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Name: 20160718_Mon_NightlyNews
Air Date: July 18, 2016
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Welcome to the Infowars Nightly News.
I'm your host, Jakari Jackson.
It is July 18th, 2016, and here's a look at our top stories.
Tonight, the anti-establishment candidate Donald Trump is under heavy fire for picking a VP running mate who is anything but anti-establishment.
That was a war, by the way.
That was a war that we shouldn't have, because Iraq did not knock down.
Your running mate voted for it.
What do you mean you don't care?
Then, Milwaukee Sheriff David Clark launches a heated exchange with Don Lemon on CNN.
I need a supporter or someone who doesn't support them.
I simply report on black lives.
Do you condemn the anti-police rhetoric coming from this hateful ideology?
And Alex Jones speaks live at the RNC rally in Cleveland.
So far it's been, this planet and the globalists have not seen anything yet!
All that plus much more, up next on the Info Wars Nightly.
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Well, the Cavaliers winning the championship isn't the only noteworthy thing going on in Cleveland this year.
We also have the Republican National Convention.
Now, if you have a chance to get out there, you just may see the Hillary for Prison Plain flying around with the big InfoWars banner.
And also, Alex Jones gave a speech today where he was trolled by a comedian, and there are many other reports that we'll get to a little bit later in our broadcast, so stay tuned for that.
Now let's talk about Donald Trump and his actions.
He's the big draw here at the Republican National Convention.
And we see this video, Trump comes under fire for Pence's vote on Iraq.
I don't care.
What do you mean you don't care that he voted?
It's a long time ago.
And he voted that way, and they were also misled.
A lot of information was given to people.
But I was against the war in Iraq from the beginning.
But you talked on this.
Yeah, but you used that vote of Hillary's, that was the same as Governor Pence, as the example of her bad judgment.
Many people have, and frankly, I'm one of the few that was right on Iraq.
Yeah, but what about he did?
He's entitled to make a mistake every once in a while.
But she's not.
But she's not.
Okay, come on.
No, she's not.
She's not.
Got it.
Now, after watching that, you say, who is Mike Pence?
You may not be alone in that temperament, because, of course, the other supposed potential for VP for Trump were Chris Christie and also Newt Gingrich.
I have my issues with both of them, but both of them are much more famous or popular, should I say, than Mike Pence.
Now, many people are speculating the reason Trump chose Pence was because he's viewed as more of a conservative's conservative.
He has a lot of religious views, other things of that nature that I guess for people who view Trump as being kind of out there, worldly, I guess so to speak, would be drawn to Pence.
But we'll see in time if that comes out to be a good deal.
But in addition,
We're good.
At this point, well, to be quite honest, I wasn't going to vote for Trump regardless of who his VP was, so it doesn't really matter to me, but some people are taking exception to the fact that it is Mike Pence.
Now let's talk about some other news going on in the nation now.
Over the weekend there was another
Mass shooting, I guess, I don't know if mass shooting is the proper term.
It was more of a targeted police shooting.
I guess it's much more accurate.
We have this article here.
The Baton Rouge shooter Gavin Eugene Long was a Nation of Islam member railed against crackers on his YouTube channel.
It's reported that he was a Kansas City native and CBS reported that he was ardently discharged from the Marines back in 2010.
Long, who is reportedly carrying a rifle and wearing all-black attire when he confronted police, posted several videos within recent weeks discussing various police-involved shootings around the country.
Law enforcement officials said Sunday that the shooting does not appear to be race-related.
At least one of the officers killed in the attack was black.
Officials are still investigating whether Long acted alone.
Initial reports said that there were as many as three men potentially involved in the shooting.
Yeah, and when you think about what happened with these officers, it was a similar thing that happened, and I believe it was New York a couple years ago.
People were basically approaching the vehicles and shooting the officers in the back of the head, and it seemed to be a similar scene in at least one of the incidents here.
And when you consider how he shot, you know, not just
Officers in general, but he particularly went after this guy who was obviously black.
It's hard to say that it was a racially motivated thing.
It's more of a police thing in my personal opinion, but we'll see what happens as more information comes available.
I also have this quote from Gavin.
He says, yeah, I was also a Nation of Islam member.
Don't affiliate me with it.
Don't affiliate me with anything.
So he was saying that even though he may have been
Nation of Islam, don't affiliate him with any particular group because often times when you have these type of incidents, people try to say, well was he a member of this or was he a member of that?
He said regardless of what his prior history was, he doesn't want his actions to be reflective of any particular group.
It's a very sad thing to see these things happen because I recall back a couple years ago when they had the shooting at Charleston.
The shooter there, Dylan Roof, was doing his actions in what he hoped would spark a race war.
He spectacularly failed at that.
The good people there in Charleston, South Carolina said, we don't want to be affiliated with Dylan Roof.
They had a very peaceful time out there.
I remember they had the holding of hands across the bridge.
And I remember I was driving across the bridge with my camera guy, and I was like, man, this is a really, really long bridge.
We're good.
Like I said, the worst thing that happened while I was there is a statue got spray painted and when you see these guys come out and they do more of these attacks, granted these targets are more police oriented, at least here in recent events, you just hope that these cooler heads will prevail.
And as we're talking about police against the citizens or the citizens against police, Sheriff David Clark has come out and he was talking to Don Lemon on CNN and he says, where's the focus on black on black violence?
And it's the American police officer who goes out there on a daily basis, puts their life on the line to protect who?
Black people.
So when you say we just want to have a conversation, let's have a conversation about the black-on-black crime, which kills more black males, which is more of a threat to any black male in the United States than a law enforcement officer.
Yes, that's a whole, that's a different conversation.
I think so.
That's that.
But you know, they're not just going after black people.
I think it's more of a police training issue because you see so many times these guys just completely overreact to just a basic situation that happened here in Austin a couple years ago as a routine traffic stop from what I recall.
And the guy got out the car.
I don't know why he got out the car, but he got the car.
And he had his wallet in his hands, and the cops started shooting at him, and he was like, it did not remotely even resemble a gun.
It was clearly a wallet.
But these guys are just so freaked out, and they're told that the sovereign citizens are going to get them, going back to the shooter here in Baton Rouge.
It's this whole narrative.
Darren McBreen and myself were just talking about this a few minutes ago.
It's the sovereign citizens.
And I remember this report on, I believe it was CBS a couple years ago, or many years ago.
And there was a 60 Minutes report about a father and a son who got pulled over and they got in a shootout with the cops and then they were just, all the cops were, you know, shaking in their boots at these sovereign citizens.
Sovereign citizens, I can't speak for all of them, but it doesn't mean they want violence with the police, it's just they think they shouldn't have driver's licenses or, you know, basic certain things like that.
And you can agree or disagree, but it doesn't mean that they're all violent extremists.
It seems like they're using this Gavin character
We're good.
Really, the chicken's coming home, the roost is very unfortunate, and hopefully we can get a hold on the situation before things get worse.
But as we're talking about violence in the country, whether it's police against minorities, minorities against police, or just in general, going either way, we see that people are changing their tune as to what they used to do.
And now we actually see gangster rappers coming out and saying that we don't need all this violence in the street.
And we see that rapper Game has called a meeting in Los Angeles to address the gang violence.
And he publicized the meeting on social media last week, inviting members of Crips, Bloods, and other gangs to participate.
And Gang had formerly been a Blood, though since then he has vowed to become a role model for his children.
And he addressed heightened racial tensions and said, before we can get our lives to matter to anyone else, we need to show our lives matter to us.
And people who joined him in his efforts were Snoop Dogg, Will.i.am, and also the LAPD police chief.
And when you can get the
The gangster rappers and the police together, you know it's getting pretty hot and serious out here, you know, because of course Snoop and Game, you know, have had many...
Hit records that are not exactly the most positive towards police.
They glorified various types of violence, but Game and even Snoop here in the recent years, he's been turning around as far as his rhetoric.
He's saying, you know, we'd have more positive influences and music and all that stuff.
So I applaud him for that, trying to get some of these guys to be a little bit calmer when it comes to the streets.
And when you have the police and the gangster rappers coming together on an issue, you know it's getting pretty serious.
Now let's talk about some news that's going on foreignly, because we hear a lot about women's rights here in the United States, and of course, we know things aren't exactly perfect here in the States, but when you think about things that are going on overseas, where they're arresting women,
I think so.
If you say something mean to Joe Biggs, you're going to have a very lively conversation on your hand.
Basically what I'm saying is, you don't curl up in your safe space and turn off the lights and say the whole world is against you.
You stand up on your ground, you fight back if necessary, and a lot of people, if you just ignore them, they go away.
But here's a real war on women, in my personal opinion.
Brother of Pakistan's social media queen, I'm proud of killing my sister.
After going on the run, her brother was later arrested.
In his confession video, he expressed no regret.
And this is what you see a lot going on in foreign countries, these honor killings.
This person brought dishonor to our family, whether they were living a
Lucid lifestyle according to the family or there's some other issue going on.
Somebody takes it upon themselves to mutilate the person, to hurt the person, to kill the person, to, you know, ship this person off to slavery or whatever else because they just felt dishonored by the actions of the individual.
The sister rose to fame due to her sassy and increasingly political videos she posted on video on Facebook.
Her brother claims that having his friend share her pictures and video clips was too much for him, and killing his sister was better than killing himself.
The sister referred to herself as a modern-day feminist and had nearly 750,000 followers on Facebook.
And her brother was quoted as saying,
And these are the type of things we talk about when we talk about a war on women.
It's not, you know, banning Bossy and, you know, whether the new Ghostbusters is good or bad.
And I just couldn't believe that this Ghostbusters thing has become such a national issue.
And I'm like, I mean, if you want to make a movie with, you know, female Ghostbusters, like, that's your business.
But I don't see why that's like the biggest controversy in the world next to, you know,
Pokemon Go or whatever else is currently in the news cycle.
Now this is something that is comparatively a much bigger deal.
Turkey reportedly detains 103 military officials, cancels vacation after a failed coup.
Turkey detained a total of 103 generals and admirals for questioning and canceled all vacations for public workers.
Part of the government's latest crackdown over a failed coup that left hundreds of people dead, Turkish media has reported.
Separately, Turkey's interior minister reportedly sacked over 8,000 close to 9,000 personnel across the country, including 30 governors, 52 civil service inspectors, and 16 legal advisors.
The government has blamed the failed coup, which led to the deaths of nearly 300 people and wounded 1,400 others, on supporters of U.S.-based Muslim cleric Gulen.
So it's a pretty big deal.
I've seen the pictures of they got all these guys lined up in handcuffs and it was just a weird scene.
They got the shirts off and all this stuff.
And of course, you got the nearly 300 people dead and all the people wounded.
It's a pretty big deal and we'll see what develops here coming up in the near future.
Now to bring things back to the states, let's talk about reefer madness.
They're saying that medical marijuana is already saving $165 million per year for Medicare.
And this is a new study in the journal Health Affairs.
The bottom line, in 2013 alone, when 17 states had legalized medical marijuana, Medicare saved over $165 million.
The authors, a father-daughter team at the University of Georgia, looked at over 87 million prescriptions from the Medicare Part D database, focusing only on conditions where marijuana might serve as an alternate treatment.
When it comes to marijuana, I'm not telling anybody to go out there and smoke it recreationally, but I do understand that there are medical benefits to it.
And people say, well, you can get fraud with the marijuana.
You can get people to just go in there and just try to get it for whatever reason.
You can do the same thing with Oxycontin.
There are people that abuse any number of prescription things, so I don't think it's fair to just scapegoat marijuana because some people don't like it.
You can get high as a kite off many things.
You can make the purple drink off Robitussin.
You know, so to say you shouldn't have marijuana, it just doesn't make sense to me.
And our last story here before we go into more special reports, things going on at the DNC, excuse me, the RNC rather.
Hundreds of men sleeping on the streets of Queens for a shot at a Plumbers Union Apprenticeship Program.
This is pretty much my sign of the times.
We have 1,000 applications are handed out in order on Monday after tests and interviews.
Only a percentage are accepted to the five-year program.
And they say that you got a lot of guys fighting for these very few jobs and that's pretty much a sign of the times.
You got all these guys out in the streets and they just really don't have anything for them to do.
So that's it for this segment.
Stay tuned after this break for more special reports.
Did you know that only six corporations control 90% of what millions of Americans see, hear, and read every single day?
It's the illusion of choice.
Think about it.
The mainstream media is owned by only a handful of megacorporations with vested interests.
But on the other hand, the Internet is an interconnected network of billions of sources.
So you can research information for yourself from multiple sources, or you can blindly accept what you hear or read in the mainstream media, never questioning what you are being told.
This gives you a false sense of reality.
I mean, do you actually know what you think you know?
Or have you been programmed to accept someone else's version of events?
Think about it.
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I want to salute you for being out here all day.
It's just amazing.
I tell you, the establishment, Fort Soros and others, have done everything they can to try to shut down our free speech.
They tried to destroy our sovereignty.
They tried to attack our Second Amendment.
And everything they've done has blown up in their face.
They are failing and Donald Trump is surging in every major vote across the country.
And of course what's happening is a lot bigger than a Donald Trump or a Ron Paul or an Alex Jones or a Matt Grimes or anybody.
It's giant because it's about you and people worldwide.
Nationalism, sovereignty, truth-free market capitalism is rising worldwide as the globalists try to implement their world government.
It is dead on arrival!
If you think the awakening machine so far has failed, this planet and the globalists have not seen anything yet!
One time, two elections ago, they had one day a $30 exclusion zone where you couldn't fly airplanes with banners.
One day after we announced we were going to have one more day of the DNC and the RNC covered with airplanes flying,
As soon as that happened, as soon as that unfolded, they put an exclusion zone on shutting all aircraft down.
That is because they're afraid of free speech.
And that's what they always try to do, is come and disrupt people and take over their free speech.
These are not liberals.
These are anti-free speech, anti-freedom scum who need to get their asses in North Korea!
Get their asses in North Korea!
That's why George Floyd is trying to overthrow the Supreme everywhere else in the country.
The tribes will be free.
These globalists come in and they cause a bunch of division.
They disturb a bunch of racism.
They get everybody to fight with each other.
But you know what?
It ain't working.
All this garbage has brought America together!
We're coming together, and Americans see through this crap, and people all over the world see through it and know what's happening.
So I gotta tell you, I don't like it when you're cheering me coming up here.
I want to salute all of you that are out here in defense of liberty, standing against Hillary!
I salute you!
The answer to 1984 is 1976!
We're not backing down.
We're not giving in.
We're not going away.
And everything the enemy does to us just makes us stronger!
So, she thinks they censored our airplanes.
Now we're doing national campaigns for funding where we're going to fly them all over the country.
And now we're going to push even harder with more Hillary for President shirts.
How many Hillary for President shirts we got here today?
That meme, that meme, multiple times, has been the number one search term about Bridget and Hockey Mom Go!
That's right, we're even giving Nintendo a run for their money now.
So, think about that, and think about that long and hard.
Second, I want to bring my buddy up here real quick, Joe Page.
We're good to go.
When something's true, it's really hard to get it going.
But when something's true, it's easy to get it going.
Like Crooked Hillary and Hillary for President.
Can I tell ya?
It is absolutely beautiful to see what's happening.
Joe, you've been here a few days.
My good buddy, Joe Biggs, great patriot.
He's here now fighting for this country.
That's the great part about what we're doing is the globalists want to say our veterans, our police, our patriots, the men who are with the enemy.
That shows you this is an obvious outside globalist force.
Of course they come here and say our veterans and our police are the enemy.
But you know, they're the enemy.
The globalists are the enemy.
You guys are beautiful.
I have seen so much emotion out here.
I love seeing each and every one of those Hillary for Prison shirts.
The message is loud and clear across the world.
You guys are the best followers ever.
You guys are the best.
You understand what's going on.
You're wide awake.
You're not asleep with what's going on, but we're sick and tired of what we've been seeing.
That's why we want Donald Trump!
That's right.
Listen, we're very proud of this.
We're very encouraged.
But listen, don't put our faith in any one individual.
It's all of us together, the line of liberty, coming together.
Nothing's going to be able to turn this around in the end.
We're identifying the globalists.
We're identifying their program of control.
We're identifying what their operations are.
And once the general public understands the paradigm, it's game over!
Worldwide, globalism and the new world order are in trouble.
All over the planet, the Brexit, all of it, example after example, where people are trying to out farm
Multinational anti-free market corporations that are funding gun control here domestically and open borders.
These are the people hovering us.
And once we force this into the conscience, this is over.
I cannot keep hammering on.
And you, here today, I keep going back to you, because you are the solution.
You are the answer.
You are the resistance.
You are the reason the globe is in so much trouble.
So many of you have your own radio show, your own podcast, your own website, your own local radio show, some of the international shows.
That is incredible.
You are part of history.
You are part of 1776, not just for America, but worldwide, because the American idea is the answer to the globalist program of enslavement.
You are the answer.
You are the cure to the worldwide tyranny that is the new world order.
And I'm telling you, Donald Trump, by being in the arena, Donald Trump by taking action, Donald Trump by doing what he's done and talking about how we are no longer declaring
That we have surrendered to Lovell's trade and Hillary is a foreign agent?
That Hillary is a foreign agent of the Communist Chinese, the Saudi Arabians, and others.
No news period, Matt, because it's absolute truth.
It would destroy her.
But it doesn't matter.
We got the info out.
You got the info out.
And everything else he's been doing has simply been absolutely over the top.
It has been so incredible.
I want to bring a few other little folks up here.
Anybody wants to pop in or say something?
Who's Roger Stone getting there?
He's late.
Hey, I want me to keep going.
That's awesome.
I'll talk all day if you want.
I see Tom Colson's son out over there.
Tom Colson from Hardcore Libertarian.
Come on over here.
Get up here on the stage.
I'll have dinner with these guys.
And listen, what's good is Tucker Carlson's been pretty hardcore over the years, broken out of stuff, but he's getting more and more hardcore.
That's what's exciting, is that we see the information we talk about, which is seen as radical, become a mainline.
We have to be ready to win.
We have to be ready to take the system back and restore the Republic.
Hey, let's bring the Daily Show guy up here.
Just bring the entertainer on here.
No, the Democrats are never violent.
Fighting the white lives matter and attacking the Trump people.
I'm not a Democrat either, I'm a Democrat.
I know, I know.
But the Daily Show is not a Pentagon weapon program.
I'm not on the Daily Show, I'm on MySpace.
Okay, well that's good.
But listen, I mean, you seem like you're upset.
I want you to have sex with my wife.
Uh, so just trying to be shocking.
No, not at all.
I really, here's my hometown kid, I want you to have sex with my wife.
Sir, we're, we're, I know you're trying to be shocking right now.
I'm super into Trump.
Um, Trump all day, baby, right?
Alright, now, now, you have been up here at the front of the deal.
Trump, baby!
Why does my, why does my peepee come out yellow?
Uh, now I know what folks want to know.
This is just an agitator who doesn't want to actually even have speech.
He wants to shut down our speech.
That's his job, no.
That's not true.
You want me to talk about sex, talk about BP?
That's not fair.
That's not fair.
Well, we have children... You can't melt steel.
We have... Who put the bombs in Tower 7?
Well, I'm exposed about that.
Well, I'm with you!
I'm on your side.
Well, you said something legitimate there.
You're looking for an argument and I want to know who put the bombs in Tower 7?
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The long sought after pieces exposing the true players behind the funding of the attack on the United States on September 11, 2001 are finally, albeit slowly, being revealed.
The Bush family caught in the crosshairs of public outcry and now the evidence is stacking up.
Paul Joseph Watson writes, Bush operative Ron Kauffman was seen pulling committee members from the meeting and begging members not to embarrass the president.
The 28 pages were originally classified by the Bush administration in 2002 on national security grounds.
But pressure had been building for the release ever since.
And now the heavily redacted version of the 28 pages have been released.
Adan Salazar writes, while in the United States some of the September 11th hijackers were in contact with and received support or assistance from individuals who may be connected to the Saudi government.
There is information, primarily from FBI sources, that at least two of those individuals were alleged by some to be Saudi intelligence officers.
The intelligence community also has information, much of which has yet to be independently verified,
We're good to go.
Several law enforcement agents, including the FBI and police, came forward with statements that investigations were inhibited when it came to looking at Saudi Arabia's role.
The FBI was thwarted from interviewing the Saudis we wanted to interview by the White House, said former FBI agent and investigator Mark Rossini, who added the White House let them off the hook.
Questions still remain given White House advisor Richard Clarke's admitted involvement in removing Saudi officials from the country following the 9-11 attacks.
The New York Times reported in 2003 that Clarke had said he agreed to the extraordinary plan because the Federal Bureau of Investigation assured him that the departing Saudis were not linked
I don't know.
Spurred on by her close association with the mysterious Huma Abedin, Breitbart reported, The World Assembly of Muslim Youth is specifically named as having connections to terror funding and support for a number of worldwide terror groups.
The Abedin family business is an academic group called the Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs that is based in the London offices of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth and its parent organization, the Muslim World League.
Page 24 of the 28 pages discusses Osama Bin Laden's half-brother and says in part, According to the FBI, Abdullah Bin Laden has a number of connections to terrorist organizations.
He is the President and Director of the World Arab Muslim Youth Association and the Institute of Islamic and Arabic Science in America.
Both organizations are local branches of non-governmental organizations, NGOs, based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
In 1998, the CIA published a paper characterizing Whammy as an NGO that provides funding, logistical support, and training with possible connections to the Arab Afghans Network, Hamas, Algerian extremists, and Philippine militants.
Although the 28 pages make no mention of Abedin
Thanks for watching!
The whole plan is now blindingly obvious.
Essentially, Saudi Arabia funded the Bush administration's double-cross of the American people on 9-11, whereby, as a result, the Eurasian strategy as foreseen by Zbigniew Brzezinski would have the American people's war machines stirring up the Middle East until the time came when that chaos would be exported to Europe and the United States as is abundantly evident today.
Namely, in earlier times, it was easier to control a million people, literally, than physically to kill a million people.
Today, it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people.
Basically, a two-decade strategy to have the free people of the world destroy themselves, managed with stealth by globalist totalitarianism slowly rising out of a pit from hell.
John Bowne for InfoWars.com
The airport just behind us.
And yesterday.
A banner, and I believe it says... It says Hillary for prison 2016.
Right, that's not from Hillary Clinton.
No, I don't think so.
All right, very good.
We just saw... Can you read it?
There you go.
Good job, Chris Chula.
He's the camera operator, not the person who came up with the idea.
Right, yeah.
He's not that clever.
The Infowars Air Force has taken to the skies over Cleveland.
We previously planned to have aircraft flying for all four days of the convention.
But unfortunately, the Obama White House ordered the FAA for the first time in history to put up a 30-mile exclusion zone for all four days of the convention.
They've previously only done that on the last day of the convention.
That hasn't stopped us.
The last two days we've had the aircraft flying multiple times daily over Cleveland, and they're also going to be flying before the convention in Philadelphia.
We have trucks also with the big banners driving around on the streets.
We will not be censored.
You like the Hillary for Prison banner?
I love it.
There they go, folks!
There they go!
That's what I thought!
That's what I thought!
Go take your Zero Interact somewhere else!
This man at least had confidence!
You guys have nothing to say!
Come here and say this!
Come on!
On top of your head, please!
I'm looking for an educated talkator!
When black people die, when black people are killed in a church, that's a f****** terrorist attack!
Whose fault is that?
A white man's!
That's a white man's fault!
What about the fact that this young man was on psychotropic drugs?
What about the fact he had a f****** Confederate flag?
What about the fact that this man and almost every other mass killer has been on psychotropic drugs?
That means we have a mental f****** health problem, but it's also the fault of
So let me ask you this.
Do you know who's taking money from Big Pharma?
Donald Trump has taken zero dollars from Big Pharma.
I set you on that one.
Do you have anything else?
Who's next?
I got two people in the group.
One man actually had some educated points.
She just proved herself to be completely incompetent in a debate.
Do any other of you guys, you're all looking at me.
You know I'm right here.
Come tell me why you don't like Trump and come tell me who you're voting for.
I'm not trying, hey, I'm just asking your opinion!
I didn't think so.
You saw your little friend here get embarrassed, and so you walked away.
Hey, you guys know that you're funded by George Soros?
Do you know who George Soros is?
I doubt it.
You call Trump a Nazi, you don't realize your own movement's funded by a Nazi!
You don't wanna wake up!
Thanks for the debate!
One out of 30 of you!
This is what we deal with from these protesters, folks.
You saw it.
I stood here for 20 minutes.
30 of them walked by.
Two of them were able to comment.
I'll give one man credit.
He made some points.
He made some fair points.
I finally got another one of these nitwits to try to talk to me.
And how did that conversation end?
F me.
Isn't it funny how it always seems to end that way?
There's no actual debate.
There's no platform for these people to debate.
They just want to insult you.
They're the hearsay mafia, and when I destroy their false narratives and talking points, they have to degrade themselves to insulting me.
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Alright, Kid Daniels here with InfoWars.com inside the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio at the Quicken Loans Arena.
I'm here to meet Wayne Madsen.
He's been inside all day.
He's got key intel about how the GOP establishment is trying to steal the nomination from Trump.
You had Colorado and some other states trying to walk out.
But I wanted to show y'all what's going on here, exactly.
So you can all get a feel of what it looks like.
Hey, the music stopped right when I was filming.
That's good.
There you go.
There's a better shot.
But yeah, that's the convention floor.
Got various states down below and the huge stage.
But yeah, that's pretty much it.
We're here to investigate how they're trying, like I said before, how the GOP establishment's doing everything they can to stop Trump.
They'd rather see Hillary elected.
It just shows you what David Knight says all the time.
It's not so much a Republican versus Democrat debate.
In the U.S.
It's all about the state versus you.
And the establishment Republicans and establishment Democrats are on the same team, pretty much.
They have minor differences.
Well, like Carol Quigley said in Tragedy and Hope back in the 1960s,
You want them, the establishment Republicans and Democrats, fighting amongst themselves over minor differences.
But when they get in the office, the policies stay the same.
That's exactly what the technocratic elite want.
So once again, this is Kid Daniels, InfoWars.com.
I'll be following reports on the Alex Jones Channel and also on InfoWars Resistance News.
So check it out if you haven't subscribed yet.
Alright, I'm here with Dabu Seven, and he is a citizen journalist who is extraordinary.
Tell us about your get-up here that you've got.
Well, I've got the camcorder here with the encoder.
I've got a couple of hotspots set up, plenty of batteries, an iPad and another battery, just to hold down a good stream down here.
And you just started off as what?
You just got mad about what's going on in this world and decided to get active?
Yep, started covering from the streets of Ferguson and been to Baltimore, D.C., Cleveland multiple times.
I'd like to get out here and cover what the mainstream media won't tell everybody.
So what have you seen so far here on the streets of Cleveland?
Well, today we've just been out here for a couple hours.
We've just been running around trying to find the action and we thought the Trump rally was down here.
Is this where it's at?
Yeah, it just ended.
Well, it's still going on, but it's about halfway done, I guess.
It ends at 5.
Okay, so we're probably going to check this out and then we'll make our way down.
I know there's an event on 46th and Superior.
Prophets of Rage were down there.
A bunch of people were down there.
And then we've got Public Square.
We were down there too.
The mall is pretty crowded.
Hard to get a signal down there, so we moved down here.
Where can people find your work?
Daboo77 on YouTube.
Anything else you want to say?
Much love.
Appreciate it.
Alright, man.
Have a good one.
Take care.
Alright, that was Daboo7.
Hey, how's it going?
Cassius Clay, right?
Oh, Randy Gray.
Randy Gray.
You look like Cassius Clay.
I saw the other guy.
Joe Biggs here with InfoWars.com.
Now we're in downtown Cleveland, the home of the RNC that's happening right now, just kicked off today.
And I'm here with, tell me your name?
Brandon Abdul-Baki, but don't forget the home of the world champion Cavaliers.
And why are you out here today?
Who are you representing?
I represent Peace in the Hood.
These are our students and the flags, and we have a peace camp.
And we brought the kids out to show them how to
How to demonstrate and how to do things in the correct manner.
How is that?
Well, to voice your opinion and voice it without any violence, without any disruption, without people being angry and things to that nature.
To get up and stand up for what you truly believe in.
It is time to take a stand on everything Americans do.
So what's the number one cause you're out here for?
What's the one thing that's fueling you being here today?
Well, for me, it's about justice.
It's still about justice in America.
Things seem to have changed again, you know, within this past year.
It seems that there's a lot of hatred going on once again, and I don't think that's the true makeup of America.
You know, people are still trying to
Yes, because I have a lot of friends from all walks of life and we never have any differences.
I don't care if you're white or black or Muslim or Christian.
Well, any of those things.
You know, as long as a person treats you correctly and the way they present themselves in a correct manner, a lot of this stuff is fallacy.
But now we know that there's a lot of lives that are being taken on the inner city and that deals with a lot of at-risk youth who are not taught right.
What do you think about
The issue of police brutality, you think that's a systemic, you know, very large problem here in America?
Yeah, well, it's been that way for a long time.
It's just that... Do you think it's gotten worse or do you think it's kind of the same and it's just now been... It has this magnifying glass on because everyone's got a cell phone, everyone can report on it, and it seems like there's this tidal wave of it happening.
Yes, I believe that it has been going on for a long time, but like you said, you can't go anywhere without somebody
So it has come to the forefront now because we have cell phones, because we have cameras and things everywhere.
I don't believe it is a big change or overabundance change.
What do you think about radical Islam?
I'm not for none of that.
I mean, Islam is about peace, you know.
Yes, you have groups and they say in the name of God, but that's not Quranic and that's not the truth.
Well, I'm not very well versed on that and the whole thing.
You know, I see when I'm looking at videos because, you know, what gets put out on the internet is you see Muslims, you know, these guys, they're throwing homosexuals off bridges, beheading women, doing all this crazy stuff.
You know, since 2015, there's been 40,405 people killed by radical Islam.
And that's not true because you've got to think about it.
There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world.
So you have some who've done it quite a bit.
But if you look at it through history too, it goes back into the same way where blacks were lynched and all that, you know, and so many were killed.
So it's something that is repeating itself.
But I don't believe in none of that stuff.
And that is not true Islam.
That is not the Sharia.
That is not the Koran.
That is not... You know, that goes against... It's not part of Sharia law?
No, it's not.
No, it goes against everything that it's teaching.
You know, a Muslim is peace.
Islam is about peace.
We're not about hurting nobody and taking... So what is... Straight to... Straight to hell.
What do you think about the people out there that are, quite frankly,
I mean, can you blame some people that are so-called quote-unquote Islamophobic because of what they see, the fact that there are these radical Islamic terrorists going around and killing people?
Do you blame those kind of people that are almost kind of apprehensive?
I mean, no.
No, I don't blame anybody if they're unaware, you know.
And that's just the point of not knowing.
But people who are unaware... But all people are not the same, man.
It's just a small group.
You know that, and I know that.
There's not, you know... You can go to any mosque around.
We go pray on Friday.
Everybody's at peace.
We all come together and we pray.
Um, it's a very small, small percentage of, of the radical Islam and it's not true.
So who right now in this race, if anybody, if you want to, you know, vote for anybody, who are you going to vote for?
Um, you know, I got to look at all the issues and everything.
I guess right now.
Do you honestly, do you honestly believe that Donald Trump's this racist, all this stuff?
I don't know how racist he is.
But he appears to be making controversy and maybe that's to build, to get his, you know, to white vote.
It's the same people that are making him look racist, sexist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, are the same ones that are also, the same media that are pitting you against me, so to say, you know?
Right, right, right.
I know because I've worked
I worked in the media, too.
And I know about yellow journalism and it's to get, you know, viewers.
It's a clickbait, you know.
I've been in meetings.
I've been in production meetings where you find the stories and things to that nature.
So, I mean, for me, and I'm just one individual, you know, I have to look at it all.
And that's it for our show tonight.
I'm Jakari Jackson from the InfoWars Command Center, and we'll see you again tomorrow night.
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