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Air Date: Oct. 6, 2016
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Ladies and gentlemen, it's Thursday, October 6, 2016.
This is a very important report dealing with the number one threat facing humanity right now by John Bowne.
Recently, United Nations Peace Day was celebrated in Austin, Texas.
That's right.
United Nations Peace Day.
A celebration of complete hypocrisy.
It is so critically important that we join
With the United Nations effort begun in 1981 to declare this day the Day of Peace.
And to recognize and celebrate the 11 days of global unity beginning on September 11th.
And whereas the International Day of Peace challenges all people, all people of the world, to consider what it means to be human.
And to rededicate themselves to our shared humanity.
Now, therefore, I, Steve Adler, Mayor of the City of Austin, Texas, do hereby proclaim September 21st of the year 2016 as Peace Day in Austin, Texas.
The same United Nations fomenting the growing possibility of World War III as Russia is demonized rather than met with diplomacy simply because they will not bend to the will of globalism.
Halting the agreement which came into force in 2010.
In the face of none of these atrocities, has Russia expressed outrage?
Nor has it demanded investigations.
Nor has it ever called for a Saturday night emergency consultation in the Security Council.
And a year ago, at the UN General Assembly, Russia decided to join
The Assad regime escalating the conflict and perhaps worst of all itself adopting
Some of the regime's worst practices.
That's all to confuse the public that we, our government, gave a bunch of weapons in Syria, in Libya, a bunch of other places, to Al-Qaeda to make those countries be failed states.
Our governments collectively put them there.
That's the big enchilada.
That's the 20 trillion pound elephant in the room.
That's the dead dog, you know, under the floorboards that's stinking the house up.
This is the issue.
And if the governments of the world can get away with this, they can pretty much say 2 plus 2 equals 100.
You know, the same United Nations with peacekeeper forces that routinely rape the children.
They are there to protect.
Doing everything we possibly can to assist the victims.
To bring accountability and justice for them.
The same United Nations that is on the verge of crossing the threshold on the ratification of the Paris Climate Pact, which under UN Agenda 2030 will tax every human activity and force humanity into densely packed megacities under UN control.
The same United Nations gradually taking control of your local police force under the Strong Cities Network to establish a global New World Order police state.
The same United Nations that wants to replace the natural world with a genetically modified one.
Yeah, that United Nations.
Oddly enough, the host of this hypothetical UN Peace Day was clueless of the United Nations Agenda 2030.
I'm afraid I'm not familiar with 2030.
If you weren't aware of it already, Agenda 2030 is a ramp-up of the totalitarian Agenda 21.
Intended to accelerate the New World Order system with major changes beginning in 2018.
Meanwhile, populism is sweeping the planet and the anxiety festering amongst the globalists is rising.
A Bloomberg chart documents the usage in terms like uncertainty, fear, risk,
...worry, destabilize, and tensions, among others, from the meeting of the UN Agenda 2015 Assembly until the latest UN Agenda 2016 Assembly.
And it's as blatantly obvious as the UN Agenda's supposed Peace Day.
That is what it was set up to do.
Stay with us.
We'll be back.
An Islamic preacher who's referred to non-Muslims as kuffar and teaches on how to kill homosexuals is delivering nightly news lectures for an Iranian government-backed organization in London.
This according to Breitbart News.
Shamk Hamza Sodegar teaches a lecture on one of five ways to kill homosexuals.
He calls himself a role model for young Muslims all around the world and in a recent video
He can be featured stating, quote, if there's homosexual men the punishment is one of five things.
One, the easiest one may be chop their head off.
That's the easiest.
Second, burn them to death.
Third, throw them from a cliff.
Fourth, tear down a wall so they can die under that.
Fifth, a combination of all of the above.
Sotogar is promoting the religion of peace and is due to speak at the Islamic Republic School of Iran in Northwest London this month.
I'm Margaret Hall reporting for InfoWars.com.
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It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host Alex Jones who claims that 9-11 and the Oklahoma City bombings were inside jobs.
And others who are kind of at the very fringe of the conspiracy movement like Alex Jones are being kind of incorporated into the campaign in ways it's a or even the recent choices of campaign management.
The right-wing smear machine has gotten Alex Jones-ified this election cycle as we've been chronicling here.
Jones is the show with
Conspiracy theorist and creator of the fringe website InfoWars.
Do you also know that Hillary Clinton uses a wheelchair?
Her personal vehicle has had to be outfitted with a wheelchair lift because she is not a person who can actually walk.
She secretly uses a wheelchair all those times you think you've seen her walking.
She hasn't been walking.
Did you know that?
Hillary Clinton has been on the campaign trail for 18 months.
Her energy staggers me.
I have a hard time keeping up with her.
The historical first in electing the first conspiracy freak president.
He's not pivoting for presidential.
He's pivoting to Alex Jones.
He's pivoting to crazy.
Was Hillary wearing an earpiece during last night's presidential forum?
That is the pilot, the captain of America's conspiracy theory mothership, Alex Jones.
He just had to keep digging, didn't you Alex?
The plan was so simple.
All Hillary had to do was open a jar of pickles, and the White House would be all ours.
You're gonna be part of the conspiracy now, you realize that, right?
I'm gonna try and do my best.
Alex Jones is gonna be all over you!
Let's see what happens.
Okay, here we go.
Here it is.
Whoa, blitzer.
Oh, no!
Oh, there was a...
They're all in on this total conspiracy theory that literally came from InfoWars.
First of all, Hayes, I'll get you for this segment.
It may take years and cost thousands of lives, but I'll get you for this.
I don't know what happens in somebody's mind or how dark their heart must be to say things like that.
The New World Order sends its regards.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on.
For your mind.
And it matters.
Because it's not just the kook fringe.
It's not just the sort of remunerative conspiracy theory world of that part of the conservative media machine.
It's not even just wacky people who have made their way into Republican politics at a surprising height.
This is now the top of the Republican ticket.
It's time to wake up and get outside the matrix.
We're now 32 days out from the historic election.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Thank you for joining us.
We just kicked off another transmission.
My friends, we are historically, culturally, spiritually, economically,
Two seconds from midnight.
On the doomsday clock.
And war is never going to happen until it happens.
You're never going to get cancer until it happens.
You're never going to have a heart attack until that aorta blows.
Or your heart seizes up.
You're never going to be in a car wreck until you drive through the green light and somebody runs it and t-bones you.
Your wife, your husband, your kids are bleeding to death in front of you.
I don't bring up the negative aspects of this world, the painful aspects of this world, because I celebrate them.
I bring them up because I want to mitigate and banish them as much as we can.
I want to bring light into the world, not deception.
I want prosperity.
I want justice.
I want innovation.
And I thought everybody else wanted that.
You know, most of the common people around this world, no matter what color their skin are, want basic justice and a better future for their children than they had.
That's what unifies us.
We're one species.
We're one race.
But different breeds, different variants,
But we've all survived as a species on this planet and we are the sum prevails and adventures and tumultuous freebooting legendary past that is reality.
We are the sum of our ancestors and all of their struggles.
And everything the social engineers do is to cut us off from our ancestors and from that past and those histories.
Because if we can be cut off from that, we are cut off from ourselves and from our collective intellect and who we are.
And if you don't know who you are, you don't have a hope in this world.
And instead they're giving us false myths of who we are.
Innovation now is reducing the language, and finding offense in all things, and being catatonic basket-case lunatics.
That's a rear-guard action of the globalists that have stolen the future, stolen civilization, and are now giving us a distorted version of an artificial construct.
Humans separate themselves from the animals in many ways.
But one of the chief is we build our own environment.
We use tools and change the universe around us.
We innovate.
Whales didn't launch jet aircraft in the air or plumb the secrets of the atom.
Wales didn't paint Vincent Van Gogh's sunflowers.
Wales did not create the symphony that is Beethoven's genius, as magic as whales are.
The divine spark given by God to his creation, made in the image of the creator of reality,
Of the universe.
Of consciousness.
Imagine the hills that creator climbed.
Imagine the roots of that creator.
Now wishing to re-experience its own genesis.
Recreating it here.
On this solar system.
On this planet.
In this galaxy.
And you say out of billions and billions and billions and hundreds of billions of galaxies that they've now photographed and chronicled and named in many cases.
They've given them all numbers.
As we stare out into infinity.
As we stare out in many cases at galaxies that don't even exist anymore.
And then you ask yourself, do we come from the divine when the evidence is written in the firmament of the night sky?
Think about that.
And then you see how far we've fallen.
There's a lot of news to cover today.
And I don't celebrate people's ignorance.
I point it out so that we can not go down the same road again and again.
You know, they say that a fool learns from experience.
Well, they don't really ever learn, do they?
But the average person learns from, you know, walking through a field at night without a flashlight, stepping a hole, break your ankle, blow your Achilles, whatever.
I've been a fool.
It's happened to me.
More than once.
Confidence killed the cat.
But a wise man learns from other people's mistakes.
And yesterday, towards the end of the broadcast, before I handed the baton to Paul Watson, I just mentioned to Congressman Hank Johnson, who thought that Guam, one of the main military base islands the U.S.
has in the Pacific, was floating.
He's a current congressman, by the way.
And would tip over.
He said it four years ago.
And he was very serious.
He thought islands float.
You know, he thinks rocks and mountains and things like that, they float.
And I mentioned that because I thought it was parallel to what other members of Congress were asking the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman a few weeks ago about.
Can't you just shoot down the Russian airplanes with cruise missiles?
That way none of our pilots get hurt.
And they go, excuse me, but then they're going to retaliate against us.
But, but, but, we won't have any pilots in the air, it'll be cruise missiles.
There's like an hour-long hearing, and the general keeps looking at them, like a cat looking at a fish in a fishbowl.
It's like, really?
I mean, what are you doing?
What are you?
Are you a man?
Are you a mouse?
Are you a goldfish?
And then I saw people on YouTube last night, I happened to go to the video of this that was uploaded from the show, and people didn't believe that there was a congressman that said that islands floated,
And they also, I know this because I read hundreds of comments, I got fascinated.
They were having a discussion.
They didn't know why it was wrong to shoot down Russian airplanes with cruise missiles.
And they didn't understand there'd be a response back.
So they got that Hank Johnson is obviously mentally retarded.
I mean, look at him.
That's the globalist.
That's who they got rid of.
Cynthia McKinney installed is a mentally retarded man, in my view.
I mean, I'm very sad for him, but he's obviously mentally retarded.
We'll skip this break.
This is too important.
Yeah, you look at him, I say that someone is retarded.
You look at Tim Kaine, I say he looks like somebody that's a pedophile.
Not saying he's a pedophile, just looks like a pedophile.
By the way, when I said that yesterday and said it every hour on the hour, in my gut, I said the media is not going to pick up on this.
You know why?
Because they put that headline out there and people go, yeah, he does look like one.
See, when we say something that's really true, the enemy doesn't attack it.
And everything, you know, we say gets attacked one way or the other, except stuff so veritas that they can't handle it.
So, before I get to all this news, and believe me, it's incredible today.
It's over the top.
Let me try to quantify what we're dealing with here.
I can play a clip of a congressman
Talking in the Defense Committee about islands floating.
They're not the tips of mountains above the ocean, they're floating.
This is what the establishment actually put in office.
In this case, the whole media got behind this guy, and the Democrats and Republicans got behind him to get rid of Cynthia McKinney, because she's a smart lady.
And under political correctness, because she's black, they'll go, oh, you're patronizing.
No, she has a lot of courage.
You know, like when I say Rand Paul's smart.
She's a smart lady.
See, we're not even allowed to have discussions because they put landmines in there.
So the public's so mentally ill, they just hear me complimenting a black woman, and I'm not allowed to.
The point is, they get rid of this woman that has incredible courage, demonized everywhere.
A lot of conservatives are probably listening, going, Cynthia McKinney, she's horrible.
No, you got brainwashed about her because she was so real.
She exposed government kidnapping rings of kids and got Rumsfeld to admit it was going on.
She exposed vaccines being deadly and hurting the troops.
She exposed all these phony wars.
She exposed Barack Obama as even worse than Bush.
That's why they ran her out.
And they put a guy in that thinks islands are floating rocks.
That's even dumber than flat earthers, okay?
And then I get up here with the geopolitical military basic research
I'll talk to retired generals, or other people, or former CIA, or current, you name it, and they sit there and they go, we just can't believe you know all these factoids and stuff, you know, even the brain bugs that our organizations don't.
And I'm not bragging.
I actually study things.
I actually want to know how things work.
Most people just want to act like they're informed and have a few things they say to look like they know what's going on.
I want to know how the universe works.
It's so incredible.
To get back to why I'm covering this so much today, up front, because it deals with the mindset of the public and what the globalists are targeting, but what they themselves have become, U.S.
Army Chief threatens war with Russia.
Okay, we played that clip yesterday.
We're going to play it again.
He says, this is going to be as big a war as World War II, and we're being maneuvered into the position, so I just want Russia to know we're ready for war with you, since Russia's having nuclear drills and says they're prepared for war.
And the Pentagon demands no fly zone over Russia, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs said, okay, yes, we can shoot down, because they're telling him in the longer clip, well listen, so our pilots don't get hurt, can't we just shoot them down with cruise missiles?
And the General goes, yeah, but then we'll have to go to war with Russia, they're going to retaliate.
And Republicans and Democrats for like an hour go, but, but, because they all want a war, that's what real patriots do, you know, you go start a war, especially when you're in the wrong.
And they go, but,
We've got thousands of ship-borne launch and aircraft-launched cruise missiles in the area, we'll shoot down all the Russian planes!
And the chairman keeps looking at him going, yeah, but we'll have to go to war with Russia.
So I don't have the authorization for that.
So you're telling me, and basically Obama has given the order four years ago, and they're still giving it, to shoot down any aircraft in the air, including Russian.
And the military keeps not following the order, because they want the order, attack Russia.
Attack Russian aircraft.
And you know what?
I think if they get that order, they'll probably do it.
From the Commander-in-Chief.
Even though he's not the Commander-in-Chief and they shouldn't.
But that's the point we've gotten to with... They're not even operating one-dimensional.
They're not even at the level of checkers, folks.
They're not at the level of kindergarten connect-the-dot.
And when I say that, I don't mean that to insult them.
I mean, literally.
They think islands are floating.
They think you shoot down a couple hundred Russian aircraft.
The first one you shoot down, Russia's going to run to the UN.
And there's going to be all sorts of sanctions and flipping out.
The second one you shoot down, Russia's going to tell you, we're going to fire our hypersonic missiles that go 4,000 miles an hour at your ships launching aircraft the next time you enter the airspace, the next time a missile enters.
Then more missiles enter,
Russians attack with conventional ship killers, knocking out a US aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean.
Then, more attacks on Russian bases.
Next, the Russians roll into Europe.
NATO has said they will launch
Short-range and intermediate-range nuclear weapons onto those armored columns coming into Eastern and Western Europe.
ICBMs get launched by Russia or by the U.S.
Everybody's dead!
Listen to you goddamn dumbasses in Congress.
Islands don't float, and you cannot shoot down the Russian aircraft in a sovereign country they were invited into on their doorstep while they're fighting Al-Qaeda, murdering Christians by the hundreds of thousands!
You can't do it!
Just because George Soros thinks he's Jesus Christ doesn't make him Jesus Christ.
And by the way, I purposely did not use the Lord's name in vain.
You people are damned to hell!
I love how the Baptists and everybody else who I was brought up by, you know, they won't get upset about the abortuaries.
I'm not singling out Baptists and everything else.
And they all, you know, what do you call bottle openers for beer?
You call them church keys for Baptists.
Oh, they'll all, you know, get pecky about drinking beer or whatever while they're the biggest drunks around.
Oh, but if you say GD, that's taking the Lord's name in vain because some preacher said.
No, that means God is going to damn these people to hell.
A curse is when you call for God to be destroyed and say the devil is better than God.
People don't even know what they're talking about.
I'm so sick of all these ignorant morons.
We are run by a country of people that think islands float, and preachers that think if you say someone should go to hell, I know I shouldn't judge, and I'm not saying somebody should go to hell, but people that want to destroy our planet
They want to murder Christians all over the world, I think, are going to hell.
And I'll say, I hope God sends them to hell.
But anyways, I saw people in there not believing that Hank Johnson worries Guam could capsize.
That CBS News, Fox News, congressman who wants to hear Guam could capsize, compares Jewish settlers to termites.
In Quake's Wake, Representative Hank Johnson revives claim that Guam could tip over.
And that's why we have this hurricane coming in, Matthew, that they said millions of people should evacuate.
It killed a bunch of people in Haiti.
God rest their souls.
We have another member of the media.
Ron Allen thinks Climate Deal is designed to stop storms like Hurricane Matthew.
There have always been hurricanes.
There have always been cyclones.
There have always been tornadoes.
There have always been tsunamis.
There have always been earthquakes.
There have always been volcanoes.
I used to think maybe the guy was just saying that to get idiots, you know, young kids or whatever to believe, you know, pay carbon tax, there'll be no more tornadoes or earthquakes or anything else.
But man, there's a dust storm global warming.
There's an earthquake global warming.
There's a tsunami global warming.
There's a hurricane global warming.
There's a typhoon global warming.
And mainstream media is saying that Hurricane Matthew is because of global warming, when in the last 50 years, we have been in one of the least busy hurricane systems that we've ever seen in the last five years.
I mean, it is.
You just Google that from the Weather Channel, it's a fact.
But still, they're there.
I mean, you always read about whole armadas, you know, blown off course, everybody killed, thousands of sailors, because they went into a storm.
You know, sailors, storms, ships, they were there before.
But this is the magnitude of idiocy.
Let's play the congressman.
I'm going to illustrate what we're dealing with here, not knowing that islands are mountains.
Hear this.
Yeah, my fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.
Uh, we don't anticipate that.
The, uh, the Guam population, I think, currently about 175,000.
And again, with 8,000 Marines and their families, it's an addition of about 25,000, uh, more, uh, into the population.
The whole island will, uh, become so overly populated that it will tip over, uh,
Now again, it's only one step from that, you know, 60 IQ, 65, maybe 60, I mean, we're talking dumb, okay?
He wasn't joking, he still believes it, reportedly.
To the other congressman in the hours of footage I've watched saying, can't you just blow up the Russians?
Can't you just...
Well, no, our treaties say we can, and our military gave the Russians the intel to help take out the targets, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and they'll attack us back, and then that starts a nuclear war, but they go, but we have, we have pilotless weapons, no one will be hurt!
Yeah, until they get out of the theater!
We're on the march, the Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hillary Clinton has been caught in yet another staged fake town hall event as she takes questions from a child actor in Harvard, Pennsylvania.
The mainstream media immediately picked up the clip and aired the footage nationwide.
Hi Madam Secretary, I'm Brennan and I'm 15 years old.
At my school, body image is a really big issue for girls my age.
I see with my own eyes the damage Donald Trump does when he talks about women and how they look.
As the first female president, how would you undo some of that damage?
It's a connection that the 15-year-old girl is a child actor named Brennan Leach, whose father is a state senator and staunch reporter of Hillary's campaign.
She's also appeared in political ads for her father featuring Bill Clinton.
He seems like a great guy.
I wouldn't let my daughter near that guy.
And you can see more reports right now at InfoWars.com.
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There are, of course, those who do not want us to speak.
I think.
Just let me think.
I suspect even now orders are being shouted into telephones and men with guns will soon be on their way.
It's Chancellor Settler.
Damn it!
Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words...
Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth.
And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?
You designed it, sir.
You wanted it foolproof.
You told me every television in London!
Cruelty and injustice.
Intolerance and oppression.
And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and surrounding your submachinery.
We're good to go.
I know why you did it.
I know you were afraid.
Who wouldn't be?
There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense.
Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the now High Chancellor, Adam Sutler.
He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.
There is a war.
It's happening now.
It will decide the fate of humanity.
The time to choose sides has come.
We are the resistance.
We are the Infowar.
Okay, I just spent the last, you know, 25-30 minutes just getting into the abject dumbed-down level of the public.
And the arrogance and the delusional behavior that goes on.
I'm not going to get back into U.S.
Army chief threatens war with Russia.
We played the clip yesterday.
Pentagon demands no-fly zone for Russia over Syria after the White House orders them to basically push that idea, which will then mean war with Russia.
Russia is engaged in World War III drills with 40 million people, taking part in that, and according to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, no-fly zone would require a war with Syria and Russia.
That is a close quote.
Now, there's all this other news, but I keep going back to this because it's central, but not just to cover the story mindlessly.
To be educated on what we're dealing with.
We have members of Congress that think islands float.
We can laugh at them all day long.
But that's who's been elected to Congress.
Then you've got Republicans and Democrats that just keep going for the last few years.
Well, why can't we just shoot down the Russian aircraft, General?
And they go, because Russia has nuclear weapons and has promised to retaliate.
And has retaliated before when the West gets on its borders.
I mean, Dick Cheney and George Bush had to back off when they started a war in 2008, remember?
A proxy war taking over South Ossetia and Abkhazia.
So, all this is going on, and then I get this response, oh, you're a Russian agent.
I'm not even going to respond to that at this point, okay?
If people don't understand, we shouldn't be backing jihadis.
We shouldn't be trying to have failed states in Libya and Syria and Egypt.
We shouldn't be overthrowing our allies and installing... I was reading today where London has hired a jihadi to teach cultural enrichment who calls for the murder of homosexuals
And everything else.
It's like Uma Abedin.
Who could make it up that her mother's the main author and proponent calling for women to be sexually mutilated?
I mean, what?
This is the woman Hillary stays in the same hotel room with?
Her girlfriend's mother is the top pushing, mutilating women's genitals?
And then I sit there and we see all these weird feminist groups clucking and hopping around and, you know, talking all day about
How great it is to be for women, and that brings me to our next big piece.
Because it's bigger than just Hillary hiring actors.
I saw this town hall, and that's why I'm so frustrated, because I'd rather cover one or two stories properly than cover a thousand improperly.
But I remember just seeing a clip of this town hall yesterday and going, that's completely fake, that's perdished.
And then it gives, and if I just go with my gut, then I can move on and just keep making all the right decisions.
Because if I pull back and go, why do I know that?
Then the headache happens.
Because then, okay, number one, that crowd looks completely fake.
How do you know that?
I can see how they're spaced out, laid out in quadrants, not even properly done.
I can then look at how everyone has certain dress.
Certain unity of the crowd, the demographics of the crowd, the lighting.
I can see that it's shot in the highest level HD, perfectly lit.
Again, my subconscious brain, hundreds of times more powerful than my conscious, can see the fact that clearly there's lighting change differences and different sequences that have been shot.
And the whole thing clearly has been highly produced.
Let's just boil it down.
Highly produced, totally fake.
Uh, done to make her look like a rock star with all these, you know, beautiful movie stars with her.
Uh, the lighting all done perfectly.
Uh, but then added blurs put on the lenses to make it then look fake on top of that sophisticated hammered crap.
So, I see this.
Get a headache.
Because I won't just go with my gut.
That's fake.
Never go with your gut even though it's always right.
Let's analyze it.
I'm watching it and then
I get angry.
I move on, I forget about it.
Get up this morning.
Hired actors.
And by the way, you can go through most of the crowd.
Again, all we can do with Huma is analyze the one girl.
But you can go through the entire crowd.
We just have her name so we know.
Because they were so arrogant.
This is one of their blind spots.
They're still operating like we wouldn't look up the fact that she is a highly successful young actress.
There's been in movies, TV shows, you name it, and that the whole thing was scripted and completely fake.
Just like we knew that it was the former Bush administration official, you know, mid-level, you know, saying to Trump, why is it you hate women so much?
We're tired of you and the perfect swagger and how she said it.
Everybody said, boom, look into that lady.
That looked really, really polished.
Boom, fake again.
This is even more fake!
The whole thing's fake!
A huge production, where they just wheel Hillary in to sit there like the queen, with everyone looking at her like the great goddess of knowledge that will deliver us into Valhalla.
You're no goddess, my sweetie.
Unless you're... Kali, perhaps.
Fake Hillary!
Clinton takes questions from child actor.
Corporate media regurgitates footage.
In fact, this should be red-linked.
This should be tweeted out.
Disaster for Hillary.
It's all how we phrase it, and it should be.
Hillary caught using child actors to attack Trump.
That's the real headline.
I want to say something else just so you understand where I'm coming from.
Not to brag, but so everybody gets in the real game-winning mindset here.
I was given, some of these have never before been seen, these were captured by, let's just say, a multinational intelligence agency.
I'll just tell you, NATO.
Showing Al Qaeda slash ISIS making captured troops they're about to execute eat human flesh as a person is chopped up on a table, show that they believe that will send their souls to hell.
Oh, you're supposedly good Muslims like us, but we want to send you straight to hell before we kill you in a mass grave, and chopping people's heads off, and a bunch of this we haven't even shown you.
In fact, we've got even more than what World Net Daily's got.
But I knew Dr. Korsi has such gravitas in three number one New York Times bestsellers, and all the sources in the Middle East, and he's the one that exposed a lot of this, so he deserves this intel.
He'll do a better job with it.
He has more gravitas on that area than I do.
I don't even have the staff or crew to be able to
Do the proper job, because they're not international experts in the Middle East who lived there for off and on, you know, a decade.
So I told the sources, I said, just go ahead and give that to Dr. Jerome Corsi.
He's now going to do a five-part series.
The second is out today.
See Hillary's Libyan Jihad atrocities.
Let me explain something.
No one else in media acts like that and behaves like that except Matt Grudge.
If we've got the truth and a weapon
That is more powerful fired through the ocular vision of Dr. Corsi.
I'm telling you, I keep telling you, if someone shows up better than me in any aspect, I'm going to put them front and center because I want to win.
This isn't about being a big shot, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm going to get back to this in a minute.
It's about understanding the globalists are out to get us.
They're not out to conquer us to build a better civilization because we're a bunch of, you know, miscreants or whatever.
They're not here with Kipling's, you know, white man's burden, which was bad enough and became exploitive, but they actually meant well.
This is a hate letter to humanity.
This is horrible, evil, wicked people that... Notice Hillary surrounds herself with ugliness.
And this is a sign of the psychopathic behavior.
This is what they're into.
Okay, that's why she always uses cute little sweet little girls, the image of innocence, because it's what she isn't.
It's what she's the furthest from.
She's a 180.
And they've really exploited this little girl.
There's a gentleman, a reporter who does a lot of great work, who broke it down with a spangled newscast.
And I'm going to play it here, but CNN, quote, carried the full five minutes.
That means the full
Find my article with all the video links.
That's the full fake production.
Oh, did you hear she had a town hall?
It was five and a half minutes long and they played a few other clips throughout the day.
This is the, let's go back to the town hall.
That was produced a day earlier.
And that's what's crazy is I've sent reporters and I've analyzed the raw footage.
We've shown it to you at different events she's had around the country.
And when she's having convulsions and stuff, everybody's kind of like in on it and knows they're like very proud to be covering it up.
And then, oh, Hillary's going to be behind closed for 45 minutes or an hour, and then she comes out looking like she just got run over by a train.
I mean, I'll hand it to her.
She gives speeches after having full grand mal seizures.
I mean, they're sticking, you know, plastic spoons in her mouth.
I mean, you know, she's going through some hell right now with that growing brain tumor.
Word is.
Here's CNN, in on whole fake productions.
Oh, but there wouldn't be a rigging of his microphone, Donald Trump's, which they now admit they did.
No audio to the crowd.
Some people 30, 40 rows back couldn't hear anything.
No audio from Donald Trump.
And he's really uncomfortable.
Imagine, he doesn't want to say, hey, my mic's not working.
But imagine, you go up to give a speech.
She's booming out in the crowd.
She's there.
You're not being heard.
Okay, well, you're Donald Trump.
You can readjust.
All of a sudden, you're being interrupted.
Okay, well, ugh.
Well, I was against the Iraq War.
No, you weren't, Lester Holt says.
Hillary, no, you weren't.
The Demand Commission comes out and says, yeah, actually there was no audio to the crowd and his audio for some reason was being faded down, up and down to the TV viewers.
I mean, I could hear it, like, half the time, and they knew how to just fade it down where he sounded like he was this little whispering weakling.
There wasn't anything personal about his voice to you.
And they rigged the polls, and they rigged the Google, and they rigged, they rigged, they rigged, they rigged.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
Any person with half a brain would say, obviously, if I don't like the establishment, this is who we should go with.
Oh, but no, the average public, they don't actually want to overthrow the aristocracy and create a new future for humanity based on the Renaissance, the new Atlantis.
They just want to be the aristocrat.
That's why the elites are trying to buy me off.
They go, well, look, you can go ahead and join us.
We'll make you real rich.
And I'm like, you don't understand.
I don't want to be you.
I want the best humanity can be.
That's what I believe in.
I'm a fan of humanity.
I'm a fan of man.
And then people go, oh, that's from the devil's advocate.
You're the devil.
No, that's another Hollywood lie.
The devil is the opposite of a fan of man.
The devil hates man because we're made in the image of his creator.
We're his boss.
He knows it.
That's why the globalists act like this.
They hate productivity and prosperity and unity and strength and honor and will and courage and duty.
They have the best we've got go out and do incredible things militarily, horrible things.
In many cases.
But then they hate them the most because they absolutely fear this great male example of a focused soldier.
And they dress up all their crimes to sell it.
They, you know, they dress up all their crimes in the foliage of liberty, in the foliage of strong virile men.
God's energy and force to build and to procreate, to pollinate.
They're at war with life.
People say, why do they attack the family?
Because they're at war with life?
Because their father is a worshipper of death.
Not death.
Death is an aspect of God's creation.
Death is the tilling of the soil.
The devil fashions himself to be death because perhaps stranger eons even God could die.
Death is the only godly aspect the devil can actually manifest.
Because the devil doesn't want to give any creation to man even though the devil can't create and can only steal what man creates.
And then can only twist it.
So we know the middle name of the girl that's in movies and TV shows and everywhere, and then she goes up with a script, with all these other scripted people, and looks at Hillary like she's the Messiah.
The article's on InfoWars.com, it should be the top story in the country, but it should be Hillary devastated by news that she has child actors.
And let me tell you, I can look at these other kids, and I can look at the fake sincerity
And mommy having them, you know, in the acting classes as they were too, because that's mommy's ticket to getting some money and getting out of the trailer and all the rest of it.
I mean, I can take one approximation.
Hell, they got her being interviewed by an actress on the stage!
With Webster Hubble's daughter!
They're using actors.
Of course they are.
Hillary Clinton has been caught in yet another staged fake town hall style question and answer exchange, this time with a child actor who was planted, and notice they even used a small crowd because they know she doesn't have big crowds.
Everybody's already aware of that, but also because it's hard to get more actors.
And a lot of them then, if you get too big a crowd, some of them might be patriots recording it, showing it's fake.
And it turns out her father is a Democratic operative.
And they were so proud of their little daughter.
They thought no one would notice.
They thought no one would be aware of it.
They thought no one would understand it.
Turns out he's from Gunman.
Turns out he's from Urban Borders.
They're all a bunch of actors.
We're gonna come back and play her from CNN.
You know, they say that I say nobody died at Sandy Hook.
What I've said
And the debates we've held, looking at both sides, is Anderson Cooper did blue screen, he turns, his nose disappears, the kids are going in circles, in and out of the building, like it's a drill, nothing matches up.
That's all I said.
And these people have been caught staging so much stuff, who knows.
That was staged.
And that takes an hour to get into, but that was staged.
Let me just give you one little niblet of information on that front.
The supposed shooter?
Was in a super-secret, above-top-secret, DARPA brain interface program with the CIA, MIT, and NASA.
And his father wrote one of the top algorithms.
I could go on for about an hour.
But Aurora was staged.
Just like Sirhan Sirhan and Art of K. Now when we come back, I'm gonna play you this clip of the child actress, right out of Wag the Dog.
Worshipping at the altar of Hillary Rodham Clinton.
This should devastate the witch if we get the information out.
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Mike Pence just tweeted a video that we're posting to Infowars.com right now of Hillary Clinton a few years ago saying, I don't like emails because you can't hide them from investigators.
We have this criminal even openly bragging.
But again, the public gets overwhelmed by that and they won't prosecute her.
So we need to just go right to the public and say, look, she's using little kids, feeding them lines about how they've been hurt by Donald Trump.
It's like the Jewish family with their Jewish kid going, and he does it like Jews.
The kid's like four years old.
He wants to hurt Jews.
I mean, it's just despicable.
It's despicable using children like this.
So Hillary caught using a little child.
Huge controversy.
This should destroy her.
But we're so used to them lying to us.
We're so used to the actors.
We're so used to it.
It's like, oh, big deal.
I'm getting to that in a moment.
I want the story red-linked.
Steve did a great job covering it when nobody else was, but we need to make a huge deal.
The headline isn't strong enough.
It's like, we need, oh by the way, we tend to not talk about our successes enough because you need to know how successful you are.
I told Roger Stone last week, I said, I think we'll have five people by next Sunday.
I was talking to him Sunday on air, well before the show.
He's about to go on with it with David Knight.
I said, I think you'll have the Clintons confronted five times in the next week.
Well, it's happened in New York.
It's happened in Colorado and now Ohio.
Bill Clinton is a rapist.
The woman holds up a t-shirt with it written on it.
So I get what she's saying.
Have it on a t-shirt.
She couldn't get the shirt in time delivered.
So she improvised and she did it in front of Bill Clinton's face.
And even though it went out on local news, it did go national, she gets $5,000.
But this is a whole nother area.
We gotta check.
Have we checked to stop rape at Infowars.com?
Have any of these people contacted us yet?
Because I ask in the morning and then no one contacts.
So, we'll explain during the break.
That's one more thing I forgot to get to.
Because we're going to get these people on the show.
The guy from New York, the guy from Colorado, this lady.
Great job.
I want to get them all on the show because if it causes a cascade,
My budget's only $100,000.
Other people are going to do it, and it'll force it.
It's not infidelity, it's rape.
So we've got that clip, but before I get to this other clip...
They pointed out, how are you going to pay $100,000 in prizes if you don't sell any shirts?
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We'll be back with the video of the little girl, the actress.
This is huge.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Big Brother, mainstream media, government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, in this hour we're going to be very, very news-heavy.
And I will also attempt to go to some of your phone calls.
We don't have any guests today because I want to be able to cover as much information as possible.
Coming up in this hour, I just started getting into this and, you know, quite frankly, Ib Trump goes after this and starts talking about the fact that her town halls are rigged and that most of the people are actors.
They won't be able to block his transmission by that, ignore the fact he brings it up, and then he can say, how dare them use this little girl, this is despicable, and it's going to blow up in their face spectacularly.
Now, after the break, I want to play the full report of the gentleman that went into the research and analyzed this.
But first, I want to just play the clip of the little girl.
And I want to explain something.
I'm trying to teach the rest of the media this, and I'm not bragging, but one of my biggest successes isn't just the fact that what I cover gets ignored by the establishment, but not by the rest of the media.
They take what we cover, our angles, they don't give us credit, I don't care.
I'm here to give fresh angles outside of the consolidated system.
And one of our biggest successes is, we could have broken the big, huge murder, execution, death, cannibalism videos
That WorldNetDaily put out, but I said, Dr. Corsi has more gravitas and this is his, what he's an expert on, he should do this.
And I told the source, I didn't even call up to aggrandize myself with Corsi, I just said, you know, I think Corsi's the right way to go with this.
Though at a certain point, I kind of want to back off what I said, he is better on this subject than I, except I would have gone with the headline,
Shocking footage of rebels that Hillary supported, rebels that Hillary backed, caught on camera, forcing people to engage in cannibalism.
Because a story like that, of them with a heart or whatever, goes around the world eating a heart.
No one cares, I guess, that Hillary financed it and did it.
But we should now, that we let them break it, we've got the footage in there, take it.
Put it on one of our backup YouTube channels so they don't suspend our regular ones saying we're being obscene or whatever.
No, we're showing the obscenity to stop it for adult audiences and show.
I mean, there's like 20 minutes of these guys being marched through, they're cutting up humans, they're making them eat the dead soldiers, and then they, you know, march them off to a pit and blow their heads off.
We need to know about the liberation force that Hillary was behind and what she launched.
So... I did right handing it to Corsi, but...
It's little things like that.
The trendies like cannibalism and zombies and stuff because they're so unhuman and so dead that it kind of makes them feel alive to see death.
It's kind of a twist.
So you can actually get trendies to tune in and go, your goddess Hillary launched people to come into a country where Christians could live in peace, where other groups of Muslims could live in peace, where blacks could live in peace, and they all got murdered.
Here's giant truckloads and fields full of dead black people.
Why is it all black people?
Because the Arabs are super racist.
The Wahhabis are super racist.
So, here's that.
That's the big angle, too.
Hillary backed extermination of blacks.
Black genocide in North Africa.
That's true.
Hillary backed rebels engaged in mass cannibalism, made prisoners eat humans.
Whereas somebody that's actually seen death, seen a little bit of killing, seen some things, you don't want to look at it because you've already seen something like it.
You want to see sunrises and puppy dogs and stuff like that.
But see, the people who have never been in any of that, they love it.
But then they might have a conscience when they see it and think, actually this is bad, and might understand Hillary's a monster.
So we come back.
Pence has come out with a powerful video we're going to play with Hillary.
We're posting to TimFoolWars.com as we speak, saying that
Saying that, you know, thank God, you know, she doesn't use emails because you can't hide it from investigators.
I mean, video of her saying, I'm going to abscond.
I'm a deceiver.
I mean, that's the basis of getting charged, is that you say you're hiding stuff in a criminal activity.
It's what makes it murder one.
It's what makes it premeditated.
It's what adds all the lavishment to it.
This is even ABC News with a video stream a few years ago, you know, catching them in the whole deal.
She hides it in plain view.
Teaching a criminal culture to her fellow Democrats like Gruber on C-SPAN teaching how to lie and deceive and make upstanding ovations.
Hillary Clinton has been caught in yet another staged fake town hall event as she takes questions from a child actor in Harvard, Pennsylvania.
The mainstream media immediately picked up the clip and aired the footage nationwide.
Hi Madam Secretary, I'm Brennan and I'm 15 years old.
At my school, body image is a really big issue for girls my age.
I see with my own eyes the damage Donald Trump does when he talks about women and how they look.
As the first female president, how would you undo some of that damage?
It's a connection that the 15-year-old girl is a child actor named Brennan Leach, whose father is a state senator and staunch reporter of Hillary's campaign.
She's also appeared in political ads for her father featuring Bill Clinton.
He seems like a great guy.
I wouldn't let my daughter near that guy.
And you can see more reports right now at Infowars.com.
Hey, everyone!
Pharmacist Ben Fuchs here, host of The Bright Side.
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Only 32 days from the November 8th election.
It's Thursday, October 6th, 2016.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is a flashback from several years ago of Hillary Clinton behind the scenes ABC News where she's hanging out with Democrats on video bragging about how she doesn't like to have email because investigators can then get her information.
So the real headline is, this isn't just a flashback, I mean I know it was three years ago ABC News, it's Hillary caught on tape admitting she hides information from investigators.
Hillary Clinton saying in 2000, just in 2000, I know there was another one of these just a few years ago as well, I guess it was in writing, she said, don't use email, cut off the headers, that she doesn't like emails because you can't hide it from investigators.
This is ABC News, let's play the clip.
Senator Clinton and her staff now act as if she barely knew Peter Paul.
But his home videos tell a different story.
In fact, Paul's home videos picked up Mrs. Clinton saying she had stopped using email messages for fear investigators would get their hands on them.
Is she sitting next to Stan Lee of the comics?
It is.
Can't make this up.
That guy always looks like he's the same age.
He may live to 150.
Maybe he got bitten by the radioactive spider.
So, on AM radio you probably won't be able to pick it up very good, but on video you can clearly hear it.
ABC picked up the same thing and said that.
So, that's a big deal right there.
Okay, if you just joined us, I think this is the top story right now.
Obviously, you've got Hurricane Matthew set to hit Florida and the East Coast and displace millions of people in the next few days.
We've got NBC reporters saying this is why we've got to have carbon taxes, is because we've got to stop hurricanes.
We've always had hurricanes.
Hurricanes the last five years are one of the lowest cycles ever recorded.
That's Weather Channel.
But none of that matters because, again, if you pay them carbon taxes, they'll make everything okay.
But this article is red-linked on Infowars.com.
Fake Hillary.
Clinton takes questions from child actor.
Corporate media regurgitates footage.
That's a powerful headline by Steve Watson, but not powerful enough.
I mean, this is sensational.
Hillary caught using child actor in stage town hall.
Corporate media airs fake footage, is your headline.
And it is a disaster.
Hillary caught using child actor to attack Trump.
Yeah, that's good.
That's my original headline.
I babbled out last hour.
It's like... I guess disaster or bombshell.
Hillary caught using child actor in stage town hall.
In staged attack on Trump.
We need to understand, it's not just like some child actor, you know, oh my gosh, another list of Hollywood folks, tell us what they think, who cares?
No, no, no, it's not like that.
It's staged, they push it as real in a fake event with an actress.
We're going to go through all of this right now.
In fact, let's just play the short clip.
And then I've got the analysis of the entire situation.
But this is such a big deal.
And again, if we act like it's no big deal and just accept it, we're done.
If we go, this is incredible.
You've been caught again.
This is the second time using actors.
You clamor the public to ask you questions.
You're rigging things.
Like you rigged his microphone.
Like you're rigging the election.
Like you stole it from Bernie Sanders.
It isn't a theme, ladies and gentlemen.
It's the truth.
Oh, how ridiculous the White House talking memo says, you know, the last two days.
Alex Jones says that they turned his mic off.
Media matters.
Alex Jones is a kook.
Alex Jones is a... As if they dictate reality.
As if, ooh, the Democrat website said you did a bad thing.
You better stop talking about Bill Clinton and rape Trump.
That's going to get you in trouble.
No, that's going to put you in the White House.
Oh, Alex Jones is talking about Haiti and the Clintons stealing all this money, when even the Washington Post admits they kept 94%.
Even Chelsea, in her own emails that have come out in the State Department, that's been released in the investigation, says, Mom, this is terrible.
These kids are dying by the thousands.
You've got to do something.
She didn't do anything!
I always knew you were Webster Hubble's daughter that had some soul!
So think about this.
We have them.
We have them.
Oh, but I guess Chelsea Clinton is a Democratic Party attacker now.
In fact, let's put it back on screen.
They actually found the news article.
You can go read the actual emails that came out in the whole State Department investigation.
Chelsea's saying, Mom, Dad, do something!
Chelsea Clinton wrote Dad and Mom in that email about the incompetence of the Haiti relief effort.
It ain't incompetence, baby.
When you get drugs that have one one-hundredth of what's supposed to be in them, we keep all the money and look good.
And then we use the water treatment facility that's for the Haitian kids as a sewage dump.
And then we keep 94.3% of the money.
Oh, goodness gracious.
These are sick, sick, sick, sick, sick people.
If my parents were like the Clintons, I would never get one foot away from them.
And I bet Chelsea gets it and understands it.
She doesn't come off as like a total demon.
You live in a ten million dollar penthouse.
You make six million dollars a year off the foundation.
And I noticed after she complained, she got put on the foundation and given six million a year.
Like, listen, I know it hurts to kill all these innocent people, but here's six million a year and a ten million dollar penthouse.
I bet you she's totally unhappy and empty and realizes she needs to expose her father.
Like Darth Vader and what he did to Emperor Palpatine, you need to metaphysically, not physically, I don't wish any harm against Bill Clinton, I'd make him a martyr, but throw your parents down a hundred mile reactor shaft.
How Hillary helped ruin Haiti.
Yeah, that's even the Daily Beast.
I mean, I can't even believe that liberal publications.
Is that the Daily Beast?
I saw it there, too.
Even liberals go, these people are horrible!
If you have any soul, they're the worst people I've ever seen.
And the entire establishment that they represent, who are disconnected from the things they've done to the people,
They create this eugenics cosmology that it's for the greater good, that they hurt humanity to make us tougher.
But you never go through any of this, do you?
Madeleine Albright, so disconnected, when Leslie Stahl goes, 500,000 Iraqi children have died of the million-plus Iraqis, and you said, toughen the sanctions to make him follow the UN rules.
Is that a good price to pay?
She goes, it is a good price to pay.
Just like George Soros, famous on 60 Minutes.
Are you sad for helping the Nazis round up your fellow Jews?
No, I'm not.
It's how I survived.
Won't even say you're sorry.
Because you're Messianic Demon Man!
With your little Messianic Demon Son!
And all the rave party photos and no one respects him with him totally bombed out of his brain on Lord knows what.
Just all over, just mobbed, falling down, looking like a total idiot with everyone laughing at him.
You're a laughing stock.
You're a chicken neck, dishonorable no one.
God's going to turn his face away from you at judgment.
Because in time and space, in a Zen concept, there is no time and space, and you are beyond the realms of death.
The realms of death are only the gate.
Death does not rule this universe.
Beyond the realms of death we shall all march.
So let's get to it.
This story needs to go mega-viral.
I'm skipping this, we're breaking, it's so important.
It's on InfoWars.com, Twitter it, Facebook it, get it out, whatever you do.
Please, I don't want any credit, I don't care if Breitbart or anybody else, just take our article, put John Doe's name on it.
Just get it out!
Fake Hillary, Clinton takes questions from child actor, corporate media regurgitates footage.
Girl who asks questions on body image.
By the way, I have hundreds of articles that are all bombshell.
I'm not even getting to them.
This is so important.
I mean, look at this.
44 Afghan troops go missing while visiting U.S.
Can't make that up.
Nobody cares.
FCC war.
Dems reject call to protect internet news, talk radio from regs, openly say they want to tax us and shut us down.
Oh, that's so nice.
That's so liberal.
Shut down free speech?
Oh, how wonderful!
You know, they'll smack a Trump supporter in the face.
Men with Mexican flags beating her in the head.
But it's okay.
I would be so ashamed of a bunch of white men beating up a Hispanic woman.
Let's see, when it's a white woman, she deserves it.
Because she's been dehumanized.
Homeless couple having sex in public.
Last straw, Denver residents.
I want to just mention this because the cops won't do anything about all the homeless people who supposedly have all their rights.
And it's again designed to break down society.
We have the birth of the nation coming, a nice little race war going.
We've got a whole bunch of news I haven't even covered yet.
Sick Hillary Clinton won't attend any rallies for two weeks!
But there will be more produced unannounced town halls where you got a hundred actors.
See, if people keep wondering why there's no one at a rally, but like 20 or 30, it's because it's actors, folks.
She could bust in 500 people easy.
Hell, she's got over a billion bucks to own her stinking war chest.
But see, you've got to have it totally staged.
And so many people hate Hillary.
Well, somebody might get in with a Hillary
Bill Clinton rape shirt that just happened again yesterday.
We're going to play that coming up.
But you see, oh yeah, it's not just health, but she's pinned down.
She's in the bunker.
And the tanks are about five blocks away, Hillary, metaphysically, politically.
And she's sitting there with her drawing board.
Soros says, I'll give another 200 billion to Black Lives Matter to go out and rampage.
I'll give another.
It isn't going to work.
All the king's horses and all the king's men can't put the new world order back together again.
Doesn't mean some wonderful utopias around the corner.
It just means that people out to get us are going to be identified.
Your structure is going to be dismantled.
Your money is going to be taken and appropriated towards the national debt.
And a lot of you are going to go to prison, not because we're even vindictive, because it's like stepping on a roach.
Just got to be done, you know.
You've got to be made examples of.
I mean, we're not risking our lives to play games.
What did Einstein said?
God does not play with dice.
And we're certainly not anything in the comparison to God, but the will of the people.
When it's pointed at God, transcends the spirit of this world and creates a conduit, like electricity, through which the providence flows.
And they can just now feel the dam opening and the providence coming in, collapsing on 9-11, after Benghazi, after 9-11, after all of her involvement, all of it.
Biblical things are going to happen now.
For the enemy, they're going to have superpowers.
And so are those of us resisting the enemy.
You're going to see the energy resonance rise and rise and rise.
And just when you think it can't rise anymore, it's going to rise again!
So finally, let's go to it.
The town hall event took place in Hartford, Pennsylvania, Wednesday.
And I saw a clip yesterday.
And last night, I went, that looks completely fake.
The lighting, the people.
I was like, man, that's fake.
But then I moved on from it.
And then sure enough, this morning I get up, it's fake.
And here it is.
Here's the little girl who they admit now is an actress.
We've got a special report coming up on this.
Here is the actress, the daughter of a Democratic Party high-level operative, anti-gun group, by the way, up there with this highly scripted event with Hitler.
Now, again, this little girl is very talented.
We're not saying she's a bad person, but her parents and the people involved in this are, in my humble view, really doing some bad things.
And they're trying to deceive the American people, and it's a shame.
Here it is.
Hi Madam Secretary, I'm Brennan and I'm 15 years old.
At my school, body image is a really big issue for girls my age.
I see with my own eyes the damage Donald Trump does when he talks about women and how they look.
As the first female president, how would you undo some of that damage and help girls understand that they are so much more than just what they look like?
Oh, thank you!
Thank you!
Thank God the public's still there, huh?
Like Ruby said.
I am so proud of you for asking that question.
And I think both Chelsea and I would like to say something about this.
You're right.
My opponent has just taken this concern to a new level of
Oh, she's so upset, she's so genuine.
Meanness, oh.
I came, I saw Qaddafi die, then we killed hundreds of thousands of black people all over the place, and you know, tens of thousands more, and then they grabbed women and put burqas on their heads, and 60% of the college graduates and like 55% of the government officials were women, so we put burqas on them and cut their genitals off, and you know, I'm basically married to Emma Abedin, and we stay in the same hotel room together, and her mother's like the head of the whole witch organization that oppresses women and talks about the virtues of chopping their genitals off.
On and on and on, on and on and on.
You couldn't make it up, but he once, 20 years ago, had a Miss Universe pageant where she suddenly gained all this weight.
She wouldn't do what she was supposed to do in your contract.
You know, Mr. Universe was, when it first started, was Sean Connery.
I remember seeing some documentary about him.
He talked about that year he had to work for that and how much he hated it.
I don't
The weight he's supposed to be.
It's some ridiculously low amount for somebody's barrel chest and as big as him.
It's under 200 pounds.
It's ridiculous.
And, you know, if he doesn't, then he basically forfeits the fight or the other fighter has to agree to fight him.
That's a man though.
Men and female fighters, you're going to be this way.
She knows she's supposed to be this way.
She knows it.
She goes out, and Trump goes, yeah, I'm getting rid of her contract.
She went and ate a little bit too much, became a little bit of a Miss Piggy.
Then there's all the other press conferences, kissing her butt, how great she is, all the rest of it.
I've got Rob Dewey running into the control room very urgently.
What do we have breaking here, dude?
Well, it has to do with this video, Alex, and there's another version of this that I saw.
Yeah, the one I saw was all HD from above, and it showed the crowd, and it was all like, so they're producing commercials clearly with this, yeah.
Right, right, and that was on The Last Refuge, but the actress who calls her out, I think her name's Elizabeth Shue, goes, little girl with the red bow in your hair.
So they had her, it's totally staged, because she's got the red bow in her hair, so she could point out to the little girl in the red bow, pretending like, oh, we'll just ask her a question.
And she looks, you know, she looks a lot younger.
She's actually a lot older.
She's admittedly a very talented actress in major movies, you name it.
That's how dumb they think we are.
They have a big actress with another criminal actress, with Chelsea up there, and they're lying to everyone and they admit, they're so arrogant that a bunch of people have now been identified as actors and actresses.
Yeah, exactly.
And Steve did a really good job identifying the other instances of that in his article, which is really well written.
I saw an article about this last night, and I sent it to a couple of reporters saying, we need to do a report on this.
This is going to be huge.
And of course, the next morning, you guys are already on it.
Everybody's on it, because it's...
Again, they didn't tell you it was fake.
They're lying to you.
The whole thing's scripted.
This is basically fraud.
And we need to force this out because the mainstream media is becoming more and more, not just fake or deceptive, but totally scripted.
And it's getting so bad.
Somebody pointed out something last night.
I'm looking at it again.
But there's an instance where NBC's interviewing Hillary after the debate.
And a bunch of... this glitch happens.
People think they're covering for her eyes going crazy, which could be true.
They could be covering the cross eyes.
But you look at it, and there's so much staged out there.
Everybody thinks everything is staged, is where it's getting to.
That everything's being manipulated, everything's being staged.
And, but this is definitely an instance of this.
And then the daughter's, her dad is a state senator in Pennsylvania.
And he leads the charge to basically register and ban guns in Pennsylvania.
He's a Democrat, yeah.
I've attacked him before as one of the worst anti-gun people in the country.
And I'm like, wait a minute, I've heard this name before.
And it's just like, oh my God, these people want to capture us.
They think we're dumb.
And you've got all these extras at the event to make sure nobody gets in and says,
In fact, can we queue up first before I play the special report when we come back, where this expert breaks down, you know, the actress and the other actors, and I'm going to go through some of the other admitted examples of this.
Can we play the latest?
Not the one in New York, not the one in Colorado, the latest in Ohio, where a woman, obviously she can't order the shirt on time, she can't get it delivered, she wants to go out on the campaign trail where Bill Clinton's being a surrogate for Hillary, who's not going to have any public events for two weeks, except for stage deal with actors, except for this Sunday's event coming up.
I think that's queued up in our compilation as well.
And so if they are, do, if they're staging this so bad, I mean, if they're staging, of course they're staging the debate.
Of course they interrupted Trump, you know, 40-something times.
They interrupted Pence 70-plus times.
The rigging is out in front of everyone.
I think the elite are still arrogant and don't realize how they're destroying themselves.
I don't think they realize how it's going to be a landslide vote, I think.
If nothing goes wrong with these electronic voting machines, if that's on the up and up, which I don't believe it is.
You don't believe Homeland Security taking them all over for their safety?
That's absolutely normal.
There it is up on screen, you can see it now.
Bill Clinton, a rapist.
And I like her determination.
I like her determination of just going, you know what, I'm going to write it on a shirt.
Now, I'm told we do have the video and the audio of this.
The article's up on Infowars.com.
Drug Report did link to this last night.
This went up after the show yesterday.
We've had two guys do it, now a lady.
This time a lady.
I've predicted five the first week.
It's happening.
Great job, folks.
It's not just New York or D.C.
that have national shows.
or L.A.
Anywhere they're on the campaign trail, outside, inside, you can do it at Trump events.
Don't interrupt Trump, but obviously outside with the media.
I don't care where it is.
Get the fact out that the media is covering up Bill Clinton rape.
You get $5,000 if you're able to expose the fact, and I've got a limited budget, but I'm going to do this, that they're using child actors and it's all fake.
I mean, we really need to get very, very aggressive here.
So let's go ahead and play that clip.
Here it is.
How can we have an economy that works for everybody?
How can we make sure everybody gets a chance to participate?
How can we help families succeed in the most important job of any society, raising children and succeed at work?
How can we live together with all of our diversity so we can all rise together?
How can we be safe in a world so that we can grow?
How can we do it?
Don't worry about that.
We're gonna be right back, folks.
This went on and on, and she's right there in front of Bill Clinton with a sign saying he's a rapist.
She gets five grand.
We'll be back.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Alex Jones.
This is the InfoWar.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The United Nations international body just made a serious power play against presidential hopeful Donald Trump.
The UN ratified a climate deal earlier than expected, effectively preventing him from cancelling the deal as he swore he would do when he becomes President of the United States.
The group effectively took away his ability to renegotiate the terms of the agreement or cancel the agreement entirely.
His threat to stop the U.N., some say, has stimulated a rapid series of ratifications.
In China, the U.S.
and Europe and other leaders will likely move quickly to join this deal to stop any future debate.
The U.S.
is locked into it and once it takes effect, the U.S.
cannot back out of the plan or force changes to it for at least four years.
Now Trump has opposed this deal since December and his initial criticism was that it unfairly favors other countries and treats America's energy industry poorly.
The UN is ramming forward any measure that they know Trump will oppose when he assumes office, like this climate change mandate.
I'm Margaret Hall reporting for InfoWars.com
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You want answers?
Well, so does we.
It's Alex Jones.
Alright, I get so excited that I start stepping on myself.
I should set this up.
I should have led the show with this today.
It's just that I don't tend to focus on what we're doing up front.
This is an article that ended up in the Western Journalism Center.
Campus Reform picked it up.
A bunch of folks are picking up what's happening.
Bill Clinton rapes covered up before OU speech.
A message reading, Bill Clinton rapes appeared on Ohio University's free speech wall a few hours before the former president's speech on the campus, but was painted over shortly before the event because it's the free speech wall.
Now, this valiant lady
They spray-painted USA over it.
Isn't that sweet?
Hillary cares about USA, USA as she sells it out.
And so, this woman holds up the shirt, not the Clinton rape shirt from Infowarsstore.com, because there's not time to get it, not time to order it.
And that's why she gets the full $5,000.
I can play games and say, you know, it wasn't our shirt.
No, no, no.
She improvised, she adapted, she overcome.
And we're gonna get all these folks on the show very, very soon.
So the guy in New York gets $5,000.
The fella that wasn't wearing the shirt, but did get it on MSNBC, he gets $2,000, I've decided.
He didn't get everything done, but still he got it done.
She gets $5,000.
And I gotta say, the fact that Bill Clinton was there, I don't know who's more amazing.
Maybe I have a vote when I have all these folks on together.
Who's more amazing?
The fella at the barricade and the first to do it?
In New York, on the Morning Fox and Friends, or is it this lady in front of Bill Clinton?
I mean, there's a wide shot.
She's a good 30-40 feet from him.
She has Bill Clinton's A Rapist.
We played the other clip because it's better audio from ABC, but if ABC zoomed it in, they wouldn't really show it.
Bill Clinton's A Rapist.
She holds it up.
Probably behind the person spray-painting in the legal and lawful area.
They have these free speech walls where they ask the graffiti artists, you know, do it here.
A lot of it's great art, by the way.
I like to visit the graffiti wall here in Central Austin.
It's pretty amazing.
And Bill Clinton goes, yeah, she does that because she doesn't want to debate me.
She does that because she doesn't want to have a conversation.
Oh, really?
Invite her up on stage and talk about your rapes, you know, settling, sexual assault cases, civilly, Juanita Broderick, all of it, buddy boy.
Too many people are worried
About whether there's going to be a future and our kids can have the same upward mobility they felt they had.
You know what I mean?
I know that.
I know that.
That's what it ought to be about.
I'm going to be able to communicate with everybody.
I'm going to make sure everybody gets a chance to participate.
Okay, let's stop right there.
We've shown the wide shot so folks at an establishment.
Now ABC has a close shot on her from the side.
It has better audio.
Let's play that clip and I'm going to get into the other news here.
I'll also give the number out to take your calls.
Here it is.
I know that.
That's what it ought to be about.
I know that.
We have an economy that works for everybody.
I'm a con man.
How can we make sure everybody gets a chance to participate?
How can we help families succeed in the most important job of any society?
You get off our back.
You don't make sure nothing.
Raising children and succeed at work.
How can we live together with all of our diversity so we can all rise together?
How can we be slaves in a world so that we can grow?
How can we do it?
Don't worry about that.
I can tell you one thing.
I love it when people come into my rallies and it's a dead giveaway
When they don't ever want to have a conversation, because they know they'll lose the conversation.
By the way, I'm just told on the screen, we don't have teleprompters, but they type little messages up there in Microsoft Word to me, or whatever it is.
I guess we're on Linux, whatever Linux's version is.
That somebody just did it again with Matt Lauer.
They're grabbing the video now.
So, my gut told me it's going to happen five times.
And I just never should question it.
Like yesterday,
I see the town hall and I go, that looks fake.
Because I saw the HD version and it looked like a movie.
And then I sat there and got a headache analyzing why I thought it was fake, then forgot to ever even cover it, wake up this morning and it's child actors, more actors I'm told are being identified, the whole thing's fake.
With Hillary.
Instead of just, go with gut, go with gut, go with gut.
But I have to.
You know what?
You can't just go with gut.
But I tell you, my life just gets better and better when I do.
It's amazing.
And by the way, you've all got one too.
And everything the globalists do is about clouding that gut.
Clouding that gut.
The gut is hooked into hundreds of millions of neurons with a direct connection, a wire, from the brain.
Right down to your gut.
So, it's not your gut.
It's your brain.
It's your subconscious.
Hundreds of times more powerful than the conscious.
And I wonder, well, these people that love the Clintons, I mean, how can you not know?
My gut is, Donald Trump!
Oh my gosh, thank you!
You're so wonderful!
My gut with Hillary is, ah!
I mean, where is your gut?
In fact, with Trump, my gut likes Trump so much, I'm like, is this a devilish deception?
My gut's never liked someone so much.
But I always second-guess my gut to my peril.
You know, what is wisdom?
I think it's following your gut.
I'll tell you.
Some ancients worshipped the sun.
I think we should start worshipping our gut.
Before all the Christians go crazy, I'm a Christian.
That's a figure of speech.
I'm not a gut worshipper.
I'm not Turkish.
Though, I like women with some curves and a little bit of a gut.
I kinda like belly dancing.
You wanna get rid of fat shaming?
A little bit more, a little bit of hips, a little bit of belly.
Kinda cute, you know?
Alright, alright.
Lord, please, control me.
Alright, now, um, cause that's the only thing we can.
Yeah, Matt Lauer, Bill Clinton is a rapist.
I've been waiting for this a long time.
The season.
To say, fire at will, Commander.
And I mean politically.
And the enemy looks at me and says, we can fire back.
Oh, I think you already have quite a bit.
We got all the messages.
We went to the funerals.
We're going forward.
Now, let's continue.
Before I get into the rest of the news and open the phones up to take your calls.
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Everybody knows that.
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DNA Force.
DNA Force.
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I said, quite frankly, me and the kids and everybody taking it every month, it's cost a lot of money for me because, I mean, I buy it from the company.
It's all done, you know, above board.
I go there and buy at a discount, obviously.
And they said, well, it's funny you say that.
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So this is a poor man's DNA for us.
And I'll just tell you point blank.
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So never fear, that is available.
And it's got plants, but because the Japanese, everybody, have patented BioPQQ and the rest of it, we're not going to say that here.
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If you've got the areas that obviously have the problems.
And again, I'm just a lay person.
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It's like, great, you're competing now.
Help people.
Teach us something and then we'll copy you.
That's how this works.
All right, I'm done ranting.
Let's go to this report since I mentioned it.
We've got all these stories, all this incredible stuff happening, but the biggest issue here that I'm getting to, 44 Afghan troops go missing while visiting the U.S.
Can't make that stuff up.
I wonder if Jay Johnson will just give them instant citizenship by accident again.
Kind of like somebody pulled a trigger accidentally, you know, in a parking lot in Blue Kennedy's head off in Dallas in 1963.
Kind of like cruise missiles can shoot through a window on accident.
You know, no science, no planning.
It's a conspiracy theory if you think there was.
You're a conspiracy theorist if you don't think Guam is a floating island.
Because the government official said it was a floating island, and it must be a floating island, or you're a conspiracy theorist, because you're not allowed to question.
You just receive knowledge from the priesthood, no matter how stupid they are, and just go along with whatever they say.
General, I want to ask you a question.
Why don't we just blow these Russian airplanes up?
Well, there'll be a huge loss of life.
Not by our cruise missiles!
No, but the Russians will respond with military attack.
I don't understand.
How are they going to attack our cruise missile when it ain't a person?
Well, that'll cause World War III.
They'll hit other targets.
Hold on a minute.
We blow up their airplanes, then they don't do nothing.
That's how it works, like Iraq, right?
See, I've got hundreds of articles, hundreds in front of me, but I cannot get over this, that they think islands are floating, they think you can blow up Russian airplanes and they won't respond.
But it's not that they don't think they'll respond.
I could get if they were full of hubris and thought the Russians would back down.
That's not gonna happen.
Never did.
What I don't understand is that they don't understand when the generals, month after month, hearing after hearing, tell them they're gonna fight back and the damn congressmen don't know what fighting back means!
This is who we've elected?
I guess the elites go out and find the biggest yes-men they can in the world, who are the stupidest people.
You think islands float?
You're our next congressman.
You think you attack sovereign countries, they don't fight back?
You're our next congressman.
You don't know 2 plus 2 equals 5?
You're our next congressman.
You don't think it's a big deal to have a bunch of child actors at a Hillary event?
Totally fake?
You're our next congressman!
These people are a plague!
They are a disease!
They are a mental illness!
They're the elite?
No, you're not the elite.
Those of us that have it built in to work with everybody and kind of get along, and you use our tribal programming to go along with the chiefs, for the better of the tribe, to screw us over.
You're not our chiefs.
You're not our people.
You're not honorable.
You need to go.
You need to get your hands off the nuclear weapons and go back to hell where you came from.
And that goes for you, Bill Clinton.
See, Bill Clinton, I'm not a big fat pig, and I know you're really skinny, I mean, metaphysically, who only cares about himself.
I care about my family.
I care about this planet.
I care about all my ancestors.
And I'm not going to have you destroy the planet and ruin all of our struggles for the species.
I am a human.
I am the total collectivist.
I am the archetypal collectivist.
I am the complete collectivist.
You manipulate us knowing we're collectivists.
To build your horrible nightmare when our true collectivism is individuals being liberty-based, acting in what's honorable, and then in the collective expressing that, and then expressing the ultimate in chivalry to take us to the next level.
Something you do not understand!
I could care less if you kill me!
I have zero fear!
I have total DNA-level fear of you succeeding and blowing the planet up!
Here's the deal, they all want to kill themselves subconsciously.
The globalists have a conscious level where they want to just take over and be horrible people, but their subconscious has enough human left in them, it's trying to kill them all the time.
The problem is that it manifests in the conscious that they just want to kill all of us, they project that, and then they kill everybody.
No, Clinton, the answer is give in to your subconscious.
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I was a highway man.
I was a highway man.
Along the coach roads I did ride.
Sword and pistol by my side.
With sword and pistol by my side.
Many a young maid Many a young maid lost her babbles to my trade Many a soldier shed his white blood on my blade The bastards hung me in the spring of twenty-five We're back live, my friends.
I'm hoping the phone's up the next hour.
800-259-9231 800-259-9231 is the toll-free number to join us.
Listen to this song.
He talks about going up on the main cell in a storm and getting broken off and getting killed.
But there weren't storms before carbon tax.
I mean, NBC News said so.
So Chris Christopherson's wrong.
When the mass broke up, they said he got killed.
But he's living still.
How is that?
There were never storms.
There were never hurricanes.
Before we had cars, that's what caused it.
There was never a place called Boulder on the wide Colorado.
Where people did slip and fell to their deaths and are entombed in that grave.
But I'm still around.
People falsely
Hear this song, I think it's a reincarnation song.
It's far deeper than that.
I actually had a chance to ask Willie Nelson about this song.
He talked about the guy that wrote it, the famous songwriter.
He says, it's funny, I asked him if that's what he meant by it.
It's more about humanity's will to pioneer.
And I said, that's exactly what it is, isn't it?
But I already knew that, because my gut said so.
I may be able to rest my spirit then.
Or perhaps I'll just become a highwayman again.
Cause you all got that in your past too, don't you?
But I will remain.
God bless Johnny Cash.
Yeah, what do you ask Willie Nelson when you're hanging out with him in his house?
First, you tell him, please don't pass me that vaping bong anymore.
I'm not a marijuana smoker, but when you're with Willie Nelson, smoke it.
I hardly walk out of his house the times I've been there.
Just being honest, folks.
And oh my gosh, the Pharisees are getting angry about that, but I did ask you about that, about the High Women, High Women song.
That's the name of the song, too.
I'm not star dropping here, that's just an interesting story, about what does that mean?
Was that song about reincarnation?
He's like, no, I actually asked the writer about that.
We were singing it back in the 80s.
He's like, it's more about adventure and pioneers and how these same great explorers come again and again.
And that was a good point in life, wasn't it?
Playing chess with Willie Nelson.
Talking about the high women.
You say what you want about old Willie, but he's got a soul and Hillary doesn't have much of one.
But at Willie's age, you know, he kind of gets bullied by the family and folks.
Play along with the whole gig, but at 82 years old, who can blame him, huh?
He's already done his, he's already done his march.
We do have the MSNBC Hurricane clip I was just mentioning.
This is their reporter saying we need to
Ron Allen thinks Climate Deal is designed to stop storms like Hurricane Matthew.
We probably can't play the whole clip, but let's go ahead and start playing that clip right now as we go to break.
The severe storms, beach erosion, intense weather episodes that we've had are perhaps the most practical example of what the president is talking about as the threat that the planet faces.
And this is what this whole climate agreement, signed by 190 nations and now ratified by about 60 or so, is designed.
Uh, it was designed to do.
We're gonna play the rest of it when we come back.
I mean, that's like saying islands float, folks.
I mean, it's the same level of just... Thank you for listening to me.
Ask Hattery.
He knows what he just did.
I mean, that guy's not stupid.
Pay the carbon taxes or the hurricane's gonna kill you.
We're selling a product, DNA Force, that is the very best nutraceutical that we can produce.
Dr. Group, you took years for you to develop DNA Force for us.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
America is facing its darkest hour.
History is unfolding before our very eyes.
The future is being charted now.
And as negative and twisted as things are, the good news is... I'm gonna hear a little bit of this song in a moment.
Good old Dave Mustaine.
You do see the sleeping giant awakening.
You do see the tide turning.
You do see that epic historical battle playing out one more time in a high-tech world.
Let's play a few minutes of this, then I'm gonna get to the news and your calls.
In my hour of need, the hundreds of thousands of Christians killed in Syria by Hillary's forces.
No, you were not there.
And though I cried out to you, you wouldn't care.
Hillary thought she could kill God's people and not be judged.
The forces have been released that will bring you all to your knees.
And it will tear apart many more in its wake.
Because the prayers aren't always answered the way that people want them at that time, are they?
No, but when the prayers are answered, you look back and you see the mystery of God's mind.
Jefferson was right.
The tree of liberty is watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
Who comes first?
And so, as the devil is released out of his cage, understand that it is only a sign of the ascension of man.
It's a very powerful town to be alive.
It's important for everybody to know that we know it's you.
We know who you are, Globalist.
And once we know who you are, the clock's kicking.
But the devil sends the beast with wrath, because he knows his time is short.
Let he who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast.
For it is the number of a man, six hundred and sixty-six, or the equation for global government commerce.
And no amount of pomp and ceremony can even underline properly the transcendental times we live in.
I'm going to go to Edward and Steve and Kevin and Ashley and Simon and many others, but I mentioned this, we didn't play the whole clip, going out to break, I want to play the clip of the NBC reporter saying we need to get Obama's agenda through, that's the carbon tax, or more hurricanes like this will keep attacking us.
Here it is.
These severe storms, beach erosion, intense weather episodes that we've had are perhaps the most practical example of what the president is talking about as the threat that the planet faces.
And this is what this whole climate agreement, signed by 190 nations and now ratified by about 60 or so, is designed to stop.
So what he's saying basically is, you do the climate treaty, we don't have hurricanes anymore, even though hurricanes are at a 60-year low right now.
Like, they think the viewers are so stupid that there weren't hurricanes before, man did this, so shine on to what Obama wants.
That's what Ron Allen thinks.
Ron Allen!
Looks at him like a paint company or something.
He thinks you are a biggest chump in the world.
He's just fawning.
Desperately in the system.
To a fading, sinking facade.
We'll be back with the Missing Jihadis.
Hillary Clinton has been caught in yet another staged fake town hall event as she takes questions from a child actor in Harvard, Pennsylvania.
The mainstream media immediately picked up the clip and aired the footage nationwide.
Hi Madam Secretary, I'm Brennan and I'm 15 years old.
At my school, body image is a really big issue for girls my age.
I see with my own eyes the damage Donald Trump does when he talks about women and how they look.
As the first female president, how would you undo some of that damage?
There's a connection that the 15-year-old girl is a child actor named Brennan Leach, whose father is a state senator and staunch reporter of Hillary's campaign.
She's also appeared in political ads for her father featuring Bill Clinton.
He seems like a great guy.
I wouldn't let my daughter near that guy.
And you can see more reports right now at InfoWars.com.
Dr. Grip, you developed Living Defense for us.
It took you over a year to do it.
Why is this so good?
Because people are actually waking up to the problem that pretty much scares me the most.
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Right now with all the refugees,
Uh, spreading disease around.
We have biological warfare going on everywhere.
These are all parasites.
Tell us about all the stuff that's in it.
There's so many things that are in it.
You have the neem in there, you have the organic clove bug, the organic wormwood.
I recommend doing a parasite cleanse at least twice a year.
All right, well, I'm glad we've got some back in because I'm going back on it today.
It just came back in yesterday.
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Thank you, Dr. Group from the Global Healing Center.
Thank you so much for all your work, sir, on this great product.
More than two years ago, InfoWars first told you about our research into what has been called the Iodine Conspiracy.
I've told you about how scientists have known for decades that iodine deficiencies can devastate IQ, and how the government knowingly started taking iodine out of the food and adding fluoride, the bad member of the halogen family, into the water.
They took the good halogen out and put the deadly halogen in.
And when the Fukushima crisis worsened, as it still is worsening today, I was there telling you how to prepare yourself and your family.
Now, in 2016, even more information has been revealed concerning the connection between iodine and the gut, which many experts are now saying could be the biggest revelation ever concerning iodine.
You can pull these studies up for yourself.
This is the real deal, folks, and the truth is that iodine is essential, in my view, to any optimum health regimen.
Stock up on Survival Shield X2 today at Infowarslife.com or by calling 888-253-3139.
It's Thursday, October 6, 2016.
Only 32 days from the November 8th election.
All right, I want to go to your phone calls.
I've been mentioning this for the last hour.
I haven't gotten to the clip.
I want to play it first for your calls.
Fake Hillary.
Clinton caught with a fake town hall, with child actors, you name it.
We're now confirming more actors there, not just this little girl.
Anti-gun state senator.
Part of the Clinton campaign.
Deceiving the public.
Using this little girl.
It's truly despicable.
Then I'm looking at the Clintons coming out.
Again, thinking about the memory of a goldfish.
How about the memory of a rock?
Actually, though, a memory, I was thinking about that when I just said that.
Iraq has fossils, it's got ionized radiation, it's got history.
Iraq has an amazing memory.
Let's say the lowest memory of any creature on Earth, or a person that's unconscious, a person in La La Land, a person in Cloud Cuckoo Land, to remember that Hillary's Obamacare
Experiment back in 1993-94.
She's already tried this.
In fact, it was going to be worse than Obamacare, if you can believe that, where you just pay unlimited amounts to the corporations and they do whatever they want.
I mean, it's pretty much the same thing, but it was even worse.
So we have the Clintons now saying, I gotta tell you, this is terrible.
I don't know.
Hell, I'm fighting hard against that.
I'm pro-gun too, not to tell you that.
By the way, we also have video of this little girl in a TV ad for Bill Clinton going,
I like Bill Clinton.
He's really cool.
Remember Epstein's plane?
The pedo plane?
The little girls?
The pedo island?
All those?
That Clinton flew on?
How many times?
What was it?
It was close to a hundred.
And imagine you're like gonna have your daughter in an ad with a guy that flies around.
With a convicted pedophile.
I mean, I'm not saying anything about the family.
I just, you know, they want our guns.
We know that.
And they got their daughter up there as an actress in a fake town hall.
And then she's in ads about how great Bill Clinton is.
Who settles sexual assault cases.
But it's happened again.
This time Matt Lauer folks yelling out.
I only saw you put it on screen with them saying Bill Clinton's a rapist with a sign.
Did they get the audio out?
Okay, well, they get $1,000.
No audio.
You know, it's supposed to be the shirt.
I just can't help it.
I'm going to pay out even if...
I'm the judge, ladies and gentlemen.
So the video was actually captured from somebody's TV screen, so we do have audio, but it's the people in the room recording from their TV.
There's no actual audio.
Oh, then the person did?
Then the person gets $5,000.
Possibly, yeah.
We have to see the actual clip, so we'll let you know.
And you were on air just now, right?
Good job.
Sometimes they talk to me and people can't hear it, and it sounds like I'm a crazy person talking to imaginary folks, and the news makes jokes out of it or whatever, because they think you don't know how TV works, but you do.
Again, they're not targeting you.
They're targeting folks that are in a slumber.
The general public's not that dumb.
They're in a trance, and we're here to break them out of it.
So, here is the report, and then your phone calls.
We have fake Hillary taking questions from child actors.
We have a child actor ask Hillary Clinton staged question.
And then we have the actual report here.
That's the one I want to get to by Spangled Media.
Let's go to this excellent breakdown where he goes over every different facet of this.
Here it is.
I just wanted to point out that yesterday, October 4th, during Hillary's town hall meeting in Haverford, Pennsylvania, she's resorted to using child actors to further her narrative.
Let me show you.
The first 18 minutes of the town hall consisted of Elizabeth Banks kissing Hillary's ass, after which she decides she's going to take questions from the audience.
Here you can see the very first question asked, and this is the question that all of the media is picking up.
Hi Madam Secretary, I'm Brennan and I'm 15 years old.
At my school, body image is a really big issue for girls my age.
I see with my own eyes the damage Donald Trump does when he talks about women and how they look.
As the first female president, how would you undo some of that damage and help girls understand that they are so much more than just what they look like?
I'd like to thank the academy.
I knew something was up immediately.
I googled Brennan Leach and found an IMDb page that referenced a movie called Once Upon a Time, Trillium Vein.
The IMDb page credits the production company as NPB Entertainment Group.
I googled that, I found their LinkedIn page, and I also found this page which shows the address of the production company.
Located a mere 31 miles away from the town hall.
Once upon a time, Trillium Vain is even on YouTube.
All 39 minutes of it.
It is a strange fantasy musical that I think Tim Cain may enjoy.
And there she is, right there in the foreground.
That is Brennan.
So I even took it one step further and I let some software do some photo comparison and twinsarenot.net gave her a 76% chance of being the same person.
Now don't forget that in between the town hall and the time that this movie was produced was two to four years.
So she was probably 11 or 12 and now she's 15.
Now that we've gathered this information, we can go back to the town hall and show you a few technical screw-ups.
When we were in Arkansas, she fought for early education.
So, Brennan first appears in the town hall video at 18 minutes and 9 seconds.
But after re-watching it, I noticed that she actually shows up at 16 minutes and 11 seconds.
This is probably a camera test and, you know, some sort of cue to let her know you need to be ready.
Of course, if the participants were chosen at random, why is the camera ready to go two minutes before she asks her question?
Alright, she's getting ready to come up for her two minute warning and you can see that she appears very nervous.
All right, two things happen here.
This is where Elizabeth Banks pretends to randomly pick somebody from the audience.
And I noticed that they tagged Brennan with a red bow.
That way, Elizabeth could uniquely identify her.
And then second, Hillary quickly reminds Brennan that she needs a microphone.
How about you with a little red bow first?
How you doing?
And I think there'll be a microphone coming right to you.
In addition to everything else, Brennan is the only participant that is reading something from a piece of paper.
I see with my own eyes the damage Donald Trump does when he talks about women and how they look.
As the first female president... And here's the top kek of them all.
Hillary pretends to be surprised by her question.
Thank you!
Thank you!
Oh, this is a big coup d'etat!
Oh, it's so spontaneous!
Oh, wow, what a smart girl!
I'm so proud of you for asking that question.
You think we're idiots?
About to see through you, lady.
How does she know Chelsea wants to say something about this?
Because the question was fabricated.
Oh, they met days before.
She knew it was coming.
I would just like to say, this is my own personal opinion, that Brennan Leach did an amazing job.
She is an amazing actress.
Her father is a leech.
She is an amazing young woman.
She did what she was supposed to.
I mean, when the Secretary of State, the Democratic nominee for President comes to you and asks you to do this very important thing, you're not going to say no.
Brennan is not at fault here.
No, I agree.
But, you know, the adults in her life that
Told her this was okay.
I don't agree with that.
Also, while investigating this, I thought to myself, somebody else has noticed this.
So I did a Google search for child actor Brennan.
I found a thread on the Donald where a Redditor named You'll Read This actually found it himself and found a piece of information that I didn't find and that is
Brennan's father is Dalen Leach, the Democratic member of the Pennsylvania State Senate.
Who's super anti-gun.
There you go.
I want to hire Spanglevision.
I don't have a big budget, but I can hire a few more reporters, just like we got Owen Troyer.
I want Spanglevision with high-tech technology, the best microphones, the best equipment as an analyst.
I want him.
I'm sure you probably are.
The problem is we try to hire these folks that are always like, I'm actually a stockbroker making 50 million a year.
Because they're already smart, so they're already successful.
Or, I'm actually in the Special Forces and can't do that.
Or, I'm actually working for NASA.
I see somebody go, that's an incredible reporter.
I've usually got some gnome diploma.
And then, you know, pen name, and then we try to go hire them, and we find out, oh, sorry, I'm the, you know, dean of the college, I don't know if people know who I am, you know.
Wow, your video graphics are amazing!
Wow, your voiceover's wonderful!
Uh, yeah, I'm a top voiceover person, sorry, I got to do this in secret.
So, Spanglevision, though, really smart, type of folks we want, not, like, making stuff up, not seeing things that aren't there, but really cutting through the chase, that's who we want.
That's who we need.
All right, I'm going to go to break and come back and go to Ashley and Simon and Steven and Edward and Kevin and others.
I've got a bunch of other clips I haven't aired yet, but I am told there was actually audio.
You heard Nico actually.
Just what we have was a shot of a cell phone, but we now have found it with the audio of Matt Lauer and Bill Clinton's a rapist with a sign behind him.
So that's four in one week.
And again, I can only pay out on $25,000 prizes.
1,000 of you show the sign for more than 5 seconds with a shirt.
5,000 of you get the audio out, clearly, several times over 5 seconds.
And you can be creative, too.
But I want to pay out.
But if you don't follow it exactly, I'll cut it back to a couple thousand so we can go further.
Because my budget's 100,000 max.
Like, that's a little too much for us, but I'm going to pay it out.
You think that makes the Clintons mad at me?
You think that they don't like it?
You think I care?
You want to make us your slaves.
You drew first blood.
You're attacking us.
You're on the wrong side of history.
And so, uh, if you want to bang heads, I think we already are.
It looks like you're not doing too well banging heads.
Clint's been on that rape plane.
Pedophile guys.
You know, after a while, you just, God's gonna politically cut you down.
We'll be back.
Reality check.
Rampant hacking.
Identity theft.
Mass surveillance.
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Jeffrey Epstein had the Lolita Express, the child rape island, and the big jumbo jet flying around with him.
Clinton flew on it.
Some reports were over a hundred times, but he's on record close to a hundred.
And so I just want to say that...
We have a clip of this poor little girl that's being used in these TV ads for the Clintons, and then they think we're so dumb they have her then go ask Hillary a question like we wouldn't look it up.
Again, there's this massive disconnect.
I just want to say to the family and her, please protect your child from Bill Clinton.
We've launched a $100,000 initiative to expose the sex crimes of the Clintons for this, so I'm sure you're nice people, even though your father's misguided as a state senator and you're there in Pennsylvania.
But we just want to protect children.
So, do we have that clip of her talking about how great Bill Clinton is?
Here it is.
Oh, we'll go ahead and play that tape.
People in Congress who voted for this plan had to labor under historically difficult circumstances.
He seems like a great guy, but everything he's talking about happened in the past.
Way before I was born, my dad, Dalen Leach, is running for Congress to fight for the future.
He'll make sure the banks in Wall Street play fair.
He'll make sure there are fewer guns on the street, so our neighborhood is safe for me and my little brother.
That's enough, I can't watch it.
Anti-gun ad.
Okay, so that's definitely the same girl, same name, went and asked the question.
And I love how, as patriots, the Spangled Vision is still questioning whether she's an actor or whether we got it right.
No, we got it right.
Now the media they're forced to cover will just say it's not true.
Or, big deal, a state senator's daughter asked a question.
They're scripting all of this.
They think we're idiots.
This is very, very important.
Alright, let me tell you what else is coming up after I take some phone calls.
Hillary has announced that she won't be attending any rallies for two weeks because she just has such incredible stamina.
That just shows how incredibly sick she is.
Clinton sought Pentagon State Department contracts.
For Chelsea, the new emails are showing.
Just all of this is completely criminal.
We have videos of people at Hillary rallies just asking questions, being beaten up.
We have this report that I'm going to... You know, I'm going to hit this now, so I have plenty of time to go to you at the next segment.
I'm going to go right to Ashley and Edward and Steve and Kevin and Simon on the other side.
But let me just hit this because this is a short segment.
44 Afghan troops go missing while visiting U.S.
ISIS-linked militants infiltrate Afghan army.
And so, we've got these super trendy guys.
I mean, these guys are like rock stars, liberal women.
I mean, hey, you put a bag over my head, you cut my genitals off.
By the way, I'm not joking.
Most super liberal women I know date a radical Muslim.
And they treat them like crap and they just get off on it.
Because daddy kissed her butt and took her to the, you know, Disneyland and Disneyland pool parties and, you know, Disney World birthday parties.
She was always mean to Daddy.
It's fun to have somebody.
Except these guys really aren't tough.
They torture women, they torture kids, they run, confront them with a real adversary.
But again, women were never shown a real man, so they gravitate to the cubic zarconian of men.
The Islamist, the snot-nosed punk.
Limp-wristed piece of filth, spoiled rotten brat that wants to kill us the people.
So continuing, at least 44 Afghan troops have taken advantage of U.S.
military training programs to illegally immigrate to the United States.
Just since January of 2015, they admit, the Pentagon admitted, the U.S.
routinely brags, brings Afghan troops to the U.S.
for training, despite the fact that the Afghan army has been infiltrated with Islamic militants who have carried out attacks on Westerners.
But don't worry, they're going to take all your rights and we're going to keep you safe from them.
The Defense Department is assessing ways to strengthen eligibility criteria for training in ways that will reduce the likelihood of an individual Afghan willingly absconding, like Hillary's been doing, running away from law, from training in the U.S.
and going AWOL, absent without leave, said Pentagon spokesman Adam Stump.
Eight of the troops have
Disappeared in the past month alone.
Oh, there's an acceleration.
You know, and then the word goes out and starts stabbing, and the stabbings all start, and they scream, Hallelujah!
The news is like, we're not sure if it's Islamic connected.
It's like you pop a Budweiser and drink it.
I'm not sure if this is connected to Anheuser-Busch.
Is it connected to that?
Is Alex Jones connected to stupid jokes?
We know that.
We know that.
The doomsday plan by the globalists is to have to stay behind networks of jihadis.
They can activate through their imams anytime they want and then bring in martial law and use them as a smokescreen.
They are a very big threat because they're allied with the globalists.
The Pentagon claimed the refugees and Afghans are carefully vetted by Hillary West for President before they're brought to the U.S.
But last year, FBI Director James Comey admitted the U.S.
can realistically vet everyone for terrorizing.
They just met a whole bunch of people last week, citizens by accident.
Remember that one?
We'll be back directly with your phone calls in T-minus three minutes.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the Info War.
They're doing everything they can to shut down the free press.
Spread it while it's still here.
Spread it while it's still here.
You are the Info War.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hillary Clinton has been caught in yet another staged fake town hall event as she takes questions from a child actor in Harvard, Pennsylvania.
The mainstream media immediately picked up the clip and aired the footage nationwide.
Hi Madam Secretary, I'm Brennan and I'm 15 years old.
At my school, body image is a really big issue for girls my age.
I see with my own eyes the damage Donald Trump does when he talks about women and how they look.
As the first female president, how would you undo some of that damage?
With a connection that the 15-year-old girl is a child actor named Brennan Leach, whose father is a state senator and staunch reporter of Hillary's campaign.
She's also appeared in political ads for her father featuring Bill Clinton.
He seems like a great guy.
I wouldn't let my daughter near that guy.
And you can see more reports right now at InfoWars.com.
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Live from Austin, Texas.
Broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
You know, we don't want to have to spy on everyone and raise taxes, but we're fighting racism.
Oh, we don't want to have to only give contracts to certain companies, but we're fighting sexism.
Oh, oh, oh.
New article in full wars.com.
It's come out that Yahoo reads your emails.
That's been known for 20 years.
I mean, back to AOL time.
They run it through NSA data servers and then sell the questionable intelligence to the 16 different intelligence agencies.
And then of course it came out, now, oh, but it's in the New York Times yesterday.
Alex, it's in the New York Times?
They're reading our email?
They're scanning it at Yahoo?
Why didn't you cover it?
Because I did years ago.
Alex, they discovered the moon today!
It orbits the planet!
Look, look!
You're covering it up!
Alex, the Federal Reserve is private!
Why aren't you covering it?
Alex, ISIS has been connected to Hillary!
Please expose it!
But now, this is new.
This is Kit Daniels, InfoWars.com.
Facebook to decrypt secure messages
Over cyberbullying accusations.
There might be encrypted messages you're sending privately.
They have to read them because of bullying.
And bullying is such a problem.
Your child's being taught to not respond to bullying, to fight back or speak out or get their brother to kick their ass or whatever.
To just roll over and grovel.
And they let bullying go on worse than they ever have though.
So you just get into this victimology, but don't worry.
We're going to censor the internet as well over bullying.
And I've already seen examples of this where I've made fun of public figures and had YouTube channels, you name it, stuff suspended.
And they'll say, you bullied this reporter.
You called her an idiot and a moron.
Well, I mean, she's a public figure.
We've actually had YouTube, the messages, we've done newscasts on it.
You know, we're suspending you over the bullying.
And when it's a public figure, I'm suing you.
Oh, we're not suspending you over the bullying because I know I've filed suit before.
I'm not litigious, but I'm ready to sue.
Let's go.
Because it's a war.
Facebook to unencrypt.
Secure messages.
Over cyberbullying allegations.
It's like a guy walks in, you're on top of his wife in bed and you're like, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
I had to make sure that she wasn't anti-heterosexual.
Oh, that's fine.
I totally understand.
Sure, if you don't mind getting out though, I'll finish.
You walk into somebody's place robbing your safe or whatever, your jewels.
You're like, what are you doing?
I'm making sure you're not racist.
Well, of course then, it's fine!
When you report a secret conversation, recent messages from the conversation will be decrypted and sent securely from your device to our help team for review.
Oh, it'll be sent for review by the help team!
And of course, YouTube calls it the Hero Brigade.
They admit SJWs, social justice warriors, that decide.
That's the community standards.
There's a community of people they hire.
They advertise to their community of people that live in 200 foot coffin apartments that have no future but believe the system will deliver them a future if they just grovel to it properly, as they actually put their own necks in the noose.
They then go and then report.
They go, since we set up an anti-free speech brigade, then when our own people go report on something and flag it, then we take it down.
That's the new judge, jury, and executioner around here.
Let me continue.
Community standards violations can include bullying or harassment, which they define in Facebook as disagreeing with someone, close quote, and sexual or violent or exploitation.
Joe Biden said his satire piece a few weeks ago that Facebook banned and kicked off and then suspended him for a few days because he did a joke of what's really in Hillary's earpiece.
It's very funny, better than Saturday Night Live.
And their answer was, you're exploiting Hillary Clinton?
And you're deceiving an audience.
This is really an earpiece.
But I think from their perspective, preying on people who think that islands float, or that you can attack a Russia and they won't respond back, like, why don't we just nuke Russia?
I don't understand.
Well, sir, they'll fire back.
Well, that ain't no big deal.
Hell, I mean, you know, look how we did to the Iraqis.
I mean, I'm not joking at the level we've gotten to.
These people are crazy.
So there you go.
Facebook also claimed a secret conversation and messenger is encrypted end-to-end, which means that messages are intended for you and the other person, not anyone else.
So I love that's oxymoronic in the same little announcement.
We're going to decrypt that and see what you said, but it's only for you and it's totally private.
So the island will tip over if our troops are there?
Or we do need a carbon tax because of the hurricane.
See, we're now entering into lunacy.
Total lunacy.
Weirdos that just watch TV all day and walk around with their car and their outfit acting cool.
Hey, I'm cool.
Hey, I'm intellectual.
Hey, ah, hey, don't be racist.
Hey, oh, yeah, oh.
These people cannot find their boo-boo butts with both of their amidextrous
Decimated digits.
In other words, Facebook's new encryption software, announced Wednesday, isn't really encryption at all, when the social media giant and presumably intelligence agencies can decrypt messages at will, despite not being intended recipients.
Yeah, what you're doing is opting in.
Oh, it's for your safety, tell it's secure.
We watch it.
We watch everything.
Oh, sign here.
Thank you.
The false security is also dangerous given how social justice warriors are out destroying the lives and careers of individuals who make insulting comments while they beat everybody up.
That's okay.
Online, because of them, free speech ends where their feelings begin.
SJWs are also developing an app called Social Autopsy, which encourages users to submit their real identities of people who cause offense online, including those including employment and school records.
Which, just like they always publish for decades, the list of concealed carry owners and shame them.
Here's the list, the mayor says.
I suggest you do something.
Mayor, do you have security guards?
Well, of course I do.
Well, why can't I?
Isn't Guam floating?
I mean, we can't just blow up Russia and they won't do something about it.
Sir, they'll attack back.
What does attack back mean?
You don't know what islands are.
Oh, I forgot.
They're the tips of mountains above the ocean.
Again, it's really starting to dawn on me.
I always thought I was stupid.
Is this actually a planet?
Like, if aliens came here, would they say this is like a planet of retards?
They'll go, oh my god, you said retard, it's mentally handicapped, or mentally disabled, oh you're... I'm not using your words on purpose, scum!
I'm not bossed around by you in your little, little fantasy toilet.
I don't live in a mental, mental junk heap like you do.
And I don't say that to feel superior to you.
I feel low and pathetic because my species is associated with creatures like you.
But the dumbasses aren't my biggest problem.
It's the people that think making them dumber and herding them around is some type of art project.
Let's go ahead and listen to the music they play with Hitler Dogs on.
Can we see Hitler Dog for a minute?
This guy was kicked off YouTube for Hitler Dog, saying he was a Nazi, when he admitted, he said he wasn't on there, we checked him, a communist, liberal, super anti-Nazi, which is fine.
But the point is, Hitler Dog was funny, he was banned, and people supported him being banned for Hitler Dog.
For Radio Losers, it's not as funny, but can I just have Hitler Dog, just to, you know, I need a hit.
I need a Hitler Dog, I need a Hitler Dog now.
While we're queuing up Hitler Dog... Well, that was when I made the Hitler Dog joke before about my French Bulldog Captain.
He's about twice as fat now.
That was about five years ago.
Yeah, this is the rock star Hitler Dog.
Okay, this dog is very evil, okay?
This is a very evil creature.
But before we go to Hitler Dog, I just want to play the audio in a moment.
Let's go to these callers.
They've held long enough, like Simon and Ashley and Edward.
Edward wants to talk about Mike Pence.
Ashley wants to talk about the hurricane.
Simon wants to talk about hurricane as well.
Let's just start at the top.
Let's go to Ashley in South Carolina.
Thank you for being a trooper the last 30 minutes.
Holden, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I just had an idea for a t-shirt or a meme that you could use after your Hitler for prison t-shirt is gone.
No, not Hitler, dawg.
It's actually the skull image of Hurricane Matthew over Haiti.
I was thinking we could replace the skull image with Hillary's face because there's such a likeness to the two.
It says something like Hillary Clinton.
No, I agree.
She's a natural disaster?
Yeah, yeah.
Or who caused more destruction, Hillary or Matthew, you know?
And they're saying right now, even Daily Beast says Hillary hurt and Bill hurt Haiti more than anything ever.
I mean, they're worse than the earthquake itself.
That's a great point.
What else is on your mind?
What do you think about Hillary using child actors?
Well, Alex, I'm actually a mother of two daughters, eight and nine, and I... Would you let them get near Tim Kaine or Bill Clinton?
Some people, no.
Not at all.
We know Clinton was on the Lolita Express.
I wonder if anybody else should be investigated for that certain party we've seen on the news the last few days.
Go ahead.
Anything else, ma'am?
Yeah, well, I just wanted to ask for everyone's prayers.
I'm actually in South Carolina with my family, so we'll be hiding out in our Adobe shelter from Hurricane Matthew.
Well, that's right.
If you go to DredgeReport.com, it's got some of the best coverage.
It says, Cone Hurricane Swirls.
It's a four, level four video update.
Details, Bahamas now.
It's close.
Residents not taking it seriously could leave seven million in the dark.
Areas uninhabitable for weeks or months.
Satellite radar.
How will this affect the election?
That's what I'm wondering.
How will this affect the radar?
What do you think?
Well, Alex,
I guess it just depends on Trump.
I mean, he needs to show up.
Obviously, I'm sure he will.
He may show up in Haiti, too.
At least he's got the Haiti delegation there to talk about what they did.
Let me ask you this.
How will this affect the election outside of Trump?
I mean, you think Hillary's arrogant enough?
She says no public appearances for two weeks.
She just counts on voting machines, electronic voting machines.
Why do you think Hillary isn't going to show up?
Got more important things to do while she hides out.
I agree.
Let me ask you this.
What would happen if Trump used child actors to badmouth Hillary in fake town halls?
Think folks would care?
Oh yeah, oh yeah.
It would be the biggest talk on the media.
I might troll the media into a special report today titled...
Donald Trump caught using child actors.
And I go, no, actually he didn't.
It was Hillary.
But now, I've caught you in the moment where you're angry at Trump for being so disingenuous and fake and deceiving people.
Well, see, Hillary did it.
So, is that okay now?
Because I want to understand the psychology where Democrats tell us, well, I don't know if Hillary won the debate, but since I like her, I want to say she won.
That's called being delusional, don't you think?
Oh yeah, they're completely delusional, Alex.
I just, I can't wrap my mind around people who actually believe the nonsense
God bless you, ma'am.
Be safe.
It looks like the main storm is going to hit eastern Florida and then go up the east coast, probably losing some steam by the time it hits Florida.
But they're talking about some of the waves coming in to northern Florida, into Georgia, into South Carolina, being 11 feet tall.
Myrtle Beach, 6 feet.
Melbourne, 6 feet.
Miami, 3 feet.
So we'll continue to watch that tonight, tomorrow, right through the weekend.
I'm working seven days a week right now on the next 32 days of election 2016.
All right, thank you ma'am.
God bless you.
Simon in Florida.
You're on the air.
You're the target of Matthew.
Yes, yes, I'm in Florida.
Yeah, I'm concerned after the news that I'm seeing with, you know, this representative talking about Guam tipping over.
And, you know, you're talking about big waves coming into Florida here.
Is there a chance that Florida could just snap off?
Well, I mean, the congressman said that islands float, and Hank Johnson, I don't want to be a conspiracy theorist.
I mean, look, he's in a picture with flags behind him.
So if he says, if he says that it's going to jump over, I actually need to put a news alert out.
That's another way to troll him.
Liberals will actually believe it.
Florida may jump over.
Oh my God.
I think everybody should evacuate Florida right now.
Or float into the clouds.
Well, that's if you... yeah, well, global warming.
If it gets too hot, the water will boil.
Exactly, and it can flow.
Yeah, that was the other thing.
That was the other thing.
The climate change from this MSNBC reporter, Allen.
You know, I've got to change my views.
I'm going to have to start believing differently because it was on the mainstream media.
Well, yeah, did you see that?
I mean, it's... Ron Allen thinks NBC thinks Climate Deal is designed to stop storms like Hurricane Matthews.
He said, you know, we look at this storm, we've got to stop this.
I mean, this has never happened before.
Yeah, well there's this guy on YouTube, DutchSense, you should check out his videos because he's explaining to you about NEXRAD radar and the possibility of weather manipulation.
Oh, it's declassified that in Saudi Arabia and Qatar they are making the desert green with radar arrays that actually make it rain.
That's all declassified 40 years ago.
And so the deal is, it's weird how they say, oh my God, past carbon taxes or it'll flood, when they can actually, not with just spraying, not just with aerosols, not just with cloud seeding, but with these arrays, they can make the desert green.
So, could they in the future engage in weather terrorism?
Well, is that just in your face?
Or is that just a threat right there in your face for the people that are in the know, that understand the technology?
And Secretary of Defense, in a speech in 1997, it was in the Army Times, April 28th, 1997, said, we have weather weapons.
Oh yeah, absolutely, absolutely.
And this guy DutchSense, man, it's unbelievable.
He's got a video that he did on Texas from 4-27 of 2015 that talks about your Fort Worth, Dallas, Texas model-wide, man-made, microwave-generated tornadoes, and he explains it all.
Well, you always start getting these great YouTubers and real journalists on, like the guy, SpangledVision, and this guy, absolutely.
Nico, let's get them all on.
I want to start getting these great reporters that are doing trailblazing work on, I mean, we always have, but I want to really center the show around the new media because it is definitely up and running now.
It's not just an embryonic phase or, you know, they're in the crib, you know, throwing their bottle down on the ground.
That's kind of all blown over and, you know, bitching about who was bigger than them.
I'm talking about those folks, other people.
We've now moved on to the adult phase.
I think we're seeing the golden age of the new media and I think any attempt to suppress it will only give us our wings.
What do you think?
Well, I think you should get this guy, and he was on Adam vs. the Man, explaining Stormtrooper in Florida and how they use, you know, chaff, the military does, and he's showing them on the screen live what's going on, and it's just unbelievable.
And for, you know, for you to have this on your show, I know it's controversial, I know it's going to cause you problems.
I know it's not, I mean, I made films about it, I had guests on it.
For me, I covered the Federal Reserve, it was private 20 years ago and 5 years ago, I covered 9-11 before it happened, and so I've covered massive amounts.
Of weather manipulation.
I've made documentaries, sir.
So I'm fully aware of all of it.
I understand you're aware of it, but you had a guest like John Coleman on.
John Coleman, he's more than happy to chat or tweet with me, but as soon as I ask about NextRad, which is owned by the Weather Channel and possible weather manipulation, boom, crickets chirp and won't talk.
Well, I mean, listen, I've had the phone of the Weather Channel on.
That's because he doesn't know about all that.
He doesn't own the Weather Channel for over a decade.
And he gets hit up by that stuff all day.
He can't prove that one way or the other so he doesn't go there.
But I hear you.
I hear you.
All right, Simon, good to hear from you.
But I was saying, I'll have those folks on, and then you were like, I know they're controversial, we need to have them on.
No, I get it.
Look, most people know there's weather manipulation going on.
In 1967, Stanford Research Institute certified, we broke this with Ben Levitz and the father of weather weapons, that they could create hurricanes, steer them, control them, or kill them.
We'll be back.
Think about this.
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I give you the horror of Hitler Dog.
My girlfriend is always ranting and raving about how cute and adorable her wee dog is.
And so I thought I would turn them into the least cute thing that I could think of, which is a Nazi.
Do you want to gas the juice?
Gas the juice?
See Kyle?
But the so-called left, again, is going all out against this.
It's just an illustration.
So the return, the return of Hitler dog.
What level won't Jones stoop to?
Well, he doesn't double black unemployment or kill 200,000 Christians in Syria, or stay in the same bedroom at night with a woman whose mother calls for cutting women's genitals off, and he doesn't have a trail of death behind him, and he didn't sell watered-down drugs to Haiti or sell 94% of the money.
That's why he's a horrible person.
It's time to stand up against the evil of the alt-right.
It's time to shut down free speech.
And I've got the articles right here on Infowars.com.
The story right here.
Federal Election Commission.
Dems reject call to protect internet news.
Talk radio from regs.
Warned members of the Commission, they're moving forward with censorship.
Just like we told you.
How long's it been since you had a free press?
Well, that's too long.
You see, the so-called establishment media always had problems, but it's totally discredited itself now.
It's like, oh my God, we have no credibility, we're collapsing.
Oh, it's the fault of the new media, they're taking all the viewers and stuff.
People would love us again if they just weren't there.
Let me explain something.
You have destroyed yourselves.
There's no putting, like Stone loves to say, the toothpaste back in the tube, okay?
Let me explain that to you.
People are so stupid.
Your leaders think Guam floats.
You think you're intellectuals because you're not.
Republicans are horrible in many cases as well, but the point is we're waking up.
We're just a part of the new wake-up.
You put whatever name on this you want.
We're done.
We don't care.
We don't care what you say about us, what you do to us.
We're done.
Like water flowing downhill, you're not stopping it.
It'll go over you, around you, through you.
Just get with the program.
Like Sylvester says, if you can't beat them, join them.
Truth is, you were always just people like us.
You lied to yourselves.
So just come back down to earth, come back down to reality, and you'll find you're in heaven.
You were looking for it, it was right looking at you in the mirror there, sweeties.
There's a lot of other stuff I want to get to that I haven't hit.
I want to have a few more of your calls.
If you want to get into hysteria and mind control,
As you know, I predicted, it's not hard to do, that you've got all this hype by media because whatever reason it gets massive traffic.
That creepy clowns are creeping around schools, are creeping around the woods, all over the country, oh my gosh, top story, millions of views on videos, creepy clowns, creepy clowns.
Now clowns are robbing places.
Now people dressed like clowns are actually attacking people, brandishing knives.
And what it is, is people pulling pranks, or powerless people, who now know in the archetype, for whatever ancestral reason, we don't like what that looks like.
Wherever we've been, whatever humans have done, this planet, whatever, we don't like how that looks.
All righty.
Looks a little like something comes off Flying Saucers.
I'm going to stop right there.
But the point is, is that, is that just like with epigenetics, you can put chickens for 10 generations that never saw a hawk in an enclosure, they have big studies, and project triangles flying, or rectangles, they don't care.
You put an image of a hawk up, they all run screaming.
It's genetic.
That's a big question.
Why do we hate clowns so much?
Certain ones especially.
But I guess this is an example of him creating this hysteria, which is now leading to All Clown Lives Matter movement to actually launch.
I'm not joking.
Back in 70 seconds, I'll tell you about that.
And I'm gonna go to... He's been holding the longest here.
Kevin and Edward and others, stay with us.
And Anthony Gutiard, he's coming in.
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Tonight on the Nightly News, InfoWars investigates the Clown Phenomenon with the Super Friends.
And when Robb Dew and Leanne McAdoo combine forces, it creates an Owen Schroyer, also known as Clown Killer 2.0.
That's just some made-up fun satire.
Would you like to know more?
Tonight, 7 o'clock Central.
Would you like to know more?
We now take you live to Klandathu, where the Earth Fleet...
Is about to mount a major offensive.
You know, I told you the story.
I got to know Denise Richards a little bit.
And I got to know her like 11 years ago when she was still obviously in her heyday.
First time I met her I said, we now take you live to clan death.
She thought it was funny that time.
Other times she didn't think it was funny though.
Ever see Starship Troopers?
Okay, let's go ahead and take a call.
We have a call from Taiwan.
I'm going to go to that first.
I guess 16 hours away in Taiwan, off the coast there in the South China Sea.
Scott, in the shadow of the kleptocratic communist state of China.
How are you doing today?
Yeah, I'm doing well, and you?
I'm doing alright, my friend.
Thank you for calling today.
I just wanted to talk for a minute about Hillary and the state of Libya.
And it kind of struck me, like, if
We kind of get disconnected from the whole thing, and we think, oh, Libya's over there, and they're eating hearts, and yeah, that stuff happens.
Our government put people in to make a failed state of a modern country to target every Christian and murder them, but it's liberal, and they did it again in two other countries, and liberal, but it's liberal, so it's okay.
Sir, let me just, Scott, just say liberal.
Yeah, just go, oh, liberal, oh.
Go ahead, sorry.
And what I want to do is I kind of want to...
Make it touch home to people and say, okay, well, what size is Libya?
Maybe it's the same size as one of the states of America.
So let's say Hillary sent in some cronies to execute the governor of state XYZ, and now it's a failed state inside the United States of America, and you've got people eating hearts there that are literally living around the corner.
Well, making the Libyan army eat pieces of a dead person
They've cut down to almost nothing, like 90% of the body's gone.
They're there dissecting the guy's body and making him eat it before they kill them because they want to send him to hell under Islam because they've been involved in cannibalism.
Yeah, it's disgusting.
It's truly disgusting.
No, this is a beautiful religion of beautiful people.
Why don't you accept it?
It's so liberal!
I appreciate your call, Scott, in Taiwan.
Scott is not a progressive.
He's not open-minded to wearing the hijab, like the German TV says.
Oh, loving, liberal.
Let's have make-believe.
We're so intellectual.
Here, let's go ahead.
Edward in California, you're on the air.
Hey, what's up, Alex?
I'm good, my friend.
You don't want to just surrender to the new world order?
How dare you?
Oh, well, you know, I'm in California and everyone else has already done so, so I'm kind of left out here.
But that's because they're intellectual geniuses.
Yeah, I guess they know a lot more than I do.
I've seen the Mark Dice videos.
These people are eloquent orators.
That's all I can say.
Well, I've been ordering a lot of the InfoWars Life products.
They've been working great.
I'm actually pausing between a workout right now.
I'm pumped up.
Tripled my workout.
It's going great.
I also appreciate the Hillary for Prison stickers.
However, I am afraid to post them where I'm living.
Oh, you don't put them on your car.
You put them on their cars.
Oh, I don't mean that seriously.
They just want to put us in FEMA camps.
They're taking over.
Don't do anything drastic.
Don't climb.
Don't climb big outdoor advertising platforms, billboards that spray paint Hillary for president, or Bill Clinton's a rapist when he's coming into town.
Don't do any serious measures.
Hold on, I'm gonna come back to you, Edward.
And then, we shall speak to Kevin.
Steven, Cristal, Micky and others.
And then I will hand the baton to Anthony Gucciardi.
Straight ahead.
This is the InfoWar, the final last stand of conscious humans against whatever's running this takeover.
Last night's vice presidential debate centered heavily around the topic of Russia, and in the event, a potential military theater who would best be able to handle Vladimir Putin.
One thing is clear, the U.S.-Russia relationship has been in a free fall.
The Obama administration proclaimed bilateral peace talks over Syria are quote, dead with Moscow, and suspended a 16-year-old treaty meant to reduce the risk of nuclear proliferation.
The U.S.
State Department threatened Russia over their actions in Syria, and according to the White House spokesperson Josh Earnest, he said, continuing on saying Russians have been complicit in the Syrian tragedy.
Well, this comes as the U.S.
announced this week that we're withdrawing personnel dispatched to the Middle East in anticipation of a ceasefire deal reached on September the 9th.
Putin is also withdrawing, only he's withdrawing from an accord that committed both countries to eliminating stockpiles of plutonium.
Plutonium that's used as the core material in some types of nuclear weapons.
I'm Margaret Hal reporting for InfoWars.com.
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Well, we're on the march all right.
The empire's on the run.
We are on the march.
The Empire is on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, I've got a lot of special reports to cut right after the show.
The Nightly News is tonight at 7 o'clock central.
We're going to have live coverage this Sunday starting at 4 p.m.
That is four hours before the debate starts at 8 o'clock central.
Then we'll cover the live debate, the second debate, and then have a few hours after that.
But I always am here 4 to 6 p.m.
Then I'll go out of that studio where Anthony is right now into this studio and I'll be here Sunday with the rest of the crew.
We're going to have also crew there outside the debate covering it.
I want to go to five more callers and hand the baton to Anthony Gucciardi, who's all ready to come in, but CJ just pointed out, he said, man, you skip breaks, then you don't even plug.
We have all these sponsors want to get on air.
You won't even do that.
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I didn't plug last hour.
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That's our flagship product.
And every order gets Hillary for Prison 2016 stickers in it and InfoWars.com stickers.
I love how when Clinton showed up at the University of Ohio, there was a huge Bill Clinton's a rapist thing spray-painted on a legal area where they have a commons area for spray-painting.
And then the lady went in there with a shirt saying Bill Clinton's a rapist.
And by the way, it happened again today with Matt Lauer.
So, I thought it'd be five big national hits in one week.
I may be wrong.
I might be like,
It might catch on to be 20 by the end of the weekend.
I mean, this is really freaking amount.
I want to salute all those folks.
We are in contact with several of them.
We now know who the fellow was in New York.
He's being charged with disorderly conduct.
The lawyer, we already have him, is pretty sure that he'll just be thrown out because it's out in the public.
They're advertising, come have your speech.
He doesn't try to get over the barricade until they start grabbing him.
He just, that was an accident.
That was in fear.
I said he just ought to go public and put pressure on them.
They should drop it, which they probably will do.
I've had stuff dropped in New York before myself.
And then we also filed lawsuits in one in Cleveland, when the police wrongfully arrested our camera person.
I'm not against the police, but if you do something wrong, we're going to sue you.
That's a fact.
And of course, there was an out-of-court settlement on that, and they dropped that.
So we're pretty confident there, but the other two folks didn't get arrested, didn't have any trouble, and they're going to be coming on the show, so a lot of exciting stuff.
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Of course, they're now taxing that.
Free as in air.
Now they're not taxing.
Free as in carbon-based life form.
I'm sorry.
They're taxing it.
Not anymore.
So, the heat is on, as they say.
Let's go to your phone calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to Edward and finish up your points.
Go ahead.
Hey, so Mike Pence, I guess we can all agree that he did very well at the debate.
I'm really impressed with Pence.
I'm really impressed with Pence.
I think everyone is, but I think we should also be very concerned because he did mention that he will not hesitate to use force against Assad's troops and Russia.
Right, right.
This goes in line with
The media is starting to embrace him.
He did also mention a couple days ago that he sees Dick Cheney as his role model and that he'll use Cheney as, you know... So definitely Trump brought in, Trump brought in...
The establishment with Pence.
He's not the worst of it.
He's pro-gun and pro-life.
But it's Trump running the show.
Trump's got major criticism that he's a supposed Russian agent, you know, and he's not moonlighting a Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy and Keebler elves and unicorns and everything else that's imaginary.
I mean, it's totally imaginary.
Russia doesn't want to be under global control.
The UK doesn't.
We don't.
Nobody does.
You know, Catalonia, you know, all these places are seceding out of this because it's dictatorial.
But it is politics.
And I'm trying to like Donald Trump, not Pence.
And let me tell you, I don't do lesser evils, but Hillary has a giant, you know what, there under her skirt for Russia.
And the neocons, too, a neocon hate Trump.
And so do the neocons.
Trump kind of got a middle-of-the-road conservative Republican.
Who does know how to basically pull the levers of Congress, and Trump was honest about that.
He said, listen, I'm the one that's going to be running the show, not Pence.
But no, I mean, look, look, look.
Cautiously, I have a concern, but it's like weights and balances.
Over here, Hillary is in hell.
I mean, the weight is incredible.
Trump is up in heaven.
Now, does that mean that
We're gonna get perfect stuff out of Trump when he gets in?
No, I'm gonna say what I don't like, I'm gonna say what I do like.
And if he ever takes a really big turn for the worse, I mean, I'm gonna come out and say, wow, what do we do?
And by being close to Trump, and by being, you know, one of the people to help get Trump elected, that's you, the audience, we will have real gravitas, and real play, and real weight, and real standing, is the word, as stakeholders in this.
Because of this one thing, Trump is super loyal and also super vindictive.
So, look for people getting their asses thrown in jail, legally and lawfully.
Anything else, Edward?
Yeah, I just wanted to also point out, or you've been covering this for the past couple of years, you know, the Civil War in Libya.
But I think it's good to go back and revisit it to let people know what happened and what happened under, you know, Hillary Clinton.
Well, we wrote a big article about it.
I mean, Hillary ran a mass murder operation and on purpose made sure the Christians got killed.
Because she really gets demonic power.
I mean, she gets a little pat on the head by Beelzebub, you know, floats down at night
First time caller, long time listener.
Yeah, Alex.
I just want to
I've been watching Trump and every time he gets going, he goes into the small time with the, like the, uh, no, I'm trying to think of, you know, like the judge or that, uh.
Or the beauty queen.
Yeah, he makes himself look small then.
I don't know what's going on with that stuff like that.
Well, let me tell you what's going on.
He believes that that then gets him in the media on that issue, and then he's feeding the media so they have to cover him.
That's how he breaks through.
That's all the general public cares about.
So he needs to prove to the public that he was right on that.
Now, the mainstream media says that he's screwing up, not staying on target, not staying on the attack.
Look, if he's given up,
Five speeches a day and wants to spend some time on some side issues, that'll get picked up and might actually do some good.
When he's in a debate, he needs to ignore her and move forward with how he's going to make America free and prosperous and great again.
So I agree with you at one area, not at the other.
I mean, here's an example.
Pence clearly got an A+, cleaned the floor with creepy cane.
You know, Lolita Express, uh, no, that's the other guy.
Point is, Kane.
And so all that's going on.
When I look at whether Trump won, he would have lost if they hadn't overdone it, staging it.
That made him the winner, even though he did not have a very good performance.
So I would just get on air and say, oh, I think Trump won narrowly, because I wanted to say Trump won, because I want to be delusional.
I'm the opposite of a delusionite.
I think he narrowly won.
Some people say he lost, some say, you know, he won.
But with Pence, he clearly won.
Kaine lost big time.
So that's a, you know, cut-and-dry issue.
The Democrats still say he won.
Most of them.
But with the subject of Trump needs to get on message, this is what got him there.
He's going off script, doing the things he's doing.
So, I think in the debate, he should laser beam, like Pence did, and just say, why are you interrupting me?
Why are you interrupting me?
Just make a big joke out of it.
But also hit her really hard.
Yeah, I just think, like you said, with Haiti, he could destroy Hillary if he would go to Haiti, because they're inviting him there.
Yeah, yeah.
I know.
Everything they plan is about a week out.
I know he'll end up going to the hurricane after it hits the next three or four days, you know, on the East Coast.
Hello, how are you today?
I'm doing...
Well, I could be doing better.
You're not an intellectual giant?
You don't like Hillary?
I think I would probably rather shoot myself in the foot.
But you can join the Intellectual Genius Club and just go, oh, liberal, oh, oh.
Get a big foppish hair like David Brock.
Looks like you've got like a forehead, like a cone head.
And I mean, because you're so intellectual, like, yeah.
Imagine if I grew my hair out all fake or wore a wig like I was Einstein.
I went, E equals MC squared.
Oh, my lovey.
I'm so smart.
Whatever I do, you must listen to.
Hey, hey, hey.
Do you like, not a German accent, but now he has a Scottish accent.
Einstein does.
Go ahead.
Then you'd be a part of the club.
Don't you want that?
I don't want to be a part of Cain's club.
The creep club?
Do you have children, Crystal?
I do.
Would you let Tim Cain babysit your children?
Would I let who?
Would you let the vice presidential candidate of Hillary, Tim Cain, babysit your children?
Oh, absolutely not.
Would you let Hillary Clinton babysit your children?
That's all you need to know, folks.
Would you... If I didn't see my son yesterday at the Trump rally, I would rather eat glass.
Well, I would be more than happy to have my son stay with Mrs. Trump.
And I'm more than willing to stay with Mrs. Trump as well, if she needs any help.
If Donald wants me to.
Ha, ha, ha, ha.
Big sarcasm.
Ha, ha, ha.
I'm being bad.
I'm... Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Anyway, so what I'm calling is yesterday,
Donald Trump was wonderful enough to grace us with his presence here in small-town northern Arizona, Prescott Valley.
After he was done, MSNBC did a story while they were at his rally, and they called our local demographic white male only and uneducated.
Well, they always do that where?
You can tell an upper-crust Democrat is actually able to talk when they're not having a neurosis fit or some type of schizoidism?
I'm serious.
These people are very damaged goods.
If you look at a crowd of these Democrats now, they look like lost mental patients, like the mental patient ward.
You know, the state hospital had the power go off.
They just let everybody wander out.
They're kind of like in their nightgowns, like, eww, ehh.
And I'm not trying to be mean, but then they always talk about how intellectual they are, and how we're just these dumb white males, and white males are the dumbest things in sliced bread.
You know, meanwhile, uh, I'm sorry for, you know, the space program, but go ahead, ma'am.
You know how much they hate white males?
I had a Hillary supporter push my six-year-old son out of a female bathroom.
Well, of course.
Why don't you just say it was a woman?
He can choose.
How about saying, my son is a walrus.
And he chooses to come in here.
He's a woman.
No, but aren't they supposed to support that?
You know, men and women.
No, I hear you.
I would have come right back and said, this is clearly, this is clearly Admiral Ackbar from Return of the Jedi, not a boy.
This is a female space alien.
Maybe, maybe because he wasn't wearing a dress and he's an actual, you know... Yeah, I don't know.
If he had been wearing a dress, but he had to have a mustache, he had to have a dress and a handlebar mustache, then he would have been given access to the female bathroom.
And then if he had a Hillary shirt on, and I'm not meaning to be gross, but usually this is what goes with it, a diarrhea running down his leg, they would have all bowed down and worshipped him.
Like Leslie Cochran.
Oh my God.
No, no, I'm serious.
They're building a statue to a guy who was always bombed out of his brain on drugs,
My biggest gripe about the MSNBC news story while they were at the Trump rally is the fact that they completely dismissed the fact that most of the supporters
Which was more than, well more than half the town, were predominantly Hispanics and predominantly women.
But you can't say that, you can't report that, because no, no, no, no, those are Hillary supporters.
And by the way, I apologize for interrupting you, start back over, exactly.
The biggest lie ever is to say the Tea Party is all racist, then people that are patriots, who don't happen to have pink skin, you know, gecko colored skin like white people do, then
I mean, I actually like brown skin, you'll get down right on the end of it, you know.
I guess, you know, true white envy here.
But what I'm getting at is, they then won't go out, but now that they have gone out, in many cases they're half the crowd, the media's panicking, so of course they have a headline that it was all white male, dumbass demographic, because the last thing they want is us to actually come together.
Go ahead.
That is what really upset me.
And then the woman goes on to say that she doesn't understand why Trump would even bother with this town because our votes don't even matter.
So she was letting you know that the Trump card, wink wink, she had pun intended, that you know it's superdelegates.
Ah, Hillary doesn't need to visit the flood victims.
Hillary doesn't get a campaign in the next two weeks because you know what?
Homeland Security is protecting the election.
And that woman thinks she's going to be protected by a system that that's rigged.
She thinks getting rid of the grassroots, getting rid of checks and balances, getting rid of the separation of powers, getting rid of due process, she thinks that makes her safe.
As if the thugs using her today will care about her down the road.
She's just a stand-in, so when they steal the election, it looks like it's plausible.
Do you understand that?
So I've been asking, how do we counter that?
We understand that.
How do we counter that?
Go ahead, Crystal, you have the floor.
You have the floor.
My fear is that they know willingly that she is very, very ill.
And they know willingly that Kane is out of his mind.
So they're hoping that she kicks the bucket after she gets elected, so we get this crazed, anti-Second Amendment loser to be our next Obama.
Well, let's just say it.
He's known as Creepy Kane by the memes.
I mean, he would be casted by Hollywood to be the lead role of people that run an old, creepy house where they kidnap kids and torture them to death.
I mean, I'm not saying he does any of that.
I think he's probably a wonderful person.
The point is, he looks like a serial killer.
I, when I see him, I look at, I see a man in a nasty old van trying to hand out candy to little kids.
Well, I'm telling you, that's cause... Here you go, you want some candy?
I'll put you in my van.
Listen, you don't carry around in you the type of stuff these people do and not look like a rubber-faced joker like Hillary does.
I mean, you just don't.
These are, these are demons.
That's not a person when you look at Kane.
That is a giant goblin.
That is a, that is a, that is a, you know, you want to get a Pez dispenser, you need a piece of candy.
He doesn't, you know, he has something else on the menu.
Well, I can honestly say at the Trump rally yesterday, the supporters and the people that were there and even Trump himself was very personable, very nice.
Me being a woman, I should be ashamed, but I'm not.
I am a very proud Trump supporter.
And I'm very happy that he took time out of his busy schedule to come to small town Arizona.
And he goes to states, he goes to states, even where there are people where he's not going to win the state, he just wants to go see the fans.
I appreciate your call, great points.
And by the way, the crew never tells me what to do, but they pop in when I'm going too far, I tell them to, and they say, you're going too far with the diarrhea down the leg.
Listen, all I can do is tell the truth.
I have seen what the left worships as their God.
Can we Google Leslie Cochran, please?
He lived two doors behind my last office.
I was there eight years.
And about a year after I moved in there, he moved in and I had to watch him next door to my office by this mini mart every five, six days a week.
And so he's a dead guy.
I feel sorry for him, but he was a horribly disgusting, evil person, nasty, rude.
And, you know, a guy in high heels in a mini skirt with crap running down his legs.
I mean, I saw crap running down his legs like 200 times, at least, you know, I mean, you know.
I had it drip on me once.
If you want to get right down to brass tacks, I'm in the minimart, which I would hardly go in because he was in there, and he comes around the corner and he's smoking a cigarette, he doesn't care, he's a god, he's stoned, and all of a sudden I feel like something hit my leg, it was in the summer, I was wearing shorts, I'm like, oh it's Leslie!
I was like, and I started going, what the hell is your problem?
Jesus, get in the bathroom!
He's like, uh, F you Alex.
And his teeth, his tongue was coming out of his mouth, licking his front two teeth, hadn't fallen out yet.
They were like, like, like piano keys sticking out, leaning up in the air.
And I actually said, that's it.
I said, you keep him out of this store or I'm not coming.
They're like, he's like, oh, you're homophobic.
And I moved out of there a month later.
He finally got us moving to bigger studios and thank God we did.
See, I'm having Leslie Cochran flashbacks.
They're building a statue to him.
So yes, I know I went too far.
You know why I go too far?
Because Tim Cain looks like a pedophile!
It's the truth, I'm saying it.
I'm not saying he's one.
He looks like a creepy crook.
And Leslie Cochran, oh I guess they built the statue, excuse me, or they're building it.
I was abused by him!
The most empty, stupid, narcissistic, brain-damaged, dangerous, mentally ill person that I haven't told you one-tenth about!
He's like a zombie that lived in the neighborhood for eight years, seven years of it.
I mean, I had to put up with him.
I'm going to come back and introduce.
It is true, though.
I shouldn't waste... You know what?
I'm glad I didn't, though.
Because I'm telling you, when I say they're God, he's a guy with a beard, with his teeth all falling out, bombed out of his brain, being rude to people, stumbling around.
You know what?
You want me to tell you about Leslie Cochran?
I'll tell you about it when we come back, if you really want to.
I haven't even gone there yet.
Watch out!
That's why none of the media has ever attacked me for this, because they know I will unload on your God.
I will unload!
Because I'm not unloading on Him.
I'm unloading on you!
I know who you are!
Worship him!
City officials would tell, oh yeah, this guy was quite the toy in town.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hillary Clinton has been caught in yet another staged fake town hall event as she takes questions from a child actor in Harvard, Pennsylvania.
The mainstream media immediately picked up the clip and aired the footage nationwide.
Hi Madam Secretary, I'm Brennan and I'm 15 years old.
At my school, body image is a really big issue for girls my age.
I see with my own eyes the damage Donald Trump does when he talks about women and how they look.
As the first female president, how would you undo some of that damage?
I wouldn't let my daughter near that guy.
And you can see more reports right now at Infowars.com.
Uh, yeah.
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Right now with all the refugees,
Uh, spreading disease around.
We have biological warfare going on everywhere.
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Tell us about all the stuff that's in it.
There's so many things that are in it.
You have the neem in there, you have the organic clove bud, the organic wormwood.
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Thank you, Dr. Group from the Global Healing Center.
Thank you so much for all your work, sir, on this great product.
It came along.
It came along for the ride.
Hey, you can't come inside.
Oh, you're a big international audience.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Alex Jones.
Yes, if you are listening worldwide, you are the resistance.
I don't want to get into an Austin-centric type deal, but Patrick O'Reilly, one of the great members here at InfoWars, they took the O off when he got off the boat, his great-grandparents.
We're adding it back.
He's now Patrick O'Reilly.
Patrick O'Reilly, one of the InfoWars crew members, he was going, yeah,
I remember when I was here in college, they were all panicking like ten years ago.
He died like five years ago.
He had a heat stroke.
It was all, what an angel he is, and how good he is.
So, you have to understand, I was around this guy for like seven years, while he's being worshipped like Mother Teresa.
And he was probably the most, not probably, the most horrible, disgusting person, not because he was gay or whatever he was, but because he didn't bathe.
I mean, it's like, I don't hunt wild hogs, because I don't want to have to drag them into a tractor when picks are all over them.
They're disgusting.
I almost retch when I think about it.
He's like grosser than a rotten fish.
And I'm not being mean to this horrible, you know, ruined person.
I pray for his soul.
I feel sorry for him.
It's that they held it up as a god.
And Pat was going, yeah, it was crazy how they worshipped him.
So, Pat, for listeners, the woman, six-year-old, was kicked out of the women's bathroom because he was an evil white male.