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Name: 20161213_Tue_NightlyNews
Air Date: Dec. 13, 2016
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Welcome to the Info Wars Nightly News.
It is Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 and I'm Liane McAdoo.
Here's what's coming up tonight.
Tonight, the hypocrite in chief Barack Hussein Obama calls out Donald Trump for something he was guilty of his entire administration.
But there's more.
Obama wants you to ignore the content of the WikiLeaks and focus on who hacked them.
This was not a secret running up to the election.
The president-elect
In some of his political events, specifically said to the Russians, hack Hillary's emails.
Meanwhile, an onslaught of fake news is emerging from Syria.
What can we trust?
And then, major election fraud is uncovered in Detroit, and it appears to favor Hillary Clinton.
And that is what Detroit is doing!
You are right!
All that and more on the InfoWars Nightly News.
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
Well, President Obama made the rounds on another fake news broadcast to talk to a fake journalist to lament the reality of this fake news that caused Hillary Clinton the election.
That's right.
The irony is not lost on myself either.
Now, President Obama was there speaking with Trevor Noah at the Daily Show, blaming Putin, blaming voters for being obsessed with WikiLeaks, racism, everything he possibly could for why Donald Trump is the new president.
You know, avoiding the total fact that he was an abject failure and awful president.
So one of the things that he mentioned on Trevor Noah was the fact that any president who would shun his daily intelligence briefings would be flying blind.
And of course, he made this remark after Donald Trump said that he really wasn't interested in having daily intelligence briefings unless developments had changed enough to merit his attention.
And so then, of course, he was immediately attacked for that, saying, oh, my God,
Gosh, he's already going to be skipping his daily intelligence briefings.
How would you do that?
And President Obama rolls out there with all of his hubris and says, you know, any president that doesn't do that, doesn't attend these daily briefings would be flying blind on national security matters.
This is the same president who skipped more than half of his daily intelligence briefings.
I'm going to get to that here in a minute.
He ignored his ISIS intel for years.
He actually went out and called them the JV team because he ignored that intel.
But he is going to hit Donald Trump.
So one of the things that Obama says is,
He brags about the fact that he's developed this culture where the intelligence that's brought to the president, the daily intelligence briefings, are not going to be politicized, they're not going to be spun.
He's created this culture where he's very proud of the fact that over the course of the eight years, the message that he sent to every intelligence agency is, I want it straight, without spin,
And I think we've developed a culture that does that.
He just wants to hammer away at the basic principle that intelligence shall not be subject to political spin.
Now, it's been eight years with President Obama, so we know that pretty much whatever comes out of his mouth is a lie, and he means the exact opposite.
Case in point,
Over 50 CENTCOM intelligence operatives said that they were given implied orders not to report the facts on the ground in Iraq regarding terrorist activity.
Instead, they were encouraged to substitute economic or environmental information for terror-related intelligence.
They would basically ignore anything that went against the agenda that they were trying to push regarding ISIS.
Because the Obama administration wanted to downplay the rise of ISIS for its own political agenda.
They were also at the time, of course, aiding so-called moderate rebels in Syria in an effort to topple the Assad regime.
So they just they wanted everyone to just kind of be calm.
The situation was under control.
Meanwhile, it's spiraling out of control.
And then we witnessed the rise of ISIS, who at the time the president called the JV team.
Now, a congressional
Joint Task Force corroborated these CENTCOM employees' claims.
In August, they said, what happened at CENTCOM is unacceptable.
Our warfighters suffer when bad analysis is presented to senior policy makers.
We must continue our efforts until we fix it.
So this was corroborated and they said this is a big problem.
We can't have our warfighters out there bringing this intelligence to the president and other senior policy makers who then tell them, you know what?
We don't need to talk about that because that's going to go against the agenda we have to get our moderate rebels armed so that they can take out Assad.
And we don't want anyone worrying about ISIS, so I'm just going to go ahead and laugh it off and call them the JV Squad.
More examples, additionally, the former DIA head Michael Flynn
Revealed that Obama routinely turned a deaf ear to updates and reports on the rise of ISIS because they didn't fit with a narrative the administration was feeding the American public.
It interrupted his tea time, you know, he needed to go make his daily golf game, so he didn't want to hear it.
In fact, he read a lot of his intelligence briefings on his presidential iPad because he is a super cool technology El Presidente rolling out here with the fake news.
So not only did he skip his briefings, but you'll also recall this is a president who just had no problem letting the world know that he found out about the big breaking problems within his administration at the same time the rest of us did on the news when it was leaked to the press.
So let's just take a little walk back through the not so distant history here.
About eight times actually that President Obama said he found out about world events
By watching the news.
So the most recently he talked about claiming not to know that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was using a personal email address to conduct government business while she was in office, even though we know that's not true because he actually emailed back and forth with her using a pseudonym.
He said to CBS News that the same time everybody else learned it, I learned it through the news reports.
He also said that he learned about Fast and Furious.
He said, I heard on the news about this story that, uh, fast and furious.
He learned about NSA spying on foreign leaders.
He claimed he had no idea the NSA was spying on foreign leaders.
He said, I assure you, I certainly did not know anything about the IG report before the IG report had been leaked through the press.
They refused to answer questions about when the president was finally briefed on the General David Petraeus sex scandal.
Of course, that broke in the media before they were able to address that.
The IRS's targeting of conservative groups.
He told the media in 2013 that he learned about the IRS's improper targeting from the same news reports that I think most people learned about this.
I think it was on a Friday.
He got that specific, that that's how much he did not know about the IRS targeting
His, his opponents, they were targeting conservative groups to help him get elected as president, but he had no idea.
He, he just like, you know, Hillary Clinton had no idea that the DNC and the media were all in cahoots to get her elected, even though they were passing her the debate questions in advance and things like that, but.
They have no idea what these government agencies are doing to help them get elected.
Nope, we just need to worry about Putin and other foreign governments trying to get Donald Trump elected.
Yeah, right.
So then he also learned about the Justice Department's wiretapping of AP and Fox News reporters.
Of course, this additionally was something that would help him as the president, but he didn't know.
He said he found out about that from the news reports yesterday on the road.
The Department of Veterans Affairs healthcare waiting list scandal.
Then Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters, we learned about them through the reports.
I'll double check if that's not the case, but that's when we learned about him.
I heard it in the news.
And then, of course, there was an unauthorized Air Force One photo op.
New York City residents were panicked because the plane was flying near the Statue of Liberty for a pre-scheduled photo op.
But Obama said, it was something that we found out about along with all of you.
So here's the president.
And he doesn't even know what's going on within his own administration, but he is going to admonish President-elect Donald Trump, who says he himself doesn't want these daily intelligence briefings unless they're going to bring him something new.
So he's just following in the footsteps of his predecessor.
But then something else really huge that Obama said with his visit there with the fake news journalists at the fake news show, The Daily Show, with Trevor Noah.
As I mentioned, he was blaming this election, blaming voters who were obsessed over WikiLeaks because you'll recall he said, you know, the media was focused on the hacked DNC emails in the run up to election.
That's what caused this election.
You'll recall CNN told everyone they're not even allowed to look at the WikiLeaks.
It's illegal.
Only CNN is allowed to look at these leaked WikiLeaks emails.
And they just told everyone to ignore them because without any evidence or providing any proof, they said that these emails had been doctored.
So everyone just ignore them.
But the president has the audacity to blame the media for focusing on the DNC emails and said it's voters problem because they were obsessed over it.
So it's totally ridiculous.
But then he says, you know, I don't even know why they were obsessed because there was nothing explosive in them.
It was fairly routine stuff.
Fairly routine stuff.
So then why the hell is everyone obsessing over the fact that Russia supposedly, allegedly, helped Donald Trump win the election by leaking these fairly routine emails?
What impact could this have possibly had on the election if they were just fairly routine?
It makes no sense.
Here again, the president is continuing on with this agenda of nothing to see here, folks.
Move along.
So here's just a little refresher.
Paul Joseph Watson tweeted this out earlier, and it's a pretty good one.
So let's just take a little refresher into what the president thinks is routine.
So we saw DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz caught red-handed trying to ensure Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders.
This resulted in her resignation from the DNC.
Democrats plan to use Sanders' religion against him, hoping that Kentucky and West Virginia voters would oppose his
We're good.
Offering them a chance to edit his copy now mind you he's been promoted.
He's not working at Politico anymore He is now working with the New York Times fake news.
So him being a hack.
He was rewarded heavily for that Politico's Kenneth Vogel was caught doing the same no word on if he's gonna go advance to the fake news outlet New York Times CNBC's John Harwood was caught asking John Podesta for an interview with Hillary Promising, you know, he wouldn't ask her any tough questions
One DNC staffer said it was effing stupid Obama wasn't spending more time helping them raise money.
DNC staffers treated their donors with repeated disrespect, sometime referring to them as clowns.
The DNC was caught violating FEC donation limits to non-multi-candidate Pete Pax.
Other emails found DNC staffers mocking Hispanics, gays, and Republicans.
You'll remember they had the Taco Bell Tuesdays.
Perhaps most damning, one showed the DNC panicking after Obama claimed in an interview not to have known about Hillary's secret server, because all parties were apparently aware this was untrue, and like I mentioned earlier, Obama was caught emailing with her, Huma Abedin said, wait a minute, this is the president I'm emailing with?
This is your secret code name?
Shouldn't this be classified?
Shouldn't that be top secret?
So of course he knew about this, but you know what?
He found out about it just the same time as us folks on the news, at the same time with the stories when he turned on his programs.
So it's a total confusion there.
In fact, White House spokesman Josh Earnest got confused during his daily briefing today.
He mistakenly said China
I think?
So, you know, what's going on?
Do we have two foreign governments meddling in our presidential election or none or what's going on?
And that's exactly what everybody else is saying.
So now we have the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee writing a letter to the director of national intelligence, James Clapper, saying, what's
What the heck is going on?
Just three weeks ago, we were given this report by the CIA that said they didn't have any intelligence to back it up.
They said they lacked good insight about the connection between Russian hacking of Democratic emails and their release by WikiLeaks.
They really didn't know.
They lacked strong evidence.
But on Friday, the Washington Post reported that a secret CIA assessment
Had concluded that Russia had interfered in the race to boost Trump, although the agency did not have specific intelligence showing Kremlin involvement.
So now three weeks later, everything is completely changed.
What the heck happened?
And these are sentiments exactly that are also being echoed by the top U.S.
spy agency, the ODNI, which is a
Ahead of all of these 17 intelligence agencies you keep hearing about, they say that they're not embracing the CIA's assessment on Russia hacking.
So they're having confusion within their own agencies.
So this is the overseers of the U.S.
intelligence community.
They said they have not embraced a CIA assessment that Russian cyber attacks were aimed at helping Republican President-elect Donald Trump win the 2016 election.
And the reason why they haven't endorsed their assessment is because of a lack of conclusive evidence.
So again, no conclusive evidence, but it's the secret CIA assessment and all of the fake news outlets out there are just running with it.
Now in about the last minute and a half, I wanted to get to this next story because
We've continually been called conspiracy theorists about this.
Anyone who has a problem with geoengineering, looking up in the sky, you see it with your own eyes.
They're telling you it doesn't exist and that it's fake.
It's fake news.
Well now, coming out of Bloomberg, scientists want to give the atmosphere an antacid to relieve climate change.
Why are they doing this?
And why?
They say geoengineering may have just gotten a bit safer.
So geoengineering doesn't exist.
But scientists are now doing it in a safer way.
See how tricky that is right there?
So one of the approaches to this geoengineering that doesn't exist is that they say the Earth, they mimic the natural atmospheric cooling effect that tends to follow the massive dispersion of sulfur dioxide into the air during a volcanic eruption.
So they want to mimic that natural phenomenon, but of course that might be dangerous.
Because it's unclear what nation or international body would be authorized to release this sulfur dioxide.
And also, it's a pollutant which could cause acid rain, could eat away at the ozone layer, and that protects living things from UV light and warm the lower stratosphere.
They also talk about another
Three years ago,
The Congress in the National Defense Authorization Act repealed the law that had been on the books for decades, barring the CIA and other agencies from engaging in domestic propaganda and disinformation.
Over the weekend, they passed the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act that funds 160 plus million dollars to this new organization that will, quote, discover and counter with its own disinformation, alternative media that they dub fake news.
At the very same time, we see mainstream media claiming that Trump, myself, Tucker Carlson, you name it, are Russian agents, and that the American people really wanted Hillary Clinton, but the Russians somehow hacked in, and that's why Trump won.
Yes, we've gotten Trump elected, but they're openly trying to overthrow that.
Now more than ever, InfoWars needs your prayers and your support.
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Today we see an article from Revealed News looking at some whistleblowers from Uber who are involved in security there saying that the company is tracking everything you do and abusing your privacy.
Now this is something we've talked about before.
This is something that came up a couple years ago.
We're going to look at a document
That shows just how extensively they're tracking everybody.
This is something they called Rides of Glory that was on Uber's blog.
Once they had a controversy with Uber executives saying they were going to dig up dirt on journalists, that was removed.
But I have a copy of that blog and I'm going to show that to you in just a moment.
But first, let's take a look at this breaking news from some whistleblowers.
These are internal Uber employees.
Let's see.
That was resulting in Uber employees being able to track high-profile politicians, celebrities, even personal acquaintances of Uber employees, including ex-boyfriends, girlfriends, and ex-spouses.
He said this under penalty of perjury and a deposition in October.
He is suing them for wrongful termination, saying that he was fired because he was a whistleblower, and also alleging age discrimination.
Now, they point out in this article, after news broke two years ago that executives of the company were using the God View feature.
Think about that.
This is a company that calls itself Uber, and they create a God View to track the rides here.
Do you think they've got some kind of a dangerous mentality here?
I think so.
And when we look at this, I want you to understand what the end game is for this.
These are, as I point out many times, what they're setting up are tax and track robot taxis.
They want to ban all private ownership, all freedom of movement.
You will go to these companies who will work hand-in-glove with the government.
We'll talk about how politically connected they are, the exclusions that they get.
That's great.
Is not right.
And the reason for that is because they're a multinational corporation and because they serve the globalist government agenda.
But let's look at the details here.
They say thousands of employees throughout the company, they said, could get details of where and when each customer traveled.
And they also point out, they said that in addition to security vulnerabilities, Spangenberg said Uber deleted files it was legally obligated to keep.
And during government raids of foreign Uber offices, he said the company remotely encrypted its computers to prevent authorities from gathering information.
See, they got their Hillary going, don't they?
Just like Hillary Clinton, they keep the stuff that they want and they hide the stuff and delete it once somebody comes asking what they're really doing.
But you have to understand the true problem with this is that all these companies
That are keeping digital information on you, now are going to be obliged to hand this over to the government.
And what the government has done with CISA, they tried it, remember, multiple times calling it CISPA, PIPA, ACTA.
They finally got it through calling it CISA.
It is there to protect the corporations that have collected all this information on you, to protect them from you, the customer, suing them for violating your privacy.
Now they can turn it over to the government and they are protected from that kind of action.
And understand, as we pointed out many times as well, going back to the turn of this century, we had geospatial intelligence become the primal focus of our government.
So when they say they're just looking at your metadata, that is the most damaging thing they can do.
By looking at your behavior, they can put together all kinds of assumptions about you, some of which are false.
So let's take a look at this ride of glory issue here.
And I've got the document right here, and again, this was published back in March 28th of 2012.
They then deleted it, but I've got a paper copy of this.
What they did was, they kept records of rides that people had taken, and they said, let's take a look at people who, in the wee hours of the morning, get dropped off at a location that is not their home, stay for a couple of hours, and then catch an Uber ride to go home in the wee hours of the morning.
That, we think, is an overnight affair.
Do you see how this assumption leads to maybe false identification for people, but also how it invades people's privacy?
Uber thought nothing at all about this at the time.
In fact, they had a lot of fun with it in their blog post.
What they did was they first looked at the data, and they broke it down by city, as you can see here.
They looked at Boston.
They say Boston comes in nearly 1% of all the rides of glory throughout the country.
They clearly top the list.
Then comes New York with about one-fifth of that proportion, so forth and so on.
Then they cross-tabulate it by the day of the year.
Oh, let's look at Valentine's Day, or the Comic-Con, or Cinco de Mayo, or whatever, or my birthday.
Looking at your individual birthday and seeing if you're taking a ride of glory, according to them, having an extramarital affair in the wee hours of the morning, according to Uber.
Then they even break it down by the day of the week.
So they play all these different games with it.
Are you creeped out yet?
Are you creeped out about how easy it is for them to go in and grab this information?
For them to go in and turn it over to the government?
How they can piece all this stuff together and maybe have some false assumptions that they make about this?
Remember that they took down this Rite of Glory blog in response to a story in 2014.
It was in November.
And at the time, you had a BuzzFeed journalist say that they had been invited to a dinner with Uber executives, and the Uber executive said, well, I thought this conversation was off the record later on, but here is what he had to say.
A senior executive at Uber suggested the company should consider hiring a team of opposition researchers to dig up dirt on its critics in the media.
And he specifically to spread details of the personal life of a female journalist who was critical of the company.
Now this was someone who was his name was Emil Michael and he was described by the CEO and founder of Uber as one of the top deal guys in the valley.
Sits on the board that advises the Department of Defense.
See we're back to geospatial intelligence and the government using this information.
How's that?
They say over dinner he outlined the notion of spending a million dollars to hire four top opposition researchers and four journalists.
That team could, he said, help Uber to fight back against the press that was unfriendly to them.
They'd look into, quote, your personal lives, your families, and give the media a taste of its own medicine.
See, this is weaponized corporate intelligence that will be turned over to our government for pre-crime purposes.
Now when we go and look at where Uber is today, just this last couple of weeks ago, the end of November,
Uber is battling in Europe to make sure they're not regulated as taxis.
You would think that Uber is a taxi, wouldn't you?
Oh, no, no, no, no.
For their purposes, so they can escape the regulations, so they don't have a level playing field, Uber is going to the European Court trying to convince them that it is a digital service and not a transportation company.
Now, as Forbes reports this, this is going before the European Court of Justice.
They have not arrived at a decision yet.
And they point out that some European courts have not been kind to Uber.
They lost in Denmark.
The Supreme Court there ruled that, yes, you are operating as a taxi.
We all know they're operating as a taxi.
Elsewhere in Europe, regulators in Germany, Belgium, France have also taken actions against the company.
So what do they do?
They do the same thing that the self-driving car companies and all of these big companies do when they lose, whether it's the people trying to sell you GMO or the people trying to control your movement.
If they lose at the local level, if they lose at the state level, they get tired of fighting it there so they go to the top.
They go to the European Central Regulating Court or they go to the federal government here in the United States and they get special services.
Because their intelligence is so valuable to the government and the government is giving them a pass on any lawsuits involved there.
The saddest thing about this, I think, is how easily people give up their privacy, their freedom.
At the beginning of this Forbes article, the guy said I paid nearly $40 on Sunday for a 10-minute taxi ride from Luxembourg's airport to my home.
That's why I'm hoping for a successful outcome of Uber's ongoing talks with the government to launch its services.
See, selling out your freedom, not understanding where this is going, giving these people an unfair advantage over taxi companies and taxi drivers who have massive regulatory expenses that are laid upon them, that's why their costs are higher.
Uber can operate at a lower cost because they don't have these regulatory issues.
And understand this, that Uber's goal, as he's pointed out many times, the CEO of Uber, has said,
That he wants to get rid of the dude in the taxi to make it cheaper and to make private ownership of automobiles go away.
When he does that, your freedom to move about goes away as well.
Now this is a guy who has hired Obama's former campaign manager.
Now he replaced him about a year after that with an executive from Google.
He understands this is politics and this is what Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said.
He said, we're in a political campaign and the candidate is Uber and the opponent is an asshole named taxi.
So, woven into the political machinery and the fabric that a lot of people owe him favors.
Now, they're putting themselves into where they are owed the favors, and they're going to use those to take away your freedom of transportation.
For Infowars.com, I'm David Knight.
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You're awesome.
That the people support their army and government is absolutely true.
Whatever you hear in the corporate media is the complete opposite.
And, on that note, what you hear in the corporate media, and I will name them, BBC, Guardian, New York Times, etc., on Aleppo is also opposite of reality.
Aw, man.
Somebody find Gary Johnson.
We're about to get real and talk about Aleppo.
Today in the news it came out that the Syrian army had liberated the city of Aleppo and was going around systematically killing people in the streets, namely civilians.
Now I'm going to talk about this story and I'm going to provide some sources here as to why I think this is not true and why we should not believe the reports coming from the Western media.
Now on December 9th, just a few days ago, independent Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett gave a 20-minute press conference as to why we should not believe the fake news coming from the Western media.
But why should we believe her?
What are her credentials?
I've been to Syria six times since 2014, two of which were with international delegations and four times were independently on a visa I applied for, paid for and waited for.
My trips have been self-funded or fundraised and I've gone at my own risk
So she has street cred that 99.9% of other reporters don't have.
She's actually boots on the ground, getting the real story from the people, watching events unfold.
And she covered a lot of topics in her press conference, one of which was the ceasefires and why they don't work.
Here's what she had to say.
There's no faith that any of the parties that the US and Western leaders who have funded these terrorists, there's no faith that they can actually control the terrorists and get them to adhere to a ceasefire and the people of Aleppo want Aleppo to be completely freed.
The last ceasefire in September was from the very start negated by 20 main terrorist factions who declared they were not going to participate and from the very beginning violated the ceasefire
Over 300 times during the duration of the ceasefire, and not only these terrorist factions, while the Syrians and while the Russians adhered to the tenets of the ceasefire, but the American-led coalition itself violated the ceasefire by targeting Syrian army positions in Deir ez-Zor, killing at least 83 Syrian soldiers.
In a prolonged attack that lasted nearly one hour and which enabled ISIS to overtake that position.
Next, she implicated the so-called Free Syrian Army into a massive amount of human rights abuses, including executions, hoarding food, oppression of the citizens, blowing up hospitals.
Here's just a few of the things she had to say.
2012 has been inhabited by different terrorist factions, among them al-Nusra, among them the so-called Free Syrian Army, which has committed the same heinous acts of terrorism as al-Nusra
Of mortars, of gas canister bombs which are improvised and made locally, of water heater bombs which are even more powerful and can level floors of entire buildings, of conventional weapons like Grad rockets supplied by the West and etc.
The terrorists that declare themselves liberators of Syria do not want people to leave.
They've been holding civilians hostage and if you're following reports that are not BBC and that are not New York Times, you will see countless testimonies of civilians
Of the 100,000 civilians who've been liberated the last week, saying, thank God for the Syrian Arab Army that liberated us, and the terrorists were hoarding food, they were preventing us from having food.
This is all documented.
Some of the myths that have been about Aleppo and Syria in general have been that the Syrian government and army are starving the population.
Again, I refer to testimonies of people, even people I met with in November.
I met with a family of displaced people from Al-Halak, which is north of Bustan Al-Pasha, which is an area, both areas occupied by terrorists.
At that time, when I met them on November 10th, he told me that they had fled along with about 40 others about 20 days prior, and that they had tried twice prior to flee, but they were prevented violently, so from doing so, by the terrorists that inhabited those areas.
This is the case, these are the testimonies coming out of Aleppo now.
People saying, we tried to flee, they wouldn't let us, they shot at us.
There are also videos showing people who did manage to flee coming under fire and the Syrian army actually protecting them, acting as human shields.
So that's to say that what we've been hearing in the corporate media is not depicting an accurate image of what's happening in Aleppo.
The corporate media is saying that the Syrian army is attacking people and until today the corporate media is maintaining this even though the exact opposite is true.
Now, remember the chemical weapons that our mainstream media told us that Assad was using on his people but then we found video of the Free Syrian Army and others using them in actuality so of course it was a fake story.
Well here's just another source, here's just another piece of evidence that proves we were right all along.
Also documented are that
We're good to go.
I don't know.
And the destruction in areas occupied by terrorists occurs because the terrorists are bunkering below ground, come up above ground, fire their bombs on civilian populations and go back below ground.
Also, the mainstream media has reported numerous times that Russia has blown up hospitals all over Aleppo and that they're committing tons of human rights abuses.
Well, here's the actual skinny from the boots on the ground, Eva Bartlett, Canadian independent journalist.
Hospitals have been attacked.
Well, this media is referring to the pockets of Aleppo that were occupied by terrorists.
And they have manufactured stories, and I can give you a precise account.
In April of this year, there was a hospital called the Al-Quds Hospital, which in a concerted effort, all media said, was attacked and targeted and badly damaged by either the Syrians or the Russians.
In fact, the Russians had satellite imagery showing that this hospital was in the same shape that it was in in October 2015.
No difference.
Therefore, it was not attacked.
Months later, The Guardian, which is a prominent British newspaper, actually said the Al-Quds Hospital that it had alleged months prior to be attacked and destroyed was treating victims of so-called chemical weapons attacks.
So even the media that is lying is inconsistent in their lies.
But there have been hospitals attacked.
I went to the Al-Dabit Hospital, which is in Aleppo City.
It's a maternity hospital.
It was attacked on May 3rd, and three women were killed.
You would think this would be something raised at the UN or by so-called human rights groups, but it was not.
In December 2013, the Kindy Hospital was attacked and destroyed.
It was the largest and best cancer treatment hospital in the Middle East.
It was destroyed by al-Nusra terrorist truck bombings.
And in fact, in recent media reports on Aleppo, again alleging Syrian or Russian strikes on hospitals, Fox News actually had the audacity to use a photo of Al-Kindi Hospital and allege that this is in eastern areas of Aleppo and that this hospital had been attacked by Syrian or Russian strikes.
This goes to show how much the media has been lying from the very beginning about Syria and continues to lie.
So it wasn't the Russians, it was actually the terrorists using truck bombs.
At the end of her press conference, she opened it up for questions, and one Dutch journalist asked her why she was calling the Western media liars.
She asked him to name one Western-backed humanitarian organization that's in Syria.
There are none.
These organizations are relying on the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which is based in Coventry, UK, which is one man.
Coincidentally, this is the same Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that just said every hour butcheries are carried out concerning executions of civilians being done by the Syrian army.
Makes you wonder, doesn't it?
You really have to admire this reporter going into a war zone with no protection, with little resources, and really putting the boots on the ground and getting the straight story out so we don't have to rely on this continual fake news coming out of the Western media.
Now one final note on Russia.
It just came out today, Obama crushes conspiracy.
No evidence that Russia tampered with votes in election.
This is something we've been saying all along.
He said, we were frankly more concerned in the run-up to the election to the possibilities of vote tampering, which we did not see any evidence of, he said, and we are confident that we can guard against it.
So there it is.
Somebody needs to send a giant crow to Keith Oberman because you know what?
That man's going to be hungry.
It's been Rob Dew reporting for InfoWars.com and InfoWars Nightly News.
We are at war with Russia.
Or perhaps more correctly, we have lost a war with Russia without a battle.
We are no longer a sovereign nation.
We are no longer a democracy.
We are no longer a free people.
We are the victims of a bloodless coup.
So far, a bloodless coup.
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
Their whole ideology is about, they're the leftist, they're the fops, they're the pseudo-intellectuals, they're the skinny tie wearers, they're going to show you bitter clingers.
The President-elect didn't call it into question.
He called on Russia to hack Secretary Clinton.
It was the President-elect who, over the course of the campaign, indicated that he thought that President Putin was a strong leader.
But you don't know that Vladimir Putin was behind those hacks.
Well, we do know this, and I can say this... But you don't know that, so let's not pretend that you do.
Well, let's not ignore what the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Director of National Intelligence said publicly, which is that these hacks were of such seriousness
They could not have taken place without the approval at the highest levels of the Kremlin.
That's speculation.
Well, it is speculation.
And we've seen a lot of it.
It is not speculation.
You can only say it's speculation.
It is a statement of the intelligence community's best assessment.
Is the statement a fact?
Is it entirely possible that the dumping of documents continued after the statement?
Look how that guy looks at you!
And what may have been avoided was a
Further escalation of the interference in the form of trying to monkey around on election day or thereafter.
That sort of activity seemed to have curtailed.
As far as the WikiLeaks connection, the evidence there is not as strong and we don't have good insight into the sequencing of the releases.
Or when the data may have been provided.
We don't have as good insight into that.
Oh, you said it's getting water for Putin!
That's pretty hilarious!
And I'm a little bit suspicious when I hear statements like, all 17 agencies of the intelligence community, well, all 17 don't conduct investigations, particularly cyber investigations, so you have five or six that may have a consensus that probably Russia meddled, and it looks like they did.
He has also questioned the on-the-record assessment of 17 intelligence agencies that Russia was trying to meddle in this election.
You still don't have agreement on what was the motive, why would they do it, and then there's no evidence that it actually affected the outcome of the election.
Back in May of 2012, while America slept, an amendment overturned the long-standing Smith-Montt Act of 1948.
And the Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1987, allowing for materials produced by the State Department and the Broadcasting Board of Governors to be released within U.S.
The new law would give sweeping powers to the State Department and Pentagon to push television, radio, newspaper, and social media onto the U.S.
It removes the protection for Americans
There are no checks and balances.
No one knows if the information is accurate, partially accurate, or entirely false.
You saw BuzzFeed did an excellent story on fake news and how much traffic they get and how much more traffic each of these false news stories gets than New York Times stories or Washington Post stories.
We're writing about it, but A, people aren't listening, and B, they don't believe us.
The U.S.
is confident that the cyberattacks were conducted by Russia's GRU military intelligence arm.
Investigators believe the hackers gained access to some Republican files, but that information never became public.
There were two groups, two independently working groups that we associate with Russian intelligence agencies.
One of them we associate with GRU.
In the cyber security realm, attribution as it's called, pointing the actual finger at someone and saying you're the one who did it, is extremely difficult.
Yeah, I was just going to ask you how easy or difficult it is to actually go about tracking down the person or persons responsible behind this action.
Very difficult to track them and it's actually extremely easy to spoof this type of information.
I mean, I myself can set my computer to a Russian language.
I can decide to work between 9 to 5 Moscow time and then bounce my signal off of a computer in Siberia.
It's very easy to do that.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, as you can see, I'm wearing a red tie, so that must mean I'm a Russian agent.
After all, I was also a Trump supporter, and apparently we're all Russian agents.
The latest would be Rex Tillerson.
They're now saying that Rex Tillerson is a Russian agent.
This is coming out of the Washington Times.
Surprise, surprise.
As if we're all Russian agents.
You know, it's funny, they turn jokes into reality.
I remember we used to joke about how
You know, oh, you're a racist this, you're a racist that, everyone's a racist.
And then they actually used that as intellectual arguments.
Then the joke was, oh, you're a Russian, I'm a Russian, hold on, let me hear from Russia.
And now they're actually using that against everyone.
So it's amazing how they take these jokes that we make up like, oh, the left couldn't possibly go to that absurdity.
And then they do.
If you were to read the mainstream media, you'd think Rex Tillerson, the CEO of ExxonMobil and President-elect Donald Trump's pick for Secretary of State, is a puppet of Vladimir Putin.
The Washington Post said, Rex Tillerson's Russia problem, and then they, an NBC quote, Trump's credibility problem on Russia, Tillerson has ties to Russia and Putin.
Think about this, folks, okay?
If Donald Trump was actually a Russian agent, why would he out in public openly start appointing people that have ties with Russia?
Why would he be openly saying he's willing to negotiate with Putin?
That doesn't make much sense.
That's a total lie.
If Russia was the one that hacked the DNC like they're trying to claim with the WikiLeaks, they wouldn't leave a footprint.
So all of these Russian things, you're a Russian, he's a Russian agent, all this crap, it's totally a joke.
Now, the...
First it was Obama saying rigged elections don't exist.
Now Obama wants to look into the rigging of elections.
Of course there were recounts that were led by Jill Stein, but look at what we found in Detroit.
This is out of the Detroit News.
Records indicate too many voters in 37% of Detroit's precincts.
Too many voters!
What, were they Russian?
State Elections Director Chris Thomas explains a state audit of 20 precincts in Detroit where ballot boxes contained fewer votes than counted in the election poll book.
Voting machines in more than one-third of all Detroit precincts registered more votes than they should have during last month's presidential election, according to Wayne County records.
Detailed reports from the office of Wayne County Clerk Kathy Garrett show optical scanners of 248 of the city's 662 precincts, or 37%, tabulated more ballots than the number of voters tallied by workers in the poll books.
Voting irregularities in Detroit have spurred plans for an audit by Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson's office.
Elections Director Chris Thomas said Monday.
Oh, but look at this!
Oh, so there was some fishy activity in the Detroit and Wayne County election polls.
Democrat Hillary Clinton overwhelmingly prevailed in Detroit and Wayne County.
That must be a coincidence.
But, as we told you,
We can beat a landslide, and Donald Trump, with a landslide in Michigan, beat the rigged polls in Detroit.
No wonder why Hillary didn't want to put her name behind a recount, because now we see what we would have found.
So she had to perpetrate Jill Stein to do that dirty work for her.
Bill Gates says that Trump has the opportunity to be like JFK.
President-elect Donald Trump has the opportunity to establish American leadership through innovation, Bill Gates told CNBC on Tuesday.
He went on, but in the same way President Kennedy talked about the space mission and got the country behind that, I think whether it's education or stopping epidemics or in the energy space, there can be a very upbeat message that Trump's administration is going to organize things and get rid of regulatory barriers and have American leadership through innovation.
Well, we hope that that's the case, and we think that, you know, having somebody who's not just a lifetime politician be the president is a good move.
Somebody who actually has experienced success with their own merit in the private sector.
But perhaps maybe, like Michael Moore saying something crazy might happen to Trump, Bill Gates talking about Trump being like JFK?
Hmm, perhaps that's some sort of, you know,
Foreshadowing as to what we might be seeing in the near future.
Now look at this!
I can't believe this, folks.
You know, it gets worse for men.
Viruses may have evolved to hit men hard, but go easy on women.
Now viruses are sexist.
Is man flu a quirk of viral evolution?
Many infections cause more severe illness in men than in women.
This talks about tuberculosis, human papillomavirus,
Epstein-Barr virus all affect men more than women, so I need to start protesting against these sexist viruses.
No, instead, let's just maintain a safe border where we don't have to worry about disease coming across it.
Here's good news to end the news with tonight.
Fewer teens are doing drugs than ever before.
They are being concerned with e-cigarettes as an emerging public health problem, but
According to studies that have been going on for more than 40 years, teenagers in today's age are doing less drugs than teenagers just 40 years ago.
So maybe there's hope for the future.
Maybe some of our teenagers will be educated enough not to vote people in like Hillary Clinton or whatever corrupt politician they put in.
Maybe they'll become more concerned with space and politics in the future than sports and the Kardashian.
That's been the Nightly News.
Be sure to tune into the Alex Jones Show tomorrow, 11 a.m.
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