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Name: 20160602_Thu_NightlyNews
Air Date: June 2, 2016
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
It is Thursday, June 2nd, 2016, and I'm Leanne McAdoo.
Here's what's coming up tonight.
Tonight, Affordable Care Act?
Health insurer seeks a 60% increase.
After that, the EU proposes an Internet ID.
And, when good teleprompters go bad.
That's next.
If we turn against each other, based on divisions of race or religion, if we fall for, you know, a bunch of okey-doke, just because, you know, it sounds funny or the tweets are
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Four Syrian refugees have been caught plotting a massive Paris-style terror attack for Germany.
Now, these were four men who planned to besiege the historic city center of Dusseldorf.
They were going to launch a Paris-style massacre involving suicide bombs, targeting a street there with a lot of public transportation, including tram stations.
So German federal prosecutors have confirmed that three Syrian nationals have been arrested and their homes searched.
While a further warrant has been issued for a young man who was currently under arrest in France.
Now, this plot was discovered when that man, Salah A., gave himself up to the French security authorities.
So he's now being held there and under arrest.
Two of these men received their orders from ISIS to carry out this plot.
They arrived to Turkey from Syria in 2014 and they were waiting to take advantage of this migrant surge pouring into Europe.
They got there in 2015.
They met with an explosives expert who was sent to Germany in 2014 by ISIS.
And so this is something that's been going on clearly for a few years.
As we reported, there was an Islamic State manifesto released in December where they were bragging about the fact that they were exploiting this refugee crisis since at least 2012 and that that was their plan was to flood the country with millions of people, millions of refugees.
It would be too much to handle and that they would hide jihadists within.
And now we are seeing that indeed this is what is coming to pass.
And one of these really dangerous migrant smuggling routes is flourishing in lawless Libya.
Now, authorities there, the officials have been able to block some of the crossings that people were taking to Greece, but now they're looking for ways to shut down flows on the other major sea route into the EU from Libya.
So there were efforts really going on to try to counter people trafficking, but they were thrown completely into disarray by the conflict following Libya's, the people's uprising there in 2011.
So as we can see, there was just this massive destabilization that went on.
Now, years later, we're seeing the effects of that area being destabilized in the Middle East, which is, of course, one of Clinton's
Big successes, Hillary Clinton's big successes there, destabilizing the Middle East.
And now, for whatever reason, she is going to be using her record as a neocon warmonger to attack Donald Trump.
And so this is exactly what she did today in her foreign policy speech.
She was arguing that Trump's skepticism on military intervention is going to be a threat to U.S.
foreign policy, and indeed, a threat to the world order that she herself has helped to implement.
The New York Times reported that the speech was going to specifically criticize Trump's remarks on NATO and his proposal that Japan, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia pay for their own defense.
Indeed, she did talk about that today and how they were going to be testing some of their
Really breaks it down as far as, let's look at this neocon warmongering record that Hillary Clinton is so proud of that she's going to attack Trump saying he doesn't know what he's doing.
Does she know what she's doing?
Unless her plan is to absolutely destabilize regions.
So let's talk about Afghanistan.
Obama said he was going to withdraw all the troops.
Well, Clinton backed a major escalation of the conflict in Afghanistan.
She encouraged Obama to send between 30,000 and 100,000 additional troops
This is
Voted for the illegal invasion of Iraq in October 2002.
In public, she claimed to be against keeping forces there, but she privately encouraged it.
She proposed spending approximately $3 billion to hire 5,100 private security contractors to remain and fight in Iraq.
The mercenary force was described as a State Department private army.
And despite 70% of the American public opposing U.S.
military action in Syria, Clinton pressured Obama to arm the anti-Assad rebels, who of course, as we've reported many, many times, are Islamic State and al-Qaeda linked terrorists.
So she encouraged the president to arm them, and she also endorsed airstrikes on the Syrian government.
So that's, of course, resulted in prolonging the conflict.
So we're basically in a U.S.
proxy war right now.
I mean, it just goes on and on.
She backed the military coup in Honduras.
So a lot of people are just wondering if this reckless interventionism is going to hurt her with voters.
Probably it will not, because indeed, even her private server fiasco doesn't seem to be really hurting her as far as the Democratic Party is concerned.
They're still pushing her as their future president, the first female president, even though it's kind of neck and neck there with Bernie Sanders.
Who knows what's going to happen after California.
I don't know.
So let's find out why Judge Napolitano thinks Hillary is absolutely incompetent.
And this is new information to me because I'm kind of like, I look at her server fiasco and I think, what else could there be?
Well, now Clinton's Chief of Staff, while Secretary of State Cheryl Mills, revealed in deposition that Clinton exclusively used a BlackBerry, not a laptop, desktop, or tablet, to communicate electronically.
Well, what's the problem with that?
Napolitano explains that this BlackBerry was her BlackBerry.
Not a government-issued BlackBerry, so what does that mean?
Because it wasn't government-issued, it was blocked on the 7th floor of the State Department.
That's where her office is.
So that means whenever she was in her office, she didn't have the means to communicate electronically to people that she had all around the world for the entire time that she was there.
So what she would do is she would take a security team, go from the 7th floor to the 6th floor where her personal BlackBerry worked.
So she has ambassadors all over the world trying to communicate with her, and she cuts herself off.
Or, you know, if you're there in Benghazi, she just takes a nap, goes to sleep because she's so tired.
And he also points out that absolutely, indeed, 100% of her emails were taken away from the government server and run through her private server.
To circumvent the Freedom of Information Act.
And a lot of these other emails that she apparently did not turn over to the State Department revealed that indeed she didn't want her private emails commingling and getting seen by the State Department.
Just what were you up to Hillary Clinton?
Nobody cares about your yoga poses or your wedding plans.
So she is a criminal warmonger, of course, really, really good at circumventing the Freedom of Information Act and, you know, destabilizing the Middle East.
So she should really tout that record and run on that.
Now, it's not just Clinton, but Obama, too, who are rolling out this Trump isn't qualified.
He doesn't know what he's doing.
And so we're really seeing this concerted effort now.
Let's take a look at how the president totally malfunctioned on stage.
If we turn against each other, based on divisions of race or religion, if we fall for, you know, a bunch of okey-doke, just because it sounds funny or
So first of all, what is he even talking about?
Racial tensions have actually exploded in this country since he's been president.
And don't tell me it's because of racist white people, because it was the majority of white people who voted for him twice.
So that was your bad.
But one of his huge accomplishments, of course, is the Affordable Care Act.
Which, of course, is now becoming even more unaffordable every single year.
Now, Texas' largest health insurance provider has announced in a statement yesterday, this is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, they're going to raise their rates by as much as 60% in 2017.
So this is going to completely enrage people.
It's getting super expensive.
And they say that the reason why they're having to do this is to account for lower than hoped enrollment, sicker than expected customers, and problems with the government's financial backstop for the insurance markets.
The company says it's lost over a billion dollars.
Man, well I hate to say I told you so, but you know who else just cannot help himself and had to say I told you so is Donald Trump, who of course tweeted about that immediately that people are panicking and they're very angry because health care costs are exploding.
Of course, Trump has a pretty good answer to this whole Obamacare debacle.
Check it out.
On his website, everyone's always saying, well, what is his plan?
What's he gonna do?
But back to this whole race racism thing.
Now we've got a professor coming out saying that it's the racist Trump supporters who are a bigger domestic terror threat than jihadists.
This is George Mason University adjunct professor David Alfer.
We're good to go.
He has no concept of reality.
Reality, be damned!
Because the violence scene has almost exclusively been carried out by anti-Trump agitators, as we've shown you in many, many videos.
But let's take a look at some of the best of this week in California with some of our pro-Trump supporters.
Let's see how bad they really are.
Michael Zimmerman for Infowars.com.
We are here at the Donald Trump rally in Sacramento, California, here at the Sacramento International Jet Center.
And they are full.
They are absolutely packed to capacity right before the start of the rally.
There are 9,600 people inside with hundreds more outside waiting to get in.
Just a huge turnout.
There's not very many protesters here.
Potentially because there's not very much parking for them, or it's more difficult for them to get here, or the protesters in Sacramento are just very low energy.
But we've talked to a lot of people out here today, Trump supporters, some protesters who have some pretty dumb arguments, and as you can see, there are definitely lots of people coming out today to support Donald Trump.
So what do you think of some of these protesters who have shown up here today?
You know, I don't think of him at all, so I really don't even see him.
I'm just here focused on what I came to do and that's to focus on Donald Trump and support him and let my voice be heard.
Yeah, the only people I've heard that have been particularly nasty are the, you know, people, you know, here harassing everyone in line.
You know, I haven't heard any of the Trump supporters really say anything nasty back, but it's just, you know, harassing people, you know?
Yeah, you know, I don't even pay him attention.
I just pray for him and, you know, like AJ said, you know, we got to run him over, keep it pushing, you know.
Right now, it's very important that, you know, people who have a piece of a brain to get their head in the game and, you know, vote with their dollars.
We're in a very critical time for this country and, you know, people need to make a choice.
Yeah, we don't have time to be divided right now, you know, and I mean, everybody else have borders, why can't we?
So, you know, I'm just, I'm Trump 2016 all the way.
I'm not saying that he's going to be the one president to get it all fixed, but he's a start, so.
And I happen to know that, you know, these Mexican people get pissed off because we're, you know, we want to build a wall.
But yet, when the Central Americans, the Peruvians, they try to cross over their border, they shoot them all.
They don't play games.
They don't put you in the detention center.
The detention center is six feet underground.
Then they hide their bodies and stuff.
People disappear.
Everybody should have a wall.
Europe, everybody should have a f***ing wall!
We wouldn't be in this state if everybody had one.
It's better to see it.
It's great.
You'll be in San Jose tomorrow.
You'll be in San Jose.
And I know, so Trump's gotten a lot of heat in the past in the Latino community.
Why do you think that is and why do you support him?
Because the liberal media lies and they're asleep.
They're misinformed and they need to be informed.
That's all.
It's as simple as that.
Alright, and how about when you saw him in person, how did those hands look?
Were they small?
I didn't notice.
Nah, they were pretty big.
Were they?
I didn't notice.
I was paying attention to what was coming out of his face.
I liked all that.
He's just like a normal guy, man.
I just felt like he's a normal guy, just like you, him.
Outside, good guy.
He's gonna fix it all, man.
Just like that.
Alright, thank you guys.
Have a good one.
This is Infowars.com.
We're here at the Sacramento Jet Center where Donald Trump just spoke and we've got two very excited supporters here.
There's some protesters kind of arguing with people still.
So what did you all guys think of the rally?
I thought it was awe-inspiring.
I'm actually watching history.
Even if he doesn't, which I hope he does, we're going to say Donald Trump came to Sacramento and I got to see him.
And that's what's really exciting for me being a first-time voter.
This is my first election.
You know, me being a U.S.
soldier in the National Guard for California, to be honest, no better candidate, man.
Straight up.
It's just when he speaks and the crowd yells the way they do, it hits you in a certain way.
It's just unbelievable.
Trump doesn't just talk about loving and supporting our veterans.
He shows it.
He shows it.
5.6 million dollars, almost 6 million dollars in only a couple of hours.
Things Hillary and Bernie couldn't do in years.
It's great.
Do you realize what's going on in Germany and Sweden and Europe right now?
That's wrong.
That's wrong.
That's dead wrong.
Do you realize what's going on now?
That's dead wrong.
And they have the same fascist, extremist ideals going on in Germany, all over Europe.
It's dead wrong.
Do you know what it's caused by?
It's caused by desperation of white people.
People are afraid.
No, no, no, no.
I'm not racist.
I said listen to this man.
So you understand what's going on in Europe.
Sweden right now is interchanging the idea of making a female only pools because they can't control the amount of rapes that are going on.
There's a very important question that needs to be answered.
Will humanity survive?
And to look at that threat we have to ask another question.
What is the number one obstacle to human beings and our species surviving and becoming a type 1 civilization that isn't just dependent on this planet?
You could say that it's changes in the heavens, suns going supernova, tectonic earthquake and volcano events, nuclear weapons, genetic engineering.
But if you look at the race, the acceleration of technological development, I think the biggest threat overall is humanity not pacing ourselves.
We're good to go.
Seeks black market brain implants in bid to plug into artificial intelligence matrix.
And they're going to go through the dangerous surgeries of being hooked up, not just with a few wires, but with thousands of connections total to the brain.
to an AI computer to try to merge consciousness.
My father, a physician, recently went back to continuing education, part of keeping his medical license, and he brought me back some of the literature they gave them.
This is from the state
Medical boards right here in Texas that soon you'll have to have a DNA chip to get a prescription.
Not just that chips are going to be on the pills and medicines themselves, but now you're going to have to give your blood, basically every time, a tiny prick, into a DNA chip database that tracks everything going on in your body as well as your genes.
In this short report we're only scratching the surface.
And the big issue here is things they denied 20, 30 years ago that were going on, they're now admitting today.
What are they doing that we don't know about?
We need to have a debate about our species.
We need to understand that the global elite have decided we're obsolete and are moving towards a robotic future where there's no place for humanity, as Bill Joy wrote over 15 years ago for Wired Magazine in his article, Why the Future Doesn't Meet Us.
And the numbers are in.
Screen time.
All the television.
All the prescription drugs.
This modern culture is killing us.
Our IQs are dropping.
People are becoming more and more ignorant.
Society is unraveling and falling apart.
So we know that the fruits of this high-tech poison tree are literally killing us.
The answer is getting back to healthy living, gardening, spending time with our families, less screen time, and also using compounds that Mother Nature has produced that are known to boost our natural abilities.
Humans have built an incredible world.
We can change our environment.
We do have that magic spark, but the elite think we're ugly and bad and have decided it's time that humans be thrown on the ash heap of history.
We have taken some of the compounds that Mother Nature has produced and gotten the cleanest, purest sources of it and put it together in BrainForce, one of the most highly reviewed nootropic brain boosters on the market today that has an incredibly affordable price.
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Again, that's InfoWarsLife.com or call toll-free, 888-253-3139.
Well, my guest today is Ella Grace.
She's the author of the book, America is Infected.
Now, this book details the true story, something you experienced, and it's highly controversial because it details the fight that you had, not only trying to fight against the medical system to diagnose a mystery illness, but also then against the court system who tried to take your child away because they didn't appreciate the fact that you were willing to fight for your son and not just accept the doctor's misdiagnosis.
Yes, absolutely.
It's been a nightmare.
Thankfully, we're coming to a close.
And it started back in 2010 when my son got a strep infection.
He came down with serious psychiatric symptoms, auditory hallucinations.
He felt like bugs were crawling on him.
He had acute OCD.
He was in the corner.
He was terrified.
Something was wrong.
We continued to call the pediatrician.
Now we don't, you know, that wouldn't happen.
What's happening?
I'm watching it happen.
And so basically on the third day, there was another pediatrician that had answered the phone.
He said, this sounds like an acute onset of pandas.
Well, I didn't know what that was.
I mean, a panda bear.
So I Googled it real quick and I found that it was an autoimmune disease of the brain.
I didn't know that it was controversial and that there was all sorts of stigma associated with it because it had just recently been identified that summer.
So, when I go to the emergency room, I'm like, oh, my son has PANDAS, and then I guess that sent up all kinds of red flags, and I should have had a lawyer with me that day.
Ultimately, though, he was admitted, and they did MRIs and did some various testing, and they did find one...
Major infection.
His anti-DNA B titers were super high.
So they treated him with antibiotics and he got better.
But when they discharged us, they wrote a prescription for Zoloft and told us to take him for cognitive behavioral therapy.
That was the treatment at the time.
And so we went along with it.
We went to 30 therapy sessions.
But it was always confusing to me is how would a psychiatric medication treat a streptococcal
Yeah, it's like what?
So anyway, go with it, do what they say, right?
We have to do what they say.
Everything that they say.
And so we're being compliant, we're going every week, every week.
A year later, this thing happens again, but this time it's in his gut and it's just like he's writhing in pain.
I'm like, okay, this is not, therapy is not the right treatment for this.
So I call the therapist and I'm like, come to the house.
You've got to see this.
Even the therapist said, he needs to go back to the doctor for more medical rollouts.
I'm like, I agree.
Go back to the doctor.
I mean, it's like ring around the rosie.
Where do you go?
They don't know where to send you or they don't do the right follow up when they do send you.
Nobody has the records.
When I finally got to the conclusion, I did understand why, but when I was going through it at the time, it was extremely frustrating.
It was heart-wrenching to watch him go through this.
The same time I was experiencing some symptoms myself and they were tingling of the hands and feet.
I was losing weight, grinding my teeth.
I kept thinking it was the stress, the financial stress.
Losing my hair.
It was just I had a finger break that just wouldn't heal.
I had to have two surgeries.
Like what is wrong with me?
But of course there was the recession and the financial strain and all the things that we hear cause all these physical symptoms but still doesn't make much sense.
So I end up on some psych meds myself for the anxiety and the sleep abnormality and I end up getting nerve blocks because I get diagnosed with RSD.
So we've got these two major mysterious illnesses going on in our home at the same time.
I kind of tabled mine because his completely took the forefront in 2013 when he contracted a second strep infection.
Theoretically, you would want to put a child with this diagnosis, called PANDAS, on amoxicillin to prevent future strep pyogenes infections, similar to rheumatic fever.
But our pediatrician didn't agree, and so he contracted a second one, which put him over the charts.
And it was so sad to watch.
But all the pressure from everyone around me, the schools, everyone else involved, you've
Be stricter.
You've got to implement boundaries.
It's your parenting.
There's structure.
There was a divorce.
It's your fault.
So, at that point in time, I was like, you know what?
This is not going to be my fault.
So, I bought that James Lehman Total Transformation Flip Your Kids Around program.
Had my web guide make these two-ply tickets.
We had a reward system, marbles, debit cards, took them on trips, reading night.
It's still up and down, up and down the behaviors.
I was like, okay, we can rule out the parenting issue.
And so it was just at that point in time, I didn't know what else to do.
And he was just, he had ODD, oppositional defiance disorder, OCD, ADHD, rage.
I was like, how is this possible with an infection?
Unless infection is the cause of these things.
And so then it began to dawn on me why this might be so controversial.
So at that point in time, we had to contact the juvenile court systems.
We got entangled with them.
They gave us a laundry list of rules that we had to comply with or I would go to jail.
They threatened me with going to jail multiple times.
And we had to not let him do electronics.
He couldn't hang out with friends.
He lost his whole summer.
All because he has this crazy, mysterious autoimmune disease of the brain that nobody knew what to do with.
We finally got the right test back.
The psychiatrist actually ordered for us.
Thank you.
Dr. Asher, and it was positive.
At that point in time, I went to the courts and I was like, okay, look, it's positive.
There's a medical explanation for these behaviors.
You would think.
They didn't care a bit.
Not one bit.
Because you're already in the system now.
In the system now.
And in fact, I'm not sure if I can say this, but I will.
During Discovery, we found all types of secret emails back and forth between court officers, like little hateful comments.
There were so many number of times they could have stepped in and helped us.
At least a hundred.
But this went on and on.
They kept on putting him back in the detention center, back in the detention center.
Ultimately, we ended up in Maryland.
He got IVIG because he was so advanced.
He got steroids.
Of course, the treatment makes them worse before they get better.
Back in the detention center, but this time the judge put him in there for five weeks because I think she was a little worried about a lawsuit.
And so, solitary confinement for five weeks.
And now he at that point developed PTSD in addition to the PANDAS.
So, dealing with all of these things.
And that's, I mean, just that's crazy to me because all you're trying to do as a parent is figure out what's truly wrong with your child.
You're there with them.
You can see something is not right.
It's not working.
You're doing everything the system is telling you to do.
And we're supposed to believe that them taking your child away is for the best interest of the child.
They don't care.
They don't care.
And those three months we spent just fighting for custody of him.
That's when I found an amazing lawyer and thank God for her because she was able to help me in that department.
And then I was able to get him back.
And when he came back, the IVIG, apparently he needed more than just the one treatment.
But the guardian at Lytton interfered with the medical care with the insurance company, so we couldn't get that.
Uh, so I had to figure out what autoimmune diseases were because I was like, okay, nothing's working.
And so I just started researching and I started digging in deep.
And I mean, probably several months of just reading, nothing makes sense.
Immune systems just don't break on their own.
I mean, how did we just all of a sudden wake up one day and everyone's immune system is malfunctioning?
There has to be something going on.
And I didn't know what it was.
So I went back to work at the spa and I just started asking clients.
My clients are healthy clients.
I mean, they're not obese, they're not sedentary, they work out all the time, they eat at Whole Foods, they do everything we're told to do.
And they were chronically ill.
Chronic fatigue, kids with OCD, ADHD, families, and I started recognizing patterns.
And so I just really felt like after being there for a while and watching this thing, whatever was happening was contagious.
It was clearly contagious.
Yeah, and now I want you to kind of hold that thought right there because what you found out is just absolutely mind-blowing.
There's a reason why you use your pen name and why this is highly controversial and why we're also seeing a lot of holistic doctors winding up dead who were dealing with a lot of controversial things.
Because what you discovered in just the path of being a passionate parent, willing to do the digging, is just incredible.
And I think we're going to get some answers for a lot of people out there dealing with mystery illnesses and just this explosion in all of these disorders.
A lot of people ask me, what is the most important
I think?
When I talk about the people at InfoWars, from customer service, the shipping department, being just as important as our anchors, our researchers, our investigative journalists, and myself, it's absolutely true.
Without this team that we've built over the last 20 plus years, we wouldn't be able to do any of what we've been doing.
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I think so.
And welcome back.
My guest is Ella Grace.
She is the author of America is Infected.
It's a true story talking about her quest to rescue her son from the grips of the court system as well as discover just exactly what was the mystery disease that was taking over your family's life.
Now you were just getting into the discovery, so take us there.
It was shocking to say the least.
It was my son and myself that seemed to be the most symptomatic, but I did notice some symptoms in two children that I had adopted, we had adopted.
And that's when I just realized there was something contagious, something was spreading.
I didn't know what it was.
When I figured out that there was nobody doing mycoplasma research in America other than Dr. Nicholson, I really didn't have many other options when I delved into the research.
And what I found and learned rang so true with what had happened in our family, I cried for three days.
I learned that in the Texas prison systems back in the early 1980s, they were testing with bioweapons, basically.
There is a patent for this organism, and it is pathogenic mycoplasma, filed by the United States Army Pathology Head Researcher in 1993.
And not only is it this bacteria, but it's been genetically modified to be more heat-resistant, more immunosuppressive, and more virulent, also resistant to antibiotics.
And the worst thing is they have woven some of the genes of some retroviruses into the DNA of the mycoplasma bacteria.
So it is like a Russian doll.
I have enough education to have been literally terrified when I realized we were infected with a bioweapon.
Cried for three days and I thought, oh my God, please, you know, there's nobody that's going to be able to help us.
And so I just kept looking and reading and I did find a treatment protocol.
It explained everything.
Dr. Nicholson explained everything about this organism.
Why when my son went on antibiotics and then he came off, he got worse again.
Why airplanes made us worse.
Why chemicals in our food make us worse.
All these things, there's a reason for that.
It's because we are infected with this intracellular organism that has been genetically modified and most of us don't even know what's wrong with us.
And nobody's going to be able to help us unless we empower ourselves and we know how to tell them how to help us.
And isn't it always just so interesting when there is some Zika virus or Ebola and this and that, you can always go back and see that some sort of governmental institution has a patent on it.
And that is the thing that is just so bizarre to me.
We know that they deal in bioweapons.
They've been working on it for quite some time.
I'm just going to
Read something out of the Journal of Degenerative Diseases.
This is Dr. Nicholson talking about it where he says, in the case of prisoners as experimental subjects, Texas has a long history of using prisoners for clinical trials.
According to the minutes of the Texas Department of Corrections Board, selected prisons in East Texas were used for experiments that were conducted using various mycoplasma species to determine pathogenicity and countermeasures against infection.
This likely resulted in the spread of mycoplasmal illnesses from prisoners to guards and other prison employees and then their immediate family members in the community.
So is that what rang true?
How were you introduced to these?
That's what rang true and I read the story, I read the story and I was like that's it because nothing else made any sense.
I was thinking it was a bacteriophage.
Did you have a family member in the prison system?
We had a family member, right, that was down here in the Texas prison systems about that time.
And I was able to look at the medical records and figure out exactly when we were infected.
You can either get, it was 2002 when it happened, we were directly invaded.
You can either be directly invaded with this organism, in which time you get, which case you get really sick.
Like with a flu that you just can't get better from, it's like 7 to 9 days, 9 to 12 days.
I mean, I remember we were deathly sick.
Or you can contract it slowly over time with 24 casual exposures.
So say you work with someone or you live with someone, you slowly contract it.
When those people contract it, the symptoms don't seem to be as virulent as when someone is directly invaded.
And so at that point, 2002, when we trace everything back, you can start to slowly see the evolution of the symptoms.
And I'm just going to say ADHD was huge.
Night terrors, separation anxiety, sinus infections, headaches, nightmares, and then it progressed to joint pain.
But we never put it together because they're so scattered that you just, one thing pops up, you go get that looked at, it's taken care of, but it's the same organism.
And this is an explosion of all of these acronym type diseases people are dealing with throughout.
This is new.
And people are not really stopping to say, well, why does everyone have ADD and, you know, OCD and these types of things now?
And then you're thinking all these other problems, like finances, or it's my marriage, or it's my children, or it's the, I mean, just whatever.
You're blaming everything else, not realizing what the actual root is.
Wow, and then so you really get into the nitty-gritty.
I mean, I've got the patent right here for pathogenic mycoplasma, filed June 6, 1991, after, of course, they do a series of clinical trials to see, you know, countermeasures, things like that.
You can always find these patents.
Now, you really get into this in your book, America is Infected.
So, talk to me a little bit more about the book.
How can people learn more about what is next?
You know, I'm really excited about this, because I think it is time that this information gets out.
I mean, Dr. Nicholson tried to tell them back in 1998, he went in front of the Senate committees, you cannot find it by blood, you have to find it by polymerase chain reaction testing.
At that point in time, for whatever reason, they did not listen.
But just like you said, there is an explosion.
Everyone knows there is something, they just don't know what it is.
I'm not really an author.
But when I found this out, I said, I'm going to figure out how to write a book because I've got to tell people.
This is just so, such a travesty.
But on my Facebook page, on the Panda's Facebook page, I'm like, I'm going to write a book.
And then all of a sudden, go, you need an editor.
So an editor just falls into my life.
And this is how this works also with my agent, Dr. Stuckey.
He has been working with me now to get this information out.
We're working on the website.
You can actually buy the book by going to AmericaIsInfected.com.
I highly recommend reading it from beginning to end.
I've heard from moms chapters 1 through 11 give me PTSD.
But it's very chaotic, I mean, but it's reminiscent of so many lives today and then you'll see how I start to figure things out.
I documented all the doctor's visits, what they said to me, my questions to them, how I recorded things.
I also really get into depth about the juvenile court systems and how corrupt they are and how if a doctor doesn't even recognize this, how can a social worker or DCS
I think.
I don't know.
And it does take someone like you who really cares and who isn't going to allow themselves to be gaslighted and told that, you know, you're crazy, this doesn't exist.
In order to bring these things to light and of course to have doctors and things like that who aren't afraid to speak out because who knows what else is out there.
I mean this is one patent that we're dealing with in one small Texas prison.
I mean, it's just what's out there is crazy to me.
So people can go to AmericaIsInfected.com.
Is there any other websites or buy the book for sure?
Just buy the book there, read the book.
Buy five copies for your friends and family.
Anyone that has any symptoms, just give them the information.
Just tell them.
I will say the treatment is in the patent.
The inventor would know the right treatment.
So, the treatment is in the patent.
Also, there's protocol on Dr. Nicholson's website that we actually followed for our whole family.
By the way, did I mention we actually found it in our dog?
The dog got treatment too.
Everyone's doing much better.
So, there is hope.
I mean, this is an airborne thing, so this is something that
A lot of people might be dealing with that they don't even know, and meanwhile they're going to pump you full of all the drugs that you don't really need that aren't going to help you.
Well Ella, thank you so much for what you've written here and what you've done for this country, really.
So go out and buy the book, America is Infected, at AmericaIsInfected.com.
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Joining me in studio now is our investigative journalist Kit Daniels.
Kit, now you've got a story coming out of the EU.
This is something we've talked about for years and once again they're proposing this and they might actually get their chance this time around because of all the terrorism that they've been importing.
Of course, order out of chaos.
So this is once again EU proposing a government ID to access the Internet.
Yeah, exactly.
This is just the government using the guise of anything that they want to push into, you know, total tyranny.
It's like you said, though, of course they're going to use, they let in all the Muslim migrants into Europe, you know, then all of a sudden they have bombings or what have you, but they still won't close any of the borders.
And now, yeah, it's like... It's the new normal.
It's the new normal, terrorism, just like you said.
And the new normal is to take away the rights of the citizens, but not the terrorists.
Because the terrorists are these useful patsies that they can use to bring in a complete police state.
And so this is obviously something that's going to be eradicating both online privacy as well as free speech.
People are already likening it to the Mark of the Beast.
And we have seen this being proposed for years.
There was actually the Bilderberg back in 2012 were pushing for mandatory Internet ID for Europe.
And I know that you all did some reporting on this in 2014 about how the White House was wanting to push Chinese style ID system for Internet users.
So what would this look like?
Well, going back like 15 years ago, even 20 years ago, back in the infancy of the internet, so to speak, you know, you didn't have that many people using it.
You could go on there anonymously and go on a Usenet group or whatnot and post your thoughts, opinions on everything without fear of public backlash because no one knew who you were.
It was literally a digital Guy Fawkes mask.
And now when Facebook came around, I think 2004, they started conditioning people into using their real names and they're using their real photos and whatnot.
And now what you have is Facebook and Twitter.
It's got maybe a third of the Internet now, as far as the traffic.
So it's like Matt Drudge said back in October, it's a complete Internet ghetto.
Now, I can go further than that.
It's turned into a virtual super state.
Just kind of like the Holy Roman Empire, except it's all digital.
So instead, and of course, they don't want people being anonymous in their little virtual super state, because when you're when you are not anonymous, you fear backlash.
So it's a complete chilling effect on free speech.
That's right, and we've already started to see that now that people understand that they're being tracked on Facebook and these others.
Facebook app on your phone can be listening to you at all times.
It's just to sell you targeted advertising, but of course that's what they say right now.
Who knows where it could go?
We also have a story coming out now that the police and FBI are wanting
We're good to go.
Yeah, it's like I said in so many videos, is that the government can only expand at the expense of individual liberties.
And the government, especially government officials, they always want more and more power.
But they're never going to hit a line that's going to stop them from gaining more power.
So what you're going to see is more draconianism, more authoritarianism.
So yeah, it's like exactly.
They're just going to treat people like cattle.
You know, they want to attract people.
They really don't have a reason to attract people.
I mean, when you think about it.
They want to control.
They're obsessed with controlling every single aspect of our life to the point now that they're putting out these propaganda campaigns on mainstream media about how great it is to microchip your kids.
Because then they won't get kidnapped and they won't get stolen.
And that's how they're going to sell it.
That's the other thing is the fact that they, uh, when they suppress other people's speech by not allowing them to go online and talk, you know, freely.
Then they can put out whatever propaganda they want.
Because they have no counter argument or their little sock puppets will pop up in all the chat rooms.
I mean, they've got all the bases covered at this point.
And let's just point out this article that came out earlier this week about the French officials who were able to do a secret tax raid on the Google offices there so that they could say, hey, you know, you owe us billions in taxes for setting up shop here.
Well, the only way that they were able to do that was by going completely offline.
They had one PC that they had in their
We're good to go.
The big eye of Sauron that's Google.
So even now, you know, your state officials are having to kind of figure out how to get around this.
Yeah, it's completely hypocrisy.
But when you think about it, total control comes from hypocrisy because the government wants the dominant position.
So, of course, they're going to do something that they don't want you to do.
Well, let's move on and talk a little bit about why this is so bizarre that we would want to give the government the ability to microchip us and or
Ask for their permission in order to access the internet.
It's super scary when you think about Elon Musk saying, become cyborgs or risk human beings being turned into robots pets.
So he's saying the only way that we're going to be able to be smarter than the AI, the super AI that's on its way, is if we ourselves get these brain chip implants and are able to instantly access the internet and all of that.
The fact is, the internet is going to be whatever that brain chip allows us to access.
Who's in control of the internet?
Who's in control of wherever we're allowed to access?
Yeah, exactly.
And like I was telling you before the show, I think he spent, what, a billion dollars or something like that to find ways to fight the coming AI war.
But it's like, AI is still in its infancy.
I mean, so why don't we just pull the plug now?
Exactly, and they cannot help themselves.
What do you think about, he also said that we, Elon Musk said, we're living in a computer simulation, that if we're not, there's only a one in billions chance that we're not living in a computer simulation.
And now I've been saying this for a long time, it seems very weird, we've seen of course this theory in the Matrix as well.
Yeah, this is something that I've been very interested in in the past year, the fact that
What I kind of disagree with when it comes to atheism is they think that we live in the base reality.
But I kind of think that the universe lives in a superstructure, if you will.
And I think it was back in April when these University of Vienna, I think, physicists, they freaked out because they realized all their mathematical models work better if the universe was a hologram.
Like if it's a 2D, but you and me we see as a 3D object.
So, you know, it kind of gets, to me, I crack a little bit because there's all this online debate over still if the Earth is flat.
Flat, right.
But maybe the universe is flat.
Oh my, maybe we are a computer simulation.
Just like the Sims characters, which now, update to the Sims, they have made it so that you can choose whatever kind of gender identity you like for the Sims.
I mean, right, they're basically saying that our reality is just a grander version of the Sims.
Yeah, exactly.
And, you know, I took an astronomy class in college and one of the things I remember from the class was the fact that all the elements that you see in our solar system is anywhere in the universe.
So a galaxy hundreds of thousands of light years from here is still going to have carbon and argon and what have you.
It kind of reminds me of that video game Minecraft, you know, it was basically the game itself is like a sandbox game that's randomly generated world with blocks, you know, you've got sand blocks and iron blocks and air blocks and water blocks.
And they say that one game world is like eight times the size of planet Earth.
And this is just a video game.
And same thing with Elon Musk.
What he said was the fact that 40 years ago we only had Pong.
And now we have games like Minecraft.
So theoretically, we could get to a point where computer systems are so strong and powerful that we could recreate the universe.
Right, where we're creating these simulated realities that are so realistic, we step back and go, wait a minute, what's the machine and what's real here?
Just like what they're expecting to happen with artificial intelligence.
It's going to go beyond what we can even comprehend at this point to where we are going to look at ourselves.
I mean, if you think at our cellular structure, even our DNA, we are the ultimate computer code.
Yeah, and I think, honestly, this fits really well into Christianity because when they talk about souls, the soul could be our source code in the superstructure.
Or the fact that I think it was Hubble that talked about how they used to read the Bible and then astronomy later on basically kind of correlated with what the Bible said.
So yeah, you could think of God as the supreme being that created the computer game we're all living in.
Yeah, and there's a Dutch philosopher in this, I think the 17th century, I don't remember what his name is, it started with an S, but he pointed out that God was kind of this infinite mind, and that all of us were living in this infinite mind.
That fits a lot into this whole computer simulation.
Yeah, absolutely.
Well, this is a fascinating topic to me, so I will definitely get you back in to speak about this.
Thank you so much, Kit Daniels, and thank you all of you out there for tuning in tonight.
We'll see you here again tomorrow, 7 p.m.
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