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Name: 20161012_Wed_NightlyNews
Air Date: Oct. 12, 2016
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
I'm David Knight.
It's Wednesday, October 12, 2016.
Here are our top stories.
Tonight, as the mainstream media continues to obsess over the leaked locker room talk about women, Donald Trump drops an avalanche of WikiLeaks bombshells and pledges to investigate the investigation of Hillary's deleted emails.
Then, social media explodes with Bill Clinton rape allegations as protesters target the Clinton campaign trail and disrupt the mainstream news media.
And the establishment Republicans have a message for Donald Trump.
Stop talking about the rigged elections.
That system is set up so that the crooked politicians can make sure they get somebody in that's not, you know, part of what we're doing.
This is a movement, folks.
All that plus the religion of peace wants world domination up next on the InfoWars Nightly News.
Look, I'm not going to sit here and say, see, I told you so.
That communist Chinese style net censorship is coming to the web.
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I train two, three times a day.
They're brutal, agonizing, painful training sessions.
I have to have the edge over my opponents.
I believe that in Forest Products, Super Male Vitality, you know, that gives me the edge.
Well, you have to know where you break.
You know, ultimately, like, you don't push yourself to know where that breaking point is.
You're always going to be falling short of what your potential is.
So it's really just about finding how far you can go.
There's a lot of different things out there.
I only use the best.
Well, the media, the government, even the central banks are pulling out all the stops to make everything look wonderful so that Hillary Clinton can get elected.
If things look dodgy, it's going to help Donald Trump.
So they want things to look as good as possible.
However, some of them are starting to sound the warnings of reality.
We now have a red alert being issued by HSBC on the stock market.
And as Business Insider says, this is the ultimate warning signal.
Now, Murray Gunn, who's head of technical analysis for HSBC,
We're good to go.
And of course it's not just the stock market that they've been propping up, they're also propping up Obamacare.
You've heard many times people talking about how much trouble the Obamacare exchanges are and how they're going to delay letting people know how their premiums are going to skyrocket
They want to do that after the election as well.
Now conservative groups are putting pressure on the GOP to block the Obamacare bailouts.
Why would they do that?
Why would it be necessary for them to put pressure on the GOP?
Wouldn't you think that the GOP, who have been elected the last couple of elections to get rid of Obamacare, wouldn't you think that they would not be inclined to do bailouts?
Well, of course they are, because the GOP is being run by people like Paul Ryano, and people like Mitch McConnell, who have absolutely no problem with Obamacare.
As a matter of fact, they are the controlled opposition on this, as we've seen time and time again.
That's why we have an outsider like Donald Trump who's running, because the electorate, the GOP voters, are fed up with it.
They're fed up with sending people like Paul Ryan to Congress who do nothing.
And you can see that in his opposition of Donald Trump.
Now the Hill points out a coalition of more than 50 conservative groups are calling on Congress to stop the bailouts of insurance companies under Obamacare.
And the conservative groups are now pressuring Republicans, of course, because it's not... You would think that the Republicans would be with us on this.
You would think that they would have to put pressure on the Democrats.
But that's the problem that we run into
When we allow these rhinos in office.
And that really underscores the issues behind the Never Trump people saying, look, we can fight Hillary Clinton.
We've seen Glenn Beck say this.
We make the moral choice and then we can fight Hillary Clinton using Congress and using the media and so forth and so on.
Congress and the media are with Hillary Clinton.
And you're going to have to fight her on every single issue if she gets in with Donald Trump.
And he's right on many of the key issues.
And of course, there'll be some issues on which he's wrong.
And we can try to convince him.
We can fight him on that as well.
You're not going to convince Hillary Clinton.
She is bought and paid for and owned by the bankers.
Now today we had Governor Pence at Liberty University and he's talking to Christians there and he's saying what you need to do is to forgive Donald Trump for this tape that was cut ten years ago that was released to distract attention from the emails that came out.
And I guess really what we ought to look at with this is really he's calling on them to reject a policy of calculated defamation, a policy of direct character assassination.
This is a policy that has come from the Bushes, from the Clintons.
It's come from the Democrats and the Republicans.
Because it's the establishment that is threatened by Donald Trump.
Many Christians don't understand this, but Mike Pence said that Christians should forgive Donald Trump.
He says, Christians were called to forgive even as we have been forgiven.
He said, Sunday night, my running mate showed humility.
He showed what was in his heart to the American people.
But today, Obama is in North Carolina, and he's ridiculing Christians who say that they would forgive Donald Trump.
Obama says, well, I'm a Christian, and so I'm all about forgiveness because nobody's perfect.
If somebody does something terrible, I can forgive them, I suppose, if they're sincere about it, but I don't want them necessarily leading the country.
Would he say that about Bill Clinton?
When we found out that Bill Clinton was running for re-election and he had raped these women, he had sexually assaulted them.
We're not talking about consensual sex.
That's the way Ken Starr covered for Bill Clinton.
He had a long list of corruption, of violent crimes against women, but he chose to focus on perjury that was committed about consensual sex with Monica Lewinsky.
So he got that little tiny thing there and got him impeached on perjury.
But they let the big crimes go.
So is Obama saying that he doesn't necessarily want people leaving the country?
Understand that Bill raped them, Hillary went to war against them, and they haven't asked for forgiveness.
They haven't even acknowledged their crimes.
Donald Trump said he would like to commit adultery with this woman and he struck out.
Bill doesn't strike out.
If you say no, he just keeps going.
That's the reality of it, and he hasn't apologized or even acknowledged it, and neither has Hillary Clinton.
And there was an article from the AP today asking, why do evangelicals prefer Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton?
And a couple of evangelical leaders have come out and said, well that's it, I don't like what he had to say, I don't like the fact that he wanted to commit adultery, I don't like the language that he's using, so I'm not going to support him.
The wiser evangelical leaders, people like James Dobson of Focus on the Family, of Family Talk, came out and said, we have to understand that Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton's support for abortion is criminal.
How do you make an equivalence there?
Do you understand that if you vote for Hillary Clinton, not only is she going to murder children and support that, murdering them for their body parts, but she is also going to shut down your religious freedom?
She's going to put a gag rule on you Christians, and that's just the beginning of it.
Can't you understand that?
Of course, some others understand that as well.
Jerry Faldwell Jr.
understands that not only are those the key issues involved here, that there are key moral differences between the policies that we would have between these two people as president, but he also understands that this whole thing was a setup.
Just understand that whether or not you believe that Donald Trump has repented, whether or not you believe that Donald Trump is a Christian, really isn't relevant.
Remember, going back to the Bible, where God used leaders that were pagan leaders, that did all kinds of things, and yet he would use them to deliver his people.
People like kings like Darius that he would use to deliver his people, or Cyrus, he would take them by the hand, he said, to deliver his people.
Would they say, I'm sorry, I don't want to be delivered because this guy has got some, he worships idols, he's got a thousand different wives, or whatever the problems were that they had with him.
No, we need to understand that there's some key issues and for Christians alone the issues of abortion and the First Amendment should be enough to make that decision very clear for you what the moral decision is.
Now Republicans are also, the Republican establishment, are telling Donald Trump to quit claiming that it's going to be a rigged election.
Oh really?
Okay, we've got Lindsey Graham saying, I don't think leading candidates for the presidency should undercut the process unless you have a really good reason.
Yeah, by all means, protect the status quo.
Protect the status quo.
Don't ever give anybody an idea that there's something dishonest about the system.
Even as the government is continually talking about how they need to take over the elections and monitor it to keep the Russians from interfering.
Okay, so are the GOP and the Democrat leaders, are the establishment saying that we're not going to blame the Russians, that we should not worry about that?
No, of course not.
They're trying to get everybody concerned about the Russians, whether or not that's a real attack.
As a matter of fact, when they say that it's the Russians that are releasing this information, understand the Department of Homeland Security and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence have given us a reason for why they think it's the Russians.
They said, well, we think based on the scope and the sensitivity of these efforts, based on the motives and the methods of these, it looks like a Russian-directed effort.
So they don't have any real hard evidence on this.
They just say, well, it looks like something the Russians would want to do.
Why would the Russians want to do that?
It's because the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton have stepped up the Cold War.
They've recreated the Cold War.
We now have a new Cold War that didn't exist until a couple of years ago.
And they're very concerned about that.
As a matter of fact, they see it as a badge of honor that they won't even talk to Vladimir Putin.
And even Gorbachev has said this is the most dangerous situation that we could have, that we do not even talk to each other.
Yeah, certainly the Russians have a motivation to see somebody other than Obama and Hillary Clinton, and we have a motivation if we don't want to have a World War III breakout.
But that is not reason enough to say that the Russians are behind this hack, whether or not they are.
But the issue is, what is in the information?
And coming up, and later in the broadcast, we're going to have a roundtable discussion.
We had a fourth release of WikiLeaks documents today, but that's still only about 10% of what Julian Assange says he has.
But is there a real issue with the elections?
Just in the last couple of days, we've seen a couple of Project Veritas stings, showing one, a Manhattan Democrat who's on the city board of elections saying, uh, de Blasio's just giving out ID cards.
You can use those ID cards for anything.
They didn't vet people to see who they really were.
Anybody can go in there and say, I want an ID card.
He says, it's absolutely absurd.
There's a lot of fraud, not just voter fraud, but all kinds of fraud.
That's why I get more conservative as I get older, he said.
And then they asked, so why don't we have some IDs so that we can stop some of this rampant voter fraud?
And he said, well, the law says you can't ask for anything, which they really should be able to do.
See, this is in New York.
Even in North Carolina, when we see people there saying, we need to have photo ID to validate that this person who's on the list, the registrar list, is really the person who's voting, they say, no, that's racism.
That's racism from the, from reconstruction or whatever.
Jim Crow laws.
This is in New York.
This is in New York.
You can't look at voter, you can't look at photo ID for voting anywhere.
And yet, that's the only place that you're not allowed to look for photo ID.
Meanwhile, a Hillary campaign staffer in another Project Veritas exposure is seen telling someone that ripping up GOP voter forms is just fine.
This is another Project Veritas.
They said a field organizer for a Clinton campaign and a Democratic Party of Florida in West Palm Beach, Trevor LaFauci, a Clinton campaign staffer, agreed that ripping up registration forms from Republicans should be fine.
He says, well, if I rip up completed VR forms, like 20 of them, I think I'll just get reprimanded.
I don't think I would get fired.
And then he says, well, after being told that someone else ripped up Republican registration forms, the other man said, yeah, that should be fine.
When the journalist from Project Veritas confronted these two guys about the comments that they made on camera, they both refused to comment and simply walked away.
That's the way Hillary Clinton, that's the way the Democrats handle scandals.
They just pretend that they don't exist.
They never acknowledge that they did anything wrong.
They just walk away.
Meanwhile, we have the UN Rights Chief say that a Donald Trump presidency would be dangerous.
Dangerous to who?
Dangerous to the global elitist that he works for.
I understand that the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Al Hussein, is a former member of the World Bank Advisory Committee.
Those are the people to whom a Donald Trump presidency would be dangerous.
And he goes on to say, if Donald Trump is elected on the basis of what he said already, I think it's without a doubt that he would be dangerous from an international point of view.
And he tries to couch this in terms of depriving people of their human rights.
Let me explain to you.
Nobody has a right to become an American citizen.
Nobody has a right to immigrate to America.
Nobody has a right to come here and be supported by welfare.
But they don't have a right to come here as immigrants.
That is something that we extend to people.
The people who are already here extend the privilege to come here.
They don't have a right.
It is a privilege that is decided by the people of America, not by the UN Human Rights Chief.
And as a matter of fact, as we saw in the released Hillary Clinton emails, three years ago she was saying about Jordan and coincidentally Al Hussein is from Jordan.
And so she was talking about the Syrian refugee situation three years ago.
Vis-a-vis Jordan and she said well in Jordan they can't possibly vet all those refugees so they don't know if jihadists are coming in with the legitimate refugees.
How is that different from Donald Trump saying we have to stop immigration from those countries until we can figure out who's coming in?
Except when he says it, it's racist.
When Hillary Clinton says it in private, it's not racist because she has a different public privacy policy than she has private.
I don't know.
Doesn't recognize borders, but believes in global governance, unlimited immigration, and rule by corporations.
That's precisely what we see with the open borders, with the managed trade, managed by an international committee that's not elected or accountable to any of the countries that have representation, not representation, but membership in these trade treaties.
Finally, we have to understand the true risk.
We have a U.S.
Cardinal saying that Islam desires world conquest and we're easy prey.
This is a story from the New American.
They start out with a quote from Gaddafi back in 2006.
Muammar Gaddafi said, we have 50 million Muslims in Europe.
There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe.
Without swords, without guns, without conquest,
We will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.
Now that was ten years ago.
Muammar Gaddafi said that.
Now the Cardinal, Cardinal Raymond Burke, said in an interview with an Italian newspaper, Muslims have as their ultimate goal conquest and power over the world.
They want a worldwide caliphate.
They will accept nothing less.
Anything less than a worldwide caliphate is a repudiation of their religion.
And you have to understand, their religion is a theocracy.
A theocracy.
That's why it should be anathema to anyone, regardless of whether they're Christians or atheists or Buddhists or Hindus or whatever, anyone who supports democracy, republics, anyone who supports the kind of governments that we have throughout the West should be
Absolutely afraid of the kind of theocracy that the Muslims are going to enact.
The Sharia law that's going to come with that.
Now this is, this former Cardinal said several times, I have heard Islamicists explaining, what we have failed to do with weapons in the past, we are doing today with birth rate and immigration.
The population is changing.
If this keeps up in countries like Italy, the majority will be Muslim.
Of course it will be.
Italy used to have the highest birth rate of any of the European countries.
Now it's down to one child per family, while the Muslims that come in are having four to five children.
The Muslims are doubling in population and the Italians are cutting in half each successive generation.
Stay with us when we come back.
We're going to be talking about more of those WikiLeaks releases that happened today, the fourth release.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I was raised a practicing Muslim and remained one for almost half my life.
I attended madrasas, that is Islamic schools, and memorized large parts of the Quran.
As a child, I lived in Mecca for a time and frequently visited the Grand Mosque.
As a teenager, I sympathized with the Muslim Brotherhood.
At 22, while my family was living in Kenya, my father arranged my marriage to a member of our family clan, a man that I had never met.
I ran away, made my way to Holland, studied there, and eventually was elected a member of the Dutch Parliament.
Now I live in the United States.
In short, I have seen Islam from the inside and the outside.
I believe that a reform of Islam is necessary and possible, and only Muslims can make that reform a reality.
But we in the West cannot remain on the sidelines as though the outcome of this struggle has nothing to do with us.
If the Jihadists win, and the hope for a reformed Islam dies, the rest of the world will pay a terrible price.
The terror attacks in New York, London, Madrid, Paris, and many other places are only a preview for what's to come.
For this reason, I believe that it's foolish to insist, as Western leaders habitually do, that the violent acts committed in the name of Islam can somehow be divorced from the religion itself.
For more than a decade, my message has been simple.
Islam is not a religion of peace.
When I assert this, I do not mean that Islamic belief makes all Muslims violent.
This is manifestly not the case.
There are many millions of peaceful Muslims in the world.
What I do say is that the call to violence and the justification for it are explicitly stated in the sacred texts of Islam.
Moreover, this theologically sanctioned violence is there to be activated by any number of offences, including but not limited to adultery, blasphemy, homosexuality and apostasy, that is to leave Islam.
Those who tolerate this intolerance do so at their peril.
As someone who has known what it is to live without freedom, I watch in amazement as those who call themselves liberals and progressives, people who claim to believe so fervently in individual liberty and minority rights, make common cause with the forces in the world that manifestly pose the greatest threat to that very freedom and those very minorities.
In 2014, I was invited to accept an honorary degree from Brandeis University for the work I have done on behalf of women's rights in the Muslim world.
That invitation was withdrawn after professors and students protested my criticism of Islam.
My subsequent disinvitation, as it came to be called, was no favor to Muslims.
Just the opposite.
By labelling critical examination of Islam as inherently racist, we make the chances of reformation far less likely.
There are no limits on criticism of Christianity at American universities or anywhere else for that matter.
Why should there be of Islam?
Instead of contorting Western intellectual traditions so as not to offend our Muslim fellow citizens, we need to defend both those traditions and the Muslim dissidents who take great risks to promote them.
We should support these brave men and women in every way possible.
Imagine a platform for Muslim dissidents that communicated their message through YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
These are the Muslims we should be supporting, for our sake as much as for the sake of Islam.
In the Cold War, the West celebrated dissidents such as Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Andrei Sakharov and Václav Havel, who had the courage to challenge the Soviet system from within.
Today, there are many dissidents who challenge Islam, but the West either ignores them or dismisses them as not representative.
This is a grave mistake.
Reformers such as Tawfiq Hamid, Asra Nomani, Nzuhi, Jasser, and many others must be supported and protected.
They should be as well known as Solzhenitsyn, Sakharov, and Havelwar in the 1980s.
If we do in fact support political, social and religious freedom, then we cannot in good conscience give Islam a free pass on the grounds of multicultural sensitivity.
We need to say to Muslims living in the West, if you want to live in our societies, to share in their material benefits, then you need to accept that our freedoms are not optional.
Islam is at a crossroads of reformation or self-destruction.
But so is the West.
I'm Ayaan Hirsi Ali of Harvard University for Prager University.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us.
Danny Williams, now of Hot Springs, Arkansas, grew up in Little Rock, there at the Capitol, where his mother reportedly met the governor, Bill Clinton, is here with us.
I remember interviewing your aunt back in the late 1990s, church lady, many years, hard worker, great record.
You yourself got three children, no record, hardworking guy.
I think your story is very, very incredible.
We're going to walk through it, talk about it today, but thanks for coming to Austin, Texas, sir.
Nice to have him here.
We'll turn his mic on for folks.
Danny, where to begin here?
I mean, let's talk about you personally, where you're from, where you grew up, and then we'll start talking about the first time you ever heard from your mother that a certain person was your father.
My name is Danny Williams.
I'm from Little Rock, Arkansas.
I'm at age 30 right now.
And all my life I've been told that Bill Clinton was my father by my mom, my aunt, and other relatives that grew up with me.
I mean, continue.
I mean, I know you haven't been on TV before.
You're live right now.
Please keep going.
But anyway, yes, I want to know the truth about Bill Clinton being my father.
And that's all I ask is the truth.
Do you think Bill Clinton is your father?
Yes sir.
You know, instead of just going through your whole history and we're going to do it and talk about it and play clips of Clinton being asked about you by the press and you won't respond.
We're teleprompter free here.
I'm just out of the gates.
Bill Clinton will be watching this.
This is undoubted.
Obama responded to us yesterday.
Hillary a few weeks ago.
They watch every day.
This shows in thousands of newspapers a day, all over every cable channel.
We didn't do some pre-interview here.
You just flew in at like 11 o'clock today.
You just got here about an hour ago.
Look at that camera right there, sir.
Camera 4.
Bill Clinton, William Jefferson Clinton will either be watching this live or he'll watch it later.
What do you want to say to Bill Clinton, camera 4?
I mean, I'd just like to ask and say to Bill Clinton that I want to meet you, I want to shake your hand.
I want my kids to know their grandfathers.
And I'd like to just, you know, I'd like to just meet them, get to know them, you know, and I mean,
I never had a father in my life, so, you know, it's hard.
It's difficult in explaining it, you know.
It's okay.
Go with it.
It's alright.
I've talked to you in private.
I understand coming from the middle of Arkansas to now being with the top link on Drudge and you see yourself right there and all over the world.
But just tell it like it is.
You believe Bill Clinton is your father, your mother always told you that, he sent you money, all the rest of it.
He won't respond to it, so Bill Clinton and Hillary are watching right now.
Talk about an epic story, the videos on your Facebook, it's on Infowars, trying to go over the fence at the Governor's Mansion.
You wanted to meet your daddy?
I mean, you're meeting him right now, digitally.
Right there, my friend, what do you want to say?
I want to, I'd like to say...
My name is Danny Wade.
I'd like to just say, you know, I want to be able to experience that having a father in your life, you know what I'm saying?
And now I got kids of my own.
I want my kids to know their grandfather.
They ask me all the time, who's your dad?
You know?
So, I mean, it's my chance now and get my story out and let the world know who I am and who's my father and, you know, the truth about everything.
Well, the Daily Mail has the headline, Bill Clinton's grandkids, you know, will he look into meeting with them?
We'll go back to that in a moment, but just starting at the beginning.
Break down how you grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas.
You're now in Hot Springs.
What it was like and when you first began to hear this.
Well, growing up in Arkansas, it was like everybody knew.
Everybody, you know, they'd say, that's Bill Clinton's son.
And everywhere I go, you know,
So, I mean, growing up, it was rough growing up.
I mean, we barely was making it.
We was broke.
I mean, my aunt, she worked two jobs trying to raise us, me and my little brothers and sisters.
I mean, everybody in Arkansas at the time I was coming up knew about me being his son.
Preachers and all.
I just want to be able to just, you know, have the chance and get myself out and explaining who I am and why am I facing the world today to reach my father.
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Now another shirt that was designed and licensed from Roger Stone is the Bill Clinton rape shirt.
Looks like the, you know, communist style Obama Hope shirt.
But says, rape, wear it, get aggressive, start the conversations, get on TV with it.
In fact, I'm going to say this right now.
Anyone that gets on national TV with the shirt, clearly, for more than five seconds, gets a thousand dollars.
That means, you know, behind cameras, you name it.
Anyone that gets it on air on national TV and gets the words out, Bill Clinton is a rapist, or things along that line with a bullhorn, I could go to this right now. $5,000.
Until a budget of $100,000 has been spent.
Adoptable dogs.
Every year, the Best Friends Animal Society helps cats and dogs who are stuck in animal shelters find homes.
I think one of the things that we really need to be looking at in this debate is that Bill Clinton is a rapist.
Bill Clinton's a rapist.
Bill Clinton is a rapist.
Bill Clinton.
I got this Hillary for Prison t-shirt and I just want everyone to know about this big presidential campaign that Bill Clinton is a rapist.
Thank you very much, Terrence.
He doesn't age.
No, he doesn't.
He looks great.
We're all gonna rickroll.
We've had a $100,000 contest before.
My budget's $100,000.
That means if a bunch of people do this, I'll pay up to $100,000 and stop it.
That's $1,000 if you just get the shirt on national TV.
Visually, rape.
It is.
It is $5,000 if you get the audio.
Legally and lawfully.
They've got to be outdoors, on their little bench, you've got to have a bullhorn, you've got to have the shirt on or have somebody with it, or maybe a big sign with it on it, and two of you hold it up, and then somebody else bullhorns.
Bill Clinton is a rapist, not a philanderer.
Hillary covers up the rape.
Look, I'm not gonna sit here and say, see, I told you so.
That communist Chinese style net censorship is coming to the web.
Because it's already here.
It's being announced.
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What is your guilty pleasure?
Let's see.
Are there that many?
I'm just trying to think of, you know, the G-rated ones.
Years ago, if you were an attractive female, unfortunate enough to be within the circle of sexual predator Bill Clinton, you would eventually find yourself escorted to a hotel room by an Arkansas state trooper.
Where the former governor would meet you wearing nothing but a creepy smile demanding you perform a sex act on him.
Just ask Paula Jones.
She settled a case with Bill Clinton for the same reasons with an $850,000 payout.
Other women have come forward with identical stories.
Here is an inebriated Bill Clinton during his 1992 presidential campaign groping a flight attendant.
Bill Clinton on the same flight later exposed himself and grabbed flight attendant Christy Zurcher's breasts after asking her to perform a sex act on him.
She was later threatened by White House attorney Bruce Lindsey to keep quiet.
That is the behavior that has been superimposed onto Donald Trump by the mainstream media.
The woman at the center of that explosive tape is now speaking out.
There is no room for objectification of women or anyone for that matter, not even in the locker room.
Well, it's a crime.
I mean, I prosecuted sex crimes.
That's a sexual assault.
Classic sexual assault.
People go to jail for that.
He wants Hillary Clinton to go to jail.
Maybe he needs to go to jail.
Hillary Clinton is on the stage.
Hillary Clinton is running for president, not her husband.
This makes sense.
This is politically incorrect, what Donald Trump did.
This is bringing a whole other level of gutter.
That's rape culture!
You're blaming someone who succumbed to it!
Someone committing adultery on her!
Bill's secretive behavior continued until Monica Lewinsky blew it wide open.
All the while, Hillary Clinton served as an attack dog, threatening the victims, clearing the path on her and Bill's Luciferian Bonnie and Clyde Trojan horse to the upper echelons of power and wealth.
Now all anyone has to do to be mind-raped by the Clinton crime machine is to turn on any cable news network.
Let's start with what people describe as Trump sort of hovering and lurking.
The last 10 days could have been about nothing but emails, nothing but negatives about Hillary Clinton, but there's Donald Trump.
The use of propaganda is exploding after being legalized in 2013.
While America slept, an amendment overturned the long-standing Smith-Montt Act of 1948.
We're good to go.
On to the US public.
It removes the protection for Americans, says a Pentagon official who is concerned about the law.
It removes oversight from the people who want to put out this information.
There are no checks and balances.
No one knows if the information is accurate, partially accurate, or entirely false.
CNN's Jeff Zucker just ordered an all-out blackout on the reporting of Bill Clinton's illegitimate son.
That's propaganda in a nutshell.
True journalism should have zero bias.
But in true dualistic fashion, the faceless people actually concerned about the future of the republic are the ones being attacked by the criminals running the show.
This is the great thing about politics in America.
You can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables.
The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name it.
The other guy's base is what I grew up in.
You know, I'm basically your standard redneck.
No doubt about it, the American consciousness might as well be in a Little Rock, Arkansas hotel room right now with Arkansas state troopers guarding the door while all the hopes and dreams of the American ideal are brutally raped inside by the Clinton crime machine, the Bush dynasty, and the descendants of the robber barons who continue to stalk and brainwash the good people of the United States with unyielding criminal intent.
John Bowne for InfoWars.com.
Have you posted any disparaging facts about Hillary Clinton online, any time say within the last year, only to find that you were immediately attacked by a bunch of strangers online?
Possibly some eggs on Twitter?
Never fear.
It's not as if Hillary Clinton just has a massive amount of authentic support out there.
These are actually manufactured trolls.
It's an AstroTurf outrage machine of these paid trolls.
It's part of a program called Breaking Barriers.
Now, I want to take your attention to this article by Rachel Alexander from The Stream.
It's really good.
It gets into detail about the Breaking Barriers project.
Just to give you an idea about the size and scope of this, initially it was spending about $1 million on this project, but now that has been increased to over $6
Million dollars that's how unpopular Hillary Clinton is she has trolls working overtime Had to increase the super PAC money go into this breaking barriers program to six million plus dollars So these are paid trolls and they're posting on social media sites like Facebook reddit Instagram and Twitter and
And it's they create many, many accounts to give the appearance that Hillary Clinton has just massive amounts of support out there, which, of course, she does not.
Now, Libby Watson of the Sunlight Foundation told the Daily Beast that this seems to be going after essentially random individuals online.
And in fact, they are moving from just defending Hillary Clinton or rebutting you with some facts to actually targeting and intimidating people who criticize her now.
This is also kind of gives this impression that she just has this groundswell of authentic support, that she's this populist, political person out there, but she's not.
This is exactly what Hillary Clinton's campaign is known for.
It's highly tactical, highly paid for.
These are lifetime political operatives, high-level people handling this.
So Hillary's anonymous trolls, they first started targeting Bernie Sanders people.
Now, we thought, of course, it was really strange when we would see all of these Bernie Sanders people at the Trump rallies.
And you're thinking, why are they attacking Donald Trump supporters when it's Hillary Clinton that is Bernie Sanders' main opponent?
So they're actually bussing in people who would have, should have been going to Hillary Clinton's rallies and going after someone that wasn't even her main target then.
Very smart.
I mean, they're spending a lot of money.
They're incredibly, incredibly smart there at the Clinton campaign.
They just use their powers for evil.
Now, the moderators of some of the Sanders subreddits were the first people to point this out.
They've noticed that a lot of the accounts switched from supporting Bernie to then going and saying they switched.
Now they're supporting Hillary Clinton.
They also, you'll recall, there was that whole Bernie bro movement.
And a lot of women online were saying, oh, these Bernie bros, they're so terrible.
They're racist and they're sexist males and they're coming after us.
Who are these Bernie bros?
Turns out the Bernie bros were actually a part of this Breaking Barriers program.
And they were created by these fake accounts in order to give this impression that Bernie Sanders supporters were just young, racist, sexist.
Where have we seen this before?
This is exactly what was coming with the whole Pepe the Frog meme.
And how everyone on the alt-right and all these people, racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic.
So I can almost guarantee that a lot of these Pepe memes were generated by these paid operatives as part of the Breaking Barriers program.
Now, they also, Reddit, a lot of people there in Reddit were able to prove that they were actually Clinton staffers who are running a lot of the subreddit, The Donald.
And they outed them.
They actually were able to prove that they created a lot of
Fake websites registered a pack called Feel the Burn.
You'll recall we reported on a video that showed young Hispanic children using profanity in reference to Trump.
They were beating up a pinata image of him.
They looked in the source codes in this website and it was actually a leftover from another site called Bill for First Lady 2016.
It was created by a Clinton staffer.
So this tactic is nothing new to the Hillary Clinton campaign.
They've been using anonymous trolls at least as far back as 2007, creating these fake accounts to make it appear as though she had more support.
Robbie Mook, who she brought on as one of her campaign managers, actually started a listserv in 2009 called Mook's Mafia, so he could share political information and come after Republicans.
So this is the kind of tactics she's wanting to do.
Alinskyite, anything to win.
But just know, any of you trolls out there creating these fake accounts, you are creating an online footprint that isn't going to go anywhere.
Anyone smart enough to look at the source code is going to be able to find you out forever.
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We're good to go.
Welcome back.
Joining me now are Margaret Howell and Leanne McAdoo to take a look at the latest WikiLeaks releases.
Now, it was just yesterday we had the third batch.
Today, starting about 7.30 this morning, WikiLeaks released another 1,193 emails, and this brings the total of about 6,500 emails out of approximately 50,000.
So they're coming at a very quick pace now, but it has to do that because we're still only about 10% of what he says he has.
26 days out and we're seeing how much we're having to struggle to get the media to even give this 15 minutes of time.
Which is, I wish he had started this process earlier, but I believe last week when he said he was going to release these emails, I really do believe he's going to release them in his own time.
And now it is starting to come out fairly quickly, and it's difficult even now for the press to go through and to vet all of the stuff that's coming out so quickly.
Because again, today it was another 1,200 emails that came out.
Not only that, but what we're understanding because of these, you know, David, are they want us compliant and dumb.
They don't want us to question anything.
Saudi Arabia is supporting terrorism.
Oh, that's a shocker.
They're also Clinton Foundation donors.
And a trove of things that were very speculative, they're now being confirmed.
And it's remarkable that yet the mainstream media isn't even putting this front and center because this is of critical importance to any voter 26 days out.
The fact that they want us compliant and dumb is a big deal.
I know Alex talked about that yesterday and then today we're sealing a realization that, oh yeah, by the way, they also try to infiltrate religious organizations like the Catholic Church.
They want this progressive revolution.
They want to see the deterioration of faith in this country.
And it's remarkable that we're, aside from Reddit and other sources, we're the only ones talking about this.
Yeah, exactly.
Yeah, what's developing is we're seeing the real difference between the private and the public face of Hillary Clinton and the media as well.
And let's talk about this in terms of some categories because what we've got, you mentioned some of the issues out there, we've got really several different broad categories.
We've got the collusion of the media that we can see in these emails.
We've got government collusion between the Clinton campaign, between the Obama administration, the Department of Justice, the State Department, so forth and so on.
Then we have the calculated lies and the conspiracy plans in terms of things like the takedown of the Catholic Spring, as they're calling it, you know, attacking Catholics.
And then we see how she is the bankster's friend, you know, coming out and talking about how she shares their goal, their ambition, their dream of a one-world government, beginning with a hemispheric North American Union.
She doesn't use the term North American Union, but she defines it in every aspect.
Let's look at the first category here.
Media collusion.
Now we've seen all of these different media outlets that are not only sending her questions before a town hall, the exact question they had.
The exact question, so she could prepare, focus group, create responses to that and test that with her focus groups to come back and say, well, this is what I think about the death penalty.
That was one example.
Then giving her editorial control over the interviews, which quotes would be included and so forth.
Many other things.
Well yes, and something else that I thought was pretty interesting was how we're always seeing how she's giving these interviews.
A few days after her collapse, she came out but she wasn't on camera and it was a telephone interview and she just sounds so lovely and nice.
Chris Hayes actually, here we find out that he, in this pre-taped interview, he had sent out a question and so she's reading off of a script.
That's why she does these telephone interviews without a camera present because she's got the question right there and she's reading off a script and we also know from these WikiLeaks that Chris Hayes is one of her surrogates there in the media.
So he's very friendly to her.
Yeah, even to the extent that they say, can we survive not answering questions from the press?
And she went about 80% through the campaign not having a single press conference, and now she supposedly is having press conferences, if you can call these press conferences.
They are press releases.
They're PR events.
We're good to go.
We even have now Louise Mensch, who's a long-time conservative on the far right.
She's even giving a script.
I'd really love to see Hillary Clinton put out this type of an ad and kind of scripts it all for her.
I mean, it's like on all sides.
So then we look at the government collusion.
We know that the media is in her pocket, okay?
But look at the government collusion.
These are some of the headlines that have come out just in the last couple of days off of just the top of the Drudge Report.
This isn't even digging down deep into all of the emails.
The Clinton camp appeared to have contacts with the Department of Justice on the email case.
At the same time, the State Department is coordinating the email release with the Clinton campaign.
And then we see the White House says, oh no.
There wasn't any collusion between us.
And yet we see that the media staffers are discussing which ones are going to release and which ones are going to delete.
How do they get the power to do that if there's no collusion with the Justice Department?
We see that they had immunity deals.
With Sheryl Mills and others, they had to give them immunity before they would agree to turn over their laptops.
They knew that it had incriminating information there.
They demanded that they get immunity deals and that the government doesn't ever do that with anybody else.
They just come in and take what they know has criminal information on it.
They've done that with whistleblowers.
They've done that with former CIA director.
But with Hillary Clinton, it's a different set of rules.
Not only did they give Cheryl Mills criminal immunity, they also gave the two techies that set up Hillary Clinton's email server criminal immunity as well in an unprecedented way.
And they said any FBI agent looking at this case, if you talk about it publicly, you will be censored.
You could possibly lose your pensions over this.
I mean, it was like they were protecting her and not even the agents examining the case.
It was very unprecedented, David.
Well, when you look at the way they do immunity, always in the past they would give immunity to the people who are lower down, like the tech people you just mentioned.
They would do that so they could get the people higher up.
They would keep rolling them up.
They didn't do that this time.
And they didn't do that 20 years ago with Charlie Tree and the issues with campaign money laundering for the Clintons.
They gave him immunity, and then they didn't prosecute him or anybody else.
They got the information, they knew that it was crooked, they knew it was money laundering, but nobody went to jail.
And the same thing is happening here.
They give them immunity so that nobody goes to jail, but they don't use it to get convictions against anyone.
Right, and what we are seeing, thanks to these WikiLeaks, is just how corrupt, how rigged the entire system is.
It's a rigged reality.
But they are painting it as if we can't look at what is inside of the hack, what information is being revealed, we just have to be scared because it's the Russians and they've hacked in and how dare they get this information.
Wasn't it just a few years ago they were all convincing us, well, hey, if you've got nothing to hide,
Shouldn't be worried about.
Unless you have something that's criminally, you know, that makes us liable, then of course we will prosecute.
I think it's hilarious that Julian Assange has come out the criminal in this.
And I was looking at the Twitter war that was happening in between WikiLeaks and the Clinton camp.
This morning, and this Brian Fallon, who is responsible for representing the Clinton campaign, he says the media needs to stop treating Wikileaks like the same as if it's a FOIA request.
So FOIA would be the legal channel, the Freedom of Information Act channel to go through.
Assange is colluding with the Russian government to help Trump.
Oh, really?
Let's look at the evidence that they have for that.
No evidence.
This is Homeland Security and the Director of National Intelligence.
And here's what they say, this is why they say it's the Russians.
They say, well we believe, why?
Based on the scope and sensitivity of the efforts, that only Russia's senior most officials could have authorized these activities.
It's consistent with the methods and the motivations of Russians.
In other words, the Russians would like to see this information out there, therefore the Russians did it.
They don't know.
And yet we see at the same time, we see Obama and Hillary saying, we're going to go to war against anybody that hacks our information.
And you see Obama putting this threat out there, physical threats, threats of sanctions, threats of war to the Russians, based on the fact that, well, we think that you have a motivation to do this.
Because the Clintons and the Obamas started the Cold War, restarted the Cold War.
That's why they say they've got the motivation to do this.
Right, well and it's very interesting how even Donna Brazil is tied up in this.
She was obviously the one that forwarded along that town hall question to Hillary Clinton.
She says she's choosing not to view any of the emails because they were hacked.
She's going to take the moral high ground and not look at any of these.
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.
And she says this is exactly what the Russians intended to do and they're doing it.
And I think that's really key because we have a lot of these never-Trumpers that are totally okay with blaming it on the Russians with no evidence because it's their candidate that they want to protect.
But this isn't going to end with this election cycle.
You mentioned the Cold War, David.
Even Gorbachev himself, who has basically been a recluse all these years, he's saying, look, there's a dangerous line.
We covered this this morning in our topic.
This is a very dangerous line you're crossing.
It's very reminiscent of a few decades ago.
I'm paraphrasing what he said.
If you have a Cold War figure coming out and saying, look, you're at that line again, we might not want to cross this.
We're in dangerous water here.
He said the most dangerous thing is that we're not talking.
And yet, what has Donald Trump been criticized the most for?
The fact that he would talk to Vladimir Putin.
Well, that's all the time we have tonight.
Thank you for joining us.
Join us again tomorrow night for the InfoWars Nightly News, 7 Central, 8 p.m.
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