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Name: 20161101_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 1, 2016
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Alex Jones discusses topics related to news, conspiracy theories and products in his show. He talks about potential WikiLeaks release of 33,000 emails which could affect Hillary Clinton's campaign. The show promotes various products like water filtration systems, food supplies, seeds etc., emphasizing on good sleep hygiene. Jones discusses election fraud and encourages viewers to share information about it. He mentions a press conference by Danny Williams, who claims to be the son of former President Bill Clinton, and plans to interview Kathy Shelton who was raped when she was 12 years old and Hillary Clinton made jokes about her case at that time. The discussion revolves around populist movement against corruption in politics with Trump being viewed as an imperfect messenger for change.

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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Six days left before the historic election, and boy, do we have some big news to break for you tomorrow.
I'm just going to leave it at that, but the Clintons are about to be caught red-handed taking money from foreign governments directly for policy, not just from donors.
This is true espionage, and I'm going to leave it at that, but we've got that coming up tomorrow.
We have our camera crew, David Knight there on the scene in D.C.
at the National Press Club on the Hill, and Danny Williams, the reported illegitimate son of Bill Clinton, is preparing to speak.
The story is on InfoWars.com and DrudgeReport.com from Radar Online.
Of course, I knew this was going to happen a few weeks ago, but we were happy to see Radar publish it because that hits a whole other audience, and the National Enquirer will have it on its cover tomorrow.
Danny Williams is asking for the blue dress for a DNA sample for Monica Lewinsky.
So we've got that live feed.
The press conference has just begun.
Joel Gilbert, the filmmaker, is helping Danny and putting it on.
So much has happened.
This just creeped up on me yesterday.
And so we sent David as quickly as we could.
There's been huge developments.
Google caught in new WikiLeaks and other documents running the Clinton campaign basically trying to fix algorithms.
The biggest election fraud news ever broke with the program they're putting on voting machines to shave the votes.
They've been caught red-handed.
This is just all of it earth-shaking.
But right now, let's go to the start of the press conference.
When we ask, we will receive.
And when we ask, we will not ask and miss.
But we must ask so that those things that
We have asked for my country for an issue.
Clearly, it states in the sacred text.
Members of his family praying.
We are his children, my people who are called by my name.
If they will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, then he will hear from heaven and heal their land.
This is our land.
And every situation that we've gone through, it is because we pray and we pray diligently, God,
Infuses us, and answers our prayer.
These blessings we praise you for, and not just in the name of Jesus, but Christ, our God, and in the name of the Father, Amen.
Joel Gilbert.
Each of us is going to give a, all the folks here on the stage are going to
I'm going to tell you how I became aware of Gainey.
First of all, my name is Joel Gilbert.
I'm a filmmaker based in Los Angeles.
And again, I want to welcome you and all the faith leaders and press who came here today.
Some people know me for films I've made on Bob Dylan, Barack Obama, and Islamism, as well as Paul McCartney.
And I made a film about progressivism in America two years ago.
It's my most recent film.
It's called There's No Place Like Home.
By the way, folks, CNN, Fox News, you name it, and I'm told this is like ten times bigger than the last press conference, which got 30 million views on five or six different platforms, 20 million on Danny's own site.
Just amazing.
And so this is a big deal, the information being covered here, and I'm very glad that this press conference, they're going to cover a lot of the background of the Clintons and things, so a lot of good gets out.
You know, not just justice for, obviously, Danny Williams, but for everybody.
We're good to go.
On a personal level, as a small child, he was abandoned by Bill and Hillary Clinton, and then he grew up in a very difficult urban environment in America, where there were no opportunities, and without a father.
As WikiLeaks recently revealed, Hillary Clinton said she has a public policy and a private policy.
That's right, and the public policies call blacks predators, and the private policies, to call them the N-word, we'll be right back.
We were brought up by Donald Trump at the debates.
It was one small step for my team and one giant leap for citizen journalism.
Twitter, by the way, removed me then reinstated me.
We were trending on Twitter.
We're the number one trending video on YouTube worldwide.
We're the number one trending thing on Facebook.
What you are seeing is something I never thought I would say.
You are seeing social media and the grassroots in this country more powerful than the mainstream media.
We are the social media barbarians at the gates, and we have inundated their inboxes.
The New York Times is now forced to cover it.
The Washington Post was forced to cover it.
We are the barbarians at the gates, and we have flooded the mainstream media with interest and attention, and we have become more powerful than the mainstream media.
It's truly historical.
I've talked about this before, but I've never actually seen it.
I was at the debate, and I walked into the press pool, and there were
5,000 reporters, almost like a red carpet at the Oscars.
And they all knew who I was.
And they all knew about the story.
And not one of them wanted to talk to me or talk about it.
I also looked at them and I didn't know what to say.
I said, guys, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves.
I mean, I said, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves.
And it was a truly historical situation for Veritas.
And I'm just so proud of my team.
It took us a year of transcripts and filming and a year of investigative work.
But to see these guys resign, the heart and soul of the Democratic Party, that guy, Bob Cramer, was not some low-level guy.
He met with the president 47 times.
He went to the White House 340 times.
He has now resigned.
Hillary Clinton is being asked about it.
On an airplane?
I couldn't have done it without you.
You don't realize how important you are.
I mean, I have no words to tell you how important you are.
You were tweeting at every single journalist.
I mean, I've never seen anything like it.
I had journalists come up to me and say, so you're the guy who inundated my inbox.
I didn't even know who they were.
You guys were sent 10,000 retweets on these tweets.
I mean, you flooded their inboxes.
The first video was about the conspiracy, the dark money conspiracy to induce violence at Trump rallies, where they were on tape describing how they took credit for all the violence and how that came through the chain of command from the White House.
This is all on video.
And nobody wanted to cover it.
Alex has got 6 million views on YouTube, that video.
And the second video was about how they were busting at people across state lines.
They wanted to commit illegal voter fraud with non-citizens.
A guy named Cesar Vargas caught on videotape describing how they bust people.
The quotes, you can't write them.
They look like they're from the usual suspects.
The guy in the video says, we don't care about the law.
We want to win this mother effer.
Quote, we've been busting people across state lines for 50 years.
You can't make this stuff up.
And social media has forced the mainstream media to cover this.
It's unbelievable.
I've never seen anything like it.
It's the number one hottest thing.
Alright, if you go to DrudgeReport.com on this Tuesday, six days out from the big grand election.
If you go to DrudgeReport.com, you will notice in the top left-hand corner these headlines.
Clinton's son to make new announcement more.
Begs Lewinsky for DNA sample live from the press club.
Rap song Hillary.
You just heard part of the rap song.
The press conference started about 10 minutes ago.
They're showing some of the video background and some of the testimony of Danny Williams previously.
And then Danny is going to be part of the press conference, we're told.
David Knight is there.
The feed is linked on DrudgeReport.com, live from Press Club.
And obviously we have it in our story, Bill Clinton's son, live at National Press Club, asked Monica Lewinsky for DNA sample.
And you scroll down past the photo, we probably need to move the link to the top, you can see the ongoing press conference that is happening.
Now again, we hit the zeitgeist last press conference, 30 million views.
On the different Facebook and YouTube platforms.
20 million on Denny Williams.
So we'll see what happens with this today.
But regardless, you got CNN, you got Fox, you got all the mainstream media there being forced out of cover.
They did a dirty trick a few weeks ago on that Wednesday night debate.
Was it Monday night?
I forget.
The point is in Vegas.
And they came and said, oh, it's not allowed now.
Get out of here.
And most of the media left.
So that's the type of tricks they play, but still the information got out.
This just ties into the fact these people are covering up on so many fronts.
Now, obviously we've got big news today, and I was talking to folks yesterday and this morning, insiders, about as insider as you get, I'll just leave it at that.
And there's big news on the Clintons, perhaps coming out tomorrow, probably tomorrow.
I'm told tomorrow, but I just want to say perhaps.
But it's the kind of thing that gets me short of breath.
There isn't many things that get me short of breath.
Yesterday, Beth Harris on the broadcast, top election fraud expert, finding the big kahuna, the big enchilada, something bigger than her 20 years of work, and she's dropped most of the big bombshells.
So huge, the total proof of the program being loaded in at the central tabulation centers on multiple platforms, multiple companies, multiple vendors, absolutely stealing the election.
How America's elections are hacked, missing, linked, discovered.
And we put out like five different videos off the live interview yesterday, and they've got over a million views.
That is not enough.
And I'm not complaining.
I mean, this is bombshell.
But we've got a condensed three and a half minute report that Josh Owens did that I'm going to air later in the broadcast that we need to do the maximum push, because let's face it, people have a 16 to 18 second attention span, lower than a goldfish.
And so we have to get it out to those folks to understand they've been robbed.
The proof is here.
We've caught them here, we've caught them there, but this is the big giant enchilada.
And it's George Soros is involved, of course, and it's how they are going into the fractions, how they're going into the algorithm, and how they're doing it.
They don't even deny it.
They're hiding it in plain view.
This is over
Because a lot of states wanted this, and they've been talking about a paper ballot copy and a receipt.
People want it.
Almost all the companies have a function where when you vote, it takes a shot.
A digital photo that's very hard for an algorithm to fake.
It's easy to shave stuff in a computer, but not the image.
Not millions of images.
And now that can be a recount power.
Then she caught the companies having those destroyed the day after.
Digitally erased, so... This is blowing their system wide open.
That rap song you heard was by, uh, Freenauts.
Which are wearing helluva prison shirts.
Great patriots.
Good, good, good, good rap music with a good, uh, message.
That's, that's exciting.
Uh, let's go to the Danny Williams Press Conference and see what they're doing right now.
So, so, so speaking of, of the, the rap video, I, I guess we played it earlier, they're not playing it now.
So we will...
Check in with the Danny Williams family and more at this press conference and then obviously we're going to have an exclusive interview with Danny Williams.
The only, I guess, folks that are getting that after he speaks on the podium.
We also have coming up in studio Kathy Shelton, who is here.
I appreciate her having the courage to come here and do this.
She, of course, was brutally raped when she was 12 years old.
Reportedly was in a coma.
Hillary Clinton made jokes and laughed about the fact that she knew the guy was guilty, but he still passed the polygraph, which destroyed her confidence in the polygraph.
And it just goes the type of people these folks are.
Imagine if Donald Trump had done this, he wouldn't even be in this race, and he shouldn't be.
Talk about cold-blooded and evil, it just adds to the pile.
So she's going to be in studio with us.
Then Gerald Salenta, who's on fire, is coming back on.
Then Paul Joseph Watson has a big pollster joining him today with some big exclusives.
Coming up in the fourth hour from London, England, we come to you from deep in the heart of Texas, Austin, now.
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Now the press conference is ongoing.
If you want to see that feed,
It's on DrudgeReport.com on the left-hand side.
Obviously, we're not going to be carrying a lot of it other than Danny Williams.
We're going to have an exclusive interview afterwards with Danny Williams that will air later in the broadcast today.
People really don't complain, but sometimes when we offer a feed like this folks say,
Carry the feed.
Well, this is like multiple channels if you're a new listener.
Or maybe a radio listener.
Because there's some confusion.
This is the radio slash TV show.
It's like Fox has Fox Business or whatever.
When we have another event, then the stream, uninterrupted, commercial-free, is on InfoWars.com and DrudgeReport.com for everybody.
It's like when we have debate coverage.
We give live analysis over it.
We have a feed dry without us talking.
We have a feed with us talking.
And sometimes it's just kind of the discussion gets hijacked by that, and I know the general listener understands what's happening.
Some people don't, or maybe the trolls just go in there and create all of that.
We're going to go to break.
I'm going to tune into the press conference.
We're going to come back.
I think Danny's getting ready to come up there.
And it's again all being fused together here on this transmission, the big transmission, but then we have all the little side transmissions as well.
Like I did two other Facebook mentions myself this morning.
Those are now archived.
They're on our main Facebook page.
We really get into Facebook a lot.
That's where we reach a lot of people that wouldn't be politically aware or involved.
We're having huge inroads there.
Very exciting time to be alive.
Huge new WikiLeaks developments of Donald being accused of being a Russian agent.
Even the New York Times admits it's pure bull.
It's all coming up.
Before the Clintons left their governorship in Arkansas, more than a hundred people had been suspiciously murdered.
Hundreds more died during their first terms.
And the scourge continues to this day.
The DNC staffer that speaks out against election fraud or leaks information to WikiLeaks ends up gunned down.
And the Clinton crime family and their backers is now in the spotlight.
If I die, if they kill me, it was done for a worthy cause.
Somebody's got to stand up against these people.
Long before George W. Bush had taken office, or Senator Obama was even thinking about being president, I was there, exposing the crimes of the Clintons.
So it is fitting that I, Alex Jones, called the Dark Heart by Hillary Clinton, would be your chronicler.
A chronicler who risked his very life exposing these evil ones.
It's required by Bill Clinton in 1992.
And it was instituted here in Texas in 1993.
I know the code, sir.
It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host, Alex Jones.
Just a few days ago, Hillary Clinton, one of the most powerful criminal kingpins in history,
Came out on national television and said that I had a horrible dark heart.
I don't know what happens in somebody's mind or how dark their heart must be.
I thought back to the history of the Clinton's reign of criminal terror in the last 20 plus years on this planet.
And I have to tell you, it's surreal to realize that Alex Jones, little old me, is one of the main opposition points against these monsters.
Once they were in the White House, they expanded the bombing to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of attacks a year on the infrastructure of Iraq.
They got the UN to pass the most draconian sanctions ever in modern history, where medicine and food and all forms of technology were basically blocked from coming into the country.
Over a million and a half Iraqis starved to death and died.
And Hillary Clinton's mentor, Madeleine Albright, bragged on 16 Minutes and other channels that 500,000 dead Iraqi children were a good price to pay of the sanctions.
We have heard that a half a million children have died.
I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima.
And, you know, is the price worth it?
I think this is a very hard choice, but the price, we think the price is worth it.
But when you are a Machiavellian sociopath, or a sadistic psychopath, you don't look at things about alliances and who's right and who's wrong.
You look at a billion plus Muslims.
And you look at Syria.
And you look at the invasion points where you can come into all of Europe and take over.
But first you've got to get the weapons to invade.
And you see Libya.
And Muammar Gaddafi was set up.
Jihadists out of Saudi Arabia via the State Department and Hillary were brought into Benghazi.
They attacked the country.
The West had a bombing campaign to back the takeover.
Islamists were put in control.
Blacks, non-radical Muslims, Shiites and others were killed by the tens of thousands.
And Hillary formed, by design, a failed state.
We came, we saw, he died.
We're covering live Danny Williams' press conference, the reported son of Bill Clinton.
Paternity test and wants the Monica Lewinsky dress DNA from Bill Clinton's disgusting semen.
The bigger news is again the top link on DrugsReport.com.
Wikis, what's next?
And the word is from Kim.com and others and a lot of other sources I have, the WikiLeaks does have the 33,000 emails and is set to drop it anytime in the next six days as we count down.
That is a big, big deal, obviously.
A huge situation.
Meanwhile, we have Podesta, caught again, saying we have to dump all those emails.
How many emails do we have from Podesta and Hillary's other chief of staff and all the rest of them saying, we've got to cover this up, we've got to get rid of this, we've got to erase all this, we've got to have lawyers go in and take it all out before we give it to Congress and the FBI.
Open and shut.
Trump keeps talking about bombshells, which I agree are probably the new 650,000 that the FBI's got and reopened the investigation, but we have stuff that, again, one of these things would have brought down Richard Nixon over and over again.
But meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, at Valley Forge, now attacking the key battleground states and even going into blue states in his final attack,
Working his butt off, Donald Trump is speaking live right now.
Let's play some of that.
Again, Donald Trump in Valley Forge.
We will rebuild our military and we will rebuild our country.
I'm not a politician.
My only special interest is you, the American people.
That's what I've done.
That's why the special interests are all against him.
You're idiots if you don't vote for him.
Never been more obvious.
Cut and dry, America's last chance to do this peacefully.
Truth is, most of the Democrats want him to win.
They hate Hillary.
Hillary's a monster.
The guiding rule of the political class in Washington D.C.
is that they are looking out only for themselves.
Only for themselves.
With the exception of these few people.
And which then collapses the whole economy.
They kill the whole golden goose.
They will say anything and do anything and cling to their power and prestige at your expense.
I'm running to change and reverse decades of failure and to work with the American people to create generations of success.
That's what I've always said.
We're here to change things.
We're not here to just be the underground and bitch all day.
We're here to take the country back.
...honesty to our government and safety to our communities.
We need safety.
And by the way, our law enforcement officials, these are great, great people.
Well, they're not perfect.
They're sure a lot better than George Soros and Hillary.
At least they're Americans.
They're not out to get us.
We're gonna reform all this, but we gotta get the globalists out here first.
They set the whole thing up.
Our border is now wide open, they admit, the worst ever.
Just disease, cholera, leprosy, it's all pouring across.
And we are going to give great prosperity to our economy.
I want to go into our poorest communities and work on a national plan of revitalization, the inner cities.
And I've been working with so many African American groups.
These are such incredible people.
We've been talking about it, working on it.
We're going to bring jobs into the inner cities.
We're going to bring safety.
We're going to bring education, good, good schools into the inner city.
The spirit of the people in the inner cities is beyond the spirit of anybody.
And it's gonna work.
It's gonna work, you watch.
Americans are tired of being told to defer their dreams to another day.
But politicians, for the most part, really mean another decade, because that's what they're talking about.
Enough waiting, time is now.
But to accomplish our goals, we must cut our ties with the small bidder, petty politics of the West.
We must declare our independence from a failed establishment that has squandered $6 trillion on foreign wars in the Middle East.
It's all happening, folks.
It's all happening.
That never ends.
Evil is not invincible.
That we never win.
And that have made us far less safe.
Think of it.
Think of all the money that's spent.
Americanism, not globalism.
Americanism is the new idea.
It's why everybody wanted to come here.
It's what made us special.
Globalism is old empire.
They've left our borders wide open at home and shipped our jobs and wealth to other countries.
Where they had deals.
It's time for new leadership.
It's time to lock their asses up.
I wanted to have jury trials, but we gotta have espionage trials.
At least 10,000 need to be arrested and put in prison.
I'm serious.
I don't say that vindictively.
These are dangerous people.
They're seditious.
They're enemies.
We're going to go to break.
By the way, Trump is planning to lock their asses up.
This is going to be some dangerous fascism.
They were pushing to shut our media down and arrest us.
For our free speech?
No, we're going to arrest you for espionage.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Holster, the dam is about to break on Hillary.
Voters abandoning establishment candidate in droves.
We're good.
Cadell drew comparisons to the 1980 presidential race, which was close right up until the final days before the electorate abandoned Carter and rallied around the anti-establishment candidate leading to Reagan taking victory in a landslide.
Cadell explained that the polling between Reagan and Carter was close up until the final weekend when the dam broke and Reagan shot ahead by 10 points.
I guarantee you we're going to see Donald J. Trump win in a landslide.
It'll be the largest defeat in American history.
Join us for our election coverage on Election Day, November 8th at InfoWars.com.
I'm Joe Biggs.
If you look at Bill Clinton, far worse.
Minor words and his was action.
His was what he's done to women.
There's never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation that's been so abusive to women.
Bill Clinton was abusive to women.
Hillary Clinton attacked those same women and attacked them viciously, four of them here tonight.
So much of what he's just said is not right, but he gets to run his campaign any way he chooses.
There is an information warfare happening right now.
It's a fight for our minds.
And InfoWars.com is on the front lines.
Download our free multimedia app at InfoWars.com forward slash app.
It's free, it's on Droid, it's on Apple, you name it.
InfoWars.com forward slash app.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
All right, Danny Williams is being prayed for right now by family.
He's very nervous, obviously.
He's in a big room.
This time, hundreds of TV cameras reportedly showed up.
They haven't swung their camera around, but I was told about reporters there, David, not on the ground.
In Washington, D.C., the reported illegitimate son of Bill Clinton being prayed for right now at the National Press Club.
Six days out from the election.
We'll get into WikiLeaks and the latest developments there in a moment, and the latest on election fraud.
But right now, let's go to the live press conference that Infowars.com is covering.
There's also a link to it on DrugsReport.com.
Thank you so much, Dr. Lancaster Short.
Now we're going to hear from... Danny's going to give some remarks.
And then we will open the floor for some question and answer.
My name is Danny Williams.
As you can see, I'm the black son of the former president
I am happy to be here in Washington, D.C.
at the National Chorus Club today.
Thank you all for joining me here today.
I really appreciate it.
I have struggled all my life to get the acknowledgement of my father and stepmother, because like any child, I want to know my dad, and I want him to know me.
At this time, I am reaching out to Ms.
Lewinsky, Monica Lewinsky, with a personal letter to request her help.
I have sent the letter today.
It tells Monica my story and explains why I need her help.
This is the letter.
I'm asking that Mr. Winske allow me to borrow her blue dress in order to obtain a DNA sample of my father, former President Bill Clinton, in order to finally prove that he is my father.
Mr. Winske, when I was a toddler, my mom went to prison and my aunt, Lucille Bolton,
Took over guardianship of me.
Mama tried to reach out to my father and stepmother.
I was at the age of five.
Mama Lucille took me to the Arkansas Governor Mansion.
She was trying to get my father, former President Bill Clinton, to accept me.
She told Hillary, this is your son.
He has a black son out here.
But Hillary slammed the door in her face.
And we were ran off the ground by security guards.
After that, we did receive money every month, $701 bills.
The present was delivered by Arkansas State Troopers.
So I feel like my father Bill Clinton was trying to be a part of my life.
Former Arkansas State Trooper Larry Patterson has recently confirmed that he is the one who delivered the Christmas present.
However, all of this ended when my father became president in 93.
At the time, the state of Arkansas took custody of me and my three little brothers and sisters.
I grew up in foster homes, often going to bed hungry at night.
I ended up dropping out of school and today I work construction.
I dropped out of school to take care of my baby sisters and brothers.
I always felt bad about my father not wanting to be in my life.
Was it because I was black?
Was there something wrong with me?
It's not fair.
It has been hurtful that he doesn't want to acknowledge me.
I am his only son in this world.
He's my only dad.
Recently, I have been telling my kids that their grandfather was the President of the United States.
That amazed them.
They're like, no.
Is that for real?
I tell him, yes, it is.
My father, and I will make sure, my father, he is my father, and I will make sure you'll be able to meet him one day.
But today I'm here to ask Ms.
Lewinsky, I have attorneys who are willing to go to court in a pursuit, in a paternity suit.
It takes much time and money.
I am requesting that you help me in this process quickly by letting me borrow your blue dress.
I mean, it means the world to me and my kids.
And I have to know, I mean, I have to know who am I. And maybe my father and stepmother, Hillary, will accept me one day.
The DNA test, I mean, I have to know, I have to get a DNA test to prove I am their son once and for all.
Mr. Lewinsky, please help me.
I also want to take this opportunity to appeal to my step-mom, Hillary Clinton.
She has the power, she has the power to have Bill Clinton provide a DNA sample.
I heard Hillary say she spent her life helping children.
She spent her life helping children.
I mean, black lives matter to her.
If black lives truly matter to her, why not ours?
That's right.
Why don't you care about me?
Hillary, are you embarrassed about me?
Hillary, are you ashamed of me?
I am black.
I am real.
Hillary, please don't deny my existence.
You are my stepmother.
Chelsea is my sister.
Bill Clinton is my father.
This is Danny Williams, National Press Club.
It takes a village to raise a kid.
I just want her to tell me about her village today.
Bill Clinton's reported son asking for a paternity test via the semen on the blue dress of Monica Lewinsky.
Thank you so much, Danny.
We're going to open the floor.
to some questions.
Okay, to share your story for Alex Jones Media, sharing it with Mr. Joel.
So, I just want to share with you, I'm also illegitimate.
Nobody's illegitimate.
But guess what?
Jesus Christ, we're all legitimate under him.
He's my father, he's my mother.
And just thank you so much, but Joel, I want to ask you a question.
Does this raise the question
You know, with Hillary and her big support of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, you know, the eugenics.
Because according to them, I should, you know, maybe not... Well, I'll just make a quick comment.
This is more about Danny, but just a quick comment is we know that the progressives and Democrats have been putting Planned Parenthood clinics mostly in black neighborhoods.
For many, many years.
That's right.
And, uh, people take that into consideration about, uh... This is the Great Awakening, folks.
We're seeing it happen.
Question, please.
Next question.
Yes, sir.
Uh, Danny, a lot of critics are saying, I mean, that this is a whole stunt.
I know you've negated that, but why now, in terms of time, timeliness?
Like, why are you bringing this now?
I've been trying forever.
Now's the time to get the attention.
The thing is, now, I've been rich-searched my whole life.
At 92, I was a kid.
Now I'm growing with kids of my own.
Okay, we just lost our video feed there.
We'll see how fast that comes back up with our feed of the press conference.
I heard like an alarm or something go off.
And then the feed cut.
We'll try to reconnect and see how that works.
It's reconnected.
Let's go ahead and put that feed back up again.
There's feeds on Infowars.com.
DrudgeReport.com has on the left-hand side as well in case
One of the feeds goes down.
Live video interrupted.
Broadcast has been paused.
Okay, so we will continue to follow that as it unfolds.
But regardless, we're taping it live there, so you'll be able to see what happens and what unfolds as that develops.
Again, we have the latest article.
Is WikiLeaks about to release Hillary's 33,000 deleted emails?
Kim Dotcom, Clinton in serious trouble with new info about leak.
Internet security expert Kim Dotcom says Hillary Clinton is in serious trouble with new information set to leak that some speculate could be a WikiLeaks release of Hillary Clinton's 33,000-liter emails.
There's unprecedented material yet to come.
Clinton is in serious trouble.
The mega-uploader founder tweeted last night,
Unpublished material yet to come.
By the way, we had him set up a few weeks ago, and I didn't know he wanted to be interviewed by me, so he was going to be interviewed by someone else, so he dropped out and didn't do the interview.
If you want to get Kim.com back on, I'll write an interview any time he wants.
This guy has gone through living hell.
Never been a U.S.
Doesn't have businesses here.
He's had helicopters raid his house in New Zealand when his kids are there, just trying to kidnap him.
I mean, it's just crazy.
And he is tied into all the folks at WikiLeaks, obviously.
Kim.com's promise is worthy of attention, given that his long-standing relationship with WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, their interview with Bloomberg, and Mayof2015.com, real name Kim Schmitz, acknowledged, I'd love to talk to them.
He also predicted that Julian Assange would be Hillary's worst nightmare in 2016 because he has access to information, a forecast of things to come.
And here's a clip of him talking about that.
You tweeted that you were going to be Hillary's worst nightmare in 2016.
How so?
Well, I have to say it's probably more Julian.
But I'm aware of some of the things that are going to be roadblocks for her.
So, you know, if I can provide some transparency with these people and make them part of what the Internet Party stands for, then, you know, I will be happy to do that.
You're saying Julian Assange is going to be Hillary's worst nightmare in 2016?
I think so, yeah.
I think so, yeah.
So... Well, he has access to information.
What information?
I don't know the specifics.
Why Hillary in particular?
Well, Hillary hates Julian.
She is just an adversary of, I think, internet freedom.
And she signed your extradition request?
She's an adversary.
What's the Bible call the devil?
The adversary.
She is an adversary of internet freedom, which means freedom.
And just pulling back and looking at what's in these emails, again, smoking gun after smoking gun, open and shut cases, her entire crew, Podesta, her, all should be going to prison.
Espionage, it's come out now that he didn't get rid of his stocks with the Russians and just hid them with his family.
I mean, the FBI thinks there's new info in the Weiner emails?
Okay, maybe you have it all to reopen it.
You had enough to convict her a hundred times before.
Now it's thousands of times.
Every day there's hundreds of new emails with just total criminality, rigging everything, giving CNN the questions, giving Hillary the questions, total control, hating the general public, wanting to make us poor, wanting to keep us stupid.
I mean, they say things like this.
Keep us dumb.
Keep us in the dark.
Now the biggest news we've broken in a long time happened yesterday.
This is a short video that I'm going to post on Infowars.com the next hour.
And I would direct everyone to share with everyone you know, because it's a condensed version of what Bev Harris broke down yesterday.
And it's extremely pertinent information.
The article is, How America's Elections Are Hacked, Missing, Linked, Discovered.
That's still linked to the center of DrugsReport.com.
I'm going to have it updated with our latest video.
Is that it?
They've actually updated it?
Is that the four minute one?
Go ahead and click on that then since you hovered over it.
How long is that video?
Click the top link.
Yeah, no, that's a longer version.
That's an 11 minute boil down from the hour interview, which is very powerful.
But we've got an even shorter one that I want to push because the general public, not our listeners, the general public that we're reaching with these videos will not watch something longer than four minutes if we're lucky.
So, this is their whole future.
They're being robbed, but they're in a trance.
We've got to get them out of the trance.
So we're going to upload this video and add it to that article and also post it by itself.
I don't know how you describe this video.
Dev Harris is the top expert.
She says it's the biggest thing she ever discovered.
It's going in machines all over the country, different vendors, different companies, and it's designed openly where you pre-program the votes and then it shaves them.
I mean, there's no getting around it.
And then she has people on video
Running from her elections officials with computers out back doors when she shows up, you know, with people in court orders to get a copy of it.
I mean, this is how you take over society, folks.
You put this in, you and yours can stay in power forever and do whatever you want.
Travis County doesn't have real elections, ladies and gentlemen.
It's been staged for 30 years, to a great extent.
And I've proven the election fraud.
It's been certified at the state level, but nothing was done.
I mean, I have experienced it myself.
I've seen it with my eyeballs at the Central Tabulation Centers, where they fix the numbers.
Well, now they have super easy algorithms.
One little program they put in.
One minute download or quicker, and it works 100% of the time.
And that's what's going on.
So, let's go ahead and go to this report.
From Bev Harris, this is the biggest news of the election season because all of it's important.
The corruption, the rigging, the lying, the fake polls, Google rigging things for Hillary.
All of it.
We do have the press conference back now, don't we?
We're going to go back to the press conference.
I'm going to skip this break.
We'll air a few more minutes of this because it looks heated, and then we're going to get to the Bev Harris piece.
But I'm telling you folks, I know you're awake, you're involved, you know about vote flipping.
This is beyond that.
This is the big kahuna.
This is the Big Enchilada.
Now let's go to Danny Williams.
Danny, can you comment?
This family's got some good-looking ladies in it.
I see one.
Old Bill.
I was a major figure of public importance.
Yes, sir.
And someone was running around claiming to be my son.
Yes, sir.
And I knew he wasn't.
Hillary, Bill Clinton, as indicted by their daughter.
Hold a news conference, I would hire a lawyer, I would have them send you a letter, and say cease and desist, you're defaming me, you're libeling me.
Has any lawyer or anybody representing Bill Clinton ever told you, stop it, you're not his son?
They actually kicked out my YouTube the other day.
They actually tried to hush me.
So, no.
Or is it the case then that they're depending on the press, like the Washington Post back here, Dana Milbank, to write a story making fun of you and questioning Joel Gilbert.
They don't want to report the evidence, the truth.
They just, they're depending on the press.
That's Cliff Kincaid, the former CNN host of Crossfire.
Can you elaborate on the YouTube?
Can you elaborate on what happened with YouTube?
Because it's not just the established press, but it's also the new social media that's censoring everything, right?
Basically, they say that we violated the terms of YouTube.
And you've seen the video yesterday.
There's no disrespect, no foul language.
There's no way we violated it.
And they kicked it out of YouTube.
So, we had to, you know... And how many views did you have at that point?
We had over 20 million views.
So, yeah, the YouTube account was permanently deleted and only because InfoWars, I think, WorldNetDaily covered it.
A day later, miraculously, they wrote a note and said, we reviewed your account and have decided you did not violate the terms of service and restored it.
So there was an attempt to silence Danny again.
But we're here today to make sure that doesn't happen.
There was even an attempt to undermine this meeting by directing the press to go to the Willard Hotel.
They suppress us sending this to... We saw that happen in Nevada as well.
Yes, every dirty trick.
They got CIA on the ground, folks.
Representative John Cheeks, who's running for city council at large, openly for reparations for black people.
This feeds into why we need relief.
Uh, Danny, could you tell us what can the political... Well, Donald Trump wants to cut your taxes.
That's just especially for black communities, which I'm fine with.
But reparations... How about you just... The government gets off your back.
What can they do at this time that would help his cause?
I mean, basically, Hillary, I said it once before, Hillary has the power.
Tell them to step forward.
I mean, I asked for this under the table before I was even going to file for this.
So we were simply asking for it.
I interviewed his aunt 20 years ago.
They haven't stepped up, so now, I mean, we have no choice but to go to the courts.
Danny, if you can't get... Hold on, hold on.
What's your name?
Freddie, I'm from the... Go ahead.
If you can't get the address, what's your name?
When I saw this two years ago, I just go, I just, you know, I set my goals and I go day by day.
Yeah, he started contacting us.
Contacting Biggs.
And I'll be quite frank with you, I mean, I knew it was probably, you know, the son, but I was just like, what do people know, you know?
I kind of dropped the ball on him.
The reason I bring that up is media matters and people say we're all staging this and we're like behind it.
I forgot there was a press conference.
I knew they were talking about it a few weeks ago.
It's like Danny talking to us on Facebook.
And I get to see the media.
Oh, it's this big stage thing.
Meanwhile, they're the ones staging everything.
I'm glad Gilbert picked up the torch and is helping out.
Media and news outlets offered to have you come on and share your story.
Well, we're happy to have right behind you CBS and Fox News.
Let's give them a hand for showing up.
That's Millie Weaver right there on Polaris.com.
Reporter just asked a question.
We have the Tass News Agency from Russia represented.
So we got quite a mix.
In terms of
The mainstream type of folks, they have really avoided it.
I think we saw a couple of clips on CNN where black activists threw out the name of Danny Williams, also the chairman of the Utah State Republican Party.
And Carol Costello freaked out and cut him off.
Uh, and that typically is their reaction.
They're scared to death, and they don't want... Yeah, I was watching William's body language earlier.
It's Bill Clinton's son, man.
The way that his hands are moving, the face, the little mannerisms.
...1998, 99, as this is starting to come to... It's Bill Clinton's son!
I mean, it's obvious!
...dad's law, which made it, changed it from a misdemeanor to a felony if you cross state lines and try to avoid paternity.
He said at the time that it's something we needed to do for the health and the education of our children and the future of our nation.
Can you respond to that hypocrisy?
I've done my research on that, and to hear him stand up there and make that speech during that time, it was hurting because, like, he made a deadbeat deadlaw, and he's a deadbeat dead!
Then he wanted to, you know, man's feelings, you know, what they put on trust for if they're leaving state, you know, it's a feeling charge.
There's the big headline.
Bill Clinton's son, he passed a deadbeat dad law and he's a deadbeat dad.
Tweet that.
Danny Williams.
Bill Clinton passed a deadbeat dad law and he's a deadbeat dad.
Yes sir.
Were there any major donors for your GoFundMe?
I know you raised quite a bit of money.
How much money exactly have you raised and have you received any donations from any political parties?
Right now, we had to take a little money out to get here for me and my friend Steven.
So, I think it was, what, $2,800?
I mean, we're not getting much money, but we're getting money.
People are supporting me.
We helped him with hotel and plane tickets.
How's he supposed to get here?
They just turn it all around.
We have a guest.
We flew here as well.
Coming in later.
That Hillary covered up the physical attack on.
I just want to say, kind of just sum this up, the thing is that Bill Clinton's extramarital affairs are no secret to any of us in this nation.
We all know it.
I think, but there are so many people who admire him and still hold him up in the midst of all this going on this election season.
There are a lot of people who really think that he is a decent person.
So I'm saying, if we think in terms of that, I'm actually asking Bill Clinton
As a decent man, as a good person, to the very core, if you really are that person... Actually, don't give him ideas.
If he recognized Danny, that could help Hillary.
The press can do the right thing.
Hug him and everything.
And worse... He said, I wasn't sure.
Oh, we did the test.
You're my son.
That would make him look great.
But they just, they're too disconnected.
Let's go back to her.
With not coming forward, it's looking more and more like you are.
And if that's the case, then do the right thing.
You know, we always tell our young men in this country, if their girlfriend gets pregnant, to stand up, to man up, to be a man.
So I'm asking President Clinton, with all due respect,
Man up!
Man up!
Alright, this was powerful.
We're going to have another interview with him, exclusive, right after this ends that will go out live.
Just tell David to do it as a live.
Facebook mentions it will also be HD recorded.
And then we've got a bunch of big guests coming up.
Stay with us.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
How could you even possibly vote for Hillary Clinton?
Look at all the corruption being exposed right now via Wikileaks, James O'Keefe, Infowars.com.
Citizen journalism has completely changed the narrative and we the people have been able to expose what these greedy corrupt politicians have been doing all along.
Let's just take a look at headlines right now circulating around about Hillary Clinton.
Trick or treat, FBI found 650,000 emails on laptop.
DOJ blocked foundation probe.
45% say worse than Watergate.
Police union post photos of cops arresting Hillary.
Clinton unfavorable ratings hit high.
Pollster, dam about to break on Hillary.
Election Day promises to be a marathon.
Swing state scramble.
22 million ballots already in.
WikiLeaks warns it is launching Phase 3.
This is truly an amazing time to be alive.
And this has been Joe Biggs reporting for InfoWars.com.
Thank you, Weiner.
Thank you, Huma.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
The world is a dangerous place.
Not because of evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
Talk Radio!
Receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center.
In the hearts of the resistance.
Talk Radio was the original internet because you could call in to it.
It was uncensored to a great extent.
It was long form.
It was hard to have teleprompter heads in there.
And it started getting really popular by the 70s, so they passed laws to not let there be political views, which of course was all just liberal garbage.
Then by the late 80s, they got rid of the Fairness Doctrine, and you saw the Return of Talk Radio fusing with the Internet, right, as it was being popularized.
It was born, obviously, in the 60s.
And so this format of talk radio slash film slash live feeds fusing with the internet is the future.
And we've been doing it for, I've been doing this style show for at least 15, 16 years.
We were the first, I'm not bragging, we did it through necessity just to reach people.
I was a radio host who wanted to do internet TV.
We've done it.
I'm very honored to be here.
History's happening.
And very few people actually get what's happening in the media.
That it's not about your ABC, your NBC, your Fox.
It's about you put out your analysis, you link to other people, you pick up this feed, you pick up that feed, you dip into lots of different things and get different perspectives and get outside the bubble.
Google wants to make it all about
They keep you in your little plantation, your little niche, and they feed you what you think you want, and then control you, and they've got all these algorithms out saying they're giving it.
It's come out in the WikiLeaks to Obama, and they're targeting the undecided, you know, 10 million voters to turn them for Hillary.
Well, those are the undecided that don't just accept the Google results.
They're hoping you just accept whatever you're given instead of
Looking at Google, looking at Yahoo, looking at AP, looking at Drudge, looking at WorldNetDaily, looking at InfoWars, looking at your email feed, looking at what people are sending you on Facebook, looking at what's on Twitter, reading what's in the local paper, shoot a video off local PBS of something happening and then talk about it yourself.
That's how you add new content that the globalists don't centralize.
They just put out their big centralized reports and then they just hope that we debate that little area instead of
I never did this on purpose.
I would take some police state story or some corruption story and I would talk about it on radio and make it national.
Back when even most talk show hosts would just cover national stuff, very rarely would they cover something somewhere that happened.
Early on I was like, why don't people do this?
But I noticed Drudge was doing it.
Drudge was starting, you know, well, dominating by the time I got on air in like 95, 96.
And I just remember like, oh yeah, there's local stories and things.
This is interesting.
So it's kind of a breaking up the monopoly of who sets the table and who sets the menu.
And I absolutely love it.
I mean, I'm looking at the press conference here with this crying, you know, member of his family up here praying with Danny Williams.
This guy's totally real.
That was such Veritas.
It was so powerful.
I feel so good being part of that.
And we're putting in a live Trump feed, and we're getting ready to have guests on, and it's just amazing.
Now, remember, listeners, this is the big Fusion broadcast.
If you want to see this stuff by itself, it's on InfoWars.com.
It's on DrugsReport.com.
Because I can't tell you how many people tune in and want to hear the press conference.
I'm like, no, this is the show.
This is radio.
We have breaks.
It's a format.
I've got to follow it.
We've got the totally free internet for you right now.
So it's like channels.
We're like a network.
So the press conference just broke up and so we've got a lot unfolding there.
If David wants to go get with Danny in 10-15 minutes and do a private interview as they've offered, we can pop in with that as well.
We have Kathy Shelton joining us who is one of Hillary Clinton's victims.
And I guess we've got the Hillary Famous clips and stuff ready of her laughing about it.
But I'm going to let her and her lawyer come in here and get into all this.
She's a little teenage girl, 12 years old, 13 years old.
And I've forgotten more about the Clintons than most people know.
I mean, seriously, I'm just so sick of them.
I try to put it out of my mind sometimes.
Hillary's a monster, and this just shows her whole history and what she's been involved in and what she does.
It takes somebody really evil, even with our corrupt government and our corrupt agencies, and there are problems, obviously, to totally turn against her.
The whole world's against her, because they understand she's uber bad.
Uber, Uber, Uber, Uber bad.
Now we're going to come back from break and play the Bev Harris crystallized, condensed interview on the biggest election fraud news ever, and then have our guest in studio.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
The quote he includes when emailing Podesta.
This agreement, the Iran agreement, this agreement condemns the next generation to cleaning up a nuclear war in the Persian Gulf.
This is the greatest appeasement since Chamberlain gave Czechoslovakia to Hitler.
Now that is a strong condemnation of a particular deal, as can be conceivably imagined.
The idea that the deal might lead to a nuclear war, destroying the region, killing millions, raiding blood and sand and oil down across the world, darkening the sunsets for half a generation.
John Podesta responded.
Yep, Carlos Slim, a guy who's heavily involved in cell phone sales in Mexico.
He wants a whole bunch of money coming from people who were Mexicans in America, the remittances going back to Mexico.
Mexican government as a whole, it's even more...
Remittances are worth even more for them than their oil trade.
So Carlos Slim, of course, owns a significant portion of the New York Times, and so he's going to oppose these kinds of closed borders, having a wall, and so on.
So I think there is a kind of predictability, but again, the stakes have never been higher.
I, myself, have wanted this fight since I was about 20.
Let's just say that's quite a few years at this point.
I have wanted this fight.
I have wanted people to take on the media.
I have wanted people to take on the Clintons.
I have wanted people to forcefully go into this leftist nest and expose it for what it is.
Finally, it is happening, baby.
It is happening right before our eyes.
I am springing out of bed like a caffeine...
Catapult to work this kind of stuff during the day because it has all come down to this.
My whole life has prepared me for this.
This is the moment.
This is the time when people need to act.
We need to start having an honest conversation about facts, not screams of racism, not screams of sexism and homophobia and all this that and the other.
We need to have a reasoned discourse about facts.
And now everybody understands the media is in the way to people having a coherent conversation.
The journalism that is occurring now, as you're pointing out Paul, it's happening through Reddit, it's happening through 4chan, it's happening through Twitter.
The reporters are abandoning their posts and volunteers, unpaid volunteers, are combing through this stuff.
People like you and I are bringing it to the attention of the masses.
It is a new dawn, it is a new day.
We finally have the chance to bypass the gatekeepers, deal directly with the people, and bring the information they need directly to their neofrontal cortex for the first time in history.
And by God, it is an exhilarating time to be alive, to be in contact with the planet, and I just, for those who are losing hope and so on, snap out of it!
We've never had a better chance to get the facts across than we have now.
Get moving!
Get engaged!
Get sharing information!
Don't give up!
Because that's a self-fulfilling prophecy.
The left wants to demoralize you of, oh, we can't win and it's over and so on.
Forget all of that!
Snap out of it!
Give yourself a Don Corleone full-on smack across the face.
Get out there and get busy.
Because if it's not now, it's never.
...line on nuclear weapons is that when the president gives the order, it must be followed.
There's about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so.
As president, I will make it clear that the United States will treat cyber attacks just like any other attack.
We will be ready with serious political, economic, and military responses.
They're voting for peace on planet Earth if they vote for Trump.
But if they vote for Hillary, it's war.
We came, we saw, he died.
With her, you'll end up in World War III.
I want the Iranians to know that if I'm the president, we will attack Iran.
Right now, Senator, for us to control all of the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia.
The U.S.
military has just raised the threat level to DEFCON 2.
Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is still threatening Russia with military action, following unconfirmed reports of further hacking.
It's like she's not even concerned about the repercussions.
Of course not, because she's... There's a really loud noise.
Alright, looks like we're having a little bit of technical difficulties.
We'll try to get Leanne back on in a few minutes.
When the President gives the order, it must be followed.
The tabulating room has been closed, and the two Presley brothers are in there, without any observers whatsoever.
And that is not okay.
Can I thank you?
They're switching out computers.
They just took one in, and now they're taking another one out.
I was wondering why would a PC go outside?
They're taking computers out of the building.
The guy with the PC is now walking away.
This is fun.
Beth Harris, I've been on air 21 years.
I've interviewed you probably 30 times over the years.
I've never been this blown away watching the video.
It's on screen right now for radio listeners.
They can go to InfoWars.com.
It's in the article, How America's Elections Are Being Hacked, Missing Link Discovered.
This is just so bombshell.
Or just go to BlackBoxVoting.org.
Fraction Magic is the top story there on the left.
Get this video from YouTube and make it go super viral.
Where should we begin?
Well, you know, we found some new information, and I think it's the missing piece that we didn't have before.
A gentleman by the name of Benny Smith, out of Memphis, Tennessee, discovered what I would characterize as a master key, which essentially lets one person control with invisibly and with remarkable precision, down to the precinct level and down to the type of voting, early voting and so forth, whatever type they want.
Uh, many different locations at once, multiple counties and multiple states.
It has actually been in the system, uh, since it, it, it was put in the system in 2001, but it was, it came into wide use in 2006.
Uh, but it kind of took someone with a special set of skills to know what to look for.
I think.
We're good to go.
That's where you take it.
You don't run around at 5,000.
We're good to go.
Because it's kind of scaring the pants off of them, actually.
Um, and at the very end of the video I make sort of a cryptic reference to it, but we didn't realize that more than half of the voting machines in the country now take a picture of every ballot.
Even the touchscreen machines that supposedly have no paper are keeping an image of every ballot.
But now think about this.
You run a paper ballot through and it takes a picture of it and that's just an electronic file, right?
That's, you should be able to get that under public records request, right?
I don't know.
We're good to go.
Ben, I know you never liked it, but let me tell you something.
I mean, I interviewed the other vote fraud experts that were before you, the Collier brothers and others, and they died, and their daughter, she's great, and other folks.
I'm just saying, you are so dynamic.
You've done with your crew and the folks ten times when anybody else ever did.
So that's why I single you out, because you're amazing, and you're such a treasure.
All right, that's a boil down of the exclusive Bev Harris breaking news yesterday.
It's so huge.
Only Drudge Report has picked it up and a few other Liberty-based outlets.
It's gotten millions and millions of readers and viewers, but you'd think national news that has had her with HBO documentaries and she's been all over CNN, Fox, she's been everywhere.
As the consummate expert, she discovers the biggest news of her 20-year research into this.
She was a former top federal fraud investigator before that, and there's been no coverage so far.
Maybe since I got on air there has been.
We should Google that or search engine that, but that is such a big video.
That's the boil down of the hour interview.
We're going to be posting that in the next hour or so to InfoWars.com.
Now joining us for the next 45 minutes in studio, we're also going to do some taped interviews with us for the nightly news, are Kathy Shelton and Candace Jackson.
And Candace Jackson is a graduate of honors from Stanford University, a lawyer.
I'm not going to get into her whole background, but she's just a great lady.
They're not seeking anything right now from Bill Clinton.
They're not out to even get anybody here.
They're not out to get Hillary Clinton.
They're just talking about the reality of what happened to her when she was a 12-year-old girl so long ago when Hillary Clinton was a young lawyer.
And so they're just seeking for the public to be aware of this.
Now, we've played the tapes.
We'll play them later.
I know it's hard for Kathy to listen to of Hillary making jokes about
Uh, the man that reportedly, uh, who she got off, but, uh, raped her when she was 12 years old, and she was in a coma for days, and that's not disputed, and Hillary laughs that she knew he was guilty, but, you know, he took a lie detector and passed it, so it destroyed her confidence in lie detectors.
It just shows the true mindset, the predatory nature.
of what we're dealing with.
And again, Candace Jackson is her lawyer, just on her own dime, here doing this because she cares about women's issues and justice.
Kathy and Candace, thank you so much for joining us.
Thank you.
Wow, you know, so much to cover, so much to talk about.
I'm going to skip this break so we have more time, because I got too late playing those clips.
Why are you here first?
I mean, for TV viewers and radio listeners, I mean, I think I kind of described what you talked about on your foundation site when I've heard you say, I know you were at the debates, Mr. Trump had you there.
I mean, why are you speaking out now?
Because your case is documented.
It's a fact.
What happened to you?
Why are you speaking out?
Because Hillary's on tape laughing and saying that she knows that they're guilty and has made some other remarks.
Down the line and I'm standing up for what's right for me because I know it happened and she's trying to make me look like a liar and that I asked for it and all that.
And by the way, we should pull up a photo of you when you were 12.
That's online.
People can also go to theirlivesfoundation.net.
We can put that website on screen for people so we can personalize this.
I mean, you were a little girl.
I have a 12-year-old daughter.
I have an eight-year-old daughter, and you know, before I had daughters and children, I would get upset hearing about abuse of women and children.
But now, I mean, I'm gonna be honest, it makes me just start feeling very violent.
Whenever I think about people abusing little girls, especially.
I think what can't be underestimated is you take a case like this and the level of violence, this was, rape is always a horrible crime.
This was no ordinary rape.
He beat and almost murdered this little girl so badly, she was in a coma for five days.
So you top that off with there being absolutely zero justice.
For the victim, Kathy, in this case, and that makes it a double tragedy.
And that was deliberately designed and pulled off by Hillary Clinton.
Again, Candace Jackson, tell folks why you've gotten involved and then just encapsulate the case and we'll get into the personal things that
Kathy's gone through it, but Candace, looking at this, I mean, what makes you a busy person, running your own law firm, very successful, all these big letters to your name, CandaceCJackson.com, what makes you spend so much time and energy on this and then break down the nuts and bolts of the case?
Well, you know, I have, over the years, writing about it, speaking about it, gotten to know some of the women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual abuse very well, and I realized this year that Kathy's story is one that, it's so
Different, it's so unique, it really does represent the epitome of the type of corruption that Hillary Clinton practices.
It has nothing to do with her husband Bill Clinton, it has everything to do with her choices, Hillary's own choices and decisions to bend and break rules, ignore protocol and procedures, cheat the system, rig the system to get an outcome that she wants.
And by the way, we now learn about Tim Kaine.
Would cry when horrible rapists and killers and people, he was unable to get them off.
And he said he enjoyed it.
There's these videos of him acting really weird.
It's like some type of celebration.
It's like, who are these people?
Well, you look at Hillary Clinton's career and it baffles me so much that she has been allowed, mostly by our mainstream press and to the shame of her own party, to somehow be held up as some kind of champion for women and fighter for justice for children through 40 years of her career, when time after time she's chosen the side of rapists just to make herself look good, win this case, put into practice principles of liberal philosophy with regard to criminal policy.
Let's not lock them up!
It's not really the criminal's fault.
Let's get him back out on the street.
Take stuff with Trump and blow it out of proportion, fine.
If they ever got in trouble, then we could talk about Trump with something 50 times less, 100 times less.
It's the hypocrisy.
So, so, so, counselor, you know, talking to the viewers out there.
The hypocrisy is astounding.
You've got somebody out there who claims to be an early feminist, a fighter and defender and champion for women and children.
That's her main
I don't
Hillary Clinton has been lying about this case her entire career.
In her autobiography, she lies about how and why she accepted this case.
In the audio taped interviews that exist when she chooses to talk about this case to a journalist, she's lying.
She was not a public defender.
She was not required by any judge to accept this appointment.
She knew that the victim in this case was a sixth grade
We're good to go.
I don't know.
I was about to say, studying this, it's one thing if you're a defense lawyer and you give people a good show and you give them a fair shake even if you know they're guilty.
She with glee and every dirty trick and pouring it on stuff that I think, I'm not a constitutional lawyer like you but I've studied it, really could get somebody disbarred in a lot of counties.
Oh, well, here's the types of tactics that she chose to use in this case.
She made up lies wholesale about Kathy and her family.
She said that Kathy was fantasizing about older men.
And before we go there, why don't you recap what happened?
I mean, I know it's hard for Kathy to talk about, but maybe you should.
Kathy, do you want to tell folks, just look at the camera over there and tell folks what happened to you?
Um, I was riding my bicycle, or going a couple blocks riding my bicycle over to church and my mother really didn't want me to but she let me and said after church she'd pick me up in the bicycle.
Um, I talked her into it because it was still daylight because she always worried about me but um,
It was like a couple blocks away on the way over there.
This truck stopped.
Two men got out of it and started coming towards me and it scared me really bad.
They told me I was going with them and I said no I'm not.
I tried to get away but I couldn't.
They jerked me off my bicycle.
They put me in the truck.
They started ripping my clothes off of me.
I was screaming and crying, trying to holler for help.
And it was like no one heard me.
We go out on a road somewhere, just this plum fields.
I don't remember what road it is today.
I remember all the fields.
And they were beating me, and they raped me, and he was saying he knew I liked it, except in a more terribly manner than that.
I was left out on the ground.
I'm barely conscious.
Sometimes, at one time, I was unconscious.
I crawled to a porch out of nowhere.
I don't know where the house was or how I made it there, but they thought they had killed me, and they were coming back for me.
And the lady at the porch, I crawled at, turned her porch light on, and it scared them back off.
And she got their tag number and that's how they caught him today.
Wow, a girl beat in a field and reportedly you were in a coma for what, five days?
Yes, I woke up in the hospital five days later out of a coma and was told that I couldn't, 99% chance I couldn't have kids and I had several stitches down in my private area.
I've read some about this, but correct me if I'm wrong, these were like kind of the cool good old boys or something, so I guess they kind of got special treatment and then they must have been crazy good old boys to think you could rape a little girl out in the middle of a field and then get your tags documented and still basically fry for it.
To be honest, there's still a lot of unanswered questions and a lot unknown about the background of this case.
We've been working very hard at Their Lives Foundation as a pure act of love to try to uncover facts around this case.
It's not easy to do.
Not surprisingly, in a case like this that the Clintons would prefer remain buried and hidden, lots of records have disappeared.
This is now 41 years ago.
The suspect, who was 41 years old at the time, died in 1992.
I've spoken to family members of him.
There's a lot of vagueness about what his life was like, what he went on to do, etc.
So there's a lot of information missing about this case and that's part of why we are digging hard to pull together the true facts.
Sure, well a lot of the left has made a big deal about rape culture, and God I know it goes on, but then they project it onto like, you know, stuff where it's very vague and maybe she, you know, had too much to drink and she didn't know, okay fine, whatever, that's bad, don't do it.
But when people are beating and raping 12 year old girls and ripping their bodies open and putting them in commas, I have daughters, I'm not, I mean, seriously, it makes me so angry.
I don't usually shoot my mouth off about, you know, being aggressive, but if this... I just... I just can't see how Hillary and the judge and the town and everybody just didn't care.
I mean, they were just throwing you away.
Yes, sir, they was.
And, um... She, um... As of right now, today, is telling stories like, uh, it was a family member, um, and I've said they can check my family history.
He's not no family member.
They asked me to get in the truck, offered me a coke to get in.
That is not true.
I've heard several different stories now.
There's all kinds of stories going around that's not true.
We all know how it works in Arkansas and some areas of Texas.
Money gets paid and people get off.
Sure, and I think that there was a legitimate divide.
Not every single person involved with this case was happy and pleased about the fact that a violent criminal in their community went free.
But people like the judge and the judge's son and even the prosecutor to some extent were on the Democrat liberal side of things philosophically and truly believe that rehabilitation should trump punishment.
And maybe it's not criminal's fault.
Sure, and we have the audio of Hillary, we've played it many times, we'll probably play it when we come back, admitting she knew he was guilty, she couldn't believe it, that he passed a lie detector, which destroyed her faith in lie detectors, and then laughs about it.
And again, it's not just once, she got kicked off the Watergate Committee for falsifying stuff.
Her whole life is like doing evil things, when doing good would have been better for her.
You would think so.
Why would she stand up and try to get this rapist off when she could have joined the side of the victim and spoken up like some early Gloria Allred on the side of the victim.
But no, she chooses the side of the rapist every time.
And now her and Michelle want to get up and be all breathless about Donald Trump.
And oh, they're so scared.
And so we'll be right back with both of our guests.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
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We're now T-minus six days out from the most historic election in U.S.
Every corrupt, evil regime, from the communist Chinese, the biggest mass murderers in history, the biggest abusers of women in history, the Saudi Arabians, and all the big banks, and the major media, and the think tanks, and the lobbyists are lined up against Donald Trump.
They came out with this outrageous claim that no one would run with for months.
I mean, we'd even seen it floating around.
That they had tracked some server.
They could easily, if they were really smart, get into one of his hundreds of hotels and things and actually make a link and create a false flag.
But they don't even do that.
They go, oh, we have chatter between a Russian server and Trump.
Even the New York Times said, it's total bull.
Turned out, it came out in the New York Times today.
Drudge hit the big headline.
That they have been inside investigating Trump, the FBI has, with warrants, everything, digging through.
This is why he kept saying, I'm under an audit right now, I can't tell you.
Didn't tell you they edited the Billy Bush tape.
Totally, you could hear it, but now it's going to come out after the whole deal.
Because he knows the public will think he's looking like a wimp if he sits there and doesn't just apologize.
And I'm saying what he did was perfect.
Billy Bush goes, actually I go to him for an hour to tell me sex stories and then we edit it.
That's what they got.
But the point is, is that Hillary's the one with the secret server to the Russians.
Podesta's the one.
Everything they do, they then accuse us of.
They accuse me of being a Russian agent.
Babushka means a baby?
I think goulash means like that good...
Like soup, you know, like hash, meat.
I mean, I don't know anything about Russians.
I want to go to Russia someday.
I hear it's really neat to see.
It's historical.
I've read history books about it.
But I mean, it's just like I'm sitting here defending the republic, just trying to sustain our country and get some tax cuts so we get our economy going.
I mean, call a Russian agent.
America is rejecting all of this, big time.
I've never gotten into a campaign like this because I was usually, you know, McCain, Obama, eh, you know.
Now, this is so clear.
This is such an incredible time to be alive, just to repudiate the entire system.
Does it mean we're going to be on some bed of roses after that?
Absolutely not.
We're going back to our guest, a constitutional lawyer, Candace Jackson, and of course, Kathy Shelton, their lives.
Foundation.net, with all she's gone through, confirmed, raped at 12 years old, Hillary Clinton admitting in tapes, we're going to play some of it, that she knew that her client was guilty.
But didn't care, because he was all part of this Politico system.
Before we go any further though, then Leanne's going to be popping in.
I asked her to come on.
Leanne is so humble as a reporter.
She's an expert on this case, really following it, is doing a piece on the nightly news.
I said, well you come on Leanne, talk about this.
And she's like, I don't want to barge in and everything.
I said, Leanne, it's the media, you're going on air.
Everybody loves Leanne.
So she's coming on to talk to us here in just a moment, bring up some of her points.
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We didn't script that press conference you just saw.
We're just taking action, rolling our sleeves up, and doing the best job we can.
So Candace Jackson, again, a lawyer, just free of charge doing this.
Doing a great job with Kathy Shelton, the 12-year-old, when she was a rape victim by a whole bunch of men, in a coma for five days, her body torn apart, theirlivesoundation.net, we put up images of you when you were 12, and what happened.
Candace, recapping this, and why it's such a miscarriage of justice, and then anytime, Kathy, you want to pop in, and then we've got Leanne McAdoo, who I drug in here, because she's really hot about this case, she's angry about it, and I am too.
Well, people should be angry about this case.
It is unbelievable the hypocrisy that Hillary Clinton is getting away with to have this reputation and self-promotion as a defender of women and children's rights activists.
And then deliberately, voluntarily choose to take the side of a child rapist here and do not only everything within the bounds of legal ethics and law to get him off.
That would be bad enough that she chose to do that and be on his side.
But in order to win her case, in order to look good, in order to prove that she can win, she bent the rules.
She went outside proper procedure.
She violated court orders.
These are things that we're uncovering by the day in this case because, hey, guess what?
The mainstream media has never bothered to do it.
They've taken Hillary Clinton's previous explanations and descriptions of this case at face value and never challenged a bit of it.
And we are unraveling everything she has ever said about this case.
And it turns out most of it's flat out lies.
They admit you got raped, this happened.
They admit you got grabbed in the truck and taken off.
A bunch of 40-year-old men drag a 12-year-old off in a truck to a field.
I say, execute every one of them.
You know, I mean, this is so obvious.
How the hell did this happen with this Democrat judge and all this?
And she just gets away with everything.
Yeah, there is a handwritten notation in the court record.
This judge has a history we've learned and uncovered of being pro-work release for criminals, for example.
Get this, he hand wrote a notation in the court order, no objection to release to work during the day.
So even the very little time, few months that this creep actually spent in jail, he was released during the day to go to work.
You know where his workplace was?
A five minute walk away from Kathy Shelton's house.
What kind of judge agrees to do that, and what kind of defense attorney asks for that in the first place?
So whatever ended up happening, I mean, I don't know about the ruling and stuff, but... Well, yeah, I mean, in the end, Hillary Clinton monkeyed around with the evidence, manipulated the system enough to argue that there wasn't enough physical evidence to convict.
The prosecutor rolled over in this case, by the way.
There's zero evidence that he challenged Hillary Clinton's unsubstantiated stories about the physical evidence not being sufficient.
So between the prosecutor rolling over, also a liberal Democrat, the judge cooperating, and Hillary Clinton having insider help.
I think so.
I'm trying to deny it all, they've done this, and I just can't believe the community didn't lynch these people, because again, I've read the old newspaper articles, it was so cut and dry.
You're grabbing a 12-year-old girl off a bike, a bunch of old men, I mean, you know, 40's old.
I mean, it just makes me absolutely, just imagine my daughter's not riding bikes, and I'm just sorry, I'm just talking about it right now.
You're not getting a trial, just understand that.
Even this perpetrator's family members that I've been able to track down recently, they say, yeah, he moved around a lot.
He was kind of hiding from us all.
He didn't really keep in touch.
So he must- He knew to hide out.
He knew to hide out.
I would not be surprised if the community was up in arms about this, but nobody could fight the system when it's being rigged by the defense attorney, the prosecutor, and the judge.
Alright, Kathy Shelton, I want to bring Leanne McAdoo in here because she's covered all the angles of this, but looking at camera four right over there, what is your message to the American people, or if you'd like, a message to Hillary Clinton?
I mean, this is your chance.
Millions of people are watching.
I can imagine the things that happened to me when I was younger.
Nothing like this.
They scarred me for life.
I mean, I know, I've read the statistics, I've seen it, but I haven't experienced what it can do to somebody's whole life, when they're innocent and sweet, and not ever having the first experience of somebody being loving or nice to you, just having a bunch of pigs do this to you and put you in a coma, and then her protect them.
What would you like to say to them?
She would do anything to get to a high spot where she wants to be.
That includes lying under oath, cheating, stealing.
If she was for women, she's never showed me any remorse or ever had any words to say to me since this has happened.
She's always said, I'm a liar, I'm a liar.
Well, evidence of hospital records and police records and even the underwear that she sent to her crime lab.
She cut out the blood evidence and when she sent it to the crime lab, there wasn't enough to test because what she cut out was the part they needed.
And she was kicked off the Watergate thing for falsifying evidence too.
This is a lifelong pattern for her that began at the very beginning of her career and she's followed it up through her attitudes about setting up a private server and lying and covering up her activities that way, too.
It's the same pattern.
Kathy Shelton, again, continue.
Anything else you want to tell them?
What do you want to say to Hillary?
Because believe me, she watches.
Cameron, what do you want to say to Hillary all these years later?
I want to say if this was her daughter that that happened to.
And this was her first case for her daughter.
Would she have got hurt?
Would she have got these men off?
Would she have protected them from her daughter?
I don't believe she would have.
I believe she would have come forward then, because it would have been her daughter.
But since it was somebody she didn't know at all, and I'm nothing to her, so, you know,
Just like any other woman or child that she says she's for, I've heard many times that the hotline she had going when you called it, the number was supposed to call you back, and people didn't get a call back from the number.
Well, look, I mean, it's normal to have empathy as a human being.
Anybody's daughter is my daughter or son, but these people don't have it.
Now, they might care about their family, but only because they see it as some extension of themselves, and they're so blind, and our society seems to be run by these really handicapped individuals that are sociopathic.
Yeah, emotionally, psychologically, empathetically handicapped is a good way to put it.
There just doesn't seem to be that.
I think even if you had defended a guilty client in a horrific situation like this, when you choose to describe the case later like Hillary Clinton did,
You would think if you have any human decency in your heart that you would be describing that case starting out by saying, this was terrible, this was, this was, this was bad.
But I know, I know defense lawyers, I know.
Instead she laughs.
She treats it light heartedly though.
Well we have that clever one, Leigh Ann McEnany, since you mention it, that's a great point.
Here's Hillary, this is undisputed, CNN doesn't say this tape's fake.
Hillary admits it's real.
Here's Hillary, you know, making jokes.
Here it is.
Of course he's lying.
You know what was sad about it was that the prosecutors had evidence, among which was this underneath.
This what?
This underneath.
Which was what?
Sent out a crime lab for
No, that hits with formula.
Crime lab?
Just a pair of underpants.
Neatly cut out the part they were going to test.
Now that's Hillary bragging to journalists, she thinks to her friends, that she cut the blood out of his underwear.
Her blood.
And she's getting off on it.
It's like, what freaking planet does this demon come from?
That's the thing.
In all the WikiLeaks, which confirms everything you said, they get off on that.
Where they could do better doing good,
They don't.
They want to do that.
Well, she talked about having public positions versus private positions, and apparently public position is, I need to be a defender of women and children.
Private position?
I cut the blood off his underwear.
I'm proud of getting somebody off like this.
I just want to win.
I want to get ahead, win, and look good.
That's who she is.
Well, I mean, most lawyers I know won't even take your case if they're good lawyers unless they think you're in the right.
But then there's these weirdos that get off on representing bad people.
Let's go to Leigh-Anne McAdoo.
Leigh-Anne, we're on a break.
I want to hold you through the rest of the interview.
I want you to do extensive interviews after.
We flew them down here.
I know you're on the case.
I mean, what is it like?
It's just one more piece, but it's not just like this one case.
And Hillary admitting, yeah, I covered up that he raped her.
I cut the bloody underwear out.
I mean, and giggling like a damn demon.
It's like, it's everything.
It's total proof.
America and the world has been shown the proof.
Right, I mean, just listening to Cathy retell her story about what happened, I mean, and then to know Hillary Clinton took this case voluntarily because she owed a favor to the judge.
How does she sleep at night?
And then you hear her years later laughing about it and almost so proud of how she was able to manipulate the law.
And I think that's... I came, I saw, he died, ha ha ha.
That's what people need to understand about her is that this was kind of the foundation.
This sets the precedent for the type of principles that Hillary Clinton has.
Once again, here she is on the wrong side of history.
As Candace says, you know, time and time again, she's taken the side of rapists, throwing the victims under the bus.
And, you know, this is the tactic she uses again and again.
Oh, well, you want to accuse my husband of sexual assault?
Well, I'm going to accuse you of sexual assault.
Oh, I set up an illegal server.
Well, guess what?
You have a server, too.
It's connected to Russia.
And then she says, well, I'm a champion of women.
But behind the scenes, she's working tirelessly to get off a rapist who raped, nearly murdered a sixth grader.
And she knew he was guilty.
I've got a 12-year-old daughter.
I tell you, this makes me, I'm not just saying it for audience, you know, it actually really gets to me.
It pisses me off.
Me too.
I mean, this Hillary Clinton is pathological.
Just the fact that she can... She's a pathological liar.
Well, Ian, you know my 12-year-old daughter.
I mean, can you imagine anybody's 12-year-old daughter this happening to?
I mean, I was a 12-year-old girl.
I know what it feels like, so I can't imagine Hillary Clinton blaming Cathy that she asked for it at 12 years old.
As if you have any understanding of what it is you're asking for.
And then ruining somebody's life, I would say, to a great extent.
We'll talk about that with Cathy Schultz in the head.
I mean, obviously, you've had a good life, but, I mean, this has got to be dramatic.
Leigh Ann, stay there.
We'll be right back, straight ahead, InfoWars.com.
Benny Smith, out of Memphis, Tennessee, discovered what I would characterize as a master key, which essentially lets one person control with invisibly and with remarkable precision, down to the precinct level and down to the type of voting, many different locations at once, multiple counties and multiple states.
It was put in the system in 2001, but it came into wide use in 2006.
And he was amazed when he found that the pieces were built in to commit very large-scale fraud using a feature that had been very little known before.
You need to do what in finance they call an allocation.
You say, whatever number of people show up, the guy is going to get X percent of those votes.
The databases can be configured any way you want, and they should be configured.
We're good to go.
It's one of the most important services that could have been done in the United States ever.
Things have been very surprising of late, but if she is still viable in any way, whether or not she wins, she will win.
And as you may recall, Richard Nixon was right in the middle.
He had been four months into Watergate scandals and was re-elected and removed from office later.
But what's so disturbing about that is, you know, there's actually some Republican elites
Who might prefer getting her in and removing her from office?
This is not a theory.
This is real.
This is something that was put into the system.
They actually changed the setting.
We can actually go back and figure out now that we know it exactly the date that the setting was changed.
And then it migrated to all the other manufacturers in the U.S.
So now, at this point, the setting is in there to be able to allocate votes by percent to basically 99% of the votes in the U.S.
And then he went on and he proved it.
It is stunning when you see the demo.
There's this one central computer, which at the end of the day, all the votes come to it.
That's where you
I don't know.
One of them was the entire state of Alaska, the vote database from the 2004 election.
I was able to change every precinct in the state of Alaska in four seconds.
Dominion is one of the ones that bought the Premier Diebold stuff, and they have now admitted that they fractionalize the count.
There's a group called Defend the Vote in Illinois, and the woman involved with that, Sharon Maroney, actually confronted Dominion and said, and they admitted that they do fractionalize the count, and she asked them why, and they said, for marketing purposes.
Kathy Shelton broke down during the break and has been sobbing here, and she's been trying to compose herself.
I know it's hard for her to talk about this, but this is the real humanity of what Hillary Clinton has done to people.
And I just can't imagine, you know, it's one thing for bad things to happen, but I'm told if justice is done sometimes, that provides some form of relief.
Uh, why when you heard Leigh-Anne talking, or I guess I was talking about what happens to young girls, how it changes their lives, you began to break down as we went to break.
Why did you break down?
Because of all the things I read about Hillary, everything, books, movies, she's got me in it.
And it's like, it's funny, it's her first case.
It's like, it's funny it happened to me.
It don't mean no remorse to her or nothing.
Is she supposed to be for women and children?
But this is funny, I won my first case.
And it's all funny and all the stuff she's written.
That is rubbing it is.
The cackling.
She makes a failed state in Libya.
They killed tens of thousands, almost 100,000 people.
She starts and then she makes jokes about it.
But even her own staff admit in the WikiLeaks they hate her.
They can't stand her.
They say she has horrible judgment.
They call her a demon, basically.
And somebody who just comes off as a mediocre, unlikable candidate and person.
She doesn't have that humanity.
But there are corporate interests that want to put her in because she'll do the things nobody else will.
Kathy, anything else you'd like to add?
She says that...
I went blank.
I'm sorry.
No, it's okay.
It's okay.
I just... And me getting torn down a little bit has got me kind of going blank, but... No, I understand.
Well, I mean, what made you so upset?
She totally made me look... She totally made me look like I'm a liar and that I've asked for this.
Trust me, if I could turn all this around, I would rather it not happen.
And me not have to go through all this.
But actually, right now, I'm actually kind of being re-dramatized again, having to get up and tell all this.
But you know what?
Somebody's got to stand up and tell the truth, because she sure ain't.
She's just going to make it, you know?
Oh, well, that was my first case I got off.
So, hey, it looks good.
I don't care what happened to her.
Well, you're protecting other people.
You've transcended her a thousand times.
You're helping other people and you're a human and she's not.
Let's just be honest.
I want to say one more thing.
She's also said that I came from the other side of the tracks.
I don't know what that's supposed to mean.
Oh, she hates anybody that's poor or a minority.
She really hates poor people.
And then she claims she's this big champion.
What do you think?
We're going to break it out with Leigh Annerby and extend this a little bit into Gerald Solendik, this is so important.
What did you think of meeting with Trump, him having a press conference, him bringing you there?
Hillary has never showed no remorse.
The first time I met Donald Trump, he hugged me and he said, I am so sorry for what happened to you.
And Hillary has never once showed me any remorse of any kind.
It's like she laughs.
She doesn't care.
Well, for a fact, Trump loves America.
He's not perfect, but he hates seeing us get screwed over.
That's why the whole corrupt leader against him.
How obvious is it that the whole bad group we don't like is against this person?
I mean, it's a no-brainer.
Oh, I think, yeah, not even a comparison in anything that Trump has been accused of saying does not compare to what Hillary Clinton has chose to do for 40 years of her career.
We're going to come back in 70 seconds.
I want Leigh-Anne to chime in.
I saw Leigh-Anne got some tears in her eyes.
My sister works here.
She takes photos.
Does a great job and does editing for us.
She's, she's, because, because, I mean, they admit he pled to this.
He, you know, this went on.
This, this happened.
She brags and tells people.
We played the club earlier.
I don't know if it came across on AM radio, but it comes on on FM.
I mean, she just makes fun of how she got him off and covered up the blood on his underwear when he raped this girl.
I mean, Hillary Clinton is a goddamn demon.
Excuse me.
That's what she is.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We are on the march.
The Empire is on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Danny Williams is going to pop in with an exclusive.
Bill Clinton's reported illegitimate son.
A big press conference has happened at the start of the next segment.
And Gerald Cilente is coming on.
He's been on fire.
TheirLivesFoundation.net, but I see Leanne's in there really wound up.
They did a brief interview for the Nightly News before this, but I want to ask you guys if you have the time, after you have lunch, you take a break.
To go with Leigh-Anne in that studio and talk about what comes after the elections.
We were on the same, I said, what comes next?
And exactly what I was thinking, we need to like draw attention to this just for women, period.
And how it's powerful people and their connections that get away with this type of abuse, whether it's our Bill of Rights, our Constitution, you know, whatever the case may be.
But you were telling me, Kathy, about the threats and you've got to have security and importantly how mad Hillary is.
Yeah, I've heard that she and her and her husband both killed off people for less than what I've done.
And she's really, really mad.
And I've had one night where I had to call the law at my house.
There was people messing around.
They didn't find nobody.
And they've even offered me security, afraid that she or Clinton might put somebody up to hurting me.
Yeah, the state police in Arkansas have gone public and said that the Clintons just have a murder machine going.
It's a scary thing.
I don't think they're going to get you, sweetheart, because you've spoken out and you've gone through their intimidation.
We've taken measures to make sure that Kathy is protected because you live right there in Arkansas and I've been out there enough over the years doing the research into Clinton women accusers to know that it is not always easy to trust any branch of law enforcement out there because there are still so many Clinton connections.
Well, it's the Dixie Mafia and the KKK.
And it's that group within everything that's doing all this stuff.
And sometime people are going to start pushing back.
You know, this is a two-way street in this world.
We're trying to fix this peaceably.
And I think we are starting to turn the tide.
But man, people just better watch it.
That's all I'm saying.
Because you can't keep pushing forever.
Yeah, I mean I've just, I'm, I haven't, I wasn't able to sleep last night just thinking about the story knowing I was going to speak with Kathy today.
It just, it hurts me to just, to know what she had to go through as a 12 year old girl riding her bike to church, but yet Hillary Clinton thinks that she can just throw her away.
That's right.
Right, and that she be willing to do this because she has to do a favor to one of her big-time donors, to her husband's campaign.
And so we see her doing that now, repeatedly throughout history.
That's why she's got all these scandals, is that she's doing these favors for her big donors, regardless of if it's ethical or right for the country or not.
And just throws people under the bus to get her way, to claw her way to the top.
She doesn't care who she destroys.
On the way there, and I, you know, Candace can kind of speak to just the tactics that she used to violate Cathy again as she is like interrogating her, trying to get this vicious rapist off.
She interrogates this 12-year-old girl, puts her on trial, so to speak, and forces her to defend herself.
You know, why are you asking for it?
That's right.
Leigh-Anne, I want you to, after lunch, to continue into another in-depth interview with these ladies since we, you know, flaunt them here, got them here.
Other points you'd like to make as you're
I think that she has put me through what no 12-year-old should ever be put through.
My life has never been the same.
I've been through counseling 13 to 15 years due to it.
If she was for women and children, she wouldn't put a 12-year-old through that.
There's no way.
Not only have I been traumatized once, but I would say that probably two or three times more I've been traumatized with stuff that I've had to face.
47-year-old women grab a girl out of the middle of town and take her out to fields.
Right there, you're all going to prison.
That's kidnapping.
I mean, you know, I tell you, it's a good thing that guy... Wow.
Alright, ladies, you're amazing.
Kathy Shelton, TheirLivesFoundation.net, Candace Jackson helping head up TheirLivesFoundation.net, Natalie Newstine will have more on this with Leanne McAdoo in another special report.
You guys, go have some lunch.
Everybody, you know, dry your tears and we're going to come right back with Gerald Cilente.
But first, we're going to talk to Danny Williams, exclusive as well, but God bless you sweetheart.
Thank you.
Thanks for your courage.
I appreciate it.
We'll be back.
We the people, picking up the tab for this guy.
Put Molly in all her champagne.
She ain't even know it.
I took her home and I enjoyed that.
She ain't even know it.
So, Michelle, you mean he fed her a load of champagne, got her drunk, had sex with her when she passed out, and you're talking about Trump?
Big Sean, another person they invite to the White House.
That we the people pick up the tab for as she's shooting her mouth off around the country with this better-than-thou attitude.
How low Trump is.
Hey, when they go low, we go high.
Yeah, they go high.
They bring in the people that get the highest hit of anything.
These people.
Big Sean, you read some of his lyrics.
Here are some more.
I believe in God and rubbers.
Hey, Michelle!
Did you have your kids out there when he was singing that?
No, maybe for this next lyric.
Even we sex you, and not my lover, hit you on the couch, and not the covers.
You mean you'd do them anywhere, huh?
Oh, and you're talking about Trump's dirty language?
You hypocrite!
And all you little prostitutes out there!
Your little Anderson Coopers!
All of you little nobodies out there with big mouths that won't repeat these words or call out the Obamas for lying, freaking frauds they are to invite this scum into We The People's House!
And if you bring your friend
Then we got to eff her.
Hey, you bring your friend, we got to eff her.
Oh, are you gonna, wait, you're gonna use the couch in the White House when you eff her?
Hey, let's go on.
My life is my odyssey, my dog's to the right of me.
Oh, hey, that's what you call them?
And he keeps going on and on.
My mama say I'm a poet.
Oh, if mama said, then you must be.
You hating, praying, I blow it.
But this life I made through, I show a bad bitch what she made for.
You don't want your children to hear what Trump said?
Of course not, Ms.
That's why you invite these low-life rappers into We The People's house.
My mama says I'm a poet.
Call you on my cell phone.
I call you on my cell phone.
It ain't music, Jack.
It's your attitude.
There's not an instrument in it!
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And we are going to be covering the election live.
We're going to have people calling in with the reports of election fraud that's already happening everywhere.
We've caught the motherlode of it.
That's coming up.
Gerald Solente, who's been on fire, is joining us.
The word is the biggest WikiLeaks we've set to drop in the next three days, so get ready for that.
I was given info by a high-level source last night and again this morning that was so big, I could not believe I was getting the information.
And this person's always been 100% on.
So I called another source and they're like, yeah, okay, I just learned of that.
How do you know that?
And I'm not going to get into who I'm talking to.
Let's just say it's as high as you get.
Let me tell you, it's great though, after 21 years on air, to just see God's plan working and where we've come to in this fight.
I mean, it's just amazing.
It's the good people standing up.
No matter what color your skin is, we all got red blood and we just want prosperity in the future and some kind of system that's basically fair.
And we know globalism and Hillary Clinton didn't.
So Gerald Cilente is coming up to start the next segment.
One of the top trends forecasters out there.
Uh, Danny Williams, you know, very nervous two years ago contacting us and Joe Biggs on Facebook.
I'm like, yeah, okay, I remember interviewing his aunt.
Yeah, it looks like Bill Clinton probably is.
I mean, sure.
But then, you know, he talked to Danny, he's working, taking care of his kids, five kids.
You know, it was, he wasn't, we were trying to get him on, but now that the campaign's big, he's now been able to speak out because this is the season to expose it.
And he was nervous when he was in the studio with us, but he did a great job.
Seeing him with the National Press Club, with like 100 people in the room and dozens of cameras, or more than that, CNN, Fox, Russian TV, Japanese TV I'm told, he did a great job.
And he really let it all out.
And I was just watching him during a break, because we obviously were cutting in during a break, just his mannerisms, just looks like Bill Clinton.
And they never did a maternity test.
They did a fake test.
That's all come out.
Why don't they just repudiate it?
It's exciting to see this going so viral because it just adds into how fake these people are and how rigged it is.
So, Danny Williams, I won't keep you long.
I know you're busy.
Thanks for this exclusive interview after the press conference and thanks for Joel Gilbert.
I remember saying weeks ago, hey, you ought to have a National Press Club conference.
I didn't know that got picked up on.
Maybe somebody else thought of it too.
Me and my friends, we got together and we had to set up another press conference.
Actually, it came to be about Forrester YouTube, my YouTube channel being kicked out.
And we wanted to get the message out to Monica Lewinsky for us trying to get a blue dress for the DNA sample of my father's.
But it also went great.
It went excellent.
Yes sir.
I want to thank Fox News and CBS for coming out.
They came out today to hold their position as showing support.
But also, you know, I want to get this out.
Hillary has the power to get Bill to submit to a DNA test.
So I just want to ask her please to have your husband step up and submit to a DNA sample.
When was the first time you were told that Bill Clinton was your father?
Well, I've been told all my life, but the age of 8 or 9 was when I really realized what was really going on and who was my father.
So, like I said, I've been knowing all my life.
Since a kid, they've been pointing, you know, and when I was 3, 4 years old, my uncle and them used to stick their hands through my hair and say, look at little Bill Clinton son with this curly hair, you know, and all this.
So, I've actually been told that all my life, but to really be understanding and know for myself, I was like 8 or 9 years old.
Well, the media keeps trying to act like you just came up with this.
This has been in the newspapers for 20-something years.
You've always said this.
The Clintons always dodge it.
They act like we're doing this now because of the campaign season.
Well, obviously, these people are liars.
We're trying to force it now because now we can get attention on something.
And it's not that I've been just now doing it.
I've been doing this
I've been coming out on the media and social media for two and a half years and, you know, it's actually why now the media is giving me the attention.
It's because, you know, she's running again and it just also gives me another chance to show the world and let them know that, you know, Bill Clinton is my father and I'm trying to prove it.
Well, as you pointed out over and over again, you're not attacking him in any of it.
You just want to meet your father, or you just want to have the paternity test, and he can do that right now.
Now, I wonder if Monica Lewinsky is going to respond.
Right, I hope she does.
I just want to be accepted by my father and my stepmother.
And, you know, I hope and pray that Monica Lewinsky will step up and
Or, you know, just at least coming back, coming back on in and let us know, you know, is she willing to do it or if not, you know.
That's right.
All right.
Well, great job, Danny.
I know you're really tired.
You've done a lot today.
By the way, you look sharp in that suit.
But I got to tell you, you look just like your dad.
And no wonder they're running from this.
And I just think it would have been a big positive if they had come out and admitted this.
This would have been incredible instead of covering it up.
Yes, sir.
I mean,
Like I say, now that I got my own kids and raising my own kids, I've been raising my own kids since 2003.
And, you know, to go through everything and seeing them grow, and my oldest, she's 13, so to see my oldest grow for 13 years, it's just...
It was something I missed out on seeing my father watching me grow.
So, it's just something that always made me up.
Like, since a kid, I always wanted to know, you know, is he really my dad?
You know, I need to know.
Sure, no, I totally get it.
I knew my grandparents and they're gone and I want to see them every day.
It's just a weird thing.
I knew them.
And then I'm going to want to know my dad.
Danny, thank you so much.
Again, the YouTube got shut down.
20 million views.
They had to bring it back.
We put a big protest out at WND.com.
They're trying to shut down your Facebook.
The point is, they're not responding.
They're trying to shut you down.
People should certainly be supporting you.
And by the way, you've had to quit your job for a while to even do this.
They attacked the fact that people try to help with plane tickets and stuff to cover this.
How can people support what you're doing and get your message out?
Uh, we got a GoFundMe up on my page, and you can find it at Danny Williams, uh, on my Facebook page.
You can find my GoFundMe, and basically, I just be asking for some, uh, help from the, uh,
You know, help from the people in general.
Thank you, Alex.
Alright, folks, there he goes, and it's only $3,000 he's raised.
I mean, I learned he was flying out here on his own and paying for his own hotels and, like, selling his car and stuff, and I said, that's it, I'm giving you $3,000.
And I made a big deal about that on Media Matters, like they got some secret.
That came from me.
You guys pay to fly me up to be on some national TV show.
If I pay to fly somebody here, that's not bad.
I'm not discredited.
I'm sick of the lies.
We're open about what we do.
We're not hiding anything.
We're good.
We care about people.
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Gerald Cilente, straight ahead.
It's great to be here with a thousand wonderful people, or as I call it, a small
Intimate dinner with some friends.
Or as Hillary calls it, her largest crowd of the season.
And even tonight, with all of the heated back and forth between my opponent and me at the debate last night, we have proven that we can actually be civil to each other.
In fact, just before taking the day,
Hillary accidentally bumped into me, and she very civilly said, pardon me.
And I very politely replied, let me talk to you about that after I get into office.
But one of the things I noticed tonight,
And I've known Hillary for a long time.
This is the first time ever, ever, that Hillary is sitting down and speaking to major corporate leaders and not getting paid for it.
You know, last night, I called Hillary a nasty woman.
But this stuff is all relative.
After listening to Hillary rattle on and on and on, I don't think so badly of Rosie O'Donnell anymore.
In fact, I'm actually starting to like Rosie a lot.
You know, the president told me to stop whining, but I really have to say the media
He's even more biased this year than ever before, hasn't he?
You want the proof?
Michelle Obama gives a speech and everyone loves it.
It's fantastic.
They think she's absolutely great.
My wife Melania gives the exact same speech.
And people get on her case.
I wasn't really sure that Hillary was going to be here tonight, because I guess you didn't send her invitation by email.
Or maybe you did, and she just found out about it through the wonder of WikiLeaks.
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There's a man comin' round takin' names.
Everyone won't be treated just the same.
There's a man goin' round takin' names.
And he decides who to free and who to blame.
Everybody won't be treated all the same.
There'll be a golden ladder reaching down.
When the man comes through.
All right, Gerald Filente is our guest for the rest of the hour.
I really appreciate him joining us.
He was really on fire when he joined us last week.
He'll be joining us a couple times next week during the 50 plus hours of live coverage that goes from 11 a.m.
Monday right through the next day and then right through the end of the show on Wednesday.
I'm not going to go over his bio.
Everybody knows who Gerald is.
He wants to get into the propaganda of fascist Italy.
The next long segment's coming up.
This is a short six-minute segment.
We'll look at the latest developments with him.
But first off, we have the New York Times investigation into Donald Trump's FBI sees no clear links to Russia.
This made-up thing about a server they admit's fake.
The exact same thing Hillary's doing with a secret server to China, Russia, Saudi Arabia.
Everything Hillary is doing is turning to pure crap.
What is happening?
Has the dam broke?
What's happening, Gerald Salenta?
Well, crap in, crap out.
And that's all it is.
It's McCarthyism.
Blaming Putin and Russia for what's going on to divert the real issue.
And it's quite disgusting how they're doing it, and there's nothing new about this.
I mean, she's fond of calling Putin the new Hitler.
When her husband overthrew
The leader of Yugoslavia, he was a Hitler.
So they throw that word around a lot.
And they're using this to divert the real attention.
And the biggest story to me here, Alex, is what these WikiLeaks are showing us.
How the country is really run.
And how we're just all the little people in slavelandia.
As the dirty deals are being done at the top of the heap.
How people are getting jobs, getting paid off.
How the multinationals are in control of virtually everything.
And again, when Hillary was asked at the last, quote, debate, they're not debates, the presidential reality shows, you have two minutes to answer a question about foreign policy, that she was quoted in a speech saying she wanted open borders and open trade and more growth for globalization.
She diverted it by saying that, you know, that
That Trump was in bed with Putin.
And so they just divert the issues.
It's McCarthyism at its height.
Right now, getting the people to hate Russia while they're diverting the reality.
I agree, Gerald.
And since you mention it.
The blinders really have come off.
We're learning that everything you covered, I covered, Ron Paul talked about forever.
We've all been vindicated.
Special interest, globalist.
They want us poor.
They're dumb.
They admit it.
They want a monopoly.
They don't want a middle class.
It's the opposite of prosperity in the Renaissance.
These are true dirtbags that want us poor.
Yes, and again, the numbers are there.
You know, since 1988 to now, real income, when adjusted for inflation, is flat.
It's below 1999 levels.
They want a nation of renters, so they want us poor.
Trump is bucking that.
That's why the whole system's against him.
Could it be clearer?
Yeah, it's a whole populist movement.
People are fed up with the elites.
Again, what I'm saying is what WikiLeaks has showed us is how the elites are running the game.
And the most important part of this, as I see it, this is only one little grain of sand of leaks from all, this is only from one guy.
It's one guy, exactly, and it's total, exactly.
Could you imagine if we got more information from all the criminals out there that like to call themselves Republicans and Democrats that are shafting us?
By the way, you're right.
The Republicans are just as involved.
That's why they're trying to block the populist movement.
And by the way, after this election, as a matter of fact, it's going to be one of our top trends for 2017.
The conservative, the quote, old conservative Republican Party is dead.
It's as dead as McCain, as empty as McConnell, and as... The Bushes.
As stupid as Lindsey Graham.
And so what we're saying is though, Alex, what we're looking at is just a tiny peephole into this elitism through Podesta's emails.
That's a great point.
This is only a tiny peephole.
Imagine, this is like totally insane, this one email, the whole press can't even cover the corruption.
These people are like demons, just corruption.
Can you imagine one guy, the corruption's so bad, the whole media can't track it.
Can you imagine the thousands of them, what it's really like?
That's exactly what I'm saying.
No, you crystallize it.
You had an original thought there, which I don't mean that patronizing, almost no one does.
That totally just blew me away.
No one said that yet.
This is only one people.
Joe Celente's done it again.
Oh my God.
Can you imagine if we had all their emails?
I mean, these people have demonic energy, I'm telling you.
Hillary herself is running four or five networks and all the major newspapers, approving stuff herself through her aides.
How do they do this much work?
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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How could you even possibly vote for Hillary Clinton?
Look at all the corruption being exposed right now via Wikileaks, James O'Keefe, Infowars.com.
Citizen journalism has completely changed the narrative and we the people have been able to expose what these greedy corrupt politicians have been doing all along.
Let's just take a look at headlines right now circulating around about Hillary Clinton.
Trick or treat, FBI found 650,000 emails on laptop.
DOJ blocked foundation probe.
45% say worse than Watergate.
Police union post photos of cops arresting Hillary.
Clinton unfavorable ratings hit high.
Pollster, dam about to break on Hillary.
Election Day promises to be a marathon.
Swing state scramble.
22 million ballots already in.
WikiLeaks warns it is launching Phase 3.
This is truly an amazing time to be alive.
And this has been Joe Biggs reporting for InfoWars.com.
Thank you, Weiner.
Thank you, Huma.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
It's Alex Jones.
Fiery the angels fell.
Deep thunder rolled around their shores, burning with the fires of orc.
It's a quote from Rugger Howard, impromptu poetry in the film Blade Runner.
You know, the Animating Contest of Liberty is here, and people think that you die, whether you believe in God or not.
What you stand for, what you write, what you build, the culture you create goes on and lives through others.
It's like ancient cave drawings would be a loving testament to those of the future, not through some arrogance, but with a need to go on and commune with our own species.
Empathy is the true mark of consciousness.
And the need to build others up, including yourself, is civilization.
And the American experiment, not perfect, but the greatest ever, became the apple of the world's eye, and people came here to experience the limited freedom we had.
And then it created incredible wealth, it created the biggest government the world's ever seen, because a parasite could be created to feed off that magnificent host.
And now that parasite is so twisted it wants to kill its host because it's in competition with it.
That shows the blindness of the system.
And so Trump, an imperfect messenger as we all are, is trying to unseat that monopoly and believes in the engine of freedom.
That's why they're in a full panic mode because anyone in my life I've noticed who's really a smart person involved, who's lived, is confident, is strong, but is
I don't want to say prideful, but it's so confident they're not arrogant.
And they have understandings of their limitations.
You look at, though, these people that have been given everything and that are all about the special interests they're in, it's all about who's the most delusional, who's the most mindless, who believes they're invincible.
And that leads us to destruction.
So Gerald was getting into where we currently are, the giant populist awakening that I'd say dwarfs in magnitude
The Gutenberg printing press 550 years ago, by 500 times, a thousand times, with all the technology, all the compression of time, all the things that are changing, all the things that are happening, all the connections that are going on, we're seeing a giant corporate elite
Siphon off our ideas and try to suppress innovation because it knows it's threatened by it even as it wants to rise on that sea.
It's just not going to work that way.
And so they will lose unless they cause a nuclear war and kill us all.
So Gerald Salente is our guest.
I want to get into what he sees with the campaign.
The last five and a half, six days, where this is going.
A lot of top pollsters, even Democrats, admit there's been a collapse for Hillary.
A total repudiation of this whole synthetic, fake, corporatist, liberal, neocon system.
Again, I'm not hedging bets here.
Even if they steal it from Trump or he loses or whatever, we shouldn't get violent.
Because culturally, it's the beginning of the end.
It's clear.
That the organic, true drive of human liberty is absolutely unstoppable.
Gerald Cilente, my friend, take over.
Well, you know, going back to these WikiLeaks, the other point, of course, is, and again, this is only a grain of sand looking into the whole corrupt system.
And again, this is supposed to be a democracy.
We should have access to these things.
But having said that, we now know it's a fact how rigged the media is.
And of course, I call them prostitutes.
And Donna Brazile, of course, lived up to that in full fashion, as did the people that helped her along.
The ones in the other media as well.
They're nothing more than sellouts.
And so there is no free media.
And it's also important for people to understand that the whole fourth estate, as they used to call it, to look after
The executive branch, the judicial branch, and the congressional branch, that's gone.
In the last two weeks, Wall Street Journal announced massive layoffs.
New York Times, Gannett News Service, massive layoffs.
There are no feet on the street.
There's no beat on the street anymore.
It's gone.
So we're not getting news.
And the news that we're getting, as we're seeing, is totally rigged.
So anybody believes in a free media, you better grow up.
And I can show more of the proof.
What I do each day, I get three hardcover newspapers delivered, besides of course all the going on the internet.
I get the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times.
So here's today's Wall Street Journal, the front page.
Trump amps up criticism of Clinton, Democrats attack Department of Justice probe pledge, right?
Alright, so there's a story about what's going on with the latest leaks and the Department of Justice action.
But here's the front page of, they call themselves the New York Times, the paper of record, but as everyone knows, I call it the toilet paper of record, because that's all it's really good for.
Here's the front page.
A wonderful picture of Hillary Clinton smiling on the top, and the right-hand story, in 1990's crisis, Trump used a tax tactic, now banned.
Have nothing to do with what's going on now.
These are disgusting little human beings.
They are prostitutes.
They get paid to put out.
So let's see who put out this.
We have David Barstow, Mike McIntyre, Patricia Cohen, Susan Craig, and Russ Butner.
Yeah, Russ Butner, up whose butt?
That's what the crap is that they put out.
I could show you more, and I do this on Trends in the News virtually every evening.
Here's a story last Wednesday.
You look at the front page of the New York Times, a black photo of Trump.
Very ominous.
Under it, what drives Trump?
A fear of fading away.
What little prostitute person wrote this?
Michael Barbaro, you should be ashamed of yourself!
You're supposed to call yourself a journalist, and you say a fear of fading away?
Oh, you decided, little boy?
Because when you read this, it's nothing but empty crap!
I was about to say, it's projection!
It's the New York Times that's bankrupt, with the Mexican kingpin bailing them out.
It's the mainstream media fading away.
They're the ones fading away!
So now the same day, right?
As they had the next day, rather, after this photo.
That was Thursday, Friday.
Here's Hillary in that famous, fake, happy smile with Michelle Obama.
Yeah, the one that loves the rap stars that sing all those filthy, dirty, disgusting lyrics.
I'll rape you, bitch, on one side, down the other, but it's okay because she said that Trump's bad.
Once adversaries, now allies.
Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama, not a word!
Not a word about the WikiLeaks!
Not a word!
Let me ask you this.
They're going bankrupt.
They're all collapsing.
This is a referendum against them.
Whether Trump wins, loses, or draws, they admit they're devastated.
Where do they go in the future?
Give us the trends.
Where do we go as the dinosaur who was discredited now collapses and rolls over dead in front of us?
Well, if she wins, again, look at her, we sent you the links here, you look at her campaign slogan.
Stronger Together.
Oh yeah, Stronger Together.
That was Mussolini!
Yeah, let's stop, because here's the crazy part.
Obama and Hillary use communist and fascist terminology, and even the same posters.
They don't care as long as it's authoritarian.
So you've got propaganda of fascist Italy here from the encyclopedia.
You sent us this.
Gerald, I mean, for TV viewers, I'll show folks a document cam shot.
Explain this to people.
They think we're so dumb they use fascist terminology.
Yeah, here it goes.
National and social unity was symbolized by fascists themselves, the bound sticks being stronger together.
So they have these sticks bound with an axe on them.
Stronger together than individuality.
Stronger together.
It's a global takeover.
Open borders.
Stronger together.
It's against individuality.
Italians were called to pull together in a unity.
Mussolini declared that the state did not weaken the individual.
This was a part of explicit rejection of liberal
Furthermore, fascism was to be totalitarianism.
Fascism was not a party, but a way of life.
You ready for this?
The corporatist state was offered as a unifying form of politics as opposed to a liberal democracy.
Sure, that's Roman Empire, which he was bringing back, where you have all the countries they've conquered tied together with a hatchet on the top.
That's the symbol of fasci, that's the globalist model today.
Stronger together.
Because individualism doesn't count.
Alex, we all have to be politically correct.
We all have to speak their language.
So let me ask you this, we'll do that, but explain to me, why do they openly use Karl Marx quotes of lean forward, capture the future, stronger together, Mussolini stuff?
Like, can they come up with anything new on their own?
Because they use literal authoritarian terminology, and their little trendy minions don't get it.
The reason they do it is because they know how effective it is.
It works.
Hey, it worked for Mussolini.
It worked for Marx.
Why not us?
Because all we are are psychopaths, like the ones that we quoted, and we want to get in control.
So they're using a proven methodology that worked very well.
Again, stronger together, the words are right there.
It was the foundation of fascism because individualism doesn't count.
Oh, by the way, it goes back to what you were saying when I was on the last show, you were talking about the driverless cars.
And how they're all, we're all losing control of everything.
And that's what this is.
It's a totalitarian takeover.
Go back to WikiLeaks again.
That guy who's running Google, he's a big part...
They're running the whole campaign.
And it's right there in the WikiLeaks.
But, the eternal paper of record, the New York Times, doesn't have that headline there.
Google rigging the elections with Clinton.
They don't do that.
So that's what I'm trying to say.
They know what they're doing.
They want a global takeover.
No, they know they're creating a global fashion disorder based on Rome.
That's the admitted whole entire system.
I totally agree.
That's what Club of Rome admits.
That's what Bilderberg admits.
So how do we counter it and what do you expect to see?
You're a smart guy.
What happens if Trump gets in?
What happens if they steal it?
What are the two different divergent paths?
There's no stopping the populist movements.
They're going on throughout Europe.
The Alternative for Deutschland Party, they just knocked out Merkel in key areas.
You're looking at the Freedom Party in Austria, the Wilders Party in the Netherlands, Le Pen's party in France, you saw the Brexit vote.
Iceland, Catalonia, it goes on and on.
So that's what the future is.
It's people power.
And your kind of show, what I'm doing, Paul Craig Roberts, others, Ron Paul, we are the people.
Again, you read the WikiLeaks and you see what little creeps these jerks are and how incompetent they are.
Did you see the one three weeks ago where they said we want to keep them poor and desperate and in the dark and uninformed?
It's so evil.
And again, the toilet paper doesn't put it out there.
Listen to Hillary Clinton's speeches at the Goldman Sachs gang.
They're telling that... She's, I'm going to get rid of borders, I'm going to drop down wages, we're going to F everybody.
And that they're out of touch with the middle class.
And by the way, the rich billionaires know they could globally set a higher standard.
On the left says drive up wages, but they mean that in a controlled system so you don't get a job.
No, they mean global wages sunk to the lowest level to make you poor so you can't compete.
It's super evil.
And then what they're using is they're using the techno takeover to keep us in control.
So that's how they're doing it.
They're taking more.
We're going back to why you look advertising revenue in newspapers in the last quarter was down 9 percent.
People aren't reading.
They're hitting soundbites from Facebook, from Twitter, from Google News.
They're dumbing us down.
They're getting the masses totally tuned out.
And it's going to be up to what Samuel Adams said.
It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men.
We're setting those... I agree and I think they've backfired thinking they can use AI and algorithms to shut things down because Trump has made it a war between social media and the internet and mainstream media and we're winning.
HUMET is beating the algorithm.
And this is just the beginning.
That's what we're saying.
It's just the start.
So have confidence, folks.
And we're not just saying this to put, you know, put perfume on a pig.
Gerald's right.
Look at what's happening.
They're in panic mode.
They're freaking out.
This is only the beginning.
Realize the power you have and the choices you make.
What you buy, what you do, what you say.
When you speak out, when you give your opinion, it's not their centralized opinion.
When you have an original thought, it's wealth born into the world.
You want to fight globalism?
Make art.
And that's very important because this isn't not only what I'm saying, I'm listening to what they're saying.
They had the World Trade Organization meeting, and the IMF, the International Mafia Federation meeting down in Washington, D.C.
Go back to the G20 meeting several weeks earlier.
Their greatest fear is the people's repulsive attitude toward globalization.
They're saying it out loud!
Well, they admit it in all their main publications to each other.
The Economist, Washington Post, Financial Times.
Globalism's in trouble.
Hillary's the last domino.
If she falls, we're done.
They even admit, we did rip everybody off.
We did lie about globalism.
We said it would help everybody.
We F'd everybody.
We've got to be good now.
That's just one more con.
And again, you look at the numbers.
You realize that trade in the first nine months of this year, global trade, is down almost $500 billion.
So the whole thing is failed.
And you're seeing the revolts in Italy.
They elected a woman, Virginia Raggi, 37 years old, to the mayor of Rome.
Another woman elected to the mayor of Turin.
You're going to see Renzi being thrown out when his new constitutional referendum is rejected coming up in December.
There's a global revolution.
It's a off-with-their-heads moment, in the sense that the people are fed up with the elites, and you read the WikiLeaks, and the elites are in charge.
And the elites are, whether they're prostitutes for CNN, CNBC, CBS,
And NPR, all of them.
They're all trash, and you're right.
They thought they would have controlled corporate media when they brought in global government and austerity to control us and make us permanent surf classes.
But instead, the internet they built to be a spy grid blew up in their face, and they're now realizing it.
So Gerald, we come back from break, start now.
How do they strike back then?
Because they know now, they're not as arrogant as they used to be.
Well, they're going to do everything to stop us.
And again, InfoWars is the leader out there putting out the message of peace, freedom, trust, loyalty, and morality.
Those are words that don't fit into their lifestyle.
I want to get your prediction for the election.
Only five and a half days out with Gerald Cilente of TrendsResearch.com.
Sign up for his free trends alerts.
He also has a daily program just like we do as well.
And it's just amazing to see the epic time we're in.
We are winning!
But will the globalists throw a fit and start a nuclear war to overturn the chessboard?
We'll talk about that as well straight ahead.
I'm Paul Watson from London.
It's quite a swamp that Donald Trump is trying to drain.
This is an epic time to be alive.
Where do you want to start, Roger?
It's almost impossible to know where to start.
This is an extraordinary election in which you have developments that I think are really seismic virtually every day.
Earthquakes every day.
And it's hard to understand how the FBI director
Well, I believe technically reports to the Attorney General could not reopen this investigation without the approval of the President of the United States.
Yet today there are reports that the White House was blindsided and the Attorney General was blindsided.
I find that hard to believe.
You're saying that the elite are deserting Hillary, and this is Obama getting ready to flush her.
She could conceivably limp through this election, although I think the late momentum is very definitely with Donald Trump.
This event, Comey making this announcement,
Has very clearly knocked the air out of the Clinton campaign.
The whole media wouldn't even cover her first press conference or her first speech saying, we don't know what she's saying, so we don't know if she's been briefed, so we're not going to show you.
They seem to be in true panic mode.
It's hard for me to believe that the FBI director makes an announcement of this import without the approval of this boss, the President of the United States.
I just find that very hard to believe.
So where would you put the race right now?
It's still a toss-up, but momentum is what's important, because the race is going to be in a different place tomorrow than it was today and than it was yesterday.
That's how volatile and close this is.
Sure, well, we're now eight days and a few hours out from this.
Other wild cards?
Are the Clintons out of ammo?
What else could happen?
Well, first of all, as you know, voting has started across the country, early voting in a number of states, and the volume
I call it hysterical.
What else do we do in the next eight days, Roger, to make sure the crime syndicate, because even mainstream news is calling Hillary a crime family.
What do we do to make sure this crime family is fully discredited?
Well, Alex, I've got to keep going back to Election Day and implore those who believe in a fair and honest election, please go to stopthesteal.org and sign up as a volunteer to work on Election Day.
We need your elbow grease.
We need your
Boots on the ground.
We need your shoe leather to help us.
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Please don't forget to go sign up for the free news alerts as well, and also sign up and get the quarterly Trends Journal from Gerald Salenta.
And speaking of trends, I was just getting into that.
Other points we should add, other things people should know, Gerald.
Well, just what you were talking about with gold, and that right now, as we're speaking, gold is up almost $20.
The markets are down over 150 points, the Dow.
There's fear on the street, and it has nothing to do with whether or not Trump wins.
Because if Trump wins and the economy goes, the markets go down, of course they'll take a shot and blame him.
It's much bigger than that.
It's a global economy.
And so, as I mentioned to you, we're looking at global trade.
Those are real numbers that it's down $500 billion.
And about the survival pacts and all of that, you know, people better start putting their money where their mind is.
And of course, I don't give financial advice, but I buy gold and I'm a firm believer of it.
I've been forecasting it for many years.
Well, if all you're doing is sitting on paper, you're crazy.
Excuse me?
If all you're doing is sitting on paper, you're crazy.
In my estimation, because it's digital money printed on nothing and backed by nothing.
So why not have an asset that's been around since the written word and it's not going anywhere even though others say it's going to.
And again, you're looking at the prices going up as volatility is increasing and the real numbers are coming in.
What are we going into now?
The sixth quarter of negative
Well, that's my next question.
Clearly the global meltdown's happening.
Deutsche Bank, they say, is in bigger crisis than Lehman Brothers.
I mean, how long have they put this off?
The Fed admits their QE failed.
So what happens?
Well, again, that's what they're trying.
They're trying anything desperate.
But you know what I say, and you were saying it before, in the sense that about a World War III.
Go back to Hillary Clinton's, or Hitlery Clinton's, debate, where she said she wants a no-fly zone over Syria.
And then you hear the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Dunford, say that that's declaring war against Russia because Russia was invited there, of course.
People don't know that.
The Assad government was elected by the people with international observers.
The United States is a foreign power that's invading another country.
Trying to put jihadis in control.
So when all else fails, they take you to war.
And when I say put your money where your mind is, everyone listening out there, if you're not supporting Alex Jones and buying the products that they're selling that are only going to improve your health and put you in a position to avoid the dangers when they happen, then you're being a hypocrite.
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TrendsResearch.com, it's InfoWars.com.
It's everybody telling the truth, taking action together by supporting our sponsors, the products we sell.
It builds a larger platform to fight this.
We're all in it together.
Gerald Cilente, I know you're going to join us again next week.
Only five and a half, six days out from election.
Thank you so much for your time, my friend.
Thank you for having me on, and thanks for all you do.
You bet.
Thank you.
Great guy.
He is on fire.
He's always on fire, but really on fire right now.
I'm gonna come back, finish up for five minutes, then Paul Watson takes over from London, England.
He's got big breaking news.
What a full broadcast today.
Stay with us.
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The final battle for the Republic and the future of Earth is happening now.
Six days out.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
And tomorrow will be five days, then four days, three days, two days, one day.
Monday ends.
And then we go into Tuesday and the big election and some people say, hey, why are you showing all this Bev Harris stuff about election fraud?
Now they're shaving votes.
That'll discredit the election.
Maybe we'll not go vote.
We have to expose them trying to steal it.
Clearly, it's a landslide for Trump.
They've skewed the polls.
They've skewed the Google.
It's all come out in Wikileaks.
They control the media.
If Trump wouldn't have resisted and we'd had another milquetoast Republican
They had political operatives working for him that were, you know, stepping down.
I'll tell you, Ron Paul was a great guy and meant well, but... They had people like Jesse Benton that has just absolutely been certified as a piece of filth.
And I'm not doing that as some pissing contest to put Jesse Benton down, it's just that... Hindsight's 20-20 and you can just see the crap that's going on, and then now you got Trump like a flame-breathing dragon blasting the globalists.
I mean, it's everything we ever hoped for.
I mean, he's just, he's attacking them on everything.
He's devastating them.
These issues he's launched, the populist movement that he's taken, Infowars, and what Ron Paul did in the Liberty Movement, and things going back to Barry Goldwater, and what Drudge has done, and the Western Journalism Center, and Breitbart, and just five times, ten times, twenty times, amplified it.
It's global.
And it's the spirit of our age.
And all over the world, people are pulling out.
People know they want self-determination.
Humans can have unlimited prosperity.
There'll always be somebody with something more than you or I, but it doesn't matter.
And some people that stole it, some people that made it, you know, the free market.
But you can't end the free market because it's got problems, because what it's compared to is hell on earth.
So Paul Watson's about to get in a share here, and I'm going to ask him what's coming up today and the next hour.
I know he's got some big breaking news, but we've got the nightly news tonight, 7 o'clock central.
All the different segments of the show were very powerful today and everything that's happening is extremely powerful right now.
We need to focus on the top 20 or so WikiLeaks that have come out in the last few months.
A lot of it hasn't gotten proper focus.
We need to focus in on how Hillary accuses Trump of everything she does.
We need to focus in on other dirty tricks they might pull.
The fact that she wants war with Russia and that she wants war in Syria.
And just that she represents all the corporate interests that have hijacked our nation.
Now, Paul Watson.
Tell us, my friend, what is coming up in the next hour as you host from the UK?
Hi, Alex.
Yeah, we got Bill Mitchell coming up.
He's been listed as one of the top influencers on social media during this election cycle, which is a point that many people have made.
You know, Hillary Clinton's got over 10 million Twitter followers.
Routinely, myself,
Infowars, people like Bill Mitchell, get more retweets, more visibility on Twitter alone.
He's an expert on the polls, so we're going to drill down how this post-FBI announcement has affected the polls.
Is there a significant shift towards Trump?
He's also an expert on how they oversample Democrats for all these polls.
So again, we're going to drill into that because he really is the go-to source on these issues.
Wow, so top pollster exposes the Hillary fraud coming up.
Yeah, and obviously, you know, the ABC poll just came out a few hours ago.
Twelve point shift.
Hillary was supposedly, even with the oversampling, twelve points ahead of Trump.
Even with that oversampling still in place, she's now lost virtually all of that lead over the past ten days alone.
I know, and it's a total, just, not a conspiracy, it's an exercise in mind control and lockstep that the whole media just ignores this oversampling.
No, every single time.
And you know, the common argument is, well, there are more Democrats registered than Republicans.
Bill Mitchell breaks that down.
He proves how that's not the case.
That's not reflected in the polls.
Well, it's not true because they don't vote as much as Republicans.
And there's a lot more enthusiasm behind Trump, which is why we could see a Brexit-style scenario.
But even so, the polls are tightening as we move towards the last few days.
All right, stay there.
Paul Joseph Watson from PrisonPlanet.com, our heavy hitter.
Straight ahead, on the other side, ladies and gentlemen, my aide-de-camp.
Stay with us.
Hillary, Bill Clinton, as indicted by their daughter, Chelsea, were directly responsible, not only for billions of dollars going into the Clinton Foundation, but it also includes the United Nations peacekeepers.
She indicted her own family and the United Nations for the death of 10,000
Innocent Haitian people.
Now the reason I know Haiti and I grew up with Haitians is because I speak Creole and I grew up in the south of France and in Miami.
So the Haitians were my people.
I grew up with them at school.
I grew up with them in Cuba and elsewhere.
So I know and I speak
More importantly, I think your audience should understand, Haiti was developed by a physician, Dr. Vallée.
He was sent there on behalf of the Rockefeller Foundation in the 20s and 30s.
We're good to go.
And the Haitians know that I know who Dr. Duvalier is.
T-Doc, or Little Doc, his son, was... I was involved in extricating him from Haiti into France, the Côte d'Azur, because he stole 500 million dollars.
In that tradition of Aristides, Dr. Duvalier, Le T-Doc,
We have the Clintons who not only stole billions of dollars, but they were directly implicated with the Secretary General of the United Nations.
Listen to what I'm saying.
By everyone involved, including Chelsea's notes,
about what happened in Haiti as directly responsible for the death of 10,000 Haitian men, women, and children because of the E. coli sepsis that they created defecating in the water.
The incompetency that occurred and the specific malfeasance behavior that even Chelsea wrote about in the notes that were released
Uh, about the United Nations and their incompetency that was sent in along with the people who belong to the Clinton Foundation, where they had no idea what we're doing.
They were specifically negligent.
Not only were they robbers, but they were murderers!
And no one has brought that to the forefront.
So I wrote about it a month ago.
No one said a word.
But there are 10,000 Haitians who have been, who are dead.
Not questioned about it.
There is no ifs, ands, and buts about the fact that the Clintons, the United Nations Secretary General Moon, are directly responsible for the death of 10,000 Haitians.
It's like malpractice in medicine.
It's malpractice in politics.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones only on the GCN Radio Network.
We are live on...
As I said before the break, coming up at the bottom of the hour, we've got Bill Mitchell, host of Your Voice Radio, and he really has been the go-to guy when it comes to these polls, how they're oversampling Democrats, what these poll numbers really reflect, especially in the aftermath of Friday's FBI announcement regarding the reopening of the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails.
So, Bill Mitchell is coming up at the bottom of the hour.
For now, though, we're going to get into some of this breaking news.
And again, this story was up on Infowars.com this morning.
WikiLeaks, of course, yesterday announced Phase 3 of their operation against Hillary Clinton.
That's how it's come to be characterised.
With more releases of the Podesta emails.
But is that all we're going to see from WikiLeaks over the next seven days?
You will notice that one name, one email address that's noticeably absent from all those John Podesta emails is that of Hillary Clinton.
Now there's been speculation which continues to build that those 33,000 deleted Hillary Clinton emails could be released in some form or another by WikiLeaks.
And this speculation has started because Kim Dotcom, who of course you will know as the founder of Mega Upload, the entrepreneur, the hacking expert, ever since basically 2014, he gave an interview back in 2014, we know that he's close to WikiLeaks, we know that he talks to Julian Assange on a regular basis,
Back in 2014 he tweeted that he would be a major thorn in the side of Hillary Clinton in 2016.
Then he went on Bloomberg and gave an interview a few months later and said that Julian Assange would be Hillary Clinton's worst nightmare come the 2016 election.
So again, 18 months
Before the Podesta emails get released, he goes on Bloomberg and predicts that this is going to happen.
Now, over the past several weeks, Kim.com has come out and made several tweets hinting that Julian Assange does in fact have access to some, if not all, of these 33,000 deleted emails.
This is the headline up on Infowars.com right now, and it's also up on Drudge Report.
Is WikiLeaks about to release Hillary's 33,000 deleted emails?
Internet security expert Kim Dotcom says that Hillary Clinton is in, quote, serious trouble with new information set to leak that some speculate could be a WikiLeaks release of Hillary Clinton's 33,000 deleted emails.
Again, he made this promise, May 2015, that Julian Assange would be Hillary Clinton's worst nightmare.
He admitted, quote, I love to talk to them.
He's closely allied with WikiLeaks, with Julian Assange.
And again, he predicted that Assange would be Hillary's worst nightmare in 2016, quote, because he has access to information.
And of course, that has proven very much accurate.
Last week, Kim Dotcom also tweeted at WikiLeaks, this went up last week, with a video of himself reacting to a You've Got Mail audio clip, hours before he sent out another tweet which stated, Bleach Bit Con Bleach It, which of course is a reference to the software tool used by Hillary's campaign to hide traces of her deleted emails.
So the question at this point, we know that he's close to Assange, we know that he predicted Assange would be Hillary's worst nightmare because he had access to the information.
He's come out with a series of tweets suggesting that there is one more bombshell WikiLeaks release on Hillary Clinton.
So if it's going to happen, it's got to happen within the next seven days.
Is Kim.com merely trolling everyone with these constant hints, constant suggestions that there are new bombshell revelations about Hillary to come out in addition to the Podesta emails?
Or is he actually serious and are we going to see another big drop over the next few days?
It was interesting that Rush Limbaugh covered this on his radio show on Friday because somebody called in and basically brought this to his attention and he made the point, quote, in all of these Podesta emails there's not a single Hillary Clinton email in the bunch.
It's Podesta emailing everybody, the DNC, everybody in the Hillary campaign, but there are no Hillary Clinton emails in the Podesta dump.
He continues, along comes Kim Dotcom, who's got an axe to grind with the US government, the Obama administration, as has Julian Assange of course.
He knows Assange, so the people.
Nobody knows, this is all speculation.
What's going on here is that Kim Dotcom has worked with Assange and is really the hacker, it's not the Russians.
So that speculation has been raging.
It will continue to rage.
Of course, we know that there are still thousands of emails from John Podesta's personal email account that are yet to be released by WikiLeaks.
We're up to number 25 of the Podesta email dump as of today.
Again, that is going to continue right up until Election Day on November 8th.
But is there one more black swan in this epic tale, this epic twist that we've seen, of course, since the FBI announcement on Friday?
Is there one more shoe to drop in terms of WikiLeaks releasing some, if not all, of those deleted emails which, of course, the NSA has had access to and continues to store, according to Kim.com, at its spy facility in Utah.
So we're going to keep up with that.
We'll keep up with developments.
We'll monitor Kim Dotcom's Twitter account for any more suggestions that that might happen.
But again, allied to this is more speculation, and this has been brewing for a long time, based on the fact
A biographer for Donald Trump, supposedly, and this was in the WikiLeaks emails, this has come out, had nine hours of personal conversations with Donald Trump.
Now, you know that Donald Trump likes to talk off the cuff, as we saw, with the Billy Bush tapes, with the locker room banter.
Of course, you could record anyone throughout a day for nine hours straight, and they're going to come up with some pretty fruity remarks.
Of course there could be jokes, they could be taken out of context, there could be anything whatsoever.
If you edit them together correctly and create a media firestorm with people who are ready and waiting at the trigger to be offended, then obviously you could come out with some damaging material about Donald Trump.
It came out in the WikiLeaks that his biographer, back about 18 months ago, offered the Clinton campaign free access to these nine hours of recordings of Donald Trump in private conversations.
Are they going to pull the trigger on that?
People like Ben Shapiro don't think so.
They say that the behavior of the Clinton campaign in the aftermath of this FBI announcement, their desperation, their demeanor, suggests that they're all out of ammo and that they have no more dirt to launch against Trump.
Of course, with the Billy Bush tapes, the polls in the aftermath of that show that it probably only affected Trump's polling numbers
At a rate of about 1% drop in support.
So it didn't really have any impact whatsoever.
You had a series of women come out afterwards, make claims that Trump had groped them, that he had sexually assaulted them.
And really that narrative didn't stick.
They had no evidence to prove it.
Many of their stories were pulled apart almost as soon as they were published.
But now we have this headline out of the Ralph Report.
Out of real ammo, media now claims Russians have Trump sex tape!
So we're beyond the racial remarks, we're beyond the remarks about women.
Now some journalists, left-wing journalists, are out on Twitter claiming that there is a Trump sex tape.
The article reads, it gets hard to come up with the openings to these posts sometimes.
How many ways can you say the mainstream media has sunk to a new low?
Over the past 24 hours they've been pushing a debunked story about Donald Trump being controlled by the Kremlin.
Of course that came out, even the New York Times had to admit the FBI's looked into those connections and found no evidence whatsoever.
But now there are left-wing journalists out on Twitter
Claiming that there's a Donald Trump sex tape where he's having an orgy with Russian supermodels in Moscow.
Fairly unbelievable, but again, a reflection, you might say, of the desperation as we head towards these final days.
Would they be that desperate to cook up such a story if they're so confident in the poll numbers, if they're so confident that Hillary Clinton has secured this election?
Then you've got another potential black swan, of course, which is James O'Keefe.
Again, over the past two weeks, we've had absolute bombshell confirmation of what we said all along.
The riots, the violence at Trump rallies, was funded, directed, organized by the DNC, by surrogates of Hillary Clinton's campaign.
That got nowhere near the traction it deserved in the mainstream media.
But again, it went absolutely viral on the internet.
Millions upon millions of views.
We had the vote rigging tape on top of that.
I'm talking about busing people in on a regular basis, openly admitting to violating the law.
O'Keefe has said on numerous occasions that he has another tape yet to drop that features surrogates of Hillary Clinton or even operatives within her campaign making racially disparaging remarks.
Now we had the story a couple of weeks ago, which again got about 900,000 views on one YouTube video alone that I uploaded, of the former Clinton chef, Tracy Martin, saying that he witnessed personally on numerous occasions Hillary Clinton making racially disparaging remarks.
One particular example, calling a servant the N-word when he displeased her.
Of course, that was a claim backed up by no actual evidence.
But then again, it was on the same level as all those women who came out with claims against Trump with no actual evidence.
The difference is that that got saturation mainstream media coverage.
This got nothing at all.
But if James O'Keefe, as he has promised on Twitter on numerous occasions, has an audio tape,
Of Hillary Clinton operatives, or at least surrogates, making racially disparaging remarks, and that, I would estimate, is set to be released either tomorrow or before the end of the week.
Could that have yet another impact?
Of course the mainstream media is going to do their best to bury it, to try and cover it up, to pretend that it doesn't exist.
But again, it's another black swan that we could see in this final week of the election.
Is Hillary's campaign content to just ride it out and have confidence in these poll numbers, despite, as we're going to document later, again, many of them are cooks, many of them oversample Democrats.
Do they have enough confidence in those polls to sit and wait this out, or do they have another
James O'Keefe doesn't want the credit.
He wants to beat these people, but here he is joining us via Skype with Mr. Stone.
So, a great surprise to have you there with Mr. Stone.
Hey, thanks Alex.
Roger's here because we're going to be releasing a little video tomorrow where Roger makes a little cameo in it.
So he's in my office and he said you were doing the Skype and it's great to be here.
Tell us the latest.
Give us some hints on what's going to be breaking your take on what I just broke down.
And then, of course, Roger, who's heading up the National Operations grassroots to stop the steal.
We've released four installments of this series.
This week we found out that Hillary was personally involved, personally involved, in dressing people up at these protests to elicit a violent reaction.
And the White House has been asked about it, and Trump brought it up in the debates last week as you saw.
You guys have been mirroring, I guess without even knowing, the intel WikiLeaks has, but then showing it in the real world, confirming it in triplicate.
And then you've also, again, have Hillary confirmed in the videos that she's giving the direct orders and what Hillary wants, she gets.
And then we have the new WikiLeaks with Podesta saying, you know, Hillary's crazy.
What the hell is she doing?
And we have the other emails saying we're covering it up.
We've got to, you know, clean all this up.
I mean, we have them now.
Yeah, I think this is her Achilles heel.
The fact that I thought the voter fraud is important, the inducement of violence at the protests, that's a smoking gun.
And she hasn't even denied it.
I mean, she won't even address it.
When she was asked on the airplane late last week about it, they said, well, what do you have to say for yourself?
She literally ran away and said, time to get food.
But someone has to continue asking her.
Over and over again, what do you have to say for yourself for dressing people up like Donald Duck?
It's a stupid, silly thing that she did, but she did it.
I mean, this is premeditated.
This is absolutely criminal.
Politically, even if she crawls over the finish line and steals the election, which is getting scarcer and scarcer, it looks like, as a chance, she's going to end up getting indicted.
I mean, she makes Nixon look like
A saint!
There's massive evidence of election fraud.
O'Keefe, again, and his crew blew it wide open.
The premeditated, like something out of a Batman movie, where they're rubbing their hands together, giggling about how no one can stop them.
I mean, literally, for listeners who just tuned in, go to Project Veritas and watch the videos for yourself.
Now even more is coming out.
What do you expect them to do?
I mean, do they have enough bravado to actually try to steal it now that we have them on video admitting they're stealing it?
But wasn't the whole lesson of Watergate, no person is above the law?
Isn't that what the Liberals said over and over again when they removed Nixon?
Now it's very clear that certain people, call it elite deviance if you will, certain people get a pass.
You developed Living Defense for us.
It took you over a year to do it.
Why is this so good?
Because people are actually waking up to the problem that pretty much scares me the most.
I mean, I try to make sure that I don't put toxins from food and water and beverages in my system, but right now we're dealing with massive parasites, which is anything that's harmful to your body that lives off a host mechanism.
Right now with all the refugees,
Uh, spreading disease around.
We have biological warfare going on everywhere.
These are all parasites.
Tell us about all the stuff that's in it.
There's so many things that are in it.
You have the neem in there, you have the organic clove bud, the organic wormwood.
I recommend doing a parasite cleanse at least twice a year.
All right, well, I'm glad we've got some back in because I'm going back on it today.
It just came back in yesterday.
Living Defense, Infowarslife.com.
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It's full of stuff that's great for your body, period.
And you support the broadcast, Infowarslife.com.
Thank you, Dr. Group from the Global Healing Center.
Thank you so much for all your work, sir, on this great product.
Well, I'm not the kind to kiss and tell, but I've been seen with Farrah.
We are back live on the Alex Jones Show, fourth hour overdrive.
In the next segment, we've got Bill Mitchell, host of Your Voice Radio, coming up to drill down into the polls post-FBI investigation, and we're going to find out if they're going to have a major impact on the election.
We're also going to talk about those
Early voting numbers, trying to get a sense of what they're beginning to indicate.
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Again, 48% of Russians in a poll say that they expect a new world war over Syria.
We know that that's more likely if Hillary Clinton gets into office given that she's promised to use military assets against Russia if it's even suspected of cyber hacking.
These are perilous, dangerous times.
Governments are storing food.
They're storing seeds.
So you're not a conspiracy kook if you want to do the same thing and get your hands on some of this food insurance.
So again, this is the last
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Governments are warning about civil unrest.
We've got 48% of Russians in a poll thinking that there may be World War 3 over Syria.
We've got Russian television telling their citizens where to find nuclear bunkers.
Americans aren't being told that by CNN.
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And again, it helps us build this platform to the point where our tweets get more retweets, get more exposure, get more readership than Hillary Clinton's official Twitter account.
With 10 million plus followers.
That's what you have enabled us to build, to take on the mainstream media directly, to crush their narrative, as we have during this election cycle, by getting the products at infowarsstore.com.
Let's go back to some news stories.
Let's talk about media bias.
Because of course we had Donald Trump complaining about the media being rigged for weeks and weeks.
He was attacked, he was savaged as a conspiracy theorist.
Well, a new poll has come out and it finds that the majority, the huge majority of Americans believe the media is biased in favor of Hillary Clinton.