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Name: 20161207_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 7, 2016
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Alex Jones discusses censorship in mainstream media, information warfare, and conspiracy theories. He criticizes the media for promoting false narratives while portraying themselves as victims of a conspiracy theory led by globalists.

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And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
North Carolina has produced many of the finest soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines the world has ever seen.
These patriots have shed their blood to defend our country in distant fields of battle across the earth.
Our debt to them is eternal and everlasting.
And we don't like it when we see people ripping up our flag and burning our flag.
We don't like it.
And we'll see what we're gonna do about that, okay?
The law known as Obamacare is destabilizing our healthcare, really destabilizing it.
Surging premiums and forcing providers out of the market.
If we don't act, the damage will be irreversible.
We're going to act.
That is why we're going to repeal and replace Obamacare.
We have no choice.
We have no choice.
We have absolutely no choice.
So we're going to repeal and replace Obamacare and you're going to get healthcare at a much lower price.
With a much lower deductible.
It's so high, man, you really can't, and for the most part, you can't use it.
But we are going to have great healthcare at a much lower price.
So in childcare, I'm asking Congress to pass legislation to make safe and affordable childcare accessible to all and people like that.
That's something that Ivanka Trump, did anybody ever hear of Ivanka Trump, right?
He's been fighting for for a long time and I have and I agree with him.
On crime, the murder rate has experienced its largest increase in 45 years.
We are going to support the incredible men and women of law enforcement and we are going to bring this terrible crime wave
Highest in 45 years to murder.
Ethics reform will be a crucial part of our 100-day plan as well.
We're going to drain the swamp of corruption in Washington, DC.
I will impose a five-year ban on executive branch officials becoming lobbyists and a lifetime ban on officials becoming lobbyists for a foreign government.
We face many, many challenges.
But this is truly an exciting time to be alive in our country, and hopefully to be alive in many other locations.
Because we are representative, to a large extent, of what's happening in the world.
The world is looking up to us, but they haven't been looking up to us much.
And they are going to start looking up again.
We're going to be good for the world, not just good for our country.
The script to what we're doing is not yet written.
Remember, this has been a great, great move.
The likes of which they've never seen before.
The likes of which those folks back there that write the stories.
No, no, no, I'll tell you.
And they're saying it.
They've never seen anything like this before.
It's one of the great political phenomenons of all time.
And we're going to show them.
We're going to do a great job.
We're going to create a safe country.
We're going to create a prosperous country.
We're going to have jobs again, great jobs, not bad jobs, real jobs.
And it's going to be something special.
And hopefully they're going to write the truth.
The son of legendary film producer and friend Oliver Stone joins us on InfoWars.
Now, Sean and I met some years ago in Hollywood.
Our politics are not exactly the same, but I respect him as an articulate advocate for his point of view.
So thanks for joining us here at InfoWars, Sean Stone.
Roger, thank you.
My namesake.
We're not cousins, but we wish we were.
So tell me about the New World Order.
Essentially, I would say the New World Order is very much the British Commonwealth across the United States, operating under, as much as possible, international agreements, international laws, trying to basically institutionalize the destruction of nation states.
And the thing is, they openly used the term New World Order, so it wasn't like I even had to say this was a conspiracy theory.
I just said, look, they're quoting various documents from the 20s all the way to the 50s.
This term, New World Order, very clearly another think tank documents and their books that they're putting together, trying to basically formulate how they're going to control
The world, frankly entering the 21st century, but it hopefully can give people a sense of the mentality of imperialism and how it has been rebranded into these more benign, what are considered benign systems of power, whether it's the World Bank and
Yeah, these are the seeds of globalism.
Although in this case, globalism led by the English-speaking nations, I guess.
Now, you have a movie out, as I recall.
Tell me about your other project.
Yeah, sure.
So the other project is a documentary that we released on RT.
RT.com is up there.
You can watch the whole thing.
It's called A Century of War.
And it's relevant to the documentary.
It's very much more of a... We're looking, obviously, at the Century of War being 1917 to the present.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You're horrible.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center, in the heart of the resistance, rallying patriots worldwide.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We were told it was coming.
The evidence was there.
Members of the Federal Communications Commission said they wanted to censor talk radio and the internet.
And now it's been openly announced.
Actually shutting down InfoWars.com and thousands of other prominent sites.
Not because we're fake, but because we expose the fake media.
The current attack on free speech worldwide is so intense, so classically totalitarian, that quite frankly, I'm having trouble even believing it's this bad.
They have been incrementally trying to erode free speech and the free press for a long time in Europe and the United States.
In the last few years, we've seen Zuckerberg meet with the communist Chinese censors and pledge to them and Merkel
That they would bring censorship here to the United States.
Matt Drudge came here a year ago and warned us that he talked to a Supreme Court Justice and others and they were told censorship was coming in 2016.
We've seen the internet handed over October 1st of this year to a international consortium headed up by the United Nations with countries like Saudi Arabia on the board deciding what can be on the web and what can't.
Now, the European Union Commission, unelected, came out and gave Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other tech giants 24 hours to censor a list of, quote, fake news that they've issued.
That InfoWars.com is on, that DrugsReport.com is on, that Breitbart.com is on.
And they mixed it with stuff like The Onion.
This is outrageous.
You have to sue someone to prove something's a fraud and then shut them down via damages.
You can't, in a free society like the Communist Chinese do, say something's fake news because it criticizes the Central Committee and just arrests people.
But I'm here to tell you,
They've bitten off more than they can chew, in my view.
We saw mainstream media further discredit itself with fake polls, lying.
They got caught coordinating themselves with the White House, with Hillary.
It's truly disgusting.
And now, we've seen the Washington Post, New York Times, you name it, come out, Politico, and say, time to censor Donald Trump, the President of the United States.
For his Twitter saying it's bullying that he calls people liars and scumbags.
That's his right to do.
That's his view.
They're allowed to call him every name under the sun.
They're allowed in the New York Times and LA Times and Newsweek to call for his assassination, which is illegal.
But oh my gosh, he called somebody fat or he did that.
This is how they plan to bring in the political correctness where only nationalists and patriots and conservatives and veterans are censored.
And Twitter responded saying we're actually going to look at banning the president.
But then it gets worse.
They're attacking us on CBS News, ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC every hour.
I mean, it's it's so bad.
It's good because they're dwindling audiences.
Are we going to come to Infowars.com?
And our numbers are just continuing to rise, dwarfing CNN, dwarfing the New York Times Online, according to Quantcast and other services.
But now, self-proclaimed hack in the WikiLeaks, telling Hillary and the Democrats, I'm a hack, I'll lie, I'll do whatever.
You just tell me to say whatever you want, and I'll say it.
Talk about fake news, who thinks you're stupid.
Self-proclaimed hack and political writer, Glenn Thrush, participated in an MSNBC discussion where they say it's time to censor the media, it's time to ban discussions of pedophile networks, alleged networks, you name it, and it's time to shut down InfoWars and Alex Jones.
They're really on TV because we've kicked their butts and proven they're the fake news, saying censor us.
And ladies and gentlemen, if they can censor us, they can censor everybody.
Now, to Matt Taibbi's credit at Rolling Stone, and to journalists at the London Guardian's credit, they've come out and said, this blacklist is incredibly dangerous.
It makes McCarthy look like an angel.
What in the hell are you doing?
Stop it now.
But the decrying of this tyranny is not strong enough from the left.
So it may just be good cop, bad cop.
But regardless, throw me in that briar patch any day.
You want to just come out and say I'm fake news when we have a record of being way more accurate than you are?
We're not getting orders from big corporations.
We're self-funded.
You are just butthurt that you work for big, corrupt, global corporations that are constantly starting wars and race-baiting.
You're just butthurt that you're just hacks, in your own words, mercenaries that read off teleprompters and aren't your own man, your own woman.
You're so pissed that Infowars dwarfs 10 or 15 of your biggest organizations together, including the New York Times, and that we're a small operation that's grassroots and gaining steam.
You're scared.
You hate the fact you're not your own person.
And you have zero integrity.
So go ahead and try to ban us.
Go ahead and have Google on Chrome delist us.
Go ahead and have Quantcast take us off.
Go ahead and try to imagine we're not there and it'll only make people flock to InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com and our other sites that much faster.
But I've always done this.
When government-connected hackers brought down Infowars a decade ago, I launched Prison Planet.
When they tried to shut down my radio show, I launched The Nightly News.
When they physically attacked me and did all sorts of other garbage, I launched a larger network.
So, following in our past formula of liberty,
We're only going to expand InfoWars that much more now in the face of your attempts, and we've never seen such support with listeners spreading our articles and our videos and buying the products at InfoWarsTore.com in response to what you're doing, because they understand we are on target.
In conclusion, I leave you with a historical parallel from the Second Great War, World War II.
And it was a saying that fighter-bomber crews and pilots used.
You know you're over the target when you're getting the flak.
They didn't have radar early in the war.
Their maps weren't very good.
They'd get off course.
But they knew to go towards the flak.
They knew to go towards the flames and the burning buildings.
They knew to go to where the smoke was and where the fight was happening.
And those big anti-aircraft guns would be firing up thousands of feet into the air.
The head strategist for the White House, Stephen Bannon, and sometimes even more than Trump himself.
It is epic because they're so scared of the spirit of Infowars, the reawakening of our republic, and the fact that the military, the police, foreign governments, and huge populations listen to us, and they can look at how we're rising exponentially.
So they're pulling the incredibly dangerous move of openly now trying to physically shut us down.
Wow, I never knew growing up right here in Texas that I'd be at this level fighting tyranny.
I just started a local radio show when I was 21 to promote the Second Amendment.
But I guess, as they've said many times, great times make the person.
And all of us are being forced to really take action and do incredible things because we live in amazing times.
The circumstances are just so incredible.
That's why I always end by saying,
You're the hope.
You're the answer.
If you are watching this transmission, if you're listening to this transmission, you are the resistance.
Corporate taxes, they'll move everything back to the United States.
And now Apple's talking about bringing its iPhone plants back to the United States.
But there's more.
That's right, ladies and gentlemen.
$50 billion is now being announced to be invested in high-tech in the United States by the Japanese.
Chief Executive and Chairman of the SoftBank Group, Masayoshi Son, has pledged to invest at least $100 billion in the United States.
Now that Donald Trump has been elected.
It's estimated that the deal, if it goes through, will create at least 50,000 new jobs in the United States only in the first year.
Mr. Sun, the head of one of the most powerful Japanese corporate conglomerates, visited Trump Tower today and told reporters they had made the decision, now that the United States had different leadership, that was basically towards growth.
But even the Wall Street Journal had little snide remarks like, Mr. Trump claims responsibility for the announcement that Mr. Sun is making when Mr. Sun made the announcement from Trump Tower and gave Trump credit.
Mr. Sun also has a history of going straight to national leaders to talk business.
In September, he met with South Korean president and pledged to invest $4.5 billion in the country's technology sector.
Now let's go over a list of the super high-tech jobs that he's pledging to bring the United States, reversing the flow of high-technology jobs out of the nation.
The $50 billion comes from the overall $100 billion fund.
Mr. Sun plans to spend heavily in fields including the so-called Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and robotics.
He has said he wants to become the Warren Buffett of the tech industry.
I want to make this clear.
Half of the biggest Japanese investment fund is now coming to the United States.
The other half, other parts of the world.
Talk about delivering.
And under Obama, he made the decision to bring zero here.
And why is Mr. Sun announcing the $50 billion investment that will hire at least 50,000 people in the first year?
In robotics and other technology?
Because suddenly, we're going to have cheaper power prices because Trump's going to allow our power plants to be turned back on.
We're not going to have regulations that harass businesses.
But most importantly, if you look at China, they have a corporate income tax that is way lower than the United States.
And as soon as that's equal, then it will make sense to come back to the United States of America.
Those are two special reports that we worked till 3 a.m.
to put out last night, along with several other reports.
Quite frankly, I'm working even harder now with the crew than I was before the election, because the true battle is now being joined.
Notice Trump's pointing out that the new Air Force One should cost $2 billion, not $4 billion, and it's a big ripoff.
And his move to cancel it is only going to illustrate that Boeing, a quintessential American company from Washington State, has basically moved to China and that they need to move back.
And watch!
I predict within two years, Boeing will begin to cancel construction of new factories in China and move most of its operations back to the USA.
That's what's happening here, ladies and gentlemen.
And as soon as that corporate income tax gets cut by 15% to match China, that Trump wants to go to 20%, 5% below China, it is going to be a giant sucking sound back into the United States.
Now, that'll just restore balance.
China, again, the U.S.
has lost 80% of its industrial capacity since the 1970s.
That's a conservative number.
Some estimates are as much as 85.
But 80% is gone.
If Trump can get 20% of that back, it's a devastating victory for this country and for the average person.
And plus the Chinese generals
That own and run that country.
They don't give anything to the workers.
It's not like we're building up China.
We're building up the elites there to come in and buy up U.S.
So, he's playing Japan off against China.
He's made all the right signals.
The minute he stood up to China and signaled that he would, boom!
Runs Japan.
Those people have, I mean, the SoftBank Group, tens of trillions.
I mean, they run the show in Japan and much of the world, and they go, oh, 50 billion, boom, next year, 50,000 jobs, boom, super high tech, development, above NASA stuff, coming to the United States of America, and they're going to hire.
What do the Japanese do?
Unlike I'm not bashing the Koreans, but the Koreans, you know, basically hire their own people at their plants here in the U.S., predominantly in all the mid-level, high-level, not Japan.
They bring in Americans.
So this is a very, very exciting situation taking place, and it shows that the globalists had it out to get this country.
All Trump's got to do is take the federal government's boot off of our neck.
Now, I have some big fake news announcements here for you about fake news.
Roger Stone is joining us in the next segment to talk about it from Trump Tower, I should add.
Boy, I'm just going to stop right there.
He's got a lot to talk about.
He's been doing a lot of interviews lately because he's writing his big definitive book on the election and what transpired.
But, I've never had the disgraced MSM, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, all of them.
New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, San Jose Mercury News, I mean, you name it, I'm talking hundreds a day.
National Public Radio is attacking me morning, noon, and night.
Everybody I know has family calling them that know me and are saying, this is incredible, we've never heard this on NPR.
They attack Alex Jones more than Trump now.
And I'm going to explain why they're doing this.
Now, I decide, getting in the car this morning, I keep hearing NPR is attacking me on the hour.
I turn it on.
I never really listen to NPR, except maybe once a month to monitor things, or in some areas of the country it's the only talk radio there is.
So I listen to it maybe once a month or so.
And it was Tom Ashbrook on points, name of the show.
And I tune in, and this is what I hear.
In fact, I've got a recording of some of it, but it was done over the iPhone, so it's too scratchy.
But this is what I hear.
Alex Jones is incredibly convincing, and it can be slicker, or as slick as CNN or NPR, and he's very dangerous.
He's convincing people.
Listen to this outrageous lie.
And I'm like, the Clintons have left a trail of death behind them, and assassinations.
People have their arms and legs cut off, and it's been ruled suicide.
That's been in the Arkansas papers, that's been in national news, that's been in major publications across the country for 20 plus years.
They think their audience is stupid and don't know about, I came, I saw, he died.
She overthrew Libya, she destabilized it, brought in radical Muslims, over 60,000 have died.
I mean, did she lie about getting shot at in Serbia on the tarmac like Brian Williams?
Is there always other suspicious deaths around the Clintons?
Do they launch all these wars?
You know, do guys in the DNC that leak stuff to WikiLeaks get shot four times in the back?
And the guy's mother saying he was the leaker and he was killed?
They said election fraud doesn't exist, then came out and said election fraud totally exists, Trump works for the Russians and is going to steal the election.
Hillary, so the Russians are going to steal the election.
Alex Jones works for the Russians.
That all fails, they give you fake polls, they're caught in the WikiLeaks, from Comedy Central to CNN to ABC News to CBS, scripting everything through Hillary and the White House and George Soros.
Three groups are in those tens of thousands of emails, excuse me, hundreds of thousands.
Three groups, Soros, with Through Media Matters,
And it was in the emails.
Do what they say.
They're with Soros and the White House.
The White House and Hillary!
So, there are hundreds on the death list.
We're on that daily list of 33 spine tingling that are just absolutely, you know, open and shut.
I've interviewed people that had the state police come to their house.
The guy that lived next door to Jennifer Flowers, when I get him back on, he was on like 20 years ago.
He's in the Clinton Chronicles.
They broke his arms and legs in state police uniforms and said, stop videotaping Clinton across the condo way, across the, you know, the stairs, going into Jennifer Flowers' apartment.
I interviewed the guy that the state police broke his arms and his legs at the elbows and at the knees.
Knocked his teeth out, almost killed him.
By the way, that's who they had kill people was the state police.
State police pull you over, they torture you, they kill you.
In Arkansas.
That's well known, I've had secret service on about it.
Not all the state police, but his hand-picked goons.
Oh no, Bill Clinton's not mafia, he didn't steal 94% of the money from Haiti.
Oh no, he didn't fly on Jerry Epstein's plane with the pedophiles.
Oh no, it's not in the FBI manuals that they call child pornography cheese pizza.
But see how they lie.
They go, Alex Jones created a whole fiction about a lie about Podesta and sex and Satanism and blamed some pizza place called Pink Comet Ping Pong and said some weird hallucination about pizza.
We covered the WikiLeaks that had a code about pizzas in New York that's in the FBI file, said, I don't know what that is, but they say it's this.
It could also be about drugs.
It should be investigated.
Everybody else covered it too.
But that doesn't matter.
Then they use linguistics and words that go, oh, there's a pizza place listed here.
Somebody mentioned it on Reddit.
Let's say it's all about this one pizza place.
To only limit it to that one area, get all the focus there, make them victims, have some very questionable events where witnesses say no shots fired, but the news says there is and it's an admitted actor.
He's been in trouble with the law.
I mean, the whole thing is classic scripting.
I'm not saying it's scripted.
It has all the telltale signs.
They've been caught doing it before.
They did all those fake videos for the campaign with Hillary, with fake actors in them.
This is what they do.
They always say, I said nobody died at Sandy Hook and the whole thing's fake.
I said that's what people said.
All I know is Anderson Cooper, CIA, got caught in a blue slash green screen with his nose disappearing.
They got caught doing fake satellite interviews where one's in New York, one's in Connecticut, and it's the same cars driving behind them.
That's how dumb they think you are!
I don't know how fake it is, but you're a pack of known liars!
And your response is to give us the full broadside, and I'll say this.
CBS Broadcast doesn't have 30 million viewers like they did 20 years ago, but it's still got four or five a night.
That's still got an audience, Broadcast CBS.
NPR, taxpayer-funded, $450 million a year, and then begs for money every day.
Rockefeller Foundation-funded, all the usuals, Ford, Carnegie, you name it.
They have the biggest transmitters on FM radio in every major city of this country, and they do have a big audience.
I'd say NPR's got
NPR is the only liberal media that still has an audience.
I want to say it's got 50 million people a day.
Listen, that's conservative.
NPR is the only big, swinging, mainstream media outlet.
It's the last dinosaur standing.
And so, CNN, MSNBC attack us?
That's a joke.
But let me tell you, you get all the broadcast attacking you, you get NPR attacking you,
I'm not a drinking man.
I'm a teetotaler these days.
But this is the time that I might want to get some Dom Perignon out and just drink it because they held off with their final big guns, their main capital ships attacking us until now.
And that means, because they know the danger of sending us their audiences, but they think their NPR audience is so kept, so brainwashed, so shutter minded, so stupid, that they can actually attack me and that like cult members, they won't go hear what Alex Jones is actually saying.
But they sit there and marvel.
They go, he's very convincing.
He's dangerous.
He has a giant audience.
He is reaching 30, 40, 50 million a week.
We look, he's not lying about that.
And then they went to the real treacherous level.
Now let's talk to someone who admits a whistleblower from fake news.
See, that's what Beck is now.
He's the conservative that admits we're all wrong and we're all fake and he goes on all the shows and they say he's apologized.
He's a good guy now.
Buy his book on NPR.
He's the Judas Iscariot, the traitor, the Benedict Arnold.
Let's see, they bring on another guy who goes, yeah, I put out fake news.
Here's how I've done it for years.
The flying saucers landing, stuff like that.
And yeah, that's how Alex does it.
So, oh, HRSA didn't work with me.
It's just, oh, and here's a fake news person admitting it.
So it's one fake news guy on NPR, the fake news king, sitting there on taxpayer state-run media, foundation and state-run media, saying I'm fake news because I said Trump was going to win.
Good luck, bastards!
You can't beat real.
And I'm bonafide.
Good old boy guts.
The web giants at YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft have announced that they are stepping up efforts to remove extremist content from the Internet as the EU demands social media websites censor fake news within 24 hours.
Meanwhile, the fake news controversy is being exploited by the mainstream media to characterize completely legitimate alternative news sources.
For example, CBS News just listed InfoWars as a fake news website.
And that's because the mainstream establishment media is losing all credibility with the American people.
And it was alternative and social media who helped Donald Trump
We're good to go.
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Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Well, he's not been doing a lot of interviews and I'm glad he hasn't been because he's a busy man.
He is hosting the fourth hour today and in the next few months he's going to kick off a daily broadcast right here at InfoWars.
He's writing what will be the definitive inside scoop on how Trump decided to run for president, what happened inside the campaign, the battles, and then right through the inaugurations coming out in the next few months.
It'll be the total inside scoop.
On the whole situation.
But he is joining us here.
Obviously, he was all over the news yesterday, entering Trump Tower through the front door.
And of course, all the real important business is going through the back door.
I'm being sarcastic.
And we just had one of the biggest Japanese titans announce $50 billion to be put in here in the United States, because now we have new leadership and are going to be cutting corporate income tax.
If our tax is the highest in the world, the Japanese can't invest here, even though they've been trying to.
I gotta hand it to them with all their Toyota plants.
They've been building more plants here than Ford, Chevy, and Dodge combined.
They got like three of them in Texas, and a lot of people are employed by it.
They build good trucks, so they're doing the fair deal in trade.
Oh, you buy our stuff?
We come and build in your country and we employ people and pay the highest wages in the U.S.
at an auto factory.
So I'm really commending the Japanese for what they're doing.
But carriers back.
Ford's now not announced one, but two plants.
Says they may bring them all back when the taxes get cut.
Globalism set this up.
The global is to move it offshore.
Now, yesterday we saw the EU on Facebook demand that, quote, fake news be taken down.
Today it started.
If you post FBI statistics that blacks commit 10 times more crimes against whites and vice versa, it's just a fact, because the whole race thing's been hyped up.
Your site is taken down as fake news.
If you post the Islamic rapists who raped and killed a young woman in Germany, they call it hate and remove you off of Facebook.
So it is beginning.
Methodist churches converting to virtual mosques for Muslim migrants.
That's happening all over the U.S.
and the world.
The major Methodist churches here in Austin are pulling crosses out and actually hold services and ask you to give money to Bill and Melinda Gates.
And they tell you, I have been in one, when they took an offering for Bill and Melinda Gates for their whole eugenics program worldwide.
I mean, the Methodist Church is... I mean, look at the Catholic Church headed up by the new Pope.
I mean, it's like Communist Party USA.
I don't use that as some verbal flourish.
I mean, it's happening.
This is just insane.
I mean, they are moving on every front.
So, Paul Watson has written the definitive, with myself, list of true fake news.
And obviously, it's everything from Media Matters to CNN.
And then we show examples of where they've put out known lies and the emails where they admit they're lying.
Not circumstantial, where they accidentally lied.
We have them admitting they're lying.
So, they got caught, they were destroyed, they collapsed the election, they want to resurrect with massive censorship in Europe and here, and they've now announced 48 hours ago, that in 24 hours they would start censoring, and it's begun.
So, I'm having trouble believing this is even happening.
I knew it was coming.
Drudge warned me, Supreme Court Justice warned him, I've been warned by other high-level congressmen that this is indeed going on.
So, next hour I'm going to read this whole article, go over examples.
But, uh, Roger Stone has listed some of the fake news indexes that are, quote, written by single university professors.
They don't say why they got the researcher, how they decide you don't exist, or should be banned.
You just are put in an electronic ghetto.
Bye-bye, off on the trains, on the digital trains.
But, you know, Hitler first shut down the Jews in others' speech, and then put them in ghettos, and then next came the arrest.
This is how they do it.
But we have the president who just was announced man of the year in Time Magazine.
Let's put DrudgeReport.com back up on screen.
Make media great again.
And there it is.
Person of the year.
Donald John Trump.
And who's the real person of the year behind Trump?
All of us.
We all share in breaking the will of the mainstream media.
What a time to be alive.
So, on every front, ladies and gentlemen, they're failing, but they're all over the news saying, let's censor him off Twitter.
So out of one side of their mouth, they're admitting he's man of the year, but let's censor him, he's a racist, he's bad, let's block him.
Then they have the recounts, and as of last night, I have it checked today, give me the latest numbers, Wisconsin, he had 77,000 more votes gained.
That Hillary's people had basically stolen her, just accidentally in all these states, all the theft.
I mean, you know, nine out of ten are from the Hillary camp.
Oh, surprise, surprise.
And then people say, oh, now you're glad there was a recount.
No, because we had voting experts on that showed all the fraud was against Trump.
He really won five other states.
And now we're seeing he was right that millions of people voted that shouldn't have.
Now we're learning the truth.
If you added all the states up, it was 77,000 and the recount's only half done.
Where is it really?
Joining us until the end of the hour is the man who was the head of the Trump campaign when it all began.
A man who's quietly been an advisor, I guess, behind the throne there.
This is a very exciting time to be alive.
Trump is really doing a lot of amazing things.
I will say to Roger out of the gates, I don't like the don't burn the American flag, you're in jail thing, even though Hillary
Well, Alex, first of all, thanks for having me on.
Look, I agree with Trump's sentiment.
These people aggravate me when I see them desecrating a flag for which so many have died and the freedoms this country has provided.
Surely Trump knows that the Supreme Court has in fact ruled that this repugnant speech, free speech, is allowable.
But only repugnant speech needs free speech rights.
I don't see him focusing on this in any way.
You're right.
I went to see him at Trump Tower yesterday.
I did a little brief interview afterwards.
As you know, it's always been my policy not to reveal what are private conversations, but I would say a couple things.
He's very upbeat.
He's very optimistic about turning things around.
He is working the phones like a Trojan.
On other deals like Carrier where he might be able to step in and protect some jobs.
The mainstream media doesn't understand that beyond the thousand jobs he probably saved in Indiana, the significance is symbolic.
We're going to stop shipping our jobs overseas.
We're going to start fighting and working to keep them here.
Exactly right.
He is deeply immersed in his cabinet selections.
He has made some decisions that he hasn't announced yet, and he'll announce them in his own due time.
There are other decisions still being pondered, but he points out that he is actually not behind the pace of some of the other previous administrations.
He's very excited about my book, The Making of the President, 2016, how Donald Trump
He orchestrated an American revolution and proved the mainstream media wrong.
And he's particularly happy about, you know, the blueprint for America that's going to be in the appendix of the book to kind of outline where we're going.
So, generally speaking, he's in an extraordinarily good mood.
He's working very hard hours.
I saw him walking the Japanese billionaire you referred to, to the elevators.
You know, it was an exhilarating experience.
I don't think I've ever seen one of those Japanese titans, and obviously Sun's one of the biggest of the four or five guys that run Japan, beaming.
He just loved Trump.
They evidently had a good meeting.
As I said, it was actually very cool to come in the front door for a change.
I didn't mean to interrupt you.
It's such an exciting time.
I'm talking about a Trojan.
I'm talking about a Herculean task cleaning out the Aegean stables.
I mean, this is incredible, draining the swamp here.
I know for a fact, and I'll just leave it at that, that Trump really is working the phones at 2 a.m.
in Russia and Asia and in Europe as soon as people are up.
And all he's doing, I mean, people are going to really freak out when he says, winning, winning, winning, winning.
When we've been sold out on purpose, his job's not easy, but it's not hard when he takes action, because this was all deliberate, so he can deliberately undo it.
What are they going to do when he gets in, and every day, major corporations are announcing they're coming here, and wages explode, and the economy explodes, and the receipts into the tax base explode, and the deficit starts going down?
I mean, this is going to be amazing.
Well, he clearly understands that revitalizing the economy is the key to everything else he wants to achieve.
Now you'll have the money to build the wall.
Now you'll have the money to rebuild our national defenses.
Now you'll have the money to take care of our veterans.
The answer to everything is always a booming economy.
And he's very focused on being the jobs president.
He's very focused on reversing all of the trends.
I know he huddled with Larry Kudlow the other day, who I think is literally the smartest guy around in terms of growth economics and what can be done to spur this economy.
I think the appointment of Steve Mnuchin tells us that Trump himself is going to dictate economic policy.
Remember, it was John Connolly, Richard Nixon's Secretary of the Treasury, who talked him into wage and price controls.
One of the worst decisions ever made.
Trump is going to have his own imprimatur on economic policy.
And if you want to know what he's going to do, unlike every other politician in the world, go to his economic plan that he laid out in the campaign.
Because that's exactly what he intends to do.
And let me lay this out.
I don't want to get into the whole attack on free press that's just unprecedented.
I mean, I cannot exaggerate how big it is, how real it is.
I mean, I'm trying to get words to describe just how bad it is, and I'm coming up short.
Pulling back, I'm now seeing a little bit of truth from CNN, which is very unusual, and even the New York Times, they go, okay, we admit it, he's not really a super right-winger, he's a populist, he's doing a bunch of stuff the classical left wanted, a bunch of stuff the classical right wanted, and they're all getting behind him now because they just want results and a good economy, and okay, it's true, he was never against gays, and so I'm seeing some of the media almost schizophrenically intensify their lies about Trump, but at the same institutions, I'm seeing editorial articles from liberals
Now going, okay, we screwed up, we're wrong, Trump just wants to make us rich.
So, have you seen the schizophrenia I'm seeing?
A little bit, but I think it is caused by the fact that Trump wisely has been making some conciliatory comments about healing the country and moving together forward as one.
Also, remember the backdrop.
Right now, there are hundreds of establishment quiddlings, Trojan horses, trying to get into this administration, swearing, oh, I was for Trump the whole time, when they weren't.
So, that's your backdrop.
When the left loses an election, as they did with Reagan, as they did with Nixon, their next move is to try to co-opt the winner.
Exactly, that's why I was going there.
You don't know anything about governing.
We're here to help you.
And then they begin to undo your programs and tell you why you proposed the election while it may have been great rhetoric.
Of course, Mr. President, you're like that.
I'll say this about conservatives, even though they're wrong sometimes and can be warmongers, because I see myself as a libertarian.
But Gary Johnson kind of ruined that label for a while.
I hope he can resuscitate it.
That conservatives will tell you what they're really going to do, generally, and that's the way it is.
Leftists will lie to you to get you to talk to them or work with them, and then stab you in the back, and then come back again and say, I didn't really mean that, let me back in again.
They really are a weaselly bunch.
Of that, there is no question.
And the glad handers and the self-promoters are marching on Trump Tower en masse.
I mean, people are submitting their resumes to this transition who have never shared Trump's philosophy and in fact are probably responsible for a number of the bad policy decisions that have brought the country
What do you make of the godfather of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, meeting with Mr. Trump, President Trump?
Uh, not surprising, uh, because, uh, Rahm's brother, Ari Emanuel, the King of Hollywood, um, has been Donald's agent for many years, was a guy who brought The Apprentice to television, and I think brokered the deal with Mark, um, the producer, who I actually saw yesterday leaving just before I got there.
Uh, so, um, I don't find that surprising.
I also think Rahm is a,
Bit of a groupie.
And the two brothers are intensely interested and focused on politics.
So let's face it, it's a statue elevator for the mayor of Chicago to meet with the president-elect.
I would bet that was set up through his brother.
Now Denzel Washington was asked by the mainstream media about fake news and how we need to censor it.
He said, fake news.
I've got the clip right here.
He said, it's mainstream media that's fake news.
He said, I don't believe a word you say.
He basically goes on to say he goes to the internet and then makes up his own mind.
That's what's happening.
There's a great editorial cartoon that's on my Twitter, we'll put up on screen in a few minutes here, that shows Trump throwing a football over the mainstream media to a guy sitting in an easy chair, and it says social media on the football.
He's just bypassing them.
They've officially died.
Next hour we're going to play a clip of a speech, James O'Keefe did, where he's basically, you know, heralding that.
And I mean, we're not just saying that, it's true.
I wish the media hadn't killed themselves.
No, Alex, you're absolutely right.
Fake news really is a problem in this country.
CNN, that's fake news.
Mike McConnish?
John King?
These people lie.
They go on the air and they say things that they know are falsehoods.
Again and again and again.
So there is a problem with fake news.
That doesn't mean I think they should be banned or censored.
They don't need to be.
Their ratings are falling.
No one's watching because no one believes them.
And ultimately, they'll go out of business because they will no longer be profitable.
That's because they literally never tell the truth.
Well, that's my next question, obviously.
You've had your head down, I know, writing the books.
You've only been doing some, you know, inside stuff, obviously, and talking to me and doing a few shows.
But I brought you up to speed last night.
You go, oh, that makes sense.
That's why when I was walking in...
You know, to Trump Tower, they said, hey, tell us about Pizzagate.
And you were like, I haven't even heard of that.
Well, according to mainstream media, you are at the center of it.
Well, I went and looked it up.
I've tried to get you to talk about it.
You said on air, let's look at the paper play, the quid pro quo at State Department through the foundation, not at this unsubstantiated stuff.
So because you said, let's not really go there, you are now behind it.
Yeah, this is an irony.
Look, when the treasure trove of Clinton emails were ultimately released by WikiLeaks, I thought that the most devastating information there related to corruption, venal corruption, and treason, as opposed to sex.
There's some provocative and odd things that appear to be sexually related, but I don't think that was going to drive the American voters.
All I have observed is that some of these emails, the Podesta brothers, seem to use keywords which I have read elsewhere the FBI has connected to pedophilia.
That's all I'm saying.
I'm not saying... That's right.
We've never said any of them are doing it.
I don't know.
And we are saying Clinton flies on the Lolita Express with a convicted pedophile.
I mean, obviously this stuff goes on.
We're not saying these other people are involved.
We're just covering it.
But the fake news knows that.
We'll be right back with Roger Stone.
It worked out terrifically that what I predicted in March came true when a lot of people had said that it would be impossible and that Hillary would be favored.
And so it's very rewarding that it turned out the way I predicted.
Well, it's a formula that sort of distills about 100 years of elections in this country into a formula.
It doesn't take into account polls, it doesn't look at what people say they might be doing, or what kind of things might affect the vote.
It really only looks at what happens in elections.
In the general elections in November, and then in the primary elections throughout the year, and most recently just very early.
And there's some very interesting patterns that I found that will tell you ahead of time what's going to happen.
So for example,
Uh, something that many people have sort of noticed, too, that after two terms of a party in the White House, there's sort of a very good likelihood of change.
And this was clearly sort of on the horizon this time in particular because
Obama did not do as well in his re-election than in the first election.
And that's sort of a sign that maybe the change that he was introducing is sort of wearing off and that people are looking for another change.
And this is clearly what drove much of the campaign.
The first-term president, at least,
At least that part is pretty safe.
I would say that based on sort of historical patterns in elections, that somebody like Trump, after doing what he did in this election, will probably have a good chance of getting re-elected.
Now in the midterm that he's facing in two years, it might be a little different.
And we've seen it with Obama, we've seen it with Clinton, we've seen it with some Republicans.
There is a chance that there'll be sort of a surge back to the other party.
I think you should expect that.
And it sort of depends on whether that's big enough to take away the majority that he has now in the House and the Senate.
What I find most interesting in this election
Which I don't think anybody expected or predicted is that Donald Trump essentially won it in three northern Midwestern states, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, which has now been called for him.
And that's a remarkable achievement for a Republican to win because he had to do it
With the kind of voters that used to be very strongly attached to the Democrats.
White, working class people, voters in those states.
And that's sort of a development that I don't think was foreseen.
Although if you follow the Trump campaign, I think it was sort of in the making.
I mean, that was sort of a design to appeal to exactly that group of voters.
Alright, when we start the next hour, Roger's doing five more minutes with us in the next hour, but when we start the second segment, the longer segment, I'm going to get into this top story from InfoWars.com that is of the absolute greatest importance that must go mega viral everywhere in the fake news wars.
They called us conspiracy theorists before, we've dominated them, they've been caught lying, now they're moving with conspiracy theories sandwiched in.
With disinformation and saying we're fake news when they're the fake corporate state-run media.
Now, mainstream media is dead, except NPR, state-run.
It's got big FM transmitters, 100,000 waters in every city.
In many areas, that's all you've got in rural areas is NPR.
It is brainwashing.
And they are hitting me every couple hours with incredible lies, having whistleblowers on that admit they write fake news, but not for my organization.
So see, that's how they do it.
It's amazing.
Meanwhile, self-proclaimed hack came out yesterday on MSNBC.
He said, I'll lie, you know, to the Clintons.
Tell me what to say, I'll say anything.
Glenn Thrush went on and said, shut down InfoWars.
That we sent a gunman in, you know.
This is the stuff they're doing, folks.
So next level lies.
Now, we've launched a petition.
You go to Infowars.com and it's on the front page, it pops up.
We're going to put a link to it because it only pops up once when you first go to the site.
Defend independent media from fake news attacks.
We're going to launch a new coalition with a new website next week as well.
This is to get alerts on attacks on free speech and to have this petition, when you sign it, sent to Congress and sent to Donald Trump.
And I mean it's going to be wheelbarrows.
10,000 people have already signed up since we launched it two hours ago.
And also you can forward this petition on to other people.
Will this save the world?
But all the things we do together will turn the tide.
And obviously Trump's busy with trying to get jobs back, getting his people put in place.
He's not even aware, folks.
I'm told, I'll leave it at that, that Twitter's openly doing a petition to have him banned off his own Twitter.
So they want to censor the president.
The EU announced censorship 48 hours ago, starting in 24 hours.
It's now begun.
Through Google, through Facebook, through Twitter, blocking our websites in Europe, including Breitbart, Drudge Report, and InfoWars.
We all need to organize and fight this, folks.
Sure, we just won the presidency.
They're hopping mad.
They're scared now.
They're coming after us.
Roger Stone, how serious is this?
This is very serious, Alex, and it's payback.
What they realize is that in this most recent election, the tipping point has been reached.
Independent, net-based media now has more power than the networks and cable TV and the mainstream media, who were in the tank for Hillary Clinton from day one, distorting any fact about Donald Trump and minimizing any problem regarding Hillary Clinton.
And caught red-handed in the WikiLeaks, taking orders.
And therefore, they're hysterical to try to discredit us.
But all these attacks on us have done is made us stronger.
When the President of the United States attacks InfoWars by name, when Hillary Clinton attacks Alex Jones and Roger Stone by name, I can speak only for the Stone Cold truth.
My viewers went up dramatically.
Our ratings on Quantcast and others went from the 150s to the 80s.
I mean, I mean, that's, I mean, you know, I mean, give me context.
Drudge is like number three.
We're like 80 something.
And InfoWars is a small part of our overall operation.
I mean, this is insane.
We have 40 plus million on average week viewers and listeners now.
I mean, NPR might have that with all its shows combined.
We're now as big as NPR.
Well, and people have a hunger for the truth.
And they know they're not getting the truth from mainstream media if they ever did.
So this is a sea change that they now want to undo.
The only way they can undo it would be to either shut down the Internet entirely and don't rule that out.
That's perhaps why we're transferring control of the Internet to the U.N.
Stay there.
That's what I should have started with.
In fact, that's what this is.
Back in 70 Seconds with Roger Stone, StoneColdTruth.com, SpreadInfoWars.com, SpreadStoneColdTruth.com.
Because believe me, they don't want people to have it.
It's powerful.
Share it with your mainline liberal dingbat friends.
BuzzFeed says white people are a plague to the planet.
In a listicle published on Monday, BuzzFeed ran insulting and racist messages towards white people.
Many of the presentations included hate speech, such as how white people plagued society.
White people are crazy!
And white people are a plague to the planet.
Meanwhile, an image is featured of the presenter who is a young woman wearing a Make America Brown Again t-shirt.
And earlier this year, BuzzFeed also produced a video on YouTube that shamed white people for being arrogant, controlling, and selfish.
Entitled, People of Color from Around the World Respond to White.
The clip is a three-minute guilt trip intended to shame Caucasians into acknowledging how oppressive they are for being born with the wrong skin color.
You can learn more right now at Infowars.com.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We are on the march.
The Empire is on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Look, I'll say this.
I never set out to have my broadcast be gonzo journalism where, like Hunter S. Thompson, you're the source of the story.
But so often, if you go out and you get involved in the media, and you go and really engage in real journalistic activity, you do become a story.
And it is surreal to see the President, current President Hillary, the big candidate at the time, and foreign world leaders, you name it, say Alex Jones is dangerous.
And they were on NPR this morning.
I heard it.
I said, let's see what they're doing.
I tune to it, and they're talking about me.
Because everybody's calling me, saying it's just every hour almost.
National Public Radio.
You go to their website.
We searched it this morning.
There's like 10 different stories the last two days attacking me.
And it's all lies and twisted disinfo.
And family members are calling and saying, how are you taking it?
Is it okay?
It's like, yeah, they're a bunch of traitors.
They're a bunch of scum.
They've been caught lying.
I mean, they're implying there's no sexual abuse of children in America happening.
That we're making up the pedophile island and Bill Clinton.
Because they say all of it's made up with this big distraction.
So, Roger, thank you for all the great work you're doing.
In the four minutes we have left, how should we respond to this?
Because, I mean, I agree, they're hysterical, it's pathetic.
They're doing more of what already made them fail.
So then what does that say about them?
The Democratic operatives admit they're floundering.
They say their party's dying.
What's really going on?
Well, Alex, the answer is to the ramparts.
I mean, we need to wage an all-out fight against censorship.
This is like the blacklist that was created in the 1950s that prevented artists and others from working in Hollywood because of their politics.
And the left went crazy when that happened.
We still hear about it.
But now they have a blacklist.
And they want to abridge our free speech because people are hearing it.
And that's what disturbs them.
They've just lost an election because of it.
So this is going to be an all-out fight.
I feel much better about it because we have an ally, we will have an ally, in the Oval Office.
And therefore, I'm confident if there is indeed legislation to set up the censors, in essence, the arbiters of what is and is not fake news, that's not an appropriate use of tax dollars, and it violates our free speech rights.
I'm confident a President Trump will veto this nonsense.
Well, I know there's a lot of exciting things going on that we're not liberty to get into at this point.
I've got some of my sources.
I ran some stuff by you and you concur with a lot of it.
Obviously, you always downplay your role, but you've been an MVP as the internal WikiLeaks show from the White House and David Brock and Hillary to shut you down and ban you.
They see you as the most valuable player out there.
Obviously, other people on the other side know that as well.
You could be getting more done as a free agent outside of the campaign.
You've done that now, but I just want to say
Folks, you're going to be very pleased with what's coming down the road.
Some little birds have told me Trump is really, let's just say, playing these people for fools.
Well, and I'm particularly optimistic, Alex, about his Supreme Court nominations.
I think they are going to be very solid, and I think both conservatives and libertarians are going to be pleased.
We are going to remake this court in a more conservative direction.
And Trump is very, very focused on that challenge.
And I know the kind of people he's looking at, because he's already released one list during the campaign.
Although I don't think his choices are limited by any means to that list.
So, overall, you know, I'm planning on having a very Merry Christmas.
This could be the greatest year for me in terms of my political experience.
As much as I loved Ronald Reagan and as satisfying as it was to play a role in his victories, this is the sea change America needed.
And this time we don't get co-opted.
That's why they're crapping their pants, because when the prosperity comes back in, they're not going to have anything to say.
They wanted to break us and make us a bunch of kept slaves.
That is going to have its back broken if America simply takes it in their hands.
That's why the bullies have been flipping out.
Roger, you're going to be hosting the fourth hour today.
Look forward to some of the special guests you've got.
People can find out more, obviously, at StoneColdTruth.com.
But folks should tune in the fourth hour today.
Thank you, Roger.
Joining me today, Alex, we've got rock icon Rick Derringer.
BuzzFeed says white people are a plague to the planet.
In a listicle published on Monday, BuzzFeed ran insulting and racist messages towards white people.
Many of the presentations included hate speech, such as how white people plagued society.
White people are crazy and white people are a plague to the planet.
Meanwhile, an image is featured of the presenter, who is a young woman wearing a Make America Brown Again t-shirt.
And earlier this year, BuzzFeed also produced a video on YouTube that shamed white people for being arrogant, controlling, and selfish.
Entitled, People of Color from Around the World Respond to White, the clip is a three-minute guilt trip intended to shame Caucasians into acknowledging how oppressive they are for being born with the wrong
Skin color.
You can learn more right now at Infowars.com.
Our fellow info warriors across the United States and across the planet really love the Hillary for Prison 2016 shirts that we began to put out in 2015.
It became a global meme against globalism and corruption, and a very strong maxim that's now being continued on today.
So we now have George Soros, because the media attacked me on this whole goblin meme, and they've made huge jokes about it, but it's totally blown up their face.
We now have George Soros
As a goblin.
On the back, and it says, with a cross through him, you know, an X, like Ghostbusters, no Soros, him as a goblin.
It says, Deport Soros on the bottom, and on the top it says, InfoWars established 1996.
So, it is a limited edition, Deport Soros on the back, Hillary for President on the front, right-hand shoulder, InfoWars.com.
It's powerful.
I hope you get out to everybody you know.
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That's InfoWarsLife.com.
Hollywood, baby.
Hollywood is going bankrupt.
Hollywood's being thrown to the four winds, broken into a thousand pieces.
And the Communist Chinese are swooping in with their big investment to buy up the big six floundering production houses.
And they came out two weeks ago, just stunning, stunning, stunning.
I first saw it in the Wall Street Journal, and then I told the crew, because I do this during breaks, I go, hey, I forgot, I saw this morning where Wall Street Journal, you know, Chinese government,
Tells U.S.
government and media to censor fake news and quote, clean up the internet.
And I didn't know it was in hundreds of publications.
It was like some directives.
They come in with all like three or four different articles, like LA Times, Associated Press.
And I go, no, no, no.
I want the Wall Street Journal.
And I go, oh my God, it's all over the news the same day.
Just totally controlled.
I thought one article with the Chinese government that doesn't let its people vote and has mobile execution vans and total hell on earth.
I thought it was just the Wall Street Journal.
It was all over the news that day.
And then I started thinking.
They just launched their whole fake news narrative.
And there is fake news, you know, out there saying flying saucers landed in New York, or Galapagos, you know, Island saw a Loch Ness monster.
But those are like joke sites, and they're satire sites.
And I noticed before the election, mainstream media went pure fake news, where they had all these fake satire articles at the New Yorker magazine that I kept seeing.
Where they didn't tell you that it was satire.
They didn't say that it was satire.
It would just have some horrible headline like, Trump tells his constituents he hates their guts.
Or Trump laughs at Fox News viewers.
Then you'd read the article and you could tell it was satire and it was not true.
And then you'd find the same writer had written three or four a day for months.
And then the left passes these around like confirmation.
And then they tell you about it and you're like, what the?
What is going on here?
We never put out fake news.
Yes, it's crazy to say that.
I'll never forget I was on Coast to Coast AM.
Guy's name was Ian Punnett.
Good host.
I haven't heard him in a while.
I don't know what he's up to.
And I guess he hadn't listened a lot, so George had been listening to me for years, so he knew if I was saying something, I might have my view on it or my spin on it, you could say, but I mean, it's there.
I was like, according to the Associated Press, they had to burn fields in Texas because live AIDS virus was being grown in the corn plants of the company Protogen, and that it was mutating into live virus.
I mean, I was reading from the AP.
It was like a two-year-old article.
And Punnett goes, there's no way that's true, Alex.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
He goes to break, goes back, goes, I apologize, it's real.
And I've told these stories hundreds of times, folks.
I drove down the street to Conant's Pizza when I lived in South Austin to get a pizza because my wife wanted one.
She was pregnant with our first son, first child.
And she wanted a deep dish Chicago pizza.
So I go down there.
And I was probably only on 20, 30 radio stations at the time, maybe more, and I was on shortwave and the internet and stuff.
We had a big show, but it wasn't ginormous.
But this stuff just started happening, and so I'm in there, and I'm up there to get the pizza, and a guy pushes me in the back.
And I turn around, and he goes, he wasn't drunk.
He goes, I used to like you, but you're a liar, claiming they got goats that are part spider, that create body armor.
And I don't know how I, like, know how to instantly assess things, especially if I haven't been drinking beer or anything.
I notice that it kind of takes the sixth sense away without a beer or two.
That's why I've totally quit drinking.
Uh, and, because I want to have it all the time.
And I went, what, you went to UT and took biology?
And he went, yeah, dude, 1973, I graduated.
He was like 50 something years old.
And he starts putting his hand on my shoulder again.
I'm like, dude, are you drunk?
He's like, no, I don't like liars.
You can't splice different species.
And I went, man, it's on CBS News.
They've got spider ghosts.
He said, shut up.
And I said, hey, back off right now, buddy.
You put your hands on me again, I'm going to kick your, you know what?
I mean, that's how I am.
And then he backed off and I got my pizza and left.
I was like, man, that guy was really mad because I freaked him out.
Now today you're listening and you go, yeah, they got cows that create human milk.
They got goats that create armor, you know, spider web.
They got, you know, monkeys that are part, uh, jellyfish that glow in the dark and cats.
You can buy cats in the U S for $10,000 that glow in the dark.
You can go online, you can buy them.
I know somebody's got one.
You can watch TV shows about them.
I told folks 20 years ago about glowing cats.
You could buy them in Hong Kong then, and glowing monkeys.
People said I was a nut.
They had it in the paper that I was crazy and said that they had GMO glowing rhesus monkeys.
Now, that's because a fraction of folks were on the web then.
I was reading MIT Magazine and things.
And so what I'm getting at here is they think you're stupid.
They think you're dumb.
And they think you haven't gone out and you don't know about the Clinton death count, that by the way is in the hundreds.
World Nut Daily To Be Safe says 33, where it's just completely obvious, you know, arms and legs cut off.
And then Fannie Malick says they found a trash dump shot up.
And the Arkansas Medical Examiner says that they died of self-inflicted wounds.
You cannot cut your own arms and legs off and then put yourself in a trash can.
I know in the Holy Grail, the guy's got his arms and legs cut off and is, you know, hopping around saying, I'm the knight that goes, you must give me a shrubbery.
As soon as he goes, I'll give you a shrubbery, he goes, I want 20 shrubberies.
I want trees.
I want, it's just like pay the, pay the pirate once, you got to pay him off a hundred times.
But, but MSM is in a meltdown conniption fit and they've never wanted to talk about me.
I was always the Texan, the unnamed one in press conferences for a decade.
But they finally had to hit me with their big guns.
Broadcast TV.
I've been on Nightline, a bunch of broadcast shows, but I've been attacked in more broadcast TV the last week than 20 years before.
ABC, CBS, NBC Nightly News.
Local affiliates, national affiliates, NPR, every few hours with just lies and twisted garbage.
Out of context info.
You're looking.
Now, after Donald Trump, at the most attacked person in America.
And so again, I'm getting these calls, ring, ring, ring, yesterday, today, you're on NPR, you're on the Nightly News, you're on CBS, how are you taking it, what's it like?
I can't even keep track of it.
And I'll go tune in and it'll just be me yelling and screaming from five years ago about something and then just cut to something someone else said.
And they'll go, now let's bring on someone who is an insider of how these scammers work.
And they bring on some guy with some admitted fake news site.
Notice the EU's not banning the Onion.
No, no, no.
They're now announcing we're banning it.
And trying to order internet service providers to do it.
And the word's pouring in.
It's happening.
It's going on.
So are people concerned?
Are people upset?
I mean, I've got to tell you, it's bittersweet.
I'm sad for my country that it's this corrupt.
But at the same time, our audience is just exponentially exploding.
And like I told you, we've gained, I don't want to exaggerate because I was trying to count them up, 30 affiliates the last month.
We gained something like 25 the month before that.
Fifteen or so the month before that.
Ten the month before that.
I mean, it's just extra.
We could never give above about 175.
It's like 250 last time I checked.
And these are, some of these are big, 50,000 waters in places like Los Angeles.
I mean, people finally go, oh, I guess this guy really was right all along.
I don't want to be patted on the back.
I want to beat the globalists that want to make us poor, that want our guns, that say our kids belong to them, that say
It's a conspiracy theory.
There's zero bad reactions to vaccines.
It's on the inserts that it can kill you, not just bad reactions.
And so I tuned in for five minutes and they were saying he is as convincing as NPR or CNN.
He can act however he wants.
He's very charismatic, he's very dangerous.
I'm paraphrasing, this is pretty much word for word.
And they're like, I've never heard MPRJ's like, and go back to sleep little children.
Tuck yourselves in and slit your wrists.
Satan loves you.
Normally it's like that.
World government's here, but it doesn't exist.
Oh yes.
So like, he's really dangerous and everybody's listening to him and we gotta shut him down.
I mean they were like, ah, ah, ah, ah.
They were hysterical.
And Roger Stone earlier crystallized the entire enchilada.
He said, well, we know the UN started taking over the Internet October 1st.
We expected them to take six months, a year to start.
Oh no!
Oh no!
Hillary had said after I win, proving the alt-rights a fraud, she introduced it, we're going to shut down the fake news.
That's two weeks before, naming me.
They introduced the term.
She loses, they go, move forward, we'll use EU authority.
Just like when we wouldn't launch wars in Syria, Obama said, I have NATO and the EU for authority.
To Congress!
That's world government.
That's treason, folks.
It's like saying you got a diploma, you know, in the mail from Timbuktu and you're a brain surgeon now because you paid $5 in the mail for it.
Why the EU?
It's launching its own domestic army if you try to pull out of it.
Like, oh, you want to leave?
We're setting up an EU army that's going to now come in and be stationed at your former bases.
Your troops are now under our command.
Go to sleep.
Imagine if Hitler just said to France, just stand down, I'm just going to take over.
That kind of happened, but they had a little fake war.
Now it's not even a fake war.
It's like, the EU army will be taking over your army in 2017.
Follow orders.
We're stationing troops for your security.
And by the way, we're gonna arrest anybody that criticizes open borders or the migrants.
The invaders.
We're gonna come back and break all this down, but...
This is the multinational takeover, but it's not just the EU.
The Communist Chinese are in the news.
That's their term.
20 years ago, censoring the web, they would say, we've arrested a thousand people this week or more who were involved in fake news.
I think we need to do a story.
I remember seeing that headlines.
China arrested a financial writer for fake news.
We have actually adopted the Communist Chinese fake news censorship model.
We knew Zuckerberg was meeting with them, but wow, wow.
Let's get into the big enchilada, as you were saying.
What, in your research view, is behind this recount that Hillary's now joined?
She swore she wouldn't join it.
What's behind that?
Let's look at this for a moment.
There's two ironic things going on here.
When I wrote for The Hill newspaper, a long piece on the fact that I was concerned that these computerized voting machines can easily be hacked.
You were a total kook, it didn't exist, no such thing.
Now she's saying that.
Now, suddenly the shoe's on the other foot and they're demanding a recount.
Clearly Jill Stein is fronting for someone
She was unable to raise $5 million for her presidential campaign, but she raised $5 million overnight for a recount.
It's now $7 million.
The recount is unnecessary, I guess I should say, in any two-day period.
She raised $5 million in two days.
This didn't come from the grassroots.
This probably came from some Hillary bot.
Oh, they admit that, and she's only going after states Trump won.
How obvious is that?
Well, what's interesting in Wisconsin is the analysis of Nate Silver, formerly of the New York Times, who points out that the inconsistencies between the returns in the paper ballots and the computerized machines is explained by demographics, not device.
Of course, rural areas are more likely to have paper ballots.
Urban areas are more likely to have machines.
I mean, I don't think there's anything to recount here.
They would have to, by my arithmetic, flip, I guess, three states.
And that's just not going to happen.
I don't think Trump's victory is insecure anyplace.
So this is a last minute dodge by Soros and the boys to try to hijack this.
And by the way, I'm queuing up the clip of her during the debate saying she would never challenge the election and that Trump was insane.
So how does she do this now?
That's exactly right.
That's the other half of this, which is they excoriated him for not blindly saying, I'll accept the results of the election, even if I don't know if there's been cheating.
And when he wouldn't say that, they went crazy, saying he was tearing at the very fabric of American democracy, that he's undermining our democratic process.
But now, the shoe's on the other foot.
It just shows you what ethic hypocrisy is.
I agree, so let me ask you quick questions here.
What is the real strategy?
Is it just to embarrass him, make it look like he's not really the president?
Or is it really trying to get the electors to admit they're getting death-threatened, guns pointed at them?
I mean, that's even, you know, in the New York Times, World Net Daily's reporting on it.
They're getting threats everywhere, and we won't know, I guess, until the 19th or the 20th of December.
Well, it's not over yet.
I mean, it's never over until it's over, and Trump has to form a full government.
We shall see how that works out.
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We're good.
Get ready for incredible fake news.
That's why everybody tunes in to get fake news, no?
People tune in to get over-the-horizon insight.
I don't have the extra crew of five people to sit here and chronicle everything I say and do to then show you six months later that I'm dead on target, but the listeners remember.
We wrote articles about it as well, ad nauseum.
I said, when they pass Brexit, the EU is going to declare that it wasn't done constitutionally correctly, so you're still under it.
They're going to terrorize you and threaten to cut off economic activity into your country.
But they're already teetering on collapse, because the globalists bring countries close to collapse to consolidate them, so that if a sovereign nation ever breaks away, it can dictate to the larger system.
That's why Trump is so effective.
He knows that.
But here it is!
Out of Reuters, I told you hundreds of times they would announce that this referendum was not legally binding because other countries have voted before to leave and they don't let them.
And now they say they have an EU army that is going to come in and the mayor says he's going to stand with that army of London.
And the police under his command say they will ignore the parliament and they will do as they want.
It's not a foreign takeover, no.
The UN taking over the internet, no.
The EU saying censor the US internet, no.
No, there's no world government.
And you've got people calling me that I know that have liberal family members going, how's Alex taking it?
What's it like?
It must be hell to be, to attack by NPR and CBS News, to be attacked by CNN.
This is wonderful!
Be like if I was an American in World War II and the Axis powers were saying I was a bad guy.
You don't get it.
A minority listens to you of really cult-like, stupid, unaware, alone people.
See, my identity is based in what I stand for and who I am.
I am so proud right now.
This is making us bigger than ever and so great in history to be lied about by scum.
This is, this is honors I don't deserve.
I'm not an egomaniac.
I don't get into power.
I'm not a narcissist, but let me tell you, I'm feeling real good right now.
Fighting evil, having an effect, standing against them, being right and saying, I'm going to repeat what I said over a hundred times conservatively.
Thousands of articles, total, with all my hosts, all of us, have talked about it a thousand times.
They're going to say it's not binding, they're going to say it's overturned, the government's going to try to ignore the will of the people, and that'll only piss the public off more that they're under an EU dictatorship they never voted to enter.
Did you ever vote to enter the EU?
No, no, no!
Did you vote to enter the TPP?
No, no, no!
Did you vote to enter the WTO?
No, no, no!
You signed a steel deal in the 50s and suddenly you got EU troops in your backyard.
Ladies and gentlemen, Reuters.
Brexit referendum not legally binding, UK Supreme Court told.
That's right!
That's right.
And they told us that superdelegates would choose who would win.
Trump couldn't win.
But we said no, no, no.
Now I predict it'll take the UK 10 years to get out of the EU.
And the EU won't officially admit it's collapsed for another decade.
Now that's a conservative number.
It may happen sooner.
But not before they don't try to start a war to keep it unified.
They've said, you know, I've read books by German chancellors and British prime ministers like Tony Blair and like Helmut Schmidt and Helmut Kohl.
Oh, I'm a fake news guy.
I can list all these leaders when the average NPR person couldn't list their mommy.
They've got to have a German specialist on even list chancellors.
I don't even know what party Merkel is on.
They spend all day writing some one-minute report to sound smart and have some sycophant, liberal, trendy lisp of a fake intellectual.
I told you they would do this, but I told you it would be victory.
Because now watch what happens.
Farage is going to come back.
Before I had dinner with Farage.
I knew he was stepping down from UKIP to quote, give the government a chance to let them not even challenge their power.
Conservative Party and everybody, we won't overthrow you.
We're on the verge of doing it.
Just do the right thing and we will stand down.
I had dinner with Farage and he said, Alex, they're already terrorizing the country.
They're already trying to kill the economy.
People are bucking it.
Brits are standing up.
But he said, it's rough, the threats.
The death threats.
I can talk about it now.
I can talk about it publicly.
And the stuff they've done to his family.
They've tried to kill him repeatedly.
Plane crash, car crash, you name it.
And he said, but I'm going to go back in when they betray us.
He goes, I know they are.
I had to do the right thing, though, and give them a chance.
Because he's been told, you're dead.
You come back.
So he's now stepping up.
They're going to kill him.
They've told him.
Very high level folks say, you're dead.
So you're talking about a hero.
That's it.
This is the war we fight, folks.
And it's just begun, but we're winning.
Because we've got right on our side.
Stay with us.
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The web giants at YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft have announced that they are stepping up efforts to remove extremist content from the Internet as the EU demands social media websites censor fake news within 24 hours.
Meanwhile, the fake news controversy is being exploited by the mainstream media to characterize completely legitimate alternative news sources.
For example, CBS News just listed InfoWars as a fake news website.
And that's because the mainstream establishment media is losing all credibility with the American people.
And it was alternative and social media who helped Donald Trump
We're good to go.
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Before America can be great again, it must be independent and free.
Before America can be great again, she must be free again.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We are now 43 standard days out from the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States.
This is a real fight.
Donald Trump's for real.
He is attempting to right the ship.
The globalists have been dismantling the country.
There was a foreign, multinational, corporate infiltration to the Ford Foundation and the Carnegie Endowment starting in the 20s and 30s.
It came out of the Church Committee hearings in the 70s.
Anybody can go read years of hearings.
Hearings went on for several years, almost three years.
And it's all there from the secret congressional archives where Congress agreed to this in executive session in the 30s, 40s and 50s.
And it's down to every level.
Now, you would have heard this thousands of times from me if you've been listening, as some folks have, 20 years.
Thousands of times.
Because I read it in the Carnegie and Ford Foundation documents that came out in different congressional hearings and in Anthony Sutton's books, four of which I read.
I think he wrote like eight.
Ladies and gentlemen, Anthony Sutton was the chief archivist of Congress.
This is from the World Economic Forum, that's the Public Bilderberg Group meeting, sponsored by the UN in Davos.
And what does it say?
What does it say?
I'm going to cover this coming up in the next hour and take your calls.
Welcome to 2030!
I own nothing, I have no privacy, and life has never been better.
It describes a THX 1138 reality.
Now, where did THX 1138, the college film remade with Robert Duvall years later by George Lucas?
Lucas talked about it.
It's based on Aldous Huxley's Brave New World.
What is Aldous Huxley's 1932 masterpiece based on?
Well, he gave a speech right before he died in, what was it, 62, at Berkeley, where he admitted that this was an actual plan for you and your family.
Now, how does the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN and NPR respond?
These are people that are having this done to them.
They're not part of the ruling elite.
And they don't have the basic instinct to stand up for their own species.
This is so sick.
Now, I've reverse engineered the entire thing.
And by the way, reverse engineering, it's like finding the entire owner's manual and the engineering manual and the schematics and blueprints.
I mean, in detail, they list in studies everything they do by the 1870s.
And then they just augment it and update it as they go.
And I'll be honest, when I first learned about all this like 20 years ago, I kind of halfway knew about it before that.
I obsessed on it, and the first five years on air, I probably read more on it than I've read since.
I mean, I've read a lot on it.
Probably more than anybody, but these people.
And that's why I don't care what the media says about me.
I mean, I know I'm right, man.
I know IBM engineered the whole Holocaust and had the stupid computers with the numbers and planned to have it in the U.S.
and I know all about Thomas Watson and everything.
I mean, I know all about it.
I've read two of Henry Ford's books.
I've read the letters from Thomas Watson.
I'm the type of weirdo that goes to the National Archives online and, you know, reads a hundred-plus George Washington letters, and your wife walks in at 3 a.m.
and goes, what are you doing?
And the rest of the story is you've just pissed in the trash can because you're too lazy to get up and stop reading the letters.
Okay, I just told you the whole story, see?
That's how engrossed I got in this stuff, okay?
I'm sure they'll run with that.
Because I care, man.
I care about people.
You start reading how they're going to break up your families?
You start reading how they're going to take everything we've got and how they want to wreck our humanity in a power trip and literally take our spark of ingenuity away?
Truth is, I've been on a coast-to-coast interview and couldn't get up, and I was sitting there reading this stuff.
That's a funny story, but the point is, is that that's how dedicated I get to this stuff.
Not anymore, but because I just almost can't read it anymore.
I just can't even look at it anymore.
I already know what they're doing.
I know their whole plan.
I've read hundreds of their books, hundreds and hundreds of their white papers, listened to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of their interviews, and I know them better than they do.
Most of these elites are just lazy, and they just wander around from mansion to mansion, and helicopter pad to helicopter pad, and mistress to mistress, and pedophile sex party to pedophile sex party, and they just wander around.
Historically, elites are always raping kids.
That's history.
And our government's been caught, and other governments have been caught, and it's rampant!
And then they just say, oh, look, there's one pizza place they focused on, there's no pedophilia in the world, and Alex Jones wants people to die.
No, you're covering up for the pedophile networks and you know it!
Shame on you!
Shame on you!
I don't know what to say at this point.
I mean, it's just, look, what I've told you is the truth.
Of course the Clintons killed a bunch of people.
It's crazy!
He says the Clintons killed people.
They just show some clip of how, talking about how they would have people killed.
Shot, stabbed, arms, legs cut off, tortured.
I've interviewed the family members.
I've had the victims on who were tortured.
I've interviewed the police captains who had their former partners tortured to death and killed.
I've had the Don Brownings on.
I've had the cop that killed his mother on.
They're so dumb, the FBI and ATF emails got released in lawsuits by family members, and it's the FBI agents and German intelligence officers at the hotel, and the planning, and the witnesses, and all of it, of Oklahoma City.
And that's just one little case, and I know basically
A hundred shows of information on that alone.
And all the cops and people they killed.
And the Justice Department emails by then-Deputy Attorney General of, this is our D-Day, we gotta get down there and cover this up now.
Cover up what?
That your bombs didn't go off inside the building?
The cops showed up, said, what's this?
What's this?
You keep your mouth shut or you're dead!
Head of the K-9 unit goes, excuse me?
Then two weeks later, they come in the office.
You like your wife and kids?
Keep your mouth shut!
The problem is Don Browning was a Marine in Vietnam and a combat vet, highly decorated, and saw his fellow officers tortured and killed.
So he went public on this show and named the names of the FBI agents that threatened to kill him and his wife.
Shove that up your you-know-what, NPR!
You think this is all a joke?
Because you sit up there in your little Candyland offices?
Spewing out government propaganda because it's safe and fun to be patted on the head and you've got your whole fake liberal ideology that tells you you're a great person and everybody else is a racist and evil and bad?
Where were you for Cop of the Year, Terrence Yankee, who wouldn't shut up about the bombs in the building?
Who was there with Don Browning, who they tortured to death for hours before they blew his head off?
And then threatened his family to keep their fat mouth shut.
Where were you investigative journalists talking to Jane Graham on the ninth floor at the HUD building who saw and identified the men planting the bombs the day before?
Where are you?
Let's just, oh, Alex Jones says Oklahoma City was an inside job.
I remember he even says the Reichstag was.
It's been admitted now that the Nazis firebombed their own Capitol building February 27, 1933 to bring in martial law.
It's been declassified that Operation Himmler launched false flag attacks all over Germany to blame it on Poland!
They have all these national shows.
Alex Jones claims the Nazis staged events.
They claim our government did.
It's like all declassified.
Operation Northwoods, you name it.
But what's weird is they'll report it sometimes, but when I say it, it's not true.
If PBS has a whole special, and I was sitting there watching Frontline one time in a hotel room,
Strangely enough, I was at a JFK anniversary meeting, and I was the speaker.
Before I go give the speech, it's like 6 o'clock at night and Frontline's on, and it's about the Kennedys, and they had just declassified that Bobby Kennedy wanted to blow up the U.S.
Embassy in Honduras, to be able to invade Honduras, because communists were taking over, and I could get his good cause, but I'm not saying do it.
And JFK said, no little brother, we're not going to, he was Attorney General then, we're not going to blow up the embassy.
The point is, is even the Kennedys were looking at false flags, and then they just say, this crazy guy, fake news!
He claims none of it exists!
So, if you go to Infowars.com, now, we need to add a link at the top, as I've said, a defend free speech link, because a lot of folks have already been on the site today, so it only does it once as a pop-up.
We need it to be a pop-up every time.
We're just fine-tuning this.
Every time people go to the site.
I've never done pop-ups, but as a defense of free speech, we're doing it.
Let's put it on the article pages too.
They can X out of it if they don't want to and go to the page.
I want full, I've told her by this, it didn't happen.
I want full maximum push.
And it says, click here if you want to get updates about attacks on free speech.
Click here if you want your name and information signed or no info, you just want to give a statement to this and we're going to send a wheelbarrow of them or more to Donald Trump.
Believe me, he's interested in them.
Imagine that stunt, us rolling that into Trump Tower in the media.
People saying don't censor.
And then we're going to send it to Congress.
That's how we have an effect.
You go there to the main site, it pops up, you can put your email in, boom!
I'm going to get to the fake news article by Paul Watson here in a minute, but I've not plugged yet today because I've been so busy and that's how we fund this operation.
Now, this was an idea.
Because they're similar bestsellers, but they don't have this ozonation to olive oil, organic, concentrated skin moisture conditioners.
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And again, we're going to put banners up on Infowarsstore.com, up on Infowars.com, we're going to put a tab up there, defend free speech, or stop the UN takeover of the web.
Because, I mean, who could believe that we built the internet, designed it, set it up, kept it open and free, the Chinese and everybody want to shut it down, now they're advising our government.
And now we're to the point that they're trying to shut down InfoWars and Breitbart and everybody else.
And it's happening in Europe!
And Apple's kicking us off and everything else.
I mean, it's happening.
And they're testing, they're testing, they're testing.
To see if Trump knows, to see if Trump says anything.
Last week, let's kick Trump off Twitter.
Yeah, let's do it!
That was the Washington Post and they're going ahead with it.
They're looking at ways to do it.
The President of the U.S.
telling his detractors that they're scum.
They're calling him a racist and every other name.
But oh, that's okay when they do his speech, though.
See, they can't prove fake news in any of their stupid courts.
I say stupid, the courts still operate in many cases under the First Amendment.
It's still operating, it's still there.
They want to get rid of it.
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InfoWars established 1996.
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We're in a war.
They're trying to shut down Talk Radio.
They're trying to shut us down.
Where's your Second Amendment if they're able to do this?
Here's the good news.
They miscalculated.
I give it a 90% chance it's going to blow up in their face unless they start a huge war or set off nukes or something.
And even that's not going to work because the military is so awake.
I mean, we've got a true criminal enterprise corner.
That's why the true fake news is panicking.
But as I said, if you go to InfoWars.com, I'm going to put it on PrisonPlanet.com too.
Let's put it on all our platforms.
Let's put links on Facebook and Twitter and tweet out the subpage URL for folks.
Let's get a maximum push.
And listeners, help us do this.
I've got such a limited crew, it's hard for us to even put the petition up in a few spots on the site.
We're going to push it as hard as we can, but you really decide.
And then that's an army of folks that want to be specifically contacted with news updates, alerts about what's happened to your First Amendment, not just your second.
We should need a gun owners of America for their instant alerts and say, sign up there, become a member there.
And that costs $5 or whatever, I think you should pay it, because they keep the NRA honest.
Ted Nugent, a board member, has pointed that out.
It's the conscience of the NRA.
It really brought them back from doing some really bad compromises.
That's another thing.
As General Boykin has said, as General Flynn has said, and others have said, don't compromise with an enemy media run by offshore banks.
Stop caring what they say.
Stop caring about their lies.
And that's more and more happening, but again, people that are in the bubble, still under its trance, they just, oh my gosh!
You were in the newspaper!
Oh my gosh!
Trump talked about you.
Hillary did.
What's it like?
Like you're elevated to some new cloud existence and it's just suddenly you're magical.
Donald Trump puts his pants on one leg at a time.
So does Hillary.
So does Obama.
Folks, I've been at the biggest Hollywood parties.
I've seen stuff behind the scenes.
Politically, nobody else has seen except for a very tight group of people.
There's nothing else there.
That's why they want to keep you poor and disenfranchised, so you're always desperate, thinking you're not fulfilled.
If you can go to a park and look at the stars in the sky, or have a camera and take photos and paint, and have healthy kids, it doesn't matter if you're living in a trailer or in a palace.
Quite frankly, even a nice house is always breaking and has problems.
The simple life's the way to go, but they want to take everything from you, make you desperate, and then give you a forced austere life, where you can't even pay your own bills, so you have to submit to them.
The answer is independence.
It's not that things are bad, it's that you can't make it your god, it's a balance.
But they're selling tyranny as austerity.
And saying it's good to be poor, but they're gonna be rich.
And coming up, welcome to 2030, I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better.
I'm covering that in the next hour.
This is the UN, this is Davos saying, get ready, we're gonna take everything from you and even lock you up in 200 square foot coffins every night for your safety.
Oh yeah, they're gonna lock you up in your coffin every-
He was a former Republican state legislator in the state of Florida and now a Republican leader, someone who was very much out front for Donald Trump in the last election.
Florida was, you know, really one of the absolute key states in Donald Trump's election.
And we all saw the polls leading to Election Day that showed him by and large narrowly trailing there.
And he did not seem to achieve the vote levels in the southern counties of Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach that would appear to be necessary for a statewide Republican to win.
Yet, he won.
What really happened in the Sunshine State?
Well, and that really is a big question.
Like you, everyone read that if Trump loses Florida, the race will be over, but we'll know by 7.30 and that'll be the end of everything.
And then, you know, the initial reports started coming in that there were these huge deficits in Broward County and Orange County was performing terribly.
And, you know, there was this sort of speculation that, oh dear, here we go.
And then as the vote numbers would fall in, you would just see that the spaces between those
I think so.
It's almost a political miracle, particularly given the spending levels for the Clinton campaign.
I think nationally, my very best estimation between the Clinton campaign, the Clinton super PACs, and the various legal and illegal operations of George Soros, I think they come pretty close to
$2 billion.
At the same time, I saw the Trump campaign spending, including the super PACs, independent super PACs and other friendlies, probably close to $280 million, a giant disparity.
If you have the audacity to watch a news program in the last week or two before the campaign, it's sort of primetime news.
It was just absolute inundation from the Hillary Clinton campaign.
You know, Trump had his presence, but it was just, it was a small fraction in the numbers that you said it would be about, you know, 14%.
I felt that way.
I think at one point in time I was watching the NBC News, the point of view, and they had the Hillary commercial, the same one, on back to back to back three times.
And so we were watching this, and at the same time, you know, Trump was, you know, his campaign was more unorthodox.
And I think you and I could probably both agree that 150 or 200 years from now, historians studying American electoral processes and federal government and what happened, this will be the race they talk about.
So, in panic mode, the corporate media, the state-run media, the deception media, the fake media, is now dubbing everything they don't agree with fake and evil and saying they'll ban it.
Including Donald Trump's Twitter.
And they have self-proclaimed hack journalist calls on social media.
In fact, can you guys grab the video from this?
I forgot to tell you to do that.
Self-proclaimed hack journalist calls on social media to censor fake news.
He's the guy that got caught in the different emails, Glenn Thresher, saying, listen, I'll say anything you want.
I'll lie.
I'll make stuff up.
I'm a hack.
I'm a fraud.
He said, I'm a hack.
I'll do whatever you say.
Just tell me what to do.
Yeah, we know you're a mercenary, bro.
And then they have you on MSNBC with its tiny audience of average 100,000 people.
Because no one with a choice would listen to you.
Now NPR, though, has tens of millions a day listening, because it's state-run, it's taken over the FM dial, the lower end, it force-feeds, and it's what liberals listen to in their cars.
I mean, it's big.
Not as big as it used to be, but it's big.
It's as big as InfoWars, domestically.
And it is bad news, and it is in a lie-fest that is legend.
And they would never do this before, but they think, well, the people will go to him, but you know what?
We've got to inoculate against him psychologically because they're already going to him.
We've got to tell people he's fake.
So when they hear it, they don't listen.
They are panicked on these shows.
I love it.
I've never heard anything like it.
And the lying, the fake news spewing is just delicious.
Having people on from weird websites that aren't even Patriot and then admitting they put out fake news and then connecting it to me.
Wow, that is awesome!
You have totally blown your feet off.
You have so discredited yourselves.
You've gone to the next level.
Did it work on Trump, lying about him?
Thank you for what you're doing.
Thank you for the deception and the lies.
Because you were lying before, but now it's so outrageous, maybe your audience of trendies will figure out that you're there to suppress them and keep them in a trance.
Now we start the next hour, I'm getting into it.
Again, the petition's up on Infowars.com.
We're gonna add a link to it in Paul Joseph Watson's article right now.
And when you go to the main page, it pops up.
I'm gonna put it on the subpages.
And this is to get news alerts, you name it.
But I wanna have hundreds of thousands of these next week to then print off and then have a reporter, maybe even myself, deliver it to Trump Tower.
And deliver it to Donald Trump.
And then I'm also going to have copies delivered to Congress.
And again, it's about the media stunt.
That, oh look, all these people want open, independent, free press, and believe the First Amendment, and believe if something's fake news, it has to be adjudicated by a court of law on a case-by-case basis for libel, slander, or defamation, or fake news is judged in the court of public opinion by how accurate it is.
So to have the mainstream media that's been caught totally lying and organized crime basically and racketeering with the government to lie to the people, say shut down the press is an unprecedented threat to free speech.
It breaks it all down.
It's a powerful short presentation.
They claim we're Russian agents.
I mean, talk about fake news.
They're the ones spewing the fake polls and Trump's going to lose on and on and on.
Get this petition out today.
And copy the text, post it to your own website, send people to it.
This is about you, the audience, that has the real power to take action.
Now, again, we come back, I've got a few clips I want to play, and in the next segment I'm going to just read Paul Watson's article, Paul Watson, Alex Jones' article, that goes over all of this, because it details it.
The Ultimate Fake News List, InfoWars.com,
The ultimate fake news list.
And I think we should put it out on Facebook and say, real fake news list released, not a hoax.
Because this is the real fake news.
I mean, these are proven liars.
This is how we counter them.
We're not calling for their censorship.
We want folks to know that here are the WikiLeaks emails where they are hired to lie to you.
Where they say they want to hurt you and your family.
They say they want to make you poor, make you desperate, in the dark, starving.
And they say that.
Anthony Gucciardi joins us to talk about Bio PCA, the latest formula to be announced and released by Infowarslife.com.
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It's a win-win.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Another world.
Another time.
In the age of wonder.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
So MSM's been caught in all the WikiLeaks from the Daily Show that I told you, these are the new WikiLeaks I told you years ago was White House run.
Coordinating with the White House, coordinating with George Soros, with Hillary, you name it.
Saying write the scripts, tell us what to do.
You know, reviewing each night's show.
Imagine the power trip in state-run media like the old Soviet Union of John Podesta sitting there telling the Daily Show who to have on and what to do.
Imagine that much work that they do it.
And then the lies about WMDs by both parties, the mainstream media going along with it, all the things, all the deception telling you vaccines are safe and they know full well they're not.
To chronicle their lies makes the head spin, but now NPR is the last big media that the so-called leftist, big Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, crime syndicate has.
They get more than half their money by sucking off the taxpayer, 450 mil a year on average.
They then beg every day of every week to their brainwashed listeners who want to act like they're pseudo-intellectuals.
They're part of a community.
They don't have husbands or wives or any future in life, generally.
They've been atomized.
That's their profile.
Very sad people, on average, who think they're intellectuals.
And they're sitting there, donating money to this thing.
So, part of it's from the government.
Another part of it's funded by big foundations.
And another part of it is about begging off the listeners.
And they're on there.
In fact, we have the clips coming up.
I've just got so much to cover.
Saying, I mean, I turned to them this morning, and they're just like, we've got to shut him down.
He's dangerous.
This can't be on air.
I don't know why the Clinton's never murdered anybody.
This guy's convincing.
He can look like CNN.
He can look like NPR.
He's slick.
I'm slick?
There's no teleprompter here, Bubba.
Straight shooting.
You want to shut us down, and the EU does, and the Democrats do, and they're announcing it, and Google's delisted us off Chrome.
Try to go to our website, it blocks it, saying, danger, danger, Will Robinson.
But I bet you're going to say I'm after free speech when I say this.
We're going to launch a national movement.
To have National Public Radio defunded.
It's been so close.
Hey, if you can get the Ford Foundation and people to sit there and give you money, and if you can get your listeners to give you money, that's your issue, but you shouldn't be able to hog the lower 20% of the FM spectrum pigs.
You shouldn't get that given to you.
You should have to pay FCC fees like every other free market group.
And you don't get my money, you pieces of trash.
I pay income tax and it goes into your pocket to sit up there and say I should be shut up and I'm a liar and I'm dangerous.
You want to shut up my free speech and you say it on a megaphone that I paid for, dirtbag!
That didn't slick what I just said.
It's veritas.
V for Victory!
V for Veritas!
NPR needs to be shot down!
They're so scared that we're radicalizing Trump.
They're so scared that true populism and nationalism and Stephen Bannon is in there and all this is happening.
They're actually going to make America great again and not make us all poor.
That is the plan.
Trump doesn't... I don't have Trump's ear.
Unless it's an echo chamber, Trump thinks the same way I do.
They can't stand it, though.
They were going to be in power.
They were going to run the country in the mud.
They were going to shut us down after the election.
They said they were, and now the president's there.
What are they going to do?
Try to infiltrate him.
If they can't do that, kill them.
But by then, you're so damaged, the fact that you're an occupying globalist group, that it's game over down the road.
Just like Brexit.
I told you before they even passed it.
I said, I think it's going to pass, and they're going to say it's not legally binding and try to block it.
That was announced today.
I think I'll finish that when we come back.
Then get into this big fake news article by Paul Watson.
We've got to get out to everybody.
Stay with us.
BuzzFeed says white people are a plague to the planet.
In a listicle published on Monday, BuzzFeed ran insulting and racist messages towards white people.
Many of the presentations included hate speech, such as how white people plagued society.
White people are crazy!
And white people are a plague to the planet.
Meanwhile, an image is featured of the presenter, who is a young woman wearing a Make America Brown Again t-shirt.
And earlier this year, BuzzFeed also produced a video on YouTube that shamed white people for being arrogant, controlling, and selfish.
Entitled, People of Color from Around the World Respond to White, the clip is a three-minute guilt trip intended to shame Caucasians
And to acknowledging how oppressive they are for being born with the wrong skin color.
You can learn more right now at Infowars.com
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Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Oh, we're so intellectual.
Oh, we're MSNBC.
Oh, we're NPR Petroleum Radio funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and Standard Oil and the big bomb makers and the Ford Foundation.
Oh, we're so liberal.
Oh, we support all these big wars and the war in Syria.
And we say it's a conspiracy theory and that General Flynn is insane, because he listens to Alex Jones and has retweeted our material.
The former head of Defense Intelligence, who was ordered to run operations aiding Al Qaeda, he doesn't know anything.
People driving around in their Subarus.
But their Coexist stickers, I'm not against your Coexist sticker, I just, you know, that's who you are.
Are just like, oh yeah, oh yeah, we're not involved in Syria, we're helping, man.
Just feeling good, yeah.
Fighting racism together, yeah.
We need to shut down Alex Jones, yeah.
And then you shut down Alex Jones, you can shut down anybody.
Today on NPR.
The Washington Post calls for banning Trump off Twitter because he's a bully.
Oh, now we just ban people because they're a bully!
Alex Jones is incredibly convincing and slick and dangerous.
Yeah, yeah!
I mean, it wasn't the NPR voice this morning.
I tuned in.
We found a bunch of other ones, but we haven't found the one from this morning.
It should have been uploaded.
Go ask Buckley.
He knows the show.
He heard it too.
We found it this morning.
It just hadn't been uploaded yet.
They're just like, huh!
Yo, it's bad.
Yeah, he needs to be shut down right now.
He has... He does have 40 million listeners.
It's been scary!
And what do I do?
I go, oh look, here's an article by Don Salazar.
I got stacks of news, but I mean, I'm going back to this one because I haven't played the clip yet.
Self-proclaimed hack!
There's emails saying, tell me what to do.
I'll say anything.
I'm a hack.
I don't care about the truth.
Oh, I just want money.
I mean, you read these emails, not just from him, but Podesta and all of them.
It's like, it's like villains from a movie.
I grew up, used to see villains in movies and I thought they didn't really act like that until I went to New York and stuff and was around real villains.
And later people at the restaurant go, you don't know who that was came over to your table.
You know, that's John Gotti's such-and-such, and I went and looked it online, it was him.
I love you, Alex, so good!
Oh, we like what you do!
Tried to kiss me, a big, like, six-foot guy, six-foot-two guy, and he's, like, trying to kiss me and stuff, and it was, like, literally out of a movie.
Oh, Alex, we'll come out on our yacht tomorrow.
We had tears in our eyes.
I love you!
I used to think Robert De Niro was a bad actor, because he'd play Italian gangsters doing that.
Oh, I love you so much!
And you're thinking, this is fake!
It's not!
That's how they act!
You read these emails!
It's like, oh, we're gonna screw them over real good.
They're so stupid.
I know we want to make them desperate in the dark and poor.
You want me to pull the emails again?
You're like, who talks like this?
I'm sitting around with the accountant, going, the crew's really doing a great job.
I want to really try to push, you know, sell some more product for the year end so we can get a good Christmas bonus.
Well, yeah, right now, you know, we can't give them too big of one.
We need to leave a cushion to buy product and for other stuff.
This is a meeting yesterday.
I'm not just saying this.
This happened.
I'm here, like, how do I get my crew better bonuses for Christmas?
How do we do better prizes for our audience?
Because that's how I want to be treated.
Meanwhile, they're just like, how do we screw everyone?
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
But then on air, it's like, oh, I'm liberal.
Oh, I have the moral high ground fighting racism and sexism and homophobia.
Really, Obamacare doubles prizes in the first year.
Shut up, racist.
Why are you getting upset?
Because I'm for real.
So, self-proclaimed hack journalist calls on social media to censor fake news.
Hillary supporters still reeling over devastating laws call for censorship of independent media.
I mean, this is like your restaurant can't get any businesses because you got caught with cockroaches in all your food and rat droppings.
And it was on the news.
The health department shut you down for a week.
No one's pulling up to eat your food.
No one.
What do you do?
You start whispering, oh yeah, they got cat turds in their food across the street.
Oh yeah, they got syphilis on the hamburgers.
Uh, yeah, we, we, and then they start calling and health department calls.
Oh, you know, Bob's across the street.
They're the ones that got really dirty stuff.
And then they run over and like throw cat droppings, you know, under the, under the bar stools, right.
As the inspector comes in, look, look, it's there.
They shut them down.
I mean, that's what these guys are like.
Like, let me read it in that voice.
Commenting that social media companies be responsible for restricting potentially inflammatory incitements of violence, thrusts questions why those companies' CEOs haven't already developed a strategy to ban false and hateful content.
Oh, like when somebody posts the image from the German news of the migrant that raped and killed a girl last week?
That's been banned?
Or if you post FBI statistics that blacks attack whites ten times more often?
They're not attacking black folks.
So statistically, crime's low.
But to say there's an epidemic of whites attacking blacks isn't true.
That's banned.
So they're already banning it.
So first he lies and says that they're not restricting speech.
Now it needs to be total, just ban people completely.
No judge, no jury, no nothing.
And he goes on.
Naturally, Alex Jones Infowars was specifically referenced in the conversation.
The challenge to try to keep up with the pace of the information right now is worth noting that Reddit's pod, they banned the Pizzagate discussion going forward.
Host Peter Alexander said, I'm curious for your take on this.
Donald Trump obvious info wars, we're familiar with that sort of popular website spewing out a lot of conspiracy theories as well.
Even Alex Jones, the founder of InfoWars, you know, spoke profoundly about how I said something and Donald Trump spouted it a couple days later.
I said we're synced up because we have the same vision.
I told you what Trump was planning and then Bannon puts out a big article in Hollywood Reporter saying, bring back the jobs, empower the people, not make people dependent, break the back of socialism and collectivism.
We're reading from the same sheet of music because we have the same ideas and they keep thinking that if they can get Trump to come out and break with us that they'll be in control of the narrative and then can tell him what he can say and what he can do.
Trump relishes
Relishes ignoring you, laughing at you, making jokes about you, making, you know, Time Magazine having to admit he's man of the year despite all their lies and deception.
Time Magazine and Newsweek wrote for riots and violence to stop Trump.
Oh, that's the coup de grace here.
I've not really been hammering that.
Watson hammers this about the fake news.
I'm going to cover his article in the next segment.
They're the ones that lied about WMDs to start wars.
They're the ones saying cops are all basically racist, so when cops get killed, it's okay, like Newsweek said, because we need to riot and burn stuff down.
Remember that?
They've written articles.
Just type in, Newsweek called for burning cities and looting and death.
It shows fires and says, when it's time to riot, was the headline.
Time to have a communist insurrection from the big bank-owned, you know, Time Warner.
Because they want to destabilize the country and end a real discourse.
So, they're the ones calling for violence, they're the ones fanning all the flames, they're the ones pushing the whole race narrative, they're the ones involved in all of this, and then they have the nerve when jihadis kill people to say, oh, Islam didn't contribute to it, but then when we cover the Pizzagate story, weeks after it's out, we're the progenitors of it, which isn't even true, and then it's our fault if some guy with a gun goes in the pizza place.
Not that you got Lolita Express, and Clinton, and Podesta, and all this weirdness going on, and people are investigating it, and the cops are investigating it, and so some pizza place is listed, so other people focus on it, the media focuses on it, and gets everybody to then focus on that as a diversion.
That's how sophisticated they are at deception, to basically divert people off into other subjects.
That's how dumb they think they are.
That they put a guy that admits he's a mercenary hack for the government and the media, who will lie to the public and says, I'm a hack, I'll do anything for money, on TV thinking you're stupid.
This guy even defends the fact he'll do anything.
He isn't even ashamed of it.
That's what we have as a collection of these twits who sit around and go, how do we discredit Alex Jones?
But we have somebody on from an admitted fake news site, a clickbait site, and we just say,
Alex Jones, King of Fake News.
Now let's bring on someone who admits what they're doing.
And then it's just, oh, then they had a fake news guy on.
Who even wants the listeners of NPR at this point?
I mean, you've got to say that's the dumbest group of people out there.
They all think they're super intellectual.
They all think they're super smart.
They all think they're part of some, you know, winning cool team.
And it's like, well, ladies are listeners because
You know, the networks for the ladies while they defend Saudi Arabia and everything else.
I mean, it is a sick, mindless pandering.
Let's skip this break.
Because there won't even be a show soon if they censor us.
But you know what?
It doesn't matter because that will build up an even bigger volcano of awakening.
Here is...
The admitted hack for Politico, here is MSNBC.
The bottom line is this becomes a vicious cycle right now, so the media challenges Donald Trump, Glenn, for something he writes.
Donald Trump says we shouldn't trust the media and as a result the people in this country are kind of divided, go to their own corners and they sort of pick their information as they desire it.
Well, first of all, I think I know where I'm going to be having dinner on Sunday night, which is at Comet Pizza.
The other thing about it is, the sewage goes through a pipe.
These social media sites are for-profit enterprises.
You've got Reddit, you've got Facebook, and you have Twitter.
Explain to me why is there a constitutional right to put potentially inflammatory incitements of violence on these sites?
Why aren't Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter and Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook, coming up with a more serious strategy for either labeling or banning groups that knowingly push false and hateful
The challenge to try to keep up with the pace of this information is disseminated right now.
It's worth noting that for Reddit's part, right now they banned the Pizzagate discussion going forward.
But I'm curious for your take on this.
Donald Trump, obviously, InfoWars, we're familiar with that sort of popular website spewing off a lot of conspiracy theories as well.
Even Alex Jones, the founder of InfoWars, you know, spoke proudly about how, man, I said something and Donald Trump spouted it just a couple days later.
Yeah, this is a bizarre story.
It's astonishing.
Infowars, for me, was a great source of entertainment and a lot of laughs, but this wasn't a funny thing at all.
I don't know what the prescription is.
I think maybe Twitter and Facebook could do something, but it seems chilling to me that we're going to have... People don't trust the media, and probably from an ideological perspective, I don't know that people think that
That's enough.
It's CBS, it's ABC, it's NBC, it's MSNBC, it's CNBC.
Yesterday, too, saying shut down Infowars by name on The Morning Joe, Maddow, you name it.
So, they would never call for censor before because, you know, they could just laugh at us, right?
Like I said, six months before Brexit, on the day of Brexit and after, I said, watch, Brexit's going to pass, they're going to try to steal it, and then they're going to announce that the EU doesn't have to follow it.
Well, here it is.
Today, Brexit.
Referendum not legally binding.
A UK Supreme Court told.
The referendum in which Britain's voted to leave the European Union is not legally binding.
The Supreme Court was told Wednesday during a hearing on who has the power to trigger Brexit.
The court is considering an appeal by the government against ruling last month that ministers cannot invoke Article 50 of the EU's Lisbon Treaty, the first formal step in the process of leaving the bloc, without Parliament's explicit approval.
Oh, so the people can't have a referendum.
Just like we couldn't vote for Bernie Sanders, they took that away with superdelegates.
And mainstream media went along with it.
And I love how that last guy there that said Infowars is a joke, when our audience is like 50 times what they are now.
They are a joke.
So that, you know, we used to laugh at it.
I mean, you're laughing at what?
I said they're coming after free speech and they're going to try to shut us down next year, where a year later it's happening.
Oh, we were right about that again with exclusive information from a sitting Supreme Court justice from one of the most trusted news sources and reclusive news sources out there, Matt Drudge.
I mean, you can't get more spicy and intrigue and more credible than that.
I mean, directly from the Supreme Court Justice.
And it's a big joke, huh?
It's real funny.
And then I told you that they were not going to accept this.
And guess how I knew that?
Because we have correspondents in London, two of them, and we have sources in UKIP at the highest levels, and we knew what EU bureaucrats were threatening Farage with behind the scenes.
By the way, I know a bunch of stuff right now that I'm not even going to tell, that the media would kill for right now.
But see, I get the information because I'm trusted.
I'm a real journalist, not a backstabber, not a hack like you.
And see, because I didn't sell out for three million,
And then 10 million.
Oh, these were contracts I was offered in the last 18 years.
A million, three million, 10 million.
I mean, real contracts.
Any of you little hacks ever seen a $10 million contract over three years?
And you know what I told them?
You could take that and have a good evening.
And I mean, I've been offered everything.
And did it work?
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
And now we're to the point that you openly want to censor me and everybody else that's kicking your butt up and down the street.
Do you file lawsuits on my fake news that hurt somebody that's provable?
Because you know they wouldn't win and you know I'll fight them.
All you do is sit up there and lie to your audience and get people killed.
And say white people are a bunch of racists, so white people are being killed on the streets of America every day because of their race.
But that's okay, because you're busy creating a racially based society.
How sickening.
Now, I've got the NPR pieces, they're even worse.
But this just illustrates where they're going.
I want to get into the world,
They're building.
Now, when I read this article later, you're going to say, Alex, we've heard this 5,000 times from you.
Yeah, and only me.
Only me.
If you go back 20 years ago, 15 years ago, 10 years ago, the last six, they have gone from denying all this and writing books saying I'm insane to saying exactly what I told you.
Now, again, I'd love to give myself credit.
The Club of Rome, Davos, MIT,
British Ministry of Defense, Defense Department, they all have futurists that write white papers and books saying this is the plan since the 1870s.
Now, does anyone want to hear the plan from the 1870s?
I mean, I had a film sold 300,000 DVDs about it.
That get any respect?
Film got watched 20 million times on YouTube.
It's called Endgame, Blue River Global Enslavement.
Made it nine years ago, you watch the film, people now watch it and freak out and go, most of this has come true!
They're like, who the hell is this guy?
I'm nobody!
When I read robber barons writing 1,100 page and 800 page books about how they're going to break up our families, dumb us down, drug us, put us in prison housing basically, call it trendy, they say, you call it trendy for these atomized people that didn't have any families.
As long as they think they're part of a tribe, we'll make the tribe service to the government being slaves, and then they'll be happy to euthanize themselves in the final phase.
And then I've been told by the elite, Alex, you won't be part of this because you understand it all.
You'll be smart enough to be part of this and have kids, and there's ways to countermand it, and blah, blah, blah, blah, and be with us, be with us.
And I'm sitting there going, no, no.
And then they go, watch this.
And they manipulate the crowd.
I'm like, I want to try to show you how to be free.
Shut up!
It's like Omega Man.
He's like, I have the cure.
They're like, shut up!
Throw a spear right into him.
I don't know.
There's only a few of them that are actually, you know, real smart, and they're real smart, and the rest of them are like little zombies, and they just, they just hate those of us that still got red blood.
It's spiritual, though.
Probably have NPR playing clubs going, and he really believes they're zombies and they're Morlocks.
It's called allegories, parallels, parables, stories.
It's how humans communicate most anciently around the campfire.
That's how I communicate.
And I've sat there, I haven't done it in years, with the Morlocks.
John Harmon's heard of Morlock.
Head of the Kissinger Group was on, and I was like, do you know this is Alex Jones?
Why'd you come on?
He goes, I thought you'd want to be reasonable.
You're part of the super class running your conspiracy group in the future, I know.
I thought you were willing to come up here and meet with us.
Come on, let's come back and show that you can be.
I'm like, no I'm not.
He goes, I can't believe this.
I'm leaving, man.
I came on here to try to reach out to you and believe you'd want to have a life of true value and real change.
You know, you'll influence things better working with us.
John Herman heard it all.
Thomas Barnett, one of the top futurists in the military war colleges, gives these speeches on C-SPAN about world government and how we're going to set it up and how our military works for world government.
They've recruited all these generals that are traitors.
And it was, again, John Harmon.
Harmon's been here 15 years.
And Barnett came on and thought he was calling on Alex S. Jones, formerly the head of the New York Times, who had his own radio show at the time on NPR.
And he heard me talking, he went to break, and he goes, he told Harmon, he goes, I'm not going on.
That's Alex Jones?
And he goes, just talk to Alex.
He puts me on the three-way with him.
He patches me through, and I go, sir, just please come on and figure out ideas.
He goes, listen, you'll never stop us.
In a voice like this.
He goes, you'll never stop our operations.
The public's in a few weeks.
You'll never beat us!
In like a voice like that.
I said, come on then, prove it!
Come on, coward!
And he goes, ha ha ha!
Like in a movie, he goes, ha ha ha ha ha ha!
And hung the phone up.
Harmon, I never asked you to tell that story.
That was 15 years ago.
Do you remember that?
I don't know if Harmon's at the board right now.
I do remember that.
I do remember that.
And we even called him back again, remember?
Yeah, it was no joke.
I mean, it literally happened just like that.
Like, he was a villain in a James Bond movie.
I mean, did he not literally?
Because if you can do the laugh, I can do it.
He was like... Yeah, exactly.
Pretty much like that.
Well, you do your imitation of it.
I don't know.
No, you're right.
He kind of cut it off short.
He was like...
It was just like out of a movie.
It was just... That's the thing!
You engage them, they'll be like, you're one of us, you're going to enjoy it.
It's all the women, all the power, Alex, yeah.
That's what you say to them.
You'll regret this!
I was sitting there one time with all these gloves, he was like, he was all scared.
He was like, ahh!
Like out of the room like a demon.
He's like sweating.
It's like spiritual, folks.
Like a Skeksi backing away.
Folks, I'm telling you, you gotta see it.
If you saw it, you'd be so awake.
Stay with us.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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If you look at Bill Clinton, far worse.
Minor words and his was action.
His was what he's done to women.
There's never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation that's been so abusive to women.
Bill Clinton was abusive to women.
Hillary Clinton attacked those same women.
And attack them viciously, four of them here tonight.
So much of what he's just said is not right, but he gets to run his campaign any way he chooses.
There is an information warfare happening right now.
It's a fight for our minds.
And InfoWars.com is on the front lines.
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InfoWars.com forward slash app.
The web giants at YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft have announced that they are stepping up efforts to remove extremist content from the Internet as the EU demands social media websites censor fake news within 24 hours.
Meanwhile, the fake news controversy is being exploited by the mainstream media to characterize completely legitimate alternative news sources.
For example, CBS News just listed InfoWars as a fake news website.
And that's because the mainstream establishment media is losing all credibility with the American people.
And it was alternative and social media who helped Donald Trump
I love, I mean love Eric Clapton.
Frank it up!
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
I love all the bridges I've had to cross.
All the roads.
All the fights.
Worst things ever happened to me now I wear like honor.
It's absolutely right.
For I can talk to the boss!
You know how much I love you, listeners, viewers?
I don't care what color you are, I love you!
And all I want to do is beat these vampires.
Crank it up!
For you finally understand!
I love Christ so much.
The stronger the evil comes against me, the stronger God just opens the gates, energizes me.
It's unbelievable.
That's why we're supposed to have the animating contest at Liberty that Thomas Jefferson talked about.
Every amount of evil they throw at you, if you're doing this for the right reason, God will throw even more energy at you.
And it's unbelievable.
The enemy knows about the spiritual realm.
That's why they try to block you out of it, not let you know it's there.
I guess that's more fake news, right?
They'll take things and spin things, even in the New York Times, and places about me, and the Young Turks have done it.
I've talked about God, the metaphysical other dimensions that every culture believed in, and I said, but do you believe in space aliens, or advanced intelligences, or the God of the Bible?
I mean, there's a lot of unknown out there.
And we can interface with it, and science has shown it's there.
There's a lot of quackery and stuff that tries to intercess itself between that.
That's the priest class.
Just go around the priest class, directly to God.
Directly to truth.
God is truth.
And they had articles saying that I believe space aliens run the planet.
For all intents and purposes, is that what the Bible says the devil is?
Fall into this planet?
Wants to kill, steal, and destroy?
The globalists have got advanced knowledge, folks.
I've studied it.
And you come up against it, and you come up against the top globalists.
They're not that smart.
They're animated by something not of this world.
And nothing bites like I do!
Nothing screams out loud in the empty night!
Think about it.
Alright, where should we begin here?
Uh, they found it.
I'm driving in the morning, good job Buckley.
I almost hate to ask him to do stuff, though, because he's really good at all the stuff he does, but then he'll just ferret until he finally gets it.
And I guess he found, out of all the hours, the exact part I listened to for five minutes in the car this morning.
And like I told you, it's just, I mean, you tune to NPR, they're attacking me.
I mean, it's just, I bet it's like, I asked you, well, when did you hear it?
I heard it at nine at night.
I heard it in the middle of the night.
I heard it at noon.
I heard it was this show, it was that show.
I've got a name of the show.
Let's put it on screen for a moment.
And I just tune in, driving to work, and it's on point with Tom Ashbrook.
We're gonna go to that in a minute.
And you listen to these guys.
What I love is gone is the simpering, fop-driven arrogance.
And it's now more of a sputtering fear.
And let me explain something to you, Dumbo.
I've never really pushed a boycott of NPR, but let me tell you, turnabout is fair play.
And the fact that you're state-running at $450 million a year of taxpayer money, even more than that in big tax-free foundation money, so it's taxpayer money again.
Rockefeller found me the list of Robert Aaron Crooks.
They had a project to take over radio.
They've been doing it since the 30s.
They did it.
The fact you're giving the lower end of the FM spectrum the best part, free, worth billions a year.
We're good.
I guarantee you.
You know what?
I'm going to talk to Donald.
I promise.
I promise you now, the next time I talk to Donald Trump, I don't miss his call.
I thought I'm missing that call.
Then you get pissed.
I'm going to bring up, you know, sir, I know you're not vindictive with the media, Mr. President, President-elect, but you know NPR gets $450 million a year at least of taxpayer money and big tax-free money as well.
And they attack free press and they attack you.
Can't we call for Congress to defund NPR?
Oh, they'll call it the arts and school kids.
No, it's not.
It's a bunch of garbage.
And see how NPR likes that.
You want to shut me down and put me in the street and put my First Amendment in a jail cell?
They openly say, shut us down and we're dangerous.
I'm going to play the clip.
All over the news, like I don't exist, like I'm not a person, like I'm not going to fight back.
I don't get it about delusionals.
It's like Hitler.
He thought he'd beat Russia, the UK, and the United States.
The U.S.
was 240 million people then.
Germany was about 75 million.
He had Austria, so maybe about 85 million total.
Italy wasn't even really in the war.
Military was a joke.
I mean, invaded North Africa, he couldn't even win that.
Well, let's throw in 10 million, you know, Italians or whatever.
It was more like 50 million in the country, but let's say he had 95 million people total.
You're going to start a fight with combined populations of the entire British Empire and the United States and everything else of 500 million people of a total war culture?
That Hitler even said was the superior war culture to Germany!
But in your delusion, you really thought you'd kick our ass, dumbass!
And now again!
I was talking about the British Empire and the U.S.
Oh, just don't forget the Russians!
There were like a hundred million at the time.
Oh, that's gonna be a real piece of cake.
And when the war was over, there were, how many?
About 54 million Germans.
And I feel sorry for the Germans.
I think my dominant bloodline's German.
I'm a high 57, but I got German, quite a bit of it in there.
My mom's maiden name's Hammond.
Well, just look at me and Buckley, we're just regular pals.
The point is that... You're crazy!
You're nuts, man!
Everybody knows the Clintons are involved in pedophilia.
Everybody knows about the Lolita Jet.
Everybody knows about the Catholic Church.
Everybody knows about Penn State.
Everybody knows about Homeland Security people getting busted all the time by good Homeland Security.
Running child kidnapping rings, man!
And so, we look at a story and say, people are investigating this, and so you lie about us and say that we sent some gunman or something.
Because you want to censor us.
You're a joke!
And you're in an info war now.
Oh my gosh!
Hillary said four years ago to Congress, the Secretary of State, that the globalists were losing the info war.
Oh, what a visionary!
You, in 2016, in December, figure it out.
And you're the host.
Info war, yes.
Alex has called that.
Oh, a 22-year-old figured it out?
21 years ago?
I'm not bragging about me.
I read hundreds of warfare books.
I read hundreds of history books.
And I came from a bloodline of people that stomped tyrants down through the ground!
I'm bred for it!
Get ready for it!
You want to face it?
You are now getting it!
I'm a sheepdog born to go after scraggly, one-legged, half-assed wolves like you.
You're a joke!
You kill me, I win.
You attack and demonize us, I win.
You shut us down, I win.
I keep fighting, you back off and lose, I win.
I win.
I win.
I win.
I win.
I win.
Because I'm not a hunchback piece of crap parasite like you.
I believe in humanity.
I want to build humanity.
I want to have an enlightenment.
I want space bases.
I want life extension.
I want truth and justice.
And how dare you ever claim that I am trying to lie to people when my great weapon is the truth!
A double-edged war sword that has hacked the enemy to hell in 20 years, and we're just getting started!
And I don't say this in some power trip like you simpering sycophant lapdogs.
I say it in the combined energy of the great animating contest that is the Enlightenment, that is the great leap forward, not your counterfeits like Malaunch.
You people are a joke!
You work for Rockefeller, U.S.
government-funded robber baron, worst aspects that this country ever developed.
You are the worst byproduct of the robber barons.
You work for the worst, most horrible people the world has ever seen.
I haven't even gotten to Paul Watson's article or the bigger story.
They're now announcing that you're going to live in a coffin apartment.
I know you say, we heard this 10 years ago.
It's here now.
And that you're going to be poor and own nothing and be a slave.
And they're gonna euthanize you.
Go to the... Go to the... What do they call it in Soylent Green?
Let's all go to the, uh... Suicide Aurarium.
Let's all go to the Euthanasia Center.
You're a frickin' cult of loons!
And you know what I do?
I'm the opposite of your simpering, soft little voices.
You know, they sit there in this particular tape, and they go, it's the same on CBS, ABC, it's the same, and they go, now it's not on this kook, laugh at me all, they say, he's dangerous, he's slick, he's, oh, what do we do?
I'm not any of those things.
I'm red-blooded.
Get used to it.
I know a pack of weasels when I see them.
Most of these NPR people don't even care where they came from or who they are.
They just want to go up the chain of command, kiss each other's butts, do whatever they're told to advance in a system.
I'm not trying to advance in your system.
Your system is an artificial overlay over humans' normal development.
I'm here to remove you like a tumor!
I don't want to join the tumor.
I don't want to be brought to the heights of the tumor at one inch high and look at the survey of the things below and feel big.
I want to go up here, see.
I want my progeny to build worlds because they're made in the image of the Creator.
But are you of your father the devil?
Is that why you don't have this vision?
Why you can't have this vision?
Next they'll say he claims he has visions.
The term.
I have vision.
Vision to restore the republic.
Vision to innovate.
Vision to build.
You know what built all this that you've now infested.
Your lack of vision.
It's disgusting.
In fact, the vision you have is like stunted and twisted and how you're going to enslave everyone and run everyone and control their lives and you're going to be the boss and you're going to be in charge and you're going to control everything and you're going to... I had a repair truck parked outside my house yesterday morning.
I had electrical stuff going on.
Power outages and the power went out and it blew some stuff in my house up.
You know, it does that, blah blah, some circuit breakers.
And they got parks resposed to the street and some guy in the neighborhood association runs over and starts screaming at the electrician, threatening to physically attack him.
And of course, it's the petty power trip guy that's the head of the homeowners association.
I haven't gotten around to sending a letter because I'm sure there'll be some letter that I did something wrong now.
And that's what I mean.
These guys are like ruling over neighborhoods, yelling at poor electricians.
That's the exact type of crap I'm talking about.
You're pathetic!
You're a joke!
I don't say it to make you feel bad.
It needs to be said.
You're a joke!
You call us fake media?
It's crazy.
Of course there's no proof.
They play a clip of us breaking down the Clinton death list and showing dead people and showing news articles and showing documents.
But they just show a little clip and say to their audience, that's all he has.
He didn't have any proof.
See, it's all lies.
I could talk for 10 hours about this short clip.
It went on and on.
I'm going to play a short clip because it's all deception.
Oh no!
Oh no!
Presidents never have anybody killed.
And the Clintons and the Dixie Mafia, oh, they're very nice people.
They never kill anybody.
The CIA never kills anybody.
The Army never kills anybody.
There aren't Delta Force hit teams at the highest level.
Phase 2 out of the normal Delta Force in every town.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
They're like, what does that mean?
You don't know anything.
You're like children.
You're idiots.
Now, let's go ahead and go to the reality.
Let's play a clip.
of our new kings, our queens, I'm being sarcastic, that tell us what is reality and tell us what's fake and tell us what's dangerous.
And notice, they'll mention someone who was fake, but not me.
Oh, this other guy was fake and did something to me.
I'm a victim.
I'm a victim, he says, is how it starts.
And then it moves on to me, the big devil.
Here it is.
I think these websites, the one I was describing that wrote a stupid story about me that made up quotes this week, that's not propaganda.
That's just stupidity.
That's just tweaking me.
That's just trying to get Facebook shares.
Trolling is actually the best word for it.
But when it comes to foreign government actors, security services for other countries, creating articles and promoting them through botnets on Twitter, yes, that is a form of propaganda.
They never proved the Russians were behind all this.
They said that I get my orders from Russia and so does Trump.
Turned out Hillary was getting $35 million from him and actually making deals and met secretly with Putin.
Never been to Russia.
I mean, I'm saying the same thing I was saying 20 years ago.
But see, oh, they're going to get to me, the Russian agent in a moment.
This isn't fake news, though.
Alex Jones works for the Russians.
This isn't fake.
This is real.
I also work for the Martians.
Here it is.
Putting them through botnets on Twitter.
Yes, that is a form of propaganda.
And we need to, like I said, have a better sense of what that is so we can call it what it is.
I've started coming to use the terms information warfare to talk most broadly about this, because we are looking at information warfare in this Trump age.
It didn't start with Donald Trump.
But clearly that's what we're seeing right now.
And people in power benefit from the kind of confusion that we're seeing online today.
I mean, they can take it so far here.
You could talk about information warfare.
You've got Alex Jones, this conspiracy theorist, who does InfoWars show, saying 9-11 was an inside job, the Fort Hood shootings were staged, and a lot of people listen to him.
I said 28 pages.
The FBI was in the news at the time saying they were ordered to stand down.
The head of the Transportation Department said he saw Cheney have an order to stand down.
The hijackers were ordered to be let out of the country even though they were enlisted as Al-Qaeda.
I've had the head of the embassy, Mr. Springman, on.
And I said that they were covering up the stand down in Saudi Arabia.
It's all come out.
I've had members of Congress on.
I'm proven right.
Then he goes into the next point.
Back that up because the next point's bull too.
Let's play that one more time.
Here it is.
A lot of people listen to him.
This is him in August, late August, talking about people associated with Hillary Clinton.
Back it up, guys.
I want people to hear that again, because I forgot the other part.
I mean, I knew it was a lie, but then I forgot which one it was, because I'd forgotten the second point.
Play it where he says, oh, Fort Hood, Fort Hood.
I said that the CIA, for two years, know that he was talking to the head of Al Qaeda and protected him and let the shooting take place.
That was in the Washington Times and even the Associated Press.
So, I didn't say it wasn't a radical Islamic attack.
I said they knew he was doing it, they knew he was radicalized, they knew the attack was taking place, and they stood down.
But he just says that I say it was all fake.
Here it is.
Information warfare.
To talk most broadly about this, because we are looking at information warfare in this Trump age.
It didn't start with Donald Trump, but clearly that's what we're seeing right now.
Pause again.
Back at it 20 seconds.
Oh, there's only information warfare.
Only started
In the Trump Age?
No, the Germans called it Info War or Mind War in World War I. That's what the British called it as well.
Or Propaganda.
And I've read the books by Bernays and Goebbels and all of them from both sides of the equation.
So again, they're now telling you that, oh, in the Trump Age, there's a thing called Info War.
The most important information war weapon is the truth and the moral high ground.
There's white propaganda, gray propaganda, and black propaganda.
We only use white propaganda.
That just means promoting your view.
It's got a dirty name, but it's not dirty.
They use black, you name it, gray, deception, lies, and then say it's us that's doing it.
That's what this comes down to.
So they're introducing to their childlike audience
MPR's been having shows, so has the New York Times, because that's where they take their lead from.
Is there a thing called globalism?
Do globalists exist?
They go, yes, they want to help you, but the conspiracy theorists say the global government isn't good.
It's this type of bull.
So we're going to have to talk to their mental midget listeners like they're geniuses.
But I'm going to stop interrupting.
Let's just play the club.
There's security services for other countries creating articles and promoting them through botnets on Twitter.
Yes, that is a form of propaganda and we need to, like I said, have a better sense of what that is so we can call it what it is.
I've started coming to use the terms information warfare to talk most broadly about this because we are looking at information warfare in this Trump age.
We didn't start with Donald Trump.
But clearly that's what we're seeing right now.
And people in power benefit from the kind of confusion that we're seeing online.
The whole corporate system, the mainstream media, OMA, the corporate system, is engaged in manipulative, deceptive info war.
They've been caught lying on every front.
WikiLeaks shows it.
And so they're saying they just discovered info war and the power elite are running it.
Well, yeah, they're running a disinfo info war.
We're running an insurrection to restore the republic and prosperity and justice and truth and exposing the whole info wars apparatus.
Hence a website called Info Wars.
And 20 years after I started the website, people finally get it.
But is there a hat off that I'm a visionary?
Is there a hat off I did my homework?
Is there a hat off I, you know, didn't know that I was right about the Iraq War being a lie?
And right about all the other crap?
And glyphosates, 20 years ago, now everybody knows it.
Or bisphenol A, 20 years ago, now everybody knows it.
On and on and on.
Or fluoride, bad, 20 years ago, now Harvard says, take it out of the water.
I'm a bad Russian agent!
That's outrageous crap!
I mean, they can take it so far here.
You could talk about information warfare.
You've got Alex Jones, this conspiracy theorist, who does Info Wars show, saying 9-11 was an inside job, that Fort Hood shootings were staged, and a lot of people listen to him.
This is him in August, late August, talking about people associated with Hillary Clinton.
He likes to say that died under suspicious circumstances.
None of this was about facts, about proven facts.
It's just...
Outrageous assertion, but these things get currency.
Here's Alex Jones.
Hate to even play it, but you have to have a sense of what's out there.
It would take hours to chronicle the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that have been mysteriously murdered, gunned down, choked to death, drowned, cut into pieces since the Clintons were running for governor right through President, right through the State Department to today.
Okay, I don't even know where to begin.
And there's the first image.
You have to play it because this is slickly produced.
You know, Alex Jones can look like CNN when he wants to.
He can sound like NPR when he wants to.
And that is incredibly dangerous.
And it goes on and on.
Oh, see, all about them is how you look and how you sound.
Sleepy time.
Yes, I can do bedtime stories with Mr. Rogers.
Hello, kids.
Get on board the white MPR van.
We have free welfare, free shots, free everything, just like North Korea.
Come on along.
Sponsored by Rockefeller, Ford Foundation, and Monsanto.
Coming up next, parents aren't needed anymore.
Oh, that's another conspiracy theory?
Should I play MSNBC saying we should get around the idea of parents controlling their kids?
It's the state.
Should I play Bill Sarasperry?
Nobody knows you're coming after the kids.
This article I'm going to shoot a special report on.
It'll be on the news tonight.
I didn't get to it.
Roger Stone's coming up in the fourth hour.
But I will shoot a big special report on this, and I will air it tomorrow on the show and the nightly news today.
But it's the World Economic Forum.
Welcome to 2030.
I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better.
Everything controls you.
Computers run your life.
Everything is rented from a group collective.
Oh, it's so wonderful.
Oh, yes.
But when you actually read deeper into what they're planning, it is nightmare.
And you'll be taxed by the mile, and it'll tell you what food you can have when.
It's in the Meganopolis videos that they're all teaching
Right now, in UK schools, they show these videos where the women are in charge, and the husband, you know, works at a video game factory, and then he gets meat once a year on his birthday, and then blah, blah, blah, and everyone's controlled, you take your medicine every day, and it's so fun, and everybody looks the same, and all the professors saying, soon we'll all look the same, don't say mommy or daddy, some people don't have mommy and daddy, it's like, that's not, oh, by the way,
That 50's song, you know, Come Inside Honey It's Cold?
They're saying that's sexually suggestive and is rape.
That was in the news.
I didn't get to that today.
Oh yes, but like, rap about I rape her, I drug her, that's all fine or whatever, but don't have something about, oh baby it's cold outside, you know.
Come inside where it's warm, a man and a woman together, that's bad.
In fact, let's show THS 1138.
Because this is what Aldous Huxley said is the plan for you and your family.
And totally humanization, showing you all the violence on TV, all of it, breaking the man and the woman up.
They don't even need the man and the woman anymore, but they just, the religion of the technocrats in this is hurting the human.
Even though they're human, they get a pleasure, a perverse pleasure, the boot stomping on the human face forever, Winston.
But it's okay, because I even hate to play this.
It's so... Let's create a revulsion in our wimpy audience.
We'll get taken away, don't let me hear it!
Was it Rockefeller approved?
By the way, Anthony ran in here during the break and he said, our ozonated olive oil, that's proprietary, the most concentrated out there that anybody's got of ozonation, just... Last time, I don't know why we get such a limited supply, it's hard to manufacture.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
They call us walking corpses.
Unholy living dead.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
I don't want to be in your New World or the Hell.
Ain't no mystery.
Why, I'm in misery!
Yeah, they call us walking corpses, general public.
They call us cattle.
They like to lock us up in their modern prison planet.
Put us in their pretty pens.
In the beautiful cities.
I don't want to be in your British hell.
Ain't no mystery.
All right, look at this.
World Economic Forum.
I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better.
The elite admit they want us to be jobless, homeless, under complete, gloveless control, with no more families.
Germany years ago banned any new constructions of single-family homes.
The circle is now complete.
I'm going to shoot a very special report for the nightly news that will air this evening, 7 o'clock central time.
Now before I go any further, Roger Stone's coming up, and I don't want to say I dropped the ball today, but this article needs to go mega viral, and I'm going to have Paul Watson keep this up all day on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com, and I'm going to read this sucker at the start of the broadcast tomorrow.
Because it really is powerful to break down the ultimate fake news list.
That's a pretty good headline, but I contributed to the article.
Paul wrote most of it.
But, I mean, it's... I don't even mean more powerful.
I mean, how do you say, like, list of real fake news released?
And surprise surprise, the fake news put out the list of the news they claim is fake.
Shut it down.
So we're not calling to shut down the fake news, we're calling for the free speech right to expose them.
But of course the fake news wants us shut down because the counterfeit always wants to kill the real thing.
Or physically.
I experienced that, like why is Glenn Beck out to get me?
Why is he always attacking me?
Starting like 10 years ago.
But before, it was behind the scenes.
He didn't want to give me any attention.
He had big corporate funding put on air, all this other stuff.
And finally, he had so many top Clear Channel people and others formerly.
I'm talking about presidents, vice presidents, people that had gone to work for him.
As the years went on, even when they worked for him, he was so mean, so nasty.
I'd run into him in New York and stuff at like RTF events.
And Fox News and stuff.
I mean, some of these are household names.
They go, man, Glenn Beck thinks he's the Messiah, and he hates you.
He's got five people over at Mercury Media that are obsessed with you, and he's got acting lessons.
And then I later see this stuff in the news.
And Glenn Beck, like we put on makeup, he like candy butts around.
I'm not against gay people, and I'm not saying he's gay, but let me just tell you, the guy is super feminine, super Nelly.
Of course, I have no Nelly guys.
Get more women than, you know, Errol Flynn.
It'll beat your ass, too.
It's just somebody who talks like a woman behind the scenes and walks around like this.
Maybe only their mom raised them.
I don't know.
The point is, behind the scenes, he is, like, hand on the hip, going, oh, let me tell you, baby.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
So, you know, that's Glenn Beck.
He's a thespian.
He's an actor.
He's a big liberal, big abortion supporter, a lot of other stuff.
And I never even went there.
I knew all that.
I was just like, please stop, Glenn Beck.
Please stop.
Please stop.
I mean, I know stuff about Beck.
He's already devastated himself, okay?
And I don't get off on devastating somebody.
I don't want to devastate Rush Limbaugh or any other guy that's out there, you know, that's as big as we are, bigger on Talk Radio Trust, really.
I mean, I don't even take any pleasure saying I'm bigger than Rush Limbaugh.
Overall, worldwide, I mean, easily.
His demographic, he's bigger than I am, but it isn't about that.
I mean, Rush has got problems.
He's not out to get America.
The difference with Beck is he's a Judas coat, and I told you that at least five years ago.
I don't know why I got off into Beck.
Oh, it's the body snatcher deal.
He was always trying to get me, get rid of me, because they got to get rid of whatever it is they copy, obviously.
So I was, I mean, trying to get me off stations, taking sponsors, just on my butt.
So I'm not a vindictive person, but I got to tell you, there is a Lord, He acts in mysterious ways, and Glenn Beck got his.
BuzzFeed says white people are a plague to the planet.
In a listicle published on Monday, BuzzFeed ran insulting and racist messages towards white people.
Many of the presentations included hate speech, such as how white people plagued society.
White people are crazy!
And white people are a plague to the planet.
Meanwhile, an image is featured of the presenter, who is a young woman wearing a Make America Brown Again t-shirt.
And earlier this year, BuzzFeed also produced a video on YouTube that shamed white people for being arrogant, controlling, and selfish.
Entitled, People of Color from Around the World Respond to White, the clip is a three-minute guilt trip intended to shame Caucasians
I'm gonna lay it out short and sweet.
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They took my saddle in Houston.
Broke my leg in Santa Fe.
Lost my wife and a girlfriend somewhere along the way.
In defense of human liberty, Alex Jones.
I'll be looking for aid when they pull that gate.
And I hope that judge is right.
Alright, he's just left the Trump Tower.
He's back in his New York studios.
The wall's festooned with nine political campaigns of regalia and three White Houses he worked in, including the Nixon and, of course, Ronald Reagan White House.
And he said it earlier today when he popped in with us, he's never been more proud or energized by the history that's taking place.
I'd say seismically what Trump's doing is ten times what Reagan did if he delivers.
And he's delivering so far, taking Boeing to the woodshed about double-charging for a plane.
Bringing back Carrier.
Bringing in $50 billion from Japan to build advanced technology in the U.S.
Ford announcing multiple plants coming back.
And of course he's got several guests coming on.
Just in closing as I hand the baton to him, James O'Keefe's come out and said the media's dead, we killed it.
BuzzFeed says white people are the plague to the planet.
But that's not going to be banned.
Because it's race baiting, it's racial division.
But if you
If you expose a Islamist that murders a woman in Germany and it's on the German news and you show it, that's hate speech for showing a German news article, that's banned.
So that's the new banning that they're talking about, the new program, and it's up on Infowars.com, an article by Paul Watson and myself that needs to go mega-viral.
The real fake news list has been released, the ultimate fake news list, and we have a
Petition and a sign up for alerts on free speech and we're launching a major initiative to protest in New York at CNN.
I can now announce that Roger can speak to it and go to his guest.
And we're also going to be, I'm going to be delivering when it's hundreds of thousands, which should only take a few days with a 40,000 sign up just in the last few hours, delivering that by hand to Trump Tower and to Congress.
And just pointing out that we don't want to be censored.
And have a new blacklist.
Now to its credit, The Guardian and others have said this is horrible, this is fascism.
Roger, I know you've got a bunch of guests lined up in a lot, so you were a bit late getting in the cockpit as you were coming back from important work at Trump Tower, obviously, but I'll hand the baton to you, my friend.
Take over.
Thank you very much, Alex, and thank you for letting me sit in here today.
You accurately said I just rushed back from the Tower.
I had the high privilege of seeing the President-elect again yesterday at Trump Tower for a short period of time.
And as I told you yesterday, although I don't divulge the contents of those private conversations, I can tell you he is upbeat, optimistic, having the time of his life.
Working the phones like Lyndon Johnson, business leaders, civic leaders, reaching out to people not in his coalition like Al Gore, Al Sharpton.
Sure, for 40 years there's been a signal to not build here in America.
That signal's now reversing and it's dramatic.
Yeah, I think the message here is simple.
America is open for business again.
Trump is going to trim taxes and trim regulations and trim all the bureaucratic red tape that has prevented, that has forced businesses to flee.
This is not, as you know, the capitalists' plan.
Their plan is to destroy the U.S.
job market and bring us to our knees.
And they almost succeeded, but for a guy named Donald John Trump.
We are a lot to cover here.
First of all, as I came down from the tower and the elevators opened, I was assaulted by a gaggle of reporters.
And they all wanted to know what we discussed and I told them honestly that I had told the book, The Making of the President 2016, how Donald Trump orchestrated an American Revolution and proved the mainstream media wrong.
I was quite excited about the book and I was asked immediately about Pizzagate.
Now, in all honesty, I have been immersed in trying to finish a manuscript for a book.
I'm not all that familiar with Pizzagate.
I have never tweeted on it from my personal server, my personal Twitter feed, or my personal Facebook page, because it's not something motivating me at this moment.
Some of the Stone Cold truth authors like St.
John Hunt and others have been looking into it.
It does appear that code words that the FBI has said previously are used, pedophilic rings, were being used in some emails.
That's about what I know.
But that didn't stop some gentleman
In Washington, D.C., for claiming that I endangered the life of his three children because of my proselytizing on this issue, I guess.
So if you want fake news, there's some fake news for you.
I then went down to the 14th floor of the transition, and I can tell you that there is an armada of retreads.
From the old Republican Party, both the Congressional wing of the party and the Romney-McCain-Bush burnouts who are trying to board this ship.
I saw people and heard about people whose names I haven't heard in 25 to 30 years.
These are people who did nothing whatsoever to elect Donald Trump.
And they're people who don't share Donald Trump's values.
They disagree with him on trade, they disagree with him on monetary policy, they disagree with him on immigration, yet they seek glory and titles, and then you have kind of a jockeying among the billionaires, some of whom were financially supportive, a small handful of Donald's personal friends, but by and large, this campaign was not funded with that cap money.
This was funded with small donations, and therefore there's not a long line of billionaires waiting for government positions.
I think merit is going to play some role in Donald Trump's final decisions, but I have seen this co-option of the revolution once before.
And it was when Ronald Reagan was elected.
I was in the transition.
And then suddenly the Bushite boarding party showed up in force.
We found people like Malcolm Baldrige, a Yale classmate of Poppy's, George H.W.
Bush, as our Commerce Secretary.
Jim Baker, a friend of mine, a very capable man, a guy who has certainly aided my career when he got governor, probably President Ronald Reagan, to endorse Governor Tom Kane, then candidate for Governor Tom Kane in New Jersey.
But nonetheless, a globalist, a Bushite.
That's the fact.
So Trump must resist this armada.
Now, I heard that Sean Spicer,
from the Republican National Committee was going to be the press secretary for the president.
And I find this perplexing.
Because I remember when Mr. Spicer said publicly, I believe it was in September, that if candidate Trump does not improve his polling numbers, well then the Republican National Committee would withdraw its support.
This is extraordinary because the Republican National Chairman serves at the pleasure of the nominee for President.
It has always been thus.
Reince Priebus is the first National Chairman who lost an election in the ignominious defeat of Mitt Romney to be retained for four more years.
Unheard of.
Rewarding failure.
Yet, Spicer was never chastised.
The idea of the chairman pulling the rug out from under a presidential candidate, this is unheard of.
Richard Nixon would roll in his grave.
Why not Laura Ingraham?
Why not Monica Crowley?
Why not Jason Miller, who did, I think, a good job as Donald Trump's press spokesman during the campaign?
So, I think there are options of people who supported the President.
I understand that the President-elect is building a coalition, and I think one of Ronald Reagan's great strengths was that he did reach out to the Bush people, the Howard Baker people, the John Connolly people.
Jim Brady, who was almost fatally wounded and badly wounded in the assassination on Trump,
Uh, is, um, is, uh, uh, was a, uh, Connolly associate.
In any event, uh, uh, quick to Charles Ortel, uh, who is one of the most brilliant people I met during the, um, the, this 2016 campaign.
Uh, he is a, uh, uh, a wizard of Wall Street, uh, a guy who understands corporate finance, uh, in the charitable realm, and his work at charlesortel.com
Plays a key role in our understanding of the Clinton Foundation's scandals.
So, Charles, welcome to the show, and I'm sorry for our delay, but I had a lot to get off my chest there.
No, thanks so much for having me on, Roger.
So, Charles, the President-elect comes out and says the Clintons should not be prosecuted.
I know that you have a great understanding of their crimes.
What's your take?
Well, actually what he said was very clever.
He said that he didn't believe there should be a new investigation opened into Hillary Clinton's potential abuses.
That's a very different thing than saying, you know, that the ongoing investigations, which I understand to be legion inside the U.S.
and now outside the U.S., express no view on whether those investigations should proceed.
And indeed, that's a proper approach to take.
The President and the President-elect
So I wasn't disheartened at all by that comment.
Well, it's interesting to me also that I heard that the President-Elect will ask all of the foreign nations who are our allies to release any relevant documents regarding the Clinton Foundation.
I am also quite interested, as I'm sure you are, to see what is in the 650,000 new emails in the Huma Abedin-Anthony Weiner trove.
It was interesting to me, Charles, how many of the WikiLeaks merely confirmed your original work digging into the Clinton Foundation?
Well, thank you for bringing that up.
But actually, Roger, you know, what's going on here is that there are taxpayers in a lot of governments, a lot of countries around the world.
Dr. Grip, you developed Living Defense for us.
It took you over a year to do it.
Why is this so good?