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Air Date: Dec. 6, 2016
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In this episode of The Alex Jones Show, Alex discusses a range of topics including election recounts, immigration laws, and the EU attempting to censor fake news. He expresses his opinion on Barack Obama's connection to the Ford Foundation during his time in Indonesia and how it was potentially illegal for him to receive a scholarship from the organization due to nepotism laws. Alex encourages listeners to support InfoWars because they are under attack from the globalist front, with three main news outlets (Drudge Report, Breitbart, and InfoWars) being targeted for shutdown. Joel Gilbert's film on the globalists is gaining success, and Alex highlights the revelations in it, including Hillary Clinton losing more votes than she gained in recent counts. The podcast also discusses drug decriminalization, political correctness, international politics, and an alternative health product called Heart and Body Extract.

That's how unreal it should be.
From the Infowars.com News Center, deep behind enemy lines in occupied Texas, broadcasting worldwide, you're listening to the voice of human resistance against the technotronic technocracy takeover.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
If you want it, baby, you're about to get it.
It's Tuesday, December 6, 2016.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're gonna be here for the next four hours live, coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, Austin.
I have got to behave myself and cover this news today because it is the good, the bad, and the ugly.
There is so much to go over.
Now Paul Watson wrote about different recounts taking place in Michigan and other states financed by Jill Stein, the Democratic Party.
We're good to go.
And they found less than 2,000 extra for Hillary.
So clearly, as usual, the election fraud is leaning at Trump via the Democrats.
Oh, I'm sorry.
An hour ago in my office, it was 17,000.
It's now 18,422.
Excuse me.
So, as the recount on goes, just every hour it's thousands, thousands more votes that didn't go to Hillary that went to Trump.
So, are they stopping the recount?
Oh no, they're dragging their feet as slowly as possible, so that coming up on the 19th, it's not prepared, it's not ready.
It has to be done, they're saying, by the 13th to send the numbers on, or I guess it just holds up all the electoral college votes that Michigan has.
And that is the goal here.
Oh, and the other states with the recounts, it's the same thing.
Three to one, five to one, sometimes more votes taken from Trump given to Hillary Clinton.
So we're gonna be breaking it all down here today, but there it is from the official state website printouts, 18,000 plus for Trump.
As Trump said, there'd be millions and millions of people
Out there voting illegally and people voting in the place of dead people, and that millions of those votes would be going to him if there was a national recount, and now it appears Trump's right again!
The Democrats in seven states passed laws out of their legislatures that governors wouldn't sign because it violated federal law.
Saying, let illegals vote.
If somebody gets here from China and is here a month, they can vote.
Or from Germany, they can vote.
Or from Mexico.
You can't do that anywhere else.
This is astounding.
Now, that is one article out of hundreds.
And they're all just as insane.
Now that's some good news right there.
Let me give you some bad news, ladies and gentlemen, when we get back.
And it's all being concerted, it's all being coupled and coordinated with the government here in Obama's last 44 days.
EU demands social media websites censor fake news within 24 hours, and now they're calling on CNBC to ban this show.
That's right, ban me.
Stay with us, we'll be back.
Loretta Lynch's Department of Justice just slapped Colorado's largest Sheriff's Department last month with a $10,000 fine and ordered them to take steps to correct their discriminatory hiring practices.
The illegal act the Sheriff's Department committed, you ask?
Well, they hired only U.S.
Now, in a summary of the settlement on the DOJ's website, they said that insisting on U.S.
citizenship violates an anti-discrimination provision in the Immigration and Nationality Act that forbids employers from hiring only U.S.
citizens except in cases where it's mandated by law.
The Denver Sheriff's Department maintains that it's committed to treating all people fairly with dignity and respect.
They're, of course, cleaning up their practices now, and they vowed not to do it again.
More than 40 states have rules in place keeping law enforcement agencies from hiring non-citizens.
Only Colorado, Louisiana, Maine, and Vermont, as well as West Virginia, have no such statewide restriction, which means that Colorado is a target for the DOJ if they continue to hire only U.S.
I'm Margaret Hall reporting for InfoWars.com.
There was a mighty nation, blessed above all of creation.
Charlie Daniels.
He's always loved America.
He's always defended the Second Amendment.
Let me just read a little thing here from Agenda 21.
The American system of justice must be changed to conform to the rest of the world.
Individual rights.
Well, let's take a back seat to the collective.
Well, you know what this expo's going to be, don't you?
It's going to be coming after you, don't it?
Oh, yeah.
I'll tell you, it ain't going to sit well down my way.
At all.
It ain't gonna sit well.
Do you ever wonder what happened to America?
It's time to ride, boys.
We need a thousand Paul Revere's.
When I was a boy, it was okay to be proud of the flag, heritage, mom, and apple pie.
And beef was for supper.
Revelation, dawn of global government.
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Another time in the Age of Wonder.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
On this live, original Tuesday,
December 6, 2016, Global Transmission.
I come to you with extremely good news, my fellow humans, my fellow liberty lovers across this globe.
Humanity is awakening at an alarming rate to the New World Order, and so they are pulling out the stops.
The EU has come out, the official government, the unelected bureaucracy that 20 plus nations never voted to enter, but just magically took them over by covert stealth, has issued an edict to block, using basically a Washington Post list that they use from some nebulous, unnamed website, we don't even know who runs it or owns it, just a magic website, that if in 24 hours,
Google and all these other major internet service providers have not blocked that list that includes InfoWars.com and Breitbart.com and DrudgeReport.com that they will start fining them and take them to court.
Now let's just pull back here because this is so staggering, so over the top that I have trouble even believing it's happening.
A year ago and change.
Matt Drudge gave us an exclusive interview.
He came to this studio, in the shadows about 15 feet away, on a mobile mic, broke down the fact that in 2016 they were going to drop the hammer, whether Republicans got in office or whether Democrats got in office, that the globalists were moving to censor the internet and to shut down nationalist and populist information.
And he had a lengthy dinner with a shitting Supreme Court Justice.
One of the good guys is dead now, so it's not hard to imagine who.
But it's a living Supreme Court Justice.
And that Supreme Court Justice said, I've been briefed, they're ending free speech.
Starting in 2016, they're gonna make their move.
They came here to warn you and say, this is coming.
It wasn't just some local newspaper claiming they talked to the Supreme Court Justice.
It wasn't.
It was Matt Drudge, the reclusive king of news, here to tell you and to warn you this was coming.
Now, how do you come in and announce you're going to have Chinese-style communist censorship?
You call it fake news.
The Communist Chinese
For decades, since they've had internet, have been arresting people, putting out information critical of the government, critical of stocks, bonds, anything.
Negative, basically.
And they arrest them saying, it doesn't exist, you're insane, we're going to put you in a mental institution.
And if you look at what Europe's doing, what the US is doing, it dovetails with the line that you're mentally ill.
The Morning Joe this morning called for internet censorship of anyone talking about the Podesta WikiLeaks emails
That are clearly using code words and talking about the president wanting $65,000 of succulent hot dogs to enjoy.
And the three kids will be in the hot tub for your entertainment.
And we have the FBI's own training manuals that you can go to.
And we put them in reports.
We're putting them on screen, showing the code words and symbols that are used.
And it's pizza, pizza with cheese.
Sauces are, oh, it's walnut sauce.
That means people of color.
This is known, okay?
And it's all in there, and you've had major whistleblowers come out and say that this is going on.
Does that mean
Everyone involved in the emails is doing something wrong.
Absolutely not.
But the point is, is that we know about the Lolita Express and Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton.
Yeah, that guy's a convicted pedophile now.
And the Pleasure Island with the kidnapped kids.
We know about Boys Town and we know about the call boys to the White House.
That's the Washington Times.
And we know about
Penn State, we know about the Catholic Church, and we know about all of this, and how did the Jesuits, now run by Communists openly, take over the Catholic Church a few years ago with a blackmail scandal over pedophilia?
That was even in the Guardian!
Now when the Guardian reports on the fact that blackmail was used to put Pope Francis in, and to have the other Pope, Ratzinger, run off to Gandalf Castle, that's where he stays now, not from Lord of the Rings, Gandalfi Castle,
Is the mainstream media going to say that's a conspiracy theory or an hallucination?
Because on the Morning Joe, they use the words, hallucination.
And that people are hallucinating.
Well, why did WikiLeaks even release this information?
I guess that's a hallucination too.
So this is a literal so-called Jedi mind trick where they are looking at everybody and saying, you didn't just see what you just saw.
These aren't the droids you're looking for.
Move along.
And notice they're putting their list in now before Trump gets in in 44 days.
Notice they're pushing this all now.
Trying to get it in place as a new bureaucratic regime before Trump gets in.
So we're going to put up, coming up this afternoon, our first ever petition.
Not to the White House.
We've done those.
They've had hundreds of thousands of people sign up for it.
Really all it is is we've now learned the White House.
Get in your email and use it in a database so they can spam you with this info.
But it served its purpose because we took it over and it would get national attention on the points we put in there.
But no, we're going to have our own petition so we can deliver it to Donald Trump, who I assure you pays attention and listens.
And so we can also coordinate and try to organize people into a free speech movement.
To defend free speech, we've got a lot of tricks up our sleeves that they actually try to delist us.
They've already done it on Google Chrome.
They've already done it on a lot of platforms, already delisting Breitbart on Apple, iTunes.
This is here.
People better take this very, very seriously, and so should Donald Trump.
And when I deliver him digitally these petitions, and I'm also going to print them off for effect, when I have those delivered to Trump Tower next week, we're going to start this today and run it right through next week.
When I have those delivered,
It'll probably be wheelbarrows of them.
We're going to print them all off.
With a petition and a comment on there.
We're going to try to set up where you're going to have a comment as well.
To a president that actually listens.
We're going to say, Mr. President, in the cover sheet, you notice just last week they called to kick you off Twitter.
They have the Washington Post, the New York Times, tell Twitter, kick Trump off.
He's a bully.
Yeah, he stands up to bullies like you.
He calls people out.
The media does everything they can to show, you know, weird screenshots of him, freeze-framed.
All of it is deception by an enemy media combine, hell-bent on enslaving this nation, and we're standing up against it.
So, EU demands social media websites censor fake news within 24 hours.
Infowars.com, Paul Joseph Watson.
We need this article to go completely and totally viral now.
I'm going to read over it in a moment, but don't forget,
Twitter says it would consider banning Donald Trump's account.
That's in response to the MSM saying ban him.
If they can ban him, they can ban everybody.
Oh, but they decide it's fake.
Your Facebook comments, they say, are fake.
No judge, no jury, nobody sues you to prove libel or defamation.
Just, you're off Facebook, you're off Twitter, you're off YouTube.
That's what they're demanding.
And that'll be used as the model here, the new EU model.
You'll see it if they put it in place, which they say is going to happen today.
Then you'll hear our media go, our MSM go, oh, see, it's the EU government list.
And so it's official.
We're going to follow it, too.
So they're moving to delist, where you cannot post our material or visit InfoWars.com in Europe.
We told you it was coming.
It's incredible.
It's actually happening.
And they want to even censor the President of the United States.
That's how deceptive they are, because they've imploded!
The mainstream media has died!
And I want to explain something to everybody.
Trump is destroying them by exposing their monopolies.
By exposing globalism.
Trump is a godsend.
It's why they hate him so much.
Trump has already delivered.
Not just bringing jobs back, when he's only President-elect, Ford, Carrier, you name it.
But exposing the one-sided deals, exposing the MSM.
I saw a cartoon graphic, somebody showed it to me, and I said, please don't tweet that out.
I don't know if anybody did on Real Alex Jones, because I tweet on there, but so do some of the crew.
But it was a great cartoon of Trump throwing a football over the MSM gaggle of cameras and crews to one person symbolizing social media with their laptop open.
In fact, somebody find that, please.
And that's what's happened.
I want to post it on InfoWars.com.
Because that little cartoon tells a billion, billion words.
But the key to people on social media is don't just look at something interesting and then show it to one person.
Send it out.
I forget who the crew member was.
I said, make sure you go tell the writers about that and get that out.
That money, it wasn't done.
They're looking for an hour.
See, inside the building, I have a great crew, but they think if they talk to each other about something, that's news.
No, it's not.
It's got to be put out to everybody out there.
And you, the listeners, have to do that as well.
When you see something powerful and interesting, you need to
Pay it forward.
That's what I'm here to tell you.
We're skipping this network break.
This broadcast...
Is in the process of being shut down.
If they can kick us off the internet, next they're going to have slap suits.
They're going to have gaggles of people come after us.
They're already going after our sponsors.
They're already going after everybody else's sponsors.
This is well known.
We're in a war for this country right now.
And the answer to that war is send our links, send our videos, send our articles out to everyone you know with ten times the fervor that you've ever engaged in.
Because they're going to get your guns.
They're saying your kids belong to them.
They're going to force inoculations.
It's already happening.
They're going to kick you out of your regular house or apartment and make you move into a coffin apartment and charge you more for it.
They're going to run your life.
They crave it.
And we've got to get them off our back and we're in the process of doing it.
And so because they were caught as fake news, rigging the media, working with the White House, lying about polls, engaging in disinformation, covering up racial attacks on white people and all the other trash they're involved in, and illegally opening the borders, they're now in full panic mode, and I told you their answer would be, censor their competition that's killing them.
What have I covered here that isn't true?
The FBI says what's in the Podesta emails matches pedophile code words.
The media did call for censoring Trump.
The EU is calling for censoring us, and we're listed.
That's all true.
We're here covering real information they don't want you to know, like this article on Infowars.com right now by investigative journalist Wayne Madsen.
Open borders!
Grab bag of valid U.S.
visas available overseas, just to whoever wants them.
Obama just gives them out.
Here's how ISIS could enter America, and they just admit it's being given.
We're going to cover that.
We're going to get into so much more, because they're not going to just quietly go into the night.
They're not going to just give up.
They're going to consciously continue to move forward, thinking you're in a trance, thinking you're not conscious, thinking you're not aware of the war you're in.
Now here's some of the good news.
Trump's America.
GOP congressman preps national concealed carry bill.
And Trump says he's going to sign it.
Think that's got them freaked out?
That's what I've called for.
That's what we've all called for.
It's a national, concealed carry bill.
Once that rolls out and we prove, like Vermont and other states, that you should just have an open carry, period.
And then it just becomes open carry without even a license.
That's already happening in a whole bunch of states.
This is phase one.
Our Second Amendment right doesn't disappear when we cross state lines.
And it allows people who already have a concealed carry, again, to go into other states, and then it pressures the other states to follow suit and unify those laws.
Another huge victory.
Look at, oh, the Trump effect.
CNBC, you know they hate this.
They don't mention, you know, the fact that it's the Trump effect.
Diners returning to restaurants after election, restaurateur Danny Meyer says that they have the statistics showing massive increases in people going back out to eat.
Because they were uncertain.
Middle class people making $50,000, $100,000, $200,000 a year.
They call you middle class making like $65,000.
They didn't feel confident about going out and spending money now.
The stock market's exploding.
Investment's exploding.
Because the promise of tax cuts is around the corner.
That'll turn up the amount of revenue coming in because there'll be more action.
If Trump just leaves spending the same, we'll start paying down debt.
This is known.
The problem is, no Republican or Democrat has ever cut spending, or even left it the same in the last 30-40 years.
They always increase it.
Under Reagan, when the Democrats, they tripled spending.
Reagan delivered on rhetoric and tax cuts, but then a bunch of bad stuff happened, like amnesty and gun control, because everybody was so in love with Reagan, they just let the Democrats do whatever they wanted.
That's not happening this time.
If Donald Trump delivers on a third of what he says he's going to do, he'll be the next George Washington.
And folks, he's already delivering, exposing mainstream media as a fraud, killing them.
You understand just the fact that he beat them?
Just the fact that the whole media tried to destroy him and they failed?
And the fact that he's up there talking about Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo?
Do you have any idea how just him being there... Let's say the globalists are like a bad Superman.
Trump's like raining kryptonite on them.
Nowhere they go can they get away from it.
It's over.
Unless they can kill him or get us to be dumb enough to think that he's betrayed us.
And if he betrays us in any real way, I'm gonna go ape.
But if he makes deals and gets us 60% of what we want on one particular piece of legislation, where instead of the left always saying compromise to us, and then they take, they take ground, if Trump starts doing what they did and taking ground, oh baby, I just wanna move the ball down the field.
The Washington Post admitted last week, they said, all their hopes are driving a wedge between the Breitbart people and InfoWars.
It said that in the headline.
That's all they're hoping for, as if we are stupid.
So this is just unbelievably, incredibly exciting time to be alive.
Now continuing, again,
Trump came out and he knows, from Pew Research, there's actually 20 plus million dead people and illegals that are on the rolls.
But they believe, from Pew Research, that was covered on Fox News, that we've played it like five times, that 3 million, that's where I was getting those numbers, that 3 million illegals, it looks like are voting.
Because you can look at how many people we know are illegal on there that end up, then, the next time voting.
Usually, though, it's the last election's numbers.
It's probably worse.
We know there's four million dead people, it appears, that are voting.
And again, the media plays that trick with their listeners and viewers.
They go, oh, Jones says dead, have come out of graves and are voting.
Alive people are going with the Democratic Party with lists of dead people that have recently died, who are showing voter rolls, and they're going in and impersonating them in the majority of states that now let you vote without an ID.
So Trump comes out and says, quit saying she won by a million and a half votes.
Quit saying, you know, that I only won the
Electoral College, I would have won too if illegals and dead people weren't voting, and they freak out and say, oh it's from Alex Jones, the fake news website, the discredited guy that told you Trump was 10-15 points ahead in all the polls, and they now admit the polls are broke, they lied, I'm right.
But, the same, yeah, the same evil Alex Jones.
I got that from Pew Research, dum-dum, and a bunch of other publications and studies and reports.
Now, in one state, I was giving numbers at the start of the show of 17,000, because that was what I saw a few hours ago.
The latest numbers are now, they're coming in hourly, were 17,000 plus this morning, 18,000 as of showtime.
Guess what they were as of the last break?
The story's being written right now, just went up on Infowars.com.
Update, Trump up by 22,000 votes.
Now let's be clear, that was 30 minutes ago.
Trump up by 22,000 votes in Wisconsin recount, proving his point that he would win a recount and would win, let's add this, because I was in there writing the headlines during the break, I kind of just yelled it at him, nicely, but you know, running around like a chip on my head cut off.
I'm like a Tasmanian devil around here.
Because we're in a total war here.
The headline is, proving his point that he would win a recount
Proving his point that he would gain votes in a recount, and thus win the popular vote.
That's what I'm saying.
If he's gained 22,000 votes, and they're saying they're far from done, they're into day five, they're saying, because the Democrats are doing it slow, they're saying it may go for three more weeks?
But that's just Michigan, where she's lost 22,000, and they're not even half done.
Look at headline news!
Hillary Clinton loses 32,423 votes in day 5 of Wisconsin recount.
And they're far from done.
He's already
At 55,000 or 54,000 plus votes in two states, and they're not even half done.
Do the math of all 50.
Just like Bev Harris, a big Democrat, a big liberal.
Totally respect her.
Anti-war for the right reasons.
You know, they're still good liberals, but they're not the establishment.
She called other elections as frauds, had the proof.
I agreed with her when it was against Republicans, because I'm not a Republican or a Democrat.
I'm a populist, and I know Trump is.
She said every state she looked at, it was leaning against Trump.
The fraud was all going against him.
Late night, weird ballot boxes coming in, all for Hillary.
That's a fraud.
Stole five states from him, clearly.
Tried to steal the states he won.
I bet you money, if you added up everything, I think... I think it's conservative to say she stole millions and millions of votes.
I mean, it's already being borne out.
But again, they think the public are a bunch of idiots.
And you know,
You know that a lot of these fraudulent votes aren't getting caught either.
So, you'll have them find 1,700 votes supposedly for Hillary in Michigan that supposedly went wrong, and then 22,000 so far for Trump.
They found less than that in Wisconsin for Hillary and way more than that for Trump.
And Jill Stein is only targeting states Trump won, saying the Russians stole it.
I mean, this is incredible.
We're going to add all this information and stories on Infowars.com.
Get out the fake news, according to MSM.
Just actual screenshots from the state websites.
Everybody you know on Facebook and Twitter while we still can.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
First Brexit, then Trump.
Is Italy next for the West's, quote, populist movement, as The Guardian puts it?
Prime Minister Matteo Renzi announced his intention to resign after losing a crucial reform referendum.
A global political earthquake is underway where decidedly people are standing up in westernized nations and taking back their countries from rogue globalist, its latest victim, globalist Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.
Who has announced that he will resign after suffering a humiliating defeat in a referendum, throwing the country and the Eurozone into utter confusion.
Now, he says that the experience of my government ends here.
Renzi said in a televised address to the nation yesterday that the results show his yes camp was well on track to losing the referendum.
Now, as he quits, arguably Hollande and Merkel are next.
This comes after MPs and Senators representing the Five Star Movement
Launched by Beth A. Grillo, decided to get 4 million signatures they needed to take back their country and launch a referendum.
I'm Margaret Howe reporting for InfoWars.com.
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I don't think so.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
So, ladies and gentlemen...
We have the European Union official government, unelected bureaucracy, I'm going to cover it in a moment, read their actual edicts.
It's coming out and saying, we have a list from the Washington Post, it came from a website, and they won't say who runs the website, it just popped up, but we are going to ban everyone.
I don't know why I'm doing an EU bureaucrat in a British accent, but it just feels good.
And so now you have 24 hours, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and a hundred plus other organizations to shut off Infowars.com.
We are actually listed.
Infowars.com will be unaccessible immediately!
That's bold, baby!
As well as DrudgeReport.com!
As well as Bridesmaids.com!
Is that clear?!
They're fake news!
Oh yeah, we're going.
Oh look, they're only recounting areas to block Trump and slow counting to hold it up past the December 13th date so they can take the Electoral College votes and say it's all held up.
They've got to be certified by the 13th, passed on by the 19th for the Electoral College.
Oh, sorry!
Oh, and guess what?
In every state where they're doing recounts, it's, is it 5 to 1?
If Jill Stein's got 1,700,
For Hillary in Michigan, and then 22,000 for Trump in Michigan.
What is that, like eight to one?
Numbers, more votes for Trump that he's gaining than she's gaining?
She's losing, she's losing 20 plus thousand to Trump, and then gaining 1,700 back.
30 plus thousand, and the recounts are far from over.
Why, they've just begun, because they're dragging their feet.
Oh, but that's fake news!
We shouldn't be showing you the state websites of Michigan and the state websites of Wisconsin and showing you links directly to the pages!
Oh my gosh, such fake news!
You go to our news, nine times out of ten it has neurotic hyperlinks to every claim we make.
I say nine times out of ten, a lot of times it's just commentary and it's me sitting there talking and then it's my opinion, my view.
But the point is, we always go with the best information we have, and that's why we have such credibility.
They try to cherry-pick what we say and do, and then use us as a model, because we're the biggest.
Notice who they're going after.
Drudge, Breitbart, and Infowars.
Because if you can shut those down and start curtailing them, it's over.
And then they also want to ban the President.
Remember, he's got to be kicked off Twitter.
The Washington Post, the New York Times, they're all calling for it.
Now let's go ahead and go to a clip here.
This is of the morning Joe today openly calling for the censorship of the fake news and saying that we have hallucinated the code words
We're good to go.
And all this weirdness goes on, and even the lawyer that was there when the guy reportedly went in there and shot things, though he didn't see that happen, or didn't hear it happen, even that lawyer goes, yeah, no, I think Podesta's doing some really bad things and these emails are really bad.
But then everybody's crazy to be concerned about what's happening.
In the Podesta emails, you know, it's the Clinton's fault with the Lolita Express and the Epstein pedophile island.
It's their fault with Weiner.
It's their fault with Clinton and all his sex crimes.
It's their fault that it's coming out in the news that the police say there's pedophilia going on.
That doesn't mean everybody in the emails is involved or bad.
That's where I've said we should be very, very careful.
What does fake news do?
They turn around and say that we are the progenitor of it all.
Not WikiLeaks, not the people that actually sent the emails, not all the news that's covered it, not CNN and MSNBC and everybody else that covered Pizzagate three weeks ago and only made it about ping pong pizza to divert everyone off of the FBI training manuals that show that pedophiles use pizza and other Italian toppings as code words for the type of pedophile stuff they want to do.
That's what we covered.
That's what we got into.
But see, how do you distract away from the weird stuff that's in there?
Oh, you attack Alex Jones as fake news.
Let's go to the morning show.
Ladies and gentlemen, calling
For censorship of fake news, aka their competition.
This is Chinese-style net censorship, writ large.
It's what desperate organizations do.
It's all they can do.
But they're not saying, oh, we have a new blacklist, like the communist Chinese do, that are advising Facebook and Twitter in the last two years, getting them ready for this.
No, no, no, no, no!
No, no.
It's only fake news.
Don't worry.
Only fake news that just got the President elected, that said he was really ahead in the polls, that said they were giving the questions to Hillary beforehand, that said they were coordinating everything.
And after the clip, I have another new email from WikiLeaks with Podesta
Telling Comedy Central what questions to ask and what to do to cover up Hillary Clinton's crimes.
Every channel, every news show, down the line.
Let's go to that report.
Here it is.
It's not hard to stop this fake news.
If you're Google or if you're Facebook.
Hard if you're Twitter.
Well, like, so this pizzeria story, I won't dignify it by explaining what the conspiracy is, but people saw in the leaked Podesta emails, they hallucinated words meaning something other than what they appeared to mean about some very nefarious thing.
In other words, they took a pretty innocuous email and thought the words inside that email are code for what's actually happening inside this...
And I grew up in a conspiracy theory, and it has real-world implications.
Again, when a guy walks in because he thinks he's saving children in a pizzeria with an AR-15 and fires off a round where families are eating, that's real-world stuff.
That's not just stuff floating around.
And one of the most shocking things to me is you actually have people with college degrees.
Who read these fake news stories, and these conspiracy theories, and then call all of us up.
Is this true?
And young people don't differentiate.
Is that true?
Is that true?
You know, after about the 20th, I'm like, no!
You think the Flynn's are doing it knowingly?
I know what you're talking about.
Oh, stop.
Do I think the Flynn's are doing what knowingly?
They may retweet this stuff.
Do they know it's not true, and they're just trying to stir up trouble?
I think either way is really disturbing.
Either answer is disturbing.
Yeah, disturbing.
So, we now get it.
What's happening?
The discredited, lying, mainstream media with almost no viewers on these huge sets, losing hundreds of millions of dollars per station per year, are going to set up there the same liars that we've seen for years.
And tell us it's a lie, it's not true.
Well, in general, the emails, WikiLeaks, the fact that pedophilia exists at Penn State, or with the UK government, or with the Catholic Church, or with the fact that it's all around us, they're busting giant pedophile networks all the time, and then nothing's being done about it.
The whole Barney Frank scandal, didn't get in trouble for that.
Underage, youngest 14 years old, runaways, in his three-story townhome, running a brothel of teenage boys.
That was in the news!
I suspect they'll come out and say, Alex Jones claims Barney Frank had a bunch of underage teenagers in his house.
It was in the frickin' news!
He went on C-SPAN, we ought to find the clip, we found the transcript.
to the New York Times and said, everybody better drop this right now or I'm going to start naming names.
Leave me alone.
So what's really happening is they are misrepresenting and making the entire story about the emails and about WikiLeaks and about what Podesta was up to and the Lolita Express and Epstein and all the rest of it and confirm stuff
And law enforcement sources saying they're using code words and telling the public, look at this, this is serious.
And then the FBI manuals from ten years ago, five years ago, this year, have the exact words in them that we see in these emails, and we say this needs to be investigated.
Maybe it's something innocuous.
Maybe people also call pizza toppings what kind of drugs you want.
It could be drugs.
They could be using a pedophile code for other stuff, but it's a pedophile code, okay?
It's one used by them.
We are hallucinating it.
We are insane.
We are crazy.
We are out of our minds.
It's not going on.
It's not happening.
What are they going to do when WikiLeaks releases more even hardcore stuff?
You're being set up, MSM.
I hope you know that.
And they're so dumb, they haven't figured it out yet.
They're like, we've got to shut the internet off now for all the different channels where this can get out with these blacklists.
Maybe they have.
Do you think blacklistinginfowars.com
Light years worse than what McCarthy did to some Hollywood people.
Do you think that's going to be effective?
No, that's the final stage of you completely falling.
You think if you blacklist us and WikiLeaks releases more info, it's not going to get out?
You make a black market in news, you'll make us even more powerful.
I feel like Obi-Wan Kenobi saying to Darth Vader, you can't win, Darth.
You strike me down, I'll become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.
You just don't get it up in your big New York, arrogant, high-rise studios that you're sitting there and your lies don't work anymore.
What happens when it all comes out?
The same MSM for decades covered up the pedophile stuff in the Catholic Church.
Then once it broke, they were the big champions exposing it.
They covered up Penn State.
That's hundreds of times worse.
He was getting kids for donors.
It's come out.
Disadvantaged from ages 7 up to like 14.
Kids had already been abused.
Kids nobody would believe.
Until he got so brazen, football players would walk in at high noon, in the showers in Sandusky, would have an 8-year-old bent over.
And look at Sandusky.
Can we put Sandusky on screen for TV viewers?
And then put Jimmy Savelle up there.
I mean, I don't judge a book by its cover, but when you talk about pedophiles, folks, they are somebody you'd walk to the other side of the street if you saw them.
They have a weird, like, demon-hungry, little demon smile.
They're always real wimpy.
They're not, they're like demonic chipmunks.
Now look at Sandusky.
Now, let's put up another evil chipmunk.
Let's go ahead and put up Jimmy Savelle, who supplied Children Reportedly to the Royal Family.
Look at that guy, boy.
You want to walk the other side of the street with that?
Imagine being a six-year-old girl and that walks through the door.
It's time to die.
But he didn't just rape them, folks.
He slit those little throats while he raped them.
Good God.
Scroll down.
Now, ladies and gentlemen,
Ladies and gentlemen, you want to talk about a pedo, baby, there's one.
Oh, but MSNBC says, and CNBC, the morning Joe, oh, the morning Joe, Joe Scarborough, is it fake news you were found, a dead intern, an attractive young intern, female intern was found dead in your office?
Oh, I mean, was a dead intern found in your office, bro?
And I'm just saying, and where are you today, Jack?
Oh, is that fake news that a young female was found dead in your office?
There are no dead females found around here.
If I have a wild night, I might go bowling and drink a beer.
Don't even drink anymore.
But wild night for me is a beer and bowling, Joe!
Okay, but you're the type of man they want to promote.
You're the type of man going places.
I get it.
I get it, sweetheart.
I get it.
So I'm going to get more into this here in a moment, then back to the really positive news and the Trump effect.
Before we go any further,
I'm going to tell everybody something right now.
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We need to bring in some serious...
Hard, cold cash in this fight.
I need to get five, six, seven more reporters.
I need to get more crew members.
I need to get more writers, more researchers, fact checkers.
You name it.
We've actually, you know, got to get into a more editorial perspective here because, you know, we go with basic analysis and research and info and generally off other reporting.
But I want to go even next level.
And I need funds.
And look, people say they want to fight the new world order.
Well, baby,
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I'm sorry, it's just a fact.
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But the number one thing you can do
Is pray for us.
I'm praying for you.
Pray for awakening.
Pray for enlightenment.
Pray for hedge protection around those of us trying to battle evil.
Please deliver us from the enemy's snares and darts.
And take our articles, take our videos, and post them on Facebook, Twitter.
Put them out everywhere.
Try different stuff in the info or change names.
Put our videos on your site.
Give them a name like French Bulldogs to beat their AI.
And then watching it get 5 million views.
We've been doing a lot of testing around here.
But here's the deal.
They don't want to embarrass themselves and censor us openly.
But despite all the covert censorship, we went from 28 million a week listening and viewing before the election to 85 million a week in the election.
And our new floor, our new low, is 40 mil.
40 and a half.
40 and some change.
But they want us kicked out of the big Google system where we can see what we're doing.
That gives us targeting.
Let me tell you, it gives us targeting.
It gives us like a canopy on airplanes.
You can actually see what you're doing.
And let me tell you, we're devastating the enemy.
You're devastating the enemy, so keep it up.
They want to delist us.
They want to just suddenly not be able to hear from us if you are over in Europe.
We've got some guerrilla tactics to counter this, but this shows how much trouble the EU's in, that the EU said covertly two years ago, they now admit, oh, you're going to try to leave us, Spain or Italy or others?
We have a new EU army that is going to march in and quote, take control of your military.
That's called an invasion.
But the bureaucrats will open the door and act like it's no big deal.
It's a covert takeover.
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You know, we've got Joel Gilbert coming in studio in the next hour.
He's here in Austin, the filmmaker, really one of the MVPs of the election, exposing the globalists, and he's got new breaking news.
He went to the same maximum security prison that Mr. Helter Skelter is held in.
Charlie Manson and talked to one of Obama's best friends, who's certified to be one of his longtime best friends.
He told him everything.
Gilbert's really an expert at getting original research.
Talk about an investigative journalist.
When and how Obama found out Communist Frank Marshall Davis was his real father, this is confirming this.
Obama's racist views growing up, how Communist Frank Marshall Davis radicalized Obama during his youth over drugs, alcohol, and visits to strip clubs.
This and more is coming up.
I'm not going to tell you everything because he's going to break it down.
This is big.
This is coming up.
I should have been plugging this from the very start.
joelgilbert.net is his website.
He helped also get the Danny Williams story out.
It ended up getting over 50 million views conservatively and really helped in the urban demographic turn the tide against Obama.
And of course Hillary Clinton in the election.
I've got a lot of other clips I want to get to.
The really exciting news is, in two different states, when they started the recount, the first states to give us numbers, Trump has picked up $33,000 more.
He's picked up $22,000.
Hillary, not even $2,000 in Wisconsin.
She's picked up $1,700.
So she's lost over $20,000 and gained $1,700.
Trump has gained $22,000 in Michigan and $32,000 in
Trump up by 20,000 votes in Wisconsin recount.
We also have the Michigan too.
And again, folks, I've got all these numbers in front of me.
I'm teleprompter-free.
They're all just dancing around in my head, making my head spin.
But last time I checked, it was 22,000 in Michigan.
There was also Wisconsin and a lot more.
But a lot of exciting things are going on.
A lot of exciting things are happening.
I also had Rob doing here with his cracked iPhone screen going, look, see?
See those?
It's more than 17,000.
Here's Wisconsin.
Here's Michigan.
And my head's spinning.
Just go read the article on InfoWars.com.
It's very, very important information.
Now, speaking of fake news, this is some of the latest from Wikileaks.org.
It's from 2013.
And it's John.
I hope you got the chance to see the Colbert Reports.
Two special episodes.
I had them do a CGI you that we taped in St.
Louis that weekend.
This is the link to last night's with a sketch about commitments and monologue with WJC interview aired Monday.
Hope you enjoy looking forward.
And then it goes on to your feedback.
Next will be your Colbert appearance.
That's CobraNation.com and that's them with John Podesta telling him how they're choreographing everything for Hillary dealing with her college.
The fact that Clinton's college was a million times worse than any problems that Trump's college may have had.
So the Cobra Report Special Episodes.
That was the title of it.
That's what they're doing, is every major media outlet coordinating, scripting it.
You don't need to know that when Obama goes on Jimmy Fallon Live and has some scripted piece riffing off of jazz.
And it's all perfectly done.
It's all choreographed.
And they're choreographing things.
It's disgusting.
They are the fake news.
They are the establishment Decepticon news trying to keep control of the economy, trying to make sure they run the whole show, trying to keep you poor so they control you.
That's why it's important to take it personal and realize this is a war against foreign multinationals that have hijacked the country.
Act accordingly.
Do everything in your power that's non-violent to expose these monsters and to speak out against them and to take action.
Alright, second hour.
Only 70 seconds away.
So much to cover.
Stay with us.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Past ten, that baby of mine wouldn't let me in.
So move it on over.
Move it on over.
Move it on over.
Move it on over.
Move over, little dog, cause the big dog's moving in.
She's changed the lock on our front door.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central, I'm your host Alex Jones.
It's an incredible time to be alive.
The corporate media has been exposed as shills, as fake news.
Their answer from Europe to the United States is to join China and blacklist all nationalist pro-freedom, pro-gun, pro-religious freedom organizations.
They're telling our kids don't give out Christmas cards at school.
That's their free speech to do that.
They're telling them separation of church and state.
Separation of church and state means we don't have a government state-run religion.
But if local governments want to put up a Christmas display, they can, but certainly your kids can hand out Christmas cards.
This is all part of the intimidation.
All part of the control.
Oh, your school can have a Satan club, but you can't have a Christian club because it means separation of church and state.
Oh, your school can have a Muslim club, but you can't have a Christian club.
This is pure discrimination.
People have to tell
The different leftist organizations like People for the American Way, you know, headed up by Kramer and all his exploits.
Go back to Hades from which they came.
Get behind me Beelzebub and all your pumps and all your pimps and all your other angler fish swimming along behind you.
Now, Joel Gilbert's got big breaking news on Obama coming up.
He said, well, why do we care about Obama?
It's important to destroy his legacy, expose what a shill he is, just as Hillary, and to bring them both to justice.
Nobody's above the law.
I don't care if they're the president.
I don't care who they are.
We've got to hold them to that.
So that's coming up.
And then I'm also going to get into this.
I mean, I see this every day, but today there's like five articles.
Where all over the country, people with Trump signs are having their houses burned down, they're being assaulted, they're being killed.
Especially if they're white.
And the media, we've got CNN Clubs going, well they're white, big dealer.
Cops are getting killed, well it's their fault because cops did bad stuff.
How if a cop does something bad in another state, is it now their fault?
Why is a black cop getting shot in Dallas?
Or a black cop being shot in
Baton Rouge.
Because somebody thinks a cop did something bad somewhere else.
How is that justice?
You know, when Black Lives Matter pushes Bang Bang, you know, you're dead, pig.
Or decked the halls with dead cops, and then cops get killed.
Oh, then it's their free speech.
It's not their fault calling for violence.
Then I'm not calling for violence.
I cover mainstream media.
Covering Pizzagate and say, boy, this does look suspicious.
And then they have some actor, and it is true, it's an actor, come in there and then no witnesses say shots are fired, but the news say shots are fired.
It turns out the supposed actor ran over.
A little girl this year, but no charges happened, and then magically his dad owns a production company, and then magically he goes in and does this, and magically then of course he's an Alex Jones listener of course, and then magically I've got to be blamed for it, and so does the free press, right as they try to quote ban independent media.
Good luck banning us, and good luck blaming us for what's going on.
It's not going to work.
It's like whack-a-mole.
You're only certifying us into the age of wonder.
You're only making us legends now.
So please continue.
Report buried Trump-related hate crimes against white kids.
We're going to cover that.
New York Post.
German state media refuses to run migrant murder story.
Say it's too regional to show the migrants killed another German woman.
You better believe if some white guys killed a Muslim woman, it would never be the end of it.
And this isn't about hating Muslims.
It's about the left being one-sided, covering up for Muslims.
And Muslim leaders saying, we're taking your country over, it's ours, you're weak.
We're gonna put you under Sharia law.
And it's not some little side imams doing this.
It's the dominant, predominant imam of Jerusalem, you name it.
I mean, it's outrageous.
Trump supporter has his truck torched and sprayed with anti-Trump slogans while at Christmas party, another article.
It's all coming up straight ahead with Joel Gilbert in studio.
I'm Alex Jones.
Infowars.com is the evil, horrible website.
The web giants at YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft have announced that they are stepping up efforts to remove extremist content from the Internet as the EU demands social media websites censor fake news within 24 hours.
Meanwhile, the fake news controversy is being exploited by the mainstream media to characterize completely legitimate alternative news sources.
For example, CBS News just listed InfoWars as a fake news website.
And that's because the mainstream establishment media is losing all credibility with the American people.
And it was alternative and social media who helped Donald Trump
We're good.
Do you ever wonder what happened to America?
Because of what we did on this day, change has come to America.
Something's wrong, and we all know it.
I'm Charlie Daniels, and I'm here to tell you about it.
The nation has been hijacked by international forces, bent on global governance.
When I was a boy, it was okay to be proud of the flag, heritage, mom and apple pie.
God was in school.
Morality had a future.
And beef was for supper.
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Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting world-wide, it's Alex Jones.
There have been thousands of incredible editorial cartoons in the last year and a half during this historic general election that has shaken globalism to its foundations, but one in particular, and I can't even read who created it, I think it's S.V.
Created one that tells it all.
It's an image of Donald Trump and he is basically out on a football field.
We'll show TV viewers a shot of that.
And he's throwing the football over a TV crew and a newspaper writer to a fella sitting on his couch.
And he's getting his information to the voter via social media.
It's very simple, but it tells it all.
The gatekeepers are now not in the middle.
And what is social media?
It's what you think.
It's what's being said.
It's raw videos.
It's raw articles.
It's filmmakers.
It's foreign press.
It's government documents.
It's pieces of legislation.
It's white papers.
It's excerpts of books written by the globalists in many cases admitting world government.
Admitting they want communism for the general public.
Admitting how much they hate us.
And so now things that were only meant for the elite, because they love to brag to themselves in these books they write, and white papers, is now being seen by the public.
And Donald J. Trump has thrown the ball right over their heads.
I have retweeted this image out at Real Alex Jones.
I believe this is the most powerful editorial cartoon
Of 2016.
Ben Garrison's awesome.
Anthony Frida are amazing.
But I think this encapsulates it all.
In fact, you know, the most sincere form of flattery is imitation.
I'd love to see what Ben Garrison did with this.
I bet he'd make it even better.
Or an Anthony Frida.
In fact, maybe we should have a contest for $5,000.
Because art is culture, is the future.
Make art to defeat tyranny.
Make art, individual art, to defeat the collectivist.
I think we should probably codify and have a contest that we announce the next few days for people taking basically this iconic image.
We should have the cartoonist on.
I don't even know their name.
Just saw it yesterday and just printed it off today.
And take this image and then duplicate it thousands and thousands of times.
Even if you don't win, you win by resisting the globalists.
So what are they going to do now?
If you're a radio listener, again, go to my Twitter, RealAlexJones, you can see it.
I'm going to post it on Infowars.com.
What are they going to do?
Well, we told you.
Matt Drudge was here, what was it, 13 months ago?
And he said, Alex, I'm giving you this exclusive interview, the first interview in three years, because I was visited by a Supreme Court Justice.
And I'll keep hammering on this.
He said, next year, they're going to come in with the EU and the UN and start trying to censor the web.
And it's so bad.
I talked about this last hour.
I didn't even convey to you how bad it was.
It's so sensational.
And he said they're going to hand over the web to the internationals.
It's all going to happen.
And the Supreme Court justice told me he should just sit down and shut up.
That's not that Matt should sit down and shut up.
The Supreme Court justice was told sit down and shut up conservatives because it's over.
We're going to do this.
We've got the votes.
But they didn't get Hillary in.
They didn't get what they wanted.
Have they stopped?
They're so arrogant.
That they still handed the internet over to this international consortium headed up by the UN with the Saudi Arabians heading up the Human Rights Council.
That is part of the decision-making process.
And now the EU came out yesterday and said you have 24 hours.
Google, Facebook, Twitter and over a hundred other sites to ban Breitbart, InfoWars and Drudge Report.
We're listed.
So people can't even get to it.
And no one's allowed to post it.
Talk about blacklist a thousand times worse than what we were told about McCarthy that wasn't even true.
This is incredible.
This is what comes after the MSM dies.
We're going to cover this from this hour and Joe Gilbert with us 30 minutes to the next hour.
We have plenty of time.
The bottom of the hour is huge.
Breaking Obama news.
I'm going to tell you about in a moment as well.
They've consulted with the Communist Chinese, the EU has, Facebook has, Obama has.
He's come out and said we need state-run media.
Obama gave three speeches or more that I saw, saw three of them, in Greece, in Germany, saying time to censor, time to have state-run media.
He told Rolling Stone that as well.
And now we learn, before Trump even gets in, they want to do this.
And the Washington Post is saying, we need to censor Trump.
And Twitter responded last week and said, yes, we're considering banning the president saying he's a bully.
So this is an attempted media coup by dying media.
With the billionaire Silicon Valley globalists to shut us down because we're hurting them so badly.
They lied in the polls.
They lied about the debates.
They got caught consorting with, you know, running all the major mainstream media from the Daily Show to CBS News.
And their answer is to call us fake news and come and try to shut us down.
And now they're announcing it 44 days before Trump gets in.
Now, you have huge news coming up, Joel Gilbert.
At the bottom of the hour, everybody's got to tune in for this because we've got to expose who Obama is and why he did what he did.
Joel Gilbert has gone and talked to one of his known best friends on record at his maximum security prison.
When and how Obama found out his communist father was Frank Marshall Davis, Obama's racist views growing up, how communist Frank Marshall Davis radicalized Obama with drugs and topless bars.
And so much more.
Wait till you hear this.
He'll also reveal what he learned about Obama's Connecticut Social Security number.
This is a true investigative journalist, folks.
He's interviewed Malik Obama.
He's interviewed, he went and exposed that Frank Marshall Davis was his real dad, which has now come out.
He's also going to release so much more here today.
So he's with us in 30 minutes to the next hour.
Then I'll open the phones up the last 30 minutes of the show I'm hosting.
And then we're going to have Paul Watson from London, England with big news on the whole fake news front.
But the articles on InfoWars.com and quite frankly, Paul's article isn't even hardcore enough.
The headline should be
After they handed the web over to the internet, censorship of all nationalistic or conservative sites announced.
I mean, this is bombshell.
And they have CBS News saying we should be shut down yesterday, calling Infowars fake news.
We have the Morning Joe saying, quote, it's that we hallucinated what was in the Wikileaks about sex traffic, even though it's in there.
We're not saying everything in there is sex traffic, but it's definitely there is what the FBI is saying.
I mean, look at the pedophile island, look at Lolita Express, look at Epstein, look at Clinton.
I mean, this is incredible.
Look at the Penn State.
I mean, just look at the Catholic Church.
This is how the leftists take over organizations is with their sex exploitation.
That's how spies operate.
Cheating on your wife now won't get you, you know, in prison, folks.
So it's got to be pedophilia.
Gay isn't enough now.
That's why they use these cults to do it.
This is incredible.
So this is all coming up.
But we're two minutes to midnight here.
And I want to talk to Joel Gilbert about what he thinks about this, how we counter this.
But I tell you, this is really a toothless attack because no one believes them.
No one likes them.
Maybe 30% of the public.
So doesn't, isn't this the cherry on top?
Like they've dug their grave, now they're climbing into it, shoveling dirt on themselves, or am I wrong?
Joel Gilbert, filmmaker, investigative journalist.
Thanks for being here.
Good to see you finally, Alex.
Thank you.
How are you?
Good to have you here in person.
All right.
Well, look, the leftist revolution was always a long-term revolution.
Obama's election was not a sudden political phenomenon.
It really was the result of this American socialist movement that took over the universities, journalism... Red diaper doper babies.
Yeah, for decades.
So they see this as a long-term effort.
Barack Obama was never interested in being President of the United States.
He was only interested in using the presidency to agitate and to try to divide the country and help foment this long-term revolution.
So I think we're still in a period of great danger despite Trump's being elected.
Obama is planning, still a very young man relatively,
He's planning to remain the head of the Democrat Party and help organize and agitate for the next four years.
He's given a lot of indications that he has every plan to use that position to say things he couldn't say, as if he hasn't said.
They're not giving up.
They're digging in.
They're talking about his own TV network now.
And of course, they'll just shut us off and make us watch him.
So look, what did Ronald Reagan really accomplish if within 8-16 years Barack Obama takes over, opens the borders, blows the Supreme Court with leftist politicians, Obamacare?
So the danger is that Trump has to succeed and create such a system and purge the left
From all the government institutions, whether it be the National Council on Arts and Humanities, the funding of all these radical organizations.
It has to be purged of everything Obama has done to stack the system.
And you can see him trying to put the final touches on the Internet.
And that's why it's important we're going to break down who he really is, because he's not going away like Bill Clinton.
He's going to stay around, he's going to be worse than ever.
But specifically, until the bottom of the hour, I want to get into all this with you.
What do you make of them openly?
Starting to censor Infowars.
I mean, it's begun.
Starting to censor Breitbart.
It's started.
This is a continuation of the radical leftist agenda because they know that middle America, the church-going, hard-working people will never buy into this progressive nonsense.
Even in my film, There's No Place Like Utopia, I talk to black people living in urban America.
They didn't want any part of transgenderism.
These mothers of black kids did not want their kids smoking marijuana and being legalized.
They didn't want illegal immigrants coming into their neighborhoods.
The only way they can control us is through the media and through complete control of the Supreme Court and the tools of power, the tools of state.
So America will never buy into this nonsense.
So this is their last gasp effort.
And if they can succeed at this, and if they don't succeed, they'll just come back with another plan.
They'll never go away.
It's incredibly naked.
It's incredibly brazen to just openly say, we're going to list you as fake news when they're the discredited fake news that should be closing their doors.
Look, uh, they've tried so many outrageous things that were never, uh, stopped.
Uh, the IRS scandal, uh, using- Incredible persecution!
Incredible persecution.
The, uh, Fast and Furious, uh, using the, you know, running guns through Mexico and getting a U.S.
agent- To Al Qaeda we now learn!
You know, running guns from Al-Qaeda in Libya to Al-Qaeda in Syria through Turkey.
Nothing, no matter how outrageous the Obama administration... Well, it's now come out, I'm sure you know this, that it was actually running, not just to blame the Second Amendment, as CBS learned, and they fired the reporter, Atkinson, they were running the guns into Mexico, and a lot of them then over to Libya, and exactly.
Yeah, there's no end of it, but the media never stood up, the Republicans never stood up to the left.
My hope is that Trump and people like yourself can finally get it out, and I think it has succeeded, and that middle America realizes what a scam leftism and progressivism is.
That's right.
Let's come back and talk about General Flynn's son, who's also under attack right now for exposing all this.
This is Keith, straight ahead with Joel Gilbert.
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We are back live with Joel Gilbert about to drop major truth bombs on The Globalist in the next segment.
I've got a correction to make, excuse me, I was going from memory.
They've just started the Michigan recount and Trump is leading there in the recount so far, getting more votes than Hillary is in the recount.
But I apologize, I was looking at three different numbers from Wisconsin and mixing it up with Michigan, so the correction is he doesn't have 32,000
Extra votes in Wisconsin.
I'm sorry, it's 70 plus thousand directly from the state website.
We're going to update.
So see, I'm fake news.
I said Trump's winning the recount by 30,000.
I'm sorry, it's 70 plus thousand from the state website.
We're putting it up right now.
Joel, what do you make of this whole recount situation?
Look, the leftists never give up.
They're trying everything they can.
There's no doubt that Jill Stein, you know, where did she get all this 7, 8, 9 million dollars from?
That's more money than she raised for her entire campaign.
I have no doubt that Soros and this gang is behind it and they're
You gotta be very vigilant because they can pull any kind of tricks whether it's more voter fraud or they're trying to cause a doubt in the electoral college.
They'll always be spending these millions on trying to delegitimize American democracy.
Do you agree with Trump?
I mean Pew Research says it's a fact.
It's worse than he said.
They claimed it was my claim.
I was going on Pew Research.
They cut that part off.
They knew that.
We played the newscast.
But Trump knows that there's millions of dead people voting.
People voting in the name of dead people.
There's millions of illegals voting.
And he points out, hey, I probably really won the popular vote.
It wasn't for all the fraud.
And now the recounts are showing that.
Yeah, this entire system of dead people voting, voter fraud, this was invented in Chicago by Obama, Alinsky, and that gang.
Don't forget, Obama was elected originally to the State Senate because he knew that Alice Palmer's registrations were fraudulent because he himself had engaged in similar activity registering people that weren't qualified.
So he had her eliminated.
Then he ran for Senate and using trickery had
You know, his opponent destroyed by information about his divorce coming out.
So Obama soared up to the Senate and manipulated the voting system in Chicago.
Let me ask you this.
I haven't harped on this enough.
This is a guy with a CIA sex operative mother.
That's come out.
You exposed it and others did.
His grandfather, high-level CIA.
OSS before that, the Army.
Running the banking operations out in Hawaii.
They got the fake communist, you know, Pornhauer, probably a double agent who his grandfather's best friends with.
You expose all that, we're covering the next segment, but new info.
And then he just gets given all these jobs, doesn't show up to class, his records are all sealed.
State Senate, U.S.
Senate one term, U.S.
President, and then he has the nerve to say Trump isn't qualified to organize or run something when he's known as one of the most organized, focused,
Hard driving people in business ever.
Yeah, it's a fact that Obama hid his entire background.
That's what I've shown in my film.
I've got new information I'm coming out with after three additional years of research since my film came out where I'm going to expose even more showing that Barack Obama
We're good to go.
You know, my father's a goat herder from Kenya.
I'm going to bring everybody together.
In reality, his father was a Soviet agent and a far left.
And by the way, that's confirmed about Frank Marshall Davis.
He was at the highest levels of the U.S.
Communist Party.
He was Communist Party USA, one of the original black Bolsheviks out of Chicago, joined the Communist Party in 1932.
He went to Hawaii on orders of the Kremlin to try to start
A revolution in Hawaii using the dock workers, and he organized a dock worker strike to expel U.S.
naval forces from Hawaii because the Soviets felt the U.S.
naval forces were an obstacle to Soviet expansion in Asia.
The strike went on for six months and failed, and Frank Marshall Davis became a Communist Party newspaper writer, tried to change the NAACP to get them to follow Stalin, got kicked out of that, got hauled before the
An American Activities Committee pleaded the 5th, and we have all the evidence that this was Frank Marshall.
Frank Marshall Davis was Barack Obama's biological father and became his ideological mentor.
And that's It Dreams My Real Father, available at joelgilbert.net, also infowarstore.com.
Now, give people a prelude.
This is big.
I knew you were coming here to break big news.
We're honored you're here.
I didn't realize how big.
You are going to break the biggest news yet on Obama on the other side.
I've befriended Obama's best friend from high school.
He calls him Ray in his book, Dreams from My Father.
His real name is Keith Kakegawa.
He is in prison, has been in prison in and out all his life at Corcoran State Prison in Central California.
There I am with Keith in prison.
Charles Manson is there as well.
And I visited with him several times and he gave me the information about when Barack and how he found out that Frank Marshall Davis was his real father and went through a lot of information about his social security number, his relationship with Honey Harlow, who was Lenny Bruce's ex-wife and stripper living in Hawaii at the time.
Well, you got photos of these guys in school together.
They're admitted friends.
This is indisputable.
This is breaking here.
Straight ahead.
This is amazing.
Stay with us.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The web giants at YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft have announced that they are stepping up efforts to remove extremist content from the Internet as the EU demands social media websites censor fake news within 24 hours.
Meanwhile, the fake news controversy is being exploited by the mainstream media to characterize completely legitimate alternative news sources.
For example, CBS News just listed InfoWars as a fake news website.
And that's because the mainstream establishment media is losing all credibility with the American people.
And it was alternative and social media who helped Donald Trump
We're good.
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If you can hear my voice, you are the resistance.
How many times, my darling, I need to tell you, how many bridges I've got to cross.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
How many times must I tell you, baby?
How many bridges I've got to cross?
How many times must I explain myself?
We are back live.
I am your host.
Look, I'm just pinching myself every segment here that we're on air and the EU is officially saying shut down InfoWars in the next 24 hours, telling Facebook, Twitter, Google and hundreds of other sites, over a hundred, delist this, do not let this be spread.
So first they put you in an electronic ghetto as Matt Drudge has
said here last year.
I don't mean to kiss his derriere, but he's on target.
He was so prescient.
Plus he was warned.
First they put you in the ghetto, then they physically restrict you, then they arrest you.
This is actually happening.
The article's on Infowars.com.
Paul's working on something even bigger along these lines out in the next few hours.
He'll be hosting the fourth hour today.
EU demands social media websites censor fake news within 24 hours.
Listed in the same context as jihadist propaganda, which they would never control, they're the ones letting it in.
The European Union is demanding that Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, and all we said they're letting the jihadis in, to finally say we've got to censor them, but us too, see?
The European Union is demanding that Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook censor illegal hate speech.
Within 24 hours, content includes so-called fake news, which we even put that database, a term so broad that it includes perfectly legitimate news content.
Complaining that censorship is currently taking too long, EU Commissioners are threatening to pass new laws if the non-legislative approach fails.
The last weeks and months have shown that social media companies need to live their important role and take up the share of responsibility when it comes to phenomenon like online radicalization, illegal hate speech or fake news.
EU Justice Commissioner Vera
Joravo told the Financial Times, and it goes on from there.
EnlistinfoWars.com, DrudgeReport.com, and Breitbart.com.
Listen, you've got to spread the links to our articles, our videos, you've got to get this out.
Even The Guardian, that's pretty socialist, says this is dangerous, it's a blacklist, it's fascist.
Communist, whatever you want to call it, it's authoritarian, it's command and control.
It is so insane to see Obama in speeches all over the world saying, we're going to shut down fake news, we're going to have the government help real news.
So we're going to take your tax money and then force feed you propaganda, but shut down what you really want.
That's why they're panicking so bad.
And that's why, ladies and gentlemen, we need your support now more than ever.
Joel Gilbert's here with us with Bombshell News here in just a moment.
That's why they want to shut us down.
But first off, the Liberty Movement and Infowars are under attack and need your support.
With the election of Donald Trump and the rise of Infowars from gigantic to humongous, colossal, the establishment is getting more desperate than ever.
Again, we're 86 now on Quantcast and other services.
The New York Times is much smaller.
I mean, I can't believe that.
The New York Times, again, admits 90% of their business is now online.
They're a joke, folks.
I can't believe we're bigger than the New York Times.
The latest move to label real independent media as fake news is only the beginning of their all-out assault on Infowars and the Liberty Movement as a whole.
Now more than ever, InfoWars needs your support to help defend against incoming attacks.
The globalists hate that InfoWars is not beholden to the megabanks or government handouts because it means our message cannot be censored or controlled.
Except for direct censorship, which they're now going to.
Because we are not establishment funded, we are powered solely by your support.
When you purchase the super high quality products from InfoWarsStore.com, you are buying proverbial war bonds.
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And folks,
We're under attack.
I cannot stress to you how important it is to support our local AM and FM affiliates.
To become sponsors, to support them.
The best way to fight tyrants is to make your media, they're trying to censor, ten times stronger.
And when they try to shut us down, the answer is, hand print off our articles, double send out our emails, send our videos out, do your own videos on YouTube, saying we don't want to see InfoWars censored.
This is outrageous.
This is crazy.
Call it what it is.
See, they use labeling games.
They're the fake news, they call us fake.
They're fake.
Are we calling to shut them down?
No, we're just exposing them.
They're having boycotts.
They're trying to censor us.
They're trying to delist us.
They're trying to kick the apps off like Breitbart.
They're doing it.
They try stuff like saying drugs has viruses when it doesn't.
They do all sorts of dirty tricks because we are killing them.
They don't want this information coming out.
Now, Joel Gilbert, for the rest of the hour, we're going to go on to the next hour.
I'm going to give you the floor here to run through some of the background of Obama for new listeners, who Frank Marshall Davis is, dreams of my real father.
We can put some images from the trailer.
Here's my real father up on screen for TV viewers.
Again, we're a simulcast for your new viewers.
Or listeners.
And roll through kind of the background and then the new big bombshells.
You've been to Hawaii.
You've been to the prisons.
You've been to California.
You've gone and met with his admitted best friend from college.
I mean, you have really done it.
And then once you exposed all this, it turns out, hiding in plain view, Obama's always pretty much been admitting it.
So, let's get into the new bombshell information with investigative journalist, documentary filmmaker Joel Gilbert.
Okay, thanks Alex.
Look, the biggest piece of fake news when they came out with this new term, I guess Hillary brought it up, I just had to laugh because the biggest fake news was Barack Obama claiming to be the son of a Kenyan goat herder who would bring people together in his book, Dreams for My Father.
Uh, myself and others were investigating his background and uh, through my film, Dreams of My Real Father, it was an alternate history that showed that Barack Obama's actual background was a radical leftist.
And uh, it traced back to the fact that
There was a mountain of evidence that his real biological father was not the Kenyan Obama, but was rather Frank Marshall Davis, the Soviet agent and American communist, who he admits in his own book raised him in Hawaii.
In Obama's own book, Dreams from My Father, he says, when I was little, my grandfather would take me to Frank's house, and it was though there was an unwritten, unspoken contract between the two of them.
He also dropped a hint when the Kenyan died, he said, I had no documentation to prove that the Kenyan was my real father.
So he's been dropping hints.
And I reached out since my film came out, I reached out to Keith Kakagawa.
Keith Kakagawa was the character known as Ray in Obama's book.
Ray was actually the name of their drug dealer from the Chum Gang.
There's Ray.
His real name is Keith Kakagawa.
Obama claimed he was black.
In fact, he's actually half Hawaiian, a quarter Indian, and a quarter black.
But Keith has been in and out of prison his whole life, unfortunately.
He was part of that chum gang pot-smoking ring at Punahou.
And I became friendly with Keith.
He's in prison at Corcoran State Prison in Central California, along with Charles Manson.
And he's a very, actually, nice, sincere guy.
And he was able to share with me over the couple of years that I've known him a lot of information and bombshell information about
Barack's upbringing and his relationship with Frank Marshall Davis.
I'm going to get into some of those.
Here's an example for people on TV.
You can see one of the letters from prison, which he sent me many of.
And we met quite often and speak all the time.
The first things he told me were about Obama becoming very racist and racial, which he said was a result of him hanging out with Frank Marshall Davis three or four times a week, at least for an hour.
And that Frank was essentially his father in every meaning of the word.
He gave examples, for instance, that they went to the senior prom, and even though they were 15 years old and the girls were 17 and 18, and Barry, as he calls them, complained that the seniors won't dance with him because he's black.
And Keith would point out and say, well no, it's because we're 15 and we're dressed for a luau.
And then Barry complained that he wasn't able to start on the basketball team because he was black.
And Keith told him, no, it's because you can't make a shot and you can't rebound.
You're on the team because you're black.
And Barry went on to talk about how his own grandfather couldn't understand him because he was black.
So he said that Barry became a radical wannabe and it was a result of Frank Marshall Davis turning him on to Angela Davis and Malcolm X and Barry becoming extremely racial about everything.
Then, he tells me this bombshell story that in 1977, he was with Barack, or Barry as he called him, in the Alamanoa Mall in Waikiki, at a sporting goods store, and all of a sudden, Barry says, that's my father over there.
And Keith says, what are you talking about?
That black man there, I recognize him from the pictures, that's my father from Kenya.
And Keith said, no way.
And Barack ran over to him, and he said, are you Barack Obama?
And he said, yes, who are you?
He said, well, I'm your son.
He said, well, what are you doing in Hawaii?
He said, well, I'm on a layover from Hong Kong going back to Kenya.
And by the way, Malik Obama confirmed for me that his father had gone to Hong Kong at that time.
And the Kenyan Obama basically blew off Barack, blew him off and left.
And Keith explains that that moment set off
Barry or Barack on a tirade where he went to his mother, Frank, his grandfather and said, you all lied to me.
Frank is my father.
I've always known it.
He spends time with me.
He gives me money.
I look like him.
You've been lying to me.
And he said for a couple of months they all denied it.
And Barry got so out of control that the grandfather, Gramps, came to Keith and said, listen, this story is true, but he can't talk about this.
I don't want him talking about it.
So next time he talks about it, I want you to smack him.
And Keith said, I can't hit Barry.
He said, no, no, you gotta hit him next time he talks about this.
So Keith said that, sure enough, Barry kept screaming about it, and he put him in a chokehold, dragged him down the street.
And then all of a sudden, Barry stopped talking about it.
And this was about the time that these poemers wrote, people are familiar with, called Pop.
Where, uh, it's like an explanation of an encounter between a young man and an older man, and in the poem, he says, uh, he looked just like me, he gave me a hug, and I could see myself inside of Pop's black framed glasses.
So it's as if there was some kind of admission and they wrote a poem to kind of memorialize it.
So this is a pretty bombshell.
It comes from Obama's best friend, who's written about throughout his book, as his best friend.
And it shows that Barack had this big moment where he was lied to his whole life, but realized it was the biological, came to know it was the biological father, and that Davis continued to be his ideological father, and continued to radicalize him by taking him down to places like, this is also brand new news,
Go ahead and say it.
Okay, I'll say it.
Well, he basically said that the Hubba Hubba had private nights that were not advertised, where people would come and all kinds of things would go on that you could possibly imagine, and that this was a location that Frank would take Barry.
Now, interestingly, the manager... Did he tell you sex parties?
Swingers parties, sex parties.
The manager of Hubba Hubba was none other than Honey Harlow.
Honey Harlow was the famous stripper who was the ex-wife of Lenny Bruce who lived in Honolulu all those years.
We have a photo of her?
Yes, we got a photo of Honey Harlow.
Now, Honey Harlow I've identified as the stripper who poses in the photos with Ann Dunham at Frank Marshall Davis' house that came out in my film.
That is Honey Harlow.
Now, before we go here, let's rewind this for a minute for TV viewers and radio listeners.
People have to understand, if you've seen your film on this, and you've done research, and you've read Obama's book, he admits all this, and later versions they took it out, so 95% of what you're saying is on record.
You found photos of Obama with Frank Marshall Davidson people, and with others, and it's the same house, it's the same couch, it's the same pictures, then there's all this porn that Davidson admittedly shot on the side, that's what communists do.
Defund themselves, drugs, you name it.
And so it's his mother, it's clearly her, posing.
It's the same woman in the photos.
All this from this racy culture in Hawaii in the 60s and the 70s.
And of course before that back in the 50s.
So start at the beginning again.
Okay, so Frank Marshall Davis was a photographer of nude women.
And he took these photos of Anne and Honey Harlow and other strippers and sold them to the Betty Page, you know, strip magazines of the time.
And you were contacted by one of the famous off-record collectors of all this saying, hey, I've got Obama's mother.
Yeah, we acquired this stuff about four years ago.
And look, it's not to make fun of the fact that his mother was posing for nude photos.
It's intended to show that there was the chance of a relationship to help prove the fact that Obama lied to the country.
He ran as a mainstream candidate.
Well, he's a total government cutout, is the point, with multiple names.
He's got passports and stuff that say Barry.
He's got different last names on there.
He lists himself as a Muslim in Indonesia.
I mean, this guy has got more names than, you know, a villain in the James Bond movie.
Well, here's the next revelation.
We'll get back to Hubba Hubba, but... Well, no, I don't mean to interrupt you.
Let's go back and finish up with the porn.
So, Honey Harlow, who was the ex-wife of Lenny Bruce, she lived in Hawaii at the time.
It's all documented.
And that is her, I'm certain, in the photos with Ann Dunham.
That further places that photo in Hawaii.
And you can see the obvious resemblance.
And anyway, Keith Kakagawa told me that Frank would take Barry down there.
They would do a lot of drinking and drugging.
And this was the period where Obama became radicalized and saw the world through a racial lens.
The same as Frank Marshall Davis.
It's the same person as essentially Reverend Jeremiah Wright.
Everything is racial.
Everything is because of race.
Now, the disappointment voters have with Obama is, of course, they voted for him based on this false news story that he floated in his book, that he's a post-racial person, he's going to bring us all together because of his unique... But notice, all he did was engage in race baiting and division, massively.
Not even hiring organizers to go stir up riots.
And this is why it's important to...
Really reveal who Obama was.
But does he even get that that causes cops to slow roll and kills thousands of black Americans and that it creates real racism and division?
I mean, I guess that's what they want.
It's not about that.
It's about the revolution.
It's about long-term control.
And they realize... So you gotta radicalize and try to make as many black people as you can racial and hateful so they never assimilate and are happy.
Yeah, Obama wrote in his book about reading Fallon, you know, the Algerian Revolution, and they said there's going to be blood, there's going to be a price to pay for achieving long-term takeover and the leftist revolution.
So all of these things are just, you know... All I can say is good luck to them with all their censorship, their plans for violence.
I'm not looking for violence, but man, these wimps want to start a physical fight.
We are going to clean their clocks.
I mean, these people can hardly tie their frickin' shoelaces.
Libertarians, patriots, Americana people are wrecking machines.
Go ahead.
Well look, obviously the best way to cleanse the situation is truth and to illuminate and tell the truth about... That's what we're going to do.
But see, they know we're beating them in the Info War, so they want to censor us and start a revolution.
So all I'm saying is they're a bunch of idiots.
The little communists they've got down here saying kill cops, oink oink, bang bang, you're dead.
It was five good cops, dead, good, yeah, but six is better.
These little minions, they're not a point a gun the right way is what I'm saying.
They are the most moron, cannon fodder idiots and none of them will ever talk to you.
They say talk to my boss.
It's always some old weird UT beatnik behind them because they have nothing in their heads.
That's correct.
I've seen that a million times.
Look, we can get into more about the identity fraud.
That's right.
You're dropping the biggest, this isn't hype folks, the biggest bombshells ever on who Obama is to understand his psychology.
And it's all documented straight ahead of your radio unless you want to see all this.
Infowars.com forward slash show has HD feeds right now.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
It's all free.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
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We're good.
And we are back live.
Joel Gilbert is our guest.
30 minutes to the next hour, then we're going to tape something for the nightly news.
Tonight, we're just going to condense all this down.
He's about to break more on the birth certificates of Obama.
He's the guy that cracked the code on all of this and why he kept saying in his, when he was the editor of the Law Review at Harvard, that he was born in Kenya and his father was there and why his wife, when he was a U.S.
Senator, said he was born in Kenya.
You know, my husband, Barack, is born in Kenya.
And we'd say, here are the videos.
Why does he keep saying he wasn't?
It was all a setup.
We took the bait.
Of course the dad looked nothing like him.
Because it wasn't.
It was one of these sham marriages that left this dude to bring people into the U.S.
for money.
It's very, very famous.
She was CIA, folks.
It was all part of the cutouts.
We're going back to Joel Gilbert here in just a moment, but I want to just remind listeners that
If you look at the psychology of the globalists, it doesn't make sense.
I go back to Ron Silver, the Hollywood producer and actor who recently died, and it was the Clintons being inaugurated in 1993, and jets flew over.
And he said, oh my gosh, it's the military, they're gonna get us, because they so much hated our military in America.
And Hillary went, and this was even in, I think it was Rolling Stone, you can look it up.
She goes, Ron, it's our military now.
But see, they're so mentally ill, and so stilted, and so weird,
And hate you owning a gun, but boy, they love the Red Guard with a gun.
That they just see fear everywhere, and everyone's out to get them, and there's racism everywhere, whether they be white, Jewish, you know, black, it doesn't matter.
It's just, you know, Chinese.
It's just all whacked out, and they've got to overthrow it to run it to make it better.
And even though they pretty much run the country, they should just go, oh, prosperity, let's just run this.
You've already dominated.
No, no, no, now we've got to shut it down.
We've got to prove it's wrong.
We've got to mount its head on the wall.
There's this drive to just piss on things and fly over country and bitter clingers with their Bibles, their guns, and make fun of, you know, families that have a swimming pool and are nuclear and go to softball games.
It's not just a disdain for white people.
They hate black people.
They hate...
I mean, I've seen the left in news articles go, the Hispanics don't trust us and they won't get rid of their families and they won't go along with our ideology like we want them to.
They're so angry.
So I'm not trying to do a cliffhanger here.
I want to get into the the incredible other developments you haven't got to.
We start the next segment.
But the few minutes here, you've studied communists.
You've gone deep into how they operate.
You know, you interviewed, of course, and so have we, the late great.
Larry Grafwald went inside the Weathermen operations.
What makes them tick?
Why do they hate this country and prosperity so much?
Leftist progressives have a passion for destruction that is only equaled by the Islamists.
The Islamists and the progressives have that thing in common, that they both want to destroy the existing order and rebuild society from scratch.
Us conservatives, or just what we call, where I come from in Tennessee, we just call it normal folks,
We look at America and we look at the world and we say America is the greatest country that ever has been and we're so happy to be American, we're so happy.
Leftists look at America and compare it to the perfect society, to perfect utopia, and they conclude it's not perfect so we have to tear it down and destroy it and rebuild it from scratch and we're very unhappy.
So, the mentality is just so different, and the leftist passion for destruction is something that is such a tragic phenomenon.
Was that an accurate description I did of them?
I believe so.
I just don't get how you're in charge, the system's made you the president, record numbers of whites have voted for you, and then you say it's a white lash when Trump gets elected.
It's just pure crap.
Well, their ideology is to use people and use groups to take power.
Not to take power to help people, but to use them.
And communist ideology admits they're exploitive.
It's so cold-blooded.
They used urban America, the black people.
Black lives never mattered to them.
Black's vote mattered.
That's why Obama did nothing for the black community in eight years.
Alright, alright.
Long segment's coming up.
There's another five minute one right at the start.
I want to talk about Islamic ideology because...
Orthodox Islam is radical Islam.
It's taking over.
It admits it wants to conquer you.
It brags it's going to conquer you.
But then when you say, hey, I'm not going to let you conquer me, they go, you're being mean to me.
You just don't like Muslims.
We'll be right back in 70 seconds with Joel Gilbert of JoelGilbert.net.
Spread that website as well.
I'm Alex Jones with Infowars.com.
They're trying to censor us.
They're trying to shut us down right now.
Spread the links now, folks.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, Joel Gilbert is a documentary filmmaker and investigative journalist who discovered the real identity of Obama, got the documents, Barry Satoro, which is one of the cut-out names, he's gone and interviewed classmates, best buddies with Obama, Obama admits as their classmates, I was lucky this individual he just interviewed in prison, but coming up, the other big revelations, he's only gotten what, halfway through or less, your big revelations here, that I appreciate you sharing with us, Joel Gilbert's our guest, joelgilbert.net, in this short segment, getting into the Islamicist,
Uh, they constantly fight with each other.
They constantly kill each other.
They're constantly invading each other.
Radical, uh, the radicals form, obviously, out of Saudi Aramia.
Wahhabism is allied with the left.
They throw gays off buildings, murder Christians.
And leftists get this wild look in their eye at these rallies, screaming at us, at Trump rallies, saying, homophobes, you're next to Muslims, they kill gay people.
Shut up, racists, shut up!
I mean, it's a disconnect.
But what's going on with the Islamicists?
What are they looking for?
Islamists reject Western culture.
The way they look at the world is that the Islamic world should be a homogeneous caliphate.
The idea of Islam is that one day it will control the entire world and only then will the world reach salvation.
Therefore, Islam does not recognize borders or individual countries.
After World War I, the European powers divided the Islamic world into individual nation-states.
The problem is that nation-states were a Christian solution to Christian problems.
They never had those.
It was just tribes murdering each other.
Well, it was one large Islamic-controlled caliphate.
Yeah, the Ottoman Empire and before that with a single destiny to expand across the world.
By dividing the Islamic world up into nation-states, it created a scenario where the Islamists felt they had to destroy the nation-states, get rid of these autocrats and military leaders that were preventing them from their natural expansion.
So the opposition... Wasn't that a natural divide and conquer, the early strategy to divide them up?
Uh, the Western powers certainly felt that by dividing them up and having certain alliances, they'd be able to prevent them from continuing to attack Europe as they had done historically.
For a thousand plus.
But now, the globalists, the Euro, is openly allied with them.
Well now, I think it's more that the leftists see the Muslims and the Islamic world as natural allies with the mutual goal of destroying the Western order.
Well if I had a cold and I wanted to get rid of it, a natural ally would be colloidal silver, vitamin C or sunshine, or light exercise or chicken noodle soup.
Not inject myself with cancer, because it's going to kill the cold and me.
Well, the leftists are desperate for anyone that can help them achieve their goal.
They think they can use the Islamists the way they used urban America.
They think they can use immigrants from Honduras and Central America and flood the country with illegals.
Well, the Muslims are ten times more Machiavellian than the left, so I think they don't know which one's the fox.
Well, there's no question the leftists, I think, don't really understand the end game and end goal of the Islamists would also mean that the leftists are going to be eliminated.
They're up for a... Of course they are!
They're in for a natural clash down the road.
But in the meantime, I think the left sees... Yeah, I've found the Muslims respect me because I openly say what I believe and they'll just go, yeah, we're going to take you over.
The leftists, they just laugh at them.
It's like a...
Yeah, they think that the left is self-destructive, which they are.
Look, the left progressives killed 150 million of their own people in peacetime because they didn't fit into this perfect ideology of this perfect... Yeah, anybody that didn't have glasses or could basically talk, they were threatened by them.
Right, in Cambodia they killed everybody who had glasses, because that way they could start over, because that meant you were educated.
They wanted to re-educate you with the communist ideology.
So the nexus and the alliance between the far left and Islam, we see it in Western societies, in England, of course the mayor of
London stand.
...of London.
First London stand.
We see, of course, Keith Ellison now wants to be the head of the Democrat Party.
And we can see this nexus coming together.
Whether it will last, we don't know.
You don't want to do the whole next hour with me?
I'm good.
And then after that, McBrain wants to interview you for the Nightly News.
Or it might be Leanne doing it.
They're both excited to talk to you.
Joel Gilbert's in the studio.
I'm Alex Jones.
The big bombshells straight ahead.
But first I want to ask you one more question.
How do you successfully deprogram a lepus?
I know you're really good at it.
The web giants at YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft have announced that they are stepping up efforts to remove extremist content from the Internet as the EU demands social media websites censor fake news within 24 hours.
Meanwhile, the fake news controversy is being exploited by the mainstream media to characterize completely legitimate alternative news sources.
For example, CBS News just listed InfoWars as a fake news website.
And that's because the mainstream establishment media is losing all credibility with the American people.
And it was alternative and social media who helped Donald Trump
We're good.
There was a mighty nation, blessed above all of creation.
Charlie Daniels.
He's always loved America.
He's always defended the Second Amendment.
Let me just read a little thing here from Agenda 21.
The American system of justice must be changed to conform to the rest of the world.
Individual rights will have to take a back seat to the collective.
Well, you know what the next move's gonna be, don't you?
It's gonna be tonight if you're good.
I tell you, it ain't gonna set well down my way.
Oh yeah!
At all.
It ain't gonna set well.
Do you ever wonder what happened to America?
It's time to ride, boys.
We need a thousand Paul Revere's.
When I was a boy, it was okay to be proud of the flag, heritage, mom, and apple pie.
And beef was for supper.
Revelation, dawn of global government.
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Hey, everyone!
Pharmacist Ben Fuchs here, host of The Bright Side, and as many of you know, I'm on a mission to help Americans get and stay healthy.
You've all heard the shocking statistics.
Despite spending trillions of dollars in health care, nearly $10,000 per man, woman, and child in this country, obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and autoimmune illnesses are rampant.
One out of three or four people is dealing with some kind of health challenge, and everyone knows at least one person with a degenerative disease.
We're good to go!
I think so.
The world is a dangerous place.
Not because of evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center.
It's Alex Jones.
Take the children and yourself and hide out in the cellar.
By now the fighting will be close.
I'm about 30 seconds late getting back in the chair because I'm in the...
Back office is working with my crew to develop a national and global plan to defend free speech and really get aggressive.
We're preparing, I'll just let you know, lawsuits for discrimination, for censorship, for racketeering, and are planning to join lawsuits against the Washington Post and others that have listed Infowars.com.
I'm not threatening suits.
I don't like suits.
I've sued people three times for defamation.
I've won all three times.
You know, if somebody says a clear lie, it doesn't matter if I'm a public figure, and says, I want to hurt Alex Jones, it's done.
That's with the malice of forethought, intent to do harm.
And when people then say, we're fake news and we're a fraud, and say, shut us off, destroy us.
I mean, that says bankrupt us.
That says put me in the frickin' street and steal my free speech.
You can go to hell.
So I'm announcing it.
We're going to get a national movement.
We're going to have marches, we're going to send, I hope to send 100,000 or more actual printouts from the petitions to Donald Trump and deliver the thing to Trump Tower.
I want to do it by next week.
So by tonight or tomorrow, we'll have the whole thing launched on the page.
We're going to push this.
Breitbart's got their thing where Kellogg's started censoring them and they went and researching Kellogg's Fund's Black Lives Matter and all these racist groups and destabilization groups and LaRica and Kisa groups.
Well, of course they do.
They're globalists.
It's all Ford Foundation crap.
Okay, that's great.
Okay, boycott them.
No, no, this isn't boycott.
This is Trump.
You're in in 43 days, roughly, 44 days.
We want you to immediately, now, start saying how dare you fund $170 million for a fake news bureau in the State Department and then have Obama announcing state-run media and Europe announcing they're launching it as we speak to shut us down.
We have to fight back.
We have to rally.
We have to say you're the fake news lying about, you know, all these wars and lying about what Trump was really doing.
And lying about the borders not being open?
You're a joke!
So we're going to be launching that in the next 24 hours at Infowars.com.
Now, I was asking you the question.
I mean, look at the leftist media praising Fidel Castro.
Give us your take on that and then is there any way to reach out?
Because the average leftist was sheltered.
They were generally from middle-class means, and I mean the active, really bad leftists, the social justice warriors.
They hate America, they hate freedom, they hate prosperity, they have chips on their shoulder, and they were kind of like nerds that didn't have any friends.
I don't mean that mean.
And then they get adopted as soon as they get into college or even by high school clubs into a leftist cult that indoctrinates them with hate.
They kind of get little nerdly, lonely kids and then brainwash them.
And so, they're so inculcated, it's their identity, and they act like adults who are really still teenagers with the rest of development.
So, Joel Gilbert, that's my gestalt on it.
How do you, I mean, add to that, or how do you reach out to them?
Let me add to that.
Nothing is more hypocritical than looking at the leftist infatuation with tyrants and murderers like Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, and even back in the day, of course, Obama's father, Frank Marshall Davis, was infatuated with
Stalin, Uncle Joe was the guy, was their guy, the leftist guy in the 50s.
Uncle Joe who killed what, 25 million people?
At least, at least.
So their infatuation, their claim to being, having these values, these great values, yet they're infatuated with some of the biggest murderers in history, is the greatest
Hypocrisy that just shows their denial of facts.
They don't want to learn facts.
Well, they also tend to be really wimpy people.
And again, I think they're attracted to the authoritarian regalia, the simplicity of it.
For them, this is like a father figure.
And this is the person they can look to who tells them kind of what to think, how to think, and tell them that there's a utopian perfect world that they can be a part of if they only follow him, like the Wizard of Oz.
So how do you deprogram one of them?
Look, I have not had a whole lot of luck.
When I try to show them my film, they leave the theater.
When you try to talk to them, they cut you off and talk over you.
Reality, over time, reality tends to convince them otherwise.
I met people in urban America when I was filming There's No Place Like Utopia, and they had had it with leftist
And I think it's blacks voting for Trump, if you look at any one demographic, and also disgruntled whites that voted for Obama.
It's those two groups, as well as an unusual large turnout of Hispanics.
I think every major group they were counting on turned against them.
Yeah, I think a lot more blacks voted for Trump than were willing to admit it to the exit poll people, or that actually showed up, because they lived it.
So once people experience it, people coming out of the Soviet Union back in the day, East Germany, people coming out of Cuba, they'll tell you, and for their entire life they'll say, do not follow Barack Obama.
Oh, everybody that came out of the old Soviet Union or Cuba or Venezuela says, I've heard it all before.
They say, we're shocked at how they use the very same terms.
They're so lazy, but I think it's worked in these countries, so why not use it again?
But it really is weird to see 20th century and 19th century political technology being used to dominate today.
Well, look, we're still in great danger because we saw Bernie Sanders have these huge rallies with young people.
Thousands and thousands of people cheering everything he said.
What did he say?
He said, we're going to destroy American business.
We're going to break up the pharmaceutical companies.
We're going to break up the banks.
We're going to do all these classic communist things that destroy the economy and biology.
Instead of reforming those institutions, we're going to blow them up.
And then always on it, they build a nightmare of starvation and people in black uniforms.
Well, their goal, the terminology used to be the bourgeois.
We're going to destroy the bourgeois, put them in jail, send them to re-education centers.
And today it's the entrepreneurs.
They want to destroy business, and they want to replace the leading class of society with bureaucrats.
Once the leading society is bureaucrats, they don't produce anything, so there's no products being produced, and there ends up being no food, like we see in Venezuela.
And then they admit, though, that that's good because it's austere, but then they all live like
Pigs in animal form, you know, high on the hog.
Right, well, it just came out last week.
Fidel Castro had yachts and boats and five or six wives.
And he's so unpopular, they had to secretly bury him in a secret location.
Right, so these guys, look, the leftist ideal, somehow, because of the media, because of universities and journalism and politicians claiming that these things work, I mean, I was just shocked to see people with Bernie Sanders cheering him on.
What it is is Stockholm Syndrome, in that they're put into a cult, they're put into a college, they're given a worthless degree, they have no future, they're going to get henpecked into submission, they might as well become aggressive and be the greatest enforcers of it.
They have studies out that with this whole virtue signaling, in Canada, the U.S., and Britain, they found very similar numbers.
People can pull these articles up.
I've talked about them a lot, but it was even in the CBC of all places, that they were six times more likely to steal and something like eight times more likely not to give to charity when they said they were, but they were more likely to tell you to give to charity.
So they're always just signaling that they're so moral and so great, but they're not hiring minorities, they're not building industries, they're not actually inventing anything, they're just running around bitching.
Unfortunately, they have so many internal mental conflicts that derive from the believing in the lie.
Look at Kaepernick.
Look at Kaepernick.
I'm going to give you breaking news.
$170, $180 million he's made in his career.
He's horrible.
He's a loser.
He has white parents that took care of him.
Hates white people.
Runs around bitching all day and loves Fidel.
And then people said, well, Alex, people are racist to him.
Does he have any idea how racist they are to black people in Cuba?
Look, uh, Kaepernick should have spent his whole life saying, God bless America, what a great country, I, uh... I made $170 million!
Oh, God!
And again, I criticize the parts of the country that are bad, to make it better!
Not just, it's the worst thing, hate it for no reason!
It's, uh, anyway, the leftist mentality of what leads them to go on and off on all these crazy tangents are very self-destructing.
What they are is ingrateful, uh, I mean, look, it's like spoiled kids.
Ingrateful entitlement.
Entitlement is the worst damn thing on earth.
You give a kid everything, they turn into snot-nosed brat criminals.
I used to think my parents were being mean, making me have jobs and not giving me money and stuff.
Thank God they did.
They were better parents than I am.
I've spoiled my kids.
They're still great kids, but now we're having to really start making them do more stuff because, because I'm telling you, these schnock-nosed lazy asses.
I don't mean my kids, I'm talking about the general, you know, leftists.
Well, let's get into some of these revelations because they really show.
These are, these are huge.
These are massive.
Let's skip this break so we have more time.
Joel Gilbert, get it and recap the previous ones real fast and get into the new ones.
OK, I just talked about my friendship with Obama's best friend, Keith Kakagawa, who's in jail in Corcoran State Prison, who told me about how Barack Barry learned that the Kenyan was not his father and that Frank Marshall Davis was, how Davis radicalized Obama with his racist, racial worldview.
And how Obama would go to the Hubba Hubba strip club with Frank and met up with Honey Harlow, Lenny Bruce's ex-wife, who also was involved with his mother way back in the day with Frank Marshall Davis.
So we went through that.
And today I'm releasing kind of the rest of my Obama research for the past few years.
I'm releasing two birth certificates today on InfoWars from black men born in Hawaii.
One was born a few weeks before Obama and one born a few weeks after Obama.
And in both of these birth certificates, the father is listed under the racial terminology that was encoded in the Hawaii guidebooks for the registrar.
The racial designation was Negro, not African.
Now, everyone knows that Obama's father's race is listed as African, of course, which is African-American.
Now, in this one that people can see on their screen, this is from a man named Bruce Henderson, born a few weeks after Obama.
That term wasn't used until the 80s.
Now this is interesting.
So this gentleman was born a few weeks after Obama, and you can also see how the type sticks to the background.
And we go to the second one, which was from a few weeks before.
The man's name was James Gravely.
And what's so interesting about James Gravely
The race originally was written down as colored, which was the terminology in the 50s that had just changed in 1960.
The state of Hawaii issued a new guidebook for the registrars, but the person accidentally wrote the old term, which was colored.
So the state of Hawaii registrar's office marked it out and wrote the correct new term, which was Negro.
Well, it was just Spanish for black, or it was like Caucasian, it was Caucus Mountains.
But they turned that into a racist term.
Words now are racist.
So this proves that Obama's birth certificate, where the race is listed as African, never would have survived the review at the Hawaii Department of Health.
Just like the word color didn't survive, the word African would not have survived because the term was Negro.
Now, why would this, of course, what became known as the birther controversy was invented by the fake news media.
People simply asked questions.
They said, if you say you did all these things, why won't you release your
College records.
Why won't you release your Senate records?
Why won't you release your birth certificate?
People simply asked a question.
Now, I guess they didn't make up the term university-ism.
Notice how the green paper isn't yellowed either from acid like the original real ones.
Totally fake.
And again, we're not saying he wasn't really from Hawaii.
It was just a fake certificate with the fake father supposedly from Kenya.
They had to do that.
Just like the FBI and others say cheese pizza means child porn, so you have Pizzagate.
They then, in the media, focus on one pizza place, claiming we're all only talking about that, to then discredit the entire Podesta emails.
This is how they take things and they decide what to make everybody focus in on, then we all go chasing after it.
So Obama's candidacy was based on his personal background.
My father's a goat herder from Kenya.
I have a multiracial background.
I'm going to bring us together.
I'm going to cut the deficit in half.
So we ask a legitimate question.
Why can't we see anything about your past?
And the birth certificate... College records are sealed.
Everything's sealed.
So they turn us when we know about his past that's sealed into we're saying he isn't really from the U.S.
He's from Kenya.
So we look
And he is saying he's from Kenya in his college records and in his newspaper that he edited and his wife saying it, so we took the bait.
So I think Obama's real, I don't believe the birth certificate he released is real based on, just only based on this, but you can also see in some other comparisons I released that Obama's birth certificate, the type
is on a white background, whereas you can see the natural, regular background, the black type sticks to the background.
It's not on a white, you know, facade.
And you can see that in these documents I'm releasing.
Sure, it's clearly digital.
I mean, look, they even use like the Microsoft Word deal, where a typewriter has a new original splat each time.
With them, the letters and numbers are identical.
They use different, you know, fonts per line, but you can see it's fake.
Right, so I believe Obama was always eligible to be president, was probably born in the United States, but he had his real birth certificate probably either was blank with the father unknown or even possibly Frank Marshall Davis.
Now had he released the birth certificate without the name Barack Obama on it, then I think it would have debunked his entire story.
How do you get the name Barry Sotero?
Because we know that's on passports.
Well, the Sotero, they also had another name, which was Sobarka, which showed up on other documents.
So, Sotero was the name of Ann Dunham's next husband, which was Lola Sotero.
So, when he went to Indonesia, he became Barry Sotero.
And the name Sobarka, people get that mixed up.
The name Sobarka, which showed up, that's simply Sotero Barak backwards, which is how they had names in Indonesia.
Your family name was first, so it was combined as one name.
But, anyway, I want to release these birth certificates I collected because it shows that Obama was not honest about who his real father was.
And this, as much as we don't like being lied to about that, obviously it hides the fact that Obama was indoctrinated and radicalized by his real father that he admits raised him by his own admission, Frank Marshall Davis.
And he became this leftist radical and he followed in the footsteps of his real father
Dreams from his real father back to Chicago and he became an agitator and eventually became president based on the fake news that his real father and upbringing was this generic upbringing that had nothing to do with a radical background.
The next thing I want to get into is to discuss what I learned about Obama's social security number.
It's pretty brief, but it's interesting.
Keith Kakagawa told me that Obama had worked for his father, who had a pest control service called Island Pest Control, in the summers.
And that Barack is known to the public as having a social security number that was issued from Connecticut.
And people say, well, how could that be?
Well, Keith told me that Barack actually had several social security numbers and that it was not uncommon that many people in Hawaii had several.
There was massive document fraud and social security fraud and that they would get aid from the government.
With multiple social security numbers and multiple identities and I think it still goes on to this day.
The entire state system in Hawaii was unreliable as regards documentation and that he said Barry had several social security numbers and that was simply one of them I guess that he settled on.
So that was interesting and that fills in some of the void.
The next thing I want to do, can we cue that
There's a quick clip from Good Morning America where Barack talks about having studied abroad and lived abroad.
And I want to give that some context and give you another piece of information.
Sure, here's the Good Morning America piece.
Are you concerned that your lack of experience when it comes to foreign policy may hurt your chances in the run for the White House?
Well, actually, my experience in foreign policy is probably more diverse than most others in the field.
I mean, I'm somebody who has actually lived overseas, somebody who has studied overseas, you know, I majored in international relations.
So here, Barack, let's slip what he didn't want known.
Now, his official story in his book is that he was at Columbia for two years.
I'm sorry, Occidental College in L.A.
for two years and transferred to Columbia for two years.
And when he was running for president, Hannity, others came out and said, wait a minute.
How could he have been at Columbia two years?
We never met him.
We never heard of him.
Classmates never saw him.
In this interview, Barack reveals something.
He says, I studied abroad and lived abroad.
Now, he wasn't talking about when I was five years old, I was in kindergarten in Indonesia.
He let it slip that he was abroad for a study program.
Now... He was had that for years.
So my belief, and I'll tell you why I believe this, is that he was on a junior year abroad in Pakistan as a junior.
Now, he talked about being an international studies major here, not a political science major.
All the international studies majors that I- Sure, and that's the word.
I mean, there's so many people from Brennan to him reportedly converted to Wahhabism, and he wears that ring and the rest of it.
They say when he gave that first speech in Cairo that he spoke better than major imams, and so are you getting at the fact that he was radicalized in Pakistan?
First of all, his affinity toward Islam, his knowledge of Islam, of the culture, the Quran, all those terminology that he knows, and just his cultural affinity.
And then backing at least ten countries taken over by the jihadis out of Saudi Arabia in his eight years in office.
I mean, this guy has turned the world over to Islam.
Well, his knowledge and affinity for Islam reflects someone who spent time in a Muslim country as an adult.
Not just Indonesia.
Not as a child in Indonesia.
So his mother... But he did go to Madrasa in Indonesia.
When he was a small child.
But his mother was living in Pakistan at the time.
And I'm going to now reveal my conversation with Peter Geithner.
Peter Geithner was head of the Ford Foundation in Asia.
He lived in Hong Kong.
You talked to Geithner?
This is huge.
Peter Geithner, who unfortunately passed away just recently.
He is the father of Timothy Geithner, the former Treasury Secretary for Barack Obama.
What a coincidence.
No, the Ford Foundation runs the whole
Globalist leftist takeover.
And they're a big part of Columbia University as well.
So Peter Geithner met Ann Dunham.
He was Ann Dunham's boss when she worked for the Ford Foundation in Indonesia.
And Peter told me that Barack had a Ford Foundation scholarship, this is big news, to go to Columbia.
And he also said it was for the senior year.
So this what this reveals a couple of things.
Number one, how do you get people to talk to you?
How do you get Geithner's dad to talk to you?
I just called him up.
I would like to say maybe it's the charm.
Jerry Corsi says it's the long hair, but you figure on the phone he wouldn't know about that.
But I've just always been honest and sincere, and I say, I got a problem, can you help me with this?
And I want to tell you why this is so significant.
Number one, because Ann Dunham, Obama's mother, worked for the Ford Foundation, it would have been illegal
And they have very strong laws against nepotism for Obama to get a Ford Foundation scholarship to Columbia.
It would have been illegal.
And I think this explains why Obama was a ghost at Columbia.
First of all, I think he was only there the senior year, and that's why he didn't join all these organizations and was a well-known person like he was at Occidental and Harvard.
Obama's half-sister, Maya, went to Barnard, by the way.
She's also a ghost.
You can't find her in any of the yearbooks, photos, nothing.
Anyway, Geithner said he had a Ford Foundation scholarship.
Now, Sohaili Siddiqui was the Pakistani waiter who he was a roommate of with Obama on 109th Street in Eastside.
There he is.
And Siddiqui told me that Obama came to New York for the first time.
Uh, just showed up, uh, and called him to be, because he needed a place to stay.
Again, that's the senior year.
So there's a lot of evidence that shows that Obama was never there for the junior year.
Sure, the guy's got a total CIA sheep dip from birth, and a whole clandestine operation.
We're gonna come back and take phone calls with Joel Gilbert, hit some other breaking news.
I'm Alex Jones.
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Alright, so, the guy with the biggest news site in the world, bigger than the New York Times and Facebook combined, comes here about a year ago, 13 months ago, and says, I met with this Supreme Court Justice, he told you on air, he told me the name privately, and they're going to come out, they're going to hand the web over to the UN next year, and then by 2017, or maybe even earlier, they're going to start censoring everybody, and saying it's fake news, and delisting everybody, and saying it's Federal Elections Commission's violations for you to say you don't say when to turn your guns in on a radio show.
And they're just calling it regulations.
No, it's Chinese-style net web censorship.
And quite frankly, the stories are on Infowars.com.
It's not getting any big attention out there.
It's just, oh, they're going to censor, they're going to sit there, and they're going to try to take control of the Internet and shut down their competition.
This is nothing less than completely outrageous, and it just shows you how far down the rat hole we've gotten.
Now, let's see them try to implement it.
We're going to fight back against this.
If they don't get this done, it's really going to blow up in their face.
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We're the majority, regardless of what color you are.
They want to make it all racially based.
If you're leftist, you're a minority, or a white that isn't a racist.
Everyone else is a racist who wants to own guns or not be a slave.
It's not working.
We have to fully reject this ideology, stand up to it, and wake people up.
And that's why it's more important than ever to support InfoWars because we're under globalist attack, ladies and gentlemen, on every front.
Who is having this big of an effect, having the EU name us, having the President and Hillary name us, having the Congress and mainstream media say Alex Jones is fake, and then say things I didn't say or out of context.
We've got to shut him down, he's dangerous.
There's only three.
Drudge Report, Breitbart, and InfoWars.
They are trying to shut us all down.
And folks, when it comes to actively putting out talking points that counter the globalists, nothing is doing it like InfoWars.
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And I get excited seeing Joel Gilbert be so successful, or Mark Dice, or Dr. Ron Paul doing his own TV show and radio show.
This is how we're going to beat them.
And there's so many of us, they're not going to be able to shut us all off.
And if we take the opportunity that the EU that's unelected, tyrannical, that's trying to tell EU members, we're going to put a military over your country if you try to pull out.
They just say it like it's no big deal.
This is leftist globalism, and who could deny globalism's leftist, taking over the planet, but they're running into major obstacles.
They're losing the hearts and minds, so now they're panicking and wanting to censor us.
So I'm very excited this is happening.
I'm very honored.
This is historical.
But at the same time, Joel Gilbert,
It still is scary to confirm, wow, these people really are criminals.
The toll-free number to join us, he's got more revelations, for some calls on the censorship, on what will Obama pull his last 44 days in office, what do you make of the recount now?
It's 70-plus thousand, it's up on Infowars.com.
More people in Wisconsin, more votes that he got, it's only a few thousand for Hillary.
So Hillary's lost 70-something thousand, but gained a couple thousand.
Think about that.
So overall, she's lost 70,000, ladies and gentlemen.
So it turns out it was Trump that was having the vote stolen.
It was all for Hillary.
The scam's for Hillary.
Isn't that surprising?
Toll-free number to join us, 800-259-9231.
People, that's why I'm so excited.
Why I have so much energy.
When you realize how criminal the globalists are.
How they're out to get us.
How they have true criminal energy.
And you realize how close they are to getting the Supreme Court, how close they are to fully butchering our borders and bringing in even greater tyranny and indoctrinating our kids.
They've already gone so far to see the tide turning, to know we're really starting to beat them, to know we could really turn things around and then export freedom via ideology.
1776 worldwide is so exciting, and I'll tell you something.
I don't
about the Podesta emails and about all the weird spirit cooking and occult stuff and mention of weird code words and so they conflate that moving into, oh, he's attacking some poor pizza place when that's only a small part of Pizzagate.
And I said, look, just double down.
They're the old dinosaur media.
They're falling apart.
Great job.
And I saw him last few days just saying there needs to be an investigation of all these places.
There needs to be an investigation.
And I agree because it's Bill Clinton on the plane.
Dozens of times with the convicted pedophile going to a pedophile slave island, and going to sheiks that are known pedophiles.
And it's all these globalists caught doing this.
And so if this is in emails, we're not saying everybody in there is guilty of something, we're saying it should be investigated.
And for the media to now come out and imply that there aren't pedophile networks, period, and claim that's fake.
They're going to feel real stupid as more Penn States come out, and as more Catholic stuff comes out, and as more of this unfolds.
The fact that the left is using pedophilia as a way to infiltrate, like spies do, and take over society.
So 800-259-9231 is the number.
Joel Gilbert, filmmaker of joelgilbert.net's here, he has dropped
More than 10 major bombshells.
He's down to the last few right now in his in-depth, long-term investigations.
The things he's never released on Obama that he's gleaned the last few years.
Now that Obama's about to go into private action against us, Joel Gilbert is dropping these truth bombs.
So let's get into the nose job.
Yeah, one of the last ones here.
I had this in my film, but we've got more information.
And this is just part of Obama trying to hide the fact that his real biological father and ideological mentor was a Soviet agent, an American communist.
He ran for president saying, my father's a goat herder, I'm going to bring us all together.
Had we known the truth, had he said my father was a Soviet agent who wanted to destroy America and helped the Soviet Union during the Cold War,
We never would have elected him.
We would not have suffered these eight years of Obama's fake presidency.
The nose job was a way that Obama could hide his stark resemblance to his real father, Frank Marshall Davis.
We had plastic surgeons look at this.
It's on the website.
They testified to it.
Obama had an exact Frank Mar-
Marshall Davis, uh, larger nose.
I believe he also had a lower lip job, which we haven't verified with plastic surgeons.
So they made his nose narrower?
Oh, it clearly did!
Smaller and narrower because he looked so much like Frank Marshall Davis.
Uh, any connection to Davis would have eliminated him.
Yeah, they took the bump off his nose, they made it a lot less wide.
So he still, to this day, looks almost exactly like Davis, but the nose really, really, uh, told a story.
When did he get the nose job?
I mean, 1990, clearly he still had his regular nose.
I believe he had one in 2003, and he may have had several, because it just, every time it gets a little bigger, it kind of starts to get smaller.
So it's quite obvious, and there's plastic surgeons on my website that, very well-known nationally, that have attempted... Well, you can see the bisectional line down the middle.
So all of... You can see the scar!
You can see the scar right there!
Oh, on the lower lip you can see a scar.
Also, if you look closely, his lower lip does not match the upper lip when you see him in photos.
Well, it's like Michael Jackson.
You ought to be proud of how he looked.
I think he looked better before.
I think so, too, you know.
But the spitting image of Frank Marshall Davis would reveal an ideology that he did come from a
You know, here's where I don't think we differ.
I don't like the drug culture.
I know it's destructive.
But then the police state that comes out of throwing non-violent people in jail for using drugs is another evil.
I'm for decriminalization.
I don't think liquor or whatever just shouldn't be everywhere.
I get Soros is pushing it because the new weed is so strong.
It puts you in a little catatonic fetal position.
And I understand the drug culture is part of what the left pushes.
But a lot of areas of Europe have decriminalized.
It's made drug use actually go down.
Look, I visited Obama's best friend Keith in prison, and I saw a lot of people there for drug offenses.
Keith himself has been in and out of jail his whole life for drug offenses.
And I think once you go in there and see that these people are just kind of wasting away, he isn't a treatment center.
It's a substance abuse center.
There I am at Corcoran State Prison in the photo if you're watching on TV.
It is a treatment center, but he does complain though that since Obama's push to help transsexuals that many, many prisoners are now transgender and transsexual and he finds it very difficult to live in an environment where... Well, what they do is, I mean, they get kids and they confuse them when they're younger.
Prisoners, you know, guys that are in there doing it and it's just they push it.
It's all part of the dehumanization.
I'm not against anybody that really thinks they're a man or a woman or whatever.
I'm a libertarian.
But clearly it's being pushed as an agenda.
That's the complaint, and it's in the prison system as well.
That's what I found out.
Well, look at the political correctness.
I want to go to some phone calls.
I have a whole stack on this that I mentioned earlier, where there's attacks on whites everywhere.
The media has been caught covering it up.
We've got women that are killed by Islamists in Germany, and the police cover it up.
Report, buried Trump-related hate crimes against white kids.
German state media refuses to run migrant murder story, says it's too regional.
Trump supporter has his truck torched and sprayed with anti-Trump slogans.
And when CNN does cover this, they'll have reporters on going, well, so what?
They're white.
Or, well, cops are bad.
Want to stop getting killed?
Stop being bad cops.
Since when, if, again, a cop does something wrong in another state, you go shoot another cop in the back of the head.
I mean, it's just crazy.
Look, Obama's radical agenda is obviously revealed in the fact that he never came out, ever, and simply said, folks, do not do drugs and do not carry weapons, do not attack the police.
Did we ever hear Obama say anything of that nature?
All right, let's take some phone calls here.
Who's been holding the longest?
Let's go to Crescent, Virginia.
You're on the air with Joel Gilbert.
Go ahead.
Move, bitch!
Get out the way!
I do 100 on the highway, yeah!
I just wanted to talk about, um, I think today, uh, Japan, uh,
Japan did 50,000 jobs to come into America and then along with the phone call from Taiwan and you know wanting good relations with Russia.
I was wondering if that was the plan all along to form that kind of alliance to put a pressure on China.
Your thoughts?
I'm glad you mentioned that because I saw that news today.
Just the president, so respected, that office, so powerful.
Even though American power has been destroyed on purpose by globalists, even though our name's been trashed by globalists, still, back when we were a quasi-free country, we're so loved and so respected.
The Japanese respect the fact we, you know, they started the fight, we dominated them.
I'm not saying all the war was good, but the point is they started it.
That yes, they're announcing 50,000 jobs to the United States and new things.
They're going to build new factories.
We've got new companies saying they're going to stay here, like Carrier.
Ford said, we'll bring all our plants back if you just make the federal income tax, the state tax, the same here as it is in other parts of the world.
Now the media is calling that crony capitalism, the fake Heritage Foundation.
No, it's not free trade to have one-sided deals.
We should have the global average corporate income tax if we want it to be free trade.
So again, a bunch of cheating deals is wrong and Japan gets, they need trading partners.
So yes, China gets.
The signal from Trump to stand up to China, absolutely deliciously, and is now making all these pro-US statements and things.
And he really, allying with Russia, because it's becoming more Christian, more free market, allying with Japan, allying with South Korea.
Suddenly the Philippines president that hated Obama, had no respect, now says he has total respect for Trump.
Folks, they have respect for Trump.
And when he stood up to the Chinese communists last week, that was another feather in his cap.
Joe Gilbert?
Yeah, Trump has clearly in two weeks of being president-elect, or three, accomplished more than, just by trying with a couple of phone calls here and there, has accomplished more than Obama ever has in eight years on behalf of the American worker and behalf of the American people economically.
Instead of giving it away, Trump is trying to bring it back to the United States.
It's like a theme song, but it's a family show, so I didn't do it with the Ludacris.
I'll admit, I like, you know, some of the really good hip-hop.
A lot of it's just repetitive garbage, but, I mean, there's some good songs from Ludacris, and the funny thing I learned, he was like a conservative, I didn't even know that.
But I was going to use a theme song, but I didn't do it, of move, you know what, get out the way.
I'm doing 100 on the highway, so you best get the you-know-what out of my way.
But I used the analogy of almost every person I saw with a Hillary or Bernie Sanders,
If I'm going on the highway at 70, it's a 75 mile an hour.
I see a 50 mile an hour standstill.
It's always literally an old lady or somebody or a white trendy in a BMW with a liberal sticker driving 55 in a 70.
They love arrogantly holding everybody back.
They love shitting in people's way.
They love, or is it just they're totally oblivious?
I mean, have you noticed that?
Uh, it's about control.
They can control other people with their ideology.
So they crave it.
They crave, get out of the fast lane, man, it's for me.
You're supposed to go around in that.
I don't care if I'm doing 100.
When I go, I get over once I've gone around somebody, dumbass.
You're not supposed to, my litmus test is, does someone drive slow in the fast lane?
I think it should be punishable by death.
Well, look, that's the mentality of the liberals is find ways to control society so they can impose their ideology on everyone else.
Chris, you made some great points.
Anything else?
What is going on with these people that are so ingrained in them that Russia somehow is in their DNA to want to
That's because leftists in New York and London took over the Czarist Empire in 1917 and set it up as a great engine of evil, and so it's just been drummed into us for 70 years, and now, you know, Russia's less leftist than Obama.
I'm not saying Russia's perfect, but they're a lot better than Communist China.
It's just been stuck in people's head.
I mean, all I know is I welcome the West having an alliance against radical Islam.
I mean, that's a great idea, isn't it?
That's a good start.
Thank you so much, Chris.
All right, sir.
We're going to talk to Steve, Therese, James, Julie, and others.
We'll go to five after next hour.
And then, all watchers coming out of the bullpen ready to strike a grand slam in the fourth hour.
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Yeah, I want to hear all this once we're off air.
I tell you, Joe Gober's got even more bombshell stuff.
He's gonna let me see, but obviously I can't talk about it yet.
When will this stuff come out?
Look, we gotta see what's gonna happen.
Is Hillary gonna, if she's investigated, and they do a full investigation of the Clinton Foundation, the emails, I'll have some information to pass on.
All I can say is, clearly she's had people killed.
And they call that fake news.
Give me a break.
The wake of death behind them is just ultra-massive.
When Obama was running for re-election in 1995.
So 1992, the story comes out that Danny Williams is Bill Clinton's black son and has been banished by Hillary.
And they kind of kill it.
Story is killed.
Nine months before Clinton is running for re-election, the state of Arkansas grabs him out of his aunt's house where he's living normally.
The real headline is Clinton had his son kidnapped and thrown basically in prison to shut him up.
Put him in foster homes, and all of a sudden, three or four months after the election, let him go back and live with his aunt.
Now, what could be more heinous and cruel than throwing this kid into a foster home?
What do you make of all the pedophile stuff?
I mean, clearly, Clinton flew dozens of times on that plane to that pedophile island.
Clearly, they fly to the Sheik's house to deliver million-dollar checks and stuff.
I mean, why does this keep popping up?
The Boys Town, the, you know, all this?
Look, we don't know if this is just the tip of the iceberg.
I read what you read, that Hillary went there six times.
We don't know.
Eric Prince has the big connections and he says it's all real.
It remains to be seen if Trump is willing to investigate this and get the truth out.
And I think it's important to reveal Obama's true history and true legacy, what he was up to these eight years, what the Clintons were doing, who their friends were, because we need to move forward.
We can't wait in four or five, four or eight years, come back with
Hi, Mr. Gilbert.
I think I was talking to the call screener while you were mentioning the very obvious head wound that Obama had that appears to have been stitched up.
Were you mentioning that?
I never mentioned that.
He said that, I think in his book, that he fell out of a tree when he was in a child in Indonesia.
So, you know, that really doesn't bother me that much.
I think I've covered a great deal of depth in... But I mean, who has four or five identities by the time you're ten?
And this guy is just amazing.
Steve, what's your point?
Well, from dreams from my father,
It's on page 377, and on page 372, Obama mentions going back to the Lao tribe, which if, and I know you're trying to make the case for Frank Davis Marshall being his father, I think he certainly was the one that raised Barack or Barry, but I really think
He is somehow connected with that Lao tribe now.
We're good to go.
It's all happening.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
He aligns himself with the truth, and it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Look, I don't get up here and tell you how big Infowars has gotten to act powerful.
I get up here to point out how pathetic the mainstream media is that we filled this vacuum along with Drudge and others.
But they're coming after us, and the paradigm has shifted so big, they just can't believe that I get calls from the President.
I mean, if they knew the type of calls, they'd really freak out and jump off a cliff.
But these are weirdos that want power, want to run our lives, want to drive slow in the fast lane, as you know, the litmus test.
That's why those of us that don't want power, we have to get involved and take political power to give it back to the people, or we're going to be enslaved.
Good people always leave this vacuum for bad people.
And I think there's a global awakening happening right now, and that's changing.
But I cannot express enough to you, the listeners and viewers, you're the reason this is happening, and I want to salute you.
People like Joel Gilbert and others.
It's just amazing.
You can find both his films at joelgilbert.net.
You can find one of his films we sell at infowarstore.com.
Julie in New Jersey, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, love your show.
I'm from Chicago originally, so you can imagine, you know, that none of this surprises me with what your guest is talking about today.
You know, and I feel like there's been this slow burn agenda, you know, almost to the point where we can't really even go to sleep at night because we can't trust what they're going to have up their sleeve next.
My question to you is, what can we do with one voice?
Because my concern is worst case scenario.
What's our plan B?
Where do we go from here?
Well, I mean, we're beginning to win because we're finally getting up off our butts and taking action.
The ideology we're pushing is why everybody wanted to come to America.
We never even realized a tenth of what America could do, but just that little bit of renaissance I harp on changed the whole world.
So we just go back to what's proven to totally win.
They want to shut down the American system because they can't compete with it.
If Hillary had won and Trump only won by 1% here, 1% there, how close this was, we would be living now in the liberal fascist apocalypse with a Supreme Court.
And they had already said, alt-right, which they define because they're God, is going to be discredited in the Hillary landslide and we're going to shut you down for your lies and we take over.
They were planning to come after us whether they lost or won.
The crazy part is they're going to try to shut us down while we have the President!
And look, they're looking to the EU and the UN to do it.
This is the beginning, I think, of the counter-revolution against this leftist globalist agenda.
And Alex, I thank you for doing your part all this time.
You really have had an impact.
Well, Joe, I don't mean to be ranting, but isn't it surreal to you?
I know you always said they do this, but they really do want to shut us up.
The only way they can succeed is by shutting people up.
Because any amount of information that tells the truth, unemployment is not 4% under Barack Obama, it's about 20%.
On and on.
The deficit is 20 trillion and growing.
Any amount of truth about the reality of we have all these people coming across the border pretending to be children?
Think how whacked out they are, though.
They are so scared to know full well that at least one of Trump's sons listen.
Flynn listens.
I don't want to get into it all the time.
His son.
A bunch of his leadership listens.
Not that I invented any of this.
I just kind of rediscovered Americana and promoted it.
The point is that just this show alone has the President's ear.
They are crapping their pants, Joel.
Yeah, I think it's any information that illuminates and shows what they're really up to, which simply says the basic facts that they've been presenting to us and shoving down our throat through the press office of the White House, all this fake news they've been generating for eight years, is false.
And I think the Americans... Sure, they're the fake news, so their answers shut us down.
Therese in California, last caller I have time to go to, I apologize to the others.
Watson's coming up.
Therese, go ahead.
Hi Alex, what a privilege to finally talk to you.
Pleasure to talk to you.
Yeah, yeah.
So, um, okay, you were just talking about the art contest this morning?
Yes, I was talking about doing an art contest on this, where, this cartoon where Trump is throwing the ball over the mainstream media to the American people via social media.
So now they want to shut that down as fake news.
It's like an art contest along this line.
Because I already have something that I want to submit to your contest.
I have an idea for you.
Send it in.
Rather than give away $29,000 to the contest winner, how about if you make it so that whoever wins can be invited to a Christmas party that you have for you and your staff so we can meet
You know, that'd be fun.
We could do so... I just want to give you... I didn't say 29 grand, I think I said like 5 grand or something, but... No, I hear you.
It's a great idea.
I just want to get you, the people that are powerful, moving.
I'm gonna come introduce Watson.
Thank you, Joel.
Thank you.
The web giants at YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft have announced that they are stepping up efforts to remove extremist content from the Internet as the EU demands social media websites censor fake news within 24 hours.
Meanwhile, the fake news controversy is being exploited by the mainstream media to characterize completely legitimate alternative news sources.
For example, CBS News just listed InfoWars as a fake news website.
And that's because the mainstream establishment media is losing all credibility with the American people.
And it was alternative and social media who helped Donald Trump
We're good.
Do you ever wonder what happened to America?
Because of what we did on this day, change has come to America.
Something's wrong, and we all know it.
I'm Charlie Daniels, and I'm here to tell you about it.
The nation has been hijacked by international forces.
Bent on global governance.
When I was a boy, it was okay to be proud of the flag, heritage, mom, and apple pie.
God was in school, morality had a future, and beef was for supper.
Revelation, dawn of global government.
We're the solution!
Ain't nothin' more to it than that!
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Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, there was an article on Infowars.com today.
And all of this just ties together because it's currently happening.
They're moving against us right now.
That broke down the fact that EU demands social media websites censor fake news within 24 hours.
And all this US media came out, including CBS listing us by name.
The Morning Program, Morning Joe on CNBC, saying we're delusional and hallucinating, that there's any pedophilia with the Clintons.
Jerry Epstein, any of it, none of it exists.
And then we've got articles where Germany won't allow articles to run about migrants raping and killing people.
German state media refuses to run migrant murder story, says it's too regional.
And then it comes out police have been ordered to say it's blonde-haired Germans raping, when it happens, Sweden too.
And here's the
Editorial cartoon I tweeted earlier today that says it all.
It's Trump walking outside and he throws a ball, a football that says social media, over the heads of the mainstream media, like monkey in the middle, to the American people.
What do you do?
You cut that out.
You block the ball getting to the people.
And so we have Morning Joe, we have the official EU commissioner, and we have this other hack
On mainstream media, the videos up on Infowars.com coming out saying he wants social media, there's another article up, to shut down Infowars.
They're saying Infowars.com and Breitbart.com and then now they're saying DrudgeReport.com.
Which is just a bunch of links, 95% of the time.
Dredge breaks a lot of exclusive stuff, but that's like once a week or something, where they put up an exclusive about something developing or breaking.
It's all just about interesting news and say, hey, look at this, mainstream, alternative, you name it.
I thought they wouldn't be bold enough to add that, because he's mainly linking to them.
But no!
No, no, no, you must only go to them.
Dying media.
In such a desperate position now, openly saying this, and finally, the new story that dovetails with the German media censoring the Islamists as killing women.
Hate speech!
Facebook bans German woman for posting picture of migrant rapist.
The admitted convicted rapist, Afghan refugee murdered 19-year-old student.
After an Afghan migrant raped and killed a 19-year-old woman in Germany, Facebook responded by banning a German woman for hate speech because she posted a picture of the murderer.
Hussain K., a 17-year-old Afghan asylum seeker.
Then it goes on, he's confessed to it or whatever, and it goes on to say he was arrested and now has been admitted as victim, 19-year-old medical student.
Marie Ladenberger was cycling home after a party when she was ambushed, raped, and then drowned in a nearby river.
The incident has prompted uproar in Germany, with the country currently suffering an expansion of rapes and violent crimes since its borders were opened.
And they admit that it's what happens in these Islamic countries that a woman unattended, not wearing a burqa, can be raped.
But no one ever gets Islam to apologize for that.
It's all we've got to submit to them.
He's been arrested.
He's reportedly confessed.
I was reading another story here of a new convicted one, and they're not letting that out.
He hasn't been convicted yet.
So there's just hundreds of these.
I can't even keep track of it, ladies and gentlemen.
I don't hate Muslims.
I didn't want to have all these wars.
It's meant to destabilize the Middle East.
They open our borders up, flood us, but it's happening.
It's going on, and now...
They won't even let you see it.
That's their litmus test.
Don't criticize an Islamic migrant rapist.
Don't come out and say the guy at Ohio State stabbed nine people, was an Islamic sister, screamed Allah Akbar, or pledged allegiance to ISIS, which has come out, he's done.
They said it's racist to say that, and Obama came out and said, don't connect us to Islam.
I said so.
So, their arrogance knows no bound.
They got caught lying about the election, they're totally discredited, they've been caught fixing the information, caught rigging the stock market, rigging LIBOR, rigging the interest rates, all this.
They're in panic mode, and now their answer is, shut us up.
Good luck, scum.
Our metrics are only going up.
Listeners, though, you've got to get Paul Watson's articles.
You've got to get my articles.
You've got to get our videos.
You've got to get involved more than ever.
I told you Trump winning was just phase one, but it's fun to fight tyranny, isn't it?
It's better than rolling over and turning in your guns and letting the state have your kids and just giving up.
We're not giving up.
We're winning!
We're taking action!
So I want to encourage listeners to go to Infowars.com and pick some articles, pick some videos, get those out, share them, never stop, post them to your channel, copy our videos, put them on your channel, start your own YouTube.
Do your own local reporting.
Doesn't have to be perfect.
Take action!
Black, white, old, young.
We're looking for info warriors that speak Spanish, that already have a platform and are proven.
To hire.
Reach out to folks that speak Spanish.
People that speak Chinese.
That's why I want to bring in more revenue.
To expand.
To defeat the enemy.
We're already wrecking them!
With a limited staff, I want to go to the next level.
Speaking of staff, we have such wonderful reporters.
And so many have come and gone over the years.
Sometimes they've got another life dream, something they want to, you know, follow up on.
And so they go.
And it's the same thing with Joe Biggs.
Joe had a lot of side things.
He was doing very exciting projects, movies and books and other things.
And that's great.
I want our, you know, our crew to be able to do extra stuff.
I just wanted Joe to be able to really focus on what he was doing, and he's still going to be able to come here and have presentations and do things.
It's just that Joe is going to go off and freelance for a while.
He'll still be a contributor to InfoWars.
So I just wanted to add that point as well.
You know, Jakari Jackson, before he even worked here, he wanted to go and publish comic books.
That was his big dream.
When he first came here, he said, I'll give you a year, but I really want to get into publishing.
And I was like, OK, sure.
And then after four years, he said, hey,
You know, this is really my passion.
I said, hey, that's great.
But what a loss.
But I get it, man.
Four years in the middle of this, I've been doing it 21.
But man, now we're right here as the victory's happening.
We're right here as you can see history changing.
As you can see the tide turning.
It's such an amazing time.
Spread the word.
Sign up for the newsletter.
I've said this a thousand times.
It's a free newsletter.
We send out exclusive articles, videos, coupon code deals that save you the biggest discounts there are so we can stay in contact.
Back in the golden age of email, I never tried to get emails.
I never tried to do it for marketing.
I just didn't care.
We'd have 10 million email lists instead of a million.
And, which is a pathetic number for this audience, because nobody does email now.
I've been told by all the experts about two years ago, they said, listen, you're going to get censored in the future.
You need email, because it's almost impossible to block that.
You need direct contact with your people.
They can kick you off apps, they can do all this, that model's coming.
Because I know folks that have been to the big consortium meetings, the plan is to do this, you now see it.
If people aren't signed up at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter, they're crazy.
They are crazy.
We need people to be signed up there and we're launching a big initiative with signatures to be sent to Trump tomorrow.
And so get ready for that.
Maybe even tonight I'm going to shoot videos on it.
Paul Watson, I'm going to get out of here because you're a hard guy to get to even come on the air.
You're so busy.
But I got to tell you, we're going to launch another big initiative tomorrow that we haven't got into yet as well.
It's still, to know this was coming a year ago when Drudge told us, and we can see the tea leaves as well, but he had direct high level, highest levels of the legislative, excuse me, of the judicial branch.
But to see them say, you have 24 hours to shut down thousands of sites, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and list us.
And to see all this rollout of CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC saying, shut us down by name.
They wouldn't be doing that if they didn't intend to shut us down, because it's only going to make us bigger.
Of course, they realize we're a lot bigger than them, but still, we get their audience.
We convert people, because we're just covering facts and common sense.
Paul, this is seismic.
This is canary in the coal mine.
We need to go to the next level.
And our listeners need to understand, this is it, Paul.
Well, I mean, they've moved on now.
You mentioned the article earlier.
They've basically recategorized this fake news.
They've took it to the next level, which is putting it in the same context as jihadist propaganda.
That's what the EU did with that announcement that's in the article today.
So they've moved on.
It's not just a misreading.
It's a Chinese communist blacklist calling it fake news when they're the fake news.
Take over, Watson.
Okay, so it's not just misleading now.
Fake news is actually harmful.
It's going to cause violence.
People are going to kill in the name of fake news.
And that's what they launched with this Pizzagate thing on Sunday night.
Again, unfortunate incident.
No one got harmed.
The freakout was bigger than the Ohio State Islamic terror attack, which of course they immediately brushed off.
And the fact is,
The media is responsible for inciting violence via fake news.
That's a fact, and I've got several more examples of that today.
Of course, we don't need to talk about Saddam Hussein's non-existent weapons of mass destruction, how that fake news caused hundreds of thousands of deaths, thousands of dead US troops ruined a continent.
We had the media's hysteria all throughout the campaign cycle.
That Donald Trump was the next incarnation of Hitler that he was going to destroy the world.
They were inciting violence with that narrative alone.
And you saw it at Trump's rallies.
You saw it with the numerous assassination attempts against Trump.
All based on the hysterical fake news narrative rhetoric that Donald Trump was the next Hitler.
Again, you saw it at the DNC.
Now we know through James O'Keefe, Project Veritas.
That was funded, that came from the very top.
You see it again today with a story we've got up on Infowars.com about CNN basically interviewing someone who expresses her fear that Donald Trump is going to put Muslims in concentration camps.
And CNN gives that a serious platform.
Again, that is hysterical, fake news, and it is going to incite violence.
We saw the Ohio State attacker.
What were his motives?
What was in his Facebook post?
Again, concerns about Islamophobia.
What has the media been pushing since before Trump was elected for months and months and months?
Phony fake news narratives about Islamophobia.
That was his main motivation.
The Islamic terrorist was motivated by fake news narrative hysteria pushed by the mainstream media.
Not by Infowars.com, okay?
The mainstream media is inciting violence via fake news.
Another example, Time Magazine, back in 2014.
Right as the Michael Brown-Ferguson riots were happening, they put out an article entitled, Ferguson in defense of rioting, in which they pushed the fake news narrative of hands up, don't chew.
Again, from the autopsy evidence we now know, and in fact we knew very shortly afterwards, he did not have his hands up, yet they used that fake news narrative as a justification to incite, to encourage illegal activity, to encourage violence.
Time Magazine, not Infowars.com, Time Magazine, the mainstream media, pushing fake news to incite violence.
We'll be back, stay tuned.
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Oh yeah.
The mainstream media is inciting violence via its promotion of fake news.
Again, let's go through the examples.
They accuse us.
Of encouraging violence through fake news with this Pizzagate incident in which no one was hurt.
Which they freaked out about ten times more than an actual Islamic terror attack at Ohio State University.
Think about this, what about the electors who were receiving death threat after death threat from Hillary Clinton voters?
We've had several stories on that.
We have another one today where one of these electors literally gets four
4,000 emails a day harassing him, telling him not to vote for Donald Trump.
Again, others have received direct death threats.
Why is that?
It's because the media is determined to delegitimize Donald Trump to claim that he illegitimately won the election.
We've seen that narrative immediately afterwards.
They legitimized the riots against the fair democratic victory of Donald Trump.
And look what they're doing now.
This is out of zero hedge.
Time urges 65 million Americans who voted for Hillary not to pay taxes.
So again, this is the same time magazine that during the riots in Ferguson two years ago encouraged people to riot, to loot, to commit violent criminal behavior by putting out an article entitled Ferguson in defense of rioting.
Now they're encouraging 65 million Americans not to pay taxes to break the law because the election wasn't fair.
Because Hillary won the popular vote, she didn't win the electoral vote, which were the rules agreed upon going into the election, as they have been throughout history.
But no, boo-hoo, that wasn't fair.
We're butthurt about it.
So now this individual, Mark Weston, the headline of the Time Magazine article is, 65 million Americans should threaten to not pay taxes.
Now, in many states, as far as I understand it, that is actually a criminal offence.
You can't encourage people to break the law, especially with such a gigantic platform as Time magazine.
Again, it's solicitation.
This is one of the definitions.
Criminal solicitation is requesting, encouraging or demanding someone to engage in criminal conduct.
They're encouraging 65 million Americans to engage in criminal conduct because they're butthurt that Hillary didn't win.
Can you imagine if Fox News came out after the election if Donald Trump had lost and encouraged 60 odd million Donald Trump supporters to not pay their taxes, to commit criminal acts?
If they were out rioting on the street, would Fox News legitimize all that as fair protest, as CNN did?
Well no, and if they did, the left would be up in arms about it.
But they can encourage people to commit criminal behavior.
And it's just, it's moral.
It's just a moral stand against Donald Trump because he's literally Hitler.
Again, all based off of this complete hysteria which has been pushed for the last 18 months by the media that Donald Trump... I mean, I still get messages from people who are disabled who think Donald Trump is going to put disabled people in gulags.
Because he once did an impersonation of someone which, as Ann Coulter has vehemently proven over and over again, wasn't even based on the guy's disability.
In fact, she put the video clips together.
The infamous impression that Trump did of this so-called disabled guy, he'd done the exact same impression
For innumerable other people, it was a flailing, idiot impression.
It wasn't an impression of a particular disabled person.
But based off that one hoax, that one fake news narrative that Donald Trump made fun of a disabled person, that has literally got thousands of disabled people absolutely hysterical.
Believing that they're going to be persecuted by a Trump administration.
Again, another example of a fake news narrative by the mainstream media causing hysteria.
You have CNN today.
This is up on Infowars.
CNN runs segments suggesting Trump will put Muslims in internment camps.
Again, what did you see with Ohio State?
The Islamic terrorist motivated by mistreatment of Muslims in his own words.
By complaints over Islamophobia.
Now what is CNN doing by giving someone a platform to make the hysterical assertion that Trump is going to put Muslims in concentration camps?
Well, he's radicalizing would-be jihadists!
That's what the mainstream media is doing with this fake news narrative
Again, that Trump is going to put Muslims in concentration camps.
Time Magazine.
Telling Americans to break the law.
You have violent death threats against electors.
Again, being promulgated by the fake news narrative that Hillary Clinton should have won the election because she won the popular vote.
That is inciting violence.
Numerous direct examples of the mainstream media's fake news narrative inciting violence.
We'll be back on the Alex Jones Show after the break.
Now go away.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The web giants at YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft have announced that they are stepping up efforts to remove extremist content from the Internet as the EU demands social media websites censor fake news within 24 hours.
Meanwhile, the fake news controversy is being exploited by the mainstream media to characterize completely legitimate alternative news sources.
For example, CBS News just listed InfoWars as a fake news website.
And that's because the mainstream establishment media is losing all credibility with the American people.
And it was alternative and social media who helped Donald Trump
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It's Alex Jones.
We're live on the Alex Jones Show.
We're going to switch to European affairs shortly.
We've got, again, rapes, murders taking place in Germany.
Facebook censoring people who merely share the picture of the migrant rapist.
And they call it fake news.
They combine the two.
This is the sharp end of the wedge when it comes to censorship.
We're going to get into it.
We're going to get into the latest with Brexit itself.
We've got the Supreme Court judgment coming over the next few weeks, so we're going to go to that video shortly.
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Now I'm going to get back into the Germany situation because we've got huge breaking news out of Germany on, well, guess what?
Cultural enrichment, Muslim migrants raping and murdering people as Angela Merkel tries to ban the burqa, like that is the main concern of Germans right now.
Oh, we've got people being raped and murdered, and we've got the government hunting us down for our inflammatory Facebook posts.
Oh, but Angela Merkel is going to ban the burqa.
Nobody cares about that anymore.
It's gone way beyond that.
We're going to get into that, but first I want to go to this Brexit video.
We've got a Supreme Court ruling in the United Kingdom.
They're trying to derail Brexit.
They're trying to sabotage Brexit as a populist wave sweeps Europe, as you saw with Italy on the weekend.
The political class is trying to sabotage it.
Here's Brexit the betrayal.
Exactly as I predicted five months ago, the political class, the establishment and the media are doing everything imaginable to sabotage Brexit.
So they had a by-election in Richmond, an area in London that voted 70% to remain in the EU.
And imagine my shock!
The pro-Remain candidate won.
First off, when are we having a second by-election?
I mean, that's how you want it, right?
Just keep making everyone vote again and again until you get the result you want.
But then the media came out and hailed it as a stunning reversal of Brexit sentiment across the entire country.
Right, so 20,000 posh d***s in Richmond represents the country better than 17.4 million Brexit voters.
I don't think so.
So you got 70% of the vote for Remain, but only 50% of the vote for the Remain candidate, Sarah Olney.
Let me do the maths here.
You lost 20% of the vote in an area that was already overwhelmingly pro-Remain.
How on earth is that a repudiation of Brexit?
Olney said that Brexit supporters were intolerant, backward-looking and divisive.
A regurgitation of the narrative that anyone who voted for Leave is a racist bigot who just hates immigrants.
Isn't it interesting that Olney and her supporters liked a virtue signal about how tolerant and pro-diversity they are while choosing to live in the whitest area of London possible?
Yeah, if you're so convinced about the wonderful cultural enrichment that mass immigration brings, why do you reside in the area with the least number of immigrants?
Pretty racist if you ask me.
And while we're on the subject of intolerance, it's Vote Remain supporters who have been the most intolerant of Brexit voters.
Disowning them, smearing them, publicly shaming them, attacking them in the streets, wishing deadly illnesses upon their babies.
Olney also said that she would, quote, vote to override the referendum result.
So let me get this straight.
Your party has the word Democrats
In its name, yet you're talking about overriding the democratic will of the British people.
Yeah, that's not very democratic.
Olney had to be dragged off the air by her spin doctor during a radio show because she made a complete tit out of herself, proving she knew nothing about the EU.
There was no clear manifesto for what happened to, you know, our membership of the single market.
The Remain campaign said we were going to leave the single market if we voted out.
Yes, there was.
Yes, they did.
They repeated it.
Every single leading member of the Remain campaign said a vote to leave the EU was a vote to leave the single market.
Nothing unclear about that at all.
I'm really sorry, but Sarah only has to leave now.
No, she doesn't.
Sarah, if you want to be elected Member of Parliament, I think you should probably be able to answer some simple questions about your policy.
Can you get Sarah back on the line, please?
Sorry about that.
We've waited an hour.
I don't know who you are.
We've waited an hour to have this interview.
If she doesn't want to answer questions from a radio station, perhaps she's not fit to be an MP.
And they had the temerity to call Vote Leave supporters low information.
This all happened after a ruling by a bunch of corrupt Europhile High Court judges who said that when we all voted for the government to implement Brexit, it didn't really mean that we were voting for the government to implement Brexit.
That's strange because when I received this letter from the government before Brexit, it said the government will implement what you decide.
It didn't say, your vote is worthless because we'll just keep having referendums until we get the result we want.
It didn't say, your vote is worthless because a bunch of b**** celebrities, corrupt judges and lefty politicians will whine and b**** for months to try and subvert and sabotage a democratic result because they lost and their butt hurt about it.
It didn't say,
Your vote is worthless because your own supposed representatives will demand a parliamentary vote and then vote against the democratic decision of their own constituents.
It didn't say your vote is worthless because we'll insert endless amendments to water it down to the point where it's unrecognizable from what you thought you were voting on in the first place.
And now we're about to have another bunch of corrupt Europhile judges tell us once again that our vote meant nothing.
While the media lectures us to not be mean to the corrupt Europhile judges.
While Remain pressure groups celebrate the High Court ruling as a victory for parliamentary sovereignty.
As they support the very entity, the EU, that has completely eviscerated parliamentary sovereignty.
While Remain pressure groups literally call themselves the People's Challenge.
While s*** all over, the will of the people.
While super wealthy elitists like Gina Miller swoop in to save the country from the baying Brexit mob.
What part of the word leave don't you understand?
The baying Brexit mob being poor people across the country who have lost their jobs and seen their communities crippled because of the EU, while the media constantly invokes an MP that was murdered by a neo-Nazi lunatic to suggest somehow that Brexit supporters were responsible.
Her stance on refugees and immigration attracted the attention of those with sinister, extreme views.
While the media blames Brexit supporters for a hate crime wave that never happened, hate crime prosecutions actually fell.
While the BBC and Sky News compete with each other to see who can suck the most globalist d**k. While Tony F*****
Blair, the war criminal, rises from whatever godforsaken crypt he's been hiding in to scorn the silly plebs for daring to defy the globalists who know what's best for them.
While thousands of Libtards, the same ones who protested against Blair's bloodletting, crowd the streets to virtue-signal about how we need to remain in the EU because love... or something.
Yeah, word of advice.
Attaching your political cause to an arbitrary emotion that has nothing to do with reality isn't an argument.
While those same libtards side with the very multi-millionaires Wall Street banks and crony capitalist financial institutions that they supposedly despise.
If the people in this country think that they're going to be cheated, they're going to be betrayed, then we will see political anger the likes of which none of us in our lifetimes have ever witnessed in this country.
This is exactly what I warned would happen after Brexit.
This is what they've done in every European country that's rejected the EU dictatorship.
Just keep making them vote again and again and again.
Just keep pounding them over the head with rulings, judgments and delays.
Just keep pounding them with hysteria about the dreadful apocalypse that will befall any country that dares to reclaim its national sovereignty.
Just keep browbeating them into submission.
Well, we're not going to submit.
As Nigel Farage said, if this Tory government doesn't deliver Brexit, the political class is in for a seismic shock.
Things are going to be different this time.