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Name: 20160721_Thu_Alex
Air Date: July 21, 2016
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Alex Jones discusses various topics including Ted Cruz's speech at the Republican National Convention, funding for Infowars, recent events at the RNC convention, interviews with Nigel Farage, nationalism, democracy, his thoughts on Donald Trump, and the ongoing struggle against globalist forces. He also talks about his personal experience as an immigrant in the US, the decline of certain demographics due to government control, support for Trump despite backlash from liberals, deported immigrants leaving behind families who rely on assistance, deregulation in citizenship process, indoctrination during the same process, free speech in America, and potential threat of UN rules being used to ban individuals from the internet. Milo Yiannopoulos discusses his experience with the media and politics, his "Dangerous Faggot Tour," preference falsification and cascade, and his views on the upcoming elections. The Genesis Communications Network is a major broadcaster of talk radio in America that assists businesses with advertising campaigns.

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We are on the march.
The Empire is on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm David Knight, your host on this Thursday, July 21st, 2016.
Alex Jones is going to be hosting from the
Republican convention in Cleveland.
It was quite an event last night with Ted Cruz showing his true colors.
Let me read you some of what people were saying.
Boehner says about Cruz, Lucifer is back.
Haley Barber says, I sort of think it'll backfire on him.
That's one of the more mild comments about what he did last night.
New York delegation rages at Ted Cruz.
Roger Stone says, he is one dumb SOB.
A Trump ally says he is a self-absorbed little man.
Let me tell you what, nobody liked what he had to say last night, except for Hillary Clinton.
Because what Ted Cruz essentially said last night was, I'm with her.
He not only didn't dance around the endorsement, but he essentially called for people to not vote for Donald Trump.
He did exactly the opposite of what Mitch McConnell did.
When Mitch McConnell spoke,
The speech began with boos from the floor because people are not happy with what Mitch McConnell has done as leader of the Senate.
He's betrayed them on Obamacare, on the open borders, and so forth and so on.
But what he wisely did was he made a case for electing Donald Trump.
So Mitch McConnell started out with everybody booing him.
But when he ended up, everybody was cheering him.
So you have Ted Cruz come on last night.
He had a lot of Cruz supporters there.
I think it was very wise for Donald Trump to allow him to speak rather than to play the kind of games that Mitt Romney did four years ago, having the Rules Committee rewrite the rules to make sure that Ron Paul was not going to be allowed to speak.
I think it was very wise for Donald Trump to give him enough rope to hang himself, to show everybody what he is really about.
And that's essentially what we saw last night.
He came out to massive applause.
In the beginning, when he walked on stage, there was a lot of cruise delegates there.
He had a full minute of applause.
And then he walked off with booze.
If they'd had any fruit, they would have been throwing it at him.
He had to escort his wife off the stage.
There was a person in one of the donor rooms that had to be restrained who wanted to physically attack him.
He was not allowed into the donor room of the Adelsons, and this is a guy who had courted the Israeli lobby very heavily.
One of the things I remembered about Ted Cruz, and of course, you know, in four years, he's looking to the future.
He's fundraising off of this this morning.
He put out a fundraising letter talking about
How great he was, how independent he was, and so forth.
Look, in four years, he'll still be ineligible to run for president.
He'll still be a naturalized citizen, not a natural-born citizen.
And he'll still be a lying, dumb SOB, as Roger Stone put it.
He told everybody that one of his key issues was the Constitution, yet he doesn't care about the eligibility issues of the Constitution, and he doesn't care about the Supreme Court.
If you go to his website and look at what he had to say about the Constitution, it was all about Supreme Court justices.
Well, we have to understand that the next president is going to appoint between one and four Supreme Court justices based on their ages.
We've got three people who are older than Scalia.
We've got a lot of people that are really getting old that will not really be able to avoid retirement, perhaps, and wait out another four years, certainly not another eight years.
Who's going to appoint those judges?
Is it going to be Hillary, or is it going to be Trump?
It's not going to be Jill Stein.
It's not going to be Gary Johnson.
If you're not voting for, if you're a Republican, and he's telling you, well, Republicans, you don't necessarily have to vote for Donald Trump.
Those Republicans are either going to waste their vote, and they're going to help Hillary Clinton by voting for Gary Johnson, because Gary Johnson's not going to win.
Gary Johnson is in this so that he can get federal matching funds.
He's just in it for the money.
That's the strategy.
We always rejected that strategy when I was in the Libertarian Party, but he threw out the principles of the Second Amendment.
He threw out the principles of private property, religious liberty, and he did it so he could get money.
So if you're voting for your conscience and not voting for Donald Trump, you're really voting for Hillary Clinton.
And she echoed that.
She put out a tweet saying, vote your conscience.
When we come back, we're going to play you some of the clips, some of the reactions of people from last night.
Stay with us.
Alex Jones will be joining us from Cleveland.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm David Knight, your host on this Thursday, July 21st, 2016.
Today is the final day of the Republican Convention in Cleveland.
Alex Jones and crew are there.
Alex Jones will be joining us on the show.
Actually, he'll be hosting the rest of the show coming on in just a few minutes.
And last night we had an amazing display of what one Trump ally called an exhibition of Ted Cruz being his self-absorbed little self here.
He said, America now knows that Ted Cruz, what Washington has known about Ted Cruz for several years, that he is self-absorbed, narcissistic.
It's all about Ted Cruz.
That's the reason Cruz has no friends in the Senate, said Chris Collins, a Republican from New York.
He said, so I think he's ended his political career, but in doing so, he disappointed his own political supporters, who may not be enthusiastic about Mr. Trump, but were all about unity of the party and defeating Hillary.
Because, you know, if they understand principle, if they understand what Ted Cruz campaigned on, you go to his site, one of the first things he's talking about is Constitution, Constitution.
Now that doesn't apply to him.
He doesn't like the requirements for being a natural-born citizen when he's just a naturalized citizen.
He ignores that part of the Constitution.
He doesn't talk about the unconstitutional war on drugs.
And you know what?
If you ignore things like that, you treat the Constitution as a living document when it comes to the war on drugs, then the Constitution is going to be a living document when it comes to the definition of marriage.
It's just that simple, Ted.
Just that simple, conservatives.
They're going to be able to do whatever they want, ignoring the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth Amendment.
They don't care.
They can take your property on the street just by not even accusing you of being guilty of anything in the war on drugs, but perhaps your property was somehow associated with something.
When you allow that type of thing to happen, then they're going to come in, they're going to enforce Obamacare mandates on you.
They're going to tell you that they can define marriage.
And of course, he was right in the sense that a lot of this stuff is coming out of the Supreme Court.
That's how they enable it.
Who is going to be appointing the next one to four justices in the next four years?
The issue is, it's either going to be Donald Trump and the Republicans, or it's going to be Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.
Do you want to have another four Ruth Bader Ginsburgs on the Supreme Court?
See, that's what Ted Cruz is willing to do for his own personal ambition.
He sent out a fundraising letter today, and he was telling people, I have a vision for the future. 2020.
No, he's been staring at himself in the mirror for so long that he is cross-eyed from the self-adoration.
He is so nearsighted, he doesn't see what he's going to do to this country in four years, and he doesn't see that he doesn't have, and nobody else will have, a chance at Hillary Clinton after she's been president for four years.
She's going to consolidate so much corruption in the government and the media, you're not going to get her out in four years.
Absolutely delusional.
Other people, John Boehner said, Lucifer is back.
Hailey Barber says, I think it'll backfire on him.
And he was booed off the stage.
So I want to play for you what happened last night.
Let's roll this first clip of Ted Cruz.
Stand and speak and vote your conscience.
Vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution.
Now, that's when people first realized that he was telling people to vote for her.
Vote for her.
Don't vote for Donald Trump.
Vote your conscience.
Well, you don't have that many choices anymore.
You know, at one point in time you had 17 choices.
Now you've got two.
You really do.
And so that was the point they realized that he was telling people he was with Hillary.
That was when they started booing him.
And then it got worse.
Let's play this next clip.
We will unite the country by standing together for shared values, by standing for liberty.
God bless each and every one of you.
So they had to escort him and his wife.
They had to take them off of the floor to protect them from the crowd.
Absolutely amazing.
And then he goes to the donor rooms.
And one of the donors wanted to attack him.
One of the other donors, Sheldon Adelson's donor room.
And remember, he was kind of the co-winner of the Sheldon Adelson
Uh, sweepstakes for, uh, for money, along with Marco Rubio.
Uh, Adelson was saying, well, I kind of like one and my wife likes the other.
We haven't really made up our mind yet.
Uh, they would not even let him in the room.
Not even let him in the room.
And this is what they had to say in the New York Times.
It said, Senior Adelson aide Andy Aboud confirmed to CNN that his boss had invited Cruz to visit him and his wife Miriam, but turned him away at the door after he stunned the audience at the arena by urging voters to vote their conscience in November.
When he didn't endorse, he said they were stunned and disappointed.
We could not allow Ted Cruz to use the Adelsons as a prop against Donald Trump.
Now, think about that.
You know, I remember when this all kicked off, and I remember Ted Cruz using some Middle Eastern Christians as a prop.
Do you remember that meeting?
I was on vacation at the time and I was absolutely stunned at what he did.
He went to a meeting of Middle Eastern Christians who are Arabs.
They were being persecuted in their country by Muslims.
He was there to talk to them and instead what he did was he deliberately provoked a couple of people by saying some things about Israel and somebody said something about it and then he really doubled down and started accusing them of being anti-Semitic.
And then the booze really started.
And he just basks in that, okay?
Just like he did last night.
He goes, look at this.
They hate me because I'm defending Israel.
No, they hate you because you use them as props to suck up to Israel supporters, okay?
To get the money from people like Sheldon Adelson.
And I think even the Adelsons have seen through this.
Now, he's trying to use them as props against Donald Trump.
Truly amazing to me.
And, you know, it's just the opposite of what you saw with Mitch McConnell, who came on, people were booing him, as I pointed out in the first segment of the show.
When Mitch McConnell came on, they booed him because they don't like the policies that he's been pursuing.
And yet, what he did was he made a case for Donald Trump.
He made a case for Republican unity.
Why you need to have
A Republican president appointing the Supreme Court justices, as Ted Cruz said.
So he finished up his speech with applause.
And it went exactly the opposite for Ted Cruz.
Now joining us now is Alex Jones, who is in Cleveland.
He was at the convention last night and he's going to be there tonight for the final events.
Thank you, David.
Feel free to ride shotgun with me off and on throughout the broadcast.
I just want to say, the entire crew here on site, but also in Austin, and of course the listeners who are the backbone of the whole operation, we've really had some devastating victories here.
Hillary for President is now an international meme.
In fact, it's one of the few things actually
Scares me a little bit because you talk about getting right in the bull's face and kicking it in the nose.
We've been doing that with this witch, but she's a criminal and she's got to be opposed.
We're fully committed.
So I just thank God that we've been so effective and I want to thank you and just the entire crew because it's the people behind the scenes.
who are dedicated to the info war, that also put themselves at risk, who make all this possible.
In fact, they make my job easy.
And they never ask for credit, but I just want you to know that we've just got some amazing people in the operation.
We have seen a Greek tragedy play out in front of us.
But I really know the Greek tragedies.
They're not tragedies like
Ulysses, when he finally gets back after being gone for decades and all these enemies have taken over his house.
Because in the end, it's not a tragedy because justice prevails.
And America has been taken over by criminals.
They think it's their country.
They've tried to play us off against each other, dumb us down, make us poor, so they can control us.
And the truth is, they don't rule us because they're strong.
They rule us because they're scum.
And because good people don't think like they do.
Well, I'm here to tell you, I've studied the enemy and so have our guests.
And we are here educating people about how our enemy operates.
And they're going to find out who's strong, and they're beginning to find out who's strong right now.
In fact, they've actually always known who's strong.
That's why they've done all this, to try to make us weak, try to teach us that we can't fight back.
Every time we fight back, we get stronger, they get weaker.
Now, Glenn Beck, folks, everybody knows I don't attack other talk show hosts who claim they're patriots.
I don't.
I'm not in competition with Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity.
I'm not in competition with any of these people.
So I kind of held my tongue with Glenn Beck the last decade, or the last six, seven years, where he did stuff behind the scenes to my own operation.
I even pled with him on air and through his people to stop him.
But I told everybody that Glenn Beck is an absolute, total, and complete Benedict Arnold.
And when I say Benedict Arnold, I mean he is the living embodiment of it, and so is Megyn Kelly.
These people are horrible, hateful, treacherous people, and I am so sad to have to say Ted Cruz is one of them.
And he pledged and said he always keeps his word to endorse the nominee, and he said he would do it if it was Donald Trump.
This would have been so unpopular for him to not say that.
And then he went back on his word in front of everyone and called it conscience and used the exact same script.
He's hired this psychological warfare firm.
I'm serious.
Look it up.
That's known for the biggest disinformation operations you can imagine.
That's hired by third world dictators.
That's who Glenn Beck and Cruz are having write these scripts that are just upside down land, where he goes on Meet the Press and then Ted Cruz last night with a sabotage operation of vote your conscience, which means vote Hillary.
That ought to be her bumper sticker.
I mean, this is the most ridiculous garbage I've ever seen.
We know Hillary Clinton is a demon.
We know Hillary Clinton is an abject criminal, has committed so many crimes, is so dishonorable, is such a nasty monster.
And then now we have them trying to thwart the votes of the people.
They already stole it from Sanders.
And then he has the nerve to get up there like he's some hero and try to shoot down Trump to get brownie points in the future so they'll run him for president.
Listen, the whole Bush-Clinton order, the whole old system's going out.
We're gonna break it all down on the other side.
Stay with us on Alex Jones from the RNC, 2016, Cleveland.
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So it's not like we can get away from them.
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I recommend doing a parasite
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Living Defense.
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Thank you, Dr. Group from the Global Healing Center.
Thank you so much for all your work, sir, on this great product.
One of my favorite sayings, I guess, comes from the opening of A Tale of Two Cities, and it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
Really a great spirit of America trying to come back from the dead.
Here in Cleveland, really great folks.
It comes off to me as a working class town, a lot of real people.
And the police, everybody that are on the ground, a lot of them are listeners.
In fact, I'd say a lot of them are listeners is an understatement.
Which, again, scares the system because the police and military already know what's going on, on average.
It's the general public that's just starting to wake up, and that's why the globalists are making their move right now.
And you have to understand, Ted Cruz's wife was high-level Goldman Sachs, was a high-level neocon operative.
And you have to understand that
They'd rather have Clinton's in because that's a group they've worked with.
These families vacation together.
And this is basically the ruling class of this country.
And people could say, oh well, Hillary's not going to be that bad when she gets in.
Almost every psychologist, almost every expert says that when she gets in power, she's going to be even more out of control.
And so to see Ted Cruz come out and say, hey, I don't endorse people that have attacked my wife and my dad.
Well, you sure dropped out of the race a couple days after Roger Stone talked about research into your dad being in New Orleans and knowing Lee Harvey Oswald.
You sure dropped out real fast.
And of course your wife has been working in the government and is involved in political statements in his fair game.
I mean, people have been attacking Trump's wife every day.
That's what happens.
And so it's just a big baby up there violating his pledge and reading the exact script that Glenn Beck put out on Meet the Press.
This is all scripted.
This is all put out by these PR firms.
We even know the name of the PR firm.
You can go research it for yourself.
British PR firm that's involved in the nastiest disinformation you can imagine trying to overthrow this election.
Trying to thwart the will of the people.
The choice has never been clear.
I've never seen the establishment so scared of somebody.
And we know this is the establishment that's been running this country and the world into the ground.
So later we'll open the phones up and get your take on this, but I'm gonna be there tonight.
I got a feeling they're gonna try some type of stunt.
There's Trump's helicopter flying by.
It's so surreal.
You got jet copters flying around, you got Air Force Trump, and you've got
It's moving too fast, dude.
You're not going to get it.
Anyways, it's just surreal.
I mean, this whole thing is unreal.
I've got a couple of these clips.
Let's play the booing again when he says, vote your conscience, which means vote Hillary.
And then we'll get to the other clip.
Here it is.
We will unite the party, we will unite the country by standing together for shared values, by standing for liberty.
God bless each and every one of you, and God bless the United States of America.
Let's back that clip up to the start, okay?
Because that's, that's, that's, that's, that's not the clip.
I want to play the clip David Knight played earlier, the one where they boo him.
And that's where he says, you know, vote your conscience.
If we can, let's cue that up and play that.
Stand and speak and vote your conscience.
Vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution.
And notice how it's all crafted.
He says, oh, vote for people up and down the ticket.
He's there at the RNC, about to give his speech, and he says, vote for candidates up and down the ticket.
Don't vote.
For Donald Trump, basically.
Vote for Hillary Clinton.
But he doesn't have the will to come out and say, just go ahead and vote for Hillary.
But that's what this is.
He weasels it and says, vote for people up and down the ticket.
The exact words Glenn Beck said on Meet the Press.
Now, there's another clip I want to play.
We can cue that up.
And, oh, by the way, we have a Nigel Farage interview about seven minutes long that the crew got yesterday.
Did a great job.
And then there's a longer
How long is it, Josh, the full interview with Nigel Farage?
No, but I'm told there's a bigger one going up.
Yeah, so a big hour one is going to go up very, very soon.
We'll also air that here on the broadcast in the coming days because we always love talking to Nigel Farage.
I got to meet him in person last night.
But it must have looked like paparazzi coming out of the street because I had a camera crew with me.
And I'm like, look, it's him.
And then he couldn't see me out in the dark.
He like ducked back in the restaurant.
But then I went over there and was able to hang out with him in the restaurant and basically have dinner with him and Roger Stone and others and a lot of other people.
It was crazy.
Um, to get to meet, uh, Nigel Farage.
I mean, the guy that's changed the world.
Coming from nowhere.
And, of course, the assassination attempts on him.
And the fact that, uh... It's just amazing to be alive and see history unfolding in front of us.
We're gonna come back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You developed Living Defense for us.
It took you over a year to do it.
Why is this so good?
Because people are actually waking up to the problem that pretty much scares me the most.
I mean, I try to make sure that I don't put toxins from food and water and beverages in my system, but right now we're dealing with massive parasites, which is anything that's harmful to your body that lives off a host mechanism.
Right now with all the refugees,
Uh, spreading disease around.
We have biological warfare going on everywhere.
These are all parasites.
Tell us about all the stuff that's in it.
There's so many things that are in it.
You have the neem in there, you have the organic clove bud, the organic wormwood.
I recommend doing a parasite cleanse at least twice a year.
All right, well, I'm glad we've got some back in because I'm going back on it today.
It just came back in yesterday.
Living Defense, Infowarslife.com.
And folks, you can't lose.
It's full of stuff that's great for your body, period.
And you support the broadcast, Infowarslife.com.
Thank you, Dr. Group from the Global Healing Center.
Thank you so much for all your work, sir, on this great product.
All right, time to get serious.
There's a new HIV vaccine to be trialed in South Africa later this year.
ALVAC-HIV-GP120 is the official name of the vaccine, and it was tested on a small scale in a 50-person experiment to measure immune response.
Linda-Gail Becker, director of the Desmond Tutu HIV Center in Cape Town and leading the vaccine trials, claims that the small-scale test was, quote, to see if the vaccine looks promising.
The vaccine stems from a 2009 trial in Thailand, which resulted in 60% protection against HIV the first year, but afterward falling to 30% before the trial's end.
Gail Becker, in addition to Anthony Fauci, also working on the trial, intend to add adjuvants to strengthen the vaccine's potency.
Oh yeah, like that's gonna go over well.
And a way people know what mass vaccine trials could possibly mean.
Prepare the genocide preparations!
Article on CNN.com.
This is Gabe Goldiamond for InfoWars.com.
Clean, pure drinking water.
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We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
And we are back.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Look at how the media spins things.
RNC protesters are getting vile, New York Post.
And then it goes on to say that the protesters were throwing urine on each other.
No, we were there, and we talked to the police officers that were at other events.
They were throwing urine, the communists and others, and feces at patriots.
But every time these anti-Trump people attack somebody, it's always, oh, there was a fight, or there was a scuffle, or there was, no.
They almost always initiate everything, and that's documented.
I'm told that Ted Cruz's website's been taken over, and it's just being more honest than it says the next President of the United States, Hillary Clinton.
I was interviewed yesterday for about two minutes by an AOL writer, and he said, do you support Trump's Veterans Affairs coordinator saying that Hillary Clinton should be put before a firing squad?
And I said, no, I don't support violence, but I do think she's involved in treason.
And so if she was found guilty of treason by a jury, that, you know, she should be punished.
I mean, she's a communist Chinese agent.
And, of course, I laid out some evidence of that.
And it turned into the headline, Alex Jones, you know, says put Hillary in front of a firing squad.
I didn't say that.
I don't want to turn her into a martyr, ladies and gentlemen.
I want her to see her not running this country and not running this nation to the ground.
I mean, it's...
One thing, you know, to say you don't like Hillary Clinton, and I totally get that, but it's another thing to actually try to defeat her.
And that's something that Donald Trump's trying to do, and believe me, up there on the enemies list, Donald Trump's at number one.
And if you move on down the list, you know, I'll guarantee you can find my name on there.
And I'm not bragging about that.
I'm not even proud of that.
I'm just stating a fact that a few years ago they had news articles about the White House enemies list, and I'm right up there at the top.
And you can see that.
They run Media Matters, who attacks me every day now.
Used to be every other day or once a week.
It's every day with twisted disinformation.
Let me tell you, it's creepy.
to have this White House looking at me.
It's like the eye of Sauron looking at me.
But you know what?
That only empowers me more to take action.
It is surreal though.
And again, the only reason I point that out is your voice is needed more than ever.
Especially when people like Ted Cruz are just so obviously working for the worst sectors of the establishment.
This guy is 110% the attempted
Yeah, fourth term of the Bush's basically.
And you can say what you want about George W. Bush.
I mean, for all intents and purposes, he didn't even run the White House.
But I'm talking about the people behind them.
I'm talking about the Rockefeller Republicans.
I mean, you know what George Herbert Walker Bush used to call himself, a Rockefeller Republican.
You know Newt Gingrich, who talks a really good game, used to work for the Rockefeller Foundation and for Nelson Rockefeller directly.
So that whole constellation of neocon, rhino Republicans that we can't ever seem to get rid of, that work with the Democrats and help this agenda keep going forward, they do not want Donald Trump.
And I know I'm stating the obvious here, but Ted Cruz and others attacked Mr. Trump.
And so the fact that other people out there on social network memes compared Ted Cruz's wife to Trump's wife and said, man, look who looks better.
That had nothing to do with Trump.
And that all came out.
But this is how Ted Cruz plays this part of this big victim.
And oh my gosh, you better leave my wife alone or I'll beat you up and all this stupid crap.
Now look, Ted Cruz is smart.
Ted Cruz is well-spoken.
I think Ted Cruz is a great speaker.
I admire anybody that can do a filibuster for 26 hours.
I don't think I can do it.
He now has joined Glenn Beck and all the rest of these people.
And you've got Roger Ailes, you know, out at Fox.
And all these people say they're going to leave Fox.
I mean, this is a coup of our media in this country.
And it's a bellwether.
It's a signal.
It's a canary in the coal mine, a big canary in the coal mine.
That everything we've warned about, that Matt Drudge has warned you about, is now here.
And they're coming out for talk radio next.
They're coming after you next.
They're going to jack your taxes up.
They're going to ship what's left of your jobs overseas because the globalists want to break this country's will.
This is feudalism.
This is how in the old days England controlled Scotland and Ireland.
It's how the French would control
The different areas in France.
It's called feudalism, where they keep you at a subsistence level.
This is a 21st century system, and like Diamond and Silk said, we don't want the crumbs anymore.
We want the prosperity, and we know it's there.
Some of these headlines, I'm going to go to the Nigel Farage interview, at least some snippets of it.
Heidi Cruz escorted out following Ted's showdown with Trump.
In fact, let's play him talking about his wife.
Using his wife to act like Donald Trump's attacking women.
A total leftist Hillary Clinton playbook.
These people are working for Team Hillary.
I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father.
I am not in the habit of
Supporting people that attacked my wife and attacked my father.
Your father was running around coast to coast, telling evangelicals they'd go to hell if they didn't vote for you, and Glenn Beck was anointing you as a Messiah figure.
And you did get a good maybe 10%, 20% of the evangelicals to think you are God and ready to drink the purple Kool-Aid, you know, at Guiana.
But let me tell you,
You look and you act more like a devil, my friend, than you do any type of prophet of God.
I mean that really is sick.
And then Drudge comes out and just simply points out that you're saying that Donald Trump's the devil.
And then Cruz comes out and says Drudge is anti-Christian.
Remember that little juicy?
Which all Drudge has ever done is focus on the war on Christians and the persecution of Christians worldwide.
But see, that's what you get with these people is an inverted reality.
And people are sick of it.
I'm sick of it.
I'm tired of being misrepresented by these folks.
And look, this isn't about setting scores or vendettas here.
I don't want to see Glenn Beck bankrupted.
I don't want to see Glenn Beck in the ditch.
I don't take pleasure in seeing somebody destroy themselves, but I do need him to get his
Leg off the country's throat that he's got on the country's throat along with Hillary and the globalists and Obama.
And that's why his audience is basically gone.
Fox has already lost half its audience in one key demographic and several others, more than 30%.
People say, why is Fox doing this?
Why are they bashing Trump?
Because they're the establishment.
And because they have to.
Even if it destroys Fox News, it's about the whole show.
And now because that won't work, they're killing it in front of you.
They're killing a billion-dollar media company.
Makes a billion dollars a year.
It's got more viewers than every other news cable channel combined.
The average show has 2 million viewers every hour.
And they're killing it in front of everyone.
People say, oh good, you'll just get the audience.
Oh yeah, we are exploding.
We have millions an hour.
But we don't sit here and do it all fancy with all these big corporate sponsors.
It's fine.
I'm proud of the fact that I'm grassroots, but the issue is they're going to come after us next.
They're taking down Fox News first, then it's Rush Limbaugh.
All the idiots are going to cheer.
So many talk show hosts I know are like jealous.
They go, good, I hope they shut down Fox.
I hope they shut down Limbaugh.
I'm like, are you a moron?
You're not in a free country when this type of crap's going on behind the scenes.
Next they're going to start killing us.
And then we're going to have to fight back, and then it's the civil war they want, and then we've let them push us into something we didn't want to do.
We wanted to fix this country peacefully.
But I will tell everybody this.
I'm not someone who shoots my mouth off.
Everybody knows that.
But I'm not going to sit here and watch people become political prisoners and crap.
I mean, it's just not happening.
And so I'm here.
Affecting the future information warfare battle space.
Just letting everybody know, there's a coup going on in America by the criminals that are already hijacked, who are now trying to shut down any opposition because they can't stand against us.
They're weak, they're empty, they're hollow, they can and will be defeated if you simply take action.
And you saw that crowd almost unanimously boo the fake Texan Ted Cruz.
And the reason I say that is, everything about him is fake.
He wears cowboy boots and blue jeans and cowboy hats when he's in Texas.
We don't allow people in Texas, we don't put up with stuff like that.
New York Yankee up there.
This guy's from north of New York.
It's disgusting.
Again, it's divisional politics.
Oh, Trump's attacking women.
Oh, Trump doesn't like us Texans.
It is so patronizing to people.
This guy is all hat and no cattle.
It is so frustrating to me.
I mean, it really is.
I mean, it's just, it's a getup, it's an outfit.
And all these little Republicans with their Texas shirts on, their Texas hats, selling the idea of authentic Texans.
These are not Texans.
These are buffoons.
And I mean, I see him on the floor and I want to absolutely ask him, what is your major problem, man?
Don't try to steal the popular vote.
You're pledged to come here for Donald Trump.
Instead, you want to sabotage it and blow everything up politically for Hillary Clinton.
I mean, you are cult members.
You are idiots.
You are morons.
You are shameful.
And at least take the Texas shirts off.
I want to vomit.
Okay, I want to go to this Nigel Farage clip.
We're going to skip this network break so we have more time.
Briefly here.
We do need funding, obviously, and you can see that we're putting everything to the enemy that we can, and really leading the way as an example for others, regardless of whatever happens to Infowars down the road, to defeat the globalists.
But everybody should be spreading the word about the videos, the articles, the information.
I know you are.
It's having a huge effect.
Keep it going.
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Oh, you guys are awesome.
We've got a whole crew in here editing and uploading videos.
Kicking ass, by the way.
So sometimes you're going to hear some background noise.
In fact, I almost just have folks talk.
It'd be like in a newsroom, you know, with the typewriters going, you know, to show folks what's going on here as we overlook the convention.
But continuing here, I want to go to this report.
The fact is, I'm not going to even sit here and belabor the products that are at InfoWarsTore.com, whether they're storable foods,
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And I tell you, we are selling out of the Hillary for prison shirts as fast as we can get them printed up right here in the good old U.S.
of A, because
People now see the power of them on the streets.
In some cases, a third of the folks in the streets are wearing them here in Cleveland.
We're seeing the chants everywhere that are going on all over the place.
Is that now in the store?
Double-checked it, yeah.
Thank you, but that's a great point, dude.
And you're now seeing the chants on the floor of
Hillary for prison, Hillary for prison, Hillary for prison, put her in prison.
And it's showing that the RNC would never want somebody like me to go speak in there.
I actually wouldn't want to go speak in there because that's still establishment run to a great extent.
They always act like I want to get in there.
I already was offered the Fox News shows.
I've already hosted shows on Discovery Channel and History Channel.
I've already been in movies and all that crap.
It means nothing.
It's this illusion that somehow we're going to arrive, you know, if I could only go speak in there and be on national TV, oh, it'd be so wonderful.
It doesn't do anything.
What I love is seeing Joe Biggs, you know, out there trying to rescue the flag from a bunch of admitted communists that want an overthrow and want to put everybody in forced labor camps in their own manifesto.
I mean, this is the hardcore revolutionary Communist Party here in the U.S.
I mean, these are nasty people, folks.
I love being out here and, you know, being able to try to take the high ground from the communists and, you know, having them attack me and to show what scum they are.
I absolutely love being out here with the real people, not all the mummy, rhino people that are hanging on by their fingernails to their whole system that's collapsing.
And that's what this populism is about, and I know you get that.
But I would rather any day just be with the average, grassroots, hardworking people.
I don't care whether they're poor black folks or poor white people or just middle class folks or nouveau riche patriots.
I don't care.
It's so good to be around real people.
It's so good to be around laid-back, you know, decent, real people, instead of these folks that are absolute mummies.
And you look at the liberals, they're a bunch of brainwashed trendies, scared to death, following whatever the latest fad is from the Daily Show.
They're a joke!
These people are not Americans.
These people aren't even really alive or awake, in my view.
Let me tell you who is alive and awake.
Nigel Farage.
Last night, at like 9.30,
Roger Stone goes, hey, just talked to Nigel Farage, he wants to have a drink with you.
Well, actually, I heard that earlier in the day, but then later, I guess he took a nap, and he says, oh, now it's back on, you want to meet him.
And so, there's been some other meetings and stuff, but I can't get into those, some of the stuff, Fight Club, you know, two rules of Fight Club, don't talk about Fight Club.
But this meeting, I mean, I can talk about.
I'm sitting there with my crew in the dark street coming down and I see Nigel Farage smoking a cigarette with Roger Stone out front.
I go, there he is!
Because, you know, for me it's like a rock star.
This guy really is changing the face of things and putting up with so many threats and so many death threats and is the fastest growing party in Europe, fastest growing party in the UK.
Uh, it's like Ron Paul slash, you know, Donald Trump slash Infowars, uh, movement against the new world order.
And so, I mean, I'm so excited to meet a winner like this.
And he thinks it's paparazzi or something that kind of runs back in.
But then I went down to the basement with him, hung out, and we had dinner down there.
And it was really, really amazing to just meet Nigel Farage and the rest of his crew that are just regular people and that have bucked the system and have bucked the demonization and have come through it stronger on the other side.
It was really amazing.
This is a seven minute clip.
But we got multiple interviews with him.
Leanne did, Margaret did, Kit Daniels did, a lot of the folks did.
We've got over an hour of footage that's going to be out in the next few days on Nigel Farage getting into so many subjects.
But bottom line, we can title this when we re-upload it to YouTube, this particular deal.
The George Washington of the UK talks to InfoWars because this is amazing.
And if we make people like Nigel Farage, the new rock stars,
When our country was really great, it was the trailblazers.
It was the trackers.
It was the Lewis and Clarks.
It was the trailblazers.
It was the innovators.
It was the inventors that were the stars.
And Edward Bernays wrote in 1921, you can read it in his book, Propaganda, but he wrote letters in the early 20s that were later put in his book in the 30s, Propaganda.
You know, the great inventor that invented thousands of things, including capturing electricity, you name it.
And, of course, that was Benjamin Franklin.
Total genius.
And they said, listen, people know how to fix things, they know how to fight, they know how to read, they're totally independent.
You don't want that.
You want to make it with this new thing called Hollywood.
You want to merge that with the politicians and make yourselves a new royalty, have red carpets like your royalty, you know, come in like your god, and then make the people worship you, and then you'll take their culture away from them.
And they've done it.
That's who they are.
Here is the clip.
You bravely led Britain out of the EU.
Do you think that Donald Trump could lead that type of resistance here in the US?
That's for you to judge.
I don't know the answer to that.
I mean, clearly, clearly, you know, he has taken on.
The establishment in Washington and inside his own party.
And I'm going to be fascinated to see tomorrow what he's got to say.
And kind of how he says it too.
Liane McAdoo with InfoWars.com here in Cleveland covering the Republican National Convention.
And we got word that there's a surprise visitor in town.
Brexit mastermind Nigel Farage is here.
Of course, he played a key role in Britain's decision to leave the EU.
We're going to find out if he thinks Donald Trump has what it takes to help lead America outside of the clutches of globalist powers.
Alright, so talk to me a little bit about the rise in nationalism that we're seeing globally.
So many people are saying it's racism, xenophobia, rather than citizens wanting to rise up, reclaim their sovereignty from global powers.
So what do you really see is behind Brexit and other countries?
Well, what I've seen is several decades of big politics, big government, treating democracy with contempt, treating anybody that was even vaguely patriotic about their country and their identity as somehow being really absolutely awful.
I mean, what a dreadful thing for people to do.
I've seen
An international political order that has led us into an endless series of foreign wars, which in many cases have made things worse, not better.
And at the heart of all of it, corporatism.
The big international businesses virtually owning politics, and the rich getting massively richer, and the ordinary Joe being left behind.
So things have gone badly wrong.
And I think people have become very unhappy about this.
They recognize this.
And they're beginning to find political opportunities to express that.
And Brexit was exactly that.
Brexit was, despite everybody threatening us, everyone telling us it would be a terrible mistake, the British people said, to hell with you.
We want to take back power over our lives, and that's actually what it's about.
That's what this reassertion of democracy is really about.
Right, and we saw so much fear being put out there, so many naysayers, so many doomsdayers, really kind of warning the rest of the world, don't you dare think about reclaiming your sovereignty.
What do you see would be the effect of Brexit for the world?
Well, what Brexit shows, firstly, is that any campaign can win.
Any campaign can win.
You can beat the big guys, you can beat the establishment, if you inspire ordinary people to engage in a democratic process.
That's the first thing.
And secondly, I just have a feeling that things aren't ever going to be quite the same again.
I think it's such a fundamental.
It's not just a British event.
It's not just a European event.
It is an event of global significance.
And that's good.
We need change.
I mean, unless people think that voting can change things, why would you ever bother to vote?
And so now you're here in Cleveland at the Republican National Convention.
Donald Trump was just named as the Republican nominee.
Are you here to endorse Donald Trump?
No, I'm not.
And that would be a terrible mistake.
You know, after all, President Obama engaged himself in British politics and had the
I'm not an American.
I'm not an American voter.
I'm here watching a part of your democratic process with great interest, but I'm also here bringing a message from the Brexit campaign that if you can reach the hearts and minds of ordinary people, you can change anything.
And what do you think a Donald Trump administration would bring, not only to our relationships with our oldest ally, but to the rest of the world?
I think?
I mean, look, let's be honest about it.
You know, the UK and the USA, you know, we are pretty much, we have been for a long time, the closest allies in the world.
You know, we've stood together through some pretty heavy stuff.
And frankly, if we hadn't done that in the 20th century, the world would be a much darker place than it is today.
I believe
That what we've done is to free ourselves from this political club, and we can now come and talk to you about doing trade deals.
We can talk to you, you know, about foreign policy cooperation.
There are lots of things we can now have a proper conversation about.
And when President Obama said that the United Kingdom would be at the back of the queue, it was an absolutely disgraceful thing to say.
And I hope we're somewhere near the front of your queue.
Or line, as you normally say.
Yes, well we were all very excited, stayed up late to celebrate along with you all.
Now, what advice can you offer us here in the U.S.
in regards to open immigration, as well as secret trade deals, any advice?
Well, the immigration thing is different because your chief problem as I see it is actually illegal immigration, whereas ours oddly was legal immigration.
Ours was the entire European Union being able to come to our country, but you know,
The lessons are the same.
Unless your citizens feel that you as a government are in control and have a strategy, then they will become contemptuous of you.
So, different reasons, but similar result.
And this stuff does matter to people.
It matters to people hugely.
Okay, and one last question.
You bravely led Britain out of the EU.
Do you think that Donald Trump could lead that type of resistance here in the US?
That's for you to judge.
I don't know the answer to that.
I mean, clearly, clearly, you know, he has taken on the establishment in Washington and inside his own party and I'm going to be fascinated to see tomorrow what he's got to say and how he says it too.
Now, that's about seven and a half minutes of the interview that is over an hour long.
In fact, we had three different reporters talk to him, all these different angles.
This is an in-depth Nigel Farage group of interviews that we'll be doling out in the next few days.
Now, coming up, we got a bunch of big guests today.
We got Milo, who's been banned on Twitter for criticizing social justice warriors, and more coming up.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Dave Mustaine, the master, bringing us in.
Let's play part of this report.
It's up on InfoWars.com by Paul Watson.
It's going viral.
The truth about Milo is going to be joining us in studio coming up in one hour.
Twitter has slapped a lifetime ban on Milo Yiannopoulos for saying that the new Ghostbusters movie sucked and criticizing one of its lead actors, Leslie Jones.
According to Twitter, Milo was banned for, quote, inciting or engaging in the targeted abuse or harassment
This was parroted by the New York Times who said that Jones had suffered, quote, racist and sexist remarks, rallied and directed by Mr. Yiannopoulos.
Time Magazine said Milo was, quote, involved in a campaign of racial harassment.
TechCrunch said Milo, quote, urged on a hateful mob.
BuzzFeed claimed Milo, quote, incited his followers to bombard Jones with racist and demeaning tweets.
Yet there's no evidence for this whatsoever.
All these media outlets are brazenly lying.
This provably never happened.
Milo tweeted that Jones was, quote, barely literate.
That's it.
That's not harassment.
It's a statement of fact.
And it isn't proof of Milo inciting a targeted campaign of abuse against Jones.
There's no proof whatsoever.
That Milo incited the targeted abuse or harassment of Leslie Jones, who did engage in the incitement of targeted abuse against another Twitter user.
Hmm, who could it possibly be?
And it was Leslie Jones.
She sent out a tweet on Monday inciting her followers to target someone with whom she disagreed.
I want to tell you about yourself, but I'm gonna let everybody else do it.
I'm gonna retweet your hate.
Get her!
Get her?
That's inciting targeted harassment right there.
Under Twitter's own rules, Leslie Jones should have her account terminated.
She did the precise thing that Milo was wrongly banned for.
She openly incited the targeted harassment of another Twitter user.
Not to mention engaging in routine, casual racism.
But Twitter's a private company.
It can refuse service to anyone it likes.
Oh really?
So can Christian bakeries refuse service to gays?
Oh no, that's right, they get fined and shut down.
But that has nothing to do with it.
You're talking about discrimination law.
Except that law isn't applied when it comes to Muslim bakeries refusing to bake gay wedding cakes.
Just like Twitter's own rules aren't applied to leftists who engage in violent rhetoric
Or who in sight targeted harassment.
Do you know how many threats of violence and outright death threats I've personally reported to Twitter only to see nothing happen every time.
So while Twitter was wasting its time and resources on censoring a gay conservative who gave a movie a bad review,
ISIS supporters were celebrating terrorist attacks.
An actual ISIS jihadist was allowed to threaten terror on Twitter for six months, and they did nothing.
Over the last two years, Black Lives Matter supporters have called for killing police officers on a daily basis.
Those threats intensified after the murder of five cops in Dallas.
How did Twitter respond?
It gave them their own emoji!
So I guess under these new rules, prominent Twitter users with hundreds of thousands of followers are now personally responsible for racist and violent tweets sent by their followers.
Does that mean D. Ray McKesson or Shaun King will be held personally responsible for the deluge of violent threats and incitements to kill cops tweeted by Black Lives Matter supporters?
Does that mean apologists for radical Islam like
Glenn Greenwald will be held personally responsible for ISIS propaganda or death threats sent to conservatives by Islamists.
Is Justin Bieber responsible when his fans cut themselves with the hashtag CutForBieber?
Is Beyonce responsible when her fans go off to One Directionists with death threats and rape threats?
Of course not.
It's preposterous to suggest that a public figure, an entertainment personality, or a prominent journalist is responsible for what other people post on the internet.
Does that mean feminists like Anita Sarkeesian, or social justice warriors in general, will be held personally responsible?
Very, very powerful report, the truth about Milo.
And people say, oh, I don't like Milo, or oh, I like Milo.
It doesn't matter.
The fact that they can permanently ban him off Twitter is dangerous for everybody.
The global elite will never have enough control over the internet to stop populist movements like Brexit.
Nigel Farage.
Farage's viewpoint is a fresh outlook on the state of human independence and a free society for the future of the world and international relations.
When former UKIP leader who inspired the majority of Brits to vote for Brexit was asked if the global elite will try to shut down the internet to stop grassroots movements, he confidently stated that government will never keep up with the free market and it will never keep up with innovation.
Farage also acknowledged the power of the internet, YouTube in particular, in giving UKIP the exposure and traction it needed, resulting in, quote, a million people now in the UK signed up for UKIP and they're not going away.
In the end, Farage's biggest thank you is to Barack Obama, whose arrogant mandates and rhetoric during his time in Britain spurred the British people into action to claim their freedom and independence.
Article by Kit Daniels on InfoWars.com.
This has been Gabe Goldiamond.
If you can't see the irony in having a gun ban enforced by men with guns, well then you fail to understand why the Second Amendment was written in the first place.
Throughout history, only slaves are disarmed.
A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state.
The right of the people.
The right of the people.
The right of the people.
To keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
For all of you actors out there who go to your red carpet events, surrounded by full battle rattle swat teams, while you accept your awards for your latest violent movie.
For all you politicians who spend your 9-5 days scheming up ways to take away my second amendment rights, meanwhile you have first responders on site there to protect you, I say this, come and take it.
I have a strict gun control policy.
If there's a gun around, I want to control it.
Clint Eastwood.
Go ahead.
Make my day.
Dads demand guns because it's me that's got to get up and go check out that noise at 2 a.m.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Our guests coming in right now as we overlook the RNC.
I'm going to be going down through Media Row today and looking at some of the dinosaur media.
Some of the specimens there.
Regardless of what you think of some of the politics of some of the folks we're going to be having on today like Milo Yiannopoulos.
This guy has tens of millions of Twitter followers or dead.
He's a successful entrepreneur.
He happens to be gay, and since he criticized the new Ghostbusters movie as a feminist propaganda being forced down our throats, they quote, permanently banned him for inciting racial or ethnic hatred, and now they can ban anybody else.
And the next, they're going to try to pass all these anti-hate laws, which are meant to only target conservative or libertarian or patriotic speech.
These people want to shut down our speech.
We have a coup.
Going on at Fox News right now.
I was told about this last year and two weeks ago.
I confirmed with Stone.
He confirmed.
Yes, it is a coup made up because Roger Ailes hugged Megyn Kelly six years ago and might have squeezed her a little too hard.
And so sexual harassment.
And so now the Murdochs, who run all their other leftist media, are basically kicking him out to take it over.
They've already lost half their ratings in key demographics.
Sean Handy and 30 other hosts and crew are saying they're getting ready to leave, and I talked to other Fox executives yesterday when I was over at the Ritz-Carlton doing a pre-interview with Milo, and I talked to them in the bar area.
I was talking to some well-known Fox people.
I'll just leave it at that.
They confirmed everything I was told by the Fox hosts I know.
So this is a reign of terror against free speech going on.
A leftist coup in the few areas of media that are not completely anti-American.
So this is getting crazier and crazier.
And the answer to this is for everybody to start getting their own local show, running for office, getting aggressive.
Normal people don't want to be in power.
We just want to live our lives.
Well, I'm sorry.
Collectivist, globalist, socialist, you name it.
They want power.
They're taking over.
And it's now time to really launch a populist movement against them.
That's what you see Donald Trump doing.
You see Nigel Farage, who we just interviewed, breaking down with the Brexit.
This is happening.
And somebody else who's fighting at the local level is Captain Higgins.
I wanted to get this guy on last year when this broke.
And then obviously it's hard to get through channels to somebody when the whole media is calling you.
But then I ran into some folks that work with him.
He's running for Congress.
And I said, oh my gosh, give me that card.
Let's get him in studio.
Because right when all this cop killing accelerated, and the cops were like apologizing in liberal areas, and we'll do better, and all the rest of this, please don't kill us.
This guy came out and said, look, we're just going to kill you.
You try to kill us.
We're coming after you.
And of course, he then got in political trouble about that.
Again, because this is upside down bizarro world.
So CaptainHiggins.com, I'm not going to go over his whole bio, but remember he was going after the Gremlin gang that was killing people down in Louisiana.
Captain Clay Higgins is a lifelong resident of Louisiana.
He has served in Arcadia.
My eyes are going badly in this bright light.
In law enforcement for the last 11 years, and currently serves as Deputy Marshal for the City of Lafayette, Captain Higgins has become one of the nation's most influential cops, regularly speaking to law enforcement agencies across America.
I'm not going to go over all of his bio, but I love seeing folks out there like the Milwaukee Sheriff and others and yourself who just tell it like it is.
Good to have you here, sir.
Alex, it's such an honor to be here, man.
I can't tell you what a big fan I am of yours.
We don't always agree, but we always agree that you are on point, baby.
You're the point of the spear, and your thrust is felt across the world, so thank you for having me here.
And you're right, man.
I was listening to what you're saying.
We're certainly... Listen, thieves in suits have seized power in Washington, D.C.
and in other capitals across the world.
The sun does not set
On the insidious effort to divide us whereby they can control us.
And Alex, you're completely right, partner.
I agree with you 100%.
American citizens must stand up.
We must vote.
We must run for office.
We must leave our comfort zone for me.
That's a street cop.
I've been a street cop for 13 years.
I was thrust into the national spotlight and somehow or another
You know, by the grace of God, I became popular and well-known, but this was not something that I sought, you understand?
Not something I was looking for in my life, but I'm definitely responding to the call to duty.
Well, there's a vacuum, and men are going to fill it.
Yeah, no doubt.
That's right.
We're going to stand this country back up, whether the people that have taken it over like it or not.
And, you know, we have to... I like how you say that.
We're going to stand the country back up.
That's right.
Certainly, we're going to stand this thing back up.
And we're going to do it not by politicians, you know, not by the insidious agenda of those with the unbelievable lust for greed and power, but by the patriotic fervor and the bond of our American spirit.
Talk about spirit.
Talk about spirit.
I can feel your spirit right here.
Used to, I go to RNCs, kind of felt creepy, kind of neocon rhino.
I felt a really good spirit there the last few days, but out on the street with the citizens and the police and everybody together, I really have never felt the spirit of America stronger.
It's incredible.
Neither have I. You know, we've been patient, we've been loving, we're forgiving, we're quiet.
This is the nature of the conservative.
This is the nature of the libertarian.
We allow each other our freedoms, and that includes their freedom to oppress us to a certain point.
You know, we have reached that point.
We've passed that point.
Our nation is in peril.
When I served my country as a military police officer, I swore an oath to the United States Army to defend my nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
There's no expiration date on that oath, and I continue it to this day, as do you, sir.
Well, I'll tell you, nobody's perfect, and there's, as they say, bad apples anywhere, but I am blown away.
I've got to say, 90% of the military is completely awake, and about 80% of the police.
People say, well, there's still some bad cops.
You know, why are you... Look, we've got George Soros in foreign interest trying to cause a civil war on record, targeting local government and police.
That is a foreign attack on this country when they attack the police and local government.
It's a no-brainer we've got to back the police now to the hilt.
This is a foreign attack.
That's not rhetoric.
You're right, brother.
We're under attack, but I'm going to tell you something.
Those that attack us, listen to me well.
This will not end the way you think it will.
Because my brothers and sisters of the Thin Blue Line will not waver from our loyalty and our service to the Constitution that we're sworn to uphold and to the citizens that will give our last blood.
You just said it.
They want you to stand down and let them take over.
That's right.
That's not happening, baby.
You know, from sea to shining sea.
Why have they miscalculated?
It's clear to me it's going to blow up in their face.
Because they're idiots.
This is why.
They've proven that they're idiots.
They continue to underestimate the common man because they consider us uneducated.
They consider us not their equal.
They're very erudite, you know, and their level of unbelievable
Destruction for our country, their intent to destroy our country completely overlooks our superior intent to defend and uphold our country.
Because they think they're better than we are, but they're not.
And the sleeping giant never wakes up until it's under attack.
That's right.
You're right though, they were so arrogant.
I ran into Charlie Rose, the big member of our group, and he was so... he was evil.
When I was talking to him last night, his eyes were like snake eyes.
We haven't heard that yet.
And these people really think they're better than us, but you know what?
I wish they were still arrogant.
They're starting to realize that America's waking up.
I think they're concerned now.
Yeah, they should be concerned because, listen, the Constitution serves us all, Alex, you know that.
And we have learned and grown as a nation and come together through all types of horrors, some horrors of our own creation.
But by the bond of our American spirit, we have always united in times of crisis, and this is certainly one.
We face a crisis the level of which I don't believe we have faced as a nation.
I've never felt the American spirit this strong in this city.
It's unbelievable.
I mean, I've been very emotional the last few days, because it's strong.
I think that's because the country's about to really get challenged.
We know they've brought in a bunch of ISIS teams.
We know they're being protected.
And I just want Obama and the globalists to know, when these people start hitting us even harder, you're going to get the blame.
They're crazy!
How do they think they're not going to get away with this?
It's crazy!
Well, again, they continue to underestimate the power and the love of the American people and the spirit that bonds us as one.
That's essentially... Where do you think this is going?
When you talk to other police around the country as you travel and talk to these groups, what's the kind of crowdsource sense, you know, the knowledge of the crowd, of these patriots, these warriors, of where this is going and what the next shoe to drop is?
Because I can just feel it in the air, the energy.
Yeah, they're going to try.
There's going to be other attacks and whatnot.
But, you know, the more they attack us, the more we bond together.
And speaking for my brothers and sisters of the Thin Blue Line, patriots, prior military, current military serving here, man, we number in the millions, you know, across this country.
And we have our means by which we communicate through social media.
They can't take that away from us.
Even if they break down the grid, you know, it's just not going to work.
So, whatever type of attack ISIS intends to visit upon us will only be successful within the small parameters of the immediate area of that attack.
They're not going to crack us because we're unbreakable.
We're an irresistible force.
The power of the American people will not be subdued.
We shall overcome.
And we must take back Washington.
One election at a time.
One candidate at a time.
The speech from his heart.
That's right.
One patriot at a time, baby.
We're gonna take this thing back.
How do we get you into Congress?
I'd love to have you in there.
Your love and prayers and support.
CaptainHiggins.com is my campaign congressional website.
I am not a politician.
I never will be.
I'm a patriot.
Straight shooter.
This is a call to duty for me.
There were attempts to silence you.
Those haven't worked, obviously.
Yeah, good luck with that.
That's not going to work.
Speaking to other groups around the country, what is the sense of things?
Because, I mean, this is a coordinated offshore globalist plan allied with Islam to come in and destabilize the country.
But the plan is now known, but they still seem to be following the plan even though it's going to blow up in their face.
Well, that seems to be their trajectory.
You know, the evils that are aligned against us, they can bring what they want.
It's just not going to work, brother.
You know that.
Americans are not going to sit idly by and allow our country to fall.
We have been patient, we have been quiet, we have been loving and forgiving, because this is our nature of a good, God-fearing, tax-paying, hard-working American citizen, conservative man, you know, conservative woman and family.
We have conservative ideals, which includes forgiveness and quiet.
But when we reach a point
Well, we know that our families are threatened, that our streets are threatened, that the very future of our nature has been threatened.
And we bond together, and at this time, and I felt the same spirit in Cleveland.
I've met probably 200 cops in the last 48 hours, and man, we have hugged and wept.
And these guys will not bend, we will not break, and we will not allow our cops to
America's got its problems, but this is an offshore attempt at civil war, and the American people are coming together every race, color, and creed against this.
That's right.
This is an epic time.
Final segment with our guest coming up to talk about where he sees this election going and Donald Trump and more.
Stay with us.
There is one distinction in history above all others that marks
Free individuals, free populations, free nations from that of captive slaves.
And it's also important to know that throughout history, most nations have been enslaved to an elite.
But if you go back to the ancient Greeks, the cradle of democracy,
480 BC, we see the Battle of Thermopylae at the Hot Gates.
It's been popularized in many Hollywood movies, where 300 Spartans stood against hundreds of thousands of Persians.
Then if you accelerate to 1775 in Lexington and Concord, and the attempts by the British Crown to disarm the colonists, we see a repeat of what happened with the 300 fighting the Persians.
If we move forward to
1835 in Gonzales, Texas.
Santa Ana came to disarm the Mexican citizens of their firearms and the people again fought back.
And it's important to note, as we see the right to self-defense being taken away, we also see the right of free speech being taken away.
The other mark of a free individual.
So I thought today we'd look back on some of the famous historic quotes dealing with the Second Amendment.
First I want to give you a quote from Senator Dianne Feinstein, who famously said,
That if she could get the votes for an outright ban, picking up every one of them, Mr. and Mrs. America, Mr. and Mrs. America, Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in, I would have done it.
I would have done it.
She would vote to ban Argonnes.
We need to do this every day of the week.
We need to brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.
And remember, this is somebody, to this day, guarded, even though he's retired, by taxpayer-funded armed guards.
It is so incredibly arrogant.
They get bitter.
They cling to guns, or religion, or antipathy towards people that aren't like them.
Barack Hussein Obama.
From my cold, dead hands.
From my cold, dead hands.
From my cold, dead hands.
Charlton Heston.
The right to defend one's person and one's home when attacked has been guaranteed through the ages by common law.
Martin Luther King Jr.
They've denied for so long they're coming for our guns.
Now they admit that.
A nation of sheep will be ruled by wolves.
Because holding a gun makes me a real feminist.
Come and take it.
Battle of Gonzales, Texas, 1835.
Molon Labe.
King Leonidas at the Battle of Thermopylae.
If you think gun control is going to change the terrorist's point of view... I think you're, like, out of your mind.
I think you're like, I think anybody is.
I think it's absolutely insane.
I have a strict gun control policy.
If there's a gun around, I want to control it.
Clint Eastwood.
Go ahead.
Make my day.
A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state.
The right of the people.
The right of the people.
The right of the people.
To keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
The Second Amendment.
Everybody knows that you either use a right, or you lose it.
And we're using the First Amendment to defend the Second Amendment.
Now, our last big push was with the Hillary for Prison shirts, and it became a national meme, and it's had an incredible effect, and it's brought so many patriots together.
I want to do the same with this Come and Take It shirt.
We're going to have a whole bunch of different varieties coming out.
This Texas version is the first of a group of limited editions.
We've got one with the classic Canon and one with the classic modern M4.
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This shirt is an absolute must-have.
It's athletic cut, and it's got this incredibly soft, contouring fabric that everybody in the office loves.
Support the Second Amendment.
Support the First Amendment.
And meet like-minded people today by getting your Come and Take It limited edition shirt at InfoWarsTore.com.
Captain Clay Higgins is our guest.
We've got Latinos for Trump coming in here.
Really powerful info they've been putting out.
Then we have Milo.
Who has officially been banned for life from Twitter for criticizing the new feminist movie Ghostbusters.
I mean, that's just free speech.
That's racial or sexual hatred.
So they're really trying to shut down free speech.
Meanwhile, they have national TV leftists and people calling for my arrest, saying I should be shut down.
These people are authoritarians.
You know, that shows they're losing, though, Captain, that they're really trying to shut down free speech.
Yeah, they're desperate.
But, you know, free speech,
You know, our First Amendment, man, is going to stand strong whether, again, whether they like it or not, because we now have the means by which to communicate outside of the parameters of the controlled media, you know, the in-the-box media.
We can communicate through the airways, through social media, and means by which it was just unprecedented.
And good luck trying to shut it down.
Yeah, good luck shutting that down.
By the way, you gave me this really nice armband here.
It says redemption on it.
Captain Higgins.
That's reflective of a charitable endeavor we have to build a homeless shelter.
I'm passionate about the homeless and I believe in the redemptive nature of every human being.
My story is an open book and I'm certainly reflective of that type of redemptive nature.
And I believe our country is there, Alex.
I gave you that because our country is at a crucial point right now.
This election in November will determine whether or not we shall be a redeemed country or not.
And that's how important it is, and that's why I believe the election is going to turn out with a President Trump.
Wow, I used to really like Ted Cruz.
I was really ashamed last night when he wouldn't endorse Trump.
I mean, he just shouldn't have spoken.
Man, I have to be honest.
That's my nature.
I'm a candid person.
You presented this to me on the air now, and my nature is to respond from my heart.
I was hurt, man, because I love Ted.
I actually met the man yesterday.
And, you know, we had a moment, man.
We shared a moment, two patriots, and I completely expected my friends back home had been texting me from across the country, Cap'n Higgins, do you think he's going to endorse Trump?
I said, of course he is.
He's a man of character and, you know, we understand.
You know, we take our licks, we get our ass whipped, we stand up and we continue to move.
And I really, really was hurt that he fell short of that.
That's that's that important crucial moment.
You know we all have defining moments in life and and we either define them or they define us and I believe last night that moment defined him.
Unfortunate in the last three minutes we have left other points you want to break down you were telling me during the break about the death threats they told you don't come here you know we've got a red dot on you all these other you know intel info coming in we had all that same stuff instead this is some of the smallest amount of protests by the communist we've ever seen they're pathetic it looked like it was all bluff now the day's not over
But I tell ya, we got trash trucks and other stuff that disappeared, but I tell ya, it just shows that their intimidation isn't working.
Yeah, it's not.
And it can be a bluff or not.
Makes no difference to me.
It's not gonna end well for them.
Because the American people, the American people are just not gonna tolerate that kind of, that kind of oppression anymore.
You understand, we will stand our country back up, and it begins, again, one candidate at a time, one patriot at a time, embracing a path that's been prepared for us, because, you know, our forefathers, and for 235 years, we've had patriot bloodshed to get this thing to where it is.
Have we been perfect?
But you can rest assured that we're going to continue moving forward as an American.
I like the historical term you use about we're going to stand America up.
I never heard anybody use that term, but like an army stands up, a company stands up, a family stands up.
I mean, we, the globalists have sabotaged.
People think it's hard to be prosperous.
Americans have always been the most prosperous.
We have to get them off our back.
We will automatically, like a jack-in-the-box, stand right back up.
That's right.
And that's it.
Stand America back up.
That's what we intend to do.
Explain what that term means militarily.
It's what, well, you know, if you'd stand up a force, then that means the enemy's in a bind.
And right now the enemy is overseas and it's within our borders here.
We have enemies, foreign and domestic, that we face.
And every American can do their part by participating in this election in November.
Americans have to stand up.
The Americans must stand up.
We must go to the polls.
We must vote.
We must take back our neighborhoods.
Get aggressive.
We don't have to tolerate the kind of violence and hateful rhetoric that's taken over our streets.
You know, our police officers are getting murdered while we sit in our squad cars.
It shows the disconnect that Obama comes out and says cops need to reform every time cops get killed, implying random dead cops are at fault for something else
That is crazy.
And gun control.
Of course, you know, we just couldn't wait for his next speech about gun control after more cops were murdered, right?
That's really the leadership that we needed.
After they incited CaptainHiggins.com.
Clay Higgins, thank you, my friend.
Look forward to speaking to you again in the future.
Yes, sir.
God bless you, sir, and your endeavor.
Thank you.
All right, we're going to go to break.
I'm going to say bye to you.
We've got more folks coming in.
And then he's been censored, Milo.
I mean, they have a lifetime ban for criticizing the Ghostbusters.
God Almighty, I tell ya.
They can do that to him, they can do it to anybody.
I'm Alex Jones with Infowars.com.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The rally yesterday, almost everyone in the crowd had on a Hillary for Prison t-shirt.
It is amazing.
Everyone stops and they go, what does that shirt mean?
Why does she need to go to prison?
And it allows us to engage in a conversation and teach these people who have no clue about who Hillary really is.
About all the things she's been involved in.
And we're not laying down to that witch.
She's not, she's not going to buffalo us.
We're not coward.
We're not broke back.
We're taking action.
What about you?
Get your Hillary for President shirt.
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I'm telling you, the war is now, the war is an info war.
We're going to win.
It's now been duplicated by countless groups and I think that's wonderful.
Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and now it's all over CNN, it's all over Fox, it's all over the Trump rallies, the Hillary rallies.
The number one search term for a week straight, last week, and still continuing, one of the top search terms is, is Hillary going to jail?
This has been incredibly successful.
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We've got it.
This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
You got it.
But I think Trump is going to win.
I'm sorry.
You know what?
Boo if you want.
I am glad you're saying that.
Everybody should say that.
I don't want to say that.
No, no.
The enemy is complacency.
Say it every day.
He certainly could win.
I live in Michigan.
Let me tell you, it's going to be the Brexit strategy.
The middle of England is Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.
Mitt Romney lost by 64 electoral votes.
The total electoral votes of those four states in the Rust Belt, 64.
All he has to do is win those four states.
I'm telling you, I was there during the Michigan primary, and he went there in front of a Ford, and he said, I'm telling you right now, they moved this factory to Mexico, I'm putting a tariff on the cars, and that's it.
And it was music to people's ears, and more people in Michigan in the Michigan primary voted Republican than Democrat in the primary this year.
And folks, we are back live.
So many great people here.
So many big interviews.
We've got stacked up that we've already taped when I confronted Charlie Rose.
I talked to Don King last night.
And we've got so much coming up.
This is live in studio.
Marco Gutierrez and Marco Leo, official Latinos for Trump.com.
Talk about amazing folks.
And, you know, coming here legally is what Mr. Gutierrez did, becoming a citizen.
That's what Trump's always said.
Is that
I mean, this is what Ross Perot exposed.
He said, they're paid $25 an hour, $30 an hour in Canada.
We're paid $18 an hour here.
As soon as we opened up to Canada, theirs all went down.
Now we do it to Mexico, we're going to go down.
It happened.
And so it's stupid.
I mean, we need to be using our jobs industry here to actually build up deals with Mexico, not the other way around, just imploding all of our nations.
So, OfficialLatinosForTrump.com.
Guys, tell us your story.
Tell us about what you've been through supporting Trump, where you see all this going, and why you've decided to support Trump.
But first, tell us your story.
You were telling me your personal story.
Well, my name is Marco Gutierrez, and I was born and raised in Mexico, and I came to this country
In 1991, my parents were granted amnesty in the Reagan administration.
So they applied, they petitioned for us, and I was there four years without my parents.
I stayed in Mexico while we got approved.
Just scoot down a little bit.
I'm sorry, I said scoot down.
We got approved.
I came.
I have had the opportunity to integrate into this culture and it hasn't been easy.
I see a lot of people that are having a hard time that they come here and they stay in the middle.
They live in a subculture environment where they don't feel the urgency or the need to become a citizen.
They cash their checks at the Mexican market.
They go to church in Spanish.
So they don't feel that need.
And Mexico is a country under development, underdeveloped country, so the third world mentality, we bring that with us.
And I think that's what Donald Trump's talking about.
We have problems.
We're bringing problems.
But as you integrate in the culture and you understand, then you start seeing the rules and you start...
Um, getting the idea of what it is to be an American.
I came here to be an American.
I didn't come here to continue to be a Mexican.
And that attitude that you have in San Jose about the flag and la raza.
La raza is the ones that have been pushing things on the Hispanics that is not right.
You know, the white man with blue eyes is the devil.
And when you tell that to kids,
The false pride that comes with that and they're trying to defend a Mexico that doesn't exist.
That Mexico that they're defending here is the Mexico of 150 years ago.
And there's a lot of unresolved...
Pain that they keep cultivating when this is a different time.
I mean, look, it's Ford Foundation.
There's beef on both sides.
Everybody's done bad stuff.
But it's Ford Foundation weaponized garbage to make us all fight to keep people in a subculture, as you said, control the Democratic Party.
So, I mean, I wouldn't even be against even more massive immigration, because quite frankly, a lot of Americans have gotten lazy and I don't care what color they are.
But the issue is, the issue is,
That they get here, I don't care whether they're from China or Europe or wherever, they're indoctrinated with socialist brainwashing and hate America garbage to bring the country down.
And I'm sorry, that's my issue.
And so that's why it's so great.
Because I see these stereotypes that Hispanics are all communists or socialists.
I find them the most patriotic people out there.
Same thing with black folks.
We have rallies where it's like almost all blacks and Hispanics, and not even white people, they actually care about freedom.
And I'm not trying to be patronizing or, you know, virtue signal.
It's a fact.
It's what we're seeing.
So what I'm saying is, from what the real people believe and stand for, and what the media claims people stand for, it's two different things.
So what do you think the demographics are?
How many folks, let's say from Mexico, do you think kind of halfway understand what's going on?
Or are they just kind of kept in their barrio?
You have what's called a lot of Donald Trump supporters that are in the closet.
And they're afraid to come and say it publicly because of the violent criticism of the left.
I wish there was two or three Alex Jones in Spanish.
Maybe I can make one.
We want to launch a whole Spanish division.
That's not the money.
We're looking.
In fact, that's a plan.
I am so against Jorge Ramos, George Lopez, I do videos just because these guys exploit their heritage just to enrich themselves and they're hurting all these kids by continuing that nonsense.
That's, it's not conducive.
I think that they're interfering in the integration, cultural integration of thousands of millions of people.
And creating division.
Because let's be honest, it's not just LaRosa teaching hate and stuff, it's causing a backlash on the other side.
It's very distasteful.
In the media, I was trying to talk to CNN and Univision yesterday, 90% it's just socialist
Mambo Jabo!
A lot of Latinos are really pro-capitalism.
A lot of Latinos are pro-capitalism at heart.
You see the guys that are cutting people's yards.
You got guys that are selling ice cream at the corner and they have fruit stands.
Old-fashioned common sense hard work.
Yeah, they're not relying on the government.
And mom and dad and family, the opposite of what the socialists.
How could they sell, especially the Hispanics, who are like the most pro-family people out there, how are they trying to sell socialism to them?
And anti-family.
It doesn't work.
I mean, we like taco truck, we like tamales, we sell, we like trade.
And when the Spanish conquered Mexico, they wrote back to Queen Elizabeth and they said, hey, we found this place with riches where there's trade compared to the China's.
And still to this day, that's what we like.
We don't like free lunch.
We like to work.
But you've always had, just like we've had in the U.S., colonialism.
And this would be great to see colonialism, now we have this corporate colonialism, this socialist colonialism, finally get rid of it.
Yeah, Latinos are definitely
You know
And a lot of times they do.
And I was talking to other minorities and some of them are supporting Donald Trump because the Latinos have embedded themselves into the government as well, running the HUD homes.
Uh, and that's quite, you know, they're upset because, hey, you have to be a Latino just to get a Section 8 house.
But if you're, if you're not Latino, then, uh, and that's actually bringing in like a black hole.
So the truth is every group in history does this entitlement business.
And does this inside, you know, privilege thing.
Instead of just making our culture be about the Bill of Rights, Constitution, free market, family, no matter what color we are, where we came from.
We believe in the prosperity of an open, free society.
But we can't bring folks in who are going to be weaponized against that free society, and that's happening.
Well, one thing that, in 1986, Reagan granted 4 million people passage here to get legalized here.
That includes my stepfather, by the way.
Out of those 4 million, I'm probably the only one that's in the convention today.
Where are those people at?
They should be jumping up and down, registered Republican, to pay back.
That they're able to be here, but they're not.
So, we did something wrong then.
And a lot of people tell me, well, if you're Mexican and you came here to Amnesty, why are you against these people getting legalized?
Different times, different problems, and different solutions.
Well, the thing is, the Republicans did that, and the Democrats are so good at race baiting, it doesn't matter what they do, it just gets worse and worse.
Where you're being called all these names no matter what you do, and at a certain point you're like... Yeah, they call us racists, and it's... Yeah, so what is that like?
Oh, it's terrible.
You know, obviously I'm white.
You know, my parents, they come from Mexico.
They came here legally.
They needed the math knowledge from my dad, you know, and he worked on the space program.
So he came over here legally.
And, you know, his parents, you know, descended from Spain.
And so the Mexicans, they're like, oh, he's American already.
So they didn't want me.
The blacks, I'm obviously not black.
And, you know, the whites, they didn't assimilate me because, you know, I'm an ESL person.
I didn't learn English until six years old.
So I had a lot of racism thrown at me from all sides.
That's me.
I mean, I mean, I love black folks, but I mean, some of them are really racist and aggressive.
I grew up in Dallas and I've been attacked.
I mean, a lot.
I mean, I mean, they made a movie just of that.
People wouldn't believe it and that I don't have some chip on my shoulder.
It's random black people who are great folks.
But, you know, it's like.
They act like only a minority can go through racism, but you're saying you were getting it from all sides.
Whites, Hispanics, blacks, everybody.
So what do you mean?
Well, that's people are tribal.
You know, you're not in their group, you're not in the club.
So that's actually helped me become who I am, you know, a stronger individual.
I agree.
The stuff I went through made me stronger.
It didn't make me a victim.
Nope, it didn't.
I've been prosperous in my life.
Good or bad, I'm going to land okay because I have a good head on my shoulders and I have strong feet.
And you're independent.
Very independent.
Imagine the enslavement of actually believing you can only get ahead with the government.
Communist countries can't even build cars.
They don't even have enough food!
Look at Cuba.
I mean, take the Russians.
Those are probably one of the highest IQ groups out there, statistically.
Engineers, scientists, art, music, you name it.
Under communism, they couldn't even hardly produce automobiles.
Or enough food.
It's ridiculous.
And now they just released an airplane that rivals the 737.
The MC-21 just came out.
And it's got anti-suicide pilot technology written into it.
It already can be flown as a drone, but they're not getting that certified yet.
That's right.
The point is, no matter who you take, they took black folks and put them under government control, out of one evil into another, and totally destroyed their family in 30 years.
Blacks had lower illegitimacy than whites in the 40s and 50s.
Now, it's the worst in the world.
Yeah, you put Russians under government, they're done.
You put blacks under government, they're done.
You take anybody and put them under government, they're done.
I mean, you put them under socialism, it's over.
They over-regulate everything.
Well, yeah, because you never get a chance to actually live or try and fail.
Oh, kids, everybody has to get an A+, so there's no more grades.
We can't have dodgeball.
We can't have trophies, because everybody's got to get one.
I mean, it's crazy.
If everybody's a winner, then everybody's on the same level.
Nobody gets ahead.
But a lot of people get left behind.
And of course, there's always the few winners in the government system who they want to get in the little places of power.
But it's crazy.
And again, I'm not even saying the government itself is evil.
I'm saying a big, overreaching, giant government.
But I tell you guys, what type of response have you got when you say folks are closeted?
Because that's what I find, is that I think Trump's going to win a landslide.
Most people I talk to who are white, black, Hispanic, most folks I know are mixed, whatever you call it, just humans.
They're supporting Trump.
You know how liberal trendies are, but they're scared to say it.
I was at a grocery store, and I was getting signatures for Trump, and this lady who didn't speak a lick of English, she starts speaking to me in Spanish, and she basically is like, yeah, I'm a Trump supporter.
Doesn't speak English.
Is registered to vote.
She says that the Democrats really have, you know, allowed demonic forces into their party.
I think people are getting it.
Carson said it's the devil.
Hillary's mentor pledged himself to Lucifer.
And she pointed out... There's a problem that I want to talk to you about.
Now, talking about the problems that we as an underdeveloped culture bring.
The number one epidemic in the Hispanic community right now is domestic violence.
A lot of these people get deported because they haven't got their citizenship.
So what you have here is, it costs about $50,000 to deport somebody without any legal entanglements around it.
Now, you deport a person, now the family goes in assistance.
That's about another $50,000 because it'll take about a year for the guy to get enough money to come back.
So now, you have $100,000 on somebody that's not doing what he's supposed to do, that's not abiding by the rules of the land.
So these people need to, either they need to either integrate, or they need to find another... No, I agree.
We need to just vet people, and if they have skills, and if they have a good record, just... And I'm sorry, we have people in the citizenship test, they're patriots, at least they're Americana,
That sounds wrong to me to say they've got to have a political pro-America view, but then I realize instead they're giving them a globalist communist view.
So I'm saying don't indoctrinate people, but then they're going to do it anyway.
So how do you counter that?
Well, something that your guest before was saying is when you get your citizenship, you actually have an oath.
I know to uphold the Constitution and I know to go against domestic and foreign terrorists.
So I guess becoming a citizen really is you agree to be at least, at least swear to this indoctrination.
I mean, that's it?
You're joining this crew?
You're joining this club?
We want free market?
Religious freedom?
We're going to do all this?
Why wouldn't you want to set up places like that?
To answer your question, how do you counter that, you know, I look at the whole Soviet Union when they went to glasnost, and that's what people need is glasnost.
Freedom, deregulation, empowerment, and that's how you counter it.
And right now, it's a tough job to try to get to that point.
Um, you know, even, even on the, uh, platform, I read the entire thing.
There's a lot of wonderful stuff.
And then there's some stuff that's, it's not just regulation, but it's over-regulation.
That's right, over-regulation.
It's all sorts of garbage.
Because all these special interests can come in, they can buy off the government, and then basically have their industry protected.
And now they want to just shut down free speech.
You know, this Milo guy's about to be here, you know, tens of millions of Twitter followers until now, banned.
Tech company guy sells it, happens to be, you know, gay or whatever, and he criticizes feminism, and now they've just had your ban for life.
Because that's hateful.
I mean, nobody's safe.
They have a coup at Fox News right now?
I mean, they're making their move because they know America and the world is waking up.
Gentlemen, stay with us, we're going to come back.
What's the best website for folks to visit?
Official Latinos for Trump dot com.
Official Latinos for Trump dot com.
These gentlemen are reaching tens of millions of people a week.
It is amazing.
They are incredible.
Once upon a time there was a dude named Prescott.
Last name Bush.
Guess what?
He helped run a bank, funding Nazis.
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Congratulations, the Bush family got millions.
That's a lot of loot now, time to turn it up now.
Ain't no turnin' back now.
Prescott had a son, his name was Herbert Walker.
We're good to go.
I think?
On September 11th, Bush and the head of the Bin Laden family would be at the same Carlyle Group meeting in Washington.
A few miles from where Osama Bin Laden's hijackers would attack the government.
Bush, Cheney, and the Bin Laden Group gained everything they had wanted as a direct result of 9-11.
And of course, U.S.
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You've got six minutes left, Marco Gutierrez and crew here, also Marco.
You got the floor.
Other key things you've seen, what you've seen here, what's coming up, you're telling me about the parties with the delegates, other interesting things.
You told me about splits in families.
You said you have friends and family where the wife threatens to leave the husband if he votes Trump.
I mean, this is crazy.
Well, I talk about immigration a lot because
We, I came here with a dream, an American dream, and I have had actually a very successful story because I became a millionaire in 2007.
I went bankrupt and I lost everything.
And then I see that if you really want to, this lands the land of opportunity.
I mean, it just... I want to guess, I bet you've already built it back up.
It's, I'm getting there.
Where else can you do that?
Nowhere else but the USA!
And not anymore if they keep doing this.
There is a lot of people out there that are, they are angry of people that are successful, and I think that's why they're so angry about Donald Trump.
My culture is divided because they, being an immigrant is not easy.
You know, you, it's like you get transplanted and you don't get ideas.
And you get pissed on some, that happens to everybody.
Yeah, but there is a point where you have to have integrity, you know?
You are here, and this is the land, this is the flag we have allegiance to.
And what I'm feeling from, look, America's being great for me again now.
I'm talking to Alex Jones.
I was at the floor with a Latinos for Trump sign.
And I think that that's going to give permission to a lot of Hispanics to say, well, I can do that, too.
And it's OK.
It's OK to support Donald Trump.
And it's OK to be open about it, too.
I want to believe in Trump, but I know this.
Hillary's pure evil.
There's no choice here.
What did you think of Ted Cruz?
I used to really admire him saying he'd vote for Trump, pledging, and then flip-flopping on there.
I really feel sorry for him.
Oh, I was totally ready with the Latinos for Trump sign down on the floor.
You know, all Latinos unite.
All the Latinos unite with Donald Trump.
And I was expecting that, and he was saying a lot of great things.
You know, he slipped it in there.
And then he, yeah, vote your conscience.
And which, to some degree, yeah, I guess.
But up and down the, I mean, all the votes are for Hillary.
We don't vote for Trump.
The others, it's like, look at others.
I'm like, you should have just said vote for Hillary.
He said it was all speed.
Oh, and up in, it's the same thing Lynne Beck said.
That PR firm wrote that.
Yeah, so I'm like, where's the Olive Branch?
Where's the endorsement that he said that he would do?
This morning I was watching the coverage and he addressed the Texas delegation and they said,
We came here as delegates for Cruz and we're leaving delegates for Trump.
So it backfired on him.
I told folks they were going to walk out Wednesday of Cruz's speech.
Didn't happen.
We told everybody that was coming.
Tell them what your dad said.
Oh, my dad told me something about staying in Mexico.
Uh, that some people, they like to, uh, burn their houses to see your scotch fire.
Say it again?
Uh, some people burn their houses just to see your house scotch on fire.
And I think... So he cut his nose off in spite of space.
Yeah, we have.
So he burned himself up hoping he would get Trump.
Yes, I think that he did.
And you know, he's Hispanic, and I'm going back to something.
I have tried to not think with a cold on my skin because that's what the left is teaching everybody.
I've tried.
Somebody, Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico, was saying that Donald Trump was the false prophet.
And I did a video against him and said, you know... Listen, brother, we're going to have you back up next week.
God bless you.
We've got Milo coming up.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much for having us.
Great job, guys.
This is the website, officiallatinosfortrump.com.
Turkey's Ministry of Education announced Tuesday it fired 15,000 personnel, including 1,500 university deans, for alleged involvement with a group the government claims plotted Friday's deadly failed coup and the latest mass crackdown against government workers there, reports Fox News.
The government accused U.S.-based Claire Gullen for plotting the coup and demanding the U.S.
extradite him.
Turkey sent dowsers containing details of Gulen's activities to the U.S., the Deputy Prime Minister said.
Earlier, Secretary of State John Kerry said that while he recognized the need to apprehend the coup plotters, quote, we caution against a reach that goes beyond that, end quote.
Sweeping purges in the aftermath of the coup have been seen in the dismissal of thousands from the judiciary, police force, military, administrative, and religious affairs departments.
You can find more reports on InfoWars.com.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Milo Yiannopoulos with his tens of millions of Twitter followers and a successful entrepreneur that keeps getting censored for just mild things.
I mean, this is pretty mild stuff, he says.
He calls himself the dangerous faggot because, I mean, I'd call him a classical liberal.
I'm a classical liberal.
I'm into more freedom.
It doesn't mean I have to adopt what everybody else is doing.
But at the same time now, they have banned him for life on Twitter.
It's one of the biggest stories in the world.
On DrudgeReport.com, New York Times, you name it.
I didn't realize he's not giving them interviews.
He just came here and this interview is coming up after the break.
So we're going to tweet that out.
Exclusive statement on him being banned for life.
This is crazy.
Paul Watson's done a powerful video on it.
The Truth About Milo.
I need to get that up.
Joe Biggs separately.
You've been attacked, you've been burned, you've had to file police reports, they've arrested him by the communists.
I got attacked by the communists.
There's a coup at Fox News.
I mean, are we in the middle of a coup against America right now?
I was actually just standing downstairs and there was a whole bunch of guys with like red bandanas and they were looking at me, pointing at me like, that's him, that's him.
I'm like, yeah, I'm the guy that's taking your leader down.
I'm the guy that's going to sit here and make sure that this communist bastard... You know what?
Well, this is all over.
Let's just go out and find these guys.
Yeah, I'm down.
No one's in trouble, but screw you commies, you don't scare us.
So either way, I stopped the guy who was trying to light our flag on fire, and I tried to put it out with my hand, burnt my hand, I ripped the guy's shirt off, there was a huge scuffle, cops on horses coming in, I mean, it was like over a thousand people in this little circle right down, right here on the road, and it was intense, man, there was, the flags going all over the place, we're trying to put it out, this guy's down on the ground, and they all, it was 13 commies got arrested, so all in all, it's a pretty good day.
Well, I mean, the point is they attack people and then say they aren't, and they're out there trying to incite a riot, clearly, in front of a bunch of veterans burning an American flag.
Well, this guy's been known, he's a habitual, you know, dirtbag.
He's everywhere.
Same thing with this Dix guy.
Everywhere he goes, there's bad stuff the next few days.
Yeah, Carl Dix, uh, freaking, this guy's Gregory Johnson.
He's a douchebag.
And, uh, he goes everywhere and cites violence.
He was in Ferguson, Baltimore.
He's the guy that goes out there with the megaphone, gets everybody riled up, and then when, you know, stuff hits the fan, he walks off and sits back and kind of smiles and lets everyone else go to jail.
This time, it came to him.
Well, overall, I've never felt the spirit of America rising stronger.
It actually freaks me out.
This horse race between Hillary and these fake New York Times articles, 78% chance she's going to win.
Total bull, man.
What is your overall feel, though, on this RNC?
It's Trump all the way.
I mean, I've been to almost all these events with half of our crew, and you see thousands upon thousands of people that come from Canada, that come from states away to go listen to this man speak.
No one does that for Hillary Clinton.
There was like a hundred people that showed up to Long Beach to her event.
It was lackluster.
It was depressing.
It was ridiculous.
No one cares.
She's horrible.
Hillary for prison, 2016.
Clinton for San Quentin.
What's it like to see our memes dominating everywhere?
It's everywhere.
You can't walk 10 feet in Cleveland right now without seeing a Hillary for prison t-shirt.
And if it's not ours, it's a knockoff.
But hey, you guys are taken from us and that's flattering.
That's awesome.
Yeah, no.
And to be quite frank, I saw one guy a year and a half ago with a sticker.
I was like, oh man, that's where I got the idea.
I said, hey, some guy had a sticker.
Let's put this out.
Other people picked it up.
I could care less.
So I'm not even the presenter of that idea.
The point is, I'm just carrying the ball just to get it out to folks.
And so it's very, very exciting.
We're going to make a run at Hillary Clinton.
Let's go all the way.
What do you make of Milo?
Lifetime man.
This is their model of the internet.
Where they claim he incited cultural or sexual or racist stuff, because he said the new Ghostbusters movie looks so horrible, and the trailer, I would never watch it.
Not because it's three women.
They suck, man!
I was bullhorning all the different Twitter stations that are set up throughout the RNC, screaming Free Milo, and then had the entire crowd chanting.
And we were all sitting there giving them thumbs down, Milo's over there laughing.
I mean, we were sitting there booing him and doing all that, and we're like, Free Milo, shame on you, you guys are dirtbags.
Freedom of speech.
And everyone was just like, yeah.
Well, great job.
We're going to go down media road later.
We're going to go out and sell out of commies later.
They're looking for us.
Oh, yes.
Oh, yeah.
And then we're also going for Trump's speech tonight.
Good job.
Roger that.
Not a group.
You developed Living Defense for us.
It took you over a year to do it.
Why is this show good?
Because people are actually waking up to the problem that pretty much scares me the most.
I mean, I try to make sure that I don't put toxins from food and water and beverages in my system, but right now we're dealing with massive parasites, which is anything that's harmful to your body that lives off a host mechanism.
Right now with all the refugees,
Uh, spreading disease around.
We have biological warfare going on everywhere.
These are all parasites.
Tell us about all the stuff that's in it.
There's so many things that are in it.
You have the neem in there, you have the organic clove bud, the organic wormwood, you have enzyme blend in there.
This is very important because a lot of these microorganisms, and even going up to tapeworms, pinworms, you have to disintegrate the lining.
I mean, on viruses,
Protect themselves and so do bacteria, protozoa and mycoplasms.
They have a protective shell that a lot of times the immune system can't even get into.
Our own immune system.
Especially since most people's immune system are weak anyway.
So we actually design the living defense and put in a specific blend of enzymes which actually chew and eat through the lining of these different organisms.
So the Living Defense is amazing.
We've seen just tremendous reviews.
How often could you take Living Defense?
I mean, is it a regimen every day?
That's what I was doing until we ran out.
Or do you do it heavier for certain cleanses?
What do you do, Dr. Group?
Well, I do usually six weeks at a time because if you look at the life cycle of most parasites, it's six weeks from the time... So you've got to kill the ones that are in there and then kill their babies when they hatch out.
If you're suffering from abdominal pain, allergies, even like headaches, anemia, weakened immune system, gut problems, depression, hair loss, excess gas, muscle pain, nervousness, I mean all these things, doctors don't know.
They don't teach doctors in medical school about parasites and harmful organisms.
There's a reason why they don't teach them about that.
Just like they don't teach doctors about the root cause of disease and how to eliminate
All disease out there.
They don't want you to know about it.
You don't want your own immune system being attacked.
Again, you know, you have animals, especially your cats, dogs.
So many people have pets these days.
People eat raw sushi.
People eat more raw food.
You have all these different organisms showing up in the water supplies now.
You even have it in the air supplies, these tiny microorganisms.
So it's not like we can get away from them.
We just have to do everything.
I recommend doing a parasite
All right, well, I'm glad we've got some back in, because I'm going back on it today.
It just came back in yesterday.
Living Defense, Infowarslife.com.
And folks, you can't lose.
It's full of stuff that's great for your body, period.
And you support the broadcast, Infowarslife.com.
Thank you, Dr. Group from the Global Healing Center.
Thank you so much for all your work, sir, on this great product.
We're good to go.
Milo Yiannopoulos with tens of millions of Twitter followers.
Just viral videos every day.
I don't really need to introduce who he is.
Successful entrepreneur.
And he also goes by the dangerous faggot.
Because I guess he doesn't want to go along with the fake liberals that want to restrict free speech.
And like ban the word mother and father and all this weird Jim Jones stuff.
But I mean, I didn't realize how huge this interview was going to be because I've been trying to get you on for months.
And then, you know, I met you over at the Ritz at one of those Republican functions covering stuff, and I know you and Paul Watson have talked, and he's been covering how you get censored all over the internet, but they're now using you!
Literally, I can't believe this is happening.
While this coup against the media happens, Fox News has a coup, taking it over, Drudge has warned everybody that the Supreme Court Justice told him now is the time they're coming after free speech.
He warned a year ago, it's now happening on this show.
I think this interview is, you know, up there in importance because this is the day after you've been banned, lifetime ban, and they say under these U.N.
rules anybody will be banned on the internet, period.
If you've been shown to be hateful for making fun of the abominable Ghostbusters movie.
So this is getting crazier and crazier.
And I wondered, I'm like, Milo's not giving statements to the press.
It's like one of the top stories in the world right now.
I mean, this is crazy.
And he comes and he goes, oh yeah, I'm going to give you the unfettered statement because it's live and I won't be censored.
So Milo, you've got the floor.
Walk through what's happened.
A lot of folks are watching.
A lot of people are listening.
We'll recap it to you a little bit later, but thanks for coming in.
Thank you so much.
Thank you for having me.
I'm glad we got to do this at last.
You bet.
Well, this is insane.
This is wild.
I didn't realize, I mean, I knew this was epic, but I didn't realize it was like supernova epic.
Turn me into the little star of the RNC.
You know, I don't know how stupid Twitter is, but I don't think they anticipated what was going to happen.
Well, let's talk about, for new viewers or folks that haven't followed it, what's really happened.
Your statement, go ahead.
Well, I published a review of the new Ghostbusters movie, which is a really bad film.
It's a very bad film.
It seems to me to be the first film, I mean, maybe the first film I've ever seen, anyone I can think of, which has been conceived entirely out of spite.
This is a movie they just hate.
Sounds like Toddlers made a movie!
Exactly, exactly.
It's the first movie I can think of that was made entirely out of childish spite.
Now, the thing about the first Ghostbusters movie, and maybe people didn't think of this at the time, but it is like a libertarian showcase.
You know, the bad guys in the first movie aren't the ghosts.
The bad guys in the first movie are the government.
The ghosts in the first movie are adorable.
You know, they're nice, fun characters.
Slimer looks like a good guy to party with!
Of course!
Who doesn't want to party with the ghosts from Ghostbusters?
No, but the villains in the first movie were the government.
It was the bungling bureaucrats getting in the way of private... The EPA!
Getting in the way of private enterprise.
That's true.
This man has no dick.
Anyway, the new movie is entirely from this sort of mean... I know you do a lot of feminism.
Paul Joseph Watson does a lot of feminism.
I've seen it though.
A lot of movies now.
You go see them.
The new House Party movie was unwatchable.
All about how men are demons.
We did all this stuff and I was just like... I wasn't even offended.
It was so horrible.
I was like assaulted.
If you're going to assault me,
At least make it entertaining.
Do you know what?
I have a golden rule in life, which is be twice as funny as you are offensive, and this failed my golden rule.
I wouldn't have minded if I'd been laughing along, but it was almost worse than a genuinely kind of terrible movie.
It was a sort of, you know, you kind of like chuckled a few times, but otherwise it was just dreadful.
Anyway, I published a review on Breitbart, a 2,000 word review.
It's very long, very funny.
Yeah, if you want to see stuff by and about me now, no longer on Twitter, but you can go to Breitbart.com slash Milo and they aggregate everything about me in one place.
For now, though.
For now.
I'm not going to get banned from Breitbart anytime soon, I don't think.
You're going after the Internet, is what I mean.
No, of course.
So, you know, you can go there.
Anyway, I published this 2000 word review and Leslie Jones, who is the Black Ghostbuster, didn't like it very much.
She wasn't very keen on it.
She took to Twitter to say... She was triggered.
She was triggered.
She was triggered.
She took to Twitter to say, you know, you're terrible, you should be banned, all the rest of it.
So I cracked a few jokes, as I am wont to do sometimes.
You know, she blocked me, so I took a screenshot of that and I said, ugh, rejected by another black dude.
Because she looks remarkably like one of my ex-boyfriends.
You know, and I... A few little jokes like that, you know.
I mean, just little things, like I do all the time.
I mean, if you don't like that kind of humour, fine.
But, you know, remarkably, I think Twitter's finally pulled the trigger on me.
They've had a Milo problem for a while.
Why's it coming back?
With a lifetime ban on Twitter because I made a few jokes about it.
But you use your fame, your personality to drive tens of millions of followers there, and then they just take it from you.
We are the people that make Twitter and Facebook big.
I just don't get this.
Well, we're the most interesting thing on there.
I mean, the left is so boring now.
All they do is sort of Hector and language police.
They look at the world through one prism alone, which is the prism of bigotry.
Is this person racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic?
If not, we're not interested in the story.
And if yes, go nuts.
You know, that's really all most of the American media does now.
They have given up the pursuit of truth and exposing wrongdoing, and instead they're in the business of virtue signaling to each other.
Well, you're taking this pretty good, but I mean, for me it's a bellwether, with the coup at Fox, all the stuff that's going on.
You're next, they're coming for you next.
You and Coulter, they're going to get all of us.
For me, very honestly, I'm not as upset as people think I should be about this because it's turned me into a little micro star on this.
I've become a free speech martyr.
Thing is, I saw this coming, so I've started to plan.
I don't have anything like the audience you do, but I'm starting to build one on YouTube and various other places.
Well, he's got a huge audience, but expanding on that, but let's talk about
Uh, what they're claiming you did, because Paul Watson shot a video about it, I saw you break it down.
It's interesting that no one will publish it.
You know, all these, all these, uh, left-wing media outlets, you know, who I've said no to interviews to because I wanted to sit down with somebody who was kind of on message, I can actually talk, you know.
All these media outlets say, oh, Milo Yiannopoulos incited this hate brigade and these terrible things.
Not one of them quotes anything I said.
I was reading the New York Times, it sounded like you, like, committed murders or something.
No, not one of them quotes anything I said.
Anything I said, and of course, you know, I'm like,
So, Twitter's line on this seems to be that I incited harassment of an individual by publishing a movie review?
Are you insane?
Should I start censoring my movie reviews in case they contain any women or black characters that might get bad words on the internet?
This is nuts!
Yeah, so you cover it, a few trolls, might even be them, say something racist, now it's your fault.
It's like the Nazis, if somebody fought them in Poland, down the street they'd kill the whole street.
No, I mean seriously!
So like, you know, like if your neighbor does something wrong, we're gonna come after you.
Exactly, this guilt by association, classic tactic.
It's very fascist.
Classic tactic of the left, classic authoritarian tactics.
You know, guilt by association, it's Zelensky stuff, which you know very well.
You're right, the left and the right have done it, but I mean this is classic totalitarianism.
They know it, of course they do.
Someone, you wrote an article so people in the comments make racist comments, you're banned.
Yeah, yeah.
And the thing is, you know, they don't go after... In fact, Twitter employees have been egging on the war between, for instance, Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian.
You know, these sort of celebrity wars.
Yeah, that's okay.
They love to egg them on.
You can have Twitter accounts that kill Donald Trump.
Of course, of course.
But you can't make fun of a bad movie.
Female... conservative women get it even worse than we do.
I mean, if you've ever talked to Anne Coulter about this... Do you know what Leanne McAdoo goes through on Twitter?
No, I don't even want to know.
It is horrible.
I dread to think.
And it's all the left doing it.
I have never, you know my day job is technology editor at Breitbart, you know, so it's my job to keep an eye on this kind of stuff.
I don't think I can ever remember an example of a progressive being banned from Twitter, no matter whether it was a rape threat, a death threat, nothing.
They have Facebook ones too.
I don't think I've ever seen an example.
Yeah, I don't think I've ever seen an example of one of these people be banned.
It's so astonishing.
Why do you think they're so scared of you?
Because they really do hate you.
Well, obviously they would spit what you said.
They won't show your actual statements.
I'm going to skip this network break.
I want you to take over, Milo.
Because I want you to host the show right now, you're not being censored, and I want you to tell folks that are watching what you really stand for, what you really said about Ghostbusters, because you've got the floor, go ahead.
Ghostbusters is a really bad movie, but worse than the movie is what feminism has done to its stars, to the women who act in this movie.
It's turned the superstars of Hollywood blockbusters into victims.
Nothing offends me, really.
I mean, I don't have that bit of my brain where I get offended or afraid or all the rest of it.
Maybe I'm broken, but... I don't get offended by many things, but I was sort of offended on behalf of women.
Not just because of the stereotypical and dumb portrayals of women in this movie.
You know, you've got the tomboy, you've got the sort of 80s sassy black woman played by Leslie Jones, which all my black friends cringed at enormously.
But what happened to these women is they turned themselves into professional victims, into grievance mongers.
And these are strong, talented, successful women.
Who are sitting at home, and wherever they live in, you know, Beverly Hills or whatever, on their iPhones, worrying about what people are saying on the internet.
These women are victims, but not of... Poor babies!
I know, but these women are victims, just not of what they think.
They're not victims of the patriarchy.
They're not victims of some white supremacist conspiracy.
These people are victims of feminism.
These women are victims of people who have told them that everything that is wrong in their life is down to a man somewhere.
Or black people.
Everything that's wrong in your life is down to some sort of hegemonic, capitalist, hetero-patriarchal system.
It simply isn't true.
And it's so shocking to me and so depressing to see women who do now have access to education, to all the institutions of civil society, to government, everything else.
Constantly told that they are victims, that they are oppressed, that everything that's bad happens to them in their life is somebody else's fault.
And Leslie Jones, I don't know whether she was deployed by the studio on purpose to kind of drum up some sympathy because... Oh, obviously this is all staged.
So, like, make money off killing the First Amendment.
I think boycott their damn film.
It seems that way to me.
And, of course, you've got to bear in mind Sony and Amy Pascal at Sony.
She was caught saying some slightly off-color things about Barack Obama in those emails that were leaked from Sony.
You remember?
Oh, let's take him to go see Django or whatever it was, you know?
And she was like, hmm.
So this is Amy Pascal trying to get her social justice credentials back.
This is a, you know, there's a lot of things going on here.
And I just, from my point of view, I talk a lot about feminism in my college talks.
I'm so
Shocked and saddened by what the left and what feminism and what political correctness has done to women.
Women have been reporting themselves as getting progressively less happy every decade since the Second World War.
It cannot be unrelated.
That's right.
It's a bunch of... Let's just say it.
And I'm not being mean about this, but it's a bunch of weird, twisted, ugly women.
It is.
That are jealous.
And mainly lesbians, by the way.
It is.
No, it is.
And they want the women.
I get it, I want women too.
They want to keep up on this reservation.
No, but it's like, of course, of course these feminists hate men.
They're all lesbians.
If you look, I say this in my talks, and people get offended by this.
It's competition.
No, exactly.
If you look at the academic roster, you know, you look at the faculty list.
In a gender studies department.
Yeah, they want to brainwash him.
Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke, Dyke
Exactly, this is actually a group of vampiric pig goblins trying to destroy femininity.
I knew this was going to get competitive.
This is a satanic demon trying to suck on the essence of the goddess.
Well, I can't beat that one.
It's an attempt at the virtue of the goddess.
Damn you!
Damn you, Janet Reno!
No, you know what?
People get offended by this.
I've known women, and I'm telling you, Hillary Clinton and Janet Reno aren't one.
Well... We're not even men!
Well, you know, there's... But you're a man!
You know the average man just wants to live their life and bumbling around.
I mean, we're not, like, organizing... Men just want food, sex, and sleep, you know?
We're very simple creatures.
And when we want sex really badly, we have, you know, our testosterone kicks in and we do competitive things.
You know, we build civilization.
We go to the moon.
We build the internet.
You know, patriarchy ain't that fucking bad.
You know, like, it's not that bad.
Patriarchy rules the world, right?
No, I know.
It's just a white male privilege.
No, if there is a patriarchy, women should be thankful for it.
Because, you know, they are the beneficiaries.
It's women who take more out of the tax system while putting less in.
It is women who benefit from male inventions.
No, I mean, it's true.
I put the woman on a little pink pillow.
Of course!
But that's exactly how we should treat women.
We should treat them with chivalry and respect.
We should honour and obey women, but the problem is that feminists take advantage of that.
They like to prey on a man's natural instinct for chivalry.
They've been bullying us!
I don't throw that word around too lightly, but it is kind of true.
No, no.
It's kind of true.
And these women prey on a man's natural chivalrous instinct.
Like, when they play the victim, they say, oh, I'm at home crying.
And they know that male journalists are going to try to run to their defense.
They're going to white knight them, you know?
That is the worst kind of sociopathy and opportunism and ugly behavior.
And all it does is drive the sexes apart.
And, you know, if you want to sort of compassionate points here.
That hurts women most.
Because men in their thirties can retreat into porn and video games and their buddies and sports and working out.
They're generally OK.
You're right.
No, statistics show men are retreating from women.
And I wrote a piece about this, I think, two years ago called The Sexodus on Breitbart.
And you've covered this a lot.
And I know Paul Joseph Watson's covered this a lot.
This is a real thing.
Men are kind of retreating out of society, sort of giving up on dating women because it's just too much hassle.
It's like you hate me?
You're making stuff up?
Fine, I'm out.
Fine, I'm out.
We know women, on the other hand, in their 30s, if they're still single, you know, getting to their late 30s, they're very, very unhappy.
Men kind of deal with it better.
It's just another way to... If you take the average feminist that's all whacked out and freaked out and deprogrammed in like two weeks, and they're like, oh my God, I'm alive, this is...
Well, you probably do this in real life.
I do this with people in my college talks, right?
There's women in the audience who come, and they come to cause trouble, and then they queue up at the end for a photo and say, my life has just been changed.
I had no idea.
It is.
It's a psychological warfare brainwashing template, taking real issues that were going on in the past, projecting them onto things now, just because a bunch of women, who like women, want their own stable of women, and instead they're actually putting them into their own brainwashing camp, and they're actually oppressing them,
The real victims here are these young, vulnerable, impressionable girls who arrive at university and they meet these body positivity-supporting professors who say it's fine to be fat, it's fine to be healthy at any size.
That's a lie!
These people are lying to vulnerable, impressionable young girls of 17, 18, 19 years old.
What they're really meeting is their man.
So their 400-pound man meets them, they take him into a brainwashing camp.
We're good to go.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I mean, that's crazy!
But this is a sort of social authoritarianism of the left.
They want the state and they want the, you know, these lobbies and charities and feminists to step into the role of parent.
Because of course, this is the ultimate, it's the Ghostbusters movie, right?
In the first movie, libertarian, you know, private enterprise, they eventually conquer the tyrannous government.
You know what happens at the end of the new Ghostbusters?
They end up on the government payroll.
The Ghostbusters, the female Ghostbusters, end up being paid by the state.
But the woman under Hitler, he said, first you get the women and then you have the children of all the men.
The women under a fascist or totalitarian state, they marry the state.
And this exactly, precisely, I mean, is there a better analogy for modern feminism than the thin, mean, pathetic barbs and inefficacy and nastiness?
And those, they even got chicks that didn't look good.
They're so ugly.
They're so ugly.
And I'm not trying to force you.
They're so ugly.
I haven't followed it.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, I think it took $44 million in its opening weekend.
And this is a $150 million film.
They probably spent another $150 on marketing.
This is a huge failure.
So the good news is it's blowing up in their face every moment.
And Sony, because they are so desperate to be politically correct, this is the real good news, have committed to a sequel already.
But just because those nasty misogynists are on the internet.
So they're committed to a sequel.
They're going to burn even more money.
It's great.
It's like a potentially bankrupt...
The cult by Justin Trudeau.
Just keep calling it like it is.
This is a bad movie conceived out of spite.
But you know, my jaw dropped at the end of that movie.
Because the mayor's number two shows up to see the Ghostbusters, says, thanks for all you've done.
We're going to take you in now.
Anything you need, come to us.
They end up civil servants.
They end up a government department.
Is there a better analogy for feminism than that?
I don't think so.
Well, the government's taking over femininity.
And it's going to be managed by a bunch of women that aren't women.
By the way, I'm not bashing women that like women.
I totally get it.
And there's a lot of great women out there that happen to be lesbians that I know are great patriots.
I'm just saying it's particularly leftist, communist, weirdo women that want to control the moment.
But you know there's science on this.
You know there's science on this.
And every once in a while, they'll give you a gift.
And Lindy West, who's a very stupid and fat person, who wrote a column, I think, for Jezebel a few years ago, and she... No, she is both of those things, I'm sorry.
She wrote a column for Jezebel and she explained what this is all about.
She said, women who don't conform to traditional beauty stereotypes are more likely to end up left-wing.
Because they find this sort of alternative culture that will accept them.
And then they find this sort of weird, pathological culture that says that being ugly and alternative is great and you should get as fat as you want, darling, and your self-esteem shouldn't rest on a man's opinion of you.
Well, if you want a husband, maybe it should.
Well, all I know is it's like there's a war on just... People have always done different stuff, but it just seems like it's all these people that follow different lifestyles, and then they're pissed that other people are happy.
And so all I say is... They want us to be as miserable as they are.
That's what social justice is about.
It's a sort of extended form of self-hurt, you know?
It's a sort of self-harm extended out into the 30s, you know?
All they want to do is hurt themselves and hurt people... That's like the big thing in feminism is too, like, harming themselves and...
Well, they're hurting other women.
You know, in the 90s when we grew up, I mean, I had Marilyn Manson, I had Nirvana, I had, you know, all these, and there was the emo culture.
I mean, I didn't cut myself, obviously, but plenty of my friends did.
And, you know, we got it out of our systems.
Social justice kids, they're growing up on, like, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.
They don't get it out of their systems.
So they get into their 30s, and they're still angry, and it's got to go somewhere, and it turns, in my view, into social justice.
Social justice is a kind of protracted, like, self-loathing, I think.
We're gonna go to break in a moment and I would imagine listeners might want to obviously talk to you.
The toll-free number if you want to talk to Milo.
The specific quick question is 800-259-9231.
In fact, the press was unable to talk to him.
You can call
I've got to tell you very quickly we turned the Daily Show away from our from our Gays for Trump party so they showed up and they want to do their typical slice and dice to make people look stupid so we trained a camera on them and we're gonna like well we'll have your footage in our footage and viewers can decide whether you gave a fair representation so they ran away they ran away so Daily Show if you're watching and you'd like to actually ask a real question get a real answer feel free to call in
Exactly, because when you take the field against these totalitarians, they crumble.
They're playground bullies.
Milo, obviously people go to Breitbart.com, they can read your stories there, they can read your evil review of the Ghostbusters.
Where else can they follow?
You can follow them on YouTube.
I'm not difficult to track down there.
I'm gonna open a snapchat account.
My revenge on Twitter is I'm going to snapchat, which is probably better for me anyway, because a lot of my fans are so young.
But what is... it shows how they are disconnected.
They've only taken you from being a star to a superstar by banning you and saying lifetime ban.
They don't understand the Streisand effect at all.
They just don't get it.
They don't understand that by letting me get on with it, they are causing less harm to their own cause than making me a sort of martyr.
Well, Twitter is only going to endanger itself, because I've seen Dig and other places years ago that did censorship go from big to small.
And they all crumble.
It's a private company.
You can't demand that they adhere to the First Amendment.
But you can remind them, and I will be reminding them over the next six months, that adhering to First Amendment principles is simply good business.
Because any social networks that don't do that end up crumbling.
Just like our comment page, people go crazy on it.
Yeah, I love it.
Well, Breitbart's the same.
You know, it's like Free Speech Central over there.
And sometimes it's ugly, and sometimes it's brilliant.
But all the neglected newspapers are crumbling, and they're even getting rid of comment sites.
People only come there to comment, dumbass.
They don't want to read the lies you're telling them.
They want to have a debate with somebody.
Yeah, they don't seem to get that.
No, they don't.
But that's great.
It's more business for us.
People ten years ago would say, why don't people come in here and attack you?
I'm like, it's all made-up crap anyway.
I don't know who gives a shit.
Me and McAdoo are married and all this trud?
I only wish.
Seriously, this is so ridiculous.
Alright, Milo's here.
Well, it's good to have you on air.
We've tried to get you on air so I'm glad to have you here in a big way, folks.
Get this link out.
Infowars.com forward slash show or stations you're listening to.
This is a political thought criminal.
Don't worry, we don't defend him.
You're next.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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This just in, human stupidity knows no bounds.
Idiot teenage girl walks straight into highway traffic in Pennsylvania to catch a Pokémon in the new craze Pokémon Go, which has ties to the empire usurping terrorist factory, the CIA.
The idiot 15-year-old Autumn Dezaroth was hit by a car on her journey to become the very best like no one ever was.
She survived with some injuries and is okay, but come on now!
She's 15!
Her brain is developed enough to make a decision with some damn sense!
And that's not all!
Dezaroth and her mother, Tracy Nolan, both blame the game, completely abdicating responsibility for choosing to test fate against two ton hunks of metal moving at dangerously high speeds.
No one says, should never let her play that damn game.
The Pennsylvania State Police issued an awareness bulletin for Pokemon Go to warn people against being stupid.
But will it work?
Report from NowThis News.
This is Gabe Golddiamond for InfoWars.com.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center and the heart of the resistance.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on for your mind.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live with the thought criminal, Milo Yiannopoulos.
And of course, he's also on Facebook for now.
Facebook's smarter.
They've just been banning smaller folks, blocking memes we put out that go viral.
Some memes went super viral with 10 million shares.
They'll block it.
But they understand they still want us on Facebook.
Not Twitter.
Twitter does seem to be one of the most servile to the establishment.
Has that been your findings?
Oh, for sure.
I mean, look, there are worries about Facebook.
Facebook, for instance, is in league with the German government to criticize, you know, perfectly respectable concerns people have about immigration there.
But Twitter's the one that's really, you know, hand-in-hand with, you know, nannying, mollycoddling, you know, government officials.
And also, of course, the worst set of social justice worries, that whole Silicon Valley, you know, California nonsense, you know?
Where do you see this, because you're a smart guy, I mean I really actually want to hear, it's not just a question, where do you think it's going?
How does this evolve?
This huge clamp down on speech, this trying to brainwash the kids in school, I mean it's so over the top.
I read this stuff and I can't believe they're actually doing it.
It's like comical, in fact I laugh a lot of times, like five years ago, Seattle is banning brown paper bags because they could be seen as racist.
And they went on and said, there's never been any one claim of brown paper bags connected to something racist, we're just banning it.
So we see all this going on.
I mean, I know it's social control, but then you actually talk to these so-called liberals.
They're like mental patients.
What's going on?
Well, I should largely share your analysis of why it's happened, but I might have a slightly more optimistic prognosis than you do.
I sort of think that it's obvious from the success of Donald Trump, who we both like, it's obvious from Brexit, it's obvious from how popular people like us are, that there is a gigantic sort of popular rebellion, a revolt, among people who don't necessarily hugely concern themselves with politics.
Those people that are out there!
Well then, it's you people.
You know, there's a huge popular revolt among people who are tired of being told they're sexist when they know they're not.
Tired of being told they're racist when they know they're not.
Tired of being labeled as bigots when they have perfectly respectable, reasonable opinions that millions of people share.
I think we've reached a sort of breaking point where the left has overreached itself.
It's taken too much for granted.
It started, you know, in its sort of puritanism, it started trying to control too many little minutiae of everyday life.
And people are at breaking point.
And I think the Trump phenomenon is an example of that.
So I'm relatively optimistic about the future.
We're good to go.
I mean, for me, it's just watching the so-called left grandstand and project on the clouds in the sky how they've been wrong.
It really seems like a drama queen pity party.
It's gay.
That's what it is.
It's gay.
I want to restore this word, by the way.
I want to give everybody I do an interview with, I want to give them a lifetime retroactive fag pass so they can use words like gay in the way they're supposed to be used.
I mean, rubbish, lame, Hillary supporting, immigrant loving.
You know, all of this.
That's the proper use of gay.
That's how I want it.
You know what it was?
I kind of grew up and I...
You know, I remember an element of choice in my sexuality, but I would never have gone with the gay thing if I'd known how awful other gay people were going to be.
And I grew up watching this sort of victimhood and grievance and sort of, oh, we're so oppressed.
And I didn't relate to that at all.
I thought, what is wrong with you people?
My experience of it was I was endlessly mollycoddled and pandered to and celebrated.
You know, the media loves that.
You know, there are so many talentless people who are in very influential positions.
Yeah, isn't it just awful?
I mean, you've got nothing going for you whatsoever except your sexuality and you're on television and, you know, readers will have their own ideas about who I'm talking about.
But, you know, I just never related to any of that and then I started working as a journalist.
I sort of saw the media and political correctness and political correctness, of course, now in America has become deadly with San Bernardino, Orlando.
People knew about these guys and didn't report them for fear of being Islamophobic or racist.
It's like the Russian, I mean, the German minister that got raped by Muslims.
Yeah, and lied about it because she didn't want to stoke Islamophobia.
It's so insane.
It's so insane.
In Sweden now, where you're not allowed to report the ethnicity and religion of rapists.
In Finland, this guy got attacked by guys with guns and baseball bats.
He fought back.
So he's getting a, what was it, a five-year, four-year sentence, and they're getting like three months.
Oh my goodness.
It's so, it's so, anyway.
They said for the crime of too vigorous self-defense.
I grew up ashamed of being identified with this group of hectoring, nannying, awful gays.
I call them the bad gays.
And I just realized that my calling was resisting this kind of political correctness.
So I've become a kind of warrior for free speech and for the First Amendment, and that's why I love America because it is still... Well, sure, gay people like stay back in Greece or in Rome or wherever, like manly and stuff.
Where did this come from, like this... This sissy stuff?
I don't know.
I mean, I think...
You know, I like to have fun with it, and I like to kind of dress in silly clothes, because it antagonizes the left, right?
Sure, I understand that's why they hate it, but I mean, fine.
I'm saying, when did that become... But this, this stuff, you know, it's very interesting to me that, you know, gay people are constantly celebrated as being unique and remarkable and all the rest of it, and they all look like each other, they sound like each other, they have terrible sense.
I don't know where this, this meme occurred.
Because gay guys used to, like, conquer the world, like, burn cities.
No, it's Alexander the Great, and now what do we have?
RuPaul's Drag Race?
I mean, I like that show because it's fun, but this is where gay culture and where, you know, gay people are so over-represented in history, in like, you know, artists, philosophers, politicians.
What do we have now?
You know, nothing.
Gay culture is so boring and so bland.
I never identify with any of this stuff.
I want people to push the limits of what can be thought and said.
I want people to...
So what's happened in the modern world?
Because it's not just, quote, gay people that are acting like a bunch of fops.
You've got men, women, everything.
Did civilization make it too easy and we got soft?
Yes, I think so.
I mean, Kim Il-Polya, who you all know and I'm sure quite like, you know, says that the trans thing always pops up just before the fall of a great civilization.
It does.
It's a cycle.
And it's a sort of late, decadent period in an empire's trajectory, you know?
I pretty much think that's spot on for what we're experiencing in America.
I like to think, I think Europe is basically lost.
I'd like to think that America could be saved though.
And I'd like to think that there is some hope for America and that there's a possibility that we can reaffirm and return to the primal importance of the principle of the First and Second Amendments, the basis on which this country was founded, what made it the best country in the world, and just remind everybody what happens when you don't have those
Look at the Middle East, look at Africa, look at the countries where you don't have freedom of expression.
Freedom of thought.
And by the way, I'm going low tech here today, being very lazy.
I have my computer over here and I can punch up callers, but I haven't done that on the Comrex.
Will you guys, I open the phones up, will you send me the calls on my iPhone so I can go to them?
I am again here on the road at the RNC 2016.
Milo is here with us, a ton of energy, and making a lot of really great points.
Uh, so I'm glad this interview happened.
I mean, I'm really glad that, uh, I came to the RNC.
I almost want to go to the DNC now.
But I gotta tell you, I just feel so... I'm going to get killed in Sweden instead, do you know that?
Do what?
I'm going to get killed in Sweden instead, do you know that?
No, I'm going to lead a gay pride march through a Muslim ghetto in Stockholm next week.
I heard you.
I forgot you're... Instead of racial killings.
I hope you... Wow.
They're probably trying to arrest you for religious incitement, saying... Oh, probably.
...how dare you have your rights.
Yeah, yeah, probably.
Probably, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
So I'm glad I did this.
It might be the last interview I give.
I gotta tell you, you got some huevos.
Because Biggs and them aren't wimps.
And they went over to Molenbeek there in Brussels, Belgium.
And it was like, no go.
It's bad.
Like, you're not getting gas here.
You're not eating here.
Get out.
People chasing them, screaming at them.
I forgot you're doing that too.
Tell us what else you're up to.
Uh, so, uh, over summer I'm gonna be spending some time back in London for a change in August, uh, and then in September my Dangerous Faggot Tour starts again, the college tour, where I've been, uh... Explain that!
Yeah, talk about that, because there's gonna be a lot of folks who've heard about it, or they've seen clips, but you just try to go speak at colleges and they try to stop you.
Because you're so liberal.
Uh, well, because they can't cope with the idea that a gay man might have opinions that go off reservation.
You know, the left has persuaded people for so long... So you're saying you're not in a cult?
I'm not in a cult, you know.
I like to think of myself as a free thinker, as an iconoclast, you know.
And I just like to talk about free speech and why it matters.
And this is such an offense to the left.
It is so distasteful to the left.
That they send people down, they pay protesters to come down and like, you know, leap on stage, swing for me, snatch the mic.
It's remarkable.
It's remarkable.
Black Lives Matter in DePaul, you know, charged the stage, wouldn't let the event continue.
So we let a march on the principal's office instead.
What does your gut tell you?
We've seen Michael Moore come out on Politically Incorrect last night and say, look, I think Trump's going to win.
I think he is, too, because most people are closeted and they're afraid to admit they're for Trump.
I mean, I think unless there's huge election fraud, I think Trump wins in a landslide.
I have a feeling it's either going to be a narrow victory or a big defeat.
I'm not sure about the landslide, but you know about preference falsification.
Of course you do.
And, you know, I very much believe that that is happening in America right now.
You know, it's kind of the BuzzFeed thing.
Everyone sort of says they read BuzzFeed, and everyone sort of says they're a feminist because it's easy, because the social pressures all move in that direction.
You know, just for a quiet life, you'll kind of agree with certain things you don't really agree with.
I think Trump is an example of this, and I think we're going to see what's called a preference cascade, you know, when people just suddenly realize there's no social consequences attached to telling the truth, voting how you really want to vote, and you realize that loads of your friends are doing it, too.
That's happening right now in America.
People are sort of having food.
That's why I'm thinking you could have a Lance plot.
Well, people have... I mean, maybe you're right.
People are having these furtive conversations with each other about, are you furtive?
Yeah, I am.
Yeah, I am.
And this is happening right now in America, all over the country.
And the pollsters, you know, people lie to pollsters about this stuff all the time, because they don't... I've had Hispanic guys that are doing my yard come over and say, I like your show.
Your brother's speaking English.
I like Trump.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
And they ask him why.
And he goes, he wants to, you know, make money for family.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's true.
But, you know, you go to Los Angeles... Cut the taxes, you know.
Oh, yeah.
Genius, man.
Everyone tells you that, you know, in Los Angeles, like, you know, everyone's up in arms about Trump.
You know, I go to Los Angeles all the time because we're based there, and everybody I meet is voting for Trump.
You know, we went into, like, a camera store to pick up a lens the other day, and the guy behind the counter is Hispanic, and he saw a little pin or something on me, and he's like, yeah, mugger.
You know, like, all the time.
It's also a rebellion thing.
It's like, look, forget even who Trump is.
We're sick of the Bushes, we're sick of the Obamas, we're sick of the Clintons.
Right, well it's that sort of tired, globalist, establishment order, you know, sort of the business as usual candidates.
People just, people want to see them burn, they want to hurt them, you know?
What happens to Trump though if he doesn't try to deliver?
Man, he is, if he gets an office and doesn't try to deliver, wow, I'm coming after him.
I mean, I kind of want him to build the wall, fix trade, smash political correctness, and then do nothing else.
You know, I don't want him to do anything else.
I want him to be like Coolidge.
I want him to be basically a president who just sits there and quietly administers.
He can go play golf.
We don't need any more activist presidents.
Just take the foot off America's neck.
Why do we need more government departments, more federal government spending, more, like, you know, we don't need activist presidents anymore.
We've had enough of those, I think.
You know, you have had enough of those.
I want to go to calls here in a moment, but in 60 seconds, addressing the camera right there, Milo, what is the 60 second boil down of where this country is?
America is, and I don't say this lightly and I know people say this every election, but America really has a huge decision that's going to determine the future of the country because the next president is going to get to appoint a huge number of Supreme Court justices.
It cannot be Hillary Clinton.
Men will be under attack, you know, even white people will be under attack based on what some of Hillary Clinton's friends like to say.
Donald Trump represents to me the most exciting thing that's happened in politics in America in the last 30 years and that is an existential threat to political correctness.
It is the best thing that's happened to America.
And is the most important thing you can possibly do if you love the Constitution and you appreciate the principles on which America was founded is vote for Trump.
It's a no-brainer.
The entire filthy power structure is against him.
I mean, how could you not be for Trump?
Look at the people who hate him.
That tells me more than enough.
Everyone who hates him the most, they're the worst people in the world.
And that's good enough for me.
Yeah, absolutely.
Well, Milo, I've talked to you in private.
You're a calm, subdued, gentlemanly guy.
And I've always seen your clips on TV.
You're very animated.
I tell you, you've got a lot of energy, man.
And your points are all really... High energy, as we like to say.
I want to take some phone calls here for folks, for Milo.
But again, since you're being censored...
Don't take for granted InfoWars.com.
Don't take for granted DrudgeReport.com.
Don't take for granted what Milo's been doing.
They're coming after all of us, as Drudge, almost a year ago, came in the studio to warn everybody in that exclusive interview.
So, Milo, give people the different contact points for you.
You can find me on Facebook.
Just search for my name, you'll see the little verified check.
Amazingly, Facebook hasn't taken that away yet.
They do seem to be a little better.
I think you're right about that.
You can find me on YouTube, and you can find all the stuff by and about me, all the journalist stuff, clips from
No, I don't think I've said anything that makes me a danger to the state yet.
I mean, what kind of a world do we live in where we can't call an ugly person ugly?
I mean, please!
If someone's ugly, they're ugly!
Hey, I'm ugly compared to what I looked like 20 years ago!
I don't know.
I think I'm only going to get uglier, so let people say it.
You're doing okay for your age, actually.
Well, people call me names all over the internet.
I think it's funny.
Since when can people not take something, you know?
No, of course.
I mean, you know, not being able to take a joke.
You know what the worst of it is?
The worst of it is they're allowed to come at you with all of the vitriol they can muster, all of the spitefulness and hatefulness they can muster.
But somebody on the political right, or a libertarian, cracks a joke, and they sort of disingenuously pretend that it was some kind of hate attack.
And it's like, no, I was just making fun of you.
And making fun of you is okay.
There was a video like six months ago, or five months ago,
Big Zones were wearing InfoWars shirts, and literally, these even professors came in and they saw them and they go, InfoWars, I'm scared!
And they go, please!
And they knew it was fake!
But it was just like, it was like, my God, these are like two-year-olds!
I don't know what, it's this sort of feigned fear, I mean like, I've met you, you're lovely, you're not, you know, it's like, in what way are you at risk and stuff?
They say when I go on college campuses, I'm a threat to their physical safety.
Are you kidding?
Chalking is a hate crime, you know, it's a threat to our... It's Trump 2016!
Yeah, this is a race hate crime that is banned from DePaul.
You know, and this represents a threat to physical safety of students.
Get a grip!
This is ridiculous!
Man, this is like crazy!
It's like living in a prison!
It's ridiculous.
Cindy... Prison would be a lot more fun.
Cindy says she's a gay woman on feminism.
Thanks for calling in, Cindy.
You're on the air worldwide with my love.
Go ahead.
Milo, you're a real baby doll.
You're real cute.
Anyway, I'm a gay woman.
Have been for 40 years.
I despise feminism.
I always have.
Cheyenne, Clint Walker, that man always turned me on.
I love men.
Okay, so you're not too gay.
You like men, actually.
No, no, no.
Yeah, I mean, I had a compliment.
Some other men have had compliments.
How much of a lesbian are you really, madam?
No, the only difference is that I don't like sex.
I was viciously raped when I was young.
And it kind of turned me off towards the sexual aspect of it.
I'm very patriotic.
I like chauvinist men.
I love when men open doors.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
But how is that chauvinist?
I was just told by my mother to do that.
No, I think she means chivalrous.
Chivalrous, yeah, yeah, yeah.
But that's what I mean.
I was told to do that by my mother.
Of course.
So it's her fault.
But you know what it is?
Feminism has been telling women for 30 years to treat women just like we treat each other.
Well, taunting is how men bond.
Let me tell you, women don't like it when men speak to them like they speak to each other.
Men speak to each other horribly.
They speak to women, generally, with respect and with consideration.
You do not want that.
Trust me, ladies.
Yeah, who's a good man when you start treating them like that?
I mean, women backstab each other and bitch about each other in private.
Men just, like, roast each other in public.
And women generally don't deal with that as well.
Trust me, you don't want that.
Good points, ma'am.
Good to hear from you.
Let's go ahead.
Thank you.
Got a lot of ladies calling today.
Melissa in New York.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, I just wanted to say Milo.
I'm a big fan of yours, and I have to say big fan because yes, I am a fat girl.
Oh no, that's okay.
That's okay.
Sweetheart, there's nothing wrong with being a little juicy.
We're just saying we're going to make jokes about it.
Yes, I think she's behind us.
But Milo has been writing articles lately about big girls, and I get flack for being a fan of his and being a big girl.
But I just have a question for you.
Of course.
You talk about being rich, and I was wondering if you had been talking to investors about maybe starting your own social media platform for people who are conservatives or for people who are free speech advocates, when we have Twitter shadow banning people.
Well, thank you for the question.
I'm not an entrepreneur and I don't think I'd be very good at the head of a social networking company because I'd be too wild and too pro-free speech.
I'd like anything.
Hold on, we're going to skip this break.
I hear music coming in.
Go ahead.
Sure thing.
You know, I think I'm not probably the right person to do it, but I'm very interested in hearing from people who are up to that.
I know that a lot of people have emailed me saying they want to start an alternative to Twitter.
A lot of people are saying, what social networks are you going to?
Look, very simple for me.
You know, Twitter sent a very big political statement.
They didn't just block anyone.
They blocked me, and it was a big political statement.
It was the moment that Twitter said, if you like irreverence, mischief, fun, if you like people who take the mickey out of feminists, the mickey out of Black Lives Matter, if you like libertarians, if you like conservatives, if you like people who don't fit the mold, you're not welcome here.
And if they can get away with shutting him down, they can shut us all down.
Great to hear from you, Melissa.
And let me say something about making fun of fat people.
It's because they're trying to ban it, we have to do it.
I gained 98 pounds over like 10-15 years of not working out.
I went from looking like a Calvin Klein model to looking like Jabba the Hutt.
I do videos where I go, here I am as Jabba the Hutt, here I am now, lost like 60-something pounds, I look better, I'm going to lose the rest.
The whole point is we're not saying you're bad because you're fat, we're just saying we can't totally accept it, only like we can't accept diabetes.
We have to admit there's a problem.
I don't hate anybody because they're fat.
I hate a leftist who's fat, though, who says we should ban free speech because they don't want their feelings hurt.
At that point, I don't want to start talking about fat asses.
Of course!
And you know, this is an example of how the left creates the bigotry that it claims to be policing.
It's a sort of Kafkaesque cycle, where they create exactly what they say is out there in the world.
The only reason I have a go at it is because people are sociopathically telling young girls that body positivity is okay, that you can be healthy at any size.
That's simply a lie.
And if the way to get the message over to people is to take the fun out of fatties, because by the way, all the studies show fat shaming works, and all the sort of crazy liberal studies that are all horribly flawed.
Yeah, instead of like, hey, be proud, you're gonna go from 500 to 1,000 pounds, no, you need to go climb some hills.
No, exactly, there's nothing... Look, I'm a fat ass, I haven't worked out since I've been here.
When I get back, I want a 20 mile hike.
Already set up.
Of course!
You know, and it's like, you know, the only reason that we do it is because we're provocateurs and we understand instinctively, both of us, and that's why I like you so much.
We understand that free speech is meaningless if people are only saying what's already socially acceptable.
You know, you have to defend free speech at the limits of free speech.
You have to defend offensive speech.
Otherwise it means nothing.