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Name: 20161107_Mon-3_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 7, 2016
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More than 37.5 million people in our country have already voted!
Now why are they out there voting?
Because I believe they are standing up for a hopeful, inclusive vision of America.
Many of the millennials, dreamers, undocumented citizens, and I call them citizens because they contribute to this country, are fearful of voting.
So if I vote, will immigration know where I live?
Will they come for my family and deport us?
Not true.
And the reason is, first of all, when you vote, you are a citizen yourself, and there is not a situation where the voting rolls somehow are transferred over, and people start investigating, etc.
The sanctity of the vote is strictly confidential.
Folks, while we're at it... Great!
And I witness...
She told me, I interviewed her, I just haven't uploaded the video yet, but I interviewed her and she said that a guy was carrying a sign and apparently it had some, it was like purporting to be a pro-Trump sign, but it had some tape on it that would indicate it was anti-Trump.
And the guy had a gun on his hip and apparently there were at least four men, probably more,
...who made sure that he could not draw the gun out of his holster, so they basically all pressed down...
And now the military industrial intelligence apparatus wants to keep the American voter afraid to approach a voting booth.
As the site Intel Group, a RAND corporation creation,
Posts Twitter warnings reading, Breaking!
ISIS special Hayat Media Dot calls for attacks on voters on election day.
Demands Muslims not participate in democratic process.
Vote America!
Vote like your life depends on it.
Because it does.
John Bowne for InfoWars.com
Look, I'm not gonna sit here and say, see, I told you so.
That communist Chinese style net censorship is coming to the web.
Because it's already here.
It's being announced.
The way you keep the internet open and free is you get involved more than ever.
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You gonna sit down and play games and be a trendy?
Or you gonna be part of history?
Don't sit by and let the internet and free speech be stolen from you.
Take action!
She led the way in Libya.
She's trying to start an air war with Russia over Syria, which means if Hillary gets elected, we're kind of going to war with Russia, folks.
A nuclear-armed power, while we have 2,000 nuclear weapons on hair-trigger alert.
We're here in downtown Austin, where we're going to meet up with Dr. Jill Stein.
Ask her what she thinks about WikiLeaks, the revelation the media is in cahoots with government officials, what she thinks about Hillary Clinton painting her opponent as in bed with Russian agents.
Let's hear what she has to say.
Yeah, exactly.
Free speech is kind of the, what should we say, the victim of this
hijacked political system that's been throwing us under the bus and part of what's happened is that media has been enormously consolidated so it's now a creature of the economic elite and it takes the real media that is the people's media to actually tell the real story and as you're pointing out we saw from these leaked emails from the DNC that they're working behind closed doors with Hillary's campaign and with the corporate media
I think?
I think that's the kind of thing that they do in Russia, is try to make political demons and foreign agents and spies out of their political opponents.
What kind of president do you think Hillary Clinton is going to be?
Well, we know what kind of Secretary of State she was, that she is of incredible service to Wall Street and to the war profiteers, and she led the way in Libya.
She's trying to start an air war with Russia over Syria, which means if Hillary gets elected, we're kind of going to war with Russia, folks.
A nuclear-armed power while we have 2,000 nuclear weapons on hair-trigger alert.
So, yeah, I mean, who will sleep well with Trump in the White House?
But you shouldn't sleep well with Hillary in the White House either.
Fortunately, we live in a democracy.
We have more than two deadly choices.
We can actually elect a campaign that is not taking money from the war profiteers from the big banks or from the fossil fuel giants.
Our campaign is the only one.
That is not corrupted by super PACs, lobbyists, and corporations.
We have the real ability to stand up and talk about the crisis that we face, how we can fix it, and the real solutions that the American people are clamoring for.
Join us on debate night.
We will be broadcasting live on our Facebook page.
You can pick up that link and share it.
And that's at Dr. Jill Stein, D-R Jill Stein, for our social media.
And you can hear real answers to the questions, instead of just the mudslinging that we will continue to hear from Donald and Hillary.
I think the American people have had quite enough of that.
We deserve not only a right to vote, we have a right to know who we can vote for and what are the real issues.
Well, there you have it.
Even Jill Stein trusts Trump more than she does Hillary Clinton.
I'm Margaret Hall reporting for InfoWars.com
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Alex Jones.
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Radio talk show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
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I just got called racist by MSNBC.
I don't want that man to have a gun.
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The Alex Jones Show.
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Alright folks, welcome back to the InfoWars Election 52-hour coverage special.
Owen Schroer live with you.
324 on the East Coast, 224 Central Time.
And then we've got some people in Mountain Time, Pacific Time calling in as well.
We're gonna get to your calls.
You know, here's the deal, folks.
We were talking about John and Tony Podesta earlier.
Perhaps, maybe, there could be a link to a child pedophile ring there with Anthony Weiner.
We don't know.
We don't know.
I just got a picture sent to me, and I'm gonna have to review this, of John Podesta playing cards with a little girl.
I'm gonna have to review this.
I just got this.
But here's the deal, folks.
I believe it was May 3rd, 2007 when Madeline was abducted.
I'm gonna see if I have that date somewhere here.
I don't know if I have that date.
So it's really this simple, okay?
I don't work for the FBI.
I'm not a professional investigator, okay?
But I'll tell you this.
I've got pictures, professional renderings of suspects that were in Portugal that night at the hotel when Madeleine McCann was abducted.
And they look exactly like the Podestas.
That doesn't mean they're guilty.
Just pointing that out.
You can say the same about another guy that looks like Wiener.
Again, doesn't mean they're guilty, just pointing it out.
Okay, here you go, folks.
And there's another one.
You compare this, it looks just like Wiener.
But look, here's the renderings.
These are the renderings right here.
The top picture is the artist's renderings based on the details of the suspects at the hotel that night.
And then here's the Podesta brothers.
And then you can look at the emails.
You can look at Comet Pizza and Ping Pong.
And you can be the judge for yourself.
But here's the thing.
This could all be solved immediately.
It's very simple.
Were John and Tony Podesta in Portugal May 3rd, 2007?
It's that simple!
It's not, it doesn't take a long investigation.
But let me tell you folks, if they were, it does not look good for them, okay?
So hey, hey look, John and Tony Podesta, okay?
Hillary Clinton calls my boss Alex Jones dark hearted.
So you obviously listen to us, don't you?
So here you go, John and Tony.
Prove you weren't in Portugal the night Maddie McCann was abducted.
That's it.
You don't have to.
I'm just some guy on air here, talking to thousands of people.
Probably be millions when it's all said and done.
So whatever.
You don't have to.
You don't have to listen to me.
But here you go, buddy.
You look like the suspect.
And I'm just... Look, again.
It doesn't matter if I'm the owner of Comet Pizza, it doesn't matter if I'm John Podesta and I look like this rendering of a suspect in a child abduction case.
I want to defend my honor!
I want to defend the fact I'm not a child abductor!
It's that simple!
So why don't you do it?
Why is there no investigation?
I guess this is out of the FBI's jurisdiction, perhaps?
I don't know.
I'm just trying to think here logically, common sense.
These are the first things that go through my mind.
But like I said, I just got a picture of what is allegedly John Podesta playing poker with a young girl that looks like Maddie McCann.
I just got this picture again.
I'm not confirming this at all.
I'm going to have to look at this for myself.
But in the meantime, we've got a bunch of callers.
I've said it.
I will stay live until the calls exhaust, and the crew back there wants to bust a gash in my eye for it, but damn it!
We're in an information war, and this is the critical moment.
I can go all night, Owen Schroer.
Marcos Morales.
All night.
That's Marcos Morales, folks.
High energy.
Ashley Beckford is back there.
Wes, Joe Jennings.
These are the champions that keep this place running, folks.
I can come in here and talk for six hours, but if it wasn't for them, none of this would be on the air at all.
Alright, where should we go first?
Let's go out to Robert in Colorado.
Go ahead, Robert.
Are you there?
Yeah, go ahead.
How are you doing?
I'm doing alright.
Well, what you're doing is wonderful.
Well, thank you.
And you know you're telling the truth.
And you know people are going to hear you.
Well, I'm trying.
I'm going to call you out.
I'm going to call you out respectfully.
Go ahead.
You don't know me.
I'm nobody important.
I don't research.
I don't text.
I don't Facebook.
I don't get on the internet.
I'm just a standard white-collared guy working in a senior citizen center helping old people.
But I come from a very diverse background.
I'm a large member of a fire department family, so I've seen what the real world out there gives.
And I'm begging for a chance.
I'm calling you out just like you call everybody else out.
Don't believe me.
You can think I'm crazy.
I'm not a kook.
I'm not a trendsetter.
I'm not looking for fame.
I don't want any money.
I just want the opportunity to speak with Alex Jones privately.
Okay, well here's something for you.
You can say whatever you want to say to Alex Jones right now and he'll listen to it.
I hope he does.
And I hope you record this message so you can go back and you can listen to it at a later time when you're not so busy.
Because you guys are out there and you're trying to convince millions of people.
I'm only trying to convince one.
So what I have to say is, is everything that Alex Jones in the past 20 years has said is absolutely correct.
He's never faltered.
He's never backed down.
He's taken more crap than anybody I know.
And the only buddy I can compare him to, and I know he is not.
But I thought that Jesus had the same fight as Alex Jones did.
I don't follow his followers.
I don't know what his other supporters have said about him.
All I know is what I've seen in the last 20 years.
Alex Jones is right.
He is the light.
He is doing God's work.
We are the revolution.
Trump does need to win.
I've had predictions.
I've had visions.
I've had dreams.
But I'm telling you right now, Alex Jones is correct.
We are the revolution.
But we are also God's army.
And people like the Clintons can't win.
People can't be so blind with the truth thrown in their face so much.
And what you're doing, oh and standing up there and you're getting so
Involved in what you're saying, and you're getting so passionate about it.
You know how mad you get when you're talking about these.
You're trying to convince millions.
I'm trying to convince one.
I don't need to see him, but he needs to see me.
And he'll know exactly what I'm saying the second he lays his eyes on me.
And I'm putting myself out there because you and everywhere else knows that you're being watched.
You're being recorded.
You're being looked at.
They trash him every single day.
Hundreds and thousands of times a day they trash Alex Jones for telling the truth.
So what is your message?
What is your message for Alex Jones?
He will get viewers.
He will get it.
He will see at the end of this triumph that he is doing, he will get his hundred million viewers.
And if I'm right, then you re-listen to this conversation and you have Alex Jones talk to me.
Because you'll know exactly what I'm saying if he seats me.
I'm not trying to set a trend.
You're going to hear from people like Hector and Robert and Dave before me.
These are people that are tired of being stepped on by the government.
And the more support we give to Alex Jones, he will win.
He's got the grace of God behind him.
Like I said, Owen, you're trying to convince millions of people to follow you.
I'm just trying to convince one.
Alright, well, I'm still not sure, I'm just, I mean, I appreciate your call, but I'm not sure what exactly you're trying to convince Alex Jones of.
He would know if he saw me.
I have visions.
Oh, and you guys know what you're telling, you're telling the truth.
Whether they're allegations or not, you're telling the truth and you know it.
You believe it.
It might not be fact proven.
You guys are the fact finders.
You guys are the muscle behind what your message is getting out there.
And you're doing a wonderful job.
And I know you're convincing people.
I believe it.
So if Alex Jones gets his one million views, which I know he will.
I know he will.
He won't give up until he gets it.
I'm nobody.
I'm just a white collar worker.
I help those that can't help themselves.
That's all I do.
I've been a paramedic.
I've been a fireman.
I've been an EMT.
I've helped people that needed help.
Alex is helping all of us.
I don't have any political standpoint.
I just know what Alex Jones is doing is right.
And what you're doing is right.
And you're going to save lives because of what you're doing.
And Trump will win.
But the only way he's going to win is if we put up a fight.
Because they're going to steal it right out from underneath you.
Well, it's exactly what we're afraid of right now.
I think even though we are confident that we have the support that Trump needs to win, I think that what we're afraid of is that they will steal this election for Trump.
They're already prepping for it.
I don't know what the move is.
People within the Trump campaign, I do believe, have
Some response planned or some counter planned.
But I mean, like I said, I mean, this whole election cycle has been a battle, you know, because like Robert said, I'm trying to convince people of the truth.
I'm trying to awaken people.
I'm trying to enlighten people.
And that's such a chore when you have to deal with these brainwashed, fluoride headed ninnies.
It's so hard to convince them.
But that's been the battle, because we feel like if we can get Trump in, we have a chance politically and peacefully to take this country back.
So our battle has been trying to convince the brainwashed zombies that Trump is their candidate, despite the propaganda.
But now here we are, we have reached the finish line.
We are just hours away from this election.
We've reached the ninth inning.
We've reached the two-minute warning.
And there's a serious threat, there's a serious fear that all the effort might be felt, at least for naught, because they could completely steal it.
So that's what we're afraid of.
We hope it doesn't happen.
Please wear red tomorrow, folks.
I don't care if you're voting or not.
If you've already voted, not voting, whatever, wear red.
We want to have an enormous optical dominance.
At the voting booth, and just going around, going to school, going to the grocery store, whatever it is, wear red.
I mean, if everybody is wearing red, I mean, this might be a pipe dream, but I mean, seriously, if everybody is wearing red, folks, if you go to the store, and every other person is wearing red, and they try to say that Hillary Clinton won, they can't get away with this.
I don't know.
Because all of the people in the know are saying Trump's winning by a landslide.
Trump's winning by a landslide.
Trump's winning by the landslide.
Anybody with common sense can see what's happening.
Folks, tonight, Donald Trump's last rally, which featured who?
Donald Trump.
Or I guess he did have Ted Nugent.
There's the red shirt right there.
Trump is my president.
I've got mine right here.
Go to Infowarsstore.com, folks.
Trump is my president.
I don't even, I mean, it's just like... They're gonna try to steal this election.
But again, tonight, Donald Trump's final rally, he has over
Between Facebook and YouTube, Donald Trump had over 200,000 people tuned in to his final rally.
Hillary Clinton and Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga spoke, who also goes to the Spirit Cookings and adores Marina Abramovitz, speaks for Hillary Clinton.
They're not even trying to hide it!
Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman is invited to spirit cookings.
Tony Podesta is a freak who is into freak art and spirit cookings.
Lady Gaga admires Marina Abramovich, who is in
To satanic occult ceremonies and rituals and spirit cookings.
And Hillary Clinton proudly surrounds herself with all of these people.
So that's fine.
Because she's getting her ass kicked.
Donald Trump gets over 200,000 people tuned in live tonight on the internet.
It was probably closer to 300,000.
I'm being conservative here.
Hillary Clinton gets 10,000, 20,000.
She gets 5,000 here, 5,000 there.
She gets like average 5,000.
On the biggest feeds, Trump gets 60,000, 70,000, 150,000.
I saw one peak out at 180,000 today, one of his speeches, one of his five speeches he gave today.
So that's good.
So Donald Trump tours America.
He does six events a day the last couple days, and he surrounds himself with American citizens.
He surrounds himself with We the People.
Surrounds himself with patriots like Ted Nugent.
Hillary Clinton surrounds herself with Barack Obama, a known liar, a warmonger.
Joe Biden, a man who is so embraced, he's going to physically grope young women on camera.
Can we get this footage, guys?
I'm sorry to do this to you.
Joe Biden gropes women in the White House.
I'm not just saying this.
So this is who Hillary Clinton surrounds herself with.
Joe Biden, who gropes women in the White House.
Barack Obama, whose daddy was a porn star and a communist.
And Lady Gaga, who admires Satanist Marina Abramovitz.
You can't make this stuff up!
You can't make this stuff up!
Who are you gonna vote for?
You're gonna vote for Hillary Clinton?
I mean, this is like, I don't even need the WikiLeaks!
I've got Hillary Clinton proudly campaigning with Barack Obama, the worst president ever of the United States.
Joe Biden, who sexually, excuse me, sexually assaults young women on film, folks, okay?
He does it on C-SPAN.
And Lady Gaga, a Satanist.
This is not a debate, okay?
I'm not here debating with anybody.
These are facts, people!
Who is gonna vote for this?
Who is gonna vote for Hillary Clinton?
And let me tell you something.
If you don't care about this election, if you're indifferent,
And you have any inkling of a feeling that Hillary Clinton stole this election and you're not ticked off and you don't want to do anything?
Then F you.
Because you're just as much a part of the problem.
I mean... I mean... I'm sorry, folks.
I mean... You know, if your daughter got kidnapped right in front of you, would you chase the kidnapper?
You know, I'm beginning to think that we've reached a point in this country where some people might actually not do it.
It might be right here.
Hmm, what's the score?
How's my fantasy team?
Kim Kardashian just tweeted, Oh my God!
They're running away with my kid!
But Kim Kardashian is live!
That is the level of absurdity I feel like it's getting to in this country.
We have got absolutely loaded phone lines.
I know that the guys back there in the truck absolutely love it.
Let's see who has been on the longest.
I guess it is Matthew in Salt Lake City.
Let's go to Matthew.
How are you doing tonight, Matthew?
Thank you for joining us.
Good, how are you?
By the way guys, just go to YouTube and just plug in Joe Biden Creepster or Creepy Joe Biden and you'll find the video of him groping little girls.
Go ahead, Matthew.
Hi, I just wanted to bring up an email I found that I haven't seen you guys mention on your show yet.
It's number 17720.
It's one that shows collusion between Hillary and one of her super PACs, Priorities USA.
Um, it's a, it's basically, it's from Sarah Latham to John Podesta, and it says that Hillary's gonna have a meeting Monday morning, December 17, 2015, with Bobby Glazier.
He's the head of Priority USA.
And all, I mean, I know it's not as big as the other stuff, but it shows clear criminality.
So, just another email showing collusion and illegal activity, is that what you're saying?
Yeah, but it's, I mean, it's laid out right in the email.
Yeah, no, I mean, it's frustrating.
And, you know, I get people like you all the time on social media that send me these WikiLeaks, and they're like, you're not covering this!
You're not covering this!
You're not covering this!
Where's this?
Where's this?
Where's this?
And it's like...
Man, and I'm not blaming you, I'm not, you know, but it's like, I've got, it's just like the FBI!
The FBI claims that somehow, they basically, basically James Comey FBI investigated an email every second.
So James Comey is, James Comey is basically Superman and he can read at an astronomical rate.
Here's Joe Biden, folks.
Look at the, I mean,
I don't make this stuff up folks.
But here's your point, and it's an absolutely right point.
Matthew calls in, he's got this damning email from WikiLeaks, apparently we haven't even touched it, and there's probably dozens more!
Because unlike the FBI, unlike James Comey, I can't read 10,000 words a second!
I can't do it!
Go ahead.
Neither can he.
No human can.
That's why the entire investigation was fake.
Oh yeah.
Yeah, it was a distraction.
Anyway, people should always read it.
I don't know if it changes anyone's mind.
Yeah, so go ahead and what was the identity number of that email just so we can get it down on paper?
It's number 17720.
From Sarah Latham to John Podesta.
I'm not sure which dump it's in.
I've looked through thousands of these.
Right, right.
Alright, well, thank you for the call, Matthew.
Email 17720 from caller Matthew in Salt Lake City.
More damning evidence against Hillary Clinton and her crime syndicate that is trying to abscond with the White House.
And with this government.
Here's the email.
You guys are great.
They just pulled this up, folks.
Not sure what I'm seeing here just yet.
I'm not sure what's in this attachment.
We can't get this attachment.
But you know what?
This isn't actually the email he talked about.
Because he said it was from...
I forget who, but she said it was from some woman to Podesta.
So maybe we gotta mix up with that number.
But I'll tell you what, caller, if you tweet it at me, at allidoisowin on Twitter, at allidoisowin, one word, Owen Schroer, J. Owen Schroer on Twitter, if you tweet that at me, I'll review it and retweet it.
Alright, who's been holding the longest here?
Let's go to Rick in Nevada.
Go ahead, Rick.
How are ya?
I'm doing alright tonight, Rick.
We are scathing through thousands and thousands of WikiLeaks.
I'm getting pictures sent to me of people who think that John Podesta can be caught with Maddie McCann as a more grown young child that I'm trying to decide if I should even bother broadcasting at this point.
But yeah, go ahead.
First of all, kudos and love to my Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ.
Without him, all is not.
We've got to pray for Trump.
We've got to pray for his win, and we've got to pray for his humility.
Before his term is due, he is going to fall to his knees, begging for guidance from the Heavenly Father through the Holy Spirit.
You know, Darren McBreen always talks about this Trump moment where, you know, Trump was in a church and he's basically, you can tell, he's humble and perhaps even for the first time you could even see him maybe a little vulnerable.
And he's saying how he feels like this is his only chance to make up for, you know, basically being a billionaire playboy his whole life.
And how he feels like he can be such a positive impact on the planet by draining the swamp, if you will, that he feels like this is his chance to basically make hay with the Lord and Savior and get into heaven.
Pretty powerful.
Well, I agree.
Kudos to Margaret, and the crew and you, and my brother Chuck in Texas, and Dave in Montana, and my brother in Colorado.
All of them.
And we have to pray for Trump.
I hope his people are listening.
I'm sure they are.
And they need to reach out to ministers, anointed ministers, like Jimmy Swaggart.
And he needs to reach out to anointed media powerhouses like Alex Jones and yourself.
You know, it's funny, Rick, hearing you say that.
I'm wondering how the other callers feel because I'm a young guy.
I've been through different phases of my life with religion.
Am I religious?
Am I not?
Do I believe in God?
Do I not?
And I'm currently in a phase where I'm being drawn closer to God.
The old relationship that I had with Jesus when I was raised is starting to come back to me, at least the morals and the fundamentals and the scripture I studied.
But, you know, it's crazy because you mentioned pastures and churches.
And I'm sitting here and I'm thinking.
In a genuine church, a real priest, a real pastor, a real biblical scholar who is presenting himself as a leader of the church would sound like Alex Jones.
I'm saying that in the sense that, and I even said this long ago, I've been saying this for a long time, but we basically live in Sodom and Gomorrah, folks.
I mean, we are living essentially in Sodom and Gomorrah, okay?
So, any priest who's up here acting like everything is all fine and dandy, as the world decays morally,
Is a coward and a fraud, I think, at this point.
I mean, I don't see how, as a leader of God's people, maybe you don't have to be jumping up and down like a crazed lunatic like myself or Alex Jones, but that's just how we respond.
But, I mean, to not call out the blatant corruption in our establishment, I think is, again, I just feel like if you go to a church
And there are pastors that sound like this now.
And these are the churches that are growing.
These are the real churches of America.
The leaders of the church sound like Alex Jones.
Because the evil that's being waged on this country and the world is... Again, I mean, it's more transparent than ever.
The curtain has been pulled on the Wizard of Oz, folks.
It's out there.
And, you know, you mentioned the leaders of the church, and I just think it's amazing to think how there's so many religious people out there that, you know, are very, or they feel like are very in touch with God and everything, but they don't even know that the
That the fight is actually going on right now between good and evil, the spiritual battle.
So, I'm curious to the other callers and everybody else out there, has this election cycle brought you closer or distanced you from God?
And I would say myself, personally, that this election cycle has actually brought me closer to God.
And, you know, if nothing else,
Maybe that is something that we get out of this election cycle that we didn't expect, you know?
The American people getting closer to God.
What are your thoughts on that, Rick?
I see this as a time of anointing, and yes, I sense it.
That we are being brought closer to God through this race.
And it's a spiritual battle.
And when I talk to the call screener, I want to be fair to him because
What I see happening if we fail and we allow the demon or the demon possessed to take that office.
Think about this.
She represents a national security risk, yet she is getting national security briefings.
If she gets into the office, she is going to represent an existential threat to the Republic and the military.
You just said, you just crystallized.
Everything that I could have ever possibly said about Hillary Clinton in one sentence.
We are taking a risk of national security and putting her in charge of national security.
The military would have to act and seize control.
Seize the reins of power.
We've got to pray for Trump.
We've got to pray.
We've got to get right with Jesus and what he did for us on the cross.
All we have to do is reach for his hand.
Like we do the veterans.
Thank you.
Thank you for what you, thank you for your service.
Good night.
I love you all.
Good night.
Thank you, Rick.
Powerful call from Rick.
And again, two powerful points.
First, the point about God, I'll get back to in a second.
But yeah, I mean, the milit... I mean, again, it's not like... These people are so stupid!
They're so illiterate!
I mean, is there like... Can I, can I...
This is it, you know what, and I've never done this, and I'm a guy, and I guess it's too late now, the election is tomorrow, maybe I'll find some time to do this, but I need to approach Hillary Clinton voters and just say, I just need to ask them simply, just flat out, is Hillary Clinton a risk to national security?
And if they say no, they're the dumbest people on earth.
Or illiterate.
So, it's just crazy!
It's just crazy!
I can't even put it into words!
Except, brainwashed masses, Stockholm Syndrome, psychological warfare, I mean, that's it!
That's it!
If I walk up to you and I ask you, is Hillary Clinton a risk to national security, you either can't read, you either don't care, or you're entirely brainwashed.
That's it.
There's no other option.
There's really not.
Can you guys think of another option to that scenario?
I can't think of one.
I can't think of one other option.
And I asked the callers this, and I still hope to get your opinion, and we're going to go to the next caller here, Carl, who's also in Nevada.
And all the callers can answer this if they choose to, but has this election brought you closer to God or distanced you from God?
And, you know, for myself,
I said it's brought me closer to God.
I can say that very easily.
And it's not even like, you know, my whole life I've had people, I mean, I was raised Catholic at a Catholic school.
I went to private school all the way through college.
So religious values and religion was always something I was brought up in.
And whether I end up believing in God or not, I don't even care.
I'm so glad, I'm so privileged and blessed the way I was raised.
And I love this too, people, oh white privilege, white privilege.
Let me tell you something.
My parents beat my ass when I was being arrogant or when I didn't realize how privileged I was.
When I'd be driving to ballgames with my dad, every time he would look over and he'd say, you know how privileged you are, son?
And if I scoffed it off or I acted like I didn't care, he'd turn the car around or he'd whip me.
He'd hit me.
He'd be like, you don't even care how privileged you are.
Maybe I'll take someone else then.
Yeah, that got me into shape real quick.
And then I have to listen to all these people telling me white privilege, white privilege.
But, back to the point with God.
My point is, I've had people telling me about God, telling me about Jesus, my whole life.
Telling me about how great Jesus is, how great God is, my whole life.
That's nothing new to me.
So that hasn't really had an impact to bring me closer to God in this election.
I'm going to be perfectly honest with you folks.
What has brought me closer to God in this election cycle is witnessing
And feeling and actually experiencing real life demons.
When I look at people like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden, I mean, I can see the essence of a demon.
I can feel the energy that they're putting out on their constituents.
When I'm out and I have people like age skrillex, female age skrillex, shouting down at me, calling me bad because I'm white while they're white,
These are demon-possessed people, folks.
Now they might not be bad people, they probably don't even realize it.
But I'm telling you, maybe I've taken too much nascent iodine and my pineal gland is working too efficiently that I can feel demons and spirits in my soul, but
I mean, this is just, I'm, again, I'm just real, folks.
I'm just telling you what I feel.
I mean, I, you know.
But that's, this election has certainly brought me closer to God.
Let's go back out to the callers.
Let's go to Carl in Reno.
Go ahead, Carl.
Hey, Owen, what's going on?
Would you say this election has brought you closer to God, distant to you from God, or indifferent?
Well, that's, that's, I don't want to say creepy, but the reason I called, and now that you've asked that,
I've always been a Christian since I was eight years old, and you know, like everybody else, I go in and out, but as I get older and stuff, and I'm one of the reasons why we're where we're at, because I never voted, I just kind of live my life, and oh, it'll all work out, but because of everything, and Alex, and the whole thing, and almost like God leaning on me, I started thinking, well, I gotta vote this time, and register,
Donate and pray and everything and I'm a truck driver and so I have the ability to go wherever I want and I missed the Venetian one in Las Vegas and then I got a load here to Reno and I went to the coffee shop to see what's the schedule and I saw no way it was Thursday I go oh he's gonna be in Reno Saturday okay cool so I donated I'm praying I'm gonna pray
Pop my daughters into voting for him and talking to people.
So I'm doing all for the first time and it's because I feel like God's saying, Hey, you're either going to get involved or you're not.
And plus I'm going to go around.
I want to see him live, you know, and that's going to be neat.
So I go to the concert or concert to the event early, like a concert, so I can get in front and be up there and neato and all that.
And I do, and everything's working great, we're all having a great day, and it's beautiful, and we get in there, we're all talking for hours, and 30 minutes into the speech, I'm right in the front, in the center, 50 feet away from Trump, and there's nothing but positive energy until this guy bumps into me,
The minute he touched me, I felt the eeriest, creepiest feeling I've ever felt.
And I thought, here we go.
Like at a rock concert, I've paid the dues of being here all day long to be up front.
Here comes the guy that's going to want to, you know, wiggle his way forward to do what, you know, if you've ever done it at a concert.
But the eerie feeling, and I kind of turn and glance at him, he's taller than me and pretty big.
And I'm like, why is he wearing a coat?
And he's whistling really weird, like he's nervous and he's staring at Trump and his eyes are kind of going back and forth.
And all of a sudden I'm like, uh, something's not right.
And I kind of look at everybody around me that we've all been talking all day long.
And they're looking at me the same way, like, what's with this?
And all of a sudden his left hand reaches towards underneath the back of his coat.
And all of a sudden I'm,
And I'm not a brave person at all.
I don't want to say I'm a coward, but I'm more of a fraidy cat to where I'd rather get away.
And I'm like, wait a minute, this is not a movie, is it?
And I'm like, and then everybody, you see everybody kind of panicking.
And then Mr. Redshirt comes up like he's with him.
And he's standing behind him and I'm like, okay.
And by the way, this is all happening within seconds, but of course, as I'm explaining it, it sounds like it's longer.
And he finally finds his spot and he's dead still stare at Trump.
And I'm like, there's something wrong here.
And everybody around me is doing the same.
You feel this tension.
He reaches again behind there the second time with his left hand.
And at this point, it's like,
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
And then people start kind of backing away, but a few of us are like, and I'm about ready to run because I'm thinking, there's no way.
And something just says, no, stand here.
And I tell Mr. Redshirt, hey man, get around over to his left in case something's wrong.
He looks at me like, what?
He reaches down, Mr. Redshirt lifts up the guy's coat for and drops it real quick.
Takes off around in front of him and I don't see him anymore.
Then all of a sudden this sign comes up from the big guy saying, um, Republican.
I thought it said F Trump, but it says Trump hater or something.
Then he reaches back for the third time and a guy behind me quickly reaches for that coat, slips it up.
And then, at that moment, myself and... Wait a second, wait a second, wait a second, so I'm just realizing this.
I just understood the board.
You were actually next to the guy who got escorted out of the Reno event.
Yeah, and here's the deal.
After this is all done, real quick, let me go into this part and then I'll finish it.
The next day, I was up all night long because I couldn't sleep, because it really affected me really bad.
Um, because the more... Oh my god, this guy, total plant, total plant, total plant, go ahead.
Wait, when I get done Owen, you're...
You know, I don't know if you guys want to record it and then we'll talk, because I've already left a message on Alex's thing.
No one called me.
And Roger Stone, I've never done this before, and I didn't know if anyone, no one's called me.
And the irony, the next day, I'm kind of re-watching you and Joe Big.
It's already the next day, but it's live in your world that night.
And you're both going, if anybody was a witness, I'm thinking to myself next day, what do you mean witness?
I'm the guy that
Was bumped into and grabbed him and pulled him down.
And since then, I'm watching every video I can, every interview, and I'm like, wait, none of you are accurate.
I, I mean, I ran the race and everybody else was getting the ribbon.
But anyway, um, so when the guy flips the code up that was behind me real quick,
What's going on?
He looked all hopped up.
He looked all hopped up on drugs.
Well, as I'm speaking, you guys can type his name in and the interview and look at his eyes that night after they let him go.
He's in Reno.
Look at that guy's eyeballs.
They're like saucers.
But anyway, when he yelled, gun, myself,
And two other guys, I would say literally simultaneously, I was the body hug guy that grabbed him, the other guy came over the top and went for the neck choke hold, and the other guy was kind of in front.
We took him down, two or three other guys then got on top, and we body slammed, and as we're going down, I thought I felt something, wasn't sure, this guy's constantly reaching towards this, with his left arm towards the middle of his back,
And, um, as we're taking him down, I would say a total of five to seven people, legs, arms, but I have the full bulk of his body wrapped and body slamming, and he's lifting all of us up.
And I'm like, as hard as I could, I would just kind of re-grabbing and body slamming.
And, and like I said,
Seconds are going by and everybody does, you know, they're kind of scrambling.
And I've watched the video and most of the crowd there and Trump's still kind of staring with his eyes staring at his son.
And it's like, wait, 30 or 45 seconds has already gone by.
So if he had a gun, he, and where we were standing, uh, if this guy was even a half ass shot, uh, we wouldn't be talking about what's happening tomorrow.
She would already, because he'd be gone.
But anyway, body slamming, and I just remember saying, you aren't shooting any effing anybody, body slamming some more, and he just moving and twisting and trying to reach, and people keep yelling gun, and then all of a sudden, I've got my right arm under his stomach, I feel him doing something, I turn towards the stage, uh,
And I'm staring right at a black Secret Service guy, and as loud as I could yell, get the effing Secret Service right here, man!
He's got a gun!
You know, it's like, how long is it gonna take, man?
And all of a sudden, I feel everybody dive on me in that, and I'm still holding him, and then I can see, because my face is like against his back, I see his left arm being handcuffed,
I think so.
Reno PD guys in black come around.
They're looking straight down at me with my arm under him.
And they had this look in their eyes like, oh crap, they're going to shoot me if they can.
I'm the one.
And all of a sudden people point, no, good guy, good guy.
And then they grabbed me and yanked me out.
And this guy's just moving everybody around, moving around.
And I would say there were three to five guys yelling gun.
And you can see in the videos, fingers with the, they were making their fingers like a gun.
So it wasn't just me.
The guy behind me, I don't know who it was.
Um, was the one that reached forward.
Oh, and remember Mr. Redshirt earlier, when I asked him, get to his left, something's wrong, he just looked at me.
And here's the crazy thing.
So this guy shows up, he's probably a plant, he's all hopped up on whatever, drugs or maybe the excitement, because he knows what he's about to do.
Correct, correct.
And then you witness this whole thing.
No, and I've been trying my best, succinctly, without bloviating too much, to almost bring you there, since we've got a camera, and the smells, and the feels, and the sounds, because I remember when someone called him for like nine minutes, that was on your show, and he was describing, yeah, he had a gun on the side, and I'm like, no, and I'm hearing other shows, I'm like, no, I was shy of being part of him, I was there, and I was in it, and doing it,
And all that.
In fact, I can see myself in the CBS video.
They're the one that has the best, clearest camera because they zoom in.
Right side wasn't as good as I thought it would be.
And I could see myself coming up and putting on my Steeler hat and put my glasses on.
And it was like, and they're moving them around.
Now, here's the thing that creeps me out the most.
They took me away and a couple other guys to do the reports for the Secret Service.
Took him off.
Dude, I'm not kidding.
I know I'm not crazy.
I know what I saw, smell, heard, and everything.
I wouldn't swear to God, but pretty darn sure there was a gun.
But there were so many bodies and so much happening.
Now here comes the Alex Jones or whatever conspiracy type thing.
Uh, I think there was.
He was taken away and claimed that there wasn't and let go.
Here's the even creepier part.
I'm the main guy along with the other two.
No one ever called me from secret service or the news or anything.
And yet I'm at a bar now just trying to relax and calm down like two in the morning.
And I'm staring at the TV and here's this guy being interviewed.
With the puppy dog look and the big saucer eyes.
I don't know why they were jumping me.
You know, I'm a Republican and they were beating me up and kicking me.
It's like, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
You're the bad guy.
Why are you on TV being interviewed?
And oh, by the way, feel sorry for me.
And then I saw a video where he's on Good Morning America.
And now he's all calm.
Yeah, you guys can type it in.
Good morning, America.
It was today or yesterday.
It's two minutes long.
And the girl goes, I hear that you're a plant or something.
Is that true?
No, not at all.
I'm just a Republican that thinks Donald Trump is dangerous.
I just wanted to go to the... Okay, well, look, this guy, people have already investigated this guy.
I think that he may have been a Republican, but he's been online, he's proven he doesn't like Trump.
Actually, I gotta be honest, I can't even remember everything that came out about this guy.
I know that they looked into him, they found all of his social media, they found out who he was in touch with and all this crap, and it was pretty much basically, yeah, he was a plant.
But I'm just confused then, what is your theory?
Secret Service is not going to let some guy with a gun go.
I promise you that.
Uh, maybe not them, or are you sure?
Because now, here's the last thing I want to say.
I, like I said, I'm a fraidy cat.
I never thought I could do something like that.
I actually wanted to run, but I didn't.
And I see, you know, everybody's all patting me on the back and saying, man, that guy right there, they're proud of you.
And I'm like, okay, yeah, whatever.
Okay, maybe I could have taken a bullet for Trump.
Fine, I'd make history.
Or now that we say he doesn't have a gun, it was like, well, you didn't really do anything.
What kind of frustrates me is everybody in the world
The Secret Service, everybody's getting credit, but I've actually watched the videos, and at least a minute goes by where he could have shot him, and then now... Alright, Carl, well here's the deal, Carl, here's the deal.
I trust your story and everything, and it's great, but I'm being told we literally have thousands of people trying to call into the show right now, and I appreciate you calling in and sharing your story.
Send an email to tips at InfoWars.com and just, you know, tell us who you are and write your story.
I'm sorry, what was that?
ShowTips at InfoWars.com.
Send us your story, tell us who the guy and, you know, maybe we can look more into this.
You can look more into this and we can maybe start to connect some dots.
But I gotta let you go.
Thank you for the call, Carl.
The guy who tackled
The, at one time, alleged gunman, but then wasn't a gunman, but then now Carl thinks may have been a gunman, and he was right there on the scene.
So that's some wild stuff, but just send your story to Show Tips, and try to compile some other stuff there that we can put with it, and we'll look more deeply into that.
Wow, I'll tell you what, folks, we are, what, I've been on air since,
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I'm on the air.
That's Marcos Morales.
This guy.
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We got Ashley back there.
Who else is still up back there?
That's it.
You named them all.
I got them all taken care of?
Yeah, you named them all.
Actually, Zimmerman.
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Special projects.
Special projects.
Well, here's the deal.
We got the best staff.
I saw Lewis is here.
Lewis just got in.
He's been here.
He's the only one in the writers' den that's left right now.
I was going to saw that Real Alex Jones was active on Twitter.
I was like, Alex wasn't kidding.
He really gets up at 3 a.m.
He probably is, but right now you're seeing show tweets.
Hello Alex.
It's election day.
Time to make America great again.
Alright, let's take the next caller.
Let's go to Gina in Texas.
Go ahead, Gina.
Hello Owen and to the entire crew and Margaret, muy buenas noches because I know you know Spanish.
Anyways, there's so many points I want to come across.
I'll try and go really fast with you but one thing I wanted to share with you guys because I want to reach out the LGBT.
Back in May, I called David Knight and it was in the end of the show and there were some things that I wanted to say and so I'm going to
Start from there and show you guys because this is very important.
One of my friends passed away many months ago from cancer.
He used to be a gay activist from 1990 to 2000.
And he gave me a lot of information that I think you guys should know and I'm going to wake you up right now.
The whole thing about the bathroom wars and you know the Trump election and everything real quickly.
The whole thing is this.
The LGBT was taken over a long time ago.
And that SOB who was really rude to Ashley Bedford, there are many like him.
There's a group of them that are being paid by the government to try and keep all the gay and lesbians in a plantation and not vote for anyone other than a Democrat.
Mino Yiannopoulos.
There's been other Mino Yiannopoulos in the past, but Mino Yiannopoulos is the first one to be on the internet a gay conservative.
But there's been many like him before.
And they had to shut him down.
They had to shut him down.
Yeah, and but there's been many like him before, not too many, but there's been in the past when we didn't have internet.
Okay, and the thing about it is
Is that the whole thing about the bathroom wars because everybody's been wondering throughout the month.
This will come forward again if Hillary is elected.
This is going to be a push all over again.
Oh my God.
Now let me tell you, my friend, even though he passed away, he still maintained friendships with some of his friends who were also gay activists.
The reason he got fired was because he started questioning the LGBT because it got taken over.
You know, in the beginning
It had good intentions for them, but then it became very, you know, this is the thing, okay, when you want the government to do everything for you, they're going to take away all your freedoms, and that's exactly what the LGBT got.
You know, they wanted the government to do this, to do that for them, and so they got screwed over.
But basically, one of the things that he told me was, the whole thing with the bathroom war, okay, since the 60s,
Transgenders, all the way to right now, they never have gone to the government to demand to use a specific bathroom.
You know, um, if you're passable, you have no problem.
I mean, you see a girl.
The number one objective of transgender is to look as much as a woman as possible.
None of them ever demanded to a government, we need to use the girl's restroom.
So the purpose of this bathroom thing
It is to prepare the Muslims.
This is to make them feel more at home.
That's why, you know, when you heard Leanne McAdoo a while back ago complaining about, and she has every right to do, about, you know, bathroom stalls being put in women's restrooms, men's bathroom stalls being, you know, put in men's restrooms, well,
They're preparing that to cater to the Muslims.
On top of that, they're using the whole... Wait a second, I actually... We need an explanation for that.
How does that cater to the Muslims?
Okay, because in the Muslim world, sweetie, we don't have... Women don't have the privileges we got over here.
You know, to the Muslims, men come first.
Oh, so basically the men can just go in any bathroom they want?
Absolutely, and it goes beyond that.
This is not just to cater to them.
This is to cater to the pedophiles and to the transvestites, because there's a big difference between a transvestite and a transgender.
The transvestites don't like that transgenders are able to do certain things that transvestites cannot do, and the crossdressers.
So basically,
We're good to go.
She and I have been following Trump since the 80s, okay?
And we know that Trump has a variety of people working for him.
Blacks, Hispanic, straight, and gay.
And here's what she was telling me.
Long time ago, I don't know if you remember, Owen.
Long time ago, that mediocre
If you want to call her a third-rate lawyer.
Gloria Aldrich, the one who brought up two women and they staged this false accusation of Trump supposedly touching them or whatever.
Okay, well, she's a very shady lawyer and a while back ago, many years ago, the media tried to hype a case between a post-op transsexual and Trump.
Now, this post-op transsexual
Uh, she ran for Miss Canada.
And, basically, when they found out that she used to be a boy and became a woman, um, she could not continue.
So, she went and got going already.
So, they tried, the media tried to hype up, you know... Can you guys find this case?
Go ahead.
Yeah, you can look it up on the internet.
You can look it up on the internet.
You'll get it right away.
You'll just, just, just type in on, you could Google it, you could type, um,
Okay, so here we go.
So Donald Trump
Allows post-op transsexual people to compete in beauty pageants.
No one else did that.
Donald Trump was one of the first to ever fight for gay people and black people to get allowed into private golf clubs.
So again, they're wrong on that.
And then another ironic twist, which you can play both sides of, I suppose.
Donald Trump has hired illegal immigrants to work!
So, they say he hates the gays, or transsexual people, he hires them, he promotes them, they say he doesn't like women, he hires them, promotes them, they say he doesn't like blacks, he fights for their rights, fights for gay rights, they say he hates Mexicans, illegal immigrants, but he hires them and promotes them too!
I mean, it's just so stupid!
Go ahead.
My friend, who is a post-op transsexual, she owns her hair salon, and she listens to Alex.
She's actually gotten into arguments with some of the LGBT people, you know, and she's actually woke them up!
See, and that's the plantation.
People say, well, what do you mean the plantation?
What's the plantation?
Well, the plantation is where you do what you're told, okay?
That's the plantation.
You do what you're told.
So if you're a black voter in America,
And you just vote Democrat.
They only want you to vote Democrat.
Exactly, that's the plantation.
They only want you to vote a Democrat.
Look, I'm an independent by the way, okay?
And I'm voting for Trump.
I mean, all my friends are voting for Trump.
I have friends of mine that are independent.
I have friends of mine that are libertarian.
We reject McMullin.
He's a fraud.
And then we also, you know, for my friends that are libertarian,
They reject Gary Johnson.
That's a shill, too.
So the thing is, you know, I know you got other colors.
I want to touch on something.
Okay, you know, Hillary has been running on this whole war for women.
There's not a war on women.
There's a war on straight men, on children, and on senior citizens, and on the disabled.
Because let me tell you, I've had feminists, woman to woman, I've had women challenge me that
You know, that my views are wrong.
The feminists.
And I tell them this, and they're totally quiet after I tell them this.
I'm like, you know what?
You bash men all the time.
But did you know, or do you not know, that the first human being created was man?
It is because of man
That woman was created out of a body part of a man.
The female was created and the reason why the woman was created because the man felt lonely.
He needed companionship.
So that's the reason why a female was created for the man.
You know, and another thing I wanted to tell you guys, I love the way you guys... And whether you even believe the creationalism story of that, regardless, it's biological that men and women in the typical archetype work together.
Yeah, exactly.
And I gotta tell you something.
I don't know which one, if you were Paul Joseph Watson, I would marry because you're both in a tie.
You're both very good-looking, smart men.
But I'm going to tell you something.
If there's one thing that pisses me off, is that a lot of the reporters, you guys, some of you, have been
Spit at.
When you go up to people, and you know what?
That is assault.
I worked in the medical field.
Yes, that is assault.
That is legally assault.
Yes, it is.
Okay, and it's, and actually, when we get scientific, I work in the medical field, when you do it in a scientific level, it's actually worse than a punch, because here's the thing.
You can get infected with infectious disease.
You have to go get screened.
Yeah, you have to go get tested.
And you know what?
I'm going to tell you something.
I think that if anybody gets spit at, you should sue.
Okay, because we cannot allow... Yeah, you're right.
You're 100% right.
We can't allow these people to keep, you know, pushing at us and pushing at us.
We have to defend ourselves.
And you know, you just, you just, and thank you so much for the call.
Powerful words.
And you mentioned something earlier, talking about the war on women, but here's the thing.
The actual war on women is telling women there's a war on women.
So that's the war on women is to get them fighting in this in this faux war as if men are out to get them or men are out to hold them down.
Just totally ridiculous, totally bunk.
So that's the real war on women to me.
Yeah, it is absolutely very true what you're just saying.
You know, I totally agree with you, you know, and I'm going to tell you something.
If Trump wins, which I'm hoping, I pray for Trump, you know, you had a caller, you know, talking about religion.
Okay, I've been close to God, because you were asking that question to your callers.
And I pray to God to protect Trump, his family, and all of you guys, you know, Alex, everybody.
And I'm going to tell you something.
In Scripture, there's something that we're living right now.
It says in scripture, everything done in darkness will be brought to the light.
And everything that we're seeing, you know, once upon a time, oh, and once upon a time, the Illuminati was very secret on the way they did things.
Right now, everything is in your face, in the open, with no apologies.
We're seeing this.
Yeah, there's no doubt about that.
And even whether it's them exposing themselves, which we've kind of seen them starting to take the mask off now, we've got it in the WikiLeaks.
We've got it in Project Veritas.
We've read the books.
I mean, this is a joke.
It's case shut, folks.
It's case shut.
Thank you for the call.
Go ahead, make it quick.
We gotta get two more callers.
Go ahead.
One final thing to tell you, okay?
If Trump becomes president, okay, the liberal media will have two choices to make.
Either they get another job, or they start being real journalists like you guys.
I agree.
It's about damn time.
That is all.
Thank you so much.
Alright, thank you for the call.
And I wanted to mention this earlier when the
When the caller, the last caller from Reno called and talked about how he wasn't planning on going to the Trump rally that day.
He didn't even know Trump was there.
But he felt like some sort of calling or some sort of pull or tug towards going to a Trump rally.
And then he ends up at that.
Isn't it strange how sometimes you
You can just feel something pulling you towards someone or something?
Isn't that crazy?
I mean, isn't it wild how the universe works?
I mean, these are the true mysteries of the universe.
You know, what is that?
It's funny because I had a similar experience at the Trump rally in St.
Louis that I went to where we discovered the original AIDS Skrillex.
I woke up that day.
I didn't have to be at work until the afternoon.
I woke up early that day and
I saw Trump was going to be in town.
I didn't know.
I didn't plan on going.
But as soon as I saw him, I was like, I got to go.
It was something something pulled me today.
It was like the same thing, like something something pulled me where I had to go.
It didn't matter what else I had going on.
Nothing mattered.
I had to go.
And it was even reassured when I went to breakfast that morning.
Before the rally, I'm sitting down, there's two elderly black gentlemen sitting behind me, they were probably in their seventies, and I overheard them talking about Trump.
And so I turned around and I was asking them, you know, oh yeah, you guys like Trump and everything?
They're like, oh, we love Trump.
You know, we were just trying to go down to his rally.
And this was like three or four hours before the rally, folks.
And they were like, yeah, we tried to go down to the rally.
There's too much traffic.
The line's two miles long.
You can't get in.
It's ridiculous.
All this stuff.
And I'm sitting here listening to him tell me about how the rally is too busy.
He can't get in.
And, you know, but that same gravity, that same momentum, whatever it is,
Call it God, was pulling me to the Trump rally.
Nothing was going to stop me from going to that rally that day.
Nothing was going to stop me from capturing Abe Skrillex that day, if you will.
Nothing, you know what, and nothing is going to stop this movement, folks.
Nothing is going to stop this movement.
They can steal the election, just like Joe Big said.
You know, they can steal this election from us.
They can try to steal our money, our country.
They can try to steal everything they want.
But they cannot steal your spirit.
They cannot steal your soul.
Only you can willingly give up your spirit.
Only you, willingly, can give up your soul.
They cannot take that from you.
That is yours.
So I suggest you start fighting for your soul again.
And it's just crazy that we are now hours away from polls opening on Election Day.
It's 4.44 on the East Coast.
4.34, excuse me, on the East Coast.
What time do polls open?
So... I believe it's 7 o'clock here.
7 o'clock here, so we're saying... 7 o'clock Central here.
7 o'clock Central.
Oh my god, oh my god.
Are we gonna see... I mean, it's like the beginning of what?
What are we witnessing the beginning of?
The conclusion of this election cycle, the conclusion of this election, equals the beginning... of what?
Is this the ultimate reign?
You know, because here's the thing.
If Hillary gets in, if they steal it and give it to Hillary, they're not going to get away with it.
They know they're not going to get away with it.
She's already lost in the court of public opinion.
She's already guilty.
People who are in the know, in the military, in the police, in the FBI, who aren't complete shills, they know what went on.
They know exactly what went on.
I mean, their only option might be full-bore takeover.
Because just putting Hillary Clinton in isn't going to do anything.
It's not going to work.
They have to know that.
Something big's coming, folks.
Something big is brewing right now.
Even if they give it to Hillary, it's not going to matter.
What is Hillary Clinton going to do?
She can't possibly survive!
She's either going to die or she's going to get impeached!
And everybody in the country and the world hates her!
In fact, I'll tell you what, let's do this right now.
Do we have the female-aged Skrillex video ready to go?
Yes, we do.
These are the only type of people, folks, that like Hillary Clinton.
Wait a second.
So here's the deal, though.
Now, alright, I'll set this up.
I'll set this up while Marcos is getting this going.
But here's my point.
And I just realized this.
Hillary Clinton becoming the president doesn't do anything for them.
In fact, it would be worse for them.
Are they that brazen?
Are they that out of touch with reality that they really think putting Hillary Clinton, literally, literally selecting her and putting her in is going to help them?
They will have to go full bore, folks.
They'll have to launch wars.
They'll have to start up FEMA.
I mean, literally, what is going to happen?
Hillary Clinton will be out!
Alright, so here's the deal.
I was out the other night.
In fact, you know what?
Someone go get Josh.
Someone go get Josh.
See if he wants to come on if he's not busy editing.
Joe just went to go get Josh.
So I go out with cameraman Josh Owens last, I don't know, was it Friday, Saturday?
I don't know.
And Joe Biggs is out with us too.
And him and his buddy have their Hillary Clinton for Prison shirts on.
And most people at the bar actually like it, which was funny.
But obviously you're going to have the Hillary Clinton supporters that get major, major trigger alerts.
And there were a couple of them, but these two girls, specifically the one was the worst.
But here's the funny thing.
I wasn't looking for trouble this night, folks.
I just wanted to go out with my buddy Josh, my co-worker and friend Joe Biggs and have a couple cold beverages.
And the level of trigger alert, the level of brainwashing of this female wild-age Skrillex had to be captured on camera.
But the funny thing is, the video that I'm going to play for you
Is actually the second run-in with this girl.
Before that, before this video you're going to watch, you're going to see what I'm talking about.
These are the only type of people that support Hillary Clinton.
We're going to let these people control our country?
Give me a break.
It's not going to happen.
It's fake.
It's faux.
Just like this woman.
Completely unsubstantiated.
But the first time she's here telling me, making all these assumptions about me because I'm white, oh, you grew up in a perfect family.
Completely not true.
You grew up with everything given to you.
Completely not true.
I bet someone paid for your college.
No, I paid for it myself.
Like, I'm going down the line having defend myself against this woman's racist attacks on me.
I mean, honestly, that's what it is.
She's sitting here judging me because I'm white, making all these assumptions about me, that I debunk one after the other after the other.
And so of course, but this was the first run in, and she goes all bat crap crazy.
So I tell my man Josh, he might be editing a video right now and unable to come into the studio, but he's the same cameraman that caught the original AIDS Skrillex.
So I tell Josh, I say Josh,
First of all, our boss Rob Due, we can't tell this story at work.
We can't go into work and tell the story of the female-aged Skrillex without getting video proof.
That's how Rob Due operates here, our wonderful boss, who will be in studio now in just a couple hours.
So I said, Josh, we have to capture this wild female-aged Skrillex.
So we set up a hidden camera on him.
It's legal here in Texas, first-person consent, out in public.
And he put his phone in his pocket right here.
Camera sticks out perfectly.
It was unbelievable.
He starts running, and this is the gold that we got.
How is Donald Trump racist?
How is Donald Trump racist?
How are you kidding me?
Get that phone fucking over here!
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
He wants to build a super border!
He said that!
For our border!
For our border!
Oh my God!
You are such a piece of shit!
Hey, hey, for real, we can be friends.
Like, we don't have to hate each other.
I don't know if I could be friends with someone who is voting for Donald Trump.
But I don't understand.
It's just politics.
He called me!
He said I could be friends with him.
He's trying to be friendly.
He's trying to be friendly.
You're so stupid.
Wait, wait, why are you saying that?
Why are you saying I'm stupid?
He was being, he was being truthful.
Hey, he's trying to be friendly.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
So stupid.
Wait, wait, how is that stupid?
It's not just politics.
It's uneducated.
I guess it's not your fault.
I'm uneducated?
Well, you were making fun of me for being educated earlier.
And I'm saying that because she was literally calling me white privilege because I had college handed me.
She was making fun of me because I went to college.
You have to listen.
It's not just politics.
It's the direction that you're sending our society in.
Major triggering about to happen.
To promote the leader of the great world.
But notice how she can't even find the words.
She's literally clueless.
She can't back up her arguments.
She tunes into the mainstream media and has all of her fake beliefs confirmed by the fake propaganda.
I just don't know what you're talking about.
So that's what happens.
She says, he's racist, he's homophobe, he's all this stuff.
All debunked.
I say, what are you talking about?
Like I have no clue.
She can't explain it.
He's a little bit mentally, like, off.
He's like... Wait, wait, wait.
He probably... He's retarded.
How did he make billions of dollars?
Because he started out with a million dollars and he ripped people off.
He ripped off... Did you know that he... To a billion?
And the law hasn't done anything?
He's manipulated the law that Bill Clinton wrote.
Bill Clinton wrote the tax law that Donald Trump uses, folks.
I don't do my research.
She has no idea who I am.
And then she says Mark Cuban.
Notice that.
I say, what billionaires pay taxes?
She says Mark Cuban.
Because Mark Cuban has been campaigning with Hillary!
This woman is wearing the blinders!
And then she tries it and then she's so stupid she literally thinks that taxes is socialism.
She literally thinks that the way taxes work is basically socialism.
No ma'am, no!
And then she does the Trump hands!
She does the Trump hands!
Trump's the war candidate.
Trump's the war candidate.
I'm the peace voter.
I vote for peace.
Hillary Clinton wants World War III, you dumbass!
Do you realize, let me ask you a question, do you realize that the same people that fund ISIS fund Hillary Clinton?
That's it.
That was the death blow.
Now here's the funniest thing.
Notice all these guys around her.
I'll come back to this.
Notice all these guys around her.
Let me hear your facts and evidence.
I'm brainwashed with facts and evidence.
Let me hear yours.
How is Donald Trump racist?
Yeah, cover him, you idiot.
He wants to build a wall for Mexicans.
It doesn't even make sense.
You are such a piece of shit!
That agony that came out of her face just now... What's that, Marcos?
That agony that just came out of her face was golden.
Did she spit on me?
I don't know.
You tell me.
She may have assaulted me.
I'll tell you what, though.
She definitely insulted me with her complete ignorance.
So, here's the funny thing.
This girl made a complete ass of herself because most people, I don't know, most people who were engaging in this discourse that was going on didn't like Hillary Clinton.
And then it turned out that most of them liked Trump because here's what happened.
First of all, she makes a complete jackass of herself.
Everyone at the bar is staring at her like, what the hell is wrong with you?
Then, after our little heated debate, she has to... When I dropped the fact on her that Hillary Clinton is funded by the same people that fund ISIS, she couldn't handle that one.
That's when she exploded, as you saw.
And then she ran off and hid somewhere.
There she is, the wild female aid Skrillex.
So this guy right here, this guy's hilarious actually taking the video.
He also sees what's going on and he has to capture this wild beast.
So he starts to capture the wild beast and then there's a group of guys.
Now there's a group of guys behind her.
Okay, can we rewind it?
Try to capture this bald guy here.
There's another group of guys right behind him.
First the guy comes in and he starts filming the wild beast, the wild female age skrillex.
And then there's another, there he is!
Oh, he's the bald guy right there.
That's alright, we don't have to see him, but you know, you can find him.
That bald guy.
So, there he is, right there.
So after she finishes this little tirade, and she goes and runs and hides, a couple other people decide they're gonna confront her, because, I mean, look folks, I mean, this is a victim!
This is, I mean, I'm sorry, this is a victim of brainwashing.
This is a victim of the psychological war.
I tried to tell her, I was like, look, I'm not your enemy.
You don't have to hate me.
I don't hate you.
I'm trying to help you.
Let's have an intelligent conversation.
And this is all she can do, is get ticked off, scream and yell.
She has no idea what to do because she's been trained, she's been trained that she's fighting the good fight.
See, the social justice warriors have been trained that they're on the side of good, they're on the good side of history, they're fighting the good fight.
The problem is...
Their leaders haven't given them any ammunition.
They haven't given them any weaponry.
So they actually go into the battle with someone like me, who's armed to the teeth.
I got bazookas on my back.
I got pistols all around my waist.
I got rifles in my hand.
I'm like, let's go to war!
And she comes at me with nothing!
With nothing!
And I wonder... I wonder if these people go home at night.
Let's go ahead and kill the video.
There's the poor... Okay, but...
The ball guy, I'll get back to him.
I wonder if these people go home at night and ask themselves, why do my leaders not give me any ammunition?
Why do my sources of information leave me completely naked?
That was my favorite part, I'm sorry.
Which one?
Go ahead.
There's some horrendous, like, car screeching noise.
Alright, you want to rewind it and play it one last time and then I'll... One more time.
It's like... Here we go.
This is the ultimate trigger moment.
The agony in her voice of your... But that's what I'm saying!
That's what I'm saying!
It's like...
Why aren't they pissed off at their leaders?
She is the one who comes at me!
She's the one that attacks me as if I'm the bad guy!
She's gonna come after me because that's what she's been trained to do!
But then she gets in the battlefield!
I actually engage her in the battlefield and then she realizes...
She has no ammo!
She has no weapons!
Let me hear your facts and evidence.
She ain't nothing!
Let me hear your facts and evidence.
I'm brainwashed with facts and evidence.
Let me hear yours.
How is Donald Trump racist?
How is Donald Trump racist?
Are you kidding me?
You've got to talk about this!
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
For our border!
For our border!
Oh my God!
Look at that!
He wants to build a wall for Mexicans!
Oh, it's for Mexicans!
Oh, it's for Mexicans!
No, it's for our border, you idiot!
Hey, hey!
Hey, hey, uh, how is Donald Trump racist?
Ashley says it's the new Trigglypuff, too.
No, that isn't!
Apes, Grillics, Female, Trigglypuff.
That is Female Apes, Grillics, and what we didn't realize at the time, but her little friend there is actually Female Carl the Cuck.
So you got female Abe Skrillex and female Carl the Cuck in, there she is, female Carl the Cuck, female Abe Skrillex caught in Austin, Texas.
This is the unbelievable brainwashed entity of this country that is going to vote for Hillary Clinton.
Okay, so anyway- Look at that vein busting out, last bit.
Look at that vein busting out in female Abe Skrillex.
That is not an attractive vein.
Like my vein?
You know I get the vein?
You don't want to mess with this vein.
This vein is coursing a red blood and knowledge and passion for this good country and justice.
That's right.
But that crazed lunatic, after she scampers away from me when I bury her,
She gets approached by these other guys at the bar who witnessed her, and again, trying to be nice!
Just like, hey!
You know, calm down!
You know, it's okay!
Let's all calm down, we're, you know, we're out at a bar, it's a little late, we've had some drinks, you know, let's all just get along, we can, we can talk politics and religion, whatever, but no need to scream and yell and curse like that!
And by the way, folks, is this the way we want our women behaving?
These are the type of women that support Hillary Clinton.
The most foul-mouthed, ignorant... I'm not going to go any further.
But here.
So afterwards, this bald man comes up to her afterwards, and he's like, hey, what's your problem?
Trump's really not that bad of a guy.
And she goes, wait, you're going to vote Donald Trump?
And he just goes, yeah!
Slapped him right in the face.
That guy right there got slapped in the face by female-aged skrillex.
This is a true story.
After she finished with me, she tried to run away.
They had to hide out right there by those guys.
He starts talking to her.
He says, you know, Trump really isn't racist.
He's not a bad guy.
She's triggered again, and then she goes, wait, you're gonna vote Trump?
He says yes, and she slaps him across the face and then grabs her little Carl the Cuck friend and they leave the bar.
That is the entity of this republic that is voting for Hillary Clinton.
The dumbest, most cra- Oh my god, that's the shot.
Oh my- Can you- Can we get that screenshotted, please?
Oh my- I just grabbed it.
Marcos Morales, folks.
That's the shot!
That is- Okay.
I want that shot next to the original Age Skrillex and Carl the Cuck.
These people... I probably won't even have to make it.
Somebody has heard you and they're gonna go... Let's get on it.
At all I do is Owen.
At all I do is Owen on Twitter.
Real Alex Jones on Twitter.
Somebody take this screenshot right now.
Take a screenshot.
Do the Carl the Cuck AIDS Skrillex Challenge.
These are... Put the call out.
I mean look.
The last thing we need, honestly, is for the female and male-aged Skrillex to get together and procreate.
For Carl the Cuck and female Carl the Cuck to get together and procreate.
I can only imagine what their kids would be like, and then what the rest... It would end up being, like, idiocracy, probably.
But that's why we gotta take this country back, folks.
And, as I said, again, she gets so mad at me, like, she's mad at me,
Where again, I'm trying to paint this picture of a debate here where I come armed to the teeth in a debate.
I'm literally, you can't even see me, I'm so armed with ammo and weapons.
But then she gets mad at me.
Thank you so much, Ashley.
This staff is awesome.
I was talking about this coffee earlier on the air.
I've only been on air for like three or four hours.
But then she's mad at me.
See, this is what I'm saying though.
She's mad at me.
I'm not the one that disarmed you.
I'm not the one that told you to go into this battle with no weaponry!
That was not me!
So why are you so mad at me?
Crazy stuff.
Absolutely crazy stuff.
Alright guys, let's uh... I'm gonna be in control of these callers now, just so you know.
We're gonna go to Barbara now.
Barbara in Massachusetts, go ahead.
Morning Owen, how are you?
I just got reminded of the female-aged Skrillex.
There she is.
Oh my God.
I'm trying to be serious.
I'm working, and I probably woke up half of the collar storm from working at Webmaster.
That is ridiculous.
Okay, good morning.
Well, my first point is, I'm definitely a part of the LGBT community, as well as a minority, okay?
Getting other LGBT members
Just to pretty much think for themselves, and other minorities alike, to think for themselves, is impossible.
I don't know if you know much about Massachusetts, Springfield, Mass., to be exact.
It's kind of like Hartford, Connecticut's sister city, and everybody up here is just so closed-minded.
So, my whole point is, what advice would you have for somebody in my situation,
That is completely surrounded by people who cannot think for themselves.
Like, everything they see on TV is what they believe.
And the Hillary support up here is rampant.
It's me and maybe one other person I can honestly have an open-minded discussion with without CM there being persecuted.
It's crazy, Owen.
You know, you've just asked me to basically design a rocket ship that can go to a different galaxy.
I really don't know.
I mean, because here's the thing, it's like, the logical answer, the common sense thing for me to say to you is the same tactic I take, which is, here's facts, here's evidence, here's me presenting it to you in a logical, reasonable, articulate fashion, and then you see what we get.
You see what we get.
You know what, though?
Here's what I would say, because honestly,
It's the same thing.
It's the same story that happened to me.
I had people telling me 9-11, inside job, globalism, New World Order, all this stuff.
I sloughed it off.
I didn't care.
I didn't think it was possible.
But what happened for me was, and it was a close friend of mine that I think that actually saw this and saw an opening.
And I think now that I realize this, and he's a very smart man,
When the Boston Marathon bombing happened and I started following news for the first time in my life, tuning into mainstream news for the first time in my life, this is a guy that knew me for a while, he was a good friend of mine, but knew I wasn't going to hear anything about 9-11 or New World Order.
He knew I didn't care about that.
But he saw that I was tuned in to this story, and he saw that it had triggered or sparked some sort of a new curiosity in me, and that I wasn't trusting what I was seeing.
And so what he did was, he said, hey, well, you know, there's other news sources out there.
Why don't you check out Alex Jones?
And so I went out, I checked out Alex Jones.
He said, why don't you check out Drudge Report?
I went out, checked Drudge Report.
So I think that, and I've always said this, I think that there's, you can't,
You can't force these people into reality.
They have to have a window opened up and then you can guide them to the window and hope that they go through the window.
So, I would say, unfortunately, you know, you're risking friendship probably trying to talk to these people in the manner that I talk to people, if you will.
If you can find a moment of opportunity, a window of curiosity, something like that, not to give them any of your ideas or tell them any of your thoughts, but steer them in the direction of something that you know will shed light on what they're looking for and might actually spark that flame of curiosity.
Does that make sense?
That video that you just showed with the howling hyena, oh my gosh, just so sparked like a trigger for me because, you know, kind of the same way you're over here trying to prove a point that you really have no information or no facts to back it up with.
And then when I come throwing facts and hitting you hard in your face with it, it's just
The anger.
I've had family members stop talking to me, of course.
Friends as well.
And you know, I'm never going to back down.
The thing is, I love the freedom of thinking and having my own personality, my own thought process.
I've been a fan of the show since maybe 2007.
And ever since then, it's just the clarity and the freedom of knowing that there's just truth out there.
It's amazing.
And I've even
I know it's a challenge and it's a heartbreaking one when you care about these people.
I mean, you really do.
And you just, you don't know what to do.
You see them being victimized.
You try to pull them out from the quicksand and they just, they just, you know, and it's not even like, you know, maybe, maybe they're interested.
Maybe, you know, they're not, but it takes a whole different level because there's so much hate that's been
We're good.
Get out of this.
This is 1776 meets Twitch at Play 2 Cinema, I guess is what that is.
So here's the female-age Skrillex.
Female-age Skrillex.
Female Carl the Cuck.
And there's the male-age Skrillex, made famous by InfoWars.com, Alex Jones' channel on YouTube.
So, this is the first
Entry into the 17s, uh, into the, uh, Age Skrillex, Carl the Cuck.
Male, female, mashup.
What do we want to call it?
I got five on it.
There we go.
Matrimony, match made in heaven.
That is it.
That is the end.
See, you know, it's funny.
And then at the end of it, of course, what do they tell me at the end of it?
I'm a detriment to society, folks.
I'm the detriment to society.
She's going to vote for Hillary Clinton.
I'm the detriment to society.
Oh my goodness.
Alright, let's take another call here.
Let's go to Dan in Florida.
Talking about iodine.
What's about iodine?
Yeah, I was looking through WikiLeaks last night.
The DNC dump they did last night, the second one.
And I looked up Alex Jones on the search terms.
They're game-planning against Trump, talking about a Roger Stone interview he did.
Oh yeah, I saw that.
Go on, yeah, yeah.
He goes, don't know if we want to save this, but it starts right after the promo for high-quality Nathan Ireda.
So even the DNC agrees it's high-quality.
I remember seeing that.
I tweeted it out.
And then actually the tweet got deleted.
I really don't even know why.
But I remember tweeting that out and I tweeted, um, nice plug for nascent iodine.
So, so we've got, so hold on.
So we've got MSN with Rachel Mandow basically plugging our products for an entire segment.
I've never seen anything like this.
And then, you've got in the DNC leaks, they're talking about our product, high-quality nascent iodine.
They even say it, you're 100% right, they say it in the email.
You can go onto Wikileaks and search high-quality iodine.
You can probably just search iodine.
I doubt they talk about iodine anywhere else, but you're 100% right.
They did talk about our iodine product in the Wikileaks.
That's a great point.
Anything else, Dan?
Yeah, I also just wanted to plug Brain Force.
I started taking it over the summer, and man, it's the only supplement I've ever taken where you really feel it, like, that day and stuff.
And it definitely gave me the energy I needed to go call Bill Clinton a rapist to his face the other day.
The Force is strong in you, Dan.
Goblin Power!
Real quick before I go, I just wanted to give this one last message to everyone.
Milo in the office, he posted a video the other day and it really struck a chord with me about how we can't make the same mistake as Europe with letting the refugees and ISIS in and stuff.
Just to protect our LGBT friends with the callers that have been calling in pro-LGBT the past few days.
And, uh, it just really struck a chord with me and I just really want to say, you know, Hillary, you can come for the First Amendment, you can come for the Second Amendment, but my free speech and my gun, from my cold, dead hair,
That's right, Mulan Labe, you bitch!
Thank you for the call, Dan.
And you know, he actually made a great point because I had a caller that called in before Dan, who was a member of the LGBT community.
She also said she was a minority.
And she asked me how can she have a chance at trying to swing some of her LGBT friends that are just on the plantation.
And caller Dan actually just did what I couldn't do.
He told you what to do.
You say, are you aware of Hillary Clinton's immigration policy and refugee policy?
And again, this is still an argument that you have to make based on facts, so it still might not work.
But you can say, this is it.
This is what's happened in Europe.
This is an example of countries like Sweden.
There's no-go areas in London, France, Germany now, and if you know anything about radical Muslims, and here's the thing, folks, look, you know, people always try to make this thing, oh, you know, Muslims aren't bad, the Muslim religion isn't bad, whatever, oh, you know, well, Christianity, you can read the Bible and it's just as extreme, but here's the thing, there aren't any Christian extremists!
You're not gonna go get stoned because you were
Having sexual relations outside of matrimony.
It's not gonna happen.
If you were a radical Christian, then it might.
But that's not what's happening.
So, but these people take their ancient text, and then they're radical about it.
And it says to kill gay people.
So there you go!
So the caller just did what I couldn't do, and it's so simple, a caveman should be able to do it.
Unfortunately, I guess we have people whose IQ is about that of a caveman.
And they cannot grasp reality.
But that is actually a great point.
We know that the radical Muslim aspect of religion will never tolerate homosexuals.
So, there you go.
Maybe you can find a way to kind of
Square that argument and bring that to your friends, and maybe there's some hope there.
Alright, who shall we go to next?
Let's go to Harold.
Oh my, Harold is calling in from Canada.
Go ahead, Harold.
Yeah, how you doing?
Doing alright.
Okay, so yeah, I had a couple of things I thought I'd talk about when I first dialed in, but that turned into a pager note.
So that Age Skrillex female there, I think maybe the guys who did that video of Age Skrillex, the cartoon, they should probably do one of her, too.
Yes, indeed.
So when you had a question before, bring you closer to God, farther away, well, I've been religious all my life, so not closer, not farther, for me anyway.
So, there you go.
So, uh, the thing I actually called about was the Comey emails.
I mean, the Wikileaks emails.
The 650,000 of them.
I noticed you mentioned earlier that it was about one a second.
It literally would have to be one a second.
I forget who it was, but someone did the math.
I think it was General Flynn.
General Flynn.
It had to be one a second.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I think you might be wrong on that.
I just had lots of time to do the math while I was waiting.
And if they had a group of 20 people reviewing these emails eight hours a day, they would have to look at one email every seven seconds.
And I'm sure that just looking at an email for seven seconds, you can figure out a lot.
Yeah, well, 20 people is probably a stretch.
And by the way, you're just talking about actually reading the emails.
You're not talking about any actual investigation, any investigations going on, any proceedings, any questionings, nothing.
Just actually reading the emails.
Yeah, you're exactly right.
It would take a whole heck of a lot more time than they claim they spent.
Oh, but, oh, but Harold!
Oh, but Harold, don't you know?
James Comey can read 10,000 words a minute!
The guy is Superman.
He can read 10,000 words per minute.
He said that Hillary can't be indicted twice.
The guy obviously, I mean, you know, he knows what's going on.
I guess he took the Evelyn Woodhead speed reading course.
So, uh, yeah.
You know, he probably, you know, he, I'll tell you what, I'll give James Comey the benefit of the doubt.
James Comey took an entire bottle
...of Brain Force, and he cranked through all those emails.
He took an entire bottle of Brain Force down the gullet, and he read, what was it, 650,000 emails in one night.
In one night!
And then did the investigation and found nothing.
James Comey, everybody.
...Brain Force arrived today, too, which I've been online here longer than you have, I think, today.
So, uh, oh, by the way, there were 30 in the bottle.
Just, uh, just a note.
Well, we, I, dude, I'm, actually, I don't even know if we're shipping these out yet.
We actually just got the first batch in with 36.
I got, I grabbed a bottle for myself, so I don't even know if we're shipping that out.
I might have, uh, I might have broken a rule there and announced that.
That might be bottles we're not shipping out yet.
So about charging Hillary, there's something came to mind there and you mentioned it a little bit.
You said if you were speeding, could you say, you know, you didn't have the intent, so you're going to get off?
You know, it's a little, it's even more complex than that.
I mean, if you kill somebody, okay, maybe they might not get you for murder because they don't have intent.
First degree murder requires intent, but that doesn't mean you get a free ride home.
That means you might get charged for manslaughter.
Oh, you will get charged for manslaughter.
So what gives?
They give her a free ride home.
And they've got, I mean Bill Clinton, he got impeached.
For perjury, and we've got her on record a half dozen times committing perjury.
Great point!
Great point!
You know what?
That might be why Bill Clinton is so ticked off!
Bill Clinton got impeached for perjury, now she's guilty of perjury, and she gets to run for president!
No wonder Bill Clinton is so pissed off!
And she did it a half dozen times, I believe.
On record.
I don't know.
They should have plenty enough to lock her up.
But you would think they'd have plenty.
Now you're from Canada.
We had some celebrities say they're going to move to Canada.
Who are some of these dumbasses that said they're going to move to Canada?
I'm sorry that we're going to have to dump these people on Canada.
Actually, you know what?
I didn't cover some of these.
We'll have to get to some of these.
But you guys might get Keegan Key, Lena Dunham, Neve Campbell.
So, good riddance!
Your problem now.
Enough gamble up, that's fine.
Actually, she's the one, I think she's the one that was like, Trump is too honest, I can't handle it.
I can't handle him.
He's too honest for me.
There's a whole heck of a lot of people up here.
The complacency and just, I don't know, a lot of people don't care.
And to me that seems a little like letting an axe murderer move into the next door neighbor's house and you not caring that they're there, you know?
Well, and you know, but here's the thing about that.
Here's the thing about that, because I can relate to that.
I didn't care.
I didn't care for the first 22 years of my life.
But the reason why I didn't care
Is because I didn't realize what was going on.
I mean, folks, when we say there's a war on for your mind, when we say that you're under attack psychologically and physically, we mean it, folks.
When they put fluoride in your water, that is an attack on you!
You better believe it!
When they have propaganda in the schools and on television all day long, that's an attack on you!
You are constantly under assault by these people in the establishment.
So it's okay not to care when you don't know what's going on.
Of course you don't care.
Everything's happy.
Everything's great.
Like the Lego movie.
Everything is awesome.
Everything is cool when you're part of the team.
You know, I got my sports team.
I got my TV.
Everything's great.
The TV says everything's great.
Everything must be great.
Oh, wait a second.
Oh, wait a second.
See, it's just like earlier today, Alex was talking and he's like,
He mentions about how cancer rates are skyrocketing in the last couple decades.
Autism rates skyrocketing in the last couple decades.
This is the proof right here.
That people in this planet have been brainwashed and basically dilapidated into empty vassals.
Nobody is even questioning this.
Nobody is questioning why everybody's getting cancer.
Nobody is questioning why everybody's getting diabetes.
Nobody is questioning why autism rates are skyrocketing.
Nobody is even questioning it.
Why is nobody questioning it?
Because they've been brainwashed, folks.
The TV
Has literally sucked people's essence out of them.
The TV is such people's reality, where if it's not on the TV, it doesn't exist.
From birth to grave, from cradle to grave, the TV is the reality.
That's why they don't care.
Because the TV's not going to tell you fluoride is killing you.
The TV's not going to tell you why cancer rates are skyrocketing.
The TV's not going to tell you that the vaccines are going to give you Guillain-Barre syndrome.
The TV's not going to tell you any of that, is it?
But that's their reality, so they think everything is fine and good.
That's why we have to break the conditioning, Harold.
That's the key.
Break the conditioning!
Go ahead.
Speaking of which, that hit close to home with me because my sister was paralyzed from a vaccine.
Oh my god.
Oh of course they knew.
Well, you know, they knew and they treated her and she got better, but... Oh, and then they take it to the special vaccine courts so that the vaccine manufacturers can't be sent to prison.
It's bullcrap!
I don't know how that works up here.
I don't know how that works up here.
I never had to, you know, involve myself in any of that, but it's true.
They know and they dodge the bullet wherever they can.
So on that note, where you were saying about the cancer rise and so on, just something popped into my head about the chemtrails because I was driving out today and I saw, you know, 50 of them.
Oh wait, you said chemtrails, right?
Yeah, yeah.
You mean those lines in the sky that just appear from behind planes and then stay there all day?
You got it.
No, that's normal.
So I took a shot in the dark and I said to myself, maybe nobody has actually taken the time to ask them flat out.
So I wrote a letter to Environment and Climate Change Canada, ECCC.
And ask them all about it.
And you'll never guess what they wrote back.
They wrote back to me, yes, we are indeed spraying in the air.
We're spraying silver iodide, is what they're saying.
There's probably more they're not telling me.
They say they've been doing it in conjunction with a company called, what was it now?
Oh no, Geoengineering.
I'll have to look that up.
So now, hold on a second.
You have this in an email?
I have a letter from them, sure.
Do me a favor.
Get that letter.
Get it on a digital copy, hard copy.
Tweet it at me.
Email it to us.
Let's get this.
Let's get this published.
Let's get this published.
Go ahead.
You'll have to tell me where to email it.
I don't do Twitter, I don't do Facebook, so I'm an email guy.
Showtips at Infowars.com.
I'm waiting for a second reply.
Oh, that's it.
The company was called Weather Modification Inc.
Put Weather Modification Inc.
in the subject title.
Put Weather Modification Inc.
in the subject title.
Send us the digital copy of that and we will do a report on that.
That's groundbreaking.
Go ahead.
Yeah, and you know they even said that they've been doing it since 1966.
50 years.
Now look, here's, this is the funniest thing to me.
There's two things here.
One... Again.
They say you're a conspiracy theorist because you talk about literally grass being green, sky being blue, chemtrails existing.
No, they don't exist.
You're a conspiracy theorist.
No, they're in the science textbooks, folks.
They admit they're doing it.
I mean, I shouldn't even have to point that out.
You should have enough common sense to look up in the sky and know that's not natural.
That's how common sense has been completely eviscerated from these people's minds where they literally don't even look up at the sky.
People that used to live on this planet a long, long time ago, folks, all they did was look up at the sky.
That's all they did.
That was everything.
Tracking stars, tracking galaxies, tracking weather patterns, that's all they did, that's all they had.
Now people don't even know what the hell planet they live on!
They can't even see there's a damn line in the sky that's not supposed to be there!
And then when I say, hey, what's that?
You're a conspiracy theorist!
But then on top of that,
On top of that, I have to deal with all of these people, like Leonardo DiCaprio, but beyond Leonardo DiCaprio, whatever, he's a shill.
I'm talking about actual citizens.
I have to deal with actual citizens that I talk to, I try to have a debate with.
They want to tell me how climate change is the biggest problem, climate change is the biggest problem.
So, okay.
Tell me how climate change is such a problem.
Tell me how global warming is a problem.
Oh, and on, and on, and on.
Oh, well, they don't really have anything to say, but it's what I'm being told, and maybe weather's getting worse, or maybe that's just the media reporting it.
Maybe it's getting hotter, maybe it's not.
I don't know, but I was told that climate change is a threat to my humanity, and it must be bad, and we're all burning carbon and gas, and oh my God, we're killing the planet.
But wait a second!
In your entire lecture, in your entire breakdown of how climate change is a problem, you didn't even mention that they're spraying the sky!
So, so, so again!
I have to sit here and be lectured by people about how climate change is this whole problem, right?
And they're going to mention, they're going to mention, they're going to throw the entire kitchen sink at me, but never once, never once are they going to mention the fact that they are spraying chemicals in the sky!
I went to a, I was at a airport bar, okay?
This was actually my first weekend in Austin.
When they first flew me out here for orientation, I went to my hotel bar and there were a couple of, it was an airport bar, and there were a couple of pilots there.
And I forget how we get talking, but we somehow end up talking about chemtrails, of course.
Now, I'm talking to these guys, and one of them is just a total, total ass, total arrogant punk, and he wants to try to beat me down, tell me how stupid I am, conspiracy theorist, all this, while the other one is just kind of sitting over there enjoying his drink, not really saying anything.
I'm like, no dude, chemtrails are real, what do you think those lines are?
Oh, it's chemtrails, blah blah blah.
And so, but then finally, his friend speaks up and he goes, no actually, we do do cloud seeding.
He's like, I've actually read the documents.
Like, we do actually have cloud seeding in our gasoline, in our fuel.
Like, it's actually going on.
And so then his buddy who is over here trying to be an arrogant punk and bemoan me for talking about what actually exists is like, well, yeah, but But it's not geoengineering.
Oh, oh So a second ago, it didn't exist Now you have to admit it exists, but it still doesn't exist It exists, but it doesn't exist for what it's supposed to exist for.
No, it exists.
It's real It's going on and it's amazing because
It's not the same kind of chemicals in the air that you think they are.
It's different kind of chemicals in the air.
They're the same kind of compounds.
And then you had Kristen Megan, I think was her name, who worked with... Military.
Yeah, yeah, who worked with military and industrial chemicals and the distribution of such chemicals.
She was at the Trump rally tonight, live.
Reading, by the way.
Of course she was.
What a patriot.
And she does this whole report, and she's crying.
I believe, if I remember, one of the press conferences she did, she's crying, she's sitting here talking about it, she's like, these are the chemicals, I don't know where they went, I was in charge of monitoring where they go, now they're all gone, then I measured the environment, I measured the soil, that's where they are!
And then, and then, Monsanto is gonna tell you that they're saving the planet with their frankenfoods.
Because guess what?
The food can't grow in the soil that they've already contaminated with the chemicals they spray in the sky!
This is how these sick freaks work, okay?
They come in here,
They break you in half, they break your back, and then they tell you, it's okay, here's the back brace, this is all it was for, it's okay, here's our back brace, but then that back brace controls everything you do.
Like, oh!
Oh, we're spraying!
There she is, Kristen Megan.
She did an unbelievable report, folks.
Look at her research and reports on chemical engineering.
So this is how it works, folks.
They tell you that climate change is a problem, so they're going to spray chemicals in the sky to help with climate change, right?
But then, they're still going to try to beat you down with climate change, say it's still a problem, that we're killing the environment, even though they're the ones killing it with the chemicals in the sky, they still want to beat you down, tell you you're the bad guy for climate change, but then on top of that, see, it's not enough!
It's not enough!
They have to freak you 360 degrees, folks.
So then, after they already rape you with this brainwashing climate change narrative to spray chemicals in the sky, then they're going to poison the ground.
And then they're going to rape you again and tell you that the reason why we have to basically make all of these foods with the GMOs, the frankenfoods, is because, well, we just can't grow it in the soil anymore.
See, we just can't grow it anymore.
But wait a second!
You're the one that poisoned it!
I mean, this is the reality we live in!
So, it just blows my mind.
Thank you so much for the call, Harold, in Ontario.
And then he ends up getting me fired up about a...
It's such a joke!
It's such a joke!
I've lost my mind in common sense!
I have gone crazy in logic!
That's all this is!
Oh my god, there's a line in the sky!
What the hell's going on?
Oh my god, all these chemicals are in the soil!
What the hell's going on?
And then the same people that will tell me this is what has to happen to save the planet aren't going to actually sit here and see how that's killing the planet!
Welcome to the 21st century.
Let's go out to Lance in Seattle.
Go ahead, Lance.
Great show here.
We're going until 6am, folks!
I'm not going off air!
This is a fight for liberty!
I'm a wet blanket, okay?
I think that if Trump is elected, you know, and I think you referred to this even with Hillary, the military is just going to take over.
I think there's going to be a coup.
It's going to be obvious.
They're not even trying to hide it.
If there's any semblance of justice left, if there's any semblance of a Justice Department left, if there's any semblance of actual police force left, if there's any semblance of the military left, Hillary Clinton will not last.
That's it.
Yeah, I think you're right.
I don't think either one of them will.
I mean, you just take a look at just how obvious things are.
You know, I mean, think about that email, that Wetworks email that popped up, you know, WikiLeaks thing with Podesta.
You know, and then, you know, Scalia died, you know?
Oh yeah, and then they got the Wetworks.
Yeah, the Wetworks.
What happens if Scalia, a Supreme Court Justice, said, let's knock off Podesta?
I mean, you know, I mean, that's how upside down the world is now.
And look at this, and look at this, look at this.
Not only are they talking about wetworks in the emails, we have them years ago, before Scalia even died, talking about who they're going to appoint for the next Supreme Court Justice as if they knew!
And then, no autopsy on the body.
Oh, yeah.
I mean, folks, again, I mean, has this country completely lost logic?
I mean, how is there no autopsy?
How is there no autopsy on a Supreme Court justice that drops dead in the middle of the desert at some occult ritual farmland?
I mean, what?
Go ahead.
The dynamic, okay?
It's okay to have Podesta talking like that, but what if there was an email where one of the Supreme Court justices was going to knock somebody off?
But it's simpler than that.
It's simpler than that, Lance.
Imagine, it's even simpler than that.
Imagine if you had any of the dirt we have on Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump.
Are you kidding me?
If Donald Trump defended and got off a rapist and laughed about it?
If Donald Trump was responsible for overthrowing another country and laughed about it?
Are you serious?
It's normal.
It's normal.
This is the world we're living in.
And it's like... Well, it's normal if it's Hillary Clinton.
It's normal.
It's okay if it's Hillary.
But not if it's Trump.
You're brainwashed, folks.
Go ahead.
I know.
I know.
I mean, it's just... It's incredible.
And I think that...
I don't even know how the woman can run, you know?
It's rigged, that's how!
It's rigged, just like Trump says!
It's incredible!
I mean, you know, when you look back, geez, who was the guy that got caught?
You know, he had the mistress, you know, he was running for president.
I forgot what the guy's name is.
It's late, excuse me.
He had to drop out.
I remember Gary Hart having to drop out.
I mean, because they had mistresses.
With the Clintons, it doesn't really matter.
I mean, it's just amazing.
Even in the, again, Colin Powell says that Bill Clinton is dicking bimbos in the White House.
What do you think that means?
I mean, look, that's not even code!
That's not even cheese and pizza or hot dogs.
That is straight up, Bill Clinton is dicking bimbos in the White House, right there.
Well, when I think it was Reagan's funeral, Gerald Ford said, he remarked out loud, Bill Clinton is insane!
The way he treats women, I mean, it's just amazing.
You know, I mean, and he said it, he said that he needs help.
All of these people need help, and the biggest help that we can do is put them in jail, folks.
They need to be removed.
They need to be removed from their positions of power.
I'm dead serious.
This is the biggest... I hope it happens.
Go ahead, go ahead Lance, go ahead.
Really, honestly, I hope it happens, but I think that everything is so corrupt now, so corroded, really, that we don't have a chance.
I think that, you know, it's just going to be a martial law, and that'll be it.
You know?
So that's it.
But that's what I'm saying.
And thank you for the call, Lance.
That's what I'm saying.
This is it, folks.
They can't just put Hillary Clinton in and then act like everything is fine and good.
That's not going to fly.
They can't just put Hillary Clinton in and expect everything to keep going hunky-dory like it has.
Hell no!
That is not going to happen at all.
The entire world is going to know they rigged it.
The entire world is going to hate the United States unlike they ever have before.
And of course, the citizens of the United States are going to know exactly what happened.
The Trump movement is going to know exactly what happened.
And the fight is only going to just begun.
So what are they going to do?
Because again, think about it.
If Hillary Clinton gets put in, folks, I mean, that's... Again, the country is not going to go on like it has.
They're going to have to pull something bigger.
I don't know what it is, but they're going to have to.
Because, one, Hillary Clinton can't travel the country and be doing speeches or going to events or doing anything.
That's not going to work.
That's not going to work.
First, I don't even think Secret Service wants anything to do with the Clintons anymore.
So then they got that issue to deal with.
So I'm not even sure.
Again, I don't know what they could possibly try to do.
Again, I mean, if they were smart, I think that they would let Trump in and then, you know, try to collapse the economy or something and blame him.
Maybe that's what their plan is.
But Hillary Clinton is so arrogant and so entitled, she wants that office.
These times are so wild.
I mean, this is just unbelievable.
And here we are, 4.33 Central Time.
We got a great crew here still up with me.
And we got a caller still on the line.
But we're going to take a quick break.
Hey, Marcos, do we have the powerful Trump ad ready to go?
The nuclear one?
It was the one.
No, no, no, no, no.
This was the one.
I had it.
I put it in our rundown.
Oh my god.
There's so many bins.
Yeah, I know.
These guys, folks.
Guys, whenever I do a segment or anything like this, I overwhelm these guys with requests for stuff to make this broadcast look good.
So they're doing a great job back there.
But if we could get that pulled up, let's run that and then hit a quick break.
That's the Donald Trump ad.
Ready to roll.
Alright, so we're going to take a quick break.
We're going to take your calls when we get back.
Maybe we'll get to the rest of the celebrities.
Maybe we'll get some of this news.
But for right now, we're just going to keep taking your calls.
Here is a very powerful Trump ad.
Share this with your friends.
Share this with your family.
It's officially election day in the United States.
This is our chance to take this country back.
Powerful Trump ad.
Our roads and bridges are falling apart.
Our airports are third world condition.
And 43 million Americans are on food stamps.
ISIS has spread across the region and the entire world.
And a refugee crisis now threatens the West.
After 15 years of wars in the Middle East, after trillions of dollars spent and thousands of lives lost, the situation is worse than it has ever been before.
This is the legacy of Hillary Clinton.
Death, destruction, terrorism, and weakness.
All we need to do is start believing in ourselves and in our country again.
Americanism, not
America first!
It is time to show the whole world that America is back!
Bigger and better and stronger than ever before!
I have no patience for injustice, no tolerance for government incompetence of which there is so much, no sympathy for leaders who fail their citizens.
When innocent people suffer because our political system lacks the will or the courage or the basic decency to enforce our laws, or still worse, has sold out to some corporate lobbyists for cash, I am not able to look the other way.
The other way, and I won't look the other way.
What difference does this voice make?
We will make America strong again.
We will make America proud again.
We will make America safe again.
And we
A lot of my friends are what I would want to quantify as average Americans.
It's my family.
What do they do at a participatory level to either encourage or discourage things that they don't agree with?
And I think it takes a little bit more savvy, if we're in the info war, it takes a little bit more savvy to know how to get into those systems in a way that we can leverage our own position, just like the social justice warriors do, but at the same time not resort to the kind of the scummy part of it all, which is sort of leading people astray.
Look, when you use the word liberty, most people don't find that word sexy.
You know, racist has a lot more ooh-ahh to it than libertarian.
Libertarian sounds like you're stuck in the back of a truck with Ron Paul and he's talking to you about, like, you know, policy papers and freedom.
It doesn't sound very exciting to me, okay?
You know, I tend to like the social argument.
You have to start, this would be my argument, you have to start by identifying that the most powerful thing in the world right now are these technocratic systems that are in place, search engines, the way we connect on these social platforms.
Governments have either encouraged these things to come along or quickly realized that they were the new arms of control.
And so you have to ask yourself whether your participation in these systems is actually enslaving you.
Then you have to drill down a little further and you have to want to ask questions about if what you're doing and participating in is truly as open as it seems.
So if Twitter, for example, is full of people of a diversity of opinions, and you feel like, hey, it's capitalist.
It's my idea versus yours.
Who tweets more?
Who gets more retweets?
Who says the right incendiary thing?
Who does the right mean?
That's America.
And I would only argue, you know,
Where do you cross the line?
And you see it all the time.
I mean, InfoWars puts up articles.
As somebody who's in the world, and I have to watch what I say, when you see a page that's literally, and the page is, the Facebook page is, assassinate Donald Trump.
And I believe Facebook comes out and says, that doesn't violate our standards and practices.
Okay, that's where somebody like myself has to ask, is my participation in the Facebook system, and I would call it a system,
Am I actually encouraging something which, as an American, I find offensive.
And I also find it offensive that a business would support... You can call... I would have no problem with a page that said, Donald Trump's a racist.
Donald Trump's a homophobe.
Because that's just opinion.
The minute you talk about killing someone... Sorry.
That's where you need to step in as a business and say, I will not support that.
So why is that okay?
But you can imagine what page you could create on Facebook today, and there would be calls for you to never work here at InfoWars ever again.
That's where it gets funky.
So you have to be sophisticated enough to look at those systems and say, is my participation encouraging something that I know deep down is intrinsically not only flawed, but counterintuitive to what I want to be part of?
And in essence, your participation is condonement.
Now, I run a business.
I have a Facebook page.
I need the Facebook page at this day to run my business.
It's an effective system.
I don't like everything.
So that's just another piece of information that may ultimately push me off Facebook.
And I'm willing to take the commercial and public hit of not having that reach that I have to the 4 million plus people that follow us on Facebook.
Because at the end of the day, I as an American can't support that.
So, does it bother me?
Do I have to have the argument in my head?
To this point, I haven't made that decision.
If you're not having that argument in your own head, then you're not participating.
And then, to use Alex's term, you're just a drone who's just falling around.
You're pretending you have no influence, and you do.
And I think, too, it's really time for a lot of us who are libertarians and who are for freedom and who are concerned and who do... We're not kind of in the trance.
We do see... We do need to start coming together and working and setting up our own systems to counteract their systems that they have.
That's why we use the word empowerment.
Empowering people with... Let's not call it the facts and the truth.
The facts and truth are always kind of ephemeral.
It's just eye-of-the-beholder stuff.
Empowering people to have a better range of decision making as far as how they approach their social systems, I think that's powerful.
Then if you take the extra step and you say, like, maybe InfoWars sets up its own version of social media so that like-minded businesses are able to participate in a system that is ultimately holistic to the ideas that you would believe in.
A lot of people ask me what is the most important area of InfoWars that runs the whole operation that is having such a big effect against the globalists.
And I've said it over and over again, it is you the listeners and the viewers that send us the intel, the news tips, that support the broadcast, that spread the word.
You are 90% of the operation or more.
You don't stand beside us, you stand at the heart of InfoWars.
When I talk about the people at InfoWars, from customer service, the shipping department, being just as important as our anchors, our researchers, our investigative journalists, and myself, it's absolutely true.
Without this team that we've built over the last 20 plus years, we wouldn't be able to do any of what we've been doing.
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Hey, it's Darren McBreen, InfoWars.com.
We're here at South by Southwest, Austin, Texas.
And we're going to get everybody's reaction to what a lot of people consider the two scariest people in politics, Donald Trump and, ooh, Hillary Clinton.
Let's go check it out.
Alright, so first up, the Donald.
What's your first reaction?
Here it comes.
Here it goes.
And here we go.
She threw up a little bit.
Here we go.
What's wrong with him?
Why do you don't like Donald Trump?
Because he's racist.
No, he's an absolute racist.
He's a racist.
I'm Mexican.
You know, I don't like that.
Come on, man.
The guy's a flat out.
He's a racist.
Not racist at all.
Vote for Trump.
Do you think he really is racist?
Do you think that's something the media is trying to push?
I just think that the things that he says are spent out of control.
I mean, I think he has good intentions behind him, but it comes out absolutely wrong.
I think the appeal is that he's not covered by somebody's money from a specific party, so he speaks what he says most definitely.
He speaks what he feels.
Um, so I think that's the thing that people might be attracted to.
If y'all vote Donald Trump in as f***ing president, y'all are the craziest motherf***ing people ever to f***ing be created in the whole f***ing world.
Donald Trump, he tried to separate us.
We gotta come together.
He's not even a politician and he wants to run.
He just wants to make a name for himself and make more money.
He went to school for f***ing real estate.
He's not a f***ing politician.
I just think that businessmen should stick with business.
I think running an entire nation is a whole different story.
Don't you think that's part of the reason why people like Donald Trump so much is because he's not a politician.
He's an anti-establishment candidate, so to speak.
That's why we have law schools.
That's why we have majors called Government Affairs and Government Studies.
It's for people who want to get in government.
Hey, what about the people like Black Lives Matter and MoveOn.org that show up to Chicago and try to shut his rallies down?
Do you agree with that?
Well, that's what protests are for.
When you come to protest, it's supposed to be interrupting something.
It's not... I don't agree with the violence.
To say he can't do it would be f***ed up because that's the whole point of the country.
That's the whole point of the First Amendment.
That's what a lot of people are saying.
Look, you're trying to shut down the First Amendment, so a lot of people are upset with that.
Well, I mean, people have the right to speak, but you can show up and protest that if you want to.
You think he's dividing the country right now, or what's wrong with Trump?
No, he's not dividing the country.
We're a strong nation.
We can't be divided despite our differences.
Awesome, I agree with that.
What do you think about the appeal of Donald Trump that he's an anti-establishment candidate?
He's not getting money from Goldman Sachs.
He's not funded by the Federal Reserve.
Do you think he truly is an anti-establishment candidate?
Uh, well it depends where you think the establishment is.
If you think the establishment is just money, then no.
If you think the establishment is this idea of people who enrich themselves by screwing over the American taxpayer and subsidizing the kind of firms like Walmart, of which Hillary sat on the board of, the fact is Trump is not part of that establishment.
What about Hillary Clinton?
I don't think she's Hitler-ish.
I respect her intellect.
What do you like about Hillary?
Oh, she's not going to build a wall blocking all the Mexicans.
I think I'm ready for a woman.
To me, voting for Hillary because she's a woman is like eating a turd because it looks like a Tootsie Roll.
Very true.
I agree.
Time that we're united instead of divided.
Do you agree with that?
Of course, 100% agree with that.
We need everybody, you know, coming together.
You know, this land belongs to all of us.
No more Bushes, no more Clintons, right?
We don't want these families anymore.
We need somebody new.
What do we say to the race war?
F*** the race war.
F*** them.
All right.
We're brothers.
All right.
Because I'm a part of it right now, and I'm seeing the changes.
When you do come together, we're all racists.
That's the answer.
All right.
Beautiful, man.
All right.
All right.
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Alright, folks.
The home stretch here, for me at least, for now, on the 52-hour
Live election special.
Just for the first night.
Homestretch just for the first night.
Well, right.
And I'm going to be back up here at nine to come in after Rob Dew.
We've had a lot of great callers tonight.
We had a lot of great guests.
I'd like to thank the crew that is still back there.
We've got Ashley Beckford, Marcos Morales, Wes.
Wes is in and out of naps on the couch.
We've lost a couple other soldiers in the fight tonight.
Not sure where they're at.
Somewhere sleeping around the office.
But we're still here for you and we're going to take a couple more calls.
Let's go to who's been holding the longest here.
Leo in Washington.
He is a veteran.
Go ahead, Leo.
Hi Owen, how you doing tonight?
Final hour this morning.
Hey, now much longer to go, and then you'll be back in again.
That's right.
Here's the thing.
Here's what I wanted to call you about.
I wanted to touch a couple things that you were talking about earlier in the show.
One of the things that I've been doing over the past few years, I had called in a couple years ago, actually about three years ago, from North Dakota, and I had spoken with Alex Jones about how my not-usable water system was putting sodium fluorosilicate into the water supply.
And the sodium fluoride, which is what that is, has sand added to it so that it wouldn't take up in the pumps and the elbows and the pipes, which is why it's called sodium fluorosilicate.
What I did after researching it is I found it is twice as strong, and they only put about half the amount that they were previously putting in the sodium fluoride.
But if you do the math on that, it's the exact same solution that you end up with.
You have just as much sodium fluoride in water.
Yeah, it's like it's not just fluoride, it's like the most toxic kind.
Yes, absolutely.
And they just add the sand in there so that it can actually get through there and get delivered to you much faster without being stopped along the way.
That's really what the sand is there for.
And because it was a costly cleanup of having to clean everything up out of the machinery as well.
Now, this goes along with what you were talking about how these SJWs
And all these Hillary followers, you know, and they're not all SJWs, that's not what I'm saying, but a vast majority of them are.
And what you've got, what you can see is a lockstep lemming, almost like if it's Michael Jackson's film, before your eyes, in the populace, and you've got Hillary doing her jig, and all of a sudden, everybody else does the jig.
They are literally mimicking everything she does, okay?
And that's who their leader is.
And they follow her, and they worship her.
And see, what these people want to do, and you were asking kind of what happens after this.
Well, if Hillary gets in, and they try to do the whole steal and everything else, what they want to do is, number one, you have three policies that she has that are really big to point out.
Number one, open borders.
Not figuratively, literally.
And that's two-part.
Because it's not only the economic destruction, it's also the invasion of forces from not only from around the world, but the third world minority groups coming in too.
And then she also wants to remove some of the guns.
At first.
Because it always starts with a little, then it goes on and goes on and never stops.
Then you no longer have any guns.
But think about this, this is the other point I want to make too.
She is already shown in her home court again, and Obama, by getting on television saying, oh, legals can vote.
That's treason as far as I know.
At least the following, okay?
Now, these jackass technocrats want to turn around and actually remove the law, or the rule of law from this land.
But let me put all these pieces together.
They want to create a purge, a permanent purge-style society.
Do they?
Do they really want to do that?
Because, here's the thing.
When they remove the law, they remove the law from themselves.
They remove it from the land as well.
That means, since we're their boss, and they work for us, if the rule of law doesn't apply to them, then I guess it shouldn't to us.
But here's the thing.
We're going to use the Constitution.
And see, in the Constitution, it has two, um, what they call contingencies for a tyrannical government.
Number one, change it out by policy first.
And if necessary, by force.
And it says so in the Constitution, and that's what our Second Amendment is there for.
None of us wanted to get to that point,
But the way that they are pushing it, this is the exact route they want to take it.
They want to be able to have everybody play Purge.
See, I bet if you look on their Twitter feeds and their Facebooks, one of their better movies is The Purge.
And didn't Purge Election Year just come out?
Yeah, that was a movie.
Okay, and that's part of the industry trying to feed you what's coming.
I actually saw that movie, and at the end of it, they actually end up ending the Purge.
I mean, you could almost do an analogy, you know, if you wanted, to the New World Order or the evil that's in charge of America, and essentially at the end of it, they end that evil, but I don't know if that's here or there.
But, you know, it's interesting that you mention that, because I've been saying this, you've been holding, so you've probably been hearing me say this, I'm curious your thoughts.
You're an Army vet.
You know, I don't see how they get away with putting Hillary in.
They're not going to get away with the steal.
If they put Hillary Clinton in, I mean, again, you can polish a turd as much as you want.
It's still a turd.
So they can put Hillary Clinton in.
That doesn't make her any less of a dead husk corpse candidate.
So it's not going to fly.
So you mentioned this purge.
I'm curious.
I mean, that's kind of been my question, realizing this, sitting here going through the processes, wargaming it out.
They can't just put Hillary Clinton in office, folks.
I mean, that's a total joke.
That's a total joke.
Everybody will know it's a joke.
That's like you've been working at a company for 30 years.
It's a great company.
Some new guy just gets in to work at the mailroom.
He's kind of zany.
He's kind of loony.
He makes some mistakes, but you know what?
He's okay.
We let him go.
And then all of a sudden, they put him in charge of the whole company.
Of course that's not gonna fly.
Nobody's gonna buy that.
That's not gonna work.
That's the same thing they're trying to do with putting Hillary Clinton in the presidency.
It's not gonna work.
It's not gonna fly.
So do you think they might try to... I don't know what it is.
I don't know.
I mean... Do they try to force something to declare martial law?
Do they try to start a war?
If they select and steal this election to put Hillary Clinton in, what's their next move?
You can see it coming down the line.
What are the three policies that I just mentioned?
What is one of the most important ones out of those three, as a matter of fact?
So, I mean, they're going to have to declare war.
The gun.
No, the gun.
They're going to come after the gun.
So that's what I'm saying, though.
So then they're going to have to declare war on the American people.
I mean, that's declaring war on America.
This is such an incredible thing that we're talking about here.
But it could be a reality where the President of the United States, if Hillary Clinton gets elected, would declare war on the United States.
That's literally what this would be.
Now, of course, you could make the case that other presidents have essentially declared war on the United States, a shadow war, a secret war, silent wars, or what's the name?
Silent Weapons Required Wars is the document.
But she would actually have to, she would actually have to go hot.
She would have to do a hot war on the American people.
I mean, she would have to make it hot.
Look at everything she's done.
Look at absolutely every single thing that she has done so far to this point.
She is a cold-hearted bitch!
Excuse me.
You think she's gonna stop?
No, I agree.
No, no, no.
She's an absolute... Dude, she's a stateless, child molesting, child trafficking... Oh my God.
Oh my God!
I mean, can you believe that she's involved with all of this?
I didn't know!
Excuse me, bitch!
You knew!
You knew from day one!
That's what I'm saying!
You were flying out there to the island!
That's what I'm saying!
With your secret husband!
And then you went out there by yourself six times!
And Bill Clinton tells his Secret Service detail... Bill Clinton tells his Secret Service detail to stay behind a couple times so, you know, he can go diddle with little kids.
But whatever!
But here's the thing!
Let's say Hillary Clinton is not involved in any of this.
Okay, whatever.
I always say this to Hillary voters.
What reality are you going to accept?
Are you going to accept the reality that Hillary Clinton is so stupid, so oblivious, so clueless to the world around her that she is going to surround herself with these freaks?
These freaks, who at the very least, at the very least, are into spirit cookings, Satan occult dinners, and little children.
Now, I don't know what they're doing with these little kids, okay?
But, they've got art, they talk about
You know, well, I know what Joe Biden is into, little kids, so that one's obvious.
But these are the people... Is it Tony Podesta's house?
Is it Tony Podesta's house that has all the proof of that?
That's right, and these are the people that Hillary Clinton surrounds herself with.
So again, the Hillary Clinton voter has to face one of two realities.
Either she's so ignorant, so stupid, so oblivious, so clueless, that she doesn't see these freaks that she's surrounded herself with, or she's into it!
There is no other slice of this cake!
This is a two-slice cake!
Take your slice, Hillary voters!
They knew the late Philip Corso, okay?
I'm not sure if you... I think you guys have actually mentioned Philip Corso on your show before.
I think Alex has a couple of times.
And I was actually privy to a phone call that was made to another person that has been speaking about things that are under the radar that most people haven't been told by the government.
Absorbing a first strike.
Pearl Harbor, the United States ignored intel in order to start the war.
9-11, the United States, I mean, at the very least, stood down on 9-11.
So it's weird because we'll have all these attacks on the American people from, you know, terrorists.
We'll have leaders like the leader of North Korea threaten us with a nuclear strike.
What they would do is they would issue a cyber attack, of course.
And that would cause either Russia or China, if they chose to go after them, or another nation that hasn't, you know, can get access to the bomb.
But you know what?
Here's the thing.
Nobody's going to buy a false flag, because here's the thing.
I don't know.
Maybe they will.
Maybe they're that brainwashed.
Maybe it's really reached an unprecedented level.
Now, Owen, let me touch something that they will.
And here's the thing, and here's why.
The other thing that I was, that I detracted from earlier is it's not just the fluoride, okay?
They've kicked up the levels of the fluoride, actually.
I've just recently checked again, and see, I've been following this ship, excuse my language, I've been following this track of things for about the last 12 years, the fluoride and other environmental things, because see, I ended up being born with an abnormally high IQ, and I wanted to know why.
I couldn't figure it out, and it turns out it was because of a vaccine that I received that had mercury in it.
But for some reason it had the right exact level, and because when you get autism, it's a rare device what kind of autism you get.
And I ended up getting Asperger's Autism.
So, I suffer from high IQ, which I, when I was 12 years old, I had the mental age of a 33 year old man, and I had a 167 IQ.
Which I didn't know until just recently.
I was just doing some research and found out that Einstein's IQ was 159.
There's me, um, the gardener.
You have the mercury that has also been kicked up in the vaccine.
Amplifiers are known to lower IQ, and that's why you have this steep drop from when I was a child.
Because back when I was a kid, the average IQ was 120-ish.
It's now 85.
You have a 35 point drop.
The average American IQ today is at 85.
Where you're basically pooping and peeing yourself is at 60.
I mean, it's idiocracy.
It's, it's idiocracy realized.
It's in the flesh in front of us right now.
And they're going to turn all of us into basically little play toys for their enjoyment into a purge style society.
Where they are the ones that get to call all the shots and do what they want to whoever they want.
Do what thou wilt.
Here's the point that I want to make as far as the brainwashed people buying into the false flag and thank you so much for the call Leo, powerful call.
I just, even if there's, I mean, there obviously are people out there that are so brainwashed.
We've exposed these people.
Unfortunately, I have to accept these people as reality.
I mean, even sitting here and witnessing them for myself, actually seeing them in the flesh, I still can't even believe that they exist, but they do.
I still don't think that they'll get away with a false flag because, because think about it like this.
If they, and of course, Hillary Clinton has already said this is what will happen.
If they claim that Russia, or anyone, she said it doesn't matter, it could be Russia, but if anyone does a cyber attack.
So they could essentially pull a false flag, wipe out the power grid, or do some other thing, claim it was a cyber attack from Russia, and then strike Russia and start World War III.
And I guess the question is,
Are the people that brainwashed, the same people, the female aide Skrillex, who's the voter for peace, right?
She's the vote for peace.
She's gonna go to the polling station every four years and vote for peace.
There she is, the female aide Skrillex, female Carl DeKook.
But they're gonna go to the polling station every four year and they're gonna vote for the candidate that's against war, right?
But not this year because it's Hillary Clinton.
So it's weird.
So they have to enter this double-think zone, and we've already gone down this road.
I'm not going to beat a dead horse.
So what are they going to do?
I mean, are they really going to buy into the United States, their candidate starting World War III, even though their whole life they've been sold that they're voting for the candidate that's anti-war?
Will the American people accept a physical strike in response to a cyber attack, whether it be false flag or not?
I mean, my God, folks.
This woman is absolutely psychopathic demon.
And I don't know what's gonna happen if Trump gets in, but justice be done, may the heavens fall.
I'm not giving that witch
The victory that she so desires.
Absolutely not.
I cannot stand the thought or the sight of that woman having the demonic satisfaction that she'll have if she steals this election.
Because even if she actually wins, even if she actually wins it via votes or electoral college or whatever, folks, she stole this.
She stole it with the media.
She stole it because she got up on the stump and sat there and lied to you every speech she gave.
And the hubris and the arrogance and the entitlement of this absolute witch
Well, here she is.
She can't even give a speech without stopping to cough.
See, I'm telling you, that's what I'm saying.
So what is she gonna do?
She can't get in.
She can't do anything, folks.
She doesn't have the energy.
She's a joke.
She's unhealthy.
Nobody respects her.
Nobody cares about her.
Everybody knows who she is.
The only people that don't are the dumbest, illiterate people you can find!
This is, this crap is not going to sell!
I mean, she gives, she, she...
Talks to the FBI, and she can't recall anything, folks!
She admits it!
I don't remember!
I can't recall!
I had brain damage!
But then you tune into the mainstream media, Hillary's health is fine!
It's fine!
Nothing to see here!
So here's the thing.
The informed members of the Earth Civilization, Planet Earth, are not going to let this fly.
They know exactly what's going on.
It's only the dumbest, most ignorant, pathetic people on Earth.
And I'm sorry to insult them.
I really am.
They've been victimized.
They've been under attack.
But what am I supposed to do?
I'm not going to commit suicide because I feel bad for you.
It's like Alex says, move, bitch!
Get out the way!
Move, zombie!
Get out the way!
Get out the way, fool!
Get out the way!
I mean, I can't even wrap my head around a Hillary Clinton presidency.
That bobblehead up there giving a State of the Union address?
There's no way!
There is no way!
Who would want to stare at that bitch for four years?
I'm sorry.
Let's go back to the callers.
Who's been holding the longest here?
Let's go to Anthony in California.
Go ahead, Anthony.
How you doing?
I'm just... You there?
Yeah, I'm here.
Go ahead.
Let's be clear about one thing.
Trump has won this election.
It's over.
He's the president.
All you have to do is look at the right side broadcasting videos and look at all the people at every single
No, exactly.
That's it right there.
That's it right there, folks.
Donald Trump had over 500,000 views today.
Barack Obama, the actual president, campaigned for Hillary, couldn't even get 20,000.
Donald Trump is already the president.
You're right.
Go ahead.
People will focus on that because if you do simple observation and simple math,
He's an absolute badass.
He's an absolute badass.
He's a warhammer.
Go ahead.
He's been doing these since the nomination, which is what, about three months now?
Since nomination?
The nomination was July 18th, I think?
July 18th?
So yeah.
So July to August, August to September, September to October.
So three months.
Let's call it three months.
So he's doing three appearances a day, and on average he's got what, 25,000 people showing up at each appearance?
Yeah, and a lot of those people can't even get in, and they just want to be.
It's so amazing.
Listen to this, though.
This is the incredible part.
You've got people...
That go to a Donald Trump rally and they can't get in.
They know they can't get in hours before the thing is even going to start.
And they still stay there because the energy is so real.
The power is so real.
This movement is so real.
You have to be a part of this when you feel it, when you sense it, when you are a part of this revolution taking down this corrupt and evil establishment.
You don't want to leave, even though you know you can't get in, even though you know
Well you bring up a good point and this is really important too because
If there were ever a court case, my dad was a criminal trial attorney, so we were taught how to critically think and observe, and I'm also Catholic.
But the important thing to look at here is you got people, and this was on one of those Veritas videos where
The guy was talking about getting the people, um, they have to get there at like five or six in the morning to get up front so that they can cause their commotion.
Yeah, that's what, uh, that's what Aaron Black said.
Yeah, exactly.
Uh, nobody's supposed to know who I am.
So the Trump supporters are getting there at five, six in the morning, waiting all day to see him.
And it's like you said,
You know, the people we see on the cameras are the people inside the event.
That doesn't count the people outside that just want to be there.
So let's assume that he's getting 25,000 people, which I think it's more than that per event.
That's 75,000 people a day.
Well, the Gateway Pundit put out a number that was like, Donald Trump, since the nominations, has gotten like 350,000 at rallies to Hillary Clinton's like 20,000 or something.
I don't know how they aggregate these numbers.
It has to be more than that, because if it's 20,000 people per event, and he's doing three a day, that's 20, 40, that's 60,000.
Well, it's probably not 20,000.
It's probably not 20,000 an event.
Some of these events are in smaller cities, maybe it's five to ten thousand, but I get your point.
You see what I'm saying?
So he's had to have had at least a couple million people in the last three months come to see him.
And these are people that wait all day.
And, you know, you see some of these, like the Minnesota event, there was like an eighth of a mile long line going one way, three people wide, four people wide, and an eighth of a mile going the other way, waiting to get into this event.
And you have a Jay-Z concert.
Jay-Z and Beyonce.
Dude, she can't get water from over there and it's a great concert!
Well, think about this, think about this, think about this, okay?
Whenever, whenever Rob Dew is back, I'm still here, Rob.
Whenever there's an event happening and it's too crowded for people to get in, what are we talking about?
What type of events are we talking about?
The most high-energy historical events ever, right?
I mean, sporting events, championship games, you know, some big performance, some big this.
It's always a big historical event that even though you can't get in, you just want to be close.
You want to feel that energy.
You want to feel...
You want to feel the hairs on the back of your neck rise up from that energy.
You want to feel that empowerment.
That's what's happening at Trump rallies, folks!
That's literally the energy that you get at a Trump rally.
But like you said, Hillary Clinton has a rally with LeBron James or Jay-Z, and they've got their operatives out on the street begging people to come in!
Well, they're doing parlor tricks now, is what they're doing.
They're just doing cheap parlor tricks.
They know that Trump has won.
That's a given, okay?
It's a landslide victory.
There's no way you can debate your way in or out of that.
It's a given.
The only thing they can do now are cheap parlor tricks, like, you know, where the right-side broadcasting guy catches, you know, they won't even take the cameras off of his face because they don't want to show the crowd the mainstream media.
And they'll set up
Hillary stage to make it look like there's, you know, 5,000 people there.
So it's all tricks.
It's a bunch of games because they know they can't show the support that Trump's getting.
Hillary doesn't have it.
So Trump's won the vote.
And the only question is, is whether they're going to have the guts to just take the election, which is what they're going to have to do.
Now, if that happens, then
I think you're going to see all hell break loose.
Well, what I'm saying is, is that, you know, if they, if they, and you've got to realize one thing, as bad as Hillary Clinton is, she's not running the show.
It's the people behind her.
There's no way Hillary Clinton could have orchestrated this whole media apparatus, and the whole Loretta Lynch thing, and the Comey thing, and getting him to not indict.
And you could say, oh, she has dirt on all these guys, but really, it's people behind the scenes that are funding all of this.
Sure, George Soros.
Yeah, exactly, Soros.
I mean, look at the crap that guy's been pulling.
So, God only knows what these guys are going to do.
It's going to be, either way, it's going to be one of the most important days in this country's history.
I mean, tomorrow is literally, I mean, we're going to cross the Rubicon one way or the other.
It's just, we don't know where we're going to be after tomorrow.
Now, if Trump wins, and he gets into the White House, and he does do a breakaway from these guys, and he won't let them control him,
I fear for his safety, because we know what these guys are capable of.
But here's the one thing that we all have to remember.
We have $20 trillion in debt that we know of.
That doesn't count all the derivatives and the banking nightmare that's sitting out there waiting for us.
And guys like Paul Craig Roberts and Gerald Celente and
You know, David Stockman, they all say the same thing.
It's mathematically impossible to walk this financial calamity back.
Obama's done too much damage in the last eight years.
We had a chance back in 2008.
So, regardless of who gets in, we're in for a rough couple of years.
Well, I think it's the first couple of months that are going to be the real test.
Yeah, but the thing is, if Trump gets in, we have a real chance of not having World War III happen.
If Hillary gets in, you know... She wants World War III!
She wants World War III.
That's what I'm saying.
She's so demented psychologically that
You know, she talks about Trump not being stable.
I mean, this lady is... You know, oh, one thing.
You guys had a report that she, um...
That they were going to cancel the fireworks.
She won Wednesday.
Out of curiosity, because I started thinking about that, so I googled and I said, I googled, um, can fireworks cause seizures?
And they can.
Oh, absolutely.
I think that's why they did that, because she has these seizure issues.
So definitely it says fireworks can cause seizures.
So, you know, I try and triangulate from different angles and, and she's not well.
I mean, that's why she can't have fireworks.
Why would you not want fireworks?
You know?
Yeah, that's an interesting point.
Like they say, they can't have flashbulbs when you're at the event.
Yeah, maybe that's why she cancels a fireworks show.
I don't know.
But you mentioned, you know, how she's essentially a psycho.
But think about it.
I mean, this is a woman.
This is a, I mean,
One of the most corrupt people on the earth.
I mean, to be perfectly honest, the stuff she's gotten away with, um, I mean, folks, a couple hundred years ago, you know, pick up the nearest rock.
But, um, of course she's completely psycho.
This is a woman who's been getting away with crime after crime after crime after crime after crime after crime after crime.
I mean, she still has to have a little element of humanity left.
You know, she still has to understand the basic concept, you know, the built-in things in our DNA that we know.
The chickens are gonna come home to roost!
She can't get away with this forever, she knows that!
So she's, of course she's psycho.
She knows she's a completely crooked criminal.
She knows that the only justice for her would be a noose around her neck.
Okay, so of course she's psycho trying to get off scout free.
But what do we know about history?
What do corrupt leaders do when they feel the water coming up to their nose and their eyes and over their ears?
They start wars, folks.
They start wars.
And maybe that's been the whole agenda this whole time.
The corrupt establishment, if it's all true folks, if it's as bad as we think it is, if it's as bad as Alex has been saying for years, if it's as bad as these Wikileaks emails make it seem, what are you going to do to cover all that up folks?
How can you possibly get away with some of the most unimaginable crimes
In this planet's history, you blow the planet up.
You destroy civilization.
That's the only way they can get away with this.
So maybe that's the entire game with Hillary Clinton, folks.
And that explains the freakout, that explains the desperation, that explains Obama campaigning with her, Biden, I mean, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, just all
Everything they can, they are throwing the kitchen sink at this election to try to steal it and to try to trick you to vote Hillary.
And folks, you know, I can sit here...
And I can break this down, I can war game this out, I can tell you about the history, I can sit here and say, and even out of her own mouth, folks, they want to start a war with Russia!
They will start a war over Syria!
They will start a war over a cyber attack!
They'll stage a cyber attack, folks!
They want war!
These are war mongers!
They need to distract from their crimes!
They need more power, more control!
And that is the ultimate endgame for Hillary Clinton, folks.
Scorched Earth.
The biggest crime syndicate.
Worldwide kleptocrats.
Worldwide technocrats.
In a scientific criminal empire that has encompassed the entire globe, almost.
And the last bits and pieces that they haven't crushed
Under their sick, demonic spirit, they're gonna mop up with Hillary Clinton.
Do they really think that they can get away with this?
I guess they really think that they can run to their little underground bunkers, blow up the entire planet, and come out on the other side.
But again, of course, when you have committed the most heinous crimes in the history of the world,
And you've been protecting your cronies and running this entire corrupt establishment.
What else are you going to do?
You're either going to rot in prison, you're either going to get tortured the rest of your human life, or you're going to blow up the planet!
You still want to vote, Hillary?
Let's go out to Ken in Seattle.
Bunch of listeners in Seattle tonight, the belly of the beast.
Go ahead, Ken.
Yeah, hi.
Hey, I just wanted to bring up something I've tried to tweet out, but I haven't used Twitter much, so people probably aren't getting my info.
But it seems like, to me, the email server investigation into Hillary isn't getting the attention, all the attention it could get, because the FBI has released
Yeah, but people need to go look at it, because I don't think enough people are actually looking at it.
It's really easy to do.
All people have to do is go to vault, like a bank vault, vault.fbi.gov and click on recently added and halfway down is the investigation for Hillary R. Clinton.
They also have Petraeus right before her.
But I'd look at the Hillary Clinton stuff and they have four PDFs and the first one goes, the first PDF goes into a lot of stuff and there's stuff.
I mean, one of the things about mishandling classified information, it wasn't just
This email server, it was at least two servers because they moved off of, I remember, an iMac or some kind of Macintosh to a Windows server.
So there's two servers where they duplicated the emails.