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Name: 20161109_Wed-1_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 9, 2016
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
That's right, we will.
I'm a live wire, baby!
I'm a live wire, and I'm gonna say this right now.
I do not deserve any of the credit, and I mean that.
Jesus Christ deserves the credit.
Our ancestors that stood up to tyranny deserve the credit.
But I gotta just be honest with folks.
It was von Bismarck that said, God loves children drunks in the United States of America.
Because of whatever it was our ancestors, the oaths, the things they did, the commitments, these were some badasses.
They had special favor.
That providence, that system was there.
But you've got to take Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake.
Or another mythology from the stone.
Well, other people can't pull the sword.
For what other reason, this country, in the world and in the future and everything, is admitted by every historian, every angle, something special.
You, whether you're Hispanic, white, whatever it is, you, if you love liberty and resonate with that, you can pull the Arthurian sword from the stone.
And let me tell you, this is metaphysical.
You can call it whatever you want.
I would have like, I'm not going to get this on air, because I'm not into magic and mumbo jumbo, I just know God's real.
It'd be like,
Over and over again.
Like, like, like, I'd be 13 years old and two guys would beat me up for no reason.
And then a month later, one would die in a motorcycle accident.
And then two days later, a car accident.
It was like, that was like five, six times where I got whatever.
Then it starts getting like voodoo scary where anybody ever crosses me, they die, basically.
And it's not government or people doing it.
It's like God, guardian angels.
And it's like, whoa, what type of angels are these?
Well, they like... Again, I'm just telling everybody here.
That's why she calls me dark heart and all this stuff.
If we got this level, I can now be honest with people.
My whole life, there's been like something else around me.
And it's very humbling.
But this country has that.
This country has that.
But my ancestors, both sides Mayflower, both sides 1776, founding fathers, founding of Texas, you know, San Jacinto, the whole nine yards.
I don't want to brag.
I'm saying all of us, though, no matter where you come from, you've got incredible
Lore behind you and there's a magic to this universe and justice the universe bends towards justice as Martin Luther King said and I want to go to calls and you got to go get on a plane but I'm not trying to get into metaphysical here just act mumbo-jumbo look at it look at it despite how dumb I am and everything my intent has been real
And God has responded to that.
All of you have that spark of magic, too.
You want to comment on that, Stone?
You don't think I'd go this direction, but go ahead.
This is an important time.
We've now been handed another opportunity to take our country back.
This last time this happened was in 1980.
Ronald Reagan made us proud again, rebuilt our country, rebuilt our strength.
Then he got co-opted by the globalists, and unfortunately he left the reformed America, the revitalized America, to George Bush, who ran it back into the ditch between the globalist wars, the manipulation of our monetary policy, the
The massive debt and spending.
Bush Sr.
and Bush Jr.
responsible for 71% of our current national debt.
That's what the spending was like.
God's given us another opportunity.
We can take the country back.
We can correct the mistakes of the last 30 years.
We can guarantee a prosperous and strong future for our families, our children, our grandchildren.
Trump has that ability.
We gotta get behind his program now.
I was about to say, why does he... I mean, I know you...
Real people that love God don't crow and stand up on the mountaintop and say how good we are.
We're not.
Because we realize how wicked we are.
But, I mean, Trump's personal relationship, some preachers have gone public about the fact that he does pray every day repeatedly, he has a connection to God.
I mean, can you speak to his spirituality or your own?
Because at these levels, people don't understand, I wasn't, earlier, that wasn't BS.
I mean, clearly, the older you get, you see the providence over and over again.
Look, I think he's put here for a special purpose at a special time.
And I've thought that he's been guided from the beginning.
And I think God will keep him safe.
But it is a unique opportunity that we cannot blow.
We can't blow by opening the doors and bringing in those who are not really with us, who really seek to undermine us.
I'll be honest, I get guilty because I don't want to knock on wood.
I know it's like, just in my own life, but I read about this with the founders in George Washington, and it was like, this is mainline history, this happened.
Stuff just over and over again would fall into their lap because they had the courage.
It's almost scary.
I feel sorry for my enemies when they do bad stuff, because I know, oh, you really just tried to hurt me.
And I'm like, God, please don't, don't.
And it's like, boom!
I mean, what is that?
Uh, it's karma, if I may take a non-Christian... Sure, exactly.
No, let's explain that.
You know, well, my wife is a Buddhist.
And Buddhism really is not a religion, it's a philosophy.
It goes like this.
You get what you give.
It's circular.
You get what you give.
If you are a decent person, if you are good to people, good things will come your way.
If you're no good, no good things will come to your way.
This is the way Trump operates.
He is, above all, he is dedicated to loyalty.
If you're loyal to him, he is loyal to you.
But if you cross him, if you screw him, don't think that he will forget because he won't.
He's not vindictive.
And is that what scares them?
Is that they're so disloyal?
But why are they so scared of Trump?
Because it's irrational how thumbing at the mouth scared they are.
Because he knows who his enemies are.
Because he knows who the bad guys are.
Because he knows who's destroyed this country.
And he is keeping track.
It's not vindictiveness.
He understands he's been handed a historic opportunity to write things.
He understands that his time and his moment in history is something special.
He didn't need to be president.
He didn't have to be validated by becoming president.
He didn't view this like a politician.
Well, first I'll become governor.
Oh, I love the New York Times article that we're going to call Trump's last stand two days ago.
He lets these scumbags on the plane for a week and they felt like it was weakness that he was talking to his sons and daughters and son-in-law about.
Are we working hard enough?
And this is where they're like hiding around the corner.
They go, he didn't hear we were there, but we saw it.
And he was like, he was like, are we working hard?
Could we do more?
Uh, you know, do you think this tax plan is the right thing?
What's going to help the best?
And they're like around the corner going, he didn't even know that he was in there.
He needed validation.
He was talking about helping poor people and stuff.
And they don't even get how disconnected they are that it's good.
He's in there in council really caring.
This is a big responsibility.
I think that he is up to this job.
I think he has the stature.
But what about the disconnect?
I mean, it's good he's there roundtabling.
This is the elite.
It's funny you say that because one of the scumbags just called me right here who wrote that article.
Pardon me.
Hey, you talked ten hours.
This is the mold of Austin.
I apologize.
We're turning to Hillary.
Have a drink.
I appreciate it.
It's usually dry here.
It's been raining for six months almost every day.
It is living, it is living hell.
But look, I'm highly confident about his ability to sort out who was with us, who wasn't with us, who we can bring to our coalition.
I don't have a problem with what he said last night.
We want to be one America.
We want to be on one team.
We want to make the country great.
But we're not forgetting those who have violated the law and now need to be held accountable.
Well, I mean, I agree, and I will forgive Hillary Clinton if she comes clean of all the things she's done.
No, I'll forgive her when she's done her prison time and she gets out.
Well, no, I mean, I agree.
I mean, I think she can make a big message to everybody.
They're always saying the world's overpopulated.
I mean, I don't wish her any harm personally, but if she
You know, she could slut her rest.
But look, I would like to see one uniform system of justice.
I guarantee you that if I were mixing non-profit money with hard political dollars, maxing... Give me one of those orange jumpsuits!
But David Brock does it with impunity.
No more.
No more.
That's the biggest thing.
Let's go to phone calls.
We've got Sean in Alabama, Nicholas in Texas, Mike in England, Nelson in Florida, Robert in Tennessee, Habu in Wisconsin, Teddy in California, Joe in North Carolina, and others.
But I like folks that disagree, so let's go to the Albion Command Base and talk to Mike.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Greetings, my fellow Earthling.
Oh, and I love it when you do voices.
You're great.
You're really good at that.
Especially the Batman guy.
You know, the guy that had the mask.
There's no need to fear.
Underdog is here.
That's great.
I used to be a- Pesky Earth creature, strontium-12 detonator.
Or you meant Bane, like the ridiculous so-called tough guy that looks like a total wimp and men think is so tough.
Oh, Batman, you have only adopted a dog.
I have, I have more of a dog.
Sorry, go ahead.
Yeah, no, you're great at that.
I really appreciate that.
Okay, you're about to come after me.
You've got a big frowny face.
Go ahead.
No, I'm not, no, I'm not coming after you.
No, I thought it was a great time.
Well, please don't, because I can't handle it.
No, if Roger's going to see Mr. Trump, um, I used to be a Russian linguist.
I used to fly along the east-west German border over Russia and, you know, up north and, um,
So I take a great interest in what's going on.
I still have contacts in the military.
I'm not in the military now, I'm retired.
But there's a huge build-up and there's incredible bellicose rhetoric coming out of London and out of Merkel and out of...
Yeah, I mean, CNN had writers saying, doesn't matter if Trump wins, there'll be a crisis soon.
So let's not, you're on it.
The major builds up, he's got two months plus, two months and ten days or whatever, to start a war.
That's already built up.
Are they crazy enough to start a war when Mr. Detente's about to come in?
They may be.
Look, the saber-rattling at the Pentagon is really disconcerting.
The speech by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs was spooky.
I mean, that was like a Nuremberg moment.
It was so disconcerting.
We're prepared for war.
Well, it was the head of the Army, because we're ready to hit Russia harder, and if you want to leave the Euro, we'll kill you!
Yeah, no, it was provocative to say the least.
I think they would be insane to do so.
Trump was the peace candidate in this election.
He was not only the candidate of the silent majority, and the candidate of the forgotten Americans, and the candidate of law and order, he was also, ironically, the candidate of peace.
Don't they have a name for that?
It's called the candidate of sanity?
Yes, I think it's exactly what it is.
Alright, so you're seeing big build-ups, yeah, they admit it, and the globalist Soros is, I mean, you know, he's an old evil, not to be old, but he's an old evil person, that's even worse.
They just get more evil.
He wants a war, so, you know, I think George Soros should... Yeah, is it possible maybe to encourage Mr. Trump to consult immediately with Putin?
He has said that he would meet with him when he's president-elect.
He said that last week.
Yes, I suspect he will reach out to a number of the world leaders.
I've seen this with Reagan.
There are a number of world leaders who have never met him, who are buying into the caricature of him.
Oh, the French are like, it's the end of the world!
Yeah, well, the French will love him when they meet him.
Just like the Mexican president.
The steely toughness that this guy has.
Finally, you have a president who will put American interests ahead of foreign interests.
Not that he won't be fair with our allies and fierce with our enemies.
He told the Mexican president, he said, globalists have been sucking you dry.
You've got more minerals than we've got.
You've got great people.
You've been screwed over.
Stop being a colony.
Let's work together outside of globalism.
Let's cooperate.
And the Mexican President came out of the meeting and said, I loved him.
So Trump gets it.
It's not nations competing, it's corporations are setting up these one-sided deals for themselves.
We talked yesterday about the the rape of Haiti and the way the multinational corporations have sucked the lifeblood out of that country.
The Clintons took the earthquake relief money and they used it to build infrastructure for the multinational corporations to steal the gas and the oil and the minerals.
Joe Biden's son was given control of the four billion dollar consortium of Russian pipelines and switching stations.
He was just giving it like an indulgence.
Oh, here, your dad's VP, you come to Ukraine, here, you get $100 million a year to run this $4 billion operation.
They just, I mean, Biden gives his son control of the Russian infrastructure that they built in Ukraine.
Think that pisses him off?
No, look, there's no question whatsoever.
A federal prosecutor should look carefully at Joe Biden's son and his brother.
They're lobbyists.
These guys have profiteered.
They're Delaware Mafia.
Thank you, Mike in England.
At the best, yeah.
We got Joe, we got Terry, we got Haboo.
Let's go to Haboo in Wisconsin.
We got to move quick now because he's got to get a plane in about 30 minutes.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
Thank you very much for the opportunity.
I have to thank InfoWars.
For doing such a herculean task in moving the Trump message along, and more importantly, for exposing Secretary Clinton for the fraud that she is.
Kudos to all of you.
Just one point, please.
You know, this is somewhat ironic, really, because
You know, we have to give praise to Ross Perot, Ross the Boss Perot, whom I voted for.
He was trouble.
He warned about what would happen to American jobs, and nobody listened to him.
And ironically, Bill Clinton got in, and now another maverick comes in who eclipses Bill Clinton's wife.
So there's a certain irony in this and a balance, of course, and... No, it's got God's signature.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We look forward to this maverick continuing unabated and really kind of upsetting the disorder.
And thank you very much again for all your hard work.
Well, God bless you, Javi.
Please don't thank me.
When people thank me, it tears my eyes because, listen, you couldn't drag me away from this.
I just, listen, I have prayed to God to, if it was God's will, for 20 years,
Because to give me the intellect, the strength, the guidance to beat these people.
And what's crazy is God's real.
Every door has been opened.
I had to go through some stuff, but I did it.
And it's just, it's so real when you step into Providence and when you see the fact that this is an amazing thing to be alive, Roger.
I'm just happy to have been a small part of this, Alex.
You've been a big part of it.
I really think the MVP's here, because you have been self-effacing here for two days.
The role that you played, the role that Infowars has played in fomenting this new American revolution should not be underestimated.
Yes, Matt Drudge is an MVP.
Yes, particularly my friend James O'Keefe, an MVP.
Steve Bannon, an MVP.
These are the guys who put together the incredible, historical
And we didn't listen to their propaganda.
They kept telling us we were nobody.
I've heard that my whole life.
That's a bunch of BS!
So for the InfoWars listeners, you are the tip of the spear.
You have carried the revolution.
You have been responsible.
You have gotten your marching orders here and you've shown up across the country, not only at the polls yesterday, at the Trump rally.
Aren't they incredible?
It's the same thing.
I asked God for the power because I wanted to fight these people.
And the crazy part was, I don't want to say watch what you ask for, it's like, I never used to get these tears in my eyes, it's like now it's like so much discernment and it's just like oh really you want to boom try that it's like whoa you know it's what I'm saying people don't realize the real world out there you ask God folks and you're doing for the right reason God answers.
Well it
I saw it graphically, because I would come on here at InfoWars and I would appeal for people to sign up at StopTheSteal.org to help us have an election day operation in which we could ensure that they didn't rig the machines to steal this election.
And every time I would come here, we would get hundreds, if not thousands of people signing up.
Patriots, not asking for anything, willing to give their time.
And just like you said, they were there and they exposed the fraud so they had to back off.
They were unable to carry it out.
And it turned out, thank God, in most places to be unnecessary.
Now, I do have to put this in because my folks will kill me if I don't.
We ran up huge legal bills in federal court in Arizona, in Nevada, in Ohio.
You went to the Supreme Court two days ago, you got certified that it was all a fraud, but you still got to pay for it.
Yes, so if you have a spare dollar, go to StopTheSteal.org.
Please send us $25.
We have got to pay our lawyers, Paul Jensen, our lead lawyer, lead counsel, in terms of winning these stunning victories.
To be very clear, the U.S.
Supreme Court affirmed that Roger Stone and Donald Trump and StopTheSteal and the Trump campaign never planned on, never did intimidate voters.
And by the way, I'm not going to give a large S here, but this is what a humble guy you are.
We're like, hey, let me help you out, because I know you spent all your money on this.
Well, let me get you a hotel.
And you say, sure.
There's like a Motel 6 by your office, literally two blocks away.
And I said, you know, Roger, you're coming to town for this.
We're going to get you a nice place downtown.
So we're going to put you up at one of the nicer hotels.
It was just the point, it's not that we're into large, yes, here you are, they want red carpets, they say Africans can't have cars or air conditioning, here you are, this guy's doing everything you can, just all in for the win, the eye of the tiger, and you're ready to stay at the Motel 6, and I said, you know what, we're putting you up at the Driscoll.
And again, the listeners need support.
We're not into largesse.
This guy deserves that.
You know, we're not going to put an MVP in this fight.
Not that Motel 6 is bad.
I'm on the road.
I'll stay there, too.
It's just that the opposite is how humble you are, how embarrassed you're asking for folks to make you whole from this big fight you just helped us win.
Everybody should go to Stop the Steal and give you a donation.
Well, I appreciate this.
Our legal team did a phenomenal job.
We beat back the Democratic machine in every state.
We had one judge in Nevada who's really not qualified to be on the bench who made a fool of himself.
But other than that, and these were all Obama appointees, and in every case we were treated fairly, and the court found that there was no foundation to the claim that we were intimidating anybody.
But this fight was expensive, so folks, stopthesteal.org, send us a contribution so we can pay our legal bills.
We've won, and I'm- That's right, folks want us to fight!
If Trump stays true to core messages, if he gets a deal that's better for taxes or whatever and has to compromise somewhere, I get that.
But if it's core, core, core stuff, we'll go after it.
He isn't going to do that.
He's more stubborn than we are.
But now we have to back him when they make crap up and do all this.
It's the same deal.
You want us to fight bare knuckle, you've done it.
But we need the fuel.
Because let me tell you something, there's nothing better than victory over scumbags and tyrants.
That's the real value.
That's the real victory, Roger.
And so it is the listeners, and it's not about credit, but we have to assess who did what.
At the end of the day, it's not Matt Drudge, it's not Alex Jones, it's not Roger Stone, it's not Julian Assange, it's not Nigel Farage, it's not Donald Trump.
It's not James O'Keefe, because we're all just together.
It is the grassroots people that have been on target, smart enough to not buy the lies and to break with it.
And now we've had a huge, deafening victory.
Just a hammer blow.
I mean, if they were already discredited now, I'm going to go to calls.
Roger, how discredited are they now that everything the mainstream media said has been proven to be complete horse crap?
It's a revolutionary time in America.
This is what we have prayed for, what we've worked for, what we've pushed for.
The time is now.
And we cannot bungle this opportunity.
I want to get retooled immediately so we can begin supporting the Trump program.
Because he's got a rough road ahead.
We don't have... I want to be clear.
We've got a ranch we've had from Mexican land grants.
I'm not into money, but you know, I've been successful.
I'm either totally committed or I'm out of this.
It's not worth saying the war just begun to keep it going.
Obviously the war just begun.
And the fact that we're having victories makes it sweeter.
It makes it more important.
It makes me want to commit harder.
So I'm asking myself, Roger, I'm already working 20 hours a day.
I'm worried.
You're the same way.
With a passion like this, I want to see my grandkids.
I'm really worried.
I am so obsessed with this.
I eat, drink, sleep it.
I'm not bitching.
This is such a passion.
But it consumes us because it must.
This is a second opportunity that I wasn't sure the country was ever really going to get.
We have to make the best of it.
Yeah, watching America cut into pieces, it's shut down by a bunch of pedophiles has been painful, folks.
I mean, it is painful.
But we have the right leader, we have the right agenda, and the course ahead is clear.
We have epic fights coming because there are those in the Republican Party who will seek to undermine our new president.
There are certainly those, virtually all of those.
It's my ear, trust me.
We have a situation in which the Democrats will seek to undermine the legislative program of the new president, and so will half the Republicans.
President Trump is going to need our support.
He's going to need our vocal, active support.
This fight, don't rest just because we won last night.
Don't think, oh the fight's over, everything will now be great.
No, the fight's just beginning.
So stay tuned.
Stay tuned right here to Infowars.com.
Go to thestonecoldtruth.com.
Listen to me on radio.
We are going to be leading the new revolution in support of the new president.
We're about to have David Donahue's takeover in a moment.
We're going right through 9, 10 o'clock tonight.
Whatever the crew wants to do, I'm going to be back in as well.
Let's just rampage through calls now, and then you can get on the road back to Trump Tower, because you had nothing to do with the campaign.
Let's talk to Gary in Arizona.
You're on the air with Roger Stone.
Go ahead.
Gentlemen, Commander Stone, General Jones, believe me, it is an absolute pleasure to speak with you both.
Back at you.
I want to make a quick comment.
And then I have to, I want to ask Commander Stone a question.
First of all, in history, there are turning points.
And I believe, Alex, that your 1776 speech on CNN was a turning point in American history.
And what that did was, that was a call to action.
Immobilized and empowered people.
And I know that your parents probably told you to respect what your elders tell you.
I'm 71 years old.
I know you don't like to receive thanks, but everybody, all of your supporters, your listeners, and America should be thankful for you, Alex.
I speak to you from my heart.
Well, I appreciate that, brother, you know, since you mentioned it.
Since you mentioned it, I want you to continue on the Roger comment.
It brings tears to my eyes because this is so epic history.
All I said was what the truth, that was nothing.
I mean, I don't think it's British that ran people, but a red coat, just like 1776, telling me I can't have guns, and I call him out, of course you want my guns.
Stop acting like you don't want it.
I'm calling you out.
This means war.
And I was serious, and I meant it.
They were so upset, they were trying to start fights with me and threw me out because
They want to conquer us, but they don't want to fight.
I don't mean the Brits, but the globalists.
And that was the number one video of 2013.
They had national polls.
New York Times, LA Times.
It was the number one video.
We watched hundreds of millions of times.
And it shows their instincts.
I want you to comment on this, Roger, because it shows whatever's the most powerful, they think they control reality.
They run and attack it and declare it a failure.
But they did it and said it was a failure, but then they broadcast it on every channel, every comedy show all over the world.
And I'm not just saying this.
Everyone admits, high-level folks, you name it, that that was like a spiritual, and I never said this on air because I don't want to sound arrogant, demarcation line, like a new declaration and out of that like a vortex opened and CNN started plunging.
Piers Morgan began collapsing in the ratings after that.
It was like a spiritual death.
And I'm not just saying this.
It was, something happened there.
You want to comment on that?
Yeah, I think it was a turning point.
It was a major turning point.
You had a question.
Yes, sir, go ahead.
I have just a little more, let me, I'll only be a second.
It's okay, brother.
President-elect Trump, doesn't that sound great?
Doesn't that just sound great?
President-elect Trump has to reestablish the rule of law in this country.
Because up until last night, people felt like there was no more law in the United States of America.
So what he needs to do, and I know you guys, I'm just reiterating, he needs to go ahead and go after all the people that tried to take down our Republic.
And not for reprisal, but for justice.
Now, the thing that I wanted to tell you was two things.
Number one, Sheriff Arpaio's defeat.
here in Maricopa County.
This was big.
They targeted him.
George Soros did 2 million.
They've blown the doors off.
That's a globalist invasion.
We have to get him in the head of the Border Patrol and have that true Phoenix-like victory.
I gotta jump.
I gotta get more calls.
You gotta leave in 15 minutes.
We gotta do a Facebook message.
You gotta get on a plane.
But God bless you, sir.
I love you.
Thank you, Gary.
One more thing.
One more thing.
One more thing.
Yes, Gary.
Okay, real quick.
Roger, please tell President-Elect Trump, get the message to him.
Please have him stop these chemtrails all over our country.
They're killing our people.
No, that's true.
There is geoengineering going on.
Bill Gates is behind it.
We've got to jump now.
We've got to go.
You want to comment just on what you will be saying to Trump that's public?
Actually, I'm not going to comment.
I've had a policy for the last several years that conversations between Donald and I are privileged.
And if I discuss them, there wouldn't be any more of them.
So I appreciate your advice and I will take it under advisement.
I don't have any strong views in that area myself.
Alright, we gotta jump.
I hear you.
Thank you.
Now listen, I'll never get to all the callers if we don't move quick.
That guy just was 10 minutes.
He's a great caller, but we gotta move quicker.
Who's up next?
We gotta move real fast.
Robert in Tennessee, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Robert.
How you guys doing today?
Good, go ahead.
Good, I'll make this quick because I know Mr. Stone has a plane to catch, but I do want to thank God for the role that he played in the election.
It was obviously a huge victory.
I was here in Shelby County just outside of Memphis, Tennessee doing exit polling for StopTheSteal.org, so thank you Roger Stone and all of your hard work for that.
I just want to make a quick point.
It was obviously a huge victory last night, but we still do have a lot of work to do, as you guys have mentioned.
And that leads to my question.
What do you guys, and this is for one or both of you, what do you think the next move is for Hillary and the establishment?
Sure, Roger, want to comment on that?
Yeah, look, I think that we have to have justice.
I think President Trump is going to appoint an Attorney General who looks at the entire Clinton gang and makes an assessment.
Laws have been violated, not once, not twice, but repeatedly over a long period of time.
So the period of elite deviance, the period in which people can do whatever they want if they're well connected to the Clintons, those days I suspect
Andrei, President Trump, are over.
I've just had a prompt and I will say this.
We are doing an Ask Roger Anything conference call every Thursday night.
We invite people to dial in and I will be answering questions.
I canceled the last one because the schmucks from Media Matters for America were infiltrating our calls and they were frankly destroying them and distorting them.
This election's over.
Go to StoneColdTruth.com for the details.
Sure, and I'm going to see you off because you've got to go get on a plane.
We're going to air a few tapes here, air a few clips.
I'm going to come back and finish up with the callers, but that's the problem with going too long with the caller.
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Two minutes, because we've got to go.
We're going to go to the tape.
Roger Stone, other points.
I mean, in the history books, one of the biggest defeats of elites in history, in modern times, the biggest ever.
We are living history.
Their attempt to steal failed.
No idea, no idea can be stopped when his time has come.
No army, to quote Victor Hugo, can stop an idea whose time has come.
And whatever happens with Trump, wherever this goes, this is an incredible victory for humanity and has really shaken up the entire class of fake liberal followers that were basically
For lack of a better term, you know, sucking their own wankies.
I mean, these are... I'm not mad at them.
They're just pathetic.
They need to really... I want to see them become human.
I want to see them not be traitorous filth to a goblin witch like Hillary.
I mean, I don't even have hate for them now.
They're just... They actually believe they're on horse manure.
Well, look, Alex, I decided a couple weeks ago that I'm going to write a book on this election.
I'm going to get it out in January.
And people kept saying, well, what's the book going to say?
And I couldn't answer because I didn't know how the book came out.
I didn't know the end of the story.
Just about the 2016 election.
Now I do know how it comes out and you're going to be able to get the inside story about how history was made and the roles of many unheralded heroes who you won't read about in the New York Times or the Washington Post but who played
Key roles in what happened last night.
Now, no one deserves more credit than Donald Trump, but I'm going to get to work on this tome immediately.
I'm meeting with publishers in New York towards the end of the week.
I am also talking to my regular publisher.
We're going to produce a book that will tell the inside story, so stay tuned.
All right, StoneColdTruths.com, we're gonna go to break, come back with more calls.
I'm Alex Jones.
We're now 52 hours and 32 minutes in.
I have not checked since yesterday.
We had 27 million views just on our video platforms.
That used to just be some side thing we did.
So we're gonna look.
I'm gonna try to collate all the numbers we've got.
About tomorrow, maybe Friday, because there's just so much going on.
We're going to give you a number just as another slap in the face to the mainstream media that's a joke.
Roger, thanks for your idea to come spend time with us.
It's been great.
This has been fabulous.
All right, I will do a Facebook message to you and see you all, because you're flying out in about an hour and a half.
Thank God, we're right next to the airport.
This is live, continual coverage.
Hey, it's not too late to keep fighting.
This victory's got to be pushed to the next level.
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I went on what Mother Nature gave us.
Told me 30 minutes ago about it, but Biggs just called.
It's a great part of my own network and whatever I want.
The communists are attacking, the same ones that attacked the Cat Sanctuary, and they just hate Trump, and they're running around with their flags and mouth garbage.
Biggs is down there, that live feed's coming up.
They've shut down the Congress Bridge.
They're burning American flags, reportedly.
That video feed's coming up right now, and of course Soros and others are planning destabilization operations.
We're so busy celebrating, they're going to counter-strike.
So, I'm gonna see Stone off.
I know they got McAdoo and Biggs and Knight ready, but I'm going to come back too because this is all moving so quick.
Again, I told you the fight's on.
The communists running wild right now.
They're not picking on cat sanctuaries.
I'm not kidding.
These people are just literal demons.
They're not out promoting abortion.
Partial worth abortion, they're attacking us, but right now they're running around thumbing at the mouth because they're using their smartphones, they're riding a Mercedes-Benz.
That's because they work for bankers.
But they want to get the public to be idiots, so that's coming up right after this break.
We're going to get Biggs hooked up on Skype and show you the frothing comments.
Stay with us.
My fellow Americans, my fellow humans on planet Earth, there is an epic, legendary awakening of nationalism and populism happening from the Brexit to the Donald Trump phenomenon to Russia pulling out of the New World Order and arresting the bankster oligarchs.
Humanity's will for self-determination
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The great classical liberalisms of Thomas Jefferson and Francis Bacon are reawakening right now.
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You can see it in the news, you can feel it, you can witness it on the street.
History's happening.
They always say this election is the most important in our lifetimes and we laugh it off.
I wouldn't even get involved in past elections because they were so clearly frauds.
This one's the big kahuna.
A clear demarcation line.
A crossroads between nationalism and tyranny.
Between Americanism and globalism.
That's why we're doing this one time and one time only, because history's happening.
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Alright, we're back with this marathon broadcast.
We're probably going to go about 58 hours.
This 52 hour broadcast is now stretching out to 58 hours.
I'm David Knight.
I want you to run this music in the background here.
This is from John Williams.
And this is something that was put out for the 100th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty.
There's some words here that I saw from Justin Raimondo, theemptywar.com, and he talked about what's really at stake here.
I can't say it better, so let me read what he wrote.
He said, a transnational ruling elite, the type who flock to Davos and Bilderberg every year, has arisen.
They believe they have the right to manipulate the people of the world like pawns on a chessboard.
These lords of creation.
Engage in regime change.
When a government they don't like challenges their imperial prerogatives.
They move entire populations around like human dust.
They manipulate currencies.
They manage the world economy.
And woe to those who challenge their rule.
Well, we challenge you.
We challenge you.
You know, the British took on these people first.
Just like they did Hitler.
This is like we saw at World War II, when Brexit was the Battle of Britain, and now the U.S.
has joined the war.
I gotta say, this is a very moving moment for me, and it's something we've looked for for a long time.
And I gotta say, what Alex was saying earlier with Roger Stone, is that this is a moment that we have to seize.
If you look at what Ronald Reagan did, the key mistake that Ronald Reagan did was he didn't finish the job quickly.
You know, you want to talk about David versus Goliath?
We've knocked him down, but we need to cut his head off with his own sword.
You understand that the sword of the globalist empire is the American government.
We are the center of that globalist empire.
If you look at the transatlantic, the transpacific partnerships that these multinational corporations have created in order to establish an economic globalist regime,
And then a worldwide political regime to follow on after that.
We see the pattern.
We've seen it happen with the European Union.
We see what they tried to do with the North American Union.
If you look at that pattern, you understand that America is at the center of this globalist empire.
So you knock down that globalist establishment, and we got to run forward and with its own sword, cut off its head right now.
Reagan didn't do that.
You can go ahead and fade that music down.
Reagan didn't do that.
And as a result, he wound up, he was not somebody that was part of the insiders, okay?
I don't believe he was before he became president.
He was not a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
But what he wound up with was more than 300 people from the Council on Foreign Relations filling the State Department.
You know, as they call it, the...
Foggy Bottom.
The swamp.
That's the literal center of the swamp.
The State Department where Hillary Clinton ruled.
Now we're going to be going to our reporters who are at one of the riots.
I've gotten responses from people in California telling me that Oakland is about to go under martial law as well.
I mean this is happening in a lot of different places but of course here in Texas there's no place more like California.
Then Austin, Texas.
So we've got the social justice warriors out in force.
They've got roads blocked off.
So there's riots that are starting there because these are the revolutionaries who didn't get their way, the social justice warriors.
And I've got to say that I hope that one of the things that's going to come out of here is that
Hillary has made the social justice warriors and identity politics as unfashionable as her pantsuits.
I hope that is the end result here.
When we look at the identity politics that Hillary Clinton tried to force upon us, look at how that failed.
We're good.
Final concession speech.
It took her a long time to get there, didn't it?
I've never in my life seen a situation in any race, at any level, whether it's a congressional race or whether it is a gubernatorial race or a Senate race, especially a presidential race, where the losing candidate doesn't have the grace, doesn't have the stamina, the courage, the integrity,
To stand up and give a concession speech.
She couldn't bring herself to do it.
I don't know if she'd passed down on a stretcher.
I don't know if maybe she was so arrogant she hadn't written a concession speech.
I don't know what the issue was.
Maybe, you know, she had to have some time for them to push that back.
But it was appalling that she couldn't give a concession speech.
And my wife sent me a text and she said, uh, did she even mention Bill Clinton in her concession speech and her farewell address?
Because you know what?
Hillary, you're through.
You're through.
The Democrats hate you, the Republicans hate you.
Let me read you something that's going on here.
This is something put out by WikiLeaks.
And they tweeted this article out.
This is from The Observer.
They say the latest WikiLeaks releases boost the case for a DNC class action lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and against the DNC that rigged the game for her.
They say, Democrat leaders have subverted democracy to ensure that Clinton was their nominee, and shortly after the Democratic primaries ended, you had a couple of lawyers, Jared Beck and Elizabeth Beck, Harvard and Yale Law School graduates, filed a class-action lawsuit against the DNC, the Democrat National Committee, and disgraced former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz for the millions of Bernie Sanders supporters that they allegedly suppressed and silenced.
You know, isn't it interesting?
When we were talking about the rigged elections,
And we had the mainstream media, the other shills for Hillary, say, oh, there's no rigged elections or anything.
They had just rigged the primary.
They had been exposed rigging the primary against Bernie Sanders.
We had already seen many of the emails proving that.
Going back to the DNC, when that was happening back in July, we saw how they had rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders.
That broke as that convention was beginning.
So it was old news.
It was four months old.
And yet, we still had Hillary's media saying, there is no rigging of the election.
Let me tell you, that's rigging of the election.
Rigging of the election isn't just flipping the voting machines.
Rigging of the election isn't just putting in people who are not qualified to be voters to vote.
Rigging the election isn't just having dead people vote because you don't require photo ID.
Rigging the election isn't just making felons eligible to vote that should not be allowed to vote, like Terry McAuliffe, a co-conspirator of the Clintons did.
Rigging the election is doing things like keeping people off the ballot.
Rigging the elections is keeping people out of debates.
Rigging the elections is conspiring with the leadership of the DNC so that you don't have a fair primary process with Bernie Sanders.
All of those things are rigging the elections.
And thank you, Hillary, for educating the American people.
It's been a tremendous civics lesson for everyone to see how the sausage is made, as Bismarck would say.
You know, he said there's two things you don't want to see, how laws are made, how politics works, and you don't want to see how a sausage is made.
And yes, we have seen some very disgusting things from the way they
Manipulate the elections to their spirit dining parties, and their pizza parties, and their hot dog parties, and their special sauces, and so forth.
But they point out, they say, the latest documents provided by WikiLeaks confirm and add considerable detail to what prior leaks have disclosed.
That the DNC was actively working to undermine Bernie Sanders' campaign while colluding with the Hillary Clinton campaign behind the scenes, and it is going to add further weight to this class action lawsuit.
I have to say, the Clintons are very attractive defendants now.
They have absconded.
With hundreds of millions of dollars that they have accumulated through influence peddling.
And it's about time that some of the people get it back.
Give it to some of the Bernie Sanders supporters.
Give it to these two lawyers who are suing on behalf of Democrats who are defrauded.
All of us have been defrauded by the Clintons in one way or the other.
And that regime, thankfully, is over.
There's not going to be anything coming out of that.
Now, one of the other things I thought was interesting
And this Justin Raimondo article that I read, and I thought it was put wonderfully, a transnational ruling class.
They think that they are lords of creation, that they can take down and destroy governments, that they can move people around like human dust, that they can raise and lower currencies and manipulate the world economy.
That is what we have revolted against.
That's what the Brits revolted against, that's what the American people revolted against, and of course they want to say, it's xenophobia, it's racism.
No, it is not.
It is not.
It's a declaration of independence from these crooks who want to rule everything.
One of the other things that he said in his article, he had an interesting quote, and this goes back to the time that Richard Nixon won in 1972, and this is a quote from Pauline Kael.
I'm live right now on air to let you know that we are live streaming the Facebook mentions protest that Joe Biggs and Owen are at.
Okay, good.
Alright, this is happening right now.
This is in Austin.
This is the social justice warriors, the sore losers, the people who are upset about what's going on.
Here's a live stream that we got from our reporters here in Austin.
Just gonna run with his feet a little bit.
We are live on Facebook right now.
We're finally live.
Yeah, we're live.
I've been trying to go live forever.
Look at this.
I'm like the only Trump supporter in a sea of angry people right now.
A lot of people are mad that Donald Trump won last night, but guess what?
We have a democratic process that just happened to go our way and not the way of evil.
It's their right to be out here.
I support that.
That's fine.
We're going to have opposing views, but at the same time, hey man, I'm celebrating, man, because we just made America great again.
All right, so we're losing that feed.
It's breaking up on us.
We're going to continue to run that, and you can see that on Facebook.
That's on our live Facebook mentions.
You know, we got about 400 people there that are protesting in the streets.
If they want to get upset, why don't they join this class action lawsuit against Hillary Clinton?
She defrauded the Bernie Sanders supporters.
I would think that a lot of those people there ought to be mad about that.
But they didn't get that mad about that.
They're really upset that we had an election and they lost.
But I want to go back to this quote from the 1972 election.
This is from Pauline Kael.
And she said at the time, she said, I live in a rather special world.
I only know of one person who voted for Nixon.
Where they are, I don't know.
They're outside my kin.
But sometimes, when I'm in a theater, I can feel them.
Well, you're gonna feel it now!
You can feel a disturbance in the forest, as they may say.
And I think the key article, and I talked about this yesterday, but we gotta go back to this, it's still up on Drudge, and it's Carl Bernstein, again, here's this other quote from Richard Nixon, here's Carl Bernstein, the guy that was there with Watergate, okay?
And he was talking about the alternative universe of Drudge.
He says Trump wins.
This is an article from yesterday.
Trump wins if the quote-unquote alternative universe of Drudge is right.
He said the alternative universe of Drudge, the alt-right, the different press and social media that we have seen almost dominate to some extent a big part of the electric is a wholly new phenomenon.
He says if it turns out that Drudge is right and what he's putting up on his site, Donald Trump is going to win.
Yeah, it turns out Drudge was right.
He says, and I would say a large measure of what Donald Trump is the nominee goes to, of why Donald Trump is the nominee, goes to Matt Drudge in much the same way that Fox has.
When you see the word kingmaker, I'm not sure it goes quite as far that way, but it is an influence unequaled.
And yes, Donald Trump is his own man.
Nobody appointed him as king, except for the American people.
Except for God, okay?
He raises people up and takes them down.
And we can be thankful that we have been given a reprieve from this criminal cabal that Hillary Clinton was the face of.
But you have to understand that the alternative universe that Carl Bernstein is talking about is really the bubble that he lives in.
See, the rest of us live in the real world and Carl Bernstein and the people inside the Beltway, the people who are the establishment press, they have been living in this bubble and they don't recognize the real world when they see it.
That's why they're in shock like this woman was back in 1972.
I live in a special world, she says.
I don't really understand what's going on.
Well, now they see it.
And this is the face of how this has changed.
And we have Alex Jones coming in to join us right now.
What's up, Alex?
Oh, man, I tell you.
I know Biggs is down there.
It'd be national news.
You've got a bunch of communists and a bunch of folks with Mexican flags running around bitching about our election.
Outside governments...
We got outside governments trying to be involved in our elections.
I think I may just have to go down there and narrate this myself.
Because let me tell you, this will feed 50 million views and it'll turn the country's whole future if we get in the game.
Get in the game and realize we have communists and people with Mexican flags running around pissing on our election.
That's right.
Saying our election is racist and that we're bad because Donald Trump doesn't want to be a globalist stooge of the new world order.
Look at these people.
Look at what's going on.
This is the leaderless idiot morons run by George Soros.
And I'm not bashing women.
Hitler said, first you get the women, then you got the children, so father them in.
This is almost 9% young college women that think the state is their god and that think Donald Trump is out to get them.
And they're saying, homophobe, homophobe, Trump hates, never said any of that.
It's all made up crap.
They got communists out there running around with their hammers and sickles and Mao crap.
Killed five times what Hitler did.
You've got all these idiot morons.
We've got Joe Biggs.
Here, here, here.
Let's see what Biggs is talking about right now.
Trump shirt.
Here we go.
Yeah, Trump shirt.
There, right at the front.
Here, here.
We need Biggs to narrate what we're witnessing here.
Yeah, immigrants are welcome.
That's what America is founded on.
But there's a process for that.
Yeah, you can't go to Mexico and vote.
Ask the dumbass why we can't go to Mexico and vote.
How about the area of taste?
Why don't you like Mexicans?
What the hell are you talking about?
There's frickin' cholera coming in from all over the Middle East.
You name it.
Uh, leprosy.
Give them treatment.
It's like the most insane crap ever.
Do we still have that feed?
Obama's allowing these people to skate through the cracks and go untouched, and that's wrong.
I know a lot of people who have gone through the process of immigration legally, and when someone doesn't do it the right way, they go, why did I have to wait so many years?
Sure, great job, Biggs.
Let's get shots of the communists, shots of the Mexican flags.
We need to show this.
Listen, you're doing a great job.
Everybody's doing great.
Leon's coming in, too.
We need to really show this and do wide shots, because this is national news, that communists
And all the country's stuff's getting burned, people are attacking.
What's going to happen tonight?
Is this Soros activating his hordes?
I mean, look at these desperate people with their smartphones, with their welfare, with all the slop that is this government.
And then they're so pissed when the average woman there weighs 300 pounds.
I'm not bashing them for being fat, I'm fat too.
Point is, they're just fatter than any poor person ever in the world, living in a lab of luxury, bitching with their smartphones.
Because it's a trendy thing, because the university, run by the government, told them Donald Trump was a racist.
David Knight?
Alex, these are the useful idiots that George Soros is using when they released George Soros' emails and documents with WikiLeaks.
The first one that I read, he was trying to organize the LGBT people in Italy and tell them the Italian government opposes your LGBT rights, so you need to join with the EU and take down the Italian government.
That's his tactics.
He uses this divide and conquer strategy.
He uses these lies to turn this over, just like we saw him spending
Think about this.
Two million dollars in a sheriff's race.
We saw him spend a half a million dollars to try to get Sheriff Clark out of Milwaukee and he failed.
So then he upped it by a factor of four and he got Sheriff Joe Arpaio out in Arizona.
But this is what a foreign weirdo Nazi collaborator.
That's right.
That's right.
We've got a bunch of weird bullying, butthurt...
People, like in a gang, where we're bad because we're white, but they're white too, bitching and yelling and screaming.
Here, let's see what's happening here.
Let's boost this audio.
We got F-Trump stickers.
You know what, Alex?
They take any criticism of Soros, and there was an article put out saying, hey look, these people are criticizing Global Elite, they're anti-Semitic because George Soros is Jewish, ignoring the fact that he was a Nazi collaborator in a prison camp.
That's the amazing, uh, conversion that they put in.
Converting on the fact that the public is ignorant.
Yeah, yeah.
And you know what?
Look at these young,
I mean, I don't care if they're white, Hispanic, Asian.
These look like totally desperate, no parents at home, led by the state.
And you look at the women.
I mean, they look completely whacked out.
I mean, they don't have family.
They don't have a life.
They don't have a culture.
It is just watching MSNBC and Rachel Maddow and just wandering around.
I mean, look at the helplessness.
And they really believe big government and socialism is going to give them some job in class envy.
Look at these people.
I'm not saying that in a mean way.
The globals in the emails say, look how hopeless and dumb they are.
Some people though aren't hopeless.
How do we make them poorer?
Yeah, I look at this and I fear for my sons because they're of this generation.
They are not of this crowd, let me tell you that.
Let me tell you, you do not want to pay 20 grand a year to send your kids to school.
Let me tell you, the more, the bigger the university and the more liberal, these people can hardly talk, David Knight.
I don't mean that meanly, I'm frightened by them.
I mean, it is just a bunch of dumbasses.
Like look at this guy, he's Chinese, got his arm up, you know, the fist of communism or whatever you said.
He's here, probably got to come here free, but he has free education.
His mom might have had him as an anchor baby.
He's pissed it's all free, stomping around.
Really, he's just anti-white.
And look, I'm not going to join the Klan because you guys are racist.
It's just, this is a bunch of anti-white garbage led by a bunch of white people that actually want to just make you their plantation slaves.
Oh, it's not Skype, it's a live feed, yeah.
Black lives matter, except in Chicago when thousands of blacks get killed by blacks every year.
You know, when I was at the Danny Williams press conference, we had all those black people there.
They were absolutely crushed by what the Clintons had done in Haiti, what they had done with Danny Williams.
And they got up and they said, you know what?
Black lives don't matter to the Clintons.
They don't matter to the globalists here.
It's only black votes that matter to those people.
They want to manipulate people.
When they talk about diversity, what they're really doing is they're selling division.
And by the way, these folks don't even care.
The fact that we're covering them and talking to them, they think it's like a fight with us.
We're like looking at Nazi collaborator idiots who work with a weird creepy guy who is funding all... and they got hammer and sickle flags.
Useful idiots.
I mean these... I mean look... I'm not being mean.
Look how dumb.
That guy right there in the middle looks... I mean these people... I mean what the hell?
What do you say to all this tonight?
Well, you know, it's absolutely amazing, Alex, to see them putting up the symbols that have led to tens of millions of people dying throughout Russia, throughout Mao's communist China.
They celebrate these symbols of communism.
They are so incredibly ignorant, these college students, of history.
And let's expand on that.
Let's expand on that.
They can't protest in China, they'd be killed, but they love it.
They love authoritarianism, they hate wealth, they hate success.
It's the government merging church and state, they've got their little sign, which means anti-Christian.
And then you've got, again, the LGBT flag saying F Trump, and you get up close.
What did Trump do to you?
Except do something the Republican Party never did and say we're inclusive.
It's like, again, a total repudiation, David Knight, of reality.
Well, Alex, I was just saying that when you look at the way they tried to use this identity politics... Look at the Mexican flag.
Warriors, keep going.
Donald Trump still did as well as any previous Republican did with Hispanics.
He did better with blacks.
He got 52% of the women's vote.
This division, this tribalism that they're trying to sell people, this pitting one group against another and saying, I'm part of this group, I'm part of this group, and trying to get everybody to fight, that isn't working.
It didn't work in the election.
And this is what we pay for, to send people to you too?
And we all do pay for this, even if we don't send our kids there, even if we don't go there ourselves, we subsidize this with our taxpayers.
You're the Revolutionary Student Front.
That's what Hillary was in.
She can run everything and launch wars and have hundreds of millions of dollars.
Well, you know, you gotta remember, there are students, I remember when this was happening when I was in college, and I would take a glancing look at this and then get back to my engineering studies.
You know, there are people who are actually learning something in school, but then there are people who are being trained, brainwashed, turned, and these are the people who are going to go into politics, Alex.
These are the people that the next generation is going to be having to fight.
Well that's it, I mean they're in their own world.
So listen, I would just run, I know you're coming back, I'd run like 10 minutes of this and just have the camera folks go around and show this communist, liberal rally.
This is who these people are.
And just look, the anger, the ugly looks on their faces, just the absolute parroting, racist, racist, anti-gay, meh, meh, meh, meh, meh, meh, meh.
And you're just like, whoa!
You don't take money from somebody unless somebody keeps more of their check.
I would actually be for that.
It's like the 40 acres and a mule, but no, no, no.
Trump, who got awards from the NAACP and Jesse Jackson for hiring more black people and giving them promotions when they did a good job.
He just feels good to go out and burn something, and then scream, Trump's anti-gay, which is so insulting.
They only use that, as you said with Soros, as a cold-blooded deal to say you're victimizing someone, and then say, you're anti-gay, turn your guns in.
You're anti-gay, support Obamacare.
Well, no, I have a right to defend myself.
Obamacare's a rip-off.
Anti-gay, anti-gay!
And you're like... You know, it's a drama-cleaning event.
And, I mean, look at these Muslim women.
I mean, they would kill gays in the Middle East.
You got these Muslim women who follow... This guy looks like, quite frankly, like he's not too healthy.
And, I mean, it's so... Looks like a bunch of homeless people, mentally ill people, Muslim women who never are allowed off a leash because they're gonna go piss on America, they love them out of a cage.
How big is that crowd actually?
Guy, I don't know, there was a headline that said it was about 400 people, but yeah.
That sexual harassment, and it just runs off.
So you're telling me that... Well, no, no, they just come and lob them if they're attacked, and then they run off.
...protesting sexually assaulting me.
Yeah, of course.
Melody thinks she's like, look at this white guy, I don't suppose he's gay anymore.
Oh, she's trying to tell him not to be there?
Do you think there would have been a protest if Hillary won as well?
Probably not.
I mean, you've got to think this is a college crowd, it's going to be a lot younger.
You've got to give a bit of credit when we're in a Trump shirt.
I would have definitely done it because I think she's pure evil.
But that's my point of view and you have yours.
That's the cool thing about America is we can have a point of view.
Did he just tell you not to talk to us?
I don't know, but I have to get all sides of the protest.
But why not talk to us?
We're not dangerous, we're not doing anything bad.
He just said don't talk to us?
Yeah, the communists always come over and say don't talk.
They want to program.
They're all about talk now.
I've been given talking points by George Soros and all I can say is racist or sexist or whatever.
Oh, let's hear this.
He's screaming racist.
That's a magic word, like abracadabra.
Hocus pocus.
You know, that's the thing that bothers me about this.
Look, it's all a great thing.
These people have no families, no future.
These women are chained up, their genitals cut off, but they're out here pissing on America.
None of these people know each other.
It's all UT professors.
They run this.
We've got our undercover people go cover it.
And they just command a bunch of dumbasses who want a bunch of free stuff to run around the richest country in the world pissing on everything.
The other thing that bothers me, Alex, is this crying wolf about racism.
You know, there is real racism, and it's a very bad thing, but you know, when they use it like this, and accuse people of racism... It waters you down.
It takes that away.
I totally agree.
Here, let's hear this.
Let's turn up the ambient noise.
Just for myself, I'm the worst ever.
Let's hear what's happening.
Hey, alright, so you keep telling people not to talk to us.
Why can't people talk to us?
Now you can't talk?
Wait, but why are we back?
Why are you guys both not willing to talk to us?
Because we're impatient.
I'm impatient?
How so?
Just explain it to me.
I'm just running camera here.
Yeah, Muslim.
Why would you work for a fascist?
Alex Jones a fascist?
But how?
Do you know what that word means?
I don't talk to fascists.
What's he saying?
I'm not a fascist.
He says you're a fascist.
Why can't we have an open dialogue?
Yeah, because I don't want my daughter's genitals cut off.
I don't want radicalism in my country.
I can't go to his country and protest.
He comes here to the free country, and I'm some bad guy.
I guarantee you, Alex, this guy couldn't give you a definition of fascism.
No, no, that's what I mean.
He doesn't know anything about this.
He doesn't know anything about racism either.
This guy, Joe Biggs, this guy over here just assaulted me.
Yeah, they can't even talk.
No, no, not you, not you.
Over here.
Look, right here, with his face covered.
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward!
You're a coward
Yeah, get out.
You don't have any free speech.
That's right.
Get out, get out.
Get out of the country that gives you freedom.
He calls them cowards.
But they're in the middle of these people.
They're not anything but cowards.
Fucking piece of shit racists.
Haha, you're the racist.
We're not going to sing to your level.
We're going to empower everybody.
Homophobic, let me get all that too.
It's fucking true.
How is he racist?
Fucking Trump.
Do you see what Trump's doing?
Do you see what he supports?
Like, I don't even want to bother with y'all.
No, no.
You say to him, OK, can I go to Mexico and have a baby for you?
I honestly want to know.
Get the fuck out of here.
Get to Mexico, make me get a visa when I go?
This is a public street, man.
This is your problem, is that you don't want to talk to anyone.
There's no point.
I'm not a racist.
That's fucked up.
I'm not a racist.
You've got Trump in the office.
I'm not here to talk about who voted for who.
All I did was ask you why you're here.
He's already president!
You're not gonna change it!
You're not gonna change it!
So what are you trying to do?
What are you trying to do?
Look how these people are, whether they're Hispanic, white, black, they all have the same desperate limping.
Like no shit.
Alright, no shit, he's so elegant.
I just want prosperity and get along.
It's always the cuss word followed by...
Racist, xenophobe, homophobic, blah, blah, blah, blah.
Transphobic, all this crap.
I didn't realize you were in a relationship with only white people.
Yeah, I'm apparently a racist.
I'll have to tell my guy needs a fiancee who's pregnant right now that I apparently hate her because she's brown.
I'm going to have to let her know that.
She didn't know that.
That's why she's marrying me.
They just caught you.
We're going to have to break off the wedding now.
I don't know.
They know more about me in three seconds than I've known about myself my entire life.
Thank God that I came out here today to downtown Austin, Texas, so I could be surrounded by all these truth-sayers and these fortune-tellers.
They're children.
Oh my God, this is ridiculous.
But either way, man, I support people being out to protest.
That's fine.
It's fine.
Hey, tell them great job.
Go back and talk to the morons.
This is gold.
We can go with this.
I'm going to punch one of you guys together.
Great job, LaCroix.
We got free shipping going until tomorrow.
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Selling out.
And again, I want to salute the listeners.
For every race, color, and creed, we're all human beings with red blood.
And we thank God we're not under George Soros' mind control.
We're up here 10, 15, 20 hours a day.
Totally teleprompter-free.
Nobody's scripting anything.
We just love freedom.
These people just say four or five things.
It's like it's magic.
Sexist, racist.
And you're just like, okay.
It's like...
Well, look at this, Alex.
This is the Guardian right here, okay?
And they say, and they do an article here, they link you in with the Ku Klux Klan with the White Nationalist Policy Institute I've never heard of before.
By the way, here's my deal.
There's a bunch of black racist groups.
I get they think they're persecuted.
It's tribal, people do that.
Whites are tribal, humans are humans.
So, I don't mystify racists.
I mean, it's like in a prison, everybody's segregated.
That's just what humans do when they're poor, when they're oppressed, when they're dumb.
The thing is, is that no one hates me more than all the white supremacist people because they want to corner the market on the New World Order fight.
So, I didn't even know this was happening, but I'm in articles every day that I'm KKK, and people say, well, why don't you sue them?
Because it's ridiculous!
Guilt by association.
We don't support white supremacists.
The point is, you go to the white supremacist sites, they hate me more than anybody.
Because here's the deal, they're just like the Mexican supremacists or the black supremacists or anybody, they want to run their own little race group, bully everybody, say the issues what color somebody's skin is instead of what their politics and their spiritual life is.
I want everybody to be prosperous.
I'm trying to get minorities, who are the majority, to join us, no matter what color you are, in discovering free market and wealth.
Which fits into some of these cultures great.
That's how we have a future together.
And the white supremacists are like, no, they're all racist.
They want to kill you.
Don't don't be a traitor, Jones.
And I'm like, no, we're going to take the high road.
And then a lot of the minorities act just as racist or worse because they're just people.
But with them, it's OK.
So it's even worse.
But you know what?
I'm better than you.
I'm better than all these super racist, you know, people you just saw.
I'm smarter than you.
I want to build you up.
So even though you want to just use your little $3 terms on me, look, there's going to be people who do want to be successful and do understand what's happening who have brown skin and white skin.
And so, hate me, La Raza, Mecha, KKK, white supremacists, all of you, ADL, all the supremacist groups.
Then he yells, like, Jewish Mafia.
I'm not against Jews in general, but that's Jewish Mafia.
So they have these huge articles.
Hundreds of them last week.
Jerusalem Post.
Jones says the world run by Jewish Mafia.
No, I said, Trump's not anti-Semitic, and it's not that Jewish Mafia runs things, but there is a Jewish Mafia.
It's like there's an Italian Mafia.
And they went, oh my God, you're anti-Semitic.
No, you're a deceiver.
It's why no one listens to you.
Lie about me.
Just because you say I'm raping, you know, possums.
You know, on top of McDonald's at 3 a.m.
It's not true, folks.
I've never raped a possum.
So I don't feel guilty if they say I'm a rapist of possums.
It was the ADL that said that criticism of Soros was anti-Semitic, ignoring the fact that he was a Nazi collaborator.
They've given him awards.
It's all... Schwarzenegger...
They have video of this, but he bought Pumping Iron, they were going to re-release it.
He would show up in SS uniforms, play Hitler records, and told, it was actually in Rolling Stone, I love Hitler, I want to be a world dictator.
I said, you better not run for president, don't let me repeal the 22nd Amendment.
The ADL gives awards.
If you're a real Nazi, they'll go arrest some senile, there's always a 92-year-old guard, doesn't know what their name is, turns out it's innocent, because they don't get real Nazis, folks.
It was the people that proto the ADL.
And Pecheneg actually lost family in the Holocaust.
He's half-Jewish, half-Catholic.
It was actually rich Jews, like Madeleine Albright's dad, who made Jews pay millions to get out, and would double-cross them.
So, Madeleine Albright's dad, George Soros, they were the manager Jews that betrayed Jews, and would tell them, I'm gonna help you, come to this facility, give me your money, and then they'd be, here's the SS.
So, of course, the ADL and all this was set up by Jewish mafia and folks that feed on Jews.
We transcend you.
We love Jews that love freedom.
They're great people.
It's like if there's a German Mafia, which believe me is in Central Texas, at least used to be.
Germans aren't bad.
Nazis were Germans, but Germans aren't bad.
There is Jewish Mafia.
They take it out of context.
It's why they have no audience.
It's why they have no viewers.
But let's get back to this, because let's go back to this crowd.
I want more in-depth.
Please have them reconnect.
This is epic.
In that crowd was epic.
David Knight, great job, the whole crew.
I've got to go home and see my children.
I haven't seen them in two days much.
I saw them early this morning.
I mean, I'm here and there, but that's why I had two hours sleep.
But I love you, David.
I appreciate your hard work.
I love the crew.
I love how hard everybody's been working.
We're going to go to a little after the nightly news tonight.
There'll probably be riots and more things obviously heating up.
That's why it's critical we're on air.
Spread the link.
They hate this show.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
Local stations in your area, obviously you're picking up some of this, but there is cussing when it comes to rallies, so buyer beware.
But look, 27 and a half million viewers last night.
I haven't checked it.
I'm going to try to go to headlines with Travis, your son, and other stuff, and you know, get ready, but have some reports for people.
But this is just a total repudiation of the media, the fake polls, all of it.
Man, these suckers are apoplectic that their god, the big media, the big megacorporation they claim so bad is telling them that, you know, their god, Hillary, failed.
So, a big victory.
Great job, David.
Great job, crew.
Thank you for letting me be a part of this.
Thank you.
I can't believe I'm here in the center of this.
You've been here, what, three and a half, four years?
Four years.
Uprooted from North Carolina.
Your family was there for a year while you were selling your house.
And now, do you feel good?
I told you history's happening.
Oh, yeah.
Oh yeah, this is a big victory.
This is a big victory.
I mean, you've been a smart guy, involved in stuff, think tanks, exposed federal secret, you know, testing that could kill people.
You've been involved, run for Libertarian politics.
But now, I mean, you're here with the big guns, you're part of the big gun operation, our supporters, I mean, just know,
They said it's as pretty as North Carolina, in many ways.
But you're here, and the family went through some sacrifices, but can you not say in your life now, you already had great worth, you already did great things, you already saved a little starving Chinese, you know, baby from China, your daughter.
You've already done all these good things, because you're a good person, but now, aren't you glad you bet on them for us?
Oh yeah.
You know, Alex, what I said when I was talking about this and we got the first returns from Dixville Notch, I said, you know, back 24 years ago, 1992, as an experiment, to get around the media blockade in one small town, because they knew that everybody was going to be focused on the first returns coming out of Dixville Notch, they gave a Libertarian magazine subscription to all the people in that little tiny town, about a dozen people.
And the Libertarian candidate won that year.
Andre Marrou had been the running mate of Ron Paul four years earlier.
And it showed that if you could get around the mainstream media blockade, which they did with just a magazine.
That's the only thing they had.
Didn't have internet.
It was going to be another six years before drudge, before the internet, before the Monica Lewinsky thing blew up and made drudge really big.
People were hungry for info.
But now here we are 24 years later, and we've seen essentially what happened in that small town of Dixielandotch, where they gave them the magazine.
We've now seen this go worldwide, with a worldwide... And now the globalists have brought in all these people, given them free stuff, and they're just running around
This is the most racist crap I've ever heard!
When they come to America, there wasn't that kind of rigidity in our economic class structure.
You had mobility, that you could go up and down until they started taking that away with their regulations.
But you still have a lot more mobility here.
People don't see themselves as part of a permanent economic class here in America.
So what were the communists going to do to try to take control here?
Well, they would try to divide us by racialism.
And that's why Bill Ayers and these other people went in and started creating this white-skin privilege.
That was a fact.
It's in the WikiLeaks that they're using race and admitting it.
It's so cold-blooded.
David Knight, great job.
We'll see if they get that feedback.
Spread the word, folks.
We're still broadcasting live.
The victory has been huge, but now we've got to retain it and move forward and produce so much wealth that our competing system, the American system, destroys collectivism, crony capitalism, and globalism.
Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo.
InfoWars is now.
The 1776 resurgence, the ghost in the machine, there's no getting out.
Absolutely, absolutely.
Let's go to a quick break and we're going to be right back and we're going to pick up again with those riots there in Austin if we can reestablish a connection with Joe Biggs and Josh Owens who are there right there in the middle as I yell at them and scream at them saying, you're racist, you're cowards, it's like no they're anything but.
They're not cowards.
They wouldn't be in the middle of a crowd of hostile, screaming communists, 400 of them, if they were cowards, wearing a Trump shirt, okay?
And they are not racists either, by any means, I guarantee you.
So we're going to take a quick break, and we're going to be right back with this marathon broadcast at InfoWars.com.
I'm David Knight.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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Welcome back to this live broadcast.
We're now, I don't know, how many, 50 hours?
It's more than 52 hours or maybe 54 something.
Into this long broadcast that we've had of this historic occasion, this giant election, which we knew was going to be very important one way or the other.
What was on the referendum was whether or not Americans were going to accept the corruption of Hillary Clinton or whether they were going to understand that we have before us the choice of not only corruption versus a legal structure here and accountability, but also the choice of nationalism versus globalism.
And of course we're now the second nation to join this worldwide fight against globalism.
And I think it's a very important thing, and joining me now is Leanne McAdoo.
You know, Leanne, I think when we look at this, Julian Assange said that we know, we don't know exactly what Donald Trump is going to do.
Well, actually, we've seen a lot of things that he said he's going to do, and I support Donald Trump, and I changed my mind on Donald Trump when I began to see that he was authentic about the things that he had been talking about, trade and other issues.
When I saw things like his health care reform, to take away the mandates and replace it with a marketplace, to take away the coercion and replace that with choice, to give us the financial resources first to choose to pay for the kind of insurance plan that we want to have instead of having one shoved down our throats with an army of 16,000 IRS agents.
I mean, how could you not like that?
I mean, that's a very important thing.
So, yeah, I support that.
And my son, when I went home last night, Lance said, you know, this is the first time in my life that we've had a president elected that we actually liked, you know?
And always in the past, it was either somebody we hated or somebody, well, I guess they weren't quite as bad as the other person.
It was the best we could hope for.
Well, it's pretty interesting, though, that we truly are a divided America, because when I woke up this morning, we're elated.
But then other people, like we see out here, they truly think the apocalypse has arrived.
So it's interesting.
And we've got, we've established Skype contact now.
We were following the Facebook Mitchin stream of Joe Biggs and Josh Owens, but now we have established a Skype connection with them.
And we're going to go back to this live event now.
These are a bunch of sore losers, social justice warriors, socialists who are screaming and crying in the streets of Austin, about 400 of them.
There's our reporter, Joe Biggs.
Joe, tell us what you're seeing there.
Alright, so we have hundreds of UT students out here that are completely and totally triggered by a victorious Trump championship.
And, you know, today's been pretty interesting.
Josh Owens was kicked in the back by a guy with a scarf over his face.
And an old lady told me that this is the first time in US history that we've ever elected someone who actually sexually assaults women.
And then she grabbed me in the crotch.
Did you remind her about Bill Clinton?
Then she grabs me in the crotch and runs off.
Did you remind her we elected Bill Clinton twice?
Yes, I know.
I said, I said, I said, yeah, she might not have raped anybody, but she's a rape enabler by having Bill as her husband and not holding him accountable for anything.
You know, but the funny thing is, like I said, though, she runs up and grabs me in the crotch after she is talking about sexually assaulting women.
Well, maybe she's famous and she thinks she can do that.
Hey, I bet the guy that kicked Josh in the back, the guy that was wearing the mask, was probably the same guy that accused Josh of being a coward.
That's the kind of projection that these liberals do, right?
I bet that's right.
Was that the guy that kicked him in the back, the same guy who's calling him a coward?
Yeah, I think we lost our feet.
I think you lost our feet.
You got me now, Jake?
This feels bad.
I'm losing you guys.
They probably have the noise cancelers there with the sound cannons.
I guarantee you it was that same guy because we saw him on the feed.
He was shooting a bird at him.
He was calling them cowards and I said, you know what?
Yeah, okay, it was, yeah.
You guys going down there in this crowd of maniacs who are screaming and kicking people in the back and you're wearing a Trump shirt, that's anything but a coward.
But a coward is somebody that kicks someone in the back, but that's what we see with these people.
They project their faults on other people just like Hillary Clinton did.
They're racists and so they call you a racist because all they see is skin color.
They don't ever look at anything that's about the individual.
That's all they see is skin color.
The funny thing that they keep chanting is, is immigrants are welcome here.
Well, can anybody remind me of a time where Donald Trump said immigrants were not welcomed in America?
What he said was, is we have illegal immigrants and there are immigrants right now who are going through the process legally the right way and have to wait their time.
You know, my girlfriend's parents are from Guyana.
She's Guyanese.
They waited 10 years to get their citizenship to move here.
And when they did, they flourished.
They became very successful, have great businesses and a nice big home.
You know, it's a possibility.
It can happen, but you have to do it the right way.
We respect people who respect our laws.
And there's not any other country that could go and do what they're doing here.
Unprecedented number of Hispanics agree with Donald Trump's immigration plan.
In fact, they want less than half of the number of people that we're already granting immigration visas to.
They see what's going on here, and a lot of these people don't realize how they have been totally programmed by the mainstream media in their efforts to destroy Donald Trump and rise up Hillary Clinton.
They put out this false message, and these people have totally eaten it up, completely brainwashed by it.
Well, she had another lie for the mainstream media.
Look what we just found here on the light pole.
A little truth in the chaos.
Well it's yet another lie from the mainstream media saying that there was no way that Donald Trump was going to win this election because he had come out against Hispanics and he was going to lose all the Hispanic vote and yet it didn't cost him anything in terms of percentage with the Hispanics because they themselves do not want to have open borders where MS-13 gangs are free to come in and take over our cities.
They left that when they came here legally and they don't want to have a lawless chaos here in this country by allowing that kind of thing to happen here in America.
Exactly, the MS-13 gangs holding up the signs saying, El Chapo's gonna get you if you vote for Trump.
Like, MS-13 gangs for Trump.
Like, really?
No, we don't want that here.
You know, I really want to point out, because one of the things that happened
The media really caught on was when Donald Trump held up the LGBT flag upside down.
So here he is, these LGBT supporters of Trump give him this flag.
They wrote on it, LGBT for Trump.
They're the ones that wrote on it upside down.
I didn't know there was a right side up on it.
Exactly, exactly.
And Donald Trump is just holding up the flag.
The flag that says LGBT's for Trump.
These are the same people who will do anything to desecrate an American flag, so I really don't care less.
No, but my point is, my point is, these are LGBT people trying to say, look, we're for Trump, and he's holding the flag, and he's saying, yeah, this is great, I'm going to unite this country, whatever.
The media, they didn't want to spin that story, so the only thing they harped on is that the flag was upside down.
Not, hey, Donald Trump has got LGBT supporters.
He's totally fine.
He came out and said Caitlyn Jenner is welcome in my bathroom whenever she wants.
All these people are out here saying, he's against gay people and transgender people.
It's like, no, he's not.
But the media didn't.
When he came out and said, sure, Caitlyn, come in my bathroom, that story died.
They couldn't nail him for that.
So, I mean, they're totally delusional.
You know what the funny thing about this process is that they come out here and yell and scream and nothing gets done because most of them are going to go back home.
They're going to live off their parents for the rest of their lives, and they're never going to be successful and do anything, and that's why they're self-entitled little brats, and that's why nothing ever changes for them, because they're too lazy.
That's right.
If you were going to college to get a real degree, you wouldn't have time to do this kind of nonsense.
You'd be too busy hitting the books.
Well, it's like, obviously what they're teaching them in schools is just false, and they come here, and they're not learning.
I mean, even especially at the University of Texas.
I graduated from there, and I remember just the onslaught of
I don't
The way that we help each other.
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Alright, we've lost that connection with them in Austin.
The Skype connection, we'll probably be getting that back.
It started raining and the commies scattered like roaches.
So, no shock there.
They're not winter soldiers.
Chairman Mauer.
No, they can't take the elements.
They're the summer soldiers.
They're snowflakes, they will melt.
Snowflakes, exactly.
You know, we're looking at this and we're looking at the tactics that they're doing and I started talking about this with Alex real quickly.
The way the Guardian
Throws us in there and makes these accusations of rolling us all together.
I want you to look at the way they did this.
Here's their headline.
Former Ku Klux Klan leader and U.S.
alt-right hailed the election results.
So they throw us all together in a basket of deplorables.
We're the only ones celebrating.
That's right.
They start out with the Ku Klux Klan, then they go to Michael Savage.
Then they go to Breitbart.
Oh, then they go to Ku Klux Klan.
Then they go to us, actually.
And actually they featured a tweet that I put out.
It was retweeted by real Alex Jones.
I put up a gif of the classic scene from The Wizard of Oz where the house falls on the Wicked Witch.
They grab the shoes and then her toes curl up and go underneath it.
You know, it's a little gif like that and I said...
Breaking video of Hillary shows why she can't make a concession speech to President Trump.
She just had a house fall on her folks.
So I put that up and it got retweeted on Alex Jones.
So they put that out as evidence of our racism and our connection to the Ku Klux Klan.
And they talk about Michael Savage.
Call him a shock jock.
So he was banned from the UK.
You know, that's not a problem for Michael Savage.
That's a black mark on the UK, quite frankly.
That's nothing for Michael Savage to be ashamed of.
He should be proud of the fact that he exercised his free speech.
There you go, there's a little gif in the tweet that you can see at the Libertarian.
Yeah, that's on Twitter.
Then they throw in Breitbart.
Then they go to a guy who's got the White Nationalist National Policy Institute that I've never heard of.
They put a tweet out from him.
Then they throw in Mark Dice.
Then they throw in Mike Cernovich, okay?
This is the way they roll it.
Guilt by association.
They never throw in Hillary Clinton and point out that La Raza means the race.
Everything for the race.
For those who are not in the race, nothing.
That's as Hispanic supremacist as you can ever get.
That's as racist as anything you'll ever find anywhere.
Or the new Black Panther parties who were actually intimidating voters in 2008 with bats and threatening them if they dared to not vote for Obama.
And then the Department of Justice decided, eh, that's fine, we're going to look the other way.
And then in North Carolina, you had the North Carolina GOP saying, hey, we're going to take some action against this Democrat county chair whatever that said, hey, bring baseball bats to the polling places.
They're not going to intimidate us.
They're not going to intimidate us, exactly.
Bring your baseball bats.
Absolutely crazy.
And then let's just roll through real quickly some of the reactions.
Most of these you'll find at the top of Drudge.
Let's just look at the headlines.
We might drill down a little bit on it.
Peter Thiel talks about Trump's win.
He said he has an awesomely difficult task.
But here's the interesting thing that Peter Thiel said.
He said he has an awesomely difficult task since it's long past time for us to face up to our country's problems.
And here's the interesting thing.
Donald Trump knows what the problem is.
And everyone in America that voted is showing that we too are ready to face up to America's problems and drain the swamp, clean the house, change the status quo.
That's the important thing.
Before you can fix the problems, you've got to know what the problems are.
Donald Trump knows what the problems are.
So do the people who voted for him, as you just said, Leanne.
And we're going to go to our calls here in just a moment.
We've got Nelson in Florida, Wildman in Texas, Terry in California, Joe in North Carolina.
Hang on for just a little bit longer.
We'll get to you guys right after we run through these headlines.
Mexico is stunned.
They're pondering their new relationship with the U.S.
and trying to figure out where they're going to get the money from to build that wall, right?
And after decades of milking the United States through NAFTA, where we immediately went to a $15 billion trade deficit with Mexico, and it's never been lower than that,
And we've had it as high as 75 billion dollars.
I think this last year was 60 some odd billion dollars.
They've made a lot of money over the last several decades off of NAFTA.
They should be able to pay for some or all of that wall, don't you think?
But they go out and they say, Mexico and the United States are friends, partners, allies.
We must continue collaborating.
For the competitiveness and development of North America.
You know, that hemispheric union that was the dream of Hillary Clinton.
Well, that dream is over.
They go on to talk about, they say the relationship of Mexico and the US is uncertain, says another person.
And I would say also, Leanne, it may be uncertain about the status of this new Ford plant that they're going to spend billions on and transfer, you know, they're going to build plants and build jobs in Mexico.
Maybe the Ford president
I think so.
Yeah, absolutely.
Then Vladimir Putin.
Why would Vladimir Putin not toast Trump's victory with champagne?
Because what we've seen is the defeat of the person who said, we're going to have a Russian reset, but what she did was she reset the Cold War.
And with Trump winning, remember we had that doomsday clock and you'd have the scientists say, well, we just moved another close, another second closer to midnight or whatever.
They're the ones moving it closer.
We have now moved that back.
That's a good thing.
And yet the French ambassador says, the world is collapsing before our eyes.
You know, take a look at your country.
Take a look at what happened with the Islamic terrorists there that the globalists gave you.
Remember that quote that I started out with?
Justin Romano said, you know, they raise up countries, they tear them down, they create wars, they move people around as if they're human dust.
Okay, that's what's happening throughout Europe, that's what's happening throughout the Middle East.
Hillary Clinton, after setting the Branch Davidians on fire, and let me tell you, that wasn't just Janet Reno.
Janet Reno fell on the sword for Hillary Clinton, but that was pushed by Hillary Clinton.
We know that from Webster Hubble.
We know that from Vince Foster.
We know that from FBI agents who were there.
It was Hillary Clinton who was pushing to burn those children up.
Pushing for a conclusion, not caring about human life.
And she doesn't care about human life wherever she goes.
And she has set the Middle East on fire.
She has created death and destruction.
When you look at that Aleppo boy, that pathetic picture of that young boy with blood and dust on his face.
Hillary Clinton is the one who did that.
She did that to those children of Aleppo, just as Madeleine Albright did it to the children of Iraq, just as they did it to the children of Waco.
They could care less about human life.
They are monsters and we're well rid of them.
The Hungarian Prime Minister.
Uh, was the first one in Europe to, uh, uh, say that, uh, he liked Donald Trump.
He said Trump's foreign policies were vital for his nation.
He called Hillary Clinton's plans deadly.
He gets it.
And so he's very happy that she's been defeated.
We have even the, uh, Philippines President Duterte, who I am not a fan of.
This guy is an authoritarian, uh, crazy guy.
He told Obama to go to hell a month ago, and now he is saying, eh, we'll talk to Donald Trump about it.
Everybody is willing to turn over a new leaf on life, even Netanyahu is saying, hey, peace and stability in our region, because it was Hillary Clinton that set the Middle East on fire.
So, a lot of interesting reactions from leaders across the world.
Well yes, and also too, what I thought was really interesting is that just as we've been reporting for almost a year now with the establishment in panic and how they said full throttle, we've got to do everything we can to stop him.
These articles, Reuters, disbelief, questions at United Nations after Trump victory.
So this is a bunch of people despondent on Wednesday.
Oh, the U.N.
doesn't like him?
Yeah, there is uncertainty surrounding his foreign policy and likely engagement with the world body.
So they're despondent about the Trump win.
The U.N., the people who gave diplomatic immunity to Bill Clinton when he ripped off the Haitian people and the Haitian lawyers sued him, he said, I got diplomatic immunity!
I'm a U.N.
Special Envoy.
And then here in America, they got Democratic immunity from the Democrat Party.
So, yeah.
Yes, and also it seems that Trump's election has rattled Wall Street.
They're questioning the future of the Federal Reserve.
Ooh, don't touch our darling Federal Reserve.
We should all question the future of the Federal Reserve.
So these are the people that are now shaking in their boots.
And then the last one here, I believe also out of Reuters, fed up with Washington.
Trump's deplorables shake up the elite.
Let's talk a little bit about some of these other initiatives.
We had marijuana win big in a lot of different elections and folks, the left doesn't really understand this and I don't think the right understands it either.
You have to understand that the war on drugs, think about the fact that we've had now, we had some medical marijuana issues, we've had some flat-out legalization, let's see it was
Let's see, we have nine states considered legalizing cannabis, and I think it passed in eight of them.
It says if Maine's ballot measures also approved, that would bring the total of states with legal adult use of cannabis laws up to eight, and they did.
It was close, but it won this morning, it went through.
Arizona is the only one that failed to pass, so it's eight more that said marijuana is going to be legal.
We have Florida, Arkansas, North Dakota, Montana passed medical marijuana bills and that brings it up to 28 states that now have medical marijuana.
Let me say this.
The UN, and think about this, we've got it legal for medical use, okay, we've got it legal for recreational use in 8 states, well actually it was 2 before that, so now 10 states and 28 it's legal for medical use, and yet it is still listed by the feds as a class 1, schedule 1 drug which says it has absolutely no medical use.
And we've said in 28 states, no, it does have medical use.
And so you have this massive dissonance here between the people, between the states, and between the federal government.
But it's not the federal government.
Understand that the war on drugs is a globalist agenda.
It is a UN agenda.
The war on drugs that Richard Nixon put in in 1971, he had four schedules for the drugs.
The UN created that in 1961, ten years before Richard Nixon did it.
They created the four schedules, they put all the drugs in the schedules that they wanted them in, and they have enacted this in a worldwide agenda.
So they may not understand it, but when the leftists
Are thumbing their noses at the federal marijuana laws.
They are really thumbing their noses at yet another globalist agenda.
And that is the globalist UN war on drugs.
And so it suffered a major defeat yesterday.
I guess we'll call it grassroots rebellion.
Yes it is, very good.
I was really excited about that as well because you know this is just further proof that the people are sick and tired of having these elitist and pharmaceutical companies frankly tell us what we are allowed to access.
This is a plant and I was reading an article about a mother who was sentenced to prison because she gave her daughter who was suffering from terrible seizures, she wanted to treat her with cannabis oil.
Because the only treatment that was offered to her by the doctors was to cut a part of her child's brain out.
That's legal.
You can lobotomize your child, but God forbid you try using a plant that has medicinal value to stop your daughter's seizures, and she had tremendous success with this, and now they want to put her in prison.
That's crazy.
Cut her brain out, that's fine.
Just like David Simpson here in Texas.
He said, look at all these kids who have uncontrollable seizures.
Where do they get the uncontrollable seizures?
It's a reaction to the mandated vaccines.
So they mandate the vaccines that in some children produces uncontrollable seizures, and then the only thing that'll stop that is a natural plant.
And you've got a conservative, a libertarian, David Simpson here as a state representative in North Carolina.
Great guy.
Solid guy.
And he said, he offered an amendment that said we're going to take this off, we're not going to criminalize a plant that God made, and I want marijuana removed out of the Texas criminal code completely.
The Texas law should have absolutely nothing to say about a plant.
Let's get it out of there.
That's absolutely true.
Nothing could be truer.
So that's a really interesting outcome of this election.
One of the other things that we've seen, and of course, there were some gun control measures that were put up in four states, and they were passed in three of those.
California, Nevada, and Washington increased gun control measures.
Maine defeated a measure that would block transfer of firearms between individuals.
But of course, California loves gun control.
The liberals don't understand.
They look at the problems with drug prohibition, as you just pointed out, Leanne, and yet they don't understand that you don't ever win by creating prohibition.
And if you create gun prohibition, you're going to do the same thing with guns that you've done with drugs, which is make it go through the roof in terms of crime, in terms of illegal usage.
You're going to create a thriving black market.
That's not the way to do it, besides the fact
That we have a natural right to protect ourselves, and that's reinforced in the Second Amendment, and it's not something we're going to put up with anywhere outside of California.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure your son actually just celebrated a Trump win by purchasing a new gun.
That sounds like him.
Yeah, he was like, I'm feeling very, very proud of my country today.
I'm going to go exercise my Second Amendment right.
Let's take some calls.
We've got some people who've been waiting a long time.
Let's go to Nelson in Florida.
Nelson, go ahead.
Are you there?
Yeah, can you hear me?
Good, yes, yes.
Thank you for holding so long.
Go ahead.
That's okay.
I wanted to talk about Trump TV.
I spoke to you this summer about it, and I feel, you know, everyone's got the wrong information.
That's why we have such division in the country.
And, yeah, so, you know, and all the mainstream media's been pushing it on us, so Trump needs to come out.
Just because of his name, everybody will watch, with his own network, with your own format.
And, you know, get everybody on the same page so we can work together.
Well, it's true.
We'll have to see what happens with it.
That's where the real struggle is, is getting the information, as I pointed out.
Hillary was going to usher in censorship.
That's one of the things that Julian Assange said.
He said, we know who Hillary Clinton is.
She's a warmonger and she hates free speech.
And so this is a big victory for free speech.
Depends on how we're going to use it.
Yeah, I don't know.
I've seen things bopping around about Trump TV.
I think Donald Trump has not really affirmed anything about that.
I think those are just rumors that other people put up.
Do you agree?
Yeah, well I think that was probably going to be the reaction if indeed Hillary Clinton did get in.
That would have been a very appropriate response to the revelation of what the establishment media really is and the machine that we were up against.
I guarantee Trump would have absolutely started Trump TV in response to that.
Yeah, would have been interesting.
But who knows, it may still happen.
Maybe somebody else will do something like that.
Thank you.
Let's go to Wildman in Texas.
Thank you all for all you do.
First off, I want to say praise God, Father, Jesus, the Son, and the Holy Spirit for the outcome of this election.
Because we were headed
We're headed in a bad, bad direction.
Yeah, we were.
And thank God that we got it, because this is what the country needs.
He laid a choice out for us, didn't he?
And we, you know, it's like choose life, choose honesty, or you can choose corruption, you can choose death and war, and I think the American people made the right choice, and that is a blessing from God.
Yes, it is.
And I think in the whole thing about bringing
No, yeah, I don't think that'll fly.
Yeah, well, it'll be interesting to see what happens.
You know, like I said before, you know, going back to the David versus Goliath thing, you knock the giant down, you still gotta cut off his head and you better do it before he gets back up.
And so, he needs to make some decisive moves early on.
He needs to eviscerate their power structure.
He needs to not be co-opted by the globalists, even if they come to him as friends, whispering in his ears.
And so, you know, hopefully he's got the right kind of advisors.
I'm very encouraged by the fact that he has had, for a long time, Senator Sessions as his key advisor.
And I don't know anybody in Washington, even though I don't agree with Senator Sessions on everything.
I think that Senator Sessions likes the war on drugs, okay?
But I don't agree with everybody on everything.
And I understand why some people would support that, not understanding what the full agenda is.
But he does understand the agenda of the globalists, of the trade agenda.
Senator Sessions had the integrity to read that.
And to understand it, to present it to his fellow Senators who, quite frankly, the rest of them, the other 99, could care less.
That they were going to subvert the Constitution to pass this thing, that they were going to turn over the management of our economy to a foreign international committee on which we would have no say, any more than we had any say over the way this thing was written.
And they would run this as a living document.
So that there would be no controlling legal authority of that.
He exposed all that.
He educated Donald Trump on that.
So I think Donald Trump has got a really key advisor in Senator Sessions.
That makes me feel very good to know that he's behind him.
A lot of people are saying Obama's big move is going to be trying to get the TPP passed before he leaves.
Yeah, well, you know, we'll just have to roll that back then, just as we're going to roll back the NAFTA agreement.
And I think that Donald Trump is coming in and saying, you know what, we're going to renegotiate or end NAFTA.
And he would do the same thing with the Trans-Pacific, the Trans-Atlantic Partnership.
That's right.
Iran came out and said, he's not allowed to renege on the Iran nuclear deal.
He's just not allowed to.
They're already feeling the heat a little bit.
Well, the key thing is you have to understand that Donald Trump, there are three legs of globalism that they're trying to get through.
And, you know, that's open borders, it's the trade agreements, it's the climate treaty.
And he is against all three of those, and he is going to be a major obstacle to all three of those if they could have gotten those through just one of them.
But if they could have gotten two of them through, that would definitely be a lock on their consolidation of power.
The fact that he opposes all three is why they hate him so much, why they have done everything to stop him, and I think that the toothpaste is out of the tube.
The people understand what is going on, and I don't think there's going to be any going back for quite some time.
We're going to make sure of that.
We're going to be here, we're going to be shouting loudly, we're going to be telling people what this agenda is.
Quick final comments, Wild Man, then we've got to go to the other people who've been waiting for about an hour and a half.
Yeah, I'm going to say everybody at InfoWars is in my prayers and your family.
Thank you.
And I always have been, I think.
Thank you for the great products.
I buy a lot of them.
And, you know, keep on going.
And like, I agree with Alex and the rest of y'all, the war has just begun.
We need not to let our guard down.
Stand vigilant and keep going.
Thank you.
And know that you're in our prayers as well.
This entire country has been through this election.
Let's go to Joe in North Carolina.
Hey, how's it going, guys?
Doing good.
What part of North Carolina are you from?
Greensboro, actually.
All right, good.
That's a beautiful place.
We're definitely one of the battleground states that I'm glad to see go red.
I just want to say real quick, too, I used to take Adderall a lot before I was prescribed that.
Now I take Brain Force every day.
It's 100% better than taking pharmaceutical crap like that.
Oh, yeah.
Survival Shield, Biotru.
Super Male, Secret 12, Vitamin Mineral Fusion, and DNA Force.
And, I mean, it's just done wonders for my life.
Isn't Brain Force wonderful?
I love the way it focuses my mind.
I can tell when I'm not on it.
It just brings together, helps me to focus and organize things in a way that I can't do with coffee or with anything.
It really is something unique.
Yeah, 100%, 100% in the mornings, it's the best thing to do when you wake up.
I mean, you know, for me anyways.
I was just wondering if there's a way that, I was going to ask Roger Stone this, since I'm sure he's been in the White House before, but I was wondering if they could possibly put some like RFID chips all over the furniture in the White House just to make sure, you know, if any of it leaves, you know, an alarm or something like that can go off so, you know, Obama can't try the same things that Hillary and Clinton did to steal all the funds.
I'm sure they've got some sort of reinforcements after that.
Yeah, I would hope so, because we need to save our tax dollars any way we can.
Well, I'll tell you this.
I think the Secret Service agents are really glad that they're not going to have to be guarding somebody that's as abusive as Hillary Clinton.
You know, their job just got a lot more pleasant, but actually got a lot more dangerous at the same time.
But I'm sure that they're glad that they don't have to deal with Hillary Clinton.
That was considered to be punishment.
We've been told by multiple Secret Service agents that if they had to guard Hillary Clinton, that was simply abusive punishment.
It literally was.
Yeah, I wouldn't want to wear a helmet either around them.
I mean, I would probably be forced to if you're throwing shit.
I mean, that's ridiculous.
And I was just wondering, too, who y'all thought would be the best attorney general for Trump to put in to go after Hillary and really any other of the criminals and globalists here around.
I was thinking maybe Trey Gowdy, Rudy Giuliani.
I'm not sure who y'all thought would be the best one to put in.
You know, I really don't know.
I don't know them individually.
I know that, I don't know if Rudy Giuliani wants it or not, but I think he's...
He's outspoken enough that I think he would take the gloves off with Hillary Clinton.
He was the one who was out there saying, we need to use the Racketeering Influence and Corruption, Corrupt Organization Act, the RICO Act.
He said we put that in there for the Mafia, and this is organized crime.
I mean, you know, he was very plain spoken about it.
He wasn't trying to mince words, and he was a pretty effective prosecutor in New York before he became mayor.
So, he would probably be pretty good in that position, but that's going to be a decision for Donald Trump.
He knows these people will just have to
Trust him on his judgment.
And this is a guy who has run a massive enterprise.
He knows how to select good people.
That's the key thing.
Obama never ran anything.
He was a community organizer.
It's not a surprise that his organization is a failure, even to achieve his objectives.
And the same thing with Hillary Clinton.
She's never done anything except scream abuse at Secret Service agents.
Well, she did name a library.
Or a post office.
Alright, thank you Jo.
We gotta go to Terry in California and then we're going to throw to a special report here.
Terry in California, thank you for holding for so long.
Go ahead.
Uh, my name's Paul Revere.
Oh, okay.
Hello, Paul.
Info Wars.
We are the resistance.
Instead of I am Spartacus, we can all say I am Paul Revere.
That's right.
Listen, I just want to let you guys know what you've done.
What you and Alex have done.
Uh, my dad's a retired general.
I joined the Army in 1978.
And then this was my tenth election that I was eligible for and I have never voted.
I've always considered myself like a second-class citizen.
Well, anyways, when I got out of the Army, six years, Sergeant taught with a secret security clearance and an Army Commendation Medal.
So I was a good boy in the Army.
I didn't realize I was brainwashed.
Well, on October 23rd, one day before the deadline to register to vote in California, I heard that young man that works for you, one of my heroes, Mr. Schreyer.
So what is it going to take for America to wake up?
I woke up, and all those years, 40 years, think about that.
And Owen woke you up, that's great.
Owen's yelling.
Their training is you point that weapon and you point it at that young lady and that baby and you kill them without any question.
That's the kind of brainwashing that they do in the military.
And that's gotten very effective.
Well, what you guys have pointed out to me is that the brainwashing never starts.
You guys put an end to me.
You un-brainwashed me.
I want to thank Owen, especially because I really like, he's like a clone of Alex.
I just want to know, and I want to tell Alex for me, that a veteran who voted for the first time in his life brought 13 votes for Donald Trump this year in California, and that I just want to thank you.
God bless you.
And I really appreciate what InfoWars does.
Thank you.
God bless you, too.
I've got friends who are in the military, and I asked them about what they thought about Hillary Clinton, and one of my friends from high school, he was a career military, he was in the Pentagon, he went to West Point, and his wife, same thing.
He said, you know, my wife and I would have gone to jail for the rest of our life if we'd done what Hillary Clinton did.
And I think there are people who understand that throughout our government.
That's the kind of criminality that that family has brought to us, and we need to not forget that.
We need to not allow that to continue.
It needs to not go unpunished.
And I'm not talking about just getting revenge for people and being sore losers.
Now we've seen the sore losers downtown in Austin, but we need to make sure that we set an example for criminal conduct.
It needs to be a deterrence.
And the way that you do that is you don't allow there to be a double standard for people like Hillary Clinton.
As James Comey said, you know what, we've got all these felonies that she committed, but nobody in their right mind would prosecute her.
But don't you try this at home, because you're going to go to jail, because we've got a double standard in America.
Let's not have a double standard in America.
Let's make an example out of this.
Let's let justice prevail here.
God can offer mercy, but let's get justice from this government for Hillary Clinton.
You've got something, Leanne, you talked to Dr. Group earlier this week.
Give us a heads up about this report that's coming up.
Well, we sat down with Dr. Group and talked about several things.
Margaret's got an interview coming up with him a little bit later.
But one of the big things, there was this new disorder that's been put out there, election stress disorder, and everyone is suffering from it.
Anxiety, all that.
And they say, you know, how to deal with your election stress disorder even beyond the election.
You know, frankly, we can see how many people are massively triggered by the fact that Donald Trump is their president now.
Deal with it, and this interview with Dr. Group will give you some pointers of how to deal with your new reality.
So let's go ahead.
Stay engaged, but not sedated, okay?
You don't want to be sedated by NPR and these other people.
They want you to go back to sleep.
Don't go back to sleep, but you can be cautiously alert and calm.
And here's this report.
My fellow Americans, my fellow humans, on...
Do you have election stress disorder?
Yes, apparently it's a real thing.
Frankly, I think I have come down with a very bad case of election stress disorder.
Dr. Group joins me now to talk about this.
I mean, what will they think of next?
I mean, it's crippling anxiety, but it's even more than that.
Yeah, you're right.
As a matter of fact, the American Psychological Association released some preliminary data.
Basically, what they're saying is that
55% of Democrats and 59% of Republicans say that the election is causing them stress.
I'm telling you, I actually try to reduce my stress as much as possible all the time, and I've even had election stress.
You can feel the tension that when you walk around, when you go places, when you go to the gym, anywhere you go, you can just feel this tension right now.
And it's not just in the United States.
It's all around the world.
I mean, I have people that I talk to in Brazil, Russia, everywhere, and they're all the eyes are on the United States right now.
And everybody's freaking out.
They're not getting enough sleep.
Their eating habits have changed.
You know, stress is not good for you.
There's eustress, which is good stress, and then there's distress, which is bad stress.
And that's what's happening right now.
I feel like I've been kind of on that resting stress level, which of course makes it so that if anything little happens, you're just, you're much more apt to snap.
So Stephen Stozny, this doctor, describes election stress disorder as a feeling like irritability and resentment, covering up anxiety and a sense of powerlessness.
It creates a tendency to blame, oversimplify and devalue other perspectives.
And I think anyone who has tried to have a conversation with anyone about the election has experienced this.
People devaluing your perspective, trying to oversimplify big problems, blaming people.
And of course,
The irritability and the resentment.
I mean, look at the state our country is in and then this circus of an election we've had.
Plus, I feel as though there's a lot of kind of gaslighting going on in a huge sort of PSYOP campaign, which we can see now with the mainstream media totally colluding with the establishment party there and with the Democrats to get their establishment candidate in.
So you feel like you're banging your head against a wall because you're trying to talk about things that are facts and people just don't want to hear it.
It's cognitive dissonance.
I mean, is there any help or hope for someone like me or just- You're so right.
It's like people do not want, people that are so Hillary, so Democratic, they don't even want to hear anything.
I mean, I've tried to talk to people and say, look, watch this video, Clinton Chronicles, here's the information.
Right in front of your face, I'm giving it to you so you can learn about your candidate.
Don't you have to learn?
Even when we were seeing patients, I was telling Anthony earlier that one of the things we found is that people don't even know why they're sick.
They don't even know why they have the disease.
And this is the same during this election process.
I talked to people and I'm like,
Okay, all the things we're trying to fight for, like a clean environment, clean water, clean air, healthy living, Monsanto, all the chemicals, everything that's causing disruption to the Earth, to everybody's bodies, to the environment.
If you go down the list, you're gonna see Hillary or the Clinton Foundation that's involved in every single one of those things, that are destroying the planet, that are destroying our lives every single day.
And then, this is why I get stressed out about it, is because then I look at the Trump candidacy and everything.
He hasn't been around to where he has a lot of views on those things.
I'll pull up all of the crimes and everything and give people this information, and they just say, no, I don't wanna hear it.
Or I'll email it to them, and they'll just send me an email back and say, Trump treats women bad, he's horrible, I don't wanna hear anything negative about Clinton.
I've already made up my mind, and that's the way I'm gonna vote.
That actually causes stress.
I mean, I actually was, I'm getting these emails going.
They don't even want to learn the truth?
It's like ignoring a huge sore that has erupted on your body and then just ignoring it until it becomes stage 4 cancer.
And then there's nothing you can do about it at that point.
We studied, when we were studying disease and all the root causes of disease, and yes, all the chemicals and all that stuff that affect your body.
But one of the things that wasn't studied a lot, and one of the things that we studied, was the effect of stress and negative emotions on your body.
And how we got into that is we would have, you know, cancer patients or people that were suffering from debilitating illness and disease, and they were getting better.
And then we had a small group of people that weren't getting better.
So we, uh, you know, when you like, let's say Lance Armstrong or somebody like that, where you would think lives a healthy lifestyle, he exercises every day.
How is he coming down with cancer when we're contributing, you know, poor diet and all these chemicals and toxins and everything else contributing to cancer?
We found a guy.
That was living in a small apartment, that was living on donuts, he was drinking a fifth of alcohol a day, been doing it for years and years and years, smoked a couple packs of cigarettes a day.
I'm talking the worst lifestyle you could live.
This guy, he was like 70 years old.
He attributed his life.
He was so happy.
He watched funny stuff on TV all day long.
So basically, even though he was sitting there drinking a fifth of alcohol every day and smoking a couple packs of cigarettes every day, he was happy.
He had no stress in his life.
And then the more we looked into it, we realized how damaging stress is on the body.
And stress can override everything, or happiness can override everything.
And people that are holding on to all these negative emotions, and anger, and fear, and anxiety...
They need to learn how to let all these things go because it's damaging your whole body.
And our bodies are so incredible, amazing.
We really truly can heal ourselves, but we stay in this sort of resting state of stress.
So our bodies are never able to repair themselves because we can't sleep and we're disrupting our sleep patterns with our phones and then getting super stressed right before bed.
You know, I know we kind of make fun of people that kind of...
Knock everything out by watching those cat videos, but maybe you need to be watching more cat videos because it makes you very happy And laughing is of course does wonders for your health, but let me ask you kind of more of like a metaphysical From a metaphysical perspective.
I know I've watched movies before where they talk about Fear-based thinking and how if you're in locked into a state of fear it makes your thinking
In a way that your thoughts don't really, you're easier to control, you're closed up, you're clenched up.
And so that's why we see right before the election, anonymous sources and the intelligence officials are saying Al Qaeda might do a terrorist attack or ISIS is planning on attacking people at the polls.
No, they're not!
Are you kidding me?
Why would you even put that out there?
It's unfounded.
But for some reason, it's like there's this fear propaganda that gets pumped out.
So talk a little bit about that, of maybe this fear-based thinking.
Yeah, I call it like fear addiction in a way because over a period of time, some people become addicted to that and they can't put their phone down and they can't stop looking at the news and thinking that something bad is going to happen.
So eventually over time,
They're just wondering what the next step is.
And that's kind of where we've come as far as, I'm not saying that nothing's going to happen.
I mean, right now in this world, anything's possible.
Biological attack, Obama just signed an executive order.
We have EMP threat attack.
We have currency devaluation and economic disaster that's looming.
Most of that, there's a good chance that maybe some of that does happen.
But to be in, you know, watching the alternative news and to be looking and to be focusing on that and making it a priority in your life, that's something I would say that you need to stop doing right away because you need to start taking care of your own self and taking care of your own life.
As a matter of fact, this is kind of hilarious, the American Psychological Association came out with ways to cope with election stress disorder.
One of them is limit media consumption.
Stop having conflicting discussions about the election.
No debates.
Know that whatever happens, life will go on.
And the last one is, be sure to vote.
Oh my, okay.
So now I recommend that people just take a step back.
I mean, I know, look, at least a couple hours before you go to bed at night, because stress affects how you sleep at night, and you need to sleep eight hours at night.
Just sit down quietly, turn the TV off, drink some pure water, eat some clean food.
A lot of people deal with stress the wrong ways.
They take medications, they overeat, they grab a thing of ice cream, they eat chocolate, it makes them feel good.
Listen, this is not over.
After the election tomorrow, this is just beginning, okay?
Whether it's Trump or whether it's Hillary, hopefully it's Trump, but it doesn't matter.
All this information is out now and it's gonna continue, so we have to take a step back and be calm.
And you can just go in a dark room and close your eyes.
And just do some deep breathing for a few minutes and relieve your stresses and try to limit the amount of media that you read and try to take care of yourself and eat healthy.
We're coming into the holidays too.
You know holidays people always gain five to ten pounds.
Just know that
With this new flu vaccine, make sure that you don't get that.
Make sure you eat healthy.
Make sure you avoid gluten.
Make sure you take some time for yourself and your family and focus on you over the holidays and through this election process and deal with your stress appropriately.
Yeah absolutely because if it's not this it's going to be something else and they'll come up with some new disorder and you know Alex Jones did a huge video on the forest bathing and that's the big thing for me is going out in nature going and then dipping your toes in the nice grass or you know getting your hands dirty in the garden something like that to kind of reconnect with nature shut off Facebook
Stop banging your head against a brick wall trying to talk some sense into your friends, because you know what?
At the end of the day, don't lose friends over the election.
That's the whole plan, is the whole conquer and divide.
So thank you so much for joining us today, Dr. Group, and we will see you guys on the flip side.
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And welcome back to the InfoWars epic 52-hour election coverage, which has somehow morphed into the never-ending epic election coverage 2016.
We don't even know when we're getting out of here.
Margaret Howell joins me now.
Thank you for having me.
All of us a little slap happy, a little sleepy, but you know, it's fine.
We are here with you, and I think all of us were so excited last night.
It was like a reinvigoration.
We couldn't even go to sleep.
We are so happy to be here with you.
The alternative of being here and talking about a Clinton presidency, this is so much better.
I am delighted to be here right now.
Thrilled to be bringing you this information.
We can't wait to get into this subject matter.
I've been giddy all day.
And a little moody.
I know.
I've been a little moody.
I've been sensitive today.
But I'm telling you, this could be so much worse.
No, it really could.
And see, that's the thing, you know, those protesters that are out there, God bless them, because if it had been the other way around, we would have been out and taken it to the streets.
In the rain.
I mean, so... With a bat.
That's the thing is, it is time for people to unite, to not, to look at those people and say, oh, they're so stupid, whatever, blah, blah, blah, get over it.
I mean,
Yeah, he's the president, so get over it, but at the same time, it is time to unite and educate these people, because like I was pointing out, you see a lot of the protesters, they're holding the LGBTQ flag and thinking that Donald Trump is now going to throw them off of roofs and stuff, like Hillary Clinton's big supporter Saudi Arabia.
And it's like, what are you talking about?
Upside down, buddy.
Let me just say, if we have any LGBT listeners, Donald Trump is not against you.
He has repeatedly said this in speeches that he is, you know, for you.
He's not against you at all.
He said it at the RNC and got a huge round of applause.
And this is what I was pointing out with David earlier.
So the LGBTs for Trump, this group, hands him the flag so that he can hold it.
They wrote it there.
He held it right side up, according to the way the group
I don't think so.
But they did say it in all of their email chains, as exposed in WikiLeaks, their inner workings.
You know, the gift that keeps on giving is WikiLeaks.
We have five more weeks of this.
Alex said on the show yesterday, and I didn't know this, Leigh-Anne, on December the 25th, there's supposedly a Christmas gift.
I cannot wait for December the 25th.
My prayer is that Hillary Clinton is in fact indicted, along with all of her little swamp creatures.
And I was so shocked in her speech today.
She didn't beg not to go to prison.
I thought that was going to happen.
It didn't happen.
Please, please do not send me to jail.
Maybe that's why she was being very gracious, because... Right.
You know, I don't... And this is me, because I don't have a dark heart, Hillary Clinton, but I actually felt for her, because you could see... You did, didn't you?
And you see her husband in the background, like...
That's my girl!
One of 10,000.
And he had probably a huge effect on the fact that Hillary Clinton got taken out because she had to cover up for all of his scandals.
Just the decades worth of scandals surrounding them.
I did feel for her.
Her entire life.
This is what she worked for, and now the queen, the witch is dead.
The queen of darkness.
Ding dong, the queen of darkness did not ascend onto her throne.
It's over.
Oh my gosh!
We've had such little sleep, I'm like, did this happen?
Did this happen?
I think that we did report that it happened.
Owen definitely was, you know, spouting from the lungs.
You know, I believe it happened.
Owen showed up with champagne and a cigar ready to go and it was still, you know, all the votes hadn't even come in yet.
Like, all the polls hadn't even closed.
We're like, okay, buddy, calm down.
Don't get ahead of yourself.
You know, and
I'm sure a lot of people out there can relate to us.
I went through so many emotions yesterday and I think that's why a lot of people are just so exhausted because you're just thinking, you know, you can feel the dark direction that our country was headed in.
It was just total darkness and I was so afraid what's going to happen.
Hillary Clinton calls Alex Jones out by name.
So we all know InfoWars absolutely is responsible for her downfall.
She's going to take us out if she gets in.
I can't even imagine the plans she had to take out her opponents if she was given this power of this office.
Not only take out her opponents, take out Russia, take out anybody that she deems is a threat to her.
But definitely the alt-right and definitely people that had a hand in her downfall.
Just exposing what she's done, frankly.
We just shined a spotlight on everything that she's done to people.
I don't feel sorry for her at all.
My heart does not go out to her.
I hope that she is indicted.
I hope that she spends time in jail.
I hope that the Bodesta boys are running for their lives through the border right now with their porn on their back.
I really do.
I have no sympathy at all for these people.
Do you think that they are fleeing the country as you speak?
You know, that would be very wise of them because WikiLeaks has given a few gems into their criminal dark
Activity, and it's just a matter of time before somebody at the DOJ has enough character and actually enforces the law.
So I would assume that it's time to go boys.
It's just so, I mean though our government has, was on the trajectory to just be so corrupt, so infiltrated with all of this corruption and they've been getting away with it for decades.
As David Knight pointed out with
The whole James Comey thing, how he wasn't fooled by James Comey saying, you know, opening the investigation eight days before.
He said, no way, he's not going to do anything because of the Sandy Berger case, which happened, you know, years ago, where he's literally stuffing files down his pants and in his socks to protect the Clintons because they wanted to investigate Al Qaeda attacks.
So then here he's the national security advisor to the president.
I don't
Good job, guys.
Thank you for covering up our corruption.
We will now give you an even higher seat here in the kingdom.
And so this is what we're just seeing, this revolving door about these corporations.
They sell out the country, and then they go work for a law firm that's there supporting the big banks.
Um, you know, so it's this revolving door.
It's exposed.
You're absolutely right.
Eric Holder works for Covington Burling.
His only job is to defend Wall Street clients, usually that are committing crime.
The ones that he was like, everyone, they're just too big to jail.
And he's gonna make sure that, you know, it's
There's nothing we can do about him, frankly, at this point.
You know, just thank God he's gone.
But I love the egg on not only the president's face right now, and I don't mean to be disrespectful because I have the highest respect for that office, but Obama, he was joking about Trump never being president.
I don't know if you remember this.
Yeah, Adon Salazar actually has this article up on the website right now.
Remember when Obama said Trump would never be president?
That's exactly it.
He was mocking him.
Oh, the arrogance.
And then he drops his phone like a mic drop.
Oh, guess what, buddy?
I mean, and there he is stumping for Hillary Clinton, someone who was terrible to him when they were running against each other.
And then she's in his administration and she does all of these terrible things and, you know, is now a black spot on his administration because she took that whole office down with her and never had an inspector general watching over the things that she did.
And, you know, he's
Probably thinking, well, I'll just kind of let Hillary Clinton do her thing and I'm going to go play golf and it's good.
And then, you know, you know, Obama, somebody would call some people like you would call that your legacy.
You want to stay intact.
We call that, you know, horrific crimes against U.S.
We don't want to see any of that stay intact like Obamacare.
I really think that's one of the most heinous, contrived, manipulative things ever perpetuated against the American people.
And it's designed to enslave us.
Can you imagine we're paying a tax?
To avoid, you know, things that we can't afford in the first place.
He's made them more unaffordable.
You know, just wrap your brain around this for a minute.
We get a chance to get out of this.
It's amazing!
We get a chance to... I hope that when he goes to the White House, because Obama didn't invite him there, he just goes, you're fired!
That would be amazing!
So, I just want to flashback to what Obama said about Donald Trump.
It's here in the article Adan Salazar has up on Infowars.com.
It seems to be getting a lot of traction on the internet.
A lot of people commenting here because they're just kind of gloating.
Don't take it too far, guys.
We don't want to hurt everybody, trigger all the social justice worries.
But he says, I continue to believe that Mr. Trump will not be president.
And the reason is because I have a lot of faith in the American people.
I think they recognize that being president is a serious job.
It's not hosting a talk show or reality show.
It's not promotion.
It's not marketing.
It's hard.
And this is the guy who's gone on every single late night talk show, golfing trips out
Yeah, Zach Galifianakis went to, you know, Cuba, South America and is there dancing the tango while there's literally a terrorist attack going on and he's like, I didn't want to cut my trip short because I didn't want terrorists to think they'd won.
So I just decided to go on and do my tango dance.
And you're just like, are you?
What is your problem?
But yes, the presidency is a very serious job and, you know... That's so thoughtful of him to remind Trump of that.
You know, we're talking about a man whose energy, even as reporters, we are so shocked that this man keeps going and going and going, you know, rally after rally after rally, several different states in a single day, and then he would show up for a debate that evening.
How are you doing this?
I was reading one of our friends, Jack Posobiec, he had tweeted out this anecdotal reference to Trump and somebody had reported he stayed in a Holiday Inn, got up, ironed his own shirt and shined his own shoes.
And that's coming from a trusted source that I really respect.
So we're talking about a man that literally got up, shined his own shoes and kept going while our president is lecturing him about how hard it is, the job that he has.
Yeah, exactly.
And the thing is, I've spoken with people that have worked on the president's detail, I guess, and it's just such a rigmarole.
The whole entire city has to shut down.
It's like, make way for the king.
Sorry about your inconvenience.
I know when the presidents come to Austin, they go and tell people who live in condos here, you're not allowed to go out on your balcony.
I don't understand it's a safety thing but I mean it literally and he decides to come during South by Southwest or some huge event when you're gonna massively inconvenience a lot of people that's why when they had the floods they're like no we don't need him to come let's just let us handle this first stay away let's just let's just take care of this you know so yeah hopefully we can get a little bit of that
I don't think so.
I don't know.
Do we have a photograph of this poor little guy?
Can we pull this article up?
Okay, so this is a compilation video.
We'll go to that in a second.
There's another article up.
It's titled, Liberals in Tears Following Devastating Hillary Defeat.
Let's just scroll through some of these.
I know Adan Salazar, I believe, or Lewis, they Snapchatted some of these people crying last night.
Just totally triggered.
I don't laugh at people crying, but it is kind of funny.
So here we go.
Here's a few if you want to go to Infowars.com forward slash show to see this for yourself.
Look at this poor little guy down here.
Why is he so sad?
Why is it so frazzled?
He needs to get a little comb.
They're not over.
He probably makes one of Donald Trump's hair.
I know.
It's very not nice.
But yeah, I mean, look at these people are so sad.
They're so upset because they didn't get the opportunity to elect the first
We're good to go.
Two, this victim class status of, you know, we deserve everything and the United States hates us and none of us belong and this is, oh boy, this is racist, sexist, you know, white supremacy.
And it's like, no man, there's no way Trump would have won if the black voters didn't show up, if the Hispanic voters did not show up for Donald Trump.
It's not just a bunch of racist white people that decided to go vote all of a sudden.
You know, it's just like, don't discount the minority votes that did show up for Trump.
There were a lot of them, regardless of what the mainstream media would have you believe.
How racist is that, to discount all of the groups?
So racist!
So racist, by the way.
I don't mean to make fun of these people crying, you're absolutely right, that's not a nice thing to do.
Watson's like, yes it is, and I will put together a lovely compilation video for you.
It makes you wonder, you know, why?
We wouldn't have had this reaction had our candidate lost.
We would have been very concerned.
We would have rolled up our sleeves and gotten to work.
But this is a very dramatic response.
It's like, did you cry like that initially when you realized that Hillary Clinton and her ilk stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders and then you just cried some more because you're realizing that it's just, hello darkness my old friend.
Oh my gosh.
He has such a wicked sense of humor.
You're so scandalous.
I don't like watching this.
Let's see Watson's little sense of humor in action.
Hello darkness my old friend.
I've come to talk with you again.
And which Republican candidate has the best chance of winning the general election?
Of the declared ones, right now, Donald Trump.
Not laughing now, are you?
Obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States!
Exclamation point.
At real Donald Trump.
Well, at real Donald Trump.
At least I will go down as a president.
Can we get that mic drop on repeat?
You're awake, by the way.
You're not having a terrible, terrible dream.
Also, you're not dead and you haven't gone to hell.
This is your life now.
This is our election now.
I don't know, listening to you and watching you break down is kind of hell.
That has to be a joke!
I cannot believe this is happening!
I'm literally about to fucking kill myself and I'm not kidding!
You better fucking fix this shit right now!
Oh my!
I literally am gonna die!
I need an ambulance!
I can't believe this!
In her lifetime, she deserves to be... Well, put the phone down!
Stop recording or they'll call the ambulance!
Well, isn't Miley- President Obama, Mr. Obama, I want to say thank you for everything you've done.
She's like, I'm really high right now, and it's making me emotional.
If you're not fucking pissed right now, what is wrong with you?
What is fucking wrong with you if you're not pissed right now?
Left at sea's while I was sleeping, and the vision that was planted
I continue to believe Mr. Trump will not be president.
You make me laugh.
God bless you.
Not my president!
Not my president!
Not my president!
Not my president!
Oh, Watson.
Well, that was our lovely editor-at-large, Paul Joseph Watson, having a little bit of fun.
He has a talent for editing, and let me just tell you, editing is no small thing.
That is a talent right there.
He's good with the flow.
He's good with the flow.
He's very good with the flow.
So, you know, we did see Rachel Maddow there in that
Compilation video.
She totally had a breakdown last night.
I think she was actually trending for a little while on Twitter because people were like, wow, look at her losing it!
She was one of the biggest supporters for Hillary Clinton.
She was actually revealed in the WikiLeaks to be one of their favorite journalists that, you know, they could count on her to spin and push out a positive message for Hillary Clinton.
So everyone already knows at this point, like, look lady, we're never going to trust you again.
I mean, did anybody watch or trust her other than Hillary Clinton's camp and a few social justice warriors?
I don't think so.
She has a dismal rating.
I mean, you have to really be in the know to even know who she is.
I mean, she's not really a, you know?
I mean, I hate to say that, not to be rude.
No, I feel like a lot of people in California, places like that, know her, and they think she is a god.
So we are now, I don't even know, I'm not even going to attempt to do the math, it's like the eleventy billionth hour of the 52 hour live election broadcast and we are still running our specials.
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Did you do any of the videos yesterday?
Well, I did one.
Actually, Biggs crashed my first
Of course he did.
It was my introduction to you as an audience and you're gonna get Biggs and his charming face in there taking over my first video.
But yes I did.
I'm actually looking forward to doing these every day because you know I can't wait to interact with our audience.
I love you guys.
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Obama's trying to push for a ministry of truthiness.
Well, we're always going to be here.
We'll be at PrisonPlanet.tv so this is where, you know, the information will be right there in your hand on your mobile device.
It's also a great Christmas present for family members.
That's right.
Look at you, it's not even Thanksgiving yet and you're already talking about Christmas.
Joseph Jennings.
Yeah, Joseph Jennings.
Man, where are we, in the mall?
It's almost Black Friday.
It is almost Black Friday.
Specials happen Black Friday.
And I guarantee you Jones is going to be doing a Black Friday special.
They cannot hear this from where they are, but in our ears we have one present voice who actually, actually they might be able to hear him.
Yeah, but he's going over the air now.
No, we're on the air.
Okay, pardon me.
He is in my ear every day and it's like literally I hear him when I go home.
No, I do.
Well, so guys, do we want to open up the phone lines and take some phone calls from some of these lovely fans out there?
I just want to hear what people are going through today.
How do they feel?
What do they think?
I know some people are already
We're good to go.
Accept and acknowledge what has happened.
We have totally flipped the coin on the globalists.
They don't even know what they're doing.
They were putting out, this is going to rattle the markets, the economy is going to crash.
The economy has never been better.
I was having a conversation with somebody this morning at 630.
They were looking at the markets and futures and they were saying, look, biotech stocks are great, they're up.
You know, there was a tiny little dip of when this was going on last night.
The stock market was at an unprecedented high.
They did the same type of fear-mongering with Brexit as well.
So I see some phone calls are coming in and I didn't give out the phone number and I don't have it here on my desk so if someone wants to say that over the air I guess it's not really necessary it looks like.
People already know, they're just already calling in.
So these are people, they know what's up.
So maybe in the future I'll give you the phone number.
So we'll go ahead and start taking phone calls.
It looks like Matt is going to be our first caller and he is excited for Trump, as are we.
Are we ready to... How you doing Matt?
Uh, pretty good.
I just, uh, was calling in to, you know, say how excited I am about Trump and whatnot, and, you know, tell you guys thanks for, you know, fighting a good fight and whatnot.
And, uh, that I just ordered some Brain Force on that excellent sale you guys have.
Have you, have you tried it yet?
No, not yet.
This is the first time.
I'm a first time orderer, or buyer, for me to go to the site.
Well, and it's very wise of you to take advantage of these crazy sales that Alex Jones is having right now.
I'm sure he'll probably end the sales after... At some point, he's going to allow us to end this epic broadcast.
Go home.
I actually have my puppy at work today, but...
Well, Matt, so where are you at?
What's the feeling around where you live?
I'm in Northern California, near Chico, and there's a bit of, you know, I'm near the university, so some people are kind of losing their minds a little bit, but other people seem excited.
Yeah, and you know, that's the thing, I feel like if people would just give it a minute, and maybe just allow, it'll be very interesting to see how the mainstream media spins their way out of this, because they basically created the monster of all these protests.
They'll do it with arrogance and disdain, and they're never wrong, and they're never sorry, and you know.
Nothing we wanted to send.
Well, it'll be interesting if they will once again think that it's important to uphold the separation of powers and to have the fourth estate that actually checks power and doesn't try to elect someone.
And completely violate every journalistic ethical standard out there.
Yeah, it'll be interesting to see since it's not their candidate that they worked so hard to get in office.
Well, Matt, thank you so much.
And we are also very excited for Donald Trump.
I don't know if you could tell, you know, lacking sleep, but we are.
We really are.
Thank you, Matt.
OK, let's move on to Sean in Niagara Falls.
And you just want to talk about Trump.
Yes I do.
Hey Leanne, hey guys, how are you doing?
Doing alright.
Alright, so I got you guys going on in the background and I'm going to tell you, you guys have done a fantastic job.
52 hours I've been with you guys pretty much through the whole thing.
I'm ecstatic and I'm so glad that Trump won this thing and, you know, I actually said a prayer, you know, Owen Schroer the other night, I was with him through the night and
Man, was he on a tear.
That guy's just incredible.
So I'm ecstatic.
I know, Canadian looking in, I guess I could have just walked.
Niagara Falls is just right there.
Joel Biggs was here actually, and I had the chance to kind of way meet him.
It would have been great to go down and meet him.
While he was here, I could have just walked over the border because Obama said, hey, you know, if you're in America, come in and, you know, come on in and vote.
Yeah, come on in and vote.
But in any event, you know, I just wanted to congratulate you guys on a fantastic job.
I've been a longtime listener and I'm ecstatic to be talking to you guys.
I just think that, you know, God bless America and God bless Trump.
And I hope he lives up to what he said in the past regarding Trump.
Uh, you know, with Trump being on the show and he lives up to his expectations of all the things he's going to do.
And, uh, you know, Hillary for prison, baby.
That's, you know, that's it.
I just wanted to interrupt.
I'm sorry.
I, I had a Facebook account and it was Shawnee Rockin' Box's Mac and Facebook deleted me.
They deleted my account because I had this thing called Freedom Town Hall.
And what I was doing was I was putting everything, you know, that you guys had, you know, InfoWars, everything on there and just basically, you know, just speaking out for the people and I guess
Sean Astin, who was a big Hillary supporter, I got on there and I was arguing with some people and they did not like me.
Only certain types of expression are allowed, don't you know?
It's heavily censored.
Yeah, absolutely.
So I've been refriending you guys, so if you see Sean McCauley, that's my real name.
Sean, I am such a huge fan of Niagara Falls.
It's probably one of my favorite places in the U.S.
Most romantic place I think I've been to.
Well, and I agree with you, Sean.
Thank you so much.
What you say about Donald Trump, we absolutely are going to have to hold him to it.
You know, hold him to his campaign promises, what he says.
But honestly, I was thinking about it and he really is
I don't think he's going to let the American people down.
I think he's going to do the best that he can, because we all know how the government is.
Granted, he's going to have a little bit of an edge, because the Republicans have both houses.
You know, we know how the government is.
They always try to kind of give you the runaround.
We already see Obama's ramping up World War III and trying to get the TPP signed before.
But I do think that, you know, he does care about his legacy ultimately.
Oh, there's no question.
Well, regarding World War III, really quickly, Russia is ready to restore relations with the U.S.
World War III is cancelled as of today.
Got the memo.
Just giving you a heads up.
Thank you.
Sean, thank you so much.
Thank you.
And I just want to tell you guys we're doing a live broadcast tonight on our YouTube channel, Sean and Jay Live, and we're going to be talking politics.
All right.
Well, be sure to tune in.
Thank you, Sean.
Margaret, what did you think about when you saw that the immigration site had crashed for people trying to go to Canada or seeing how they could move there?
Every one of those idiot celebrities, they're all running for the board.
That was my hope.
I'm like, well, why not?
They don't want to go to Mexico.
They just want to go to Canada.
You know what?
I think that's pretty racist.
I think that's very racist as well.
Like, what's the problem?
Why don't you want to go there?
Is it that you don't like
That they're not a country ruled by law?
I don't understand.
I think it's pretty racist.
Well, let's go ahead and move on to the next caller.
This is Freedom Fighter in Wisconsin, and you want to talk about cannabis reform.
All right.
Is this connection good?
Yeah, we hear you loud and clear.
Go ahead.
Very good.
I just wanted to say bravo to you ladies, you lovely ladies, and the whole crew there.
You guys really pulled off something amazing.
Congratulations to America.
Well, you two are hosting the show right now, so.
Well, thank you.
I really, I just wonder, deep down, I wonder now that one-fifth of the country has got some form of legalization, what is Donald going to do with that?
You know, Obama's pretty much done.
He's already said it's a state's rights issue, and I respect that.
I do too.
My heart goes out to, though, O'Brien, people that have been criminalized for non-violent offenses, particularly when it comes to cannabis, because whom does that really hurt or affect?
It's totally a scheme, in my opinion, that the government has really
I don't know.
This is how they voted, like we see now.
28 states have voted to at least legalize medicinal marijuana.
That's the state's rights.
That's what the people wanted.
So you don't have the federal government going in there and doing what, like in California, they'll raid their farms or whatever.
Now there's Florida, California, Nevada.
Oh shoot, another one that was completely legalized, recreational even.
And I think now the federal government's going to have to respond to that, and I don't think they can respond to it in a negative way, being that most people are awake now to the war on drugs, how much of a failure it was.
It's really life-changing things going on right now in this country, and I don't think people are quite accepting it yet.
Absolutely, and thank you so much for your call.
I mean, you are so right, and that's, you know, it really... Thank you.
Thank you.
Freedom Fighter in Wisconsin, but it's...
It is kind of difficult to allow it to sink in and actually visualize and believe that we could possibly be seeing the change that this forward motion that people really have been seeking.
True change.
We're not reverting back to, you know, back in the good old days.
But yeah, making America great again with the people that we have here now, the consciousness that we have here now, the love and the hope, you know, the unity that we had before we were, you know, divided by design.
So that, you know, we would be easier to control.
And people are saying, look, I would rather treat my child with cannabis oil, a plant that God put on this earth, than allow you, the doctor, to lobotomize my child.
That's the option they give a parent.
You're absolutely right.
Cases of epilepsy where, I was reading this case from a mom who was treating her 12-year-old son who had epilepsy with cannabis oil and the state came in.
They were threatening to take her child.
They'd actually taken him out of her home several times.
They were medicating him and the only thing that she said really worked for him and my heart, it just goes out to people like this because the law is designed to protect you and not destroy your family.
And they don't have the right to hold back something from humanity that is good for us, that is a plant that in so many ways is so valuable to our species.