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Name: 20161004_Tue_NightlyNews
Air Date: Oct. 4, 2016
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Completely and totally out of control.
And this has been Joe Biggs with InfoWars.com.
And welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
It is Tuesday, October 4th, 2016.
I'm Leanne McAdoo, joined by Owen Schroer and the rest of the InfoWars crew.
We want to say thank you so much for joining us for this very special live edition where we are going to cover the vice presidential debate.
It should be very riveting.
What do you think?
Well, we'll see.
Most people have never even heard of either of these two.
We'll see if that changes after tonight.
I hope that, um, I don't expect either one of them to talk too much about policies of either one of them.
Nobody really cares.
So I'd like to see Mike Pence just to go ahead and take the gloves off.
And go right after Hillary Clinton.
I think that would be beautiful.
Yeah, ask the questions that nobody is asking of Hillary Clinton thus far in any of her alleged press conferences or the last debate like we saw.
No one was checking her.
So maybe Pence will, you know, pivot from, I'm sure they're going to go after him with some things that Trump has said.
Hopefully he'll be able to pivot back to the issues or pivot to taking down Hillary Clinton.
So, we are all in this together.
Now, all of us are kind of, you know, thinking, is this going to be like paint, watching paint dry, or is this going to be interesting?
Let's not forget, this is like a really contested election.
These two men are a heartbeat away from the presidency, as they say.
Hillary Clinton is like on her deathbed, being wheeled around like Weekend at Bernie's.
And of course, Donald Trump, you know, he's two years older than Hillary Clinton, seems to be in perfectly great health, but he's been getting death threats.
Left and right from all over social media.
So I mean, these guys are actually pretty important.
It's probably one of the most important vice presidential debates that we should be paying attention to.
So like I said, we're all in this together.
We are going to give you the phone number here in a minute, too.
We're going to take your phone calls and we want to hear what you have to say.
What do you think about Alex Jones telling Trump he needs to go visit Haiti straight away?
Or, you know, what do you think about this upcoming debate?
But I kind of want to go around.
Let's take a little tour of the Central Texas Command Center.
I want to find out what everyone else thinks.
What's the big to-do tonight?
What do they expect?
What kind of curveballs do they think are going to be thrown their way from tonight's debate moderator?
Is anybody ready back there?
I know we've got Darren McBreen in the building, David Knight is here, of course, Margaret Howell, and the rest of the crew.
Do you think that they're going to call out Pence or Kaine on his flip-flopping?
Because as we're seeing, Hillary Clinton is like the master flip-flopper, but Tim Kaine is following in her footsteps.
Yeah, I don't know if the moderator is going to be as biased as we've seen at the presidential debates.
In fact, I would imagine the moderator will try to keep this as milquetoast as possible.
That's how both of these vice presidential candidates are.
That's how these presidential candidates like their vice presidential candidates to be, so that they don't have to worry about too much of the tabloids.
Assassination, right.
But no, but that is an interesting point.
I mean, perhaps, you know, these two vice presidential candidates are more risk of being assassinated or, you know, dying in Hillary Clinton's case than we've seen in the past.
But you know, there are things
That I found in Mike Pence's past that I wouldn't be shocked if we were going to have a bias moderator to try to call him out on.
His climate change denial essentially would be one of them.
Things he's talked about in his past.
He's been a member of the Tea Party before.
He's tried to defund Planned Parenthood.
These are the type of things we like to see or we do see bias moderators go after conservatives on.
So we'll see if they try to do anything like that.
Right, and of course, isn't it interesting how the new thing is climate change and how Leonardo DiCaprio was actually just at the South by South lawn there saying, if you don't believe in climate change, then you don't believe in science and facts.
And it's like, dude, everybody... Well, he's a well-known scientist.
I mean, he's a scientist, isn't he?
Nobody is saying the climate has always changed.
Guys, he rode in his private jet there.
Don't forget.
Yeah, he has the carbon footprint of a small country.
It's even worse.
I'm pretty sure that to the last event that Leo spoke at, not only did he fly on his jet, he flew like 30 of his friends out there too.
So there was a whole party, a whole carbon footprint party before Leo went up there and went ahead and told you that climate change is the biggest risk to your life.
That's right, that's right.
You guys are using too much resources, not the rich people.
We get to do whatever we want.
You have to live in your coffin apartment.
You can't have air conditioning.
And turn in your guns too, Rob.
You can't have heat in the winter.
You only get a smart car.
Which is about this big, and then you're not going to be able to drive it.
You haven't given me your gun yet, Rob.
Give me your gun!
Give it up, Mr. America.
Hey, you don't know if I have any guns.
But that's where it's all going, and you have these elites running around just lecturing us on how we have to live and how we're bad because we just want, you know, a piece of the American dream.
And you know what?
To go back on something that you said about Haiti and Alex Jones' suggestion to Trump today, I thought it was a great suggestion.
I think it would be very powerful for Donald Trump to fly down there on his plane, spend a day down there, go around with the people, see the destruction.
It does look like
We're going to see more destruction there with the Hurricane Matthew passing through.
So hey, who knows, maybe the Clinton Foundation wants to go down there and launder a couple more billion dollars out of Haiti.
Hillary's afraid to show her face there.
I mean, she cannot show her face.
They will attack her.
They're extremely angry with Clinton's, you know, Hillary Clinton and even the Bushes.
Because remember, this was the Bush and Clinton Foundations together, working together to completely rape the island of Haiti.
Right, and they've called her out on that, and I know we have a video, I don't know if you got it cued up for tonight's show, but where the president there of Haiti is actually calling out to Donald Trump saying, hey, we'll back you, we'll join you, if you ask Hillary Clinton straight up, put her on the spot, what did she do with all of the billions of dollars that people all around the globe donated to help the people of Haiti?
Like what, two something, two percent of that went to them?
Well, I actually talked to some Haitian nationals when I was in New York.
They were protesting Hillary Clinton at the debate at Hofstra, and they actually did not like Donald Trump.
They had complete, obviously, disdain for Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.
They were out there protesting them, but they didn't really like Donald Trump.
But that's an interesting point.
You know, if Donald Trump goes down there, maybe he kind of opens his arms to the Haitian community.
Maybe he sheds more light on the Clinton Foundation and what they did down there.
I mean, Darren, you filed reports.
I mean, you know about the absolute plundering of the wealth down there at the Clinton Foundation in Haiti.
Well, and I found the exact opposite.
I found a lot of Haitian protesters who indeed support Donald Trump, and a lot of that is because of the very reason is they got screwed over so badly, you know.
Right, they know what they're dealing with.
And we're talking billions and billions of dollars.
And remember, Clinton, both the Clintons, Hillary and Bill, were on television.
Telling people, look, we need blankets, we need food, we need your help.
Please call this number, 1-88, and they give out a toll-free phone number.
And millions of people, because look, Americans, we're very giving people, we're generous, and a lot of people were very compassionate and concerned, and, you know, we sent our money.
I called, I don't think I gave to the Clinton Foundation, but I remember the telethons.
$25 here, $50 all across the nation and that money never got to the Haitian people.
Right, like 2% and that was so much money that people poured in.
That's the kind of people we're dealing with.
Alright, we've got the call number up on the screen.
We're going to be taking your phone calls both before and after the debate.
The number is 1-877-789-2539.
Let's go ahead and call in.
We want to know what do you think about should Trump go to Haiti?
What do you think they're going to call people out on here with the debate?
What do you think are some of the issues that they should be focusing on?
Let's try to keep these, you know, election specific here with the call in.
But let's go ahead and go to Margaret Howell.
I know she's in the studio.
What do you think is going to happen in tonight's debate, Margaret?
You've always got a good take on things.
All right, well, I'm getting a little technical difficulty there, so we're going to come right back to Margaret in just a minute.
But let's go to, you know, some of the things that I am hoping that people kind of latch onto with Tim Kaine.
So, right before Hillary Clinton announced who her VP pick was going to be, Kaine is out praising the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Then, all of a sudden, after he gets picked, he's like, oh, well, you know, I could change my mind on the TPP.
You'll recall Hillary Clinton did this exact same thing.
She was calling it the gold standard, and then when she was, like, getting serious about running for president, she backtracked on that, said, yeah, well, I helped to draw it up, but now I don't think it's such a good deal.
Tim Kaine hiked tuition as governor, even though now he claims to be a champion for affordability.
Tim Kaine wants to ban 15 round clips and hold gun dealers liable for misuse of firearms.
So here, just like Hillary Clinton, we have people who are actively campaigning on taking away your rights.
That includes your First Amendment right, because you'll recall Hillary Clinton wants to take down anyone that's part of the mythical alt-right.
Um, Tim Kaine agrees.
He says the views of Alex Jones and the alt-right cannot be tolerated.
Ah, because, you know, obviously he's unaware of the First Amendment.
But these are just a few of the scandals.
Um, he also went on to defend Hillary Clinton on her email scandal.
Um, he said, you know, Clinton's being honest when she answers her questions about the email practices.
And, of course, they called him out saying,
I think at the time it was like 247 days since Hillary Clinton had held a press conference and Tim Kaine said, well, she's given one, not none.
I need to correct you.
She has given one, not none.
And it's like, no, that wasn't even a press conference.
She just allowed
We're good to go.
Paint dryingly boring, as we think.
Well, I'm not sure.
Again, it'll be interesting to see if the moderator has any bias, but another similarity I saw between Clinton and Kaine, and I actually don't have the story here, I'd have to double-check this, but I'm pretty sure I saw a story that, like Clinton, Kaine has defended rapists in court.
Yeah, and that was a story, again, I don't have the story in front of me, so we'd have to double-check that.
I'm not positive on that, but I'm pretty sure I saw that story.
But it doesn't shock me that Kaine
Is the same type of politician.
Oh, there it is.
I thought I saw that.
So yeah, so you know, Tim Kaine and Hillary Clinton have a lot in common.
And I think the reason why Clinton went with Kaine is because he doesn't really have much, you know.
He's soft on criminals.
And he doesn't have much of a background.
Most people haven't heard of this guy.
You know, there's not much people who call this guy out.
Well, he was head of the DNC for a while.
I mean, he's definitely got some power, right, there in Washington, kind of like a
Kind of like the House of Cards guy.
This is the real House of Cards guy.
We are witnessing it in real time.
It's crazy.
I'm thinking that Margaret Howell, we're ready to go to Margaret Howell.
I would love to hear what you think is going to happen in tonight's debate.
There's Margaret.
The bottom line is, let's just hope that Kaine, you know, flip-flops like he usually does, Leigh-Anne.
You know, he's pro-life, then he's pro-choice.
He's anti-gay marriage, then he's pro-gay marriage.
You know, he really can't keep it straight for very long, and it's about catching him in a contradiction tonight.
That's what it is.
But if you guys remember, Hillary Clinton in 2008, she called Tim Kaine a terrible choice for Vice President.
She said that Obama, if he picked Kaine, had a 1 in 8 chance of winning the presidency.
So what the heck
Change between 2008 and seven and a half years later, he magically is fine now?
Wow, and that's really interesting angle there.
And that's what a lot of people are saying, is that Kane is going to be just like how Obama said of Hillary back in the day, that he's going to say anything and do nothing to get elected.
Just like she is.
She'll say anything.
Yeah, so they are the same.
And wow, I had totally, completely that was wiped from my mind that he had actually been touted as VP in the past.
This is like the House of Cards.
What is happening?
Recycling the same garbage over and over.
So was Evan Bayh.
He was a contender along with Kane in 2008.
But what has Kane done politically except lay low and layer the radar until it was his time to be a VP pick again?
Well, that's probably what he was doing.
Try not to mess up.
Well, Andy knows it's a great time to get in because Hillary Clinton, a lot of people, this is why a lot of people are actually excited about, you know, they're like, fine, it's Hillary Clinton, she's sick, her health isn't that great, whatever, but then we'll have Cain, he'll be our president.
Like, they're actually voting, thinking that she's going to die, and at least they'll have Cain and not Trump.
That's a good way to go about, you know, your vote in this upcoming election.
Hey, you know what?
I'm going to vote for Clinton because I think she's going to die!
So you actually have a sect of voters that are thinking this way.
They're going to vote for Hillary Clinton because they don't like any of the candidates that they think Cain is the best guy and Clinton's going to die.
2016 election.
We are, I feel like we are pretty screwed.
Well, Margaret, thank you so much.
I wanted to, I wanted to kind of
Take it back a little bit.
Take it back a few hours to the wee hours of this morning when we were all waiting for the WikiLeaks that wasn't.
We all actually got WikiRolled.
You were there.
I was WikiRolled.
A part of this epic moment in time.
So give us a little synopsis, brief synopsis of what that was like.
You know, and here's the thing about it, too, because obviously we, you know, we expected there to be a big WikiLeaks, you know, email drop or something like that.
And we didn't get it.
We didn't get it.
We sat up here and more than anything, it was like we couldn't hear what he was saying.
We couldn't hear the questions.
It was some like coffee table.
Like I felt like I was in the basement at some poetry reading.
I didn't know what the heck was going on.
Who bought that TV?
And we sat here and we waited and we waited.
We didn't get anything.
It ended up being 5 in the morning and me and Alex ended up having some fun up here.
Downward spiral.
Well let's go ahead and play our first clip from last night.
The wiki highlight of Assange talking about, you know, well we don't release these things at 3 in the morning.
Well, I noticed this.
I've seen the internet and I understand that there's enormous expectation in the United States.
Some of that expectation will be partly answered.
You should understand that if we're going to make a
We don't do it at 3am.
This is like a, it is a troll.
To get them to turn into WikiLeaks so these idiots can get on TV with their ears sticking out.
He just admitted it.
We don't do it at 3am.
Oh my god.
I just tweeted that out.
WikiLeaks is trolling the world.
And I put her a link.
He actually said that?
Or did you tweet that?
I just tweeted that.
It's happening right now.
He just said, we don't release this at 3am.
It's actually 5am Eastern.
So what is this, a ceremony?
It's all 10 years?
They have a bunch of weird women up there.
I mean, I thought the lawyer was good.
We're completely independent.
We're not narcissistic at all.
You see me in the mirror and all the ladies that love me.
Look at our high quality broadcast.
If you can make out a single word of it, you are a genius.
Before the end of the year, he's made a deal!
Before the election, Jackass!
34 days!
Private Pyle!
34, Private Pyle!
What is that?
It's a goddamn jelly donut!
And why don't we have jelly donuts?
Because you're a disgusting liberal fop!
Oh my goodness.
The unedited late night Alex Jones got to love it.
That's why we love you, Alex.
That's why we love you.
Well, I was cracking up all day.
Now, we're going to play another highlight here.
This has gone viral.
Rob Dew actually said that his son was in middle school, that it was going around middle school, the vine of Alex Jones talking about this WikiLeaks, which is just
Incredible that you have middle schoolers talking about this WikiLeaks thing, but this... Let's just go ahead and play the clip.
I mean, we're tired of it.
We're done.
But Obamacare has done a lot of great work in their past, so I still give them an A+.
But we're teleprompter-free.
We're going to be honest about what we see and what happens.
This was a huge buildup.
The media will make a big victory out of this.
Oh, it was supposed to be this big release, and he didn't give anything.
It's all crap.
So thanks a lot, Assange.
Really, thanks for nothing, Mr. Troyer.
I'm still trying to figure out what we just witnessed here.
A complete 2-bit hack job.
They can't even get quality audio, they can't get quality video, they can't coordinate enough.
And by the way, if you expect me at 3 a.m.
to give you anything, you're dumb.
That was the tell.
But by my book... These sociopaths and people, they always gotta stab you in the back, like, and just say, oh, I didn't imply this was happening.
I didn't set you up.
No, by the way, if you thought you could get it at 3 a.m., you were wrong.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
He has, he has, he has just, he's really hurt himself.
I mean, let me tell you, I know how the web works, how the world works.
You have really done it, buddy boy.
Well, we're... You better release it all within 12 hours or you're done.
We've been wiki-rolled.
That's what they're saying on Twitter.
We've been wiki-rolled.
Instead of... Who bought them TV's?
Tell me that!
Move, b****!
Get out the way!
Get out the way, b****!
Get out the way!
Move, b****!
Get out the way!
I mean, you get out the way, man.
Well, that's what I'm saying.
You think you b****d us?
You think you rolled us?
Yeah, you ain't seen nothing yet.
I thought we were in an info war.
I don't know what these guys were doing up here.
I'm rolling Hillary!
I'm the Dark Heart!
We ain't backing down!
Just because you're a fake chump, don't think we are!
That was soft.
Get ready!
That was soft.
I'll double down because of this!
I won't be associated with you!
Now we have to make up for the lack of energy that came out of this production.
Whatever this crap was.
They're sitting around a coffee table.
Are you kidding me?
You can't even get a quality production?
You're trying to change the world?
Get out the way!
Get out the way!
Get out the way!
I'm sorry.
It is 4.33 in the morning.
I can do this now.
I actually like when you sing Ludacris at 4.30 in the morning.
I'm so depressed.
I have to play Carl the Cut.
There it is!
That's Carl the Cut!
Oh my goodness, well there he was, the dark heart, Alex Jones, who was rolling Hillary Clinton.
And then there's actually videos, you can find them on our Twitter accounts, that people actually played the Ludacris song.
Yes, it has now been set to music, that is epic, gone viral, make sure you retweet that out to all your friends.
Guys, I was amazed that my son comes home and says, Dad, what did Alex say last night about WikiLeaks?
Everybody's talking about it at school, and I don't know what's going on.
And then I showed him, actually I went and showed him this, from at Matt Bender, and it's to the Ludacris song.
It's gone viral and it's amazing that middle school kids are now talking about Wikileaks.
You know, Alex Jones has that power now to make middle schoolers talk about Wikileaks and actually, you know, he kind of fooled them into talking about it because he put this meme one out there and people are like, oh, what's this about?
So some people, maybe 20%, 30% who watch that are going to dig a little bit more and see what's really going on.
And, you know, they'll discover what Wikileaks has done and kind of what they did to us last night, which was definitely an epic worldwide troll event that they did to us all.
Wicky Wold!
Yeah, it was very, very funny.
I actually woke up about 4.15 in the morning and I caught that whole downward spiral that you guys were on.
Yeah, I think I tuned in right at the most opportune moment.
So that was really epic.
Should we go ahead and take a phone call or something?
Do we have an ETA on the Jones video where he's calling on
Alright, well let me know when that comes in.
So I'm going to go ahead and take a phone call from Garrett in Dallas.
You want to talk about the debate tonight and your predictions?
You know what?
The thing is that I can already see it.
Tim Kaine will be the most, will just be, I can't even imagine how predictable it's going to be.
He's going to say,
You know, he used to be a Trump supporter, he denied global warming, you're a racist, but you said that the wall is racist.
But the thing is that he isn't the one I'm interested in.
I can't, I don't even know what Pence is going to do.
Is he going to attack Tim Kaine?
Is he going to attack Hillary?
I don't know.
But, I mean, he, you know what, he, just like you said earlier on the broadcast, he definitely should focus on Hillary, not necessarily policy, because that's not what people are tuning in for.
I mean, like you said, most people don't even know these people.
So... They gotta make the case for their own candidate and, you know, I just... What do you think?
I mean, that's kind of my prediction, that they're gonna be making him defend all the things that Donald Trump has said.
And I think it actually might provide a great moment for Pence here because, you know, unlike Trump who can't help but take the bait every time and, you know, we still love him.
He can actually focus on policy.
You know, Pence can come out here and retract from some of the attacks on Donald Trump's personality and try to focus on policy.
He can defend Donald Trump's case that he is a good businessman and not a failed businessman.
So, I think it could provide a nice opportunity for the Trump-Pence ticket, for Pence to focus on the issues and the policies instead of trying to defend Trump's honor or character, which we, I think, expect him to have to, considering how these debates have been kind of one-sided.
Well, Garrett, what's your prediction?
What do you think?
Do you think we're going to see some bias on the end of the moderator?
Oh, yes, yes, of course.
It's always going to happen.
They wouldn't pick the moderator if he wasn't a total globalist shill.
I mean, Lester Holt is the true replacement for Brian Williams.
He just showed that totally.
He is going to be so one-sided.
They are going to interrupt him every single time he speaks.
They're going to say, well, what about this?
Isn't this racist?
Try to defend Trump here.
Try to defend Trump here.
And they won't do that to Kane.
That's just his person.
Yeah, he's just going to be rolled out as this lovable guy that's kind of right in the middle.
Everyone can relate to him.
And they'll paint Pence, of course, as this out-of-touch, ultra-conservative, Christian, white guy.
Ugh, he's a white male!
Garrett, thank you so much.
Let's go ahead and take one more phone call.
Let's go to Adam in FEMA Region 4.
I know you want to talk about some dirty tricks.
Of course, we definitely saw that in the last debate.
Definitely, definitely.
I'm waiting to see how the moderator does tonight and if she throws out an Aleppo type question.
And, uh, you know, what kind of trick are they going to pull?
Because you know, if it was a fair fight between Pence and Cain, that he would mop the floor with that castrated freak of a politician.
You know, Cain is just nothing.
You know what I mean?
So, um, I'm thinking, uh,
They're going to bring up the taxes tonight.
You're going to hear, I think you're going to hear a lot about Trump and Hillary and not so much about the vice president candidates themselves.
Yeah, and that'll be interesting too, considering that neither of them are going to be on the stage.
If this turns into a Trump vs. Hillary battle of character or history, it's going to be a different dynamic than we're used to seeing because neither of them are on the stage, and essentially their vice presidents are going to be defending their honor, maybe the moderator defending their honor in some cases.
But, you know, that's an interesting point.
I don't know if that works well for Trump or not.
I think we all want to see Pence bury Hillary just because we can't stand the witch.
You witch, get out the way!
But I'm not sure if that's what's best for the Trump-Pence ticket right now.
A little technical difficulty.
Alright, Adam in FEMA Region 4, thank you so much and we will be on the lookout for some dirty tricks in tonight's debate as well because we did see him last time.
I'm going to be interested to see if the debate moderator actually goes there and says, hey, Cain, you know, everyone's saying Hillary Clinton's on her deathbed.
Are you prepared to be the president and see what he says?
That's a forbidden question.
We're not allowed to talk about Hillary's health.
It's like been the top trending thing, thanks to yours truly here at InfoWars, but...
Okay, Margaret, what do you think?
I know we talked about some of the dirty tricks in the last debate.
Well, hopefully you can hear me.
So, just looking at the gifts that came... Let's just take another call.
All right.
Margaret always has the best things to say, but not right now.
Okay, we are going to go take another phone call.
Let's go to Nicholas in Houston.
You also want to talk about the flip-floppers on stage tonight.
Guys, can you move me?
Because I really want to jump in, but... Hey, guys, can you hear me?
Go ahead, Nicholas.
Standing by.
All right.
All right.
I'm actually watching you live on the live stream and I appreciate what you do.
So, all right.
I don't hear anyone but you right now, Marcos.
All right.
This is live media folks.
We are live, coming at you live right now.
And caller, you're going to have to repeat yourself once they get my audio fixed here because it's not coming through to the front studio.
Sorry guys, live TV.
Teleprompter free.
Teleprompter free!
Go ahead, Nicholas.
Alright, so I want to know if Mike Pence is going to call out Tim Kaine on his flip-flop of his abortion record because I think there's going to be a debate between
A candidate who is pro-life and a candidate who is pro-abortion.
What do you guys think about that?
Well, I mean, I think that's definitely something that they're going to point out, because that was one of the big things that they were coming after Kane initially at the beginning, was saying, kind of flip-flopping once he moved over to the Clinton camp, because of course he said that to placate the voters who were voting him into the current position he has as a sitting senator, former governor, and of course, like I said, ex-head of the DNC, so he has to put up this certain kind of front.
And this is one area where there's no doubt Mike Pence is not a flip-flopper.
He has been well known as being a very strong religious politician as far as his beliefs in God.
He's always been against Planned Parenthood and abortion.
So this is one where, you know, it's funny because this is a topic, you know, abortion, pro-life, pro-choice, something that has been
Yeah, I think so.
Personally, you know, I'm gonna I don't either I really don't so I hope that they don't get hung up on that because we are on the brink of World War three right now and You know Donald Trump has said where he stands on the issue and you know Pence as well So hopefully they're not gonna get hung up on that specifically and they will be able to come after all the corruption all the scandal that is sitting on the other side of this is someone that could be Your president is someone who has already
Flooded the government and the prior administration they were a part of with scandal.
I mean even now this just came out with Politico.
The Obama DOJ drops charges against an alleged provider of Libyan weapons.
So the Obama administration is wanting to dismiss charges against an arms dealer that it had accused of selling weapons that were destined for Libyan rebels.
And so this trial was supposed to begin, take place right on election day.
But of course it probably would have been pushed back.
Um, but this is all, they're wanting to drop this, they're requesting that they can do it quietly, accept a confidential agreement to resolve the case, because they don't want to shine a light on Hillary Clinton and Obama and the fact that they were shipping arms to the rebels.
I mean, it's like more scandal surrounds this woman and it's all in an effort to protect her.
This is clearly a case of collusion with Clinton and Obama.
This is clearly a case of double standard with Clinton and Obama, who want to attack the Second Amendment all day long.
But then they'll do arms deals, illegal arms deals.
They'll fund and arm radical terrorists.
They'll be responsible for gun-running schemes on the Mexican border and Middle East.
Right, and this trial was threatening to cast additional scrutiny on Hillary Clinton's private emails as Secretary of State.
Well hey, would you rather go to court or die?
Right, and it was going to expose the reported CIA attempts to arm the rebels fighting Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.
So, these are more emails that Hillary Clinton would have been, I guarantee they would have been marked classified, but she didn't know what that marking stood, what it looked like.
It's so powerful because Gaddafi was loved by the people of his country.
I mean, you can see the videos of him rolling down the streets.
He's standing up in the car.
He doesn't have a bulletproof vest.
He's not in a bulletproof vehicle.
People are praising him.
They're loving him.
And so what does Clinton have to do?
She sees that he wants to be a nationalist politician and she has to come in and kill him.
She's proud of that.
Did you say you had another point to make, Nicholas?
Yes, I just looked at Donald J. Trump's Twitter.
He said he's going to be live tweeting during the debate, so I was wondering if you're going to check on those.
He says he will be live tweeting the debate and enjoy.
He says enjoy.
We do enjoy Donald Trump's tweets.
Thank you so much, Nicholas, for your input.
And yeah, indeed, I think we can put you in charge of following the Twitter.
You want me to monitor Donald J. Trump's Twitter?
We monitor who is going to be put in charge, the official monitor of Donald J. Trump's Twitter account.
Do you think Clinton will be live tweeting this, or do you think she'll be napping?
She's probably asleep right now.
Or she's getting her IV for the next debate because she's got to prepare days and weeks ahead of time.
Which, don't forget, we will be here live Sunday night with the next presidential debate.
You're actually going to be in St.
Louis, right?
Yes, I will be in St.
On the ground.
So we will be here once again.
This is, you know, what are we, 34 days out from do or die time for America.
As far as I'm concerned, we are witnessing do or die here for this country.
Is it going to be destroyed by the globalists or can Trump get in there and make America great again?
Be interesting to see.
So do we have Ms.
Margaret Howell on deck?
Alright, well one of, I wanted to talk about, I know Alex threw out a prize to say anyone that could get on TV wearing the Clinton rape shirt, you know, he was like
Anyone, if you could do it for at least five seconds, and almost immediately, someone jumps behind.
Tucker Carlson was there the other day, and he was like, Bill Clinton's a rapist, like, running over the barricades there.
That was hilarious.
Now we have new video of someone else on live television giving a very, you know, great commentary on, you know, the debates and the election.
And then, boom!
Let's go ahead and play the clip.
He knew that he had a minute.
That's how he wanted to use his time.
We hear some clapping going around over here.
What's her face?
The man-woman reporter there at MSNBC.
Rachel Maddow.
He never even heard of us until he watched Rachel Maddow and she plugged us for an entire show one day.
He got some of our products and he was like, wow, InfoWars.com.
Thank you, Rachel Maddow.
This was a story that wasn't reported anywhere, but I saw it on Twitter.
Bill Clinton was at Ohio University, I believe it was today, and there was a free speech wall.
They had a free speech wall.
Someone took over the whole wall and spray-painted, Bill Clinton is a rapist on the wall.
Apparently, Bill had to pass that wall as he was going to speak at this event.
Oh my gosh!
Did anyone get that?
Bill Clinton is a rapist, spray-painted on the free speech wall at, I believe it was Ohio University.
I can probably find the image out here.
Oh my gosh, that is incredible.
If we could have Bill Clinton standing in front of that sign, that is incredible.
I'll let you know when I find it out there.
That's what the inside of his mind looks like.
Yeah, I was thinking we should spray paint that on his forehead.
That'd be even cooler.
Can you imagine being Bill Clinton right now?
He sends out a cryptic campaign email with the acronym STOP HER on the side.
He's got Danny Williams calling him out right now saying, I want to shake your hand.
I want to meet my father.
He's got all of these women in his past that have accused him of rape.
He's got all these people now on the streets accusing him of rape.
He's falling asleep when Hillary Clinton is speaking at the Democratic National Convention.
He says Hillary Clinton is a demon.
He says Hillary Clinton has, you know, always is passing out and fainting.
I mean, Bill Clinton is a wreck right now.
But under normal circumstances, this would be the death signal to an entire campaign.
But unfortunately, the people that support Hillary, they're going to vote for her no matter what.
So it's very bizarre to see that they're not collapsing before our very eyes.
The Clinton News Network has their back all day long.
Well, I was taking a walk the other day and I, you know, a lot of times it gets super overwhelming just trying to fight back against the machine and the machine is like working overtime, paying everyone overtime hours to work on behalf of the Clintons and the globalist agenda.
But then I was thinking how exciting
We are all alive right now and we are witnessing how much of an effect that we're having in real time on this presidential campaign right now.
So everyone should hold out hope.
Be super proud of that.
We still got 34 more days in this thing.
Should we go ahead and take one more phone call?
I'm not sure about that.
I know we want to get to that Jones video calling on Donald Trump to visit Haiti and call out the Clintons.
But I want to take a phone call from Thomas, who's he's saying, you know, that might not be the greatest idea.
Go ahead, Thomas in Atlanta.
Hey, guys.
All right.
So here's my thought on it.
Here's the headlines after that would happen.
Billionaire heads to poor country, talks about how rich he is.
They love to put him down, right?
So if that happens, and he goes there and he talks about, oh, we'll do this, we'll do that, we'll do that.
The thing is, we already have all kinds of organizations helping these countries out.
When we go in and help them out, they screw it up anyway, right?
Most of the time.
So politically, support them, and then back up the small businesses, back up the churches, back up whatever people that want to go there and help them, to have the means to do it.
So if you're going to go there, do it after January 20th, 2017.
Yeah, you have a very good point there, Thomas.
Thank you so much for that.
Let me just say this though, guys.
I think the point is that we want to shed light on the whole controversy.
Most people don't know what happened to Haiti, how they were completely raped by the Clintons.
So by Donald Trump going there, it's just everybody's going to be talking about it.
Trust me, he'll be talking about it too, every chance he gets.
The reason why I'm here is because look what these people, look how we left them just hanging and we promised them billions of dollars and we stole it.
When I say we, obviously I'm talking about the Clinton Foundation.
So I think it would shed the light on the whole controversy.
Yeah, absolutely, and he would definitely... I mean, the news is really good at wiping away all of our scandals and pivoting, but Donald Trump has a really good way of making sure it's the news and dominating the headlines, so they wouldn't be able to cut away from the camera if Donald Trump was literally in Haiti shining a light on just what the Clinton Foundation did not do for Haiti with all of the billions of dollars that they collected.
You guys want to get a document cam on this?
I got the image up here from the Bill Clinton rapes on Ohio University.
Here, let's see if we can... There it is!
Somebody spray-painted this at Ohio University.
There you go.
He's like, right this way, there's an arrow, right?
I'm with him.
There's an arrow.
This was at Ohio University, apparently, where Bill Clinton spoke today.
He wants to have access to that Oval Office again.
So, I don't know.
The thing that I just thought was so incredulous was Megyn Kelly was talking about the whole
Beauty Queen, the beauty pageant scandal, and Donald Trump called her Miss Piggy because she gained 60 pounds and he's like overseeing a beauty pageant.
He's like the boss and the whole thing is about, you know, you're being objectified.
And she was like, well, you know, some people might find that kind of objectification of women objectionable.
And it's like, first of all, it's a beauty pageant.
Secondly, Bill Clinton's objectification of women is okay?
What is the problem with people?
And actually, I was pretty sure that she was the one that made the comment, Ms.
Piggy, originally.
She was the one that said it first, if I'm remembering the stories, when I went and looked it up.
She said Ms.
Piggy before Donald Trump even said it.
Right, he was picking up for her.
It is ridiculous that this is even involved, I mean, really.
20 years on her, and whenever he responds, that's another thing she said, shouldn't the
Trump campaign just shut up already about women's weight and it's like he hasn't even this was 20 plus years ago You're the one that keeps bringing it You're the one that keeps talking about it rolling this woman out and then forcing him to have to defend himself It's like I mean we're gonna attack you but how dare you defend yourself?
That's like owning a professional football team and you've got a player that gets out of shape and not strong and you say, wow, he's weak.
He's really let himself go.
He's weak now.
He can't even lift up a muffin.
Oh my God!
How dare you call me weak!
Oh my God!
You're a football player!
Don't be weak!
Yeah, you need to be strong to go out and play football.
It's like, I'm sorry this is a beauty pageant.
And when you're a beauty queen in this universe, you can't gain 60 pounds after you win the crown.
You know, you gotta keep it together.
It's just one year.
It's one year, man.
Keep it together.
Alright, well I see Margaret Howell over there now, ready to go.
Can we finally hear from Margaret?
Please, Margaret.
You can.
So I just wanted to give you an update on what Kane took when he was Lieutenant Governor from 2001 to 2009.
This was just sent to me.
And $160,000 in gifts and money is what he took.
$5,500 in clothes.
Final four tickets.
No, no.
The birds of a feather really do flock together, because as Lieutenant Governor alone, this man was taking tens of thousands of dollars in gifts!
Well, as we've learned from the Clinton Foundation, donations and gifts and things doesn't mean that there's any pay-to-play going on.
It doesn't mean that you're going to do any favors.
No quid pro quo, correct, if you report it.
But we know that another political
That his successor, Bob McDonald, you know, he was one that didn't report it.
He actually lost his position because of it.
But if you report it and you can justify it or show it, it's not necessarily illegal, but it really tells you what type of character we're dealing with here.
Well, I mean, David Brock, who runs these super PACs that support Hillary Clinton, has been caught laundering money, okay?
So, I don't know what else we have to do to expose these people.
We caught you in Haiti.
We caught Bill Clinton raping women.
We caught David Brock laundering money.
We caught Tim Kaine taking gifts every which way.
The FBI, the CIA, now the DOJ backing you in every single scandal.
And that's exactly what I said with all this.
The reason why they won't go after the Clinton Foundation, they won't go really after her emails, is because she is going to take so many people down with her.
Well, you know what, though?
So many people.
I have to say, and we're going to play this Haiti video, but it's got to be tough for President Obama to know all about this when he's on the golf course.
So I don't blame him.
He's got 18 holes he's got to play tomorrow.
He can't be concerned about this.
He's got to figure out the dog leg on four.
Do the swag.
This is WikiLeaks.
We're going to R3 Barack Obama.
Okey doke.
And they were doing like some swag dance on the White House lawn yesterday.
You know, it was like very, very important stuff going on while we've got, you know, Russia and U.S.
talking about nuclear war, for instance.
You know, it's fine.
Let's just go and have fun and invite Leonardo DiCaprio to come on his private jet and lecture us all on climate change and tell us that we're crazy.
Well, I want to go ahead and go to this Alex Jones report.
It's key.
I think we're going to go ahead and play it again after the debate.
But this is his call to Donald Trump to expose the Clintons on Haiti.
Devastating 2010 by one of the worst earthquakes in Caribbean history.
It took only a glance to see what the rains did to the largest camp in Port-au-Prince.
Estimates vary, but up to 200,000 people have lost their lives.
New details of a possible influence peddling in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, which we all remember very well.
There were hundreds of homes that were destroyed after the earthquake.
And the people are still hungry.
They have no food, no job, no home.
This is not right.
The Clintons, Hillary Clinton, should be behind bars.
Now, Hurricane Matthew has slammed into Haiti at over 145 miles an hour, creating unbelievable devastation.
The whole world has given billions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation for the Haitians.
Not even 2% of that money went back to Haiti.
So Mr. Trump, we are asking you.
Begging you, the Haitian community will side with you if one day you ask Hillary Clinton publicly to disclose the audit of all the money they have stolen from Haiti in 2010 after the earthquake.
They're calling for you, Donald J. Trump.
They're begging you to come to their island nation.
We need somebody like Donald Trump in the White House.
To make America great.
So other countries around the world will respect America, okay?
Mr. Trump, you've been on the cutting edge of exposing the Clinton Foundation and how they robbed Haiti.
Out of all their crimes, Haiti is clearly the worst.
Tens of millions of dollars raised and less than 10% actually delivered to the starving people of Haiti.
More than 10,000 Haitian children then died because the United Nations effort led by the Clintons gave them poison-fed water.
Even the State Department's own data dump has letters from Chelsea Clinton, the Clintons' daughter, saying, please, you've got to do a better job.
Children are dying from cholera.
We've seen something in Hillary Clinton beyond hubris.
We've seen an almost mechanical disconnect.
A little over a month ago when she refused to go to flooded Louisiana and Mississippi, Donald Trump went there and was on the spot and delivered food and aid to the people and talked to local leaders.
As I speak, Haiti faces an even bigger threat than the devastating 2010 earthquake.
Hurricane Matthew at over 145 miles an hour has smashed into the island and is sitting over it wreaking mass flooding, landslides, and huge amounts of death.
The Clintons publicly led an international movement that in total stole close to $2 billion of aid money that was meant to go to Haiti.
And now, six years later, they've almost rebuilt nothing.
And Hurricane Matthew shows the horrific cost of what the Clinton Foundation has done, parasitically bleeding this Caribbean island.
In 2010, the president of the Haitian Senate, Bénard Saint-Cyric, was there when the Clintons reportedly tried to bribe him to cover up the fact that they were stealing billions of dollars in donations.
In the words of the former Haitian Senate President, the Clintons exploited Haiti's earthquake to steal billions of dollars from the sick and starving.
The American Embassy called me, as it was often the case, and they said, President Clinton has a messenger for you.
I said, send him over.
He came, did not give me his name, but told me, Mr. Sensory, you join our movement.
You sign with Bill Clinton in this invasion and we'll make you the richest man in Haiti.
I said, sir, tell President Clinton for me, Bernard Sensory is not for sale.
I have principles and I love my country.
A week later, by executive order, Clinton revoked my visa.
I was then a resident of the United States.
I am now a citizen of the United States.
And you know, when she raises this money, every time she raises money, she's making deals.
They're saying, could I be the ambassador to this?
Could I do that?
Make sure my business is taken care of?
I mean, give me a break.
All of the money she's raising, that's blood money.
I'll be honest with viewers, Donald Trump has always been one step ahead of me and my listeners.
That's why he needs to be our president.
But I'm just here to give the moral support to make sure that Donald does what he knows is best, and some of his advisors don't block this idea.
Because it's the right thing to do to help Haiti.
The Clintons have already robbed them of billions of dollars of donations, and it shows that America really does care, and it shows how presidential Donald Trump is to fly in, not days after the hurricane,
But right behind it as it blows out tomorrow.
Come in, land.
Give them a donation.
Give them food.
Rally good aid organizations that have good ratings online for giving almost all the donations to the Haitians and support a true rebuilding in that country.
And announce that your organization, the Trump Organization, is going to investigate building a hotel or tourist attraction in the nation.
Show people what you've done in the business world.
Show people true
This is
You will then be able to move on to the United States and help with the damage that's taken place from the hurricane that hits the East Coast.
In my view and from my gut, this is the right thing to do.
Because Haiti has been absolutely used and abused by the Clintons.
It's an international scandal.
It's something that will really wake up the voters to how cold-blooded
This Clinton crime family is and it'll bring real aid to the Haitians and you'll be able to expose the crimes they've committed while making right what's happened to the Haitian people.
This is such a no-brainer and I guarantee you folks Donald Trump was thinking about it before we were.
But we've got to make sure via Twitter and via Facebook and other platforms that he knows this is the right move to make.
You know he's going to be on the East Coast
When it's hit by the hurricane while Obama's playing golf and Hillary's taking a nap.
But he needs to go to Haiti because they've been so screwed over by the woman he's running against, Hillary Rodham Clinton.
In closing, some of the best special forces in the world are SAS in Britain.
And their maxim is fortune favors the bold.
Well, our fortune is building a great economy, turning loose the engine of liberty, and empowering humanity.
Something we know Donald J. Trump believes in deeply.
There's another maxim, and that comes from our own army, and that is in Latin, liberate the oppressed from the Green Berets.
Donald Trump and the Liberty Movement is all about liberating the oppressed.
And if the people of Haiti aren't oppressed, nobody is.
They are oppressed by the Clintons and limousine liberals, and Donald Trump needs to come and begin the process of freeing the Haitians and rebuilding Haiti.
America, led by the Clintons, screwed over the Haitians.
It's time for Donald Trump to reverse that.
I'm Alex Jones, signing off for InfoWars.com.
If you're watching this transmission, you are the resistance.
Look, I'm not gonna sit here and say, see, I told you so.
That communist Chinese-style net censorship was coming to the web.
Because it's already here.
It's being announced.
The way you keep the internet open and free is you get involved more than ever.
Go to InfoWars.com forward slash app.
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All right, welcome back.
Now, we are just about five minutes away from the beginning of the vice presidential debate.
We'll see if they kind of run a little late like the last debate did with I think Hillary Clinton was trying to adjust her buttons on her Mao costume and all of that.
Well, you know, we'll see.
Maybe it started right on time here, set to be about eight o'clock.
That's conspiracy theory.
Actually, what was going on was they were fixing the earpiece of Lester Holt.
Remember that?
Well, what about the little rat that was running around with the folders, too?
Yeah, so what, did the folder exchange?
There was a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes.
Hillary had to get her baby blood transfusion.
They had to fix Lester Holt's earpiece.
And then they could go on with trying to gang up on Donald Trump, and they had to mess with his microphone levels, which they came out and later admitted that they did.
Yeah, three days later they did admit after they let Hillary Clinton make fun of him, and actually Michelle Obama did too.
She's like, so, tapped her mic, like, oh, I'm having problems, and it's like, let's all just poke fun and make fun.
It's so frustrating fighting against all the lies, all the propaganda.
It is in your face.
Thanks to the repeal of the Smith-Month Act in 2013 where they're now legally allowed to push propaganda to the U.S.
and they're like going to town with it.
Oh yeah, let's not forget about the signals there, the hand gestures she was giving to Lester Holt, which there was a world champion poker player who came out and said, if I had seen that and I was the head of a casino, that's the like oldest tell in the book right there.
Well, I'm no world-class poker player, but even I could tell that that was extremely sketchy at the least.
You don't see that, especially the way it was coordinated.
And then she would look over at Lester, and then he would do something to change the pace or to change the tone of the debate right after she did it.
She did this weird thing back when Richard Reeves asked her about her email.
I don't know.
Don't lie, don't lie.
Really weird.
And then her handler's like, alright, here we go.
And then she goes, yes, here we go.
And then they walk off.
Literally, like she's missing several capacitors and circuits.
Well, that's her like go-to response when they ask her a tough question.
She's like, well, how great weather we're having today, right?
Oh, okay.
Into my handicap van.
Yeah, it'll definitely... This is another good one.
She's in Cleveland.
Oh yeah, there's the shot right there.
Look at her.
She's digging into her lip.
Look at that.
Like, what is that?
What is that?
She's getting the crusties out!
What is that?
That's weird.
Look at her handle.
They're freaking out and the lady behind her is like, info wars!
And then the Secret Service agent looks like he's kind of happy about it.
But, you know, absolutely untrue.
And then my favorite is at the debate, or at her speech in Cleveland.
She starts pointing to the people but she can't talk.
She lets out a cough.
You're right, you're right.
Someone actually tweeted me a video today where she was like
You know, getting in her nose, and then she like, went like that and wiped it on some little kid!
But she went into like, hey kid, tell me what do you want to happen to America?
But I'm just a gr- why is she so gross?
What happened to the green globlets that she spit out?
Were those put into like, some sort of a aquarium to be raised?
Those are the two guys on the- the two aliens on the Simpsons now.
They have tentacles, and they ran for president too.
Uh, what was it, like Zork and Bork or something?
Zork and Bork.
Well, we're just about two minutes away, and so we are going to do our best to not talk over the debate.
I don't really know how this is supposed to work.
There they are.
There's the evolved form of Hillary's globlets.
It didn't take long, it didn't take long.
They've grown teeth now, and one eyeball, and they're keeping an eye on Hillary Clinton, making sure she follows through with the Goblin Agenda.
The Green Goblin Agenda.
But so how's this gonna work?
So we're gonna try and stay quiet.
We have heard your voices and of course we have our own live feed going of this so we don't have to talk over the debate but I feel like if you want to interject, if something is just totally outrageous and you want to call it out, we're gonna talk a little bit.
I know David Knight is gonna be
Filing some reports just like we did last time.
We got a lot of those reports kind of fact-checking in real time.
So whatever we're able to do with this debate tonight, those are all going to be going up on the YouTube channel right away.
So be sure to check those out, retweet them, share them on your Facebook so that we can get this fact-checking trending in real time on our end.
And of course, we will be checking in with Donald J. Trump to see his epic Twitter trolling of the debate.
People are saying that this is going to be, the VP debate is going to be the most normal thing about the election.
You know, we also have a poll on Twitter guys, it's up there on your screen.
Who do you think will win tonight's VP debate?
Watch it live in Pence or Kaine.
It looks like we've got 2,200 votes so far.
That's an interesting poll, because how does one win a vice presidential debate?
I'm wondering what people think.
What does it take for Pence to win?
By not losing.
What does it take for Kaine to win?
But I mean, they kind of, it's like they've both already lost in the eyes of whoever the opposer is.
You know, we've already got people deciding, so I mean... Yeah, and has a vice presidential candidate ever really swayed an undecided voter?
Were they like, oh, you know, I was undecided, but, you know, that VP voice... Yeah, that Mike Pence really swung me.
Trump's gonna be live tweeting as well, so this should be interesting.
We'll definitely follow the Trump live tweets.
It's not 3 a.m., so who knows?
They should be pretty normal.
Well, and I love how Hillary Clinton tried to come after him saying, oh, we really rattled him after that last debate.
He was up tweeting at three in the morning and then he came back saying, well, at least we all know I'll be up at three in the morning to answer phone calls of anyone who... And I'll tell you what though, that's something...
That's something that they could actually use against Trump.
They could try to bait him into something, knowing he's live tweeting.
And then, like, you know, inject something into the debate rhetoric to try to trigger him and get him to tweet something, perhaps, that they can use against him.
Good point.
So that could be something that we might want to see.
And that will be the only news.
It won't be about the fact that
He really doesn't give a damn, does he?
I mean, he just doesn't give a damn.
He's like, you know what?
I'll tweet live.
I'll stay up till 3 a.m.
I'll talk about Miss Piggy Beauty Queens.
I'll say build a wall.
Screw you!
Well, I want to take this one last phone call from Roy in Canada, and then I'm going to clear the board, because we're going to go to your phone calls after the debate.
I don't want to keep anyone else waiting.
Are we able to pull up Roy in Canada?
Because you want to talk about the fact that you're witnessing the manipulation there in Canada by the media.
Oh yeah, definitely.
It's going to be kind of interesting to see what happens with Pence tonight, because, I mean, you've got pretty much like, what, past almost 16 years where
I don't know.
Go after Hillary and Cain on the stuff that Trump was too much of a gentleman to go on, you know, so.
And that would certainly make it thrilling for the rest of us who are all tuning in to see.
So what are you seeing there in Canada as far as the media manipulating it in favor of Hillary Clinton?
Ooh, shocking.
Oh, it's crazy.
They tried everything, like they weren't representing him when he had the Trump University case with the
Uh, the judge who was, uh, had the La Raza affiliation.
Right, yeah.
Many effective reporting there.
They had CTV, CBC, and Global.
All pretty much, every time, it's Hillary and just her looking presidential and then Trump.
What's the biggest thing that the mainstream media has against them?
So you guys are not alone.
Well, thank you very much, Roy, for watching the show along with us here at InfoWars and for helping to fight the good fight on the other side.
How about Make the Vice President Great Again?
Dick Cheney and Joe Biden?
These guys are, yeah, exactly.
Depressed trombone sound after those.
Yeah, yeah.
You've got Dick Cheney who's a warmonger and then you've got Joe Biden who can't help but keeps it, just loves touching little kids.
Creepy Joe Biden.
Creepy Uncle Joe Biden.
All right, well, we're going to go ahead and clear the board of the phone calls.
I guess those other two weren't even typed in anyway, so I don't want to keep people holding.
But we are going to take your calls once the debate is over.
We want to see what people think of the performance tonight and if they're feeling any of these potential precedents.
Because let's not forget, they are just one heartbeat away, as people like to say.
And I don't know, it's kind of maybe a little bit frightening that no one really knows who this Tim Kaine guy is, but he's actually been in the, you know, kind of in the pockets.
Hey guys, before we start, let's hit that clip again of on MSNBC now getting trolled by one of our, I guess one of our listeners.
Hello, InfoWarriors.
Yeah, one of our fellow Infowars.
We haven't seen the other guy come forward.
I've heard different theories.
Yeah, he just disappeared.
Yeah, he disappeared.
We don't know if the security got him or maybe he knew somebody within Fox and was working.
That's how he was able to get back there like that.
Because he was dressed up kind of conservatively, so who knows.
But we haven't seen him yet.
But let's go ahead and play this clip.
This is a man on MSNBC being interviewed and he nails it.
He did exactly what you need to do.
So here we go.
So epic.
He knew he had a minute and he used that minute to change the world, you MSNBC fop!
Yeah, exactly.
And I love how he has the glasses on, you know, the like, ultimate cool glasses.
Oh my god, he talked bad about Bill Clinton to somebody.
I don't know what to do here.
Oh my gosh.
Cut, cut, cut!
That's why I love Tucker Carlson's response when the guy was behind him going, Bill Clinton's a racist.
He just laughed.
He just starts laughing.
Because he knew exactly what was going on.
And you know what, Tucker Carlson, I think he's on the right side of history here.
Uh, I'm not sure when Alex Jones, I guess he's been making this, you know, creed for a while to come out and call Bill Clinton a rapist on mainstream media and everything, but we're starting to see the effects.
That was massive!
The Bill Clinton rape shirt gets on Fox, MSNBC interviews Bill Clinton rape conspiracy theorist, Bill Clinton speaks at Ohio University, someone spray paints Bill Clinton rapes on the wall.
Walkway, yeah, and there's the article from Fox News.
As soon as it happens, all these other websites then have to report about it because it is news and it goes viral and like you're saying, yeah, he used that one minute to change the world, to change
Because, you know, there is a whole generation of young people who have no idea about the Clintons.
And look what he took over, the strut your mutt segment.
I mean, literally an issue of no significance.
It had nothing to do with politics.
Bill Clinton likes to strut his mutt.
You know, there's all kinds of families, you know, just like tuning in.
Oh, I want to learn about Strut Your Mutt.
He's mutting them all right.
And then people that, you know, maybe they don't even watch late night news or hard-hitting news or whatever because they just want to learn about puppies and kittens and watch their cat videos.
They got a little hit of some hard truth right there.
Hit them with the Bill Clinton rape.
And then you got Danny Williams too.
I mean, I'll tell you, Bill Clinton is having a tough week right now.
Look at him!
Look at him!
You know what, I just gotta say this, and we salute this patriot even though we don't know who he is yet, but whoever does it next, try to just be a little more, I don't know, under control of the situation.
I think this guy got a little excited.
He did an awesome job, but we don't want you to get carted off by security who then could potentially beat you or imprison you, something like that.
But you know what, hey,
It's free country.
You are a free man with red hot blood going through your veins.
I bet you like making children.
He likes eating steak every night.
It's funny, there's actually conspiracies starting to circulate on the internet.
If you zoom in on the picture of the guy who had the Bill Clinton rape shirt on that got onto the Tucker Carlson Fox segment.
People actually think he looks like a young Alex Jones.
It's kind of funny, I've seen the pictures, I'm not gonna lie.
But I don't think this is a Danny Williams, Bill Clinton situation we have going.
Yeah, no, I don't think so.
I don't think Alex would be... But we love to, you know, all the conspiracy theories.
Here they come!
The no-names potential future presidents.
Tim Kaine, he just doesn't, he just looks like a scoundrel, doesn't he?
He does!
That's what I'm saying.
Like Joe Biden and Cheney, they did too!
Yeah, well he looks like the guy from House of Cards where it's like he's, you know, all well put together and just super friendly and nice, but behind the scenes he knows all the people, shakes all the hands, has all the connections, and is just biding his time for when it is his time.
And potentially, you know, it could be right now, in an election cycle where he knows that the president might get taken out.
I guess, should we go live here?
Are we starting this debate?
I think we're first questions.
Okay, so I guess we'll, uh, I guess she's just doing a brief introduction right now.
Going over the rules, like, you know, I guess you're not allowed to ask people questions, but of course there are ways around that.
You know, um, I forget who earlier was saying, McBreen was actually saying, if it was me, I'd say something like, well, if I could ask one thing of Hillary Clinton, you know, there's got to be a way to kind of get it in there without breaking the rules.
I think, uh, they're certainly not going to ask her.
He might be making an opening statement right now.
What is that lapel pin he has on?
I am unsure.
Anybody ever seen a lapel pin like that?
Hey, uh, Tim Kaine, you see this lapel pin right here?
Is that North Korea?
Is that China?
This is an American flag, Tim.
You ever heard of this?
What do you got on there, buddy?
It's funny because Hillary Clinton didn't wear one either.
I think that's, I don't know, the UN flag?
Seriously, what is that?
It's a white with a red dot in the middle.
I've never seen a lapel pin like that.
He's got two mics just in case one of them is bad.
Guys, are we getting any audio from this?
Because I can't hear.
So Tim Kaine knows.
I would hope that if the responsibility ever fell to me in this role, that I would meet it with the way that I'm going to meet the responsibility should I be elected Vice President of the United States.
And that's to bring a lifetime of experience.
A lifetime growing up in a small town.
A lifetime where I've served in the Congress of the United States.
Where I've led a state that works, in the great state of Indiana.
And whatever other responsibilities might follow from this, I would hope and frankly I would pray to be able to meet that moment with that lifetime of experience.
Senator Kaine, on the campaign trail, you praise Secretary Clinton's character, including her commitment to public service.
Yet 60% of voters don't think she's trustworthy.
Why do so many people distrust her?
Is it because they have questions?
Why do so many people distrust her?
Why isn't she 50 points ahead?
Here's what people should look at as they look at a public servant.
Do they have a passion in their life that showed up
Yeah, power.
Well, I know Hillary Clinton has pursued power and, you know, he's sitting here talking about, you know, have they started something before they got into public life and, you know, carried that on and didn't have any effect on, you know, their office.
She has been in politics for decades.
She had her sights on power from a very young age, which is why I think she aligned with Bill Clinton.
He also had his sights on power and why she was willing to look the other way.
Through all of his scandals because her sights were set on fundamentally changing this country and being the first woman president.
We've seen an economy stifled by more taxes, more regulation, a war on coal, and a failing healthcare reform come to be known as Obamacare.
The American people know that we need to make a change.
And so I want to thank all of you for being with us tonight.
I also want to thank Donald Trump.
So just so you guys know, we just refreshed our feed.
I have to tell you, I'm a small-town boy from a place not too different from Farmville.
I grew up with a cornfield in my backyard.
My grandfather had immigrated to this country when he was about my son's age.
My mom and dad built everything that matters in a small town in southern Indiana.
They built a family and a good name and a business, and they raised a family.
I dream someday of representing my hometown in Washington, D.C., but honestly, Elaine, I never imagined
Never imagined I'd have the opportunity to be governor of the state that I love, let alone be sitting at a table like this, in this kind of a position.
So to answer your question, I would say I would hope that if the responsibility ever fell to me in this role.
That I would meet it with the way that I'm going to meet the responsibility should I be elected Vice President of the United States.
And that's to bring a lifetime of experience.
A lifetime growing up in a small town.
A lifetime where I've served in the Congress of the United States.
Where I've led a state that works in the great state of Indiana.
And whatever other responsibilities might follow from this, I would hope and frankly I would pray to be able to meet that moment with that lifetime of experience.
Senator Kaine, on the campaign trail, you praise Secretary Clinton's character, including her commitment to public service.
Yet 60% of voters don't think she's trustworthy.
Why do so many people distrust her?
Is it because they have questions about her emails in the Clinton House?
Because she's a liar.
Let me tell you why I trust Hillary Clinton.
She cares what people should look at as they look at a public servant.
Do they have a passion in their life that showed up before they were in public life?
And have they held on to that passion throughout their life, regardless of whether they were in office or not, succeeding or failing?
Hillary Clinton has that passion.
From a time as a kid in a Methodist youth group in the suburbs of Chicago, she has been focused on serving others with a special focus on empowering families and kids.
As a civil rights lawyer in the South,
Is this so typical?
When asked to defend or talk about Hillary Clinton, he has to backtrack and attack Donald Trump.
This is so typical.
Yeah, why don't people trust her?
We know she's been in office.
She didn't do anything while she was there.
I think she named a post office.
That was one of her big official bills she was able to pass.
And I can't imagine how Governor Pence can defend the insult-driven, selfish, me-first style of Donald Trump.
That's what he just did.
His answer was insult driven.
Complete hypocrite.
The people of Haiti are wondering why don't they have any of that money that went into the Clinton Foundation because she's so generous in giving.
65% feel he does not have the right kind of temperament to be president.
Why do so many Americans think Mr. Trump is simply too erratic?
Well, let me say first and foremost that Senator, you and Hillary Clinton would know a lot about an insult driven campaign.
It really is remarkable.
At a time when literally, in the wake of Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State,
Where she was the architect of the Obama administration's foreign policy.
We see entire portions of the world, particularly the wider Middle East, literally spinning out of control.
I mean, the situation we're watching hour by hour in Syria today is the result of the failed foreign policy and the weak foreign policy that Hillary Clinton helped lead in this administration and create.
The newly emboldened aggression of Russia, whether it was in Ukraine or now, their heavy-handed approach.
You guys love Russia.
Their heavy-handed approach.
You both have said Vladimir Putin is a better man.
Wait a second now, this is now Tim Kaine has just interrupted Mike Pence and then the moderator joined in on it.
America's place in the world stifled America's economy.
And I like it.
Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine has been an avalanche.
Didn't let it shake him up.
To get to your question about trustworthiness, Donald Trump has built a business through hard times and through good times.
He's brought an extraordinary business acumen.
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The trustworthiness of Hillary Clinton and that's because they're paying attention.
I mean the reality is when she was Secretary of State, Senator, come on.
She had a Clinton Foundation accepting contributions from foreign governments.
You are a Donald Trump supremacist.
Let me talk about this issue.
What did he say?
A Donald Trump supremacist?
Is that what he just said?
Did he just make that up?
Let me interrupt you and finish my sentence if I can.
The Clinton Foundation accepted...
Okay, now I can weigh in.
I get to weigh in.
I'm not finished talking about all of her scandals.
The world's going so well and he, you know, is going to say it's everybody's fault.
Do you?
Oh, it's everybody's fault.
No, it's Hillary Clinton's.
He literally said that.
Do you know that Osama bin Laden was alive?
Do you know that we had 175,000 troops deployed in the battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan?
Do you know that Iran was racing toward a nuclear weapon and Russia was expanding its stockpile?
Under Secretary Clinton's leadership, she was part of the national team, public safety team, that went after and revived the dormant hunt against bin Laden and wiped him off the face of the earth.
Oh my gosh.
Right, and that was a great idea.
Right, exactly.
Hillary Clinton failed to renegotiate.
Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton.
This is the Democrats downplaying terror because they know that they have spread terror worldwide.
Hillary Clinton is largely a part of that, and so they're downplaying terror here.
Once again.
President Bush said we would leave Iraq at the end of 2011.
And Elaine, Iraq didn't want our troops to stay and they wouldn't give us the protection for our troops.
And guess what?
If a nation where our troops are serving does not want us to stay, we're not going to stay without them being protected.
It was a failure of the Secretary of State.
We need to move on to our next topic.
Gentlemen, there are a lot of people wondering in this country about the economy.
Let's turn to the issue of the economy.
According to the Nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, neither of your economic plans will reduce the growing $19 trillion gross national debt.
In fact, your plans would add even more to it.
Both of you were governors who balanced state budgets.
Are you concerned that adding more to the debt could be disastrous for the country?
Governor Pence.
I think the fact that under this past administration, of which Hillary Clinton was a part, we've almost doubled the national debt, is atrocious.
I mean, I'm very proud of the fact that I come from a state that works.
The state of Indiana has balanced budgets.
We cut taxes.
We made record investments in education and in infrastructure.
And I still finish my term with $2 billion in the bank.
That's a little bit different than when Senator Kaine was governor here in Virginia.
He actually tried to raise taxes by about $4 billion.
He left his state about $2 billion in the hole.
The state of Indiana, we've cut unemployment.
It's a democratic way.
When he was governor.
But I think he's a very fitting running mate for Hillary Clinton.
Because in the wake of a season where American families are struggling in this economy, under the weight of higher taxes and Obamacare and the war on coal and the stifling avalanche of regulation coming out of this administration, Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine want more of the same.
It really is remarkable.
That they actually are advocating a trillion dollars in tax increases, which I get that.
You tried to raise taxes here in Virginia and were unsuccessful.
But a trillion dollars in tax increases, more regulation, more of the same war on coal, and more of Obamacare.
Even former President Bill Clinton calls Obamacare a crazy plan.
But Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine want to build on Obamacare.
They want to expand it into a single-payer program.
And for all the world, Hillary Clinton just thinks Obamacare is a good start.
Look, Donald Trump and I have a plan to get this economy moving again.
Just the way that it worked in the 1980s, just the way it worked in the 1960s.
And that is by lowering taxes across the board for working families, small businesses and family farms.
Ending the war on coal that is hurting jobs and hurting this economy even here in Virginia.
Repealing Obamacare, lock, stock and barrel, and repealing all of the executive orders that Barack Obama has signed that are stifling economic growth in this economy.
We can get America moving again, put on top of that the kind of trade deals that'll put the American worker first, and you've got a prescription for real growth.
And when you get the economy growing, Elaine, that's when you can deal with the national debt.
When we get back to 3.5% to 4% growth, which Donald Trump's plan will do,
Then we're going to have the resources to meet our nation's needs at home and abroad, and we're going to have the ability to bring down the national debt.
Senator King.
Elaine, on the economy, there's a fundamental choice for the American electorate.
Do you want a you're-hired president in Hillary Clinton, or do you want a you're-fired president in Donald Trump?
Yeah, you're-fired globalists.
Right back on the attack.
Firing the globalists.
Five components.
What jobs has she created?
Who has she hired?
Other than people who wipe the server.
Yeah, correct the record, employs internet trolls.
A lot of tech people to help her set up her private server.
Man, she pays her daughter a million dollars a year.
So they worked on those buzzwords, didn't they?
First, Donald Trump said wages are too high.
And both Donald Trump and Mike Pence think we ought to eliminate the federal minimum wage.
Mike Pence, when he was in Congress, voted against raising the minimum wage above $5.15.
And he has been a one-man bulwark against minimum wage increases in Indiana.
The second component of the plan is massive tax breaks for the very top.
Trillions of dollars of tax breaks for people just like Donald Trump.
And Hillary Clinton.
But he's not going to talk about the middle class tax breaks, and even those making under $25,000 pay no tax.
Oh, we're not going to talk about that.
Independent analysts say the Clinton plan would grow the economy by 10.5 million jobs.
The Trump plan would cost 3.5 million jobs.
And Donald Trump, why would he do this?
Because his tax plan basically helps him.
And if he ever met his promise,
And he gave his tax returns to the American public like he said he would.
After Hillary gives the emails.
His economic plan is really a Trump first plan.
On that point, Governor Pence recently, the New York Times... Yeah, it's a Trump first plan.
This guy is spending millions and millions of dollars of his own money.
And yet he's doing this to make money.
That's such a joke.
He brilliantly used the laws to pay as little tax as legally possible.
So did Hillary Clinton.
Well, first let me... So does anyone if they're... I appreciate it, you're hired, you're fired.
No one likes it, but it's legal.
You use that a whole lot, and I think you're running that use a lot of pre-done lines.
What you all just heard out there is more taxes, two trillion dollars in more spending, more deficits, more debt, more government.
And if you think that's all working, then you look at the other side of the table.
I mean, the truth of the matter is, the policies of this administration, which Hillary Clinton and Senator King want to continue, have run this economy into a ditch.
We're in the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression.
There are millions more people living in poverty today than the day that Barack Obama, with Hillary Clinton at his side...
Those jobs are going to go to illegal immigrants, by the way.
But it's not to give away tax relief to the folks at the top.
I am interested in hearing whether he'll defend his running mates not releasing tax.
Absolutely I will.
Governor, with all due respect, the question was about whether it seems fair to you that Mr. Trump said he brilliantly used the laws to pay as little tax as legally possible.
Well, this is probably the difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Senator Kaine.
I mean, Hillary Clinton and Senator Kaine, and God bless you for it, career public servants, that's great.
Donald Trump is a businessman, not a career politician.
He actually built a business.
Those tax returns that came out publicly this week show that he faced some pretty tough times 20 years ago.
But like virtually every other business, including the New York Times not too long ago, he used what's called net operating loss.
We have a tax code, Senator,
That actually is designed to encourage entrepreneurship.
But why won't he release his tax return?
Well, we're answering the question about the business thing.
I do want to come back on this.
His tax return showed he went through a very difficult time, but he used the tax code just the way it's supposed to be used, and he did it brilliantly.
How do you know that?
You haven't seen his tax return.
Because he's created a business that's worth billions of dollars.
How do you know that?
And with regard to paying taxes, this whole riff about not paying taxes.
Property taxes, federal taxes, employee taxes.
People saying they didn't pay taxes for years.
Donald Trump has created tens of thousands of jobs and he's paid payroll taxes.
Senator, I'm going to give you about 30 seconds to respond and I have a question on social security.
Hillary Clinton is going to raise taxes and Donald Trump and I are going to cut them.
Donald Trump started this campaign in 2014.
He said, if I run for president, I will absolutely release my taxes.
He's broken his first promise.
Second, he stood on the stage last week, and when Hillary said you haven't been paying taxes, he said, that makes me smart.
So it's smart not to pay for our military.
It's smart not to pay for veterans.
It's smart not to pay for teachers.
And I guess all of us who do pay for those things, I guess we're stupid.
And the last thing I'll say is this.
Senator, do you take all the deductions that you're entitled to?
The last thing I want to ask Governor Pence is this.
Governor Pence had to give Donald Trump his tax returns to show he was qualified to be vice president.
Donald Trump must give the American public his tax returns to show that he's qualified to be president, and he's breaking his promises.
Elaine, I have to respond to this.
You get very little time.
What do you think?
I'm surprised if a billionaire takes advantage of the really messed up tax code.
I am not.
Which is what the law requires.
And it's already been admitted.
Google, Microsoft, GE all do the exact same thing that Donald Trump does with his taxes.
Put their businesses overseas to avoid taxes, and Hillary Clinton wants to raise the business tax even higher, which is going to send those businesses the other way.
It doesn't make sense.
These people are insane.
They're trying to trick you.
You are watching the live feed of InfoWars.com forward slash show.
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Our responsible federal budget estimates your benefits could be cut by as much as $7,500 per year.
What would your administration do to prevent this cut?
First, we're going to protect Social Security, which was one of the greatest programs that the American government has ever done.
It happened at a time when we would work your whole life.
Yeah, but they got to say that.
Raising your kids, working.
The entitlement programs are going broke.
Greatest thing ever, according to this guy.
And social security has enabled people to retire with dignity and overwhelmingly not be in poverty.
We have to keep it solvent.
And we will keep it solvent.
And we'll look for strategies like adjusting the payroll tax cap upward in order to do that.
Here's what Hillary and I will not do.
More taxes.
I think that's what that sounds like.
Higher taxes.
We will never, ever engage in a risky scheme to privatize Social Security.
Donald Trump wrote a book and he said Social Security is a Ponzi scheme and privatization would be good for all of us.
Wow, I like Donald Trump more now!
Thanks Donald!
About time someone said it!
This guy's campaigning for Trump!
Congressman Pence kept pushing for it.
We're going to stand up against efforts to privatize Social Security, and we'll look for ways to keep it solvent going forward, focusing primarily... More government, government control, and more taxes.
I will translate that for you.
Thanks, Elaine.
There they go again.
All Donald Trump and I have said about Social Security is we're going to meet our obligations to our seniors.
That's it.
Go read the book.
We've said we're going to meet the obligations of Medicare.
That's what this campaign is really about, Senator.
This is the old scare tactic that they roll out.
You have a voting record, Governor.
I like this guy.
I'm glad we're finally getting a chance to get to know him.
There's a question that you asked a little bit earlier that I have to go back to.
I can't believe that you won't defend your own voting record.
I have to go back to.
Well, look, you're running with Hillary Clinton, who wants to raise taxes by a trillion dollars, increase spending by two trillion dollars, and you say you're going to keep the promises of Social Security.
Donald Trump and I are going to cut taxes.
You're not going to cut taxes.
You're going to raise taxes on the middle class.
So he can meet the obligations of Social Security and Medicare.
So is Hillary Clinton.
If we stay on the path that your party has us on, we're going to be in a mountain range of debt.
And we're going to face hard choices in government.
Gentlemen, I want to move on now.
You did ask this question about debt, and the debt explosion on the Trump plan is much, much bigger than anything on the Clinton side.
Alright, let me move on now to the issue of law enforcement and race relations.
Law enforcement and race relations.
After the Dallas police shooting, police chief David Brown said, quote, we're asking cops to do too much in this country.
Every societal failure, we put it off on the cops to solve.
Not enough mental health funding, not enough drug addiction funding, schools fail.
Let's give it to the cops.
Do we ask too much of police officers in this country?
And how would you specifically address the chief's concerns, Senator Kaine?
Elaine, I think that's a very fair comment.
I think we put a lot on police shoulders and this is something I got a lot of scar tissue and experience on.
I was a city councilman and mayor in Richmond and when I came in we had one of the highest homicide rates in the United States.
We fought very very hard over the course of my time in local office with our police department and we reduced our homicide rate nearly in half.
And then when I was governor of Virginia, we worked hard too.
And we did something we had really wanted to do.
For the first time ever, we cracked the top ten, ten safest states, because we worked together.
Here's what I learned as a mayor and a governor.
The way you make communities safer, and the way you make police safer, is through community policing.
You build the bonds between the community and the police force.
Build bonds of understanding.
And then, when people feel comfortable in their communities, that gap between the police and the communities they serve narrows.
And when that gap narrows, it's safer for the communities, and it's safer for the police.
That model still works across our country, but there are some other models that don't work.
An overly aggressive, more militarized model.
Donald Trump recently said we need to do more stop and frisk around the country.
That would be a big mistake.
Because it polarizes the relationship between the police and the community.
So here's what we'll do.
We'll focus on community policing.
We will focus on, and Hillary Clinton has rolled out a really comprehensive mental health reform package that she worked on with law enforcement professionals.
And we will also fight the scourge of gun violence in the United States.
I'm a gun owner.
I'm a strong Second Amendment supporter.
But I got a lot of scar tissue because when I was governor of Virginia there was a horrible shooting at Virginia Tech and we learned that through that painful situation that gaps in the background record check system should have been closed and it could have prevented that crime.
And so we're going to work to do things like close background record checks and if we do we won't have the tragedies that we did.
One of those killed at Virginia Tech was a guy named Liviu Librescu.
He was a 70-plus-year-old Romanian Holocaust survivor.
He'd survived the Holocaust.
Then he survived the Soviet Union takeover of his country.
But then he was a visiting professor at Virginia Tech, and he couldn't survive the scourge of gun violence.
We can support the Second Amendment and do things like background record checks and make us safer, and that'll make police safer, too.
Governor Pence.
You know, my uncle was a cop.
A career cop.
On the beat in downtown Chicago.
He was my hero when I was growing up.
When we'd go up to visit my dad's family in Chicago, my three brothers and I would marvel at my uncle when he would come out in his uniform, sidearm at his side.
Police officers are the best of us.
And men and women, white, African-American, Asian, Latino, Hispanic, they put their lives on the line every single day.
And let me say, at the risk of...
Agreeing with you.
Community policing is a great idea.
It's worked in the Hoosier State.
And we fully support that.
Donald Trump and I are going to make sure that law enforcement have the resources and the tools to be able to really restore law and order to the cities and communities of this nation.
It's probably why the 330,000 members of the Fraternal Order of Police endorsed Donald Trump.
As the next president of the United States of America, because they see his commitment to them.
They see his commitment to law and order.
But they also hear the bad-mouthing.
The bad mouthing that comes from people that sees upon tragedy in the wake of police action shootings as a reason to use a broad brush to accuse law enforcement of implicit bias or institutional racism.
And that really has got to stop.
I mean, when an African-American police officer in Charlotte named Brentley Vinson, an all-star football player who went to Liberty University here in the state, came home, followed his dad into law enforcement, joined the force in Charlotte in 2014, was involved in a police action shooting that claimed the life of Keith Lamont Scott, it was a tragedy.
I mean, we mourn with those who mourn.
We grieve with those who grieve.
We're saddened at the loss of life.
But Hillary Clinton actually referred to that moment as an example of implicit bias in the police force.
When she was asked in the debate a week ago whether there was implicit bias in law enforcement, her only answer was that there's implicit bias
In everyone in the United States.
Can I explain?
I just think what we ought to do is we ought to stop seizing on these moments of tragedy.
We ought to assure the public that we'll have a full and complete and transparent investigation whenever there's a loss of life because of police action.
But Senator, please, you know, enough of this seeking every opportunity to demean law enforcement
I don't know.
He's a valued worker at a local school.
And he was killed for no apparent reason in an incident that will be discussed and will be investigated.
But when folks went and explored this situation, what they found is that Philando Castile, who was a, they called him Mr. Rogers with dreadlocks in the school that he worked, the kids loved him, that he had been stopped by police 40 or 50 times before that fatal incident.
And if you look at sentencing in this country, African Americans and Latinos get sentenced for the same crimes at very different rates.
That's Bill Clinton's legislation.
That's Bill Clinton's mandatory minimum legislation and the war on drugs combined.
Let's see if Tim Kaine brings that up.
We'll never solve the problem.
When an African-American police officer is involved in a police action shooting involving an African-American, why would Hillary Clinton accuse that African-American police officer of... I guess I can't believe you are defending the position that there is no bias and it's a topic... He's defending the truth.
Your fellow Republican Governor Pence, Senator Tim Scott, who is African-American, recently spoke on the Senate floor.
He said he was stopped seven times by law enforcement in one year.
He said, I have felt the anger, the frustration, the sadness and the humiliation that comes with feeling like you're being targeted for nothing more than being just yourself.
What would you say to Senator Scott about his experiences?
Well, I have the deepest respect for Senator Scott, and he's a close friend.
And what I would say is that we need to adopt criminal justice reform nationally.
I signed criminal justice reform in the state of Indiana, Senator, and we're very proud of it.
I worked when I was in Congress on the Second Chance Act.
We have got to do a better job recognizing and correcting the errors in the system that do reflect an institutional bias in criminal justice.
But what Donald Trump and I are saying is, let's not have the reflex of assuming the worst of men and women in law enforcement.
We truly do believe that law enforcement is not a force for racism or division in our country.
Law enforcement in this country is a force for good.
They truly are people that put their lives on the line every single day.
But I would suggest to you, what we need to do is assert a stronger leadership at the national level to support law enforcement.
You just heard Senator Kaine.
Reject, stop and frisk.
Well, I would suggest to you that the families that live in our inner cities that are besieged by crime... Elaine, let me... Governor, the question is about Senator Scott.
What would you tell Senator Scott?
Elaine, if I could jump in.
I've heard Senator Scott make that eloquent plea.
And look, criminal justice is about respecting the law and being respected by the law.
So there is a fundamental respect issue here.
And I just want to talk about the tone that's set from the top.
Donald Trump, during his campaign, has called Mexicans rapists and criminals.
He's called women, slobs, pigs, dogs, disgusting.
I don't like saying that in front of my wife.
He quoted that verbatim.
Hillary Clinton said that verbatim.
He attacked an Indiana-born federal judge and said he was unqualified for a federal lawsuit because his parents were Mexican.
He went after John McCain, a POW, and said he wasn't a hero because he'd been captured.
He said African Americans are living in hell.
And he perpetrated this outrageous and bigoted lie that President Obama is not a U.S.
If you want to have a society where people are respected and respect laws, you can't have somebody at the top who demeans every group that he talks about.
And I just cannot believe... Basement dwellers, a basket of deplorables, super predators...
This is funny, so Mike Pence speaks and Mike Pence talks about policies and issues, whether you agree or disagree.
Tim Kaine speaks and attacks Donald Trump.
Donald Trump's laid out a plan to end illegal immigration once and for all in this country.
We've been talking it to death for 20 years.
Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine want to continue the policies of open borders, amnesty, catch and release, sanctuary cities, all the things that are driving wages down in this country, Senator.
And also, too often, with criminal aliens in the country, it's bringing heartbreak.
Donald Trump has a plan.
That he laid out in Arizona, that will deal systematically with illegal immigration, beginning with border security, internal enforcement.
It's probably why for the first time in the history of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, their union actually endorsed Donald Trump as the next President of the United States, because they know they need help.
To enforce the laws of this country.
And Donald Trump has laid out a priority to remove criminal aliens, remove people that have overstayed their visas.
And once we have accomplished all of that, which will strengthen our economy, strengthen the rule of law in the country, and make our community safer once the criminal aliens are out, then we'll deal with those that remain.
But I have to tell you, I was listening to the avalanche of insults coming out of Senator
These were Donald's... I'm backing up.
Hold on a second, Governor.
It's my time, Senator.
I apologize.
This is your two minutes.
Thanks, I forgive you.
He says ours is an insult-driven campaign?
Did you all just hear that?
Ours is an insult-driven campaign?
I mean, to be honest with you, if Donald Trump had said all the things that you said he said, in the way you said he said them,
He still wouldn't have a fraction of the insults that Hillary Clinton leveled when she said that half of our supporters were a basket of deplorables.
She said they were irredeemable.
They were not America.
I mean, it's extraordinary.
And then she lailed one after another ism on millions of Americans who believe that we can have a stronger America at home and abroad, who believe we can get this economy moving again, who believe that we can end illegal immigration once and for all.
So, Senator, this insult-driven campaign, I mean, that's small potatoes compared to Hillary Clinton calling half of Donald Trump's supporters a basket of deplorables.
Hillary Clinton said something on the campaign trail the very next day.
She said, you know what, Bernie Sanders supporters are basement dwellers.
Yeah, that's right.
So now we're even.
Take your Grinch eyebrows somewhere else.
Did Donald Trump apologize for calling women slobs, pigs, dogs, disgusting?
She never interrupted Cain when he was interrupting Mike.
What's up with that?
Did he apologize for saying President Obama was not even a citizen of the United States?
You will look in vain to see Donald Trump ever take a constitutional requirement to prove that you are a citizen, a natural born citizen, and that is a constitutional requirement.
Donald Trump believes in deportation nation.
That's wrong.
That's the second most important.
And that's entirely wrong.
So he didn't mention the real proposal.
Over 100,000 immigrants a year through the refugee program.
He does not mention that part of the proposal, though.
He does not mention the fact that Hillary Clinton could have upwards of a million immigrants just forced into this country as citizens.
He doesn't mention that.
Fast track citizenship.
Business to business, and check out 16 million people.
And I cannot believe that Governor Pence would sit here and defend his running mate's claim that we should create a deportation force so that they'll all be gone.
Senator, we have a deportation force.
It's called Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.
And the Union for Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, for the first time in their history, endorsed Donald Trump to be the next president.
Of the United States of America.
So you like the $16 million?
No, Senator, that's nonsense.
You like the refugee plan that's going to single-handedly take down this country and give federal funding so Syrians can rebuild Detroit.
They call it comprehensive immigration reform on Capitol Hill.
We all know the routine.
It's amnesty.
And you heard one of the last things he mentioned was border security.
That's how Washington always plays it.
No, I always say we're going to do this, we're going to do that, and we'll mention the border.
Governor Pence was against it.
Donald Reagan said a nation without borders is not a nation.
Donald Trump is committed to restoring the borders of this nation.
So Governor, how would these millions of undocumented immigrants leave?
Would they be forcibly removed?
Well, I think Donald Trump laid out a series of priorities that doesn't end with border security.
It begins with border security.
And after we secure the border, not only build a wall, but beneath the ground and in the air, we do internal enforcement.
But he said the focus has to be on criminal aliens.
We just had a conversation about law enforcement.
We just had a conversation about the violence that's besetting our cities.
The reality is that there's heartbreak and tragedy that has struck American families because people that came into this country illegally.
Are now involved in criminal enterprise and activity and we don't have the resources or the will to deport them systematically.
Donald Trump has said we're going to move those people out, people who've overstayed their visas.
We're going to enforce the law of this country.
We're going to strengthen Immigration and Customs Enforcement with more resources and more personnel to be able to do that.
I just have
Senator, I'll work with you when you go back to the Senate, I promise you.
We'll work with you to reform the immigration system.
I look forward to working together in whatever capacities we serve in, but I just want to make it very, very clear that he's trying to fuzz up what Donald Trump has said.
When Donald Trump spoke... No, that's what you're doing!
That's what the Clinton campaign and the Clinton News Network and all the leftist liberal media shills do to Donald Trump.
This guy, Tim Kaine, is really showing his true colors, a total fraud.
...and see what Donald Trump has said.
And to add to it, and to add to it, and to add to it, we are a nation of immigrants.
Mike Pence and I both are descendants of immigrants.
Yeah, legal immigrants, geez!
You know, they weren't said so great about the Irish when they came, but we've done well by absorbing immigrants and it's made our nation stronger.
When Donald Trump says Mexicans are rapists and criminals, Mexican immigrants,
Mind you, he said that after visiting the border when all of these people were flooding across the border.
Border Patrol is begging him for help.
He's the only person that actually went to the border.
And of course, he made those comments there when he witnessed it with his own eyes.
Obama refused to visit the border.
How can you sit here and deny the fact that there are illegal immigrants coming here and raping and murdering people?
We have case after case after case of this.
The terrorist threat has decreased in some ways because an Iranian nuclear weapons program has been stopped.
The terrorist threat to United States troops has been decreased in some ways because there's not 175,000.
You are watching the live feed of the vice presidential debate at InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Spread the link.
You know what?
Tim Kaine just said that the risk of terrorism against police has decreased in this country.
That is a absolute bold-faced lie.
You have mobs of people walking through the streets chanting, kill police.
They can be directly related to Black Lives Matter.
Not saying they're all... Attacks against cops are up.
But the fact that he just said that, that that's not happening?
Terrorism against police has increased in this country.
You can thank the Obama administration for that, Tim Kaine.
Second, we've got to disrupt financing networks.
Third, disrupt their ability to recruit on the Internet in their safe havens.
But fourth, we also have to work with allies to share and surge intelligence.
That's the Hillary Clinton plan.
She's got the experience to do it.
Donald Trump.
Donald Trump can't start a Twitter war with Miss Universe without shooting himself in the foot.
Donald Trump doesn't have a plan.
He said, um, I have a secret plan, and then he said, um, I know more than all the generals about ISIL, and then he said, I'm gonna call the generals to help me figure out a plan, and finally he said, I'm gonna fire all the generals.
He doesn't have a plan.
But he does have dangerous ideas.
Here's four.
He trash talks the military.
The military's a disaster.
John McCain's no hero.
Yeah, that's why the military is backing him.
Yeah, that's why the military endorses Trump.
I don't
Donald Trump believes that the world will be safer if more nations have nuclear weapons.
He said Saudi Arabia should get them, Japan should get them, Korea should get them.
And when he was confronted with this and told, wait a minute, terrorists could get those, proliferation could lead to nuclear war, here's what Donald Trump said, and I quote, go ahead folks, enjoy yourselves.
I'd love to hear Governor Pence tell me what's so enjoyable or comical about nuclear war.
I don't know, let's ask Hillary.
There's a real dark heart.
Well, I'm going to see if you can defend any of it.
Look, I can defend.
I can make it very clear to the American people.
After traveling millions of miles as our Secretary of State, after being the architect of the foreign policy of this administration, America is less safe today than it was the day that Barack Obama became President of the United States.
It's absolutely inarguable.
We've weakened America's place in the world.
It's been a combination of factors, but mostly it's been a lack of leadership.
I mean, I will give you, and I was in Washington, D.C.
on 9-11.
I saw the clouds of smoke rise from the Pentagon.
I was in Virginia, where the Pentagon finally was.
Oh, good for you.
We all lived through that day as a nation.
It was heartbreaking.
Still looking for that plane.
I want to give this president credit for bringing Osama bin Laden to justice.
But the truth is, Osama bin Laden led al-Qaeda.
A primary threat today is ISIS.
And because Hillary Clinton failed to renegotiate... The JV team.
...the Status of Forces Agreement, that would have allowed some American combat troops to remain in Iraq and secure the hard-fought gains the American soldier had won.
By 2009, ISIS was able to be literally conjured up out of the desert and it's overrun vast areas that the American soldier had won in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
My heart breaks for the likes of Lance Corporal Scott Zubowski.
He fell in Fallujah in 2005.
He fought hard through some of the most difficult days in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
And he paid the ultimate sacrifice to defend our freedom and secure that nation.
And that nation was secured in 2009.
But because Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama
We've failed to provide a status of forces agreement and leave sufficient troops in there.
We are back at war.
The president just ordered more troops on the ground.
We are back at war in Iraq.
And Scott Zubowski, whose mom would always come to Memorial Day events in New Castle, Indiana, to see me, and I'd always give her a hug and tell her we're never going to forget our son, and we never will.
Scott Cebowski and the sacrifices the American soldier made were squandered in Iraq because this administration created a vacuum in which ISIS was able to grow.
In a reference to the Iranian deal, the Iranian deal that Hillary Clinton initiated, 150 billion dollars,
Stopping a nuclear weapons program without firing a shot?
Yes we did.
Even the Israeli military says to stop.
Senator Pence, Mr. Trump has proposed extreme vetting of immigrants from parts of the world that export terrorism.
But that does not address many of the recent terrorist attacks in the United States, such as the Orlando nightclub massacre and the recent bombings in New York and New Jersey.
Those were homegrown, committed by U.S.
citizens and local residents.
Hillary Clinton stood down on the mosque that Omar Mateen visited.
Hillary Clinton said it wasn't a bomb in New York.
Well, I think it's a great question, Elaine.
But it really does begin with us reforming our immigration system and putting the interests, particularly the safety and security of the American people, first.
I mean, Donald Trump has called for extreme vetting for people coming in to this country so that we don't bring people into the United States who are hostile to our Bill of Rights freedoms, who are hostile to the American way of life.
But also, Donald Trump and I are committed to suspending the Syrian refugee program and programs in immigration from areas of the world that have been compromised by terrorism.
Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine want to increase the Syrian refugee program by 500,000.
I want to tell you about our plan.
But first, let's make sure we're putting the safety and security of the American people first, instead of Hillary Clinton expanding the security.
Or instead of violating the Constitution by blocking people based on their national origin rather than whether they're dangerous.
That's absolutely false.
I don't know how to vet that.
Mike Pence put a program in place to keep them out of Syria.
And yesterday, three Republican judges struck down the Pence plan and said it was discriminatory.
We should focus upon danger.
Discriminatory against dangerous people!
That's what you're talking about, but you twist the words!
...that ISIS had infiltrated the United States.
Well, Germany just arrested three Syrian refugees who were connected to ISIS.
But they told you there's a right way and a wrong way to do it.
But look, if you're going to be critical of me on that, that's fair game.
I will tell you, after two Syrian refugees were involved in the attack in Paris that is called Paris's 9-11.
As governor of the state of Indiana, I have no higher priority than the safety and security of the people of my state.
So you bet I suspended that program.
And I stand by that decision, and if I'm vice president of the United States or Donald Trump is president, we're going to put the safety and security of the American people first.
Can we just be clear?
Hillary and I will do immigration enforcement and we'll vet refugees based on whether they're dangerous or not.
Are they going to tell you that they're dangerous?
That's like vetting a police officer on whether he's racist or not.
There's no test for that, you moron!
Alain, the director of the FBI or Homeland Security said we can't know for certain who these people are coming from Syria.
Yes, we can.
Yes, we can.
How can you know that?
What's your plan?
We don't let them in.
The FBI and Homeland Security said we can't know for certain.
You've got to err on the side of the safety and security of the American people, Senator.
Thank you.
By trashing all Syrians or trashing all Muslims.
Senator Kaye, let me ask you this.
Why does he do that?
Why does he assume that?
He just puts words in your mouth.
It's like you make one statement, then it's all Mexicans, all Syrians.
No, we're talking about radical Islamic terrorists, but you can't wrap your mind around that.
You're a typical liberal.
And illegal immigrants, not immigrants.
By hiring great professionals, but also we've got some of the best intel and cyber employees in the world right here in the United States working for many of our private sector companies.
That's why you hired him to run Hillary Clinton's private email server.
That was hacked.
While the Grinch, who's trying to steal the vice presidential debate vomit out of his mouth... Trying to steal America.
Can somebody find out what that lapel is?
It's not the state flag of Virginia.
Can somebody find out what that lapel is?
I have no idea.
It's not an American flag.
I know that.
Push aside your alliances.
Who are you going to share intelligence with?
Hillary Clinton is the Secretary of State who knows how to build alliances.
She built the sanctions regime around the world that stopped the Iranian nuclear weapons program.
And that's what an intelligence means.
Better skill and capacity, but also better alliances.
I'd like to turn now to the tragedy in Syria.
Can I speak about the cyber security surge at all?
You can have 30 seconds, Governor.
First, Donald Trump just spoke about this issue this week.
We have got to bring together the best resources in this country to understand that
Cyber warfare is the new warfare of the asymmetrical enemies that we face in this country.
And I look forward, if I'm privileged to be in this role of working with you in the Senate, to make sure that we resource that effort.
We're going to work together in whatever roles we inhabit.
Look, there's the Grinch face!
It's important in this moment to remember that Hillary Clinton had a private server in her home that had classified information on it about drone strikes.
Emails from the President of the United States of America were on there.
Her private server was subject to harassment.
You have not had a minute.
250,000 people.
A full investigation concluded that not one reasonable prosecutor would take any additional step.
You don't get to decide the rights and wrongs of this.
We have a justice system that does that.
And a Republican FBI director did an investigation and concluded that.
Alright, we are moving on now.
250,000 people.
If your son or my son handled classified information the way Hillary Clinton did, they'd be court-martialed.
That is absolutely false, and you know that.
That is absolutely true, Tim Kaine.
Gentlemen, please.
Because the FBI did an investigation.
And they concluded that there was no reasonable prosecutor who would take the first step.
Senator Kaine, Governor Pence, please.
I want to turn now to Syria.
250,000 people, 100,000 of them children, are under siege in Aleppo, Syria.
Bunker buster bombs, cluster munitions, and incendiary weapons are being dropped on them by Russian and Syrian militaries.
Does the U.S.
have a responsibility to protect civilians and prevent mass casualties on this scale?
Governor Pence.
The United States of America needs to begin to exercise strong leadership to protect the vulnerable citizens and over 100,000 children in Aleppo.
Hillary Clinton's top priority when she became Secretary of State was the Russian reset.
The Russian reset.
After the Russian reset, the Russians invaded Ukraine and took over Crimea.
And the small and bullying leader of Russia is now dictating terms to the United States to the point where all the United States of America
The greatest nation on earth just withdraws from talks about a ceasefire, while Vladimir Putin puts a missile defense system in Syria, while he marshals the forces and begins... Look, we have got to begin to lean into this with strong, broad-shouldered American leadership.
It begins by rebuilding our military.
And the Russians and the Chinese have been making enormous investments in the military.
We have the smallest Navy since 1916.
We have the lowest number of troops since the end of the Second World War.
We've got to work with the Congress and Donald Trump will to rebuild our military and project American strength in the world, but about Aleppo and about Syria.
I truly do believe that what America ought to do right now is immediately establish safe zones.
So that families and vulnerable families with children can move out of those areas, work with our Arab partners real time right now to make that happen.
And secondly, I just have to tell you that the provocations by Russia need to be met with American strength.
And if Russia chooses to be involved and continue, I should say, to be involved in this barbaric attack on civilians in Aleppo, the United States of America should be prepared to use military force to strike military targets of the Assad regime, to prevent them from this humanitarian crisis that is taking place in Aleppo.
There's a broad range of other things that we ought to do as well.
We ought to deploy a missile defense shield to the Czech Republic and Poland, which Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama pulled back on out of not wanting to offend the Russians back in 2009.
We've just got to have American strength on the world stage.
When Donald Trump becomes president of the United States, the Russians and other countries in the world will know they're dealing with a strong American president.
Hillary and I also agree that the establishment of a humanitarian zone in northern Syria, with the provision of international human aid consistent with the UN Security Council resolution that was passed in February 2014, would be a very, very good idea.
And Hillary also has the ability to stand up to Russia in a way that this ticket does not.
Donald Trump again and again has praised Vladimir Putin and it's clear that he has business dealings with Russian oligarchs who are very connected to Putin.
The Trump campaign management team had to be fired a month or so ago because of those shadowy connections with pro-Putin forces.
Governor Pence made the odd point.
What do you mean?
Like selling uranium to Russia?
The Clinton Foundation?
Vladimir Putin is a better leader than President Obama.
Vladimir Putin has run his economy into the ground.
He persecutes LGBT journalists.
So has Obama.
If you don't know the difference between dictatorship and leadership... You're going to find out if you vote Clinton King.
I'll tell you what offends me.
Governor Pence just said that Donald Trump will rebuild the military.
No he won't.
Donald Trump is avoiding paying taxes.
The New York Times story, and we need to get this, but the New York Times story suggested that he probably didn't pay taxes for about 18 years starting in 1995.
Those years included the years of 9-11.
So get this.
On 9-11, Hillary Clinton in Donald Trump's hometown was attacked.
By the worst terrorist attack in the history of the United States.
Young men and women, young men and women signed up to serve in the military to fight terrorism.
Hillary Clinton went to Washington to get funds to rebuild her city and protect first responders, but Donald Trump was fighting a very different fight.
It was a fight to avoid paying taxes so that he wouldn't support the fight against terror, he wouldn't support troops, he wouldn't support... Yes, stick to the script.
This is important, Elaine.
When a guy running for president will not support the troops,
All right, Mike.
It's time to bring up the Clinton Foundation, Pence.
It's time to bring up the Clinton Foundation.
It's time to bring up Haiti.
It's time to bring up the fact that Hillary Clinton used that same tax loophole in 2015 to avoid paying more than $700,000 in taxes.
They all do it.
They all have the best accountants that they can possibly buy in order to not pay the taxes that they don't want to pay.
If they can get away with not paying it, they will.
What we're dealing with is, you know, there's an old proverb that says, the Russian bear never dies, it just hibernates.
And the truth of the matter is the weak and feckless foreign policy of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama has awakened an aggression in Russia that first appeared a few years ago with their move in Georgia.
Now their move into Crimea.
Now their move into the wider Middle East.
And all the while, all we do is fold our arms and say we're not having talks anymore.
To answer your question, we just need American strength.
We need to marshal the resources of our allies in the region and end the immediate.
We need to act and act now to get people out of harm's way.
And exactly how would those safe zones work?
How would they remain safe?
The safe zones would have to be, as the Senator said,
There's already a framework for this that's been recognized by the international community.
But the United States of America needs to be prepared to work with our allies in the region to create a route for safe passage and then to protect people in those areas, including with a no-fly zone.
But look, this is very tough stuff.
I served on the Foreign Affairs Committee for a decade.
I traveled in and out of that region for 10 years.
I saw what the American soldier won in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
And to see the weak and feckless leadership that Hillary Clinton was the architect of in the foreign policy of the Obama administration...
Let me come back and talk about the things that Governor Pence doesn't want to acknowledge, Elaine.
He doesn't want to acknowledge that we stopped the Iranian nuclear weapons program.
He doesn't want to acknowledge that Hillary was part of it.
It's an outright lie!
It's like everyone is so worried about this Iran deal because it's going to help speed up their plans for nuclear weapons.
Good job.
Let me tell you what will really make the Middle East dangerous.
Donald Trump's idea that more nations should get nuclear weapons.
Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea.
Ronald Reagan said something really interesting about nuclear proliferation back in the 1980s.
He said the problem with nuclear proliferation is that some fool or maniac could trigger a catastrophic event.
And I think that's who Governor Pence's running mate is, exactly who President Reagan warned us about.
Senator, Senator, that was even beneath you and Hillary Clinton, and that's pretty low.
Do you think we should have more nuclear weapons and the world will make us safer?
Hillary Clinton has sold billions of dollars in arms to some of the most dangerous countries in the region.
Yeah, sure, maybe it's not an actual nuclear weapon, but they are going outside of their borders, bringing the war to us now.
I can't believe he just called Donald Trump a crazed criminal when that's his partner.
That's Hillary Clinton.
She is a psychopath.
And this guy's up here trying to say that's Trump.
That's what the Israeli head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is saying right now.
That's not what Israel thinks.
You wouldn't necessarily know that.
I know you boycotted Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech.
I visited him in his office.
You boycotted the speech.
The point is what this so-called Iran deal did.
When I was in Congress, I fought hard on a bipartisan basis with Republican and Democrat members to move forward the toughest sanctions, literally, in the history of the United States against Iran.
We were bringing them to heel, but the goal was always that we would only lift the sanctions if Iran permanently renounced their nuclear ambitions.
Elaine, let me finish a sentence.
They have not renounced their nuclear ambitions, and when the deal's period runs out, there's no limitation on them obtaining weapons.
That, and the fact that they got $1.7 billion in a ransom payment, that's just astonishing to the American people.
Six times tonight, I have said to Governor Pence, I can't imagine how you can defend your running mate's position on one issue after the next.
And in all six cases, he's refused to defend his running mate.
No, no, don't put words in my mouth.
And yet, he is asking everybody to vote for somebody that he cannot defend.
And I just think that should be underlined.
Gentlemen, let's talk about Russia.
This is a topic that has come up.
I will give you an opportunity to do that.
More nations should get nuclear weapons.
Don't put words in my mouth.
Well, he never said that, Senator.
He has absolutely said it.
Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Japan.
Ladies and gentlemen, Russia.
Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, annexed Crimea, and has provided crucial military support to the Assad regime.
What steps, if any, would your administration take to counter these actions, Senator Kaine?
You've got to be tough on Russia.
So let's start with not praising Vladimir Putin as a great leader.
Donald Trump and Mike Pence have said he's a great leader.
And Donald Trump has business dealings with Russia that he refuses to disclose.
Hillary Clinton has gone toe-to-toe with Russia.
She went toe-to-toe with Russia as Secretary of State to do the New START agreement to reduce Russia's nuclear stockpile.
She's had the experience doing it.
She went toe-to-toe with Russia and lodged protests when they went into Georgia.
And we've done the same thing about Ukraine, but more than lodging protests, we've put punishing economic sanctions on Russia that we need to continue.
Donald Trump, on the other hand, didn't know that Russia had invaded the Crimea.
Oh, that's nonsense.
He was on a TV show a couple months back and he said, I'll guarantee you this, Russia's not going into the Ukraine.
And he had to be reminded that they had gone into the Crimea two years before.
Hillary Clinton has gone toe-to-toe with Russia to work out a deal on Newstart.
She got them engaged in a meaningful way to cap Iran's nuclear weapons program, and yet she stood up to them on issues such as Syria and their invasion of Georgia.
You've got to have the ability to do that, and Hillary does.
And Joe Biden sent his son in to go oversee the oil.
Isn't that convenient?
America should really wonder about a President Trump.
Who had a campaign manager with ties to Putin, pro-Putin elements in the Ukraine, who had to be fired for that reason.
They should wonder, when Donald Trump is sitting down with Vladimir Putin, is it going to be America's bottom line?
Or is it going to be Donald Trump's bottom line that he's going to be worried about with all of his business dealings?
Now, this could be solved if Donald Trump would be willing to release his tax returns, as he told the American public.
Why doesn't Hillary Clinton release her speeches to all the banks and Wall Street and Goldman Sachs?
We know what her bottom line is.
It's not going to be the American people.
Well, thanks.
I'm just trying to keep up with the insult-driven campaign on the other side of the table.
You know what?
I'm just saying facts about your running mate.
And I know you can't deny them.
Senator, please.
I'm happy to defend him, Senator.
Don't put words in my mouth that I'm not defending him.
You're not.
I'm happy to defend him.
Most of what you said is completely false.
And the American people know that.
I'll run through the list of things.
This is the old days.
Senator, please.
This is racist xenophobic.
This is the alternative universe of Washington, D.C.
versus reality.
Hillary Clinton said her number one priority was a reset with Russia.
That reset resulted in the invasion of Ukraine.
After they'd infiltrated with what are called little green men, Russian soldiers that were dressing up like Ukrainian dissidents.
And then they moved all the way into Crimea, took over the Crimean Peninsula.
But Donald Trump knew that happened.
He basically was saying it's not going to happen again.
The truth of the matter is that what you have in the rise of aggressive Russia, which has increased its influence in Iran, that now, because of this deal, is on a pathway in the future to obtain a nuclear... The leading state sponsor of terror in the world, in Iran, now has a closer working relationship with Russia because of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's foreign policy.
And 150 billion dollars and sanctions all being lifted.
And then of course Syria.
I mean it really is extraordinary.
Syria is imploding.
You just asked a very thoughtful question about the disaster in Aleppo.
ISIS is headquartered in Raqqa.
ISIS from Raqqa has overrun vast areas that at great sacrifice the American soldier won in Operation Iraqi Freedom and yet
Senator Kaine still sits here, loyal soldier, I get all that.
It's saying that the foreign policy of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama somehow made the world more secure.
It really is astonishing that on the day that Iran released four American hostages, we delivered 400 million in cash.
ISIS to go from the JV team to our number one threat.
Governor, just today Mr. Trump said, quote, Putin has no respect for Hillary Clinton and no respect for Obama.
Why do you think he'll respect a Trump-Pence administration?
Plain and simple.
Donald Trump, that's nonsense.
Donald Trump is a strong leader who is going to leave with America stronger.
We're going to rebuild our military.
And let me say this whole Putin thing.
America is stronger than Russia.
Our economy is 16 times larger than the Russian economy.
America's political system is superior to the crony, corrupt capitalist system in Russia in every way.
When Donald Trump and I observe
That, as I've said, in Syria, in Iran, in Ukraine, that the small and bullying leader of Russia has been stronger on the world stage than this administration, that's stating painful facts.
That's not an endorsement of Vladimir Putin, that's an indictment of the weak and feckless leadership of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
This is one where we can just kind of go to the tape on it, but Governor Pence said, inarguably,
Vladimir Putin is a better leader than President Obama.
That is absolutely inaccurate.
And I would agree with that.
Yeah, I mean, they won't even roll the gate out for him when he gets off his plane.
They don't respect him around the globe.
And I'll just say this, Governor, if you mistake leadership for dictatorship and you can't tell the difference,
A country that's running its economy?
Yeah, here we go.
This is the Gershwin thing again?
If you can't tell the difference, you shouldn't be Commander-in-Chief.
And with Donald, Donald Trump's sons say that they have all these business dealings with Russia.
Those could be disclosed with tax returns, but they refuse to do that.
I'm not sure that Tim Kaine understands the difference standing up for Barack Obama, who has been the closest thing to a dictator this country's ever seen.
I have pen, I have paper.
Quoting Obama.
Vladimir Putin.
Vladimir Putin is a dictator.
Vladimir Putin is a dictator.
He's not a leader.
Well that's what I want to destroy the Constitution so Clinton can be the dictator here.
Hillary Clinton knows exactly who this guy is.
We know exactly who Hillary Clinton is!
Yeah, and like we trust her opinion on... Does she know who her own husband is?
Not a good character driven person there.
So it was Hillary Clinton who worked with Russia on the New START Treaty to reduce their nuclear weapons stockpile.
It was Hillary Clinton that worked with Russia to get them engaged in a community of nations.
It was Hillary Clinton that sold the U.S.
uranium to the Russians.
She's not going around praising Vladimir Putin as a great guy, but she knows how to sit down at a table and negotiate tough deals.
This is a very challenging part of the world, and we ought to have a commander-in-chief who is prepared and done it, rather than somebody who goes around praising Vladimir Putin as a great leader.
All right, I'd like to ask now about North Korea, Iran, and the threat of nuclear weapons.
North Korea recently conducted its fifth and most powerful nuclear test.
What specific steps would you take to prevent North Korea from developing a nuclear-armed missile capable of reaching the United States?
Governor Pence.
Well, first, we need to make a commitment to rebuild our military, including modernizing our nuclear forces.
And we also need an effective American diplomacy that will marshal the resources of nations in the Asian Pacific Rim to put pressure on North Korea, on Kim Jong-un, to abandon his nuclear ambitions.
It has to remain the policy of the United States of America, the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.
Plain and simple.
And when Donald Trump is President of the United States, we're not going to have the kind of posture in the world that has Russia invading Crimea and Ukraine, that has the Chinese building new islands in the South China Sea, that has literally the world, including North Korea, flouting American power.
We're going to go back to the days of peace through strength.
But I have to tell you that
All this talk about tax returns, and I get it, you know, you want to keep bringing that up, it must have put Will in some focus group.
Hillary Clinton and her husband set up a private foundation called the Clinton Foundation.
While she was Secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation accepted tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments and foreign donors.
Now y'all need to know out there, this is basic stuff.
Foreign donors and certainly foreign governments cannot participate in the American political process.
They cannot make financial contributions.
But the Clintons figured out a way to create a foundation where foreign governments and foreign donors could donate millions of dollars
And then we found, thanks to the good work of the Associated Press, that more than half of her private meetings when she was Secretary of State were given to major donors of the Clinton Foundation.
Will you talk about all these baseless rumors about Russia and the rest?
Hillary Clinton, you asked the trustworthy question at the very beginning.
The reason the American people don't trust Hillary Clinton is because they are looking at the pay-to-play politics that she operated with the Clinton Foundation through a private server while she's Secretary of State.
And they're saying enough is enough.
I'm going to talk about the foundation, then I'll talk about North Korea.
So, on the foundation.
I am glad to talk about the foundation.
The Clinton Foundation is one of the highest rated charities in the world.
Less than 5% of those foreign donations go to helping people.
The rest of them go to line the pockets of the Clintons.
It gets higher rankings for its charity than the American Red Cross does.
It was actually taken off the charity...
It's like a charity watch list, watchdogs.
They took them off.
...to benefit the foundation.
The State Department did an investigation and they concluded... Oh, the Hillary Clinton State Department did an investigation on the Hillary Clinton Foundation?
You didn't find anything?
...and Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State acted in the interest of the United States.
And let's not forget, the Clinton Foundation, when they released their tax returns, they had to redo up to three years of them because they failed to disclose the donations they were getting from foreign countries.
They were messed up and they were putting the money and allocating it to the wrong channels and lying about Bill Clinton taking in money from speeches.
And wouldn't the Donald Trump Foundation have a different filing process than Donald Trump himself?
So this doesn't make any sense.
And it also, you know, as we've learned from the Clinton Foundation, the donations don't equal pay to play favors.
It doesn't mean there's any wrongdoing there.
So I don't know why he's even bringing this up.
This is the difference between a foundation that does good work and a Secretary of State who acted in accord with American interests.
And somebody who is conflicted in doing work around the world and won't share with the American public what he's doing and what those conflicts are.
Governor, I will give you 30 seconds to respond because I know you want to, but again I would remind you both this was about North Korea.
Thank you, thank you.
The Trump Foundation is a private family foundation.
They give virtually every cent in the Trump Foundation to charitable causes.
Less than 10 cents on the dollar in the Clinton Foundation has gone to charitable causes.
Less than 10 cents on the dollar, the Clinton Foundation has gone to charitable causes.
Yes, North Korea.
Moving on, Senator Kaine, if you had intelligence that North Korea was about to launch a missile, a nuclear-armed missile, capable of reaching the United States, would you take preemptive action?
I have exclusive... I've got the documents of what Tim Kaine has been scribbling furiously this entire time.
You have to.
We've got documents.
You would have to determine what your intelligence was, how certain you were of that intelligence, but you would have to take action.
You asked the question about how do we deal with North Korea.
I'm on the Foreign Relations Committee.
We just did an extensive sanctions package against North Korea.
And interestingly enough, Elaine, the UN followed and did virtually the same package.
Often China will use their veto in the Security Council to veto a package like that.
They're starting to get worried about North Korea, too.
So they actually supported the sanctions package, even though many of the sanctions are against Chinese firms, Chinese financial institutions.
So we're working together with China, and we need to.
China's another one of those relationships where it's competitive,
It's also challenging, and in times like North Korea, we have to be able to cooperate.
Hillary understands that very well.
She went once famously to China and stood up at a human rights meeting and looked him in the eye and said, women's rights are human rights.
They didn't want her to say that, but she did.
But she's also worked on a lot of diplomatic and important diplomatic deals with China, and that's what it's going to take.
The thing I would worry a little bit about is that Donald Trump owes about $650 million to banks, including the Bank of China.
I'm not sure he could stand up so tough to the people who have loaned him money.
Yeah, exactly, just like the banks, Goldman Sachs, and everyone who has given Hillary Clinton money.
Let's not forget, in her tax returns from last year, she donated a million dollars to charity so she wouldn't have to pay as much in taxes to her own charity.
Yeah, that's an easy one for me, Elaine.
It's an easy one.
I'm really fortunate.
I grew up in a wonderful household with great Irish Catholic parents.
My mom and dad are sitting right here.
I was educated by Jesuits at Rockhurst High School in Kansas City, my 43 unions in 10 days.
And I worked with Jesuit missionaries in Honduras.
Now nearly 35 years ago, and they were the heroes of my life.
I try to practice my religion in a very devout way and follow the teachings of my church in my own personal life.
But I don't believe in this nation, a First Amendment nation, where we don't raise any religion over the other.
And we allow people to worship as they please.
That the doctrines of any one religion should be mandated for everyone.
For me, the hardest struggle in my faith life was Catholic churches against the death penalty, and so am I. But I was governor of a state, and the state law said that there was a death penalty.
Yeah, we only believe in the death penalty if you shoot the guy who leaked our secret documents to WikiLeaks.
Then we like the death penalty.
But I looked the voters of Virginia in the eye and said, look, this is my religion.
I'm not going to change my religious practice to get one vote.
But I know how to take an oath and uphold the law.
And if you elect me, I will uphold the law.
And I was elected, and I did.
It was very, very difficult to allow executions to go forward.
But in circumstances where I didn't feel like there was a case for clemency, I told Virginia voters I would uphold the law, and I did.
That was a real struggle.
But I think it is really, really important that those of us who have deep faith lives don't feel like we could just substitute our own views for everybody else in society, regardless of their views.
Tim Kaine honors his religion when it does not intersect with liberal, secular ideology.
My Christian faith is at the very heart of who I am.
I was also raised in a wonderful family of faith.
It was church on Sunday morning and grace before dinner.
My Christian faith became real for me when I made a personal decision for Christ when I was a freshman in college.
And I've tried to live that out, however imperfectly, every day of my life since.
And with my wife at my side, we've followed a calling into public service where we've tried to keep faith with the values that we cherish.
And with regard to when I struggle, I appreciate and I have a great deal of respect for Senator Kaine's sincere faith.
I truly do.
That's true.
But for me, I would tell you that for me, the sanctity of life.
Proceeds out of the belief that ancient principle that Where where God says before you were formed in the womb I knew you and so for my first time in public life I've sought to stand with great compassion for
The sanctity of life.
State of Indiana has also sought to make sure that we expand alternatives in health care counseling for women, non-abortion alternatives.
I'm also very pleased the fact we're well on our way in Indiana to becoming the most pro-adoption state in America.
I think if you're going to be pro-life, you should be pro-adoption.
But what I can't understand is with Hillary Clinton, and now Senator Kaine at her side, is to support a practice like partial birth abortion.
I mean, to hold to the view, and I know Senator Kaine, you hold pro-life views personally, but the very idea that a child that is almost born into the world could still have their life taken from them is just anathema to me.
And I can't conscience about a party that supports that.
Or that, I know you've historically opposed taxpayer funding of abortion.
But Hillary Clinton wants to repeal the long-standing provision in the law where we said we wouldn't use taxpayer dollars to fund abortion.
So, for me, my faith informs my life.
I try and spend a little time on my knees every day, but it all, for me, begins with cherishing the dignity, the worth, the value of every human life.
Elaine, this is a fundamental question.
A fundamental question.
I think Warnock Callers was right.
They were going to let this be one of the last closing questions because this is really going to set them apart.
And of course, heavily divide the country.
And it is the first time we've seen this happen.
At least in this cycle.
But it is not the role of the public servant to mandate that for everybody else.
So let's talk about abortion and choice.
Let's talk about that.
We support Roe vs. Wade.
We support the constitutional right of American women to consult their own conscience, their own supportive partner, their own minister, but then make their own decision about pregnancy.
That's something we trust American women to do that.
And we don't think that women should be punished, as Donald Trump said they should, for making the decision to have an abortion.
Governor Pence wants to repeal Roe vs. Wade.
He said he wants to put it on the ash heap of history, and we have some young people in the audience who weren't even born when Roe was decided.
This is pretty important.
Before Roe vs. Wade, states could pass criminal laws to do just that, to punish women, if they made the choice to terminate a pregnancy.
I think you should live your moral values, but the last thing
The very last thing the government should do is have laws that would punish women who make reproductive choices.
And that is the fundamental difference between a Clinton-Kaine ticket and a Trump-Pence ticket that wants to punish women who make that choice.
No, they want to punish people that break the law.
Big difference that the Democrats don't seem to understand.
And why did Donald Trump say that?
Why did he say that?
Because he said he wanted to make it illegal!
That's why!
If you break the law, you get punished!
Very simple.
Great line from the Gospel of Matthew.
From the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaks.
When Donald Trump says women should be punished, or Mexicans are rapists and criminals, or John McCain's not a hero, he is showing you who he is.
Senator, you whipped out that Mexican thing again.
And you are showing...
Can you defend it?
There are criminal aliens in this country, Tim, who have come into this country illegally, who are perpetrating violence and taking American lives.
You want to use a big tar brush against Mexicans on that?
He also said, and many of them are good people.
You keep leaving that out of your quote.
And if you want me to go there, I'll go there.
But there is a choice here, and it is a choice on life.
I couldn't be more proud to be standing with Donald Trump.
Who's standing for the right to life.
It's a principle that Senator Kaine and I'm very gentle about this because I really do respect you.
It's a principle that you embrace and I've appreciated the fact that you've supported
The Hyde Amendment, which bans the use of taxpayer funding for abortion in the past, but that's not Hillary Clinton's view.
People need to understand, we can come together as a nation, we can create a culture of life.
More and more young people today are embracing life because we know we are better for it.
We can, like Mother Teresa said at that famous National Prayer Breakfast... This is important.
Let's welcome the children into our world.
There are so many families around the country who can't have children.
We could improve adoption so that families that can't have children can adopt more readily.
Why don't you trust women to make this choice for themselves?
We can encourage people to support life, of course we can, but why don't you trust women?
Why doesn't Donald Trump trust women to make this choice for themselves?
That's what we ought to be doing in public life, living our lives of faith or motivation.
Yeah, because Tim Kaine and Hillary Clinton trust that American women will kill their babies.
They trust it, and it's happened year after year.
So that's what they trust, folks.
Because a society can be judged by how it deals with its most vulnerable, the agent, the infirm, the disabled, and the unborn.
I believe it with all my heart, and I couldn't be more proud to be standing with a pro-life candidate in Donald Trump.
I do have one final question for you both tonight.
It has been a divisive campaign.
Senator Kaine, if your ticket wins, what specifically are you going to do to unify the country and reassure the people who voted against you?
That's a really important one.
That may be the $64,000 question, because it has been a divisive campaign.
And again, Hillary's running a campaign about stronger together.
And Donald Trump, and this is not directed at this man, except to the extent that he can't defend Donald Trump.
Donald Trump has run a campaign that's been about one insult after the next.
But we do have to bring the country together.
As he insults Donald Trump.
I can't stand this guy.
I know, I really can't stand him.
You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch.
She worked across the aisle when she was first lady to get the CHIP program passed so that 8 million low-income kids have health insurance in this country, including 150,000 in Indiana.
She worked across the aisle after 9-11 to get health benefits for the first responders who bravely went into the towers and into the Pentagon.
She worked to get benefits for, TRICARE benefits for National Guard members, including Hoosiers and Virginians in the National Guard.
She has a track record of working across the aisle to make things happen.
And you know, Elaine, I have the same track record.
I was a governor of Virginia with two Republican houses.
And in the Senate, I have good working relationships across the aisle.
Because, yeah, I think it's fine to be a Democrat or Republican or Independent, but after Election Day, the goal is work together.
And Hillary Clinton has a track record of accomplishment across the aisle that will enable her to do just that when we work with the new Congress in January.
Governor, how will you unify the country if you win?
Well, thank you, Elaine, and thanks for a great discussion.
Thank you, Senator.
This is a very challenging time in the life of our nation.
Weakened America's place in the world after the leadership of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on the world stage has been followed by an economy that is truly struggling, stifled by an avalanche of more taxes, more regulation, Obamacare, the war on coal, and the kind of trade deals that have put American workers in the back seat.
I think the best way that we can bring
Is through change in Washington, D.C.
You know, I served in Washington, D.C.
for 12 years in the Congress of the United States.
And I serve with many Republicans and Democrats, men and women of goodwill.
The potential is there to really change the direction of this country, but it's going to take leadership to do it.
The American people want to see our nation standing tall on the world stage again.
They want to see us supporting our military, rebuilding our military, commanding the respect of the world, and they want to see the American economy
Off to the races again.
They want to see an American comeback.
And Donald Trump's entire career has been about building.
It's been about going through hardship, just like a business person does, and finding a way through smarts and ingenuity and resilience to fight forward.
And when Donald Trump becomes president of the United States,
We're going to have a stronger America.
When you hear him say he wants to make America great again, when we do that, I truly do believe the American people are going to be standing taller.
They're going to see that real change can happen after decades of just talking about it.
And when that happens, the American people are going to stand tall, stand together, and we'll have the kind of unity that's been missing for way too long.
All right, gentlemen, thank you so much.
And that's the whole thing with getting a you're fired candidate.
They tried to kind of paint that as a bad thing that Donald Trump would be a you're fired candidate.
And he just kind of spelled it out like, yeah, he's gonna fire all of the people in government who are wasting our tax dollars.
I am all for that.
Get him out!
Well, you were asking at the beginning of this, you know, how does one win a debate?
Well, I think Pence just answered that question.
I think he dominated that.
And clearly, Kaine, on the other hand, just showed the true colors of the Democrats, which is like, we're not going to focus on the issues.
We just want to get people all fired up about these weaponized terminology of racist, sexist.
He used the exact words verbatim that Hillary Clinton said in the past.
And they rely on low information voters.
They rely on the ignorance of their voters.
This has been proven.
They've even said this in leaks.
We've seen this, so we know that this is going on.
We'll take a quick break, though, and we will take your calls on the other side.
Here's the number.
We are going to be taking your calls.
And we're also going to go ahead and play this Jones piece because he really wants to hammer this home how key it is that we need to expose the Clintons, what they did not do in Haiti, how they didn't use all the billions of dollars in donations to help the Haitians.
What did they do with all that money?
Those people are still suffering.
God bless them.
They're going to be suffering even further now with this hurricane.
But stick around.
We will be right back taking your phone calls right after this.
I'm good.
Devastating 2010 by one of the worst earthquakes in Caribbean history.
It took only a glance to see what the rains did to the largest camp in Port-au-Prince.
Estimates vary, but up to 200,000 people have lost their lives.
New details of a possible influence peddling in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, which we all remember very well.
There were hundreds of homes that were destroyed after the earthquake.
And the people are still hungry.
They have no food, no jobs, no homes.
This is not
The Clintons, Hillary Clinton, should be behind bars.
Now, Hurricane Matthew has slammed into Haiti at over 145 miles an hour, creating unbelievable devastation.
The whole world has given billions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation for the Haitians.
Not even 2% of that money went back to Haiti.
Haitian leaders have already taken note of the fact that Donald Trump has been exposing the Clinton crimes in their nation.
So Mr. Trump, we are asking you.
They're calling for you, Donald J. Trump.
They're begging you to come to their island nation.
We need somebody like Donald Trump in the White House.
To make America great.
So other countries around the world will respect America again.
Mr. Trump, you've been on the cutting edge of exposing the Clinton Foundation and how they robbed Haiti.
Out of all their crimes, Haiti is clearly the worst.
Tens of millions of dollars raised and less than 10% actually delivered to the starving people of Haiti.
More than 10,000 Haitian children then died because the United Nations effort led by the Clintons gave them poison-fed water.
Even the State Department's own data dump has letters from Chelsea Clinton, the Clintons' daughter, saying, please, you've got to do a better job.
Children are dying from cholera.
We've seen something in Hillary Clinton beyond hubris.
We've seen an almost mechanical disconnect.
A little over a month ago when she refused to go to flooded Louisiana and Mississippi, Donald Trump went there and was on the spot and delivered food and aid to the people and talked to local leaders.
As I speak, Haiti faces an even bigger threat than the devastating 2010 earthquake.
Hurricane Matthew at over 145 miles an hour has smashed into the island and is sitting over it, wreaking mass flooding, landslides, and huge amounts of death.
The Clintons publicly led an international movement that in total stole close to $2 billion of aid money that was meant to go to Haiti.
And now six years later, they've almost rebuilt nothing.
And Hurricane Matthew shows the horrific cost of what the Clinton Foundation has done, parasitically bleeding this Caribbean island.
In 2010, the president of the Haitian Senate, Bénard Saint-Cyric, was there when the Clintons reportedly tried to bribe him to cover up the fact that they were stealing billions of dollars in donations.
In the words of the former Haitian Senate president,
The Clintons exploited Haiti's earthquake to steal billions of dollars from the sick and starving.
The American Embassy called me, as it was often the case, and they said, President Clinton has a messenger for you.
I said, send him over.
He came, did not give me his name, but told me, Mr. Sensory, you join our movement.
You side with Bill Clinton in this invasion and we'll make you the richest man in Haiti.
I said, sir, tell President Clinton for me, Bernard Sensory is not for sale.
I have principles and I love my country.
A week later, by executive order, Clinton revoked my visa.
I was then a resident of the United States.
I am now a citizen of the United States.
You know, when she raises this money, every time she raises money, she's making deals to say, could I be the ambassador to this?
Can I do that?
Make sure my business is taken care of.
I mean, give me a break.
All of the money she's raising, that's blood money.
I'll be honest with viewers.
Donald Trump has always been one step ahead of me and my listeners.
That's why he needs to be our president.
But I'm just here to give the moral support to make sure that Donald does what he knows is best, and some of his advisors don't block this idea.
Because it's the right thing to do to help Haiti.
The Clintons have already robbed them of billions of dollars of donations.
And it shows that America really does care, and it shows how presidential Donald Trump is to fly in, not days after the hurricane, but right behind it as it blows out tomorrow.
Come in, land.
Give them a donation.
Give them food.
Rally good aid organizations that have good ratings online for giving almost all the donations to the Haitians and support a true rebuilding in that country.
And announce that your organization, the Trump Organization, is going to investigate building a hotel or tourist attraction in the nation.
Show people what you've done in the business world.
Show people true
We're good to go.
You will then be able to move on to the United States and help with the damage that's taken place from the hurricane that hits the East Coast.
In my view and from my gut, this is the right thing to do.
Because Haiti has been absolutely used and abused by the Clintons.
It's an international scandal.
It's something that will really wake up the voters how cold-blooded
This is such a no-brainer.
And I guarantee you, folks, Donald Trump was thinking about it before we were.
But we've got to make sure via Twitter and via Facebook and other platforms that he knows this is the right move to make.
You know he's going to be on the East Coast when it's hit by the hurricane while Obama's playing golf and Hillary's taking a nap.
But he needs to go to Haiti because they've been so screwed over by the woman he's running against, Hillary Rodham Clinton.
In closing, some of the best special forces in the world are SAS in Britain.
And their maxim is, fortune favors the bold.
Well, our fortune is building a great economy, turning loose the engine of liberty, and empowering humanity.
Something we know Donald J. Trump believes in deeply.
There's another maxim, and that comes from our own army.
And that is in Latin, liberate the oppressed from the Green Berets.
Donald Trump and the Liberty Movement is all about liberating the oppressed.
And if the people of Haiti aren't oppressed, nobody is.
They are oppressed by the Clintons and limousine liberals, and Donald Trump needs to come and begin the process of freeing the Haitians and rebuilding Haiti.
America, led by the Clintons, screwed over the Haitians.
It's time for Donald Trump to reverse that.
I'm Alex Jones, signing off for InfoWars.com.
If you're watching this transmission, you are the resistance.
Look, I'm not gonna sit here and say, see I told you so.
That communist Chinese style net censorship is coming to the web.
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And welcome back to the InfoWars Nightly News.
We are still live.
It is 9.51 central time.
And we just watched the vice presidential debate.
I gotta say, it was a lot more entertaining than I had anticipated.
I thought it was even a better debate than the presidential debate.
I thought it was more substantial, I thought it was more policy-focused, and I didn't feel like it got lost in the polarization of the two candidates' characters.
I thought Pence did an amazing job pivoting back.
He kept trying to get roped in there, triggered there with those buzzwords that you could tell Tim Kaine had just practiced really hardcore in the debates.
Okay, well whenever he starts talking about actual issues, just pivot back to racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia.
Like, get over it!
I think that really exposed the platform that they're working with for the American people.
It's almost like if you continue to say that so many times, you're exposing yourself.
And Pence was just calm.
He stuck to the issues.
He pointed out how, you know, they're the party that's working on insults.
Well, and that is a psychological tactic, actually, to say the same thing over and over and over and over and over, and then eventually it just catches on.
It just becomes a truth, whether it is real or not.
And, you know, the last question, I wanted to make a comment on this, Leigh-Anne.
The question was,
What would your party do or what will your ticket do in order to try to ease this polarization that's been so apparent in this election cycle?
And you know, I would say this.
They say that the United States is divided right now and I would actually agree, but I would make the case that the Trump campaign and that Donald Trump supporters and this movement that we've witnessed has actually been extremely inclusive.
It has actually brought the nation together.
I got to say,
Following the Trump campaign, going to these events, I have met some of the most unbelievable people.
Honestly, I can't, I can sit here and think about all these people I've met on the road, on flights, Donald Trump supporters, some of the most unbelievable people from every ethnicity, from every racial background, from every color, every social economic background, everything, just amazing people.
It's been a very
United front, from my experience, being a Donald Trump supporter and following this campaign.
So I would make the argument that if this truly is a nation divided, which I would agree it is, I would say exactly.
I would say that this is a nation divided by media and by lies, okay?
Not by this election cycle.
And if most people knew the truth about Donald Trump,
And even he's not a perfect candidate.
I'm not up here saying that.
But a lot of the rhetoric spewed from Tim Kaine tonight is the Democrat lies that the mainstream media has been trying to perpetrate on this election and this entire political campaign cycle since it started.
So it's very important if we're going to talk about this country being divided.
It's the same thing we see with Black Lives Matter.
We need to get down to the root of the division.
That's what we need to get down to.
Well, I agree with you, and you know, I think they did a really great job at kind of putting that out there, that look what you're dealing with.
They're, like I said, it's like you point that finger and you got three fingers pointing back at you, and I think Tim Kaine really proved that point tonight.
I see Margaret Howell there in the studio.
Yeah, the Grinch.
He totally looked like that.
Margaret, what did you think about this debate?
So many points where, you know, Pence, he seems so earnest and so genuine, and we saw Kaine really weaseling throughout the entire thing.
He was kind of nervous, you know, scribbling on his paper when Pence was talking about his faith, correct?
And, you know, we've already seen CNN, the Clinton News Network, have been following their updates.
We're good.
And it's been one gigantic, massive failure after another.
So if we want to avoid a nuclear war, a nuclear confrontation with states like Russia, it would make sense that we wouldn't have a political hothead who wants to have military action with a superpower over an alleged cyber attack with no proof.
I mean, this is plain and simple.
Yes, exactly.
She would want to take military action against that.
Let's not forget it was Bill Clinton who gave North Korea the nuclear centrifuges under the same sort of thing we see with this Iran deal that, well, they would have to promise to let our people in to go and just check and make sure they're not building any nukes with those centrifuges.
A lot of good that did because North Korea said, no, you're not going to come in and see what we're up to here.
And that's the same thing that's happening again with Iran.
And I mean, it's like history repeats itself, but they think that we're total idiots and that we're not going to, you know, see past this.
Cain also said that Clinton would stop, or that she has stopped, the Iranian nuclear weapons program.
Where's the proof in that?
All that we know is that their banking sanctions have been lifted.
They have 1.7 billion of our dollars now, and they're still en route to building a nuclear weapon.
So, he was making one false statement after another after another, and that one is really, you know, two years down the line.
Let's fact check that.
But let's not forget, Cain, he says what's right in the moment.
He's the one that said that Bill Clinton should be forced to resign over Monica Lewinsky.
He said that.
It's on the record.
Where's that Cain?
Where was that Cain tonight?
It's like he says whatever is politically convenient for him at the time.
And you know, it's also, I remember, this was a year or more ago, there was an Iranian leader, maybe it was an imam, or I'm not sure who it was, but he said that Iran is going to have a new place in the new world order.
It was one of the most powerful speeches, it was, I mean, it was obviously... Such a globalist.
It was kind of frightening, honestly, hearing this.
He was basically saying, we are now a world superpower, we're gonna go nuclear, and it's well known that Iran is the number one terrorist state in the world, and now Obama is basically opening the doors for them to build themselves into a nuclear power, then who knows what they'll do with that power.
They said, again, like I said, they said we will have a new place in the new world order.
And he promises that they're going to let us in to inspect what they're doing in their country.
Meanwhile, these are people that say they're chanting every day that they want to... Death to America!
Death to America!
That's just their culture.
They're so peaceful.
He also called out Saudi Arabia.
He missed, he actually flat out lied.
He said that Trump would give the Saudis the nuclear capability, that he wanted to enhance their nuclear capability.
And well, we know that Clinton is in the pocket of Saudi Arabia.
Trump is not.
You know, one false accusation after another, very baseless.
And it really caught me, the one thing that really struck me with Kane tonight, how disrespectful he was every time Pence would talk.
He would try to cut him off, interject, strong-arm himself into a conversation that he really, you know, had no business being in.
He wouldn't even allow him to finish a statement.
And then scribbling like a mad little second grader, you know, when he couldn't get a word in.
It was just very bizarre, very bizarre behavior.
Yeah, I don't like his energy at all.
Major Grinch vibes coming from that one.
Margaret, stay there because we're going to take calls and if you want to interject with anything, feel free.
So let's go ahead to the board here.
I want to take the first call from Jack in Indianapolis.
He thinks the mainstream media totally downplayed this debate.
Pence was kicking butt.
I feel like Margaret kind of nailed it, too.
Anytime that Pence was kicking butt, Tim Kaine would interrupt him so he could kind of get a handle on the conversation.
And now we've got the mainstream media doing the exact same thing.
Go ahead, Jack.
Yeah, right before the debate, I was watching Bill O'Reilly and they were kind of downplaying the Vice President debate.
And I think that actually in this case, where they were saying that in the past, there's no, the Vice President never swayed anybody's vote or didn't really play a big role.
I think
You know, we know Trump is a maverick.
He's in a lot of it is because he's a promoter.
His personality is what he's done his whole career.
And I think he'll make a great president because he'll be able to promote our country.
But he needs a straight man like Pence to be able to offset him.
And I think Pence kind of demonstrated to a lot of people that don't know him.
I think so.
I agree with you, Jack.
Thank you so much.
And yeah, I mean, I was really thinking that when I was watching this debate tonight, like how calm Pence was.
And he truly came across as someone that I feel people could empathize with across the board.
Whereas with Cain, he just has that kind of smarmy,
Yeah, just think about him.
He's going to smile and shake your hand as he stabs you in the back.
I gotta say, just to keep it simple, I was extremely impressed with Mike Pence.
I thought he was unbelievable.
I thought he was great.
It blew my expectations.
I agree.
I thought it was going to be boring and it was not.
Jack, thank you so much.
We're going to move on to the next caller.
Warren in Atlanta, you also want to talk about Pence's performance.
Yeah, I thought Mike Pence did extremely well tonight.
I was definitely impressed by him.
And I feel like this is different than any vice presidential debate we've seen in the past.
It was definitely more entertaining than the debate with Trump and Hillary.
And I feel like Mike Pence was just the right person to attack Hillary on the policies that Trump didn't cover during the first debate.
Trump was so caught up with having to defend himself from the biased media that Mike Pence really had more chances to talk about
You know, different scandals and policies.
And Tim Kaine was just so beta male tonight, talking like he was like a playground guy in kindergarten, almost, a little kid, where his sense was just very gentleman-like, very calm and collected, and he delivered his points very well.
But I was definitely frustrated when the moderator would cut him off every single time he brought up the emails or the Clinton Foundation.
And that just infuriates me, because it just further confirms that point that we're all fighting
I think we're good.
Yeah, I agree, and I thought, you know, Mike Pence is a very good kind of counterpoint to Trump's personality, but Warren, what did you think about how Kaine kept saying, we have a plan, our plan, as if Hillary Clinton actually cares about what he wants to bring to the table.
She's got her own agenda, he's just kind of along for the ride, whereas Pence kept saying Trump has a plan.
Oh yeah, Tim Kaine I think is just another vessel for Hillary Clinton to get in her words in the media and in the debate, where Mike Pence, I just thought, he really held his own.
He defended Trump, but he wasn't really repeating Trump's words and kind of rehearsing these scripted lines.
He was really his own man during the debate, and Kaine was just kind of another Clinton crony.
And he kept mentioning things about, we have a plan, we have a plan.
And he mentioned things like, you know, Hillary made alliances.
She did make alliances with people donating to her Clinton Foundation.
You know, she has a plan for all sorts of things like that.
But we all know that they're all under the table, you know, big money corporations.
They're not for the benefit of the American people.
And I just love how Pence is so clear on that, and he wasn't going to tolerate those kinds of rehearsed lines from Kaine.
Every time he mentioned that, he would come back with, well, yeah, the Iran deal or the emails, and obviously he'd get cut off.
But I just really felt like
Yeah, it was just very scripted, it was very rehearsed, and I really think that Pence definitely won that debate.
Yeah, I agree.
Thank you, Warren.
Great points.
And the proof is already coming in that Mike Pence won this debate, hands down.
Really, you just had to watch it to understand that that happened.
But to all these dip-crap celebrities that are going on social media right now,
Admonishing Donald Trump, who wasn't even on the debate stage?
Look, I'm about to get really frustrated because these celebrities actually have power of the mind over some of these weak-minded Americans.
But honestly, you are the most disgusting people.
People like Jesse Tyler Ferguson.
You're just a... You know what?
I'm not even going to waste my time talking about you.
But here's what we got.
Here's what we got.
Hillary Clinton tweets out, after the debate concludes, she says that she is proud of Tim Kaine, and then of course she asked for $5.
You know, she's got to take a little bit of your money too.
But she says she's proud of Tim Kaine after the debate, asked for $5.
That tweet has 3,000 likes.
Donald Trump tweeted, I'm proud of Mike Pence.
He did a great job.
We should all be proud of Mike Pence.
He did not ask for money.
And that tweet actually received almost 500,
I'm sorry, 50,000, over 50,000 already.
This just shows you folks, we are not gonna let them steal this debate!
Nobody likes you, Hillary Clinton!
Nobody likes you, Hillary Clinton!
All these stupid, nitwit celebrities who go on social media and think they have control over this country, your time is over!
50,000 people liked Mike Pence's debate tonight.
3,000 liked, oh, oh wait, she's up to 14,000 now.
Hillary Clinton's got 14,000 likes.
Saying that she likes Tim Kaine's performance tonight.
Donald Trump with Mike Pence up over 50,000.
We are not going to let these thieves steal the presidency again!
We are done with you!
Did you just get triggered by Hillary Clinton's tweets?
Oh my goodness!
Well, you know what?
I think that you do bring up a very valid point, though, is that we can clearly see the minds of the people.
They are in such support of Donald Trump.
I mean, that's evident.
If we could have polls in real time with the people in real time, sort of like we have these likes or shares or people following you, if that could be somehow
Proven at the polls.
That's why they say, you know, you got to get out.
You got to vote early.
Make sure if your state participates in early voting, get out there and participate in early voting.
That's one of the main ways that we could stop them from stealing this election.
All of these zero intelligence celebrities going on Twitter saying, oh, Mike Pence couldn't defend Donald Trump's words.
I could make up a bunch of lies about you right now, Leigh-Anne, and then I wouldn't expect somebody to stand up for you.
How can you stand up to a bunch of lies?
I mean, they're completely unfounded statements.
So then that makes him want to have to waste his two minutes with a rebuttal on lies.
And it's like, no, I don't want to waste my two minutes.
He didn't take the bait.
Exactly, and of course Hillary Clinton liked Tim Kaine's performance tonight because he was a good little puppy and said the exact same things that she did, just like she told him to, coached him to, whenever he tries to say something that's going to make sense and actually get to the heart of the issues this country is facing.
Hit him with the racism!
Hit him with the sexism!
I mean, verbatim.
You guys are so busted.
Is there anyone we can like anymore?
Is there anybody left in Hollywood, in professional sports, anywhere, that has a brain in their head, that isn't a complete shill for the establishment?
I mean, this is pathetic.
These celebrities in America, this is why people look down on the country, because all these celebrities with an IQ of 3 are what we put out for the rest of the world to think that this is our intelligence level.
It's really sick.
I'm sorry, I got triggered by Jesse Tyler Ferguson on ABC's Modern Family.
Well, here I got a tweet from Makeda.
She said all Tim Kaine did during the entire VP debate was lie, whine, hurl insults, and interrupt Mike Pence.
And that is absolutely the truth.
And that is how the Democrats run their thing all the time, is they lie, they hurl insults.
Like you said, they think that the mind of the voter, that's how stupid we are, that all we want to hear is just you throwing jabs and this and that.
We don't want to hear where you really stand on the issues.
And right there, it kind of underscored that, that that's the platform they run on in tonight's debate.
Oh, but the actor Sean Patrick Thomas said that Tim Kaine won and Hillary Clinton retweeted it.
Who's that?
He's a celebrity.
Who's Sean Patrick Thomas?
Who are you following?
How are you getting these... This is what Hillary Clinton is retweeting.
This is like... Oh, Hillary Clinton!
I'm sorry, I can't even deal with this anymore.
Let's go to the next call.
Brendan in California.
You're out there with all of these Hollywood superstars that are being retweeted by Hillary Clinton.
Go ahead Brendan, what did you think about the debate?
Um, I think Tim Kaine, he's a horrible candidate.
He's just a puppet.
Mike Pence totally smoked him.
And then he's going to sit there and lie and interrupt like he's a little child.
And then he's going to say that Hillary Clinton was the only one that stood up for women's rights in China.
Like, really?
Are you serious?
Can you hear your own lies, bud?
It's like these Democrats are so disgusting nowadays.
No, I mean, it is.
It's disgusting.
It's like just mudslinging, throwing jabs, throwing lies, and then saying that it's the other party who's the one that's running on insults.
Or digging up things from decades ago, which Donald Trump had every right to say that lady who was Miss Piggy or whatever gained a little weight because he was in charge of the freaking beauty pageant.
It's all about objectification.
She said, thank you!
Wait, wait!
What's wrong with that?
Donald Trump said a mean name?
Oh my God!
Hillary Clinton just murdered and plundered her whole political career, but Donald Trump said a name!
Let's drop weapons to the Syrian rebels!
Olivia, you know, it's like, come on, like, this is going to be the same thing.
These people just try to do anything, trying to distract people.
It's like, really, they think Democrats, most of Democrats are a bunch of morons.
And I feel bad for people that support Hillary.
I feel really bad for them.
Like, you guys aren't awake.
What's what's going on?
Are you guys that slow?
Well, and the thing that is just so infuriating is that these people feel bad for us.
Like, I have an acquaintance who texted me out of the blue, you know, I didn't even know who it was.
I didn't have their number on my phone anymore.
And she was like, what do you think about Trump?
And I'm like, Trump's great.
And she's like,
Oh my God, why?
And then I just explained why, and I haven't heard from her since, because you shut them down with facts, and then they go and make fun of you as if you're the crazy person, because you don't agree that Trump is a racist, sexist, xenophobic, insane guy that shouldn't have his hand on the nuclear button.
I haven't met one Hillary supporter out here where I live in California yet.
I live in a predominantly Latin Hispanic area of town and they're all for Trump because they know that means jobs.
And these people are just so slow.
It's like, come on, wake up guys.
What's going on?
You see what this lady is.
She's about to die anyways.
It's like, come on.
She can't even get in her own van.
She has to be picked up and thrown in there.
And then you have her little puppet trying to distract like he's a little kid just interrupting every two minutes.
And the guy can't even get his point across.
So he lost just from doing that.
Well, thank you so much, and thank you for holding it down out there in California.
You know, we see with Mark Dice and his reports and everything, but I know there are a lot of people out there in California, even people in Hollywood, who would love to see a Trump-Pence presidency, a Trump-Pence win.
So thank you, Brendan, out there in California.
You too.
Good night.
Margaret, what do you think about what the caller just said?
Well, I agree with him.
I can't stop smiling at Owen.
I'm waiting for him to jump on the desk.
We're cutting you off.
I love your enthusiasm, buddy, but no coffee after 9.30.
I haven't had any coffee today.
This is sheer passion he's running on.
I'm reading these tweets, Leigh-Anne, and people are making excellent points about what type of moron Kane is because, you know, his biggest religious conviction was not supporting the death penalty, but he supports taxpayer-funded abortion, which that seems really legit.
It looks like he'd be across the board on one thing, you know, if you're gonna, you know, kind of, it doesn't really make a lot of sense in his policies, you know, it's just, what is he saying exactly?
Where's the religious standard with him?
Well that's like when Hillary Clinton says that she's going to increase taxes on the wealthy and that that's going to help the middle class.
There is literally, there is no proof, there is no reasoning, there is no logic behind that at all.
That's insinuating that you're going to take money from the rich and just give it to the middle class.
Of course, that's not how it works.
Well, and also too, she was pressed on her tax plan where they said, are you really not going to raise taxes on the middle class?
And she's like, well, I'm going to try.
I'm going to do my best to stick to that promise.
Like, okay, so.
Obviously you're lying.
Yeah, I'm gonna try my best not to lie.
Because Cain just made the argument that he's going to more government and more taxes!
You know, guys, we joke about this, but people are really hurting in this country.
You know, we see people working two and three jobs under this administration.
Where are the jobs that he promised?
You know, we've seen Trump create thousands of jobs in this country.
Give me a single, you know, example of a job that Hillary Clinton has created
That hasn't involved taxpayer money to do so.
It's a strange little setup.
You know, all these lies and accusations.
He's going to raise taxes in the middle class.
That's what Cain said about Trump.
Where's the proof in this, buddy?
It's like no facts.
You know, I'm looking at CNN's fact checker.
The only thing that they have to say, you know, about the fact checking is that Pence didn't know where the VP debate was being held.
Well, that's not true.
You know, that's the best that they can come up with.
It's just pathetic.
Oh, and jump on the desk.
This is a nice desk, okay?
This is not a deplorable desk.
This is a nice Trump-supporting desk.
We don't need to jump on the desk just yet.
If Hillary Clinton wins, maybe that might call for it.
We'll all be jumping on the desk, and then we'll all be probably moving to Canada.
And ripping our hair out.
You know, nothing gets me hotter also than these celebrity nitwits who come out with their failed logic.
You know, they're almost brain-dead.
I'm with you on that, Owen.
I think that, you know, they just need to sit down and shut up, just make some movies, and let the experts handle the rest of it.
Well, and we've already covered it in depth of how the White House owns Hollywood.
And so whoever is in power and control, I mean, they're actually visiting these studios and talking to the writers saying, inject this agenda into your television show.
So it's like you can't even escape this stuff because the propaganda is everywhere.
So we don't really care what these Hollywood shills have to say, and we need the ones who are on the side of liberty to stop being so freaking scared of getting your next job.
You're going to lose the country.
We're all going to lose out on this, and no one's going to have the money to go to your stupid movie.