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Name: 20161118_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 18, 2016
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Alex Jones discusses Trump's presidency, fake news, Ford manufacturing in Kentucky instead of Mexico, Infowars being labeled anti-Semitic, Kissinger possibly joining Trump’s administration, and promotes various products. He encourages listeners to visit greatagain.gov and to fight against corrupt forces.

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Ladies and gentlemen... Wow!
The answer to 1984... Wow!
...is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I tell you, who would have thought Donald Trump would be the man to deliver the republic from the brink of death?
He could not have picked somebody better for Attorney General than Senator Sessions.
He is gonna burn the globes to the ground.
DrudgeReport.com says it all.
The globalists are meeting, panicking, trying to save their program.
In Obama's own words, globalism is in crisis.
The New York Times responds saying globalism does not exist and I am insane.
So that talk about quadrupling down, I mean these people literally are trying to engage in mind control and it isn't working.
The fake news narrative is imploding as well.
That's coming up after the break.
But first, Paul Watson on the arrogance of the dying true fake news.
Having lost the election and lost the argument, the butthurt left and the rigged media is desperate to salvage some scrap of credibility.
So they've decided to create a new panic over so-called fake news, pressuring Google and Facebook to take action against fake news websites.
Oh, and when they say fake news, that includes any reporting or opinion that contradicts their leftist narrative.
The blacklist that all the mainstream media websites are circulating as the official designation of what constitutes fake news includes InfoWars and Breitbart.
Well, imagine my shock!
But this list of fake news websites, it had to be created by a reasoned, level-headed, impartial source.
There can't be any bias involved in this, right?
It was created by a radical leftist safe space social justice warrior assistant professor who describes herself as a feminist activist and who supports extreme left-wing groups like Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street.
Well imagine my shock!
So the media is circulating a list of fake news websites created by an incredibly biased left-wing social justice warrior, which just by coincidence is full of conservative news websites, and then demanding Google and Facebook censor that content.
This is all happening while Twitter also mass purges so-called alt-right accounts.
For daring to express unauthorized opinions.
They're also promoting a Chrome browser extension that automatically flags so-called fake news websites based on this same SJW-created blacklist.
And, imagine my shock, InfoWars.com is on that list.
We all know that there are actual fake news websites.
They're pretty easy to spot.
And some of them even admit that they're fake news websites.
But there's a difference between fake news stories like this and having a conservative opinion.
And anyway, who gave the mainstream media the right to be judge, jury and executioner of what constitutes fake news?
All you do is put out fake news.
You're the aficionados of fake news.
You put out the fake news that Hillary Clinton was 98% likely to win the presidency.
You printed out and shipped copies of Newsweek celebrating Madame President.
You said the Cubs had a smaller chance of winning than Donald Trump.
You put out fake rigged polls that were proven spectacularly wrong.
You put out fake
Rape stories that ruin people's lives over and over again.
You fake interviews with your own cameramen claiming they're anti-Trump protesters.
You create fake narratives like Trump being responsible for violence at his own rallies when it was DNC-funded agitators all along.
By this measure, nearly every mainstream media outlet should be put on a fake news list.
Oh yeah, and when some fake news website puts out a fake news story, the worst case scenario is that someone makes some ill-gotten advertising dollars.
When the mainstream media peddles fake news, like the fake news story that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, hundreds of thousands of people die.
You're the f***er!
Experts at fake news.
So how dare you accuse us of being fake news?
And why the hell should anyone trust you?
As WikiLeaks exposed, you're not the fourth estate.
You're a public relations front for the Democratic Party.
You lost the argument.
You trashed your own credibility.
And now you're trying to resurrect it by claiming that everyone who beat you is fake news.
Give me a break.
No one trusts you.
That's why you have to resort to dirty tricks and censorship.
And it's not going to work.
Because you suck.
You lie.
And everyone knows now that you're fake news.
That extremely powerful report is on Infowars.com.
I'm gonna tweet it right now at RealAlexJones.
Let's share it.
Donald Trump is not even president yet and he is already cashing in on his word of bringing jobs back to America.
I'll bring back our jobs from China, from Mexico, from Japan, from so many places.
I'll bring back our jobs and I'll bring back our money.
Ford has decided to continue to manufacture its Lincoln MKC in Louisville, Kentucky and not move to Mexico as they had previously planned.
Ford has said they are happy to work with President Trump and are glad he is making American manufacturing competitive and great again.
Reports are also surfacing that Apple is considering manufacturing their iPhones in California.
Apple has asked its Asian-based manufacturers Foxconn and Pegatron to explore manufacturing their iPhones in America.
Are these the first dominoes to get Americans off the welfare state and into the workforce?
Will there be a time when you can pick up an electronic and it says Made in America?
Coming soon to a presidency near you.
I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created.
I tell you that.
This is Owen Schroer for InfoWars.com
If you look at Bill Clinton, far worse, minor words, and his was action.
His was what he's done to women.
There's never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation that's been so abusive to women.
Bill Clinton was abusive to women.
Hillary Clinton attacked those same women and attacked them viciously, four of them here tonight.
So much of what he's just said is not right, but he gets to run his campaign any way he chooses.
There is an information warfare happening right now.
It's a fight for our minds.
And InfoWars.com is on the front lines.
Download our free multimedia app at InfoWars.com forward slash app.
It's free, it's on Droid, it's on Apple, you name it.
InfoWars.com forward slash app.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, to say that the news isn't incredibly positive across the board is an understatement.
I tend to celebrate things
After the fact, I tend to also grieve after the fact.
I won't cry at, say, a grandparent's funeral, but I'll start bawling a week or a month later, or maybe a year later.
But I tell you, when it comes to celebrating, I am in ecstasy right now.
I am higher than a kite, and the only drug I've taken today is a half cup of coffee.
I am higher than a kite right now.
I am feeling so good.
Because I've had time to really analyze what's happening and really track what Trump's really up to.
From the outside and the inside, and I'm telling you, it's beautiful.
That said, I don't see how they won't kill him.
They're so damn arrogant.
They don't care if it makes them a martyr.
These people are very ham-fisted at this point because their best laid plans have gone astray.
Ford is announcing that it's not going to move its plants out of the U.S.
Not just one plant.
It's now being announced that there's a whole initiative to just keep them here, period.
Apple is now announcing they're going to move one of their main plants out of China to the United States.
They said they're looking at it.
It's basically a done deal.
All because they know Trump is going to burn them if they don't.
And China can go to hell.
They can have, you know, 20-plus Foxconn labs for Apple.
Can we have one?
Can we maybe, you get 20-something, we get one?
This isn't a trade war.
The globalists have had their foot on our neck.
And by the way, all these top analysts are now admitting, okay, the dollar's up, okay, all these equities are up, okay, yes, yes, this will make the average person more wealthy, yes, what Trump's doing is classic America, okay, yeah.
But they'd all been intimidated and didn't have leadership to do this.
He's now announcing Senator Jeff Sessions, who is one of the most honorable men in modern history, to be the new Attorney General.
Could not have had a better pick.
I am just... Notice it's not who they kept saying, Giuliani and people like that.
Oh, oh, it's just, it's just, literally, I have hundreds of articles here, each one better than the next.
Just each one better than the next.
Just look at this on the fake news front.
We've looked forever for the name, the dinosaur media, the deception media, the prostitute, the scumbags, the collaborator media, but you know, they are the fake news media, the fake corporate media.
And I've called them that before, but that's the name.
They're now giving us that name because we're stomping them into oblivion.
The Awakening is just absolutely ultra-massive, colossal, gargantuan, explosive to the power of ten.
And so they come out with some cat lady, nothing against cats, but I mean, it's always got to be a cat lady wearing ironic glasses.
A professor made a list of what's fake, and so Google adopted it, and then Quantcast adopted it, and then we learned it's this whole way to purge libertarian and nationalistic media that's dominant.
Guess what they did?
Quantcast removed it and actually showed us what our ranking was today.
They agreed, okay, yes, you're not fake news.
Ladies and gentlemen, we just challenged him.
We said, listen, I know you're a cat lady and a social justice warrior, and you think men existing is bad.
I mean, she literally just thinks men are bad, period.
We get you.
You're entitled.
You think you're God.
You live, you know, like a hobbit in your little university in fantasy world.
But guess what InfoWars is?
I kept saying it was 167 as of last week.
To give you an idea, Drudge is like 90-something.
InfoWars.com is 126.
All they do is hook into Google Analytics.
We have these numbers.
We're even bigger than that.
Now, here's the key.
InfoWars is not the center of what we do.
It's not.
It's like 25%.
Do you have any idea how big it is?
I mean, I'm not even bragging.
I just realized I need to throw it in the enemy's face and just laugh at them.
We're bigger than the BBC and CNN combined.
We're bigger than the New York Times.
These people are delusional.
And guess what, a Mexican kingpin, who's not even Mexican, a Middle Eastern kingpin doesn't finance us, our listeners do.
It's just a beautiful American system.
We are wrecking you.
So I want to salute DrudgeReport.com.
More than anybody in this fight, going back even 10 years ago, supporting us, taking a lot of heat, I know, for it.
But Drudge knew we were hardcore, cutting-edge news, and we've developed over the years.
InfoWars isn't even really a modern design.
We're going to redo it soon so it looks cleaner and better, like Breitbart or other sites.
But, I mean, just with an old design and stuff that's like four or five years old, we are wrecking the enemy.
Because of you.
You are the info war.
I keep explaining it, folks.
It isn't hype.
We have free market culture, Americana, the apple of the world's eye.
We turn the breakers back on, folks.
We'll be the shining city on the hill.
And that's why they're panicking with their race garbage and all of it.
I mean, trying to make the new majority that is Hispanics and Asians and others feel like they can't have the American dream.
That it's antithetical, that it's racist.
Why'd you come here then?
Because a shell of what was there is better than where you came from.
I get it.
You just can't come here and be indoctrinated into some brainwashed enemy of the middle class and be turned into an anti-white racist.
It's not gonna happen.
We're going to fight it.
There's a lot of news on that front as well, but God forbid Trump bring back factories.
Air conditioning factories.
Refrigerator factories.
Hundreds of them are announcing they're staying now.
Because they were just waiting for the initiative.
They were waiting for the president.
They were waiting for the leader.
Just like in Viva Vendetta, he's talking to the inspector and the inspector goes, why did you do it sooner?
Why didn't you?
He goes, I was waiting for you, man.
I was waiting for a few good people on the inside.
I was waiting for you.
That's why they want us to start a civil war and go and shoot cops in the back of the head, like that's a revolution, because that will cause us all to implode and beat each other's throats.
So let me explain something.
We're not out of the woods yet, but baby, we are in the lead, and it's ours to lose, and I want to thank Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.
About four days before the election, I sincerely broke down and cried on air.
And I used to maybe get tears in my eyes once or twice every couple years.
Well, I thought about, you know, dead family or some sad story or saw something sad on the news.
I'm a sentimental guy.
The tears in my eyes that I get at the dinner table at night and driving home from work now probably 50 times a day sometimes is the energy of the Republic coming back from the dead.
These aren't tears of pain.
These are tears of joy!
That doesn't mean we're out of the woods.
Doesn't mean evil isn't spiraling out of control.
Doesn't mean there's not all the nanotech and GMO and genetic engineering and all of it.
I can feel the spirit of good beginning to come back into the world right now, and people are breaking the bondage, they're coming out of the matrix, they're coming out of the lie, and you can feel it.
It's like you go to a pep rally and you feel the energy, or a concert, the brainwaves, you can feel the electricity.
And Trump feels it too.
And Trump wants that positive energy.
That's why he goes where the good is.
That's why he feeds off of it, because he's not out to get you.
He thinks people love sitting around in gold palaces, like seeing people poor?
No, he doesn't like it.
Globalists, though, they admit that they engineered art and architecture in the last 60 years to make you feel ugly, to make you feel small, and to make you feel hopeless.
Look it up.
It's been declassified two years ago.
CIA finance ugly architecture and art to make people feel small.
That's not the CIA.
That's criminals that have hijacked our government.
So, the social engineers want to fight.
As I've always said, I don't know how this is going to end, but it's the journey is the destination.
It's the fighting that God wants to see.
You want to fight?
You better believe you've got one.
And you can misrepresent what I say and twist it all day long.
People come here in much bigger numbers than they come to you, and they find out what's really going on.
And quite frankly, sometimes it's embarrassing how I act.
Yesterday, I was so hateful towards these people because I hate them.
They're out to get me.
They're my enemy.
They're your enemy.
I'm so pissed at looking at them that I was being very nasty.
You know what?
I'm proud of that.
That was real.
That's who I am.
I love a lot.
I hate a lot.
I'm not going to sit here and make excuses for it.
I got a lot of hate.
I got a lot of love.
It's beyond hate.
They're just despicable traitor filth.
I don't want to think about them.
Excuse me.
I'm not a vindictive person, but I love seeing Hillary rotting and falling apart and just seeing that witch melt in front of our eyes.
Thank you, Jesus Christ.
Thank you, Father above for your son.
Thank you for the Holy Spirit.
Thank you for goodness and thank you for everything you've done.
We repent from what we've done and we commit to be better people.
It is such a great time to be alive.
I can feel the spirit of God rising.
And the more God comes into the world, the more these evil people are just despicable and disgusting, aren't they?
As your spirit gets stronger, you recognize them more, and you can't be around them.
As we start resonating, ladies and gentlemen, we're gonna... That's why they hate us.
They don't want us in the world, folks.
We can't get along.
The sheep and the goats don't coexist.
Figure that out.
They're not giving us quarter.
None, no quarter given, none taken.
We're gonna run those black flags up, baby.
Committed to this.
And I can feel their howls of despair as their lust to hurt the innocent and their lust to make people poor and their lust to dominate and break society's will as their will is broken.
The greatest psy-op was these controlled churches always telling you it's the end of the world right around the corner and give up because there's no point, you know, the devil runs everything.
The devil's only here to test us, ladies and gentlemen.
I don't know what the future brings.
Undoubtedly revelations will be fulfilled, but in God's time.
And any man that tells you he knows is an agent of the devil.
That's Christ.
Let no man deceive you and tell you he knows the hour of the day.
It's all there.
We're going to come back and I'm just... Oh my God, this is all luscious news.
There's some important things we have to look at.
Western women being raped in the Middle East.
When you get raped, you go to prison.
Even if it's admitted, because you're not a person.
And that's why...
I'm a bigot because I don't want radical Islam running our entire country and world.
And we've got the Islamists licking their butts and stuff.
That's all coming up.
I'm going to show you.
In Italy, people basically licking their butts.
Stay with us.
I'm going to lay it out short and sweet.
I got so dedicated to fighting the globalists and their program for world government that I stopped working out.
I was a total fitness nut 20 years ago.
About 15 years ago, I just stopped working out.
I gained close to 100 pounds.
I have lost 50, 60 pounds of fat.
Or more.
I've gained 20 pounds of muscle.
I'm stronger than I was when I was 22.
When I could bench press close to 400 pounds and squat 600.
It's actually scary.
And it's because I take products that our researchers developed that block the estrogen mimickers that basically feminize men.
We've produced these products with top scientists and researchers like Dr. Group to help you counteract the globalist onslaught and at the same time support Infowars in our fight for both human liberty and freedom.
The entire corporate dinosaur media, from the New York Times to the Washington Post, London Guardian, are coming out and saying the campaign is imploding, that the transition team is in total disarray, that everyone is involved in a mass exodus, that they can't hire the 4,000 people needed to take over the executive branch, when in truth, they're going in and purging the executive branch of lobbyists.
The number one promise that Donald Trump gave to the American people that he would do as soon as he got into office.
You're fired!
You're fired!
Trump under budget, ahead of schedule, Obama
Tripling the amount of money missing at the Pentagon when he was in office.
Under budget, ahead of schedule.
That's what this is.
How are you liking the IRS fining you with penalties?
How are you liking being raped by the so-called Democratic Party?
To get a law which said healthy people are going to pay in, it made explicit that healthy people pay in and sick people get money.
It would not have passed.
Okay, just like people, lack of transparency is a huge political advantage.
And basically, you know, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical to getting the thing to pass.
The EPA with one of the biggest spills in our history.
They didn't even try to contain it for several weeks because I guess it's okay when the government
Dumps a bunch of cyanide into rivers.
And while Obama was vacationing, and Hillary was napping during the floods in Louisiana and Mississippi, who came and visited?
Who donated massive amounts of money?
Who went through more than a dozen towns and hand-delivered the aid directly to the people?
That's right, the incompetent Donald J. Trump.
We have the vaccine makers of this country, who in the 1980s got Congress to pass a law shielding them from liability from their dangerous products.
Well, Donald Trump has said vaccines should be investigated, that too many of them are being given, and that he is preparing for investigations into why so much autism is spreading across this country.
It's part of population control.
But when you look at the billions and billions of dollars paid out secretly through the vaccine damage fund that the media tries to keep from the public, it lets you know that the press certainly is incompetent for not doing their job and exposing how deep this rabbit hole goes.
They're also saying fake news got him elected when it's mainstream media that's been caught lying and getting us into these wars and claiming Saddam Hussein had WMDs when he didn't.
And it was basically only Donald Trump, back at the time, that was going on Fox News and CNN saying, don't get into these wars.
And if Donald Trump can even halfway drain the swamp, deliver tax cuts, secure our border, and make America great again,
Donald Trump will go down in history as the greatest president in our entire incredible experience.
When Trump has launched GreatAgain.gov.
That's right, GreatAgain.gov.
Thank you for your support.
An actual federal government executive website.
You can read about the president-elect, the vice president-elect, news, making America great again.
Serving America, that means getting jobs in the executive branch.
And I saw different clips last night of Jon Stewart and others saying, what does it mean to make it great again?
No one ever asked him.
No, it means cutting taxes.
It means sending a lot of power back to the states.
It means doing the things that made this country so successful again and not running it down all day.
That's what it means.
And then they sell the idea.
No, it means make it white again.
Ladies and gentlemen, America in most areas is 50% Hispanic now.
Now, if you look at demographics, like I said, in 10-15 years, depending on the demographics, 70% or more will be Hispanic.
There have been Gallup polls where 71% of Hispanic Americans that are citizens want to control the border.
Sure, every other Latin American country tries to control their border.
You don't have a country if you don't.
They've got new polls out where it's almost 60%.
But they have brainwashed some Hispanics that
If someone likes Donald Trump, or someone wants to control the border, that there must be racists.
No, we just can't have totally open borders.
No one else does.
This is globalism conquering our country.
You're being used to do that.
I would love it if it was a Hispanic president, or a woman president, if they were like Trump.
I do not care what color their hair is, or what color their skin is, or what color their eyes are.
I care about what's going on inside that brain.
And Hillary Clinton is a demon witch.
It has nothing to do with the fact that she's a woman.
Oh, you just don't like strong women.
Give me a break.
Give me... I love strong women.
Man, they can help me get stuff done.
It's like saying, I don't want a strong wife.
I don't want someone that helps me get stuff done or who's... I want... Are you kidding?
What a man's looking for is a dynamic, strong woman.
It's just total insulting of reality.
Are there poor white people that look around?
And see a bunch of Hispanics doing better than they are, because they're farmer generations and are working harder, and get pissed off?
But that is underlying and very, very small.
And it's just, again, they have tripled down on this entire race narrative.
And the good news is, almost no one is buying it.
And when Trump delivers prosperity, and the mainstream media tries to cover it up and sabotage it, it's going to be irrevocable.
I am so glad.
I was bummed out at first that mainstream media has just intensified their lies, but I understand that's a failed system they've been engaged in.
And so, their playbook is a losing playbook, so if they're our enemy, we shouldn't interrupt our enemies while they're destroying themselves, should we?
Now, this is a short segment.
Let me tell you some of the news that's coming up in detail.
Look at DrudgeReport.com.
Obama is over in Germany and Europe.
He just left Greece yesterday.
He's trying to prop up globalism.
And that's the headlines.
Globalism in crisis.
I mean, that's Financial Times of London.
You name it.
Der Spiegel.
I've got stacks of news.
Global government's in trouble.
And what?
What does Merkel say?
She says we're not letting the EU go.
German finance minister warns Britain could still be paying into Brussels' coffers in 2030.
They're telling them, we're not letting you go.
You never voted to be part of this.
You're not allowed to leave now.
You didn't do your Article 50 right, so you can't go.
And as I said, folks, people go, oh, Brexit's been scuttled.
We knew this would happen, but the process of forcing them out in the open to say you can't leave, we run you.
I mean, 20 years ago, you couldn't get people to admit there was a European Union being set up.
It was a conspiracy theory.
When I was first on air,
Just five years, six years before it was official, and it was already codified under law.
They just hadn't announced it, kind of like the North American Union is already in place.
The Asian Union's been in place for decades.
They don't tell you until it's all done.
And TPP was going to be done for the Asian Union, and the Atlantic Treaty between the U.S.
and Europe was going to weld the three super states together.
That's official Trilateral Commission info.
But remember on Monday...
The New York Times said Alex Jones is crazy.
I have it right here.
Globalism doesn't exist.
Obama's in Germany saying we've got to defend globalism.
It's in crisis.
But here's the New York Times telling its readers it doesn't exist and it's code word for anti-Semitism.
Where does this crap come from?
The TPP?
With more than 50 countries running us?
What's that have to do with Jews?
It's countries all over the world with corporations taking over our sovereignty.
They just inject that.
It's like, I don't like your health care plan.
It's a rip-off.
Shut up, racist!
What's that have to do with racism?
This is a rip-off.
Shut up, racist!
And then that's all you've got?
Conspiracy terrorist, racist, and fake news.
That's it.
Racist, conspiracy terrorist, fake news.
Throw in a homophobe, and you're like, when... I don't... What?
I'm a Libertine.
Everybody knows that.
What are you... Stop it!
Absolutely incredible.
So when we come back, we've got a bunch of clips.
We're going to get into all of this because their whole fake news initiative has blown up in their face spectacularly.
They're already reversing this blacklist that they're sending around, you know, saying, man, InfoWars.
We'll be back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Donald Trump is moving fast to build his new administration, making many key appointments thus far.
President-elect Trump has named the following appointments.
Senator from Alabama, Jeff Sessions, Attorney General.
Representative from Kansas, Mike Pompeo, Head of CIA.
Former Military Intelligence Chief, Michael Flynn, National Security Advisor.
Media Executive Stephen Bannon, Chief Strategist.
Chairman Republican National Committee Reince Priebus, White House Chief of Staff.
Trump has also created a short list of possible appointees for other key spots, including a new Supreme Court Justice.
Rumors are swirling that there may be a position for his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway.
Former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani and even detractor Mitt Romney is being tossed around as a possible Secretary of State.
While former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has said he will not be in a Trump administration.
I'm Owen Troyer.
For more go to InfoWars.com
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Mao took the guns.
Fidel Castro took the guns.
How many?
Hugo Chavez took the guns.
1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms.
The Republic will rise again when you attempt to take our guns.
They did.
Oaths have been given.
They've been taken.
The answer to 1980, they will be followed, is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Oaths of old.
The true power is the commitment of the will.
Wall Street Journal.
China presses tech firms to police the internet.
That's a fake headline.
It's a real story, but a fake headline.
China is impressing.
The Communist Party dirtbags, the biggest mass murderers in all of history.
Over 100 million of their own people, 80 plus under Mao Zedong alone, who have got their people in total wicked bondage, involved in
Political and cultural Congress with our elite are setting up a planetary system and there they are telling us what to do with Hollywood, telling us what to do with the internet.
You think they like the fact they can't block this show, it's very hard for them to block this transmission going into China?
You think they like that?
You see mainstream media, we see the Democrats saying, Zuckerberg, you better censor the web more!
Zuckerberg came out this week and said, it's not that easy, it isn't just a fake news issue and you know it.
Because Peter Thiel owns part of Facebook and isn't letting him do it.
I gotta say, Peter Thiel, more and more as I research him, I know he's gone to Bilderberg, I mean, I know it's a secret meeting, it's global, it's bad, but what matters is what people do in the real world.
And if he's opposing tyranny, more and more, that's a good thing, and helping Trump get into office.
And so the whole Bilderberg group has been against Trump, but just a few people on the inside that aren't bad can turn this whole tide.
But look at this.
China presses tech firms to police the internet.
Third annual world internet conference aimed at proselytizing China's view to a global audience.
That's right.
The big world internet conference is basically run by China.
China is making its move.
When we say China, we mean the evil folks that run it.
So we have the Chinese telling us what to do.
We've got the EU telling us what to do.
Saying globalism's in crisis, but
Imagine being a New York Times writer and you have to sit there and write articles like Gibbs did, his press secretary, saying the drone program doesn't exist years after it's public.
It's been on the news a thousand times, a thousand.
A far-right conspiracy theory buoyed by Trump!
And we claim there's multinational corporations and multinational agreements that we're not part of and we claim it's transferring power.
It's totally insane!
Meanwhile, we're not letting the EU go.
German finance minister warns Britain could still be paying into Brussels coffers in 2030.
The rise of populism tops anxiety list at Frankfurt banking meeting.
Oh, the anxiety!
Globalist plot survival.
I wish I could come up with terms like that.
Because that's what's happening.
Globalists are plotting their very survival, as they said in every globalist publication.
Our world government is in crisis.
Our planetary plan, we've been doing for 60 years, is going to fall if Donald Trump gets elected.
After Brexit and Russia pulling out, this is a beautiful thing.
Hey, the Russian agent, Trump, just got Ford to stay in the U.S.
The Russian agent is trying to get Apple, and they're saying they're going to do it probably, back to the United States.
It's factories.
Oh, the iPhone will go up $5.
Yeah, we'll actually have an economy.
Big deal.
Isn't that just amazing?
Oh my gosh, the Russian agent.
Boy, I would need more of these Russian agents then, don't I?
The Russian agent just is moving to have the Attorney General be Senator Jeff Sessions, the total patriot.
Oh my gosh, those dirty Rooskies again.
Truth is, there was no Rooskies involved with Trump.
Now everybody sees how ridiculous that whole thing was.
No, it's the globalists shutting off our power, shutting off our coal plants, shutting off our factories, shutting off our steel mills by design.
And Trump's just going to flip the switches.
He's 62 days from office and already Apple's coming back.
Ford's announced it's definitely staying.
New factories are being announced all over the place.
Power plants.
Are now being told they can be turned back on, that are totally clean.
Oh, they can now compete.
Oh, sorry General Electric!
You thought you'd double and triple prices and you did?
Your little honeymoon screwing everybody over is bye-bye!
And then wait till people's power bill goes down.
The evil city of Austin.
People that run it.
There's not real elections here.
This place is not at real elections in decades.
I've seen it certified at the state board level by complaints I filed.
They admitted it, but still certified it.
The city owned four power plants.
One was old, should have shut it down.
Three were new.
And they shut them all down.
Didn't even sell them.
They said, no, we own them.
We want to shut them down.
One part is left.
It's the giant Fayetteville plant, 50 something miles from Austin.
It didn't shut off.
One third of it's still on, but it supplies something like 10% of Houston's power.
Austin owned the other plants there and just shut them off.
They're just shut off.
Gigantic, clean, modern, multi-billion dollar power plant.
That's military sabotage!
That's globalism!
Hurting you and your family!
And the evil, racist Donald Trump wants to turn it back on and give you cheap electricity.
Oh, what a horrible man!
Oh my gosh!
And you see all these poor, disheveled, hopeless people.
They can be black, they can be Hispanic, white, they all look stupid and panicked and scared and just running around like the government's their mommy and they're in a jail cell hoping a little window opens and a little plate of food comes in.
In Venezuela, I remember hearing about this from a Venezuelan fellow who worked here in IT and then I later saw it in the news, they make you pray to Hugo Chavez for your school lunch in the morning.
They have you pray to Christ and no food comes.
Then you pray to Chavez and milk and cereal comes.
Talk about desperate.
Talk about sad.
Talk about unbelievably horrible.
This is what we're entering into and America has been given a reprieve.
All I care about is delivery.
I don't care who he appoints or what he does.
I've said that.
There have been some indicators I don't like.
Some things I do like.
Look at Sessions.
Look at Stephen Manning.
This is beautiful.
All right, I need to start getting into the news here.
Just briefly, let me get into some of the most important and exciting news and information first.
The story's up on InfoWars.com.
It's got some very powerful videos that Paul Watson cut, breaking down the hypocrisy and the lies.
The mainstream media fake news narrative is already beginning to collapse.
Quantcast restores InfoWars' blacklist of fake news websites removed from Quantcast.
They had accepted the Google Chrome that had loaded in a liberal social justice warrior.
female professor who just, she's judge jury executioner, she just decides what's fake.
Now she's God, like the Snopes lady.
She has a cat, she lives in an apartment, that's fine.
She is God, she arbitrates, Obamacare is free.
Of course it isn't.
There is no IRS mandate, of course there is.
There is no death panel, of course there is.
But listen, Snopes said it isn't there, okay?
Alright, so there you go.
And this lady said so, so yes ma'am.
Yes ma'am.
Boy, we're so fake.
Oh, we said Donald Trump would win and the polls were fake.
Of course, we didn't just think that.
I had the inside intel.
That's why Trump's like, it's rigged.
It's rigged.
They don't want to tell people we're way ahead in the internal polls because they would sound like a sore loser.
But they knew.
The media, from the New York Times, the Osberg Statement, Jones keeps claiming that, you know, the internal polls show he's really way ahead.
Who was right?
That's right, see, because we tell the truth here.
That's what we do.
We don't sit around out to get people all day like you people.
So, the mainstream media fake news narrative is already beginning to collapse after the author of a blacklist of fake news websites removed the list, because you can get sued for that, sweetheart, and Quantcast, recentinfowars.com, was ranking as the 126th
That's not news site, folks, that's site period in the world.
Most traffic website in the world.
I'm just relishing the fact that we are kicking their butt up one side and down the other.
I mean, when it comes to news, I think only the mighty Drudge Report, let's pull it up on Quantcast, like 98 or something, only Drudge is bigger.
We are slaughtering them.
Drudge is 102.
It fluctuates back and forth.
Just slaughtering them.
By the way, the big news websites all have these weird little bots and stuff that republish their stuff and play games and manipulate.
No, no, no.
We don't have any of that on.
We just bare knuckles annihilate them.
And again, InfoWars is 20-something percent, depending on the day, of our reach.
We have big algorithm systems in there.
Computer models, Google, you name it, the war game it all.
And when we really use that stuff, we just kind of go look at it and go, good God, look at that!
Like Death Star level firepower just blowing the enemy to pieces and the enemy just hops up and down and goes, we're wearing fancy suits and we're at CNN!
And then no one listens to them and they're just caught fake news, fake reporters, fake everything, just spewing disinfo, giving all the questions to Hillary beforehand.
There's all sorts of evil activity.
Just think about that.
The mainstream media is fake news.
Yesterday we reported how Quantcast had apparently delisted InfoWars.com at the same time that the mainstream media was circulating a list of fake news websites that included big conservative news outlets such as InfoWars and Breitbart.
InfoWars has also been reinstated as Quantcast's list of top websites and has skyrocketed to 126 on the list.
Now, before I go any further, I want to just make a point here.
Normally, a news organization this big would bring in billions of dollars.
I'm good at reaching people, thank God, because you spread the word, but I'm not good at making money.
And we need to bring in a ton of money.
I have the responsibility to hire four or five more reporters, camera people, editors, and other things we need.
We are on a shoestring budget, comparatively.
If I was in New York or someplace, I could have 15, 20 employees, not 60.
But when I say employees, that's like janitorial stuff, accounting, customer service, our own warehouse for shipping.
I mean, when you're talking about news folks, it's like 25 people total.
We need 30, 40, 50 people.
I mean, we've got the staff of a small town newspaper, and we are changing the world.
But I don't have the big corporate sponsors.
I sell products.
That's how we fund ourselves.
And I have this penchant for trying to give people good deals, because that's just how I am.
$9.95 for the Trump is my President shirt, that includes shipping.
We don't make any money on that.
But it's so effective, people buy five times more if I sell it at cost.
I just want to see Trump's my president everywhere.
So see, to get the message out, I sabotage our overall capitalization.
So I'm just saying, there's nowhere you can spend money that will have a bigger effect than InfoWars.com or clicking on the ads on DrudgeReport.com.
There is nowhere.
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I don't want to grow, but it's our responsibility.
I'm not going to sit here and have half measures with the enemy.
I'm not risking my life to play games.
I want to press the issue and run them to ground and then give them no quarter politically and strafe them into oblivion.
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So InfoWars.com forward slash app.
Also, it's key if they start censoring more, you never know what they could do, set off a nuke, Lord knows what, and InfoWars will be gone overnight.
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I mean, you know.
We're 126 on the internet, just on our website.
We've had 5 million views conservatively on YouTube, and all we can get is 400,000 people to download the free app.
I mean, I'm not bitching, but Drudge is right.
We have to have our own platform separate from them that aren't as easy to censor.
I mean, you know, they censor us, we point it out, you point it out, they back off.
But they keep coming back, which is a tactic.
So it's an internal battle.
Bottom line, thank you all for your support.
You are the info war.
That's not rhetoric.
It's true.
You did this.
I'm not gonna sit here and take it anymore!
I don't care if he has goblin guides to go into Washington.
I don't care if he gets goblin guts on him.
But if he catches kissing goblins, or in bed with a goblin, that's a problem.
Or what if he marries a goblin?
What if he has babies with a goblin?
I mean, that would be what Hillary did.
No, I mean, that's the point.
He's gonna be around a lot of goblins, but he just has to avoid becoming a goblin himself.
The contract with America that Trump posted, you know, before the election, before the process even took place, most of the things in that contract for America can't even begin to take place until he actually takes office.
So, for now, what is it?
Less than a week after he's actually president-elect.
For people to be saying that he's backtracking on everything he said is ridiculous.
Of course the language is going to be more conciliatory than it was in the lead up to the election because you've got thousands of maniacal Hillary supporters out on the streets rioting and attacking people.
The empowered alt-right trolls have created a cesspit on Twitter.
Oh really?
That's funny because whenever I go on Twitter it's leftists threatening to assassinate Donald Trump.
We've posted those tweets many times.
In fact, I've just made a video, which is literally six minutes solid.
Most of it is death threats posted by leftists on Twitter, threatening to assassinate Donald Trump.
So the only people, yeah, you can have racists in the alt-right, but the only people who've actually made Twitter a cesspit, and in fact now Twitter has increased its censorship because of that, the only people who have made Twitter a cesspit is leftists with their violent, hateful, racist threats, which they now specialize in.
But this was the original quote on this, um, Mashable article.
They said, Paul Joseph Watson, the editor-at-large of conspiracy theorist website InfoWars, who has a Twitter following of 345,000 users, it's actually 357,000, he can't even count.
This idiot who wrote this article, what's his name?
Let's get his name.
Colin Dalyder, can't even count for one.
He has a Twitter following of wrong amount of Twitter users, advocated for mass murder in the aftermath of the election.
His proof that I advocated for mass murder was me posting a tweet by somebody else who was concerned about mass murder.
I said, look, this is silly.
Donald Trump is going to gas disabled people.
Obviously, a joke.
He's not going to gas disabled people.
The original tweet was a concern against mass murder.
Yet they used it to say that I was encouraging, I was advocating mass murder.
This is why no one trusts the mainstream media.
This is why you've lost.
This is why your narrative is failing.
This is why you're going out of business because you lie, you deceive.
We are back live.
We've got a bunch of big guests joining us today.
True heroes like James O'Keefe from Project Veritas and more.
Dr. Steve Pachinik.
Roger Stone.
I talked to him last night.
He wanted to come on.
I don't know.
That's been lined up.
But we are working on it right now.
Speaking of sponsors, it's not just the products we sell at InfoWarsTore.com.
It's the great folks like Chuck Andersees that put out the amazing film with Charlie Daniels, General Boykin, Joel Skousen, myself, and many others.
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Very powerful film.
Everybody needs to see it.
RevelationTheMovie.info to purchase the DVD or check into hosting in a theater near you.
That's RevelationTheMovie.info and buy a couple copies.
This guy put everything he had into this film.
Took him five years to make it and it's just a very important film.
Stone's on at 1230, so he's on about 40 minutes.
So, RevelationTheMovie.info to purchase or to set up a screening in your area.
That's what's really, really effective.
Because don't think we can back off now that we're starting to turn the tide.
The fight's just begun.
We've got to intensify our operations, obviously.
By the way, Daria, one of the producers, was pointing out, yeah, you're not bashing China enough.
They loaded 70 million Americans' phones with spyware and stuff to basically steal your bank account information and rob you.
I mean, folks, our military hardware, that came out ten years ago, they're doing that, or longer.
China is literally all over us.
Every movie I go see about science fiction or technology, China runs everything and is our boss.
Every movie.
Every movie.
You'll notice it.
I remember seeing this like five years ago.
Now it's every movie.
And now they announce China's taking over.
That means communist Chinese.
They're in the news saying, censor the internet in America.
How about you go to hell, okay?
I had China, Paul doesn't want me to get into it, but Paul had China basically come out and mess with him in London three years ago.
Oh yeah, folks, we're not in Kansas anymore.
We're talking James Bond movie stuff.
Understand, folks, believe me, there's a lot more going on you don't know about.
This country is under full-scale attack.
The people we've got in aren't perfect, but they are not out to get the nation.
Do you understand?
And people better decide which side they're on right now.
The Russians aren't doing anything.
They're seen as destabilized.
The globals are trying to bring them down.
Just like they're bringing us down.
I'm going to say it very slowly.
The globalists are allied with China against the United States and Russia.
The EU is meant to destroy Europe and suck it down.
It wants to destroy the third world.
The globalists are against humanity.
It's a scientific system that de-industrializes you.
I'll use the oblivion analogy.
It's like a big alien spaceship that lands and sucks up your oceans, kills your planet and leaves, okay?
It's cold-blooded, it's scientific, it's psychopathic, it's the enemy.
You better understand the real system in the world, and I know you know that.
I haven't gotten to it yet.
I'll cover it in the next five minutes.
I don't want to bash Muslims.
I don't want to bash the Communist Chinese, but they're horrible.
They're out of control, folks.
I mean, you know, it's like saying I don't want to bash Germans in World War II, but they had a bad leadership and a bad culture at that time.
I'm going to say the Nazis were bad.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Most of these Muslim countries, women are kept as basically property.
And then the left has this fetish about Islam all day.
British woman, gang-raped in Dubai, says, I'm petrified out here alone after she's arrested for extramarital sex.
She goes and complains she's raped.
And they go, sweetheart, there ain't no such thing.
You're not... a man can do whatever he wants with you.
There's another one.
Shock video.
Police force 80-year-old Italian hotel owner to house African migrants.
This is just commandeering.
It's just this little bitty Ian with this little old man.
And the police just show up and say, you're gonna house North Africans.
In Germany, they tell people, we're moving people into your house.
I mean, this is incredible, folks.
And the government, the Pope says, come, come, but he's got 200 foot walls, and then it gets worse.
Video shows migrant in Italy washing his anus in public and then licking his hand.
This is cultural enrichment, folks.
They get in the pool and just start crapping everywhere, just shooting feces everywhere.
And then everyone just, enrichment, enrichment!
They rape children in the pools.
I mean, my God.
And the inbreeding.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
It's hillbilly Muslims, folks, I'm telling you right now.
We'll be back.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
Donald Trump is moving fast to build his new administration, making many key appointments thus far.
President-elect Trump has named the following appointments.
Senator from Alabama, Jeff Sessions, Attorney General.
Representative from Kansas, Mike Pompeo, Head of CIA.
Former Military Intelligence Chief, Michael Flynn, National Security Advisor.
Media Executive, Stephen Bannon, Chief Strategist.
Chairman, Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus, White House Chief of Staff.
Trump has also created a short list of possible appointees for other key spots, including a new Supreme Court Justice.
Rumors are swirling that there may be a position for his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, former mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani, and even detractor Mitt Romney is being tossed around as a possible Secretary of State.
While former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has said he will not be in a Trump administration.
I'm Owen Schroer.
For more, go to InfoWars.com.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Big Brother, mainstream media, government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
All the Japanese government came to see President-elect Trump, and how dare him have his daughter there to charm everyone?
It's so horrible.
Japanese loved it.
Yeah, these are really concerned about China as well, so Trump knows who to meet with first.
A lot of good things happening.
It's good to have somebody that's not out to get the country in office, isn't it?
A lot of people say, what are you going to do now?
You're the one always on the outside bitching.
We've still got all the globalists to fight.
But if we ever turn things around really good, I'd be like, let's, you know, deliver food aid to the third world or let's try to, you know, I mean, I already fund with charities.
I don't have a lot of money, but I pay for wells in Africa and wells in places like Paraguay and the CAF program.
I've been involved with that with my grandmother for a long time.
I mean, I don't know.
I think I gave
Just $10,000 for cows for Africans last year.
I'll never talk about that stuff.
I'm just going to brag about it.
But you can really help somebody.
Paying for a wind turbine in a village.
Paying for wells in a village.
Paying for, by the whole village, you know, a couple calves apiece.
That's the kind of stuff I do.
It's really cheap.
Some good programs out there.
And it's because I want to help humanity.
I want that spirit to grow where people don't want to help me.
And then to be called racist, I'm just done.
Meanwhile, look at the Middle East, folks.
I mean, it's some of the most backwards areas in the world.
And our government, under Obama and Hitlery, went in and blew up any of the real progressives.
Gaddafi was building up all of North Africa.
He was building huge aquifer facilities, runways, businesses.
60% of graduates from school were women.
Christians were left alone.
All over.
Jihadis now run Libya.
It's a failed state.
And then meanwhile, British woman gang-raped in Dubai says, I'm petrified out here alone after she's arrested for extramarital sex.
That's the mirror.
Jane Mosey, 25, has spoken about her nightmare.
She got raped, talked about it, and then they arrested her for the men raping her.
And that's liberal!
But oh my gosh, I'm a misogynist white male out to get women!
Hey, dumbasses!
The West is where women got their liberation, dumbasses!
That's the thing about the left.
They're not the left.
They're such scum.
They run around inverting reality, and I'm tired of it.
I love when they try to guilt me.
I told you about, not this Halloween because I'm not doing anything this Halloween, but I had an office party the Halloween before and we were in a couple of different places.
I had three different people come over and say, are you a Nazi?
Because I was wearing an airline captain hat and a black shirt and purple pants.
And when I wouldn't kiss their ass, they'd get in my face and I'd say, listen, you're just a mental patient wanting to control my life, you little freak.
Let's go to the next one here.
Shock video.
Let's roll this for TV viewers.
Stuff on Infowars.com.
Paul Watson article.
Police force 80-year-old Italian hotel owner to house African migrants.
And I showed this.
You know, and they just come in and just fill up his little bitty inn and his little bitty restaurant, and the police just show up and say, you're going to take care of these people, and by the way, you're going to do it for free.
And people say, oh, well, don't be racist.
Can I go to Africa and do this?
Are these cops taking people into their houses?
Hell no, they've got their big fancy Italian uniforms that look so good.
They always pick some little sad man to do it to.
Same thing in Germany.
This is Merkel.
Come here, come here, come here.
Meanwhile, let's play this video out of Italy.
This is what you see when you're in Italy, folks.
And the gypsies walk up to you like they want to kill you with hate.
You're supposed to go, oh, I'm liberal, slit my throat, you're so trendy.
A video shows migrant, let's roll it, in Italy, washing his anus at a public fountain.
Cultural enrichment at its best.
And then he wipes his ass with the same hand and then drinks it.
Oh yeah, this is genius.
And now we've got cholera, and plague, and... Oh, I'm sorry.
Leprosy's made a comeback in Europe and here.
Don't even teach him how to use a toilet.
No, no, no, no, no.
Don't even test people at the border.
The Pope said bring them, but never at his little degenerate command base.
They're at the Vatican.
They're at the pedophile command base.
I guess kind of WikiLeaks showed New York's kind of that too.
There's many pedophile capitals, I mean.
All right, more true, accurate, hardcore news straight ahead.
Unabashed, unapologetic.
Alex Jones here with a very important news update to anybody out there that wants to be prepared.
But it goes beyond being prepared.
Our bodies absolutely must have the good halogen iodine or we will die.
And you look at all of the thyroid problems and all the people that don't have energy that have all sorts of hormone problems.
And from my research and a lot of just mainline research, it leads back to iodine over and over and over again.
It's as important as vitamin C.
If you don't get iodine, you die.
But most people are just efficient, so they're low energy, they're sick.
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It's such a game changer, if you'll just research iodine for yourself.
It's a fact that the federal government in the Midwest, back in the 20s,
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There are some studies that show a 15 point increase, others show even higher.
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I don't know.
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We can answer your questions.
We are on the march.
The empire is on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Well, Trump is still 62 days out from office to be number 45 President of the United States of America.
Trump to be POTUS.
And already Ford's announced it's not leaving with that SUV plant from Kentucky.
Other major plants, I've got a list here, announcing they're going to stay in areas like Ohio and Texas as well.
And Apple's announcing that they think they're going to move one of their big plants, making iPhones and other Apple products, back to the United States.
They haven't manufactured here in 20 years.
And he's not even in office yet.
He has now announced that his Attorney General,
Should he be confirmed by the Senate?
Senator Jeff Sessions, that's gonna happen.
Very honorable man, could not think of a better choice.
That guy does not deal in politics when it comes to justice.
People better look out, and let me tell you, Hillary is going to get in big trouble.
Jeff Sessions never compromises, never backs down, and is one of the best people we've got in our government.
So Trump is really delivering Stephen Bannon at the head of
The entire strategy operation could not be a better choice.
That's why they're calling him a racist and never showing any proof.
They call James O'Keefe a racist.
They call me one with no proof.
It doesn't work anymore.
But they've only tripled down, is the term, or maybe quintupled down, with all their lies and disinfo, what's going to happen?
James O'Keefe joins us.
He said, sure, I'll come on, but why?
Well, I want a victory lap, but also
Where you see all this going with your expertise, other goodies that are going to be coming out, because obviously we've got to hold our foot to the neck of these people.
We may be a little bit euphoric, we're having some victories right now, but you better believe they're coming back with an incredible vengeance.
So, the man that heads up Project Veritas, one of the undoubted MVPs, and look, it's not about credit, but we have to single out
Who is the most effective?
And it is James O'Keefe.
It is Julian Assange.
It is Matt Drudge.
It is Donald Trump.
I mean, these are the type of folks we need to celebrate, but also the listeners of this broadcast, and my crew, and just everybody in the Liberty Movement.
It isn't about credit, but man, we've been the underdog for a long time, and Trump is really starting to deliver.
Now, I haven't talked to O'Keefe since before the election.
I don't know his view on all this.
We'll see if he concurs or what he adds.
James, congratulations, my friend.
Hey Alex, thank you so much.
And just by way of introduction, I've had a chest cold the last few days after a week of adrenaline and unbelievable, amazing highs and amazing lows.
I'm recovering here physically, so I apologize.
I'm not 100 percent, but it's so great to be with you.
Well, absolutely, my friend.
I know I was exhausted for three or four days as well, kind of like dizzy, actually, but I'm now back to normal.
Hopefully you get back soon.
Where do you want to start?
Well, I think that one of the things that Roger Stone and I discussed last time I was with you was the tipping point that we thought that we had not reached as a country.
I think we are now beyond the tipping point where social media and the power of independent media is greater.
It is greater than the mainstream media.
We have reached that tipping point.
We are at a point where the power of the media is now not what it once was.
When I was at that election night, Hilton Hotel, and I saw the big lights and the hundreds of journalists, I could see them physically sobbing.
I could see them crying because they had now realized that they had lost their power.
And it was a very moving moment for me because I've spent the last eight years of my life fighting these people, tooth and nail, persevering over their firewall, breaking news on YouTube, even while these companies like YouTube and Facebook and Twitter try to shut us down.
And to reach that climax where now we are now more powerful than they are, it was a very touching moment for me and it showed that
The whole game has now changed.
We are living in a new world where we are now more powerful than they are.
And that's just the bottom line.
And Trump has to realize that.
And we did this, I'm not saying it's true, from the grassroots because we really believed in America, in free market, in the Second Amendment.
They were trying to dominate us and studying history.
And studying past wars, and this is a new type of war, an information war predominantly, you never know when an evil empire is about to break up.
You never know when it's about to fall.
It's going to tell you to the minute, you know, that the evil king kills over.
That it's victorious, it's all-powerful, it's unstoppable, and this system was so delusional, they were believing their own BS.
I mean, listen, when InfoWars.com, which is, most people are obsessed with their site, it's a small part of our overall reach, 23% according to the Google algorithm, on a daily basis it's 19%, 25%, but average is 23% year end.
We're number 124 on the web, folks.
We have reached 5 billion people on YouTube alone.
And this just shows what InfoWars is doing, and we're not even getting started.
Imagine how much that freaks them out, James O'Keefe.
Yeah, I mean, when we were, I was on, I think, Tommy Loren's Facebook Livestream, and there were like 1.7 million people watching it, and CNN's Brian Stelter, this is a Reliable Sources, the show's called Reliable Sources, he tweets at me and he goes,
You know, James, we got 1.2 million viewers on CNN.
And I said, Brian, we got 20 million views on our YouTube channel in the last week.
We got 100 million Twitter impressions.
You know, nobody watches CNN except when you're in airports.
They're delusional.
They are delusional.
The bottom line is, Alex, is they realize they are losing their power.
That's it.
They're losing their control over the voter, and they're losing their power over the people, and they panic, and they get emotional, and when they get emotional, they make mistakes.
And then when they make mistakes, they lose their credibility, and the audience, that is the American people, leave them, and they go to organizations like Infowars, and organizations like Project Veritas, and they go to where the action is, the excitement.
And by the way, there's only six or seven networks and systems
Their audience is so tiny now, even Fox is nothing compared to the independent media, but they're still so delusional, and nothing against Fox, but they just don't know it yet.
And we're not bragging, we're just explaining folks the new media landscape for everybody.
There are high school people and college kids that are getting 100 million views a month.
There are hundreds of prominent people that have just suddenly popped up that are huge.
I'm excited to see that.
I mean, what's scary to the establishment is,
We're not just getting the regular news audience.
The Liberty Movement has expanded to where this is almost like a blood sport or a new form of entertainment.
We're making politics fun again and I think that's where they lost the paradigm is the memes and all of it is what I'm getting at.
Yeah, when we were, Alex, before, after I spoke to you last time on election day, we were in Philadelphia exposing voter fraud.
And it was easy to expose.
I mean, we released videos on election day in Philadelphia where we would go to the poll site and, you know, with a hidden camera, we'd go up to the supervisor, the judge, and they told us who to vote for.
That's a crime.
You can't do that.
They were saying vote for Hillary.
I mean, these are election judges.
These are supposed to be making sure that these elections are conducted fairly and without bias.
And as I was in my car, driving around Philadelphia with my team, going, frankly, some of us were risking our safety to do this because these were in neighborhoods where people were intimidating people.
They wouldn't let you in as a journalist.
We were going around.
I was tweeting live streaming that I was doing this.
I was monitoring fraud.
And these journalists were attacking, I mean, viciously attacking us.
I don't
And I totally agree!
James O'Keefe, here's the next question then.
How do they strike back?
Well, we've seen them with this delisting with Google Chrome and Quantcast, but one day after they did it, they relisted InfoWars and Breitbart and others, because everybody looked at it and said, some professor just declares she's God and says what's real and what isn't, after this entire mainstream media got caught faking polls, faking election results,
Giving the questions to Hillary, fake interviews.
I mean, I've looked for names for the mainstream media all these years.
They finally gave it to us.
They're the fake media.
By them calling us that, I finally realized that's really their name, don't you think?
I think you have to, yeah, yeah, that's exactly right.
I'm looking at the same thing.
That fake list of fake news sites where they, where we made a list of fake news sites.
Oh, you were on there too, absolutely.
Yeah, yeah.
So, I mean, listen, this is what I would say to that.
Judge a man by his work product, not by the name you used to describe him.
They're obsessed with titles, and do you call you an activist or a criminal or a fake or a hoaxer?
Judge someone by what they do.
Judge Veritas, our organization, by what we express.
You guys are so clean, and so good, and so hardworking, and so dedicated, and so classical journalism, and then they go, oh, he's a convicted criminal, not saying, he went in a federal building, a public building, to show that their phones weren't broken, and I mean, oh my god, oh my gosh, I mean...
Bob Kramer was actually a convicted felon.
Even Anderson Cooper on CNN struggled with attacking me for being a criminal because they're trying to defend actual convicted felons that we're exposing.
But this is the bottom line.
Your question was, where do we go from here?
And my answer is, you do the job for them.
You do the job!
Go to where the actual journalists are.
So it's a total tipping point, except for the minority of people who are white, black, Hispanic, you name it, that really are anti-white, racist, butthurt weirdos like de Blasio with his crew.
You know de Blasio.
They're in New York.
The mayor, Mikkel Thelen, has an article.
Spokesman says sign was meant to protest white supremacy.
It says F whiteness.
Black Lives Matter with a bunch of weirdo, straight-laced, chicken-necked, neurotic white liberals running around bashing white people when the average white person I know is just a, you know, regular schmo like anybody else.
I mean, what is this?
It's really, these are sickening people.
These are racist and I'm so tired of them.
Well, we did a story on Election Day, the day before Election Day, we went into, in Mayor de Blasio's district, New York City, we went into the poll location of Huma Abedin, and we got offered her ballot.
They handed us Huma Abedin's ballot, we had full burqa on, because the Elections Commissioner, we did another video, where the Elections Commissioner was saying that anybody can vote without an ID, there's so much fraud, we bust people around.
So Mayor de Blasio fired, this is yesterday,
He fired this elections commissioner we caught on tape for telling the truth.
I think he should have been given a medal.
He was being honest.
He was forthcoming about the fraud.
He was describing that they go to places like certain neighborhoods like Chinatown and they quote, bus people around to vote.
They put them in a bus and they go from poll site to poll site.
So Mayor de Blasio fired the elections commissioner for revealing the fraud.
This is how corrupt Mayor de Blasio is.
But listen,
People, I can't say it enough.
Just citizens have to do their job.
Places like Reddit were crowdsourcing investigative journalism out during the last few weeks.
They were looking through FEC disbursement forms.
They were giving that to us while these journalists in their ivory towers were condemning us.
There's that picture right now.
de Blasio demands resignation of elections official.
Who actually told the truth and said it's wrong that there's fraud and he wants to stop it and then he gets... How about de Blasio resigns?
So let's expand on this briefly.
I forgot that.
It's beautiful how Reddit and all these other big sites are crowdsourcing the WikiLeaks, crowdsourcing election research.
This is human.
This is the people making it a game to fight corruption.
That's what they've always been afraid of.
It's fun.
It's an animating contest that Jefferson talked about.
Yeah, and one of the most enlightening moments of the last 45 days, when I was breaking these stories, and the Washington Post tweeted at me and said, why don't you actually show me a video of Obama meeting with these people?
Show me the video!
And I tweeted back and said, hey Dave, shouldn't that be your job?
Isn't that your job at the Washington Post?
They're totally reactive.
You couldn't even break a Woodward and Bernstein style story these days.
They're a bunch of white shoe arrogant Harvard snobs.
They push classism and racism because that's who they are.
We're just gutter brawling blue collar patriots.
We're gonna kick their ass every time.
Yes, and they're reactive, and they are reactive to what we do.
That's the beautiful part.
They're now talking about what we are talking about.
We set the narrative now.
Yes, they criticize us, they call us names, but they can name call all they want.
Judge a man by his work.
Oh, don't you love how they call us fake news and they call us alt-right?
We're not going by their labels anymore.
What they said to Steve Bannon, they said, they called him a white supremacist.
I mean, I know Steve Bannon.
I've worked for Steve Bannon.
He's not a white supremacist.
He's a hardworking, he's a good businessman.
Everyone at Breitbart News is, they're decent people.
They have their views.
But you know what I say?
I say if the media wants to hashtag stop Bannon, they should endorse him.
Because at this point, the people are going to do the exact opposite of whatever the media tells them to do.
Bannon is a trailblazer.
is a trailblazer and took Breitbart in the right direction and helped win this election.
Again, America is about betting on the people that are trailblazers who do the right thing and win.
These are winners we're talking about.
Absolutely, and I think the media, people are now going to do the exact opposite of what the media tells them to do.
The vaulted, as Brit Hume said, the vaulted power of the media is not what it once was.
Their entire business model is based on credibility and relevance.
And when they become irrelevant, when people don't trust them anymore, we're living in a new world.
It really is historical.
I can't, Alex, I can't emphasize just how big
How game-changing, how transformative the last couple weeks are.
And we are the tip of the spear, buddy.
We are, we are it.
I mean, this is, we are at the front lines of democracy, of information.
We're on the front lines of the rebirth of our constitutional republic and the new renaissance, my friend.
And when we get thousands of people every single day, and that is true, today we got hundreds of tips, and people say, come to my school board, come to my town council, come to my state office, and expose this quote-unquote law.
And the secret is, you're going to expose a lot of it, but they're all copying Veritas in your book that lays out how to do it, and how to do it legally and lawfully, as investigative journalists.
They're now all starting their own little town watches.
And again, the return of America's here, it is horrifying them.
Yes, it is horrifying them, but we have a responsibility to build a institution.
You're right, people are going to do it on their own, and that's important.
As long as it's legal... No, I'm saying they should go to you as well, but I'm just saying, don't wait for orders from headquarters, folks, just do it!
Yeah, just go out and like Reddit.
The Reddit community is a great example.
These are people who crowdsourced it out.
They went, they found Zulema Rodriguez was the protester who shut down the highway in Arizona during that video series.
People found little video clips of her and they said, that's her, that's Zulema.
She was paid by Hillary Clinton.
So people are doing it themselves and it is a beautiful thing to watch.
The normal people doing the job of NBC News while NBC News puts insurmountable obstacles in their path.
It is moving towards
James, I've been interviewing you probably eight, nine, ten years, whatever it is, and I tell you, you are on fire.
I mean, even though you're under the weather, I've never heard you so excited.
Is there a feeling, not of completion, but of satisfaction that, wow, we are on the right side of history, there is a God, we've had this great victory, we've got more work to do, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Sometimes the good guys win.
Yeah, I don't know if you, you know, I myself am Catholic, so I'm a man of God.
I believe that there is, it's satisfying, it's redemption.
Being there that night, seeing this happen, I think we're given another chance as a country to, you know, Benjamin Franklin said, it's a republic if you can keep it right.
You can feel the providence, can't you, in the air?
I can feel, I can feel the Providence because there are too many, this investigation took us a year to do.
Too many things could have gone wrong.
It was so risky.
It was so dangerous.
I mean, we were invited to the White House.
We could not go.
It's the equivalent, to use a cheesy analogy, of like, you did five Death Star runs and every time you blew it up.
I mean, it was just, all was incredible.
Yes, so I think we've been given another chance.
We have an opportunity here to reverse course, and I think the solutions are beyond the legislative process.
I think it's going to require normal people doing extraordinary things, and to see the hundreds of thousands of people in this country take it upon themselves to do the job of the media, that to me shows us that there's much hope for the future.
So it's redemption, it's satisfaction, and it's hope.
And it's the fact that the battle's not won, even though we're starting to turn the tide.
You know, I forget who said it.
We can look it up.
But they say that it is great times.
It is tumultuous times.
It is extraordinary times that make extraordinary men and women.
And I think that's what we've seen here.
In closing, Trump, Ford coming back, Apple saying they're going to look at coming back.
It's crazy.
I'm really worried they're going to try to kill him.
Well, I mean, if there's ever a plot to do anything like that, my hope is that our cameras would be infiltrating conversations to that effect.
Hell, they're all over the news saying kill him.
Why aren't these people being arrested saying kill Trump?
I'm going to kill Trump.
They're on Twitter saying they want to kill both you, me, and Trump.
And Jack Dorsey is not kicking them off.
Recall that Twitter is now removing people on Twitter.
They removed me.
They reinstated me.
James Wood has left Twitter?
What's that?
James Wood has had to leave Twitter.
We also have Milo has been banned.
I mean, it's horrible.
There's a number of people that have left Twitter.
They tried to ban me, but then 30,000 people sent emails to Twitter and they reinstated.
So look, I can't reveal everything we're doing, but we're going to be on the front lines exposing all of this.
And if there ever was a conspiracy to commit fraud, my hope is that our people would be embedded in there to catch them in the act.
That's all I can say.
If you're working in a big corporation and you see them colluding to suppress free speech and racketeer, record it.
Send it to InfoWars.
Send it to James O'Keefe.
Put it out.
James O'Keefe, thanks for spending time with us at ProjectVeritas.com.
You're amazing.
Your whole crew's amazing.
I want to just say, as one American, as one Christian to another, I salute you, and it's great in this short life to be associated with folks like you.
We appreciate you.
Thank you, Alex.
We're going to come back with Roger Stone, and I'll probably open the phones up as well.
This is really good.
This is really good stuff's happening.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Donald Trump is not even president yet and he is already cashing in on his word of bringing jobs back to America.
I'll bring back our jobs from China, from Mexico, from Japan, from so many places.
I'll bring back our jobs and I'll bring back our money.
Ford has decided to continue to manufacture its Lincoln MKC in Louisville, Kentucky and not move to Mexico as they had previously planned.
Ford has said they are happy to work with President Trump and are glad he is making American manufacturing competitive and great again.
Reports are also surfacing that Apple is considering manufacturing their iPhones in California.
Apple has asked its Asian-based manufacturers Foxconn and Pegatron to explore manufacturing their iPhones in America.
Are these the first dominoes to get Americans off the welfare state and into the workforce?
Will there be a time when you can pick up an electronic and it says Made in America?
Coming soon to a presidency near you.
I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created.
I tell you that.
This is Owen Troyer for InfoWars.com
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The workers.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show!
Oh, a news-breaking story.
Security experts discovered a secret backdoor.
What we're talking about is software from a Chinese company already pre-installed, already loaded in an estimated 700 million Android devices.
Again, pre-installed.
If you bought it, it was already in there.
We're talking phones, TVs, cars, wearables,
It lets Chinese officials potentially listen to your phone calls, read all your text messages, steal your family and friends phone numbers, even remotely control your device to install things like apps.
Morgan, when are you making that?
Look, I was very concerned about that.
I was the Vice President at Alcatel-Lucent, where we're building out the National Public Safety Broadband.
We had concerns about two companies out of China, which are the ones that are the cell phone manufacturers, Huawei and ZTE.
Their ties to the People's Liberation Army, the fact that generals are running this, and a House Select Committee on Intelligence issued a report in 2012 talking about the dangers of this.
So now what you have, Liz, is you've got pre-installed spying software.
They say Opus
This was a mistake.
We didn't mean to have this on American phones.
You've got 700 million phones.
You're collecting data.
You know where it's coming from.
So I don't think it's a mistake that they were collecting this information.
It was found inadvertently.
That's good.
That's from Fox Business actually doing their job.
The best stuff is on Fox Business on Mainstream TV.
The best is Fox Business.
It's almost as good as InfoWars sometimes.
But notice...
That's not what the General Fox viewers are getting.
It's very sad.
But that's because smart business viewers want real information.
They don't want a bunch of bull.
I had to play that clip because last hour, I have to correct myself, I said 70 million phones had the software loaded on.
I apologize.
It's 700 million.
And I've said this many times.
Nine times out of 10, I'm not exaggerating.
I tend to dial stuff back.
It's a real problem I've got.
I'm not trying to lie.
But I tend to dial back and then people think I'm dialing up.
Oh, 70 million phones.
I mean, come on.
700 million devices.
Phones, you name it.
Now, again, I've had whistleblowers on 20 years ago from the NSA, James Bamford, you name it, telling us all this.
They've been doing it that long.
Look, I'm not out to get Chinese people because they're Asian.
My sister's Korean adopted.
I love her to death.
China feeds on its own people.
The point is, is when Trump says we're being screwed by China, man, we're being screwed.
And they try to have this fake nationalism against Russia.
Russia's not doing this.
Russia can barely keep from collapsing.
Because they've been under global sanctions.
The threat is China!
So joining us for the rest of the hour is Roger Stone of StoneColdTruth.com.
Every Wednesday, he's going to host the fourth hour here.
Paul Watson hosts Thursdays.
Russ the crew hosts other hours.
I do intend, in the near future, as soon as we get another line of crew hired, because we got one crew working seven days a week right now, we're going to add more broadcast here to the InfoWars operation.
And more than happy to work with the folks at GCN as well, but we are more and more doing things on our own, syndicating the broadcast, sending it out on satellite ourselves, just because it's better to do it, you know, here out of the Hacienda in Austin, Texas.
But I gotta tell you,
I'm an eternal pessimist because I don't want to get arrogant and think I'm winning.
And then have a problem.
I shot a big elk a few weeks ago and looked like he was down.
I went over there, some great steaks, the crew's been eating it.
And I got over there 20 minutes later and he got up.
It was pretty dangerous and I had to pull out my Smith & Wesson 500 handgun that I had on my side and take him down.
But again, you don't want to be too confident.
We don't want to say, as the wolf says in Pulp Fiction, that all is well.
We can all service each other at this point.
We're winning, but I didn't celebrate enough 8, 9, 10 days ago.
I will tell you, Sessions is a great choice to the Attorney General ship.
Ford returning, 62 days before Trump even gets in because Trump called the heir to the Ford dynasty and said, look, stop being anti-American.
I'm going to tax the hell out of you if you don't do it.
He capitulated.
It's the president, folks.
It's got power.
The globals want to sell that power out.
We've still got it.
We can still get a reprieve.
Apple says they're probably going to come back.
Just a lot of really positive things, a lot of good things are happening, and then we got the numbers for InfoWars today.
They put us in this database, put out by some Ford Foundation, Southern Poverty Law Center connected professor woman, who I guess is God, and they delisted InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, Breitbart.com, Project Veritas, everybody, saying we were fake, and then Google was putting up messages saying, don't go to these sites, they're dangerous.
We're going to Roger Stone here in about 10 seconds.
And I love where he says he's in a parking garage.
Like leaking the deep throat.
Like Drudge says, only safe spot to talk to in a parking garage these days with the Chinese 700 million devices being tracked by him.
I told people 20 years ago they could dial into your phone and listen to you.
Now it's all admitted.
See folks?
Another thing we've been caught in fake news.
But they had to back off today when they finally relisted, who knows how high it went, Infowars.com today.
It was 126 on the web.
Drudge is like 100.
So, when I tell you,
That we're getting 10, 15, 20 million visitors a day, folks.
I'm not kidding.
And let me expand on that.
80 plus million viewers election week.
And I thought it would actually trail off.
It hasn't.
I mean, it's not.
I thought it would go down by like 60 percent.
It's only going down by like 20 percent.
This is just insane.
And the problem is, I'm just wondering how they're going to strike back.
You've got them desperately trying to prop up globalism, meeting with Merkel, Obama.
Roger Stone, how big is this win?
I mean, you wanted me to celebrate last week.
You said, look, tomorrow we can get back on the parapet.
But I've got to tell you, I'm ready to celebrate now.
I'm kind of having delayed euphoria here.
Well, Alex, I am reaching you from a parking garage, kind of a homage to Deep Throat, if you will.
I am in town to meet with some of the transition people.
Look, I'm very, very pleased.
Excellent news today.
Jeff Sessions, a senator who's been on this program, an early Trump supporter, a believer particularly in sealing our borders.
I think?
The Clintons and went to the Trump side.
Actively campaigning for Trump.
A very effective surrogate for Donald Trump.
Now at NSA.
You see the beginnings of a team of nationalists.
A team of men and women who will put America, not the globalist agenda first.
So, so far so good Alex.
I'm very pleased.
Let's keep talking about the situation with Flynn and NSA.
Well, there was an attempt to derail him by some of the globalists.
General Flynn had filed with the Congress to do some lobbying, essentially educational work, for a Turkish-American interest.
Evidently, he did not file a Foreign Agents Registration Act.
It's not clear that he needed to, but he may have needed to.
It was an oversight.
It was very clearly an honest mistake.
I think it's being rectified.
In no way should it keep this distinguished man from serving in the Trump cabinet.
And Trump wants him for the head of the National Security Agency.
That's a big deal.
It's an enormous deal because, of course, it coordinates the activities of the Central Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence, the Pentagon.
I mean, this is the job that Henry Kissinger had.
This is the molder of the President's foreign policy.
And look, I wanted Flynn for Vice President.
I think?
Yeah, this is a general who was basically removed by Obama two and a half years ago because he wouldn't back ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria.
This is a guy that blew the whistle and exposed the whole thing.
That's exactly right, Alex.
He's shown his mettle.
This guy stood up to the Clintons and he's an excellent choice.
There is discussion now of Governor Jan Brewer going to Interior.
Former Governor of Arizona.
She would also be an excellent choice.
Again, an early Trump supporter, not a globalist, a nationalist.
These are the kind of names that I'm hearing, and they're very encouraging.
The battle royal, of course, is still Secretary of State.
Now, there's no question former Mayor Giuliani has expressed his interest.
Former UN representative under Bush, John Bolton, has expressed his interest.
Senator Robert Corker is, I think, ranking on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has expressed an interest.
Yesterday, evidently, the President-elect
Reached out to Nikki Haley, the Governor of South Carolina.
Now, I don't know that she has the credentials for Secretary of State, but it tells me that perhaps, perhaps, the President-Elect is looking for another choice for Secretary of State.
Look, I know John Bolton.
I like John Bolton.
He's a great guy.
He's a great guy to play poker with.
He's a great guy to drink with.
He's a great guy to play cards with.
Uh, but he's not, uh, he's not a non-interventionist, particularly when it comes to Russia.
Let's just say it, he's got a hard-on for, he's got a, he's got a neocon hard-on for Russia.
Yes, now he did, to his credit, unlike many of the other neocons who cut and ran, he supported Trump in the general election, and he very actively campaigned for it.
So he has some standing in the camp, but I would really like to see somebody who more accurately reflects the President's views on Russia as well as... Sure, why don't they just send him back to be the U.S.
Ambassador to the U.N.
or something?
Why promote him as Secretary of State?
Well, look, there may be another place for Bolton to serve.
He's an able man.
But you can bring a whore to church, that doesn't mean you should ask her to lead the choir.
All right, look, I've been asking some of the questions here.
What else is going on in Trump-landia?
He's delivering on so many fronts.
They're just, this seems to be so exciting and mainstream media's numbers are still declining.
Liberty Media is exploding.
We completely dwarf them now.
This is just, I believe a total tipping point's been achieved.
I'm concerned, though, that they're going to get so panicked that they hit the panic button and do something rash.
Well, I have now been able to confirm something you reported last night, Alex, and that is Chelsea Clinton has reached out to members of the Trump family in a desperate plea not to have her parents prosecuted.
Unfortunately, it does not work that way.
We are a nation of laws, not a nation of men.
And I think those in the Trump inner circle believe that this is a question that is best left to the grand jury.
This is a question that is left not to politics, but to career prosecutors who can examine all the facts.
There's a lot of alleged crimes here.
30 years of alleged crimes.
As you know, Alex, there's no statute of limitations on treason.
So perhaps selling missile-targeting technology to the Chinese in return for campaign contributions, perhaps a special prosecutor should visit that issue and see exactly what happened.
What do you think the pucker factor was this morning when President-elect Trump selected for confirmation, which I'm sure he'll get in the Senate, being Senator Sessions with a great record.
What was the pucker factor over at the Clinton Crime Command Center when they learned that Senator Sessions is going to be the new Attorney General?
I mean, that had to absolutely have the fear of God in those scumbags.
Yeah, I would have thought people would have been jumping out of some of the high windows in the building.
Look, Jeff Sessions is the law and order attorney general that Donald Trump was describing.
This is precisely the man you need.
Yeah, I hate to gloat, but I mean, every time I think about it, I'm having... My brain's releasing just endorphins right now, Roger.
Is that okay?
Well, look, I had kind of a secret hope that Sessions might go to defense, but I'm very happy with him as AG.
There is some discussion of General Mattis at defense, another military leader who came to Trump's side early, who is tired of the half-hearted efforts in foreign policy of the Obama administration, where you don't really know whether they're in business to help our enemies or to thwart our friends.
But that seems to be the bottom line.
Meanwhile, my friends in Chappaqua tell me that Hillary Clinton is heavily sedated and that they are really huddling with their lawyers.
Let me stop you because you said to me privately on election, I don't know if I can say this.
Well, I'm going to say it.
You were the first person to tell me that it had been confirmed that Hillary had dressed folks up in Bernie outfits in Chicago to go attack.
I later talked to
sources in Chicago and they said no the cops high-level had told them that over dinner because one of these guys is friends with one of the high-level police captains and they were so pissed because they were ordered just let them beat cops up you name it it was just in beat up families it was just so disgraceful you were right on that and and and then you said election night on air oh I bet she's sedated but you said privately well the word is she's flipping out she's sedated it's now come out from Secret Service from CNN people that she blew up for hours had to be sedated that's why she wasn't out to the next day
And now she comes out on Wednesday and looks like she's dying with no makeup on.
It looks like she's about to die.
So you just dropped that bombshell.
What's going on?
Well, look, I think you and I were absolutely right.
We said at the time that her health was not good.
We were told it was a conspiracy theory.
Still don't believe her health is good.
Uh, when you see her without the makeup, when you see her without the careful lighting, she does not look well.
Uh, I have confirmed, as you did, that she threw a violent fit when she learned that she was not going to win.
She was, uh, her usual foul-mouthed self.
She attacked Podesta, right?
Screaming obscenities at MOOC and Podesta over what could have been the worst presidential campaign in modern political history.
Given the billion dollars plus that they had to spend dwarfing the lousy $250,000 that Donald Trump spent, he's very proud of the fact that he spent less money and got more votes.
Why do you think Uma Abedin seemed like, uh, looking even more anorexic, crying in public, totally freaked out?
Well, she may be looking for a sympathy factor, perhaps that's where this is going, that people will feel sorry for her and therefore perhaps she won't be prosecuted, but there are crimes at the Clinton Foundation, Alex, that are even as yet unreported.
Sure, of course.
But when I look at the work of Charles Ortel, who's one of the most respected guys, retired from Wall Street, a true financial expert, someone who has
We're going to come back in the final segment with Roger Stone and get into whatever he wants to talk about.
I've been asking the questions here, but wow, what an amazing time to be alive and to see Trump delivering, delivering, delivering, delivering.
All I care about is policy.
I don't care if he puts Santa Claus in, you know, Secretary of State.
Santa Claus better do what Trump wants and better deliver this republic back.
And so far, I'm seeing Trump deliver 100%.
This is incredible.
No problem.
I don't have a problem with that.
Have you heard the latest in Colorado?
18,000 new jobs!
So if Trump endorses marijuana,
He'll have a good chance to be successful on bringing jobs back because there's 18,000 alone in Colorado and it's been a $2.4 billion boost to the Colorado economy.
It's no different than booze.
You got Everclear alcohol.
You got 151 rum.
If you drink that stuff, it'll knock you into tomorrow.
You know what the positive thing is about stronger marijuana?
It's healthier.
You smoke less.
When Arizona voted it down, they were the only state where it lost, Arizona.
My quote was, shame on you, Arizona.
If Jimi Hendrix were alive today, he would not play Phoenix.
I hope Donald brings in new people.
I hope he does what he said, drains the swamp and starts, that's the mandate he got.
They would.
They would.
And the problem with marijuana is you could grow it in your backyard.
Therefore, you wouldn't have to pay the government.
Poor people could grow it and have access to it.
And they likewise wouldn't have to pay the government or Big Pharma.
And that's really the sticking point on why government puts up this resistance to the legalization of marijuana.
Well, the bigger point is... You'd have access to not have to pay them to get it.
It gave me my quality of life back.
Someone close to me developed a seizure disorder.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Let's plant positively instead of doing what the government... So as far as Donald goes on marijuana, Donald clean house and allow it to be legalized.
It's jobs, baby.
You'll deliver on it then.
Get up!
Stand up!
Escape from the prison planet.
We got five more minutes.
We also are going to be taking your phone calls.
And we've got Roger Stone with us.
I was talking to him during the break.
I said, what's most important?
He's going to reiterate that to you right now.
I'm not going to belabor this because there's so much to cover.
We need your support.
Yes, we may be 126 on the web, and we may reach 5 billion people.
That's an old number, by the way.
But I'm not good at making money.
And so for a media operation this big, we should have 10 times the money.
I want to be able to get more reporters.
I want to take care of the folks I got here that deserve it.
I appreciate you.
We got great products at InfoWarsTore.com.
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Great nootropic.
Got a lot of other great products.
Shop with the good guys.
We appreciate you.
Support the InfoWars.
InfoWarsStore.com, InfoWarsLive.com or call toll free 888-253-3139.
Now going back to Roger Stone, we have both of his books for sale and the collector Bill Clinton rape shirt available as well at InfoWarsStore.com.
We're getting into the other issues we're looking at, what we're facing and how we make sure Trump is surrounded by real patriots.
Well Alex, first thing I've got to tell you is that everybody in my family now wants a Trump is my President t-shirt for Inauguration Day.
So I think they were ordering yesterday.
I can see this is going to be a very hot item for both those who are going to the inauguration and those who can't make it.
We are exploring having a pro-Trump demonstration to support the President at the inauguration.
Let's just say we're going to do it.
We are out there looking for a location.
I know you're interested.
We should have details momentarily.
I think it's very important that supporters of the president show a... Yeah, we don't just let the communists and all the racists run around and claim that there's no opposition to them and let them hog all the media.
There's no way we're going to do that.
So the difference is our people aren't going to be paid to be there.
Our people are going to be there because they're patriots, because they're true believers.
The Soros crowd, as you know, they'll be there because they're being paid to be there.
They're paid
Agents provocateur.
Paid agitators.
These demonstrations are getting more and more pathetic.
In Fort Lauderdale they were handing out flyers saying Donald Trump will dissolve gay marriages.
No he won't.
That's not what he said with Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes.
It's not what he said in his acceptance speech.
That's not what he's ever said.
It's the kind of leftist smear that we're looking at.
That's right.
What about Steve Bannon?
They are really gunning for him.
Steve Bannon is a patriot.
He is not an anti-Semite.
He is not a bigot.
He is not a white supremacist.
We're mainstream.
They're the radicals.
What are they talking about?
We are the American mainstream.
Yes, he wants to seal our borders.
Yes, he believes in the rule of law.
Yes, he wants us to have better trade deals with our trading partners.
He wants to rebuild our national economy.
They hate him because he's effective.
They hate him because he sees the big picture.
And he knows who Trump's real enemies are.
So I think he's in great shape.
I think he's doing a great job.
And the mainstream media effort to lynch him has failed.
It certainly has.
Separately, just the minute we have left.
They're going to counter-strike, but this news of Sessions means that Trump's, I mean, it means Trump's putting in Sessions.
That means justice shows that Hillary is going to get in some big, big trouble now.
Wow, this is big.
Yeah, no, I think grabbing the reins of justice is an absolute key.
Look, we all understand that their game plan, their long-term game plan
That's right.
Their latest fake news thing, within 48 hours, went down as fake.
They're the ones that are fake.
We're not.
That's why we're exploding.
They're dying.
Roger, talk to you soon.
Thank you, my friend.
You bet.
Okay ladies and this Sunday I'll be back 4 to 6 p.m.
in studio live with a Sunday transmission.
We'll be back with the third hour.
Stay with us.
I'm Alex Jones.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
Alright, he's popping in for two segments.
Dr. Steve McKinnick, lit update on the intelligence community and everybody that basically turned against Hillary.
And he was just one more person telling you that, documenting it, talking to his sources.
But this is just a massive awakening across the board to tyranny.
And to see Trump now putting Jeff Sessions in as the head attorney general, which he's not confirmed yet, but he's got a very good record, been in the Senate.
I don't see the Senate not confirming him.
This is going to be a big deal.
It's going to be a day long remembered.
And it's not about settling scores with Hillary.
Getting up here on air and going after her, saying put her in prison, putting airplanes in the sky.
She's a very vindictive person.
But I had to do it.
And I would have no power if it wasn't for you.
We're all just one contiguous body that loves liberty, and we absolutely kicked their butt.
And to see record numbers of black and Hispanic Americans vote for Trump against all the brainwashing and all the stuff that he's a racist just showed that self-preservation and common sense is a lot more effective
Then pity party brainwashing.
They want us to be, it's not even racism we face, it's all this neurotic political correctness uptight.
I mean, I'll just tell you, you get around so-called liberals, they're the most anti-liberal people I've ever been around.
Liberal means hospitality and fun and low taxes and freedom and not judging people and stuff like that.
That's how I am.
Until you try to dominate me and guilt me.
I'm like, what the hell are you talking about?
And I've been around modern liberals, man, they are the most obsessed, neurotic weirdos.
I told the story about a year ago, and we're gonna go to break and come back with our guest.
A couple years ago, I got invited out to a buddy's lake house, and there was a boat dock shared by the community of like, I guess, five, six houses in this little subdivision area.
It was a tiny community organization, homeowners association.
And I'm sitting there with my son,
He's fishing and I'm fishing.
We're catching perch and catfish in the morning.
And I got a cup of coffee and this lady walks over and she goes, I'm a professor and you know, we're going to have some gypsies here next door.
You're not a racist, you're not going to get gypsies are you?
And I said, I said, what type of gypsy?
Is it a pikey, an Irish gypsy?
Is it a Romanoff?
She goes, oh, you know all that?
Oh, and I was like, well, well, yeah.
And I was all running through my data sheet, you know, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
What happened to your eye?
Did someone hit you?
He has a birthmark on the side of his head.
It's kind of sad.
As he's gotten older, it's gone away.
You know, you get attached to things like that.
And he goes, that's my birthmark.
She goes, oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to say you did anything.
And she was like a normal looking white lady, 35, but just a basket case.
I mean, like a cult leader of just weirdness.
And then the Gypsies show up.
They were there that weekend.
They were pretty nice folks except during the day the waves would get big and they had like a three-year-old girl half the time without a life jacket like under the boat dock and stuff and I'm like hey you need to and I'm like googling you know they don't take care of their kids blah blah I'm just like you know the kind of that's dangerous you know and it's just like it's a culture it's like the Nazis I'm going to say the Nazis had a bad culture I mean the gypsies depending on which group you look at
It's about, on average, everybody else is scum but you.
Some gypsy groups mutilate their kids so they can get money for their deformities.
I was in Rome a year and a half ago, man, and the damn gypsies were robbing people in front of me.
They'll come over and take your drink off your table and drink it in front of you.
And it's like, it's, it's, it's like liberals have adopted that.
They're just pissed at everyone.
They're super racist.
And they're saying you're racist.
And it's like, they're just in your face.
This woman was like, am I abusing my son?
She was like literally flipping out because she was so uncomfortable.
She needed to morally be better than me.
It was a form of dominance.
If you look at Bill Clinton, far worse, minor words, and his was action.
His was what he's done to women.
There's never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation that's been so abusive to women.
Bill Clinton was abusive to women.
Hillary Clinton attacked those same women and attacked them viciously, four of them here tonight.
So much of what he's just said is not right, but he gets to run his campaign any way he chooses.
There is an information warfare happening right now.
It's a fight for our minds.
And InfoWars.com is on the front lines.
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Donald Trump is not even president yet and he is already cashing in on his word of bringing jobs back to America.
I'll bring back our jobs from China, from Mexico, from Japan, from so many places.
I'll bring back our jobs and I'll bring back our money.
Ford has decided to continue to manufacture its Lincoln MKC in Louisville, Kentucky and not move to Mexico as they had previously planned.
Ford has said they are happy to work with President Trump and are glad he is making American manufacturing competitive and great again.
Reports are also surfacing that Apple is considering manufacturing their iPhones in California.
Apple has asked its Asian-based manufacturers Foxconn and Pegatron to explore manufacturing their iPhones in America.
Are these the first dominoes to get Americans off the welfare state and into the workforce?
Will there be a time when you can pick up an electronic and it says Made in America?
Coming soon to a presidency near you.
I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created.
I tell you that.
This is Owen Troyer for InfoWars.com How many times?
Well, I gotta tell ya.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
How many times must I tell you, baby?
How many bridges I've got to cross?
How many times must I explain myself?
Before I can talk to the boss?
How many times I gotta tell ya?
Got the phone call from Trump.
Said, I'm gonna slap tariffs on your ass, you better stay here.
And they said, you know what, we're gonna stay here.
Apple's saying, you know what, China's collapsing, we think we'll move back to the United States.
All because we got somebody in there who's not out to get the country.
And now, Senator Sessions is gonna be put in as AG.
You know what that signals?
A lot of good stuff happening, and it's not vindictive.
I just laughed because that witch looked like death warmed over two days ago when she finally popped back up whatever subterranean gremlin pit she's in.
And it is an exciting time.
They're tripling down though with race war crap.
The mayor's put out that whites, whiteness, you know, F whiteness, whites are bad.
That's the mayor.
I mean, this is just an insane asylum level with a white guy.
A lot of German slash Italian ancestry saying that with this weird little psycho controller minions.
The good news is the quote minorities know they're the majority and they want prosperity too.
So it is just incredible what's happening.
Meanwhile they're panicking, the globalism's in trouble, the EU is collapsing, world government's in trouble, but the New York Times comes out and says, I'm insane, globalism doesn't exist.
Talk about gaslighting.
We've got a former psychological warfare head of the State Department.
Maybe he can tell us about gaslighting.
Or maybe it's not gaslighting.
Maybe they're just mentally ill and still delusional.
Dr. Steve Pchenik joins us at the bottom of the hour.
Then your phone calls.
What do you think of the election?
Where all this is going?
I'm certainly going to try to kill Trump.
Best-selling author.
Wrote books with Tom Clancy.
Produced films.
Involved in
All sorts of clandestine activities.
Very interesting guy who actually was out there in the, you know, in the fields, in the streets, not just as an analyst, breaking down what's happening.
And boy, Hillary tried to steal five states.
She did steal five states.
She still lost.
But they were confident.
They printed up, you know, Newsweek that she was Madam President.
I think we've reached the tipping point.
We're not out of the woods yet.
But maybe I'm wrong.
Dr. Steve Patrinik, what do you think of StevePatrinik.com?
Alex, I want to congratulate you for getting on the front page of the Washington Post.
I think that's indicative of the fact that Jeff Bezos and the entire liberal community, which was controlling and controlled by the Clintons and the corporations
We're good.
Thank you.
The system has now been completely turned upside down.
Never in our history have we had a multi-billionaire who's made his own business, never had to go out and ask for help from others other than his own family, has been bankrupt in his companies, which is standard.
We're good to go.
Welcome him.
I wish him the best of luck and I think he's chosen well.
Jared Kushner, his quiet advisor, I think is quite brilliant.
I think Bannon, as a Chief of Staff, was a very good choice.
And I think the notion that he was anti-Semitic is absolutely absurd.
I mean, Bannon... Well, they don't even say where it comes from.
He's not even anti-Israel anyway.
They just make this crap up.
Well, but Alex, you gotta look at, you know, the press doesn't even look at the basic history.
Bannon was an executive in investment banking in mergers and acquisitions.
Now, I've been in that position in another firm, Kidder.
But to be in Goldman Sachs and to be anti-Semitic, that's just not possible.
Then he went into the movie business and became an executive producer and a producer of a lot of films, again in an industry that was predominantly Jewish.
Then he works with Jared Kushner and Ivana Trump, Ivanka Trump, who basically are Orthodox Jews.
So the notion that he is both an anti-Semite, a racist, and it's just absolute nonsense.
That's nonsense.
So what you see, basically, is the propaganda machine from the left or wherever the paper's coming from has never done due diligence.
They never did due diligence.
They just spew crap.
I mean, what they do is, it's like when I said, a Jewish mafia doesn't run things, I don't believe that, but the Emanuels are a mafia, just like there's Italian mafia, then they turn that into anti-Semitism.
In your view, let me ask you this, what do you think of the Emanuels?
I mean, look at what they've done in Chicago.
One of them, and he happens to be my agent.
He's not a very effective agent.
He took over the William Morris agency with which I've worked with for 30 years.
He's arrogant, self-serving, totally, you know, I think he's a bore.
I mean, I'm no longer with that agency, but...
Sure, that's my point.
As I was saying, they're not running anything.
I was saying, specifically though, they act like gangsters.
It's pathetic to say that somebody who served in the IDF and has not served in the United States Army happens to be of dual loyalty.
And I've said before, I do not approve of American Jews having two passports.
You either have one American passport or one Israeli passport.
You cannot have two.
If you have an Israeli passport, then go to Israel, serve Israel, but don't come and use our country.
Bibi had two passports.
He took advantage of the education we gave him here all the way through MIT.
Then he came back and had the insolence to insult us, to demand things from us.
Israel has no right to demand anything from us.
It may be our ally, but it's not our best ally.
There are many other countries who've been close to us.
Israel has been a little child who has to be spanked repeatedly and has to grow up.
Well, I don't mean to go off on all Israel, Jack.
I'm just saying they spew this racism crap when it's not even there, and I think it doesn't work anymore.
What do you expect them to strike back with?
Because they seem to have only increased their lies.
They don't seem to have learned from this.
Do you think that's an accurate statement?
That's correct.
I think what's happening is, in a revolution, when you start doing the same thing again and again, as Einstein would say, and it's not effective, it becomes stupid.
One of the things that I said a long time ago about Hillary was she was not as bright as everybody thought.
I don't mean in terms of just being able to spout out policy.
She never was able to be creative.
Initiate anything on her own and think out of the box or strategic.
When she did, and the Democrats did, we had Libya, we had Iraq, we had Syria.
So what you have is a lack of sophisticated intelligence on the liberal side.
What you have is constant palaver of the same type.
At this point, they're totally shocked.
Everything you said about the liberals, I have encountered in my own area.
I couldn't believe that the people wouldn't talk to me, people were afraid, they were
I don't know.
40 years.
That's exactly right.
And he worked all the way up from his own county, Senate, and came to the national government.
This is not somebody who, on a whim, came in there.
This is not a Loretta Lynch who works at Hogan & Hartson.
This is not a James Comey who also worked at Hogan & Hartson.
This is a gentleman who represents the South.
Then we have Pence, the Vice President, representing Indiana.
Then we have Mike Pompeo.
From Kansas.
Is America beginning to understand that Trump understands what our country's about?
Well, for a long time, as we were talking about globalism and the President
The very structure of interrelationship was asymmetric.
And it was an example where if you had the EU and the EU had one printing press for 26 or 30 countries, it would not work.
England understood this.
England understood that the sterling, the pound, could never be attached to the EU because the euro.
Because the EU wasn't determined by France or Germany, it was determined by a bureaucratic entity in Brussels, which was totally ineffective, had thousands of... Which had socialist ideology, but is robber baron at the same time.
And so, again, we're seeing the global government project fail, aren't we?
It totally is failing.
Because England is breaking out, Spain... How did you know six years ago, it was about six years ago on the show, that it would fail?
I mean, I wanted to believe you then, but I didn't see the evidence.
Well, because what I look at is the initial structures of institutions.
And when I began to see, when I was in France, I grew up in France, part of my life, when I was in France in the 80s and the Maastricht Agreement was made, I understood very quickly that if you're going to change French francs or German deutschmarks for the euro, you already failed.
Because Germany was so powerful that the deutschmark was in fact determining the outcome of the entire trade organization in Europe.
And I don't think Obama understood this, Bush Jr.
never understood it.
Our intelligence community could understand part of it, but they couldn't understand the speed at which we had the evolution of power.
The same thing in Washington.
Even though Trump has come to Washington, he's really staying in his own place, and that makes sense.
By the way, I predicted, he didn't tell me this, I predicted he'd stay at Trump Tower at the time just to have a break with the whole system.
That's correct, and he has broken with the entire system.
When everybody said, as if it was a joke, that he was twittering, no, he explained it very well.
In the 21st century, if you do not use Twitter, you fail.
He's not dumb, they're trying to take his best weapon away from him.
He has his enemy, Leslie Stahl, in front of him saying, please give up your direct communication with the people, please let us be your intermediary, so we can betray you.
Well, in a way, Alex, with all due respect, I don't see them as enemies because they're not that strong.
They're not that formidable.
When they see you, Alex Jones, as an enemy, that's formidable.
I mean, what you have done over 14 years makes it formidable.
And remember, it was a voice, and it was the internet that you used and created.
And you were able to syndicate that show.
Well, listen, I don't talk about me all day, but what do you make of...
126 on the web now.
Total site, 5 billion views on YouTube.
I mean, do you think they figured out they're getting their ass kicked yet?
They don't wanna.
You gotta understand.
There's a dynamic called denial, and it's not a river in Egypt.
They want to deny what happened to them.
How can you explain, if you're Hillary and Bill Clinton or Chelsea, how you spend $1 billion?
That was my next question.
She really thought she would win.
We confirmed with our sources.
She threw fits, attacked people, had to be sedated.
So how was she so delusional when she was paying for fake polls, we knew it, to still think she would win?
Well, when you live in a bubble, and this is what we were talking about for decades, you and I, she lived in a bubble where she never had to do anything on her own, never drove her car, never had to go see a doctor who was a real doctor, who could diagnose her Parkinsonism, and she was always protected by the Secret Service.
But I want to thank certain members of the Secret Service who revealed to us that she had these diseases, even if she
I think
Alex, what's happening is where you're growing with
The New York Times had a little article three or four days ago, a small article saying how their cash flows have diminished.
Because none of the advertisers are going to go to the New York Times.
It's down 97.
Listen, how do they make $800 million a year and then we're bigger than them?
Literally, online.
Again, it's all delusional and people finally see the emperor has no clothes.
97.5% reduction in their profits third quarter.
They are in free fall.
Well, they're basically bankrupt.
What you have here is you have an entity which is basically bankrupt, but they don't want to declare the bankruptcy.
You have a Mexican drug lord that's been funding them on the cash flows.
You don't need reporters anymore.
You don't need an editor.
All of that is nonsense.
What has happened, thanks to Infowars and Breitbart and others
What do you mean?
He was brilliant.
He absolutely understood the power of the social media and the Twitter.
Now, I studied that in 1973 at MIT when I was taught by DARPA, the Internet and Social Media.
You and I have talked about it, where your father was involved in that.
But in 1973, before Zuckerberg and Gates came out and self-aggrandized themselves, we were already talking about the impact of the social media on the world.
And that was funded by DARPA and the CIA in its heyday.
Now, you see, 50 years later, Trump literally using it, and the Democrats had no idea.
They didn't even use it at all.
And what did they do?
They went exactly the old road.
Not the road leased out.
And they're still going the old road.
I don't understand it.
Because they're ignorant.
They were ignorant, self-delusional, and arrogant.
When you have that tripad, and you have that triad, it's a very deadly combination.
It's basically self-destructive.
You and I have talked about that.
You and I have never been self-destructive.
We've always fought, we got hit, we weren't always right, but we kept on coming back.
Hillary was totally self-delusional, and her cult, it was really a cult group.
I've never seen anything like this.
It was a cult.
It was a cult.
It wasn't a movement.
It wasn't a liberal movement.
It wasn't a movement that had creativity.
The closest person to that creativity was the person I happened to have heard a year ago in Warner, New Hampshire.
That was Bernie Sanders, who could articulate exactly what the millennials were concerned about.
He articulated a formula that made sense.
Trump understood that.
I understood that.
You understood it.
I wrote a blog a year ago saying that the normal opponent to Trump would have been Bernie Sanders, not Hillary Clinton.
Sure, so they screwed up by doing that and expanding on that.
I mean, he was getting 10 to 1, 15 to 1, by the end 20 to 1.
Likes and traffic on Facebook and Twitter, that's always for any marketer, and they have these big algorithms, total proof.
That's why they were panicking, but at the same time still believing they could win, because they were putting out fake polls.
But people didn't buy the polls, so they didn't go get on the bandwagon for Hillary.
That's where they lost it.
They lost it also because Hillary didn't want to hear anything that she didn't want to hear.
Alex, you and I understand
And the old establishment hadn't figured that out yet.
No, the intelligence community had, but what happened was she had seconded guys like Michael Hayden and others who were sycophants.
We, in turn, went back to our own people at a lower level and said, look, we've got a problem.
She had a civilian coup.
Now, you have to understand what that really meant for my own people, my own people being military intelligence, civilian intelligence.
And all across the board, they understood right away when Hillary and Bill had co-opted Comey, Loretta Lynch, the FBI, the CIA.
She was setting up something really dangerous.
She had to be dealt with.
There was no question.
And the minute that occurred, and I gotta go ahead, that meant we ran a counter
How could he not pardon Snowden or give Assange asylum here when these are the guys that got him elected?
Snowden is a separate issue.
I have to differ with that.
Snowden was part of the CIA.
He was part of the NSA.
Snowden had a top secret clearance and then special access program.
It's a very sensitive issue.
When you are part of an organization like Daniel Ellsberg and you suddenly become what they call a whistleblower, I'm very, very mistrustful of who you are and who you represent.
You think it might be a double or triple agent?
Snowden doesn't just represent
We're good to go.
And he should be tried.
And see what happens.
But as for Assange, he should be given an award.
All right, Doc.
Folks, you can find your book, Steve McShinnick Talks, at SteveMcShinnick.com.
Always interesting.
Thank you for your audience, Alex.
We couldn't have done it without you.
They're the ones.
It's incredible.
And we're still not out of the woods yet.
But I tell you, we're in the fight, and that's most of the battle.
Thank you, Doc.
We'll be back with your phone calls and more straight ahead.
This is the InfoWars.
Stay with us.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Donald Trump is moving fast to build his new administration, making many key appointments thus far.
President-elect Trump has named the following appointments.
Senator from Alabama, Jeff Sessions, Attorney General.
Representative from Kansas, Mike Pompeo, Head of CIA.
Former Military Intelligence Chief, Michael Flynn, National Security Advisor.
Media Executive Stephen Bannon, Chief Strategist.
Chairman Republican National Committee Reince Priebus, White House Chief of Staff.
Trump has also created a short list of possible appointees for other key spots, including a new Supreme Court Justice.
Rumors are swirling that there may be a position for his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway.
Former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani and even detractor Mitt Romney is being tossed around as a possible Secretary of State.
While former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has said he will not be in a Trump administration.
I'm Owen Troyer.
For more go to InfoWars.com
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Just keep a-comin'.
Keep your head up to me.
Monday through Friday.
We're here live 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
We're here to make the mainstream media burn!
We're gonna burn them down with truth!
We're gonna pull the trigger!
Ha ha!
You like that?
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we're gonna go to your phone calls here in just a second.
I've done this myself, looking for racism of Stephen Bannon.
I don't just go out and defend him.
I'm gonna try to find stuff I've said.
And then they'll always take it out of context and like literally twist it.
It's like yesterday I said, I don't know what happened at Sandy Hook.
They take me out of context where I say, I could see how it was actors and stage.
They have green screen.
They've staged so much other stuff.
It just doesn't make sense.
I guess the whole thing could be fake.
People are, I was talking about people criticizing me for saying at least part of it was real.
And they've been caught with real events having actors to then try to squeeze as much emotion out of it as they can.
CNN just got caught last week with fake interviews.
And they take a complex thought like that, where I'm really trying to tell people what I think, and you're like, looking into your brain, saying, how do you describe this?
Because it's complex.
I don't know.
Usually I know, and so I can be definitive, but when I don't know, I'm like, well, I look at it on this side, look at it on that side, and I feel sorry for the parents of the kids, and I know there were school shootings, and it's terrible, so...
And then the media thinks they've got me.
Oh, he backed, they had a New York Daily News article today, a bunch of others.
Alex Jones comes in and says he doesn't believe Sandy Hook was staged.
And then one minute later, contradicts himself.
No, I didn't.
I was very clear, just like I just was.
The whole official story is very convoluted.
A lot of it doesn't add up.
And a media that's been caught lying so much is running it.
So how do I believe anything?
I could have a neighbor that's lied to me 50 times, who I know is a criminal.
And they come and tell me, oh hey, come home, your house is on fire.
I'm not going to believe them.
Even if the house is on fire is what I'm saying.
So they play these games, you see.
They play these games.
And they can take anything and turn it around.
Like, I do not believe a Jewish conspiracy runs the world.
But there are a lot of criminals that happen to be Jewish that hide behind anti-Semitism claims like
The Mayor of Chicago.
There's Irish Mafia, there's Italian Mafia, there's Jewish Mafia, there's Dixie Mafia.
They're all bad.
We don't have one Mafia running the world, but I think the Emanuels and Obama are like a Mafia.
Oh my God!
Jews run the world!
Alex Jones said it!
Oh my God!
And he's Jerusalem Post!
And you read these cut-off quotes all cobbled together, it's like, man!
There's a reason people don't believe you or listen to you.
It's crazy.
Rob Jacobson's Jewish, a great friend of mine, the oldest employee at this company.
He tells a story growing up in Brooklyn, where some of the Hasidic Jews, I found them to be great folks, but he said some of them were really obnoxious.
He's Jewish, he's allowed to say this, would come up and say, you need to come to our meeting, or you need to do this, you need to be in this business deal.
And when he wouldn't agree, they'd go, oh, you don't like Jews!
And like, sit there and peck at him, and you know, mess with him.
You know, it's just crazy, folks.
I don't like white supremacists, I don't like
You know, Jewish mafia.
I just don't like criminal groups, and every group's got it.
Let's stop lying about it.
I can take you all over the place and find toothless white people that are the dumbest people you can imagine, who hate everybody, including their neighbors.
All they got is running around going, I don't like the Mexicans, I don't like the N-word.
Those people are jackasses!
They're jokes!
You know, my dad corrected me last week.
He said, you know,
You're talking about my dad, who ran for office as a Republican, and who was loved by the black folks and things, and who stood up to the Klan and had the Klan threaten him.
He goes, they weren't that threatening.
They were a bunch of goobers and wimps.
I mean, he did stand up to them, and they did threaten him, but he goes, you know, it wasn't like it was that scary.
And I said, well, of course, you know, your dad was a badass, and he had the people behind him, but they still did threaten him, because I've been threatened over him myself in East Texas.
But I mean, that's what I mean.
Like, my family has literally fought the KKK.
And I get to sit there and have dumbasses tell me I'm with the KKK.
With a bunch of pot-bellied dumbasses?
Who want to run around acting like they're in some cool club?
I've been invited to the inauguration!
And don't even want to go to that.
I'm going to be out in the street fighting the demonstrators.
Exposing them.
That's where I am.
Anybody figured out yet I don't want to be in anybody's club?
I'm not in anybody's club.
I don't care if you're black, white, woman, man.
As long as you're cool, I like you.
If you're an a-hole, I don't like you.
I don't want to go to your phone calls.
It's just... I'm back there and Matt, one of the producers, is going, yeah, look at this article.
He's got a BuzzFeed.
They admit, here's Bannon over a year ago, talking about how we're trying to wash out racism in the libertarian right-wing movement and how we want to get everybody, including minorities, involved.
That's what I'm trying to do.
That's why the white supremacists hate me more than Benjamin Netanyahu.
A world where he said racism on the far right gets washed out.
And yeah, he called Putin a kleptocrat.
He doesn't like Putin.
It's a diverse group.
The point is that I'm not even sitting here saying Stephen Bannon's perfect.
They just misrepresent.
They say he's an anti-Semite when Breitbart's basically a pro-Israel outfit.
This is just horse crap.
It's all, and I'm not even here defending it because, oh, you're getting us, oh, you're on target, oh, I better defend, it's, you're a joke!
Infowars has never been about race garbage, except for exposing it.
If you Google Alex Jones, Jewish agent or whatever, you'll just get, I mean, literally, you go to the Nazi websites, folks, they hate me more than anybody on earth.
And you know why?
It's because I just want everybody to have freedom, and I want to win the culture war, where no matter what color you are, you're in the free market, the Second Amendment, and freedom.
I don't care what color you are, we can ride around in jacked-up monster trucks, drinking beer, and shooting fully automatic weapons.
I mean, you know, I just am not a creep, folks.
I get there's an anti-white agenda.
God, there is one.
But that's what the system sells because racism is successful with dumb people.
And there's no shortage of dumb people regardless of skin color.
But if you Google and just go look at what the white supremacists... I found out the white supremacists are a bunch of feds.
They're a bunch of Southern Poverty Law Center people.
I'm gonna tell you right now, eight times out of ten from our research, white supremacist leaders work for the big foundations.
Ford Foundation, Southern Poverty Law Center.
It's not like they've infiltrated these groups so they can control them and, you know, see what they're doing.
They create them.
They create them.
They're gang members, folks.
That's all it is.
It's gang crap.
Like, oh, you got a blue bandana, you got a red bandana.
It's all this crap and
I personally am sick of it.
You know, I've got a bunch of clips here to play and I'm going to put a Sandy Hook special out tonight on the nightly news that Rob News has been working on because they just keep bringing up this Sandy Hook and bringing up a mother, bringing up a sister, bringing up, you know, all this crap.
All I know is Anderson Cooper was there and he turned his head and he was on a freaking green screen.
And he got caught with other fake reporters interviewing each other, supposedly on satellite, and it wasn't even on satellite.
I mean, I don't know what was going on there.
I'm explaining to you again, but it's as phony as a $3 bill.
Now when I'm decisive, and I've got hundreds of polls that were done privately, showing Trump way ahead, and I told you he was going to win, it's because I have the facts.
The only thing I've got is my credibility.
And by the way, credibility doesn't mean the way I present information.
Oh, Alex Jones yells and screams sometimes.
Absa-fricking-lutely, because I'm real.
But when it gets down to information, man, I'm not going to lie to you because of my integrity.
My most valued possession is that who I am is right here on my sleeve.
Like this is AJ right there on my shirt.
That's who I am.
My integrity is right here.
That's all I got right there, folks.
You see that?
That's all I got.
And this world's going to get a lot better when people start living like that.
Talk about not having integrity.
Look at de Blasio.
I mean, I looked at photos of him this morning for like five minutes.
He just looks like a sack of crap, the New York mayor.
I wouldn't eat dinner with him, but I saw him trying to sell me a car.
I wouldn't walk.
I'd run off the lot.
De Blasio.
You look at him with his creepy staff of creepy manipulators that think, ooh, racism is really effective.
Yeah, nobody ever thought of that before.
Nobody ever thought to use that before, tribalism.
Oh my god, you're just, you're so smart.
You're such a genius.
Why don't you try with the West and try to phase this crap out?
No, instead you claim you're the West phasing it out when you're the ones bringing it back with these jackass employees saying, F white people.
What the hell are you doing in your white red clothes, in your fancy mansions you live in, in your big 5th Avenue palaces, sitting there running around with black people on the street trying to turn them into racists?
The good news is, every black person I know sees right through this crap.
How obvious is it that some cracker ass sits there with an F-whiteness sign?
Nobody likes a traitor.
What the hell is your problem?
And by the way, you're not a traitor if you're saying F-whites.
You're a traitor because you're a traitor against your species.
I mean, the mayor of New York is a disgusting embarrassment.
I have figured, it's not hatred I have, it's not even disgust.
I feel low that you're associated with me as a human.
I'm ashamed of you.
I really am.
I looked at, Googled Mayor de Blasio and clicked photos of him.
The creepy fake smile, looks like, looks like Jerry Sandusky.
I'm sorry, he just looks like a big, fat, leering piranha head.
I mean, just my very cells go, UGH!
Just UGH!
Get away from me!
And I'm not saying he's... I mean, look at that guy.
Look at that.
Look, I mean, ladies and gentlemen, we have the next contestant for American Psycho.
A race-pimping sack of crap.
An enemy of everything decent de Blasio.
Just look at him.
Out there with his staff saying, F white people.
You're an effing white male, dude.
What is your freaking problem, dude?
I bet money that son of a piece of trash, absolutely,
Was born in a porta potty at midnight.
And I bet you money that he doesn't give any money to people.
And he absolutely hates his constituents.
I mean, look at that guy.
Look at that.
Look how he thinks he's God.
He thinks he's invincible.
He thinks he's smarter than you.
No, you're lower than we are.
We won't.
We don't think like you rat head.
A big white guy shows up saying F white people to black rallies?
I mean, what kind of hell crap is this?
What the hell's your problem, man?
What the hell?
What if a black guy showed up at some meeting saying F black people?
I mean, what the hell's your problem?
Get the hell out of here!
Don't you think we see you, punk?
De Blasio, I see you, man.
You changed your name.
Everything about you is fake.
He thought Wilhelms sounded too white.
These are insecure people, folks.
I want to go to your phone calls briefly because I haven't plugged anything today hardly.
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People are like, wow, you got this big organization.
Yeah, with billions of YouTube viewers a year and hundreds of millions of radio listeners a year, you'd think we had a 126 website in the world, you'd think.
No, we're not.
I'm not bitching anybody because I'm the one that runs this operation.
We're really good at
Reaching people.
We're not good at bringing in the cashola.
We don't have any Mexican kingpins, you know, funding us like New York Times.
So, we're bigger than New York Times, if you didn't hear.
That's why they're in a... Oh my God, you're in the New York Times?
Oh my God, did you read it?
No, I didn't read the article.
I'm like, are you human?
Am I a prop for the story?
You know, do you understand?
I mean, I just, I'm talking to him like, we come to your planet in peace.
We do not wish to have war with you.
I'm not even like, it's just ridiculous.
All this.
Oh my God, the New York Times.
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
I don't care if a shirt's from Target or Neiman Marcus if I like it.
I'm not into all this classism crap.
I like a boat because I want to be on the water.
I like a fast car because I like a fast car.
Not so you look at me in a red light.
I'm just so sick of all the fake people, man.
I can't handle it anymore.
I look at de Blasio and I'm like, maybe our species isn't good.
Look at this guy.
He's got to look like he just, you know, pumped the neighbor's dog or something.
I mean, I'm sorry.
It's an absolute fraud on humanity, a disgrace, an abomination.
They are.
I just can't help it.
Johnny in Kansas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
Thank you, Johnny.
We're not in Kansas anymore, are we?
I have been there for a long time.
Hey, there are several initiatives we've got running out here, but I want to point out to everybody that Trump is not a savior.
Matter of fact, there ain't no saviors out there.
We have to save ourselves.
So it takes us to get involved in this thing.
Grab the reins up and start leading this horse in the direction you want to go.
I agree, we've all got to reach out, basically adopt brainwashed liberals.
I've heard there's a national movement to do that.
We should all go out and adopt one of these poor zombies, take them out shooting, feed them barbecue, pat them on the back, let them, you know, it's just all crazy.
And there's an initiative, surely you've heard about the greatagain.gov website that Trump set up.
Yeah, let's put that on screen, I love it.
Here, go ahead.
Imagine, greatagain.gov.
It's an awesome outreach that'll go all the way down.
You know, if you can get on your smartphone and get there, of course, it's kind of hard to read and type on that smartphone.
Sure, well, what should we look at on the site?
We're on the site right now.
Well, we've got an initiative moving forward to try to get Chris Ann Hall to be a constitutional scholar for Trump.
Some kind of an education for the people in the services and the
Well, I think they're starting to get it now.
I hear you.
I appreciate your call.
Good to hear from you, Johnny.
All right, let's talk to Nick in Connecticut.
Yes, Trump did visit a goblin.
He didn't kiss a goblin.
He didn't get in bed with a goblin.
He didn't marry a goblin or have babies with a goblin.
But Trump did meet with an actual goblin yesterday.
Go ahead.
How you doing, Alex?
What I wanted to talk about real quick was, you know, I'm real hopeful for, you know, the possibility that we're actually going to be able to take back our republic.
But I want to know your take on, first of all, Trump considering Romney for Secretary of State, and second of all, the recent meeting he had at Trump Tower with Kissinger.
And I saw on my local Fox affiliate that he possibly is being considered as a cabinet member in Trump's administration.
I don't think that's not happening.
Trump's just patting all these evil people on the head, hoping they just fade off and aren't butt hurt, so he's giving them face-saving measures.
I don't like the Romney idea, but he's better than some.
He's trying to unify things.
He's talking about Ted Cruz for some jobs too, but you notice that didn't happen.
Cruz has been asking for a Supreme Court job for over a year from Trump.
So, uh, you want me to come back to you, Nick, and tell us your take on this, on the other side.
Then Matt, Chris, Justin, and others.
I'm Alex Jones, Infowars.com, one of the biggest websites in the world.
The enemy hates the site, keeps spreading it.
You are winning, folks.
You are winning.
What is a president-elect and future president, Trump, going to be doing to fight a press that's already positioning themselves to be non-friendly?
Well, Leanne, I think your analysis is exactly right.
I was a member of President Ronald Reagan's transition, not once, but twice.
So I have seen this movie.
Uh, and, uh, there are an enormous number of federal positions that must be filled, but I think they are wise to take their time to sort out the best qualified people, but most importantly, those who are not globalists, those who are not neocons.
I mean, we didn't defeat Jeb Bush so that we could empower his lackeys.
That wasn't the point of this election.
And now you have two things going on in Washington, I think, that are very important.
One is the unprecedented personal attack on Steve Bannon.
Now, in full disclosure, I write for Breitbart, and I intend to continue writing for them.
I think Steve Bannon is a freedom fighter.
I think that he can think outside the box.
He understands the new media.
He particularly understands who Donald Trump's enemies are.
He understands the globalist threat.
He understands the threat of the neocons and those who would immerse us in war without reason.
And he is particularly focused on the immigration issue and the fact that our current immigration policies have left our neighborhoods and our homes unsafe.
Bannon, who I have known for some time, is not an anti-Semite, has never been an anti-Semite.
This is a canard.
This is a fraud.
Why are they so desperate to unhorse Steve Bannon?
Because he gets it.
Because he knows who the bad guys are.
And because the war he has waged at Breitbart is focused exactly at the mainstream media.
Now, I'm glad to see we're starting to get some balance.
I saw the National Jewish Coalition come forward and denounce these attacks as fraudulent.
But it has to be tough to be Steve Bannon, to go home every night
After they have dumped this load of garbage on you.
Steve Bannon is not a hater, has never been a hater.
He is the guarder of the Trump flame, or I should say the guardian of the Trump flame.
And that's why they want to get rid of him.
Because he's got their number, and he understands that the globalists, the Soros-funded globalists, they're not going to quit.
You know what's crazy?
It's not just that they're saying all the Trump supporters are racist with almost no evidence.
It's that they've got all these hyped up people beating up white folks.
And then CNN even goes, well they're white, they deserve it.
We played those clips.
And then meanwhile, all Trump's trying to deliver is tax cuts and things like that.
People are really, really seeing through this right now.
And so I just tell the system, keep it up.
I mean, you are just so delusional.
There's something about wimps that strolled in and took over this free country, that they've taken our restraint as weakness.
They've taken our kindness as weakness, and they're about to find out that, well, they are finding out that's not the case.
I mean, they death threat me and stuff, and I'm like,
I'm a freaking maniac!
You really think I'm scared?
I'm not just saying that.
I mean, I really am a maniac.
I mean, I'm kind of ashamed of it at some point.
I mean, you think I'm playing games here with you people?
I've sworn on the altar of God my entire soul against you.
I have turned myself completely over to the resistance of you.
Do you understand what that means?
You're trying to threaten me?
That's a joke!
You're a joke!
The truth is, I'll lose my soul and be destroyed if I don't resist you.
I know that.
My frantic resistance to you is my panicked psyche realizing how evil you are that I've got to resist you or I'm with you.
I'm guilty constantly that I'm not doing enough to fight you, you sacks of filth.
It's not because I'm some good person, but it's because I love God.
If there's a bright point in the universe, you're the furthest point from it, and I just think you need to know that.
Not in a demoralizing way, I just want you to know you mean nothing to me, those of you that serve this system.
And I don't talk to our listeners a lot, I talk to the enemy.
Because I want the enemy to know that I see you and I know who you are.
And you know I see you, and that's good.
I'll let Nick finish on the Kissinger thing.
Yes, I was doing the goblin joke.
He met with Kissinger yesterday.
He says he'll meet with the Shah of Iran.
So all I care about is leaving the guns alone, defending the borders, cutting taxes, prosecuting the Clintons, not putting a foot on America's neck.
That's what we're pushing, that's what we're promoting, and just not caring about political correctness now and all these moral high ground people that want us to go, we're sorry we've been bad, you're right, I'm sorry, I'm racist, and I'm not.
In fact, I transcend all you people pushing the racism line.
Nick, go ahead.
You know, I'm thinking this is probably just their last ditch effort to try, you know, and I know he's not going to sell out, but try to get Trump on board before they go to plan B, which is, unfortunately, they're going to try to take him out.
And that terrifies me that that's a possibility.
That's right.
And Trump, by the way, Trump, by the way, is is really into the spirit of it and is very fatalistic is the word that's been used, but that's improper.
He just is committed and he has no fear.
He loves it.
That's why he won't move out of Trump Tower.
I kind of wish he would.
Well, brother, look, Trump's in another level now.
And so he's stepped up there.
That's what it's all about, brother.
And all of us that fight this tyranny are right there with him.
This is biblical.
This is biblical.
I appreciate your call.
Great points there.
Yeah, no, the Kissinger thing's gotta happen.
That guy represents the Rothschilds and Rockefellers.
Justin and Florida, you're on the air.
We're gonna hold music the last 10 seconds.
Go ahead.
How's stuff in Florida there, Justin?
Everything good there?
Everything nice?
A little bit of birdies flapping around?
A little bit of nice stuff going on?
Yeah, actually, the weather's getting cool.
It's nice.
So, I just want to get right to the point, though.
I believe that now we're at a point where everybody knows the revolution has begun.
We're ready to take action.
And it's time for a plan on how to do that.
And I have a plan to do that.
And so we need to rally behind our new president and continue this revolution.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
Hour number four.
That was a Stanley Kubrick joke.
We're not being Nazis.
We're making fun of Nazis.
The New York Times, okay?
We don't use code words like you do.
We'll be right back.
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We've captured the Capitol.
But only have a tenuous beachhead.
Would you like to know more?
All right, ladies and gentlemen, let's, uh, that kind of ended quickly.
I want to hear some more of Starship Troopers.
Justin in Florida, so, what do we do?
Okay, so, basically, you already have the platform to get us started.
So, we need to go out to multiple cities, multiple states, and form teams in all those states that go out.
We can hit gun shows, we can hit, uh, Act for America, programs like that, that we know are vetted and that actually are on our team and on our side.
And get out, hand out flyers, have cameras there, interview people, get their questions, get their concerns.
Sure, we should continue energizing the base for a liberty movement, but I say get outside the box, and don't just go where awake Americans are.
I think we should adopt liberals, I think we should adopt immigrants who are here legally, and like, I'm serious, the way to beat this is give people jobs, be their friend, not just because we're being patronizing, but the globalists are going to turn them into racist nut jobs, so we're going to have to reach out to people.
Yeah, that's it.
That's what it is.
Just get out there, whatever it takes, to get out on the streets and have people hit the ground running.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Look, notice they've totally ignored Martin Luther King's plan, and they've gone now to re-segregation.
They want everybody in little groups.
The answer is, reach out, everybody come together, get out of comfort zones and really do it.
Now, it doesn't mean it's easy, man.
You know, brainwashed idiots.
I don't want to call them racist.
They just think I'm out to get them because I'm a white guy.
Blow up to me since the media did this.
But that's the media's fault.
That's why we've got to make sure the mainstream media basically implodes.
By the way, I like Tom Hanks as an actor.
But after he did all these ads saying Trump's racist, I'm not watching another Tom Hanks movie, and I mean it.
I'm not going to see Inferno.
I'm done.
Even though Clint Eastwood put him in that last movie, it was good.
Sully, I'm just done with Tom Hanks.
Hey, ovar, Tom Hanks.
You're an enemy of this country.
You're a piece of crap.
I'm done with you.
That goes for Michael Moore, any of these guys.
I'm done.
Great point, Justin.
Alright, Kristen Virginia, you're on the air.
I think so.
I'll be honest with you about Ron Paul.
I'll be honest with you about Ron Paul.
He's a purist and wants to change ideology, but the problem is you've got to mix ideology with the politics, because whatever the energy of the time is, you've got to at least touchstone that, not in a manipulative way, but cover that issue, hijack an issue to get folks in to hear the truth.
So Paul is too pure.
Ventura, I think, is a little bit butthurt over the fact that he's not in the limelight or whatever, and so just wants to basically, you know, act like he doesn't care.
Real revolutions happening with Trump right now.
This is the real deal.
And then the last thing I said, I was watching Michelle Obama on the campaign trail, and she was doing that speech about Trump.
I seen fear in her eyes, and it dawned on me.
It was like fear from their legacy.
It looked like they built up eight years of this class, this, that, and the other, and then one instant, Trump doing just half of what he said he was going to do for the American people.
Their whole legacy would be gone.
That's right.
Oh, imagine.
Oh, we're just going to cut your taxes to zero.
Forget giving you money and telling you how to live your life.
Here's your money.
Imagine, and then there'll be a boom, and that exactly discredits their whole thing, doesn't it?
Yeah, it sure does, and I just thought to find that real funny, and then I asked my white friends in the small town, what do you think about another white person coming up to you calling you a freaking white male?
And the look on their faces like, because we live in a small town, it doesn't happen around here that much, but it's like they don't even believe that that's going on.
I've had it happen to me!
They're like these weirdo, they're beyond racist, it's like they're just crazy people.
And you're just sitting there and they go, you're a frickin' white male, you don't have anything to say.
And you're like, I didn't think of myself as a white male.
I don't walk around like, I'm a white male.
I'm a white male.
I walk around like thinking, I want to go eat some enchiladas.
I want to come back.
Thank you, Chris.
Great points.
Matt and Diana, then we'll hand the baton to David Knight.
Stay with us.
Then what happens if Hillary gets in?
My God, I mean, she's universally loathed.
Well, as I said, if she gets in, it's going to be the beginning of a new populist movement like this country's never seen in modern history.
And what you said before, Hillary Clinton, the mainstream media, have destroyed themselves.
I want to do a little trends research here just to show you how fixed and rigged the game is.
These are some New York Times.
I'm going to rush through a couple of them very quickly.
A failing inside mission to tame Trump's tongue.
August 14th.
New York Times front page.
Nothing negative about Clinton.
Secret ledger in Ukraine lists cash for top Trump aide.
August 15th.
New York Times, front page, which is why they call themselves the paper of record.
I call them the toilet paper of record, because that's all this is good for.
Monday, November 7th, 2016.
Beautiful picture there of Hillary Clinton.
Very wonderfully framed.
A nice pump piece for her.
FBI says review.
Clears Clinton in email inquiry.
Below it, the storm below the calm.
An inside view of Trump's last stand.
Then we're going to go to today's.
Look at the difference of the lightness, the crowd around Hillary Clinton.
Look how dark they frame Donald Trump.
It looks like nothing around him but a couple of hands sticking up.
What I'm saying to you, Alex... They're inverting reality.
Yes, and so when you said they've destroyed themselves, they've lost their credibility.
Other little jewels you'd like to impart to the audience.
Yes, what's going on in the equity markets, whatever happens, it's only temporary.
It's a global economy, it's bigger than a nation of 5% of the world's population.
There's a global recession going on, as I said, just in the United States.
They brought the economy down to put Obama in.
Now they're trying to prop it up to put Hillary in.
But boy, no matter what, if Trump gets in or she gets in, do you agree?
They're getting ready to drop the market.
It is.
And again, just look at the last nine months in the United States.
Our import-export trade is down.
Just in the U.S., 500 billion dollars.
There is no recovery.
If Hillary gets in,
Wall Street will cheer, because again, read the WikiLeaks, how she's a member of the Goldman Sachs gang, and why do you think they paid her and Bill $250,000, $300,000 an hour to speak, when you could hear a BS before you.
A total payoff!
You got it.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
I'm about to punch out, though.
He's about to take over.
I'm dealing with Sandy Hook.
They try to misrepresent what I say, because I simply say I question the official story.
So, they made a big issue out of that.
We got more phone calls coming up.
But briefly, I just wanted to say this.
You know, I said it was 70 million phones and devices that the Communist Chinese loaded.
Backdoor devices to steal your passcodes and rob your bank accounts.
You name it.
No, no, I'm sorry.
It's 700 million devices.
And this is just an illustration.
I'm not some Russophile.
I've never been to Russia.
Just Russia's doing nothing.
They were saying Russia's hacking us.
The Communist Chinese had 700 million devices, we now learn, that they put backdoor technology on to control everything.
They're merged with the globalists.
This is just crazy.
But before we go there, I just want to say one thing.
We're all excited right now about the Liberty Movement and Trump and what's happening.
But listen, this wouldn't be happening if it wasn't for God's hand moving.
So it is God doing this.
The MVP in all this, we can say, is Julian Assange or Matt Drudge or whoever, but it really is God.
At the end of the day, so I just want to say that.
I'm so thankful to God.
It's such an amazing time to be alive.
David Knight?
You know, Alex, the report that I did yesterday about the two cities.
You know, we've got New York City with a float of petitions saying, get Trump's name off of our apartment building.
Meanwhile, you've got another petition being floated in a Russian town.
And they want the name of a road that was put in by the communists who are proud of their godless atheism.
They named not one, but two roads godless in this small Russian town.
And these people are circulating a petition saying they want one of these roads renamed Donald Trump.
That tells you two things.
It tells you, number one,
These people feel they have really dodged the bullet.
We've had nothing but Obama and Hillary Clinton saying, let's declare a no-fly zone.
Let's go to war with the Russians.
This is like the beginning of the Cold War.
We had Nikita Khrushchev coming to the UN.
Beating his shoe.
Yeah, shoe on the podium saying, we will bury you.
I mean, that's what these people were looking at.
It was a real threat.
And they just dodged that bullet.
On the other hand,
The people in Russia, as you just pointed out, about this victory belonging to God, we have to understand that there's a lot of people in Russia that are moving towards God, as you've got people in New York and other bastions of the Democrat Party proudly becoming godless atheists, moving the other direction.
And so these people are saying, hey, we don't want to be known anymore.
And you know why they're so scared?
They can feel God coming back into the world.
As we open the door, it's happening.
I mean, it's not mumbo-jumbo.
We didn't pre-script this.
There's no teleprompters.
Do you not feel the energy?
Like, I can feel the battle going back and forth, but lately, it just seems like liberty is just exploding.
Yeah, yeah.
It absolutely is amazing.
And it's amazing to see that happening, and we see people, you know, choosing up sides.
You know, choose who you're going to serve.
You're going to serve the godless atheists with their communism, with their socialism?
We will never be there for you.
Or are you going to serve the people who have compassion for others, who've tried to help people?
And that's what we're seeing, not only in America, but we see an awakening, Alex, you're talking about, across the entire world.
And that's why there's been a demonization of America.
Because for all of our evils, it truly had a Christian core to it.
That's right.