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Name: 20161024_Mon_NightlyNews
Air Date: Oct. 24, 2016
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
I'm David Knight.
It's Monday, October 24th, 2016.
Here are our top stories.
During a historic appearance from Gettysburg, Donald Trump revealed his contract with the American people.
A list of 28 promises that he will do as president.
If they can fight somebody like me, who has unlimited resources to fight back,
Just look at what they can do to you.
New from WikiLeaks, another fake town hall meeting as Hillary Clinton plants gun control supporters in the audience.
Plus, globalist billionaire and Hillary Clinton supporter George Soros wants his voting machines installed in 16 states.
Because with electronic voting machines,
You can vote and they can show you exactly what you chose and then they can transmit whatever they wish.
All that plus much more up next on the InfoWars Nightly News!
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Well, you have to know where you break.
You know, ultimately, like, you don't push yourself to know where that breaking point is.
You're always going to be falling short of what your potential is.
So it's really just about finding how far you can go.
There's a lot of different things out there.
I only use the best.
This weekend Donald Trump put out a list of 28 things that he promises to do in his first 100 days.
It's kind of like the contract with America that Newt Gingrich did.
Newt Gingrich put out 10 specific items that he pledged to do if the Republicans got a majority in the House and pretty much made good on that.
Now of course he's already disclosed what his Supreme Court picks would be, and what this shows is a kind of openness and transparency that we have not seen from the Obama administration and certainly not from Hillary Clinton.
Let's take a look at some of these requirements.
The first three or so I would call a calcified government reform.
He's going to propose a constitutional amendment to push for term limits on members of Congress, also a hiring freeze on all federal employees.
And a requirement to reduce the growth of regulations to say that for every new one we've got to get rid of two old ones.
But then let's take a look at the corrupt government.
I think this is very important.
He's got a five-year ban on White House and Congressional officials becoming lobbyists after they leave government service, but a lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government.
Ooh, that's pretty amazing.
That would be something that would be very difficult for Hillary Clinton and the White House to do, since there's been a revolving door between the Clinton Foundation and these foreign governments making contributions and a pay-for-play institution.
So he understands the corruption.
The next section he addresses trade inequities, the things that are destroying the American economy.
He's going to renegotiate NAFTA under Article 2205, withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, direct the Secretary of Treasury to label China a currency manipulator,
Direct the Secretary of Commerce, U.S.
Trade Representative, to identify foreign trading abuses and use every tool to stop those.
So that's the trade block.
The next thing he looks at is energy.
Folks, you need to understand that energy is a very important part of the globalist strategy.
When Hillary Clinton said she wanted a hemispheric common market that had open borders and open trade, she really focused on sustainable energy.
In other words, shutting down our energy production here in America.
That's what that's code word for.
Now he talks about lifting restrictions that are put on developing our internal sources of energy.
A $50 trillion worth of job-producing American energy reserves like shale oil, natural gas, and clean coal.
Also lift Clinton roadblocks on other energy projects.
And then he talks about the Constitution.
Canceling unconstitutional executive actions, and then talks about his replacement for Justice Scalia.
And we've already seen the list of 20 judges that he has.
The next thing, open borders.
Cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities.
If you're going to be a city that is going to thumb its nose at the federal law about our borders, then you shouldn't be getting any federal funding.
And that's precisely what he's doing.
Removing more than 2 million criminal illegal immigrants from the country.
Canceling visas to foreign countries that won't take them back.
In other words, if you won't take back a criminal who is here illegally, then we're not going to let anyone from your country come in with a visa.
Also, suspending immigration from terror-prone regions where vetting cannot safely occur.
Remember, Hillary Clinton said that when she was talking three years ago,
To Israel, she said, an Israeli group, she said, we have a problem in Jordan.
We have these Syrian refugees that are coming into Jordan, but we can't vet who are real refugees and who are jihadists.
They have absolutely no way of doing that for the people going from Syria into Jordan.
Well, guess what?
Three years later, we still don't have a way to distinguish the jihadis from those who are refugees.
And so he would suspend that until we have the capability of vetting it.
And then, your take-home pay.
He talks about how he would give the middle class a 35% tax cut.
Okay, that 35% cut that he's talking about for the middle class, that's really understated because what Trump is talking about doing is giving you tax deductions for your medical expenses.
That's a huge savings.
It would actually make your health care affordable, unlike Obamacare.
So what Donald Trump offers us is incentives and ways to pay for it with tax deductions rather than unfunded mandates.
It used to be that unfunded mandates were something that the federal government imposed on local governments, on state governments.
Now they're imposing unfunded mandates through things like Obamacare on individuals, on businesses, because that's the way government grows.
Now one of the other things that Donald Trump came out this weekend speaking about is the consolidation of media opposing the AT&T-Time Warner deal.
It says, according to CNN, and of course they have an interest in this, they say Donald Trump is trying to turn media consolidation into a campaign issue.
It should be an issue.
We should understand what is happening.
We're already down to about five mega-corporations, media conglomerates, that are controlling all of our information.
That control is going to get much tighter.
Because what they're doing is talking about controlling the content delivery as well as content creation.
And if you understand what's in the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the TTIP, the Trans-Atlantic Partnership Agreements, those are going to exert control through copyright over all intellectual property.
So as we see this media consolidation, you have to understand that they're going to strangle anyone who is outside of their system.
They're going to control the content.
And that's precisely what Donald Trump is talking about here.
He says, this is an example of the power structure that I'm fighting.
AT&T is buying Time Warner, thus CNN.
It's a deal that we will not approve in my administration because it's too much concentration of power.
Now, let me explain this, because we've got another article here that says that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both skeptical of the AT&T-Time Warner merger.
They say, Well, that's not true.
Tim Kaine came out 24 hours after this was announced and said, well, we would have to take a look at that.
But let me tell you, this is not something they're going to oppose.
Remember that it was Bill Clinton who got behind the mergers that gave us a handful of banks that were too big to fail.
Now that was done before Glass-Steagall.
Many people understand that Glass-Steagall allowed them to assume and to take part in risky business ventures that they had not been allowed to participate in before.
But the real key issue was the consolidation.
And that was part, that was driven from Bill Clinton.
Just as we see Hillary Clinton prostituting herself to Wall Street, to Goldman Sachs.
The chief of staff of the White House for Bill Clinton was Erskine Bowles from North Carolina and it was in Charlotte where the biggest merger approval began and that was Nations Bank and Bank of America.
When that was proposed everybody said that's such a large merger it will never be approved by the federal government yet Erskine Bowles from North Carolina made sure that that happened for his home state.
Bill Clinton made sure that that happened.
And they predicted at the time that was going to set off a wave of defensive mergers, that we would wind up with just a handful of big banks, which we did.
Then those big banks, through regulatory capture, pushed through the repeal of Glass-Steagall.
Then after everything blew up in 2008, we had another couple of Democrats, Dodd and Frank, gave us a Dodd-Frank bill, and what that did was put the final nail in the coffin for all small and medium-sized banks.
You understand how this works.
The same exact thing is going to be happening to communication, to information, to news if we allow this to happen, that happened to the big banks.
That is precisely the problem with it.
Now in other news, we saw on Friday that Oprah Winfrey went on the T.D.
Jakes Show and told her audience, she's not coming over to your house, you don't have to like Hillary Clinton.
Is that true?
Is Hillary not going to come over to your house?
Is the government going to leave you alone?
No, the NSA has embedded itself in everything that you do in your house.
They're going to be coming into your house in a much bigger way as the Internet of Things rolls out.
They're going to be monitoring everything that everybody does in their house.
And of course, the IRS comes to your house as well.
The IRS is taking a look at your budget.
They're making your family budget their budget.
And as we pointed out, Hillary Clinton has token cuts on everybody.
She says she's not raising taxes for those who are making less than a quarter of a million, but she's not really giving anybody tax cuts.
Donald Trump is giving huge tax cuts to people who are the working class, the working poor, and the middle class.
But when she says they're not going to come over to your house, are you going to have a house?
Are you going to be able to afford a house with Hillary Clinton's open borders?
This report from the LA Times says that nearly one in four students at an LA high school have immigrated from Central and South America.
Now, of course, the schools are paid for by your property taxes.
Are you going to be able to afford to keep your house if you have to raise the property taxes to build new schools for the people who are immigrating uncontrollably at levels that we have absolutely no control over?
If we're going to have open borders, it's not going to stop with Central and South America.
It's also going to include Asia.
It's going to include the Middle East.
We're going to have to educate everyone and in the language that they choose.
How are you going to be able to afford that?
Hillary Clinton's not going to come to your house?
You may not even have a house that you can afford with property taxes.
In this article from the LA Times, they point out, most of the immigrants in this school were from Central America, part of several waves of more than 100,000 who arrived as children in the U.S.
in the past five years.
That's understating that number significantly.
They say in Los Angeles, Belmont High, nearly a quarter of the school's estimated 1,000 students came from Central America.
One of the teachers was talking about this and she said, well, we first noticed a surge of students from Central America in the spring of 2013.
That's Hillary and Obama's open borders.
That's Hillary's dream, you know, that she tells the bankers she has a dream of open borders.
This is what it looks like.
It has real practical consequences.
These are people who come here and make themselves dependents of yours.
You have to pay for their education.
As she points out in this article, I say some of the Guatemalan students that arrived spoke only indigenous languages, such as, and I'm not even sure how to pronounce this, quiche and mom.
They're not even Spanish.
So you have to go out, according to our system, according to federal mandates, you have to go out and find tutors who are going to tutor the children in the language that they choose.
So not in Spanish even, or certainly not in English.
The other side of this that is not a good deal for the dreamers who are destroying the American dream of having a household, the other side of this is that they come in with significant debts that they owe to coyotes.
As they point out, this one child, Marcos, paid coyotes to guide him in.
He said he spent three days lost and without water in the Sonoran Desert.
He didn't eat for a week.
He was kidnapped later by two men who wanted him to pay $3,000 to let him go.
They spoke only English.
He spoke only Spanish, but he had a translation app on a cell phone, he said, they used so that he could negotiate the price with them down to $1,000 at the time.
He was 13 years old, but now every month he is paying out $300 to pay off a cumulative debt of $10,000 that was there to smuggle him into the U.S.
And he says in Spanish, because he still doesn't speak English, what can I do?
It's not a good deal for the people coming in.
It is not a good deal for Americans who are here.
It is only a good deal for Hillary and her banker friends.
And when we look at this, another article from the AP says that for some low-income workers, retirement is only a dream.
See, we have a lot of working poor in America, and they're not going to be able to afford these property taxes to educate the world for free.
They point out, with no money saved for retirement, home care worker Gwen Strobridge, 71, of Deerfield, Florida, plans to stay on the job until she can't physically work anymore.
That's the life that Americans who have lived here all their life are now seeing ahead of them.
And she's not going to be able to afford a home either.
We're being lowered to the level of the third world.
So they're not escalating the people who are coming in here to a higher standard of living.
They're loading them up with debt that they have to pay the smugglers.
They're loading them with other kinds of debt.
And they are loading us with the debt that is going to come from having to pay for these schools everywhere.
It's a race to the bottom for all of us.
And that's where we see the true income inequality coming in.
Now on the gun front, we've seen reports that WikiLeak has put out that Hillary Clinton had gun control supporters planted in a town hall audience.
As they say to her, well, this town hall audience is not really about gun violence, it's just a regular town hall, but they say, we will have a person who will introduce Hillary Clinton and tell a story about gun violence in her life.
And there will be people in the audience from gun violence organizations.
So they're going to plant a narrative there, they're going to have people who are going to ask her questions, and then they have her come up with talking points so she can have a scripted response to all of this.
And the text of her speech shows that she promises to make gun control a top priority.
Of course, she's going to do this by executive order if the democratic process doesn't work out for her.
You know, if our elected representatives in the republic that we have here
Are not willing to overthrow our Bill of Rights and Constitution, then she'll just have to go around them and do it herself with an executive order.
And of course, the things that she wants on this list are things like an assault weapons ban, more background checks and so forth.
And she tied it in at the time to a shooting that had happened in an Oregon community college.
And as I point out in this Breitbart article, she didn't mention the fact that the Oregon Community College campus was already a gun-free zone, which means that it was 100% gun control.
And the gunman there had gone through a background check.
That is the technique that is being used for gun control.
To create lists of gun owners.
And now we see a Democrat Senate hopeful
Who has been trailing his Republican rival in Missouri for quite some time.
They say now it looks like he's going to turn this around with a 30 second commercial.
And what does he do in this 30 second commercial?
He blindfolds himself and he assembles an AR-15.
This is a guy who was in the military and of course many people in the military learn how to put their guns together blindfolded so they can do it in the dark.
That doesn't mean that he knows anything about the Constitution or that he respects the Constitution.
While this guy is assembling a gun blindfolded, he is trying to disassemble our Bill of Rights.
Disassemble the Constitution.
Maybe he should take off the blindfold and read the Bill of Rights.
Understand that the founders never wanted a permanent standing army.
A mercenary force.
No, what they wanted was a citizen militia.
You should also go back and look at what happened at Concord and Lexington.
They were coming for the state-of-the-art assault weapons in those days, including cannons.
The same thing happened with the Texas Revolution as it kicked off.
You had Santa Ana coming to take the cannons.
That's why it's not even a picture of a gun on the come and take it flag, it's a cannon.
The militia should have the tools to defend itself from invaders, foreign and domestic.
And yet we've got this guy, because he was in the military, saying, I want to make sure that terrorists can't get their hands on one of these because I'm going to load them down with laws.
And we all know that terrorists are frightened
about laws more than anything else.
They would never consider breaking the law so that they could attack us.
That is what we see at the same time we see the state of California offering re-enlistment to the soldiers there, now telling them decades later they gotta pay back forty or fifty thousand dollars as an enlistment bonus.
That's the respect they give to the army at the same time they're trying to disarm the citizens.
Stay with us, we'll be right back.
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AncientDefense.com Well there's been a lot of talk throughout this week and it's turned into an echo chamber that Donald Trump is behind 12 points in the polls.
Now this is coming from an ABC Washington Post poll, and the interesting thing about this is the oversampling that's involved.
For example, in this poll they say that there is a discrepancy.
36% of those polled are Democrats, 27% are Republicans, 31% are Independents.
Now, it's interesting that there's more Independents than there are Republicans, but there's a nine point spread there in this poll that says that Hillary Clinton is ahead by 12 points.
Think about that for a moment.
There is no way that it is this large in terms of oversampling.
And now we have seen the emails exposed from Podesta talking about how they were going to use push polling with the cooperation of the media.
Over sampling certain groups that would be favorable to them to get the kind of poll results that they want.
And we're going to talk about the reality that's going to be happening at the physical polls on Election Day in just a moment.
We went to the Texas Director of Elections today and we're going to show you what happened when we went to him and asked him about the integrity of electronic polling.
But as Zero Hedge points out how easy it is to rig the polls that are happening right now, these polls that are being created by the mainstream media, he points out that even a small oversampling of black voters of 5% could swing the overall poll by a full 3 points.
See, this is the kind of working with the media, creating their polls that they're doing from the Podesta Group.
And as we saw today, WikiLeaks comes out and says 65 U.S.
quote-unquote journalists had private group dinners with Hillary Clinton and John Podesta.
Now immediately you see the first comment from this tweet is from a Charles Johnson who has little green footballs.
He says, well you really have no clue as to what journalists do, do you?
No, we do know what they're doing.
We do know that there is collusion.
We understand that there is a pretense of neutrality and objectivity that is a full-out lie and that's what we're seeing with these emails.
We're seeing the close connection.
We're seeing
How the New York Times is allowing Hillary Clinton to edit the quotes and have prior approval of any articles that come out after an interview.
We see how they're working together.
The AP, the New York Times, the Washington Post are colluding behind the scenes to make things look positive for Hillary Clinton.
That's the issue.
If they want to come out and say that this is an opinion poll, fine.
But they're putting these things out as if they're not opinion polls, as if they're not push polls.
See, if it's an opinion organization, they should say that.
They should say this is an op-ed piece.
But they put this out as if it was objective.
They put these polls out as if the polls were objective.
Now what we did today, we went to the Texas Director of Elections under the Secretary of State.
We went to him specifically because a lot of people here in Texas are very concerned about what they saw during the primaries.
They're concerned about what's happening with the electronic voting machines.
And this is not just a problem in Texas.
This is a nationwide issue.
You as a voter, as a citizen, need to understand not only what their long-term strategy is, but you need to understand what their near-term tactics are going to be.
How are they going to rig this election?
And it's very interesting to see this push towards electronic voting machines that was really promulgated on the problems that we had, real or imagined, around the 2000 election with Al Gore and George W. Bush.
After that, people said, we don't want to have any more hanging chads.
We don't want to have these paper punch card ballots.
We want to have full-on electronic voting.
Well the problem is, it becomes even more difficult to audit these electronic voting machines than it is to audit these punch card machines.
And we're going to see that.
But today we went to the Director of Elections in Texas.
We wanted to ask him five questions.
And I'm going to put these questions out now publicly in an open letter.
But I want to show you first the reaction of the Director of Elections in Texas.
They're not concerned about rigged elections and they shouldn't be concerned about talking to us.
But this is what he did.
You want to talk to us?
You don't want to talk to us at all?
People are concerned the election's going to be rigged.
I guess they're really going to be concerned when they see you turn your back on us.
Well, can I talk to him?
Will anybody here talk to us?
Or do you want to rig this?
Why are you cutting off all these audit trails?
Why are you cutting down the paper audit trails?
Well, there you go.
That should tell you something.
People concerned about elections being rigged?
You've got the Director of Elections here at the Secretary of State Office that won't talk to us.
Takes one look at the press and turns around and walks off.
Now what had happened prior to that, we had gone to the desk there, we said we were from the press, we'd like to talk to him about the integrity of the election, people had concerns about that.
When he came down and saw that we were InfoWars, saw our mic flag there, he hesitated, he stopped, and then he ran.
He knew we weren't going to do a puff piece on him, and we're not going to do a puff piece on him.
Here's the five questions that we wanted to ask him about his recent activity in the last few years.
Number one,
He has waived the printing of paper ballot backup results and he's put out letters about this in the 2014, 15, and 16 elections.
Now what is supposed to happen is they're supposed to come in and print a zero tape listing at the poll place with that machine on the day of the election.
So they're supposed to print out the state of the machine and do that at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day.
As you can see, this is the actual letter that he sent out to the various directors of elections.
And in it he said, well, this could take the process that is required by law.
It could take hours in the morning and the evening of election day due to the volume of candidates and measures.
So we're not going to worry about that.
We're going to print one out in the county warehouse prior to election day.
And then we're just going to bring in a printout for you along with the election machine.
And then we'll take the election machine away and then we'll give you a printout later on.
It's not the same thing.
It's not what the law says.
As a matter of fact, if we go in and we look at the law, it talks about how tally lists will be maintained at the polling place.
It talks about how the presiding judge will sign each of these printouts to certify the accuracy the presiding judge commits an offense.
If he knowingly fails to include the precinct returns and the applicable information required by this code, or he fails to complete the returns in time for them to be done.
In other words, all of this is to be done at the precinct level.
And we were to have an audit trail there.
And they're supposed to put this in an envelope and sign it.
It's a very detailed procedure.
But instead, we have the Director of Elections here statewide in Texas telling people, well, it's going to take too long, so let's just forget about the process for auditing this.
The next thing he did,
...was to ignore laws requiring printing of legally sufficient ballot images for recounts.
Take a look at the requirements that were put out by the state of Texas for what they wanted in a voting system to make it meet their needs.
In other words, it has to be safe from fraudulent, unauthorized manipulation.
It has to be capable of providing records from which the operation of the voting system may be audited.
And it has to be capable of producing a real-time audit log.
But see, they're not doing that here.
They're not doing anything that allows us to audit these electronic voting machines.
Instead, take a look at this document that is put out by one of these machines.
Does this look like something that you could actually use to audit the results?
This summary here?
No, that's not going to be sufficient.
They call that a cast vote record, and of course we've had the Director of Elections saying, well, that's equivalent to getting an image of all the different ballots.
This is another image.
Take a look at this.
This is the ES&S voting machine.
It gives us a printout like this.
Again, not sufficient for what we need.
Not only that, they're auditing, they're waiving the auditing laws.
Okay, this is a day after the March primary.
The Director of Elections, Keith Ingram, sent this out and says, this is your official notification that the partial manual count will be waived for the March 1st, 2016 primary elections.
Now he sent this out and he said,
State law requires that you do a manual count of these electronic machines that will be equivalent to 1% of the election precincts or 3 election precincts, whichever is greater.
And the same law gives the Secretary of State the authority to waive this requirement, so I'm going to waive it.
And the question is, you have the authority to do this, but why would you do this?
Why would you be more interested in working with the vendor than working with the law?
Why are we making things expedient for the vendors rather than focusing on the integrity of the election itself?
That's why we see Senators and the public pushing back against this.
We had State Senator Bob Hall say, due to an increasing number of complaints, it's time for Texas Election Division Office to take immediate decisive action to rescind all waivers issued by that office.
We're good.
And Senator Huff Hines gets it exactly.
He said the comfort and the convenience of election administrators should not take priority over the voters' confidence and the election integrity.
Neither should the desire to do business with an individual vendor mean that we are going to waive the rules for integrity so we can do business with that vendor.
When we come back, we're going to talk about what happened to poll monitors in the last primary, and this is a tactic that is being used nationwide.
You need to be aware of.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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In fact, I'm going to say this right now.
Anyone that gets on national TV with the shirt, clearly, for more than five seconds, gets a thousand dollars.
That means, you know, behind cameras, you name it.
Anyone that gets it on air on national TV and gets the words out, Bill Clinton is a rapist, or things along that line with a bullhorn, I could go to this right now. $5,000.
Until a budget of $100,000 has been spent.
Adoptable dogs.
Every year, the Best Friends Animal Society helps cats and dogs who are stuck in animal shelters find homes.
I think one of the things that we really need to be looking at in this debate is that Bill Clinton is a rapist.
Bill Clinton's a rapist.
Bill Clinton is a rapist.
Bill Clinton.
I got this Hillary for Prison t-shirt and I just want everyone to know about this big presidential campaign that Bill Clinton is a rapist.
Thank you very much, Terrence.
He doesn't age.
No, he doesn't.
He looks great.
We're all gonna rickroll.
We've had a $100,000 contest before.
My budget's $100,000.
That means if a bunch of people do this, I'll pay up to $100,000 and stop it.
That's $1,000 if you just get the shirt on national TV.
Visually, rape.
It is.
It is $5,000 if you get the audio.
Legally and lawfully.
They've got to be outdoors, on their little bench, you've got to have a bullhorn, you've got to have the shirt on or have somebody with it, or maybe a big sign with it on it, and two of you hold it up, and then somebody else bullhorns.
Bill Clinton is a rapist, not a philanderer.
Hillary covers up the rape.
Look, I'm not gonna sit here and say, see, I told you so.
That communist Chinese style net censorship is coming to the web.
Because it's already here.
It's being announced.
The way you keep the internet open and free is you get involved more than ever.
Go to InfoWars.com forward slash app.
A new battleship in the fight.
InfoWars Live.
Available right now.
We're looking for a crew to man it.
You gonna sit down and play games and be a trendy?
Or you gonna be part of history?
Don't sit by and let the internet and free speech be stolen from you.
Take action!
As we were talking in the last section, we went to the Director of Elections here in Texas, Keith Ingram.
We have concerns about electronic voting machines.
And let me tell you why you should be concerned.
In 2013 in the Philippines, 24% of the ballots in the national election disappeared.
Down the memory hole.
Something like Hillary Clinton's emails, okay?
In Tabasco, Mexico, only 45% of the results were transmitted more than a day after the close of balloting and they just kind of disappeared.
In Brazil, where the president who was elected after a suspicious, fraudulent election has now been impeached, we see that Brazil shut down all exit polling.
So there's a lot of different ways that you can rig an election, that you can prevent people from going back and auditing that election for integrity.
Auditing is a very important process, and as I said before, we see that the Director of Elections here in Texas that would not talk to us, that turned his back on us and walked up the stairs, we have seen that he has waived the requirement of printing paper backup ballots at the election location as is required by law.
He's ignored laws that require the printing of legally sufficient ballot images for recounts.
And of course he's claiming that these cast vote records are equivalent to ballot images, okay, for recounts.
He also has shut down the manual recount of a portion of the ballots whenever electronic machines are used, like 1% to be recounted manually just to make sure the machine is working.
As a quick check against that, that was put in the state code.
He had the ability to shut that down, but the question is, why would you do that?
Why would you sacrifice the integrity of the election?
Why would you sacrifice the people's confidence in this election and the ability to audit this by doing these certain things?
And of course, in August, he tried to shut down essentially all paper backup for the electronic voting machines.
He was defeated in that by our elected representatives and by the people who came after him.
But there was one other issue that I wanted to talk about, and that was the monitoring of the polls on election day.
We've had a couple of affidavits that go back to the election that was this spring, the primary election.
These are a couple of affidavits of people who were certified as poll watchers on behalf of a person who was running for office.
And what they tell us is a very disturbing case of being blocked from observing what is going on.
An instance after instance.
Not only the vendors, but the people who were there as election officials would not allow them to watch what was going on.
They said that it's a felony for anybody who is watching to have any recording devices.
Nevertheless, they say every employee there was allowed to have their cell phones and several of them were using them in some fashion throughout the day, getting multiple email messages.
Even more disturbing is as lunchtime came around and the election officials and the vendor of the machine were getting kind of annoyed at having anyone show up to take a look at what they were doing, they told them, get out we're having lunch and there's nothing for you to see while we're having lunch.
They had an hour and a half lunch
And during that hour and a half lunch, boxes of papers were brought in, ballots and things were being entered into the computer and they were not allowed into the area.
So what we see here is a very disturbing case through these affidavits, through the actions of the Director of Elections here in Texas, countermanding the intention of the law, refusing to talk to reporters.
This is the sort of thing that concerns us.
It's the expediency of selecting a vendor who's not able to comply with the intention and the letter of the law, and then sacrificing our integrity.
So the question is, when we look at this, not only how do we audit the votes, but how do we audit the computers themselves, the software?
You understand that in casinos we have a system where the software itself is submitted to the state and the casino auditors look at the software to make sure that it is not rigged in a way that is illegal for the casino to rip people off.
They register that software and they can do audits to make sure that that firmware is the firmware that they have audited.
Furthermore, they check it for viruses, that sort of thing.
None of that is allowed for our electronic voting machines.
Viruses could be on it.
As a matter of fact, we've seen report after report after report where they go in, they take over, it's usually some college students working with a professor, and they go in and very easily take over a voting machine, put a virus on there with a thumb drive, it changes the votes, flips a certain number of votes, whatever percentage they want to flip from candidate A to candidate B, and then erases itself and all traces that it even existed.
So that goes even beyond the ability to audit the votes.
How do we audit the software?
As Wired Magazine points out, most of this electronic voting machine software runs on Windows XP, a system that has not had a security update since April of 2014.
That is the issue before us.
That's why we need to be concerned and make sure that we have auditing processes in here as much as we can.
With President Barack Obama's last 100 days ticking down and the finish line in sight, both Trump and Clinton have described what each of their first 100 days as the next President of the United States will look like.
I will fight for comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship.
For you and for your families across our country, I will fight to stop partisan attacks on the executive actions that would put DREAMers, including those with us today, at risk of deportation.
And if Congress continues to refuse to act as president, I would do everything possible under the law to go even further.
All vetting of people coming into our country will be considered extreme vetting.
We will be very careful.
Next, I will work with Congress to introduce the following broader legislative measures and fight for their passage within the first 100 days of my administration.
Middle Class Tax Relief and Simplification Act.
An economic plan designed to grow the economy 4% per year and create at least 25 million new jobs through massive tax reduction and simplification in combination with trade reform.
Regulatory relief.
And lifting the restrictions on American energy.
Middle class with family of two children will get basically, approximately, a 35% tax cut.
And that's what they can use.
And that money will go back into the economy.
The current number of brackets will be reduced from 7 to 3.
And tax forms will likewise be greatly simplified.
Meanwhile, Hillary Henchman, Obama, Madeleine Albright, and Joe Biden continue to take cheap shots at Trump, whipping the Democratic base into an enraged mob capable of random acts of violence.
It has just been learned on video that the violent protests at some of my rallies, like in Chicago, where police and others were seriously hurt, you saw that blood pouring down their face.
We're caused by paid, paid DNC and Clinton campaign operatives.
I have never seen in my lifetime any presidential candidate trying to discredit the elections and the election process.
Before votes have even taken place.
I have never seen anybody that is less equipped to talk about national security policy than Donald Trump.
We have heard that half a million children have died.
You know, is the price worth it?
I think this is a very hard choice, but the price, we think the price is worth it.
He said, because I'm famous, because I'm a star, because I'm a billionaire,
I can do things other people can't.
What a disgusting assertion for anyone to make.
The press always asks me, don't I wish I were debating him?
No, I wish during high school I could take him behind the gym.
That's what I wish.
While American voters can't escape the consolidating mainstream media that has unanimously declared Hillary the victor, regardless that polls show the popular vote could go either way.
They know it.
Everybody knows it.
Over the last two days, three highly respected national polls said we're in first place.
And one of those pollsters was the most accurate poll on the last two cycles.
But the media refuses to even say it or put that word out.
They refuse to talk about it.
They're trying desperately to suppress my vote and the voice of the American people.
As Hillary sets her campaign on cruise control and Trump continues to blaze down a path trying to relate to millions of undecided American voters that have to decide between a globalist endgame and a fuming populism that is breathing down the planet's neck.
John Bowne for InfoWars.com
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2-5-3 3-1-3-9 Thousands of years ago, there was a basic form of chivalry.
Our ancestors would hear the drums of war, giving the warriors of the tribe a chance to organize and prepare a defense.
Sixty years ago, when foreign air forces were approaching filled with bombs, they had drums of their own, air raid sirens.
But in the 21st century, there are silent weapons for quiet war.
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We're good to go.
Major concern is growing over George Soros linked voting machines.
Now these are machines that are being used in a significant number of states including important battleground states like Florida and Arizona.
These machines are tied directly to a company owned by billionaire leftist George Soros who of course is on a personal mission to create a nationless borderless global state.
Now, this is UK-based Smartmatic company, and they were bragging, they posted a flowchart on its website, that it had provided voting machines for 16 states.
Smartmatic chairman Mark Malek-Brown is a former UN official and sits on the board of Soros' Open Society Foundations.
Now, since this story first broke, the flowchart has since been removed from the website, and of course, this is just furthering some questions about the ties between the Smartmatic machines and George Soros.
Now according to a spokesperson for the National Association of Secretaries of State, Smartmatic is not included on a list of federally certified providers for election systems.
And officials in several states have contested the fact that their equipment is being provided by Smartmatic.
Now Margaret Howell joins me now.
So this is very concerning.
So these are not even federally certified.
They're not approved.
And yet Smartmatic equipment is being rolled out as you have election officials and states contesting it.
Isn't this crazy?
So this we know through WikiLeaks the extent of which Smartmatic was used.
In the 2004 Venezuelan recall election and how that turned out.
And we know that 16 states are currently using these smartmatic machines.
I just want to make sure that people that are living in these states are aware of it so that they can contact the officials and make sure that their voices are heard, that people know that we're aware of it and that these machines are an issue.
So there are Arizona, California, Colorado, Washington DC, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana,
We're good to go.
What does it say that the head of Smartmatic, this Mark Malek Brown, was a former UN official who sat on the Open Society Board?
I mean, hello?
Does it get more crystal clear than this?
Well, we're seeing so much collusion, so many troubling ties between major globalist powers in this election and the Democratic nominee for president.
We know that George Soros has donated millions of dollars to Hillary Clinton.
He's also given a lot of money to progressive and globalist causes.
We've seen a lot of fomenting of civil unrest that has to do with these campaign rallies, paying to bus in agitators, things like that.
But then going back to Malick Brown, while he was working for the UN, he actually rented an apartment from George Soros while he was there in New York.
In 2007, Soros appointed Malick Brown as VP of his quantum funds.
He's the vice chairman of Soros Fund Management and vice chairman of the Open Society Institute.
And he also has ties to the Clintons because he worked at two consulting firms known for their Clinton connections.
So, I mean, we just have ties.
We have always talked about sort of this revolving door between corporations and the government.
It just goes so far.
It's so disgusting.
And who is this guy?
Who does he think he is meddling in our elections?
Get the hell out!
That's what I want to say.
And it's up to you and I to make sure that we have the appropriate voice, whether we're yelling it, in fact, especially in these states, to make sure that we can get these machines out in time.
And if we can't, I know Owen Schroeder has covered this, people are encouraged to wear red.
If you are in support of Trump so that we can have an accurate count of you.
But going back to Soros for a moment, we know exactly what he wants to do to our society, which is why he's so meddlant in our election cycle.
I found this story regarding the refugee situation that's happening in Western Europe.
We know that there is a mass rape crisis underway, let's just be honest with people, and it's largely
We're good to go.
The state overturned the conviction of the refugee because they said perhaps he doesn't understand that rape isn't appropriate.
Number one, you know, it's not a given foregone conclusion that he doesn't know that he can't rape children.
And number two, his defense was ridiculous.
He had a sexual emergency because he hadn't had sexual intercourse in four months.
It echoes a sentiment that is so ridiculously similar, the plotline over and over and over.
We rarely get a media account of anything that's this truthful.
Well, and that's half the reason why they don't want to draw attention to this, because they need this open society.
They want us to be accepting of opening up our borders to refugees.
Yes, of course, you want to open your heart to these people who are actually being
We're good to go.
Voting machines that could actually be used to rig our elections.
But no, we don't, we don't need to hear about that.
You're absolutely right.
So we've got Soros who is pulling, and I want to say this, WikiLeaks, we covered this this morning, they revealed this memo, this leaked memo from Open Society Foundation, where he said money doesn't belong in a democracy.
It's clouding it.
Meanwhile, he gave $10 million to Hillary Clinton, her pact.
He's been known to prop up four staffers in the Moldovan Prime Minister's office.
He has his hand in absolutely
I think so.
Right, well and that's one good thing that people just need to be thankful for with this election.
As crazy as it has been, we truly are getting behind to see behind the curtain and see how this big money is affecting our elections here.
Just talking about another billionaire who could easily be swaying the way that we do things in this country, Carlos Slim, a Mexican billionaire, is the main shareholder in the New York Times.
Okay, and so we've seen how the New York Times has spent their money and a lot of their resources, for instance, coming up with a big flowchart, an interactive flowchart on the 281 times that Donald Trump has insulted people on Twitter.
This is how they're using their meager resources.
Meanwhile, if they could have used the same manpower, the same money to go through and sift through the WikiLeaks,
Everything that's been revealed there, we might actually have a chance at a free and fair election.
But they don't want to waste their time on that.
They want to draw your attention to the candidate that they do not want to be elected.
They're not even trying to feign non-bias anymore at this point.
And you see, when you have these billionaire actors owning the news media, they're going to have a certain agenda.
Of course they are.
Well, look, the New York Times, the self-appointed media elites, does anybody even read that crap anymore?
I can't tell you a single person that I know of, you know, intellectual or otherwise, actually reads it.
Everybody knows it's garbage.
And the fact that Slim is behind it, what does that tell you?
Of course it's agended.
And going back to what your point about Russia and trying to paint them as the big bad boogeyman, you know, they're meddling in our elections when actually it's Soros meddling in our elections, not the Russians.
Speaking of cyber spy threats, it looks like the media has inappropriately penned the tail in the wrong donkey.
It looks like it's China.
You know, this article coming out, the Pentagon's Joint Chief recently warns against equipment made by China's Levino company.
It's a manufacturer and its concerns are that cyber spying will happen against the Pentagon network.
You know, they're installing computer systems in the Pentagon that are capable of spying on U.S.
military intelligence and U.S.
military secrets, so.
That's incredible.
And meanwhile, we're all allowed to go ahead and continue bringing these smart devices into our own homes, knowing that they could easily be hacked into, and yeah.
Lenovo is the name of that company, Leanne, excuse me.
Thank you.
Well, thank you all for tuning into the show tonight.
As we can see, we've got a lot of proof here of collusion, messing with our elections.
So everybody needs to wear red, go out there, show up and vote.
Don't let them suppress your vote by telling you the election's already been won because they've already rigged the machines.
Thank you all for tuning into the show tonight.
We'll see you here again tomorrow at 7 p.m.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
In the past decade, we have witnessed unparalleled scientific discoveries in the area of health.
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