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Name: 20161108_Tue-2_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 8, 2016
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I want the Iranians to know that if I'm the president, we will attack Iran.
Right now, Senator, for us to control all of the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia.
The U.S.
military has just raised the threat level to DEFCON 2.
Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is still threatening Russia with military action, following unconfirmed reports of further hacking.
It's like she's not even concerned about the repercussions.
Of course not, because she's... Hang on, guys.
Look, there's a really loud noise.
Alright, looks like we're having a little bit of technical difficulties.
We'll try to get Leanne back on in a few minutes.
When the President gives the order, it must be followed.
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Welcome back to InfoWars election night coverage.
We are now knee-deep in the presidential election results.
We see that a lot of the polls have closed on the eastern side and the latest round of polls have just closed here at 7 p.m.
Central Time 70840.
Oklahoma is the first to report.
They're going for Trump.
It is very scary indeed.
My blood pressure is on the rise as you're seeing these states flipping back from blue to red.
Oklahoma, they're 0% reporting but they're already calling it for Trump.
They get 7 electoral votes.
Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia.
But now before we went to break, Hillary Clinton had three electoral votes, Donald Trump had about 24, and then we came back and then boom!
Because Hillary Clinton was able to nab all of these states here, even though they only have just, you know, three electoral votes, 11, 14, small, but these are going to be the little... Some of these aren't even reporting percentages.
It looks like Maryland, Delaware... Delaware... They're not even reporting percentages yet.
They're just calling it
For Hillary, which I think is insane at this point.
But the big states are Ohio, North Carolina, and Florida.
Yeah, Texas has, what is that, 38 electoral votes.
The polls have just closed about almost 10 minutes ago here.
And now Florida has been going back and forth.
They're about 50% reporting.
Very close there between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
I want to click on this because I want to see what counties have... And while you're watching... Here's what we're waiting for.
Yeah, we're waiting for that panhandle.
Different time zone in the panhandle.
So they just closed.
That's going to be the difference maker there.
And they were reporting low voter turnout in Destin and Panama City Beach today.
So the rest of Florida has spoken.
We're still waiting for more results.
But right now Hillary Clinton is leading.
According to these results.
Now, is she really leading?
Is there fraction magic going on?
Well, because this little wild... Have the Russians taking over?
Yes, they're in there hacking the system.
This little wild forecast counter has been all day... They've been doing the same thing over and over again.
It's a gift.
It's definitely Hillary Clinton is going to get up 4.5 or 3.2, but it's just no way, no way is Trump going to get it.
So, my goodness, it's like they're just preparing everyone.
Don't let us down out there.
Like it says there on the Drudge Report, this election is going to be decided by the nighttime voters, those people that are going to be voting late after work.
Some polls are open until 9pm.
Yes, so get to the polls.
Your vote matters.
Don't think, oh well it's going to be a landslide, my vote doesn't count, I don't need to go.
You need to get out there and vote.
That's all there is to it.
And of course we know that these, you know, aside from the fraction magic, you've got the voters, the dead people voting, they're arresting people for voting multiple times already.
We're already seeing glitches in the system.
People are trying, in Pennsylvania especially, people were trying to vote for Trump and it was switching to Hillary Clinton.
So if people were not paying attention, they could have had their vote switched and they would never even know it.
So this is, it's ridiculous at this point, but right now they're calling Georgia.
It looks like it's going to go for Trump.
Florida, it's still a toss up.
Who knows what's going to happen.
They're saying 49-48 Clinton to Trump.
Clinton, it looks like she's got a big lead in North Carolina.
Which is a shame.
New Hampshire now looks like it's going for Clinton.
Ohio looks like it's going for Clinton.
And these percentages are well out of range of the... It looks like they're... Oh, did they call it?
Or no, they just changed percentages.
Looks like Trump bumped up again on a percentage point on there.
But this is all just a diversion.
This is a horse race to keep you enthralled.
You gotta look at the crowds Clinton was drawing.
Just go back to that, and right now they're saying, so they just gave South Carolina to Trump, and he's four electoral college votes down.
And they said in this race, too, you may even have the guy who won one of the most popular votes still loses.
Right, which is just a, it's a crazy mess.
I mean, if we were in an honest system, sure, that'd be fine.
But I just don't, I don't trust the electoral college.
I know a lot of people still think it's an antiquated system, but
Marcos, were you able to get that Business Insider video ready?
Today it was on Drudge and the Center of Drudge.
CNN reporter gets unexpected answer.
Let me ask the woman if she's excited.
So before the break, Lionel actually asked me this same exact question, you know, how do I feel as a woman?
Aren't I excited about, you know, the first female president?
Isn't that worth it to me to break through the glass ceiling?
I said no.
Who cares?
It's symbolic, just like we had the first black president.
What has he actually done for black America?
The same is going to be with a woman, a female president.
If we're electing a crook, that all she's going to do is further the globalist agenda.
She's going to continue to push the agenda of the establishment.
Who cares?
It's just going to be a symbolic gesture and I would rather see the first woman president be someone honest and ethical and not a career crooked politician.
Like Hillary Clinton.
And before we go to that video, I just want to let people know we've upgraded our app.
We had the free app that's out there that you can buy and download anytime you want.
Go to your Android store or your Apple iTunes store and you can get InfoWars
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Look, now they're calling Texas blue.
This is ridiculous.
Yeah, it's too close to tell.
Well, I mean, the fix is in at this point.
How could they even... He was up 10% in Texas and now, of course, they're going to... Yeah, it's less than 1% reporting in Texas, so it really is... It's 48.2% for Hillary, 48 for Trump.
Let me go back to this.
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We're going to have new features coming, and this is really going to be the hub of everything.
This is the future of InfoWars.
This is the way, you know, they're trying to shut us down on YouTube or tell us we were not allowed to report certain stories or we'll get flagged or pinged or whatever.
If Obama says that he wants to regulate the Internet and start filtering out the truth and taking you back to just the three networks or, you know, whatever liberal bias news that they're going to put out on YouTube, this is where you come now.
This is where InfoWars is going to be able to secure all of our
All of our news.
No one can tell us what to do or shut our channel down if they don't like the information that we're providing.
And we're going to open this up to to other reporters, other citizen journalists out there on the side.
As you see news, you'll be able to report it instantly.
So it'll be real time defeating the mainstream media.
Right now, the mainstream media is going to, you know, they're resting on their laurels going, oh, we're so good.
We're not going to get beat because we're going to give this election to Hillary.
We've done so much bad press for Donald Trump.
There's no way anybody's going to vote for him.
And they may steal it for Donald Trump.
The color of Texas is changing back and forth.
I will be totally amazed if it goes for Hillary Clinton at this point.
But now Michigan, they've got Michigan kind of leaning blue, even though we've seen the huge rallies.
There was a huge rally.
He had 23,000 last night in, I think it was Deer Bar, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
And there's not even that many people in that area.
But they were coming from all over the state to see him.
So it's going to be a long night, folks.
We're going to be up here.
Right now they got Hillary Clinton at 44, Donald Trump at 40, and everything else is too close.
And pretty close on the amount of votes they're counting for each.
Marcus, do you have that video ready?
Yeah, I've got it on the browser.
So this is the CNN reporter asks a woman after she exits the polling area, you know, are you excited about the first female president?
Take a listen.
Aren't you excited for the first female president?
I am.
That husband goes, I am.
They've probably been married 37 years.
I want Trump!
He makes sense.
But see, there you go, people.
I hear so many people are getting divorced over politics or losing their friends.
I mean, sure, you might need to mute them on your social media for a while.
But you don't divorce someone you've been with 37 years over politics or, I don't know,
Maybe so.
I'm not married.
I can't.
Right now we're in the midst of our 52-hour live election coverage.
I'll tell you, me and my wife voted the same way this year.
Keeps it stable.
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No matter who wins, this is going to be a good shirt to wear.
Wear it proudly.
Because we know we have the numbers and we know they're just manipulating the results.
So they can hand it to Hillary and coronate her.
She's been coronated from the beginning.
They stole the DNC nomination for her.
It should have been a Bernie Sanders vs. Donald Trump event.
She's so unliked.
Less than 50%.
And look, Florida is 49-49 right now.
It's going to be a nail-biter.
So neck-and-neck here with them.
All the way, we're going to have hanging chads once again.
And they're going to have to go back.
And this is where you go back and ask for ballot images.
This is where the fraction magic happens, where they're going to go,
49.5 Hillary, 48.5 Trump.
And you gotta go, now let's see the ballot images.
How do you have a fraction of a vote?
How are they percentaging out votes?
It should count as one solid vote.
It doesn't even make sense to me.
Well, that's how they're doing it right now.
And I guarantee you, Florida has had corrupt people all throughout its history.
We saw what happened to Al Gore.
Look, it turned back red.
They're going to be in nail biters all day.
We got 51 to 44 once again.
And it looks like, I guess they've given Tennessee and South Carolina now to Trump in addition to Oklahoma.
And North Carolina is still leaning towards Hillary.
Now interesting because, let's see, with North Carolina 51 to 45, the projected wins, I guess they said, South Carolina, red, North Carolina.
Virginia now, though, does look like it's leaning Trump at this point.
That's interesting.
51 to 43, so big, big news there if Trump takes Virginia.
That could be the wild card.
Also, people thought Michigan was going to be the wild card.
Pennsylvania right now is mum, and we saw all kinds of chicanery going on in Pennsylvania today where people were claiming their votes weren't being cast, they were switching from Trump to Hillary.
And, you know, that didn't happen to me.
I went and voted today, and I double-checked, I triple-checked, I quadruple-checked my ballot because I didn't want to have my vote stolen by a bunch of hackers, supposedly from Russia.
Right, and it's interesting with Pennsylvania because their polls closed at 8 p.m.
Eastern, so... New York is also quiet, so is Maine at this point.
Well, New York's polls are open until 9 p.m.
So that'll be in, what, less than 40 minutes?
New York's polls will close.
Yeah, but Pennsylvania's 20 minutes now.
So, you know, we'll see.
Maybe because they had so many issues with their voting machines there and so many instances of people reporting, you know, that their votes were being switched, maybe they're holding off a little bit.
Maybe they're gonna try.
They know all eyes are on them.
So many people are watching them.
They're not gonna let them steal this thing.
Trump is almost a million votes ahead in popular vote.
This is all a fake works race.
He's 10 points ahead of the battleground states.
The fact they've got it so close and the media's been selling it... So the media's been hyping it all... Means that they're planning to steal it.
I saw this already.
Everybody shouldn't get discouraged by this.
They had to fight wars to even have this country.
This is a big victory by fighting back.
It may be such a landslide Trump can win, but I'll give it a 10% chance right now, folks.
We're about to head into Hillary.
There you go, and that's Alex Jones.
I think he's heading over to the main studio.
About 20-30 minutes, he'll be live from the main studio.
Once again, the free stream is InfoWars.com forward slash show.
We also have a link InfoWars.com forward slash election, where we're also producing our results as they happen.
So tune in to those links there.
We also are going live on Facebook and on YouTube on several different YouTube streams.
And David Knight is standing by in our other nightly news studio.
I think we're gonna have all three studios going right now.
On a shoestring crew at this point.
So, let me tell ya.
David, what do you have to report?
Well, you know, Rob, as I'm looking at this map, I gotta call BS on this.
And my bellwether is the state of North Carolina.
When they're telling us that in North Carolina, Donald Trump is losing by 10 points right now, I'm saying, no way.
Because when we look at various metrics, we look at the fact that he's doing better with blacks than Romney did four years ago.
He's doing the same with Hispanics than Romney did four years ago.
We see that with the early returns coming in, the absentee ballots coming in from Democrats and from Republicans, we see that he was doing 130,000 better than Romney did four years ago.
And yet they're telling us that he's losing by 10 points?
And they're giving him all the big cities right now are all going to Hillary.
That's right.
And you have to understand this about North Carolina.
I know North Carolina.
I've watched the politics there for decades.
And North Carolina was part of the Old South.
They didn't like the Republican Party because of Reconstruction.
But that changed as there was this realignment with Goldwater and then following on with Ronald Reagan.
And yet it wasn't enough to fully switch North Carolina.
You had a mixture.
Of mostly Democrats in the state.
They had a lock on the State House and the State Senate.
They had most of the governorships.
But you would have Republican senators.
But that was it.
Because they set up the gerrymandering for the congressional districts.
But when they voted for Obama in 2008, after that, in 2010, like most of the states in the Republican-leaning areas, they went massively Republican.
And that was a sweep.
It was Obama that turned North Carolina red.
And after that 2010 election, they won the State House, they won the State Senate for the first time since Reconstruction the Republicans did.
They have solid Republicans in office from the Governor to the Federal Senators, the Federal Congressmen, all the way down to the State House.
And that was done because of Obama.
Don't tell me that those people are now going to vote for Hillary Clinton, who's the third term of Obama.
And that's what they're trying to tell us by a massive margin, by 10 points.
When we look at these other metrics about how he's performing with minorities, how he's performing in the early returns, and of course that is always heavily skewed towards the Democrats.
It was 445,000 more votes for the Democrat four years ago at this point.
That gap was narrowed by $130,000 for Trump this time and still Romney went on to win North Carolina four years ago after Obama turned them red.
So I don't believe this at all when we're looking at this.
Maybe just because it's early or maybe because there's fraud involved here.
It's really anyone's guess at this point, and it's really interesting that we're holding them to that this time around.
I mean, we had the president come out saying, rig the election.
What does that even mean?
But then, meanwhile, try and convince us all that Russia is going to rig our election.
So, I mean... And we now have our own hackers in bunkers, underground bunkers, waiting for something to happen.
So, they want to play this up, this whole hacking game, but only if it's in their favor.
So if Trump does come away with it, they are going to call, Russian hack, Russian hack, we got to do something about the Russian hack.
It's called off, recount.
Yeah, and right now, Ohio and North Carolina are essential, I think, for Trump.
And, you know, we always see one state making a difference.
It was Florida in 2000, it was Ohio in 2004.
Is it going to be North Carolina in this one?
I think Trump should be running away.
People were saying, there was 82% people polled thought Hillary Clinton was a horrible person.
Saudi Arabia has a higher approval rating for Hillary Clinton than the United States of America.
I wonder why that is.
I mean, granted, maybe the women there are thinking that it would be so great to see a first woman president because, you know, they're not even allowed to drive.
But, you know, as far as what else we can tell, we know Saudi Arabia is one of her main campaign supporters.
You know, very interesting there that less than half of the people in this country, I think it's a very low 40%, would like to see Hillary Clinton as the first female president.
Well look at that, Donald Trump up by nearly a million popular votes at this point.
And I think you're going to see that to be even bigger.
I remember just last week we saw those fake results being put out by the local station in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where they showed Hillary Clinton having 41 million and Donald Trump having 40 plus million, and she won by less than a million votes.
But right now we see him, and this is on the East Coast, where, you know, he even got to the Midwest and the mountain states, where I think Trump is going to do a lot better than the East Coast.
But then the West Coast, who knows?
You know, that's going to be a toss-up.
You never know, California may go for Trump.
There's a lot of people thinking he might not, but, you know, there'd be a lot of lazy people that didn't go out and vote today.
Democrats, speaking of.
Well, I don't know because they have no excuse since they're being bused in and getting pamphlets that tell them exactly what buttons to push, which of course is not legal because you can't tell someone who and how to vote.
But that's fine.
No vote rigging.
No silly business there.
Can I say something about the Electoral College?
Yeah, go ahead.
We touched on this with Lionel and, you know, he was saying, hey, you know, we got the silly notion that the person who gets the most votes ought to win.
But look, let's understand what's going on here.
The Electoral College is a vestige of when our country was formed.
Our federal government was a creature of sovereign states.
And we have lost that in most regards, except for the Electoral College.
And I think it's very important that we keep the Electoral College.
I saw in North Carolina, in the county that I lived in, what will happen to us on a national basis if we get rid of the Electoral College.
What the Electoral College does is it preserves, to some extent, the votes of people who are not in the big cities, who are not in the populous states like New York and California and Illinois.
If we get rid of the Electoral College, you're going to have Chicago, New York, and L.A.
picking the president.
It's just going to be that simple.
That's what's going to happen.
I saw it happen in a county that I lived in in North Carolina.
It was a largely rural county and there was an adjacent county to North Carolina, University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.
People started overflowing from that liberal bastion down into that county and took over a corner of that and it got very heavily populated.
And these people, who for the most part were very politically savvy, a lot of political science majors there at that university at UNC, what they decided to do first was to go from a situation where people were elected on a district basis, so they had broken the county into multiple districts, and they said, we're not going to do that anymore.
We're going to have at-large voting.
So we're going to have all the votes within the county just rolled into one.
And what they did next was out of this small, tiny geographical enclave where they had a high population density, they ran a full slate of candidates for the county commissioners.
And they won every single one.
And then what they did...
...was they dictated land use issues to these rural farmers who had been there for their families, in many cases, for hundreds of years in that area.
And it was an absolute travesty.
And so the purpose of the Electoral College is to maintain this division of power between the states, to have some power still residing in the states, which I think is a very healthy thing.
We have this division of power.
It's not simply a division between the executive, the judicial, and the legislative branches.
But it's also a division between the central government, the states, and the people.
That was the original design because our founders were concerned about the concentration of power.
And if you lose the Electoral College, you're going to have a concentration of power in a few cities.
And when we look at Agenda 21,
Think about what's going to happen.
You're going to have a, it's going to only accelerate that.
You're going to have a few megacities that are going to be even larger than LA, New York, and Chicago, and they are going to determine everything.
And think about how those people are going to be easily controlled.
So, David, listen to this.
I got something breaking off of Twitter.
North Carolina elections board extends voting in eight Durham precincts 20 to 60 minutes.
Durham is a Democratic stronghold with a large
Minority population.
That's a rig right there.
That's one of the ways that they're going to rig it is doing that and that's why the Trump campaign was suing in Nevada because they were doing this similar sort of thing.
That's what you see in the cities.
You see that kind of corruption and it's going to be the big cities that are going to run everything if you get rid of the Electoral College.
Here's another thing.
This is from Lee Camp who is not a big Trump fan at all, but a ballot production software in Ohio voting machines, oh, been turned off.
We don't need those, Pesky.
Well, and also, too, I want to bring everyone's attention back to this article that came out yesterday.
Leaked documents revealing expansive Soros funding to manipulate federal elections.
Okay, here once again is Soros and his money.
So he was moving hundreds of millions of dollars into secret efforts to change election laws, fuel litigation to attack election integrity measures, push public narratives about voter fraud, integrate the political ground game of the left.
So they were trying to use these efforts to scare racial minorities, telling them that their voting rights were threatened.
But here, like we're seeing with them getting these states to
Keep the polls open a little later if these states just so happen to be Democratic strongholds.
And it's like, look, if it's so close, why change the election rules today and this election when we know there's so much rigging going on, but these leaked documents reveal this deliberate and successful
I don't
Hillary Clinton's got a massive staff of people who are like working day and night to figure out how to get her elected and switch the votes and sway the, you know, manipulate the mainstream media.
Donald Trump didn't have anyone on his staff for quite some time and was able to get all of these people.
So look at the machine that we're up against here.
It looks like we have two counties left in Florida.
The New York Times has given Trump a 65% chance of winning Florida.
We're good to go.
Well, I gotta say this, the first order of business, regardless of who wins, and we ought to have Democrats join with us on this, in spite of what George Soros wants to do, we ought to have everybody say, can't we all agree that we want honest counting of the votes?
Can't you agree with that, Democrats?
I mean, can't Republicans and Democrats agree on that one thing?
And can't we say that there's absolutely no way you're going to be allowed to flip a paper ballot that is counted and monitored by humans?
So we need to expand the ability of humans to monitor what's going on.
We need to simplify it with simple paper ballots instead of these complicated machines that can be easily hacked, easily have viruses injected into them, as we pointed out, deliberately by systemic design, put in floating point numbers so that you can apply a percentage across the totals.
You know, when you look at computer programming, Rob and Leanne,
One of the things that has been around for decades is data types.
You know, you have, if you're filling out a form and you get a yes-no answer, you use a Boolean.
If you've got a text string, you have a text string.
Or you have numbers, they deliberately put them in as either integers or floating point numbers, depending on whether you want to be able to do, you know, you're counting something as an integer.
There's absolutely no reason that you would put floating point numbers in there.
And that's what the person who's working with Bev Harris saw.
She said, look, they're putting floating point numbers in here.
So that they can apply a percentage and round it off on these integer numbers.
If you were really trying to have a system that had integrity, the programmers should be fired if they allowed anything in there to touch the voter numbers that wasn't an integer.
That would keep that kind of error out, and that's what a good programmer would do.
They would use data types to keep that out.
But a fraudulent programmer would put in the stuff that would allow them to apply a spread, a percentage on these numbers.
And that's precisely what we've seen.
So we need to get rid of these voting machines.
I totally agree, David.
And what's funny is she went to a guy and said, hey, how would you do this if you were going to rig an election?
He goes, well, you know, and he sat and thought about it.
I would do it by percentages.
So this guy guessed on how they would do it.
And then they went and looked at the software and go, oh, look, here it is.
Here it is on all the software, on all the central tabulation stations, anything under JIMS, which is most of the United States at this point, the JIMS system, can be rigged in this fashion.
And we can't, I'm sorry, we can't trust all these people running the elections.
No, not at all.
Not at all.
And then David, kind of going back to what you were saying about Agenda 21 and these megacities and manipulating the vote in the future.
I mean, just take a look at what's going on in Texas because it keeps going back and forth, you know, blue to red, blue to red.
But if you zoom into the map here, you see it's the big cities that are the blue Democratic cities where they've worked really hard here in Austin.
I mean, you would be blacklisted if you dared come out for Trump here in Austin.
And I've been watching these elections for decades, and it's always the same situation in these Democrat states.
What happens is, all the people in the rural areas, they do their voting and they're able to submit all of their totals into the central accounting station, and the cities lay back, just like we're seeing with Durham and North Carolina.
The cities and the corrupt Democrat strongholds will lay back, not show their hand.
It's like a game of poker.
Okay, show me what you've got.
Oh, okay.
I need another ace.
And they pull it out of their sleeve and stick it on the stack.
And that's what they do.
They get you to show their numbers first.
That's what they would do back in the old days.
Of course, now they can rig things a lot more easily because we have these computer programs.
And as I was talking about earlier, when you've got something that's like a yes-no answer on a form,
You set that up as a Boolean so that as a programmer you're not going to have somebody put in a three, okay?
You're not going to get a third number in there that's going to create unpredictable results.
So that's something that programmers deliberately do with their data typing.
That's why that is such an obvious piece of fraud for them to put in floating point data types in there when it should be integers.
That's absolute dead giveaway and that's why we got to get rid of these machines.
We've got to go back to paper ballots and have a more open process of monitoring.
You saw that picture that I had earlier that was sent to me from the Hill County of Texas and it said, election officials this way and monitors that way.
So stay away from us.
Don't get close to us.
And that was a central counting station.
That is absolute fraud.
It is a misdemeanor to do that.
That is against the law to do that.
Right, well that's what Roger Stone was saying earlier when he was in studio, that they want to send the poll watchers out there, but when they actually go to look and see the ticket that's coming out of the machine or anything like that, they're getting yelled at by these election officials.
Sure, yeah, you're allowed to observe, but you have to observe from over there where you can't really see, maybe you need to bring some binoculars.
So it's just like you say, you know, the watchers this way, everybody else that way.
One last county yet to be counted, but everything else around this panhandle has been going for Trump.
People are saying the only thing that could happen is they're waiting to see what this county will vote for and then Broward County is going to suddenly manifest more votes.
I think her last name was Snipes.
Brenda Snipes, who is the Director of Elections there, was reportedly having meetings with Hillary Clinton.
Reportedly, a big Democrat supporter.
Absolutely that.
Lay down your cards, show me what you've got in your hand, and then we'll adjust accordingly.
What does it say for Broward over there?
I can't read that.
Over here, to your right.
What does it say?
Let me give you guys a news flash here, just so you know.
I've seen the computer logs.
This is how this place works.
Truly independent.
And the fact that we are like a homebrew operation, there's not any real formulae, is one of our strengths, also one of our big weaknesses.
I spent time the last hour with the IT department and they didn't feel like they'd bother me with the fact that we have a certified DDoS attack and other hack attacks going.
I was bitching saying, why aren't new articles we've done up on the site?
They're like, oh, we don't want to bother you.
We've been under a very sophisticated attack since last night, the same one that brought down WikiLeaks, and we've tracked it back to the same sources with our big IT companies.
Well, that might be news.
We don't want to be drama queens or anything, but the fact that
The fact that the globalists are trying to shut us in WikiLeaks Town, what does that tell you?
They're about to steal the election votes.
And they don't want anybody to know about it.
And they don't want us to be able to counter minute by minute.
And Twitter also.
I'm very, very proud of everybody.
But Roger Stone's back.
I'm going to go in there and break this down.
But this is certified.
See, millions of visitors are coming every day.
People say, oh, big traffic, you know, you've been hacked.
No, this isn't big traffic.
This is thousands of zombie computers, you name it.
It's definitely a major attack and it's the same people that attack Wakey Lakes.
You better believe they're attacking drugs right now.
You better believe they're attacking WorldNet, Daily, and Breitbart.
And believe me, Trump is way ahead ten points in these battlegrounds.
He was five points ahead three days ago.
He has had a, they've had a collapse.
This happened with Reagan.
They are stealing it right now.
You can bet your bottom dollar.
And because we can't even post InfoWars or other sites, okay?
We can't counter it.
And I want to give you the other news.
I don't want to get into this yet, but it looks like they're locking us out of other social media things we have.
It's a concerted
Direct attack, folks.
That tells you the Steel's in.
Stand by.
I'm about to go live.
Stay with us.
You heard it here first.
We've been hacked since last night.
Yeah, nobody wanted to tell me.
The point is I looked at all the logs.
It's going on.
So there you go.
We're being hacked.
WikiLeaks is being hacked.
Anybody putting out the truth.
And WikiLeaks was being hacked before.
Now look, they finally called all the counties.
Now we're going to wait and see what happens in Broward.
Do they put out more boats?
McAdoo, right there.
What's the percentage reporting there in Broward County?
Hillary, 29.
Percentage reporting.
Trump and Broward, yes.
Percentage reporting, it doesn't say, it just says 69 Hillary, 29 Donald.
Let's take a snapshot of that.
70% reporting.
Yeah, for the whole state of Florida.
Alright, yeah, so they're calling these counties before all the votes come in.
Right now, Trump has sewed up the rest of the counties, but they're just going to wait and see and let this simmer for a while and let people think he's going to win and then boom, they're going to flip the switch.
And at that point, we may go dark at that point, people.
And if we go dark, we're going to switch to backup systems that we have.
They're not going to keep us silent.
I can tell you that right now.
We will get out.
We will get the word out.
It is more important than ever that you go to Infowars.com forward slash show, spread that link around, spread the link around Infowars.com forward slash election, go to our Facebook feed, go to our YouTube feed, because if they start locking us out of some of these feeds, we may have others that keep going.
We also have, we have two YouTube feeds going out right now, one at the Alex Jones Channel and one at Prison Planet.
So in fact I'm gonna go make sure both of those are active right now and go get an update on that and I'm gonna I'll be right back I'm gonna join you.
McAdoo you keep going.
Okay so yeah that's what we've kind of been looking at the reporters here today wondering you know what was going on with some of the articles weren't being refreshed weren't being updated trying to update our electoral map and that too.
We were having to change the preferences on the computer, so all of these telltale signs that we thought maybe the site was just getting heavier traffic than usual, I had no idea.
I guess they were trying to keep that on the DL for whatever reason.
But yes, as we can see, this map is changing in real time.
David Knight, I know that you've been majorly skeptical this entire time, and you're not really one to make
Any judgments, any guesses as to what's going to happen here?
But, you know, what do you think?
Well, I'm very skeptical of what will be happening in North Carolina, as I said before.
But let me give you some information about what this election is really about.
We had an article today, earlier, from the Daily Caller.
It was via Drudge Report.
Leaked Bill Clinton speech, he says Obama years left no hope for white working class.
And I would say for the black working class either, because their metrics are down through the Obama years as well.
This is something that didn't come out earlier, just came out today.
And they point out, they say the economic stagnancy of the Obama years is to blame for plummeting life expectancy rates among whites.
And among working-class Americans.
Bill Clinton, who privately told Democratic donors that lower-income whites don't have anything to look forward to when they get up in the morning, he made the remarks while speaking in November of 2015, a year ago.
He said this.
It's just coming out today.
It was a closed-door fundraiser for Hillary Clinton in Ohio.
And what he said was, he said, the gap between African Americans and whites is closing.
But unfortunately, not because the death rate among African Americans is dropping, but because the death rate among white Americans is rising.
He said, why?
Bill Clinton said because they don't have anything to look forward to when they get up in the morning because their lives are sort of stuck in neutral.
And here's the other side of that equation, okay?
This story also that was on Drudge Report today from CNS News.
Government workers now outnumber manufacturing workers by 10 million.
We have 10 million more government workers than we do people who are actually making useful stuff that improves our lives.
And it's even worse than that.
In the last month, in October, we lost 9,000 manufacturing jobs, but we gained 19,000 jobs in government.
More than 2 to 1 in government.
And what does government manufacture?
That's what they're manufacturing.
They're manufacturing regulations, taxes, to keep us down, to control us, to rob us.
That's what government is doing.
They're not producing anything useful.
They're producing chains for us.
As we lose our ability to create, as we lose our ability to work, they're looking both Democrats and Republicans at the very top.
Understand, it's not just Elon Musk that's talking about this.
When this came up this summer with Switzerland and they had the referendum on whether or not they were going to give people a basic income, in other words, put everyone in the country on a form of welfare, and they rejected that, fortunately, this time.
But it's going to happen if we keep going down this path.
And you have to understand that even the Republicans at the top, people like Charles Murray, who in the 1980s was part of the movement.
He wrote Losing Ground, which was used by the policy makers under Ronald Reagan to do welfare reform and so forth and so on.
He was pointing out that the welfare system had eviscerated the black middle class, just like the reservation system destroyed American Indians.
But these same people, even Charles Murray, is now talking about the necessity of a universal basic income to put all of us, all of us,
On a welfare plantation.
A reservation.
That's what Agenda 21 is.
That's what they have in mind for us in the future.
If we don't do a rollback, if we don't get control of this situation, that's what the establishment with Hillary Clinton wants.
That's why we're seeing these kind of results out of North Carolina.
That's why they're stealing the election in North Carolina.
That is an absolute fraud.
I will not believe that.
As I said before, it was Obama that turned North Carolina thoroughly Republican.
And the early metrics that we saw were all showing that Donald Trump was way outperforming Mitt Romney four years ago, and Mitt Romney won North Carolina.
So now all of a sudden, they've flipped that narrative, just as we see when they rig the elections.
People being up by 10 points, and all of a sudden, oh, the voting machines went down.
Now you're behind 10 points.
We've just changed places with people.
Right, and Dinesh D'Souza did an excellent job of kind of breaking that all down and explaining how that works and being able to just trick people year after year after year into voting for government to take care of you to the point where now people have no idea how to take care of themselves.
That's right.
They're going to make us dependent upon them, and that's the whole point.
And if you look at the reservation system with the American Indians, they made it impossible for them to live, to produce their own goods, to be self-sufficient.
They made that impossible for them.
They superimposed this massive welfare system and a corrupt bureaucracy to rule them and confine them.
To a physical area.
That's what Agenda 21 is about.
Confining us into the megacities.
Imposing this corrupt bureaucracy on us.
Making it impossible for us to be self-sufficient and putting us on welfare.
I just got a text from a good friend of mine in Pennsylvania who's a big Trump supporter.
And he says, I'm very afraid our children and grandchildren will be studying the Bill of Rights as an archaic curiosity.
Yes, they're already trying to push that narrative as well.
It's just so frightening to me what is going to happen.
I know we have a lost generation, but they've done a lot of reports where the children, I guess the youngest of the Millennials and those after them are trending much more conservative than the Millennials have.
So it's kind of turned around and pushed back against them.
They're always going to have a reaction.
It's like, whoa, it's gone too left, too aggressive.
We'll be too late by the time the reaction happens.
We're definitely going to have a lost generation.
And here's something coming out of the L.A.
Well, earlier we did a report about one dead, multiple people shot near a polling station.
They've arrested a heavily armed assailant, one open fire.
So they said there was one
Female suspect who was heavily armed, but several witnesses interviewed said the shooter was a man.
So no updates there as of yet, but it's very interesting that that happened today near a polling place.
Some other stories are saying the LAPD is actually prepping for riot mode in some neighborhoods if Donald Trump wins.
So we know this is very volatile situation and regardless of who wins, I mean on either side people are going to be really upset with the results.
Alright, we're gonna go to break with our 52-hour coverage and we'll be right back after this short message with Alex Jones, hopefully.
Yeah, I'm right here!
Thousands of years ago, there was a basic form of chivalry.
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I mean, I saw it with my own two eyes.
I said you're part of Crowley's operation.
I can see it.
I can smell it.
But I was also told it.
And I'm on record saying it.
It's hard to beat somebody that evil.
November 7th, 2016.
Less than 24 hours out.
That's right, that's what we said yesterday on air.
Another promo, I'm gonna play after this one though from today.
The long, dark night of tyranny.
The long, dark night of tyranny.
Roger Stone's going to be joining us coming up here today.
He's here in studio, very exhausted, but still cogent.
I'm pretty tired as well.
And I'm not going to get down by what we're seeing happening, but I'm pretty sure of what we're witnessing.
Trump should be winning these battleground states by 5 to 10 points.
That's what huge indexes of even cooked polls show.
But he's not.
He's very close or he's losing.
And that's because we're a conquered nation.
We are a nation run by foreign banks.
We are a nation of schmucks.
And I don't say that like I'm putting you down or myself down.
I want to admit the place we're at on November 8th, 2016.
They tried to rig everything and they failed.
They've had more defeats than we've ever seen.
Now I'm going to play a John Bowne report.
We're going to come back and re-intro all this.
We're going to relaunch here.
John Bowne just filed a new report today.
Great researcher, great journalist.
Apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.
His dad's a famous Peabody award-winning AP journalist.
Back when we still had an Associated Press in this country that wasn't run by the Communist Chinese.
That's who runs it, basically.
That's who runs us now.
They've got the people, they're dedicated, they're working hard, and they stick together, and we're over.
They run Hillary, she wears male outfits on TV.
We're going to air this, so vote for Hillary, so vote for Lucifer.
We're going to come back and introduce here on November 8, 2016, the Worldwide Broadcast.
And we've got a skeleton crew here, doing a great job by the way.
We're teleprompter free, and we're going to go over the latest numbers.
I have all the folders here, just printed off minutes ago, the latest numbers.
Trump is having such a landslide, he could still pull it out, because they're having to cheat precinct by precinct.
If they start doing early projections in the next hour, and if they just say it's over for Trump, then we know the fix is in.
They've been doing that for a year.
They've been doing it all day on Fox and CNN.
I was in there 30 minutes ago, 45 minutes ago with Derren McBrain, looking at news articles, looking at the numbers and watching Fox News with Karl Rove and others, and I thought I was watching CNN.
How he hates women, how he's losing, how he's got an uphill battle.
We have been so captured.
But we are a nation of self-aggrandizing, decadent jackasses.
We are not even a shadow of our forebears.
And look, there's a lot of great people in this country of every color and every region.
But none of us can lie.
The strongest of us are pathetic compared to our ancestors.
And they were in harder times.
Prosperity makes monsters.
Adversity makes men, as Victor Hugo said in the French statement, and philosopher.
And it really is true.
I can't bring myself to feed on the public.
If I did, I'd be 20 times more powerful.
I mean, being a good guy, we're changing the world and are contenders with the globalists, but I mean, if I didn't give a damn and just screwed everybody and played into all their BS, you know, I'd be running the show.
No doubt.
We're on the show.
But I don't do that.
But the slaves that are dumbed down look at me with hate like I'm losing when they're the ones that are losing.
I'm gonna be just fine.
This system's designed for smart people.
You're not.
And I'll tell you something, I went to two different polling places today.
They wouldn't let me vote at one because I wanted to have a camera or something to another.
That's all on Facebook mentions.
About 300,000 viewers last time I checked.
And man, I saw white women, I saw Hispanic women, I saw black women proudly walking in, looking at me and just shaking their head.
They were gonna have a big win with a lady that stole the money from Haiti and a lady that destroyed the Middle East and a lady that hurt so many others.
They're into identity politics just like the KKK.
Just like the KKK are poor and stupid and used, so were they.
And I realized, thank God, I'm not with them.
Because they're losers.
It's been so clear that Donald Trump was the real deal.
It's been so clear.
And they're not even saying he's losing.
But man, I can see the scripting.
And maybe he'll pull it out.
But I look at how Christians in the West
Ended slavery, tried to end sexism, and tried to build everybody up, and the very people we tried to build up just role-reversed with the Christians who tried to end all the tyranny.
And they reversed and said, you're the slave now, you're the subhuman, you're the reason there's problems, you're the white male, you're the Christian, and we're just standing here going, I just wanted freedom.
They say it's over.
Heil Hitler.
and blow you away.
As they destroy the West, it's like a tectonic spaceship on the planet that creates the science, the technology, the wealth that cares about people, that wants to build.
No one else does.
It's all barbarism and be for yourself and it's all gone.
I'm not going to prey on you, but I've got to pull back.
I've got to isolate myself and just let you kill yourself.
Okay, you want squalor and death?
I'm sorry, the vampires will now have you.
I'm sorry.
It's what you wanted.
I'm sorry.
You won't get tax cuts, you won't get prosperity, but you'll get
CNN and NPR telling you how you're in charge and you'll drive around your car in a fantasy that you're in charge.
So you're about 40 as a woman and then they'll try to find a man and men won't want to be with you because they're scared and then they were never made to be men.
They don't want a commitment.
Plus you don't want one either.
So you'll just be all alone.
It won't matter.
Then you'll become old and worship the state and your body will be put into liquid acid and dissolved for fertilizer to grow the elite's crops.
And you never existed.
Your entire genetic line, all your ancestors will die with you.
But you weren't the villain.
You were just the species women being killed.
So, this grave marker for your death and the Xenocide of the planet will be your victory as you die full of morphine, worshipping Satan.
And so it's kind of true.
Perception is reality.
For the slave.
That you never existed.
And you took the renaissance.
And you threw it away.
And you attacked your own species.
And you joined with the corporate state and the lies.
You worship Al-Qaeda.
You worship ISIS.
You worship Burkas.
You worship anything destructive of the West.
Because the West is such a beautiful goddess, you were ashamed of yourself.
I was there.
I saw what you did at the start.
I saw what you did in other times, other places.
And I see you do it here again.
Truth is, I was just here to give you the opportunity.
Not perfect, but just a free will.
You didn't take it.
You chose death.
And it's death you will not receive.
The planet might die in nuclear war.
You will love it as it happens.
I understand that.
I understand who you've chosen.
I get it.
You're a beautiful loser.
You weren't meant to ascend to the stars.
I understand.
Now, that's only one perspective.
This could be controverted.
And in the greater scheme, we're dividing the wheat from the chaff that goes from the sheep here.
This is the Great Awakening.
It's epic.
It's huge.
It's massive.
Just don't anoint yourselves when you worship the state as if you're a god.
But you're the opposite of that.
Now, I'm going to restart the transmission, and then we're going to go about 10 minutes and bring Roger Stone in here, who's flown to Austin to break this down, the latest numbers coming in.
Trump can still win.
I'm telling you, the massive scripting in the media shows they're going to announce he's lost.
There'll be a big, epic confrontation now.
They'll say it never existed.
How insane!
The fact that he predicted it will be used against him as if that was wrong.
The fact that there's dead people having folks voting their names all over the country and it's all for Democrats being caught won't matter.
The fact that they rigged the polls and rigged the taking of the nomination for Bernie Sanders, none of that will matter.
The fact that Veritas caught them all on tape admitting the fraud, none of that matters.
The fact that it's in the WikiLeaks, that doesn't matter.
Because see, we're in a world where everything was provided and only in a place that the West produced so much wealth
That it created nests for disconnected, lazy dumbasses to then sit around and defecate all over everything that was built for you.
When it was a launch pad in the allegory from Krypton that is going to implode, that is an egg, that is a launch base, you'd rather piss all over it, not launch,
In some fantasy land you live in.
So you do that.
But here's a good little news for you.
Those of us that do want to develop and do want to transcend, you're not going to stop us.
So get that through your head.
I don't hate you.
I've tried to lift you up.
But you don't want to be lifted up.
You can't handle the truth.
You don't want the truth.
You don't know the truth when someone's looking right at you that wants to empower you.
You'd rather listen to people when the WikiLeaks have been shown to you biblically.
The evil has been shown how they hate you, how they want to bankrupt you, how they think you're dumb, how they think you're scum.
Here's the problem though.
Our forbearers thought you were something.
They set up a system where you could vote!
And now in an abomination, you use that power to turn us into your slaves.
Well, here's the news, jackass.
We're not going to be Hillary's slaves and the ruling class' slaves.
And we're not going to be the slaves of you either.
Those of you above, those of you below, are all the same damn thing.
You will go into where you're leaving!
Not us!
I understand you hate strength and beauty.
Because you're ugly.
Now, let's go ahead and play a beautiful thing that John Bowne did, a beautiful person, of who you're voting for, and who your God is.
And there will come a time, if you haven't lost every ounce of your soul, that you're gonna cry out to God, and God's gonna say, I came knocking on your door a million times, and you laughed at me.
You've been in love with something else your whole life.
And this is a love affair.
And so, I'm not gonna get in bed with you.
Because you don't love the spirit of justice.
You love your father the devil.
You love death more than life.
So you go with your father forever.
And that's hell.
Separation from God.
You go.
I know the devil well enough to know I don't want to be around it.
You fools have no idea the plane you're existing on and where you're going.
This life is like a intermission.
It's nothing.
Eternity is forever.
Here's John Bowne's report.
In the Old Testament of the Bible, the book of Proverbs 1320 reads, he that walketh with wise men shall be wise, but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.
Without further ado, I would like to introduce to you the next president of the United States,
And there she was, hubris-riddled Hillary Clinton and her crony crew celebrating a hard-fought, fraudulent campaign promising certain doom for the American Republic.
I am so, so very proud to be here today.
Making it abundantly clear that this Christian nation will be transferred to a much darker power, a power where Hillary's spiritual allegiance lies.
Surrounding herself throughout the campaign with Hillary Clinton's spiritual base, Luciferians.
I'm with her.
You're also cousins with Madonna.
That's true.
Screenshots we've got from last night's Super Bowl performance by Madonna.
And then you can also Google image search for yourself and type in Baphomet.
And of course we see that Madonna is dressed up as Baphomet.
She's sitting on the throne of Baphomet.
She's got the horns.
Later on, she's got the hand gestures of Baphomet.
This is the idol that the American people during Super Bowl halftime show are being told to worship.
So, who's Baphomet?
Baphomet is an idol used by Satanists to represent the devil.
Madonna, one of the whores of Hollywood, one of the biggest pop culture prostitutes on our planet, who is now promising to give every single man who votes for Hillary Clinton oral sex.
Let's have the dancing grandma explain it in her own words.
If you vote for Hillary Clinton, I will give you a whistle.
You'll have as much say as any billionaire.
Or you can just cancel out your weird cousin's vote, if you like.
Because remember, it's not where you come from, it's what you grow into.
So here's how I'm going to use my voice.
I'm going to vote for Hillary Clinton.
But it didn't work out, so I sold my soul to the devil.
What I'm asking you is to be in this moment right now with us and fight for your future and the future of our children.
If you don't get this right now, I swear to Lucifer, I'm gonna, you know, I'm gonna get a little bit mad.
Remember, folks, a vote for Hillary is a vote for a decades-old international child sex trafficking ring, blood sacrifices, a headlong plunge into the United Nations Agenda 2030, and if we're all lucky, World War III.
But most importantly, a vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton is a vote for Hillary's personal hero, Lucifer.
Now, one of the things that I have learned about Hillary Clinton is that one of her heroes,
We're good to go.
The original radical who gained his own kingdom.
Now think about that.
This is a nation where our founding document, the Declaration of Independence, talks about certain inalienable rights that come from our creator.
So are we willing to elect someone as president who has as their role model somebody who acknowledges Lucifer?
Think about that!
John Bowne for InfoWars.com
Look, I'm not a fablist.
But I am a realist.
And I've been looking at the internal polls.
I've been looking at the public polls.
Trump was a few points ahead in the last week.
Last day, it really shifted 5, 6, 7, 8 points ahead.
That was admitted.
And I'm looking at DrugsReport.com right now.
I'm here with Roger Stone, former head of the Trump campaign.
The only guy, I guess, of the plumbers with Nixon that didn't go to prison or get convicted.
He's a famous guy.
And I want to say clearly, in the nine campaigns you've been involved with and four presidents you've worked for, I think we didn't prescript this.
You're here in Austin with us the next two days.
I think this is probably more activity and more earth-changing events than all of them combined.
Well, it's certainly more exciting than anything I've been involved in.
And I like being here on InfoWars because I'm talking to our people.
Because they can't get the truth from the mainstream media.
They have to come here, or Breitbart, or Town Hall.
Just a handful of outlets where they can find out what's really happening.
That's not it.
Two days ago you said, I don't want to come down there for the thing.
And I said, well, I'm honored.
You've got media chasing you around.
I mean, literally a paparazzi.
So why'd you choose InfoWars?
Because it's uncensored?
Because the feedback that I get when I'm with you, Alex, it just blows your mind.
So, for example, I did an interview with BBC earlier, and the announcer says, there's no results from Georgia, that's very bad news for Donald Trump.
Very bad news.
Trump is going to kick her ass in Georgia.
What kind of disinformation is that?
Yeah, it's a conservative state.
There was never any chance that she was going to win it, but it's typical of the disinformation that is just spewing from the mainstream media outlets.
If you only listened to CNN, you'd have a very, very skewed view of what's happening in this election.
I want to get into the numbers, because Matt is the expert here.
He's such an amazing producer.
He can bring up anything he wants in there, come in.
Again, I'm not a rocket scientist, but I get up this morning, I got up at 4 a.m.
before I even worked out, and I spent two hours ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC.
What scared me was all the same headlines, the same order, Trump's going to lose, blah, blah, blah, going to lose his state, this is why.
And so what freaked me out was, it was the most script that I saw, they were clearly
They were clearly getting people ready for a Trump defeat, but all the metrics show to win.
So I came in pessimistically and I said, go vote, be involved, but this doesn't look good.
I'm a layman, I'm not an old hand like you, but is that instinct right?
Polling this late in a campaign with an electorate this volatile is directional.
It's not about whether Trump is up two points or four points or six points, it's the direction it's been moving.
Which is clearly for him.
Consistently for two weeks this race has been moving his way.
The big announcement by James Comey, who can't seem to decide where he is on the questions of her illegal activities,
Did not have the desired effect.
There was no break in his momentum.
And therefore, it is logical to believe that he's still going to sweep a bunch of these states that are still on the board.
I have to believe that when we investigate the results on a precinct by precinct basis, you're going to have irregularities because he was clearly on a course to win this race.
And again, you are the eternal pessimist.
You've been saying he's a little behind for months.
We don't just make this up.
I mean, I was on the fence the last few elections because I don't like the Republicans.
God, look at them trying to sabotage Trump.
This is so clear.
I'm just telling viewers what we see and I concur with you.
That he's on track to win.
It's been a real shift the last four or five days.
They admitted that, but now I'm looking at the numbers, and it's neck and neck.
So we're looking at DrudgeReport.com, which you said you think's got some of the best breakdown of all this.
Infowars.com has as well, but Drudge just lends to the format here.
We're looking at DrudgeReport.com.
We've got it on screen both places here.
Roger, take over.
What do you make of this?
Because I said, you know, when you got back tonight after doing a bunch of interviews, like 20 of them, you said, I said,
What do you think?
You said, looks like they're stealing it.
The numbers don't add up.
So as an expert, flesh this out for us.
Well, let's look at Florida, for example, where you have essentially a dead heat with Trump up by one point.
Now, I've examined these results.
It is true that Hillary Clinton ran the kind of race she needed to have in Broward and Miami-Dade County, but
The overall turnout in Palm Beach is light.
Turnout in the panhandle appears to be heavy and we're still waiting for parts of I-4.
I believe at the end of the day Trump will squeeze Florida out.
Crucial to any game plan that could conceivably get him to... And the demographics show he better win it or there's chicanery?
Well, we have numerous complaints already out of Broward County.
Oh, we're getting thousands of emails and videos of vote flipping.
We don't have the riders.
Oh, I forgot.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I get so in the war.
Let me make this big announcement.
Everybody, when their website goes down, claims it's a hack.
They don't tell me this because we've had DOS attacks and zombie attacks and denial of service and slowloris and everything else you can imagine.
My IT folks are like, please don't talk about those hacks.
That's what they want.
Please don't talk about it.
This is the biggest we've ever seen.
It's the same thing Wikileaks got hit with last night.
We were hitting down.
Paul couldn't post this morning because he's in England six hours ahead, seven hours ahead, Paul Watson.
We are under the total attack.
Infowars.com, for four hours, is completely shut down.
It's still up for some people, but we can't get on it.
And let me just announce, it ain't the Russians.
So, you got Wikileaks, you got us getting hit, and we're so in this fight, we're being shelled, and not even telling you, oh by the way, one of the main resistance bases, and believe me, if we're getting hit, you better believe Drudge is, you better believe Breitbart is, you better believe this is going on.
This is the biggest attack
I'd love to believe we had 10 million visitors a minute.
This is not happening.
We're being attacked, and I don't want to get into the details, I don't mean to talk about it, but there's squirrely stuff inside going on.
So, this is serious.
We know that they've penetrated, and it just shows you where we are.
They don't want us, whatever's coming in the next few hours, to be able to post Infowars.com.
So we're on third-party sites like Facebook, like YouTube, and live video streams.
that are harder for them to shut down.
But Roger, I forgot, while you were busy in the green room getting ready after the rain out there, now it's pouring down, to tell you that.
What do you make of that calculus before we get into the latest numbers?
Well, to add to that, we at StopTheSteal.org had a DOS attack today at 4 o'clock.
This is the second one we've experienced in two weeks.
And you've been hacked in your bank account?
This is a testimony to our effectiveness.
They would not be bothering if this wasn't
Uh, you know, resistance central, and if they did not, uh, if they weren't concerned, that patriots are going to get their news here, and therefore it's easier to pull off what they're trying to pull.
But it freaks me out, meaning they're planning something.
I agree, but they're planning something big tonight, then.
You have been saying for months, if Hillary is elected, they are going to try to close Infowars down, they're going to try to close Drudge down, they're going to try to close Stone Cold Truth down.
I think we are establishing ourselves as leaders for the resistance.
And that's why we must be silenced, but we won't be silenced.
And again, I've never on air in 21 years bragged, I don't want this position.
I know you've got a lot of stuff.
You don't want to do this anymore.
It's a fight.
We're fighters.
We can't stop.
Trump can't stop.
Drugs can't stop.
Ladies and gentlemen, I didn't check with Zimmerman, who added it up this morning, because he'd only done Facebook, and it was like 7, 8 million.
Then I went and checked the others.
It was 18 million views in the first 24 hours, 11 a.m.
to 11 a.m.
today, like at 1030.
I haven't checked the numbers yet, but they're exponentially bigger.
We could be looking at 30, 40, 50 million viewers tomorrow since the election started the last day or so.
CNN, Fox, they don't have these numbers.
And for me, I'm pinching myself when even the Washington Post goes and does an analysis of Infowars and says, and also the Statesman last week, they go, it's true, there's nothing bigger than Infowars, he's not a kook, he's dangerous.
So the Democratic Party publications from Media Matters to the Washington Post to Salon, but the big one, Mother Jones, that Obama reads every day, are saying,
The joke's over, we must shut Jones down.
So, she said that about all media, they've said that about you, they said we got you kicked out, you know, MVP, that came out in the Veritas, from the White House run Media Matters.
It's not about us, but we have to announce, we're like the frontline base being blown to hell right now.
People need to understand, this is real.
I mean, normally in a war, if America's being overrun, we're just promoting lower taxes and freedom.
People come to our aid, and you are, but this isn't just like, it's media we're watching.
This is a war.
Go ahead.
I'm not bragging, but a woman came up to me on the street today and said, you and James O'Keefe and Alex Jones are the front line.
God bless you, we're counting on you.
I mean, it really touched me, because, and I'm proud of what I've done here, because the two-party duopoly, the establishment that has run this country into the ground, this is their last hurrah.
Perhaps Hillary Clinton does pull this election off tonight.
But this is not the end.
This is just the beginning.
They're exposed.
The rise of Trump within the Republican Party shows that they can be beaten.
Anyone who thinks Trump is just going to take his marbles and disappear doesn't understand he'll be back to defeat TPP.
He'll be back to take the lead.
And he's been saying that.
So he's not going anywhere.
He's the voice of the new movement.
And the movement will not change.
So just as after the nomination of Barry Goldwater, when the party regulars said, well, the party's got that out of the way, we can go back to nominating reliable moderates who will act like Democrats.
The indelible changes that Trump has brought to the party are just that.
They're not going to change.
We're going to go from being the Wall Street, K Street party back to being a mainstream party.
The Republican Party will be the party of liberty.
The party that ended slavery, the party that passed civil rights, the party that shut down the KKK, and then these asshole KKK people switched it around and blamed it on us.
Anybody who thinks the Republican Party is going to nominate another Bush, say George P. Bush, guess again.
No, they admit, they say, Drudge and Alex Jones, and adding you as well, but Trump, have possessed the Republican Party.
We haven't possessed.
We're here covering real issues.
You know, when they say Obamacare is free, we show you a clip later saying it isn't free.
All we do is easy stuff.
They operate like we're in a vacuum.
Rank-and-file Republicans have figured out that they've been taken to the cleaners by the globalists.
They gave the Bushes their votes and what do we get?
A crashed economy, endless foreign war, erosion of our civil liberties, bailouts for the Bushes' friends on Wall Street, and a foreign policy that is clearly designed
To aid our enemies and undermine our friends around the globe.
Republicans are fed up with it.
They're not going to put up with it again.
I agree, and I've been a big enemy for the Republicans.
Not a Democrat, but I hated both parties.
But I'll be honest, the Republicans really pissed me off.
I thought of the Democrats more like morons.
The average Democrat who is going along with this, there's a lot of them like Beth Harris, people that are great folks, and Julian Assange is a liberal.
But when I look at
The Michael Moores abandoning the hard workers, the steel workers, the auto workers, endorsing TPP, endorsing globalism, betraying people.
It's like, it hurts me to see how nasty they are and how disingenuous and how mercenary.
No, I think it's even worse than that.
If you are not for thermonuclear war with the Russians,
Then you're a traitor to the United States.
You're obviously in the employ of the Russkies.
You're reporting directly to Putin.
This is an insult.
In the 30s and in the 50s, when conservatives accused liberals of treason, they went out of their minds.
But now, if you are not for war over Syria, where we have no friends on either side, then you must be an asset of the Russians.
And we're back on the wrong people.
So I want to go to the numbers here.
We're not saying Trump's lost.
Trump surged.
He was four or five points ahead, depending on the polls, six, seven, eight points, depending on the regional poll, depending on the battleground.
Just go over all that.
You've got control of the computer over there, Roger.
Show people the document you have shot.
Trying to get us to... I don't know if it's shut down or something, but here we go.
There it is.
There it is.
But, let me fix it for you.
So, we got a drudge for you.
So, all of this is happening, all of this is unfolding.
What do you, just as an analyst, let's say you're briefing Trump right now, you're briefing the American people, why are you worried here?
Because, again, not a rocket scientist, North Carolina, neck and neck,
They're claiming she's winning by 10 points.
I mean, this just doesn't make sense.
Well, there's one state that is not listed here that is a concern of mine, and that is Nevada.
I have a hard time getting Trump to 240 in my internal count without Nevada and New Hampshire.
If these numbers are correct,
New Hampshire appears to be out of reach.
I do have to point out that Corey Lewandowski and his associates ran the New Hampshire campaign.
New Hampshire was always winnable, does not look good for Donald Trump right now.
Nevada is a place where the unions and Harry Reid have perfected the art in Clark County of vote stealing.
It is a place where they're exceedingly well organized.
The Trump primary group from Americans for Prosperity was left in place there.
I don't think they're the best and the brightest.
That is an area of concern to me.
The good news, the folks running Florida for Donald Trump know what they are doing.
These are hardened veterans who know the state and know the game.
I spoke to one of them only minutes ago before coming on.
They're still confident they will pull it out.
So, there is a race ahead, according to them, almost a million votes.
So, and that's on CNN, all of it.
What about Pennsylvania?
What about Ohio?
What about New York?
Obviously, he's popular in New York, but everybody's Democrats there anyways.
I mean, what are we seeing here?
Pennsylvania should not even be in play.
Pennsylvania is the fool's gold of Republican politics.
George W. Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney.
They're famously still Philadelphia.
They mounted enormous expensive efforts and they always fall short.
The problem has been that the margin that the Democrats run up in the city of Philadelphia is not offset by the counties around Philadelphia which have been moving left in recent elections.
Once reliable Republican territory no longer is the case.
Trump has an appeal in the western part of the state, in Allegheny County, in Democratic strongholds that are union and white, but patriotic, that no Republican has had in recent years.
Add to that that David Urban, who is a battle-hardened West Point graduate, a veteran of Capitol Hill, one of the best political operatives I know, has whipped an operation into shape in record time there, and Pennsylvania is competitive.
So is it a dark horse that even if they steal some other states might come in?
What are others like Michigan?
Michigan is the other state where there appears to be some life.
Right now Trump is leading in Michigan.
Despite our midnight deal and all that.
And Steve Bannon convinced Donald Trump to make a late play for Michigan.
I'm convinced this was a solid decision.
Look, political strategy by definition
Is knowing what votes you have, and figure out how to maximize them.
And figure out what votes you can get, and what messages can be used to get them.
And by the way, we've got electoral votes right now, according to the New York Times, which again, will always bait you in early before they steal it.
Because Romney clearly, like Trump said, won four years ago.
I don't think he liked Romney.
God, I didn't even promote him, because he was just like, you know.
But with Trump, it's such a difference.
129 electorally, 97 to Clinton.
But again, that can be deceiving.
I just go with my gut and the pre-programming of even Fox News.
I was watching Fox News earlier.
Me and McBrain were in there.
We were doing research and I felt depressed.
I mean, it was like CNN.
I mean, it was just... Yeah, there has been a coup there.
When Roger Ailes was removed, this was a political coup.
This was Rupert's sons asserting themselves so they can join the globalist agenda.
So what has happened?
Fox has become boring.
And they've lost half their ratings on Key Demographics.
And therefore, the folks there that are my friends, Jeanine Pirro, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Sean Hannity, they won't be there long because they're patriots.
They take what we're doing as honesty and make it like we're dirty.
Of course, if they steal it from Trump, he's going to fight again.
It wasn't his plan to have a network.
Which I probably won't even be on.
I've got my own thing, folks.
I've told Trump, hey, you can't pay me enough.
I've got my own operation.
The point is, is that they go, oh, it was a plan to launch his own network.
If they steal it, he gets all the real patriots, we take over the entire media and kick their ass.
We don't give up.
It's not like he ran just to launch a network.
If he loses and can't be the president, he will continue to defend the republic.
Well, if he just went back to his mansion, went back to the golf course, went back to his multi-billion dollar business, they would say, oh, he ran away.
This was all just a... He's not running away.
This was all just a vanity and... Pure presidential material.
What's he going to do?
Now when he comes back and says, OK, I'm going to communicate.
I'm going to keep punching.
I'm going to find a forum under which I can lead this fight.
Now they say, oh, you see, he was just in it to build a business.
He can't win.
The truth is,
He's changed the face of politics.
He's not going away.
He's going to be around to lead this fight.
My gut told me sign on a year and a half ago.
It's never been wrong and I am just so proud of Trump.
I mean, I've got to say it.
He has been through hell.
He's the clear winner in all these polls and right now he's ahead.
And I just can't help but go with my subconscious, which isn't my gut, it's just my brain.
I can't articulate all of why I see a steal.
It's just that I see states he should be way ahead, stuff happening.
I see media saying he's going to lose.
I see Fox like it's CNN.
Maybe I'm wrong, because they said he couldn't win the nomination.
They said all this other stuff, so maybe, maybe they're that weak.
And I see them hoping for something, but maybe his win's so big, they can't stop it.
Then what happens?
They've got the Soros Cribs ready.
So let's play through different scenarios.
Take over.
Yeah, look, I think it's a little early for us to identify a doomsday scenario.
We don't know these results yet, and we don't know the specifics.
What's your gut tell you?
Well, my gut tells me there's a steal here, but as you pointed out, we are inundated, as we are in my shop, with people writing in, calling in, emailing, texting, that they have seen impropriety.
They've arrested people everywhere, admittedly, voting repeatedly.
Goddamn Democrats.
Try to find that on CNN.
I apologize.
Try to find that on CNN.
Try to find it on Fox.
Try to find it on JudgeReport.com.
You're not going to see that in the mainstream media.
Why don't I have a love affair with Drudge?
It's not that Drudge... I loved Drudge before he ever linked to us ten years ago.
It's that I can go there and see what's really happening.
It's not like it's his opinion.
He just links to all of it.
I like his hat myself.
I'm sorry, go ahead, keep going.
So the point here, of course, is that it's going to take some time because the mainstream media is not going to report the improprieties.
They're not going to report what's going on in the polls in terms of either voter fraud or vote manipulation.
It is up to us to make that case.
That's why I founded Stop the Steal.
That's why I'm still hopeful that we are going to be able to show you, precinct by precinct,
The exit polls and the machinery zones, and there's a disparity.
And that's what I saw him spitting today, like, Trump's already got lawyers ready to file suit.
As if there wasn't election fraud in contested elections before.
They just act like the public are idiots, and the question is, it's kind of referendum.
Is the public idiots?
Do they deserve a Donald Trump?
Let's be very clear.
The U.S.
Supreme Court has said in the last 48 hours that Donald Trump and Roger Stone and StopTheSteal.org and the Trump for President organization have no plans to intimidate minority voters.
You won't read that at Salon or Talking Points Memo or
Believe me, when they filed the lawsuit, there were giant screaming headlines, but you can't even get them.
When my reporters go out, I'm 200 feet away just doing interviews, they go, what are you doing trying to intimidate people?
And there's a Secretary of State lady, even in Texas, writing my name down all pissed at me.
They are literally acting like
Exit polls are illegal.
Your crime was to show up to vote.
Just your presence intimidates them.
It's ridiculous.
It's Alice in Wonderland time.
We're the ones trying to ensure an honest count, and we're getting accused of being bands of thugs intimidating voters.
Yet, when the Black Panthers intimidated voters with firearms, the Justice Department said no problem whatsoever.
Oh man, they have this woman with a Secretary of State thing around her neck just like,
I'm like the governor and senators come and vote they can show the place we're outside way way down a line down the road you're like in our face that was very nice and and they were just like it's just I don't know what it is because a lot of women supporting Trump but there's this thing where it women think the state is a man
And they think he's got like a, you know, the biggest you know what in the world and they worship it.
Even though the state rapes women in history like no one else.
That's what I saw there.
You know, you raise another point that I think needs to be addressed.
Very interesting last week that the centerpiece of the effort to smear Trump at the close, the 13-year-old girl who claims that Trump raped her.
Had to drop it.
And we had a press conference all set up with this canard.
And she dropped the lawsuit, and you read nothing about it.
Very little about it.
And then there's been four of them filed with fake people, so finally they supposedly got one person, and she folded, and it's what they knew our strong suit was, what you warned a year ago on air, or over a year ago.
You said, Jerry Epstein, the pedophile rings, they're going to try to blame Trump.
That's what I guess you were told by your sources.
I don't know how much you can say this on air.
And sure enough, it all happened because they knew their biggest weaks point was that.
So they just make up and file fake lawsuits and have the whole media run it like it's real.
Meanwhile, we got photos and text messages going, we got kids ready in the hot tub for your pleasure.
We are going to worship Baphomet tonight and drink blood.
And I know you're saying, hey, focus on the treason of the Russians and the Chinese, but I mean, because the public can't grasp this, but my God, I read hundreds of emails this weekend where they're, if they're not talking about kids, they're talking about drugs.
It's code word.
Like, I want, I want $62,000 in wieners and I'm going to, I mean, what the hell are they talking?
I want $60,000 in hot dogs and I want kids in a hot tub.
What the hell?
And then I pull up Podesta and his brother going, we're radicals.
We like teenage porn in the Washington Post.
So I'm just like, and the law enforcement's telling me, yes, yes, kids, kids.
It's law enforcement saying it.
I don't know if it's true.
Roger, you live in New York.
What the hell's going on here?
My sources in the New York Police Department, which are excellent, my sources in the Congress, which are excellent.
Tell me that the 655,000 email trove is the blackmail file for the Clintons.
That there are items in here, files in here, that could be used for blackmail.
There are items that are sensitive.
Now, you're talking about treason.
You're talking about corruption.
You're talking about pay-for-play.
You're talking about... There's bath-o-mat and blood videos!
I mean, who does that?
So when FBI... We want to go out and have a nice steak!
When FBI Director Comey says we reviewed these, there's nothing there, that's not true, folk.
That's false.
An official at the highest level of the New York Police Department who has read these files and kept a copy, they're the key words, tells me they are open and shut.
We've had dinner with Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP, with the former New York Commissioner of Police.
That's the kind of stuff we're involved in.
You were there.
I was over at another table.
It's not like we're just playing tiddlywinks with these names.
No, our sources are certainly better than, say, the New York Times or the Washington Post.
Because folks know they can tell us stuff.
We're not going to blow who they are.
But for anybody to think that... Well, let me ask you this.
What's got Secret Service and FBI so scared that I said, all I know is they say she's the devil.
Then they're in the Leningradian, FBI going, she's the devil.
I mean...
She's intrinsically evil.
She has multiple personalities.
Now, I brought this up to you and you said, yeah, I don't want to get it on air, but the word is she's got multiple personalities, bare minimum.
That's what Secret Service told me.
But I didn't want to say it on air because they said, look, the public.
So, so when I told you, oh, yeah, oh, yeah, that's the word.
So let's talk about that.
That was before.
I brought up MKUltra.
The election's over now, we can say it.
That's right.
What's your intel?
Go to my book, The Clinton's War on Women, and I discuss this in great detail.
The kindly grandmother that you see on television is not Hillary Clinton.
She is a short-tempered, volcanic, abusive, foul-mouthed, epically greedy, unbalanced witch
That is the Hillary Clinton that Secret Service agents have seen?
They've told me they've never read in criminology someone like this.
They tell me the energy level to do the stuff she's doing, two hour screaming fits, beating up Secret Service people.
Throwing things at her husband, kicking him, biting him, scratching him, throwing lamps at him, throwing ashtrays at him, throwing books at him.
I've had words on, the only guy that will say it on air.
But, just in case anybody thinks, oh, this is just, you know, law enforcement guys, their right of center, no.
I've had veteran White House employees... A lot of those guys are liberal, they hired.
Well, I've had veteran White House civil servants, domestics, people who have been there... She says, listen you GDN word!
They are, these are epically abusive hillbillies.
That's what we're talking about.
Yeah, that's why for 30 years they've been called hillbillies.
And I'm not going to bash white people, because I'm going to be honest, white people I know are not racist, and I'm sick of hearing it.
Because quite frankly, my family, I never heard it.
But I'll tell you, I got around Dixiecrats and Klan people before, in business and in life, and you think they're testing you when they start going, these GED black people, and you're like, I'm not into that work, but get out of here then, you're not part of it.
And that's the word.
They, we'll talk about it.
I mean, we've had the chef who's white, other folks, the other chef got killed.
I mean, these people, they hate Hispanics, they hate black people, but in the saving grace,
They hate poor white people too.
They hate anybody poor.
Why is that?
The question is how anybody who is African American could vote for Bill or Hillary Clinton.
I mean, the 1994 crime bill incarcerated an entire generation of young black men for the non-violent crime.
Of possession of small amounts of drugs.
And the penalty for rock cocaine, which is mandatory, is far more harsh than the penalty for powdered cocaine.
Now this is the same Bill Clinton who went to federal court to argue for racial profiling by the Arkansas State Police.
So one has to assume.
That Jay-Z and his lovely wife, Beyoncé, that they are just blissfully ignorant of the Clintons' epic abuse of black people.
I agree.
Now, you're going to ride shotgun on this throughout the night.
Get the latest numbers.
You're going to be here with us, Roger.
We're so honored you're here.
And tomorrow.
When are you flying out?
You're going to be here tomorrow, right?
Yes, I'm here tomorrow.
What time are you leaving?
I've got to get my fill of barbecue before I go anywhere.
Don't leave until Thursday, then.
All right.
He'll never let me get his hotel.
Never let me get his plane.
This guy's awesome.
They call him Dirty Trickster and Disinfo.
Everything he's told me has been frighteningly accurate.
But that's what they say about me.
They say I'm a liar.
All I do is tell the truth.
I mean, it's hard enough to do this all day and make stuff up.
I don't make stuff up.
I mean, that's all I've got is my... But I guess that's why they attack that.
They know it's our sincerity.
Why do they call you?
We're gonna get our guest to come with us.
Why do they call you the Dirty Trickster King?
Look, politics ain't beanbag.
We know that.
This is a contact sport.
I do have one place where I'll draw the line.
I don't break the law.
That's what I won't do.
I will do anything to elect my candidates, but I won't break the law.
But I found you don't lie, and I asked you that, which I don't either.
I was honest with you about a month ago.
I said, I'm so angry at Hillary.
I've thought about lying, but I won't do it.
You said, that's smart instinct, because you'll get caught.
That's exactly right.
There's no point.
Look, their crimes are so epic and so horrific, you don't have to make anything out of it.
You can't even illustrate them, they're so bad.
So just have to tell the truth.
These people, it's the beginning of the end.
They may think they can seize the government.
They may think that she can use her appointment power to appoint law enforcement officials and judges and FBI directors who will protect them.
The people will not stand for it.
I got a few phone calls over the weekend, one from a former side level CIA, another active duty colonel, full colonel, another Pentagon lawyer.
I'll just stop there.
And they told me, they said, listen, Trump's going to win by 5 or 10 points.
But we're being told stand, because they tell the military, get ready for martial law.
It's not going to happen, but you know, get ready in case.
They admit civil unrest and preparations.
It's been given to Hillary.
Now I said, I said to one guy, I'm going to go make phone calls.
And they said, yeah, how do you know this?
Yeah, we just got told this yesterday.
So regardless, the messages, that's why I started getting pessimistic.
I didn't say it on air.
The polls are closed now.
So I'll say it.
And these are real people.
These aren't people that just say stuff to manipulate me because they give me one piece of BS and I never talk to them again.
That's why I got pessimistic.
Trump may be able to overpower this.
But the big issue is, good, they steal it, it's even better.
Because they put a Trump in, they block him at every front.
They crash the economy.
They crash the economy.
They blame him for the crash in the economy.
They roadblock anything he tries to do in the Congress.
Look, I think that her position is unsustainable.
Let me remind you.
Nixon carries 49 of 50 states.
His men keep a lid on Watergate.
I was there.
I was very junior.
But they keep a lid on Watergate.
He gets re-elected by a record margin.
You say junior.
The Washington Post says you were the youngest of the plumbers.
I was 19 years old.
I wasn't even old enough to be a plumber.
They managed to win the election by a resounding margin, but because the bloom is off the rose, because the information is out there, Nixon's gone 18 years.
We've canvassed women hate Hillary.
That's why I can't see she's winning.
That's why the new information, which supersedes anything in the so-called missing 33,000 emails, is deeply problematic.
Let me say one other thing.
Stay with us.
We've got to go to John Rappaport.
He's been holding for 20 minutes.
I apologize.
I know they were telling me.
I missed it on the screen.
Go ahead.
The Justice Department in the Eastern District of New York has files on Benghazi that Trey Gowdy has never seen, that he has been told do not exist, which show greater culpability by Hillary.
These are files that Loretta Lynch used in secret prosecutions of terrorist acts in the Eastern District.
These files are yet another breach.
We have such a small crew, great crew.
We've had 30-something, 40 hours of live broadcast.
All these jewels, it's up to you, the listeners, to grab those, put them on your own YouTube channel.
I get these sweet emails by the hour.
Is it okay if we post some of your video to YouTube or Facebook?
It's all copyright free.
You don't need to ask permission to put InfoWars on your car or your business or put it out on the radio.
I'm in a total war.
I'm not about monetization.
And I'm not bragging, but I want to explain this.
All our financial problems would have been over, but I didn't fully trust them.
Two years ago, the Vice President of Google
The head of basically the number two in YouTube.
He's moved on, we have a new contact.
Calls, he says, we'll send you this map, send it on disclosure, we do it.
I can't get into all the details.
But they said you've got 5 billion views.
Your other channel has 700 million right now, it's now over a billion.
But they said you've got 5 billion views, you are the number one political channel, there's some video gaming things that are bigger than you, but you're like in the top five, you're as big as Gangnam Style.
Hup, hup, hup, Gangnam Style, that damn thing with, you know, billions of views.
We want you to let us monetize it and kick everybody off that's using your videos.
You are the most viral political thing on the internet.
I said, listen.
I said, if you want to monetize us, I've never done it.
I said, that's fine.
And I negotiated a deal that most people don't have.
We get 80% of the money we get from YouTube.
Nobody else gets that.
I'm not bragging.
It's not even that much money.
The point is, they sent us maps that I...
I'm not going to violate non-disclosures, but it's computer models of what we were doing.
We were basically number three on the web then.
They're now announcing we're number one, folks.
It already happened, okay?
And I'm just telling you, you're badass.
The Liberty Movement's king.
And so, we're just one part of this.
I'd want to bring other people on that are more talented than I and just build them up.
Just, you know, like we're about to talk to John Rappaport.
And in many ways, he's more talented than I am or even Roger.
Very eloquent, cuss of the heart, you know, a true, like, I don't want to get occultic, but like a shaman of liberty.
But we sit here and look at this.
These, and they said to me, we could pay you millions a month for this, this, this, this, this amount of traffic.
But I understood.
I went, wait a minute, but most channels won't want that.
It'll shut down, right?
They're like, oh, we'll shut some down.
No, I'll let you monetize us.
I said, let me guess.
If I don't let you monetize me, I'm gonna be shut down.
And they were like, basically, yeah.
Because they'll give you fake copyrights, you name it.
I was forced.
And it's not like Mafia.
I want to get the word out.
So I said, okay, I'll make a hundred grand a month or whatever off this.
Sounds like a lot of money.
It's not.
We'll do this with you.
But the other thing was like three, four, five million, but it was to dial back our reach.
I didn't do that.
So the reason I mentioned that is it's all about inside baseball.
Just like I told you, I've done things I'm not proud of.
I'm so about now just telling you everything because I think that's what's going to heal the world.
You tell everybody everything.
The government comes out clean.
We all just get it out on the table.
And I mentioned that because that was
That was two and a half years ago.
I haven't been given access again to what they see.
I was given access very briefly.
They had folks even fly here.
I was given access very briefly.
We had folks go out to San Francisco.
Very briefly to what Google sees.
And they saw that we were one of the top things, of the top five, probably number three, how you look at on the web.
Now we're even bigger.
So understand folks,
We're in the fight.
So as bad as stuff is, the good news is that my hillbilly ass is kicking their ass.
They're not that tough.
Roger Stone, we're going to go to you in a minute, but comment on that.
As Fox joins the globalist cabal, they're merely pushing viewers your way.
They're opening the door for a true renaissance and an expansion of conservative alternative media.
Rupert Murdoch and your sons?
But like you said, they're playing chess, not checkers.
They wouldn't do that if they weren't confident they're going to shut us down.
Look at Beck.
Two years ago, he throws himself at the system, destroys the largest audience probably on radio, probably bigger than Beck.
The guy was making gross, $200 million a year.
He is now anathema, being dumped everywhere.
I'm not in competition with him.
I wish he was a patriot.
He destroyed himself going after Trump because he says he went and met with Zuckerberg, they're going to shut the new media down, and he believes he will occupy the conservative space and be force-fed.
What first-dimensional thinking?
He will be hated!
When he's force-fed, they could blow our heads off tomorrow!
No one is gonna suck at the tit of Glenn Beck!
Well, he sold his soul to Ted Cruz and some of his financiers because I think his financial model for his new channel didn't work.
Look, the guy's always been very good to me, he gave nice promotions for my various books, and then he suddenly went crazy.
It's very hard to understand.
No, he got taken up to the top floor.
He admitted it.
He went to Zuckerberg.
He met with Soros.
That's admitted.
I guess when you're on some 500-foot yacht or whatever the size of a battleship, it just gets to you.
Very sad.
Very sad.
You put tape me up on the damn mountain, I'm not selling out.
I mean, I've already been there.
Have you ever been offered, you know, a ton of money to sell out?
The Russians tried to buy me many years ago.
I went right to the FBI and I reported it.
George Bush asked me to come in and work the northeastern states on his campaign.
George Bush the senior.
I declined because he didn't believe what I believed.
He was not a Reaganite.
Sure, I could have joined the establishment.
I could have been Lee Atwater.
I could have brown-nosed everybody in Washington.
But it's not my way.
It's just not my way.
Give us a grand slam.
You know, when Trump first came on the scene and started his campaign, I thought, look at what he's doing.
He's running the campaign against the Ministry of Truth.
How smart is that?
Against the media.
Because he knew right from the beginning, because he's a very experienced guy,
That if he was going to play along with the media and do the campaign the way the media wanted it done, because they believe that the campaign, the debates, the primaries, the election, what's happening tonight, they believe it's a media event.
They believe, the media networks, that they own that event.
And so immediately, as soon as some anchor got in Trump's face, he said, you know what?
You're an idiot.
And all of a sudden,
Ten million people showed up behind Trump.
They said, well, that's what we've been thinking all along.
You know, the media are idiots.
They're lying to us all the time.
These people are professional liars.
And then
Day after day, week after week, Trump continued to run his campaign against the media, which is the only way that you can do it.
That's what one of the things you guys have been talking about, as I've been listening for that last half hour, is they're lying all the time.
You, Alex, are telling the truth.
And look where you are in terms of how many people show up every day at InfoWards and Prison Planet.
You tell the truth, people show up.
Not only do you tell the truth, but you say to the liars, you're lying.
You're an idiot.
You don't know what you're talking about.
You're crazy.
You're incompetent.
You're fools.
That's what he did.
John Rappaport is an investigative journalist, best-selling author.
You've worked for some of the biggest networks, newspapers as investigative journalists.
I don't know what your views are.
I just have my gut saying this.
They haven't announced he's lost yet.
They even say he's ahead in some of this stuff, but the pre-programming is he's going to lose.
They're saying that everywhere, even on the numbers show.
Can the people overpower this fraud, or what does your analysis, your subconscious scan tell you?
Because Stone thinks, agrees with me, thinks the steal's on.
They stole everything else, why wouldn't they now?
But we'll see.
We're being cautiously optimistic.
What does Jon Rappaport, with your gravitas, what do you think?
Well, I think they're trying to steal it, no question about that.
Whether they'll succeed, it sort of depends upon how big the landslide actually is, because the reality is, he's winning.
He's winning.
The most important thing I think that Rogers said was, this is not the end, this is the beginning.
Regardless of, you know, whether they manage to seal it tonight or not.
This is just the beginning.
Because this is, to me, okay, Trump is a voice, Trump is this, Trump is that.
What I'm interested in is all the people that want freedom.
That want the United States to be an agent.
That saw him as a focal point.
I am so in love with them.
Not to erase the borders.
Not to do all this globalist... Let me tell you this, by the way.
We went to two polling places today, and
I had some white people come over and say, uh, Hillary, white women, whatever.
All the Hispanics, and I'll say this, it happened, it's on tape, and we cut the camera off at a certain point.
It was Hispanics with their families, Americans, hardworking folks, good looking families.
They were all, Alex Jones, we love you, we're here to vote for Trump.
And I was just like, wow, there was like, it was just all the Hispanics were for Trump.
That, what does that say to you?
Look, I always thought Trump had enormous potential among Hispanics.
I'm a little disappointed the campaign did not do more outreach to them.
In all honesty, they let the immigration narrative
Yes, they seem to get it more than anybody.
They're religious.
They believe in God.
They believe in hard work.
They are, generally speaking, anti-abortion.
They're anti-gay marriage.
I don't necessarily view them at all as libertarian-oriented.
I think they are closer in their social view to traditional conservatives.
I know, and then they get fricked into, at least the media says, that the conservatives all want to kill them.
It's just not true.
Well, the immigration narrative was never challenged.
Sure, it bothered some Hispanics who aren't registered to vote in this country.
I really think there were inroads there that could have made.
Very disappointed that the Trump campaign did no Spanish-language media.
Not in Colorado, not in New Mexico, not in Florida.
Well, it's part of the fact he was totally grassroots.
I mean, that's part of it.
His positive is his negative.
John Rapport continuing.
I want you to ride shotgun in at least 10 minutes with Vanessa Sousa with us coming up.
With also Roger Stone here, StoneColdTruth.com.
I should plug this, because I've got a huge crew there.
It's all costing us money.
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The very best stuff out there.
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We're 888-253-3139.
And I start complaining at the crew, like I'm watching McAdoo and all, and I'm like, hey, they're not plugging them for an hour.
And I'm like, I'm not doing it either.
Because I'm so committed.
But remember, it's you.
We have changed the whole paradigm.
We can get big sponsors, but they can't pay the bills.
Or they try to control me.
And man, I've had 10 sponsors or so down the road go, you know, I don't like what you're saying about this.
I had a sponsor about a year ago go, I don't want you going after Ted Cruz.
I'm going to pull my sponsors.
And I said, listen.
You're never going to be on my show again, even though you have a good product.
I don't want your money.
But that's the kind of... I've had stations, we're taking you off because you're not from Tech Crews.
I said, hey, don't let the door hit you on the ass.
Did I get your ratings?
Are people excited?
Listen, go.
I get it.
Don't try to... Listen, if you want to shut me off, just do it.
Don't threaten what I say and what I believe for your view.
I will die before I do that.
You understand?
It's all I've got.
It's all I've got!
You understand?
It's my integrity.
It's all I've got!
You will never take that!
But I believe so that I say it.
That's the end of it!
And we have great products at Infowarsstore.com.
Amazing products.
Free shipping.
34% off.
You fund us.
We will fight the enemy.
We will not back down.
John Rappaport.
So here we are.
They're trying to steal it.
Maybe they will.
Maybe they won't.
But look at what's happened.
Behind Donald Trump.
Look at all the people who say, well, of course I want freedom.
Of course we should be vetting people that come across the border.
Of course the people who are already here that came from other places and are legal want jobs.
We know the globalists on purpose exported all those jobs because they want to destroy America and destroy the economy.
We understand that.
And now somebody saying that, but
We're the ones who are the most important.
The people who are waking up.
This ain't gonna stop.
The Clinton Foundation investigation, that's not gonna stop.
The email case investigation, that's not gonna stop.
All these things are now unstoppable.
They're moving forward.
This is, you know, a milestone night, but nobody's going away.
And we're not here pep rallying this.
Trump may still win, but the thing is the sleeping giant is awakening.
I mean, I can hear it in Roger's voice.
He's saying, are you kidding me?
You think I'm going to walk away from this?
This is too good!
I have one decision to make tonight, in all honesty.
Do I buy ImpeachHillary.org or do I buy Impeach.org?
Because if this woman is elected, the fight begins tomorrow morning.
And what could be better?
I mean, either way, what could be better than continuing the fight?
Completely disconnected.
Politics is becoming a sport again.
348,000 more people voted in the Florida Republican primary for Donald Trump than voted for Mitt Romney.
These are people who haven't been involved in the process before.
These are new soldiers in the front lines in the fight for freedom.
They're not going away.
They just got involved.
They just got energized.
So, very much like the Goldwater election, this is not the end.
And I think I should add, I agree, it's the beginning.
I guess it's been up for an hour on Drudge.
InfoWars.com as well, DrudgeReport.com.
Republicans keep House developing.
That's already done, they're saying.
Map when states close.
Map electoral count.
Marijuana legalization spreads.
Madonna breaks promise to you of oral
Hillary voters, what the hell?
I mean, this is pure BS.
Colorado delays after computer problems, of course.
LAPD going into riot mode if Trump wins.
Stock futures plunge, 500 dash points.
Roger Stone, and of course also John Rappaport, what do you make of those numbers?
We've got Colorado, Clinton 49, Trump 43.
Who believes that?
Florida, Clinton 48, Trump 49.
Missouri, Clinton 45, Trump 50.
North Carolina, Clinton 46, Trump 51.
New Hampshire, Clinton 47, Trump 48.
Ohio, Clinton 43, Trump 53.
PA, Clinton 57, Trump 40.
Oh, give me a break.
He was winning by two points, now he's losing by 17?
Well, we don't know what percentage in these numbers are changing.
Look at the improvement in Ohio, for example.
We've got it right here.
Let's look at Pennsylvania right now.
Look at that and tell me what you see.
Put your tortoiseshell glasses on.
You see that a 52% forecast for a win in Pennsylvania, that's almost 50-50.
Again, I want to see more results from the western part of the state and from some of the more rural parts of the state and the center of the state which come in slower because they're still dealing with paper ballots in some places.
I may admit, half the votes are still remaining to come in.
So, it's not over till it's over, but this would be the coup de grace because this, by any other measure, should not be within Trump's grasp, and it is.
But, I mean, this is a 17 point win, I don't buy that.
What about Michigan?
Uh, winning there big time.
Well, again, we're, you're, you have a 56% chance that Trump will ultimately win.
You still have only about 23% of the votes have been counted.
So let's not, uh, let's not jump to conclusions.
This race is still wide open.
But again, we have the fractured magic, Bev Harris, a liberal, a democrat, very bipartisan, very honest, saying she sees them stealing this for Hillary.
You have Assange saying they will not let Trump win.
We have them trying to cheat, steal the nomination.
Now this is their day.
This is why Beck thinks he's a winner.
Betting they'll take it.
Can they get away with it?
They won't get away with it in the long term.
Just as Nixon was removed, she will be removed.
But, uh, we've got to see how close it is.
We still have the large segments of the West aren't even reporting yet.
So, um, I'd like to see a lot more before I throw in the towel.
No, no, I mean, I agree.
And look, they said he'd never get the nomination, and they tried to steal it, and it blew up in their face.
The standards rolled over.
I'm not fatalist, I just see them with CNN, ABC, all about how Hillary's going to win all day.
And I see them pre-scripting she's going to win, when the polls show he should win by a good margin, that makes me think the fix is in.
Is that wrong?
But there still are combinations here that could work.
For example, if... No, no, I agree, but when they know he's really ahead, and they're all scripting he's going to lose, doesn't that indicate they're planning on steal?
Yes, because the stakes for them are prison.
Trump's made this very clear in the debate.
He's going to prosecute Bill and Hillary and their co-conspirator daughter, Chelsea, the money launderer.
So the stakes are very high.
Consequently, they will do whatever it takes to try to own this election.
But they're only treading water because of the new email trove, the Weiner
But we have Obama saying in secret emails, let's cover this up, his people doing it.
He said it's all done.
They're screwed.
And he knew that she was using an illegal server.
The Russian thing isn't washing the people.
It's not washing the people.
Nobody believes it.
It's not true.
In the one breath they tell us the election can't be hacked, in the next breath they say but the Russians are going to hack it.
By the way, we have that NBC clip that we're getting the National News on, correct?
We haven't yet?
All right, I want to play this NBC clip.
I want to thank John Rappaport for being here.
John, before we get Nestor Sousa on and play this clip, thank you for your great work, all you've done.
Obviously, we want to have you back tomorrow in the aftermath of this to cover it, just as Roger Stone will be here.
Yeah, there's bad mold in Austin.
We were all, like, hacking, like, clearly.
It's been raining here for six months straight.
It's like a friggin' flood.
Look, Noah's Ark's about to float by.
But other points, John Rappaport of nomorefakenews.com.
It's not over.
Not over.
Watch the results still.
Yes, they're going to try to steal it, but sometimes you can't.
Sometimes the landslide is too much.
I'm not saying it's over yet, but regardless, I agree with you.
This is just the beginning.
What do you say about
The Hillary supporters, they're very hard to find.
They're there.
I'm not even mad at them.
They seem so pathetic.
And I'm not somebody that needs to feel like folks are pathetic to feel good.
I don't want to feel like that.
But God, they just, how do you, what do you say to them, John Rutherford?
It's like the delusion of living under a generalization that means nothing.
That's, quote, education in America.
You know, she gets up there and talks about unity and this and a big grin and all of that.
You read through her speeches.
She's saying nothing.
She does nothing.
Except make war.
You know, that's the gist of it.
That's the question for you, Ann Roger.
Why are the Russians so afraid of her?
Why does the FBI say she's literally Antichrist?
And why is she associated with failure and war?
She's associated with failure and war because that's the globalist agenda.
I mean, how do you conquer?
You know, you make wars.
You destroy a country like Libya and turn it into a hellhole completely.
And then you come in later and you do what you want to do with it.
I mean, this is the playbook.
It's been a playbook forever.
You're absolutely right.
They're such assholes.
If you look at what they've done in Haiti, it's actually far worse than it appears.
Not only do they hijack the international money through the UN, the federal money through the United States, and the charitable money, but they use some of the money to build the corporate multinational
Extraction of minerals and oil and gas.
I use a fraction to build a control arm.
And then they spend, they pocket the rest of the money instead of spending it on housing and roads and hospitals and schools like they promised.
So they rape the people of Haiti.
But they also take care of their corporate masters.
And there's the real tragedy.
So it's pure evil.
It's pure self-centeredness.
And then they wonder why the Earth's collapsing.
If you have all this wealth, you want to make it all, like your yard, beautiful.
So you're in a beautiful place.
They just miss that empathy.
They don't have it.
They don't have it.
They look at people and they see despicable
Biological machines, you know?
That's the model.
Is that because they hate themselves?
That's a globalist model.
You look at humans and you say, these aren't real people.
We don't care about them.
They're just running wild and they're crazy and they're unpredictable and we have to do things to them to change them, which we will up the line when we institute the Brave New World for real.
But in the meantime, victims of war, destruction, it's all good because
We don't like them to begin with.
It's like Apple has the worst factories with Foxconn and suicide nets and 18-hour work days and forced abortions, but it's okay because the directors of it wear pink and blue socks and are liberal.
And it's all wonderful and it's fun.
We don't have a business, we have a campus.
You know, it's like a college.
It's like you're in the fraternity.
You run the biggest slave camps, but we talk like NPR hosts.
This is a truth.
He likes people.
He likes to mix with people.
He likes to talk to people.
Is that what scares him most is he doesn't know how to screw people?
And he gathers strength from people.
You can see in Hillary's case, she doesn't like people.
That's why we've seen the memo in the Clinton White House for White House aides.
If you're walking in the hallway and you come across the First Lady, you're instructed to look down and do not engage her.
God, act subservient.
John Roberts will talk to you tomorrow.
We've got Dinesh D'Souza on the line.
You can take a break if you want for a few minutes.
We're going to air a few minutes of tape here.
We're going to come back.
We're going to air a piece with NBC saying hacking's happening.
Oh, my God.
The Russians are attacking.
But there's no fraud.
Just if Trump wins, it's Russians.
But if we win, everything's fine.
We're going to play this and then one other club about Hillary wanting nuclear war.
That's what the whole world is saying.
Dinesh D'Souza, the number two documentary filmmaker of all time, a political prisoner,
Anything is possible.
It's not over yet.
I've still got to see more data.
But right now, they're trying to steal it, you said?
It appears that there are some anomalies here.
We're going to have to watch very carefully.
Like North Carolina, 10 points for Hillary?
Yes, I don't buy that.
Cannot buy that.
Yeah, no, that's Trump, 5 points.
Dinesh D'Souza, former cabinet member, Ronald Reagan, whole nine yards, amazing patriot, and he's joining us here after this.
Let's go to this.
We've got Roger Stone in studio.
At six this morning a high-level intelligence official told NBC News preparations and nerves are at the frenzy level as the federal government gears up to protect the country on election eve.
It's all hands on deck says a second senior intelligence official.
Multiple officials say concern is so high for the first time in conjunction with an election in several top-secret facilities including
Underground bunkers like this newly refurbished one, located somewhere on the East Coast, hundreds of federal employees, including both military and intelligence cyber experts, are monitoring incoming intelligence to react to any threat to the federal government's communication and command systems.
This morning, former NATO Commander Admiral James Stavridis discussed the type of Russian threat he was concerned about, from a dump of false documents to an attack on the U.S.
power grid.
There's maybe a one in three chance of this happening, but it's not insignificant.
The scope of government readiness is unprecedented, including the six National Cyber Centers and 54 State Emergency Operations Centers, including here in New York, where both candidates will host what they hope are victory celebrations.
New York Police Department and counter-surveillance teams are already at work.
5,000 uniformed officers on the detail, comparable to the Pope's visit.
It's the first time since 1944 that both candidates are from the same place.
It too was New York, the candidates Roosevelt and Dewey.
But unlike 1944, the cyber genie got out of the bottle this year and won't ever be put back in.
Cynthia McFadden, NBC News, New York.
The bottom line on nuclear weapons is that when the president gives the order, it must be followed.
There's about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so.
As president, I will make it clear.
That the United States will treat cyber attacks just like any other attack.
We will be ready with serious political, economic, and military responses.
They're voting for peace on planet Earth if they vote for Trump.
But if they vote for Hillary, it's war.
We came, we saw, we died.
With her, you'll end up in World War III.
I want the Iranians to know that if I'm the president, we will attack Iran.
Right now, Senator, for us to control all of the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia.
The U.S.
military has just raised the threat level to DEFCON 2.
Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is still threatening Russia with military action, following unconfirmed reports of further hacking.
It's like she's not even concerned about the repercussions.
Of course not, because she's- There's a really loud noise.
Alright, looks like we're having a little bit of technical difficulties.
We'll try to get Leanne back on in a few minutes.
When the president gives the order, it must be followed.
The power movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the American people.
The establishment has trillions of dollars at stake in this election.
For those who control the levers of power in Washington and for the global special interest, they partner with these people that don't have your good in mind.
The political establishment that is trying to stop us is the same group responsible for our disastrous trade deals, massive illegal immigration, and economic and foreign policies that have bled our country dry.
The political establishment has brought about the destruction of our factories.
And our jobs as they flee to Mexico, China, and other countries all around the world.
It's a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth, and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities.
The only thing
That can stop this corrupt machine is you.
The only force strong enough to save our country is us.
That's right.
The only people brave enough to vote out this corrupt establishment is you.
All right, we've only got 15 minutes with the next one.
We've been airing this tape.
We've got to go to him live.
Documentary filmmaker, political prisoner.
Just an amazing guy.
Number two documentary filmmaker in world history.
We've got Roger Stone, former, you know, obviously Nixon-Reagan administration, you name it, just like D'Souza, coming back in to break down what's happening.
I've been pessimistic because the media tried to steal the nomination from him.
They stole it from Bernie Sanders.
And Roger's coming back in right now to talk to D'Souza.
And so I just said, look, they're announcing on CNN, even Fox, he's going to lose.
They got Karl Rove out there sounding like he's Bill Clinton.
But, even the New York Times, with the live numbers coming, we can put this on screen right now, with 70 plus percent now voting, have him at 280 plus electorals right now.
So, even though there's all this chicanery going on, they have him at 270, 281, it's varying.
Way back, you know, below that, that's what 78% reporting.
Dinesh D'Souza, a cool hand when it comes to defending the Republic.
Dinesh, there's so much to cover, but Americanism versus Globalism, could the choice be any clearer?
The choice is clear, and I think the question for tonight is, are the American people able to see through the media fog into the dark, scheming soul of Hillary Clinton?
I have a lot of confidence in Americans, but remember, most people don't get information directly, they get it filtered through the press.
And we have had a combination of academia and Hollywood and the media, each one refracting the message of the other, all to give us this sense of inevitability that Hillary was going to win.
Sure, this echo chamber, they all just vomit the message back and forth.
Absolutely, and they try to demoralize us into thinking it's a done deal, we better be reconciled to a Hillary victory, and to some degree, look, this isn't my field, political prognostication, so, you know, I thought I might well be, you know, breaking out the heavy drinking right about now, and hoping that the Republicans hold the House and the Senate, but it's anybody's race, and in a lot of critical ones, Trump is ahead.
Well, it is being projected by a lot of big operations.
They're pretty credible.
Drudge has it that the Republicans are keeping the House.
Republicans keep the House.
That's developing from CNBC.
Republicans retain control of the House.
NBC News projections, but who knows?
Dinesh, I mean, look, you're poopooing yourself.
You're a really smart guy.
Probably one of the youngest members ever to join a major White House cabinet position.
What are your folks saying?
What are your internals?
What's your gut telling you about tonight?
My gut is telling me that our confidence in the American people will be vindicated.
And this will be, if Trump wins, this will be absolutely stunning.
I mean, part of the pleasure for me will just be seeing the unbelievably constipated faces.
Of a lot of the network anchors tomorrow morning, because not only do we know who they want to win, they were assuring us who would win.
I've never said so far that I thought that Trump was going to win.
I said that I want Trump to win, and I think Trump would be better for it.
Sure, they've said it's impossible.
He can't have the nomination, he can't win, they've destroyed their credibility, they literally have almost no viewers now, they're a facade, and so if he does win, it's an even bigger discrediting of them, isn't it?
They're already morally discredited.
I mean, this nonsense about submitting stories for Hillary to edit in advance, feeding her debate questions, this collusion between the media and a candidate.
I mean, I've been familiar with biases, I'm sure Roger has for 30 years, but the degree of it in this particular election has been just staggering to behold and shameful.
Now, Dinesh, this is your film, top documentary of 2016.
I'm not going to go into how the left keeps calling you a criminal or keeps calling Project Veritas James O'Keefe a criminal.
He trespassed on a federal building to show the phones weren't broken.
I mean, I love how they threw you in prison for literal jaywalking.
You don't want to go back over that, but it shows the season.
Hillary says, Dark Heart Alex Jones, shut down alt-right.
Well, let's remember that, you know, when a regime... Aristotle raises the question of can you be a good citizen in a bad country.
When you live in a... I'm not saying we have a bad country, but what I am saying is we are in a country now where at the very high level justice has become contaminated.
You see this clearly with the DOJ.
It is probably true to some degree of the FBI.
And so you've got, again, collusion at the highest levels of government to protect Hillary.
And again, at this point, it's only the American people who are left to deliver a verdict.
There's no other verdict coming from anyone.
And it's so naked!
I mean, we're worse than, like, Venezuela corruption-wise.
So, Dinesh, where does this go?
Well, what it means is that I think if Trump wins, there's a chance now to fumigate.
Because Trump ran initially, I think, to fumigate the Republican Party, which badly needs a cleanup, a janitorial turning of the place upside down.
But the country does, too.
Roger Stone agrees.
We need a major anthem of the Republican Party.
And we've seen, though, that really with Obama and now Hillary, this corruption in the U.S.
government goes to the highest levels.
I mean, Obama publicly castigating the FBI for doing its job.
Loretta Lynch blocking an investigation of the Clinton Foundation.
These are bad people who are up to no good and are willing to subordinate justice to their own perverted ends.
Dinesh, this is so epic.
History is happening.
This will be bigger than the founding of the country.
I'm not just saying that.
I've studied history.
Do you disagree, Roger?
Dinesh D'Souza?
I mean, I'm here with two, like, giants of true, you know, constitutional conservatism.
I mean, I cannot believe the media.
If a Republican did this, if Bush did this, if Trump did one-tenth of this, I would be calling for his head.
And I'm so ashamed.
I've known good liberals
They are committed now to any level of evil, and it just lets me think, am I living in the beginnings?
This is overused, but it's true.
Nazi Germany, where they'll follow any order.
Dinesh, Roger?
No, look, I spoke as a favor to a friend to the entire core of a very prominent, very white shoe New York City law firm a couple weekends ago.
And when I began to criticize the Clinton Foundation in a room full of lawyers who clearly should understand the law,
They were standing up and booing me.
They were telling me it was all a lie.
The Clinton Foundation is not a charity.
It's a slush fund for grifters.
It's a vehicle for the facilitation of multi-million dollar bribes.
How could you not see this?
Be a member of the bar and not see this, you have to ask yourself.
The Soviets were a cult, and Jim Jones was a cult.
I agree with you.
This is a classic paper play criminal operation, and there's no shame.
They get off on the gangsterism that Dinesh made a film about.
They get off on, yes, we're criminals, we're going to kill you.
They tell me, they write news articles, we're going to arrest Alex Jones.
Dinesh, you've written about this.
What has happened to these people?
Well, I've been very disheartened to see this terrifying array of forces lining up behind Hillary Clinton.
I mean, normally, you know, in American politics, and Roger knows this very well, by and large, you could expect that if people are more affluent, they're more likely to vote Republican.
If people own their own businesses or are CEOs of major corporations, they're more likely to be Republicans.
Not anymore.
But that's my point.
We've now seen the high-tech sector, the corporate sector, the media, Hollywood, all these powerful instruments of American society all lining up.
And on Trump's side, we have Trump,
We have Rush Limbaugh.
We've got a handful of radio and talk show hosts.
We've got a few pundits and one documentary filmmaker.
And so, essentially, you would think that this would be no contest.
Hillary would be winning by 25 points right now.
And in fact, at one point, Hillary herself erupted and said, why am I not 50 points ahead?
She can't believe it, and I think the answer is that the American people at the end of the day, they're conscious.
No, I agree, I agree, because it's not that Anastasia Sousa's that big, or Matt Drudge is that big, or Roger Stone's that big.
They're that pathetic.
That they're openly saying arrest our opposition on MSNBC and saying shut us down and just embracing total tyranny because they're just that pathetic and I don't want to hate them.
I've seen this accelerated degeneration of the left.
Where I used to be worried about Republicans and Democrats and now the Republican Party just serves them.
Why, Dinesh and Roger, why is there such criminal energy then?
Where did the mutation happen?
Well, my fear going into today, and it's beginning to diminish as we speak, was the idea that if Hillary was able to win the presidency... See, normally we'd rely on checks and balances to keep her under wraps.
But if Hillary was able to get... If the Republicans lose the Senate, then the Democrats have a chance to give Hillary the court that she wants.
So there goes the Congress, there goes the court.
The court is supposed to be an independent arm of government keeping an eye on the executive branch.
So we have the big bad wolf ready to take the courts, the Congress, the final takeover.
And the media.
When you have the media, that means that the fourth estate, again, an important check on government, supposed to be speaking truth to power, supposed to be investigating what the government is doing.
This is the whole Watergate tradition of the press, but we won't have it with Hillary.
Man, I'll tell you, Roger's here saying seismic change.
I had your mic off so we could talk, but what were you saying?
I'm seeing these late-breaking trends in Michigan and Wisconsin.
This could hand Trump the presidency, folks.
This is not by any means over.
Talking to some of my colleagues at Trump Tower just a few minutes ago, there's a little optimism here that you might about to be seeing a history being made.
Let's see.
Sure, sure.
We've seen them rig so much stuff, I got a little pessimistic because the mainstream media kept saying it was over.
But then I thought, wait, they said he'd never get the nomination.
Well, let's remember, the New York Times this morning, in their predictive piece, put an 80% possibility of Hillary winning.
Minutes ago, they're now saying a 77% chance that Trump will win.
He needs Wisconsin.
He needs Michigan.
Two states that no one counted on.
You're right.
They've got one poll, but their latest predictive thing is he's going to win.
I should have got to that, Dinesh.
What does that signify?
The New York Times suddenly is projecting a Trump win.
It would be a seismic change in American politics.
The biggest victory since Reagan, in a sense, came from behind and crushed Jimmy Carter decisively in 1980.
Look, the real goal of Obama has been to undo the Reagan revolution and reverse it.
And we have had American politics very close for the past 30 years.
Remember, the Democrats were the majority party from the 1930s till 1980.
It was their way.
The Republicans were kind of a Me Too party, echoing the victories of the Democrats.
We haven't had that in 30 years.
Obama had a glint in his eye, and he saw that by handing the baton to Hillary, he would basically keep this democratic machine moving.
But if Trump wins, then all bets are off.
Dinesh, let me ask you this, because I mean, again, you're top of your class, best-selling author, White House, ran a department.
I mean, you're a smart guy.
I mean, God, you were doing stuff, you know, when I was in diapers.
So you got some gravitas.
So does Roger Stone.
I mean, I respect my elders.
I'm a layman.
All I know is every liberal I know hates Hillary and I can't find stickers in Austin, that is a blue area in Texas, where they're supporting her.
She's got all these crimes, all these WikiLeaks, every real liberal like Julian Assange and Bev Harris with election fraud exposures and all these others are against her.
So what does it say about her donors?
I guess it proves it's not a conspiracy, it's just a bunch of dumbasses that they would try to force her in with all this baggage.
They should be abandoning her as fast as they can.
So, I look at the calculus, correct me if I'm wrong, both of you, but it just seems like if they're dumb enough, the Democrats to put her in,
And steal the election and say Russians, you know, did it or something.
Thank God, because she's such a dead duck politically, but then I worry maybe she starts World War III with Russia.
So, explain, you guys are older hands at this than I, with your Gandalf level understanding, and I mean that, with your gravitas, what do you take from that?
I mean, the recriminations against the Clintons will be unbelievable because, in a sense, from the beginning, Hillary's victory was a fait accompli.
I mean, they went to the degree of rigging the primary to make sure she got in, and this was in the supreme confidence that she would deliver for them.
Uh, she's a horrible person and she's actually been a very poor candidate.
Uh, and, uh, that's why despite these enormous assets in her favor, she still might lose.
Um, and, uh, and, uh, if she does, I think then the Democrats will, they'll, they'll be beside themselves because they, they thought they had this one wrapped up.
Alex, the answer to your question is greed.
You see, the Clintons are not progressives.
They're not liberals.
They're crony capitalists in the sense that it's about the money.
The people who fund them, it's also about the money.
Soros has no ideology.
He's about power and money and control.
It's not liberal or conservative.
It's just fascism.
It's just power.
So the people who fund her, they have no illusions about her believing anything.
I know, and for me, I'm not some great guy, but I'm all about ideology, I'm all about freedom, I believe it, and I've had Democrats over the years and others try to hire me.
And they go, we know you're really fake.
We know you really don't mean this.
And I go, no, I really don't.
And they go, really?
And I'm like, yeah.
And they see it as a weakness that if I do a business deal, I follow through.
Or, you know, I don't, they're so alien.
They're so, what?
It actually makes me ashamed.
And that's your solution.
In closing, other points you need to add.
I appreciate your time.
Tell folks about the films out on DVD.
It's just having a huge effect.
Great job on everything you've done.
You know, Alex, I think it's important to realize, thank you, it's important to realize that the people who have been giving money to the Clinton Foundation, they might give what seem to us to be large amounts of money.
They pay Bill Clinton $500,000 to give a speech.
Then Hillary modifies her policy on this or that, and then they give $20 million to the Clinton Foundation.
But these very same guys, and the companies that they own, whether it's Digicel or whether it's
Canadian billionaire, Dostra, who put money to get a uranium deal.
These guys make hundreds of millions of dollars on the favors that the Clintons bestow upon them.
So, I agree with Roger.
In many cases, these guys are, in a sense, scheming capitalists themselves, but they're capitalists who don't want to compete in the market.
They essentially want... I agree.
They're on a power trip.
So, let me ask you this then, Roger, and then I'll let you go.
Am I a wimp?
Because I'm not up here... I mean, I really don't want to screw people.
I really want prosperity.
I'm really not a racist.
I really care about everybody.
Now, if you come against me, then I'm... I hate your guts, but I'm like Martin Luther King.
I mean, I really like Jimi Hendrix's music.
I really like that this is... I'm not saying this is your Indian.
I got great medical doctor Indian friends.
We go out and play golf and hang out.
They're super cool.
You know, I like
Roger Stone, because, you know, he's a cool guy.
I don't care what color he is.
And I think the Democrats, all based on race, and they seem like such hateful people, and it makes it hard for me to believe they're really this bad.
But you've been around them.
You've been in Washington.
What makes this all tick?
I mean, how do they find so many bad people is what I'm getting at.
Human nature.
Yeah, you walk through Washington DC.
It's a very prosperous city.
You see these massive buildings, many of which stretch an entire block.
And then you ask yourself, what do these people even produce?
And the answer is nothing.
Nobody gets educated in the big department of education.
No energy is produced in the gigantic department of energy.
So you go department to department, thousands of people working there every single day wearing suits and name tags, and yet they produce absolutely nothing.
So this is a part of the country that leeches off the rest of the country, that depends on ripping off the taxpayer.
And so when you say, how do people put up with all this greed of the Clintons?
It's because they share it.
They know that they are part of the same parasitic apparatus, and the Clintons are simply the sort of Al Capones of what is happening.
That's my final point, and what you postulated when we were in July.
You said, I saw your film, it was amazing.
Months later, couldn't see it at your premiere.
You really hit it.
When you read the WikiLeaks, and I want you both to comment on this, we're letting the investigators go.
Who writes thousands of emails calling the public scum?
Let's keep them in the dark.
Ha ha ha, I screwed this guy.
It's like, it's Cornball, like a villain in a cartoon, but it's real!
And it's like, wow, these people have been beating me?
These people are kicking my ass?
And then it makes me get pissed!
So, so, I mean, I'll delay this for the radio audience, but I'll tell you this, Dinesh is wrong.
They produce tyranny and bullshit, but nothing of use.
Dinesh, final comment on that.
Well, this is a David versus Goliath election, and if Trump pulls it out, it means that David, who had a very small slingshot, but apparently had Providence on his side, was able to bring down just a behemoth.
I don't know what Trump's gonna do.
He may or may not drain the swamp, but what I do know is that Hillary Clinton and her cronies are the swamp, and so I'm hoping that America gets it right tonight.
I agree.
When you were in Washington for decades, I mean, doing great work, were Democrats this bad then though?
Because I mean, I look at them and I'm a pretty sophisticated worldly guy and I just, I keep going, how are you such a piece of crap?
How do you in memos want to make people poor so you can screw them and rule them?
I mean, I just, I just, it's so sickening.
Well, progressives going back to the early part of the century realized that by keeping minorities, and I don't just mean blacks, because we're not just talking about these urban plantations for blacks, we're talking about reservations for the Native Americans, ghettos, barrios, and slums for the Latinos.
By keeping these people dependent, it's not merely to get votes for the Democratic Party.
Rather, it's to create a sense of moral capital that the Democrats can go to other people and shake them down and extort money from them and say, listen, you have to pay us
Because we're looking after all these people, so the suffering of the underclass black community and Hispanics provides moral capital for democratic extortion across the scale of all of America.
And we got a real Republican here trying to end it all.
Dinesh D'Souza, give people the website, we put it on screen.
Long after this is over, your films, their persecution, your other films are great, your books are great, I've read them all, but, I mean, I read them all, I was like 15, I read your book, but, one of your first books, but, tell folks about the film.
This is a game changer.
Well, Hillary's America, themovie.com is the website, and there's a book, Hillary's America, of the same title, which provides chapter and verse for the movie.
Look, it's been wonderful to see the way in which the FBI revelations, the Anthony Weiner revelations, the WikiLeaks, all of this is supplied little pieces of a jigsaw that at the end of the day have given us a really clear insight into who Hillary is and who this ugly gang of operators are that she's surrounded herself with.
God, they're nasty.
They're worse than villains in movies.
So that just says it's a real pleasure knowing you and I appreciate you.
Thank you so much.
Thank you very much.
Alright, I want to give you the floor, because I want to bring the crew in anytime they want to pop in, anytime callers.
We're going to get to some of this.
We've got numbers here from DrudgeReport.com.
I'd say InfoWars.com, but we're locked out of our site.
We're under total hack attack, so that's why it's good to have Drudge, because that's what I've said.
He gets taken down and we're there.
When you're just promoting an ideology, it's such a good feeling, because I'm so competitive.
But at the same time, when we're all in the bunker together, is it not an amazing form of kinship?
Look, this has been a great experience.
Watching Donald Trump Jr.
this morning being interviewed about his father's campaign.
He's talked about how touching it's been, how moving it's been.
How it's changed him.
Yeah, and it really has.
So, I'm very proud of everything we've done in this election.
We've been fighting for truth, and they have hit a speed bump.
Dinesh is exactly right.
The Wiener Huma Trove of emails.
This is like the Watergate tapes.
It's indelible.
It will be back to bite them in the ass.
There's no way around it.
They've been caught in perjury.
And far worse.
By the way, we keep hearing
And I was one that went off half-cocked a month ago.
Albeit, I've been up 20 hours, 22 hours.
They were saying the big announcement was coming, so I flipped out.
And he actually called you the next morning and said, Alex, it's coming out.
I said, relax.
I said, relax.
I don't usually tell you this, but relax.
You told me you're wrong.
And I was like, OK.
Because he's never BS'd me.
He hasn't been wrong yet.
But we're up here at 3 a.m.
and there's not the meat giving.
I hate this lady.
They've over-delivered.
Obama with secret gnome diplomas, pen names, pseudonyms, communicating with Hillary, let's cover it up.
We have them!
So now the new meme is, hey, give us the stuff!
Wikileaks over-delivered.
Now it's time.
I apologize to Julian Assange, because when it's 5 a.m.
and I'm, you know, pissed off, I mean, I get stuff wrong.
I'm real, then I'm wrong.
He over-delivered.
Everyone should support him.
And it's not over yet.
Remember, he says he's going to keep going.
Ten weeks of disclosures.
That was five weeks ago.
If they steal it from her, that's the word I was told, they have the coup de grace.
Yeah, I think Assange has done a public service.
Now whenever I say that...
Jerry Nadler and members of Congress go out and say, Stone obviously knows everything Assange is doing.
We're members of the press, of course we're like fawning after Assange and want what he has.
But it's okay for them, it's not okay for us.
The New York Times can talk to him, but we can't.
So, in any event, he promised us ten weeks of disclosures.
You're only on week five.
So this is going to continue right on through the election.
He said until December.
He said Christmas Day will be a special
This wasn't on air.
But I told a high-level source of mine, a major general, that Christmas Day, they don't want to release this.
If Hillary's defeated, it won't be released.
Christmas Day, something special.
Well, as I have said, he's a hero, but he does not work for the Russians.
That is a false narrative.
Listen, I don't want to talk the Russians down.
They're collapsed.
They're trying to reorganize.
Their GDP is what Italy has.
They're a freaking joke, man!
Not knocking the Russians!
But, I mean... And they're not... The claim that I work for the Russians pisses me off!
When I'm up here 18 hours a day, my whole life, fighting tyranny, that, you know, that I'm working... It pisses me off!
Well, it's not even logical.
We spend our entire formative years in politics fighting totalitarian communism... I have family!
And we're going to sign on with Putin?
It's a joke.
On my dad's side of the family, I don't know what, like a breed of dogs or something, while they did this, I'm going to show this on air, it's not some secret, they were all like army killers that like killed Russians in Germany and stuff in the Cold War.
I mean, I grew up
I grew up, folks, with family members going for a month away to basically prepare East German infiltrators, okay?
I mean, I'm not going to get into all this, but it's like accusing me, accusing me of being a Russian agent is a joke.
My family murdered Russians, killed Russians, assassinated Russians, trained infiltrators.
All right, Alex, I can't state it anymore.
I've got to make a giant confession.
I love Russian vodka.
Slap the cuffs on me.
Slap the cuffs on me.
This is a joke.
The point is, accusing me, and it wasn't just people killing Russians.
I had other families that were setting up nuclear missiles in Turkey and running command bases.
Then I had family in Guatemala running command bases against the communists.
You goddamn lying liberals claiming I'm a commie or an agent of the Russians is an insult!
You are the threat to America.
I am kicking your ass.
And there's no agency here.
I am an American and I'm done.
I mean, look, they invert what they're doing, Roger.
Who are these people we're talking about?
Who are they?
Who are the Democrats?
Who are Donna Shalala and Hillary and all these people?
They are the racists, but they accuse us of being the racists.
They are the ones doing favors for the clique around Putin in return for millions, but we're the ones who are in bed with Putin.
It's a mirror world where they constantly accuse Trump and those who support him of doing precisely the things that they are doing.
I agree with you.
I want to give you 10-15 minutes, you need a break, to look at the numbers, to collate, to just go in the conference room, take your time.
I need to hit the phones.
Yeah, hit the phones.
So take 30 minutes, an hour, whatever you need, come back.
Who are we going to bring in here?
I keep going for everybody knows this.
It's such a fundamental insult, and it is kind of pathetic almost how much I love America.
But it's like spiritual.
This country is the Renaissance.
It hasn't fully reached its flower, but man, I love this country.
I know you do.
We're on our way back.
It's Americanism versus globalism.
That's why it pisses us off to claim we're against America.
The truth is, the Russians have been under oligarchs.
They're cheering for us to get back.
They're cheering.
They want to work with us.
The Russians are good people.
They've escaped globalism.
Perhaps they don't want war.
Maybe that's the point.
Trump is for detente.
He's for hard-headed negotiations with the Russians to see if we could avert nuclear war.
They know Hillary Clinton's agenda.
They know the Soros agenda.
It's thermonuclear war.
So, of course, if Putin favors Trump, perhaps it's because he favors peace.
Trump is not only the law and order candidate in this race, he is also the peace candidate.
Alright, we're going to bring in reporters, we're going to play a clip here.
This is such a huge time, and again...
I go with my analysis, I go with my gut, I go with the truth.
Sometimes I'm wrong.
I just saw all the media today, from Fox to you name it, saying Trump's going to lose, even though the polls showed he was going to win.
But the numbers are coming in, he's winning right now.
So I want to talk later, if he does win tonight, what, how, because like Michael Savage has said here, he wins, the battle really starts.
Because right now Hillary Clinton's at 109, Donald Trump is at 150.
And that's math from the New York Times.
This is the enemy of this country run by the Mexican kingpin.
Nothing against Mexicans, I guess he's a Muslim or whatever it is, but he took over Mexico.
The point is, Carlos Slim, number one contributor to the Clinton Foundation, number one, this guy is literally the chief of Mexico, and look at what he's done to those beautiful people.
God, they're beautiful people.
Mexico's so damn beautiful.
I want Mexico to be rich and powerful and wealthy.
I don't want to be able to retire down there.
Instead, it's a frickin' hellhole with this guy who I pay taxes for and all these Obama phones, so they have somebody to call with CNN polls.
You know, that's the big CNN secret.
They call Obama phones.
I was told by an insider.
I later confirmed it.
A lot of their polls, it's Obama phones.
So they give you an Obama phone, and then it's a database, then they call that phone.
Not surprising.
That's why I don't believe most of the pollsters.
You see, unless I can study the methodology, look at the question order, look at the wording of the questions, not just look at the sample size, but make sure it has the right number of men, women, black, white, Hispanic, Jewish, Christian, so on, you can't tell about the efficacy of a poll?
And now we have these WikiLeaks documents that demonstrate that the polls have been willfully inflated
To reflect a Hillary lead.
To create the expectation level for the rigging of the machines.
I'm going to say this, and we're going to go to break and air a few clips, then come back and let you take 30 minutes, an hour off, make phone calls, find out what's happening.
But I'm going to say this, just because I said some stuff a few days ago on air that was embarrassing about me, but I said it in just the spirit of full disclosure.
That all of us can repent of things we've done that are wrong.
What matters is our heart, like King David.
I know for a fact from other folks, Roger doesn't even know, that he's done all this on his own, he hasn't been paid, he's spent everything he's got, and I haven't even said I'll buy your ticket, he won't do it.
He has spent everything he's got in this fight.
He never did it before in a campaign, but he realized it when he was on the line.
I've done the same thing.
Money means nothing to me.
I guess I don't like gothic southern whatever but you know we've got property and crap and it's it's like actually got people that work for you and it's a it's a it's an impedance it's like you got to take care of folks it's not property is a job not not a power and that's what I have and I cover people that
I hate my parents.
We've got to take care of these people that have been on our property for a hundred years.
We've got to do all this.
We've got to go on Christmas to take care of the poor.
It's like, Jesus, I just want to go see a movie and take care of poor people.
I'm not saying I'm some good guy, okay?
Because I'll beat your brains out in a fight if I need to.
But the difference is, I'm not out to get you.
And I know Roger
They've expended everything we've got and it's a pure pleasure to spend all our backup capital, everything.
I've got accountants in here telling me, listen, we've got to have three months operating capital, you've got quarterly taxes, you have got to stop it.
You've got to stop skipping breaks, you've got to stop, you've got to plug every damn ten minutes.
The rest of the media is collapsing, what are you doing?
And I'm so hyped up that I just can't because I want to give you info.
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I think?
Crazed patrons.
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I've got to say this because I know it pisses David Brock off.
I've got to say it.
I've got to say this.
I got to Austin this afternoon.
I was exhausted.
I got about four hours sleep last night because of these lawsuits dealing with lawyers.
And when I got to town, I was beat.
And when I got here, I was beat.
And then one of your guys gave me a couple brain force because I left mine back in the hotel.
And I gotta be honest with you, I feel great right now.
I can go for a few more hours.
Let me be honest.
This product works.
He didn't pay me to say this.
No one asked me to say it.
I'm a longtime follower of Eastern Medicine.
I go for acupuncture.
I've been into herbology for a long time.
Folks, this stuff works.
It really works.
And in the spirit of truthfulness, we're coming out with Brain Force Plus that is stronger.
It has another herb that's similar.
We told you part of this was prescription in Europe.
The FDA is tacitly banning it now.
The last bottles are available.
There'll be a new formula.
The formula's gone.
We can't offer it anymore.
You didn't even know I was going to say this.
Two things in our prescription.
One of them is still, we found an herb that's probably even better, and we're making a stronger tablet, but this Original Brain Force has a thousand bottles left.
I'm going to hold something back for myself in case the new brand isn't as good.
I'll just be honest.
All the experts say it's going to be better, but it's gone.
They're shutting down the supplement industry because this is Mother Nature's cupboard.
So thank you for the support.
Infowarslife.com, infowarsstore.com, store-wide free shipping on everything, 30 to 40% off everything, except apparel.
Our profit on that is so small.
You want a Made in America?
God, the things are like $11 a shirt to the $2 from China.
So yeah, we can't do it for more than $15 because the shirt cost me $12.
I'm not bitching, just you want it.
You've got Infowarslife.com, Infowarsstore.com, and I'm telling you, we are wildly successful.
I'm like a worldwide heavyweight champion of audience.
I am a loser when it comes to making money.
Thank God we've got 30, 40, 50 million viewers.
It used to be 30 million, now it's 50, 60 million a week.
That's just the election.
Because anybody else would be making billions on this.
And I'm not bitching about the money, I don't care.
I'm so focused on the content, I don't promote the products.
The Make America Free Again, you name it, a lot of this is limited edition.
But we do need your financial support.
We've paid off on every level.
You can't make an investment
I think so.
You need GMO, non-GMO seeds that are heirloom.
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And then you get stuff you need, and you fund people that are totally uncontrollable, just like you, that are piranhas for freedom.
Roger, plug your own stuff.
You never do it.
Tell folks how they support Roger Stone of the tireless.
I mean, you've done more of the whole Trump campaign.
I'm not bragging, it's true.
And the advice you give Trump is the best advice he gets.
How do people support you?
Look, I'm very proud of my book, The Clinton's War on Women.
It will, regardless of the outcome of this election, be put out again early next year with new chapters about the new
We're good.
This November, November 22nd, I will be debating Gerald Posner, the author of Case Closed, in Miami, and the proposition is, who killed John F. Kennedy?
So, I'd like folks to tune in for that.
We're going to go on a break.
But we're going to come back.
Let's just go right now to Leanne McAdoo and Rob Dew in studio.
You guys take over 30 minutes.
We're going to go make some phone calls, look at the numbers, and come back with big news.
But right now, Colorado, Clinton 49.
Let me just hit refresh here so I don't do this wrong.
This is DrugsReport.com.
Republicans keep the House developing.
MAP, when states close.
MAP electoral count.
Marijuana legalization spreads.
Infowars.com has a lot of news too.
It's just Drudge lays it out so nice.
Now let's count Colorado, Clinton... I just hit the button, sorry.
We've got Colorado with Clinton 49, Trump 44.
I don't buy that.
Trump wins Florida.
That's in right now.
We're going to click that.
Iowa, Clinton 58, Trump 37.
We've got Michigan, Clinton 46, Trump 49.
That sounds like reality based, but should be like 55 for Trump.
Trump wins North Carolina.
That's in.
New Hampshire, Clinton wins 46, Trump 49.
That's an improvement.
So Trump's winning New Hampshire.
Trump wins Ohio.
PA, Clinton 50, Trump 46.
Virginia, Clinton 48, Trump 47.
Wisconsin, Clinton 46, Trump 49.
He's winning there.
This is all coming in official at DrudgeReport.com.
We're posting it at Infowars.com as well in our own little haphazard way.
And so let's go ahead and click on what Florida.
Don't you want to see that?
You say you're going to wait until we come up with analysis, but this is happening now.
Roger Stone.
This is a done deal.
Congratulations to Susie Wiles, Brian Ballard.
It's not a devastating victory.
These folks know what they're doing.
These guys know what they're doing.
These folks know what they're doing.
They did not have the kind of resources that the Clinton people spent, but in all honesty, Susie Wiles did a masterful job.
She's a real pro.
Yeah, that's 94% Trump is going to win the presidency right now.
New York Times is calling it.
It's interesting, Trump has given Florida and North Carolina to, or Drudge has given it to Trump, but New York Times is still not squirming.
They're still leaving it in this... Let me be honest, though.
Let me be honest.
And I wasn't a pessimist.
I didn't say until like 7 at night when most polls had closed.
My gut says, and all their headlines are, Trump's going to lose, but they said he would also lose the primary, and they stole that.
But then he took it back.
So is this the first time my gut's wrong?
Because they're saying Trump's going to win.
This is incredible!
But my gut's never wrong.
Is there some dirt?
Will they claim the Russians did this tomorrow?
They could claim the Russians did it or...
This could be, you know, the media's just going to keep pushing that narrative that, oh, there's no way Trump can win, there's no way Trump can win.
Yeah, because we don't want to start tomorrow, as Wolf says.
So let me ask you, what does this signify, Stone?
It looks to me like Trump is closing in.
I'd like to see Nevada.
I'd like to be sure about Wisconsin and Michigan.
You see, nobody had those in the Trump count.
Sure, but why is the New York Times now
Because they're going to have to come face-to-face with harsh reality.
They're afraid to say this.
They're afraid to give, because if they give him Florida or North Carolina, they know he's got it.
That's in Ohio, which he clearly has now.
He has Ohio.
They've given him Ohio, which Drudge has given him as well.
I thought he needed Iowa, but if you have Wisconsin and Michigan... We're at DrudgeReport.com, here with InfoWars.com.
By the way, let's beat the media.
I've now learned it's 24 million people the last 36 hours tuned in.
That's not good.
And that's okay.
It's bigger than CNN, they're pathetic.
We need 100 million by tomorrow.
Send the link out to the structure of the mainstream media so we can just... it freaks them out.
It's a sigh of relief.
It's not that I want all these viewers.
Not to pivot the damn bandwidth.
It's that we just want to rub a nose in it.
Roger Stone, you take over.
Now let's count.
Colorado, Clinton 49, Trump 44.
Was never in the Trump count, and I've always thought we've been.
Trump wins Florida, how huge is that?
Iowa, Clinton 58, Trump 37.
This makes no sense to me.
I thought it was neck and neck.
Actually, Trump had a lead there, and has had a lead there for some time.
You've always been pessimistic, so when you say a lead, you mean it.
I was wrong it was neck and neck.
There were some states, surprisingly, where Trump pulled out to a lead, like Ohio, like Iowa, where Mitt Romney could never pull that off.
He lost both states.
So, it is possible here, with a win in Michigan, with a win in North Carolina, with a win in Ohio, with a win in Florida, with a win in New Hampshire,
In a win in Virginia or Wisconsin, I think you're looking at President Trump.
Then my gut's never been wrong.
Why would I wake up so depressed and seeing them all crowing they were going to win?
Was I just being enchanted and lied to?
You were being affected by the narrative that they repeated endlessly from the time that we woke up this morning.
God, I'm that weak.
Well, it is overwhelming.
I've had my moments.
Wait a minute.
Are we Americanism versus Globalism?
Are we actually probably right now seeing a Trump victory?
We may be on the cusp of a Trump victory.
Now, Alex, let me tell you something.
The very first congressional race I ever worked on, I was working for the Republican and the Democrat was in a tough competitive race.
And they announced that we won and they showed us the machine totals and we celebrated.
And then an hour later, they switched them.
The first example I've had of computerized acting.
That's why I'm freaked out.
That's why I want to see the final.
My gut has never been wrong.
But I don't want to just go off that.
Well, I mean, it's still very interesting that Drudge has already called it for Florida, North Carolina and Ohio, but New York Times refuses to update their map.
Now, Florida has been sitting here.
Ninety-nine percent of people have been reported in.
Ninety-nine percent.
It's been sitting there for over an hour, yet they refuse to call it for Florida.
And by the way, we'd love to show you InfoWars, too.
We love Drudge.
We've been hacked and taken over.
We can't even update.
Yeah, and same thing in North Carolina.
Drudge has already called it for North Carolina, but they are just holding on there.
They've got a little over 80% something reporting.
You'll see other states, they've already called it with 18% reporting.
So it's like, they know, why are they holding on here?
Well, but right now, right now you have to assume John Podesta is on the phone with the New York Times mow mowing them to hold off, hold off, hold off.
Because go to Broward County right now in Florida, that's the one right under my home
So what's happening right where your wife is tonight?
What's happening right now?
They haven't called all the districts yet in Broward County and that's where they could come in and steal it.
They could create those votes.
I'm looking at 564 out of 577.
So you still have 13 little precincts that could come back in.
God look at Trump.
168 to 109.
And will it be those dumbass Californians and Nevadans that hand it to him?
Well, here's the thing, if he gets these states that are still kind of holding on, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, if he gets these states- California won't matter.
It's done.
California won't matter.
They have a former covert operations CIA section chief, the dirtiest stuff there is, okay?
They've got him claiming Trump's going to lose Utah.
I mean, who buys that?
Well, let's take a look at what's going on in Virginia.
So, Virginia, we have Terry McAuliffe, who is one of the people under FBI investigation, who he was able to, at the last minute, grant 60,000 felons the right to vote.
And what's Hillary Clinton winning by?
Just about 60,000 votes.
He also made it to where the polls would stay open about an hour or so later.
Same thing they're doing in North Carolina, which is why we haven't seen North Carolina be called yet because they're letting them stay open.
And he also gave a half million dollars to the wife of the FBI agent in charge of the email investigation.
Question, why isn't Terry McAuliffe in jail?
Why is this man not in jail?
That's a very good question.
We'll take the gloves off, why any somewhere else?
So, you know, these people keep pushing it.
Roger Stone, you're watching this right now, the electoral map.
Unless they steal all these western states that are hours from reporting, this looks like a devastating Trump win, or am I wrong?
He appears to be on a path to victory.
You know, I'm going to, I'm not going to just trust.
I need to verify.
So I want to go work the phones.
I need to work some of my contacts in these states.
It hasn't changed much in the last hour.
I mean, we've seen these fluctuations go up, but the electoral votes haven't changed.
Alright, you guys take over.
We're going to go get on the phone for about 30 minutes and we're going to come back and cover all the latest news.
But listen, regardless, we're winning.
The globalists are in trouble.
I'm not complaining.
We had 18 million viewers as of this morning.
I went and checked and we've had at least 6-7 million more on YouTube and Facebook on our own stream.
We're like at 24 million, 25 million, and again, we have our regular terrestrial radio and TV.
We're on over 200 stations.
A lot of stations are picking us up.
I need to be a good boy and remember I've got that going on.
I'm not using any cuss words, but look at Hillary.
It's hard not to call her a horse's ass.
So understand, we now have probably more viewers than CNN.
It's not about a pissing contest.
It's about recognizing their day is over.
They're a joke.
They destroyed themselves.
So, take the feeds.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
Get them out to everybody you know.
And say, here's the real coverage of the election.
That's what this is all about, is the animating contest of liberty, building our own muscles.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
Spread those feeds.
We'll be back.
Leanne, and of course, Rob Dew, take over.
And so now the clock has just struck 10.01 here Central Time, which means across the board the polls have closed.
They've closed in Washington.
Supposedly they've all closed.
We'll see if they're keeping little districts open here and there, especially in Democratic-controlled areas.
We've seen that happen in Rally Durham already tonight.
But Leanne, let's go all the way up to Maine, which hasn't been called yet.