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Name: 20170104_Wed_NightlyNews
Air Date: Jan. 4, 2017
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Welcome to the Infowars Nightly News.
I'm David Knight.
It's Wednesday, January the 4th, 2017.
Here are our top stories.
Tonight, Barack Obama and the establishment are doing everything they can to try to deter a Donald Trump presidency, including military action on the border of Russia.
The first order of business.
is to repeal and replace Obamacare.
Finally, Obama's legacy is becoming clear.
Record gun sales.
Record protests.
Record homicide numbers.
All that and more, tonight, on the InfoWars Nightly News.
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
On Sunday, the Washington Post editor went on one of the Sunday news shows and accused Infowars and Donald Trump of inciting incursions into other countries, among other things.
Today, we see that, of course, it's the global establishment.
The Washington Post.
Who are inciting incursions.
Here's the latest example of this.
And every day we get another example from the global establishment.
Today the United States sent special forces to the border of Russia as NATO is poised to strike back at Vladimir Putin's, as they call it, aggression.
This is from The Sun in the UK.
They say that Obama has deployed U.S.
Special Forces troops along Lithuania's border with Russia, and they are the ones who are aggressive.
Now, what is this in response to?
They say there are reports that Putin is deploying nuke-ready missiles.
Focus on this.
They're nuke-ready.
They're not nuclear missiles, but they are nuke-ready missiles.
And so our response is to put special forces there to counteract these nuclear missiles.
I don't know exactly what they're going to do.
Are they going to go across the border, destroy these missiles in an act of passivity?
They say the Lithuanian Defense Ministry, and of course this is what we all thought was going to be the first fight, and that is between Trump and an aggressive, provocative NATO.
I think it may well be the first fight against the globalists may be the United Nations.
We'll talk about that later.
But the Lithuanian Defense Ministry spokesperson said that America has offered additional military support following Russia's annexation of Crimea.
Now, let's focus on that.
Russia's annexation of Crimea.
They said the U.S.
was the first one to offer additional safety measures to Baltic countries following Russia's annexation of Crimea.
Do you understand that Crimea has been a part of Russia since 1783?
To put that into perspective for those of you whose American history is limited to Hamilton, it was 1789 that the U.S.
ratified its Constitution.
So in 1783, Crimea became part of the Russian Empire.
They took it from the Ottoman Empire, the Turks.
It was under Catherine the Great.
And it's been part of Russia's influence ever since.
But to speak of the annexation of Crimea, understand what happened here.
They had the Ukraine seceded from the Russian Federation, and then the Crimea said, no, we would like to remain in the Russian Federation.
To put that into another example of American history, at the time of the Civil War, as Virginia seceded from the Union, West Virginia said, we want to remain in the Union.
That's the analogy.
Nobody ever talked about the federal government annexing West Virginia.
That's the way they're provocatively painting this.
And as I said, every day we see another provocation from the globalists trying to escalate things.
Now there was an interesting article...
Also on the Drudge Report today from Glenn Greenwald.
Still talking about the Washington Post and their fake news.
And he pointed out the Washington Post has been richly rewarded for their false news narratives about Russia and the threat from Russia while the public is deceived.
He said in the past six weeks the Washington Post has published two blockbuster stories about the Russian threat that went viral.
One on how Russia was behind a massive explosion of fake news.
The other on how it invaded the U.S.
electrical grid.
Both articles were fundamentally false.
Each now bears a humiliating editor's note grudgingly acknowledging that the core claims of the story were fiction.
The first note was posted a full two weeks later at the top of the original article, but the one about hacking the electrical grid was buried the following day at the bottom of the article.
Then he goes on to talk about one of the other executive editors of the Washington Post, not the guy who accused InfoWars of inciting incursions.
You know, InfoWars has fought back.
I think so.
And he goes on to say that even though he tweeted out and got a couple of thousand retweets on the first article about Russia creating fake news, he never pulled that back with a tweet.
And so he goes on to question and says, what is the motive of the Washington Post in publishing these kinds of false stories about Russia?
He says, was it ideological and political?
Namely, devotion to the D.C.
agenda of elevating Russia into a grave threat to U.S.
Or was it to please its audience, knowing that its readers, in the wake of Trump's victory, want to be fed stories about Russian treachery?
Was it a source servitude?
I think this is the key thing right here.
I think these last two are the real issue.
Source servitude.
Proving that the Washington Post will serve as a loyal and uncritical repository for any propaganda intelligence officials want disseminated.
That is the way the mainstream media has always operated.
As a reliable servitude, pushing out the government's official story.
And if you criticize that, you're immediately accused of being a conspiracy theorist.
Because it's true if the government says it.
It's true if the Washington Post or the New York Times or somebody who is part of the establishment pushes it out there.
But then he goes on to also point out of course they have a profit motive as well.
So they put out these sensationalistic clickbait headlines like the electrical grid has been hacked even though it was a virus on a laptop that wasn't even connected to the electrical grid in a remote Vermont utility and then we find out there wasn't even a virus on the laptop so the whole thing disintegrated.
And remember yesterday we talked about on the nightly news
How we had seen with these revelations from John Kerry that we had various members of the CIA and the political establishment, even Republicans, especially Republicans like John McCain and McMullin, who was trying to deny electoral votes for Trump in Utah, meeting with ISIS.
And as we learned from these transcripts, the key thing that Kerry was talking about was how they wanted regime change.
They didn't care who was injured in this, they didn't care what happened, they simply wanted regime change.
Even if it meant escalating Al-Qaeda, or ISIS, whatever you want to call them, into a much more powerful position, they still wanted that regime change.
And so we're reminded by RT, they have a quote from a Defense Ministry spokesman in Russia, he says, it's miraculous
That only oil fields captured by ISIS, allowing the militants to earn tens of millions of dollars every month on illegal oil sales and recruit mercenaries from all over the world, only those oil fields miraculously did not come under any U.S.
And they point out that CIA Director John Brennan has said that Russia is using a scorched earth policy in Syria.
Well, I would ask who lit the fire?
We saw yesterday when we looked at John Kerry's off-the-record discussion that is now going on the record.
We found out that the people who were lighting the fire were Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry.
And they don't care who gets burned.
They don't care about the children who are destroyed.
Just as Madeleine Albright didn't care about the half million children that died from their sanctions in Iraq.
When she was asked that, she said, yeah, it was worth it.
She didn't even deny that that many kids had died.
And so when we see the heart-wrenching pictures of people who are suffering civilian casualties, let's remember who set the area on fire.
And then, of course, the Defense Minister from Russia also pointed out, he said,
International wars of past decades have been unleashed by the U.S.
thanks to false CIA data in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya have all been started, continued, and finished with a destroyed economic infrastructure of these states by the U.S.
Air Force.
And he says, I don't think it's a coincidence.
That companies that are close to the CIA and the Pentagon have always been among the first to receive contracts to rebuild the damaged infrastructure.
So that's one of the key reasons that we see the Washington Post and Barack Obama and the globalist establishment inciting incursions.
You're the ones who are doing it.
Now, today we saw tweets, actually yesterday we saw tweets from Donald Trump saying that the intel briefings
On the so-called Russian hacks were being pushed back to Friday.
He said maybe it's because they need more time to build a case.
So this created a lot of discussion on Capitol Hill.
A senior intelligence official told NBC News that the meeting was always scheduled for Friday.
And it was on New Year's Eve that Trump talked about his doubts about the Russian hack.
He said, told pool reporters, I just want them to be sure because it's a pretty serious charge and I want them to be sure.
If you look at the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, that was a disaster and they were wrong.
You see, we're not supposed to remember that the government gave bad intelligence, that the government lied, that the CIA lied to the American public about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
We're supposed to forget about that.
We're also not supposed to give any credibility to the current U.S.
ambassador from Great Britain who says that he had U.S.
sources tell him that it wasn't the Russians, it was them.
And we also had a former British ambassador.
Don't listen to him either.
He said he came to America and was handed information about the DNC by a whistleblower who was a supporter of Bernie and was upset about the crimes of the DNC.
And so Donald Trump is saying, you know, hacking is a very hard thing to prove, so it could be somebody else.
Of course, we need to always understand that when you go through these hacks, of course you're going to route it through multiple areas, but the press does not want you to see that.
Instead, they come back and they say Trump is siding with Assange over the intelligence community.
This is the headline from a story from The Hill.
And Trump came out this morning and said Julian Assange said a 14-year-old could have hacked Podesta.
This was the interview he had with Sean Hannity.
He said, why was the DNC so careless?
Also, he said the Russians did not give him the information.
Now today, there was an interview with Paul Ryan.
He told a talk show host that he wouldn't say whether or not he thought that Donald Trump should be quoting Julian Assange, but Paul Ryan said that Assange was a sycophant for Russia.
And that he stole data and he compromised national security.
Did Paul Ryan ever say that about Hillary Clinton?
Did he talk in strong terms about how Hillary Clinton had compromised U.S.
national security with her lax security measures for her own benefit?
He said somebody hacked the DNC.
Why did they not have hacking defenses like the RNC, said Donald Trump?
Things they did, and things like giving questions before a debate to Hillary, a total double standard media as usual gives them a pass.
Yet, we have yet another reliable member of the neocon establishment.
Senator Tom Cotton comes out in response to Donald Trump and says, I have more faith in intel officers than I do in Julian Assange.
We're here in the nation's capital.
I have more confidence in these smart and experienced people, you know, the same ones who told us about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that did not exist, okay?
Nobody has accused Julian Assange of giving us any false information.
We know the U.S.
intelligence community gave false information and or the president lied about that.
And they go on to say, Cotton says, I know it was the Russians because it's the sort of thing that they would do.
Now, Drudge has been...
Matt hit again with denial of service attack last night.
Again today I was having difficulty getting on the Drudge Report when I looked at it.
And of course he was down for 90 minutes on December the 30th.
This second attack came out and he had all these people mocking Matt Drudge and saying he said it was the government.
Why do you think he would say it's the government?
For the same reason that Tom Cotton would say, hey I think the Russians have a motivation to do this.
Is Matt Drudge being hacked by the Russians?
Isn't it interesting that Tom Cotton and the CIA are not accusing the Russians of hacking Drudge?
It would be the government that we're telling the truth about that I think is coming after Matt Drudge.
I think he got that exactly right.
Meanwhile, WikiLeaks is offering a $20,000 reward to prevent the Obama government from destroying U.S.
Does that seem over the top?
Have they ever done anything like that before?
Yes, they have.
As a matter of fact, if you go back and remember, what did Sandy Berger do?
Sandy Berger was the National Security Advisor for Bill Clinton.
And he went into the National Archives and grabbed paper.
Back in the day before we had electronic documents.
He started stuffing them into his clothes.
He took them out and he destroyed them.
He is the poster child at the National Security Archives now for how they should not give somebody who is a well-known celebrity access and bend the rules for them because he destroyed this and he got away with it.
That's the way the Clintons did it before we had electronic documents.
And so ten minutes prior to the offering this reward, WikiLeaks
Tweeted out, urged any system administrators working under Obama to become whistleblowers.
They said, system admins, don't let the White House destroy US history again.
Copy it now, then send it to WikiLeaks at your leisure.
Very important to understand, they've done this in the past, they will do it again in the future.
Let's look at some other attacks on free speech, as the publication AntiWar.com points out.
The option of continually fingering the Kremlin as the main villain of 2016 in a morality play is clearly too juicy for functionary Democrats to pass up.
They're accusing, and he points out in this article, there's multiple establishment papers like the Boston Globe accusing Donald Trump of treason.
And yet, the real reality of this is that, he says, even if the Russian government did intervene in the U.S.
election by hacking emails and publicizing them, and I would say by telling the public the truth about Hillary Clinton,
Why wouldn't we want to know that in a democracy?
He says, of course, do we really want to escalate a Cold War?
Do we want to have a witch-hunt environment at home where we're going to target anybody who has views that align in some way or the other with Putin?
We're going to attack them and label them as being Russian apologists?
Can the President of Russia really undermine our democracy?
Or is it the people who are setting out this false narrative?
You know, there's an interesting fight that is coming up in D.C.
And we're going to have to take a look at what's going on when we come up after the break.
We're going to look at Obamacare specifically.
But understand that today, Chuckie Schumer came out.
He promised to block the first Supreme Court appointment from Donald Trump.
And this is the same Chuck Schumer who, back in June, said having a deadlocked 4-4 Supreme Court could lead to judicial chaos.
We're good.
But some other good news has come out.
We now have the Audit the Fed bill has been reintroduced by Senator Rand Paul in the Senate and by Tom Massey, also of Kentucky, in the House.
Paul said the U.S.
House has responded to the American people by passing the Audit the Fed bill multiple times, and President-elect Trump has stated his support for the audit.
Let's send him the bill this Congress.
They say proponents of the bill
Believe the Fed is too powerful?
Of course we know they're too powerful.
We'll see what happens with that.
Stay with us, we'll be right back and take a look at Obamacare fight shaping up.
Now, what I'm announcing here today is already a custom here in the United States, and that is extending the Christmas holiday up until New Year's Eve and then taking down the Christmas trees and taking down the Christmas lights.
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Well, as we wait for Donald Trump to take office, we've been trying to read the tea leaves, looking at his appointments, and also looking at his actions.
We saw some very positive things at the beginning of this week.
And, of course, we talked about this yesterday.
I have a report that's up on the YouTube channel.
Trump aced his first ethics test.
And, of course, this was the fact that the GOP's first order of business when they met was to shut down the Office of Congressional Ethics, or to hamstring it.
And I talked about the phony posturing of Nancy Pelosi and others, and of course we're going to talk about Elizabeth Warren here.
She's also doing a lot of phony posturing.
But let's take a look at what Donald Trump did.
As The Hill points out, Trump has flexed his power over the GOP.
He took to Twitter on Tuesday morning, he criticized them, and he said, there's so many other things that are greater importance
And he said, they said the lawmakers offices were subject to a deluge of angry calls from constituents after news surfaced on Monday evening that that's what they were going to do first.
Not cut taxes, not cut regulations, not work on Obamacare, but they were going to do that first.
And then Trump came out and made it happen.
They say Trump's rebuke was an important ingredient in the mix.
His supporters say his swift victory burnishes his brand as an outsider willing to challenge the status quo as well as displaying his instinctive feel for public opinion.
And a former advisor to him said, don't catch him by surprise and think that he'll just play along.
But even then, we had even more posturing from Elizabeth Warren, and she comes out and she says, tell us, GOP, this is what she tweeted out, who exactly thinks that the problem with Washington is that we have too few rules requiring the government to act ethically?
And I replied to her.
And I said, well, here's some names for you.
Pelosi, Reid, Obama, and you, Senator Warren, along with the GOP, created a beard that you call the ethics rule, the Stock Act.
Once you got caught with your fingers in the till trying to do insider trading, you later gutted it in just 14 seconds with a unanimous vote.
And then I also tweeted back to her and I said, oh, by the way, this is an article from the Daily Caller.
Going back to 2015, saying Elizabeth Warren did not disclose 1.3 million dollar credit lines.
That's the type of thing in these Stock Act rules that they eviscerated that she would get away with.
Now she's out there posturing about ethics.
That's the hypocrisy in the swamp that we're trying to drain.
But today they got down to business.
They got down to Obamacare.
Today both President Obama and Vice President-elect Pence met with
They're supporters on Capitol Hill to plan what they're going to do about Obamacare.
Of course, Obama met behind closed doors with Democrats to try to defend, and then we, and they say, they point out in the Washington Post, this is a very rare thing for Obama to do, to visit Capitol Hill.
And of course, he's doing it just before Donald Trump takes the presidency.
His final push to hold on to his achievements.
Let's think about what his achievements are.
You know that army of 17,000 IRS agents that he has there?
And then of course, within 10 minutes of his arrival, Pence was there talking about what they're going to do.
And Pence said, it's going to be a lot of, there's going to be executive powers as well as legislation that is going to come out.
There was an article from the New York Times saying the way this is going to happen is most likely through a reconciliation process.
They said reconciliation is probably the most potent budget enforcement tool available to Congress.
They point out that Congress made changes to the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, and a reconciliation bill.
And they also pointed out that this is the way they think it's going to go down.
It's going to be Republicans using a fast-track procedure of budget reconciliation to repeal or nullify provisions, and here's some of the legacy that we've got here.
They're going to do things like eliminate tens of billions of dollars provided each year to states that have expanded eligibility for Medicaid, or they're going to eliminate penalties on people
...who go without insurance.
Penalties on larger employers.
It could repeal taxes.
It could repeal fees that are imposed on health insurers and manufacturers of brand name prescriptions and medical devices.
Putting taxes on people who are selling drugs, who are selling medical devices, putting taxes on health insurance companies, and then handing out subsidies to people on the other side doesn't do anything to bend the cost curve down, as they kept telling us.
We're going to bend the cost curve down.
No, they have bent the cost curve up exponentially.
And of course, The Hill is pointing out that Trump has openly signaled that it's going to be executive actions part of repealing Obamacare.
He said anything that was created with a pen can be removed by the pen.
For more information, here's John Bowne breaking down the coming fight on Obamacare.
The first order of business is to repeal and replace Obamacare.
The Democrats, enraged by the prospective repeal of the Middle Class Destroying Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare as it's known, lashed out at the Republican Party with empty threats and blatant lies, twisting the rollout and crippling effect Obamacare waged on the American people since it was enacted in 2010.
What they would do would throw the entire insurance marketplace into chaos.
They have no replacement plan because they just, they can't, they can't agree.
They don't have the votes for a replacement plan.
Into chaos.
You know, Medicaid, almost half of Medicaid is about long-term health care.
You want grandma living in the guest room?
I think
Heightening economic uncertainty and burdening our seniors and our families with higher health care costs somehow makes our country great again, stronger again.
They've got another thing coming.
It could mean absolute chaos.
It's important to stress the fact that smoke and mirrors are not going to do it for the Republicans because this has real consequences.
Donald Trump simply lied.
When you can't fail to remember how bleak and bad it was, the economy.
The economy was in the tank.
President Obama brought it back.
Dodd-Frank brought it back.
So when they throw this apple of discord or this disarray into the system, it's going to have market
The President-Elect
He campaigned all across this country.
He gave voice to the frustrations and the aspirations of the American people.
He laid out an agenda to make America great again.
And my message on his behalf today, before this conference, and before members of the Senate, is that we intend to keep those promises.
Everything President Obama promised about health care has failed.
When the President comes back here today, maybe for the last time as President, it's important to remember the first time that Barack Obama came here as President.
Barack Obama came here and made very specific promises to the American people about Obamacare.
He came here and said, if you like what you have, you can keep it.
Today, millions of Americans lost the good health care plans that they liked and expected to keep and are not able to today because of the broken promises of his law.
Barack Obama came here to this Capitol and said that if his bill passes, health insurance costs will drop dramatically for families.
And instead, what have we seen?
This is how the government has come to operate.
One person, one agency at the top deciding for everyone.
That's why it's our responsibility as the people's voice and the people's representatives in their government to protect the Constitution and the balance of power.
Representative government, the rule of law, equal opportunity for all is protected here in the House by the people and for the people.
We were told that if you like your doctor you can keep him.
Not true.
We were told if you liked your health insurance you can keep it.
Not true.
We were told that the cost of health insurance was going to go down.
Not true.
When it was all said and done, the Senate voted by a slim majority of 51 to 48 in favor of advancing the reconciliation instructions for the repeal of Obamacare into the fiscal 2017 budget resolution.
John Bowne for InfoWars.com
More than 20 years ago, when I started InfoWars, I was a fitness addict.
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Well ladies and gentlemen, nothing pleases me more than to see the total repudiation of the arrogant, liar-in-chief, Barack Hussein Obama in the latest development, and this is something that has been trending for a while, record
57 million guns bought in 2016.
Driven by terror threats and a potential Hillary Clinton administration, sales of guns in America soared to record levels in 2016, according to the FBI.
This is also a direct response to the Obama administration.
And let's not forget about that little dandy that was the government sit-in for gun control.
Ooh, a bunch of little babies sitting on the floor of the government protesting guns.
You've never seen anything like it.
I wonder how they feel about this.
Four million more guns were sold this year than in 2015 and nearly double the amount that were sold during Obama's first year in office.
Sales hit record levels for 19 months in a row.
Barack Obama has often been referred to as the gun salesman in chief.
Nice try, Barack Obama.
I guess you failed on that again.
Now here's another thing that Obama is failing on.
Fake news.
Italy's populist leader.
Public should decide whether news is fake.
First of all, I just want to give a round of applause because that is exactly how it should be.
Beppe Grillo, founder of the anti-euro movement, lashed out at print and TV journalists accusing them of fabricating news.
He said newspapers and television news programs are the biggest manufacturers of fake news
Wow, wonderfully said.
Now, I don't necessarily agree with how he thinks the fake news needs to be handled.
He kind of wants to have a consortium of civilians decide.
No, I just say the end user decides.
Do your own research, find out the facts for yourself, and for the most part, people who look into that realize what the fake news is really quick.
But I do think that the populist leader out there in Italy
is queued in to the populist movement, which is, we'll decide what's fake news, not the government.
Now, what leads to 200,000 protesters expected for Trump's inauguration?
Well, it's fake news, all the fake news about Trump.
But here's the deal.
200,000 protesters are expected for Trump's inauguration.
As many as a fifth of the expected 1 million visitors will be in town to protest the president-elect.
The organizers of the Women's March protest officially reported to the National Park Service they are expecting 200,000 people at their event.
The demonstration is intended as a way for people to come together in solidarity to express to the new administration and Congress that women's rights and human rights and our power cannot
Be ignored.
Well, why don't you ask the women who voted for Donald Trump?
I think you could say they're the smartest women on earth.
They beat the propaganda.
They beat the conditioning.
They beat the divide and conquer.
But again, and I'll get more into this in a minute, but what rights are being hindered here just by Trump getting voted in?
I think they're a little confused by that.
But we will be in D.C.
for the inauguration.
It's going to be absolutely wild.
I don't want to confront all of these protesters in the streets.
But if that's what they want to do, I will be there to do it.
Now here is a statement that came from, on behalf of the 200,000 women that are expected to be protesting for Trump, from Tamika Mallory.
We plan to make a bold and clear statement to this country on the national and local level that we will not be silent and we will not let anyone roll back the rights we have fought and struggled to get.
Again, what rights are you talking about?
What rights have you lost?
You cannot cite one.
How about the right to vote?
Oh, you mean like all the women that voted for Donald Trump?
I've never seen anything, I think, more ludicrous than these people who are being triggered by the mainstream news and the virtue signaling without any fundamental reasons for their protest to go out and protest.
So we're going to see how many people actually make it out there.
You know, I don't want to characterize or attack these women, but you can see the difference between the women that didn't vote for Trump and the women that did vote for Trump just by how they conduct themselves into conversation.
But we'll have to illustrate this again, apparently during the inauguration.
Lindsey Shriver, a 27-year-old former pastry chef who is now an at-home mom in Ohio, says she was offended this election cycle by Trump's rhetoric, which she characterized as hateful and misogynistic.
Oh my gosh, that's not what the fake news wants you to think.
She said, I realized that being a feminist, oh boy, in my own personal life wasn't going to be enough for my daughters.
You realized that being a feminist is not enough for your daughters.
Have you tried being a mother?
That might be where you want to start.
But there's this weird dynamic going on with the social justice warriors where they think that the way they succeed in life is just to complain and virtue signal all day long.
And that's just not the case.
Feminist icon Gloria Steinem had recently signed on as a co-sponsor and celebrities like Amy Schumer, Samantha Bee and Jessica Chastain say they plan to attend as well.
Wait a second, Amy Schumer.
Weren't you supposed to leave?
Weren't you supposed to leave the country?
Get out!
Feminist scholars say the march reflects an emerging view of feminism that is less defined by reproductive issues such as birth control and abortion, more about the challenges faced by women intersect with those encountered by African Americans, gays, and immigrants.
They're co-opting all of these poor souls, all of these people who have been virtue signals.
They're trying to co-opt them all together.
Has named their event Trump 420 and apparently they're going to be smoking marijuana, passing out marijuana joints all during the Trump inauguration.
So that should be interesting to see as well.
I guess weed is legalized out there.
Yeah, so we'll be monitoring those protests as well.
Now, Chrysler has just unveiled a selfie-taking concept car.
How do you like that for a concept?
A car that takes selfies.
What do millennials want from car?
Features based on 20 years of research into exactly what millennials want from a car has decided they want selfies.
They want plug-in ports for the mobile devices for every passenger in the car.
They want to be able to take a photo of everyone riding in the car and then have it go directly to their social media accounts.
A shared display screen on the van ceiling allows occupants to put together a combined playlist with the tracks from all the occupants' personal devices.
Boy, you got all these bells and whistles.
I hope they don't forget to put in a wheel or an engine because this is supposed to be a car!
Now more on the technological front.
Anti-surveillance clothing aims to hide wearers from facial recognition.
This is actually kind of cool.
Facial recognition technology is something that has kind of been a pet peeve of mine.
I think it goes on more than people are aware.
Hyperface project involves printing patterns on clothing or textiles that
Computers interpret as a face to fight back against intrusive technology, as Amazon scans faces in a physical shop and Facebook searches photos of users to add tags to, not to mention Snapchat, and they want to do this at ballgames now too.
Those concerned about their privacy are fighting back.
Berlin-based artist and technologist Adam Harvey aims to overwhelm and confuse these systems by presenting them with thousands of false hits so they can't tell which faces are real.
This is the Hyperface Project.
I'm going to be honest, I think I'm going to get myself a Hyperface hoodie, clothes, maybe I'll wear one on air.
Maybe I can somehow incorporate that into the news industry so that we can't have our facial recognition technology overtake us.
And to close out this segment, 49ers give Colin Kaepernick the 2016 Inspiration Award.
Colin Kaepernick was awarded the team's Inspirational Award.
You know, I'm not going to sit here and bash Colin Kaepernick on his politics or his thoughts or his protests.
I just think, you know what, I'm going to give him an award because congratulations Colin Kaepernick, you are the worst quarterback in 49ers history because you just went down as the quarterback for the worst team in 49ers franchise history.
So congratulations for being on the worst team, quarterbacking the worst team in franchise history.
Some people might just call that karma, but apparently it's inspiring to protest now.
More specifically, it's inspiring to not stand during the National Anthem.
So congratulations to the whacked out 49ers who just had the worst season in their franchise history for awarding Colin Paperneck the Inspiration Award.
Quite shocking.
What is going to be considered inspirational in 2017?
Our fellow Infowarriors across the United States and across the planet really love the Hillary for Prison 2016 shirts that we began to put out in 2015.
It became a global meme against globalism and corruption and a very strong maxim that's now being continued on today.
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They've made huge jokes about it, but it's totally blown up their face.
We now have George Soros
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It says deport Soros on the bottom and on the top it says InfoWars established 1996.
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It's powerful.
Hope you get out to everybody you know.
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
Well, a lot of people were saying that Donald Trump was making a lot of empty campaign promises this year, but it turns out a lot of the things that he was promising to do to make America great again have already started to happen.
In fact, Mexico is now starting to sort of freak out seeing this play out in real life.
They've got the front page news of one of their most influential newspapers saying, Trump leaves Mexico without 3,600 jobs.
Now, of course, this is...
Just fresh off that news that Ford Motor Company decided to cancel their plans to build a 1.6 billion dollar auto manufacturing plant in San Luis Potosi.
So the people there are, you know, freaking out, rightfully so, and there is a
An analyst there, Alejandro Hope, he says, it shows how much actual leverage Trump has within specific companies, which is far greater than what Mexican elites thought until recently.
They claimed that at the end of the day, economic interests would prevail over political messaging.
That's clearly not the case.
And he also said that this should put us on notice that when he says that he wants to renegotiate NAFTA, he means it.
So this, I thought, was just a really profound statement here coming out of Mexico.
Obviously, on the one hand, we can see what the Mexican government's going to try to do here.
They're going to blame Trump for the fact that they're not able to create jobs for their people, for their citizens.
But this saying, you know what, Donald Trump's saying he's going to get in there and renegotiate these deals.
He means it.
And that's, you know, this is why the American people elected him on that promise.
Meanwhile, we've got Obama.
Actually making jokes saying, Donald Trump says he's going to renegotiate those deals.
How's he going to do it?
How's he going to do that?
Well, boom, like this, like a boss.
Seriously, like a boss.
And he's president of the United States, not president of Mexico, and he's not stealing Mexican jobs.
This is in the economic interest of Ford, or they wouldn't be doing it.
They're not political provocateurs.
They're not, you know, pro-Trump in this.
This is in the interest of this company, or they wouldn't be doing it.
It's about strengthening the job of the American worker.
This is an American company.
Let's not forget.
Well, that's the thing a lot of people don't understand is that it doesn't matter if you're building cars in a factory in Mexico, if there's no one in America to buy those cars.
I mean, that's the thing is if we don't protect ourselves, our own bottoming out middle class, it's just going to have a ripple effect throughout the globe.
That's what people need to understand.
We've also got, you know, some more
Some more good news, I think.
Congress is actually working to try to kill some of these last minute midnight regulations that the Obama administration has really thrusted through here at the last minute.
These are, they say that this is Daryl Issa, he says, Regulations impacting the economy, the environment, families, and our community should be done with great caution and transparency.
Not get rushed in last minute on a president's way out of office.
Even though we know that these things are going to be quickly overturned, but all that's going to do is just kind of create a lot of gridlock there in Congress, which I think is the point of the Obama administration doing this kind of the last minute to jam everything up, muck it all up so they can't get anything done.
So they're creating this Midnight Rules Relief Act, which they say is going to help keep this and future presidents in check so that they're not going to be able to just ram things through at the last minute.
I don't know.
You know, for every law that was adopted by Congress in the last year, Obama has created 18 new regulations.
18 new regulations!
So what does that do?
It makes the management of government more difficult, it makes the entire federal system more complex, and when it's more complex, it does not work.
Right, so King Obama is trying to create as big of a mess in terms of regulations and orders outgoing for Donald Trump that he possibly can.
This is Congress's way of trying to stop him from doing that.
I don't know how effective this is going to be, Leanne, but I applaud the effort.
You know, I'm really not a fan of Paul Ryan, but you know, as Owen said yesterday, I'm going to give him a chance.
I know a lot of people are going to give him a chance and something like this happens and you really are encouraged because you think they're finally doing their job, honestly.
I thought it was pretty, you know, I know the story wasn't in our stack, but really interesting how Donald Trump sends out the one tweet about GOP.
Come on, can't we do something a little bit more important there rather than gutting the ethics oversight?
They're trying to reform the way that probes happen in Congress.
Who can blame them?
Because nobody wants to be under an ethics probe.
But there are more important things going on.
For example, like our president putting special troops on the Lithuanian-Russian border, which is happening.
That might be a bigger issue right now than the way the men and women of Congress are censored or ethics investigations are done.
But hey, you know what?
Do your job ethically.
You don't have to worry about it.
So there's a, you know, there has been more than a trillion dollars, a trillion dollars added to the federal debt.
It's climbed more than a trillion dollars during 2016.
Of course, that's what happens when you add more government regulation.
This is kind of the socialist move when the government is spending other people's money and they have no way to take this debt down.
Meanwhile, California says that they, the California governor is actually coming out saying that they are going to set the example of how to fight against everything Donald Trump puts out there.
California, the state that was almost on the verge of bankruptcy, that's really done everything wrong as far as I'm concerned.
And also they've gone and hired Eric Holder to help them fight against the Trump administration.
I think so.
We're good to go.
Not a shocker there at all.
Not only is it going to be written directly into their scripts, just like Saturday Night Live and everything, but now they're going to probably give them a little bit of tips on how to do this on Twitter and other, because trust me, you do this, Hollywood actors, you are going to meet the troll army.
The Trump troll army is having full effect.
Meanwhile, we've also got WikiLeaks,
Offering a $20,000 reward, cash, to anyone who catches the Obama administration, any agent there of the Obama administration, destroying significant records, WikiLeaks is going to give them $20,000.
Catch them in the act, destroying these really important records, you know, whoever that was that was giving the orders to bleach-bit Hillary Clinton's server, you could have made a quick $20,000 cash.
You know, had an ethics oversight there.
WikiLeaks also is offering that reward, I believe it's $20,000 or $25,000 for any information that leads to conviction of the killer of Seth Rich.
And Assange has insinuated that Seth Rich was in fact the DNC leaker, despite the fact that the representation of the Rich family
And if you can believe this, not to get off topic here, but I heard this today, apparently the theory that they're going with, and he is a DNC insider who was representing the Democratic Party at one point.
So, you know, what really can, what kind of faith can we put in the rabbit hole that you could go down with him?
But the insinuation from him is that he found out that the Russians were hacking the DNC and the Russians had him killed.
That's not true.
If you guys hear this on Fox today.
I'm just putting it out there now because they're going to try to break this with the source and we're breaking it first and calling BS on the whole thing.
So he found the Russian malware and so the Russians had to take out Seth Rich and they robbed him but they forgot to take his wallet.
Also two Wikileaks has issued a warning to CNN, their show New Day.
I think so.
They've tried to smear his character on these trumped up charges from sexual activity that he's maintaining as consensual.
Even the woman has rejected the story now.
Except for pressure from investigators.
We sent a truckload of agents into Iceland in order to nab Assange.
That was their way in.
We were going to help somehow.
And yet, it didn't work.
These charges don't stick.
I mean, you can't just smear someone and call them a pedophile.
But it looks like people are largely rewarded for fake news.
And I know we're running out of time.
The Washington Post is richly rewarded for false news about Russia.
The Russian threat, which is, you know, all in an effort to deceive the public.
And of course they get big time hits deceiving us all with their fake news.
Thank you guys for joining us tonight.
We will see you here again tomorrow, 7 p.m.
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