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Name: 20161108_Tue-1_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 8, 2016
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The bottom line on nuclear weapons is that when the president gives the order, it must be followed.
There's about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so.
As president, I will make it clear.
That the United States will treat cyber attacks just like any other attack.
We will be ready with serious political, economic, and military responses.
They're voting for peace on planet Earth if they vote for Trump.
But if they vote for Hillary, it's war.
We came, we saw, he died.
With her, you'll end up in World War III.
I want the Iranians to know that if I'm the president, we will attack Iran.
Right now, Senator, for us to control all of the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia.
The U.S.
military has just raised the threat level to DEFCON 2.
Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is still threatening Russia with military action, following unconfirmed reports of further hacking.
It's like she's not even concerned about the repercussions.
Of course not, because she's... Hang on guys, look, there's a really loud noise.
Alright, looks like we're having a little bit of technical difficulties.
We'll try to get Leanne back on in a few minutes.
When the President gives the order, it must be followed.
And welcome back to the InfoWars 52 hour election coverage.
We are about 28 hours in on election day.
You know, what are the polls going to say?
It's anyone's guess at this point, because if you look at CNN, they're going to say Hillary Clinton's got this all the way.
If you look at Drudge Report, it's, you know, 100,000 plus for Trump and Florida and other states.
So, I mean, who can tell?
It's anybody's guess at this point.
Right now I've got Joe Biggs joining me in studio and we're going to talk a lot about the fact that people are already reporting election fraud.
They're seeing their votes are being tallied for the wrong person.
They're not being allowed to actually select Donald Trump.
They're seeing their
Right in real time, you see this camera and what you're seeing out of the left media is they're telling them, you know what, that's illegal for you to film yourself inside of a voting booth.
Not, hey, looks like these elections are being rigged.
And that's because
You don't see this happening on the Democratic side.
You don't see that they are, you know, not able to select Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.
Guarantee you if that was going on across the board in state after state, there would be an uproar.
Now Joe Biggs joins me coming in hot here.
So you had actually a friend
I had an experience out there at the polls today.
I know we have a lot of people out there watching the polls, doing their civic duty.
You're allowed to be out there, as long as you're not intimidating voters in any way.
But now they can say, just your presence out there can be intimidating.
Well, first off, I would like to say thank you for wearing red, practicing what we've been preaching, just like me.
Trump is my president.
Get that at the Infowars store, Roger.
I want to see everybody out today at the polls.
I want to see pictures wearing red.
Let's know, let's show these people in our force right here that we are out here in numbers and there are a lot of us who feel the way that we do.
We're proud Trump supporters.
We're ready to take America back.
But with that said,
Yes, a buddy of mine actually went to the South Park Meadows polling station, which is in South Austin.
He actually went out there and was just keeping an eye on stuff.
I mean, you've got DHS, you've got all these people coming out saying that there's an ISIS terror threat.
These guys have called to slaughter any kind of people involved in elections today going out to the polls.
So he went out there like a good American citizen.
His name's AJ and decided to keep an eye on that particular poll.
He actually sat down and guarded the
Army Recruiter Station right after the Chattanooga attacks.
Him and I geared up, went out with our guns, and police officers came by, stopped, said thank you, you know, but that was it.
But he went out there today, and he's filming a van.
There's a van that goes in and out a few times.
He's there for three hours.
And this van takes machines out of the polling center, brings it into the back of the van, it leaves, brings another machines, does this back and forth, and he's kind of like, what's going on?
He's filming with his phone and decides to get out of the vehicle, stretch his legs, walk around.
And at that point when he's approaching the sidewalk and heading over that way where the van had been, he said cop cars swarmed up and pulled up on the actual sidewalk.
And this is going based off of his little video he made afterwards talking about his experience.
So the vehicles came up, they immediately grabbed him, asked him what he was doing, asked him why he's out there, and he's like, dude, he's like, I'm out here just like other people.
There's actually people going through, handing out pamphlets out here.
Electioneering, which is illegal.
Yeah, which is pretty crazy.
So he's like, I'm here looking for suspicious activity.
He's like, and you're stopping me for suspicious activity?
I'm the one out here making sure everything's okay.
He goes, he says, his exact quote was, he's like, I'm sure on any other given moment,
All of us, all 15 of you cops and me, could sit down probably one day, break bread, have a beer, and get along on most subjects.
But these guys handcuffed him, threw him against the car, and eventually decided to take him over to his vehicle, where they decided to search his vehicle.
You know, it's intense out there, you know, and he's doing the right thing.
You're being told, like Leanne said, that if you film or you take a picture inside the polling of any kind of things happening that don't look right, could be some kind of manipulation, that that's illegal.
You know, that's the only way you as a citizen
I don't
And you know, they say it goes back to just intimidation, where if someone wants to do their vote in secret, that's your right, that you might feel as if someone's going to catch that on camera.
But the way these things are set up, if you do it discreetly, you should be able to prove if there is an issue with the voting machines.
And if you can document that and show that, and it's happening again and again across the board in many states, people are reporting these types of things.
It's ridiculous, it's all over.
The only thing you can do is tell an election official.
I mean, the polls just opened up like seven hours ago, depending on what state you're in.
And, you know, halfway across the country, I've already gotten people sending me videos, and much like the one you guys just showed on air, of people hitting, you know, like one lady was actually trying to pick Jill Stein, and it would go to Clinton.
Jill Stein went to Clinton.
Another one, you know, same thing, Trump, and it would go to Clinton, or nothing would happen.
There's different types of machines.
I mean, we're looking at the video right now, InfoWars.com forward slash show, if you want to be able to see this video, but why are we not seeing this happening on the other side?
And I feel like every single time, every election cycle, that's how it is.
It's for the establishment candidate.
It's always rigged in their favor.
Well, you know, George Soros has his fingers in this election.
Sixteen states, I believe, that he actually has voting machines in, so you're definitely going to see a bias when it comes to those, you know.
It's pretty sad because, you know, the people have spoken.
You know, like I've said before, I've covered a lot of these Trump rallies, Hillary rallies, Bernie rallies, and you just don't get the numbers going to the Hillary rallies.
You don't get the excitement.
You don't get that high energy.
But you see thousands upon thousands of people, and we have to say it all the time, but it's just to prove the point that there are way more people out there
Who respect and admire and want and strive to hear Donald Trump's message.
People willing to come from other countries and drive states away that maybe weren't able to go to the one that happened in their state or their city, but because of work schedules or being out of the country or out of town.
But when they came a couple states over, Trump, you know, that man, woman, or family would travel across, you know, state lines just to go hear him speak.
And you're not seeing that with Hillary.
She has to hijack the crowd.
She knows she's got to do something.
She's been to Last Night with Lady Gaga and Hitler's suit.
Bruce Springsteen that, you know, I could give a hell less what the hell he's talking about.
He used to be Mr. Anti-war and for the workers and now he's like for the establishment.
That's what I don't understand.
So many people are just, at this point, they're totally over the election.
They don't care who wins, but they just want Hillary to win so that that mythical glass ceiling can be broken and we can once and for all have a woman president.
Great, that's fine.
So now we have a female president, but it doesn't change anything.
Just like when you symbolically elected the first black president.
Yeah, I was really happy for that too, but we look and see what happened to the country.
And it's going to be the same type of thing with Hillary Clinton.
Yeah, great, we finally got a woman in, but it's going to be more of the same, and if not worse, because she's going to continue pushing this further toward globalism.
Can't wait
That's a big deal, because if Hillary gets it, you know, that could be the end of a lot of things.
Well, let's not forget, when she was asked that question at the debate, she never once said that her main criteria for electing someone to the Supreme Court would be that they would uphold the Constitution.
She never once said that.
And Donald Trump, his answer was short and sweet, that he would put someone in the Supreme Court who values and would uphold the Constitution.
That's right, and we have Roger Stone here, so we should pull another chair.
You stay here, Biggs.
Let's bring another chair, and this is live, teleprompter-free.
Roger Stone is right over here.
And we are broadcasting... StoneColdTruth.com.
We'll be here for the next 30 minutes or so.
You guys continue on as you'll be back tonight with us.
We're on the InfoWars News Center.
Again, total transparency here in the operation, ladies and gentlemen.
Total transparency.
You're off teleprompter right now, Alex.
I'll tell you what's happening.
It's huge.
I mean, have you seen Kit Daniels' article where Reuters had him winning by massive numbers, like six points, so they pulled it?
That's a Kit Daniels report, so we're doing all this live on air.
But, you know, first off, hit Roger's tape, and I'm going to go vote.
Well, Facebook mentions a lot of feet of that.
But what about, let's speak to the fact, Roman, this is somebody's earpiece when I tell Hillary stuff.
Here's the talking point.
What do you make of the rise of the new media?
Has the mainstream media not destroyed themselves?
Whether Trump wins, loses, or draws, this has all been an epic victory, and Trump has taken the cause of nationalism, the cause of exposing political correctness to a new level,
Hats off to Donald Trump.
Roger, thanks for coming on the show.
Well, think about social media and these handheld devices.
They were almost created in a sense to dumb people down.
But what happened was it backfired.
People learned how to use these handheld devices, these cell phones, and we the people took that over.
And what we found out as citizens, with these handheld devices, these cell phones, and with the power of Twitter,
Facebook, Periscope, we were actually able to control the narrative and take over the message and really hijack what Fox, what CNN, what MSNBC, all these people were saying and really have our voices be heard and then we were able to get that spread across a global...
I think that's exactly right.
This is why they want to regulate the internet now.
When they say regulate, they mean close down.
They mean censor.
They didn't realize that they were going to be empowering us to talk to each other.
So the fact that CNN or CBS or ABC, they don't speak to liberty-minded conservatives, it doesn't matter anymore.
We can out-communicate them.
They can't put the toothpaste back in this tube.
Roger Stone, StoneColdTruth.com.
And of course, we saw the mainstream media tried to blacklist you.
They knew the gloves were off.
You weren't going to hold back.
So they were like, no, nobody bring him on.
He's not allowed to speak.
And you just blew up in their faces.
Total failure.
We'll go get the car.
Latest numbers, the polls, where is this race?
Obviously, is Hillary going to try to steal this?
Roger Stone, where are we right now?
Give us a report.
He's flown to Austin.
Give us a 10-minute report here on what's happening.
You guys can get some questions in here.
This is New TV, where I...
Again, like when they were watching Dallas Cowboys when I was three years old.
Well, another thing to go off that point.
Think about this, though.
What the mainstream media has to do is they have to take their ideas and they have to filter it through like we've seen with the DNC, with these, you know, Democratic pundits, with all these different people.
And their message has to be filtered before it actually gets published out.
We, the people, have the ability to take what we find and immediately, in real time, put it out there so it can be digested, the truth, right there.
And that's what we've been able to.
They have to go through someone.
They have a middleman.
We don't.
I think the most important point that Alex just made is that generally speaking in our history, elections have resolved something.
This election will resolve nothing.
Whoever is elected president will have no honeymoon.
The opposition will not rest.
If Hillary Clinton manages to be elected, the efforts to remove her from office will begin within an hour of her being declared the victor.
If we are a nation of laws, if the law applies to everyone, then her election and her holding office is illegitimate because she has not been subject to the law.
I see a long period of civil disobedience, of unrest, of upheaval in which the internet is the lifeline.
Right, and a lot of people don't understand that.
Her foundation is still under FBI investigation.
It might not have an effect on this particular election day, but if she does happen to get in, that's an ongoing investigation.
If we're dealing with an honest and fair system, we're going to be seeing some indictments.
Well, presumably though, since she as the new president would appoint the FBI director, would appoint the Attorney General, would appoint the judges, she may still think that a cover-up is viable?
Now that members of the New York Police Department have seen their files, their blackmail files, because that's what these emails are, according to my sources, I don't think they can keep a lid on this.
Too many people know, members of Congress, members of the New York Police Department, the dirty laundry has been seen.
I don't think this can be stifled.
You will have a national uprising if the laws just don't apply to the Clintons.
What did you think about that response just quickly with these emails that came out?
Because a lot of people are like, oh, what's, you know, what's in these WikiLeaks?
It can't be that bad.
Oh, they're Satanists.
What did you think about the response from the mainstream media saying, it's art.
You just don't understand why someone would want to have pictures of a naked teenager in their bedroom.
I am less concerned about the sexual stuff that may be there, because in all honesty, I think the left uses that to discredit you.
So let's start with the treason, shall we?
In other words, if indeed, as Turkish intelligence tells me, the Muslim Brotherhood was paying the Clintons to be able to examine certain classified documents, that's treason.
Or the massive corruption, the play for pay that, for example, the Serbs were shaken down for $2 million in order to get a meeting between their president and Barack Obama.
And the Serbs made that deal.
Then when they didn't have the money, they went to the CIA.
Who supplied the money to bribe the Clinton Foundation to get a meeting with the President of the United States.
You can't make this stuff up.
So, financial crimes, corruption, treason, then we can look at sexual exploitation that is allegedly in these documents.
Well, do you think that we're going to see any indictments or that it is going to be... I mean, it's right there in black and white.
People can see for themselves what's happening.
And so we've kind of seen the Department of Justice, the FBI, protecting.
Is it because it just goes so high?
The House of Cards is just too grand at this point that if we take her out, so many people are going to go with her.
I suspect you now have factions within the government.
Clearly you have factions within the FBI in which
Career law enforcement agents got sick of seeing the cover-up.
They knew what they were dealing with, they saw the evidence, they couldn't understand why there were no prosecutions.
I think you have that also in the NSA.
So, you have an internal fight going on, and my guess is that the struggle over whether they ultimately are held responsible is going to be a long, drawn-out battle, and we are going to be in the forefront of it.
I mean, I'm ready for a march on Washington.
If there is a Clinton inauguration, believe me, I will be there.
And I want every patriot to meet us there.
Yeah, I truly believe.
Yeah, I don't think it's going to be something that's going to be right down the road.
I mean, even if she does get in.
It's going to take a long time because she's got so many people on the inside, obviously, and it's going to be an internal battle between the good and evil within each one of these different places.
You know, hey, we should do it.
No, we should not.
Here's a little bit of money.
Here's this and that.
Turn your back on this.
I saw you did this.
I know you've done this before.
And then eventually nothing will get done and it'll take forever.
And, you know, next thing you know, her four year olds will be up and it'll be time to vote in the next person.
And by then, maybe something might happen once her time's up.
We'll see.
I don't know.
Well, I do remember though, very distinctly, when I was at college in Washington D.C.
during the Vietnam War, when Lyndon Johnson literally was a captive in the White House and could not go anywhere in the country without massive demonstrations.
That's where we're headed.
That's where we're headed.
I agree.
A lot of people are expecting a
There's sort of civil unrest either way, no matter who gets in.
Are they going to activate these agitators who've been coming to all of the rallies to go out and cause mayhem in the streets?
Or is these Black Lives Matter supporters?
Or, you know, with Joe Biggs, he had his friend there at the polls kind of just watching what was going on.
He's seeing someone pulling machines in and out, voting machines, and the cops, 15 cops, showed up and were watching him.
I just had a complaint from Broward County, Florida, which is Fort Lauderdale, Democratic stronghold, that when the Republican observers, the Republican poll watchers who had their poll watching certificates, refused to just sit in a chair when they wanted to look around at the machines, the local clerk went out of their mind.
Just out of their mind.
You're here to observe, but we don't want you doing any observing.
No, it's a broken system.
These voting machines can easily be hacked.
You have a Princeton professor, a pal who's written a terrific paper on it.
You've got Professor Robert Futrakis at Columbus State Community College who's written a terrific book on it.
You have the Stanford study that shows it was done to Bernie Sanders.
They rigged the machines against Bernie.
So, if they'll rig the machines against Sanders, why would they not rig the machines against Trump?
And something I'm, you know, really concerned about, I've been hesitant to say anything because I don't like to speak bad things into existence, but I foresee Trump obviously winning in a landslide, but what about the electoral votes?
I think it's much tougher for him to get to 270.
You know, I was, for many years, very close in his post-presidential years to President Nixon.
And he had memorized the electoral map, and he knew the numbers, and he knew every combination without having to count it.
So he could go through a rapid-fire series of combinations that would get you to 270.
Unfortunately for me, I need a pen and paper or a calculator.
But it's very hard for me to figure out how Trump wins without New Hampshire and Nevada.
Unless, of course, he carries Michigan, which would be an upset, or Wisconsin, also would be an upset, which are not in anybody's count tonight.
I can tell you he is surging in Michigan, and it is within grasp.
I think he's in strong shape in Ohio.
I still think he's in strong shape in Florida.
So, the fundamental pieces are there.
We have to pick up something that they're counting on.
I'm hoping that that will be Michigan and perhaps Pennsylvania.
I think he can get Pennsylvania.
And if he wins Virginia, it's all over but the cryin'.
Can you tell us a little bit, I know I was looking at an article earlier about a lawsuit that was filed for Nevada today.
I'm told that there was a lawsuit filed by the Republicans regarding a polling place in Clark County that is being kept open for a longer period of time.
I'm not familiar enough with it.
I do know that Clark County is a Democratic machine.
This is where it is heavily suspected that Harry Reid stole the votes to get re-elected six years ago.
Ironically, Republicans on the verge of losing this seat
Because the Republican candidate for the Senate refused to embrace Donald Trump.
And therefore he's underperforming among conservatives, among Republicans, among Trumpites.
There's a lesson in that.
Yeah, I know.
I'm kind of seeing people that have been so heavily, never Trump.
Now that it's getting down to the wire, they're going, oh wow, what did we do?
We've created a mob.
We should have supported him because now so many people are going to Hillary.
Even you see longtime Republicans.
What does that say about how much they want to keep the status quo?
Well, because they're responsible for the decisions that have gotten us to where we are today.
I mean, the policies of the Bushes and the Clintons
Are identical.
Sure we endeavor at election time to sound different.
It's all rhetoric.
The difference between Romney and Obama.
There was no difference on what?
The Patriot Act?
Foreign War?
Bailouts on Wall Street?
Identical on every issue.
It's the globalist agenda.
This is a kabuki dance for the voters in which we try to sound different.
But in truth, they're all committed to the same globalist policies.
They're neocons.
That's why they're scared to death of Donald Trump.
Not beholden to any lobbyist.
Not a guy you can bully.
Not a guy who buys into their anti-American agenda.
No, I think he really strikes fear in the hearts of the political establishment.
Absolutely, and you know, we've seen so many people exposed in the mainstream media just to be totally in the can for Hillary Clinton, double-checking their stories with the campaign, you know, does this suit your needs?
Oh my gosh, let me know if I've messed up at all.
Total hacks become total hacks.
What do you think happens after this election with the fourth estate?
Are people going to go back to trusting the news or the mainstream media?
I actually think this is the most different thing about this election and any other election I've been involved in, and that is the paid negative TV ads that have worked so well in the past haven't worked in this cycle because the voters are onto it.
They say, who's paying for this?
I wonder if that's even true.
Secondarily, I think voters have finally figured out
That the big media is in bed with the big establishment.
They're washing each other's hands.
They are reinforcing the disinformation coming out of the government and out of the establishment.
So there's a skepticism in the country today that didn't exist four years ago or eight years ago.
It began, of course, but now I think it's manifest.
And that created the perfect storm under which a Donald Trump can be nominated.
I like one of the points Trump made here, and I think it was Jimmy Fallon.
Jimmy Fallon had him on, and he goes, some people say that maybe we shouldn't have a businessman, that maybe we just need a politician in.
And he goes, look, he's like, I've spent the least amount of money than anybody, and I'm beating everyone.
I beat 16 people.
He's like, don't we want someone that's going to come in, spend the least amount of money, and then make us win?
Isn't that what we want?
Don't we want to spend the lowest amount?
Like the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion.
You know, tax avoidance is, yeah, I'm not going to pay the maximum amount of tax, I'm going to pay the least amount.
Think about that for a moment.
Would you want a president
Who goes out and pays more taxes than he has to.
Because such a person would be too stupid to be president.
You want somebody who pays what they're required to pay under the law.
Who passed these tax laws?
The Republicans and the Democrats working together.
And the Clintons have used the exact same loophole.
Bill Clinton introduced that.
So this is the idea that Trump has done something wrong with his taxes.
No, what he's done is smart.
If he had legitimate losses, and he did, he gets to deduct them.
That's the way it works.
If you don't like the system, change the system.
Absolutely, and that's what he pointed out.
You were part of the political system for 30 plus years.
And why didn't you do anything about it?
Well, because you and all of your billionaire friends were taking advantage of these tax loopholes as recently as 2015, as we saw with her tax returns.
So it's just total hypocrisy.
Have you been seeing any of the emails where even Clinton's staff, the inner workings, they're sort of saying, well, you know, with enough practice, she can almost sound human.
She can almost connect with the voters.
Why her?
She's so disliked.
Saudi Arabia?
She's got a lot of support in Saudi Arabia though.
67% of people in Saudi Arabia.
Like Hillary Clinton.
I mean, dismal poll numbers here.
Why her?
You know, the sad truth, of course, is that the Clintons really have a hammerlock on the money within the Democratic Party.
In retrospect, the defeat of Hillary Clinton by Barack Obama is almost miraculous, considering the advantages she had and the disadvantages he had.
But most of my friends who are Democrats, and I have some Democratic friends, and they're for her, not because they like her, because they fear her.
Because the Clintons are notoriously vindictive, so they are for her because they feel they have to be.
And because, frankly, they have a monopoly on the Democratic Party money.
She's too old to be president.
She's not well enough to be president.
She's put forward no agenda.
She isn't telling us where she's going to take the country other than platitudes.
And the Democrats could have nominated a much stronger candidate.
It wasn't Joe Biden.
I disagree with that narrative.
We've just forgotten how horrific he is because he's been off the stage.
Just think about how hard it has to be to be the president.
I mean, we saw how quickly Obama aged over the first few years.
I mean, it went from being a young-looking guy to, like, looking like Grandpa Obama really quick.
I mean, she can barely handle maybe three rallies a week.
We're good to go.
That's the kind of dedication you want to see in the leader of the free world.
Not someone who needs catnaps all the time and constantly has to have some handler walking by jabbing her, injecting her with something, having an ambulance van that takes her all over the place, is stumbling.
They can't remember what she told the FBI, but then she does remember certain things.
You know, that's not someone, even with just that enough information, I would go, I don't want that person as a president.
I want the person with the stamina, the person with the passion, the person that has the movement.
She doesn't have it.
Is she going to be the most corrupt candidate we've ever seen?
She is!
She already is.
It boggles the mind.
Because so many other people have been prosecuted for crimes that were so minor compared to this, David Petraeus comes to mind.
But I must tell you, I've known Trump 40 years, and the energy that he's put into this is miraculous.
Because he would tell you, if you said, Donald, are you a hard worker, he'll say no.
I'm a smart worker.
And generally speaking that's true.
He has a great lifestyle.
He's got palatial homes in Florida and in New York.
He's got a great family.
He loves the game of golf.
He's quite good at it.
He's a scratch golfer.
Probably hasn't been on a golf course now in six months.
I worked for Reagan.
I worked for Nixon.
I worked for Dole.
They never did four campaign stops a day.
Well, Nixon did in the 60s, but not by 1968.
Everything was calibrated to one big media appearance that day that carried your message.
That got on network TV and that was your campaign day.
Trump is putting in a Herculean physical effort, particularly in the close here, and it shows you how much he wants to win.
Although, unlike any of these other candidates that I've worked for who had to win to be somebody, Trump already is somebody.
Trump doesn't have to be president to be fulfilled.
I remember the old Oprah interview that he gave 20 plus years ago when she said, would you ever run for public office, Donald?
Would you ever run for president?
He said, no, I don't think so.
Unless things get so bad that I have no choice.
That's where we are today.
His motivation reminds me of the way I used to operate my buddies in combat.
Like when you're in combat, that's a year that you're there.
That's a year that you bust your butt all day, every day.
There's hardly any breaks, maybe a couple hours of sleep here and there, but you're tired, but you're motivated and you're there because you
You want to keep your buddies alive and you're fighting for something and it means something to you and you're willing to die for that and that's what I see in Trump.
He's willing to go out here and this last year he's literally on hardly any sleep from what I can tell because he's tweeting till like 3 in the morning and back up at 6 a.m.
again and it's still going and he's out on every single stop in every different city in different states making eye contacts going to places that have been hit hard.
You know, and just getting there on the ground with the people, shaking their hands, looking them in the eyes, and actually having a real conversation that people can relate to.
You just don't see that with her.
You know, he is a soldier.
He's fighting for us right now.
He's our voice right now to help take America back, and I'm pretty stoked to have someone like this in my lifetime to be able to witness and see.
Right, and so it's also interesting because you're seeing kind of these last days, they'll put pictures where Donald Trump was friends with Bill or Hillary at one time, and it's like any smart person knows if you're in business, and especially like him, very successful in New York, pretty much made Manhattan, New York and all that what it is today, you kind of have to rub elbows, shake the hands with the politicians that are there making the laws, this and that, but at what point
Did he say, we're in deep trouble and I have got to do something about this and I don't care that I'm gonna put it out, put you on blast, Bill Clinton or, you know, I don't care.
Was there something in that moment?
I actually think that he was very serious about the possibility of running four years ago.
He was disgusted with where the country was headed.
He was unimpressed with Mitt Romney.
He was certainly unimpressed with Barack Obama.
After having high expectations, he was hopeful that Obama would be successful, as I think all Americans were.
You elect a president, he promises hope and change.
You hope that things will really change.
But they didn't.
So I really think he got serious about this four years ago.
I do know that a week after Romney lost, Trump went to the U.S.
trademark office and he trademarked the phrase, Make America Great Again.
It wasn't even, the year wasn't even up yet.
He told me about this on New Year's Day 2013.
That's when I knew that he would run and I thought he would win this year.
Yeah, I mean, because he sees the inner workings and he knows.
And that's what I thought was so funny when Tim Kaine was there with the debate with Pence and he was saying, oh, do we want him?
His trademark is you're fired.
And everyone was like, yeah, that's exactly what we want is someone to go in there and drain the swamp and tell more than half of the government you're fired.
We have a businessman who actually knows about the bottom line and how to
You know, cut your losses, this doesn't work.
But then on the other side, we have people that just want to grow the government more and more, even though they're having to throw trillions of dollars into this machine that is totally broken.
I mean, I don't understand why people, for instance, with Bernie Sanders, yeah, I love a lot of the things that he was saying, but he was wanting to give more money and more power to this broken government system.
And then now we have someone like Trump coming in and going, this is insane!
At what point?
Well, he wanted to make people dependent.
Bernie Sanders wants to make people dependent upon the government.
Trump wants to make you independent.
That's the big difference.
Trump wants you to be a small business owner.
He wants you to thrive.
He wants you to create.
He wants you to give back to your community, provide for your family.
You know, Bernie Sanders is the kind of guy that gave a message like, this is free, that's free, we're going to give you this, we're going to give you that, depend on us, we'll take care of you.
And it's just like,
And that's why we have this millennial entitled group of people.
And it works within the construct of the Democratic primary, but it wouldn't work very well in a general election.
So he knew he was talking about within their party primary base, which is radicalized and left of center.
But at the end of the day, I liked where Bernie Sanders was on war.
I liked where he was on trade.
And frankly,
Sanders supporters, if they had any brains, would be voting for Trump today because his issue positions are closer.
Than, say, Hillary Clinton's.
Cindy Sheehan, the anti-war activist, she says Donald Trump is better than Hillary Clinton.
Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, says Hillary Clinton's going to get you into a war.
Donald Trump is preferable to Hillary Clinton.
True progressives know the Clintons are not progressives in any way whatsoever.
They're just crony capitalists.
Right, I mean, can you educate the people out there that maybe are still listening to this show and they haven't gone to cast their ballot yet?
Talk to them out there about true liberty and what Donald Trump stands for, what that really means.
It's exciting because I think Trump needs three out of ten Sanders supporters to win this election and I always thought that that was a doable goal, a possible goal.
Right, especially when you're seeing articles with most Hispanics back deportation and they want an immigration cap.
They want that cut in half.
They're actually saying they want less than half of what we're actually allowing in
Right at the present moment, so well below the Gang of Eight bill in 2013.
We're also seeing black leaders to their voters saying, we won't allow ourselves to be used by the Democratic Party anymore.
So, I mean, it's anybody's guess right now, but they're really, the media, the left, really trying to push this narrative that they've got the black votes locked, they've got Hispanic voters locked because Trump is racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, you know, all the buzzwords.
And people are coming out in droves saying,
We are not your puppets.
We are not, you know, in your little pocket like you have always had us now for 50 years.
We're not your little pet project anymore.
Getting off the thought plantation, so to speak.
I mean, there's some people out there too.
Does Donald Trump speak for minorities, for all Americans?
I would like to have seen more emphasis in this campaign on his plans for economic growth in both the inner cities and in the minority community, because I think it was the key to victory.
We know, looking at the polls, that African Americans have no affinity for Hillary Clinton.
And those African Americans who are familiar with the 1994 crime bill, which has incarcerated an entire generation of young black men for the non-violent crime of possession of small amounts of drugs, could not possibly vote for the Clintons.
This is the bill that Hillary said was necessary to bring back black people to heel, calling them super predators.
Now you add the truth of Danny Williams, because Danny Williams is the abandoned son of Bill Clinton, banished by Hillary, David Kendall, the Clinton thugs have gone to great lengths to hook up a phony DNA test to disprove that, but the courts in Arkansas will ultimately prove that Danny Williams is Bill Clinton's son, so I ask you,
What kind of people discard their son like a piece of garbage?
What kind of people do that?
Black lives matter, unless you're Bill Clinton's son.
And I gotta say, I mean, I was sitting right next to him interviewing him and it was weird.
I kept having to catch myself because it was like I would see his face and then Bill Clinton's face kind of morphing in and out.
I was like, this is too trippy.
It's too weird.
He is your son, Bill Clinton.
Take the test.
Well, I read this morning on Facebook, Danny had a posting on Facebook.
I think at this point, it's impossible for him to go out in public.
It's impossible for him to walk down the street.
Millions and millions of people have now been exposed to his story and hundreds of people are embracing him on the streets.
It's really heartening.
Right, I mean, even there when he was giving his first press conference, I think that was in Las Vegas, even the reporters who were there trying to, you know, write a bad, a hit story, a hit piece on him, even they were saying, you know, you're basing this on your appearance, which I think we can all agree you look a lot like Bill Clinton.
You know, even they had to acknowledge like, wow, this is uncanny.
The resemblance is striking.
In any other instance,
Well, you know, Darren McBreen likes to point out how when all of the Danny Williams story first came about,
Bill Clinton passed the deadbeat dad's bill to kind of, that's what we see here with Hillary Clinton now doing it, like pointing, oh, if I'm guilty of this, well, I'm going to do the exact opposite or blame it on you.
And then so Bill Clinton has this son that he's abandoned.
And so what does he do?
He doesn't acknowledge the son.
He goes and passes some deadbeat deadbeat dad bill and then moves out of Arkansas where it doesn't affect him.
And also, interestingly enough, as president, he signs a bill which he pushed, cutting aid for single mothers.
So he adds insult to injury.
This is not going to go away, regardless of what happens in this election.
I think Danny Williams has come into his own.
He's now been, I think, strengthened by hundreds of thousands of people who have contacted him through Facebook.
This is an issue that will get adjudicated down the road.
And I'm for justice for Danny Williams.
So Roger, why are you in Austin today?
I mean, we love having you here, but is this like the epicenter?
It's the barbecue.
I might as well admit it.
I just came for the barbecue.
No, you know this.
When Alex Jones tells you you need to do something, you need to do it.
And quickly.
So here I am.
And so what do you want people to know out there about, you know, the real polls?
What's, you know?
I was going to say, too, before you do that, we were sitting down in the other studio.
We were going to go live in there and then found out you're on the way.
And that was as I was looking on Twitter, there was the Austin Chronicle or whatever, the Austin American Statesman.
The reporters were tweeting out, oh, my God, I just saw Roger Stone.
He's walking downtown with a film crew.
And like all these little reporters are tweeting back and forth, like talking about your movement.
And I was like, yes.
It's diabolical.
I could tell you what I'm here in Austin to do, but then we'd have to kill you.
I'm delighted to be here because it's a great opportunity to look at these results tonight and try to analyze exactly what's happened.
I am a veteran of nine Republican presidential campaigns, one Libertarian presidential campaign.
I do think I have a unique
Outlook on the system and I'd like to be able to spot some of these early trends tonight But it's it's a great opportunity and I'm just delighted to be here on the other hand tomorrow I will collapse and sleep for three days straight.
Oh, well, we're supposed to go 52 hours But I think we're gonna charge through the night.
Come on Roger Stone.
I brought three suits.
So I'm ready I'm in I'm in for the long haul
Excellent, yeah.
So the people need it.
The people want to see you.
They want the truth.
But the thing is, will we be able to trust the mainstream media as they're feeding it out?
I mean, we're going to see the polls surging for Trump and they'll say, well, you know, it's neck and neck.
I think Hillary Clinton's going to take it.
I mean, what are they going to do if there really is a Trump landslide?
Look, we're all speculating and anything could happen tonight.
I think the electorate is that volatile.
Last night I went through some of the poll numbers with Alex in states like Florida and Ohio and Michigan that are very encouraging.
I would be less than truthful.
I didn't tell you I'm very concerned about Nevada.
I'm very concerned about New Hampshire.
And I would love to see us pull off a victory in Pennsylvania, which I think is possible.
But getting to 270 without Nevada and New Hampshire is very hard.
So, we shall see.
Well, Trump had the early lead in New Hampshire, right, this morning.
I saw that was one of the topics.
I think he had the lead in both places, narrowly.
But I know Nevada, where you have the Harry Reid union machine, will do a good job of dragging out their vote.
And we have nothing comparable.
The Republican Party is virtually worthless in the state, disorganized and undermanned and very little talent.
And the Trump campaign never built the kind of grassroots operation you need to compete with the unions.
So it's the spot that I'm most concerned about tonight.
Now, are you going to be in the studio with us all this evening, watching the results coming in?
That is my understanding.
So you'll be live, coming in hot.
The last number's coming at 1am.
I'll be in studio from 12 to 2.
So that will be a hot time.
I've got my stogie ready, just in case.
Yeah, I know.
I think we're all going to be on the edge of our seats tonight.
A lot of people are watching.
Make sure that you turn off the TV set.
Don't tune in to whatever the mainstream media is trying to tell you about the election.
Tune in to InfoWars.com forward slash elections.
Stay here with us tonight.
We're going to give you the truth all day long.
Filing reports.
We'll give you live up-to-date on those poll numbers.
Of course, we're going to be getting the expert political commentary from Roger Stone of StoneColdTruth.com.
And, you know, it's going to be exciting.
We're launching even more features on the live app.
Oh yeah, we got a brand new app, InfoWars Prime.
You can actually go pick that up right now at InfoWars.com forward slash app.
And you can get it at the Apple Store and get it at Google Play.
I just downloaded it myself, and guess what?
I'm even paying for my own subscription.
And yes, I'm an employee here.
I'm paying for my own subscription.
This app gives you exclusive behind-the-scenes content.
Leanne McAdoo, myself, other reporters have the ability to go live from our own cell phones.
It'll notify you.
You can look at all of our videos.
If you like my videos, if you like her videos, Shroyer's videos, McBreen's, whatever.
We'll have all of our content under our names as contributors.
You'll be able to see Alex Jones go live, the show feed.
You'll be able to have the radio mode as well.
And just fun, cool behind-the-scenes videos that we'll all have the ability to go live with whenever we want.
So I want to encourage each and every one of you to go check that out now.
InfoWars Prime, brand new app just launched a couple of hours ago.
I just played with it back at my desk over there and looked around.
It's really cool, works smooth, looks great.
So you'll be excited.
This is just the first launch of it, I guess.
The more people we get subscribed to this, we're gonna add some new features, more interactive, so that the fans will be able to interact with us some more.
And another thing too, with the landslide talk, stop it.
Problems with the machines.
We've seen numerous people today, their votes are switching from Trump to Clinton and many other candidates like that around the country.
People are taking videos, taking pictures and all that.
So let's all be a part of this.
Let's stop the steal.
And that brings me to my next point.
Let's talk about stop the steal, what that is and how people can get involved with that as well here on this last day.
StopTheSteal.org was set up for the simple purpose of taking exit polls in certain carefully pre-selected districts and then comparing those actual results against the computerized voter machines in those districts.
This is not poll watching.
This is not designed to catch voter fraud.
We are specifically interested in voter machine manipulation.
The Democrats in four states sued us, pardon me, six states now, sued me personally, Donald Trump, the Republican National Committee, the Trump campaign, and stopped the steal.
So we were challenged in Arizona, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and North Carolina.
We have prevailed so far in Arizona, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and I believe we're still waiting for adjudication of Michigan.
By definition, if you're only speaking to voters after they voted,
It's not clear how you could be intimidated.
If you are not wearing paraphernalia for a candidate, because Stop the Steal are not all Republicans, we have Gary Johnson supporters, we have Jill Stein supporters, we have Libertarian Party members, Green Party members, we have Bernie Sanders supporters.
This is a bipartisan volunteer effort.
All we have in common is a desire for an honest election.
Anybody who tells you these machines can't be hacked, that's a ridiculous idea, is wrong.
They're easily hacked.
And this is a stopgap.
This is a failsafe to determine whether we've had an honest election.
Our web infrastructure was hacked again last night.
We're having a number of technical problems today trying to field this.
We are dealing with volunteers, but I'm still hopeful at the end of the night we will have something that we can compare to the machines.
Right, I mean isn't that incredible that you would have a
Democrats suing you?
How dare you try and maintain a free and fair election and make sure people's votes count?
I mean, that right there speaks volumes to me.
The fact that there isn't an uproar about these electronic voting machines switching people's votes.
And it's not like they're just arbitrarily switching the votes.
It's only from Trump to Clinton, not the other way around.
And the disinformation has been extraordinary.
We're sending hordes of thugs to the polls.
No, we're not.
We're sending men and women who volunteered.
We are intimidating voters.
I don't know how.
You've got to stick to an agreed-to script.
Anyone working for us as a volunteer signs a code of conduct.
They also swear as to the authenticity and the accuracy of the data that they're turning in.
So it's really simple.
Sir, did you just vote?
Yes, I did.
Would you mind taking part in a voluntary exit poll?
We don't keep track of your name.
We just want to know you voted in this precinct.
No, I'd be happy to.
Question one, did you just vote?
Yes, I did.
Question two, did you vote four years ago?
Yes, I did.
And then we read them the ballot and they tell us how they vote.
We tabulate it.
We don't even keep their name.
There is no danger to our democracy here.
It's a perfectly legal process as long as it's conducted a certain number of feet from the polling places.
Now, we're dealing with 50 different state laws and we will adjust the program, but
This gets conflated into a scrum of stumble bums, I think is what Salon said.
Talking Points memo, Huffington Post, they were all apoplectic.
Then when the Supreme Court came out and said, no, Stone and Trump are not intimidating voters, you know what we heard?
Where are those stories?
Well, they're at salons too busy writing a story about pedophilia, and let me guess, Ryan J. Reilly for Huffington Post is probably thinking that foam earbuds are rubber bullets.
No, but Christina Wilkie, she was so hot on this story when the Democrats were suing us, but now that they've been defeated in the federal courts,
Where's your wrap-up piece on that?
Yeah, or everyone that was just hot to trot for these alleged victims of Donald Trump who've now come out and said, I made the whole thing up, just kidding.
Again, it's like we see that it doesn't even matter what the truth is.
It's just to stir up confusion in the voters.
It doesn't matter what the truth is because, you know, people will base their opinions on what they're spoon-fed.
That latest DNC leak that came out by Wikileaks showed them setting up these Craigslist ads, looking for women to go and do all this stuff.
Within hours, Wikileaks was being hacked.
There was a DDoS attack or whatever.
They were going through that for a long time, you know, and then your guys' websites taking a hit.
Anybody trying to expose what's going on, trying to make this election fair, trying to inform people, you know, they're doing everything they can to take it.
I mean, people should be awake to that.
That should make you really think of what we've had the last eight years.
We want a continuation of that or we want someone to come in, break the mold and start over again and let's make it the way it should be.
So I distinctly hear a taco calling my name.
So I will catch up with you later.
Yes, sounds very good.
Yeah, we've got about just five minutes left before Paul Joseph Watson gets in studio.
Thank you so much, Roger Stone.
And we'll be seeing him a little bit later on in the evening.
And myself and Joe Biggs are going to close out this segment.
Paul Joseph Watson will be joining us shortly from across the pond.
But very interesting, just what we're seeing here.
You know, Roger Stone makes a great point.
Total crickets when it's time to clarify some of the false stories, some of the misinformation that's put out there.
But, you know, we saw with when Danny Williams was actually doing his press conference, there were the reporters right there.
Olivia Newsy of the Daily Beast.
How could you be here?
Because it's election time and you decided to come after Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton?
He's like, no.
I mean, I've been following this guy since I started working here because he was actually trying to get a hold of me for a while and then something happened.
Communication channels got mixed up and it took like two years basically to finally get in touch with the guy.
But this guy's been talking about it for a long time.
He doesn't care which person becomes president.
He just wants to get to know his father.
He knows that's his father, his entire family's entire life, told him that.
He looks like him, for Christ's sake.
I mean...
Give the guy the opportunity to find out if it's his dad or not.
I mean, why would you, I mean, what kind of sick human being are you anyways?
And you know, she claims to be this champion of Black Lives Matter and women's rights and LGBT.
Well, just the way she treated him and the way she was like immediately attacking him and almost like putting him on defense.
But it's like, did you do the same thing with the women who came forward all of a sudden with Donald Trump?
Or were you just ready to tell their story fair and square?
How much did you get paid to tell that story, huh?
Where were you at with that one, Olivia?
Yeah, so, you know, I mean, that was going to be actually my last question for Roger.
You know, is it just, is the cat out of the bag?
Have we gone too far?
Or have we reached critical mass where enough people are awake that they get it, that they see what's going on, to where no matter what happens tonight, we can't go back after this?
Like, I just don't feel like people are going to go back to sleep after this.
What do you think?
I mean, either way, the Great Awakening has happened.
We've all seen behind the curtain.
We've literally witnessed a giant leak, you know, and the American people are going to want to fix it at some point in time, whether or not Hillary Clinton has the chance to steal it, much like she did from Bernie Sanders.
I mean, look at the amount of people that showed up to Bernie Sanders events, the amount of people, the movement, even super older people.
You know, uh, you know, I can see amongst the college students, but I mean, even older elderly people were all about Bernie Sanders.
She clearly stole that thing.
And then we saw at the DNC on the floor, you know, day one, they're coming by and snatching everyone's Bernie Sanders signs and giving them a stronger together sign.
And they're like, screw you.
We're going to hold it.
Quit being ridiculous.
He's lost.
Just get on board, just get on board.
Putting the noise, the noise cancelers, a big speaker above so people on the television who are being entertained and like very loudly, Katie Perry, I'm dancing, look over here, don't look at all these disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporters that are booing when they turned the lights down and had noise cancellation speakers over them so that, I mean that's just what's so incredible to me, just watching the difference between the DNC and the RNC is that they had
Entertainers there on the Democratic side, just like, watch the entertainment, don't really worry about what we're selling you, you know, that's what, and then whereas with the RNC, it was like a David Blaine magic trick.
You know, they've got all this flashy stuff going on.
Meanwhile, his other hand, it's real and not the fake ones down here.
And they're, you know, it's taking something from you.
That's what the DNC is.
That's what Democrats are.
They're magicians and they're really good at it.
And they've tricked you all for so long into thinking that what they're doing is good for you and it's in your best interest.
And really they're just taking that money from you, putting it in their pockets.
They're giving you money that they've stolen out of your own wallet that you didn't realize you got pickpocketed.
And it's funny because so many people will say, well, you know, Republicans must suck because they can't get any good entertainers at their party.
And it's like, no, we just, we want to hear Donald Trump's message alone.
One man on a stage with a microphone, got more people at all his rallies.
She's literally got to dig in.
And probably with the money she's stolen from the Clinton Foundation to pay these entertainers to come out and perform just so she can look like she has crowds and looks like a popular person that people like.
At the end of the day, I'm sure 90% of these people are taking a large payday and they probably hate her, but that just exposed the fact that they're soulless evil bastards.
But either way.
RNC had American flags all over the place, DNC had green and black background, and it was depressing and sad and un-American, and I just don't get how people can still be confused and vote for her.
Even when she rolls out Jay-Z and Beyonce, 10,000 people went to that free concert with Jay-Z and Beyonce, and Donald Trump on the same night had 11,000 people show up.
And it was just him.
You know, he was a starring act.
And most people had left the venue by the time Hillary Clinton went out and said three words.
So, you know, it's just a drastic... If all of those people that are going to the Trump rallies actually vote, go vote, like Big said, don't sit this one out thinking it's going to be a landslide, thinking your vote doesn't matter because you're not in a swing state.
It matters.
Go vote.
And, you know... Every state's a swing state.
Every state counts.
Every vote matters.
Well, especially now that they're shipping in people and telling people that are here illegally they can vote, no one's gonna know.
Every state, you're right, every state is at risk now.
And there's a brand new O'Keefe video that just came out where they're actually, it's about this pastor, this group of pastors, black pastors in Gary, Indiana, I believe, if I can remember correctly, where they say, we can get people to vote.
We'll tell them who to vote for.
And I'm sure at some point in time today we will show that video.
Right, yeah, that's the latest Project Veritas video to drop, where they're basically admitting, like, look, we just drag these people around by the nose, and we tell them who to vote for, we bus them in.
As long as you promise people certain goodies, like, you know, we had the Obama phone lady.
I mean, it's the same thing over and over again.
As long as you promise people...
Uh, reinvigorated with Syrian refugees.
They're not even going to help the people that are there that they've been promising for more than a hundred years.
Oh, we got your back.
We're going to help you, you know, and then basically blaming them for why no one wants to bring jobs into their communities because it's, it's blighted and it's like, well, yeah, that's because you robbed us for the last century.
That's insanity.
Go watch Dinesh D'Souza's Hillary's America, like now.
And any of your friends who are on the field right now, anyone who's on the fence right now, have them go watch it.
Go buy it.
I don't care if you spend like $100, just go buy the video and show it to your friends who have no idea what's going on, who think that it's cool to go vote for her because Katy Perry sang at the DNC negative.
That's horrible.
This video really exposes how the DNC, how the Democrats actually think, their mindset, and why they do what they do, and destroys a lot of the fake BS behind the Republicans and the KKK.
Shows you how the DNC is behind it.
It's a good film.
Today's the last day to save America.
We've had eight years of complete and total BS.
We were promised hope and we got no change.
And it's time to make America great again.
And I'm ready.
I voted already.
I did it early last week.
Trump is my president.
I'm proud to say it.
I haven't been a closet Trump supporter.
I've been very open about it and I get into many debates when I go out all the time.
I don't mind if I'm known as that guy because I'm proud as hell and I want to save America.
And you know, I got a lot of friends who like Frazier.
I hate Frazier.
I think that's the dumbest show in the world.
But that doesn't mean that I'm going to defriend them because of that.
It's just like, you might like Hillary Clinton.
I think that's the dumbest thing in the world.
But guess what?
I'm not going to hate you because of it.
I might not trust you as much, but I'm not going to hate you at the end of the day.
I'm not going to go have a beer with you because you like Frazier or Hillary Clinton.
So with that said, let's vote Trump.
Let's make America great again.
Let's take our country back and let's wear red today so everyone knows.
Everyone knows what's up.
Yeah, and it's really interesting too that a lot of people are kind of, they were trying to push that message out there.
Tell Trump, America is already great.
And it's like, well then why were you running on hope and change if it was already great?
Sure, so.
Tank's empty, let's refill it.
I guess we are zooming out because Paul Joseph Watson is coming in hot.
I don't hear.
No clue, not hearing anything.
My fellow Americans, my fellow humans on planet Earth, there is an epic, legendary awakening of nationalism and populism happening from the Brexit to the Donald Trump phenomenon to Russia pulling out of the New World Order and arresting the bankster oligarchs.
Humanity's will for self-determination
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The great classical liberalisms of Thomas Jefferson and Francis Bacon are reawakening right now.
And it's because of the historical times we live in that InfoWars is going to embark on an unprecedented 52-hour broadcast.
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You can see it in the news, you can feel it, you can witness it on the street.
History's happening.
They always say this election is the most important in our lifetimes and we laugh it off.
I wouldn't even get involved in past elections because they were so clearly frauds.
This one's the big kahuna.
A clear demarcation line.
A crossroads between nationalism and tyranny.
Between Americanism and Globalism.
That's why we're doing this one time and one time only.
Because history's happening.
A 52 hour live transmission, kicking off Monday, November 7th, 2016 at 11am.
Running right through Election Day the 8th.
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and quite frankly beyond.
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Live, it's the InfoWars Election Special Marathon Broadcast, and this exit polling fiasco is just crazy right now.
Basically, Drudge scooped the entire mainstream media.
He got the first exit polls over half an hour ago.
CNN has had a ridiculous 10-minute, 1-minute countdown.
They still haven't released the results of these exit polls.
Does that mean it's bad news for Hillary Clinton?
Well, it doesn't really matter either way.
Because these exit polls have been proven inaccurate time and time again.
Not only with things like Brexit, but also, of course, in 2004, where they predicted that John Kerry would do a heck of a lot better than he did and would even possibly win the US presidential election, which he obviously didn't.
In 2012, they were completely wrong as well.
But Droge released these exit polls as of about 30 minutes ago.
Now this isn't confirmed, and again, these exit polls either way have proven to be inaccurate, so you can't get excited about it on either side of the equation.
CNN is still refusing to release them.
They were supposed to release them 15 minutes ago nearly, and they're still refusing to do so.
But DrudgeReport.com has Hillary up in Pennsylvania, which is where all the vote fraud and intimidation is happening, as we're going to get onto and talk about and play some videos.
Trump is up in Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, North Carolina, and Ohio.
Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada are all showdowns, meaning that they're basically too close to call.
They're tied at the moment.
That is according to DrudgeReport.com, who got the leak over half an hour ago from the first exit polls.
Still yet to be released by CNN.
Everyone is freaking out on Twitter saying, where are my exit polls?
Where are my exit polls?
They still haven't released them.
Here they come.
Breaking news right now.
CNN is about to release these exit polls.
It took them about 15 minutes to do so.
They had a stupid countdown clock which ran out about 15 minutes ago and they still haven't released them.
Drudge got them up as of 30 minutes ago again.
Doesn't matter if you support Clinton or Trump, keep voting.
Oftentimes these exit polls are designed to dissuade people to go out and vote.
So, you know, if Hillary Clinton isn't doing well, then you know that something's desperately wrong.
But again, these exit polls have been proven wrong in the past.
It's pretty safe to ignore them to go out and keep voting anyway.
Released on Drudge Report about half an hour ago, over half an hour ago, still not released on CNN.
People are freaking out on Twitter.
There's an absolute meltdown.
This has turned into a complete circus.
But again, you've got Anderson Cooper, you've got Wolf Blitz, so they keep throwing back to their commentary panel.
And again, these exit polls have still not been released.
We will go back to them, even though they're pretty much useless in terms of accuracy.
Proven so time and time again.
But of course Trump... Sorry, Drudge got them out over half an hour ago.
He says Hillary is up in Pennsylvania, which is no surprise, given...
The fraud and outright intimidation that's been going on, which we've been reporting on as of the past few hours.
There you see drudgereport.com.
Election will be decided by evening voters.
Again, if these exit polls are accurate, which I stress they've not been in the past, then it at least tells us that this whole media narrative of Hillary landslide doesn't appear
To be coming to fruition.
But in Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania, we have reports of voter intimidation, voting machine problems, and Trump supporting poll observers being harassed and kicked out of venues.
Now, we featured these tweets up on InfoWars.com about three or four hours ago now.
This is poll observer Mike Roman.
The headline is, Report voter intimidation in Philly.
Trump observers kicked out.
Poll observer Mike Roman has been tweeting about harassment of Trump supporters all day.
He also tweeted about how voting machines are, quote, not registering votes for Trump.
And you can go through these tweets in this article, and again, people are talking about Trump observers simply there to observe the process, being harassed, in one case being beaten with a bell.
being kicked out of polling stations there in Philadelphia.
You have James O'Keefe posted a video a couple of hours ago now of these individuals being bussed around in Philadelphia, being bussed to polling stations.
We've seen that over and over again.
We've seen again in the James O'Keefe, the Project Veritas bombshell revelation tapes where they admit that they do that, they carry out, they engage in voter fraud.
We've got more evidence of that today.
And again, as I spoke about earlier, we've got an individual in Brooklyn, in a voting station in Brooklyn, wearing a Black Lives Matter sweatshirt in direct violation of the law.
It's illegal to wear any kind of political messaging or paraphernalia in many states within polling stations, in others
Within 10 feet or 100 feet of polling stations.
That happened in Brooklyn.
He's wearing a Black Lives Matter sweatshirt.
Obviously a political statement.
The leader, the de facto leader of Black Lives Matter, DeRay McKesson, has openly endorsed Hillary Clinton.
It's obvious who he sides with and that organization as a whole doesn't side with Donald Trump.
It was all obvious political messaging.
And again, according to eyewitnesses, this individual was intimidating Trump voters in Brooklyn.
Now we're going to go to this clip.
Again, I talked about these voting machines.
And again, in Utah, we've got reports of these machines flipping votes, widespread problems across the state of Utah.
And in Pennsylvania, we've got numerous examples of vote flipping in Pennsylvania.
Let's go to the CBS News video report out of Pennsylvania.
Let's go to that clip now.
For the most part, voting has been smooth and turnout has been heavy.
Pennsylvania's Secretary of State says that he would not be surprised if voter turnout topped 80%.
However, there have been some scattered issues where voters are encountering problems.
Rick Dayton joins us live now with what's happened at a polling place in Clinton Township, Butler County.
Christine, Stacey, turnout very heavy in Clinton Township where people started lining up 30 minutes before the polls opened.
But once they got to their machines, that's when they say the trouble started for them.
Election judges confirmed there were issues with two of the eight automated voting machines in the Clinton Township building.
Most of the issues stem from people trying to vote straight party ticket.
However, a number of voters told me that specifically they wanted to vote for the Republican Donald Trump
Only to see their votes switched before their eyes to the Democrat, Hillary Clinton.
I went back, pressed Trump again.
Three times I did this.
So then I called one of the women that were working the polls over, and she said, oh, you must be doing it wrong.
She did it three times, and it defaulted to Hillary every time.
If somebody has an issue, they should certainly let the judge of elections at the precinct know, and also call their county bureau of elections and let them know, as folks have done here this morning.
Election judges say that many of the problems did come when people tried to vote that straight party ticket, but I had a number of people tell me they were trying to go vote by vote, race by race, only to see the candidate they selected go to somebody else.
Now, they have recalibrated those machines.
Election officials there in Clinton Township are confident that at this point the problem has been resolved.
However, there are a number of people who told me just moments ago they're not sure that their vote went to the right person.
We'll have much more on that coming up this afternoon on KDKA.
So that was a report out of CBS News and again numerous reports now coming out of vote flipping in Pennsylvania.
People voting for Trump Pence.
Again you see the headline there out CBS.
Voting issues.
Some Trump voters reporting ballots switching to Clinton.
They changed that headline earlier.
It was something extremely less severe.
So now they're at least starting to realize that that is a major problem there in Pennsylvania.
We've also got video footage posted on Twitter, which is also up in this InfoWars.com story.
Video machine refuses to allow vote for Trump in Pennsylvania.
Video footage posted on Twitter shows an African American man attempting to vote for Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, but the voting machine refusing to select any other option
Then Hillary Clinton.
And isn't it a surprise that in every single case that we see, you know, the explanation you normally hear, oh, this is just the idiot voter doesn't know what he's doing, the voting machine has a technical problem, it's just an individual example.
It's always votes flipping from Republican to Democrat.
It's hardly ever the other way around that you see these kind of problems.
As you see in this video, which we're playing now, he's repeatedly trying to vote for Trump-Pence.
This is in Pennsylvania, again one of these swing states that Hillary Clinton
Basically, if she wins that, she's got an excellent chance of becoming president.
We're seeing intimidation, we're seeing vote fraud throughout Pennsylvania.
We're seeing people being bused to the polls.
James O'Keefe has got that on tape.
And again, in this individual, he went in there, he tried to vote for Trump Pence over and over again.
The machine refused to allow him to do so.
He also made the comment on Twitter, which we included in the article,
I just thought about it, I didn't have to show ID to vote either!
So again, bringing to light the fact that they could bus in unknown quantities of people to vote for Hillary Clinton.
CBS News also reports Trump voters in Pennsylvania are seeing their votes switch to Hillary Clinton, and we played that clip before.
I went back, pressed Trump again, three times I did this, so then I called one of the women that were working the polls over, and she said, you must be doing it wrong.
She did it three times, and it defaulted to Hillary every single time.
That was Bobbie Lee-Hirakawa.
resident there in Pennsylvania and again throughout Pennsylvania especially in Philadelphia we're seeing people being intimidated.
We've got another story up on Infowars.com again which shows a woman going to a polling station in Philadelphia as these exit polls still don't come in.
Basically what's happened is CNN has come out with an exit poll and everyone thought it would
Give some kind of indication as to who was ahead in these different states.
We'll get on to that in a moment.
You see this video we're playing now though.
This is in Philadelphia.
Again, a woman goes up.
These two individuals, Hillary Clinton supporters, are handing out material.
With Vote One for Democrat printed on the material, they're then claiming that they're not influencing anyone to vote for a particular candidate.
Let's back that video up and play it again with the audio because it's very interesting what they say to this woman as she approaches them.
Let's get that video ready to play now and let's go with that video.
Here's the audio.
Hi, how are you doing?
Can I get one of those things again?
All you have is Hillary?
Yes, that's all I have, yeah.
Now, are you getting paid to do this?
No, nobody's not getting paid.
Why do you have your phone like that on?
Well, cuz this is voter fraud.
No, that's not voter fraud.
Did I tell you to vote for anybody?
Basically with this, it says push button number one.
Ma'am, let me tell you about that, okay?
We hand out ballots.
That's the law, okay?
As long as we're not telling anybody to vote.
And you don't think this is telling them to vote when it says push button number one?
It's not.
Take this into the paid for by the Democratic county?
You really should take a class and then you'll learn.
Okay, you're not going to come out and disrespect anybody.
I'm just asking, dude.
I'm just letting you know, too.
All right.
I'm telling you what the law is.
All right, man.
Well, I appreciate you talking to me.
See you later.
So there you have it in Philadelphia again he says we're not telling anyone how to vote or to vote for a specific candidate while handing out literature printed material that says press one to vote for the Democrats funded by the Democratic County.
They claim it's not illegal because they're not telling people verbally to vote for a specific candidate.
When it says on the piece of paper which she shows on camera, press 1 to vote Democrat.
And then they accuse her of disrespecting them, simply for filming them with a camera.
And again, all this is happening in Pennsylvania, most of it is happening in Philadelphia.
Pennsylvania state law.
Quote, all persons except election officers, clerks, machine inspectors, overseers, watchers, persons in course of voting, and police officers, when permitted by the provisions of this act, must remain at least 10 feet distant from the polling place during the progress of the voting.
And again, obviously on top of that, there's laws related to you can't
Vouch, you can't hand out campaign material for a particular candidate.
That law is blatantly being violated in Philadelphia and in fact throughout Pennsylvania where we see report after report of Trump supporters being harassed, Trump observers being thrown out of polling stations when they're trying to observe the vote process, when they simply ask questions.
In one example, somebody was even beaten with a bell.
And some of this footage is starting to come out now.
Again, you've got CBS reporting on votes being flipped in Pennsylvania from Trump to Clinton.
You've got examples of that, which we featured in these articles.
Again, this is intimidation tactics as well.
You've got people stood outside saying, vote Democratic.
Again, it's intimidating.
It's pressuring people to vote for a certain party.
James O'Keefe has them on video, bussing people to the polls, as they promised, the DNC funded trick.
Again, to commit vote fraud.
That's all on tape and it's all coming out in Pennsylvania.
These exit polls are completely ridiculous.
What happened was,
Drudge came out about 45 minutes ago now.
He said, these are the exit polls.
This is who's ahead.
Hillary's ahead in Pennsylvania.
Again, you can't.
Read too much into this because they've been proven wrong in the past.
Hillary's ahead in Pennsylvania.
Trump's ahead in Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, North Carolina and Ohio.
Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Colorado.
Too close to call.
Election will be decided by evening voters.
Projected vote 140 million total.
Everybody's talking about a massive turnout.
But again, CNN got up about 25 minutes ago now.
With a ridiculous countdown clock, which everybody thought on Twitter would be the exit polls showing Hillary or Trump ahead in certain states, even though these polls have been proven incorrect, inaccurate in the past.
What happened was that countdown clock on CNN got to zero.
Nothing happened.
They chattered.
With these panellists for another 10-15 minutes and then they came out with an exit poll which says 38% want presidents to bring change.
So these exit polls give us no clue whatsoever as to how people are actually voting in these battleground states.
They're just generic surveys about how people feel.
So again, more deception from the mainstream media.
This is out of Politico.
This just came out.
Early exit poll voters anxious about Trump.
Because he's literally Hitler, because they bought the propaganda.
Voters are expressing unease about both major party presidential candidates, but greater anxiety about Donald Trump, according to Politico.
Nearly 14,000 early and election day voters were asked whether around 40 different characteristics applied to Trump and Hillary Clinton.
And while the results are preliminary, mainly because most of the Republicans haven't voted yet because they're at work, in fact it's funny if you look at a map of
What the electoral college map would look like if only taxpayers were allowed to vote is basically all red, apart from half of California and Washington State.
But the top scoring attributes of Trump are stubborn, 81%, arrogant, 78%, he says what he believes, oh my god, that's such a terrible trait, isn't it?
68%, reckless, 60%, sexist!
Again, Hillary Clinton, the deplorable sexist misogynist, 59%.
Even though Hillary Clinton, 20% of her campaign is funded by Saudi Arabia, a country that still executes gay people, a country that treats women like cattle, but she's the big feminist.
She's the first female president.
It's historic, but Donald Trump is sexist because he said the word pussy in 2005.
If he'd have just taken, you know, $25 million from Saudi Arabia, from Qatar, from these other countries that stone women to death, then he would have been called a feminist women's rights champion!
Meanwhile, the most frequently cited attributes for Clinton were knowledgeable, 68%.
Yeah, knowledgeable about deleting emails.
Stubborn, 60%.
Really stubborn.
She doesn't demand people scurry off into side rooms when she walks down a corridor as she's screaming and having a fit, as basically everyone who has worked for her says.
60% say stubborn.
Changes her mind.
Has the right experience.
Yeah, has the right experience about destroying continents.
About arming ISIS.
Has the right experience at that.
Not willing to admit mistakes.
And flip-flops.
The head-to-head comparisons were most kind to Clinton.
57% say she has the right experience compared to only 31% for Trump.
Again, has the right experience about making a total disaster out of entire continents, leading to the rise of ISIS and the migrant crisis, the deaths of four Americans at the Benghazi Consulate, which as we know, under the State Department, under Hillary State Department, the gods they picked to guard the Benghazi Consulate when it was attacked were actual Al-Qaeda members.
That's her great experience.
That's her great judgement as Secretary of State.
So again, we had an exit poll earlier which basically said Americans are looking for a strong leader.
Most people said that would favour Trump.
Now people are saying that Trump is sexist.
Drudge Report has just put up a new headline.
5pm exits political map could be reshaped.
So again, we've passed that 5pm EST mark.
Drudge has got some exit poll results, at least some indications of what they will be, up on his front page.
And as far as I know, no other major news network has, at least CNN hasn't.
Again, there's all this fake news coming out.
People complain about fake news and often it's, you know, with good reason that people look at that and say, well that's just CNN trying to characterize fake news as anyone who disagrees with them.
But there is a lot of real fake news.
There's a lot of spamming and this exit poll situation proves that.
Because this Twitter account called CNN Breaking News keeps tweeting out these exit polls which are completely fake.
And they're getting hundreds or thousands of retweets.
This fake news situation is getting completely out of hand.
Don't believe anything that comes out of an official news source like CNN.
Don't believe it anyway.
But don't believe it's even a real report.
Unless that account is verified on Twitter.
This account is not.
This is not CNN.
I mean, I've got people impersonating me with the exact same picture, the exact same bio.
This fake news situation is getting really bad.
CNN has not, to my knowledge, released any actual exit polls which show voting percentages in these different states.
They've got fake exit polls being circulated, again, benefiting Trump.
They're not real.
And even so, exit polls
Are not reliable to begin with.
2004 proved that.
2012 proved that.
NBC's Nadine Comfort, and this is a real tweet, it's not fake, reports about 6 in 10 voters have an unfavourable view of Trump.
He's literally Hitler.
Fewer voters, but still majority, have unfavourable view of Clinton.
So again, that pretty much matches with the polls before the election which showed that both candidates had high unfavourability ratings.
Trump slightly higher than Clinton because God forbid he said the word posse ten years ago.
Meanwhile, Hillary destroyed a continent, takes $25 million from countries that execute gays and stone women to death.
But still, Trump's the bad guy.
So again, these exit polls are fake.
These numbers coming out on Twitter are completely fake.
Stop retweeting CNN breaking news.
That is a fake account.
The only real leaks that we've got so far are up on drudgereport.com.
We're going to come back in a second.
Let me give the call out number here.
That's 877-789-2539.
Gonna go to some of your calls after the break.
CNN is still promising new exit polling results.
It hasn't delivered any actual exit polling results.
Again, the Clinton News Network falls flat on its face, as made
A complete ass out of itself live during this election coverage.
We'll be back with your calls after this short break.
Stay tuned.
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We are going to go to your calls soon.
We'll continue with news for now though.
In fact, let's go to this Nigel Farage clip of course.
We had Brexit here in the UK back in June.
The polls before Brexit showed that Remain would win by at least 4%.
The exit polls showed that Remain would win, and you all know what happened.
In fact, Nigel Farage himself kind of half-conceded before the vote was even officially announced because of what the polls were telling everybody beforehand.
We know Brexit was a massive success.
Vote Leave won.
Let's go to this clip.
This is Nigel Farage on Fox Business.
And look who's with us now.
You know this man, his name is Nigel Farage, the driving force behind the Brexit and former leader of the UK Independence Party.
Nigel, can Trump pull it off just like you pulled it off of Brexit at the last minute?
You know, it feels just like Brexit Day to me.
All the smart money, all the commentators, all the foreign exchange dealers, the bookmakers, they all think that Hillary is going to do it.
And yet, even those opinion polls conducted by conventional companies who find it very difficult,
To reach non-voters who are entering the process, even they show it as being so close as to be within the margin of error.
We did it on Brexit Day because a lot of people who don't normally vote were motivated to get down to those polling stations and to do their stuff.
Trump's got it all to do.
He's got to win these swing states.
He's got to win, you know, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida.
I get that.
And yet,
And yet, I have a feeling that the world could be in for a very big shock tomorrow morning.
There is Nigel Farage on Fox Business saying that he's got a Brexit feeling.
We'll wait to see whether that's the case.
Again, these exit polls are not actually exit polls.
CNN got caught completely lying about that.
Everybody's slamming them for it right now.
This is up on Infowars.com right now.
Report, Reuters polls showing huge Trump surge.
Reuters has apparently pulled down two polls showing Hillary Clinton's unprecedented collapse among likely voters the night before Election Day as Donald Trump surges.
This article was intended to report on the November 7 Reuters poll showing Clinton losing nearly five points before Election Day with Trump surging by the same amount.
But the poll mysteriously vanished before this article was published.
Again, they're very reticent to give you information or they even pull polls all together which don't fit their narrative.
The article continues.
After the November 7 poll was polled, Reuters displayed a separate November 6 poll, which you can see in the article here, which still shows Trump's surge and Clinton's collapse, but has both running in a dead heat.
However, this too was also polled not long after, likely because it didn't satisfy the powers that be, who prefer Clinton.
So again, mysterious shenanigans going on with Reuters pulling polls, which showed Trump doing well.
Also up on Infowars.com right now, Donald Trump murdered a new Marilyn Manson music video.
Because attacking somebody who the entire establishment is attacking, Hollywood, media, the political class, Wall Street, attacking them as a musician, as an artist, that's somehow edgy and cool.
No, it isn't cool, it's not brave, it's not daring, it's not alternative.
Again, this is something I harp on about all the time.
Musicians used to say controversial stuff, okay?
Saying Donald Trump's a bigot is not controversial.
It's not brave.
It's not edgy.
It's like all these comedians, all they can do is tell lame Comedy Central style jokes about Donald Trump.
Get your own frigging material!
This is all designed to just ingratiate themselves with the Hollywood crowd, with the leftist liberal comedy circuit.
And yes, comedians have always been left-wing pretty much, but at least they used to be daring.
Sometimes, occasionally, they would go against the grain.
They would dare to offend people.
Calling Donald Trump a bigot is not offending anyone.
It's ingratiating yourselves with the very same Hollywood sewer pipe that feeds into all this crap.
90s glue metal rock star Marilyn Manson stands over a bloody decapitated businessman presumed to be Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in his latest provocative music video.
And again, look at the pictures.
It's obviously meant to be Donald Trump, even though he's not named directly.
Again, another example of liberal tolerance.
You can joke all day about the assassination of Donald Trump.
Do the same about Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.
You're a dangerous, extremist, right-wing radical.
You know, CNN lionizing the guy who jumped up on stage and tried to attack Donald Trump back at his rally in March.
Again, a complete double standard.
Timed for an Election Day release, a sneak peek video for the song Say 10 shows the shock rocker tearing pages out of a Bible while uttering demonic chants and clutching a bloodied knife.
Sounds like he would, uh...
Fit right in at John Podesta's spirit cooking parties, doesn't it?
Manson sings, cash is the poor man's money, as he holds a blonde head and hovers over a slaughtered man in a business suit wearing a red tie.
Again, complete nonsense.
He said he made the video, or he made the song, to contribute, he needed to contribute to the confusion surrounding the election by supplying additional confusing imagery.
So he said that
Because it's obviously bigger than just tomorrow, it's about the desperate acts of people who believe something that is preached by an unbeliever.
So again, if he'd have killed Hillary Clinton as well in this music video, then fair enough.
But again, it's all about playing it safe.
It's not daring, edgy, or cool to attack somebody who the entire establishment is attacking, okay?
That's not avant-garde!
If you really want to stand out, if you really want to have principles, say something unpopular.
That's what musicians, that's what counterculture icons used to do.
Siding with the dominant culture over and over again isn't counterculture.
It's cowardly.
Complete intellectual cowardice.
I mean, at least with someone like Morrissey, whose views I don't all agree with, he came out and supported Brexit.
He doesn't care!
That's not popular with his audience.
He doesn't care.
Because he's from an era where musicians, at least, had to have authenticity in what they were saying.
Attacking Donald Trump is not edgy, cool or daring.
Get over it.
Move on.
Now let's go to some of these callers.
Let's go to Heather in California.
Women voters for Trump.
Heather, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
What are you seeing in California?
Hi, Paul.
Well, Ashley, my husband and I dropped our ballots off a couple of days ago.
There's been just rumblings around here.
I wouldn't want any of us out today.
Just keep it safe.
But I am concerned because I keep hearing, you know, just various places.
I've heard it with Stefan Molyneux.
And I've heard it with various folks about, you know, these women voters and I just haven't experienced what everybody's talking about because literally every woman that I've talked to is not voting for Hillary.
I have friends all over the nation here and, you know, we're all Trump supporters and, you know, you see them and you see their friends and their friends' friends and I'm just not experiencing it.
And what I don't understand is with all the
The overwhelming attendance at all of Trump's rallies versus the lack of attendance at Hillary's rallies.
I'm very confused and I'm actually, I was starting out happy today, but I'm a little bit disheartened this afternoon about what I'm seeing as far as hints and whispers about what's actually going on at the voting booth.
No, we had that Mark Dice video which we played earlier again.
Women basically trashing Donald Trump.
The polls beforehand showed that those voters, again, were going to side with Hillary in obviously significantly larger percentages than Trump, but we'll continue to track that.
Thanks for the call.
CNN's now reporting in one of their exit polls, which isn't really an exit poll, because it doesn't tell you how people are voting.
But the question they asked was, should the next president A. continue Obama's policies, B. be more conservative, or C. be more liberal?
Now this is interesting because 29% said the next president should continue Obama's policies, i.e.
Hillary Clinton.
46% said the next president should be more conservative.
This is CNN's own exit poll.
Only 18% said the next president should be more liberal.
So again, that is a repudiation of Barack Obama, even though 54% also in this same poll said that they basically approve of him, but 46% say that the next president should be more conservative compared to just 29% who say he should continue Obama's policies.
So again, that's very interesting coming out of CNN.
We'll continue to track that.
Let's continue with these calls.
We've got Jim in Ohio who wants to talk about voter errors in Ohio.
Jim, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, thanks for taking my call.
Actually, this morning, there's a bunch of people from Third Shift.
We all kind of went and voted early.
And this year, the first year, they had those electronic voting machines.
And after we looked on the side, once we realized what was going on, we realized it was those ones at Soros Zones.
However, what happened was there was about 55 to 60 people in here and they had 50 voting at a time and every single person who was trying to vote for Trump had the exact same issue where it would not record the votes and it damn near turned into a riot.
It actually suspended everybody from doing anything at all for about an hour until they rolled out the machines they had from last year that were the paper ballot readers because it was about to get really nasty in there.
No, I mean, that's what we've seen in Philadelphia and other areas.
Again, people, Trump supporters, Trump observers, being kicked out simply for asking questions.
So you're saying that people were trying to vote for Trump, either they couldn't or their votes were being flipped for Hillary, and you're saying that there was basically, they were angry?
Oh, absolutely, because I mean, you know, they had already been kind of looking forward to something going on because Ohio being a big swing state.
And we all know, just based on the rallies alone, that there's no way she's going to win this without stealing it.
I mean, I've been to a couple of Trump rallies myself.
Um, and they, you know, they, our votes, you know, mattered, whether they matter to the Democratic or, you know, party or whether the government or whatever, we wanted our votes to be, you know, read and counted.
And so literally they, they ended up having the sheriff's department that was kind of around the area.
And they came in and they were, I mean, people were pretty irate because they were kind of getting a run around for a little while.
And they're basically threatening to go ahead and send everybody outside, not, you know, not let them vote.
But like I said, they suspended it for about an hour.
They went and got the old machines they had from last year with the paper ballots that they had as a quote unquote standby.
And that's how we did it.
But we had to wait for a good hour before we could even vote.
That's an extremely interesting report.
That's Jim in Ohio.
Thanks for the call.
And again, Nevada, we had them adding people to the back of the line after the cut-off point.
That's why Trump filed that lawsuit there in Nevada.
We've got all these shenanigans with the voting machines in Pennsylvania.
And now Jim in Ohio says that there was basically a near-riot because Trump supporters were having problems.
Either couldn't vote for Trump or their votes were being flipped for Hillary.
Police came, tried to basically disenfranchise people, and they had to wait an hour before they were able to vote.
Very interesting report from Jim in Ohio.
Another CNN exit poll, which isn't really an exit poll, but we'll talk about it anyway.
Feelings about the federal government.
Okay, they asked people how they felt about the federal government.
Enthusiastic, 6%.
Satisfied, 24%.
Dissatisfied, 46%.
Angry, 23%.
So you combine those two, you've got 69% of Americans who are either dissatisfied or angry with the federal government.
That doesn't seem to favour Hillary Clinton, does it?
So again, this is all coming out of the CNN exit polls, which also said that white voters were down 4% on 2012.
Of course, some of that is going to be in line with demographic changes, but some of it isn't.
That doesn't look great for Trump.
But again, dissatisfaction with the federal government is definitely an issue with people voting in this election.
Let's go to another call.
Wes in Oklahoma.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Wes.
Yeah, it's been an interesting day today.
I've been watching every little bit that I can, and it's unbelievable the way
This computerized world is really getting twisted up over this election and stuff and it's just unbelievable that we used to be able to get our vote done in less than 24 hours years ago without computers and stuff and I just think this computerized world is getting really too messed up for us.
It just makes you wonder what you're going to do next in this world.
Well of course it makes it so much easier to hack.
We know we've had Bev Harris on, we've documented that at length and we've got the videos coming out today.
People repeatedly trying to vote for Trump.
It flips to Clinton.
People say, oh it's just the idiot voter, doesn't know what he's doing.
Well why is it always flipping from Republican to Democrat?
Why on these videos is it never the other way around?
That's very interesting isn't it?
Let's go to another call now.
How's it going?
Well, first I want to say thank you for your work on InfoWars.
I've been watching a couple years now, and this is my second call.
I'm calling in from Canada now, even though I'm obviously Canadian and everything, but I've gotten a bunch of my friends to follow InfoWars in the entire election and everything.
And obviously a lot of people actually follow the election in Canada as well because of Canada's dependence on America more than you'd really think.
It really, as we can see, seems pretty blight right now regarding the election, you know, thanks to, as you said, electronic booth manipulation, the busing of people to the voting stations, you know, the pathetic endorsements like with LeBron James and the performance of Jay-Z and Beyonce and whatever.
You know, we know in a perfect world
As Mark Dice said earlier, that Trump would win in a historically large landslide, but obviously such is not the case.
So anyway, I want to ask, what do you really think would happen if Hillary gets elected?
Because I know that Trump has helped popularize the anti-globalist and anti-elitist movement even further.
So I'm wondering what might happen.
I've been thinking a quick impeachment such as what was seen with Nixon's re-election might happen because Hillary's, you know, she's been facing so much scrutiny recently that she'll be, you know, it'll be impossible for her to actually govern in public or perhaps another four terrible years of Clinton presidency.
So what do you think?
Well, it's a good question.
I mean, there are two aspects to it.
These are both in play before we even get to January, which, as you said, we've still got the FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation.
We've still got the questions surrounding her email scandal.
That investigation has not been closed.
Obviously, Comey came out again, said they hadn't found any additional material which was damning, but it's still not been closed.
So we've got the investigation.
Could she be up for charges before the inauguration?
There's another angle to it, which is her physical health.
We saw the video last night.
She's walking down the plane, the campaign plane.
She has one hand on the handrail.
Bill Clinton rushes down behind her to prop her up on the other side.
She's, even when she's not walking downstairs, she can basically has problems walking on concrete on a flat level.
At this point, she's got ridiculous wonky eyes that are going all over the place.
People are afraid of using flash photography around her.
She's in very, very poor health.
They were caught lying about it.
Obviously they've had her hopped up on whatever combination for the past couple of months.
That was a massively damaging thing in terms of her poll numbers when it was revealed that basically the conspiracy theorists were right and she was in very sick health.
So those are the two pertinent questions before we even get to January.
Is she going to be under charge or is she going to be physically unfit to take office as president in terms of
Afterwards, if she actually gets in.
This is a woman who has promised to use military assets against Russia if they're so much as suspected as being involved in a cyber attack.
This is a woman who wants a no-fly zone over Syria to protect the same ISIS stroke jihadist rebels that she funded and armed in the first place.
A no-fly zone over Syria, as the Joint Chiefs have said, means war with Russia.
She wants war with Russia on two fronts.
That's going to be incredibly harmful to Russian-American relations.
It's going to put the world in peril.
You've got Russia.
They've got designs on these Baltic states.
They're moving troops towards them.
They're being encircled.
Again, you've got Putin coming out and saying, what the hell are you doing?
You're risking not only a new Cold War that's already taking place, you're risking World War 3.
We've got Russian TV stations telling their citizens where the nearest nuclear bunkers are.
This is serious business.
This is a candidate who voted for the Iraq War.
This is a candidate who voted to destroy the government of Libya.
You know, the entire overarching system that was protecting Europe from that influx of migrants from Africa, she completely demolished that.
And now look at what's happening in Calais.
Look at what's happening in Paris, where it's basically an open-air migrant camp.
You've got people on the street.
Look at what's happening in Germany.
Look at what's happening in Sweden.
Mass rapes, terror attacks, they're now talking about giving ISIS members benefits, jobs, welfare.
She's completely wrecked Europe.
She says that her idol is Angela Merkel, who has completely ruined Germany.
This is a very dangerous woman.
Before she even took office in the White House, if that's what the situation is to be, she basically destroyed a continent.
She destroyed Libya.
She destroyed Syria.
She's put Europe in absolute peril, or at least Western Europe, because we know countries like Hungary, countries in Eastern Europe, are trying to oppose this agenda.
But she's destroyed the Middle East, she's destroyed Libya, she's destroyed Syria.
She's put Europe at risk.
She wants war with Russia.
She said in the past she wants war with Iran.
This is a dangerous, dangerous individual.
A cackling, sociopathic witch.
Who everyone who works with her says that she's completely maniacal, completely obsessed with power.
You saw the interview with The Sun, she said her lust, her ambition has completely eaten her out from the inside.
That's manifested itself in her physical illness.
This is somebody who's going to be way worse than Barack Obama.
Even potentially worse than George W. Bush, given that all the neocons who supported him are going to be back in control.
All this never-Trump crowd that supported her are going to be back in control.
And it's going to be hell for four years if she gets in.
I mean, that's virtually guaranteed at this point.
These exit polls are saying different things.
We're seeing massive anger, resentment with the federal government, but we're also seeing, and again, take it with a pinch of salt because they've been proven spectacularly wrong in the past, we're also seeing only 70% white voter turnout, which is not good for Trump.
But again, on the flip side, massive anger with the federal government.
So we'll see.
We won't know for about three hours or four hours.
We won't really get a solid indication as to how this is going.
As Drudge said up on DrudgeReport.com, the election will be decided by evening voters.
Let's go to another call here.
Robert in Oregon.
You want to talk about the James O'Keefe video.
Robert, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Are you there?
Yeah, I'm here.
Go ahead.
Uh, yeah, I just, one thing I've been trying to get hold of you guys for a day now, and maybe it's too late, but I just remember him talking about how, you know, the jig was a little bit up on the buses and they were going to start using, uh, he mentioned auto auctions, like wholesale car auction.
And that would be much harder to trace people coming in and those cars.
Um, but there are things you can look for.
There's, um,
Like barcodes on all these cars usually they're in the auction unless they take them all off and they'll have like the VIN number of the car and usually the mileage too.
So I mean if people see something like that at some of these boating areas I mean that's definitely probably something suspicious.
I would just advise people to look out for that definitely.
I mean there's usually in a city there's no more than maybe three to five
We're good to go.
Well, I mean, no, Keith's got it on video today.
I think they're using... It's people from churches who are using their vehicles to transport people's votes and bus people in.
Again, we know they've bragged about using that as a tactic of vote fraud in the past.
We know that Trump has filed a lawsuit in Nevada about them adding people to the back of the voting line after the deadline, which again suggests that, you know, this might not be over tonight or tomorrow.
We know back in
2004, obviously, it took a day or so for it to be ironed out.
Back in 2000, you know, it took over a month, so this could not be over.
We'll continue to track it.
We're going to wrap up shortly.
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This 52-hour live election broadcast will continue.
The first polls close in three minutes.
Stay tuned.
Early indications coming up.
We're going to talk about what the exit polls tell us, if they tell us anything.
52-hour live election broadcast.
Infowars.com for the latest breaking news.
That's going to wrap it up, but stay tuned for more.
We'll be back after this.
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Hillary cannot lead a nation while crippled by a criminal investigation.
Hillary Clinton, unfit to serve.
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For those who control the levers of power in Washington and for the global special interest, they partner with these people that don't have your good in mind.
The political establishment that is trying to stop us is the same group responsible for our disastrous trade deals, massive illegal immigration, and economic and foreign policies that have bled our country dry.
The political establishment has brought about the destruction of our factories.
And our jobs as they flee to Mexico, China, and other countries all around the world.
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I'm Donald Trump and I approve this message.
All right, we've got breaking news right now.
This is at the top of drudge.
The federal government is on high alert.
Cyber centers at the Department of Homeland Security, the Pentagon, and the Justice Department, as well as the FBI and the CIA are preparing for what they say is a possible cyber attack by Russia today to throw the election for Donald Trump
Or to stop the U.S.
election from happening if it looks like Hillary Clinton is stealing it.
NBC News reports that all hands are on deck to protect the election from a Russian hack attack.
At six this morning a high-level intelligence official told NBC News preparations and nerves are at the frenzy level as the federal government gears up to protect the country on election eve.
This morning former NATO commander Admiral James Stavridis discussed the type of Russian threat he was concerned about.
There's maybe a one in three chance of this happening.
They are so concerned right now that they literally have hundreds of military and intelligence cyber experts who are working out of top secret facilities and underground bunkers to protect the nation, well not only protect the nation from a cyber attack, but get this, they are ready, the US government that is,
To retaliate and respond to any hack attack by launching our own cyber attack against Russia.
This, my friends, is very, very dangerous.
NBC News has learned exclusively that the United States is poised for an unprecedented retaliatory assault against Russia in response to its interference in the U.S.
The CIA is in the initial phase of a wide-ranging cyber retaliation designed to be both clandestine and embarrassing.
The target, the Kremlin leadership, particularly Vladimir Putin.
And don't forget it was Hillary Clinton just a couple of months ago during the presidential campaign who said that as president she would respond to any Russian hack attack with military force.
As President, I will make it clear that the United States will treat cyber attacks just like any other attack.
We will be ready with serious political, economic, and military responses.
Now the U.S.
government's cyber force says there are limits to what they could do to protect American servers, but they have made one thing perfectly clear.
Any hack attack by the Russians will be met with a counter-attack by the US government.
I'm Darren McBrain and you can see more reports right now at InfoWars.com.
Alright, David Knight here with Darren McBreen, and I wanted Darren to come into the studio to underscore that this is not a fabricated news piece that he just did.
You know, from time to time, and of course Darren did that wonderful piece where he took what Hillary Clinton was saying about cyber security being the trigger for a nuclear war, and he ran that out as a, look, here's a possible scenario, just so you think about that.
And so we do that from time to time, but what he was doing there was playing a report from NBC News and from the debate meister himself, Lester Holt.
Lester Holt.
Yeah, absolutely.
Now, we are now in Hour 31.
We're going to talk about this in just a moment here with Darren McBrain.
Again, I'm David Knight.
This is part of our 52-hour live broadcast.
Today, November 8th, 2016, is an historic day.
This is something that has been building for a long time.
We had an article off the Drudge Report.
Carl Bernstein says, Trump wins if the alternative universe of Drudge is right.
He says, Carl Bernstein of the...
Watergate issue, and it's been a long time Carl, I know.
It's been a long time for me too.
He said, the alternative universe of drudge, the alt-right, the different press and social media that we've seen almost dominate, almost nominate?
No, they have dominated.
He says, to some extent a big part of the electorate is a wholly new phenomenon.
This is what I said earlier today when I put out the report that's up on Alex Jones' channel.
Important message of the first votes of 2016.
We looked at the first votes out of these small towns in New Hampshire and I pointed out that 24 years ago, Darren,
And Dixville Notch.
That's right.
We had Andre Marou, the guy who had been Ron Paul's vice presidential candidate, running as a libertarian candidate.
They did it as a test case.
They said, how can we break through the mainstream media's lock?
Well, what they did was they gave a magazine.
At that time, that was 1992, remember?
The Monica Lewinsky scandal was going on like 1995 through 1997.
It didn't really break into the mainstream with Matt Drudge.
It's one of the things that put Matt Drudge on the map, of course.
That was the beginning of the internet, the beginning of Drudge.
But these guys got a free subscription to a magazine.
Free subscription.
That's the only way they could break through the mainstream media's lock on information.
And once they did that, and they gave that free subscription of a Libertarian magazine to all the people in the small town of Dixville Notch...
Andre Marou, the Libertarian candidate, won.
And when I saw that, I said, boy, that is a powerful thing.
If we could just break through the lock on information, that's what has happened 24 years later.
And it took the alternative media, it took the Drudge Report, it took the internet, and it took a candidate like Donald Trump to do it.
But it's happening.
Because that's what we're seeing.
I mean, this is truly Hillary Clinton and the establishment, plus the establishment media, versus Donald Trump and social media.
That's what this is all about.
And I think that we are winning.
Yeah, that's true.
And Bernstein thinks so as well.
Bernstein says Drudge is really a great new factor in this election in terms of media.
He said, and I would say, a large measure of what Donald Trump is, that he is the nominee, goes to Matt Drudge in much the same way that Fox has when you use the word kingmaker.
I'm not sure it goes quite far that way, but it is an influence unequaled, and that is absolutely true.
Well, we hope that Donald Trump is not going to be a king, but we hope that he will be a president later today.
But let's talk, Darren, about this amazing report from NBC News.
Lester Holt putting this out.
That is precisely what you were concerned about when you did the piece.
And now they've got the military on high alert because they said, hey, we might get hacked by the Russians, so we have to be ready to respond militarily.
They've got military and cyber experts and
Underground bunkers right now, David.
And the thing that we're really concerned about, ladies and gentlemen, we don't believe that Russia is actually going to meddle in our elections and try to launch a cyber attack.
What we're afraid of is, let's say, they sense that Donald Trump is starting to take the lead and it looks like Donald Trump is the winner.
Don't think for a moment that the establishment wouldn't launch a false flag attack.
They would blame Russia for a cyber attack.
And they have said repeatedly that we will launch a counter attack.
So our own cyber attack against Russia.
And that is very, very dangerous because Russia is not going to just lay down and take it.
And how do we know?
We have to just take their word for it, don't we?
They tell us, hey, there's... And they'll be backed by the media, trust me.
The media will be right there and telling everybody that Russia is trying to interrupt our electoral process.
Just as they have pronounced that, hey, it's a known fact that the Russians put out all these emails.
It isn't.
We've had Julian Assange, we've had other sources, Steve Pchenik, but most importantly, William Binney, saying from a very early standpoint, no, this is the NSA.
They're very concerned about the multiple felonies, the complete shutdown and violation of our national security laws and our national security by Hillary Clinton.
They're upset about that.
They're exposing this criminal cabal through these various leaks.
And so they don't believe that it's the Russians.
And all we've got in terms of proof is they say, well, the Russians have the capability to do that.
And they have the motive to do that.
And I was like, they're not the only ones that have the capability and motive to do that.
What's funny, and I've already read the comments on Facebook.
Oh, come on, you guys are fear-mongering.
This is fear-mongering.
Come on, Infowars.
Look, man, this was NBC, okay?
This was Lester Holt.
I'm not the guy in an underground bunker right now.
And the reason you did that piece was because it was an unconscionable escalation for Hillary Clinton to say,
We are going to respond to cyber attacks with military attacks.
That was absolutely incredible.
Outrageous that she would say that.
Hillary Clinton, as Julian Assange said, we know that she is a warmonger.
We know that she hates free speech.
Those are two things we know about her.
She's supported by the neocons.
She's no different than Bush.
She's part of the military industrial complex.
Julian Assange says we don't know what Trump is going to be, but we do know what Hillary Clinton is going to be.
Very dangerous.
We don't want war.
We don't want the First Amendment shut down.
And Jill Stein came out, remember this report from last week, agrees with Donald Trump and says Hillary Clinton presidency means nuclear war, a quote, mushroom cloud waiting to happen.
And that's what the Russian government believes as well.
Look, Donald Trump is a true diplomat.
He gets along with people and there's nothing wrong, ladies and gentlemen, with getting along with Vladimir Putin.
Don't you remember when we had detente?
Okay, everybody was talking about it.
Look, an easing of relations between the US and Russia.
That was a good thing.
Why is that not a good thing today?
We're supposed to kick sand in their face.
We're supposed to be aggressive.
We're supposed to overthrow governments in Syria.
And as I was pointing out when I was on the radio yesterday, that NPR piece that I heard in Raleigh, North Carolina, they're talking to a couple of people.
They said, look, we're Christians.
We typically vote for pro-life candidate.
But my husband is a
Copyright lawyer that works with foreign companies.
It's like, oh, I know what's coming.
They're going to try to rationalize a way to vote for Hillary Clinton, to rationalize away their ethic and moral concerns.
And that's precisely what this couple did.
So NPR goes and finds this couple in Wake County.
And they talk about how, look, being pro-life means that you're going to support these refugees coming out of Syria.
And I'm screaming at the radio saying, who created the refugees?
Who turned this place into a bloody mess with Aleppo, boy?
It was Hillary Clinton who created ISIS.
You scream at the radio?
I thought I was the only one.
That's right.
I'm screaming through your radio now if you're listening.
Look, let's take a look at, let's switch here a little bit.
There's an article that's up on the Drudge Report.
Dying to vote.
This is out of Colorado.
A CBS investigation.
It goes from NBC now to CBS.
They're saying the same sorts of things that we've said.
Finds a woman who's been charged with casting her dead father's ballot.
I looked at this, and I'm like, I reported this four years ago in North Carolina.
My brother-in-law's friend went to vote, and of course in North Carolina, you're not allowed to have voter ID.
That would be racist, okay, to have voter IDs.
That would intimidate voters.
So, he goes to vote.
He gives them, all you have to do is give them a name and an address.
And they look at it, and they say, you've already voted, so is somebody else at your house.
And he goes, well, that's my mom.
She's been dead for a couple of years.
Well, she voted.
Okay, so you got this situation where this is a little bit closer to home, but you know, I look at what's happening in Virginia with Terry McAuliffe.
Terry McAuliffe has gone in Virginia and like the felon and the Clinton crony that he is, he was given felons the right to vote and he just did it as a massive sweep and they came back.
Wasn't it like 60,000 or something ridiculous?
The judge said you can't do that.
You can't do that with one stroke of the pen.
You're going to have to do this
Person by person.
You're going to have to issue a letter for each one.
He did a blanket signature.
Well, what he did was, he had a form letter.
They started printing these things out en masse on the computers.
They put it down on an Autobot signing machine, and he robo-signed these things.
Because, you know, why not?
Why not have felons voting in Virginia?
We've got a felon who's running for president, right?
It makes sense now, all right?
And this was just a couple of days ago, so this is a latch-ditch effort.
Yeah, yeah, absolutely.
But speaking of the debt...
Got Darren in here, another reason I got Darren in here.
Bring out your dead.
You know, Janet Reno died yesterday, and I'm sorry, but you're not going to see any tears on my part here.
I actually did a remembrance of Janet Reno.
You can see it on our channel.
It's called The Butcher of Waco.
Dead at last.
But Darren put, and of course his Twitter handle is MediaRival.
He put out a funny meme here, I thought.
Donald Trump will never be president.
It's a picture of Janet Reno.
It says, Donald Trump will never be president in my lifetime.
Janet Reno.
And then it gives her birth date and the date that she died, which was yesterday.
And so I retweeted that on my Twitter handle.
Too soon?
No, it's not too soon.
Yeah, he says, is it too soon?
I said, absolutely not.
And I said, Janet Reno, quote, Trump will be president over my dead body.
And I said, let's hope so.
And I said, seriously, even though Janet Reno died yesterday, I wonder who she's voting for today, because she is a Florida Democrat after all, right?
And it's very important to get out that dead vote in Florida.
Well, the Democrats.
You know, when we're looking at this, and I've got something I want to show you, because we looked at this alternative universe.
Carl Bernstein says we're in an alternative universe, and truly we are.
When we look at the strange things that have happened, we look at the way things have happened, it's not just the fact.
That we have a massive sea change in the way people are able to get their information.
The fact that they can talk to each other.
They have essentially now a social media.
You have what they had in the American Revolution.
They called it committees of correspondence.
They would pass information to each other.
Uh, through, uh, through letters and so forth.
Now, we can do that very rapidly with social media.
Things can go, uh, very quickly.
We can communicate with millions of people, and that's the way Trump has been able to get around the media.
I was just about to say, if it wasn't for social media, we'd be looking at the traditional left versus right false paradigm.
There would be somebody else.
It probably, it'd be Jeb Bush right now.
Against Hillary Clinton.
Oh, absolutely.
If it wasn't for social media.
But we still have a lot of work to do.
Because we still have the rise of the machines.
The rise of the voting machines.
And you know, there was this article that came out a couple of days ago.
Elon Musk is talking about what we've been talking about.
Look, he said, the robots are going to take your jobs.
All you humans, you're not going to have jobs.
There'll just be a few people like Elon Musk who get to do what they wish.
The rest of us will be living in an Agenda 21 reservation, like they did to the American Indians about 150 years ago.
That's what they did to the American Indians.
They put them on a reservation.
They contained them on a reservation.
They said, you're not going to be able to work.
We'll just give you a handout.
That's incredibly oppressive.
Look at what has happened to the American Indians.
And then they went into the inner cities and they did it to the poor, to the blacks, to the inner cities.
Now they're going to do it for everybody.
That's what Agenda 21 is about.
That's what these self-driving cars are about.
And so, you know, we've got a future that really doesn't need us.
We've got these machines and, of course, not just cars, but we've got
Self-voting machines.
Oh, why not just have self-voting machines?
I saw this thing.
I'm gonna play this way.
It's pretty funny.
It was from The Onion actually eight years ago.
And how prescient this was.
And how strange it is that here we are today, eight years later, and this is essentially what we're looking at.
A combination of the rise of the machines and the corruption that comes with electronic voting.
Let's play a little bit of this The Onion.
And here's their thing.
War for the White House.
They put this out.
This is their fake news broadcast eight years ago.
Let's get you up to speed on what is shaping up to be the political upset of the century.
Though we are still waiting on a few districts in Ohio to report.
Currently, Sequoia Voting Systems machine number DRE700, serial number 34491, leads both Barack Obama and John McCain with 259 election votes.
So the voting machine makes itself president.
It looks like a voting machine is on track to become the next president of the United States.
Combination of voting fraud and the rise of the machines.
Bunker is Onion News Network reporter Jane Carmichael and senior election analyst Arnold Renfrew.
Jane, how did the DRE 700 pull off this upset?
Andrea, the DRE 700 is running extremely strong in districts that use electronic voting machines.
It has zero.
If you've never used a voting machine, you might be hesitant to vote for one of these things.
Exactly, but in broader terms... Alright, we'll cut it there.
And they come back after that and they put out a message from the electronic voting machine as it secures the Electoral College vote.
And the message that comes out is, prepare to bow to my will.
Which is what I expect Hillary Clinton to say in her acceptance speech if she wins tonight.
I was just thinking how the mainstream media, predictably, they have yet to talk about the voting fraud that's taking place all throughout the nation right now.
I mean we're talking just a couple weeks ago in the early voting in Texas, just right here in Texas, we saw Hillary Clinton, or rather Donald Trump votes that were magically flipped to Hillary Clinton.
And that's happening now in Pennsylvania, I think is where that's happening.
We've got articles at Infowars.com.
Yeah, video machine refuses to allow vote for Trump in Pennsylvania.
That's a Paul Joseph Watson story.
And then we've got other fraud that is happening in Philadelphia.
Voter fraud caught on tape in Philadelphia.
That's a key thing.
They go to one city that's going to be key.
They can flip that city.
They can flip the state.
It's the swing state.
It's absolutely the swing states as their target.
Look, Joe Biggs and I, we're going to be on this evening at 12 o'clock midnight till 2 a.m.
And I've got two songs picked out.
I've got Celebration by Kool & The Gang, and the other one is Taps.
I just hope it's Kool & The Gang.
So, I don't know, Dave, this is like my favorite team is in the Super Bowl.
Beyond that, I'm extremely nervous, I'm excited.
Do you think that there's a possible chance, do you think we might take this one?
I absolutely do.
I absolutely do.
There's also a possibility that the election will be rigged.
Well, we know that that's the only way Hillary Clinton could win this.
It has to be through massive voter fraud, otherwise she doesn't have a chance.
And let me tell you why I believe that, Darren, is because when I look at the situation out of North Carolina,
And I did another report that's up on the Alex Jones Channel.
That's Black Vote is going to be the downfall.
We're actually going to bring down Hillary Clinton.
I talk about the metrics that we see coming out of North Carolina.
And we see, of course, FiveThirtyEight, who yesterday was saying that Hillary Clinton had a 53.6 chance of winning in North Carolina.
Now he's doubled down on that and increased it today.
To 55.5%.
I just don't see it.
At the same time, we see this article out of Breitbart, where Nate Silver, the guy at 538, says the 2016 polls are less reliable than prior years.
Actually, it's Nate Silver who is less reliable than previous years, because he's not modeling this scientifically.
He is not accounting for the sea change that has happened in terms of screening for unlikely voters.
Also, this is not Hillary Clinton versus a Republican.
This is Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump.
Versus an independent.
Donald Trump is an independent.
He's anti-establishment.
What people need to understand, and I'm hopeful, I haven't heard anybody say they think that Minnesota is going to go for Donald Trump, but we've got that statewide high school poll.
77,000 students in high school, and they selected Donald Trump in Minnesota.
And they usually vote just like their parents, right?
I mean, it's pretty accurate, even though it's just a high school.
Well, we got these other polls that they tell us are scientific, and they tell us that it's got a margin of error of four points, and yet we see them spread apart far more than four points.
They look at five or six hundred people to get a margin of error of four points, and yet here we've got a poll, 77,000 people, where Al Franken is the senator, okay?
And in Minnesota, remember, this is where they elected Jesse Ventura.
They're not going to be drones for a political party, necessarily, in Minnesota.
That's right.
This picture here that I got of a friend from North Carolina, Jack Robinson, took a picture of the lines in North Carolina.
And he says, not that bad.
No one ever said making America great again would be easy.
Look at the line at the North Carolina thing.
You see that right here in the back.
A massive line.
It's like a Trump rally.
Another point that a friend in North Carolina made, Paul Chester, he's got a news site called Carolina Plot Hound in North Carolina.
He said Planned Parenthood is trying to turn out black voters.
And he's got a link to an article here talking about that.
He says, maybe they would have had a lot more of them had they not murdered so many of them over the years.
And of course that's another message that is getting out to the black voters.
And earlier today when I talked about how black voters are going to be the downfall of Hillary Clinton, I pointed out
A reference from a Harvard Law record talking about why black North Carolinians are not showing up early to vote for Democrats.
And they're saying Donald Trump was getting 30%, 29% of the black vote and 30% of the Latino vote in North Carolina.
That is key.
Because Hillary Clinton needs to get virtually all of those two groups in order to win, because they are voting strictly on identity in most cases.
They're voting for the Democrat Party, but they're starting to wake up, especially in the South.
You've got a lot of black conservatives.
I talked to a lot of them when I was in Washington, D.C.
with the Danny Williams press conference.
We're good
She'll steal this thing and the mainstream media will back her up, but it's just not going to work anymore because, like we were talking earlier, social media is so huge right now.
So we're not going to fall for the banana in the tailpipe.
And I think a lot of people are going to be upset about this.
Regardless what happens, Hillary wins.
A lot of people are going to be extremely upset.
We know if Donald Trump wins, there's going to be riots in the street.
They're going to burn down Chicago and what have you.
So it's going to be a very, very interesting couple of days.
Probably a couple of weeks.
It is.
And I think there is really going to be a move to impeach Hillary Clinton if she wins.
We're going to take a quick break here.
After the break, we have Wayne Madsen joining us to talk about his take on the election.
And then at the top of the hour, none other than Lionel is going to be joining us, and we're going to talk about his take on the election.
Should be very entertaining, so we're going to take a quick break.
We'll be right back.
Thank you, Darren.
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Welcome back to our live coverage, where I guess it's hour 31 of our 52-hour coverage of this historic election.
Joining us now is Wayne Madsen of Wayne Madsen Reports, and I wanted to talk to Wayne.
He's also an InfoWars contributing reporter.
I wanted to talk to him about the FBI.
I also wanted to talk to him about his take on the election.
I think we're still, do we have Wayne on the line?
I heard him say something.
Wayne, can you hear me?
Okay, we're still trying to get Wayne on the line again.
You'll see some articles that we have up at Infowars.com.
Trump campaign files a lawsuit in Nevada over polling place hours and we see the same thing happening now in Durham, North Carolina.
Of course, Durham, North Carolina is a heavily Democrat area.
They're now seeking to extend their voting by 90 minutes.
The same thing was done in Nevada.
And that is usually a case of somebody getting ready to stuff the ballots, okay?
We've seen that happen many times.
I've seen this over and over again in my life, where they delay the closing of the polls in large cities and heavily Democrat areas, and they wait for everybody else to essentially show their cards, and they stick in there what they needed to put in.
It may be a lot more sophisticated than that now with the electronic voting.
But joining us now is Wayne Madsen.
Welcome, Wayne.
Hi, good to be with you.
Okay, give us your take on what's happening here in this crazy election.
Of course, we've had in the last few days, we've had revelations that have changed from the FBI.
We've seen this rope-a-dope.
Do you think that is something that was deliberate from the start with James Comey, or do you think that he caved at the last minute to other pressure after maybe being pressured by people within the FBI that wanted to see justice done?
Well, I think ultimately, James Comey's a political creature.
He, of course, was a Justice Department prosecutor during the whole investigation of Whitewater.
He was then in the Justice Department under Bush.
He then left to go work as General Counsel for Lockheed Martin, the largest
Defense contractor around and also a major contributor to the Clinton Foundation.
His brother is tied up with the same audit company that was auditing the books at the Clinton Foundation.
And James Comey also was an advisor to the HSBC Bank, which again was a contributor to the Clinton Foundation.
Yeah, he was on the Board of Directors for HSBC.
Yeah, I mean, you know, so this guy... One of the too-big-to-jail banks, as Rolling Stones pointed out.
They were caught multiple times for money laundering, and of course the Eric Holder Justice Department said, nah, that's alright, we're not going to send anybody to jail, we're not going to pull your bank charter, we're not even going to give you a very big fine.
And that was when James Comey was on the Board of Directors, and then he gets rewarded by being brought into the Obama administration at the top of the FBI.
Yeah, you know, there's always been a schism between, like, the career FBI agents, you know, the field agents, the guys doing the heavy lifting, and the political guys who are the, you know, the director and the deputy director of the FBI.
For example, this guy McCabe, whose wife got $700,000 when she ran for a state Senate seat in Virginia, from Terry McAuliffe, you know, one of the Clinton bag men.
For many years.
So, you know, I mean, this is business as usual when you're talking about FBI directors or CIA directors.
These are usually political acts.
But it was just amazing to me, you know, going back to July, for him to lay out all these multiple felonies and then say, but we're not going to prosecute her.
But don't you try this at home.
It's essentially telling everybody we've got two systems of justice.
One for the important people at the top and the one for the rest of you peons out there.
So don't you try violating national security.
We'll send you to jail for the rest of your life, but not Hillary Clinton.
We won't even take her to court.
Yeah, and the Clintons have been getting away with that since, you know, their days in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Oh yeah.
You know, they're the great evaders.
And I think they're paying a price for that.
I'm looking at early returns, especially from Indiana and Kentucky, where we're actually seeing numbers coming in.
And I am quite surprised at the shellacking that Hillary Clinton's getting.
In eastern Kentucky and a few counties reporting in from Indiana, I would have stated, of course, that with her feelings about the coal mining industry, she would take a beating.
In places like Kentucky, but I didn't think she'd take a beating to the point where Trump right now is winning 80, 81, 78 percent and in some cases Hillary Clinton is in the teens.
These are early returns, but what it tells me is that these are an exit polls and I don't put a lot of faith in exit polls because if I believe the exit polls from 2004, I would have believed that John Kerry would have been sworn in as president.
For Obama, in the past, are now breaking largely for Trump.
And I think this is what we're talking about.
This is the old, you know, we heard this term, Reagan Democrats.
Of course, you know, Reagan's been going from the scenes for a number of years.
But I think we're seeing this Reagan Democratic surge in places like
Eastern and Northern Kentucky and parts of Indiana and I think and even around counties around Louisville and Lexington and around Fort Wayne, Indiana are also breaking heavily.
60 plus percent for Trump.
I think that's good news.
But the key thing is Michigan though because Michigan again that's those blue-collar voters who have seen their jobs shipped overseas.
Hillary made a visit to Michigan yesterday.
She made four trips, four speeches during the day.
And one of those was to Michigan, which tells me that they're not confident that they're going to win in Michigan.
Michigan's going to be close.
Again, some of the counties I'm seeing breaking for Trump are on the Indiana side of the Michigan border.
So I see spillover in that case.
And of course, the polls haven't closed yet in Michigan, but I see Western Pennsylvania certainly going, seems to be going the same way.
It would be very interesting to see where the United Mine Workers Union came down.
Of course, all the unions will support Democrats, but I wonder actually,
What they told their members about voting for Hillary Clinton, I'm getting the feeling that they basically did not tell their membership to go out and vote for Clinton.
And they may have actually, with a wink and a nod, said, look, Trump's better for our industry.
Go vote for him, because I'm seeing that.
And that will play out also in southwestern Virginia.
Now, that won't offset the northern Virginia, the Cosum Fountain vote, but I think it'll shave
Clinton and Tim Kaine's margin in Tim Kaine's home state to some degree.
Now you're talking about the unions.
I had a listener send me some literature that he'd received as a member of the UAW, the United Auto Workers.
And of course this also reflects on Michigan.
Is a part of the political establishment.
And here again we see the people at the top of the Republican Party, the people at the top of the Democrat Party, the people at the top of the unions are all pushing this narrative along with the mainstream press.
But people can get their own information now.
They can get it directly with social media, with the internet, with InfoWars, Drudge Report, all these various sources.
They can now read this for themselves and it really has changed the landscape.
I don't think they're going to go with the way that the union has told them to vote.
Well, you know, union management, at least upper management, has never really represented the interests of the rank and file.
I recall once at the AFL-CIO headquarters in Washington, the janitors had a strike against the AFL-CIO.
Unionized janitors.
So there's your upper echelon labor union commitment to labor.
The janitors had to go out on strike because they weren't getting enough pay and benefits from the union.
It's the same story we're seeing everywhere.
We just started out by talking about the FBI and how you got this layer at the top of politicians
That are connected politically, this web of corruption that we're now seeing with the number one, number two guy at the top of the FBI.
And yet you've got people who are real law enforcement down at the bottom saying, wait a minute, we can't allow this to stand.
This is going to destroy the foundations of our country.
It's going to expose very dangerous secrets that she's already exposed.
She'll continue to do that if she becomes president.
And you see the same thing happening in the unions.
It's all over the place that we're seeing this because of the change in the way that people are able to get their information, isn't it?
Yeah, it's true.
And you know, you gotta add the corporate media into that elitism.
Earlier today it sounded like they were all but declaring Hillary Clinton to be the winner, and she may in fact win this.
This has been a very unconventional election year, but I think those who first said Trump isn't going to make it to, you know,
Past the first couple of primaries, you know, still have egg on their face, and they may have egg on their face in declaring Hillary Clinton the winner.
But what I'm noticing with some of the exit polls is Hillary is not doing any better among Hispanics than Barack Obama did.
Now, granted, the West Coast exit polls haven't come in yet, but based on exit polls in Florida,
And North Carolina and Georgia and Iowa indicating that Trump is getting 27% of the Hispanic vote.
And that's about what Mitt Romney got in 2012.
She's at John Kerry's numbers among African Americans.
There definitely hasn't been any surge there for her.
As a matter of fact, all the indications that African Americans were pretty much turned off by Hillary Clinton, unlike their support for Barack Obama both times, certainly seems to hold true here.
Oh, absolutely.
You know, we've seen reports, and I mentioned it earlier, Harvard Law Record was talking about, and this was about a week ago,
They were talking about how Donald Trump in North Carolina was getting 29% of the black vote, 30% of the Hispanic vote.
And just as we're seeing this disconnect wane between the upper echelon and the masses, okay, we're seeing that here in these results as well.
I think a lot of people who are Hispanic
Who have come to this country.
They're looking at the fact that we've now got multiple reports of MS-13 with a massive presence on Long Island.
They've actually taken over some cities in Long Island, incredibly violent.
The people who have fled that economic situation, the people who have fled that violence with these drug cartels in Mexico, don't want to see them follow across the border.
I think?
Long Island, where we've got a massive presence of MS-13 and an incredible increase in the amount of violence.
They say 92% of MS-13 gang members arrested are in the U.S.
80% of the tens of thousands of Latin American youths who crossed illegally into the U.S.
and were seized by authorities have subsequently been placed with other illegals.
Wayne, if you point out the danger of these drug cartels being able to come across the border at will,
I think there's a lot of Hispanics that are not so stupid that they think, oh, you're talking about that then, you're talking about MS-13, you're blaming Latinos for the violence, you are racist.
That's the narrative that we've been sold by the mainstream media, by the Democrat Party, but I think they can see through that, just like the rank and file of the UAW can see what's really happening to their jobs and they're not going to follow the Pied Pipers at the top of their union.
Yeah, not only the drug cartels, but, you know, a great majority of Hispanics are Roman Catholic, and they see what the Islamic State and the jihadists are doing in the Middle East to Christians.
And in Orlando, the Pulse nightclub, a large number of Puerto Ricans were killed in the attack by this guy, Mateen, this jihadist.
And I mean, that brought it home.
So, you know, the Hispanics
Are also concerned about the same issues that Trump's talking about is with Hillary wanting to bring perhaps tens of thousands of migrants in from the Middle East.
I don't think the Hispanics or anybody else would have a problem in bringing Christians in from Syria and Iraq.
But they definitely are going to have a problem bringing in Sunnis, and I mean the Hispanics see the same thing what's happening in the United States and Europe and the Middle East on TV, and they're just as concerned as especially Roman Catholics.
Some percentage are evangelical Protestants, but yeah, their feelings on that are no different than anyone else's.
There is somebody that has a problem with bringing in Christians from the Middle East, and that would be Barack Obama.
He's brought in virtually zero Christians from the Middle East.
And if they're talking about a humanitarian issue, you have to understand that the Christians who are caught up in these struggles are being exterminated.
This is absolute genocide.
And we've had people even from Jewish religion talking to Christians and saying,
Why aren't you doing something about this?
Why are you allowing this to happen to your people?
They've seen the genocide of their own, against their own people, and they're saying, why are you Christians standing silent while this is happening to Christians in the Middle East?
Why don't you get them over here?
And of course, the reason is because of Barack Obama.
He doesn't want them in this country.
Well, yeah, you know, with Obama, he's got, you know, the failed bicyclist John Kerry as Secretary of State, who, by the way, is in Antarctica on Election Day.
It's funny that he went all the way down there.
Hopefully, they'll keep him there.
And, of course, Hillary, who's her chief aide?
gives her all this information about the Middle East is Huma Abedin, who I've reported has actually, she's got, she's four degrees of separation from a lot of leaders of Al-Qaeda, based on her... Oh, absolutely.
...in Saudi Arabia... We had Steve Pichinik saying that he believed that she was a long-term set-up agent for the Wahhabists in Saudi Arabia, and I agree with him.
Wayne, we've just had some breaking news here.
There's been a shooting near a polling station.
Of course, we were told for the last several days that Al-Qaeda and ISIS were calling for terrorist attacks.
Now we have one dead, multiple people shot near Azusa.
This is in California.
Evidently, Azusa is close to L.A.
because they've got some people from the L.A.
County Sheriff's Department talking about what's going on.
They say they have an active shooter.
Who is heavily armed.
So this situation is developing now, I believe, unless there's been an update to this.
I think the latest news that we have is that this person is still alive.
They have, and shooting, the active shooter is still at large.
They have confirmed one person is dead on arrival.
Do you think when they go to an area like this in California that would be going for Hillary Clinton, do you think this is a wise strategy for ISIS or for Al Qaeda to show us how weak and effective the policy of the Democrats and Hillary Clinton has been with their open borders just let anybody in without vetting them and their weak and effective response to terrorism and their policy
...of creating and arming ISIS, creating unrest throughout the Middle East.
It's Hillary Clinton that set the Middle East on fire.
I mean, don't you think this is going to backfire for them, Wayne?
Yeah, and I mean, the timing is interesting.
The polls are still open in the western part of the United States.
I don't know if this will affect anything, but I have to say, as far as I'm aware, this is the first time there's been a terrorist.
In fact, if it is terrorism, and not just some crazy guy, this would be the first time.
Maybe it is the first time.
I can't recall
In recent history anyway, an attack on a polling place like this, whether it's a terrorist or a nut.
But definitely, yeah, this is a major event.
This happened in the last hour.
They had an L.A.
County Sheriff's Captain confirm that four people have been shot.
They had a heavily armed suspect.
One person has subsequently died.
So the four people shot was confirmed at 25 after the hour.
And then ten minutes later they confirmed that one person had arrived dead on arrival at the hospital.
So this is amazing breaking news.
Let's go back to what's happening in Florida.
Now you talked, Wayne, about some exit polls that you had in Indiana.
Kentucky, West Virginia areas.
Has there been any more news about Florida and North Carolina from exit polls?
I know the last couple of days we had information that came out based on early voting on absentee voting.
They look at the number of Democrat versus the number of Republican ballots that were returned and of course that's always in this process heavily skewed at this point towards Democrats and yet when you look at
I don't know.
Donald Trump, on the other hand, is 130,000 ahead of the pace of where Mitt Romney was four years ago.
Have you heard any updates about any exit polls coming out of either North Carolina or Florida?
Well, as far as Florida is concerned, apparently there was a surge in Democratic voters in the early vote.
But Florida is known as a same-day vote Republican majority state.
So a lot of Republicans wait until Election Day to vote.
That's why Mitt Romney, even though at the point yesterday he was behind 445,000, still won Florida by 100,000 because Republicans typically show up and vote on Election Day.
So, at this point, Donald Trump is a way ahead of Mitt Romney, as we have seen throughout this election process.
Donald Trump has gotten record numbers of votes in the Republican Party, as well as a record number of contributions, small contributions, under $200.
Yeah, that's true.
And so as far as North Carolina is concerned, again, you know, for those non-college educated whites where Trump is making huge inroads, I'm now looking at more returns from Indiana.
Now the city of Fort Wayne should be going for
That's interesting.
Those counties
Yeah, and actually these are real returns coming in.
With 3% in from Indiana, that's statewide.
Trump is at 67.4, where Clinton is 28.8.
Remember the Democrats thought that they could possibly
I don't
And Ohio border, Trump is really shellacking Hillary Clinton.
I'm looking, it's here, one county... Well, you know, Wayne, it was interesting this last week, as this stuff broke again about the corruption of Hillary Clinton with the FBI, whether that was a rope-a-dope or whether it was, you know, pressure and then counter-pressure, whatever, as that was happening,
As she was under all of these additional accusations of criminal action, all she could do was to continue on with the same failed identity politics that she's run through this entire election with.
It was absolutely amazing to see how non-responsive she was.
She would not engage, she would not defend herself because she doesn't feel compelled to defend herself.
She's a pathological liar.
She doesn't care what accusations are thrown at her.
She has absolutely no shame.
And when I watched this, I thought, this is absolutely amazing.
I think in this last week, regardless of what Comey did over the weekend on Sunday, where he says, never mind, we're not going to look at this, or pretend that he looked at all these 650,000 emails in eight days, in spite of that,
I think that the way that Hillary Clinton behaved this last week really solidified in people's minds what a criminal she is, which she would not engage or defend herself against these charges again.
Yeah, I mean, and of course Hillary, she hasn't really had to defend herself that much.
She's had all these surrogates out there campaigning for her, including last night in Philadelphia, Lady Gaga, who shows up on stage looking like she's a Nazi, a female Nazi concentration camp commander.
Some weird looking... And as Alex pointed out,
That had to have been approved by Hillary Clinton's staff.
They know how she's going to address, you know, they want her to show up virtually naked as she typically does, but instead they let her show up dressed as a Nazi.
They don't have a problem with that.
Wayne, we're out of time.
Thank you so much for joining us.
We're going to take a quick break here and we're going to come back with Lionel on the other side of the break.
This is part of our 52-hour broadcast of this historic election.
I'm David Knight.
We'll be right back with Lionel.
Thank you, Wayne.
We're good.
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Welcome back to the 52-hour broadcast here at the InfoWars station.
And of course we have a historic day today with the election.
We've all been waiting for this for a very long time and in just a few more moments, the guy you've been waiting to hear, Lionel, is going to be joining us.
Before I go to Lionel,
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Joining us now is commentator and Emmy Award winner Lionel.
I want to get his take on the election.
This has been a crazy election and it is wrapping up and he is right there at Ground Zero in New York where both of the candidates are going to be in New York City.
It must be coming to a gridlock there, Lionel.
We've got both candidates right there in that area.
What's traffic like and the ability to move around in New York?
Well, think constipation.
Think some type of strange traffic clogging.
I am pointing right now, out the window, I have the windows open, you'll be able to hear helicopters, because I'm looking down at the Hudson, at the Javits Center, where Hillary Clinton will be having her FET, her elevation
The evil queen in the apotheosis, the canonization, the beatification, the elevation.
Because, of course, she will not win.
She will just be selected.
But that's down the street there on the West Side Highway at the Javits Center.
Built, by the way, interestingly enough, by Donald Trump.
And then on the opposite direction, the East Side, at 54th and 6th at the Hilton, will be the celebration for Donald Trump.
And of course, if she wins, they'll say that her victory was built by Donald Trump as well.
She picked that location, they say, and I've heard this several times, people saying, well, because it has a glass ceiling.
You know, if she doesn't win, Lionel, I think we're going to hear a glass ceiling literally breaking there as she hits the roof, don't you think?
Listen, I mean, look, you know and I know that he is, the numbers have been suppressed, the popularity has been suppressed.
There is, first, I want to apologize, David, because I've been with this, as have you, since the beginning.
I've lost years from this.
I'm going to speak in incomplete sentences tonight.
Memes, orcs, morphemes, phonemes, little glyphs.
Because I can't put sentences in front of each other because this is the culmination, the valedictory, the denouement, as it were, of this passion play.
And I just want you to understand a couple of things, not you, that sounds so pedantic, but Donald Trump
Before we get anything, redefine an election like nobody's business.
Think about this.
You and I are not our lives parallel in so many ways.
In our lifetime, it was John Kennedy.
Who first came along, obviously, with the debate and added a particular aspect to the scene by virtue of his magnanimity and his photogenic quality.
And then later on, Reagan.
Reagan was a master.
Enter Donald Trump.
This race has been, from the beginning, about Donald Trump.
Well, parenthetically, Bernie Sanders, it's never been about Hillary Clinton, ever.
That's right.
She's like the anti-gravity, she's the anti-Trump, the anti-Sanders, she was the none of the above.
Donald Trump did something.
And there's a lot about him, and I'm not endorsing him, it's a little late at this point, but what he did in terms of just making his mark, David, knows no parallel.
He did more with a Twitter account, with 140 characters, than anybody can do with
Billions of dollars of budget.
Everything he said, every thought he enunciated, every utterance, every blurb, every belch, eructation, platis, you name it, was chronicled and dissected by the mainstream media who,
Ironically enough, as left and as contaminated and fetid as they are, actually gave him the very platform he needed!
Well, because everybody hates the mainstream media, so as they hated Donald Trump and criticized Donald Trump, people said, oh, that makes it look better, because they're so hated.
But that was an interesting point that you brought up, Lionel.
We started talking about how JFK and Ronald Reagan started to change things because the key thing with JFK was capturing the new media.
That televised debate.
Everybody that listened to it, and we all know the story, everybody listened to it.
If they just listened to it on radio, they thought that Nixon won the debate.
But if they watched it because JFK was using the new media, they believed that he won it.
And then Ronald Reagan took it to all new levels of using television and visuals and so forth.
And now Donald Trump
Has combined with the new way that people are consuming information with social media with the alternative press Alternative to the mainstream media, and that's the key thing these these new forces that have come in combined with the fact that people are very discontented with the establishment and the education that people have about the issues that is unprecedented they understand the endgame they understand the
The collusion between the establishment at the top, whether it's the labor unions or the GOP or the Democrats are all on the same page.
And so there's this disconnect with the people at the top versus the grassroots.
And there is a grassroots rebellion using this new media.
And Donald Trump has used that perfectly.
You know, precisely.
In fact, a little bit of historical note, I read fairly recently that Abraham Lincoln, believe it or not, utilized photography during his... In fact, when he and Douglas were bouncing about,
In those days, if you dared campaign, it was considered that you thought you were losing.
Because only somebody who thought they were losing would campaign.
I know we've come a long way.
But what he did was, he blew up everything.
I cannot tell you.
You know, when Einstein came along and destroyed the notion, the Newtonian models of physics, and created this time-space, they said, what are you talking about?
So did Trump.
Trump came along and said, I'm not a Republican in the classic proto-meta-paleo-Republican conservatism.
No, I'm talking about things that are guttural.
Put it this way.
He is the politics what comfort food was to haute cuisine.
He gave you what you crave.
He talked about something
Much like Rudy Giuliani.
I was here in New York.
Let me give you an example.
Rudy Giuliani came into office and he decided the first thing he was going to do was get rid of those things which everybody complained about and that is basically squeegee men and the feeling of unsafe and aggressive panhandling before we got to the heady stuff.
Okay, fine.
That did it.
Donald Trump came along and right off the bat, he said, you know what bothers people?
A sense of not xenophobia, David, not hate, not anti-immigrant.
No, no, no, no.
And he's talking about illegal immigration.
Now, whether you like it or not, whether this is what people like to hear or not, he hit a nerve and instead
Of anybody paying attention.
The media and the GOP, like our parents when they heard our rock and roll, they go, what is this crap?
Get used to it, mom and dad.
That's the wave of the future.
So what he did was he created this new thing.
How long
Have you and Alex and the Infowars team and Paul and everybody talked about TPP where nobody ever talked about, dare I say, even kind of a new world order, a kind of a unipolar new configuration of the world platform.
He did this.
He talked about working class.
He talked about those things.
And let me tell you what else he did.
Nobody, nobody likes a phony.
Donald Trump said, look, I'm a billionaire and I'm not, I'm not running away from it.
I'm not going to wear flannel.
I'm not going to be like Hillary throwing back Jaeger in some bowling alley in Muncie.
He didn't throw his coat over his shoulder and walk around.
Yeah, exactly.
He says I might put on a red hat, which, you know, but that's about it.
I am who I am.
And if you don't like, and also, you know, David, as we,
Those of us in the communication business, gotta put this platform is, you get to meet somebody who is just a natural sometimes.
Alex is a natural.
The man can talk without taking a breath and never repeat himself.
Donald Trump came along and was able to, without a prompter or anything, could say things to you.
And this is what the great broadcasters have.
They made you feel like he was talking to you.
Now again, this doesn't mean I'm necessarily endorsing everything that he said, but in terms of pure communicative ability.
Now, Hillary Clinton.
Well, before you leave Donald Trump, you know, you're talking about how he was a, you know, an ordinary guy.
There was an authenticity there.
So that even when he said offensive or stupid things, which we all do, there was, it didn't kill him because people could say, hey, look, he's being honest with us.
He isn't this focus group tested.
Uh, studied, prepared, phony, that we've seen with the Bushes, with the Clintons, with all these people who test everything ahead of time.
We don't really know who these people are, they're just plastic.
And so there was, here he is, he's authentic, he's a real person, warts and all, and I think that was a key part that sustained him throughout all of this.
He also had one of the most unique positions.
And I will say right now, Hillary Clinton is a Potemkin village.
She's a Rorschach test.
She's the cloud where you look up and say, I see a duck.
David, what do you see?
Well, I see Hillary Clinton is what you think she is.
You project onto her, yeah.
Yes, there is no Hillary Clinton.
No, there is none.
Bill Clinton came along and Bill Clinton, let me tell you something, if you ever met Bill Clinton, maybe not so much now, because I don't think Bill's doing that great right now.
He doesn't look as well as he used to be and I don't wish that on anybody, but I met him one time and let me tell you something.
This guy walks into a room, and I mean, you talk about being slain in the spirit, to use the old Ernest Ainsley model.
This guy came in, I mean, he just, he wowed people.
That's what everybody says.
Yeah, I've heard that from everybody.
Really, I mean, it's true.
Now, Hillary Clinton is staid, plastic, artificial, synthetic ersatz, walking around in her oven mitt, mild bunker gear outfit, I don't even know what she's got.
Absolutely had this.
She, her motto, her shibboleth, her thing should have been, look, I know you don't like me, but I'm not Trump.
Vote Hillary, I'm not Trump.
Because nobody, people say, she's a woman.
And I've told people, if that's the best you can do, what about Carly Fiorina?
What about Sarah Palin?
I think
I don't
David, he never ran for anything in his life.
That's right.
He beat 16 of the strongest, biggest, best, brightest governors, a brain surgeon, an actual brain surgeon!
How real!
I mean, if only a rocket scientist could put that common metaphor in there, too.
We have, what are you, some kind of a brain surgeon?
Well, as a matter of fact, I am.
So he beat them all.
So what he did was he came along and he said, I'm going to tell you what I stand for, what I want to do, and I'm going to ask you for a vote.
And here's the thing that just amazed me.
When you see people standing in line for hours, and you have three people, you have more people in Tim Kaine's, well, Mike Pence is no whiz-bang either, I'm sorry to say this, but we have more people in Hillary's security detail than the actual crowd itself.
That's another story.
Let's also go through this.
That's right.
You know, Lionel, I gotta say, again, going back to his authenticity, think about the very first debate and how it began.
The very first question from Brett Baier, Fox News, raise your hand if you can't be, if you can't commit to supporting the other candidates if you don't win.
And Donald Trump was the only one to raise his hand.
And everybody was aghast at that.
And I remember when that came out, I thought, wow, that was a ballsy thing to do.
That wasn't the politically correct thing to do, but it was the honest, authentic thing to do.
And he talked about it for a while, and after a couple of weeks he said, alright, yeah, I can agree to that or whatever.
But it was an honest thing to do.
And that's the key.
All the way along, even if it wasn't going to be the best thing for him, he would tell you what he thought.
And I think that was the key.
And it happened with the very first debate question.
Well here, you know something, I have been doing so many interviews and discussions, believe it, I mean around the world, and it's so funny how people from other countries know more about our elections than we are, because let's face it, Americans for the most part, with the exception of your august crew, they really don't know much about anything, and they always ask me this question, and I was talking to a woman, believe it or not, from Serbia, she says, let me get this straight,
You have this electoral college, as I know.
Isn't it funny that it takes only 11 states, 11, to win the presidential election?
I mean, just stop there for a minute.
You know, it's funny, we had the marathon here in New York on Sunday, and there's this crazy rule.
The guy who comes in first wins.
It's the damnedest thing.
Not the one who came in 13th, not Ireland.
The guy says, you know, it's funny, Mr. Ireland, you know, Mr. O'Shaughnessy, you really never had the opportunities that this Kenyan guy did, plus genetically and in terms of training.
So you know what?
We're going to win and you're going to win because of some kind of weird factoring.
So anyway, but here's what happened.
There is something that is the most amazing and I love this idea of of particle physics in this weird crazy world about you know quantum mechanics and this other crazy world of that you know Schrodinger's cat and bilocation all this jazz.
We have a woman right here who number one
First of all, is the most, seriously now, the most, and I'm not being hyperbolic, I'm not being mean, the most corrupt, rancid, fetid, feculent, rotten, riddled with corruption, criminal, felonious, I'm running out of words.
I agree, absolutely.
I'm trying to think, and I mean this, think about this.
Who in recent memory was a president who was corrupt?
Maybe a little bit of Johnson, but you know Vietnam was about ideology and I'm thinking the last one, believe it or not, was Harding.
Warren Gamaliel Harding, who basically, interestingly enough,
Lost the White House, China, in a poker game.
She stole the White House, China.
This is a woman who the Clinton Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, and CHI, the Clinton Health Assistance Initiative, whatever, make the Gambino crime family look like the Junior League.
They are, and I commend to you, there's a wonderful website by a friend of mine, Charles Ortel, who lists in this, he dissects, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the
They raised billions of dollars, the UN raised billions of dollars, and then they went to Haiti, this place that is so incredibly rich in natural resources, they exploited the natural resources, they exploited the human resources by building sweatshops in areas that weren't affected by the earthquake, and then when the Haitian lawyers come after Bill Clinton for this fraud, he declared diplomatic immunity, said, I'm a UN special envoy.
They just doubled down on it!
The, as we say in West Tampa, the C.O.
Jones, the gohanes that you have to have.
Now, that's that.
So, that's Hillary.
Now, what do they throw at him?
The Trump bankruptcy.
Trump bankruptcies.
He has like 500 corporations.
David, I think maybe four went quote bankrupt.
Mitt Romney had, I think all of them went.
He just basically, everything went bankrupt.
Okay, fine.
Including Atlantic City, where the city itself went bankrupt.
So you have CGI, and then you have that.
Then you have Trump University, which is nickel and dime, that went out of business.
And then you have Laureate.
Orders of magnitude larger, yes.
Laureate is the grant.
You will never
Listen to this.
If ever you want to sober up, let's have this new thing called the Inverse Drinking Game.
Watch mainstream media, and when you hear anything about Laureate, take a drink.
You'll be sober.
You will be nothing.
That shot glass will be there for the eternity.
Wait till they bring up the word bricks.
You know, Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa.
You've never heard that.
Then, whenever they show you a map, a mainstream, you never see a map!
No, no, no, no.
But, but, everything else is fine.
Alright, so let's just go through this.
Trump University, Laureate, no mention.
Then we have something which is, which is the most amazing, and you would think, David, that the people who really care for Hillary Clinton
This is a woman who is profoundly and gravely ill.
This is a woman, not only in America, because we have this new thing called crowdsourcing.
I'm a lawyer by profession.
When I read the
I don't know.
Who excused her from Benghazi because she's been out for a month.
She has a blood clot.
She's sick.
She can't remember.
You sure about that, Bill?
Because we're going to hold you to this.
We're writing down what you're saying.
Oh, yeah, sure.
She's ill.
She can't testify.
So she shows up wearing these funky little, these Fresnel
F-R-E-S-N-E-L, the Fresnel lenses for diplopia and double vision.
That's right.
Every neurologist, every neurologist says, oh my god, why is she wearing those?
They should be doing nothing.
That's like basically watching out with crutches or a cast.
You can't miss it if you know what you're looking for.
And we saw it again with the blue, for now, with the blue Zeiss lenses as well.
Zeiss was, yes!
That Don was, you know, the producer Don was, hey, I've been to Barbary, but she came in here, she's walking around, this is for epilepsy.
She, and she collapses.
Now, I don't know what happened.
Is it cognitive dissonance?
Is it nothing to see here?
Is it whatever?
Okay, that's fine.
Don't know about that.
Then we have
Wikileaks, which I think is just too much.
It's like dopamine that floods the system.
Wikileaks just overwhelms us every single day.
Then you have the pusillanimous, impuiscent, atesticular gelding by the name of James Comey, who decides, I guess, there's a great meme, they said, why did you change your mind?
He said,
This is a joke, obviously.
When I got a copy of my suicide note in WikiLeaks.