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Name: 20161219_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 19, 2016
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Alex Jones discusses a DDoS attack on his website, Infowars, that he attributes to China as part of an effort to silence independent media. He encourages his audience to sign up for their newsletter and shop at InfoWarsStore.com before the site may be shut down. He also promotes products and covers various conspiracy theories related to the Illuminati and political corruption in the U.S. The passage includes discussions on market drops, cyber-attacks, electoral college manipulation, and instances of collusion such as Hillary Clinton receiving questions for town hall meetings ahead of time.

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It's never going to get any better.
Don't look for it.
Be happy with what you got.
Because the owners of this country don't want that.
I'm talking about the real owners now.
The real owners.
The big wealthy business interests that control things and make all the important decisions.
Forget the politicians.
The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice.
You don't.
You have no choice.
You have owners.
They own you.
They own everything.
They own all the important land.
They own and control the corporations.
They've long since bought and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the State Houses, the City Halls.
They got the judges in their back pockets.
And they own all the big media companies, so they control just about all of the news and information you get to hear.
They got you by the balls!
They want obedient workers.
Obedient workers.
People who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork, and just dumb enough to passively accept jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime, and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it.
And now, they're coming for your social security money.
So they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall Street.
It's a big club.
And you ain't in it.
And you said recently, quote, when you give, they do whatever the hell you want them to do.
You better believe it.
So what specifically did they do?
If I ask them, if I need them, you know, most of the people on this stage I've given to, just so you understand.
A lot of money.
You and I are not in the big club.
The owners of this country know the truth.
It's called the American dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.
But I'll tell you what they don't want.
They don't want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking.
They don't want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking.
They're not interested in that.
That doesn't help them.
That's against their interest.
That's right.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
All right.
We weren't going to publish all of this, but it really should be a big news story.
Not that we need big news stories.
It doesn't really do anything to be in the news, because hardly anybody even pays attention to mainstream news.
But it is important in the history of the Internet.
We have the folks that do MasterCard, Visa, Walmart, Google, you name it, for their Internet security.
The Internet attack started against us on Friday, and it ran through last night.
And then we just upgraded a bunch of stuff and they said, it's kind of fun for the folks involved.
They said, okay, if there's one bigger, it'll be basically the biggest DDoS attack ever using, you know, those bots that they hijack computers.
I'm not an IT guy and go after people, but we've got the graphs, the numbers, all of it.
Now they're launching an attack that
The FBI is looking at it, a bunch of other people are looking at it, and it's believed this is the biggest DDoS attack using web bots that's ever happened.
And it's pointed directly at the Communist Chinese.
So they are at cyber war with this country, that's well known, they're the ones that do most of the hacking, most of the attacking.
Now, our sites are secure, they've not been penetrated.
A few weeks ago when WikiLeaks was getting attacked and shut down,
Folks, truck back patriots from here in the United States is the word we got.
And shut down a bunch of East Coast major hubs and websites.
That was going in and shutting them off.
This is just brute force.
Massive attack.
It's got to cost like $500,000, the experts say, because this is what mafias use, you name it, to activate all these computers, people's home computers, printers, you name it, surveillance cameras, servers.
A lot of folks don't watch those and don't know they've been hijacked.
You've got to watch them and see if they've been spiking or if they're not working right.
And they've just got tens of thousands of those trying to hammer and shut down InfoWars.com, PresentPlanet.com,
And also our shopping carts, obviously.
And that's where they've had some success.
It's great, though.
I came on air last night, talked about the fact that we lost a lot of money, because Christmas is when we tend to go into the black and fund new projects in the next year.
And so every day is an employee we can't hire, or equipment we can't buy, or trips we won't be able to take to document things for you.
When we're talking about $40,000 a day being lost last days before Christmas.
But everybody took action, took advantage of the extended sales and PolarStore.com, the free shipping and everything.
And we actually just about made back what we lost, not quite.
So I had to up some bandwidth things and some security funding as well.
But we'll just have a whole fundraiser and raise 10 times what's needed just to teach the attackers that
Every time they attack, we just get stronger.
They get weaker.
And the Communist China is panicking right now.
So I've got a message to Communist China straight ahead.
Now we have a rock icon, a guy that I've listened to since he was with the McCoys in the epic hit, Hang On Sloopy, knocked off the charts only by the Beatles.
I know you are a vocal Trump supporter, and people wouldn't expect that because I guess they think that you can't be a conservative or a libertarian or a liberty-oriented individual and know how to rock out, which is entirely wrong.
What brought you to Donald Trump?
There he is.
Well, you know, it might have been partly because we don't watch TV.
My wife and I don't really have even our terrestrial TV stuff hooked up.
So I never saw Donald Trump going, you're fired and all that stuff.
I think some people took him lightly because they only remembered seeing like TV shows and things.
I never saw them.
I always tell people I'm not a Republican or necessarily a Democrat.
I'm a pragmatist.
I want to see things get done.
And he promised, when you go down the list, very early in his candidacy, he promised all the things that I want to have done.
You were rewriting a special song for Donald Trump.
Your real American anthem, I understand, is going to have kind of a touch-up.
Well, Real American was written in the 80s, and I just wanted to write the most patriotic song of all time.
It's very simple.
Paul Kogan heard it in the midst of a project I was working on with the World Wrestling Federation and he decided that he wanted it to be his theme song and then all of a sudden Hillary Clinton was running in a primary against Barack Obama and I saw her come up on stage somewhere and she had
I'm a real American play.
Well, whether or not you like Hillary Clinton, I, as a songwriter, said, man, that's where I expected to see that song all along, with legitimate status associated with it.
Then Newt Gingrich won his primary.
He used it.
And then
People were complaining about Barack Obama not having a birth certificate, so they made him a birth certificate.
They created a video with my song Real American again, and every time the guitar riff played, his birth certificate would bounce in and out of the screen along with the guitar riff.
And I thought that was pretty cool.
Once again, can't get much better than the President using your stuff.
Trust me, Rick, if you're there with this song, in Donald Trump's spirit, and Alex Jones, who's anchoring to come, your song will be heard loud and clear.
And we'll have the people, that I assure you of.
31 days until...
The inauguration of the 45th President of the United States.
But the globalists are pulling out all the stops.
Attempting to reverse our desperate move to restore the republic and pull our country out of the clutches of the multinational globalist crime syndicate.
It's Monday, December 19th, 2016.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We have incredible news to break down.
This is the day that the electors in the 50 states are to cast their ballots.
Across the country, they are moving to get Republican electors to be faithless, as you know.
The death threats, the home visits are exploding.
While they have Nancy Pelosi's daughter hitting the streets with fake news all over TV, not just Fox News, but you name it, in newspapers everywhere saying, I'm sending people to hurt her, I've called for violence.
No proof, no quotes, all lies.
They're attacking.
They're threatening.
They're going to the houses.
Folks from the Democrats are death-threatening Republicans.
That's in the news.
Even CNN admits it.
But meanwhile, they turn themselves into victims.
Saying that I'm attacking them.
Now, notice, it's the White House, currently.
It's Hillary.
It's the George Soros-funded media matters are now attacking yours truly more than Rush Limbaugh.
More than Matt Grudge.
More than Stephen Bannon.
And by the way, I don't want this distinction.
I'm always talking about the other leaders and the other great people, and they are great leaders.
But a lot of them reach more folks than I do overall.
But I put out the counter-talking points that are the most effective.
I'm the voice.
I'm the person rousing the crowd to resist all over the world, and they can't stand it.
I'm very critical of the Communist Chinese who have infiltrated our country, who are buying up Hollywood.
All six major studios who are censoring the Internet, who are calling NPC World, in the Washington Post, in the LA Times, in the New York Times, in the Wall Street Journal, I covered it all the last few weeks, to censor the Internet.
They're advising the takeover.
I've got the stacks I covered yesterday and more.
From Forbes to you name it, admitting it's the Communist Chinese.
That are allied with the robber barons, with the globalists, with the Rockefellers to take this country over politically and economically and through the media.
They're hiring former Stasi as well to help police the EU media.
You cannot make this up.
Doing business the Chinese way, Facebook develops a censorship tool from the Communist Chinese.
So, I'm the only person putting out the actual analysis, just like I had Sheriff Arpaio on your stand.
I said, sir, did you know the UN, under a Strong Cities initiative, is funding the police review boards to take over the departments?
And he goes, no, I didn't know that.
I know they're taking over and they're anti-American and it's a foreign force.
And so I sent them a bunch of Breitbart articles, but even Associated Press articles, with Lynch, the outgoing Attorney General, saying, we're going to come in and take over departments under UN command.
I mean, this is going on, people.
So they intended this takeover once Hillary got in to finish the job.
But by you taking action and all the rest of it, speaking out, Trump barely got in with an electoral landslide, but lost by 2 million votes, they claim, because of millions of illegals voting.
I mean, the numbers are there.
And so they're still trying to take over.
But notice they use military technology.
By military technology, I mean in propaganda.
They use dark propaganda, black propaganda, as it's called.
But they go, we need to overturn this election in a coup, because Trump's trying a coup.
We go, well, that's not nice, Pelosi.
How dare you death threat me?
It's not a coup.
No one wants to overturn the election.
They're all over the news.
Overturn it, overturn it, overturn it.
Saturday Night Live, you name it.
Overturn it, overturn it.
Meanwhile, no one's trying to return an election.
That's un-American.
But you just said you want to.
Shut up, crazy person.
Sit down and shut up, or I'll call you names.
You're bullies!
And so I've got all this incredible news to break down today.
We've had hacks before, years ago, as we've upped our security.
You know, a guy got in like 15 years ago and put a naked lady on a motorcycle on our front page.
I thought it was kind of tasteful hacking away.
It wasn't anything vulgar, particularly bad.
A lot of times it's people helping us.
Hey, I just shut your website down.
Give me a call.
Wow, how'd you do it?
Well, here's how I did it, and here's how you fix it.
There's a lot of great hackers, great patriots.
It's the hackers that have been defeating Hillary and the globalists, the whole WikiLeaks.
I've said the white hat hackers and the leakers are the MVPs of 2016.
Global victories against consolidation by the new world order.
You are the spearhead of the truth.
By and large, you know, I'd say 90% of hackers are the best people out there.
The Communist Chinese and their, quote, dark army, though, are the biggest, most powerful group in the world.
Probably more powerful than even the giant NSA grids.
Which have a lot of good people actually working in the NSA that have been leaking the intel on the election and WikiLeaks and more.
But the Communist Chinese and their president have openly said that America's finished.
They've said you'll never be great again.
These are quotes.
Your greatness will never return.
That's in the People's Daily.
Ha ha ha.
You'll never get your jobs.
It's China century.
It's over for you.
It's all very aggressive.
China is super aggressive to black people.
Super hateful towards other Asian groups.
One of the most homogeneous racial groups genetically on the globe.
They're more genetically similar than even your average Jew.
They are the most homogeneous, racially quote, pure group out there.
I'm not bashing Chinese, folks.
Let's just be honest.
They're funding political correctness moves in our country.
They are literally taking us over.
Kissinger and the Globalists made deals with them in the 70s.
The Bushes made deals with them.
Soros has made deals.
All the usual suspects have used China.
They've allowed them to steal our intellectual property.
They've allowed them to have no environmental standards, lower taxes, all designed to migrate everything over to China.
Then they weren't supposed to build a big military, though, and expand outside of China.
They've broken that deal.
So, patriots in the Pentagon and intelligence agencies and the general public said, okay, we were setting up globalism for global peace.
We were conned.
Alex Jones is right.
Stephen Bannon is right.
Donald Trump is right.
Ron Paul is right.
Matt Drudge is right.
World Net Daily is right.
We're launching a counter-offensive.
We've barely seized part of the country back.
They're going into total meltdown.
Race war meltdown.
Division meltdown.
Overthrow the election meltdown.
Assassinate Donald Trump meltdown.
So we get denial of service attacks and botnet attacks and bot swarm attacks about three times a month.
And usually it's out of China.
Sometimes it's Homeland Security testing stuff out, sometimes it's private hackers.
But the really big ones are very, very expensive because you gotta have hackers spend a lot of time putting out viruses, putting out systems to hijack home computers, to hijack other internet devices, and the internet of things, and to be able to turn those around as weapons.
So, just understand, when we hit the alarm button, you can believe it's big, because I don't ever do this dealing with hacking.
It's just part of life, and we try to upgrade it better and better.
So Chinese firms officially work with the government and admit it's their quote civic duty to hack America and Europe and just attack our banks, steal credit card money, you name it.
Then the Russians get the blame.
And of course they do it too, but maybe one one-twentieth?
Chinese firm admits it hacked DVR's cameras were behind Friday's massive DDoS attack.
Now that's just from a few weeks ago.
Okay, and again that's out of PC World and other publications.
So, our top experts
Are saying, yes, it's China, bot swarm attacks, and I'm not the technical guy, I'll go to some technical guys here in a minute, that are mass swarming through U.S.
systems, U.S.
home computers, the Internet of Things, your digital camera that's hooked up to the Internet, your printer, your refrigerator, your washing machines, they're all on the Internet now, slamming InfoWars, InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
I don't
And expand, hopefully, instead of contracting.
And there's natural attrition, because folks get other jobs, or they move on, or, you know, they get married, or whatever.
So we're trying to expand, not contract.
And so they know, and I'm going to skip this break, because we won't be here as soon as this doesn't get stopped.
There's massive moves to censor the internet.
There's massive moves run by the Chinese to shut down the alt-right.
They openly, in our newspapers, lecture us of foreign power.
That's how pathetic we are.
It's how broke-backed we are.
It's how trained we are to be pimped.
Be slapped, have cultural, societal cigarettes put out on our eyeballs.
That's what's figuratively going on here.
We're trying to get our fighting spirit back to say no.
We have traitor collaborators in our government.
So we're speaking the real...
Truth here.
The real battle plan of the enemy.
And I guess they think if they financially hurt us, I'm gonna shut up.
I'm gonna go completely ape on China now.
And I'm gonna add more servers, more shopping carts, fundraisers, and I will double whatever damage they do before I stop.
And our listeners will as well.
In fact, we're not hiring 5 new reporters, we're hiring 10 now.
We're not hiring 5 more writers, we're hiring 10 now.
And I'm not buying just more equipment, I'm building a new studio, and I'm gonna get on more satellites and more TV stations.
I'm gonna work even harder and commit even more now because of this.
You can guarantee, I've never even borrowed money!
They say at the bank, I've got 20 million dollars credit, right now, down the street, and like 3% interest.
How you like that?
You can't, I've never borrowed money to build all this, dumbasses!
You cut one Hydra off, 55 grow back!
So, let's continue here.
Our people, I'm not going to list who they are, but it's the big companies that do Time Warner, that do Walmart, that do MasterCard, Visa, and you notice the Chinese can take those down sometimes when they want.
That just makes us beef up what we've got.
So that's what's going on, and they said if they take down Infowarsstore.com again, it will be the biggest DDoS attack in history that they've ever seen.
And this has got the government involved, the FBI, you know, this is like one for the record books, okay?
It's like, you know, let me go back to the cheesy analogy of Pacific Rim, like the biggest level 5 Kaiju comes out of the ocean, the Chinese already had all our power plants shut down, so we can't compete.
They already had, now they're taking over Hollywood.
I mean, they're just in our face, laughing, so arrogant in the People's Daily.
You can look it up, they actually said two weeks ago, your greatness will never return, you are broken, we rule you now.
Ha ha ha.
They didn't say the ha ha ha part, it was just like, in a total ah ha ha.
I've got the Wall Street, I pulled it, the Wall Street Journal, PC World, all of them, right here in front of me, where they came out two weeks ago, I'm going to read them again today, and said, now you see we are correct to censor your fake news.
In fact, you should arrest the people.
Good, now you see.
Yeah, you're a Buddhist online, talking to other Buddhists, they arrest you, put you in a prison, take your liver, kill you.
And our media just goes, oh, there's some new rules coming in.
You're not going to see InfoWars anymore.
The globalists know that part of the federal government's been taken back.
So they go to the Chinese to do this, folks.
They had the EU two weeks ago call for censoring the Internet.
You notice it's now started.
So we're not Gonzo Journalism, but we are the story here.
So here's what's going to happen.
I'm going to give you the details with Anthony Gucciardi and Tim Pruchet.
We're going to give you the P.O.
We're going to give you the phone system where you can call.
We've only got five or six people here, but during the day we take the calls and the orders.
If you want to call and get free shipping, I'm still keeping that in place.
And if you want to get
Products as much as 50% off with a little silver.
We're going to extend the biggest sales ever right through the week.
But I'm going to do something else.
I'm going to create a pack of the products that is at regular price for folks that want to call and pay regular price to help fund the tip of the spear of the entire spearhead in the fight against the globalists.
So I'm announcing the special now.
I see Tim Prechet there.
I can see him on the TV monitor in the studio typing into the crew across the street in the other building.
But we're going to create something that is at
Regular retail for people to call who want to go ahead and make a donation and get the high quality products and fight back against the Communist Chinese and the big think tanks and the foundations that are being investigated for being behind this.
Because our government's known for a long time that certain foundations work with the Communist Chinese and have been involved in all sorts of hacking attacks in America and espionage against U.S.
intelligence agencies.
To understand how close certain criminal groups are to the Chinese and they use them as their muscle.
So again, all they're doing is making us heroes.
All they're doing is proving to everybody how important InfoWars.com is.
Now they haven't been able to bring down InfoWars.com yet.
But because there's a bunch of security stuff on the shopping carts, that's what they're able to hit with those extra lines of defenses.
We have the highest, you know, rating of online security to purchase.
So the sites are fine to order from, it's that they're trying to block you even getting on them.
So we have a backup site.
As soon as we announce that, they'll attack that.
We're going to just start turning on other backup sites in LeapFrog.
And just when those shopping carts go up, it is an act of total defiance.
Other talk show hosts of the radio show this big would have a private jet and a 20-room mansion.
Okay, I'm thinking of downsizing from a four bedroom, because it's so annoying to have a medium-sized house.
I don't care about houses.
I don't care about red carpets.
I don't care about power in this globalist world.
I want to overturn the globalist world that is squatting like a giant succubus on the chest of humanity.
I want to restore the Republic.
I want to restore the Renaissance.
And I want people in China
Where they have thousands of riots a month and valiantly stand up to the corrupt Chinese regime that our criminal government under the Rockefellers put in power in 1949.
I want to apologize to the Chinese people and the Russian people that Americans allowed the Bolshevik Revolution to be financed out of New York City and out of Goldman Sachs.
It's a fact.
Look it up.
I want to apologize for the fact that we put these plagues on you, and I want you to get out from under it.
I want to get out from under it, whether it's Brexit, or Russia pulling out of globalism, or China pulling out via its people.
Your communist leaders are pig-like monsters that have been bleeding you and feeding on you, and you have no rights, and the media spins that I'm anti-Chinese.
I understand you come from a class system, also a very racist system, because it's always been classes for 5,000 years.
But you're hard-working, smart people that need to be free, and I want to see you free.
We're all in this together.
So I'm not the Chinese people's enemy.
Okay, you know that.
But I am upset about the wickedness and the evil alliance between the UN, the EU, and China, and they all ganged up on Donald Trump and our movement, and we're not going to be stopped.
Ignoring Brexit vote only makes the people in the UK stronger to fight.
It's the animating contest of liberty.
The spirit of liberty has been ignited.
You will not stop us.
So, everybody that wants to call and make a straight donation over the phone, that's fine.
Whether it's $10, or $100, or $1,000, or $10,000.
Wealthy and middle class people better start bellying up.
Like when I paid upwards of $80,000.
It was $85,000, I think, actually, to put airplanes all in the sky, sing Hillary for prison, to create that meme.
Notice she lost.
I mean, I'm putting my money where my mouth is.
I'm taking the money as weapon systems, as war bonds, as more bombs to load on our aircraft, figuratively, to take out the enemy emplacements.
We're here.
This is ammunition.
So, InfoWarsStore.com is down.
We'll give you the backup.
It's going to be sluggish because it's under attack as well.
I said they'll find it.
They already have.
Then we also have the toll-free number for you to call, 888-253-8000.
3139, that's 888-253-3139.
I want to thank you all for your support because this is a war.
This is what World War III looks like.
It's economic, it's cyber, it's cultural.
And you can, again, call and we've got a lot of specials, a lot of free shipping.
This isn't about Christmas now.
You know, everywhere in the lower 48, you can still get it delivered by Friday or Saturday before Christmas if you order today.
They're trying to stop us again from funding ourselves and, you know, trying to bully us into submission and it's not going to work.
It's going to make me focus more on capital raising.
In fact, I'll tell you a story.
When we got hacked about 11 years ago and demonized and attacked a bunch of other ways, I was going to stay small, about six, seven employees.
Tim Preget was there at the time, so was Rob Jacobson.
I'm going to stay very, very small.
And I just wanted to be somebody that put out information.
I noticed how they were trying to destroy me, and I realized big fish eat little fish.
I needed to grow, because they kept demonizing us, saying we were trying to get big, we were trying to do this and that, but we were failures.
And I said, I'm going to show you how you get big.
I said it on air.
And now I'm going to show everybody how you get even bigger.
We're now going to, we're going to double in the next year.
We've already tripled our audience the last year, but we're going to double in our firepower, our investigative journalism.
We're going to blast our way out.
Even though we're still dominating, when I say blast our way out, I mean to the next level.
So, you want to fight?
You got one.
And we're going to basically just absolutely go all China all the time now.
Because we're the ones putting the talking point out.
Trump gets it.
And it is China teamed up with the Democrats to bring this country down, lecturing us through Hollywood and newspapers that we can't have Donald Trump.
It is outrageous.
We're not involved in your politics.
Of course, everybody knows that China secretly hates Russia more than us.
They've had wars many times and that they're trying to get the United States organized into a war with Russia.
So is a lot of other countries like Saudi Arabia.
So that's all happening.
Now, Anthony Gucciardi and Tim Brugier both work with our IT people.
And I think we should now get Paul involved, or Gucci, you can do it.
Paul has been responding today.
I think he might be on vacation, well-deserved.
And we need to get a story out on this with all the details that the cyber folks said we could put out, because this is newsworthy.
So, Anthony and Tim, go ahead and tell folks what's happened.
Well, let me give you an idea of this.
Also, we just went to InfoWars Live, and it was down, but because we have backup systems through CloudFlare and everything, you can still sometimes access it right now.
But, so, in my view, this is the top security firm, the internet security firm that InfoWars is working with right now.
It's definitely one of the top.
No one would dispute that.
And they're saying, okay, this is the group that Visa and MasterCard went to when they were under massive, massive DDoS attack.
But this isn't just a DDoS attack.
It's kind of easy in some ways for this company to handle, even though it was scaling.
That was just the first wave about three, four days ago in the middle of the night.
That's all exponential.
It started Friday and it's just exponential.
So it started with a massive DDoS attack.
And they found a vulnerability within WordPress, which is nothing we can do about that.
But then, the second DDoS attack came in the following morning, which was massive.
They used a SynFlood.
There was a SynFlood attack.
But the big thing that they're doing now is they're doing a multi-prong attack.
This isn't just like, you know, they're getting some botnet computers, like 50 computers or something.
We're talking massive, massive scale.
And they said that right now this is about the sophistication level.
They used to take down credit card companies, banks.
This is the same group also, one of the managers over there, we were just speaking with him.
They said that, so Trump obviously, his websites and things were hit with attacks like these.
And they said, I don't know, but they said that Trump's attacks were nowhere near the level of these.
They said this is either number one or number two most sophisticated series of attacks they've seen pretty much in their history.
And they said
Basically, they've got everyone looking at this.
They've got various government groups looking at this.
Everyone's checking out saying what is going on and they can't figure it out.
But they did say, you know, what kind of enemies are you making?
Because clearly this is the most important funding time of the year.
I mean, this is when all the sales come in.
This is when people want to get their products.
People want to get the Christmas stuff.
And of course, the InfoWars store is getting completely seized.
Well they know, we're the only folks along with Drudge putting out the narrative that's true, that they're openly announcing the end of internet freedom and internet censorship and licensing of news.
It's all being announced, Soros' group's being knighted as the group to implement it, and no one's talking about it but InfoWars.com and a few other sites.
We'll be back, stay there guys, I want to learn more.
Yeah, we're on the march.
See that?
We're fighting for you!
We're fighting for you.
The New York Times is so hard up for money that it's going to be vacating eight floors in its headquarters just to generate some rental income.
This article coming out of Zero Hedge talks about how the New York Times once had an ad hoc campaign that was boosting revenue by selling subscriptions.
In response to the back and forth with Donald Trump, they said it was a smashing success.
Perhaps that was a bit of an overstatement because it now looks like they're renting out their 628th Avenue
We're good to go.
And they're saying that this will be done by early 2017.
Full rentals by the end of 2017.
And it looks like they're having to rent out space in their offices just to make ends meet.
Their hate campaign against Donald Trump just isn't working.
I'm Margaret Hall reporting for InfoWars.com
Our fellow info warriors across the United States and across the planet really love the Hillary for Prison 2016 shirts that we began to put out in 2015.
It became a global meme against globalism and corruption.
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They've made huge jokes about it, but it's totally blown up their face.
We now have George Soros.
As a goblin on the back and it says with a cross through him, you know, an X like Ghostbusters, no Soros, him as a goblin.
It says deport Soros on the bottom and on the top it says, InfoWars established 1996.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Now I want to be very, very clear.
This country's being sabotaged.
We're 31 days out from the inauguration of Trump.
They're trying to overthrow.
Seating in the Electoral College today.
Death threats are flowing.
There are all these Netflix shows and HBO shows about how great the jihadis are in Syria.
The wonderful white helmets.
Well, the Russian ambassador was shot dead just minutes ago.
This was reported by DrugsReport.com.
It's going up on Infowars.com as we speak.
There's a graphic video of a, quote, security guard, who's a jihadi, walking up and shooting the Russian ambassador.
Russian ambassador shot dead by a gunman screaming, we die in Aleppo, you die here, during an exhibition in Turkey.
Now these are the jihadis five years ago, funded by Hillary, that invaded into the country, and have been overthrowing it, and then when the Syrians and the Russians fight back, our media calls them horrible and evil.
Now the word is I got last week from a high-level military source is that even though the US military says they won't go along with it, Obama's preparing to give orders for airstrikes into Syria hitting Russian slash Turkish sites.
If that happens it's an act of war and they've openly been calling for similar things like that.
So this is all the craziness that's happening.
This is the attempt to push us into regional wars that could lead to a new world war ahead of Trump getting into office.
All hell's breaking loose.
They mean business.
The Pentagon and others have come out and said if we strike joint Turkish-Russian sites when the legitimate government has invited the Russians in, it's an act of war against Russia.
Now, do we have the video now of him shooting?
Because I saw it during the break.
Can we have that in a moment?
We can just play it right off YouTube.
We can do it that way.
We don't have to transfer it.
Now, I also have news here.
Dealing with Georgia.
We've been covering this for a few weeks.
The officials have gone public.
We have the video coming up at the start of the next segment.
Now, continuing with this, we have the news out of Georgia where the state officials are saying they've been hacked by Homeland Security.
Now, we know this happened all over the country.
As Homeland Security, quote, tried to protect the election, they're actually in there trying to hack into the election systems and clearly change the results.
They failed, though, because the tsunami was so big for Trump, despite the fact they stole five states, manipulated others.
It was just too big a tsunami.
They miscalculated.
They stole big on the city centers, but weren't worried about outlying areas, and those came in so strong for Trump, on average, it was able to defeat them.
And all this is coming out, it's why they changed the subject and blamed the Russians for what they claim has been happening.
Now, as you know, again,
All hell is breaking loose around the world right now.
The video is now up on InfoWars.com.
Russian Ambassador Karlov shot and injured in Turkey.
The word is he's now dead.
The Russian Ambassador
Has been wounded by a gunman while visiting a photo gallery in the Turkish capital.
Some other people reportedly also injured in the attack a day after protests in Turkey over Russian military intervention in Syria.
And Turkey has announced it's at war with Syria.
It's always been at war with Syria the last five years.
And it's sending in tanks and troops, suicide bombers, you name it.
So again, all hell is breaking loose.
And sides are changing sides, switching sides.
They claim there was a coup against Erdogan that the West tried to run.
Then he made a deal with Russia, then he doubled back against it.
These are the times big wars start.
You've got them trying to raise interest rates right now to kill the Trump surge in the economy we've seen.
This is economic warfare.
It's like we're under economic hack attack and people trying to block our website so you can't get to them, so you can't visit the shopping carts.
The last few days of big shopping?
That's coming out of Communist China?
It's the same thing economically against you.
Shutting down your power plants.
Raising your taxes.
It's about domination.
It's about control.
Here is the video clip out of Syria today where the Russian ambassador is executed.
Viewer discretion is advised.
Notice that Juhani shaved his beard.
He was blending in as he was the security guard.
I go to the airport, the people frisking me are wearing headdresses.
They can't even speak English.
We have all the security because of the Islamist.
And then the joke is, whether you're in Heathrow,
Or whether you're in JFK, whether you're in New York or London, it's the jihadis running your life.
And I've got stacks of news here where they're teaching in colleges the evil of whiteness and the evil of Christianity and the goodness of Islam.
And all the liberal women are like, oh yes, I don't have an American man because they're evil misogynists, but I've got a jihadi.
The trendiest thing for liberal women is to have a jihadi that barely even lets them come out of the house.
It's a cuckolding.
They hate their daddy, because he kissed their butt and gave them everything they wanted.
They want somebody to treat them real bad.
So they go from the Western man kissing their butt, putting them up on a pink pillow pedestal, to Jihad, you know, Jihad Sam over here.
Now, again, we're under the biggest hack attack of our history.
It's so unprecedented, I can't even believe it.
When we have other hacks and denial of service deals, I don't even bring it up because it just bounces off.
This is, right now, one of the biggest in history, according to the top internet security firm in the country and the top servers, all of it.
Same folks Visa, MagicCard use, Walmart use.
They now
Say it is about to be the biggest attack ever.
So we've got to go ahead and write this up.
You can also call toll-free, 888-253-3139, 888-253-3139.
And on that newsletter page, somewhere on there, we've got the sign-up for Trump.
We're going to mail today the 100,000 physical petitions that we printed off.
We're going to, yeah, there's the free speech petition.
People need to keep signing that InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
And that's being sent to Trump and to Congress, obviously, to have the cameras there and show it and bring attention to it and then get Trump to come out, which he's planning to do soon, I'm told, and really demonize the attacks on free speech and point out communist China is honchoing it and quarterbacking it.
There's high-level stuff going on with us right now.
I'm going to stop right there.
So, they know, they're attacking, the Communist Chinese are attacking what they see as one of the main mouthpieces of Trump and the American Renaissance, the American return of the Republic.
And I've got Politico, Associated Press, all of them attacking us today, saying we're the evil mouthpiece.
Look at Politico if you're a TV viewer.
They've got another one of these fake conservatives, like, like, like, uh...
What's his name?
Glenn Beck.
That go on shows and say we were always frauds.
We were always, you know, bad.
And conservatism's bad.
We're sorry.
And of course this has me supposedly in the graphic running Fox News and running Sean Hannity.
And that's meant to manipulate Sean Hannity to stop covering the points we cover to make him feel like he's my minion, which he isn't.
And then, you know, Breitbart's under me.
That's the whole image.
Breitbart's under me.
And Sean Hannity's my megaphone and I'm the big monster that
They've got a dual image here where I'm looking straight at the camera, but also the cutout is of my face.
It's good art.
Too bad the artists have turned themselves to deception.
Because I hang stuff like that on the walls.
It's very well done.
Very talented.
But we'll just expropriate this now in the name of the people.
Ha ha ha.
Use it for our own purposes.
So I hope you enjoy that.
But seriously, they go on and say it's the post
Truth era.
Well, you've already said you were the post-truth people, under Karl Rove, that you decide reality.
We're telling the truth.
It's the return of truth you can't handle.
I mean, how broke-back are we?
How dominated?
How controlled?
How pathetic?
But the Communist Chinese are in stacks of news articles I've got here.
I covered it exclusively yesterday, in-depth, for most of the show.
Where they're admittedly running the censorship and advising Facebook, Google and Twitter, who already conform to the Chinese model of communism and control in the last few years.
That's a billion three hundred and fifty million people.
That's four times our population.
They've already done it.
So don't say they can't do it here.
DC World's like, boy, they've been proven right.
Now they're helping us.
Read the article.
Scroll down.
It's like, yeah, guess who's been proven right?
Oh, the current debate over fake news has one country feeling vindicated.
China for years.
It's controversial censorship.
And then they go on to say we're adopting their system.
They kill people for just mild speech.
I should be able to be a practicing Buddhist in my own home and do yoga.
You're going to a death camp to have your organs fricking cut out.
And the left is like, we've got a new ally!
Chairman Mao!
And I'm hitting them with this.
I'm hitting them with this.
There it is.
Fake news is rampant even under tight Chinese filters.
Oh, they're trying as hard as they can and they can't do it.
But we need to learn from them.
They go on to lecture you in these articles about how they're here to... We're going to shut down the bad people.
We promise.
We promise.
I have a clip on Fox News where they go,
We can learn a lot from China.
They've got a right to only have positive news on.
Yeah, they execute you.
They call it negative, or rumors, or fake.
Is that the American way?
We can't give the public a voice.
See, what they don't like is you have a voice now.
So they're picking DrudgeReport.com, Infowars.com, and Breitbart.com as the three test people to publicly pillory attack, and that's not working.
So maybe if we have the Chinese shut them down,
We'll shut up his voice.
All you're doing is make everyone share our videos and our articles that much more.
You're welcome to copy our videos onto your YouTube page.
You're welcome to copy our articles onto your blog.
Get them out!
The answer is, they got a bunch of slave computers hijacked, the Chinese do, attacking us.
We hit them with HUMET, with you getting our articles, our videos, and passing them on religiously to everybody that's happening.
And if you call and they can't answer the phone because they're getting too many calls of support, leave your name and number.
We will call you back to take your order of support.
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Now again, a lot of people, InfoWarsTore.com's down, but they have it jumping from servers to servers.
Your server's secure, your order's safe.
It's an attack to block you from getting to it.
Those of you that know the backup store.
I'll let Anthony, I can give you that because they know what that is too and they're attacking it but for some reason it's not down.
But the most important way is to call 888-253-3139.
I'm not going to let these people win.
We can fund ourselves with mail order.
And I'm on AM and FM stations across the country, and if people understand they've got to order, and let's say they were to shut us down for months.
I'm already preparing for that in case that happens.
It was the biggest attack in history.
It's going to be international news.
They won't be able to cover up.
It's going to be giant.
All the rest of the tech industry knows they can't get into this because it's giving into terrorism.
They're going to build, no matter what systems we need to defeat, the Communist Chinese.
Mass murderers that feed on their own sad people like North Korean minion of theirs Kim Jong-un does.
To InfoWarsLive.com, InfoWarsStore.com is the umbrella site.
Or call 888-253-3139.
We have Give the Gift of Life Christmas Special.
Can't believe this country is so tyrannical, saying Christmas is controversial.
Superman Vitality and Secret 12 all together 20% off.
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What a game changer.
What a life changer.
And it also funds the tip of the spear, the spearhead in the fight for liberty.
Anthony, thanks for standing by.
I know you've got a lot to do while I break this down.
But look at this whole season of control.
The word is they're going to do soft kills against Russians.
We've already seen the head of Russian intelligence killed as well.
This year, we're seeing massive hot war heat up against Russia, U.S.
troops massing on the Polish border with Russia, Trump obviously moving to try to stop this in 31 days, but will they let him get in?
Before we cover that in the next segment, and how they're trying to overturn his electors today, as I told you they would do, a month ago they called me a conspiracy theorist.
They hate it that I know their attack plan.
They hate it I don't care what they say, and I just go with the facts.
I operate as if they don't exist, because they don't.
They're frauds, they're sellouts, they're traitors.
Anthony, break down the level, because as of yesterday, it was the second biggest DDOT, Spambot attack they've ever seen.
Now they're saying it's about to be the biggest, Anthony.
You know, let me just say, we're living in a world, we're living under a society where we can't even make our own decisions anymore about what we want to read.
The EU government, the United States House gets the pass, quietly, a bill that could censor so-called fake news.
You know, Facebook says, that's okay, we're going to put a big
I don't know.
Number one, we can't even intellectually choose what we want to consume anymore, to that level.
There is a lot of fake news out there, sure, but a lot of it's going to be opinion-based, and everyone is inherently biased one way or another.
So, number one, we have that attack at that level, which is huge.
But then, in a more direct attack, you go on, let's say, InfoWars Life.
I just went on it over here, and it's down.
The InfoWars store is down.
Now, you would say, well, gee, what about InfoWars?
Well, InfoWars.com is under attack too, but these people are smart and they're attacking the Lifeblood InfoWars, Life.com and InfoWars store, and it might be up for some people.
We're over here, it's down.
We have cloud flare, so it kind of goes back up across co-locations around the world so that you can still get a backup system.
But they're smart.
They're cutting down on Lifeblood.
The sales were crushed over the last four days because of the massive DDoS attacks, because of the multi-pronged attacks.
Yeah, it's now over $100,000, and again,
Then when your stuff's discounted like ours, let's say $40,000 of money, that sounds like a lot.
Not 60 crew members, not flying people around to cover stuff, not paying for bandwidth, not paying for cybersecurity, not paying for legal.
This is what it costs to run an operation against the New World Order.
People say, why doesn't somebody build a media system to fight them?
They come after you.
They demonize you.
But here's the deal, we're winning!
The great news is, every time we fight back, we win.
So flood the web with HUMET, spreading our links, spreading our articles, spreading our videos, explaining what's happening.
When this article, this video gets archived today, get this out to everyone.
Defend the free web and buy our products because this is why they've been discouraged in the past.
Every time they attack, we just get stronger because it makes us work harder.
So show them!
Hit them hard so we grow in the next year in their face.
InfoWarsStore.com may be up and down.
Go to 888-253-3139 and we come back.
I'll give you the address as well if you'd like to send us a donation or order anything over the mail.
But give yourself the gift of free speech in defending the Republic.
InfoWars is the heart of the resistance.
Everybody knows that.
The enemy knows that.
Don't take it for granted.
I don't take it for granted.
By the way, I'm not saying, oh, I'm special, thank me.
I'm saying, help us!
We're in a war, folks!
This is real, look at it!
We are kicking their butt!
We're about to break free from the Chi-Coms!
He is Bill Mitchell, host of Your Voice Radio.
Again, widely credited with being one of the top election influencers on Twitter.
And the website is yourvoiceradio.com.
Bill, welcome back to the show.
Hi, great to see you again.
Bill, let's switch gears a little bit.
We talked about hysteria on the left.
Let's talk about a little bit of hysteria on the right.
We've had people who've supported Trump for, you know, the best part of 18 months suddenly vowing to withdraw their support because they have a knee-jerk reaction to something they don't like.
We elected Donald Trump for his judgment and his instincts, okay?
And if these appointments mean that he has bad judgment and bad instincts, that individual appointment will be the least of our problems, okay?
But he doesn't.
He has great judgment.
He has great instincts.
Trust the fact that when he is considering these various people, he has more information than you do.
In addition, he is looking at each of these people in his cabinet, not as an individual piece that has to stand on its own, but as part of a larger picture that will all work together.
Trump wants people that have got a track record of winning and succeeding.
And I think that that's one of the things that he's looking for in these cabinet picks.
And he's got a broad spectrum of folks.
I think this may be the wealthiest cabinet we've ever had.
I think so.
Get yourselves in the trap of doubting Trump himself, because what'll happen is, you'll find out that cabinet pick was great, or that he didn't make it at all, and you'll end up having to walk it back and looking like a fool.
This flouncing on the right, we saw it with Mitt Romney, even though he wasn't selected in the end, which, you know, proves that Trump listened to his base.
But even the suggestion of it caused many people to just completely flip out, say they were abandoning the entire Trump train altogether, before he even gets into office.
So what exactly are you going to do for the next four years?
Just sit in the corner and cry and eat potato chips while we make America great again?
I mean, come on!
This presidency is bigger than just one cabinet position.
It's bigger than just one policy.
This is an entire sea change in the way America does business.
Just try to remain faithful.
You know, have some belief in the guy.
You elected him.
Remember why you elected him.
And, you know, just let's be unified.
Trump had the temerity to say America first and that he would put Americans' interests first.
God forbid!
Troops marched up and down with bayonets down the street.
You'd get excited.
This is 21st century war, but they're hitting Infowars.com, the leading flagship in mobilizing populations worldwide against the globalist takeover.
China has a major deal with the globalist cabal, the engine of the takeover.
They're coming after us.
I'm not going to belabor this anymore.
Jordan Maxwell, very hard to get on, best-selling author, Illuminati expert.
Regardless of what you think about him, he's done groundbreaking work, incredibly thought-provoking.
He was scheduled to be on next hour.
I'm trying to move him to the third hour, which has even more listeners, just because I've got to cover all this other elector news and stuff that's breaking and how they just killed the Russian ambassador.
I mean, it's just...
My gut tells me that we were going to go into a crazy time.
I said this two years ago, a year ago.
I said this election was going to be huge.
Trump was going to win.
But then they were going to start a war, an economic collapse, you name it, to stop him.
I'm on record.
Geopolitically, I can look at it intellectually.
Gut level, I can look at it.
And my gut's never wrong.
And if I seem happy, everybody's like, why are you so happy?
Because once I'm in a fight, I'm not.
Having anxiety more, it's the joy of battle.
Berserking, basically, politically.
And I've gone berserk is what's happened.
I worked 18 hours yesterday.
I took a few hours off with the kids.
I worked 18 hours until 2 a.m.
18 hours.
I'm counting the few hours I took off, and I'm not bragging.
I'm in total energized mode.
Weight now is just pouring off of me.
I still don't look as good as I used to 20 years ago, but I mean, I'm looking a lot better.
I'm looking younger.
I'm just coming alive.
It's just like, I can just feel the times we're living in right now.
It is just incredible.
Show, the backup store that's also under attack, it's sluggish.
The stores are safe, they haven't been hacked into, they're being hit so you can't get in the door.
It's like they're boarding up the door so you can't get in.
Store.infowars.com is the old shopping cart, has all the bells and whistles, looks just the same as all the same products, updated every day.
You can also direct mail PO Box 19549, Austin, Texas 78760.
And folks, I never asked for this, but donations,
The country is on its knees.
We're getting back up on our legs.
We got a chance to throw the CHICOMS out of here, who openly are taking over Hollywood, our media, lecturing us, saying we can't have Donald Trump, giving Hillary money, meddling in our elections.
Stand up against the murdering communist Chinese before we get intimidated into slavery.
Our same elite put the CHICOMS in control over the Chinese, and I apologize to the Chinese for that.
We fight for the Falun Gong.
We fight for the Chinese people.
We fight for Taiwan.
They're so angry.
I'm supporting Taiwan.
I support independence from tyranny.
Box 19549, Austin, Texas 78760.
I need your support now more than ever.
We're keeping the free shipping through this week.
It's not about Christmas now.
It's about letting them know they're gonna lose.
And they have put a big dent in our funding for next year because December, the last, this week, pretty much ending this weekend already, was when we would make the money to see how much extra we'd have in the new year.
But listen, I can just take on more sponsors, do whatever's needed.
But I'd really just rather have you support us.
Infowarsstore.com, get the products you need.
Anthony, other points I'm dragging you in here to add about this.
No, exactly.
That's the thing, though.
As an independent group, as an independent organization, not taking money from mega-corporations, not taking money from government subsidies and groups, and saying, oh, well, you know, we're here for the people, but meanwhile, getting back to our payments, we actually need to sell stuff that is really good.
And with the Nutraceuticals, they're life-changing.
I super-believe in them.
I take them every single day.
Look how they're trying to shut down Breitbart right now, using the fact that they have big sponsors.
And I'm not blaming them having BMW.
Those are great cars.
I don't blame them having Kellogg's.
That's crap food, but that's who they have on there.
But they're now withdrawing their support to bankrupt them.
It's what they do.
By the way, Breitbart wouldn't be there if it wasn't for big Republican donors that are patriots.
Go ahead.
Yeah, what else are they going to do when they have millions and millions of fans?
I mean, they're trying to attack you over and over again, say you're crazy or whatever.
But your millions of listeners that actually know you, they say, well, hey, you know, we like him.
So what else are they going to do?
They're going to try and cut down your funding arm.
They're going to try and stop you any way they possibly can.
And this is their last resort.
We get America, we get the world.
You developed Living Defense for Us.
It took you over a year to do it.
Why is this show good?
Because people are actually waking up to the problem that pretty much scares me the most.
I mean, I try to make sure that I don't put toxins from food and water and beverages in my system, but right now we're dealing with massive parasites, which is anything that's harmful to your body that lives off a host mechanism.
Right now with all the refugees,
Uh, spreading disease around.
We have biological warfare going on everywhere.
These are all parasites.
Tell us about all the stuff that's in it.
There's so many things that are in it.
You have the neem in there, you have the organic clove bud, the organic wormwood.
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Alright, well, I'm glad we've got some back in because I'm going back on it today.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Must be free again.
Before America can be great again, she must be free again.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Here's to all the patriots standing up for humanity worldwide, whether they be Japanese, Chinese, Russian, American, Mexican, it doesn't matter.
We're all in this together and I salute you.
Whether you're Nigerian or Palestinian,
Doesn't matter.
The truth is the globalists are dehumanizing us.
They're jacking our food and water supply.
They're trying to destroy the family.
They think that we're stupid, but as soon as we start taking action, we learn to develop those psychological and cultural muscles to throw off the enemy.
Anthony Gucciardi, break down the sustained massive attack, one of the biggest, if not the biggest in history, according to the top internet company we have employed.
Let's get his mic on.
Sorry, your mic's shorted out.
Go ahead, Anthony.
No worries.
They're subtly overblown back here doing much stuff.
But, uh, no, it's crazy.
What's crazy is that apparently it's one of the most sophisticated attacks these groups have ever seen.
They've worked with Visa, MasterCard, you name it.
They've done massive DDoS attacks.
They said this could get up to a terabyte a second.
But it's not just the DDoS attacks.
It's like a multi-pronged attack that's in multiple different ways and systems and looking at vulnerabilities and things.
But you've got to think about it, right?
What are control freaks afraid of?
They're afraid of losing control of their little fake perceived paradigm that they have control under, and they hate independent groups, they hate independent media, they hate anything that doesn't follow the chippering mouthpiece of the establishment system, and that means even if you don't agree with, you know, every independent group out there, I certainly don't, I don't agree with everything,
But at least they're independent.
At least they're getting funding from themselves or fans or something and not from the government and not from the corporations that would, of course, make them say the same things through their mouthpiece.
So they're desperately afraid of groups that are independent.
They're desperately afraid of people like you because there's actually no control.
There's no control through your back end.
They don't come in here and tell you what to say.
So, kind of like a loose cannon that could actually fire, you know, proverbially and intellectually at the
Target very, very frequently and just blasting things off.
So they're desperately afraid and that's why we see things like them trying to go after fake news.
That's why they aren't letting us think for ourselves anymore.
This is bad.
This is scary.
Just like China, where they say, yeah, China's doing a great job protecting against fake news and negative news.
Yeah, they classify fake news as anything that's not along with the regime.
That's not along with their view of reality, which they've so tightly controlled.
And even then, it gets through.
Even then, they burn CDs and DVDs and everyone knows the truth over there.
So it's all a big joke.
But after they can't fight us intellectually and they say, you know, these people are just losers on the internet, as there's millions of fans, what are they going to do?
They have to cut off the funding.
You know, and I don't know the groups behind this at all.
I'm not even going to speculate, but I will say when you have a major firm saying, okay, this is like a Visa slash MasterCard attack with massive levels of sophistication, it doesn't even matter which group it is because there's already an above ground attack with the fake news, with trying to discredit everyone that wouldn't dare, you know, that would
Well, Anthony, just to be specific, they said it's state-sponsored level, and this is what the Communist Chinese do, and this is their speciality, and they've taken credit for the most recent ones, even to PC World, and we've been targeting China, and it appears to be coming from China.
Well, what I'm excited about is actually I spoke to the
One of the head guys over there, and they might want to come on the show and become public about everything.
They did say, I don't know who you made enemies with, but this looks like state-sponsored, it looks serious, it's one of the biggest sophisticated, if not the biggest, most sophisticated attacks they've seen.
So, clearly, yes, you've made some enemies, and that's what happens when you're independent and you don't follow along with the establishment system that tells you what to do.
That's just what's going to happen.
And they picked, and they're smart, they picked the exact days that the funding is the most required.
And you can see on screen there, that's what happens when you go to the store.
It reroutes you to CloudFlare, which is our backup system.
It's also getting under attack.
And even they said, this is the premier level of security we're offering, and it's still getting hurt.
It's still getting blasted.
And they're hitting the vein of all this, the lifeblood.
They're attacking the store, because they're smart.
That's right.
You can always just simply write to PO Box 19549 Austin, Texas 78760 and not let the globalists and their minions stop you.
You notice Obama said we're going to hit back at Trump and the Russians and everybody in our way of choosing with cyber war.
We know he works for the Communist Chinese.
Hillary is a Chinese agent.
The top CIA people confirmed that.
So this is who they go through for plausible deniability.
A lot of times, Western governments will use a foreign asset, a foreign government's hitman, to kill somebody, too.
So, our best analysis is, this is the globalist, the foundation, through the Chinese.
Well, another bombing attempt, this time outside a German Christmas market.
Now, officials are saying that a 12-year-old boy planted a device outside a town hall in a second attempt to blow up the place after his first one failed.
Of course, we've seen heightened attacks in German cities, Christian statues being smashed, and now a bombing attempt at a Christmas market.
A passerby called police about a suspicious bag on December the 5th, and detectives found what appeared to be an IED inside of it, left by a 12-year-old boy.
Now, the first bomb did not explode, so days later, he allegedly made a second attempt by planting a device in a bush by the town hall and shopping center.
ISIS we know is commanding anyone living in Europe likely in the near future around Christmas time to perpetuate these attacks against unsuspecting citizens merely doing their holiday and Christmas shopping.
I'm Margaret Howe reporting for InfoWars.com
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We've got new audio.
Bitter Hillary blames FBI Putin for election loss.
Meanwhile, the Russians have reportedly lost hundreds and hundreds of troops, helicopter pilots, you name it, fighting globalist proxy armies funded by NATO and Saudi Arabia jihadists.
And now the Russian ambassador shot dead in Turkey.
When I was first seeing the headlines, I was thinking that they were shot dead because it broke so fast in Syria.
This is the ambassador to Turkey.
Assassin opens fire at photo exhibition.
Turkish police officer, we die in Aleppo, you die here.
Allah Akbar!
Nothing to do with Islam though.
We'll probably actually hear Obama go, this is not Islam, this is not Islam.
Russia calls this terrorist act.
So that's from GrudgeReport.com.
It's up on InfoWars.com right now as well.
We've already played the video.
I'm not going to play it again.
Graphic video, Russian ambassador to Turkey dead after assassination.
They've been killing so many Russian ambassadors and the head of their intelligence agency in Syria that I just mentally...
Good to go.
Syria, and is trying to overthrow it.
Remember, the West started the war, sending jihadis in five years ago.
When those forces got repulsed, Turkey opened its borders, allowed them in, and then sent them into Eastern and Western Europe.
Truly incredible.
But don't worry, Snopes, who George Soros funds, is now being put in charge of Facebook and others, and they say that it's not true that Hillary ever funded jihadis.
Even though congressional hearings admit it, top generals admit it, even though it's all public, Snopes says it's not true, because they're God.
So I've got a lot of news I want to go over on that front, but there are the Russians fighting the jihadis.
And if you look at the image of the police officer, he's wearing a suit, he's wearing a black tie, he looks like he's a GQ model or something.
Doesn't look like a jihadi, but see, the jihadis, when they're in amongst the enemy, they don't need to look like they're conforming.
They can drink alcohol, do whatever.
Because the way Islam's all practiced, it's all dual.
Like, if you're gay, they execute you, but if you're just loving a child, if it's love having sex with them, it's okay.
And notice, that's what Nambula says.
They go, oh, we're not molesting five-year-olds, we're loving them.
So, that's the new level this has gotten to.
I want to go over a ton of news now, and a bunch of clips that I haven't gotten to yet.
But before I go any further, if you just joined us, I never get up here and say, oh my gosh, we're under a massive hack attack.
We're having our sites blocked.
We're having our shopping carts blocked during the most busy days of the year.
This is terrible, because we just, whatever the attack is, we learn from it.
The companies learn from it.
We've gotten better companies over the years and more sophisticated until we have undoubtedly one of the top three in the nation that works for everybody.
I mean, you name it.
They do the cybersecurity for MasterCard, Visa, Walmart, all of it.
And so it's not a hack of the sites themselves, it's just a novel service, but using massive bot attacks, massive zombie computers, where they infect your computer, they take control, they do it.
It's just huge.
And it just exponentially, logarithmically, gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger.
As we put in things to countermand it, they only intensify it.
And so, I've always been ready, and I've told you this was coming, to go low-tech.
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Now, I said I was going to get to this at the end of the hour, but I got behind.
So, remind me, crew.
Make a note, please.
I need you guys to help the talk show I was producing here.
You're doing a great job, but I need some help here, because I get a little scatterbrained.
Remind me at the bottom of the hour.
To play the Georgia newscast, there's several, where they've confirmed Homeland Security's hacking in and taking over the election.
So they tried to steal the elections, the globalists did, they failed.
This is big news.
It's been out for a few weeks, but now it's being confirmed.
So that's coming up.
Now, let me go ahead and get into the other news.
First let me just read you these headlines.
Electoral College, unloved but ever-present, set to anoint Trump.
That's French news agency on Yahoo.
Now they're claiming Russian news came into the US and influenced us about Trump.
That's what they're calling the hacking.
What about the French telling us he's the anointed one?
It's the popular vote of the states.
But then budgeted within the states, and it doesn't line up exactly with the popular vote, it gives the states a little bit extra room so they don't get dominated by more popular states.
That's why it's there.
It's another check and balance.
You count out the illegals that voted, Trump really won the popular vote.
That doesn't matter.
He's the anointed one.
See, everybody thinks he's anointed.
No, Hillary was anointed.
The people said no.
Anointed by Soros.
Electors under siege.
Radical left trying to overthrow the election.
And they're death-threatening people, it's all admitted.
In fact, let's queue up the first clip here in a moment.
From CNN, even the Communist News Network, even the Clinton News Network, the Conformity News Network admits that the death threats are flowing.
So they're set to make Trump official today.
Creepy Podesta refuses to say election was fair and free, even though they said it was impossible for there to be fraud.
That's out of the hill.
Lynch says she regrets tarmac meeting with Clinton.
Well, now they're just saying that meeting never happened.
Let me just ask Snopes.
Continuing, Arizona elector Obama should have publicly discouraged anti-Trump death threats.
It's a full-on onslaught.
Yeah, but they just have Nancy Pelosi's daughter come on air and imply that I gave her a death threat.
See, just invert what you're doing.
Edit what Alex says then, you know, about her funding jihadis to rape and murder kids and just say I said she said she was doing it in a pizza place and then have outrage with your zombie viewers.
PA electors get police protection because they're getting harassed so intensely.
That's how the Post-Gazette, by the loving liberals.
Coup or no coup, what to watch for is the Electoral College votes on Monday.
And we're now Monday.
They're supposed to vote today across the states.
There'll be lots of circuses as they get together to vote.
We'll be tracking all of that right through the nightly news tonight and tomorrow, obviously live.
But December 19th, the meeting of electors.
They meet in each state to select the President and Vice President of the United States.
The electors record their votes in six original certificates of vote, which are parried with the remaining six original certificates of ascertainment.
The electors sign and seal and certify the packages of electoral votes and immediately send them to federal and state officials as detailed in the accompanying instructions.
The President of the Senate, or Archivist, on December 28th of the United States and other designated federal and state officials must have the electoral votes in hand.
January 6th of 2017, the Congress meets in joint session to count the electoral votes unless Congress passes a law to change the date.
Meanwhile, Bill Clinton is engaged in massive race baiting.
Bill Clinton says Trump knows.
Trump knows.
Trump knows how to get angry white men to vote for him.
Even though lying slick Bill, when he hadn't on the pedophile Epstein's played.
That's a fact.
That ain't a rumor right there.
No sirree, Bob.
When he's not doing that, he's not telling you that the same whites that put Obama in are the same white Midwest voters that voted for Trump because they want change and prosperity back.
But he's going to make it racial so that minorities, who are the new majority in most areas, don't feel like when they hear about free market or wealth that's something they can be involved in.
That's really how Bill Clinton's broken strategy works is divide and conquer.
He admits it.
Let's continue here.
University offers class on the problem of whiteness.
Yeah, they have these all over the country.
University of Southern California demonizing whites.
And now all the minorities get to learn with other white leaders how to gang up and be race bullies.
It's literal KKK behavior.
Don't worry though, we're going to play this when we come back.
UVA students sign petition to ban Christmas.
That's right, and now they're also banning the word holiday.
It's all about banning words.
Book burning.
Huffington Post Syrian refugee columnist, cultural enrichment expert, says women to blame for New Year's sex attacks for being out alone at night.
The Cologne mayor said the same thing.
You know, you're 8 o'clock, 9 o'clock at night, 10 o'clock at night, you're going home on a subway, you get gang-raped, you're a problem, sweetie.
This is from the loving liberals.
Meanwhile, there's more cultural enrichment in Turkey, as the Russian ambassador got gunned down at an art display for the community, as the man screamed, Allah Akbar, you kill, you die in Aleppo, you die here.
Showing he's a Wahhabist Jihadi.
We'll probably get a year in prison.
Meanwhile, meanwhile, Obamacare screws all Americans.
Obamacare subsidies set to increase by $10 billion as costs spiral out of control.
Then we're going to get into a bunch of news about the head of the IMF convicted.
We'll break that down, play a bunch of clips I mentioned, and more, straight ahead here on the InfoWar.
I'm Alex Jones.
The time is now.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am officially running for President of the United States, and we are going to make our country great again!
They see that the elites who ruined their lives hate Trump.
The career politicians hate Trump.
It's just awfully good that Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country.
Because you'd be in jail.
Trump's election is going to be the biggest f*** you ever recorded in human history.
You think your business background helped you with campaigning?
I was doing the primaries.
I spent less money than other people and I did better.
And that's what we want to do for the country.
We want to spend less money and do better.
I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father.
Hi, this is Ted Cruz calling.
Death, destruction, terrorism, and weakness.
This is the legacy of Hillary Clinton.
Now the two faces of Hillary Clinton are coming out.
In fact, through WikiLeaks, that she says one thing- Oh no.
All right, let's see if we can get Congressman Collins back.
Obviously, we just lost the satellite feed.
I think the media is very dishonest.
I say it all the time.
I think they're among the most dishonest human beings I've ever met.
Remember, Hillary Clinton has some vulnerabilities herself because of her support in the 1990s for anti-crime legislation that ultimately helped contribute to this era of mass incarceration that she now speaks out again.
We just lost Brianna Keillor.
I'm not a super predator, Hillary Clinton.
Apologize to black people for mass incarceration.
I will be the nominee.
There is no way that I won't be.
Is it acceptable that Wall Street and billionaires are spending hundreds of millions of dollars trying to buy elections?
Is that democracy?
History is watching us now.
It's waiting to see if we will rise to the occasion.
Just win, baby.
And if we will show the whole world that America is still free and independent and strong.
I am with you.
I will fight for you.
And I will win for you.
I am your voice.
Look, I'm not gonna sit here and say, see, I told you so.
That communist Chinese style net censorship is coming to the web.
Because it's already here.
It's being announced.
The way you keep the internet open and free is you get involved more than ever.
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Take action!
Sending out an SOS.
We're 31 days out from President Trump being president, hopefully.
Stopping the treason, stopping the federal funding of Black Lives Matter and all these race riot groups.
Trying to stabilize the country, get some jobs back here.
We are seeing just weaponized corporate evil run rampant.
Since I mentioned these clips...
Let me go to some of these.
Here's a clip.
As I mentioned, electoral college members received death threats for promising to confirm Donald Trump as president.
Here it is.
So this one came in a day before the election.
Hey, blank head, I'll find you and put a bullet in your fat, blanking mouth.
Death threats fill Michigan elector Michael Benarion's social media accounts.
So this is a tweet I received.
It has a picture of a noose on it.
His mailbox, packed with demands coming from around the country.
2000 just this week, he says.
Oregon, Oklahoma.
Washington states... I am so sorry.
The mailman even interrupting our interview to deliver another 600 letters, all calling on him not to vote for Donald Trump.
Something Binarian, along with Michigan's 15 other electors, pledged to do, regardless of the pressures.
I've had death wishes, people just saying, I hope you die, do society a favor, throw yourself in front of a bus.
And just recently I was reading a blog about me, and unfortunately these people not only called for the burning of myself, but my family, which is completely out of line.
Benarion has no choice.
Michigan state law keeps him from changing his vote.
Electors in 27 other states and the District of Columbia also have what are known as faithless elector laws.
But in 22 states,
What's incredible about that piece is CNN hardly ever tells the truth, but they did tell the truth there.
But notice she's like...
He doesn't have any choice, after they talk about murdering his family.
He doesn't have any choice.
Kind of like, well, people are upset.
Like when the cops get killed, CNN has hosts that go, well, it is cops' fault, they're doing bad stuff.
Oh, some cop might do something wrong in other states, so you shoot some other cop in another state in the back of the head?
So, a black guy does something wrong, so you go randomly shoot another black guy, or a white guy does something wrong, or a woman does something wrong?
This is mental illness.
And CNN is showing the websites, giving it attention, to hype this up with their viewers.
Can you imagine what would happen if I did one-tenth of this, I'd be arrested, and I should?
Instead they have Nancy Pelosi's daughter on Fox, CNN, you name it, going, I'm not trying to have a coup or overthrow an election, that's a lie!
By conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who sent people to threaten to kill me!
They had Pelosi reportedly contact the Attorney General to have some criminal investigation of me.
I never said anything about her!
But that she was trying to overthrow the election, which they admit they are!
And I said she looks like Frankenstein.
After she was doing all that, I mean, looks like Frankenstein with a wig, big square head.
I mean, you do look like Frankenstein, lady.
You're even uglier than your mother.
I'm sorry.
But you want to get personal, there I am.
I shouldn't do that, I apologize.
You have an ugly soul, okay?
You're a liar.
But here they are doing all this.
I mean, 600 letters came in one day.
A bunch of them threatening to kill him.
Then let's go out to break with these hysterical New Hampshire folks.
They're trying to organize states to force people to go with the popular vote and overthrow Trump.
But they're not trying to overthrow the election.
I'm fake news for saying that.
Here it is.
I think it is almost beyond belief that we have a woman who has won two and a half million more votes than the person who wins the election.
You know what?
Hit pause.
Hit pause.
This is so horrible.
I want to give this justice on the side of the break.
I need to talk about this.
If you're not a TV viewer, you don't see it.
It's these women sitting around like they've all found their children dead, okay, in the basement.
Just going, oh, it's unbelievable.
We have a woman.
And now she doesn't get it?
When they're the people.
That thought Hillary was a shoe-in saying, now Trump may win the popular, but if she wins the electoral, because the way the map looks, we got to go with it.
That's our system to give states that have smaller populations a little bit higher proportional, just maybe one percentage point, so that they don't get bullied.
Kind of like senators used to be appointed by the state legislatures, so the states had power.
The House members were popularly elected.
They got rid of that with the 17th Amendment.
Also snuck through around Christmas time in 1913 like they're sneaking through all this internet censorship right now.
But now they're just like, it's cause she's a woman!
Has nothing to do with it.
If you'd have run a woman that was that decent, she'd have beaten Trump.
Bernie Sanders probably would have beaten Trump, the polls show.
But no, you had to run another Clinton.
The problem wasn't that she was a woman.
The problem was she was a dirtbag, kingpin Clinton!
A bloodsucking Clinton!
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Because they don't do real interviews.
They talk to you for three hours, edit it to act like you're a journalist, and twist it.
What's the point?
Well, we're seeing the death of mainstream media, which is fantastic.
That's why the so-called fake news, because there's no competition.
There's not enough diversity in media.
So you end up with five or six media outlets rushing to be the first to report on a story.
They manufacture news.
You know, Noam Chomsky wrote a famous book, Manufacturing Consent, how the mainstream media has co-opted for the corporate agenda, and that is
A textbook on how to create fake news.
Now, the alt media space and what Infowars has done has been to introduce what I would call the acid meme to shoot down the fake news of the mainstream media.
So when they jump on some of these stories that are, let's say Pepe the Frog, for example, which turned into a Hillary Clinton bashing, killing meme.
That generated from 4chan, it generated from the internet, it was picked up by- It caused the Streisand effect.
Right, it caused the Streisand effect.
She buys into it and she looks stupid.
But because she's not really in touch with how the media works in America anymore, she sets herself up to look stupid.
People who are actually involved in media every single day, who quote multiple media sources, go to international media sources, they saw the gestation of that fake meme- Exactly, it's not that any of us are perfect.
But we just go to the wide spectrum different views.
We're not in the regurgitation echo chamber they're in.
They're claiming we're in an echo chamber.
We're in a total free-for-all.
Look, I've been on RT.
I've done a thousand shows for RT.
Russia Today comes out of Moscow.
You've told me the Russians never give you any talking points.
No, no.
It's like unheard of.
Everybody I know that's been on RT says, I've probably been on there 200 times, they've never told me don't cover this or do that.
You try to go on CNN, it's like three hour interrogations.
Look, BBC is the worst.
They put you through three or four interrogations before you go on, and a lot of times they just steal your stuff and give it to some other producer and they don't even... That's what they do, they get you there.
The BBC has been aghast at the Brexit vote, the rise of Nigel Farage, and they were- The Italians just voted to start getting out of the EU?
Right, they're totally caught flat-footed because they're not in touch with actually what's happening in the media space, what's happening in the news, and they totally misunderstood what you're all about and what you're doing.
And so now we have the Trump effect and the Trump effect is a remarkable phenomenon in American history.
This is basically and we're going to see now the Constitution in action because I think Trump is going to approach this presidency in a way that we haven't seen maybe ever.
He's not beholden to anyone.
He's going to take a look at every single deal, every single relationship, and it's up for review.
That's why he said everything should be a deal-by-deal basis, not some secret multinational agreement we then don't get to even look at and then we follow.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
All right, Jordan Maxwell is really hard to get on the radio.
In fact, whenever I ask him, he doesn't come on.
He comes on when he wants to.
And I looked into it.
He's had a lot of threats, a lot of harassment.
They have really come after him, and he's elderly.
He was pretty much a cult insider, not into black magic stuff, but he was given entry into some of those high-level Blavatsky-type deals.
Because I've studied it deeply, and I can tell you, he can teach you a lot.
So it's hard to get him on, but he says such big stuff's happening, he wanted to come on.
And so he's going to be joining us.
Why Democrats are so angry with the election.
There is a much bigger movement going on around the world that no one sees.
Words are very important to mislead people.
The video Alex and I talked about is now done.
He wants us to show that.
He has a new research website with everything on it.
And he wants to talk about a lot of other stuff.
Okay, so that's Jordan Maxwell joining us in the next hour.
And we have David Knight hosting the fourth hour today.
So that is all coming up.
It's not just survival for this show.
The reason they hate me is that, I want to explain this.
People talk, but they don't do the work.
I have read hundreds of history books, hundreds, because I would get addicted to them.
In fact, until I was about 27 and started having children, I read probably three hours every night.
And I can pretty much speed read.
So I've read, let's not exaggerate, I'm not bragging, I just keep saying hundreds and it sounds like an exaggeration.
I've probably read 200 naval history books of the US, England, France, China, Japan, the Netherlands, the Romans, the Greeks.
I mean, I really got into naval stuff for some reason on a jag for about two years.
I've read probably, I usually burn out at about 200.
Buying, I'm going to the library, having library deliver books, I've probably read
300 books on the Nazis?
Another 100 on the World War II alone, probably 50 on World War I. Probably about 50 or so on Rome.
I've read two of Plato's books, one of Aristotle's, three of Nietzsche's.
I've read both of Carol Quigley's books.
I've read five Zbigniew Brzezinski books.
I used to read every two months Foreign Affairs had a subscription to it.
Used to go down in college.
The only place that sold newsstands was also a porn shop.
One side was news, it was called news.
One side was periodicals from all the countries that came in daily, or a day after.
The other side was porn.
And they used to see me in there almost every day.
I'd say, oh Alex Jones!
People make a joke, I'd be walking out, even once I was on air, the internet wasn't very big by like 98 still, people that were listening to see me walking out of the porn shop with the newspapers in their mind, oh what porn are you into?
I'd go, oh, you know, government, disinformation porn, you know, the New York Times, the Washington Post.
I don't know why I'm digressing off.
I used to be a bookworm.
I'll be honest with you.
I read magazines now, and I scan government documents, and I cheat-sheet new books because they'll be scanned online.
I didn't buy Rockefeller's book, Reflections, about world government.
I just read the subpages online about world government stuff.
So I haven't read a book... It's weird.
I haven't read a book in, like, five years.
Before that, I might read like a book every few months.
I mean, I've just quit reading books.
It's a luxury I had to give up because I'm fighting now.
I'm reading breaking stuff.
I'm that committed.
I don't watch TV anymore, except to monitor it.
I might see a movie once a week now, at home.
And I'm not bragging.
I'm explaining something.
I know what I'm talking about.
I have a big historical index.
I have a current contemporary index.
I have a near-past index.
I read a lot of near-future futurist indexes.
And I know what the elite are saying and doing.
And here's the frustrating part.
I've talked about it nauseam, but I'll say it again.
90 plus percent of what the globalists are doing is published.
I mean, I read stuff in the 60s by top colleges saying, we're going to promote boys being girls and girls being boys, and add chemicals to the water, and do this to break up the family.
I don't hate anybody that's been confused and told they're a girl with the chemicals and stuff, and sometimes it's natural.
But the point is, they're pushing you in that way as part of an agenda.
It's a fact.
It's not my opinion.
And once people have been inducted into this stuff as their identity, they don't want to go back.
It's who they are.
It's who they know.
I use the Omega Man allegory.
He's the scientist, the lone guy to live.
Everybody else has like this zombiosis, most of them are retarded.
Some of Ruling Guild, or it's kind of the Morlocks and the Eloy line, of H.G.
Wells, are intelligent.
They're basically vampires.
He's like, listen, my blood will cure you.
They go, dude, we don't want it.
You're dead, okay?
I mean, that's what I feel like is Omega Man, quite frankly.
And it is a cultural disease, all this stuff.
And they're doing it on purpose, so...
You want to sit here and throw spears at me all day?
Knock yourselves out, man.
I, as a human, can't stop but warn you.
I mean, I used to be so neurotic about proving things to people that I sent off to several universities and got copies, paid their libraries because I didn't want to travel to Kansas and New York, and I got the letters of Margaret Sanger that are around here somewhere.
I did a TV show on it, did some radio shows like 12 years ago.
That it was hundreds of pages of how blacks aren't human, and how they're gonna hire all the liberal preachers to control the black movement, how they're gonna break up the family and make women be promiscuous, show that men are promiscuous so they won't stay with women, so the kids get raised by the state, and then we're living it, we're experiencing it, and the people that are under it are mad that you're even telling them what did it to them.
If you want to stay like that,
That's your business.
Just know it was done to you nine times out of ten.
I'm not just talking about the cover of National Geographic, you know, showing a little kid who they tell you is a woman and their school teaches you you're a woman.
That's the school involving your child's sexuality.
It's pedophilia.
Not in my view, it's a fact.
The UN accepts NAMBLA.
They say it's our agenda.
Why do you think Salon comes out and says it's okay for men to want five-year-old girls?
Is it okay for me to slit their throats?
The men?
This is what this is all about, and because we built such an incredible civilization that empowers people to not have to work, they can sit around bitching all day at those of us that still produce as if we're the enemy, because they're in innate competition with our virile ingenuity and civilization-building spark that men carry.
Women carry it as well, but they build the nest.
It's a saying I coined.
Women like nest, and women like nesting, because they are nests.
Feminists say you're not a nest, you're not a loving creature that creates another human through a fusion, a spliced clone of you, your ancestors, and your mate's ancestors, some beautiful, magical thing.
No, it's a parasite!
Kill it!
I think Gloria Steinem has four or five kids or whatever it is.
You know, I mean, this is her, you know, Ted Turner says you shouldn't be able to have kids, but you can have five.
It's all about them.
They're gonna have cars.
They're gonna have jets.
They're gonna have air conditioning.
They're gonna do whatever they want.
You're not.
Because they're selfish pigs.
So I want to get into the hacking of the election.
Oh, the Chinese communist and the Saudi Arabian loon royalty and the EU and the Pope and everybody gang raped the American psyche to sell us on tyranny.
And it didn't work.
We rejected it just like Brexit did.
It's like Italy just rejected the globalist takeover.
The expansion of EU power and EU troops to be stationed there.
That's what it was.
Total veto power by the EU over Italy.
Ending their government.
The Italians said, you know, our government's got problems, but we'll take it over.
Legrand, who just got convicted of corruption, basically, they called it negligence that they've got Swiss bank accounts and they don't pay taxes.
The whole Socialist Party got caught in France basically not paying taxes.
Let me give you a little newsflash.
When they raise taxes to 101% on the middle class, that's the middle class selectively they're enforcing on to bankrupt.
You don't believe me?
Google, France raises taxes to 101%.
You'll get it.
That's a regressive tax to bankrupt you.
It's war.
It's siege.
It's what the globalists do.
Before I get to that, let's go ahead and go back to the clip I mentioned of just these, it's a woman, the first time we've got a woman.
It's a fake face on a political, aren't we all sad ladies?
And they're up there at a state house meeting room to make it look all official.
And yeah, we're going to move to have the state say that we're going to go with the nation's popular vote and then switch our electors to that.
But we're not trying to coup the president.
There's no movement to overthrow, they said, for a month, so we wouldn't organize a resistance.
I'm like, they're gonna try to take it.
They're gonna try to take it the 19th.
And even if that fails, they're gonna try to take it until the 6th of January.
Then they're gonna try to kill Trump.
And they're gonna start a war with Russia.
They're gonna start it with Syria.
That's my intel.
You know, you see it all happening.
All happening.
But see, they want to deny it's happening so you don't organize, so we can't stop it.
Then they jump to the next line, hoping you haven't paid attention to what I've covered and what I've said.
So they can move on to the next attack.
You see, why in World War I with the Germans and the Allies, blare on loudspeakers that, oh, this is not an assault, an armistice has been declared, no one's fighting, everything's fine.
Psychological warfare was first being tested out then.
It was seen as very, very, you know, illegal, but it's still tested.
Because if you even get 2 or 3% of the enemy to lay down their guns, you can overrun them.
Or at least they hesitate, and are now thinking it's all over, don't fight, instead of committing to the fight.
An allegory, a parable, a... allegory, a...
Example of this is Saving Private Ryan, based on a composite of a lot of true things that happened, but it's still overall fiction, like The Patron.
And they're wrestling around in this shot-up apartment building, and the GI gets the better of the German soldier, and he's got the big knife, the bayonet, about to drive it into him, and the German goes, stop, stop, I'm your friend, don't, no, no, no, no, no.
And the American goes, oh, okay, we're friends.
He uses that to rotate him around and drive the knife right into his heart.
And that's why they do it.
There are no death panels.
Obamacare is free.
There is no IRS penalty.
Alex Jones is lying.
Matt Drudge is fake news.
Don't listen, there are no drones.
The borders are not open.
No diseases are coming across.
There is no inflation.
I went to look and see at the Alamo Draft House how much Rogue One was, because my kids wanted to go, though it's a feminist brainwashing film like everything else.
I wouldn't care if it was a few films of feminist brainwashing, like all of them, but I'm going to go with the educational thing, I thought.
It was $25 for an adult.
Oh, there's no inflation, though.
That some showings are that, others are lower.
They're like testing to see what you'll do.
Well, some are only $15, I mean, you know.
But where kids are only $12,
But there's no inflation because the TV said so.
Let's go to these whining babies.
Here it is.
I think it is almost beyond belief.
I love how it's always 90% women at these meetings and they're all like, we're women, we're powerful, we're together.
It's all this emptiness as if these women would do anything for each other.
Women are meaner to women on average.
They won't give loans to other women as much.
It's all known in every culture.
It's all fake, fake posing.
They've always got the beta men sitting in the background who are good and do what the women tell them to prove that they're a big man.
Here, let's back up the start again.
We've got the big mommy up there to steal the popular vote of the state, and she's the big mommy.
Let's hear the big mommy.
Here it is.
I think it is almost beyond belief that we have
A woman who has won two and a half million more votes than the person who wins the electoral vote.
Look at this guy who looks at her like she's God.
That's a little thing they do, like she's the leader, she's admired.
All of it scripted at a government facility to make it look like it's all official and powerful.
All of it scripted by these phony politicos.
Look at the smug look on that blonde's face, little pig face.
It's like a Chinese executioner.
I mean, have you ever watched the videos of them executing men, women, and children in China?
They just have this look of pleasure.
They bring out, you know, it's all like, because they're going to get them taxes.
They're going to get control.
They're going to run things.
These are all politicos in New Hampshire feeding on people.
They're in charge.
They have the will to nominate.
They want to prove themselves.
They want to run your life.
They want to take your guns.
Your kids belong to them.
Let's go back to them.
I think it is
Almost beyond belief that we have a woman who has won two and a half million more votes than the person who wins the election.
And I'd like to address that.
We want to destroy the country and we can't.
It's a real mouthful.
For those of us who are not familiar with it- We want a woman who stole the money from the nation because it's so liberal!
And launched all the wars!
I love her!
I want a woman!
states and the District of Columbia to award all their respective electoral votes to whichever presidential candidate wins the overall popular vote in the 50 states- But no one wants to overthrow the election, no!
It's the fake news!
Don't listen to Alex!
Look at that pseudo-intellectual behind her.
Look at her.
He's so tough.
They're so proud of themselves.
They're going to overthrow the evil white male.
They're going to show daddy.
They thought they'd broken the country, soulless husk.
They thought they'd broken us, they're so upset, because they have no identity.
Just killing America is their only identity.
It's slithering around.
Oh, thank God the Communist Chinese are going to censor America.
Oh, we've got allies.
Oh, you're running death vans.
Oh, you're so cute.
Oh, I love Kim Jong-un too.
Thanks for installing him.
So they're hatching to get 10 states to ignore the popular vote and use state authority to order electors, change the law, to vote for Hillary.
Ignoring their state votes.
Yes, report to the public, yes.
This is in the statehouse, and New Hampshire is about to seat its delegates.
Its electors.
Yay, yeah, oh!
We could have Hillary's brain in a jar.
But again, there's talk this week by right-wing extremists, disinformation, fake news, liar-in-chief.
These are all real statements.
How about a claim to overthrow Trump?
Can you believe the extremism of this nutball?
That was three, four weeks ago when they were first organizing this fiasco.
They didn't want us to build opposition.
They wanted us to stand around and go, that'll never happen.
Yeah, good luck.
But instead we've been here opposing it, trying to warn people so they'd be involved.
And I guess they don't want InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com up right now when this happens today because the globalists hooked up with the Communist Chinese are hitting us with one, if not the biggest.
Zombie Spambot attacks with a bunch of other stuff we've never seen.
But right now, the shopping cart is back up.
Get in there while you can.
Free shipping extended this week.
50% off many items and it's a fight for the First Amendment.
We need those funds to operate.
Plus, these are great items.
Stay with us.
Well, the New York Times is so hard up for money that it's going to be vacating eight floors in its headquarters just to generate some rental income.
This article coming out of Zero Hedge talks about how the New York Times once had an ad hoc campaign that was boosting revenue by selling subscriptions.
In response to the back and forth with Donald Trump, they said it was a smashing success.
Perhaps that was a bit of an overstatement because it now looks like they're renting out their 628th Avenue building in New York City just to make ends meet.
It's unclear if the New York Times will distribute pink slips as a part of the cost-cutting effort, but in response to the impact that they're seeing in sales, 400 employees out of the building, the nearby office space,
The first phase of work is completed on the rentals and they're saying that this will be done by early 2017.
Full rentals by the end of 2017 and it looks like they're having to rent out space in their offices just to make ends meet.
Their hate campaign against Donald Trump just isn't working.
I'm Margaret Hall reporting for InfoWars.com
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That's InfoWarsLife.com.
Alright, so we know the communist Chinese.
We know the mainstream media.
We know the illegals pouring into the country.
We know the dead people that the Democrats were getting their names and going out and voting.
We have it all on video.
Their own top people admitting the fraud.
And now the Democrats want to come in and have 10 states they're organizing.
They always hate states' rights when they have no power.
But now states to organize and say they're going to honor the national popular vote.
That's Republican states.
And take all the votes away and give tens of billions to Hillary.
What a creepy, weird thing to say, but it's okay because Hillary's a woman.
And now, we've been covering this for several weeks when a bunch of different states, including Georgia, had officials come out and say, look, we had Homeland Security computers breaking in on election night going after the voting servers.
Well, Homeland Security said they had to protect things.
Remember what Roger Stone said a month before Homeland Security even announced, in response to myself and Trump, that they were going to, quote, take over the election, to, quote, protect it from the Russians?
He said, watch the watchers.
Watch DHS come in and claim they're going to take over.
WSB-TV, Channel 2 Atlanta, has one of the reports.
More states confirm suspected cyber attacks sourced to Department of Homeland Security.
And of course, trying to flip the votes to Hillary.
DHS responds to hacking accusations from Georgia.
Says, it's preposterous.
Of course it is.
They're just openly screaming bloody murder and aren't prosecuting people saying kill Donald Trump.
And CNN's like, this poor elector.
People want to kill him.
It's not his fault.
Here is the report.
Jovita, secretaries of state offices run state election systems, and as the scope of this story grows, so does the number of questions, a lot of red flags that remain unresolved.
We need somebody to dig down into this story and figure out exactly what happened.
Another demand for answers from Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp to the U.S.
Department of Homeland Security.
On Thursday, we confirmed election agencies in West Virginia and Kentucky have also traced suspected cyber attacks on its networks in November to the same DHS IP address Kemp's office already linked to a massive, unauthorized vulnerability scan of his agency's firewall that same month.
So now this just raises more questions that haven't been answered about this and continues to raise the alarms and the concern that I have.
Through an open records request, we got a hold of the results of a survey Kemp asked the National Association of Secretaries of State send to its members.
West Virginia wrote back, this IP address did access our election night results on November 7, 2016.
Kentucky responded, the same IP address did touch the Kentucky
We haven't been able to recreate this the way they've explained it to us.
And Kemp told us DHS has yet to explain at least nine other suspected network scans linked to DHS IP address over the last year on or around important primary and presidential election dates in Georgia.
Kemp's call for answers amplified now by the National Association of Secretaries of State, the main challenge.
We have one administration leaving town and another coming in and so it does remain to be seen just who will be left holding the bag if we don't get a great explanation on what has occurred very soon.
And in an emailed statement, the Kentucky Secretary of State's office told us it believes the IP address that sparked all of this did not attack its system.
West Virginia Secretary of State and the Department of Homeland Security did not respond to our request for comment.
Alright, so they blame Trump for what they've been caught doing.
We'll be back.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
Third hour, straight ahead, Jordan Maxwell.
Well, another bombing attempt, this time outside a German Christmas market.
Now, officials are saying that a 12-year-old boy planted a device outside a town hall in a second attempt to blow up the place after his first one failed.
Of course, we've seen heightened attacks in German cities, Christian statues being smashed, and now a bombing attempt at a Christmas market.
A passerby called police about a suspicious bag on December the 5th, and detectives found what appeared to be an IED inside of it, left by a 12-year-old boy.
Now, the first bomb did not explode, so days later, he allegedly made a second attempt by planting a device in a bush by the town hall and shopping center.
ISIS, we know, is commanding anyone living in Europe, likely in the near future, around Christmas time to perpetuate these attacks against unsuspecting citizens merely doing their holiday and Christmas shopping.
I'm Margaret Hall reporting for InfoWars.com.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Mother, tell your children not to walk my way.
What they mean, what they say.
Not to hear my words.
What they mean, what they say.
Can you keep them in the dark for life?
Can you hide them from the world?
Gotta show her!
The globalists say, oh yeah, you're 18, you're taking your 18-year-old daughter out?
That's rape.
We're gonna take your 5-year-old out and teach him their training.
Not about to see your light!
Yeah, we don't want to see the globalist's light, do we?
Because it's not real.
Things are never what they seem, are they?
They're always upside down.
When it's upside down, you gotta put it back in.
Yeah, you wanna bang heads with me, New World Order?
I'll show you what it's like.
I came here to bang heads.
All the way.
All right, let's get serious here.
It's just a phenomenon of trolls, but it's the trolls, a lot of which aren't paid.
Some are paid.
That's come out in the news.
Hillary spent hundreds of millions on fake bots and people out spamming and attacking, and they've only intensified what they're doing now.
But we've had a sustained, three-day, multi-pronged... I'm not the tech guy, but we have one of the biggest companies out there that has the cloud flare and does Visa and MasterCard and Walmart and all of it.
Because this stuff has gotten more sophisticated over the years, which is up, up, up, up, up to the, you know, highest level.
And they got stuff that, you know, takes down the biggest websites, takes down half the Internet for the East Coast.
A few weeks ago, remember that?
The Communist Chinese came out and took credit for that.
And so, Friday, they attack InfoWars, they attack Prison Planet, they slow them down.
And they start attacking the shopping carts, completely shut them down off and on.
And so we talked to the folks.
They go, yeah, this is state-level attack Saturday.
And then they go, yeah, it tends to be China when they just hit the U.S.
like this.
Even critical of China.
And we said, yeah, so we think it's China.
It points towards them.
They take credit for most of these.
They admit almost all these big ones are China.
We have those news articles we can put on screen.
In fact, just from last month where China, quote, takes credit for shutting down the Internet on part of the East Coast.
We can put that up from, like, PC World.
We showed it yesterday.
Chinese firm admits it hacked DVRs, cameras from behind Friday's massive DDoS attack.
There you go.
That's what goes on, and then I see some of the commenters going, show us your server logs.
If this was serious, InfoWars would be down, so shut the F up, Alex.
We don't have server logs.
We're on thousands of servers, on clouds, Dumbo.
It's not like the website's on a single server, you know, because you've got your old blog that five people a day visit.
See, I never bragged how big we were, but there's this weird paradigm.
People ask me on the street, do you have a day job?
Well, no, I have 60 plus employees and we reach billions of people a year and we're number 60 something, depending on which web system you look at, number 80 on the internet.
We're bigger than the Wall Street Journal and New York Times online.
Does the New York Times have a day job with its thousands of employees?
It's like this little mental illness where they pretend you're not successful.
It'd be like walking up to the guy that wins the Grand Prix and going, do you race golf carts?
Are you going to race professionally someday?
You don't put down the driver when they pop champagne.
They're like, who's this neurotic mental patient?
Get away from me.
We're here changing the world under globalist attack.
Massive censorship is being announced.
The Chinese are running it.
It's epic.
We're leading the charge to fight it.
OnlyDrugReport.com even links to our articles.
There's a vacuum of no news on this.
And they're trying to get it through this Christmas.
You watch.
They've already passed it in the House and Senate.
It's in conference.
Two different bills to end free speech.
They're already announcing Snopes to run Facebook.
Reddit's already shadowbanning our stuff.
We're being kicked off, uh... Breitbart's being kicked off its apps it paid for that were approved over a year ago.
We're under attack!
Books are being burned!
In the modern sense.
And you're busy.
I love losers always go, I bet that guy's off air sooner.
That guy's a loser.
They always talk about some winner and call him a loser because they're obsessed by somebody being a winner.
You simulate someone's a loser.
I'm a giant winner with this attack.
We're going to publish all this stuff.
It's going to be in newspapers everywhere like everything we do is.
We just win, win, win.
We're Americans, dirtbags.
Get used to it.
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Well, another bombing attempt, this time outside a German Christmas market.
Now, officials are saying that a 12-year-old boy planted a device outside a town hall in a second attempt to blow up the place after his first one failed.
Of course, we've seen heightened attacks in German cities, Christian statues being smashed, and now a bombing attempt at a Christmas market.
A passerby called police about a suspicious bag on December the 5th, and detectives found what appeared to be an IED inside of it, left by a 12-year-old boy.
Now, the first bomb did not explode, so days later, he allegedly made a second attempt by planting a device in a bush by the town hall and shopping center.
ISIS we know is commanding anyone living in Europe likely in the near future around Christmas time to perpetuate these attacks against unsuspecting citizens merely doing their holiday and Christmas shopping.
I'm Margaret Howe reporting for InfoWars.com
You are either with the Republic or against it.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Now, Jordan Maxwell, a real treat, is going to join us via video Skype.
If you're a radio listener, you can always go to infowars.com forward slash show and find the free video feeds, the free podcast, the Android and iPhone apps and more.
Until, I guess, they kick us off those platforms like they've done Breitbart.
They are now openly in Politico and in the New York Times and every other publication basically calling for us to be silenced.
They've appointed a mail-order diploma company with six employees in Florida and the Snopes couple that has a big fat cat, so I'm serious, so that means they will decide what you can visit online via Google or Facebook.
It's all being announced.
So it's an incredible time.
They've even taken Ted Koppel out of Deep Freeze.
out of his cryogenic toupee and had him come out and attack me.
Ted Koppel, Alex Jones, spreading the manure that fertilizes conspiracy theories all over the internet.
And I love it.
I grew up watching Ted Koppel on Nightline like he was the biggest genius in the world.
But I gotta be honest.
Ted Koppel did not air fake edited audio tapes of me saying Hillary cuts up children and rapes them under a pizzeria.
I was talking about her literally fighting the jihadis to kill people in Syria.
And then they know in the 1 minute 18 second clip I say that, they edited it together.
This is criminal.
My lawyers, and not just civil, when you're lying about somebody like that to get them hurt, there can be criminal penalties.
But again, I should be very very proud of this because it means we're having a big effect.
I'm on the opposite of a power trip.
If I'm bouncing off the walls,
As their energy level against us intensifies, God just gives me more energy.
That's the way the universe works.
For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
To have the Communist Chinese, that's who our top people believe it's pointed towards as a state sponsor, because it's the U.S.
doing it, it's totally illegal, and the Chinese have taken credit for these exact type of attacks in October.
I showed that PC World article, and it appears to be their handiwork.
But they don't want to say that, obviously.
But China takes credit for a lot of this stuff, so we'll see if they do in the next few weeks.
It's the second biggest they've ever seen.
The FBI is obviously involved.
I don't mean just... The FBI is, like, very interested because this is unprecedented.
Close to a terabyte a second.
Doesn't mean our servers have been penetrated.
It's not a hack in that sense.
It's a denial of service using your hijacked computers and hijacked other computer systems.
So that's why we're extending free shipping this entire week.
It wasn't in today.
50% off colonial silver and up to 30% off on everything else until everything sells out.
It's the end of year.
But again, we go into the black generally.
In the middle of December, it's that last week where you get five, six times the orders you normally do in a day that allows us to have extra money in the new year to hire new people or to expand.
They have hit us.
It's over now $100,000 in loss in four days since this began.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, yeah, Monday.
Because the sites are up and down.
It's very sustained.
And again, these attacks are so huge that they can virtually turn on 10,000 servers.
And yesterday they went, look, we got over 1,000 servers in big cloud systems.
Nothing's ever beaten this.
There's no reason to go bigger.
They said, if it beats this, it's the biggest ever.
Today, it went down again.
And they're like, okay, we'll go a thousand.
So, it's a major government sponsor.
And these guys are very private.
Some of these guys are like presidents and things and vice presidents at major companies.
And we're talking people that do Time Warner Security Nationwide, the people that do, you name it.
I mean, there's only three of these companies.
And they, you know, we have confidentiality agreements with them, obviously.
I mean, they've turned stuff on for us nobody even knows about.
That's why I shouldn't get into any of this.
But let's just say they've turned stuff on for this that other people don't even get access to.
Because here's the deal.
They don't want to get beat.
If they let the Chinese beat this, everybody's vulnerable.
So we're now the test case.
I mean, folks have got their schmores out.
They've got their
They've got their marshmallows out.
They are, this is a big party right now.
Guys have been up 48 hours, you name it.
The big brains are being brought in.
And this is all war-gamed.
This is what this is.
This is the biggest attack since October, which was the biggest ever.
And it's not pointed at anybody, but us.
I mean, just in the tech world because of this, we're going to get all the top hackers tuning in now.
I mean, this is like celebrity level stuff.
People ask why I'm so happy.
I'm being congratulated by all the top people right now.
I mean, this is a great honor.
They said these attacks are 50 times what Trump was under, and he has a similar system as the same group we have, by the way.
Not supposed to know that, but that's true.
So they're definitely logarithmically upping things, so we're going to break that down.
Infowarslive.com, Infowarsstore.com.
In their face, let's let them know that we're going to get that capital back.
We're going to expand in the new year.
I want to thank you all for your support.
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Because here's the deal.
It's hard to crack this nut here.
Biggest problem getting this news out is having the platform.
We're doing it.
We're beating them now.
Even though they stacked the deck against us.
85 million viewers and listeners the week of the election.
40 million is our new low.
41 million.
They're freaked out.
They now admit it.
I've got stacks of news here admitting, okay, Alex is bigger than the New York Times.
What do we do?
Do we shut him down?
Do we sue him?
Do we arrest him?
Do we pull his sponsors?
Will he sell funds?
Well, you call in the Chinese.
Box 19549 Austin, TX 78760.
Box 19549 Austin, TX 78760.
Now, joining us is a man I want to invite back anytime he wants in the new year for two hours.
He's a hard guy to get on, Jordan Maxwell, and he's been through a lot of hacking himself and a lot of persecution.
We're not going to get into that today, but believe me, when you're over the target,
It certainly happens, and I just had his bio here in front of me.
He's a best-selling author, researcher, JordanMaxwellShow.com.
He's doing his own show now, which is great.
Getting into hidden meanings, the Illuminati, the master plan, and today he wants to get into why Democrats are so angry, why there's a bigger movement going on around the world, how to manipulate words.
I want to ask him, too, because he's a big linguist.
It's how they define things.
Hillary says you are now the alt-right.
Even liberals that oppose her are now the alt-right.
How they say we're fake news when they're the admitted fake news.
And how we just accept how they define reality.
But we're now approaching this point where that isn't happening.
Here's an example of what Jordan does.
We're called human resources since the 60s.
Not humans.
You go research it.
Under eugenics and bioethics, human resources can be killed.
And it's in the U.S.
So I'm going to skip this break to give him more time.
Jordan Maxwell of JordanMaxwellShow.com joining us as we get ready to finish up 2016.
He's been predicting the incredible turmoil that's coming, what's happening, but also the awakening to counter that, which the Illuminati will try to
Takeover, but it's always a race where the Bible says get behind me Satan The devil's always or that system that calls itself the devil for always trying to counterfeit what the human mind develops That's what we've always got to be trailblazing to get ahead of it.
That's my view But to the bottom of the hour, you've got the floor before I even interrupt or I will Jordan get rolling here With with where we are in history.
Thanks for joining us
Well, thank you, Alex, for allowing me to be on.
Boy, there's so many things I want to talk about, because everything you said is exactly correct.
I mean, we're under attack as Americans.
This whole country is under attack.
And the reason why is very simple.
If you don't take down the biggest guy on the block, then you don't have anything yet.
And so this new world order, most of the people around the world have no idea what's going on, so they're very easy to knock over.
But America has always been on the forefront of intellectual and education and knowledge and technology, so unless you can destroy this base of resistance to tyranny, then you haven't done anything.
That's why they are continuing to attack America, because America
Is the only country left that offers freedom and liberty and justice for all and all of that kind of ideas and thinking that came out of the Renaissance.
And so, yeah, you're right that we are under attack.
The point I wanted to make about, well, let me first say that this whole thing about the Democratic
People falling out of their chairs because of the election.
First of all, you need to understand that all communist countries officially are referred to as democratic republics, like the North Korean Democratic Republic of North Korea, the Democratic Republic of
Cuba, the Democratic Republic of China.
It's always a Democratic Republic.
Of the Congo?
Of the Congo, exactly.
It's all around the world.
Any communist country is always a Democratic... They counterfeited our original republic system, but it's a total joke.
Exactly, and this is why in the book Fire in the Minds of Men, James Billington, who is today the Chief Librarian for the Library of Congress, this is no slouch, Chief Librarian for the Library of Congress, wrote a book called Fire in the Minds of Men, in which he explained this whole idea of calling things democratic.
And it came out of the old 1840s with the communist revolution in 1848, the communist movement, etc.
We need to understand that when you use the word democratic today, it does not mean the people's democratic thinking from the Grecian Empire.
We're talking about corporate democracy, which is actually today called communism.
Sure, so we're not talking about a constitutional republic like ours, the first and pretty much only.
No, not at all.
We're talking about a democratic republic, which means a politburo, a secretariat, a totally staged event.
Precisely, and that's exactly why today the communist movement throughout the world is absolutely elated when Obama was made president, because finally, they finally got a full-blown Marxist-Leninist Soviet communist, old-school Soviet communist
...regime in America.
Now, and it said, even the Communist publication said, boy, now it's time to really destroy this country big time.
Well, that's what happened.
And so, you've seen, because I've sent you some pictures of the advertisement for Hillary Clinton talking and using Communist terms and symbols and... Oh, they even use the classic Communist paintings where it shows her face and other faces, and it's the exact same iconography.
So you need to understand that democracy today in America is not a people's democracy where people matter.
It's a corporate democracy under world communism.
So that's so much for the Communist Party and the Democratic Party in America.
But you need to also
I don't know.
And look at the foundation of the floor that you're going to build on to see if it's going to hold that kind of weight.
And so what you're doing is you're standing under the foundation that you're going to build on.
This is where we get our word understanding.
Because you're understanding or standing under what you're hearing.
But we never learn the basics of things.
We don't recognize classical tyranny when it's in our face.
And that's and it's incredible because that's the way we've been taught.
We've been taught what to think, not how to think.
So, and if you have a large package, for instance, if you have a large package and you want to ship it, you go out in the garage, you get some rope, and you tie up the package, and that's good enough.
But, if you're going to take that same rope and tie it off on the end of a 10-story building and hang on it, then you better check the integrity of that rope before you go hanging yourself on it.
And so that's what I'm saying.
There is clearly a global awakening happening.
They're trying to hijack it, but if you look at Brexit, if you look at Italy starting to pull out, Spain starting to break up, Reykjavik, Iceland, what's happening in Brazil, there is a global awakening to all of this as world governments announced
They never thought that people would listen to you and I, but they did.
They did listen to Ron Paul and countless others.
I mean, I know you're a truist.
I mean, you'll just tell us what you really think.
Not an optimist, not a pessimist, but Jordan Maxwell, you talk about why are the Democrats so angry.
I think it's because they now, even at the middle level, have been let in on the fact this is a great work, a great takeover, and they fundamentally see it worldwide being destroyed right now.
Yeah, and that's exactly right.
You know, and they are involved.
This democratic so-called thing is involved in Hollywood, it's involved in all of our institutions because we've allowed it to happen.
I mean, we remember talking, you know, many years ago about the Marxist professors and universities, but nobody really knew much about what Marxism was.
You know, it just hit me.
It hit me.
It's always so thoughtful when you come on.
Say it again?
It's so thought-provoking.
Of course, all the communists call their countries democratic.
That's a word cooked up by the Democratic Party, which were the Jacobin side of the whole Illuminati, and it's all right there in history, but no one knows, so break it down, sorry.
That's exactly right.
Let me give you an example of how Hollywood is involved in this.
You know, the Emmys that we see on television, which is an incredible operation today in America and around the world, television, but
The Emmys are presented to the world by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.
The first letter in that title is National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, which is N-A-T-A-S, which is spelled backwards, Satan.
And when you begin to look at how Hollywood was founded,
Back in the ancient times, and I've told you this I think before, but in ancient times in Europe, there was a civilization in ancient Europe even before the Roman Empire, and it was called Druids.
And this is what we're dealing with today in America and around the world, Druidism.
And among the Druids, pre-Roman Empire, they're still here today running the world, but
But among the Druids, there was a magic symbol that was very important to Druidism in Europe.
And it was a magic wand.
And it was like Merlin the Magician with the magic wand.
Mickey Mouse with the magic wand.
Also, orchestra conductors use a magic wand to play their music.
So, magic wands were always made out of the wood of a holly tree.
It's made out of hollywood.
And once you understand the symbolism, the words, and the terms, and how words are used, it's all magic.
It's all a very high form of druidic, professionally done magic.
And that's right, they call it lesser magic, to hide the name of it.
Satan, right in front of you, you don't see it.
When they see it, it takes them up above you.
They believe prophetically, so they have a right to rule you.
Precisely, and that's what I've been saying since 1959 and 60.
By the way, that's in standard, I mean, not the stuff they sell in stores, but real 500-year-old black magic books that, you know, come out of Babylon and Israel.
It's all right there.
That's what they do.
That's exactly right.
This is a very ancient science.
That's why today the study of politics is called political science.
It's an actual science, and so it's based on the ancient magic, ancient mystical symbols.
And the low-level stuff is all trash and garbage and false science to control even the upper-level minions.
What percentage would you say, because we're kind of reverse engineering this here, what percentage of the actual controllers would you say are full-on, what they would call, alchemist, wizards, sorcerers?
Myself, I would say a hundred percent.
Because I see it everywhere.
I see it in newspapers, television, magazines... So you think a large... well that's what I... I think 20 years ago it was a lower number.
So they're actually now moving to the level of actually educating most of their people on what they're doing?
It's massive worldwide.
And that's why people have no idea in the world how big this thing is.
And I've been talking about it for many years and trying to have... trying to get people to listen.
You know, there's a very big war, and I mean, you said it best, there's a war for the minds.
And when you begin to understand how words are used to manipulate us.
Incidentally, when you hear people talking about racism, look up the word race in a dictionary.
The race is a bloodline of animals.
The particular kinds of animals are called the dog race, the animal race.
They're getting us to call ourselves animals in the labeling.
So that's why today in the British and American Styles Magazine you will find that the Styles Magazine as put out by the government
Uh, which has the words that government uses.
So if you need to, you know, if you're going to use a word in government, you go to the Styles Magazine and see the correct word to use, uh, that's being used by the government.
Well, if you look up, uh, uh, in the Styles Magazine, male and female is, is a word or words that are given to animals.
An animal is either a male or female.
A man or a woman is masculine and feminine, not male and female.
So therefore, people don't know that.
They don't mind calling themselves male or female and having no idea that that means, in government terms and in courts, that means you're an animal.
And that goes back, again, to the fact that we use chattel terms, or of bond slaves, that goes back to the Middle East and before, where we're taking all of that, basically, that was expanded into what Roman common law.
That's exactly right.
Let me give you another example of how we're being tricked.
You know, suppose you were a painting contractor, and I call you to paint my office.
Alright, you come over and check it out, and then you give me an estimate of $100.
Now, after you do the job, you come to me, the way it's done in commerce, you give me a bill for $100.
Uh, I then reach in my pocket and I handed you a hundred dollar bill and now you're happy because I paid you.
No, I did not pay you.
I did not pay you.
You gave me a bill for $100.
I gave you a $100 bill.
So now you owe me.
Look at what's on the face of it.
It's a bank note.
And you owe me $100.
So I didn't pay you.
And that's how they get you out of the regular constitutional money into the whole Federal Reserve System.
Because it's all their money and it's all debt based.
That's why the debt always has to go up and up.
Now let's talk about the election.
Let's talk about why the Democrats are so mad.
I want the truth.
I respect you.
Your view on Trump.
Where this is all going.
How it's going to unfold.
Jordan Maxwell's our guest.
A very interesting and informative gentleman.
I'm Alex Jones.
We're under mega attack right now, folks.
On the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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This article coming out of Zero Hedge talks about how the New York Times once had an ad hoc campaign that was boosting revenue by selling subscriptions.
In response to the back and forth with Donald Trump, they said it was a smashing success.
Perhaps that was a bit of an overstatement because it now looks like they're renting out their 628th Avenue
We're good to go.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
By the way, David Knight is going to be hosting the fourth hour.
He'll be following the latest elector news around the country.
As Democrats take to the streets, they've got movements to get ten states where Trump won.
To give their electors to Hillary, saying that states ought to honor the popular vote?
That would steal the vote of tens of millions.
And if you cut out the three plus million votes in California, if you just cut California out, well then obviously Trump would have won.
And there's all the fraud against Trump.
Now again, I don't think Trump's perfect, but here's the deal.
In my view, it's not
Reverse psychology that the Communist Chinese and the Pope, who is so incredibly wicked, I'm not against Catholics, folks, but that Pope, let me give me a break, he's just out in the open.
Max, what about that?
And the Saudi Arabians, who are pure evil, that is their royal government, and all the rest of it, saying we can't have Trump, and they're freaking out.
I believe it's because he wants the old prosperity model of Americana, of Renaissance.
We have unfair deals.
It's been designed to bring America down.
That's well known, that's admitted.
In the major treaties, like agenda 21, that was never ratified in 92, but we're still under it.
So, I don't think Trump's perfect, but he's a service guy.
He makes money off services.
He likes seeing prosperity.
And when he sees prosperity being lost, it makes him angry.
He doesn't like being cheated either.
He's never really been part of the elite, as much I know.
Now, he's appointed some, you know, globalists or whatever, but that's, who knows where the bodies are buried to get things done.
I care about delivering.
50 billion in Japanese investment, day one.
He's got us realigned with Japan and Russia now against China.
He's really following some really smart people I know in the Pentagon.
This is a real attempt at wresting control of the Republic before America's deep six, because globalism was sold in the 40s and 50s to end any future world wars, just like World War I was used to get the League of Nations, but it failed.
And a lot of good people signed on to it to, oh, we're going to send industry to the third world.
We're going to give some of our wealth to them and build them up.
It's going to end war, but it was all a cheating deal in globalism, even the economist admits this, to actually impoverish everybody but the elite and to pick the winners and losers.
So a lot of former globalists who meant well are now turning against the new world order.
Because folks were out there, like Jordan Maxwell and many others, exposing what was really happening.
They weren't all evil.
A lot of them really meant well.
I've had professors and others come to me, well-known folks, and go, I thought you were wrong trying to take down this great thing we were doing for global peace.
It's for the greater good.
But I do see, before they said some bad things would have to happen for the greater good, but I see it's not really true.
It's all about total control.
You're right.
What do we do?
Well, now that's a bigger kettle of fish.
Now we'll see if Maxwell agrees with me on that statement.
And then I want to walk through what's currently happening and who he sees to be the different power groups and structures here.
Because clearly, Trump knows how it all works.
But in the words of Dr. Corsi, who's known him for 40 years, he's been basically biding his time and things are a two-way street.
And he's basically snuck up on them now, and that's why they're so scared.
Is that true?
Or is he just coming in and taking the New World Order away from them for himself?
Jordan Maxwell, tell me what you really think.
Well, I like you.
I kind of like Trump just as a person, as a man.
I like his method and I like his presentation to the world.
But what's really important here is the word peace, because the communists have always used the word peace.
What they're talking about, if you look in their journals and read their books and read the Marxist-Leninist philosophy,
Peace to them means a cessation of againstness, meaning the stopping of being against something.
So when you stop being against something, then we have peace.
That's what it means to them.
It doesn't mean peace of the world.
It means submission.
It means submission.
So when you're being raped,
If you're fighting, if you've got a gun, that's dangerous.
If someone's going to be raped and they're carrying a gun, that guy could be dangerous.
Or if they're fighting you and yelling and screaming, then they're fighting the raping.
But if you give up,
Then that's peace, because nobody's going to fight anymore.
So that's what Marxist-Leninism in their very publications say.
That's what peace means, to give up and accept Marxist-Leninist communism and the concentration camps and the whole thing.
That's like whenever Palpatine is wiping out and killing everybody in episode three, he says, we're bringing peace.
That's true.
Because if you kill all of the people who want to be free, then you're going to have peace.
Everybody else is just thrown in the prisons and thrown in the concentration camps.
And notice that's what the orthodox system of Islam is.
It means you will submit.
But the truth is though, once you submit, the torture, the killing, the enslavement only intensifies because the real religion that George Orwell exposed, whether it be Islam, whether it be communism,
Fascism is a boot-stomping on the human face that's the priest of power and sadism, the Jacobins, nine-day work weeks, the world turned upside down, no technology but in the hands of the elite.
I mean, let's break down the false Illuminati's religion.
Again, I'm not saying the Illuminati's good or bad.
The one we know about in Germany and France, the counterfeit of what our forebears tried, not saying they were perfect either, but the Great Enlightenment, Francis Bacon, all of that,
There wasn't a constituted Illuminati, but it means bring light to the world.
The truth is they claim they're illuminated, but they're saying only they're illuminated because they bring dark to us, correct?
Correct, absolutely.
You have to understand the words that are being used and go back to their reference work to see what those words mean.
Remember that quote I gave to you before.
It says, when freedom... no man is safe when freedom fails.
The best men rot in filthy jails, while those who cried, appease, appease, are hung by those they tried to please.
This has been the case in every communist country and the communist overthrow of every country is that
You know, Mao Zedong did it, and it's a classic example.
Mao Zedong had people put to death because they were voicing their disrespect for communism and for the People's Democratic Republic of China.
Millions of people were put to death by Mao Zedong.
The Chinese estimate 84 million and say it was a mistake.
They kind of locked his wife up after he died.
Our CIA obviously declassified in 2004 that they actually put him in power.
Why did they kill the people that submitted?
Why did the Khmer Rouge do that as well?
Why kill the, I mean like Hitler killed the brown shirts that took him to power?
Yeah, because they know that the people who are falling in with them are so stupid that you can't trust them.
So if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.
So therefore, the idea is that the people who willingly go along with you
Tells the dictator that these people are so stupid, they don't even know what I'm doing.
And that's incredible they're so stupid.
That's right, and a lot of times these Illuminati people actually take those that were their opposition and try under duress to make them join them.
They actually respect us.
I have had military people say that to me in person.
I don't want to hurt and I don't want to cause harm to anyone in the military, but there's people in the military have come to me and said, Jordan, we respect what you're doing.
We don't like what's going on either.
We know what's going on.
Why do you think the military, in my experience, is the most elite group?
I don't
And so the military knows.
They've been had.
And if you don't know that, all the military has to do is read Kiss the Boy's Goodbye by Henry Kissinger.
The book called Kiss the Boy's Goodbye.
He calls them dumb animals.
Dumb animals just to be used for political purposes.
They're all a bunch of animals.
That's what Henry Kissinger said.
And of course, George Bush's mother, Barbara Bush, she said, if you'll recall, that when they talked about the people being, about our servicemen being killed... She said, quote, on CNN, we've got the clip somewhere, she said, quote, steal your thunder to prove it's real, quote, folks, you can look this up, she said, I don't think anything of their deaths, I don't want that into my beautiful mind.
That's exactly right.
She said, why bother me with such nonsense?
I don't care about how many people are dead.
That's, you know, the President's mother, and that's Henry Kissinger.
These are the people who are in power.
Think of the arrogance, because she went on to say, you quoted her exactly, she goes, why would I bother and let that into my beautiful mind?
That's exactly right.
She sends people to die, and then she talks about a beautiful mind.
It just shows the total disconnect.
Like, they get jumbo jets, you know, but then Hillary tells poor people, and Obama says, you can't even have a car.
That's right.
I just think it's incredible that, you know, if you don't pay your taxes, the IRS will send, even if you go to the Amazon jungle, the IRS will find you and bring you back and make an example out of you because you're not going to escape.
However, with that kind of power and that kind of technology, they can't stop the drug wars going on in Pacoima, in California, because they don't want to.
Let me stop you, George, because I want to raise questions a lot of folks don't ask you when you're on, and if you'll please come back we'll do a two-hour special that we take next week that we then dole out of the show because it's so important.
You were talking about government drug dealing 40 years ago.
They were having congressional hearings about it 40 years ago, then 20 years ago about cocaine.
It's admitted now, they have movies like Soccaro, that's basically based on a true story.
They called it fiction so they wouldn't get sued.
That's actually a true story, like word for word, of something that really happened in South Texas.
And they admit, yeah, we want to control down to two cartels from 10, we control the drug trade.
Well, that's a fact.
Brzezinski's written books admitting that.
In fact, the government even runs the key elements of it, the white slavery trade.
And Brzezinski wrote about that in Technotronic era back in the 70s.
So, their argument is we control it by running it, but no, they actually make it bigger.
So, what's the paradox now that so much of world government and government narcotics trafficking and everything else is now out in the open?
What moment have we reached then?
I think we've finally reached a point in our evolution of the human family for thousands of years.
We've come to the point now where we're finally at the very end of a critical period in the total evolution of the human race from over thousands and thousands of years.
Because for the first time, we now have the technology to rip off and rape and destroy human minds, to manipulate nations upon nations.
It's an extraordinary war going on between massive tyranny and the protection of individual humans for freedom and liberty and justice.
And I'm telling you that the future is not going to be pretty.
If you go back and look at what happened in the Second World War, if you look at what happened in Vietnam, all of this is heading towards something that the world will not be able to come back from.
If we lose freedom, freedom is, if it's lost, it's gone forever as far as I'm concerned.
This is the last and final battle on the Earth.
For human dignity and freedom.
And the people, like I said, if you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything and if people don't now stand up!
And understand what's going on.
Understand what's going on.
We're going to lose the human race.
We're not just going to lose America.
We're not just going to lose human freedom.
The globalists now admit all the top technocracy people, from Kurzweil to you name it, say we're going to end humanity.
They've been told by their spirit guides, and they run Google, we've got to end humanity to be given the big prize.
And then, of course, we know that the top aluminist, Arthur C. Clarke,
Who took the reins of the Fabian Socialists, told people in speeches, no, no, my films, my books are allegories of what's going to happen, but he made the joke, it's more like Childhood's End.
We have to consciously give our consciousness up to this devil, and then he promises to like, upload us to a computer.
I don't want to do that.
No, but that's precisely what's going on.
That's why I've said, and I talked to you before, this is a worldwide movement.
I'm not a conspiracy theorist.
No, no, you're not.
So let me ask you some questions here, because I want to get into something you never get into.
I was approached as a teenager by high-level Illuminati, and people can now see, look where we are today, and this is real, they could somehow
You know, through Interspace, whatever tell that I had to be targeted or recruited, it failed.
I mean, talk about stuff out of a movie, folks.
My whole life's been like a movie, at least since about age 10.
And where's that before that?
I know, reading some other writings, talking to some other folks, you haven't really written about this, talked about this, but I know you weren't a bad guy, but you investigated some of these top societies and groups and were actually given interest into some of the real ones that most folks aren't.
I can tell by the stuff you talk about.
Because obviously I've been told things most people haven't been told.
I mean, can you tell us how deep you got into this?
Oh yes, very, very deep.
And it's cost me everything.
It's just cost me my life, it's cost me my marriage, it's cost me, you know, it has really taken a toll on me.
And the reason why is because there's an old saying, you get what you pay for.
If you want a little knowledge, then you pay a little bit.
If you want a little bit more knowledge, okay, so you pay a little more.
If you want to go to college, well then you have to pay a lot.
But if you want the real story, you're going to pay with your life.
If you want the real, actual story about what's going on, if you want to learn a little bit about the underworld and the organized crime, then you can read a couple of books and you'll have a little bit on that.
But if you want to know more about the organized crime... You've got to go into it!
I got to go into it a little bit, just a little bit.
And then if you really want to know, then join.
But once you join, the only way you leave is in a box.
And so once you have entered into this kind of knowledge of redesigning human beings, redesigning the whole world, once you actually commit yourself to this kind of research, you're going to pay, and you're going to pay dearly.
And let's be clear.
You get to a certain point, even though I've always refused to join them or take their money, you learn the knowledge on your own.
You're like one of them, even though you didn't want to.
It's the knowledge of evil.
You can't, it's like, and then when you say you pay with your life, it's not like they're even doing something to you.
You're now in it with them, even though you don't want to be, and that you see them cheating on the public.
You don't want to.
The public's coming after you, and it's just, it's incredible.
That is precisely what I'm saying.
That's exactly the feeling I feel continually.
That's why I have such an empathy for you, because I know I have spent my life, since 1959 and 60, I was talking about secret societies.
That's 56 years ago.
No, no, you're probably the original trailblazer of exposing the modern Illuminati occult.
Well, I've been doing it for almost 60 years now.
Were you around before Hilder or you guys were contemporaries?
No, I was out before Hilder and Hilder came into my life in 1966 when he put out the Illuminati records.
I was already in 1962-63, even the day John Kennedy was assassinated, I was going down to East Los Angeles to give a lecture on secret societies and world government when I heard on the radio that John Kennedy had been assassinated.
Well, Hilder's a character, isn't he?
Oh yeah, absolutely.
But, I mean, he's done a lot.
As a matter of fact, there's more to Anthony Hilder than meets the eye.
He has been involved in big motion picture industry.
He's very well... Oh, I know.
You don't have to tell me.
He's a very intelligent boy.
He's a very intelligent guy.
And he put out the Illuminati records, of which I got back in 1966.
Excuse me.
Do you think Hilder's ever been with an advanced agency?
Uh, I, you know, I have my own opinions, but that's just my opinion, so... Yeah, that guy's incredible.
We gotta get Hilder back on.
I just see... But he is... I've known Anthony for, I don't know, 40 years now, and, uh, he's a, he's a remarkable person.
He's a piece of work, is what he is.
Alright, so are you.
Yeah, brilliant, both of you.
Jordan Maxwell's our guest.
We'll give you his website.
Uh, you need to visit it today, jordanmaxwellshow.com.
A treasure of info.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
This is amazing.
I like him on Skype, too.
It's like he's in the room with us.
He is Bill Mitchell, host of Your Voice Radio.
Again, widely credited with being one of the top election influencers on Twitter.
And the website is yourvoiceradio.com.
Bill, welcome back to the show.
Hi, great to see you again.
Bill, let's switch gears a little bit.
We talked about hysteria on the left.
Let's talk about a little bit of hysteria on the right.
We've had people who've supported Trump for, you know, the best part of 18 months suddenly vowing to withdraw their support because they have a knee-jerk reaction to something they don't like.
We elected Donald Trump for his judgment and his instincts, okay?
And if these appointments mean that he has bad judgment and bad instincts, that individual appointment will be the least of our problems, okay?
But he doesn't.
He has great judgment.
He has great instincts.
Trust the fact that when he is considering these various people, he has more information than you do.
In addition, he is looking at each of these people in his cabinet, not as an individual piece that has to stand on its own, but as part of a larger picture that will all work together.
Trump wants people that have got a track record of winning and succeeding.
And I think that that's one of the things that he's looking for in these cabinet picks.
And he's got a broad spectrum of folks.
I think this may be the wealthiest cabinet we've ever had.
I think so.
Get yourselves in the trap of doubting Trump himself, because what'll happen is, you'll find out that cabinet pick was great, or that he didn't make it at all, and you'll end up having to walk it back and looking like a fool.
This flouncing on the right, we saw it with Mitt Romney, even though he wasn't selected in the end, which, you know, proves that Trump listened to his base.
But even the suggestion of it caused many people to just completely flip out, say they were abandoning the entire Trump train altogether, before he even gets into office.
So what exactly are you going to do for the next four years?
Just sit in the corner and cry and eat potato chips while we make America great again?
I mean, come on!
This presidency is bigger than just one cabinet position.
It's bigger than just one policy.
This is an entire sea change in the way America does business.
Just try to remain faithful.
You know, have some belief in the guy.
You elected him.
Remember why you elected him.
And, you know, just let's be unified.
Trump had the temerity to say America first and that he would put Americans' interests first.
God forbid!
All right, we've got Jordan Maxwell with us five minutes to the next hour, then David Knight's taking over with all the latest news, the attempt to overthrow the Electoral College, all the craziness, world government being announced.
Here's the deal.
They're trying to censor the Internet.
A lot of people just take it for granted.
They're announcing the filters, the systems to be put in place where we would have lost the last election.
The EU's announcing it's going to put an army in people's countries that try to pull out.
I mean, we're going to World War II level crap now.
But it's all done by the media like it's no big deal.
And then my listeners are like, the Chinese really said we better censor?
Then I pull the articles and people go, wow, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, they're lecturing us?
Yes, they're doing things they've never done before to train us to be slaves.
We're under massive hack attack.
Infowarsstore.com is back up.
Again, it's a denial-of-service attack.
The store is fine, totally secure to buy from.
They try to block it with traffic to shut it down.
It's back up.
Free shipping.
I'm extending it through the week.
We've got the Christmas special.
It's 20% off on our three bestsellers.
We've got a lot of other big specials.
Infowarslife.com, infowarsstore.com, or call toll-free 888-253-3139.
You can find out more about Jordan Maxwell's books and materials and the info he does as well on his website, JordanMaxwellShow.com.
I'll also tweet that out.
But here's the deal.
If they can hack us and attack us and then hurt us, they're winning.
So I want to thank you all for your support in the past.
These are great products you need.
But if you want to make a straight up donation, and I don't do this really ever.
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I mean, I'm already holding off hiring some people right now.
We're looking at the new year budgeting that, but we need the financial support.
You're the reason we have Infowars.
And of course, it's the Communist Chinese working with the globalists doing this.
They're here openly bullying us.
Lots of tidbits here in these last two segments that are only a few minutes long.
About three minutes left here, five minutes the next.
Jordan, other little tidbits.
What do you make of the global power structure?
How are things going for the new world order?
Well, so far, as long as the people are kept informed and can't read and can't think, you know, I mean, universities and schools teach you what to think, but they don't teach you how to think.
So unless and until you realize that you need to stand up on your own and start looking at the facts of life,
Instead of sitting back and watching television and listening to people.
You know, it's like Albert Einstein being, I feel like, it's like Albert Einstein being taught mathematics by somebody from a mental institution.
When you're sitting and watching television, people who you know are crooked,
They are racist, they are mentally deranged, what they're saying, but they're trying to explain to you what's going on.
Exactly, all they do is push race, like history isn't cool things that happened, or bad things that happened, or developments of humanity together, and how all humans are the same stuff, good, bad, ugly, it's all, this was racist, this was not mean, this was good, to make you turn into a victim.
Yeah, I've said before, if you were a normal, everyday, average, intelligent person, and you take a vacation, and you go to a city where there's a huge mental asylum, and for the first time you thought you would go visit this mental hospital just to see how things work, and you're walking through while everybody in the place is there because they're mentally deranged and they're mentally crippled,
Uh, whatever.
And so... But they are arguing with each other.
They're ranting and raving arguing with each other.
But they're used to each other.
They're used to doing that.
So it's fine with them.
But when you come in, they don't like you at all.
Because you don't talk like them, you don't look like them, and nobody knows who you are.
So they are really angry with you.
That's right.
Political correctness is right out of the Soviet Union.
The exact same term.
And it creates basket case lunatics with chips on their shoulders running around bullying everyone.
You're right.
That's what I'm saying.
And so that's why I, you know, I want to get this plug in real quick.
My research, I mean, my website... Stay there.
We're going back in 70 seconds, Jordan.
We're going right to you.
Jordan Maxwell.
And listen, come back on next week.
I want to get you on a lot.
I mean, I love having you on Skype.
And you're a hard guy to get on, so I'm glad you wanted to come on.
Stay with us.
Well, the New York Times is so hard up for money that it's going to be vacating eight floors in its headquarters just to generate some rental income.
This article coming out of Zero Hedge talks about how the New York Times once had an ad hoc campaign that was boosting revenue by selling subscriptions.
In response to the back and forth with Donald Trump, they said it was a smashing success.
Perhaps that was a bit of an overstatement because it now looks like they're renting out their 628th Avenue building in New York City just to make
It's unclear if the New York Times will distribute pink slips as a part of the cost-cutting effort, but in response to the impact that they're seeing in sales, 400 employees out of the building, the nearby office space, while the first phase of work is completed on the rentals, and they're saying that this will be done by early 2017.
Full rentals by the end of 2017, and it looks like they're having to rent out space in their offices just to make ends meet.
Their hate campaign against Donald Trump
Just isn't working.
I'm Margaret Howe reporting for Infowars.com.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
David Knight's coming up with the latest on the Democrats' plan to overthrow the election.
Our guest, who I want to get back up in the near future, is of course Jordan Maxwell.
We'll give you his website, jordanmaxwellshow.com.
A lot of great information, a lot of great material there.
Jordan, tell us about it.
We need to get his mic up.
I'm sorry, we've had some microphone problems today with our guests.
Go ahead.
Now it's better.
Now it's better?
I was going to say that my original website was jordanmaxwell.com, but that is no longer mine.
That was taken over by my webmaster, so I have a new website and I want everyone to know that.
That is jordanmaxwellshow.com.
And on that website, Jordan Maxwell Show, I have a research website that I've added just recently.
It's called the Research Society website.
All it is, is another website in which I am now downloading all of my articles, pictures, audio, videos.
Stuff on religion, stuff on recommended materials, all kinds.
And incidentally, this is important, I have been told by my lawyers that when I talk about certain subjects, I can get cut off, which I have been.
You know that.
I've been cut off quite a few times off of radio shows because I'm talking about something I'm not supposed to.
So I've been told by my lawyers that if you're talking to the public, there are certain things you cannot talk about because you're gonna get in trouble.
And so, but then they told me, but if you go into the private side, then the government has no control over that, because government is empowered to protect the people, so to speak.
And so, this is why I have... Well, I'm sure private clubs, because the elite likes that, they've always had a special protection, kind of like towns that are dry, where you can't drink, well, there's a private club you can.
That's right.
And that's what I'm doing.
And so that's why I've started the second website called Research Website, which you can join.
It's only a $30 one-time lifetime subscription to all of my work, all of the documents and pictures and audios and... Very, very exciting.
We'll have you back up.
We'll get into this in great detail in closing.
I mean, what do you make, though?
I mean, I think this is a real movement against global government.
I think it's a human awakening.
Obviously, it's got some infiltrators.
It's got problems.
But I think it's got the elite seriously scared.
I think so too, and I'm amazed how, truly I'm amazed how, I was talking about this stuff some 56 years ago, and now to see the public finally getting it, finally, finally getting it, I think, wow, it's incredible.
Maybe there is hope for the human race if Americans wake up and start doing something with their life instead of just listening to, because like,
There's a great quote that says, they will find it difficult, they who have accepted the authority as truth, rather than the truth as the authority.
So if people begin to wake up and find out that the authorities are not telling you the truth, that's why they're empowered to lie to you.
That's why people who are manipulating you, we call them con men, because they are involved in a conspiracy.
They're con men.
They're just laughing at you and mocking you in their news agencies.
So you need to wake up.
And I'm telling you, I have to also say, Alex, that I totally admire the brave
Well, I admire you, Jordan.
Let's talk again very soon.
Have a great Christmas coming up.
Thank you.
Thank you and I'd love to.
Adding about 60-70 affiliates on terrestrial low-tech radio, which is great because they're really trying to censor us on the web where we've been dominating.
He is Bill Mitchell, host of Your Voice Radio.
Again, widely credited with being one of the top election influencers on Twitter.
And the website is yourvoiceradio.com.
Bill, welcome back to the show.
Hi, great to see you again.
Bill, let's switch gears a little bit.
We talked about hysteria on the left.
Let's talk about a little bit of hysteria on the right.
We've had people who've supported Trump for, you know, the best part of 18 months suddenly vowing to withdraw their support because they have a knee-jerk reaction to something they don't like.
We elected Donald Trump for his judgment and his instincts, okay?
And if these appointments mean that he has bad judgment and bad instincts, that individual appointment will be the least of our problems, okay?
But he doesn't.
He has great judgment.
He has great instincts.
Trust the fact.
That when he is considering these various people, he has more information than you do.
In addition, he is looking at each of these people in his cabinet, not as an individual piece that has to stand on its own, but as part of a larger picture that will all work
I think?
I think so.
Get yourselves in the trap of doubting Trump himself, because what'll happen is, you'll find out that cabinet pick was great, or that he didn't make it at all, and you'll end up having to walk it back and looking like a fool.
This flouncing on the right, we saw it with Mitt Romney, even though he wasn't selected in the end, which, you know, proves that Trump listened to his base.
But even the suggestion of it caused many people to just completely flip out, say they were abandoning the entire Trump train altogether, before he even gets into office.
So what exactly are you going to do for the next four years?
Just sit in the corner and cry and eat potato chips while we make America great again?
I mean, come on!
This presidency is bigger than just one cabinet position.
It's bigger than just one policy.
This is an entire sea change in the way America does business.
Just try to remain faithful.
You know, have some belief in the guy.
You elected him.
Remember why you elected him.
And, you know, just let's be unified.
Trump had the temerity to say America first and that he would put Americans' interests first.
God forbid!
31 days.
31 until 45 is seated.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
I try to stay up to date while I'm on air for three hours, but then a lot of stuff I miss as it builds up.
That's why we have the fourth hour.
A fresh reporter comes in, a fresh host like David Knight, with the latest and, you know, fresh, ready to focus for an hour.
But a lot of days I cut into this hour, talking about adding a fifth hour, because there's so much news going on.
I think I'm very close to doing it.
I have stacks of news here that are shocking and painful.
In PC World, in Forbes, in the Washington Post, in the Wall Street Journal, saying, isn't it wonderful?
Forbes says it's bad, to Forbes' credit.
Oh, you know, the Chinese are like, we told you, now we're helping you censor, we're helping advise Facebook, we're helping advise Twitter.
The purge begins, we see the filters go in on Google Chrome, and show you where it says don't go to this site, it's dangerous, and BrightMarket's kicked off its apps, and our names are mentioned by the President and by Hillary, and they call for us to be banned.
And then the trolls go on InfoWars and go, nothing's happening, you're still here, nothing's going on.
So I walked into David, who just got in this morning, he was taking off some time, and I said, have you heard about this big hack?
He goes, yeah, it's crazy.
He goes, one of my white hat hacker friends called me this weekend and said, is this you?
All the traffic hitting Austin?
I don't know how they know, because the servers really aren't even here, but I guess they're hitting that too.
And so this is like big in the tech world.
It's going to be in the newspapers in the next few days.
Especially if we go ahead and release all the information.
This is the second biggest DDoS attack probably in US history.
They're saying it may be the biggest.
And it's these bots, it's machines they've hijacked.
The Communist Chinese admit that they're running these overall operations in October and November.
And they have the People's Newspapers, it's what they're called, attack us by name, folks.
So that's what they say.
It's a major state-run attack.
The Russians and others, when they do it, will just hit everybody and grab a bunch of credit card money.
With China, it's directly hitting the whole U.S.
because they see us as an enemy.
I love how we gave them the missile secrets, the jet secrets.
They give awards to their own people that steal our secrets.
We give them all our jobs, let them have lower taxes than us so that all our jobs go there.
I mean, I'm not anti-Chinese.
They're oppressing their own people.
The Communist Chinese are the biggest mass murderers in history, and our media won't even criticize them anymore, and they're in the news saying, shut us down.
And Tim Ferrissier came in here and told me, he said, you know, we're not, we're not making back the money that they did shutting down the shopping cart for three days and other stuff.
So, whatever, you know, that'll just, I mean, if they think that's the path to victory, they'll just continue to do it.
I'm going to send out some emails, some letters to folks and ask people to support us.
We've got free shipping, we've got the best nutraceuticals and supplements out there.
Everybody needs a Hillary for Prison shirt.
People want us to fight the New World Order.
They want us to get out there and take on the globalists.
Well, we've got to fund ourselves.
We've got to take action.
We've got to have the reporters.
We've got to deal with the attacks.
I'm not bitching, but man, we're your champion and we are crushing the enemy.
I want to thank Drudge for the traffic and support.
I want to thank you all for spreading the videos and defending us.
But when the rubber meets the road, it is money.
That makes this possible.
And we need to be flush with money to defend against attacks and be able to pay for bandwidth and be able to hire more people.
Not, not, because if I don't have even enough money to continue, I've got to cut people, which are hard.
You've trained them.
You want to keep them.
You certainly don't want to contract.
You want to expand.
So if times get really hard, which they probably will in a few years under globalism, unless Trump can reverse it, we're going to have to contract.
I'm trying to grow as much as I can before I contract.
Hoping we never contract, and I've never contracted in 21 years.
And that's why they're pissed.
They are all over the news going, how do we shut Alex Jones down on MSNBC, CNN?
You know, I'm for the First Amendment, but we gotta shut him down.
Ted Koppel came out of retirement to attack me.
I mean, I'm in Politico.
We can show Don Salazar's article on Infowars, guys.
You know, with Ted Koppel in it.
This is happening because we are annihilating them.
They're bringing back old anchors they think you trust, because you don't trust the new crops.
I mean, this is like Gladiator when they bring back, you know, the Gladiator that's been in retirement for 10 years.
Ted Cobble, Alex Jones, spreading the manure that fertilizes conspiracy theories all over the internet.
What, reminding you that they lied to you?
Reminding you that they lied about the polls and what's in the WikiLeaks, how they ran the media.
They've lost credibility.
They've collapsed.
And now I'm seeing them bring back Ted Koppel, Dan Rather.
All these old faces that they wanted to get rid of because they wouldn't play ball as much as they wanted.
I'm not saying Koppel or Dan Rather are perfect, but even Koppel's attacks aren't fake edited audio of me.
I noticed when I watched it this morning,
From what PBS, I noticed that it was actually like old attacks.
It was actually his opinion and maybe some good points.
It wasn't, Alex Jones is a devil worshipper that hates black people and says that Hillary's killing people in a pizza parlor.
None of it true.
It was actually silly, but it was still not yellow journalism.
So that video of Ted Koppel's up on Infowars.com.
David, I know you've got the latest on them trying to overthrow the electoral process.
We told folks that was coming a month ago.
We were conspiracy terrorists.
See, we're in trouble because we're so right.
We're so on target.
We're so researched with people like David Knight and Paul Watson and Leanne McAdoo and the rest of the incredible crew, the unsung heroes, the video editors that take all the news and all the material and put it together, and the researchers, the writers, you, the listeners.
This is the InfoWars family.
So free shipping running now to the end of the week.
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We don't have a lot of the stuff getting back in until the middle of January.
So again, please support the broadcast.
If you want to make a straight-up donation, you can call toll-free.
If you can't get on the shopping carts or websites, 888-253-3139.
Now, David Knight,
I want to get out of here so you have some time to break down on all the breaking news you've got.
The Russian ambassadors are getting assassinated.
I mean, we know Obama's trying to start a bigger war.
The last 31 days, will they try to stay in office?
Will they bring in a great crisis?
Their whole program...
is in trouble.
So we're in critical times.
We've had some victories, but I cannot stress enough.
This is the time for eternal vigilance and for prayer.
But first off, I came in and said, I can't believe some people don't believe we're under this attack.
They're so unsophisticated.
They go, Oh, your server, show us your logs.
We're on giant clouds.