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Name: 20161109_Wed-2_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 9, 2016
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Brain Force is here.
Ladies and gentlemen, I've been on this the last few months.
You probably noticed I've been more crazed.
That was an abrupt outro there for the commercial.
Welcome back!
We are still right here with you.
Talking Trump in colors!
How many hours into this epic broadcast!
We're rounding the end of it and I can just tell you we're coming off of this with a high.
It's a high on life, frankly.
I'm gonna go home and sleep really well tonight.
The culmination of months and months of hard work.
Yes, it was almost like unbelievable when the
The balloons descended from the ceiling and all of the confetti.
Now I know Darren McBreen and Joe Biggs and Owen Schroer are going to be coming up next, probably at the bottom of the hour here, so they'll be in studio.
Joe Biggs, fresh off of a little protest here in Austin, Texas, triggering the social justice warriors.
He goes into maniac crowds like nobody I have ever seen.
He is the master of going into these social justice warrior crowds.
He's got the personality for it.
He's just awesome.
Well, you want to know what's maniacal is the smile on his face when he's in those crowds.
The camera pans over and he's like... Josh is like, I was just assaulted!
And Biggs is like, yeah.
Owen does too for that matter.
Owen is in our control room listening to this.
He's coming up next with Biggs and Darabin.
He's got the same thing.
They look really good at this.
Sadistic, I think.
Well, I know one of the callers here, it looks like we might have cleared the callers, but I saw that he wanted to talk about World War III being averted last night, and so I know you've got a few articles on that.
A lot of people think, wow, what happened?
I mean, they were really trying to...
We're good to go.
Of world peace, frankly.
Not to sound too naive, but that's where we're headed, folks.
Also, this exclusive Trump beats Clinton in Israeli absentee voter exit poll numbers.
Apparently, the Israelis prefer Trump to Clinton.
No surprise there.
And then this one, I am such a huge fan of this lady, Maureen Le Pen.
She is the head of the Front National Party in France, and she has been censored, slapped around, you name it, reputation destroyed, all because she wants a secure border, she wants a handle on the immigration issue in France, and she congratulated Trump.
And her hope is that, you know, what happens here, happens there.
And so it's inspiring.
It's inspiring to see law and order restored, frankly.
Wasn't it really interesting that Saudi Arabia, there was an almost 70% approval rating for Hillary Clinton from Saudi Arabia.
They didn't like Trump.
I wonder if they want their money back.
You know, they gave all that money to Clinton, her campaign, her corrupt foundation.
I'd ask for my money back.
And how much do you think those speeches are worth now?
Do you think they're still getting $250,000 a speech?
Does anyone care what they have to say?
I wouldn't think so.
Well, Millie Weaver, she pointed this out on the ground.
She went to Bill Clinton, a free rally in Ohio.
She goes, he can't give it away.
This is free.
We can't get 30 people in a room to hear Bill Clinton speak when it matters.
When the Saudis or foreign governments aren't paying for it, propping it up under the guise of speeches.
Maybe that'll finally get it through a lot of these people's heads that, yeah, these governments are not just paying them millions of dollars.
What are they getting in return?
Bill Clinton for his birthday because they just love it.
It's like, no, there's some pay to play going on.
There's a reason why they are putting money in the pockets of the Clintons and their foundation.
Let's not forget the Chinese, too.
She was accused of using the State Department to hold these private events for high-level ranking members of the Chinese government.
And Terry McAuliffe, her little BFF there in Virginia.
Blagojevich was a former governor of Illinois who was in similar corruption issues.
He ended up, what, serving 18 months?
Can't remember his exact sentence, but there is a price to pay for these corrupt activities, and they're being exposed.
And a lot of people, they were intimidated by the information.
They didn't know that, you know, the elites want you to think it's too convoluted and complicated for your little brain to understand, when in reality, they're simply a bunch of criminals.
Yeah, it's not complicated at all.
It's right or wrong.
That's right.
And then they have their white collar crimes that they're able to get away with.
And then you have these people protesting in the streets, you know, against a fair election.
That's right.
I think that it was just so much outpouring of support for Donald Trump that they couldn't
Steal it, and they knew all eyes were on this election.
There was no way that they were going to go to the polls.
That's right.
And, you know, they had poll watchers there.
Patriots were out in full force.
UN officials, by the way, were watching our polls.
And Paul Joseph Watson, he did this report for us.
He highlighted the fact that one of these UN onlookers was actually a Hillary supporter who was tweeting out support for Hillary, which is a violation of the ethical code.
They're only there to observe.
They're not there to support a candidate.
And poll workers in Atlanta were wearing, you know, Stop Trump or something with like Stop Trump.
I mean, they're the poll workers.
You can't.
So they would send you out if you wanted to wear a Make America Great Again hat.
You photograph anything, you are going to jail.
But this is just, you know, the thing is, is like, imagine.
Don't imagine too hard because I don't want to bring it into existence, but what in the heck do you think that they really had up their sleeve for the world, for the globe, for humanity, that they were so against Donald Trump and they were like, we must stop him at all costs.
We've got to take him out.
Not to project this, but the lives being saved across the globe, and not to be, again, not to sound naive about things, because I know we live in the real world, but if Clinton had gotten in office, we know what she and her husband did to Iraq in the 90s, 500,000 Iraqi kids, we know what she did to Libya, thousands of people, you know, died, bombed them back to the Stone Age, you know, civil war breaking out, we knew what she wanted to do in Syria, we knew that she was gonna go after Russia, the lives that were saved just from her not being in office,
We don't
We're good to go.
Um, held to account.
No justice was ever brought on his end.
So he just continued to be corrupt.
Even to the fact where they signed an agreement when she became Secretary of State that she wouldn't, you know, use her office for pay to play.
Even then they couldn't even set up a private server in her house because it was more convenient for her to skirt the law.
So these are people that continue to get away with this mess, with all this trouble.
Donald Trump's not going into this office like that.
He's a person who's like a businessman.
He doesn't have any campaign managers that were accused of pedophiles and black magic and spirit cooking.
It's not happening in the White House.
No spirit cooking dinners in the White House or anywhere around the White House where White House officials might be going or attending.
That's awesome!
It just felt really interesting because, you know, you can't really look at the metrics on this because the mainstream media doesn't tell anyone.
They refuse to acknowledge it.
But I just really wonder, I mean, you look at WikiLeaks, whenever they'll tweet something out, they get thousands, tens of thousands of retweets, likes.
So I'm curious how much of an effect the spirit cooking had on people's decisions or the pedophilia.
The Podesta's creepy art collection.
You know, I saw this picture of one of the Podesta brothers.
The art in their home, it is unforgettable.
It is so disturbing.
It's art.
Mind-numbingly disturbing.
You don't get it, Margaret.
You just don't get it.
It's pornographic.
It's celebrating murder.
Well, the thing is, people are like, it's art.
It's fine.
But here's the thing.
It's child porn because how do you get a teenager to take naked pictures and who is the parent that's saying this is okay that you can take these nude photos of my underage, you know, my teenager?
It's illegal!
Any way you look at it, it's illegal.
It's not art and that's the thing that's so messed up is you have like these modeling agencies, which I know there was something with that as well.
I mean it's just...
That's right.
And Edward Snowden, too.
Well, that was an excellent point.
Edward Snowden, too.
My hope is that he gets to come home, that there are no charges, that everything is dropped, that the truth is rewarded, frankly, because we had a revolution underway in part because of these really brave people who put their necks out on the line that Hillary Clinton wanted to destroy.
She wanted to drone Julian Assange.
She just talked about it.
You know, can't we just drone him?
He's a soft target.
Drop a little drone.
I mean, think about the war on whistleblowers that we've experienced with the Obama administration, who initially ran on being this champion for whistleblowers, and it was actually a part of his creed on his website.
But then it was deleted.
Mysteriously, that line was once he started actually prosecuting whistleblowers at record numbers and coming after them.
He's like, you know what?
I want to take that down.
Maybe we don't really like this transparency as much as we thought we did.
Well, I mean, thanks to WikiLeaks, they really did end up being the most transparent administration ever.
Reluctantly transparent.
They're still coming.
Five more weeks of this.
We have five more weeks.
And I just hope and pray it's enough to get these criminals behind bars.
Well, let's go ahead and take some more phone calls.
I see they're lighting up the board here, which is so crazy because I know we get like
They are!
Let's try to get to these quickly.
So, let's go to Ashleen in Kansas.
Go ahead.
You also want to talk about cannabis reform.
Hi, it's Salene.
Oh, hello Salene.
I love that name.
I had you on in the background and I got confused.
The War on Drugs, the mother who has a
I'm totally ignorant about the marijuana thing.
I thought medical marijuana would be a very bad thing for our country because I resent the idea of going somewhere publicly and they smoke marijuana and I have to consume that against my will.
Uh, years and years ago I was at a party and they were smoking it and I didn't smoke it but I was still affected.
I just, I'm confused about the whole issue.
Well, and that's, you know, that's the thing that a lot of people don't understand is, and that's why, you know, these parents can give their child cannabis oil or they can use cannabis butter or some other types of things, lotions you can rub on your skin.
It's, it doesn't get you high like smoking it.
There's different, and also too, with the medicinal marijuana, they're able to take out the properties
We're good to go!
And so this is the same thing with cannabis.
It's a plant and they are able to extract the medicinal properties out of it.
And that's what people don't understand.
And there's this total misinformation campaign out there.
And so, Celine, I'm appreciative of the fact that you're willing to be open to learn a little bit more because there is a lot of misinformation out there.
People do think...
You know, that they're literally sparking up a joint with their six-year-old and that's just not what's happening.
Dr. Ron Paul really highlights this issue and I didn't really know how to feel about it for a long time because, you know, I bought the lies of, you know, you have to make this a moral issue in order to criminalize it effectively with people.
Dr. Paul, his stance, and I really respect him, it's just, you know, the state has no business in this situation.
It's not the state's responsibility to do this, and they're really manipulating it for profit.
And, you know, this case that you're highlighting, Selene and Kansas, you hear so many of those where parents are criminalized, their kids are taken simply because they want their children whole.
And it's like, if we have something like a plant, like I said, most of your pharmaceuticals out there are plant-derived, but they corner the market on it.
They don't want you to be able to have access to it, and why would you not want to try the least amount of something first to help you, rather than what these doctors are saying is the only way you get
Surgery on your child or put your child through chemotherapy which might exacerbate their cancer and kill them.
Get them to stage four cancer and they're gonna have the most miserable existence up until the day they die versus well maybe we can try this
Plant-derived cannabis oil.
I mean, it's just, it's insane.
And there's so many families out there that are just fighting, saying this works.
And frankly, Celine, this has been around for 5,000 years.
They've been using extract with a plant.
You know, it's just only in the last, what, 100-something years, they came in and decided
They can't have access to that.
And it's also due to the fact that they didn't want the hemp to grow.
It would put an oil.
There's so many industries would be put out of business if they would just legalize marijuana.
That's right.
Well, during Prohibition, alcohol was a wealthy person's drug and marijuana wasn't.
And when alcohol was decriminalized, we didn't see that with pot.
Legalized form and not the other form?
In other words, it'll make one form
The smoking illegal and then the other form legal?
Well, for instance, what they've done in Florida is they've legalized medicinal marijuana.
So if people have a prescription for it, they're able to access the different types of whatever different way that it is able to heal them.
Some people smoking marijuana, that's the way it helps them.
I know that's what helped my father when he was going through chemotherapy and he lost more than a hundred pounds during this chemo and he wasn't eating and he was completely miserable and wanted to die but he couldn't take his pain pills because they were really detrimental to him and I mean this is my dad who's like six foot three and two hundred something pounds and then he was like a skeleton.
Well, it sounds like they're playing on the public's ignorance.
Of course they are.
Well, Celine, thank you so much for your call and thank you for being open to learn more because we do need to put the truth out there and stop this misinformation.
Because it is, it's not about protecting you and protecting your children from these evil drugs.
It truly is a racket on the market.
I think so.
Give us the rundown of what happened out there with these crybaby cowards.
But we're going to go ahead and play this report from John Bowne.
He always has such a way with boiling down what's going on in the world.
And he talks about these protests that broke out all over the country today in protest of Donald Trump for president.
And he goes into the misinformation and the brainwashing that has happened to this generation of students.
And we've been reporting on him for years now.
You all have seen these crybaby cowards.
So let's go ahead and take a look at these people protesting their new president.
Behind me stands the University of Texas tower where a large protest is going on, the F Trump protest.
We're not even 24 hours into his president-elect candidacy, and this is their reaction.
They attack Trump as a racist, a misogynist, a rapist.
But do they actually know the facts?
What's your opinion of Trump being elected president?
I'm really sad and disappointed.
Why is that?
Because I think he's a terrible person who doesn't deserve to be the face of the United States.
Why is he a terrible person?
Well, he's been accused of sexually assaulting several women.
He's also racist and quite clearly sexist, possibly homophobic.
Okay, all right.
Hillary was also under NYPD investigation, according to Eric Prince of Blackwater.
And she was found to have visited Jeffrey Epstein's pedophile island six times.
So she is under investigation.
I don't think several women have specifically come out and said, this person sexually assaulted me.
About Hillary Clinton?
Yeah, they have it.
It's under investigation.
As is Donald Trump.
Okay, what about the racism?
What about the racism?
How do you explain the racism?
He was endorsed by the KKK.
Okay, he was endorsed by the KKK.
Do you realize Hillary Clinton's mentor was Robert Byrd?
Is that just a joke?
That's just a joke to you.
Is what a joke?
Today our country has lost a true American original, my friend and mentor Robert C. Byrd.
Senator Byrd was a man of surpassing eloquence and nobility.
There are a lot of people who wrote these eulogies for Senator Byrd in the newspapers and I read a bunch of them.
They mentioned that he once had a fleeting association with a Ku Klux Klan.
And what does that mean?
I'll tell you what it means.
He was a country boy from the hills and hollows of West Virginia.
He was trying to get elected.
And maybe he did something he shouldn't have done.
And he spent the rest of his life making it up.
I don't understand why you ask if that's a joke.
Well, if Trump is a racist, why isn't Hillary Clinton a racist?
Is KKK endorsing Hillary?
The Klan was her mentor.
Why is it so funny?
Alright, so why did you come up here to the protest?
I was walking to class and I saw it was when it was smaller here and then when I came back- Texas!
See, that brings everyone together.
Obviously, it's a very, very big pro-Hillary, anti-Trump rally.
Earlier, you mentioned the people with masks.
Do you know who those people are?
From what I can tell, they're wearing keffiyehs, which generally come from the Middle East.
A lot of Palestinian supporters wear them, because that's like one of their... What if I told you it's the local Communist Party?
Oh, I knew it was.
Because, I mean, the pro-Palestinian group here on campus is very, very communist.
I know a few people from classes that are involved with it.
I think we can come together now.
Donald Trump said, make America great again.
I think we can do that.
And this is going to involve everyone across the entire political spectrum.
Left, right, communist, conservative.
Everyone is going to have to work together to make this country great again.
In fact, the majority of them actually believe they're going to be immediately deported.
Uh huh.
Why does Trump have to go?
Because he does not represent this country.
He is racist, xenophobic, and completely utter... Where are you from, my friend?
I am from Houston.
Okay, where are you?
I was born and raised here.
I am a Muslim American.
You're an American?
Yes, sir.
I am a Muslim American.
I do not deserve to be thrown out of this country.
Well, of course you don't.
Of course not.
Freedom of religion?
Yes, sir.
I do not believe Trump respects that.
He believes all of my kind are terrorists, are radical Islamists, when very few of us are.
What's the first thing that comes to mind?
He's going to deport illegal immigrants who will help this country and white supremacy.
The local Communist Party that I spoke to here in Austin wouldn't speak back because they don't believe in free speech and, frankly, they're cowards.
This entire march was a march of cowardice.
As Obama, your leader, has explained to you, you must accept this peaceful transfer of power and accept the resurrection of the U.S.
Constitution and the Bill of Rights of which this country was founded on.
John Bowne for Infowars.com.
Welcome back, folks.
InfoWars is live.
We are going on, what are we, close to 60 hours now that we've been live.
An unbelievable crew back there.
They're supported by you.
Going to InfoWarsStore.com and buying our products.
I'm about to be joined by Darren McBreen.
But we just watched that video from John Bowne.
And I'm watching this video and I'm sitting here and I'm thinking to myself, have I not dealt with this enough?
Have I not dealt with these dumbasses enough?
Do I have to go to a college campus again tomorrow and make another viral video exposing how stupid and ignorant and illiterate these people are?
And watching that video, I think Darren is 100% right.
I do.
So tomorrow...
I know that Biggs went out there and Josh Owens and those guys went out there and dealt with them today.
I'm going to go out tomorrow folks.
We're going to go bury these people.
And by the way, we will be showing that video pretty soon because Joe Biggs, oh, it was amazing.
It was amazing.
But we expected this.
We expected this would happen.
There are protests that are breaking out all across the country right now.
And I say, you know, Donald Trump, he talks about draining the swamp in Washington.
We could start with some of these protesters as far as I'm concerned.
What do you do with these people?
I mean, what am I supposed to do?
These are the literal brainwashed masses.
And... Not one single American flag in the entire crowd.
There was Mexican flags, there was communist flags, and they're hiding their face.
Josh Owens got kicked in the back.
But we're the violent people.
But see, that's the reality of it, is I'm not a violent person, Darren's not a violent person, Donald Trump isn't a violent person.
Not usually.
I don't know what, I mean, you know how I deal with these people.
I go out there and I confront them with questions and logic and I engage in discourse and what happens?
They end up breaking down, having a mental breakdown and end up screaming and yelling at me.
Always the same response.
You're a fascist, you're a racist, you're a homophobic.
So this is what actually is going on though.
The brainwashing is obvious with these people, but here's the actual analogy.
This is like a five-year-old child that is in the checkout line of a grocery store, sees the candy bar that he wants, and mom says, no, you can't have that candy bar.
And then what does the child do?
Starts throwing a fit, starts crying, screaming, making a scene.
That's what these people are.
They're little babies.
They are little children in arrested development, who haven't matured enough, throwing a temper tantrum, throwing a fit, because they didn't get what they want.
And then, on top of that, they're being groomed, they're being stroked into thinking they're right, they're on the right side of history, by the mainstream media, by President Obama, justifying, or at least they think, justifying their temper tantrum, justifying their protest, which
Regardless of the fact that you have every right to protest, that's perfectly fine.
The issue we have is your ignorance and your complete brainwashed status.
That's the issue that we have.
But here's the funny thing to me.
You know, all the stories right now, we were wondering last night, I was wondering last night when I was on air,
What is the response?
What are we going to have to deal with now?
And we all kind of expected the protest.
But on top of it, one thing that I didn't expect, and I guess I should have, was they're really going to push this racism deal, folks.
This is the narrative they're going to run with.
We're all racist.
Everything's racist.
They're going to try to foam in a racist, some sort of race war here in the next two months.
But here's the thing.
Claiming, and this is the claim, that Donald Trump was elected U.S.
President because of white people who are racist is actually the most racist thing you can do.
Because think about it like this.
To sit here and to say Donald Trump was elected by white racists is completely discounting the Latinos that voted for Trump, completely discounting the black people that voted for Trump, and completely discounting all the people around the world, all countries around the globe who supported Trump and the American's election of Trump.
So you're the racist.
Okay, you're the one spitting on all the people from whatever ethnic background who voted for Trump that aren't white.
So you are the actual racist, ignoring the people that voted for Trump that aren't white.
So you are the racist.
Now, I'm about to bring in Joe Biggs, and we'll have Darren Breen discuss this with us too.
Joe Biggs had a traumatizing experience dealing with these brainwashed masses.
But, can we go to this LA Times story?
I'm glad that Joe Biggs lived through this.
So this is a story that's on the LA Times today.
And this really illustrates what we're dealing with here, folks.
Now, we've been telling you about these protests, you know, Trump is racist, so everybody has to protest against Donald Trump.
Regardless of the fact these people still aren't actually experiencing any racism, they're just being told they are, and then they're buying into the propaganda that Donald Trump was elected by white racists, which is racist, ignoring the black people, the Latinos, etc., that voted for Trump.
But let's go down to this quote, Ashley, that I showed you earlier.
This is what one student had to say regarding this protest.
A 19-year-old said she was heartbroken.
She was heartbroken.
But it gets worse, folks.
This is an actual quote.
She was asked if she joined in in the protest, and here's what she said.
Of course I joined in to give hugs to people who were overcome by devastation.
Donald Trump being elected is devastation?
See, this is how ignorant and pathetic these people actually are.
It's pussified America.
It is pussified America, and they're so brainwashed and dumbed down that they think Donald Trump being elected to president is devastation.
Did you see what happened in New Orleans a couple months ago with the flooding?
Did you see what happened in Haiti with the hurricane?
Have you seen what's been going on with these earthquakes around the world?
That's devastation, folks.
Have you seen what's going on with the worlds in the Middle East?
That's devastation.
So these people are so pathetic.
I mean, you cannot reach a more pathetic level than to sit here and feel sorry for yourself because of the devastation that is Donald Trump's election.
And people point at me and say, I'm a white male, I don't know anything, and then they're saying this is devastation?
You are the most clueless people on earth.
Joe Biggs.
I think it's funny because it said they walked out of their classes or whatever.
Even high school!
But that's probably the best thing in the world for them because that's where they're getting all this brainwashing out in the first place.
They might actually grow a pair and actually learn how to be a man or an actual human being that gets out there and, you know, actually has a conversation instead of being surrounded in their little safe space the whole time.
However, however, what's sad about that, these high school students were walking out as well as college students, but guess who went with them?
The teachers!
Of course.
Of course.
Yeah, it was a little video I made.
I had a Donald Trump shirt on, and I said, I'm standing, you know, I'm wearing a Donald Trump rally, or a Donald Trump shirt in front of a hate-filled rally, because that's what it was.
It's a hate group.
They're the hate group.
Oh, they are.
Josh Owens is one of the nicest people in the world.
And he's sitting there, and he's talking to this guy.
He's like, hey, why won't you open up a dialogue with me?
Why won't you speak with me?
And this guy, he looks back at me and he goes, Joe, this guy won't talk to me.
When he says, Joe, this guy won't talk to me, he turns his back.
The guy kicks Josh right in the back.
And Josh Grasby goes, that guy just assaulted me.
And I go, dude, that's what they do.
But why do they do that?
Here's a video right here.
Because they're cowards.
Because they really think that they're justified because you're a racist.
This is how the brainwashing works, folks.
They really think that it's justifiable to kick Josh Owens in the back.
Because he's such a racist bigot.
All the media came up to me like, oh my god, why are you wearing a Trump shirt?
You know this is an anti-Trump rally.
And I said, yeah, I know.
Because we're not cowards!
I was like, I'm not going to sit back and hide.
I was like, look at this.
They might not all want to come to terms with it, but Donald Trump is going to be our next president.
It's a done deal.
We have a democratic process and the majority of people wanted him.
The educated people.
Yes, and that's just how it's going to be.
I said you guys can march out here all day, you can come up with cool, funny slogans and signs and little... No justice, no peace.
Reverend Al Sharpton, he's the one that made that one.
But it's not going to change anything.
This guy goes, well, we won't change.
I was like, look, here's the Capitol.
Go get into politics.
Change it from within if you don't like what's going on.
And I said, if you have a problem with police, guess what?
Go join the police force and change it from within inside.
Stop being lazy.
I was like, stop asking for handouts.
You sitting out here marching all day, crying and whining, it's not going to change a damn thing.
All you're doing is adding to the problem.
You are the problem.
I could not agree more.
And again, they're justified by President Obama.
They're justified by the mainstream media.
Who is crying, and they are just as butthurt as all these commies that are out there.
And the most interesting thing of the day was, is we get to the Capitol, and there's this lady standing here, and I was like, alright, this lady looks like she is just really angry and about to have a mental breakdown.
I should go talk to her.
You know, maybe offer her a hug.
Well, I guess she was a little out of it.
She's so devastated, you know, like what you said.
She wasn't able to pan down from my face to my Trump t-shirt.
And I go, why are you here?
She goes, this is the first time in American history that we have elected a man who sexually assaults women.
And I said, well, based off that concept, it could have gone either way.
I was like, if you think about it, she goes, huh, I don't get it.
And that's not even true.
And I go, well,
Look at Hillary Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, the trips out there to the pedo island.
The fact that she covered for her husband, who is a rapist, and she goes, what do you know about rape?
What do you know about rape?
And then she just comes in with her hand and grabs my junk.
I'm talking like a kung fu grip.
A whole package, clamped down.
We need to sue her.
You should sue her.
You should litigate.
It still actually hurts right now.
I would litigate.
I was kind of so taken back from it.
I'm like, oh my god.
That's a sexual assault.
I was on Periscope because Josh had the Facebook mentions going.
I was like, oh my god, this lady bitching and complaining who's protesting Trump's apparent sexual assault.
Sexually assaulting me!
So I put as my headline, it's like, woman sexually assaults me while protesting sexual assault.
I mean, come on!
That is insanity!
She's like, you want to know about rape?
You want to know about sexual assault?
And then she assaults me.
I'm just like, this is out of control.
Hey, can we listen to some of this, though?
Because isn't the part coming up where Josh just kicks the mic?
Well, there's going to be a lot of cussing.
You can't grab my pussy.
We're not on the radio right now.
Oh my God.
This is internet only.
I think we've got to pass it now.
But you can see, but that's the thing.
This is a documentary.
It's okay for you to go and grab Joe Biggs by the private parts.
That's okay, because he's a racist.
But how dare Trump say anything?
How dare we elect him?
Here we go.
Some of them.
That guy right there in the blue shirt.
Right there with his sleeves rolled up with the man bun.
He was actually nice.
He goes, why are you wearing this?
And I go, look, man.
Trump's the president.
Just get, you know, it's a fact, dude.
And you have your right to free speech too.
Yeah, that's what I said.
I said, you know, we have a First Amendment.
I can be out here.
And he goes, do you support these people being out here?
I was like, of course I do!
I was like, I guarantee you, I've been to more political rallies, more protests than anybody in this entire street right now.
I've been to all the Ferguson riots, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Charlotte.
I mean, I could go on for days.
I've been all over the world and the country, and I've been involved in more political rallies than most people.
And I support everyone to be out there.
And I even told him, I was like, if Hillary Clinton would have won.
I would be out in the streets right now just as angry.
I said, I support you being out here protesting, but what I don't support is the reason you're angry.
The fact that the mainstream media has controlled the narrative and you bought into it.
That you literally believe that Trump's a racist, but you completely ignore the fact that he has black female executives, he has tons of women in his company.
He was never a racist until he started running for president.
People don't ever sit back and look at the entire picture.
I was like, you get your news from Rachel Maddow, but what's wrong with her?
I'm like, see that's your point dude, I mean...
You can't take the news from these people.
And he's like, well, you work for InfoWars, that's the problem.
That's the reason we're in this trouble now.
It's InfoWars' fault that we're here right now.
Hey, we don't take the blame.
Really, you work for yourself.
We take the credit.
I was like, look, these people are paid shills.
I was like, you could see what happened in the DNC leaks.
You could read that for yourself.
The collusion between Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and the media.
Why would you want that?
Why would you be against corruption and be out here marching because you don't like that?
But then ignore those facts.
Ignore the Project Veritas videos that expose all that.
It makes no sense.
That is mind-numbing.
You are mentally just...
Well, back to the mainstream media.
They don't know what happened.
They are in shock right now.
This is our Brexit!
This is our Brexit, but also this is the emergence of social media.
We're here.
And I foresee a future where I could see Leanne McAdoo.
Mr. Trump, Mr. Trump, I have a question.
Leanne McAdoo, Infowars.com.
They're at the press conferences, you know.
Breitbart's gonna be in there.
And so will the rest of the mainstream media, you know what?
I think they'll run scared.
We have a voice now, and I think it's exciting times ahead.
I think that some of these mainstream media shills might get scared and not even show up because now our shackles have been broken.
Now the hound dogs, the sheep dogs, are biting and free.
That's the funny thing.
As Joe was just talking about this,
Your news source was just wrong for an entire year and a half.
Including the polls, and that's a big deal.
The polling was atrocious.
But then they look at Joe Biggs and they think he's crazy.
Okay, we work for Infowars, but folks, we work for ourselves.
Alex maybe comes and gives us a general directive every once in a while.
Other than that, I come into my office, I sit down at my desk, I find my own news, I work to find out what the hell's going on, and I get my own directives.
But here's the irony of this whole thing.
All these people out here marching in protest for Trump are going to say that we're the racists, we're the people that are discriminatory, we're the people that judge people, you know, like judging a book by its cover or whatever.
But they're the ones that are making assumptions about us.
They're the ones that are out here making judgments about us.
They're too ignorant to even see it.
It's like the same thing.
The woman comes... How many times have you seen this in a viral video?
Someone comes up to me, you need to do your research!
You need to do your research!
I do more research than you've done in your whole life!
But you don't know that.
Their research is turning on MSNBC and CNN.
That's their research.
They go up to Joe Biggs.
They make assumptions about Joe Biggs.
They don't know that he's been to wars overseas.
They don't know that he's fought for this country.
They don't know that he works and studies this stuff every day.
So they make assumptions about him.
That was one of the interesting things too.
This guy comes up to me, he goes, you're an effing racist!
And I go, what?
And I go, dude, I was like, I'm engaged to a woman who's Guyanese.
And I said, you know what that is?
I was like, do you even know where Guyana is?
And the guy was like, huh?
I was like, yeah, she's brown.
Okay, so I'm not racist.
Guess what?
I'm going to have a little brown baby because she's pregnant.
I was like, so I said, I said, so, but yeah, I got it.
Nice mustache, dude.
I said, so based on your assumptions, I should get divorced and have an abortion because I'm a racist.
And this is just, this is a, an atrocity, right?
Like he's the one that's saying it too.
Let's listen.
So what are you trying to do?
This guy's a jackass.
What are you trying to do?
We're protesting the fact that he got fucking elected.
Look at this, all they do is curse.
That's all they can do is curse, curse, curse.
Alright, no shit dude, he's so elegant.
So eloquent.
Oh my god, this is great.
It's always a cuss word followed by racist, xenophobe, homophobic, blah, blah, blah.
And one of these guys said we're fascist because we work for Infowars and they got fascist flags all over them.
I got bad news for these people.
You know, I'm coming out there tomorrow.
Oh well, Marissa works for like a...
Like does like favor just on the side, you know, like a company you go, you can order food and have it delivered to your door.
So she was sending me screenshots a little bit ago of their favor Facebook and they're making announcement like, hey, tonight's going to be crazy downtown.
There's going to be protests, everything on the streets.
Dirty Six is the place to be.
Like they're going to be out in mass numbers, angry doing everything.
So if you're going to do it, I would say go tonight because this is why they're all
You know what's funny?
Barron Trump was on the stage with Donald Trump when he gave his acceptance speech.
Barron Trump has more class, dignity, and grace than all of these young people combined out here protesting.
How pathetic is that?
Well, it sure gives Texas a bad name, but... Well, that's not Texas.
Only Austin, you know what I mean?
Austin is the only city surrounded by Texas.
If you look at the American map right now, it is red.
I mean red.
Everything has turned, and even large portions of California.
I mean, Trump has better coverage than Verizon.
Can you hear us now?
Can you hear me now?
You're going to hear us on January 20th, I promise you that.
And I would imagine that there's going to be some very serious protesting happening in Washington, D.C.
on Inauguration Day.
Well, they're en masse.
I think there's 10,000 plus people right now in New York, supposed to be marching towards Trump Tower, I believe.
These people are so ignorant, I think that they're part of the reason why Trump got elected to begin with.
See, these dumbass protesters have exposed themselves for being the dumbest people, the most ignorant people on earth, so what they did was they scared logical and reasonable people into going to the polls to vote for Trump!
They don't even realize it, they were part of electing Donald Trump!
And this is what happened.
At the beginning, people were kind of scared to go to Trump rallies.
When I first started covering them, people were like, oh my god, I don't want to be called a racist.
But then once the assault started happening and being spit on, it was almost like being jumped into a gang.
You know, people walked through, because you have to walk through tons of people waving Mexican flags and screaming at you, calling you racist, spitting at you.
Meanwhile, you've got your baby, your child, and their cousin.
You effing racist!
It doesn't matter in front of women and children.
They will key your car and they'll egg you.
And you would see people walking through.
I remember Eugene, remember when we went to Oregon?
There was just mobs of people on both sides and people were walking through like this.
They were kind of getting there and then as they came through they just kind of felt like they put their chest out more and they're like, I just made it through.
You know what?
This makes me even more proud of Trump!
It's like an initiation process.
They're getting jumped in.
They're like, you know what?
This is why I'm going to do it.
Because of these sniveling little pieces of trash.
Like the media.
F you, I'm voting for Trump.
F you, I'm voting for Trump.
Dumbass protesters.
F you, I'm voting for Trump.
Go ahead.
And guess who won?
And the difference is night and day.
When you go in, you see the pro-Trump supporters at these rallies.
The most patriotic, diverse, you know, the very diverse crowd.
Small business owners.
And they're just, they're such good family, hard-working people.
And on the outside, it is the total opposite.
Not one single American flag, and just hate, and keying your cars, and egging people.
It's just horrible.
One of the points I was making to one of these reporters that came up to me, because they're all flabbergasted by me being out there in a Trump shirt, you know, they're like, aren't you scared you're going to get hurt?
And I was like, yeah, they've never seen, they've never seen a man with courage.
I was like, whatever.
It's like, if they hit me, man, I'll have it on camera, you know, we'll deal with it later.
Most of them are just these clowns.
I was like, but for me, this is fun.
And she's like, she's like, she's like, why do you think these people are out here?
I was like, honestly, because they don't have any freaking jobs.
And they're mad because they don't have any jobs.
What they don't understand is the people that they've elected in the past are the reasons they don't have any jobs.
So they have nothing to do except go outside and cry and whine and ask for handouts.
But guess what?
Donald Trump's going to make America great again.
He's going to bring jobs back to America.
And everyone, every single one of those sniveling little bastards, you communist bastards, are going to have a job.
And you're not going to be able to protest anymore.
And you're going to have to pay your own rent.
You're going to have to move out of your mom's basement where your face is covered in Cheetos every day like Glenn Beck, you sniveling little pieces of trash.
You know what, guys?
We're going to put you to work.
We're going to put you to work because you know why Donald Trump protesters aren't taking to the streets all the time?
You know why we don't run around all the time?
Because we're too busy working, providing for our family, running small businesses, actually being successful, being entrepreneurs, and actually contributing to society.
So we're going to take a break here in just a couple minutes, and then in the last hour of this broadcast, we're going to go to your phone calls.
But I want to ask these two gentlemen, what do we do with these people?
What do we do?
I say we ignore them and don't give them the light of day.
Don't shine the light on it anymore.
And just, they're going to fade away.
The more and more we shine lights on these mentally ill people, the more and more they're going to do it.
Just like with what happened in Ferguson.
That could have been over in a couple days, instead it went on for three, four months.
Still going on.
Yeah, there's still going to be a problem there.
That's going to be an open wound for a long time.
But I say just leave them alone.
Screw it.
Let's talk about how we move forward.
Let's talk about the things we can do to support Trump.
Let's talk about the problems we have in America and how we can get certain ways to fix those problems.
That's what we do.
So screw these people.
Let them run around and cry.
Let them have their cry-ins.
Let them sit around at their universities and not go to school.
That's okay.
Don't get a job.
I don't care what you do.
The inauguration, that's going to be a protest.
But I think it'll be heavy security.
Once we get through that, we're going to slowly start rebuilding America and make America great again.
That's the slogan.
Well, first we have to... Americanism, not globalism.
But these people really, I mean, essentially want to take down America.
Well, you're right.
Like I said, there's never a... So what do we do?
If there is an American flag, they're burning it, you know?
I hope Donald Trump does not do anything to put Hillary Clinton in jail right now.
I hope he waits until after Obama's out.
Because if he does it now, and she's quote-unquote about to go to jail, then Obama can pardon her.
I hope he...
Holds his composure, maintains that, waits till Obama's out, and then hits her with everything.
And then when her ass is about to go to jail, that's when we go to the streets.
Because I want to go to that courtroom.
I want to stand outside.
I want to wear my Hillary for Prison t-shirt.
I want to watch everybody.
I want to see everybody in America who's been a part of this Hillary for Prison movement to come out to D.C., to wherever it is.
And we sit out there, we march on wherever, New York, D.C., wherever this happens, and we watch her shackled in chains.
Get taken away in a van, not a van that she has where she can get jacked up to go to these little rallies for 15 minutes and speak, but an actual jail cell van, a paddy wagon.
That's right.
I want to see her in an orange jumpsuit, shackled up and going to prison.
And that, that will be the greatest day of my life.
And don't think just because Trump is president that we're all going to relax right now.
Oh no, our work has just begun.
That's right.
Well, we just put our first foot forward yesterday.
That was it.
Last night was just, alright, we're in the door, now it's time to go to work.
Yeah, that's exactly it.
Trump puts us in the door, and now we gotta get to work.
And we're gonna take your calls here in a minute, folks.
Thank you for supporting us at InfoWars.com.
Please go to InfoWarsStore.com.
That's how you support this broadcast.
And I think we're all hoping that whatever goes on with any investigation into Hillary Clinton, that it's a RICO case, so that we can put all of these people in jail.
Once again, folks, Owen Schroer, Darren McBreen, Joe Biggs, we got one more hour left to broadcast.
We'll take your calls.
Infowarsstore.com, that's how you support this broadcast.
We'll be right back.
We will prevail!
We beat them!
We beat them!
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Welcome back to the InfoWars election special.
When it's all said and done I think we'll be live for 60 plus hours without taking a break.
And we're exhausted but at the same time we're fired up.
Of course we're fired up because we got mega high energy.
Welcome back folks.
We've got John Bowne on the phone.
He was the one
In the video that we showed earlier dealing with these Trump protesters in Texas, the absolute brainwashed masses, the frontal lobe damaged imbeciles.
Let's go ahead and bring John Bowne on to talk about what he witnessed.
Now, John, Joe Biggs was assaulted dealing with these people today.
So was Josh Owens.
Josh Owens as well.
Were you also assaulted, John?
I was assaulted by lunacy, yeah.
Actually, in the beginning, when I first walked up to the event where it all began, I, you know, that first interview that I had with a kid in the mohair suit there, I obviously, the people around me, you know, it sparked their interest, what I was saying back about Robert Byrd and, you know, and all the crimes that Hillary is actually responsible for and no one will take responsibility for.
She's with her.
I owe it all to Brain Force, by the way, because I went down there with no coffee, and I had one of these last Brain Force, and I popped that Brain Force, and man, that whole thing took like an hour and a half to happen, and it was pretty intense.
Well, what else do you expect to see?
Are you going to go back out tonight and tomorrow?
Because from what I understand, they're going to continue.
Yeah, it's going to be big tonight on 6th Street.
Yeah, I mean, if the bad signal goes up, I'll be out there.
But, uh... You know what?
I think I just came up with a brilliant idea.
If we go out there tomorrow...
I think we should go to the store, buy a bunch of bags of Huggies diapers, and let's hand them Huggies diapers.
Let's walk around handing these people diapers, be like, oh hey little children, hey little kids, do you need a diaper?
Need a little dipey?
See how they like that?
I mean, that's what we're dealing with.
They have no facts to back anything up.
And they're literally out there crying in the streets about things that don't exist.
Aw, little baby.
Little baby needs a diaper, John.
Little baby just needs a little dipey.
Maybe a little nap nap.
We'll take out binkies.
Let's do this.
Let's take out binkies, diapers, blankets.
These babies just need a nap!
I wonder if we have any more of that, uh, quadruple XL whatever... Underwear?
Parachute underwear.
The same stuff that Alex put over his head, remember?
These guys are such wusses, though.
I mean, they're the type of people that'll punch you when you're not looking, kick Josh in the back, and they're just these little wimpy guys with, and all wearing, covering up their faces and everything.
I mean, these guys, if I smacked one of these dudes, they'd be a splat on the wall.
Oh absolutely, and they're scared too.
I was walking along the side of one of them and I was trying to talk to the communists with the bandanas on their face because I love bothering those people.
I love going after them.
Especially now, you know that song, How You Like Me Now, that's our theme song right now because
Uh, you know, they no longer have this power behind them.
They no longer have the corruption of Obama and Hillary behind them to back them up.
They're, they're like, you know, deer in the headlights right now.
So I roll up next to this guy and I'm like, Hey, can you tell me why Trump has to go?
And he says,
Get away from me.
You're nothing but trash.
Well, here's the problem.
Here's the problem with these people, John.
Most of these people have probably never accomplished anything in their entire lives.
They've never done anything to empower themselves.
So they're completely powerless.
They're completely, they have nothing to cling to.
So what they do is, they get in this groupthink mentality, and then they actually get into the herd, the actual herd, and this is the first time they've ever felt empowered.
So, it doesn't matter that it's not their movement, it doesn't matter that they did no investigation into this for themselves, they're told this movement exists, they see their brainwashed friends doing it, their brainwashed masses, they're in the herd think mentality, so then they're out there, and then when John Bowne questions them on the street, they have nothing to say because it's not actually their movement!
Well, they're miserable because Trump won, but they've always been miserable.
Their whole pathetic lives have been miserable.
Right, well, and you know, Owen, I saw the video where Alex was confronted by the stateness at the abortion clinic, and they roll up in Jaguars, you know, and $70,000 cars, and then begin protesting as communists.
I guarantee the majority of these people are trust fund babies, and they're all just mad at mommy and daddy, you know?
Well, nobody wants to talk about that.
I mean, that's an issue.
Who knows how many issues derive from the fact that the family in America is something that's been decaying over the last decades.
Alex Jones would tell you that social engineering, whether it is or not, regardless, it's happening.
And I think that you're onto something with that.
Well, you know, I'm curious.
What do parents think of their kids out here protesting?
These are college university students.
Somebody's paying for them to go there.
I don't know who it is, whether it's their parents, the banks, who knows what it is.
But they're out here, they're students, but instead of going to this university of higher education,
They're going to degrade themselves as far as their intelligence is concerned and then expose it in public on the streets and not be able to address an answer to a simple question, why are you out here protesting?
I mean, is this the death of higher education?
And then you catch what you believe is a student, you know, someone involved with the university at a higher level out there protesting too.
I mean, what the hell is going on?
Yes, it is the death of higher education.
I got a game called Far Cry Primal, and you're like a Neanderthal, and the guy just runs around the club like, because he doesn't really know how to speak.
That's literally what this reminds me of.
When I go to these protests, I'm like, so what do you think?
Why is Donald Trump a racist?
This is what's sad though, this is sad State of the Union right now because in the past if you went to, and they've always kind of been left-leaning, but if you went to a university in the 90s, in the 80s, in the 70s, 60s, 50s...
You talked to the smartest young people in America, more often than not.
And it was actually a liberal, open-minded conversation.
And then something happened, man.
I mean, we're talking now they are the dumbest people in the country.
The one with any sense, and he's there in the video in the middle, was the Trump supporter.
And he was going up against Owen Schreier style, against everybody else.
Maybe he learned from you, Owen, but he was there right in the middle of it all, and he was surrounded by a crowd.
And then I interviewed him, and he knew what he was talking about.
He knew everything was going on.
Yeah, there was a guy who ran up.
He was, uh, I guess he was trying to drive through downtown and the traffic was all backed up because these little worthless garbage munchers were blocking traffic.
So the guy jumped out of his car and he runs up and he goes, what the hell's going on?
Why are you guys stopping traffic?
He goes, and the lady's like,
And he goes, Donald Trump's the president!
Get over it!
And this little lady with the red scarf, she's a little commie bastard, runs up and sucker punches this dude in the face.
Oh my god.
And runs off.
And the dude's eyes just cut or whatever.
And I'm like, wow, you're so tolerant, you nasty little...
Well, we're talking about when we were in Eugene, Oregon.
These protesters, they trapped the Trump supporters in the parking lot and wouldn't let them out.
They were stuck there for hours and hours.
They did that in Austin, too.
That's what they did in Austin.
And then when they finally let them out, they would throw shit and, you know, kick their cars and all that.
That's exactly what they did in Austin.
Absolutely ridiculous.
How about the guy that went fishing with his daughter?
Hey guys, by the way, before we go any further, we're on cable right now, so it's a family show.
We're under federal regulations.
Hello, Homeland Security.
Yeah, this guy went fishing with his daughter and he hears some noises going on.
He goes back, his truck's on fire because he had a Trump sticker on it.
So, but here's the crazy thing, too.
You know, because Obama's been in office for eight years, right?
This wasn't going on after George Bush.
People hated George Bush.
This wasn't going on during Obama administration.
People hated Obama, okay?
I could sit here all day and come up with dozens, I mean, we've got lists over 70 plus times Barack Obama broke the law.
You can sit here and make the case that it's Barack Obama's administration that has been one of the key factors in fomenting these protests and the racial tensions that have been happening in this country.
But again, we're not out protesting, folks!
I'm here working.
I'm here trying to wake people up.
But what do we see the Trump protesters do?
Out on the streets with their signs, protesting.
You try to ask them a question.
They're completely clueless.
Completely clueless.
And then,
They're being interviewed in the LA Times.
Why are you out here protesting?
Because of the devastation of a Trump election.
The devastation, folks.
I'm gonna throw up.
Yeah, the devastation.
I think, Owen, you got a great idea about the diapers because I seriously think... That's what we're gonna do.
We're gonna hand these to... They're gonna begin wetting themselves.
They're just completely afraid.
You know, they're devastated by the reality.
Maybe even Megyn Kelly.
Megyn Kelly?
She looks like she's a little upset.
You know what though?
I'll at least give Skeletor Megyn Kelly a little credit.
When she was covering the election last night, she was at least the whole time like, Trump's kicking ass.
Why are we not acting?
Why haven't we announced Trump won?
What are we doing up here?
Trump won.
And they were like, Trump can't win, it's not possible.
We saw the polls, the polls, the polls, the polls, all the polls, all the polls.
These people were running polls 24 hours before the election saying Hillary Clinton was going to win by double digits.
New York Times 87% chance Hillary's going to win.
What was the narrative?
The narrative the morning of the election was it's going to be the earliest declaration ever for Hillary Clinton.
New York Times have the polls literally Trump down by double digits and then at 830 literally Trump goes up double digits, Clinton goes down.
These people are total phonies!
John Bowne.
Yeah, there's snide remarks.
I was watching last night as the last votes were coming in and
Some of them just they've been on the left for so long they just couldn't help jabbing the awakening giant just a little bit more before it totally wakes up you know and and it makes you wonder like are these people gonna have jobs in a year?
Are they wondering if they're gonna have jobs in a year?
Because they've completely committed treason!
Well, Bowne, don't you agree that it will be us and like Breitbart and independent media outlets like that that'll finally be invited to some of these White House press conferences?
I'm gonna be at the White House.
That's gonna happen.
I hope so.
I was hoping that we'd have some kind of ceremony with Trump like at the end of Star Wars or at the end of Return of the Jedi.
Chewbacca gets the, you know, the... Chewbacca.
January 20th.
One of my favorite actors, Chewbacca.
He's really... He's got a lot to say.
Well, it's been great, guys.
I've got a pizza coming in, but uh... Oh, hey, Bowne's gotta go.
He's got a pizza coming in.
Hey, don't forget to put dominoes on your pizza.
Yeah, you might want some dominoes.
Well, let's not start talking about comet pizza and ping pong.
Thank you, John Bowne, so much.
Keep up the great work, fellas.
All right, my brother.
We'll see ya.
Yeah, and by the way, it's so funny.
You know, we're dealing with all of this garbage.
Trump wins the election, and now we have to talk about all these news outlets screaming and crying, racism, racism, these protesters protesting Donald Trump.
Behind the scenes, WikiLeaks is still dumping emails.
That's what I love, too.
They're going to keep pouring them in.
I love it.
Yeah, that was a huge factor in this, you know, regardless of whatever.
I think all the people who are on the fence, they read those emails because I know myself and a whole lot of people out there.
I was part of an online little movement called MAGA 3X.
Where all we did was hijack Twitter and go through every single email every night.
I was up to like 2, 3 in the morning.
The power.
You would do a search bar and everything.
And then sit there and do screenshots and then add the links so you could go find it yourself and show people and blast it out.
Look, this is why you shouldn't vote for her.
This is also why she's corrupt.
Look, she's taking questions from Donna Brazile.
Look, she's asking her... New York Times is asking permission to post this article.
Huffington Post is basically giving her talking points on everything.
They're colluding!
Look, wake up!
Don't vote for!
And it wasn't the Russians that exposed this, by the way.
It was internally in the intelligence communities, right?
They're the ones.
Like, people like William Benney from the NSA.
When she wasn't a government official, she was asking Podesta, who had access to secret information, highly classified information, what was going on in Libya.
She was asking him intel over her own secured email server.
She broke the law.
That is completely and totally illegal.
Anybody else would be in prison for so long for doing something like that.
She broke the law.
If you looked at something, either one of you that don't have a secret clearance, looked at something that you didn't have the clearance for, that's not, you'd be dealt with.
Yeah, we'd be in court right now.
And cuffed.
And being... And then the next thing would be like, how in the hell did you get that information?
Where'd you get it from?
And then the person who leaked it or the person who allowed you to see it, so to say, would get in trouble.
So by her looking at it in a time when she was not in office and didn't have that access and have that clearance, that should automatically right there put Podesta out of there.
He should have his clearance pulled.
He shouldn't be able to have any kind of access to any kind of classified material whatsoever.
And by the way, all these Hillary supporters that are still Hillary supporters,
What did Hillary do last night when she lost?
She gave you a big fat middle finger and didn't even deliver a concession speech.
Thousands of people went to the Clinton headquarters last night for Hillary to support her and then what does she do?
She leaves without even giving them the time of day.
That is the true nature of Hillary Clinton.
A cold hearted witch.
Who doesn't give a damn about her constituents and leaves without even addressing them.
We're about to take your calls, but I'm wondering if you guys had the same experience that I had, where I had a bunch of friends, they're not really involved in politics, they don't really pay attention, they don't really care, you know, they like America, they're patriots, but they're just more, you know, paying attention to sports or whatever it is, their work, whatever it is they're doing, and they never really liked Trump.
But they weren't really involved, they never really liked Trump.
Sunday night and Monday, all of a sudden, they all started texting me.
They all started saying, should I really vote Trump?
Like, is this really going down?
Is Trump really going to win?
I'm like, yes.
Go to the poll.
Vote Trump.
And then today and last night, all of them were, again, not involved the entire election, never going to vote Trump.
And now they're all texting me.
We did it.
We did it.
We won.
We voted Trump.
Now we can save the country.
It's amazing.
All of these people are jumping on the bandwagon.
I'm not even mad.
Get on the Trump train, folks.
This is our train.
This is we the people.
Well, welcome.
I guarantee you a lot of the people that were crying last night, this happened after Hillary or Podesta came out and said, alright, everybody go home.
Hillary's not going to be coming out and speaking.
She's going to deliver a statement.
Yeah, F you.
Hillary's not coming.
But imagine that.
You've been someone who's been so brainwashed by this whatever, you were all in for Hillary.
That's fine, I can understand that.
You worked for it, you decided to get on that campaign trail, and you put your blood, sweat, and tears in just like we did.
And then you drank them at a spirit cooking dinner.
No, I'm sorry.
If the roles would have been reversed, and we did what we did, and we fought hard, and I guarantee you, Trump, if he would have lost, he still would have came out and given a speech.
He looked at everybody and said, you know what, we created a movement.
Maybe we didn't win tonight, but what we did was expose what was behind the curtain.
We the people were actually able to expose these people for who they were, and we can continue this movement.
We got four years now to know, we can call out, we know who's bad now.
We know which anchors are full of crap, which people are not being honest, who's colluding with who, and see behind everything this whole time.
Regardless, we could have learned something from it.
But her, she just sits there and goes, eh.
She's never had any integrity.
She drives off in her ambulance, makes a little cell phone call.
Good job.
Please don't send me to jail.
She's pissed today.
She probably did say that, I guarantee you.
Oh, absolutely.
And I guarantee you when she called, she was probably shaking in the back of that ambulance.
No, she wasn't holding the phone.
She had someone holding the phone for her.
Another guy behind her injecting her with some sort of life serum as she begs Trump to stay out of jail.
She probably got like a little nozzle in the back of her head.
They just plug in real quick and she just like
She's just an android?
I'm just so glad I don't have to listen to her anymore.
You're going to have to listen to her again when she's in front of the judge.
You know what though?
I think that the reason why so many people like Trump and are really behind this movement is because we feel like
Now we've got somebody at the head of this who actually has our best interests in mind, where if I'm sitting here, you know, we've been covering and calling out all these things for so long, now we've got a president that's willing to go there.
You know what I mean?
And this wasn't a GOP Republican victory, you know.
It was a loss?
Some people think that that's what it was.
Look, Bushes, they didn't support Trump, man.
They didn't win Pennsylvania either.
This was a populist movement, and it was our last chance to save the Republic, and we did it!
I mean, it took Reince Priebus forever to even kind of get behind him.
I mean, the Republican Party... And Donald gave him a little trouble for that.
This is just the thing, though.
We live in a country, sadly, that's only a two-party country.
I mean, at the end of the day, it's Republican and Democrat.
Do I agree with that?
I think they should have allowed, you know, Jill Stein and Gary Johnson in a lot of those debates.
I think it would have been fun.
I mean, I think it would be cool to hear the other sides as well up against the main candidates.
But here's where we're at in America right now.
We have Donald Trump.
He is now the
Gonna be the next president.
But we are in a country right now that is going to spiral out of control in a sense with all these little social justice warriors who are angry.
There's already been threats.
It's already all over Drudge Report where people are doing protesting, burning Donald Trump pinatas and Trump flags and saying they're gonna kill Trump.
This is where we have to be vigilant.
There's a good chance that someone will try to go after him.
I worry about the JFK situation.
This is a good thing.
He's got to be on his P's and Q's.
He's got to make sure he's got to have a great group of people around him, which he does.
But this is when someone's really going to try to do something because they're going to be desperate.
They're going to try to do whatever they can to keep him from getting into that position.
Come what, January?
January what?
January 20th.
And you know, it's funny because we're dealing with all these protests now and there's a lot of people out there.
And of course, what's the spin, what's the twist?
America divided, right?
This is America divided because of Donald Trump.
It's Donald Trump's fault America's divided.
Barack Obama divided this country.
No, it's Barack Obama.
But more than that even, it's the mainstream media folks.
It is absolutely the television media that is doing this to these poor people in collusion with Barack Obama and the Washington corruption machine.
And it's really sad that the brainwashed people out there are going to blame Donald Trump for this when they don't even see where the brainwashing is coming from.
Alright, we're going to take your calls, but before we go to your calls, folks, please support this broadcast.
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Uh, Pennsylvania.
Or, uh, Philadelphia.
Uh, yeah, Pennsylvania.
That state is the one that actually knocked him over.
Got him the 270 needed and over.
Bush never won Pennsylvania.
I've got numerous friends who live in that state today who have been going through power outages the entire day from different parts of the state who said, they've been texting me all day, are you guys losing power in Austin?
Are you guys losing power in Texas?
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All right, let's go out to the phone lines.
Let's start with Chris in Virginia.
He wants to talk about draining the swamp.
Go ahead, Chris.
All right.
What's going on, fellas?
First of all, I wanted to talk about draining the swamp.
Before that, them people that's protesting,
I'm pretty sure by the end of Trump's presidency, there'll be big fans of him.
A lot of them are just lost right now.
There's no hope.
So I think a lot of them will be ashamed of the way they acted.
They'll come around.
You know, I'm glad you said that, because a lot of them will come around, and I've seen that personally myself.
There's people who, family members, friends, family, neighbors, that sort of thing, absolutely hated what I do for a living, you know.
And they come around.
You just plant that seed, you talk to them a little bit, and you'd be surprised, you might have experienced for yourself.
But later, they're all on board and they agree with you and so... Well, I experienced the same thing too, Darren, because it's like, you know, people knew what I did and they, you know, they might not have hated what I did or whatever, but they knew what I did and they thought I was crazy.
But then what happens?
For the last year and a half, they've been tuning into the mainstream news, the polls, the polls, the polls, the polls are rigged, the polls are rigged, the polls are rigged.
And then what happens?
We were right.
We were right.
So that's, I think that that's kind of what you're speaking to, Darren.
We get vindicated over and over and over again and thank God for the whistleblowers, thank God for WikiLeaks, and thank God for our caller.
I just have one more thing.
I just want to say in terms of draining the swamp, I'm real curious to see
What Trump is going to see on the inside.
You know, with the WikiLeaks talking about the spirit cooking and all that.
You know, how far does it go?
You know, with the SDA and what they do.
Well, and think about this too.
Think about this too.
You know that there's some sort of a ceremony with the president where as soon as you're inaugurated, you know, you basically get the book of secrets.
You know what I'm saying?
Like you basically get all of this intel.
Now, maybe they keep that from Trump.
Maybe they look at Trump as such a transparent and honest guy who cares about the American people that they don't let him know about all of these secrets when he gets inaugurated, but maybe they do because they, I mean, these are ceremonious people, and then who knows what Trump does with that intel.
That's a great point, Chris.
I guarantee you there's going to be so many Secret Service people, so many people on the inside who have
Felt so oppressed and suppressed.
Can't wait to finally get a true leader in, absolutely.
When Trump comes in, it's just going to be floodgates.
He's going to have to be open ears and just sitting back and listening for a while because they're going to be like, this is wrong, this is wrong.
You can't imagine what the Clintons did.
You can't imagine how Obama did this and that, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
Help us.
Let's do this.
I want to get behind you.
Let's work.
Let's fix this.
I guarantee he's going to have a massive amount of support once he gets in there.
Yeah, because we talk about like the corruption of the CIA and the FBI, but there's also, there's so many good patriotic people within those organizations.
Usually, it's at the top.
You know, the people at the very top are the ones that are corrupt, so I think he's going to get a lot of cooperation, just like you were saying.
What do we got next?
Alright, Chris, thank you for the call.
Let's go to, great points too, Chris.
Let's go to Jennifer in Alabama, concerned about censorship on social media.
Go ahead.
Hello Owen and all of you wonderful people at InfoWars.
I'm so excited.
I'm a first-time caller.
I'm so excited about what happened last night.
I'm so proud of all of you for all the work that you've done.
I am on BrainForce right now.
We're up till 3 in the morning getting their results and making sure, you know, he made it to the finish.
But what I'm calling about is something I actually have had to spot before.
Another caller earlier tonight said something about how, you know, he was putting some things out on Facebook and his Facebook account got shut down and there's been just so much censorship.
I've been hearing a lot of that lately.
And Twitter.
Oh, yes.
And I was just, you know, I was wondering if you guys have any sort of
Well, here's the thing about that.
Here's the thing about that.
These platforms already exist.
One of them is Gab.
There's a bunch of these things.
People invite me to these things all the time.
But the problem is, it's not the main plantation.
And to be honest, if it wasn't for Facebook, Trump might not have won.
Yeah, and another middle finger to Mark Zuckerberg with that move.
So as far as developing new social media that takes off, I'm not sure if we've reached that point yet because we're still in such a controlled media paradigm.
I think what might happen is there'll be so much backlash if these social media networks like Twitter and Facebook decide to try to censor the quote-unquote alt-right, which is what they call us, or if they try to censor pro-Trump or anti-Obama, anti-Hillary, whatever it is.
I think there'll be such a backlash and there won't be a complete, you know,
I don't know.
Into the mainstream, you know, into the people's focus in a way that they didn't see it before, that it's very biased.
I'll give you an example, like on the mainstream, the big mainstream websites, like Washington Post and all the rest, they don't have comment sections.
Yeah, they got rid of them.
They got rid of the comment sections, because those were, everybody would... They have to control the narrative.
That's right, because everybody's saying, you guys are full of you-know-what.
And they would have the proof right there in the comments, which is much more interesting than the BS articles they were putting out.
That's why I use Twitter, because I can just nail them right there.
That's right.
Nail them!
What else, Jennifer?
That's pretty much all I had.
I'm just very encouraged about the results last night.
I mean, I'll tell you, I think this country has been under a dark cloud.
Ever since 9-11, probably even before, but that's what really woke me up, and I just feel like finally I'm seeing sunshine through the clouds, and I just hope that this new renaissance... It is a new renaissance, and thank you for supporting us, and we are all celebrating, but we know there's lots more work to do, but it's certainly good to have you on our side.
And you know it's interesting because one of the things I've been thinking about is the Electoral College and how that decides the election.
Is this something that needs to be looked at?
Is this something we want to keep doing?
And then last night as I'm watching the election results and we're starting to see California roll in,
And who knows what happened in California, folks.
We might have been dealing with massive voter fraud.
There was voter fraud everywhere.
Yeah, there might have been massive.
Trump really won by a huge landslide.
Dude, look at this.
They call California quicker than any state and that's the large... And think about this, too.
And think about this, too, because we had people watching the polls all night long, folks.
And then when Trump was announced the victor, these people probably took it easier, you know, probably weren't as concerned, went into celebratory mode.
So who knows what they pulled in California?
But it did make me realize that even though California is basically a superdelegate for the Democrats, that's 20% of the Electoral College vote winning California.
So they basically have 20% of the vote heading into every election.
That's the Democrat superdelegate.
But I realized, yeah, we definitely need the Electoral College.
I don't want the brainwashed dummies, and I'm being polite, in California deciding every election because that's how it would go.
I 100% support Cal Exit.
Get him out!
In fact, Hillary Clinton, be the president of California.
Go ahead.
Hillary take it.
You guys can go start World War III with Russia by yourselves.
They're calling it Cal Exit.
And they're calling it Mexifornia.
But this is the same left that bitched and complained about Texas doing the same thing.
How dare you!
And now they're talking about doing the same thing.
And it's ironic because they call it CalExit.
And Brexit was an anti-globalist movement.
That's the thing.
They're so tricked.
They don't even know what they're doing.
They don't even realize that we're trying to fight the same enemy that they're taking their calling orders from.
Oh my gosh.
Let's take another call.
This is going to be the last call of the night.
Let's go to David.
He is in Texas.
What's on your mind tonight, David?
Go ahead, David.
How you guys doing?
Pretty awesome.
Yeah, same here.
Same here.
I want to tell you about a conversation that I had with a buddy of mine who is unfortunately on the other side of our little battle here.
And he was completely distraught.
He mentioned to me that he was wondering when he was going to have to put on a yellow star, when that was going to happen.
Isn't that ridiculous?
It was amazing, and I did my best not to get in an argument with him.
I think the most telling thing he said at the end of the conversation was, and it really kind of shocked me and took me back, that I was taken aback, was when he said that he hopes the economy tanks.
Absolutely tanked.
And that is a leftist type of mindset right there.
It really is.
That's an I lost, I'm gonna take my ball and go home type of mindset.
Again, we need to give these people diapers.
We're seeing destruction on the country because they don't have their pick in the White House.
And then I'm not supposed to put you in jail.
And the only reason I can think of is that he wants the entire nation to realize, oh what a mistake we made.
But like you said, he's willing to take everybody down with him just so that he can say, ha, see, I told you.
That's ludicrously and dangerously short-sighted.
I agree.
It's beyond short-sighted.
I don't even know what you call that.
Imminent destruction?
Yeah, exactly.
And he's a smart guy.
He gets a lot of misinformation and he's brainwashed, but he's really a smart guy.
I don't understand how he can think this way, because he's a very logical person, but... Well, there's a difference between smarts and street smarts.
The guy doesn't sound very street smart.
You know, I made a comment on Facebook today about, you know, a lot of people are going to be butt hurt today.
And a friend of mine that I know that he responded by saying...
You know, he thinks that Trump is going to deport families and he's talking about, you know, you could say you're going to get butt hurt, but this doesn't affect you.
Children are going to be ripped from their parents' arms and all this other stuff.
And so I think just like you were saying about the star, you're going to have to wear a star.
It's this misconception.
No, the criminals are going and the open border system is done.
It's over.
We're going to untie.
Uh, the Border Patrol agents' hands that have been tied up by Barack Obama.
And that's what they've been wanting.
That's why they support Donald Trump.
It was funny today in the march in Austin, people were like...
Americans for immigrants, you know, stop Donald Tate.
When did Donald Trump ever say that we don't want immigrants?
He says we don't want illegal immigrants sitting here and skating around the system and not doing their part to go in.
I mean, look, my old lady, like I said, her parents are from Guyana.
They had to wait 10 years to get their citizenship.
They did their time.
They waited.
They went through the process.
They came here.
They flourished.
They make lots of money and are very successful.
Look, it can be done.
Bada bing, bada boom.
We're not seeing them from Ireland.
Immigrants can't come here.
He's Irish, I'm German.
And it's called assimilation.
I also am German.
My family's actually been here since the 1730s.
But it's called assimilation.
The reason why they do this is so that instead of, you know, throwing people into a situation that they're not familiar with, a culture that they've never experienced,
You know, that causes strife, that causes corrosion, it's a bumpy road.
We want to slowly bring these people into our culture so they understand our values, understand our society, understand how we work, and then appreciate it.
And that's the immigration process.
The people in charge know exactly what they're doing, folks.
They know that by not assimilating these people, they know that by bringing them in from all over the planet with open borders, they're going to bring this country down, and that's what they want.
They want to end U.S.
sovereignty so that they can bring in the new world order.
That's what this comes down to.
Plus, it's a voter block.
I'm sorry, David.
Thank you so much for the call.
We've got to go.
Quick final words, Darren and Joe.
You first.
Hey man, we won.
We did it.
It finally happened.
They told us it wouldn't happen.
But we had our day.
All that hard work paid off.
We didn't listen to the polls.
We didn't listen to the mainstream media.
We listened to our hearts.
We listened to the American spirit.
And that's something that can't be taken away and that's something that will prevail from here on out.
Alright, real quick.
Smell that?
I love the smell of napalm in the morning.
Smells like victory.
And a sweet victory it was, and it's funny because all the people that voted for Trump, all the true Americans, the patriots, we're all popping bottles, we're all celebrating happy, hand slaps and high fives, and then the brainwashed liberal nitwits crying, throwing fits, protesting in the streets.
We can see the dynamic difference.
So we're going to go out tomorrow, I'm going to start handing these people some diapers, maybe some bottles.
I'm done with them.
Donald Trump is the president.
Inauguration January 20th.
The fight begins now, folks.
We got a president that has our back.
We the people.
America is back.
The world looks at America.
The bastion of freedom.
The leadership of justice.
Support the broadcast, folks.
We'll be back tomorrow.
Alex Jones Show, 11 a.m.
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Bring up due to the fact that I've had so many calls lately from people all over the United States and I always know when something is happening or something's going on by the amount of phone calls that we get and this year was different.
There's people complaining of muscle weakness and headaches and all of these symptoms and we tracked it down to this year's flu shot or at least that's one of the culprits that we think might be happening so
As a research scientist, I wanted to bring as much information together as I could and try to discover what in the world is going on out there this year.
My job, InfoWars' job, is to try to protect you against everything and education and knowledge is the best protection that you can have.
So this special report today, I want to break down what
It's currently happening in the 2016-2017 flu season.
I also want to give you guys some tips on how you can prevent or avoid the flu shot this year.
Like I said, it starts with this executive order from President Obama.
The executive order is advancing the global health security agenda to achieve a world safe and secure from infectious disease threats.
Now, this is a long document.
I highly recommend you go to the whitehouse.gov website if you want to print it out or if you want to read the full document.
But I'll just generalize and summarize what the document is about.
Section 1 says, promoting global health security is a core tenet of our national strategy for countering biological threats.
Now, as you know, biological threat can be anything spread throughout the world that is going to cause sickness and possibly death.
Therefore, it is the policy of the United States to advance the global health security agenda, which is multifaceted, multi-country initiative intended to accelerate partner countries, achieve specific targets to prevent, detect and respond to infectious disease threats.
Most people don't know, but a lot of these flu vaccines that have been developed over the last couple years are actually quadrivalent, trivalent.
And let me just say, it is impossible, ladies and gentlemen, to create a flu vaccine that actually works.
And this is not just me telling you this.
I mean, all you have to do is type in how a flu vaccine is made, and I'm gonna go over some of this with you today.
But the influenza virus,
Actually changes its DNA structure every time it replicates.
So it's literally and scientifically impossible to develop an influenza vaccine.
That's why they have to pick and choose viruses.
And people that get the flu vaccine can shed these viral particles from their skin.
They float around in the air for up to 17 days.
So even if your neighbor or somebody that you're
You know, close to where your kids go to school, you still have the threat of possibly inhaling or getting these viral fragments.
And why this executive order, I'm still trying to figure out why that was done in secret.
I don't know.
November 4th.
But it clearly states that all of the organizations are going to be coming together, the Office of Management and Budget, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Agriculture, Department of Defense, the Department of State, to try to initiate some sort of bioterrorism agenda.
So that led me to
The next document, after I read through the executive order, I decided to go to the CDC website and see what in the world, because anytime I hear biological or anything like that, the first thing I want to do is I want to see what are they trying to promote this year?
What is different?
What's going on?
There's always some sort of a hidden agenda going on and I wanted to expose it.
Sure enough, on the first page of the CDC under flu, we have what
...is new for the 2016-2017 flu season.
Now, it says, third bullet point down, there will be some new vaccines on the market this season.
What flu vaccines are recommended?
This season, only injectable flu vaccines should be used.
Now, in the past, there were vaccines that were the mist vaccines that people were spraying in their nose and inhaling.
But this year, which is very strange, only injectable flu vaccines are recommended.
Now, the options this season include standard dose flu shots,
This is what really sticked out to me because of the fact that I've been having people call my office and their parents, their grandparents are becoming severely ill.
A high dose shot for older people.
A shot made with adjuvant for older people.
And I'm gonna explain to you what that adjuvant is.
And a shot made with virus grown in cell culture.
Now, if you look further down on the document, you actually see a sentence there that says, what flu vaccines are new this season?
This season, a flu vaccine with adjuvant will be available for the first time in the United States.
Adjuvant is a vaccine ingredient that helps create a stronger immune response in the patient's body.
This new vaccine, Fluad, is approved for use in 65 and older.
The next new vaccine is a vaccine called
Flucelvax and that is the one for children recommended for years and older.
So what's going on with these new vaccines that they're putting on the market this year and asking people to get?
Well, I did some research, and as it turns out, Fluad and Flucelvax is actually manufactured by the same company, a company called Seqirus.
Now, if you look at this document right here, Fluad, Flucelvax, you know, they specialize in vaccine production.
But if you dig even deeper, they also specialize in biological
I think?
And his past job included President of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Global Health Program, and Chairman of Research and Development at GlaxoSmithKline.
He also currently serves as a Director of Agilent Technologies, Inc., and the Clinton Health Access Initiative, and a member of the Council of the National Academy of Medicine.
What does that mean?
Obviously, we've had a depopulation agenda going on for quite some time.
We've had Bill, I mean, openly, the globalists have openly admitted that we need to institute a depopulation scheme.
We know that the Obamacare system and the current healthcare system is a disaster.
Who are the easiest people to get rid of?
What is the most cost for our government?
Of course, it's the 65 plus age group.
So all of a sudden now they're coming out with a vaccine for the 65 and older age group?
Let's take a look at that vaccine and let me show you what we have to look forward to this year.
Fluad is the one that they're recommending for individuals 65 and older.
As you can see here,
It has multiple influenza strains.
Influenza strains and MF59C, okay?
This is a key ingredient that I need to talk about for a minute.
Breaking down, by the way, these are confidential documents that I was able to get.
You can actually see at the top of the document itself where it says confidential up there.
What is that?
MF59C, if you look it up, is a highly toxic vaccine adjuvant called squalene MF59, which was first given to servicemen back during the first Gulf War and linked to Gulf War syndrome.
The experimental oil and water adjuvant was forced on all servicemen beginning in 1999 via the mandatory anthrax vaccine.
Captain Rovitz's comrades suffered severe and permanent side effects.
For the past 64 years, the United States military and other agencies within our government have used our servicemen and women, this is a quote by the way, as test subjects, oftentimes in secret and without informed consent, explained Captain Rovett.
I was in the military.
And there was a couple times where they brought us all in and gave us vaccinations and would not tell us what they were or what they were supposed to do.
So who knows if I'm going to be affected 10 years later from that.
But listen to this.
Roughly one out of four, one out of four servicemen and women veterans, brothers and sisters who served
For the United States and risk their life were affected with Gulf War illness.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am not the type of person to try to instill fear, doom and gloom, but I am here warning everybody.
That this may be the most devastating flu season in the history of the world, because I've never seen such a possibly, potentially, well I'm not even going to say possibly, damaging slew of ingredients that are going to be injected into our moms, our dads, our grandparents,
And we are on the verge of seeing a massive shift in disease and sickness and possibly even death.
Let me read to you what is in that Fluad vaccine.
First, it has the MF59, which is the squalene-based, Gulf War Syndrome-based adjuvant.
It has polysorbate 80, which is a toxic ingredient.
It has sorbitan tri-oleate.
It has sodium citrate dihydrate and citric acid monohydrate.
It even contains trace amounts of neomycin, kanamycin, and barium, which are used during the initial stages of manufacture, as well as residual egg proteins.
Formaldehyde and also CTAB.
What is CTAB?
Cetyltrimethylammonium bromide.
It is a toxic compound, bromide, which we always talk about how everybody is
Deficient in iodine because of the other halogens which are going to be the bromide, chloride and fluorine.
So that is something that we definitely need to watch out for.
Please, if you have children, if you have grandparents,
Hopefully you guys do, and hopefully you have parents as well.
Please do your research.
Please do your research on this year's vaccines.
The toxicity of the acetyltrimethylammonium bromide animal testings has shown ingestion of less than 150 grams of the agent can lead to adverse health effects or possibly death.
The next vaccine that's available for children this year is called Flucelvax, and that's a subunit influenza vaccine.
This actually contains a Brisbane wild-type H1N1-like virus, a South Australian wild-type virus, a Switzerland wild-type virus, a Utah B. fucut-like virus, and it contains residual amounts of MDCK cell protein.
That's a Madden-Darby canine kidney cells.
So they're culturing these vaccines and these viral particles on dog kidney cells.
I know vaccines and flu vaccines is a very controversial issue.
And it's something that I hope that today I was able to provide you with enough information to make a decision, a good decision for yourself and your family this year.
I've never seen
In 20 years, flu vaccines that look this damaging.
So let me tell you about some of the things that I do now.
First of all, since the influenza virus, like I said, it replicates every time, there's no possible way you're ever gonna have one vaccine.
So let's talk about the natural methods that I use to support my body's immune system to keep me safe and my children from the flu.
First thing you want to do is probiotics.
A good probiotic, and what I do is I take probiotics every single day, especially maybe double during the flu season or every other day, because probiotics and your gut health is your immune system.
The thing is, God gave us an immune system and a self-healing mechanism.
We don't need to look outside for vaccines and everything else.
We have the power within us.
We have everything that we need to heal ourselves right inside of us.
We just need to activate our immune system and keep it strong.
And this year especially, we're under attack.
So, stock up on probiotics.
Take probiotics.
Give them to your family.
That's also going to help.
Talk to your doctor first.
I don't want anybody thinking I'm giving medical advice here.
Make sure you clarify this with your natural health care practitioner or just your regular general practitioner as well.
Vitamin C works extremely well to take during the holidays.
This is kind of my holiday immune system tips.
Another thing that I do is I take the winter sun which is a vitamin D. A lot of people's immune system goes down in the winter because they're not getting enough sun obviously and vitamin D is a vital part of
of building and keeping your immune system strong so I highly recommend that's what I take the winter sun throughout the holiday season especially I'll double my dose.
Next thing that I take that I highly recommend is the Survival Shield X2.
The Survival Shield X2
It is powerful at rebuilding, helping keep your immune system strong, helping keep your metabolism up.
All of these things can be used extremely effectively to
Prevent or keep your immune system strong.
See, naturally we have cells in our body that will attack these strange viruses and these strange bacteria and everything that come into our system.
We just need to provide our army with the best nutrients and everything else that we need in order for our army to be able to attack and be able to fight off all of these man-made, most of them are man-made, components and viruses and everything else.
One of my other favorite things that I like to take is oregano oil.
Oregano oil is definitely on my top five list.
So is silver, colloidal silver.
All of these things I've seen have worked extremely well.
Another thing, get some sleep.
Sleep is extremely important for your immune system.
Try to get eight hours of sleep a night and also try to reduce your stress levels.
It's really hard for your immune system to work if your stress levels are really, really high.
I know it's easier said than done, but take some time for yourself.
Calm yourself down.
Do some deep breathing exercises and just try to relieve the stress from your body.
That will help you out tremendously and keep your immune system strong.
So take care of yourself and your loved ones over the holiday season.
Make sure you make the right decision as far as whether or not you're going to get a flu shot this year.
And go to InfoWarsLife.com.
Stock up on all the products that you need to keep your body safe and healthy during the holidays.
I'm Dr. Group for InfoWars.com.
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