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Name: 20161228_Wed_NightlyNews
Air Date: Dec. 28, 2016
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
I'm David Knight.
It's Wednesday, December 28th, 2016.
Here are our top stories.
John Kerry and Barack Obama get a tongue lashing from Benjamin Netanyahu.
Find out what lies John Kerry wants you to believe.
We are proud of the vote we cast because it was the right vote because we are defending Israel and defending the two-state solution and the possibility of peace.
Also, history not politically correct enough for Obama.
He chooses to politicize the events of Pearl Harbor a month before he leaves office.
And then, virtual reality is coming to a house near you.
How can the New World Order use it against us?
Meanwhile, ISIS collaborators arrested in America.
Multiple arrests made in the DC area no one would have even known.
All that and more tonight on the InfoWars Nightly News.
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
Tonight I want to take a look at the fight that has been started with Obama and Kerry with Israel, and I want to put that in a larger context.
Not just looking at what's happening in Israel, but looking at the context of the way the Democrats operate, and in the context of globalism versus nationalism, because this is developing into a fight that is going to be centered at the United Nations.
I think it tells us something very important.
When we look back in December 24th, a Christmas Eve, this is a story that not too many people saw at the time because of course it happened in the holidays.
It's on Daily Mail and they point out what the Democrats don't want you to see.
This party lost more than 1,030 seats during the Obama reign, okay?
That's in state legislatures, governors' mansions, and Congress during Barack Obama's presidency.
A thousand seats that were lost.
And I can tell you, in North Carolina, Obama won North Carolina in 2008.
But people were so put off by his policies that in 2010, they essentially elected a clean slate of Republicans
In the midterm, except for congressional districts.
And of course they didn't have any change in congressional districts because that is really dictated by gerrymandering.
Every party does that.
When they get control of the state legislatures, they drop the congressional districts and that will really determine, apart from anything else, who wins the next congressional election.
So after they changed the redistricting in 2010, then they changed the Republican outlook for Congress in North Carolina.
Republicans had major gains there.
And as we pointed out before, Obama is going to work with Eric Holder to sue legislatures, he's already talked about that, how he's going to get involved state by state to try to win in court what they couldn't win at the ballot boxes.
Barack Obama is going to be leading the Democrat Party.
Hillary Clinton has been thoroughly discredited.
Most in the Democrat Party have been discredited.
But Obama is going to be taking the leadership.
He's going to be remaining in Washington.
Totally unprecedented.
Only Woodrow Wilson did that.
And of course he was a committed globalist as well.
So this is something that they're preparing right now for the way the political party is going to be moving in the future.
We're good to go.
I don't know.
It's provided a lot of financial backing for the Democrats.
Not a lot of people, but a lot of financial backing, and that is the Jewish lobby.
They're turning on them at this point, and of course, today it's the Jews, tomorrow it'll be the women, it'll be blacks, it'll be LGBT.
They're going to turn on everyone and throw everyone that has been part of their coalition under the bus, I believe, one by one, they're going to throw them under the Muslim bus.
And I want to take a look at how this is going to develop, because I think this is what we're seeing developing right now.
We've had the new leadership of the DNC, they've talked about how they want to put Congressman Keith Ellison, the first openly Muslim bragging about being a Muslim congressman, they want to have him be the next chair of the Democrat National Committee.
And the Hill talked about this yesterday, he said, now we've got a Hispanic member that has come into the mix, Secretary of Labor Tom Perez is saying that he would like to be the head of the DNC.
And they say that's a good idea because Ellison's history is littered with examples, they say, of conduct and statements that give Democrats who want to rebuild their party serious concern.
This is coming from the Hill.
They say he's said things that make them worry that he doesn't support Israel and may, in fact, harbor anti-Semitic sentiments.
In other words, like we're seeing from Kerry and from Obama.
And we saw this from Hillary Clinton.
Remember, they called him a gold star father, but he was really a Muslim who supported Sharia law.
He wrote a lot about Sharia law and of course he was the one who spoke prior to Hillary Clinton accepting the nomination at the Democrat National Committee.
This is something they've been doing for quite some time.
But take a look at now how they are doubling down on this.
This is John Kerry saying that Israel can either be Jewish or Democratic but cannot be both.
Would he ever say something like that to the Saudis?
Would he ever say, you can be our ally, or you can persecute women, LGBTs, Christians, okay?
Or, you have to make a decision.
Are you going to throw these people, literally throw them off the roofs, cut their heads off?
Are you going to execute them, as we'll talk about later in the broadcast, how a woman
Under Sharia law, had her head cut off because she went shopping without a man alongside her.
But they would never say to the Saudis or the radical Muslims that are our allies that you can't do this and be our allies.
But they're saying that to Israel right now.
And so what they're saying is, he said to them, if the choice is one state, Israel can either be democratic or they can be Jewish.
But it cannot be both.
And it won't ever really be at peace.
Now, you can look at that in any way that you want to, but that is a threat.
And quite frankly, it is an interesting and very significant reversal of American foreign policy that has been in place for 40 some odd years.
But look at the way it's being touted by the media.
Look at these headlines.
This is from CNN.
They say, Secretary of State John Kerry, two-party state solution is in serious jeopardy.
And they said this was a stern rebuke, Wednesday, over Israeli settlements.
And he said, we have to preserve the two-state solution.
Well, we really haven't had a two-state solution.
Wall Street Journal, they say, John Kerry defends U.S.
approach to Israel after U.N.
vote on settlements and says this is a two-state
A solution in jeopardy.
RT says two-state solution is the only way for lasting peace.
And then we have the quote from NBC that says, again, the two-state party is now in jeopardy.
As if this was something new.
Understand, Security Council resolutions going back to 1976 have supported the two-state resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian problem.
But the United States has always taken the position that they would not support this.
That they wanted this to be negotiated between the Israelis and the Palestinians.
And so they have vetoed anything that was going to be forced upon the two parties by the United Nations.
That has been the policy of the American government for 40 years throughout both Democrats and Republicans.
And so this is a last-minute virtue signaling
to Muslims that Barack Obama is on their side and it's an interesting signal to the Jews as well and I wonder if the big donors in the Jewish community are going to get this message or if they're going to be very slow on the uptake as many people have in the past when they've been dumped by the Democrats.
This is a new position and the key thing here that you have to understand is that this new position of John Kerry and Obama
And they're trying to make it look as though this is a position from the Israelis.
The new position is that the United Nations should dictate the solution to them.
The Hill reports, defending the UN vote, Kerry ratchets up his criticism of Israel.
In a rebuttal from Israel, Netanyahu criticized Kerry for spending more time criticizing Israeli settlement activities than condemning Palestinian acts of terror.
Well, that would be good because radical Islam really doesn't exist according to John Kerry and Barack Obama.
They can't bring themselves to say those words.
Netanyahu also went on to say, Israelis do not need to be lectured about the importance of peace by foreign leaders.
With just three weeks left as the nation's top diplomat, Kerry used his speech Wednesday to make a last-ditch bid at charting a path forward for peace.
No, he's not charting a path forward for peace.
He's charting a path forward for a new pivot to Muslims, even if it includes throwing the Jewish people that have been contributing heavily to the Democrat Party, even if it means throwing them under the bus.
They don't care.
This is the direction that they're going.
And then they said this, this is what Kerry said, he said the United States did in fact vote in accordance with our values just as previous US administrations have done at the Security Council before us.
Now remember, I just told you that since June 1976
The United Nations has, at the United Nations, the U.S.
has never taken this approach.
They've taken exactly the opposite approach.
So this is a reversal of a 40-year policy that would encourage the United Nations to dictate to Israel.
And that's the key point here, I think.
Regardless of which side you're on in this Palestinian versus Israeli conflict, I think the key thing that's developing here is a fight
At the UN.
And this is what the Washington Post is saying as well.
They say, inside the coming war between the United States and the United Nations.
And the Washington Post says, even before Donald Trump's inauguration as president, Congress is planning to escalate the clash over the UN Security Council's anti-Israel resolution into a full-on conflict between the United States and the United Nations.
You notice how the Washington Post portrays the GOP as the ones who are changing the status quo?
They say the GOP is initiating a conflict.
This conflict is being initiated by a reversal in foreign policy both Republican and Democrats have had for 42 years, but now the Washington Post, always in the Obama camp, is now saying that this is Congress that is going to escalate this clash.
Well, what is going to happen?
You see people who are reliably in the Amen corner of the Israeli lobby, people like Lindsey Graham, who always supports Israel no matter what happens, saying that they're going to cut funding to the United Nations.
He pledged to lead an effort to withhold U.S.
funding that makes up 22% of the U.N.'
's annual operating budget.
And Graham said the U.N.
has made it impossible for us to continue with business as usual.
Well, I hope that they do cut the budget.
And I hope that they deport the UN as well.
And we're going to look at what this might take, how this might take form in terms of protesting this development in the United Nations.
They say there are several options, as Washington Post, under consideration.
Two senior aides working on the issue reported.
Some say they're considering micro-options like passing a resolution that would bar any funding that might go to implementing the anti-settlement resolution and so forth and so on.
They say withholding U.S.
contributions to the U.N.
would be easy for some discretionary funds, but there are treaties that mandate that Congress give them money by U.S.
They say the treaties make this de facto U.S.
Well, I would ask, where in the Constitution did they get authorization to fund an organization like the U.N.?
I think that would be one way that they could fight this.
But then they go on to talk about Rick Santorum, another person I've not been a fan of, who served in the Senate.
They say last time he served in the Senate, the U.S.
refused to pay its dues in full.
He reported to the Washington Post that the coming crisis in the U.S.-U.N.
relations is a perfect chance for those who want to dismantle the organization altogether.
Yes, that is the key.
He said, this has opened up the opportunity for those of us who are very anti-UN, who think that it's past its prime, it's not serving any really good purpose, it's not helping legitimate governments around the world, and it's outlived its usefulness.
And I would also say that it is a key tool of globalism and trying to replace individual national sovereignty.
He said, to the extent that we can deconstruct it, the better.
And so I agree, that's an opportunity for us to take another look at the UN.
They go on to say in that article, we won't go into that much detail, but they say it looked like there was going to be a discussion about what was going to happen with NATO and whether or not European nations are going to pull their fair share, but now it looks like the initial fight between the first globalist organization is going to be with the UN.
Good, that's where it belongs.
Now as we look at defense issues, we see that Obama
He's now talking about a punishment plan for Russia, along with the alleged hacking of our elections.
See, he has no problem blaming Russia, even though he has no proof.
We're going to see, even though he's blaming Russia, he has a hard time blaming Japan for Pearl Harbor.
But let's take a look at this issue first.
This is a free thought project.
They say, according to the, albeit dubious, Washington Post, they put that very well, I think, the Obama administration will soon announce retaliatory measures against Russia.
They say they're expected to include covert action that will probably involve cyber operations, and the public will learn precisely what is planned, quote, as early as next week.
That's what we hear from the Washington Post.
They say the New York Times, the Washington Post publish articles citing unnamed officials from the CIA, and they go back and say, think about how ridiculous this is that they have flagged Putin himself,
...said that he hacked the election.
They didn't provide even the most basic explanation for how this was possible, who had done it, or why the hack was undertaken.
But now, the problematic announcement of a future announcement on how Obama will seek reprisals for the theoretical hack, it appears the corporate media and the U.S.
government will be complicit together on this.
And again, they point out that we've had a lot of intelligence veterans, people like Ray McGovern, William Binney, who have said that they don't believe that this was done by the Russians.
They said the harder evidence of a technical nature points to an inside leak and not hacking by Russians or anyone else.
But the unnamed official who spoke with the Washington Post on condition of anonymity said the White House is working on adapting the authority to punish the Russians.
With that in mind, today Barack Obama was in Pearl Harbor talking about peace, wringing his hands over the price of war.
And it's just unbelievably phony to me.
First of all, Pearl Harbor happened on December 7th, but he didn't care enough to do it until he happened to be there on his holiday.
But it's also concerning to me because this is, and everybody points out, this is a reciprocal meeting based on Barack Obama going to Hiroshima this last summer.
And talking about how horrible war was there, and taking that out of historical context.
It's very important that we not take this out of historical context.
Now we had the Japanese Prime Minister say that he offered everlasting condolences.
You know, that sounds very good, but there's less here than that sounds like.
As we look at the report from Reuters, they say, and this is the Japanese Cabinet Secretary, he said, this visit to Pearl Harbor
Was to console the souls of the war dead not to apologize.
There was no apology for the Japanese unprovoked attack on this.
And I fully understand.
I've had people engage me on Twitter about this.
I fully understand what happened with FDR.
I fully understand that they wanted to get us involved in the war.
But to blame Americans for what happened there and to excuse what the Japanese did is like blaming the female jogger who gets raped, saying that she should have known better than to go into that area or she shouldn't have been dressed in jogging shorts because it was too provocative.
Or, to say that it was okay for the Muslims to gang rape her because she didn't wear a full burka.
That is what people are saying when they don't want to put the blame on the Japanese.
And of course, the Chinese who suffered massive deprivations under the Japanese invasion.
Stay with us when we come back.
We've got more to say about Pearl Harbor because it's part of Obama's agenda.
That was what was really going on today.
We'll be right back.
Three years ago,
The Congress in the National Defense Authorization Act repealed the law that had been on the books for decades, barring the CIA and other agencies from engaging in domestic propaganda and disinformation.
Over the weekend, they passed the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act that funds 160 plus million dollars to this new organization that will, quote, discover and counter with its own disinformation, alternative media that they dub fake news.
At the very same time, we see mainstream media claiming that Trump, myself, Tucker Carlson, you name it, are Russian agents, and that the American people really wanted Hillary Clinton, but the Russians somehow hacked in, and that's why Trump won.
Yes, we've gotten Trump elected, but they're openly trying to overthrow that.
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Welcome back.
I want to continue talking about this visit the Japanese Prime Minister made to Pearl Harbor with Obama today.
And as he's talking about peace there, I want you to keep in mind how he is fomenting conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, creating conflict between the US and the UN,
Creating a new Cold War between the US and Russia.
All these different moves that he's making.
Talking about how he's going to punish Russia for allegedly revealing the truth about Hillary Clinton and costing her the election.
This is the guy who is now weeping for peace with the Japanese Prime Minister in Pearl Harbor.
And as I point out, the Japanese Prime Minister made no apology.
As a matter of fact, the Cabinet Secretary made it clear.
That this visit to Pearl Harbor was to console the souls of the war dead and not to apologize.
Remember when Obama went to Hiroshima?
What he did was he wrung his hands about the effects of technology getting out of hand and the death that was rained down there.
And essentially making an apology to the Japanese for what had happened, removing the historical context.
But the Chinese have made an interesting comment in the wake of all of this talk.
China has repeatedly urged Japan, reports Reuters, to show greater repentance for World War II and for Japan's invasion of China.
The Foreign Ministry spokeswoman there said real reflection was needed and not showpieces.
She said reconciliation between inflictor and victim must and can only be established on the basis of sincere and deep reflection by the inflictor.
And so when we take a look at this, I think it's interesting to look at this article on InfoWars about Thomas Sowell, who is now retiring.
He's been a commentator for many years, a columnist for many years, and he made an interesting comment about the things that he remembers and looking back over his career.
He said, the first time I traveled across the Atlantic Ocean as the plane flew into the skies over London, I was struck by the thought that in these skies a thousand British fighter pilots fought off Hitler's air force and saved both Britain and Western civilization.
But how many students today will have any idea of such things, with history being neglected in favor of politically correct rhetoric?
That is what we saw at Pearl Harbor.
We see these events that happened in Pearl Harbor, the talk about all the people that died at Pearl Harbor, the talk of all the people that died at Hiroshima, and how horrific that was.
And it was.
But it is stripped from any historical context, and it has applied to it a heavy veneer of political correctness.
And I want to read you one more quote from Thomas Sowell.
He said, black adults during the years when I was growing up in Harlem had far less education than black adults today, but they had far more common sense.
In an age of artificial intelligence, he said, too many of our schools and colleges are producing artificial stupidity.
Both among blacks and whites.
You see, Obama and Abe, the Japanese Prime Minister, have divorced the death and the suffering of World War II out of any historical context.
And listen to the way that Obama is using this politically.
As they point out today, the Japanese Prime Minister said, I can almost hear the voices of the servicemen lost.
OK, but he's again not going to apologize for the act of aggression.
Meanwhile, we see Obama pushing the TPP.
That's part of this.
He's pushing refugees.
He's pushing racial politics.
All this while removing Pearl Harbor from any kind of historical context.
Look at the Daily Mail article here.
They say the Japanese leader didn't say he was sorry for the military action.
Instead, he offered sincere and everlasting condolences.
Mirrors, they said, a visit that Obama made to Hiroshima.
And they say it closes a loop on Obama's pursuit of nuclear nonproliferation and his Asian rebalance.
That includes a trade agreement that Donald Trump wants to scrap.
See, he used this to promote political correctness.
He used this to attack Donald Trump.
He used this to promote TPP, a globalist agenda.
He took a slap at Trump.
He said, it is here that we remember that even when hatred burns its hottest, even when the tug of tribalism is at its most primal, we must resist the urge to turn inward.
We must resist the urge to demonize those who are different.
You see, Barack Obama is selling us a version of World War II that was based on tribalism, that was based on racism.
That was not why the Japanese attacked.
That is absolute stupidity, and anybody who believes that is absolutely devoid of any understanding of what's going on here.
He also pointed out
This is what the Japanese Prime Minister said.
He said, we must never repeat the horrors of war again.
This is a solemn vow the people of Japan have taken, and since the war we have created a free and democratic country that values the rule of law, has resolutely upheld our vow never to wage war again.
Now that's great, but that's not really the lesson.
The lesson should not be one of pacifism.
The lesson should be one of non-aggression.
That was the issue here.
It was Japanese aggression.
And unlike 9-11, we didn't attack the wrong country afterwards.
We had about the same number of casualties that we did at 9-11, but we got the right country in that particular time.
Now, as we look at Politico, they're saying, as we see these agendas, these globalist agendas being pushed, even at a Pearl Harbor Memorial, a bit late I would add, but as they're pushing that, we see that Politico is saying Trump really can't do anything about NAFTA.
He's going to really hit a brick wall.
Politico, of course, heavily Democrat in their politics, they say President-elect Donald Trump may have ridden to the White House in a wave of working class hatred for NAFTA,
But he's going to find it tough to deliver on his promise to scrap the trade agreement that he blames for sending U.S.
jobs abroad.
They say dramatically changing the pact could instead threaten 14 million American jobs that rely on trade with Canada and Mexico.
Now that statistic comes from the U.S.
Chamber of Commerce, and it again is removed from a true context.
They can talk about 14 million American jobs that depend on NAFTA trade, but what they ignore
Is the deficit that we have with Mexico alone.
We have had, as soon as NAFTA went into effect 22 years ago, we immediately went from a situation where we had a rough trade parity, one year they would have a deficit with us, the next year we would have a deficit with them.
We have never had a trade surplus with Mexico since then.
You can talk about 14 million jobs, well we had a $15 billion deficit with Mexico or greater
Every one of the 22 years.
As a matter of fact, it's gone as high as $75 billion.
But immediately that year, it jumped to $15 billion and increased from there.
And yet, look at the way Politico, the Democrats, the globalists spend this.
We have Smith Ramos, the head of Mexico's trade and NAFTA office in Washington said, we, Mexico, are your top clients.
Mexico is not a country that simply comes to ask for concessions from the United States.
In other words, we're in charge here.
You are our debtor.
You are the ones who are making the money off of NAFTA, not us.
He said, we buy more from the US than all of the BRIC countries combined.
Well, that may very well be true, but it is clearly taken out of context.
Again, on another subject that is going to be part of the globalist referendum, we say it is always
The trade agreements, the open borders, and climate is going to be a big part of the globalist trade issue.
And there's a story from Real Climate Data today that was on the Drudge Report.
100% of U.S.
warming is due to NOAA data tampering.
And they point out, and I gotta say this, they say there's been a one and a half degree rise since the 19th century.
How many temperature recordings do you think they had in the 19th century?
And go back and look at the thermometers they had in the 1800s.
Do you really believe
That they had the kind of accuracy that could detect a one and a half degree difference?
Of course not.
We've had here on InfoWars, the founder of the Weather Channel, he said in the beginning of his career, they would use analog thermometers with mercury in them.
And he goes, the parallax view and all, you couldn't get a one degree accuracy in your reading.
So there's absolutely no understanding of that.
Where did they make these recordings?
How many did they have?
Did they move the thermometers?
From areas that were rural to areas that are now concrete jungles.
That's the biggest problem.
But they say the first problem, actually it's the second problem, has been their analysis.
They said the U.S.
has had very little hot weather since 2016.
The percentage of hot days was below average and ranked 80th since 1895.
They also say that this claim that temperatures have risen one and a half degrees since the 19th century is based on them faking the data.
You talk about fake news?
Here's fake science.
Take a look at these measured data here that they have, and notice that they make an adjustment.
And the adjustment that they make to the data gives them their increase.
We've seen this all before.
It was called ClimateGate.
We had emails being exchanged back and forth between these climate scientists saying,
The measurements that we have don't support our models.
How do we hide this increase?
As a matter of fact, I was involved with a group that tried to get those emails declassified.
Tried to get them out in the public.
Said, show us your information.
This was done on a university that was a state university.
It was used to create public policy.
You were on the state payroll and yet you're saying these are private emails?
No, it was fraud.
And there again, this information showed up with emails that were exposed.
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I ate a candy bar last night.
I mean, quite frankly, I eat more junk during the holidays like everybody else.
So I'm eating worse.
But because I've got these trace elements, or whatever it's doing in DNA Force and X2 and Supermail, I have lost 5 pounds.
It's incredible.
I thought I might lose 10 to 15 in a month.
If this continues, it'll be 20.
But generally, it's more dramatic up front.
This is an experiment.
Everybody's watching.
We'll see what happens.
This is Part 2.
Next week, Part 3.
That's a good point.
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And I'm going to do one more bad thing because I'm politically correct, or I guess I'm politically incorrect.
And that's a Merry Christmas to everybody.
Thank you all for your support.
You're awesome.
In the last 70 years or so, we've seen hundreds of films and thousands of science fiction books that have been written where there's a dystopic future where the machines turn against the people.
And it's always some scary, you know, robot that looks like a skeleton from Terminator or it's an imperial probe droid in Empire Strikes Back.
We can clearly see the scary machine for what it is.
But in the real world,
Major corporations working with governments have turned everything into, quote, smart phones, smart refrigerators, the smart home.
And we've got the former CIA chief admitting, we're spying on you through your refrigerator, through your washing machine.
And now, as we enter the end of 2016,
We see the announcements by Google and Apple and Amazon and Microsoft of your virtual assistants that listen to you and babysit your kids.
They're little robots, like Siri's, that you put in charge of everything in your house.
Now we told you about this decades ago.
We warned you of it.
Now it's here.
But the media says, just accept it.
It's the end of your privacy.
It's the end of humans even being needed.
But it makes it so easy for your species to just fade into oblivion.
And it's our own species, our own elites.
That are doing this to us.
We're going to break it down in this piece of the nightly news and then have extended coverage that we'll be posting to InfoWars.com tomorrow in part two of this report.
Joining me is Leanne McAdoo, who's also concerned about this.
Leanne, we're being made almost passé.
I mean, the worst fears we had 20 years ago are now just being admitted.
It's the end of humans, the end of us being needed.
Everything you do is surveilled.
Get used to it.
Well, you know, I gotta say, when I watched Endgame for the first time, you know, 10 plus years ago, the last five minutes of Endgame kind of threw me off.
Like, all of a sudden, wait, they're merging with machines?
What are you talking about?
That took, that went left.
And lo and behold, it just sounds so crazy, but it's absolutely happening.
And now they're not even trying to hide it anymore.
They're trying to make it trendy and wonderful.
There was actually a story that just came out that soon sex
Between couples is only going to occur on special occasions that they're actually going to have artificial intelligence sex robots to take care of those functions on a daily basis Because you know you don't need relationships between two to human people you don't you it's just they are making us obsolete
Exactly, and now they're talking about cutting off the energy, cutting off the funding in the economy, where we're so poor we're only allowed to basically sit in our houses after work and live in the AI planet, because that doesn't have a carbon footprint.
And then the plan starts to become clear.
They are literally shutting off the biosphere for humans.
Artificially putting us into a space for total dehumanization and even announcing competing realities because this one is going to be so horrible.
Well, we're actually being sold.
The White House has put out this report last Wednesday saying robots may take half of our jobs and we should just embrace it.
They have no idea how they're going to be dealing with the millions of people who are going to be out of jobs.
They don't really have a plan for that.
They say, you know, these things have a way of working themselves out, but they're going to full steam ahead, right into a brick wall with this, because they say it's going to be better in the long run.
That's what they always do.
They always just frame it as, you're the alt-right, we defined you, anybody that disagrees with us, and now we're going to ban you.
Or, we're going to say what words you can use and what words you can't.
First, Christmas is no good.
Now, holiday's bad too.
This is a cult.
The answer is, go back to being a normal human and not following whatever's trendy.
Whatever's trendy, or whatever they call smart, you know is literally an electronic cage and you're a chump by following it.
You know, when I talked to the author of Artificial Intelligence, I met him at South by Southwest last year and kind of sat down with him and he was talking about the fact that economists, no one is really concerning themselves with what's going to happen once automation takes over.
And I talked about the 2040 plan and he just laughed and said, 2040, it's more like 2020.
I mean, it's going to happen.
Donald Trump's going to have to deal with it in his election.
That they always put stuff out there like, we'll have global government by 2030.
It's already here.
We'll have merge with AI by 2035.
They're going, nah, 2025.
It's all accelerating now by design.
And Zuckerberg and all of them admitted, oh, my users are dumb effers.
We're going to control reality.
They admit they're spying on you.
Look at these headlines.
Goodbye, privacy.
Hello, Alexa.
Amazon's Echo, the home
Robot who hears it all and reports it all to the police.
The Guardian.
Here's another one on the Washington Post.
Yes, the robots will steal your jobs, and that's fine.
Here's another one from the Davos Group itself and a member of parliament in the Netherlands.
Welcome to 2030.
I own nothing, have no privacy, and life's never been better.
They want us to think it's cool and adopt this because it's trendy, as you said, Leigh-Anne.
Well, and so that's another thing that the author of Artificial Intelligence mentioned.
I said, well, wouldn't it be great if the robots take over the jobs we don't want?
Then everyone will have free time.
They can self-actualize.
And he said that would be absolutely terrible.
Can you imagine millions of people just being free to do whatever they want?
I mean, it'll be like the mall brawls that took place on Boxing Day.
They're going to give us all these bureaucratic things we've got to do, all these social control systems.
We're going to have less time to be free under the new AI system.
Look at how technology already makes us have less time now.
Right, well this is their plan for how they're going to deal with us in the short term.
Virtual reality.
And they're already setting us up.
Tell us about that.
They're already setting us up.
This is the new, cool, trendy thing.
All the kids gotta get it at Christmas.
And Facebook is heavily invested in the Oculus Rift.
So, I mean, they're gonna... The virtual reality... Break this down for people.
It's the next major computing platform, okay?
And so... Just like Google Glass has failed, they're now trying to force us into this one, which they claim is less nauseating.
Here's a tip.
If something's nauseating, a digital bag over your head, maybe it's not good for you.
Well, actually, yes, one of our producers, Joseph Jennings, got his kids the VR headset and he was playing with it and he actually had to pull his car over on the way here, you know, an hour after taking the headset off because he had really bad vertigo.
I mean, this is not good.
But so here we have virtual reality.
And one thing they're really excited about is that they are going to be putting everyone into these avatar forms and so they're going to everything you do online will be your avatar and it's going to form the foundation of your identity online in this virtual reality and so they already their number one they say the goal of everything we do
Everything we do is to change people's actual behavior at scale.
We can capture their behaviors, identify good and bad behaviors, develop ways to reward the good and punish the bad.
They're going to use your avatars to nudge you into thinking certain ways.
And this is the moment where the needle skips off the record or the car slams on its brakes.
That's called brainwashing.
They're going to decide what your values are, put your value into an avatar that can be scored.
China and Facebook admit this is the model.
And then if you're not a good little globalist, it lowers your standing.
Everyone will be put in the fake news category who doesn't play along with the new tyranny.
But if you're a good little globalist, then you'll have a five star rating.
They admit this.
They announced this several years ago.
And now we've hit jump point.
Where it's all prepared and suddenly, boom, it happens.
This must be absolutely opposed at every level.
How do we do it?
By being engaged in the normal third dimension, going outdoors, doing a lot of things.
TV time has proven to brain damage, cause Alzheimer's, mental problems.
That's what we're doing here.
We are jacked in right now.
That's why people say, well, why are you on Facebook?
We have to use their tools against them.
But understand, just like Zuckerberg called everyone dumb effers for giving all their information freely, well, that's the same thing that's going to be happening with virtual reality, except for now they're actually going to be freely mining data from our bodies.
And now you're going to be having sex in virtual reality in giant public orgies
Again, they admit this is what they're going to offer you as they make the outside environment so ugly, the culture, the buildings, the art, the CIA declassified this last year, to make you feel ugly and bad so you turn loose of your real powerful identity and go into their false controlled paradigm.
Now, that's it for this segment on InfoWars Nightly News.
We're going to come back in an extended segment that will be posted to InfoWars.com forward slash app.
In the app section for members and tomorrow to InfoWars.com.
So we're going to go to break, come back with David Knight, and then we're going to again tomorrow have part two.
We really break all this down.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is Leanne McAdoo.
We're only fighting for humanity.
No matter what skin color we are, it's what our hearts and souls stand for.
We all got red blood.
The globalists are trying to enslave us.
We must stand against it.
Stay with us.
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They've made huge jokes about it, but it's totally blown up their face.
We now have George Soros
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, we know that here in America they'd like to bring some Chinese-style censorship to our internet, but in Germany they are now looking at fining certain news outlets or social media platforms for fake news.
Specifically in this story, Germany is considering fining Facebook
$522,000 per fake news item.
I'm now joined in studio by Maggie Howell to talk about this.
The government of Germany is considering imposing a legal regime that would allow finding social networks such as Facebook up to 500,000 euros, that's $522,000, for each day the platform leaves a fake news story up.
Maggie, they continue to harp on the fake news, hashtag fake news narrative.
So this is a German-sponsored, a Germany-state-sponsored thing.
So, any day that the Facebook site leaves up a fake news article, who's the fake news judge, first of all?
Because we know that Obama has suddenly, you know, created the truth police, in a sense.
This utter shutdown of internet free speech is what we're seeing.
You and I covered this in October.
Do you remember that they were handing over free speech to the internet?
I don't know.
with these orders because we posted something on our own website that talks about how Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was caught discussing the censorship of anti-migrant posts at this UN Development Summit on Saturday while speaking with Merkel and he said that Facebook is all about censoring.
There was a hot mic episode where he's saying that this wave of Syrian refugees entering Germany, they're going to make sure that nobody is talking badly about it, that they're going to take it down.
But in the event that they don't, half a million dollars is what they're going to be fined.
That's what's on the table.
But Zuckerberg is aligned with Merkel, so I don't really see the problem.
Well, there's clearly collusion going on here, I think, and that's what you're alluding to with the hot mic and with them meeting.
And of course, fake news.
It was Facebook yesterday that released a fake news story.
They put out a story warning people about an explosion, but it was fake news.
It wasn't meant to go out.
But they wouldn't be fined for that, I'm sure.
But here's the interesting thing about this, Maggie, is that basically by going about this through finding Facebook, the government is kind of keeping their hands clean of this matter, saying, oh, well, this isn't state-imposed censoring.
This is Facebook.
This is the social media imposing their censoring.
That's exactly what Kerry did today with Israel in terms of the U.N.
The U.S.
is not behind it.
Don't worry.
It's the same crap that we're seeing.
But think about this, though.
Think about this.
Not only do they want to continue to hit the fake news, the German lawmakers believe this bill will help tackle what?
The possibility of Russia meddling in their elections scheduled for next year.
We're already prepping because they know Merkel is going to get defeated handedly, so they already are starting to claim that Russia is in here meddling, and so that's why they also need to combat the fake news.
Total bull in the house.
You talk about the Russia meddling incidents in the Washington Post yesterday, and I don't mean to go off topic here because we have a really short amount of time.
But specifically this article by Dana Milbank talking about how our President-Elect Donald Trump is, and forgive my vulgarity, he actually said the words, and I'm directly quoting here, groping the dictator.
That's what he said.
It's a disgusting display.
They don't even care about the truth anymore.
They don't care about being vulgar.
They don't care about offending you with their lies and their vulgarity.
The only thing they care about is spouting this Russian narrative that Russia hacked our system.
Merkel is going to be defeated, you mark my words.
We're good to go.
26,000 reported by the WND.
And here's what we're seeing, Owen.
Nine ISIS supporters arrested near Washington, D.C., our nation's capital.
They seemed normal and middle class.
That's the news topic of the day.
Normal and middle class.
Nine people.
ISIS sympathizers in Washington, D.C.
Well and guess what, they're mentioning in these police reports how they're using social media to recruit people, spread their propaganda.
Again though, I know I've been censored on social media for posting things against Obama, I've been censored on YouTube for other such things, but you know, of course, ISIS somehow manages to get away with it.
But yes, as you said, these were young men that were arrested.
They've certainly suppressed enough of our freedoms in this power grub with the privatization of the internet and the NSA actually looking at everything that we do and say along with DHS.
And you mentioned the NDAA.
They've been re-fortified in their powers to censor things on the internet.
But it does look like a tiny fraction of this.
You know, if we could just maybe reform our immigration policies, we wouldn't have to give up so much of our personal freedom.
We're about to discuss the country and I love this story.
I see you gearing up for it.
It's one of my favorite stories of the week, by the way.
Well, speaking of oppression, why don't you talk about some oppression that's being lifted on the women in Myanmar?
Well, okay, so we had this discussion off-camera, Myanmar, Myanmar, Burma formerly, Ann Suu Kyi was a jailed leader there and she brought a lot of, to the forefront, the fact that women aren't treated very fairly.
Very oppressive country, respectfully.
And I don't mean that in a negative way.
It looks like they're considering this law that would jail any man who impregnates a woman and doesn't marry her, which some would say is an oppressive law.
Others would say is pretty fair, fair-minded.
I don't
You know, it's one of those things that we really want to talk about.
So there's this law, and we don't have this in the U.S., obviously, or any other Western nation.
A Trump supporter for women's empowerment here?
Oh my gosh, I don't know what's going on.
You know, actually, Kellyanne Conway, let's just say this.
I want to lay this out, and I feel the need to lay this out every time we talk about Trump.
Trump is not a sexist.
Trump is not a sexist.
That aside, there are countries like Burma or Myanmar that kind of do represent sexist societies.
Women don't have a lot of rights.
Looks like they're catching up here.
With the fact that, you know, you could jail a guy if he knocks you up and doesn't marry you.
So there you go.
And of course, this is on the heels of Middle Eastern countries.
Well, there's a lot of oppression against women in the Middle East.
It's completely ignored by most of the left.
That's right.
They embrace it.
It's chic and cool to embrace the oppression of women while spouting that you're for women.
You know, it's a bizarre thing, but please continue.
Well, let's go on.
You want to talk about a bizarre thing?
You want to talk about hypocrisy?
Here's some more of it.
You cannot eat here.
Hawaii Cafe riles residents with ban on Trump voters.
Now, this story is from Fox News.
Sign on the door if you voted for Trump.
You cannot eat here.
No Nazis.
Do you bring your voter registration card into the restaurant?
How does that work?
Maybe something from our Infowars store would give you a way that you maybe support liberty and the Republican maybe voted for Trump.
I mean, that's possible.
But it's like, where are you getting this idea that Trump is a Nazi?
I mean, is that legal?
This is so crazy.
The right to refuse does not apply to that in terms
So, but under the same logic, you could put up a sign and say, no Hillary Clinton voters here, no KKK.
I mean, it's the same extreme.
Actually, I guess you could actually say that there's probably more of a relation between Clinton and the KKK.
Well, there is, via Robert C. Byrd, that's right.
Let me ask you, so the 1960s sit-in luncheon, you know, aspect of the civil rights movement, that doesn't apply here.
You know, all of the things that change, they get to pick and choose.
That's not communistic at all.
But that's the hypocrisy here that I find so amazing.
They want to sit here and talk about tolerance.
They want to sit here and say how Trump is the one that's going to send our society back culturally, our social life back culturally, but here they are the ones actually discriminating.
I mean, this isn't a hate crime, but if you go out and you beat someone up for their political beliefs, that is a hate crime.
Seems a little hateful.
My guess is this is going to be a failed enterprise and that they're probably not going to go there anymore.
But how about this?
I said I wanted to close the news with this.
All right.
I've got one more, but okay.
Satellite spots.
Oh, sorry.
People don't recognize Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
She's a loser.
Satellite spots.
Massive object hidden under the frozen wastes of Antarctica.
Satellite images have picked up what they think is a massive object in Antarctica.
They're not sure what this is.
They think that it might be an asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.
Some people think it might be a UFO.
I don't know what it is, but I want to know!
What's under the ice?
We'll have more on the Nightly News tomorrow night, 7 p.m.
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