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Name: 20161009_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 9, 2016
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Alex Jones discusses the ongoing presidential campaign, specifically focusing on the allegations against both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. He criticizes the mainstream media for their treatment of these issues, particularly their hypocrisy in focusing on an 11-year-old tape of Trump while ignoring Clinton's involvement in covering up for known pedophiles. Jones also reveals information from a Democratic Party source about their planned attack strategy for the remaining days before the election, which will likely involve attacking Trump over sexual issues to distract from Clinton's own scandals and weaknesses.

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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
We all know the FBI, about a month and a half ago, gave immunity to everybody that had covered up Hillary Clinton with her criminal activities.
Selling U.S.
secrets, selling out U.S.
sovereignties, selling out favors.
Everybody from the Saudi Arabians, to the communist Chinese, to the Russians.
And so what does Hillary do, is she has a massive problem selling out for $35 million, one-fifth of U.S.
weapons-grade plutonium.
That's admitted, that's in the Wall Street Journal, that's even in the New York Times.
She accuses
Donald Trump of being a Russian agent.
They've accused me of that.
I mean, this is really getting crazy.
It's like accusing me of being Santa Claus or a keyboard elf.
Well, what do you do when you've got the same FBI a couple years ago with Jeffrey Epstein, who had the Lolita Express with Bill Clinton on at least 16 round-trip flights to the pedophile island that he got convicted of running?
And then you've got Clinton flying out to hang out with Sultans that have admitted harems of little boys and little girls.
This is mainstream news.
Well, the FBI, quote, gave them all immunity.
Magic wand, you're above the law.
But they know Trump is holding this back.
I've known this has been a Trump-October surprise for six months.
And so what happens?
They hit Trump with it.
Now, in 30 minutes, I'm going to break down an internal Democratic Party dossier.
And we have the actual next 29 days till the election, the actual data dump on their battle plans and how they're going to hit Trump.
We even know what she and Anderson Cooper are going to be hitting them first with in the debate at 8 o'clock Central, 9 o'clock Eastern tonight.
So that is all coming up today.
At the bottom of the hour, I will break all of this down.
This is so surreal.
Now, obviously, they've released an 11-year-old tape of him on a TV show, and they were deceptively recording him on a bus.
It's highly edited.
You hear him kind of end with, well, she was married, so I, you know, backed off.
Locker room talk.
I guarantee you, most Republicans and Democrats do far worse.
But my issue is Trump never acted like he was some perfect angel.
He never held that out.
He's got the same sin as King David.
He likes women or King Solomon.
The point is he's a nationalist.
He's got the globalists that have occupied and captured this country absolutely hating his guts and throwing everything they've got at him.
It's not like he was some televangelist that said if you kiss your girlfriend out of wedlock you're going to hell.
And then he got caught, you know, with a prostitute.
The guy's never been a hypocrite.
We knew this was all coming up.
Those Howard Stern interviews are old.
They hit him with those a year ago.
So, this is all about manipulating his evangelical support base.
What you need to know is, Pence is anti-abortion, so is Trump.
That's all you need to know.
Is the guy a hypocrite?
Absolutely not.
If he was a goody two-shoe, and said that he was the cleanest whistle around, and then he got caught shooting his mouth off like this, I'd say this guy's a hypocrite.
I don't like him.
Quite frankly, I like Trump more because of this.
And it's not that I'm some gruff guy that shoots my mouth off like this.
It's that it's so real, that's why they're so scared of him.
And they cannot stand him.
And they've got more of this stuff coming out, but man, the Clintons literally fund radical jihadis.
That mutilate women's genitals.
Hillary stays in the same bedroom with Uma Abedin, whose mother is the top genital mutilation maven that pushes it.
They fund jihadis to take over, kill hundreds of thousands of Christians.
Benghazi, what difference does it make?
You know, the ordering the stand down, getting caught lying about it.
It goes on and on and on.
The abortion pushing they're doing, the baby parts selling that Trump says is horrible.
So, killing 3-4 million babies, selling their body parts a year?
That bad?
The average fake Christian wants to bitch about him saying, oh my goodness, this woman was so hot until she was married.
This is really a referendum on whether we really want to be with the establishment that's screwing us over or we want to make America great again.
All right, it's a big broadcast.
We've got huge breaking news.
I've got my Democratic Party source.
Roger Stone's going to be joining us.
He's got huge intel on the debate.
This is going to be a big broadcast, one of the biggest ever.
Stay with us.
We're two hours out from our expanded coverage and then four hours.
I'm gonna lay it out short and sweet.
I got so dedicated to fighting the globalists and their program for world government that I stopped working out.
I was a total fitness nut 20 years ago.
About 15 years ago, I just stopped working out.
I gained close to 100 pounds.
I have lost 50, 60 pounds of fat.
Or more.
I've gained 20 pounds of muscle.
I'm stronger than I was when I was 22.
When I could bench press close to 400 pounds and squat 600.
It's actually scary.
And it's because I take products that our researchers developed that block the estrogen mimickers that basically feminize men.
We've produced these products with top scientists and researchers like Dr. Group to help you counteract the globalist onslaught and at the same time support InfoWars in our fight for both human liberty and freedom.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Sunday, October 9th, 2016.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, coming to you live from the heart of Texas, Austin, broadcasting worldwide.
Well, coming up tonight, we've got the CNN Hosted Debate with Anderson Cooper, half of its town hall.
We have intelligence from inside the Democratic Party, high level, on the dossier that they intend to attack Donald Trump with the next 29 days.
Coming up at the bottom of the hour, I will launch into this exclusive battle plan that the Democrats have to launch.
Now obviously, it's going to be about sexual activity.
They know that's Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton's weakness.
They want to muddy the waters and accuse Trump of what they clearly have been involved in and have been involved covering up.
Trump made a major miscalculation through intermediaries from the Clintons.
Threw Chelsea to Trump's daughters two and a half weeks ago, in the upcoming debate a week later, to not go after Hillary for the sexual crimes.
And covering up, and staying in the same hotel room with Umad Abedin, whose mother's the top jihadi Wahhabist Sharia law pusher for sexual mutilation.
I mean, she's the top person.
Made a huge mistake not going after that, because now they are going to hammer him, and hammer him hard.
Now, obviously we have the three-minute tape, highly edited, but Trump just came out and said, well, I apologize, this is 11 years ago, this isn't who I normally am, and I've changed.
And I'm sure he has changed, getting educated about the globalists and the New World Order, he's shown that.
That's why the establishment hates him.
But just to see Bill Clinton, who's settled sexual assault cases, settled all these other cases with women, who's known to do all this,
That the mainstream media ignoring these scores of women that have come out saying he brutally raped them decades ago.
And Hillary on tape bragging about covering up for a pedophile she knew was guilty who brutally raped a 12-year-old girl and put her in a coma.
And then to see them launching jihad attacks and pushing all this and then saying, oh my gosh, Donald Trump,
With some, you know, contestant, twenty years ago, said that she gained too much weight after she won, so she lost her contract.
That's what happens with a boxer, if they're not weight for a fight.
Supposed to be a middleweight, you're in a heavyweight range, you forfeit the fight, or the person's gotta go ahead and fight you and sign off on that.
But, women say they want to be in a man's world, fine, you gotta play by those rules.
So they push this whole thing along sexist lines, it's all Hillary Clinton's got.
Well, she's one of the biggest abusers of women out there.
I mean, this is epic what's going on, and I don't just sit here and approach this like I'm a Republican who wants Trump to win.
Trump has his own issues.
I've been against the Republicans many times in my radio and TV career.
I'm bipartisan when I attack people.
I just go after the truth.
But Hillary is such a monster, and has such a criminal record, and stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders, and on the payroll of the Saudi Arabians and the Communist Chinese,
All these other corrupt governments and the Pope all lined up telling us we can't have Donald Trump.
Why is that?
Because these special interests have taken this country over and Donald Trump, they don't know if he's for real trying to get us our sovereignty back or whether he's just a hyena trying to come in and steal the lion's quarry that they've already killed.
They just know he is part of their club and he's coming in to this kill.
They're about to try to kick him off of the kill.
So, Trump's an unknown country.
Trump's not perfect, we all know that.
But we know Hillary Clinton is pure evil.
And there's this mass mental illness where people can sit there and think that they're buying into somebody so they're getting political power by getting reflected glory from them.
With Hillary, and with Obama, blacks have gotten double unemployment, what they had eight years ago.
With them, the college educations are more unaffordable than ever.
And 80 plus percent of people that get one of these college degrees will never pay off their loan, will never get a job that's worth the degree.
But people that have been defrauded by this system are doubling down believing Bernie Sanders or Hillary can deliver them this.
But when Hillary speaks to Wall Street, she says, listen, Bernie supporters live in their mother's basements, they're baristas at best, they're nobodies or losers.
And she's come out and said that her own people in these emails
Our losers.
And then Obama calls gun owners and Bible believers bitter clingers.
Well, you've already taken everything else we've got.
Obama goes to Africa and says you can't have cars or air conditioning.
That's the latest WikiLeaks, by the way.
That is very weak compared to what was supposedly going to come out, they said, last Monday.
And it was going to, quote, on Tuesday, it was going to devastate Hillary.
She would, quote, you know, be indicted.
This would do it.
Now, the latest thing is her at Wall Street speeches talking trash about people and admitting she wants a world government and carbon taxes and the TPP.
Well, we know she called it the gold standard and bragged that she helped do the whole thing.
And she claims, like Al Gore says he invented the Internet, she says she did the whole thing in speeches.
We got video.
So, I mean, what did WikiLeaks give us?
We didn't already know.
I mean, I guess it's internal emails, but there's thousands of them, but folks have already poured through them.
So, the word is the Sons got intimidated, got threatened, and didn't release the motherload, and that's too bad.
Now that they feel safe on this, they are moving forward with their massive, massive destruction of Donald Trump that I will cover at the bottom of the hour.
Now, if you've just tuned in,
I've been hosting radio for 21 years.
I've been syndicated for 19.
For 10 years, I've been doing a Sunday show.
Because I noticed that nobody really broadcasts on Saturday and Sunday.
Drudge used to, and it was great.
You used to always listen to it.
And I thought, to fill that vacuum, we should syndicate on Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
We've done that.
It's been very successful.
In fact, it was key to getting on a lot of big stations across the country.
There's a lot of folks who stick their toe in the water, pick up the Sunday show.
The listeners liked it, got ratings.
See it won to the end of the world, you picked Alex Jones up.
Then they'd put us on at night, then they'd put us on live.
It's been a success.
We've got to jump on the news for the week.
But today, when your station leaves us at 6 o'clock Central, 7 o'clock Eastern, 5 o'clock Mountain, 4 o'clock Pacific, we will continue on.
And some stations are carrying it, TV stations are carrying it.
Everybody's free to air.
Take part of it, take all of it.
No contract needed.
Just pick it up if you want it, stations.
You know that.
We're just here to win this war against the globalists and wake up America.
But if you go to InfoWars.com forward slash show or InfoWars.com forward slash app,
You can download the new free app on Droid and iPhone that has video, audio, news alerts that are going to start in two weeks.
A lot of other new stuff is going to be added to the app.
It's a great new app.
You can also watch the debate there because when this two hours ends, that we've been doing for ten years, two hours of further live coverage from our big TV studios, I'm going to walk across the hall as soon as this show's over, and then the full coverage for at least four hours of the debate begins.
Two hours from six to eight central, the 90-minute debate, and at least an hour of live coverage and highlights with Leigh Ann McAdoo, David Knight, myself, and others.
That's coming up.
So we'll probably be live until like 11 o'clock, so I'll say six, seven hours, as long as we want to go tonight, InfoWars.com forward slash show, InfoWars.com forward slash app.
But if you just tuned in,
We have the leaked Democrats' plan to pin rape hoax on Trump.
Now, people are saying, yeah, what was it?
Eight, nine months ago, there were rape charges filed in a civil suit in Houston with a fake name.
And then others got filed all over.
People ask, what's the point of filing these fake things?
Because then it gives people cover to write books and articles saying, oh, we didn't know.
It's in a lawsuit.
You can say Jane Doe and then claim you saw Trump raping Easter bunnies on Pluto.
And then write a book about it.
And then, again, they didn't launch this earlier because there's only 29 days left.
They're going to launch this tomorrow.
We have the dossier.
They may change it up because of this.
And by the way, when we got this info yesterday, we started getting it two days ago, all hell broke loose.
I'm just going to leave it at that.
I mean, they are freaked.
This is not where we were given this info.
If they don't run with this tomorrow, it's because we have released this.
But they're going to go with it.
They've got a book being published they're going to announce tomorrow that comes out Tuesday.
They've got articles that are all about to hit.
In fact, I heard about this on Friday, got the documents Saturday, and by then it began to even kind of break as they tested the waters.
So, this is big.
They are accusing Trump of what Jeffrey Epstein was involved with with Bill Clinton and the Lolita Express.
Trump on record has been to one
Florida party that this guy was at and left immediately, a couple years ago.
Bill Clinton's registered in flight 16 times Alita Express with Jeffrey Epstein.
So they know Trump had, this is his October surprise, hydrogen bomb.
Trump was induced not to drop it.
He didn't launch the attack.
The enemy's launching a counterfeit.
And they're mixing it all in with a few Howard Stern comments in this other tape, edited to give it plausible believability.
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, this Sunday is the biggest presidential debate in United States history, and Infowars.com slash show will have complete coverage for you, starting at four o'clock central with the Alex Jones Show, and then rolling right through the entire debate, even afterwards taking your phone calls.
Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump
Round two from St.
Louis, Missouri, Washington University.
This is the most anticipated debate ever and we're going to have complete coverage for you at InfoWars.com and also the new InfoWars live app.
We're going to have boots on the ground and we're going to have the entire InfoWars crew in studio covering the debate, breaking down the things that the two candidates say in live time.
Are you going to be stuck at home watching football?
Or are you going to be engaged in the InfoWar?
InfoWars.com slash show, InfoWars live app, complete coverage of the presidential debate, round two, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
Now another shirt that was designed and licensed from Roger Stone is the Bill Clinton rape shirt.
Looks like the, you know, communist style Obama Hope shirt.
But says, rape, wear it, get aggressive, start the conversations, get on TV with it.
In fact, I'm going to say this right now.
Anyone that gets on national TV with the shirt, clearly, for more than five seconds, gets a thousand dollars.
That means, you know, behind cameras, you name it.
Anyone that gets it on air on national TV and gets the words out, Bill Clinton is a rapist, are things along that line with a bullhorn.
I could go to this right now. $5,000.
Until a budget of $100,000 has been spent.
I think one of the kind of the things that we really need to be looking at in this debate is that Bill Clinton is a rapist.
Bill Clinton's a rapist.
Bill Clinton is a rapist.
Bill Clinton.
I got this Hillary for prison t-shirt and I just want everyone to know about this like big presidential campaign that Bill Clinton is a rapist.
Okay, thank you very much, Terrence.
How can we make sure everybody gets a chance to participate?
How can we help families succeed in most important jobs in this society, raising children and succeeding at work?
How can we live together?
He doesn't age.
No, he doesn't.
He looks great.
We're all gonna rickroll.
We've had a $100,000 contest before.
My budget's $100,000.
That means if a bunch of people do this, I'll pay up to $100,000 and stop it.
That's $1,000 if you just get the shirt on national TV.
Visually rape.
It is.
It is.
$5,000 if you get the audio.
Legally and lawfully.
They gotta be outdoors.
Mother-in-law events.
You gotta have a bullhorn.
You gotta have the shirt on or have somebody with it.
Or maybe a big sign with it on it and two of you hold it up and then somebody else bullhorns.
Bill Clinton is a rapist, not a philanderer.
Hillary covers up the rape.
Look, I'm not going to sit here and say, see, I told you so.
That communist Chinese style net censorship is coming to the web.
Because it's already here.
It's been announced.
The way you keep the internet open and free is you get involved more than ever.
Go to InfoWars.com forward slash app.
A new battleship in the fight.
InfoWars Live.
Available right now.
We're looking for a crew to man it.
Are you going to sit down and play games and be a trendy?
Or are you going to be part of history?
Don't sit by and let the internet and free speech be stolen from you.
Take action.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Oh yeah, it's the Airwolf Alex Jones here live.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
It's Alex Jones.
All right, I'm in the radio slash TV studio, the small studio, for the next hour and 40 minutes.
And I'm gonna walk over to the TV studio and host at least four or five hours.
Two hours before the debate, right through the debate, with limited commentary and analysis, then at least an hour with your phone calls and commentary after this evening.
This is Make it or Break it for Donald Trump.
They have hit him with, obviously edited, but it doesn't matter.
It's still not something good to say as a family man.
Comments on a bus 11 years ago.
Clearly being asked questions.
It's clearly edited.
It's the type of talk you hear in a locker room.
They've taken it out of context, but he's apologized for it.
But they made it the biggest issue in the world.
Hillary got four people killed in Benghazi in order to stand out.
Hillary is engaged in all these other crimes.
Sold out her sovereignty and been involved in espionage on the communist Chinese and Saudi Arabian and Qatari payroll.
Hillary funds and supports jihadis, murdering Christians and women and sexually mutilating people, you name it.
It goes on and on and on.
And Bill Clinton has settled sexual assault cases.
And the media totally ignores that and then acts like it is the end of the world when they dredge up 11-year-old tape on Trump.
So, here's the deal.
If Trump needs to resign, and these so-called Republican senators that were always against Trump early on, they couldn't beat him, so their constituents got mad at him, so they had to then, the last four months, support Trump, they're now doubling back.
CNN says the Republican Party turns against him.
Thank God!
We're trying to take that over.
I mean, not a word about JFK having sex with five, six women a day.
Nothing about reportedly killing Meryl Monroe.
All of that's okay.
Nothing about Bill Clinton raping women.
Oh my gosh, he shot his mouth off about wanting, you know, women, blah, blah, blah, when he was divorced.
So all of this is going on.
We knew this was coming out.
We knew Trump's not been an angel.
He's never said he was.
The guy's never taken an aspirin, doesn't drink, because his brother died of alcoholism.
He reportedly likes eating big meals, and he likes his wives, and when he's not married, he's a womanizer.
King David was a womanizer as well.
King David had his best friend killed to get his woman.
He later repented of it, and God said, you're a man of your own heart.
I just want to tell all the phony Christians on power trips, because I'm a Christian.
I was out shooting a video up on a mountaintop dealing with Trump better
Attack or drop out, same with the video.
This guy walks over and he goes, Are you a Christian, Alex?
Very accusatorily.
And I said, I'm not like the Pharisees that stood up on the mountain and prayed in public.
He goes, what do you mean?
I go, well, you know, Christ said don't go pray in public and tell people how big you are and how Christian you are.
And he beat the Pharisees with a whip.
So, of course I'm a Christian, but I'm not going to sit here with you like all accusatorily, like you're on the high mountain judging me on your power trip because you're all full of your garbage.
Get the beam out of your eye before you tell me about the speck in mine.
Promoting abortion, promoting globalism, promoting GMO, promoting world government, promoting cross-species chimeras, these are the blasphemies.
But the devil's an accuser and wants to tell people that have done small things, you can't be a good person in the world because you do these little things.
The average good person goes, okay, since I have a conscience and guilt, I'll just stand down in the world and then let the total evil take over.
It's what you do now against the great evil of world government that proves your worth, ladies and gentlemen, and will save this civilization.
Now, coming up after this break, I'm going to give you the big enchilada.
The battle plan from a high-level Democratic Party operative who is so upset about the evil they're seeing and so upset about all the crazy stuff they see.
And look, this is why a lot of Democrats are actually turning against Hillary, who are very liberal on a lot of issues that I even agree with on some issues, on some of the social issues.
I understand.
I'm not out to get people.
I understand that some of the right-wing folks have just obsessed on things as their political diversion from all the things they're doing.
But it's Hillary saying she wants war with Iran, and I'm saying Iran's a perfect, but that she, quote, will attack Iran, and she, quote, will attack Russia.
And the fact that Soros has this big flaming you-know-what for Russia that has our military upset and concerned.
It has a lot of well-meaning, really smart intellectual liberals like Cy Hirsch and others.
And Cy Hirsch isn't my source.
You notice Cy Hirsch has come on the show this year and tip his hat to our work on the military stand down with fighting for Al Qaeda and ISIS.
They've told Obama and Hillary we're not doing that.
And as bad as Obama's been, I will say I believe Hillary's worse now.
Because it's been Obama in memos and emails that have come out saying, no, we're not doing that.
That'll start a war with Russia.
And he's already allowed a lot of aggressive actions.
But he did listen to our generals four years ago on not being al-Qaeda slash ISIS's air force.
Remember all that?
We broke it here.
Came out three years later, three and a half years later, all the secret stuff we told you was on record.
Just like they were going to federalize the election.
They announced it a month after we told you.
Or just like we, you know, have folks all over the country shouting, Bill Clinton's a rapist.
That's now happened 14 times I know of.
I mean, this show has power.
I just want listeners to know, you're out there all alone somewhere and have no idea how many brethren you've got of every race, color, and creed, and both sexes.
People are awake, they know what's going on, and you can see the huge train of death behind the Clintons and the Bushes, and that's what this is, this same dynasty.
With a half million dead kids in Iraq with sanctions that Clinton's made worse, and bombing Serbia, and bombing Sudan, and blowing up their aspirin factories, and funding jihadi invasions of Sudan, and funding jihadi invasions of Kenya that Obama's been involved in.
These are really anti-Christian bad people.
To the liberals, to the conservatives, to libertarians, to everybody.
We all know we're not going to vote for the mentally deficient, in my view, Gary Johnson.
I told you that before you saw him melt down.
He flipped out in this very studio in front of me repeated times a year ago when he was here.
I mean, I thought something was wrong with him.
People said, really?
We haven't seen that.
And the whole city started doing it all over TV.
Sticking his tongue out, blacking out.
I mean, I don't know what these people are on, okay?
I don't know why Hillary's all spacing out and falling down.
But they're on some weird stuff, okay?
So what is Aleppo?
Can't name one foreign leader.
Sticks his tongue out over and over again.
Starts going in circles.
I don't know what's going on with these people.
But weird stuff's happening.
We got a bunch of the folks today and tomorrow coming on that have been confronting Clinton and have been confronting his surrogate and Hillary's surrogate, Tim Kaine.
On national TV.
It's all coming up today.
Roger Stone, separately, I called him about my data dump.
He can only confirm from his New York sources, mine are in DC, two of the things that I had in my data dump.
But he said that sounds very credible from what I'm hearing.
And he's obviously meeting with Trump hours every day there in New York.
But I've confirmed this with other sources as well.
This is coming up.
After the break.
But then Stone's coming on with his inside baseball from another source very, very close on what Hillary is planning to do in the debate tonight.
It's coming up in three and a half hours.
So that's all coming up.
And I want to go out to break.
There's been two new confrontations the last two days.
Well, a third and a fourth are coming in.
We heard about it.
We haven't gotten the videos yet, but two we know of.
Uh, and this is pretty, pretty powerful stuff.
Protesters taunt Bill Clinton at Milwaukee rally.
He's been confronted three times now in the last week.
DrugsReport.com is linked to this.
Two different people jump in when he brings up a key point.
And then we've got another clip.
Here it is.
Nobody can dispute the fact that you're a rapist!
Bill Clinton is a rapist!
It goes on and on.
We're going to come back with the rest of this in one more clip and then give you the big data dump.
But listen, we initiated this even though it's very dangerous.
I'm not saying, oh look, I'm walking a tightrope for no reason.
I'm not doing this to sell popcorn to the stands.
I'm doing this to save my family and because quite frankly, I'm not in control of myself.
I've turned myself over to the will of God.
I'm telling the truth at the very end.
I'm going up against these people 110%.
I'm Alex Jones.
Donald Trump's got to attack tonight or drop out.
Stay with us.
Folks, the message is clear.
The parallels are there.
There are millions of ordinary Americans who've been let down, who've had a bad time, who feel the political class in Washington are detached from them, who feel so many of their representatives are
You are politically correct parts of that liberal media elite.
They feel people aren't standing up for them and they've actually in many cases given up on the whole electoral process.
And I think that you have a fantastic opportunity here with this campaign.
You can go out.
You can beat the pollsters.
You can beat the commentators.
You can beat Washington.
Mr. Farage, you just recently resigned as the head of UKIP, still in the EU Parliament.
Talk about a David versus Goliath story.
This is epic.
Well, it is.
I think the point about Brexit, Alex, is Brexit is the first victory against this phenomenon of the big banks, the big businesses, effectively owning politics.
Literally willfully destroying nation-state democracy.
Getting rid of that thing that our forebears actually fought and shed their blood to create and to preserve our liberties, our freedoms.
All of that being taken away and suddenly, suddenly in a referendum that no one said we could win.
I mean literally nobody thought Brexit would succeed and we've done it.
Hillary represents
Everything that has gone wrong in our lives in the last couple of decades.
She is part, you know, of that class of people who have taken us into an endless series of foreign wars that I think arguably have made things worse, certainly in Libya and elsewhere, not better.
She is part of that phenomenon.
Where all that seems to matter now is corporatism.
You know, the big global companies who want to set the rule books to effectively put out of business small and medium-sized competitors, they have destroyed, you know, what I believe to be proper free market capitalism, where your eye can go and set up a company, you know, and have a real chance of succeeding.
And they've presided over a period where the rich have got richer and where ordinary, decent, working people have seen their living standards deteriorate.
She represents failure.
And she, of course, is completely unreconciled to the vote on Brexit.
Because Hillary loves the European Union.
I think she sees the European Union as a prototype for an even bigger form of world government.
But let me make it clear.
If you want nothing to change at all, if you want to continue with the kind of cronyism that we see with the Clinton Foundation and everything else, if you want things to stay the same, you vote for Hillary.
I wouldn't vote for Hillary if she paid me, and I feel pretty strongly about that.
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Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live.
Thank you so much for joining me.
I want to finish up with these clips with the latest folks confronting the Clintons over their history of sexual crime, sexual abuse, and Hillary being the beard to play the part of the woman to go after the women that Bill has accused, including physically attacking them.
Threatening them, women that Clinton's gotten pregnant, physically attacking the baby, trying to cause the woman to have a miscarriage.
These witnesses, these articles are all on InfoWars.com, Breitbart.com.
It's all coming out.
But I covered this stuff all 20 years ago.
This is well known.
We've got big surprises this week with in-studio guests all throughout next week.
So believe me when I tell you, you do not want to miss next week's
Monday through Friday broadcast, because the biggest breaking news for this republic you've ever seen in our bombshell after bombshell broadcast this week is looking to be the creme de la creme, the coup de gras, the final blow.
This is big.
To say I'm on pins and needles is an understatement.
I eat sleep, dream, you name it, what's happening?
Now let's go back to the clip I was just playing of just yesterday.
There's a new clip today.
Protesters taunt Bill Clinton at Milwaukee rally.
And the full 30 minute rally is up there.
He starts talking about one thing we do know is, and two different gentlemen, they both look like veterans, start shouting out, and they've got Bill Clinton rape shirts, that Bill Clinton's a rapist and he has settled sexual assault cases.
Now again, Trump wouldn't go here.
He did like three months ago on Hannity.
You wouldn't go here when Hitler was like, you once called a beauty pageant person Miss Piggy.
Oh my gosh!
Okay, you funded jihadis to take over worldwide and sexually mutilate women and kill hundreds of thousands of Christians.
You know, General Flynn, the head of Defense Intelligence, exposed you!
I mean, it's like, you once, you know, yelled at your child.
Trump's like, okay, he wants barbecued children.
I mean, it's totally different worlds.
There's a graphic on Infowars.com we should show at the bottom, and everybody's saying it's the best ever.
And it shows three big mountains in the background.
One, Hillary Clinton email scandal is a giant mountain.
Another snow top mountain is Clinton Foundation scandal.
Another snow top mountain is Hillary Benghazi scandal.
And it shows the Washington Post, owned by Bezos and run by Obama basically, Washington Post reporters, about 15 of them, with a magnifying glass looking at a mole hill, like a fire ant hill.
I mean, I'm sorry, I don't like hearing Trump.
It sounds a little punkish, but we all know guys, most guys do that.
They're in the locker room, somebody brings up sex to them.
Oh, you see this hot lady?
Oh yeah, man, she's so hot.
Yeah, boy, I'd really like to get her.
I mean, everybody knows the real womanizers just keep their mouth shut.
But the point is, is that it's no big deal.
I mean, I want to think of Trump better as that, better than that.
And this was 11 years ago.
He says he's grown on the campaign trail.
And I've talked to folks that know Trump.
I've talked to Trump, as you know, quite a bit.
I've talked to other people.
I'll just leave it at that.
Involve with Trump.
And he's really got concerned about the New World Order.
Trump really knows about globalism and how the U.S.
is being screwed over.
Twenty-five years ago, he gave money to try to defeat NAFTA and GATT.
He wrote big op-eds, paid to put them in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.
I mean, we're talking hundreds of thousands of dollars.
He really doesn't like seeing the country get screwed.
He's a great guy.
He's got the establishment scared of him.
But that's a New York thing.
I mean, I don't want to say he's like Wiener.
I mean, Wiener's 50 times worse, but you want to stereotype New Yorkers?
I mean, I've been to New York a lot.
They're great people.
They're full of hospitality.
You think New Yorkers don't have hospitality, but if they like it, they're full of hospitality.
Buying you dinner, taking you here, giving you a great apartment to stay in, giving you tickets to a great play or, you know, to the Mets or the Yankees.
And it's exactly like that.
Oh, this girl, I like her, boy, she's great!
I mean, that's what Yankees do.
It's very Yankee.
And I love Yankees.
I mean, we want somebody that's got bravado, somebody that's gonna get in the face of the globalists, somebody that's bigger than life.
And I'm sorry, John Wayne was a womanizer.
I'm sorry.
You know who else was a womanizer?
Pretty much everybody that's an alpha male, okay?
I mean, it goes with the territory.
And I'm not forgiving.
But no one has ever accused him of pedophilia.
No one has ever accused him of underage women.
And you look at Trump, and I know folks that know him, because we knew this attack was coming months ago, Trump likes big, aggressive, Amazon, beyond Marilyn Monroe.
I mean, let me tell you, you start getting into six foot one women, that's a little much for me.
Full, you know, 35, 40-year-old boom, vava boom.
I mean, I know what men are like that like real women.
I'm one of them.
I like the whole nine yards.
Trump goes beyond that.
To women that are almost so female, they're scary.
He ain't into women.
I mean, he's into little girls.
He's into women.
And the whole point is, is that he's not into your average woman.
He wants the Amazon.
A whole different spectrum from what creepy people like Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton's best buddy who founded the Clinton Foundation is.
So we're going to play these clips and I'm going to start getting in to the Democratic Party dossier dump that we have.
This is huge, it's important, and nine times out of ten our big scoops end up hitting pay dirt.
There's been a few times I've been chumped.
And I talked to the people involved.
He said it.
I mean, WikiLeaks has never not paid off.
They've never not done what they say they do.
And he said, I'm going to release information that will get her indicted in the next two weeks.
A month later, he hadn't done it.
And he says, OK, in two weeks.
Two weeks later, he hadn't done it.
Then a week later, he says, I'll release it Wednesday.
Then he said, I've gotten death threats for security concerns.
I'm canceling it.
Then he announces, now I'm going a day early on Tuesday via Skype to some German group.
And I know people that talk to Assange.
I've seen copies of the emails, OK?
And he said, yes, I'm releasing it.
Then he got threatened.
They promised him some deal.
They backed off the deal.
They're playing games with him, folks, stalling, until they drop their payload on Trump.
And they've now done it.
And now it doesn't matter what WikiLeaks puts out, does it?
Because they've already launched their big attack.
And sure enough, they put out their stuff Friday, same day, same day that they put out all this Trump sex baloney.
You know what, Gate?
Pussycat, Gate.
And all of this goes on, all of this unfolds, all of this happens.
And they release some stuff with her at corporations, stuff we already knew.
She's for NAFTA, she's for GATT, she's for the TPP, she said she wrote part of the TPP.
Now they say 100,000 more are coming, let's see.
I'm tired of being dangled along here.
We're 29 days out, they got Trump hanging out there on, you know, flapping in the wind.
I'm going to come back and give you the big data dump, but right now let's go to protesters taunting Bill Clinton at Milwaukee Rally.
Here it is.
Nobody can dispute the fact that you're a rapist.
Bill Clinton is a rapist!
Thank you.
Thank you.
Don't worry about it.
Holding up the PDFs of the rape?
These are great patriots.
These guys are great patriots.
Yeah, those guys are getting $5,000.
Yeah, I'm paying $5,000 per person that does it.
$1,000 if you just get the sign on TV for five seconds.
Those are great patriots.
We're already up about $25,000.
So we got another 75,000 we can give out and then my budget's gone.
Give back good.
Give back good.
Oh, give back good.
Be loving to them.
And when they throw you out, he says, oh, you don't want to be part of the conversation.
He kills 97% of the money from the Haitian refugees when they bomb Belgrade, back jihadis.
He's loving.
He's Bill Clinton.
He cares about you.
Hillary Clinton doesn't even give people tips, folks.
This is how monstrous she is.
We are going to go to break now.
We have another clip of another lady in St.
Louis, side of the debate coming up in 3 hours and 15 minutes.
She got on TV shouting, Bill Clinton's a rapist with a shirt.
But before I get to that, I have to come back and give you
The Democratic Party attack plan data dump from our Democratic Party high-level source that's worried about World War III is why we were given this information.
Let me tell you, Hillary Clinton wants World War III.
She is a psychotic demon.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Alex Jones.
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And you can also tell folks who are going to be watching the debate mainstream, we've licensed to carry the debate ourselves, we're going to have live feeds of it tonight.
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Our reporters we've got popping in later from St.
Before and after the debate tonight, they're going to be there covering it live.
Our crew around the world, from the United Kingdom to California, that is the true independent media organization that we are setting up here.
And then launching operations with citizen activists to expose the rape history and settling rape cases that Bill Clinton has.
People are like, man, you got big huevos.
You know what?
It takes bigger huevos to let these criminals run things and start wars with other countries.
My very gut, my spirit tells me I've got to fight as hard as I can or the chips fall.
That's just up to God.
I put my self into God's hands.
I commit my soul to God and I know full well what I'm doing.
I'm not going to let them snatch my victory.
Whatever happens, I did the right thing.
People keep telling me, you know the Clintons kill people, you know they're really dangerous, you know though.
They've already come after me before, folks.
I'm committed.
Just recognize it for what it is.
I'm not trying to act like Mr. Tough Guy here.
I'm actually an introverted person in private.
But I've got to get on the field, I've got to fight these people, and I'm doing it.
So it's done.
The dice cast.
I'm going 110%.
Forget the maneuvers, I'm going straight at them.
That's when Providence kicks in, in my experience.
I'll start covering it now with a basic summation, a basic boil down, and then I'll go through it all and then sum it all up.
But how do you begin?
Where do you start?
Let's start at the beginning.
And I'll give you the entire attack plan the Democrats have the next 29 days till the historic election in this epic countdown that we are all witnessing.
Before I get into their data dump and what they're about to launch tomorrow and the next day, let me just remind you we're giving this information because even high-level Democrats are concerned about Hillary and her mental illness, her tantrums, her convulsions.
It's like the Secret Service told us he was falling down as he has a black van with special rising systems a month before it was in the news.
This isn't from the Secret Service, this is from a high-level Democrat.
And it's because they're really concerned that Hillary is a megalomaniac who's going to kill everybody with World War III.
And everybody in their gut is on edge, folks.
Now let me give you background first, why they're doing this.
What are the Clintons' Achilles heel?
Being espionage agents, selling out the country.
Yeah, but folks know about that.
Lying about emails.
Okay, but we know about that.
They want to make it all about how women love Hillary.
She represents the women and builds this angel and our first black president and all this other bull.
So let's go back to the New York Post.
The sex slave scandal that exposed pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.
That's one article.
There's thousands.
Fox News.
Flight logs show Bill Clinton flew on sex offenders jet, much more than previously known.
And they don't normally, on one of these big private jets, make you log through Homeland Security or other governments, but when they did, it was 16 different occasions.
That's total flights.
Bill Clinton took twice as many flights on pedophile island billionaires Lolita Express than previously reported.
Remember Lolita is a book about a man's love affair with a 13-year-old girl.
He founded the Clinton Foundation, the huge money laundering operation, but guilty to one charge of pedophilia, but all the rest of it got shut down.
The madam that ran it all for him, they all got immunity, just like the FBI just did for Hillary and her people on the emails.
Bill Clinton ditched Secret Service on multiple Lolita Express flights.
Wonder why he did that.
I did not have sex with those 10-year-old girls.
Bill Clinton was frequent flyer on pedophile private jet Lolita Express.
Washington Post.
The billionaire pedophile who could bring down Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
Oh, the Daily Beast.
Now, this was all over a year ago, I just covered.
Now we start seeing this, because Donald Trump, two miles from his club, was invited to a party, gets there, there's like underage girls jumping around a pool, he thinks it's weird.
Heard about this over two years ago, he leaves.
That's all they've got.
But they mix it all in together, okay?
That's Daily Beast.
What is it?
All right, here's Daily Mail.
The cozy relationship between billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton, who flew in the pedophile's private jet and once praised his insights and generosity, detailed in a new book by James Patterson.
The shameful way feds protect convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.
Law news.
Now, they basically covered it all up.
It's like we just saw for the Clintons.
Okay, so we have that information.
We know Trump likes six-foot-one supermodels that are 30 years old.
That's his type.
That's what he goes after.
You got the Clinton settling rape cases, Hillary covering up for pedophile cases.
This is all on record.
It's going to come up in the debate tonight of Trump counterpunches.
That's what I've been told.
And again, Roger Stone joins us later.
He's not part of this data dump.
When Roger Stone joins us later, he reportedly, and he's been right 15 times out of 16.
He's been wrong once.
On the whole WikiLeaks thing, that's because, admittedly, Saanich backed off.
You're going to get what he's been told she's planning to do in the debate.
In fact, we were questioning, do we just let this go forward?
Announce it as the debate begins?
So we can prove we have the inside scoop?
Or do we say it an hour before so Hillary gets cold feet and doesn't use this?
Because believe me, they're watching.
You've heard her attack his Media Matters room at the White House, right wing watch room at the White House in Toros.
I mean, they watch every minute of what we do.
They have books commissioned about us that are out.
I mean, it is redonkulous.
So we've got all that going on.
Now, let me tell you what's coming up as soon as we come back in the next segment.
I have, this isn't breaking until tomorrow.
I have the lawsuits filed against Donald Trump, claiming with Mr. Epstein that they double-teamed little kids.
Now Epstein's already been given basically immunity after his little slap on the wrist.
So has the rest of his crew.
Now they've been given their deal by the FBI.
Now they can say anything they want, including that they saw Donald Trump raping Easter bunnies
Santa Claus, Mother Teresa, they saw him slitting babies' throats, they saw him sacrificing babies, they saw him... But what they say is, double-teaming little kids.
Sorry to talk about stuff like this on a family show, but this is what's going on.
And we have what they're planning, who they're going to release it, how it's going to unfold, who's involved, everything.
I was told this by another source a couple weeks ago, because these people talk.
There's leaks everywhere, but I was given the data dump
Because people are so scared.
And they said, listen, all we care about is World War III.
And people are really going, man, why do we fund jihadis to kill Christians?
I mean, there are a lot of good Democrats, good liberals out there who are really, really upset.
So judge sets date for hearing of lawsuits, Donald Trump of underage rape.
See, seven hours ago.
I told you yesterday, that's the only independent.
I told you yesterday, in the early afternoon, 20-something hours before that broke.
See, I didn't even know that broke.
I told you, raping children, and now the... See?
You just heard.
A judge came in on the weekend and set the date.
This is breaking as I speak.
And we're forcing their timetable on all of this right now.
Hell, we even had Roger Stone on a year ago talking about this and said it was coming.
We gotta find that clip.
That really documents it all when he brought all this up.
And then I have these other sources, and they're just totally freaked out because they know it's totally made up.
And so get ready, they primed the pump with Howard Stern clips and him joking around on the bus, just jock talk.
I don't think it sticks really good, but give me a break, it's nothing compared to what Clinton does, actually raping people, and now it primes the pump for this.
Ladies and gentlemen, this Sunday is the biggest presidential debate in United States history, and Infowars.com slash show will have complete coverage for you, starting at four o'clock central with the Alex Jones Show, and then rolling right through the entire debate, even afterwards taking your phone calls.
Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump, round two, from St.
Louis, Missouri, Washington University.
This is the most anticipated debate
And we're going to have complete coverage for you at InfoWars.com slash show and also the new InfoWars live app.
We're going to have boots on the ground and we're going to have the entire InfoWars crew in studio covering the debate, breaking down the things that the two candidates say in live time.
Are you going to be stuck at home watching football or are you going to be engaged in the InfoWars?
InfoWars.com slash show, InfoWars live app.
Complete coverage of the presidential debate, round two, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
And we have several of the valiant Americans that have gone out to Clintonista events with Bill Clinton, Adam, you name it, Tim Kaine, and confronted Bill Clinton on his sexual crimes.
One of those gentlemen is joining us coming up in the next segment.
I'll continue with all this news as well.
We're going to have coverage of the debate coming up tonight, coming up in three hours, right through the debate, after the debate.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
A lot of TV and radio stations are obviously going to extend coverage and continue carrying broadcasts in about an hour.
I'm going to go into the other studio for hosting from the big TV studio with my co-host and other guests.
But understand, it is my duty to expose the Clintons and their narcotics trafficking.
They're selling us out to foreign powers.
They are international criminals like James Bond villains.
So we just joined us, I exposed Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein and the FBI covering up and slapping him on the wrist and Bill Clinton flying to the pedophile island.
But now, after Epstein's been cut out of this and given diplomatic immunity basically by the globalists, by the FBI, document cam for TV viewers please, we have the United States District Court, Southern District of New York, they waited until right before, 29 days out,
They're gonna launch this tomorrow with 20 days out, 28 days out, show that it'll never get to court by then and of course get thrown out.
Now they launched a few of these with fake names in Houston and other things eight and ten months ago to be able to give plausible deniability to the media and authors to write books about the fake filings to give it cover.
That's why the Jesse Ventura ruling was so important when he was found to have been slandered and libeled.
But then the courts reversed it and said, well, you're not allowed to get unjust enrichment.
So yeah, a quarter million has to be paid, but no damages.
So you can tell a lie that gives you the presidency, but only pay a quarter million, not 50 million.
Or 30 million.
Or 10 million.
And all the big media signed on to this, because folks, this is how dirty they are now.
So you have to understand, you can't trust them.
And they allege, under the name Jane Doe.
So Jane Doe can say, again, that they caught me raping a baby xenomorph.
A xenomorph is the alien from the movie Alien.
It's not true, but whatever.
So now Jane Doe has come out and said that they were raped 22 years ago.
Yes, you heard me.
In 1994.
And magically, it was a girl in a bus station
With the madam, who's already been given immunity, and then she told some other woman about it.
A madam, given immunity by the FBI, who reportedly is supplying Epstein with all this stuff.
A person supplying underage girls to Epstein, who's now pled guilty, so they all been given a deal, and then told some woman 20 years ago.
That's really bombshell, isn't it?
So they bring out his dirty talk, talking about a married woman or whatever, not good, not seemly, we know we're not going for a Boy Scout here, we never said he was, he's been honest.
We got that going on.
And now on the heels of this, boom, the lawsuit's filed, and then boom, the judge just today, I didn't know they worked on the weekend, but notice it's breaking today, it was supposed to break tomorrow, but I broke it yesterday, so now the normal papers that put it out today, it's now coming out, that's the 24 hours after I told you,
Wish I had jumped on this even earlier.
I knew about it earlier, but I wanted all the documents.
Declaration to support a plaintiff's record.
This is Jan Doe.
The reported madam, the supplier.
You're supposed to believe her.
She got the girl 22 years ago at a bus stop for Epstein and Trump, the double teamer.
If you believe that, I got a rocket I'm gonna sell you.
But another one.
A declaration to support a plaintiff's claim.
Tiffany Doe.
Some woman says she supposedly told her that.
So she corroborates 22 years ago, this happened.
We've got them all signed, look!
Joan Doe signed it!
I mean, you might as well have Keebler Elf signing this thing.
This is amazing.
I'm gonna show folks as we go out to break.
This shot right here, we got Joan Doe.
Ladies and gentlemen, this Sunday is the biggest presidential debate in United States history, and Infowars.com slash show will have complete coverage for you, starting at four o'clock central with the Alex Jones Show, and then rolling right through the entire debate, even afterwards taking your phone calls.
Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump, round two, from St.
Louis, Missouri, Washington University.
This is the most anticipated debate
And we're going to have complete coverage for you at InfoWars.com slash show and also the new InfoWars live app.
We're going to have boots on the ground and we're going to have the entire InfoWars crew in studio covering the debate, breaking down the things that the two candidates say in live time.
Are you going to be stuck at home watching football or are you going to be engaged in the InfoWars?
InfoWars.com slash show, InfoWars live app, complete coverage of the presidential debate.
Round two, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
You know, we played the clip before, but I've had multiple MSNBC hosts say, quote, Alex Jones is deeply racist and influenced the Boston Bombers.
We even have a promo where we play that clip and they didn't show where I influence the Boston Bombers or where I'm deeply racist.
So I've experienced this stuff where they make stuff up about you.
So we now have Donald J. Trump and Jeffrey E. Epstein being listed in the Southern District of New York by a Jane Doe and a Tiffany Doe and look, a Joan Doe
All these does saying 22 years ago at a bus stop, an underage girl was picked up and taken by the madam who now swears this out against Trump, who's already pled guilty.
We think this is the same madam.
We're not sure, but this is their witness.
But we know there was a madam earlier with Epstein who did, but then got let off and was given immunity with another person she talked to about it later.
And there's Donald Trump.
Going after.
This is incredible.
Double-teaming, supposedly.
This is how they brought down the Vatican and installed the new Pope that wants world government and carbon taxes.
This is how they take down all these institutions just with sex scandals.
You have Clinton settling rape cases.
You have Clinton 16 times flying on the Lolita Express with Epstein.
You have his FBI, his government, protecting him and giving him a slap on the wrist, as well as the madam and others.
You have all of this unfolding, and now you've got a bunch of secret people announcing this.
You have the Clintons committing all these crimes, overthrowing countries, funding radical jihadistical Christians.
You have all of this going on 24-7.
And we knew they were coming up with a big October surprise, and we knew that the weakness of the Clintons was the sexual abuse and the reported pedophilia.
And I'm about to give the final information and get to our next guest.
And when Roger Stone joins us, separate from the Democratic Party insider, we're going to have what's supposedly coming up in the debate tonight.
We'll see if this happens, but according to a source that's high level.
But understand, they're going to release
More supposed dirty talk of Trump when all these scumbags are totally dishonest recording.
I mean, I love how the reporter who recorded him said, I'm sorry I didn't release this myself.
I apologize.
You're sitting there with some guy on a bus asking about girls.
He's talking about this really hot lady he saw.
And then this is the big evil.
Where they make being a male evil.
I mean, I don't talk like that.
But the point is, I don't know, over the years, I guess the people recorded me every time they were around me.
I might have shot my mouth off or made some jokes or said things.
I mean, occasionally you're not yourself.
But what Trump said is he said, listen, I've changed on this campaign.
I've never lied about the fact that I'm not perfect and love women.
It's not like we're trying to elect Mother Teresa here.
We know Bill Clinton rapes women.
It's come out.
We know he lies to us.
We know he bombs aspirin factories in Sudan to cover it up.
We know they're sold out to foreign entrants.
We know they're sold out to the Communist Chinese.
We know the whole power structure that we claim we don't want is against Trump.
Because they know he never has played ball with them.
Never once been on Jeffrey Epstein's plane.
None of it.
So let's go through the rest of the articles.
We have all these anonymous people, three of them coming out.
But we've even got the Associated Press, Donald Trump, pedo lawsuit, refiled, accusing presidential candidate of raping girl 13 at 1994 party.
Now, they filed one under another girl's name that was fake in Houston, again, what was it, 9-10 months ago.
That's to be able to start writing the book so you don't get sued.
Oh, I got it!
No Jane Doe lawsuit!
They got a book being published tomorrow.
Just watch.
Claiming all this, just perfectly all lined up.
Here's another one.
It smacks of a political smear job, ex-Trump aide tears apart rape lawsuit.
That's out of Radar Online.
Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein created Clinton Foundation.
Big article on that.
Everybody should go look that up.
It's a fact.
Daily Mail.
It is a fact.
This is the Clinton Kingpin.
It doesn't matter.
The guy that created the thing has been convicted pedophile.
Let's blame Donald Trump, because they knew that Trump was going to bring this up.
And then somehow Trump got convinced not to bring it up earlier.
He was advised to in the last debate, and he just... His daughter talked to Chelsea, and Hillary promised to be nice if he would, and she betrayed him.
And I don't know why Trump did that.
He got induced by the New York folks to be nice and don't go there, and she set him up
You gotta go after them first!
They're on the planes!
They settle the cases!
Everybody knows they're liars!
Everybody knows he's a pervert!
And you waited to try to be a nice guy!
And then a really scary article out of the Freebacon.
The Clintons and the Sultan have a history.
The Clintons and the Sultan of Brunei have a history.
And then it just goes into his whole background and Clinton flying there on the pedophile plane to meet for days, get $2 million checks.
I mean, this guy reportedly has a harem of little boys and girls, and the Saudis do too.
But that's okay that Hillary gets $100 million from the Saudis.
It's okay that she finances all this and hangs out with Jay-Z and folks that, you know, brag about orgies and everything, and Kanye and whoever else these people are.
It's okay!
But see, Trump!
He shot his mouth off about loving women.
If Jeffrey Epstein's non-prosecution agreement is overturned, Clinton ties to teen sex scandal could be exposed.
Well don't worry, just pin it on Donald Trump and then make sure the puppet Hillary gets in and the elite will have a blackmailed minion who has nothing to lose, who's mentally ill, who's totally sick, they gotta roll around, who will do anything.
You'll put a queen in who will follow your orders.
To do anything, ladies and gentlemen.
Think about that.
So that's where we stand.
The plan is to smear him with pedophilia when the Clintons are the ones on the airplane and the ones going to the known reported pedophile Sultan.
And that's their plan.
And we have a 90-minute debate coming up from St.
Louis in two hours and 45 minutes.
And we're going to be here right through it, live covering it.
InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Share that link to friends, family, neighbors, so people online can watch it.
They can watch it on their smart TV, their TiVo, their Boxy, their Roku, or InfoWars.com forward slash app for the new free app that has video, audio, radio mode, and a lot of new functions about to get added in the next few weeks.
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I'm going to go to break.
He's waiting in the wings.
He was the slickest of them all when MSNBC came out to him a few days ago and said, boy, you heard the Trump rally, and he laid out the facts about Hillary Clinton.
Talked to this gentleman straight ahead, then Roger Stone's coming on with his inside scoop, and he's been right, I'd say, 15 out of 16 times, more like 20 out of one time.
You know, he was told this by the WikiLeaks folks, and WikiLeaks said, we're going to get her indicted, we're about to release it, they strung everybody along, and they didn't do it.
Report was they got threats, and I said, okay, they'll probably release Milk Toast, and they did release Milk Toast on Friday.
We know she's already wants globalism and North American Union.
We already know she wants open borders.
We already know she helped wrap the TPP, but it's all in her emails now.
It's all in orders to come out, but it's not the stuff that will get her indicted, we were promised.
So we're going to continue to dig through all this.
The real activism is getting to people, friends and family that are on the fence, that don't know what's happening.
Because Hillary is probably still going to lose.
They've got big polls out, the LA Times, they've got Gallup polls out, showing Trump lost about half a point the last three days on this, if you believe it.
People pretty much decided who they're going to vote for.
And Trump's ahead in most battleground states, but they want to have the perception he lost or make him step down or make him go away.
All the Republicans that tried to get him to step down during the primaries and they said, oh, your vote doesn't count and all that, that didn't fly.
Their constituents were so mad, they had to play possum and claim they were for Trump.
Now they're going to use this excuse, just like the Bushes saying they're going to vote for Hillary, to say, see, we told you so.
Glenn Beck was told when he went to the Facebook meeting.
We're going to shut down talk radio in 2017.
We're going to shut down Vat Drudge, Infowars, Breitbart.
Hillary's now said the alt-media doesn't have a right to exist.
And so he thinks it won't matter if he's a pariah with conservatives because he'll be the only conservative left.
He'll be like, you know, they left two or three Jews alone in Nazi Germany to still be on radio and in films to make everybody think everything was okay.
Same thing, he thinks, hell, if this is how I get my monopoly, they're going to arrest Alex Jones and Matt Drudge and Russell Embaugh or shut them down.
They already had a coup at Fox.
I mean, you know, Megyn Kelly, all of them sold out to Judas.
We're going to come back with our guest, straight ahead, Peter Miller.
Powerful information confronting the Clintons.
I was raised a Democrat.
See, I didn't know your story, but I think for all of us that's humanizing it, how you get to the point of this powerful speech that goes worldwide and wakes up so many people, I just knew it would be very interesting.
So when Trump talks about the lies that the Democrat Party has told, and the failed policies, both in economics, education, and crime,
Your heart should be stirred with passion and strength to do something about it!
I'm from Louisiana originally.
I consider myself a person who, I evacuated from Katrina.
I was in a guard at the time, so I had to evacuate and I had to run back actually.
I was called up to serve.
So I did a month in search and rescue and three months of ICU.
And that's where my conversion starts.
I was taking a Blackhawk trip, and as I was taking the Blackhawk trip, we were actually looking for movement.
That was our goal.
We had to look for a new life.
And just devastation upon devastation.
I remember looking at the east side of New Orleans, and it was all gray, Alex.
Everything was gray.
So we gave up looking for life.
We got to the Riverwalk.
And I saw the pilot starting to cry.
And I looked down, and it's nothing but men and women who look just like me.
And that's when I knew we had believed a lie.
The government cannot take care of you.
It was droves of African Americans with their hands up in America looking for someone to be dropped down.
I don't know the story, but let me guess, what color was the pilot?
White, that was a shocking moment for me.
And the amazing thing is that we circled back around to the east side later on that day because we had to only do footwork as well as air.
So we went through the homes, making the marks on the walls and whatnot.
In the rubbish of a house, I found a book called Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington.
At night, I would read that book.
And it changed my life.
Booker T. Washington was a entrepreneur.
He was an education advocate.
He started his own university.
It would be no Tuskegee Airmen if it wasn't for this guy.
It would be no Tuskegee University if it wasn't for this guy.
Slavery has returned!
And she is more vicious than ever before!
Because this time she is colorblind.
31% of white Americans.
We're fair recipients.
And that was my conversion.
Between that experience, Katrina, obviously, and the book, seeing a black man who was unapologetic for being a Republican changed my entire life.
My whole view of how I needed to advance my life.
I would have never had the opportunity to be able to give a speech at a Trump rally to ignite fire in millions of people.
But more importantly, I'm on a show that touches millions because of you.
And we have a common heart.
Well, that's what Trump does, whether it's myself or you, he gives a voice to other people that have important information, and then he's helping magnify a whole new group of people to truly create real diversity of ideas and thought.
The top Democrat states in America are led by white liberals.
For them, the blacks are the slaves that offer them the votes they need in order to stay in office.
The sad thing is that African-Americans in those areas don't see the importance and the power of their vote.
No one party should have a monopoly over the black vote.
People want it, they need to earn it.
The Democrat Party wants to corral African-Americans and minorities into one area so they can control them.
And the African-Americans have given their vote over to Democrats and they've lost their power.
Let's talk about Trump.
We're going to break in a minute, but what's your, like, in-person meeting, what's your impression?
He's just like you, truly.
He's a guy who says what he thinks and gives it to you straight, no chaser.
You gotta appreciate a man like that.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, InfoWars is on the offense.
We know that Bill Clinton has settled many rape cases.
That's on record.
We know there's a whole flotilla of women saying he brutally raped them and witnesses.
And now they're going to counter the Clinton's biggest weakness with having the person the feds control, who pled guilty, who they let off for almost nothing like a year in jail for sex slavery, flying little kids to an island with Bill Clinton reportedly, sultans, you name it.
By having, basically, Epstein come out and say he raped kids with Trump.
That's their October surprise.
It shows what these criminals will do.
There is no end to it.
And if the public is dumb enough to believe a convicted pedophile that flies around with Bill Clinton on a plane and believe the Clintons, I didn't have sex with that woman, it was a kid, then you will believe anything.
And Roger Stone's coming up to talk about this and a lot more in the next segment.
But Peter Miller is taking action.
He was in Colorado a few days ago.
There have now been 14 people
Get on national TV, confront Bill Clinton, Hillary's had to stop her events because of it, Or Health, events that Tim Kaine's at, it is really freaking him out.
But also, live TV, Fox News, MSNBC, Matt Lauer, it's all happening.
Fourteen I know of, putting the meme out there that no, it's not about cheating on his wife, like they're claiming Trump's done, or talking about women.
That's a red-blooded American right there.
Sorry, that's just how it is.
And that's not a crime.
I'm not saying it's a good thing.
But they're trying to change the subject onto Trump right now, and it's ridiculous.
You should just call her out and go, big deal, I called a beauty contestant fat because she got big and wouldn't go out and do her job.
I cut her contract, just like if a football player can't perform.
And big deal, I should have done that.
What the hell are you doing recording me in secret?
That's the bigger issue.
You're the one enabling a raper and funding jihadis worldwide.
Now, Peter Miller is incredible.
I saw him on his big Ask Me Anything Reddit, reddit.com forward slash r forward slash v underscore Donald.
And he'll be with us a little bit in the next segment.
Roger Stone's coming on as well.
I want to invite him back up for a full 30 minutes later in the week because we're so limited on time tonight with all this breaking news.
We have the other guy who was in Nevada and like for two minutes is screaming a rapist on ABC National News.
These are great patriots who I want to probably try to hire as auxiliary reporters.
But Peter Miller, here he is, just real quick, real clean on MSNBC, the most slick of all of them.
Probably the way it should be done.
And then we've got Donald inviting him up a few days ago on stage, showing he knows what a great job these folks are doing with our initiative.
Here it is.
Or maybe he didn't perform very well in some of his business endeavors.
But I think one of the kind of the things that we really need to be looking at in this debate is that Bill Clinton is a rapist.
Bill Clinton's a rapist.
Bill Clinton is a rapist.
Bill Clinton's a rapist.
So he knew that he had a minute?
That's how he wanted to use his time?
So let's go ahead now.
This is a chain reaction, folks.
A chain reaction all over the country, all over the world.
We're not stopping.
Mainstream media wants to cover up the rape, send protesters to Trump events.
We're sending patriots to their events and Trump events as well to expose this.
Culture jamming.
So Peter Miller, here's one more clip of Trump inviting him up on stage a few days later to recognize what he did.
Boy, that was a hard hug.
He's a strong guy, I want to tell you that.
I'm gonna cut my right arm off.
I mean, just everything about me tells me he's good.
His history, the fact that the elites hate him, never flew on the plane, went to one Epstein party, buys golf cars, was there like 15 minutes.
We talked about that a year ago.
We said this was coming.
And then they blame him for pedophilia and have Jane Doe's file a deal.
This is so big, folks.
This is so dirty.
Just like they say, he never was against the Iraq War.
We have six clips, three the year of it, three right before it saying, don't do it, it's a bad idea.
The media says, no, you don't.
Lester Holt says, no, you don't.
Peter Miller, thank you so much, my friend.
Wow, it's crazy.
Talk about what you did, what other folks are doing, the Shane reaction, and the behind-the-scenes that got you invited up on stage with Trump.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, great to be here.
Just want to say thank you again for having me on.
Thank you for plugging The Donald.
Just a quick thing, too.
I wanted to plug rsbn.tv.
They're the good guys who go out and film all of Donald's rallies.
Absolutely, and the right-side broadcasting.
Yep, Right Side Broadcasting.
They're true patriots out there.
They're a great media outlet.
Love the work they do.
It's how I can follow Donald from home wherever I go.
It's really great to be able to see him up there in front of tens of thousands of people, telling how we're going to put our foot down on the necks of globalism.
Talk about... I mean, you did it very smoothly, very slickly.
Some of these are hardcore.
I mean, this is getting wild.
How big do you think this will get with folks saying Bill Clinton's a rapist?
Oh, I think it gets huge.
I think it will, you know, once your stockpile of cash dries up, I think the message will still be out there.
I think after a certain point, people have to recognize we're not doing it for the money.
We're doing it to spread the truth.
And that's what the most important thing is.
You know, they try to slander Donald.
He says this, he says that.
But you know what?
At the end of the day, Bill Clinton is the guy who did it.
What do you make of this inversion of reality?
No history, no claims in
Forty-something years as an adult of rape, and now the very people Clinton works with that founded his foundation that he flies around on the rape plane with, they're having Jane Doe say it's Trump raping kids.
It's bogus.
It's bogus.
I've heard these allegations for so long.
If you go back and you see the records, Bill Clinton's what, flown 20-some odd times?
It was 16, you're right, it's 20.
I'm sorry, it's now 24.
No, it was 16, then 20, then it's 24.
You're right, it's 24.
Going all the way out there to, you know, to Rape Island, Pedophile Island, whatever you want to call it.
He does his three hour tour.
He gets his jollies off.
And yet at the end of the day, here we are talking about Donald Trump, some statements he made years ago.
And I just think, you know, once again, it's the mainstream media trying to beat their false
Beat their drum, try to cause a disturbance, try to say things about Donald that he's this, that, or the other.
And even what's even more disturbing is just the conservatives who are really backing off of Donald.
Paul Ryan up in Wisconsin.
Oh, they were forced by constituents to support him.
They've always been double dealers.
Oh yeah, they've been out for Donald from the start.
I mean, they were just looking for one more reason to try to put their foot in the ground.
They're the ones we should get rid of, and no matter what happens to Donald, this is all a sign of the sea change.
You guys are gone.
Look, we're going to throw out the Second Amendment.
We're going to overturn the Supreme Court, all because Donald Trump said he was going to grab her by the pussy.
Is that really the hill that we want to stand and die on?
I mean, that's where we end this conversation.
You know, it's like, he didn't want to sell us out to China, but once, behind, you know, in a locker room talk, he talked about a woman.
I mean, it's a joke, and I'll be honest, I'm hardly ever like that, but every once in a while I get in a mood and I shoot my mouth off and act like a punk, and I kind of feel weird later, but haven't we all done that?
Hey, any one of us with high levels of testosterone has done that.
I can confirm that.
Yeah, I mean, I can't be a hypocrite.
I mean, he sounds like I did when I was 16.
But I mean, I'm not trying to be mean to New Yorkers, but I mean, the talk, that's kind of New York culture, is it not?
I mean, anybody's been in New York a lot?
I mean, that's how the guys talk.
I think it's culture throughout the country.
I think it's... No, I agree, but isn't it worse?
Isn't it worse like in New Jersey and New York?
It might be, it might be.
Mr. Trump, you've got five things to say, ten things to say, and what you do, and by the way, whenever you go on any TV show, listen to me, I know what I'm talking about.
You're going to say what you want to say, irrespective of what they ask you.
And if they don't ask you, you say, you know, it's funny, that reminds me.
And then you go right into it.
He never even talked about immigration.
The thing that brought him to the dance, he never even talked about.
Number two, he's got to understand that he has a plan.
Beat soundly Alex, 16 of the best and the brightest of the Republican Party, coming to senators, governors, including a brain surgeon, an actual brain surgeon.
He didn't go out there slamming Hillary Clinton.
He gave them a vision.
And he talked about basically a couple of things, illegal immigration and the sense of crime and losing.
I would teach Donald Trump like a kata.
We're good to go.
And I want to talk to you, all you millennials, by the way, who were hosed by Bernie Sanders, who aren't necessarily going to vote for Hillary Clinton out of default, but who have been completely abandoned by this corrupt and venal system.
I want to talk to you about this thing called whitewater.
Once upon a time, there was something so big that the governor of Arkansas went to prison and people were indicted.
This makes you talk about Atlantic City, where the city went bankrupt, where we have casinos and revel and wind and this.
You're talking about I have 400 corporations, five went bankrupt.
Let's look at Mitt Romney.
Folks, bankruptcy is not the issue.
Now, when she brings up Trump University, pray to God.
God, she brings it up, say, I'm glad you brought that up.
I want to talk about something called laureate.
When you talk about how he's fat shaming in 90 whatever, some type of a beauty pageant contestant.
I want to talk about sexual predation.
Not Eleftherio, not somebody who's a skirt chaser, not somebody, but somebody who is a sexual predator.
Now, remember, Bill Cosby, when people said, you know, that happened a long time ago.
Who cares?
It doesn't matter.
Yeah, but you know, that was 40 years ago.
It doesn't matter.
Nobody blamed Bill Cosby's wife.
They're looking at Hillary as the innocent spouse.
When you are the Secretary of State and you can't say, give me the money, pay me the money and I'll give you most favored nation status or arms or whatever, you can't do that.
What she did was, I'll tell you what,
Pay the Clinton Foundation.
That's the connection.
That's the nexus.
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We have worked for years with our chemists and scientists to create the most powerful and affordable grape-tasting multivitamin formula available.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
I don't know.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
Now we're about to go to Roger Stone here in about five minutes.
He'll arrive shot in with us a little bit in the next hour.
Normally we tune in on Sunday.
We go 4 to 6 p.m.
The show's over.
We're going well past 10 p.m.
If your station stops covering us in 35, you know, 30 minutes, Infowars.com.
We have an updated app that has video and audio feeds and podcasts and a lot more.
Infowars.com forward slash app and spread the word everybody you know to get real analysis on this debate and real inside baseball.
We're going to Roger Stone in a moment.
Now I have my separate data dump from a Democratic Party high-level person.
This is high level.
I'm going to talk to Stone here in a moment.
I talked to him earlier today and he knew about parts of it, but I'm going to see what he can confirm or what his analysis is.
But he said, I have more separately on the debate tonight.
Now, by bringing this out, it may make Hillary not do it, but this is what he was told they're planning to do.
So we're talking to Roger Stone here in just a moment.
We've got another fellow joining us later in the next hour.
Who also went and stood there in Nevada and screamed for like three minutes, Bill Clinton's a rapist, live on ABC News.
So he's going to be popping up.
But going back to Jeremy...
Who's joining us, Spangle, right now.
Or, excuse me, Peter Miller.
Then Jeremy Spangle's joining us, after Roger Stone.
He's the guy in Nevada.
Peter was in Colorado.
Trump invited him up on stage to add other points.
Because this movement, 14 people now on national TV, many others that didn't get on national TV, are saying, hey, you're accusing Trump of sex stuff.
We knew this was coming.
What about Bill Clinton settling rape cases?
Other points, sir.
Other points you'd like to make, Peter Miller?
Hey, it's Jesse from iVideos back up.
I just wanted to share with you guys the basket of deplorables.
And yes, my name is Peter Miller.
John Miller is my uncle.
These are some of the favorite things we have going out there.
We got you, the madman himself, with all the other madmen.
We got the Pepe.
We love Pepe.
Pepe is a symbol of peace.
Do not take our memes.
We got the Constitution.
We know the liberals hate that.
I hope we put out a trigger warning for all the cunts.
We got the American flag.
I'm getting through this, Alex.
We got some lovely ladies supporting Trump.
We got the Gadsden flag.
And I guess the last thing I want to say before I check out, I know you got big people on, but on November 8th, get out, vote, and grab Lady Liberty by the pussy.
Let's do this, folks.
Let's make America great again.
Thank you.
Well, I'll tell you this.
I'm a little bit...
And I appreciate you joining us.
We'll have you back on, my friend.
I'm a little bit of a Victorian.
I mean, I shouldn't be, but that's how I've been brought up to a certain point.
But, you know, Donald Trump behind the scenes making jokes is nothing compared to Bill Clinton flying around on the Pedophile Express and raping countries, raping our Bill of Rights.
In the latest emails, it has come out that she does plan to use executive order to ban our guns.
That's confirmed.
I haven't even gotten to that.
That's in the statute.
That's confirmed.
So they're coming after our guns, folks.
Oh, that's okay.
I'm going to turn my guns in and kill America and further bankrupt us and go after the bitter clingers because Donald Trump 11 years ago got secretly recorded being baited into talking about locker rooms.
We appreciate you joining us.
Peter Miller, thank you.
All right, folks.
Thank you.
You bet.
Now, joining us is Roger Stone.
He'll probably be popping in tonight after the debate as well.
It's 90 minutes long.
It kicks off at 8 o'clock central.
We have the feed.
So we're going to have before, during, and after analysis.
I believe if Trump doesn't come out of the gates and attack, and really just overturn the money changers tables, and just point out the whole things of Assad, that's what people want.
The mainstream media has a 6% trust rate AP study shows.
I agree with that analysis.
If he doesn't just hit them with everything, he's going to be eaten alive.
We'll get Roger Stone's take on that and a lot more here.
A little bit in the next hour, then we have another one of the Patriots joining us, who's been exposing the Clintons of settled rape cases, and Hillary Clinton covers up for it.
But Roger Stone, first off...
Before we get to your big data dump and your analysis of what you've been told is going to happen tonight.
They could change things.
First off, I don't know if you were able to hear it earlier, but I went over the data dump on the Clintons and the Sultan and the connections to Epstein.
They're in mainstream media and the 20 plus flights, not just 16 now.
And I remember you like a year ago.
We got to find the clip because folks really pay attention to that.
Drudge last week, you know, linked to you, bringing up Danny Williams, you know, six months or no, nine months ago before it was in the news.
Bill Clinton's illegitimate son is saying that was going to be coming up.
You said about the whole Epstein thing, and get ready, they've already failed at filing one fake lawsuit in Houston with fake names.
Now they're going to file others.
So this is unprecedented.
You predicted all of this.
I talked to you this morning at length.
You said you weren't aware of all of it, but you knew it was coming.
Since then, since I broke this yesterday, it's broken in a bunch of newspapers that a judge has now announced a date to hear this.
So this is purely right up against the election when they won't have time to prove it either way.
This is so obvious when the Clintons are the ones that hang out with this guy and he founded their foundation.
I mean, am I barking up the wrong tree here or is this the most naked, sickening, over-the-top, deceptive October surprise in the history of the galaxy?
No, Alex, I think you've got it about right.
I mean, the Clintons know they have massive vulnerability.
Jeffrey Epstein is a billionaire hedge fund manager friend of Bill.
The Palm Beach County, uh, Palm Beach City Police determined that he has raped 33 underage girls between the ages of 13 and 17.
We also know from the FAA records that Bill Clinton has been on Epstein's hedonistic private orgy island in the U.S.
Virgin Islands.
We know that Epstein has given $25,000 to the Clinton Foundation, although of course that doesn't show on their website where they claim they are engaging in full voluntary disclosure.
Grizzlane Maxwell, who is essentially the pimp who goes out and recruits underage girls in bus stations and runaways for Epstein to assault, is given immunity in his prosecution and now works for a non-profit financed by the Clinton Foundation.
She was present every time Bill was on Pido Island.
We know that Epstein, a convicted pedophile, flew Bill Clinton, a suspected pedophile, to Brunei to collect a $2 million check for the Clinton Presidential Library from the Sultan of Brunei, a known pedophile who
Is known to have a harem of both underage boys and girls.
So what we have here is deflection.
The Clintons know this lawsuit will never survive.
They know it'll never even go to trial.
So when people say to me, oh, you're accusing Bill of rape.
What about the rape allegations against Trump?
I say we know who's accused Clinton of rape, Juanita Broderick, and others.
Sexual assault, Paula Jones, where Bill Clinton paid an $850,000 out-of-court settlement.
But those bearing witness against Trump, I would say false witness, they're anonymous.
Jane Doe.
This has no credibility.
If you want to accuse Donald Trump of rape in a legal forum,
Put your name on it if you want to be taken seriously.
Now, I've talked to the lawyers for the plaintiffs in the current pending Epstein case, in which some of the victims are seeking to overturn his slap on the wrist conviction.
And they believe that these women do not exist.
The lawyer who has represented them, at least represented them in Texas,
Uses different names on the phone with different reporters.
Appears to be an entertainment lawyer rather than having any expertise.
Clearly an intelligence operation, a classic cutout with fake names right before the election to be able to create the whole illusion but then have it all fade away after the election.
A total hoax.
An outrageous smear to deflect the Clinton's very real- Let me ask you this, because you said this a year ago, and you said if Trump was to go serious, he would release this, he knew about it all.
And you even predicted they would try to go after him instead, because we already heard rumblings and fake suits that were thrown out with fake names.
Why didn't Trump go with this against him?
It's an excellent question.
I must say, many times I can't explain what the Trump campaign is doing.
The best thing about the Trump campaign is Trump himself.
Stay there.
I'm going to come back to you to talk about this and then your info on what you have been told they're planning to do tonight.
He's Roger Stone.
We sell both of his best-selling books.
Stay with us.
We'll be back.
It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host Alex Jones who claims that 9-11 and the Oklahoma City bombings were inside jobs.
And others who are kind of at the very fringe of the conspiracy movement like Alex Jones are being kind of incorporated into the campaign in ways it's a or even the recent choices of campaign management.
The right-wing smear machine has gotten Alex Jones-ified this election cycle as we've been chronicling here.
Jones is the show which
Conspiracy theorist and creator of the fringe website InfoWars.
Do you also know that Hillary Clinton uses a wheelchair?
Her personal vehicle has had to be outfitted with a wheelchair lift because she is not a person who can actually walk.
She secretly uses a wheelchair all those times you think you've seen her walking.
She hasn't been walking.
Did you know that?
Hillary Clinton has been on the campaign trail for 18 months.
Her energy staggers me.
I have a hard time keeping up with her.
The historical first in electing the first conspiracy freak president.
He's not pivoting for presidential.
He's pivoting to Alex Jones.
He's pivoting to crazy.
Was Hillary wearing an earpiece during last night's presidential forum?
That is the pilot, the captain of America's conspiracy theory mothership, Alex Jones.
You just had to keep digging, didn't you Alex?
The plan was so simple.
All Hillary had to do was open a jar of pickles, and the White House would be all ours.
You're gonna be part of the conspiracy now, you realize that, right?
I'm gonna try and do my best.
Alex Jones is gonna be all over you!
Let's see what happens.
Okay, here we go.
Here it is.
Whoop Blitzer.
Oh no!
Oh, there was a... They're all in on this, on this total conspiracy theory that literally came from InfoWars.
First of all, Hayes, I'll get you for this segment.
It may take years and cost thousands of lives, but I'll get you for this.
I don't know what happens in somebody's mind or how dark their heart must be to say things like that.
The New World Order sends its regards.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on for your mind.
And it matters, because it's not just the Kook Fringe.
It's not just the sort of remunerative conspiracy theory world of that part of the conservative media machine.
It's not even just wacky people who have made their way into Republican politics at a surprising height.
This is now the top of the Republican ticket.
Coming to a city near you, ISIS serial killers!
That's right, an ISIS magazine, Rumaya, is recruiting serial killers to carry out knife attacks in the West.
This hate group, or religion of peace according to Hillary Clinton, explains to potential recruits how they don't need a gun to terrorize innocent people, they just need a knife!
This same publication also calls for its servants to shed blood and even to die for their cause.
How would you describe that?
Radical Islam?
I'm sure Barack Obama will be ignoring this because radical Islam doesn't exist to him.
I'm sure Hillary Clinton will turn a blind eye to this as well as she doesn't want to offend anyone on the eve of an election.
Here's a crazy idea.
Find out whoever is publishing this mass murderer producing hate rag and start questioning him and his entire staff.
It's okay to assume it's a man as they're in charge of women in radical Islam.
Then jail him or start getting some answers on ISIS leaders immediately.
Or are we really that incompetent?
This is Owen Schroer from InfoWars.com.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
We have seen historical levels of corruption.
The Clintons sell us out to foreign interests with the Bushes.
The powerful old corrupt dynasty rejected by the voters in the Republican primary.
The Republican establishment throwing everything they've got against Trump for some jocular, you know, talk 11 years ago being set up, highly edited.
I'm not going to even defend the talk.
But compared to taking us to war, backing Al Qaeda, selling out our jobs, Bill Clinton selling secrets, Hillary doing it, covering it all up, it is nothing.
And to see the mainstream media act like this is the end of the world, and all these Republican leaders that are total neocons acting like, oh, now they're settling against Trump.
They were always against him.
Then their constituents forced them to hold their nose.
So regardless, the power structure's really scared.
I think Trump needs to come out, guns blazing politically tonight.
I think he needs to go for the jugular or he's in deep trouble.
Roger, what do you think you should do?
And then a former campaign head for Trump, and then obviously we've got a clip we're going to play coming up.
We start the next hour.
It's a two-minute statement.
You'll be able to continue here with your analysis, but the ten minutes we have right now, what should Trump do, A, and then B, you've got some big breaking news that I want to get into this hour when we have a lot of stations carrying us.
On what you were told by a high-level source is going to happen tonight at this debate that kicks off in two hours and 15 minutes.
Well, Alex, Hillary Clinton is going to start the debate by refusing to shake Donald Trump's hand.
After which, Anderson Cooper will give her the first question, which will be, why did you decide not to shake Donald Trump's hand?
Giving her the open for an attack on Trump that relates to this tape incident, which is a distraction from the scandal-style gutter politics of the Clintons, the rotten record of corruption
And the policy failures of Bill and Hillary Clinton that have brought the country to its knees.
Sure, so let's get into this.
You were told this again.
Repeat to me what you told me earlier.
I mean, this is huge.
I mean, specifically what you were told.
This is obviously a stage zinger.
How do you think Trump will respond?
Or by us talking about it hours before, might they back off?
Roger Stone.
Well, a very high level source in the Clinton camp doesn't perhaps realize that they have a leak.
But Hillary, again, will open the debate by refusing to shake Trump's hand.
And Anderson Cooper will then direct his first question to Hillary, giving her a forum to launch a personal attack on Trump regarding extraneous issues of 10 years ago.
In order to deflect from the corruption, the poor health, the policy failures, and the bully boy tactics of the Clintons.
Now that Trump knows about this stratagem, I have no doubt that he will be well prepared for it in any number of ways.
Trump, being a gentleman, should shake Hillary's hand.
Despite the fact that she has virtually raped the people of Haiti, that she has raped the people of Libya, that she and her husband have lined their pockets with millions in their phony charity scam, the fact that her husband is a sexual predator, and that Hillary herself
has orchestrated the terror campaign to bully and intimidate her husband's sexual assault victims into silence.
You know, Alex, there's an incredible piece in today's New York Post in which the veteran Republican campaign consultant, Ed Rollins, offers Donald Trump and his campaign six things they must do to get the campaign on track.
What's historic about this piece is, Rollins is wrong about every single point that he makes, including that Trump should not bring up the issue of Bill Clinton's infidelities.
His indiscretions.
Could we please get this straight one more time?
The issue is not the Clinton's marriage.
It's the brutal, vicious raping and biting of women.
And can't Trump see that he knew about Epstein and all this?
We knew this was coming.
He should have attacked earlier.
Now they launch it so it just sounds like he's counterattacking now.
Well, look, Trump is not a career politician.
And while he has a few good people around him, he's got many a boarding party from the Ted Cruz camp.
And I don't see the depth of political experience there.
Now, I'm a big fan of Steve Bannon, because like you and I, Alex, you know, he can think outside the box.
He understands who the bad guys are, the globalists.
He has published some of the best research on the Clinton's crimes across the board.
The sex crimes, the Clinton Foundation crimes, the policy crimes that have left the Middle East a smoldering, smoking wreckage, refugees, crime, and death.
So I'm a Bannon fan, but only Donald Trump will decide what tactics he will use tonight.
And I think in a certain sense, historically, as you know, the audience for the debate, the second debate, drops dramatically from the first, traditionally.
Because of this tape incident, Donald Trump's audience tonight, I think, will be larger than the first debate.
So here is an opportunity to score that may be unprecedented.
I don't want to say he's doomed with 29 days out if he doesn't absolutely have a brutal coup de grace, but now is the time to both barrels to say this is outrageous hypocrisy.
Don't interrupt me, Anderson Cooper, like the last debater did 40-something times, her six times.
Stop turning my mic off.
The debate commission admitted they did it.
Don't rig this.
Stop scamming me and the American people.
Your fraud is over.
I think you should just tear into Hillary Clinton.
Well, look, I've got to hand it to the Clinton campaign.
These folks have run numerous presidential campaigns, and they are skillful at creating diversionary non-issues, such as Miss Venezuela.
I would caution Trump and the Trump supporters not to get into a discussion on extraneous issues.
Stay focused on the policy failures and record of corruption and the sexual assaults and cover-ups of the Clintons.
Trade, immigration, jobs, and most importantly, war.
Because Alex, we are hurtling towards war with the Russians.
We are provoking the Russians.
We are inserting ourselves in Syria in which neither Assad and his Russian patrons or ISIS and their Saudi patrons are friends of ours.
Why would we spend American blood and treasure in such a war?
Well, the Democrats want to win an election.
If we have to go to war with Russia, that will be the cost.
This is mad dog behavior.
Calling for a no-fly zone is madness.
It's just madness.
The AWACS that the Russians now have here are superior to anybody else can bring to the theater.
This could spark World War III.
But as long as Hillary gets elected, of course, that would be okay with the Obama administration.
I was on a panel the other day with Max Boot, formerly of the Wall Street Journal.
He's salivating for war.
He also told the audience...
Creating his own reality.
Everything's great in America.
Where I watched Congress two weeks ago going, just shoot down the Russian airplanes with missiles.
They go, but then they'll attack our pilots.
But the missiles don't have pilots on them.
The point is they're going to attack our ships off the shore.
Like, Congress is insane.
Not just the Democrats.
These are insane people with all these crazy right-wing neocons running Hillary and Obama.
What the hell's wrong with the left?
Yeah, it's really extraordinary.
Donald Trump is the peace candidate in this race.
Donald Trump favors a period... Well, that's why we got this leak from a high-level Democrat.
I mean, people that have brains are really freaking out.
It's like Hillary, you know, has an H in her name for a reason.
She's Hitler-y.
We're gonna be back in 70 seconds to start the third hour.
We only...
Normally we do two hours on Sunday.
We're going to go right past 10 o'clock tonight.
The debate's coming up.
We're covering it all.
InfoAwards.com forward slash show.
If your station stops carrying us a minute, InfoAwards.com forward slash show.
Stay with us.
I'm Alex Jones and we'll be back with Roger Stone.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center.
In the heart of the resistance.
In the heart of the resistance.
I am your host Alex Jones.
Thank you so much for joining us.
In about 15 minutes I'm going to go to break.
And we've got our next guest on.
I'm going to move into the TV studios.
We're going to be there for at least three, four hours covering the debate that is in two hours.
And afterwards, our analysis with David Knightley and McAdoo, Darren McBreen, Rob Dew.
We've got Kit Daniels here, Raquel Thelen.
So many other great people working on this Sunday night with our smaller crew to bring you this information.
We're pretty much commercial free for the evening.
We'll have some promos, we'll have some breaks, we'll have some news pieces, but we're pretty much commercial free.
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This is our best-selling shirt ever.
A lot of them we've sold at cost.
That's one reason.
But it does help fund our operation.
Having a $100,000 contest is not cheap.
The thing that's really expensive is that they come after me.
Believe me, it's really dangerous to punch a snarling, psychotic, rabies-infested creature like Hillary in the nose.
But she's attacking us.
She's sending people to Trump rallies to pose as racists and attackers.
That's come out in the emails.
So turnabout is fair in love and war.
We're just doing something much more peaceful, just exposing he has a criminal rape record.
I'm glad we launched this a week and a half ago ahead of them claiming, you know, that Trump's this big pervert and rapist and pedophile with no evidence, when Bill Clinton's flying around on Epstein's rape plane.
So finishing up with Roger Stone here of the StoneColdTruth.com.
We sell both his Bill Clinton's and Hillary Clinton's war on women and the Clinton, uh,
Crime history being exposed, as well as the book that accompanies it, the Bush crime family.
To have the Bushes endorsing them, and to have them calling them family, and the Republican rhinos coming out and saying, we're not for Trump now, but ignoring all the crimes of Clinton.
It's so transparent.
The establishment is against Trump.
So let's speak to that.
Let's also speak to what you expect to come next.
If Trump follows his own gut and other people's advice, and not some of the other people's advice that want him to be sweetsie cake, they've got to know he got betrayed, he got set up.
We know Hillary threw in a meteor, he's promised the daughters and stuff, be nice.
We won't go there.
She stabbed him in the back.
I mean, I hope to God he gives it to her with both barrels.
What would you advise Trump to do?
You've got the floor.
I'm going to give you 10 minutes right now.
Well, I noticed in the New York Times, in their story regarding the video that the Trump campaign released in which the candidate sought to put his comments in the now famous Billy Bush tape, which may in fact have been doctored and kind of re-sliced, which I find curious, that at least one of
Mr. Trump's advisors, Donald's advisors, told him that if he mentioned the Clintons in his statement, the statement would be ineffective and it would be a failure.
This is about as wrongheaded as I can think.
In fact, finally, we got the proper focus on the issue, which as I've said before,
Is not infidelity or adultery or girlfriends or mistresses, but something far darker and more sinister, sexual assault and rape.
Trump very effectively counterpunched when he essentially said, look, maybe it wasn't a great choice of words.
You know, let's compare my words to their deeds.
Let's compare my words to their actions.
Now, finally, perhaps, we're going to have this exchange, which I think can have a profound impact among women voters.
When I say I'm giving you the floor, brother, that's it, because if I keep my mic on, I'll interrupt you constantly.
But because you paused, let me play this clip now since you mentioned it.
This is Donald Trump's apology.
I think it was spot on.
Hey, I've grown a lot.
I was behind the scenes 11 years ago.
You know, he said, I've never claimed to be perfect.
He's never claimed like he was some lily white guy.
He's not covered it up.
It's why, to me, I just don't care.
I mean, quite frankly, he doesn't want America to be sold out.
The globalists know it.
He's a nationalist.
He's got great generals advising him that exposed our government's working with ISIS and al Qaeda.
I mean, I'm more Donald Trump than ever.
The more he gets embattled, the more hyenas turn against him, the more rats turn against him, the more Republican snot-noses turn against him, the more I'm for him.
That's what Democrats should know.
You had it stolen from Bernie Sanders.
You watched yourselves robbed.
Trump's still gonna win.
Maybe not a landslide.
They want a perception he lost so they can steal it.
All they're wanting is plausibility.
So let's go to a little two-minute clip of him Friday night responding.
Here it is.
I've never said I'm a perfect person, nor pretended to be someone that I'm not.
I've said and done things I regret, and the words released today on this more than a decade-old video are one of them.
Anyone who knows me knows these words don't reflect who I am.
I said it, I was wrong, and I apologize.
I've traveled the country talking about change for America.
But my travels have also changed me.
I've spent time with grieving mothers who've lost their children, laid-off workers whose jobs have gone to other countries, and people from all walks of life who just want a better future.
I have gotten to know the great people of our country, and I've been humbled by the faith they've placed in me.
I pledge to be a better man tomorrow, and will never, ever let you down.
Let's be honest.
We're living in the real world.
This is nothing more than a distraction from the important issues we're facing today.
We're losing our jobs, we're less safe than we were eight years ago, and Washington is totally broken.
Hillary Clinton and her kind have run our country into the ground.
I've said some foolish things, but there's a big difference between the words and actions of other people.
Bill Clinton has actually abused women, and Hillary has bullied, attacked, shamed, and intimidated his victims.
We will discuss this more in the coming days.
See you at the debate on Sunday.
Well, you're exactly right, Alex, about the fact that those Republicans who have headed to the tall grass were never for him to begin with.
And those who bitterly opposed his nomination, the never Trumpers, are helping promulgate this myth.
I thought that was very effective, particularly at the end, to try to refocus the campaign on the crimes and the failures of the Clintons.
And if he can continue in that vein tonight, with an enormous television audience, this race is still imminently winnable.
The Sunshine Soldiers today were ready to jump out the windows, saying three weeks before an election, this is over.
Nothing's over till we say it is.
This is total mind control.
You have Bill Clinton on the rapist plane 20 something times.
You have him flying to the pedophile Sultan's house.
You have him settling rape cases.
You've got Jane Doe made up crap.
You've got this stupid thing and the media is all hoaxing it like the media has lost its power.
But always after the fact, like Obamacare is free, or all these other lies, or we don't want your guns, but we are going to ban them.
And now they're saying, it's all over, it's all over, it's over for Trump, it's over, it's over, it's over, it's over.
When Hillary, I almost want them to just steal the election and put Hillary in, because she's falling apart, everybody hates her, and I'm just sick of this crap.
Because once she doesn't have Donald Trump to stick her evil demon witch finger at, that damn witch is going to melt like the witch when a big bucket of water got thrown on her.
So I guess I can put you down as undecided.
I think you just summed it up, Alex.
The mainstream media is apoplectic and they are working hand in glove with the Clinton campaign and the Democrats to create this false narrative.
We've yet to see a poll, an authoritative poll, that shows any substantial shift in the electorate after this unprecedented, carefully orchestrated, planted attack on Trump.
I don't think you'll have a shift of more than three or four percent of the vote.
I was about to say, we even have a Gallup poll where he hadn't even lost half a point in two days by this.
I mean, I think pretty much people are decided and I think most people are like closeted.
I think some of the internal Trump folks are right.
There's five, ten points of people that are scared to say they're for Trump.
I mean, I think he's going to win a landslide.
What about my statement, they're only preparing us for plausibility when Homeland Security steals it.
Yeah, this is the most outrageous single claim of the week.
The Homeland Security cabinet member, secretary, and I believe one of the assistant directors of the anti-terrorism effects, come out publicly and say they're concerned that the Russians will hack the election.
They're reading the Clinton campaign talking points.
They have no evidence.
If they have evidence, send it to the Republicans on the Intelligence Committee.
They're qualified to see classified information.
That's right.
I mean, I forgot.
They've now officially come out and said Putin is jacking the elections with no proof, and they won't release it, and they won't tell Congress.
I mean, this looks like an internal coup already happening 29 days out, Roger.
So what do we do?
Well, if I were the Republican Congress, I would challenge those two officials.
No, they're too busy saying Trump should step down because he had locker room talk and said he, you know, likes women.
Vote the articles of impeachment in the House and convict him in the Senate.
The man's lying!
There's no evidence the Russians are hacking the... Jay Johnson's a liar!
We've been hacked by the New World Order!
We're run by foreign banks!
Did you see the Secretary of the Army, General Milley, came out on Monday, we played it all week long, and he actually says, you think Russia pulled out?
You think the EU's gonna fall apart?
You think Brexit'll happen?
We'll hit you harder than you've ever been hit!
He's saying to the patriots worldwide that when out of the New World Order, they're going to hit us.
I mean, this is... Meanwhile, they had to fire all the generals.
Meanwhile, we have a patriot like General Flynn, former head of Army Intelligence and Army Intelligence, period, Defense Intelligence, saying, we've been taken over by multinationals.
This is Lexington Concord.
Let's take America back.
Meanwhile, this traitor is up there literally saying, you try to pull out, we'll hit you harder than you've ever been hit.
It reminded me of the Nuremberg rallies.
It had that feeling.
The other thing that I think is going very well here is because the mainstream media refuses to cover the rape narrative, our t-shirts are popping up everywhere.
I was about to say, how would you, because it was a Friday and a half ago, it was like a week and a half ago, we had the idea, I had the idea on air, I said they're blocking the rape allegations, they're blocking the rape settlements, I said that's it Roger, everybody's going to wear your shirts in public, and to make it fun, get it in public for five seconds on national TV, a thousand, get raped out multiple times on air that you believe he's committed a crime, so that's your view, five thousand dollars.
I'm down to twenty-five thousand I'm going to pay out.
I'll pay out the $100,000 even though it hurts our budget.
I'm gonna do it.
I just sent checks out Friday.
And I've got more guests coming up later after you leave us who have actually done this as well.
I mean, this could really domino.
This could really snowball.
How would you grade the success of this right now?
Just as an exercise of cyber-jamming the New World Order.
This is beyond hacking.
This is live media hacking.
You know, Alex, I've always had a very high regard for guerrilla warfare, and that's exactly what this is.
If the punks at CNN, who, by the way, edited Anna Navarro's epic meltdown on TV... Yeah, we just found that Anna Navarro, when she starts screaming pussy over and over again, I forgot to tell you that, Anna Navarro's... In fact, describe that.
Yeah, she is asked about Trump's comments, and she flips out.
And when she's challenged by Trump's surrogate to clean up her language, she starts screaming at the top of her lungs, PUSSY!
And they cut to a commercial.
Now, when you go to the archived version of the show, they've edited that out.
Not a news organization.
An opinion journal.
Oh, they even edit Obama and Hillary speeches when they make a mistake.
They take it out.
Yeah, it's really extraordinary and quite clearly now with, as you pointed out, Rick Hulme, the former Jack Anderson white man, reading word-for-word verbatim talking points from Media Matters for America,
The coup d'etat is complete at Fox.
They are no longer fair and balanced.
They're another cheerleader for the Clinton campaign.
Now, there's a few folks there that I still like, and I think are patriots.
Sean Hannity, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Judge Jeanine Pirro.
But the red bears, those who were following the general, fair, balanced, objective
Standard of Fox before the Roger Ailes coup.
They're now quizlings for Rupert Murdoch.
Nobody's saying Ailes is perfect.
The point is he was taken out for this change.
The family then came out and admitted they're for Hillary.
And now I watch it when I'm on the treadmill working out in the morning.
I flip back and forth.
It's what CNN was five years ago.
And of course MSNBC is the most extreme.
But CNN is horrible.
I mean, they'll have fair and balanced.
The host is neutral.
Let's say with Hammer, and then they'll have the Republican lady on going, oh, Hillary just stumbled, she didn't fall.
Conspiracy, and the Democrat goes, that's right, Hillary can climb Mount Everest.
I mean, and then the next show, the next show, it is now tilted towards Hillary, and they have the worst polls.
In the Fox polls, she's always leading more than anybody.
What's interesting, Alex, is they're losing viewers every single day.
Where are they going?
They're going here to Infowars.com.
They're going to Breitbart News.
Which is why Hillary says she's going to shut us down, the alt-right.
Let's say she gets in.
They're saying fairness doctrine, federal legislation.
They've actually announced they're coming after us in mainstream news.
I mean, I can't believe a left sits there and goes, no one reads our papers, so let's just shut them down.
Don't you idiots get it?
They'll never go to you!
They hate you!
And they're boring, and no one believes them anymore.
They have shredded their credibility by being stooges for the New World Order.
It's over for cable television.
Listen, I've had people in public walk up to me in Austin and say, I used to like you, but why are you a homophobe, or why are you racist?
And I go, show me where I was sensitive and bad about somebody who's gay, or where I'm hurting black people.
It's all made up.
And they go, actually, I haven't heard that, but I just heard you are.
And it's like, listen, I'm the real liberal.
I'm against nuclear war.
I want lower taxes.
I want you to be able to live your life.
I don't want colleges to say what words to use.
We're not a giant brainwashing cult.
You people are under the mind control.
Wake up.
I mean, you're for marijuana legalization.
You're a libertarian.
You're involved in all this stuff.
You've been against the Bushes for over a decade.
It's not like we're sitting here.
The Democrats have turned into like a cult of loons.
Well, name-calling is a staple of the left's bag of tricks.
When they can't refute your arguments, they start to name-call you.
Max Boot, this punk, kept calling me a conspiracy theorist for the next breath, he would say.
Donald Trump's running down America.
Everything in this country is great.
Things are going terrifically.
What planet does this guy live on?
And he's salivating for war.
They can't wait to have war.
Praising the
Look, they're demon possessed.
They're demon possessed.
I mean, something is wrong with these people.
I mean, I mentioned this earlier.
I've got plenty of news to get to, but I'm going to go back to this.
I'm watching congressional hearings where Republicans and Democrats are saying, we want a no-fly zone.
And they go, Russia was invited in.
We had a deal with them.
We've broken the ceasefire.
But if we attack Russia, they'll attack back.
And they go, but we have drones.
And they go, but they'll attack where the drones are launched from.
They'll attack.
And they just go, attack!
And they go, OK, give us a declaration of war.
I mean, the generals are the ones restrained now from the loons that keep thinking we attack Russia, they're like Iraq or something.
I mean, don't they get we're not cruise-missiling Sudan here?
The other thing I noticed today among the political establishment is that Governor Bill Weld, who was running for Vice President on the Libertarian ticket,
Has essentially announced that he's no longer supporting his running mate, Gary Johnson, who selected him.
He's betrayed the delegates who selected him at the National Convention of the Libertarian Party.
He's endorsed Hillary, and he's now out campaigning against Donald Trump.
And that was the plan all along?
I have no question.
Ambassador Weld, oh pardon me, Ambassador Weld, what deal did he make?
You know Johnson well.
You ran with presidential campaigns.
I liked him before.
I know him.
I've probably interviewed him ten times in person.
The last time he was here, he was like a different person.
I said he acted mentally ill or crazy.
Has he had a stroke?
Or what's going on with his tongue sticking out and not knowing any world leader?
What's going on?
I don't think the campaign has any guidance.
More importantly, I can't understand how his campaign has raised, I think in the next report it would be about $10 million.
Have you seen a lot of his TV commercials there in Texas, Alex?
Of course, radio commercials.
Where's this money going?
His filings with the FEC are opaque.
And by the way, he announced last week, he said, I'm going to dedicate my time to bringing on Trump now.
So they're showing they're desperate.
The Libertarian Party's been taken over as a kamikaze zero going into the Trump Lexington.
And I'm not going to put up with it.
It's very, very sad because I think Gary Johnson's a good man.
He's been betrayed by his quizzling Harvard-educated establishment running mate.
Now, I like Bill Weld on a personal level.
He's a highly intelligent, engaging guy, and he was a great governor of Massachusetts.
He governed as a real libertarian.
Low taxes, low spending, support for the Second Amendment.
That's not the Bill Weld who's running in this campaign for Vice President.
He's just made his deal.
In a complete example of treachery with Bill and Hillary Clinton.
Well, Roger, I know you're a busy man.
I know you're a busy man.
I want you to take two minutes up to finish up any other points and then I want to invite you back after the debate is over for like 10 minutes to give your analysis of what happened.
The debate is coming up in an hour and 40 minutes exactly after 90 minutes after that.
I know you have a lot of interviews coming up.
Can you, when I put you on hold in a moment, tell the crew sometime after
I guess that'd be 10.30 Eastern, 9.30 Central that you can pop in.
Is that possible?
Let's try to work it out.
And if you can't do it, then tomorrow, because obviously we've got the daytime show.
Go ahead.
This is very important.
Again, tonight, only minutes from now...
Hillary Clinton will begin the debate by refusing to shake Trump's hand, and then by prearrangement, Anderson Cooper will ask her why, setting her up for a blistering attack on Trump.
Now, Donald Trump is warned.
His campaign is warned.
The media has now been tipped off.
Let's see what Hillary does.
You know, we discussed whether you'd come on 10 minutes before the debate and do this and not tell them, and then see if they went ahead with it and not give them a chance to pull back.
If we wanted personal mojo, we would just do that to say, see, we were right, she did it.
But we're a shot across the bow.
You know, I mean, you were on 45 minutes ago, so two hours plus before the debate.
We're now an hour and 38 minutes out.
We have given them fair warning.
Do you think it's time to percolate up to their campaign?
Well look, we're like Paul Revere.
This is an early warning and therefore it needs to be all over Twitter and Facebook.
We have uncovered the plot!
Anderson Cooper's in it with the Clinton campaign.
CNN stands for Clinton News Network.
So this debate is a fraud.
So give me the tweet, because I'm going to go to break.
I'm going to tweet.
Roger, I mean, do I just say Clinton and Cooper to launch attack on Trump out of Gates?
Or what do we say?
Or Clinton?
What I would say is Hillary Clinton will refuse to shake Donald Trump's hand
And Anderson Cooper will ask her why in a setup to take down Donald Trump.
Works for me.
I think we can work that out.
I'm just, as you can imagine, it's a hectic day because I have concerned Trump supporters from all over the country calling me saying
Please tell Mr. Trump not to drop out!
The same media said that Trump was for the Iraq War when we have six clips saying he wasn't before the damn thing.
They are liars!
We have Gruber saying, I met with Obama on how to deceive the public to triple their prices.
I mean, hasn't the public gotten it?
They have to stop believing these frickin' people!
I think the public has gotten it, but if you are a Trump supporter, you can see how you might be downhearted.
Stampeded like lemons.
Because you read constantly that Trump is considering dropping out.
Alex, let me say this and be absolutely clear.
He never even thought about dropping out.
He's a fighter.
He's a brawler.
Anybody who writes him on... He intends to fight if they try to steal it!
He's already signaled that.
We will never stop.
We will never go away.
We will never give in.
We will go on.
No matter what it takes, we will defend this republic!
I'm paraphrasing Winston Churchill.
Alright, StoneColdTruth.com.
Get the Clinton Rape Shirt at InfoWars.com.
We are the exclusive group outside of Stone.
He's the only other person selling it.
I don't care where you get it.
Just get out in public.
Wear it.
Get in these people's faces.
Break their conditioning.
And point out that it is Clinton flying around with Epstein, the convicted pedophile, not Donald Trump.
This is made up with John Doe filings.
Completely fake.
Too close to the election to ever prove it one way or the other.
This is incredible.
The Bill Clinton rape shirt.
Limited edition.
We also have the Hillary for prison shirt.
Wear it.
Do your own YouTubes with it.
I don't care what you do.
Just get, even if you're not going to do it on national TV for the prize, just get the word out.
In fact, I think it's going to cascade this week.
I think it's going to get even bigger this week.
What do you think, Roger?
Well, I agree with you.
And now that I have read that Bill Clinton is going to undertake a bus tour on behalf of his wife, it's time to introduce the official Bill Clinton rape whistle.
Because everywhere he goes, our people need to whistle in huge numbers.
Can you imagine five or six women in one group whistling?
It'll take them an hour to get them all out.
Rape, rape, whistle, whistle!
So stay tuned, very shortly you'll be able to go online and get your official Bill Clinton rape whistle.
Are you going to let us be distributors as well?
We've already made a deal with your people.
I know you're just great with Weldon.
Let me just say this final thing, Mr. Revere, Mr. Roger Stone.
Do you think she's disappearing in an announcement for another 20 days, and is only saying she's going to do this event, and now her surrogates, Kane and Bill, are out there stumbling around, I mean, confronted by people saying that, you know, obviously they're involved in stuff?
Do you think that's because she is so sick, or is it because they don't want her confronted with Bill Clinton rape?
I don't think she has the stamina for a campaign.
Look, of course she was jacked up on something.
I assume some kind of methamphetamine, as John Kennedy was, by the way.
He was being injected with it.
Yes, by Dr. Max Jacobson.
So, they managed to prop her up for one debate.
She can't even keep a full schedule because her health is so bad.
Now, for those who say, ah, that's a conspiracy theory, why do we have email in which she's asking for Parkinson's medicine?
We have her.
Finally, another question, and then I'm going to this tape, and I'm going to go to the studio, do 30 minutes, have another guest on, and then hand the baton for an hour to the other crew, and then I'm going to come in and cover the debate live, and then they will take over in the aftermath.
I'll do 30 minutes with you, but they'll do an hour and a half after that, and take phone calls as well here on the Sunday night.
Then I'll be back tomorrow, 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
I confirmed with my sources.
I talked to you, so that's incredible you have the same sources.
Well, similar information that a New York lawyer threatened him.
He admitted he'd been threatened.
He canceled the Wednesday event, then did Skype, then backed off, said, well, we'll release it in two days.
They did release it Friday.
Milk toast compared to what he said it was.
He said it would, you know, it would get her indicted.
It's just more corporate stuff, more globalism, more world government, no, no borders.
We already knew that.
So we have her doing that.
It looks to me like, at least so far, WikiLeaks has chickened out.
I'm not prepared to make that judgment yet.
He did promise revelations for 10 weeks at the beginning of each week.
Let's see what happens on Monday.
The release of her bank speech is not insignificant, because what it shows the American people is, she says one thing in public, then she says something entirely different to her well-heeled patrons who are financing her aspirations for power.
Sure, and she bad mouths her constituents.
Proving, once again, that she's a pathological liar.
Alright, Roger Stone, thank you so much.
We'll talk to you again this evening, and tomorrow, 11am to 3pm sometime.
Thank you.
Great to be here, Alex.
Many thanks.
Thank you.
I'm going to go to this piece I shot yesterday, basically promoing tonight.
I did it from the edge of a cliff for a reason.
Then in seven minutes when it's over, I'm going to be at the other studio, and I've got some clips I want to play dealing with the Clintons and dealing with the whole TPP and her wanting to raise taxes on the middle class, and how it ties into Tim Kaine wanting to admit her emails have been hacked, even though they're admitted to be real.
And we've got a lot more.
So, there's a lot of other news, obviously, breaking up at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
We're an hour and 32 minutes out from the debate.
And it's important that your neighbors, your friends, your families, on your smart TV or whatever, you can put it on your big screen TV, have the neighbors over, or you can, you know, send your neighbor Infowars.com forward slash app, say, hey, download it on your Droid or iPhone.
That's how we get more people tuning in.
Let me tell you, we're up to, like, 3 million people tuned into some of these now.
Or we can look, verify, 3 million tune in.
You know, a couple...
You know, like a million and a half live, the next day a million, two million more.
That's not just counting millions on AM and FM and TV.
That's exciting.
That's bigger than most networks have carrying this.
And it's because you're spreading the word.
You're the real power.
You're the oxygen in the room for this whole thing.
So, InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Or simply, InfoWars.com forward slash app.
You can download the free podcast, link to that.
There's a free video feed and so much more.
Live Trump versus the globalist world debate.
Share this link, InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Great job to the crew.
I'm gonna take a little seven-minute break to get my articles together, walk across into the TV studio, and we're gonna get ready to kick off our official, let me see, one and a half hours, another half, three hours, four hours, but another five hours or so of live coverage from the InfoWars News Center in Austin, Texas.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us and spread the word.
We're now only 30 days out from the November 8, 2016 election.
I'm Alex Jones for InfoWars.com and I've got a message for Donald Trump.
Attack Hillary or drop out.
We're coming to you this Saturday evening from right outside Austin, Texas on the edge of a literal 400-foot-plus cliff.
And at the end of this incredibly important emergency alert,
I'm going to break down why I chose this location to cover this information.
If Donald Trump doesn't double down out of the gates tomorrow night during the debate against Hillary on Sunday, that we'll be covering live, and just viciously go into the fact that how dare your surrogate media dredge up edited 11-year tapes of locker room, you know, guy talk, while you have protected Bill and gone after the women
With your female cover, over and over again, while Bill settled sexual assault and rape cases.
How dare you sit there and bring up that I made some comments about some Miss Universe eating too much, and so I hate women, but then meanwhile, you are openly funding the jihadists in the Middle East, the Wahhabists, the ISIS people.
That's the proxy armies that Hillary and Obama have been literally running.
To go in and then butcher Christians in mass and enslave women and sell children into sex slavery.
I mean, understand, Hillary is literally quarterbacking all this.
So is John McCain.
It's bipartisan treason.
And we've been exposing it.
This is the type of hypocrisy that you've got to come out of the gates and attack, not sit there and defend yourself.
But for the sake of rational thought, let's take Donald Trump out of the equation.
And let's look at who Hillary Clinton is and how she's protected her husband.
She went after the women viciously that would expose his rapes, his sexual abuse.
He settled some of these cases.
This is well known.
And so how could the mainstream media ignore all of that and have a major embargo against that information being brought up?
I mean, you get banned off CNN, Fox, you name it if you bring it up, and then sit around and take Donald Trump 11 years ago and some edited locker room tape and turn this into the biggest issue in the world and how he hates women.
This is such a ploy.
And that's the reason I'm on a cliff here today, because there are many species that can be stampeded through hype, through fear, off the edge of a cliff.
And to Lemmings, going over the edge of a cliff, they feel like they're doing the right thing because everybody else is going in that direction.
And that's what these big globalist hype machines do, like Obamacare, that promise to give you free healthcare or keep your doctor, and then you have Gruber, the guy that orchestrated it, admitting that Obama hired him to help lie to the public, and thank God the public doesn't pay attention and doesn't have attention spans.
Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage.
And basically, you know, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever.
But basically, that was really, really critical to getting the thing to pass.
That's what all of this is about.
The establishment that's been screwing you over forever.
He wants you to be mad at Donald Trump about some racy comments 11 years ago, but then completely ignore Hillary in Benghazi and four Americans dying, ordering the stand down, being caught lying about it, and then saying, what difference does it make?
The fact is we had four dead Americans.
Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they'd go kill some Americans?
What difference at this point does it make?
Our society, our culture, militarily, spiritually, economically, is all being basically demolished right now.
Open corporate world government via the TPP and other systems is being established.
And in the UK, they have begun to pull out of this with the Brexit and Nigel Farage.
Here in the US, we're beginning through populism to pull out, and Donald Trump's just one manifestation of that.
Russia is doing the same thing as well, pulling out of this corporate world government.
And the controlled media and the basic domesticated masses have been programmed that all of this is a foregone conclusion and that we have to go along with this system.
But we don't have to be herded like lemmings over the edge of a cliff.
We don't have to be mindless animals that are just easily programmed.
If people claim they want change and they're sick of the establishment,
And then you sit back and you see the entire corporate media combine doing everything they can to stop Donald Trump and the populist movement.
What does that tell you?
That you really don't want change.
That you really do want the crumbs off the table from the establishment.
You really do like NAFTA and GATT and the TPP.
You really do like associating yourself with the mainstream media, which admittedly is collapsing.
It's time to stop being followers.
It's time to start being leaders.
And of course you can also look at what's happened with past Democrat and Republican presidents.
I mean, did anybody go after JFK, who was probably ten times the womanizer of Trump?
Did people go after Clinton for all his womanizing and rape?
No, that's what I'm saying.
Is this is just all a bunch of hype where everyone decides to get offended and now we're not going to support him.
Show that when he still has his landslide victory, they come in with electronic voting machines, steal it, but there's the perception that he's discredited and lost and was a loser.
The attempt to take down Trump is as big a fraud as Obamacare.
If you'll just read the fine print and actually look at the legislation, you would have known it was a scam written by insurance companies to rip you off.
And it's the same thing here.
The facts are there.
The globalists that are our enemies and have taken this country over are absolutely opposed to Donald Trump for good reason.
He's a nationalist.
He will put America first.
That's why the political system is panicking.
They want a nation of total followers.
Before I conclude, I also want to relay to the viewers and listeners of this broadcast that we have been given an exclusive dossier from moles inside the Democratic Party of the future attack plan on Donald J. Trump that will be launched on Monday and Tuesday.
This exclusive information in detail will be relayed tomorrow.
But to give you a hint of one of their new major attacks, remember eight months ago the dismissed, fake 14-year-old rape victim in Houston?
Fake name, you name it.
And then others were filed in New York?
That was done so news reports could be compiled for later off of those frivolous reports.
And so if you think the setup of Donald Trump is bad now, get ready.
That's why they're laying the groundwork with this audio of him talking about how much he likes women before they release the next fake salvo.
Join myself, Alex Jones, and the InfoWars crew.
Sunday night, in less than 24 hours, we will cover the second historic debate.
Trump must go on the attack and blast through the disinformation and lies.
All of you need to understand this is an InfoWar, and it's critical for you to get your friends, your family, your neighbors, and others to tune in tomorrow night to the free streams at InfoWars.com forward slash show, or via the free app that has audio and video feeds as well as news, InfoWars.com forward slash app,
We're good to go.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on.
Or your mind.
The right-wing smear machine has gotten Alex Jones-ified this election cycle.
There's a guy named Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
From Info Wars.
From Info Wars.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
One of those guys who believes Bigfoot was responsible for 9-11.
I heard that on Alex Jones, so it's true!
Claims that 9-11 and the Oklahoma City bombings were inside jobs.
The conspiracy du jour, Hillary Clinton is harboring a secret medical condition.
You just had to keep digging, didn't you, Alex?
I heard it on Alex Jones, so I know!
Mine too!
Google is being accused of hiding negative stories about Hillary and her campaign by changing its algorithm to bury stories like the Clinton's body count story.
That's according to website InfoWars.
And this really, this is so disgusting.
The juice of these pickles is on you, Alex Jones.
It goes right from Alex Jones, and it shows up in Donald Trump's mouth.
Hillary Clinton created ISIS with Obama.
The very fringe of the conspiracy movement, like Alex Jones, are being kind of incorporated into the campaign.
If Trump gets elected, he's going to be Secretary of Defense.
I think that Alex Jones is a lunatic.
Move, bitch!
Get out of the way!
Bill Clinton is a rapist, Infowars.com.
Bill Clinton is a rapist!
Bill Clinton is a rapist.
Bill Clinton's a rapist.
The New World Order sends its regards.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, you're about to see live coverage.
I'm not trying to interrupt too much.
But we're going to have live coverage and analysis of the 2016 Second Historic Debate.
I think bigger than the last one because of how staged the last one was.
Donald Trump has got to come out with guns blazing and just point out the hypocrisy.
Some locker room talk from 11 years ago that's clearly edited.
Intelligently edited.
And they're making this like the biggest thing in the world.
The Clintons start all these wars and settle rape cases and Hillary covers it up.
Now I knew about this a week ago.
We're working on getting her in studio this week.
I knew about this a week ago.
I didn't go with it because it wasn't supposed to break until tonight.
But it's all over Twitter.
I had crew running up to me about it, who's not involved in producing.
And they said, Kathy Shelton, the 12-year-old girl that got raped, was in a coma.
Hillary was the defense lawyer for this establishment guy.
Knew he was guilty.
We've played the tapes of her bragging, oh man, I knew he was guilty.
But I, you know, accused the little girl of wanting it.
You know, wanting to have bones broken.
And I, you know, he took a lie detector.
I knew he was, he passed it.
I couldn't believe it.
I never believed in lie detectors again because I knew he was guilty.
They've, they've opened fire with her new Twitter account.
She just started.
They've opened it up.
I guess they think it's too late an hour before, an hour and 20 minutes before, but she's going to be in the front row when Hillary comes out and goes, how dare you talk about grabbing a woman's, you know, wee-wee or whatever.
I mean, boom!
They're gonna hit her with that.
Like Kathy Sheldon you represented?
With a convicted pedophile that you knew was innocent like that?
So, that's some of the surprises coming up tonight.
Now these things can change as they go.
But guess what, guess what Kit Daniels is writing an article about?
I told crew members on Friday that we were going to get a dossier on Saturday, and I said they were going to come out in court and accept the case of three Jane Does, the victim, the madam, and some person that just heard about it later, that Donald Trump, with Jerry Epstein, who's the Clinton Foundation founder and best buddies, whether they fly around the world to non-pedophile sultans' houses, you name it, I covered it earlier,
That because they knew that Trump had that as his doomsday device, why not just file these lawsuits with no names on it, have a book that was starting to be written a year ago that is going to be published tomorrow, out of the blue, and get all this attention that it wasn't Epstein, it was Trump.
That's right, Trump and Epstein double teaming little girls.
22 years ago.
So Kit Daniels says, hey Alex, did you notice?
Here's the one independent.
Judge sets date for hearing of lawsuit accusing Donald Trump of underage rape.
This just came out today.
See, I sent out a video yesterday saying they're going to accuse him of underage rape.
I told you.
Hell, we had stood on a year ago naming it all.
He already knew.
He'd been advising Trump to attack first.
Trump didn't do it.
Because his daughters were talking to Chelsea, and Chelsea was saying, Mom, he's going to be nice at the first debate.
Just be nice.
Call her secretary.
And that means that you're going to be nice and we're going to be nice.
And Hillary goes with a fake look.
Oh, you're going to be nice.
And then at the end, she attacks him.
And he goes, you know, I was going to be nice and not bring up some bad things, and I'm still not going to.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
You will attack!
Or, I would say that they're going to definitely steal the election.
Look, there's 10% or more that aren't telling people they're for Trump.
That's known in the polling.
He's way ahead in battleground states.
He's going to have a landslide at this point.
Even Gallup came out.
We have a story on Infowars.com.
He lost half a point with the pussy gate thing.
I mean, that's not a cuss word, so I can use it.
And so all that's going on.
And this is to prime the pump for PedophileGate.
They're about to launch to cover up their entire operation.
So this is a big, big deal.
And then Kit goes, Alex, I went and Googled that judge's name.
And guess what we found?
We're going to put an article out on Infowars.com the next hour.
Surprise, surprise, surprise, Sergeant.
Surprise, surprise, surprise.
Kit Daniels found out something about the judge that set the date with three unnamed witnesses from 22 years ago that saw Donald Trump raping Jack Frost.
Kit Daniels from Infowars.com.
Tell folks what you've discovered.
People can check it out for themselves.
We're getting an article going up very, very soon.
Kit Daniels.
Yeah Alex, I thought it was a little weird that only hours after you put out that viral video on how the Democrats, particularly the Hillary campaign, was about to launch this rape allegations against Trump, we have this federal judge that unusually she signs off on this lawsuit during the weekend.
So I looked her up and it said that Abrams, the judge, Ronnie Abrams,
She was appointed by President Barack Obama, formally nominated and appointed for the Southern District of New York in 2011, after she was recommended for the position by the Democratic Senator from New York.
Which is Hillary Clinton.
Well yeah, well actually it was the new one, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.
But Kirsten Gillibrand actually took over the vacancy left by Hillary Clinton.
That's what I mean, yeah, that's still her spot, yeah.
So it's just this whole, and I looked at the lawsuit myself, and
I just, I've done like four or five different articles over the past three years on various lawsuits.
So I'm used to reading lawsuits.
No, that's why when Trump comes out and says, this guy's a La Reconquista, he was heading up the La Reconquista Hispanic Ku Klux Klan organization.
But Trump wasn't, I don't want to say eloquent enough, but just threw it out there.
Yeah, he's a Mexican.
He wants, and Trump says, no, there are Mexicans that are American.
This guy's from Mexico.
Because the guy is.
But see, he doesn't put it out where it's all calculated.
That's why they cut him to pieces.
Yeah, you've got to look past the smoke screen and realize that there's political motivations about the people that are attacking Trump.
Well listen, bring me that Wikipedia and I want to show this to folks.
I've got a new article coming out on this.
Let's get it out as soon as possible.
Anything else, Kit?
That's it, Alex.
Thank you.
Bring it on in, my friend.
He's in our control room with evil racist George Washington behind him.
So, all of this is unfolding.
You can see it in real time.
A judge appointed by Obama.
Recommended the former district controlled by the Clintons.
Yeah, just bring the paper on.
It's fine, kid.
You can walk it on air.
It's fine.
Bring it on into me.
You've got all this unfolding, all this, you know, happening.
And it's just, you can see how it's all staged.
And then tomorrow, notice you've heard nothing about it.
I told you yesterday.
Tomorrow, they're going to announce a book out of the blue that's interviewed the Jane Does about Trump raping the little girl.
Just like there was the daughter of the ambassador, they didn't tell you that on C-SPAN, that they saw Saddam take the babies out of the incubators and stomp their brains out.
None of it was true.
Saddam a great guy?
No, but he was installed by the CIA.
Much better than, you know, the people that came after it.
And it just makes your head spin to see this magnitude of garbage unfolding.
And this is the hour of hoaxes.
This is the hour of disinformation.
You've got him on the plane 20-something times with Jerry Epstein.
You've got him going to the pedophile island, Bill Clinton.
You've got Hillary representing pedophiles.
You've got Bill Clinton settling rape cases.
None of that matters!
Jane Doe!
Two minutes to midnight.
29 days.
It'll be 28 tomorrow.
The book will suddenly be everywhere!
Imaginary people say green men from Mars were raping children with Donald Trump.
Now, Jeremy Spangle of Twitter.com forward slash Spanglevision has been doing the analysis that's later been confirmed of not one, not two.
We've been going in and scanning as well.
Others with the human element, the human intelligence are scanning this fake town hall she had a few weeks ago that they aired like it was real with a bunch of extras, a bunch of actors, a bunch of Democratic Party operatives in a staged event.
That way if she has a convulsion, they can cover it up.
And they've even got a famous Hollywood actress running the whole thing.
So you talk about the running man of your radio lister and we've obviously covered this in detail.
Just Google Hillary caught using child actors.
And this gets creepy.
She's in anti-gun videos too about how cool Bill Clinton is and how much she likes him.
And then she was in a movie about kidnapped children.
Kidnapped little girls.
Kidnapped by a man.
So there's definitely just a lot of weirdness going on here, and Jeremy Spangle, who I've said I'm going to be an auxiliary reporter for his bare minimum, does a great analysis of this at Twitter.com forward slash Spanglevision.
I know his last name was Spangle.
I figured it was some play of words of like the star Spangled Banner.
But it's definitely great to have him with us and to be joining us.
You can follow him again at Spanglevision, S-P-A-N-G-L-E-V-I-S-O-N.
And we'll also tweet that out at InfoWars.com.
We need to tweet though.
Did we tweet?
What I said, just to make sure we're so busy, that Insider, Hillary Clinton, you heard it here first, will refuse to shake Trump's hand tonight during the debate.
Do we have that out there?
Good, good, good.
I want to put it on screen.
And I also just want to point out that we have more protesters we haven't shown taunting Hillary about rape, you know, outside the event.
They are besieged.
They are under siege.
So you want to have the media have a blackout and fire anybody or blackball anybody?
That's been admitted.
Who talks about Bill Clinton rape and you want to make up stuff about Trump?
Notice they didn't go and have somebody else separate from Epstein claim it was really Trump, not Clinton.
They knew Trump was planning this.
And so they went and cooked it up on him!
I mean, this is amazing!
With a judge appointed by Obama in Hillary's district, in New York,
Right before the election, and the media will not tell their viewers a thing, but their viewers will find out about it.
Or they'll find out about one of the other big lies.
You know what?
Trump's mic was turned off for the crowd.
It was being faded up and down.
The debate commission admits it.
They are rigging the polls.
They are rigging Google.
They are rigging it.
To their own detriment, because even if they defeat Trump, it's almost even better, because we fight, we fight, we fight, they cheat, they steal it, and they're all discredited even more.
They have a periodic victory, which means a victory, you lose the battle.
You're the patriot, but the enemy that wins it ends up collapsing because of it.
They win the battle, but they lose the war.
A Pyrrhic victory.
Resistance is victory.
We have the right on our side.
So, Jeremy Spangl, joining us till the end of the hour and a little bit into the next, because we're commercial free now.
A lot of stations are tearing as they go to break whenever they feel like it.
But this is commercial free right now.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
Listeners spread that link everywhere.
Do you want to come commentate on what you just heard us talk about?
Or this latest little girl that comes out that's an actress in other Democratic Party ads?
I mean, where should we begin here?
I mean, you talk about a facade.
Imagine if Donald Trump got caught with fake town halls with fake actresses.
What do you think is going on here, Jeremy?
Yeah, we wouldn't hear the end of it.
It would be constant news coverage of that.
But I don't know what to think of it.
I just want to say I was listening to you about a month ago and you kind of made a call to arms to get all those info warriors out there doing what they can.
And let's say on
Tuesday, I saw Hillary's camp tweeted that they had a live town hall on Facebook.
So I started watching it and as soon as that first questioner got on the air and asked her question, it just didn't sit well with me.
I knew something was up.
And again, you were proven right.
That's the subconscious that's hundreds of times more powerful, admittedly.
Some say thousands, depending on the person, than the conscious brain.
It looks fake.
It looks staged.
There's an actress.
It looks weird.
I mean, you can tell when a movie's a movie.
I mean, you know the Godfather's not real, because it looks so slick and so real.
You know when something's really a home movie, because it's a home movie.
And, you know, you can see they even shot it so slick, it was meant to look real, but it wasn't.
And the audio, and the scripting, and the little girl with the red bow!
It's like the fake preachers that, you know, have the radios saying, she's got bad teeth in the front and arthritis because they fell out of form.
I mean, this was beyond that.
Truly exploitive.
And so, you start digging, tell us what you found.
So I'll just walk you through the process.
You know, I didn't know the girl's last name.
She introduced herself as Brennan.
So I mean, it was just simple on the surface Google searching.
And Brennan, just did a search for Brennan and Hillary Town Hall.
And to my surprise, the mainstream media was
They were reporting on it.
You know, for them, it was a, it was an anti-Trump story.
So that's all they were talking about and how this 15 year old girl just, um, trounced Trump.
And, um, but it was, it was those articles that disclosed her, her last name.
And from there, it just, I found an IMDB page and the light bulb went off in my head that this girl is an actress.
Yeah, in a pretty big film, in commercials, um, the child kidnapping genre.
It's insane.
And, uh, yeah, I found, I found the movie.
Then we found out Daddy was somebody, didn't we?
We did.
I didn't find that out.
Uh, there's some Redditors that just go through that.
You hit the first domino, then more people on Reddit on the Donald's found more, then other people found more actors.
Yeah, yeah.
By the way, anything you look at, you're going to find crime and deception with these people because they're so dirty.
It's the nature of psychopaths, I'm not saying she is, but the handlers, to always create something fake because they don't have a real personality.
So they don't know what to do.
They've got to construct something.
That's why they're obsessed with thespian.
Glenn Beck is obsessed.
Everything's an act because there's no one there.
Yeah, I couldn't believe how
Just scratching on the surface, I was able to uncover this and I had somebody comment on the video about how this just shows how much the mainstream media is in bed with Hillary.
I mean, if they were doing their jobs, it wouldn't have taken, it wouldn't have taken them 30 minutes to find out.
I've been told by media folks that since we have the secret, of course we know she's having convulsions all the time, but she's better than Trump.
They know she's having these.
The Secret Service just said, start following around, happens all the time.
And then it happened.
And it goes to show you how important the everyday person is in this fight because it wasn't the media that recorded her on that curb.
It was, it was... And again, that's why you're here.
You are the future.
You are the resistance.
We're not just as good as the mainstream.
We're willing to tell the truth and just show what happened.
Chips fall where they may.
If I had video of her jumping rope, I'd say, hey, she looks great.
But we tell it like it is.
And the thing is, no matter what happens to me or you, as more people get involved, no matter what happens with this election, we are their downfall.
It's our responsibility because nobody else is going to do it.
If we don't do it, Hillary's in, you know.
Well listen, you're a polite guy.
I want to give you like ten minutes to yourself.
You've got the floor.
Talk about what you think of the world.
I didn't know you were spurred by us.
It's very humbling that nine times out of ten, literally, folks are spurred by this show.
Because despite all my faults, I'm excited.
I'm awake.
I tend to have that wavelength of getting people out of a trance.
You weren't in a trance, but it spurred you to action.
Let's have you spur others to action.
Just take over!
What do we do to fight this tyranny?
Just be vigilant.
Keep your ears and eyes open.
And if you see anything,
Start digging.
It's not hard.
10 minutes, that's a tall order.
I don't know that I can run the floor for 10 minutes, but if I can do it, anybody can do it.
Keep your eyes and ears open for sure.
Well, we've had the mantra that Hillary for President has been the mantra they've had in the campaign for the last six months.
Now, the mantra is, new mantra in presidential contest, rape, world net daily.
What do you make of that?
I mean, they want to send people to rallies to claim he's racist with no evidence, and now they want to say he rapes little girls with Jane Doe saying it.
Well, Bill Clinton settled rape cases, we're going to say it then.
Yeah, well it just goes to show you that they don't have, there's no boundaries.
The gloves are off and it's time for Trump to fight back just as hard.
You know, it seems like in that first debate, you know, he wanted to appear presidential and he refrained.
Well, I found out Hillary reached out to the Daughters and they asked him, he got set up.
I can't believe he did it, but go ahead.
Well, you know, tonight's his redemption.
The future of our country is on the line.
And, you know, when I see Hillary staging town halls, you know, it infuriates me.
It upsets me because this is my country.
It's like The Running Man.
I mean, in The Running Man, when they find out it's fake, the dictatorship is overthrown.
It's crazy.
You can't make this stuff up.
It's crazier than science fiction, and it's happening right now.
And you know what that tells me, Mr. Spangle?
They're going for broke.
We've got to expose them.
We've got to fight them.
We have to.
Our country's on the line.
Well, you're making some great points, and I really want to get some auxiliary reporters that are paid positions.
Our budget isn't huge, but we've got the budget for three or four full-time, five or six other part-time.
But I'd love to, if you can find a camera crew, we'd pay some folks or have you do analysis or points.
We'd love to have you develop in that.
We're going to move forward, maybe get you here full time.
That's all to listeners supporting us and spreading the word.
But we have a great responsibility to have great analysts like you out there taking action.
So it's very, very exciting to see you doing this, my friend.
What are your predictions, your gut level feelings?
I mean, if they turned his mic off to the crowd, faded it down to TV viewers, if they asked, interrupted him 40 plus times, her six times, you know, pinch 60 something times, the other guy four times, cane.
I mean, my God, this is going to be a
Double team, where there's two reporters attacking him, one CIA, the other rat lady, and then you're going to have Hillary.
That's three to one.
I mean, I hope Trump calls this out.
He has to.
It's not going to be any different.
I mean, it's hosted by Anderson Cooper.
You couldn't get a more pro-Hillary moderator.
So he's going to have to, he's just going to have to take the bull by the horns and, you know, do what he does best, what got him to the
Republican nomination.
So he's, he's capable.
I'm, I'm optimistic and confident that he's going to shine tonight.
You know, the first, that first debate was, was him just testing the water.
So I, I'm optimistic that it's going to be a good night for him.
Damn the Maneuvers and go straight at him.
Which British Lord was that?
That wasn't Lord Acton.
That was Power Krebs, absolute Power Krebs, absolutely.
It was Lord Nelson, I believe.
Damn the Maneuvers, just go straight at him.
Listen, I really appreciate where he lost.
He died in that battle, but won that war.
Won that naval engagement, that war.
But it was the Battle of the Nile.
But listen, you're doing a great job.
I cannot tell you what a rock star you are to us.
Everybody that takes action.
These folks that go and scream Hillary's a rapist or whatever with all these enemies around them.
This is the future and it's very very exciting.
Thank you so much, sir.
Thank you, Alex.
Alright, we will talk to more folks in the future, but that was Jeremy Spangler.
Hey Alex, I want to break in real quick.
It looks like Trump is right now having a press conference with all these rape victims of Bill Clinton.
It's on the top left of Drudge.
It's a red link.
Let's show it.
Let's go to DrudgeReport.com.
Let's put some of that up with him right now.
Absolutely devastating.
I knew he had to launch first.
This shows he is going to turbo her.
He is going to go straight for the jugular.
So I don't know if it's started yet, but... No, it just started.
Let's get this press conference.
And then we're going to get our next guest lined up while this happens.
He got up there and yelled, Bill Clinton's a rapist in Nevada.
It was Nevada.
And really took over the strongest of anybody.
So he's done a sneak attack press conference with the ladies.
The 12-year-old that got raped, she's going to be there tonight.
Uh, in the front row, and Hillary accuses him of, you know, joking about grabbing a lady.
So, uh... Oh, he didn't say I grabbed a lady by the you-know-what.
Oh, that lady sitting right next to Trump.
Yeah, there she is.
She's sitting right next to Trump.
These four very courageous women have... Kathy Shelton.
Here's Donald Trump.
...be here, and it was our honor to help them.
And I think they reached out to make just an individual short statement, and then we will put up a little meeting, and we'll see you at the debate.
Perhaps we'll start with Paul.
Well, I'm here to support Mr. Trump because he's going to make America great again.
Heck, man, I think everybody else should vote for him.
And I think they should all look at the fact that he's a good person.
He's not what other people have been saying he's been, like Hillary.
So, think about that.
Kathy Shelton?
I'm also here to support Trump.
At 12 years old, Hillary put me through something that you would never put a 12-year-old through.
And she says she's for women and children.
And she was asked last year on what happened, and she says she's supposed to defend whether they did it or not.
And now she's laughing on tape, saying she know they did it.
You went through the room?
Yes, yes, sir, I did.
Hi, I'm Winnie the Broderick, and I'm here to support Donald Trump.
I tweeted recently, and Mr. Trump retweeted it, that actions speak louder than words.
Mr. Trump may have said some bad words, but Bill Clinton raped me, and Hillary Clinton threatened me.
I don't think there's any comparison.
I am here to support Donald Trump.
The reason for that is the first day that he announced the president, he said,
I love this country, and I want America to be great again.
And I cried when he said that, because I think that this is the greatest country in the world.
I think that we can do anything.
I think we can accomplish anything.
I think that we can bring peace to this world.
And I think Donald Trump can lead us to that point.
Okay, thank you all very much.
We appreciate it.
Why don't y'all ask Bill Clinton that?
Why don't y'all go ask Bill Clinton that?
Go ahead and ask Hillary as well!
Alright, that just happened minutes ago, it's already got a half a million views, which again, we have millions tuning in via our streams, YouTube, we have the backups and forwards.com forward slash show.
It took me 20 years to build up 3 million listeners a day on Terrestrial Radio.
Now we get 5 million views a day just from my show on YouTube.
I mean, it's getting insane.
5 billion on YouTube total.
I have reporters that routinely have videos every week that get 5 to 10 to 20 million views apiece.
McBrain gets one almost every week with over a million.
Paul Watson videos every week with 5 million.
Routinely 16, 17, 18, 20 million.
And we are dominating all over the place on ratings on terrestrial radio.
Despite the fact that two conglomerates own 90% of the stations, we're basically on the ones they don't own.
There's a few hundred that are privately owned, a lot of them big.
We're on all of them.
This is a total battle, a total war.
Those Neocon talk show hosts, I'll be on a 5,000 water, beat their 50,000 water.
Places like Orlando, Chicago, you name it.
And again, it's not, oh, I'm a big guy.
The truth is popular.
These people aren't.
We are 46 minutes out.
I'm going to be out of here in about 10-15 minutes.
I'm going to bring in Leon McAdoo, David Knight, and then I'm going to come in, and pretty much silently, but in case something happens during the debate, I'm going to be here, and then they're going to come in for a couple hours after Roger Stone's popping back in.
Now, keep explaining this.
I'm just an average guy that, I'm still not perfect on air, far from it, that 25 years ago started trying to get on radio, and got on radio 21 years ago.
Started out on AXS TV, and I now reach
It's like 30 million people a week, conservatively?
Okay, so, I am spurring everybody to be activists.
Start your local radio show, start an excellent show, start a blog, cover big issues.
America, the future, Trump, globalism, the past, Hillary.
Get aggressive, and whether he wins or loses, he's probably gonna win, they're gonna steal it.
Doesn't matter, we have savaged the globalists.
Their world government's out in the open.
Nigel Farage just got UK out of the EU, the first phase.
He's there advising Trump.
Got that clip in a minute.
That's why I'm so excited today and tomorrow, I'm going to have at least eight of the, now it's fourteen people, we're trying to get in touch with the others, mail checks out on Friday.
And I didn't do it for the money, but I put prizes out to make it more fun.
A thousand dollars, you get a Bill Clinton raped shirt out there, because they're blocking this on TV, they're censoring people, they're doing everything they can to not let these women that got raped and abused by Clinton get their word out.
You just saw them.
Believe me, I'm going to lose money on this.
We're not going to sell a hundred thousand of these shirts.
I mean, we have the Hillary for President, but not this one.
And I said just 5,000 of you wear it and get raped out.
This guy definitely is the most hardcore of all of them.
The guy that did it first in New York, a little scared to come on, all this other stuff's going on.
But I gotta tell you, I think this guy is the most bold, and I appreciate Richard Jarrett joining us.
A little bit about Richard Jarrett.
He's been a congressional district elected delegate.
Democratic National Convention, Chicago, Illinois, 1996.
Staffed Chicago Democratic Party.
And a bunch of other... Executive Director, El Paso County Democratic, Colorado Springs.
I'm not gonna go over his whole bio.
But he's been elected National DNC Committee person.
That's a big deal.
National Delegate.
I mean, he's been what I'd call mid-level Democratic Party.
Maybe even upper-middle level.
Uh, National Delegate, Democratic National Convention, it goes on and on.
So this is a guy who, I said, we're all the real liberals that were against Bush and wars and all this evil.
I mean, Hillary is worse, probably.
And so, and I was against Bush.
I mean, I'm a libertarian.
Trump's kind of like a liberal.
He doesn't get down to it.
He's just not crazy.
So some conservatives actually have a real issue on some points with him.
I told you he didn't claim to be some angel.
So I want to ask Richard Garrett.
I've never talked to him yet.
Appreciate him coming on.
5,000th in the mail, brother.
Great job.
Why'd you do this?
Where do you see this world going?
And then in a moment, we're going to play the clip for folks that have missed it.
Well, Alex, thanks for having me.
I spent 20 years being sick of the Clinton crime family, and I have had enough.
So I ordered this Clinton rape shirt.
I went down and registered to vote for the first time since 96 after I saw all the disgusting things that I saw at that national convention with Bill Clinton in a closed door meeting on Friday, August 30th.
And after that, I went down to the Hillary headquarters, got some buttons on.
I went down to the outlet, got a nice shirt to put over my rape shirt.
Got into the meeting.
The brunette that took that other video, you know, that you said that was the wife.
Actually, she wouldn't even talk to me because I was some stinking liberal.
I mean, I was just guessing she was your wife or girlfriend.
No, no, no.
I tried to talk to her because she was like, you know, she worked in the medical field and she wouldn't even talk to me because I look, you know, she's like, I ain't talking to no liberal, you know.
See, we should talk to liberals and wake them up, you know.
So anyway, so all that video she shot was all coincidental.
And that whole thing about when, uh, when, uh, when a creepy cane goes, well, you know,
From Trump Tower, and then I go, Bill Clinton's a rapist.
All that was going with what God gives you.
And I was going with what God gives me.
And just going for it, going all the way, and that's what you gotta do.
You go rich through the vote, then you get out there and mix it up.
Well, I'll tell you, it was powerful.
The other guys, have you seen the new clip where Bill Clinton's also on the trail?
And he says, and I'll tell you the whole secret of it, they go, yeah, you're a rapist.
I mean, so you were a Democrat earlier on.
I could see how back in the 90s it would seem more reasonable.
Things weren't as clear then and probably the Republicans are bad as well.