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Air Date: Nov. 8, 2016
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In the latest InfoWars episode, Alex Jones discusses backup power systems due to power grid vulnerability, promotes a solar generator system, and urges listeners to support Infowars Store with discounts and free shipping. He also talks about his experience with UFC fighters, MMA training, and women's capabilities in shooting events and physical fitness journeys with Tim Kennedy.

...already is deeply concerned.
What else do we do in the next eight days, Roger, to make sure the crime syndicate, because even mainstream news is calling Hillary a crime family.
What do we do to make sure this crime family is fully discredited?
Well, Alex, I've got to keep going back to Election Day and implore those who believe in a fair and honest election to please go to stopthesteal.org and sign up as a volunteer to work on Election Day.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
I was there!
It's Monday, November 7th, 2016.
Less than 24 hours out.
We have now reached the critical crossroads in history.
The twilight of liberty.
The long, dark night of tyranny.
Or the rebirth of human freedom.
Not just in the United States, but worldwide.
Coming to you live from the Infowars.com news studios in Austin, Texas, and broadcasting worldwide, this is the 52-hour live, uninterrupted, global broadcast covering the 2016 elections.
I was there and I saw what you did.
So you can wipe that smile off your face.
It's all been a big pack of lies.
Yeah, that's the promo from yesterday.
We're now here in the Space Time Continuum on November 8th, 2016.
The big day.
Two years in the making.
Campaigns start earlier and earlier.
It's kind of like Christmas ends and the build-up to the next Christmas begins.
Well, we're here.
They always say each election is the most important ever.
This is undoubtedly the second or third most important.
Maybe the first.
But George Washington, the colonies defeating the British, George Washington leaving office after two terms and not becoming king as they wanted him to be, that was probably the greatest election because we survived infancy.
But now the republic was very old and on its deathbed.
But nations can rise again like the phoenix, rediscovering the spirit of liberty.
We could have come from the ashes and we still have a chance.
But I will tell you, scanning mainstream controlled press, they're putting the narrative out that Hillary's going to win.
Now remember, they said he could never get the nomination.
They said that he was going to step down.
So they're not all powerful.
But they're putting out the pre-narrative that Trump's going to lose.
I look at the scientific data.
It shows Trump winning big time, taking blue states, taking almost all the swing states.
Roger Stone's plane is landing any minute.
He's going to be with us, riding shotguns throughout the day.
We have a huge broadcast here.
This is a 52-hour transmission.
We're now 24 hours into it.
So we're already past the halfway point here, roughly.
And we'll be here right through 3 o'clock tomorrow and the Nightly News tomorrow as well.
Paul Joseph Watson, I want to put a bookend on this.
You've just been broadcasting for several hours and a great job.
What is the essence of what you're seeing right now?
Well, I mean, a lot of the early anecdotal indications are good, Alex.
You've got, you know, Fox News going out to a diner in Florida saying, who are you voting for?
It's 20 to 1 Trump.
You've got people lining up the block, you know, around the block before 7 a.m.
in droves.
You've got CNN reporters saying in Virginia that turnouts are bigger than 2008, not 2012, 2008.
And again, you've got a lot of people wearing red, a lot of reports out of Michigan of people wearing red at the polls.
So again, those indications are good.
The problem is, in places like Philadelphia now, breaking, you've got obvious intimidation and vote fraud.
And this is what, I'm going to put an article out on this as soon as I get off air, you've got Trump poll watchers being thrown out of
Polling places in Philadelphia.
You've got votes.
This is just breaking right now.
Trump poll watchers having certificates physically grabbed from them in Philadelphia.
Machines having calibration issues not registering votes for Trump.
We've seen concerns about that.
And we knew it would be Philadelphia.
All the experts have chosen that as the real site of fraud this year.
So people being harassed.
We've got a report which I posted about in Brooklyn.
You've got a guy wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt intimidating Trump voters.
So this is already happening in the places where people are being left alone.
It's the indication is quite good.
But again.
These people, as I said, they don't play by the rules.
We've seen by the O'Keefe videos.
They're underhanded.
They're dirty.
They're gonna pull these kind of tricks.
They admit fraud.
They admit they're trying to steal the election.
They stole it from Bernie Sanders.
You're absolutely right.
Paul Watson at InfoWars.com.
We hungrily await the latest intel from your dispatches, my friend.
Please keep it up.
Thanks, Alex.
I'm Alex Jones.
Get ready.
This is the Info War.
We cannot lose as long as we engage the enemy.
They're corrupt.
We have the high ground.
This is Joe Biggs with InfoWars.com, and this is one of the most amazing times to be alive right now in history.
Something your grandchildren will look back on and go, Grandpa, Grandma, you were a part of that?
That is mind-blowing.
Think about this.
In 24 hours, we will know who the next President of the United States is.
This is so crazy.
This is down to the wire.
Let's look at some of these headlines that are happening right now on
We're good.
WikiLeaks server under hack attack as DMC emails released.
Think about this.
This is our Brexit.
They're telling us we can't win.
George Washington Brexited before it was cool.
This has been Joe Biggs with InfoWars.com and we will prevail.
Do you ever wonder what happened to America?
Because of what we did on this day, change has come to America.
Something's wrong, and we all know it.
I'm Charlie Daniels, and I'm here to tell you about it.
The nation has been hijacked by international forces, bent on global governance.
When I was a boy, it was okay to be proud of the flag, heritage, mom and apple pie.
God was in school, morality had a future, and beef was for supper.
Revelation, dawn of global government.
We're the solution!
Ain't nothing more to it than that!
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It's time for new believable people.
And we must do it.
If we don't control insiders, this will be over and over.
To lead by an A. Pick that love.
Find common ground.
To halt the spread of lies.
And we must do it.
Pick that love.
Find common ground.
To halt the spread of lies.
Much better.
And we must do it.
Very much higher.
America first.
To lead, fight, and aid.
Insiders fighting for insiders.
Time to stop.
Insiders fighting for insiders.
More of.
Insiders fighting for insiders.
Time to stop.
Insiders fighting for insiders.
That's Pogo, the online music artist with the voice of Donald Trump.
And if you're watching the video, Steven Crowder added something to it.
And I thought we'd open the show, the broadcast, with something, you know, funny and a little bit happy.
Because this is a very, very dark time for this country, but it's also a very, very positive time.
It's the best of times, worst of times.
Things are always paradoxical in this universe.
And a lot of horrible things have happened, a lot of horrible things are going on, a lot of horrible things are coming to light.
In fact, I'm never pleased when a WikiLeak comes out and it proves something horrible that I had been talking about.
Because 95% of what I talk about, I'm sure of, and it's already public.
But there's that 5% where I really stare into the abyss and go, okay, I think this is the next step of what they're doing.
And then word for word,
What I was thinking they were up to is what they're doing, and then I realized, oh my God.
I'm inside these people's heads, or they're inside mine, and I can see the next steps, and then every time I'm right, I'm right.
I'm like, oh no, no, no.
Then I pull back and I, wait a minute.
I'm not even that smart.
This is history.
Humans do the same stuff over and over again.
So I'm just rediscovering what our ancestors have been through over and over again.
The problem is, there's bioweapons, there's chemical weapons, there's nuclear weapons, there's seven and a half billion people, and let's be honest, including myself, very lazy and very stupid.
I'm lazy.
I'm stupid compared to, say, my dad's dad.
Who was a man?
He could skin a buck, run a trot line, run a combine, fix a combine, do electricity, kick somebody's ass if he needed to, and be charming, and square dance, and play a really good round of golf, and be a patriot, and a World War II vet, and it went on and on.
Today, electricity ain't working, I'm like, call the handyman.
And I don't know how to fix it.
So when I sit here and say we're soft, we're dumb, hey, I'm not looking at you like you're down below me.
And I realize the way to defeat this is farming, is ranching, is metallurgy, is electronics, is high-tech, low-tech.
It's all just becoming human and producing things ourselves.
I mean, you talk to men or women.
Humans always did this in every culture.
Sewing is rhythmic, and you zen out, and has been proven to lower blood pressure, and most of the oldest people in the world, it's not just diet.
You find these women sew.
You're like, oh wow, the answer is sewing.
This is what our ancestors did.
I'm sick.
It's what we've done.
It's ingrained in us to even make our own clothes.
You're like, that's stupid.
I go to the mall.
But isn't it kind of cool to make your own clothes?
See what I'm getting at?
We're these creatures that make our houses and make our clothes and make art and literature and music and make love and make war.
Instead, we just sit here and are programmed.
And who are we programmed by?
DrudgeReport.com has the article up there who's programming us.
It's Lady Gaga!
In a Nazi uniform at a Hillary rally, and people are saying, what is this?
This is horrible, this will blow up in Hillary's face.
No it won't.
This is the classical projection of power and fascism and is the externalization of the method and was 100% guaranteed to have been authorized at the highest level of her campaign.
Hillary was there.
Because it's a woman with a fascist hairstyle in a Hugo Boss Nazi uniform.
It's a
In charge!
The dictator!
They're telling you, we're going to steal this election.
And the fascistic iconography is everywhere.
And Hillary is saying, I'm coming for your guns, I'm coming for your free speech, I'm coming for everything.
Now they show a photo of Michael Jackson wearing a more Spanish style
Imperial uniform from 300 years ago and go, oh, but it's okay, Michael Jackson wore a Nazi uniform.
No, that's a Spanish or Portuguese uniform from 300 years ago.
I know, look it up.
That's what it is.
If it was blue, it'd be French.
If it was red, it'd be...
I mean, it's just the ignorance of the public.
Lady Gaga is wearing a proto-fascist Hugo Boss style female fascista Nazi uniform on TV with Hillary Clinton.
That's how dumb they think you are!
Because people don't have culture.
They don't have history.
They don't know where stuff comes from.
They don't know I'm wearing a 150-year-old design of a British classic sports jacket.
I'm not even into all that stuff, but I have to know what the iconography is, because it's all a message.
All of this, when they, when they wear these, when Hillary wears literal imperial class, and I say that because that's what they are, they're literally class, communist outfits that the high-level inner party central committee women of China wear,
At ruling party events, man, she's saying, I am China's bitch.
I belong to China and you belong to China.
That's why China's so arrogant going, we're taking over all six Hollywood studios.
We're taking over TV.
We're taking over radio.
We're taking over Facebook.
We're meeting with Zuckerberg.
And oh, two days later, Congress complained and China said, we own your debt and laughed at Congress and said, we own you, bitch.
You see, it's the criminal energy of letting us know they own us.
She's wearing Mao Zedong outfits from China.
Silk outfits.
Gaga's over here in Nazi uniforms.
This is all about throwing it in our face.
And notice Hillary wore a red, more fascist style slash Chinese outfit, which is the modern style in China.
And it's the Communist Chinese Red next to the fascists.
They are telling you.
Looks like he's on another planet.
And look at Bill Clinton.
That idiot Bon Jovi's on stage with him.
You know, Hillary has to get all these old has-beens to have her rallies.
And then Bruce Springsteen.
I mean, Bruce Springsteen is the most empty, just kind of elevator music rock.
I mean, I hear it, it sounds good.
I wouldn't buy an album from Bruce Springsteen, but it's listenable.
But I mean, it's just like, oh really?
Now I hate you.
If I hear you on the radio, it's going off.
I mean, Matt Damon, can't I just go see your movies without you telling me to turn my gun in when you've got a bunch of bodyguards?
You're such hypocrites.
I don't want to hate you, but I have to.
Because you want to own me and my family.
Some of the images we're showing are pretty powerful.
She literally wears stuff that doesn't even have buttons on it.
Just type in Hillary Clinton wearing Chinese Communist garb, or Hillary Clinton wearing Maoist era garb, and it's unbelievable.
Yeah, there you go.
That is silk from China, absolute inner party member uniform.
I mean, it's Kim Jong... The only place that's still in style is in North Korea with Kim Jong-un.
The women in North Korea is the only place they're still wearing 60s style communist outfits.
And again, in Hollywood shows Dr. Evil dress like it.
Kim Jong-un dresses like it.
So does she.
This is who we're dealing with.
They're wearing communist and fascist regalia.
Alright, let me give you the big news here.
Oh yeah, they've got articles out where Trump's leading 32 to 25 in New Hampshire in the first polls that are coming out.
There are lines around the block, when people are being canvassed, they're mainly standing there for Trump.
But see, nobody needs to show up for Hillary.
Not even buses of illegals and dead people, which they're catching all over the country, people voting in the name of dead people.
The arrests are being made from Colorado to Florida.
So that stuff that didn't exist, of course does exist.
What they've got is the fraction magic that's on machines, and George Soros is paramount involved.
Bev Harris is on tomorrow, in the aftermath of this, to fractionally go in and carve things up.
But here's the deal.
Trump's going to sue.
He's going to get into the machines.
We've already got lawsuits going that are going to make him save the screenshot they do of the real ballot.
And Trump's going to fight.
And it's the animating contest of the fight is how we win.
We just give up and roll over.
They win!
But we are in the animating contest of liberty.
Think of where we were two years ago.
I'm going to skip this break.
Leaked documents reveal expansive Soros funding to manipulate federal elections.
Look at that.
He doesn't hide it.
But yes, it's in new documents.
That's up on DrudgeReport.com and InfoWars.com.
Then I have a video from a month ago where I said just that and showed the previous document.
So my video with the article go together nicely.
From PJ Media.
So here's what I'm getting at.
How do you know when Coke's coming out or Pepsi's coming out with a new flavor?
Or, here, how do you know, let's say you live in Austin, Texas or Manhattan, New York, how do you know when Taylor Swift's coming to town?
How do you know?
Because there'll be billboards for Taylor Swift a month before.
You'll listen to the radio, you'll hear Taylor Swift's gonna play at the end, you know.
Grand Prix M1 racetrack outside Austin.
You almost get sick of it, you hear it so much.
Now, if you're unconscious, you just really don't think, hey, she's coming to town.
You just think, hey, I might want to go see that.
But that's what I'm getting at.
You can tell 90% of what they're doing off the pre-programming, and they've been doing it.
He can't win the nomination.
She's going to win in a landslide.
On and on and on and on and on.
Latinos don't like Trump.
Thinking you're weak-minded?
Well, Latinos don't like Trump.
I'm Latino.
I better vote for Hillary.
It's simple mind games.
But if you're aware of the mind games, it doesn't have any effect on you, other than irritating you.
Remember, the general public, a large portion, maybe half, are still just kind of a la-la land.
They just watch TV and drift around and never really, oh, just kind of let their lower brain function.
I'm hungry.
I want to watch a show.
I want to... Hey!
I'm out of it!
Medically, they're in a trance.
They hear Hillary's going to win.
Hillary's going to win.
Trump's not going to get the nomination.
And we're like, yes, he is, because he's winning all the states.
No, he's not.
Actually, he's winning all these states.
No, he's not.
I've sat there with people that I know well, who are educated, have degrees, and hold down good jobs.
And they just laugh at me and go, no way Donald Trump's the nominee, Alex.
And I go, why?
Well, just everyone knows.
Everyone knows.
Oh, I forgot.
Everyone knows.
And those very same people are just like, Alex, Hillary's going to win.
No, Hillary's going to lose, but you have to be made to think, because everything's still nice, and Obamacare's free, and there's no death panels, and Gribber's on TV saying, thank God you're so stupid.
See, you're in a trance, and they think you're stupid, and they're laughing at you, and just because you're in Fantasy Island.
This isn't a fun Fantasy Island where Ricardo Autobahn comes along.
And the midget goes, they're playing boss!
You know what they're going to do, boss?
This is not a fun fantasy island.
This is a fantasy island with big wars, and total surveillance, and police states, and collapsing economies, because the elite want to grind you down.
They want to destroy you.
In fact, I want to do this right now.
Richard Reeves, a good friend of mine, works with Infowars as a contractor.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
At like 9 a.m.
and I was thinking about how, and this is the essence of everything, I was thinking about how Trump wants us to be wealthy and productive and successful because he's like the tourist board manager at a little beach town, you know, let's say on the East Coast, that wants prosperity, wants a good economy, wants folks to use the hotels, to use the golf courses, to use, you know, the restaurants, to use what's there.
So when he sees the economy going under,
That affects him.
He has like the feeling of a farmer, that the crops aren't good, and the town's not good, and things aren't doing well.
That's what renaissance economy is, that I harp on all day.
That's what the American system was supposed to be, that we tried for, that made us the greatest country on earth.
Even though we just barely attained 10% of it.
And then there is what you find in all the WikiLeaks.
The nastiness.
The hatefulness.
The how do we screw these people over?
How do we double down on those folks?
Look at these dumb black people.
Look at these dumb poor people.
Look at these dumb white people.
Oh, I sure hate them.
Thank God they're so dumb.
Oh, let's suppress them.
Let's keep them hopeless.
Let's keep them in the dark.
These are words they use.
How many times have I read the WikiLeaks?
We all agree we want to suppress the public and make them as dumb and poor as possible.
The problem is they're not submitting.
We need to move forward with demographic warfare.
That's our recommendation.
That means total race war.
Divide and conquer.
The last vestige of an empire trying to control people.
And you're reading this, and then you're around the actual victims of the mind control who are all about peer pressure.
They don't know, they're scared, they got student loans, what are they doing?
And everybody just says Trump's a racist, so they're going to get involved in it and say it over and over again in a group like little huddled chickens in the hen house, because the weasel told them so, or the fox told them so.
And meanwhile, they see the fox eating
Other chickens, but they just still don't want to admit via Stockholm Syndrome what's happening to them.
And it's very, very, very, very frustrating.
They don't want to believe in themselves.
They don't want to believe that if Trump ended taxes for people making under $40,000 a year, oh my God, the average person making $40,000 a year doesn't even really notice what's taken out of their check.
They're not really filling out their own taxes, but it's like a 30-year check.
That money goes right back in the economy.
Things explode.
People get out of debt, the economy moves forward, people go on vacations, they get their hair done, they open more businesses, and then 30% tax cuts for people making $100,000, $200,000 a year?
I mean, do you know, that's like sticking everybody's stocking full of $20,000, $30,000 a year, or more!
See, they just can't believe that.
It's gotta be Hillary, promises you the free healthcare, the free education, and then in her WikiLeaks, these dumbass kids think they're gonna get something free.
That ain't how this works!
I had to rob and steal to get where I am.
I mean, she's in there, everywhere she goes, just stealing everything, just sticking silverware in her dress.
She's got a will!
It's hers!
The country's hers!
It's all hers!
You think Donald Trump comes and stays at your house and steals the vase?
Every diplomatic consulate they go to, they put out memos that come out.
When she goes and visits a foreign emissary or whatever, like, the artwork in these vases, hide them!
They've been here 200 years!
Clinton will steal it!
In France, they have to hide the things where people have been going for hundreds of years, you know, to diplomats, and she'll go and just start going, I want this, I want that, I want this, I want that.
I mean, this is admitted.
FBI investigations and her robbing consulates, our own consulates, other consulates,
She'll have a moving van pull up at a hotel she wants and just say, I'm Hillary Clinton, and they'll take a couch out with her.
She just has warehouses and rotting houses, it's admitted in the news, all over.
Just like 20-something houses, some of them huge mansions just full of crates of crap crammed in there the witch stole.
You couldn't get a more bizarre, evil person starting wars, bragging about it, protecting pedophiles.
We always wonder why she always into protecting pedophiles.
Because it's about her!
I want the innocent!
That's a child!
I do what I want!
That's what Satanism is all about!
To Richard Reeves, as I was thinking about this, how they want to make you poor, how they want to control you, as I was thinking about this, I'm driving, and bing!
Text message, and it says, what the wicked think of the poor, in contrast to what people who are representatives
Of the wicked world, a false teaching did not manifest the compassion of God.
This is why the Old Testament says the wicked men oppressed the poor.
Ezekiel 18, 12.
Shell the poor.
Amos 2, 6.
Crush the poor.
Grind their faces of the poor.
Isaiah 3, 15.
Devour the poor.
Persecute the poor.
Defraud the poor.
People who are wicked out of the world use the poor, abuse the poor, step on the poor, and want to eliminate the poor and the needy.
They are just that way.
That was Richard's final comment.
And that's it.
They want you poor.
And it's in the WikiLeaks.
It's in the Cloward and Pebin.
They want, but then you're like a little lottery ticket person.
Oh, please, oh, if I got Bernie, if I got Hillary, please give me something.
Oh, then I go, oh, really?
I can buy you for a dollar.
You're under my thumb.
You're under my control.
Take it!
And then they steal the nomination from Bernie.
They try to steal it from Trump.
It caught the WikiLeaks rigging the polls, running CNN, running ABC, running CBS, running all of them, telling them what questions to ask Trump, giving the questions to Hillary.
Getting caught doing it.
Lying saying they didn't.
More emails come out.
They're forced to admit it.
It's all rigged.
And now you don't think they're going to try to rig it today.
I put a video out this morning about rigging.
I saw a few comments going, oh, you're hedging your bet, loser.
Like, I was only tied to Trump to feel like I was a winner because I'm a winner if he gets in.
No, the real hard work starts if he gets in to keep him honest.
He'll be attacked from every angle.
You want to tie a rocket to my butt?
Put Hillary Clinton in.
But I don't want that because I know she's evil.
We have tripled our audience in the last month.
It was double in the last year of that.
It's exponential.
We're like 160-something now on Comcast and other big rating services in the world.
And InfoWars is one small part, 20-something percent of our overall reach.
We're bigger than anything out there, but drudge!
And they all, the enemy all knows that.
Do you understand that, ladies and gentlemen?
The enemy knows they're a fraud.
They're just there trying to con what's left out there so people don't know it.
Because people are followers and they look from childhood to the big national TV show with them telling you what you're supposed to believe.
That Obamacare is free and you didn't build your business.
And you go, why under Common Corp do they teach 2 plus 2 equals 5?
They want to teach you mental illness and teach you to accept lies.
That's all they can do.
Because, thank God, you're stupid, Gruber said.
Well, are you really stupid?
Because you're tuning out from them.
Let me explain who won this election.
They're collapsing.
The American people, nationalists, the people of the world, every race, color, and creed, people that are conscious won.
Trump has already won.
He is a landsliding victory.
He is the president.
Number 45.
He is the man.
He is the president.
But do you think these criminals are gonna let him get in?
Which is even better!
Ah, yes!
They're too greedy to turn loose.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Joe Biggs here with Infowars.com.
You can't review 650,000 new emails in eight days.
Furious Trump blasts FBI director after Houdini Hillary is cleared over second email investigation sparked by Anthony Weiner's teen sexting scandal.
Donald Trump blasted the FBI's director on Sunday night telling a crowd of 8,000 people in Michigan that he rejects the bureau's latest moves to exonerate Hillary Clinton.
FBI chief
James Comey told leaders in Congress hours earlier that a review of 650,000 emails discovered on a laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner had reinforced his July 5th decision to let her off the hook.
Right now, she's being protected by a rigged system, Donald Trump said.
You can't review 650,000 new emails in eight days.
You just can't do it.
The investigations into her crimes will go on for a long, long time, Trump said, in the Detroit suburb of Sterling Heights.
Somebody get James Comey Viagra because he finished too soon.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the Infowar.
Ultimately, though, do you think the polls that we've seen over the last week or two, going back, are wrong because the pollsters are not factoring in how many Democrats are going to be voting for you?
You know, all this early voting stuff, they say, well, this many Democrats request a ballot, this many Republicans.
And also just the gigantic number of Republicans who have turned out to see you, the enthusiasm level.
Do you think those things, the pollsters, are getting wrong?
I do think a lot of the polls are purposely wrong.
I think I can almost tell you by the people that do it, the media is very dishonest.
Extremely dishonest.
And I think a lot of the polls are phony.
I don't even think they interview people.
I think they just put out phony numbers.
I do think this, after the debates, I think my numbers really started to go up well.
And then I did a series for the last two weeks only of really important speeches, I think.
You know, 20,000, 25,000 people, 31,000 people were showing up to these speeches.
You saw yesterday.
I mean, you saw the kind of crowds we're getting.
And I said, something's happening here.
Something incredible is happening here.
I'll tell you, the enthusiasm and the love in those rooms, in those arenas, they're really arenas.
I mean, in New Hampshire last night, it was a tremendous arena, a beautiful arena.
And same thing, we had a big convention center last night in Michigan, but they're packed.
I mean, you have thousands of people.
We had last night in Michigan, we had 10,000 people outside that couldn't get in, 10,000 people.
It's been amazing.
So I said something's happening, something's really going on.
You know, a lot of people love you because you're not the establishment, and you're not the mainstream media.
Let's talk about what's happening over at CNN.
First, Donna Brazile, who was a contributor there, was giving debate questions to Hillary Clinton.
Against Bernie Sanders.
Then, the DNC was giving questions to Wolf Blitzer.
CNN was asking them, what questions do you want Wolf Blitzer to ask Donald Trump during an interview?
Now we found out this morning, because of WikiLeaks, the husband of one of the vice presidents over at CNN
His name is Thomas Nides.
The husband was writing Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, Podesta, asking him or saying to him, we have a good CNN poll that's coming, John.
John Podesta writes back, I look forward to how that is spun.
What's your response?
Well, I think it's terrible.
It's like I talk about the polls.
I mean, I understand the business and it's terrible what's going on.
And I think
More terrible than that is the fact that Hillary Clinton, through Donna Brazile, got the questions to, I mean think of it, got the questions to the debates.
I mean three of them now, probably more, maybe mine too.
Although I don't know, I didn't think she performed particularly well.
But I will tell you this, she got a lot of questions to the debates.
You know, if you were in West Point, and if you got the questions like that, they would throw you out of the school if you didn't report yourself.
She didn't report it.
She didn't give it to an ethics committee or anybody.
She took the questions.
She got the answers to the questions.
I mean, she would have been thrown out of West Point or Annapolis or the Air Force Academy.
And here we have her running for president.
And Mr. Trump, finally, I know they're polling you, and you got to run.
You gave us time.
We're looking live now at, I believe, Eric Trump.
That's Eric and Laura.
And Laura are probably about to vote for you right here in New York, where they live.
So it's got to be exciting.
Well, we think they're going to vote for Donald Trump.
Guys, thanks for correcting me.
I don't want to be corrected.
I have to apologize tomorrow.
You don't want to assume anything, Brian.
All right, folks.
There's more of this.
It's on Infowars.com.
And I thought it was powerful that Fox is actually bringing up some real issues.
That's why they're better shows, obviously, Fox and Friends.
That's why Trump goes there.
It's beyond that.
It's total collusion with the media.
They've always lied and said they weren't doing this.
We know they're doing it.
When you turn on the three or four networks, they have the same story, in the same order, with the almost exact same words.
Sometimes the exact words.
They're following a script.
And it's come out in WikiLeaks that Hillary Clinton, the New York Times, the Washington Post, you name it, CNN, ABC, well they've got their operatives already.
Most of the hosts formerly worked for them.
Or the Democratic Party.
I mean, that's a little tip-off right there.
And they're sitting there, telling them what to do, telling them what to say, and telling them how to spin polls.
And of course the poll that they were mentioning there with CNN, you know, that had Hillary ahead or whatever, they don't mention it in the rest of the WikiLeaks.
They're saying, our plan is oversampling.
We've got to have them massively oversample.
That's how from the beginning we'll make it look like she's in the lead.
John Podesta!
That's how, from the beginning, we'll make it appear that she's always in the lead, and we'll keep the lead until the end.
Total fraud!
Do you think those people, with George Soros owning machines in 16 states, which we have to identify with Beth Harris, a Democrat, a liberal, the top fraud investigator, with her other scientists,
Coming out and certifying the Fraction Magic program.
They place on the central tabulators to pre-program the outcome you want.
And it comes out dead on.
Shaving points.
It's an algorithm, ladies and gentlemen.
It doesn't care what numbers you put in, it will take them and juggle them and carve them down to that number.
This is more crooked than the worst casino.
And Trump understands that.
Trump's not an idiot.
And so I'm going to ask the listeners, I'm going to ask all our guests today, what happens now?
Because Trump went from, again, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 points, depending on the battleground state, last week, even with them in skewed polls oversampling Democrats, to 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11 points.
I mean, he gained 3, 4 points in every state.
And they admit yesterday it was compounding.
We had Roger Stone on last night.
He was giving us polls before they came out on RealClearPolitics from scientific groups, and he was dead on because two hours later it came out.
I was up, and it showed all these new polls coming in, Trump increasing his lead.
So, with rigged polls, oversampling, way more Democrats, 9, 12, 15, 20 points, depending on some of them higher, I mean, CNN is massively oversampling, worse than anybody, and they've got them in a dead heat right now.
But you go to
The New York Times, at least I checked yesterday, it was like an 89% chance.
Our special editorial board analysis of experts says Hillary Clinton wins.
Why not say 150%?
Why not 10,000% chance?
80 billion chance.
I mean, how about Hillary gave birth to the planet and all of us are her children and she's the reason birds sing.
In North Korea, they teach that the birds sing, the sun shines because of Kim Jong-un and his grandfather and his father.
Why not go there?
Yeah, that's their, quote, scientific poll showing her at 45.9 and him at 42.9.
They have another algorithm that's on their front page.
They churn at people where they're always saying, you know, she's got a 90-something, an 80-something.
It goes back and forth.
It's not a poll.
It's a chances of winning on the New York Times.
New York Times, you know, 87 percent.
Just Google it.
It'll come up.
New York Times, chance of Hillary winning number.
It's normally at 89, 90, 91 percent.
I mean, it's just made up.
And then, oh, there's a scandal, she fell down, ooh, he's got a, you know, she's got an 81% chance of winning, oh, she fell down, oh, it's back up, whoa, whoa.
You ask, where do you come up with this?
Well, they sit there and Carlos Slim and his people just come up with it and it's all a big joke.
And it's the process of turning us into permanent debt slaves in this country.
Ending the free market, showing it up, creating a monopoly.
Optimism from Hillary Clinton and darkness from Donald Trump at campaign's end.
Oh my gosh.
More BS from the New York Times.
Oh, optimism, a new fresh change, a new world.
The change candidate, someone from the outside.
Hillary Clinton, 2 plus 2 equals 7.
Obamacare is free.
You can keep your doctor.
Black unemployment doubles, but we love you.
We love you.
Donald Trump's like, I will pass tax incentives in minority areas, specifically targeting African Americans.
Has conservatives eating out of his hand for reparations.
And guess what?
A lot of black folks don't want it.
Because they've been programmed by the media.
Donald Trump has conservatives eating out of his hand to not be in a war with the LGBT people.
Which is good.
They won't then all be a bunch of leftists running a bunch of programming.
We can all just live in peace.
See, he's a peacemaker.
He's a businessman.
He's a unifier.
He wants prosperity.
And we're not allowed to have that.
Because the wicked want to oppress and screw over the poor.
The wicked want their thumb on you.
And hey, that's why a lot of poor folks are poor.
Because they believe in the system, they buy into it, they want to believe they're victims and they're never going anywhere and only the mommy, Hillary, who's like the she-wolf of Rome, can give milk to the little New World Order people.
Only place you can get sustenance is from Hillary.
She lays over on her side and all the little piggies come over and they get milk.
What a disgusting image.
Meanwhile, in all the emails, she talks about how much she hates the people, and how there's not enough free stuff to go around, it's gonna collapse everything, but that's okay, we'll just manage the collapse, but it'll happen too quick if we keep doing this, so these poor people, they just think they can't have it all free?
Yeah, they can't!
But you can't sit there and lie to them, and tell them how much you love them, and how you're gonna give them all this free crap!
So this is a referendum on her lies.
It is a referendum on the mainstream media, but the people have already voted.
Here's the essence.
Here is the gold standard of all this.
You can put it in the bank, you can guarantee it.
Bottom dollar.
Straight shot.
I mean, it's so true, it's ridiculous.
I should be dancing in the streets, celebrating with happiness right now, but I caught myself feeling bummed out this morning, upset, looking at all the headlines, seeing them trying to con the public into accepting a Hillary victory.
An electoral landslide, says top Republican strategist who works for John McCain and John Kasich.
Who are the worst of the worst, as bad as Hillary.
Total establishment insiders.
Oh, they said, in every headline, every headline, oh, Trump's going to lose, Trump's going to lose.
A repudiation of his ideas, oh, of sovereignty, and tax cuts, and fair trade deals, and businesses, and ingenuity, and farming, and oh, oh!
It's horrible!
And peace with Russia!
And not funding radical Islam!
And oh, he doesn't think you should be made to take vaccines.
Because his own son, Barron, reportedly was damaged by one.
That's inside baseball.
But... And you know what?
He doesn't think municipalities should have to fluoridate water.
Oh, they got a Harvard study on that.
It's bad for you.
And Donald Trump's sons, they're the ones that have really radicalized him.
The government's got files on all this.
They know about Donald Jr.
And what Donald Jr.
listens to for 10 years.
And who Dad listens to.
And so they're crapping their britches.
And the military talks to the Trumps, and they want to make America great again, and they know what's happening.
So here's the deal.
If a bunch of crooks and scum and Hillary and CNN, a shadow of a shadow of a shadow of a shadow of a shadow of a shadow of a shadow of a shadow of a shadow of themselves, a literal already collapsed joke, a facade they leave up so people don't understand that it's already gone down.
If they really want to do this, and hold on, and steal it in front of God and country, and we're going to have all the election experts on, and more video of them stealing it, and more proof, and more people arrested, and dead people voting, and more Veritas videos calling us dumbasses, and how they're going to rob us, and the media ignoring that, and the media wonders, my God, our ratings drop, and drop, and drop, and drop.
It's been a dead cat bounce because of the election, but it's still, again, a shadow of itself.
They wonder why they're so hated, why they're so reviled, why they're so absolutely
They wonder why everybody hates them.
Because you're detestable people!
And I love how they double down and put more and more confidence game men and women on CNN and CNBC and MSNBC and Fox is turning into CNN.
How they sit there in this whole confidence game.
Just looking at you like they're the authority, they've got confidence, what they're saying's right.
Obamacare's free, the government loves you, nobody wants your guns, but we're gonna ban them.
EGMO, take the vaccines, it's the law, we'll arrest you, we don't know why the kids are all paralyzed, just shut up!
You didn't build your business.
Bitter clingers.
Obama was first, I'll let him talk.
They can't even get their own rally when they have to bus people in and spend millions to get somebody to rally or bring in some rock star.
But now he's like, shut him up!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Get out of here!
Because the vet's standing up there in a stern, focused, confident way, not arrogant, telling Obama you're a piece of trash.
And what Obama didn't like was
That fella was up in the bleachers above him.
You watch videos of somebody's above Obama.
Basic psychology.
They're talking down to him.
He doesn't like it.
He likes it.
Hillary and Bill, they like to sit up there on that stage and look down on you down there and they're gonna keep you down there.
See, if I've had somebody before speaking down to me, I feel stronger.
Like I've got the uphill battle to go.
I've got the initiative that I'm gonna win.
I can't see my crowd to be mean to somebody that's down below me.
See, this is all basic psychology and we don't think about what's going on in ourselves so they're able to program us.
We have to get outside of it and realize they're the most empty, sociopathic, psychopathic, narcissistic, empty nobodies who want red carpets and want to be worshipped by Hollywood.
And want to be involved in all this.
You know how empty Hollywood is?
How unhappy the people are?
They're scriptwriters.
They're puppets that somebody else controls.
But we've been taught by People Magazine and everything else that we do, we just worship it.
But Hollywood itself's collapsing.
People don't want it anymore.
They're leaving it.
So Hollywood's becoming something for third world countries to produce stuff for, you know, India and China.
They're done.
They're already dead.
They're already morally bankrupt.
They're over.
Donald Trump is just one wave in this awakening.
And listen, I pray justice is done.
I pray he's elected.
He is the 45th president of the United States.
He ran the course.
He did it all.
He beat her in rigged polls.
There are lines around the block everywhere for him.
Every Democrat I've talked to hates her guts.
Mark Dyson finally has people in LA and San Diego and the women all hating her.
They're coming out of their trance.
So, we're coming out of the trance.
Don't let them bamboozle us and tell us we've been discredited, we've been shown to be bad, because everything you put out with your message of right-wing hate has been repudiated.
That the TPP is running our country?
Right-wing hate?
Or you stole the nomination from Sanders?
That's not right-wing hate.
That's the truth!
And leftists go, that is actually true.
That's right.
It's not left or right, folks.
It's that
The so-called left is the main mechanism of the globalists.
Now, I'm going to go to break, come back and play a bunch of clips I haven't gotten to yet.
Big election news, the latest on imminent cyber attack the Russians.
We may have to attack the Russians.
It's total fraud.
We've got a federalized emergency.
If Trump wins, it means he stole it!
But meanwhile, Trump's completely insane.
There's no election fraud.
They're actually in the Associated Press.
They're all over the news saying that today.
You've heard it.
You've seen it.
We're going to talk about that, too.
But before we go any further here, part of this 52-hour global transmission.
We're going right through tomorrow.
I want to encourage everyone to be part of the revolution.
Now, I'm a little disappointed.
As of airtime, it's only 9 million people, that's conservatively, on our YouTube and on our Facebook that have watched the live feeds.
They have to break them up in four hours, but it's only 9 million on top of the record AM and FM stations, and that's 3-4 million a day, and all the other videos we've put out that are millions and millions.
Let's add that up conservatively.
Oh my gosh, we've only had about 18 million people that we can meter that tuned in the last 24 hours.
Oh, I'm so discredited if Trump loses, and you are too.
Drudge is only having something like 100 million visitors a day, I was reading.
And we're only having 18 million.
Oh, my ideas are so bankrupt.
I'm such a nobody.
I'm such an outcast.
They have all these articles in mainstream news.
I'm an outcast.
I'm a nobody.
I'm a failure.
And Drudge is a failure.
Meanwhile, they're all collapsing and have 100,000 viewers.
You know, in the coming election, no matter who gets in, one of the biggest issues nobody's talking about in the debates or anywhere is the vulnerability of the power grid.
The potential for power grid chaos.
EMP, cyber warfare, not to mention dangerous weather, hurricanes, ice storms, all a very real threat to our grid.
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Charlie Daniels.
He's always defended the Second Amendment.
Let me just read a little thing here from Agenda 21.
Individual rights.
We'll have to take a backseat to the collected.
Well, you know what the next move's gonna be, don't you?
It's gonna be coming after your guns.
When I was a boy, it was okay to be proud of the flag.
And beef was for supper.
Dawn of global government.
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That's Advertise.GCNLive.com.
By the way, I keep crowing about the numbers at Infowars.com because they're trying to kill the new independent media that is the media.
They're not the media, they're just government and corporate repeaters that have been caught in fraud and organized racketeering crime to defraud us of our elections, to steal nominations, and to manipulate the political process illegally in this country.
That's not words when I say they're criminal.
I mean, I'll back it up.
Sue me.
CNN is involved in criminal racketeering with the Democratic Party.
They've put the Democratic Party people in at CNN and vice versa and are at war with this country.
That's what Trump explains.
The media is at war.
That's not a figure of speech.
Stephen Bannon comes out and says they're at war with us.
It's because they are.
It's not my talking point.
It's been adopted.
The media is all top-down.
They keep going, Steven Bannon and Trump are taking Jones' stuff.
We tracked it back to Jones eight years ago saying it.
Now they're saying word for word what Jones says.
It's because it's what it is.
Not because their boss Alex Jones told them.
That's not what's happening.
They're looking at the same thing.
They're saying the exact same thing.
Trump can be giving speeches, and I'll say something while he's speaking, and he says the exact same thing next.
Not because he got it from me, because it's real, folks.
We didn't write the sheet of music.
The world did.
We're reading the same piece of music, though.
You're sitting next to somebody in church, reading a hymn book?
Well, how are they singing along with me?
We got the same book, folks!
We're looking at the same thing here.
America's been taken over by foreign interests.
They're demoralizing us.
They're breaking our will right now.
Trump's bringing our will back.
I'm bringing our will back.
You're bringing our will back.
DrudgeReport.com is bringing our will back.
Look at Drudge.
Top link to us, to this show right now, because Drudge cares about you getting the truth.
They want to make you cynical where you go, oh, everybody's got their version of the truth.
No, this is the truth.
Everybody knows it.
It's what made us great.
It's Americana.
We're not inventing something new here, okay?
Hillary Clinton is a frickin' witch running around with this jack-o-lantern smile she does everywhere that I just can't look at anymore.
In fact, can we put it back on screen from Drudge?
Now, they're gonna kill me in there.
The one area I am not successful in is making money.
People go, what do you mean?
You got 60-something crew members and you're doing all this?
If we were any other state but Texas, we couldn't do this, okay?
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I'm not good at making money.
For the size audience we have, we should be making two billion dollars a year.
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We don't even make a fraction of that.
We can barely fund the operation.
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Fifty million dollars a year or more.
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Most talk show hosts as big as I am have a jet, have a big mansion.
I don't have that stuff.
I don't want it.
What, a mansion is another place for your dog to go crap in a room you didn't find for a month.
I want a smaller house, not a bigger one, quite frankly.
You know?
The point is, I need to be flooded with capital.
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It'll get 8 million views in two days, and I'll go look off the metric, and we might get one sale like $10 off of it.
I mean, it just shows how mainstream media's not making money either.
It's all a hoax, but it's big corporations that get taxpayer money.
They have media as a losing division.
They spend billions on trying to capture the country.
But if the media can't deliver the country,
To Hillary, with all the billions, they will be completely shut down.
That's why they're so desperate, scrabbling, lying, deceiving, begging, cheating, to get their next paycheck.
Oh, but they won't try to steal the election.
They've just been caught rigging everything else.
And Trump's crazy, because he said the sky was blue.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
The answer to 1984.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I tell ya, I see wannabe historians and people that don't understand the deeper meanings of the world and the waters in which we stare.
The ether.
They say, oh, 1776, that's the Illuminati founded in Ingolstadt University.
In Bavaria, by Adam Weisshoff, Alex Jones programming us with the Illuminati.
The Illuminati was created as a counterfeit to operations launched a decade before in the United States by the real Illuminati.
And I'm not even saying the real Illuminati was overall good, but it just meant illuminate, bring light into the world.
They believed they were esoteric Christians.
And not hidden as in the occult on purpose, but hidden because they were persecuted.
The New Atlantis.
But people don't even know where they're coming from or who they are.
They're a counterfeit.
Just like Gary Johnson's a counterfeit libertarian, set to stop Trump.
Is Trump perfect?
No, he's imperfect in many ways, but it's his imperfection that makes him so perfect against the enemy, because he literally cannot be intimidated, cannot be bought, cannot be pushed around, and has a giant bull-like doggedness.
The guy is a bull.
A bull.
A bull.
Full of stamina.
Contrast that to the stuttering, crazy... I mean, Bill Clinton's literally chewing on his tongue and la-la-landing now.
We can show some of that video without audio because there's no point without the audio.
Chewing on his... I mean, he's doing mental patient stuff.
Her and Hillary.
Hillary and him constantly are whack-jobbing out.
These are mental patients.
It's all a big joke to them.
They're on drugs constantly.
And all they've got is the power they're holding onto to defend themselves and protect themselves and their criminal enterprises and the horrible traitor media, the dishonest, discredited, sad, loathsome, embarrassing, sickening, fetid, hateful Confederates that they have working for them, who are gone.
They are over.
They are things of the past.
You ask why CNN and everybody have gotten red, and MSNBC and everybody have even info bags that will give them ratings, or just real reporters.
Because a real reporter, a man that comes off as strong and whatever, might be some liberal, but he'd be against the war and against the stuff they were doing.
They can't even get a Dan Rather these days.
They just have a bunch of known politicos from the Democratic Party working for them.
And they don't think we don't see it already, and now we have the WikiLeaks.
And, oh, here's the big one.
It's all big, but this is really big.
WikiLeaks says they're going to keep releasing stuff right through the year and right now into next year.
It's not going to stop.
And there was a lot of stuff in there so horrible that WikiLeaks has some pro-government people in it who believe it could be used for good, that they didn't want to have to bring all this out.
Plus, this is dangerous stuff.
I mean, the globals will try to kill them.
But now they have nothing to lose and there's kind of a death battle stare in Assange's eyes now.
I can tell he has been changed by all this and has really done some amazing things.
I think I'm embarrassed I've attacked him saying release more stuff in my rage because he really is a hero.
I mean, who is the man of the year?
And it's not about the credit.
The man of the year really should be Donald Trump.
It was Putin last year for saying no to the globals.
It is, it is Donald Trump.
But if you had to say, like, you know, who are the five men of the year?
It had to be Nigel Farage.
It had to be the folks at WikiLeaks.
It would have to be people like Matt Drudge.
It's all those folks.
James O'Keefe, everybody.
But really, it's just the people.
It's the real press and the real resistance and just common sense, like coming up out of the water to get air.
Coming to the service and getting that delicious air in our lungs, sitting back and realizing this is a purging we're going through, like vomiting poison out.
And Trump is just one wretch as we try to get it out.
Hillary Clinton wins the election!
She has defeated the fear and hate-based conservative Donald Trump.
Well, that's according to Newsweek, who reportedly has already issued a special commemorative edition with Hillary on the cover behind the words, Madam President, Hillary Clinton's historic journey to the White House.
Do they know something we don't?
DC Clothesline reports that the fix is in.
Newsweek already has an issue in print, boxed and ready to ship, declaring Hillary the winner.
But others think the whole thing might be a hoax.
Newsweek has been asked repeatedly whether the magazine is real, but has failed
To respond so far.
If the issue is indeed a fake, well it's very convincing.
The one thing we know for sure is that Newsweek will not be publishing a special commemorative edition that is favorable to Donald Trump if he wins.
You can learn more right now at InfoWars.com
You know, in the coming election, no matter who gets in, one of the biggest issues nobody's talking about in the debates or anywhere is the vulnerability of the power grid.
The potential for power grid chaos.
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The battle is now.
The fight for not just U.S.
sovereignty, but national sovereignty and human sovereignty against the scientific dictatorship of the new world order.
And Donald Trump is our figurehead in the fight for Americanism, not globalism.
It's now Election Day.
Tuesday, November 8, 2016.
And you're listening
Infowars.com, continual live coverage.
We are now into hour number two of the regular transmission on this Tuesday, November 8th, 2016.
Hard to believe we're here.
But we're now into hour what?
So we've gone 24 hours and another hour.
We're into hour 25, 26.
We're going to be here for at least 52 hours, right through tomorrow at 3 o'clock.
And we're back at night, InfoWars Nightly News.
If Trump wins, somehow able to stop the fraud, stop the machine, stop the fake polls, then we know Soros has already prepared and activated.
And the media said, the newsweek said, it's time to riot.
Time Magazine has said it's time to go out.
They've got the college-trained Soros people going and saying, deck the halls with dead cops.
We're looking at that.
But if they steal it from Trump, will they false flag to further demonize the, quote, alt-right that Hillary says must be banned, must be repudiated, which is just the return of nationalism and common sense.
They call that the alt-right.
And then we use her definitions, because she's gone.
See how that works?
They're reality.
Obamacare's free.
It isn't.
We're the alt-right.
We're not.
They call us that.
We're just patriots.
They tell you the Tea Party's racist, so if you have melanin in your skin, you don't feel like you're able to own a gun or have private property, because you're not part of that racist club that has that.
They know how to trick you into being a slave.
Now, coming up, we're also going to talk about the fact that Homeland Security says that Russian hack attacks are imminent.
They've been involved with no evidence, they say.
They don't say what your intelligence chief is saying.
This is just from the Democrats.
And that Trump's working with them.
So if Trump wins, he stole it.
And they may have to, you know, contest it.
But the worst thing you can do is contest an election.
If Trump thinks there's a fraud, it doesn't exist, he's insane.
But the Russians are involved.
If he wins, we've got to contest it.
And so Homeland Security is on standby.
They've got the organization of...
The OECD and its protective unit, intelligence unit, super secretive organization that set up the modern Europe with this organization of a security partnership overseeing things for us.
I mean, this is an incredible time.
And the Communist Chinese that own the majority of our debt, they're buying up all six of the Hollywood studios and telling us, sit down and shut up.
We'll tell you what you can say, what you can do.
And they censored Michael Savage's last book where it wasn't even allowed to be sold in stores.
Not the one about Scorched Earth, the one before about the Chinese.
We have the OSCE boost number monitoring U.S.
There it is!
And the U.N.'
's there overseeing with the E.U.
Donald Trump voting.
Well, thank God they're watching that risky agent.
We've got Impartial Election Observer tweets support for Hillary.
I want to get our next guest on for a full hour tomorrow because there's so much to cover.
We have Ron Paul coming up at the bottom of the hour, former Congressman Gerald Cilente, Leanne McAdoo.
We've got everybody from Mark Dice to you name it coming on in the next 24 hours.
There's a list at InfoWars.com.
Forward slash show or InfoWars.com forward slash election.
That has the same video and audio feeds and podcasts and free droid apps and InfoWars apps and things like that.
But the election area will also have numbers and more as they come out this evening.
But watch for early projections.
That's when the steel comes in and we see the media pre-preparing this right now.
So we've got a lot of big guests coming up that you definitely do not want to miss.
From John Rappaport to Dinesh D'Souza, to Wayne Madsen, Lionel, Bev Harris, Gavin McInnis, Dr. Steve Pachinick, and so many more.
But joining us just until the bottom of the hour is Matt Bracken, Enemy's Foreign and Domestic.com.
He's an author, researcher, former Navy SEAL, and really has predicted and is a great source a lot of what we're facing, what we're dealing with.
We have foreign banks openly running the media, openly at war with the people, but they have no credibility.
So we've reached this paradox where the people are awake, where InfoWars has been as big as a lot of these channels for a while, but now with the election, we're way bigger than CNN.
That's admitted, even the Washington Post.
Way bigger than them.
I mean, they're freaking out, folks.
18 million as of this morning, since we started yesterday.
If you count up the 6, 7, 8 million on one Facebook, and 3 million more on another Facebook, and 4 or 5 million on YouTube, and then our own feeds, and then just videos people are watching.
Not audio feeds, not radio stations, not the 3 or 4 million that always tuned in.
Took me 20 years to get that many listeners.
Now, it's not the million or two visitors InfoWars gets every day.
Now it's just exponential, and it's not going to go away after the election.
That's why they have to try to shut us down.
But shut down something that's so popular?
And again, InfoWars is big, but overall is a small part of the thousands of sites and thousands of people of every race, color, and creed just in the U.S.
alone speaking up.
And then Matt Drudge, overall traffic, and being able to put topics out there bigger than InfoWars.
This is our media.
This is our victory.
This is how we've done this.
They may steal the election, but it's a pyrrhic victory.
And I'm not preparing you for a loss.
Trump has won.
Trump is dominating in every major, even skewed poll in battleground states.
The insiders, man, they are panicking.
But can they rip him off?
Well, he's going to challenge it like he did the primaries.
Well, they said, we don't care if he got double everybody else.
We're not giving it to you.
He said, OK, I'm going to sue.
He began the lawsuit.
They had to back off.
He will fight for it.
So to go over this calculus, Matt Bracken joins us in the next 15 minutes.
And again, I want to get you back up for a full hour this week to break down the aftermath.
But I want to get just a prelude of what you're seeing right now.
Well, it really is.
I always go back to this.
It really is a battle for our minds and the media is the overt, above-the-surface part of this battle.
Clearly, the new media, alt-media, is winning, but something to be careful of next year, especially if Hillary wins.
The reason that Obama gave the keys to the Internet away to the UN is so that, regardless of our First Amendment or what the Supreme Court says,
is going to be in a position to pull the plug on your show.
The U.N.
As a hate... And they're going to start a big war to sell that out.
In fact, the New Soros emails actually say that.
They say we're going to shut the alt-right down next year with the U.N.
That's official.
They need to do that.
The game plan is Venezuela.
Chavez won an election the first time.
After that, he started stuffing the judiciary, adding members to Congress so that he could pass his own laws.
And then they went after the heads of the conservative opposition media.
Some of them were arrested for bogus embezzlement type of charges, sex charges.
But one by one, they picked off all of the opposition media until there was no opposition media left in Venezuela.
That's right.
So we're literally about to see the fall of the Republic into absolute despotism.
I mean, this is so huge.
But the thing is, it's different here.
And I write about this in some of my short stories, like what I saw at the coup.
If next year, for example, the only media left is like, you know, CNN, then the talking heads, the lying talking heads on CNN are going to be just enemy targets to the freedom lovers that aren't just going to quietly knuckle under.
That's right.
It's not going to be just people yelling, you're a traitor, you're scum.
It's going to be no financial support, pure hatred.
They will be seen as the actual occupying army they are.
That's right, and they can live in a gated community, and they can send their servants out for food, but it's not going to be much of a life.
Especially when they have to move on to military bases.
Because they won't even be safe on military bases, unless they get rid of the military.
That's going to be hard to do.
And by the way, we're not shooting our mouths off.
You've studied history.
Explain this to them, what they've signed on to.
They've signed on to actually occupy the U.S., and when you start arresting the Patriot leaders, the gloves come off, dumbasses.
For example, when sites like Breitbart, Drudge, and Infowars, when these sites go down, that'll be a declaration of war.
That will be our Fort Sumter moment.
There's no question about it.
There's a reason why people are taking all these tactical courses.
There's a reason why AR-15s and bigger weapons are flying off the shelves.
There's a reason why people are never going to hunt an elk in their life by a .338 Lapua that can fire a round that'll hit past a thousand yards.
Yeah, there's a reason, and it's not for hunting eastern white-tailed deer.
Believe me.
In fact, they say the all-time records of two years ago have been broken again.
Millions of firearms a month pouring off shelves.
Right, this is preparation for a potential civil war.
In fact, we're already in the civil war.
How do you pronounce the name?
It's a hard C, Pajanik?
The way that I look at it, since watching his coup videos and seeing him in other media,
What we're looking at below the surface, it's sort of like a black water swamp or creek, and every once in a while you see a shark fin or an alligator tail splash out of the water.
Underneath the surface, there is already a brutal civil war being fought.
It's being fought by the rank-and-file honorable FBI special agents, the ones who believe their oath, that do believe in fidelity, bravery, and integrity, against the stooges and goons like Comey.
I'd like to mention in a little time here, people need to not just take these stooges at face value.
Comey is a bought and paid for political hatchet man.
He alternated his career, like Loretta Lynch, his career alternated between being a U.S.
attorney and then getting these plum jobs.
You just happened to get a job.
It's not a bribe because you had a job.
Where you're the chief counsel of the world's biggest hedge fund or you're the chief counsel of Lockheed Martin and you're paid tens of millions of dollars to go along and get along and be a team player.
Then they rotate you up to being a US attorney or the head of the FBI.
And they've already bought you.
There's no question in my mind, a guy like Comey that lives in a $3 million house, you know, he's a federal civil servant that lives in a $3 million house, who's worth tens of millions in payola from his, you know, corporate gigs.
So when they rotate him up to be head of the FBI, he's not going to rock the boat.
There's no doubt he's somewhere in his past.
He's probably done some shady dealings.
And this is how they control people.
They don't let anybody get near these power positions like Attorney General and ahead of the FBI unless they can control them.
Unless they know there's some shady dealings with the Swiss bank accounts with the Swiss banks that they can always pull out and ruin these men.
I agree.
Matt Bracken, EnemiesForeignAndDomestic.com.
It is undoubted there is a quiet internal civil war.
The globalists openly run the country.
We're openly under TPP and foreign deals.
World government submitted.
The criminality's never been more naked.
So when I say Pyrrhic victory, you know, win the battle, lose the war, clearly
They must go to total totalitarianism now, suppress the press and everything.
That's their only hope.
And they're showing they're willing to steal, they're willing to kill, they're willing to engage in crimes, they're willing to take money from foreign governments.
I mean, this on a metric is the most corrupt undoubtedly we've ever seen probably in world history anywhere.
Because there's so much transparency because the Wikileaks...
We have Hillary Clinton.
The Clinton crime family has made at least $150 million personal money from no visible means of support, no honest income, yet the FBI and the DOJ are just actively engaged in a cover-up.
And by the way, that's what we know of.
There's billions reportedly in the Swiss bank accounts.
So here's my question.
That's what we know of.
Setting that up.
What comes out of this?
Because it seems like real momentum on the ground.
We're 10 to 1 kicking their butt, but they've got all the control positions.
So like you said, they're already figuratively, but now literally moving into their armored redoubts.
Most of the big millionaires are leaving Israel.
They're leaving the U.S.
They're leaving other areas and going to New Zealand and other armored fortresses as if it's the end of the world.
So I see their retreat as a symbol of just how weak they are.
Well, they're weak, but this is like a cornered weasel.
They're very dangerous.
Try to pull that weasel out of his corner back in the cage.
You're going to get bitten.
These guys are primarily atheists that are just power-hungry, power-mad people like George Soros.
George Soros doesn't have a dynasty to fall back on.
The George Soros son, who's like a 25-year-old playboy, a wastrel, there's no George Soros to come.
I was about to say, he is a wastrel.
He looks like a lobotomized... But when George Soros dies, as far as he's concerned, the universe ends.
He's a megalomaniac of the age.
Clinton, both Clintons and Obama, they're sort of like junior George Soros's.
But their entire identity is wrapped up in themselves.
They will take, they will burn the whole building down if they see themselves about to go to prison.
And that's what's moved the Russians and others into an apocalyptic stance right now.
And our own FBI says, quote, literally, she's the Antichrist.
People say, what do you mean?
They go, she acts like Linda Blair.
I was told that.
I was told that months ago, and people said, oh, he's making that up.
Now they're in the Guardian saying, no, she acts like Linda Blair.
And thanks to WikiLeaks, we now know about the satanic rituals, the finger cutting and all the bodily fluids and these satanic rituals.
These people are very diabolical at the top.
And if Trump wins by, say, a landslide, indisputable, just for example, and they have to be prepared for that, there's no way they can finagle it.
That was my next question.
What are the scenarios you see?
Well, if they face prison, they face dying in prison.
Let's walk through them.
They're not young.
The Clintons face dying in prison.
And I think what they'll do is false flag attacks.
They will do anything.
But we're very fortunate.
I compare this to World War II Europe in 1945.
Imagine you're a German Panzer Division commander.
The Allies have got the United States Air Force doing daylight strategic bombing.
The British are doing nighttime area city bombing.
P-51 Mustangs and Bans are roaming up and down the railroads, tearing everything up with rockets and .50 calibers.
There's nowhere you can move without being fired at.
So we are, for the first time, we have an actual counter-attack, a counter-coup going on.
With Project Veritas, O'Keefe, he's like the P-51 Mustangs, rocketing the rails.
You've got Judicial Watch, slow methodical war in the trenches with the FOIA Act.
Then you've got, you know, dragging important documents out.
And you've got WikiLeaks.
So we're exposing them, and when they're exposed, they can't move.
I was about to say, Julian Assange is like the B-17's bombing.
Yes, and people like whoever the wiki leakers are, I happen to think they're inside the FBI.
I happen to think that they're actual honorable special agents.
Well, that's actually now known.
I mean, that was leaked about six months ago by Benny, but it's now confirmed.
But for the first time that I can remember, in the last two weeks of a really critical election, we have some weapons.
So the Bob Kramer types are the ones that would be organizing the false flag attacks
You know, he's the dirty tricks man.
He's the wet-ops man.
Well, he's got his head down.
He's like out of the country.
I was about to say, and they know that most the FBI, most the law enforcement aren't perfect, but they don't want to destroy the country.
They're now watching.
They're looking for false flags.
They're now aware.
It's a whole new ballgame.
And because of WikiLeaks, now they're afraid to communicate.
So imagine you're the Germans and... We've now broken their code.
They know it.
And if they get on the radio, they're going to get a rocket right up the butt.
So they're right now back on their heels.
I still expect some kind of a false flag attack.
It won't help them if there's a jihad terror attack.
That will help Trump.
It will own, and even BLM riots won't help them.
The only thing that's going to help them is something like a Charleston shooting.
So I would look for some, you know, lunatic waving a Confederate flag.
I agree, or some mental patient they release that, you know, goes to another black church, like you said, or another, you know, God forbid, something like we saw with Sandy Hook.
Unfortunately, because of Project Veritas, we know their game plan, we know how they run this, so they've got to be a little bit more careful.
And CNN, meanwhile, is making themselves a laughing stock.
You know, Andrea Mitchell, she was caught two weeks ago on an airplane where Hillary Clinton's press secretary... They're handing her the questions!
Handing her the questions!
And it's on film!
Will you ever see that on the mainstream media?
I think they should have that in constant rotation.
This is...
And by the way, we have the WikiLeaks where they're giving the questions Donna Brazile twice just that we caught her.
She's caught lying about it, has to resign, and you've got them also feeding the questions from the White House and Hillary both directly on how to attack Trump.
It's total lockstep fusion.
Donna Brazile is a great example.
I just saw a clipping of an old newspaper thing on the internet.
She was fired from the Dukakis campaign for lying about a George Bush Sr.
So she's been revived within the Democrat Party, rising to the head of the DNC.
She has, for the last few weeks, been just saying, oh, I'm not talking about that Russian propaganda.
When she's finally busted with more and more feeding debate questions, now she's saying, basically, screw you, I'm proud to lie for the good guys, the Democrats.
You know, she's basically saying, I'm not ashamed at all.
We'll do whatever it takes.
Well, I think that that Donna Brazile proud liar attitude is endemic throughout the mainstream media.
I was about to say, why do we see Gruber and then on Charlie Rose and all these shows laughing and saying, thank God the public's dumb.
We really ripped them off.
Ha ha ha.
They're proud of it.
They talk about making Americans poor and smacking their lips.
It's like these are villains out of a cartoon.
They are, and I hope that there's enough of us to wake up because demographically, we're doomed.
If they keep the borders wide open for another election cycle, if they get another couple Ruth Bader Ginsburg's on the Supreme Court, then the only way back will be a shooting civil war.
And a shooting civil war today won't be a clean North-South thing.
It's going to be a war of assassinations, IEDs.
It's going to be a really nasty war.
It's going to be the war of the death squads.
Yeah, and it's more like Argentina in the 70s, with people being taken out on helicopters and thrown out in the ocean.
It's going to be that kind of a war.
But I think that our military, unlike, say, the Argentina military, we take an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
And most of the FBI agents, except for the more recent hires that are primarily social justice warriors, you have to bear in mind they've only been hiring social justice warriors for the last eight years only.
So the rank-and-file young hires are down with destroying the Constitution.
And social justice warriors can be deprogrammed very quickly living in the real world.
And they can also be deprogrammed by the old guys that are still there within the FBI.
So the FBI right now, I think, is our frontline.
The Department of Justice, it's lost, but we know who the stooges are.
And once Trump is elected, I mean...
Imagine Attorney General Rudy Giuliani going after these people.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
This is Joe Biggs with Infowars.com, and this is one of the most amazing times to be alive right now in history.
Something your grandchildren will look back on and go, Grandpa, Grandma, you were part of that?
That is mind-blowing.
Think about this.
In 24 hours, we will know who the next President of the United States is.
This is so crazy.
This is down to the wire.
Let's look at some of these headlines that are happening right now on Drudge Report.
Obama encourages illegals to vote.
Stocks go boom.
High drama in Sunshine State.
Election endgame fight.
Final charge through battleground states.
Trump pops the biggest lead at IDP.
LA Times has Trump plus 5.
Traffic to get into Trump's rally in Pennsylvania backed up for miles.
WikiLeaks server under hack attack as DMC emails released.
Think about this.
This is our Brexit.
They're telling us we can't win.
George Washington Brexited before it was cool.
This has been Joe Biggs with InfoWars.com and we will prevail.
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Charlie Daniels.
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Let me just read a little thing here from Agenda 21.
The American system of justice must be changed to conform to the rest of the world.
Individual rights will have to take a back seat to the collective.
Well, you know what the next move's gonna be, don't you?
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Oh, yeah!
At all.
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Do you ever wonder what happened to America?
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As of broadcast today, 18 million people.
It's fact.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Commencement.
18 million people.
In the heart of the resistance.
Have watched on our video stream since yesterday.
Patriots worldwide.
You're listening.
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And it's not that I'm that good, it's that people are that hungry for freedom.
A very humble man is about to join us, Dr. Ron Paul, former congressman, the modern progenitor of the modern liberty movement that Donald Trump is driving right now and in control of.
He always says, it's not about me, I'm just a focal point of this.
And he was known as Dr. No because he would never vote on things that weren't 100% constitutional.
And I respect that.
But there's a paradox here, and we'll talk to him in one moment, and then we'll get into the whole waterfront and where we are for this election, and the great work he and his son and others are doing, the Campaign for Liberty.
But there is a paradox.
When the whole establishment's against Donald Trump, we know he's not perfect.
God, far from it.
I wish he had Ron Paul's brain.
But obviously the system doesn't want him.
So it's a major move against them.
I just want to get his view on that out of the gates here in just a moment.
And I just love what they're doing with multimedia and all the stuff they've launched.
That's the future.
18 million people just on our streams on Facebook and YouTube, just since yesterday, 18 million people.
Folks, I want to have 100 million by tomorrow.
Imagine how that, if you throw that in the face of CNN.
They're having peak ratings right now, even though they've been plunging, kind of a dead cat bounce.
They're only getting about a million people watching an hour.
They're a joke, people!
Again, it's not that we're that good, they're that bad.
So this is a referendum on the establishment.
And it's got to feel good to Ron Paul.
I'm going to talk to him here in just one moment.
What a lonely guy.
Twenty-something years ago, couldn't get one co-sponsor to audit the Fed.
Now it's a household word.
People know it's the enemy.
They understand it.
So, what an American hero we're about to talk to.
Briefly, Buckley Hammond.
About six months in the making.
We have the free app, Infowars.com.
The audio, the video feeds, the free podcast, all of it's on there.
But we now are launching, you're going to be back in the next hour to talk about it more.
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I'll do special reports every day just to the app, or die trying, and it'll be archived.
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So briefly, I want to get to Dr. Paul, who we just got on the Skype line here on the satellite.
Briefly, get into that new app, Buckley, and how folks get it.
As everybody knows here at InfoWars, we are on the front lines of the information war.
And as anybody can tell, the mainstream media has been completely in the bag for the globalists.
And so we're doing everything that we can.
We're adding all the weapons to our arsenals that are possible that are out there.
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It's going to be what it is.
It's like it's a YouTube for us, OK?
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It's a game changer.
$4.95 a month.
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Download the free app, and right there on the free app, you can sign up and pay $4.95 a month and get the upgraded app.
Buckley, we will talk to you again soon.
By the way, you've been spearheading this for a year in development.
Great job.
All right, he's only with us for 20 minutes, but at the end of the hour, former Congressman Ron Paul, already introduced him.
Thank you.
The omnibudsman of liberty.
Dr. No, the guy that never compromised with tyranny.
We appreciate you coming on with us.
Thank you.
Good to be with you, Alex.
I could ask a lot of questions, but just out of the gates, what do you think of this election?
I think it's chaos.
I think it's a reflection of where we are economically speaking, where we are monetarily speaking, where we are on our foreign policy.
Totally chaotic.
The people are angry and upset.
But I don't think they've quite figured out exactly where the problem is.
They don't think in philosophic terms.
They think in political terms.
The problem is not political.
The political chicanery that goes on is a reflection of bad philosophy.
Whether it comes to economic policies,
This whole idea of Keynesian economics, it's a failure, just as socialism has failed, our system has failed, and people don't quite see it that way.
Inflationism has failed, the central banking ideas have failed, and the foreign intervention has failed, and yet they still think of details of, well, maybe we need a better manager, maybe we ought to do it this way, that way.
We shouldn't go into this country, we should go into this other country.
We shouldn't spend so much money here.
No, they missed the whole point that what we need is an understanding of what true liberty is all about and why that's an individual matter.
It's not collective.
And quite frankly, I spend my time talking to young people because I think that's what we need.
We need an educated new generation that will be more intense on relying on liberty rather than relying on the political process where they're trying to get one advantage over another.
Do you have any predictions for this election that we're now in?
Well, my prediction is that not a whole lot is going to change.
I think the momentum is so great.
There's a lot of good intentions out there.
But I think that the spending is going to continue.
I think the printing of money is going to continue.
The deficits are going to continue.
I've become cynical over the many decades I've been involved.
I mean, if you go back to the Ronald Reagan era, I was so excited about that.
I was a supporter of his in 1976.
And yet, when he was in, the debt went up, the spending went up.
And, you know, when the Congress finally was controlled by Republicans and the Senate and the Presidency, guess what?
We spent more money than the Democrats.
So I'm rather cynical about the whole thing.
The momentum is great, and as much as we look toward, and I certainly do look toward the positive side of the people waking up, there's a lot of people out there that want government, and I think the result of this election will be that probably 97% of the members of Congress are going to be re-elected.
You know, it's going to be pretty much the status quo.
And I think we have more work to do in the intellectual sphere, the understanding of economic policy, the understanding of the nature of money.
And then that will eventually be reflected in our members of Congress.
You mentioned in the introduction that I've done some work on the Federal Reserve.
But I worked hard in the Congress, especially when I interviewed the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Boards on various occasions, but my approach was to reach the people outside of Washington.
So it was changing their understanding and their minds that finally got to the Congressmen, and they finally voted for the, you know, at least in the House, they voted to... Well sure, we're starting to see reform that seemed impossible, and the reason I go there is this.
I know you're a purist, that's why I respect you, and you've always stuck by your guns, and that's the way to do it.
But expanding on that, I mean, you've got the best voting record of probably anybody since Thomas Jefferson.
But if we expand on that...
The incredible awakening.
People know about the TPP.
They know about globalism.
They know about vote rigging.
They know about the Federal Reserve.
What is it like to watch Trump?
And I know he's not perfect, bad on torture, iPhones, you know, surveillance.
He doesn't get a lot of internet stuff.
I mean, he admits he's kind of a troglodyte when it comes to technology.
What was it like to see the movement that Barry Goldwater and the Liberty Movement and you grew, the American people grew?
Undoubtedly, Trump is a libertarian-style insurrection into the Republican Party.
They see it as outside.
They're trying to reject it.
The libertarians have been taken over by the Democrats and Republicans.
They've got Johnson and the other guy.
Basically endorsing Hillary.
That's outrageous.
So all I'm saying is, not an approval of, not an endorsement of Trump.
I'm saying, what is it like for you to see the Liberty Movement basically in the hands of Trump, with Breitbart and others, and I think Breitbart are good folks, intending to fight on even if this election's stolen.
All I'm saying is, coexisting as original patriots, like yourself, how do you see that coexisting with what's happened with Trump?
Well, you admit that he's not perfect, and I'm in the business of trying to present the case for liberty and not water it down.
And those who are more involved in politics, back and forth, and they say, well, a little watering down, a little accepting, a little bit of hope, a little bit of prayer.
I don't have any gripes with that, but I think you have to be realistic that where are we today under those circumstances?
And if you water it down a little bit, you know, I used to say when I was campaigning
You know, if you talk about food stamps for the rich or the poor, and you say, well, there's people in need, so we have to help them out.
But there's only 3% of the people who need help.
So, let's give help to 3% of the people.
You give up 100% of the principles that you're dealing with.
So, that's why, if you water it down a little bit, and understand it, and if you're a political activist, and you love this party stuff, and you have high hopes,
Yeah, get people involved.
I think?
Getting 51% to vote one way or the other isn't the important thing.
You need 8% of the people who are the thought leaders in the country, the people who write the books and write the magazine, and people like you that have an access, you know, to the public.
They're the ones who have to understand it.
So I'm too discouraged about, you know, nitpicking and changing a thing here, this policy here, this, except this, this isn't good.
A little protectionism doesn't hurt anything.
We've got to change the whole system.
We've got to change the whole fraudulent system.
Ron Paul is our guest.
You've got to change the minds of the people.
That's what's happened.
And you can only do that one person at a time.
You've got so many great sites.
TV shows, radio shows.
I hear it all over the radio.
It's wonderful to almost see you freer now that you're not in Congress than you were before to really educate.
Yes, and I feel good about it.
You know, there's still an audience.
You know, most people when they leave Congress, you know, the Alex Jones of the world, they don't call you up anymore.
But still, there are people that are interested, and I am pleased, and I have to admit it.
If they're interested in what I'm saying, you know, the most flattering thing that I had in Washington was I went my own way.
I didn't try to think that I could fight with them and change their minds or give great speeches.
But I would vote if it were by if it happened to be by myself.
I would do it in a quiet, steady way.
But every once in a while, a member of Congress would come up and sit down beside me because I'd all be by myself voting.
And he would say, why do you do that?
Which was a sincere question.
So one person at a time like that, and a few of them changed their ways, and they've become much more interested in... Well, that's the point.
You did something with no support.
You did something with no support in Congress, and really changed the paradigm to a great extent to at least have a national debate.
And that's why, you know, I model myself just historically off seeing what you and others have done with the wind blowing in your face over time, you end up turning the tables.
And getting back to Trump, because it's obviously the big phenomenon in the election right now.
The biggest reason I've supported him is so that I could also sit there and point out things that were wrong.
And I've seen Trump actually change when he sees something is wrong, if it's actually genuine and not from the establishment.
But obviously, looking at Trump, because people want to know what Ron Paul thinks about this, the entire establishment, the Communist Chinese, the Socialist Pope, the Mexican presidents, all the big corrupt combines, the Republican Party machinery that has attacked you and tried to destroy you.
I mean, you know a man by his enemies, and Dr. Paul, Trump has the same enemies you had, the same enemies I have, and they are so opposed to him.
I think that's undoubtable.
So what do you think of that, and what do you think that signifies?
Well, I think what you're doing is fine and dandy, and you make those points, and you can make inroads, but my approach has been different.
I take it out of the personalities.
I never wanted to... I bet you can't find anything I've ever said on the House floor about, oh, you know, the President of the United States is a bum, or saying the Democrats are, you know, the fall, and it's all the fall of the Democrat.
No, I'm always going to be talking about changing people's minds about why printing money is lousy, why fighting wars overseas is bad, and not... No, I got it.
You are a gentleman who is reaching out to people trying to change them, and Trump is more of a bull in a China cabinet.
I think that's the case, and hopefully there's room for both ways of changing things.
Because, you know, I sort of enjoy the idea, although I never became a Trump supporter, I enjoyed the idea that right now we're winning on some of these issues.
One is that it's a little bit more popular to challenge political correctness than it was a few years ago.
And I think the American people are waking up.
They're so sick and tired of that.
That's what I'm saying Dr. Paul, is that Trump has taken what you built and others built, and we built, and magnified it.
There's some imperfections there, but I think I just heard you right.
You said I'm kind of a Trump supporter on the fact that he's made it okay to have free speech and stand up against the bullying of the PC crowd.
Okay, well no, I'm glad that has happened, but I see it in a different sense.
Because I use it in a different fashion.
I would say, well, who uses which bathroom is a private property issue.
We need to deal with the issue of privacy.
Why do governments own these things?
Why in the world would we be talking about this?
Because people can't walk into our houses and decide who's going to use what bathroom.
Why is the government involved?
Businesses should have whatever they want.
You want to have the same sex?
You want to have them separate?
I want them to use the total principle of freedom.
Property rights, voluntary contracts, non-aggression principle.
I want to always emphasize the philosophic underpinnings of what we're talking about.
And you're dealing, you know, with one of the specifics and you will go a certain way politically.
But I've lost any enthusiasm for thinking that, you know, if we get a few more people in Congress, next year we're going to have a balanced budget.
No, that's not going to happen.
I never really believed it.
Never went there with the intention.
Went there as a surprise because I didn't think anybody would vote for me if I took this position of, you know, saying that governments should be very, very small.
Well, you know Nigel Farage.
You take on everybody.
You know who Nigel Farage is.
Yeah, I know him well.
Sure, and he said on air before that your work inspired him 20-something years ago, and that when a lot of folks he would go speak to in England back when their party was tiny, were listeners of yours and listeners of mine.
So all I'm saying is, it's got to feel good to know that you've affected elections in Europe, that the libertarian ideas of the Von Mises Institute that you've been quarterbacking are having big effects.
All I'm saying is,
Trump is basically, at his core, adopting all of that.
I don't think he's so much political as he is just kind of like a promoter where he agrees with a lot of folks he's around and says nice things to crowds he's with.
But at his core, I know he really respects you.
He's told me that personally.
He's said it in public.
And I'm sad that, you know, Rand and he got in fights and things, but both people did things that were probably not too good, but that happens in the political campaign.
All I'm saying is, if a Donald Trump got elected and you had a free hand, would you be an advisor?
Would you be the head of the Treasury?
Or are you done?
Well, no, he's not going to because I'm dealing on a different level.
I'm dealing in the theoretical and the philosophic.
And I don't think he's there.
He picks up bits and pieces and he uses it.
And when it seems to be beneficial, yes, he'll use it.
I mean, if somebody asked me a
Well, I know for a fact...
No, no, but with Trump it's different.
Because what I'm telling you is, I know now the inside baseball.
Before he and Rand got in all those spats, he was looking at Rand as a VP.
And I know for a fact he respects you and was wanting to talk to you about economic policy.
So, I mean, and it's not patronizing.
I'm telling you, you know, that Donald Trump really, really...
Yeah, but, but...
Yeah, but that's not where I am.
I'm trying to change attitudes that would support him to do the right things rather than me saying, well, if I support Trump or say this and this and sort it all out, that's a political thing.
What I want to do is go out and get people to understand, you know, exactly the philosophy behind it and why you have to reject the authoritarianism of the government.
And so when he's right on those issues, he's going to have more support.
It would be much more valuable for him to have support of tens of thousands of people
Uh, that may have been educated.
No, I get it.
You're not about the political.
You're all about the right philosophical economic move.
Matter of fact, I think it's 90% of everything that we do.
And I was in politics, but I was in politics for participating in the educational opportunity.
That's also, uh, Alex, the reason why I have a homeschooling organization.
Nobody knows a whole lot.
I was going to bring that up next.
Take our children out of the system.
Tell us about that.
Well, yes, and Gary North and Tom Woods helped me start this, and they have a fantastic thing going.
And quite frankly, it's not gigantic.
We don't have the numbers that you have, but systematically, more and more, the public school system is terrible in this whole thing of political correctness.
It's all in the public system.
So I think more and more people, I think if we lose our rights, property rights, to have our private school system... Agreed.
I mean, then we're in real trouble.
But as long as we have that, and more and more people are going to come, because people are sick of the, you know, government school system.
So that's where I'm optimistic, and some people have told me that's probably one of the most positive things that I'm doing at this point in time.
Well, by the way, you say you're own homeschooling.
Sure, your own homeschooling deal has got a lot of people signed up to it, but the homeschooling movement itself is exploding.
Folks can find out more at RonPaulLibertyReport.com.
Let me ask you this then.
What is your gut on this election?
I mean, he's ahead in battleground states.
They keep oversampling Democrats.
10, 15, 20 points.
They've been caught in WikiLeaks, fixing polls, getting questions beforehand, rigging things.
We know a lot of hanky-panky happened to you when you'd be winning in New Hampshire and places.
I mean, what's your gut about the election tell you?
Well, I haven't relied on my gut too much.
Sure, what's the analysis?
I look at the financial markets, and unfortunately, the financial markets this last couple days went against Trump.
Because, you know, the way they were responding,
Oh, Hillary won something.
Hillary won something.
So therefore, what is so sad is that because it was interpreted that Hillary won something with the director of the FBI coming out, that the markets, which are supposed to be free markets and capitalism, they responded with glee!
The stock market skyrocketed nearly 400 points.
That, to me, is a sad state of affairs.
Well, that shows the control.
But now there's some jitters.
Now there's some jitters is my point.
So you're thinking a Hillary win?
Well, right now I'm saying the markets think that.
I think that right now I'm not predicting, I'm not betting any money.
I'm also, I did a program today on my program that said the momentum, I just tried to describe where the momentum is, after this election is over and I didn't pick a winner, that we are still going to spend more money, we're going to get bigger government,
Taxes will not go down.
The troops won't be going home.
I agree, but the awakening momentum has never been bigger.
So let me ask you this in closing then.
Dr. Ron Paul is our guest.
Looking at this, I mean, just looking at Hillary, she's so bad, she's so evil, she wants war with Russia.
I mean, just for world peace, isn't it positive that Trump doesn't want war with Russia and doesn't want to back radical Islam?
Yeah, but I don't want to get into a debate on this.
I would concede that, but then I could throw out something else where he might be more likely to cause trouble.
But I don't want to get into that.
That's back into the personality and bickering between, you know, political factions.
And I think elections are phony.
I think...
You might not agree with this one, but just think.
You know the establishment, the deep state.
They've controlled these elections.
We control them overseas.
They control them here, too.
So whether you had a Ron in the end, or Obama, you know darn well that policies weren't going to change.
You're hopeful.
You're keeping your fingers crossed.
I hope you're right.
I hope things, you know, if Trump would win, that things would be better.
No, Dr. Paul, this is why I respect you.
The deep state is very, very deep.
You're always honest.
No, I agree with you.
I came in this morning and I said they're preparing everyone for a Trump loss even though he's winning.
I said to the crew, I said the deep state doesn't want him and that's why he's good.
He's not a Ron Paul, but a Ron Paul's not a Donald Trump.
You both have different, you know, attributes.
I wish he would become president.
I wish he would and we'll see, but you're right.
This election staged and they've rigged the whole deal and I think Donald Trump's right then.
You just said it to say it's rigged.
Is Donald Trump right on that?
Well, it's been rigged for a long time.
My first election was in 1976, and I lost by 100 votes on election night.
And it came out of fraud.
And we found 1,350 votes of absolutely fraudulent votes.
We won in the course until it got to the Supreme Court of Texas, and then we won there.
And then the next day, they threw out one judge and said there was something wrong with him.
Had a new election, and of course,
You know, we lost the court contest too, but that's way back then.
So there was... Bottom line, I don't want to put words in your mouth.
You're saying the system's been rigged for a long time and you think it's rigged against Trump because the establishment clearly wants Hillary.
I don't have any evidence of who gets rigging or whatnot, but I just think that, I think, because what I have to say will be more of a challenge to you, because I think that some of the policies that Trump has, supports, may be there because he's been told he has to take certain positions.
You're saying it might be political.
Dr. Paul, thank you for the time.
Amazing interview.
We look forward to speaking to you again soon.
That was the best ever.
These get better and better.
Alright, we're coming back in the next hour.
Gerald Cilente and more.
Thank you, Dr. Paul.
That was amazing.
I'm Alex Jones.
Spread the word.
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Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Well, Nico Acoustum, I'm head producer and others disagree, that was the best Ron Paul interview ever.
We got Ventura coming on Friday, and I'm going to put his feet to the fire in a nice way as well.
When you say you're supporting Gary Johnson because you're against two parties,
Johnson and Weld are endorsing Hillary.
Hillary is an out-of-control demon.
And I get Paul, his purity, he wants to change minds and sell free market.
I love that.
He doesn't want to get in the whole trenches of political promises.
And I get him saying, he was alluding to it, Trump's like, I'll give special tax cuts just to black people.
And I get the argument, okay, you start compromising and giving people this and that because of what group they are, you've now become as bad as Democrats.
How do you counter them trying to cause a race war and all this division?
We want people off the plantation.
There's got to be 40 acres and a mule.
Most black folks never got the 40 acres and a mule.
So it's their own tax money.
I don't see it as a freebie.
I want everybody's taxes cut.
But if we can use political correctness to get somebody's taxes cut, I'll do it.
Let me tell you, I don't like driving through neighborhoods and seeing poor, desperate people.
I'm not like the WikiLeaks stuff on Hillary where they're calling black people dumb and pathetic and getting off on it.
That's the essence of these trash folks.
They like seeing people not doing good.
But I think that's the demarcation line between a good person and a bad person.
I've seen people, and if you've got a beautiful girlfriend or beautiful wife, they get upset with you.
Well, that's who you don't want to be around.
Or you've got a good business, or you're a great painter or artist, they're jealous of you.
Instead of wanting to be around you.
I was always blind, because I'm not the best looking now, but I was like a Calvin Klein model when I was younger.
And I had girlfriends that were just beautiful, and they'd be pissed saying, you're just too good looking, you're better looking than I am.
They'd be mad at me about it.
It didn't even make sense.
I'm not bragging about that story to sound cool.
I've told you bad stuff where I paid for abortions.
There's no filter here.
It's all just real.
I think that's the demarcation line, is Gerald Cilente wants prosperity and hates seeing his town fall apart.
And Alex Jones wants prosperity.
And prosperity based on real equity, real level playing field, real freedom.
Just like a high-quality restaurant, or a high-quality clothing, or a high-quality shop, or a high-quality, uh, you know, store that's family-owned, and you've got quality, and they treat you with respect, you treat them with respect.
Celente always talks about that because it's the heart of community.
It's humanity.
Why do you think, I'm not saying this is Italian, this is true, every sports jacket I wear is Italian.
Because they're the best cut.
All the sunglasses I got are Italian.
Because they demand quality.
Now, it's a stereotype.
It's a true stereotype.
Too bad that the Italians aren't having any kids, so, you know, Italy's about to become North Africa.
But the point is that what I'm getting at here is that McDonald's admittedly said, we're going to get rid of our staff by saying, throw your trash away, thank you.
All you did was lower the quality of restaurants nationwide by snapping your fingers.
It's the quality we demand.
We don't kill granny like Bill Gates said and hire 10 teachers.
We kill the society.
You take care of Granny, you have a culture that takes care of Granny, you just raised the standard, you just created more jobs, you just raised the empathy of the species.
They've trained you to not care and not be involved.
They've trained you to act like a buffoon, to act like an idiot.
They've trained you to give up the respect you deserve.
I always hear this thing, people say, in the old days in Texas, but all over the place, any place that has culture, you better respect us.
We're gonna respect you, you're gonna respect us, and you don't respect us, get out of our lives!
And we sit there with this mainstream media disrespecting us with disinformation and lies and pissing on our backs.
And let me tell you who's shameful.
Us that put up with it.
The mainstream media is a total enemy, a total joke, and they have screwed themselves over.
That's the good news.
We'll talk about everything with Gerald Cilenti on the other side of this break.
Liane McAdoo comes in in the fourth hour.
I'll cut off some with Herb.
I'm going to go vote after that.
Mainly just to inspect what's going on and see what's happening.
I know the state rules.
I'm sure they're going to flip out and say, you don't have a camera and blah blah blah.
I'll be like 200 feet back.
But that's all going to happen.
That'll be a lot of Facebook mentions.
But I'm on fire.
Because win, lose, or draw for Trump, Hillary and the mainstream media have destroyed themselves.
And it's a beautiful time to be alive.
Stay with us.
Hillary Clinton wins the election!
She has defeated the fear and hate-based conservative Donald Trump.
Well, that's according to Newsweek, who reportedly has already issued a special commemorative edition with Hillary on the cover behind the words, Madam President, Hillary Clinton's historic journey to the White House.
They know something we don't.
DC Clothesline reports that the fix is in.
Newsweek already has an issue in print, boxed and ready to ship, declaring Hillary the winner.
But others think the whole thing might be a hoax.
Newsweek has been asked repeatedly whether the magazine is real, but has failed
To respond so far.
If the issue is indeed a fake, well it's very convincing.
The one thing we know for sure is that Newsweek will not be publishing a special commemorative edition that is favorable to Donald Trump if he wins.
You can learn more right now at Infowars.com
Do you ever wonder what happened to America?
Because of what we did on this day, change has come to America.
Something's wrong, and we all know it.
I'm Charlie Daniels, and I'm here to tell you about it.
The nation has been hijacked by international forces, bent on global governance.
When I was a boy, it was okay to be proud of the flag, heritage, mom and apple pie.
God was in school, morality had a future, and beef was for supper.
Revelation, dawn of global government.
We're the solution.
Ain't nothing more to it than that.
Starring Alex Jones, Charlie Daniels, and Special Ops General Jerry Boykin.
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Revelation, the movie, dot info.
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All the waiting is over.
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The battle is now.
The fight for not just U.S.
sovereignty, but national sovereignty and human sovereignty against the scientific dictatorship of the new world order.
And Donald Trump is our figurehead in the fight for Americanism, not globalism.
It's now election day.
Tuesday, November 8, 2016.
And you're listening to InfoWars.com continual live coverage.
Oh, let's get ready to rumble!
In the globalist corner, Hillary Clinton weighing 200 pounds, sniveling crime boss represents pedophiles, burn off the Watergate Committee for fabricating evidence, robbing thousands of old people of their homes in Whitewater, cattle futures, murders, Dixie Mafia,
Put into office by the KKK!
Yes, and that was just getting started.
By the time she hit Washington, there was mass murder, death, wars, corruption.
She even got rid of Glass-Steagall and created the debt bubble.
It goes on and on.
The derivatives.
Bombing aspirin factories.
Half a million dead Iraqi children.
Intensifying the illegal sanctions.
And we're only up to 1996.
We better stop right there.
Because we only have Gerald Flint until about
We're good to go.
Hotter than a flame in coal.
It's a great time to be alive.
Now, speaking of liberty, it's hard to fund this operation.
I didn't even plug last hour.
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Well, we're not making a fraction of that, because it's all corporate.
They prop up the media.
They prop it up.
They fund it.
CNN spends, you know, $100 million a year.
MSNBC, you know, $80-something million to run themselves.
It's all a joke.
Then they lose as much money.
We don't do that.
We're in the free market.
So the money we get funds us.
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But, 18 million people, as of show time, in the last 24 hours, just on video streams, separate from our regular audience, it took me 20-something years to get 4 or 5 million people a day to tune in.
Folks, we just, and I know it's the election, but it's not going away after.
The mainstream media has destroyed themselves.
DrudgeReport.com, what Gerald Salente is doing, TrendsJournal.com, all of it are exploding.
They're dropping, even in the midst of the election.
They're going down, we're going up.
They have discredited themselves.
They've blown themselves up.
We're going to Salente in a moment, but first,
This was a little bit behind, because a lot of big companies had to get involved, a lot of tech people, because it was very, let's just say, exploratory, cutting edge.
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And we want to see this explode because again,
I'm going to offer Salente.
It's very easy to use.
He's got tech people.
Hey, you want to simulcast sometimes?
You want to do something on here to our audience?
You want to be part of the ground floor of this?
We'll also later post excerpts on YouTube and Facebook.
Here it is.
It's about synergy.
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I intend to get hundreds, maybe thousands, but then there's liability issues.
Can you trust thousands of people?
But people we trust we're going to put on the app to promote what they're doing and promote freedom.
Now, Gerald's only with us for 20 minutes.
I appreciate his time.
He's wearing red, white, and blue from Kingston, New York, the heart of the Revolutionary War.
He's a busy man.
You've heard my rant the last five, six minutes.
Where should we start, my friend?
Well, what you said before, that Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media have destroyed themselves.
And that's exactly what has happened.
And again, I want to encourage everyone to put your money where your mind is and support InfoWars.
Because what Alex Jones is doing, at the level that he's doing, the international coverage that he's getting for doing it, is unprecedented.
Because that's what this election is about.
It's about disgust of the two-party system.
Hey, here's our forecast.
We don't know who's going to win.
It's up in the air because polling data isn't what it used to be.
It's very hard now to get a real strong database and call an election because of the cell phones, the smart, the handhelds.
It's a whole different universe.
Having said that,
If Hillary Clinton wins, it's going to usher in a whole new era of politics.
A true populist movement.
And people like Infowars and the Trends Journal and others are going to be the leaders of this movement.
This, the mainstream media, when you see with the WikiLeaks that have come out, with the shill Donna Brazile, you know, that they have on CNN, they used to, getting the questions ahead of time, or whether it's that other guy, uh, uh, Hallwood from CNBC, that other little prostitute,
Giving, saying he'll give the questions for review after they write them from politico.com.
One after another, the fix is in, and they've destroyed themselves.
And she did what criminals always do.
First she lied, then she got caught three times now, and she finally literally went, I'm proud I did it, I'd do it again.
Just like in a movie, just like in a court case when they finally get caught, you bet I killed those kids, you bet I robbed the bank, I'll do it again.
I mean, they literally follow criminology and they don't even know it.
So history today is being made.
If Trump wins, the populist movement will gain unprecedented traction immediately.
If he loses, it'll be a groundswell that we're forecasting is going to basically eliminate the Republican Party, because they have no one there.
Who do they have?
Mitch McConnell?
What's that other guy, Ryan, Paul Ryan?
Who got caught in the WikiLeaks trying to get Supreme Court jobs for his family.
Yeah, I think he was playing Eddie Munster before he got, you know.
And then you have, what, Lindsey Graham?
You have nobody!
What I'm saying is, Alex, is InfoWars is going to be the forerunner of the new populist movement that we are forecasting as the top trend for 2017.
And by the way, let me ask you, I don't want to talk about myself, but it's interesting just to look at it as a movement for everybody, because it's our audience, it's you, everybody's the InfoWars, I'm nothing.
I've only talked to Drudge in the last few years, we'll forward that on email and stuff a few times, and Paul Watson, but don't have a big relationship, just a relationship, he listens and then we kind of communicate through the internet, but he's been here before, we've had dinner.
I had people ten years ago tell me, the Drudge really likes you, he thinks you're the future.
I had people that know Drudge tell me five years ago, Drudge thinks you're going to be the dominant thing in the world in like five, six years.
It happened!
How the hell did Matt Drudge know all that?
He's obviously smarter than, I'm not kissing his ass, he's smarter than I am, I didn't see that coming.
It's what you said before.
Hillary Clinton and the media have destroyed themselves.
That's why you can see it coming.
And this has been going on.
The anti-elitist movement never had a voice before.
Donald Trump is that voice.
Whether you agree or disagree with him, and I don't agree with a lot of his policies.
That's why I was telling Ron Paul earlier, and he finally had to halfway agree, and he had to walk it back a bit.
He's gone, well I do kind of support Trump, and then he's doing all the stuff they hate, and bringing populism in, and I'm like, yeah, so, he's not perfect, but man, the groundswell, this is exciting.
And here's the front page of the New York Times.
Let me see what date this is here.
November 5th, not ancient history, front page of the New York Times, and right down at the bottom, Alex Jones is mentioned of this story.
And by the way, a disgusting photo over here of Hillary Clinton, Beyonce, and Jay-Z.
And I cannot read the lyrics of Jay-Z on the air because we would get censored.
But I want to read you something to show you how close they are and how in bed they are with each other.
He was at the White House.
What did I do with that one over here?
And again, Trump says the word pussycat in private.
He's the devil incarnate.
They're singing about using cocaine, raping women with Hillary on stage.
We can't even play it here.
And that's okay.
It's the disconnect.
And this is what he put in one of his songs when he was in the White House.
Turbulence, the word starts with an S, I can't say it.
Almost spilled my drink in the White House with a mink running through that bitch like it's my house.
Like it's my house, the arrogance of this boy, this bad attitude person.
It's the people's house, Jack.
You're only there because you have people that like your bad rap.
Same thing with Hillary.
They're all disconnected, entitled criminals.
We'll be right back with Gerald Cilente, friendsjournal.com.
I'm Alex Jones.
These are explosive times, but the empire will strike back.
Know that.
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I don't know.
Do you ever wonder what happened?
Change has come to America!
When I was a boy, it was okay to be proud of the flag, heritage, and beef was for supper.
Revelation, dawn of global government.
Starring Alex Jones, Charlie Daniels, General Jerry Boykin.
Theatrical screenings on demand.
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Revelation, the movie.
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You can run on for a long time.
Run on for a long time.
Sooner or later, it's gonna cut you down.
You can run on for a long time.
Not globalism!
I was just talking to Nico and Matt, and I said, I love the graphic you did today.
With the world map behind us and the American flag.
I don't like just like Fox is the flag, like oh we're patriots and then they aren't in many cases.
I'm not bashing them, it's just a fact.
But that's Trump, that's America.
Americanism, not globalism.
Like, we're not going to conquer the world like the British Empire.
Our ideas, our quality, is going to be so loved that it becomes dominant.
And not dominant to control people, dominant so they adopt it, so we can go to other countries that are just as cool as our nation.
That's what the renaissance is about.
And the renaissance, again, comes out of Italy, it comes out of Western Europe, it comes through the UK, it comes into the United States.
That's all we're an extension of is renaissance, quality, demanding quality.
What Gerald Celente harps on in all his bestselling books, some of them top New York Times bestsellers, is that.
And you're like, well how does just demanding quality or thinking good of yourself, not being arrogant but having respect, how does that transcend?
Well, because people with self-respect wouldn't put up being lied to and Gruber saying, thank God you're dumb, Obamacare is a screw job.
You'd get angry, you'd do something.
My anger, I've studied history, would be average a hundred years ago.
Now it's like, that guy's really pissed off.
You're damn right I am.
About 40 after the Mark Dice is popping in.
Big news on Drudge.
PA voters report seeing Trump votes switch to Clinton before their eyes.
It's happening all over the country.
We broke a lot of that in Texas.
I'm going to go vote today and cover it as well.
So that's some of the news there.
Gerald, what happened?
Because I've really studied this and I'm going off my research, my gut.
The pre-programming I'm seeing in the news.
And they're trying to get us ready for a Trump defeat.
Now, they tried to tell us he couldn't win the nomination.
So, you know, maybe them getting us ready doesn't mean they're about to steal it, but they've done it before.
I mean, if they'll rig everything and rig the questions and rig the polls and steal the nomination from Sanders, I mean, obviously, do you agree or disagree?
It's par for the course.
They'll try to steal it.
But do they have the power to do it?
So let's look at that.
What happens if they do steal it?
Then what happens if Hillary gets in?
My God, I mean, she's universally loathed.
Well, as I said, if she gets in, it's going to be the beginning of a new populist movement like this country's never seen in modern history.
And what you said before, Hillary Clinton, the mainstream media, have destroyed themselves.
I want to do a little trends research here just to show you how fixed and rigged the game is.
These are some New York Times.
I'm going to rush through a couple of them very quickly.
Going back to August.
Setting the stage.
August 12th.
Clinton rejects Trump policies as aiding rich.
Front page.
Nothing negative about Hillary Clinton.
August 13th.
Trump's remarks cut into support and swing states.
Nothing negative about Clinton.
A failing inside mission to tame Trump's tongue.
August 14th.
New York Times.
Front page.
Nothing negative about Clinton.
Secret ledger in Ukraine lists cash for top Trump aide.
August 15th.
New York Times.
Front page.
Which is why they call themselves the paper of record.
I call them the toilet paper of record.
Because that's all this is good for.
Anyway, I just keep going, but I'm gonna end quickly.
Biden warns Trump is risky to U.S.
Front page, big picture, Joe B.S.
Biden, who's never worked a day in his life and has been sucking off the public you-know-what.
And meanwhile, the whole world is telling us, and all the experts in our military, Hillary's the danger, don't put her in.
But I'm just showing you what you've said before about how the media has destroyed itself.
I'm giving you factual evidence.
This is the New York Times.
Again, I just went through several days, one in a row.
I'll end after this one.
Trump Casino's Get Break on Tax Bill under Christie.
This is August 17th.
Now I want to fast forward.
I want to go to
Monday, November 7th, 2016.
A beautiful picture there of Hillary Clinton.
Very wonderfully framed.
A nice pump piece for her.
FBI says review.
Clears Clinton in email inquiry.
Below it, the storm below the calm.
An inside view of Trump's last stand.
Then we're going to go to today's.
Look at the difference of the lightness, the crowd around Hillary Clinton.
Look how dark they frame Donald Trump.
It looks like nothing around him but a couple of hands sticking up.
What I'm saying to you, Alex... They're inverting reality.
Yes, and what, so when you said they've destroyed themselves, they've lost their credibility.
Of course, which I've been calling a prostitute for so long.
But they've totally, they've gone from being loathe and disliked to absolutely being the scum of the earth, reviled by any thinking person, including all the real leftists, like Julian Assange and Bev Harris and others that are saying they're stealing the election, they're not going to let Trump have it.
We'll come back and talk about that.
We're in the middle of the 52 hour live worldwide broadcast, which is a revolution against the media.
I gotta check the numbers, but we were 18 million people that have watched the last 24 hours.
That really hurts the globalists.
Let's have that be 100 million.
We're gonna rub their faces in it.
We're gonna rub their faces in it.
We're gonna be 50 times bigger than them.
You understand?
Joe Biggs here with Infowars.com.
You can't review 650,000 new emails in eight days.
Furious Trump blasts FBI director after Houdini Hillary is cleared over second email investigation sparked by Anthony Weiner's teen sexting scandal.
Donald Trump blasted the FBI's director on Sunday night telling a crowd of 8,000 people in Michigan that he rejects the bureau's latest move to exonerate Hillary Clinton.
FBI chief
James Comey told leaders in Congress hours earlier that a review of 650,000 emails discovered on a laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner had reinforced his July 5th decision to let her off the hook.
Right now, she's being protected by a rigged system, Donald Trump said.
You can't review 650,000 new emails in eight days.
You just can't do it.
The investigations into her crimes will go on for a long, long time, Trump said, in the Detroit suburb of Sterling Heights.
Somebody get James Comey Viagra because he finished too soon.
This has been Joe Biggs with InfoWars.com.
And I really wanted to do a good job on the interview.
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And you support the broadcast, Infowarslife.com.
Thank you, Dr. Group from the Global Healing Center.
Thank you so much for all your work, sir, on this great product.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
By the way, I've got to get us some fun videos.
I've got dozens of them that are really hardcore and depressing.
But exposing evil is what makes it better.
It's like going to get in a root canal.
You don't want to do it, but it feels better afterwards, right?
At least a day or two later.
We've got this meme that's been seen.
I don't want to exaggerate.
I added it up the other day just for fun, because my kids love it.
It's been seen about 14 million times.
One clip of it's been seen 9 million times, and others have been seen 4 or 5 million.
But you add it up, it's about... I mean, it's climbing.
And it's what the media does.
They take what I say out of context and they clip it together.
Gawker and others have done this to hundreds of videos we've done.
The average video on Gawker alone of me has about a million views.
And there's just so many of them I can't even watch them all.
And they're so disconnected, and I want to talk about this with Gerald, that they think editing me together to look funny and stupid will make no one listen to me because they're psychologically inoculating.
And of course they got sued out of existence for making stuff up as well and the whole Kogan thing.
Then I found out in the metrics, that's where we got all this new young audience last year or so, was liberal media lying about us and then editing it together where I was saying Trump's having sex with goblins.
Or I'm saying space aliens eat your brains or whatever.
I mean, I can sit there and talk about, yeah, you see that ad where, you know, they're eating people's brains with a melon baller, you know, that, well, you can't do that with Alec Baldwin, you know, because he doesn't have a brain.
They'll just go, aliens are eating your brain with a melon baller!
And they'll just cut to something random, I said, and people inherently know it's BS, so they come to the show.
Then it becomes this whole entertainment deal where InfoWars
And they finally figured this out in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and they go, we have to tell liberals to stop making memes of him.
Jones figured it out.
This is actually growing a show.
No, I didn't figure it out until you told me.
I just thought it was funny.
Because I don't mind being made fun of.
That's what my kids do all day.
That's entertainment around the house.
You know, making fun of my hair, making fun of my belly, making fun of me, you know, everything.
And you're a dad.
You enjoy it.
It's fun.
So let's go to this clip, because this is just a new video.
It hasn't gone viral yet, of the goblin video, where I was talking about if Trump has to be involved with politicos, they're like goblins.
If he has to go into a goblin's nest, that's fine to take him out, but he just can't marry a goblin.
It was a metaphysical allegory.
I wasn't actually saying I'm worried about him having sex with goblins.
But they put that in a bunch of newspapers, and then it sent tens of millions of people to us.
So here's a clip.
I don't want to see him kissing goblins.
I don't want to see him.
I don't think so.
I'll be honest with you, that isn't as funny as one of the shorter ones, but I'm telling you how the audience is exploding.
They think they're hurting us with this made-up, edited stuff with goblins coming out of my hands, and it's edited, everybody knows it, and it only helps us.
So, Gerald, I think there is a disconnect in the media committing suicide.
What do you say?
Yes, it is what I said when you said Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media have destroyed themselves again.
Here you have a photo of two rappers that, with their foul rap, with the American flag behind them, and Hillary Clinton there cheering them on, and the media avoids the language that they use.
I just want to read you one little more thing from Jay-Z's thing when he's talking about the White House.
It's a million dollars in it, baby.
Hillary swank.
Sitting next to Hillary, smelling like dank.
You know what dank is?
Oh my god, he's saying Hillary stinks like we all say!
Smelling like dank, which is, you know, sweet.
Presidential pardon, name me one nigger out there harder than him, I'll wait.
I have to tell you, Alex, after reading so much of these rap lyrics, this is racism.
It's a reverse racism.
We have become inferior under the lines of Jay-Z and others.
Yeah, why is he allowed to use the n-word?
I don't want to use it.
Why is he doing it?
I'm saying to you, this is a reverse racism.
Because if you or I were on this stage, let's say with a Donald Trump, they would be attacking us.
They would pick up something from me where Celente, you know, wow, look at him go off.
They would be trying to rip me apart.
But these people go to the people's house.
He calls it his house, of course.
And they talk in disgusting language.
Well, here's the good news.
Jay-Z looks like his brain's been in the microwave.
I mean, he looks like he's got the IQ of a lobotomized rat.
I could not read the language from that.
Well, just be glad you're not him.
I mean, the guy hangs out with satanic priestesses and crap.
He's a total piece of filth.
With Beyoncé and the rest.
So if you want to know what's destroying America, why don't people start looking at the front page of the New York Times and calling it for what it is?
Because if any person spoke that kind of language on your show,
They would all be going after you and me, but they can get away with it and brag about it at the People's House, sitting next to Hillary Swank, smelling like dank.
Gerald Cilente, we've only got a minute or two left.
I hope you'll come back again later this week in the aftermath of whatever happens.
But other little jewels that you'd like to impart to the audience?
Yes, what's going on in the equity markets, wherever it happens, it's only temporary.
It's a global economy, it's bigger than a nation of 5% of the world's population.
There's a global recession going on, as I said, just in the United States.
Notice how they brought the economy down to put Obama in, now they're trying to prop it up to put Hillary in, but boy, no matter what, if Trump gets in or she gets in, do you agree, they're getting ready to drop the market.
It is.
And again, just look at the last nine months in the United States, our import-export trade is down, just in the U.S., $500 billion.
There is no recovery.
If Hillary gets in, Wall Street will cheer, because again, read the WikiLeaks.
How she's a member of the Goldman Sachs gang, and why do you think they paid her and Bill $250,000, $300,000 an hour to speak?
When you could hear him BS for free.
The total payoff.
You got it.
I mean it's obvious they just think we're idiots and the corruption and here's the thing.
They can have the corruption and rip stuff off if they weren't out to break up our families and bankrupt our cities and you read the WikiLeaks it's like we've got to keep them hopeless.
We've got to keep them dumb and in the dark.
We've got to destroy all the institutions.
You're reading this you're like
We knew this was happening, but my God, they are fully embracing actual evil instead of wanting, and I'm not endorsing this, but skimming off the top of a big, fat, juicy, healthy economy.
I wouldn't be risking my life fighting people who are doing that.
I'd criticize them and say, hey, you're going to grow into something like Hillary.
That's why I'd oppose that.
Because Boss Hogg grows into Hillary in a few generations.
But we're here with like Nero fiddling as Rome burns and she's a stunted ugly witch looking with a freaking plastic jack-o'-lantern head.
It's like what the hell nightmare did this come out of?
What parallel universe did this thing crawl out from under a rock?
Again, go back to what she said.
You were talking about globalization and the strong anti-global movements.
She's on Wikileaks recording saying that she wants open borders and open trade.
So what I'm saying to you, Alex, going back to, should she win tonight, it's going to be the beginning of a historic populist movement, anti-globalization, pro-American.
I totally agree with you, and I'm going to make a prediction here right now.
I'm not for being Machiavelli.
I'm not for fighting fire with fire.
I'm not for using the Ring of Mordor because it turns you into this, what you claim you're fighting.
But the only way Trump wins is if he has people or other folks cheat, like the Democrats are doing, and rig things, which they've been caught with Soros, by Bev Harris, a Democratic liberal, total credibility.
The biggest find of her life, loading software with a fraction clipping, fraction magic, to steal it for her.
The only way he does win is by having folks, you know, out there in certain key battleground states go in and jack with things.
And I'm not endorsing that, but now I realize what they keep saying, the Russians are doing it, the Russians are doing it.
If Trump does get a victory, by whatever means, they're going to contest it.
So we're going to have a contested election because Trump will contest her.
She will contest him, the whole thing, you got dead people voting all over the place.
We are sitting on top of Time Bomb.
We think the big news cycle ends tonight.
Gerald, I predict it gets crazier tomorrow.
I agree with you.
That's what I'm saying.
You know, we're going into something we've never seen before.
And again, as you point out, this McCarthyism that they've been throwing out there, trying to associate everything, if she avoids every question, as they do with the WikiLeaks by blaming it on the Russians.
Blaming everything on the Russians?
Well, you know, I'm on Russia Today frequently, and so I guess I must be too.
And by the way, they've never censored a word that I've ever said.
Unlike the American media, which I used to be on all the time, but when they don't want to hear what they don't want to hear, they'd rather have a Donna Brazile shill.
By the way, Gerald, don't you have a bigger audience now than when you wouldn't sell out to them five years ago and they banned you?
Much bigger.
Yeah, so they're over.
And now, like rotting fruit, they've gone from somewhat rotten to totally rotten.
They're done.
They're over.
Gerald Celente, God bless you.
You're amazing.
Thank you for having me on and thank you for all that you do.
No, no, thank you.
Now, he's with us a little bit the next hour, then I'll hand the baton to Leon McAdoo.
My buddy, if he wants to pop in, he was just up here.
Shane Steiner has been training with Tim Kennedy.
He literally looks like He-Man, Castle of Grayskull over here.
I wanted him to come on and give us his view on what's happening in politics.
I don't get up here, I'm not a politician, everybody knows that.
I really tell you what I think.
That's my big attribute.
I say a lot of stuff that's quite, my dad sometimes goes, did you really need to tell that story?
It didn't sound too good.
I'm gonna tell you the good stuff, I'm gonna tell you the bad stuff, and I'm gonna tell you what I think about politics.
I'm gonna be honest.
I mean, obviously there's no teleprompters here.
You think I could be on air 10 hours yesterday and have a frickin' teleprompter?
Or have somebody be loading that thing?
My integrity is my number one value.
And people think, well, that's really rare to happen.
No, no.
In the old days, that's what got you business and life and the best people and the best family and the best access was everybody could trust you.
That's all there is in this world, folks, is your honor.
And I won't break my word for anybody.
It's beyond a superstition.
I'm not OCD about the house being clean when I leave or turning the lights out.
But I'm OCD, folks, when it comes to being honorable.
And if we just start rediscovering that, and if men just stop being cowards and rolling over, we can return civilization.
That's the bottom line.
And I am so excited with all that's happening.
To know there are people out there like Mark Dice, because I'm at restaurants, I'm in checkout counters, and my son says all the kids, he wanted, kids wanted to go to school for years here so the homeschools could be a larger sports thing or private school, and they're watching Mark Dice, they're watching Daddy, they're watching Gavin McGinnis, but I go, well who do they really like to watch?
Well they like to watch Gavin McGinnis and Mark Dice.
And I've talked to other people who have kids, and it's all over the place.
And he's got adults watching too, but the point is, when you've got kids in public school, private school, homeschool, black kids, white kids, you name it, Jesse James' kids, Jesse James was in last night, my kids, listening, that shows we're winning the future.
And we have a hope.
Now, they got the millennials at the schools and
They know they can't get any job with their degree, so they want another free degree.
That's like somebody with a lottery ticket.
They didn't win that one, so they want another one.
We need to reach out to those folks.
But as for the younger generation, at least where I'm at, they are on fire with what's going on.
They see all through it because they've never grown up racist.
They never heard daddy or mommy say something racist, and they're hearing how racist they are.
And they're just totally innocent.
What the hell are you talking about?
And it's not just the white kids.
It's across the board.
The young kids are just like, what?
We just want to live.
Leave us alone.
They're seeing right through it.
Now, again, Mark Dice is our guest, a little bit in the next hour.
We're going to have Steiner pop in here as well, just to give his take.
I have no idea what he's even going to say.
I was just trying to get him in here.
I don't even know if he wants to come in.
He may come in.
We've got so much more.
We're in the middle.
We're halfway through it now.
Finally the Washington Post, and finally the Austin American States, they went, we looked at the numbers, Alex Jones is the biggest thing out there except for Matt Drudge.
It isn't a pissing contest.
I hope Drudge becomes ten times bigger.
I hope so.
I should be running, celebrating, like King David, naked in the streets right now, okay?
This is so good, this is so big, this is so luscious, this is so huge, that even Dr. No had to go, well, I gotta give, you know, Donald Trump credit.
And whether Trump's for real or not, which I believe he is, he knows the big wave he's riding.
It's victory!
And so, I'll be honest, I'm on a vacuole, then we're going to our guest.
I don't look at stuff as injustifies the means and cold-blooded and play all the sides.
The real power is just creating the wave, being the wave.
We've done that.
You've done that, the listeners.
You are the wave that Trump's riding.
I'm not bragging for you.
That's just a fact.
It's true.
You deserve to know the power you've got.
You do have value.
You're amazing.
And you don't need to get the establishment to give you recognition to prove that.
You don't want their approval.
That's the curse you don't want.
But we are now
On every front, Mark Dice, folks, has more viewers a day now, because he's finally doing it full-time than MSNBC does.
I mean, 3, 4 million viewers a day.
More some days, 10 million.
See, this is victory right here, ladies and gentlemen.
And once that paradigm shifts, a guy doing it part-time is kicking their ass.
We're destroying them.
Drudge is annihilating them.
And they can't get us all.
They won't get us all.
I know I'm ranting, but Mark Dice of markdice.com, author, researcher, I'm glad.
I'm glad you moved away from books, because folks don't read those now, and are just purely, you know, doing it spoken word.
You're a smart guy.
You're kicking their ass.
Great job.
You've heard my whole rant.
I can't help but be incredibly positive here.
I mean, I am a primitive like everybody else.
I want to see the guy back to win for that endorphin rush, but at a Machiavellian level, if I look at it from that perspective, it's better if Hillary gets in, steals it openly, the whore media goes from collapsed to negative numbers.
I mean, media has 6% approval rating?
How about negative 5,000?
You know, how about the new word, the dictionary for betrayal or evil is CNN?
Mark Dyer, your take on the whole climate right now?
No matter what happens, we've seen, as you talked about, the mainstream media is totally discredited.
It's exciting.
We have an entire generation, the millennials, who myself and many others have pretty much written off, have a total awakening or a beginning of an awakening in the last 90 days.
That's right.
You were written off as trash as their slaves.
Perhaps they were late bloomers, not just the zombie hordes that we had thought that they were, because now every college kid, everybody under the age of 30, who traditionally would have voted for liberal based off of their connection to the brainwashing liberal media, now sees absolutely how corrupt it is through social media, through WikiLeaks.
My viewership has went up 600% just in the last few months.
I hadn't checked it, but I knew it, because it's all over the place.
The mainstream media has ruined the entire next generation of their potential viewers.
Nobody is going to trust them.
And that's why Infowars' operation has risen in the last five years from a fairly small operation to having... Well, it's funny you say 600%.
We're up 600% this year.
You went from a fairly small operation to having correspondents all over the country, perhaps really all over the world, breaking news, pushing this election.
I just saw an article from one of your detractors saying that, well, we thought that Alex was just a crank, but now he's a serious contender and a force in the Republican Party now and in this election.
And so regardless of what happens, it's going to take a
It's a miracle to get Trump in because we're going against the most organized criminal enterprise really in the history of the world.
But we've made such tremendous progress.
And again, Trump's not perfect.
He's got some policies and some ideas, obviously, that we can't agree with.
Why do they hate him then?
Because he's not out to get us?
Do you concur?
They know he's not out to screw people.
He isn't going to Satan parties and, you know, going down on three-year-old boys.
For my research, he hasn't been to Bilderberg, he hasn't been to Bohemian Grove, and wait until these millennials start realizing the previous paths that people like you and I have laid out, where they now know about spirit cooking.
Wait until they find out about the bushes of the Bohemian Grove and the cremation of care and how you snuck in there.
15, 16 years ago and got this ritual on tape.
So we're having a whole new generation.
The Millennials, really in the last three months, are finally coming of age.
They're breaking the matrix.
They're breaking the matrix.
And we're seeing a huge resurgence of conservatism as well.
We're seeing this whole crop... Well, that's what I said!
That's not hype!
I mean, I'm talking 12, 13, 14, 15 year olds, 16 year olds, right up to college, are on fire with everything we're doing, and I'm seen as like the old man that everybody kind of likes, but, you know, that the seniors watch, but like, all the really young people are into you and others.
That is so exciting.
That's the demographic the media craves.
They cannot get them.
Traditionally, this sort of fight has been dominantly by men, but now we're seeing a whole bunch of women getting involved.
We've seen people like Tomi Lahren rise up from nothing to getting 5 million views a day on her Facebook page.
We've seen a whole new crop of conservative women.
You've hired some of them, Millennial Millie and some of these other people, Lauren Southern over at another network, and we've seen this huge
...resurgence of conservatism and this whole new crop of young adults that are finally starting to see how rigged the system is and so the media, the establishment, they've lost the support of the entire generation of millennials and I don't see how they can possibly get it back.
There's no turning back from what they have done.
That's my question.
You look at all these arrogant politicos caught on WikiLeaks being run by Hillary in the White House.
Just a facade pretending they hadn't already collapsed.
Now they all know how pathetic they are.
What do they do next?
Well, Hillary said they're going to try to shut us down.
Good luck.
Yeah, they're going to move to the Orwellian censorship of branding anyone, any of the... Sure, then I just show up at live events.
I just show up at live events and we go to the next level of guerrilla information war, which is ten times more powerful.
Yeah, I keep seeing all of the news, the Bill Clinton protesters that you've been inspiring.
All that's beta testing for next level operations.
That's culture jamming 101.
So you can't, they can't stop that.
So they might be able to shut down my YouTube channel.
They might be able to minimize trending topics and manipulate, I mean not only they are, I mean they can, they do.
Minimize the trending topics.
Determine which hashtags are going to link to which stories, even if they allow them to trend, to try to slant the coverage.
But they can't stop the IRL, the in real life protesting, the culture jamming, now that we have the support in the last really just few months of the entire, the majority of the younger generation.
You just said it, we have to launch the in real life movement.
At a thousand times what we've done, and the people are that, hanging up posters, doing things, videotaping it, then putting it in cyberspace, but only because it's now a mirror, we take the real world and change it, mirror it in cyber, we take over the AI Google system, culture jam the whole thing, hack it in a QMAT operation, we're already doing it, and they're so scared.
I mean, if we can't beat these hunchback goblins, like Hillary, we deserve what we get, right, Mark?
And we're going to wake up as many people as we can if we go down.
And that's what's going to happen, depending on what the outcome of this election is, even if we have an outcome today or tomorrow.
I think it's going to be contested, don't you?
If Trump wins, and he should if there were, in a perfect world he would win if there was no voting manipulation, no hacking, no voter fraud, but if we're able to counter the voter fraud based off of the establishment, they're probably going to contest, they would probably subpoena... Oh, they're going to say the Russians did it.
Stay right there.
Oh yeah, they've already admitted it.
They say a Trump win is a... The Rooskies!
No, the Democrats won't hack it, they've been caught, but the Rooskies.
Hold on, Putin, is that an order?
We'll be back with Mark Dice in the fourth hour.
It's a 36-hour broadcast.
I think this morning when it started, we're up to like 30-something or 20-something hours.
I haven't done the math, but we're broadcasting right through tomorrow evening.
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It's Alex Jones.
We're getting my buddy Shane Steiner.
That's how this place works.
No scripting.
He's just up here hanging out.
And he also works for InfoWars, obviously.
And I just drug him in here.
But we need to get him an earpiece so he can hear.
Mark Dice is with us.
We're going to be here until the bottom of the hour.
I did an interview with you last week.
I think we put it out.
Just dealing with how Tim Kennedy is going to destroy this guy he's going up against.
If that hasn't aired, we're going to air it today.
Because it was a powerful interview.
But I think it did air.
But Shane, so much going on.
What is your gut?
I think if Hillary loses, she's going to contest and say it's a Russian plot.
They've already said that, actually.
It's unbelievable.
That clip's coming up in the next segment.
But Trump's going to contest because there's already been dead people voting.
All the fraud coming out in arrests in Colorado and Florida and everywhere else, it's all against Trump.
So, I mean, why is it some of the fraud against Hillary?
Because the Democrats are known as the dirtiest little pieces of crap you can imagine.
Packed houses.
And then you got Hillary, who's having these little tiny dinky rallies.
And she's even got Jay-Z and Beyonce.
LeBron James.
They advertised it for a week.
300 people showed up.
I mean, to me, that's like a visual poll.
I mean, those are in the same cities, too, so... Dude, when you... You've been retired.
You had, like, number one, number two songs on the country charts.
You've been retired for years.
You might play once a month and 300 people show up.
I mean, you know, on a good night.
Whatever, Steiner.
Stop putting yourself down.
The point is, is that this is ridiculous.
It is.
I mean.
I mean, how in Cleveland, a supposed liberal city, can she not get 300 people?
And I had that from the intelligence police sending me pictures.
And I went to check the news.
It was all these close shots of her.
And she's got these stars that would normally, like Beyonce would normally fill a 60,000 seat venue for a concert.
That's people paying hundreds of dollars for a ticket.
So they can't.
That's right.
At Bruce Springsteen, she had 30,000 people.
And then when Bruce leaves, then so does the crowd.
And so she's speaking to like a handful.
Dive, stay with us to the bottom of the hour.
I want you to ride shotgun with myself and Steiner.
But yeah, I mean, again, isn't that the real poll that he has on average 20,000 people, she has on average 500?
Yeah, I mean, if you look at the polls, obviously are rigged.
I think they've been preparing for the ultimate steal from the establishment to make it appear as if this was destined that Hillary was going to win.
And as we're talking about in the last segment,
If Trump wins, which he would if there was no fraud, no manipulation, even despite the clear establishment coordinated media attacks against him, they're going to subpoena some voting machines or they'll fabricate some supposed suspicious traffic or hacking attempts that they have now discovered.
I don't know what, I don't think anybody knows.
By the way, you're dead on.
The fact that Homeland Security announces the Russians are now hacking, all this BS, and the way they've pre-set it with these, suddenly she comes out of hiding with these big stage crowds, it's to try to push the illusion she really won.
Yeah, and they've also said that to be aware of fake hacking stories, so that anything that comes out, people are going to assume that it could be a fake story that's trying to damage her just before the election.
And then they'll find out later that it was probably real, but
It just buys him a little time.
We're on a break in a minute, Dice.
You're working on a bunch of other stuff.
What about this video we aired earlier today when Paul Watson was hosting, before I came on at 11am, where the majority of even normal, dumb liberals there in South California, Southern California, they all hated Hillary and think she's a crook.
So that just shows they hate her.
Yeah, for those familiar with my Man on the Street Monday segments that you've been showing for years now, it's been very easy when Obama was in office to get people to sign petitions to do crazy things like repeal the Bill of Rights and implement all sorts of crazy fake legislation that I told them that the petition would.
Stay there, stay there.
This is important.
This is big.
Perhaps the biggest election in American history is just days away.
We know that in past elections, there have been thousands of cases of voter fraud and election fraud.
From dead people voting, to people registering false identifications, to government leaders providing fast-track amnesty to give illegal immigrants votes.
This is happening right in front of us.
Now we are seeing the establishment send all its hitmen after the Republican nominee, Donald Trump.
Government shills are campaigning for Clinton.
Mainstream news attacking Donald Trump all day like rabbit hounds.
Rigged polls being broadcast daily to provide the fake optics that Hillary Clinton is actually winning and to discourage people from voting Trump.
Fake celebrities endorsing Clinton across all platforms.
So with all this, what are we doing to keep this election from being stolen?
What can we do to prevent election fraud?
I propose that all Donald Trump supporters wear red on Election Day.
On November 8th, when you head to the polls to vote Donald Trump, be decked out in red.
This way, just as we dominated in rally turnout, we can prove and provide the optics that we also dominated in voter turnout.
Wear red on Election Day, and Make America Great Again!
You know, in the coming election, no matter who gets in, one of the biggest issues nobody's talking about in the debates or anywhere is the vulnerability of the power grid.
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The battle is now.
The fight for not just U.S.
sovereignty, but national sovereignty and human sovereignty against the scientific dictatorship of the New World Order.
And Donald Trump is our figurehead in the fight for Americanism, not globalism.
It's now Election Day.
Tuesday, November 8, 2016.
And you're listening
Infowars.com, continual live coverage.
We've now passed the halfway mark.
We're gonna be broadcasting right through tomorrow evening.
Let's get ready to rumble.
My high school buddy Shane Steiner is here, shooting buddy as well.
Been training partners with Tim Kennedy coming up with that big fight.
Did you guys get an answer?
Have they aired that piece we taped last week yet?
Because I want to find out from the TV crew if that's happened.
If not, I'm going to air that.
Roger Stone's been here.
He's doing a bunch of media interviews dealing with some court stuff and electioneering that he's covering.
And then he's going to be in studio with us at the end of the hour.
He's going to be here in like 30 minutes.
He'll be with Leanne McAdoo.
And then right through tonight, I'm going to be here.
He's going to be here with us today and tomorrow.
Roger Stone, the master of the dirty trick, the dark art, the most evil Nixon operative ever, Ronald Reagan's evil one, all this BS.
The guy's a straight shooter, that's why they don't like him.
And so he's gonna be here, former head of the Trump campaign.
He's in Austin right now.
His idea to come to Austin, I'm glad he's here, but he knows where the center of the storm is.
And going back to Mark Dicer, but Shane...
Finally, you're always like, you know, for years I'm just driving, driving, never feeling satisfied.
Finally, you were here last week and I said, listen, I can finally sit back and be satisfied because they could kill me next week.
And what we've done has now changed the paradigm, working with everybody else.
It's not about the credit, but we do need to sit back and have a little bit of satisfaction.
Whatever happens with Trump, Americanism, not globalism, how we're sold out the Chinese, how we're screwed, the WikiLeaks, the special interests, they're in full retreat.
Mainstream media
Literally, newspapers have had a 97.5% drop in revenue in the last quarter.
They're in free fall, cardiac arrest, mainstream media is over.
I mean, they are negative now, not just 6%.
They're negative.
We really should have a victory lap here, because folks need to know, if they're dumb enough to steal this from Trump, they really deserve what happens.
If they were smart, they'll let him win, then try to sabotage.
But let me tell you, you look at those tottering mental patients, Bill and Hillary,
Those dumb bastards can't help it.
In fact, here's the breaking news.
We've got to get this out everywhere on Facebook, Twitter, you name it.
This is huge.
Not just vote flipping in Florida and Texas and PA, Dredge is reporting on that.
Infowars report Reuters polls shows
Showing huge Trump surge.
Again, report.
Reuters polls poll showing huge Trump surge.
Polls disappear showing major Hillary collapse among likely voters on election day.
So, they did some real polling.
It showed him turbo-surging, which is all the other scientific polls.
Folks, corporations do real polls.
The internal polls you never hear about.
Yeah, RealClearPolitik gets access to hundreds of them a day.
They show him from 2 to 4 to 5 to 6 to 8 point leads in the battlegrounds to surging another 3-4 points yesterday.
The word is there's another 5 point surge about to happen today.
We're in the middle of it.
It's trending.
Two more points already.
Three more points.
It makes Reagan's landslide look like a
Well, I mean, still, you're going to see that the polling is going to be extremely close because they've already kind of, I think, conditioned us.
But, you know, you said you didn't want to brag the other day, but I think that you should really take a victory lap because
Like, I remember you doing this in high school.
And, I mean, I saw you from day one talking about this, trying to, to, uh, you first started trying to open my eyes.
And, uh, man, I'll tell you, it was such scary stuff to me back then.
Like, I, I was like that guy that looks out the window and sees the plane engine on fire and then just shuts the window and, you know, tries to pretend like it's not happening.
I mean, I remember we were in a couple of classes together and finally, we'd always hang out and talk.
And finally, like, you know, today I'm going to sit over here, Alex.
Stop showing me books about the Nazis that are hidden in South America.
I just want to go out with some girls.
And if you ask me to go out to barbecues with some girls, I'll be talking to you like, Alex, you're running the girls' offices.
Stop talking about the New World Order for a minute.
It was scary, and people dismissed it.
And they've been dismissing you for the longest time because it just sounds so crazy.
But the more often that you've been right, and then we've got more people like Mark.
Mark, I'm a huge fan.
Love your videos.
Oh yeah, my personal trainer, half the time he trains me like four days a week, I go, dude, turn off the Mark Dice video, okay?
Train me.
You know, I'll tell you, I still can't figure out if the most hilarious things I've seen are the scariest.
I mean, it's like, I'm laughing and then I'm just completely mortified.
And he's not doing this to be mean, he's showing what we've turned into.
And this is supposed, you're interviewing what's supposed to be the intellectuals, the well-informed voter that we all keep hearing about.
And, you know, the people that vote like I do are the non-intellectual, you know, didn't graduate from high school, that kind of stuff.
But these, I mean, they don't even know who won the Civil War.
They don't even know who was in the Civil War.
Well, I knew about Nazis in South America because my grandfather worked for oil companies, was a leasehound and a manager, and he'd been in World War II as a fighter pilot.
That was just, you know.
My other grandfather was a B-17 pilot.
They both almost died in World War II.
And I remember just hearing when I was a little kid going,
I was out there in New Mexico, that federal land lease, getting them oil wells in, that god damn Nazi talking crap, and this old boy, we had broke his jaw, those smart ass Germans, I'll kill them son of a bitches!
And you know, he was German himself, Hammond, but the whole point was, is that, and I remember my mom going, he's a little, he's a little eccentric, your grandfather, but no, it was all true!
And we, that's why they finally shipped them assholes down to South America!
So, I was only telling people everything I heard from my grandfather, but that's why you listen to old folks, folks.
They've seen it.
Now, my mom was nice, but she was the untrendy.
She's like, he's a little eccentric.
It's funny, it's like I always thought that I knew more than my parents.
And, you know, especially because I was in school and, you know, they kind of teach you in school that, you know, you're the one that are educated now.
You're smarter than your parents.
And I figured out real quick that I will never be smarter than my parents, that there's something about just
You know, putting in the time.
Well, they'll be as smart as they were after they're gone, but you've hit that plane.
Like, whatever potential smarts you have, it just intensifies if you have knowledge.
Mark, I'm ranting here.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I've done a couple of interviews that are with senior citizens and to contrast the younger generations with the senior citizens.
And it's astounding to talk to 70, 80 year old, 90 year old people sometimes I would bump into on the beach and to contrast their statements with the younger generations.
And you're right, it's horrifying to see my videos.
It's depressing sometimes, but it needed to be shown what these people think or what they don't think or what they're willing to do.
I don't think so.
Hillary, it was pretty difficult.
I'll tell you, it was almost impossible.
And two of my petitions for Hillary Clinton to repeal the Bill of Rights and to put Karl Marx on as her vice presidential running mate, those were shot a year ago.
And so, this was before all the dirt about Hillary Clinton.
But you've gone out since and you've found the same finding?
It was, it's very, very, nobody under 30 out here in the college town in Southern California, Pacific Beach, would support Hillary Clinton.
And that's why yesterday's video, which made the Drudge Report and made Infowars.com, was me just asking women, how come you hate Hillary Clinton?
Let's just find out, let's talk to women.
We found the same thing in Austin.
So with Obama, everybody wants to take on this guilt that white people are bad.
Whatever, do whatever you want.
The point is, you know, if you didn't do something yourself, don't take the guilt.
But with her, I don't think this woman factor is playing, especially with women.
There's something about women that they're meaner to other women than they are to men.
I don't think it's going to go too well when she tries to claim this, you know, I'm with her deal.
And she's not really a woman, she's just an evil, she's really the, a character of an evil stepmother in the most horrific horror movie you can possibly imagine.
Irene, let me ask Donna this question then and bring it back to Mark, because Mark's written, I don't know, five books on the occult?
A lot of it is republished books that, you know, he's added in, uh, forwards to on admissions of what they're up to.
What is this obsession?
Like, I never get tired...
You know, going out on the boat, hanging out, drinking beer, being with the kids, campfire, shooting guns with you guys, you know, our kids hanging out.
When do you let go?
I want to go to a ritual and, you know, have three-year-old kids there and have them drink blood and, you know, screw them.
I mean, where the hell does this come from?
I mean, I like doing all those things too, Alex.
The beer drinking on the boat.
Like it never gets old.
Because you're a wealthy, successful guy.
The whole family's here in Texas.
Yourself and your own businesses are successful.
You don't just go, oh, I'm rich.
Now I need to go out and kill kids.
No, that's never occurred to me, Alex.
No, I know.
That's what I'm saying.
I don't know how.
I mean, Mark Dice, where does this come from is what I'm getting at.
Like, what's wrong with these people?
It literally comes from a spiritual deficiency.
It comes from Satanism.
And, you know, I think my most popular tweet ever, I tweeted out after the spirit cooking revelations that I'm now accepting apologies for those who said I was crazy for saying that the establishment worshipped Satan.
And it was the most liked and retweeted tweet, I think, that I've ever done because a lot of people who maybe have written me off or thought that the talk about Satanism was just crazy, kooky, conspiracy stuff are now starting to take a closer look at it.
Oh, I got the same thing.
It's like, oh my God, we live in a world where Alex Jones is always right.
But I mean, getting back to that, I mean, I bring up...
You're a successful guy, your family's successful.
Most people that are successful are either patriots, just want to hire more people, create more jobs, but then there's the other little small group, mainly liberal rich people, that man, almost to a person, they're into really sadistic stuff, illegal stuff, devil worship, and it's like, it's one thing to be at Halloween and dress up as the devil as a joke, but it's another thing to really go do it.
Well, I mean, I don't really know that many people that are like that.
I mean, first of all, we do OK.
We're not, like, rich by any standards, but... That's right.
You don't have any money.
I'm just saying, but, you know... I'm saying you run around in some wealthy circles, and you're not running any of this.
No, in fact, I've, you know, people...
You know, the left likes to say that people that are... You're right.
You just have some of the biggest housing developments in Texas.
And, you know... Not me.
I didn't... And you're a great... I like the best... I'm just saying that they want to make you think that if you have money that you've stolen that from somebody else, you've done it on somebody else's back.
All you do is hire people!
All the people that I know that are wealthy are some of the best people that I know because you don't... People don't want to do business with somebody who keeps screwing them over.
Well, that's what I'm saying.
There's the paradox of old America, old Texas, where everything is about the fact that you're lucky to get in business with me, because I always do what I say I'm going to do, and I've got the touch.
You know, the four-leaf clover touch.
Then there's, though, all this, I don't want to say East Coast.
People are good on the East Coast, but there's globalists, East Coast.
Skip this break, guys.
That are all of, you read the WikiLeaks, it's like, these people are like prolific demons, there's just thousands, I'm gonna screw this person, rob this person, we got little kids coming to the hot tub, I love the devil worship, I'm gonna drink blood, it's like, what the hell's wrong?
I mean, I'm like, hey, let's go on the lake and...
You know, get a hamburger!
Well, I think it's how they've made the money.
I think that if you have a business that makes something or offers something, it's different than if you, I don't know, if you're like a stock market or a hedge fund guy.
It doesn't have to be, you know, that big of a people person.
You're just, you know... See, that's the thing with Trump.
He's got hotels and he's got golf courses and he's got real estate, where it's got to be about quality.
But with the globalists, it's all just hedge fund made up.
Whereas with you, it's
You know, polo club and horses and restaurants and your salary that makes boots and all that world-renowned, you know, going back a hundred years.
And if I start screwing people over or not giving them what they've paid for, they'll stop doing business with me.
And, you know, then you don't, you know...
So it's that old competing system of honor versus treason.
That's right.
And I like the people that I know that are, I know some seriously wealthy people that are like, they drive an old pickup truck.
They're, uh, I mean, they just look like normal everyday people and they're just good people.
And, and, uh, you know, that idea of the, the top hat monocle wearing
Rolls-Royce driving rich guy.
I mean, I don't know any of those.
Well, exactly.
But that's classy people that made their money are like that.
There are the trashy ones.
That's me, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Hillary.
And this is a woman.
Anywhere she's at, she steals stuff.
If you have her in your house, she's going to steal something.
Lady Gaga?
No, Hillary.
Lady Gaga's pretty damn bad as well.
And she picked, Hillary picked the most infamous Illuminati puppets to give her the final push in these last days before the election.
Oh yeah, let me ask you about the iconography.
You're an expert on that.
She's clearly wearing a weirdo Nazi outfit at Hillary's event.
What is that?
You know, it's she claims that it's a costume that Michael Jackson was wearing, but it clearly looks like some sort of a high priestess garb.
And in the final days, we saw Hillary being promoted by literally the most infamous, insidious, satanic servants of Hollywood.
It doesn't get any worse than Lady Gaga, Jay-Z and Beyonce.
Jay-Z has rapped about raping women and children in some of his songs.
He wears Olyster
We're good.
I think?
Well, I totally agree.
I mean, Shane and I were never that wild, but, I mean, Shane's like Mr. Churchgoer, Mr. Super Exercise.
This guy's like more straight-laced than a Mormon over here.
And Shane, is your life not better than ever?
Look, I definitely sampled both sides, and when I was out touring, I was, you know, you remember those days.
I was out touring with Brad Paisley and Rascal Flatts.
When you got number one country hits in the nation, there's some wild stuff going on.
But was it fulfilling?
And that's kind of... I mean, you're a guy that's had number one, number two hits, you quit.
No, it was not.
You were successful.
But it wasn't fulfilling, you told me that.
You know, that's the thing, is when I got to the point that I always thought that I wanted to be, and it just was so empty, that's kind of when stuff started going sideways for me, and I kind of had a little meltdown, but... For folks that don't know, I'll call you Shane Steiner, because your family does that, I'm telling you that.
You go by Shane Steiner, but it's Tommy Shane Steiner after your grandpa.
That's what you're known as in country music.
Yeah, I went by my full name in country, but...
I fully think that if I was still out touring that I probably wouldn't even be alive.
So I'm much happier now, you know, not... Well, by the way, I knew Mark was going through this a few years ago because I went through it about 15 years ago.
He was actually kind of bummed out.
He was kind of getting erratic doing stuff.
He was, you know, being a little aggressive.
And I'm acting like I'm some high horse.
I've been through it myself.
I called him up.
I said, listen, dude.
You need to stop worrying.
I said, let me guess, you had a bunch of big TV shows they were going to do, and then they canceled them on you, and now you're feeling like you didn't make it, and you're all bummed out, you should be in the jury.