weightlifter.
I am very careful in my diet.
I am a user of the InfoWars supplements.
I have been treated with acupuncture.
By perhaps the greatest acupuncturist in the state of Florida, if not the United States, Dr. Quinn Martielli, who was trained in China.
I'm generally a healthy person.
In the beginning, I thought I had a routine stomach virus, and this was, you know, a pain in the neck, given my deadline on the book and the fact that my entire family was headed to Florida for Christmas.
And we even had to cancel one of our important meetings we were going to have in Florida.
Yes, indeed.
So, I ultimately went
To the doctors at Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami Beach, my own personal physician, they conducted extensive blood tests.
Those blood tests were passed on to CDC.
The general consensus is that I was poisoned.
I was poisoned with, they now say, a substance that may have been polonium or had the characteristics of polonium.
This made me exceedingly ill.
The conjecture of all the doctors was that I did not receive a large enough dose to kill me, but I have never been this ill.
Now, who would want to do this to me?
I am an enemy of the deep state.
I think people know that.
I was an insider in American politics.
I was close to power in nine presidential elections.
Everything Glenn Greenwald says is true.
The Republican Democrat, Bush Clinton, deep state has manufactured this Russian fraud.
They have compounded it by taking a clearly fabricated document.
A document that has traced to a political consulting firm, Fusion, which was pushing this, to a gentleman, Christopher Steele, who created this fabricated document.
They're admitting that Jeb Bush was financing this, but also others.
What's your intel on that?
I believe that this document was actually financed by Dan Senor, who is a neocon lackey of Mitt Romney.
I believe that this piece of poison, this total falsehood,
Uh, about Donald Trump, uh, has, was peddled to every reporter in the country.
Was this released as Romney's revenge?
Uh, I think this was Romney's revenge.
And the irony of this, of course, Alex, is had Donald Trump selected
Mitt Romney.
Mr. Senor probably would have been the number two man at the State Department.
Now, there is treachery.
By the way, Senor was also implicated in the release of the Billy Bush NBC attack on Trump.
By the way, I mean, I want to get into why they do this, the polonium, how big a deal this is.
It was a sensation when it happened to Alexander Levinenko.
And then, of course, it's sort of coming out even in the British news that it was probably a false flag by British intelligence to blame the Russians.
Why would they poison this guy?
Well, because he was a triple agent and it was useful to then demonize Russia.
Clearly, let's get into motives in all of this.
And I mean, how rare this is.
There's no such polonium like substance, polonium.
Now obviously the deep state's trying to back off that because this is so sensational it didn't kill you.
Now you will be able to testify in Congress when they're demonizing you.
By a stroke of luck, I guess you didn't drink the full drink or the full potion.
I don't know.
You know, the doctors don't know.
But this is just simply incredible.
Well, that, it just breaks your heart to hear it, frankly.
My heart really goes out to Mr. Stone.
You know, I covered Lethvinenko's poisoning death that happened a couple of years ago in Great Britain.
And to me, you know, undoubtedly, Mr. Stone has a number of enemies because he loves liberty so much.
He's very outspoken for the truth.
And he alluded to that yesterday on the show, any number of possibilities.
But thank God that they didn't give him enough
To actually kill him.
Let's move on, shall we?
And just send your prayers and good wishes to Mr. Stone when you can.
So, talking about the election, because we are literally hours away at this point, we know that leftists, especially on Capitol Hill, these ridiculous, bratty little leftists, are saying that they're not going to be attending.
Who cares, by the way?
Good riddance and move along, that's what I have to say.
But I pulled this article for you because we've seen some Republicans actually say the same thing.
And Bush 41 is saying that he can't make it to the inauguration.
He's telling Trump sitting outside could put him six feet under.
So it's not the fact that he's protesting the fact that Trump's in office or that his son was defeated.
It's the fact that the freezing weather in Washington could actually kill him.
But he's saying, don't worry, I'm going to be there in spirit to support you.
And he actually wrote this letter before he was hospitalized this weekend.
Of course he's 92 years old and that I understand very well.
What I don't understand are these butthurt liberals who think that we even give two you-know-whats about them not attending the inauguration.
Their names, you know what, their names are honestly, they're so quickly forgotten.
It's not even worth the trouble of going through the list of who they are.
I want to take you to one such liberal who will be in attendance because he cannot miss an opportunity to make anything about him.
The ever sniffling baby, Joe Biden, has finally found something to cry about.
I know Leanne covered this in the fourth hour today.
He is saying we got a serious problem on our hands, folks.
The New World Order, the government is collapsing.
But the greatest threat on this front springs from the distinct liberal and external actors who equate their success with fracturing the liberal international order.
We see it in Asia and the Middle East, where China and Iran would clearly prefer a world in which they have overwhelming sway in their regions.
And I'll not mince words.
This movement is principally led by Russia.
We heard President Barack Obama say in his outgoing speech that the corrosive nature of our government.
He was alluding to Trump and his victory.
They can't stand it.
And I didn't pull this article for you.
I want to highlight it, though.
All these staffers are standing outside briefly before we get to Maxine.
All these staffers are standing outside while they get the boot because they got to leave because their time is no more.
Arms crossed.
Frowning, making the most ridiculous faces because Trump won't get over it.
People, people like Maxine Waters, who frankly, the woman's logic is so twisted and so dark.
I really want to give her the benefit of the doubt.
So I try to listen to what she's saying and get the whole thing before I pass judgment.
But in this case, she's saying that Trump, the Democrats should essentially call for impeachment, claiming
I can't make this up, folks, and it's embarrassing to say it as a reporter coming out of my mouth because, you know, with any common sense it's ridiculous.
She's claiming that the Russians helped him come up with the term Crooked Hillary, number one, and number two, the Kremlin was feeding him these lines, and then she goes on to talk about how the
The Russian government engaged in collusion with the Trump campaign.
I cannot make this up, folks.
You know, people like this in Congress, you gotta wonder, anybody could get into Congress.
We brought you a small snippet of her statement to Chris Matthews.
Take a listen.
Here's what I'm trying to get to.
If we discover that Donald Trump or his advocates played a role in helping to devise strategy, if they're the ones who came up with crooked Hillary, if they're the ones who came up with she's ill, something's wrong with her energy, and the way that he basically, you know, described her in the campaign, I think that is something that would
Put the question squarely on the table whether or not he should be impeached.
Well, you got those people like Maxine Waters, who just can't help themselves, frankly, because I don't know if it's stupidity or if her brain cells just died from... I don't know what the problem is here.
But we have other people that are more overt in their logic.
One such person talked to Tucker Carlson.
We have an article that's up on our website from Real Clear Politics, and it talks about this group claiming that they're the ones behind the anti-Trump protest ruse.
And he goes on to ask the alleged head of the group,
Uh, if they're paying these thousands of dollars to protesters, this retainer, to protest either against or in support of Donald Trump at the inauguration, and they don't admit this, uh, that they made the claims on their website, that they're not true, uh, but they do say that they've got an annual budget, folks, of $80 million.
Who does that sound like to you?
$80 million that wants to create riots and chaos for Trump.
Who does that?
It sounds like Soros to me.
Just laying that out there.
He seems to put a lot of money when good is on the line and he always seems to be on the wrong side funding evil.
So that's what that sounded like to me when I first heard it.
And we know that President Obama, he's had terrorist groups in the White House like Black Lives Matter.
He invites them to sit down, have a seat at the table and talk about their demands because, hey, you know what?
Legitimate, hardworking people that don't riot and burn things down, well, they don't have a right to have their demands heard under President Obama.
It looks like that might be changing.
But what we do know that the President did this week, he's had a very busy week on his way out the door, pardoning left and right.
He pardoned Chelsea Manning.
Now, I've gotten a lot of backlash for covering this because a lot of people are like, why do you care?
You know, she put American soldiers in harm's way.
Look, I love the truth, people, and anybody that blows the whistle, there really isn't a safeguard written in our Constitution for
Our right to know the information that they have.
And I'm of the belief that Chelsea Manning, despite the motivation, the American people did benefit from knowing the ins and outs of the Iraq War because we were sold so many lies about that war.
They're impossible to name in the three minutes that I have left.
But I'm just going to say, could Julian Assange hand himself over to be extradited to the US
Because you know what?
He did make that deal with the devil, saying that if we in fact pardoned Manning and Obama granted her clemency, that he would hand himself in and go back to face his court case here in the US.
He went on to say if Obama grants Manning clemency, Assange, and this is WikiLeaks tweeting this, Assange will agree to US extradition despite clear unconstitutionality of DOJ in this case.
They don't have the right to do it, but they're trying to do it anyway.
They're trying to pin some bull, you know what, rape case.
On him, because they understand all the information that he's released.
He's really changed the dynamics of globalists being in power.
Now, Chelsea Manning got clemency.
Obama, however, is snubbing Snowden for whatever reason.
And his actions, they're raising a lot of questions right now about the future of Edward Snowden.
As we know, he's the national contractor from the NSA that exposed the fact that there was a mass
We're good.
I don't know.
These declassified documents online, and these documents are including everything from CIA mind control efforts to government overthrows.
You know what?
I was really disappointed here because when the US intel community, John Brennan and James Clapper, had their meeting with Trump, you know, I'd really love to know what's going on because I'm of the belief that there is this very dark shadow government and they're in cahoots to try to throw over our current
We're good.
Donald Trump needs to clean house in the Intel community the second he takes that oath, in my opinion, because there are a lot of dark actors that do not have his interest at heart.
Now, moving right along quickly, going back, I want to talk about dark actors that are on the ground for a moment.
This Disrupt J20, their call to action.
I had to bring you this call to action because honestly, when I read it, you know, it
It's been my opinion that people who lie, they usually accuse you of what they are.
And I just wanted to read you their call to action.
We have this up on our website as well.
And it's talking about how the leftists are planning to target balls like the deplorable and other events.
Really quickly, Trump stands for tyranny, greed, and misogyny.
No, he doesn't, folks.
You are liars.
You are bald-faced liars.
And guess what?
The American people, we love liberty too much.
You're going down.
Yeah, we're good.
And all you ISIS people threatening us?
Hey, we're not a French newspaper.
We got people that have taken your asses out in this building right now.
We're armed to the teeth, and we're not scared.
You got that, you sons of bitches?
This is Texas.
You want to threaten me?
You can go straight to hell.
You understand that?
Never water yourself down just because someone can't handle you at 100 Proof.
It's the Alex Jones Show, because there's a war on for your mind.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, I'm David Knight.
Let's take a look at whether or not Manning should be released.
Is Manning responsible for the deaths of people or are the people who sold us the Iraq war that he reported on, are they more culpable on this?
Who has the bigger kill list?
Just as we were talking about in the last segment, as we look at the push against pardoning Snowden, Obama was called on to pardon Snowden and of course basically said he wasn't going to do it.
This goes back to the deep state, all the way back to the 1970s.
That's when we learned, as I was saying in the last segment, the NSA existed.
We didn't know the NSA existed until we had the Pike hearings in the House.
You always hear about the church committee hearings.
And one of the things that was very important to remember about that was that the central part of that that they were concerned with
Was the fact that we had the CIA and the NSA, who had been set to protect us against foreign dangers, were coming home as instruments of tyranny, as the founders warned us.
And they showed us that clip right there where they're passing around the heart attack gun.
Yeah, we've got all these different assassination devices that we can take out political enemies and foreign leaders with, and you've got Barry Goldwater there, and they're passing this around, and that's Frank Church and the Senate hearing.
They made it about that.
That's what everybody remembers.
But the central part of it was the fact that they were tapping people's phones in America
Doing it without warrants, and these organizations, the CIA and the NSA, whose briefs were to work against foreigners that were a threat to America, they turned inward and were coming after political enemies in the United States.
They were very concerned about that.
That's why they created the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.
Fast forward 40 years and you find out that the FISA court
is now becoming the court that we hear is amending the Constitution secretly.
And it's not even a court.
It's one judge, and you have a government lawyer that goes in and says, we'd like to do such and such, and that judge and that lawyer, who both work for the government, who both work in secret, said, yeah, sure, you can get a search warrant for Mr. and Mrs. Verizon, and you can amend the Constitution.
We won't even tell anybody that it's been amended, but we'll all kind of, you know, keep this amongst ourselves in the deep, secret state.
That's where this all began.
And so when we look at what we learned from the NSA whistleblowers like William Binney and Thomas Drake, who, as I point out, were attacked by Barack Obama.
It was not Bush who moved against them.
It was Barack Obama who tried to set up Thomas Drake and send him to jail for a very long time for the possession of documents that were never classified, that he had, that were just personnel documents.
There's like four documents.
They tried to send him to jail for decades with that.
So when we look at that, when we look at Snowden, when we look at Manning,
Understand, this is something that is the deep state, is something supported by Democrats and Republicans.
And as I tweeted out earlier and mentioned, the Demo-Publicans, if they want to cry about lives that have been lost, about secrets that have been lost, why don't you first look at your wars that were based on lies?
Why don't you first look at your leaks, your emails, your lack of security, your violations of security, Hillary Clinton, David Petraeus, and others?
Your security violations were far worse than what came out with Manning.
But I want to take a look at the pushback that people came back against Judith Miller.
She's one of the people saying, well, how many people have died?
And again, RT points out she was a journalist.
She was working for the New York Times, I believe, at the time, when she was pushy.
Yes, New York Times journalist, as I point out in RT, she cited dodgy, unnamed sources.
Unnamed sources?
Does that sound familiar?
Does that sound like the deep state that's coming against Donald Trump?
Unnamed sources in her reporting for New York Times.
Talking about non-existent weapons of mass destruction, WNDs.
And again, remember, it was unanimous, all 16 intelligence agencies.
Now we got one more intelligence agency, and all 17 of them said, the Russians hacked our elections.
These are the people you can trust, right?
No, not really.
And they point out it cost the lives of 4,424 US troops, with 31,952 of them wounded, based on those lies.
So, Judith Miller,
You have some culpability in this, as some of the people tweeted back.
Judy's Iraq War starting stories are all based off of leaks.
Those leaks killed hundreds of thousands.
Ready to send your murderous sources to prison, Judy?
Another one said, your lies contributed to the deaths of more than 170,000 people.
You are a weapon of mass destruction.
And of course other people point out that the number of people total who died in Iraq were probably about a million people there alone.
In an additional article, Miller claimed that Iraq had intentions of building an atomic bomb, and she wrote, Iraq has stepped up its quest for nuclear weapons and has embarked on a worldwide hunt for materials to make an atomic bomb.
She also quoted an unnamed source, a low-level Iraqi scientist, who pointed to several spots in the sand where he said chemical precursors and other weapons material were buried.
Well, there you go.
That's what they did.
And yet, these are the people
People like that in the press, who sold the lives of the Republicans and Democrats, who cost millions of Iraqi lives, who cost over 4,000 U.S.
soldiers lives, who severely wounded 32,000 of them.
These are the people saying Manning should stay in jail.
What did Manning show us?
I want to run this clip for you here.
This is the clip that's been named Collateral Murder.
This is the video, as Wall Street Journal points out.
It's a U.S.
Army Apache helicopter in Iraq firing on a group of people who turned out to be, who turned out to include a journalist from Reuters.
Roll that clip there.
Now, during this clip, first you see, this is a very long clip and we can't roll this whole thing.
You should find this on the internet somewhere and take a look at this.
Because what you can see, clearly, with this long-range gun that they've got here, and you can hear the chatter of the guys, they fire on a journalist who is carrying a camera.
At this point, they've already fired on this group of people, devastating fire from a distance.
This is their viewpoint, what they can see.
They know what they're doing.
And then their tactic is to wait until an ambulance comes, and everybody gets loaded in the ambulance, and then shoot that to pieces.
Now, their response was, the prosecutors who went after Manning said, militants could learn about American military tactics by watching the video.
What tactics?
That you shoot people who are carrying cameras, and then you back off and wait until an ambulance comes, and then you attack again and kill the people in the ambulance?
That's your tactic?
That's why they're so angry.
Because they were exposed as cold-blooded murderers.
We should not be doing that.
That's not what America should be.
We should not be fighting wars in that way, and that was the wrong war to be fighting in the first place.
Now what else did we learn from this Manning exposure that was done through WikiLeaks?
Here's the nation.
This is the long list.
Besides the collateral video.
Collateral murder.
Here's some of the other things we learned.
We found out the Yemeni president lied to his own people.
He claimed his military carried out airstrikes on militants that were actually done by the U.S.
All of this was part of giving the U.S.
full reign in the country against terrorists.
And of course, Yemen is one of the places that we have stepped up our bombings along with the Saudis.
It's been a horrific situation.
We burn these places to the ground.
We make people angry because of what you just saw in that video.
And then we bring them into the United States and hope that they aren't going to try to kill us.
See, that's what they do.
They kick the ant bed, and then the people who are furious about the attacks on weddings that Barack Obama has been doing, they come here, they are easily turned into terrorists.
Some of the other things we found out from the Manning leaks.
Details on Vatican hiding a big sex abuse case in Ireland.
They found out that the U.S.
was trying to get Spain to curb its probes of Gitmo torture and rendition.
They found out that Egyptian torturers were being trained by the FBI, although they allegedly to teach them human rights issues.
State Department memo showed that the U.S.
backed a 2009 coup in Honduras, and they knew it was illegal and unconstitutional.
The UK sidestepped a ban on housing cluster bombs.
Officials concealed from Parliament how the US is allowed to bring weapons to British soil in defiance of an arms treaty that would ban cluster bombs.
This is another way that they're lying to us, okay?
Just lie after lie after lie of the State Department, of Hillary Clinton's State Department, of Barack Obama's State Department, of George H.W.
Bush's State Department, and on and on.
This is why
They put him in jail.
Because it embarrassed them.
It showed their criminal actions.
It showed what we just saw there with collateral murder.
The New York Times summed up some of these this way.
From hundreds of diplomatic cables, Afghanistan emerges as a looking glass land where bribery, extortion, and embezzlement are the norm, and the honest man is a distinct outlier.
And then subsequent to that, the cables that Manning and Wicked Leaks exposed showed the Afghan Vice President left the country with $52 million in cash.
And I could go on and on and on.
I'm glad that they're letting Manning out.
They should have never put him in jail.
Wars are not cheap.
And a lot of revolutionaries rob banks, you name it, to fund themselves.
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I believe in the Renaissance.
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It's Wednesday night in Washington, D.C.
Owen Schroer here.
The InfoWars crew has just arrived.
We're checking into our place.
And we already have protests.
Here we go.
This should be good.
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Why is Donald Trump fascist?
Do you know what fascism is?
Trump and Pence are fascists!
Excuse me, sir.
Can I ask you a couple questions?
What has Donald Trump done to fascists?
What has Donald Trump done?
Well, can you tell me?
I don't need your flyer.
Why don't you tell me?
That's why I'm following around.
Now you just littered.
He just littered.
So he's a litterer.
So that's nice.
Can you answer a question?
How is Trump fascist, sir?
See, here's my problem.
All you protesters never answer a question.
And you just say, F Trump!
How are you doing?
So there you go, folks.
This is the first protest.
Well, you know, there's probably about 200 of them.
This is a peaceful protest, I'll give them that.
They don't have too much to say that makes sense, other than F Trump or F you.
But there's a couple hundred of them out here protesting, so we gave them an opportunity to speak.
And they opened their mouths and told me to F off, so that's all good.
I actually have my Trump scarf on.
I completely ditched the rest of the crew to follow these people.
But we'll go ahead and see where they're going.
So this is the Stop Trump Pinch Regime Before It Starts.
Bring DC to a halt.
And, uh, I guess that's their plan.
We've heard what some of these protesters, see, I wonder if any of them will answer any questions about the protests we've seen that are going to be violent.
Excuse me, sir.
Excuse me, sir.
Uh, see, nobody wants to talk to me.
I'm going to go right into the belly of this beast.
Trump is a fascist.
He's literally not.
I know, I know, but it's ridiculous.
Trump's a capitalist.
Fascism is something like Nazi Germany.
And what has Donald Trump done that reminds you of Nazi Germany, ma'am?
I don't want your flyer.
I'm asking you a question.
Why can't you speak for yourself?
I can speak for myself.
So how is Donald Trump reminding you of Nazi Germany?
What about you, sir?
You want to shove your sign in my face?
What about you, ma'am?
He's going to be a registry of Muslims.
That's not true.
Yes, it is.
He's going to have a very strict vetting process.
He actually decided he retracted that statement of having Muslims on a registry, though.
Are you aware of that?
Rhetoric is the same as that to Germany.
Well, do you think there's an issue, though, with people going to places like in Europe and America and causing acts of terrorism?
I mean, that's an issue, isn't it?
I think it's horrific, yeah.
So what do we do about that?
Muslims are responsible for that.
Well, who is?
Extremists are.
Roger Stone, what do you hope voters will take away from your book, The Clinton's War on Women?
You're pretty tough on the Clintons on this book.
Do you think Bill Clinton has not always been a gentleman?
No, that's really not the point.
The point is that her narrative of... You're saying he raped 27 women.
He did?
No, he says he did.
He is a Bill Cosby type sexual predator.
Not what Paula Jones said.
No, she was sexually assaulted, pardon me.
But it's just as bad.
And it's Hillary who hires the heavy handed private detectives to silence these women.
The point is, he has abused women, she's helped cover it up, she's an enabler, that's what the book's about.
My book sounds sort of sh**.
Roger Stone, about two weeks ago, I'd just gone on a family vacation.
A workingcation.
And he said, yeah, they just sent out the feds out to my house.
I was in the hospital for weeks.
Never been to the hospital in his life since he was born.
That was the second time in the hospital in his life.
Uh, and he said, uh, it's polonium poisoning, but they're saying it's national security because only a state-sponsored actor could have this, uh, this isotope that can only be made in the biggest reactors, basically.
So it has a signature.
He said, what do you think's behind it?
I said, well, clearly it's meant to kill you, and then they just blame the Russians and say they were getting rid of one of their assets.
I said, well, the Livin' Inka case, it was connected back to MI6.
And I wasn't even making the connection then.
That it was the same MI6 handler spy that was attacking Trump and stoned everybody that was tied to that.
I was doing research for it a few days after that and was like, holy Toledo, it's the same guy.
Roger, I know you don't like to speculate, but I mean, you've been sitting there, you've known about this for weeks.
Polonium poisoning, it's big.
Let's talk about you, let's talk about why you're, I mean, I'm not trying to put you down.
I mean, I can physically see that you've been sick.
We've seen the photos, what it did to you.
I mean,
It really hit you hard, and I know it has long-term effects.
Just other points on polonium.
Well, look, we get down to the fundamental question of who would have done this and why, and I come back to the deep state.
I come back to our own people.
The Russians have no motive to kill me.
They have nothing to hide or cover, as far as I am concerned.
If you've never heard of Roger Stone, you're in for a treat.
Not only did he serve under Nixon, Reagan, and Bush Sr., but he's also a self-proclaimed GOP hitman.
That's not a phrase to use dirty tricks to get his way politically.
Roger Stone, who has been Trump's chief political advisor, he is Trump's henchman and dirty trickster.
Roger Stone's a super bad guy.
He's one of these operatives who works the dark side, as Dick Cheney would say.
You're a sick dude, Roger Stone!
You assault me all the time but you never give me a chance to respond!
You're a sick man, Roger Stone!
CNN confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that controversial conservative political strategist Roger Stone is done at the network.
A CNN spokeswoman told THR he will no longer appear as a CNN guest.
The CIA has been associated with some of the greatest atrocities and lies of the last 40 years.
And they're famous for poisoning people, so you're clearly saying rogue elements of that are obviously suspect.
They've been in the news.
Warning Trump, the Associated Press and Reuters, the New York Observer of all places, his son-in-law's paper, you better watch it.
The intelligence agency can do things to you.
Well then, if you've been good buddies with him for 41 years, then I think that's a message to Trump.
Isn't this really a message to Donald Trump?
He's taking these shots, this antagonism, he's taunting to the intelligence community.
Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.
So, even for a practical, supposedly hard-nosed businessman, he's being really dumb to do this.
What do you think the intelligence community would do if they were murdered?
I don't know, but from what I am told, they are very upset with how he has treated them and talked about them.
Stone goes, okay, give me the medical records.
And then the guys with the, you know, crew cuts come back to the house and, well, it's national security and blah, blah, blah.
So he's having his lawyers involved in all this because they don't obviously want him waving around that he was hit with polonium.
So he's going to get private tested.
The MI6 guy worked with the murdered Levinenko guy that got hit with polonium.
I was already connecting the two.
Holy Toledo Daily Mail, out is the man behind the dirty dossier of Donald Trump, which they admit is now fake, worked with the double-triple agent.
I remember at the time it came out that experts believed that there was no reason for Russia to kill this guy, that it was done to embarrass Russia.
This is crazy!
Well, look, it occurs to me that the people who created that document should be ashamed of themselves.
Their dossier is rife with misspellings.
It wasn't even good for ass wiping.
So the idea that James Clapper and the boys down at Langley would include this in a report to President Obama and President Trump, this is a vile
By the way, I'm told by three sources, low-level, mid-level, and high-level in the CIA, that the whole agency hates the globalists, wants America to be great, they hate Hillary, they hate it all.
They say, and I was told this weeks ago, this is all farmed out to subgroups, PR firms, as literature came out.
I forgot how accurate their info was.
It's all completely fake.
So it isn't even the CIA.
The CIA doesn't like this.
I think that's why the globalists are in so much trouble.
Their own agencies have turned against them.
Well, and it would be outrageously unfair to say that everybody who works for the Central Intelligence Agency is in league with the globalist agenda.
No, there are patriotic Americans that work there, just as there are many, many, many non-political patriotic Americans who work for the FBI.
But the leadership of these agencies are rotten to the core.
Our fellow Infowarriors across the United States and across the planet really love the Hillary for Prison 2016 shirts that we began to put out in 2015.
It became a global meme against globalism and corruption and a very strong maxim that's now being continued on today.
So we now have George Soros, because the media attacked me on this whole goblin meme.
They've made huge jokes about it, but it's totally blown up their face.
We now have George Soros
As a goblin on the back and it says with a cross-throne, you know an X like Ghostbusters, no Soros, him as a goblin.
It says deport Soros on the bottom and on the top it says InfoWars established 1996.
So it is a limited edition deport Soros on the back, Hillary for prison on the front, right hand shoulder InfoWars.com.
It's powerful.
Hope you get out to everybody you know.
InfoWarsStore.com or call 888-253-3139.
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
Welcome back.
I'm joined in studio by the Leanne McAdoo.
We're going to be talking all things Trump.
T-minus 36 hours away from the inauguration.
So much going on, Leanne.
So we've got the protesters, the rioters, the trollers.
InfoWars is going to be on the ground, I might add.
Owen, Alex, and Rob Dew.
All there.
Number one troll there, Alex Jones, who word on the street is he is going to be seated somewhere pretty near Donald Trump.
And I think the key there is that he is really just going to be set there to troll.
Get the goat of every single mainstream media person that is sitting there watching this inauguration.
Oh, it's going to be glorious.
And they're so biased!
You know, how dare they snub us is what they're thinking.
The Columbia Journalism Review was looking at this morning, an open letter to Donald Trump.
You don't understand us.
I don't think he cares, honestly.
I think that's why we voted for him.
It's like, bye-bye now.
Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
He's not going to be moving the press, though.
There was a lot of uproar.
They traditionally house it in the West Wing.
Very small room, very close quarters.
Just a door away from the Oval Office.
They like that contact, and they didn't want to be taken away from that.
But of course, Donald Trump has
He's acquiesced to their crybaby bullishness and he said, fine, fine, you can stay in this West Wing room, but there's only 49 seats there.
I was trying to give you a larger space because I know there's a lot more people that want to cover me.
So now, fine, we'll keep it in the West Wing, but we're going to decide who is allowed to cover the presidential press conferences in the briefing room there.
So now, of course, he's going to get pushback for that.
People are going to say, oh, well, he's already being a dictator.
Saying who's the press and who's not.
But remember a few years ago when they were actually trying to create legislation to say who was the press or not.
Because there were so many independent alternative media out there or even just independent journalists.
They're the real press again.
Yeah, who were actually doing real journalism and getting in the face of these politicians.
So they tried to actually create some sort of a card that you could show, oh I'm the real press.
So this predated the whole fake news thing.
I'm telling you, these self-anointed, self-righteous pomp, I could go on for ten minutes about what I really think of all of you.
Here's my press pass.
It's called the Constitution.
You know, Donald Trump certainly has a lot on his hands for these pack of wolves, and he has no problem taking them down like we saw him do with Jim Acosta, putting him in his place.
I would love to see CNN totally out of that room.
I know we're going to get into Obama and how they were basically his lapdog for the past eight years and he is remarkably going down as one of the worst leaders of the free world.
The damage he has done.
We're all out of hope and most of us don't have any change.
That's what I'm going to say in relation to this.
Yes, actually.
Certainly not changed when it comes to signing any new bills into law.
So, this is according to the Washington Times Legislative Index.
They say Obama has scored the worst legislative record in history.
He, in his entire eight years being in office, he only signed 1,227 bills into law.
This is even less than one-term presidents Carter and George H.W.
Of course, this is because he
The community organizer that he is, he wasn't able to get across the table and be able to get people to work together there.
So he just had to use his pen and his phone to do all these executive actions because he couldn't actually sign any bills into law.
He was a king, not a negotiator.
He was my way or the highway, and he made that very clear.
But what he did set some records for, and I know you've talked about this a lot because it's so outrageous, so 1,227 bills signed into law in eight years.
In one year alone, he's signed 81,640 pages of new regulations.
He's actually set a new record for regulations, topping his own record that he did in 2010.
He actually has had four years of breaking records, the only president ever to surpass the 80,000 mark of regulatory pages.
You know, what this means, how people need to understand this is that regulations is going to kill jobs and it's going to bloat government.
And according to the report by the National Association of Manufacturers, regulatory costs on all firms exceed $2 trillion annually.
And guess who's most affected by that?
Small business owners.
Of course they are!
Julie is going to say, you didn't build that.
Not only that, but if you take a look at these regulations, a lot of them affect the energy industry.
Just to implement some of these are so costly.
Much like Obamacare, by the way, it's always ineffective with him, nothing works, it's never as promised, and you end up with a lot of rules and no money left.
This is what you get when you don't have an actual business person shaping business policy.
You know, I'm so encouraged by Donald Trump putting in, I know there's been a lot of controversy about Mnuchin, but he did promise last week, and I wrote it down because I'm
We're going to be covering this a lot.
I have a feeling this 3 to 4 percent GDP is what he's promising, which would be unprecedented, folks, because Obama, I mean, we saw this man got job after job, factory closing, moving across the border.
They're coming back.
And even the president, he talked about the manufacturing jobs being lost and how it pales in comparison because we have a serious problem on our hands with
We're good to go.
Um, but yeah, I mean, this is, you know, you, you mentioned hope and actually the small business owners do have hope for the first time in eight years with a President Donald Trump saying that he is going to actually take a meat axe to these regulations and make it easier for people to do business in this country once again.
Because it's not the politicians who are writing these regulations that are going to have to jump through all the hoops.
It's you and I and the little guy.
I love this.
Leanne just said meat.
And I'm a vegetarian.
That is exactly what is needed.
A meat cleaver, a meat axe, whatever you have, people.
Because honestly, that's what this comes down to.
And I love this.
Didn't you love this really quickly?
And I'm going to let you get to this.
But all the staffers outside, little arms crossed.
Little Redhead is the State Department spokesperson.
She was out front.
She looked like she had sucked on a... You know those warheads that you used to eat when you were little?
That woman looked like, literally, she'd swallowed a gallon-sized warhead.
And I've never seen faces like... Valerie Jarrett there, little arms crossed.
They're just like, they're so mad.
It's like they realize that they've spent the last eight years pushing through these really progressive policies.
Well, what little...
What little they were able to get accomplished there, because really, they actually set a congressional record, I believe, for the amount of days they didn't work.
So they really got nothing done.
But yeah, they're going to see all their progress be pulled back.
In fact, Trump, his spokesman Sean Spicer is saying that Donald Trump may take four or five executive actions on Friday to counter some of the policies of President Barack Obama.
He might just get right to work.
Is he taking a lunch, folks?
Yeah, he doesn't want to go to the Little Kiss, but through the balls, luncheon ball, just go right into work, you know, but because Obama has given him those hundred days, very precious, by the way, in terms of setting the agenda.
And it looks like he's on it.
We know he's a get to work.
We saw him on the campaign trail.
He went, he stopped in D.C.
to open up a hotel, then kept campaigning.
I mean, the man is a tank.
He's a tank.
This is just going to be good.
And he's also going to be able to cut back a lot of the things that have stopped opportunities for people in this country because he is a businessman and he's not afraid to fire people and, you know, cut some of the dead weight there in Washington, which is what people need, which is why it's interesting.
You see people there in D.C.
who are frightened that they're going to be shut out and they're saying, it's like my, it's like my country is being invaded.
It's like, no, this is not your, first of all, this is not your America anymore.
Anyway, but you know what, exciting time to be alive.
We're quickly running out of time, a minute and a half left.
What do you have for us in terms of... Okay everyone, I'm about to take a hard left here with the news, but I just, there was a story that came up earlier in the week and I have, this is something, it's a theory I've been putting out there for quite some time.
What I truly believe the geoengineering is about, they say it's all about protecting the environment, this and that, but I truly believe that what they're doing is creating some sort of a grid up there.
It has to do with the radar surveillance.
So here, Earth's atmosphere can be turned into massive surveillance system using lasers.
They're actually working on this technology to turn Earth's atmosphere into a massive spy lens.
So basically, when you have your pilots up there in the sky, they'll be able to sort of
Tune in to the Earth's atmosphere, peel it back, and get kind of a topographic map of everything that's going on on the Earth, you know, by using the Earth's atmosphere.
Of course, BAE Systems is developing this.
This is up on YouTube.
Check out this video.
It's a little bit frightening.
One little area that I'm not sure... I really want Trump to take on the surveillance state, the NSA, and make sure that those rights of people's privacy
Precious rights are not trampled on we're quickly running out of time.
I just want to say a great big Thank you to all the warriors out there We could not have done this without you all the bloggers and writers and people who got out Open up their mouth and put Donald J. Trump into the 45th seat.
We love you Stay tuned tomorrow night for the nightly news with Leanne McAdoo
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