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Name: 20160630_Thu_NightlyNews
Air Date: June 30, 2016
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Welcome to the Info Wars Nightly News.
It is Thursday, June 30th, 2016, and I'm Leanne McAdoo.
Here's what's coming up tonight.
Tonight, the TSA talks of expanding checkpoints far beyond the terminal walls.
Then, report, a fast and furious gun made its way into a Paris terror attack.
After that, the FCC warns of new internet regulations.
And the Attorney General meets with Bill Clinton, even though Hillary is under investigation.
That's next.
We've already stabbed and angered and diseased the bull that stumbles around the arena, and now the matador is there.
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Come on, Hillary.
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Just a little sip.
Open up.
Come on, take it!
Take it!
So, amid the ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server, as well as it was just hours before the release of the official Benghazi report, the Attorney General, who is overseeing that investigation, decided to meet with Hillary Clinton's husband privately and unannounced on an unmarked plane for 30 minutes this week.
So, of course, everyone is in an uproar about this.
Even the Democrats are saying this is a little bit fishy.
Now, this was a private meeting.
It took place on the west side of Sky Harbor International Airport on board a parked private plane.
Of course, the Attorney General Loretta Lynch, her office is in charge of this investigation involving Clinton's email server and of course the potential charges that are going to be meted down.
But don't worry, she assures everyone that their conversation was just
We're good to go.
I don't
And so even now you have the Democrats coming out and saying, I think she should have steered clear even of a brief, casual social meeting with the former president.
Not meeting with him on a plane, privately, unannounced, just totally random.
And of course, Donald Trump is agreeing and he is raking them over the coals for this, saying this was terrible.
And now it's such a big story that even the liberal media is making it a big story because it's really ridiculous.
Especially when this came out today.
The State Department has now announced that they're not going to be releasing any emails from the Clinton Foundation for 27 months.
And this is because the Department of Justice filed a motion in federal court
We're good to go.
If she gets elected, it'll be 22 months into her presidency.
So they're pushing it back.
They're totally protecting this candidate that they want to see become the next president.
So the American people obviously have a right to see what's going on with the Clinton Foundation and seeing if there was any conflict of interest there.
There is currently an FBI public corruption probe underway investigating whether Clinton used her position to benefit
Or recruit donors to the Clinton Foundation.
Of course she did.
But obviously these are conflicts of interest made possible by the activities of Hillary Clinton's State Department where billions of dollars were funneled through using it as her own little private slush fund.
And now this is interesting because the State Department originally estimated that 6,000 emails and other documents were exchanged by the aides and the Clinton Foundation.
But a series of
Errors, the department told the court about on Wednesday, now means the total has grown to 34,000 plus potentially responsive documents.
So they were communicating with officials at the Clinton Foundation in Tenniel Holdings about 700 times each month.
That is a lot of emails.
And this is what the people need to see.
This is where the pay to play comes in.
This is where we find out about her selling
All the uranium production in the U.S.
to the Russians, and making all the bad deals for the American people with the Chinese.
You know, it's not just about the fact that she set up her private email server, even though she is a federal employee there who has accountability and needs to have her emails be subject to FOIA requests, you know, as if that wasn't fishy enough.
But now, even the Washington Post is saying, okay, this is, she's getting a little too hard to continually back
I don't know.
We're good.
Okay, she doesn't have an official email, but we want HRC, anything that includes Clinton mail, so they had to do a little digging and find this out because the State Department didn't provide it to them.
So, you'll recall that Hillary Clinton said she turned over everything to the State Department, and that was something she came right out and said, but that was just one lie that has been busted here with this latest release.
So, initially she said that she set up a private server out of convenience.
She didn't want to have to carry all of these devices.
It was purely personal.
But now, these emails show, she says, I've just realized I have no idea how my papers are treated at State.
Who manages both my personal and official files?
I think we need to get on this ASAP to be sure we know and design the system we want.
That sounds a lot more like an active participant in setting up this private email server, not as if she just was listening to what her IT guys told her would be more convenient with everything.
So this is a much more active agency than Clinton has previously let on.
Like she said in some other emails that weren't released to the state, she wanted to make sure that her personal and work emails never got mixed up.
And so it just lets people know that she was far more engaged with how it all should look to the government.
And the fact that the Department of Justice is going to back her until after the election is just insane.
The American people need to call them out on this.
But of course we've got the federal regulations of the internet coming our way.
Now they'll protect Hillary Clinton, but you and I, our freedom on the internet is absolutely, once again,
At stake here, and this warning is actually coming from the FCC and FEC commissioners.
They're saying this is so bad.
Federal regulations of the Internet are coming.
Of course, Matt Drudge warned about this when he was here in studio, but they said the Democrats are now targeting content and control of the Internet, especially from conservative sources, and they're pushing hard to layer on new regulations and even censorship under the guise of promoting diversity while policing, bullying, and
I think so.
Now, this was a U.S.-led coalition, a series of deadly airstrikes around the city of Fallujah in Iraq.
They killed at least 250 ISIS fighters, at least 40 vehicles were destroyed, and if those numbers are confirmed, this would be among the most deadly strikes ever against the jihadist group.
Trump, of course, says it's a little too late.
They had the opportunity to take a whole bunch of them out when they could, but instead, they're just opening up the borders here.
And Donald Trump is now warning that a lot of Syrian refugees are actually getting into the US.
These are ISIS members.
And he's saying that they're being allowed to pose as Syrian refugees.
He's saying that basically we're going to be afraid to walk outside if this situation doesn't get under control.
He said that it's a very large group of people, it's only getting bigger, and if Clinton gets in it's going to be massive.
We won't even have a country anymore.
And indeed the Washington Post last week, it kind of went under the radar, they released a graphic of where the Islamic State's suspected inroads into America are.
They put out this graphic of
The 88 men and women around the country who have been charged in connection with the Islamic State so far.
And this map is all over the place.
These people are in just about every single state in the country.
More on that later when Margaret Howell joins me in studio.
Of course, ISIS released their own map showing all the countries that they claim that they have global influence in as well.
But, you know, this is just something that we're going to have to continue to deal with as they're pushing for open borders.
But we'll have gun regulations for you and I. Meanwhile, Fast and Furious can be shipping weapons, even ongoing now, to jihadis in other countries.
Now Judicial Watch has actually come out saying that a gun sold illegally off-book in Phoenix made its way to the Paris terror attacks.
Two previous federal firearms violations, one for selling a weapon illegally and one for possessing an unregistered automatic weapon.
But the ATF leaders were very insistent on going out of their way to keep this information under the radar.
Don't upset this guy.
Don't get him mad.
We don't want him to go public.
Why not?
Was this dealer involved in Operation Fast and Furious?
Now we had Lieutenant Colonel Matt Smith-Meck on the Alex Jones Show earlier this year and he said this is absolutely ongoing and Fast and Furious is being used to get weapons into the hands of terrorists.
What I would speculate is, um, dovetailing on what Tosh Plumlee has been on your program before and talked about, this is a much, I think,
I don't
You have a nexus between Fast and Furious, and if not Benghazi, at least the Middle East.
We know from accounts from the folks who were actually involved with running these weapons, in September of 2010, weapons separate from what we would call Fast and Furious were run down to Mexico.
Down to a town in Mexico, Caborca, actually, met with an international Middle Eastern arms dealer, and en route over to the Middle East.
This happened at least three times.
Again, starting in September of 2010, and I think of great import, is a Moroccan DST commander, their DST is their internal security forces, on 16 October 2010, reported to his
Supervisors that fast and furious weapons were in the kingdom of Morocco en route to arm the rebels in Algeria.
So here we have now a nexus
From weapons going across the southern border into Mexico, and then from there going out to God knows where.
And I know some of the NATO sources, to Plumlee and others, have said that, and then so much of what Plumlee said three, four years ago has come out and been exactly true.
We now have so many of the heroes that survived, who were on the ground, who got the sat phone calls from the State Department, from, you know, orders that know, if the Secretary says stand down, and we have them now on Fox News, basically exposing what Hillary's done.
And we know that there's a conduit basically fencing the guns through Mexico and then out to the Middle East.
Simply amazing.
And then you're breaking down intel of all your sources that it's still going on.
That is mind-blowing.
I mean, I know you're here talking about it.
I know Breitbart's reported on some of this.
What can we do as investigative journalists out there listening, myself included,
To draw more attention to this.
I mean, what's the bottom line narrative?
This just sounds like outrageous tyranny.
It's not just going to drug cartels.
Now it's going to ISIS and Al Qaeda.
Stinger missiles out of Benghazi.
We know that now.
When I was told that by Colonel Schaefer three, four years ago, I couldn't believe it.
I mean, he got in trouble for saying it on air.
It's turned out to be true.
I mean, I believed him.
It was just unbelievable.
And then now we got it from all these other sources.
I mean, the military knows about it.
How do they get away with this?
Well, sir, you know, as Lennon said, any lie told big enough or off enough is believable.
And I think people are hoping the American people just forget about it.
We have a short attention span, unfortunately.
But for me, it's very personal in that Brian, besides being a Border Patrol agent, was also a former Marine.
I'm a former Marine.
We do not let Marines stay on the battlefield, whether it's their body or their reputation or their soul.
So for me, it's personal.
And what I would say, sir, you know, we have made contact with Tristan Leavitt at House Oversight, with Jason Foster in Senator Grass's office, and unfortunately, you know, and I'd like to have, you know, certainly Kent come back in here.
Those folks, the Terry family, Kent in particular, not even, you know, getting the courtesy of return phone calls.
Stay right there, sir, because you make a good point.
You can stay longer, but Kent, Terry, brother Brian Terry's got to go in about five minutes.
So you've heard the powerful points that Matt's made here, Colonel, has made.
What can you add to this?
What else would you like to impart to folks about your brother, sir?
You know what?
Give Brian the honor he deserves.
I mean, don't shrug him off, throw him under the rug like he's some piece of dirt.
And that's what this country's doing.
Just not the country.
Just, you know, the Congress and Senators promised my family just accountability.
Even Elijah Cummings promised my mom.
And guess what?
Nothing has happened.
They don't keep in contact with us.
They don't tell us nothing.
It's always, every time they do call us, they want to know what we know.
And it's like, I'm getting sick of it.
I mean, like I said, my brother served 20 years in this country.
Over 20 years.
And this is what he gets in return?
Well, he was doing his job too good, and that's obvious, and he is a hero, and he helped unravel so much of this, so at least the public knows, but you're right.
He's like the string that will unravel the whole sweater.
That's why they want it shut down.
But thank God, good ATF agents and others, and people like yourself and your family having courage, and Lieutenant Colonel Smith-Mack and others, in court of public opinion, people pretty much know what happened.
But to me, it's so amazing that it's ongoing.
Let your brother hang out there and don't stand up for him.
We're all in danger.
And I wish some of the public out there got how important this is.
If they can get away with crimes of this magnitude, Kent, we're all in trouble.
Do you agree with that?
Yeah, and another thing is, too, with all these ISIS threats and all these ISIS coming through the border, what makes you think they're not going to grab these weapons that are down in Mexico and use them on a, you know, a terrorist act here or another school shooting or a multiple shooting?
These were the chaotic scenes as residents of a city in Southeastern Venezuela went on the rampage in search of basic food items.
People desperate for staples like milk, rice and flour stormed a supermarket warehouse in Guayana City.
If you go back to 2007, the British Ministry of Defense came out and echoed a Department of Defense report from here in the U.S.
saying that beginning in the year 2016, right through 2020 to 2030, that they believe there would be massive multi-hundred percent food price increases worldwide.
And that during that global meltdown, that there would be incredible social unrest that would depopulate much of the Earth.
Now, in 2016, Vice Magazine and other publications are reporting on a 2015 report produced by the U.S.
government, the U.N., and scores of foreign nations, as well as the State Department, overseen by food giant Cargill, the World Bank, and most importantly, the World Wildlife Fund.
The World Wildlife Fund
is a eugenics anti-human organization set up by Prince Bernhard who also founded the Bilderberg Group and who was a Nazi officer.
This organization sells environmentalism to make the elite look like heroes saving the earth when in truth they are ushering in a planetary tyranny that is irrevocably damaging the fabric of our planet.
In this new FEMA report
With headline, FEMA contractor predicts social unrest caused by 395% food price spikes.
You learn that this is a report filed with governments and major institutions overseen by a contractor that since the 1940s has been the main advisor for the U.S.
Navy Marine Corps.
The challenges and crises that we were assigned are exactly what we expect to see in the future.
So you've got famine.
You've got increased pests.
Food prices are going up 400%.
We've got a flood of migrants coming in.
The world is starting to fall apart.
Everything we do is going to have some negative effect.
Now, all of this said, governments and corporations and institutions
Are stockpiling food and weapons.
They're digging in.
They're getting bunkers.
Elites are fleeing to places like New Zealand en masse.
We've gone from financial meltdown and huge regional wars being a possibility to being a probability to more and more becoming an inevitability.
Now, the big question is, what are we going to do about it?
The advice I give you is the same advice that I carry out in my own personal life.
Number one, everybody needs to be able to protect themselves.
Everybody needs friends and family they can rely on in crises.
And everyone needs high quality storable foods and high quality water filtration systems.
Not just for collapse when it comes to water filters.
All the garbage in our water, you'd be insane to drink well water or tap water with the glyphosates and all the rest of it.
But we're offering the biggest wide spectrum sale ever on preparedness items.
That's the lowest savings to 40% at InfowarsStore.com.
On Infowars Select, high quality storable foods, the highest quality, the lowest prices, powered by My Patriot Supply.
We also sell their food as well, their full spectrum.
And all of their water filtration systems across the board.
From gravity fed systems like Alexa Pure and Pro Pure, to shower filters, to survival straws,
You name it, it's all 20-40% off right through July 4th at InfoWarStore.com.
I know, I personally am getting prepared.
The warning signs are insane.
Take advantage, 20-40% off until early next week with the 4th of July Holiday Special at InfoWarStore.com.
Welcome back.
Joining me tonight are Jakari Jackson and Joe Biggs.
We're going to talk about what's going on with the watch list.
There's a big push to have a vote on gun control next week as the Congress returns from their Fourth of July recess.
This is nothing new, however, guys.
This is something we've been
Fighting for many years at least five six years that they've been trying to tie this watch list to gun control to Speech issues to travel.
I mean, why is it travel a big deal for the left?
This is something the left and the right need to come together to fight
Well, even the ACLU has jumped on board when they talk about this issue.
They're saying, we don't want anybody to be put on a fly list or a watch list in general when you have no idea how you get on, there's really no process for getting off, and you find out as a surprise when you show up at the airport or the gun store.
Well, there's an article up right now at RollCall.com called House Plans Vote on Guns Next Week.
The House will vote on a counterterrorism package that will include a provision to prevent suspected terrorists from buying guns, says Speaker Paul Ryan, the RINO.
Now here's the thing, it's the wordage that is being used.
I think we can all agree that we want terrorists on the terror watch list.
But what we have to understand is the tricky wording that they are using.
It kind of reminds me of the book Propaganda by Edward Bernays, how he would talk about how, do you support our troops?
Well that had nothing to do with supporting the troops, what that meant was, do you support our agenda?
So what it is is, yes, what does terrorist mean?
What is our government's definition of that?
That's what we need to find out.
Because we already know the Department of Homeland Security has come out and said that right-wing extremists, so-called patriots, people who are pro-gun, pro-constitutional, pro-liberty, pro-freedom are considered to be part of that
That's right.
And really when we're talking about a watch list, we're not talking about some things just simply being used for investigation.
This is about applying a penalty.
A pre-crime penalty.
A situation, and we talk about due process, let's talk about what that is.
You know, we throw that out and everybody goes, okay, well it's some kind of a legal process, I don't really know if I care about that or not.
Look, it's spelled out in the Sixth Amendment.
You have a right to a speedy public trial.
Not to be accused in secret.
To not even know what the charges are against you.
So they tell you what the charges are, they give you a trial, they do it quickly, they don't hold you indefinitely.
Of course, we've had indefinite detention, which these same people who are supporting this, like Lindsey Graham, have always been behind all of these movements to take away our fundamental liberties.
You have to understand, the Second Amendment doesn't stand isolated by itself.
Many people on the right don't understand that.
And many people on the left don't understand that you can cut out the things that you don't like.
The Bill of Rights stands together or you lose all of it.
And so we're talking about due process.
We're talking about the fact that you can confront the witnesses in public, that you can call your own witnesses, that you have legal counsel, that it's a public trial, that you know what the charges are against you, that you know that you've been charged.
And all of this happens
Before there's any punishment applied.
What they're doing with the no-fly list is already taking away our right of due process.
They're applying a punishment immediately.
And we've seen this.
One of the first stories I covered when I came here was talking to Wade Hicks who got stranded in Hawaii.
He was on his way to Japan to see his wife who was in the military.
He didn't know he was on a no-fly list.
He'd been vetted by the TSA as well as the FBI for a gun license as well as for the TSA as a TSA worker license that they had that was vetted by them.
And then he gets pulled off of the plane as it's about to leave in Hawaii.
He was allowed to fly from California to Hawaii, gets in Hawaii, it's about to take off, they pull him off, and he doesn't know.
We've seen 18-month-old kids and their families attacked with this.
We've seen boy scouts.
2, 4, 5, 6, 8.
Yeah, we've seen senators and congressmen.
And maybe they're on to something there.
But, you know, I mean, it's crazy that you don't know that you're on this list.
And one of the things that we talked about when we talked to Wade Hicks was, he had no idea, nobody would talk to him.
It was like something out of a Kafka novel.
Nobody's in charge of it.
You know, you show up there and they're like, well, who do I speak to?
Well, you talk to that guy, you talk to that guy.
Well there's an article up at ZDNet inside the Global Terror Watchlist that secretly shadows millions.
The database contains profiles on millions of heightened risk individuals and is used by dozens of leading banks, governments, and spy agencies.
This article just came up today.
So what is a heightened risk individual?
Jakari, tell us who these heightened individuals are.
Well, we see, let's start with this one from the New York Times, an eight-year-old who was on the no-fly list.
Well, to be technical about it, he's not on the no-fly list.
He just has a similar name or a birthday or some other identifying characteristic, which is very alerting to me when you see people who want to expand these lists to say, if you can't get on a plane, you can't buy a gun.
So if this kid is on a no-fly list, he can't buy a gun.
When he turns 18, you think they're going to let a military-aged male on a no-fly list join the military?
Absolutely not.
And as you hit on earlier, David, we have senators, congressmen, singers, Cat Stevens, Senator Ted Kennedy, John Lewis, who did the sit-ins last week saying that they want more gun control.
I'm like, this guy himself has been stopped multiple times, at least 35 by his own account, for having a similar name to somebody who's on the no-fly list.
And then you have the mainstream media coming out right now.
We have tons of clips going, well of course if you're on the no-fly list, of course you're on the terror watch list, you shouldn't be able to buy guns.
It all comes back to that tricky wordage.
What is the definition of it?
How do you get on it?
And what are the steps to take to get off of it if you're wrongfully put on it because you have a similar name like many people do?
And one of the people that is lined up to support this, again, is Lindsey Graham.
We can always count on him to come after our rights.
Going back to 2011, we had this clip of him about the First Amendment.
You know, I wish we could find some way to hold people accountable.
Free speech is a great idea, but we're in a war.
During World War II, you had limits on what you could say if it would inspire the enemy.
Then he said shortly after that, when they were talking about the indefinite detention without trial by the military, he had this to say.
And when they say, I want my lawyer, you tell them, shut up!
Your time has expired.
Get a lawyer.
You're an enemy combatant.
Now, interestingly enough, back in 2013, he said, if you're on the terror watch list, you should not automatically lose your Second Amendment.
But now he is saying something completely different.
This guy has been on both sides of the issue, and when we're talking about it being used as an investigative tool, the FBI director says, we don't want people on the terror watch list to be blocked from buying guns, because then they'll know they're being investigated.
But that's being shut down by the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch.
Well, we also have another bill that's going to be voted on next week as well.
It's a mental health bill, which ties into that.
Now, we've seen time and time again soldiers, veterans coming back from war, going in and being honest with their doctor saying, you know what, I might have a little bit of PTSD.
But then you have a doctor who's not really trained.
In that aspect, going in and telling someone else and then not allowing them to go out and buy guns.
So it's another tricky thing they're trying to pull with us as well.
That you have like a pediatrician, like a doctor who only works with kids, but not, you know, psychiatry.
And these guys have the ability and or family members now to come in and tell a doctor that I think this guy's got problems, take his gun away.
And also you have the doctors asking you point blank, do you own guns?
It's something that's really not the doctor's business in the first place and you don't want somebody like Joe said who doesn't have the proper credentials like you were referring to the military veterans who come back.
We saw the reports of a guy who needed help doing his taxes.
They won't take his guns away for that.
It's completely ridiculous.
It doesn't really matter.
They want to get gun control, and they will do whatever they want.
We've seen it with the Supreme Court.
If they like something, if they like abortion or like gay marriage, they don't really care what the process is.
The Attorney General doesn't care about catching terrorists.
She wants to use this for gun control.
I guess what bothers me is when I see those who should know better, the NRA, Donald Trump, throwing the Sixth Amendment and our due process under the bus, saying you can penalize people who have not been convicted, thinking that's going to save our Second Amendment.
Well as they try to take our guns, they're also at the same time warning us of new terror attacks.
Leanne McAdoo and Margaret Howell are going to be joining us right after the break to talk about the CIA's new perceived threats.
Stay with us.
Unfortunately, you've grown up.
Hearing voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate sinister entity that's at the root of all our problems.
It's time to stop submitting to this tyranny!
It's time to realize that we're being enslaved!
Some of these same voices also do their best to gum up the works.
They'll warn that tyranny is always lurking just around the corner.
Tyranny with a capital T. You should reject these voices.
Everything that's been done
With torture, rendition, the NDAA, the Patriot Acts 1 and 2, from day one, was focused on the American people, period.
That's it.
It's always been about erasing the Bill of Rights and Constitution and rolling out NSA spying publicly, saying it's for Al-Qaeda.
Rolling out torture, saying it's for Al-Qaeda, but it's really for the general public.
Rolling out total control and the end of any underground free market systems in the name of fighting Al-Qaeda, but really shutting down any type of free commerce.
This is all about converting us
From a free society to a tyranny with a capital T.
People desperate for staples like milk, rice and flour stormed a supermarket warehouse in Guayana City.
If you go back to 2007, the British Ministry of Defense came out and echoed a Department of Defense report from here in the U.S.
saying that beginning in the year 2016, right through 2020 to 2030, that they believe there would be massive multi-hundred percent food price increases worldwide.
And that during that global meltdown that there would be incredible social unrest that would depopulate much of the earth.
Now, in 2016, Vice Magazine and other publications are reporting on a 2015 report produced by the U.S.
government, the U.N., and scores of foreign nations, as well as the State Department, overseen by food giant Cargill, the World Bank, and most importantly, the World Wildlife Fund.
The World Wildlife Fund
He's a eugenics anti-human organization set up by Prince Bernhard who also founded the Bilderberg Group and who was a Nazi officer.
In this new FEMA report...
With headline, FEMA contractor predicts social unrest caused by 395% food price spikes.
You learn that this is a report filed with governments and major institutions overseen by a contractor that since the 1940s has been the main advisor for the US Navy Marine Corps.
Now, all of this said, governments and corporations and institutions
Are stockpiling food and weapons.
They're digging in.
They're getting bunkers.
Elites are fleeing to places like New Zealand en masse.
We've gone from financial meltdown and huge regional wars being a possibility to being a probability to more and more becoming an inevitability.
Number one, everybody needs to be able to protect themselves.
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The globalists have controlled the mainstream media for a long time, but now they're expanding, making the weaponization even more vicious and deceptive.
All the major networks are state-run.
We are partnering this year with the NFL.
The NFL has become a political weapon against the Second Amendment and pushes Obamacare.
MSNBC tells us that our children belong to the state.
We have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.
It is more important than ever to realize that we are not the alternative media.
We are the true media.
The establishment dinosaur press is dying.
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Well, in a historic decision today, the Pentagon has announced that it's lifting a decades-old ban regarding transgender military service personnel.
They can now serve freely, and this affects nearly 11,000.
Some accounts say that it affects between 11,000 and 13,000 members that are currently transgender.
Now, prior to the lifting of this ban, they were labeled as sexual deviants.
They were often let go.
We're good to go.
We've seen transgender rights issues happening across the country.
The DOJ actually launching suit against North Carolina, specifically because of the transgender bathroom issue.
The Pentagon has decided to take this head on and just lift the ban entirely.
Now, this is what Peter Levine had to say.
He's the Pentagon's acting personal chief.
Peter Levine said that Ash Carter remains committed to pursuing this change, but it would likely take months, not a large number of months, to finalize the details of it.
So that transgender military personnel can serve openly.
Ash Carter went on to say in this speech that he didn't want talented people that were hard-working, that were serving with honor, to be discriminated against, which is a valid point in this.
Saying that they wanted to implement these changes, quote, expeditiously, because it's important that it's linked to this administration.
That was the sense that you get from listening to his speech, that they want to make sure that this is a part of the Obama legacy, which it really shouldn't matter whose legacy it is, as long as
We're good to go.
That's one account of this.
People wanting to openly transition.
It affects things like uniforms, bathroom usage, things like that.
If someone is transgender and they want to use a different uniform they're allowed to do so at this time.
The most important element of this story
For a lot of people looking at it.
Ash Carter reiterated this point.
I think it's a very valid one.
He said that there are bigger issues, bigger world problems going on that requires the military focus and that he's hoping that this issue will be put to bed now that they've dealt with it.
They've effectively ended this ban.
Transgender personnel can now serve openly in the U.S.
military along with 18 other countries around the world that already do this.
I'm Margaret Hall reporting for InfoWars.com.
It's almost that time again when the torch is lit and all of humanity rejoices in the glory of... Wait, what's this?
Welcome to Hell?
The Independent reports emergency responders have a message for travelers arriving to the city just ahead of the $10 billion 2016 Rio Olympics.
The sign reads, Police and firefighters do not get paid.
Whoever comes to Rio de Janeiro will not be safe.
Another sign outside of the airport reads, Welcome!
We don't have hospitals.
We just impeached our socialist president and our third world economy is tanking.
And as soon as the Olympians from all over the globe started rolling in, the locals quickly moved in on them.
The Guardian reports
The leader of Australia's Olympic team has called on Brazilian authorities to deploy extra security ahead of the Rio de Janeiro Games after a Paralympic champion was robbed at gunpoint while training in the host city.
This is not the first alarming incident.
Last month, three Spanish Olympic sailors were robbed at gunpoint.
Also, a patient was killed and a nurse injured by stray bullets during a gunfight at Salzaguiar Hospital.
Who's idea was this anyway?
Well, Rio applied to the International Olympic Committee, or IOC, on September 7, 2007.
By 2008, Rio had been put on a shortlist with Chicago, Madrid, and Tokyo.
In 2009, the IOC assessed Rio's venues
I don't know.
Says Rio is still waiting on a $860 million payout from the federal government to pay the police overtime that hasn't been paid in six weeks and finish the metro line to transport tourists to all the Olympic venues.
The Rio de Janeiro state government declared a state of emergency and warned of a total breakdown in public security, health, education, mobility and environmental management.
According to the Daily Mail, many of the venues remain unfinished and now Olympic athletes are pulling out of Rio over the Zika virus scare and for unknown reasons.
The Zika virus.
What assurances can you give them that it's not going to be a problem?
Well, the World Health Organization issued a study stating very clearly that Zika virus is not a threat during the winter months.
So the mosquitoes, they died during the winter.
It's a proved thing.
The only lab capable of handling the Olympic drug testing has been suspended by the World Anti-Doping Agency due to non-conformity.
The stench of raw sewage hangs in the air over the location of the venues.
Human body parts washed up on the beach where the Olympic beach volleyball games will be held.
And if that wasn't bad enough, some idiota
We're good to go!
Well, it's shaping up to be as dismal a globalist fail-fest as one can expect in the plastic socio-economic climate we are all facing.
Perhaps we can expect some brand new events.
How about random gun confiscation?
Hog-tying political dissidents, or maybe mass vaccination time trials?
Rio 2016, welcome to hell?
John Bowne for InfoWars.com.
Just like the Swedes have figured out how to stop migrant sexual attacks.
That's right, Breitbart is reporting about a recent Swedish press release that's warning about groping.
It's a crime.
You can't hold women and touch their breasts or grab them between their legs at a concert just because their bodies are crushing against you in a crowd.
So a press release announced that police intend to equip young women with wristbands with the slogan, Don't Touch Me.
So these are very powerful wristbands.
They must be sort of
Like, Wonder Woman's wristbands, of course, as she is repelling danger, and they say that these are going to be the things that are going to equip women.
By wearing these wristbands, young women will be able to make a stand.
Now, it's unclear how effective these wristbands are going to be because they're written in Swedish, and most of the migrants who are doing the raping
Do not read these Swedish words.
And now a recent police report released last month noted that the country had the worst rates of sexual violence against women in Europe.
Indeed, in 2013 it was reported that one in four Swedish women will be raped.
As sexual assaults, they're increased by 500% as they're importing all of these migrants who are, you know, not used to the ways of dealing with women who are, you know, asking for it.
So these bracelets are nothing more than hashtag activism come to life.
These are really gonna be safe and effective.
It's just that ridiculous.
My Ummah has seen the dawn of a clear victory.
The Islamic State has risen with the blood of the truthful.
Look, rape is not a joking matter.
The fact that the Swedish police think that this is actually a reasonable way to stop rape from happening by giving someone a bracelet is completely and totally ridiculous.
There's nothing funny about rape, but what is a serious matter is the Second Amendment.
When you take people's ability away to protect themselves, then we have to resort to stupid ideas like this.
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Well Donald Trump issued a warning yesterday that active ISIS terrorists are being allowed into the United States while posing as Syrian refugees.
Now this is a scenario that we have discussed many times here at InfoWars and indeed ISIS themselves have said that they are going to exploit the refugee crisis to commit global jihad.
Now joining me now is Margaret Howell.
Margaret, it seems like even with this dire warning, even with
And just the evidence that is so blatantly in our faces, these terrorist attacks happening all over the world now.
The Obama administration refuses to see this as a threat and they keep trying to gaslight America and say, don't worry about it.
Isn't that remarkable, Leigh-Anne?
So I brought some information for you tonight.
The Trump statement was really powerful.
He was on Bill O'Reilly last night and he said that he believed that ISIS, they're posing as refugees entering the U.S.
this way.
He cautioned against it.
Take a listen to what he had to say.
Groups like ISIL can't destroy us.
They can't defeat us.
They don't produce anything.
They're not an existential threat to us.
So we heard President Obama say that ISIL is not a threat, just an existential one.
Whatever the hell that means, I'm still... I had to Google that one again, honestly.
He's saying that they're not a threat, you know, we've got this under control.
But that's completely counter to what our own CIA Director John Brennan had to say about this yesterday.
He was commenting on the airport bombing in Istanbul.
And this is what he had to say.
It's particularly shocking because he's saying that ISIS is going to attack a U.S.
He just doesn't know when or where.
He said this to a Yahoo reporter.
It was casually mentioned on the news today.
If anybody here believes the U.S.
homeland is hermetically sealed and that ISIS would not consider that, I would guard against it.
That is so comforting, Leigh-Anne.
Oh really?
He's basically saying that ISIS is going to attack, just like they attack Turkey.
He just doesn't know when.
And not only are we not hermetically sealed, and we get it, but they are actively bringing in refugees.
In fact, they're disappointed about the fact that they haven't been able to bring in as many as they said they were going to bring in.
That's absolutely right.
So I'm of the belief that our State Department is funneling in thousands more than they're actually giving in that official number.
You can see that across communities.
All across America's heartland throughout the country and this one article it came out on the 7th of June a few weeks ago and one day a record number 253 in one single day.
Now that's a lot per day for doing that.
We've heard the president say that he's promised to take at least 10,000.
We know that the United States has approved 4,700 Syrian refugees.
That's right.
Back to Trump's point that Syrian refugees and ISIS has even said we're going to use the refugee crisis as a way to enter the states to infiltrate and to wreak havoc.
And they've kind of pointed out the fact that
We're good to go.
Honestly, do not even know where they're from.
They might not even be from Syria.
Maybe they're coming from France.
Maybe they're coming from Germany, Russia.
Or a state where they can easily enter the border.
That's right.
Typically we see that through Canada.
It's much more easy to gain a passport, a visa, through Canada than it is the U.S.
Get this, they are in every major city in the U.S.
They actually list out these people that have been arrested and charged.
We've got Rochester, New York, Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Queens, Rochester, it goes on and on, California, Orange County, San Diego, Anaheim, I mean, you name it, every major city.
Austin is on here, Spring, Texas, St.
Louis, Missouri, Minneapolis, Buffalo, Ohio.
We're seeing ISIS arrests everywhere.
And these are a lot of the main states where we're seeing them bringing in the refugees, and then lo and behold, this ideology is getting a hold of them, supposedly.
They're not coming in with it.
They're getting radicalized once they're already here, and there's actually a story out today at the Daily Mail.
Several weeks ago, there was a man who left to go join ISIS, and then he put out an SOS email saying, come save me, I regret this, I'm through with this evil.
And this was a guy that was going to an Ivy League school,
He had a good life, a good future ahead of him, but for whatever reason he was really disillusioned and so he wants to go and join ISIS.
So it's not the State Department saying, you know, oh well, we just need to give them jobs and give them an opportunity and then, you know, they won't go out and do this.
No, this is their ideology and he was a little bit disillusioned once he got there and said that this is not the Islam that I grew up with, that I knew.
This is something evil.
And it just goes to show that people are willing to join this group based on this Islamic ideology because they take this religion very seriously.
Much more seriously than we think.
It's radical Islam.
That's what we're talking about here.
And Trump hit it on the head last night.
And we've seen Hillary Clinton come out after this speech.
She was talking to a group on YouTube in Los Angeles.
And she basically said, you're a xenophobe, you're a bigot.
All the buzzwords.
You're a racist.
If you dare say, wait a second, we should vet, we should know who's coming into our country, we should understand and have proper security measures in place, especially since our own CIA director, John Brennan, is saying, look, an ISIS attack will occur on U.S.
soil, similar to that which has happened in Turkey this week.
We just don't know when.
Right, and of course they issued these warnings last year for the 4th of July.
They said don't go in large crowds.
So we're probably going to be seeing those same type of warnings here for this 4th of July coming up.
It's like they know it's going to happen.
But that's just the thing.
They're kind of getting us, massaging it into us that, you know, just it's going to happen.
Even talking about moving TSA checkpoints to the outside of airports.
And of course, Alex has been talking about this for years, saying that's what's coming next.
We've already seen them moving into stadiums and things like that.
But if you know that this is going to be an issue, why such a pushback to try and vet people and try to stop this from happening?
We can't close the floodgate.
I mean, I'm of the belief, and I've been looking at these reports all morning, to kind of have a conclusive number of whom we're letting in, from where, the amount.
It's so inconclusive.
It's so erratic.
It's so schizophrenic, if you will.
They're talking out of both sides of their mouth, and they keep saying, you know, this number, no, this number.
Nobody really knows.
What we do know is that there is a fast-tracked group.
Now, I don't want to downplay the major humanitarian crisis that's going on with Yazidis.
Yazidi Christians are being slaughtered.
This particular number that I brought to you earlier of the one day every single refugee they brought in is Muslim, and if you look at the percentage rates, it's overwhelming.
We're not taking people that are being heavily persecuted, that are being, you know, dragged and raped and their husband shot in front of them.
We're taking... Specifically targeting the Yazidis and the Christians, and they're the sex slaves because they're the infidels, and why is their crisis not of importance?
We could make a plausible case for a refugee whose life is in imminent danger of being raped and murdered, beheaded if you don't submit as a sex slave.
But you know what?
We have this really special class, this really special group, and you'd think we would taper this mass influx given the fact that our own CIA
Just, I keep going back to that because it really, I want people to leave with this.
He's saying it is going to happen.
Now the question for me is, Leanne, and I know a lot of people looking at this, is the Trojan horse, is it here?
Is it too late?
Have we already passed the point of no return?
I'm hopeful that we haven't, but Trump's words are a caution and just a reality check for anybody looking at this who might be on the fence.
And of course we also had the former CIA director coming out and saying that it's time to do away with the political correctness because that's actually thwarting their efforts to fight terrorism.
And Hillary Clinton, even in the face of this, is using the PC, all the buzzwords, to
Well, thank you very much, Margaret.
And thank you all for tuning in to the show tonight.
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And you can also become a subscriber to PrisonPlanet.tv.
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Thank you so much.
We'll see you here again tomorrow night, 7 p.m.
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