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Name: 20161007_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 7, 2016
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In this episode, David Knight discusses the recent protests in Iran and how social media has played a role in spreading information about them. He criticizes Western governments for not supporting the protesters and mainstream media for ignoring these events. The show also covers Hillary Clinton's framing of the presidential debates and concerns over technology impacting privacy. Knight promotes products available in the InfoWars store, encouraging viewers to stay informed and engaged in activism.

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31 days, folks.
31 days.
This will be a day long in the memory.
From the Infowars.com News Center, deep behind enemy lines in occupied Texas, broadcasting worldwide, you're listening to the voice of human resistance against the technotronic technocracy takeover.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Friday, October 7, 2016.
There is now only 31 days from the gigantic, world-shaking election.
And you can see NATO and the globalists trying to start wars with Russia, trying to back jihadi armies all over the world, with our own military at almost a schizophrenic level, fighting with itself over America's heart and soul.
We have foreign globalists like George Soros accelerating racial tensions in this nation.
We have the hurricane not slamming into Florida quite as hard as they said it would.
They said it would hit it as a category four.
It's hit as a three only in a few areas and thank God only a few people died and reportedly that's from things like heart attacks and car wrecks.
So no real fatalities yet.
I'm sure there will be some.
Unfortunately, there is a lot of panicking.
We have videos of that.
People ransacking in vicious supermarket brawls as Hurricane Matthew panic hits.
We've got the CDC, this is a quote, said police will eventually arrest the unvaccinated as quote, diseased criminals.
We've got Bill Clinton confronted again.
Last night, by a woman, and then again last night again, Tim Kaine, the VP candidate, and the gentleman got it out on national ABC News, when they were carrying it on mainline broadcast TV that actually still hits a big audience.
People ask, why am I doing this?
Because it can cause a cresting event, a chain reaction,
When the media is forced to talk about why is everybody saying Bill Clinton's settled sexual assault cases?
And Kathleen Willey said that she was raped by him and had a witness that came in minutes after when she was bloody.
And it goes on and on and on.
This is known about the Clintons.
We're going to force this out in the open.
So that's coming up.
I'm not going to just sit here and play games.
We put aircraft in the skies during the
RNC, well actually they had, for the first time ever, for a full week before, they blocked aircraft after we announced it, one day after.
So we flew it three or four days before, and then in outskirts during, and it ended up being in thousands of newspapers, hundreds of TV channels, dozens of national channels carried it, and it became the meme at the RNC, lock her up, lock her up, Hillary for prison, General Flynn was asked if he agreed with it, he said absolutely, she's engaged in treason, working with Al Qaeda and ISIS.
That's where Trump gets that.
It's from the former head of Defense Intelligence who was removed two years ago.
They didn't claim he did anything wrong.
They said you're removed because he was not going along with the murder of now over 200,000 Christians and another 200,000 or so non-Christians.
Most of those on the Syrian side with the Western-backed Jihad invasion.
So we're doing the same thing with rape, and a lot of people go, man, you know, that's pretty dangerous.
The Clintons kill people.
I want to explain something to everybody.
I know that.
So I'm in the arena, and quite frankly, I don't see anybody else in the arena at the level Infowars is.
But myself, my family, my crew, we're in the arena, and we need Providence.
We need your prayers.
It's not that we believe in prayers.
We depend on it.
We know it.
We don't believe it.
We know it.
In ourselves.
And this is history.
Whatever God's will is going to happen, I am not going to sit idly by.
In fact, I pray every morning and every night intensely that God will give me the answers to wake up the people to defeat Hillary.
Now maybe God's plan Hillary gets in.
I think Trump's going to win.
They're going to steal the election.
The evidence is mounting on that.
We have news on that front today as well.
But this is an incredible time to be alive.
Massive World War III intensification news.
In fact, it's in my office.
I forgot to bring it over from the notes.
It's on Dew's desk.
I gave it to him last night.
A stack of articles about the Russians launching a no-fly zone.
That's getting no attention here.
Obama threatens a no-fly zone.
And the Russians just say, our no-fly zone's up.
Enter or we're going to shoot you down.
Coming to a city near you, ISIS serial killers!
That's right, an ISIS magazine, Rumiah, is recruiting serial killers to carry out knife attacks in the West.
This hate group, or religion of peace according to Hillary Clinton, explains to potential recruits how they don't need a gun to terrorize innocent people, they just need a knife.
This same publication also calls for its servants to shed blood and even to die for their cause.
How would you describe that?
Radical Islam?
I'm sure Barack Obama will be ignoring this because radical Islam doesn't exist to him.
I'm sure Hillary Clinton will turn a blind eye to this as well as she doesn't want to offend anyone on the eve of an election.
Here's a crazy idea.
Find out whoever is publishing this mass murderer producing hate rag and start questioning him and his entire staff.
It's okay to assume it's a man as they're in charge of women in radical Islam.
Then jail him or start getting some answers on ISIS leaders immediately.
Or are we really that incompetent?
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It's Friday, October 7th, 2016.
We are now only 31 days from the historic election.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Alex Jones.
Waging war on corruption.
Crashing the lies and disinformation.
I'm your host, thank you so much for joining us.
Now, we've got the nightly news tonight, 7 o'clock, InfoWars.com forward slash show for details.
This is the syndicated radio slash TV transmission, InfoWars Live, with your truly Alex Jones.
And then I will return, as we always do, Lord willing, 4 to 6 p.m.
ahead of the second historic debate.
And I don't want to say this is make it or break it for Trump, because Hillary's so ill.
They're throwing everything they've got at Trump.
It's still not working.
He clearly is way ahead in most of the swing states.
We've got big reports, though, of the feds moving into the swing states to protect the elections by hooking special, loving computers up to the machines.
But, oh, the feds aren't involved in elections.
It's preposterous what dark heart Alex Jones said.
But now they've got to go federalize them immediately to save us from the Russian boogeyman.
And so I will broadcast live, as we always do, 4 to 6 p.m.
I'm going to walk out of the radio studio, the original studio in this building, starting back 10 years ago.
We've been in this building.
And I will walk over here into the TV studio, the big studio, and I will host for two hours with a roundtable discussion with David Knight, Leanne McAdoo, Darren McBrain, Hugh Naiman, our investigative reporters, taking your phone calls.
And then we will have the 90-minute debate that is going to be hosted by two piranha-like enemies.
And we've got a whole article up on Infowars.com.
This is going to be an even more staged debate.
And it goes over Sunday's debate.
Monitorators will be even more biased than Lester Holt.
Steve Watson does an excellent article.
Anderson Cooper and Martha Ratt are basically Clinton allies.
Basically, they're deep state allies.
And then there's clip after clip.
In there, of them demonizing and lying about Donald Trump.
I mean, this is going to be three against one.
And Trump has to be controlled, but he has to come out and say in his opening statement, I just want to point out that the debate commission admitted that the audience couldn't hear my mic last time, and it was being faded down.
I just want to point out that I was interrupted 40 plus times, Hillary 6.
And I want to point out that I'm here, even though this is stacked against me, just like everything's rigged, like NAFTA and GATT, against the American people.
And I just want America to have a level playing field, and I'm asking Anderson Cooper and Mrs. Raddatz.
I am asking both of you.
The public is watching.
If you interrupt me 50 times and Hillary 5 times, I'm debating three people, not one.
So please!
Coming into this, don't put your finger on the scale.
And I don't say that because I'm a sore loser.
Everyone knows what you did.
Tim Kaine, earlier last week, interrupted 60 plus times, and so did the moderator.
You people are incredible.
So, you're on notice.
And then, every time he starts interrupting, he goes, oh, there you go again, oh, there you go.
And that's a tactic to point out they're cheating.
They do this tactic deceptively when they go, we can't let one more child be killed by firearms.
Not one more!
And they go, oh, another one.
See, it's their fault, the Second Amendment.
Remember they've gone from denying they want a ban on guns to now all the big editorials and New York Times and Washington Post and Rolling Stone, it's time to repeal the Second Amendment.
Now they're like, yeah, it's your fault, you killed that kid.
Oh really, if somebody runs over someone with a car, is it
My fault if I have a Ford truck and somebody else has a Ford truck and runs over somebody?
You know, that's happened before.
Is it Ford's fault?
Is it the Ford?
No, it's not.
But see, that's a false tactic.
When they know out of 330 million Americans, even though overall gun crime has gone down for 18 years, it's gone back up a little bit, but still way below what it was in 1992.
It was down 60%, now it's down about 52%.
And I've had top statisticians on, the federal government even admits that.
But the point I'm getting at is the tactic.
It's like Chinese water torture.
Because you go, now you did interrupt last time, they've been rigging these, the Domain Commission admitted I was right, and the Commission's watching this time.
That appealed to authority, which is true.
The Commission admits I'm right.
So I would, look, interrupt me 20 times and hurt 10.
I mean, you can have double, just not five times or six times, okay?
I would add some smart-ass stuff in there like that.
Uh, and I'd say, I know you're on a power trip, Anderson.
I mean, I would just go right at him to say, these are biased people.
They've both attacked me.
It's on record, but I'm still here.
I'm still here walking into this rigged event.
But I want their gloves checked because they're putting, you know, shoe horses, uh, shoe horses, they're putting, uh, horseshoes in them.
That's the old joke of, you know, a rigged fight.
There's like big blocks of metal, uh, inside of there.
So when you hit your opponent, it's actually brass knuckles.
So that's what I would do.
We can also open the phones up today and get your take on what you think Trump needs to do.
But I know he got told by his daughter, who's very smart and very nice.
Through intermediaries, through Chelsea Clinton, that if you'll just be nice, Mom will be nice.
And that's why Hillary got so happy when he said, Secretary, is it alright if I say that?
And smiled at her.
Hillary did that little fake smile back that almost looked convincing.
The most human I've seen her look in years.
And it was because she knew Trump had taken the bait.
She knew he'd taken the bait, and that people have weaknesses for their daughters.
And by the way, Trump's daughter is incredibly smart.
But I knew this day after it happened, and then later I even saw it leaked in the news that his daughter, Ivanka, had been advising him, and that others had been as well.
And that basically Roger Ailes just walked off weeks before saying, you know, he won't do what I tell him, which is fine.
Uncoachable, but he has his own style.
Trump has to be Trump.
And when she does stuff like, you're so mean to women, go, really?
20 years ago, a contestant that, you know, gained a bunch of weight and wouldn't do the job?
I mean, are you kidding me?
If a boxer, you know, goes above weight, they forfeit the fight.
Your husband has settled sexual assault cases.
You fund jihadists worldwide that sexually mutilate women.
You got a lot of nerve, lady, and you're the one that punched below the belt.
You're the one that brought up family and women.
You want me to bring up Bill?
And she'll shut her mouth right away.
Let me tell you something, folks.
This is really important.
This is the first news story I'm going to get to, but I really love news stories that are informative, that are happening, but are also illustrative.
There have been six in the last seven days.
It'll be seven days tomorrow, six and a half days.
So there have been six events.
And they're accelerating.
The first event happened, and then three days later, the rest of the events happened, a few times, two a day, where Bill Clinton, Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton, and that's why, one reason she's cancelling her events for two weeks, but also she needs to nap, is that they do not want Hillary with somebody screaming, Bill Clinton's a rapist.
Basically, every event, because I'm told there's been other ones that we haven't seen the video yet, every time somebody basically goes out to give a speech, valiant Americans
Valiant Americans, who I salute, in the crowd, legally and lawfully, with their free speech, point out that Bill Clinton has a history of sexual impropriety.
Now, of course, we launched that call and said $5,000 if you get the audio out and the video on national TV, just to make it a little more fun.
But you got to do it in legal and lawful areas.
And today we're getting the checks right at the end of the show.
I'm going to sign these on air.
These are going to be mailed out and next week we're getting a bunch of these folks on the broadcast.
In fact, we ought to line a bunch of them up for the two-hour or four-hour pregame coverage that we're going to have Sunday here at Infowars.com forward slash show and stations across the country and many stations I know already pick up the Sunday show.
You're just welcome.
Uh, to pick up all or none.
It's basically commercial free.
There's a few breaks an hour, but you can just run ads over us whenever you want.
As everybody knows in radio and TV and media, we're the easiest people to work with.
We're not territorial.
We're not penny pinchers.
We're not retentive.
When it comes to obsessing, we just want to fight the new world order.
So, why is this so illustrative?
of a cascade event.
If you get people out there and they start confronting the Clintons, it's going to force the media to finally bring up rape, which I've been told by not just Roger Stone, but I've been told by two different Fox hosts, several other Fox executives that I actually met with at the Ritz Carlton at the RNC there in Cleveland, Ohio.
And then others as well.
And I wasn't at liberty to talk about this until the last few days.
I saw Roger talked about it, so now I can.
I can talk about his case.
He had been a consultant for Fox for many years, and it was basically on retainer to go on there whenever they wanted him on.
And then about six, eight months ago, one week after CNN said he was banned, and MSNBC said he was, quote, banned from the air, something that they never do, and we'll have people on attacking him, but he can't respond.
Unprecedented, unjournalistic, unethical behavior.
He was basically told, you don't bring up Bill Clinton settling sexual assault cases, or Juanita Roderick, or Roderick, or any of this stuff.
You don't bring it up.
And still, he wasn't allowed on air.
So he's been banned all over TV.
Now, they still talk about him constantly and take clips out of context, but that's why we're sending people to break this electronic Berlin Wall.
That's why we're doing this, because there are women trying to get their voices out for a long time that the TV won't have on, who've been silenced.
Women who settled cases, who we've had on the broadcast.
That Clinton has settled cases with.
And I've interviewed people that have their arms and legs broken just because they knew about Clinton and Jennifer Flowers.
I mean, they don't play games.
So I'm going to skip this network break here so we have time to play these clips and this latest clip out of Nevada.
But it's key to understand that we're doing this because even the WikiLeaks and the DC Leaks have come out in the last few months.
And confirmed what we already knew.
Busloads of MoveOn.org, that's Soros and Hillary, telling people we're settling with Sanders.
Put on these t-shirts and then go out and physically attack people at Trump rallies so the mainstream media can say Trump was doing it and they're racist and show him attacking Sanders people.
And Sanders people attacking, and starting it, so Hillary can be clean on the outside of it.
That was clear Machiavellian, simple level divide and conquer.
That's checker level move, okay?
Very amateur, the public can't even see it or understand it.
Now we have the actual email.
So, you want to send people to rallies, dressed up like KKK, saying they're Nazis, saying they love Trump, to then have fights with the minorities that they go and pick up from the homeless areas and others, and put in Bernie Sanders outfits, and then give them a bunch of liquor,
And then get him drunk to come have a fight, and you want to scream racist and say he's Hitler?
Well, we're going to expose the fact you've settled sexual assault cases and fly around on the Lolita Express, an aircraft of a convicted pedophile who had a pedophile island off the coast of Florida.
I mean, look at, look at...
Penn State, look at the Catholic Church, look at every major institution.
Big Protestant institutions get caught being run by pedophile ranks.
That's where these people go.
It's a very small minority of people that prey on boys and girls.
But nevertheless, it's there.
Bill Clinton took twice as many flights on pedophile island billionaires Alita Express than previously reported.
Look it up yourself.
Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire pedophile.
Okay, this is what came out.
He settled some of the cases for underage, but he was reportedly had literal sex slaves.
And then, of course, you've got her living with, you know, staying in the same hotel rooms with Uma Abedin, whose mother is into mutilating women sexually, and the number one proponent, promoter, pusher.
That's admitted in these legal filings and these Islamic journals.
To cut women's genitals off because it's so glorious.
I didn't realize how ignorant people are.
Every time I mention this, I see comments on YouTube saying, how do you cut a woman's genitals off?
Women have genitals, ladies and gentlemen.
If you don't know what the Muslims are doing, don't sit there and say I'm a liar, because you don't know what the hell you're talking about.
And I'm not talking to our general audience.
I just get amazed, like I said yesterday, that members of Congress think that islands are floating,
They're not.
They're underwater mountains that stick up, usually volcanic, like Hawaii.
And, you know, then the smarter people in Congress say, well, let's just cruise missile the Russian air bases in Syria, and then we won't have any loss of life.
And the generals say back to them, but that will cause a war, because they'll strike back.
And our own Congress goes, I don't understand.
What do you mean?
We were using pilotless missiles.
See, it's a new level of idiocy that we're dealing with here.
And people just want to imagine they're winners, and imagine they're for women, and imagine they're for the good guys, and imagine everything's okay.
And then you've got Hillary over here with this serial abuser of women, who is the one that shuts them down, who is the one that shuts them up.
In fact, here's the article right here.
We'll show folks.
Bill Clinton is a rapist.
Trump supporter crashes Tim Kaine rally.
It's on Infowars.com.
Spread it before it wins.
We've got all this happening.
We've got all this going on.
And they think...
That their constituents are so stupid that they're not going to figure it out or understand it.
And you know what?
Maybe her constituents are so evil, they don't care if women are getting raped and abused.
They don't care if Hillary's backing jihadists.
But I believe a lot of them will care, so we're working as hard as we can to get this out.
I knew what I was getting into when I announced this last Friday.
Spontaneously, I said we need to have a contest for people to get the Bill Clinton rape shirt on TV at these crowds where they have these public video shoots, totally legal and lawful.
Just don't climb onto the stage.
That way you don't get charged with trespassing or stuff like that.
But regardless, at serious times, I need desperate measures.
But we don't want them spinning it like we're violent or we're bad.
That's Black Lives Matter and people that take over the stages and beat people up and say they're going to rob the hurricane victims and all the rest of it.
That's coming up.
We need to be impeccable and almost everybody has been.
The first guy kind of fled forward and fell over the thing a little bit and was drug away.
I'm told he's been charged.
We've got him a lawyer and we're going to get to that at another point.
I think you ought to just come on air and
Be the hero he is and New York will drop the charges.
Because their security people assaulted him first, grabbed him before he tried to climb over.
Then he just held on when they were grabbing him.
And we have gotten him a lawyer.
It's actually a lawyer.
People know his name, but we're not going to talk about it at this point.
But that's why I say, do not climb over the metal.
And he is going to get the $5,000, because he's the first.
Even though he didn't do it right, he had guts.
He did it first.
He's the Paul Revere.
He's the Lexington.
He's the Concord in the Infowar.
He was the detonator.
Because I can have ideas all day and I can go out and do it myself.
I've been arrested, you know, breaking into live Fox broadcast myself in New York with a bullhorn.
Took it over for 15 minutes, they went ahead and arrested me.
They couldn't stop me, see, out there in the street.
I told folks, get bullhorns in there, but look, a lot of these rallies, I understand you can't.
But here's why I'm doing this.
I have to.
I love my children.
I love this country.
I love this world.
Somebody's got to stand up to the Clintons.
Somebody's got to have the will to say no to them.
Somebody has got to call their bluff.
And I know full well that the Clintons and their history of rape and all the things they do and how dangerous they are.
And famously, Ron Brown, the Commerce Secretary, they were going to bring him down and blame him for the Clintons' corruption.
He said, I'll talk to Congress.
He said it publicly.
He was dead two days later, and the Army coroner that did the autopsy said he was shot in the head with a .45 caliber handgun.
Look it up.
So I know what they do.
Here's the difference.
Hillary's launching the attacks.
Hillary's trying to shut down the Trump rallies.
They're trying to shut down our free speech.
They're coming after our guns.
They've dissolved our borders.
She's funding radical jihadists.
She's bringing in economic tyranny.
They want us under their control.
They want us under their control.
These people think they can do whatever they want to us whenever they want.
And they can't.
And so everybody thinks you're successful by going along with the system.
No, you're not.
At a certain point, you've got to start saying no, and that system is run by dangerous psychopaths that are trying to start World War III right now.
We've got big reports on that, the latest developments on that front that are so over the top, it is mind-boggling.
I'm going to start getting to some of that right after this break.
You can pull it up in the Moscow Times, pull it up in Daily Caller, you name it, I did a report on it last night, and I'm going to give you the headline right now.
Russia launches no-fly zone.
The West says we're gonna come in and have a no-fly zone over Syria when that's a sovereign country you're not invited in?
Another double-cross to back up ISIS and Al-Qaeda, because they're getting their butts kicked.
Russia says, okay, boom, our shield's up.
Don't come in.
That's how fast, militarily, things escalate.
That's how dangerous these situations are.
And cooler heads have to prevail, and we can't have old, drugged out, mentally ill, dangerous globalists running our country and running our world.
And we've got good people in the government, good people in the military, good people in the private sector, good people in the media, most of them have been drummed out or demonized or, you know, shoved to the side, who just need other people to stand up and hit the barbed wire for them to have the courage to get these issues out there first, so we can bring these tyrants down.
That's why they're so scared of these type of events.
But, in a message to Hillary Clinton, dealing with this article, Bill Clinton's a rapist, Trump supporter, crashes Tim Kaine rally, and then we're going to play that clip of what happened last night.
Hillary, you're on us.
You've got us in a stranglehold.
The globalists.
You're dismantling our country.
The bitter clingers.
You're out to get us.
You admit that.
In your public statements, your private statements.
You say you're coming after the alt-right media and we have no right to exist.
You're telling us we have no right to exist.
We take you at your word.
We know how evil you are.
And so you have to understand, we thought we could fix things without really taking the gloves off.
And if you think we've taken the gloves off now, I mean, I'm here standing against you.
I know you're a killer.
I know you're a murderer.
I know you represent people that have overturned countries and killed hundreds of thousands of people.
And then you go on TV and brag about, you came, you saw, he died.
You're Brian Williams.
You lie about being in combat.
You're a horrible, demonic, evil person.
But I'm more scared of your agenda succeeding than I am of you cooking up charges, having me killed, sending one of your loons in to come after us.
And folks have to understand, that's how dire these straits are.
So I want to salute the people that are peacefully going out and exposing the rape.
I think you can expose, you ordered to stand down in Benghazi!
She ordered to stand down in Benghazi!
I don't have the money to offer prizes for that, but those are things that are important as well.
You can also expose the fact that, you know, Hillary Clinton completely collapsed!
She didn't stumble!
Infowars.com, whatever.
But quite frankly, I like it when you say InfoWars.com because we're going to fight this thing.
We're going to go all the way.
But when you're sitting there watching ABC News and CBS and all these, and it's InfoWars.com, Bill Clinton's a rapist, you know, it's my duty to do this, just like it's the people doing its duty, and I salute them.
But let me tell you, it's next level.
There isn't a level above this, folks.
When you're engaging these evil people that are so horrible, so psychopathic, at point-blank range, and you're hurting them, and you've got them in a corner, and you're ramming up against them.
I mean, we are at the forefront of exposing our epilepsy.
And the Secret Service League.
We're at the forefront of fighting globalism.
We're at the forefront of exposing the election fraud.
We're at the forefront of their plan to get the guns.
We're at the forefront of that we broke that they dissolved the government three years ago.
The borders.
We forced that out.
I mean, InfoWars is the flaming, white-hot tip of the spear, folks.
Just understand, we are the Alamo.
This is the defense.
See, we're not engaged in an assault, ladies and gentlemen.
We're in a defensive offense operation.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Ladies and gentlemen, this Sunday is the biggest presidential debate in United States history, and Infowars.com slash show will have complete coverage for you, starting at four o'clock central with the Alex Jones Show, and then rolling right through the entire debate, even afterwards taking your phone calls.
Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump, round two from St.
Louis, Missouri, Washington University.
This is the most anticipated debate
And we're going to have complete coverage for you at InfoWars.com slash show and also the new InfoWars live app.
We're going to have boots on the ground and we're going to have the entire InfoWars crew in studio covering the debate, breaking down the things that the two candidates say in live time.
Are you going to be stuck at home watching football?
Or are you going to be engaged in the InfoWar?
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The right-wing smear machine has gotten Alex Jones-ified this election cycle.
There's a guy named Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
From Infowars.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
One of those guys who believes Bigfoot was responsible for 9-11.
I heard that on Alex Jones, so it's true!
Claims that 9-11 and the Oklahoma City bombings were inside jobs.
The conspiracy du jour, Hillary Clinton is harboring a secret medical condition.
If you just had to keep digging, didn't you, Alex?
I heard about Alex Jones, so I know it's true!
Google is being accused of hiding negative stories about Hillary and her campaign by changing its algorithm to bury stories like the Clinton body count story that's according to website InfoWars.
And this really just is so disgusting.
The juice of these pickles is on you, Alex Jones.
It goes right from Alex Jones, and it shows up in Donald Trump's mouth.
Hillary Clinton created ISIS with Obama.
The very fringe of the conspiracy movement, like Alex Jones, are being kind of incorporated into the campaign.
If Trump gets elected, he's gonna be Secretary of Defense.
I think that Alex Jones is a lunatic.
Move, bitch!
Get out the way!
Bill Clinton is a rapist, Infowars.com.
Bill Clinton's a rapist!
Bill Clinton is a rapist.
Bill Clinton's a rapist.
The New World Order sends its regards.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
So, I wanna just...
I'll make a point.
This studio is probably 65 degrees.
I've been on air 21 years.
I'm in some of the best shape of my life.
When I start talking about nuclear war with Russia, or Hillary Clinton coming after her enemies, because I can, at a gut level, know this is not safe what I'm doing, but it's my responsibility, I start sweating.
Not even out of fear, it is a biological response when I realize what we're engaged in is 21st century warfare.
And the enemy, the White House, the globalists, Soros, they're all tuned in daily.
With their different establishment sites chronicling everything we say and launching talking points against us because they're scared of death of what we represent and they cannot stand that the military listens to us, the police are listening to us, most of the people in the government are now listening.
They know how accurate we are because no one's ever covered the angles of this like we have.
And so, they hear us and know we're telling the truth because they know we understand the secret stuff that's going on, not just the public.
And they say, how do you know that?
We've reverse-engineered the whole thing.
And you've got pieces we don't have, we've got pieces you don't have, but together, we now know there's a force in America that wants to destroy the Republic.
And so, when I see someone new jump up on ABC News and confront Cain, who is a horrible person,
I don't cheer.
Oh, Infowars is on National ABC News.
Man, we're really making it.
I don't cheer.
Oh my gosh, this is great.
I'm famous.
It hits me in my gut.
And I actually have to stand there at the counter this morning and just go, because I know it's going to get big.
No matter what happens to me now, it's going to be more and more.
It's a cascading event, not just for the prize money.
It'll start happening three, four times a day.
They're probably going to start shutting down their public events.
As people realize the power of this, it's going to start happening to local corrupt government people.
And we're going to put them into a fortress mentality, not from physical violence, but from info war.
And see, they know that.
They overthrow countries with stuff like this.
They go and get groups to go do this in Ukraine, and do this in Egypt, and do this in Syria, but to call for violence and uprisings.
We're just exposing your crimes and letting the people at home watch know you're not alone.
Take action!
Get out of your coma!
Let me tell you something, I see those men and women
I like how the one guy did it, because they come over to him, they talk to him outside a Trump rally, he gets the information out about their covering up the sexual assaults, Infowars.com.
That's great!
Because it doesn't put him in danger, it's slick, it gets out there.
But it's even more dramatic to see a man, a bear of a man, being wrestled down, grabbed, for simply saying Bill Clinton's a rapist with the shirt on.
I see them there with their courage and not caring, knowing they're standing against evil, and it just humbles my heart to be associated with people like that.
And then I sit there before I go on air and I say to myself, how do I come up with words to describe how serious this situation is?
I mean, listen, the elites that run this country have firepower 10,000 times what Adolf Hitler did.
They overthrow countries, they kill whoever they want, when they get all the suits and the bureaucracies and the UN to green light it.
It's hard for them though to kill individuals in this country, because that's the type of thing that brings them down.
Especially someone that's never been in one of their agencies, never been with one of their big companies, or worked for them.
I've never taken their money, I've never worked with them, I've never been in their system.
There's weird rules to this, even though the Clintons break a lot of them, that I've never been in one of their groups.
If I'd ever been in the CIA, or ever, which is like being, you know, saying you work for Walmart.
It's no big deal.
It's everywhere.
I'd be dead.
They just see it as you're owned, and it's in the contracts, and it's been done forever.
It's grandfathered in.
They kill a lot of people when they hit 55, 60, 70 years old already.
And I've talked to people
That are in 50-year Delta Force contracts that are like 65, 70 years old.
A lot of them in Texas.
I mean, I haven't talked to a lot of them in Texas.
I know there's a lot of them in Texas.
And it's just known that you hit 65, 70 and you just get a real fast-acting flu and you're dead.
That's just how it works.
Sometimes they drop by and just kill, you know, half a neighborhood of the Patriots.
You just gotta get rid of those guys.
You can't leave them there because they know everything.
And this is just part of the job.
Well, I'm an organic response to this takeover of America.
I'm not a loser.
They think I'm a loser because I didn't sell out to them.
They think I'm an idiot.
They think I'm a chump.
And I don't want to make this about myself, but you have to understand the journey we're all on together.
I was taking clips off C-SPAN of the Chinese Communist General's meeting that was coming out in the impeachment hearings.
But I was having David Shippers on, the impeachment lawyer, and he was exposing Kenneth Starr for being a Chinese operative, which has all come out now.
And I didn't know why I had cars following me and guys threatening me in parking lots that were military and playing clothes and asking if I was planning to blow something up.
This high-level Democrat off-record called me, one of the biggest ones in Austin, and said, listen, we're going to give you a big radio show.
Come work with us.
Everything's handled.
I want to see you when you go on your show tonight.
Say good things about Bill Clinton.
And he called me up on my home phone number and he said, you son of a, we're going to get you now.
He was just so, you just don't know what you've done.
And you know, a year later, you know, they had me physically attacked.
They had me fired off the radio.
They, they, they, I've already experienced these people when I was one one hundredth of my influence.
So they need to get it through their heads and everybody else does that.
I know the costs are so great that this is why I'm doing this.
And if people knew, it's beyond what I'm even telling you here on air.
Not to make you think I'm some hero.
It's not that, folks.
I hate to use a cheesy analogy, but it's like Star Trek, Wrath of Khan, this whole ship's gonna get blown up if Spock doesn't go in and fix the reactor.
And my analogy to you is one person can't fix the reactor.
It may take tens of thousands of us getting imprisoned or killed by these people.
And then folks say, well, we'll just go offensive.
What, against local cops?
The local FBI don't even know what's going on?
Or is more allied with us than with the globalists?
We're not just going to keep this thing of, oh, war with the UN, I'll shoot blue helmets.
No, no, no.
It's not going to work like that.
It's going to be civil unrest.
It's going to be race war.
We need to stop all that.
And we need to understand that if we go to a physical war, it's because we failed in the info war.
Or we're going to affect the battle space to such a great extent that when it goes physical, these people in the power structure have no idea.
And believe me, they're arrogant.
But they really ought to ask themselves, since when does the Secret Service go out and give the media information about a nominee?
They don't do that.
We've had three Secret Service agents on this show.
We've had, and they're not our sources.
They've had their houses broken into, their kids threatened over coming on.
I mean, folks, you need to know, this isn't a game.
People like Bongino, he's a manly man, you know, former New York cop, always, he goes, well, I got, you know, I'll take care of it, so I don't want to talk about it.
Yeah, it's going on, but whatever.
But stop telling them on air I'm your source, because I'm not!
You just got to turn loose, Bongino.
And he's got to turn loose of this life, because you're going to lose it anyways.
And I'm not saying that I'm telling him how to be a tough guy.
The threat of these evil people is so great, we don't have a choice.
You think I want to do this?
There's a lot of fishing, a lot of hunting, a lot of hiking I want to do.
I want to be able to take care of my family.
And I struggle with guilt constantly.
That I should be, not a sellout, but just not be the first guy hitting the beach every time.
Because I need to take care of my family and my children.
But you know something?
That's how you lose civilizations.
You gotta be all in.
Because when you're all in, it's when God gives you the providence.
And that's when we stop World War III.
That's when we stop the child kidnapping reigns, and the Lolita Express, and all these big evil demons that think we're weak.
You look at Bill Clinton stomping around like a, like a, like a guy out of a nightmare.
He's, yeah, yeah, I do what I want, oh yeah!
And I see you, and I'm just here to say, my will, my soul, my blood, my treasure, my family, it's all in!
All in!
You feel that?
Total commitment!
That's called total commitment, Bill!
Being the opposite of a selfish pig like you!
Here's the problem, they're totally committed to evil.
They're delusional.
And we are on the verge.
I told you folks, they threatened a no-fly zone and shoot down Russian aircraft that the Russians were going to turn on their missile defense system and then turn on their countermeasures if there is a strike with missiles that go 1,000 kilometers, 2,000 kilometers.
They've got ones that go even 3,000 kilometers.
They can fire from Russia proper at our targets.
And they're like, well, we'll blow them up.
We got even better stuff.
That's the whole point.
World War III starts.
I mean, there is such a hubris in Washington, such an insane arrogance.
It's not in the military.
It's not in the Pentagon.
Where they keep going, we got a missile superiority 3 to 1, we got... We're like, yeah, but it doesn't matter.
North Korea's got 4 or 5 nuclear weapons, and we don't want to invade them, because they'll blow Seoul off the face of the Earth, and they'll blow Tokyo off the face of the Earth.
Well, we got satellites and particle beams and we already shoot down their missiles when they test them.
Yeah, I know.
The point is you can't shoot them all down.
Especially if there's thousands of them, not three of them!
Yes, we can deal with North Korea!
Not with Russia!
Not with China!
And I'll tell you the crazy irony of this...
You look at the big crappy, you know, mansions Hillary has.
There's reports how they're all rotting and, you know, it's all just fetid.
They've got all these houses and just all this crap and no one around them loves them.
They're all empty.
That's in the news.
For what?
So you get 50 million more from the Chinese to buy another crappy mansion?
And now China has the entire ICBM system that Russia wouldn't give them.
And then now we're in a face down with Russia.
You people are crazy!
You're crazy!
And I'll tell you who's crazier.
Those of us that sit here and let these crazy people run the show.
So let me explain something.
I don't arrogantly launch operations that are successful against the New World Order because I want to be the tip of the spear.
I do it because I've got to do it.
Because other people either don't have the audience to launch things like this, or they don't have the will, or whatever it is, we're here, we're going to do it, we're committed.
And I've got more ideas as well.
And I want to tell the viewers and listeners something.
I commend you.
I am humbled by what you've done.
Don't ever call in and thank me.
Because you are the people on the ground that are doing it.
And I've done it.
I've been where you've been many times.
And I know what it takes when you're in a crowd of 200, 300 evil, moronic cult members.
And what it's like when they attack you or beat you up or drag you out or, you know, whatever it is, all of you are heroes and you have amazing courage and you are the stuff that'll turn this thing around.
And that's the good news here, is I'm only supposed to be an example, and Lord knows I'm not perfect, and other people are just supposed to be an example, to others, that if the globalists take over, it's the most important thing I've said, if they shut down the web, shut down freedom, start the persecution, that's out of weakness.
That's out of weakness.
It's poster hangs, it's pirate radio,
It's going to public rallies, it's speaking out, it's scaling billboards at night.
In the info war, one billboard in a town will be the talk of the city if they actually shut the press down.
See, as things get darker and there's less light, smaller lights are bigger.
And they're going to push the wrong people.
And it's going to be very organic what you see if the enemy is stupid enough.
Because here's the deal, they've had a 30-40 year plan, at least in its current permutation.
They're going ahead with a plan that counts on maybe 1% being awake.
We got like 10% and it's exponentially growing.
That's critical mass.
They kind of get that now, so they're accelerating their operation against us.
It's too late!
They need to run up the white flag, and I wouldn't call... I'll tell you, if Hillary and Soros and the globalists would just leave, take their hundreds of millions, go somewhere, quite frankly, I'm all in to spare the blood of the innocents, to have an armistice, like Napoleon or whatever, and just go.
Just go!
Just go!
Go to South America!
Just get out of here!
Believe me, I'm all about detente.
I'm all about... I don't have some vindictive thing where I want to burn you.
Or where I want to physically mount your head on a wall, you know, metaphysically, so that I feel like, ooh, oh boy, I'm big, I'm part of the power structure.
I don't want the dirty power.
I want you to get off the little people and to stop lying to the poor minorities that you want to help them when your whole cosmology is about keeping them poor.
I've got all the letters, they're public, of LBJ with the Great Society.
I tell you what, I see these rich black people everywhere!
Get them back on the plantation, get the men out of the house, get the women running things, and I'll have those n-words voting Democrat for a hundred years.
That was his response to the Republicans getting the Civil Rights Act passed.
That's why he told the South, he said, you're gonna pass this stuff, we're gonna be their best buddy now!
They all got their little Klan meetings and said, what do you mean, boss?
Listen, dumbass, how do you control somebody you got domesticated?
You gotta feed them before you slaughter them.
The little piggy gonna trust you when you load them up to take them to the butcher!
Oh, that's how we gonna do it, boss?
That's how we gonna do it!
Now sit down and do what I say, and quit wearing them stupid crayons robe in public!
We don't do that now!
We care about the black people now!
Senator Byrne, our commander, what do we do?
Absolutely, we will do that right away for you!
I mean, that's what's going on.
I just sit here, and I watch these people, and it's just like, pull my hair out!
And then they just wind up these hordes of horrible, racist, crazed black people.
I mean, you think a big gaggle of racist Klan people is disgusting.
Their numbers are small.
Huge groups of just sullen, spoiled, racist black people bitching everywhere.
I mean, it's just unbelievable.
Run by some weird Joker lady.
I just can't handle it, man.
I just, I'm not going to sit here and put up with it.
Somebody has got to stand up against this.
I, I just spiritually can't go along with this.
I mean, that's it.
I can't help myself.
My flesh says, man, you really ought to back off.
You are really asking for it.
I'm not stupid.
But then I say I got to, and the reason I talk about my personal journey,
Is it a journey I know you've been through, or a journey you're going to go through?
Because let me tell you something.
They're getting ready to implode.
Deutsche Bank, like we told you six months ago, it's already happening.
They're getting ready to start a bunch of wars.
They're getting ready to bring in a global depression.
There's no way they can sustain this forever.
And I don't like this fiat system, but I hope they sustain it for a lot longer.
I'm going to skip this network break because there might not even be a show soon.
Who knows, you know?
But let's show what people are doing on the front lines right now.
Because it's cutting out the rhetoric and, oh, calculate, be like this, and then you'll win over Democrats.
I'm not trying to win over Republicans or Democrats.
I'm not trying to play in their little sandbox paradigm.
I want to not overthrow it, but expand it.
I want people to understand that there's a real world and a renaissance system versus a conquest system.
And that we're going on to a conquest system when the renaissance system, we've always been a mix, is what made us so great.
So I truly am here to not play their game, but to change the nomenclature, to change the terms, to change the paradigm.
And guess what?
Infowars, I can unequivocally tell you,
With language, and the terms used, is the most effective outlet in the last 50 years in the liberty movement against the globalist project.
We are, because of the time we came along, all the rest of it, numero uno.
Drudge is much bigger and wonderful and great, it covers a wide spectrum, and it's helping inform the masses, and it's wonderful, but when it comes to having people imitate us,
And have people repeat what we say and go research it.
We've shifted paradigms.
You, the listeners, are just as important as I am, are just as important as somebody at World Net Daily or Matt Drudge, and he will tell you that.
Matt Drudge came out speaking to Matt Drudge yesterday, just a paradigm shift, and said, is this hurricane maybe not as strong as they're saying?
And this is for political purposes to pass the Global Carbon Treaty, which they admit they now pass, but Congress hasn't ratified, but they're saying we're still under?
Of course that's it!
And then they kind of said, well it really wasn't Category 4, it's Category 3.
Okay, I've got, without even looking, dozens and dozens of articles attacking him that he's discredited because he said this wasn't as strong as they said it would be, that they were using it for political purposes.
They're all over the news!
Hillary Clinton, ABC News, NBC News, all of them, saying that
We need to pass carbon taxes, and Bill Clinton's initiative, or it is Bill Clinton's initiative, Barack Obama's initiative, or Hillary's initiative, or we're all dead.
So see, that's how they spin Bing Wright.
They were just talking about 8 million, you know, out of their houses, thousands dead.
No, luckily it's a lot lower.
It's really bad in Haiti though.
It's 300 and something now, last time I checked it was 200 yesterday.
We knew Haiti would be bad.
But the issue is clearly they're politicizing it, and then we're not supposed to say, oh look, you're politicizing.
We should call them on everything they do.
A toll-free number to join us talking about what should Obama do to try to get his agenda through in the last month.
I mean, what do you think they're going to be pulling in the last 31 days till the election happens?
He's a total lame duck.
What is Obama going to do
Once he's a lame duck and is in there and has two months left until January 18th or whatever it is.
When is the inauguration this year?
I think it's the 18th.
What is Hillary gonna do in the last 31 days?
What dirty tricks and October surprises do they have?
What do you make of the debate?
What should Trump do?
What should Trump say?
I think he should come out of the gates and say, this is a three against one just like the last debate.
They did turn my mic down.
They did turn it off.
You better only interrupt me as much as you interrupt her.
Stop giving her extra time.
Stop responding.
That's what needs to happen.
People want the rigging to be called out, just like he did with election fraud.
And I got a bunch of news on that front.
Briefly, and then I'm going to go to these clips of valiant folks out there confronting Bill Clinton on his sexual assault past.
Before we do that, we have a bunch of specials running right now.
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That is what makes
All of this possible at InfoWarsLife.com or InfoWarsStore.com or call toll free 888-253-3139.
And that's how we can pay out $100,000 in...
Our national initiative to expose the sex crimes of Bill Clinton and the cover-up by Hillary Clinton.
That's really what it is.
You can call it a bounty at first.
That's not the right term.
It's just for peacefully getting the word out.
Let's play the latest gentleman who needs to send us his info and proof, you know, obviously a photo of himself and who he is so we can have him on the show if he'd like, but certainly send him the $5,000.
We'll mail it today.
So Bill Clinton is a rapist, Trump supporter, crashes Tim Kaine rally, and this is in Nevada last night.
We'll show you the ABC News version, then we'll show you the version shot by, I believe it's his wife who's there with him.
We're good to go.
So if you have that, you can do a bunch of things.
Donald Trump was horrible at his debate.
Hillary was great.
I love how Bill Clinton the day before says, oh, she doesn't want to stay and talk.
She can't debate as they drag the lady out.
Same thing with this guy.
But here's what I want to say.
This is history happening right now.
And I smile to see the courage.
I admire what you're doing.
I've done similar things.
And I know what it's like to be in that position.
But this is history.
This is history happening.
And they're not laughing now.
Just like with Brexit, they're not going to be laughing.
Or we're going to force them to try to steal the election.
And then that will even discredit them further.
We cannot lose if we engage the globalists.
Laying down is how we fail.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
It's Friday, October 7th, 2016.
Only 31 days from the historic election.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
Drug Raid!
81-year-old Margaret Holcomb was minding her own business in her humble home with her son, when all of the sudden, she was part of a full-blown drug raid!
This wasn't a wrongful raid on an incorrect address, as we've seen in the past.
No, no, they caught a fish with this one.
Literally one fish.
After all, Margaret had one marijuana plant growing in her backyard garden.
Get the choppers!
Get the National Guard!
Take this woman down!
The joint raid between the National Guard and the Massachusetts State Police, which also included a military helicopter, was successful and they were able to take down the one marijuana plant.
A job well done, boys.
Now, Margaret will have to find a nice, legal pharmaceutical to ease her arthritis and glaucoma.
Now, does the war on drugs make sense to you?
This is Owen Troyer from InfoWars.com.
Be sure to download our new app, InfoWars Live.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Alright, he already played this at the end of the last hour.
I want to play now from the other angle, but I want to show you that first.
Got it on ABC News and other platforms.
From behind, and this was shot by a lady who's there, maybe his wife, looks like she's with him, and you hear Tim Kaine saying, you know that Pence is getting ready to basically drop out.
I mean, he's already getting ready just to run in, you know, four years for office again.
Just totally making that up.
This is what they do.
They lie.
They deceive.
They sent bus loads by the thousands.
I mean, it would be 20, 30, 40, 50 buses per event for Trump all over the nation of people to go riot and attack and then blame it on Trump.
But notice, I know when something's really devastating, no mainstream media will pick up the fact there's a national move to expose rape because that's the talking point that you get fired if you bring it up.
It's come on the news, not just Roger Stone, but others start bringing it up.
They cut the feeds.
They cut Donald Trump's feeds.
The only place it got out was on Sean Hannity.
They're scared of this, that's why we're targeting it.
Because their whole thing is about how horrible Trump is to women when it's the opposite.
So here's the other angle.
Alright, this goes on for a while.
There's also the front of the speech where Cain's making ridiculous lies up about Governor Pence.
But again, they send people to scream, Donald Trump's Hitler, Donald Trump hates women, Donald Trump's a racist.
Well, Bill Clinton settled sexual assault events with women.
And other women have said he raped them.
I've interviewed three of them that were on record to be working in and around Bill Clinton.
I mean, this guy is a known predator.
He flies around the Lolita Express.
They've now got child actors out there in fake press conferences and fake town halls with Hillary.
We covered that yesterday.
I mean, these people, the sky's the limit.
So, I'm showing folks how you take action.
And our listeners are doing it.
But whatever happens to me, and I'm sure we got Providence, your prayers, we're out in the sunshine.
Jim Garrison, over 300 people got killed on the JFK investigation.
They said, why are you still alive, you know, being the prosecutor here in New Orleans?
And he said, I stay in the sunshine.
And you see the stuff happens to him in that movie?
I've experienced the exact same stuff.
And again, I'm not up here saying, oh, I'm this hero.
I'm explaining to folks, these people are monsters.
And most people, like David Brock, or others that, you know, are fighting the Clintons, even Chris Ruddy, for bizarre, you know, gives them foundation money, a million dollars plus, and now won't let the sex stuff come up on Newsmax.
I'm not attacking Newsmax.
They do a lot of great work.
It's just, that's all coming out, that everybody is basically bowing and going along with the Clintons.
Let me tell you who isn't.
Matt Drudge, WorldNetDaily,
So DrudgeReport.com, WorldNetDaily, InfoWars.com, Daily Caller, and Breitbart.
And I'm so glad to see all these other sites that are firing up and doing good journalism and getting crews and doing things like Right Side and others because we need everybody to get more aggressive, everybody to get more radical, that's what protects us.
We're under radical globalist attack, you don't just not want to sound radical and so you just kind of let them take over.
That's their tactic, to be so radical you can't even say what they're doing because it sounds crazy.
No, you just call it what it is, you expose them, you get aggressive, legally and lawfully,
And who blinks first loses, and you just push it.
And I love the fact, and MSNBC admits this is what they hate, that I have helped, you have helped this audience, you, you get the main credit, my crew, at radicalizing the public.
Because the public is totally docile being raped.
They need to get radical and stand up.
It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host Alex Jones, who claims that 9-11 and the Oklahoma City bombings were inside jobs.
And others who are kind of at the very fringe of the conspiracy movement like Alex Jones are being kind of incorporated into the campaign in ways it's a or even the recent choices of campaign management.
The right-wing smear machine has gotten Alex Jones-ified this election cycle as we've been chronicling here.
Jones is the show with the
Conspiracy theorist and creator of the fringe website InfoWars.
Do you also know that Hillary Clinton uses a wheelchair?
Her personal vehicle has had to be outfitted with a wheelchair lift because she is not a person who can actually walk.
She secretly uses a wheelchair all those times you think you've seen her walking.
She hasn't been walking.
Did you know that?
Hillary Clinton has been on the campaign trail for 18 months.
Her energy staggers me.
I have a hard time keeping up with her.
The historical first in electing the first conspiracy freak president.
He's not pivoting for presidential.
He's pivoting to Alex Jones.
He's pivoting to crazy.
Was Hillary wearing an earpiece during last night's presidential forum?
That is the pilot, the captain of America's conspiracy theory mothership, Alex Jones.
You just had to keep digging, didn't you Alex?
The plan was so simple.
All Hillary had to do was open a jar of pickles, and the White House would be all ours.
You're gonna be part of the conspiracy now, you realize that, right?
I'm gonna try to do my best.
Alex Jones is gonna be all over you!
Let's see what happens.
Okay, here we go.
Here it is.
Whoop, blitzer.
Oh no!
Oh, there was a... They are all in on this, on this total conspiracy theory that literally came from InfoWars.
First of all, Hayes, I'll get you for this segment.
It may take years and cost thousands of lives, but I'll get you for this.
I don't know what happens in somebody's mind or how dark their heart must be to say things like that.
The New World Order sends its regards.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on.
For your mind.
And it matters, because it's not just the kook fringe, it's not just the sort of remunerative conspiracy theory world of that part of the conservative media machine.
It's not even just wacky people who have made their way into Republican politics at a surprising height.
This is now the top of the Republican ticket.
It's Friday, October 7th, 2016.
We are now only 31 days from the historic election.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Alex Jones.
I have the checks here, $20,000 worth of them that I'll be signing at the end of the broadcast today for the patriots that went in and got attacked and got clawed and got, you know, you name it in some of the cases, in many cases not, for bringing up the fact that Bill Clinton has settled rape cases and that the media has an embargo on anyone talking about his sexual past while they claim Trump is hurting women and mean to women and bullying women and Hillary's caught with child actors in fake town halls
How the child actor and little girl is sad because everyone's mean to her at school over her body size.
She's not an ugly girl, not fat either.
It's all made up because of Donald Trump.
They're framing him for hurting women while they have a media control rigged embargo.
And you bet, we took the gloves off.
We're saying, get in there, expose the right, expose the history.
And by the time I pay out $100,000, this thing's going to be cascading.
We got 31 days left till the election.
So since I mentioned it, I want to go to some phone calls right now and tell you what's coming up.
But since I mentioned it, let's go ahead and play the ABC News version, because they also have their own cell phone version, of a gentleman who was in Nevada last night with a couple hundred Democrats there, hearing Cain speak, because Hillary can't go out on the road, she's having so many convulsions.
These people have a lot of courage, and again, you sent a bunch of Black Lives Matter and Soros people in to cause fights and attack people.
We're just peacefully exposing what you've done.
We're not calling for violence like you do or beating people up.
We're just saying Bill Clinton has a history of sexual assault.
And here's the clip.
You know, she can't talk to herself.
They're trying to cover up Bill Clinton's rape.
The media really wants to shut that down.
ABC News just keeps rolling with it.
And now the memos are going to have to go out.
Cut the feed when the rape stuff comes up!
So that's what I'm doing.
It's not an October surprise.
I'm just not going to sit here and watch that last debate last week.
How dare you be so mean to women?
You once said a woman broke her contract and she gained weight in Miss Universe.
You're so hateful!
And this woman literally was the bimbo eruption person that went after the women, threatened them, had PIs go to their houses, kill their animals, kill their family members.
I mean, this is incredible death.
I'm sitting here with that whole nest of David Brock people.
At their Media Matters, Soros funded, you know, typing all this up.
But notice, they never go here.
They never talk about this because it's a no-no.
Where's the national news on the despicable Alex Jones?
I knew when I did this, it would take 20, 30, 40 people doing this for it to even get in the news.
And I'm not trying to get in the news so InfoWars gets talked about.
I'm trying to get the news so the rape gets talked about.
I wish somebody else had done stuff like this so I
Wouldn't have to sit here and stick my finger in Hillary's eye over and over again.
But she's on top of me.
She's on top of my family.
She's on top of you.
I can't help it.
Bunch of bullies are sitting on me, punching me in the nose.
I'm gonna get them off me or I'm gonna die trying.
So what does Trump need to do with the debate?
I used to come out and say, this whole thing's been rigged.
You did cut my mic off.
The debate commission admitted it.
I got interrupted 40-something times last time.
Don't interrupt me more than you interrupt her.
Is that understood, Cooper?
And Rat Lady.
I mean, this would be like having Anderson Cooper be the moderator.
It's like having Monsieur Maddow, an admitted total enemy of Trump, caught making all this stuff up.
This is a joke!
This isn't balance.
This isn't fair.
This isn't real questions.
Since when do you have fact-checkers live?
They can't even trust a candidate to say what they want because we finally got a candidate who isn't controlled.
And that's why they hate him.
Their internal memos, their internal emails, they are panicking.
Now what's coming up?
We have a Paul Joseph Watson report that deals with
The head of Citibank and Elon Musk and all these other big billionaires that have been in the news the last year.
This first came out like five years ago.
It was a headline.
Top scientists at MIT have found an alternate universe overlaid over ours, and ours appears to be artificial.
And then they went on from there.
In fact, I know I said reprint those.
I don't see them in the stack.
Where are those articles?
I'm sure they're here.
I just need those if I don't have them yet.
I'm just a bunch of them because what will happen is I'll come out and cover this and the New York Times or the Washington Post or you know come out and deceive people and they'll say Alex Jones claims the world is a simulation and is a video game is totally insane knowing most their viewers and readers don't actually go out and hear what the elite are saying.
The elite have always believed this.
This is beyond Gnostic.
And the truth is, this is not a simulation.
They're trying to convince you that you're already in the Matrix, so they can trick you into going into their new virtual realities.
So, the same trick that a lot of the Hindus and people have been put into, about this world doesn't matter, you'll just be reincarnated, you know, life's all a dream, the Indians have super high IQs, you go there, it's a living hell, because they just can't seem to get out of nirvana.
There it is.
Bank of America analysts think there's a 50% chance we live in the matrix.
Just print me a whole bunch of them because later, say about 40 after, I'm going to play Paul Watson's report, and then I'm going to give you the real scoop, folks.
But they've always planned this, and they admit they want to make things so ugly, so bad, 200-foot coffin apartments, everything ugly, broken up relationships, asexual systems, that you will accept the matrix.
That's been declassified.
American Federation of Scientists.
It was declassified in 1999 and the Pentagon asked for it to be reclassified.
And they said, we're going to make things so horrible that then you're going to be put into a tank at birth that you grow in that's a simulated reality and then your heat will fund the hive and then we'll all live in pods in heaven with a master computer programming us.
It's like ten steps worse than the UN-pushed independent grassroots Zeitgeist movement.
Oh, a big computer will tell us what to do and we'll all live in big sports stadiums and be re-educated if we're not good.
I mean, these are quotes.
So now they've gone from, we might be, a month ago to, we are, we are, and we're going to lead you out of Plato's Cave.
So I'm gonna give you some of the big secrets here today that the big boys don't want you to know.
And believe me, when I give you this info, this is, well, this is, this is, this is big enchiladas.
It's like I said, there's gonna be election fraud.
This is what Trump needs to do.
And they're going to blow up.
And they're going to run in there, because they're already in there.
And then the president comes out and says, it's crazy, there's no such thing, we don't run it.
Federalizes it three weeks later.
It was already federalized.
We're just forcing them.
That's like tinker toy stuff, okay, compared to what's really going on.
The problem is we've got to stay focused on the temporal and the basic stuff in front of us, because that's how we get the public out of the matrix.
You go, wait a minute, you said this isn't the Matrix.
The globalists are creating a false paradigm, sucking us into our TV screens, our smartphones, our virtual reality headsets, to get us out of the third dimension that is the launch base to the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and beyond.
Infinity and beyond!
It's actually a very astute statement.
People say it sounds like an oxymoron.
It's not.
Infinity and beyond.
Unlimited infinities.
And see, all these atheists and all these globalists that tell you, oh, there's no God, we're just animals, no free will, oh, it's all boring, no big deal, we're just on this planet out here in space, but don't worry about that.
You're not.
There's nothing going on.
Don't listen to just what all the ancients do.
And now they're going, oh, there is actually some creature that runs everything.
It's got a computer.
Oh, we have computers, too.
We're God.
We're God.
There's something to all this.
It's all fake.
We'll help you get out with what we built.
That's a good one.
So, I'm going to go to your phone calls first, though.
Anna Marie, James, Steven, Chris, Tim, and others.
Then, drones to circle Cowboy Stadium during game to understand what's going on in each seat.
I thought when I told you 15 years ago about the drone program,
And how they'd have them for law enforcement, and how they'd watch all of us, and how they'd watch farmers and use environmental laws.
I was a big kooky, even though it was declassified.
Now it's all being announced as usual.
But I'm more kooky because I was right, remember?
Remember just five years ago we wrote about it and Drudge posted our article and there was a big edition of over a thousand newspapers.
Drudge posts the insane rantings of Alex Jones that they're going to be watching farmers and ranchers with drones and we're going to have them watching cities and permanently tethered blimps and blah blah blah.
It was already in place.
Then it all comes out and they go, so what Kooks?
Of course it's good for you.
And Obamacare is free.
So let's go ahead and go to Anne Marie in Pennsylvania.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Hi Alex.
Um, Mr. Trump has to be that brazen, unapologetic man we all fell in love with.
I agree.
I agree.
That's what the people want.
They want a restoration.
They want a revolution.
They don't want more milquetoast.
They don't want the pundits to pat him on the head.
Trump, you'll just win if you become a wimp.
No, they want him to come in there and clean the floor with that witch.
And in the debate, he should address his issues.
We already know that they're not going to ask him anything that might... Ignore their BS, exactly, and just move forward with information.
I was crying watching that man, who wasn't young, by the way.
He wasn't a young man at that Cain rally.
Be brave and do what he did.
I was actually sitting here crying.
I thought, you know,
I wish that we would all do that.
We should all do that.
I got tears in my eyes this morning when I saw it, but I had to steady myself there on the counter after my kids had gone to school, because I realized the evil we're facing and the fact that this has to be done, and the fact that they're grabbing on him, they're pinching his arms, they're doing, you know, they're basically assaulting him, if you look at the video closely, and he's just standing there and not moving.
And just shouting out the truth, and he looks like he's in heaven, because it's good to break through the comfort zone and to be done.
And they count on patriots being good people, quote, close quote, and submitting.
And the time for submission is over.
Go ahead, Anne-Marie.
Anne, I'm not patting you on the back because I know you don't like that, but I think it was awesome, using Trump's name in the video to expose Hillary, using that little girl to get people to look.
That was genius.
Well, Sherry, some people say, what is this clickbait deception?
It says, Donald Trump caught using child actors in fake town hall.
Then everybody tunes in on the leftist sites.
How dare him?
And then they're forced to go, oh my God, it's Hillary, and try to have some soul and think about how fake all this is.
Look, I'm going full information warfare right now.
The gloves are off.
I told everybody, the gloves are off right now.
Get ready for more.
And I went out at 2 a.m.
and I put Trump stickers within a two mile radius of my house.
I know!
It was great!
Yeah, well, I'm not recommending anybody do this because you can have a lot of adrenaline and break your leg doing it, but in times of total tyranny, it's criminal.
In my mind, I'm not saying do this, if you don't climb a big billboard and spray paint Bill Clinton's a rapist the day before he comes to town.
I mean, we're in a war.
And by the way, I would do it, I'm not saying do it, I'm just in my own mind, I would do it to say a government PR billboard about vaccines or something, where you paid for it, it's your billboard, they use your money to put that BS out.
Or, you know, whatever crap they're pushing.
Find an anti-gun billboard, whatever.
And then, boom, Bill Clinton's a rapist or whatever.
Then it'll be all over the news.
We're in a war.
We need, everybody needs to take the gloves off and put brass knuckles on, baby.
Doing it, Alex.
Thank you so much.
Have a wonderful day.
Ma'am, what was it like, though?
Because you sounded giddy there.
I know the feeling.
What was it like, you know, at 5 a.m., you know, out there under the stars doing the Lord's work?
It was great!
It was 2 a.m.
and everything was dewy, so I had to actually dry off things, like, you know, different things, so I could get the fingers... You were like a little sprite out there.
Yeah, I was like Santa's helper.
Good, Anna Marie.
Listen, I've been interrupting.
Anything else you want to add?
I just want... I hope God blesses you and your family, and God is by your side, Alex.
Never forget that.
Never forget that.
I know.
I just already had the Clintons.
I mean, I know what they're capable of.
I mean, I got fired.
They said, you know, wow, you're really big.
We heard from the Democrats.
You better shut up.
And then I was told they tried to buy me off.
And I experienced what a mafia they are.
And I'll say this about the Republicans.
They're bad, they do terrible stuff.
You know, the neocons that work with the Clintons.
The Bushes, you know, vacation with them.
But they didn't do that.
There was some stuff, but nothing like the Clintons.
They are vindictive.
And that's why most generals, like General Flynn, say they've had psychologicals done on Hillary and they've got a file on her.
And she is super dangerous and vindictive.
I mean, obviously, Hillary shouldn't strike out at her enemies.
At a certain point, it makes everybody turn against her.
But you know what?
Somebody's got to do it.
God bless you.
Amazing call, amazing lady.
Yeah, it's a war, folks.
It's a war.
And by the way, every order at Infowarsstore.com gets several Hillary for Prison 2016 bumper stickers.
We can't put a bunch in because it'll make the weight go up.
And then we have to charge you more for shipping.
But we did order a million of these.
I really should talk more about that.
And you've got to order them now, this week.
We're getting them in 10 packs, 100 packs, you name it, to put in legal and lawful areas.
So they see HillaryForPrison2016 and they learn, you know, where they can go to find the resistance.
And believe me, we are occupied by globalists.
Their own emails admit this is a corporate takeover of America.
I am under international law.
I am under Geneva Convention.
I am the equivalent of a German citizen in 1944 that's trying to save my country or a French citizen in 1942 or whatever.
I am occupied.
They admit it.
It is fraudulent.
They are above the law.
They are criminal.
They have taken the funding away from our veterans for their political views.
For social engineering, they have them on don't treat list, they are opening our borders, they are depleting our resources, they let people in with tuberculosis and cholera and leprosy.
I mean that's mainstream news.
They don't even, oh you got leprosy?
Come on in.
They bring in jihadis, they are attacking us.
And speaking of that, if you get our biome defense, we also have it in the
$25 billion per pill, per capsule.
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Absolute game changer.
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Do your own research about the gut and why the globalists have been targeting it.
And what the Goliath Estates have been doing.
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We're running a big operation.
We're fighting hard.
We're trying to put new people on.
I'm expending all of our backup funds just in an absolute complete war on the New World Order with the truth as our weapon.
So I want to thank you all.
You are the InfoWar.
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Or call toll free 888-253-3139.
All right, let's go back to your calls.
Who's been holding the longest?
Let's talk to James.
We're going to be covering the debate live Sunday from four to ten.
Six hours.
Always have the regular four to six.
Then we'll have two hours of the debate.
Then we'll carry the debate.
Then we'll have at least an hour of phone calls and analysis after.
So that's one, two, three, four, five, like seven hours.
No rest for those that want to battle the wicked.
Or maybe I was wicked in some other life.
I don't believe in that, but there goes the joke.
James and Tejas, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Well, to add to Anne Marie's what she said, God is with us all, make no mistake, even if you don't have the faith.
But I did want to say that this upcoming debate, Trump, since Hillary wants to bring out the woman card, he needs to bring out the fact that Clinton says she's fighting for women, even though
All the women that tried to come forward regarding Bill's sexual assault, she refers to them as quote, trailer trash, and even threatens a lot of them in person.
So I think that's a big deal.
She grabs their hands and crushes them.
And look, I'll give it to her.
She can, you know, she beats Bill up with ashtrays.
I mean, she's a real deal.
And so if we bring up the point of how demonic she is, and Trump brings that up in the debate with millions and millions of people tuning in,
I think even a moron can add two and two together and say, okay, well obviously this person isn't fit for presidency.
And of course the mainstream media is going to demonize him, but what do you think about coming out of the gates and saying, I just want to say last week they turned my mic off for the audience and they added half levels during it so that I couldn't respond.
The debate commission admits it, I was right about that.
Hold on Cooper, see you're already doing it.
Do not interrupt me more than you interrupt her, okay?
Just listen.
Be fair.
Do the right thing.
Let me talk.
Yeah, that's right.
And you know, if Trump brings it out into the limelight, I know last debate he didn't do as good as we all thought he would, but I think he needs to hit her five times as hard this debate.
Not go all out, but I think he needs to bring up a lot of points that will actually get people researching and get people looking at Clinton's past and really get people to wake up, you know?
Absolutely, my friend.
What are you doing to take action on the ground?
I've done a lot, actually.
I just graduated high school a couple years ago, and in that time, well, that's when I started listening to your show and started doing my own research, and I remember
Usually I'm not trying to be... I'm not racist at all, but people will call me this just for saying it, but a lot of the minorities stick together in groups, especially in schools, and so what I would do is I would make friends with a lot of the minorities.
Well sure, it's all... humans are tribal, and then they call that racism.
The extreme version of tribalism is racism, but the point is we should just all be honest about it.
Go ahead.
Right, and so I would make friends with a lot of them, and then I'd ask them, you know, what do you think about Donald Trump?
And they'd all tell me, you know, oh, he's a racist, he's a bigot, this and that.
So I'd tell them, you know, why don't you go do your own research and come back and tell me, or find me a quote, find me something, find me proof.
And none of them could ever do that, so they finally, a lot of them actually went up to me and said, wow, you know, I actually... No, exactly, that's why they don't want, quote, minorities going to a tea party, because they'll find out the truth.
That it's the least level of racism you'll ever experience.
I mean, I'm telling you folks, it's a fact.
Republicans are the ones that did the civil rights.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Coming to a city near you, ISIS serial killers!
That's right, an ISIS magazine, Rumiah, is recruiting serial killers to carry out knife attacks in the West.
This hate group, or religion of peace according to Hillary Clinton, explains to potential recruits how they don't need a gun to terrorize innocent people, they just need a knife.
This same publication also calls for its servants to shed blood and even to die for their cause.
How would you describe that?
Radical Islam?
I'm sure Barack Obama will be ignoring this, because radical Islam doesn't exist to him.
I'm sure Hillary Clinton will turn a blind eye to this as well, as she doesn't want to offend anyone on the eve of an election.
Here's a crazy idea.
Find out whoever is publishing this mass-murderer-producing hate rag, and start questioning him and his entire staff!
It's okay to assume it's a man, as they're in charge of women in radical Islam.
Then jail him or start getting some answers on ISIS leaders immediately.
Or are we really that incompetent?
This is Owen Schroer from InfoWars.com.
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Watch me!
I got it!
I got something that makes me wanna shout!
I got something that tells me what it's all about!
I got soul, and I'm super bad!
I got soul!
And I'm super bad!
And I'm super bad!
I got it!
I got something!
I got a move!
That tells me what to do!
I got a move!
Tells me what to do, baby!
I got a move!
That tells me what to do!
Sometimes I feel so nice!
I wanna try myself for you!
I got soul!
And I'm super bad!
And I'm super bad!
Alright, I'm going to run through Chris in Georgia and Steve and Cindy and Tim in August and then I'm going to stop taking calls for a little while because Steve Quayle is joining us to get into this whole World War III scenario.
The Russians have launched a no-fly zone.
Around Syria, they were working with the United States the last few years to take out ISIS.
And then finally, Obama was able to basically remove all the generals and admirals and put people in that will not work with the Russians.
And they've been now targeting government forces on a daily basis, blowing up the Syrian military and Russians as well.
And the Russians have said, OK, well, you're going to announce a no-fly zone.
You're going to start shooting us down.
Boom, no-fly zone is now up.
Anybody entering will be shot down.
And there's almost no coverage in our media.
Now, this is not a good thing.
Russia launches no-fly zone, threatens war with USA, psychotic elite could ignite World War III.
And that's what the head of the Army said just a few days ago.
But the Average Trendy site writes articles saying I'm a fear monger.
And I said this is exactly how it'll start, is if the West tries to shoot down Russian planes, or starts announcing no-fly zone, the Russians will just do it.
And so now the Russians are like, okay, enter the airspace, we're gonna shoot you down.
And you know they're gonna fly a US aircraft in there.
Unless the pilots just say no.
And then they get drugged in, in front of their commanders, and then it goes up the chain, and then they hear, well, we've had half the pilots refuse to attack.
Well, they're just cowards!
General, why have you not attacked the Russians yet?
Well, that'll mean war!
We'll just use missiles!
But then they'll respond, but we... Missiles!
Why don't you just stick your, you know what, that light socket over there for me.
That'll take care of it.
So, they did this about a year ago to make the West start doing the right thing and bombing the Al-Qaeda forces, but now it's been done again.
So there you have it.
A new video is up today.
It's very, very important.
We stayed here very late last night to get this done.
It's extremely powerful and extremely informative.
Now I'm going to go to your calls.
Bam, bam, bam right now.
And then I want to get into this Paul Joseph Watson report.
We're all trapped inside a simulation.
Now, I remember David Icke saying that about 10 years ago in one of his latest books.
Of course, it had been said before that this is a matrix, you know, false reality.
And that all came from Pentagon reports in the 70s that I mentioned earlier were declassified in 1999.
And it was seen as theoretical then.
Point is, I don't want to be inserted into your matrix, but if you look at the development, and I've always wanted to get a cartoonist to do a graphic of this.
We ought to hire the guy that
Did the one on Age Skrillex and Carl the Cuck, he's a really good animator, or his team is.
I'd say his name, but he's incognito, gnome de plume, because, you know, he exposes the Islamists, so there's a lot of death threats, but...
Getting back to what I was breaking down, where it shows the evolution, if you go along with evolution, just to educate the public and use a paradigm they get of us from apes or whatever up to humans and bipedal and then we're wearing space suits by the 60s and then suddenly we start bending over our computers and then now we're little stunted creatures with an iPhone staring into it and pretty soon it's goggles and then it's a wire in our head and then it's chips in our head and then suddenly we're a computer.
And the globalists want to direct this, quote, evolution, and the only evolution it's going to be, you know what, I'll just cover this now and then go to your calls.
The only evolution it's going to be is that as a PKD predicted wirehead, a cyberpunk, you're going to be able to have unlimited ecstasy whenever you want for days, weeks, years, and it'll just wither away and be happy to die.
And they'll tell you, you're going to be a simulation and still feel great forever, just sign this form, and the government will say the program is really you, and you'll sign the form, and it'll just be some record of who you were, a limited facsimile, and you'll be dead, but you'll sign the piece of paper because it's a giant con game saying you really entered another dimension that was a digital version of the third dimension.
So a false third dimension
Not even a fourth dimension or fifth dimension or sixth dimension projection of a quantum mechanical system that we know is already verifiable.
So this is a de-evolution, not an evolution.
And you guys were getting me the big stack of news.
I saw you putting them on screen.
Do I have that stack?
Well, you're awesome.
Ah, here it is right underneath these papers.
Thank you so much, Nico.
So since I said I'd cover this now, let me just go ahead and hit this for a few minutes, play the clip, and then go back to your calls.
But this is something we need to really talk about a lot.
Now, here's some of the headlines.
Just so you know, you're a new listener.
You'll probably see this on MSNBC and they'll have me up here saying everything's a computer simulation and say that I'm insane and no one ever said this, but I'm just covering what they're saying.
In reality, an illusion.
Is reality an illusion?
Scientists say we may be living in a computer simulated controlled by an evil genius.
That's the Daily Mail.
So, what they're really saying is God's an evil genius, this isn't real, but we can give you
The Garden of Eden fruit that gives you the real knowledge of things and another reality outside of this evil creator's paradigm.
But then you look what God actually gives us, it's everything good.
We are almost definitely living in a Matrix-style simulation, claims Elon Musk, the famous billionaire inventor.
The Telegraph.
Tech billionaires think we live in the Matrix and have asked scientists to get us out.
Elon Musk says there's a one-in-a-billion chance reality is not a simulation.
Now that's a very deceptive way, and I'm not attacking Elon Musk, I think the jury's out on him, but are any of these guys obsessed with life-assisting technology?
But the point is these are kind of the gurus, you know, of this whole transhumanist movement now.
And they say there's a one in a trillion chance, or depending on the simulation, that you could have life on Earth.
The moon's at the perfect spot, the sun's at the perfect spot, we have all the right elements.
Well, if you're out there in the universe with hundreds and hundreds of billions of known galaxies, and trillions upon trillions of Googleplexes of habitable worlds, you're going to end up being the lottery winner.
You know, when you're the lottery winner, you're the lottery winner.
It's like, how could life even exist?
We're here experiencing it, so we're being injected into this matrix, this time square false reality they're trying to inject us into, telling us the ocean isn't real, telling us our great-great-grandparents weren't real, telling us birds in the sky aren't real, telling us little fish in the pond aren't real, telling us that
Love isn't real, but Pokemon Go is, when really it's an admitted plan.
They admit to have you walk around and go for Google Street View and videotape all the targets they want, instead of having to pay for cars to do it.
Plus, humans can go into people's houses, they can go into people's businesses and chronicle everything, and they admit that's the platform they want.
But all the little trendies that think this is the real world, the fake matrix they're being given,
They then always get mad at me and think I'm trying to take their video games away and I'm trying to take away new horizons and new worlds for them.
No, I'm not.
I'm explaining to you that the Pokemon Go or the World of Warcraft or any of this stuff statistically makes you depressed, makes you make less money, makes you not have friends, makes you delusional and unhealthy,
and is a world made by someone else so you can say we don't know who made this world but it's big and you can sit there with a powerful telescope at night and look at the rings of Saturn or the moons of Jupiter magnified thousands of times like a little marble in your eye and it's like down the block and you can go to a vista and look down the block into an eternity of eons of light years
With trillions of more galaxies upon trillions of more for infinity, and then we're supposed to listen to the men who run the little tinker toy computer systems, they're telling us they're about to be gods, merge with things, humans are obsolete, humans are over, out of one side of their mouth.
Bill Joy, Ray Kurzweil, the Globalists, that's their religion.
But, oh, there's some evil entity, that's what they say, running all of this that suppressed us, and they're going to build a reality that's better.
So, holding your daughter's hand, when I was driving home from dinner last night with my daughter, and I was holding her hand,
That isn't real.
Ancestral memories aren't real.
My brainwaves aren't real.
See, this is just a more jacked-up version of the atheist saying, you're all animals, you're stupid, there is no free will, but let us run things.
Just give up, there is no free will, let us run things.
Now they've just gone ahead and said, okay, nobody's buying that.
Okay, there's an evil entity controlling everything and it built this whole fake thing and it's imprisoning you, but if you'll just come into our little system we built, it'll give you unlimited pleasure and blah blah blah.
Well, you can't just be given unlimited pleasure.
That's all part of the struggle to build to the next level.
But they're just, it's all quick, it's all easy.
Just plug this in.
There won't be any more pain.
Just take this shot.
We'll get you ready for the show.
These are drug dealers.
These are high-tech...
They're busy worrying about their Mars bases, while telling you, oh, you don't like planet Earth?
We're building something very special, but we want you to go live in compact cities and 200 square foot apartments, those are the big ones, pay us all your money, and then be so unhappy...
That we say, okay, you're unhappy?
Go to our next level.
Okay, I'll upgrade.
I'm even more unhappy.
It's all right, come to the next level.
All right, I'll upgrade.
Oh God, it's even worse.
Just give up total consciousness to the great cloud and you will be with all these other great minds and people and no more pain, no more individuality.
Just give yourself to nirvana, our artificial nirvana.
Just beam yourself up.
Oh my gosh, you're gonna be raptured.
The Christians are told you're gonna be raptured.
Well, now there's the new age rapture, the new world order rapture.
Enter it.
Beyond THX 1138.
This is what's going on.
At every level, this is the real reality, and of course there's other dimensions, you name it.
But everything the power structure does is just to keep you as dumbed down as possible, where people think islands are floating and, you know, Donald Trump's a racist, and just total cuckoo land.
And I kept telling you, the top atheists, and they make a big joke about this in the media, Alex says a lot of atheists are actually a cultist.
I've experienced it.
I've been.
In Bohemian Grove.
I've covered Skull and Bones.
I know what the Theosophic Society pushes in all this.
You are the profane.
You're not even meant to know there's a spiritual world, which just means other dimensions.
You're not supposed to understand that there is dimensions below us and above us.
You are profane.
You do not enter the temple.
And so you have all these weird little disenfranchised losers, hateful of life, loving of death, empty, no family, no future, just going around going, damn, I'm an atheist, there are no, no God, there is no secrets.
Totally controlled blind.
Now, there are a lot of people that hate organized religion, the establishment, who say, I don't believe in God, because if there's a real God, he's a sadist.
I can get those people.
But the ones that are the liberal, the state's God, humans are God, the state's God, it's going to bring me to Nirvana, it's going to bring me to Valhalla, it's going to bring me there, but only after the Ragnarok, Gudur Damarang, you know, is played out and we have a world war, and then we transcend to the next level.
And I don't have free will, but you're gonna run my life.
So let's go to Paul Joseph Watson's report.
I'm gonna come back with the final key point, but here's the bottom line.
Synthetic, just to dumb it down.
Silicon is square.
It's a crystal.
It's artificial.
It doesn't go to another dimension.
Life has memories and a transmission and is round.
Just to dumb it down.
Life is round.
Real is organic.
Synthetic is artificial and there's a synthetic invasion taking over, telling you this is the fraud, go with it, eat the apple.
You don't get advanced knowledge, you get the corrupting virus of the knowledge of the silicone.
Let's go ahead and go to Paul's report.
Two secret billionaires think we're all living inside a video game simulation and are working with scientists in a desperate effort to help humanity break out.
Say what?
No, this isn't an episode of The X-Files.
According to entrepreneur and venture capitalist Sam Altman, elitists are obsessed with the idea that what we perceive to be reality is actually just The Sims on a grand scale.
What does that mean?
The argument is pretty straightforward.
Computing technology has advanced so much in the last 40 years that at some point we're going to be able to create video game simulations that are indistinguishable from reality.
And if that's the case,
How do we know it hasn't already happened?
And hit pause.
Back it up a few seconds, because I want to explain something.
See, for new viewers, these are artificial realities programmed by other humans, so you're entering their universe and their world under their laws and their parameters.
They're God in that system.
You understand?
And you don't have free will.
They always ratchet it down.
The real God gives you free will, which is why there's evil.
Because it has a chance to try to sell you on its false reality.
You have to give up your humanity.
In this real dimension, you are visiting with other people that have genetic memory similar to yours and have whole histories and things we can't even compute or understand layered on each other over and over and over and over and over and over again.
And then interdimensional genetic structures that resonate with higher dimensions.
The elite all know this, by the way, and are obsessed with it.
And they're creating an artificial cage, the equivalent of a dirty cat box they want you to go live in, when you, instead of living, you know, in the beautiful foothills of the Colorado mountains, at a majestic lake, where you could actually meet a woman who has a whole past, or a man, have children, merge your genetic lines in love, spiritually combining with them.
In a galactic ritual.
That's why they can constantly attack it.
And then it's a loving force in the universe of creation and procreation and building and taking raw dead matter, rocks, silicate, crystals, and then creating giant sequoia redwoods out of it that symbiotically live with all the other creatures within it.
And then planets themselves are eggs for the advanced life form to then spring forth out of it and then to go to a next level.
That's God's promise.
They want you to enter some silicate garbage they built?
Look at it!
It's why it makes you depressed.
It's why it makes you fat.
It's why it makes you commit suicide.
And the slicker it gets, the worse it gets.
And their problem is, Google Glasses, they spent tens of billions trying to force feed them.
No one uses them.
Everyone hates them.
Because it's not human.
It oppresses us.
It takes us out of our atmosphere.
That's why they take real love from you.
That's why they take family from you.
That's why they take culture from you.
So you can then have little robot fake friends mixed in with the real ones in the fake virtual reality to have your soul absolutely shuttered.
That's why they want to make it the law that you can't let your kids be out in the sun.
That's Cass Sunstein, the White House regulations are.
He wants a law that you cannot have sunlight.
And we're one step away from the tanks.
And you ask, where did humans get this?
Well, the Bible says there's an evil fallen entity that was corrupt and bad and hauled ass.
And can't deal with what God's doing, and so it has to screw around with us.
Which is all part of God's plan, because God doesn't want a bunch of jellyfish.
God wants His children, pull back and really think about what the Bible's really saying, to be hardened, to be strengthened, to be tested.
And so, everybody wants to go to space and everybody wants to be part of the future.
If you're in the Starfleet training, folks, you figure that out yet?
This is it.
This is it right now.
This is a high-tech war you're in right now.
They're blasting the hell out of people, man, people are dizzy, they're falling down, they're brain damaged.
I mean, they're hitting us hard, man.
Because they're not just killing people's bodies, folks.
They are... They are basically hammering people's souls.
Getting people tied into this, and then just sucking them dry, and just cut them to pieces.
And they're shadows of what they would have been.
Beautiful creatures.
Beautiful creatures made in God's image, being just sucked apart by a pack of intergalactic demons.
And that's what the elite really believe.
And they make jokes about me ten years ago talking about this, and now you see they're telling you!
But they tell you the God that created all this is the devil.
No, they're the devil.
Back to Paul Watson's report.
Two tech billionaires have gone so far as to secretly engage scientists to work on breaking us out of the simulation, Altman told the New Yorker.
Elon Musk thinks it's almost inevitable that civilization as we know it is actually just one giant simulation.
Forty years ago we had Pong.
Like two rectangles and a dot.
That was what games were.
Um, now, 40 years later, we have photorealistic 3D simulations.
And most of our sperm are dead.
We're playing simultaneously, and it's getting better every year.
Hit pause.
I'm gonna say this again.
Notice as it advances, 20, 30 years ago, maybe 10% of the sperm were deficient or dead.
Now it's over 90% in the West.
Soon there'll be basically infertility.
Across the board.
So notice, we had Pong 30 years ago, now look how- and yeah, and we're dying.
We're dying, exactly.
It grows, we die.
It grows, we die.
It grows, we die.
Let's continue.
Soon we'll have, you know, virtual reality, augmented reality, um, if you assume- That's right, it won't be a real- pause again, it won't be a real woman or a real man, it won't be- no, it'll just be, oh, any porn star I want in virtual reality.
And, oh, the simulation's so much better if you just take the little brain chip.
It's so easy.
It's like an hour-long procedure.
You think they put backdoor stuff in your cell phone?
Let's continue.
I mean, you think the phone company rips you off now?
How about you put a phone company chip in your cerebral cortex?
Oh, but then it's going to be so wonderful.
Let's go back.
If you assume any rate of improvement at all, then the games will become indistinguishable from reality.
The odds that we're in base reality is one in billions.
Hit pause again.
Tell me what's wrong with that argument.
Back it up 20 seconds.
So what this is, folks,
This is an assault on reality.
I don't know if Musk understands this, or does he?
I'm sure he does.
Probably an initiate.
He wants to come on and correct us, he can.
But notice, you know, he's just saying this is One in a Billion, that it's not a simulation.
It is a simulation.
Reality's not real.
It's done.
Don't defend it.
It didn't exist.
You never had free will.
Join us.
Now if he had like a black helmet on and was like, we are the Borg, assimilated and destroyed, you'd be like, no, battle!
But he's like, I'm liberal!
Yeah, more spaces here, dude!
Yeah, it's really trendy!
Let me talk in a really soft, non-threatening... Let me have my eyes real soft.
I'm not threatening!
Come closer!
Oh, excuse me!
Can we tell Kurzweil to stop admitting we're gonna kill everybody?
I'm liberal, liberal!
Let's go back.
Years ago, we had Pong.
Like, two rectangles and a dot.
That was what games were.
Now, 40 years later, we have photorealistic 3D simulations with millions of people playing simultaneously, and it's getting better every year.
And soon we'll have virtual reality, augmented reality.
If you assume any rate of improvement at all, then the games will become indistinguishable from reality.
The odds that we're in base reality is one in billions.
Tell me what's wrong with that argument.
He also said that that's probably a good thing because the alternative is the complete destruction of humanity.
Either we're going to create simulations that are indistinguishable from reality or civilization will cease to exist.
And if our brains and our impulses are completely simulated, breaking out of the matrix, as these billionaires are pushing for, would mean ceasing to exist.
Innumerable scientists, physicists,
This universe could have been created by...
We're going to come back and play the last few minutes and then go to your phone calls and Steve Quill, but it just hit me.
Can you imagine Lucifer sitting around telling people just like this over communication systems whenever, and you're going to be gods and this whole thing's fake and a simulation, and so yeah, you weren't really created by this.
Let's break out and build our own thing.
I mean, whether the devil's real or not, we are witnessing unified academics, all of them, going, my children, it's all fake!
None of it's real!
Join us!
Wires in your head!
Oh, it feels so good now!
And you look at the cult likeness, they all have this weird look on their face like they're just like, Ah, children!
It's time to merge with the Everbrain!
Ah, the UN is going to sponsor Zeitgeist Movement!
A robot will tell us what to do!
Look at old man!
He made neat models and painted things!
He'll teach us about collectivism run by robots!
Oh, robots love me!
And then who runs the robots?
Who programs them?
So, Paul Watson's report's up on Infowars.com.
This is something we've talked about for so long.
And now, though, they've gone operational with just... It's not just, you will take vaccines or we'll arrest you.
That's in the news.
It's like, you will take augmentation.
You are not with the group.
You're hurting people.
Just join us in the heaven!
It's childhood's end.
Give up your will.
Join us.
It's Friday, October 7th, 2016.
Only 31 days from the historic election.
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Alright, here's the rest of Paul Watson's report.
The full thing, uninterrupted, at BullWars.com.
His angle was, are we trapped inside a video game?
This is just the ultimate con game trying to get us to then just give up reality and submit to their false reality.
It's a microcosm of them trying to force-feed us Hillary Clinton, or them having hired actors at fake press conferences.
I mean, you know, this is well beyond that.
These people are the opposite of God.
Let's finish the clip.
Simulating universes becomes a pastime among those who have access to highly powerful computers.
And we are in a universe
We are probably in a simulated universe, even if one of those universes is actually real.
This universe could have been created by some super intelligence in another universe.
So maybe we're... Our whole universe is a junior high school science experiment of some super intelligent junior high school... Because you're God, Rickers.
Well, you know everything, right?
Maybe she won't get such a good grade.
You guys just sit around listening to me.
I know everything.
Richard Dawkins isn't convinced.
When you make a simulated world, and there are crude ones like Second Life,
There has to be a physics built into it.
And when you drop things, they fall.
And when you throw them up and catch them, it works.
But you can violate that physics.
I mean, the pimply youth doing the simulation can somehow just at will...
Change the physics and you could suddenly fly, as indeed you can in Second Life.
We don't see that.
Another argument is that civilizations never become advanced enough to make simulations before wiping themselves out.
Therefore, it's impossible.
But the characteristics of quantum mechanics are exactly what we would expect to see in a simulation.
There's a limit to the resolution with which we can observe the universe.
It just becomes fuzzy.
Like pixels on a TV screen if you get too close.
Again, suggesting that we could be trapped inside a complex video game.
Subatomic particles like quarks also resemble the codes that correct for errors in computers.
So you're saying as you dig deeper, you find computer code written in the fabric of the cosmos?
Into the equations that we want to use to describe the cosmos, yes.
Computer code.
Computer code.
Strings of bits of ones and zeros.
You might feel denigrated that your life is just a character in a video game, that we have no real free will, and that our behavior is programmed.
But think of it this way.
If our civilization is a computer simulation, if we're all living in the Matrix,
At least it means we have a creator.
That's right, and again folks, this has come out a long time ago, and they've done this with the dark matter, telescopes, radio frequencies, that there's matter of an entirely different type that has a much bigger gravitational field outside, and this is controlled and projected
Which all the ancients knew, but the very people that tell you there is no God, and there is nothing outside all this, well, more and more of the quantum mechanics and the mathematicians and the genetic engineers actually become religious.
That's why most of the New York Times admits think aliens put us here.
Okay, well, who made them, see?
But listen, you can only listen to them, though, and they're going to make a simulation that's better, which is their God.
You understand that?
So they're like, going, hey, there's computer code here.
It's not computer code.
When they zoom into that, there's always pieces to quarks and more and more.
And it just keeps going down and down and down and down and down.
Because you keep going up and up and up and up and up and up.
So this is the scientists going, wow, something did make this.
That even discredits the religious people even more, because this is exactly what we've been saying all along.
Every culture.
So, we're here discovering that they never want you to look out at the night sky, never look out at the sun, never look out at, like, all the, like, where we're at, how incredible it is, it's just like, no, instead, let's look at how beautiful Chelsea is with that gown.
It's all these, like, ring-wraith, skexy, weirdo psychos, and the opposite of, you know, God, telling us they're God, because there is no God.
Your call's coming up with Steve Quayle and a lot more.
Stay with us.
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Drug Raid!
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This wasn't a wrongful raid on an incorrect address, as we've seen in the past.
No, no, they caught a fish with this one.
Literally one fish.
After all, Margaret had one marijuana plant growing in her backyard garden.
Get the choppers!
Get the National Guard!
Take this woman down!
The joint raid between the National Guard and the Massachusetts State Police, which also included a military helicopter, was successful and they were able to take down the one marijuana plant.
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This Sunday, 4 to 10.
4 p.m.
to 10 p.m.
we're going to have a special live broadcast.
The first two hours, of course, is the Sunday show I've been doing for 10 years.
That's from 4 to 6 p.m.
Then we'll have two hours of pregame ahead of it.
We do have our guests, correct?
Forgot to ask during the break.
And then we'll have live coverage during the debate and then phone calls for at least an hour or so and analysis and highlights afterwards.
Now I promise, Chris has been holding, I'm going to get to you soon, Steve Quayle won't mind, you can talk about any subject, and Steve in Florida, and Cindy, and Tim in August, I'm going to go to you very quickly, get your calls out of the way because you've been holding, and then get into all the other issues with Steve Quayle.
But first off, I wanted to play a few clips here because Steve's really been warning
We're good to go.
Russia post provocative tweet warning U.S.
on Syria, mocking the press secretary and basically saying we know that you run ISIS and Al Qaeda.
Army chief three days ago threatens war with Russia.
We've played that clip.
Russia tells citizens prepare for nuclear war, 40 million are in a drill.
So it goes on and on.
Massive escalation.
Here's another one.
London Independent.
Russia warns U.S.
not to intervene in Syria.
Threatens to shoot down any airstrike attempts.
That was last night.
Our headline on Infowars.com with a produced 11-minute report shows all the clips, all the facts.
Russia said, oh, you're going to have a no-fly zone to back ISIS and al-Qaeda?
With your own military help to expose and fight?
We've got a no-fly zone up, and if we don't know who your aircraft is, you come in, we're going to shoot you down.
Because U.S.
and NATO aircraft suddenly aren't announcing who they are, and they're bombing the Syrian military that has Russian advisors inside of it.
So, this is the deception that's going on.
And our own military exposed this four years ago, did the right thing.
Obama has now removed all the generals, put people in that'll follow their orders.
I'm not saying they're excitedly following them, but you see the head of the Army and the Joint Chiefs Chairman saying, OK, we'll attack the Russians, but that means World War III.
And the Army Chief said, this will be a war as big as World War II.
And he said, we're ready to do it.
But he said, Congress needs to have a debate about this.
Both the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Dunford, and General Milley, the head of the Army, have said, we're ready for war.
You're asking us to have war.
We need to have a debate.
So that's an alarm, folks, okay?
Because the average American's busy calling Donald Trump racist and, you know, a warmonger because he doesn't want to have war with Russia.
The truth is Russia is not advancing on us, China is.
This is crazy.
Could this be Hillary's October surprise?
Because CNN two weeks ago said, hey, by the middle of October, and we're almost there, we're seven days in now, there will be an event, geopolitically so big, it will challenge both Hillary and Trump.
Is it Deutsche Bank going under?
I gotta hand it to him, like eight months ago Larry Nichols talked about, six months ago our current guest talked about, now that's going belly up bigger than 2007.
I don't know, but things are crazy.
I want to talk about all the bad stuff happening so cooler minds can prevail so it doesn't happen.
I'm not a prophet of destruction, you know, hoping all this stuff happens.
I'm telling you, if we don't admit these dangers are there, it could happen.
And we've never been closer.
Mainline analysts say this is the most danger we've ever been in.
In the history of civilization.
So let's go ahead and play this clip of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs just two weeks ago, when Congress in the longer hour-long interview was saying, we want you to hit the Russians.
We want you to take out their airfields.
This is our so-called ally.
This is the new change.
This is what Hillary wants.
This is what Obama wants.
And he says, OK, we can do that, but that means war with Russia.
Here it is.
We're Syria.
What about the option of controlling the airspace so that barrel bombs cannot be dropped?
All the options.
What do you think of that option, sir?
Right now, Senator, for us to control all of the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia.
Okay, now I want to play.
I'm sorry, I didn't know it was over.
You guys popped in my ear and said it was over.
Let's start it over again.
I'm going to play it unedited one more time.
This is important enough to play.
One more time from the beginning for everybody.
Here it is.
What about the option of controlling the airspace so that barrel bombs cannot be dropped?
All the options.
What do you think of that option, sir?
Right now, Senator, for us to control all of the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia.
That's a pretty fundamental decision that certainly I'm not going to make.
So this is the psychotic disconnect of Hillary and Obama and the neocons.
And again, Russia's not doing anything.
They were invited in four years ago to try to defeat these groups.
They've almost beat ISIS.
And now they don't want Assad in, so they want a double cross now.
And Russia's like, Assad's going to leave as soon as this is done.
We're going to keep our word.
Now, if Russia doesn't, then we can say, oh, that was a big lie, or maybe sanctions.
But no, no, they want big sanctions now.
Outside the UN, it's all happening.
Global crisis right out of Daniel, right out of Revelations.
One more clip, and I'm going to Steve Quill of SteveQuill.com.
Army Chief of Staff.
This is two days ago.
Mark Milley.
Warned that the United States was ready to destroy its enemies and said we've never faced such a threat since World War II.
Here it is.
I want to be clear to those who try to oppose the United States.
I want to be clear to those who wish to do us harm.
I want to be clear to those around the world who want to destroy our way of life and that of our allies and friends.
The United States military, despite all our challenges, despite our up-tempo, despite everything we've been doing, will stop you and we will beat you harder than you've ever been beaten before.
Make no mistake about that.
Other countries, Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea went to school on us.
They closely watched how we fought in 91 and 03.
They studied our doctrine, our tactics, our equipment, our organization, our training, and our leadership.
And in turn, they revised their own doctrines, and they are rapidly modernizing their militaries today to avoid our strengths in hopes of defeating us at some point in the future.
Recently, a senior Russian official, Ambassador to the United Kingdom Alexander Katamenko,
He said, quote, the established world order is undergoing a foundational shakeup with the Crimea, Ukraine and Brexit.
He went on to call for the dismantling of NATO and the European Union.
And he said, quote, Russia can now fight a conventional war in Europe and win.
Russia is the only country that will remain relevant forever.
Any other country is dispensable, and that includes the United States.
We are endgame now, end quote.
We can now, and we will remain in the future, retain the capability to rapidly deploy, and we will destroy any enemy
Anywhere, anytime.
Additionally, the battlefield will be highly complex, almost certainly in dense urban areas and against an elusive, ambiguous enemy that combines terrorism and guerrilla warfare alongside conventional capabilities mixed with large civilian populations.
And the one part we didn't get in the clip, the full videos on InfoWars.com is Millie cautioned that the next major conflict would be lethal, highly lethal, unlike any our army has experienced at least since World War II.
And then it goes on from there.
Now here's the issue.
It's our government bringing in the jihadis.
It's our government funding and financing these enemies.
The EU is a private corporate takeover.
So what he's saying is, I work for the globalists, and if you think the UK is going to leave and Russia is going to leave, no, you're going under a global empire.
We're ready to attack you.
It was a very treasonous statement to imply that
The EU shouldn't break up, and that the UK shouldn't be free.
This is globalism.
Steve Quayle, Epic Times, we're in, stevequayle.com.
I've been talking about this for decades, best-selling author, don't really need an introduction, that's a long introduction to you, but I wanted to, you know, break down all this.
What do you make of this?
What are your sources saying?
Well, first of all, Alex, I've never had so many insiders trying to get the attention of the American people as in the last probably two weeks.
Number one, let's go to the bottom line.
The bottom line, there has never been a 40 million person evacuation of any country
In any drill ever.
I'll go on record saying this is not a drill.
This is the pre-placement of a population.
Now, people have got to understand something.
I used to write about Russian war doctrine.
Civil defense is an integral part of their plan to both survive a nuclear war and thrive after a nuclear war.
The population of Moscow is 12 million, so they have just basically moved close to 40 million.
Three times the population of Moscow.
Every subway, every underground Cold War bunker, Yamanto, the mountains in the Urals, everything is on a feverish pace.
When you put frontline weapons into Syria, when you put frontline weapons bordering NATO, when multiple times the Russians have demonstrated their... And by the way, I hate to interrupt you, I'm going to give you the floor and I'm going to skip this break, it's so important.
Steve Quill, I remember you saying 20 years ago,
Well, here's the thing.
It is not just a drill, and Alex, the thing that everyone's missing is China embarked on the same policy also.
So the fact is that, understand this, understand a nuclear ultimatum.
Let's say someone shoots the first missile, okay?
The minute they make the first launch, then all hell breaks loose.
But at some point, what happens when six cities in America, I'm just taking that arbitrary, six to thirteen cities in America, that's not arbitrary, disappear and quite candidly,
Our whole, the rest of the population is at risk.
See, this is insane.
Americans who are listening to this from all over the world, this is a part of war doctrine.
They can shield one-third to one-half of their population.
There is no shielding for the American population.
Alex, you and I did the show on the Deagle, a survey where they said at some point 65 million people are left.
We have no COG for local government and the citizens.
It's all for the elite.
Russia has it for their citizens.
And we have multitudes of multiples in the hundreds of thousands of foreign UN troops here.
And we're looking, listen, we're looking at a bunch of, I would say this, Democrats and Republicans slime.
We're good to go.
We're good.
Is a scaling up.
Even Vitaly Shurkin went to the UN saying, back off you guys, back off you guys.
I'll tell you one thing about Russia, and since I've written about their generals, I pay attention to what they say.
I don't dismiss them like some Pentagon analyst or some general who's puffing up his breast.
First of all, Russia can penetrate all our stealth capabilities.
They've demonstrated before.
Second of all, we can't do their stealth capabilities because they have a plasma absorption.
Scream, which means that any signal sent at any frequency is automatically absorbed and does not feed back to the transmitter identifying its location.
Remember, Alex, you and I did a show talking about, and you've done so many on your own, about talking about when the Russian makes old technology flew over our aircraft carriers and the pilots went in burdened and flipped off the guys on the flight deck?
And they did it numerous times, that Donald Cook, which was, you know, forced it three times.
I think it's not, I said two, it's three times.
Sure, and Chinese tubs popping up behind the submarines.
We're clearly being set up.
You know, it's just like a lot of other people have broken down the fact that they're trying to lure them into an attack to actually take out their enemy, the American people, our local governments, and our state governments.
The globalists can't bring down America, so they want a war to finally bring it down, then say all of us that are patriots
Against NAFTA, against GATT, against the EU, you know, for Brexit, we're now Russian agents.
It's perfect.
And you heard the General say, you're a Russian agent, basically, if you're for the Brexit or the breakup of the EU, and we'll get you.
He's telling that to Donald Trump, basically.
Absolutely, and they have a lot of Hellfire missiles.
I want to explain something, how this will play out.
Because it's not just the tanks, the armored personnel carriers, all of the stuff you see on the trains across the country.
We have a vast amount of underground tunnels, bases, and deep underground military bunkers.
A vast amount of helicopters loaded with Hellfire missiles.
So everything you have watched in the Middle East is what they plan to use here.
The U.S.
military has a doctrine in yard farming.
That means they're going against us.
So, they're provoking Russia.
And I can tell you this, Russian policy, every single general that's ever quoted, Medvedev, Putin obviously, President Putin, they all have a, how do they say this, reserve first strike capability.
Even our nuclear war doctrine has changed.
But the problem is, when you have an entire military congress, I'm talking about the U.S., all of our battle-hardened generals and admirals have been fired, dismissed, or basically embarrassed out of their positions.
The U.S.
military is suffering intentional, and I'm saying this, cut-offs of ammunition.
There's even cases where the Navy pulls into Hong Kong or Singapore and they're not allowed to fuel their boats.
The Doomsday Planes!
That's never happened before.
The thing that people ought to recognize is the Twitter feed coming out of the Russian Embassy.
If you hear the Russian Embassy is vacating, or even they're threatening, then you know this thing is on.
By the way, Pearl Harbor, from the time the Japanese broke off negotiations, I don't think most people recognize this.
One day.
It was actually 30 minutes.
30 minutes.
I know they try to pull it out quickly, but yeah.
Yep, yep.
But the deal is, what I'm saying is, we're the ones that broke up.
Then you've got Kerry, you know, who's absolutely in another universe and an alternate space and, you know, quantum quagmire, Bill, basically saying that, you know, we've got to bring the Russians before the war crimes court.
You're kidding me?
When our government openly turned jihadis loose all over the world.
And here's what's thinking.
I mean, here's what people have to be thinking at this point.
This is not a normal escalation of words.
Stuff is moving.
I got emails from... Well, what do you make of the Russians saying, any aircraft enter Syria now, we're going to shoot it down?
That's a no-fly zone as a response to Obama and Hillary saying, we're going to start, you know, looking at shooting down aircraft.
The Russians said, okay, let's get it going.
I mean, this is just over-the-top insanity.
Well, it's not only that... Where does Obama think his ESPN's gonna go if there's a nuclear war?
Well, I got news for you.
Where do you think the mainstream news is going to go?
They'll be in bombed out rubble platforms with no electricity, looking disheveled and basically still preaching from their scripts when everything's gone.
I mean, look, this is crazy.
People have got to understand.
You know, I think that you've got to recognize there's never been a time like this.
There's never been so much
And why is it happening now?
Because we know they're getting ready for the economic collapse.
We know all these other forces are moving.
Why are they starting war with Russia now?
Well, it covers up, number one, it covers up their crimes.
Number two, it fulfills the thing that I think everybody's missing.
The entire rearrangement of the highest command, the officers of the land, military, civilian population, everybody, they have embraced Islam.
Islam demands a world war in order to bring about the Mahdi, and that's the Islamic
Clearly they've made a deal with Islam, I guess because there's a billion and a half of them.
That's the new operating system.
This is so satanic.
Have you seen the new video we released for World Net Daily of them in Libya chopping up the bodies of soldiers and making people before they execute them eat it so they go to hell in a satanic ritual?
Well, I haven't seen that, but I mean we watched that.
Remember about six months ago they were chopping up Christians and literally hanging their remains in the meat markets.
I think it was in Aleppo.
And then Obama and others celebrate this.
So this is about the rituals.
It is, and that's something that people have got to understand.
This is ritual sacrifice of the planetary population.
Look, I used to write about throw weight, this nuclear weapon could do this.
The Russians have been building while we've been decreasing in order to facilitate.
The return of the Mahdi.
You remember when Ahmadinejad made this statement, if it was necessary for, you know, 30 million Iranians to die and go out as martyrs to bring about the return of the Mahdi, it would be acceptable to Allah.
Well, guess what?
He left office pretty much after that because maybe more Muslims than he could imagine didn't want to go that way.
But here's the thing.
Jeremiah the prophet said, woe unto them who call evil good and good evil.
You, Alex, I, all of the people who have been fighting this battle, every single talk show host talking about what's going on, anybody criticizing New World Order, you go on and on and on, constitutionals, Christians, anti-vaccine people, you're all considered terrorists.
Now what does a terrorist mean?
These guys have redefined every single word and they have basically
Everything that applies to them, they overwhelm the census, they overwhelm the mainstream media.
Sure, they're the racists they call Donald Trump racists.
So what point in history are we right now?
I believe we're at the point that outside of the grace of God, that we're going to see a limited nuclear exchange, and here's what people don't get.
The United States can disappear.
Mystery Babylon, people fight about that.
The United States can disappear, and the rest of the world can come under the rule and reign of anti-Christ.
Let me expand on this.
When you watch, we're going to break, the body language of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff or Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley, they look freaked out.
I mean, they look like they're looking at Congress and they're saying, OK, we're ready for war.
We're being told to go to war.
And then the adjunct guy behind him is like smiling and nodding like, you guys want a war?
They're saying to the globalists, OK, you want a war?
Why do we let this little Nazi collaborator
Soros even walk around outside prison.
Why the hell does he get to have a nuclear war so he can be the messiah?
Well, you know, he's the man that is going to basically be the facilitator.
Remember this, these guys are all satanic puppets.
Oh, I know, he said he believes he's the messiah.
He wants to bring in the antichrist.
Look, it's perfectly clear.
Let's talk about that.
What happens if they're able to have their nuclear war at this time?
I know all the trendies are gonna like it.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Bill Clinton is a rapist, not a philanderer.
Hillary covers up the rape.
Look, I'm not gonna sit here and say, see, I told you so.
That communist Chinese style net censorship is coming to the web.
Because it's already here.
It's being announced.
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It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWars.
Steve Peltz, our guest.
I'm going to go to your phone call in just a few minutes.
I appreciate Chris and Steve and Tim and Cindy and August for holding.
We're going to go right to you, talk about the debates, what you think Trump ought to do, what else is happening.
I want to explain something.
The Russians are having national TV shows saying, we don't want nuclear war, please stop moving weapons up to our borders, please stop funding jihadis, please stop these huge sanctions on us.
Russia is now in a depression, basically.
I'm not lionizing Russia, they've got their own problems, but they pay people to have kids, they're bringing Christianity back.
They're saying you're not going to teach five-year-olds how to be gay.
We're not against gay people, you're not going to push this anti-human depopulation agenda.
That's what the globalists are pushing, is that people don't have kids.
That's all declassified as well.
But when you watch these U.S.
generals, and I've been doing, I mean, I've been on air for 21 years, okay?
I've never seen body language or statements like these.
We're not the ones saying nuclear war is inevitable.
Generals are in Congress saying, and the Congressmen say, why can't we just use missiles and bomb their airfields and blow their planes up?
And then we don't lose anybody, like the Russians don't respond.
There's a level of ignorance, like I said yesterday.
Well, look at the congressman who's still in from Georgia who thinks the islands float.
There's such a, from the entertainment and the movies and everything, people even in government, and folks I talk to that are even, quote, pretty smart, are like brain damaged now.
There's like some spirit of like, they're sleeping, they're not awake, and they're sleepwalking over the edge of a cliff.
I mean, since when did our government openly fund Al Qaeda and ISIS and overthrow our allies and murder everybody and, you know, lie and have child actors in fake TV shows with Hillary and just the level, the tripling, the quadrupling, the deception, the opening the borders and bringing people in with leprosy and TB and bubonic plague and the Border Patrol comes on the show!
They're so desperate!
And says, yeah, the head of the Border Patrol in Texas came on and was like, yeah, no order, don't even test them.
It looks like they have cholera or whatever.
Just let them in.
They're like, we don't know what's going on.
It's crazy.
And you're like, well, don't be racist.
Well, at least give them treatment.
Don't put them in school with your kids to get it.
I mean, it seems like a great delusions time.
We're going to go back to Steve Cuellar and your phone calls here in just a moment.
But man, our guests, they get ready for Deutsche Bank to go over, and when it goes under by the end of the year, that triggers the next crisis, and now they're saying, get ready.
And it's like, I don't like being right.
I don't like this.
And I also don't like the fact that if there is a nuclear war, and we're here a year from now, and North Korea hasn't nuked Seoul or Tokyo, which they threaten to do on a weekly basis,
And the Clintons gave them the reactors to be able to have the fissile material.
That's what I mean.
I mean, I know the facts.
I see evil people pushing in our government to the destruction of the planet.
And it makes me mad.
And then it makes me mad that generals are saying, we're on the edge of war with Russia.
This is dangerous.
We should have a serious discussion.
And they go, now, General, I don't get that.
I said we fire missiles at them.
And none of our policy will get hurt.
They go, excuse me, sir, they'll retaliate.
Well, I just don't get that.
It's like there's some blindness where I guess they just think they waddle into the Capitol.
I got a suit and a Cadillac and they won't fight back.
I mean, you know.
It's like I'm living in an insane asylum.
And then they say I'm crazy.
We're going back to Steve Quill.
SteveQuill.com here in just a moment.
We carry his latest documentary film, in fact, Part 1 and Part 2.
He exposes the Vatican in Part 2.
We're not anti-Catholic, folks.
We're anti-what's-taking-it-over.
It's taken everything else over, too.
I mean, just look at it.
His new film available there.
We have Amerageddon also available, breaking down, you know, one of these globalist takeovers of America from a fictional account.
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But I'll be honest with people.
I've gone from saying I think that there is a possibility of a nuclear war and total financial collapse, either or or both, to a probability to a certainty of at least global meltdown.
And a good chance of nuclear war or limited exchanges, because when you have the Pentagon going, we can survive a first strike, or maybe nuclear weapons aren't a big deal to use after all.
And you've got all this talk, people saying, so what if nuclear reactors are leaking now?
No need to clean it up.
It's like they've already decided they're going to radiate the Earth, and maybe they've got some classified system they can remove radiation with, but we know the public's not getting it.
I mean, I'm seeing crazy-eyed behavior.
Steve Quill, I want to go to calls here across the board.
You as a great talk show host, and I don't handle any question, but what do you make of what I just laid out, sir?
Well, I would agree with you, Alex, a hundred percent, but even go maybe another hundred percent, I'm going to up you a hundred percent.
There is too much posturing, placement of military equipment out of the theater of any type of a drill taking place all over the world.
And from the guys who are in the world of communications and military communications who know all this stuff, you know, they want to know the frequency.
They want to know who's doing it.
Well, let me tell you this.
When people are picking up all over the Hams and shortwave operators around the world such nervousness that even in authentication codes people are screwing up and the command has to come on and say, you know, that's not correct.
I mean people don't get the pucker factor off the charts because... Let's be clear, let's be clear.
There's massive increases in
Backup systems, because they're preparing for the internet and power to go dark, and they're preparing to go to Morse code, codes, and the whole backup systems, the deep earth, you know, transmission systems, ultra-low frequency to submarines, you name it.
Yeah, everything, but here's something that people don't understand.
The Daily Mail carried a story three days ago, you probably saw it, that GPS satellites are having problems.
Oh yeah, a whole bunch of satellites have gone out, they don't know why.
You said last time you were on, the Chinese were getting ready to attack our satellites.
I forgot you said that.
Yep, and here's the thing, that's ASAP weaponry, anti-satellite weaponry, that's another, that is the preliminary event that takes place.
What did that force our military do?
Put up a bunch of high altitude balloons, 60, interesting, 66,000 feet, to bounce signals off balloons.
You mentioned it, our ultra-low frequency that communicates with subs,
All of our communications are based on the ability to transmit and receive.
I'll tell you one thing that's interesting, when Henry Groover had his vision, a guy that's probably got the most accurate vision, when God showed him Russia attacking the United States, now listen, this was two decades ago, okay?
The thing that he was showing is that all the radio towers, all the communication,
Within our military was failing, and we could not get our lunches off.
By the way, here's the most serious thing.
I want to address some of the trolls out there just to say this.
You are absolutely stuck in normalcy bias.
You do not move as much material, state-of-the-art, frontline equipment to areas, especially on the border of NATO, and especially off the coast.
We got so many boomers, that's nuclear submarines, from China, Russia, ours, everybody's out there, and Alex, again, all it takes is somebody bumping in, but there's never been anything like this.
That's why I'm beyond, you know, the position of now I think it's a possibility.
No, I am saying this.
It is now a definite time to know that whoever blinks first or blinks last is going, whoever fires first is going to win.
And let's be clear, this is all because Russia doesn't want to be encircled and have jihadists turn loose.
And again, four years ago our military, it's now been declassified, it's been leaked.
Sy Hersh came here and confirmed it earlier this year that we were right with our sources, which is a big hat tip.
He's a Pulitzer Prize winner, folks.
You know, he doesn't think InfoWars is kooky.
He came on and said, no, you're right.
The military basically had a soft coup against Obama and said no.
The problem is he's fired them all, put them all, new ones in that'll do it, and notice the generals that were in there before, they go and they work for Trump.
And they're the ones saying, stop World War III, we gotta take America back.
They're trying to start a war with Russia and they're behind the jihadists.
It's not that General Flynn is a Russian agent.
He successfully fought the Russians and defeated them in the Cold War.
He understands that this is an evil plan.
Well, and that's an evil thought and an evil plan.
That's even a biblical word, okay?
An evil plan.
So, here's where we're at.
I'm telling people, watch what goes on in the embassies, okay?
Watch the rhetoric increase.
Watch direct, not indirect, but direct announcements from Putin.
I guess he's going to make, in my opinion, he will make two, possibly three, direct announcements.
They're going to the UN to say, stop this madness.
And by the way, a huge Russian flag got unveiled with Putin on it on the New York Bridge by the UN today saying, Peacemaker.
So that's obviously a message.
And so what we're going to see here, and this is something that is astonishing to me.
I just want to read my response, Alex.
It's a one-sentence response to somebody who's named Toom or something.
Russia has drills every year.
And now listen, my response.
Not with 40 million evacuated and all the pre-positioning of Russian military assets out of their exercise area.
My answer?
Your denial will kill you.
You are frightened and hiding behind normalcy bias.
Normalcy bias.
Dumb unto death.
You know, when I coined that term, people got offended.
Well, I'd rather offend them and provoke them to really take a hard look.
Well, Putin a year ago said to the media, he said, why can't I get it through to you that this is moving towards nuclear war?
What is wrong with you people?
How do I get you to snap out of it?
But see, can I tell you something?
You look at Russia and you look at the determination in World War II, you say one word, Stalingrad, you look at what is absolutely a fact of history, you know, you can't go in and take Russia.
Highest technology, you know, stuff that most people don't even know exists.
TR3s, TR3 Bravos, all the stuff that's so advanced.
But remember this, no matter what technology is put into play, there is always counter technology.
We used to think that... Well, how does it affect the globalists?
We know they've got a program to go completely automated and autonomous so they can cut humans out.
Our military, 99%, I mean, they hate Obama, they hate Hillary, they know the program.
How does that affect us?
Well, first of all, they're going to be sacrificed, okay?
Now look at this.
Look at all the cut-off of funds the military and then look at all the build-up of funds internally in this country.
Look at all the United Nations.
Look, it takes money to bring in foreign soldiers.
I actually... And by the way, look at... I never used to actually think UN troops...
But now it's like the U.N.
will run our elections, the U.N.
will run our police, the U.N.
will do black reparations, literally with indigenous groups inside trying to stir up rebellion.
This really is probing for a takeover.
I mean, I've studied military history.
This is like we're living in a frickin' science fiction movie, Steve.
Absolutely, but... I get it.
They tricked the Russians into hitting us.
What about false flagging and saying the Russians did it?
Well, I wouldn't put it past that.
You've detailed in all your videos and all the different amounts of shows you've done on this, false flags are a normal preceding event to take place.
Well, what needs to happen is George Soros, Obama, Hillary, we've got to have, you know, what's ever left of the government, they've got to be stopped now.
I mean, Hillary's totally above the law.
They're butchering everything.
The borders are wide open, Steve.
And I'm not a guy that wants to have some fight or a civil war, but somebody's going to have to stop them before they start World War III.
Well, and I believe the only one capable of doing that right now, seriously, Alex, is God.
You know, is God, okay?
And I believe that God wants His people, those who believe in Him, on their knees... Hey, I'll be honest, I'm almost ready to pack my kids up and get out to the country.
I mean, you know, I mean, this is getting bad.
Well, I would, and can I tell you something?
Here's the point.
Over the last three nights I've been up at all hours of the morning, you know what it's like, posting stories only to watch them take down my website, you know?
I can't post on stories, but I want to share this.
This is just coming in in real time.
Russian Foreign Ministry says Russia sees legal consequences and Secretary Kerry's comments about Russian war crimes in Syria.
Russian war crimes?
We're the ones that have funded
Yeah, and there's not a word against a Christian being butchered.
This is all done on purpose to set us up in the world's eyes.
None of it's on U.S.
It's all over the world.
The whole world knows it.
Trump comes out and says that the L.A.
is a nut.
You know, I don't want this to happen, but I look at the average evil liberal trendy that hates everybody and thinks they know everything.
You know, I wonder what they're going to think, you know, if they survive the nuke strike and everybody's starving to death.
I mean, is it going to be funny then?
Well, I think the bottom line is that they're going to have the Prozac meltdown.
If you, seriously, you know, you can't... You're right, you're right.
The big bomb is after the city's collapse.
A week later, it is going to be bedlam.
Bill Fortune wrote one second after, and then he wrote one year after, okay?
Well, I can only say this.
Can you imagine a bunch of people on Prozac who are in the Matrix with their, whatever they're pressing, iPad, iPhone, iThis, iThat... And it all turns off.
I think so.
And by the way, DARPA in one Baltimore Sun article 16 years ago admitted they were quote testing calming the public through cell phone tower frequencies.
So what do they do?
They kick it in a certain frequency, everybody goes to sleep, I believe that's what's been on.
They turn it the other direction, everybody goes to everybody's throats.
So here's what I want to do, and we'll take all the, you know, phone calls you want to give, but people have got to recognize that this is the globalist plan.
By the way, what you're saying is over the top, but I have the Chairman Joint Chiefs, I have the head of the Army, I have all these top Russian generals.
I have Putin, 40 million people nuke drills, saying we're on the edge of war.
I have Congress going, why don't you just blow these Russians up?
And they go, uh, they've been invited into Syria.
So, we've been told not to aid him anymore, but we're not going to attack him unless you want to go to war, and the General looks at him like he's crazy.
Let me ask you this, we're going to break him out with calls.
I promise, callers, I'm going to write to your troopers, everybody that called in, I hate to do this to John, it's a big asshole, it's a free Hillary for prison shirt, or a bottle of coital silver for holding so long, I appreciate you, I apologize for making you hold so long.
Steve Call, let me ask you this question.
It seems like a great delusion.
Like even people I talk to that are in government, or even executives now, they seem like they're not awake or they're like retarded now.
Like something, like their soul's gone.
People are noticing this everywhere.
Like either you're more awake, or people are like zombies now.
Well, absolutely.
And we talked about there's so much technology out there for mind control.
Look at DARPA.
Brain map.
Okay, well there's all this mind control, and they admit they have it.
I've had, you know, Dr. Megaton, like you have, all the patents.
Well, why are we able to do this?
Because, because when you have a hunger for truth, maybe that hunger and thirst after righteousness, you know, God promises us that we'll have what we seek for.
When you believe a lie, Alex, it cuts you off.
Now look, we've got, we've got, uh, exactly, it's a virus.
Once you believe the one lie, it domino effects.
And people don't yet understand the full effects of what I would call subatomic vibrations.
And you know, all the stories coming about how much storage you can put in a strand of DNA and even in water molecules.
Bigger than anything that the NSA has, or they probably have.
Every cell is a thousand times more complex than what the globalists have built, and they think they're God.
Stay there, I promise.
Chris, you're up first, then Tim, then Steve, then Cindy, then August.
We've got two Steves.
Stay with us.
We'll be back.
I'm going to go a little bit in the next hour, as well.
Then David Knight's coming up.
We've got a lot more.
We have to admit how bad things are to be able to turn this around.
Folks, the message is clear.
The parallels are there.
There are millions of ordinary Americans who've been let down, who've had a bad time, who feel the political class in Washington are detached from them, who feel so many of their representatives are politically correct parts of that liberal media elite.
They feel people aren't standing up for them and they've actually in many cases given up on the whole electoral process and I think
I think that you have a fantastic opportunity here with this campaign.
You can go out.
You can beat the pollsters.
You can beat the commentators.
You can beat Washington.
Mr. Farage, you just recently resigned as the head of UKIP, still in the EU Parliament.
Talk about a David versus Goliath story.
This is epic.
What it is, and I think the point about Brexit, Alex, is Brexit is the first victory against this phenomenon.
...of the big banks, the big businesses, effectively owning politics.
Literally willfully destroying nation-state democracy.
Getting rid of that thing that our forebears actually fought and shed their blood to create and to preserve.
Our liberties, our freedoms, all of that being taken away and suddenly, suddenly in a referendum that no one said we could win.
I mean literally nobody thought Brexit would succeed and we've done it.
Hillary represents
Everything that has gone wrong in our lives in the last couple of decades.
She is part, you know, of that class of people who have taken us into an endless series of foreign wars that I think arguably have made things worse, certainly in Liberia and elsewhere, not better.
She is part of that phenomenon.
Where all that seems to matter now is corporatism.
You know, the big global companies who want to set the rule books to effectively put out of business small and medium-sized competitors.
They have destroyed, you know, what I believe to be proper free market capitalism, where your eye can go and set up a company, you know, and have a real chance of succeeding.
And they presided over a period where the rich have got richer and where ordinary, decent, working people have seen their living standards deteriorate.
She represents failure.
And she, of course, is completely unreconciled to the vote on Brexit.
Because Hillary loves the European Union.
I think she sees the European Union as a prototype for an even bigger form of world government.
But let me make it clear.
If you want nothing to change at all, if you want to continue with the kind of cronyism that we see with the Clinton Foundation and everything else, if you want things to stay the same, you vote for Hillary.
I wouldn't vote for Hillary if she paid me, and I feel pretty strongly about that.
Stalingrad is the name of what Stalingrad got turned to.
And I always mixed the two up with Leningrad because it got its name changed back in St.
But the big battle was in Stalingrad.
I mean, you see that in any of the World War II documentaries.
But I get all these names and words scrambled.
The point is that
The globalists want to take over sovereign nations.
World government's falling apart.
And, you know, to hear Army Chief of Staff Mike Milley say, we've got Russia trying to pull out of this, and the EU trying to pull out, and we've got the UK, Brexit, this will not be tolerated.
I mean, he really shows himself to be up there with this whole world government enchilada that we don't want to be under, bro.
The anti-family EU with 100% taxes in France?
This guy came off as pretty darn evil.
The chairman of the Joint Chiefs came off like, hey, you want a war?
You know, that's what you're asking for.
As more sane, I want to go to your phone calls.
We'll do a little bit more in the next hour.
Back on the subject, I know you're all over the map with the callers.
Folks want to talk about Trump and globalism.
That's a perfect segue.
Why they hate Trump so much.
He wants to end this doomsday situation that we're going down.
I mean, he's mainly advised by General Flynn, who exposed our government running Al Qaeda and ISIS.
Trump is amazing, folks, just for that alone.
Chris in Georgia, you're on the air with Steve Quill of SteveQuill.com.
Join us this Sunday 4 to 6 p.m.
right through 10 o'clock with our debate coverage in fullwords.com forward slash show.
Go ahead, Chris.
Yes, hello, Alex.
It is a pleasure to talk and speak with you today.
You too, brother.
Go ahead.
Yes, I'm an LGBT Trump supporter.
I have to say, Alex, being in high school, it is a living hell supporting Trump and being LGBT.
I have three points for you.
One is, what if Trump gets too hardcore in debates?
Those are all great questions.
Let me ask Steve Quayle this.
It kind of composites what you just said.
Why are they so afraid of Trump?
And what would you say if you were Trump in the debate, Steve Quayle?
I would go for Hillary's throat.
He was too passive.
The bottom line, he's got to stick to the things from Fast and Furious, Benghazi, he's got to stick to emails, he's got to stick to the IRS persecution, the Clinton blood scandal, destabilization, the killing of Muammar Gaddafi, the killing of, you know, look, he has whored out this country.
You cannot raise billions of dollars, and there's lists on the internet of who contributed to this, who contributed to that, and the hypocrisy of it all is astounding.
When you look at the FBI, the Department of Justice, those who are charged... Listen, Alex, we are in what the Bible calls a time of lawlessness.
They call it the mystery of iniquity.
Yeah, you think of lawlessness as maybe some guy drunk on the street, okay, and people partying on New Year's.
Real lawlessness is when the courts are totally corrupt and the supposed investigators have been bought off.
Absolutely, and when we're dealing with the whole thing, with the head of the FBI, it's got to be problematic for the men in the FBI, because there's good men in the FBI, just like there's good men in the government.
But like the Border Patrol guys... By the way, I agree with you.
I'm shocked by the most elite people in the federal government, like Border Patrol, FBI, you name it.
That's why I'm saying, we don't do a civil war with them, the evil is on top, so what do we do?
Well, here's what we do.
We have to get people absolutely, not only voting, but they have to challenge the mainstream media.
They have to challenge... I agree.
What do you think of folks going out screaming Bill Clinton's a rapist on TV?
Well, I think it's accurate.
Look at what they're doing to Bill Cosby.
Not to excuse him... No, but what he did was, I mean, picking up bunny girls, you know, at topless bars and they claim he gave them a drug.
Okay, maybe he did.
He's bad.
Throw him in prison.
Bill Clinton rapes the hell and beats women.
Absolutely, and you know, look, you've got eyewitness testimony.
The woman that sleeps with a man of Clinton's power and, you know, sexual appetite is going to hear a lot of things.
It's like when Jennifer Flowers wrote her book, and when Broderick, and look, in the mouth of two or three women,
He has settled cases.
Stay there.
We're going to break.
Chris, thank you.
Great points.
Right when we come back with Steve Quayle, always on fire, more than ever, because the world's so crazy.
Stay with us.
Your call starts now.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
You have to be quiet so I don't get calls.
I mean, I only had him on because he was so interesting and I liked him.
I knew a lot of stuff he said was true.
20 years ago, he was one of the first guests I had on radio 21 years ago.
He was a nice guy.
He'd come on, you know, routinely.
But after four or five times, he goes, look, kid, you keep questioning everything I'm saying.
Just read my book.
I can come on, but not every week.
I'll see you later.
And he was talking about chemtrailing, geoengineering, all this stuff.
And I thought, this is crazy.
And he said this was up to date, I think, over the top, just because I haven't seen it myself.
I'm just sitting here thinking about all the things he talked about so long ago, and how the elite believe there's another dimension, and how they want to create a whole other dimension and force us into a matrix.
And then a few years later, documents came out saying that, and now all the big billionaires, I mean, they're just all over the place, saying, oh, this is a false dimension, an evil god is controlling us, we're going to build a new dimension and break out of it, and top scientists are working around the clock.
This is exactly what you said 20 years ago.
They want to break into a dimension and escape with Stargates.
And I'm like, Steve, don't talk about that on my show.
Now they're on the news every night.
Where did you get all this stuff?
Bible and from, I believe, the inspiration.
Look, here's the thing.
You know, as a Bible-believing Christian, all you have to do is read the book of Revelation, the book of Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, from the prophets to understand what would be in there.
But I made it a habit, Alex, to pray and seek God.
And look, here's the thing.
We're watching the foundations of this country.
They're destroyed.
What it says is, what can the righteous do?
And that's what your frustration, my frustration, and all of our frustration is, is what can we do?
When the wicked rule, the righteous mourn.
That's the spirit of heaviness.
George Norrie asked me that.
He said, man, there's this feeling.
You may have listened to it if you didn't, but I was on the other night and I said, look, there's a spirit of heaviness.
No, I feel it every day.
It is incredibly heavy to know this.
Yeah, yeah.
And then you don't want to admit it to yourself, but you know you've got to be honest about it.
Right, and there's too much dishonesty.
Listen, let's make it easy.
The Bible declares that pretty much a third and a third of the population is going to be destroyed.
You do the math, it's about half the population.
We talk about the Georgia Guidestones.
We can quote Prince Philip Cousteau.
We can quote all of the old guys that are dead now, what they want to do.
Soros' plan and everything.
Ask yourself this.
Who protects George Soros?
Here's what I'm praying.
I think this could make a difference.
I'm praying that the war that's gone on in Russia, whether they're going to release everything they know about Hillary and Obama, at least they would have presented the truth.
And I think the world, once Russia were to do that, and by the way, Alex, they've openly talked about that.
Will Russia release all of the, you know, formerly KGB files?
That's right, because a whole bunch of foreign governments have all of Hillary's emails.
They have them.
Why haven't they released them?
Well, they won't release them yet because... Trump has even come out and said, Russia, please release them.
Right, and well here's the deal.
There will come a point, that may be a signal mark or two, it behooves the Russians to cover the traitors that have sold us out to them.
But when the Russians find out that the traitors have sold them out to the New World Order, and Putin's got a long memory.
Now look, I'm not a Russophile.
No, no, Russia's in a lot of corruption.
They've infiltrated our government.
Hillary's involved.
That's why they're so freaked out.
Hillary, we've given you hundreds of millions of dollars that we know of, probably billions.
You sold your country out to us partially.
Why are you starting a war with us?
That's why they're so freaked out.
Because she's a mad dog.
I think the answer is the House divided can't stand.
Listen, it's a matter of double cross, quadruple cross, and octacross, okay?
In other words, everybody is going to fight for their power.
Everyone's so Machiavelli that they lose the narrative and then just are actually mental midgets.
Because they don't just have honor and do the right thing.
But look it, you can go on the front page of Matt Drudge's website, DrudgeReport, and look at how many weird people are coming.
The demons are loose.
That's why Tom Horne and I write about Stargate.
That's why, and Alex, you're selling the DVD, The Unholy Sea.
People have got to get that.
It's like a roadmap.
You just went through a litany of stuff I've been writing about, you know, and I think it's important that people get that DVD from InfoWars store.
Sure, well here's the deal.
Even if you're not right about everything, or I'm not right about everything, the elite believe what you're saying.
They're just on the other side.
We're living in a science fiction movie.
Tim, you're straight ahead, so is Steven and others.
Stay with us.
Mr. Trump, you've got five things to say, ten things to say, and what you do, and by the way, whenever you go on any TV show, listen to me, I know what I'm talking about.
You're going to say what you want to say, irrespective of what they ask you.
And if they don't ask you, you say, you know, it's funny, that reminds me.
And then you go right into it.
He never even talked about immigration.
The thing that brought him to the dance, he never even talked about.
Number two, he's got to understand that he has a plan.
Beat, soundly, Alex, 16 of the best and the brightest of the Republican Party, coming to senators, governors, including a brain surgeon, an actual brain surgeon.
He didn't go out there slamming Hillary Clinton.
He gave them a vision and he talked about basically a couple of things.
Illegal immigration and the sense of crime and losing.
I would teach Donald Trump like a kata.
We're good to go.
All you millennials, by the way, who were hosed by Bernie Sanders, who aren't necessarily going to vote for Hillary Clinton out of default, but who have been completely abandoned by this corrupt and venal system.
I want to talk to you about this thing called whitewater.
Once upon a time, there was something so big that the governor of Arkansas went to prison and people were indicted.
This makes you talk about Atlantic City, where the city went bankrupt, where we have casinos and Revel and Wynn and this.
You're talking about, I have 400 corporations, five went bankrupt.
Let's look at Mitt Romney's.
Folks, bankruptcy is not the issue.
Now, when she brings up Trump University, pray to God she brings it up, say, I'm glad you brought that up.
I want to talk about something called Laureate.
When you talk about how he's fat shaming a 90-whatever, some type of a beauty pageant contestant, I want to talk about sexual predation.
Not Eleftherio, not somebody who's a skirt chaser, not somebody, but somebody who is a sexual predator.
Now, remember, Bill Cosby, when people said, you know, that happened a long time ago.
Who cares?
It doesn't matter.
Yeah, but you know, that was 40 years ago.
It doesn't matter.
Nobody blamed Bill Cosby's wife.
They're looking at Hillary as the innocent spouse.
When you are the Secretary of State and you can't say, give me the money, pay me the money and I'll give you most favored nation status or arms or whatever, you can't do that.
What she did was, I'll tell you what, pay the Clinton Foundation.
That's the connection.
That's the nexus.
It's Friday, October 7th, 2016.
We are now only 31 days from a historic election.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Trump and the future versus Hillary and the establishment this Sunday 4 to 10.
So do the math, that's 6 hours we're going to be on air at least for 3-4 hours before the debate, during the debate, and post-debate coverage with myself and the rest of the team.
So not just the Sunday show 4 to 6, but now 4 to 10 p.m.
coming up this Sunday.
Briefly before I go back to Steve Quill on a few final calls, here are four or five of the winners.
Terrence O'Hagan, $2,000.
Let me sign that, that's going to be put in the mail.
Joseph Baldkovic, I pronounced that right, $5,000.
This is for the confronting the Clintons and getting the word out that they're sexual predators, the bill is.
Micah Feeney, have I pronounced that right?
Richard Garrett, $2,000.
Congratulations, Peter Miller, 2,000.
So a lot of folks either got the image up or didn't get it out on national TV, but a lot of you did.
So we've got three 2,000 winners and one 5,000 winner.
I may have to redo this because I think a couple of these were going to be 5,000.
I must have misspoke to them.
I think I have to redo these.
I think some people are getting 5,000.
I think I had three of them that were 5,000, two that were 2,000, but whatever.
They don't want me to show real checks on there anyway, so these are symbolic.
I'll just tell you I can't do anything fake, like a Hillary fake press conference.
So I'm going to read you the checks after the show anyways.
So we'll go back over that.
Nobody's fault.
I just babble during the breaks giving orders to people and then, you know, don't get some of this stuff straight.
Steve Quill is our guest.
Let's go ahead and go to Tim in California.
You're on the air.
Hey Alex.
Welcome my friend.
Hey, I'd just like to go ahead and first of all thank all the InfoWars listeners and your staff for doing a bang-up job.
They're always on top of things.
I'd like to go ahead and say about Donald Trump, he needs to get out there on Sunday at this debate and he needs to go for the jugular, Alex.
He really needs to knock this thing out of the park.
He needs to put Hillary on her heels and, you know, end this once and for all.
No, I agree