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Name: 20170103_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 3, 2017
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Alex Jones discusses Trump's upcoming inauguration and debates whether it would be murder to punch a pregnant woman in her stomach. He warns about the dangers of EMF radiation from electronic devices and promotes DefenderShield as a solution. Jones also talks about the connection between Al Qaeda and ISIS, how Obama allowed ISIS to grow, and how Hillary Clinton is the co-founder of ISIS. He criticizes those who glorify Stepan Bandera, a Nazi sympathizer. The show announces a low-cost AR-15 lower receiver that can be assembled at home without a serial number or background check, but must be registered with ATF if sold. They also cover topics such as Trump's impact on job creation, economic news, recent developments against Obama and globalist groups, and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle despite healthcare expenditure in America. Advertisements for various products are featured throughout the episode.

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It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host Alex Jones.
Move bitch!
Get out the way!
And that flag is the American flag.
Infowars helped fuel the rumor that President Obama is an ISIS supporter.
It's been a cozy relationship from the beginning.
I will not let you down.
You'll be very, very impressed, I hope.
And I think we'll be speaking a lot.
Donald Trump and Alex Jones.
This means that Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.
Waging war on corruption is Alex Jones.
So let's just say you and your girlfriend were pregnant and you're happily expecting a baby and someone came along and punched her in the stomach a few times and killed the baby.
Would that be a murder then, or is that just... Yeah, that would be a murder if someone come in and punch your wife, your pregnant wife, in the stomach.
Someone punched them.
So, hold on.
Hold on.
So, it's okay.
Hold on.
So, your girlfriend can kill her baby and that's not murder, but then if someone else punches her in the stomach, then it is murder?
That's what you're saying?
Yes, sir.
Can you explain that to us?
Uh, I mean, uh, you should be, actually, you should be able to have an abortion if you want to.
I mean, eight months is a little bit far.
I think there should be a cutoff.
Two months.
Say... Two months.
Two months?
Actually, is two months the first trimester?
What's the months related to trimesters?
The first month is two trimesters.
Or first trimester is two months?
Is that correct?
Three months is the first trimester.
Okay, so three months.
Let's say it's two months in.
But that's just in the middle of nowhere.
Is it the first trimester?
Or is it the second trimester?
Or is it the third trimester?
We need a person with a uterus to answer this question.
I'm not from here.
Oh, you're not?
No, I'm sorry.
If a woman was a couple months pregnant and very excited about having her baby and someone were to punch her in the stomach a few times and cause a... A miscarriage?
A miscarriage.
What do you think that person should be charged with?
Oh, that's a good question.
Is that murder then?
You said what?
A couple months?
A couple months.
I like how you put that one question after the other about abortion.
Is having an abortion in the first trimester, is that a murder or is that just an abortion?
I feel like it's just an abortion.
Once the birth goes on, down to a certain point, you can't have an abortion because
So in the first two months or so you think that's okay, it's just an abortion?
Yeah, because not all people are allowed to, well not allowed, but not all people can, what am I trying to say here, can support a child on their own.
So if you made a mistake of getting pregnant, why not fix it?
So if your girlfriend or wife was two months pregnant and somebody decided to punch her in the stomach a few times and cause a miscarriage, should that person be charged with murdering your baby?
That person, yes, because that's not a self-conscious abortion.
So she can murder her baby and it's not murder, but if somebody else wants to kill the baby, then that is murder?
As long as it doesn't have a heartbeat yet, it's not murder.
Okay, so you just said that the person should be charged with murder, so now they shouldn't be charged with murder?
Let's say one of your bros is like, come on man, this guy can't be having a kid, we still need to party.
And he punches her in the stomach a few times to kill the baby.
Is that murder now or no?
That is murder.
It is murder.
But it's not murder.
That's assault.
That's a battery.
Aggravated assault.
That's just rack and no charges right there.
So how is it murder though?
If she can kill the baby, you said that that's okay.
But like, or let's say a few... Because within the first few weeks, if she has sex one night and gets impregnated... This is a tough one, I know.
If she gets impregnated on night A, right?
No, we're talking, we're already talking two months in.
Morning B, she takes the Plan B pill.
Now that's totally a different subject!
That actually stops the... No heartbeat whatsoever.
Oh my gosh.
And is not murder.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Tuesday, December, oh no, January.
Forensic evidence proves without a doubt that the official birth certificate belonging to Barack Obama, the President of the United States, is a fake.
Mike Zullo, the chief investigator from Sheriff Joe Arpaio's cold case posse, he joins us now.
And Mike, Arpaio and yourself, you guys were on the Alex Jones Show over the weekend.
You guys put the final nail in the coffin of this birth.
Birther controversy, if you will.
Do you think it is?
I would imagine there's a lot of people out there that still refuse to believe it.
Am I right?
You're right.
There are people that, no matter what you did, are not going to believe this issue.
As far as the document is concerned, we had two different forensic experts, two different disciplines, two different continents review our information and all came to the same conclusion.
The document is completely fraudulent.
It's inauthentic.
It's not what it represents itself to be.
And what you have to realize is this goes directly to document fraud and a fraudulent document being
I offer to the American people during the election cycle as evidence that I am good to go.
You can vote for me.
It's a federal offense, am I right?
Oh my god, there's numerous federal offenses.
Somebody's looking at 40 years, somewhere along the line here.
Well, I hope a lot of people out there who are watching this, who have supported Obama over the years, or who have doubted that this is real, I hope they come to the realization and, you know, they gotta face the facts as well.
And I hope they have the courage to stand up for what is real.
And I'm also curious about, you know, the first time we saw the document, it was years ago.
I mean, it really wasn't even that good of a forgery to begin with, because we were able to take the layers, and this was like a Photoshop layer document, which just simply did not exist in the 60s, right?
No, it didn't.
And the problem with the layering argument was there were so many different computer explanations for things.
Even though we never believed that it was anything other than a forgery, we have to look at an investigation as not just simply making an arrest, you look at it for conviction.
And conviction means you have to convince a jury, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you're correct.
And the problem with the computer forensics and the way the document would break apart, look, it was completely suspect.
But you could make arguments that computerized anomalies were created by algorithmic problems inside the computer systems or the scanners.
We needed to get completely away from that.
And that's how we got to our nine points of verified forgery.
You're not going to be able to refute this document.
It's a fraud.
The background has dead ends to it.
You don't know anything.
After eight years, we still don't really know anything.
Nobody knows who he is.
And we don't have a document that really is verifying his birth anywhere in the United States at this point.
That's a fraudulent document.
Nobody knows the truth.
Sound 1, we have one Chevy.
From the InfoWars.com News Center, deep behind enemy lines in occupied Texas, broadcasting worldwide, you're listening to the voice of human resistance against the technotronic technocracy takeover.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
I don't know.
The date is Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017.
We are now only 16 days until Donald Trump, president-elect, becomes the official 45th president of the greatest republic that's ever been seen on the face of this magical earth.
It is historic.
The forces of tyranny, the forces trying to stop innovation, the forces trying to bring in a new dark age of oppression and control are scrambling across the world as their stranglehold on humanity becomes looser and looser and panic fills their vampiric eyes.
Sometimes when history is staring you right in the face and you're so close to something so big,
You don't tend to realize just how important a player you are all in this huge fight for liberty.
None of us do.
At least those of us that aren't arrogant narcissists who only want to run around and basically behave like a bunch of peacocks.
No, I have a mission-driven life and I want to defend liberty.
But I'll be quite honest with you, I've been so close to this problem
And this information for so long that it only dawned on me this morning.
And then the magnitude of it was so big that I don't even feel worthy of giving you this information.
That's why, you know, it tends when something so huge, so massive, so breaking, I tend to almost hold back sometime because I just can't even imagine how I'm supposed to announce and roll this information out.
In fact, I had guests coming in here at 1130.
I want to move those guests to noon or whenever you're listening in rebroadcast to the next hour because I need to just really focus and think about what I'm going to say here.
I'm not somebody that goes off notes.
And this is so big, and I tend to just go over all my documentation instead of just getting into the big statement itself.
We kind of get lost in all the proof, don't we?
The proof's all right here on air, everything you've seen.
The allegory I would use would be like Ender's Game.
Never read it when it was a book.
My sister was into the books.
Then I went and saw the movie, and it was okay.
But the whole preface is what I find to be interesting, just as an archetype, that this Wargamer kid doesn't know at the end that he's actually battling the enemy.
Because they wanted him to just completely get into the zone of fictional warplay until he was actually in it and didn't know that the whole time he's going out to the edge of the galaxy and fighting and then, of course, genociding the enemy.
And quite frankly, I got involved on air because I really wanted to warn people.
They were coming for our guns.
They were stealing farmer and rancher's property under environmental guises.
They were doing a lot of corrupt stuff.
I saw personally, when I went to college, all they did in every class I had at community college was badmouth America, badmouth white people.
These were white professors, all of them.
And just talk about the overthrow of our republic and how horrible free market capitalism was.
Except for one
Black lady who was teaching basically remedial algebra.
Because I was good at everything else, straight A's, but math.
And I was having to, like, get ready to try to get my scores up so I could actually, you know, then place and get into UT.
Which, which later I started the process of and did, but then never went.
The point was, this black lady, it was a true activist, I forget her name, I'll go dig it up.
She was a really nice lady and she'd been to Africa several times on aid missions and she said, all this leftist stuff's a bunch of bull.
It's much more sophisticated than that, it's to control everybody.
I know you're all hearing in these classes all this stuff about, you know, how bad white people are and
How we're doing all these bad things.
But she goes, you need to go to Africa before you really see what's going on.
And she was just talking about how it was all culture warfare and how the leftists were basically just another arm of the same system.
And even at 18 years old, 19 years old, I wasn't fully getting what she was saying when she was just so disgusted with the entire place because it was a brainwashing laboratory.
A brainwashing laboratory.
At the bottom of the hour, I'm going to break the big news.
I'm going to tell you the history of what's happened with the hacks of the DNC.
I'm going to tell you what's happened with the hacks with Hillary's server.
I'm going to break it all down.
And then I'm going to go over the facts of it.
But starting about a year ago,
I had folks that are currently and formerly high-level different intelligence agencies, on record and off record, correct me.
So much of what you're going to hear at the bottom of the hour, you've already heard here on the show in pieces.
But we really should put it up there in lights for everybody.
Hell, this message should be up on the side of the Goodyear blimp.
And then what Obama's currently doing in the last 16 days, what they're going to attempt to do once Trump gets in, InfoWars really is the place
Where the highest level, factual, real information is released.
There's a lot of other good information at Drudge and Zero Hedge and Breitbart, but we really are it.
We're the best there is.
And I don't say that out of some position of a power trip.
It's the opposite.
It makes me get short of breath because I'm somebody that can speak to a crowd of 10,000 people and not get any butterflies.
I'm somebody that has a lot of confidence.
But when it comes to doing the right thing and like doing, I guess, brain surgery on a little kid, they say brain surgeons have one of the lowest life expectancies, incredible heart attacks, incredible stress, because it's so microscopic what they're doing.
When these huge scopes are looking through these microscopes, basically that any wrong move
They're going to brain damage or, you know, kill their patient.
And it's that same feeling of, wow, this is really dangerous.
This is real.
This isn't movies.
This isn't spy thrillers.
This isn't, you know, the days of the Condor or whatever.
This is the real deal for Western civilization and the whole future, basically, of humanity and all of us that are the Infowars family.
Are just the focal point of the resistance.
I'm part of the focal point like a composite eye on a dragonfly.
You're a part of the composite eye.
All of us together with the activism and the focus and Americana, we are the remnant.
We're what's left of what they tried to exterminate culturally, spiritually, genetically, everything.
And it's going to be our job to return the Republic, or at least desperately in the next 30 years battling AI and the globalists, it'll be our job to make sure that this remnant makes it through that level to the next remnant.
Because all that has to make it is a remnant of humans that are truly intact, not completely genetically mutated and poisoned and dead.
If we get a thousand of us
Through this thing, we're going to win, as long as the species makes it out of its greatest challenge it's now facing.
Now that's part of a whole larger issue.
But I do have the sense of the long game, the long war, and... I'm not a selfish person.
Because I'm the most selfish person you'll ever meet.
Let me explain that.
I will lay down my life to see humanity make it not be scum, and I believe in the species.
And I see the globalists demonizing and putting us down 24-7 and I'm sick of it.
And I know their spirit and who they are.
They must be defeated.
I'm selfish for my children and your children and their great-grandchildren together into the future so we can continue the amazing experiment of men and women loving each other and merging their genetics and creating new beautiful creatures with wonderful souls and all the discovery and all the amazing things and all the love and all the passion.
I want to go on and on and on because I know there's eternal life in our species and in our genetics as long as we succeed as a species.
I fear the death of the species.
So much, I have no fear for my life.
In fact, I have to control myself and just because it's the opposite of fear.
It's total will to defeat the enemy.
And it's so empowering, I can't even contain it.
And it's that spirit that we're releasing on the enemy.
And I'll just tell you, I've sat there and talked to Trump before I said that to him.
He said that to me.
The real Donald Trump.
And people are going to see that.
They're going to see the spirit of justice and a prosperity turned loose.
And that's why the enemy is freaking out, because the enemy knows.
And I've got to hand it to Trump, the way he cloaked this this long.
He's just a master to counter these dark sorcerers.
And they're scared.
They're scared.
They're real scared.
And they should be.
Because Trump, myself, people like Drudge, we're all just the first big wave.
Stuff's coming after us real fast as this spirit rises that is going to absolutely devastate the enemy.
But let me give you a warning.
The enemy is going to turn loose some stuff as well.
We're going to see their champions stomp out on the field.
So get ready.
I'm going to break down what's really behind WikiLeaks, the whole compendium, the battle inside the intelligence agencies, what's going to happen if Obama tries to block Trump and everything at the bottom of the hour in T-minus 13 minutes.
This is the most important broadcast I've ever done.
You'll want to stay with us.
Now what I'm announcing here today is already a custom here in the United States.
And that is extending the Christmas holiday up until New Year's Eve and then taking down the Christmas trees and taking down the Christmas lights.
Ooh, I keep saying Christmas.
I'm so politically incorrect.
The day after New Year's Eve or New Year's Day.
And so I've decided right through New Year's Day, we're going to keep
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In fact there's a war going on not just online but in the streets.
I've seen it where people on the hike and bike trails say Merry Christmas and then folks don't respond and they say Happy Holidays.
Or even family I have, that I send the message of Merry Christmas to, they respond back with Happy Holidays.
It is some distant cousins, but it's going on.
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I'm Alex Jones signing off from the Central Texas News Center in Austin.
Go to Infowarsstore.com today for 30 to 50% off specials while supplies last plus free shipping or call 188-253-3139.
16 days until Trump's seated as president.
Elected in a giant landslide, totally won the popular vote, totally won the electoral.
They stole five states, we caught them in, probably more.
Tried to steal five others, but the five states caught Homeland Security breaking in, in the five states and blocked them.
That's all come out, but not on the national news, because it's not news, it's enemy propaganda.
Now, I got up this morning and saw that Julian Assange, also I saw it last night as they were promoing it for Hannity tonight, had come out and said, look, unequivocally, our source is not Russian.
Now I happen to know the multiple sources that Assange has.
When I say I know the sources, I know that multiple sources in U.S.
But also in NATO, and also right out of the United Kingdom.
I mean, he's got so many sources, it'll make your head spin.
He's got duplicates, he's got everything.
It's so much stuff.
A thousand people couldn't go over it all.
That's why he has all these different journalists that are helping him.
And let me just give you a news flash.
Some of them are operatives.
The ones that turn on him, the ones that say, don't worry about his safety, he's fine.
Greenwaldian people are for real.
You can tell they're for real.
Losing their jobs, having folks come after them.
But when you sit there,
You see the overall picture.
Clearly, Assange is totally surrounded.
The guy has amazing courage.
I've been told for over a year by multiple high-level sources exactly what's going on and that so many times it comes true just like they said and then I have my other sources and our own back channels.
I mean we broke what really happened in Benghazi.
We don't, but we're always so busy covering the next big issue we don't give ourselves credit which we should give ourselves credit so people understand that Cy Hirsch came on this show and thanked us and our sources and our work for the last four plus years exposing what happened in Benghazi.
That's a Pulitzer Prize winner.
And why'd he do it?
Because he wanted to point out, yes, you're on target and so am I. We need to get attention on this.
Our military told Obama, we're not going to be part of this anymore.
We're not going to back radical jihadis.
We had a soft coup against Obama's coup.
He writes about it in Military to Military and other articles and books he's written on the subject that just came out last year.
Back just about a year ago,
January 7, 2016.
So when I come back, I'm just going to lay out the big facts of where we currently are, then I'll flesh out some of the background and as much as I can tell you.
But again, you get involved in this process and you don't even notice you're leading it.
And I'm not saying that for credit, I'm saying so people understand you're going to get the absolute breakdown on what's currently going on and the war
Inside government.
Look how it's all coming out.
Leaked audio.
Obama wanted ISIS to grow.
16 hours ago.
Good, good.
The leaks are starting.
Print that for me.
And again, I'm so busy in the fight, folks.
I can't even keep track of half this.
So, understand.
Keep sending us the emails.
Keep posting articles.
Keep making comments on the message boards.
Help us, too.
People say, why aren't you covering this?
Too much is happening.
It's a war, folks.
There's a fog.
We're winning.
The enemy is routed, but it's still a war and things could turn.
I've been saying the last week, and I really intensified it yesterday, basically hysterical for three hours.
I said, you have got to leak everything you've got now in the next 16 days.
17 days yesterday.
You've got to hit them with everything.
And I know what they've got.
I mean, I know what some of the really bad stuff is.
And I also know that it's very hard for my own safety to not just get all this out.
Because as soon as I get it all out, I'm safe and my family's safe.
This isn't a game, folks.
You're not watching a movie here.
This is the real deal, toe-to-toe with the globalists.
People seem to think, like, news is fake, but then all the fake Hollywood stuff's real.
Mainstream news is twisted and garbage.
Hollywood's fake.
This is real.
And MSM's been caught in a bunch of fake news.
But I've got to say, I've been very critical of U.S.
intelligence agencies over the years.
I've been very critical of the military, as you know.
But in the last five, six years, all of our complaining, all of our saying, do something, stand up, do the right thing, the military, the intelligence agencies have.
They are the stars of this whole deal, doing the right thing, actually, and upsetting the entire New World Order.
And guess what?
Other agencies are doing it for their nation states as well.
It's a very exciting time to be alive.
It's epic, legendary, to the next level.
Legendary to the extreme.
I mean, I don't know of new words to describe because we've never been through something like this.
I'm gonna try to take all this data and just focus it down and encapsulate it on the other side.
Tell everybody you know, tune in now to learn about the current civil war inside the U.S.
government for the future of the Republic.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Well, once again Julian Assange has come out and said that Russia was not the source of the John Podesta and DNC email leaks.
In an interview on Hannity, Assange assured Hannity and the audience that the source of the emails was not Russian or a state party.
This comes on the heels of the Obama administration and the liberal minions digging their heels in on the Russian hacking allegations
With fake news such as Russia hacked the election.
Assange makes the keen observation that in the statement made by five different branches of the U.S.
government against the 35 Russian diplomats that were removed from the U.S., WikiLeaks was not referenced once.
Back on November 9th, Obama assured President-elect Trump and the American people that he would do everything possible to make this a smooth transition.
Someone is lying.
So I want to be honest.
It's not as if it's just Republicans who have monkeyed around with elections in the past.
Sometimes Democrats have too.
Of course the elections will not be rigged.
What does that mean?
This is Owen Schroeder for InfoWars and there's a war on for your mind.
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16 days.
From the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
How many times must I tell you, baby?
How many bridges I've got to cross?
How many times must I swear
This came out a while back.
The New York Times sat on the audio, but now it's been re-leaked.
Obama wanted ISIS to grow.
Secret speech John Kerry to the Syrian opposition.
Of course we already knew that.
We reported that first.
Tosh Blumley, the most famous CIA contractor ever.
Basically lost his job, got kicked out of it, and when he came on the show and got death-threatened, and got visited, and we're going to stop right there.
They did all sorts of other dirty tricks that I'm not even at liberty to get into here on air.
He basically had to live on a military base so they wouldn't kill him.
And he broke what they really did at Benghazi first.
Now, he already, of course, had other sources in NATO, in the military, in the Delta Force, you name it.
And then, of course, we had Colonel Schaefer on one week after Benghazi, laying out everything that happened.
It all came out years later, congressional testimony.
The stand-down orders, everything.
Giving the missiles to the jihadis who didn't trans-ship them into Syria, everything.
And now, there it is again.
Trump saying Hillary and Obama are the founders of ISIS.
They even came up with the name at the White House.
And that's our next story.
I have been told that the information being held back by U.S.
intelligence agencies, amongst many, is the actual memos and orders from Obama and Secretary of State Hillary to even create the name ISIS Islamic State, to change the subject off the fact they were caught backing Al Qaeda, because the name Al Qaeda was so shocking.
You're like, Alex, you told us this four years ago.
I know.
That's what they've got in these leaks, and they're going to release it.
That's one of the things.
That's why Trump's out there telegraphing.
Oh yeah, 9-11, we need to look at the bushes at 9-11.
Jeb drops out the next day.
And then we have all this other just incredible stuff happening.
Ted Cruz's daddy, CIA.
Drops out two days later.
What do you think, Trump's just coming up with this stuff out of a crystal ball he's got in the back room?
And it all just keeps devastating him?
Let's go ahead and play that clip.
Here it is.
Then Obama came in, and normally you want to clean up.
He made a bigger mess out of it.
He made such a mess.
And then you had Hillary with Libya.
So sad.
In fact, in many respects,
You know, they honor President Obama.
ISIS is honoring President Obama.
He is the founder of ISIS.
He's the founder of ISIS, okay?
He's the founder!
He founded ISIS!
And I would say the co-founder would be Crooked Hillary Clinton.
Now the Kerry tape, the Kerry tape's up on Infowars.com, WorldNetDaily's picked it up.
I believe Drudge has it.
The point is, is that it's an hour long, and we're gonna get some excerpts of it and play it for you, but this is huge.
Obama wanted ISIS to grow, close quote.
They didn't just want it to grow,
It's Al-Qaeda out of Saudi Arabia.
It's an invasion of Syria.
That's been declassified.
And they sit there with this trillion pound creature in the living room, telling us we're stupid and conspiracy theorists, when I have Colonel Schaefer, the former head of the anti-Al-Qaeda operation, with over a thousand people under him, trying to hunt down Al-Qaeda for four years.
And I've had, you name it, congressmen on, Walter Jones, everybody that's seen the secret documents.
And if you think that's high up, imagine who I talk to on the telephone.
As high as it goes.
And everybody already knows that.
I'm just telling you, folks, what you're hearing here is the absolute facts.
They've got...
Drugs that are poisonous being approved, they know are approved.
Testing lethal pathogens on the troops.
It's all... I mean, when Trump saw the stuff a few years ago from classified sources of what they're doing at the VA's, he literally goes into rages.
And I'm just telling you, they're in deep trouble when he gets in.
He knows everything.
He knows about 9-11.
All of it!
All of it!
I've had former spymasters, current spymasters, all of them tell me, look Alex, don't worry.
You watch what Trump does.
I had people approach me four years ago and go, Donald Trump, he's going to bring down the new world order.
He really likes what you're doing.
I'm like, that guy with hotels?
The guy with orange hair?
Because I don't watch mainstream TV.
That was all just his cover, folks.
And they are crapping their drawers.
So let me give you the big news right now, because I got sidetracked with the other big leagues proving everything we ever said.
On the Al-Qaeda-ISIS front.
How bombshell is that?
But that segues into this.
The biggest news ever.
Why do you think going back four years ago, when they're doing the big invasion of Syria, calling it a civil war, just like they've done in Libya, the West starts a civil war with jihadis, out of Saudi Arabia and other areas, but now in Syria it's easier for troops to get to.
They're coming in from all over the world.
Jihadis from Russia, jihadis from America, the UK, Canada, Australia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Serbia, Albania.
I mean, they're just pouring in for the big jihad to get their own house, get their own land.
You come take the country, you get houses, swimming pools, everything.
You get the businesses, the oil wells, everything that Syria ever built in thousands of years, you get it.
Oh, but we're talking about Israel.
Having a few, you know, 20 square miles or something they took.
Okay, whatever.
After we talk about the jihadis running wild and 5 million of them invading Europe and Merkel opening the borders up and we're getting flooded.
After we've dealt with all that, okay, then we can moralize about Israel.
It's ridiculous!
Quite frankly, why is Israel even in Israel?
It's completely surrounded by psychotic nuts that can't even get along with each other.
But continuing, ladies and gentlemen,
So Obama starts coming out four years ago and announcing that Russia is this enemy, and Russia has caused all this turmoil in the Middle East, and even weird stories four years ago, three years ago, going, oh, they're behind Al Qaeda and ISIS, but no one bought it, so they backed off.
So there's a kernel of truth.
I'm gonna give you, just to be completely truthful, there's a kernel of truth to what Obama says from his perspective about the Russians have hacked America.
You want to hear the big secrets?
I'm just going to give them all to you right now.
And you're going to go, wait a minute, this has already been in the news.
I know, but no one puts it together.
And then I don't just have the pieces together, I have all the sources.
But it's complex, but it's also very simple when you pull back and see the whole thing.
Our military was desperate five years ago.
They knew the plan.
Wesley Clark even came out and talked about it.
He's a liberal.
To take down these seven countries using radicals, destabilize the whole Middle East, then flood Europe.
It's a horrible, evil plan.
It's a Soros plan.
That's in the WikiLeaks.
And again, so much of what you're about to see come out in the next few days is already in the WikiLeaks, already been brought out.
Now it's just going to be brought forward again.
And new information is going to be released every day as we speak.
Get ready.
You're going to see the damn break because Obama and Hillary broke their deal with Trump.
They blinked election night.
They were told, we got all the dirt on you.
We know you just tried to steal these other states.
You just stole these.
We got people ready to come forward with all the evidence.
We're watching you.
We've got almost everybody in the agencies watching you.
You really have screwed the pooch.
You and your operatives are cut off in your foundations.
Don't try anything.
Everything's going to be released tomorrow if you do.
And so, that's why Trump said, sorry we're a little late.
A lot of stuff going on.
A lot of things happening tonight.
You've been on the phone with Obama and Hillary's people.
Hillary was throwing stuff, breaking things in a rage.
We told you the next day, it came out weeks later.
She had to be sedated.
They were so arrogant up at the top, they thought all these intelligence agencies and groups would follow all the criminal orders.
When they were given the plans to hack and steal all the elections, all they did was tip off the states.
They weren't able to stop it in every state, though.
This was an incredible battle.
Folks, Trump won the popular vote by like 10 million.
But they couldn't have huge numbers of blacks and Hispanics voting.
They had to give you fake numbers and say, oh, he didn't convince them, because they don't want blacks and Hispanics to have the victory and be part of this.
So they put up the false narrative, oh, he barely won, and oh, he got a little extra blacks and Hispanics, but no.
No, it was a tsunami.
It was a gigantic victory.
It was huge.
A total realignment, a total repudiation, and they were just, uh, uh, we just lost, we stole, you're gonna release all the d- and then they kinda hyped themselves up with Pelosi and Soros in the last few months to try, well let's try getting the electors, let's try a recount, let's try saying they're Russian spies.
Because the truth is, the generals in our military, and again I told you this four years ago, it came out Cy Hirsch a year ago.
Again, just, we told you over and over again, proven Cy Hirsch, boom.
But this is so huge.
I'm going to lay it out now.
There's so much background.
There's been an internal civil war in this country, inside the intelligence agencies everywhere.
Obama and Hillary were so evil, so bad, that even mercenaries and corrupt people said, we're not with these crazy people that want to kill prosperity and want to domesticate everybody.
No, it's not happening.
Americana's too sexy to let a bunch of chicken neck scumbags, like Hillary, walking around having seizures everywhere.
I mean, that image of her squatting on us and basically marking her territory, peeing on us, just isn't floating, okay?
America's not going to have Obama and Hillary and Madeleine Albright and all these people, because they don't have power, they're nobodies, they're cowards, they're scumbags.
We're not going to sit here while you pee on us.
It's just not happening.
So that's what's happening to you.
Let me explain what's about to happen.
And I told you this months ago, and I told you this yesterday, and I'm telling you again, but now I'm going to go ahead and tell you what the information is.
It's how you tried to steal the election.
It's how you created the name ISIS to confuse the public.
Oh yes, the Council on Foreign Relations private meetings that Hillary and John Kerry were at?
You think somebody recorded those?
You think somebody recorded those, Haas?
You think we don't have people everywhere, jackass?
That's just some of what's out there.
It's all out there.
So damaging, it may destroy this country.
But before you're able to strangle it for sure and destroy it, it's going to be released.
All of it!
So, you broke your deal with Trump.
You weasels.
Because a lot of this probably doesn't need to come out so bad.
These should be reformed, taken care of, people need to be dealt with.
A lot of folks need to get cancer.
We're the real fast acting type.
They need to agree to it.
But no, you're going to go on to the end.
You're not going to stop.
You're going to try to keep trying to sabotage things once Trump gets in.
We understand that.
We know you're not going to go away.
We understand you're never going to back off.
We get it.
And so Santa Claus is getting a list.
He's checking it twice for who's naughty and nice.
And so you want to have a big fight?
You want to have a big civil war?
Feel your hand!
Go ahead!
You don't think everybody's been running around forever getting ready for this?
You stupid, arrogant people.
You'd hijacked the top of the country, you'd looted us, you'd robbed us seven ways to Sunday, but you had to rub it in.
You had to get up on TV like a bunch of megalomaniacs and go, and your kids belong to us and the state and we ripped you off of Obamacare and got the public stump!
A bunch of weird chicken-neck Harvard guys having little wimp celebrations about how they destroyed America and how they were better than us.
Yeah, you're about to find out.
So here's the big announcement, just in total.
As they say, labyrinths of evidence!
The globalists are losing everywhere.
People don't want this tyrannical New World Order global government model.
We're not even debating whether world government's good or bad.
Let's just cut that out for academic reasons.
This world government is nothing but a corporate looting arm which admits it wants a post-industrial world, the end of nation states, only trade corridors, 99% of stuff collapses, and then the elites have high-tech city-states that are heavily guarded and controlled, and everybody else lives in squalor.
And people say, oh, there's a movie about that.
There's books, Hunger Games.
I told you this 20 years ago.
I put it in films 15 years ago.
No, that's art imitating life, folks.
Not, not, not life now.
Imitating art.
It's, it's, it's, it's art imitating life.
It's what's going on.
So here's the big announcement.
In summation.
WikiLeaks and a whole bunch of other groups.
WikiLeaks is just some branding name and one major clearinghouse of folks that have been going over all this stuff and have the courage to do it.
That's kind of what we are as well.
But them to an even higher level when it comes to the documents themselves, because I won't touch the things.
You start getting these real things, you start getting followed around, you start getting guys beating up in parking lots.
You start getting hit on the head.
It's not that I'm even afraid of that, it's that people didn't used to even care when I got secret documents.
Because I was just some guy on a few radio stations like, oh yeah, that's not real.
The point is, is Assange got big journalists behind him with a lot of credibility.
And so now we're sitting here watching this total war with 16 days out.
Obama and the globalists desperately want to keep Trump out of office.
Globalism is failing all over the world.
Nationalism and populism is surging.
The elite in every major publication admit to themselves they are burning down in a day.
Babylon's burning in a day.
I mean, the next few years is like a minute in the scheme of human history.
So a day is like a year.
It's just amazing.
It's so mind-boggling.
So there's this war going on currently, and they've told him, okay, all this horrible stuff, we don't want to release more, stop it, admit your beat, back off, let us cut the taxes, let us resuscitate the country, just stop this ritual of abusing America for your own personal weird leftist mind control.
Stop it!
And they went, OK, we're going to stop it, and then came right back attacking behind the scenes and now publicly.
And so when they say, oh, there's Russian agents hacked us, the kernel of truth is our military and our patriots
Checkmated Obama with the proof of this and said, you let us now take these groups out or we're going to release all the info.
And again, Obama said, OK, I will, but then always sabotage the missions.
It's the same deal.
OK, I'll back off.
But then he never really does.
So they've been through this six or seven times now with Obama and the globalists.
So the Russians said, OK, we'll talk to your military.
Sure, we'll talk to your chairman of the Joint Chiefs.
Sure, we'll talk to all the heads of your military.
Oh, you want us to come in?
You know we're already there.
You know we're already losing thousands of troops every few months.
Oh, sure, you're not going to give us a problem if Air Force comes in.
Okay, we'll divide the country in three parts.
We'll even go with your previous plan.
Sure, we just want to stop World War III.
Boom, we're coming in.
They come in.
And they join U.S.
military forces now there, who know everything they do has been given to the ISIS people days beforehand.
So now, the military started doing tests in the last year, giving false info back to the Pentagon, knowing they've got moles inside there from Soros, and then they're even using that in disinfo to get the ISIS people to attack the wrong spot.
And they're like, oh my God, Obama is feeding intelligence directly to ISIS.
Well, of course he is!
Saudi intelligence and the Chinese intelligence basically runs that thing.
We've got congressmen introducing bills to stop funding ISIS.
We have Democrats coming out and speaking out as well.
We have Democrats coming out saying, Obama, we got hacked two years ago in the big giant
Hack of all time.
14 million U.S.
governments' names, infos, codenames, everything.
All their operatives.
Total roll-up.
There's no way they just got that.
You gave it to them, didn't you?
Oh, that's right.
All the Russians are getting it.
It's all the Russians.
Obama rolled up our entire intelligence network worldwide to the shycoms.
That's why the intelligence agencies are in total war mode against Obama.
Because they realize it's a triple cross.
And the enemy's got 16 days to try to stop us from restoring the republic.
Anthony Gucciardi joins us to talk about Bio PCA, the latest formula to be announced and released by Infowarslife.com.
Now, this is our 20th product.
We can easily go out to a major vitamin or supplement company and private label a thousand different products.
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Many of the products originally were some of the top labs in the country, so that they're true game changers, they're organic, they're proven as safe, and they're also very affordable.
Exactly, you talk about being a game changer, right?
You talk about, we're in an industry where we talk to the industry leaders, we've both talked to them.
They have conveyor belts of herbs falling on the ground and they have someone come and sweep them up and put them back on the conveyor belt.
They have individuals that are hired only to save money and get the lowest quality junk and put it in as many capsules as possible so they can make the highest profit margins.
We refuse to screw people.
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This is insane.
When I told him we wanted 10,000 micrograms, he goes, okay, I get that you guys want to do, you know, high power stuff, but why don't you just do 3,000 and then you can sell, you know, multiple bottles of it.
People will buy more of it.
I was like, no, let's do 10.
Compare that to this.
This is a $50 product.
One of the leaders in the industry has 3,000 micrograms of biotin.
We have 10,000.
This is $50, $48 to be exact.
There's no script, there's no teleprompter, I'll just be honest with you.
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I was jogging, lifting weights.
I couldn't lose the weight.
I went on what Mother Nature gave us, and it's changed my life, and it's also helped the InfoWars change the country and the world.
It's a win-win.
Alright, let me get into the big news we're breaking that I'll then walk through the history of more in the next hour.
I've already broken a lot of it down.
We have loyal people inside a lot of U.S.
government intelligence agencies.
The media got compromised, it got totally taken over.
But because intelligence agencies had already been in the media since the founding of it, they could see the infiltration and the takeover.
Then in the last eight years, Obama completely sold us out to the Communist Chinese, the Saudi Arabians and others, and launched a program all over the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, Far Asia, you name it.
To put radical jihadis funded by Saudi Arabia as well as NATO in charge.
It's now been leaked.
Even the New York Times is having a report on it.
Obama wanted ISIS to grow.
Leaked audio.
And that's addressing the Syrian opposition.
So that's just an example of what we're talking about.
Trump is right.
Hillary and Obama are the founders of ISIS.
They founded it because it's really Al Qaeda to confuse the name.
Now, the public didn't know what was going on, but our military did.
They began five years ago, and Sy Hersh has now broken this.
Last year, we first broke it, but he confirmed it all.
We had the direct sources from NATO, from the CIA.
I mean, from low level and high level, we had it from every angle.
And so the Russians basically came into Syria because the U.S.
military said, we're telling Obama if he doesn't back off, we're going to release the fact that we know they've been funding him, giving him missiles, you name it.
Benghazi was the last straw.
Russia said, OK, we're going to come in.
Russia came in.
So when you hear Obama
Say that Russia hacked our election.
They didn't physically hack it, but it's actually true in a way that America worked with the Russians, who were right next door to Syria, to come in and stabilize things because our military did not want to be part of evil.
They followed their duty to fight all enemies, foreign and domestic.
They did everything short of arresting or going after Obama.
And then Hillary stumbling around, all of her corruption, the WikiLeaks info was all leaked from U.S.
intelligence agencies as well as people in NATO and the UK.
They've had British ambassadors in the last six months who've met with the main leaker that represents the group currently in U.S.
We've had William Binney a year ago tell you that, former head of technical at the NSA, in this studio.
So what you have to understand is, the big news is this.
Here's the big news.
If Obama and Hillary try to keep Trump out of office, which they've been doing continually, with 16 days left, and they keep claiming that Russia hacked power plants to turn the power off on the East Coast and that's admittedly a hoax and all the rest of it.
If they try to escalate and try to cook something up to arrest Trump or kill Trump, which they're currently looking at doing, then Wikileaks and others are going to release information that is Obama and Hillary and the CFR in meetings with Kerry
Kerry and Hillary in the meeting with the CFR.
Basically telling Obama what to do.
Rebranding it as ISIS.
And I was told that by high-level Pentagon sources.
Some of them on air.
Like Colonel Schaefer.
Because he has so much courage.
You know the stuff he goes through when he comes on the show.
I mean, he's threatened every time.
And I know you don't want me to get into that, but the point is, is that this is serious business, ladies and gentlemen.
Serious business.
And so here's the big story.
We're in a death battle for the Republic.
All over the world, people are waking up to globalism.
And WikiLeaks and others are about to release incredible bombshell info if
Obama and Hillary and all the rest of them don't back off and let us restore our republic.
I mean, what upside down world do you see the big leftist Julian Assange on Sean Hannity?
Because they know that's a show that Trump trusts and where they know they can get it to the Republican audience who the Republican establishment is trying to manipulate right now into a war with Russia.
We owe Russia so much.
For being sophisticated and working with our intelligence agencies and what's left of America to try to block this crazy globalist plan to turn Muslims loose all over Europe, all over the Middle East, all over Africa, all over Asia.
Which they've already gotten half their plan done.
So this was a total global takeover with Soros behind it.
That's in the WikiLeaks.
A plan to end the free press, you name it.
A total authoritarian takeover.
And America and Russia, just like in World War II, is like coming to the rescue to block this evil empire takeover.
It's incredible.
And now these globalists know they're gonna get in deep trouble if Trump gets in so they're cornered rats moving against the Republic.
We've never been in more danger.
This is an incredible time to be alive.
That's the big breaking news.
You are listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
Well, once again Julian Assange has come out and said that Russia was not the source of the John Podesta and DNC email leaks.
In an interview on Hannity, Assange assured Hannity and the audience that the source of the emails was not Russian or a state party.
This comes on the heels of the Obama administration and the liberal minions digging their heels in on the Russian hacking allegations.
With fake news such as Russia hacked the election.
Assange makes the keen observation that in the statement made by five different branches of the U.S.
government against the 35 Russian diplomats that were removed from the U.S., WikiLeaks was not referenced once.
Back on November 9th, Obama assured President-elect Trump and the American people that he would do everything possible to make this a smooth transition.
Someone is lying.
So I want to be honest, it's not as if it's just Republicans who have monkeyed around with elections in the past.
Sometimes Democrats have too.
Of course the elections will not be rigged.
What does that mean?
This is Owen Schroeder for InfoWars, and there's a war on for your mind.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
It's Alex Jones.
Again, in the last 30 minutes, I laid out a lot of the history of what's happening, I laid out what's currently going on, and it's all just in public view.
It's just amazing how accurate my sources were five years ago, four years ago, three years ago, two years ago, right through to the last few days.
That there is a major civil war going on, and that the leaks are from U.S.
intelligence mainly.
The Russians were behind the whole carbon tax leak, because that was affecting them six years ago, and the whole U.N.
treaty that shot that in flames.
And so they're attempting to have false flags claiming Russians are killing power plants.
They're putting up fake videos on CNN.
They've been caught.
That's coming up.
Running fake video of the Russian hackers, you know, saying they have footage of them hacking to brainwash their mindless idiot viewers.
This is just an epic time to be live right now.
And we have the leaked audio of Kerry.
And you need to also retweet that, everybody, from real Alex Jones, because it's so important.
And we have Julian Assange to Hannity, source for WikiLeaks, not Russian.
And Assange never comes out about his sources.
He says that clearly, clearly,
This is an attempt to delegitimize Trump.
So again, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to be going over all of this today in detail.
Right now, let's just back to back.
Let's play first Assange saying they're trying to delegitimize Trump.
And then, which is clear, it's like saying the sky's blue, and then let's get into the next Assange piece where he lays out the fact that his source is not Russian for the big hacked emails of Hillary.
Here it is.
Our publications had wide uptake by the American people.
They're all true.
But that's not the allegation that is being presented by the Obama White House.
So why such a dramatic response?
Well, the reason is obvious.
They're trying to delegitimize Trump administration as it goes into the White House.
They're going to try, they are trying to say, that President-elect Trump is not a legitimate president.
Can you say to the American people,
Unequivocally, that you did not get this information about the DNC, John Podesta's emails.
Can you tell the American people a thousand percent you did not get it from Russia or anybody associated with Russia?
We can say, and we have said repeatedly over the last two months, that our source is not the Russian government and it is not state party.
This is Hillary and Obama's last warning.
The fact that Assange has come out and said it's not the Russians.
The fact that he talked about the DNC staffer that got shot four times in the back being one of their sources.
The fact that Obama is moving forward trying to start a war with Russia tells you how much danger we're in.
They may start a major war.
They're trying to sell one.
All this war hysteria you see is just that.
And what's crazy is the average liberal is really a low-information voter who's super stupid.
We all know.
Every time you see a car driving slow in the fast lane, it's always a liberal.
They usually have a bumper sticker, you know, on their car or whatever that says it.
Because they're just idiots.
They just bind all the hype and they're fighting racists and homophobes and Trump's waving a rainbow flag.
I mean, they don't even know what planet they're on, okay?
And NPR is like, let's have war with Russia Channel.
And so they're all just running around going, Russian scum, Russian scum, infiltrated.
Our country got taken over by a multinational combine, financed by the globalists, financed by the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, Soros, allied with the communist Chinese.
We're good to go.
And they, you know, they hack us and steal all the data because Obama gives it to them.
They're blackmailing him with that.
And they're just, you know, they steal the sub and Obama grovels because they got all the dirt on him.
The Clintons have always been Chinese operatives.
The Clintons are on the payroll of the Communist Chinese publicly.
I mean, you really are an unsung hero.
You are with the impetus to Reagan.
I mean, they admit it's your idea.
You did it all.
I mean, you started it all.
The reason I exist, talk radio, the fact that talk radio became kind of the model of the internet, the free-for-all, the return of free speech in America, this entire revolution against the globalists.
I mean, and you've done so many other things behind the scenes.
I talked to so many, you know, big cheeses and they say, thank God for Bruce Fine.
I think Donald Trump has terrified all the incumbent vested interests of the military-industrial counterterrorism complex, the fear complex.
And he certainly has the philosophy right that he was elected to be President of the United States, not President of the world.
No, we don't wish harm on anybody, but after all,
Uh, we cannot solve all the misery created by the defects in the DNA and in the process of trying to do so.
We end up with things like Libya and South Sudan and Afghanistan.
We create a wilderness and do nothing but waste trillions of dollars that should be used on infrastructure at home.
We migrate our genius from production to killing, and we destroy ourselves.
That's been the fate of all empires and Donald Trump is the only one, you know, in a line of succession in our empire who has challenged that fundamental premise.
It's time to focus on the homeland, our country, and not the empire.
They're in total panic mode.
They're trying to destabilize, trying to get an intifada going.
I mean, this really looks seditious, what we see Obama and Soros doing as they prepare to leave.
Yeah, it exactly is.
The lion's share of our problems all trace back to this crazy military-industrial counterterrorism complex.
It creates enemies that otherwise wouldn't be awakened against it.
It squanders literally trillions of dollars.
It takes all our genius into killing instead of production.
Doesn't matter how big and strong something looks.
It is paper tiger as a matter of moral ethics and wisdom.
And if we stand up to the military-industrial-counterterrorism complex, we can defeat it.
And going back to being great as America and influencing other countries abroad by example, not by bayonets and drones.
And it's a chicken or the egg.
The whole military-industrial complex is built on sand if America isn't strong.
We're not against America being strong.
We're just not going to kill the golden goose so they get extra eggs.
Alex, I say we want invincible self-defense.
We want to give our military men pay raises.
Bruce Fine is more Trump than Trump.
Wow, thank you so much.
The answer to 1984.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I don't know how this is going to end, New World Order, but you want to have a fight?
Better believe you got one.
I want to salute all the patriots that are watching and listening to this broadcast who've been fighting tyranny for so long.
I want to salute everybody out there that has been getting ridiculed and attacked for decades, exposing the globalist program, so that now, as they tried to go full operational, everybody had been warned over and over again and made fun of us, and now they know.
Oh, it wasn't a joke, it was real.
And now, the tide is turning, just like that.
And the weight of this is so seismic, so historical, it is bone-crushing.
Liberty always trumps tyranny if we decide we want it.
Now, I've got Q Carter and, of course, Patrick Riley, two of my good friends, they work here at InfoWars, with some big announcements here that was planned for weeks.
But I'm going to recap the top stories, what's coming up, and then Dr. Steve Pchenik, former head of psychological warfare, I'll just say it, it's not a secret, at the Central Intelligence Agency, not the State Department, is going to be joining us coming on, and of course, he's obviously not out of the CIA.
It's just time to be public about all this, okay?
The point is, he wants to come on, he's going to come on.
They've got a bunch of other sources even more high-level than him with the theft, everything that's happening.
There is a giant counter-coup going on right now against the globalists allied with China and Saudi Arabia that hijacked the country.
They're trying to try a huge war with Russia.
You've got a huge media war trying to suppress this, trying to shut up the American people, trying to bring in all this tyranny.
And they're failing.
So there is a civil war going on.
They've got 16 days trying to stop this.
They're trying to start a war with Russia.
They're trying to openly shut down the Free Paris.
They've passed laws to do it.
They're acting and behaving as if Trump isn't even going to be there.
And Trump knows that.
But the good news is, almost everybody in the 16 intelligence agencies knows exactly what's going on right now.
They know the country's on its deathbed if we don't beat these people.
So the delusionals, they call us deplorables, the delusionals, inside the Obama administration and their camp followers at the CFR, need to know there are massive data dubs that make what WikiLeaks released before, their stuff 10 times worse, okay?
You wanna know what some of the stuff I've been told by multiple libel sources is in there?
Hillary being told what to do by the Chinese president.
There's phone calls, there's emails, there's communiques, there's couriers.
They've had it for decades.
The Clintons are communist agents through Don Tyson and Tyson Chicken.
That's what the Chinese are experts at, is infiltrating through business.
They don't just get money from the Chinese, they're Chinese communist agents.
And I've been told that by people in defense intelligence, CIA, and folks, I don't just mean like your low-level analysts or these, you know, rich kids that go to Harvard or Yale and run around and talk into their sleeve and stuff.
I mean the real people that overthrow governments, you name it.
They're Chinese Communist agents.
They had a plan to double-cross America.
They thought they had us.
That's why they're so arrogant.
Everything they do is a plan to demoralize us and make us feel weak and pathetic.
It didn't work.
Am I perfect?
Is Trump perfect?
Are any of us perfect?
But the truth is we love this country and we want to cut taxes.
We want prosperity.
We want to say America's open for business again.
We don't want to make you poor so you're controlled.
I am an individual.
No agencies, no connections, none of that.
Just a real person fighting for 21 years.
And over time, because of you, the audience, we built the network of people with the intelligence and the understanding to take action anywhere in the world and to feed key information back through the internet to where now we see Reddit and the Donald and thousands of other sites and groups putting out even better field intelligence than what the government agencies can do.
We're in a war, folks, and I studied information war and how communists and others have been defeated.
And I simply took that on air, reading books myself, because I sat there in college hearing how bad America was, how our founders were bad, how guns were bad, how families were bad, and how we were going to be broken!
And I decided 25 years ago that I was going to get on air, and I was going to come after them.
Well, now a lot of other people are coming after the New World Order.
And the tide's turning.
They're scared.
But here's the problem.
They're planning something big.
That's why they need to know.
I was told over a year ago that WikiLeaks had all this extra data and that if it didn't defeat Hillary, it would all be brought out.
If she would have gotten elected or stolen, it would have been released that week.
Before she can even get all of her news shutting down and the rest of it.
Obama was going to start a war.
They were going to clamp down on the press.
They were going to do false flags.
They had this whole thing planned.
The problem is everything they do gets leaked.
All their groups are penetrated.
Their foreign merc groups are penetrated.
The Islamic groups they bring in that the Justice Department orders FBI not to follow.
The FBI is ignoring your orders.
You are blown wide open.
You're dead on arrival.
You're bleeding out politically.
The light's going out of your eyes.
Realize you're politically dead.
Back off now.
Back off now before the real guns and hammers come out.
You've only got a few days to signal this and then really do it.
Because if you just signal, you're going to halfway do it and then double cross like you always do.
The hammer is out.
It's over your head right now.
Make one last move that's wrong.
It's all going to be released on you.
Now, most people are scared to get up on air and say all this.
I will tell you what's really going on.
And believe me, the White House is listening right now.
I've been watching their body language, everything they're doing.
They're scared.
Because, let me tell you, what you just heard is the God's honest truth.
I mean, the other stuff that reportedly Ricky Lynch just got, it's just, you name it, it's there.
When you read this, the stuff they've released, how nasty they are.
I want to screw people over.
Make people poor.
Oh yeah.
How do we make them desperate?
Oh yeah.
It's like a bunch of demons competing with each other who could be the nastiest filth on earth.
It's beyond any Hollywood movie you've ever seen.
It is the worst of the worst.
Imagine the best of the best.
Creates a spirit of just being good and honorable and strong and winning.
They don't like that.
These are little horrible creatures.
Now, Dr. Steve Puccini is going to join us.
And, folks, he's really such big stuff on the show that the FBI shows up at his house, or the CIA shows up at his house and says, you better shut up.
But now there's so many people, as he says, upstairs that are fully behind defeating the globalists now, that there has been a revolution inside these agencies to fully re-adopt Americana.
It's not like
They adopted something or Ron Paul or something that we just came up with.
We never turned our back on America.
I come from America.
I didn't realize I just grew up out of what was left of it.
I thought everybody was like this.
And we're returning it.
We're restoring it.
And it's going to happen.
And Russia knows that.
That's why Russia's standing down when their airplanes are getting blown up every week, their ambassadors are getting killed every week, their diplomats are being killed almost every day.
There's all sorts of stuff going on as they hold on, trying to stop a war.
The Chinese may start a war in the next 16 days.
That's why they keep giggling and going, yeah, he's not in, yeah, it's something with China.
Listen, listen, Michael Moore, you piece of crap.
Stop trying to sit around and pretend like you're some master villain.
That's Soros.
Okay, stop it, but it's a bunch of Hollywood people and others playing God.
I'm going to skip this network break so we have more time, and I'm going to just segue into something very, very exciting that we're going to break down here that I've been planning for months.
We've got some B-roll we're going to roll.
If you're a radio listener, you should go to InfoWars.com forward slash show.
We'll also archive this later today so people can see it.
This is amazing.
I've never carried guns and firearms accessories and body armor and things because it's a minefield, it's hard to get the best stuff, and the top companies just sell so much that they don't want to deal with you.
But because of what's happened in the election and everything we've done, and the connections we have, a lot of major defense contractors that have been lobbying to be able to get the stuff the American people are now working with InfoWars.
And the next day I'm going to announce three
Well, two of them are big contractors.
One of them is the original producing lowers that everybody else copies here in the United States.
But two of them are big defense contractors with contracts, you name it, and you're about to get stuff for the first time only available
To the military now, to the people of the United States.
And Quentin Carter has been instrumental with all his contacts, and all his tours of the military in Blackwater, and previously in other groups, and the rest of it.
And of course, Patrick Rowley's been working hard on this as well.
We got one big announcement now, later in the third hour, another huge announcement that is just ginormous.
But this one undoubtedly is the biggest.
The future is here.
Quentin, tell folks about it.
Basically what we're bringing to the Info Wars team is a new line of dynamic, lightweight body armor.
It's nanotube technology.
It's created here in Texas.
It is lighter, more flexible, easier to wear, more comfortable, and stronger than anything else on the market.
We've, uh, went out and did some testing.
We... I mean, obviously, they've been tested by the Department of Defense and everybody else, but we just did it for ourselves and for people to see it.
And, I mean, it's better than what they even say.
We originally found their claims, saw what they said.
We were all kind of hesitant to believe that something so light, so flexible, um, could be so strong.
So what we did is we went out, we asked others in the community, other special operations, to do some testing with us.
They came back with high regard, so we went out and did it amongst ourselves.
We used different pistols, different calibers to test different pieces of the body armor to ensure that it was up to the high standards that we expect to carry here at the M4 War Store.
And I want to just make a point here.
This is a unicorn, but so is a cell phone, so is penicillin if you didn't have it before 1944.
This is the Buck Rogers development.
This was developed in Texas at the University of Texas over the last decade.
Folks, we're talking about stuff that cost $150 for the lower priced systems.
It's insane.
So when folks are shooting these with what the Desert Eagle 50 and it's not going through the Defense Department is getting them right now and that's all obviously secretive but but we say developing stuff that even stops high-velocity you know rifle rounds right now this is for up to what's the particular variance of the 50 50 AE and we were shooting
Pistol ammo through carbines, and it wasn't going through as well.
So when we originally were talking to the manufacturing distributor, they were like, hey, the only people we're selling it to currently are law enforcement and border patrol.
And we asked, basically, can we get in this?
We want to see it.
And we asked for the documents.
And we asked for the documents, and it's one of those things that's amazing, you know?
Let's be clear, this is National Defense Labs, and then they're subsidiary.
Citizen Armor.
Yeah, they're only letting us sell this to the public because they love us.
Yeah, and again, you know, they sent us the video.
Of course, you know, we saw the video.
It's hard to believe on film.
I cannot gush about this enough.
People ask, what's all the secret stuff the military's got that nobody's heard about?
And then it takes decades to get to the public.
No, I'll tell you.
This is it, folks.
I mean, but what's insane is this is less than stuff that weighs five to seven times more and does a better job.
This is insane.
Now, Alex allows us to do some cool stuff frequently, but let me tell you, this is one of the funnest things I've ever been able to do, and it's one of those things that, I mean, heck, we're going to keep doing it, and as a new technology rolls out, we're going to blast it.
By the way, Pat never is a loss for words.
He's doing a good job up here in front of about a million people watching probably right now.
I'm nervous, not.
No, no, you're doing a good job.
But the important thing is, why can't I be nervous when I'm talking about products that are quality?
You're a lucky leprechaun.
You want me to get my suit on?
But I mean, again, we've got all kinds of amazing products from Citizen Armor.
We've got backpack inserts.
We've got concealed vests.
We've got tactical vests.
We've got backpacks and hydration packs.
We have their entire line because it's only available from
The Citizens Armory and us.
And again, they are just setting this up to begin getting it to the public.
We are in at the very ground level.
This has been around for over a decade in all sorts of, let's just say, clandestine things, but now it's moving in to the rifle rounds and being able to stop that.
In fact, that's what they're looking at.
Something twice as thick as this basically stops any rifle round, but they're not ready to say that yet.
But you put this in the backpack, it has the backpack inserts, $150 for the small, it's $175 for the medium, $200 for the large.
This is just insane.
And let's be clear, this isn't one of these dummies that we've got when you're watching the video where you shoot it and it's cosmetic or rubber and it closes up.
This is Bob, the MMA dummy that, well, my mom had one.
She was into kickboxing and I shot it up at a test we did.
And then she said, I want another one.
And then I bought her a new Bob and she didn't want it.
She was out of boxing at that time.
I guess she hurt her eye or something and got sick of it.
So it's been sitting over there in the warehouse, in the storage area for about three years.
And so we got it.
You took it out there.
It's got one little knife when we were testing on it.
That's right.
And to be clear, the shirt on the other side when we were shooting it with the pistol ammo in a carbine, which they claim it's not even rated to, was not going through.
We had to cut out the slugs, but it did hit the shirt hard enough to make the shirt, the thin little tactical shirt, start deteriorating.
So you'll feel like you got kicked by a mule like any other body armor.
But you won't be dead.
You won't be dead.
I mean, it's incredible.
Q, tell us about this because I cannot hype
How incredible, game-changing, over-the-top, insane, the low price, the fact that we've got the exclusive, the fact that we've got a huge factory right here in America, created and designed and discovered, invented in Texas.
I mean, this is awesome.
Born in Texas, made in America, exclusively available at InfoWarsTore.com right now.
I mean, it's unbelievable.
It's a quarter-inch thick.
I mean, it's got a 20-year warranty.
It's waterproof.
You can wear it.
It's comfortable.
I mean, it's not bulky.
I mean, that's the biggest, I think, intrigue for you, Alex.
The biggest thing for us is, unfortunately, we live in a society now where we need to be able to defend ourselves and our families at any time.
And this is something that is so thin and so lightweight that we all carry... What's it weigh, like 4 pounds?
No, not even that.
Less than a pound.
So when we say regular body armor is 5 times more, what is it, 10 times more heavy?
The backpack insert is significantly less lightweight than a typical laptop that would go in your bag.
So what's the tactical way?
Tactical vests depend on different ways.
We have their full line.
We have the systems where you can add augmented plates if you want.
That's correct.
This is the insert that we field tested at 21 feet.
And by the way, it's almost twice the size of the regular plates.
That's right.
I'm not small at all and you can see it covers my entire body.
How big a deal would this have been when you were in Afghanistan, when you were in Iraq, when you were in Africa, everywhere?
Well it would have made him 50 pounds lighter.
It would have definitely made it a lot easier to operate.
How much body armor did you wear then?
80-85 pounds on a regular basis.
So to be able to change from modern steel plates to something so lightweight, breathable and flexible.
Flexible is the big part.
To be able to move without having a steel plate that basically restricts your movement as a whole is the big difference.
But this is something that your children, your family can put in a backpack.
They don't even know what it is.
It doesn't alert your child.
She doesn't think like, hey, something's wrong.
Dad put something in my backpack that makes it heavy.
You can put this in a backpack.
She doesn't even know what it is.
He doesn't know what it is.
And in the case that there was ever something goes wrong, they simply put their backpack in front of them.
And move out.
Well I think you tell them though, if there's somebody running around with a gun, cover your head up.
And you tell them, you know, if you're, if there's something happens here and you're leaving there, leave your backpack on.
It'll protect your back, it protects your vital organs.
We shot this with 9mm plus P from 21 feet.
Origin has cuts in it as you guys cut.
In fact, for TV viewers, there's some B-roll, but there's also audio we're going to play coming up.
You can see where they dig the bullets out and cut the bullets out.
It didn't even cut when it hit.
It just goes and stops.
And I've got some of the bullets right here.
To your left.
Where do I have them?
I mean, it's pretty cool, you know, sitting here digging it out with a knife.
These things are completely mushroom.
Look at this.
In fact, document camera right here, guys.
Yeah, so I mean, again, it's pretty amazing.
As of right now, they're field testing new fibers that's going to potentially stop up to 308 rounds.
I mean, this is how impressive this new technology is.
Nanotube technology, super thin, a quarter inch thick, very comfortable to wear.
I want to show folks, this is what was shot through your MP5.
What's it?
It's a variant?
It's a SIG MPX.
It's an MP5.
It's a Sig MP5, not a HK.
And I don't know all the different groups.
But I mean, look, look at this Hydra shotgun.
I mean, look, you shot it completely mushroomed.
That's a 90% mushroom.
That's because it's the rifle.
And the video doesn't lie.
I mean, I hated to cut this up, but I love to see that it stopped.
I mean, I could feel through the armor with my fingers that the round completely stopped on the outside of the armor.
I mean, completely amazing.
Bob wasn't hurt.
Don't worry.
Bob's safe.
He's home back here at InfoWars.
Somebody stabbed him, though.
I saw that.
Well, we picked the hottest 9mm plus P rounds that we could find.
We shot it with full metal jacket.
We shot it with Hornady Critical Defense.
Look, it even broke the full metal jacket.
The 9mm and 40 stopped it at 21 feet.
Which shows that there was so much kinetic energy that the lead pushed through even the front of the brass when it ran to the nanotech tube.
And if you look at this, I mean, I don't want to do this to the outside.
We're always hearing nanotechs can do all this incredible stuff.
But I barely had to open this.
And that's the one thing.
Don't cut yours up if you shoot it, because obviously you don't want to breathe nanotech, okay?
The point is... And again, it will stop.
It will make you safe and you will live.
All these cuts, this damage that was placed here is not any of it from being shot.
That's from us wanting to recover the projectiles.
So, 21st Century's here.
It is.
Buck Rogers.
I mean obviously I've told you guys and for years I've tried to get body armor companies and it's either too much or we sell so much of it that they can't keep in supply and then they use us to brand themselves but then don't stay with us.
We need to fund our operations selling things like water filters, body armor, seeds.
Everything we sell is what we use that is the best that gives life.
And I think this totally fits in that family and then when I learned Cube,
From all your sources and contacts, that these folks are patriots, that they want to work with us.
This is a big deal, so I want to thank National Defense Laboratories for letting us do this deal.
The other big deal is, you're given an injury recovery offer right now.
We can't do this offer for long.
I don't know how long you're going to keep this going, but these rates will go up, so they got to get them now.
Yeah, let's be clear.
That's right.
I mean, that's crazy.
I see people charging $300, $400 just for the plates and a little bag to hang it in around your neck.
I mean, that's crazy.
I mean, look at this concealed vest.
Look how low profile this is.
We have a shirt that goes over it, a full workout shirt.
But I mean, look how thin this is.
We have the footage of us cutting into this and digging the bullets out.
Can we show that?
But I mean, again, show the good side, that's not too shot up again.
Look, that is very thin.
And I mean, we were apprehensive when we saw this, even though the video obviously showed that it stopped the rounds.
And when we shot this, we couldn't believe that we were shooting in the exact same spot, the best that we could, from 21 feet away, and it stopped the bullets repeatedly, one after one after one.
Sure, well, we have the B-roll, too, because I know I saw it last night.
It's at the end of the clip.
Can we show at the end of the clip?
It shows him digging the bullets out at the end of the clip.
You can also see where the round hit right here.
You can see where it hit the foam.
You can see where it started to penetrate the first layer of clothing.
Put it down here.
This has better light.
And then you can see that it did not even penetrate the very first layer of nanotechnology.
Now, you guys are always calm about stuff and play stuff down, Q. I guess that's kind of the Army, you know, quite professional way.
But you said when you talk to people that have been using this, actually testing it for years, and people that currently test it for us, they didn't just say outstanding.
I mean, what did they really say about this?
No, this is through the roof.
They want to know how do they get it, where do they find it.
A lot of my law enforcement official buddies want to know the same thing because they're wearing these big, heavy, bulky vests that don't work as well.
So they're looking for something you can wear all day, 12 hours a day, in and out of a car.
I mean, you can look up the numbers.
90 plus percent of fatalities with guns when they're used in a case of a crime, I think it's like 94, is pistols or shotguns.
This stops that unless it's a slug.
I mean, that's amazing.
So, they can wear this and only somebody with a rifle around is going to get through it.
And soon, and we'll have it, if it's available to civilians who are not sure, we're going to have the stuff that's, I mean...
Unstoppable, basically.
And as you said, you know, we're walking through a landmine.
We have people beating down our doors trying to get us to distribute and sell their products, and we don't want the regular stuff.
We want the cutting-edge, best of the best.
By far, this is the most impressive that I have ever seen.
And it's less money than the other stuff out there that weighs 80 pounds.
We get tens of people calling us all the time saying, hey, distribute this product, sell this product for us.
If it's crap, we don't touch it.
This is the best.
Available at InfoWarStore.com.
A tactical nanotechnology body armor, previously only available to military and law enforcement, now exclusively available.
It's been tested by the New Mexico State Police and a lot of others, and they are adopting it.
And it's already being tested by the Pentagon, the rifle stuff, but they didn't want us to even get into that.
Oh, and don't forget, you know, you bought a bunch of backpack inserts for your family.
Gonna, you know, put them in everybody's backpack.
And you're funding the InfoWar that is defending this republic.
Q, Pat, great job.
InfoWarStore.com or call toll-free.
I'm gonna lay it out short and sweet.
I got so dedicated to fighting the globalists and their program for world government that I stopped working out.
I was a total fitness nut 20 years ago.
About 15 years ago, I just stopped working out.
I gained close to 100 pounds.
I have lost 50, 60 pounds of fat, or more.
I've gained 20 pounds of muscle.
I'm stronger than I was when I was 22, when I could bench press close to 400 pounds and squat 600.
It's actually scary.
And it's because I take products that our researchers developed that block the estrogen mimickers that basically feminize men.
We've produced these products with top scientists and researchers like Dr. Group to help you counteract the globalist onslaught and at the same time support InfoWars in our fight for both human liberty and freedom.
Let's take a look at some of the headlines.
Trump's carrier deal could generate big returns for U.S.
Fox News.
Ford to scrap Mexico plant, invest in Michigan due to Trump.
Daily Caller.
Sprint called to say they are bringing back 5,000 jobs.
USA Today.
SoftBank to add 50,000 jobs in U.S.
Nasdaq rises to record, Dow nears record 20,000.
He just says, I'm going to negotiate a better deal.
What, how exactly are you going to negotiate that?
What magic wand do you have?
And usually the answer is, he doesn't have an answer.
This is Owen Schroyer from Magic Wand Land.
Electrify your day with Secret 12.
It's like lightning in a bottle.
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Experience the power of Secret 12 at InfoWarsLife.com.
That's InfoWarsLife.com.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic, it's Alex Jones!
16 days!
16 days until the rebirth of the republic!
Stock market's up.
Now over $100,000,000 in new investment announced for just this year.
And it's begun!
Trump is now demanding all the documents about the open borders and who was given what orders for the stand downs and to pass people in that had leprosy and TB, which is a felony.
And the new Attorney General is going to go after them.
Jeff Sessions.
They are crapping their pants.
And with 16 days left, they're trying to start a war with Russia.
They're trying to turn jihadis loose all over Europe and the United States.
This is a dangerous time to be alive, but also a very exciting time to be alive.
I've got a lot of sources, as everybody knows.
I'm not bragging.
We broke the Benghazi first with Colonel Schaefer and many others, like Dr. Steve Pachinick, Tosh Plumlee, from the guy on the C-130, so the guy, you know, who's been high up in government agencies, you name it.
We're going to him here in just a moment.
But from my sources, and I mean a lot of them, and I've been getting this for over a year.
In fact, I had sources over a year ago, Alex, it's not the Russians, because I was asking.
They go, no, it's U.S.
intelligence agencies.
We even know who.
Now, we've had British ambassadors and others that have gone to New York, gone to D.C., met with the actual leakers.
The leakers represent the U.S.
intelligence agencies.
Dr. Steve Pachinik, who has his sources, obviously, was able to come on before the election and say this is a countercoup.
That is correct.
It's happening.
And now they're waiting if Obama does much more and if Hillary and Soros do much more.
They're crazy.
If they do much more, then they're going to release Hillary and the Council on Foreign Relations.
With Kerry, four plus years ago, branding Al Qaeda as ISIS.
They're going to release stuff from the last year, where they've been caught commanding the ISIS forces and giving intelligence to them, which our military already knows is going on.
It's all going to come out.
Narcotics trafficking, money laundering, 30 years of the Clintons being on the Communist Chinese payroll from the time they worked with Don Tyson, who was heavy in with the shy comms as well.
So you want it all to come out?
Democratic Party, look.
You want it all to come out?
It's about to come out.
And the Republican establishment is just as bad.
It's all the same group.
They're trying to block Trump.
You've got that weasel running around the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, saying, I agree, it's the Russians.
We need to get tough on them, and they might have helped Trump.
This is the most treasonous garbage.
All that ever happened was what Dr. Pchenik said, and what Tosh Plumley said, and what Colonel Schaefer said, and then all the folks I talked to off record, including generals.
Including generals that you see Trump putting in.
And Cy Hirsch coming on here a year ago to give a nod to the audience and the rest of the media and say, this is accurate information.
The only Russian operation that there's been was that our military and the Joint Chiefs said, we're telling Obama this isn't happening, and we've been given tacit approval to block it.
Because Obama knew he couldn't just give an order saying, oh yeah, let ISIS run wild.
So Obama acted like he was going to go along with this while the whole time trying to sabotage it.
That's now come out.
New York Times sat on it for a year.
World Net Daily has it.
It's now on Infowars.com.
We can put the headline up there for everybody right now.
Leaked audio.
Obama wanted ISIS to grow.
Well, hell, the CFR four years ago had the headline, Why We Need Al-Qaeda in Syria.
Their problem was we were exposing it was Al-Qaeda, so they changed the name to their Islamic State.
So, former head of psychological warfare for multiple agencies and a best-selling author.
Co-wrote books with Tom Clancy, you name it.
Produced Hollywood films.
He's also developed a lot of great nutraceuticals.
He's basically done it all.
Another Americana Renaissance person.
And that's Dr. Steve Pachinick, who again, has really laid out.
I remember six years ago, he said, it'll be de-evolution of the states.
This whole globalism is going to fall apart across the world.
It'll be dead within, you know, five, ten years.
And it's happening.
And I tell you, he was the first I heard that was this optimistic.
It's happening now.
I mean, it's clear the title surge has happened.
A huge fourth turning is here.
It's a mega turning, I believe.
The establishment that is mentally ill, like Soros, just needs to go away.
We don't want to have to bring all this stuff out.
And I'm just an average citizen here who focuses on this.
The average guy can be an expert on football or baseball because that's what they're into.
I don't know anything about football or baseball now, even though I played football and baseball.
I used to watch it and go to see the Cowboys play when I was a kid.
I don't know anything about it.
I know all about this.
And you see, the agencies know about all this, and the military, and the police, and smart people are tuned in now.
It doesn't matter if half the public can't find their ass with both hands.
I feel sorry for them.
The thinking public does and understands what's going on.
So, Dr. Pachinick against a psychiatrist, medical doctor.
Harvard, MIT, whole nine yardsmen, all sorts of covert operations.
One of the founders was General Boykin and Schumacher, Delta Force.
And I've got all my other big sources in the military.
They say, no, this guy's the real deal, a rock star.
And he doesn't like to hear that, even though the pedigree.
It's like, I was going to get Chuck Yeager on about two years ago.
I got contacted by one of his family.
He lives in Houston.
He goes, Chuck likes your show.
He'd like to come on.
But he'd like to come on and talk about some of these issues he's having.
And then his lawyer got involved, and then Chuck didn't come on, which is fine.
Most of my audience says, who's Chuck Yeager?
This guy that broke the sound barrier, World War II, Ace, all this stuff.
So, it's kind of crazy, because I don't get excited meeting some Hollywood person.
They're super boring.
But somebody like Pchenik, who's lived all this history, or Tosh Plumlee, that sat around drinking tequila and smoking cigars with Castro in 1957, when he was CIA.
I mean, that's cool!
But it's like, ah, just another old man.
This is such epic history.
I haven't talked to you in weeks.
I don't even know your particular view on this.
I know we've got the same sources.
It was you over a year ago said, Alex, it's not the Russians.
It's the Wikileaks has got more.
If they don't back off, it'll come out.
You were one of my sources.
But now it's confirmed.
They're waiting to release even more.
The next few days, if Obama and Hillary and Soros don't signal that they're going to stand down and stop trying to start a war with Russia and fake hack attacks they claimed had happened on the power plants last week, even MSM
Exposed the Washington Post and said that was fake news.
So I'm now seeing a lot of MSM start going Trump's way, understanding that the Trump card is there, not just in name, but in reality.
Now, I haven't talked to you in weeks.
Is that accurate from your perspective, your sources, and where we are, the ongoing counter-coup by the intelligence agencies and the American people against the globalist hijacking system?
To put it bluntly, it's quite accurate, Alex.
As to the pedigree, let's just keep it.
I'm an American citizen, a veteran, who really cared about our country.
And as I said before, it really started with 9-11, continued on with the Clintons, continued on with Bush Jr., continued with Obama.
Obama came in as an affirmative action candidate created by the CIA, as I've said.
He had no experience, he's had no accomplishments, and he has created absolutely nothing but a disaster around the world.
Those people who worked with me quietly, and those people who understood the integrity of the Republic was paramount, allowed me to say, we're going to do a counter-coup.
We were waiting for Hillary to do exactly what she did.
I've said from the very beginning that Hillary was not as bright as everybody thought.
Nor were her advisors.
When she fell into the trap that we said, and actually you said as well, that she's not competent, that she really has no idea what she's doing, that she's physically and mentally not capable of being the President of the United States, she went after you.
And that's exactly what we expected would happen.
What was stupid was to really say that Alex Jones and the people behind it, i.e.
myself and others... Exactly, because we all privately talked.
That was our goal.
I can't believe they took the bait, proving she shouldn't be president.
They did, Alex.
And in the world of intelligence, quite frankly, that is pretty pathetic.
That's what we call a jump shot.
It was the easiest thing in the world.
But more importantly than that, the people who I deal with.
Now remember, I do not get paid.
I do not represent any official organization.
I am simply a citizen of the United States.
It's as simple as you can make it.
They gave me the go-ahead to say, okay, we're going to dump emails that have relevance to Hillary, to Comey, to the CIA, and to a whole group of individuals who will be compromised.
And I told that before it happened.
The Russians were not involved in that.
Putin has better things to do than to mess around with our election.
He had nothing to do with it.
And basically, it was completely created by those of us who wanted to see the integrity of the Republic reinstated.
And Trump would come in with a new way of dealing with the Republic and with the people who were involved in a lot of chicanery.
And as you see now, Trump did something no other president has done.
He literally cleared out the Republicans who tried to get rid of an ethics committee.
Now Julian Assange, I do not know him.
I have never met him.
I will tell you he is a patriot of this country.
He allowed his services to be used by those people who I dealt with and who were concerned, as I was concerned, and he was the venue.
When he says repeatedly that the Russians were not involved, that no Republican or Democratic party was involved, take his word for it.
Now, I couldn't have come on to your show weeks beforehand to say, look, Hillary and the Democrats have created a coup.
It's called a civilian coup.
We in turn, those of us who are concerned, I did not delineate any group or any individuals involved.
We'll create a counter coup.
How that came about was a surprise to everybody.
And that was the leakage of all this email to you, to the country.
But remember,
You are the spearhead of much of what's happened.
I know you don't like to be lauded, but it is true.
Your show and your voice was an important element to spear our discontent and our anger through into something that was constructive.
And the constructive part was to get rid of the corruption in the CIA, the corruption in the intelligence community, the corruption in the DNI,
The corruption in the civilian sectors and the corruption in Congress and in the candidates who were running.
That happened.
Now, what they're waiting for is Trump to really bring in the axe.
I understand, but let's talk about this point before you go there.
And I believe Trump's going to try to deliver.
They know he's going to deliver.
That's why they're so scared.
Fifteen and a half days.
Clearly, they're going to still try to go after him after that.
From my sources, and I haven't talked to you about this too much, but I'd like you to get into the Hillary and the China connection.
I know you can talk about that, or hopefully you will, that it's known, it got so outrageous that she was just like openly an agent of China.
I don't
The fact that it's known she's had the brain tumors, had them removed.
The Secret Service says, just follow her around.
She's falling down all the time.
One month after we broke that, she fell down.
They said, yeah, follow the black ambulance.
Well, boom.
Our reporters caught her falling down for over an hour or 45 minutes in Ohio a week before she fell down.
They're inside of a medical tent with them, running around with body armor and Secret Service.
So again, it's the insanity of King George III is what I'm seeing here.
People had to do this, but expanding on that now.
Not a percentage.
Just like I know, before the election they told you, it doesn't matter, we're going to block this move, Hillary's going to win, they're going to steal the states, we probably talked about that, I said it doesn't matter, the tsunami's going to be so big they're going to block that.
It happened.
But I'm telling you now, because I know you're feeling confident, they're moving against Trump right now.
Their body language, their behavior, everything they do, they broke the deal.
I happen to know that the Trump people talked it to Podesta and of course to Obama that night.
Trump said that when he took to the podium, there's been a lot of negotiation, a lot of things happening.
They said, look, we know you tried to steal it, we know you failed.
Just end it now.
More WikiLeaks are coming out.
Not that Trump's involved, but he knows from his intelligence sources.
You need to stop.
They blinked, but only to get time to grab sand and throw it in our eyes and come back on the attack.
They just bought time.
Now everything they've done is to block Trump, the fake recounts that only gave him more votes with their shill, Jill Stein, they're going after the electors, all of it.
Now they're saying the Russians are hacking power plants.
Now they're saying get ready for blackouts during the election or during the inauguration.
I'm telling you, I smell and see not just scorched earth sabotage as Trump about to take office, I see real moves and a venom now in their step and their eye that I think they're going to go for the jugular.
You may be right, I don't disagree, but when one is incompetent like Hillary and those who surround her...
Well, and Soros himself, what we call in the Judenrat, the Jew who worked with the Nazis, and you made that very clear.
When you have those kind of people, we're not concerned because they've already been eviscerated.
And when I say eviscerated, I mean intellectually, emotionally, the entire DNC is non-existent.
They literally have no recourse to anything.
They can do whatever they want at this point of time.
Trump talked to Mr. Slim, who owns the New York Times.
What happened after that meeting?
What happened after that meeting, the New York Times indicted and convicted this administration for having had the most severe suppression of writers and leakers that has ever occurred.
In other words, the New York Times themselves came up and said,
Hillary, Obama, and this entire group has convicted more whistleblowers, more journalists, than all of the administrations put together.
And in fact, one of the Washington Post editors who was involved in Watergate said that this administration is far worse than what Nixon was.
So what you're seeing now is a counterattack to each one of those elements, taking down the New York Times, taking down the Washington Post, taking down CNN, taking down Fox.
Now Megan is going to, you know, wherever, NBC, but they're not relevant.
The most important issue that we have brought across, and you said, is the fact that now you have become the major voice of what is called the alternative media.
In reality, the alternative media is the media, because the internet became our tool.
And that's why they try the psyop of saying we're fake news, and have the arrogance to pass a law putting intelligence agencies
Over the FCC next year, but that only means if Obama would have gotten in or Hillary would have stayed in or whatever.
I mean, that's not going to work when those very agencies know what's happening.
No, and not only it's not going to work, Obama has no legacy.
What happened is we literally stripped him of any credibility and legitimacy, which he never had from the beginning.
When he first came in, I said, this is a man
Who's created by the CIA, John Brennan, and a bunch of morons to compensate for the fact that the agency had brought us into 9-11 and that they were involved.
So in their thinking, they thought a Muslim or a mulatto individual with no background and a history of homosexuality can be exceedingly vulnerable and controllable.
They brought him in.
He had no history of accomplishment, no history of having been anywhere other than with Peter Geithner overseas in some posts.
The truth of the matter is, he accomplished nothing.
The scandals that he incurred were phenomenal.
Sandy Hook.
Osama Bin Laden nonsense.
He created such a problem in Libya that today we cannot handle it.
Let me throw this in.
I totally agree with you.
As you said, we see a sudden turn of the New York Times.
They say the wreckage of Obama is now being swept away.
As soon as the Washington Post is still being loyal to Soros.
Alex, again, I know you don't like to be lauded, but again it goes to the issue that you and I have talked about and have been involved for over 14 years.
When you see the predominant leaders of high-tech companies, including Jeff Bezos, sitting next to Trump, that's the kiss of death.
For anybody who thinks that they're going to attack Trump through the Washington Post.
Similarly, Trump went to Slim, Carlos Slim, and that was the kiss of death of anybody on the Democratic side of the left wing to think that they're going to use the New York Times.
So what Trump has done, he's very bright and very strategic.
He's literally negated
That's right, the flip started what about a week ago?
Literally, that's exactly right.
So you can almost calculate from the pictures where Trump is sitting down with others who is going to be co-opted.
And in turn, Bezos was co-opted, Slim is co-opted.
So we see the Washington Post run a giant false flag on Friday saying the Russians are trying to take down the East Coast power grid and then within hours it's debunked by Infowars and Drudge and then MSM jumps on the back.
Normally they'd say we were lying and defend each other.
They're not doing it.
Does that show maybe Bezos hasn't gotten orders to his own minions at the Washington Post?
Because we know nobody's got more CIA people in at the Washington Post.
Well, they may have CIA, but again, the key element here... No, I know, but I mean leftist foundation operatives that don't have a CIA name.
I understand, but the point is the CIA is irrelevant.
That's why Michael Flynn has been put into the White House.
That's why you're going to have a military man in the CIA Pompeii.
And you're going to have a military man in Secretary of Defense.
It's not for us to go to war.
It's simply for us to negate any of the nonsense that civilians who've never been in war, who have created war, will be neutralized.
You've got a bunch of trendies trying to play at war, and they've wrecked the country in the process.
Now you got it.
And that's exactly what happened with Bill Clinton, what happened with Bush Jr.
Affirmative action for stupidity and spoilage.
A guy who had no idea what he was doing attacked our own country to go to war in Iraq, which was a disaster.
Now we have a bigger disaster.
Obama has no idea what to do with a half a million people that he helped to kill in Syria and one million refugees.
Thank you.
You know, Valerie Jarrett, she's black.
You go on, I mean, when you have affirmative action, whether it's for blacks or whites, you mitigate the issue of competency.
You're just talking about nepotism.
Well, it's not only nepotism.
It's like political nepotism.
George W. or Loretta Lynch, these are obviously idiots.
But when you have that kind of nepotism and you have that kind of discrimination saying, oh, nepotism and affirmative action and being a woman is more important than competency, then you lose the credibility of the Republic.
And that's what I was fighting for.
And that's what you were fighting for.
And that's what our military men were fighting for.
Why the military?
Because like physicians, the military is socialized to be a profession.
That is, you don't make mistakes.
You just don't cavalierly send people into war so they can die.
You have a guy like James Mathis who's called Mad Dog, but in fact he's so far more intellectual than any other Secretary of Defense we've had.
It's completely absurd.
When you think of Gates and you think of Cohen and you think of Rumsfeld, these are morons.
These are guys who were pathetic individuals who worked on the issue of pandering and then getting their job because they were on the opposite side or they pandered their way through.
Those days of pandering, those days of the politician, they're coming to an end.
I will make another prediction.
Because of the internet, we will devolve power from the federal government back to the states, back to the counties, and we will start eliminating the need for senators and congressmen.
They have been wasting our money, wasting our time, and in fact have become an impediment to the rule of government.
They've turned into regional czars.
That's correct.
Or, as I would call it, a nursing home for those who can't work anywhere else.
It's become pathetic.
And so, no matter whether you're Republican or Democrat, you have people like James McDermott, who I hired, was a psychiatrist for children and adults.
A total disaster when I put him into the field.
A complete disaster as a psychiatrist and as a regional medical officer.
But nevertheless, he got elected through the Boeing Corporation in the Washington State.
Let me ask you a bunch of quick questions before you've got to leave us, Dr. Steve McChinnick at SteveMcChinnick.com.
Okay, I agree with you that I'd say it's 70-30.
We're doing really good right now.
It looks like Trump will try to deliver.
The economy's already turning back on.
They're trying to raise rates prematurely to try to sabotage that, I think.
There's still a lot of problems.
Like, the Republican establishment is just as bad as the Democratic establishment.
They're just as, quite frankly, doddering.
Even if they're young, they're just a bunch of country club...
You know, people that just go to events parties and run around on red carpets all day.
I mean, they're the most selfish, narcissistic, materialistic, empty idiots I've ever seen.
And they're busy attacking Trump behind the scenes, going after him as a Russian agent, trying to block all this free market stuff because they've got all their crony deals.
I mean, I don't think Trump is anywhere out of the woods.
I mean, I agree he's got the momentum.
It's just a dangerous time.
I agree with you in many ways, Alex, but what Trump understands and what Obama did before him is the fact that the executive orders are going to basically obviate the need for Congress.
If Republicans don't come into step with Trump, they are going to lose and they will be co-opted.
There's a new aggression in the country when it comes to getting our
We're good to go.
But remember, what Trump did was to bring Ms.
Chao, CHO, back in again, who is the wife of Mitch McConnell, which gives the warning to Mitch McConnell, clean up your actor, or get out.
And basically, Trump has made it very clear, you either step in line with him, or you're out, and you won't be involved.
And so... So we've got to get rid of Paul Ryan, because he's still weaseling around.
Paul Ryan is nothing more than a kind of a policy wonk who has nothing else to do, never created a business, never did anything.
I'll tell you what, do five more minutes with us if you can.
Dr. Schupachick is our guest, I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
We are restoring the Republic right now and we've got the highest quality nanotech body armor exclusively available right now.
You need it, it funds our operation, get it!
We'll be right back.
Our fellow info warriors across the United States and across the planet really love the Hillary for Prison 2016 shirts that we began to put out in 2015.
It became a global meme against globalism and corruption.
And a very strong maxim that's now being continued on today.
So we now have George Soros, because the media attacked me on this whole goblin meme.
They've made huge jokes about it, but it's totally blown up their face.
We now have George Soros.
As a goblin.
On the back, and it says, with a cross through him, you know, an X, like Ghostbusters, no Soros, him as a goblin.
It says, deport Soros on the bottom, and on the top it says, InfoWars established 1996.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
I only bring this up, not to talk about Infowars, but so people understand the model of victory if anything even happens to us.
And it's a very satisfied feeling to see people that are smarter than I am, better than I am with their own media outlets that are just exploding all over the place.
But to see our view, our historical research, our perspective, our wide spectrum of guests, to really try to get at the truth.
We're not trying to live in some delusional land where we make up what we want and then, you know, go out like a bunch of mentally ill peacocks.
I think it's perfect that Megyn Kelly's going over there.
I mean, she became ugly physically when she sold out, literally.
She came like the witch, you know, from Snow White.
And then now her ratings plunged, they were trying to prop him up, and she's just gone.
She, in New York, believed that she could be on NBC or CNN.
That was what was a proper, that's what the president likes, that's what the other women, where she gets her hair done, are into.
I mean, it's just, okay!
They're really smart, great women, you can put in positions.
This is not one of them.
She's a dingbat.
And so, InfoWars' success has been in that
We just basically have hammered the truth, not some other narrative we were given, and it wasn't some delusional narrative that we just came up with.
And so that's really been the strength of the broadcast, is because I was never even trying to talk to intelligence communities, the military, police.
In fact, when I was out, I was bashing them and attacking them, saying, what's wrong with you?
Why are you doing this?
Why don't you fight for America?
Why don't you stand up?
Well, you notice they started doing it.
It's because the public wasn't supporting them.
It's kind of like in V for Vendetta, he says, why didn't you come forward earlier?
He goes, I was waiting for you, Inspector.
I was waiting for you.
That's emblematic of the men doing something.
That's now happening.
And I was just an earlier wave of people concerned about this, desperately trying to reach people, never intending to be the big swing in you-know-what.
And I don't want to be that.
I want to see prosperity.
I want to be able to back off and not be so desperate.
Dr. Steve Pchenik, in the three minutes we've got left, I want to thank you.
I want to congratulate you.
We should celebrate Trump.
We should celebrate that Americana is coming back in.
I think we should thank everybody, the listeners, the viewers, the patriots.
They're all just as important as any of us, like any part of an electrical line over a thousand miles.
They're the connection.
They're the heart.
They're the blood.
So I want to salute them as well.
Who else do you want to thank out there?
Well, I want to thank you.
You've been very modest about your capability, but the reality is, in my world, when I try to access the radio right after 9-11, there was only one man who came forth and had the courage.
And it's a simple word called courage, and that was Alex Jones.
And it was your audience.
Your audience has been phenomenal.
They're all over the world.
I get responses from Australia, England, everywhere.
These are wonderful people.
But remember, a moment of courage can take down so many administrations and so many problems that you can't underestimate what you have done.
Now, I don't want to call it victory because there is no victory of us.
It's a continuum.
It's a continuum.
It's a continuum.
That's correct, Alex.
It's a continuum of our continuing to struggle to clear out what's a mess and to use the latest tools that you used, that Trump had used, and that the Americans understand, social media.
Now we're going to be in a bigger world.
We're affecting now Brexit, which I told you you would affect.
You know what?
I wanted to get you on next week for a full hour to break this down.
If you've got to go, fine.
No, I keep going.
Let me come back for like five minutes and then let you get into strategy for the next phase, what we expect to see.
Not some game plan you are being given by some shadowy agency.
The return of Americana, the return of Renaissance, you know, as a real battlefield expert that has overthrown a lot of countries that were tyrannical and helped keep countries that were good in place.
I mean, you've done a lot of stuff.
You and I overthrew a domestic country and that was the Clintons.
You were part of it.
So I want you to, as a real, you know, real expert from the ground up at the top, what you expect to see, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
It's a 12-minute segment.
I'm going to just let you host it when we come back, and then I'm going to take over with the latest news and developments.
I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com, and it's a war.
It's ongoing, but you're seeing we're winning major battles, and the tide's turning very quickly.
Does that mean there's some utopia over the next hill?
No, we're still gonna be fallible humans.
But it means we're gonna have people in place that aren't a bunch of pedophiles, basically.
I mean, just look at Hillary and Bill Clinton.
These are frickin' demons, man.
Now most of you know that the mainstream media has been very critical of anyone suggesting that Barack Obama's birth certificate might be a fraud.
And believe me, they got the memo.
I'm talking about the people who work for the mainstream media.
They know that Obama's birth certificate is off limits.
You don't go there.
Unless, of course, someone like Donald Trump shows up and starts asking questions.
Or if Alex Jones brings it up, that's when the establishment media goes into full attack mode and they come to Obama's rescue.
Donald Trump and Alex Jones, the conservative conspiracy theorist and operator of the website InfoWars, which seems to be a place where Trump gets a lot of his information.
Jones can take credit for spearheading some of the most outrageous theories on the internet.
Jones' theories reach tens of millions each month and are now often echoed by the next president of the United States.
Take President Obama's birth.
Trump comes along and said,
Birth certificate.
He gave a birth certificate.
Whether or not that was a real certificate, because a lot of people question it, I certainly question it.
Now, I want you all to listen very carefully because what I'm about to say is very important and I want to be clear so there's no misunderstanding.
We are not saying that Barack Obama was born outside of the United States and that he is not a U.S.
We're not even claiming that Communist Frank Marshall Davis is Barack Obama's father.
Fact is, we just don't know.
I personally believe Obama's father is Frank Marshall Davis, but this investigation does not prove that.
What we do know is significant.
Forensic evidence proves, without a doubt, that the official birth certificate belonging to Barack Obama, the President of the United States, is a fake.
As far as the document is concerned, we had two different forensic experts, two different disciplines, two different continents, review our information,
And all came to the same conclusion.
The document is completely fraudulent.
It's inauthentic.
It's not what it represents itself to be.
What does this say about the mainstream news media?
Because we've been covering this for a long time and they refuse to follow this.
And I still, I expected at least a little more participation after this press conference.
Why do you think they're not talking about it?
Well, this information is devastating.
And what you have to realize is this goes directly to document fraud and a fraudulent document being proffered to the American people during an election cycle as evidence that I am good to go, you can vote for me.
It's a federal offense, am I right?
Oh my god, there's numerous federal offenses under Title 18.
Somebody's looking at 40 years, somewhere along the line.
You're not going to be able to refute this document.
It's a fraud.
He never gives up.
He's Alex Jones.
Broadcasting from deep in the heart of Texas.
Well, the new world order, the globalists and their little plan to have a monopoly system worldwide isn't going too well.
People like prosperity and innovation.
They don't want to be lectured by a bunch of weird socialist mental patients that want to attack civilization because they're in competition with it.
All right, Dr. Steve Pachenik, I wanted to get you on next week, let's do it, too, to spend an hour on really how you see the history of the world so far, this de-evolution of power to the people, to the states, to the local, you know, small is beautiful, and then
I think what Trump has to do now is to make sure that the people he puts in place in all the institutions, all of them, are really vetted out pretty well.
Now, what do I mean by that?
For many of us on the Alex Jones Show and the Truth-O-Movement, we can't have a reappearance of those who are neocons or neoconservatives.
In particular, John Bolton,
Elliott Abrams, Wolfowitz, Pearl, David Worms, a whole bunch of these people who are sycophants and basically gathering around Washington and Trump and basically explaining how they really didn't do anything bad for the country and they served it and they're essential to the running of our government.
That's not true.
He needs to clear out the entire neocon area with what Mike Flynn understands and Jane Mathis understands.
And he has to clear it out because they're dangerous to our republic.
These are the same people who were never held accountable for 9-11 or stand down.
That's the first thing.
The second thing, James Mathis, General Mathis, has to really take in stride the idol whom he wants to follow, and that's my idol as well, General George Marshall, who basically, when he came in to World War II, cleared out
Three to four hundred generals and admirals because he needed a new staff.
He needed a staff where a 59-year-old lieutenant colonel, lieutenant colonel by the name of Dwight D. Eisenhower, came in to be the head of Eurocom and the commanding forces of the World War II.
He had an uncanny understanding of who were the talented people.
The same case, James Mathis has to clear out the Pentagon.
We have a one-to-one, teeth-to-tail ratio, which is not acceptable.
What that means is that we have one bureaucrat for one fighter.
That's unheard of in the history of American warfare.
We need a teeth-to-tail ratio of about 15 to 20 to 1.
In other words, get rid of the half a million or three quarters of a million of the bureaucrats and promote the young lieutenants and captains into positions of power and command and control.
Secondly, the issue of ISIS and Al-Qaeda has to be resolved very quickly.
And that's not on the battlefield, it's back at home.
Those who created it, namely the CIA and others who consorted with them, and the civilians who were involved, have to be held accountable.
This is not an enemy that came out of nowhere.
This is an enemy created by our own CIA, by our own intelligence community, and by our own mercenaries.
If we do not clear it out, it will be an indictment again of the American Republic.
It's not an issue of bombing these people out.
You can't bomb terrorists out.
But you can create them.
John Kerry's responsible.
Hillary Clinton's responsible.
Obama's responsible.
John Brennan is responsible.
And the list goes on and on.
If we hold no one accountable, we will again repeat the mistrials and misgivings of the Clinton administration and Bush Jr.
We have to have a war trials committee that has to be in
And still, very much the way we did after apartheid.
That war trials committee has to have a reconciliation element to it, but it has to bring forth all those people who were involved in 9-11.
Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice.
Once we have that in front of the American public and the world, the Muslims of the world will see that we treat everybody with equal justice.
But as long as we keep putting on Jewish ambassadors to Israel, it's not going to work.
It's not an accident that the only time we have been successful with Israel in a Muslim country was under Jimmy Carter.
Number one, he was not Jewish.
Number two, he was a very bright man who had a willingness to risk his political capital to put together Camp David.
Number three, or number two, is the fact that we had Stanfield Turner, who's director of the CIA, a military man, who was number one in Annapolis.
Together, we were able to put together a treaty that lasted for God knows how long, 40, 50 years.
With John Kerry, we had an individual who's a CIA, skull and bones idiot.
Literally a man who's not very bright, who never was bright.
I said you'd host, but I've got to ask this question.
He looks like he's neurologically degrading by the month.
He flicks his tongue every two seconds and seems to be having a mental breakdown.
I mean, medically, you are a psychiatrist and I'm an MD.
Can you comment on that?
Well, I can't say very much about his tongue movements.
I can tell you a lot about his narcissism, where we picked it up in the Nixon and the subsequent administrations when he went to Vietnam and brought with him a film crew.
And that was totally out of, you know, we couldn't believe what he had done.
Have you seen the photo of him looking down the barrel of a gun?
You can't make it up.
I'm sorry.
I'll keep going.
I'm sorry.
That's all right, Alex.
You can intervene.
Basically, he is a pathetic, dumb individual.
He was a Jew whose father was a Jew, created some kind of name, Kerry from Ireland.
But he is typical of the politicians who spent most of their years in our taxpayer dollars to hustle and to get into a position of Secretary of State.
As Secretary of State, he really has accomplished very little.
The Iran Treaty was something that we wanted in the military only because we needed to offset it to Saudi Arabia.
The treaty itself and the provisions have to be re-examined.
And of course, the amount of money that was spent for the hostages in the billions of dollars was incredible and has to be held accountable.
So we need to go back to all the administrations and basically have an open hearing, kind of what we had in South Africa.
What went wrong?
How did it go wrong?
And this is true of Obama.
This is true of Bush Jr.
If we do that, then we can proceed as a country, as the leading superpower, which we are and we can continue to be.
But you're saying we lose the soft power and we don't admit all the corruption, all the bizarreness that's going on.
Well, that's not soft power.
In my world, corruption is far more lethal than any gun because... Well, sure, it takes you over, it allows you to be infiltrated.
In fact, let me ask you this question.
You've told me privately, I don't get what you told me, but other people said the same thing over the years and I followed it myself.
It's very clear, you know, the communist generals, the Chinese generals, you know, out of uniform meeting with Clinton over and over again, you know, back in the 90s.
I mean, out of all the people that pay off Hillary, I know she's an agent of herself.
But there comes a time when you actually are really serving one master, like Bob Dylan says.
And I mean, is she not pretty much a communist Chinese agent?
I don't know if she's an agent.
I don't think she's that.
She's not.
She's basically so self-centered that she will take money from anybody and anywhere and will accommodate a person.
Sure, what does it say as a psychiatrist if somebody steals furniture everywhere they go, basically?
I mean, they admit it.
State Department.
Basically, you know, this is a woman who has many, many psychological problems, including the fact that her father wasn't paying.
I don't want to get into her history, but her history is pretty evident to everybody now in terms of a kleptocracy, the ability to steal, the ability to create collusion, the ability to co-opt, and the inability to really think through a problem or think through a strategy which would suit the nation, not herself.
And her self-referential ideas caused her downfall, as well as Bill Clinton, who helped to take her down.
I mean, probably the most damning evidence that occurred, and I've said it repeatedly, and I warned them that Bill Clinton would undermine her campaign.
And how did he do it?
He walked over to Loretta Lynch's plane and spent 15 to 20 minutes, 29 minutes there.
And she now says she regrets that.
Yeah, that was illegal.
Of course it's illegal, but that was Bill Clinton at his finest.
He couldn't give a damn about his wife.
He doesn't give a damn about the country.
That was Bill Clinton, and I predicted that he would do something that would undermine her campaign.
You did?
He couldn't help it.
By the way, you saw when he was in Israel at one of the funerals, and Obama for like 20 minutes was like, get up Bill, get up!
And I was watching Bill with the crowd, he looked like he was completely out of his mind.
Well, you know, Bill is his own creation.
Bill is not a man of achievement.
Bill is not a man of real accomplishment.
He's basically a smooth-talking bullshitter from Arkansas.
And he was put there by Sam Walton, who had been in the intelligence community, was in charge of all of the repatriation of the
By the way, I gotta skip this network break and give me a few more minutes.
I knew that, but I think you're getting into stuff that people don't even know at this point.
Why don't you tell people about Walmart?
I mean, since you're getting into these areas in Arkansas and the weird...
Wal-Mart is a fancy outlet of a Chinese expansion, or basically Chinese... That's right, the deal made in the 70s, and now we see what it's done.
And you have to remember, Sam Walt wasn't this sweet, innocent American.
He was a very sophisticated intelligence operative.
I believe he was a captain at the time, during World War II, where he was in charge of the incarceration of Italians and other
Aliens, supposedly, but not the Japanese.
And he remained, and he remained in power, and eventually built it up through corruption, through Chinese negotiation, and through the banks that he owned.
I mean, it wasn't only Hillary that was compromised.
We had, in the late 80s, we had evidence that Bill Clinton was compromised with the Chinese, Al Gore had received money, Hillary had received money.
Sure, they had the missile secrets.
Why give North Korea the reactors that could create A-bombs again?
Because what they wanted to do was to create strategic tension against which we, the Americans, would have to confront and basically fund the military-industrial complex.
It's an antiquated concept.
It's a concept that came in with Kissinger, with a whole bunch of other people, but we don't need strategic tension.
Now we've given them too much strategic power doing that to Korea.
We're much stronger against China, who's already making belligerent moves.
It just shows how they claim it's the strategic tension.
They're really just selling us out.
Well, let me be frank.
China is sitting on a very dangerous precipice.
No, no, I know they are, and I'm sick of their arrogance.
Why do you think they're blowing up and getting on our face now after Obama's bent over to them?
Because that's their response.
What they have is called the Middle Kingdom Complex.
You either come to China as a supplicant, but you do not come to China as a master.
We've come to China repeatedly and said to them, this is what we want, and this is what we want you to do.
The Chinese, in turn, react to that.
Their problem is massive corruption, massive fiscal instability.
There is a huge drainage of cash going out of China.
And brain drain.
I'm sorry?
It's just like going out to East Texas.
There's places where all the really smart people have left.
There's still some people.
You know what I mean?
It's a brain drain.
It's not only a brain drain, but also the fact there is no more dollars there.
They're losing their reserves at a very high rate, and they can't rely on $3 trillion or $3 billion or whatever it is they have.
No, I agree.
And that's why the big banks are now having to admit Trump's right.
We can tell China to do whatever we want.
And quite frankly, some of Trump's policies will be better for China in the long run.
They have to reform and stop centralizing control.
I mean, but what Trump said repeatedly is, look, and he was right on the nose, I think that was Mike Flynn and others who agreed, I agreed with it, when he said, North Korea is China's problem.
If you can't handle North Korea, don't even come to us.
That's your creation, it's your problem, you know exactly what... Exactly.
Stop using this little moron.
We know it's you.
Right, and the fact is, this young man, or he's not a young man, Kim Jong-un, was trained in Switzerland, went to boarding school, speaks English very well, speaks French, speaks a lot of languages, he loves basketball, and he has splayed out a lot of operatives into Canada, into Europe, who are now wanting to change the course of North Korea, but it's not sufficient.
And in fact, if he continues to... Yeah, let's talk about North Korea, because you're somebody... I mean, can I tell people?
You're able to go into North Korea.
You know these people.
Well, I know them to the extent that I've been tracking them for about 20, 30 years.
Well, they let you in and out of the country, and you go talk to them.
Can you tell us about that?
Well, no.
Basically, let me get into this.
Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-un, his grandfather was, Kim Jong-un's grandfather was a very important man because he turned around North Korea and made it more prosperous than South Korea.
Once he left,
Then his son and Kim Jong-un's father really went the route of deviation from what Kim Il-sung was.
And he was somebody who fought the Japanese.
He was somebody who was truly a freedom fighter.
Then we had the corruption come in with nepotism and eventually the degradation of a financial basis
And in fact, what he does want is recognition to be part of a legitimate nation state.
He will not get it if his only modus operandi is to use the missile systems.
He will get it if he stands down and allows the Chinese and other countries to come in and start to turn around the North Korean budget.
The real fear
of North Korea and China is that we will meld them together.
In other words, what happened when we were involved in the amalgamation of East Germany and West Germany, we never took in consideration the East German lack of financial integrity or the great debts that East Germany had.
And when they came together, East and West Germany, we realized that there was a huge financial drain on the Germans.
In North Korea, this is even a bigger problem.
If they are to collapse, and we can collapse the system very quickly, China knows there will be thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of North Koreans streaming into China.
Sure, and Russia, that's a Russia crisis because they border as well.
Then why is China acting so belligerent?
Is that all just a confidence act?
Well, it's basically their modus operandi, but also at the same time they're trying to reassert at a time at which we have political transition that they want us to act in a way that's deferential to the Chinese and not deferential to Taiwan.
And Trump did the right thing.
He basically made a call to Taiwan and said, look,
You can become the leverage point in a 30-year negotiation, which really hasn't gone very far.
The Chinese need us more than we need China.
Their exports are nice, they're cheap, and you can go to Walmart.
But their legitimacy is a real problem.
There are two elements to their problem.
One is water.
They have no water.
Half a billion Chinese north of the Yalu and the Yangtze River have absolutely no water.
And, of course, energy.
Energy, but I predict if there's going to be a war that war will be between China and India over the Himalayas.
The second element is what we talked about.
There is no financial integrity to China.
In fact, China cannot give you a number that's valid or in any way legitimate.
If they were to tell me their growth rate is six to eight percent, I would say I don't believe it.
Uh, because...
We're good.
At the top, surrounded by yes-men, I see that as very positive if it doesn't go too far and they start a war in the process of their delusion.
But if they just stay kind of delusional and keep falling apart, that's great.
My only concern is take over the Republican Party fully, purge it of all the globalists, and then move forward with absolute technology advancements
To pull the world out of the carrying capacity problem we have, because the globalists decided, just let everybody starve to death, don't build the new systems, have a global collapse, use that as a consolidation model, well that model will probably kill everybody in huge wars.
No, we have to stabilize the third world, we have to release the advanced technologies, we've got to build the space colonies, we've got to put in the undersea, you know, extraction systems, we've got to go next level or we're gone.
The problem with the DNC is the problem of ageism.
You have three of the major leaders are on their mate in their 70s and they don't want to give up power.
Nancy Pelosi has never had a legitimate contestant against her for the past 30 to 40 years.
She comes out of a safe zone.
In San Francisco.
Steny Hoyer out of Maryland is another problem.
Ben Cardin out of Maryland is another problem.
So the problem really resides within the Democratic Party.
Either they clean it out or they reinvigorate it.
They say they're not going to.
They say they're doing a great job.
Well, that's delusional.
That's exactly what happens when you think that you're that important, which he is not.
Neither of the three of them that important, but there is no contest.
And for the most part, they've alienated their constituents.
So there's really no more Democratic Party as far as we're concerned.
The final coup for us and counter coup was to get rid of the Democratic Party and make them impotent.
And if they push too far, a lot more is going to come out that is very damaging to the country.
But if we have to cut the cancer out, we will.
And that's the warning they're being given.
Dr. Pachanik, stevepachanik.com, your books, all your materials there.
People can also follow you on Twitter.
Thanks for the time, and it's great to have you here with us in 2017.
And Happy New Year to you and your audience.
We are coming out of the storm, ladies and gentlemen.
There are more on the horizon.
We've made it through this one.
All right, we'll be back with other big breaking news and more straight ahead.
I'm Alex Jones.
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Let's take a look at some of the headlines.
Trump's carrier deal could generate big returns for U.S.
Fox News.
Ford to scrap Mexico plant, invest in Michigan due to Trump.
Daily Caller.
Sprint called to say they are bringing back 5,000 jobs.
USA Today.
SoftBank to add 50,000 jobs in U.S.
Nasdaq rises to record, Dow nears record 20,000.
He just says, I'm going to negotiate a better deal.
How exactly are you going to negotiate that?
What magic wand do you have?
And usually the answer is, he doesn't have an answer.
This is Owen Schroyer from Magic Wand Land.
You are either with the Republic or against it.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
We're good to go.
Okay, ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us.
We're going to be talking to a guest here in a few minutes, but I want to get our crew with some earpieces, so we're going to do that here in just a second.
There are so many, so many things to cover today.
Obviously, we're living in the twilight zone.
I mean, we're defeating the globalists that hijacked the country.
They're in total panic.
WikiLeaks from U.S.
intelligence agencies are ready to destroy Obama, the Democrats, and everybody else.
Bezos, the New York Times are rolling over in fear.
And Trump is holding back, releasing information that will just destroy all of them.
Did not come from the Russians, let me assure you.
So it's a very exciting time to be alive.
I want to play some of these clips though because they're important and I haven't gotten to it.
One of them is Washington Post editor Trump reading InfoWars.
Can tank markets invite
This is the same Washington Post that ran a hoax last week saying that the Russians had hacked the Vermont power grid to shut off the East Coast.
Just totally made up.
They had to retract two days later after we broke it and drudge carried it.
Now everybody's turning against him, admitting it.
And then Spicer says Trump will absolutely use Twitter as POTUS.
Yeah, bypassing the media.
Meet the spokesman, the President.
You know, presidents used to just come out and talk to the public and give an address or talk to the media.
They didn't sit there and have their minions do it.
It's all these minions that want to control things.
So that is very important.
And then a third clip that goes with it is CNN aired fake video of a video game, B-Roll from Fallout 4.
Fake video from Fallout 4 of hackers, of Russian hackers hacking.
So that's how dumb they think you are, is they use CG fake video of a fake hacker from a fake video game, and then they think you're so stupid.
It's just like, I don't know what happened at Sandy Hook.
There are real shootings.
I bet kids did die.
I'm very sad.
The point is, is that you got Anderson Cooper turning, and it's a green screen.
You got Anderson Cooper turning, and his nose disappears.
And then you've got Nancy Grace when she was still at CNN with the other reporter.
They're talking in a cul-de-sac.
The same cars are driving around in circles behind them so you see the same cars and they got caught.
I mean, I don't know what they're up to.
These people are liars, okay?
And I can see what they're doing.
So we've got all these clips here showing how they're the fake news, how they're a joke, how they're a fraud, and a lot of people now realize Trump's gonna get in.
They're not gonna be able to stop it, but Soros is crazy, and he may have that dead man switch, as one of our guests was saying yesterday, and it's just a time to be praying, a time to be focused, a time to be very, very watchful.
So let's go through a few of these clips.
This is a Washington Post editor attacking yours truly.
They're the ones trying to tank markets.
The market, Trump has it up,
A trillion, two hundred billion dollars, a hundred billion plus of investment coming back in.
It's all over the news that incredible things are happening.
Consumer Confidence is the highest ever recorded by Gallup in over a hundred years.
And we're being told, see, it's our fault.
Well, see, they're trying to crash the economy.
They're trying to crash the power grid.
And they want to blame the Russians and Infowars, because, you know, we're all rusky spies around here, folks.
Yeah, we're real rusky spies around here.
So let's go ahead and go to those clips.
You just play them in order.
Here's the editor of The Washington Post.
And the problem is not just a chaotic management theory.
It's actually a weird cycle by which he will stay on message for seven days.
And then all of a sudden, three in the morning, he reads InfoWars and, you know, sends off a tweet and goes off.
And then everyone has to go to the family and say, can you get him back on the wagon?
And then there's another crisis like, you know, process like this.
The presidency can't work that way.
You can tank markets.
You can invite incursions.
You know what, hit pause.
Back this up.
This is a guy on national television, Face the Nation, attacking us.
And their viewership is so low now, only like 3 or 4 million.
We don't even care about it.
We don't even know about it until they showed me yesterday.
Let's explain something here.
They keep saying, it's like Trump thinks he can make decisions himself.
He can't do that.
He's not infallible.
You certainly aren't chicken neck either.
You just keep thinking, like, he's crazy.
He can make the wrong decision and tank things.
You're the ones trying to tank things, jerk!
You're the person that's never done anything in their life, just running around telling us what we should do, caught running fake news.
I mean, what, you have a pinhead?
You're like a chicken neck?
It's like, Revenge of the Wimps?
I don't know if that gets wimps and nerds, but it's like, all the criminals attacking us are like these wimps that have something to prove because their wee-wees are a half inch long.
I mean, I'm serious, folks, that's Quentin's theory on it, and I think it's really true.
More and more, I realize, it's a bunch of jerks that think they can just push us around all day, and they take our kindness as weakness.
They're learning that's not the case.
They don't even listen to warnings.
So just you know what?
Go ahead and try to keep Trump out.
We're going to destroy all of you with information warfare.
With all the stuff you've done.
All of you.
Get ready to wreck your lives because you weren't let into this corrupt system.
For nothing.
You're all a bunch of scum.
We know that.
So everything's coming out on all of you.
Go ahead and fill your hand, dumbasses.
It's like the knight in the Holy Grail.
He's chopped off his arms, his legs.
It's merely his flesh wound.
He's like hopping into us.
Won't stop.
Doesn't get... We're destroying you.
Listen, dumbass.
And I'm not bragging to The Washington Post guy.
Infowars, according to Quantcast and every other service, is bigger than the New York Times as of six months ago.
The New York Times is much bigger than you.
Yes, you've got big studios.
Yes, you're up there.
You're a fop.
You're a joke.
You're a scammer.
And you sit there believing that you're all powerful.
We had 85 million viewers election week.
Our new low is 41 million.
You don't have 10 million readers a week, dumbass!
People sit around at fake liberal coffee houses with the paper acting like they're intellectual reading your crap.
They don't read anything more than the headlines.
Other people use it for birdcage liner.
And I mean that literally.
You're a joke.
You want to demoralize us?
I'll demoralize you.
You come from cowards and rats and scum.
It's why that's all you do.
Like certain species of dog does this, certain does that, certain breeds.
You act like
A diseased mental patient.
So I'm sorry, let's finish the clip of the people that want to permanently tank markets to control us in their own documents telling us that we that want to make America great again and just equalize the taxes globally so we get our jobs back that we're the best and we're going to our guest.
We're going to our guest, but here it is.
And then everyone has to go to the family and say, can you get him back on the wagon?
And then there's another crisis, you know, process like this.
The presidency can't work that way.
You can tank markets.
You can invite incursions.
You can do a variety of things.
And the manner in which he both manages and his lack of control, impulse control, when it comes to his own message, I don't know how that works in the presidency.
It's going to be fascinating.
Yeah, they all get these big cowardly rooms that have these little wimp consensus.
I mean, they all wear little nerdly glasses on purpose, accentuating.
I'm not against nerds.
But I mean, I'm saying these people are a joke, people.
These are the parasites.
Now, let's go ahead and go to the next list and we're going to our guest.
This is Spicer, who says, well, Trump will absolutely use Twitter.
That's his spokesman as president.
Well, why shouldn't he?
See, everyone must go through this political elite that no one's watching, no one's listening to.
You're like somebody in 1940 that just figured out that nobody's buying horse buggies anymore, and you're like,
Nobody's been buying these for 30 years!
What the hell?
You gotta get back to riding horses to work!
I mean, what the hell?
I'm gonna go out of business!
You ain't listening to us?
You gotta go through us!
Here it is.
We're good to go.
Yeah, when I go on some little Christian radio station, a thousand watts, I get a bigger response than going on CNN.
Because they got zombies watching.
Let me give you a big Trump secret here.
And then we're going to move on.
We're going to listen a little bit the next hour with our next guest here, because I've got a lot to cover.
But David Knight's coming in.
I never got on Twitter because I knew it was a leftist thing.
I only got on a few years ago and you know so we only have like on all our Twitters together about a million followers.
Our main one only like 500,000.
But Trump went on and was on Apprentice and all these shows and was smart the whole time gathering pop culture connections as a database.
And he's been doing this for like 15 years.
And he's got all these other databases he can reach directly to the liberals.
And that's why they're so pissed.
They're like, be presidential!
Get rid of your connection to the 45 million liberals.
We never do good on Twitter because it's not a conservative audience.
That's why all our conservatives have to go get on real Alex Jones on Twitter so that we can communicate with you directly.
I know it's boring.
I know it's stupid.
But it's where the wars are happening, where you can attack these globalists on their own Twitters.
Paul Watson's such a genius at that.
You know, he's got 20 times
The support and the reach on Twitter that I do, because he knows how to use it.
But again, those of you out there with little Twitter accounts, you can wreck them in the info war.
One more clip, we're going to get this huge announcement.
Skipping this break, coming up so we have more time with our great guest, another great Americana innovator, David Roberts, founder of Tennessee Arms Company.
Wait to hear about this.
But first off, let's finish that next clip.
This is the CNN report that aired the fake footage, and now they've been caught.
It's fake footage, not of Russian hackers, but a video game.
They think you're so dumb, they're telling you on screen, look, we have video of the Russian hackers.
So their idiot audience goes, I saw it!
I saw it!
Okay, this is how they manipulate, and then they get caught and don't even retract it.
Here it is.
In spite of this, and the U.S.
intelligence community's assessment that Russia ordered the election hacking, President-elect Trump just last night continued to dismiss both Moscow's involvement and the importance of the hacking at all.
I think we've got to get on with our lives.
I think the computers have complicated lives very greatly.
The whole, you know, age of computer.
Now, again, can we cue it back up to the fallout part right there?
I want to show people, this is a video game, and notice, they cut to make it look like his generals are 99 years old.
That was a World War II vet event with them wearing their uniforms.
I've seen them go, look at the crazy Russian generals, like 99 year old guys.
Everything they do is to project manipulation, wartime propaganda, but shifting gears out of that,
We had a big announcement at the start of the show today that we've got, for the first time, only law enforcement's got it.
The Pentagon's testing it.
It is nanotube technology.
The old stuff, obviously, first developed in Texas 15, 20 years ago, was toxic.
It's completely non-toxic, to make that clear.
But it's totally sealed.
It didn't even see the first layer, okay?
When we shot it, even with carbines, with pistol rounds, they're coming out soon, and we're the sole distributor.
We're so honored.
I don't know how long it's going to last, but they're letting us roll it out of this made-in-America, developed-in-Texas system.
Now, coupled with that is David Roberts.
Now, I want to be clear.
I'm going to let Q, because you know this guy well, break this down, and he's been working on this for a long time.
I didn't ever do the lowers because a lot of these companies had problems, fly-by-night, whatever.
And then I learned what this company went out and got, as usual, the best.
They originated it.
Over time, they perfected it.
They invented the copper inserts so that they just keep going and going and many times more than aluminum or steel.
$30,000 to $60,000 is what the third-party ratings are.
It's just insane.
And this is something totally private to you.
No record.
They have the ATF letter.
It's on Infowars.com saying this is completely legal and lawful.
In minutes, you've got a third you can drill out.
Now, again, I've never done this because I only wanted to have the very best.
Well, this is the best.
A veteran-owned
I don't want to say we have their entire line because it's custom.
We have their entire line and more.
Hundreds of designs, Magpul matching colors, on and on and on, and with this laser etching.
We're going to get it where it's actually almost even personalized.
You can sit in what you want and do that, but we've got dozens and I guess it's hundreds of different designs right now from Moulin Labe to Paul Revere to George Washington.
I want to do some commemorative, you know, Trump 45, you know, Return of the Republic.
We're adding more every day.
And if you don't want to customize it, just want it straight up, you know, all murdered out in black or olive grab or whatever, we've got it at InfoWarsTore.com.
This is so amazing on so many fronts.
And again,
We're taking the Republic back.
We're excited.
We're breaking the globalist will over us.
I'm literally this excited.
People say, how do you keep doing it?
Are you on drugs?
No, we're kicking the globalist ass.
We've got the best lower company.
We're just, this guy's battled in court and is the number one guy, patented.
He's the king daddy.
We've got him.
So Q and Pat, great job.
Talk about it.
Let's introduce this guy.
We're going to go a little bit, about 10 minutes to the next hour.
Let me hand it over to David Knight.
All right.
God, I'm feeling good.
Are you high on liberty?
Q's got energy that just gets my energy going.
You forgot your glasses.
You don't even look smart.
Q let me rough him up this morning.
Yeah, he lost.
I have a little chicken neck, I just hide it with this beard.
We want to introduce David Roberts, owner of Tennessee Arms.
Give him a chance to discuss his product and tell us what we already know, but tell you guys what it is about this product that makes it the absolute best.
Yeah, I mean, this is no hype, folks.
I know, that's why I've never done this.
People, how much money could I make?
I'm not gonna even, like, Jesse James, awesome guy, wants to work with me.
He's great.
I know he's the best.
We're gonna do it with him, too.
He's got the entire NRA catalog, Devs, you know that?
First, David Roberts.
Nanotech, everything, the best!
Sorry, David, tell us about your products, and we're very, very happy that you're letting us distribute them.
Thank you, sir.
Well, I'd really like to thank you for letting me be on the show.
What we started out with was the AR-15.
It's a proven design that's been used for decades, but it was a design that was made in 1959.
As you can imagine, we've done wonderful things with material science and the engineering that has gone on since then.
One of the first things we looked at was the receiver.
And, you know, basically what we did was we started questioning.
We started wondering, what can we do different to, you know, get this weight down and, you know, to make this thing, you know, bring it to perfection.
Sure, when I was a kid, I shot M16s and stuff that were even full-auto.
They just didn't work good.
Over time, I'm not an expert on the names, but the M4s have gotten more and more perfected, and the word is, you perfected the lower.
We did.
The way we did it was by lowering the weight and using SpaceAge materials.
Now, when I say SpaceAge, what we're doing is basically just taking an automotive grade polymer that has been in use and it's in use in your cars.
We make the automotive suspensions for Rough Country Suspensions here in this town.
So, I mean, we understand polymers.
We understand how they work.
We understand their strengths and weaknesses.
And we incorporated that design into the AR-15 receiver
But one of polymer's weaknesses is it doesn't hold threads very well.
And that's where a lot of our competitors have problems is, you know, they try to make this all polymer part and it's just not what that does.
So what we do is we actually put the metal inserts in to hold the threads and to strengthen it while still getting the strength and the light weight and the color that goes all the way through the material by using the polymer.
And I'm showing the laser etching happening right now, but just be clear that you took, basically, automotive engineers, technology things, perfected the auto industry, and then took it with the Colt, you know, M16-type receiver, I guess, for an AR-15 now, and just upgraded it.
Everybody tried to copy you, but they say you're the best.
Well, that and I did patent it.
You've battled in court and won that.
Yes, I did.
It was pretty ugly.
You know, we did invent it.
We did come up with it.
We were very quickly copied.
So, you know, that just tells you that, you know, we were on to something.
So what we did was we actually took, you know, a basic AR-15 design, which is a really good design, and we just updated it and brought it into this century.
And what we're doing is actually most of our customers are people that build their own AR-15s.
Because as you well know, you know, that the best way to understand how a weapons system works is to build it yourself and understand it.
And these are so affordable and we've got them in one pack, five packs, ten packs.
You can get them naked, you can get them, I guess it's no additional charge, customized, all these designs.
Sooner or never, you can actually email us and we can send it to you and have it done.
It's gonna be a little bit more, obviously, to have them loaded in and do it with a laser and everything.
But, I mean, this is amazing.
Show me a breakdown basically how somebody legally and lawfully does this because we've got the ATF letter on the site and that's why it works.
I mean I've been given offers, let me not exaggerate, by probably every other company out there that does lowers and I just did research, I did reviews, it's just there's a lot of crap out there.
I'm sorry folks, this is the place to get it and the blessings, the providence we keep having like the best body armor company hands down about to go Department of Defense wide.
Boom, we get it.
The other product we're going to be announcing soon.
I mean, it's just incredible.
You'll see it in Dick's and Walmart in six months.
We get it first.
Special Forces using it for ten years.
Kills bacteria, everything.
Nobody's got this.
I mean, this is like the next colloidal silver.
I just can't believe the winning!
You're going to get so sick of winning!
You're going to say, please stop winning!
I'm going to say, no!
It's the spirit of the Republic!
Just get ready, we're the best!
Honestly, when Q came to me about this originally, about partnering with your organization, one of the first things I asked was, what kind of man is he?
What kind of company does he run?
Because I knew Q. I knew he'd shoot me straight.
He told me that you and your company would be somebody that I'd want to partner with and get a good long-time partnership.
We can tell you've been busy working making guns that you don't know about InfoWars.
That's awesome though, brother.
I mean, listen, you're the best.
It's amazing.
I heard about Tennessee Arms for so long and the other companies you pioneered, the stuff you developed.
It's incredible.
Let's get more into these because, again, for the layperson out there, let's go to the legalese.
Like, it's 80% done.
It's very easy to do.
We're going to have a video.
We actually shot it yesterday.
We're going to have where it shows me even in there doing it and you doing it.
And I'm not a machinist and I did a pretty good job.
Explain how this works, the whole genre to folks for people that aren't informed.
Well, the way the ATF regulations work is the only thing that's considered a firearm is the receiver itself, the part that holds the serial number.
But it's completely legal to build your own firearm at home.
And the way we, you know, do that is we give you a piece of the receiver, basically the outside dimensions in the magazine, that
It meets those regulations, but it doesn't hit what the ATF considers to be a firearm.
So these can be shipped, you know, over the mail.
They can be shipped directly to your house.
There's no background check.
It's all completely legal.
And this shows bureaucratic idiocy.
Has this been around since, like, the 20s?
This has been around forever.
Well, I mean, to be honest with you, Americans have been building guns since before there was an America.
Well, I mean, the ATF's view, exactly, going after guns, what I'm saying is this law is from the 20s, isn't it?
I'm not sure.
I think it's always been legal.
I don't think the law itself even... It was never illegal to not build your own gun.
Well, I mean, exactly.
I was thinking this particular one.
They can serve the firearm just the stamp ID.
It's crazy.
As I understand it, it is, you know, with the, uh, that comes with the marketing variations and, you know, the regulations of what they actually consider.
The point is there's a lot of dangerous stuff out there.
Don't just say this to me, you know, as marketing.
It's true.
I haven't been involved in it.
You're the biggest, you're the cleanest, you're the originator, you're the best.
You've got the ATF letter.
These other people literally, I'm like, okay, let me see an ATF letter.
They're like, oh, we'll get you that, never comes.
And people like these ads, like, it shoots full auto, buy or lower.
I'm like, dude, that's illegal without a tax stamp.
I'm no expert on this stuff, but I know there's a minefield of idiocy with this stuff.
Oh, it never stops.
It never stops.
You know, there's a lot of hype in the industry.
And one of the things that you really want to get by is you don't want to kick the hornet's nest in the ATF.
You want to do things correctly.
You want to do it right.
And you can.
And you guys can give folks the blueprint to follow the law to the gold standard.
Well, all of our receivers, you know, unless you are using like an EZ-Jig or, you know, one of the other commercially available jigs that help you build it, but our jig that comes with the receiver is actually helps you drill it out.
And, you know, using the supplied instructions... Let's be clear, it's almost like coloring by numbers with your jig.
The jig is the encasement that the resin and copper system lowers in to make sure you do it just right.
And we tried to make this as easy as possible and still stay within the law.
So what we did was we made the jig itself.
It holds that receiver in very tightly so you can keep the tolerances.
But the only tools that are needed are basically a drill press, a little bit of sandpaper, and maybe a Dremel tool.
You can get by with less, but if you really want to do a good job, that's what you're looking for.
So it's harder to build a model airplane, you know, when you're 10 years old than to do this?
This is basically an adult Legos.
So Dave, tell them why you chose marine grade brass and explain to them where and why you reinforced the areas of the polymer lower.
One of the things we did was we looked at anything that had a thread because those threads itself make the material very thin and very weak.
So what we did was by using the marine grade brass and we use brass for the ease of machining and the lack of dissimilar metal issues.
When you put two metals together that are dissimilar, you can cause corrosion issues.
There are a lot of things that can happen by using the wrong metal.
And that's where the science background comes in, and that's why this took so long to perfect.
But by using that brass insert, you don't have corrosion problems.
You've got great strength, and it's very easy to machine, so it keeps our production level high and our costs low, and we pass that along to the consumers.
I was about to add that I've done my own research.
I'm not a gun expert.
I go see other lowers that are crappy or like twice the price.
People just, I mean, this is the place to get your lower.
Infowarsstore.com and they've allowed us with all this laser etching they've got with these incredible lasers to do all this, you know, come and take it.
Don't tread on me.
Infowars, defend the republic.
We're going to come out with an inauguration of Trump 2017 special, but I don't wait until he actually gets there.
I don't want to celebrate prematurely.
A lot of exciting things, ladies and gentlemen.
It's key to bring back building your own firearms.
That's what this is all about.
This is a great, great thing to do.
Maybe for your school project, for science class, just show a video.
Don't bring it into school.
They'll freak out by that.
I mean, there's just so many angles of this.
Now, these are really affordable.
Let's talk about the cost at InfowarsStore.com.
There's no reviews yet, but on your site, you've got the five-star reviews.
We just launched it today.
I mean, how easy it is to put these together and how much they cost.
We've got all the colors, we've got different packs, you name it.
Well, you know, one of the things that we do is because of our process, because of the high-pressure injection molding, we can make thousands of these things a day.
So by doing that, we can keep our costs low and we pass that along to our customers and for people like you who distribute our product.
That's right.
I've also read a lot of people have this third party done.
That's why they make you wait so long.
They're getting them done in like China and stuff.
Is that true?
Uh, yes.
Nobody's really come out front and said, you know, this is what we're doing, this is how we're doing it.
Because they're not a firearm, they're not regulated.
Sure, sure, exactly.
Well, that's why you want to go to somebody like you.
Back in 70, David Rogers, uh, Roberts, it's a founder, Tennessee Arms Company, TNA Arms.
It's TNArmsco.com.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
And I told you, Q, correct me on air.
And Q said, never.
You've got to.
I don't make firearms.
I just go to the experts.
He's like, they're not lower thirds.
They're lowers.
I know that!
I can't remember the variation of a .223, a .556, but can I shoot stuff at 450 yards?
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it.
I've seen it
Like David Roberts and Q take over.
That's why you're here, Q, because I said I don't know all the names.
So correct me.
That's why you're here.
Go ahead, Mr. Roberts.
Well, I really appreciate it.
But, you know, it's talking about 450 yards.
You know, I've shot with Q quite a bit.
You might outshoot him.
I'm just saying.
Well, Q didn't take the shot.
He was offered the shot.
He didn't take it.
Yeah, there's a reason.
I'm just saying.
I'm not trying to brag.
I'm so excited about Trump.
We just beat Obama's coup.
I got the word this morning.
The whole deal.
We just blew the... I'm not normally this excited.
I'm sorry.
Mr. Roberts, please continue.
Please continue.
We just saved America.
I'm sorry, it's so damn good.
Man, get out the champagne.
We're not out of the woods yet, but it looks good.
New York Times is turning against Obama right now.
Wow, man!
Go, God!
I'm sorry, it's just starting to hit me right now.
I'm sorry.
Mr. Roberts, please continue with the lowers.
Well, we've covered most of it.
I mean, basically what we're doing is just letting people actually build and understand their rifle like they should.
You know, the only way to truly understand a rifle is to actually take it apart and put it back together, and there's no better way of doing that than just building it yourself.
By buying a 80% lower, the people don't have to register it.
There's not a serial number.
But it's a family heirloom, right?
It's something that only belongs to you.
You can't sell it.
That's key.
You cannot ever transfer this.
Explain that.
Right, Dave.
So whatever it is, if you produce your 80% lower, you create a firearm, that firearm belongs to you for life.
It does.
Let me tell a story since you brought this up.
I don't know about guns, but when I used to still go sign DVDs at the gun show, because back then I'd sell like a thousand DVDs and I'd help pay the bills.
We're talking just like 14 years ago, I was still going out in public and now I can't really do it.
They'd have people come over and go, hey, I lost my driver's license.
Even guys I kind of, we come over and sign for this gun.
There'd be ATF waiting.
I was like, oh my God.
And then another time, like out front, hey Alex, buy my thing.
It's got a custom lower.
And they were, they were so dumb.
I was like, oh my, they're about to set me up.
So let's explain.
This is legal and lawful.
You cannot sell this.
Explain this to us, please.
Well, actually there's an ATF form that you can fill out and, you know, basically you just go through a real simple process.
Like I said, it's, you know... So if you file it in, you then can sell it?
You just can't, before you do that, sell it?
Well, you end up giving it a serial number and whatever, and then it's just a regular firearm.
So... That's what I'm saying, you're the expert.
Explain it to me.
Explain it to me.
Well, until you do anything with it, until you mill it out and, you know, make it a working firearm, it's just another, it's a doorstop.
So you could sell it or give it away at that point, but once you've milled it out, once you've milled it out, though, you've got to turn it into a firearm if you ever want to sell it.
You do, because they're not tracked, and if you're keeping it for your own use, then, you know,
Then, you know, you just fill out an ATF form and, you know, it's your... So a typical user at home comes to InfowarsStore.com, picks up one of these lower receiver 80%s with the jig, follows the basic instructions, completes it.
It's an up and running AR-15 lower.
It is.
As long as they maintain it in their possession and never give it to anyone else, it doesn't require a serial number and it does not require any type of background investigation or registration.
And you guys walk through that on the website.
We have all your same paperwork on InfoWars.
It's being drop shipped from Tennessee Arms in Tennessee.
The great volunteer state.
And you give them the literature and everything when they get it.
Yes, we give them everything.
Let's hear from James Wesley Rawls.
What do you make of the times we're in?
Am I being too extreme or not enough?
I mean, what's your expert take?
Well, Alex, I think you're right on target.
We are living in very perilous times, but we are winning the information war.
And you can thank your listeners for that.