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Name: 20161219_Mon_NightlyNews
Air Date: Dec. 19, 2016
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Welcome to the Infowars Nightly News.
I'm David Knight.
It's Monday, December 19th, 2016.
Here are our top stories.
Tonight, multiple terror attacks in our world today as a truck is driven through a Christmas market resulting in fatalities and a Russian ambassador to Turkey is assassinated in public.
The Electoral College has filed their vote, and the 2016 election of Donald Trump is one step closer to culmination.
Meanwhile, still upset over the result of the election, California mauls over their own political resistance, talking about Cal Exit.
And then...
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
Well, it's now official.
Donald Trump has won the Electoral College, but there are a lot of protests, an unprecedented number of protest votes.
We're going to cover that later, but first I want to talk about the terror attacks that have happened today.
Multiple terror attacks with very significant targets.
First of all, the latest one that happened in a Berlin Christmas market.
Now the death toll stands at 9 dead, 50 injured, and it's reported by CNN that it was a truck crash.
Well, you know, that's kind of like the way they reported the terror attack in the Riviera in France, where a terrorist deliberately drove through a crowd there.
I guess maybe they're not sure if it's ICE or ISIS that was the cause of the truck crashing.
Now, they know precisely what happened.
They just don't want to call it what it is.
And this is CNN saying, a truck.
Rammed into a crowd in a Christmas market, killing nine and injuring at least 50.
See, the truck did it.
But if you look at the very end of the article, even CNN admits that the truck didn't slow down.
They said the truck was traveling about 40 miles per hour through the crowded pedestrian area.
They say there's no way that this was an accident, said the person who reported it to CNN.
Nevertheless, they're going to say that the truck crashed.
Things just happen, you know?
As RT reports, the National Security Council of the United States issued a statement on this.
They said that it appears to have been a terrorist attack.
So it went a little bit further than CNN did.
It says, it appears to be a terrorist attack in a Christmas market in Berlin, Germany.
Notice they would not say it was an Islamic terrorist attack.
And listen to the way that the NSC ends this statement.
They say, we stand together with Berlin in the fight against those who target our way of life and threaten our societies.
Really, do you?
Because it was Obama and Merkel who were so keen to bring in people who target our way of life, like Christmas fairs, and who threaten our societies.
See, this is not something that just happened and they don't know where it came from.
This is deliberate.
This is what Obama and Merkel wanted to do and now they see this happening.
Meanwhile, earlier today in Turkey, Russia's ambassador was assassinated in the capital Ankara.
They point out that three other bystanders were shot and are in the hospital.
Their conditions are unknown.
Meanwhile, the gunman was also killed.
He was wearing a suit.
He had police identification.
And he was actually a police department member.
He was trained at the police academy.
He was part of their special forces department.
The assassin had shouted in Arabic, we made an oath to Mohammed to die in martyrdom.
It is revenge for Syria and Aleppo.
Meanwhile, a pro-Turkish government journalist told the CNN affiliate that after shooting the ambassador, the gunman at one point recited a slogan used by former al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra, quote, we obey the jihad order.
Now, of course, that just illustrates yet again that there is no, there are no moderate rebels in Syria and underscores the fact that we are the ones who began this situation in Syria, the slaughter in Aleppo, whether it is being done at this point by the Syrian government or is being done by the Al Qaeda affiliated rebels.
The bottom line is that it started with our overthrow of that regime.
And as we pointed out earlier, the people who are coming into our countries intent on destroying our way of life, intent on destroying our societies, this is something that was brought in out of political correctness.
And I want you to see what has happened in the last couple of weeks at our universities.
One of the worst examples of this is the University of Maryland.
There's been a project there called Protect UMD.
Now these people protested the movie American Sniper a couple years ago when it came out and they said that we want to make sure that that's never going to happen again.
They've issued a list of 64 demands this last week.
I think?
We're good to go.
This is in Maryland.
So this is indigenous land.
They want to have tenure given to all African-American professors simply because they're African-American.
They want to mandate faculty training and the fundamentals of campus inclusion of queer folks.
They want to convert the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Studies program into an entire department to provide curriculum there.
But then they embrace Islam at the same time they embrace the LGBT lobby.
And listen to how they embrace Islam.
They want to make sure that there is one room reserved in each major building designated as a prayer room for Muslims.
Now this is really establishment of a religion.
It is not what we see happening when the ACLU comes in and says, no, this Bible group cannot use an empty room for their Bible study or for Christian purposes.
This is saying we're going to dedicate a room for Islamic prayer.
Furthermore, they want to have shovel service provided for them to get to a worship center, a Muslim mosque, that is a half hour
I don't know.
That's what we want to make sure of.
But that's the insanity.
That's where these people are coming from.
And that is what is behind the Donald Trump victory.
And I want to give you one more example here.
This is also something that happened
Back on December the 6th, we haven't talked about this.
Amnesty groups in California fighting to hide the list of gang members in California before Trump becomes president.
Because Trump said, I'm going to focus on getting the criminal element that is here illegally out of this country.
I'm going to focus on criminal gangs.
And so here we have the politically correct left saying, we want to make sure that the California government is going to hide the people who are on the gang list from Donald Trump.
See, that's what he said when he said, we have to get rid of some of the people here who are not the best people.
And they say, well, you're racist because of that.
You want to eliminate all Hispanics.
He says, I want to get rid of the gang members.
I thought, well, you're not going to be able to do that.
And this is coming from an advocacy
We're good to go.
Criminal, then you shouldn't be deported according to them.
Or if you're labeled as a gang member, they don't want you to be deported either.
That is California, and that's why we see these people still going at it, still saying we want to get out of the United States because Donald Trump got elected.
These are the people, the Cal Exit Group, and here's one bit of interesting irony here.
They have established an embassy in Moscow.
So these people who are complaining and saying the Russians hacked our elections, well, the people who want to secede, the Californians who want to secede from the United States have now opened an embassy in Moscow.
The group calls themselves Yes California.
They're hoping for a exit break for the United States and I want to know what I can do to help them leave.
Because as we pointed out, all of this talk about Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote, the margin that she has is the margin that she had in California.
That support there, margin of two and a half million votes there in California.
If they subtract that, if they subtract the amount, 1.7 that he won, that she won in New York, Donald Trump would have had two million more votes in the popular vote than Hillary Clinton did.
That's the real issue.
Now that brings us to the election today.
The Electoral College met today in the various states.
They met together and they cast their votes.
I believe this is something that should have happened automatically.
And now we see a, I think, an unprecedented number of protest votes.
Typically we don't have any.
There's been a few where there's been one elector that has changed.
The most recent time that we've seen someone cross party lines was back in 1972.
There was a Republican elector, Roger McBride, who voted for the Libertarian candidate in that election rather than voting for Richard Nixon.
So he crossed lines as a Republican elector.
He voted for the Libertarian candidate.
But typically what we see are defections within the same party, usually on the losing side.
And I'd said before that I thought most of the faithless electors
Would be voting against Hillary Clinton, and that's what we saw today happen.
We had six people who were faithless electors so far.
Not all of the votes at this point have been recorded, but we've had four in Washington State and two in Texas.
And remember, in some states, like for example in North Carolina, if you do not follow the popular vote
You were fined $500 and replaced.
I believe that's what we should see happen, if we even have to have people.
Once we have the State Board of Elections who are in charge of the elections, once they certify the elections, it seems to me they ought to just report the total number of electoral votes that they have to the federal government at that point, rather than allowing this to become a grandstand for political protest.
Now in Washington, of the four people who refused to vote for Hillary Clinton, three of them voted for Colin Powell, and one of them voted for Faith Spotted Eagle, who is a person who is leading the protests in Dakota against the pipeline.
And I tweeted out, it's a bit ironic that these faithless electors voted for someone named Faith Spotted Eagle.
But that's one way to give Hillary Clinton the bird, and that's what they did in that particular state.
In other states, we'd had in Maine, one elector said, I'm not going to vote for Hillary Clinton, I'm going to vote for Bernie Sanders.
He did that in the first round, they said, we're not going to allow that.
So they had a second round, he went back and he voted for Hillary, and they said, that's okay, we're going to go with that.
So that's what we saw in those two areas, and then we saw very late in the day, Texas meeting and casting their votes.
And that put Donald Trump over the top, but we did have the faithless elector, I believe it was Chris Supren, we don't know who voted for John Kasich, we don't know who voted for Ron Paul, but we had two people out of the Texas delegation that did protest votes.
This, I believe, is going to multiply if we don't stop it.
And understand, what these people are doing is beyond being faithless.
They say they're following their conscience.
They're exercising their free speech.
Well, they're shutting down our conscience.
They're shutting down our free speech.
They're shutting down our votes because we did not vote for them.
These people were chosen by the political establishment.
They were chosen without any input from the general public.
And if you go back, they call themselves the Hamilton electors.
If you go back to the Federalist Papers, precisely the reason they created the Electoral College was to stop this kind of political cabals that are creating intrigue, that are creating tumult.
That is what's happening now.
That was what the Electoral College was supposed to prevent.
And part of that was to say that we're not going to have any elected senators or congressmen as part of the Electoral College.
But look at what happened in New York.
In New York, three of the 29 electors were people like the sitting governor, Andrew Cuomo, the sitting mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, and former president Bill Clinton.
I would think that the former president would be excluded by that prohibition in the Constitution, even if you're
We're going to limit that to federal electors and say that it's okay to have people holding state office.
So New York allowed that.
Meanwhile in Ohio, someone who was selected by Donald Trump, who actually won the election there, was forced to step down as they had some leftist liberals there file a lawsuit saying you cannot be an elector
Because you are a state representative.
So that's the double standard that we're seeing.
That is the subversion of the political process that we have to worry about.
And moving forward, I think with all of the publicity that's been given to these faithless electors,
I think if we don't get ahead of this, and we don't shut this down, I think we're going to see a lot more of this when it comes around to the next election.
And understand that it is a very important function that the Electoral College is doing in the sense that it gives each individual state a say in what is happening.
If we didn't have this, as Donald Trump said, he would have only campaigned in five states rather than the 15 that he campaigned in.
But think about that.
When he campaigned in 15 states, that's only 30% of the states that are involved in the election.
So when we look at the people who are complaining in New York and California, we have to understand the Electoral College was there as a firewall.
To keep one or two states from dominating the election and to keep their corruption contained within that particular state.
If they're going to load the ballot up with their votes for their candidate, it's contained into that one state.
The other way to look at this is the way Reason pointed out.
They said it's kind of like the World Series.
The World Series is the best of seven games.
You don't determine the winner by the person that scored the most total runs.
It's one game at a time.
And the election is really a series of 51 elections.
50 states and the District of Columbia.
But as we talk about fraud, I want you to take a look at the IMF chief, Christine Lagarde.
She is now a banker on the run.
Talk about a bank run.
Christine Lagarde, as French finance minister, approved a $417 million state payout to a business tycoon in 2008.
She's now left the country before the trial verdict, so evidently she's thinking this isn't going to go her way.
So she is on the lam.
This is Lagarde on the lam.
Now when we come back, we're going to talk about this massive denial of service that has hit InfoWars.
You know why they're doing it.
You know they want to put a firewall around our site, keep you from getting our information.
The way to do that, they've decided, is to shut down your ability to get to our stores.
We're going to look at
Where this is coming from and we're going to talk about what it actually is because there's a lot of confusion from people.
Stay with us, we'll be right back.
No one will go to the New York Times or care that it's even admitted that the government's hatching most of the terror plots.
Or people will say, what are you doing?
Endorsing radical Islam?
Saying it doesn't exist?
I didn't say that!
I said our criminal government is arming them, aiding and abetting them,
Protecting them to attack and kill us so they can take our freedoms!
That's what I said!
Never water yourself down just because someone can't handle you at 100 Proof.
It's the Alex Jones Show, because there's a war on for your mind.
CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Glenn Beck, and everybody else that runs around claiming that I'm saying there aren't any real Muslim terrorists.
That's a load of crud and you know it.
Three years ago, the Congress in the National Defense Authorization Act repealed the law that had been on the books for decades, barring the CIA and other agencies from engaging in domestic propaganda and disinformation.
Over the weekend, they passed the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act that funds 160 plus million dollars to this new organization that will, quote, discover and counter with its own disinformation, alternative media that they dub fake news.
At the very same time, we see mainstream media claiming that Trump, myself, Tucker Carlson, you name it, are Russian agents, and that the American people really wanted Hillary Clinton, but the Russians somehow hacked in, and that's why Trump won.
Yes, we've gotten Trump elected, but they're openly trying to overthrow that.
Now more than ever, InfoWars needs your prayers and your support.
And I need you to take the articles and the videos that are on the site and realize you're the reason we're having such an effect.
You're the power of InfoWars.
Get those articles, get those videos, get those special reports out to everyone you know.
As we approach Christmas, and I'm supposed to say that word now, our country's under such incredible thought police tyranny, it's important to be thankful.
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And finally, from myself, Alex Jones, and the rest of the InfoWars crew and my family, I want to wish all of you a blessed and merry Christmas.
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Well, of course we all know about the famous Great Wall of China.
Many people, however, don't know about the Great Firewall of China.
If you don't follow computers and what happens in the world of the Internet, of course that is something that the Chinese government has constructed to keep information away from the Chinese people that they don't want the Chinese people to have.
Unless it's government-approved information, they have set up a very effective firewall to keep you from getting that information.
Now they're trying to export that to the United States.
There's information that the Chinese government, the globalists, and the American government don't want you to have.
Information like what we have here at InfoWars.
And rather than putting a firewall around InfoWars, what they're trying to do with this denial-of-service hack is to put a wall around our store to cut off our funding.
You saw that they moved against Breitbart by trying to take them down.
Having corporate sponsors remove their sponsorship, remove their ads from the Breitbart site.
They're supported by ads that they serve on their site.
We support our operation here by direct sales to you of the best products that we can find to help you to improve your health, to improve the health of your family, to prepare for crisis.
That's the way we fund our operation, with direct sales to our listeners, to our customers.
So they've tried to eliminate that.
Now when we talk about hacking, I think it's very important because this is an overused word.
We've seen the Democrats talk about hacking, and quite frankly, there wasn't any hacking, Russian or otherwise, that caused Hillary Clinton to lose the election.
Yes, we learned information about Hillary Clinton that caused a lot of people not to vote for her.
But those emails from the DNC, we've had two British ambassadors, not one but two,
Tell us that that information didn't come from the Russians.
One of the former ambassadors came to the United States, he said, to get that information handed to him in a park by a disgruntled somebody who was part of the DNC, who was a Bernie Sanders supporter.
And so he said, I was handed that information.
So it wasn't hacked into.
They didn't steal this using a computer hack.
Also, John Podesta's emails, we were told, from one of the staffers, said, I'm sorry, I clicked on something I shouldn't have clicked on.
It was a phishing attack, where they clicked on that and got his information.
Of course, his password was P at sign SSW0RD.
Not a very secure password.
That's what a lot of people use.
So, it didn't take anything to get those emails, those particular emails.
So, it wasn't really a hack.
They were simply telling us the truth about Hillary Clinton, and the information was turned over by insiders.
And a lot of people are concerned when they see that InfoWars has got a denial of service.
They think, oh, it's been hacked, and my information, my credit card information has been taken.
No, they haven't infiltrated the site.
What they're trying to do is set up a wall around the site, a wall specifically around our store, so that you can't get there.
Now, we have set up additional phone lines, so if you're having trouble getting in, you can still place those orders by phone.
You can still support us.
But we have to understand that these globalists are using China just as they tell us that they don't support protectionism, that they want free trade, they don't support nationalism.
They have created with China a hyper-protectionist regime, a hyper-nationalist regime.
They have done currency manipulation, of course, because they're bankers.
That's one of the things that they think about, manipulating the currency to get what they want.
That's what the central bankers always do.
And of course they've resorted to outright theft.
of designs, theft of copyright.
That's all included in the China price.
Now I had a white hat hacker contact me about this particular situation that's going on with the denial of service, the blocking of InfoWars store.
And I want to read you some of what he sent to me.
He said, this particular active botnet appears to originate with 10 million Yahoo email accounts, part of the 2 billion Yahoo emails that were hacked.
The actual hacks were done back in 2013 and 2014, but Yahoo refused to disclose and did not release this until one day before this Chinese-run distributed denial-of-service went live.
And here's the New York Times article here.
Yahoo, on Wednesday, said that one billion users had been hacked.
They said, well, this happened a couple years ago, but they didn't tell anybody.
They held this information from the users for two to three years.
They said on Wednesday that different attacks in 2013 compromised more than 1 billion accounts.
They said there had been another one, of course, in 2014.
The two attacks are the largest known security breaches of one computer company's network.
So this truly was a hack.
The one hack was the one that went to Yahoo.
But I really want to go back to what he had to say about the way this works.
Because it also involves the use of the Internet of Things.
Your cameras, your computer equipment that is hooked up to the Internet.
And he said it appears that this is a mass insertion of malware that was facilitated by this leak of Yahoo.
And then he goes on to point out that he traced it down to actually three nodes.
He gave us the bot ID, he gave us a control IP, and he said that control IP is hosted by Guangdong Mobile Communication Company, a division of state-owned, sponsored China Mobile.
And he said, there's your smoking gun for a Chinese operation.
Coming up is John Bowne.
He's going to talk about another way that we're under attack.
Obama is announcing new sanctions and new actions.
He's basically saying we're at war with Russia.
What we can also do is to, on a bilateral basis, warn other countries against these kinds of attacks.
And we've done that in the past.
So, just as I told Russia to stop it, and indicated there will be consequences when they do it,
I think there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections, that we need to take action.
And we will.
US troops!
Live fire training.
Get prepared to move.
On what some fear could be Europe's next battlefield.
The sandy plains of Lithuania on NATO's eastern frontier.
A billion hours drive from the border with Russia.
But meanwhile, U.S.
defense official, Chinese warship stole U.S.
underwater drone in front of our ships.
Just like every few days, they point missile launchers or machine guns, they just pull right up to our ships in the Gulf, Persian Gulf, and just threaten everybody.
And Trump says, you aim weapons at us again or try to board us, we're going to fight back.
We're like, oh, how dare you?
America is here to roll over.
Unless we're financing some jihadis.
Mr. Speaker, under U.S.
law, it is illegal for you or me or any American to provide any type of assistance to al-Qaeda, ISIS, or other terrorist groups.
If we broke this law, we'd be thrown in jail.
Yet the U.S.
government's been violating this law for years, directly and indirectly supporting allies and partners of groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS, with money, weapons, intelligence, and other support in their fight to overthrow the Syrian government.
A recent New York Times article confirmed that rebel groups supported by the US, quote, have entered into battlefield alliances with the affiliate of Al-Qaeda in Syria, formerly known as al-Nusra.
The Wall Street Journal reports that rebel groups are, quote, doubling down on their alliance with Al-Qaeda.
This alliance has rendered the phrase moderate rebels meaningless.
We must stop this madness.
We must stop arming terrorists.
I'm introducing the Stop Arming Terrorists Act today to prohibit taxpayer dollars from being used to support terrorists.
Mr. Speaker, I yield back.
But you know, that's okay.
They just lecture the United States and tell us to, quote, shut down the alt-right.
These are bad people.
They need to be shut down.
George Soros Finances Group helping Facebook flag disputed stories.
Of course, you can't really dispute CNN, can you, with all their down-lying.
We will bury you.
The Communist Chinese a few weeks ago said, Trump will never help you regain your greatness.
You are declining.
So all of this is going on.
All of this is unfolding.
They're trying to start a war with Russia.
They're trying to bring our republic down while the Chinese seize one of our ships in international waters.
And what is the desperate, collapsing, mainstream, corporate media doing?
Well, they're calling for us to be shut down and censored because they can't compete with us because their credibility's collapsed, the government's credibility's collapsed, and they want to hold on to power.
So you're seeing an attempt at a soft coup, which is becoming a hard coup, against the First Amendment, against the free press, and everything that goes with it, a federalization of the churches, the 501c3, and the faith-based initiative, total violation of the First Amendment, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment religion or prohibiting the exercise thereof, but the left doesn't mind because they're taking it over.
The Pope says he's for state-run religion in China.
State-run religion.
Meeting with the President of China two weeks ago.
Unprecedented stuff's going on.
Now there's the headline, Russia-U.S.
move past Cold War to unpredictable conflict.
At the same time trying to say that all press that's anti-war, that wants detente, and all media that wants to stop the jihadis with Russia, that we're all supposedly Russian agents.
This is all pure garbage.
Oh, but notice they use a war that all these dingbats just discovered.
We were ahead of you 20 years, sweetheart.
We saw what you were doing to us.
It's an info war with deception.
We thought we'd launch our own info war with flaming sword of truth.
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Then, by early 2016, I was in the best shape of my life since I'd been in really good shape in my 20s.
But the election heated up.
I started working 14, 15, 16 hours a day.
But more importantly, I stopped taking supplements because we
I think.
If the results are, I'm going to publish the findings.
It's December 5th, 2016.
We're only like 25 days from 2017.
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But because I've got these trace elements, or whatever it's doing in DNA Force and X2 and Supermail, I have lost 5 pounds.
It's incredible.
I thought I might lose 10 to 15 in a month.
If this continues, it'll be 20.
But generally, it's more dramatic up front.
This is an experiment.
Everybody's watching.
We'll see what happens.
This is Part 2.
Next week, part three.
That's a good point.
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And that's to say Merry Christmas to everybody.
Thank you all for your support.
You're awesome.
Well, thefoodbabe.com is on the crusade for healthy foods, and they have now published an ANRESCO laboratory study showing glyphosate in cereals.
Henry Rowland joins us now to talk about his discoveries.
Well, Henry, these are food products that everybody eats that's in probably most pantries in America, and these findings are pretty big, but most people probably aren't even aware of what a glyphosate is.
So just briefly introduce our audience.
What is a glyphosate?
Why is it not something you want to ingest?
Right, so glyphosate actually is the world's most widely used herbicide.
It's used on crops such as corn, soya and other crops as well such as oats.
It's sprayed a number of times a year on crops across the United States and around the world.
There have actually been 18.9 billion kilograms of glyphosate herbicides under different names, but mostly under the name Roundup, which many of your viewers will be aware of as a Monsanto herbicide.
So it's used everywhere and it's probably one of the most ubiquitous chemicals, the most widely found chemicals in our environment.
And tell me, obviously there's so much of this used in the production of these plants and our food products.
Why is it bad?
Why is this a negative thing?
Why do people need to know the negative impacts of glyphosate?
Sure, so glyphosate was introduced to the general public as a herbicide that was less toxic than other herbicides by the chemical industry.
However, sadly, they missed to inform the general public that it has many toxic effects, both at low levels and at high levels.
What actually happened was that glyphosate was first used as a
As a pipe cleaner to clean out different metals from inside pipes.
So for example, zinc and cobalt minerals that are very important for our health.
Now, the problem with that is also it could affect the nutrients that we are ingesting.
It was labeled back in 1985 by the Environmental Protection Agency in the US as a Class C carcinogen.
However, that mysteriously changed in 1991 into a Class E carcinogen, which meant that it was non-carcinogenic.
It was only in 2015, so that's last year, that the World Health Organization actually reclassified glyphosate
Yes, absolutely.
Thank you!
We're good to go.
Sure, I mean one of the reasons that we started the Detox Project and we actually did this report with Food Democracy Now, which is a big US NGO, is that
Generally, the public worldwide is not given information about what toxic chemicals are in their food or in their bodies.
This is not something that is provided on labels and we think it should be.
So we started studying these off-the-shelf products and we concentrated on very popular products, as you said, from General Mills, from Kellogg's,
From Nabisco, from PepsiCo, as you said, from Cheerios to Oreo cookies.
And we wanted to start with glyphosate because it's so widely used, but we're actually going to go beyond glyphosate and start testing for many, many toxic chemicals in these common foods, and not just in the US, but globally.
That's our aim.
We really believe that food companies should be giving the public much more information on what toxic chemicals are in their products.
Most consumers always talk about GMOs and toxic chemicals.
Now we're starting to find out about what GMOs are in our food, but we still have no knowledge about these toxic chemicals such as glyphosate.
And I hope this project starts not only the conversation, but starts to allow the public to find out all about these chemicals.
Now, if I'm just a lay person in the public and none of this makes sense to me, this is all new to me, my first response is, well, why isn't the FDA doing something about this?
We put our trust in these bureaucracies.
If there was really something that bad, the FDA would be doing something about these glyphosates.
What is your response to a person whose thought process goes down that pattern?
So the EPA or the FDA sadly base all of their science on very, very old science, which suggested that the dose of a toxic chemical, meaning that the higher level of a toxic chemical, is the only one that is dangerous to human health.
However, in the early 2000s and late 1990s, many scientists started to discover that low levels of toxic chemicals, low levels of glyphosate, actually hack our hormones, which causes many diseases.
However, the FDA and the EPA have not caught up with the modern science, meaning that they're actually endangering the general public across America, and many of the regulators elsewhere in the world also haven't caught up with modern science.
So when they see these results, they often say, well, these are low levels of these chemicals in the products that are sold.
And my reply to that is always,
The low levels of chemicals are often just as dangerous as high levels.
The FDA or the EPA do not do any testing of final food products off the shelf.
There is no testing for toxic chemicals of final food products.
All they do is the occasional testing of raw materials such as corn or soya.
However, there are many ingredients in all of these products, so they should be testing final food products to protect public health, which they're just simply not.
Well, it'll be interesting to see if the FDA does address these glyphosates at all and start doing testing for these things.
And again, just to bring it back home for a second, you know, we all have seen cancer rates skyrocketing.
Now this could be something that we can directly correlate with that.
But real quick, Henry, it is Christmas time here and people are about to be feeding their families, cooking big meals for a lot of loved ones.
What can people do to avoid the foods that have glyphosate in them?
At the moment, the only advice I can give is to eat as much organic food as possible.
Organic food is not completely free of toxic chemicals.
Even from our testing, a couple of the products were organic.
But it's the safest way at the moment.
What we'd like to do, hopefully before next Christmas, is to allow consumers in America and globally
To be more aware of what toxic chemicals are in their food, that's through toxic chemical certification, for example.
But for now, for this Christmas and New Year, I think just eat as much organic as you can.
Now, what would you say to the website, real quick, to wrap things up, Snopes, who is basically debunking all of these findings?
Sure, we were actually aware of how they got the information for this story, which was from Kevin Falter, Dr. Kevin Falter, who has been widely linked with Monsanto and the chemical industry for many years, and he actually supplied them with much of the information for this misleading story that they wrote about our study.
Since then, actually, the source of this story, Kevin Falter, has actually withdrawn his criticism because he was contacted by the lab that did our study and he's now aware that the study was done absolutely correctly.
All right, Henry, well thank you for your time and thank you for your research into this important topic.
Thank you very much.
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, sad news out of Germany as another what looks like to be terrorist attack has struck Germany.
This time right now, nine are being reported as dead, 50 others wounded, and this looks like it is a direct attack not just on the people of Germany, but perhaps also on Christmas.
As the story goes, a man drove a truck into a Christmas market and
Injured at least 50 people, 9 reported as dead.
This is not the first time we've seen this.
I'm joined now in studio by Leanne McAdoo to talk more about this troubling news.
Leanne, what are you reading about so far with this truck that was driven into the Christmas market?
Well, they have apprehended one of the suspects that took off and there was a co-driver as well who was killed immediately, so he was found in the cabin.
They have no motive yet, they're not really giving out any names as indication of who these guys are, what the motive was, but it's very similar to the Bastille Day attack where
Of course, that was an ISIS-inspired attack where they used the same big type of lorry, they call it there, a big truck, to plow through a crowd and take out as many people as possible.
They're saying that the driver just was about going 40 miles per hour, didn't stop or slow down.
Initially, CNN was reporting it as a truck crash, just like they did on Bastille Day.
It was a truck attack, not an ISIS terror attack.
So, this is a Christmas market which they have been kind of on high alert that these Christmas markets are going to be targets of terrorist attacks.
Of course, we reported last week that they arrested a 12-year-old boy who they say was highly radicalized.
He was highly religiously radicalized.
He was a German Iraqi boy who had attempted to detonate a homemade bomb.
They're at one of the Christmas markets.
He attempted to do it the week earlier, but his bomb failed.
So here, he was highly radicalized by some unknown members of ISIS, this 12-year-old kid, but he's under the age of where they're actually going to be able to charge him with anything.
They do have him in a youth home now.
So they know that these Christmas markets are directly a target for these attacks, and so I think that that's what's going to come out of the investigation.
Well, when you talk about a 12-year-old boy, you know, that's a situation where you would imagine there had to be other factors at hand to, you know, brainwash him or whatever it is to get him to commit this act.
Because, I mean, I would assume that a regular 12-year-old boy is not thinking about this type of violence, at least you would hope not.
I think so.
And you sit here and you think about all the measurements that we take in our daily lives to try to keep ourselves safe.
You know, you think about 9-11, terrorist airplanes, okay, TSA, all this stuff.
It's like, what do you do to avoid a truck crashing into an event like this?
I guess now you have to set up barriers all around the road.
Or a 12-year-old boy that you're not suspecting, cars as well, on your college campus and, you know, a car plows into you.
But, you know, and I think the other interesting thing to look at here, Leigh-Anne, as we see some of these images,
From what happened in Germany Talk about the response from the media now the New York Post have said that ISIL has claimed responsibility Others are saying that that claim is not true there does seem to be a hesitation When these events come down the pike obviously you can understand it as a journalist you want to get the story straight But it's not just a hesitation to report on
Whether or not, you know, okay, this was a car crash or this that other thing But it's like they don't even want to touch the topic that this could have been radical Islam motivated just right off the bat They don't even want to go there Well, that's the thing is you're not allowed to now be racist sexist homophobic Islamophobic and use the clues that are there Continually the patterns over and over again because you know, you gotta wait and just let all the facts come in which is true you know, you don't want to jump the gun on these things, but
You know a lot of this really is because the globalists are pushing a huge open borders immigration policy and they don't want people to turn against Angela Merkel is you know still trying to get another round up there and people are are ready to get
I think so.
That them such as in in Turkey with this undercover police officer.
We'll get to that in a minute But you know the children the 12 year old who was targeted by Isis to take take on these attacks we cannot vet them and so You know, we're being asked to just open our hearts and they're playing on our heartstrings and on our goodwill Which is exactly what Angela Merkel did with the Germany and we see how that's turned out.
I mean, this is just the latest in many attacks that they've had to suffer
They're just in the last year.
But now moving on, of course, to not being able to vet vet people, even when we can vet them.
For instance, the OSU attacker was, you know, targeted as a potential target for ISIS, and he was on their radar.
But you know that again, he was able to commit this terror attack.
But in Russia, the I'm sorry, the Russian ambassador to Turkey was shot dead today by an undercover assassin who was an off duty police officer.
Well, that's what people are wondering, you know, who, who ordered the hit?
Who wanted him dead?
And obviously there, it's like a very heated situation going on there.
A lot of groups in the region have animosity toward Russia and Turkey at the moment.
They're blaming Russia for the bombarding of Aleppo.
And so that's what he's saying is, you know, you kill us in Aleppo, we're going to kill you here.
Um, and then they're reporting that the Syrian moderates, the moderate rebels were cheering this guy on, you know, saying Allah, you know, take him into your,
World or whatever they say when their jihadists plan these attacks or take carry out these attacks But again, these are the moderate rebels that the United States has been arming and so that's the big problem here Is that we've got this proxy army with all of these foreign countries going in there and trying to take out the Assad regime and that's what this is It is a regime change war and that is what's gonna stop the situation that's going on in Aleppo That's why we're getting so many mixed
Stories about what's going on.
Journalist Ava Bartlett is saying that, you know, the Syrians there are celebrating the fact that Assad's regime is finally regaining control.
They want these terrorist groups out of there.
They just want to stabilize the country.
And that's what Ron Paul said.
The only way that we are going to stop this war in Aleppo and stop this civil war and all these mass murders going on is to stop trying to overthrow the regime.
Get out of there.
Well, and there's a bunch of questions regarding the Russian ambassador that was assassinated today by the off-duty police officer.
So, we'll continue to monitor that at Infowars.com and the Alex Jones Show as there are going to continue to be a lot of questions with this event.
But, you know, it's very important.
There's two aspects here as we talk about these stories, Leanne.
I don't
You know, is this something that Americans are going to have to start worrying about?
And then how do we adjust our policies?
And then with the ambassador, the Russian ambassador that was shot, you know, Americans need to really start to look into these issues, especially with Aleppo, and realize what side of the issue our government has and is on.
And then what the people in Syria, who are not the ones chopping off people's heads and raping and murdering women and children in the streets, and what they want.
Because I'm not sure if Americans really have a full grasp on this and I'm not even sure if it's possible but to me there's a lot of convoluted activity here.
A lot of fake news.
A lot of fake news and so that's why they're wanting to be able to own that rhetoric of this is what's fake news because they don't they want you to believe that whatever they're telling you is the indisputable truth and it's just not and that's I mean it's such a shame because people's lives are being taken out.
In mass numbers.
And these are instances, Leanne, thank you so much for coming in.
And these are instances where you can talk about, this isn't a 12 year old where we wonder what's going on.
These are men that they're going to say were convicted by their religion to carry out these attacks of terrorism and hate.
Thank you so much for tuning in to the InfoWars Nightly News.
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