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Name: 20161226_Mon_NightlyNews
Air Date: Dec. 26, 2016
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
I'm your host, Rob Dew, and today's date is Monday, December 26, 2016, and here's a look at what's coming up.
I do keep my gun at my desk right here.
It's a Judge.
Oh, well, hold on a second.
I always have my Judge at the desk, obviously.
It's a great weapon.
You know what's even better, though, is if you put these in.
These are the 410 shotgun shells.
Oh, yeah.
Oh my god, you put that in.
It's very simple.
You know, just point in the general direction.
Like, eh, yeah, over there.
Literally a gun for blind people.
I mean, all you have to do is aim in the direction.
And you're gonna hit it.
It's Cutting Edge.
This is something entirely new, but with a nod to the old.
Only now, at the end, do you understand.
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Welcome back.
Normally in this extended segment, we cover a variety of news, but we're going to start off with an interview today.
You might remember my guest from last week.
He's the host of the No Agenda Show and his name is Adam Curry.
All right, thanks for joining us again, Adam Curry from MTV back in the day and also running his own podcast, which has got 800 and something episodes, the No Agenda Show, or it's No Agenda Show.
You can find more information on noagenda.com.
Now, Adam, first question here.
I actually went and listened to the show after you appeared on the Alex Jones Show with Max Keiser, and you mentioned you were packing heat.
Is that true or false?
Well, let me just set it up properly because Max and Stacey said, oh, you know, Alex wants you to come and join us at Info Wars.
OK, that's cool.
And you'll be picked up in the van.
I'm like, well, I'm going to get a hood on my head or what's going on.
And they said, oh, this guy's walking around.
They got weapons everywhere.
I'm like, OK, well, maybe we'll just take something along just in case.
So yeah, I was definitely carrying, but I didn't see much.
You guys are very tame.
It wasn't all that bad.
Well, I do keep my gun at my desk right here.
It's a Judge.
Oh, well, hold on a second.
I always have my Judge at the desk, obviously.
It's a great weapon.
You know what's even better, though, is if you put these in.
These are the 410 shotgun shells.
Oh, yeah.
Oh my god, you put that in.
It's very simple.
You know, just point in the general direction.
Like, eh, yeah, over there.
Literally a gun for blind people.
I mean, all you have to do is aim in the direction.
And you're gonna hit it.
Always nice to meet a fellow Judge Old Owner.
Alex came in one day holding a judge and said, you need to go get one of these.
So I have one right by my desk, a little instant access safe.
In fact, there's several of those all around the office.
But yeah, we are carrying, we have a vault of guns in another room.
We're definitely ready for anything that could come into the studio at all.
Good, I know where to go when it all hits the fan.
Yeah, we have storable food too, so we'll be good.
Well, I got some of that.
As I told Alex, early on I was listening to the show and I got my water filter, I got my MREs, I got my one acre crisis garden.
I've been a fan for a long time.
Well, let's get into this Russian thing.
I think we finally put it to bed with, you know, every time they came out with a new angle, a new article, it was able to be disproven by another source or by, you know, even asking the President.
The President disproved
Yes, I think a lot of people believe that, at least a large portion of the United States and probably all of the rest of the world, Europe for sure.
You know, the Russian story as it relates to the election, you know, of course the election it was first it was, you know, Comey and then it was white men and then it was women and everyone was to blame and now it's Russia.
Although that may be ratcheting down a little bit, I have no doubt that Russia will remain the big boogeyman and this is being driven mainly by McCain and by Graham, the senators.
And they are warmongers and their whole idea is, and because of course what Trump is doing, is he's right off the bat he's saying, hold on a second military-industrial complex, you guys are a little expensive with your four billion dollar aircraft.
You know, it could probably be half, I've been in aviation for a long time.
And then, you know, also talking about the F-35.
So this is, you know, you're hitting people in their pocketbooks where it hurts.
So I think that we still need to have a common enemy, and that will be Russia for a long time.
It was Al-Qaeda, then it was ISIS, and then it was ISIL, then it was ISIL-ISIS-Daesh, and now it's Russia.
Russia is the bad guy.
And I think the warmongers are going to continue to point out Russia as horrible, horrible actors.
And I hope that our President-elect stays very, very safe, particularly if you have the CIA possibly against you, although I think FBI is, and I know there's interagency issues, there always have been.
It's usually about money, but CIA and FBI are no friends of each other.
I hope we can keep him safe.
There's a lot of people who will not benefit from his deal-making.
That's true.
But there's also a whole bunch of people that are going to benefit, I think, looking at the average American worker.
How about the American people?
Yeah, I think they're going to benefit greatly from what I've seen so far.
He's been able to not even become president yet and bring in jobs.
He hasn't been sworn in and people are saying they're going to reinvest.
The Japanese multi-billionaire has already started, it looks like, investing in the United States.
He's a telecom mogul, among other things.
I really think that at this point, somebody put this out on Twitter and they said first they tried to stop Lincoln because, you know, he won the Electoral College but, you know, the popular vote was close.
Then they tried to tell Congress to overturn his election.
And then they shot him.
And it was the Democratic Party that did that.
They took out Lincoln, so these people are definitely not above going after Trump in that capacity, but I think it's smart what he's doing.
He's having a mix of private security and Secret Service running his affairs, and I think that's a smart thing to do because he's definitely, if anybody is in danger of being taken out, the last time we, you know, Ronald Reagan was a populist-type candidate who, he made it barely a year into his administration before he was shot.
And I grew up in the Netherlands and although I took a detour in the U.S.
I was born in the U.S.
for MTV etc.
And in 1999 I moved back to Europe and at the time there was a politician in the Netherlands and his name was Pim Fortuyn, professor, openly gay, very high intellectual and he was basically telling everyone in the country we have to stop the Islamification of the Netherlands
I think so.
We're good to go.
So that was one, and then Pim Fortuyn, his party became very popular.
The country loved it.
He was two weeks away from winning the election, and he was assassinated, of course, by some crazy person, as it always happens.
A crazy animal activist, just to make it even nuttier.
And his party won posthumously.
I guess the point that I'm making here is that when it comes to radicals, or you can call them nationalists or whatever you want to call them, or of course, far-right Nazis, as they are seen, and we're seeing them everywhere, we have Farage in the UK, we have Le Pen in France, we have Beppe Grillo in Italy, we have Trump in the United States, you know, the governments around the world do have a history of getting rid of them in nefarious ways.
And they always seem to have tied, you know, you can tie these people to central banks or there's always some little trail leading back and there's a trail leading back to the Bushes with the first assassin Hinckley, the brother, one of the Bush brothers was friends with the brother of Hinckley.
So it had breakfast with him or had a dinner with him a couple days before.
I mean, you can't make this stuff up.
So, and that was the same side, so who knows what's going on with Trump.
The good news, though, Rob, the good news when it comes to, you know, the military-industrial complex, the people actually serving in the military, and I know a lot of them, I went to Iraq in 2003 with the Dutch Marines, and so I met a lot of people, built up a lot of contacts over the years.
People in the military who work in the military, they really like Donald Trump.
Well, first of all, they despise Hillary Clinton.
That it just became rampant is really unbelievable.
And no one really talks about the votes coming from our military personnel, but I think they were quite well-oriented towards Trump.
They really like him and they have high hopes for him and particularly how he's been at least talking about how we're going to take care of our veterans etc and have good materiel and all the things that they need and probably stop going doing starting crazy wars.
So that's the good side of it.
The money side is troubling.
Yeah, that is.
But let's look at his pick for Secretary of Defense, Mad Dog Mattis.
We put up a video earlier in the week, or it was late last week, maybe over the weekend, where we had different Marines send in what they thought about Mad Dog Mattis.
And these guys seem to have the utmost faith in this guy.
He's a warrior monk.
He never got married.
He devotes his life to looking at war in different angles.
That doesn't mean he's a warmonger and wants to go out and kill people.
But he goes, have a plan to kill people, whoever you may meet, which means you better have your plan wherever you're going.
And he proved it in the surge.
So I'm hoping a guy like that, you know, unlike Donald Rumsfeld, is not going to be committing troops to war unnecessarily.
I think he probably won't, and that seems to be the overall idea.
It's not to start lots and lots of wars.
I don't know much about him.
I've certainly never met him.
I don't know much about him.
I do know that he pretty much never watches television.
He reads lots and lots.
He's a reader, and you're correct that he studies all the great battles, the strategies.
Man, he always has a quote on hand.
He seems like a guy who would be very, very good.
Certainly not a pencil pusher.
If I've heard anything from my contacts in the military and intelligence, they despise the pencil pushers.
So you've got an Ashton Carter, our current Secretary of Defense, pencil pusher.
You've got Brennan, CIA.
Pencil pushers.
These are all just pencil pushers.
And, you know, so maybe it'll be interesting to have some people with some real experience in there who know one thing, you know, maybe you stay safe by not starting wars.
And as we saw, there was an article in Daily Mail last week about the CIA agent who interviewed Saddam Hussein and he got, he goes, man, we had Saddam all wrong.
He thought 9-11 was going to bring the United States and Iraq closer together because they were secular
They despise terrorism, Islamic terrorism.
So he's like, hey, this is, he thought 9-11 was going to be good for relations because he goes, we're ready to help them out with the war on terror.
And so what do we do?
We invade their country.
We didn't even try to talk to them in a diplomatic sense.
It was like, no.
You know, little George wanted revenge for he thought they tried to kill his daddy.
So we were just going to go all in or go all the way, as George Carlin says.
And of course, that war was actually started based on the premise of fake news.
It was the aluminum tubes.
And it was consensus within the intelligence community.
Fourteen agencies said, we're pretty sure the tubes are there.
You know, they all signed off on it.
Good to go.
It was, you know, based on
He made a joke to the CIA agent saying, hey, do we have anything on the anthrax vials?
And laughed.
And the guy's like, I got sick to my stomach because I was thinking about the 4,000 men who died.
And if you go back and look at, I think it was General Wesley Clark, pretty famous, you've probably seen it, where he said there was a plan to pretty much take out seven countries in a number of years and included, of course, Syria and included Somalia, included Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, you know, so they're getting up there, you know, and I don't think that plan has ever really, ever really stopped.
If you look at the people who want to have control over mainly the resources,
And have traditionally used the State Department to arrange for the Resource Extraction Department, the Department of Defense, to do our bidding.
And, you know, that plan is sort of like the Northwoods.
It never really got passed.
It wasn't this official document.
But yet the philosophy laid the groundwork for the people inside the agency.
Well, we have this plan.
We don't really talk about it.
It's not public.
But this is what we're going to do.
We're going to steer our ship in those directions because these, you know, the United States as a ship, you know, if you were to look at it as a ship, it takes a long time to turn into a direction unless you do have one of these events like a 9-11.
Do you think it's any possibility there'll be an event like this under a Trump presidency?
I think there's always a possibility for some crazy event that is misused for whatever is necessary.
But really, if you look at what's happened since 9-11, with all of the legislation, all of the surveillance,
TSA and just everything that's that's taken place in the past 16, 17 years.
It's quite enough.
Do we really need another event?
I don't think so necessarily.
But again, it would be, we still have to be vigilant.
You know, there's stuff that can happen here.
And I don't think it's things that may happen may not be false flags.
They may be actual terrorist acts.
Yeah, they've wound up enough terrorists, they've opened the borders up in Europe, they've opened our southern border up.
Let's hope Trump does something about that starting in January 20th when he becomes President of the United States.
Adam Curry, thanks for joining us.
No Agenda Show.
Why don't you tell everybody how they can find your podcast, which I might say, by the way, is very excellent.
I've listened to several of your episodes already.
Well, thank you very much, Rob.
Noagendashow.com, it's a podcast.
You can find it if you have a podcast app, just search for No Agenda.
You can go to Google, No Agenda, where the first five pages probably.
We do a live on Thursdays and Sundays, but again, it's a podcast.
Media Assassination, doing it for 888 episodes.
And we have a lot of overlap with our audience, so I'm real happy that we've connected.
Yeah, definitely.
It was great having you on in studio.
And we'll be going, just to let everybody know, on January 20th, we'll be going for 14 hours straight here, I think going from 8 a.m.
to about 10 p.m.
So it's going to be quite a day, the day Donald Trump becomes inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States.
Thanks for watching the InfoWars Nightly News.
We'll be right back after this short break.
For too long, Washington has tried to put us in boxes.
They separate us by race, by age, by income, by geography, by place of birth.
We spend too much time focusing on what divides us.
Now is the time to embrace the one thing that truly unites us.
You know what that is?
It's America.
Three years ago, the Congress in the National Defense Authorization Act repealed the law that had been on the books for decades, barring the CIA and other agencies from engaging in domestic propaganda and disinformation.
Over the weekend, they passed the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act that funds 160 plus million dollars to this new organization that will, quote, discover and counter with its own disinformation, alternative media that they dub fake news.
At the very same time, we see mainstream media claiming that Trump, myself, Tucker Carlson, you name it, are Russian agents, and that the American people really wanted Hillary Clinton, but the Russians somehow hacked in, and that's why Trump won.
Yes, we've gotten Trump elected, but they're openly trying to overthrow that.
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We are now joined by Jack Posobiec from Citizens for Trump and also one of the main people in getting the inaugural Deplora Ball off the ground.
Now, we ran into some obstacles here Jack.
Tell us about those obstacles.
But we came out on the other side looking good.
Well, we started to receive a little bit of harassment with our initial venue.
We were going to have it at a place that was a ballroom in Northern Virginia, which shall remain nameless.
They've been named enough.
And the Washington Post started to harass them on Twitter saying, how dare you have these people there?
How dare you host them?
These are some terrible, horrible Trump supporters.
You can't have them.
And essentially the place came back and canceled on us.
Because of the controversy and because of the chutzpah of the organizers of DeploraWallace, myself being one of them, we decided, you know what?
So many people were interested and so many people reached out that instead of having an event for 500 people, we were able to expand and double the size of our event to 1,000 people, which allowed us to reach out to bigger venues in the DC area.
And we were able to secure a contract signed, inked, and in writing
With the National Press Club of all places.
So we will be having the inaugural Deplora Ball of 2017 on the eve of Trump's presidency and the last day of Barack Obama in office at the National Press Club.
Who's in charge of Washington now?
Well, that just sounds really nice.
The Trump Miss Eve or the Obama exit, both sound very nice.
And of course, to recap, it was originally meant for 500 people.
500 tickets were sold.
In under 24 hours, it sold out.
So then these loving leftists, we have to love them so much, these protesters.
Thank you guys so much.
We were now able to get a bigger venue, double our size.
I'm excited!
Now I know that a couple of my friends that weren't gonna be able to go originally, now they got in since we doubled our size!
You know, and here I was having to tell people no, I was having to give so many regrets, and now here I am sitting on top of another 500 people that were able to come.
And Owen, I gotta tell you, the first 500 sold out in 24 hours.
When we put the second 500 up for sale, we had to close it after just one hour.
Because Deplora Ball sold out in one hour.
We sold 500 more tickets.
So, by the end of that first hour, I had gone in to check what the status was, and the thing was shut down.
It said sold out.
I'm like, did I do something wrong?
And I call up the guy that was running our ticket sales, and I said, no, you sold all of them.
You did good.
Oh, okay, good.
Yeah, that's what I wanted.
Well, let's talk about some details of the event.
Now, obviously, we've got some names and recognizable faces.
I'm going to be there.
Rob Dew is going to be there.
You've mentioned some other people that are going to be there on the official Deplorable website.
How many names and faces are people going to recognize from this deal?
And then how many just other Deplorables out there that just are Trump supporters that wanted to come to this event?
What do you think the balance is going to be like there?
Well, certainly the most recognizable name and face there will be Jack Posobiec, the Special Projects Director of Citizens for Trump.
But in addition, some other folks may like to see Trump's original campaign manager, Roger Stone, will be in attendance.
I've heard that Mr. Alex Jones is considering stopping by.
It's a rumor!
It's a rumor!
It is rumored, unalleged from unvetted sources, unnamed sources.
We've also heard that, of course, Mike Cernovich will be there, Lauren Southern, Bates Alaska, Scott Isbell, Bill Mitchell, so many people that you've heard.
Um, throughout this entire process, throughout this entire campaign, someone actually mentioned, it's going to be like reading my Twitter feed in real life.
Um, and I think that's what you're going to see.
You're going to see all those people as well as the people that supported them, supported with retweets, supported with sharing, supported with making memes, people from Reddit, the Donald, people from everywhere, every walk of life.
Um, you know, people from every background that are coming together.
We've even extended an arm.
To former Hillary supporters, if you guys would like to come, you're more than welcome to come and we'll change your mind and we're here to celebrate and we're here to make America great again and that's perfectly fine.
I have also been pushing, and we haven't made the final decision on this yet, but I do not think that it would be behoovent of us to issue press credentials to noted fake news outlets.
And when I mention fake news outlets, I'm referring of course to CNN,
Washington Post, Newsweek, The Daily Beast, and other outlets that push fake news because we wouldn't want them coming in and misrepresenting our events as they already have.
Yeah, that's funny.
I wonder the angle they're going to take considering they're not going to be allowed in.
I'm sure they'll be very butthurt about that.
But the Hillary supporters that are going, you know, they're going to be there, but I think they might want to stay outside with their protest signs.
That's the feeling that I get from these people.
But, you know, it's going to be exciting.
You know, Jack, you're a guy that I've been in touch with a lot over this election cycle.
You've been very informative for me.
We've done a few interviews as well.
You know, I'm finally going to meet you in person.
I'm going to finally meet some of these other people in person that I've spoken to, that I've come to, uh, gotten to know over the election cycle.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
No, we were at the, uh, the first debate together.
Oh, really?
The one in New York?
By the street, remember?
Oh man.
I do remember now.
When you go to all these debates, these things just like, it's just like it all merges together.
But how could I forget the face of Jack Masovic now?
See, people don't know what we have to do on the street when we're covering stuff live.
We're out there with the protesters getting stuff thrown at us, people screaming at us, watching the debate like on my iPhone while people are screaming, trying to hear, what did Trump just say?
What did Hillary just say?
They don't know.
They don't know what we have to put up with.
No, but it's amazing considering all these people that are going to be there.
We went through all that together.
We were called deplorables together.
We went through the protesters screaming at us, pointing at us, cackling at us together.
So finally, this is our moment together to kind of celebrate everything that we worked for to get Trump elected.
And I know that he's obviously very, you know, he's very gracious to the people that got him elected.
He knows who got him elected.
We're even talking about, and I'm not announcing this yet, I'm just sort of saying it as a brainstorm that we've had, we definitely want to do a tribute for veterans, we definitely want to do a tribute for people that, you know, fallen deplorables, people that didn't make it to the inauguration for, you know, one reason or another, but we definitely wanted to do some sort of awards or thank you for people
We're not sure what exactly to do with that yet, but I had this idea if we could have some, you know, deplorable awards to hand out to certain people that really stood out and really did so much to help out, even if they didn't have, you know, a massive organization behind them, even if they didn't have massive funding behind them, people who just went out and did flash mob, people who went and talked to their neighbors, people who went there and knocked on doors of complete strangers or stood in the middle of the road for Donald Trump.
That is really the people who to thank for this election.
We're good to go.
Well, I think that's a great idea.
That's the kind of thing that can energize the youth.
That's the kind of thing that can energize political movements in the future.
But let's talk about some other festivities.
Without giving everything away, we want to leave some of the element of surprise to the people that will be attending the Deploraball.
But what are some other festivities?
What can people expect when they get to the Deploraball at the Press Club?
Well, not only are we going to have all the normal accoutrements that the National Press Club would have,
You know, your typical plated dinners, your tablecloths draped tables, but we plan to have blow-ups of the best memes that we've seen from this election.
We're talking about potentially emanating from... Pepe the Frog?
Not only will there be memes of Pepe, but I've heard, and again sources cannot confirm, but I've heard rumors that Pepe the Frog himself may be in attendance at Deplorable.
I actually ran into Pepe the Frog at the Cincinnati Trump Victory Tour.
I remember that!
He did make an appearance there.
I've heard that he may also be making an appearance, a special appearance at Cincinnati.
You know, Pepe does not travel from one of these places to another.
He simply makes his presence known to us when the time is right for him to make his presence known.
And I think, and I feel that if we're all there and we all really believe that Pepe can make another one again.
Well, the entire Washington, D.C.
area is going to feel the presence of the Deplorables.
I can guarantee you that.
It's going to be a great event.
We're going to have the Deplorable, or the Deplorable Ball, and then the inauguration.
And I look forward to seeing you there, Jack.
And just real quick, what are you looking forward to the most that weekend?
What I'm looking forward to the most that weekend is, you know,
I've always said that I don't ask for much, but I'd love to ask Donald Trump if he could just, once he gets inaugurated, just do something that I think everybody would love to see with a twinkle in his eye and just turn to Barack Obama and say, Barack Obama, you're fired!
And that'd be great if he did that at the actual inauguration.
He could probably get everybody at the same time to say, you're fired!
That would be pretty awesome.
Thank you so much, Jack.
It would be fun.
We'd all enjoy it.
And we're going to have fun at the Deployer Ball, Jack.
I will see you there.
Thanks for organizing this event.
Great, Owen.
See you there.
More than 20 years ago, when I started InfoWars, I was a fitness addict.
As time went on, my metabolism slowed down, I quit working out, I was working 18 hours a day, and I gained right at 100 pounds.
I started to exercise really hard again, and I started to try to eat healthy, started taking third-party supplements, started seeing some more gains.
But when I started working with Dr. Grip and some of the other top formulators in the country, they said, Alex, it's all about trace elements and things that the population is absolutely deficient in.
Weight started pouring off, toxins started coming out of my body.
Then, by early 2016,
I was in the best shape of my life since I'd been in really good shape in my twenties.
But the election heated up.
I started working 14, 15, 16 hours a day.
But more importantly, I stopped taking the supplements because we rearranged the kitchen and somebody took the Lazy Susan off the kitchen table where I took some every morning and I just kind of forgot about it.
It was out of sight, out of mind.
And so then I realized this morning, I said, we're going to put the Lazy Susan back on the table.
And I'm going to start taking it religiously again.
And I'm going to work out like I've been the last few weeks at the same level.
It's a holiday, so I'll probably eat more.
And whatever the results are, I'm going to publish the findings.
It's December 5th, 2016.
We're only like 25 days from 2017.
And I want to invite all of the InfoWarriors of every race, color, and creed that bleed red blood and love liberty, justice, and truth to make our bodies great again.
One of the most common questions I get is, you've changed the whole radio TV model.
How did you do it?
Did an ad agency teach you that or what book did you read?
And the answer is, it was trial and error.
I promote products that I personally use, like the Nutraceuticals and Infowarslife.com.
And it's the same thing for this promotion.
I didn't get this from an ad agency.
I didn't just think this up.
I was sitting there, I'd gained probably 10, 15 pounds because I'd gotten out of the habit of taking the supplements in the last few months with the election.
And I was thinking, wow, I need to religiously take these, because I'm promoting these things, it's making me healthier, and if I'm not taking them, you know, I'm fatter, plus people aren't going to buy the product.
So that's where the promotion comes from, is purely from reality.
I put the Lazy Susan back on the table, I'm religiously taking the products, and in just one week, I thought I'd lose two or three pounds.
I've lost five pounds.
We're good to go.
I mean, quite frankly, I eat more junk during the holidays like everybody else.
So I'm eating worse.
But because I've got these trace elements, or whatever it's doing in DNA Force and X2 and Supermail, I have lost 5 pounds.
It's incredible.
I thought I might lose 10 to 15 in a month.
If this continues, it'll be 20.
But generally, it's more dramatic up front.
This is an experiment.
Everybody's watching.
We'll see what happens.
This is Part 2.
Next week, part three.
That's a good point.
Uh, we just cut there and Rob Deuce said, uh, Hey Alex, I know you don't follow script, but you might want to add to people.
We're running some of the biggest specials of the year until December 17th.
That's the last day that you can get your order in and have guaranteed shipping anywhere in the United States.
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Thank you all for your support.
You're awesome
As everybody knows, I'm not really into pop culture.
But they put so much propaganda in pop culture, I'm forced to go out and watch it.
And I went out last night, and I watched Rogue One with my family, and I gotta tell ya, I was surprised.
But, spoiler alert, if you don't wanna hear the details, stop watching now.
I've got a 14-year-old teenage son.
A lot of you know him.
He's here on air, part of the news team at Infowars, Rex.
And about a week or so ago, he said, Dad, I really want to go see Rogue One.
And I said, son, we went and saw the last one and it was okay.
Some of the others, the new ones, are really, really bad.
I thought Disney would do a better job on the last one.
My God, how do you go lower than Jar Jar Binks and what George Lucas was doing?
So I was optimistic when the last one came out that Disney would do a better job.
Because, sure, I'm a Star Wars fan.
I was like four years old when the first one came out in the late 1970s.
I went and I saw Rogue One last night, knowing that the writers had said they were anti-Trump, knowing that it was going to have some feminist propaganda in it, and so I was just intending to take my kids who wanted to go and then probably write and also shoot a nasty review.
Well, I'm here to tell you that's not the case.
This is the best science fiction movie I've seen in decades.
It's also one of the best war movies I've seen in decades.
It's got a lot of different levels to it, dealing with the metaphysical, dealing with culture, dealing obviously with the hero archetype.
It's amazing.
Now here's the spoiler alert.
They bring back Governor Tarkin.
They bring back the X-Wing pilots.
I mean, this is all the direct prequel to episode four
The New Hope.
The battle butts up to right at the time where you basically start up in Episode 4.
So this is a true prequel to 4, 5, and 6 and is incredible.
Usually when you see the CG, it just looks like a video game.
It's annoying.
It's hard to watch.
They've mastered it.
It's amazing.
What's scary is it's like The Running Man.
They could take my face or your face in video and then with a computer, most people couldn't tell the difference.
It's amazing.
Princess Leia's back.
She's young.
The Voice of Darth Vader is done by James Earl Jones.
The whole thing is amazing.
The high-tech science fiction world, the architecture they develop it, the streamlining of the ships.
This movie is a work of art.
At the end of this, I had my mouth hanging open.
People weren't even clapping they were so blown away.
So I just went ahead and got out quickly ahead of the crowd.
I'm not being paid to say this.
The director, Garth Edwards, the writers have just done an incredible job.
I'm not going to give it all away, but I'm telling you this is an adult film that children can also see.
I don't mind messages about women being empowered or women being strong.
That was in the movie, but it was done very, very tastefully.
It wasn't rammed down our throats.
It was... I'd have to give it...
Four and three-quarter stars.
I'm not going to give it five stars.
And it's got some cheesiness and it's got the token stuff in there for the China market.
It's definitely a global movie, but this is how you pull that off.
If you're going to do that and make a film for everybody, you've done it.
The suspense was incredible.
It was almost too much.
I was exhausted after I saw it, but I want to go back and see it.
So, there's your review.
Again, I'm not paid by Disney.
I don't like most of what Disney does.
It's very globalist.
They realize people have been rejecting all the political correctness, so maybe they're backing off of that a little bit.
I would say this film's almost for everybody, but it is somewhat violent.
A lot of women were crying in the theater at the end of it.
It's very, very romantic.
It's Romeo and Juliet meet next-level CG, non-CG, avant-garde,
Death Opera.
It's Gunnar Dalaran, Twilight of the Gods, Ragnarok.
It's crazy.
Now, when I say this is a film for everybody, I'm saying 10 or 11 up, because there is a lot of violence of it.
It's not too graphic, but still, you get the feeling of war and death and carnage.
Kind of like Saving Private Ryan.
But at the same time, it develops the characters and it has a sense of duty and honor.
Very, very deep film.
Strong film.
And I'd recommend everybody see it.
I've got to go back and see it one more time just to be able to fully gauge all the different angles that this piece of art consisted of.
But this is the perfect vehicle for the relaunch of the entire Star Wars
We're good.
We've really gotten spoiled nowadays with the fantastic stuff we see in film at the cinema.
But I'm telling you, if this is the direction Hollywood's going, this will bring people back into the theaters.
It's got the classic Allies and the British against the Nazis motif.
It's resurrected with incredible CG.
The original characters from Episode IV A New Hope, it is simply put,
It's cutting-edge.
This is something entirely new, but with a nod to the old.
This is the year for war.
We have a special program today because in a few moments we are joined by a legendary American journalist Alex Jones.
But before that, let's see this short piece about our today's special guest Alex Jones.
Mainstream media, the fourth estate, is molding us today.
We form our worldview, our perception of reality, depending on how the mainstream media presents the information to us.
In the Western world, the dictatorship of the liberal paradigm is all too obvious when it comes to the media.
But it's become especially brazen during the U.S.
presidential race.
All the big media moguls openly supported the war criminal Hillary Clinton.
Round the clock, with the help of lies, distortions, and fake polls, they praised her political platform and assured of her inevitable win.
Meanwhile, all the front pages of every other publication portrayed Trump as a loser, intentionally exaggerating his supposed dark past.
His words taken out of context and repeated over and over on all media outlets.
On November 8, the main Western media operations had already prepared their November 9 issue with Hillary's portrait on the cover and headline, Madam President.
And television programs have prepared reports praising the Lady Kingpin of the world financial elites.
But something went wrong and all the pre-scripted news packages turned a complete fiasco.
They've put everything on the line and failed miserably.
The predetermined Clinton win has suffered a death blow.
The numbers spoke for themselves.
Trump won.
No one in the US mainstream media believed or wanted to believe in Trump.
No one except for those in the scientific polls, Los Angeles Times, and one dynamic, highly passionate, energetic, and unrelenting journalist and documentary producer Alex Jones, the director and editor-in-chief of InfoWars News.
It is this journalist who had the courage to show the truth of what is really going on in the United States.
For many years he has been fighting the false narratives of the mainstream media information.
He has exposed the globalist liberal ideology prevailing in a totalitarian style on the modern Western media front.
He reported on the financial elites, their stakes and strategies during the election.
Alex Jones believes that behind all the world's media outlets there is an ideological liberal agenda which aims at building a unipolar empire.
This world government manipulates all the prominent media systems for the sake of their own personal interests.
He was all but ostracized for continually exposing the war crimes of Hillary Clinton.
They avoided mentioning his name, and his website suffered repeated denial-of-service attacks.
But they couldn't stop him.
His videos continue to gather hundreds of thousands of views.
Infowars.com was practically the only resource where the elections were covered thoroughly and objectively.
They didn't cut their live feeds when someone voiced criticism toward the FBI, and they discussed the Wikileaks dumps.
Infowars has built itself to serve the interests of the American people.
This media organization showed its independence from the world financial elites.
It showed its sovereignty from the globalist owners.
And today, when all the mainstream liberal media have utterly been discredited, revealing themselves as puppets, Infowars, along with the new independent media outlets, are becoming powerful forces in the new era and new paradigm which ushered Donald Trump.
Our fellow Infowarriors across the United States and across the planet really love the Hillary for Prison 2016 shirts that we began to put out in 2015.
It became a global meme against globalism and corruption and a very strong maxim that's now being continued on today.
So we now have George Soros, because the media attacked me on this whole goblin meme.
They've made huge jokes about it, but it's totally blown up their face.
We now have George Soros
As a goblin, on the back, and it says, with a cross through him, you know, an X, like Ghostbusters, no Soros, him as a goblin.
It says, deport Soros on the bottom, and on the top it says, InfoWars established 1996.
So, it is a limited edition, deport Soros on the back, Hillary for prison on the front, right hand shoulder, InfoWars.com.
It's powerful.
Hope you get out to everybody you know.
InfoWarsStore.com, or call 888-253-3139.
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That's InfoWars Prime at InfoWars.com forward slash app.
If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
We've heard a lot of talk about the Trump transition team.
That's what everybody's been talking about.
President-elect Trump.
What about the Obama transition?
Is he going quietly into retirement?
No, absolutely not.
He's going to do something we have not seen a president do in our lifetime.
The last president to remain in Washington was Woodrow Wilson.
And Obama has indicated he's going to be very active politically.
So we want to talk to someone who knows him, who knows the political scene, who's been watching this.
It's Dr. Randy Short we have on the line.
Dr. Short is a Washington DC native.
He's a scholar, historian, human rights defender, social commentator, anti-eugenics advocate.
He's worked with
Anti-eugenics activists Elaine Riddick and Dr. Alveda King.
He's also a journalist, writer, social commentator.
He has a degree from Howard University, a master's from Harvard University.
University of Virginia has a PhD in African American Studies at one of those universities.
And joining us now is Dr. Randy Short.
Thank you for joining us, Dr. Short.
Thank you.
Thank you very much, David.
I'm glad to be here.
Now, of course, he has indicated that one of the things he's going to do, and he's just been talking about this the last couple of days, is he's going to work with Eric Holder to get involved in redistricting throughout the United States.
He said the Democrat Party needs to get more involved in local politics, and one of the problems that they have is that they've lost so many state legislatures to the Republicans that they don't control districting.
There you have it.
And you may see some things that you haven't seen hitherto.
I suspect among people in the immigrant communities and the newer citizens.
Look, let's be clear.
What many people don't know is within the last few months, like Santa Claus is coming to town, George Soros, his group, Open Society, has been going to, in particular, communities of color, focusing in on the grassroots organizations and groups and throwing out money
But people have to hook up with Black Lives Matter and other groups.
In fact, this move was made right after the Democratic Party convention.
So the groups aren't always named Black Lives Matter, but they're in a relationship.
It's as if Black Lives Matter is the paymaster for organizations among African Americans, and they've got preachers and churches and denominations and groups all behind this
And I'm very concerned about that.
What I think has happened and unfolded since we were fortunate to have Trump win on November 8th, they failed in getting a large number of African Americans into the streets to fight against the Trump victory.
Now they're going to use churches.
Democratic Party organizations and others to draw blacks into the fray because they know there's nothing more fractitious than the issue of race in this country so you'll begin to get more conflict and in a sense the game that will be played is that hey look we're the only people that can calm things down so you have to deal and talk to us and what's disgusting about this in particular if we talk about Eric Holder
Who is a Barbadian, who's a trustee keeper of an abortion chop shop down in Atlanta, who also got rid of the, he was one of the people in charge of justice for the District of Columbia, I think, if not the solicitor, the Assistant Attorney General for Washington, D.C.
He got rid of the Civilian Review Board and police shootings and beatings went up, doubled.
So, I mean, he's a brute.
Yeah, that's where they're going to come after people.
They're talking about, we're going to focus on issues like criminal justice reform, but we know precisely what that's going to be.
And as Obama was telling Time and NPR this week, he said he wants to coach up-and-coming talent, but we know really what they're
We're good to go.
Propagandizing our youth as well as getting involved in massive lawsuits and unrest
Uh, exactly.
Again, bingo.
You think just like you're from the hood.
I want to test your DNA.
You're getting this.
Look at it.
You said white skin privilege.
Let's just call this what this is.
Eric Holder and Obama are both, you can tell, are visibly, recently had someone white in their family.
They're pimping what I would call the mulatto privilege.
We have a color issue, not just among blacks and whites each, but we have a color issue in the African American community.
These guys are playing the role of lighter-skinned blacks who are sort of the children of the master, who are hijacking leadership of
The black community pretending to be their care keepers and that they're the ones who are going to guide us.
And in reality, if you look at Eric Holder, he doesn't care anything about African-Americans.
What did he do when he was Attorney General?
The same guns that he was dumping on the poor folks of Mexico ended up on the Chicago people of color dying in both locales.
Fast and furious.
And Obama
He is, again, a person who's got his feet in both communities and likes one and doesn't like the other.
He hasn't done anything for African Americans.
In fact, him connecting with Eric Holder is quite interesting because Obama has no base among African Americans outside of what the media has made for him.
If anyone takes four or five minutes to start studying Obama,
Uh, they're gonna find, there's no there there.
Why isn't he going back to Chicago?
I'll share with you why real fast.
Well, he says he's staying in Washington because he wants Sasha to finish her last two years, so he's gonna spend, according to Zillow, $22,000 a month renting this mansion in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Washington.
He's not going back to the hood to help people.
He got real rich.
He's not going to leave the White House with a few millions like the Clintons.
I've heard that he's got tens of millions of dollars for all the deals that he's made, all the banks that have been bailed out, Wall Street got bailed out and Main Street got left behind.
He was counting on dividing this country and getting the coastal elites to vote for him, and they could ignore the flyover communities in America.
I'll just give you an example.
While he didn't, I was completely unhappy with what he did with Flint.
I cannot, I would be just a bigot to not mention when the coal dust was in the water for White's and West Virginia, not a frigging thing was said about that.
That's right.
How in God's name is that not racist?
When you have power to deliver a safe, clean, no matter what color, on the Indian reservations, this man doesn't care about people.
Now, I always let people know, I attended Harvard the same three years as Obama.
I was not in the School of Law, I was in the School of Religion.
And my introduction to Obama was walking into an all-white meeting where he was the speaker to the Federalist Society.
And what he was saying was how much he hated black people and how he knew how to bamboozle and manipulate and trick them and take advantage of them and they were too stupid to see it.
This happened in 1988.
It was in the Harkness Commons, and I saw Obama, our eyes met for a minute, and I thought about whether I would bust up this meeting, but I was the only black person.
If the folks are bigots, they don't like me, and of course he doesn't like half of himself.
I just decided to leave the building and find someone who knew who this dangerous mulatto was.
And I saw some guys and said, hey, who's the mulatto in there?
He can lie better than 10 Richard Nixon's blindfolded.
He's the president and he's going to stab black people in the backs and walk over us to get to where he's going.
And that's where I heard the name Obama, not Obama.
And if you live in Washington or in
Certain African-American communities.
Bama is a low-class, no-good, despicable person that you cannot trust.
In fact, if you call a person a Bama here, you could get yourself killed.
So that was my... Oh my God, Obama, what a terrible name.
He's had so many different names, Dr. Short.
I'm sorry, we're out of time, but we're going to be following this, and if people think that this tumult that we've had leading up to the Electoral College is something, wait until Obama stays in Washington.
He's going to be leading a shadow government there.
Thank you so much for joining us, Dr. Randy Short.
In the past decade, we have witnessed unparalleled scientific discoveries in the area of health.
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