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Air Date: Dec. 26, 2016
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In this radio program, the speaker discusses gratitude for progress in countries reclaiming their destiny from globalists. He criticizes radical Islam factions and calls out leftist unions for supporting terrorism. The show promotes InfoWars Life's Secret 12 vitamin B12 supplement and Alexa Pure Breathe air filtration system. Alex Jones interviews Max Keiser, who discusses how alternative media sources like InfoWars have made mainstream media obsolete. They also talk about President Trump's approach to the economy and his administration's actions. The speaker criticizes Obama for lack of action during the global financial crisis and praises Trump's revitalization of America. Jones touches on various topics such as the Catholic Church's pedophilia scandal, Pope Francis' comments on fake news, economic situation, Trump's impact on world economy, and potential clashes between different forces. He encourages listeners to support his sponsors like Solutions from Science solar generator and Privatepowergrid.com. Finally, Jones discusses selenium importance, media misconceptions about college campuses and Klan activity, the MAGA movement, and InfoWars Life supplements while criticizing mainstream media tactics.

Yes, Christmas 2016 has come and gone.
And now we are accelerating at blast speed.
In fact, we ought to go out with, uh, Old Ann Sire.
I don't even know what that means, but talking about all the old folks you knew, all the friends, life, all the years that have come and gone.
Because we're full steam ahead into 2017, and they're always ramming through all sorts of legislation and pardons and, you know, late-night executive orders in and around Christmas and the New Year.
So, InfoWars.com is covering all of that in live time as we speak.
I am taping this well ahead of this Monday retransmission.
I'll be back, word willing, tomorrow on Tuesday live for the full four hours, I think I'm doing, on Monday.
Well, this is quite a retransmission.
We had Max Keiser, despite the fact he had a lot going on in his life and family-wise, the day he was here.
I was surprised he even stayed in town and was on the show.
He was obviously going through a lot.
He's a great guy.
Max Keiser was in studio with us in the first hour, then he stayed another day.
I don't know.
Kumi on December 8th, Adam Curry December 9th, Max Keiser December 8th.
So that is all coming up here in just a few minutes.
I can't even see that clock.
Okay, it's counting down.
Good, we're doing good.
I'm just looking at the atomic clock, not the counter up there on that clock.
But look, I've got a lot to be thankful for how much of the world has taken back its destiny from the globalists.
I mean, it's exciting what America's doing, what the UK's doing, what Spain's doing, Italy's doing, Brazil's trying to do.
It's always a battle between good and evil, but the fact that we do have so many good things in this world is why I passionately expose the bad things.
It's not because I'm obsessed with those bad things.
It's because I'm obsessed with the good things and desperately want to protect myself, my family, and that means the culture in general.
I have a lot of empathy for the average person because I understand how other people get treated.
It's how I get treated.
And I look at Islam, which is the orthodox Islam, running around killing people and running folks over and the rest of it and having their own little kids go suicide bombing.
There's a footage we covered last week of the little kids with little girls, their mother getting them ready to go blow themselves up and how sad they are.
I didn't want these wars on the Muslims.
I knew it was meant to stir them up and then bring them into Europe and cause a clash of civilizations so that the globalists can play both sides against each other and consolidate power.
But Islam is bullied by the most radical factions of it and the left won't even decry it because they see it as a natural ally against the West.
And so I've got to expose the student with the clock that looks like a briefcase bomb and won't say why it's counting down in a publicity stunt.
You know, I've got to oppose and oppose the Muslim guy that, you know, gets the tens of millions of views on YouTube going on airplanes and counting down in Arabic and, you know, scaring the hell out of everybody and doing it on purpose.
But I blame more than him and his stunts and his fear-mongering on MSM that runs stories every time saying this poor innocent Muslim got kicked off a plane.
You can see the videos, black people, white people, hispanic, you name it.
Freaking out when a guy's like... People know they get ready when they're about to do their deal and that's what happens.
A la Akbar.
Whether it's trucks running down the road, people getting shot, I'm not saying this guy's gonna do something like that.
But it's all a big joke to him, monetizing YouTube and gaming everyone.
Like the kid with the briefcase that he opened up, it's got wires and clocks and it's counting down.
What is that?
The teacher says, I will not tell you.
Cops coming.
What is that, son?
I will not tell you.
Well, we're arresting you then.
Get the bomb squad.
Oh my God!
People don't like the Muslims.
The Muslims don't let you come to their countries and exercise your religion or freedom.
Then they come here.
That's why all these Muslim countries are 99% Muslim.
Or more.
Saudi Arabia, you name it.
Because they're not being compatible with us and the globalists are bringing them in to bring down our free civilization.
I want to reform the Muslims.
I don't want to kill them.
They're people too.
I don't want to watch those little girls with their mommy making them go blow themselves up and their daddy.
I want to save those little girls!
Think about it.
They see Christmas trees and little kids out, want to run them over, and the left's like, well, they deserve to be run over, and, you know, the Russian ambassador deserves to be killed because, you know, he's being mean to the jihadis.
That's our sick left.
They're the real filth.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
It was Thomas Jefferson who once said that our country is now taking such steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction to wit, by consolidation of power first and then corruption its necessary consequence.
Jefferson was warning us about the global elite, the 1% of the 1%, consolidating the world's wealth and subverting the people's voice in government.
Unfortunately, we didn't heed his advice.
We now live in a neo-feudalistic society in which we're treated as indentured servants who only exist to serve the needs of the establishment.
Political office no longer represents the voice of the people, but rather the initiation process politicians go through to gain acceptance into the aristocracy.
Simply put, we the people are responsible for civilization and culture, yet we're suppressed by a tiny elite who have organized into criminal gangs that operate governments around the world.
We falsely believe that everything is simply black and white, one extreme against the other, conservative versus liberal, but things will change once more of us realize this truth.
As Thomas Jefferson also said, enlighten the people generally and tyranny and oppressions of the body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.
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Is the U.S.
involved with any procuring of weapons, transfer of weapons, buying, selling, anyhow transferring weapons to Turkey out of Libya?
To Turkey?
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
How is it that this organization is so well-funded, so organized?
Islamic State-linked militants have gained a stronger foothold in Libya, seizing new economically vital areas of the country.
The leader of ISIS in Libya is none other than Abdel Hakim Belhadj.
And of course he was armed to the teeth by NATO.
In a world in which there is the very real prospect of a new world order.
The Russians say they're negotiating with North Korea to hold joint military exercise.
Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin teaming up, creating an ominous alliance against the United States.
Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is aggressively opposing the nuclear deal that the U.S.
government is negotiating with Iran.
Saudi Arabia is apparently prepared to allow Israeli jets into its airspace to conduct attacks on Iran.
We have an unprecedented opportunity to build a new world order.
I set up a foundation in Ukraine and played an important part in events now.
Ukraine is set to receive the first tranche of an international monetary fund aid package.
We have brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine.
Vladimir Putin is on the move.
Only when this transformation is complete will we be able to take full measure of the opportunities presented by this new and involving world order.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
From the front lines of the information war, this is the InfoWar, and I'm your host Alex Jones.
And a guy I've been interviewing for, I don't know, like 13, 14 years, Max Keiser is our guest.
He's been on BBC, he's been on RT, Al Jazeera, U.S.
television, a famous successful stockbroker.
Yeah, you're a tough man to get a hold of, Alex Jones!
You know what I mean?
Here you are, redefining media in America.
You've redefined alt-media in America.
You've brought over the message of the masses to the population, altered the course of the recent election.
So we're here to interview Alex Jones, of course.
Alex Jones.
Nobody else can get an interview with you.
All the mainstream media, you're snubbing them, rightfully so, because they're all troglodytes.
They're out of touch.
They don't know what they're doing.
So only my show, Kaiser Report on RT, was able to get an interview with Alex Jones.
Well, I wasn't going to brag about that, but I mean, they don't do real interviews.
They talk to you for three hours, edit it to act like they're journalists, and twist it.
What's the point?
Well, we're seeing the death of mainstream media, which is fantastic, because all these corporations all turned into this oligopoly where they just, five or six corporations own all the media output in America.
And it's in the WikiLeaks, like you always said, though.
It's a talking point.
It comes out from the corporation or the White House or whatever, and then it just gets repeated by everybody.
Well yeah, that's why the so-called fake news, because there's no competition.
There's not enough diversity in media.
So you end up with five or six media outlets rushing to be the first to report on a story.
Look, the new and alternative media isn't perfect because it's so huge and so diverse.
But to have the big six conglomerates, now it's five, pointing at everything but them and saying it's all fake when they're so discredited, this is desperate.
Look at Brian Williams!
I mean, he was caught floating fake news, and he's a fake newscaster, and they booted him from his primetime NBC show.
Can I say I was an astronaut?
Maybe the first man on the moon?
Well, it's your show, Alex, and I would not want to interfere with anything you have to say.
But it's the equivalent of that.
He was shot down by an RPG in Iraq.
Not true.
So, they manufacture news.
You know, Noam Chomsky wrote a famous book, Manufacturing Consent, how the mainstream media has co-opted for the corporate agenda.
A textbook on how to create fake news.
Source to America, but also introduce what I would call the acid meme to shoot down the fake news of the mainstream media.
So when they jump on some of these stories that are, let's say, Pepe the Frog, for example, which turned into a Hillary Clinton bashing, killing meme.
That generated from 4chan, it generated from the internet, it was picked up by... It caused a Streisand effect.
It caused a Streisand effect.
She buys into it and she looks stupid.
But because she's not really in touch with how the media works in America anymore, she sets herself up to look stupid.
People who are actually involved in media every single day, who quote multiple media sources, go to international media sources, they saw the gestation of that fake meme.
It's not that any of us are perfect.
But we just go to the wide spectrum different views.
We're not in the regurgitation echo chamber they're in.
They're claiming we're in an echo chamber.
We're in a total free-for-all.
Look, I've been on RT.
I've done a thousand shows for RT.
Russia Today comes out of Moscow.
They claim that Russia's behind all of these
Have you ever gotten a talking point?
I've never been asked to talk to any of these sources.
The New York Times has never asked me to talk to them or any mainstream media outlet.
You would think that they would want to talk to me.
You've told me the Russians never give you any talking points.
No, no.
It's like unheard of.
Everybody I know that's been on RT says, I've probably been on there 200 times, they've never told me don't cover this or do that.
You try to go on CNN, it's like three hour interrogations.
Look, BBC is the worst.
They put you through three or four interrogations before you go on.
And a lot of times they just steal your stuff and give it to some other producer and they don't even... That's what they do.
They get you there and they'll have three guests, only planning one, and then interrogate you, find out what you're going to say, and I learned you've got to actually lie to them.
I never lie, but this is a military operation against them.
I would lie just to get on.
I started saying, I'm not going to lie to get on.
I had to lie to them about what I was going to do to Piers Morgan.
The BBC has been aghast at the Brexit vote, the rise of Nigel Farage, and they were- The Italians just voted to start getting out of the EU?
Right, they're totally caught flat-footed because they're not in touch with actually what's happening in the media space, what's happening in the news, and they totally misunderstood what you're all about and what you're doing, and so now we have the Trump effect.
And the Trump effect is a remarkable phenomenon in American history.
This is basically- we're going to see now the Constitution in action because
I think Trump is going to approach this presidency in a way that we haven't seen maybe ever.
He's not beholden to anyone.
He's going to take a look at every single deal, every single relationship, and it's up for review.
That's why he said everything should be a deal-by-deal basis, not some secret multinational agreement we then don't get to even look at and then we follow.
I don't know.
Of course, they always break.
They always attack first.
I said, yes, I won't attack if he doesn't attack.
So then he attacks.
So then I attack.
Now, that's not really lying.
It's just what I'm saying is they are super deceptive.
So you've got to get into deception mode to even get on their channels because it's so scripted.
Right, you've got to get into having a way to break through their wall, their monopolization of the media, and you've successfully done that, and you've brought over to transom a guy like Donald Trump.
So now Donald Trump is President of the United States.
Well I don't want to take credit for Trump, but what's crazy is, I'm just going to leave it at this, the Trump folks give me credit.
And then, you know, mainstream media makes jokes and goes, oh yeah, Trump's just manipulating Jones.
No, they have the metrics.
I mean, they're there with the numbers.
They know we have a monthly reach just on Facebook of a billion people.
I don't know why anyone wouldn't think that you were directly involved.
But I'm not trying to brag about me.
You're huge as well.
I mean, RT has, what, 18 million viewers routinely for your show.
The point is, is that, and your show's just about global news and information.
Yeah, but we have been censored heavily in the UK on our show.
Let's talk about that.
Yeah, the regulator in the UK, Ofcom, routinely censors us.
In other words, Russia today and RT, they never censor us.
They never give us any editorial guidance whatsoever.
We're free to be journalists.
I've read UK news, they're pushing to get RT off TV there.
They're always pushing to get RT off the air because it represents competition and they hate competition.
They don't want any competing views whatsoever.
They want only the government line.
I saw the number 18 million a week for your show.
Is that conservative?
Well, yeah, it grows pretty rapidly.
You know, the station itself gets 70 million viewers a month now.
I think it's number two in the world.
You're one of the hottest shows.
We get 20, 25 million viewers a week, I guess, per show.
It's very widely seen.
It's bigger than 18 million.
It's grown, okay.
I just want to point out, it's the info that's popular.
And they're there all arrogant like they're movie stars at CNN when their average show has 200,000 viewers.
They're a paper tiger facade.
Can we say the mainstream media has now officially died?
You know who's officially, I think, on the ropes are the Young Turks.
I mean, the Young Turks incident leading up to this election, I think, was classic Alex Jones because the Young Turks were so snide, they were so arrogant, they were so full of themselves, they had so much confidence that their girl Hillary was going to win.
Alex Jones just did the Alex Jones thing and walked onto the set and said, you know, there's other there's another country out there.
It's not just happening in your studio.
There's other people out there with other concerns.
And they were very dismissive of you.
And they look completely uninformed and out of touch.
And what we've noticed on our show, you know, a lot of people, a lot of celebrities said,
If Trump is going to win the presidency, they're going to leave America.
I said if Trump's going to win the presidency, I'll come back to America.
We're back.
We're doing reports all over America to talk to people who voted for Trump because the mainstream media did not talk to any of these people.
I'm going to skip this break so we have more time, Max.
They say restaurant traffic's up like 40%.
Suddenly, factory orders are up in a record number.
Suddenly, Japan's going to invest $50 billion in high-tech next year.
Suddenly, Ford says we'll come completely back because we have a president who isn't out to sell us out.
You know, business relies on confidence.
America is a country built on the notion of fake it till you make it.
You know, it's a land of the entrepreneur, and Donald Trump's an entrepreneur, and he awakens the entrepreneur.
He is Americana.
He's Americana.
So it's like a horse and carriage.
When I say, when I compare him to
Oh, well look at Steven Jobs for a second.
Here's a guy who took products that were made by the U.S.
Everything in an iPhone comes out of the U.S.
government DARPA program.
He didn't invent anything.
He can't write a line of code.
But he's a great promoter.
And he designed... He packaged it great.
He packaged great products that the taxpayer essentially funded.
And he packaged it beautifully in something called the iPhone.
And Apple's the biggest company in the world.
Same thing Boeing did.
Right, now they've got hundreds of billions of dollars offshore, and Trump is, Trump, I'm pretty sure Trump's going to say, look, either open a factory in the US to build iPhones, or you're going to be, you're going to lose that $250 billion parked offshore.
It's your choice.
In other words, those are the kind of deals he's going to do.
He's saying, look, bro, you know, we built your whole deal, you know, you're going to come back here.
Look, all American success has at its root the American coast-to-coast structural, infrastructural connectivity of the highway system, the internet system, and a common currency and a common government.
It's the American system.
And so corporations who don't pay heed to that, who are not willing to recognize that, who take everything offshore after they build a value here,
Trump is saying, uh-uh, you know, you're gonna have to pay.
What do you make of these leftist unions?
And I know it's not left or right, but after he saves 1,080 of the jobs, he couldn't save 320, and the head of the union that Trump's been so gracious to comes out in bitches and said, you lied, keep them all, before he's even in office, he said, once I get in,
You know, if people are doing unfair stuff, I'll do, you know, one part deals that put tariffs on you.
And now the left is all bitching, taking his victory, turning it into a defeat.
But then some leftists that are being more honest are saying, we need to back off.
This is actually populism.
The American people want this.
The country's falling apart.
Let's not kill America.
So I think they went to the point of actually wanting to kill the golden goose.
The globalist corporations actually thought that they could mount our head on the wall, but the
The people, the intelligence agencies, the InfoWars audience and others basically staged a counter coup against these people and they are panicking right now.
They are hysterical.
That's all you want.
You know, the union leaders, of course, are going to be lobbying for their union
Advocates for union needs, union agenda, that's fantastic!
Sure, but how do they bitch when the same union couldn't keep the business there, Obama didn't even care, Trump keeps 80 plus percent of the business and they're not happy?
I think he's just gonna basically continue along the path of creating a much more fertile environment for jobs, high-paying jobs.
I'll tell you what's gonna be interesting though, is that
You know, the fact is that real wages in America have gone down for years.
However, because of globalization, prices for stuff like DVDs and, you know, televisions and clothing have gone down faster.
So even though the average American quality of life has, let's say, gone down in some regards, or wages have gone down,
You don't feel it that much.
The widgets have gotten cheaper.
Because the prices of products at Walmart have gone up.
And by the way, that's the one thing that Karl Marx really got right.
They've dropped faster, it's only finished.
So in other words, if Trump says, let's bring in higher wages and your real incomes are going to go up, well that means that probably the prices for stuff are going to start going higher than wages will start going higher.
So in a lot of ways, your income may go up a lot, but your quality of life might not go up.
But we still need the industrial base to be a sovereign nation and to be self-respecting people.
We have to have a world built where humans are involved in things or we basically rot and die.
I think the industry that's going to get hit is the defense industry.
I mean, we saw it already with the discussion about Air Force One.
He's willing to take on a defense contractor who built Air Force One and saying, you know, it's overpriced and stock, you know, took a hit as a result.
That's clearly where he's going to be able to start paying down America's debt.
America's got $20 trillion worth of debt.
It's not anti-American to say we should be paying a billion dollars for a fighter jet that the F-15, they admit, is better.
I mean, a 25, 30-year-old plane is better than this billion-plus-dollar plane that is a piece of crap.
That's where he's going to pay down.
Look, I'm always anti-banker, and bankers are horrible.
I hate bankers.
I hate the Goldman Sachs.
I hate JPMorgan.
I hate Jamie Dimon.
But if under the right leadership, they can be turned into a legion of debt diminishers.
I was about to say, so you agree with my view, because I see what Trump's doing.
He's grabbing a lot of key players, but not to sell out.
He has them now doing his will.
He's got the hitmen.
He's got the worst.
So he's turning them into his ringwraiths.
That's what I think is going to happen.
In other words, if you go to a top banker and you say, look, America's got $20 trillion in debt.
Bring it down to $10 trillion and we'll give you a 1% fee.
That's a $100 billion fee.
They'll do it.
No banker's going to say no, right?
It's like in the 1970s, New York City was bankrupt.
And they got Felix Reitan over there at Felix Lazard, and he created the Municipal Assistance Corporation bomb, the MAC bomb, and they saved New York.
So the banker was co-opted to do something positive for that city, and they rebuilt that city.
And Trump actually came in during that period and he developed the hotel near Grand Central Station that had become derelict, etc.
And that was his era.
So now you say to these guys, look, we've got to pay down this debt.
I'm going to give you unfettered access to any deal you want to make anywhere, anytime, in any country.
And we'll give you a big fee.
And as a result, the soundness of the economy goes up and the ability to create high paying jobs go up.
This is something that Barack Obama
When he took office, there was a global financial crisis, and he simply threw the ball over to guys like Larry Summers and Tim Geithner.
Who just want to wreck a consolidated economy.
Who totally screwed us!
They're the real coprophagists!
They're the real coprophagists!
They're the ones that created the derivatives, the scams, all of it.
So what do you make of Obama saying,
Eight months ago, seven months from the election, there's no magic wand to bring jobs back.
If the Chinese have a 15% corporate income tax, lower than ours, then jobs aren't going to be here.
I mean, he tells the Japanese, I'm going to equal it with China.
They go, okay, we're not going to build in China.
We're going to move 50 billion here.
It's not rocket science.
I love how the Heritage Foundation, all these fake right-wing libertarians, who aren't libertarians,
They go, we've got to stop Trump.
He's doing crony capitalism.
And then, I don't know what's wrong with Sarah Palin.
I mean, I guess she is dumb.
A lot of people said, I like her as a person.
She goes, he's being a crony.
No, if Mexico has dirty plants and then we can't even have plants, that's not fair.
We have to equalize things out.
So how is it crony capitalism to say, we're going to lower our tax to the same rate as you to bring jobs back?
How is that unfair?
How is that not free trade?
That is free trade.
Look, Trump's going to take any meeting that makes economic sense.
If the left in America organized themselves adequately and walked into the White House and explained to Donald Trump how building huge solar arrays in the desert in America would create jobs and lower the cost of energy, he would be a convert to solar energy.
DiCaprio was there yesterday pushing that.
I was unaware of that.
You give him a good deal, he's not beholden to anyone.
He's not going to be two-faced and say, oh, that sounds great, and then in the back room, I'm totally beholden to this.
No, he really does work for America.
He'll take a good deal.
Show him a good deal.
You're an international guy, you've lived all over the world.
You're a big stockbroker, lived in New York for a long time.
I know you know Alec Baldwin.
A lot of the Soros is all of them.
What do you know about Trump?
Because everybody I know... Stephen Baldwin is a friend of Trump's and I'm a friend of Stephen Baldwin's.
Stephen Baldwin is a friend of Trump's.
Alex Baldwin does the Trump imitation.
But I'm asking you, what do you know from New York about Trump?
Because people that have known him for 40 years say he's the real deal.
I think that he is recognized as your kind of typical New Yorker who likes to do deals.
He's a product of the 80s.
He's a product of a bull market.
Since he won the election, the stock market has added a trillion dollars in value.
So that's the Trump effect?
Yeah, exactly.
So that's a trillion dollars.
That's a lot of money, you know.
And so I think that it gives him a lot of leverage to go do deals.
And he can go to these countries around the world and say, open up shop in America.
Let's get some high paying jobs in America.
And with the quid pro quo could be greater access to this market or that market.
The country that seems to be completely tone deaf to what's going on here is Great Britain.
They're actually shutting themselves off from the global trade grid.
And that makes no sense to me whatsoever.
Trump is saying, you know what, America's been insular for too long, kowtowing to special interests.
Let's open this sucker up.
Let's open her up.
I'm very excited by the Trump presidency.
I think we're going to see America, a rebirth of America.
Why do you think the elites were so scared of him?
Because they can't control him.
They can't control him.
He's his own man.
And so that's quite scary.
And I would think of you as a classical liberal.
You're anti-war, but you're laissez-faire when it comes to a lot of things.
I'm pro-lesbian.
You've made a lot of accurate predictions, you've invented a lot of things like the virtual stock market system, and you're a famous journalist, and you absolutely hated George Bush.
I hated him too.
You were disappointed by Obama.
He put Enron in jail.
Jeff Skilling put Enron in jail.
He prosecuted the banksters, George W. Bush.
I've never seen you more enthusiastic about a political figure than Trump.
Because it gets back to, this is the greatest success of the Constitution and the Founding Fathers we've seen in quite some time.
It is a populist rebellion.
Because anyone, ideally the Constitution is written in such a way that anyone of moderate intelligence or adequate intelligence who's
You know, fairly successful, can walk in off the street and be President of the United States.
That's the way it's designed.
It's all checks and balances.
It's the people... And the so-called permanent bureaucracy thought they'd taken over forever.
Right, that's wrong.
And they just got their big fat butts handed to them.
Stay there.
Let's talk about the panic though, the so-called liberals.
I mean, it's cult-like.
I thought right-wingers were mad when I was against the Iraq War.
These people are flipping out.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march, the Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
A staunch anti-federalist, Patrick Henry was opposed to the Constitution, fearing it would become a monster that would take over not only the sovereign states that had created it, but that it would become a tool to destroy individual liberty.
His warnings, ignored, have now come to pass.
He said, you're not to inquire how your trade may be increased, nor how you are to become a great and powerful people, but how your liberties can be secured.
For liberty ought to be the direct end of your government.
Patrick Henry warned us, the liberties of a people never were nor ever will be secure when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.
Today, everything the government does, at every level, is concealed from us.
We have trade deals to manage our economy that not even our elected representatives are allowed to see.
Later in life, Patrick Henry looked back and said, when the American spirit was in its youth, the language of America was different.
Liberty, sir, was the primary object.
Today, our primary concern is safety and comfort, when we should be demanding liberty.
For Infowars.com, I'm David Knight.
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Now he's here, he looks really slick, Max always looks good, but I love this blue suit.
Yeah, I got this in Soho, New York City, at a very shishy spot.
Vincercat, I guess.
So it's 1620 down there in Soho.
But no, some of the products, ozonated olive oil is actually a really good product.
I had some on my salad earlier.
Like it's a double purpose.
So you put your face, if you have it on a salad, you just put your face in the salad.
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Hey, seriously though.
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Until a few years ago, I always got cracked lips in the winter and cracked skin because it gets dry.
I started thinking, why not put cream on my face?
So I do that now.
I'm becoming metrosexual.
You're metrosexual, exactly, Alex.
The day has finally arrived.
I just don't like bleeding lips.
As I get older... That's metrosexual.
I think that should be a documentary.
Alex Jones' bleeding lips.
Yeah, that's fantastic.
No, no, let's get serious.
No, let's not.
I've been asking some of the questions, and I want you to be able to get into it, but what do you make of the Washington Post?
You brought this up first.
They had to retract today, and they admitted their fake news list was fake, and that there's no proof that Russians were behind Infowars, or that
Breitbart or Drudge and they even admitted no proof that RT was engaged in fake news because of lawsuit threats.
What do you make of the Washington Post retracting?
In fact, here it is right here.
Again, the mainstream media is collapsing because they've actually built their entire, you know, justified their existence on pushing fake stories for years and now you've got other, you've got, remember when that plane landed in the Hudson River and people were tweeting from the wing?
Of the plane.
What was really happening in real time.
And that was a huge death kneel for the mainstream media.
No one got a news crew out there to cover it.
By the time the news showed up, it was all over.
So it really is just technology.
Technology is a huge factor in the disintermediation.
We were using laptops ten years ago to live stream.
The mainstream media just started doing it a year ago.
We just shot a Kaiser report yesterday on our phone in the street.
You know, a 12 and a half minute interview.
We sent it off to the editor.
It'll be on the air tomorrow.
Now, how do you compete with that with a news team?
You're paying presenters and broadcasters and camera people.
You know, you can't compete with it.
So they're lashing out.
They're saying it's fake.
If you don't overspend on it, it's fake.
And to use Trump's logic, it's like, I'm not going to overspend on Air Force One.
It doesn't make it any more of an airplane.
An airplane has to be functional.
By the way, the word is...
He's tempted just to paint one of his planes up and say, I'll pay for it.
If it saves money, why not?
He'll turn the inauguration into a money profit.
It'll be profitable.
He'll sell so many sponsorships at the inauguration, he'll be a money maker.
The word is he's going to turn down the half million.
He's going to turn down the paycheck.
I think he already said that.
You know what he's thinking about it, yeah.
Well, he's going to bring back fiscal prudence, as it should be.
Now, as I was saying before the break... That's another reason they're scared.
He is known as a tightwad.
He's going to cut them all off from their free money.
Now, before the break, I was saying America is designed by the founding fathers.
You've got the checks and balances and the free press that any reasonable person can come off the farm for four years or eight years, do their duty as a president of the United States and go back to work.
Anybody should be able to do this job.
It's not the job of, you don't need an omnipotent super genius to do this job.
Just follow the instructions.
It's called the Constitution.
No special executive orders, no diverging from... In fact, it is that special so-called elite that's cloistered themselves and tried to make Washington like the forbidden city to make it, quote, so complex nobody else can run it.
Right, so let's get back to what this is all about.
The fact is you've got government buying for the people.
Trump, I think, to look back and compare him to maybe a Teddy Roosevelt, who came in and was a trust buster.
He was considered a, betrayed his class.
He came from a rich family, but he broke up the oil, the barons.
A true maverick.
Yeah, he was a progressive.
He was the original progressive, was Teddy Roosevelt.
It was actually now considered to be a progressive, and he broke up, you know, the robber barons as they were known.
But he was a real progressive breaking them up.
I love how the modern left, and I talked about this earlier, please, please give me your view.
I've had people at restaurants come up and go, I don't like you, and show me a gun because of Trump.
I was at the gym today, and there'd be women 20 feet away, and they'd look at me, because now I'm all over the news, and they would actually stumble away like they were scared
Because they're just demonizing, so it's a minority of people that still believe it, but man the ones that... Believe what?
I don't know, what are you saying?
Believe the mainstream media, but I have people drive by and go, F you Alex Jones now.
I mean the so-called liberals are whacked out of their brains and are so mad that I supported Trump.
No, you've become the new Walter Cronkite, and this is a new Vietnam War.
You know, you're now the mainstream media.
You're now being seen as the face of what they perceive to be a problem.
So this is the risk of being successful, is that you've become the thing that you were protesting against.
Well, I never wanted to be a celebrity, but I'll just say, it's horrible.
I mean, I'm happy to do it for the country, but let me tell you, you go somewhere and everybody's looking at you, and maybe eight of them like you, but two of them want to kill you, it's not fun.
Well, you can recognize everyone, too.
How do you deal with it?
I hide behind Stacey.
Basically, Stacey, you know, she has enough training in martial arts.
You do wear a hat, too.
She carries a small firearm.
I'm going to start doing like Drudge does.
I'm really going to buy a big hat and start wearing sunglasses.
I've been fed up, man.
This is what we were talking about last year, Alex Jones, is that, you know, this is all going to work out as you said it would, but then you would be the face of this.
So this is basically now your new reality.
You know, this is the new reality of Alex Jones.
But this is the responsibility.
You've got four years at least now of this Trump presidency to carry the ball, you know, to make sure people are not being bamboozled by the imposters.
And the bamboozlers!
You know, that's you, the tip of the spear!
Well, the spear just went into the rhinoceros of mainstream media that's now dying!
And you're pulling the spear out, and you're like, yeah, I did it!
But that's right, you did do it!
Well, we did it, the listeners did it, you did it, everybody did it, but we are... I'll just say, we've been singled out with a few people.
It's like Trump banning me, Drudge, but they can't really get to him.
I said, I'm not bitching, I'm just like...
If Hillary would have won, I'd have been, OK, get ready for even higher ratings.
I don't get it.
You know, we did the right thing.
We're going to oppose her now and try to get her impeached.
But quite frankly, it would just be a new fight.
I wouldn't be mad at Democrats, like cussing at them.
No, but now you're the top dog.
You're the top dog.
You're the guy to knock off.
That's what happens when you become number one.
Well, NPR on the hour is lying about me.
Well, you're the guy to knock off.
But, I mean, I think you should, you know, take a moment to... But don't they get they're so discredited that when they try to knock us off, just like they did Trump, it empowers us?
No, because you have to understand it's all very... You talk about social Darwinism.
I mean, this is going to be a classic example of social Darwinism because now you've got the... They don't get the world's moved on.
As Spiro Agnew referred to them, the nuttering nabobs of negativism.
Are now going to be focusing on the top dog, Alex Jones, and you're going to be the target of ferocious attacks going forward.
But that's the price of being, having put Trump in the White House.
I just don't get, well I'm certainly part of it, the audience did it.
I mean, Trump's told me that personally, but they've got the numbers.
It started in Waco, Texas!
You know, the injustice of Waco!
Respond, Alex Jones!
And for 25 years, you've been pointing this out!
And then finally, the mainstream media became so tone deaf, and so out of touch, that the voters said, you know what?
Let's just kick the bums out!
Maybe Alex Jones is right!
Enough about me, but it is surreal, because we're all part of it, but it is really one of the main focal points.
Take the Pope.
You know, he first got in, even though it was a lot of controversy.
I thought, oh, he's going to help the poor, oh, he's such and such.
I don't want to dislike this guy, but he's now joined in saying, get rid of fake news.
He's now joined in doing all the stuff.
And now he says, Pope pontificates on fake news, calls it a sin, and likes it a sexual arousal from extramen.
And I learned a new word.
It's a cor... Coprophagy.
Okay, so... It's like that movie with Divine called Flamingos by John Waters.
Okay, it's a famous underground movie where this enormous woman slash man, she's on the sidewalk and she's actually eating a dog feces.
I know, I did not.
And this is a famous underground... Is the documentary film about Hillary?
It's a film called Flamingos, starring Divine, who was this huge transsexual or transgender star at that time.
So, this is where... So, Coprophagy, being mentioned by the Pope...
It's very interesting.
Isn't that kind of blasphemous?
It's like coming out of his mouth even.
I'm learning about this stuff now and and then and then meanwhile.
There it is!
There's Pink Flamingos.
Pink Flamingos.
I'm sorry.
John Waters.
It shows some of the shots from the movie.
And let's scroll down.
And and if you go to YouTube there's uh you'll find the video from the clip from that film.
Simulated turd gobbling.
Where she's actually a gobbling turd on the street.
But the reason I raised this- Apparently she actually, you know, ate dog poop.
But hold on.
That's the Pope.
That's where the Pope is going.
He's the divine of Catholicism.
It's the new Pope.
It's actually the divine of Catholicism.
Over there in the Vatican is the new John Waters film called Pink Flamingos and the Pope.
That should be the sequel by John Waters.
Get John Waters on the phone.
He lives in Baltimore, Maryland, I believe.
Have him do the sequel to Pink Flamingos right now!
With the Pope starring in it.
The Pope could be in the film.
He's already wearing the cape and the pointed hat.
The Pope in drag.
He's already got the outfit.
He comes with his own wardrobe.
Well that's what I'm thinking, but that's what I'm saying.
Here's the deal, I know the media tomorrow, NPR all of them, will say I said the Pope eats poop, and I'm not going to be gross here, he took us there.
The point is, they'll never say he said it.
See, that's why they're fake news.
Watch, watch, tomorrow they're going to say I blasphemed all Catholics, which I love Catholics, that's not true.
I'm telling you, he's the one saying we eat poop.
But we're not allowed to say it about him!
There's only one Alex Jones, Alex Jones.
You can't be frightful or fearful that you're going to wake up in the morning and there's going to be another Alex Jones.
Have you seen the face here?
Have you seen the face here?
This is the Pope figuring out somebody else ate his poop.
And he wanted it for himself.
What's remarkable about this statement from the Pope is that isn't it the previous Pope who's actually been involved in a sexual scandal?
That's why he left?
That's how he got in.
It was reportedly everything out of the sun.
The previous pope, remember, he resigned and no one could really explain exactly why, except there were rumors that he was up to...
He resigned.
This was after, just a few years ago, you had the Murphy Report in Ireland, where Ireland actually closed their embassy in the Vatican due to the Catholic priest pedophile scandal.
And you had this enormous wave of Catholic priests involved in pedophilia, and it was challenging the Vatican and the Pope, and they were in trouble.
They were in genuine trouble.
And the Pope at that time, a German fellow, Ratzinger,
You know, he was allegedly involved in some sexual, sex-related scandals.
He stepped down, and they bring in this new Pope, who, you gotta hand to the Catholic Church, they know how to survive, because this new guy was a populist, he was, he's on his knees kissing poor people's feet, and he's bringing a common touch.
The word is though, he thought maybe they had pooped.
Well, now we're learning something new from this Pope.
I was unaware that he was so conversant in coprophagy and pink lavender.
I'll hand it to you.
You know what this meant.
I didn't even know what that was.
I used it on my show once because I like to get a lot of words on my show.
In France, you know, I was able to get a lot of words in.
I was the first person probably to get the word bukkake mentioned on an international TV.
That's right, because the French have national speech police.
They don't claim it's censorship, they claim it's defense of the French language.
What's it called, the defense of the French language thingy?
I said that basically Ben Bernanke was engaging in monetary bukkake, where he was essentially ejaculating trillions of dollars worth of financial semen, etc.
Let me ask you this, what world are we in where the Pope is admonishing us as poop eaters?
You know, the Catholic Church already collapsed once, you know, a few centuries ago due to the advent of the printing press.
Now the new Catholic Church, it's collapsing again due to the advent of alt-media.
So they've already, this is the movie, we've seen this movie before.
So you had, of course, the reformers in the Catholic Church.
I don't
Yeah, they think they're going to reform by becoming like communists, but he's in this rich, armored compound saying, open the borders of Europe, but they're not bringing migrants into his place.
Remember the Catholic Church was challenged by Gutenberg's printing press, and knowledge was passed.
The internet of that day.
They didn't have the exclusivity on knowledge.
Now think about the church these days with the emergence of virtual reality.
That's my next question when you come back.
Where is the economy?
Well, that's my next question, because you really are smart, John, on economics.
When you come back from break, the world was already teetering on the edge of collapse, all the signs were there, it was admitted, you know, German banks were about to go under, and then now here comes Trump, and suddenly all over the world, stuff's upticking, and just the optimism of not having a bunch of Goldman Sachs banks wanting us to implode, so they can consolidate control, what happens when Mr. Prosperity shows up?
How do those two, like, hot air and cold air, when they hit, are there going to be tornadoes?
Yeah, exactly.
I think we're going to see some... Wind shear!
We're going to hail storms.
I mean, strap yourselves in, ladies and gentlemen.
Max Keiser of MaxKeiser.com is here.
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Max Keiser is wound up.
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All right, we got a long way to go.
A short time to get there.
I'm not going to talk 10 hours.
Your energy just energizes me.
You got a bunch of notes you want to hit there.
Sounds like a Johnny Cash song.
That's right.
But listen.
You got a lot of notes we'll cover in the next hour, but first tell me.
I got like three notes.
That's it.
I read the profits.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
1 trillion dollars added, we covered that.
Okay, we'll do it in a minute, but the economy, because like you said, it's a mixed bag.
Vladimir Putin says to say hello, by the way.
Did that really happen?
Oh yeah, he said, when you see Alex, tell him I said hello.
That's crazy.
I better not go over there, though.
I'm going to interview Putin this year.
Yeah, going over there.
Now, I am interested in this because I was told by the head of RT America before they even launched it, like eight, nine years ago, Putin's a big listener, and by the way, he likes how you play.
He imitated me at the 10-year anniversary dinner.
He likes my show.
Well, I know you're a big star all over the world, but Putin knows you.
Yeah, he's imitated me.
I did this thing where David Cameron ripped his shirt off at the governor's dinner, and he looked at this clip and he said, your journalists are very interesting.
The one, Max, who ripped his shirt off is very interesting.
Let's get back to the Putin thing.
This will be newsworthy.
Let me hear this.
What'd he say?
Well, I'm just telling what he said.
You know, he's imitating me.
Jesse Ventura was there at the dinner.
Oh, he came over and said hi to Ventura.
Ventura told me that.
He said say hi to Alex.
Yeah, Alex Jones said say hello to Alex Jones.
He's going to come on my show this year.
You know, Moscow is beautiful in the springtime.
We actually got reached out to years ago by some people, and I checked, and it was like, yes, Putin wants to come on, but he wants to talk about hunting, because you're from Texas, and I was just like... Well, you know, I noticed you like to go bear-chested now.
I mean, I think Putin started that.
I did that as a joke.
That whole bear-chesting thing.
I did it to troll the media.
This is what drives liberals crazy, because Putin dares to be heterosexual.
Guys, can we Google Alex Jones on a horse?
He must be beautiful in some way.
Alex Jones on a horse.
Because, you know, Putin's heterosexual, and so therefore... I'm not bragging, but aren't those some big pecs?
People are saying... Those are awesome pecs!
Those are Putin-sized pecs!
You've gotten Putin pecs!
Alex Putin pec!
That's right.
He on the horse, all naked.
So this is what drives the liberals crazy.
Especially in Britain, where not a single person in government would be classified as... I shouldn't have been laughing, because I was laughing when I did it.
No, I did it to troll him.
And then the media was like, and a whole bunch of newspapers, they go, he's a role model.
He's bringing peace around the world.
He's a statesman, you know, and, and so I am a Russian agent.
And, and, and Trump figures that, you know, what the greatest, scroll down to the one.
There's one we did, Planet of the Apes, too.
The way to save a trillion dollars is to cut a deal with Putin to fight terrorism as a joint task force.
Save a trillion dollars.
Bring back more jobs.
Thanks for dropping the Putin thing on me, but can we please get into the economy?
Yeah, I thought we were out of time.
No, we're going, there's more!
What did we get, overtime?
It goes on and on.
No, we do a fourth hour now.
Stations all pick it up.
Fourth hour?!
This is worse than Joe Rogan.
Three hours of Joe Rogan.
I thought that was insane.
We're going ten hours.
We have the new product at Infowarsandlife.com, BioTrue Selenium.
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So it really is an all-around nutrient that everybody really needs.
I'm taking it now.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
Now, I've got hundreds of news articles I haven't even gotten to yet.
So I'm not going back to this for lack of material.
You know why this show is so popular?
We cover a lot of great information, but when we fall on our face, we fall on our face as well.
Because it's teleprompter free, and I don't even know who Adam Carolla is.
But I have that name in my head, and I know from childhood watching him, right through high school and college, who Adam Curry is, and I've even listened to some of his radio shows off and on.
He's got like his own network, and own show.
I was calling him Adam Carolla.
Who is Adam Carolla?
What does he do?
It's Adam Curry.
But that's the great part!
There's no central programmers above me, and that's the joke that Tucker Carlson was just making earlier, that is there some, you know, centralized Putin calling him to give him orders, because he had a congressman on, a Democratic congressman on, saying to his face, you're a Russian agent.
And then they have no evidence that Russia is controlling the alt-right, as Hillary defines us.
And even the Washington Post had to retract that yesterday because it's outrageous libel, it's outrageous slander, it's outrageous defamation.
So James and Stephen and Brian and David and Hector, Hector's been holding the longest, so I'll go to James and others, Stephen and I. We're going to go to you pretty early on to bring in wild card points and stuff with
Our guest, Adam Curry, and, of course, Max Keiser.
Now I'll just call him Max Flamingo.
Well, why not?
Just get the name completely wrong.
After we were obsessing on the fact that the Pope's going to star in the new Pink Flamingos movie, we discussed that.
That's satire, folks, because the Pope made horribly disgusting statements yesterday that I won't even repeat on air and dignify about the type of stuff that goes through his mind.
I won't sit here and talk about how he talked about how people
Enjoy eating feces and having sexual pleasure from it.
Yes, I just did.
That's a Greek form of arguing there that we just engaged in.
We're going to go to your phone calls after the break, but since I mentioned it, here is Mr. Fake News Brian Williams.
And it's so surreal to have Hillary, who played the clip last hour, saying, we need Congress to pass a law to shut down the fake news.
We'll decide what it is.
It's very dangerous.
This is the biggest liar of our lifetimes.
Who said she was in combat and attacked.
Well, like Brian Williams, running around lying to us.
But here's Williams with this other weasel.
And then they go out to real fake news sites, and then they come and interview them, and then the fake news sites come on and go, yes, I'm fake and so is Alex Jones!
They even have the fake news sites out going, we work with Alex Jones, we like him, he's fake like us!
This is the games they play trying to deceive people because they are the fake news industry!
And here is the king!
If there was a prom, or a dance, a ball, up on Bald Mountain, you know, up there on the edge of hell, and you had the demons, and the devil was the king, and then his bride was the queen, you would have Brian Williams the king and Hillary the queen.
They should get married and together make little deceitful
Creatures together so here ladies and gentlemen is the king of fake news Don Don Don Brian Williams And lately there's been a lot of coverage in the real news about the growing and booming business of creating fake news
You've got these little weasels.
One looks like a weasel, the other one looks like a serial killer.
Brian Williams, and he's this stolen Valor guy.
I expect to see him in a Walmart parking lot wearing a Congressional Medal of Honor and getting donations or something, you know.
He has like a one leg blown off, but it's fake.
The leg's tucked behind a trench coat behind his back.
They're like, hey, your foot's tied on your back.
Shut up, conspiracy theorists!
I'm a war hero!
All right, you, John Wayne.
I mean, these people never end.
I love it.
They admit the new spokesman against fake news is Brian Williams.
Is this all an alternate reality?
A dark satire written by Kurt Vonnegut from heaven?
Despite all the statist rhetoric that gun control works, here's five reasons why it won't.
Number one, California has many of the most restrictive gun laws in the country, yet those laws did absolutely nothing to stop the San Bernardino shooting.
Number two, Paris, France also has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the world, but those laws also did nothing to stop the November 13th ISIS attacks.
Number three, it's estimated that someone in Chicago is shot every 2.8 hours despite the city's strict gun laws.
Number four, Mexico also has restrictive gun laws just like Chicago, yet over 160,000 people have been murdered in the country's drug war since 2007.
The only people who are actually stopping the Mexican cartels are private citizens who are openly defying Mexico's gun laws to form self-defense militias.
In fact, Obama approved the rearming of the so-called moderate rebels on October 1st, the same day he called for gun control in response to the community college shooting up in Oregon.
You can find out more at InfoWars.com.
This is Kit Daniels reporting.
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He aligns himself with the truth.
But it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Lines form on my face and hands.
Lines form on the ups and downs.
I'm in the middle without any plans.
Hi, Adam Curry back with you on MTV.
Well, here's the story.
They've been called rowdy, raunchy, gut-level rockers, and the next band that everybody tries to copy.
Now, their own record label said that they'll make it if they live long enough.
Well, they have, and Guns N' Roses is one of the most talked-about bands this year, and MTV caught them live at the Ritz in New York City.
So get ready for a high-powered, loud, high-energy, loud, rock and roll, loud show as they perform My Michelle, a cover of the Dylan classic, Knocking on Heaven's Door, and of course, Welcome to the Jungle.
Guns N' Roses, live at the Ritz, is up next.
Hey, I want to hear a little bit more of the Guns N' Roses now.
You know, I love Guns N' Roses.
I wish they'd stop, you know, just getting on the whole political correct bandwagon.
But Adam Curry's here with Max Keiser.
Max rarely comes to Austin.
We're flattered to have him.
I guess he was hanging out with you.
And I've actually thought about trying to get you on.
You have your own syndicated radio show and own podcast.
It's really popular because I've tuned into it quite a few times and I've got friends.
You're a big part of it.
I think I've had a few clips of myself on there.
Yes, because you have the best clips ever.
Oh no I don't.
Yes, they're growing babies and cows.
Alex, come on, I love it.
They are growing babies and cows.
I know, I know, but you actually say it.
That's what's so great about it.
And they call that fake news, but then I can pull up the Chinese show, you know, National TV, where they're growing humanoids inside cows and have cows that have, you know, that produce
Human milk.
But this is now coming out in mainstream news.
You've been saying this for years, so, uh, yeah.
It was in, it was in, like, scientific stuff, Scientific American 20 years ago.
That's what's crazy!
I cover stuff that's, like, totally admitted, and then it's like, it's like a 1950 going, he claims there's something called automobiles!
It's like, yeah, they've been around 50 years, man!
You know, it's not like I'm saying automobiles are coming in, like, 1800.
But nothing about me!
We have Max Keiser.
Max, can we talk about how amazing you are and the fact you're even on the air today?
Well, yeah.
My Airbnb caught fire yesterday.
And you guys let me sleep here last night.
Stacey and I camped out.
That was really nice.
I'm on the show again today because I have nowhere else to go.
What kind of stuff?
So you're not, okay.
I mean, it was great.
It was fantastic.
But, you know, we had no place to stay, and there we were.
No, you're a tough guy, and I... It's great.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
That was fantastic.
And being here with Adam Curry is fantastic.
It is.
Alright, Max Keiser.
Everybody knows who Adam Curry is, and he moonlights as Adam Carolla.
I was...
Teleprompter free, seriously.
Are there any teleprompters here?
Because they now accuse me of claiming there's teleprompters in here.
I don't see any teleprompters.
There are, I mean, call list over there.
Yeah, that's the call list.
Steve in Hawaii.
We're going to go to him.
Hey Steve.
What is front and center on your radar screen?
Fake news.
Fake news is number one.
The No Agenda Show is the podcast that I do.
We've been tracking this for a long time and we feel that this is now the opportune moment, especially in connection with Pizzagate, which is being used as, you know, it's dangerous.
So licensing is on its way.
Licensing of journalists, licensing of all kinds of things.
That's what we really believe is going to happen.
And then you're the accepted group because you toe the line.
That's how China does it.
They license journalists, and even when they get out of line, they arrest you for fake news.
Max and I were talking the other day.
Neither of us are verified on Twitter.
And I think that's where it's really going to start.
He has 25 million viewers a week.
Conservatively, one of the biggest networks in the world.
Not verified.
He invented virtual trading on the stock market.
Buddies with George Soros.
Bitcoin Meister.
Doesn't get any credit!
The real Satoshi Nakamoto.
The real guy is here.
That's right, unverified.
But it gives me plausible deniability, because this way I can say it's not really me tweeting.
Tilt the mic towards your face.
But I think that is the first step, is this verification thing.
You know, because you look at these journalists who have 500 followers and they work at some station somewhere and they get verified.
I think I'm the real Adam Curry, I'm pretty sure I am, but now I don't want it because that will be
Well, back in the day, I was dumb and never really got on Twitter early, but then I had to really have people call him and get mad, even have a lawyer write a letter, and they go, okay, fine, give us a copy of your passport, your driver's license, and some type of bill, and we'll see, and then they finally did it.
But now I'm told people that are even more famous than I am or you are, they just won't even respond to you when you want to get verified.
Yeah, but I don't want it now.
I'm not interested.
Well, continue.
That's a big, big truth bomb.
I hadn't thought of that.
They are going to push licensing.
Well, of course they are.
I mean, this is happening in Europe.
The European Parliament just passed a resolution, and this is all about fake news, and the whole idea is to fund journalists with education, fund NGOs, to really work... And to create lists to block off our sites.
It's already happening to us.
Of course it is.
I built a platform called StartJoin.
It's a crowdfunding platform with its own cryptocurrency called StartCoin.
So to your point, Alex, building a platform with its own currency to fight the New World Order, that's what I'm doing!
That's how I'm contributing to this revolution!
I mean, what more can I say about it?
Drudge says they're internet ghettos, and that was over a year ago in this studio.
No, there it is.
It really is internet ghettos now.
That's what they did with the Jews first.
They first said, OK, you can't advertise, you can't have your businesses in this area.
Then, now you've got to be in this ghetto.
Now, oh, it's just poor, dirty people.
Let's take them and send them to a work camp.
But it's undeniable.
And they kill you.
It's undeniable now when we see President-elect Trump, we see what happened with Brexit, we see what's happened with Italy.
I think these types of platforms, alternative to the mainstream, is more important than ever right now.
And people are definitely finding it.
And Facebook is kind of becoming a graveyard in a way.
I mean, I have to have an account just to see what's going on, but I really... Well, I famously said I use it like a toilet.
I mean, I don't expect it to always be there, and it's just kind of like a hole in the ground out back, you know, at the farmhouse.
But we put our info out there, but we don't expect it to be there tomorrow.
It may very well not be.
I mean, online communities always end up broken.
I mean, we've seen it.
GeoCities, AOL, eventually it'll go away.
They've captured a critical mass and there's something like 2 billion monthly users and it's going to, they're rolling out aircraft to hover over places without internet connectivity to create more users.
So clearly this is an incredible force to be reckoned with and as we're leading up to the election, you know, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO, and his connections in Washington were helping to filter news.
Oh, he was already censoring massively, and then after Hillary lost, the media said, the Donald Trump media, it's your fault, you didn't censor more, and so now he's doing it.
Well, this is the epic battle that's taking place, is mainstream media, who, just like the record business, for years, denied, denied, denied, and now, if you sell 2,000 records, you're top 10 on Billboard.
That's how bad it is.
It's that bad.
Wow, I could put out an album and sell a hundred thousand.
Alex Jones Christmas music.
Alex Jones Christmas record.
I would definitely buy that.
Jingle Bells, The Lonely Soldier, Mama Stole My Christmas Tree, all the classics.
I want to do it.
Let's do it.
Grandma got run over by a reindeer.
That's it, that's it.
I'm interrupting.
This guy's saying smart stuff.
I forgot what I was talking about.
Of course he is.
That's Adam Curry.
No, no, you were saying the music industry didn't listen, they were arrogant, they didn't get it.
So now news.
And news, they fought, they fought, they fought.
Google was complicit by killing Google Reader, which RSS, which is still a great distribution mechanism, gives you, in fact, a feed very much like a Twitter or a Facebook feed.
When Google Reader was purposely destroyed, the whole idea of RSS kind of fell apart, but it's slowly coming back now, and you see the epic battle between the mainstream against Silicon Valley.
All day now I hear on mainstream is, well, you know, these guys are dangerous now, and so this is going to be an interesting butting of heads.
We'll see what happens there.
I'll tell you what's exciting.
I actually have a fellow showing up about 2.15 today when we go off air and the ladies take over.
Who is the owner of one of the larger, second-tier, about to become first-tier, cord-cutting companies.
And he gets what's happening.
It's all about content, content, content, like Redstone said back in the 30s when he went from just it being about the theaters to the actual content.
Before that, it was just the theater.
Movies were like some secondary deal.
You just went to the big fancy theater and had drinks or whatever.
I see there's all sorts of other things that are going to bite the mainstream dinosaur media in the butt.
We're the least of their problems.
It's going to be all these other distribution platforms.
Yes, and not only that, but different business models.
You have a phenomenally interesting and, I think, obviously successful business model with your entire InfoWorth life and all your... I mean, that's how I got turned on to you.
I got Berkey water filter, I got my one acre crisis seed garden, I got my meals ready to eat.
Super female vitality is what I take.
By the way, it actually works better for men, for whatever reason, but men don't want to buy that formula.
Potty Squatty is an innovative product that changes people's lives.
Everyone needs a Max Squatty.
Hey, let's be serious.
We sell really cool products.
We sell really good products and fund ourselves.
That's an original idea and more and more people are going to adopt that, where you sell direct products to your audience and don't have to have some corporate sponsor.
And we get a drone delivery service.
You know, get the drones on the roof so people can't... You were continuing, so where do you see this?
Adam Curry, where do you see this going?
Well, so obviously we have our own distribution.
It may get a little complicated, you know, they may start to shut things down.
But I think, look at how WikiLeaks, everyone got around it, you know, that's kind of unstoppable.
The internet in that regard, I think, is still pretty... Sure, that's where they're starting, is just stealth banning.
Oh, sorry, you can't share info or links as of yesterday.
On Facebook.
On Reddit.
Facebook, it's selective, only some of our links.
It's on Reddit, it's just, yeah, you can't... Right, so, but... You can have a million votes, it won't go up.
That's right.
But that's why advertising online, I don't see a future in that.
And the mainstream hasn't, even NPR, like PBS, public media, have no idea how to actually work with the public to create programming.
And that includes, like our show,
We're all listener-funded, so we have financial support, we have people, we call our audience producers.
You know, get us clips, get us articles.
Exactly, and the audience, which is a big part of InfoWars.
Yes, sir.
They, exactly, it's like a symbiotic thing.
Speaking of that, we're going to come back and take phone calls and continue on with Adam Curry and Max Keiser, both the studio.
Yes, sir.
MaxKeiser.com is his website.
Now more than ever, folks, you've got to visit our actual website.
This is Jett Walton from Run Little Elephant.
I'm on a new CD that just came out.
Maybe yesterday on Beagle Records.
again and Merry Christmas to you all!
Now we're building a big snowman.
And putting his thingy in old trashcan.
Attention, citizens.
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Adam Curry of noagendashow.com is our guest.
Of course, he's the most famous star of MTV fame.
Boy, MTV used to be so huge.
Now it's just a...
Sumner Redstone, Brainwasher, Children, Medium.
Max Keiser's here.
I want to start taking calls now instead of later, because we've got time into the next hour with these guys, but I want to... What are some of the other areas you guys want to get into after we take calls?
Go Max!
Well, first of all, you mentioned Axl Rose before.
I just want to mention, you know, of the group... What group was that?
Guns N' Roses?
Guns N' Roses.
Stacey Herbert does an excellent Axl Rose impression.
I just want to put that out there.
You're always being ironic on my show and not yours.
Can we have the serious, Max?
Obviously, the topic du jour is this idea of fake news, as Adam mentioned.
It's total censorship and how they're dressing up their most draconian, book-burning attack on free speech the world's ever seen.
Just the bravado of it.
Yeah, I mean so.
But Gary!
Under McCarthyism there was something called the Communists and you had the, you know, the Committee to Save America from the Communists.
Now it's the evil patriots that want to make America great again.
We gotta shut them up because they're Russian agents.
Who the hell believes that?
Fake news is oxymoronic in that news is, by definition, extemporaneous and open to revision.
They say it's the first draft of history.
So a lot of what's reported as news, later, it's like, well, you know, in the heat of the battle, we looked at it after six months and we revised what was then considered news, and this is more the historical document.
So to say that's fake news is, again, it's an oxymoron.
All news, to some degree, would have some degree of subjectivity to it, would have some degree of...
These are the people saying, kill Donald Trump.
It's not a pure... It's all propaganda.
News is not pure.
Whole cloth and pure.
News has, many times, has errors in it.
He's trying to do the best that he can.
But to say it's fake news is to say we don't want any news.
We don't want any news.
That's right.
They're introducing the idea that we want propaganda.
We want only propaganda.
It comes from one source.
And if you don't report what we say, it's like Britain, where we do most of our shows, has become a totalitarian propaganda state, where the state is now dictating everything that comes out in any major news source.
We're constantly harassed, as I was saying yesterday by Ofcom, the regulator, who gets actually into our face and gives us scripts.
The UK regulator gives us scripts to read on our show, and then they accuse us of propaganda.
The regulator gives us scripts that are detailing our position on energy companies in the UK.
That's state-sponsored propaganda.
That's right up there with Pol Pot.
And all of this grew out of V-notices.
All of this grew out of national security.
Oh, you can't talk about where nuclear weapons are stored.
Next it's, you can't say you're for Brexit, or you can't say you're against it.
You just can't have no view.
We couldn't mention Brexit for six months!
You can't say anything negative about the migrant situation?
We can't mention Brexit for six months.
They threatened to take RT off the air in the UK.
And that's what the regulator said, okay?
And that's the kind of restrictions we deal with.
There's no free speech in the UK.
The UK is pretty high up on the global free speech.
And by the way, they want a law passed here the same as England that, quote, if something's foreign media while they invite it in, then you're an American on that international platform.
Everything's global.
Then, you can't ever make comments about anything domestic.
Well, how are you supposed to do the news then?
I'm sure you covered the repeal of the Smith-Mundt Act.
And people need to hear that, I think, that in the, I think it was the mid-70s, there was a bill, an act, a law, that said the U.S.
government may not propagandize its citizens.
And they repealed it three years ago.
In the National Defense Authorization Act.
And the reasoning behind it was, well, we do so much propaganda on the internet that it's going to eventually flow into the U.S.
So just so we don't get in trouble, you might as well just take it off the table.
And this is only a couple years ago.
Yeah, they said, we're going to put out fake news.
They said even deceptive stories.
We do put out the voice of America.
They do put out fake news.
So they're saying we're fake when they admit they're fake and pass the law that they can lie to us.
Voice of America is an American propaganda arm for American propaganda.
You couldn't broadcast Voice of America in America due to anti-propaganda laws.
Then they changed the law and now you can broadcast Voice of America inside America because they're pro-propaganda.
There is no anti-propaganda laws anymore in America.
As I mentioned to you a while ago, when I was doing my show in Paris, I was approached from somebody from Voice America to do an on-air, hissy-fit resignation on RT.
Wait, was this the same time when that other girl... That girl did, eventually.
Oh, it came out, it was set up.
It was all set up.
And I told them, you know... Of course, we know it's not really Voice of America, it's Central Intelligence Agency.
Right, so they were flashing some big money around.
You don't get it.
I was a stockbroker in the 80s.
You can't bribe me.
Not with that sack of money.
You've got to come with a truck full of money or go home.
But he is bribable.
If the truck is big enough, maybe I'll consider it.
Three 18-wheelers!
The budget of Voice of America wouldn't take me to the place I would need to go to undermine my own show, you freaking losers.
Get out of my face!
We're such cheapskates, I can't believe it.
I know, they've only offered me $10 million to sell it.
I'm like, listen... But apparently some rookie journalist babe somewhere, she went for the dough and... It was a big story.
Where is she now?
Completely gone from the face of the earth, sold her whole career down the... She was the girl that kept saying Putin.
Instead of Putin.
That's right.
We're gonna go right to your phone calls on the other side.
This is epic stuff.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
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Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The Constitutional Convention of 1787 was held in strict secrecy, and at the end of the proceedings, citizens gathered outside the Independence Hall to learn what had been produced behind closed doors.
While Benjamin Franklin was leaving the hall, a lady asked him, Well, Doctor, what have we got?
A republic or a monarchy?
To which he responded, A republic, if you can keep it.
But today, not only have we lost a republic, but most people don't even know what a republic even is.
For one thing, a republic is not a democracy.
A republic operates under the rule of law which protects individual liberties so that the majority cannot take away the rights of the minority.
Under a republic, the government and its citizens all abide by the same laws regardless of political power or lack thereof.
Democracy, on the other hand, only leads to mob rule fueled by the unrestrained whims of the public.
In a democracy, the individual or any groups of individuals composing the minority have no protection against the unlimited power of the majority.
It is a case of majority over man.
In other words, under democracy, two wolves can vote to eat the sheep for dinner.
But under a republic, a sheep's right to life is protected by the rule of law.
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BellagendaShow.com is our guest, Adam Curry.
We really should play some old clips from MTV.
It's a blooper reel.
A blooper reel.
That I put up on YouTube.
And I just put, I mean, I've had this for 30 years and I finally said, I'm putting it up.
Is it the Adam Curry blooper reel?
It's me, it's downtown Julie Brown, it's... I mean, how do we Google it?
We just... Oh yeah, Adam Curry MTV blooper reel.
Adam Curry, MTV Blooper Reel.
Let's take some phone calls.
Let's cue it up.
Nina Blackwood?
No, she's not on it.
Hey, but let's get serious here for a minute.
They really are coming for us.
They admit they are.
I think it's a major miscalculation.
I'm not trying to be overconfident.
They were already planning to censor after the election.
Hillary said, the alt-right will be discredited.
When they lose, we have to shut them down.
Well, she wasn't even looking at the real polls.
Now we're going to have the president in there, who's not perfect I'm sure, but isn't going to be for censorship of the media that got him into power, or any other media I hope.
How do you see this playing out?
Well, there's something else that isn't happening, and we actually covered this yesterday on the show, my partner and I, John C. Dvorak, and that is the tort laws.
Um, so now, uh, there's going to be, you're going to see a lot of reporting about if someone creates fake news or propagates fake news, what legal recourse do you have against those people?
So I think you're going to see a number of key lawsuits where someone posts something online and they're going to get sued.
Oh, I agree.
I think they're drumming it up and trying to maybe frame me as the test subject.
I've been picking up on that because they just keep saying things I didn't say.
Well, you are definitely the poster child of fake news today.
I mean, they're putting you in everywhere, which I think is fantastic.
I mean, what an exposure!
I mean, people are... Let's be honest though, do you think they pick me because they think I'm weak or because I'm hurting them?
I mean, we are growing, we are hurting them.
They all miscalculated and thought connecting me to Trump would discredit him, but their own numbers show it actually helped them.
You know what, Alex?
I think in general, the people who produce the shows that will do that, like the news networks, CNN and MSNBC, I think it's just because you're dynamic and interesting to look at.
And if you live in a separate dimension, which a lot of people do today, and they have their own reality, I think they believe things are true, and I can't stop that.
Oh yeah, they thought Hillary was really going to win.
Oh, big time, big time.
And they look at you and your vocal and your, you know, and of course it's always the moment where you're kind of energized that they put in there.
And that everyone is, oh my God, look at these people.
That's just a visual thing.
I don't think they're really thinking about.
And I agree with you.
I think it's a disconnect too, because it's not that we think Trump's perfect.
It's that Hillary's a real warmonger.
Just like we rejected Jeb Bush.
Everybody, and then she stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders.
I think Sanders might have beaten Trump.
Very possibly.
Joe Biden might have beaten Trump.
I mean, you know, very possible.
Very possible.
Yeah, because he's got that whole blue collar appeal.
Everyone loves Joe.
I knew Hillary was going to lose about a month before the election when Joe was giving speeches, Biden, and having to go, look, I know a lot of you don't like her, and I don't blame you.
I mean, everybody's like, yeah, the crowd's like, yeah, we don't like her.
And he's like, whoa, man.
I think it was just one Hillary stumble away from parachuting Biden into the race.
All she had to do was just stumble one more time and she would have been carried out.
I think he was on deck.
I think he was on deck for her.
I think so.
I think he was on deck.
She kind of stumbled away into the finish line and then got dropped.
But again, Max, the arrogance of running someone who was in the hospital for over a year in 2012-2013.
We have the sources.
They didn't want to say definitively because it gets into records issues and things, but she had a brain tumor removed.
I have this from high-level people.
Yeah, and the Sutton Reportedly is growing back.
Word is she ain't long for the world.
Laparoscopic surgery removed the brain tumor from passing the instruments through the anus, up through the alimentary canal, into the back of the head, then they captured the tumor and pulled it out back through the anus, and it's not well reported.
But you know, getting back to the legal aspect of things, you know where they are... That was fake news!
That was really satire, stop it!
Hey, I said a month before, the Secret Service told us she's falling down, she has a black ambulance, and then you, everybody saw it happen.
I really got that from the Secret Service.
So by the way, we're shaking.
When I saw them in Cleveland, I said we're going to give them the next few weeks.
And then these are Secret Service...
And then we got the info.
These guys are shaking because they're so conditioned not to tell the stuff.
How does Colbert criticize fake news when he made his bones as a satirist?
He plays a fake right-winger.
He is a fake news person.
So now he's coming out against so-called fake news.
Brian Williams.
Why are they using Brian Williams, the poster, the king of fake news, as the new crusader against it?
Well, I know Brian Williams.
I've known him for a while.
And he, when I was in New York, living in New York, New Jersey, he would do human interest pieces for the local NBC station on, like, breast augmentation.
This guy is just a total robot.
He'll do whatever you tell him to do.
He really is not a journalist as far as I'm concerned.
He's a hack!
Nah, he's just a dude.
He looks the part.
He looks the part.
Broadcast news.
You know, there's a great movie about this.
He looks like a serial killer.
He looks like a guy who does the news on TV.
He fills the role.
Couldn't he star in the new American Psycho?
That Hemmer guy on Fox.
I mean, I'm not saying Hemmer's bad, but he looks scarier than Christian Bale.
Yeah, I agree with you.
That guy looks very scary.
I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley.
But back to Clinton, I think what is happening... Have you ever had Charles Ortel on?
No, but I've heard of him a lot.
Yeah, so he's a guy who, he's a financial analyst, and he really took apart the Clinton Foundation.
Yeah, let's get Charles Ortel on!
You definitely need to get this guy on.
There is so much fraud and abuse that he has identified, and of course he's not getting on the air anywhere now.
And I think that just the tentacles of that organization were so spread out throughout the political system and other large circles that everyone's deathly afraid.
They were afraid to do anything against the Clintons, I really think.
Sure, I mean at the top they're all scared mercenaries, but what about the minions?
Did you see the video of her giving a speech yesterday saying we've got to have the government?
And then her own minions were like squealing like their mommy had just been killed?
Yeah, well, these people have been terrorized, are very, very frightened, and have grabbed onto mommy, as you say.
It's like Nora Desmond from Sunset Boulevard, where, you know, that film, the famous film that Billy Wilder directed, in the end where she's, I'm ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille, and it's a demented ex-movie star going down the stairs and having a nervous breakdown.
That's where Hillary is in her political life.
Great analogy.
Thank you.
What's the one where there's two sisters and one's crazy, the way dearest?
No, no, no.
Who's afraid of a baby something?
No, whatever happened to Baby Jane.
That's it, whatever happened to Baby Jane.
Whatever happened to Baby Jane.
We're dating ourselves, gentlemen.
That's Hillary and Bill.
Fast and Furious, quick, let's do some modern movies.
Oh yeah, where cars drive downhill for 30 minutes, running over boulders that don't blow a tire.
It's worse than a cartoon.
Oh no.
At least you know with like, Looney Tunes, when the rock falls on the coyote and doesn't kill him, that it's not real.
Well, let me introduce you to something.
Mickey Mouse.
Let me tell you why I'm introducing Mickey Mouse.
Because Mickey Mouse is the reason why you have these draconian copyright laws in America today.
Every time Mickey Mouse is ready to enter the public domain, they pass the Copyright Extension Act.
And, due to Walt Disney's corporate influence, Sonny Bono famously did one the last time.
So copyright lasts now for a lifetime, plus I think 70, 73, 73 or 75 years.
So you have, in a sense, perpetual copyright.
Which means that ideas are owned by the corporations.
And this is where they attack, they'll attack new media.
This is where they'll attack you.
Well that's what Drudge thought they would do.
You'll say on your show a phrase that they will claim is protected by copyright law and then that's how they will attack you.
Like Pope Francis is a turd burglar.
Disney might suggest that they, well, the McDonald's Corporation could say they own Hamburglar, and you're violating the Hamburglar name by saying Turdburglar, and therefore they have to, you can issue a DMCA, Digital Millennium Copyright Action, they'll take it down.
But that's exactly right.
So even close enough to the name, they'll say that's a copyright violation.
And they're expanding that under TPP.
Which doesn't exist.
It's fake news.
Hillary said she's against it, even though she gave speeches saying she helped write it.
TPP expands the copyright cartel.
I want to take some phone calls.
It's amazing.
We have Max Keiser at MaxKeiser.com.
Let's go to James, Steve, Brian, David, Hector, and a lot of folks here.
Let's go to Hawaii first.
And so let's talk to Stephen.
Thanks for calling.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Hey, buddy.
Hey man, I'm a huge fan.
I even have your Bohemian Grove video from back in the 80s.
I've been following you for years.
I want to say I appreciate what you're doing.
I ask you guys to keep it up.
I got three things I want to mention for you real quick.
About the mainstream media, it's not just the news that's being fake and pushing messages right now.
What people aren't paying attention to is it's also the regular television shows.
For instance, just yesterday, Supernatural, a television show where a couple of guys go around, they're fighting evil, fighting demons, things like that.
They have to exorcise Lucifer out of the President of the United States.
Does that sound like anything?
Listen, half the time I stop on some new cartoon, it's guys in tricorder hats trying to blow up the chemical plant and poison the public, and then Green Lantern has to beat them.
I would say 20% of the propaganda is now in news, mainstream news.
But yes, Adam and Max, what about the propaganda placement, they call it behavior placement or product placement, is all over the place.
And look,
I'm not against any gay people.
I don't even care.
The point is, it's just everywhere.
Gay, gay, gay, gay, gay.
We know it's a push message.
Or it's anti-family.
Or it's anti-gun.
Or it's anti-America.
Or the terrorist is, you know, bad because he believes that there's a world government.
I mean, it's just crazy, the message.
I think the public's rejecting it, but what's your comments on that?
Well, we actually talked about this in a way the other day, and if you look at what Norman Lear did, and he still has a big influence, I think it's the Lear Foundation or something, and they write storylines for Hollywood, and they're very open about it.
They put storylines into Modern Family, and it can be about global warming or other social issues, but really,
Back in the days, we had Archie Bunker, and Archie Bunker became this grouchy guy who hated the government, and traditionally those guys were Democrats.
But Norman Lear made Archie Bunker a Republican, and for years that became the face of what Republicans look like on television.
I think that's kind of where the switch went from, you know, the Republican Party who freed the slaves,
You know, they were kind of on the good side of things.
And then Archie Bunker became the face of the A-hole Republican.
I think that really set up... And you're right.
In the 60s, there's always hundreds of letters.
Most of them are online from LBJ.
He wrote a lot of them from the Cattleman Suite down at the Bristol.
He was mistress there.
Didn't really live with his wife out at the ranch.
Lady Bird, but a little factoid.
And he was writing letters saying, the Republicans passed the Civil Rights Act, we gotta do something about this damn Eisenhower, all this other stuff, you know, we're gotta get the N-words on welfare to control them, they'll be voting Democrat for a hundred years, I got a plan.
And then here comes Archie Bunker a decade later to get people to flip, to think, no, no, the old racist curmudgeons, they're not Democrats, they're Republicans, and as you said,
They've accredited with one show more than anything with 30 million viewers, 40 million viewers every episode.
They convinced everybody of a total upside down world.
So why is it not working now when they say anybody that wants to own a gun is a racist or anybody that is against Obamacare is a racist?
I think to a degree it is working.
I mean, it's definitely, I think that, yeah, I can only say, I think people do believe that, but there's a segment of the population that is more switched on, and that is because of alternative forms.
You know who I was following leading up to this Trump election very closely on Twitter, which was fascinating, was Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, but he started writing and tweeting about persuasion and persuasion technologies, and persuasion technology... Who got him on?
It comes out of something called neuro-linguistic programming, and also comes out of the casino industry, which is very good at persuading people to part with their money using technology, using very advanced psychometrics, like filling casinos with certain scents that get people to, you know, comfortable to losing their money, or they program machines and slot machines to win at the exact moment when somebody's about to give up and walk away from the slot machine.
And remember, Trump is in the casino business.
He comes out of the casino business.
And he would be very familiar with that technology and how that works.
And that whole idea of persuasion technology, getting people to, you know, you talk about fake news, this would be fake empathy.
You need to create fake empathy.
Sure, it's Pavlovian.
In fact, speak of the devil, this just broke at InfoWars.com.
Merkel, Phelan, this should go all over the web, folks.
This is huge.
I heard this other day, and I meant to cover it, but I just forgot I was so busy, but now they've had to retract.
Fake news!
Newsweek retracts claim Trump supporters booed John Glenn.
I believe I was in total error that Trump supporters booed Glenn.
So now they first put it out to hurt him, knowing everybody's sad about John Glenn, the first American into space, and all the rest of it dying at 94 or whatever yesterday.
Godspeed John Glenn.
And then later they admit, okay, they didn't really do it.
In fact, they were like, oh, John, oh, he died, not boo.
Oh, his were sad, not boo.
But this shows how desperate they are.
You know, when Bruce Springsteen comes, appears anywhere, people in the audience still need to be explained that people are saying Bruce and not boo.
So this is so typical.
Well, it's an old tactic to just put out this false information.
That is fake news by saying that they... Yeah, and they're the masters of it.
I mean, take the head of the... Mr. Sun, the head of the SoftBank, one of the biggest Japanese banks, trillions as you know.
He comes and says, I like your new plan, $50 million invested in high-tech next year.
He walks up the elevator, gives Trump credit.
And even the Wall Street Journal, he thinks more friendly, says Trump kept claiming credit.
Just everything is twisted.
It's not even that, it's like it makes you like Trump because they're lying about him so much.
Even if there's stuff Trump does, I don't like.
Well, the thing that is just obviously, you know, happening is exactly the same type of attitude that a lot of people harbored towards President Obama is now being harbored and expressed by the very same people who thought that was disgusting.
And we have a phrase in the Netherlands, which is, wat je zegt ben jezelf met de kop door de helft, which means, you are what you accuse someone else of.
I thought that meant, why are you putting mayonnaise on my french fries?
Well, that was a problem too.
Let's talk to James in Arizona.
You're on the air with quite a trio, I've got to say.
Here's truly Alex Jones, Max Keiser, and of course, we have the former top
MTV star and so many other things you've done since then.
You've got your own powerful, successful radio show right now.
Adam Curry joining us here in studio.
Let's go to James in Arizona.
You're on the air.
Hey Alex, I've been watching you for a while.
Found out about you during your rant with Pierce Morgan on gun control.
Love that.
That was a big moment for us.
We got millions of new listeners off that.
Oh yeah, I can definitely tell.
And it wasn't because he had a big audience.
He got picked up and was so big.
It was a great appearance.
It chased Pierce out of the country.
I'm sorry, I apologize.
Caller, go ahead, James.
No, it's alright.
As a millennial, I've actually been taking a look at this all-fake-news paradigm.
And I think the propaganda may have actually worked a little too well regarding Hillary Clinton because they were trying to, as liberals,
We're good to go.
The free market, and you only have those two paradigms now, so...
I lived in a lot of countries, and this is the best one, and I won't give up on the idea that we can make it work.
Yeah, that's the thing.
It's easy to bash America until you've been to other countries.
I lived in the Netherlands, I lived in Belgium, I lived in the UK.
The UK, by the way, I enjoyed my time there.
You want some racists?
It's the most racist people I've ever met in the UK.
And they do it with a smile.
That's true.
With a smile.
With a smile.
We get a lot of grief in the United States, especially around the world.
You know, you guys invented slavery and all this stuff and went, yeah, okay, well, maybe you should take a look at your own country.
Well, that's the thing that you go to third world countries and places, it's the upper crush people who hate everybody beneath them even more, and they're the same color as them.
They're like, yeah, don't you hate these people?
And they're like, no.
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Ho, ho, ho!
This is Jet Watley from Run Little Elephant.
I'm on a new CD that just came out.
Maybe yesterday on Beagle Records.
Ho, ho, ho again, and Merry Christmas to you all!
Now we're building a big snowman.
And putting his thing in an old trash can.
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All right, Adam Curry is our guest.
We have Max Keiser here, a couple trailblazers with us.
We're going to do about 15 minutes to the next hour.
We're going back to your phone calls.
We have a Millie Weaver special report.
It's very informative.
And then Leanne McAdoo and others are going to be coming in here and taking over the last 45 minutes of the fourth hour of broadcast where we like to bring in our other hosts and people.
It's always interesting and informative.
Before I go any further,
I want to thank the sponsors that have made this broadcast possible.
You can find those up on InfoWars.com.
Also, we've got 25% off on DNA Force that's running right now.
And we've got a lot of other specials on the site.
And look, I don't want to sit here and belabor this.
These are really great things that everybody needs, that everybody can use.
And I just want to thank you all for your support.
Quite frankly, we'll put up stuff that I don't think is that important.
I don't
It's the best of times, worst of times.
I cannot.
And sure, it's fun to get attacked by all these people.
They're so discredited that it just mainly turns people on to you.
But there's still the unstable people I'm running into that literally see me and go to the other side of the street now and look at me like I am a murdering demon.
Because of all the weird stuff they added together.
And you know, the things they do, like NPR a few days ago, it was like, Jones says Hillary chops up children herself and murders them.
Washington Post.
Go to the article, Jones says Hillary's responsible for killing children by funding rebels in Syria that actually rape and murder and chop up children.
I mean, you know, it's a new level of deception.
It's very, very serious.
And so let me ask you this question before we go back to calls.
I mean, there are kind of some short segments here towards the end and start of the hour, so I apologize for that.
Isn't the danger that we get so used to knowing we're right about a lot of these things that we laugh at the enemy, but don't realize they're still in central control, and then they just move forward and start a new war, or cause an economic collapse, or whatever the case may be?
Well, I would say I have high hopes for our new president.
Maybe some of that will go away, but Alex, you're no different than Russia and Putin.
You are just another enemy.
An enemy is needed.
And it's you.
I'm really happy it's you.
Because I know you're a good guy.
I'm not worried about it.
But they need an enemy.
And I think that's what's taking place here.
And that's all they got.
So they go for the biggest guy.
And we'll use you over and over again.
But I think you're right.
When you did the Piers Morgan Show, you got a lot of extra listeners and people glommed on.
Oh yeah, we had like...
Ten million terrestrial listeners a week, maybe a million and a half visitors to the site.
That was a good show.
It was like three or four times that by the time the election hit, and now it's double at least what it was for the election.
It's scary.
I think that's why they're attacking.
It's because they say we can practice on this guy and target and figure out what works on him, then we'll work on everybody else.
I think that's what's happening.
That's possible.
I think it's just targeting.
But they would be foolish to take you down.
Max Keiser?
Then what?
He's no opponent.
Well, I... Let's stop saying I'm big.
Max has probably a bigger show than I do.
Yeah, no doubt.
Does the New York Times ever contact me to comment about... No, that's because you clearly cross over liberal and conservative, and clearly are right on so many... You're an authentic liberal, you're an authentic liberal, so they're scared to take you on.
They're in the ignore you phase.
Well, I mean, I have a big show on RT.
There have been a thousand episodes and it's seen all over the world.
Not a single media outlet in America has contacted me to comment on this influence, so-called, of RT.
Yeah, the Russians run everything.
Let's not call the big Americans.
I mean, if you're really curious about what's going on there, call me.
But they never have.
It shows that they've never done any research.
They just got the piece of paper from up top that said, criticize Russia and Putin and don't do any other investigation into it.
Maybe you shouldn't tell people then that Putin told you to say hi to me.
Well, I... Let's not give it any cannon fodder.
Maybe I was just trying to, you know... I'm sure it's all lies.
Back in 70 seconds with your phone calls, I promise.
I hate the fact that most of the ads are...
In the start of the hour, but that's just how radio works.
Genesis Communications Radio Network.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
He aligns himself.
Max won't let me go live on there.
He's giving me good tips on health.
You're listening to Alex.
He's drinking a Mexican Coke.
Yeah, that's sugar, you know.
Listen, I deserve iodine.
If you mix a Mexican Coke and iodine, you know, you become like those Mentos videos where the whole body becomes a volcano.
It's very dangerous.
Don't do it.
Don't mix Mexican Coke and iodine.
I'm not a big sweets guy.
You become a coprophagist.
But I do like Coca-Cola.
Can't we have Coca-Cola go back to regular sugar?
Well, you know, the high fructose corn syrup, which is in 60% of American food, is the biggest cause of obesity in America.
They admit it.
It programs your body to be fat.
Drinking, you know, what you call Mexican Coke, or real sugar Coke, is actually better than high fructose corn syrup.
That's a step in the right direction.
But diet drinks and their synthetic sugars are also terrible for you.
But when you cut those sweeteners out of your diet and refined flour, you know, potatoes,
Cut starch out, cut the pies and the cakes.
Your body, you know, is going to naturally turn to stuff that's good for you.
You are even worse.
I agree.
You're in the frickin' guacamole.
You know, in Texas, they got a lot of guacamole down here.
Guacamole is fantastic, you know.
What about you, Abby?
We both have ADHD.
Will you please get in the economy?
What do you want to know about the economy?
It's weird.
We got Trump with one system, and the globals are trying to implode things and consolidate it.
How are the two going to collide?
You know, this conquest, collapse economy, rent-seeking economy, the gulag you talk about, versus this prosperity train.
How do those two collide?
It's going to be, as we were alluding to, there's going to be a lot of, you know, wind shear, or there's going to be a lot of opposing forces.
Obviously, the stock market is at all-time highs, pushing $20,000.
He's had a trillion dollars in value there.
It's been an unbelievable move.
Warren Buffett is now in the $400 billion club with his company, Berkshire Hathaway.
Apple Computer, Google, is now called Alphabet.
And the Japanese said, we love the new attitude.
$50 billion.
They won.
But, you know, markets, you know, you know, Mia Culpa, you know, we, you know, the idea was that this would be a market loser.
You know, you'd have an immediate downtick in markets with a Trump victory.
And I think just about every pundit in the world was of that mind.
I didn't think that.
OK, fair enough.
And you had this enormous rally on the back of the Trump victory.
And it shows you.
I'll say this is a lot bigger than I thought it would be.
Yeah, it's a huge rally.
What's going on?
People just know they're going to get their taxes cut, so they're going to spend more.
Did you hear all the restaurants are seeing surges?
They're going to cut taxes.
I mean, they're comparing it to Reagan.
But here's a big difference.
You know, when Reagan came into office, interest rates were very, very high.
They were 17, 18, 19 percent on interest rates.
And you had... That had been Paul Volcker.
And then Volcker came in and they started bringing interest rates down for 25-30 years and as a result the bond market's been doing great for 25 or 30 years.
But now when Trump's coming into office, you know, the bond market, you know, you have interest rates at 1% or 2%.
The bond market's already at rock bottom, you know, interest rates are already at rock bottom levels.
And so the idea that you're going to have that kind of move down in rates again to sustain this move.
Is it really hard to imagine that's possible?
So I think you're going to, you're definitely going to, I would say this, you know, buy the election, sell the inauguration.
That's how I would play this.
I think on the, on the election, people exuberantly got back in there instead of going to deregulate.
You're saying buy up until the 20th, sell on the 20th?
Yeah, I think on the inauguration, you're going to have, you know, a pullback.
Are you saying sell by Friday the 20th?
Yeah, I think, you know, first of all, don't do what I'm saying because in the last two or three years, my stock market analysis has been extremely inconsistent because it's just been some, you know, talk about fake news for a second.
Well, you have a leader losing control.
Fake news comes from something called fake prices.
You know, fake prices, you know, there's an old saying on Wall Street called price precedes news.
And typically markets are discounting mechanisms and you'll see the price movement in stocks or bonds or commodities and then the news will come out because the insiders are very sensitive and they talk to each other.
Sure, they want to know what's going to happen before, so they can make their moves.
Price precedes news.
Now I would say that fake prices precede fake news.
So when people talk about fake news, they don't understand it's the result of fake prices.
All the false government statistics that have come out, all the market manipulation, the precious metals, all the kind of insider
Sure, you've got fake news reporting on fake economic numbers.
Right, and you have robots who are trading on these fake prices, and then that spills over into fake news.
So it's a self-fulfilling prophecy.
It is, it always is, in markets.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
International journalist, host of the hit TV show, The Kaiser Report, Max Keiser is in studio with us.
He's down here interviewing me for a film he's making.
Also, his weekly TV show on RT.
Anthony Cumia, famous syndicated radio talk show host, does his own daily broadcast, his own network with hundreds of millions of listeners total a year, twice a month or so, comes in and does the Thursday 4th hour.
And sometimes I say, hey, you want me to hold over a little bit and babble with you?
He says, absolutely.
And so he's invited us on a little bit just to finish up because there's so much to get to here.
And I want to get his take on this, not because it's about me, but because it's next level.
I like Stephen Colbert.
I think he's funny.
But he's posing as a news anchor so he can get away with more.
And it's very, very leftist.
Okay, fine.
But he does this 11-minute piece.
I haven't even played it today.
We're going to play some of the nightly news tonight, Kaiser.
Attacking me, demonizing me.
He says WikiLeaks is fake, he actually says fake, Alex Jones is fake, and Reddit's fake.
And then he goes and shows a bunch of theories that I didn't say, or twist them.
They use a Washington Post quote where I say, Hillary kills children, she chops them up and rapes them.
But of course the full quote, when you actually go to the video they link to, is I said, by funding Al-Qaeda and ISIS rebels in Libya and Syria.
Now the Washington Post admitted that, but NPR ran it yesterday, nationally and locally.
His plug got unplugged.
It's fine, it's alright.
We don't freak out like mainstream media.
We're gonna get a teleprompter in here.
Unplug me!
We can just do a new show called... I'll show you where the hole is.
What about doing a show Alex Jones Unplugged?
Unplugged, but let's get serious for a minute.
Where's my plug?
And so NPR ran it.
With a quote of meat, on local and national, I actually have the clips, and I never got to them today, where they say, Alex says she chops up and rapes children.
And it's edited, me talking about, she says, I don't know if all this pedophile stuff's real, but I know she funded the murder, rape, and torture of children by funding radical Islamists.
That's General Flynn, that's declassified, that's come out in the news.
So all I'm saying is, it's next level twisting, next level lying, where I have family calling me last night going,
Did you say she chops up kids?
I go and find the damn thing.
It took me an hour.
And sure enough, it's an out-of-context quote.
So how do you counter lies of this magnitude?
Well, what about Abu Ghraib prison?
I mean, it was totally normalized.
The torture and rape of these prisoners by Americans.
And apparently some of those tapes were sent to Dick Cheney and his wife.
They were watching them as part of their sexual pro proclivities.
You know, that was the beginning of the psychosexual escapades in American politics.
So now they're trying to turn that on the media, the alternative media, the new media.
Yeah, but calling WikiLeaks fake?
That's just documents.
Well, you know, WikiLeaks, again, is probably the single greatest influence that killed Hillary Clinton's presidential ambitions.
And you know what?
Colbert's mad.
He came out in the WikiLeaks.
Have you heard this?
Here it is right here.
He's in a whole bunch of them, and his producers are being directed by Hillary and Podesta.
No wonder it's not funny anymore!
You know, it eats you alive.
Because essentially, Colbert will never be taken seriously at the end of the day because he is really a comedian.
And this is what kills a lot of comics in the end.
Because you can't escape the fact that you're a clown.
And no one should take you seriously.
And so now he's upset because he's not to be taken seriously.
In fact, on election night, he was saying, are you being funny?
I said, no, I can't do it anymore.
And it's like, dude, why didn't you just become a news anchor?
You should step down then.
If he can't be a comedian anymore... Well, he's genuinely pissed in this, telling me to effing grow up!
Well, he should step down because he's not funny anymore.
His job is to make people laugh.
That's his job.
If he can't make people laugh... Sure, sure.
He's a clown.
Well, he said there was no way Trump would win to be a landslide, so who's the fake news?
Anthony Cumia, who runs his own network, we'll put it up on screen for everybody.
He's got the great Gavin McGinnis and many others on.
We're honored to have him host an hour a week whenever he feels like it.
And again, you can find out more at compoundmedia.com.
I don't mean to bring myself up.
I'm not gonzo journalist, as everybody knows.
People are interested in the actual news.
But you got the Pope saying, if we question mainstream media, we eat turds.
I mean, I'm entering the twilight zone, and then we have sexual pleasure with them.
It means how sick his brain is.
He's like, putting that in my mind.
And then we've got Colbert flipping out, saying, I need to grow the F up.
What do you think's happening?
It seems like a meltdown's happening.
Alex, I am so proud, by the way, that you are now the number one scourge of the left.
You're the guy!
We've seen it happen over the years with other people, Rush, back when Clinton was president, and Breitbart, and everything.
You have taken, talk about that new level, you are now the brand new, absolute scourge to the left.
I love it!
And they don't know what to do about it.
It's fascinating to watch, and it's fantastic.
But what do I do?
Because I mean I'm sure you've had people come up to you on the street, in fact you have, and you call them idiots like they are and you get fired.
I'm having people literally run from me in these displays or say they want to kill me now for no reason.
I'm just sitting there and it's not very liberal.
Well, you kind of are the face of alternative media.
Of the media that was giving the people the truth during the 18 months of campaigning that we saw, while they were lying to everybody.
And then when push comes to shove and the election happens, and we see who was actually right and who was wrong, they like to dub everyone that was right as, like you said, fake news!
And so you're the face of that to them.
But meanwhile, to America and to the people that voted for Trump, you were the guy that had it right?
It's crazy.
Here's a silly analogy.
It's like if you have this car they sell you, the mainstream media, you try to start it, the engine falls out like an old Three Stooges cartoon.
As you drive off the lot, black smoke and it stalls.
That's mainstream media.
Nothing's true.
Proven as a fraud.
Talking points.
Infowars or Compound Media or Max Keiser.
Madrug report.
Put the key in.
Starts great.
Going 80 down the highway.
They call that fake.
They call delivering and being accurate and having giant audiences fake.
So, I'm glad that the fake news calls us fake.
I'm going to hand the baton to you and get a final comment from our friend Max Keiser here.
But both of you, first Anthony, where do you see this going then?
I mean, because they really have collapsed.
Now they say they want state-run media.
Will they be able to actually do this?
It is so, like I said, it's fascinating and fun to watch this whole thing because they don't know what to do.
All they can do is what they've been doing.
And what that did was get everyone in the country to absolutely not trust them anymore.
And they see everybody going to these other sources to find their news and they're in panic mode.
And you got people like you mentioned Colbert who was the fake conservative guy on Comedy Central and was unbelievably popular and now he's himself and no one could stand the guy.
So, they don't know what to do.
They're scrambling.
Meanwhile, guys like you and I and Gavin and your guests here and everybody else that's giving people what they want, they have to be labeled.
So, this will continue, but I think we saw a grand awakening of people in America, and they're not as stupid as they were even a year ago, as far as the media is concerned.
We look and we say, they're lying to us and now we know it.
And take Max, I would call Max a classical liberal, but he's been liking Trump when it was unpopular for a year.
By the way, how did you get away with that with your liberal audience?
They don't care.
Yeah, they don't care.
I mean, look at the logic of it, but I mean, you know, Hillary herself says she had two personas, one for the public and one for private.
She's totally inauthentic.
She had her speeches for Goldman Sachs, where she gave one speech, and then she gave her speeches for the public.
Whereas Trump gives kind of the same speech to everybody, and your show is, you're authentically Alex Jones.
I mean, yeah, you're down here in Texas, you're kind of a redneck, if I can use that expression, without causing too much...
I don't care.
I think that they go the way of the dodo.
They're becoming extinct.
You know, the media, there's only 24 hours a day.
People can only watch so much media per day, per person.
And if you're not being watched, you know, you're not going to get the support.
Sure, they go extinct, but they're saying they want to shut us down.
And already in Europe and on Facebook, they're starting to block our articles.
It's on Drudge Today.
So I want everybody to know, they bring us down.
I was going on a long vacation until the revolutions won.
They're going to shut everybody down, so everybody should know.
If they can shut Bannon down, Drudge, Breitbart and Nympho Wars, that's who they're listing.
Actually, it's weird to be number one being attacked, because it is happening.
I've reached number one status.
And it's kind of fun, but kind of not fun, because I'm like, these are serious criminals, you know?
I mean, these people overthrow governments.
What do I do?
But I guess it's just, if they're having a mess with me, though, it shows how pathetic they are.
Well, there's a tremendous move toward localism.
I think people's media becomes very local, just like everything else is becoming more local.
Economies are becoming more local, media is becoming more local, and there will always be room for honest discourse.
All right, I'm going to hand the baton to this guy, because I'm hogging the hour, and I'm honored he's here doing the hour.
Anthony Comey of compoundmedia.com.
Take over, my friend.
Thank you so much.
I just wanted to get your take on all this.
Thanks, Alex.
Yeah, that's... He is the guy now that they're looking at and saying, wow, this is a danger to us.
They don't like when people start encroaching on their territory, just like we saw with Donald Trump, an absolute non-politician.
And he comes in and takes over.
Yeah, I've never held public office in my life.
I run businesses and stuff.
Yeah, let me run for president.
I think I just want to be President of the United States.
You owe people favors?
You need money or something?
No, I just really kind of like the country.
I love what it's given me, the opportunities it's given me and my family, and I want to give back a little.
And I see how horrible this is as far as
I don't
Absolutely you got Alex Jones saying things that the mainstream media won't say and won't talk about because again, they're in bed with this one and have relationships and owe this one a favor and that one.
These are all now alternative media that has nothing to do with paying people back.
It's let's get the truth out there.
People want to hear it.
Hey, we want people to watch us and listen to us.
And that's what they're going to get.
And that's what we want to do.
It's not about trading favors.
Be right back.
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Hi everybody, back InfoWars.com.
Anthony Cumia in for Alex Jones.
I just like saying it.
I love saying that.
It's so much fun.
The attention Alex has gotten over the course of this election has been astounding.
And so entertaining to watch.
Like we were talking about before when Alex was on, they don't know what to do.
They are at a complete loss.
The mainstream media, as to what to do about this distrust that has come up over the fact that they were completely lying to us.
Well, for years and years, we all knew this.
We would say, well, the media's lying, media's lying.
And they always had some form of plausible deniability.
Somebody could always argue the point and convince some people.
Others were completely convinced that the media was indeed lying to us.
I was always in that.
I thought the media was very dishonest for a long time and wouldn't just take it at face value.
So we get to the campaign and now it's blatantly obvious their goal to get Hillary Clinton elected
They threw out any bit of integrity, journalistic integrity.
It just went out the window.
They said, this is so important to get this woman elected that we don't even care if everyone notices that we're lying to them.
It's obvious that's what happened.
It was that important.
And they also had no defense against this new alternative media that was going on.
It was always a joke to them to have bloggers and video bloggers and people writing articles.
It was a goof, right?
Oh, you got this going on the internet.
Oh, that's cute and everything.
But the truth of the matter is, that was getting traction.
And the more distrust there was in mainstream media over the course of the 18 months of this campaigning that went on, alternative media
Gain traction.
And people started saying, it's so obvious they're lying to us.
Now where can I go to get the truth?
Or at least to get facts that are coming out so I can compute it myself and draw a conclusion on my own?
Instead of being fed your opinions by mainstream media.
So they just didn't know what to do.
They sacrificed any integrity they thought we still believed that they had by trying to get Hillary elected and then the bottom fell out.
The plan was supposed to be Hillary gets elected and now it's the same kind of quid pro quo between the administration and the media and
That was it.
Now everyone's gotta watch the media, the mainstream media, if you want to hear what the President's saying.
More lies, but, you know, as time goes on, their trust will come back.
Well, that didn't happen, did it?
Donald Trump gets elected.
He chooses on many occasions to just go to Twitter and go to YouTube, hit social media up, hit alternative media up, and spread his word that way.
And how interesting is that?
That the media put all their money, all their money on that one bet that they would back Hillary Clinton, make it blatantly obvious they were lying to the American people about the election, and
Lo and behold, they crapped out, as you say, in Atlantic City or Vegas.
They threw the dice and lost.
And I couldn't be happier, and people that are part of this alternative media couldn't be happier because
People's their their trust is not going back to mainstream media, and I don't know what will happen I think as as Alex's guest said they might go to the dodo bird the way of the dodo bird But it is interesting to watch.
We're at a very important crossroads as far as how people get their Information be right back.
We're on the march the Empire's on the run Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network
President Obama is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors you may not know about, until now.
For one thing, he illegally gave Obamacare exemptions to unions that supported the passage of Obamacare.
That's right, Obama gave some of his favorite organizations exemption from some of Obamacare's requirements, because many of them were unions and other groups that pressured the public to support the socialist program.
Once these groups realized just how bad Obamacare really was, they wanted exemptions from the very same law they forced on everyone else, which Obama gave them.
President Obama also had the IRS grant special illegal favors for his brother's so-called charity.
The Daily Caller reported the IRS had taken the unprecedented step of approving a non-profit application within just one month from the Barack H. Obama Foundation.
Additionally, the IRS illegally gave retroactive approval for the organization's tax-exempt status.
You can find out more from the article on InfoWars.com entitled, 75 Times Obama Broke Law During Presidency.
This is Kit Daniels reporting.
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Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Welcome back, InfoWars.com.
Anthony, come here.
Yeah, I loved when Alex was also talking about Stephen Colbert and that whole ilk.
We talked about the media being liars and losing their journalistic integrity, what little they had left anyway.
These late-night talk shows and things like, well, everything on Comedy Central, The Daily Show, is just a bastion of left-wing ideology.
To hear, yeah, that's great.
Stephen Colbert tells Alex Jones to grow the F up.
That's, uh, that's something.
That's something.
Here's a guy that had a very successful career on Comedy Central.
Uh, funny guy, when he was playing, uh, sort of a Bill O'Reilly type.
That was his character.
And, um, then we, we, uh, we see he goes over to Late Night and, um, he stinks.
He's not funny at all!
And, and it's because
I think the only reason he was able to be funny was he was portraying somebody that could have a sense of humor.
The left is incapable of having a sense of humor, and these are the people that are supposedly the artists
And entertainers that give us all that wonderful entertainment movies and comedy and whatnot.
And in their real lives, they are incapable of humor.
They're incapable of understanding sarcasm and context.
They hear something and lose their minds!
It's genuinely fun to watch, especially in this time now, because we kind of see things are changing.
Things are changing.
I don't know where they're going to go from this point, but that pendulum is definitely starting to go the other way, and I like it.
Donald Trump, of course, president-elect, choosing his cabinet, and, well,
The media hates it, don't they?
And Democrats and liberals, they hate it!
They cannot!
Every appointment, they have something to say about it.
It's racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynistic, all wrapped up into one guy, Donald Trump.
And he's picky, he's choosing his cabinet.
And the latest thing, here's the latest thing that they're losing their minds over.
Too many military people.
They don't like the fact that Donald Trump has been choosing generals as part of his cabinet and they're freaking out about it.
Now I guess one of the stats is good old Richard Nixon back in the day, as they say.
He had twelve people in his cabinet, seven of which were military.
They were former military men.
And so far, Donald Trump, two.
Working on three, maybe.
I think two.
And they're losing their minds.
So we got John Kelly, John Kelly, a Marine General, John Kelly, to lead the Department of Homeland Security.
Wouldn't you want this?
I hear the complaints sometimes and I am beside myself as to why they're complaining.
Don't you want a military man to be a head of Homeland Security?
Somebody that understands the enemy?
Understands the people that wish that we weren't secure?
It makes no sense to me to start getting on Trump's appointments in this way.
That's who you want.
Another one, of course, of course, Mad Dog Mattis.
Mad Dog Mattis.
I don't think so.
They start saying things like, oh, having military people, these generals in place in the cabinet, people will want to go to war.
They'll stir up Mad Dog and they'll want to go to war.
And it's like, these people understand war.
They've been in war.
They've been commanders.
They've had people under them in their command.
They understand the seriousness of war, and that it shouldn't be taken on lightly, and it shouldn't be taken on for the wrong reasons.
They don't look at it like, how much will it cost?
To send my men in there?
They've been there.
They are the best people for those jobs.
So to have people in the media come out and just because it's Donald Trump start getting on his case about his appointments is so obvious why they're doing it.
Anything Donald Trump does
They will bash, because they don't want him to succeed, is what it is.
They want him to continue to be portrayed as a womanizing, unstable, not smart, you know, all those things they called him for 18 months to try to not have him elected.
They want that continued.
I guess maybe they're gunning for 2020.
Or even the midterm elections in 2018.
But, look, horrible bosses.
Trump to pick fast food CEO for labor.
Now, this guy's a CEO of, I believe, Carl's Jr.
The guy knows how to run a business.
Another appointment was Wilbur Ross for the Secretary of Commerce, and it's the same thing.
Oh, Wilbur Ross, the guy's worth two and a half billion dollars!
Well, we could... As the Secretary of Commerce, don't you want a guy that's made two and a half billion dollars as the Secretary of Commerce?
I'll tell you what, it sounds like a pretty good idea.
I don't even think you have to delve too far into it.
I don't think you have to be an economics major to figure out that a guy that has made himself two and a half billion dollars probably knows something about commerce.
Am I being ridiculous here?
But of course, it's terrible because again, the Obama administration has trained people.
And especially when you think of eight years, this is eight years that he's been in office.
So kids in their 20s, early 20s, were barely into puberty when he took over.
So they've had their entire adult life so far, teens and adult life, their little portion of their 20s, if you will, to look at Obama as, well, this is the way things go, right?
So then you have somebody like Trump come in and say, no, we ought to have generals in this position, we ought to have a successful businessman in this position, and they lose their minds!
Because they're told, by the way, that military men are evil killers, and they're told that rich people are evil, and they just stomp on the poor to make their money, and never do their fair share as far as taxes goes and contributing to this country.
So they look at this, and then the media feeds it to them, and they go,
Oh my God, why is he appointing these people?
When, if you took a second and used common sense, you'd go, well, that seems to make sense.
You would want a general in charge of Homeland Security.
You would want a general in charge of the Defense Department.
You would want a successful businessman in charge of Commerce.
And then you come to the housing and urban development.
Well, Ben Carson?
What does he know about housing and urban development?
Well, you know what?
Maybe nothing.
Maybe nothing.
But there have been plenty of people that have been experts in housing and urban development that have stunk.
Their own King Obama came into the presidency with barely any experience, and none as far as foreign policy goes, and the first thing they wanted to do was rip on Donald Trump for having no foreign policy experience.
Well, you loved Obama when he did it.
Ben Carson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development,
Here's a guy that obviously knows how to build himself up, get himself out of the ghetto when he was growing up, educated himself, became a neurosurgeon.
Don't think that's easy to do.
Not sure.
I'm no brain surgeon, so I don't know if it's even easy to be a brain surgeon.
But that's what he did.
I think.
I think somebody of his qualifications can learn what housing and urban development needs and how he can provide what it needs.
Don't you think?
I think Donald Trump has been delegating responsibility his entire life.
That's why when people said, oh my god, Donald Trump for president?
What's he going to do?
He's going to put the right people in the right place.
That's what he's done his entire career.
I've never seen one shot of him with a welder's torch and pulling down his mask and welding something on a building.
But I see plenty of buildings that he's put up.
Never seen him with a rivet gun.
Never seen him tarring a roof.
But it all gets done because he's delegated that responsibility.
And that's exactly what he's doing now.
If Donald Trump is qualified to do anything,
We don't know how he's going to be as President of the United States because he's never been President.
He doesn't have a political background.
But if there's one thing we know he's good at, it's getting the right people in the right jobs to finish something, to get something done.
That, I don't think, can even be denied because that's been his career.
Over the years.
So when he picks a cabinet, and every time he picks a new name, they have a problem with it.
It just shows, again, how dishonest this media is that we have in this country.
How they are continuing to lie to us for their own means.
So they can get something as that goes on.
Yeah, Ben Carson not qualified.
Could you imagine?
Could you imagine if a Democrat like Hillary would have won the presidency?
She goes to appoint an African-American to the Housing and Urban Development and Republicans and conservatives turn around and say, oh my god, not qualified, terrible pick.
How quickly do you think the word racist would come out?
I say immediately.
I say immediately the word racist comes out.
So again, the hypocrisy on that left is astounding.
From everything from the coverage of the election to the recount.
Is anyone even paying attention to the recount anymore?
I don't know.
Is Jill Stein still trying to BS everybody and say that she'd have done this even if Hillary won?
Even if Hillary Clinton won, I would still be behind this recount.
But we're only counting states that Trump won, and important states that Trump won.
And I'll be speaking in front of Trump Tower.
I'll be doing that.
So if Hillary won, she'd drive to Chappaqua and stand in front of Clinton's house and do that?
Is that what she would have done?
It's again, the hypocrisy, the phoniness, the lying.
Doomed recount effort is fading.
Yes, it is.
And she still can't quite explain why she did it.
I'll tell you why.
I'll tell you why.
Because Hillary, and everyone that supported Hillary, needed somebody to grab that grenade and throw themselves on top of it.
She was the one chosen to do this recount.
Because Hillary couldn't do it herself.
She was minutes, minutes before the election saying how Donald Trump said he wouldn't pledge to accept the results of the election because they knew they were winning.
Oh, did they know they were winning?
So Donald Trump wouldn't say, yeah, I'm going to accept the election.
He's got to wait till it's over.
I want to see if there's been any shenanigans or bamboozling or something like that.
So, he wasn't going to pledge to accept an election before it happens.
And, oh my God, Hillary was like, well, this is an end of democracy as we know it.
This man's a lunatic not accepting the election.
There's the election, and let's completely switch it over.
My God, there must have been some kind of hacking.
The Russians did it!
This one did it!
And there we are.
In a recount, by people not accepting a legal, democratically-run election, right after they said, how dare he not accept a legal, democratically-run election.
I just hope it's not me and Alex and some of the other people saying, I hope everyone is really soaking this in.
Because as it is funny,
It is also so dangerous to have a population that just accepts this stuff and takes it at face value, forgets how they lied to us, and starts thinking they're telling you the truth again.
Don't fall into that trap.
They've always been lying.
It was blatantly obvious during this election.
And they will continue to do it.
They will just continue to lie to us.
Another one of my favorites is the, who is that, the, oh there he is, the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt.
Thank God, a guy that just does not believe in global warming or climate change or whatever you want to call it.
My personal thoughts,
I think man here on this planet does affect the environment, just like every other animal crawling around on this world.
Rock does.
We impact the environment in some way.
Whether it's life-threatening or not is debatable.
Now, when they say, well, scientists say, yes, scientists say we affect the climate.
I agree with that.
Do I think it's imperative we change it tomorrow?
No, I don't.
Anthony Comea in for InfoWars and we'll be right back in a couple of minutes.
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Breaking news!
John H. Glenn has died.
Astronaut John Glenn, one of the original seven Mercury astronauts, has passed.
95 years old, was he?
Damn, that's a pretty good contract, I'd say.
A senator after that.
He went up, I think, on one of the shuttle missions at some point when he was pretty old.
I mean, the guy was right there at the beginning of the manned space program here in America.
We were fighting against the Russians for supremacy in space.
And, uh, there it is, yeah.
The transcontinental flight speed record before being the first American to orbit the Earth in 62.
36 years later at the age of 77, in 1998, becoming the oldest man in space as a member of the seven astronaut crew of the space shuttle Discovery.
Uh, just an amazing career.
Uh, personal note, I attended John H. Glenn High School in Elwood.
My high school named after, uh, John Glenn.
And, um,
It is kind of sad to see, because he got to see the amazing strides we made, especially early on, going from him as a Mercury astronaut, watching men walk on the moon, the shuttle program, all the amazing strides we made in manned spaceflight.
And then, at the end of his life, he gets to see
Us having to hitchhike a ride with the Russians on the ancient Soyuz capsules.
And it had to be a little disappointing for the man, for John Glenn.
Because he was one of the, just a pioneer, and in a time where it was just about, hey, we need to get this done, and
There's no ifs, ands, or buts about it.
Get in the capsule, and we're just gonna light it up and see what happens.
Just a bunch of really brave men, and I think some of the millennials and college students should look at some of these amazing men like John Glenn and like some of the people we saw at Pearl Harbor yesterday.
honoring the soldiers that fought in World War II.
I don't think there's enough of that appreciation of those people and what they did and the sacrifices they made and just the courage they had to to do things to make this country great and I think we might be seeing that change again with a President Trump.
I hope
Yes, I have for this country.
So, Godspeed John Glenn, and we'll catch you on InfoWars.com.
Next time, Anthony Comia.
I could be seen on CompoundMedia.com.
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Lost my wife and a girlfriend somewhere along the way.
In defense of human liberty, Alex Jones.
I'll be looking for aid when they pull that gate.
And I hope that judge ain't blind.
I found the judge is never blind.
Okay, I've experienced Providence big time.
I've seen it.
Yeah, they took my saddle in Houston.
Broke my leg in Santa Fe.
Lost my wife and girlfriend somewhere along the way, but it just made me stronger.
Up from San Antonio.
Everything that I got.
Nobody's gotta die.
That's poetry because no matter how much money you have, you really don't have anything.
What matters is what you stand for.
What you build and what you pass on.
Alright, the wonderful South Texan.
George Strait bringing us in.
Let's get into some really serious news now.
A lot of times I'll be here looking at the stacks of news going over and I'll see a news story.
I'd clicked on Drudge hours ago and read the CNBC article.
And I was thinking, man, that's a different headline.
I've got to look in my stack.
I think they changed it.
And sure enough, they did.
I can show TV viewers this.
I'll describe it for radio listeners.
So, you go to DrudgeReport.com to find the article, and you click on it.
Stocks shrug off Italian referendum as energy leads.
Dow jumps to record high.
Now, wait a minute.
Their actual headline earlier was the fact that stocks had jumped 100 points to record highs at the Italian referendum.
Financials lead, U.S.
equities unfazed by key Italian vote.
And then later, it gets changed to stock shrug off Italian referendum as energy leads Dow jumps to record high.
Now, it was Matt, one of the producers, said, oh Alex, look at the sidebar.
We'll put that on screen for TV viewers.
It's worse than that.
Every headline they can.
Of their most popular is attacking Trump.
Amazon just revealed a new plan for revolutionizing how people buy groceries under that.
Trump on collision course with China after insulting Beijing twice in 72 hours.
Well, I mean, they tell Obama, they tell Obama, get off the, you know, back of the plane and scream at him.
I mean, talk about disrespect.
Number three, Trump effect.
That house you got for $16,000, more expensive since he won.
I'm sorry, popping my ear again, Matt?
Oh, yeah.
I'm doing it from a distance here.
Oh, thanks.
My eyes aren't as good as they used to be.
Were you on air just now?
I got a rule.
I really want you guys to be on air, even when you're correcting me.
Because I'm teleprompter free, and that's fine, and nobody's telling me what to do, but you guys are in there when I read something wrong from across the room.
So just, it's okay.
Now, let's put it back on screen.
So this morning when I was looking for videos for the show on CNBC, it was actually, I'll scroll down here for you guys on screen.
So what you were talking about, stocks shrug off, Italian referendum is energy leads, the changed headline is number five down there on the bottom right hand side of the screen.
And like you said, all of these headlines right here, they're taking a lot of the successes of the Trump
Yeah, they're spinning it against him.
He says just three stocks are responsible for almost half of the Dow's huge one-month rally.
There's another one, Trump Effect.
That house you want got $16,000 more expensive since he won.
Well, I thought people want housing prices to go up.
Trump on collision course with China after insulting Beijing.
It's all attack pieces.
People ask, why are we all these pro-Trump stories or just stories about Trump?
Because it's about the global revolution against the new world order, Matt.
Yeah, you know, I think this is just a sign of things to come.
I think that Trump is going to be kind of at war with the media here.
I totally agree.
If you thought it was bad before, get ready.
Gavin McInnes, the comedian, the media mogul, the funny guy, is coming up straight ahead.
Stay with us.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, joining us about 45 after or so is Gavin McGinnis, who is just hilarious.
He's a comedian, he's in major movies, he founded Vice, which then got sold off to HBO, and he is somebody exposing this incredible insanity of social justice warriors.
Now, since he was on a few weeks ago, right after the election, I guess almost a month ago now, he was on about two days after
It's getting so crazy, it's like some form of performance art, where a woman shows up at a university dressed like Trump, so everyone starts screaming like body snatchers that have discovered you're a human.
Or, you know, you see that a university finds out that a professor met with Trump, so the students all get together and say, fire them!
They're auditioning to work in some malice youth camp.
And then, the level of anti-white stuff going on.
That you see in the news every day with a straight face just saying inherently white people are bad.
It is the purest racism the world's ever seen, but it's run by the elites.
And I wanted to ask Gavin, who was very, very happy when we had him on the day after the election.
In fact, he said he hadn't slept.
He had a beer in hand.
Can't blame him.
And he was saying, look, celebrate.
And I am celebrating.
Great things are happening.
But the media's only intensified what they were doing.
They're only getting more shrill.
They were caught lying about polls, being run by the White House and Hillary, caught basically demonizing the American people.
It's in the WikiLeaks.
They want to keep us desperate and sad and alone.
I mean, this is really villainous stuff.
This is organized crime at the top.
So how do you reach through to their minions who are useful idiots and are basically, in my view, in a cult?
They've been brainwashed into this victimization cult where you don't get a better job or a better house or write a better book or have better friends or even go help people as a missionary.
No, you just sit around bitching all day with your worthless college degree.
So I want to ask Gavin McGinnis, who's a smart guy, where he sees this going, or if he agrees with me, that they're only intensifying the insanity.
They get caught being the fake news.
They now list thousands of sites
In some cases from unknown sources that the Washington Post runs with to say that we're fake.
Google starts delisting Infowars.com.
They're having CNN, MSNBC attack pieces every day against us, misrepresenting what we've said, what we've done.
Is this a smart tactic?
Is the definition of mental illness doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results?
And if this is a miscalculation by them, which I think clearly it is, where does it go next?
I mean, we've clearly, Gavin, seen the death of the mainstream media.
Now Obama tells Rolling Stone, we're going to have state-run media, and the State Department's going to run domestic info wars.
Well, sorry, we're 20 years ahead of them.
Gavin, what do you think's happening?
I mean, it is scary.
If I'm in a good mood, if it's before lunch, I laugh at them and watch them desperately try to catch up to reality.
If I'm in a bad mood, I get a little nervous because I look at the canary in the coal mine in Britain and Canada with the BBC and the CBC, and you see that the state-run media is effective.
I mean, you talk to a Canadian citizen today, and they think Justin Trudeau, their Zoolander Prime Minister, is doing a great job and is very intelligent.
And you talk to a lot of Brits, not the majority, but you talk to a lot of Brits and they go, oh, Brexit was a catastrophe, we are a racist country.
And you realize, wow, this propaganda really does chip away at someone's ability to rationally think for themselves.
But the beauty of the American phenomenon right now is Paul Joseph Watt,
Watson keeps pointing out is, our numbers have gone through the roof.
We won the election.
We are the ones who had the right answers.
And I think the left, after all these lies, the liberals who are watching it went, eh, you guys have been wrong on a lot of stuff.
I'm going to look up and see if Trump actually said that.
And once you start, once you open that Pandora's box, there's no coming back.
It is a paradox.
I mean, I think Trump is basically only delivering.
I meant to get into it last hour, but I guess here's a good place to raise only your take on this.
Even the Washington Post came out last week and said, you know, M4s and Breitbart will be Trump's biggest problem because if he doesn't 100% deliver, they're going to turn on him.
They're salivating that the new populist movement is going to turn on Trump.
No, we're not.
We don't expect him to be perfect.
But at the same time we need to keep his feet to the fire and give him support so that we're his base, so that this avalanche of awakening only continues.
But this whole Soros line that...
Trump has betrayed us.
It kind of fits into the whole social justice warrior mentality that we can't ever win, we can't ever actually have a success.
He's already brought Carrier back.
Ford's already coming back.
Apple says, okay, we're looking at coming back.
The stock market's exploding.
He's standing up to the Communist Chinese and their arrogance.
I mean, all I'm seeing is him deliver.
Is he hiring a bunch of former insiders?
Well, who do you think knows how to run the frickin' ship?
If I bought a submarine, I'd hire a submarine captain that had run the damn thing before.
Well, that guy wants work for this bad government.
All I care about is he does what I tell him to do.
Now, we'll see if he goes sideways, but your take on that?
Well, aren't they conceding, by the way, that Infowars and Breitbart are incredibly powerful?
They accidentally do this all the time.
They go out on an attack, and they end up giving you all this credibility.
And I remember you said once, you said, if Trump betrays us, we're going to drag him out of the White House by his heels.
See, MSNBC, CNN, all these other media sources, they thought they had the power to do that.
They thought they had the power to build a wall around the White House and keep Trump out, and they failed.
And now, God, they're such sore losers.
We're just watching them flail and fail.
My team is the Mets.
We didn't get into the World Series.
The idea of still bitching about it weeks after that and demanding a recount and demanding that the Cubs, you know, watch some of the footage or some of the pitches, it's just downright embarrassing.
And you're seeing this with the entire left.
Like, look at celebrities.
Captain America running around with his shirt that says, you know, Dumb Idiotistan or whatever his shirt said.
Just sore losing because
They've all been in a bubble.
The mainstream media thought they controlled the world.
The celebrities thought people revered them and cared about their opinion.
And they just got a slap in the face.
And you and I get slapped in the face all the time.
So we just go, and we get mad at ourselves for leaving ourselves open in that slap.
They just go,
What the hell was that?
That guy slapped police!
I saw a woman on the internet recently, this fat Latina woman, and she was saying, I just walked by a Trump table and a man shook his fist at me and the police didn't do anything.
And you go, first of all, could you be more delicate?
And secondly, what kind of Nazi state do you want to live in where people get arrested for going,
Well, also, I bet she didn't tell the rest of the story.
I bet she shot her mouth off at the Trump person.
Well, she claims she just rolled her eyes.
But yeah, she started a fight and he contained himself and that's the best they can do.
And then they just start purporting all these fake hate crimes.
Have you ever seen more badly drawn swastikas in your life?
Oh, they're always like backwards and look like a three-year-old lobotomy patient did it.
I mean...
Hey, liberals, it's very simple.
You start with an S, and then you do the other S lying on its back, okay?
You know, it's not two things going down, and you don't just draw right angles until you're done.
That's not how it works.
And here's the crazy part.
The cops...
Not that the cops are perfect, but the cops in almost every case go and interview who first reports it, and it turns out they get caught and have to admit it.
Almost every black church that's burned, almost every KKK cross, almost every dorm swastika, it turns out to be liberals that just wanted attention.
They have built this narrative on racism and evil white men.
That's why, anything bad about America is because of that.
Now, the problem with that demand is if you don't have the supply, you have to start conjuring it up.
So they say that Klansmen are galloping through universities on their horses and throwing nooses everywhere.
That isn't happening, so their narrative starts to crumble.
So what do you do to maintain the narrative?
You censor information and stop the truth coming out.
That's what all the commies did and it works great.
And the second thing you have to do is
Make fake hate crimes!
Not enough Klansmen around?
Put on your own hood!
Make sure we don't see your black hands, by the way.
And then go gallop around yourself, going, I'm in the Klan!
I'm running America!
Well, that's my next point, is even when my dad was a kid in East Texas, the Klan were known as the buck-toothed moron idiots.
The most uncool people were in.
But there were some when he was growing up.
Now, it's like literally white trash on welfare with one tooth.
Literally, they can hardly talk.
And then they act like it's just this epidemic of KKK running around.
And what are their crimes?
What have they done?
I mean, if we're going to be so scared of a group, I'd like to see their effects.
Coke dealers have a much more dangerous track record.
Well, they cause people to go rob folks to get more money.
People who street race, people who have illegal street races, probably have a way higher body count than the Klan.
But for some reason, we're focused on this thing from a hundred years ago.
And by the way, liberals, if you want to play this game, you're going to have a lot more skeletons in your closet.
See, that's the thing they always do, too.
They go, alright, we hate the Klan.
David Duke.
Trump didn't disavow David Duke fast enough.
Alright, we can play that game.
Let's bring up Robert Byrd.
Let's show Hillary kissing Robert Byrd.
Oh, I want anyone who's ever hurt a trans person to instantly go to jail.
Okay, well you're going to have a lot of blacks and Hispanics in jail.
They keep going for this bad guy, and they keep getting deeper and deeper in the weeds.
So let me ask you this.
What do you think their next level is?
Because we're confident, we're dominating, you're dominating hearts and minds.
We just love freedom, classical libertarians, classical liberals, whatever you want to call us, just pro-freedom people.
But they're saying arrest climate change deniers.
They're saying arrest Alex Jones.
He's calling for violence.
Never done it.
They're now misrepresenting.
They're saying we want a Bureau of Control.
But as you said, we're euphoric, but at the same time, they mean business.
They've been successful before.
What do you think is coming next?
You're right.
There should be trepidation.
We can't rest on our laurels.
But we won.
And the trouble with previous to November 9th was these social justice warriors would get someone fired.
And by the way, I'm not just talking about a few blue-haired freaks at a college.
I'm talking about HR at every place you've ever worked.
I'm talking about women in the fire department.
I'm talking about women getting to be able to skip the pull-ups requirement for the Marines.
It's everywhere, this crap.
And the problem with it before was, you go to the very, very, very top, and there'd be Obama saying, we have to make NASA support Muslims' contribution to mathematics.
And I think the Redskins should change their name.
So he would justify all their erratic behavior.
We have a tough guy, the bully, the jock from school going, yeah, yeah, we're not doing that.
And so once the top, you know, doesn't agree with them, they lose their foundation.
And by the way, watching all these mainstream media things flounder, trying to attack us and trying to shut us down, their numbers are pathetic.
Their numbers, you get Anderson Cooper having numbers like 200,000 people in demo.
I mean, you and I would both consider that a horrible flop.
We're in the millions, and I love it when Paul Watson puts up his numbers and then attaches it to a rejection from a mainstream media source, because they want our numbers so bad, and we got these numbers by being honest, which they are not physically capable of.
I remember, I got into talk radio when I was 22, on the weekend, it got good ratings, they put me on weeknights, and after about two years, I had 200,000 listeners, if you count out the city, and then surrounding areas.
So the demo came in, they said, this is unbelievable, and they said, over your two hours at night, you're now having 200,000 listeners.
So that was unheard of, it was the top ratings in the city.
Then the politicos came in and tried to shut me down.
But that should have told them something then.
Let's explain that.
Alex Jones at 22 had 200,000 listeners at any one night.
People in New York City, folks, with 18 million people or whatever it is, there are some shows with a million listeners a night.
Imagine that.
There are shows like that all over the country.
Imagine the delusion.
With Anderson Cooper, 200,000 viewers.
All over the world, maybe a half million.
It's a joke, but they still sit up there.
Do you think they realize they're a total facade, or are they still delusional?
Gavin McInnes is our guest.
That's a great question and I wonder that myself, especially with celebrities.
I look at them in the newsstand going to get their Starbucks and I think, do you know how much I'm laughing at you?
Do you know how much we're laughing at George Clooney with his hand on his head going, Trump's not going to win.
We're not going to be hatred.
There's not going to be divisiveness.
That's not what America's about.
Do you know how comical you seem to me now?
And they really are, they're like the monarch.
All these academics... Trump's not gonna win.
We don't put up with that.
It's so boring.
He's not going to win.
I'll explain it one more time to you pedants, but it's incredibly simple.
He's not going to win.
And the monarchy's been shut off.
We've all said, you want to charge us this for the salt tax?
Actually, you know what?
We're going to have our own little barter system over here, and we're not going to go through you.
And you see this with YouTube stars too, and comedy and everything else.
They've just gone, you know what?
You've hogged the infrastructure for so long that we built our own roads, and we don't need you anymore.
And they come back pleading, and telling them no is just so
So where do they go next though?
Because this is the perfect storm to have dying dinosaur media, dying corrupt corporate run monopoly government.
Italy, you know, just voted to say no to the EU taking control of their government.
The first step towards getting out.
Everywhere this is happening and they just, again, they just respond even more cultishly.
If acting like this got them towards total rejection, what does it do then?
Send them into overdrive?
I mean, I've seen this happen to the magazine industry.
The prices were too high for ads.
The information got too easy to get elsewhere.
I watched it die.
We watched Tower Records die.
We watched vinyl die.
We're watching mainstream media die.
And it is beautiful.
It's like going to see someone who killed your family in the death penalty.
I'm just watching every electrical volt go through their blood and just going,
I was at Project Veritas' Christmas party, and everyone there had a Nigel Farage grin that was ear-to-ear.
They were all high, naturally.
There was a massive dance floor.
You've never seen an office party with a dance floor before.
Everyone was dancing.
James O'Keefe was floating about six inches off the ground, just, hey man, how's it going?
Grab a drink, enjoy yourself.
I mean, it is sweet victory.
That's another thing.
You go to liberal parties, you go to liberal parties.
They're super uptight.
They're super scared.
Everybody's in little nerd groups.
Really what it is, is nerds took over, said they were cool, and then told us we all had to bow down to them.
I like at those parties, too, when there's a black guy there, because they all mob him.
Because they hate that they don't have enough black friends.
And black people don't like them.
It really is a sad state of affairs, seeing these people try to enjoy themselves.
And I feel like we've been trained with so much austerity that we enjoy the attrition.
We like a good fight.
So we can disagree with you, you can fight, we're happy to debate, you can get in there.
I saw the Young Turks were talking about you crashing their show and they said,
The police didn't even do anything, and he was laughing!
By the way, it's worse.
They're liars.
For anybody that didn't know, folks thought it was some studio behind gates and armed guards, you know, in LA.
It's a big, air-conditioned garage with plastic tarps put up.
Where there's literally 300-400 people or groups crammed in with little studios.
They're in the middle of the hall.
I'm walking by.
Their producers are waving me over.
I'm like at a Chinese buffet.
I could eat and vomit for the rest of my life.
More media.
I go to like 6-7 interviews.
I'm telling Roger Stone, let's go.
He goes, no, let's do 10 more down here.
I see him.
I go, let me jump up here and say hi.
So I jump up and say hi, because they'd already invited me on, and they frickin' flip out.
But then, as soon as they see Roger Stone 20 feet away, they go, he's trying to take over.
And if you look at him, they go, you're not coming on Roger Stone, Roger Stones.
I wouldn't frickin' come on your show.
I mean, the point is, it's like these...
It's like the ugly girl in school, I'm not trying to be mean, but I've noticed that, what is it with ugly girls when I was in high school that would always tell their ex-boyfriend that you hit on them when you didn't?
It's like some drama.
So Chink, or whatever his name is, is like up there like Jabba the Hutt, and then Kasparian runs over and screams, get out of here you fat effer, when she's the one that basically says, arrest fat shamers.
Yeah, and they spat on you, too.
They were spitting on you, complaining that you were assaulting them.
It really is pathetic, and it really is fun to watch them.
In fact, we call it young Turks porn, watching that election footage of them slowly collapse when they realize.
And there's a great part, too, where he goes, everybody was supporting her!
The media, Jay-Z, Beyonce, and he goes, what happened?
And you go, clearly your idea of everybody is a nobody.
You know, and they get the carrier jobs comp, a thousand jobs, the retort is, well, they're gonna lose those jobs soon anyway, and automization is gonna be replaced 85% of jobs, and then he takes a call from Taiwan and they go, he's starting a war with China!
He went to meet the president of Taiwan!
No he didn't, and if we did start a war with China, we would destroy them, by the way.
Pat Buchanan's run the numbers on this very beautifully long ago.
I mean, China is teetering on the edge of collapse.
Well, that's right.
They have something like 7,000 riots a month that they admit.
They have the most corrupt ruling elite living in total opulence while they feed on their people.
And then, did you see a few weeks ago where the Chinese communists were in the news, in the Wall Street Journal, in the New York Times, saying, you better shut down fake news, we own your debt.
We're now being dictated to by this tottering empire of corruption?
Well, that worked with North Korea.
Remember the interview, that movie with James Franco?
Anonymous email that someone assumed came from North Korea made us shut down the theaters and ban the movie.
It was only available on demand.
That was a couple years ago.
And that was Obama's America.
No, we're not doing that anymore.
If we got that threat today and it was signed from North Korea, Trump would make sure that movie was shown in every theater in the country and we had armed guards there to make sure everyone was safe.
We need to defend our rights for free speech because we tried it their way.
We tried it the left's way.
And it reeked of Stalinism, and that is more oppression and less freedom.
And by the way, when we have less freedom, they're the ones who get screwed first.
You and I can survive any environment.
It's the wimps that are going to be crushed when they institute their own beloved fascism.
compoundmedia.com hosts his own daily show.
Kevin McGinnis is our guest.
We're going to come back and I'm going to ask him what he's looking at.
You know, the famous question I ask, what's on your radar?
What are you looking at?
What do you think is most important right now?
Instead of myself here asking the questions, I want to hit a few other tidbits like Kaepernick
Who has this horrible record in the NFL, he's a spoiled rotten brat, he makes hundreds of millions of dollars, and then he's running around saying, you know, I like Cuba because they're not racist.
Does he have any idea how racist the Caribbean is towards black people?
I mean, it's more racist than we are now.
And I'm not bashing the Caribbean nations or Latin America, just the utter ignorance of this jackass that's coming up.
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