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Name: 20160719_Tue_Alex
Air Date: July 19, 2016
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Alex Jones discusses various topics related to politics and current events including InfoWars' presence at the RNC, Dinesh D'Souza film promoting a new film that exposes Hillary Clinton and her ties to organized crime. He also criticizes the media for downplaying the involvement of Islamist extremists in recent incidents involving violence and terrorism. Jones argues that globalist agenda is responsible for much of the unrest in society. He addresses the controversy surrounding Mike Pence, the governor of Indiana who was chosen as Donald Trump's running mate, criticizes mainstream media outlets for their coverage of political events, and promotes various products available on his website, such as DNA Force and Sleep Formula.

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Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Welcome to the Alex Jones Show on this Tuesday, July 19th, 2016.
Second day of the RNC convention in Cleveland.
Alex Jones will be joining us live from Cleveland.
He'll be doing most of the show today.
Before he gets on the line to do the show, I'm just looking at the headline news and we've got, guess what?
Yet another Muslim attack.
Another day, another Muslim attack.
I was looking at this attack on the train.
I kept saying to my wife, I said, well, you know, his name is Mohammed, and about a half hour or so ago they released information, yeah, and it's Mohammed.
Of course, he's a child, so I guess maybe really what he needs is a teddy bear.
Maybe Glenn Beck can go there and give him a teddy bear, this young child who came here.
It's just so amazing to me, and we're going to talk about that in detail when we come back.
You know, it's not just that one, okay?
It's not just another day, another attack, okay?
We've got the Axe attack.
Eighteen people injured.
Some of them fighting for their lives.
Who knows how horribly they've been maimed.
Elsewhere in France, that was in Germany, elsewhere in France, we've got a mother and her three daughters stabbed by a man because he thought they were inappropriately dressed.
Okay, guess what?
He's going to be Mohammed too.
Then we got another one, okay?
Third one here.
This is another knife attack in Germany.
This guy, his name is, guess what?
It's kind of like that movie, remember American Carol?
They began the movie, they're out in the desert, there's a bunch of Muslims in the hills about to attack another city and some guy stands up and goes, Mohammed!
And they all stand up, what?
It's like either Muhammad or Ali or Muhammad Ali, which is this guy's name, Muhammad Ali, Hussein.
A bit of a lack of imagination in terms of names in that culture, evidently.
What he tried to do, there was a group of about 50 immigrants surrounding a policewoman and a policeman, and that mob, Muhammad Ali,
came out and uh... stabbed the woman stabbed the woman uh... but he's going to not be deported and his punishment will be cut in half because they say he's young age okay he's claiming now that uh... he was only eighteen that he's eighteen okay weren't actually they know that he's twenty six years old
But it's okay.
You know, if you're Hillary Clinton or you're a Muslim, the facts are all relative.
It's whatever you feel like.
You know, if you want to be a man, you can be a man, even if you're a woman or vice versa.
If you feel, if you're feeling like you're 18, even though you're 26, you can be, you know, 18 if you're an illegal immigrant.
Not a problem.
You know, it's just kind of, you can just transfer right out of those penalties.
And you know what, just back in May 10th, when I found this, when I was looking for details on the
Axe attack on the train.
I'm looking for a German train attack and I find yet another one.
A Munich knife attack.
This happened in Germany.
This is back on May the 10th.
Yes, this is also an Allah Akbar.
Allahu Akbar.
Okay, which I guess is really kind of Arabic for move on, there's nothing to see here.
They're saying in this particular case that he suffered from psychiatric issues.
Yeah, yeah.
It's an insane religion.
It truly is.
He suffered from insane psychiatric issues.
They also said he's a German citizen.
A German citizen now.
So, you know, again, don't blame it on Islam.
Don't blame it on migrants.
I think we need to stop calling it Stockholm Syndrome, and I think we need to start calling it the Merkel Syndrome.
Because that's really what's going on.
Meanwhile, we've got CNN's Peter Bergen, as we pointed out over the weekend, blaming the truck attack by that Mohammed.
As a, uh, as European fascism.
You know what?
Let's be a little bit more accurate with this.
More accurately, it's the rise of Muslim fascism in Europe.
Because that's why they were brought here.
That's why all these young men, single men, were brought here by Angela Merkel and the elite.
They wanted a clash of civilization, they've got it.
We look at this other article from the Drudge Report on The Sun.
Look at what they did, the way they reported this on British television.
What they did was, they had to report this niece attack, the one with the truck.
They put a woman in a hijab.
And they said, really?
Would you have done that?
You really want to avoid the fact that Muslims dominate women, don't you?
That's what they did.
Can you imagine if they'd done an Orthodox Jew to talk about Israeli issues?
He who controls the trends, controls the future.
He who controls the future, controls the destiny of humanity.
My friends, the globalist social engineers are obsessed with creating false memes, false trends that they control.
to create a population of trendies from those false trends that don't have their own destiny who don't even have a basic organic human genetic drive to build something
That is satisfying, trailblazing, and innately independent and human.
And if you understand this paradigm, you understand all the others.
One of hundreds of memes and trends we've been successfully able to launch and force into the consciousness is a Operation Against Hillary Clinton we launched 10 months ago with the Hillary for Prison t-shirt.
It's now been duplicated by countless groups, and I think that's wonderful.
Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and now it's all over CNN, it's all over Fox, it's all over the Trump rallies, the Hillary rallies.
The number one search term for a week straight, last week, and still continuing, one of the top search terms is, is Hillary going to jail?
This has been incredibly successful.
Because it shows, despite corporate control, and despite them trying to control the meme,
We are able to synergistically wear our colors loud and proud against injustice, corruption, and oppression, and show that we, humans, not the globalist controllers, but the common little people, can set the trends, can set the memes.
We've had three versions of the Hillary for Prison shirt.
All of them have been collector's edition and have helped fund the Infowar.
We now have a third edition in.
The second edition sold out.
It's the same as the last, but on the right shoulder says Infowars.com, on the back it says Infowars.com, legalized freedom, be part of history, be part of supporting the Infowar, be part of meeting like-minded friends and family.
And be part of breaking out of their paradigm and setting the agenda, setting the trend, setting the true, organic, teleprompter-free reawakening of humanity.
Get your Hillary for Prison 2016 third wave shirts at InfoWarStore.com or call toll-free 888-253-3139.
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Well, if you look to the left, if you look to the right, you see globalist-controlled political parties all over the world.
And when you see people like Nigel Farage or Ron Paul or
Folks like Donald Trump, they are riding the populist wave of resistance, smashing through the lies and disinformation and exposing just how controlled the system has gotten.
Alex Jones here, live, about 300 yards away from the main entrant of the RNC meeting 2016.
And we're going to be here for the next four hours today.
We've got our reporters, Wayne Madsen and Josh Owens, going back into the lion's den today.
We also have Leanne McAdoo and of course Margaret Howe also going to be on the street talking to some of the socialist and BLM radical groups that are George Soros funded on the street.
We've got Joe Biggs and Richard Reeves out roving as well.
We've got billboards driving around on big trucks.
We have digital billboards.
Hillary for prison.
And magically, there's a radio station that just popped up on open frequency, 94.5, that everybody's talking about and listening to.
And we have big banner trucks telling folks about that.
So we have InfoWars radio.
Cutting to the lies of disinformation.
You know, as soon as I learned that Hillary was censoring our aircraft over this event via Obama and the FAA, which they've never done in any convention before, both at this convention and the one coming up next week in Philadelphia, magically some flyers got printed up.
For 94.5, underground RNC radio, 94.5 FM, and then magically, Infowars.com, transmissions are being sent out on it, and magically, what is it, 4,000 of these flyers got handed out on the streets here in Cleveland, just magically, and then magically, because you censored us, there's a GoFundMe account, people are flooding with money, that a separate national air campaign company's running, to put Hillary for Prison banners up all over the nation,
And then magically, it was in hundreds of newspapers over the weekend, hundreds of TV stations, on ABC News nationally, CBS News nationally, CNN nationally, Fox News nationally.
Folks I talked to in New York saw it.
Old Ted Nugent gave me a call today, actually last night, we talked this morning again.
He's going to be coming on the show in the next few days.
That's how I get Ted Nugent on.
Not through his website or his great crew.
They're great people.
They're all busy.
I just kind of go, hey, Ted Nugent, we need you to come on the show.
One time I said that about a year ago and Ted like called up that day.
Yeah, I heard the show.
I want to come on.
So, Ted Nugent, by the way, was not invited to speak at this.
The RNC didn't want him.
It's not Trump.
It's the RNC.
They're scared of him.
He's too radical.
He's effective because he tells the truth in the face of radical globalist attacks on our republic.
They're the radicals.
Our response meets and matches them.
We're not the radicals defending what this country was founded on and what made us great.
Ted Nugent will be heard at the RNC either tomorrow or the next day.
We're looking for the best slot because he's playing 300 shows a year.
He's playing like six shows a week right now.
He's in Florida.
He just left Austin.
And so that is all, that's all basically unfolding right now.
So look for Ted Nugent here with us.
Dinesh D'Souza is going to be on the show tomorrow.
We have an interview with Leon Mackin who did with the filmmaker who's got the new film out that will bring down Hillary.
Way more hardcore than 2016.
Showing how they're organized crime and how the Clintons are an organized crime syndicate.
And the point is, yes, you already know that.
But now, after they made him a political prisoner, he's only doubled and tripled down.
That's going to be
Coming out nationwide as well, and that interview is up on InfoWars.com.
Here, obviously, is the big news that we have for everybody.
Another religion of peace event took place on a train in Germany where people got killed by an axe-wielding Afghan immigrant who wasn't happy with all the welfare and all the other goodies.
And of course, no mention of him being an Islamicist.
You had to read deeply into the articles to find out who he was.
He was just some crazy guy with an axe.
Some crazy guy with a truck.
Or some crazy people in San Bernardino.
Or crazy people at Fort Hood.
Crazy people in Paris at the Eagles of Death concert, and crazy people, you know, out shooting the cops.
And, you know, you had five cops dead.
It was a big national deal.
Now three are shot dead in Baton Rouge.
It's kind of like just blown over.
I mean, come on.
The police need to reform themselves.
And again, folks, the globalists have been federalizing our police.
The globalists have been causing most of the problems we have.
But regardless, this is our country, our police.
It's not George Soros' business to go finance a bunch of communist radicals and others to push an agenda of killing police and then act like that's reform.
It is outrageous sedition and destabilization against this country.
Now, obviously, here's the other big news.
The spin machine is going into overdrive.
And yes, I have a problem with Mike Pence, the governor of Indiana, for his globalist trade deals.
But he's a Christian, he's pro-gun, he's pro-life.
He's a thousand times better than Newt Gingrich.
But here's the deal.
He'll need Pence, who is a dealmaker, to navigate the House and the Senate and to work with the governors.
And he has been the head of the Governor's Association and so many other things.
It is not an issue compared to Hillary's crimes and her agenda to come after our basic liberties.
And you see CNN, Fox News, all of them making a big deal out of Pence.
They're trying to hype libertarians and conservatives into making this a big issue when the issue is, what does Trump do once he gets in?
If he uses Pence as a mechanism to get things done, but get a populist Americana agenda done, that's great!
And that's what Trump says he's doing with this.
And he goes in there with his no-nonsense 60 Minutes interview, we'll play some clips of later, and you know, basically says, okay, he voted for the Iraq War, he was given bad intelligence.
The difference is Hillary's been involved in all the fake intelligence.
And they spin that as hypocritical.
No, this is who he's chosen.
He didn't do the Iraq War.
He was against the Iraq War.
That's another reason I'm supporting Trump.
So we're moving forward here.
And this is a distraction from everything else that's happened.
So I'm done talking about the Pence situation.
If he gets into office and they go sideways, then it'll be an issue.
Right now we're facing Hillary Rodham Clinton, the crime boss, who's coming after all of our liberties, all of our freedoms, and wants to sew this country up for the globalists.
And if we don't stop her, that's our problem.
Take Mrs. Trump, Melania.
17-minute speech, we're going to play parts of it.
I get up this morning and I hear, oh my gosh, she plagiarized it, oh my gosh, she's such a horrible woman.
The left is out calling her horrible names, calling her all this horrible stuff.
She said, these are basically my words put together with the speechwriters.
I only read it once because they're my words.
And then I went and I read the Michelle Obama
So called speech.
This is like saying if Melania Trump at her wedding played, here comes the bride, here comes the bride, all dressed in white.
This is the standard speech that you intro, that every person intros about my values and my parents brought me up to do this and this is what I stand for and it's why I love America.
I don't know who first said this.
It's been said for hundreds of years.
This is the standard intro of a speech, and it's not even word for word.
It's very different.
But I've always talked about my family, my values, being brought up to believe in these things.
Is that plagiarizing Mrs. Obama?
I mean, this is like if you claim that
I mean, Starbucks wants a copyright now for their new symbol to be a green circle.
In fact, they've gone out and gotten, that is their trademark, a green circle and they're claiming now they want the color green.
Disney says they don't want you to be able to write the name Mickey Mouse in your own article because that word or that name is copyright.
This is total red herring bull.
But I'll tell you who's plagiarizing.
Obama claims he's pro-America.
Obama claimed he was a Christian.
Obama claimed he was going to cut taxes.
Obama claimed Obamacare was free.
Obama claimed he wasn't coming after our guns.
Obama claimed, Obama claimed, Obama claimed.
When he's a foreign globalist operative here to destroy this country.
So he's the imposter.
He's the plagiarizer claiming he's an American.
He's the plagiarizer claiming he's Americana.
He's the plagiarer having his truth squads eight years ago run around the country saying we'll have you arrested if you lie about him and say he doesn't want to cut taxes and if you say Obamacare isn't free and if you say Obama isn't a Christian.
I can play the truth squad news clips nationally and from Missouri and other states where they said we will arrest you if you say he's a Muslim.
Well, we all know now he is a radical jihadi.
We now know he's financed it worldwide.
So, Obama is the plagiarer, he's the imposter, he's the counterfeit, he's the fraud, he's the phony $3 bill, he's the piece of trash.
But I actually have screenshots of it.
And I'm going to go over some of this coming up, where I have screenshots of Melania's speech.
And then I have screenshots of her supposed speech, and they are vastly different.
But it's all the same thing about my values and my parents and why I love America.
I mean, it's just like Schwarzenegger's speech in 2004 at the RNC that I watched from 50 feet away.
And I thought, oh my gosh, the same old speech everybody gives.
I mean, is this a tired speech?
Is this a speech everybody gives?
But it's kind of true, you see.
I mean, that's really what your roots are about.
So, it's like saying, you know, if she gave the Star Spangled Banner a salute, or if she did the Salute to the Flag and the National Anthem or something, people said, oh, she plagiarized.
No, she's stating the common Americana theme.
She's quoting what we are, who we are.
And so, you could see it as dry and old, you could see it as said over and over again, you could even say it's plagiarized from everybody else.
But it's the American experience.
So yeah, I like fast cars.
I like freedom.
I like apple pie.
I like the Second Amendment.
I like free market.
I like basic pro-family values.
Am I plagiarizing that?
I guess so.
I guess I'm plagiarizing it from my ancestors that helped found this country in 1775 and 1776, and my ancestors that helped found Texas, and my ancestors that were involved in every war and every fight for this republic.
I'm not plagiarizing it.
It's my blood.
It's my genetics.
It's who I am.
It's my birthright.
And Obama is the usurper that's coming in here trying to steal my birthright and your birthright.
Because it doesn't matter when your family got here.
It doesn't matter if you, you know, weren't even born here like Trump's wife.
She embraces America.
She promotes freedom.
She promotes prosperity.
She promotes women's dignity and freedom.
And that's why she's American.
But it's bigger than America.
It's about the Renaissance worldwide.
Now when we come back we're going to plow through a ton of news and the latest attempt last night for them to try to hijack and force a vote to steal the delegates to steal the votes and not let Trump get the nomination that failed but our own Wayne Madsen and other reporters on the ground learned they've got a sneak attack coming Wednesday night they plan to walk off as delegates implying that Trump has been overthrown.
There is one distinction in history above all others that marks
Free individuals, free populations, free nations from that of captive slaves.
And it's also important to know that throughout history, most nations have been enslaved to an elite.
But if you go back to the ancient Greeks, the cradle of democracy,
480 BC, we see the Battle of Thermopylae at the Hot Gates that's been popularized in many Hollywood movies, where 300 Spartans stood against hundreds of thousands of Persians.
Then if you accelerate to 1775 in Lexington and Concord, and the attempts by the British Crown to disarm the colonists, we see a repeat of what happened with the 300 fighting the Persians.
If we move forward to
1835 in Gonzales, Texas.
Santa Ana came to disarm the Mexican citizens of their firearms, and the people again fought back.
And it's important to note, as we see the right to self-defense being taken away, we also see the right of free speech being taken away, the other mark of a free individual.
So I thought today we'd look back on some of the famous historic quotes dealing with the Second Amendment.
First, I want to give you a quote from Senator Dianne Feinstein, who famously said,
That if she could get the votes for an outright ban, picking up every one of them, Mr. and Mrs. America, Mr. and Mrs. America, Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in, I would have done it.
I would have done it.
She would vote to ban our guns.
We need to do this every day of the week.
We need to brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.
And remember, this is somebody, to this day, guarded, even though he's retired, by taxpayer-funded armed guards.
It is so incredibly arrogant.
They get bitter.
They cling to guns, or religion, or antipathy towards people that aren't like them.
Barack Hussein Obama.
From my cold, dead hands.
From my cold, dead hands.
From my cold, dead hands.
Charlton Heston.
The right to defend one's person and one's home when attacked has been guaranteed through the ages by common law.
Martin Luther King Jr.
They've denied for so long they're coming for our guns.
Now they admit that.
A nation of sheep will be ruled by wolves.
Because holding a gun makes me a real feminist.
Come and take it.
Battle of Gonzales, Texas, 1835.
Molong Labe.
King Leonidas at the Battle of Thermopylae.
If you think gun control is going to change the terrorist's point of view... I think you're, like, out of your mind.
I think you're like... I think anybody is.
I think it's absolutely insane.
I have a strict gun control policy.
If there's a gun around, I want to control it.
Clint Eastwood.
Go ahead.
Make my day.
A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state.
The right of the people.
The right of the people.
The right of the people.
To keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
The Second Amendment.
Everybody knows that you either use a right, or you lose it.
And we're using the First Amendment to defend the Second Amendment.
Now, our last big push was with the Hillary for Prison shirts, and it became a national meme, and it's had an incredible effect, and it's brought so many patriots together.
I want to do the same with this Come and Take It shirt.
We're going to have a whole bunch of different varieties coming out.
This Texas version is the first of a group of limited editions.
We've got one with the classic Canon and one with the classic modern M4.
And on the back it says, Don't Tread on Me, Infowars.com.
This shirt is an absolute must-have.
It's athletic cut, and it's got this incredibly soft, contouring fabric that everybody in the office loves.
Support the Second Amendment.
Support the First Amendment.
And meet like-minded people today by getting your Come and Take It limited edition shirt at InfoWarsTore.com.
I've gotten pretty wound up and pretty angry because there's a story up on InfoWars.com that ties into all this.
Tolerant leftist media calls Melania Trump a dumb bitch who can't speak English.
Hillary supporters fine with misogyny and bigotry when it comes to insulting a conservative.
And of course the media is piling on because when a woman threatens Hillary, she's got to be destroyed.
When a woman exposes Bill raping her, she's got to be destroyed.
This is what Hillary does.
So you have this lady get up and give a classic speech about her family and her roots and why she loves America and her values, and it's vaguely like a few lines of speeches written by other speechwriters.
By Michelle Obama, and all I care about is the fact that someone like Melania, I believe, and she's shown, believes what she's saying.
We know that Hitler and Michelle Obama and Barack Obama and all these other people, they really are out to get this country.
They want to dominate it, they want to break it, they want to control it, and that's what this election is all about.
It's about a repudiation of the globalists and the Bush and Clinton crime family.
You've got the Bushes and all the other top Republicans not coming to this thing.
You've got the RNC operatives in there trying to block people like Ted Nugent saying he's too radical.
Think about that.
Ted Nugent's an absolute barn burner, loved by conservative populists all over the country.
He has the mantle of Chuck Heston.
He's the guy that helped get the NRA back in line to actually defend the Second Amendment and stop waffling with the help of gun owners of America.
And of course this show.
And oh, we don't want you to speak, you're too radical.
It's a badge of honor that the RNC doesn't want Ted Nugent to speak.
I don't even attempt to do it.
Let me explain this.
I always intend to stay as a referee on the outside of things, trying to simply awaken the people.
I don't care about being invited to the White House if Trump wins.
I could care less about eating off fine China.
And I think Trump's the same as well.
I actually want to see this country great again.
I actually want to see industry here again.
I know globalism is designed to de-industrialize us in a post-industrial world.
That's the treaty that George Herbert Walker Bush signed us onto, but Congress didn't ratify.
That's what Agenda 21 is.
They want to sit there and ridicule us for talking about that, acting like it doesn't exist.
Oh, there's no world government.
Oh, there's no carbon tax.
Oh, none of this is true.
We're not going away.
We're not backing off.
We're not stopping.
We're here.
Overlooking the RNC with a vantage point on the globalist operatives inside, trying to sabotage Donald Trump and derail it.
And you heard me.
You heard me.
We have these neocons under siege.
We have these rhinos under siege with aircraft and billboards and radio right here blasting everything.
Let me tell you, I'm going to go out on the street later today, I think, and just randomly walk around with a live feed.
Maybe even in the fourth hour.
And just let you see how many people are listeners of every race, color, and creed.
That's what scares the globalists.
I guarantee you, you send mainline reporters out there, people don't even care who they are.
But they love InfoWars because we are populist, and we're bigger in many cases than the mainstream media.
And that's not bragging about InfoWars.
That's basically stating the exciting facts.
Their time is coming to an end.
Their reign is coming to an end, and they know it.
And InfoWars is only one focal point and one example of that.
And I'm going to play part of my speech when we come back from yesterday.
The full 17-minute speech is up on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
We've got better audio versions of it going up soon.
This is something someone else shot.
We're good to go.
Melania Trump had to say in her speech, to claiming a few lines of it sounded something like, something Michelle Obama said.
As if see, there's the evil white racist woman, stealing from the poor black lady again.
There she is, the horrible slave owner, or she has no connection to that, but it doesn't matter.
The horrible demon that actually ate black children, cooked them up in stew pots, Melania Trump.
Of course, Donald Trump's evil and racist and homophobic as well, because the mainstream media said so.
This is just how they inject this narrative over and over and over again.
When we come back, I've got part of the speech I gave, we'll play it from the intro, at the rally they tried to stop, the rally they tried to shut down, the rally the globalists failed that was extremely successful.
I'd say there were probably about a thousand people there, but what really mattered was that hundreds of newspapers and TV stations carried it.
And large chunks of what I said, and what other people said, and what Roger Stone said about the Clintons, and their abuse of women, and more, and the Chinese missile secrets, and selling us out to foreign powers.
It all got out on TV, radio, and print, all over the country yesterday.
Just like our aircraft with Hillary for prison did.
Devastating victories.
We're just a small, small part of the resistance.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I'm gonna lay it out short and sweet.
I got so dedicated to fighting the globalists and their program for world government that I stopped working out.
I was a total fitness nut 20 years ago.
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We've produced these products with top scientists and researchers like Dr. Group.
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Turkey's Ministry of Education announced Tuesday it fired 15,000 personnel, including 1,500 university deans, for alleged involvement with a group the government claims plotted Friday's deadly failed coup and the latest mass crackdown against government workers there.
Reports, Fox News.
The government accused U.S.-based Claire Gullen for plotting the coup and demanding the U.S.
extradite him.
Turkey sent dowsers containing details of Gulen's activities to the U.S., the Deputy Prime Minister said.
Earlier, Secretary of State John Kerry said that while he recognized the need to apprehend the coup plotters, quote, we caution against a reach that goes beyond that, end quote.
Sweeping purges in the aftermath of the coup have been seen in the dismissal of thousands from the judiciary, police force, military, administrative, and religious affairs departments.
You can find more reports on InfoWars.com.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It's really great to be here in Cleveland, 2016.
A lot of beautiful people here.
Americans united in a race called Recruit or a Red Blow.
Loving liberty and loving the First Amendment!
I want to salute you for being out here all day.
It's just amazing.
I tell you, the establishment, George Soros and others, have done everything they can to try to shut down our free speech.
They've tried to destroy our solidarity.
They've tried to attack our Second Amendment.
And everything they've done has blown them in their face.
They are failing, and Donald Trump is surging in every major vote across the country.
Of course, what's happening is a lot bigger than Donald Trump or a Ron Paul or an Alex Jones or a Matt Grimes or anybody.
It's China, because it's about you and people worldwide.
Nationalism, sovereignty, truth-free American capitalism is rising worldwide as the globalists try to implement their world government.
It is dead on arrival!
If you think the awakening you've seen so far is fake, this planet and the globalists have not seen anything yet!
One day after we announced we were going to have one day of the DNC and the RNC covered with airplane spying,
As soon as that happened, as soon as that unfolded, they put an exclusion zone on shutting all aircraft down.
That is because they're afraid of free speech.
And that's what they always try to do, is come and disrupt people and take over their free speech.
These are not liberals.
These are anti-free speech, anti-freedom scum who need to get their asses in North Korea!
Get their asses in North Korea!
That's why George Floyd has gone over to the Supreme everywhere else, any country.
The tribes would be free.
These globals come in and they cause a bunch of division, they stir up a bunch of racism, and then everybody fight with each other.
And you know what?
It ain't working.
All this garbage is not America together!
The answer to 1984 is no!
Saturday Night Fights!
We're not backing down.
We're not giving in.
We're not going away.
And everything the enemy does to us just makes us stronger!
So, she thinks they censored our airplanes.
Now we're doing national campaigns for funding where we're going to fly them all over the country.
And now we're going to push even harder with more Hillary for President shirts.
How many Hillary for President shirts we got here today?
That, that mean, that mean multiple times as to the number one search term above Brake Shit and Hockey Mom Go!
That's right, we're even giving Nintendo a run for their money now.
So, think about that, and think about that long and hard.
Hey, I'm gonna bring my money up here real quick, showcase.
We're good to go.
When something's true, it's really hard to get it going.
Oh, when something's true, it teaches you to get going.
Like Crooked Hillary and Hillary for President.
It is absolutely beautiful to see what's happening.
Joe, you've been here a few days.
My good buddy Joe Biggs, great patriot, Army vet.
Joe Biggs!
Hey, I tell you, he's here now fighting for this country.
That's the great part about what we're doing is the globalists want to say our veterans, our police, our patriots are the number one enemy.
That shows you this is an obvious outside globalist force.
Of course they come here and say our veterans and our police are the enemy.
We are their enemy.
The globalists are the enemy.
You guys are beautiful!
I have seen so much emotion out here.
I love seeing each and every one of those Hillary for Prisons shirts.
This is a message that's loud and clear across the world.
You guys are the best followers ever.
You guys are the best.
You understand what's going on.
You're wide awake.
You're not asleep on what's going on.
But we're sick and tired of what we've been seeing.
That's why we want Donald Trump!
Alright folks, again, that is an amateur person that uploaded that video.
We're going to upload the HD in higher quality later today, but I wanted to air five, six minutes of that.
We're going to have Wayne Madsen coming up in the next 15 minutes or so inside the convention center.
It's about 300 yards away from me.
We're overlooking it, where last night he was able to talk to delegates and superdelegates about the plan in the aftermath of them trying to steal the election from Trump, trying to have a no vote and not honor the popular vote.
A bunch of, you know, never Trump people who promised they wouldn't do it.
But then, of course, as I predicted, they did it.
Wasn't hard to predict.
Now they're back at it again.
This time they have a secret plan that Madsen discovered Wednesday.
To try to walk out at the end of Ted Cruz's speech.
And we have Glenn Beck going on Meet the Press and actually coming out for Hillary Clinton for president.
Truly sickening, ladies and gentlemen.
There's a Business Insider article that's pretty good that's linked up on DrudgeReport.com.
The man who could have stopped Donald Trump.
And they asked the question, why did Matt Drudge, who probably could have stopped Donald Trump, why did he not stop him?
Well, he was very fair covering all the major Republican candidates, and I would say even lean towards people like Cruz early on, just from my watching.
But as the dirty tricks rolled out, and as the intimidation rolled out, and as people bullied Drudge saying, don't you dare, you know, link to anything that Trump's doing, when the media would lie about Trump, Drudge would actually put what Trump had said.
But I haven't talked to Drudge about this, but this is my same reason for supporting Trump, so I'm guessing that this is why Drudge did it, because this is why I'm supporting Trump.
It became apparent that they were stealing the election from Bernie Sanders.
It became apparent they were going to give it to Hillary, and here's the deal.
Forget anybody but Trump.
Anybody but Hillary.
I mean, you watch Trump's courage out there with the death threats.
You watch him lose all these businesses, and golf courses, and hotel deals, and beauty pageant deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
You watch him spend 50 million of his own money.
You watch him say, Hillary for prison.
You watch him say, our economic surrender is over.
You watch him expose Hillary as a communist Chinese agent.
You watch him come out and expose that Black Lives Matter is a George Soros group to destabilize the country.
I've gone from holding my nose 14, 15 months ago supporting Trump to being 100% behind him.
100% behind him.
And I think I can speak for Drudge just because I know Drudge is a common sense guy.
I've read his writing.
I've seen what he links to.
I've gotten a pulse for what Drudge thinks.
And I think that I can give you a dead reckoning guess here that it's exactly why I just told you he's supporting Trump.
But that'd be like if I guessed why you supported Trump.
I mean, is it the same reason?
He's the underdog.
Both political parties are against him.
The establishment we hate that keeps giving us New World Order is against him.
The whole power structure's throwing money against him.
The media's lying against him.
The media's distorting what he said.
And he's running against Hillary Clinton.
I mean, that is a no-brainer why Matt Drudge supported Donald Trump, because he's clearly the best choice.
He's clearly the guy we need.
And it's such an epic time to be alive, historically, at this crossroads, where the choice is so clear.
I don't think Donald Trump's going to be perfect.
Nobody is.
But he is not out to get this country, and he does want to make this country great again.
That's why he's got my full backing.
And by the way, that means your full backing.
I began to support Trump early on because I knew Hillary would be the nominee.
And I said, I hope I'm right.
But my gut tells me I'm going in the right direction.
It's never been wrong.
And I tell you, a lot of you that haven't supported Trump are going to feel really stupid.
And there's about a 50% chance they're going to kill him.
And so when they blow his plane up or shoot him in front of everybody,
Those of you that were, you know, going, oh, I'm the purest, I'm for Ted Cruz, oh, I'm the purest, I'm for all this bull.
Ted Cruz is bought and paid for by Goldman Sachs, and bought and paid for by the Bushes, and it's been proven.
And I held my nose and hoped he'd just gotten, you know, basically incubated by them, but it'd woken up.
But because the Bush name is dead now, politically, I'm telling you, he would be their third term.
And I don't want to dislike Ted Cruz.
But the guy is a phony.
He's a phony Texan.
And I get really irritated by guys with lizard skin boots and cowboy hats, sticking their fingers in their pockets and walking around going, oh, I'm a cowboy.
I mean, it makes me sick.
The guys all had no cattle.
And I'm not getting off into a fight about Cruz.
But Trump has issued the olive branch to Cruz.
He's been sneaking around behind the scenes.
And it's his people.
And a bunch of fake people in cowboy hats, wearing Texas shirts, who might be wanting to throw up.
And it's a Texas coalition of carpetbaggers from Texas.
Boy, isn't that reverse psychology?
That's what's going on.
A bunch of fake Texans, up here, in Cleveland, degrading my state, degrading my heritage, with this phony Canadian.
Nothing against Canadians, but my God, I'm not up there trying to run your country.
It's like Schwarzenegger.
Even if I like Schwarzenegger, which I don't, the guy's not from here, man.
Dude, go to Austria and run for president.
Polls show you'd win.
I mean, go to your country, go to your homeland, but he's an open borders guy anyways, anti-gun.
What I'm getting at is the reign of fake conservatives is coming to an end.
Donald Trump, Matt Drudge, Alex Jones, we all herald the end of this.
And I want to give credit where credit's due.
Even mainstream media says, okay, Matt Drudge is the only guy that probably could have stopped Trump.
Well, that's right.
The grassroots could have stopped Trump.
That's why we were reached out to very early on by the Trump people, when I was already supporting him.
It was because they understood that.
And I'm going to leave it at that.
But it is important for the Trump people to not let the rhinos that are left in the party keep people out of the tent that built the tent, like Ted Nugent.
By the way, Ted Nugent doesn't need to be at this RNC.
But it's pure baloney that he wanted to be here early on, and they just said, no, you're too radical.
Not Trump, but the RNC.
And Ted Nugent's too cool of a guy to sit there and go bitch and complain to Donald Trump, who he knows.
But again, this is how this stuff operates.
This is how they get things done.
And I'm sitting here on Business Insider.
It says David Duke, former KKK Grand Wizard, he's with Trump.
Are you?
I mean, that is, well, you've got a Grand Dragon out in California for Hillary.
Does that mean that, you know, that she's for the KKK?
Well, in her case, actually she is.
That's who she got toodled by was Senator Robert Byrd, who was actually a real Grand Dragon.
But going deeper into this article, it's a larger issue than just Drudge.
You read the article and it says, oh my gosh, Drudge gave an interview, an exclusive, when he doesn't give them but every few years, to InfoWars.com.
He's so horrible.
It's got Glenn Beck criticizing Drudge here, and then they don't even give you a link to the Drudge 45-minute interview.
They have Glenn Beck popping off in the article, so we're going to take their headline, we're going to post it, but point out that they didn't let you actually hear what Drudge had to say, so here's the 45-minute interview if you actually want to know what's going on.
So, all the general tactics, how am I really attacking this article?
It's written kind of from both sides schizophrenically.
But it's got the classic Benedict Arnold in here of Glenn Beck saying, I don't know what the hell happened to Matt Drudge, echoed Beck, the prominent conservative talk show host who supports Hillary Clinton, I should add, and founder of the Blaze.
And then it goes on to have Cruz, you know, also attacking Drudge previously, but they're not actually letting you hear what Drudge has to say.
Drudge is going with the populist.
Drudge is going with Americana.
Drudge is going with the future.
Drudge is, in fact, not just going, he's leading it because he is a populist, a nationalist, a true libertarian conservative, just like I am.
And so he's helping lead the future, not a coward, not someone who's neutral or beyond neutral.
There are things far worse than the neutral Rand Paul.
Somewhat neutral.
No, no, we've got the Glenn Beck who's been going on the Sunday news shows with Democratic Party operatives and bad-mouthing, I'm going to play this clip when we come back, bad-mouthing Trump and saying he supports Hillary Clinton.
And the host of it, former Democratic Party operatives, said he was quote, speechless.
While he was hearing this and even
The White House-run Media Matters came out and said he's trying to rebrand himself as mainstream and join us.
And then they say, we don't want you, Glenn Beck.
The White House-run Media Matters.
So you run to Zuckerberg and grovel at his feet and say his censorship of libertarians and conservatives is good and worth it and the things you should be doing.
You run to meet the press, run by the former, what is it, White House chief.
Who was Todd?
I forget.
I mean, it's just, it's totally crazy town.
You run to the enemy because you were always the enemy and I told everyone you were the enemy, but let me tell you what it means that Glenn Beck's doing this.
I have been told this by the highest levels of folks under Roger Ailes.
They've got a big fake scandal brewing that's being run by the Rupert Murdoch kids with ancient fake sexual harassment garbage on Roger Ailes.
By the way, Roger Ailes has never done anything.
We're skipping this network break.
Roger Ailes has never done anything for me.
I have been offered Fox shows and have refused them.
Man Cow's on record.
I've been offered contracts three different times.
They can't believe I won't do weekend shows.
So, here's the deal.
I'm not saying this about Roger Ailes because I want to get any type of entree into Fox.
Fox is a sinking island.
Fox is meant to be destroyed by the Rupert Murdoch children as soon as they get Ailes out of the way and Rupert Murdoch is fading into the oblivion.
And they plan to bring down Ailes by the end of this year with a made-up sexual harassment string of women.
Totally made up from our sources.
Some of this stuff's 20 years old when he founded Fox News.
And then they plan to basically turn it into a Democratic Party socialist channel.
They know the demographics, most of their viewers are dying.
They know that there are other companies that are 95% of what they do are in globalist media, anti-family media, anti-gun media.
I mean, look at what News Corp and the Fox studios put out.
Globalist disinformation.
They're preparing to turn Fox
We're good to go.
He's now going out and showing his wares on ABC and CBS and all the rest, sabotaging the libertarian move to block the globalist destruction of the Republic.
Here at the final moment, he shows himself to be the Benedict Arnold.
So this isn't about the loser, the fake, the actor Glenn Beck.
This is about the fact that this is a larger move to take over talk radio, which they're already doing, and shutting down True Patriot host.
This is a larger move to kick them all off Sirius XM.
It is a larger move, ladies and gentlemen, on every stinking front there is to shut down free speech in this country.
And Matt Drudge came a year ago to the Infowars studios, or I guess a little less than a year ago, and he came to the studios
And he warned people.
I met with the Supreme Court Justice.
They're coming out to free speech next year.
And you notice it's all here.
And then Business Insider will let us hear what Ted Cruz had to say, what Glenn Beck had to say, what a bunch of other people had to say, but won't let you actually hear.
I mean, they say he doesn't give interviews, but every couple of years, and he gave an interview to this crazy person, Alex Jones, but they won't let you hear what he actually had to say.
But here's what happened.
I've been to a bunch of different dinners and things and have been mobbed.
By even mainstream major newspaper writers.
The New York Times, Weekly Standard, the list goes on and on.
And all they ask about is Matt Drudge.
And how do you know Matt Drudge?
I say, I'm just really not going to make any comments.
But he listens to the show some, and links to a lot of our stories, and is a trailblazer, and came to visit me.
It was a surprise.
They go, is that really a surprise?
I said, no.
That was really a surprise.
Oh, yeah, right, you staged that.
No, it's not.
Oh, you just recanted to me that you're really a libertarian.
And that's all fake.
You know, just weird stuff like that.
And folks were overall nice, but it's just crazy to see this, and then everybody wants this Drudge interview, but no one will actually link to it.
But what's beautiful about what he's done is, whether it was the New York Times, or whether it was the Weekly Standard, or whether it was Politico, or whether it was the Washington Post, or whether it was all these different groups I talked to, I mean, I'm talking, I mean, it was so much my head was spinning.
To a person, they all think the Matt Drudge interview happened last month.
Because it took that long to start going more and more viral, because nobody can get a Matt Drudge interview.
So Matt is so smart, he goes and does this one interview, and then
I don't
It's just really great to see what stuff he does, kind of work his magic down the road.
Because my brain works different ways than that.
You know, I've got my own smarts in different ways and things.
Kind of smarts of a pit bull attacking a, you know, a zebra, biting it on the nose, but, or a donkey.
You know, Democrat analogy here, but...
It's crazy to see this, and it's crazy to see them try to block everything, and try to restrict, and try to spin, and try to act like they control the narrative, and that, you know, the populist movement's a joke.
When I talk to these reporters, they are scared, they are listening.
I talked to John Ronson, who's a really smart guy and, you know, a big filmmaker as well.
And I've known him for 16, no actually 17 years, no 18 years, I think 3 years before I went into Bohemian Grove.
And, no, 2 years.
And he said, no, absolutely.
He said, you know, he's a big Guardian writer.
He said, I'm not just telling you this.
He said, your libertarian brand in Europe is the hottest thing, hottest thing, you know, here in the US.
It looks like you and Drudge and Trump are about to become the establishment.
And I said, no, we're not.
We're about to try to turn the people loose and show the power of populism.
We're only focal points of that.
But it really is amazing.
And so, yes, I would have to give Matt Drudge the credit.
First, the American people and populists seeing through things.
Then Matt Drudge and then myself.
The credit for early on supporting Trump when it became clear that he was a populist and it was going to be Hillary if we didn't
We didn't do something.
But speaking of that, we've got several different clips here that we're going to play as we go out to break.
Let's play one, the first clip of Glenn Beck on Meet the Press, savaging Donald Trump.
And remember, this means supporting Hillary Clinton.
Here it is.
Then you have Donald Trump, who the only advisors that he listens to are his children.
What do we have?
He's a corrupt businessman.
She's corrupt.
So both sides are now saying, what are you going to do?
I think we feel, all Americans, I shouldn't say all, I think Reince and a few others at both conventions are going to be fine just pulling the lever.
I think a lot of people are pulling it, not holding their nose, wincing in pain as they think about pulling that lever.
So what you decide to do is your own business.
But I have to tell you, there are choices.
You can vote for the Green Party.
You can vote for the Libertarian Party.
And I know people will say, well, that's a vote for the other guy.
But you know what?
I can't sell my soul anymore to these parties.
So he can't sell his soul anymore to these other parties.
And he tries to spin it like voting for someone else isn't a vote for Hillary.
Trying to manipulate people.
I know folks that know Glenn Beck.
He scripts everything he says.
He's the opposite of me.
And I am so proud that he's the opposite of me.
I am so proud that I am not, and listen, I have held my tongue on Limbeck for so long, but that guy has really sabotaged me, he's gotten in my business, and let me tell you something, I thank good Lord above, I thank my family, I thank Matt Drudge.
I don't know.
I do savor it.
I'll tell you.
I absolutely savor, and I enjoy, and anytime I'm down or I'm tired, I can think about all the people in my life, from the bullies when I was 10 years old, right through some of the people that fired me off radio because I was talking about Hillary and Bill, right through to people like Glenn Beck and everybody else.
You're not going to shut me down, and I'm not backing down, and neither are the American people, and neither is Donald Trump, and neither is Matt Drudge.
We're taking this country back.
Stay with us.
Thank you for listening to GCN.
Visit GCNlive.com today.
This just in!
Human stupidity knows no bounds!
Idiot teenage girl walks straight into highway traffic in Pennsylvania to catch a Pokémon in the new craze Pokémon Go, which has ties to the empire-usurping terrorist factory, the CIA.
The idiot 15-year-old Autumn Dezaroth was hit by a car on her journey to become the very best like no one ever was.
She survived with some injuries and is okay, but come on now!
She's 15!
Her brain is developed enough to make a decision with some damn sense!
And that's not all!
Dezaroth and her mother, Tracy Nolan, both blame the game, completely abdicating responsibility for choosing to test fate against two ton hunks of metal moving at dangerously high speeds.
No one says, should never let her play that damn game.
The Pennsylvania State Police issued an awareness bulletin for Pokemon Go to warn people against being stupid.
But will it work?
Report from NowThis News.
This is Gabe Golddiamond for InfoWars.com.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
It is crazy to be here in Cleveland.
It is amazing.
I have had probably half the police we walk by say, Alex Jones, Alex Jones, give me thumbs up.
I have had maybe 20% of the Secret Service wave at me or give me thumbs up.
It is crazy.
It is crazy.
And again, that's got to freak the criminals, the globalists, out.
That Obama and Soros' attempt to start a civil war to intimidate the police into getting into the globalists has absolutely backfired.
Our news director, who has been working his butt off
At a level I've never seen.
He's such a hard worker.
Rob Dew is here with us.
We've got Wayne Madsen from inside the RNC, where they're trying to steal it again tomorrow night.
I'm going to be going inside tonight and tomorrow, right through when Trump gets the nomination.
We're going to be talking about those dirty tricks in the next segment.
But I tell you, Dew, have you ever seen so many listeners, not just delegates that have come here or Republicans, the locals?
Especially the black folks.
I mean, it's just, it's so crazy that black folks love me so much.
And then the media, and it's not about us, but it's a benchmark, it's a gauge.
The media can spin the idea that it's us against them.
Alex, just a quick story.
When I was shooting from the tripod position way in the back for your speech yesterday, and when I was packing stuff up,
Listeners of all types.
What did you say about a third of the people were black, Doug?
Oh yeah, yeah.
And the black folks were coming up to me going, they knew who I was.
They're like, Rob, dude, thank you, thank you.
And they wanted to take pictures with me.
I've never had that happen before with so many people in just one location.
And they were all, some of them had shirts on, some of them didn't.
But they were all like, oh, thank you for what you did.
But it wasn't just the rally.
It's very humbling to have folks looking at you like...
Like, you're going to save them.
Look, I'm just like you.
I'm fighting tyranny.
You're just as powerful as I am.
People stop me in the streets.
They know who I am.
I met a guy last night, a delegate, a California delegate, at midnight walking down the road.
He goes, hey, you're with Infowars.
I said, yeah, hey, what happened today?
Give me your take on what happened today.
And he started talking.
He's like, yeah, that's right.
It's not about us.
We're only telling you because you aren't known.
You're not a public figure, most of you.
You don't get to understand how big the Liberty Movement is.
Yeah, it is.
I mean, I can barely walk down the street anywhere.
No, you get mobbed.
It's on another level with you.
I want to go out and just show that.
I want to show people that.
Because we are the future.
And this whole mainstream media is about making us feel like we're alone.
They have these articles every day chastising Drudge for being associated with Trump and myself as he rises and they fall.
And then Drudge links to it because he knows it's a joke.
I mean, these people just don't get it, man.
I'd say we really are turning the tide.
We definitely are.
We've got a long way to go, but we're turning it.
It is.
And with the banner flights, breaking through the mainstream media, we've got the trucks going.
I mean, it's all really happening.
That was in hundreds of publications.
Everybody was talking about it.
It was the only, because there was nothing else going on for two days.
It was just people standing around going, ooh.
You know, oh my God, people are flying banners around.
That'll scare the globalists if Infowars and Drudge, just websites, with tiny crews compared to the mainstream media, can kick their butt.
It's because you're pushing BS!
Well, and it's because we're not caught up in this giant hierarchy either.
It's like, hey, we want to go do this, boom, we do it.
We want to go do this, boom, we do it.
There's no, like, we just go where the action is.
And that's the difference, I think, with a lot of these mainstream media.
They're stuck in their one little slot.
Can you believe that they kept Ted Nugent from speaking here?
It's ridiculous.
You know, they had the Duck Dynasty guy on last night.
How is he any different from Ted Nugent?
They had Scott Baio, Chachi.
I mean, they're getting all these celebrities.
What's wrong with Ted Nugent?
Because he's too good.
And again, that's not Trump's fault.
It's not Trump's people, it's the RNC.
Of course.
That's all, anytime we run into, and it's funny, when you meet an InfoWars person who's a delegate, they have a different mindset than one of these RNC people who are just oblivious to, like, what's going on in the real world.
Well, I mean, I flew up here with a bunch of delegates that were with Karl Rove, and he had them bringing them on the plane.
They were, like, literally bugging their eyes out, like they wanted to kill me.
Call him by his real name.
Curd Blossom.
I mean, they were really, and that's why I said, that's it, I'm getting off the plane, I'm really confronting him now.
You know, the gloves are off, man.
That face when he turns and looks at you, it's like this Dan Aykroyd movie, I think it's called Nothing But Trouble.
He looks exactly like that guy from Central Casting, just big and pustule and just had no soul in his eyes.
He looked like he was wearing, it was somebody else inside.
Well, this is the guy that sabotages the Republican Party.
And he's done.
Oh yeah, he's a footnote at this point.
We're selling a product, DNA Force, that is the very best nutraceutical that we can produce, that similar formulas are being taken by the Japanese for $400 to $600 for the same dose.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
And here we are above the RNC, above the conference center, where they are meeting.
And I've got Rob Dew, our news director, sitting right beside me.
A lot of amazing things going on.
I do intend, at the bottom of the hour, to open the phones up for everybody.
There is a key report up on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com from Wayne Madsen.
And I've asked Paul Watson to actually write an article about this.
It's really a big deal.
Now, this isn't about tooting my horn, but I want folks to realize I know what I'm talking about.
When the Republicans a few months ago said, OK, we're not going to challenge Trump anymore for the nomination, I said, guaranteed, I know Glenn Beck, and I know the other carpetbagger that's down in Texas.
I mean, I'm nothing against northerners that come south.
I love folks.
But a carpetbagger comes down here to take advantage of Texans, take advantage of our looks, our cowboy hats, our culture, people thinking, you know, that you can, quote, trust a Texan.
Well, if you can find a real one, yeah, you can.
Handshake deal.
Because you break it, they'll come after you.
We're talking about Ted Cruz, you know, the Canadian.
Sure enough, they tried to overthrow the votes, force it down, take the votes, and try to install Ted Cruz.
That failed yesterday.
Now the word is, and Wayne Madsen, investigative journalist, former head of a major security division of the National Security Agency, first major NSA whistleblower 20 years ago, he was on the ground with Kit Daniels and our crew, and he's there right now with Josh Owens, inside the Quicken Loans Center, and he discovered they're planning Wednesday night, after Ted Cruz speaks, to try to walk out
Donald Trump doesn't need to send his people in to talk to the Cruz former delegates and say, please don't do this.
Follow your pledge and follow the popular vote.
He needs to tell Ted Cruz, we're just going to take you off the speaking slot, you bastard, because I've had enough of this, OK?
And it makes me sick that I ever halfway supported Ted Cruz.
Enough dirty tricks.
I mean, Glenn Beck is on Meet the Press and other shows saying, vote for Hillary.
I cannot handle this anymore.
Listen, the bad Donald Trump, if you believe the worst stuff about him, he's 50 times better than Hillary.
The guy's got courage, he's got honor, he loves America, he wants to have better trade deals, he's pro-Second Amendment, he's pro-family, and then he's even liberal on some subjects that I'm somewhat liberal on.
I'm a libertarian.
Leave people alone in their bedrooms.
He's a great candidate, and he's a unifier.
He's from the North, you know, where America started.
And it's just exciting to see him bringing America together as a great unifier.
If they let him in, he'll be the new Ronald Reagan, and I think more so.
And I'm so excited about it.
Listen, Wayne Madsen is somebody I'd call a famous journalist.
I would call him kind of a classical liberal, libertarian liberal.
He's been supporting Trump.
I don't think of a time I've seen him support a Republican.
He's kind of not really supportive of Democrats either, but I don't want to speak for him.
But before we get into what happened last night, what's coming up tomorrow night that we're breaking here, Wayne Madsen inside the Convention Center.
For TV viewers, Infowars.com forward slash show.
Radio listeners can go find the feed right there.
But this will also be archived later today.
Let's first talk about you, Transformatively.
Am I speaking for you or do you support Trump?
And then why are you supporting him?
And then what happened last night?
What's happening tomorrow?
Well, Alex, what has happened here so far is yesterday there was an attempt to have the rules altered to go for a full roll call vote, and that failed.
That was being pushed primarily by Senator Mike Lee, a Cruz delegate from Utah, and the former Attorney General of Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli.
As I said, that failed because
The chair, Rince Priebus, said you have to have a certain number of states and a certain number of signatures to go for a full roll call vote.
The Cruz people said, no, they cried foul.
They said, look, this is a ruling that, you know, they use the word bugs describing the RNC.
They weren't happy.
Now, last night, what I discovered was from a senior delegate from Tennessee, who's a Trump delegate, said, look, there's a rumor that the Cruz people will stage a walkout after Ted Cruz's speech tomorrow evening.
We spoke to the Texas Cruz people.
They said, look,
We're hoping to vote for our person Cruz, but then when Trump gets the nomination, we will support Trump.
Now what's going to happen tonight after the gavel goes down is we're going to have the nomination process for president and then for vice president, but they're going to start the roll call.
With Alabama and it goes in alphabetical order and at some point in time and I this is a very unconventional convention but usually the presidential candidates home state moves
For a nomination by acclamation, so they don't go through the entire roll call.
This is what the cruise people wanted.
They wanted the chance for Texas, which is at the end of the alphabet to be able to be able to vote along with Utah.
Excuse me.
So, um.
I would say that at some point in time, during the roll call, my suspicion is New York, which is Trump's home state, their delegation chair will move for acclamation so it won't go to further states.
Now, Wayne, let me throw this in at you.
I got something to add to that, too.
Again, Rob Deere with us, InfoWars News Director.
Let me ask you this question.
Clearly, this is about just sabotaging Trump, making it look like he's not even supported by his own party to damage him and support Hillary.
I mean, I cannot believe these Republicans, after their attempt to claim that they were superdelegates and that votes didn't count, they were repudiated.
They had to back off.
This is very traitorous, very treacherous, very dishonorable.
Do these people have any idea
Well, I mean, I don't think many of the people here would vote for Hillary Clinton.
This is a fairly... And why are they trying to sabotage Trump?
Because nobody else is going to get it.
Right, they've tried to do that, but I think when it comes down to November, we're talking about a Republican, at least the ones represented here, Republicans.
I don't think many will sit at home and want to sacrifice their vote if they think that Hillary Clinton could be elected president.
There may be some, certainly
We don't even have the Governor of Ohio here and they spent $54 million to get this convention in Cleveland.
And they're not going to make that back by hot dog sales from the concourse here.
You don't have Kasich here.
He's in Cleveland, but he's attending side meetings.
And that's another reason I'm supporting Trump.
You have all the old, disgusting rhinos, the Bushes, the old establishment, just like the Clintons, fighting with everything they've got.
It's a no-brainer.
Let me ask you this.
I know you don't want to get into your own personal views, but I've seen you on air.
What is your real view of Trump?
You're here, obviously, exposing the fact you're trying to take him out.
What is your view of this general election?
What's your view of Trump?
Well, I think what we see with Trump and on the other side, Bernie Sanders, is there is anger across the country.
Nobody will deny that fact.
And you can sense the anger here amongst a lot of the delegates.
I've spoken to them.
They don't like the way the country has gone for the last eight years under Barack Obama.
And they look at Hillary as just a continuation of the Obama administration.
Some actually believe she might be worse.
Uh, so I think what we're, uh, what we're seeing is the anger playing out.
And I think we're going to see the same attempt in Philadelphia by Sanders people to do exactly what the Cruz people did here, uh, to try to say, even though Trump, of course, was not the favorite of the Republican establishment.
So this is, as I've written, anyone who has the old rule book, political rule book from the last century needs to throw it away.
It doesn't work anymore.
That's right.
This is a major political realignment.
Wayne, is this one of the biggest realignments in your historical research that we've seen since the founding of the Republic?
Well, Alex, I've actually never seen a convention like this, where you've got the only previous GOP nominee for president, Bob Dole, was here.
All the others are boycotting.
John McCain, Mitt Romney, none of the Bushes are here.
But as you know from your flight here, the Bushes have their surrogate here working behind the scenes, and that's Karl Rove.
And I talked to a former Republican congressman last night from Ohio and it was his feeling that Rove is here to basically be the Bush henchman here to see what he can possibly do to disrupt the convention for Trump.
So there's a good chance that Rove is behind some of this attempt to embarrass Trump?
He may be.
The issue with, uh, you've got rumors that Mitt Romney's in town too, although nobody's seen him.
We know Kasich's here.
As you know, Rove is here.
So, yeah, there is some... Well, that's extremely shameful.
That's extremely shameful.
I want to come back to you after the break, but real quick, Rob, do you have a question or a point?
Well, uh, I just want to confirm what, um, what, uh, Dave...
Wayne Madsen was just saying, the delegate I talked to from California last night said it was all Cruz states and Marco Rubio people getting together in one side of the convention floor.
They were all colluding, and he was witnessing this happening.
And when they called for that roll call, he actually stood up and said something to the chair at that point, saying, no, we should not allow this.
And that's when they- Look, at this point, those are Hillary operatives in the convention trying to spoil the will of popular voters.
This is election fraud that we're watching here, okay?
And that video is up.
You can watch the whole interview.
It's on the Alex Jones Channel.
It's called California Delegate Exposes How Never Trump Is Gonna Fail.
Because he basically said, Trump's got it in the bag.
They will not be able to steal it from him.
But we'll see.
We still have to maintain vigilance at this point.
They're bare minimum trying to embarrass him, aren't they, Wayne?
I'm sorry?
They're bare minimum trying to embarrass Trump.
Oh yeah, I mean, the issue with this convention so far has been, we haven't even seen a schedule with timed events.
We first saw the first schedule with any times given, which came out yesterday, but unlike many other conventions where you got
People slotted in certain times we haven't seen that so there's a lot of play going on at this convention And we see a lot of to be determined speakers still on the left right unprecedented Let's talk about the other Intel you've gleaned the last few days inside the convention center.
We're day two We're right above the convention center broadcasting live Wayne Madsen our crew is inside We've got crew on the streets out there talking to the BLM groups and other Soros funded trash It's all coming up straight ahead, and we've got a religion of
Peace Jihadi killing people with an axe in Germany.
And we're hearing now it's the Germans' fault.
Stay with us.
I cannot help asking those who have caused this situation.
Do you realize now what you've done?
Speaking nearly a month ago, President Vladimir Putin at the International Economic Forum in St.
Petersburg, Russia, warned the group of international journalists there, repeatedly, that Europe, the United States, and Russia were drifting towards full-scale war.
We know year by year what's going to happen, and they know we know.
It's only you that they tell these fables and you buy it and spread it to the citizens of your countries.
Your people do not feel a sense of the impending danger.
This is what worries me.
How do you not understand that the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction?
That is the problem.
But they pretend like nothing's going on.
I don't even know how to get through to you people anymore.
And the big news is, a month later, almost a month later, after we first reported on it,
In mid-June, there has been almost no Western coverage of it at all.
And that's exactly what Putin was getting at.
Whether you love Putin or hate Putin, if the leader of Russia, with thousands of intercontinental ballistic missiles and cruise missiles, is telling the West, I don't know how to get through to you, your media is controlled, you're being manipulated,
NATO is putting missiles on our borders.
We're having to move missiles in.
You've overthrown Ukraine.
You're on an offensive.
You're funding and protecting radical Islam.
Do you know what you've done?
Do you know what you've done, as he said at the UN, destabilizing the Middle East?
Why are you doing this?
Where are the sound minds across the political spectrum
Who should be stopping this?
Russia has three overseas military bases.
You have hundreds.
You have your spies inside our country trying to overthrow it.
You have your CIA people trying to get into our embassies.
You are at war with us!
And the average American, the average European, the average Brit is not aware of this.
Another threat that President Obama mentioned was ISIS.
Well, who on earth armed them?
Who helped to arm the Syrians that were fighting against Assad?
Who created the necessary political climate that facilitated the situation?
Who pushed for the delivery of arms to the area?
But the issue of a major world leader saying that we're moving to the brink of war
And it's not in our news.
That's the big story.
It shows how incredibly controlled things are.
Please spread this video far and wide and hopefully it will spur a debate that can cause some type of chain reaction that reverses our course or at least changes our course from assured Armageddon.
But they will pay attention when we the people force the issue.
And we are forcing the issue on this
As well as many other issues going on here in the United States and around the world.
I'm Alex Jones, signing off for InfoWars.com.
If you're watching or listening to this transmission, you are the hope.
You are the resistance.
Welcome to your life.
There's no turning back.
We've got the Republican establishment, the Bushes, Glenn Beck, Ted Cruz trying to sabotage the people's popular vote.
Stop, stop Donald Trump.
I mean, my God, that's incredible.
And we've got the people really waking up.
But coming up, I've got a short interview with the Dinesh D'Souza that Leon McAdoo did last night.
And then we've also got DeSouza coming on tomorrow.
We've got Ted Nugent and a lot more.
And we're going to be talking to Leanne McAdoo and Margaret Howell out on the street.
They're interviewing folks.
Joe Biggs is also going to the convention center.
I'm going to be there later tonight, and of course tomorrow when they attempt this big walkout.
And I also saw two guys wearing new Black Panther Party shirts.
They saw me looking out the window.
I stopped at a red light, jumped out, and actually ran the building away from me.
I just want to go talk to him and say, hey, you know George Soros is fun and all this.
Try to cause a war in this country.
It's not going to help anybody.
So I'm going to go out and talk to some of those folks if I'm able to.
We are on the lookout.
We are on the hunt, as they say.
Rob News here with News Director.
He's going to be in Philadelphia with David Nye and others.
But right now, let's go back to Wayne Madsen on the floor.
What else have you gleaned, Wayne, and what else are you looking to happen?
What's the next shoe to drop?
Well, tonight we'll actually see the Republican establishment on stage, scheduled to speak as the ex officio chairman of the convention, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.
And also speaking will be the Senate Majority Leader, Senator Mitch McConnell.
So it'll be very interesting because neither one of them have given what I would call full-throated endorsements of Donald Trump.
So it'll be very interesting to see what they have to say.
Tonight, when they are up there on this podium behind me.
We also have some members of the Trump family, Donald Trump Jr., scheduled to speak.
And there'll be some other Republican politicians on stage.
But unlike past conventions, Republican conventions in this case, we don't see a lot of the
Big office holders.
There is a few here.
Scott Walker is scheduled to speak here.
The Governor of Wisconsin.
Isn't that for you an endorsement of Trump?
I know you've kind of dodged this twice and I'm not mad that you have, but just as a private citizen, I mean, what is your view of Trump?
Well, I think he's, on many issues, he's the anti-neocon, for one thing.
On foreign policy, he's their worst nightmare.
He wants to patch up our relations with Russia, which the neocons are dead set against.
I think
Who have voted Democratic in the past taking a close look at Donald Trump because foreign policy issues, trade issues, bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States and you can just walk a few blocks from this convention center and you see empty factories.
Cleveland was once a huge manufacturing city and that's all been lost.
Although I gotta admit they've done a pretty good job at refurbishing the
Yeah, they made the downtown look better, but you go outside of here, it looks like a war zone, but a lot of great people here and we can rebuild this country.
What do you think happens if he does lose?
How do they put this political dead duck Hillary in power?
If she doesn't go for full dictatorial power, she's going to be removed pretty quickly.
Well, I believe what we're seeing with Kasich in town and the rumored presence of Mitt Romney and people like Rove, I think they're looking at 2020.
They want to try to get this party back under their control.
They're going through, remember they, after the last election, they did this post-mortem, this autopsy on the Republican Party, and then their worst nightmare
Uh, occurred because they lost total control over the party with the nomination of an outsider.
They're going to try and for 2020 to get back under the control of the insiders.
And I think that's what they're meeting probably in one of these hotel suites downtown planning really for 2020.
I believe that these Republicans are already conceding the November election to Hillary Clinton.
Wow, and then working with Beck and everybody else to make sure that happens as loyal opposition for the Democrats inside.
And so that lets us know if Trump gets elected, the battle just begins, because we'll have the Democrats and Republican establishment trying to sabotage him at every turn.
So we can't just get him in office and leave him there.
We've got to support him.
That's right.
I mean, I think the one thing with the schedule being so fluid, normally those schedules are hammered out
Way in advance because people, you know, are traveling and whatnot.
So what does that mean to you?
What does that mean to you?
What does that signify?
It means that this is, really, this is the most unorganized convention that I've covered and I've seen in recent times.
Maybe you don't know why that's good.
Yeah, I mean, in a way, that's how the first ones were, and that's what freedom looks like.
It's not just some top-down, centralized system.
I know you're filing more reports.
You're doing a great job.
So, Wayne Madsen, waynemadsenreport.com, workswithinfowars.com.
Thanks for being a correspondent for us.
We'll be back with our folks on the streets.
Stay with us.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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to 3 p.m.
we're here.
And returning weeknight 7 o'clock central, InfoWars Nightly News.
And of course, Sundays 4 to 6 p.m.
Central, the live Sunday broadcast.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Coming to you from deep in the heart of Cleveland, Ohio.
Site of the 2016 Republican National Convention.
Back at the home base in Austin, Texas.
We have David Knight and the rest of the great crew making this all possible.
But I've got
Nine or ten people here in our crew.
I guess more than that, actually, about eleven.
And so we've got a full court press here with our operation.
We've been dominating coverage.
Hundreds of newspapers, hundreds of TV stations, all over national news, promoting liberty, warning people about globalism, showing that if somebody just gives the new world order a stand-up fight, we kick their butts.
Very, very exciting time to be alive right now.
Looking at this,
It really shows that you can only have a globalist takeover, a multinational corporate takeover of your country, when the people aren't aware of what's happening.
That's why you've got to control the media.
And the globalist mainstream media was arrogant when the internet first came into being.
They thought it would be a tool of surveillance, a tool of control.
They thought that they could basically dominate it.
But it's shown the genie's out of the bottle.
Now they've hit the panic button.
They admit, we're going to have Joe Biggs on a little while with us.
They admit that they're having major, major problems.
And that everything's unraveling.
So now they want censorship.
Now they want control.
Now they want to be able to just basically shut us down.
It doesn't work to call us racist and all this garbage.
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There's a lot of other ones I don't have time to mention.
We're also going to be going out to the Black Panther meetings and more.
I'm going to be there.
Others are.
We're not playing games.
We're going to go expose what George Soros is financing and is running.
And if a Klan rally pops up, we're going to go cover that as well.
Though I haven't heard of one of those.
The birds of a feather, federal minions, tend to fly together.
Joe Biggs was about to go into the convention center.
We saw him down there and I said, I know he's got something to cover, but I'm going to go
I mean, as you can see, the police have pretty much built this entire wall around the center and kept a lot of people back.
There's smaller pockets of protest happening, but I think today is going to be one of the largest ones.
Cornel West is going to be speaking at 4 p.m.
with Carl Dix, the co-founder of the Revolutionary Communist Party, along with the Huey P. Newton Gun Club and the New Black Panther Party.
That's at 4 today?
That's at 4 o'clock at the public square down here.
And we're going.
We need all the patriots to be there.
We're peaceful.
We're just coming to cover it.
We're coming to talk to them and interview them and hopefully talk some sense into them.
Yeah, it's going to be interesting to see this large amount of people, these different diverse groups coming together right here with the amount of police, the nerves are high, the intensity, you know, the helicopters are flying everywhere.
I just spoke with one of our guys down on the ground that works closely with the Cleveland Police Department.
He's working on trying to get me in one of these police choppers to fly around and get some aerial footage as well today.
So it's going to be interesting to see how everything pans out.
But I guarantee you by Thursday, Thursday is going to be that day where it really gets hot and heavy.
People are going to be angry.
They've been out in the sun every day.
Whatever we find out happens at the end of this week with the RNC convention and all that, I think Thursday is going to be our big day.
What did you expect coming in and what have you experienced since you've been here?
I expected just complete and total chaos, but once you get here and actually see how they've barricaded this place in and really done a good job at keeping these people out and not letting them
Get close to the area, not to bother the delegates trying to go in and out, not really screwing around with people.
Cleveland didn't play any games.
I mean, they brought in police from all over the country, and it's definitely helping out.
But it's definitely, it's sad to see when you have the head of the police department here also calling for a temporary ban on our Second Amendment rights.
That's something I do have a problem with.
That's right, but he also said Obama's basically financing and running Black Lives Matter and did all this.
Look, here's the issue.
They bring the jihadis in, they attack, we lose our liberties.
They got all these communist groups, White House funded, we lose our liberties.
No, if we just stand up to these unconstitutional groups calling for criminal action, then we'll have an open society again.
That's why the globalists have brought all this crime in, is because they want to use it to turn us into this.
I can't believe that so many Americans are upset over this Melania Trump speech and not as angry about this.
By the way, I went and looked at it.
Everybody says, my family's roots and my values.
Everybody says that.
Yeah, it's a typical, you know, wife speech.
I mean, it's borderline.
Is she running for president?
Well, of course, Obama's been caught plagiarizing whole cloth.
But that's okay.
Look, look, it's all about a diversion.
I agree with you.
Stay here a little while, or do you have a meeting you were going to?
No, no, no, I'm good.
All right, well, we're going to go to now our crew.
Joe Bix is with us.
We've got Leanne McAdoo and Margaret Howell down on the ground.
Guys, what have you observed, and where do you see all this going?
That's right, Alex.
We are right here across from the Quicken Loans and here in front of the main media staging area.
This is the mass distraction epicenter.
This is where they're running interference for the globalists, letting you know that the only thing that you need to care about was Melania's speech and that it was allegedly plagiarized because she used very common words that everyone speaks about.
Family, you know, building your own wealth, working hard.
You know, the Obamas own that type of speech apparently.
They own the American dream as they try to kill it.
And of course, let's not forget, Obama was accused of plagiarism in 2008.
They were accused of taking portions of Hillary Clinton's speeches and she accused him.
He said that was ludicrous.
How could, you know, this is a boulder dash.
I've written two books.
No, he didn't.
Who wrote your books, Obama?
So it's just total distraction.
You know, Saul Alinsky pulled some big quotes out of that book.
So it's just mass distraction here.
All of these people here are like true patriots, kind of fighting back against the mass distraction.
We've seen so many people out here getting in people's faces, not being afraid of standing up and speaking out, saying why they're voting for Trump.
This guy here is doing a great impression of him, and so I'm going to step away because he's quite distracting.
I was about to say, is somebody doing a distraction of me?
I'm going to dropkick him in a second.
Here, let's let this distractor get in here.
Let's see what this dumbo is doing.
We have to understand that.
First, we have to come.
We have to acknowledge that.
We have to identify that.
And ladies and gentlemen, Roger Stone is going to be my guest any second now.
So stay tuned and join us here at the Republican National Convention, all right?
Because we are going to take our party back!
Ladies and gentlemen, I've been a little too long to glorify some people like, uh, Turd Blossom.
By the way, every time they do this, it's the Turd Blossom.
1776 is going to commence again if you do another Alex Jones impression.
I thought that was pretty good.
There's nothing in there but powder, nothing in there but baking soda, but believe me, it's going to make you feel real good.
They're shooting something as well, so they've got... Alright, he's had his 10 seconds of fame.
This will be big national news, we've been trolled or whatever, I think it's funny.
Yeah, he's good, he's good.
So I know we had a Millie Weaver kind of running around doing some reports for us.
She's already reported the fact that there has been an altercation between a biker for Trump and an anarchist at one of these parks.
She's running over here to get us that footage.
So we're already seeing kind of the tensions are high.
And Joe Biggs kind of brought this up, the way that they have everything set up, the protesters are pretty far away from everything and they're not
Yeah, just look at Venezuela.
No, whenever you bring that up, they're like, oh, but that's not what we're going to do.
That's not what we're going to do.
We're going to put you in a forced labor camp and oversee you.
We'll be bosses then.
I tell you, communism is such a joke.
What we've got is corporate fascism now using socialism to domesticate us.
Leanne, what did you expect going into this and what have you experienced so far?
Well, you know, honestly, I expected that it was going to be a little bit more chaotic, but they really have cordoned off so much of the roads here.
They're doing a very good job at making sure you can't access any areas without the proper identification.
So a lot of the George Soros groups, we've seen a lot.
We're going to be speaking with some of them right after.
They're actually standing around waiting to speak with us, but they're all over the place.
All of these people who don't even realize that they are working for one of the biggest globalist
Well I'll tell you what, I mean Margaret can pop it anytime she wants, Leigh-Anne, but we can obviously bleep it once, but tell them not to cut us if they do, we'll have to cut it off.
But let's go try to talk to some of these Soros minions right now if you want.
Well, let me, uh, now they're walking this way, so... I understand.
Just whenever one pops by, we'll talk to him.
It was like that guy yesterday.
He was running around, uh, you know, and I guess he has his own cartoon network.
He made a big deal out that I got the wrong station.
Somebody told me he was with Comedy Central.
So I said, hey, dude, you know, it seems like people are getting mad at you.
Come up here and talk.
And then all he said was, have sex with my wife.
Why is PP yellow?
And it was like, oh, Alex got defeated by that.
No, I was trying to go, here, here's some free speech.
And he's mocking Building 7.
Yeah, mocking Building 7.
I'm just like, come up here, dude.
And then people thought that defeated me, when the guys were like, he had a lobotomy or something.
I mean, I was demonstrating the NSC.
I probably shouldn't admit it, but I manhandled him.
We're good to go.
That's right, and we're live in Cleveland.
Leon McAdoo is out there in the 90 degree heat on a beautiful sunny day.
We are up here in the command base, the studio right above the RNC meeting and the Quicken Loans Center.
We're going to be in there today as well.
We're going to be going to this Communist slash Sword Sorrows slash Nazi collaborator slash Black Lives Matter slash New Blank Panther Party event at four o'clock.
And again, Joe Biggs, what park is that?
It's going to be at the Public Square Park right over here around the corner.
It's about a block away.
All right, well, we're going to be moseying on over there to be able to cover that.
Leigh Ann, have you found any of the Soros minions?
I do not see any at the present moment.
I do not.
We've got Gunner here, who is really outspoken, getting in some confrontations.
What do you think about the fact that there are so many young people that want
Socialism in this country.
Well, I think Bernie Sanders really touched a nerve in this country.
You know, speaking about issues like student loans, Wall Street, crony capitalism.
Why do you run lower than Hillary?
What Bernie did really well was he talked about issues and problems in this country, but he offered the wrong solution.
Because the problems that he's been talking about are problems with crony capitalism.
Problems with the government picking winners and losers.
And we are the losers.
The people at the bottom, the students, the people who don't have a lot of money.
And what's going to help free us from that problem more is to free up the markets and stay away from socialism.
It's a failed experiment.
So it's good to have people out here countering that.
I'll just make a phone call.
Sorry about that.
I'm not able to get the feeds kind of coming in and out.
But yeah, I mean, it's just really great to have so many people coming out here to counter these protesters who truly believe what they're telling you.
Truly, I mean, this kid truly believed and fought to tell me that communism killed millions of people, democide.
And I said, well, what about the genocide?
And I had a guy yesterday tell me that Sharia law was peaceful.
Oh yeah, that guy said Toronto was peaceful.
And some folks are saying, see, it is peaceful.
Like that guy with the hatchet with the axe?
Yeah, that was very peaceful and loving.
Oh yeah.
Or the guy who stabbed his neighbors because they weren't dressing appropriately, so he was obviously having some lascivious thoughts about these young children, and so he stabs them.
I mean, but safe and loving, let's open up the borders, let's not vet anyone, and that's racist.
Hey, what matters is Melania Trump said she loved her family and loved America.
That's plagiarism.
I had a girl tell me yesterday that I was on her land.
She's about a 23 year old little socialist punk.
She goes, you're on my land, I'm a Native American.
I was like, well I was born here, I'm a Native American too.
I'm older than you, so I've been on this planet a lot longer than you.
And I was like, I think you're a dumbass.
And she's sitting there the whole time looking around and she's going, oh well now, then all of a sudden she switches, she's Mexican.
So she starts speaking to me in Spanish and then into another language.
I was like, I thought you were just Native American, now you're Mexican?
I was like, do you want to make America Mexico again?
She's like, this is not your land.
I was like, well guess what happens when you lose a war?
We take the land.
Well, here's what happens.
Nobody's good or bad on either side.
Nobody's bad.
The point is, it's a joke.
They're very bad.
Nobody's bad.
The point is, is that as soon as we got here, the natives were always trying to get us to attack the other tribe.
So they were just as warlike as the Europeans.
We're all the same.
We all do the same kind of crap.
We're all good.
We're all bad.
It's just they teach these kids, you're going to get ahead in the world by being a socialist and being part of a group, and you're owed reparations.
Guess what?
You're not getting them.
Nobody's getting them.
The only reparations are getting our jobs back and our industry back.
Leanne Magid.
Well, I agree, and that's one of the things that I really loved about Dinesh D'Souza's movie.
He put Hillary's America.
He really spells it out.
So many people who have been brainwashed in these Black Lives Matter cults and everything that are putting out these false narratives.
They're only getting one side of history.
And so we were speaking with several recovering Democrats.
Who had been educated on the real truth of the Democratic Party.
Their racist roots, their thuggish roots.
And just talking about that these are the same tactics that convicts, con men use to steal.
That's what they're using to steal America.
Exactly, exactly.
And the big old mommy of the Democratic Party with all her little milkies.
You know, there with all her little slaves on the fetid poison milk.
She can't keep her minions in the dark for life.
She can't hide them from the waiting world.
We'll be back.
Great job, Liam.
We'll talk to Margaret Howe and more straight ahead.
It's live coverage of RNC from Cleveland.
2016 on Alex Jones.
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Brain Force is here.
Ladies and gentlemen, I've been on this the last few months.
You probably noticed I've been more crazed, more focused, less brain fog, more energy, more special reports, and it's because of Brain Force.
One of the worst things with most energy products is it's not sustainable, right?
You're gonna crash, you're gonna feel really bad afterwards.
This has a bunch of different antioxidants and compounds and polyphenols.
Everybody's on these drugs to knock their brain out because the brain's so fried.
We kept changing this formula over and over and over again until it became sort of a grand puzzle.
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You know, let me talk about one of the biggest lies ever.
We're going to pop in with Margaret Howe, Ann Leanne McEnany again, riding shotgun with us into the next hour, and then I'm going to open the phones up and take your calls.
Richard Reeves is going to be popping in as well.
One of the biggest things that hurts my feelings, and one of the biggest victories of the globalists and the mainstream media, is that Ron Paul, back in 2007 or so, along with the Liberty Movement, started the Tea Party.
We would throw 9-11 commission reports into the water instead of 9-11s of fraud, but also say, we're anti-war, but we're more libertarian or conservative.
And then that movement built, and then as soon as Obama got in, people were protesting Republicans and Democrats.
The Republicans got scared, they came and tried to co-opt the Tea Party.
It kind of co-opted them, though.
There was an internal battle.
But the media would say,
Minorities aren't welcome.
These are racists.
And then folks were scared it wouldn't go out to the Tea Party rallies, and it became a self-fulfilling prophecy to say, if you're pro-gun or pro-family or pro-private property or pro-sovereignty or pro-Christianity or pro-life, you know.
But you're a minority.
You're not welcome at the Tea Party or the new Second American Revolution.
That's not going on.
In fact, now that people of, quote, color have actually been going to Tea Party events the last few years, you go and it's like a third or half of them are.
Because everybody's hugging them, everybody loves them.
It's like, you know, I mean, you go and it's like Christian patriots, folks.
You go, there's a thousand people, there might be one Klan guy.
I mean, it is amazing.
Just like our rally yesterday.
Had about a thousand people.
News said 500.
I mean, it was like a third African Americans.
It was just so amazing.
But again, the way they sell this really worked for a while.
And imagine just, you win the revolution if you say anyone who has any color can't be pro-gun or pro-life or pro-America or not want Sharia law.
Well, I mean, that's crazy.
And that's why they're race baiting.
I mean, Donald Trump is not racist in any way.
I mean, I had like NPR and I also had Democracy Now!
go to me.
Do you support Donald Trump banning all Muslims?
And I said, yeah, until they're vetted.
They don't even check their passports or IDs.
They let them in.
We don't know the numbers.
I would say ban anybody coming in until we vet them.
And that's how it is every other country.
So I want to go to Margaret Howell, one of our great reporters out there braving the heat.
What is your view of being here three days now, Margaret?
Alex, we're on the ground, and can I just say, back to that comment you just made about anybody who is African American supporting Trump as being a racist, I actually found this amazing guy right here, Eric.
Look at this Trump shirt, Alex.
What do you think, sir?
You're a Trump supporter, correct?
I am, I am.
Can you tell me why?
I'm a Trump supporter because people don't listen to his views on healthcare, but he has views on healthcare, and I like that.
They don't listen to his views on the border, which are real views on the border.
He actually says, not all Mexicans, he says Mexicans who are unvetted.
Trump's not a racist, right?
No, ma'am.
No, ma'am.
No, ma'am.
No, ma'am.
What people don't know is that one day Trump got his limousine, got pulled over or flat-tired, and he then paid that guy's house off and came and helped him out.
Nobody knows that.
Nobody knows that.
Why do you think that the evil liberal left media wants to paint him as a racist?
Why is that their narrative, do you think?
To help Hillary?
Why not?
It's easy.
Why not?
They want to help Hillary.
Why not?
Why wouldn't they?
Because they want to help Hillary.
Like, look at all the movies that come out these days.
Who's the heroine?
It's all women.
I'm okay with women.
I have three daughters.
I'm okay with women being heroes, but why are they doing it?
It's an agenda.
When do we have a centralized agenda?
It's an agenda.
Yes, ma'am.
Have you always felt this way?
How long have you been like this?
How long have I been awake?
How long have you been awake?
I've been awake for years.
For years.
Hey, tell him to stay there.
I want to come right back to him, Margaret.
He's going to come right back to you, sir.
I want you to hang out with him.
Back in 70 seconds.
Alright, we're talking to, I'm telling you folks, there are just, there are just people who happen to have dark skin all over Cleveland that are Infowarriors and Trump supporters.
Oh yeah.
I mean, we gotta go out and show this.
I mean, it's in the crowds.
It's like a third of the people are black that are here to support Trump.
Extremely passionate.
And they're totally awake.
More articulate than I am.
That guy just did it in like 10 seconds.
It's a whole agenda, folks.
Centralized BS agenda.
This just in, human stupidity knows no bounds.
Idiot teenage girl walks straight into highway traffic in Pennsylvania to catch a Pokémon in the new craze Pokémon Go, which has ties to the empire usurping terrorist factory, the CIA.
The idiot 15-year-old Autumn Dezaroth was hit by a car on her journey to become the very best like no one ever was.
She survived with some injuries and is okay, but come on now, she's 15!
Her brain's developed enough to make a decision with some damn sense!
And that's not all.
Dezaroth and her mother, Tracy Nolan, both blame the game, completely abdicating responsibility for choosing to test fate against two ton hunks of metal moving at dangerously high speeds.
No one says, should never let her play that damn game.
The Pennsylvania State Police issued an awareness bulletin for Pokemon Go to warn people against being stupid.
But will it work?
Report from NowThis News.
This is Gabe Golddiamond for InfoWars.com.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Yeah, come on in, Mr. Buckaroo Bonza.
I don't see the feed in live time.
I've got InfoWars open with a video feed.
It's about a minute behind.
I was just talking about how many great black Americans, Hispanic Americans there are supporting InfoWars and Trump here.
About as many info words as Trump t-shirts.
No wonder Trump's noticed it.
And then all of a sudden I can't even see her feed yet.
She goes, I happen to have a guy right here who wants to talk.
You know, who's a black American who's awake.
So that's what I'm talking about.
It's almost like that was staged.
It wasn't staged.
It shows how what you see in mainstream media is not the reality of what's going on and Americans are coming together and that's a beautiful thing, repudiating the establishment.
Margaret, let's go back to your friend and talk to him some more.
You know, I lost him, Alex, but I found some other people that really wanted to talk to us that are here today on the opposite side of this.
We've got a bust-up militarism.
What's going on, guys?
We're here to talk about the endless wars and the fact that the United States is responsible for perpetuating a lot of the violence and extremism that we have in this world.
We want to talk about cutting our military budget back.
Reinvesting that money into our communities.
What does the bra have to do with it?
Can't you do that with a shirt on?
Yeah, it's a clever messaging, right?
Bust up.
And there you go.
You know what, we've got these social justice warriors out in full force.
And just quick question, do you guys know that you're working directly for George Soros?
I'm sorry, I'm just really against militarism, if that's what you're talking about.
And I think that we need to cut our military budget in order to focus on things at home, like healthcare.
What about Hillary launching all these wars?
What about Hillary launching all these wars?
Oh yeah, she is definitely the biggest war hawk running for office right now.
There's no doubt about it.
What about Libya?
What about Trump not wanting to go to war in Iraq or Afghanistan?
Yeah, Trump was against Iraq.
He's for it, witch.
Trump was against Iraq.
What do you say about that?
Aren't you a Trump supporter for that reason alone?
He doesn't want to engage in foreign wars and cost American lives, not to mention the foreign lives.
And against Syria.
Yeah, absolutely.
I'm not a Trump supporter on a single issue alone.
I think the hateful rhetoric is going to lead to violence and extremism.
We've experienced that in the context of protesting.
Oh, are the Muslims killing us?
Safety can't be your guarantee that somebody at this presidential platform is going to give us a permission to be violent when it's dissent on the line.
You know what, doll?
I hear you, but at the same time, you know, if we don't have a strong front, what do you make of our open borders?
I'd love to know what you make about that.
Open borders?
I'm a refugee.
I stood up yesterday and- Welcome.
Welcome to your hatchet.
I mean, aren't you kind of asking for it without a vetted-
You know, I keep getting asked if I'm asking for violence, if I'm asking for rape.
You should realize the epitome of violence and hate.
I definitely disagree.
Does every migrant get a free hatchet when they come in?
I think I'll see a hatchet.
And not somebody's religious beliefs.
Thanks for your time, though.
I really appreciate it.
Hope you've got some pepper spray.
You know?
She's saying thanks for your time, but she's out of talking points.
Ask her who pays her to be there and ask... You know, I wonder if she knows she's an indirect on Soros' payroll.
That would be my next question for her, but she looks a little preoccupied handing out those bras, you know.
My gosh.
You know, Alex... I love how the leftists always have women, like, naked.
They say they're not objectifying women, but PETA and Soros always have them half naked.
The total objectification.
It's just like, everything they do is the opposite of reality.
Does she have hairy armpits or blue hair?
You know, I don't want to disrespect Harry Armpits because we've all been there, but just Alex, you've got some of the most gorgeous women in the world working for you.
I've got Leanne to my right.
Just the end.
Millie, too, the epitome.
We're at the rally there.
Millie just left the flag-burning rally.
She's got some amazing footage.
I can't wait to see it myself.
But Millie, what was going on down there?
Yes, so it seems like everybody's in a heightened state of emotion right now.
We have anti-American, anti-Trump protesters in the streets.
At the same time, we also have- Burning American flags.
Well, they weren't necessarily burning.
They were stomping.
They had it draping on the ground and stomping it and yelling out profanities.
And basically, they were very much against America and what America stands for.
You and Millie stay right there, Margaret.
We're going to come right back to you and Millie to talk about this.
We're going to a thorough sponsored BLM, New Black Panther, Communist meeting as well in a couple hours.
Live feeds of that.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
Stay with us.
You developed Living Defense for us.
It took you over a year to do it.
Why is this so good?
Because people are actually waking up to the problem that pretty much scares me the most.
I mean, I try to make sure that I don't put toxins from food and water and beverages in my system, but right now we're dealing with massive parasites, which is anything that's harmful to your body that lives off a host mechanism.
Right now with all the refugees,
Spreading disease around.
We have biological warfare going on everywhere.
These are all parasites.
Tell us about all the stuff that's in it.
There's so many things that are in it.
You have the neem in there, you have the organic clove bud, the organic wormwood, you have enzyme blend in there.
This is very important because a lot of these microorganisms, and even going up to tapeworms, pinworms, you have to disintegrate the lining.
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How often should you take Living Defense?
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Or do you do it heavier for certain cleanses?
What do you do, Dr. Group?
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If you're suffering from abdominal pain, allergies, even like headaches, anemia, weakened immune system, gut problems, depression, hair loss,
Excess gas, muscle pain, nervousness.
I mean, all these things.
Doctors don't know.
They don't teach doctors in medical school about parasites and harmful organisms.
There's a reason why they don't teach them about that.
Just like they don't teach doctors about the root cause of disease and how to eliminate all disease out there.
They don't want you to know about it.
You don't want your own immune system being attacked.
Again, you know, you have animals, especially your cats, dogs.
So many people have pets these days.
People eat raw sushi.
People eat more raw food.
You have all these different organisms showing up in the water supplies now.
You even have it in the air supplies, these tiny microorganisms.
So it's not like we can get away from them.
We just have to do everything.
I recommend doing a parasite
Plans at least twice a year.
Alright, well I'm glad we've got some back in because I'm going back on it today.
It just came back in yesterday.
Living Defense.
And folks, you can't lose.
It's full of stuff that's great for your body, period.
And you support the broadcast.
Thank you, Dr. Group from the Global Healing Center.
Thank you so much for all your work, sir, on this great product.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
All right.
Mr. D bringing us in.
I'm wearing sunglasses because the light is shooting right through the sun.
It's shooting right through these big windows over the RNC, the Quicken Loans Center, and it is like torture.
So me and Biggs are wearing our sunglasses.
We're not trying to act cool, even though it's kind of fun.
We're the Blues Brothers now.
But we're teleprompter free, we're real media, just real analysis.
We'll tell folks what's coming up.
We're going to shoot a quick video of this off the live show and send it out on Twitter and Facebook.
It's about an hour and 50 minutes from now.
We've got the Communist group, the new Black Panther Party.
And the Black Lives Matter people meeting.
We're told this is the big enchilada.
Everybody who's here in Cleveland needs to be there to cover this.
We're going to be there peacefully covering it and asking these folks questions.
Because we've seen the new Black Panther Party, you know, going out saying, kill cops, and it happens.
And Obama says, yeah, we've got to reform the cops, you know.
Average cop pumping gas, it's his fault, blows brains out.
Just to me, people go, why are you for the cops, you scumbag?
And I'm like,
I'm up for shooting anybody in the back of the head who hadn't done anything wrong, whether it be a bad cop shooting somebody or it be a crazy person shooting somebody, but statistically, police really aren't doing this.
Are the police doing some things that are wrong?
Yeah, I'm the guy that's always exposing it, but it doesn't mean I hate the police or want to kill the police.
We're going to go back to our guests that are there on the street, but Joe Biggs, tell folks the details.
I want to encourage each and every one of you in the Cleveland area to come out today to the Public Square Park.
It's in between 3rd Street and 2nd Street, right in between Prospect Avenue and West Huron Road.
Today, Dr. Cornel West,
Carl Dix of the Revolutionary Communist Party, the New Black Panther Party, and the Huey P. Newton Gun Club will be out there in a huge rally.
So I want to encourage all of you to come out, wear your Hillary for Prison t-shirts and InfoWars shirt, engage in conversation, ask these guys what they're about, find out what it is they're trying to do, and let's all come together, let's have a good talk, and let's be peaceful.
But this should be a pretty big rally based off the chatter I'm getting here from local law enforcement.
Alright, let's go back to our crew.
They're on the ground right outside where we're at.
Let's go to Margaret Howell.
You were there talking to some folks.
We got caught off of the break.
Please continue.
Well, Alex, I'm here with Millie, and she was just telling me about this protest rally.
Can you tell me a little bit about this, Millie, that were stomping the flag?
Yeah, so the incident started with the police confiscating the metal pole from this man's American flag and replacing it with a cardboard pole.
Then the media encircled the man, and I then asked the man
You know, if he felt his rights were being violated, it became clear to me that he didn't care about his rights.
He just cared about disrespecting veterans and disrespecting the American flag.
Then, at some point, I asked him, you know, don't you think you're disrespecting veterans by draping the flag on the floor and stomping on it?
You know, we lay the flag over veterans' coffins when they've died.
Then a Bikers for Trump man jumped in and the incident escalated and they began fighting over the flag.
Police had to jump in.
You know, things got really heated.
It was a pretty intense event.
I've never felt safer than when there's a biker for Trump around, you know, honestly.
Yeah, no, he was a very nice guy.
He was very respectful, and he just couldn't stand seeing the flag being disrespected in that way, and they were yelling, F the American flag, and it was just, it was pretty disrespectful on their end.
Well, sure, let's be clear.
Let's be clear here, American flags have been used for some things that are wrong, but also the globalists when they do that, they're saying our country, our laws, our freedoms, this is a globalist takeover, telling us that they're going to bring it down.
And people do have a free speech right to burn it if they want.
But they don't have a right to go out in public in front of veterans and try to incite a riot.
And this is disorderly conduct.
That's why they're doing this.
This is the same crew, the same type of folks that are running this whole destabilization program.
So they want to go to a park.
Like I've done and burned the U.N.
But I don't run up in front of people and get in their face.
I don't do it at a U.N.
The point is, they're doing all of this to incite and try to get riots going to say, oh, that's Trump's fault.
They've been doing this all along.
Let's get our take on that.
You know Alex, speaking of violence, so the non-violent girls that don't want any militarization, the ones with just their bras on, they've resorted to vulgarity.
They've taken over the street now, and they're right in the middle of the street, and they're actually, one of them's laying on the ground because she's, you know, all about the non-violence.
Let's show that, let's show that.
So the Soros people, I know these tags are just Soros, one of his affiliated groups, are now laying half-naked in the street.
She's gotten up.
I mean, just take it over the whole street.
You know, this is a thoroughfare.
This road is not closed.
People, they need to get to and from.
And to take over the middle of the street in bras, just... Here we go.
Again, if you're a radio listener, we have live feeds at InfoWars.com forward slash show, live coverage of the RNC.
You know, our same guy, our guy that was awake, has engaged in a conversation with one of them.
Of course, there's no talking.
Here, here, let's see this conversation.
I'll use your guns here.
All I'm saying is it's not appropriate to be asking women to take their bras off.
It's not appropriate for them to be out here the way that they are.
I didn't ask them to take it off.
I said if we do it, let's do it.
Did you ever go to a swimming pool?
He's not the only one.
Did you ever go to a swimming pool?
But you're making it up then.
You just said no, I didn't do that.
Yes, you did.
So which is it?
Eric, how you doing?
You hanging in there?
I'm sorry?
You hanging in there?
What happened?
I'm hanging in there, dude.
No, no, I don't want to drop my pants.
I'm good to go.
My pants stay on.
I'm good to go.
No, no, no, relax.
I'm good to go.
My pants... I'm sorry, I keep panting.
It's all right, it's all right, bro.
My pants are clearly on.
What I'm saying is that these women want to say they're coming out with their bras off.
So what is their point?
Okay, bras exposed.
What's their point?
What's wrong with bras exposed?
Ask them what their point is.
Does that threaten you?
They're trying to sexualize their message.
Then why does it bother you?
No, I'm fine.
I'm not bothered.
Okay, so what is the point?
You have a Trump t-shirt on.
That offends me.
Alright, so we've got pseudo-intellectual The Big Beard.
And he's sitting there, you know, denying all this is going on.
All they want is attention.
So the guy took over the stage yesterday.
He said, what color is my pee-pee?
What color is my urine?
I have sex with my wife.
It's all just to be shocking to divert.
The fact that foreign banks have taken the country over, they're trying to arrest the press, they're trying to bankrupt us, and the borders are completely wide open at every front.
And so it just descends into total idiocy.
You've got all these mentally ill, weak people, they're getting $15 an hour from different foundation groups, coming in just to sow as much discord as they can.
Margaret, that's just a bunch of idiots.
I'll tell you.
Alex, we're down here.
We're hoping to bring you guys the latest of what's happening right in front of this convention, but I tell you, some of these arguments, I can't help but laugh.
I'm going to put this microphone down a second and just have a good laugh after what I just heard.
This guy needs to go home and just have a bath, honestly.
Well, I think being sneaky is powerful.
Can we move away from him?
I'm getting sick just smiling.
All right, well listen, Margaret, pull away from him, wreak an order, reset up, we'll come back to you here in about five minutes.
We do have Richard Reeves with us right now.
And Richard Reeves is here, one of our great crew members.
I think
Uh, to all reporters on the ground, we imagine they're planning a walkout of Cruz and Rubio delegates to try to embarrass Trump and help Hillary.
And we also have the good old suspect Glenn Beck on national TV, ABC News, you name it, uh, saying, you know, vote for Hillary Clinton.
I mean, this is the huge Republican establishment proving they're for Hillary.
I mean, regardless what you think about Trump, I mean, Trump's better than Hillary.
What do you make of that, Richard Reeves?
Well, Alex, thank you.
I am broadcasting from the Pirate Mobile Command Center for Infowars.com.
And yes, what you saw yesterday was one of the last dying gas with the Never Trump movement.
They are just on their deathbed.
They do have this plan for tomorrow where they're going to try to have some folks walk out.
But yesterday,
The reports were that they only had parts of the Colorado and Iowa delegation were all that walked out yesterday when they got shot down over the denial of approving the rules.
They wanted to not approve the rules that came out of the Rules Committee, which were in favor of the nomination of Donald Trump.
And that indeed is what did get approved yesterday.
Basically, what happened was is what we had in 2012, where the Ron Paulers got shut down from even being able to proffer their vote.
At the convention, which it would have been a losing vote, but their votes at least would have gotten counted as part of the nomination process.
And you'd have had Mitt Romney, the winner, with X number of votes and then Ron Paul with a small minority of votes that at least would have showed the contest how it went down.
But basically they were shut down in 2012.
The establishment shut down the Ron Paulers hard.
This time it was the shoe on the other foot.
I'm not necessarily in favor of what they did, but clearly
Trump has a majority of delegates there.
He clearly has the popular vote that tried to convince us he didn't.
That's failed.
So what do you make of this new report that they're going to try to stun again tomorrow night?
Well, I think that their plan is going to fall short.
All these delegates worked very, very hard to get in that convention center.
So you may have a minority that walks out.
Believe me, their alternates are chomping at the bit.
You know, all these alternates show up.
Most conventions' alternates do not show up.
The alternates, I'm sure, for the most part, probably 90% have shown up.
And if there's any kind of a walkout, you can expect the alternates to fill in.
And clearly, the body of delegates for the overall convention is in the 70-80% range, so... So Donald Trump's got it.
Donald Trump's got it.
They're just trying to embarrass him, like with this thing claiming that Melania plagiarized.
I read her speech versus the other.
This is classic stuff you say.
About, you know, loving her parents, loving the Roots, loving America, the American Dream.
But it's not even the exact words.
Clearly not plagiarism.
It's just basically stating stuff everybody says.
Talk about desperate.
This is so obvious.
I think this is going to backfire on them as well.
Stay there, Richard.
I'm going to talk to you about this straight ahead.
I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com.
When he said he's on a mobile pirate command base.
When Hillary had an exclusion zone a week ago put in to stop our planes from flying starting on Monday, we flew the days before, I said, that's it.
A little bird told me there's going to be a micro FM pirate transmitter brought in at an open frequency that covers the whole city.
It's a 94.5.
Not a group.
You developed Living Defense for us.
It took you over a year to do it.
Why is this so good?
Because people are actually waking up to the problem that pretty much scares me the most.
I mean, I try to make sure that I don't put toxins from food and water and beverages in my system, but right now we're dealing with massive parasites, which is anything that's harmful to your body that lives off a host mechanism.
Right now with all the refugees,
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So the Living Defense is amazing.
We've seen just tremendous reviews.
How often could you take Living Defense?
I mean, is it a regimen every day?
That's what I was doing until we ran out.
Or do you do it heavier for certain cleanses?
What do you do, Dr. Group?
Well, I do usually six weeks at a time because if you look at the life cycle of most parasites, it's six weeks from the time... So you've got to kill the ones that are in there and then kill their babies when the eggs hatch up.
If you're suffering from abdominal pain, allergies, even like headaches, anemia, weakened immune system, gut problems, depression, hair loss, excess gas, muscle pain, nervousness, I mean all these things.
If you look at some of these conditions and then us opening up our borders and all the other countries opening up their borders.
You're just dealing with a mass amount of parasites or harmful organisms or biological weapons that are spreading and mutating all across the world.
And I think that's one of the reasons why.
I mean, all you have to do is look at the news these days.
You can type in refugees spreading disease.
I mean, the CDC is going crazy right now.
There's a new antibiotic-resistant E. coli that they just identified.
Doctors don't know.
They don't teach doctors in medical school about parasites and harmful organisms.
There's a reason why they don't teach them about that, just like they don't teach doctors about the root cause of disease and how to eliminate all disease out there.
They don't want you to know about it.
You don't want your own immune system being attacked.
Again, you know, you have animals, especially your cats, dogs.
So many people have pets these days.
People eat raw sushi.
People eat more raw food.
You have all these different organisms showing up in the water supplies now.
You even have it in the air supplies, these tiny microorganisms.
So it's not like we can get away from them.
We just have to do everything.
I recommend doing a parasite
Plans at least twice a year.
Alright, well, I'm glad we've got some back in because I'm going back on it today.
It just came back in yesterday.
Living Defense.
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And you support the broadcast.
Thank you, Dr. Group from the Global Healing Center.
Thank you so much for all your work, sir, on this great product.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live.
Richard Reeves joins us from the Mobile Command Bus.
That is sending out 94.5.
We'll have a frequency obviously in Philadelphia.
We're going to have aircraft in other parts of the country since they're censoring us there.
We're having a gigantic effect.
We have mobile TV vans that have giant jumbotrons with 94.5 and InfoWars.com for live coverage driving around.
I've told folks this year, I normally try to piggy bank some extra money for emergency backup for the InfoWars operation.
We're hiring new people, new reporters, camera folks, writers.
We are putting everything in full push.
And we're working 14 to 15 hours a day, not just here, but the crew back in Austin.
I want to thank you all for your support that we are all in.
Richard Reeves, what is it like for you?
You've been working with me off and on for, I don't know, 18 years or so.
We've covered other RNCs in New York and Denver together, DNCs.
What is it like just to see what the InfoWars doing?
Not bragging about InfoWars, but just an example of populism.
In the global space, we have such devastating success.
Hundreds of news articles a day.
Hundreds of TV stations covering stuff.
We're dominating coverage.
Our information's getting out.
It's having a huge effect, Richard.
That just shows that others take action.
Goodbye, New World Order.
Two words to describe it.
It's been unbelievable to see the progress we've made.
Huge progress going on.
That's why the Never Trumpers, the last
It's not about credit.
I'm not that big.
A stone isn't that big.
A drudge is big, but not that big.
The elite is a rotting carcass.
All we have to do is stand up against it like an old rotting barn in a big wind that's going to blow over.
I think we've reached that point, Richard.
You know, you used to have a little trailer that you played.
It was, I think, from The Dark Crystal where the Emperor is on his deathbed and they're trying to grab his scepter.
And you know how they try to get a scepter from him and he says, I'm not dead yet.
And he reaches out and grabs it back.
Well, I think we've passed the point where the Emperor can even say that I'm not dead yet.
Basically, the Emperor is not able to really reach back for the Scepter anymore, except maybe in his death dreams.
So, yes, absolutely.
I totally agree.
In fact, can we come in?
They've got one in German and Chinese.
We always should play that one.
Play the one in English, Dark Crystal, Death of the Emperor.
And of course, I played this when the Saudi King died.
They tried to censor us and got real mad.
I said, this is actual footage of the Saudi King dying.
But that censorship failed.
But yeah, we should play that because Hillary is literally them trying to reanimate this.
And they've never made themselves more open and more clear.
What in your gut, Richard?
I remember you coming with, like, a year and a half ago with Stowe to the office and that meeting we had.
We can't get into the internal baseball with that, obviously.
But just the fact that Donald Trump would basically reach out to us shows you what Dr. Corsi said six months ago is true.
He knew him 40 years ago, and Trump has always been an anti-New World Order guy.
He was just keeping it stealth until he activated, and they've got a dossier on him, and that's why they're so scared.
I really think that's the truth.
I think Trump is a stealth patriot.
Well, I absolutely think we're going to get the opportunity to find out.
I think that, you know, here we are towards about three quarters through July, but we've got August, September, October for more and more people to wake up.
You know, it's that hundredth monkey syndrome where you've got the hundred monkeys on the island and we're up there where probably there's 25, 30 or 40 percent of the monkeys are awake.
If those 20 or 30 percent can just wake up one of the monkey, well you're talking about 60 to 70 percent of us in for warrior monkeys are going to be wide awake and we're going to be ready to fire Hillary.
Donald Trump's going to come in.
I think he's going to prosecute her to the max.
Uh, you know, this Hillary for prison meme hopefully will become a reality because I know that with the airplanes in the air and the trucks floating around with the ads, everything, that meme has just gotten out there so big.
And notice everybody wants her to go to prison with her being above the law.
It's just beautiful.
Folks say, Hillary might come after you.
Like, oh, you mean they might come after me?
Oh, I never thought of that.
Oh God, I'm quitting what I'm doing.
We're going here to the, basically the new Black Panther party.
You know, kill the pig event in an hour.
Yeah, we know, okay?
People just don't get big, the fact that we're committed, and they keep telling us, hey, you know, you might get hurt.
Oh, really?
It's part of the job.
It's part of the job.
I'm not rolling over and waiting into my house, folks, for people to come dig me, you know.
On the field of battle, on the field, on the intellectual field, we're on the field.
Right out.
That's right.
That's right, Alex.
And speaking of the protesters,
In 2008, I went to the RNC in St.
Paul, and what I saw so far over there in St.
Paul was a much bigger left-wing opposition.
So it's got to be frustrating for poor billionaire George Soros that, hey, he's got unlimited money, but you know what?
He doesn't have enough stinky, unbathed protesters to show up at the RNC in Cleveland.
That's right.
Let's look at some of this scum.
Let's come in with the A-Team abortionist clip, and then we'll go back to Richard and the callers.
I'm gonna give the number out.
Open phones.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Dr. Grip, you developed Living Defense for us.
It took you over a year to do it.
Why is this so good?
Because people are actually waking up to the problem that pretty much scares me the most.
I mean, I try to make sure that I don't put toxins from food and water and beverages in my system, but right now we're dealing with massive parasites, which is anything that's harmful to your body that lives off a host mechanism.
Right now with all the refugees,
Uh, spreading disease around.
We have biological warfare going on everywhere.
These are all parasites.
Tell us about all the stuff that's in it.
There's so many things that are in it.
You have the neem in there, you have the organic clove bud, the organic wormwood.
I recommend doing a parasite cleanse at least twice a year.
All right, well, I'm glad we've got some back in because I'm going back on it today.
It just came back in yesterday.
Living Defense, Infowarslife.com.
And folks, you can't lose.
It's full of stuff that's great for your body, period.
And you support the broadcast, Infowarslife.com.
Thank you, Dr. Group from the Global Healing Center.
Thank you so much for all your work, sir, on this great product.
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Thousands of years ago, there was a basic form of chivalry.
Our ancestors would hear the drums of war, giving the warriors of the tribe a chance to organize and prepare a defense.
Sixty years ago, when foreign air forces were approaching filled with bombs, they had drums of their own, air raid sirens.
But in the 21st century, there are silent weapons for quiet war.
Pathogens added to the food and water, to the lining of plastics that destroy our vitality.
Turn off our hormones and accelerate our journey towards death.
I personally counter this onslaught with AnthroPlex.
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It's time for us to take our bodies back into our own hands and it starts at InfoWarsLife.com with AnthroPlex.
In today's world, abortion supporters routinely attend pro-life rallies and attempt to bully activists.
If you have a problem and need a smelly group of commie devil worshippers, maybe you can call the A-Team.
And how many did I adopt?
I kill my kids!
I kill my kids!
Hey, we saw your Facebook with your communist hammer and sickle.
That's pretty cool, man.
Is that you on the Facebook?
Is there a Facebook page of you with a hammer and sickle?
I don't think so.
How do you get your abortions paid for?
I pay for them.
Yeah, how many do you pay for them?
Upwards of 50.
Oh yeah.
You, you piece of s**t!
Bunch of misogynist mother f**kers!
Take your male privilege somewhere else!
Tyler, you're being aggressive.
I'm being aggressive?
These, that's the guys that attacked Alex Jones.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
That's right.
We're Americans.
We love freedom.
We're standing up for private property, for religious freedom, for family values, for the Second Amendment.
We don't think our troops or our police are perfect, but they're not our enemy.
We're not out to kill them.
We're here to try to rebuild this country.
A lot of evil forces that are here trying to bring us down and capture this nation, and if they capture this country, the whole world's got to be in serious fear, because then a lot of bad stuff's going to happen.
It's our job to do it.
We're very honored to do it.
We're not heroes.
We have the instinct not to be slaves and to fight back against scum.
And we're going to go back to Richard Reeves and your phone calls here in a moment, but I was talking to Biggs during the break, and I said, we've got to make a bigger deal out of this.
I didn't realize dicks
The main provocateur, where really bad stuff happens everywhere, is here running the New Black Panther Party and other Soros-connected groups like the Communists.
List who exactly is kicking off a rally in an hour and 24 minutes from now.
We're going to be there from the start of it.
Paul Watson takes over in the next hour, but in about 25-30 minutes we're going to
Start walking over to where we're going to be, just about a block and a half away.
Give folks an update on this, Biggs.
Everybody needs to tweet this out and Facebook this out now, right now.
Dr. Cornel West is a real well-known socialist guy, you know, professor type.
He goes around, spews a lot of his, you know, communist propaganda, things like that.
Carl Dix
They try to feed on that and they try to empower these young black men to incite violence.
You know, in Ferguson we saw Carl Dix in the group getting people pumped up on the megaphone and then kind of like whispering in their ears and then you would see these guys throw Molotov cocktails and then attack into the crowd and then start this entire chaotic scenario.
And then what does Carl Dix do?
He pulls back and kind of sits on the sideline and smirks and then talks about how he's this great leader, you know.
And again, they're not even communists.
They're globalists.
They know who they are.
They're above the law.
If they were a regular group, they'd be arrested.
What they're doing is illegal.
Yeah, so four o'clock today here in Cleveland, if you're in the surrounding area, I'm going to encourage all of you to come out and show your support for InfoWars.com.
Engage these people.
And by the way, notice, I mean, these are the groups with Soros and others that are fomenting everything.
I mean, I just, I just, even hearing about them makes me physically sick and physically angry, but I'm going to be peaceful.
Well, George Soros is watching these pieces of trash, man.
George Soros' group is here in full numbers, MoveOn.org.
They've rented out numerous floors on multiple hotels around this area.
What's their operatives down there?
And that's what they're doing.
They're here to start something.
Luckily, it hasn't been able to work out yet, but at some point in time, they're going to be able to find a weak point, and they're going to hit that weak point and do what they always do, incite violence, cause chaos, and then at the end of the day, they're going to blame it on Donald Trump, and then they're going to get their George Soros paychecks, go back to their home.
They're not even from here.
They don't care about going to other events and they show up, they pull up in like $80,000, $70,000, $100,000 black Mercedes, Jaguars, and they all know it's a con.
And they always have these idiot college kids following them.
I mean, it's just crazy.
There were four school buses that were being police escorted coming down the road earlier.
And I'm sitting there thinking, I wonder if these are some of these paid protesters that are being busted.
I'm telling you, cops are escorting the right people.
In some cases, they're going to shoot them in the back.
I've just personally had enough of the police putting up with it.
You know, we've been talking about these guys being busted and people laugh.
You know, when I was at that last Donald Trump rally, the cops said, hey, we need to push you on this side of the road so these guys can go on this side of the sidewalk and get back to their bus so they can make it in time.
And I said, what?
Say that again.
He goes, oh yeah, these guys get paid.
They're bused in to come here.
And we're seeing that George Soros is putting all this money in to do everything he can to stop Trump.
And it's just not working because most Americans, you know, most people out there are
All of them are dumb as a communist star.
They don't know how to put up a pirate radio station, or have billboards everywhere, or raise the money to put stuff in the air, to have the number one meme.
It's why we're going to kick their ass.
You're getting your butts kicked.
And I mean politically.
I mean politically.
But I am not going to sit here and watch this anymore, the destabilization of this country.
And I cannot believe they can find sacks of garbage that go along with this.
I'm done.
I'm done.
It was funny.
I saw so many people yesterday still wearing their Bernie Sanders shirts, and I kept going up to them.
I was like, I was like, how does it feel to get burned by your own man?
I was like, the one guy... Another piece of crap.
Another guy...
This one guy, he claimed to be so perfect, like he was anti-establishment, that he was going to actually be this true politician that was going to come in and clean everything up.
And what does he do?
He sells out to the worst career politician.
And then what does he stand up for?
What does Bernie Sanders talk about?
White privilege.
You don't know what it's like to be poor if you're white.
Who is the most privileged person?
And when cops get killed, Obama says, and Hillary says, whites better listen up, as if a random cop getting killed deserves to, if some cop did something wrong.
It is in another jurisdiction.
Hillary Clinton's political privilege is showing.
She is the epitome of what white privilege is.
I want to say this.
This lady shot the cops down in Baton Rouge.
He was a nation of Islam.
We talked to Farrakhan earlier this year.
He said he's worried they're going to foam at violence.
Even he says no violence.
Well, he gets the whole things coming down.
Did you notice how this guy was a former Marine, the guy in Dallas was former Army, is the next guy going to be former Navy, and then the next guy former Air Force?
It seems like they're doing something to demonize the military as well.
They've been doing that on all fronts.
Oh, I don't know if there's not something staged behind this in the Obama administration.
Because the manuals, they say, is the veterans are your enemies.
It might be totally staged, exactly.
I mean, trust me, the people that died, died and all that.
But we have to clarify that sometimes.
The White House is pushing the whole narrative.
They might even be winding the guys up.
Man-chairing candidates sitting there waiting.
Who knows, man?
Who knows?
Let's go ahead and go back to Richard Reeves and phone calls.
Richard Reeves, final breakdowns on day two before we have live coverage tonight, obviously, inside.
Well, the final breakdown is, as you and I have discussed a long time ago, is the New World Order does have so many wind-up toys.
They've got these Manchurian candidates out there drugged up on Prozac and other psychotropics and brainwashed with so much internet coming through their smartphones and you name it, all the different multimedia that they do on their end.
But even so, no weapon fashioned against us shall prosper.
And one of the proofs of that was back in March 11th,
That was the Friday night in Chicago that the Donald Trump event got shut down.
And what happened just four or five days later?
Donald Trump wins Florida big time.
He won it by double-digit points over Marco Rubio.
He did better than expected in Ohio.
That's really March 11th.
Mark it down, everybody.
March 11th, when they had the big protest that shut down the Donald Trump event in Chicago.
Huge turning point.
And so, you know, I could probably list down the calendar
Probably 10 different days when you had these huge turning points demonstrating no weapon against us shall prosper.
So that's what we have to work with and we just have to keep pushing that rock and we're really having results now, Alex.
I agree.
And once Trump gets in, we can't just abandon him if everything doesn't go perfect.
This is the long haul.
The globalists don't like him.
He's a nationalist.
This is the epic battle.
Bringing America down wasn't going to be easy.
And they say that situation makes great men and great women.
That's so true.
And Donald Trump has stepped into that place in history.
So have we.
So has DrudgeReport.com.
So have many other patriots out there.
And I keep giving DrudgeReport.com credit because
The enemies looked at it.
They're really coming after Drudge now, really criticizing him and saying, he's the reason, he's the reason.
And so that's kind of credit you don't want, but we got to just recognize who's with us on this intellectual battlefield, Reeves.
Well, I think, yeah, absolutely.
Who's with us?
Drudge being on board has been a huge one.
I remember when he had his radio show on Sunday nights and I knew way back then, I think it was 2008, 2009, that Matt Drudge is a listener because I could hear, I could hear your words beneath his
His wings, so, uh...
Matt Drudge, thank you very much.
And one other point that hasn't been brought up yet... Well, I don't think he got everything from me.
I mean, I'm just seeing the same thing he's seeing.
I just think we're similar on views of, like, cloning and police state.
I mean, you know, you have to be a moron not to see it.
He just isn't bought and paid for it.
Again, it's just so much credit goes to Drudge because he has been one of the key points, the key point, that's helped the breakthrough that we're now seeing.
And I just want to point out, if this elite's so powerful, how could just a website like Drudge hurt them so bad?
Because it was an alternative narrative they didn't control.
Well, it's called justice.
That's how a website like his can take over like that.
It's poetic justice.
And one of the questions that I'd like to posit right now, I know we're about to cut off, so I think Donald Trump still knows and believes that Barack Obama has not been ever qualified to be President of the United States.
So it's going to be very interesting to see if everything that Barack Obama ever signed should be null and void.
I would love to see it.
I hope that conversation happens.
When Donald Trump becomes president, it should be a fascinating ride.
They're scared to death.
They've got a dossier.
They know he's a patriot.
They know he's an info warrior.
That's why they're crapping their pants about him.
They know whatever he does in public, they've got his internet search history.
They've got spies around him.
They know the guy's an anti-globalist.
They know the guy's a listener to InfoWars.
They already know it so I can say it.
And they are crapping their pants, okay?
And this is only the beginning.
Richard, great job.
Keep it up.
Richard Reeves.
Okay, I want to go to some phone calls.
Sorry, go ahead, Richard.
They just need to stock up on their Charmin, Alex.
That's the last word I got.
Stock up on Charmin, New World Order, George Soros.
See you later.
Get your diapers on.
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It's the best of times, worst of times.
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I'm selling at $19.95 to pay for the banners, to pay for the 18-wheelers with the big signs, to pay for the Jumbotron videos.
I kind of went crazy.
I've gone over budget because I don't like being censored, but I know you're going to come through.
We're already looking at like 80 grand I've spent on these airplanes and everything and everything.
And it's really paying off.
Hundreds of newspapers, TV, Hillary for prison.
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Because I want to really go crazy with airplanes at the DNC.
We're looking at blimps as well.
We're not going to be censored.
Get your Hillary for Presidents shirts today.
Look in the last eight months how far that meme's come.
It's ridiculous.
I was looking at the cover of every major newspaper in America today.
And our t-shirt is on every single one at some point.
I've been waiting for this a long time.
It is the most amazing thing.
I was walking down the street outside the convention center and my eyes started tearing up because I was trying to hold back the laughter.
We're gonna like take her down as far as people are starting to wake up and see.
People don't know.
Good people have initiative too.
When we take action, we win in history.
When we lie down, we fail.
We will attack!
We will win!
In one block that I walked just a minute ago, I saw 15 of those shirts.
Just in one block.
The drive here from my spot where I'm staying.
30, 40 tons of them.
They're every single way.
The rally yesterday, almost everyone in the crowd had on a Hillary for Prison t-shirt.
It is amazing.
Everyone stops.
And they go, what does that shirt mean?
Why does she need to go to prison?
And it allows us to engage in a conversation and teach these people who have no clue about who Hillary really is.
About all the things she's been involved in.
And we're not laying out of that witch.
She's not going to buffalo us.
We're not coward.
We're not broke back.
We're taking action.
What about you?
Get your Hillary for Prison shirt.
I know you already have one.
Buy another one.
Give it to friends and family.
I'm telling you, the war is now.
The war is an info war.
We're going to win.
Great point, Biggs.
Let's go ahead and take a call here.
Who's been holding the longest here?
Let's talk to Tyson in Texas.
You're on the air, Tyson.
How you doing, Alex Jones?
Good, my friend.
I was calling because I know, y'all, I understand Black Lives Matter, George Soros, and I don't even get down with Black Lives Matter.
I just don't think that y'all can group every movement for black justice in here.
We're good.
A judge or a jury or anything saying you can get on a no-fly list is the same way black people don't want to be killed in the streets by cops without even getting to a court to see a judge.
Let me give you the statistics.
Statistically, there isn't more killing.
There is more searching.
There is more harassment.
There is some racism in some areas.
I'm not going to deny it.
I've been arrested four times peacefully for protesting.
I've run into thug cops.
I'm a guy that made films about it, wrote books.
I totally get it.
All I'm saying is, statistically, being disrespected by bad cops or being hurt by them is one of the rarest forms out there.
I mean, a shower is the most dangerous thing to an American or your car.
And so all I'm saying is the globalists are taking it as a way to create all of us infighting that'll only make stuff worse.
If I went outside and started waving a gun around, cops are going to come and they're going to put me down.
And if I then resist arrest, there's a good chance I'm going to get shot.
Yeah, and most of those are, but there are some cases where the cop's just crazy and pulls a gun out and shoots somebody in the butt.
Oh, there was a guy here in Cleveland who didn't have a license plate on the front of his car and the cop shot him right there.
I shot him.
I went to the scene of that last year when I was out here last summer.
There's a lot of instances where bad things happen.
And there's some that happen to people that get politicized that shouldn't really get politicized because if you're waving a gun around, that's going to happen.
Yeah, I mean, there's certainly some guys that got chips on their shoulders that are wimps.
They shouldn't be hiring wimps at departments.
Yeah, you get people out there with these ego, maniacal, these power trips that are just out there because maybe they didn't get picked to be a footballer.
What was your final point on that?
Okay, well my final point is, I think black people and white people need to get to know each other's history and heritage and plight better.
And then maybe we could, you know, be further along because as long as we saying, oh that's white people problem or that's black people problem, we never gonna see eye to eye and that's gonna keep the beef.
But if we can generally show that we care about what's going on with each other, then I think we could fix it.
And I don't believe it's all just police, but I know black people still gotta do a lot to clean up their own community.
All of us have issues.
All of us have problems.
And it's true that the black community has been engineered by the globalists to fail.
That's declassified.
So, blacks are victims.
But the people saying, we're going to help you, you're victims, want to screw you over more, is what I'm saying.
The same folks that screwed you over are now trying to give you a helping hand.
Believe me, they're not.
Dude's jumping in here.
Yeah, I just wanted to add something.
I've had major dealings with the cops by driving around, going through all these security checkpoints, and even watching them break up a potential riot situation or fight between two, you know, the liberals and the conservative Trump people.
And they've been professional, courteous, nice.
I haven't seen one cop that I would say, that guy's out of control at all.
And I'm not a big, you know, I've been arrested before, so I'm not a big, you know, cheerleader for police.
I just like them to do their job.
And I've seen nothing but them doing their job lately.
That's right, I'm going to skip this break.
I'm going to even cut off that great outro music because we've got Paul Watson coming up.
Thank you so much, Tyson.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Jack in Illinois.
Jack, you're on the air worldwide.
Go ahead.
Yeah, it's great that all the victories are coming, Alex, but have you asked God forgiveness for your adultery with your wife?
Well, I don't know what you're talking about, but it's good to have a Pharisee call in and accuse me of some made-up garbage, but I'm glad you... Number one, you called in and lied about what you were calling about.
We don't screen your calls, by the way.
You could have said you were going to say that.
I'd have had you on.
BLM should be banned at RNC.
Hello, can you hear me?
I can.
All right.
What I'm going to tell you is something that concerns me and that's these electors
That secret, the crypto Trump people were working in the Washington State Convention and they got both electors.
Now I'm not saying those guys are crooks, I don't know them.
But here's the thing I want to, a historical event.
In 1972, an elector from Virginia, Republican elector,
Instead of voting for Richard Nixon, who honestly won the election, voted for the libertarian presidential and vice-presidential candidates.
And, uh, I forget the name of the president.
But nothing came of it because Nixon was still elected.
Yeah, but you see, if you could get enough fakes, you could, uh, get it into the, uh,
Uh, into Congress, the election.
They're trying to do whatever they can to embarrass him, but it's not going to happen.
People talk about this Bernie Sanders movement.
There's a far bigger movement going on right now, and that's the patriotism behind Trump.
The people that are willing to come out here, they know that there's a good chance that they can be attacked wearing a Trump t-shirt, and I see more people walking around with those Trump shirts on with their heads held high.
There's been a large movement to promote what it is to be an American, to be proud about it, to say the national anthem, to pray.
You know, the fact that
Religion is almost being banned in schools now, and the fact that you can't wear an American flag t-shirt at your school is completely out of control.
And people see that, and what Trump's doing is bringing back that patriotism, that it's okay to be an American.
It's great to be proud.
Stand up for what you want.
The freedoms, having our guns, having our freedom of speech, that's what it all means.
That's what Trump's doing.
Yeah, that's it.
We're not running up the white flag.
We're not giving up.
Great points, caller.
I appreciate your call.
Trevor and Canada, you're on the air worldwide.
Go ahead, Trevor.
Hey Alex, how you doing?
Good, my friend.
Hey, uh, yeah, I just want to, uh, kinda talk about, uh, Commie and, uh, and the, uh, indictment on Hillary there.
Well, the fake indictment.
The, uh, basically what's going on is, uh, they throw that in your face so hard.
Like, how many things have we ever seen, uh, over the years in your face?
And it's like, uh, if you see that where he comes out for 15 minutes, tells you everything that she did illegally, says, we're not gonna indict her, and then,
But if anybody else does it, we're going to indict it.
I think that's played a big part in waking a lot of people up.
No, I agree.
We saw her numbers drop even further when that happened.
I was kind of mad at the FBI director, but the whole process is rigged already.
I'm kind of saying she's bad, but then we can't do anything.
That was even more obvious.
That shows that political privilege that she has.
But it might have made her an underdog if she actually got indicted.
In a way, it's kind of sickeningly defeating her.
Yeah, it's weird.
When I talk to people out here, they're kind of like, you know what, that was it for me.
That's the straw that broke the camel's back to see that she can get away with something like that, because they know that if they did it, if anyone else would have committed those crimes, they would be in jail right now.
You're absolutely right.
Anything else, sir?
Yeah, I mean, it's just, like, I'm up in the socialist utopia of Canada, but I work with a couple Americans there, and then
I just lost his call.
I couldn't believe what they saw.
Oh, your call's coming in and out.
Thank you.
Now they can't believe what they saw.
Okay, let's take some other calls.
Now let's talk to Dave and PA.
You're on the air, Dave.
Go ahead.
Yes, good afternoon there, Alex.
A lot of people up here really like my Hillary shirt.
I wear that out proudly, and I spread the word around about the InfoWars and about how corrupt her and her scumbag husband is.
Well, you are the InfoWar.
I want to salute you and every man, woman, and child that's doing it.
God bless you.
The real reason why I'm calling you is because there's this one television station up here that keeps showing this advertisement where Donald Trump is mocking a paralyzed person.
And they keep showing this commercial over and over and over and over like they're really like trying to put a hit piece out against him in a negative way.
It was a journalist.
It was a joke.
It wasn't real.
It's fake.
Yeah, I kind of figured this much, but the way how they're making it seem, they're making it seem like as if he did it for real.
Bogle has the details.
Come over and explain it to people.
I remember vaguely following it.
No, Trump would never do that.
It's a joke.
Explain it, Bogle.
Well, I don't know the absolute circumstances here, but I have read a couple stories on it, and essentially, he is a journalist who Trump, who has interviewed Trump a number of times.
Yes, we are.
You know, uh, whether he was disabled or not.
And he kind of went like, ugh.
Yeah, Trump will attack you if you're disabled or a woman or a man, no matter.
And he kind of went like, ugh, like he was stupid.
Not like he was, like, disabled.
But that's just kind of one of his mannerisms.
So, I mean, I don't know.
Trump is like Alex.
He's not, he's unfiltered.
He says what he's going to think.
And, you know, a lot of times it may be politically correct.
And if somebody else is attacking him, he doesn't, he takes off the gloves.
What do you think of the piece, though?
I mean, I hear this everywhere.
I mean, what about Obama's executing veterans that need health care with a death list?
I mean, yeah.
It's like, oh, that's okay, though.
Or all the drone strikes in Yemen that have killed hardly any high-value targets and more civilians.
Yeah, I think all these Hillary Clinton supporters must be on some kind of narcotics or something, because who in their right mind would want to support her with her track record?
I hear you.
Listen, we're out of time.
Let me say one last quick thing on this is that that right there just proves you that they don't have any dirt on him if they're going back 10 to 15 years to find one five-second comment.
That's what they have on Donald Trump and that's it and that's nothing.
Because the guy doesn't even drink.
I don't know if folks actually know him.
He eats giant hamburgers.
When you can't get anyone on somebody, you take these low blows.
He milkshakes ice cream he picks out, okay?
That's what he does.
He eats popcorn.
He loves America.
Listen, let's go further here briefly.
We're going to go to break.
I'm going to air the Dinesh D'Souza interview that Leanne McAdoo did when we come back in 70 seconds.
Then Paul Watson takes over from London, England.
But that five-minute interview with Leon McAtee with Dinesh D'Souza is coming up tomorrow.
We've got Roger Stone in studio.
We're working on Dinesh D'Souza.
We've got coming up either Wednesday or Thursday, Ted Nugent.
So much more, but a lot of videos coming out on Infowars.com.
So much.
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Great job of the crew.
Hour number four, straight ahead.
Stay with us.
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If you can't see the irony in having a gun ban enforced by men with guns, well then you fail to understand why the Second Amendment was written in the first place.
Throughout history, only slaves are disarmed.
A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state.
The right of the people.
The right of the people.
The right of the people.
To keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
For all of you actors out there who go to your red carpet events, surrounded by full battle rattle SWAT teams, while you accept your awards for your latest violent movie.
For all you politicians who spend your 9-5 days scheming up ways to take away my Second Amendment rights, meanwhile you have first responders on site there to protect you, I say this, come and take it.
I have a strict gun control policy.
If there's a gun around, I want to control it.
Clint Eastwood.
Go ahead.
Make my day.
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It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWars.
Leigh Ann McAdoo with InfoWars.com.
We're here at the RNC and here at the premiere of Hillary's America with Dinesh D'Souza.
How are you doing here tonight?
Very exciting to be here for the film.
I'm super excited to be here.
This movie can play a big role in unifying the Republican Party, but also giving it to Hillary and the Democrats.
My Obama movie four years ago was just about Obama.
This one is about progressivism and the whole sordid, repulsive history of the Democratic Party.
We lay it all out there and so I'm very excited to be sharing this message with delegates who can carry it all across the country.
Right, and you say Hillary's America is going to be utterly terrifying.
You would know.
You've actually had first-hand experience of someone with major political power using that power to target their political opponents.
What would you want to say to the opponents of Hillary Clinton if she becomes president?
Well, I think that there's a... I've seen a kind of a thuggishness in American politics that wasn't there before.
I'm a product of the Reagan era.
And, you know, you had people who disagreed, Reagan, Mondale, Dukakis, and it was sort of a gentleman's fight.
But these guys who are in there now, their idea is that if you disagree with them, they kind of want to put you out of business, they want to lock you up, they want to take you off the stage, so to speak.
Obama is, there's a gangster streak in Obama, but his goals are ideological, his gangsterism is the means.
Hillary, I think, is a gangster par excellence.
That's her M.O.
That's who she is.
And so I'm a little worried that Hillary presidency would essentially bring a sort of third world gangster mentality to the United States.
And talk about no government accountability.
What did you think of the reaction to her FBI probe and that now they're pushing it back?
They're not going to delve into the Clinton Foundation for 27 more months.
Well, one thing I learned in confinement was that we as conservatives and as Republicans, it's just foolish for us to cross our fingers and wait for other people to do our work.
We have to do our own work.
So all the Republicans who kind of naively were saying, oh, wait till the FBI indicts her.
No, the FBI is under Obama's thumb.
Loretta Lynch works for Obama.
Obama's been signaling for two months.
Hillary's my gal.
Leave her alone.
So I was not optimistic this would happen.
And in fact, we
Well, went ahead with the Hillary movie in the full confidence that she would be the nominee.
Right, absolutely.
And so one last question, obviously breaking news today, some more police officers slain there in Baton Rouge.
Did you think, years ago, making Obama's America, that this would be happening?
Police officers would be targeted, potential civil war, we're seeing massive racial imbalance here.
I mean, what do you think about this?
You know, the way I look at it is that the liberal plantation is boiling over.
And what I mean by that is that the left has, over 50 years, taken the old plantation model that was a rural model when you had slave quarters and all, and recreated the plantation in the inner city.