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Name: 20170113_Fri_NightlyNews
Air Date: Jan. 13, 2017
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Welcome to the Info Wars Nightly News.
It is Friday the 13th of January 2017 and I'm Leigh Ann McAdoo.
Here's what's coming up tonight.
Tonight, debate rages as to who is responsible for spreading the fake news Trump dossier.
A game of who is to blame is afoot.
Also, Hillary Clinton's potential pardon looms with the end of the Obama presidency.
Meanwhile, anything and everything is being tried by the establishment and Hollywood to make the transition of power a rough one as inauguration protests continue to build.
And then, despite all attempts to thwart a Trump presidency, Trump is already coming through on some of his promises in helping to make America great again.
Everything that is broken today can be fixed and every failure can be turned into a truly
Great success.
All that and more tonight on the InfoWars Nightly News.
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
High-level government sources have told Judicial Watch that a shootout at the U.S.
consulate in Nuevo Laredo was part of a cartel terrorist attack that was part of that plan for the Trump inauguration.
This was a deadly shootout at the construction site of the new American consulate.
It occurred this week in a Mexican border town where Islamic terrorists and drug cartels had already planned to launch attacks.
Now, this was in an attempt to send a message to Donald Trump.
The Mexican military responded to the attack and law enforcement sources on both sides of the border confirm that at least three soldiers were either killed or critically wounded in the ambush.
And now a local newspaper in Tamaulipas reported that 13 people died during the shootout and they referred to the deceased as heavily armed delinquents.
With an arsenal that included 12 automatic weapons, a rocket launcher, grenade, loads of ammunition and drugs, and three vehicles.
Now, Judicial Watch's law enforcement and intelligence sources say that the barrage outside
What's soon to be the new U.S.
consulate is connected to a broad operation between Islamic terrorists and Mexican drug cartels.
They want to send President-elect Donald Trump a message by engaging in attacks at border ports.
Now, the cartels usually do not work with jihadists because they fear having the border shut down.
This is according to a veteran federal law enforcement official speaking to Judicial Watch.
But Trump is causing so much disruption in Mexico
That they are partnering to send a message as to who is in control.
So this is a very serious situation unfolding at the border.
Now Joe Biggs is going to have more on this story coming up later in the show.
But indeed they were saying, reporting that they were planning on these attacks in border ports.
I think?
This is very interesting, of course, sending a message of who is in charge.
And I think that it's going to be interesting to see how a President Donald Trump handles the situation there at the border, as well as he has reached out to the Mexican president.
And I think that they're a little sick and tired of the drug cartels and now joining with jihadists, saying that they're in charge rather than the governments of the countries that their citizens have elected.
So we will have more on that coming up in the show.
But now let's go ahead and talk about the Trump effect here in the United States.
We can see how they're kind of disrupting what's going on in Mexico with the jobs.
But now companies here in the US are rushing to declare how many jobs that they're going to be producing under Trump.
So Amazon has now come out saying that they're going to be creating 100,000 full-time jobs in the U.S.
with full benefits over the next 18 months.
They're going to be opening new fulfillment centers in an effort to speed up package delivery.
So they're going to be first opening the
THAT'S 2,000 JOBS.
Announcing $700 million in investments to create 700 new jobs in the U.S.
And Trump said that Sprint called him December 28th to inform him that the telecommunications giant was planning on bringing 5,000 jobs back to the United States.
And of course we know that Carrier reached a deal with Donald Trump as well and VP-elect Mike Pence to keep about 1,000 jobs in Indiana.
So we can see the effect that Donald Trump is having and just with this slogan to make America great again.
And I think that it is that you're making it more attractive to do business here in the United States.
But I also think a lot of these companies truly understand they could see the bottoming out of the middle class.
They could see what would happen if you're moving all these jobs over the seas.
There's going to be no one available to buy your products if you have the collapse of the United States of America.
I think the globalists have really lost this battle and a lot of people who do care about this country are starting to see that it needs saving and it does need to be made great again.
Now, speaking of moving some jobs and boosting the economy in some areas, we have representative
I'm probably saying his name wrong.
Jason Chaffetz.
He's saying one solution to the federal government being too expensive and out of touch is moving parts of it away from Washington, D.C.
So he says this is the
Computers and other technologies mean there's no reason that a federal agency headquarters have to be physically located in D.C.
Housing prices in D.C.
are among the highest in the country.
It puts upward pressure on the real estate supply and demand.
So then they have to pay these people a ridiculous amount of money so they can afford to live there.
So he says relocating to Kansas, for example, could mean they could pay lower salaries to their employees without lowering their standard of living.
Federal regulators would be more likely to see and experience the impact of their actions because members of Congress would actually be spending time in their home districts and listening to their constituents.
And of course, newly relocated jobs would provide an economic boost in areas that actually need them.
Federal taxes would more likely be spent in communities from which they are collected.
So this is
Pretty, pretty exciting.
Now, this is just a proposal rather than a mandate on the executive branch to just kind of put this idea out there.
Granted, it's kind of nice knowing that all the goblins are going to be there in D.C.
Maybe we don't want them moving out into the rest of the United States of America, but it would indeed boost the economy.
So now here's a question on everyone's mind.
Will he or won't he?
Is Obama, President Obama, going to pardon Hillary Clinton before he leaves office?
Now this article points out that kind of a good way to gauge what's going on is to see what sort of stories and what sort of narratives are being pushed out on
All the fake news broadcasts that are out there.
So they say specifically CNN is pushing storylines about FBI Director James Comey.
Their number one story, FBI Director James Comey under Inspector General Investigation.
Number two, driving a wedge between Trump and Comey.
And number three, incoming Deputy Attorney General.
So they're saying the architecture of the necessary narrative is supporting a Clinton pardon.
It's clearly now being framed, so all indicators are pointing to yes, President Obama is probably going to pardon Hillary Clinton before he leaves office.
Now, Donald Trump, of course, engaged in a Twitter smackdown, saying Hillary Clinton is guilty as hell.
Now, he was kind of going on a Twitter rant about the dossier, that failed dossier that was put out.
But he turned to Hillary Clinton referring to the forthcoming Justice Department probe on the FBI's behavior during the investigation into Hillary's email server.
He said, What are Hillary Clinton's people complaining about with respect to the FBI?
Based on the information they had, she should never have been allowed to run.
Guilty as hell.
They were very nice to her.
She lost because she campaigned in the wrong states.
No enthusiasm.
So we know how Donald Trump feels about Hillary Clinton, but you know what?
She's supposed to be at the inauguration along with Bill, so who knows what's going on there in D.C.?
But they are desperate to prove this Russia narrative, and here was a story
That came out of the Daily Caller.
So it was a bizarre technical glitch that happened.
It interrupted the Washington Post's David Ignatius during a Thursday appearance on MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews.
Ignatius was talking about President-elect Donald Trump's cabinet nominees taking a hard line on Russia when a glitch made Ignatius appear to say Russia several times in succession.
And then C-SPAN
Uh, actually had their broadcast interrupted.
Their feed for a full 10 minutes was airing RT.
So RT overtook C-SPAN's confirmation feed for a full 10 minutes and and they released a statement saying that they don't believe they were hacked and are operating under the assumption that it was an internal routing issue, right?
That just so happened to route to RT and not some other channel.
Here you could say, I mean, this is this is why the problem with fake news and pushing out this narrative without having any facts to back it up is because nobody believes anything.
Who do we believe?
Did the Russians hack in and make Ignatius appear to say Russia, Russia, Russia, like Max Headroom?
And did they or why would they broadcast RT over C-SPAN?
Or is somebody else internally rerouting their feed to
I don't
I don't know.
So good old Jib still losing to Trump on every level imaginable.
And of course, they're parading this former British intelligence agent as James Bond.
He's James Bond.
How dare we doubt him?
So very, very interesting there.
Of course, that guy's actually gone into hiding because he's been outed and worried about what the Russians are going to do to him.
And then we have the Financial Times editorial seeking restrictions on free speech.
They want to stop false news propaganda war.
So again, here we have CNN pumping out this fake news along with BuzzFeed, but now we have
Newspapers and outlets like the Financial Times calling for restrictions on free speech to stop the propaganda war.
So this is an editorial saying the threat posed by Putin's cyber warriors.
Financial Times is so worried about disinformation it proposed restrictions on freedom of speech.
They say Berlin is considering imposing hefty fines on media outlets that spread false and malicious information.
It may seem an undue restriction to freedom of speech, but in the context of a propaganda war designed to undermine Western democracy, it may be necessary to do more than enforce existing laws on libel and incitement.
Well, Financial Times, you might want to sic the Ministry of Truthiness on yourselves because they were the purveyors of fake news today by saying,
Trump blasts US intelligence on the Russia dossier with the subtitle, President-elect acknowledges Moscow hacked the election.
Blatant lie.
Trump never acknowledged they hacked the election.
He said, you know, I think it was Russia, but we also get hacked by other countries and other people.
You know, he went on.
He didn't acknowledge and confirm absolutely.
So there you go.
Fake news.
Financial times.
You should pay a very hefty fine for spreading all of your propaganda.
And then of course we've got a California Democrat proposing a law to teach kids about fake news.
That's right, they don't have enough going on there in California.
Now he wants to pass AB 155, the Fake News Act of 2017.
He wants students to be given civic online reasoning so they can judge the quality and credibility of their information.
And of course, what will the parameters be of the truthiness of the information?
I'm sure the establishment media.
Do you remember that deal that Obama struck with Iran?
He promised to lift sanctions, providing $10 billion in cash and gold to Iran if they promised to stop their nuclear proliferation.
Looks like they didn't do it, folks, from what I'm reading.
If you read this AP article that we have for you, Iran approved to import an additional 130 tons of uranium
And on Friday, their state TV, it's called Press TV, it's actually done in English, and you know, and actually that is a very strategic move on their part because they want us to understand, for those of us who don't speak Farsi, that they are in fact still purchasing uranium.
This Friday report is coming out of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran.
The spokesperson is saying, quote, the Joint Commission monitoring the implementation of a 2015 nuclear deal between Iran
And the P5 plus one approved the purchase of the part of Iran during a meeting in the Austrian capital of Vienna on Wednesday.
So Vienna knows what they're doing.
They know that they're going to be buying this uranium.
You know what?
They approved the sale.
Tell me what's up with that.
They went ahead and said, you go right ahead and you buy all the uranium you need.
And meanwhile, our ridiculously treacherous president has given them, you know, 10 billion in cash and gold to do so now.
The Senate, meanwhile, and, you know, I rarely take anything off the New York Times because, honestly, I don't like reading tabloids and I don't like reading fake news, but in particular, I found this article pretty telling, so I decided to present it to you today.
The Senate Votes to Extend Iran's Sanctions Authority.
Now, the Senate knows that in the coming eight years with a Trump presidency over the next eight years,
We have the ability to curb Iran from getting their hands on nuclear weapons and many of the sanctions that were suspended during the Obama deal that went into effect last year the senators are voting and I'm quoting here 99 to 0
To help ensure that the U.S.
could quickly reimpose the sanctions if Iran violated its obligations under the agreement.
So the sanctions regime is how we hold Iran accountable, strengthening our security and deterring Iran's hostility toward our allies, especially the state of Israel.
This is coming from a Democrat senator in Michigan.
He goes on to say, diplomacy is our way, a preferred course of action, but it doesn't always work in a vacuum.
It only works if it's backed up with credible deterrence.
And you know what?
It looks like that deterrence, we could see a re-imposition of these sanctions if they don't stop buying uranium, which was part of the agreement initially, to stop the purchase and the implementation of uranium as they go forward with nukes.
Meanwhile, they're channing death to the US and death to Israel.
And I'm not trying to bash Iran here, folks.
This isn't a religious message.
This is simply a message to extend the information that they are in fact buying tons of uranium and our Senate has a heads up on it and it looks like we could see the reimposition of these sanctions with a Trump victory.
Now what I'm announcing here today is already a custom here in the United States, and that is extending the Christmas holiday up until New Year's Eve and then taking down the Christmas trees and taking down the Christmas lights.
Ooh, I keep saying Christmas.
I'm so politically incorrect.
The day after New Year's Eve or New Year's Day.
And so I've decided right through New Year's Day, we're going to keep
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I've seen it, where people on the hike and bike trails say Merry Christmas, and then folks don't respond and they say Happy Holidays!
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It is some distant cousins, but it's going on.
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Hey, this is Joe Biggs with InfoWars.com.
There's some huge news coming out of Judicial Watch.
Things that we have reported on here at InfoWars many times.
Josh Owens and I actually went down to the border because of Judicial Watch reports talking about how ISIS had infiltrated Annapurna just across from El Paso.
And we're using that as an area to train and bring in jihadis and then eventually come across the border and carry out attacks.
And today we have this shootout at U.S.
Consulate in Nuevo Laredo, part of cartel-slash-terrorist attack plan for Trump inauguration.
It says, a deadly shootout at the construction site of the new American consulate occurred this week in a Mexican border town where Islamic terrorists and drug cartel.
Now let me go back a second.
I made a prediction a while back about a year ago when I was down there looking for the mosque, when I was looking for these ISIS training centers, when I went over into Anakka.
I went over there by myself with some guy that I had paid to drive me over there.
We actually had to muddy up the truck to make the truck look like it was a piece of crap so we could kind of blend in, and we were riding around in cartel areas
You know, with me by myself without any protection, border security, border patrol on the other side, Josh Owens, my camera guy, was filming stuff from the other side of the border as we came across, he was on the other side of the border fence, and I predicted that the cartel
And the Islamic State fighters would come together eventually because at the end of the day they want money and they want to take down America and that's something they both can agree on.
So they have come together and they've done this attack that says the Mexican military responded to the attack.
Law enforcement sources on both sides of the border confirm insisting that their identities be kept confidential for security reasons and at least three soldiers were killed and 13 people died
In that shootout, that's being reported by a local newspaper over there in Nuevo Laredo.
They were referring to the deceased as heavily armed delinquents that had an arsenal that included 12 automatic rifles, rocket propelled grenade launchers, grenades, and loads of ammunition and drugs in three vehicles.
One of them was armored.
You know, this is getting serious.
That's why we need our border secure.
That's why we've been talking about this for so long.
That's why we have made multiple trips down to the border to show you just how wide open it really is.
And this kind of stuff is going to bleed over into our streets and the blood will be on the hands of the Obama administration for failing to listen to these reports, ignoring the facts that this border is wide open and it's just waiting
Something is just waiting to happen.
It says judicial watches, law enforcement, intelligence sources say the barrage outside, what's soon to be the new U.S.
consulate, is connected to a broad operation between Islamic State fighters and Mexican drug cartels to send President-elect Trump a message by engaging in attacks at border ports.
Cartels usually don't work with jihadis for fear of having the borders shut down, a veteran federal law enforcement agent said.
We're good to go.
You know, you've got the ISIS fighters and the drug cartels coming together and fueling even more fear that was created by CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, all of these people.
We're good to go.
I'm good.
I don't think so.
Hey, come on through!
Hey, you know what?
We're going to give you a free bus voucher to go anywhere you want.
Find you a sanctuary city and go there.
Look at Houston, Texas.
It's one of the largest sanctuary cities in Texas.
And it's because of this lax law that we have going on at the border.
Hopefully under Donald Trump, this will be cracked down on.
They'll stop this.
They'll stop that flow.
They won't give them the movement to allow the cartels and they won't allow ISIS to openly move across our borders and carry out attacks on innocent
American lives.
So this is really big and this is something that we have reported on and been talking about and we have a little vindication here with this report proving the fact that we said that ISIS would team up eventually with the drug cartels.
Stay tuned for more reports at InfoWars.com and if you go to DC next week for the inauguration keep your head on a swivel
Um, it's going to be crazy.
There's going to be a lot of planned violence out there.
It could be one of the largest riots ever known to man.
And who knows if some of these jihadis have already come across the border with the help of these drug cartels.
This has been Joe Biggs with InfoWars.com.
In 1975, Sweden decided to welcome immigration.
Since 1975, violent crime in Sweden has increased by 300%, and rape has increased by 1,472%.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for no limits on incoming refugees.
While British MP Owen Paterson estimates 3.6 million refugees will have entered Germany by 2020.
And after receiving a German passport,
Refugees will be able to move freely around the EU.
And in France, 21st century French culture is being replaced in some areas by 7th century dogma.
Meanwhile, France saw a 17% rise in car arson over the New Year's holiday.
The London Telegraph reports, despite this, New Year's Eve went off without any major incident.
The Interior Ministry insisted in a statement, adding that there were only a few troubles with public order.
Although refugee numbers in France have swelled by 20%, deportations have dropped equally by 20%.
It's clear that the invasion has reached unsustainable levels.
France is just one European example
That there is a war underway.
March 11th through the 22nd of 2012, Mohammed Mehra shot seven, including three children.
Knife attacks by radical jihadists in 2013 and 2014, injuring a French soldier and three police officers.
Two separate vehicle attacks in December of 2014, injuring 21 and killing one.
January 7th through the 9th of 2015, the Charlie Hebdo attacks and a related hostage situation killing 17 and injuring 22.
June 2015, a jihadist delivery driver beheads a man and then attempts to blow up the building with a van.
August 21st, 2015, a Moroccan Jihadist attempted a mass killing on a train traveling from Amsterdam to Paris, but was subdued by two Frenchmen and three U.S.
November 13th and 14th, the worst terror attack in French history.
Alon declares the shootings hostage-taking and suicide bombing an act of war.
130 are killed and 352 are injured.
January 2016, a jihadist rams his car into four French soldiers, injuring two.
June 13, 2016, a jihadist stabs a police officer and his wife in their home, killing them both.
July 14, 2016.
A Tunisian jihadist kills 86 and injures 434 with a truck in Nice, France during Bastille Day celebrations.
July 19, 2016.
A jihadist injures a family of four at a French holiday restaurant.
I think?
We're good to go!
The victims were called filthy whites as they were beaten.
Yet the totality and outcome of this invisible war continues to be normalized as if it is a side effect of the ongoing migration.
John Bowne for InfoWars.com Wars are not cheap.
And a lot of revolutionaries rob banks, you name it, to fund themselves.
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That's InfoWarsLife.com.
If I tried to list all the accomplishments that President-elect Trump has already engaged in and succeeded in, in just the last couple months since he was President-elect, it would give me a headache.
I mean, it's incredible.
Obamacare is on the verge of being repealed.
Chrysler is coming back to the United States.
Ford's coming back to the United States.
Carrier and other companies are coming back.
Confidence has already exploded.
The stock market's up $200 billion.
The globalists are in panic all over the world.
Since Trump was elected, Italy and other nations have begun to pull out of the euro.
This is an explosive time to be alive for freedom.
There's also a lot of negatives, though.
The globalists are trying to implode the economy, and as we speak, to stifle nationalism.
They're openly trying to destroy the UK economy and
Telling them, we're doing this to punish you for beginning to pull out of the unelected EU.
But I just admire Trump because it's been so long since somebody even tried to deliver on their promises.
It wasn't just some weasel of these multinational corporations, not trying to just make money, but trying to consolidate markets and take over society.
But I was thinking about how blessed we are to have Trump.
And before I cut this piece, I was just thinking,
I'm going to come out and just absolutely tell the public that we should be beside ourselves in thanks to God for what's happening.
Not just Trump, but the whole phenomenon of awakening.
But really, Trump is so good, I can't even believe it.
The way he's boldly coming out against the New World Order.
The way they've pulled out all the stops with intelligence agencies and the CIA and the deep state to overthrow him and the people's will.
It's incredible.
And they're failing on every front with only six and a half days left to the inauguration.
You know, I had decided to not go.
I told people a few weeks ago I wasn't going to go privately.
But now, because this is such a historic moment and there's going to be so many enemies of freedom there, it's important that not just my crew, but that I be there.
So I will be there.
And I will be speaking at some of the events that Roger Stone and others are going to be at.
But really, I just need to be there to witness history.
But make no mistake, we're all witnessing history.
It doesn't mean there's some utopia over the next hill, but we are definitely pulling away from the dystopia that is this technotronic.
Technocracy, the technotronic era that Brzezinski wrote about back in the 1970s.
And since the 70s, they've adopted this global system.
I mean, it happened before that, but it really got adopted in the 70s.
They really started pushing for it.
And the last 30, 40 years is where the Zbigniew Brzezinski plan.
Well, the Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller technocrat system that was really developed in the 20s, but became the dominant system in the 70s, is dead on arrival.
Because it's anti-human on so many fronts and we're just living in such amazing times.
I've actually gone to a thesaurus, something I don't usually do to think of other words instead of legendary or epic or historical, sea change, tipping point, jump point.
Think of the words for yourself.
I mean, it's really happening.
Everything the globalists do.
I think?
And we get a chance to vote with how we purchase things, with what we promote, with what we support, and by what we produce and what we do.
That's a beautiful open world compared to the North Koreas and Venezuelas and EUs of the world.
I mean, the Europe has been collapsing under the Euro and it turns out in their own documents from the 70s again, they plan to set it up under the guise of an economic union or an economic trade pact and it was really a stealth takeover plan.
Which you now see, Europe didn't vote to enter these systems, but now they can't get out.
Or at least the EU says they can't get out.
This is the essence of tyranny.
But briefly, getting back to Trump, the way he's taking them on, the way he's challenging them, the way he's winning,
I almost want to criticize him because he doesn't get up there on the podium and point out enough how epic a historical battle this is right now.
General Flynn, months before Trump won the election, gave a big speech to a military group and he said, as he introduced Trump, this is 1776 Part II, this is Lexington, this is Concord, this country's been taken over by multinationals and we're taking it back.
And he had electricity in his eyes.
Just see it, even through the television screen, the spirit that was in that room.
And I was feeling that spirit sitting there watching it on television.
I mean, this is history, folks.
This is for all the marbles.
I'm getting chills right now.
And we're winning is what's incredible.
We're taking our birthright back of being winners.
But that meant taking responsibility.
It meant taking action.
It meant being demonized.
It meant being attacked.
And so many people tell me, Oh, Alex, you're so great.
You have such courage to be attacked and stand up and not care.
The consequence is a thousand times worse.
And that's what I understand about Trump because I have solidarity.
I have kinship with Trump because I am a peer in that I have gone through the demonization, the lies, the twisting that few others have.
Trump, 20 times what I have, 30 times.
But I'm one of the few people that could even say, and I'm not bragging, I'm just explaining from my perspective, that I have lived it.
I have been in the fulcrum, I've been in the eye of the storm, and I have seen the enemies for who they are.
I have seen them in the corridors, I've seen them in the dressing rooms, at CNN, and you name it, when they hiss at me and say, you're gonna fail, you'll never stop us.
I've had them openly say, okay, yeah, we are mercenaries in a full war, we're gonna take you down, we've got all the power behind us.
No, you don't.
You don't have ideas and people behind you.
You had robber barons and rich inbred families that stole what they had and who were so greedy they wanted to set up a monopoly and screw over their fellow men.
And you picked the wrong side and you're getting your butts handed to you, Royale.
And Donald Trump is tuned into that spirit.
I'm tuned into it.
Hundreds of millions of other people around the world are tuned into it.
And I'm so proud of the fact that it's the United States and England and others that are, again, the birthplaces of modern liberty in the last 300 years, 400 years, leading the charge out of tyranny.
We're all brothers and sisters in this.
We had a war with England two hundred and forty something years ago, but it didn't matter.
It was the ideas of Magna Carta and Renaissance that came out of England that were more expressed here.
And then it was the UK and England that began to pull out of the Euro in their own 1776 revolution.
And we all rise and fall
Like waves in different order.
But history does repeat, it also rhymes.
And so we're all in kinship together in this great historical battle that's taking place.
Whether you're in Brazil, or whether you're in Nigeria, whether you're in Japan, whether you're in Italy beginning to pull out of the Euro, or Catalonia, in Spain.
It's a beautiful thing, self-determination.
But I just want everybody to pull back again and realize the unbelievable history we've now entered together and to see the Tree of Liberty springing back to life.
There's going to be some hard roads ahead, bigger challenges than this, but the taste of victory is now in our hearts.
The winds of freedom are now blowing and filling our sails and I am just so humbled and honored to be associated with all of you and to be part of this because
It's amazing, and I'm so, so glad my gut's never wrong.
When I knew Trump two years ago was good, and I got behind him basically before anybody did.
And he even recognized it.
It was crazy.
And then reached out to Roger Stone.
You know, the fact that we were early supporters and picked up the vision and understood that Trump really wanted to restore the Republic.
And now in hindsight, the way he beautifully played them,
And played possum the way for decades.
He cloaked what he really stood for entirely.
And by entirely, he released a lot of it, but not all of it.
Because they would have come after him early if he would have been more bold.
But he fought NAFTA, he fought GATT, he fought for American jobs.
He just did so many good things early on.
And I wouldn't call him a liberal or conservative.
He's just a guy that believes in prosperity and a guy that believes in upward mobility and bringing humanity together and that a rising tide, as JFK said, raises all ships.
Look, I'm not enamored by Hollywood people.
I'm not enamored by fame and fortune or presidents.
I don't care.
I'm not so excited about Trump just because he's famous or just because he comes on the show or talks to me on the phone every once in a while.
I'm excited because he really does stand for something and the enemies of freedom hate his guts.
I mean, I'll be honest.
I remember early on, you know, being invited to Trump Tower one time when I was in New York giving a speech.
And people asked me, what did I think of Trump?
And I wasn't being invited to Trump Tower by Trump.
I was being invited to Trump Tower, you know, just by some listeners at a party.
And I thought, Trump Tower?
You know, that's the guy with orange hair that, you know, owns hotels and golf courses and casinos.
He's like a big liberal.
I mean, I really thought Donald Trump wasn't a joke, but just, you know, a big highfalutin celebrity guy, you know, that promotes his real estate by being a celebrity, which makes sense.
But the more I research him, I mean, I can almost write a book now on Trump, not about stuff I've seen in the campaign, but going and researching news articles about him over the last 35, 40 years, I went and went on a jag
In the last couple years and probably every weekend searched around and read articles about Trump and snippets and books about him.
Just really trying to figure him out and it's amazing.
Our fellow info warriors across the United States and across the planet really love the Hillary for Prison 2016 shirts that we began to put out in 2015.
It became a global meme against globalism and corruption and a very strong maxim that's now being continued on today.
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We now have George Soros
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It's powerful.
Hope you get out to everybody you know.
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
Well, we are just one week away from Donald Trump's inauguration and people are promising to cause as much chaos as possible.
Now, we know there's going to be, I guarantee there's probably going to be about a million people there, Owen.
I don't
To delay the inauguration.
She says, I fully support imposing martial law, delaying the inauguration until Trump is cleared of all charges.
So, you know, we knew that... What charges, Rosie?
Make sure he doesn't have ties to Russia.
Miss Piggy.
She's going on that debunked dossier that was going around.
But, you know, facts do not matter.
They just want to stop Donald Trump no matter what.
But it's interesting because
Marshall Law might need to be declared over the amount of protests that are planned.
Protesters are actually planning to paralyze the inauguration with traffic jams.
They say that, you know, we want it to be mostly peaceful, but, you know, if something happens, that's okay.
They're calling for mass riots and they're opposing the peaceful Trump transition.
Even though President Barack Obama came out and was sure to say that it's going to be this peaceful transition, they are saying
Hell no, we won't go.
He's not going to be my president.
And, um, you know, so just very interesting to see what happens there.
You'll actually be at the inauguration.
Well, you know, and there's this, first of all, Rosie O'Donnell is completely out of her mind.
So we'll just leave that there.
I don't even know if she knows what martial law is.
But it's amazing.
You know, there's this dynamic, okay?
There's this competitive dynamic where you want to have the last laugh, right?
You want to have the last say.
You know, if you like going and playing basketball, like pick up basketball like I do, you want to win the last game.
You want to walk out of there victorious.
And this is like that last game.
This is their last chance to try to win.
They have lost every step of the way until the inauguration, so they will pull out all the stops to try to walk out of here victorious.
Of course, there's nothing that they can do to actually stop the inauguration of Donald Trump.
Now, they can disrupt it, they can riot, they can protest.
I'm expecting to see, in fact, I'm expecting the unexpected.
I don't even know what I'm gonna see there, and we'll get into some of the stuff that we are expecting, but you know, what you talked about here,
How they're trying to create all this chaos, create this madness, civil unrest.
You know, people like Madonna and all these celebrities and the people in the media that we're going to talk about during this segment, you know, they know that this isn't going to have an impact.
They know that there's nothing they can do to stop the inauguration.
The only reason these people are doing this is to try to foment and incite the citizens who are so upset about this, the sheeple, to go out there and actually do the groundwork.
You know, that's what this is.
This is a psychological operation being run by the establishment, by the leftists in Hollywood, to basically get the low-level minions out there, the anti-Trump minions, who are brainwashed sheeple, to go out there and actually be the boots on the ground, cause the civil unrest.
Many of them will be arrested.
Many of them will probably be pepper sprayed or worse.
Who knows?
They just want to do whatever possible to delegitimize Trump and they want to just cause as much of a scene as possible to make all of the news.
I mean, what do you think the news shows are going to be?
All the fake news who are thoroughly offended and put in their place by Donald Trump?
Do you think that they're going to be talking about how regal the First Lady looks and how beautiful she is and what a wonder, oh, Donald Trump's going to be the first poet in the White House, how they were just like basically saying President Obama was like hailing the second coming of Christ was now taking office.
Well, he's a good birth certificate forger.
I'll give him that.
They are going to be focusing on the rabid left and all of these violent protests.
We'll see if they, you know, if they're calling for martial law or if they're calling for the National Guard to come in, if they start burning down D.C.
and where all of these D.C.
establishment media elites live.
So we'll see if they like that, if they're tearing up their town.
You know what?
If that's going to happen, I don't think that that type of activity will take place until later in the night.
If stuff like that happens, that's usually stuff that goes down in the dark of night.
They want to take to the streets, protest, blockade, disrupt, intervene, sit in, walk out, rise up, make more noise and good trouble than the establishment can bear.
So that's what they want.
They want to stop the parade.
That's why we have Donald Trump unveiling his new Cadillac presidential limousine.
It's going to have a tear gas cannon and a shotgun on it.
So this is they're going to be rolling this out for the protest.
Yeah, I mean this is, it's going to be called, it's called The Beast.
So it's going to be making its first public appearance there.
But what's interesting, you brought this story to my attention earlier about the commanding general of the DC National Guard is going to be removed from his post at 1201 once Donald Trump takes the oath of office.
And so of course we've pointed out that Donald Trump, his administration has said all of the presidential appointees of President Barack Obama need to leave their post.
So this is what's interesting about this because you actually reminded me about the appointments thing and that explains why he's being removed and this is a story from the Washington Post.
And you would think, considering that fact, that they would use this to twist and basically blame Donald Trump for anything that goes down.
Because that's the only angle they take is blame Donald Trump.
There's basically no leader in command, so if stuff starts getting crazy...
That's what's interesting though.
They talk about, in this article, they're like, oh we have no idea why.
Why is he stepping down?
Why is he down?
Okay, well they don't even mention that.
Is that the case?
It does not mention whether this is a Trump call or Obama call.
We would assume based on what Trump said it's a Trump call, but the fact the Washington Post doesn't mention that is kind of a head-scratcher.
Uh, but it's interesting, first of all, I would assume... Well, let's talk about that a little bit, why that's a head-scratcher, because first of all, if President Obama was the one that, for instance, made this call and said, hey, you know, I appointed you, so I want you to step down, that basically is going to set it up to where the National Guard there in D.C.
has no leader in command to call them out to the streets if there is massive civil unrest.
So I, my understanding though, my understanding is that they basically already have a plan in place.
They've been working with the DC Police and Secret Service and other top district officials to get this plan in place.
And they already knew he was going to step down before time.
So my guess is... Well, then why, you know, it's like, why is he saying, well, I have no idea what happened.
I'm just a soldier, so I take, I just, I just take my orders and I do it.
It's fine with me.
And that's the head scratcher, especially considering they're not blaming this on Trump yet.
Well, and it's also interesting because we have so many people calling for martial law and saying that they want President Obama to stay in until they can prove that, you know, Trump doesn't have any Russia ties.
It'll be interesting because if they do not have the D.C.
National Guard commander, then there's not going to be anyone to follow through with the martial law and for the calling of martial law.
And again, though, I think it's almost like taking out the guy who could, you know, he's under President Obama's appointment.
I still feel like there's some sort of contingency plan for that.
I would highly doubt that they would have themselves set up to be in that situation unless they wanted to try to sabotage Donald Trump in some way, shape or form.
But like you said, anything could happen.
But you know, thinking about this actually, I just had this realization, if they're going to, because we know they're going to try to do everything,
They might actually try to start this stuff the night of the Deplora Ball, which is the night before the inauguration, because that...
And you know, you don't want to hand people ideas or blueprints.
But, you know, we talked about that earlier too.
But I mean, that would actually probably be what would have to bring in a martial law type scenario.
I mean, history shows you this type of protest and stuff isn't as effective during the day.
It usually doesn't get violent during the day.
It usually gets violence.
The miscreants come out at night when they can hide in the cover of dark.
And that's the thing, as you know, there's going to be a lot of people that are going to be going to the Deploraball, protesters against the people at the Deploraball, saying that they're, you know, racist and all of these alt-right white supremacist groups.
Everything from the media, everything from the celebrities to try to demonize Donald Trump, try to get these protests even, you know, encourage more people.
But I'll say this, bikers for Trump.
Have vowed to be there to protect all the deplorables and to keep the crybaby leftists from inciting any violence or doing any damage.
So how about that?
Some volunteers for the Biker for Trump going to be helping Secret Service, DC Police, and the National Guard.
Yeah, it's going to be definitely a very exciting time.
Epic times all around.
I know you guys will be there on the ground.
We'll be here reporting live.
I know we're doing at least a 14 hour broadcast.
You know, Jones will take it even longer than that, I'm sure.
But thank you guys so much for tuning in to the show tonight and the nightly news.
We will see you here again next Monday, 7 p.m.
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