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Name: 20161108_Tue-4_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 8, 2016
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We're good to go.
That can stop this corrupt machine is you.
The only force strong enough to save our country is us.
The only people brave enough to vote out this corrupt establishment is you, the American people.
I'm doing this for the people and for the movement.
And we will take back this country for you, and we will make America great again.
I'm Donald Trump and I approve this message.
My fellow Americans, my fellow humans on planet Earth, there is an epic, legendary awakening of nationalism and populism happening from the Brexit to the Donald Trump phenomenon to Russia pulling out of the New World Order and arresting the bankster oligarchs.
Humanity's will for self-determination
And freedom is expressing itself.
The great classical liberalisms of Thomas Jefferson and Francis Bacon are reawakening right now.
And it's because of the historical times we live in that InfoWars is going to embark on an unprecedented 52-hour broadcast.
We've done 24-hour broadcasts before, but we've never gone 52 hours.
This Monday,
From 11 a.m.
Central right through Tuesday right into Wednesday when the Wednesday show ends at 3 p.m.
Central we will broadcast for an unprecedented legendary over-the-top 52 hours live.
The second great awakening is taking place.
We are in the dawn of a new
...era of renaissance, of rediscovery, and human liberty.
Donald Trump, the Brexit, Infowars, Matt Drudge, Breitbart, WorldNetDaily, and so many others are only one small manifestation in the fire of liberty that is now exploding across the globe.
You can see it in the news.
You can feel it.
You can witness it on the street.
History's happening.
They always say this election is the most important in our lifetimes and we laugh it off.
I wouldn't even get involved in past elections because they were so clearly frauds.
This one's the big kahuna.
A clear demarcation line, a crossroads between nationalism and tyranny, between Americanism and globalism.
That's why we're doing this one time and one time only, because history's happening.
A 52-hour live transmission kicking off Monday, November 7th, 2016 at 11 a.m., running right through Election Day the 8th,
End of the night at 3 p.m.
and quite frankly beyond.
It's historical and it's part of overthrowing the dinosaur media, not just overthrowing the two-party corrupt system.
I want to see 10 million viewers tune in over the 50 plus hours and that's where you come in.
You are the heart and blood of the InfoWar.
If you spread the link to InfoWars.com forward slash show and point out that this is the alternative new media, this is the rebellion, this is the modern Paul Revere operation,
Then all of you are riding right beside us, not behind us.
So spread the word by Paul Revere's, no matter where you live in the world, to Information Warfare Arms.
The globalists are coming and they will be met on the field.
Powered by 1776.
I'm gonna be with you till 8 a.m.
Central, 221 a.m.
Central right now.
We're pulling another all-nighter here, folks.
What else would you do the night Donald J. Trump wins the presidency?
All right, here's what the deal is, folks.
I've got some stuff I'm gonna cover.
We got a great crew back there.
They're gonna be working with me tonight.
Marcos, you're gonna be with me tonight, is that correct?
All night.
That's my boy Marcos.
What about, is Ashley gonna be around tonight, too?
Yeah, she's going to be taking your calls.
She'll be the lady on the phone.
So here's the deal, folks.
We're going to open up the phone lines.
Ashley will take your call.
Here's the deal, folks.
We've got literally thousands of people that try to call in.
Basically what I'm telling you is I'm the kind of guy who feels bad when I try to, when I cut you off and I don't let you finish your point, but we've got too many people calling in, so if you call in, have your point ready.
In fact, hey Ashley, what do you want to do?
You want to do like a five minute limit?
Like if they hit five minutes, they're off?
Yeah, let's come on and make our point.
Yeah, that's what I'm saying.
But let's actually have a... This is not Ashley, by the way.
Okay, that's Marcos.
Ashley's back there too.
Alright, so here's the deal, folks.
Ashley's going to be in charge of the phone.
Five minutes is the max.
I'm sorry.
I don't mean to cut you off.
I don't want to cut you off.
It's not because I'm a mean guy.
We've literally got thousands of people that want to call in.
So, call in.
Have your point ready.
Five minute max.
That's it.
You're done after five minutes.
Again, this is not to be rude.
This is not because I don't want to hear from you or whatever it is you're saying.
We just need to take all these callers because we literally have thousands that want to call in.
All right.
Here's what I want everybody listening to do.
I want you to get ready to capture this moment, okay?
Because I want this to go out on Twitter to all of the people out there, the mainstream media, the hillbots, the brainwashed masses who thought Trump never had a chance.
For whatever reason, he's racist, he's this.
The polls, the polls, the polls!
Wait a second, do we remember the polls?
What about the polls?
The polls, the polls, the polls, the polls!
Fox polls, CNN polls, MSNBC polls, New York Times polls!
All the polls had Trump losing, and now he's kicking ass!
So, so much for your polls.
So, capture this moment.
This is it, folks.
Nanny Nanny Boo Boo, we beat you!
Nanny Nanny Boo Boo, you were wrong!
Nanny Nanny Boo Boo, I was right!
Nanny Nanny Boo Boo, my tinfoil hat still works!
We were right again!
Donald Trump won tonight in a landslide.
Right now they're saying he's got 279 electoral votes.
He's gonna finish with over 300, folks.
So again, to all the haters, to everybody out there who thought we were crazy, to everybody who bought into the mainstream media polls, to everybody who bought into Trump being racist, Nanny Nanny Boo Boo, we beat you!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Sorry, I'm just really basking in this because... I mean, you've dealt with it too, folks.
The people who tell you you're crazy.
Trump never had a chance.
Don't you remember?
Don't you remember?
Let's rewind the clocks back a year and a half.
Or I guess not quite a year and a half.
Almost a year and a half.
A year and five months.
Donald Trump announces his run for presidency.
Starts gaining momentum within a month.
He can't win!
He can't win!
They've got Rubio!
They've got Cruz!
It's Rubio!
It's Cruz!
It's Christie!
It's Jeb Bush!
Jeb Bush.
Talk about an afterthought.
I guarantee you, entering this election, the establishment plan was Bush v. Clinton, folks.
A total control of the election.
Bush vs. Clinton in what would have been the most ironic election ever.
Bush vs. Clinton when they're both on the same team.
So that failed.
Jeb Bush sucks.
Low energy Jeb.
I forget what Donald called him.
Little Jeb.
Or no, that was Little Marco.
Whatever, they're both little.
They're gone.
See ya.
But don't you remember?
Trump doesn't have a chance!
And then a month out, two months out, the polls, the polls, the polls!
Clinton winning!
Clinton winning!
Clinton winning by 10!
Clinton winning by 15!
Clinton winning by 5!
Clinton winning by 10!
Clinton winning!
Clinton winning!
When are you going to start listening to people who actually do research?
When are you going to start listening to the people who actually care about you?
I don't know how much of my family is tuned in right now.
First of all, I just want to say I love you all.
I love you all, all my family.
I love everybody that's tuned in, all my friends that have been very supportive over this.
But I can't wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Boy, am I going to rub it in your face.
You thought I was so crazy you looked at me Like I had three heads on my shoulder when I told you that Donald Trump was gonna win Can't wait to hear what you had to say now I'm crazy.
I'm the tinfoil hat war where I was right again now Alex is very concerned about the aftermath of
What they might do in response to this.
It will be interesting to see.
Will they back off?
Will they try to start a war?
I have the feeling that the whole Russian meddling in the election, Russian hacking, all that stuff.
I have a feeling that's just going to fade away.
That never really hit the ground.
That never really caught any momentum.
But there obviously will be a counter plan here.
Obama has two months left.
You know what, though?
Think about this, folks.
Bernie Sanders had a lot of people following him.
We told you who Bernie Sanders really was.
He turned out to be a total shill for Clinton, lost a lot of his supporters because he ended up endorsing Clinton.
Okay, so now you've got Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee.
And she cares about you, right?
She cares about America.
She's the candidate that cares about you.
Donald Trump is cold-hearted.
Alex Jones has a black heart, right?
Why won't you vote for Hillary?
She actually cares about you.
She's the one that's been fighting for the children.
She's the one that's been fighting for you.
Oh my God, don't you remember?
Stronger together, folks.
Stronger together.
We've been telling you this woman is a total hypocrite.
What happens tonight when it turns out that she's losing in a landslide?
What did she do, folks?
She ran away.
She hid.
Still haven't seen her!
Have you seen Hillary Clinton?
Total coward.
Total fraud.
And in the final, you know what?
The final move.
This, again, this shows you Bernie Sanders supporters got burned by Bernie Sanders and now Hillary Clinton supporters, after getting burned by the mainstream media, have now been burned by Hillary Clinton.
You know why?
Because she abandoned you.
She totally abandoned you.
Stronger together, and then she left.
She was gone.
Don't you get it?
This is how these people operate.
Bernie Sanders sells you a bill of goods, shills for Hillary Clinton, and then gives you the middle finger and endorses Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton says she's for you, she's the candidate for the people, she's the candidate for the children, she cares about America, Donald Trump's cold-hearted, and then after she loses, what does she do?
She gives you the middle finger and runs and hides.
And we still haven't seen her.
I wonder, are the Hillary Clinton supporters going to admit they were conned?
Are the Hillary Clinton supporters going to admit they were duped?
This is actually a great point.
Think about this.
Female-aged Skrillex.
We played her last night.
You've probably seen the video on the Alex Jones Channel on YouTube.
Female-aged Skrillex.
Do you think... Look at that.
They got it ready to go.
Of course you do.
Of course you have it ready to go.
Marcos Morales, folks.
What a guy.
So, will she admit that she was tricked?
Will she admit that she was duped?
Or will these brainwashed masses entrench themselves even deeper into the establishment narrative and say that
You know, oh, Donald Trump somehow stole it, Donald Trump conned America, the whole thing was rigged.
It'll be really interesting to see the response of the Hillary Clinton supporters, like female-age Skrillex.
Now, we've already seen what the response is.
There she is, female-age Skrillex with the veins popping, female Carl the Cuck.
She told me that I was the detriment to America.
I am America, you dumbass.
Excuse me.
You know what?
These are fine ladies.
They've been brainwashed.
They're victims.
I told her I wanted to be friends with her.
I'm like, hey, we can be friends.
Like, I'm just trying to tell you some facts you might want to know.
And by the way, your candidate's going to lose.
You've been duped.
You've been brainwashed.
And then she gives you the middle finger on election night.
How about this?
Let's recall.
It was Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton
Sitting here saying, Trump's a sore loser.
Trump's a sore loser.
I've never heard of someone complaining about the election being rigged.
It can't possibly happen.
Trump's a sore loser.
He's already complaining.
And then what happens?
Trump wins, and then Hillary Clinton is the sore loser!
So, we've reached an interesting paradigm, we've reached an interesting point in history where are the brainwashed sheeple going to admit they're brainwashed?
Will they finally recognize it?
Will they finally recognize the lies of the mainstream media?
Will they admit they were duped?
Or will they entrench themselves further into the Stockholm Syndrome, claim they're the victims,
And I guess, I mean, I don't know where you really go from here.
Because if you really think Trump is that bad as you think he is, a racist, misogynist, whatever, what do you do now?
What do you do now?
And I'll admit, you know, I was the kind of guy that thought once Donald Trump was elected, things would immediately start setting off.
I'm not feeling that way anymore, folks.
I'm really not feeling that way.
And I think the fact that we haven't seen riots anywhere tonight is an indication that people are just over it.
You know, the George Soros-funded protests have completely lost their steam.
And they were losing steam for a long time, but they always had
The end result that would justify their movement.
But now that end result is gone.
Trump is the end result.
So... I guess we'll find out here in the coming days.
Will the brainwashed sheeple admit they were brainwashed?
Will they admit they were duped?
Will they see what's actually going on?
Will they finally put the glasses on?
Will they finally see reality?
Because... Because let's remember...
In fact, I'll be perfectly honest with you folks.
I'll tell you, I had a lot of money riding on this election.
I gambled with a lot of friends that Trump would win.
These are bets going back from a year ago, and I just won them all.
And even last week,
I remember all my friends who I bet with that Trump would win sending me the polls.
You know, sending me the polls.
They're tweeting me the polls.
They're messaging me the polls.
The polls, the polls, the polls, the polls.
I told you the polls were rigged!
I told you!
Again, I'm not crazy.
I'm not a conspiracy theorist.
I don't wear a tinfoil hat.
I live in reality.
I've beaten the brainwashing.
I've broken through the propaganda.
All I'm doing is trying to bring you on the team.
I'll tell you, the most amazing thing about this to me is the patriots out there who are true Americans, but didn't really know what was going on, didn't really understand the globalists, didn't really understand propaganda, but they were true patriots, they loved the country, but they just didn't know all this was going on.
And at the beginning of the cycle,
You know, they kind of buy into the brainwashing social patterns because they're just not really engaged.
They're patriots, but they're not really engaged.
They got their own things going on, sports, work, whatever it is.
And they didn't like Trump this entire election cycle.
I have like 10 to 20 friends and family that are the same story.
The entire election cycle, they could never get behind Trump.
They could never get behind Trump.
And then for whatever reason,
It really started Sunday and then it came on strong Monday and Tuesday.
They came over for Trump.
They were texting me for Trump.
They said I voted for Trump today.
And that might be what sent Trump over the edge.
Now Trump is still winning the popular vote.
So, you know, we'll see what happens.
If Hillary Clinton ends up winning the popular vote, I don't think she will.
Maybe that's what they do, though.
They steal the popular vote in favor of Hillary, and then they try to spin that towards some sort of contestion or, I don't know, some sort of narrative or something like that.
So that could be something to keep an eye on.
But I'll tell you what, right now,
Hey, can you pull my screen up here, Marcos?
Is that available?
Right now, folks, Marcos Morales is going to be in the office with us.
Do we need to get the TriCaster?
I know how to do it.
I got it.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I got it.
It should be started.
It should be good to go.
See if it's... Yeah, yeah.
Nico came in here and set it up.
Sorry, folks.
I got to come in and troubleshoot some technical difficulties.
We're going to make it so I can share my screen with you.
But right now, the Electoral College... Yeah, Nico said it was running.
The Electoral College... This computer's weird, dude.
279 to 218 for Hillary Clinton.
This is Marcos Morales' mug in front of me, by the way.
He's a good looking guy.
Hey, we're actually on that camera.
Marcos Morales.
Marcos Morales voted Trump.
He's got a beautiful family.
He wants them to have a future.
He's helping me get my screen set up.
But right now, Donald Trump is in the books with 279 electoral votes.
I think he's going to finish with 305.
One thing we're going to do tonight is we're going to compare, I'm going to, we're going to compare basically what happened in the last election to what happened in this election.
This is Leanne McAdoo.
I'm trying to get her to sit down.
Your computer is working.
So here's, yeah, we're going to take calls.
I'm going to take your calls.
I'm going to take your calls.
You know me.
I'm long-winded.
I'm going to be here till 8 a.m.
So, here's the screen right now with what we have official.
Donald Trump with 279.
Hillary Clinton with 218.
And then obviously, they're still tabulating these results.
Here's the popular vote.
We're going to continue to monitor this.
Barack Obama won with 62 million last year.
Trump with 57.
I don't see how Donald Trump doesn't get more.
Of course, I guess the actual... Here, you know what?
I've got these numbers right here, actually.
Romney had 59 million, Obama had 62 million.
Here you can see how everything went last year.
So what are the big differences?
Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, all went for Trump.
Oh, and Pennsylvania, of course, Pennsylvania.
So that is what made the difference in this.
I remember, folks, I was not even into politics in 2012.
It wasn't until 2013 that I even had a clue what was going on.
I was a total sheeple until 2013, the Boston Marathon bombing.
But even I knew that Obama was going to win in a landslide against Romney.
Because of how pathetic Romney's campaign was, and incumbent presidents usually win in a landslide.
So Obama with 332 of the electoral vote last year, I don't think Trump will get that.
But total, last year total votes, we had 122 million.
I'm trying to do math here, live on air.
I am no mathematician, folks.
Let me just be perfectly honest with you.
But I believe we had over 120 million votes last year.
So it'll be interesting to see what the total vote number is at the end of the night, as far as how many people voted.
But we're getting voter record and turnout, voter record and registration, so you would imagine it's going to go above and beyond that.
Right now we are at 114 million total votes, both with 57 million right now.
But if you guys could just pop this map up real quick, this is what it looks like it's going to be at the end of the night.
At least this is how I think it's going to be when the night concludes.
Donald Trump, 305.
Hillary Clinton, 233.
I believe this will be the final tabulation.
I remember going through this days and days ago, just switching it, looking at all the different formulas that could happen, all the different results, and I just did not see Hillary Clinton's true path to victory unless she totally stole this one.
There you go, folks.
It is official.
Donald Trump is the next president of the United States.
I gotta show you something, too.
Okay, go ahead.
Are you on air right now?
I am on air right now.
I actually did not vote for Donald Trump.
Put it back where it was.
My oldest daughter voted at school today in a mock election.
Age 6 voted at her school.
For Donald Trump.
Well, she voted for Donald Trump, but... Donald Trump.
Donald Trump.
All the way.
She voted at school today.
Well, congratulations, Marcos.
First grade knows what's up.
So wait, you didn't vote for Trump, but your kid did?
Yeah, yeah, she's better than me.
I was gonna say... She's the next generation.
She's gotta be better than me.
So your kid is smarter than you are, then?
Are you smarter than me?
Are you leaving, Leigh-Anne?
So there you go, folks.
Donald Trump is your next president.
Will the brainwashed masses admit they were duped?
Again, I have to bring this up.
The polls!
The polls!
The polls!
The polls!
The polls!
The polls!
The polls were wrong!
They were rigged!
I tried to tell you!
In fact, you know what?
I really hope my sister is tuned in right now, because my sister was one of the worst.
She was totally depressed.
Couldn't believe it.
Hillary Clinton's gonna win.
Like, when I'm talking to her on the phone, I can't believe it.
Oh, and this is gonna happen.
Donald Trump doesn't have a chance.
Hillary's gonna win.
It's over.
I'm like, what are you talking about?
What makes you say the polls, the polls, the polls?
I told you they were rigged!
I told you!
I'm not a conspiracy theorist.
I do my research.
Okay, I'm gonna be done ranting.
Here's what we got coming up.
So, oh yeah, again, will Hillary Clinton try to blame Russia for this?
I think that that cat has escaped the bag.
Here's a question for you.
So here are the questions, you know, here's the deal.
You got five minutes as the caller.
Five minutes, you're out.
Five minute max, you're out.
If you can get your comment in before that, great.
More power to you, we can get to more callers.
But here's some of the stuff we're going to talk about.
Will the Clinton camp and the Obama camp try to demonize or blame Russia for this?
Will the brainwashed sheeple admit they were duped, admit they were brainwashed, finally admit the mainstream news is totally fake?
Now here's another one that I haven't brought up yet.
What is the establishment more scared of right now?
Is the establishment more scared of Donald Trump or is the establishment more scared of the fact that they no longer control us?
That they no longer control the narrative?
Because so much of what we've seen
In this country, in my lifetime, in your lifetime, has been all based around the notion or fact that the establishment controls the narrative and that the establishment controls the population, see?
So, have we reached the precipice now where that paradigm has been broken, where those shackles have been broken?
And what is the establishment more scared of now?
Donald Trump?
Or the fact they've lost their power to control the narrative and control the population?
I think one of the strongest points to a Trump administration is who he's going to put in positions of power.
I think we finally have a candidate who's not going to be looking to put people in positions of power who are going to collude with him and the corrupt establishment, crony people who just want to become rich based on the ignorance of the American sheeple and the kind of, you know, foreign geopolitics they can play, pay-for-play programs, etc, etc.
Will Donald Trump finally eradicate that type of crony system that's been eking its way into Washington?
And will he finally put people in positions of power who care about this country, want to help this country, and not want to enrich themselves?
Also, we're going to look at Hillary Clinton's Twitter account.
Some interesting tweets coming out of Hillary Clinton tonight.
I'm now joined by Leanne McAdoo.
We're going to take your calls.
Before we take your calls, Leanne, what are your thoughts right now?
How are you feeling right now?
What do you think about the things I just said?
Totally unbelievable, and I'm trying to get Marcos to be able to pull it up to where we can see the responses from the mainstream establishment media.
As much as you and I out there who are celebrating and cannot believe that this actually happened, the mainstream media who has been pushing this narrative for more than a year that there's no way Donald Trump can win, he's crazy, America is racist, sexist, xenophobic,
Bigoted if they vote for him and now he is the president.
I need to see the look on their faces.
How do they feel?
What are they saying?
Well, I think tomorrow is going to be the ultimate to see how because because again, they think they control the narrative.
They think that they control your thought pattern.
We've defeated that.
So how do they even approach their jobs bar?
They're a total joke!
You just, for the last year and a half, were putting out a story, putting out a narrative, putting out a prediction, and you look like an idiot!
We already did not believe them, but now it's like their results right there are completely flipped!
Are we able to go to that New York Times?
Yeah, we can go to this right here.
Are you able to scroll down where their predictions went askew?
Oh, this is great.
I know what you're talking about.
I know what you're talking about.
This is classic.
No, this is classic.
Here's where the forecast... Oh!
We were completely wrong.
Right about here.
Right about 8.30.
Sorry folks.
Somehow, somehow at 9.30pm reality just changed.
I don't know what happened but at 9.30pm the entire, 8.30pm the entire world switched on its hemisphere and now the entire world has changed somehow magically.
But for the rest of us, we've been seeing this the entire time.
We're like, look at the people that are turning up to the rallies, and then Hillary Clinton's got like 30 people.
They're having to photoshop in people attending her rallies.
And pay people to go, pay Jay-Z, Beyonce, LeBron James.
That's where the reality flipped for them.
That's where reality finally flipped for the establishment, where they were having that, oh shit moment, you know?
Well, and here's the thing.
You talk about the media response.
Here's what I've seen.
Can I just say, on camera, Marcos, can I get that on camera?
They're busy back there.
Hillary, you're fired.
You're fired.
You're fired, Hillary.
You're fired.
Here's what I saw from the media response.
Now, I woke up... I probably got out of bed at like 8 or 9.
I got in here around 10.
And I was monitoring the mainstream news before I got in here.
And most of them have been saying, shocking, you know, oh my, unbelievable, we can't believe it, this is breaking, how did this happen?
Like it was some sort of a surprise.
How did this happen?
And these are the same people that will say Alex Jones is crazy, we're conspiracy theorists, you know, try to control the narrative, but yet, we were right.
This isn't shocking, I'm not shocked, but hold on a second Leigh-Anne, I gotta call you out here.
We work, me and Leigh-Anne's desk is in a close vicinity, and every day you had no faith, you never thought Trump could win.
Well no, I didn't want to say it out loud because I'm kind of a fatalist and I'm always waiting for the rug to be pulled out and I don't trust, I do not trust, even still to this day with Hillary Clinton not making her concession speech because she has zero class and probably couldn't get out of her gurney to go and make this concession speech.
But, you know, I'm always thinking, are they going to come up with these, oh, look, we just got a shipment in of these write-in ballots.
You know, people just, I don't know where these came from, and we're going to give it to her.
I'm always kind of waiting for that.
I trust no one.
I don't know why this is how I am.
And that's why I have refused to say my predictions or whatever, because I didn't want to speak that into it.
I told you.
I tried to tell you.
You're a cocky son of a bitch.
Kind of like, I guess me and Hillary have that in common.
You know what, actually, this is funny.
This is how I'm kind of picturing this.
Hillary Clinton is like...
The fake popular girl in school, who's not actually popular, nobody actually likes her, but you know, she's, you know, whatever, her parents are wealthy or something, she drives a fancy car, everybody wants to be friends with her, she's got, you know, the big boobs that she puts on display or whatever, everybody knows what I'm talking about, and prom season is coming around, and she's going around passing out her pamphlets, vote for me prom queen, and then she, you know, she walks by some certain people, bemoans them, insults them, is just really a total bitch, nobody in the school likes her, but see, but she's all
And then goes out and is like, oh, I love puppies and kittens.
Yeah, when she's on the stage.
And then, but you know, she'll prop herself up.
I'm the prom queen.
She's all confident.
There's no way anybody can beat her.
And then, you know, the time comes where they select the prom queen, and it's not her.
And it's not her.
And that's the moment that Hillary Clinton had today.
And that's why she couldn't give a concession speech.
That's why she had to call Donald Trump to concede.
And again, in the final move of her entire campaign, she gives a middle finger
To her voters, and abandons them, and leaves them hanging, and doesn't even speak to them.
That is the true candidate that Hillary Clinton is.
Well, I'm really curious.
Like, what is she going to say tomorrow?
When she comes out tomorrow, is she going to say, because President Obama, Michelle Obama, they're all out there saying, hope is on the ballot.
Respect is on the ballot.
Respect for women is on the ballot.
Everything we've tried, everything we've done in the last eight years is on the ballot.
Yeah, so she's gonna come out tomorrow and say, the basket of deplorables won, the dark hearts won, evil has totally taken over our country, all the racist, sexist bigots have won and decided, and like rile up her supporters, her base, who truly think in their mind this is the apocalypse.
I mean, you have to understand, you've got to kind of see it from the flip side.
In their mind, this is the apocalypse.
Yeah, that's an interesting point.
Is it though?
Or will they finally wake up and realize they've been duped, realize they've been brainwashed?
Well, I mean, it's like they didn't even wake up when they saw that the election was stolen from Bernie Sanders.
I mean, in your face, stolen from Bernie Sanders, and then yet you still had, even at the DNC, you had some of Bernie's, like, top supporters running around and going,
You know what, we just gotta vote for Hillary now.
I know she's everything that Bernie stands against, but we just gotta get behind her.
Even CNN tonight, even CNN tonight basically talked about how Hillary Clinton was the Wall Street candidate.
It was pretty funny.
While they were shocked at the results that they were seeing.
But you know, here's what I think, Leigh-Anne.
I think that, you know, Hillary has already failed so miserably.
I think that what you're talking about, I think that that's actually going to be what Obama's job is for the next two months.
Obviously, Obama's job is not to be the president.
He's totally treasonous.
He doesn't give a damn about the Constitution.
He doesn't give a damn about the American people.
He's got his own agendas, whether it be to play golf, visit Saudi Arabia, China, whatever it is, erode the U.S.
Literally to play golf for the rest of his days.
Whatever it is.
But I think what we might see here, because the establishment knows Hillary Clinton is a failed candidate.
Nobody likes her.
She's hideous to look at, even.
Obama, you know... Has she disintegrated into a dark corner?
She's gone.
She's completely gone.
I don't know if we'll ever see Hillary Clinton again, to be honest.
But I think that for the next two months, Obama's agenda is going to be to do what you just said, which is try to demonize the Trump voters, you know, pretend this is the apocalypse.
Dark times for America.
Racism has returned, you know, bigotry has returned, trying to spark some sort of a
You know, George Soros protest type of thing as we move into the Trump administration.
Well, I'm trying to stay in celebration mode because we have just a short amount of time tomorrow.
Everyone's going to wake up.
I mean, we see already the mainstream media, those pundits are out there sort of spinning this.
And I believe it was NBC earlier where they're saying, well.
Some anonymous sources, some generals are saying... Hey, by the way, that's Brian Williams.
Are we going to have to follow his orders?
What are the constitutional guidelines?
And it's like, no dude, they were not looking forward to having to follow Hillary Clinton's orders.
Is there a more too pathetic people in media?
Brian Williams and Rachel Maddow?
Oh my.
Rachel Maddow.
Brian Williams actually reported that he was there when Hillary Clinton won the election tonight.
Yeah, Brian Williams has actually been to Mars, and Rachel Maddow might be from Mars.
Oh man, Rachel Maddow, is she crying?
Hey Rachel, by the way, Rachel...
We're about to go to your calls.
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A long time.
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You know Jones is going to be like, just carry it on until the end of the week.
Alright, so 12 hours left, folks.
So take advantage of this sale.
Free shipping, store wide.
Alright, let's go out to some of these callers.
Let's start off with Jacob in Oklahoma.
Go ahead, Jacob.
We are seeing the age... It's pretty late now.
There we go.
I'm sorry, go ahead, Jacob.
Oh, no, I was just asking how y'all were doing this morning, early morning, with the victory.
Caught the second wind after the Trump win, I gotta say.
I'm going to have a good time tonight, I'll just put it that way.
Having a good time tonight.
Not tonight, I mean it's actually, now it's actually Wednesday, so Wednesday night I'm gonna have a good time.
Jacob, did you do a victory dance?
Uh, yeah, I did a victory dance.
You know, this entire election, it's been obviously pretty clear cut between the two main candidates here, but you know, I never really looked a whole lot into Donald Trump, so there were a couple things that I wasn't so sure on, but I obviously, being a veteran, knew that Hillary Clinton was a horrible choice.
So, I mean, I'm just glad that Trump won, because my God, if that woman had made it into, if that witch had made it into the presidency, we would be looking at a very interesting next four years, if our nation made it that far.
I mean, think about it.
You think they're kicking themselves right now if they would have just
If the media would have treated Trump the same way, I think yeah.
Yeah, exactly.
They would have given Bernie Sanders the win because he had a lot of just support the same way Trump did.
It was a lot of people who were mobilized to overthrow the system as it stands.
Now, Bernie Sanders supporters maybe not understanding that they're trying to overthrow the system by giving the system all even more money and power, which was a little off base.
But either way, we're seeing on both sides people just across the border saying enough with this system.
I think a lot of Bernie supporters were kicking themselves whenever the nomination was stolen in the first place.
That was definitely a big kick in the gut.
Of course, I've never been a fan of Bernie Sanders.
But no, actually, I think one of the reasons they may have gone with Hillary Clinton instead of Bernie Sanders is, you know, even though Bernie Sanders stands for what he stands for,
At least he stands for something.
He wasn't a readily malleable puppet like Clinton was.
I'd have to disagree with you, Jacob, because what did Bernie Sanders stand for?
He stood for big money out of politics, he stood for getting rid of big lobbyists, he stood for getting rid of big Wall Street influence, and then he endorsed Hillary Clinton, who is the candidate for all of that.
After there was proof, documented proof, that the establishment had stolen, the entire system he's fighting against had stolen and rigged it against him.
I'm still in a state of shock.
Yeah, I'm not sure how the country didn't revolt when that happened.
You know, it's funny, every step of the way through this election has just been one more thing added and it's just every time something happens,
I just think that everything's going to break loose because there's just been so much stuff going on in this year, in this election.
I mean, it literally is, it is, or it was, the make or break for our nation.
Well, I think the reason why the country didn't revolt is because the country wasn't Bernie Sanders supporters.
The country was Trump supporters.
We are the country.
So we weren't the ones that had our primaries stolen from us.
Of course, the Woozies and the Foozies and the Fazzies and the Wazzies on the Democratic
Oh yeah.
Sarah Silverman.
Did you see Sarah Silverman's tweet by the way?
Sarah Silverman tweeted earlier.
Somebody give me hope!
Well I got hope for ya.
I got hope for ya.
Here's hope for ya.
Southwest Airlines.
SouthwestAirlines.com, go ahead and book yourself a one-way flight out of this country, Sarah Silverman.
Thank you for the call.
Thank you, Jacob.
Actually, did you see that Canada's immigration website crashed because of these people freaking out?
I'm not even kidding you, Leanne.
I'm not even kidding you.
That's so racist though.
Why didn't Mexico's immigration server crash?
Well, the wall.
Why are you being racist?
Like, why not go to Mexico though?
You know, why does Canada look so great?
I have a friend.
I have a Canadian friend who's in the United States on a work visa who actually thought she was going to get deported.
I swear, I'm not even kidding.
I told her, I was like, hey, I was like, look, you know.
Donald Trump doesn't want to deport everybody who's not a citizen.
All he wants to do is enforce immigration law and get the criminals out.
That's it.
And give Border Patrol the power to deport these people and do what they need to do to process these people who we just had someone here in Tyler, Texas, who had been deported on multiple occasions, who killed a little girl that was known to him.
A 10-year-old girl and threw her body in a well.
So, I mean, we're seeing these type of things again and again and again with people who are being deported and then they come back and there's nothing they can do.
Their hands are tied.
Hopefully that will change.
Donald Trump, like, you know, he was one of the only people that went to the border.
President Obama never went.
That's why they took his statement about, you know, Mexicans when they come to the border, blah, blah, blah.
They took it out of context because he said that while he visited the border and spoke to the Border Patrol and he was the only one.
The winner, actually, of the election tonight is President Trump in the building.
We know.
We did it!
Trump, you are big league right now.
I'm Donald Trump, I'm your next president, 45th right here.
I just want to go ahead and make an announcement right now.
Very high energy.
The brand new lead for the show Orange is the New Black is going to be Hillary Clinton for next season.
Hillary, you're fired.
Oh, and by the way, Hillary Clinton, you're fired.
That is it!
We won!
It is over!
We're vindicated!
It's done!
Trump wins!
We beat them all.
Donald, Donald!
I know that you were sure that you had this, you were confident the entire time, but seriously, I mean, up to the wire!
It was up to the wire.
I mean, we were all just like hanging on to the edge of our seat.
What were you really thinking?
All I gotta say is watch out, China.
Watch out, we're going to make deals, they're going to be so great.
We're going to win so much that we're going to get tired of winning, but we're going to keep winning.
I gotta go home.
Wow, you deserve it.
Like he said, Hillary, she's going to be in jail.
Oh my god, I just can't even.
Is he really going to put her in prison?
Donald Trump, I need to know.
Don't pass off my... We're gonna have Donald Trump hanging out with us all night, folks.
That's good, Donald.
Oh my God.
Who cares right now?
We just want America!
America's back!
You tell the world that America is back!
All right.
Oh my God.
And by the way, folks, let me just tell you.
People all over the planet are cheering that America got this election right, folks.
You think about Donald Trump, no matter who Donald Trump is, what he's done in the past, folks.
This isn't about Donald Trump.
This is about the fact that America's finally broken the shackles.
We have finally beaten the brainwashing, beaten the conditioning, and beat the establishment.
That is what the world has been waiting for America to do for so long.
Brexit 2.0 just happened tonight.
Donald Trump is the next president.
He gets inaugurated in January.
Let's go out to Nicholas in Florida.
Go ahead, Nicholas.
This is Mary Trump-us.
Mary Trump-us.
Go Trump, go!
Go Trump, go!
Hey America, what do you say?
Trump has already won today.
Alright, we got Nicholas.
Nicholas is gone.
Let's go out to Al.
Go ahead, Al.
In Oregon from Texas.
Yeah, I'm originally from Texas, but I live in a blue state right now.
I live in Oregon.
I tell you what, voters are scary out here.
They are totally just freaking out now.
They think they're going to be deported.
Even people who've lived here for generations.
My girlfriend's mother, her ancestry is German, and she's, of course, they've lived here for years, but she thinks she's going to get deported.
They are so crazy out here.
I'm telling you, it's the media.
They brainwashed him into thinking that.
They have ramped up that fear factor.
People truly believe this.
And that's why you can't get mad at people who voted on the other side with that thinking.
Folks, let me tell you, we're just going to deport the criminals, okay?
If you're a good citizen, if you have a job, if you pay the taxes, we want you here, folks.
We're going to build this country.
We're going to make America great again.
Donald Trump, you really do have tiny hands now that I'm looking.
Compared to my head, my hands might be a little small.
But the wall is going to be huge.
It's going to be huge.
The wall will be huge.
It's going to be a big, beautiful wall.
Mexico is going to pay for the wall.
But I want to let you know...
We're only going to deport you if you're breaking the law, if you have a job, if you pay your taxes.
We want you to be a citizen.
It's the bad hombres, folks.
There are bad hombres out there.
Bad hombres.
Very bad hombres.
We're going to get rid of those hombres.
Al, but so what do you think about the conditioning that people, they truly believe that they're just going to be rounded up FEMA camp style?
Well, Leigh-Anne, I'll tell you this.
I mean, living in Oregon after, you know, being from Texas and, you know, coming out here and seeing how they are, it's really scary.
They are on a totally different level.
They don't know what planet they're on, and they just wander around just chilling for Hillary like it's what they're supposed to do.
I'm from Oregon.
It's a blue state.
That's what I'm supposed to vote.
And most of the people were for Sanders.
They hated Hillary.
Then when Sanders told
We're good to go.
And we have, uh, you know, we listen to you, uh, you know, almost as much as we can through this thing when we're not at work.
Once we get home, we've been totally on you guys, and this has been the best coverage.
It's almost better than Hunter S. Thompson's Spirian Loving on the campaign trail in 72.
I mean, you...
You guys have become the story.
InfoWars has become the story and that's why we push you guys.
We give your bumper stickers to everybody out here because Oregon is completely zombified.
We don't care.
You know, the only way Alex Jones grows, the only way InfoWars grows is from you.
We don't get, you know, we don't buy major ad space, we don't have people promoting us like celebrities or anything like that.
Jones gives it away for free.
If you want to pick up the show and put your own commercials in there, do it, go for it.
Hey guys, this is what's going on in, it looks like Oakland.
Oh, LAPD's, yes, LAPD did say that they were going to be prepared for riots if Donald Trump won.
Oh my.
And is this, these Agitprop... We're so mad Donald Trump won, we gotta burn stuff.
They didn't pay us our $16 an hour.
Is that Rob on the board right now?
We're so mad that Donald Trump won, we gotta burn stuff, alright?
We gotta get out of our way, we're awesome!
We're gonna burn it down!
We were promised everything!
Let's hope that this does not start happening.
People vandalizing and robbing because Donald Trump won.
Well, Hillary Clinton promised them jobs, okay?
You mean, you don't like social justice warriors getting on the mic and telling you what's right?
You know what?
All these social justice warriors, I guess they want to burn down America so that... Well, you know, it is Western values.
Yeah, so I guess the uh... You gotta fight for your right to party!
Hey, you know what though?
You know what though?
This is actually... I hate western values!
This is actually interesting.
So, Rob, you're saying that was from Oklahoma?
Oh, okay.
Oakland, okay.
New West Side.
So, yeah, California, I guess, is ripe for protest now.
Oh, yeah.
I talked about that earlier.
LAPD said that they were going to a riot formation.
Is that a fire?
We're so mad!
That's a fire.
Because they were ready for this to happen.
They were ready for these... But think about it.
This is the same... Oh, Lord Jesus!
This is the same line!
Anybody got time for that?
Anybody, any excuse, any excuse we have to go burn and loot, we're gonna do it.
Where's that Bob Marley song, Burnin' and Lootin'?
I love that song.
You know what though, here's the good news, these people... Burnin' and lootin' tonight.
That's a good song, that did not sound like the actual song, but that was pretty good.
Burnin' and lootin' tonight.
But here's the thing, they're not going to have the time and energy for this soon, because Donald Trump is going to give them a job.
So then they don't have to rob, they don't have to loot, they don't have to burn.
They're going to want to go to bed, because they're going to have to get up tomorrow for their job, hopefully in a manufacturing company, because we're bringing manufacturing back to America.
Yeah, let the dust settle a little bit.
Let him show you what he said he's going to do for this country, whereas Hillary Clinton has just filled your head with lies.
She's a total figment of everyone's imagination, which is why she couldn't even come out and do her concession speech, because she either missed her shipment of baby's blood to reinvigorate her for her concession speech, or she has puffed up into a
A ball of dust!
And she is no longer... Or, as David Knight tweeted out earlier, if you can go to his Twitter, he actually has footage of why Hillary Clinton was not able to make her concession speech tonight.
I tweeted it out as well.
Maybe she's going to one last pizza party at Comet Pizza and Ping Pong.
All I gotta say is, ding dong, the witch is dead.
Alright, let's take another caller.
Let's go to Dylan in West Virginia.
Go ahead, Dylan.
Oh my God!
Oh, I can't say it, but yeah!
I don't know, I think it's a late... America!
It's like the late... It's a late night hour.
Oh my god, are we about to see an Arab greater than what we saw back when, um, what's his name?
I'm thinking about Allen Iverson and all these basketball people with New World Orders trying to bring about us in the media.
Uh, Eisenhower, man.
Is this an Arab better than Eisenhower?
Is that what we're getting to in this country?
I don't think we know yet.
You know, I think that we can take Donald Trump for what he's been, what he's said through this election cycle, but I don't think we truly know what to expect from the Trump administration, what to expect from the American society with a Trump presidency.
I think that it'll be very interesting to see.
We've still got two months left of Obama.
He'll try to do whatever he can to try to muddy the waters before Trump even gets into office.
So a lot to keep our eye on the ball here.
I mean, just think of how everyone was so excited with the Brexit vote.
And then, of course, now we're seeing that they've kind of solved it.
At first, they were saying it was like total apocalypse level.
Everything was going to crash.
You've made the worst decision.
And then it was like, oh, well, it really wasn't that bad.
And now they have all of these elites in there saying,
We're not going to honor the vote of the people.
So now there's a huge march being led by Nigel Farage to ensure that this actually happens.
The people voted for Brexit.
So, you know, we might see some of that kind of stuff here in the U.S.
They might say, look, Donald, you know, you're the president now.
We've already started World War III.
I trust Hillary!
Yeah, we've already started the war, and then they pin it on him, and they say, look, see?
We told you you shouldn't elect Hitler.
We tried to tell you.
Meanwhile, Lady Gaga is actually wearing her Nazi uniform.
Literally Hitler.
But they'll say Donald Trump is literally Hitler, and then a Nazi collaborator, George Soros, is working with Hillary Clinton in all the emails.
Lady Gaga wears the
Dylan, are you still there?
Sorry, we're just blabbering on.
I'm not sure if we still have Dylan.
In West Virginia.
I'm not sure if we still have a crew.
I don't even know.
I don't think anyone's... Nobody's bad.
But West Virginia was actually one of those states that called it right away.
It was like boom.
They didn't even... Kind of like California.
There she is.
Where there was zero tallies.
And so obviously this is the jacket that Lady Gaga bought from Michael Jackson's collection or whatever
Michael Jackson had red stripes going down the side of his pants and on the arms.
Not like this.
This was clearly a message.
This is my, well, okay, here's the thing.
This is the thing that Michael Jackson wore when he went to go visit some president, you know, decades ago.
So she's like, I'm going to wear it too because I'm with her.
It doesn't matter.
Even at the time when Michael Jackson wore it, everyone was like, what the F?
Why are you wearing Nazi uniform?
It was even weird when Michael Jackson did it.
But he was weird and had a lot of weird, creepy stuff.
And now that he's dead and gone, you know, R.I.P., loved his music, but...
We realized that he was doing some weird creepy stuff and so here we have Lady Gaga who was also tied up in some weird creepy stuff.
Isn't it crazy how we have Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, you know, a lot of these people who are into witchcraft and goblins and our crew back there who likes to leave the microphones open so everyone can hear them talking.
Thank you for doing that smoothly, Leigh-Anne.
Anyway, the Nazi memorabilia.
Very subtle.
Very subtle with the Nazi memorabilia.
Very subtle.
Very subtle, kind of like when we're on air.
Alright, let's go to Ron in Texas.
Go ahead, Ron.
Can you hear me?
Oh yeah, Trump victory.
Hey, good job guys.
I appreciate the work.
Trump kicks ass.
Yeah, hell yeah.
Good job, I appreciate it.
Hey Owen, I was thinking about the new female version of the Aiden Skrillex.
I think his name is Jezebel Skrillex.
Think about how many people this election cycle... Okay, wait a minute, Owen.
What is that girl doing right now tonight?
Where is that girl?
I don't know.
Is she having a meltdown?
Like, or is she asleep?
That's what I'm saying!
That's what I'm saying!
What are the Hillary Clinton supporters doing that were so brainwashed into thinking this thing was already decided?
If you support Trump, you're so stupid because it's already decided.
You're probably racist and all this stuff.
I mean, that's what I'm saying.
Is their reality, is their reality being completely crushed in front of their eyes?
Or are they somehow tricking themselves into thinking that
Again, I don't even know where their thought goes.
That's what I'm saying.
Do they wake up?
Do they see that they've been lied to?
Do they see that they've been duped?
Do they look in the mirror?
Does female aide Skrillex look in the mirror and say, wow, what the hell is wrong with me?
Or does she look in the mirror and say, I have to fight harder!
I have to stop Donald Trump!
He is a racist!
He hates gay people!
He's going to send everybody to Mexico!
I have to fight harder now!
It's gonna, I mean, which way does it go for these freaks?
I don't know.
The thing that I don't like is that that happens to be at an establishment that I like to frequent.
Oh boy, oh boy.
So now I'm going to see female astrologists.
She's never going back, Leanne.
Let me tell you, when she assaulted a man, I mean, she slapped him in the face, she spit on me, so she assaulted two people that night.
She's never going back.
You know what, I'll tell you, actually I have a response now.
You know what she's doing?
Hillary Clinton supporters are going to do the exact same thing that Hillary Clinton did.
They're hiding.
They're covering their faces.
They're hiding.
They're cowering.
They're so embarrassed.
They don't know what to do.
Can we pull up that tweet please?
David Knight tweeted it out.
I also retweeted it.
Why Hillary Clinton was not able to make her concession speech tonight.
Also where Hillary Clinton supporters are going to be.
And it's going to be very interesting.
I mean at some point
Not that one there.
You're fired.
You're fired.
Right there, David Knight.
There it is.
Hey, Owen.
Go ahead, Ron.
Hey, I was thinking, man, I was thinking, you know what Trump reminds me of when he pulled it out tonight?
Reminds me of, you ever seen Escape from New York?
Trump's snake busting.
He goes in there, he kicks ass, you know, he saves the president, the Duke of New York, who is Hillary Clinton,
You know, he ends up kicking his ass.
I mean, he's probably just a badass.
He's straight plus skin.
I mean, that's all there is to it.
He's just, you know, he's the ultimate badass.
So, that's my two cents.
That's my two cents.
But I appreciate the job y'all are doing.
You're doing a great job.
Mike Clinton.
But they said, you know, basically I was shocked, but you were right.
And I think that this is a good opportunity for us to work together.
You know, we can, we can accept our differences in policy.
We can find common ground that we can move forward on with policy.
And I think that Donald Trump actually gives us a chance to do that.
At least that's what I hope.
You know, obviously we've still got two months left of Obama.
Who knows what he'll try to pull.
That piece of crap.
But this is a real, again, the brainwashed sheeple are gonna be on Twitter trending, he's not my president, apparently is already happening.
I'm not the president, oh yes he is.
You've got people that are probably in hiding and running away scared and embarrassed like Hillary Clinton.
But real Americans know what happened tonight and real Americans, even if they don't like Donald Trump, see that this is an opportunity to perhaps work together.
Oh god, this song gets me every time.
When you're a Hillary Clinton supporter.
Uh, Google, Facebook, all of these social media networks in her pocket.
She had celebrities, you know, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, all these big names coming out shilling for her.
Uh, she was going on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and like pandering and like doing, what's that move?
Owen, you know what the kids do.
The whip nae nae?
Yeah, she was whipping and nae nae-ing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.
You know, I mean... I do the whip Nene!
The Trump Nene!
She said she had hot sauce in her bag swag to like, pander for the black vote.
I mean, she... And then the people... She did everything and it didn't work!
Alright, we've got this, uh, this is Sky7HD.
Is this in, uh, is this in California, guys?
Oh my... Okay, guys, riots in the streets.
Hey guys, is this in California?
Where's Josh Owens or Michael Zimmerman?
Are they ready to go?
Are they ready to go?
Well, I'm not sure where this is.
Berkeley, California.
Of course it is in California.
Hey, Hillary won California, so I don't know what you're so mad about.
You got the superdelegate.
Nobody stole the election from you.
You got what you wanted.
They tallied your votes before you.
Maybe they're protesting because they voted and California decided in favor of Hillary Clinton.
Another example, another example of the complete hypocrisy and hyperbole of the left.
Do we recall, first of all, Hillary Clinton and Obama say, Trump's a sore loser, Trump's a sore loser.
Then Hillary Clinton scours and runs away when she loses.
They say that, oh, you know, well...
It's a common practice in the United States of America that you hand over power peacefully.
Donald Trump is a threat to that tradition of handing over power peacefully.
Then Trump wins, what happens?
Hillary Clinton supporters are rioting and starting fires in the streets.
So, I mean, who is still living in this fake reality?
They're going to come out and say again that Trump is a threat, that he has not peacefully acquiesced to.
It's all Trump.
But it's like, these are people, oh my gosh, and they are going to be playing this on a loop.
People are in an uproar.
They're so upset that Donald Trump is winning.
They're taking to the streets.
Oh my God, they're actually marching.
Oh, they're going to be like, this is our 1776.
We're angry.
We're going to kick over some trash cans and set stuff on fire.
So this is interesting.
What are they doing?
That's my question.
What are you doing?
What are you marching for?
What is your movement?
What do you think you're going to accomplish?
Do you?
Let's see if we have anything on Twitter.
You know what?
Here's the thing.
Let me get this.
Maybe we can find... We've got a couple callers that are calling in about martial law.
We'll talk to them.
Maybe we can get someone to call in from California that might have some insight on this or that's even on the streets first hand.
First we protest, not our president.
That's what they're saying.
Let's see.
I don't know who it is yet.
Alright, fine.
Not your president.
Okay, then don't contribute to the country.
I mean, I don't care.
So what are they going to do?
Try and recall the election?
Say it doesn't work?
Is Obama going to come out and say, you know what?
It was rigged.
It was probably the Russians.
I've never heard of a rigged election.
Oh my God.
Can you imagine if Barack Obama actually came out and tried to make the case that this was a rigged election?
I mean, after he sat there and told us there's no way, what does that even mean?
What does that even mean?
What does that even mean?
I've never, I've never heard of a regular... What, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what
Hey Barack Obama, President Trump, what do you think about Donald Trump winning the election?
Okie doke.
Okie doke.
Okie doke.
But is he going to try and say it's Russia?
Alright, I think that's died.
I think that that one's died.
Let's take another call.
Let's go to Jacob in Tennessee who thinks we're going to see martial law.
Go ahead, Jacob.
Hey, can you hear me okay?
Yeah, we got you.
Awesome, good deal.
I just want to ask you a quick question, basically kind of relates to what you guys have been talking through the last couple seconds.
You know, what do you think we'll see between November and January?
And how probable do you think it is that Obama would implement some sort of martial law
In an effort to keep Trump out of the White House.
Well, here's the thing.
America's spoken, okay?
So if Obama tries to set forth some sort of martial law policy or to do something to try to suspend the inauguration of Trump or try to maintain power for himself, it's not going to work.
America's spoken.
Trump won.
He is the populist candidate.
So if he tries to pull something like that, it's going to be met, just like this Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, with utter failure.
Good, yeah.
And another question I had, if he does try to, do you think that he could implement it over a Russian threat or some sort of race war?
Well, we're already seeing that happening.
I mean, that's all they've got at this moment.
That's all they have at this moment.
And they've already built the narrative that Trump's racist.
That's all they need to say is, mobilizing the streets will not stand for this racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic bigot to be our next president, not my president.
And it's so interesting how this always happens at Berkeley.
So these are like 200 Berkeley students.
Ronald Reagan, too.
It happened to Ronald Reagan.
And Berkeley is like one of the main places where students are taught how to protest and how to go and it's like their rite of passage to go out and protest if they're a student there at Berkeley.
You're always sort of seeing this happen there.
That's why you're always I mean one of my favorite speeches that I actually tweeted out where
The speech made on the Sproul Hall steps about, you know, you've got to fight against the machine and you're the cog.
Sometimes you want to, you fight against that machine and you decide we're not going to take it anymore.
It was a very powerful speech.
And it was kind of like the epicenter of when it all began, when they realized how much power they had.
And now it's been thoroughly co-opted.
And these students are taught to go out and activate and protest
But they're not even having their own thoughts.
They're these college students that are being totally brainwashed and saying, OK, we need you to go out right now and activate in the streets there in California, not our president.
Yeah, and it looks like there's a couple hundred people there protesting.
And this is the funny thing.
These people, these Hillary Clinton voters, whether they're out protesting or hiding at home, that's all they're going to do.
Because they're not going to go out unless they're with other stupid, ignorant, brainwashed sheeple like they are here marching.
They wouldn't go out and do this individually.
Nobody would go into a herd of Donald Trump supporters as a Hillary Clinton supporter and try to stand up for their case like I have done.
They can only do this type of crap when they know they have a bunch of numbers, when they know they're organized.
All of these little shillbots will go back home and cower in their beds by themselves because they've been defeated.
The only way they feel empowered is when they group together like this and march in the streets, even though it's not going to do anything at all.
That's their feeling of empowerment.
Feeling like...
Together they were screwed, even though they're completely clueless to the reality of the situation.
And apparently they're chanting the, whose streets?
Our streets!
Which is, you know, the chant we always hear.
So yes, it's very programmed.
They're trained.
These are the chants that we hear throughout.
These are not just, these are not sponsored.
Is that live?
Is that live?
Yeah, that's UCLA.
Yeah, these are not spontaneous protests.
Not live?
But this is a recent video of UCLA students, I suppose, protesting.
Yeah, they came out about, oh gosh, a woman was actually hit by a car at about 12.15am.
Multiple reports that the driver of the car allegedly tried to flee the scene.
Protesters created a barricade to stop the car, attempted to break the glass of the car.
So this is about 1130 California time, where protesters began marching down the avenue in response to the presidential election results.
But again, this is not spontaneous.
This is...
These are people who are part of a group, maybe they're on the same Twitter, but they're just like, let's get out there.
We've got a, you know, whose streets?
Our streets!
It's the same chant over and over again.
So there's someone in the crowd leading them.
There's some sort of a student protest leader that's saying we've got to take to the streets.
Probably a Democratic operative.
You know, and so of course, this is, you know, we live in the United States of America.
This is part of their First Amendment right, right here to do this.
So we have to support this as long as they're not going out and rioting and breaking people's windows and hurting, harming people.
They are apparently upset with President Trump, President-elect Donald Trump.
Yeah, no, I agree.
They're more than welcome to protest.
They're more than welcome to walk around the streets all day, all night.
That's their right.
And if that's all they do, then that's fine.
But the moment they start burning or looting or trying to disrupt society, that's when they need to be thrown in the slammer.
Thank you for the call, Jacob, out of Tennessee.
Let's go to Paul in Florida.
Go ahead, Paul.
Hey, what an epic night, what an epic day, what an epic year.
Trump is not only a genius, he's the man of the hour, the man of the day, and he'll be the man of the century, I think, once he becomes President of the United States.
Hats off to you guys for being not only the tip of the spear, but the apex of the new media.
The old media is going to be on the ash heap of history, as Alex has so aptly phrased it.
One of the things I don't think that is given enough credence is
Trump's political genius.
It's not just happenstance that he's in the position he happens to be in.
I was around when Reagan won his epic victory in 1980.
He was 10 points behind in the polls a week before the election and pulled it off, and we thought that was epic at the time.
But what Trump has done is exponentially more significant, because Reagan, you see, got the nomination by being a two-term governor of California, being friendly and on really good terms with the functionaries in the Republican Party, and that's how he got the nomination in 1980.
So he wasn't at odds with the party infrastructure as much as Donald was.
Donald went straight to the people with his case.
And the genius of what he did was that to prevent another Reagan, the Republican establishment came up with the primary system.
And they front-loaded it, you see, with all the caucuses at the beginning.
And the caucuses are all party functionaries.
So they get all the party hacks, right, to shortstop anybody they didn't want to become a nominee.
So finally, along comes Donald Trump, who has enough money.
Yes, but it goes beyond just his money.
It's the fact that he wasn't a controlled candidate.
He could go on the podium and say what he wanted to say.
He didn't have big donors that he had to worry about crossing.
He didn't have big money.
Mitt Romney was a billionaire.
So that was the big difference with Donald Trump is he wasn't tied to anyone.
He was only out there speaking to the American people, like you said.
And by the way, I just had this thought go through my head because we were watching MSNBC up there for a second.
What a bunch of jokes they are.
Again, Infowars versus Fox, CNN, and MSNBC.
Who told you Trump was going to win?
We did.
They didn't.
They're on here and Van Jones has done the same thing.
It just clicked in my head when I was seeing the captioning on that MSNBC segment.
The guy just said that Trump winning goes against every movement in America right now.
That's your movement!
Your fake movement!
That's what this goes against!
Your fake movement!
The real movement is with Trump!
And that's what they still don't understand.
But then he took it one step further.
He said,
This is an illustration of the white people still dominating America.
Van Jones said this hours ago.
So here's the narrative.
Donald Trump's victory equals white supremacy, white establishment, even though I guarantee you he's gotten more of the black vote and Hispanic vote than any other Republican in a long time.
Folks, the only reason Donald Trump won Pennsylvania is because he got the black vote.
The inner city black vote did not go 100% for the Democrats like it normally does.
That's why Donald Trump was able to win Ohio and Pennsylvania and Michigan.
So just remember that.
But this is now, I think, what they're gonna do.
White supremacy wins.
Donald Trump wins.
Racism exists.
The caller before said, you know, what do you think about a race war?
They haven't been firing us up on those buzzwords for no reason.
Paul, you're making very great points.
Go on.
Yeah, Paul, final words.
We didn't mean to interrupt you there, Paul.
I wanted to go back to something you said earlier, Leigh Ann, and that is that
You were concerned that some supervisors of elections, in particular Democratic jurisdictions, might come up with ballots of votes that they amazingly hadn't counted and change the results.
Well, that's not to be discounted.
That might be happening right now.
And also remember, there's many a pitfall between now and the actual election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.
The Secretaries of State have to verify the election in each state.
Right now, Trump's election as the designated presidential electee is based on projections, okay, by the press.
But the elections won't be certified until the Secretaries of State in each state are so certified.
And then the electors have to be selected, and then the Electoral College has to vote, and the electors are under no obligation to vote.
Well, that's actually a good point.
There were people that were worried about Electoral College voters going against how the actual population voted.
I don't think, I don't, I mean, we have no actual evidence that that's going to happen tonight.
I think this one is already in the books.
No, but there's got to be bird dog because you remember Trump... Well, they're bird dogging on the streets.
They're bird dogging on the streets.
That's what they do.
They can't bird dog politically.
They've already lost.
They already lost the vote.
So all they can do is try to take it to the street.
Thank you for the call, Paul.
All right, we have... Hey, real quick.
I, uh, we got Mark Dice on the phone.
Yeah, go ahead.
Sorry, we're not getting any audio here, so... We, uh, have Mark Dice who just called in.
We're gonna try to go to Mark Dice here.
What's up, guys?
Absolutely American history, global history, really.
Yes, truly.
Quite stunning.
I mean, it couldn't have been done without you guys.
It's just, you guys have been just so critical.
So I had to call up Mark a minute ago, dude, and congratulate him on all the badass videos he's put out, because he's been an integral part of our fight.
You know, we play a lot of the videos, Judge is playing all of his videos.
I called Baked Alaska, the guy who did the MAGA anthem.
I'm calling everybody, General Flynn, all these people.
Mark Dice has been an awesome part of this and I figured, hey man, we gotta get him on the show right now.
So tell us man, how do you feel right now?
It really feels like a dream, man.
I was a little hesitant to celebrate before Hillary called to, you know, admit that she
We're good to go.
You look at everything that built up to this.
We have Hillary collapsing on 9-11 at Ground Zero.
I mean, we have the Podesta emails showing the spirit cooking.
It's just straight out of this divine intervention to stop what would have been the most wicked, corrupt criminal to ever be the most powerful person on the planet.
And we stopped her.
It really is incredible.
Mark, you know, there are people protesting in California right now saying Trump is not my president.
I think you're going to have some new ammunition for your videos that you do on the street.
Yeah, they're calling for the Cal exit now, the California exit.
Oh boy.
They want us to succeed.
They're the patriots now.
They're saying that they're not Americans, they're Californians.
And the brain dead zombies are going to have their 1776 right now tonight.
Well we're going to try to get Mark out here to Texas and let him do some of his videos here in Austin.
You stay here, we'll let California sink off into zombie land, and we're going to make America great again from here.
It can exit, it can exit right into the Pacific Ocean for all I care.
And I'll tell you what, we could let California have their calxit, and then, you know what, Hillary can be your president!
So we'll let California break away from the Union, and you can have Hillary as your president, and then you'll be a third world nation, and we'll gracefully take you back and build you back up again.
How about that?
Have you guys seen the anchors on CNN and MSNBC almost in tears?
They don't know what to do.
I've seen Rachel Maddow.
She is totally grumpy cat.
She's like,
Whatever happens tonight, we had a great fight.
She's a very long face, Mr. Maddow.
Yes, they are stunned.
Even before it was official, Chris Matthews gasped under his breath.
He's like, Jesus.
As soon as the Electoral College map showed that it was pending to be a Trump victory.
I gasped too, I'm not gonna lie.
I mean, I was like clutching pearls in here.
Like, I just, I couldn't, I wouldn't believe it until Google called it 276 for Trump.
And I was like, Google, who's totally in the can for Hillary Clinton.
If they, you know.
I thought for sure before it became official that they were going to launch some kind of legal battles, they were going to contest, they were going to call for recounts, or I feared that they were going to launch some last minute hack attack to try to adjust the incoming tallies, but here we have it.
I mean, it's just all the attacks that they did, you know, it's like the Bible says, no weapon formed against us.
You're on the rise, Mark Dice!
I checked Twitter, there literally is 10 people who have ever called me alt-right.
So they're calling me a rising alt-right star.
I'm like, 10 people, like Twitter trolls calling me alt-right doesn't even count.
I mean, it's just incredible.
Well, we're trying to visualize a future because Donald Trump has already blacklisted some people from the mainstream media from following him on the campaign trail.
He doesn't want them anywhere near him.
We're kind of visualizing a future where, you know, only we are allowed into the press pool there.
We got the White House press access with the President Donald Trump.
I mean, can you even imagine the change this country would have?
If we were sent out... Oh, you're right!
The InfoWars getting White House press credentials.
I mean, it could happen.
You know, I mean, they would hand out press credentials to BuzzFeed and the Huffington compost pile, the Huffington Post.
I mean...
It's amazing.
Yeah, you guys need to get on that and at least apply.
Mark Dice, Breitbart, Milo Yiannopoulos.
I mean, Paul Joseph Watson, the contrarian polemicist.
And the thing is, Trump will still let all the dumbasses like from Snopes or BuzzFeed in there, but then they won't show up because we'll be there and they'll be so scared that they won't even be able to show up because they're so scared of us.
And the fact that we've broken their brainwashing, broken their fake pseudo-electual intellectual
You know, comments and articles.
But I do want to ask you this, Mark.
What do you make of Hillary Clinton running and hiding instead of speaking at her campaign headquarters tonight?
Instead she runs and hides, doesn't give a conceding speech.
I don't think Grandma had the stamina to wake up.
She had to go to bed.
It was way long past her bedtime.
And so I think that she, I think it's that, but I also think that they perhaps were in denial that through some sort of miracle or some sort of, perhaps if they could, they probably have access to some of the tallies, some ways to manipulate some, at least of those tallies in certain districts.
Or they're just in denial.
Or she maybe had to go do some spirit cooking and pray to Satan to hope for a steal by morning.
That was my very first response is that she did not get her shipment of baby's blood and she has had to call off her concession speech and send her crowd away.
I mean this is how I know that I still have a good pure heart is that I actually
I feel empathy for her.
I feel sad.
I mean, she's worked her whole damn life for this, and now she is literally going to crumble into dust.
Everyone was so worried about her, you know, making it through her presidency.
You know, now that this is over for her, like, what else does she have?
Oh, it's very sad.
You know, what are the millennials going to do when now they seem to be sort of coming of age?
I've written them off.
Many of us have written them off as just kind of this lost generation, but perhaps they were just late bloomers.
And now they've learned about the spirit cooking.
They've learned how corrupt and how manipulative the mainstream media is.
What is going to happen when they start to discover
We're good.
The mainstream media has ruined their entire next generation of viewership.
Nobody under the age of 27, 25 is going to ever believe anything that they say ever again.
And that's why they're flocking to InfoWars, which is rivaling major media organizations, while Glenn Beck's The Blaze is basically sinking into bankruptcy.
Yeah, we actually had a video of Glenn Beck breaking down and in just a week, two weeks, he's trying to get in good graces again with the left.
Well, he totally failed when he endorsed Ted Cruz.
He made a complete ass of himself.
And said that God told him.
Yeah, anointing Ted Cruz, basically saying he was Jesus and that God told him Ted Cruz was God's candidate.
Literally smashes his face into a bowl of Cheetos.
Never seen anything like that before.
But I think that the real question here is, because again we're joined by Mark Dice, YouTube channel Mark Dice.
I think that the real question here is, we've got two months left of Obama.
You just addressed the situation of all these people that are now going to have this window of opportunity to come into a new understanding of the world, be introduced to new media that's been ignored or discredited before.
Now it's going to be mainstream, I think, if anything.
So I'm curious, you know, Mark, do you think Mark Dice is the future?
Is Infowars the future?
I mean, you talk about these millennials.
I think that
Obama, they're going to have to do something to try to cover this before Trump's inauguration because they cannot let the millennials, who might be late bloomers as you said, become aware of the truth.
Can I just interject right here, breaking news.
We're having reports that CNN is now saying that this is a new world order.
Oh yeah, this is... It's true.
The people over the government.
That's the New World Order.
The New World Order!
Well, maybe we should just grab a hold of that term like the black people did with the N-word and modify it and use it to mean something else.
Empower us, yeah.
I like that, yeah.
I really think that the Illuminati mafia is going to have to find a new country to set their base in.
They're going to have to probably go over to Europe.
We're kicking them out of our country.
We have exposed them on a massive scale.
I mean, you know, this has been an uphill battle for all of us.
Sort of, we felt like we were just sort of going against this monolithic giant and having, you know, minimal progress, but we just kept coming back and kept coming back.
And look at what it's done.
InfoWars has grown, just especially over the last five years, six years into this.
unstoppable media organization with reporters everywhere, breaking news, great guests, a fantastic platform for growing and up-and-coming media analysts and reporters or just people that are part of a breaking story that can come on and tell it and get it out to the world.
I don't know what they're going to do because even with their mainstream media manipulation, even with the social media manipulation, even with
Shadowbanning users, even with manipulating the top trending topics, even with manipulating the results of the top trending topics, so that even when a hashtag is potentially disastrous, people click on it and it links to certain articles that slant it in to the establishment's favor.
I mean, we, through the grassroots, and using social media, and just from making phone calls, and from going out to dinner, and from just hanging out with people,
We have defeated the most powerful criminal organization in the history of the world, at least in this battle.
I mention that because those are the tactics, you know, shadow banning, censoring, giving false narratives of racism or bigotry.
These are tactics that worked in the old world order, or the new world order, whatever you want to say, the PC nature of this country.
These were tactics that worked
In the old PC culture, I think we're finally breaking that.
These tactics aren't going to work anymore.
If they continue to shadow ban people from the right, it's going to be too obvious now.
It's obvious that they're trying to censor the truth.
They're trying to censor the real populist movement.
So I'm not sure if that's going to work anymore.
I wonder if that stuff is going to stop.
And even more so, just in the last five months, InfoWars has picked up about half a million new subscribers.
The growth is amazing.
Have you experienced the same thing on your YouTube channel, Mark?
In the last two months alone, it's been incredible.
I mean, it's, for my average, and I've been averaging, you know, maybe three million views a month, maybe it'll bump up to five, I think occasionally I would hit ten, but it's like 17 million just in October.
So it's I mean it's almost six times of my my average and the subscribers just keep flowing in it's incredible and you know we have a big responsibility because since we are dedicating our time and this is our job this is our life you know we're we're in a position where
Most people aren't because we all have duties and jobs and responsibilities, but most people can't spend so much time focusing on this.
So when they get done with work or even if they're at work, they need a resource to come to to get the analysis and that's what we're here for.
And so it's amazing.
to be a part of this and to see such a great victory because like I said it's been an uphill battle for so long and it will still continue to be but this is such an unexpected and a blessed victory that I it's just it's I'm glad to be a part of your team and I'm so thankful for all the listeners and we're all just one big resistance family especially as this is unfolded.
And it's amazing, too, because all of the establishment platforms are dying.
Whether it be NFL football or mainstream news, you know, cable television programming, all of those aspects of media are dying.
They're losing viewers.
Mark Dice's channel is growing.
Infowars is growing.
And I think what we're seeing here is that, you know, middle-of-the-road people
Who weren't really engaged either way, not brainwashed, not engaged, whatever you want to say, just middle-of-the-road people completely distracted, blinders on, are starting to kind of see why this Donald Trump movement became so popular.
Now they're seeing it was real, now he wins, and now they're kind of scratching their head like, well, wait a second.
Maybe this was something real.
Maybe this was something cool.
Maybe this was a big deal.
Did I just miss out on this history?
And so now they're sitting here, they're thinking, well, I don't want to miss out again.
And so they're going to these sources that are now growing, that are now blooming, ditching the old establishment sources who basically are the ones responsible for them completely missing this historical movement.
You know, when I was a kid, I was a troublemaker.
I didn't really like to do my homework.
I was more interested in cracking jokes than, you know, following along with what the teacher was saying.
And I hated history class.
I thought it was boring, and I thought, I don't need to learn this.
And of course, as you grow older, you start to realize that you weren't as intelligent as you once thought you were.
And now history has become a big passion of mine.
And then I can realize the importance of it.
And so I think
That we shouldn't write off these younger generations or the people that, you know, myself and others have called zombies and maybe ridiculed a little bit too hard as being totally lost because at one point in time we really all were all lost and so
If I can turn around from really hating history class and thinking that it's pointless and being a total class clown troublemaker to realizing the importance of it and then really almost becoming a teacher of it in some respect, I mean, I think that
Anybody that has opposed the Trump movement can come to see why we're in this movement and what is important and why we should all come together for the greater good and make America great again.
Well, and think about this, too, as you've got people protesting in California, you know, all of these social justice warriors, all their protests, all of their claims of racism, bigotry, all of this stuff.
The only reason why they were able to do this is because they got justified.
They got they got backing from the establishment in the media and in the White House.
From Obama, from CNN, MSNBC, but now they don't have that anymore.
If Donald Trump gets in and in two months the status quo changes, well we're going to be the ones that control the status quo.
Our information, our narrative is going to be the dominant one and they're not going to be able to use the fake, failing, failed now mainstream news and politicians to back them up as justification for their causes.
Will it die?
Yeah, one of my main fears of a Hillary presidency was going to be the clamping down of free speech on social media, and really in reality.
I mean, I fully expected to be indicted on hate speech charges if Hillary Clinton were to win because not only do they have the backing of Hollywood promoting that kind of a culture,
But they would have the backing of the Justice Department and, symbolically, the President of the United States.
So we all would have been in big, big trouble.
Even you guys in Texas, perhaps.
I mean, who knows what would have happened.
So, you know, what are they going to do?
We are the ones now that have the backing of the President.
The President of the United States, President-elect.
It's a major cultural shift.
The older you get, you sort of see these major cultural shifts and we can talk to our parents and our grandparents and they've seen these tremendous things and we look back on them in history and we sort of can't fully understand how culture was before a major culture shift and a paradigm shift, but I think we're right
Right in the middle of one right now and so we're going to be able to see what it was like on the dark side and now we're kind of coming around to the light so we're finally seeing a massive we're really right in the middle of another tremendous cultural shift and it's fantastic.
And I think again like you just said the shift is I think it's going to be determined in
Like you said, we've got now Donald Trump who's not going to cater to the social justice warriors.
He's not going to cater to false cries of racism, false cries of oppression.
If there's a real cry and there's some serious issues, I think Donald will address them.
But you know, the Black Lives Matter movements, whether they're justified or not, the people actually out there on the street, for the most of the part, have no clue what they're protesting, no clue about any facts or information.
And I think that that's the culture that we're going to see die.
The hearsay mafia, the brainwashed sheeple.
It might not die, but it will no longer control the narrative.
And the biggest part of it is, right now they feel empowered.
They feel like they control the narrative.
They feel like they have the power.
But it's over.
It's over now.
Yeah, it's done.
You know, and I think you're right.
You articulate it really well.
You're a great asset to the Infowar team over there, Owen.
And to see these angry mobs whipped up on the streets of America based off of a hundred and eighty degree incorrect information is absolutely absurd.
And the president and those in the Justice Department and local sheriffs and police chiefs all should have been
These social justice warriors and these social media suckers aren't going to be whipped into a frenzy based off of not even just incorrect information, just flat out lies.
The two biggest heads
Of the Illuminati-establishment, uh, controlled establishment of the United States, in my opinion, were the United States President and the media.
I think we're gonna, obviously, you know, our President-elect Donald Trump is not going to be the same head as Obama.
We've still got two months to get to that point.
But, you know, my next question would be, and I don't even know if we can properly address this issue, but
What's the response from the media?
What does the media look like in two months, three months?
How does CNN still cling to life?
Are they going to still continue to present news as they have for the last couple decades?
Are they going to continue to see their ratings decrease?
Will they finally die?
Mark Dice, what do you think the future of the CNNs and MSNBCs and even Fox Newses of the world is?
You know, they'll continue to limp along, but I think that every day we're seeing them lose, perhaps.
Huge percentages of their viewership.
Now their viewership has been up in recent months because of the election, but when we're in the middle of an election, in between elections, when people aren't really glued to their TVs about the possible next leader of the United States, certain massive changes in the country, their viewership is going to drop.
I mean, before the election cycle really got heated up,
I think so.
We're good.
We've seen people like Tomi Lahren pop out of nowhere and go to 3 million Facebook followers in a year, 5 million views per Facebook video.
Of course, she works for Glenn Beck, which is a downside, but you know what?
She's a bigger star than Glenn Beck is anyway.
He lets her do whatever the hell she wants to because she'll just leave and his blaze will just go into the dust.
And so her message is completely contrary to anything and everything that he has to say, but he's letting her still be on the network because the ship would sink if he were to cut her loose.
Right, and the biggest, I think the biggest, you know, aspect of the ratings for the mainstream news came from the drive-by media viewers.
Like you said, you know, they flip on their TV and CNN just happens to be on or, you know, they want a news update so they just flip on the TV.
They're not actually absorbing anything.
They're not actually looking for substance.
It's just, you know, it's very superficial.
It's the drive-by media viewing experience.
And so they take what they see, and then that becomes the reality where people who go to Mark Dice's YouTube channel, they sit down, they say, okay, this is a six-minute video.
For six minutes, I'm absorbing what I'm seeing.
I'm looking for substance.
I'm actually engraved in this.
When people tune in to Alex Jones' radio show, they're looking for substance.
They're absorbing the information.
They're trying to learn something instead of just the drive-by
We're good to go.
You know, the last stat I saw regarding YouTube, there were 2,000 YouTube channels with over a million subscribers.
Okay, so I don't even have a million subscribers and I have a pretty big fan base and a pretty dedicated fan base and so the fact that there's 2,000 channels that are almost twice the size of mine is astounding considering when I was a kid you had a couple broadcast channels and even a handful of cable channels and so
People's viewership has been fractionalized into Netflix and Hulu and all this on-demand video and YouTube and independent outlets and Infowars.
And so I don't know what these mainstream media outlets are going to do to survive.
They may survive, but they may limp along and they may just sort of fade into obscurity where they have such little influence that they just don't even matter anymore.
I don't know.
And it'll be interesting to see if there's another wave similar to the thing that we've seen happen in the last couple months where now we're going to have another wave of people tuning into InfoWars because we were right and because they were filled by the mainstream news.
But what's next for Mark Dice?
What does Mark Dice do next?
Obviously your man on the street videos are what you're famous for.
You get gold every time you go out there.
What's next for Mark Dice?
What's the next thing on Mark Dice's docket?
How does Mark Dice approach the rest of the time until Donald Trump becomes president?
You know, I think that's a great question.
I've been dedicating my channel specifically to the election for the last probably three, four or five months.
You know, I've kind of gotten away from more of the deeper, darker conspiracies.
But I've I think I've sort of grown as as an analyst.
And so I'm going to try to be a little more positive, not just so complaining about this and that.
But we're really
I have made almost a full revolution where we are, I think it was Joe Biggs that told me this on the phone, we're now, we are offense now.
You know, we're no longer playing defense.
We have the ball.
You know, we're running for the touchdown.
So I think I want to just continue to present quality content, to continue to show the new viewers who maybe haven't been so far down this rabbit hole to see
I think?
Failure and you know I spoke with Alex earlier today or yesterday I guess now on the show and I was telling him in California after the 1960s we had a huge resurgence of Christianity and it was called the Jesus movement here in Southern California because after the failed experiments of the hippie communes and just doing LSD and dropping out or whatever the phrases tune in drop out whatever whatever it was
That wasn't the path to happiness and so there was a resurgence in interest in spirituality and in Christianity and in conservatism and leaving behind this sort of just worldly, decadent, lawless type of
We're good to go.
Did this election bring you closer to God?
Distance you from God?
Or indifferent?
Me, personally, this election cycle brought me closer to God.
I felt the spirituality you're talking about.
Both aspects, honestly.
The bad and the good.
Good and evil, if you will.
And most callers said that this election cycle brought them closer to God, so perhaps we're actually seeing again what you're talking about, this rise in spirituality that goes beyond just Americanism, but also kind of a newfound humanitarianism where it's actually, it's not the humanitarianism where, oh, we need to stop global warming, or oh, you know, gas is bad, or this, that, or the other thing.
It's a humanitarianism where
We take it upon ourselves, we take pride in the fact that we're contributing to society, we have morals, we have standards, and we're basically not just blind, ignorant, fat, lazy pieces of crap who just float about this country full of entertainment and food.
No, now we actually take pride in what this country does, how the world views it,
I mean, this could truly be the start of another great American renaissance.
But like I said, I guess, Mark, the two months that Obama has left is their final buffer to try to handicap or stymie this movement.
It's going to be interesting.
Like Jesus said, you know, there's really one rule to get into heaven, and that's to love your neighbor as yourself.
And to love God with all your heart.
And hopefully we can get back to a country where we realize that we are all a family.
We're a distant family that has been separated through space and time, but we are all, there's really, you know, no difference between
The person that you're walking past on the street and a member of your family, you just haven't met that stranger that is a part of our family because they've grown up in a different house, in a different city, or in a different state.
And so if we can finally really start to get back to the core principle of Christ,
And to really just treat our neighbor as ourselves, then we can restore America, we can kick the globalists out, they can go and try to infest another country, and we can live in peace.
That's at least my dream.
Now, Mark, you're out there in California, so I would imagine it would be worse for you than it was for me, where I tried to tell people Trump was going to win.
I tried to tell people what was going on.
They wouldn't hear it.
They turned a deaf ear.
Friends and family, I've already gloated.
I've already did the ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, told you so on air.
Mark Dice, do you want to go ahead and bask in this Trump victory at all?
You know, I don't want to...
I don't want to drink the tears of the Hillary supporters.
It feels great to win, but we need to be humble about this and not try to be sore winners.
We know what's right.
We're doing the right thing.
We can't sink to the level of the opponents as they've already been exploding all over social media just thinking that the end of the world is near.
Sort of like the parent.
Uh, to the two-year-old who is crying and kicking and screaming, we just need to sort of grab them by the hand and, you know, convince them that it's gonna be okay.
They're there.
You don't know what you're crying about.
Just come along.
Everything's gonna be just fine.
Mommy knows what's best for you.
Well, yeah, well, here's a hand.
Like, we can be friends still.
I know it's been hard for you.
This is very traumatizing.
But here, try listening to me this time.
I tried to help you before.
Try listening to me this time.
All right, final question from Mark Dice.
Thank you so much for joining us here, 2 a.m., 209 in California, 409 Central Time.
Do you think Amy Schumer, Sam Jackson, all of these celebrities who said they were going to leave the country if Trump wins, do you think they'll leave?
You know, them making those accusations is no different than a two-year-old child telling their parent that they hate them after they took away the entire bag of candy and stopped them from eating it.
You know, they just don't know what they're doing.
They're little children.
They're just acting up in temper tantrums.
It's great to be a part of the show.
I think you guys are doing awesome.
It's fantastic to be a part of the team.
All the listeners, every Trump supporter, I mean, just shake a fellow Trump supporter's hand and thank them for getting out the word and for getting out to vote because we have the greatest victory that we've had in our lifetime and perhaps in recent history.
Could not agree more.
Mark Dice, check out his YouTube channel, Mark Dice.
He's also written books.
You can check out those.
And this is the type of stuff, the books that he writes, Secrets of the Illuminati, Families of the Illuminati, Bloodlines.
That's the stuff that he's really deep, deep research.
He's done in that and he's very educated on that stuff, but obviously covering the election cycle.
Mark, thank you so much and we'll be in touch, brother.
Appreciate it, guys.
Keep up the great work, everybody.
There goes Mark Dice, joining us late on this merry Trumpest Eve.
Hey guys, let's take a break here real quick.
And on the other side of this break, I'm trying to see if there's even anybody back there.
If I'm alone in here, I don't know what's going on, folks.
We got a bit of a skeleton crew.
All night, Owen.
There's Marcos.
All night.
We're going to take a quick break, folks, but as he just said, we're going to be on air all night.
I will personally be live with you until 8 a.m.
in the morning, and then I think it's Rob Dew that comes in.
Is that correct, Rob Dew?
Yep, he comes on at 8 a.m.
Rob Dew comes on to relieve me at 8 a.m.
We're going to take your calls.
He's going to torture me for another couple of hours.
So I'll take your calls till 8 a.m.
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When we come back, we will go back out to the phone lines.
We've got callers from Georgia, Texas, all over America, celebrating Trump-esque Eve.
This is Owen Schroer.
I will be right back after these words.
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The bottom line on nuclear weapons is that when the President gives the order, it must be followed.
There's about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so.
As President, I will make it clear.
That the United States will treat cyber attacks just like any other attack.
We will be ready with serious political, economic, and military responses.
They're voting for peace on planet Earth if they vote for Trump.
But if they vote for Hillary, it's war.
We came, we saw, he died.
With her, you'll end up in World War III.
I want the Iranians to know that if I'm the president, we will attack Iran.
Right now, Senator, for us to control all of the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia.
The U.S.
military has just raised the threat level to DEFCON 2.
Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is still threatening Russia with military action, following unconfirmed reports of further hacking.
It's like she's not even concerned about the repercussions.
Of course not, because she's... There's a really loud noise.
Alright, looks like we're having a little bit of technical difficulties.
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When the President gives the order, it must be followed.
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Thousands of years ago, there was a basic form of chivalry.
Our ancestors would hear the drums of war, giving the warriors of the tribe a chance to organize and prepare a defense.
Sixty years ago, when foreign air forces were approaching filled with bombs, they had drums of their own, air raid sirens.
But in the 21st century, there are silent weapons for quiet war.
Pathenogens added to the food and water, to the lining of plastics that destroy our
I don't know.
They said in October I'd be dead in six months.
It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host Alex Jones.
I don't know what happens in somebody's mind or how dark their heart must be to say things like that.
We came, we saw, he died.
The intervention led by NATO to topple Gaddafi has led to a failed state.
Maybe Libya was not perfect under Gaddafi, but it had, even if to some extent, a functioning government, one unified country.
It was a sovereign state.
Libya now has two rival governments, a civil war that has left over 4,000 people dead, and its cities are in ruin.
I don't know.
What happens in somebody's mind or how dark their heart must be?
Women are treated discriminated against in all these countries she took money against.
Gays and lesbians are either executed or punished severely.
They're mistreated.
She claims to be their champion.
We led ISIS!
Take this position.
It was Hillary Clinton that she should get an award from them as the founder of ISIS.
We had this brilliant idea that we were going to come to Pakistan and create a force of Mujahideen, equip them with stinger missiles and everything else to go after the Soviets inside Afghanistan.
And we were successful.
And this really just is so disgusting.
When Vince Foster left his White House office on that July day in 1993, he told his secretary that he would be back.
But the Deputy White House Counsel and boyhood friend of Bill Clinton never returned.
There has been this urgency to end this.
And, you know, historically that makes no sense.
We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California.
Google is being accused of hiding negative stories about Hillary and her campaign by changing its algorithm to bury stories like the Clinton body count story.
That's according to website InfoWars.
If a Google user types in Clinton body, they get car repair shop results instead of a story that talks about a list of people tied to the Clintons who have died under mysterious circumstances over the last three decades.
Whistleblowers go to significant efforts to get us material and often very significant risks.
We have upcoming leaks in relation to Hillary Clinton.
You know, the emails we published show that Hillary Clinton is receiving constant updates about my personal situation.
The latest story was the death of DNC staffer Seth Rich, who was murdered last month in an apparent robbery.
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has hinted that Rich was his source, but has made no further comments about the case.
That murder, we should say, remains unsolved.
He's a 27-year-old, works for the DNC, who was shot in the back, murdered just two weeks ago for unknown reasons as he was walking down the street in Washington.
It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host Alex Jones.
I don't know what happens in somebody's mind or how dark their heart must be.
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He's a rapist.
He's a public figure, he goes straight to hell.
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Talk show host is Alex Jones.
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Radio talk show host Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Jones is the wildly popular conspiracy theorist.
Radio talk show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
Deeply I think racist.
I just got called racist by MSNBC.
I don't want that man to have a gun.
1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms!
The Alex Jones Show.
Watch the free stream live at infowars.com forward slash show.
The bottom line on nuclear weapons is that when the president gives the order, it must be followed.
There's about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so.
As president, I will make it clear.
That the United States will treat cyber attacks just like any other attack.
We will be ready with serious political, economic, and military responses.
They're voting for peace on planet Earth if they vote for Trump.
But if they vote for Hillary, it's war.
We came, we saw, he died.
With her, you'll end up in World War III.
I want the Iranians to know that if I'm the president, we will attack Iran.
Right now, Senator, for us to control all of the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia.
The U.S.
military has just raised the threat level to DEFCON 2.
Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is still threatening Russia with military action following unconfirmed reports of further hacking.
It's like she's not even concerned about the repercussions.
Of course not, because she's... Look, there's a really loud noise.
Alright, looks like we're having a little bit of technical difficulties.
We'll try to get Leanne back on in a few minutes.
When the President gives the order, it must be followed.
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Welcome back, folks.
Infowars.com slash show.
This is the 52-hour broadcast special, the election special.
Donald J. Trump has been elected the President of the United States.
They are still tabulating the votes on the West Coast.
They're actually still tabulating votes in New Hampshire, which appears like it might actually go for Trump now.
Still tabulating votes in Michigan, Minnesota.
Actually, the gap has now shrunk in Minnesota, but that's almost finished.
Hillary will win by a little bit there.
And now the popular vote, they're predicting, might actually go to Hillary Clinton.
So we'll see if they try to spin that into some sort of way to contest this election.
I don't know, maybe that's something that actually needs to be looked at, the popular vote versus the Electoral College, but not this election.
Donald Trump will be your victor.
He will be inaugurated next year in January.
My, oh my, what a pivotal two months we have ahead of us.
Here's the current map.
Owen Schroer with you, Ashley Beckford, Marcos Morales are helping keep me on the air tonight.
We've got some stuff we're going to cover.
I'm going to respond to Van Jones.
He asked me a question tonight, actually, so we're going to respond to that.
I've got a story that Yahoo just printed.
I'm going to cover that.
I lost my calls here.
What do you guys want to do first?
You want me to go to this Yahoo story first?
You want to go to some calls first?
You want me to respond to Van Jones first?
What do you guys want to do?
Let's go to Levi in Georgia to start off this segment at 4.31 Central Time.
Go ahead, Levi.
Hey, how's it going?
It's going alright.
Going pretty good.
I'm a big fan of the show, Former Marine.
I've been on hold for a while, so I kind of just wrote down some things I wanted to get into.
You just mentioned that the popular vote was going to Hillary Clinton.
Did I hear that right?
Okay, so that's kind of a little bit frustrating because, like, my name is Levi Hardy and I sent you guys some stuff.
I sent it through the contact us page on InfoWars.
I sent articles, rough drafts.
Specifically, I wanted to get into, I wrote an article and did a video broadcast of the technological panopticon and human aversion to binary philosophy.
Um, it gets into a lot of, like, media manipulation through the use of binary mechanisms, like, you know, how millennials are always stuck in their phone, and they're always, you're kind of in their own world, so like, my truth is my truth, your truth is your truth, it kind of perpetuates that whole, uh, like, combative,
I don't know.
We're good to go.
These boats, however hell they went in, it didn't matter.
But it's interesting, and I'm a little worried about what's going to happen.
Like, I'm still fearful of, like, some assassination attempts, martial law, and possibly an internet shutdown.
And this is going to sound a little ridiculous, but back in 2013, in a college, during a college break, I'd been working on some research into AI.
Uh, and binary programming.
And I was able to, like, uh, I made this algorithm that, you know, a lot of stuff, after I kind of wrote this and put it on Facebook, a lot of stuff in my life kind of went topsy-turvy as far as, uh, you know, military intelligence and, like, being monitored on the ground went.
Um, and so, I, I don't know, I'm just like, I'm a little worried, like, there's this, there's a computer program in place that we're all kind of just adding into.
And, like, you guys are reliant on this panoptic infrastructure just as much as
Well, I'll tell you what.
I think that you raise an interesting point.
Perhaps it could be a serious issue, but, you know,
If the establishment wants to shut down the internet, or censor people on the internet, or Facebook, or YouTube, or Twitter want to try to censor certain points, or arguments, or opinions... I mean, they would never do that, though, because the data collection... But hold on, though, but here's the thing, but here's the thing.
You know, you could be looking at a situation where under a Donald Trump administration, that sort of stuff is no longer...
Popular, that kind of stuff is no longer what's common or expected and then justified by the government and by the media.
But here's the thing, even if they wanted to do that, even if they wanted to try to censor us on the internet or shut us down on the internet or whatever have you, you know what, as long as I have my country, as long as I'm free, as long as I'm not having to deal with a globalist government cabal,
Trying to crush me and make me a slave and put me into a FEMA camp?
Then you know what?
I think I'll be able to get over not being able to get on Twitter.
Oh yeah, I mean, this is the whole thing about this.
The thing about the data collection is it's been subcontracted to the CIA and the NSA, to Google and Microsoft.
Like, it's a big business, all this data.
So, essentially what the media does is they foment this conflict.
It's based on complete lies, like that whole algorithmic election process saying now that Hillary Clinton got the popular vote.
You know what I'm saying?
It's like their plan B. Yeah, that's actually, yeah, I see what you're saying.
I see what you're saying because now they could be, they could be, I guess, perhaps, this could be the rig, you know, they couldn't rig it to get the result they wanted for Hillary in the Electoral College because of a landslide and because, as Obama said,
You know, this isn't a federally run election.
There are local election boards that run this.
And even though, you know, the electronic voter machines are basically black box voting, even with the fractional magic, a landslide still cannot be beaten.
And I think that's what we witnessed.
But it's an interesting point you make, perhaps.
Maybe this is kind of the last ditch effort
Um, getting enough votes via a rigged system or whatever have you, or who knows, I guess maybe even perhaps making up numbers if that's what you're insinuating, but nonetheless, I think there's going to be backlash whether Hillary Clinton wins the popular vote or not.
We're already seeing that.
But I guess that does give them more fuel to their argument.
It does give them a feather in their cap, if you will.
You know, it's interesting though.
You know, these people that are Hillary supporters or Trump protesters, whatever they may be, that are out there protesting.
My guess is they're, honestly, I'm not trying to insult them, but my guess is they're so stupid or ignorant that they don't even know about the popular vote.
They don't even know about the Electoral College.
They really have no clue.
All they heard was Trump won, and this shattered their reality.
This blows their mind that a racist bigot could win, and so their entire reality's been shattered.
And now they're looking at a situation where they feel like it's so desperate they have to go out and protest.
Thank you for the call, Levi.
And I'm not sure, again, even if they want to try to control the internet or censor social media or whatever have you,
I suppose a privately owned company has every right to do that, so I would say those enterprises will die and be buried because they claim they're for free speech and they're not.
Just like the mainstream media that claims they're not biased, claims they're fair and balanced, they're trying to give you news, they're looking out for you.
Total BS.
They're dying.
So if that's the way these business owners, people that run these companies, if that's the way they decide to go, but we live in America or some semblance of America where we're free to move about and make our own decisions and not have an indoctrinating establishment government controlling us, then those industries will die.
So I'm not really too concerned about that, but again, I think that the issue more is what happens in the next two months.
What is the establishment's response?
What does Barack Obama try to do?
There's going to be something.
Do these protests get bigger, more violent?
Does George Soros start to inject money into this?
Does he start a new group?
Stop the Trump!
You know, I don't know.
There's still two months for them to respond before Trump gets inaugurated.
I don't believe that there'll be an assassination attempt on Donald Trump.
I think that's too obvious.
Marcos was saying that they should just bury him in a bunker for the next two months just to make sure that nothing happens to him.
But a nice one.
A nice bunker.
Big, beautiful, paid for by Mexico.
No, he'll probably pay for that himself.
Do we have that Yahoo story or the Van Jones clip?
I'll just go to the next call and while we have this caller on, I don't have my story in front of me so let's not go to that Yahoo yet, but let's just take another caller.
Let's go to John in Dallas.
Go ahead, John.
Hey guys, how are you?
Well, you know what?
There's a lot of people still up here at the office, video editors, who are just having a good time right now, celebrating, editing the videos that we put out today, and everyone feels the positive energy.
A lot of people can't believe Trump won, but the positive energy is palpable.
Alright guys, I wanted to touch on something that Mark had
Yeah, go ahead.
This was not just an election.
This was a mandate from God.
I'm not sure if you guys know who King Cyrus was in scripture, but King Cyrus was a leader.
He subdued nations, and he didn't do it by war.
He did it by the financial systems of the nation.
He was ordained by God to come to power.
He's first mentioned in the book of Isaiah, the 45th chapter of Isaiah, which that lines up with Donald Trump.
We just entered into the Biblical Hebrew year, which was 5777, which anybody will tell you that's a wonderful number to be in, and we have scripture.
I want you guys to hear these two scriptures.
The first one is 2 Chronicles 7.14.
Then you go to 2 Chronicles 14, 7.
I want you to listen closely to this.
Let us build these cities and surround them with walls and towers and gates and bars.
The land is still ours because we have sought the Lord our God and we have sought Him and He has given us peace on every side.
So they built and they prospered.
I don't know if this means anything to you guys, but this was a serious, serious spiritual battle.
We had a presidential candidate last night that had a satanic ceremony on her stage.
That was her closing ceremony.
That was her final, that was her, that was her closing argument to the United States that she was surrendering unto Satan.
I mean, it's just really that simple.
So we need to take what God has given us, this opportunity, and we need to pray for this president.
We can't just lean back on our morals and think that we've won this thing and it's in the bucket.
We need to continually pray.
We're not just going to receive the blessings for this nation, but I will tell you this, King Cyrus changed the financial systems of the world.
He rebuilt the Temple in Israel.
It was his mandate by God to do so.
And I'll tell you something else.
Donald Trump, from the date he was born until the first day he enters office, it will have been 70 years, 70 months, and 7 days.
Again, the Hebrew year 777.
We are experiencing a time, it's not just a change, I think Mark or someone said it earlier, this is a change in the age.
We're entering to a new age.
We're entering to a period where the time of the Gentiles is passing.
Now there's going to be a temple built in Israel.
Netanyahu came and visited the UN.
He met with all the world leaders, but Donald Trump invited him to his home.
Well, there's no doubt that Donald Trump represents a massive change, and not just as far as policy, but just as far as a candidate, his background, the things he's said, the things he wants to do.
I think that the difference between Donald Trump and past presidents, or anybody even in the government that we know of, you know, the Harry Reid types,
You know, he wants to actually make good deals.
He wants to leave a legacy.
He doesn't just want to get into office.
I mean, this is what I believe.
I suppose I could be wrong.
We'll find out.
He doesn't just want to get into office and enrich himself.
He doesn't want to get into office and then use that office as a leverage to enrich himself or become more powerful.
He's already done that on his own.
He's already done that in the private sector.
He has nothing to prove.
He has nothing to win.
I really think that he wants to get in, make good deals, and try to make things better, try to build things, try to, you know, make good deals with other countries domestically.
And that is such a difference, such a dynamic difference than what we've been dealing with in this country for so long that I don't even think, you know, I don't even think we know what it's like.
I don't even think we can taste it.
There's this movie, oh man, what is the name of this movie?
Maybe one of you guys back there has seen it, but it's this train, and everyone is stuck on the train, and the whole world is froze, but this train circumnavigates the world, and all the survivors are on this train.
It's been going for 30 years, and there's this guy, they think they're gonna get off the train, and they think they're gonna go eat meat for the first time.
And the guy's on the train, and he's like, man, he's like, I haven't had steak in so long, I don't even remember what it tastes like.
That's what this is like!
We haven't had a president that actually cares about America.
We haven't had a president that actually takes pride in the fact he's the president of America.
All of these past presidents, at least what it feels like to me, have just gotten in there with an agenda, and the biggest deal on them was to get their agenda accomplished.
Whether it was their agenda, their puppeteer's agenda, whoever it may be.
Obama's the most egregious example, obviously.
So, just the fact that
Trump gets in and actually wants to be a president for the people, by the people, is such a dynamic difference.
It's like you haven't had steak in 30 years and you're about to sit down for filet mignon and you just don't even know what it tastes like.
You completely forgot what it tastes like.
So that should be interesting to see how that works out.
And in fact, you know, hopefully there's other world leaders out there
Was it Snowpiercer?
Sorry, I had to go back to that.
Thank you.
No, that is... I enjoyed that movie.
It was a good movie.
This is very triggering because there are a lot of vegans out there and, uh, you know, not to... Okay.
I like the idea of the meat train.
So, but then how about this?
It's like, it's like the meat train.
How about you haven't had broccoli for 30 years and you really like broccoli and then you go and eat broccoli.
Yeah, that's a good one.
You guys are cutting it up after that one.
That was Ashley, by the way.
So, it'll be interesting to see, I think, just having a president that wants to be remembered, wants to leave a legacy, wants the people to look at him and be proud of the deals he made.
Not enrich himself, not travel the world, not go on lavish vacations, but
Make deals that he can, I mean, honestly be arrogant about, be proud of, but then the people look at it and they say, wow, great job, Donald.
Thank you for that.
Whatever it may be.
Now, the guy talked about the spiritual battle and how this was basically a test from God to America.
And that, you know, religious aspect left out of this for a second.
I think that there's truth to that in that this was a challenge to America.
You know, we can talk about this was a challenge from God.
You know, of course you can say that everything's a challenge from God.
But I mean, but think about it like this.
Let's talk about on a worldly level.
The challenge for America was to beat the propaganda.
To completely be able to ignore, sidestep, and defeat the establishment propaganda.
Defeat the lies from the mainstream news.
Defeat the lies from the politicians like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama.
Defeat the lies from the celebrity mouthpieces of this establishment.
And we did.
Now, it is with a grain of salt that I say that, because it does look like Hillary Clinton will win the popular vote.
But of course she will!
She's got California and New York!
Folks, look at this!
Can we pull up my screen here?
Hillary Clinton beats Donald Trump.
It failed again.
You have to relaunch it.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hillary Clinton, right now with 84% of the votes in, this could be where they rigged it, folks.
This could actually be the rig job.
And now that Trump has already won the electoral college,
We're not really paying much attention to them trying to steal votes anymore.
So this could actually be where they rigged it.
I don't know.
Do you really believe that Hillary Clinton has 4.6 million votes to Donald Trump's 2.7 million votes beating Donald Trump?
I guess that's 4.9 million votes.
So Hillary Clinton is beating Donald Trump by 2 million votes in California.
And that's basically what gives her the popular vote, is the brainwashed state of California.
She also won by one and a half million in New York.
So you talk about the two most liberal brainwashed strongholds, New York and California, that's why she wins the popular vote.
If it wasn't for that, she certainly would not win the popular vote.
But those are the most brainwashed areas, we are well aware of that.
So, uh, I'm gonna try to get this screen fixed here.
Let me see if I can get this fixed here, Marcos.
Did I fix it?
I don't even know.
There we go!
Yeah, so... Yay!
Yeah, so here's California.
84% in.
Clinton, 4.9 million.
Trump, 2.7 million.
So that's why Hillary Clinton, if she does win the popular vote, won the popular vote, that and New York.
Quite simply put.
So, I'm not as much bothered by that, I suppose.
But the challenge, again, was to
Prove that we have brains that function at a higher level than a goldfish.
And it's nice to see that at least a large amount of Americans have a brain that functions higher than a goldfish.
And we're able to beat the propaganda, see through the social engineering, see through the lies, and elect Donald Trump even after the character assassination that he went through for the last year and a half.
But I wonder if they're stealing votes in California right now to try to provide the optics that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.
So that's an interesting thing that will be monitored as I will be live with you till 8am, 4.53 right now Central Time, 5.53 on the East Coast.
And out in California where people are protesting, they're also protesting in Oregon now, it is 2.53.
All right, let's go to Amy and Bruce in FEMA Region 5.
Amy and Bruce, welcome to the InfoWars Election 52-hour special broadcast.
Hi, Owen.
We're first-time callers, very long-time listeners.
I just wanted to get, like, a little bit of granola on you for a moment and stuff.
Uh, my wife kind of whooped me up.
I was passed out for a second and stuff, but anyway, I was like texting with my friends earlier and all that good stuff and like, you know, maybe we should try to like, you know, maybe try this tactic with the naysayers of the fucking, oh, ooh, I'm sorry about that.
Anyway, let's try to like, try to like bring the other people that are naysayers and stuff and like say, hey,
How about we try to make America great again?
You know, just from the fact that, like, I was at a job earlier.
Okay, I'm now a Hillary supporter, so I show up to multiple jobs in one day at a time and stuff.
And, like, I have a co-worker saying, you know, he showed me a picture and he's like, oh, this is what you're up against today when you're voting.
So I was like, oh, okay, well, I'm not trying to be a fascist.
Not trying to be against anybody of different lifestyle choices, but I was like, you know, I'm not against you.
I'm not against anyone and stuff.
I just don't want us to be obliterated at nuclear apocalypse.
And that's what I've been telling people when I wear what you pulled up, Owen, that you're awesome.
And I wore my Trump shirt to voting and stuff.
And, you know, I'm like, I don't want all of us to die.
You know, at one nuclear blast.
But anyway, I was just trying to say that, you know, if we can try to bring other people that are, like, against our cause, and I believe strongly in our cause, and I'm still God-struck by the fact that Trump was elected, and all the things that could happen in this time that's coming up right now,
Maybe we could just, like, give them, like, you know, play their game and stuff.
Say, hey, how about you just try to work with us to make America great and not make it just a fallout, apocalyptic type of situation that's going to happen?
Maybe that could help them understand that where we're coming from, that we're not a bunch of fascists.
How about this?
How about I'll let my wife tell you a few things?
I would just like to ask...
Our great President, please, please, if you're not going to put Hillary in jail, because I know that would be a really hard feat to do, if you're not going to do that, then please investigate the Clinton's private pedophile island, investigate that, and shut it down and prosecute those that are in charge.
Those that are running the pedophile ring, including the Comet Pizza store.
And the neighboring place that has the pedophile logo on it?
Shut down these pedophiles.
Well, we'll have to see about the alleged pedophilia ring going on with the Podesta Brothers and perhaps Clinton and Comet Pizza.
That's, you know, the alleged pedophile ring.
People will need to look into that.
I agree.
There needs to be investigation.
I was hoping Info Warriors would go out there when I was on the air.
I'm telling you, go to Comet Pizza!
Take these stories.
Ask them these questions.
Record it.
Yes, you can.
There is nothing illegal about that.
There is no- I'm not saying- You're not accusing them of anything.
You're not- I'm not suggesting you break and enter.
If you're- I mean, if you live in Washington, D.C., okay, and you go to a pizza joint, and you enjoy the pizza joint, and then you see a story, oh my god, alleged pedophilia at a pizza joint,
You're not supposed to react?
You're not supposed to do anything?
This is a natural response.
But again, that's not really Trump's job, to be perfectly honest with you.
The Washington DC Police Department would be the ones in charge of that.
The FBI.
Maybe there's a change, a new turn of leaf in the type of investigations or the people that get investigated under a Trump administration.
We'll see about that.
But, you know, I don't know.
Again, it's very weird stuff with the WikiLeaks emails and the Podestas.
This is all alleged.
People think they've got it figured out.
All these people on social media, I think that, you know, there's, in my opinion, you know, if I was the director of a justice system, whether it be a police department or FBI or something, I would certainly think there would be an investigation warranted there.
And, you know, and the thing to me is,
Maybe they have investigated.
I don't know.
They haven't said anything to me.
James Comey hasn't said anything to me.
This is a pretty big deal.
They talk about how they look into Hillary Clinton's emails, right?
I mean, that's what James Comey's been doing, investigating Hillary Clinton's emails, scanning to see what documents went through, whether they were classified or not.
Of course, he found out that they were classified.
Hillary Clinton completely lied about that.
But nonetheless, in the emails is where we found this weird stuff.
So, does the FBI look into it the same way that the citizens have looked into it?
I don't know.
What's going on at Comet Pizza?
Obviously, I have no idea.
I'm not in Washington, D.C.
I've never been there.
But I'm telling you, if I was, again, I would print out these stories and I would say, hey, what's going on here?
And then you can probably get a good idea based on the response if there's anything going on.
But this is all alleged.
I have no idea.
I don't know if there's an investigation.
I don't know what the Podestas are involved in in their free time other than weird art with weird images of children and the way Jeffrey Dahmer would twist dead bodies.
You know, he can be into that, fine.
You're a freak show.
You're into that kind of crap.
That's none of my business.
That's not against the law.
But obviously, there are alleged activities people think that need to be investigated.
But we'll see.
We'll see if any of that falls through.
We'll see if the FBI does anything.
And we'll see if there's a change of the guard when Trump becomes president as far as the audacity or the transparency that these agencies have to actually look in to people from the establishment like Hillary Clinton.
Of course, but it's the Clintons who have been working hand-in-hand with people like the Podestas, like Mark Rich, in order to maintain their criminal empire.
So, but could it all come to an end with Trump?
I think that that's more the question than anything.
To me, outside of alleged pedophiliaring or whatever else is going on, if Trump gets in, we might actually have a leader that is willing to let these departments do their job
Instead of, you know, looking around, constantly trying to be in control, have cronies in all these positions because they have to maintain their corrupt power structure.
So that could be a big difference.
And you know, you talked about Hillary Clinton going to jail when Trump put her in jail.
You know, Hillary didn't do a concession speech tonight.
She abandoned all of her followers.
That's what she thinks of you.
She took a big fat crap on you right before she lost the election.
That's the true nature of Hillary Clinton.
But, you know, she called Donald Trump apparently for her concession.
She called Donald Trump and conceded on the phone.
I have a feeling that that conversation went a lot like this.
Donald, please don't send me to jail.
Please don't send me to jail, Donald.
I'm sorry.
I'll back off.
I won't say the Russians rigged it.
I won't say the election is rigged.
I'll concede right now.
Just please don't send me to jail.
Please don't look into my emails.
Please don't send me to jail, Donald.
Oh my God.
You won.
You won, Donald.
Just don't send me to jail.
I have a feeling that that's how that phone call went.
But I don't know.
That's just me.
Do we have that Van Jones clip ready to go, guys?
Sorry, what was that, Captain?
Let's go to that Van Jones clip.
Van Jones asked me a question earlier.
He really wants to know about this.
Now, me and Van are friends.
You've probably seen the video of me and Van deliberating on the street, if you will.
This is probably a rough night for Van Jones.
He couldn't believe that the racist bigot Donald Trump could ever win office.
He's the biggest racist ever.
He actually said that.
He said he thinks he's worse than a racist.
He said that when I was talking.
He said Donald Trump is worse than a racist.
Whatever, Van.
But here's the question that Van Jones wants me to answer.
Go ahead and roll Van Jones.
Hey guys, I can't hear him.
Tell your kids, don't be a bully.
Hey, can we restart that please?
Let's restart that real quick.
Tell your kids, do your homework.
You know, it's funny to me.
Yeah, I could hear that.
It's funny to me that... Alright, just go ahead and roll it.
Go ahead and roll it.
It's hard to be a parent tonight for a lot of us.
You tell your kids, don't be a bully.
You tell your kids, don't be a bully.
Alright, stop it.
Just stop it.
Just stop it.
It's alright, folks.
It's 5 o'clock central.
And be prepared.
And then you have this outcome.
And you have people putting children to bed tonight.
They're afraid of breakfast.
You're afraid of- how do I explain this to my children?
I have Muslim friends who are texting me tonight saying, should I leave the country?
I have- PAUSE IT!
Okay, see, this is exactly what I'm talking about.
See, I mean, I just- the brainwashing!
It's- it's- it's- it's- It's literally buying in to propaganda so much so that
It affects your reality where you're living in such a delusionment that you really think, you're really afraid that Donald Trump being president means you're going to somehow be deported.
We've had people say he's going to send black people back to Africa.
The most asinine beliefs, the most asinine things.
All Donald Trump wants to do is secure the border.
Now, the reason why it's hard for people to understand this is because they don't understand that the border is wide open.
They really don't get it.
They really don't understand that concept.
They're either not paying attention or they think it's a conspiracy theory.
No, the border is wide open.
All Donald wants to do is secure the border.
And then Van Jones says, what am I supposed to say to my Muslim friends?
Well, are they American citizens, Van?
Then nothing!
You don't have to say anything!
Because they're Americans!
They're not going anywhere!
They're not gonna be deported!
They are American citizens!
Why is this so hard for some people to grasp?
Like I said earlier, I have a friend from Canada.
Now maybe she was joking, but she was like, oh my god, Trump won, I'm gonna be deported.
I'm like laughing, like what?
You're here legally!
All Donald wants to do is secure the border.
He wants a very stingent vetting process for refugees.
In fact, I think that this is a plan that makes even more sense.
Instead of bringing all of these refugees here, paying for all of them, trying to reshape our culture,
Why not just set up safe zones that all these countries can help pay for?
Instead of bringing all these people into Europe that has destroyed their culture and their countries, we create safe zones.
Of course, you know, this whole thing is so convoluted because we're at the very base of it dealing with
There's wars that are being fought for reasons that we probably still can't fully comprehend, a lot of lies, a lot of political reasons, banking reasons why these wars are fought, religious reasons as well if you talk about the Middle East, but why are we even sticking our noses in it?
You know, that's the question you've got to think about to begin with.
So there's this whole weird convoluted thing going on with these wars where sure, we're responsible, we share the responsibility.
But that doesn't mean that now we should just basically punish ourselves by wrecking our own country and our own culture.
No, why don't we try to fix what's going on over there?
So again, that's what Donald Trump wants.
He doesn't want to ban Muslims.
He wants to fix the problems we have in Muslim regions, and then he wants to deter the element of radical Islam that comes here
And wants to destroy our culture and kills innocent people.
But Van Jones, I just don't get it.
I'm sorry folks, people get triggered by this word, but is Van Jones retarded?
Look, the word retarded means you have a brain that doesn't function fully.
It's retarded, it's shortened, it's weak, it's smaller.
I mean, so that's what I'm saying.
Is Van Jones retarded?
He doesn't understand that Donald Trump isn't going to deport Muslims?
Now, if a Muslim is here illegally and tries to commit an act of terror, yeah, your ass is gone!
No doubt!
But if you're an American citizen,
That is Muslim?
You're fine!
Don't break the law!
It's not that hard to understand.
Why doesn't Van Jones get it?
And then what is wrong with Van Jones?
How do I explain this to my kids?
What are you trying to explain to your kids exactly, Van?
What is it that you're going to explain to your kids?
Are you... Here's what Van is going to do, folks.
He's going to perpetuate this false narrative that Donald Trump's a bigot.
He's going to perpetuate this false narrative that Donald Trump's a racist.
He's going to perpetuate this false narrative that Donald Trump wants to import anybody or deport anybody who's not white.
He's going to perpetuate this false narrative that Donald Trump is the most evil man since Hitler.
So even though we've defeated this, we the American people have defeated this, we defeated him, his train of thought has failed.
In real time, in reality, it's failed, but he's still going to stick on this, he's still going to perpetuate these false narratives, and then he's going to have to sit here and he's going to bury himself in his own fake reality.
And so what happens?
His fake reality has failed, but he can't accept it, so he's going to bury himself in the fake reality, smothering himself in it, and then he's looking in the mirror asking himself, how do I explain this to the children?
How do I explain this to my Muslim friends?
So again, completely baseless, completely outside of any realm of logical thought, he takes his false reality, he puts a veil over himself, and then he wants to perpetuate this in his own life and tries to figure out how he's going to explain this to his children, folks.
Again, explain what?
Explain what?
In fact, here you go, we'll finish the clip, but Van, Van, I'll explain it to you very simply, my friend.
You're wrong.
Trump's not racist.
He doesn't hate women.
He doesn't want to deport Mexicans.
He wants to return law and order.
He wants to get rid of all these political agendas that cause us to ignore law in certain aspects of life and our culture.
And he wants to bring back logic and common sense, which you lack!
That's all it is, Van Jones!
The return of common sense!
The return of logic!
You want to explain to your kids what happened on November 8th, 2016?
You tell them that logic returned!
You tell them that common sense returned!
You tell them that the American people decided they didn't want to vote in a criminal!
That's what you tell them, Van!
But you...
You want to perpetuate the false narratives because you're so arrogant that you can't admit you failed.
You tried to force these false narratives on the entire American people and you failed, but because you're so prideful, you're going to continue to live in this false reality, and then you're going to push it on your kids and friends.
So, there you go, Van.
I just told you what to explain, how to explain this to your kids.
Americanism has defeated globalism.
Reality has defeated propaganda.
And America decided they didn't want to elect a known criminal who is allegedly involved in pedophile rings.
So that's what happened, Van!
Try to explain that to your kids.
But of course!
Of course!
How is Van Jones going to explain this to his kids when he can't even accept it himself?
It's gonna be impossible for you, Van.
You can't live in reality, so of course you can't explain to your kids the reality of the situation.
So, I don't know what Van Jones' problem is.
I don't think he... I mean, he's a well-spoken guy.
I think he's smart.
But for whatever reason, he cannot lift the veil of the propaganda that he has helped perpetuate.
So really a shocking situation.
Do actually, let's finish that Van Jones clip.
Do we have more of that?
Afraid of breakfast.
They're afraid of, how do I explain this to my children?
I have Muslim friends who are texting me tonight saying, should I leave the country?
No, not if you're an American citizen.
I have families of immigrants that are terrified tonight.
Oh, they're legal immigrants then, so they're fine.
There's many things.
I think so.
This was a white lash against a changing country.
It was a white lash against a black president in part.
Half black.
And that's the part where the pain comes.
And Donald Trump has a responsibility tonight to come out and reassure people that he is going to be the president of all the people who he insulted and offended and brushed aside.
Yeah, when you say you want to take your country back,
Look at Jeffrey Lord.
He's just like... Is this guy real?
Is this guy serious?
But we don't want to feel that someone has been elected by throwing away some of us to appeal more deeply to others.
So this is a deeply painful moment tonight.
I know it's not just about race.
There's more going on.
Hillary Clinton called us deplorable!
Hillary Clinton called us deplorable!
He said that Trump is the one that's demonizing all these people, putting all these people down in order to lift himself up.
That's Hillary Clinton!
Oh my god.
You know, maybe Van Jones... Maybe Van Jones is one of these people that...
He just hates Republicans so much that he cannot accept that anything Republican is valid or that anything Republican isn't bigoted.
Maybe that's what Van Jones' problem is.
Because he gets it.
He's admitted it.
When I talked to him, he admitted it.
Yeah, Donald Trump is against the establishment.
Donald Trump is against the elites.
Donald Trump is the middle finger to the establishment, to the Washington politicians that have been screwing this country.
Yes, he accepts that.
But he's so racist!
He's so bigoted that we have to put in a criminal!
That's Van Jones logic.
And then what does that even mean, a white lash?
First of all,
President Barack Obama is half black.
Now, it doesn't matter to me.
He can be half black, full black, whatever.
It's not a difference.
But he's going to sit here and act like this is some sort of a race-related issue, like people don't like Barack Obama because he's black, and this is a white-lash because Barack Obama was a black president.
Well then, hey, Van, why didn't that happen four years ago?
See, your logic
It's baseless.
There's no actual foundation to your thought pattern.
You are the hearsay mafia.
And I'm sorry.
Hey, I was the same way.
I talked about it.
I've had friends text me.
You know, I'm not an American citizen, I'm here on a visa, I'm gonna get deported tomorrow, what do I do?
That's not what's happening here, folks!
That's not even close, but because you don't understand the real issues, you're missing out entirely.
So I don't know what, you know what, I'm sorry, Van Jones, I guess it's gonna be a tough night for you to try to explain to your, uh...
I don't know if the Muslim friend of his is American or not, but if they're an American citizen, then they're just fine.
Nothing wrong.
They'll be perfectly fine.
He talks about immigrant friends.
Well, if they're legal immigrants, if they're citizens, if they immigrated here, then they're fine.
I mean, what's the problem?
I don't understand.
But Van Jones doesn't get it.
He, for whatever reason, has a brain that can't fully function.
He's got his blinders on.
You know, it's going to be a tough night for him, I guess.
It's going to be a tough four years for Van Jones to try to cover the news and to try to explain to his friends and family why Donald Trump won, even though it's very obvious.
Now, can you bring me in that Yahoo story that I printed out, please, guys?
I want to cover this Yahoo story real quick.
This was the last push notification that I received from Yahoo.
Now, Yahoo has been completely in the tank for Hillary.
Yahoo has been one of the establishment wings bashing Donald Trump on a daily basis.
I got push notifications routinely from Yahoo bashing Donald Trump, even all the false rape claims, all the false allegations against Trump, where all of these women that came forward had to back off their claims, all of these women that came forward, oh, Donald Trump raped me when I was 13, yeah, she had to back off.
They've all made it up, folks, they all made it up.
But Yahoo and the New York Times ran with all those stories that were completely untrue.
But here's Yahoo.
Again folks, here's what it is.
The elements within the establishment are so arrogant and they've been able to get away with providing false narratives that then are forced upon the American people as reality that now that they've reached this point in time where it's failing,
They're having to now start to find a way to twist it because they can't admit they failed.
They can't admit that their brainwashing propaganda failed.
They can't admit that they've been wrong the whole time.
So now they make excuses.
So this is what came out of Yahoo.
Trump's stunning campaign.
Rewrote all the rules.
His candidacy was born in spectacle, nurtured on controversy, yeah, drummed up controversy from the establishment news sources like Yahoo, and careered from one self-inflicted disaster to another.
Self-inflicted disaster.
Again, no mainstream news twisting things Donald Trump says and then providing a false narrative.
Overturning every rule of modern American politics along the way.
Modern rule of American politics.
I think Yahoo is actually right on that one.
With virtually no on-the-ground organization, lackadaisical support at best from the leaders of his own party, I'd say hardly any, and outspent by a large margin in advertising, Donald Trump won the presidency with a campaign built around raucous rallies and a visceral appeal to a shrinking slice of the American electorate, the rural and small-town white working class.
So Van Jones blames white people.
Yahoo blames white people.
So I guess this is what they're going to do.
I guess this is what they're going to do is blame white people and then try to foment a race war.
I guess that that is how they think this thing is gonna go.
But here's what I expect from the media.
Tonight, all we saw was, we're shocked!
How did this happen?
Oh my God, no way!
Shocking upset!
Oh my God, nobody expected this!
How could this have happened?
So that was their response tonight.
I guess in the future, what I expect to see is excuse-making,
And I guess blaming white people.
Again, they mention it again at the end of the next paragraph.
Trump's huge advantage among white men.
White, white, white, white.
In fact, would you guys do me a favor?
Let's do a command F and let's see how many times they say white in this story.
Can we look that up real quick?
You guys know how to do a, do a search.
Do a word search.
Hit command F. There you go.
And search white.
Let's see how many times they blame white people in this Yahoo story.
So just hit enter once you've hit white.
And just hit enter.
Yeah, there you go.
And it should go to each one.
So there's the two we've covered.
Let's see if they've mentioned any more.
Is that it guys?
Just hit enter.
Keep hitting enter.
Only two?
Alright, so they did it only twice, but they made sure to get it in at the top of the article because that's what people normally read before they give up and move on to the next thing.
But maybe that's the plan, I guess, try to foment a race war, blame white people for this, which is really sad.
You know, actually, that's the most racist thing you can do.
Not because, okay, you're racist against white people, I guess you could make that claim, but honestly, to say that this is white people's fault that Donald Trump got elected, honestly, that's racist against black people, that's racist against Latinos, because I guarantee you Donald Trump does not win this election without the support and endorsement of black people and Latino people.
So this is another example of total hypocrisy.
Yahoo, Van Jones are going to be racist and blame this election on white people and completely ignore the black constituents of Trump, completely ignore the Latino constituents of Trump, because that goes against their narrative.
That doesn't help foment a race war.
But this is an example.
This is the hypocrisy.
This is a white male.
Telling a white male his opinion doesn't matter and that he's racist and that's basically what's going on.
It's white people's fault.
It's white people's fault.
But then being racist and completely discounting the fact that black people and Latino people also supported and helped get Trump in office.
So, just, you know, this is what we can expect, I think, in the near future, in the next two months, before Trump is inaugurated in the final two months of the Obama administration.
Hey, you guys, you know what?
I think...
Yeah, Obama's got a tee time.
Obama's tee time is in two hours.
He's got a big golf match coming up, so let's hope Obama makes it to that tee time perfectly safe.
All right, let's go to Michael.
We will take your calls, folks.
We now go to Michael in Georgia.
Go ahead, Michael.
Hey, I'm not sure if you're talking to me, but... Yeah, go ahead.
Right on.
You know, one thing that concerns me is that everyone's really happy that Trump has won.
But when we look at this government, and we look at this governmental system, what's going to happen in the morning?
I mean, has he won?
In other words, is this real?
Or are we going to wake up to some other reality?
And the next thing that really concerns me is that I was thinking about this concept of if Hillary won,
Uh, which would be just my worst thing, you know, my concept, worst concept ever.
If she won, what would that mean to me?
And I started thinking about it because I would think she would win.
And then I thought, well, uh, because I'm a Christian, I thought, well, God would be involved and, uh, there would be, you know, uh, God has his own plan and everything else.
And so,
I would think that God would have, well, he'd basically be punishing the United States of America for the crimes that we've done against the world.
You know, under the Bushes, not the Clintons, the Clintons too, but under the Bushes, the Clintons, all of these regimes.
I mean, how many people did the Bushes kill on planet Earth?
Am I still on?
Yeah, and specifically, I think you're talking about their policies, going to war.
No, I'm talking about their fake wars.
Yeah, right.
I'm talking about their unconstitutional wars.
I'm talking about Bush 1, his war in Iraq, and him talking about New World Order.
I'm talking about Bush
Clinton, I guess, talking, I don't know, because I'm not a political, you know, whatever, but the war against drugs on America.
We import.
I used to live in Southern California.
We import the cocaine.
You know, and Mexico is our drug laundering nation.
Well, you can look at what happened to Afghanistan since the United States took over.
Now all the opium comes out of Afghanistan.
We're in Afghanistan for going on 15 years for one reason, and that's opium.
Okay, so then we have a second Bush war.
That is for weapons of mass destruction.
We never found any weapons of mass destruction.
And I voted for these people.
Yeah, but see, but that's the thing.
That's the beauty of this because we kept another Bush out.
We kept Jeb Bush out.
Jeb Bush is done.
And Van Jones can sit here.
Oh, how can I explain this to my kids?
Oh my God, what am I going to do?
This is so bad.
Hey, Van.
I understand why you don't like Republicans, okay?
I understand why George Bush probably left a sour taste in your mouth.
We all feel the same way about George Bush, at least I would imagine here in this, within this organization.
But here's the thing.
You know, he wants to sit here and be so upset over Donald Trump for all this faux racism, faux bigotry, whatever it is.
Or even if it's real!
Donald Trump doesn't want to start wars overseas!
Donald Trump doesn't want to go to World War III with Russia!
It was the Bushes!
Van Jones should be happy that Donald Trump kept Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush away from the White House.
If it wasn't for that, we would be going into another war.
I agree, caller.
Thank you so much for the call.
But Van Jones, he can't get that through his head, you see?
He's so obsessed over the false narrative, over the propaganda that he helped perpetuate in his own weak mind that Trump is a racist, Trump is a bigot, and he assumed in his own arrogance that by him
Preaching these things, selling you these things, that there's no way you could elect Donald Trump.
There's no way!
I'm Van Jones!
I told you he was a racist!
There's no way America could elect him!
That's what happened to you, Van Jones!
And now you have to embrace that reality, but you still can't do it, can ya?
You're still gonna try to figure it out.
It's so difficult.
How you're gonna explain this to the kids?
Boy, I tell ya, I'm just glad I'm not Van Jones.
Because that must be a difficult life to live.
Really just being a confused individual.
Alright, I don't have any names of these other callers on the board.
I'm not sure what's going on there.
You know, I said this earlier this evening in a tweet.
And I think it really goes to show the nature
Of the two sides of this election, as far as the voters were concerned, and it can really tell a story.
Hillary Clinton voters went to the polls and voted and sat back tonight waiting the results, thinking, hoping we're going to stop the evil Donald Trump.
All Hillary Clinton voters were thinking tonight is, or first woman president, or we're going to stop the evil Donald Trump.
Those were the two thoughts that Hillary Clinton voters had tonight.
Either, we finally got the first woman president, yay!
Or, we're going to stop Donald, we have to stop Donald, he's a racist, he's a bigot, he's the worst man ever, he's evil, he's evil, he's bad.
He's a Russian, you know.
So that's what Hillary Clinton voters are sitting back, hoping and wishing tonight during this process.
Trump voters, meanwhile, are sitting back thinking, man, I really want to get Trump in so we can beat the establishment.
Man, I really want to get Trump in so we can drain the swamp in Washington and end the corruption.
Man, I want to get Trump in because I want policies that are American first.
Do you see the dynamic difference here, folks?
Do you see the dynamic difference in the mindset of a Trump voter versus a Hillary Clinton voter?
And I think that the illustration that I just made for you is very understandable, very palpable.
Because what is it?
Again, when you talk to these Hillary Clinton supporters, what do they say?
There's two of them right there.
Female Abe Skrillex, female Carl the Cuck.
They didn't say anything why they like Hillary Clinton.
All they said was why Donald Trump is so bad.
So all of these Hillary Clinton voters tonight are hoping that they either elected the first woman president or that they stopped the evil racist Donald Trump to completely
I don't even know the word.
Irrelevant to this election.
Two things that are totally irrelevant to this election, totally irrelevant to the future, totally irrelevant to reality, and they're sitting here living in their reality that doesn't actually exist, hoping I just got the first woman in president.
Hoping I just stopped Donald Trump.
Completely irrelevant.
But then Trump supporters are saying, I hope Trump wins, I want to end the corruption in Washington.
I hope Trump wins, I want an American first president.
I hope Trump wins, I want to secure that border.
Do you see the difference?
Do you see the difference?
It's pretty obvious to me.
So it is now official, with the current tally, Hillary Clinton is winning the popular vote.
So I'm not sure she's going to win California by well over 2 million votes.
That's of course all this is.
The only reason why Hillary Clinton wins this popular vote is because of California.
And you could probably give a little credit to New York there too.
But it's mainly California.
The dumbest of the dumb.
Mark Dice has proved that.
But it does look like Hillary Clinton will win the popular vote.
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