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Name: 20161209_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 9, 2016
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Alex Jones discusses various news topics such as Donald Trump's actions, CNN and BuzzFeed, and the launch of a movie starring Alex Jones, Charlie Daniels, and General Jerry Boykin titled "Revelation". He criticizes mainstream media figures like Brian Williams and Joe Scarborough. He also mocks Hillary Clinton for calling attention to fake news while she has been caught lying about her own experiences. In addition, he discusses various conspiracy theories including the "Iodine Conspiracy" which he believes is linked to fluoride being added to water supplies. The team encourages listeners to sign a petition to support free speech and deliver it physically to Trump Tower and Congress.

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It is Friday, December 9th, 2016.
We're going to be here live for the next four hours.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, Austin.
Broadcasting Worldwide.
There is so much to go over today.
There is a story that's now come out that I was actually told about years ago and other similar stories and I asked why Trump wouldn't use it in the campaign.
They just said that's not how he operates.
But now after the campaign we learn black homeless woman says Trump allowed her to live in Trump Tower rent-free for the last eight years and even has room service deliver her food three times a day.
This is when Trump caught the police throwing her out.
She'd been squatting.
Now, why is that so interesting?
Because I remember years ago hearing these stories about Trump, but never in the news from individuals.
There's a bunch of them.
I don't know if it's white guilt or something, but it does tend to be towards black people that almost all the stories are about African-Americans, use the politically correct term.
But that dovetails with this poor lady that Obama didn't help.
She even tried to go to the inauguration.
She begged for help.
Other people bought into the fact that it was Republican State House members that were in real estate that actually bought her a nice house.
Just gave her a house to prove, you know, the fact that they're not what Obama claims they are, these big racists.
And he's out in the news giving interviews to Fareed Zarkaria about how, you know, people in the South are racist, they're not in the North.
Which is the most twisted, bizarre statement ever.
I'm gonna say this, I personally have witnessed more systemic open racism when I've been in the North than I've seen in the South.
Now I'm not bashing the North either, it's just that I've heard more open racism by everybody.
I don't know.
Henrietta Hughes.
She's like, we live in the car, and we go to the library and try to educate our children, but we sure need a home.
The welfare doesn't pay for it, and I've got a job, but then if I claim it, then I won't have enough to even live.
Because that's how they want you, having to work and have welfare, and then be homeless.
He said, we're going to take care of you, ma'am.
We're going to take care of you.
He didn't take care of her.
You can bet your bottom dollar.
If Donald Trump tells somebody he's going to take care of them, he does it.
This isn't a Donald Trump love fest either.
It's just the reality.
He's working 18 hours a day.
In fact, it's worse than that.
Or better, depending on how you look at it.
He works, he's up working off and on 20 hours a day.
He does sleep four hours, that's confirmed.
Four hours!
Now, it isn't 20 hours of pure work as he stops and does stuff and eats and takes a few breaks here and there and takes an extra shower or whatever like anybody would do who's working 20 hours.
Sometimes he goes and plays golf back before he ran for office.
I'd play golf now in over a year and a half.
But, I mean, think about that juxtaposed to how much Bill Clinton vacationed or George Herbert Walker Bush vacationed or W. Bush vacationed or any of these people.
Or Obama, the king of it.
It's just night and day.
It's action versus talk.
Little less talk, little more action.
That gets me the satisfaction to quote the king.
So we're going to play those clips coming up.
Meanwhile, CNN spends election cycle calling Trump supporters racist, then gets hit with a class action racism suit.
Yeah, not a lot of black faces or brown faces behind the scenes at CNN.
So that's some of the news we're going to be covering there today.
Now before we go any further, let me just tell you, that's not even our top stories.
That is not even our top stories.
We have a Democratic Congressman on Fox, new to Tucker Carlson's face.
Tucker is finally blooming, being left alone to be himself.
That's why he used to have to play along at CNN, play along at Fox, never seen the real Tucker.
As I've told people you would, it's very exciting.
Ratings are exploding, it's amazing.
Oh, a new Patriots show, top ratings on Fox.
The Bimbos ratings are going down.
He wants to watch Skeletor in drag.
He calls him a commie agent on his own show.
Well, U.S.
life expectancy is down for the first time since 1993.
According to this one study, the life expectancy of Americans decreased, dropping for the first time in over two decades.
This data was released by the National Center for Health on Statistics, and it shows that the life expectancy in the U.S.
is dropping.
Americans are now expected to live an average of 78.8 years.
Women, of course, outlive men.
Expectancy is 81.2 years.
The overall death rate is rising for both sexes here in the U.S.
The data examined the top ten leading causes of death in the U.S.
They remain the same as the previous year, with eight of them growing in number of fatalities they caused.
The main ones are heart disease, respiratory disease, unintentional injury, stroke, Alzheimer's, diabetes, kidney disease, and suicide.
Death rates are rising for white men, white women, and black men.
Now they stayed essentially the same for black women and Hispanic men and women.
We need to take a minute, folks, to remind ourselves to take care of our health.
I'm Margaret Howe reporting for InfoWars.com.
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We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center, in the heart of the resistance.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we don't have any guests until the third hour today, so I intend to open the phones up later in this hour and right through the second hour.
And then we have another great host, of course, hosting at the fourth hour today.
But we're going to have Max Keiser, who's in town, back in studio with an interesting fellow I've been watching since I was like 10 years old on MTV.
Adam Curry is an anti-New World Order guy.
I know he has his own popular radio show.
That's seen resurgence in his popularity since the 80s and 90s.
And I've seen this guy host everything from what, just the MTV News to Headbangers Bowl.
So Adam Curry's gonna be in studio, he's a fellow Austinite, to give his view on the world today.
Now, I say this every show, and I'm always mad at the end of the broadcast because I never do it.
On a good show I might cover 100 news articles.
Usually 20 or 30.
I've gotta cover all this today.
There's so much good news.
There's so much serious news, so much dangerous news, so much ugliness, but overall, there's a theme of positive things happening and accelerated awakening.
So I want to go over a lot of this today.
At the bottom of the hour, remember the poor little black lady in Florida saying, I'm homeless, I have a job, but it doesn't pay for me to get a house, so I have welfare, and I'm living out of my car with my kids.
Can you help me get a house?
He says, Oh, we're going to help you.
We're going to help you.
All right.
Never helped her.
But a Republican state rep did and just bought her a $200,000 house.
Of course, it is conservatives that are six times more likely to actually give.
Liberals just tell you how they give all day.
That dovetails with a black homeless woman.
Says Trump allowed her to live in Trump Tower rent-free for eight years.
I've been told about this story and others that Trump acts like this big tough guy on TV and everything and he is in business against what he sees as big bullies and other aggressive people that try to scam him.
Trump's actually a big softy.
Gets tears in his eyes and is just constantly giving away large portions of his fortune directly to poor people.
And folks try to get Trump to stop doing it for at least 20 years because word gets out in New York.
Let's just say that.
So this is why this was not used in the campaign.
Trump's big soft side.
Let me tell you something, folks.
They've got his M.O.
They've got a psychological profile.
That's why they're flipping out scared of him.
He wants everybody to be prosperous.
But he's so fair-minded that when Chuck Jones, that snot-nosed union head of the steel workers in Indianapolis, when he only saved 1,080-something of the 1,400 jobs, when that guy couldn't save it and Obama could care less for Carrier, he bitched him out on CNN and said, you lied!
You lost 300 jobs!
And Trump hit back and said, you didn't even try to keep them!
You're the reason everything's fleeing!
You ingrate!
The media's like, how, how hateful!
That's, that's how a man is supposed to, that's exactly how I would respond.
You didn't even care to keep these jobs, Obama didn't lift a finger, made fun of me for a magic wand, and then you say I'm a liar.
What the hell's your problem?
It's like if you've got spoiled kids and you go buy them something really nice and they gripe at you right after they, you know, they take the tree out, you know, the new bike out from under the Christmas tree or the train set.
This isn't the train set I wanted.
Well, sorry, they were out of the one you wanted.
This one costs even more money.
I mean, the entitlement makes me just so angry!
And to sit there and watch how they take everything and twist it.
And I guess I have kinship with Trump, because if you're actually in the media or out on the tip of the spear, in the arena, you experience the very same stuff collectively.
But, you know, as a libertarian, as a conservative, as a constitutionalist, as a veteran, as a gun owner,
You are part of that club, too, of being demonized and attacked.
And I say, let's just own it like it's a Medal of Honor.
Because these people are despicable.
So that's coming up.
Now that's just two of the articles I have.
There's hundreds of these things.
They're unbelievable.
Look at Uber.
I read the terms and services about a year ago on it and uninstalled it on my little traveling surveillance system known as a smartphone.
Because it said we may choose to switch it on and off and monitor where your location when we want.
Before it said when you activate the app then we track your location.
Now Uber has just flipped the switch with the Trojan horse and has announced everywhere you go, it tracks you 24 hours a day and logs where you're going.
It's now turned out it's been used in divorce cases, you name it.
They're also selling the data to other companies.
So it's total data mining.
They've opened up their own little private NSA and that's why Uber should go away.
I want competition, but they with, you know, the whole,
Mafia system that Uber's become and with folks like Rahm Emanuel's brother.
are just absolutely gaming people up one side and down the other and people should really not use Uber.
It goes in and gets monopolies in the cities to be the only open source type computer system that there can be that circumvents taxis.
I say let it be a free-for-all, let the market decide it.
And the market should say to Uber,
I will take a regular taxi, or I will walk, or I will take a bus, or I will call a black car service before I will use Uber, because you are Uber bad, Uber surveillance.
Again, that's just one of the articles we have.
Cash is no longer king.
The phasing out of physical money has begun.
Lost and found.
Japan tags dementia sufferers with barcodes.
Survey reveals Americans don't trust scientists on GMOs.
China claims it needs more nuclear weapons to deal with Trump.
This is the type of articles I've got.
I haven't even begun here.
Now, let's get to some of the good news here.
Climate changest
That's their political group, or I guess religion, are throwing fits over Trump's EPA pick, Dan Lyman, Infowars.com.
Scott Pruitt threatens future of global warming agenda.
And he's the Attorney General of Oklahoma.
He's about to be the new EPA chief.
And he's come out just like Sen.
And said, it's a total fraud.
There's always climate change.
Why are we the only ones shutting off our power plants, and ours are totally clean, and China's and Mexico are totally dirty?
This is bull, even if you believe that carbon dioxide is, you know, killing the Earth, when it actually is what plants breathe.
So they call him a climate change denialist.
First it was the Earth was going to freeze, then it was going to be global warming in the 90s and 2000s.
Now it's just, we're denying climate change.
No, there's always been climate change.
The Earth generally was hotter.
It's been in a cooling cycle, but there are sub-cycles within it.
The Sun is on an 11-year cycle.
A 120-year cycle.
The astrophysicists know this, but they sit there and talk to you like you're two-year-olds.
And say, the latest globalist witch hunt is on, as the New York Times declared incoming EPA head Scott Pruitt a climate change denialist.
So, if you say Obamacare isn't free, and there are no death panels and no IRS penalties, even though there are, you are fake news.
If you do not agree with Hillary, you're alt-right.
They define reality because they said so.
And if you
Are a climate change denialist, even though none of us deny that climate change is.
They've now just written it so broad where, you know, they can't ever be wrong if it goes up, goes down, stays the same, doesn't matter.
Tornadoes, storms, it's all your fault.
They come out and say hurricanes are an all-time high.
They're an all-time recorded low the last hundred years.
That's the Weather Channel.
Doesn't matter, they just tell you, look at the hurricanes!
I'm Leonardo DiCaprio!
Look at me!
I'm a child star!
I go to rock concerts!
I have rosy red cheeks!
Listen to me, I'm a scientist!
I mean, what is this?
And so he's a denial of the New York Times?
Infowars.com, and there are dozens of sites, not just mine, is bigger than the New York Times online.
And their paper edition is a small part of them.
So Infowars is bigger than the New York Times.
The only way that they're a little bit bigger than InfoWars in reality is, it's still the talking point for the entire mainstream media.
But as standalone, their talking point memo that is the New York Times, InfoWars is bigger online according to Quantcast and all the major services.
It's a total delusion!
But still conservatives go, oh my gosh, they're attacking me in the New York Times!
Alex, how are you taking it?
You're getting attacked on Comedy Central, CNN, HBO, every channel.
Every time I turn the TV on, family calls me and says, every time we turn the TV on, it's you.
We turn the radio on, it's you.
They're saying things that aren't true.
How are you taking it?
I said, really good.
I've been celebrating with some porterhouse steaks.
I don't normally treat myself to a porterhouse, you know, when I go home and pass out from it.
No alcohol needed.
Oh yeah, I'll take a Lyft or a car, not because I'm drinking, but because I'm going to eat so much red meat I'm going to almost pass out driving.
And I've just been having to have porterhouses once a week now, just in celebration.
I don't do the champagne anymore, so I used to do the porterhouse.
I normally would just have like a bone-in ribeye or something.
I've been celebrating with porterhouses lately, and cheese-gratin potatoes.
And I mean, used to, it was a filet mignon, you know, when I celebrated, you know, to try to not gain any weight here.
But I'm just sorry, celebrations of this level have to happen.
This is a defunct, degenerate, discredited group, and they're lying about me?
And twisting stuff?
And dissembling?
Thank God they have already all lost their credibility and this just shows we're so successful they know they can't keep the public from us now so they want to psychologically inoculate people to never believe what we're saying or to go look at what we're saying.
I'm showing you what they say.
I'm going to show Obama lying to a black lady, saying he's going to get her a house, and then I'm going to show you Donald Trump delivering and then never telling anyone.
The complete polar opposite.
I'm going to show you truth that's incontrovertible, and that's what they can't stand.
I'm going to show you Michael Moore when we come back.
With six bodyguards.
But he says you can't have a gun, and he implies Trump's gonna be killed straight ahead.
And then Hillary and Brian Williams, of all people, take to the road in a crusade against fake news.
That's funny!
More than 20 years ago, when I started InfoWars, I was a fitness addict.
I ran 6 miles almost every day.
I would lift weights 4 or 5 days a week for up to 3 hours.
I was really into what I was doing.
But, I also loved to go to buffets and pig out.
I was a young man.
As time went on, my metabolism slowed down.
I quit working out.
I was working 18 hours a day, many days, on average about 14.
And I gained right at 100 pounds.
I went from 180 to right up to 280 pounds and I started to exercise really hard again and I started to try to eat healthier.
But for some reason I couldn't lose more than 20 pounds.
Couldn't go below
About $2.59.
Started taking third-party supplements.
Started seeing some more gains.
But when I started working with Dr. Group and some of the other top formulators in the country, they said, Alex, it's all about trace elements and things that the population is absolutely deficient in.
Take this true atomic iodine that they were just developing and wasn't even available in stores yet.
Weight started pouring off.
Toxins started coming out of my body.
It was incredible.
Then I started taking DNA force, super male vitality, and I went down to 230 pounds.
Now understand, that's losing 60, 70 pounds of fat and gaining, I don't know, 20 pounds of muscle?
All I know is my muscles got bigger, the fat came off of me.
Then, by early 2016, I was in the best shape of my life since I'd been in really good shape in my 20s.
I was still in better shape then, that's just time.
But I was, I was getting close.
But the election heated up, I started working 14, 15, 16 hours a day.
I stopped working out.
But more importantly, I stopped taking the supplements because we rearranged the kitchen and somebody took the Lazy Susan off the kitchen table where I took some every morning and I just kind of forgot about it.
It was out of sight, out of mind.
And so then I realized this morning, I said, we're going to put Lazy Susan back on the table.
And I'm going to start taking it religiously again, and I'm going to work out like I've been the last few weeks at the same level.
It's the holidays, so I'll probably eat more.
And I've already experienced what this has done before, but this time we're going to document it.
And whatever the results are, I'm going to publish the findings.
My gut tells me I'll lose at least 10 pounds, even during the holidays, taking the supplements, because again, it's what I've experienced before.
But we're going to see.
I'm going to work out just the same, probably eat even more, but I'm going to take the X2, the DNA Force, the Supermail every single day as it's recommended, and we're all going to see the results.
Look, we're making America great again.
We're restoring the Republic, and part of that is making ourselves great again, our bodies great again, and feeling good about ourselves.
I don't plan to be some beach boy.
I've got kind of bodybuilder form.
I'm a big guy.
But we're going to see what happens in the next 30 days together on this journey.
And we'll have updates every week on what's happening.
And we will also then obviously take the four weeks and put it all together in a special report that's going to air January 5th.
Now, I'll be frank with you.
I'm still having treats.
I'm still living like I normally do.
This wasn't part of what we were about to do.
And I'm not saying it's good.
I'm embarrassed of it.
Mexican Coke.
Buckley's over there and he made the joke earlier.
Oh yeah, you're really going to lose weight drinking Mexican Coke.
I'm just being totally transparent.
I'm going to eat pie.
Christmas is coming up.
I'm going to eat ham and turkey.
I'm telling you.
I'm telling you.
These nutraceuticals have really spoiled me because I work out less and was just losing weight.
As long as I took them.
Then when I quit taking them, I've gained some weight.
So we're going to see what happens.
But I've experienced this.
You need to experience this for yourself.
It's December 5th, 2016.
We're only like 25 days from 2017.
And I want to invite all of the info warriors of every race, color, and creed that bleed red blood and love liberty, justice, and truth to make our bodies great again.
Coming up, we'll look at the Donald Trump nobody knows about.
The one that he hides.
He wants to act like a tough guy all the time.
But there's always balance in somebody that is hard-nosed and strong, who's not evil.
They'll also have a big sweet side to them.
That's coming up.
But we've got people out there like Hillary Clinton, who's now giving speeches all over the country.
We're going to play it here in a moment.
Saying that we should ban fake news and ban the alt-right.
And Brian Williams goes on TV
Who was caught in 20-something major lies once they started investigating the fact that he said that he was shot down by a rocket-propelled grenade, or RPG, over Iraq in a helicopter.
Shot down by an RPG.
Then it was he was two hours behind a helicopter that was shot down, and then he wasn't even behind a helicopter that was shot down.
This is what he sits around and tells people.
Hillary does the same thing.
We really should take the two of them and combine them together in a little video.
I was shot down by a rocket-propelled grenade and show Hillary I was in Bosnia under sniper fire and then it shows her getting off the plane, it's not true, and then cut to them talking about fake news.
That's a promo we're gonna cut today for the nightly news.
But first let's go to Michael Moore.
If this isn't a threat, I don't know what is.
He comes out and he says, you know, something could happen to Trump in the next, what is it, 40?
41 days?
Let me check my calendar here.
41 days.
41 days.
Trust my memory, but verify.
41 days until 45 actually gets in and his lordship
The star of Return of the Jedi, Jabba, Michael Moore, Huttus, Hippocrates Maximus, says something crazy could happen to stop Trump becoming president.
It's the same guy that predicted he would actually win because he knew the polls were fake and he knew the inside baseball.
So let's go ahead and play his Lordship.
You know, I made that prediction back in the summer.
Yeah, you did.
You called it.
So I'd like to make another one tonight.
We're very excited.
And get your moan on, audience.
He's not president of the United States yet.
He's not president, right?
He's not president until noon on January 20th of 2017.
That is, that is, what are we, this is Wednesday night?
So that's more than six weeks away.
Would you not agree, regardless what side of the political fence you're on, this has been the craziest election year.
It certainly has.
Nothing anyone has predicted has happened.
The opposite has happened.
So is it possible, just possible, that in these next six weeks, something else may happen?
Something crazy.
Something we're not expecting.
Okay, so he says that no one predicted things accurately.
No, I predicted them exactly accurately.
And so did Ann Coulter.
And so did Matt Drudge.
And so did Jesse James.
And so did Roger Stone.
And so did a lot of other people.
See, that's why you call us the Fake News.
Because we're way more accurate than you.
Because we're not beholden to anybody.
Except our audience.
And they want the truth.
We want the truth.
We want freedom.
We want low taxes.
We want to be able to live our lives as we see fit.
Practice our religion.
Not practice it.
We're Americans.
Stop calling us racist.
Stop trying to create a racial divide.
But we've seen the New York Times, Newsweek, Time Magazine, the LA Times, so many publications, I can't remember them all, I know all those did it, saying, man, somebody needs to kill Trump.
Somebody needs to put a bullet in.
There have been Hollywood producers that go out and say, I will pay.
For someone to kill him.
I'm serious.
Here's my Facebook address.
I'm ready to finance it.
I gotta be careful even saying that.
The mainstream media is so deceptive now, folks, they might even take what I just said and play it and say I said it.
That's the level of deception.
And then they're gonna wonder if something happens to Trump or Trump supporters who are being killed and beaten and burned out of their houses all over the country, and then they sit there and go, Alex Jones said a pizzeria had a torture dungeon under it, and they were killing kids at Comet Ping Pong.
I never said any such thing, and my reporters didn't.
But see, that's how they strawman.
To divert off all the other Podesta emails.
And it's why people don't believe you.
Not even the brightest bulbs believe you anymore.
You had a 6% trust rate in a big national study by AP, of their own readers, that said we don't trust you.
That was before the election.
Is it possible to be in negative numbers?
I mean, you've got a few cult members following you.
When we come back, we're going to play Hillary and Ryan Williams.
This is amazing.
This is gold.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Michael Moore says something crazy could happen to stop Trump from becoming president.
Appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers, leftist filmmaker Michael Moore said the inauguration is more than six weeks away and it's possible that something crazy might happen to President-elect Donald Trump.
Something that we're not expecting.
I made that prediction.
Yeah, you did.
You called it.
So I'd like to make another one tonight.
We're very excited.
He's not President of the United States yet.
He's not President, right?
This has been the craziest election year.
It certainly has.
Nothing anyone has predicted has happened.
The opposite has happened.
So is it possible, just possible, that in these next six weeks, something else might happen?
Something crazy?
Something we're not expecting?
And you can watch this video in its entirety right now at InfoWars.com.
I'm gonna lay it out short and sweet.
I got so dedicated to fighting the globalists and their program for world government that I stopped working out.
I was a total fitness nut 20 years ago.
About 15 years ago, I just stopped working out and I gained close to 100 pounds.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWars.
By the way, I've been so busy battling the globalists that I can't even keep track of all the attacks.
But let me just tell you, the attacks that InfoWars.com and yours truly and my entire crew are under
10 times any previous record.
It seemed to have had a crescendo the last two days.
It's gone down a little bit.
Which I think is terrible.
I hope they actually intensify the attacks because it only drives their audience to us.
And they know that.
But they're so desperate to discredit us that they just can't help it.
But we've got big news on the censorship front that I'm going to get to that just broke at InfoWars.com.
DrudgeReport.com linked to an article yesterday where Facebook was censoring links to our videos and articles.
And we had screenshots of them officially doing it.
Now Reddit has made us verboten.
Anything with Alex Jones or Infowars.com or my name is banned.
And that was big national news when they banned Pizzagate.
But now the EU came out on Monday and they said you have 24 hours, Reddit, Google, Facebook, Twitter and over a hundred other big tech companies that they listed to block Infowars.com, Breitbart and Drudge and others.
And you know when Breitbart gets blocked we do stories every day.
When they get kicked off of
Things like Apple with their app, or they get blocked, or BMW or Kellogg's comes out and boycotts them with advertising.
We're like, hey, stand for Breitbart!
And then DrugsLink's to them too and supports them.
And then I'm not seeing reciprocal love from Breitbart, but I'm just going to keep defending Breitbart.
I like Breitbart, I like Bannon.
He doesn't really run it now, I know that.
He's too busy running the country with Trump.
But the point is, we're all in this together.
See, if they would have arrested and put Michael Moore in prison for his political film Fahrenheit 9-11, I would be standing up for his release.
But when Dinesh D'Souza gets thrown in prison, the Young Turks and Michael Moore basically applaud it and call him a criminal and laugh at him.
This is crazy.
I mean, people I don't like, I don't want to be put in prison for their speech because, duh, it'll happen to me next.
So, not griping at Breitbart.
Breitbart's had some nice articles about us and supported us some, and that's fine.
It isn't that I need their traffic.
I don't care about the traffic.
I hope they're ten times bigger than us, okay?
I want to defeat the New World Order.
I'm under attack worse than Breitbart.
Okay, we're the front line.
They're demonizing us everywhere and starting to censor us all over the place and it's being done by stealth so that there's not any noise, nobody knows where we go, we just kind of blip off the radar screen.
That's how authoritarianism operates, okay?
So Buckley's technical on Reddit, loves Reddit, he's a big Redditor.
I like Reddit too.
I'm kind of a moron when it comes to tech stuff and all the different platforms.
I just like to read the stuff.
I don't understand all the little
idiosyncratic stuff that goes on with it, but it's just wild to know no InfoWars links, no Prison Planet links.
They just make the links invisible.
Just like their censorship's invisible.
You just, oh, where'd Alex go?
Oh, Alex, who's he?
That's a conspiracy theory.
Don't say that exists.
That's fake news.
So this is a big deal.
And as I've said, I spent
Quarter million dollars, which sounds like a lot of money, it's not on the Rush Limbaugh Show, to buy a month of advertising when there was a boycott against him.
Now, two things happened.
There's kind of a graph here.
People were paying, at that time, half as much as they were previously for Limbaugh.
He was in the middle of a giant controversy.
He had record ratings.
This was like six years ago.
They were trying to kick him off the air.
So, the price of the advertising had gone down, but the ratings had gone up.
So, I'm an entrepreneur.
I want to make money to fund our operation and take care of my family.
So, ratings are up, cost is down.
I spent a quarter million dollars on the Rush Limbaugh Show and made a whole point of doing it.
And then I got Ted Anderson to spend, with his gold company, a million.
That's a million, two hundred thousand and fifty dollars.
A million, two hundred fifty thousand dollars.
And some of the public, some of the listeners didn't get it.
They go, you've sold out.
He's an establishment right winger.
What are you doing on there?
I said, do you care?
If I'm advertising the truth about the New World Order and about globalism and promoting films that expose it?
Aren't you glad?
Oh, I see your point.
We're going to change Rush Limbaugh.
We're going to change Sean Hannity.
We're going to change Tucker Carlson.
We're going to make it safe for them to say what they really think because I happen to know behind the scenes they know everything we're talking about is accurate.
Right, exactly, and that's where, you know, where do missionaries go?
They go where the heathens are, right?
I mean, we can sit here inside of our own bubble all day long and talk to each other and encourage each other, but we need to get outside the world and go where everybody else is and sort of open them up to the ideas that we discuss here.
And so, when Alex is talking about how Reddit has censored us, it's really sort of a sneaky, nefarious thing because what they've done is they've shadow-banned any InfoWars links or any associations to Alex.
And it was the Reddit community that pointed this out to us.
And what that means is that, yes, you can go into friendly subreddits such as the Donald and the InfoWars subreddit, and you can post InfoWars links, but what happens is the bots go in and they downvote them, which is
I don't
It keeps those links inside of those subreddits, so they never have the opportunity to go out of the subreddit and get the exposure that any other link across Reddit would get.
And so millions of people would be able to see them as opposed to the hundreds of thousands in the Donald or the users that they see on Reddit.
And the reason they do this is, in a free market of ideas, we will be number one.
We're already number one.
I'm not bragging.
Listeners, InfoWars, if you add all of our platforms, everything we do, just our platforms, not the other people that we allow to copy our stuff.
We need to do a true audit and really try to get people a more accurate number.
It's much bigger.
Forty plus million is our new...
Okay, we go above that.
Our top peak ever is almost, it was like 84 plus million just on our platforms.
AM, FM, shortwave, internet, YouTube, you know, videos, Reddit, all of it, Facebook videos, all of it.
This is views, not impressions, not reach, not all those, not hits, but views.
Views and listens.
Actual real people listening, 85 million.
That's why they're in panic mode, folks.
So 40 million, 40 million people a week, that's the whole audience of NPR.
We're now as big as NPR that gets 400 plus million dollars from the government every year of your taxpayer money and then hundreds of millions of Rockefeller money and all the rest of it for a fraction of that
We are annihilating them, and they do not know what to do, and we're growing, and they're declining, so their answer is, just disappear us.
Go ahead.
And, you know, just to add to that is we actually did some metrics testing for the last month, and we came up with really solid numbers, not blown up numbers to try to get advertisers to sell.
We were looking at it to analyze it for ourselves.
Because a certain person asked for it?
And we came up with, in the last 30 days, which does include the election cycle, we reached around 380 million people.
380 million individual views, clicks on the website, etc.
I mean, that is a massive, massive number.
And that also goes back into talking about Reddit.
You know, the subreddit of the Donald, which is the the acolytes of Donald Trump, which have been in there, they've been fighting, they've been talking.
It's a wonderful subreddit.
I really suggest anybody check it out.
They've taken Reddit over with free speech and being funny and being interesting, and now they're slowly being strangled by Reddit.
So usually the posts that go on in there get hundreds of thousands of upvotes, which means that everybody is supporting it and pushing it up.
And they used to dominate what's called the front page of Reddit, where anybody that goes on to Reddit gets to see that.
What they've done is they've clamped down and they've created these new rules that only apply to people that support Donald Trump that crushes down the exposure that they can get.
And by the way, I have an idea.
I know how to counter them.
And I had this idea about ten years ago on YouTube and people did it for a while and it really worked.
It's like we had Google bombs that worked for two years and they changed the algorithm.
We have to keep testing.
I think we should start having some people with satire be really stupid and silly and start a Reddit that's the anti-Trump, anti-infowars, but only be in there being sarcastic and just like, yeah, it's horrible that he wants to cut taxes and bring all these jobs back and just make it the most sickening satire.
That's pretty hilarious.
I totally agree with Obama.
It was really hard being a community organizer, getting all those scholarships, and then being run for State Senate, U.S.
Senate, and just six years later being President.
Yeah, he's got a lot of real-world experience, unlike that guy that works 20 hours a day and has hundreds of thousands of employees and does all this stuff.
I don't know Alex, all that would be would be fake news like CNN and ABC and MSNBC and all that stuff and just throw it on there.
That's the irony.
Now we're just looping around in this weird recursive psychological loop, you know.
The bottom line is is that right now there there are very subtle attacks on our freedoms, our freedom of speech, us being able to go... I wouldn't call them subtle, I'd call them stealth or giant.
The EU coming out saying all these platforms, ban info wars,
I mean, they listed us the frickin' unaccountable dictatorial EU super state that's announced it's going to roll troops into France and Germany and other countries if they try to leave the Euro.
I mean, this is incredible!
But here's the heartening thing.
This is the beautiful thing.
And I don't remember exactly who said this quote, and I'm going to misquote it, but, you know, first they laugh at you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.
Is that how it goes?
Yeah, there's different variants, but it's basically first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win.
And where are we right now?
They're attacking us.
That's where we are.
I mean, we already won.
Donald Trump, he won the election twice.
He won it once, and then he did a recount, and then he got more votes, so he won the election twice, and then now they're fighting us as hard as they can, and we're about to win because people are waking up all over the world.
Well, I agree.
They're desperately trying to restrict us.
Thank you, Buckley.
And by the way, I had this idea on Monday.
They launched it on Tuesday, or Wednesday, and I said it's only going to be up for a few days.
It ends in a couple hours.
I want to get 100,000 signatures.
We're close to that.
When you go there, it's a pop-up on the front page, but only the first time you visit it.
Each day it is a recurring pop-up.
And you sign on to the petition, and then we will send it to
Donald Trump, President-elect, will send it to Congress and others, and if you click another button on there, we'll also send you free speech updates and special alerts, because I'm getting ready to launch a major coalition and major movement and a major website to defend free speech, because we're going to have to do it.
So, InfoWars.com to find that.
You can also sign up for our free newsletter to get daily news updates at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
In fact, let's put a link to this petition on the newsletter.
I know it said only run it for three days.
Let's run it for three more.
Let's start the clock again and run it through Monday so people can sign on to this at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
There's the newsletter to get our news and videos and promo codes and coupon codes for the store.
That's one reason to sign up.
InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
But on there, we'll also put a link to the petition page with this petition.
We're going to add that link to InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter in case you've got pop-up blockers and you're not able to find the petition.
So that's again InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
Okay, I got a long way to go in a short time to get there.
I kind of segued off into that.
The article's up on InfoWars.com.
Reddit shadowbans InfoWars as fake news war accelerates.
Censorship purge of dissenting opinion knows no bounds.
And Paul also links in this article to the real fake news that is the mainstream media that's now telling us that we are the fake news and then calling for us to be banned.
So that's up on InfoWars.com.
This is an InfoWar.
Please get it out to everybody you know.
Now, I'm going to get to Hillary and Brian Williams and others here in a moment.
I mean, these are people that claim that they were in combat.
I think you're a total idiot.
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Hillary Clinton straight ahead.
Former Republican state legislator in the state of Florida and now a Republican leader, someone who was very much out front for Donald Trump in the last election.
Florida was, you know, really one of the absolute key states in Donald Trump's election.
And we all saw the polls leading to Election Day that showed him by and large narrowly trailing there.
And he did not seem to achieve the vote levels in the southern counties of Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach that would appear to be necessary for a statewide Republican to win.
Yet, he won.
What really happened in the Sunshine State?
Well, and that really is the big question.
Like you, everyone read that if Trump loses Florida, the race will be over, but we'll know by 7.30 and that'll be the end of everything.
And then, you know, the initial reports started coming in that there were these huge deficits in Broward County and Orange County was performing terribly and, you know, there was this sort of speculation.
We're good to go.
It's almost a political miracle, particularly given the spending levels for the Clinton campaign.
I think nationally, my very best estimation between the Clinton campaign, the Clinton super PACs, and the various legal and illegal operations of George Soros, I think they come pretty close to $2 billion.
At the same time, I saw the Trump campaign spending, including the super PACs, independent super PACs and other friendlies, probably close to $280 million.
A giant disparity.
You know, 14% and it certainly felt that way.
I think at one point in time I was watching the NBC News and they had the Hillary commercial, the same one, on back to back to back three times.
And at the same time, you know, Trump was, you know, his campaign was more unorthodox.
And I think you and I could probably both agree that 150 or 200 years from now, a historian studying American electoral processes and federal government and what happened, this will be the race they talk about.
I'm a bad, bad man.
I am sometimes.
I said I'd already would have gotten to this news about Trump and his penchant for secretly helping poor people with free cars, houses, jobs, food.
Predominantly African Americans.
I hate to use politically correct terms, but then... Whatever, I just want everybody to live in peace and be happy.
That's how political correctness starts.
It starts with something that sounds simple and sounds reasonable, but then they change the word you're supposed to use.
And it's all about the government and the universities and the mainstream media telling you how you can talk and what you can say and how you can live.
That's called being in a cult!
And speaking of a cult, Hillary Clinton, I'm going to play this clip first, has crawled out from under that proverbial rock
Then we'll play Brian Williams.
And she's warned the world of fake news.
That's just amazing, isn't it?
This is the woman caught rigging the debates.
I mean, we knew it was two against one and three against one of the debates, but it came out it was rigged.
And it came out in the Democratic debates it was rigged, and they were getting the questions beforehand.
They were coordinating everything from Comedy Central to CNN.
Here she comes to save the day!
Crooked Hillary speaks out against fake news!
There's no need to fear!
Anti-corruption Hillary Clinton is here!
And Joe Scarborough, when there's not dead interns found in his office, he's battling fake news!
Thank goodness!
And he sits there next to Mika Brzezinski, whose father's a famous war criminal that brags he helped fund Pol Pot in his own book!
But see, the general public doesn't know what monsters they're looking at.
I'm not saying Scarborough's a bad person.
He just wants to get rid of his competition and his free speech.
That's not bad.
Wanting to shut us up.
You know, wanting to stick a rag in our mouth and then tie us up politically.
Nothing wrong with gagging somebody.
Things usually get a lot better after that point, don't they?
The mainstream media drives around in its little ice cream truck going, we got puppies, kittens free, chocolate, candy.
And we're like out in the front yard like parents, don't get in the van kids!
They're like, don't listen to that guy, he's fake news.
We were against the Iraq war.
We told you Trump was going to win.
We're just right basically about everything.
Told you Obamacare was a scam, but it doesn't matter because they say we're bad.
Here is Her Highness.
Oh, I'm sorry, who's announced?
Kit Daniels, Infowars.com.
Hillary ignites Soros-funded purple revolution against Trump.
Oh, they're not giving up.
They almost had America dead in the water.
They almost had America strangled.
They almost had it over.
They had their foot on our neck and they're not gonna stop.
Harry Reid and Schumer are all laughing.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Let's go to her lordship.
Here it is.
The epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year.
It's now clear that so-called fake news can have real-world consequences.
Yeah, you lost the election.
It's not politics or partisanship.
Lives are at risk.
Lives of ordinary people just trying to go about their days, to do their jobs, contribute to their communities.
It's a danger that must be addressed and addressed quickly.
Bipartisan legislation is making its way through Congress to boost the government's response to foreign propaganda and Silicon Valley is starting to grapple with the challenge and threat of fake news.
It's imperative that leaders in both the private sector and the public sector step up
To protect our democracy and innocent lives.
Oh really?
The Washington Post had to retract that Russian agents were running things?
You want to shut down your competition?
You want to end free speech?
But they're hiding it in plain view!
What monsters!
She's the female Brian Williams!
Michael Moore says something crazy could happen to stop Trump from becoming president.
Appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers, leftist filmmaker Michael Moore said the inauguration is more than six weeks away and it's possible that something crazy might happen to President-elect Donald Trump.
Something that we're not expecting.
I made that prediction.
Yeah, you did.
You called it.
Uh, so I'd like to make another one tonight.
We're very excited.
He's not President of the United States yet.
He's not President, right?
This has been the craziest election year.
It certainly has.
Nothing anyone has predicted has happened.
The opposite has happened.
So is it possible, just possible, that in these next six weeks, something else might happen?
Something crazy.
Something we're not expecting.
And you can watch this video in its entirety right now at infowars.com.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, Hillary does it.
Let's shut off the free press.
Yeah, that sounds good.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
They're having to come out, take the gloves off from the EU to the Democratic Party here in the U.S.
and say, shut off Alex Jones, shut off Drudge, shut off Breitbart.
They can shut us up, they can shut everybody up.
I'm not trying to shut off your free speech, you evil witch!
One thing Scarborough got right is he said today that Hillary didn't lose because of fake news, she lost because of Hillary.
So as bad as Scarborough is, he's a lot better than Hillary.
Even when I'm going off on him.
But, at the same event yesterday where Hillary said we gotta go after fake news, afterwards her supporters, like cult members, like Kim Jong-un had died in North Korea were like, they lied about you!
They said you stole the money from the foundation, which they admit you did.
They said all of it.
Meanwhile, it is in the Podesta emails, all the weird sex stuff.
You guys focused on ping pong pizza, comet pizza to distract everybody.
Sure, we covered the news coverage of it.
People are a joke.
Hillary, everybody sees right through you.
Get used to it.
So, here's the end of her speech where, the private sector, government, we have to work together to shut off the fake news.
And it's happening!
Bipartisan legislation is making its way through Congress to boost the government's response to foreign propaganda, and Silicon Valley is starting to grapple with the challenge and threat of fake news.
It's imperative that leaders in both the private sector and the public sector step up to protect our democracy and innocent lives.
Can we play that again?
She's like a war mongering demon.
Can we cut this in with the North Korea stuff later?
I want to get all our supporters, the night of the election, after, and then ongoing, crying with loops of when Kim Jong Un died.
Now, here's Brian Williams.
This is the same woman who said, I was under sniper fire in the air, and I was under sniper fire on the ground.
We had to run into the building when I landed in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Then it cuts to her, sunny day, kids giving her flowers.
Hillary waddling around.
She is Brian Williams.
But hey, it gets better!
You don't need to have the Brian Williams connection to Fake News.
He'll come out and do it himself!
The spokesman now, against Fake News, Brian Williams!
And lately there's been a lot of coverage in the real news about the growing and booming business of creating fake news.
Our own Jacob Soboroff just spoke exclusively to the creator of one of the most widely shared fake news stories in the lead up to election day.
He's with us from our LA bureau tonight.
Hey Jacob.
Hey Brian, pretty extraordinary.
You know, after this weekend shooting at this DC pizzeria, it has become terrifyingly clear that fake news has such real consequences.
According to BuzzFeed and an analysis that they did in the three months before the 2016 presidential election, articles with fake news from fake sources were shared at a higher rate than real news from us, the so-called mainstream media.
And on Facebook, Brian, it was hard to
You know, it was BuzzFeed that said Hillary had like a 97% chance of winning.
The New York Times said 96.
And a special secret algorithm, so fake news announced that fake news increased.
They show some graph.
Oh, we're so concerned about fake news.
Thank God we've got Ryan Williams to tell us all about it.
That's how dumb they think you are.
This is their hoax.
You wonder how they try to come back from total collapse?
This is it.
It's laughable.
And now they think they're going to censor us.
It'll just make us that much hotter.
We are going to clean your clock.
By the way, we have the president.
It worked out terrifically that what I predicted in March came true when a lot of people had said that it would be impossible and that Hillary would be favored.
And so it's very rewarding that it turned out the way I predicted.
Well, it's a formula that sort of distills about 100 years of elections in this country into a formula.
It doesn't take into account polls, it doesn't look at what people say they might be doing, or what kind of things might affect the vote.
It really only looks at what happens in elections.
In the general elections in November, and then in the primary elections throughout the year, and most recently just very early.
And there's some very interesting patterns that I found that will tell you ahead of time what's going to happen.
So for example,
Uh, something that many people have sort of noticed, too, that after two terms of a party in the White House, there's sort of a very good likelihood of change.
And this was clearly sort of on the horizon this time in particular because
Obama did not do as well in his re-election than in the first election.
And that's sort of a sign that maybe the change that he was introducing is sort of wearing off and that people are looking for another change.
And this is clearly what drove much of the campaign.
The first-term president, at least,
At least that part is pretty safe.
I would say that based on sort of historical patterns in elections, that somebody like Trump, after doing what he did in this election, will probably have a good chance of getting re-elected.
Now in the midterm that he's facing in two years, it might be a little different.
And we've seen it with Obama, we've seen it with Clinton, we've seen it with some Republicans.
There is a chance that there'll be sort of a surge back to the other party.
I think you should expect that.
And it sort of depends on whether that's big enough to take away the majority that he has now in the House and the Senate.
What I find most interesting in this election, which I don't think anybody expected or predicted, is that Donald Trump essentially won it in three northern and midwestern states, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, which has now been called for him.
And that's a remarkable achievement for a Republican to win because he had to do it
With the kind of voters that used to be very strongly attached to the Democrats.
White, working class people, voters in those states.
And that's sort of a development that I don't think was foreseen.
Although if you follow the Trump campaign, I think it was sort of in the making.
I mean, that was sort of a design to appeal to exactly that group of voters.
He aligns himself with the truth.
And it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
I see your hair is burning.
Hills are filled with fire.
If they say I never loved you.
It really is astounding.
If you just join us.
I just play Brian Williams.
Now suddenly back on NBC News, the guy that got caught publishing 20-something fake stories, lying to the public once he got investigated about being shot down by a RPG rocket-propelled grenade in Iraq, and now he's on a crusade, that's the headline, against fake
And false reporting.
I mean, could it be any more arrogant?
These people are so arrogant!
He thinks because he looks like a serial killer, which he thinks is handsome, and he's wearing a nice tie and a $3,000 suit, and has practiced a confident smile, that he then can shovel manure down our throats.
And then Hillary, a known fake news purveyor, is running around.
And then you've got Colbert, who, his whole career, for 15 years, he's been on Comedy Central, first as a reporter, then his own show, posing!
Now he's on one of the nightly networks, on broadcast TV, posing as a fake conservative, as a straw man to discredit conservatives, putting out fake news and making it a joke because it's entertainment.
You couldn't get away with that on normal TV until now.
And so he's really just on Comedy Central doing what Anderson Cooper does on CNN, another fake reporter.
Attacking yours truly for 15 minutes in one piece, misrepresenting what we say, misrepresenting what we do, preying on his audience.
Now use that word because they're hoping you don't look into it, they're hoping you don't know.
And now Reddit will not let you share links of InfoWars.com or Alex Jones.
They've shadow banned it.
They don't let it get promoted.
It automatically has bots that violate their terms of service.
They promise it's whatever you think's important goes to the top.
You're the community.
Well, I'm not allowed to win.
I've won too many Indy 500s.
It's like rollerball.
Come and tell them you've won too many games.
You gotta lose.
You gotta retire.
You gotta stop.
Stop it.
Stop it.
Stop it.
You're not allowed to win.
And no matter how you stack the deck, we're gonna kick your ass up and down the street because we don't have teleprompters.
I really care about prosperity.
I really care about people.
It makes me sick seeing people poor and dumbed down.
Makes me feel weak.
Makes me feel like a loser!
Ruins the enjoyment in my life.
Let me tell you something, people like us, and that's most of us are like that.
Our problem is we don't want to be in charge.
We don't want to be involved.
We just want to live our lives, be successful, have our friends.
We're so fulfilled, we're like, you know, I don't want to run your life.
But the great analogy is the Homeowners Association.
When I was a kid, there was this obnoxious homeowners association, this golf course community we lived in, that was harassing people, not letting people make changes on their houses, that were reasonable, a bunch of weird old people that were on power trips, and they were really rude to my dad and got in his face, so my dad went and knocked on over 600 doors.
It was a big neighborhood.
Big, I mean back then, that's a small golf community today.
And he got elected president, fired all those people, put new people in, and resigned in one month.
And they always think they're invincible, these homeowners associations.
I've run into one as of late.
They'll come and cuss at you in your face, and they think it's just completely normal.
I'm like, oh, I'm calling the cops, by the way.
Old man.
Nothing that's bad that it's an old man.
It's just like, they just think they're God in this position.
And imagine, it goes from homeowners association right up to the top.
You're going to call the police because I'm in your property yelling and screaming because of it?
Yo, yeah, I'm calling right now.
You don't do that.
You want to threaten me physically?
Watch what happens next.
You see how this works?
But I'm an official.
I'm an authority.
Yeah, and you're about to run in to my political fist, bro.
Just like the New World Order thinks they're invincible.
Hillary, they've got the power.
Air Force One, they've been in charge for decades.
It's their country.
You're not going to have some populist that's going to reverse 60 years of globalism?
No, no.
Oh, wait.
You're not going to, we're not going to take the will of the people.
Why, votes have never counted in primaries.
Really, the law says they do.
Well, well, we're the sovereign party.
Remember George Will?
It all blew up in their face, didn't it?
And now where's George Will?
He's more hated now by conservatives than ever.
Another fake conservative, like Glenn Beck, stuck in there to deceive everybody.
We're done!
We're on the warpath!
Figured it out yet?
We expect to draw enemy fire.
We expect to be demonized and lied about.
I'm happier than a pig in you-know-what at this point.
Because I know history.
I know destiny.
I know the psychological spiritual algorithm that your computers don't tell you.
I know the spirit of 1776, and you're gonna feel it.
You are feeling it.
They're panicked, they're screaming like dying dogs at Hillary's speech, where she called for the government and Congress to pass laws to shut Infowars.com down.
We're listed by name.
She's listed me by name before.
And they're coming.
And it's already happening.
But it shows everybody, like a big giant neon sign flashing,
The good eats are in here, not in the cockroach filled halls of CNN.
Now let's get into the really exciting news right now.
I've been a good boy about skipping breaks lately, but on this Friday I'm going to skip this because I want to have time to take calls at the bottom of the hour.
This is really, really important and I want to get to this right now.
Donald Trump never used any of this in the campaign, and quite frankly, I know the inside baseball that his friends and associates say, look, we know you give to big charities privately, and we know you give to police groups and firefighter groups and veterans groups privately, and that's fine.
The giving massively, directly to people on the street,
Sometimes on a daily basis.
I mean, we're talking reportedly it's in the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions a year in some cases.
He's super hard-nosed with other business people and other aggressive sharks.
But then when it comes to common poor people or people that are nice to him, Donald Trump has a big heart.
He's got that mix that any real man's got.
And so, I was told years ago about Donald Trump being a patriot.
I rolled my eyes.
I don't follow mainstream pop stuff.
I thought of him as, you know, The Apprentice host and the rest of it.
So, I just, I just, you know, wasn't well-versed in it all.
I didn't know he was against NAFTA and GATT and gave all this money to do it and, you know, was concerned forever about communism and globalism and learned about it from one of McCarthy's former top people.
And there's been New York Times articles about that.
But, this guy really formed during that whole period in the 60s.
And was let in on a lot of secret congressional inside baseball.
If you want to go look that up, you can go do your own research.
The New York Times has written about it.
Now, they've asked him, they've said, please stop feeding the homeless in Trump Tower.
He's like, no, I own it, I'm gonna do it.
Please stop
Buying people houses.
I mean, because the word gets out, and so there's people that are coming, and if they can actually get a hold of Trump, or have him be seen, and he sits there and judges them and talks to them, and by judges I mean, you know, gets their bearings, but most of the time he ends up giving them stuff.
And sometimes it's a thousand dollars, sometimes it's a house, sometimes it's a car.
It's crazy.
And if Donald Trump tells you something, by the way, you can bank he's going to do it or die trying.
So there's been articles now written about it post-election.
Donald Trump saved my family.
Widow's daughter recalls how the Donald paid off her mom's $300,000 mortgage after her father committed suicide.
I mean, there's just, there's hundreds of these.
I can't even keep track of them all.
You know, a family sees his limousine broke down.
They pull over and help him.
Tell them they're fans of his show.
He gets their card.
I think it was like what, I've got the article here, a quarter million dollar mortgage he paid off the next week.
They just, it's paid for.
I don't have time to go over all of these.
There's a bunch of them.
These acts of kindness reveal there's more to Donald Trump than just his celebrity persona.
And then it's people that are on drugs and he pays for their rehab.
Airlines would accommodate a boy with serious medical issues, so Trump gave him his jet.
He gave sanctuary to a Grammy Award winning singer, Jennifer Hudson, after three of her family members were murdered.
He helped save a family's working farm that was going into foreclosure.
After Sergeant Andrew was released from prison in Mexico, Donald sent him a big check to help get him back on his feet.
What Trump did for a bus driver who helped save a woman from jumping off a bridge.
I've been told about stuff that nobody even knows about.
And I'm telling you, it's almost like he just does it so compulsively that people around him are like, just don't let him get around or we'll never even get to the next meeting.
Okay, so this is what goes on.
Now, and he's known, he's gotten awards from Jesse Jackson for hiring large amounts of African Americans and other minorities and promoting them if they've got the skills, in which he gives them the time to get the skills in training.
That's why the globalists hate him, folks.
He wants prosperity, and he isn't out to get little people.
And they know that, and they dug up stuff on Trump that they didn't put in the tabloids, because it would only make him look good.
I'm gonna leave it right there.
But you see what Bill Clinton did with his connections to black people?
Totally turned his back on him.
Not with Donald Trump.
Now, I'm gonna stop right there.
Let's continue.
Here's the new articles.
It's up on Infowars.com.
Nobody knows about this.
Black homeless woman says Trump allowed her to live in Trump Tower rent-free for eight years.
We're going to play the video in a moment, but first I want to play the first video.
This is a lady, Henrietta Hughes.
This is CNN.
Woman who pled to Obama is still struggling.
Henrietta Hughes caught the nation's attention in February when she cried for help during one of Obama's town hall meetings.
After her plea, Hughes was given a free home to live in temporarily, but she is still struggling to find a job.
And then there was Republicans that came and actually got her a house.
And I remember in the news, it wasn't even CNN and others didn't even give credit to them.
They just said, oh, she's in a temporary home, and then they bought her a house.
See how the deception works?
Hughes, who is 60, faithfully goes to an employment center in Fort Myers in hopes of finding a job.
And then she doesn't, living out of her car.
So, there's a black lady getting three meals a day paid for by Trump in a furnished area, in an office area that she was caught squatting in.
He just turned it into a house for her.
It's got a bathroom, a whole nine yards.
That's what Trump's done in Trump Tower when he found out the cops were hauling her out of there and evicting her.
And he's so hands-on that she wouldn't leave.
They called Trump and he came down.
This doesn't fit with the media's portrayal of Trump as a racist bigot.
A homeless black woman reveals that she's been living in Trump Tower for eight years with the blessings of the Donald himself.
Coming from a hotel window, the woman says she originally snuck into the building before becoming a squatter.
In one of the empty rooms.
Police arrived the next day and told the woman to leave or she'd be arrested.
When I told them I would not go, they contacted Mr. Trump over the phone and he came down here.
Instead of evicting me off the property, he said I can stay.
It's been eight years I've been here, the woman reveals.
Not only did he not evict me off the property, he made sure that I ate three meals a day at my room service and that I get a delivery of fresh flowers every week, she adds.
See, Trump can't stand seeing people in squalor.
He's not surrounded by all the gold and other stuff because he wants to be better than people like the other leaders.
It's because that's what he likes to see.
You can say, wow, that's pretty grandiose.
He wants to be grandiose to everybody else.
Which, if humans want something, we can have it, folks.
You understand that?
We can build anything we want.
It's economies of scale.
If it weren't for him, I'd be homeless.
I'd be dead right now.
I'd be on the streets.
He says, Trump hasn't asked me to pay a dime.
Donald Trump is not a bad guy.
He's a wonderful, wonderful man.
Everything I'm telling you here today is true.
She concludes, Trump is renowned for his acts of kindness towards people in unfortunate circumstances, although the mainstream media is loathe to mention them.
After Oscar-winning actors Jennifer Hudson's brother and mother were murdered in 2008, Trump offered a hotel suite for Hudson and her family, and it goes on and on and on.
And that's nothing.
And, you know, it's not known that Mel Gibson's given, like,
I should even say this was like years ago and it's inside stuff and a little bit of it came out so I'll just tell you I think it's like last time I heard ten million dollars from the I know the family is dead a bunch of people ten million dollars for kids to get organ transplants and brain surgeries and stuff just in California alone and that's just what they know about but I mean obviously the guys got billions of dollars but the point is is that
Conservatives are six times more likely in major studies to actually give money to people.
To actually help them.
Liberals all, virtues signal that they're going to give you money all day because they're not liberals.
These terms mean nothing.
So here's the lady that conservatives had to come help because Obama wouldn't.
Henrietta Hughes during the campaign right before Obama got elected.
Here it is.
Thank you very much.
I first want to say I respect you and I'm so grateful for you.
Thank you.
I believe in prayer, so I appreciate that.
We need unemployment and homelessness.
A very small vehicle for my family and I to live in.
We need it urgently.
And our housing authorities have two years waiting lists.
We need something more than a vehicle and parks to go to.
We need our own kitchen and our own bathroom.
Please help.
Well, listen, what's your name?
What's your name?
Henrietta Hughes.
Okay, Ms.
Hughes, well, we're going to do everything we can to help you, but there are a lot of people like you, and we're going to have to do everything we can.
All right?
But the, uh, I'll let our staff talk to you after the show.
And just absolutely, he thinks he's just got you.
It's the arrogance.
He could have had a huge PR win getting her a job somewhere.
But no.
Could have told rich donors, hey, get her a job.
Boom, she'd have had one.
Because they think they've already got you.
They're arrogant.
Meanwhile, they've announced $10 billion in U.S.
steel moving back next year.
This is before he's even on office, 41 days out.
Carriers coming back.
Two Ford plants now.
$50 billion in Japanese investment in high-tech, cutting-edge systems from robotics to chips to communications that'll be in America with Americans.
And it goes on and on.
Restaurants are seeing a 35-40% increase.
Christmas purchasing suddenly started skyrocketing.
It's the Trump effect.
The globalists want to kill optimism while telling you the economy's great.
They know we've been in a quasi-depression for nine years.
And yeah, it started before Obama.
And he continued the exact same thing as the same banks run him.
But now there's a new sheriff in town.
People say, well, I thought it's a new world order.
They're invincible.
We're here to take over.
We're here to change things.
We're here to restore the Republic.
We can win if we just believe in it.
People don't believe they could ever do anything.
You've got to have motivation.
We're promoting freedom and prosperity and living your own life and being self-sufficient.
That's a lot sexier than standing in government lines and being a slave.
Now here's the lady.
In Trump Tower, that's been there for eight years, showing folks where she lives and how Trump takes care of her.
And again, she's not the only one, and so it is becoming an issue.
Because, well, this is just what Trump does.
But then they'll have some, you know, guy, some architect that tries to triple charge Trump off what he agreed to.
Architects are famous for that.
They're not all bad, but boy, they're famous for being some of the biggest weasels out there, aren't they?
If you've ever worked with them, you know what I'm talking about.
Builders seem to be great, but it's the architects.
Well, I'm digressing.
Let me go to this video.
Here it is.
Hi, everybody.
I am a squatter in Donald Trump's building, Trump Tower, in New York City.
As you can see, I'm in my pajamas.
There's Central Park right there.
And that tall building is the Essex House on Central Park West near 59th Street.
I came in here about nine years ago and snuck in the building and just started occupying one of the empty rooms in here.
By the time a housekeeper noticed I was here the next day, she called the manager and they called the New York City Police, who came up here and told me I had to leave or I would be arrested.
When I told them I would not go,
They contacted Mr. Trump over the phone.
And he came down here.
Instead of him evicting me off the property, he said that I can stay.
And it's been eight years I've been here.
Not only did he not evict me off the property,
He makes sure that I get eight three meals a day, my room service, and that I get a delivery of fresh flowers every week.
So you people, I'm not a bad guy at all.
Alright, let's stop right there.
The full video, she goes on to say what a great guy he is.
Now people are lying about him.
Now, the thing about Trump is she's obviously got health issues and some handicap issues.
That's who Trump helps.
Now, just like that, when I see homosexuals that actually have their legs missing, I give them money.
I don't give it to just some drug addict.
It's the same thing with Trump.
That lady needed help, he gave it to her.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Michael Moore says something crazy could happen to stop Trump from becoming president.
Appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers, leftist filmmaker Michael Moore said the inauguration is more than six weeks away, and it's possible that something crazy might happen to President-elect Donald Trump.
Something that we're not expecting.
I made that prediction.
Yeah, you did, you made it, you called it.
Uh, so I'd like to make another one tonight.
We're very excited.
He's not President of the United States yet.
He's not President, right?
This has been the craziest election year.
It certainly has.
Nothing anyone has predicted has happened.
The opposite has happened.
So is it possible, just possible, that in these next six weeks something else might happen?
Something crazy.
Something we're not expecting.
And you can watch this video in its entirety right now at InfoWars.com.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
It's Alex Jones.
Max Keiser is here in town shooting some of his episodes for his hit TV show on RT.
And Adam Curry, the big star of MTV back when it was the biggest thing there was, got a successful radio show in Moore.
He's a fellow Austinite.
Tall guy.
I knew he was tall, but he's really tall.
Really nice guy.
I just met him out there.
In the hall, we're going to tweet that out on Twitter at Real Alex Jones here in the next few minutes.
They're going to talk about the media landscape, where they think it's going.
Kaiser was already here in town, so he decided to stay another day.
And he and Adam are here, so I'm very, very excited about that.
I should take some calls.
I said I was going to take calls.
What do you make of this media war?
And Hillary's saying censor the alt-right media.
Again, why is she able to define what is now meant to be censored?
And the lists they're using
Is a list that the Washington Post has now retracted and admitted isn't accurate.
That's a pretty big deal.
I want to play, it's like a ten minute clip.
I want to play the last two minutes of it and I'm not fawning after Tucker Carlson.
It's just that Tucker Carlson, I know behind the scenes.
He came here years ago and wanted to come see me and I've had dinner with him a few times and some other things.
He's like really smart.
And it's like a closeted Alex Jones, okay?
And now you're seeing it on Fox News, but it's like a smarter closeted Alex Jones coming out now as an anti-New World Order patriot, now that it's safer to do.
And he just annihilates these guests.
I don't have time, obviously, to play the whole thing, plus it's not my show.
I haven't even played, you know, Colbert attacking me for 15 minutes two days ago, which just lies and twisted garbage, but I've got to play this because
I mean, when I grow up I want to be like Tucker Carlson, to be able to sit here and put up with people's crap and then calmly just tear them apart.
He sits there for 10 minutes with this congressman, who keeps saying all the alt-rights run by Russians, and finally the congressman gets mad and says, you work for the Russians!
And folks, to say that I work, or Tucker Carlson works for the Russians, is just... It's kind of a bummer, because I want to go see Russia someday.
I've been to Europe a lot, and things, and been to Latin America.
I've never been to Africa.
I want to go there.
If I go to Africa, it doesn't mean I'm a, you know, say a South African agent, or if I go to Nigeria, I'm not a...
I mean, I'm a Nigerian agent or I got a Tripoli, I'm not a, you know, a North African agent or a Qaddafi agent, but I want to go to Russia.
But I'm kind of like, I better not.
They'll say he went to Russia to get his communist marching orders, even though communism has been dead there for a long time.
Seems like communism is coming back here.
So that's coming up here in just a moment.
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I cannot believe that as I sit here speaking to everyone and talking to everybody that we're at the center of this and quite frankly I'm enjoying the fact that we're hurting them but as a person it's not fun.
These are very serious players we're up against and I laugh about it to put a gallows humor face on it.
It's weird to have the EU list you by name, and to have Hillary and Obama do it, and to have them say we need Congress to finish passing a law that passed the House and is now in the Senate to basically ban alt-right news websites.
And I hate to use the term that they define, they coin, but the media takes it, the corporate media, the state-run media puts it out, and then everyone that disagrees
With the establishment, who are mainly classic liberals.
I mean, I'd call Max Keiser or Mr. Corolla, I mean, they can define themselves as classical liberals, who don't like the mainline Republicans or Democrats.
Well, we don't deserve, that was a big enemy of Bush's, everybody knows, to be demonized.
I mean, they had the NPR and New York Times this week say, Alex Jones is the gateway to white supremacism.
With no evidence, no proof, no nothing.
It's just, he discredits the government,
And all the lies, so then he sends you to white supremacists.
The white supremacists hate me!
Because I'm unifying people.
They want the whole anti-New World Order movement to be racist.
They hate my guts more than Benjamin Netanyahu.
Because I'm unifying people.
I'm about ideology.
If there was some new country freer than America, I'd go there.
I love America.
This place is falling apart.
Now that Trump's here, I'm gonna, you know, obviously stay.
And I pledged to go down with the ship, but I was thinking I might have to go down with it.
Now, we've got a chance, not because he's perfect, but because he's aware of what's happening.
And he's not out to get people.
So we're being censored on Reddit, we're being censored on Facebook now.
I guess taking our site down is the next thing.
They're basically blocking people being able to share our information.
This is a war.
Let's counter them by sending out more InfoWars.com links.
Go sign our petition.
We're going to deliver to President-elect Trump, physically, at Trump Tower.
We're also going to deliver it to Congress, but make a big deal out of hundreds of thousands of signatures saying we don't want our First Amendment banned.
That's up on Infowars.com.
I said let's just extend it 10 hours, but let's extend it through the weekend to next week.
We've got close to 100,000 sign-ups, but I want to get at least 250,000 sign-ups.
Send this petition out to your friends and family.
Tell people to sign it, and also you can click it to get alerts on free speech issues specifically.
You want to get our news alerts and videos and promo codes and podcast links and stuff?
Sign up at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter for the InfoWars Insider.
But if you want just info on free speech here and around the world, that's what this particular petition is all about.
You can find both links at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
But there's a video up on Infowars.com that is the video of the day congressman calls Tucker Carlson a Russian agent on primetime television.
And it's a long 10 minute clip.
And I wish Carlson would have brought this up.
I guess he didn't know about it.
But the same day, there on at night, 7 o'clock Central, 8 o'clock Eastern, that morning the Washington Post came out and retracted a November 14th piece
From three weeks ago, where they say that basically InfoWars and we're listed, Breitbart, Drudge, that we're Russian agents and that we know that Russian bots were helping us.
Well, the truth is they have bots trying to block us.
It's the opposite.
And then they had to come out and say, okay, there's no Russian bots, we're being sued, and we made it up, and we're sorry, and by the way, we shouldn't say these things are all fake news.
Yeah, you gotta sue somebody, you gotta prove it was a lie, and when somebody's lost a bunch of lawsuits, you can say that's a quack site.
Another trick they've got.
Is there are real fake news sites that put out fake news stories all the time, and they're covered under the First Amendment, they're covered under satire, but they're not really operating as satire.
New Yorker Magazine does this more and more.
Like a third of their writing is satire, they won't tell you it's satire.
So more and more mainstream news has been arguing in federal court as well, and they get sued that they're entertainment, and they're allowed to put out fake news.
That's the new thinking.
On Jesse Ventura's TV show, they were like, we've got to say we're entertainment, because if we get something wrong, it's okay if it's entertainment.
That's what the lawyers are saying.
And I didn't get that thinking.
I thought you're covering the First Amendment news gathering even more, but that's where the law's going now in rulings that mainstream can be fake.
Hell, an NFL ticket says it's not real and is entertainment.
Now, I think most of it's real.
There's some fake plays, some people take a dive.
But just in case, they're just telling you, this is theater, this isn't real.
Kind of like they tried to say with the whole primary situation.
So, this is just an intriguing, intriguing clip.
And again, watch the whole thing at InfoWars.com.
I'd love to play the whole thing, but at the time we have, we're going to go to this club and then come back and take your calls on fake news.
I mean, this is their move against free speech worldwide.
The Chinese started banning free speech online.
When Chinese started going online 20 years ago, you'd see it.
You know, this guy was arrested for writing fake news on a message board.
He's in a labor camp for three years.
This guy repeatedly did it.
He's being executed for fake news.
That is a communist Chinese term.
And there it was, hiding in plain view, all the years I said, the prostitutes, the deception media, the collaborator media, the corporate media, the discredited media, the lamestream media, the dinosaur media is a term I coined.
Prostitutes, Gerald Solente.
And then it hit me.
Like a ton of bricks.
It's the name they put on us, everything's inverted.
I haven't given you any fake news today.
We'll launch the phone system over there.
On this topic, where do you think they're going next?
Will they be successful?
I want to hear from you on this.
And another topic.
Michael Moore's kind of, you know, maybe Trump's going to get killed.
What do you think about that?
You've sure seen mainstream media push it.
And then I've got all these stacks of articles about, you know, Trump says,
He's gonna change all these things, and other people say, well, we just need to kill Trump.
Look at this stack of political correctness today.
OSU activists complain terrorists who stabbed nine people was wrongly shot by police.
Organizers of the protest said that Artan's particular actions were irrelevant.
You're waving a knife, you just stabbed nine people, it's white racism.
Isn't that just special?
And then I've got all this news, where they're going after people.
I mean, it is amazing how they're demonizing here and we find it.
And then we'll get to that video of the day here in a moment.
Orange Coast college teacher calls Trump victory, act of terrorism.
We're really back to being at civil war.
The leftist activists, the fascist activists that call themselves leftists and wear that camouflage politically, are running around calling for physical attacks, murder, death, killing.
They're burning Trump homes, people that support Trump.
They're attacking people.
They're kicking them downstairs.
They're shooting people.
And it's all supported.
It's very sick.
Black lawyer, free anyone charged with murdering whites.
That's mainstream news.
I mean, this is what I see every day.
And then they say, I'm promoting violence.
Divider-in-chief, Obama claims whites in northern states very different from southern states, very racist.
And I've got a bunch of other ones right along that line as they try to divide this country.
And then an Islamicist runs around from Somalia stabbing nine people critically.
He's waving a knife at the police.
They shoot him and that's an act of white racism.
And the white students are saying that they're so brainwashed and occult like, it's a black guy!
He's killing white people!
He's stabbing them!
Give the man a medal!
Put that officer in prison!
Yeah, Alex, stop kissing the police butt!
A guy's trying to stab a cop, waving a knife, he just stabbed nine people!
Man, that officer, you're right!
That officer should be put in prison for life!
For a cold-blooded premeditated, in fact, I don't even joke, it's an execution, I'm already saying that.
I mean, this is the fruitcake ville we've entered.
But speaking of it, here's Tucker Carlson with Congressman Adam Schiff.
With a straight face going, we've got to pass the law in the Senate to shut down the alt-right.
They're Russian agents, Russian bots.
Meanwhile, there's no Russian bots.
I kind of wish there were, promoting our articles.
We're in there being hit by Reddit bots, Facebook bots, YouTube bots, Google bots, trying to suppress us.
It's admitted!
Again, an inversion of reality.
How dare that officer!
I mean, this poor black man only had stabbed nine white students.
They deserved it!
It was reparation!
And the media said for five hours, even after it was known, hour one, that it was a large butcher knife, that there was no gun, and he ran people over, too.
Oh, how dare they?
It's the car's fault.
I mean, this is a cult, people.
Here's the club.
Can you look right into the camera and say, I know for a fact the government of Vladimir Putin was behind the hacks of John Podesta's email.
The government of Vladimir Putin was behind the hacks of our institution and the dumping of information.
Of John Podesta's email.
Not only in the United States, but also in Europe.
You know what?
You're not.
And Tucker, you know what?
And I think that Ronald Reagan will be rolling over his grave at your carrying water for the Kremlin.
I'm not carrying water for the Kremlin.
You're a sitting member of Congress on the Insult Committee and you can't say they hacked.
You're going to have to move your show to RT, Russian television, because... You know what?
That's just so beneath your office, because it's so dumb, and you're being duplicitous.
I'm asking you, did they hack Podesta's emails, and you can't say it.
You have no resort to personal insults like that, Tucker.
You just said I was carrying... Oh, you said I was carrying water for Putin!
That's pretty hilarious!
You know, when you essentially are an apologist for the Kremlin, that's what you're doing.
One last time, Congressman.
Look in the camera and say they hacked John Podesta's emails.
We know for a fact that Putin's government did that.
You can't and you know you can't and you're hiding behind weasel words.
The Russians, I'm not going to be specific.
Oh, because you don't know it, that's why.
Alright, done.
You don't know it and you're alleging it without any evidence.
You're ignoring the evidence because you don't care.
The fact that it helped the Republican candidate is all you need to know apparently.
That's totally false!
I just think if you're going to make a serious allegation about an actual country with an actual government, you ought to know what you're talking about.
And you don't.
Not very much currently.
I appreciate that.
Tucker Carlson, he's using... I need to take a call from Vladimir Putin, so I'm going to put you on hold.
Oh, he's stealing my joke.
Some of the electors who will pick the president in two weeks... Alright, that's enough.
Oh my gosh, you're using weasel words.
How about weasel world?
That's where that congressman comes from.
He hails from the planet.
President Adam Schiff or Congressman Adam Schiff.
He's actually the president of Weasel World.
Our fellow info warriors across the United States and across the planet really love the Hillary for Prison 2016 shirts that we began to put out in 2015.
It became a global meme against globalism and corruption.
And a very strong maxim that's now being continued on today.
Now, President-elect Trump has come out and said it's not his job as President to call for prosecution, he's not supposed to.
But that obviously, Jeff Sessions, as the new Attorney General, if he's confirmed, will certainly carry out his duties.
But Roger Stone, a few weeks ago, right after the election, said, Alex, you gotta bring Hillary for President back.
And I said, yeah, but it's a limited edition, it's over.
You know, she's been defeated so far.
And he said, what about Hillary for prison 2017?
We need those at the inauguration.
They're trying to intimidate Trump supporters and nationalists everywhere.
That shirt is powerful.
It's not just a shirt supporting Trump, like your shirt that says Trump is my president, which we put out before he won, predicting it, putting our name, our guts on the line, but something exposing who the other team was pushing so that people don't forget and so that the push for justice continues.
So, it's a great way to support the broadcast.
It's a great way to have another historic shirt to spread the word and to meet like-minded people of every race, color, and creed who bleed red blood and want justice.
It's available.
It's another limited run.
I don't know how long we're going to offer it, but definitely only a few months.
It is Hillary for Prison 2017, and here's the biggest and best part I almost forgot.
This shirt arrived in an 18-wheeler printed right here in the USA a week ago and I forgot, I've been so busy to even talk about the fact it's been in the store.
That on the back of the shirt is a design that I worked on with some of our great graphics people that is George Soros as a goblin.
I made a goblin joke a year ago about Trump saying you better not, you know, actually get in bed with the goblins if you have to work with politicians but I understand if you have to actually, you know, get knee-deep in their political guts but you just can't
Get caught in bed with a goblin.
So we now have George Soros, because the media attacked me on this whole goblin meme, and they've made huge jokes about it, but it's totally blown up their face.
We now have George Soros as a goblin on the back, and it says, with a cross throwing you an X, like Ghostbusters, no Soros, him as a goblin.
It says Deport Soros on the bottom and on the top it says InfoWars established 1996.
So it is a limited edition Deport Soros on the back, Hillary for President on the front, right hand shoulder InfoWars.com.
It's powerful.
I hope you get out to everybody you know.
InfoWarsStore.com or call 888-253-3139.
So to all the fellow liberty lovers around the world, I salute you and thank you for your support.
This shirt is a celebration of the fight and the victory we've seen in 2016 against tyranny, but looking forward for justice against George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and their entire criminal network.
And don't forget our new motto, no more pizza parties.
He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
So, Donald Trump is delivering big time again, not just $10 billion in steel jobs.
He's not even in the office yet, announcing they're coming back.
$50 billion Japanese high-tech investment carrier coming back.
Two Ford plants coming back.
Ford says they'll bring everything back if the taxes actually get cut to be even with the world standard for corporate income tax.
No, now he is going to appoint an EPA chief that is going to say, no, carbon dioxide is not a pollutant.
It makes plants grow.
It's not associated with temperature increase.
It comes after temperature increase because of a blooming of plants.
And we are in an oxygen and carbon dioxide starved period, like Mars lost its atmosphere.
It had water, it had oxygen, it had everything.
It still does, but just not at a livable level for our species.
They've proven it with the probes.
In fact, they believe there was life on Mars before us because it cooled off first.
Now, whether you believe that or not, the point is, scientists admit we're losing our atmosphere.
The Earth has lower oxygen and carbon dioxide.
Carbon dioxide is hundreds of times lower than it used to be.
Back during, say, the Jurassic.
I mean, it's crazy how close this planet is to losing its atmosphere.
You want to really have some fear-mongering?
Now, in the scheme of things, millions of years maybe?
Hundreds of thousands?
I don't know.
I think big asteroid impacts too, once your atmosphere gets weak, can then basically expel your atmosphere out into space.
But that all gets into astrophysics and terra farming and NASA research and it's all debatable.
What's not debatable is that we're being brainwashed.
Now I have another clip I want to play.
I already mentioned this but I want to play it one more time.
I'm not having a coffin fit.
It's always good to have a drink of water, isn't it?
Or to have them throw something up over on the screen.
That's always good, too.
Let me go to the next story I was going to mention.
It's up on Infowars.com.
Video, Sheriff Blast Lefty Lawyer.
Hands up, don't shoot, was fake news.
There are dead cops.
Because of that fake news story.
Yeah, remember?
Remember what we were told in Ferguson, Missouri?
They had eight different black witnesses say that there was no hands up, don't shoot, that the man who'd been arrested and convicted many times of shaking people down and breaking into things had just been robbing the local convenience store of goods, was in some type of probably drug-induced rage, we don't know, and charged the police car.
And then got shot.
But hey, George Soros put out the whole thing, hands up, don't shoot, and then the NFL folks making tens of millions of dollars a year could put their hands up and all feel bad about themselves and, you know, go out and demonize everybody like they'd been put under attack.
It was the New York Times, MSNBC, Washington Post, CNN, all promulgated it.
And here's the big point I wanted to make that I thought of during the break.
Mainstream corporate dinosaur fake news has really jumped the 10 trillion pound mutated five-eyed shark, the super megalodon, when they came out and declared everyone that disagreed with them fake news.
This is like 20 times bigger than coming out and saying Trump supporters are deplorable.
Because they're just announcing everything but us, everything but the establishment isn't even real.
Not on some case-by-case basis, just, you're not real, we have secret lists, and let's begin by banning Breitbart and InfoWars.com.
They have trouble with Drudge because it's just, Drudge is so low-tech, he's high-tech, you just go to the page and it's links to mainstream alternative documents, raw videos, photos.
So what are they going to do there?
Just block his URL so people can't even share that?
It's all verbal.
It's all mental.
It's all done by osmosis person to person.
InfoWars is too.
And that's why we've got to do that now more than ever.
Because they're instituting the screening systems, the algorithms, to shut us down.
If they can take us down, they can get everybody.
All right, we got Max Keiser and Adam Carolla coming in here after this first little five-minute segment.
It's going to be big.
Stay with us.
End your calls.
Our fellow info warriors across the United States and across the planet really love the Hillary for Prison 2016 shirts that we began to put out in 2015.
It became a global meme against globalism and corruption.
And a very strong maxim that's now being continued on today.
So we now have George Soros, because the media attacked me on this whole goblin meme.
They've made huge jokes about it, but it's totally blown up their face.
We now have George Soros.
As a goblin.
On the back, and it says, with a cross through him, you know, an X, like Ghostbusters, no Soros, him as a goblin.
It says, deport Soros on the bottom, and on the top it says, InfoWars established 1996.
So, it is a limited edition, deport Soros on the back, Hillary for President on the front, right-hand shoulder, InfoWars.com.
It's powerful.
I hope you get out to everybody you know.
InfoWarsStore.com, or call 888-253-3139.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show!
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones!
Now, I've got hundreds of news articles I haven't even gotten to yet.
So I'm not going back to this for lack of material.
You know why this show is so popular?
We cover a lot of great information, but when we fall on our face, we fall on our face as well.
Because it's teleprompter free, and I don't even know who Adam Carolla is, but I have that name in my head, and I know from childhood watching him right through high school and college who Adam Curry is, and I've even listened to some of his radio shows off and on.
He's got like his own network, and own show.
I was calling him Adam
Who is Adam Carolla?
What does he do?
It's Adam Curry.
But that's the great part!
There's no central programmers above me, and that's the joke that Tucker Carlson was just making earlier, that is there some, you know, centralized Putin calling him to give him orders, because he had a congressman on, a Democratic congressman on, saying to his face, you're a Russian agent.
And then they have no evidence that Russia is controlling the alt-right, as Hillary defines us, and even the Washington Post had to retract that yesterday because it's outrageous libel, it's outrageous slander, it's outrageous defamation!
So James and Stephen and Brian and David and Hector, Hector's been holding the longest, so I'll go to James and others, Stephen and I, we're gonna go to you pretty early on to bring in wildcard points and stuff with
Our guest, Adam Curry, and, of course, Max Keiser.
Now I'll just call him Max Flamingo.
Well, why not?
Just get the name completely wrong.
After we were obsessing on the fact that the Pope's going to star in the new Pink Flamingos movie, we discussed that.
That's satire, folks, because the Pope made horribly disgusting statements yesterday that I won't even repeat on air and dignify about the type of stuff that goes through his mind.
I won't sit here and talk about how he talked about how people
Enjoy eating feces and having sexual pleasure from it.
I guess I just did.
That's a Greek form of arguing there that we just engaged in.
We're going to go to your phone calls after the break, but since I mentioned it, here is Mr. Fake News Brian Williams.
And it's so surreal to have Hillary, who played the clip last hour, saying, we need Congress to pass a law to shut down the fake news.
We'll decide what it is.
It's very dangerous.
This is the biggest liar of our lifetimes.
Who said she was in combat and attacked, well like Brian Williams, running around lying to us.
But here's Williams with this other weasel, and then they go out to real fake news sites, and then come and interview them, and then the fake news sites come on and go, yes, I'm fake and so is Alex Jones.
They even have the fake news sites out going, we work with Alex Jones, we like him, he's fake like us.
This is the games they play, trying to deceive people because they are the fake news industry.
And here is the king.
There was a prom, or a dance, a ball, up on Bald Mountain, you know, up there on the edge of hell, and you had the demons, and the devil was the king, and then his bride was the queen.
You would have Ryan Williams the king and Hillary the queen.
They should get married and together make little deceitful
Creatures together.
So here, ladies and gentlemen, is the king of fake news, Don Don Don, Brian Williams!
And lately there's been a lot of coverage in the real news about the growing and booming business of creating fake news.
Our own Jacob Soboroff just spoke exclusively to the creator of one of the most widely shared fake news stories in the lead up to election days with us from our LA bureau tonight.
Hey Jacob.
Hey Brian, pretty extraordinary.
You know, after this weekend's shootout... Hey Jacob!
Alright, let's stop right there.
Let's never do that Weasel.
We already played last hour.
You've got these little weasels.
One looks like a weasel, the other one looks like a serial killer, Brian Williams, and he's this stolen Valor guy.
I expect to see him in a Walmart parking lot wearing a Congressional Medal of Honor and getting donations or something, you know.
He has like one leg blown off, but it's fake.
The leg's tucked behind a trench coat behind his back.
You're like, hey, your foot's tied on your back.
Shut up, conspiracy theorist!
I'm a war hero!
Are you John Wayne?
I mean, these people never end.
I love it.
They admit the new spokesman against fake news is Brian Williams!
Is this all an alternate reality?
A dark satire written by Kurt Vonnegut from heaven?
Anthony Gucciardi joins us to talk about Bio PCA, the latest formula to be announced and released by Infowarslife.com.
They're true game changers, they're organic, they're proven as safe.
And they're also very affordable.
Went on what Mother Nature gave us, and it's changed my life, and it's also helped the Infowar change the country and the world.
It's a win-win.
If you look at Bill Clinton, far worse, minor words, and his was action.
His was what he's done to women.
There's never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation that's been so abusive to women.
Bill Clinton was abusive to women.
Hillary Clinton attacked those same women and attacked them viciously, four of them here tonight.
So much of what he's just said is not right, but he gets to run his campaign any way he chooses.
There is an information warfare happening right now.
It's a fight for our minds.
And InfoWars.com is on the front lines.
Download our free multimedia app at InfoWars.com forward slash app.
It's free, it's on Droid, it's on Apple, you name it.
InfoWars.com forward slash app.
Michael Moore says something crazy could happen to stop Trump from becoming president.
Appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers, leftist filmmaker Michael Moore said the inauguration is more than six weeks away and it's possible that something crazy might happen to President-elect Donald Trump.
Something that we're not expecting.
I made that prediction.
Yeah, you did.
You called it.
Uh, so I'd like to make another one tonight.
We're very excited.
He's not President of the United States yet.
He's not President, right?
This has been the craziest election year.
It certainly has.
Nothing anyone has predicted has happened.
The opposite has happened.
So is it possible, just possible, that in these next six weeks something else might happen?
Something crazy.
Something we're not expecting.
And you can watch this video in its entirety right now at InfoWars.com.
He aligns himself with the truth.
And it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Lines form on my face and hands.
Lines form on the ups and downs.
I'm in the middle without any plans.
Hi, Adam Curry back with you on MTV.
Well, here's the story.
They've been called rowdy, raunchy, gut-level rockers, and the next band that everybody tries to copy.
Now, their own record label said that they'll make it if they live long enough.
Well, they have, and Guns N' Roses is one of the most talked-about bands this year, and MTV caught them live at the Ritz in New York City.
So get ready for a high-powered, loud, high-energy, loud rock and roll
Loud show, as they perform My Michelle, a cover of the Dylan classic, Knocking on Heaven's Door, and of course, Welcome to the Jungle.
Guns N' Roses, live at the Ritz, is up next.
Hey, I want to hear a little bit more of the Guns N' Roses now.
You know, I love Guns N' Roses.
I wish they'd stop, you know, just getting on the whole political correct bandwagon.
But Adam Curry's here with Max Keiser.
Max rarely comes to Austin.
We're flattered to have him.
I guess he was hanging out with you.
And I've actually thought about trying to get you on.
I know you have your own syndicated radio show and own podcast.
It's really popular because I've tuned into it quite a few times and I've got friends.
You're a big part of it.
I think I've had a few clips of myself on there.
Yes, because you have the best clips ever.
Oh no, I don't.
Yes, they're growing babies in cows.
Alex, come on, I love it.
They are growing babies in cows.
I know, I know, but you actually say it.
That's what's so great about it.
And they call that fake news, but then I can pull up the Chinese show, you know, National TV, where they're growing humanoids inside cows and have cows that have, you know, that produce human milk.
But this is now coming out of mainstream news.
You've been saying this for years, so.
Yeah, it was in it was in like scientific stuff scientific American 20 years ago.
That's what's crazy.
I cover stuff It's like totally admitted and then it's like it's like a 1950 going he claims there's something called automobiles It's like yeah, they've been around 50 years man.
You know it's not like I'm saying automobiles are coming in like 1800 mm-hmm enough about me
We have Max Keiser.
Max, can we talk about how amazing you are and the fact you're even on the air today?
Well, yeah.
My Airbnb caught fire yesterday.
And you guys let me sleep here last night.
Stacey and I camped out.
That was really nice.
I'm on the show again today because I have nowhere else to go.
I'm kind of stuck.
So you're not, okay.
I mean, it's great.
It's fantastic.
But, you know, we had no place to stay, and there we were.
No, you're a tough guy, and I... It's great.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
That was fantastic.
And being here with Adam Curry is fantastic.
It is.
All right.
Max Keiser, everybody knows who Adam Curry is, and he moonlights as Adam Carolla.
I was... Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Teleprompter-free, seriously.
Are there any teleprompters here?
Because they now accuse me of claiming that there's teleprompters in here.
I don't see any teleprompters.
There are!
Call list over there.
Yeah, that's the call list.
Steve in Hawaii.
We're gonna go to him.
Hey Steve!
If you guys are game, I'd like so we can take calls to go maybe 20 minutes to the next hour.
And then I'm gonna hand the baton to Leanne McAdoo to take over for the rest of that and also play a clip from our great reporter who's out there exposing a lot of stuff that's happening on the road at the Trump events.
Now instead of me talking and first asking my questions,
What is front and center on your radar screen?
Fake news.
Fake news is number one.
The No Agenda Show is the podcast that I do.
We've been tracking this for a long time and we feel that this is now the opportune moment, especially in connection with Pizzagate, which is being used as, you know, it's dangerous.
So licensing is on its way.
Licensing of journalists, licensing of all kinds of things.
That's what we really believe is going to happen.
And then you're the accepted group because you toe the line.
That's how China does it.
They license journalists, and even when they get out of line, they arrest you for fake news.
Max and I were talking the other day.
Neither of us are verified on Twitter.
And I think that's where it's really going to start.
He has 25 million viewers a week.
Conservatively, one of the biggest networks in the world.
Not verified.
He invented virtual trading on the stock market.
Buddies with George Soros.
Bitcoin Meister.
Doesn't get any credit.
The real guy is here.
That's right, unverified.
But it gives me plausible deniability, because this way I can say it's not really me tweeting.
Tilt the mic towards your face.
But I think that is the first step, is this verification thing.
Because you look at these journalists who have 500 followers and they work some station somewhere and they get verified.
I think I'm the real Adam Curry, I'm pretty sure I am, but now I don't want it because that will be
Well, back in the day, I was dumb and never really got on Twitter early, but then I had to really have people call him and get mad, even have a lawyer write a letter, and they go, okay, fine, give us a copy of your passport, your driver's license, and some type of bill, and we'll see, and then they finally did it.
But now I'm told people that are even more famous than I am or you are, they just won't even respond to you when you want to get verified.
Yeah, but I don't want it now.
I'm not interested.
Well, continue.
That's a big, big truth bomb.
I hadn't thought of that.
They are going to push licensing.
Well, of course they are.
I mean, this is happening in Europe.
The European Parliament just passed a resolution, and this is all about fake news, and the whole idea is to fund journalists with education, fund NGOs, to really work... And to create lists to block off our sites.
It's already happening to us.
Of course it is.
By the way, let's say it.
That's what Matt Drudge came here a year ago and said.
That's what he always hypes on.
He said stop being on Facebook and Twitter.
They're going to end up censoring you.
Build your own platform.
Everybody go to websites again.
Have lots of independent things like lots of little independent shops and restaurants.
It's the same thing.
Not big box stores.
You know, go to noagendashow.com.
Go to curry.com.
I built a platform called StartJoin.
It's got a crowdfunding platform with its own cryptocurrency called StartCoin.
So to your point, Alex, building a platform with its own currency to fight the New World Order, that's what I'm doing!
That's how I'm contributing to this revolution!
I mean, what more can I say about it?
No, there it is.
Drudge says they're internet ghettos, and that was over a year ago in this studio.
It really is internet ghettos now.
That's what they did with the Jews first.
They first said, OK, you can't advertise, you can't have your businesses in this area.
Then, now you've got to be in this ghetto.
Now, oh, it's just poor, dirty people.
Let's take them and send them to a work camp.
But it's undeniable.
And they kill you.
It's undeniable now when we see President-elect Trump, we see what happened with Brexit, we've seen what's happened with Italy.
I think these types of platforms, alternative to the mainstream, is more important than ever right now.
And people are definitely finding it.
Facebook is kind of becoming a graveyard in a way.
I mean, I have to have an account just to see what's going on, but I really... Well, I famously said I use it like a toilet.
I mean, I don't expect it to always be there, and it's just kind of like a hole in the ground out back, you know, at the farmhouse.
But we put our info out there, but we don't expect it to be there tomorrow.
It may very well not be.
I mean, online communities always end up broken.
I mean, we've seen it.
GeoCities, AOL, eventually it'll go away.
They've captured a critical mass and there's something like 2 billion monthly users and it's going to, they're rolling out aircraft to hover over places without internet connectivity to create more users.
So clearly this is an incredible force to be reckoned with and as we're leading up to the election, you know, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO, and his connections in Washington, we're helping to filter news.
Oh, he was already censoring massively, and then after Hillary lost, the media said, the Donald Trump media, it's your fault!
You didn't censor more, and so now he's doing it!
Well, this is the epic battle that's taking place, is mainstream media, who, just like the record business, for years, denied, denied, denied, and now, if you sell 2,000 records, you're top 10 on Billboard.
That's how bad it is.
It's that bad.
Wow, I could put out an album and sell a hundred thousand.
Alex Jones sings Christmas music.
Alex Jones Christmas record.
I would definitely buy that.
The Jingle Bells, The Lonely Soldier, Mama Stole My Christmas Tree, all the classics.
I want to do it.
Let's do it.
Grandma got run over by a reindeer.
That's it, that's it, that's the fun.
I'm interrupting, this guy's saying smart stuff.
Of course he is.
I forgot what I was talking about.
That's Adam Curry.
No, no, you were saying the music industry didn't listen, they were arrogant, they didn't get it.
So now news.
And news, they fought, they fought, they fought.
Google was complicit by killing Google Reader, which RSS, which is still a great distribution mechanism, gives you, in fact, a feed very much like a Twitter or a Facebook feed.
When Google Reader was purposely destroyed, the whole idea of RSS kind of fell apart, but it's slowly coming back now, and you see the epic battle between the mainstream against Silicon Valley.
All day now I hear on mainstream is, well, you know, these guys are dangerous now, and so this is going to be an interesting butting of heads.
We'll see what happens there.
I'll tell you what's exciting.
I actually have a fellow showing up about 2.15 today when we go off air and the ladies take over.
Who is the owner of one of the larger second-tier, about to become first-tier, cord-cutting companies.
And he gets what's happening.
It's all about content, content, content, like Redstone said back in the 30s when he went from just it being about the theaters to the actual content.
Before that was just the theater.
Movies were like some secondary deal.
You just went to the big fancy theater and had drinks or whatever.
I see there's all sorts of other things that are going to bite the mainstream dinosaur media in the butt.
We're the least of their problems.
It's going to be all these other distribution platforms.
Yes, and not only that, but different business models.
You have a phenomenally interesting and, I think, obviously successful business model with your entire InfoWars life and all your, all the, I mean, that's how I got turned on you.
I got Berkey water filter.
I got my one acre crisis seed garden.
Thank you.
I got my meals ready to eat.
Super female vitality is one I'd take.
By the way, it actually works better for men, for whatever reason, but men don't want to buy that formula.
Potty Squatty is an innovative product that changes people's lives.
Everyone needs a MaxCut.
Hey, let's be serious.
We sell really cool products.
We sell really good products and fund ourselves.
That's an original idea and more and more people are going to adopt that, where you sell direct products to your audience and don't have to have some corporate sponsor.
We get a drone delivery service.
You know, get the drones on the roof so people can... So where do you see this?
Adam Curry, where do you see this going?
Well, so obviously we have our own distribution.
It may get a little complicated, you know, they may start to shut things down.
But I think, look at how WikiLeaks, everyone got around it, you know, that's kind of unstoppable.
The internet in that regard, I think, is still pretty good.
Sure, that's where they're starting, is just stealth banning.
Oh, sorry, you can't share info or links as of yesterday.
On Facebook.
On Reddit.
Facebook, it's selective, only some of our links.
It's on Reddit, it's just, yeah, you can't.
Right, so, but... You can have a million votes, it won't go up.
That's right.
But that's why advertising online, I don't see a future in that.
And the mainstream hasn't, even NPR, like PBS, public media have no idea how to actually work with the public to create programming and that includes like our show.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I am officially running for President of the United States, and we are going to make our country great again.
They see that the elites who ruined their lives hate Trump.
The career politicians hate Trump.
It's just awfully good that Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country.
Because you'd be in jail.
Trump's election is going to be the biggest f*** you ever recorded in human history.
You think your business background helps you with campaigning?
I was doing the primaries.
I spent less money than other people and I did better.
And that's what we want to do for the country.
We want to spend less money and do better.
I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father.
Hi, this is Ted Cruz calling.
Death, destruction, terrorism, and weakness.
This is the legacy of Hillary Clinton.
Now the two faces of Hillary Clinton are coming up.
The fact, through WikiLeaks, that she says one thing and- Oh no.
All right, let's see if we can get Congressman Collins back.
Obviously, we just lost the satellite feed.
I think the media is very dishonest.
I say it all the time.
I think they're among the most dishonest human beings I've ever met.
Remember, Hillary Clinton has some vulnerabilities herself because of her support in the 1990s for anti-crime legislation that ultimately helped contribute to this era of mass incarceration that she now speaks out again.
We just lost, we just lost Breonna Keillor.
I'm not a super predator.
Okay, fine, we'll talk about it.
I apologize to black people for mass incarceration.
I will be the nominee.
There is no way that I won't be.
Is it acceptable that Wall Street and billionaires are spending hundreds of millions of dollars trying to buy elections?
Is that democracy?
All of those Bernie Sanders voters will be left out of the call by a rigged system.
We welcome you with open arms.
History is watching us now.
It's waiting to see if we will rise to the occasion.
Just win, baby.
And if we will show the whole world that America is still free and independent and strong.
I am with you.
I will fight for you.
And I will win for you.
I am your voice.
Look, I'm not going to sit here and say, see, I told you so.
That communist Chinese style net censorship is coming to the web.
Because it's already here.
It's being announced.
The way you keep the internet open and free is you get involved more than ever.
Go to InfoWars.com forward slash app.
A new battleship in the fight.
InfoWars Live.
Available right now.
We're looking for a crew to man it.
Are you going to sit down and play games and be a trendy?
Or are you going to be part of history?
Don't sit by and let the internet and free speech be stolen from you.
Take action!
Adam Curry of noagendashow.com is our guest.
Of course, he's the most famous star of MTV fame.
Boy, MTV used to be so huge.
Now it's just a... some of the redstone brainwasher children medium.
Max Keiser's here.
I want to start taking calls now instead of later, because we've got time into the next hour with these guys.
But I want to... what are some of the other areas you guys want to get into after we take calls?
Go, Max!
Well, first of all, you mentioned Axl Rose.
Before, I just want to mention, you know, of the group... What group was that?
Guns N' Roses?
Guns N' Roses.
Stacey Herbert does an excellent Axl Rose impression.
I just want to put that out there.
You're always being ironic on my show and not yours.
Can we have the serious, Max?
Obviously, the topic du jour is this idea of fake news, as Adam mentioned.
It's total censorship and how they're dressing up, their most draconian, book-burning attack on free speech the world's ever seen.
Just the bravado of it.
Yeah, I mean so... But Gary!
Under McCarthyism there was something called the Communists and you had the, you know, the Committee to Save America from the Communists.
Now it's the evil patriots that want to make America great again.
We gotta shut them up because they're Russian agents!
Who the hell believes that?
Fake news is oxymoronic in that news is, by definition, extemporaneous and open to revision.
They say it's the first draft of history.
So a lot of what's reported as news, later, it's like, well, you know, in the heat of the battle, we looked at it after six months and we revised what was then considered news and this is more the historical document.
So to say that's fake news is, again, it's an oxymoron.
All news, to some degree, would have some degree of subjectivity to it, would have some degree of...
These are the people saying kill Donald Trump.
News is not pure.
It's not a pure.
It comes out.
It's all propaganda.
Whole cloth and pure.
News has, many times, has errors in it.
He's trying to do the best that he can.
But to say it's fake news is to say we don't want any news.
We don't want any news.
That's right.
They're introducing the idea that we want propaganda.
We want only propaganda.
It comes from one source.
And if you don't report what we say, it's like Britain, where we do most of our shows, has become a totalitarian propaganda state, where the state is now dictating everything that comes out in any major news source.
We're constantly harassed, as I was saying yesterday by Ofcom, the regulator, who gets actually into our face and gives us scripts.
The UK regulator gives us scripts to read on our show, and then they accuse us of propaganda.
The regulator gives us scripts that are detailing our position on energy companies in the UK.
That's state-sponsored propaganda.
That's right up there in Pol Pot.
And all of this grew out of denotices.
All of this grew out of national security.
Oh, you can't talk about where nuclear weapons are stored.
Next itch, you can't say you're for Brexit, or you can't say you're against it.
You just can't have no view.
You can't even... We could mention Brexit for six months!
You can't say anything negative about the migrant situation?
It's illegal.
We can't mention Brexit for six months.
They threaten to take RT off the air in the UK.
And that's what the regulator said, okay?
And that's the kind of restrictions we deal with.
There's no free speech in the UK.
The UK is pretty high up on the global free speech.
And by the way, they want a law passed here the same as England that, quote, if something's foreign media while they invite it in, then you're an American on that international platform.
Everything's global.
Then, you can't ever make comments about anything domestic.
Well, how are you supposed to do the news then?
I'm sure you covered the repeal of the Smithmont Act.
On your show.
And people need to hear that, I think, that in the, I think it was the mid-70s, there was a bill, an act, a law, that said the U.S.
government may not propagandize its citizens.
And they repealed it three years ago.
In the National Defense Authorization Act.
And the reasoning behind it was, well, we do so much propaganda on the internet that it's going to eventually flow into the U.S.
So, just so we don't get in trouble, you might as well just take it off the table.
And this is only a couple years ago.
Yeah, they said, we're going to put out fake news.
They said, even deceptive stories.
No, they said, we do put out the voice of America.
They do put out fake news.
So they're saying, we're fake when they admit they're fake and pass the law that they can lie to us.
Voice of America is an American propaganda arm for American propaganda.
You couldn't broadcast Voice of America in America due to anti-propaganda laws.
Then they changed the law and now you can broadcast Voice of America inside America because they're pro-propaganda.
There is no anti-propaganda laws anymore in America.
As I mentioned to you a while ago, when I was doing my show in Paris, I was approached by somebody from Voice of America to do an on-air hissy-fit resignation on RT.
Wait, was this the same time when that other girl?
That girl did, actually.
Oh, it came out.
It was later.
It was all set up.
And I told them, you know, it's... Of course, we know it's not really Voice of America, it's Central Intelligence Agency.
Right, so they were flashing some big money around.
You don't get it.
I was a stockbroker in the 80s.
You can't bribe me.
Not with that sack of money.
You've got to come with a truck full of money or go home.
But he is bribable.
If the truck is big enough, maybe I'll consider it.
318 wheelers!
The budget of Voice of America wouldn't take me to the place I would need to go to undermine my own show, you freaking losers.
Get out of my face!
We're such cheapskates, I can't believe it.
I know, they've only offered me $10 million to sell out.
I'm like, listen, that's not a very big number.
But apparently some rookie journalist babe somewhere, she went for the dough and... It was a big story.
Where is she now?
Completely gone from the face of the earth, sold her whole career down the... She was the girl that kept saying Putin.
Instead of Putin.
That's right, we're gonna go right to your phone calls on the other side.
This is epic stuff, stay with us.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Michael Moore says something crazy could happen to stop Trump from becoming president.
Appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers, leftist filmmaker Michael Moore said the inauguration is more than six weeks away and it's possible that something crazy might happen to President-elect Donald Trump.
Something that we're not expecting.
I made that prediction.
Yeah, you did.
You made it and you called it.
Uh, so I'd like to make another one tonight.
We're very excited.
He's not President of the United States yet.
He's not President, right?
This has been the craziest election year.
It certainly has.
Nothing anyone has predicted has happened.
The opposite has happened.
So is it possible, just possible, that in these next six weeks something else might happen?
Something crazy.
Something we're not expecting.
And you can watch this video in its entirety right now at InfoWars.com.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Nellagendashow.com is our guest, Adam Curry.
We really should play some old clips from MTV.
It's a blooper reel.
A blooper reel?
That I put up on YouTube.
It's, and I just put, I mean, I've had this for 30 years, and I finally said, I'm putting it up.
Is it the Adam Curry blooper reel?
It's me, it's downtown Julie Brown, it's, it's... I mean, how do we Google it?
We just... Oh yeah, Adam Curry MTV blooper reel.
Adam Curry, MTV Blooper Reel, let's cue it up, let's take some phone calls.
Is Nina Blackwood?
No, she's not on it.
Oh, that's too bad.
Hey, but let's get serious here for a minute.
They really are coming for us.
They admit they are.
I think it's a major miscalculation.
I'm not trying to be overconfident.
They were already planning to censor after the election.
Hillary said, the alt-right will be discredited.
When they lose, we have to shut them down.
Well, she wasn't even looking at the real polls.
Now we're going to have the President in there, who's not perfect, I'm sure, but isn't going to be for censorship of the media that got him into power or any other media, I hope.
How do you see this playing out?
Well, there's something else that is happening, and we actually covered this yesterday on the show, my partner and I, John C. Dvorak, and that is the tort laws.
So now there's going to be, you're going to see a lot of reporting about
If someone creates fake news or propagates fake news, what legal recourse do you have against those people?
So I think you're going to see a number of key lawsuits where someone posts something online and they're going to get sued.
Oh, I agree.
I think they're drumming it up and trying to maybe frame me as the test subject.
I've been picking up on that.
Because they just keep saying things I didn't say.
Well, you are definitely the poster child of fake news today.
I mean, they're putting you in everywhere, which I think is fantastic.
I mean, what an exposure.
I mean, people are... Let's be honest, though.
Do you think they picked me because they think I'm weak or because I'm hurting them?
I mean, we are growing, we are hurting them.
They all miscalculated and thought, connecting me to Trump would discredit him, but their own numbers show it actually helped him.
I think in general, the people who produce the shows that will do that, like the news networks, CNN and MSNBC, I think it's just because you're dynamic and interesting to look at, and if you live in a separate dimension, which a lot of people do today, and they have their own reality, I think they believe things are true, and I can't stop that.
Oh yeah, they thought Hillary was really going to win.
Oh, big time, big time.
And they look at you and you're vocal and you're, you know, and of course it's always the moment where you're kind of energized that they put in there.
And that everyone is, oh my God, look at these people.
That's just a visual thing.
I don't think they're really thinking about.
And I agree with you.
I think it's a disconnect too, because it's not that we think Trump's perfect.
It's that Hillary's a real warmonger.
Just like we rejected Jeb Bush.
Everybody, and then she stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders.
I think Sanders might have beaten Trump.
Very possibly.
Joe Biden might have beaten Trump.
I mean, you know, very possible.
Very possible.
Yeah, because he's got that whole blue collar appeal.
Everyone loves Joe.
Yeah, John, here's your pill.
I knew Hillary was going to lose about a month before the election when Joe was giving speeches, Biden, and having to go, look, I know a lot of you don't like her, and I don't blame you, man, but I mean, everybody's like, yeah, the crowd's like, yeah, we don't like her.
And he's like, whoa, man, she is really... I think it was just one, Hillary stumbled away from parachuting Biden into the race.
All she had to do was just stumble one more time and she would have been carried out.
I think he was on deck.
I think he was on deck for her.
I think so.
I think he was on deck.
She kind of stumbled away into the finish line and then got trapped.
But again, Max, the arrogance of running someone who was in the hospital for over a year in 2012-2013.
We have the sources.
They don't want to say definitively because it gets into records issues and things, but she had a brain tumor removed.
I have this from high-level people.
Yeah, and the sucker reportedly is growing back.
Word is she ain't long in the world.
Laparoscopic surgery.
Removed the brain tumor from passing the instruments through the anus.
Up through the alimentary canal, into the back of the head, then they captured the tumor and pulled it out back through the anus, and it's not well reported.
But you know, getting back to the legal aspect of things, you know where they are... That was fake news!
That was really satire, stop it!
That was satire!
Hey, I said a month before, the Secret Service told us she's falling down, she has a black ambulance, and then you, everybody saw it happen.
I really got there from the Secret Service.
Who, by the way, was shaking when I saw them in Cleveland, so we're going to give them the next few weeks.
And these are Secret Service...
And then we got the info.
These guys are shaking because they're so conditioned not to tell the stuff.
How does Colbert criticize fake news when he made his bones as a satirist?
He plays a fake right-winger.
He is a fake news person.
So now he's coming out against so-called fake news.
Brian Williams.
Why are they using Brian Williams, the poster, the king of fake news, as the new crusader against it?
Well, I know Brian Williams.
I've known him for a while.
And he, when I was in New York, living in New York, New Jersey, he would do human interest pieces for the local NBC station on, like, breast augmentation.
This guy is just a total robot.
He'll do whatever you tell him to do.
He really is not a journalist as far as I'm concerned.
He's a hack!
Nah, he's just a dude.
He looks the part.
He looks the part.
Broadcast news.
You know, there's a great movie about this.
He looks like a serial killer.
He looks like a guy who does the news on TV.
He fills the role.
Couldn't he star in the new American Psycho?
That Hemmer guy on Fox.
I mean, I'm not saying Hemmer's bad, but he looks scarier than Christian Bale.
Yeah, I agree with you.
That guy looks very scary.
I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley.
But back to Clinton, I think what is happening... Have you ever had Charles Ortel on?
No, but I've heard of him a lot.
Yeah, so he's a guy who, he's a financial analyst, and he really took apart the Clinton Foundation.
Yeah, let's get Charles Ortel on!
You definitely need to get this guy on.
There is so much fraud and abuse that he has identified, and of course he's not getting on the air anywhere now.
And I think that just the tentacles of that organization were so spread out throughout the political system and other large circles that everyone's deathly afraid.
They were afraid to do anything against the Clintons, I really think.
Sure, I mean at the top they're all scared mercenaries, but what about the minions?
Did you see the video of her giving the speech yesterday saying we've got to have the government?
And her own minions were like squealing like their mommy had just been killed?
Yeah, well, these people have been terrorized, they're very, very frightened, and have grabbed onto Mommy, as you say.
It's like Nora Desmond from Sunset Boulevard, where, you know, that film, the famous film that Billy Wilder directed, in the end where she's, I'm ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille, and it's a demented ex-movie star going down the stairs and having a nervous breakdown.
That's where Hillary is in her political life.
Great analogy.
Thank you.
What's the one where there's two sisters and one's crazy?
Yeah, no, no, no.
Who's afraid of a baby something?
No, whatever happened to Baby Jane.
That's it, whatever happened to Baby Jane.
Whatever happened to Baby Jane.
We're dating ourselves, gentlemen.
That's Hillary and Bill.
Fast and Furious, quick, let's do some modern movies.
Oh yeah, where cars drive downhill for 30 minutes, running over boulders that don't blow a tire.
Oh no.
It's worse than a cartoon.
At least you know with like Looney Tunes, when the rock falls on the coyote and doesn't kill him, that it's not real.
Well, let me introduce you to something, Mickey Mouse.
Let me tell you why I'm introducing Mickey Mouse.
Because Mickey Mouse is the reason why you have these draconian copyright laws in America today.
Every time Mickey Mouse is ready to enter the public domain, they pass the Copyright Extension Act.
And, due to Walt Disney's corporate influence, Sonny Bono famously did one the last time.
So copyright lasts now for a lifetime, plus I think 70, 73, 73 or 75 years.
So you have, in a sense, perpetual copyright.
Which means that ideas are owned by the corporations.
And this is where they attack
They'll attack new media.
This is where they'll attack- Well, that's what drugs thought they would do.
You'll say on your show a phrase that they will claim is protected by copyright law and then that's how they will attack- Like Pope Francis is a turd burglar.
Disney might suggest that they, well, the McDonald's Corporation could say they own Hamburglar, and you're violating the Hamburglar name by saying Turdburglar, and therefore they have to, you could issue a DMCA, Digital Millennium Copyright Action, they'll take it down.
But that's exactly right.
So even close enough to the name, they'll say that's a copyright violation.
And they're expanding that under TPP.
Which doesn't exist, it's fake news.
Hillary says she's against it, even though she gave speeches saying she helped write it.
TPP expands the copyright cartel.
I want to take some phone calls.
It's amazing.
We have Max Keiser at MaxKeiser.com.
Let's go to James, Steve, Brian, David, Hector, and a lot of folks here.
Let's go to Hawaii first.
And so let's talk to Stephen.
You're on the air.
Thanks for calling.
Hi, Alex.
Hey, buddy.
Hey man, I'm a huge fan.
I even have your Bohemian Grove video from back in the 80s.
I've been following you for years.
I want to say I appreciate what you're doing.
I ask you guys to keep it up.
I got three things I want to mention for you real quick.
About the mainstream media, it's not just the news that's being fake and pushing messages right now.
What people aren't paying attention to is it's also the regular television shows.
For instance, just yesterday, Supernatural, a television show where, you know, a couple of guys go around, they're fighting evil, fighting demons, things like that.
They have to exorcise Lucifer out of the President of the United States.
Does that sound like anything?
Listen, half the time I stop on some new cartoon, it's guys in tricorder hats trying to blow up the chemical plant and poison the public and then Green Lantern has to beat them.
I would say 20% of the propaganda is now in news, mainstream news.
But yes, Adam and Max, what about the propaganda placement, they call it behavior placement or product placement, is all over the place.
And look,
I'm not against any gay people.
I don't even care.
The point is, it's just everywhere.
Gay, gay, gay, gay, gay.
We know it's a push message.
Or it's anti-family.
Or it's anti-gun.
Or it's anti-America.
Or the terrorist is, you know, bad because he believes that there's a world government.
I mean, it's just crazy, the message.
I think the public's rejecting it, but what's your comments on that?
Well, we actually talked about this in a way the other day, and if you look at what Norman Lear did, and he still has a big influence, you know, I think it's the Lear Foundation or something, and they write storylines for Hollywood, and they're very open about it, you know, they put storylines into Modern Family, and it could be about global warming or other social issues, but really,
Back in the days, we had Archie Bunker, and Archie Bunker became this grouchy guy who hated the government, and traditionally those guys were Democrats.
But Norman Lear made Archie Bunker a Republican, and for years that became the face of what Republicans look like on television, and I think that's kind of where the switch went from, you know, the Republican Party, who I've read this
Slaves, you know, they were kind of on the good side of things.
And then Archie Bunker became the face of the A-hole Republican.
I think that really set up... And you're right.
In the 60s, there's always hundreds of letters.
Most of them are online from LBJ.
He wrote a lot of them on the Cattleman Suite down at Driscoll with his mistress there.
Didn't really live with his wife out at the ranch.
Lady Bird, but a little factoid.
And he was writing letters saying, the Republicans passed the Civil Rights Act, we gotta do something about this damn Eisenhower, all this other stuff.
You know, we're gotta get the N-words on welfare to control them, they'll be voting Democrat for a hundred years, I got a plan.
And then here comes Archie Bunker a decade later to get people to flip, to think, no, no, the old racist curmudgeons, they're not Democrats, they're Republicans, and as you said,
They've accredited with one show, more than anything, with 30 million viewers, 40 million viewers every episode, they convinced everybody of a total upside-down world.
So why is it not working now when they say anybody that wants to own a gun is a racist or anybody that is against Obamacare is a racist?
I think to a degree it is working.
I mean, it's definitely...
I think that, yeah, I can only say, I think people do believe that.
But there's a segment of the population that is more switched on, and that is because of alternative forms.
You know who I was following leading up to this Trump election very closely on Twitter, which was fascinating, was Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert.
But he started writing and tweeting about persuasion and persuasion technologies, and persuasion technology... Who got him on?
It comes out of something called neuro-linguistic programming, and also comes out of the casino industry, which is very good at persuading people to part with their money, using technology, using very advanced psychometrics, like filling casinos with certain scents that get people comfortable to losing their money.
We're good.
To, you know, you talk about fake news, this would be fake empathy.
You need to create fake empathy?
Sure, it's Pavlovian.
In fact, speak of the devil, this just broke at InfoWars.com.
Merkel, Phelan, this should go all over the web, folks.
This is huge.
I heard this the other day, and I meant to cover it, but I just forgot I was so busy, but now they've had to retract.
Fake news!
Newsweek retracts claim Trump supporters booed John Glenn.
I believe I was in total error that Trump supporters booed Glenn.
So now they first put it out to hurt him, knowing everybody's sad about John Glenn, the first American into space, and all the rest of it dying at 94 or whatever yesterday.
Godspeed John Glenn.
And then later they admit, okay, they didn't really do it.
In fact, they were like, oh, John, oh, he died, not boo.
Oh, he's worse said, not boo.
But this shows how desperate they are.
You know, when Bruce Springsteen appears anywhere, people in the audience still need to be explained that people are saying Bruce and not Boo.
So, this is so typical.
It's an old tactic to just put out this false information.
That is fake news by saying that they... Yeah, and they're the masters of it.
I mean, take the head of the
Mr. Sun, the head of the SoftBank, one of the biggest Japanese banks, trillions as you know, he comes and says, I like your new plan, $50 billion invested in high-tech next year.
He walks up the elevator, gives Trump credit.
And then even the Wall Street Journal, he thinks more friendly, says Trump kept claiming credit.
Just everything is twisted.
It's not even that, it's like it makes you like Trump because they're lying about him so much.
Even the stuff Trump does, I don't like.
Well, the thing that is just obviously, you know, happening is exactly the same type of attitude that a lot of people harbored towards President Obama is now being harbored and expressed by the very same people who thought that was disgusting.
And we have a phrase in the Netherlands, which is, wat je zegt ben jezelf met de kop door de helft, which means, you are what you accuse someone else of.
I thought that meant, why are you putting mayonnaise on my french fries?
Well, that was a problem too.
Let's talk to James in Arizona.
You're on the air with quite a trio, I've got to say.
Here's truly Alex Jones, Max Keiser, and of course, we have the former top
MTV star and so many other things you've done since then.
You've got your own powerful, successful radio show right now.
Adam Curry joining us here in studio.
Let's go to James in Arizona.
You're on the air.
Hey Alex, I've been watching you for a while.
Found out about you during your rant with Pierce Morgan on gun control.
Love that.
That was a big moment for us.
We got millions of new listeners off that.
Oh yeah, I can definitely tell.
And it wasn't because he had a big audience.
He got picked up and was so big.
It was a great appearance.
It chased Pierce out of the country.
I'm sorry, I apologize, Carl.
Go ahead, James.
No, that's alright.
As a millennial, I've actually been taking a look at this all-fake-news paradigm.
And I think the propaganda may have actually worked a little too well regarding Hillary Clinton because they were trying to, as liberals,
We're good to go.
And you have the people who are the counterculture, the free market, and you only have those two paradigms now.
Oh, I agree.
It's become very avant-garde and cutting-edge to buck the system because it's so clear the entire power structure, Republican leadership, Democratic leadership, the Pope, the Communist Chinese, the Saudis, everyone's saying we can't make America great again.
What do you guys make of that?
I've lived in a lot of countries, and this is the best one.
And I won't give up on the idea that we can make it work.
Yeah, that's the thing.
It's easy to bash Americans when you've been to other countries.
I lived in the Netherlands, I lived in Belgium, I lived in the UK.
The UK, by the way, I enjoyed my time there.
You want some racists?
It's the most racist people I've ever met in the UK.
And they do it with a smile.
That's true.
With a smile.
We get a lot of grief in the United States, especially around the world.
You know, you guys invented slavery and all this stuff.
I'm like, yeah, okay, well, maybe you should take a look at your own country.
Well, that's the thing.
You go to third world countries and places, it's the upper crust people who hate everybody beneath them even more.
They're the same color as them.
They're like, yeah, don't you hate these people?
You know, do we, getting so close to this problem, Matt, not telegraph to people?
Like I said earlier, this isn't rhetoric.
I mean, it just gets more and more obvious.
We have people running the country that literally hate prosperity because their systems of command and control can't compete with it.
What else is on your big board?
What else are you looking for?
How do we get aggressive?
The media and Obama and the Democrats in general have been fanning it up.
Every time a cop is shot sitting in his car, I blame that on Obama.
That goes all the way back through his entire presidency, is whipping up this hatred of police to where they're shoving people into subway tracks.
Saying basically, I hate white people so that the knockout game is now becoming the subway game.
So you're afraid around mass transportation, somebody's just going to take the chance to shove you onto the tracks.
Well, that hatred has been generated and whipped up by the Democrats and the media.
I see a huge media battle right now.
The old media is trying to call it the alt-right media.
I call it just the new media.
I would say the new media is better.
Right now, what the old media is trying to do is to conflate Breitbart, this jackwad, Mr. Spencer, who has a following that could meet in a hotel room, but the old mainstream media
I think so.
When a lightbulb, right before it pops and goes out, it gets real bright and starts flickering and acting crazy.
Have you ever noticed that?
An old filament lightbulb?
I think that the mainstream media and the Democrats, George Soros, the Democrats, mainstream media, they realize they've got until December 19th.
Yeah, why is he still walking around?
Yeah, it's a good question.
Well, for one thing, he's probably extremely well-guarded and very careful and moves only on his own private jets.
But it's very interesting to see what's going to happen after Trump is in and he's got the reins of power, because they do appear to be going for broke and just piling... They're throwing gasoline on a bonfire right now, basically whipping up hatred against cops.
They're still going with the hands up, don't shoot, false narrative, which is a lie, which led to a lot of the anger, the whole BLM movement, based on a lie.
Same thing with Trayvon Martin, based on a lie.
So they're obviously, I guess you would call them psychological arsonists.
The media and the Democrats, George Soros, they're all on the same team.
All right, Adam Curry's our guest.
We have Max Keiser here, a couple trailblazers with us.
We're going back to your phone calls.
We're going to do about 15 minutes to the next hour.
We have Amelia Weaver's special report.
It's very informative.
And then Leanne McAdoo and others are going to be coming in here and taking over the last 45 minutes of the fourth hour of broadcast where we like to bring in our other hosts and people.
It's always interesting and informative.
Before I go any further,
I want to thank the sponsors that have made this broadcast possible.
You can find those up on InfoWars.com.
Also, we've got 25% off on DNA Force that's running right now.
And we've got a lot of other specials on the side.
And look, I don't want to sit here and belabor this.
These are really great things that everybody needs, that everybody can use.
And I just want to thank you all for your support.
Quite frankly, we'll put up stuff that I don't think is that important.
I don't know.
I cannot.
It's the best of times, worst of times.
And sure, it's fun to get attacked by all these people.
They're so discredited that it just mainly turns people on to you.
But there's still the unstable people I'm running into that literally see me and go to the other side of the street now and look at me like I am a murdering demon.
Because of all the weird stuff they added together, and you know, the things they do, like NPR a few days ago, it was like, Jones says Hillary chops up children herself and murders them.
Washington Post, go to the article, Jones says Hillary's responsible for killing children by funding rebels in Syria that actually rape and murder and chop up children.
I mean, you know, it's a new level of deception, it's very, very serious.
And so let me ask you this question before we go back to calls.
I mean, these are kind of some short segments here towards the end and start of the hour, so I apologize for that.
Isn't the danger that we get so used to knowing we're right about a lot of these things that we laugh at the enemy, but don't realize they're still in central control, and then they just move forward and start a new war, or cause an economic collapse, or whatever the case may be?
Well, I would say I have high hopes for our new president.
Maybe some of that will go away, but Alex, you're no different than Russia and Putin.
You are just another enemy.
An enemy is needed.
And it's you.
I'm really happy it's you.
Because I know you're a good guy.
I'm not worried about it.
But they need an enemy.
And I think that's what's taking place here.
And that's all they got.
So they go for the biggest guy.
And we'll use you over and over again.
But I think you're right.
When you did the Piers Morgan Show, you got a lot of extra listeners.
And people glommed on.
Oh yeah.
We had like...
Ten million terrestrial listeners a week, maybe a million and a half visitors to the site.
That was a good show.
It was like three, four times that by the time the election hit and now it's double at least what it was for the election.
It's scary.
I think that's why they're attacking.
It's because they say we can practice on this guy and target and figure out what works on him, then we'll work on everybody else.
I think that's what's happening.
That's possible.
I think it's just targeting.
But they would be foolish to take you down.
Then what?
Max Keiser?
He's no opponent.
Well, I... Let's stop saying I'm big.
Max has probably a bigger show than I do.
Yeah, no doubt.
Does the New York Times ever contact me to comment about... No, that's because you clearly cross over liberal and conservative and clearly are right on so many... You're an authentic liberal, so they're scared to take you on.
They're in the ignore you phase.
Well, I mean, I have a big show on RT.
There have been a thousand episodes, and it's seen all over the world.
Not a single media outlet in America has contacted me to comment on this influence, so-called, of RT.
Yeah, the Russians run everything.
Let's not call the big Americans.
I mean, if you're really curious about what's going on there, call me.
But they never have.
It shows that they've never done any research.
They just got the piece of paper from up top that said, Criticize Russia and Putin, and don't do any other investigation into it.
Maybe you shouldn't tell people then that Putin told you to say hi to me.
Well, I... Let's not give him any cannon fodder.
Maybe I was just trying to, you know... I'm sure it's all lies.
Back in 70 seconds with your phone calls, I promise.
I hate the fact that most of the ads are...
The end and start of the hour, but that's just how radio works.
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It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Noah's in the Show dot com with Adam Curry.
Producer, announcer, internet entrepreneur, and media personality.
Known for his work as VJ, MTV, and one of the first celebrity personalities to create and administer websites.
That's right, a true trailblazer like Max Keiser.
We're taking your phone calls right now.
Hector in Texas.
Hector, thanks for holding her on the air.
All right, gentlemen, it's an honor.
Thank you for helping to spread the education and awareness that we all need.
Thank you, brother.
My initial topic was based on the fact that I was unaware they repealed illegal propaganda and
Aside from that, I still think there's ways we can, we the people, need to stop just listening.
We've got to act.
I know there's millions of listeners.
There's got to be a few lawyers.
There's got to be a few prosecutors.
We've got to get on the board and have like a national lawsuit against CNN.
By the way, lawsuits were being prepared against the Washington Post for saying sites were Russian agents.
That is defamation.
They had to disclaim it.
And so they had to back off yesterday.
So the good news is what you're saying is true.
We're not looking for trouble.
I was actually talking to lawyers about a suit because I'm not a Russian agent.
You can't say that.
You can say I'm fake news all day.
But so you're absolutely right.
They are pushing that.
If anyone's pushing propaganda between Russia and America, it's me pushing propaganda into Russia.
I mean, since I've been doing my show, the Kremlin has been aggressively buying gold, exactly as I've been propagandizing them to do.
They've gone soft on Bitcoin, exactly as I've been propagandizing them to do.
They're becoming more pro-gun?
It's like, I've been told it's become like the Alex Jones, Max Keiser Show over there.
Essentially, you could make the case that Putin is my puppet.
That's a bumper sticker by the way.
Putin is my puppet.
You can make that case a lot easier than you can the other side.
No, I agree.
They ought to be glad that you're a rock star in Russia.
Because you tune in and they're getting Americana.
Well, it's a global... So you were approached by the... Well, you know, besides the Trump election, you know, I think you were also instrumental in Brexit in that you totally energized Nigel Farage to go global.
People in the UK listen to your show.
They were exposed to Nigel Farage through InfoWars.
I don't want to toot my horn, but he says that on my show.
Not through the BBC.
The BBC never had Nigel Farage on, you know, maybe a few times.
Toward the end there, but for the past... I was having him on 15 years ago.
Exactly, you've built his career.
He said when he'd knock on doors, nobody knew what UKIP was, they'd be like, oh Alex Jones!
Right in!
That's right.
But it wasn't that I was that good.
The media control left a vacuum, so Brits had to get their show from me.
Plus they love Paul Watson.
Paul Watson is huge.
But Nigel Farage, I think, also, aside from this Trump phenomenon, is also tied directly to him.
You know what?
It's fun to drink a bottle of red wine with him.
With Trump?
Yeah, he's an ordinary guy, right?
I bet it is.
He likes to drink.
He likes to drink, yeah.
He's a regular bloke.
We'll put the two of us together.
It's just... It's like when the mouse in the cartoon falls in the canyon.
Please invite me, though, when that happens.
I wouldn't mind.
I'm teetotaling right now, so, yeah.
But when Nigel Farage comes, it's like, I'm not a pot smoker, but if Willie Nelson's there, you gotta smoke.
You can call me.
I like the holy herb.
You seem to know everybody.
I bet you hung out with Willie Nelson.
Uh, you know, no.
Met him once, but not hung out with him.
He's a lot of people.
I've been getting a nice buzz from smoking Stacey's bellybutton lint.
It's been giving me a really nice high lately.
Yeah, I apologize for that last call.
We're going to have to come back and take a few more calls.
This is a short segment, long segment coming up.
But seriously though, seriously, it is exciting to see that labels mean nothing now.
They call us right wing or left wing.
It means nothing.
Because labels have been overused.
What's happening with, people are getting over socialized.
And I'm a true believer in this paper called Industrial Society and its Future.
And it talks about, and this was written in the 80s, and it talks about how technology is really not healthy for most things in modern society.
You did this trick on my show!
And written by a Harvard professor, Theodore Kaczynski.
And when you read this document, it starts off with... Hold on!
Tell us about the document when we come back!
That's called planting the hook!
We'll be right back.
No, I never even do that.
The clock doesn't.
We've got something interesting here.