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Name: 20161027_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 27, 2016
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In this discussion, Alex Jones covers political issues including allegations against the Democratic candidate, Supreme Court's DACA decision, and reports of fraudulent activities in voting machines. He promotes LibertyOnCall.org as an alternative to health insurance and encourages listeners to report election fraud through interviews with conservative figures like Roger Stone, James O'Keefe, Dylan Howard, and Larry Nichols. Jones discusses potential voter fraud tactics from the Clinton campaign and electronic voting machines possibly flipping votes from Trump to Hillary. He emphasizes the importance of this election for America's future, comparing it to the Revolutionary War between freedom or bondage. Nichols warns Hillary about the consequences if she wins and accuses her of seeking power at any cost while trying to change America into a communist nation.

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Ladies and gentlemen, we're live.
We're about to kick off the four-hour transmission.
It's hard to believe, depending on how you slice it, that we're only, what, 12 to 11 days.
If you count Fox, we're 12 days out, counting Election Day.
But if you look at just the calendar, it's 11 days until it kicks off.
We have the editor-in-chief of the National Enquirer joining us today with breaking news.
We have Roger Stone, Larry Nichols and so much more.
Huge breaking news today.
But first, I'd like to kick the transmission off with an extremely powerful John Bowne report that cuts right to the heart of the matter.
Do you hear that knock on your door?
Could it be an illegal alien canvassing your neighborhood begging you to vote for Hillary Clinton, the criminal candidate that will fight for the 750,000 illegals under DACA that has already been struck down by the Supreme Court?
The propaganda shills at the Washington Post report
Four years after the DACA program was launched, many of the beneficiaries are still in a kind of limbo, unsure about whether their status would be renewed under a President Trump and concerned that their family members could be deported.
The uncertainty was underscored earlier this year when the U.S.
Supreme Court let stand a federal court injunction
I will do what I can as president.
I'm hoping if we win back the Senate and we win the White House again, the Republicans are going to see the error of their ways and quit using immigrants to divide our country and quit taking the kind of mean-spirited actions that they do.
You know, I was the first person to call out Donald Trump.
I said, basta!
Enough of this prejudice and paranoia and the kind of language that he uses.
So, and quit
Using immigrants to divide our country.
President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton couldn't even help the people they were attempting to illegally protect.
The American Constitution and the 4-4 vote at the Supreme Court put a stop to that.
Or maybe that knocking at your door is the Pentagon demanding their money back with interest.
The LA Times reported, short of troops to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan a decade ago, the California National Guard enticed thousands of soldiers with bonuses of $15,000 or more to re-enlist and go to war.
Now the Pentagon is demanding the money back.
Nearly 10,000 soldiers, many of whom serve multiple combat tours, have been ordered to repay large enlistment bonuses and slapped with interest charges, wage garnishments, and tax liens if they refuse.
After audits revealed widespread overpayments by the California Guard at the height of the war's last decade, roughly $30 million needs to be paid back.
Meanwhile, the Pentagon's black budget, taxpayer money, fueling the unconstitutional COG shadow government,
Rose from 52.6 billion in 2013 to 59 billion in 2015.
Or maybe that person knocking on your door is an Obamacare rep who stopped by to tell you that your premiums have gone up by at least 25%.
Warning you to be prepared when your medications have to be switched because the health insurance companies are jumping overboard from the Titanic that is the Affordable Care Act.
One fix!
That would drive premiums down.
Look, once again, there's no sense that it just has to be fixed.
The law's working as designed.
Well, whoever it is, you should probably exit your home from a back door and get out there and get in that early vote.
Because at least that vote will put a stop to this bureaucratic liberal madness, right?
Early voter Lisa Howlett reported, Republican straight ticket was highlighted.
However, the Clinton cane box was also highlighted.
I tried to go back and change and could not get it to work.
Shandi Clark also reported, I had a family member that voted this morning and she voted straight Republican.
She checked before she submitted and the vote had changed to Clinton.
Is it any wonder why Hillary Clinton is soaring in all of the fake polls?
While her VP candidate can only attract an audience of 30 to his rally.
While Trump and Pence bring in tens of thousands.
The entire machine is rigged.
Not just the voting booths.
The entire damn nation, that is our federal government, top to bottom.
It's the great American screw job.
And just in time for election day, the scum that has risen to the top of the globalist-owned and taxpayer-funded bureaucracy want you to know just how much they really loathe you, America.
John Bowne for InfoWars.com.
It has become a giant circus to distract us from the fact that our entire future is being stolen.
We'll be back.
Demand that your local officials do a certain amount of ballot checking with paper ballots every election to provide a sampling of accuracy of the computer.
Election officials say, no, we can't do a recount with paper ballots, it takes too long, it's too expensive, so they say just do a sample.
Give us 5%.
It's absolutely fraud and it happens all the time.
It's been happening for years and they're getting just better and better at it.
But this propaganda about the media, about there can't be any fraud, I mean, everyone is just
Saying, oh, we'll turn a blind eye to it.
Unless you have the process of audit in place, and you try to get it afterwards, you know, they'll say, well, next election we'll do it.
Next election, they'll put it off.
That's why I say you need to demand right now that your local officials decide to do an audit of this election.
So that we can prove if there's fraud or not.
I mean, you can say if there's no fraud, well, let's prove it then.
Everybody audit 5% of your ballots with the paper ballots.
The people on the dark side take over more and more of these organizations.
You know, they delight on picking good Christians and Mormons, return missionaries to be in the FBI on the light white side.
And occasionally they'll get into the dark side, you know, if they become hungry enough for power.
But generally they like these clean cut people fronting
For the legitimate things they do in the CIA and the FBI, but there's a huge dark side that is now predominating in both of these agencies.
You know, when you listen to the workings of conscience in your mind, you get a nervous feeling when something isn't quite right.
But when you violate conscience regularly, whether it's about nutrition, whether it's about what you watch on television, your actions, the way you treat your children, your wife, when you violate conscience, you become immune to those good and bad signals.
And then you become very, very susceptible to the temptations and the distortions of satanic influence in the mind.
And that's what happens when people slowly corrupt themselves.
Your ability to sense right and wrong, it gets clouded.
It gets hazy.
Because much more easy to get deceived into God can always intervene and he can change it if it's meant to be and if we're worthy to be saved or at least to delay I think what's coming and that's the only thing I hold out for Trump is that he will delay that globalist agenda.
And we're not going away.
The movement's not going to diminish one iota if Trump is defeated.
It's only going to be strengthened.
As I say, God has let an awful lot of bad things happen in a direction that I still see continuing.
So we're going to wait and see what happens, whether or not God intervenes.
I'm suggesting, you know, that we demand that each county do an audit.
Of a small percentage, you know, to compare the paper ballot with the computer.
It's all incremental though, it's a little bit of cheating here and there, but ultimately the big gorilla in the room is this computer fraud.
Because they can change thousands of votes and you'd never know it.
It just dumps them out and that's, yeah.
If you're not doing an audit, and an audit even of 1% is going to catch voter fraud because a computer should make zero errors.
Before America can be great again, she must be free again.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are now only 11 days out.
And my head is swimming with the possibilities, with the probabilities,
With the different developments.
The Democrats and their operatives are promising to burn down the United States if somehow Trump gets in.
Hillary plans to accelerate the deindustrialization and the balkanization along racial lines in that entire Divide and Conquer program.
If she gets in, across the world people are fighting back against world government and against the tyranny.
It is an amazing time to be alive.
We have so much here to go over.
So much here to break down today.
All over the United States, reports are flooding in, and people are taking photos of it as well, of where their votes are being flipped.
But Texas is a major focal point.
And driving into work today, I saw one polling place that had a line about 200 feet long out the door, and I've tweeted that out at Real Alex Jones on Twitter.
And that's what Texas election officials are seeing is record-breaking turnout and quote, it's all for Trump.
Black, white, Hispanic, Christian, Jewish, even Muslim, you name it.
Trump has come out after a drudge report linked to several of our articles detailing it in the last two days, and his warning of vote flipping on machines, people are not happy, big lines, what is going on?
Also an amazing video, just showing hypocrisy video, rude CNN reporter asked Trump why he's taking time off and not campaigning hard.
He's broken all records, on average six stops a day, eight yesterday, and is set to have seven today, where he speaks up to an hour per visit.
It's, the stamina is just unprecedented.
But in inversion world, Trump's a racist, he has no stamina,
He wants to bankrupt the country.
He's a criminal.
He's a sexual predator.
No charges of it.
No claims until now.
Meanwhile, we know who Bill Clinton is.
They blame him for being a Russian agent.
That it's all on Clinton.
Just amazing.
That clip is coming up.
He just blows her away.
It gets really good.
The latest data dump from Wikileaks from Podesta.
He says, who told Hillary she could use a private email?
Whole thing is effing insane, he said.
Tell me who did it, and that person needs to be drawn and quartered.
That means you have your guts pulled out and ripped out, and then two horses are tied to your arms and legs and they rip you in four pieces.
Now, that's the guy that's been involved covering up for her.
Serious felony every time you do that, not just with classified material.
With classified, it gets even worse.
I mean, ladies and gentlemen,
If you snuck on a military base and stole a secret document out of it, you could get the death penalty.
And the point is, they are applying it that way to everybody else.
Trump promises new deal for black America.
We've got the clip where he breaks that down.
Meanwhile, guess what's in WikiLeaks?
They talk about how David Brock thinks black people are stupid.
Look at that creature.
I mean, anybody that grows a fake Einstein haircut to make you think they're smart.
By the way, liberals see an Einstein haircut, they bow down.
Liberals are all about costumes and festooning themselves with BS.
Meanwhile, in the email, they talk about how David Brock thinks black people are stupid.
Leftist controllers hate everybody, folks.
I'd love to just say they're going for black people.
No, they want you all poor, under their control, period.
It's in the emails.
They want you dumb.
They want you stupid.
They want you under their control.
They want you in debt.
It's a form of slavery.
Meanwhile, new WikiLeaks, Clinton campaign circulated Paul Ryan relative as possible Supreme Court pick.
Hmm, wonder why old Blue Eyes is like that.
Ex-Head of Department directive, a department employee, everyone sends sensitive info to private emails under Secretary Clinton.
They go on to say, honestly, she just did it, so we changed our policy and did the same thing.
That's how it works.
Meanwhile, Hillary Aide rushes to her side to help her climb a step.
We have photos and video of her clearly falling down, beginning to fall down again and having to be helped because she starts to have one of the little minor seizures, little baby seizures.
Meanwhile, getting ready for civil unrest, I mentioned this survey finds that most Americans are concerned about election violence.
And a big index of tweets and Facebook posts by liberals shows that they're all basically, almost all of them, saying they're going to get very, very violent.
Well, let me tell you something.
I'd catch anybody trying to burn down a house with people in it or shooting at police or firefighters or anything.
I'm going to defend this republic.
I'm fed up with terrorists.
I'm fed up with scum.
I'm fed up with people and foreign globalists like Soros trying to destabilize this country.
And I'm done.
But don't worry, USA Today says Clinton builds lead in divided nation worried about election day violence.
In every major poll where they only sample 9% more Democrats.
That's the bottom.
He's beating her by 2, 3, 4, 5 points.
But don't worry, USA Today, let's go look at the methodology.
Oh, she's built a 10 point lead magically.
Getting you ready for the fraud.
So we're going to be breaking that down in great detail.
Again, I mentioned the election fraud that's going on.
Don't let that discourage you.
This is the animating contest of liberty.
You have a right in your private polling area.
The polling official's not supposed to be in there.
And they're misinterpreting laws, we've looked at it, telling you you can't be videotaping with your own phone or photographing your vote.
They're supposed to give you paper ballots if you want them.
They're not doing it all over the country.
We confirmed right here in Austin it's not happening at multiple polling places.
We have it on video.
And we're there to document it, not to interfere.
We're outside talking to people in exit polls.
That is what the media has always done.
It's part of defending our republic and the integrity of our election system.
But continuing, Donald Trump will win, claims professor who correctly predicted every U.S.
presidential election since he set up this computer program.
That's what the Google bots show.
It's what Facebook bots show.
It's what all the big corporate bots.
And by the way, I'm hooked into it because I have a major website and I've got basically full access to Google.
Most people that have sites just have smaller access to the analytics.
Because I've been working with Google, working with the devil for at least 18, 19 years.
We've got full access.
We're going to do whole shows off the data we've got.
Some of it's proprietary.
We're not supposed to show it.
It's basically like an NSA interface.
And it just shows Trump off the charts everywhere.
I mean, Hillary, Hillary has the excitement in the public.
Of cleaning up dog crap out of your backyard when you're 12 years old and the dog's been out there for a week and you haven't been scooping like you're supposed to.
And dad or mom says, get out there before I let you go to the movies and scoop up the dog crap.
That was my job, both of you are, pick up the dog crap.
I hate to use a gross analogy, but the excitement she's got on the internet is the level that you have picking up dog crap.
I mean, that's it.
On a scale of likeability, she's right there, not with dog crap, but with having to pick it up, having to deal with it.
A rotten, old, evil, demonic, mafia crime boss representing the Chicago Mafia, the Dixie Mafia, the KKK.
I mean, she is a despicable monster creature who, according to so many witnesses, her chef, you name it, constantly does not like black people serving her.
And we'll say, just what is that n-word doing?
Get that n-word in here now.
And we'll write on notes like lawyers do.
Get that n-word out of here!
I mean, I cannot imagine having a black person serving me or anybody else and calling them names.
Just the degeneracy.
She doesn't give tips.
I'm sorry, I'm ranting.
She steals furniture everywhere.
She steals it out of the State Department, the White House, the cutlery.
She's a egomaniac, psychopath,
A person who is not just a kleptomaniac, but a kleptocrat maniac.
So we're going to be breaking all of that down.
The video is up on InfoWars.com.
We posted it to Facebook.
We shot it last night.
Danny Williams is in contact with people like Biggs and others and was pointing out, hey, my YouTube has been taken down.
Millions and millions of views just of his press conference.
Millions of views of the other videos that we've obviously shown here.
And I called him up because the poor guy doesn't have any help.
The media is like, it's a big right-wing conspiracy with a Trump behind it.
No, he's all by himself.
And I said, well, let's get you on speakerphone here.
He was driving to pick up his kids after work.
And I said, let's get you on speakerphone and shot a report.
By early morning hours, they had reinstated it, but they said via community standards, he was racist.
Nothing was racist said on the channel.
Nothing was bad, but their community guidelines.
Oh, you've got a channel with 10 million views.
We're not going to let you have that channel.
We say you're a bad person.
So that's the new commissariat system.
The World Net Daily reports YouTube backs off ban on Clinton's black son.
Now continuing, leaked emails show Clinton staffers struggling to handle Bill's woman issues.
We've got more on that coming up and what's in the WikiLeaks.
We've got Trump coming out ahead in more polls.
That's just some of what we're going to break down.
Former Secret Service agent we frequently interviewed is getting ready to sue for defamation mainstream media.
Also there's a big stack of news here.
Here's why Bruce Springsteen's blue-collared heroes have made Donald Trump their rock star.
And expanding on that,
Some Jewish voters go against tide to support Trump.
A record number for a Republican.
That's being reported out of CBS News.
It's hats and t-shirts.
Trump fans rally in Jerusalem's Old City.
I thought he was the big evil anti-Semite.
I'll tell you who the anti-Semites are, folks.
It's the radical Islamists, the communist Chinese are anti-Semitic for whatever weird reason.
But I'll tell you, really, it's George Soros and Madeleine Albright.
George Soros helped round up Jews en masse, I'm going to skip this break, and sell them out in Eastern Europe.
He was like a bloodhound going and finding Jews and robbing them.
They would think they could pay him money to get out of the country.
Of course, they never did.
He'd take the money and then betray them.
The Nazis loved him.
Madeleine Albright's father did the same thing.
And notice, these are people that claim they represent Jews in America.
They'd kill you for a dollar if they could.
I don't care if you're black, white, Jewish.
It doesn't matter.
These are evil people.
And if they're going to have the Jerusalem Post call me anti-Semitic for exposing people that round up Jews, then I am.
That's the big dirty secret that Dr. Pachinik, who is a true Holocaust survivor, lost family members, barely got out of Europe in World War II.
I thought I'd have him on just for a whole hour on this because it really makes you mad at those type of folks, is that it's literally the neocons and so many of these other groups that made sure the Jews couldn't get out and got the money from the Jews
They were going to let him get out and then stole it and didn't let him get out.
And it's despicable.
And it's organized crime.
And I've decided to do some big investigative reports on that and just lay all that out.
Because, you know, there are some real Nazis that we've got hunting Hitler going on down in South America.
How about hunting Hitler's accomplices right here in America today?
But they'll have the media grab some old jail guard, who we're not sure is really a jail guard, might have been, when they're 95 years old and can't talk and can't defend themselves, and have some big show trial for them.
They're a real Nazi, blow their head off!
But when you've got real Nazis that go on 60 Minutes and say, I don't apologize, but round up Jews, then they get worshipped as the Jewish leaders.
Truly sick, and I'm really glad to see Jews, and everybody else for that matter, waking up worldwide to just corruption and evil, no matter what
Name or religion or race it comes under, corruption needs to be dealt with.
We all need to come together of every religion, every race, every creed for basic freedom and to fight corruption because that's what we're dealing with.
And Obamacare and all this stuff gets passed by big corrupt special interests put into place so all these different mafias
Can battle over who gets to suck the most blood out of us, and there's no one mafia that's in control right now, but they're all trying to build a world government, hoping they'll end up being in control of the technocracy.
That's why all these different criminal groups support it, because it's a megalomaniacal power trip.
But I digress.
Huge reports out showing Trump is polling 21 to 30 percent, depending on the state, places like Michigan, with black Americans.
And again, the political correctness says African American, but then black folks wouldn't want to be called that.
It's all about the media telling us what names we use for each other when we're all just human beings.
But the point is, black people, it appears, to a great extent, are breaking the trance.
And if Trump could get in and actually deliver on major tax cuts, and I'm all for bigger tax cuts in these inner city areas than other places, that's true affirmative action for people that have been run over and left behind.
Actually, just let them have more money.
Let businesses have incentives to move into those areas and then move out the leftist controllers that want to activate mobs, again of organized criminals, to burn down the cities to drive down the wages even more.
So then they come in with a community reorganization package and fake gentrification run by the establishment and then move the folks out.
This is how you're being set up.
I want to expose how you're being set up.
I want to expose how I'm being set up.
I don't like setups.
I don't like economies based on fraud.
I like economies based on renaissance.
Now, there's so much more to get into.
Obamacare architect laughs about skyrocketing premiums.
We're going to play all this today.
Isn't that sickening?
Gruber laughs about it, and so does Ezekiel Emanuel.
It's all very funny.
They both laugh and say, we're going to gouge you more money.
Thank God you're so stupid.
So more celebrating the criminal activity in your face.
We're going to be getting to all of that as well today.
But before I go any further, they want to have their cake and eat it too.
They want to say the Russians are taking over the election.
We've got to have international monitors from the EU and the UN run the elections.
Trump is 10, 15, 20, 30 points behind, 100 points, 500 points, 1,000 points.
And you're going to lie and say he's 30 points behind.
Why not say 5,000 points?
But you're like, well, there's only 100 points in the election.
I understand that.
But they want us to lose hope and believe this so when they steal it, we buy it.
But now they're panicking because there's such a landslide as early voting numbers come in from Florida to Texas.
Landslide for Donald Trump.
Despite all the fraud, the illegals voting over and over again, the dead people voting from Colorado to Texas to Pennsylvania, he is ahead in all these states in the exit polls.
They are scared.
It's record voting.
That's not good for Democrats.
They do better when there's low voting.
And ladies and gentlemen, now, Mook, Robbie Mook, state of the race, he's come out and said that Trump could win, so get out and vote.
They're hitting the panic button, here it is.
Donald Trump has been going around telling people not to listen to the polls and saying that he can still win this race.
Well, you know what?
He's absolutely right.
Hillary's got the wind at her back, but we can't become overconfident.
We call states like Florida, North Carolina, and New Hampshire battlegrounds for a reason.
They can go either way.
In fact, there was a poll that showed Donald winning Florida.
We've seen polls tighten since the third debate, and we expect things to get even closer before Election Day.
Please visit IWillVote.com.
Find out if you can vote early in your state.
Or if you requested an absentee ballot, please fill it out and send it back as soon as possible.
That's good.
If you want to vote on Election Day... That's enough.
Get him off the screen.
I can't look at him.
Now, why are they doing this?
They wanted the New York Times, USA Today, they all announced a few weeks ago, she's gonna win an early voting and we're gonna call it early with projections calling that a sampling for
Hillary, the problem is the numbers from Pennsylvania, which is a true battleground, and Florida and other areas show him 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, even 10 points ahead in the samples that they're getting from early voting and it's record level.
So that's why they're panicking and saying, oh my gosh, get out there.
As fast as you can, because they can't steal a landslide.
It'll become too obvious if at midnight, you know, on November 8th, going into November 9th, they're having to do stuff like they did in Ohio, taking hundreds of precincts with thousands of voters in each one and giving 100% to Barack Obama.
I mean, they don't want to do ham-fisted stealing like they did with Mitt Romney.
Because this landslide's even bigger.
Now let's go ahead and go to the next one.
Texas official, this is Fox, sees record-breaking turnout and it's all for Trump.
Here it is.
We are seeing, we have a record number of people registered to vote in Texas.
We're having record turnouts the first day, the second day of early voting.
And it's not Bernie Sanders supporters coming out to support Hillary, and it's not Barack Obama supporters coming out to support Hillary.
But it's a new surge of Trump voters.
Many have never registered to vote.
Many have not voted in eight or ten elections, so they're not recorded in the polls.
I think this indicates that it's going to be a crushing victory in Texas for the Trump campaign.
It's very obvious to me.
Do you think some of the polls are off?
Or why do you think the numbers don't line up within your estimation of what's really happening down there?
Well, I know for a fact that the polls are off because they oversample Democrats by about, some of them 8, some of them up to 16% are oversampling Democrats.
They're oversampling women 5 to 8%.
So, the Republican vote is underreported, plus there's no way to sample this extra 20 or 25% of new voters that are Trump voters.
They're not Republicans, they're not Democrats, they're pragmatists, they're tired of the status quo, and they won't change.
And they see the Donald Trump campaign, he's the change agent.
Yeah, that's Sid Miller, who's dead on, because we haven't really gotten into this.
Normally, the scamming is oversampling women or calling the independents independents when they really know it's from a pool that's mainly Democrats.
They can do that by demographic, by phone number, by... there's a lot of ways to do it.
It's all come out.
Now, they're cheating over there, too.
But they're just doing it, not 8 points, Sid.
I haven't seen one at 8.
They're all 9 and up.
And he said, as high as 16?
We've shown it, the CNN polls, they do after the debates, where they call 512 registered voters, and they go, call us, and you call the number, are you a registered voter?
Okay, we'll call you back after the show.
And then they call back, and the people that answer, and then they go, oh my, are you a Democrat?
Yes, I am.
Well, we're going to keep your vote then.
40-something to 20-something.
I said it because it varies.
46% Democrat, 48% Democrat, 23% Republican, 27% Republican.
I mean, that's how they would sample it.
Double the Democrats.
We're not talking about 16% oversampling.
We're talking double.
This is ridiculous.
Of course Hillary Clinton was winning by 68, 70 points.
Oh, just in.
CNN poll.
30 minutes after the debate, we've got the first sign of the poll.
She's winning by 68 points.
Well, she better be.
She better be if you're double sampling.
Hell, she should be at 80% of your double sampling.
This is ridiculous!
So again, that's why you see the votes being flipped.
The report's coming in from Ohio.
The report's coming in from Texas.
You say, well that's not a battleground state.
Whatever, they're doing it because they want her to probably try to win the popular two because it'll look bad if she doesn't.
They're clearly doing this in Florida.
They're clearly doing it in Pennsylvania.
They're clearly doing it in Colorado.
It's happening.
By the way, we're starting an email address.
We're going to check it every hour.
24 hours a day.
Vote at Infowars.com.
V-O-T-E at Infowars.com.
Screenshots, photos, videos, YouTubes you've shot yourself of fraud happening.
You send us that, we'll be checking it constantly.
I want all the reporters to be checking it every hour with reports you've got, what you've seen, what's unfolded.
I saw a polling place this morning.
Saw a line 200 feet long out the door, pulled over, boom, got a shot out the window of the car, tweeted it out.
It's just intel, intel, intel, intel, intel.
All of it's important.
Send us your intel.
Vote at InfoWars.com.
We got big stuff coming up.
For the last several weeks, Donald Trump has been warning us that the election could be rigged against him.
First of all, it's rigged.
And I'm afraid the election's gonna be rigged, I have to be honest.
Because I think my side was rigged if I didn't win by massive landslides.
I mean, think of what we won in New York and Indiana.
California, 78%.
And now he has indicated on Twitter that he is aware of reports of electronic voting machines that are flipping votes from Trump to Hillary.
Meanwhile, InfoWars has highlighted the fact that there have already been numerous reports of early voters in Texas seeing their ballots flipped from Donald Trump to a vote for Hillary Clinton.
And now we have learned that billionaire globalist George Soros
I'm gonna lay it out short and sweet.
I got so dedicated to fighting the globalists and their program for world government that I stopped working out.
I was a total fitness nut 20 years ago.
About 15 years ago, I just stopped working out.
I gained close to 100 pounds.
I have lost 50, 60 pounds of fat.
Or more.
I've gained 20 pounds of muscle.
I'm stronger than I was when I was 22.
When I could bench press close to 400 pounds and squat 600.
It's actually scary.
And it's because I take products that our researchers developed that block the estrogen mimickers that basically feminize men.
We've produced these products with top scientists and researchers like Dr. Group to help you counteract the globalist onslaught and at the same time support InfoWars in our fight to promote human liberty and freedom.
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The date is Thursday, October 27th, 2016.
We are now only 11 days out from the 2016 election.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are only 11 days out, and massive evidence of fraud is coming in all over the country, flipping votes.
Donald Trump is tweeting, very concerned.
Election officials have had to pull out some of the electronic machines, saying, yeah, they're flipping, and then turning them back on, going to paper ballots.
We've got Democrats on video with Project Veritas, from the director of New York's elections, right down to people who are actually doing it, admitting organized crime fraud on an industrial scale.
To steal the election.
We have them admittedly being caught in WikiLeaks, paying companies to over-sample for Hillary.
In some cases, 40 plus percent.
The average is about 16 percent.
To show her ahead, this is crazy.
And now we have them panicking in clips we just played, Mook and others, the head of the campaign.
Uh, saying that, uh oh, you better go vote because it looks like Donald Trump really could win.
So they're getting very, very scared right now.
Then we have our crowd sizes, a couple hundred people.
We got 30 people for Cain, Herb,
Almost falling down again today.
That video's up on Infowars.com.
It is crazy to see all this happen.
Meanwhile, Donald Trump will win, says the political scientist who's always been right in every major election since he launched his algorithm.
That's the London Independent.
So we're tracking all of this.
We have more of the Obamacare architects, Ezekiel Emanuel and also Mr. Gruber, Jonathan Gruber, on TV laughing at the public to their face this time, saying we're going to raise premiums even more to punish you and penalties that do not exist.
So we have reached an insane asylum level where these people are literally like the Joker.
laughing at us.
We're going to go to our special guest.
I mean, I knew that Roger Stone was coming on, but I'm really excited to see that right next to him is James O'Keefe of Project Veritas.
So we'll be talking to them with major breaking news in just one moment.
Before I go any further, this broadcast is viewer and listener supported.
We're obviously, just like these two guys, it's great to have us all together.
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We have sold out of the Hillary for Prison shirts that we started.
I thought we had enough to go through the election.
It's over.
The collector's item, it's gone.
The Bill Clinton rape shirt, that's still available.
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The rape whistles, available.
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We have Trump is my President limited edition to wear out in public.
It's red.
So people understand that we're the majority across the board of every race, color, and creed waking up with populism.
So a very exciting time to be alive now.
Breaking news right now with Roger Stone, who, as we get closer to the end here, we're going to have him on every day if he can do it, along with James O'Keefe, the heads of Project Veritas, that has just absolutely, I think, would win the most valuable player award in this overall 2016 election exposing the organized crime.
I mean, I hate to nominate him for that, because I want that, and I'm sure Drudge wants that.
I guess Drudge is calling it the coach, and so is Roger Stone.
But I tell you, the most valuable player, the guy that scored, you know, most of the touchdowns in the game, that have been so devastating, along with the WikiLeaks.
It's hard to say who, folks, but I gotta tell you, James O'Keefe doesn't want the credit.
He wants to beat these people, but here he is, joining us via Skype, with Mr. Stone.
So, a great surprise to have you there with Mr. Stone.
Hey, thanks Alex.
Roger's here because we're going to be releasing a little video tomorrow where Roger makes a little cameo in it.
So he's in my office and he said you were doing the Skype and it's great to be here.
Well, I know you're a busy man, so let's let you first tell us the latest.
Give us some hints on what's going to be breaking your take on what I just broke down.
And then, of course, Roger, who's heading up the national operations grassroots to stop the steal, can fill us in.
Well, it's very humbling for you to say that, and we're very busy.
We released four installments of this series this week.
We found out that Hillary was personally involved, personally involved, in dressing people up at these protests to elicit a violent reaction.
And the White House has been asked about it, and Trump brought it up in the debates last week, as you saw.
We released Part 4, where they took money from a foreign bank account and then returned it.
So, two people have been fired.
You know, there may be more fired.
We're releasing another video tomorrow.
And as it relates to voter fraud, the New York City Commissioner of Elections, after our video last week, was issued a subpoena because he said that they bust people around.
And him and de Blasio right now are at war with each other.
So he was issued a subpoena, and we're going to see what happens there.
Again, not tooting your horn, just breaking down the chain of events.
You guys have been mirroring, I guess without even knowing, the intel Wikileaks has, but then showing it in the real world, confirming it in triplicate.
And then you've also, again, have Hillary confirmed in the videos that she's giving the direct orders and what Hillary wants, she gets.
And then we have the new Wikileaks with Podesta saying, you know, Hillary's crazy.
What the hell is she doing?
And we have the other emails saying we're covering it up.
We've got to, you know, clean all this up.
I mean, we have them now.
Yeah, I think this is her Achilles heel.
The fact that I thought the voter fraud is important, the inducement of violence at the protests, that's a smoking gun.
And she hasn't even denied it.
I mean, she won't even address it.
When she was asked on the airplane late last week about it, they said, well, what do you have to say for yourself?
She literally ran away and said, time to get food.
So I think it's her Achilles heel that she was personally involved.
Bob Kramer, the man in the videos, you know,
He's no low-level guy.
He's the beating heart of the institutional left in the Democratic Party.
And that heart has been ripped out of the body right now.
And he went to the White House 340 times, met with the President 47 times.
The mainstream media is not doing it.
But someone has to continue asking her.
Over and over again, what do you have to say for yourself for dressing people up like Donald Duck?
It's a stupid, silly thing that she did.
But she did it!
And that's why people were beaten and bloodied is because of what she did.
And we know from the emails sending people in to basically elicit attacks on women or having security drag out women that were causing disturbances.
I mean, this is premeditated.
This is absolutely criminal.
And when you say that their heart's been torn out, we're not just saying that.
I mean, politically, even if she crawls over the finish line and steals the election, which is getting scarcer and scarcer, it looks like, as a chance, she's going to end up getting indicted.
I mean, she makes Nixon look like a saint.
That's the point I was just about to make, which is, look, no one ever proved that Nixon knew about the break-in at the Watergate, and he was removed essentially for dirty tricks and illegalities pertaining to the 1972 election.
What Hillary, as James says, you've got the smoking gun.
She has been involved.
Now, in the old days, Woodward and Bernstein would be on her like a cheap suit.
Where's the Washington Post?
Where's the New York Times?
The very people who drove Nixon from office in investigative reporting because of irregularities and dirty tricks in the 72 election, I would remind you.
They're silent today.
There's like, oh, nothing to see there.
Keep moving.
We're 11 days out.
There's massive evidence of election fraud.
O'Keefe, again, and his crew blew it wide open.
The premeditated, like something out of a Batman movie, where they're rubbing their hands together, giggling about how no one can stop them.
I mean, literally, for listeners who just tuned in, go to Project Veritas and watch the videos for yourself.
Now even more is coming out.
What do you expect them to do?
I mean, do they have enough bravado to actually try to steal it now that we have them on video admitting they're stealing it?
I think Alex, you know, to Roger's point, I think that you have a situation where Trump is a proxy vote against the entire system, the entire establishment, even in the unlikely case that Hillary pulls this one through.
No one has confidence.
The whole system is rigged.
The whole game is rigged.
And what I said to you last time is that this story is not just about the corruption and the fraud and the illegality and that she was personally involved in protests, which all of her people said that she was.
And that they were talking about busting people across state lines and proudly saying it.
It's a story about how the citizens of this country are so fed up and so angry with the media that they, that, that, that, like we're the barbarians at the gates.
Millions of people on social media putting pressure on the mainstream media to cover this story.
This is a turning point in our country's history right now.
Because you have millions of people with nowhere to go except for your show, and they view Roger as a leader, they view Project Veritas as a leader.
This is a turning point for our country.
We don't need the Washington Post anymore.
Woodward and Bernstein... Absolutely!
And we're not just saying this for listeners, because this is so historic.
Undoubtedly, they even admit this.
They're hitting the panic button in a whole bunch of big publications, as you know, admitting they're dead, admitting everyone hates them, admitting they're a shadow of a shadow of a shadow, and admitting that they have destroyed all their credibility
And that if they're crazy enough to just put Hillary in now, that will be the absolute coup de grace tombstone.
I mean, we have fought her, the people have fought her, and now the system is completely chewed up and bleeding to death.
That's right.
No one has faith in the system anymore.
And look, we have an early warning on what's about to happen in these elections.
I mean, since I announced the Stop the Steal Exit Poll Program, by the way, the three networks conduct exit polls on a regular basis.
They contract out to do it.
No one accuses them of intimidating voters.
But since we announced the Stop the Steal Exit Poll Program in 7,000 selected precincts across the country in key states, the attack on us
From the left and their running dog lackeys has been outrageous.
Racists, thugs, a motley crew of stumble bums that are going to be threatening people at the polls.
Oh, they're going to be wearing badges.
By the way, no badges.
No, we're going to run a neutral exit poll.
It's not like a guy comes up to you with a Trump hat and a Trump t-shirt and Trump buttons and says, hi, I'm taking an exit poll.
This is going to be done on a scientific basis.
And it has panicked the establishment because they know we can compare the exit polls with the actual results and have evidence, conceivably, that you can take into a federal court to overturn this election.
The great danger is the rigging of the machines.
It's not just voter fraud.
James, I think, has uncovered
And that's my question!
We're awake.
The world's awake.
The frauds all come out.
Veritas has them admitting they're trying to steal it.
We have the Wikileaks admitting they're trying to steal it.
They're rigging polls.
They're panicking.
So now that they're with the lights on, trying to creep into the house and steal the jewels, are they still going to do it with a sports stadium of people watching them?
I'll tell you that the Attorney General of Delaware just put out a memorandum where they said you're not allowed to film or expose things at the polls.
So I just got that on my desk this morning.
They're trying to stop people like Veritas from going and filming and uncovering it.
They're going to make it illegal.
They're going to criminalize
Journalism, they're going to try to shut, everyone always says, well Hillary gets elected, James, they're going to put you in jail.
And I hope, I don't think the American people will stand for that.
I don't think your audience would stand for it.
I've been told, Roger's been told, they get back in, they're coming after all of us.
Yes, they're going to come after, well not unless your audience puts pressure, like Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, kicked me off two weeks ago.
And 40,000 people sent tweets to Jack Dorsey and then they reinstated us.
Since you mentioned that, they kicked.
With 10 million views on that channel, another 20 or so on his, 3 on ours.
We're talking 30 plus million views.
They kicked Danny Williams off YouTube yesterday saying his videos were racist.
There was nothing racist in them.
This is the new community guidelines.
Now because of pressure, they put them back today.
World Net Daily's reporting.
What do you make of that?
Exactly, because of pressure they put him back today.
So I think we're fine as long as your audience and Roger's audience and my audience, as long as you put pressure on the machine.
But the whole of the fact that the United States Attorney in Delaware is making it, or the Attorney General rather, is making it illegal for me to
We're good to go.
Here's a clip that came out on Twitter this morning, sent to us by the activist.
Vote at Infowars.com, folks.
Send all your links there.
Vote at Infowars.com to that email.
Here's a lady going up to a Clinton operative with a Clinton badge, armband, basically, who's recruiting people to vote at the polling station.
Now, that is illegal.
Here it is.
Stickers if you're registering people to vote in the state of Nevada.
Can you show me the voting system?
Yeah, I sure will.
What's your name?
I'm not sick.
You better hide your face because I'm going to call the news on this one.
We're going to put you on InfoWars.
So you're another one.
You're about the fifth one in the state of Nevada wearing Hillary stickers.
You know you can't be wearing Hillary stickers if you're registering people to vote.
You can't.
No, it's a free place.
So what's your name?
So what's your name?
It goes on and on.
It shows the polling place right behind her.
Now again, the law varies, but I think she's on the edge of it.
The point is, this is the brazen behavior.
And notice, the lady that sent us this said, tweeted it at O'Keefe, Roger Stone, InfoWars.
People understand, those are the places to report this type of stuff.
We will get it out.
So thank you listeners for taking action.
Roger, James O'Keefe?
Yeah, let me address this.
The 50 states have different laws pertaining to the conduct inside and around a polling place.
And most states allow electioneering a certain number of feet away, several hundred thousand usually.
Therefore, asking people outside a polling place when they leave
How they voted in a scientific poll?
Well, as I said, the networks do it.
It's very common.
Videoing those conversations outside the polling place, which is at this point not part of our plan, but would be entirely legal.
As far as electioneering, again, as voters approach the poll,
Outside a certain number of feet, generally speaking.
But, officials inside wearing Clinton paraphernalia, people going in and out wearing Clinton paraphernalia.
This is clearly illegal.
According to the Twitter person, a reporter, she was going in and out.
The point is, she's taught people as they're going in and going out, so correct me if I'm wrong, you shouldn't be talking to them as they go in, especially if you're festooned with Hillary badges.
Unless you're a certain number of feet.
So if she saw people in the parking lot, let's take Connecticut, the state I know, I think it's 230 feet from the polling place, you're allowed to electioneer.
Hold a sign, cheer, hand out flyers, anything you want.
But a certain number of feet away from the poll.
You can't follow the voters in.
So she can't be at the door to the grocery store?
But she can be on the outer edges of the parking lot of the grocery store.
This is just too historic what's happening.
I'm skipping this break too.
This is just so great to have you two guys here with us.
I know you've got to go in about 10 minutes, both of you.
James O'Keefe, what happens if they try to steal it?
What does your gut tell you?
Other key points?
You've got the floor.
Well, I think the video that came out Monday, where it showed the Hillary campaign illegally coordinating with these non-profit organizations.
They're spending money to help the campaign.
That's an FEC violation.
So, there have been a couple complaints filed.
Your point was, well, what do you do when they break the law?
And that's what, it's a cliche at this point, but we're living in sort of a banana republic, where laws, we're not a nation of political laws, we're a nation of political will.
Where no one is equal under the law.
And she breaks the law over and over and over again.
So I catch it on video, where she's personally involved.
Bob Kramer says she's involved.
They're bragging about how they coordinate.
On Fox News, Brad Woodhouse said, of course I coordinate with Hillary Clinton.
He's bragging about the fact that he's doing illegal campaign coordination.
We issued an FEC complaint.
We sent out an email campaign to 100,000 people, put pressure on the FEC.
What more can we do?
The law enforcement agencies of our country are not going to enforce the laws.
I mean, I'm a journalist.
I can report facts.
I can put it on videotape.
But it's very concerning.
And to quote him, he says, there's nothing the government will do.
We're above the law.
He literally does the famous criminal celebration.
But wasn't the whole lesson of Watergate, no person is above the law?
Isn't that what the liberals said over and over again when they removed Nixon?
Now it's very clear that certain people, call it elite deviance, if you will, certain people get a pass.
Let me ask you both, what happens if they steal it in front of God and country?
I think what happens is the people will revolt.
I saw it over the last two weeks.
I've never seen anything like this.
We are witnessing a populist revolt on social media.
People don't give a crap what the New York Times says.
They don't believe them anymore.
So if you have 50 or 100 million people in this country who have no one to speak for them, what's going to happen to those people?
I think that's a powerful movement of people that are going to literally revolt.
It's not going to be with pitchforks.
I think it's going to be on social.
I think it's going to be on media.
I think they're going to literally revolt.
And I think we're already seeing that.
Mainstream media admits everybody hates us.
We're losing subscriptions.
We're losing sponsors.
They've gone from being absolutely not trusted to being absolutely hated.
Roger, what happens next?
The important thing, Alex, is we just can't have a supposition based on circumstantial evidence that this was stolen.
You need hard evidence that would be admissible in court.
And that is why we at StopTheSteal.org are trying to create a legal record.
That's why we're doing these exit polls so they can then be compared.
Within an hour of the polls closing, we hope to have an entire analysis and we will be able to hand Donald Trump or the Republican National Committee, if they're really for Donald Trump, a package that shows that this election was heisted, if it indeed is heisted.
Don't get distracted by voter fraud.
It's significant, but that's not the ballgame.
No, I agree.
The big issue is going to be the vote flipping by the machines, which we've confirmed in Texas.
I have family that's scared to come on.
It happened to them, okay?
I tried to go vote this morning.
The lines were too long.
That's why I have the photo.
I just was like, good God, there's a 200-foot line and inside the building was a, you know, a snaking 60-foot line and like a hundred people waiting.
So, used to, if I went and voted, there might have been five people there in early voting.
That's why I like to vote early.
So what does that signify?
Giant lines everywhere.
Almost everyone voting for Trump, according to election officials, but people are telling him, exit polls.
And we're being told Texas is close.
This is a part and parcel of the two-step.
Step one, create a false level of anticipation, of expectations.
Step two, rig the machines to meet those expectations.
Nobody will be the wiser.
It's the perfect crime.
That's why it has to be detected through exit poles.
If they would allow us to inspect
The software for the machines in advance, we could determine that this is not happening, but they will not allow that.
Secondarily, these machines can be rigged at the central server, they can be rigged by somebody inside the local board of elections, or they can be rigged by a person carrying a $15 device that he bought at
Best Buy.
And that's been proven by HBO.
I want to get final comments from both of you because I know you've got to go and of course go out to websites.
But talk about Project Veritas.
Huge coup last week.
Here's Scott Fovill, the number two minion of the top Democratic operative, Kramer, saying, hey, we're above the law.
It doesn't matter.
We're not worried about the press.
Here's that clip.
The question is whether, when you get caught by a reporter, does that matter?
Because does it turn into an investigation or not?
In this case, in this state, the answer is no.
Because they don't have any power to do anything?
So, so this is sort of maybe, maybe not... That's good.
It goes on and on.
So, so, so, so James O'Keefe, we don't have any power to do anything about it.
I mean, I've been asking the questions here.
Other points you'd like to add, James O'Keefe of Project Veritas?
Well, I think the point is, in that clip, Scott Foval specifically said, he said, the Republicans are too weak in the knees to actually enforce the laws in the state of Wisconsin.
Now, I will tell you, that in the last couple days, sources have told me we've been contacted by law enforcement agencies, and they are planning on pressing charges.
Now, whether they go through with it, this is what their plan is at this point.
Sure, they want to go forward, and then Loretta Lynch stops it.
Right, but the main, this is really shocking what he said.
He said I could F-U-C-K my mother and get away with it in places like Michigan and Wisconsin because the Republicans are too weak in the knees to actually do anything about it.
That's right.
That's the main story, is that they could do anything and get away with it.
And that's because they're really Democrats.
The WikiLeaks prove that Rubio and Ryan are actual Democratic operatives.
Yes, yes.
It's worse than we think.
They're unwilling to enforce the laws and you've got a man... They're very embarrassing to the Republic.
In closing, I want to say this right now.
If you guys want to do five more, you can.
I've got guests coming up, so I understand.
But let's all spend some time talking about Project Veritas, talking about Stone Cold Truth and InfoWars.com.
We are the tip of the spear.
We're not bragging.
In fact, it's not that fun to be under all these attacks.
We need support.
Buy my books, buy my videos, buy the high quality products at Infowarsstore.com.
We have great prices on high quality storable food right now.
Great Trump is my president limited edition shirts.
25% off on some of our supplements.
I need your support.
You guys, you know, call for support.
I mean, we are like the battle axe going up against the enemy.
We need folks' support.
They are supporting us.
I want to thank the viewers and listeners, but Roger and then Veritas, you guys spend, you know, 30, 40 seconds apiece for calling for support.
Well, let me start here.
I urge people to give the James program.
It is really, it is the tip of the spear.
And he has been able to learn and document things that have been vital to this overall effort.
You'll recall, Alex, that many months ago I said here on InfoWars that the demonstrations at the Trump rallies that burst into violence was all being instigated by Soros paid operatives wearing Bernie t-shirts as a false flag.
We now know that all of that is accurate, thanks to the work of Veritas.
So, I strongly urge your listeners to pony up.
No better bang for the buck than supporting Project Veritas.
And no better bang for the buck than supporting Roger Stone at StoneColdTruth.com or InfoWars.com.
It's a total war.
Commit now, James.
Thank you.
Yeah, exactly.
Roger is doing good work.
He's getting the message out.
We were talking before we came on the program about how I'm in cabs all around the country in my journalism, and the cabs are talking about Alex Jones and InfoWars.
So stay tuned.
We've got more coming out.
All right, gentlemen, I want to thank you both.
Roger was talking in tomorrow, if you can do it, because so much is moving so fast.
Thank you so much, gentlemen.
Thank you.
Tomorrow, Alex, a special report on Pennsylvania.
Pennsylvania now moves into the toss-up category with Donald Trump on the move.
All right, very exciting.
Hour 2 straight ahead.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
We're red on election day.
Perhaps the biggest election in American history is just days away.
We know that in past elections, there have been thousands of cases of voter fraud and election fraud.
From dead people voting, to people registering false identifications, to government leaders providing fast-track amnesty to give illegal immigrants votes.
This is happening right in front of us.
Now we are seeing the establishment send all its hitmen after the Republican nominee, Donald Trump.
Government shills are campaigning for Clinton.
Mainstream news attacking Donald Trump all day like rabbit hounds.
Rigged polls being broadcast daily to provide the fake optics that Hillary Clinton is actually winning and to discourage people from voting Trump.
Fake celebrities endorsing Clinton across all platforms.
So with all this, what are we doing to keep this election from being stolen?
What can we do to prevent election fraud?
I propose that all Donald Trump supporters wear red on Election Day.
On November 8th, when you head to the polls to vote Donald Trump, be decked out in red.
This way, just as we dominated in rally turnout, we can prove and provide the optics that we also dominated in voter turnout.
Wear red on Election Day and make America great again!
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
He aligns himself with the truth.
And it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Hard to believe Weldon Henson's been in this operation more than 10 years since he got out of the Air Force.
Now he's married and got kids, the whole nine yards.
And a good friend of mine, great country music singer as well, you can check out his website, but I saw him out here in the hallway.
Uh, he went and voted too.
He was just talking about how crazy everybody he talked to was for Trump.
Black, white, Hispanic, you name it.
And literally, 30 seconds ago, I said, drag him in here, set the chair up, let's get Weldon Henson, who's our shipping and store manager, doing a great job here getting them the info or the next level.
Weldon, I haven't heard what you wanted to tell me you were so excited about.
I just said, say it on air.
That's kind of my rule with the crew.
Say it on air.
Because, you know, we're not just in a bubble here.
We're talking to the whole world.
You were super excited.
What's going on?
No teleprompters here.
No, I went out to vote this morning.
Obviously, the lines were out the door.
I saw 200-plus foot ones.
I couldn't vote.
Well, it took me an hour.
It took me an hour in line.
But, you know, I'm sitting there talking to people.
You know, I don't see how Hillary Clinton can win.
That's what I was trying to tell you before he drug me in here.
But it was pretty amazing.
Everybody was excited.
People were concerned.
You could tell there was a genuine concern.
People were serious.
I mean, they were excited, but they were serious.
I don't see how Hillary Clinton can win, I guess.
And if they cheat and put her in, they get even more serious.
We can't lose!
We can't lose for winning!
I mean, it's true.
You engage, you win when you're on the right side.
It's like the founder of the Texas Rangers famously said, he said, a man in the wrong can't stand against a man who's in the right who keeps on a-coming.
Keeps on a-coming.
So I think- Are we going to keep on a-coming, Weldon?
I mean, I think you're seeing the silent majority is finally starting to speak up.
They're starting to come out and say, you know- This is our country for everybody.
Can you believe the WikiLeaks just proved everything?
They're even worse criminals than I thought.
Laughing, talking bad about black people, how they're dumb, what the hell?
I stand in line, I brought some of this stuff up with some people that were a couple folks back and people were actually engaging in conversation and talking about it and they knew about this stuff.
I mean I vote every time the election comes up and usually you can't talk about this kind of stuff in line waiting to vote.
People are coming out of their shell.
I think so.
What do you make of how the Veritas Info dovetails with all the WikiLeaks?
It's crazy.
I mean, it's astounding.
We've got videoed everything that's in the WikiLeaks.
We don't just have the emails they admit are real, we have the video of these people literally going, oh, we're going to rip them off.
And then Gruber and Emanuel go on TV and go, oh, we're going to rip you off.
Oh, we're going to hurt you.
I mean, what the hell are these people?
If they steal this election, which obviously they're trying, I mean, you're going to see some amazing things happen.
The general... Well, that's my concern.
Look at camera four right there, Weldon.
What do you think in your guts is going to happen if they steal this thing?
I really don't know.
I think there's going to be a backlash.
That's for sure.
Everybody's going to stop shopping at all these big corporate stores.
We're all going to do research.
We're all going to just weaponize in the info war and everybody's going to get more aggressive and we're going to take everything over.
The communists and socialists and dirtbags infiltrated like rats forever.
You're now about to see patriots infiltrate.
And then it's all over.
That's not the folks you want to upset and get them engaged.
I mean, that's probably what's going to happen.
Look how they tried to take the bonuses that were promised under law from the veterans.
They're signing bonuses.
What the hell?
I mean, they...
I don't know what I would do if they came back and said I had to pay my bonus back up for enlisting.
That would upset me.
You signed a contract!
It's a contract.
They never pay you enough to even live, so they all go give you 10, 20 grand, whatever, to sign up for another five years.
That's not that much money.
Five grand a year or something.
Then you steal it later!
Did you hear they even wanted it with interest they're now saying?
I did hear that.
I can't imagine.
But I can't wait to see what happens, you know, about that too.
These people are crazy!
It's crazy.
Why do you think Emanuel and Gruber go on TV and laugh at everybody?
Is that a confidence game deal?
It is, it is.
It's kind of like a Caligula effect, I think.
Caligula effect!
There you go.
That's what I like to call it.
But the thing is, is the folks, what I like to call the silent majority, the folks that have common sense, they're starting to wake up and they're done with it.
I think folks really are.
I mean, this is, maybe it is a good thing we've had to go through all this.
You've been up here for 20 years talking on air.
People think you're crazy.
Stuff's coming to fruition now.
It's happening.
With Mrs. Clinton, it's
You know, what I used to say when I could talk, when I couldn't talk, is that, you know, no matter where we went, she'd come in, she'd be grateful, say thanks, thank you to the back of the house, people in the kitchen, etc.
But that was always if there was press around.
She's a completely different person when the camera's not on her.
And I ran into an incident, I was at the Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center in Washington, D.C.
And we were doing a tea with Mrs. Chirac, the former French President's wife.
And it was just Mrs. Clinton, Mrs. Chirac, and myself in the same room.
And one of the people brought in something, and it did not please her, and she used the N-word very openly.
Not just gangs of kids anymore.
They are often the kinds of kids that are called super predators.
No conscience, no empathy.
We can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel.
Again, former top chef to the Clintons, Mr. Martin, can you walk through specifically what was happening in the conversation, what was said?
Well, what had happened with the conversation is
I was just, like I said, Mrs. Chirac, Mrs. Clinton, and myself in there.
I was just serving them tea.
We had somebody bring in something, I think it was like some tea sandwiches or whatever, and it wasn't exactly what she wanted.
So she tells me to tell that N, N-word, to please, you know, leave and get what she wants.
I mean, that's very common.
Not just gangs of kids anymore.
They are often the kinds of kids that are called super predators.
No conscience, no empathy.
We can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel.
I mean, just the demeanor and, you know, and, you know, she would write things down like that to, you know,
She has so many handlers, and when I worked for them in Washington, I used to think to myself, you know, because the parties aside, I thought, you know, this is great.
I'm a kid that grew up on a small farm in Chautauqua County, and here I am working for the three leader of the world.
So you sort of, you know, you don't look at this other small stuff, and then one day you realize, you know,
They're really terrible people.
They are often the kinds of kids that are called super predators.
We have to bring them to heel.
Wow, so just to be clear, Tracy Martin.
She's going to do us any better.
I mean, she tells us one thing, she does something totally opposite.
And now with all the WikiLeaks information coming out, everything that I've said for the last few years is all proven.
Just like Donald Trump has said, it's all coming out.
So, I think we've got a very, uh, I think we've got somebody staying here.
We have to bring them to heel.
Okay, we'll talk about it.
I'm not a super predator.
Hillary, tell me.
We have to bring them to heel.
The date is Thursday, October 27, 2016.
We are now only 11 days out from the 2016 election.
Only 11 days!
I'm Alex Jones.
I'm your host.
This is the InfoWar.
Now into the second hour.
In the next 30 minutes, Dylan Howard.
Who is the editor-in-chief of the National Enquirer and a bunch of other big publications, is our guest.
And I've been on air 21 years.
I've been covering news for 25, since I got out of high school and got into RTF.
And I never got how they demonized the National Enquirer, because that's where I heard about the plan to put implantable microchips in people 25 years ago, 10 years before it was on ABC News.
And it was exactly right.
That's where I learned about Arnold Schwarzenegger and his Nazi ties, which shouldn't come out until decades later.
It was exactly on target.
So many other things.
Now, people get confused by National Enquirer with, like, other stuff about Bat Boy and other magazines that are up there at the counter.
But I gotta tell ya, they got some tabloid stuff in there too about the stars and stuff, because that's what folks buy.
But that's accurate too.
I mean, you don't want to get sued, folks.
You want to be accurate.
And I gotta say, the National Enquirer is one of the most accurate publications out there.
And I don't say that to kiss the butt of the National Enquirer.
I've been saying that for 20 years.
Because the New York Times tries to lie, and Jeff Rovin, the big whistleblower that's risking his life to come out and expose the Clintons, along with other fixers that work for him, like Larry Nichols, who's going to join us at the start of the next hour.
What they're saying is accurate.
What they're saying is documented.
What they're saying is proven.
And so nine times out of ten, it's places like the National Enquirer or Infowars or DrudgeReport.com that are willing.
I mean, was Drudge right about Monica Lewinsky?
They said he wasn't at first.
He was right.
Was Drudge right about fees and fines for not having Obamacare?
He was right.
Were we right about the NSA spying?
Was the Enquirer right about it?
I remember the Enquirer 25 years ago reporting on NSA spying.
First place, I learned about it.
So, I didn't mean to go into the whole the Enquirer is so credible line here, but
Is it that they're that credible or that the New York Times is that uncredible?
So when Jeff Robin, this big whistleblower, comes out in the Enquirer, he said, look, you can't go to the New York Times.
They're totally controlled.
WikiLeaks shows that.
Hillary runs them.
You go to the Enquirer.
So the Enquirer gets lumped in with all the other, you know, stuff, space alien invasion stuff.
And they do that to me, too.
They go, Alex Jones believes space aliens are about to invade.
Never said that.
Don't cover space aliens.
But it doesn't matter.
The people know the truth.
That's why the Enquirer is rising.
Mainstream media is falling.
So that's a whole other interview about mainstream media versus independent media and where the mainstream's going, how it's like an albatross around your neck.
But I want to get into their latest.
A big installment this week that just hit newsstands.
We're getting an exclusive here.
Hillary Fixer breaks ranks.
I arranged sex trips for her with men and with women.
But it also just gets into her temperament and more and why he's going public.
So, Dylan Howard, NationalEnquirer.com, RadarOnline.com, now speaking out.
It's great to have the editor-in-chief of The Enquirer with us.
Good to be with you, Alex.
So, wow!
Break this down.
I mean, new installments coming out.
Why Mr. Rovin went public.
This is huge.
Well Alex, if you trace it back, the origin of this story is indeed the now infamous tape of Donald Trump and Billy Bush on that bus.
Now, as a result of that particular story, Jeff Roven decided to break 24 years of silence, step from the shadows, and unmask himself as the Hillary Clinton fixer, the hitman, the man who orchestrated and ran a backroom operation out of a Hollywood director's office, an off-the-books operation whereby he dealt with the biggest scandals
The biggest controversies of the Clinton administration.
And this reaches the highest levels of the White House.
And what Mr. Rovin reveals is startling by its very nature.
He tells us that effectively Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton used brass knuckled tactics.
The type of tactics that you would think would be isolated to the mafia.
In an attempt to sabotage those women who made allegations against Bill Clinton and also sabotage the federal investigation of their whitewater land scam by special prosecutors.
How did they do this?
In the most disgusting and vile manner.
Taking a page from perhaps something like The Sopranos.
Bill and Hillary hired a squad of private eyes, people like Mr. Fixit, to shadow the movements of federal prosecutors as they closed in on a potential indictment of the Clintons in the Whitewater probe.
This is corruption at its very highest level.
Corruption seemingly business as usual to the Clintons.
And reading last week and this week's installment of the Inquirer,
I mean right there it fits into all my own research how Hollywood's involved really in mafia type activities in perception, in manipulation, with some of the other people famous quote private investigators actually with murders.
I mean this is really a whole mafia system being exposed when you say it's mafia like.
I look at the Clintons it seems like it is an amalgamation of kind of a Hollywood mafia slash Dixie mafia tied into all these different seedy elements.
Perhaps the strangest part of this whole saga through Jeff Rovan coming forward though, Alex, is it's not really about the twists that he supposedly organized for Hillary Clinton or the looting of Vince Foster's office.
Bizarre though it sounds, to me, that's simply a distraction on what the overall reality here at this particular story is.
Jeff Rovan bravely stepping forward.
Exposes the rottenness at the very core of the Clinton operation.
It's about how they've used money, threats, intimidation, lies, all for one twisted purpose.
To ensure their three decades of power in this country.
And they will stop at nothing to do that.
They will delete 33,000 emails.
They will willfully take part in play for play.
If she wants cash, they get her cash.
If she wants to intimidate those that challenge the narrative, the public narrative of the Clintons, they do it.
If they want to blackmail people, they do it.
So, at the very core of this is the notion of muzzling, threatening, intimidating people for one very purpose, and that is that she gets the White House.
I mean, look, it's like getting Al Capone on taxes.
It's the cover-up.
I mean, we have her doing all these mafia tactics to cover up the sex.
We're not even focused in, as Libertines, on the sex.
It's that they're hypocrites, and I guess that's why he said he went public, going up to Trump for some edited 11-year-old tape, when this woman literally has done a thousand times that.
It's the hypocrisy.
Is that why Mr. Rovin went public?
Indeed, he said that it was the hypocrisy of the mainstream media and the way in which they covered the now infamous Billy Bush tape that prompted him to come forward.
I had been looking at this story for the past two years.
I first met him two years ago and I told him that I was going to expose the corruption at the Clinton operation, to which he responded that he was concerned that his confidential informants
We're good.
They facilitate this corruption, and then they perpetuate it, they encourage it, they do it all.
Again, once they get you involved, they've got dirt on you.
This is one of the closest people ever to the Clintons.
This is a person with almost no degrees of separation, a very trusted fixer.
How did he get in that position?
I know it's all in the new issue of the Inquirer, but flesh that out for us.
It's amazing, because they're not even really denying this right now.
They are very upset right now.
There has been a steadfast no comment from Bill Clinton's office and indeed the campaign of Hillary Clinton to President.
That tells you a lot.
This man first came into the orbit of the Clintons in the 90s as Bill Clinton emerged as the frontrunner to win the White House, when the Clintons realised they had a serious problem on their hands.
There were these supposed bimbo eruptions that have been well chronicled for years on your show and from whistleblowers such as Larry Nichols and others.
And the reality was that this gentleman was connected to someone very, very close to Bill Clinton, one of his closest friends.
And it was through that that he was asked to engage in this off-the-books clandestine operation.
He outlined to us a series of 12 fixes, incidents that came across his desk when he got the wink-wink, nod-nod to go and do what was needed to ensure that these particular stories did
out of the pages of something like a script from Ray Donovan.
In another instance, he detailed how, at the orders of Hillary, he was involved in a campaign to discredit Monica Lewinsky.
He provided to us a two-page memo that circulated amongst the Clintons' innermost confidants, which in many ways validated his story to us, because that was addressed to Deputy White House Chief of Staff Harold Ickes.
That faxed memo had a date and a timestamp.
Not only that, he provided payoff ledgers and we had independent verification of four other sources who confirmed Jeff Roven's involvement in the Clinton operation.
But perhaps most alarmingly to me is the notion that the Clintons blackmailed federal prosecutors in the Whitewater probe.
This is akin to Watergate.
In my mind.
To dig up seriously embarrassing material that intimidates the prosecutors so that Clintons could get away with their corrupt conduct.
That's right, and there's no statute by the way, federally, on murder, child molestation, and bribing federal officials, and treason.
There's no statute on those.
And now, how much credibility does it add to the Inquirer that you've been reporting on this for 25 years, about 23 years.
And now it's all in the WikiLeaks, it's all in the Project Veritas, just like icing on the cake, or a cherry on top, really proving the fact that the Enquirer was there first.
I mean, how were you guys back when there was no alternative media, no Drudge Report, no Western Journalism Center, how were you able to operate like that?
Well, we are by our very nature investigators.
We are rogues and renegades who sit on the outside and not... We're not in the back pocket of... So you're a vestigial leftover of real investigative journalists?
And you know, the reality is we put sources through polygraph tests to authenticate the veracity of their information.
And sure, we have a big checkbook and we pay for information, but the reality is we authenticate that information.
And as you pointed out at the top of the hour, if we didn't, we'd get sued.
Listen, it's not just that I'm moral.
I go through a lot of authentication because if you don't authenticate, you're going to be out of business.
And here's the reality.
The Clintons have never voluntarily told the truth about these actions.
We will continue to report on it.
Those who won't is the mainstream media.
This story came out and they've turned a blind eye.
And that is a very, very sad state of affairs for the fourth estate in this country.
The reality here is that this story goes to the very crux of one thing.
Who's fit to take the Oval Office?
Do we want a president that is corrupt?
That lies?
That engages in criminal behaviour?
Or do we want another candidate?
Now, we don't have a dog in this fight.
We have endorsed Donald Trump.
We have said that we believe, our readers believe, that he will be the best candidate for the role of president.
80% of our readers, overwhelmingly, have voted for Donald Trump.
Which is another important poll.
I mean, you guys have been non-partisan.
The fact that 80% of your readers, that are registered readers, you know, subscribers, are saying that, that's a big deal.
The reality is that
We will continue to cover like we have with Gary Hart, John Edwards...
Jesse Jackson and now Hillary Clinton, the big political scandals.
We'll do what the mainstream media won't, but it is an indictment on the media when people like Chris Hayes on MSNBC take a swipe at the National Enquirer and mutter things about aliens and the such to try and discredit the particular story that we've done.
Well, that's a badge of honor.
I know you know that.
To have Chris Hayes or any of those people, I mean, those people have like 100,000, 200,000 viewers.
They are a joke.
They are, but they're doing a disservice to the industry of journalism to not investigate and cover.
The reality is these people have never done an inch of investigative journalism in their life.
They contribute to the public discourse about who supposedly would make a better president, yet they haven't done any journalistic deed.
Instead, it's blow hard work.
Well, Dylan Howard, NationalEnquirer.com, their second edition is out on this incredible investigative journalism.
Super dangerous.
My sources say, yes, this is, well, they're not even denying it.
I mean, this is real.
You talk about dangerous, folks.
This is cutting edge.
And you look at the mainstream media and how they are a shadow of their former selves.
They aren't journalists.
They read off teleprompters.
And we now know, Dylan Howard, again, the editor-in-chief of NationalEnquirer.com, RadarOnline.com,
We now know from the WikiLeaks that Hillary is the editor of the New York Times.
Yeah, I mean, the Wikileaks, and what gets on my gut, Alex, is every time the mainstream media refer to Wikileaks, they are the stolen Wikileaks emails.
They're not the Wikileaks emails.
They're not the documents that destroy Hillary Clinton, which in fact they are.
Instead, they capture, they create this narrative that these documents are not credible.
But the reality is, whatever the origin, whatever the source... It's a smoking gun!
These emails are illuminating.
The reality about Bill Clinton's sexual life is that John Podesta, the campaign manager for Hillary Clinton, acknowledged that they had a problem with the energizer, Julie Torba McMahon, his long-time mistress who we, at the National Enquirer, first broke.
They acknowledge that he's still involved in a relationship with her, and they point to the National Enquirer in these WikiLeaks emails.
It's staggering that to this very day, Bill and Hillary Clinton are enabled by fixers like John Podesta, not like Jeffrey Robin anymore, by Cheryl Smith, by others.
These people provide the Clintons whatever they want.
I was about to say, Andrea Mitchell on video last week,
The spokesman hands her the phone.
She looks, nods, then asks the question.
They don't even care.
It's like they are totally insane.
Now, again, we're talking to the editor-in-chief of the National Enquirer.
We've got 11 days left.
Obviously, more is coming out, I'm guessing, from your source and other sources.
Other bombshells on the way?
Well, yes, indeed.
We know all these facts, as we've talked and discussed, because of Mr. Fixit, Jeff Rovan, unmasking himself.
He was essentially one of the detectives tasked with shadowing the prosecutors involved in Whitewater.
The revelation that we have exposed in the current issue we kicked newsstands yesterday
Is that a senior member of that prosecution team was followed to a seedy motel where he entered that motel in the company of, according to a source, a strapping young man.
Making sure not to use his own name when he rented the room, they had essentially a blackmail operation.
The Clintons used this
To leverage the prosecutor to step down from his involvement in the White House.
Now let's spell this out.
This is intelligence operations, what the Russians do.
You're saying, coming out, this isn't the new issue, but they're using sex operatives to set up prosecutors.
This is incredible.
Their tactics were the kinds of stunts the mob could only look on in joy and glee, and probably embarrassment that they couldn't orchestrate something.
Wow, there's the headline, National Enquirer, Bill and Hillary to interrupt.
Bill and Hillary, their mob tactics to intimidate investigators.
Now we know how they're controlling the FBI.
Please continue, sir.
We've got five minutes left.
I appreciate all your time.
Just tell us everything, please.
Well I think the reality here is we have to, before you go to the ballot box, you have to ask yourself the very question as to whom is fit to take the office.
The reality is that for three decades the Clintons have perpetuated corruption at the highest level.
They have ordered blackmail, intimidation, threatening tactics against those that challenge the public space of the family.
And the reality is
Despite their hands-off approach, if you like, we weren't involved, other people were doing it.
The reality is that the tracers go straight back to the top of their tree.
Mr Fixit provided payoff ledgers to support that.
And this should well be not only a fundamental question that voters ask themselves before they cast their ballot, but a question for law enforcement.
If prosecutors involved in the Whitewater investigation were blackmailed, that is a crime.
And a criminal should not hold the highest office in this land.
Well, I am just speechless here.
You know, I know you probably got to go soon.
We're going to break about three minutes, but I'm told you may be able to hold a little bit longer because I want to come back from breaking to five more minutes with you and play the clip from the last debate where Trump points at her 24 hours after the Project Veritas came out.
Where she ordered people dressed up as Sanders supporters to go attack Trump, obviously to demonize Sanders, her competition, and Trump, her competition.
I was told that by the Chicago Police Department.
We have sources.
We first broke that with Roger Stone, but to see it confirmed and him going after her, I mean, it seems like whole orders of magnitude of corruption worse than Trump making a few locker room comments.
I've got to be frank with you, I'm blown away by how much energy Hillary and her controllers have, because you get these emails from WikiLeaks, they're running hundreds of news agencies, and they've got interns basically running major newspapers telling them what to do.
I mean, you talk about a control freak, it seems like Hillary is the definition of it.
Oh, there's no doubt about that.
She was essentially the puppet master pulling the strings here for those that worked at the lower level of this clandestine operation.
But if you look back, you take a step back, let's put it into context.
Here you've got the President of the United States facing potential impeachment, Hillary Clinton facing potential jail for her involvement in Whitewater.
Then you have individuals like George Stephanopoulos, who is now at ABC News, okay?
Who was essentially a Clinton aide.
You've got Harold Ickes,
The trail of money leads back to a mega, mega Hollywood name.
A award-winning television and film producer.
His involvement is connected to Mr. Fix-It, Jeff Roven.
Jeff Roven is committing these actions at the behest of Hillary and Bill Clinton.
This is a criminal conspiracy of the highest order.
It beggars belief that it has not been investigated by anyone but the National Enquirer, though I do give props to Michael Isikoff at Yahoo News, who was at Newsweek at the time, who, in his book about the Clintons, discussed many of these tactics that were used.
But it also begs the question, why has law enforcement not investigated this?
I think we're sitting on the cusp of something very explosive here.
I agree.
This is the definition of racketeering where you've got Hollywood, the media, the prosecutors, the whole system, them packing the media with their admitted operatives so the scams could get even bigger into the future.
I've never heard of a criminal enterprise that had this big of dreams.
I would challenge the federal investigators involved in Whitewater to step forward from the shadows before election day and tell their stories about what happened, what happened to them, what they observed, what they knew, what the
Because there's safety in numbers.
Dylan Howard, National Enquirer, Editor-in-Chief, please do a few more minutes with us.
I don't want you to come back because you're a smart guy and give us your plan to change this.
I totally agree.
Safety in numbers.
Everybody needs to be all in, just like Jeff Rovin, and tell the truth.
Let the chips fall where they may.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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For the last several weeks, Donald Trump has been warning us that the election could be rigged against him.
First of all, it's rigged.
And I'm afraid the election's gonna be rigged, I have to be honest.
Because I think my side was rigged if I didn't win by massive landslides.
I mean, think of what we won in New York and Indiana, California, 78%.
And now he has indicated on Twitter that he is aware of reports of electronic voting machines that are flipping votes from Trump to Hillary.
Meanwhile, InfoWars has highlighted the fact
I'm going to lay it out short, sweet.
I got so dedicated to fighting the globalists and their program for world government that I stopped working out.
I was a total fitness nut 20 years ago.
About 15 years ago, I just stopped working out.
I gained close to 100 pounds.
I have lost 50, 60 pounds of fat.
Or more.
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It's actually scary.
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We've produced these products with top scientists and researchers like Dr. Group to help you counteract the globalist onslaught and at the same time support InfoWars in our fight to promote human liberty and freedom.
People had courage.
I was talking to Anthony Gucciardi during this last break and you know he does some shows maybe once a week with us.
He's over our health riders and research for the nutraceuticals with a bunch of scientists and developers.
That's why I hired him, because he was so successful in Natural Society and the big product line he had, and inroads into a bunch of big nutraceutical companies that were all organic and supplied whole foods.
And he said, man, it's like Fight Club.
And I'm not bragging.
You should just know the level of the awakening happening.
As we go back to our guest in a moment, who's agreed to stay for the whole hour, I'm very pleased that he can do that during his lunch hour, the editor-in-chief of the National Enquirer.
He went to the bank yesterday, and the guy at the bank goes, Anthony Guacciardi, we just love you, we love Alex Jones, tell him we're all in, and everybody was like nodding behind him, and tell Alex we said hi.
That's one of our folks that's hardly on air.
Maybe once a week for 10 minutes.
Then he goes to Walgreens to get a prescription, and the pharmacists all come over and are freaking out.
Then he goes to get something else at the front counter, and he said they were coming over, I mean, folks.
Trump is going to win by a landslide.
They're going to try to steal it.
And all I can tell you is they want to cause George Soros admits a civil war.
That's in the emails too.
They want to get us killing cops and burning stuff down.
And the government has been hijacked.
The government is not a cop riding a ticket or changing an old lady's tire or responding to a civil disturbance.
They got a tough job.
Imagine responding to
Civil disturbances, you have any idea how dangerous those are?
I mean, I'm not lionizing police.
I'm just saying they're not our enemy.
And we have the crazy, out-of-control Democratic Party.
I've always been nonpartisan.
Because Republicans are bad as well, but they are literally trying to cause a civil war in this country.
And national polls show Democrats are planning to blow stuff up, burn stuff down, and attack people if Trump wins.
Well, I say, I'm calling your bluff.
Feel your hand.
At a certain point, this country's got to wake up, and I'm telling you.
I'm telling you, it's happening right now, as we just indicated, with Anthony and Weldon.
Weldon's got all these friends from the military that, oh, you guys go too far.
He says none of them disagree now.
They call up and apologize to him.
America is waking up.
The sleeping giant's awake.
I don't care what color you are.
You bleed red blood.
You're part of that awakening and it's exciting.
That's why they're panicking.
We're going to go back to Dylan Howard, RadarOnline.com, NationalEnquirer.com, The National Editor, breaking stuff that's as dangerous as it gets.
As dangerous as what Drudge has broke.
As dangerous as what Veritas has broke.
This is crazy stuff.
We're going to go back to him and play this Trump clip from the last debate in a moment.
But first, it's important to vote with your dollars.
The Clinton
Original foundation, their library foundation documents, Judicial Watch sued two years ago, and so did the Western Journalism Center, Joseph Farah, World Net Daily, and got the documents.
Twenty-something thousand pages.
And Farah said off record to me, it was on record on air, but he said a lot of it's off record, it's so horrible, the surveillance of people, what they're doing, the mafia ties.
He goes, we're just waiting to put a book out on this, will it ever happen?
But he released some of it on World Net Daily and here, and it was like,
We can't let a new media develop like the National Enquirer.
We've got to demonize it, call it conspiracy theory, and try to shut it down.
We can't let it ever get any funding like the National Enquirer or books.
So it's all about never letting us get funding.
Never letting a new media with new views who aren't bought and paid for get in.
Now we see them putting Democratic operatives in over the entire media.
The next level of their takeover.
If the Republicans were doing this, I'd go after them.
I don't want a one-party state, folks.
A ruling party.
That's called dictatorship.
So, fund us.
We've got a Trump is my President red shirt.
Everybody's going to wear red on election day and before and after to point out, hey, we're the majority in the streets with the cameras.
Just like the Hillary for Prison shirt.
It's now history.
Limited edition.
We're not selling it anymore.
Everybody's copying it.
That's fine.
We're not making it anymore.
We have the red Trump is my President shirt.
Legalize freedom on the back.
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It's in the top 50 shopping carts now on the web, by the way, folks.
That's how big InfoWars has gotten to fund our operation.
You can go there, and it'll take you right to the subpage where you can find it discounted.
So, we're hiring more reporters, more investigative reporters.
There's a lot of legal involved in all this, reviewing everything.
There's a lot of work that goes into this.
And I'm not bitching.
This is wonderful.
Just support us.
You need these products, you need brain force, you need X2, you need super mental vitality, you need the limited edition Gadsden flag, lock her up shirt.
You need to be part of the solidarity, and you are!
Look at what you've built, you are the info war, so I salute you and I thank you.
And folks, when publications like Radar Online, or publications like the Inquirer have the courage, because this is all vetted, this is all confirmed from my sources, they cannot believe that Jeff Roven had the courage, because let me tell you, talk about crosshairs on his back,
The biggest fixer.
Bigger than Nichols.
And Nichols has told me off-air, he goes, this is the guy.
This is the guy after I was not involved they got.
This is so huge.
We've got to recognize the courage of this.
And everybody should go to their newsstands and buy those National Enquirers and give it to everybody you know.
Because the great news is everybody I talk to says the Enquirer has more credibility than The New York Times.
Of course it does.
But they try to confuse it again with the other publications that are bat boy.
Now, I've said that.
I appreciate you joining us.
I appreciate the editor-in-chief, Dylan Howard, of NationalEnquirer.com joining us.
I'm going to shut up for the next 12 minutes, so we've got a break.
You've got the floor, everything you want to cover.
Please break it down.
Well, Alex, I mean, you raised some very, very valid points.
The mission of organizations like InfoWars and the National Enquirer is to reveal the unvarnished truth about what occurs
Behind the fortified walls of the establishment, be it Hollywood, Wall Street, or the Beltway.
And the discoveries that we make are often very well out of sync with how these certain individuals, like the Clintons, portray themselves to the public.
And that disconnect is the very reason why The Fourth Estate exists.
It's where we live at The Enquirer as a publication.
And what I will tell you is that if it wasn't for the relentless coverage
of certain issues such as the sexual assault claims against Bill Cosby.
It was the Enquirer that took on that story years ago before anyone else did, when Cosby was still a beloved TV icon.
And today he's finally facing justice.
You know, the interesting thing for me about the Clintons is that the founding fathers of this country never intended for people to turn their political calling into a lifelong job.
Unfortunately, we've seen the rise and rise and rise of those that consider themselves to be career politicians.
The type of person that's riddled with foibles and has limitless ambition, that wants everything for themselves.
That is the definition of Hillary Clinton.
The Inquirer exists, like InfoWars, to hold these individuals accountable and if it wasn't for the National Inquirer, John Edwards could well have been President instead of a laughingstock who fathered a love child and tried to lie about it.
One of the most notorious figures in contemporary politics, Gary Hart, may well have ascended to power if we didn't have revealed monkey business.
We've been at the very
front lines of investigative reporting this political election.
Our coverage has been hard-hitting and to many extents it's been unrivaled by any other publication and it has been bipartisan.
We looked into Ben Carson and we revealed a myriad of malpractices that dealt him a very heavy blow in the GOP primaries and
We need to continue to investigate the Clintons.
We have, and we're packaging this up, it goes to print next Wednesday, yet another investigation into the power and influence that they wielded, not for the greater good, but for their own self-interest.
And that is unfortunate.
No person, no company, no politician, no organisation should be too rich or too influential to be able to perpetuate corruption at the highest level.
And we need to take it on.
This is not a partisan attempt.
This is a bipartisan pursuit of the truth.
I agree.
I mean, you've always been bipartisan.
Just to briefly interrupt with the editor-in-chief of The Enquirer.
We're talking to right now, Dylan Howard.
I mean, we've talked to WikiLeaks.
They've been public.
They said Trump's been hacked into.
There's nothing there with the Russians or anything.
It's all Hillary.
And so that's the thing about Trump.
He's so good compared to anybody else we've seen.
I mean, if he was anywhere near Hillary, we'd be against him.
I mean, I've been nonpartisan.
It's just such a clear choice for me.
Look, you know, I don't get to vote in this election.
I'm an international, I'm a green card citizen of this country.
We don't get to vote.
Nevertheless, the reality is, ask yourself this question when you go to the ballot box.
Do you want someone who has endured or perpetuated three decades of scandal, corruption and crime?
Or do you want someone
Who may have used the P word in a video with Billy Bush.
A number of women have come forward and made allegations against Donald Trump.
Some of it might be with merit, some of it might not.
That we don't know.
He's steadfastly denying the allegations, the women are steadfastly standing by it.
But the one thing, look at the ballot box when you make that vote and ask yourself the question, do you want the Clinton crime family
Back in the White House?
Or do you want to break down the borders of the establishment?
Please continue, but I just want to add, clearly, I mean, the vote is, you know, Trump's our proxy.
Clearly, you're for the establishment to vote against Trump.
I mean, we've got the communist Chinese, the Saudi Arabians, every horrible, evil organization against Trump.
I want to ask you why you think you're so scared, but separately, since you mentioned it, let's play this clip of Trump in the last debate, which really devastated Hillary, pointing at her and saying, you're the one that sent the people to attack my rallies, which is confirmed
And again, the Machiavellian nature.
Dressed up like Sanders supporters to demonize him, but also Trump.
Both are competitors.
It just shows a true level of organized evil.
Here's that clip.
Those people, I don't know those people.
I have a feeling how they came.
I believe it was her campaign that did it.
Just like if you look at what came out today on the clips where I was wondering what happened with my rally in Chicago and other rallies where we had such violence.
She's the one in Obama that caused the violence.
They hired people, they paid them $1,500, and they're on tape saying, be violent, cause fights, do bad things.
And he goes on to say, that is completely illegal.
It is.
This is mafia.
But we were taught until the 50s hearings that there was no such thing as organized crime.
The head of the FBI said it because they reportedly had photos of him dressed as a woman.
Whether that's true or not, the head of the FBI in the 40s and early 50s said there's no such thing as la cosa nostra, the family, or Italian mafia.
Well, there is mafia in every racial group.
That's how humans organize themselves sometimes.
And we know the Clintons represent this weird mafia, and it's all coming out.
The reality is, for the mainstream media to turn a blind eye to Project Veritas as they have Geoffrey Rovan, is a disservice to the voter.
It falls on too few to make an impact on journalism today.
The National Enquirer has been around for 90 years, will be around for many, many more to come.
And though we are admired in equal measure and trusted by our readers,
Those that don't want to appear in the pages are those that have something to hide.
We're feared and loathed.
And for those that will make their decision on November 8, I would encourage them to look into the investigative reporting of my team that has been working around the clock to report this story, travelling from corner to corner of this country in order to speak with many individuals who have first-hand knowledge of this type of behaviour.
They've done an outstanding job.
We're not done yet.
The true face of the Clinton family, in my view, will be exposed within the next seven to ten days as we put together our final issue before the November 8th election.
Wow, I can't wait to read that because I'm so researched on this that when I read it, it's like 99 percent of it is already true and the little added points are just so clear.
When does that final issue come out?
About five, six days?
Yeah, it comes out next Wednesday.
We'll be on nationwide newsstands next Wednesday.
You know, we've interviewed Democrats outside polling places, and they say to us, and they are the minority, it's a very small group, it's mainly women, I feel sorry for them, because the Clintons are in these emails talking about what idiots they are and how blacks are dumb and the rest of it, you're just in the Wicked Leaks today, it's horrific stuff, and they're in there and they say, well, you know what, she's immoral but for a good reason.
Well, that's very evil.
Injustifies the means.
What's your view on that?
Look, I think that WikiLeaks has pulled back the veneer of what we see as Hillary Clinton.
And I don't want to get into too much detail, but suffice to say, yet another individual that is close to the Clintons has broken ranks.
Was in our office earlier this week, someone whose connections to the Clintons is undisputed.
They felt compelled to come forward.
To talk about the immoral nature and behavior of Hillary Clinton.
This story by its very nature is going to rock this presidential race.
It has the potential, it has the potential to swing a certain demographic of voters towards Donald Trump and the GOP.
It is an explosive story backed up by a past polygraph test and documentary evidence.
Dylan Howard is the editor-in-chief of the National Enquirer.
You guys, I've never seen you hype something you don't deliver on.
You always over-deliver.
You're saying the big November surprise is that you have an undisputed Clinton insider about to drop a huge bombshell.
So is it safe to say, as I've seen you do in the past, you've saved the best for last?
Let's say, it's like a game of ping pong, when you get a hold of a big story like this, you bat it across the other side and you see what bounce it gets.
In this particular instance, Geoffrey Rovan having the courage to step forward, how brave he was to spill the beans for the very first time, made other individuals feel comfort that they too could tell their story.
We were contacted by this individual.
He flew to New York this week.
We strapped him into the lie detector test.
He passed with flying colors.
He provided other evidence to back up his position as part of the Clinton operation.
And what he tells us is a story so dramatic that I do believe
That a certain section of the voting public in America could be swayed by this man's revelations.
Wow, Dylan Howard, it's funny.
The first question I had written down here to ask you that I didn't get to was, it seems like with Mr. Rovin coming forward and others, it's causing a chain reaction of courage.
You called for more federal prosecutors to go public, others to, so it seems like that's what's happening.
It is, but my challenge remains to those who are involved in the Whitewater Probe.
Have the courage to come forward.
If you were blackmailed, tell your story, because the very freedom of this country could depend upon it.
That's right, it's all on the line.
We're back in three minutes.
Final segment with our guest.
I'm Alex Jones.
We're talking to the Editor-in-Chief of NationalEnquirer.com, Dylan Howard.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is History Happening.
People are showing what side they're on.
We are living in very perilous times.
Things seem to be spinning out of control.
Much faster than the powers that be can handle them.
They've created these structures, these forces in the world that are now beyond their grasp.
They've created things.
They created ISIS, for example.
They created the civil war, which became a regional war in Syria.
And all of these things have spun out of control.
It's like Yates's poem, you know, spinning and spinning in a winding gyre.
That's the situation we're in now.
And we are, as you mentioned, very near the brink of a third world war.
And we have Hillary Clinton, for the sake of political gain, playing brinksmanship, pushing toward activating a no-fly zone over Syria, which would indeed be a severe provocation.
All it takes is one or two Russian aircraft being shot down.
And it'll be game on.
You know, not only is she running a kleptocratic system, but when she's personally a kleptomaniac, what does that tell you?
I cannot believe that this woman is being seriously considered.
As a presidential candidate, and with just the torrent of information that's coming out of WikiLeaks right now, from within the DNC, from within the Clinton Foundation, it just absolutely boggles the mind to think that she's being considered seriously.
We have a situation where we may have a manipulated presidential election, may have a split outcome with a difference between the popular vote and the electoral vote, and we have a
A kind of a criminal power structure in place right now that's willing to either collapse the system or bring the world to another world war just for the sake of furthering their own power.
That's how absolutely corrupt and evil they are.
It's amazing to see so many people with such corrupt morals and so downright sociopathic or psychopathic.
It's the United States that's the provocateur here.
We're the one provoking Russia.
And we've been at it for four years with the Ukraine.
Uh, game has turned into brinksmanship.
Eleven days.
Hard to believe.
Seems like a lifetime.
Seems like this campaign's been longer than my life.
Couple things here.
We have Texas newspapers reporting vote flipping.
We reported on it.
Drudge linked to it twice.
We have Texas election officials reporting it.
We have the letterhead.
We have them on local TV.
We write two articles about it.
Drudge links to it.
Trump tweets it out, gives his sources, and Politico comes out and says, Trump claims evidence of voting fraud in Texas.
Donald Trump pointed to Texas on Thursday as an example of a presidential election being rigged against him.
And they wanted to say, without giving any evidence... Oh, but don't... Snopes, run by a lady with a cat, I'm not kidding, in some apartment, she says he's wrong, despite the Texas officials.
This is why mainstream media is so incredibly discredited.
This is why they're a joke, okay?
We have all the WikiLeaks.
We have them rigging the polls.
We have them saying they're going to engage on all this.
We have the top Democrats saying they're going to have people vote 10 times apiece.
We have George Soros running in battleground states, a bunch of the election machines.
Dylan Howell, we've got about five minutes left.
I really appreciate your time.
Editor-in-Chief of the National Enquirer.
Also RadarOnline.com.
What do you make of this?
They don't seem to get that their lying and dissembling doesn't work anymore.
Well, I think political journalism is, at this very juncture, the wild, wild west of the media.
It demands a level of bipartisanship that, and accountability I should say,
That is severely lacking in almost every media outlet.
You know, our reporters have brought years and decades of training and ethics, journalistic ethics, to the table to expose the type of corruption with the Clintons that we have done with great success.
And I still remain filled with hope
that this type of investigative reporting can be a transformative tool and an important tool in changing the public discourse.
Unfortunately, the way in which talking heads have swallowed up every inch of the television screen, it's re-engineered the way we discuss political scandals and stories.
Whilst not looking at the true cause and the true reporting that should be done, like what InfoWars and like what the Inquirer has done.
So whilst I think that the medium of kinghead political journalism will continue in the industry, it shouldn't thrive.
We've got to get back to what Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward did in the Nixon administration.
It was a transformative tool that was done for the greater good of this country.
And it's all too easy to curate and aggregate content and rehash your own opinions and the opinions and talking points of a political movement.
But it is true, good old-fashioned, boots-on-the-ground reporting
That the National Enquirer does, that can play a pivotal role in the political discourse.
We don't give up.
We won't give up.
Our readers deserve it.
And I think the voter deserves it.
That's right.
Dylan Howard is the editor-in-chief of the National Enquirer, nationalenquirer.com.
Their big mega-issue coming out next Wednesday.
Leave them bigger bombshells.
In closing, studying history, reading the old muckrakers, the demonization of the Enquirer is because it was one of the last muckraking, old-fashioned, Mickey Spillane outfits.
Back when major cities had five, six, seven daily papers, sometimes three editions a day, it was all about who was muckraking.
It was all about the public being informed.
We go back to the robber barons 100 years ago, they said we've got to get rid of this, we've got to buy the media up.
They did that.
Except for a few pockets, like DrudgeReport.com, TheNationalEnquirer.com, Infowars.com, things like that.
Please pop back in next week if you can, I know you're a very busy person, with the latest installment, and thank you for your work.
Mr. Howard.
No, don't worry, anytime Alex.
Thank you.
Alright folks, hour number three now, straight ahead with Larry Nichols, the Clinton insider, stay with us.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Whenever I get tired, I think about all the innocent people the globalists are attacking and I will myself to point towards God.
And instantly energy flows down through the heavens into my soul.
Evil globalists make jokes about the fact that I love God.
It's because they don't have a relationship with the Creator.
I do.
And I'll tell you, when you're in touch with God, you feel so ashamed.
Because you see how fallen you are.
It doesn't matter, because together, with God's help, listen to this song, crank it up.
You can scale the heights.
That's why they attack everything beautiful and say it's evil.
And everything evil
They say it's good.
But to all those that have signed on to the Devil's Pact, the Faustian deal, I tell you now, there's a wind on down the road where your shadows are taller than your souls.
There's a lady we all know who shines white light
And if you go with her, you're going straight to hell.
Devil isn't running around in some red cape with black horns.
Devil's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen.
And it sells you a lot.
It'll damn your soul to ever.
You'll be a rock!
Alright, I want to get ready for Larry Nichols to join us.
We got a bunch of other clips I haven't gotten to yet.
There are just so many here to cover.
Like I just had my video list here.
I want to say though, it is beyond...
Amazing to see the animating contest for Liberty we're all engaged in right now.
And to look at these clips, Hillary's crowd at West Palm Beach Rally.
Plenty of space.
Cain's got 30 people, she's got a couple hundred.
And I haven't played the video yet, we can queue it up in the next segment of her falling down or beginning to fall down again.
With her handler?
To me, her falling down, her listeners falling asleep, is so emblematic how she's the zombie candidate.
She's a zombie, her supporters are zombies, and they're in this delusion because they buy into the whole Stockholm Syndrome that they're part of it.
I think she's quite a champion for them.
We don't lose either way.
Trump gets in, it's a bigger fight.
It's the right thing to do.
Justice be done by the heavens fall.
But they're going to attack him.
They're going to hit him from every angle.
It's going to be rough.
Believe me, they've got a big plan B. But that's the right thing to do, so I'm supporting them.
They're dumb enough to put her in.
Woo, baby!
Throw me in that briar patch every day.
The resistance just was assured total victory very quickly.
But it's going to be a rougher road, though.
But very quick.
Let's go to that first clip.
Hillary crowd at West Palm Beach.
Plenty of space.
What about the crowd?
How many has she brought out?
Alright, well here it's nowhere near the size of the crowd we saw in Sanford, Florida yesterday for Mr. Trump.
Take a look, Stuart.
There's maybe 1,000 to 2,000 people here today.
Clinton rallies tend to be much smaller and you can see
There's empty space here.
She's supposed to speak in about 15 minutes.
There's a bunch of fatherless girls and women just totally alone, kept out of the system.
It's almost all just young women just stumbling around not knowing what path they're going to pass to.
There was no open space.
They had 15,000 people at that airport and the hangar yesterday.
So as I come back into the shot, we're waiting for Hillary Clinton.
She'll be here in about 15 minutes.
Oh, we got a break here.
We have Hillary's reporter.
Let's make child care affordable and let's have more profit sharing and let's do the kinds of things that will lift everybody up.
Now, you know, when I talk about raising equal pay for women as one of my primary issues, you know, Donald Trump or somebody always says, well, there she goes playing the woman card and
I gotta tell you, I don't believe that's what it is.
Although this book is written in short chapters, chapter 46 is 11 pages long because it is an alphabetical list of the scandals of the Clintons.
Not explained, just an alphabetical list of them.
You need to know that.
In chapter 47, the media magic, how to make a story... And you dedicate your book to victims of rape.
Survivors, survivors, and there's a difference because there are a lot of people who are still victims of rape and sex abuse.
And I intend, after this election, to continue to talk about this because it's a scourge on our country.
Some people have survived, some people are thriving, some people have gotten healing, and some people, like Billy and Hillary, have not gotten healing and they are projecting their problems onto the American public.
And she is incompetent, she hates people, so how can you hate people and get anything accomplished?
You need to work with people as I did with lawyers for affordable housing to get 350 volunteer lawyers.
You think it's hard to run a company with 350 employees?
Try 350 volunteers, okay?
So you have to be able to work with people and she cannot do this.
She is racist and everything she says about racism is-
I never heard her personally do this.
What I heard was Billy talk about the warden doing this.
And the warden was his, shall we say, pet name for his wife?
The warden.
And when I maybe would go to see him at the governor's mansion, one of the troopers would call and say the warden's not gone yet because they kind of picked up on it and they liked that too.
So everything that you read by former Secret Service, former Arkansas State Police, people talking about Hillary and the way she is, believe it, people.
It is true.
And the thing is, her actions are so egregious.
How could you believe it?
Again, the big problem is that the problem is so big.
Who can wrap their minds around it except someone who grew up in Hot Springs or maybe Chicago or New Orleans.
But this is not normal for America and is not the way the United States should be.
The Clintons are trying to turn the United States into a third world country.
And speaking of third world countries, look at Haiti.
They stole millions and millions of dollars that was sent to the Clinton Foundation for the Haitians.
90, 90, 96%.
The Haitians are picketing the Clinton headquarters in Newark.
Is anyone covering that?
But at a gut level...
Honestly, as I said in the book, sometimes I feel sorry for Hillary.
I do.
She has spent her whole life running for this office.
This is the entire focus of her addiction.
However, I do not admire it any more than I admire
A drug addict who gets up in the middle of the night and comes to break in my house to steal jewelry or anything else to sell to fix his habit.
She has sold the United States to fix her habit, her addiction for power and money.
She has made this clear in her writings and in her speeches all along.
The date is Thursday, October 27th, 2016.
We are now only 11 days out.
11 days.
From the 2016 election.
11 days.
Alright, Larry Nichols is our guest for the bottom of the hour.
Anthony, it already takes over the fourth hour.
There is evidence of vote flipping going on all over the country.
We have election officials talking about it in Texas.
Politico comes out and says Trump is completely insane.
There's no evidence.
There's no election fraud.
But the Russians are overthrowing it.
Total fraud.
We've got to federalize.
There's no fraud, but there's total fraud.
And Obamacare's free, even though it's doubled your prices, and now another 25% premium increase for the lowest level people, you know, in the lowest bracket that has to buy it.
So, we're all, and I've got all these clips of the architect of it, Jonathan Gruber, and one of the main people making money off of it, an architect of it is E. Cole Emanuel.
Bragging, of course, it's meant to bankrupt things.
I mean, these people are jokers.
I don't get why criminals, and they're criminals in my view,
Giggle about how you're gang raping the country.
I mean, they have a sense though, when they take, they win.
Not, I take from somebody, it lowers my culture and my society.
I mean, if somebody's coming on at me, I'll knock you down, I'll put you in the dirt, but a little satisfaction when you're there, but I wasn't looking for the trouble.
I don't know.
There's over 30 million views on our platforms and his platforms of his press conference, which was a bunch of Newsweek people interrupting him the whole time.
It's not even that good.
But the point is, they're scared of this, because they're the mainstream media.
They wish they had 30 million views their whole career.
YouTube backs off on ban of Clinton's black son.
Here's what happened yesterday live.
With less than 12 days left before the most historic election in U.S.
history, we're seeing massive censorship being intensified.
Now, Danny Williams is reportedly Bill Clinton's illegitimate son from a black prostitute in Little Rock, Arkansas.
And Bill Clinton has basically been caught giving him money and presents over the years.
But I interviewed his aunt 20 years ago and have thought this story was extremely credible.
The man's very handsome.
He looks a lot like Bill Clinton.
And regardless of what you say about Bill Clinton, when he was young, he was a handsome guy.
But now that YouTube has shut down a video that had incredible millions and millions of views, and we now learn is shutting down other videos of Danny Williams across the web, it only adds credibility.
Now I just hung up with him minutes ago.
We taped it live.
Here it is.
This is what
Hillary Clinton is scared of and does not want you to see, and that's the key.
This adds a lot of credibility.
They do not want you to see this.
Ladies and gentlemen, 20 years ago, I interviewed Danny Williams' aunt.
Bill Clinton for years sent $700 a month to their homes, sent Christmas presents.
Danny Williams is a spitting image of
Bill Clinton.
We had him on a few weeks ago, and it was big international news.
Then, last week, hours before the debate, there was to be a big press conference.
Hundreds of cameras were there.
CNN came and threatened the hotel and said, this press conference isn't happening.
They told Danny it was cancelled.
Then we later learned that was a fraud, and about 15 members of the press covered it.
There were more than 20 million views on Facebook and YouTube of the live conference that our reporters covered.
Now, Danny Williams, we've learned today, had his YouTube channel with over 2 million views on his press conference, just on that channel, the number one video on YouTube, deleted.
And in fact, in a moment, if Joe Biggs will come in for TV viewers, we can show folks a shot of this, where they've told him his account is suspended, and that's the end of it, for community violations.
This is just where they have a bunch of Democratic tattletales say we don't like something and it's banned.
So whether you believe the story is true or not, I know it's true.
The evidence is overwhelming.
What's incredible is they're attempting to cover all of this up.
So when the time comes, we'll do a document cam shot for TV viewers and get a shot of this in a moment.
But Danny Williams, who I just caught on the phone, he's driving to go pick up his kids as he drives through Arkansas in the middle of nowhere.
Danny Williams is here.
He's going to tell you what's happened to his YouTube channel with massive censorship.
Danny, thank you for joining us.
Go ahead and tell folks what's happening.
Yes, uh, basically today, uh, we talked about earlier last night that they kicked out the YouTube channel, saying that, you know, uh,
It was a violation of the community or whatnot for the person who did it.
But, technically I got over so many viewers and a lot of good response.
I don't feel like I did anything to violate anyone, but yeah, they kicked it out and we're trying to, you know, figure that out right now.
Well, they've done this to me whenever I expose, say, reports of Bill Clinton rape or whatever.
They'll say community guidelines strike, where people complain.
They say, yeah, we think this is mean, so they take it down.
I've had videos about World War III they take down.
But, I mean, here you are, very polite in the press conference video they took down.
There's a copy of it on m4wars.com as well.
We just had another video taken down last week with us.
They're trying to shut down our channel right now, so there's a real push 12 days out from this election.
Talk about what was on the video that they banned.
I mean, it was nothing negative.
I mean, no profanity.
All I did was speak about the story of me, Danny Williams, and my claimants, and more than my DNA test.
That's what all of their plans are.
You bet, Alex.
How are you?
I'm good where I see it.
I believe Donald Trump's winning.
I believe, Alex, it's time now for us to tell people exactly what to do to fight voter fraud.
And what they're going to do, Alex, is, you know, we've talked about them bringing in, I'm trying to get in the center of the shot, I'm sorry.
What they're trying to do is they'll be bringing in vans, which, you know, I told you about over a year ago, and now you've got the tape where they're actually saying they're doing it.
There's another thing that we've all got to do.
Number one, when you go cast your vote, here's what you better do.
If it's a touchscreen computer, make sure that that precinct shows you a recorded, a printed proof of how your vote was recorded.
Now we've gotten, I've already gotten several, several responses, Alex, where people, one lady in Georgia voted for straight line Republican.
When she saw proof of what she voted for, she had voted for Clinton and it took her four or five times to get them to rerun it before it ever showed voting for Trump.
So what you've got to do is you've got to make people at the precinct prove your vote was recorded properly.
If they can't show you proof, then demand a paper ballot.
Demand it.
They're supposed to have paper ballots.
But if they don't, find out where you've got to go to get a paper ballot.
Because Alex, when you're on these computers, I heard you earlier say that Soros owns the voting equipment that's used in 16 states.
He does.
But what people don't realize is he owns the majority of several other voting machine companies.
No, I knew that.
I mean, that's come out in the last 10 years.
And so, bottom line, Hillary's got to be really upset, though, that Trump isn't just going quietly into the night.
He's openly exposing all that.
How does that upset her apple cart?
Alex, she's gonna lose and she knows it unless she can amass and pull off the biggest amount of voter fraud in the history of this country now.
I agree.
Are preliminaries, as we're getting from early voting, showing landslides for Trump?
Well, yeah, and I don't know that it'll be a landslide, but I can tell you this.
Hillary's defeated and she knows it, so they've got a cheat now to back that up, so you don't think I'm just making this up.
The DNC filed a lawsuit
To try to force the removal of poll watchers at the polls.
Why would they do that if they know there's no cheating going on?
Why would they fight the, you know, photo ID to vote?
Why do that if they don't plan to have massive voter fraud?
Look, I say this to your audience, Alex, please.
This is your vote.
You got one.
You've got one.
You gotta protect it.
If you allow your vote to be changed, then we've lost.
We've lost all the ground.
No, I agree.
We expose it.
We show the fraud.
We have millions of people reported it if it happens.
It's game over just from perception.
Now, I've looked at the internals, as I know you have, of several polls.
Here's what they're doing.
They're trying right now, Alex, to make everybody believe this election is over.
For the next 11 days, it's going to be the media, mainstream media, and Hillary's job in her campaign to make people believe this election is over.
Oh, they say, from CNN to MSNBC to the New York Times, she's already measuring the new drapes.
They say she's in.
Yeah, it's done.
Well, let me tell you why that is.
Hillary's already got every vote she's going to get, Alex, and they know it.
They know there's nothing they can do to increase that, so they've got one move left.
And that's to convince people that are going to vote for Trump, you might as well stay home, mow your yard, go to a movie, do something worthwhile because the race is over.
Don't waste your time.
Folks, do not believe it.
When I looked at the internals last week of a poll, that was an MS, it was a
Gosh, a Wall Street Journal NBC poll.
Now Fox News reported it as the gold standard of polls.
When you looked into the internals of that poll, Alex, here's what you find.
60% of the people
Interviewed are 60% of the respondents.
We're Democrats.
Stay there.
Let's go to the rest of it.
Oh, that's in WikiLeaks.
They're oversampling across the board like we're the biggest idiots in the world.
It's like starting a football game and giving the other team 15, 14 points.
I mean, a two-year-old would know that's a fraud.
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For the last several weeks, Donald Trump has been warning us that the election could be rigged against him.
First of all, it's rigged.
And I'm afraid the election's gonna be rigged, I have to be honest.
Because I think my side was rigged if I didn't win by massive landslides.
I mean, think of what we won in New York and Indiana, California, 78%.
And now he has indicated on Twitter that he is aware of reports of electronic voting machines that are flipping votes from Trump to Hillary.
Meanwhile, InfoWars has highlighted the fact
And you can learn more right now at InfoWars.com
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They don't want to see us unite.
And who are they?
Democrat and Republicans.
They're against Donald Trump, who promises a new deal for black Americans.
I'll be honest with you, I'm not for unweight, just, and measures.
But when it comes to weights and measures, I don't want political correctness and a bunch of division and a bunch of garbage, like we've seen with affirmative action.
But cut taxes even more in the black inner city areas, have incentives to bring businesses in, don't have the Soros control groups activate groups of terrorists to burn stuff down.
I want prosperity.
That's the way to help folks and bring down the crime.
And that's what Trump's promising to do.
Clinton will never even give a speech directed at black people, and neither will Obama, because they think they got you.
Bottom line, Trump wants prosperity.
Larry Nichols will be with us a little bit in the next segment.
I want to put the phones up on the incredible moment we're at, the election fraud around the country.
Vote at InfoWars.com is the email for you to send videos, articles, news tips, your personal tips, photos, you name it, of evidence of election fraud in the next 11 days, the next 12 days, right through the election.
We're only 12 days out right now, but 11 until election day.
The toll-free number to join us is 800-259-9231.
But I tell you, it is an amazing time to be alive.
Trump has crowds of 40-50,000 when they've got big enough arenas.
10,000 in capacity when they're smaller.
Hillary has a couple hundred.
Kaine has 30.
The fix is in though.
They are really driving forward right now with everything they've got.
And I've got to say, Larry Nichols,
I know you're battling cancer right now.
You don't like to talk about it.
You'd be out on the street if it wasn't for, you know, folks supporting you because you're battling 18 hours a day, even fighting lung cancer to do this.
You didn't really push for this.
I'm going to put it on screen.
Folks who make small donations, you name it, won't get stolen.
The Clinton Foundation will go right to you to help you with your cancer treatments.
You can stay on air.
NicholsLive at AOL.com, NicholsLive at AOL.com or Larry Nichols.
58 Kingston Drive, you're one of the main sources for the Enquirer piece.
They said that on air.
Again, really fighting hard, folks.
Larry Nichols, 58 Kingsington Drive, Conway, Arkansas, 72034.
So we're all in this together, and I hope someday if I'm, you know, by myself with nothing and fighting cancer, folks will support me as well if I'm a guest on here.
But Larry, just in closing, you can hold longer if you want to take calls, what other dirty tricks do you expect?
Where is this going?
Well, exactly what they're going to do is they're going to bring vans into the inner city precincts, Alex.
That's where the multiple... And you've said that a million times.
Now we have Veritas on video showing.
Now you've got proof of it.
You know, Alex, before I go off today...
I'm going to break a little news right here with you.
You've been such a good friend all these years.
So before I go off, give me just a moment because I'm going to send a personal message to Bill and Hillary.
Something that happened years ago.
A promise I made and I'd like to resolve it.
But having said that, I just want everybody to understand the polling is a part of this game plan to destroy your confidence and your ability to win.
You're winning.
You're winning.
You really are.
You've just got to stay the course.
You know, they're going to cheat in every way possible.
Every way possible.
They're going to have the phones loaded up on talk shows.
Come election day when you listen to programs other than this one, when you go to your local radio programs or whatever, they're going to have phone banks set up, Alex, by the hundreds to call in.
You're going to see a push by the mainstream media.
I already know what they're doing.
I already have advance.
Information on the push they're gonna make with the mainstream media starting the Friday before Election Day on the following Tuesday.
We got more time, so get to it in the next segment, but exactly, they admit they're gonna hit C-SPAN, all the national shows to create the perception, the perception that Trump lost and it's a huge defeat.
It is, and believe it or not guys, that works if you're not careful.
But if our listeners know, and they all call ten shows a day, if they get really aggressive, it's game over.
That's right.
If you'll stay the course in it, what y'all gotta do now, it's Alex, it's not me and you anymore.
It's your audience now.
When your people, your friends come up to you, your family come up to you, and they start throwing it at you, well, you know, Trump's done.
He's dead.
He can't win.
I'm for him, but he just can't win.
Your audience has got to carry the message, Alex.
You and I can't do that anymore.
And by the way, I've even got people close to me saying that, and I just am so sad they're weak-minded.
Now, the other thing I'm so proud to see you put up a site to report the fraud cases, because if they rig this election and pull it off, it's going to be imperative that Donald Trump have a place to go where the fraud is actually recorded.
Well, it's going to be StopTheSteal.com, InfoWars.com, DrudgeReport.com, RightWar.com.
We're all going to have it.
What I'd like to do is tell you what you've got to do to report voter fraud.
When you go into your voter precinct, you make sure... Stay there.
Come back and tell us about that in your message directly to the Clintons.
And you'll ride shotgun with us when we take phone calls from Shane and Bill and Steve and James and others.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the Desperate Defense of Our Republic, and it is desperate.
But the good news is that people are rising to the occasion, and people are seeing through what's happening, and I'm just seeing
Incredible support for Trump.
People that even don't like him get.
This is a vote against the establishment that's been screwing us for hundreds of years.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're red on Election Day.
Perhaps the biggest election in American history is just days away.
We know that in past elections, there have been thousands of cases of voter fraud and election fraud.
From dead people voting, to people registering false identifications, to government leaders providing fast-track amnesty to give illegal immigrants votes.
This is happening right in front of us.
Now we are seeing the establishment send all its hitmen after the Republican nominee, Donald Trump.
Government shills are campaigning for Clinton.
Mainstream news attacking Donald Trump all day like rabbit hounds.
Rigged polls being broadcast daily to provide the fake optics that Hillary Clinton is actually winning and to discourage people from voting Trump.
Fake celebrities endorsing Clinton across all platforms.
So with all this, what are we doing to keep this election from being stolen?
What can we do to prevent election fraud?
I propose that all Donald Trump supporters wear red on Election Day.
On November 8th, when you head to the polls to vote Donald Trump, be decked out in red.
This way, just as we dominated in rally turnout, we can prove and provide the optics that we also dominated in voter turnout.
Wear red on Election Day, and Make America Great Again!
The world is a dangerous place, not because of evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center.
It's Alex Jones.
You see, we were always under attack by a foreign corporate takeover.
So for 20 years, I've said, we now take you live to Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
Because I figured I would wake up other people that would be the heart of the resistance.
We'd beat it that way.
I didn't figure out we'd be the main resistance.
You'd be it, but it's here, it's happening.
And as people get the fact that, wait, the EU's unelected?
Our system's unelected?
We're losing our freedoms?
It's game over for the globalists.
So they're in trouble.
They're going to try to mop up the resistance if they get into office.
If we get Trump in, it's a big victory, but the fight really does just begin.
I want to go to your phone calls.
Larry Nichols is riding a shotgun with us.
Larry Nichols, other points you want to impart to the audience?
Well, the main thing, when you go to that precinct and you can't get verification of your vote,
Or you find that they have verified it, but your vote keeps getting switched to Hillary.
Here's what you do.
Report it first to the precinct person there, the head of the precinct.
Then you need to call the police and tell them that voter fraud was just committed against you, you suspect.
And then number three, very important.
You've got standing because you're a citizen.
Fraud is against you and the country.
Start over.
Start over.
Well, it's a federal crime.
So listen.
Number one, make sure they verify your vote to you that what you voted actually was recorded.
Number two, if they can't do that,
Then ask for a paper ballot.
If they refuse to give you a paper ballot, find out where you've got to go to get one.
Now, if that doesn't happen and you see that your vote has been twiddled with as many people have already seen, then you need to tell them, you've got to do it this way or it's not going to help Mr. Trump if he has to file suit.
You've got to notify the precinct person in charge, call the police, tell them what just happened, and then
Get in touch with Alex.
You can go to our site, LarryNichols.info, and log in and report the voter fraud that you've just experienced.
Now, there's one other thing, Alex, people need to do, and we'll get off of this.
I'd like to see every one of you make a sign.
Put a sign together that says, Protect Your Vote.
And I mean, stand the legal distance away from the voting place, but protect your vote and tell people these very simple things.
You know, verify your vote is recorded the way you cast it.
I mean, just tell them what we said.
You can go to LarryNichols.info and I'll give or I'll send it to Alex even.
We're going to post a page, we're going to post a page at Infowars.com forward slash vote tomorrow.
But right now the email report stuff is vote at Infowars.com.
But you're right, we should go out the legal distance, whatever it is in the state, sit there, hand out flyers, explain, hey, make sure they don't flip it.
People are ready to hear the truth.
They're ready to be involved.
That way we have an army of people, if there is fraud, which we know is already happening, that are going to report this.
Blow up in Hillary's face.
And notice, as you said, Larry, they're trying to claim you can't have poll watchers, you can't have exit pollers.
They're trying to demonize myself, Roger Stone, claiming we're wanting to frustrate the vote.
They're the ones that said election fraud didn't exist, but the Russians are taking over imminently.
Well, number one about the Russians, Alex, let me tell you, if the Russians were tapping into the State Department email,
There would be a file made against the Russians in the United Nations Security Council, and no such filing or complaint has been filed, so they're lying through their teeth about that.
Well of course they are, that's an act of war, and instead it's George Soros and the Pentagon, not the military's bad, but people around the Pentagon trying to start a war with Russia.
By the way, how does that wildcard, what are other wildcards with 10 and a half days, 11 days out, what could they pull?
Really, they're out.
Alex, they have fired everything against Donald Trump that they can possibly fire.
I mean, the only thing they can do is try to stack some more women's stuff on him, but that's not going to come out.
I agree.
Hillary looks really desperate.
She almost fell down in Florida.
What do you make of their body language?
They look like wet dogs.
I know.
I know him.
And just like I used to tell you about Bill Clinton, how do you know when he's lying and he's frustrated?
Look at his nubs.
It'll light up like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.
Watch Hillary's bags under her eyes.
When she gets frustrated, when she gets mad, when she's about to snap, those bags under her eyes pooped out.
That's always been a problem.
We tried to cover it up back then, and we couldn't.
It just shows right up.
So you watch her eyes when those bags are popping out of below her eyes.
By the way, I've seen it when Bill Clinton's nose gets red during press conferences.
Yeah, he said something big next week in her calling black people inwards, coming out next week.
Well, there's going to be another story coming out about the Starr investigation.
And I think you're all going to be shocked to find out.
I don't know if it's in the next week's article, but you're going to find out why Kenneth Starr rolled over on the Foster Investigation.
Well, he was implying they were setting up prosecutors with hookers.
Well, you know, I think I told you that story a few years ago, Alex, how they had moved two hookers in on Kenneth Starr at a house ball on Cantrell.
And then the next day, when he had the hookers, the next day he started spinning.
And that's why Miguel Rodriguez quit, because he knew what Starr had got caught doing, and they were blackmailing him.
And he shut the case down.
That's why the case went nowhere.
I mean, this bunch rules by fraud.
They rule by intimidation, blackmail, extortion.
That's what we've got coming if they're elected.
And if I may, before we take the calls, I want to make a direct message to Bill and Hillary, please.
And we'll move in here close, Bill, so you can see my eyes.
Years ago, the day before you left to go to Washington,
Left Arkansas for the last time.
You wanted to meet with me.
You and Buddy Young, your chief security, you met with me under a bridge on the Wilber Mills Freeway about a block away from the state capitol.
Now I know you probably hadn't told Hillary, but you better tell her.
You told me, I told you that day, remember it Bill, I told you that day, one day you and I were going to meet at High Noon and one of us was going to get out of town.
Well Buddy, you know what happened?
You got wounded.
I helped wound you when you were president.
Got you impeached.
But you came back from that.
Let me tell you, November the 8th bill, Hillary.
That's high noon.
You're getting out of town.
Now, even if you don't get out of town, if you manage to cheat, let me tell you what's coming.
Now, first off, if you lose, let me complete high noon.
If you lose,
Your name's going to be destroyed forever.
Your legacy is destroyed.
Your Clinton Foundation.
Let me tell you about that bill, Hillary.
You've got nothing to sell, so nobody's going to pay you.
Now, even if you win,
Even if you win, here's what you're going to be plagued with, Hillary, before you think you're going to measure the curtains and walk in there and rule America the way you've been dreaming of since you were four years old.
Let me tell you what's going to happen.
The day you set foot in the White House, you're going to be under investigation every day for impeachment for the crimes you've committed against the people of this nation.
So, Bill, Hillary, you remember this day.
High noon.
It's November the 8th.
Can I keep my word?
Thank you.
Thanks Alex for letting me do that.
I think special interests are getting bad nervous.
They've invested billions of dollars into this couple.
And you know what, Alex?
They're seeing what I just told Bill and Hillary.
They're seeing it all come unglued.
They're seeing that all this investment over the years they've made in Hillary and Bill, it's gone.
That's bad money.
Gone money.
They're not going to have the power to rule.
Hey, listen, I'm telling you, Alex, can you imagine the Clinton Foundation after this election?
What's it going to be able to do?
What's he going to be able to do for these foreign countries that have been paying millions of dollars to him?
And that's even if she gets elected.
The cat's out of the bag.
And by the way, for those of you that think, well, if she gets to be president, then there's no way she can be prosecuted.
Remember, we prosecuted Bill Clinton.
Got him impeached over an act he did before he was president.
And that's one one millionth of what we've got now.
Great point.
Larry, we're going to go to calls here in just a moment.
I know this, look, and we're gonna go to your calls, if the Clintons were just boss hogs and just trying to get rich, I'd oppose them because I'm a moral guy, I don't want corruption to grow, but I wouldn't be risking my life.
The Clintons are so evil and so bad and so out to destroy prosperity, my very selves
My very gut says, do everything you got, throw yourself against it, no matter how dangerous it is.
My spirit just says, good, good, get more aggressive, go crazy.
And what is it though, Larry, about the Clintons that just make me want to throw myself at them to stop them?
Because I don't have any fear.
Bush was bad, I exposed him and it was dangerous, but I didn't have that same feeling that I wanted to go after him.
I just morally had to do it.
What is it about them?
Alex, the difference, I think, in your case is the same as it is, I hope, in many Americans.
When you were talking about Bush or any of the other presidents we've had, we've had political differences.
They had political directions they were going to take us.
We didn't want to go liberal or whatever.
The Clintons, it's not that Alex.
The Clintons want to change the foundational principles of America.
They want to destroy America.
It goes back to the first day I ever met Hillary Clinton.
She had around her neck a card like a press pass that said a proud member of the United States Communist Party.
They're taking us full to communism.
And they're going to take us there, force us there with health care, they're going to force us there with all their maneuvers, or that was their plan.
But it's falling apart on them.
That's what we're going to call in a moment.
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Okay, let's go to some phone calls here with Larry Nichols.
We got Shane, and Bill, and Steve, and James, and Mark, and many others been holding patiently.
Let's go to Shane in North Carolina.
You're on the air.
Yeah, hey, I was listening to your show on Sunday, and you were talking to a caller, and you were mentioning the way I read for Trump movement, and you were kind of thinking like, where did that come from?
It actually came, I called into your show before the RNC,
I remember, I remember, and then Owen Schroer recommended it and others picked it up and now it's happening all over the country.
I do remember your call, Shane, so it shows how big things start small.
We're even selling a shirt at cost, 60% off.
Trump is my president that's red to really get the word out so people understand optically that we're the majority.
So great idea, Shane.
It's happening.
Yeah, it's really cool to see how things can get spearheaded like that.
This is a pretty big project.
Absolutely, man.
I'm definitely fired up about voting here in a few days.
I'm going to vote early.
I'm in North Carolina.
And, you know, it's been a crazy election, like you said, the wildest one we've ever seen.
You know, early on, I was actually pretty skeptical of Trump.
I think it's intelligent to be skeptical.
But basically, it became evident, you know, after the months went by, it became pretty obvious.
Yeah, when the entire evil power structure's against somebody, I mean, it makes the choice clear.
Larry, you got any comments on that?
Thanks, Shane.
Well, yeah, I mean, this is the battle of battles for the nation.
This election day, November 8th, Alex, you and I... Yeah, forget Trump!
I mean, I'll be frank, I'm never less than two needles.
Forget Trump!
This is all about the New World Order now.
Go ahead.
It is.
This is the biggest battle since the Revolutionary War.
We're either going to be free, or we're going to be in bondage all over again.
And if you don't believe it, you just didn't live in Arkansas when the Clintons were in power.
And remember, they are the mob.
You know, Alex, I couldn't help but when you were talking to Mr. Howard, just think about what I've had to go through fighting these people for some 28 years.
I mean, these people are evil.
These people are tough.
And their organization is broad and it's powerful.
But thanks to the people of this country, this election November 8th, I think it's coming to an end.
She hates you that much.
Don't doubt that.
Hillary hates you.
You're probably getting about as big a hate as she's got for me.
Maybe not quite, but you're bad close.
And that's not going to be a comfortable position for you if she wins.
However, I think the power that they plan to use when they get in office, if they win,
It's going to be very diminished now.
I was about to say, I'm not lying, I was in the FBI or these agencies, they hate her so much because they know she hates them.
She hates real men.
That's right.
Despite the fact that they're killers, a lot of them, they are so ready to leak every damn thing she does.
If she thinks WikiLeaks is bad, go ahead lady.
Yeah, just go out there and fire your shot.
Let me tell you, the problem they've got in the FBI, they may have gotten to Comey, they may have gotten to his
Well that's the thing.
She wants to mount our head on the wall.
She's the one pushing everybody to the edge.
But, here again I have, because of the Wall Street Journal article, I have faith now in the people of the FBI, maybe not the FBI as such.
Well it's true that they say the FBI is on the edge of complete mutiny right now.
They are.
And I think you're going to find that in the CIA.
I think you're going to find that in the NSA.
You know, all these alphabet soup people, Alex, they've been ruled.
They've been ruled by this cabal of Obama, Clintons.
I mean, it hasn't been pleasant for them.
And they resent it, and they hate it.
Yeah, they resent being told to side with criminals, side with Islamists, you name it.
Yeah, I tell ya, the globalists, that's why the globalists are scared, they know.
We're gonna come back and talk to Bill and Steve and James and Reggie and Mark and others.
Our guest is Larry Nichols, I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
Get those articles, get those videos out, they're powerful.
There's a real anti-feeling globally right now against this whole idea of a world government, no accountability, and the British led the way on that.
General Dunbar being the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, we have to understand a no-fly zone at this point in time would do nothing to help secure the situation and would likely lead to another war.
Our largest
The biggest threat right now globally is not Islamic terror, it's actually the Russians.
No one has a plan for Syria, and the plans that have been put forth by Ms.
Clinton on her side are really dangerous and really designed to do damage to our national security.
She wants to continue this unabated import of Islamic terror like they did in Germany and France.
And that policy is not only dangerous, it is guaranteed to see more U.S.
citizens die.
What's happened in Europe and that would come here.
She wants to knowingly import the problems we have in Europe and the reason you would do that is because you can both be the provider of the crisis and the provider of the solution to the crisis.
Of course their solution Alex as you know
I think?
I'm a political scientist.
I know exactly what they're trying to do.
They're trying to create adverse circumstances that they then can come in and solve.
This is a global version of the Munchausen by proxy treatment of psychosis.
So basically, she's trying to basically be the parent who injures their own child for purposes of going in to be the hero.
That's what they're doing, except their purpose, long term Alex,
We're good to go.
That no matter how you feel about Trump, and he's gone back and forth on some issues, I sincerely believe that Ms.
Clinton will do exactly what she said regarding open borders, regarding attempting to gain control and prevent legitimate citizens having legitimate rights to have weapons.
I'm having them.
And this is something else I agree with Mr. Trump on.
If you look at her record, you know, you look at her 30 years of service, yeah, all of it's bad.
All of it's failure.
And I don't think anybody can look at her record and actually find something that's been successful for the American people.
And the only thing she's done, Alex, if you look at it, she's created havoc and chaos in every possible way.
For her own gain.
So for personal gain, which is very clearly they have.
So you have to ask yourself,
Who is Ms.
Clinton really trying to help?
And, meanwhile, then she blames Trump for his edited tape hurting kids when they're the ones that put it out.
I mean, Michelle Obama is just a disgusting pig.
And it makes me sick.
Larry Nichols, what do you make of all this dishonesty by these people?
It's just the way they are, Alex.
It's just the way they are, buddy.
I mean, that's what you sense, that's what you know, that's what's bothering you.
I don't know how else to say it.
It's pure evil.
I mean, and I'm not a great Christian, so please don't think I'm getting out of my pay grade.
But these people represent pure evil.
The difference is you are a great Christian.
You love God.
You recognize your evil.
They love evil.
We hate evil.
I mean, just think about what they're doing to the Catholics.
Think what they're doing to the religions all over the place.
What do you make of the new WikiLeaks confirming what you said, where they say David Brock thinks black people are dumb, and more witnesses coming forward about how she hates poor people?
That's Hillary.
That's the Hillary I know.
That's the Hillary that always resented black people.
She thought they were stupid.
She thought they should be... She thought they still look better in chains, is what she used to say.
And then she publicly said they need to be made to heal like a dog super predator.
Can you elaborate on that?
Well, yeah.
I mean, look.
Bill and Hillary... Now, Bill had a fetish for black women.
That's why he was called the black president.
Hillary's not that way.
Bill's just no good-timing boy who didn't care about governing.
He just wanted the perks of office.
Hillary, that's the one you gotta watch.
She's the one that's hard
Everyone, Alex, and if you don't believe me, ask anybody that's ever worked for her.
She believes everybody that's not her is her servant.
And I'm talking about the American people.
I'm talking about the blacks.
You're foolish, black Americans.
If you follow her, she's going to lead you to hell.
I guarantee you that.
Wow, let's take a few more calls.
Larry Nichols is our guest.
Bill in Arizona, you're on the air.
Thank you, Alex.
And Mr. Nichols, I wanted to say that your movies are something that everyone should watch about the Clintons.
You are.
Thank you.
Thank you.
And I called to tell you that, firstly, I was going to tell you about the signs, but I wanted to make one comment about your conversation, and that is
I have a 16-year-old daughter, and I told her after hearing all this stuff about Hillary this last week, I told her that your own people will tell you things because they are actually putting what they are doing onto themselves that they think that someone else is doing.
And that's exactly what Hillary and them do, is that they say, oh, it's somebody else, but it's really them.
And my daughter came back the next day and she said that she thought that was really true.
But the reason I wanted to call you was that
I actually live in a very small town on the edge of the Mexican border and down in southern Arizona.
And we're a town that's been notorious for supporting Hillary, as in we had a Hillary-art car, and during the 2008, our town was just plastered with Hillary signs, and then when it switched to Obama, they all switched to Obama.
But this year, this Sunday, I actually made a point of driving around my neighborhood, the last three towns, actually, and I only found four Hillary signs.
That was it.
And even her support here does not really exist.
So I just wanted to let you guys know that really, she has no support, no matter what they claim.
Well, that's going to be, there's a couple things you said that I think are very important.
Number one, and let me just say this out front, the black vote that Bill got, that Obama got,
They're worried about that vote.
Oh, she may get 80% of it.
She might even get 90%.
But the problem she has with the blacks, they're not going to come out and vote for her.
They don't like her.
They're not going to show up and vote.
So instead of actually voting for Trump, it's just they're not going to show up?
They're just not going to show up.
Now, the other thing you were talking about them doing or saying what other people are doing is actually what they're going to design that for them years ago.
That was how I knew that we could accuse somebody of something and prove it.
Because we were doing it, Alex.
Yeah, it's like exactly accusing Trump of being a Russian spy, and then meanwhile, Hillary takes money from everybody.
Thanks, buddy!
Alright, thank you.
I know you gotta go.
We're gonna come back in the fourth hour.
Stay with me, folks.
More calls straight ahead.
There goes Larry Nichols.
Stay with us.
Get Brain Force at 25% off for a limited time at Infowarslife.com.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Paul Watson's got a new video up on InfoWars.com.
This is a story I went to cover on Monday, four days ago.
Universities all over the country are going to send the police out.
To ticket you for disorderly conduct if someone doesn't like your costume.
The proof is that someone doesn't like it.
So this is the new bullying, social justice warrior thing.
When you hear this, Alex Jones is bullying the government.
He should be arrested.
That's the new liberal thing.
They want to shut your free speech down.
Zombie outfits or sexy Pocahontas costumes could get you in trouble.
This is just training that you have no free speech by the so-called liberals that claim everybody's got free speech.
Good luck with that.
I mean, you people are literally delusional mind control idiots who think everybody's going to listen to you.
You've just gotten to the point now where you're trying to tell us how to operate, how to live.
That's blowing up in your face right now.
David Knight's coming up in the next segment.
We'll continue with your phone calls.
A lot of breaking news.
We've got Friday's edition tomorrow.
Tomorrow will be ten days!
Ten days out from the eleventh day of the election.
So, Fox says it's eleven days.
We're saying it's, you know, ten days tomorrow.
But whatever.
All the calendar folks say it's 10 days tomorrow.
They say 11.
Clearly, we'll know by the 11th day.
So we're 11 days out.
This is the longest campaign I've ever covered.
The longest campaign anybody's ever covered.
This is crazy.
Huge evidence of election fraud coming in.
Politico says there's no such evidence.
It doesn't exist.
In the next article, the feds are going to take over the elections to protect us from imminent fraud that doesn't exist.
Steve in California.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thanks for holding.
Yeah, in 2014, I knew God was giving his true patriots a mandate to stop Hillary.
And I prayed for God to send a man.
He sent the man.
His name is Donald Trump.
Okay, so he's not perfect.
I remember telling mom and dad that
I was voting to stop Hillary, that I wouldn't concede the election to Hillary, even if she won.
Well, here's the deal.
He never claimed to be an angel.
They edited the tape.
And if any real Christian wants to shake your finger at him, they haven't read the Bible.
King David had his best friend killed.
He was overwhelmed with lust for the guy's wife.
Now later, he truly repented.
My dad said, well, what does the Bible say about groping ladies and fondling them?
Bill Clinton's a damn race.
Look, they set Trump up.
They knew he was going to run for president for 30 years.
They sat there, they edited it, but I'm not even defending it.
It's not even about Trump.
It's not even about the two evils.
Hillary is a manifest demon.
Everything's a fraud.
We know she's a criminal.
And so Trump is coming against them.
And again, I'm explaining this.
I said this over and over again, not to make everybody feel good.
It's the truth.
Trump has already won.
The New World Order is in shambles.
We've already won by backing a populist.
The mainstream media is falling apart.
They're a joke.
I appreciate your call, Steve.
James in New York.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Pleasure to be on the show.
Thank you.
So, I'm an 18-year-old from New York.
A lot of us youth teens here in New York, we're all about Trump, and I think it's a huge part of the Trump election.
I think there's going to be a giant youth turnout for Trump.
Listen, I've talked to folks that live in New York.
I've talked to Dario, his parents live there.
They say everyone they know is supporting Trump.
All you see is Trump signs.
So, so, what do you think is about to happen?
I honestly think that there will be, I mean, record, record 18 to 25 year olds
Record numbers and Republican votes because they know what Hillary's about.
I mean, I mean, I'm surprised Hillary's even made it this far.
I mean, I look back to 2008, even with the establishment, with the crash, the stock market.
I mean, only one person was arrested without a whole fraudulent banking system.
I mean, if that doesn't show corruption in 2008, it took a while to be picked up until now.
And now we're like, OK, well, now it's really
All right.
Great points, James.
Keep up the good work.
I'm going to hand the baton right now to David Knight.
We've got Mark in Oregon who wants to talk about the polls.
We've got Reggie and Lisa and Carlos.
I'm sure David probably wants to take your calls.
Regardless, it's up to him.
Vote at Infowars.com is where you report elections being clean, elections being smooth, or frauds.
Send your video, audio, text there.
We are living in very perilous times.
Things seem to be spinning out of control much faster than the powers that be can handle them.
They've created these structures, these forces in the world that are now beyond their grasp.
They've created things.
They created ISIS, for example.
They created the civil war, which became a regional war in Syria.
And all of these things have spun out of control.
It's like Yates's poem, you know, spinning and spinning in a widening gyre.
That's the situation we're in now.
And we are, as you mentioned, very near the brink of a third world war.
And we have Hillary Clinton, for the sake of political gain, playing brinksmanship, pushing toward activating a no-fly zone over Syria, which would indeed be a severe provocation.
All it takes is one or two Russian aircraft being shot down, and it'll be game on.
You know, not only is she running a kleptocratic system, but when she's personally a kleptomaniac, what does that tell you?
I cannot believe that this woman is being seriously considered.
As a presidential candidate, and with just the torrent of information that's coming out of WikiLeaks right now, from within the DNC, from within the Clinton Foundation, it just absolutely boggles the mind to think that she's being considered seriously.
We have a situation where we may have a manipulated presidential election, may have a split outcome with a difference between the popular vote and the electoral vote, and we have a
A kind of a criminal power structure in place right now that's willing to either collapse the system or bring the world to another world war just for the sake of furthering their own power.
That's how absolutely corrupt and evil they are.
It's amazing to see so many people with such corrupt morals and so downright sociopathic or psychopathic.
It's the United States that's the provocateur here.
We're the one provoking Russia.
And we've been at it for four years with the Ukraine.
And that game has turned into brinksmanship.
He aligns himself with the truth, and it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show on this Thursday, October 27, 2016.
I'm David Knight.
We're going to go back to your calls, Mark, Reggie, Lisa, Carlos, in just a moment.
If you want to hang on, I'll probably get to you in the next segment, because I want to lay down a couple of
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It's an amazing discount.
Now is the time to prepare.
There's a lot of uncertainty.
We talk about the situation that Hillary Clinton has created across the world, setting up, restarting the Cold War with her Russian reset.
Who knows what she's going to do?
This is a woman who has created wars across the world.
Who knows what's going to happen to the economy?
They're holding the line on interest rates and other issues because they don't want to rock the boat for Hillary Clinton before the election.
So now is the time, while everything is stable, now is the time to take advantage of a massive sale on storable foods.
30 to 40 percent off at Infowarsstore.com and of course these are the
We're good.
Still continued.
It's not going to last much longer.
The Brain Force special, 25% off at Infowarslife.com.
And as I said, that's my favorite supplement that we have.
It makes a big difference.
Now, real quickly, we've got news that's breaking today.
And I heard this on the radio as I was coming in.
They're talking about this scam that has ripped off about 15,000 people for a total of about $300 million.
And what they're doing is they're calling up these victims.
They say that they're threatening them with fine and deportation or imprisonment if they don't pay demanded fees.
In other words, they tell them, hey, we're from the government, you're an illegal alien, and we're going to throw you out of the country if you don't pay these fees.
Now, when I looked at this, I thought, how is this different from Hillary Clinton?
Scaring people into giving her money.
Scaring people into voting for her.
And it's interesting because there's a lot of stories about it.
They're going to get not only the FBI, but the IRS against these people.
Now, we've had a lot of stuff breaking in the last couple days, and finally we've got
A story that has traction with the mainstream media about Clinton corruption.
About Clinton pay for play.
We got the New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today.
Even Morning Joe was talking about this memo from Doug Band, the guy who ran the Clinton Foundation, talking about self-referencing this whole operation as Bill Clinton Inc.
Bill Clinton Inc.
In other words, it's an incorporation, it's how they make their money.
I've got to say, I'm not going to hold my breath.
I don't think the FBI is going to investigate the Clintons.
Well, you know they aren't.
We know that she can do whatever she wants, violating national security.
Of course, they're not going to have the IRS investigate them either.
No, they're going to use the IRS against their political enemies.
We've already seen that throughout the Obama administration.
But that's really what should be happening in this situation.
And I'm going to play for you.
I'm going to let you see the reactions of the people on the left here.
But as all of this corruption comes out, we've got the most openly corrupt person who has ever run for president, who's ever run for most offices.
I mean, this is like, this is worse than Tammany Hall.
I mean, this is in-your-face corruption before she even gets elected.
And I have to say to all these single women out here who are undyingly loyal to Hillary Clinton,
Would you vote for Al Capone if he was called Alice?
That's what we're talking about here, right?
You're going to overlook everything that this woman has done, overlook all the corruption, because she's a woman.
So, if it was Alice Capone, I guess it would be okay.
Or if instead of Bernie Madoff, maybe if it was Beatrice Madoff, that'd be fine.
You know, just rip people off.
Sell your office.
for money, for massive amounts of money.
Now this is the article here.
Aides say that Bill Clinton was running Bill Clinton Inc.
and then the way the Time Magazine headline says, Memo reveals tangled business and charitable ties.
How about intermingled?
How about Rico-level corruption?
Yeah, they always soft-sell it.
They say, well, it's kind of tangled, you know?
They kind of tangled their personal income with the charity.
You know, they put it out there saying they're doing this as a charity organization, yet it was their personal income.
And then we have the Washington Post with a long article on this.
Now, what they're saying is that the Clinton Global Initiative, the Clinton Foundation, Clinton Foundation was where Doug Bann hung out, but you know, you see all these Clinton Global Initiative, you've seen the picture of Jimmy Kimmel there in front of the CGI.
With Hillary and Bill and Chelsea, you know, pushing that.
You know, the guy that made fun of the pickle situation that they had set up in order to help her.
I think they ought to call it, instead of the Clinton Global Initiative, it ought to be the Clinton Global Income, because that's what they're really getting.
I want to play this clip before we go any further.
Let's play this clip.
This is Morning Joe.
And they spent at least 17 minutes talking about this.
And I want you to hear the comments that Joe Scarborough points out.
And of course, Mika Brzezinski, Zbigniew Brzezinski's daughter, the guy who masterminded so much of the globalism that we're now facing, she doesn't say much in the clip that we've got.
But I let Joe Scarborough talk.