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Name: 20160609_Thu_NightlyNews
Air Date: June 9, 2016
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
It is Thursday, June 9th, 2016, and I'm Leanne McAdoo.
Here's what's coming up tonight.
Tonight, our reporters are detained at Bilderberg, which according to some media outlets, does not exist.
Then, what's a realistic scenario for what would happen if food stamps stopped working?
After that, guest star Obama says that politics is not a reality TV show.
And, the incredible response border residents gave to the prospect of the wall.
That's next.
This is pretty shocking stuff.
So you send a liberal journalist down there, he comes back saying,
Trump is right.
That's right.
So we said, you gotta go down there with no preconceived notions, just an empty notebook, go to my former home state, and walk the border, drive the border 800 miles, and talk to whoever you see, and let them tell us what they think about what's really going on, whether we need a wall, in fact, instead of hearing it from the debate stage.
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Well, the official beginning of the Bilderberg meeting has begun today, and our InfoWars reporters are there on the ground.
We're going to be playing some of their reports coming up later in the segment, but now Bilderberg has been exposed.
It's been forced now into the international news.
Our story was the top article there on the Drudge Report, as well as we have many other mainstream media outlets having to cover this event.
Now, a lot of them are kind of taking the talking points directly from the Bilderberg's own website.
But at least we have finally got them to begin talking about this meeting of elites.
Now, coming up in the next few segments, we'll be checking in with our reporters who are there on the ground.
And of course, you'll hear the story of how they've been detained.
Imagine that.
They were in Germany.
They demanded their papers, please.
But we'll definitely be getting a lot more reports coming out of Germany.
Now, this is a top story coming from Kit Daniels.
He's reporting on the food stamp outage that could trigger nationwide riots.
Apparently, thousands if not millions of people who are on food stamps haven't gotten any of their benefits.
It's nine days into the month now, and they say it's due to, quote, glitches in the electronic benefit transfer system.
But many Americans are worried that if this outage continues, mass civil unrest will erupt.
There is a website that reports on these glitches, downdetector.com, and they are just all over the boards are lit up talking about, you know, this is going to get really crazy.
All you need is a little spark.
And what's better to fuel rioting than a lot of hungry people who are just trying to feed their families?
So we've reported in 2013.
When there is a large-scale collapse on the food stamp program.
So many people are dependent on this.
So this corresponds with a strategy called pressure from above and below and it's when the government deliberately creates problems and then they offer solutions that only expand government powers at the expense of individual rights.
So this is incredibly frightening and just more credence to the idea that you need to be taking care of yourselves, figuring out how to grow food for your own family, and don't put yourself at the mercy of a government who will decide that they want to play with you and your family's life.
The Feds can't even fund the welfare program that it sought to dramatically increase.
Here's another fail.
They can't pay for this disastrous Obamacare program.
Now some leading senators are seeking to stop the Obama administration.
They're wanting to provide some health insurers with a $2.5 billion taxpayer-funded bailout.
This is under a provision in the Affordable Care Act.
So the Senators are now petitioning their colleagues on key committees and they're ensuring that we are not going to have to foot the bill for the excess costs that have been incurred by insurance companies who've been selling low-cost coverage under the Obamacare program.
We knew this was going to be a disaster.
We knew the only people that were going to be signing up were people who were incredibly sick and needed this.
But the young people who are having to foot the bill, the young healthy people, just weren't going to sign up, even with making it a federal mandate.
So this centers around a contested Obamacare provision known as risk corridors.
And a lot of Republican senators have been trying to fight against this risk corridor provision for the last two years.
The federal government compensates insurance companies if they wind up with larger costs as a result of selling cheap insurance policies to unhealthy individuals under Obamacare.
So they knew that was going to happen, so they wrote the provision right in.
And that's not it.
You know, Obama, he just...
I don't know.
He's leaving legacies left and right.
That's not all the U.S.
taxpayers are funding.
We're also funding Iran's military expansion.
And that was thanks to the failed deal that was the Iran nuclear agreement.
So this is 1.7 billion dollars that the U.S.
Treasury transferred to Iran's central bank in January.
They transferred it during a prisoner swap and as well the implementation of last year's nuclear deal.
And they kept saying, you know, it was unclear what Iran's government is going to do with this money.
But now we know that they have approved it.
Iran's central bank has approved it to transfer to the military.
So there you go.
That's your taxpayer money.
As Trump would say, it's a bad deal.
Now, is it going to be any different under Hillary Clinton?
I don't know.
She's already admitted to faulty bookkeeping at her foundation.
This was after a really hard-hitting interview by Anderson, CIA Cooper, who asked her, you know, about the fact that her foundation hasn't been wholly transparent, that they've obviously raised huge sums of money from foreign donors, and she said,
You know, have there been some instances that slipped through the cracks?
Yes, but overwhelmingly anything that they've disclosed, everything else.
So he gave her basically several minutes to just brag about how great her foundation is and how nothing untoward has happened.
So now the mainstream media can say, well, we talked about her foundation.
We covered it with her.
And Clinton herself said that no improprieties were found.
Case closed.
We don't need to talk about the Clinton.
Now let's get back to the Trump University or whatever new scandal they can come up with.
And now, President Obama has finally come out and endorsed Hillary Clinton, but what did President Selfiestick have to say about Donald Trump?
I'm sure they're gonna have a conversation.
Is he ever gonna drop out?
We're just going to stay in.
I'm going to be talking to him tomorrow.
He's going to be coming to the White House.
And the main role I'm going to be playing in this process is to remind the American people that this is a serious job.
This is not reality TV.
This is coming from the president who cannot wait to be an ESPN correspondent.
He previously appeared on a slow jam skit with Fallon.
He's been a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Late Show with David Letterman, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report.
Last December, speaking about reality TV, he made headlines when he appeared on NBC's survival show, a reality TV show running wild with Bear Grylls.
I can guarantee Obama has probably tried to push
Getting his own reality TV show.
But, you know, he wants to call out Donald Trump.
Now, despite the media witch hunt, we're getting reports out of big data that Latino support for Trump is actually on the rise at 37%.
And so you compare that with Latino support for Hillary Clinton, which is at 41%.
It's very kind of neck and neck.
And now MSNBC.
They had the editor-in-chief of Esquire magazine on the show and they were pretty shocked to find out that border residents wanted a wall.
Now this was Esquire, they recently sent a liberal journalist to the US-Mexico border to find out what people think about the proposed wall and he said
You know, two things were said, whether they were Hispanic, Anglo, Democrat, Republican, uncommitted, clueless, whatever.
They said, we want a wall, yet we want it married with compassion toward the people that we're trying to keep from jumping over the border.
And so then the host said, well, this is just a complete shocker.
Oh my goodness.
Most of those Hispanics are first generation and see it as unfair.
They came over here the legal way, they became citizens, and now they're having to compete for jobs with those coming across the border on a daily basis.
Have we not been saying this all along?
So even with all of the race baiting by the mainstream media, by the presidential candidates themselves,
You see that the people are intelligent enough to see through all of that and see what's really happening there.
They can still see the truth and that this is a big deal.
Why is it racist now though?
Because you know what?
Hillary Clinton actually called for border walls and deportation in 2006.
Mexico is such an important country.
I think so.
Have tougher employer sanctions and we need to try to incentivize Mexico to do more.
If they've committed transgressions of whatever kind they should be obviously deported.
Now a lot of people were surprised to see Bernie Sanders meeting with President Obama.
He kind of making jokes like this will be the only time he gets to see inside of the Oval Office.
But now here is Joe Biggs with some unconfirmed reports of just what happened in that meeting.
Joe Biggs here with InfoWars.com.
Now we know that Bernie Sanders actually flew to D.C.
and met with President Barack Obama.
And now I have a source on the inside of Bernie Sanders' campaign who just sent me this message.
It says it's confirmed that Bernie was offered VP from President Obama and turned it down because he wants Debbie Wasserman fired.
Obama wouldn't do it, so Bernie is going to continue his campaign.
He's very upset about the DNC turning on him, and that is basically the information we have right now.
So that's pretty big, and if you don't know who Debbie Wasserman is, she is basically the head of the DNC, so this is something that's happening now.
We're going to keep an eye on it.
Like I said, this is a source that I know that relayed this information to me, and as we get updates, we'll bring them to you.
So stay tuned to InfoWars.com.
Make sure you go to the Alex Jones Channel on YouTube and our InfoWars
Social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.
This has been Joe Biggs with InfoWars.com.
Social media posts generating controversy is nothing new, but the reasoning behind this one in particular is something unusual.
Valedictorian, 4.5 GPA, full tuition paid for at UT, 13 cords and medals, nice legs, and oh, I'm undocumented.
Now, if you're not aware, the University of Texas does have a program where undocumented immigrants can come in and receive in-state tuition.
By comparison, I was born and raised in Oklahoma.
Had I come here,
I don't think so.
Illegally, or whatever the politically correct term may be.
And I hear this argument a lot, that no person is illegal.
And when I talk about illegal immigration, I'm not saying that a human being is illegal, I'm saying, did you enter the country legally?
Example, I recently went outside the country, off the continent, as a matter of fact, and even though I had my documents, I had a passport, I had my visa, I had my bags checked by TSA, or whatever their equivalent was, I got my pat-downs and all that,
With all that said, had I walked out of that airport, skipped customs, and went out to the street, I would have committed a crime and entered that country, here comes that trigger word, illegally.
Same thing if you did not go through the border checkpoint.
Did you go through customs?
Yes or no.
Did you go through the border checkpoint?
Yes or no.
Now notice when I said that it had nothing to do with race, religion, why you're there, how long you're staying, or anything like that.
Did you go through the proper checkpoints?
Yes or no?
I just think it's a good opportunity to bring that out.
With this young lady's 4.5 GPA and 13 cords, I'm sure she'll be a great asset to the University of Texas.
And regardless of whether she stays here or she goes someplace else, I think she'd be an asset there as well.
You can find more reports on InfoWars.com.
The perfect storm is brewing.
Obama's last stand as the Salinski-ite community organizer-in-chief has a finger on the trigger of mass unrest.
When Obama took office in 2008, 28.2 million Americans were receiving welfare benefits.
That number has grown to roughly 45 million under the only president in history to not see one year of 3% GDP growth.
And there's millions of others that are on state different food assistance programs.
So it's 101 million.
101 million get food aid from federal government, outnumber full-time private sector workers.
And that's a Department of Agriculture estimate that CNS News reported on.
How's that sound?
Boy, that sounds like land of the free, home of the brave to me.
And all these people are being taught, a guy driving a nice car, somebody that has a nice house, they're rich and they stole it from you.
Earlier this year, it was widely reported that possibly up to a million of the country's poorest welfare recipients would lose their benefits.
We're good to go.
Scraping by with the help of government and charitable organizations and low-income jobs, although college students are also eligible.
The landmark 1996 bipartisan welfare reform law, crafted by a Republican Congress and signed by Democratic President Bill Clinton, limited benefits for this group to just three months in any 36-month period unless they were employed or in a work training program.
Of course, that was pre-Obamaphone Obamacare.
Here we are 20 years later and those chickens have come home to roost, as the government has reportedly neglected to pay the EBT benefits for eight days.
Michael Snyder of the Economic Blog reports, widespread reports continue to pour in from all over the nation of glitches with the food stamp system.
It is eight days into the month and large numbers of people still have not received their benefits.
And in other instances, it is being reported that EBT cards are simply not working correctly.
Michael Snyder continues, On DownDetector.com, there are scores of reports of problems with the EBT system from people all over the nation.
Could this simply be another example of government incompetence?
Or is something else at work here?
Many things are at work here.
The cultural poison George Soros has unleashed on America via Black Lives Matter and MoveOn.org, along with the recently legalized propaganda spewed out by globalist-owned mainstream media taking the side of anti-constitutionalists,
I'm good.
I don't know.
Who expect to be taken care of, or else.
It was reported during the Ferguson rioting that two new Black Panther members were planning a bombing of the famous St.
Louis Gateway Arch and the murder of the prosecuting attorney in the Michael Brown case along with the Ferguson police chief.
The plan fell apart after one of the accused bomber's girlfriend's EBT card ran out of money.
This isn't all happening by accident or by powers beyond Obama's control.
Mass food riots are par for the course as a last-ditch effort to install martial law and place the United States under New World Order domination.
John Bowne for Infowars.com There's a very important question that needs to be answered.
Will humanity survive?
And to look at that threat, we have to ask another question.
What is the number one obstacle to human beings and our species surviving and becoming a type one civilization that isn't just dependent on this planet?
You can say that it's changes in the heavens, suns going supernova, tectonic earthquake and volcano events, nuclear weapons, genetic engineering.
But if you look at the race, the acceleration of technological development, I think the biggest threat overall is humanity not pacing ourselves.
We're good to go.
Seeks black market brain implants in bid to plug into artificial intelligence matrix.
And they're going to go through the dangerous surgeries of being hooked up, not just with a few wires, but with thousands of connections total to the brain.
to an AI computer to try to merge consciousness.
My father, a physician, recently went back to continuing education, part of keeping his medical license, and he brought me back some of the literature they gave them.
This is from the state
Medical boards right here in Texas that soon you'll have to have a DNA chip to get a prescription.
Not just that chips are going to be on the pills and medicines themselves, but now you're going to have to give your blood, basically every time, a tiny prick, into a DNA chip database that tracks everything going on in your body as well as your genes.
In this short report we're only scratching the surface.
And the big issue here is things they denied 20, 30 years ago that were going on, they're now admitting today.
What are they doing that we don't know about?
We need to have a debate about our species.
We need to understand that the global elite have decided we're obsolete and are moving towards a robotic future where there's no place for humanity, as Bill Joy wrote over 15 years ago for Wired Magazine in his article, Why the Future Doesn't Meet Us.
And the numbers are in.
Screen time.
All the television.
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Our IQs are dropping.
People are becoming more and more ignorant.
Society is unraveling and falling apart.
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We've got three of our reporters there.
All I can say is incredible job, crew.
They are forcing the mainstream media to report on what's happening.
Secret global government meetings, amazing.
Paul, you're there at the train station.
We saw a bunch of police raids and we've seen women in hijabs walking around and kids running around.
Appearing to be on something, I'm not sure, with another man that was drunk, talking on camera saying they were from North Africa and Afghanistan.
Other points, and then I'd like to, you know, basically get a ground tour for TV viewers and I'll narrate for radio listeners.
Yeah, one other point is that there were two arrests today.
There were two protesters who just turned up, calmly sat down outside the barricades.
They weren't screaming, they weren't shouting, they weren't saying anything.
They were holding two cardboard signs which said something like, why the secrecy, we want transparency, something like that.
Completely non-offensive, there were no cuss words in the signs.
After about 30 minutes the police came up to them and eventually it was three rows thick of police, obviously to keep us dangerous reporters away from them.
They had a long conversation about how there was no free speech in Germany while Bilderberg is in the town of Dresden and they were forced to put the signs away and that's where it stopped in that moment.
But a few hours later the police came back and arrested them for possessing a tent
They had this little green tent.
I don't know what they were doing with it.
But these people who were British, you know, they were quite polite people.
They were just having a conversation with the police.
But no free speech in Germany while Bilderberg is in town.
And it's ironic because they were accosted by the police.
And literally about five minutes later, Vernon Jordan arrived, I think that's his name, and he's a civil rights activist.
So you've got a top civil rights activist heading into Bilderberg while within five minutes people are being harassed simply for holding protest signs outside of Bilderberg and having their free speech crushed.
So I thought that was kind of ironic.
Well, I mean, look, I don't say this to be sensational.
In fact, I'm almost ashamed that I'm not more upset.
Germany has fallen to tyranny.
Germany is like Nazi Germany again, but it's leftist controlled.
They're arresting people for rallying.
They're telling people shut up.
It's horrible that Germany has police that have turned into anti-free speech thugs and who follow illegal orders.
This is despicable!
So that's all going on, but right now let's go back to Dresden at the train station to see the results of the country flooded with the illegals there, and then give us a tour.
I'll narrate for radio listeners, Rob Dub.
Yeah, well Alex, right now the guy that was jumping around earlier, he seems to have pissed off another person who's over here.
The fight might ensue in one second.
Let's go over there.
All right.
He was from Afghanistan or folks from Algeria.
Alex, I ran around and shot a bunch of B-roll before we went on live and just walking around, just walking around here, I saw the cops questioning several groups of immigrants, just asking for their papers and whatnot.
When we walked up, there was a guy showing them their ID and, you know, and then going through the train station.
Some couldn't get on.
One guy couldn't get on the train because he didn't have a ticket.
I don't know.
You know, it's interesting.
I talked to a family today, a couple.
I put the interview up on Infowars.com.
She was German, he was Jewish, and they seem kind of fine with the migrants coming in.
They think they have, everybody seems to think there's this endless pool of money to pay for benefits and housing and food.
Even though most of these radical Muslims being brought in, on record, want to kill every Jew they can get their hands on.
That's true.
And we kind of got into that at the end, and I said something in terms of, you know, maybe Germany has a holocaust.
They feel bad for the holocaust, so they're letting these people in to make up for it.
And he didn't want to get into that, and that kind of pissed him off, and then they... It's globalism.
It's a project to end Europe.
It's a project to create total division.
They're bringing in people to just sit around on a bunch of bombs and...
I don't
And they would stop.
They would hear us speaking English.
What's going on?
What's going on?
So then I just started videotaping these people and saying, well, I'm going to videotape you.
If I'm going to tell you what this is, you're going to get educated.
And so we just started telling them about the Bilderberg Group because there wasn't much going on for a few hours.
We're sitting there waiting.
I guess the highlight was two highlights were Vernon Jordan and Henry Kissinger.
I have yet to see Lindsey Graham show up.
Let me ask you this question.
We just started arriving today and it runs, the real Bilderberg is Thursday, Friday, Saturday and then Sunday, well really on Monday sometimes.
What triggered the police, because I know this happened in Austria last year too, is it fair to say the worst police we've seen are in Germany and Austria?
Because we would report if somebody did something for the police to respond, but from what I heard from Paul,
No one's doing anything.
People are polite.
They're like threatening to arrest or arresting British tourists.
I mean, British tourists are stereotypically the nicest people on the planet.
Yeah, and those people were, and they saw what happened last night, so they knew, I think, what they were getting into when they did their little protest.
But basically, it just said, their sign said, what have you had to hide?
And the other side said, this will get confiscated.
Prophetic, because it did get confiscated, and we've got that video coming out.
We shot it in many parts, because it was kind of a long situation.
So there's photos up of the story at DrudgeReport.com.
The photos are there.
Speaking of courage, Charlie Skelton has a lot of courage because they target him, I've got to say, six, seven, I don't know, time flies, years, that he's been covering Milderberg.
Because he's with probably the biggest newspaper arguably in the world.
It's not even the New York Times.
All over Europe, it's the big English, you know, language paper folks read.
And he's able to actually cover it.
The Guardian lets him cover real issues, because they know that's how you remain credible in my view.
And so the police and governmental people know that he's, you know, high-powered.
And I'm kind of speaking for him.
I haven't had private conversations with him on this, so I've been at Bilderberg three or four times with him.
He's a great guy.
He and his wife.
But am I correct in saying they target you, Charlie?
I know you didn't come on about this today.
You came on to tell us about what you witnessed the last few days and as Bilderberg officially kicked off.
It just seems like every year, and my crew was saying this, they seem to target you, detain you, arrest you, raid your hotel rooms, harass you, try to get your rental cars taken away.
I mean, is that an accurate statement?
And why are they coming after you if it is an accurate statement?
Well, first of all, hello, Alex.
It's lovely to be here.
Good to have you.
You're looking well, looking very smart.
Well, this year hasn't been as bad as last year, I have to say.
Last year was pretty bad.
The Austrian police were pretty tough.
But this year, the German police, you know, there's not much dialogue going on.
And yes, we were held up for, you know, three quarters of an hour last night, you know, with the usual checks and this, that and the other.
To be honest, there have been other people this year who've had it worse.
So, you know, which I have to say I'm glad about on a purely selfish basis.
But really, what I think I have to say the story this year for me is the number of politicians that have come.
It's a very, very political summit.
And, you know, people don't realise that it's a lot of people.
I don't know what they think it is.
But when you look at the sheer number of politicians here, you have to treat it as a political summit.
I mean, three members of the German cabinet are here.
From your perspective, how Bilderberg is changing, because you talk about they're still powerful, but they're a little more paranoid.
Well, I think with the Brexit, the whole Brexit debate is something that concerns them, for various reasons.
It would completely unplug the whole TTIP trade deal.
But worse than that, it would fragment this building block of the European Union, which is part of their, when I say they, I mean the kind of, you know, globalists.
Ideologues of that particular ilk.
It would be a dangerous fracture of that kind of free trade and political bloc.
And they talk about the serious consequences and the dangers.
A lot of the people here in Dresden have spoken out.
For example, Henri de Castries, the chairman of Bilderberg, he talks about the serious consequences of Brexit.
A lot of them do.
A lot of people ask me what is the most important area of InfoWars that runs the whole operation that is having such a big effect against the globalists.
And I've said it over and over again, it is you the listeners and the viewers that send us the intel, the news tips, that support the broadcast, that spread the word.
You are 90% of the operation or more.
You don't stand beside us, you stand at the heart of InfoWars.
When I talk about the people at InfoWars, from customer service, the shipping department, being just as important as our anchors, our researchers, our investigative journalists, and myself, it's absolutely true.
Without this team that we've built over the last 20 plus years, we wouldn't be able to do any of what we've been doing.
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I think so.
This is Rob Deere reporting for InfoWars.com.
We're on the site of the Bilderberg 2016 protest and these young people over here with their cardboard signs and they're being told to remove them.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 15 police officers for two people with cardboard signs.
Fifteen people to stop two cardboard signs.
And I don't think we're hurting anyone.
And, like, uh... So, I asked, um... And, uh... You both, with this, um... Transplants.
It's not allowed.
If I start wearing it like this.
Yeah, no.
There's an order.
Is it?
Do you have it in English?
Yesterday 12 o'clock till Sunday 16 o'clock.
It's forbidden.
I mean, is the job of the police not to protect other members of the community?
Because I believe that we're not only just not hurting anyone else, I think the role that we're doing and expressing ourselves is absolutely essential in our society.
The right to freedom of speech is one of the most fundamental rights that we have and it allows people to
The government of Dresden decided.
It's called Allgemeinverf├╝gung.
Who gave the government of Dresden the right to take people's rights away?
But you're enforcing it?
It's not my decision.
That's right.
Do you know what?
It would look a lot better for you guys if you just let us stand here.
The problem is, there is an order of the government in person.
It's forbidden to build an assembly.
Or an assembly.
No, no.
Or an assembly.
Wait for a little bit.
We've been asked to move back two meters.
A little bit more.
A little more.
Right here?
Okay, is that good?
We've now been asked to move back two meters from the incident.
What's going on?
I can't really hear.
So the young man's trying to compromise.
So he's arguing that he has the right to peacefully assemble and freedom of speech and that he wants to know why the city of Dresden has taken that away.
He's saying... He's telling them they can move across the area if they want to continue to protest.
So, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.
Cardboard signs.
Police 1, 4, 2.
This is the use of resources that's going on in Dresden to keep the Bilderbergers safe.
I think it might be 17 police for two cardboard signs.
Right there.
So we'll see how this is going to turn out.
Alright, so they're taking their cardboard signs right now that said, uh, this sign will be confiscated.
So that was obviously, uh, prophetic.
And, uh, the other sign talking about what's going on here with the Bilderberg meeting.
Mr Tillich, one question.
Sir, why do you sell out our country to lobbyists that are paid without tax money?
Why are you guys working for this?
Who is he working for?
Just one question.
What are you going to be discussing at the Bilderberg meeting?
Are you the mayor?
Sorry, one question.
Who are you?
Now they're running away.
Look, they're fleeing.
What do you have to hide since you're running away?
What's the problem?
Shit, that was... So, who were we talking to just now?
What was going on?
I don't have much clue about this guy.
He is like the minister of another department of Germany, but his name is Tillich, and he's on the member list of the Bilderberg Group.
He's probably not a real visitor, but you know, he's the boss of this department here of Germany, of Dresden, so he maybe held a speech or something, and he knows about it.
So we tried to interview him, and you know what you see?
Pure silence, saying nothing, and being ashamed of it.
Yeah, why didn't he want to talk?
I mean, you were very polite.
I asked him one question, one question, but I don't know.
He was just running out.
So we wait for our friend Max.
Maybe he got another conversation.
So yeah, that's how they behave when you ask them about this.
Always the same.
We've been through this a lot of times.
Max, did you get anything?
What did he say?
Well, I confronted him when he was going inside and then he said nothing.
But actually I asked him kindly if he would answer me some questions about the Bilderberg because I was doing a whole report and stuff like that.
Mr. Tillich, can you tell me what the Bilderberg Conference is about?
I'd like to know what they expect from the dinner, what they expect from the conversations, because the people on the world elite level are a bit higher up than them.
Well, I think that there is a federal minister, there are also entrepreneurs that I have met in my previous life.
That means you meet familiar faces again, but you also meet new personalities that you haven't met before.
And Bilderberg has made a conscious decision for Dresden to make it clear that this is a city that is economically and scientifically successful and at the same time a world-open city.
And that's why we came here.
And I hope that one or the other who is here now might say, okay, Dresden is also a location, I heard it from others, where it is worth to have this on the radar and to invest in the future.
What do you expect from the talks?
Can you say something about that?
This is an exception that has been made here.
From case to case, the host country or the host city is invited.
That's the case here.
That means, it will certainly be the case that I will sit at a table with 10 interlocutors and only see the remaining 120 from afar.
And when the food is over, you go home again.
So the expectation is
The fact that we might have the opportunity to have a conversation with one or the other before or after, to advertise for Sachsen again, that's what I expect from it.
One last question, if I may.
Are there things that you criticize in the form of the conference, for example, the transparency is criticized a lot?
Well, I've noticed that, unlike in the past, the Bilderberg Conference has not only published the participants, but also the topics that are discussed.
And I think it's good to have a discussion outside of the public and public perception.
That also takes place in other places.
So companies do not advise their business strategies in public either, or politicians are, when they first work out a law, also interested in the fact that they can first discuss it in peace.
And so people like that have to get together and talk about matters that, in principle, they want to discuss with each other.
No decisions are made and no decisions are made.
You are obliged to the supervisory board, you are obliged to the shareholders and the politicians are obliged to the parliaments.
Okay, thank you.
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And welcome back to the Info Wars Nightly News.
Joining me now for the News Blitz is Darren McBreen.
Now, McBreen, I've been in California.
I saw the crazed look in everyone's eyes as they were worshipping Hillary Clinton and it really frightened me for the future.
I guess I failed to get the memo that it's time to start
It's time to start work.
Well, there's no doubt that Hillary Clinton is the ultimate candidate, the puppet candidate for the establishment.
Oh, it's her time.
It is her time, and she's funded by the globalists, she's funded by the big banks and the neocons, and even though I think she's probably the most unpopular candidate in America, or one of the most unpopular and hated people in America right now, you'd never know it by watching mainstream media television, because
They truly make her out to look like a hero, and she looks like a legitimate presidential candidate.
I mean, how do you just gloss over the fact that she is under FBI investigation and that she's continually been caught in lies over her email server, putting the country at risk, and then lying again?
I mean, they pretend that they are going to cover her.
Clinton Foundation, Anderson, CIA, Cooper, you know, he does the hard-hitting piece and says, well, this.
And she's like, oh, well, you know, was there some issues there with the accounting?
But we didn't really, you know, it's just like, come on.
Well look, we've told you many times on this program that there are only six corporations that own and control 90% of everything that you watch, that you read, and that you listen to on the radio.
Only six corporations control all of it.
And they've got their marching orders to support Hillary Clinton.
Now, I want to show you something that we threw together.
This is a compilation, a news media compilation, and this is local news programs all across the nation.
It doesn't matter what city, state, or town that you live in, the news all across the board is all the same.
Who are you really shopping for this holiday season?
It's okay, you can admit it, if you've bought an item or two or ten for yourself.
Well it's okay, you can admit it, if you've bought an item or two or maybe ten for yourself.
It's okay, you can admit it, if you've bought an item or two or ten for yourself.
It's okay, you can admit it if you bought an item or two or ten for yourself.
It's okay, you can admit it if you bought an item or two or ten for yourself.
It's okay, you can admit it if you bought an item or two or ten for yourself.
Well, if you filled up your gas tank lately, then you don't need us to tell you that gas prices are back on the rise.
You don't need us to tell you that gas prices are back on the rise.
You don't need us to tell you that gas prices are back on the rise.
You don't need us to tell you that gas prices are back on the rise.
You don't need us to tell you that gas prices are back on the rise.
You don't need us to tell you that gas prices are back on the rise.
You don't need us to tell you that gas prices are back on the rise.
You don't need us to tell you that gas prices are back on the rise.
You don't need us to tell you that gas prices are back on the rise.
You don't need us to tell you that gas prices are back on the rise.
You don't need us to tell you that gas prices are back on the rise.
You don't need us to tell you that gas prices are back on the rise.
Gas prices are back on the rise.
You don't need us to tell you that gas prices are back on the rise.
You don't need us to tell you gas prices are on the rise.
I know.
In consumer news, economic factors may take some spring out of the Easter Bunny step this year.
Economic factors may take some spring out of the Easter Bunny step this year.
Economic factors may take some spring out of the Easter Bunny step this year.
Economic factors may take some spring out of the Easter Bunny step this year.
Economic factors may take some spring out of the Easter Bunny step this year.
Economic factors may take some spring out of the Easter Bunny step this year.
Economic factors may take some spring out of the Easter Bunny step this year.
Economic factors may take some spring out of the Easter Bunny step this year.
You came from someplace else.
Somebody brought you.
You came from someplace else.
Somebody brought you.
Shame on us if we forgot.
Shame on us if we've forgotten.
More tolerant.
And more just.
And more accepting.
More tolerant.
More just.
More accepting.
Do not threaten to burn the house down.
Don't threaten to burn the house down!
They're not focused on you.
They're not focused on you!
And now let's look at the mainstream news media on a national level this time, repeating the same talking points, this time about Hillary Clinton, because regardless of your politics, Leanne, I think we can both agree that this is truly a historic time in our country.
Did you hear it?
It's the sound of that glass ceiling breaking, no matter what side of the political aisle you're on.
It's an incredible and historic moment, again, no matter your politics.
And I think we can all admit, no matter what your politics are in this situation, no matter who you support, this is a very historic moment.
Adam, no matter what your politics, this is a historic moment.
Regardless of your politics, this is a historic moment.
You know, with all the back and forth over Sanders and Clinton and Trump and everything on the Republican side, can we just take a second to stop and recognize history?
Regardless of where you stand politically, tonight is a very special night for women in this country.
Some residents this morning are saying that regardless of politics, they are proud that their local girl has made history.
Whatever your politics are, we need to mark this moment in American history.
However you feel about Hillary Clinton, she certainly claims her place in history.
No matter what side of the aisle you're on, there's no denying Hillary Clinton has made history.
Whatever you think about Hillary Clinton, whatever you think about her politics, an important moment for the nation.
And look, these talking points are not only repeated on television, but you can see the same talking points on websites and in newspapers.
Check out the LA Times article.
This is just from yesterday.
Hillary Clinton finally breaking the glass ceiling.
I wonder where they got that idea.
Did you hear it?
It's the sound of that glass ceiling breaking, no matter what side of the political aisle you're on.
Darren, you know, I kind of just get the feeling that regardless of what our politics are, we really should just stop and acknowledge that this is a really important time.
It really is an important time.
I'm sorry, her story.
Yeah, it's her story.
It's time to just go ahead and get rid of that.
Well, all across the board, you know, it doesn't matter whether it's newspapers, television, even movies, television shows, Madam Secretary, which is based on the real life of Hillary Clinton, yes, supposedly.
Yeah, it's all priming us to accept this time as if we didn't already know that she was going to break through the glass ceiling.
You know what's crazy is there's a lot of people who they don't necessarily read news websites, they don't watch television news, but they watch television and they still get these strong political opinions by watching shows like Madam Secretary or they will see Hillary Clinton on Saturday Night Live think she's very funny and that's how they elect their president because she's a woman.
Right, or President Obama on Jimmy Fallon or any other myriad of television appearances he has made
Yeah, Donald Trump's bad because he used to be a TV reality show.
Very successful TV reality producer.
Well, Darren, let's not forget that just last year we reported on the Obama administration meeting with producers in Hollywood and having them inject political agendas in their scripts, in movies, in television shows.
Sony Pictures and Disney.
He met with the CEOs of Sony and Disney to help control the narrative on Muslim immigrants and also ISIS.
And that's it.
And that's how people, they can just watch a show and have a fully politically informed opinion without even being involved in politics at all.
But they don't even know where they're getting these ideas from.
And don't forget, folks, that the CIA infiltrated the news media long ago.
This is just Google search Operation Mockingbird, right?
And so this goes all the way back to the inception of the CIA.
So this started in the early 1950s, late 1940s.
Right, as well as they also infiltrated all the civil rights movements.
And when you see this woman who's so proud of Hillary Clinton making history as a democratic socialist and just can't wait till this is going to be ruling the country and how she's been a political activist all these years.
In a political movement that was infiltrated by the CIA, which used those movements as social engineering tools.
And she's just so proud of the fact that now they're so completely successful.
We're glad everybody out there has got their eyes open.
I was going to say, Hillary Clinton came here to delete emails and destroy our country, and she's all out of emails.
Well, thank you, Darren.
And thank you guys for tuning in.
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