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Name: 20160503_Tue_NightlyNews
Air Date: May 3, 2016
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Welcome to the Infowars Nightly News.
I'm David Knight.
And I'm Rob Dew.
Today's date is Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016, and here's a look at what's coming up.
Tonight, Glenn Beck says America is done, and he's asking for divine intervention to stop Donald Trump.
When you mock that, we're done.
Then, as the Republican primary season winds down, there is but one true frontrunner.
Like it or not, Donald Trump has a commanding lead.
Yet there trailing in the distance is Ted Cruz and John Kasich.
Will this finally be the death nail in the Cruz campaign's political coffin?
Or will Ted Cruz continue to wander around the countryside like a dead zombie in search of more...
Live coverage and analysis of the Indiana primary begins right now on the InfoWars Nightly News.
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I don't know.
Welcome to our live coverage here on the Infowars Nightly News of the Indiana GOP primary.
Now we've been told for a couple weeks that none of the primaries in the Northeast mattered.
Trump won six in a row.
Cruz lost five of the six, all six, and he came in third place on five of those six.
But we were told that didn't matter because the 57 votes tonight, Rob, were going to be the ones that really mattered.
And this was it.
I mean, you know, Ted Cruz has been telling people all week that
This is the final, the most important thing.
We've got Glenn Beck doing fasts, and we're going to talk about that aspect of it.
Let's bring up Drudge Report.
It's got the headline right now.
Trump, Indiana, 53 percent.
Cruz at 36.
Kasich at a whopping 8.
And then the big news, though, I think of the night is Sanders, who was not in the lead, is now
Yeah, that is interesting.
Taking the lead.
So the Democrat race might actually be more interesting to watch unfold tonight.
But what we've seen happen in the last week is we've seen a massive momentum towards Cruz.
Going back to the middle.
And the establishment's having a fit.
Yes, exactly.
Going back to the middle of the month.
We saw the last poll where Cruz was positive, and he had a pretty big lead, but that was just an Indiana poll.
It wasn't one of these national polling organizations like NBC or Wall Street Journal or whatever.
But what we've seen in the last week or so, we've seen Trump go up from plus 2 to plus 9 to plus 15 to plus 17, and now where is he?
He's 20 some odd points ahead of Cruz, right?
Yeah, 27.
He's got a substantial lead, and that's consistent with what we've been seeing happening.
And I said, when we were watching the Dreamer riots that you guys were covering out in California, I said, that's it.
You're going to see him really surge now in the polls.
And he surged in California.
Oh yeah, he'd already surged in the Northeast.
But they were telling us, don't worry, that's just the Northeast, that's not real Republican territory.
That's what the never-Trump-talking conservative radio and press have been saying.
Don't pay any attention to that.
So I think this is very significant.
And I think when we look at the way the delegates are going to be allocated tonight, it's kind of interesting because we've got 57 delegates there in Indiana.
There's going to be 27 that are going to be allocated as a winner-take-all at the state level.
So the guy that comes across first... Which means Cruz will get them, right?
Yeah, that's right.
He'll get them later.
He'll get them next week when nobody's paying any attention.
He'll sneak in the back door and grab them.
But for the first round of the convention, Trump will most likely, unless there's some kind of massive flip of the voting machines there, he's going to get 27 because he's going to win at the state level.
Then they have another 27 that are allocated at the congressional district level.
And they're not allocated proportionally.
So it's winner take all at each of the nine congressional districts.
And each of those are going to have three delegates given to the winner.
So that's 27 total.
Most likely he will win the vast majority of those as well.
And then the RNC reserves three for themselves.
They keep 5% of the delegates for themselves.
Oh, okay.
That's their cut off the top to start with.
And then Cruz comes in the back door and starts playing his games.
And we've got more than that.
That's right.
You know, on Sunday, we had a caller who was a Virginia delegate said, hey, there was a bunch of hanky-panky going on here.
They just pushed anybody who was for Trump out.
And she was a Cruz supporter.
And today came out the governor of Virginia wasn't even allowed to be a delegate, just like we saw in Arizona.
Jan Brewer didn't have to be a delegate because she was supportive of Trump.
See, that's the key thing.
And they say, well, you know, this is just politics, he wasn't there, he didn't have a good ground game.
It's like, look, when you take the governor of Arizona, who's been to the last five conventions, and you remove her mysteriously from the ballot, you don't even allow her name to appear on the ballot, okay?
There's something other than just a good ground game going on, okay?
That's total baloney.
But let's get into what came out today on Fox News.
This just came out from Media Matters.
Alex texted me this.
Do you have the article?
Yeah, I do.
You got the Media Matters article.
Fox News host says Trump is pivoting into the Alex Jones presidency with his conspiracy theories.
There we go.
Okay, so they're going back and forth.
They're talking about what's happening.
And Greg Gutfeld...
Well, I think we're missing the biggest story of the day.
Imagine if Hillary Clinton claimed that Bernie Sanders had a role in the killing of Bobby Kennedy.
We'd all be going crazy right now.
Yeah, because there's no evidence of that.
But there is some about this other story, and we'll talk about that later on.
He says, but what we have here, are we about to achieve a historical first in electing the first conspiracy freak president?
Is this the pivot we've been talking about?
He's not pivoting for presidential.
He's pivoting to Alex Jones.
There we go.
Why isn't this news, he asks.
He says these guys are crazy.
Well, you know, we had this Wayne Madsen story going back to the middle of April.
And actually, Wayne had done a story on Wayne Madsen reports back in February showing some of this data.
Now, when this isn't when when Donald Trump said this on a call into one of the Fox shows earlier,
He said, uh, he started talking about it and the host there said, oh, you know, there's some photo that they dug up that has a resemblance to Ted Cruz's dad.
It's not just that.
If you go back and you look at the article that we got at Infowars.com, there's a lot of circumstantial evidence.
It's circumstantial, but there's a lot of circumstantial evidence.
And I have said, and you've heard me say this in the office, from the very beginning I said, look, why are we constantly getting these people that have tenuous connections with citizenship into this country, who also have tenuous relationships with the CIA, like Barack Obama, his grandparents were some of the founding members of the CIA.
And the Bushes.
And the Bushes, exactly.
And so then we got this guy whose dad is there in Cuba with Castro, and as all that stuff is happening and somehow he mysteriously comes to Texas and gets in the oil business, okay, I said from the very beginning I suspected he had some CIA connections.
I didn't have any information, I didn't research it like Wayne Madsen did, but there is a lot more than simply a photograph on this.
There definitely is, and we talked about it, we had Roger Stone on to talk about it, and that story was two weeks ago that we had Roger Stone on?
Now Trump talks about it today or yesterday on a show, on a radio show, and so now finally Fox News is going with it now that Trump has mentioned it.
Trump seems to think there's enough evidence there to mention it.
I don't think he would say that if he didn't think there was enough evidence to link Ted Cruz's father to Lee Harvey Oswald.
I think there's a lot of evidence there.
There is a good resemblance in that photograph.
However, you go back and you look at some of the other information that Wayne Madsen pulled up.
He talks about how Robert Blakely, who was the Chief Counsel on the House Special Committee on Assassinations, affirmed that the men seen with Oswald in this photograph that were passing out pamphlets of the trademark in New Orleans on August 9th were never identified.
In 1993, he says, well, there's one person in there we've never been able to identify.
And then he brings in connections that have
A guy who was known to work with Guy Bannister, had a private investigation agency.
He had been an FBI agent, he was retired, but he continued to work for the FBI, continued to work for the CIA.
He was in the same building where this Fair Play for Cuba committee, this pro-Castro committee that Oswald is working with, and that was essentially a beard for them to run anti-Castro operations.
But they were in the same building, even though one of them had an entrance on one street and the other one had an entrance on another street.
If you look at it, it's not like they're two different.
Different addresses.
All the kind of stuff you typically see.
And the fact that as you have Jim Garrison start his investigation in 1963 of the Kennedy assassination, saying, hey look, there was a lot of CIA, a lot of Cuban exiles here, all working, doing mysterious stuff, and he began that investigation.
That was the one that Oliver Stone turned into the JFK film.
Garrison starts to conduct his investigation, Ted Cruz's dad leaves town and goes to Canada.
There's a lot of stuff here, folks.
If you want to look at this stuff, again, it's circumstantial evidence, but there's a lot of circumstantial evidence here.
The New Orleans to Canada pipeline, that's all people do.
They live in New Orleans and they go straight to Canada.
He also points out, this is another thing that Wayne pointed out.
Okay, Rafael Cruz, senior, okay, I don't know, maybe they got a different middle name, but Fed's name is Rafael as well.
It says, in 1957, Rafael Cruz left Cuba for the U.S.
Cruz claims that he fought with Castro against the fascist government of Batista, but he soured on the revolution.
However, Cruz left Cuba two years before the Castro revolution.
So there you go.
I mean, you start to see some conflicts with known facts.
You start to see some connections with some known operatives, and there's a lot of circumstantial evidence.
But hey, you bring it up on Fox News Radio during a phone interview, and suddenly you're an Alex Jones kook, and this is information we brought out
Two, three weeks ago.
Plenty of time to be vetted.
Well, they laughed at Donald Trump about the 28 secret pages.
And now you have the CIA head going, oh, all those 28 pages are mischaracterized and they're unvetted and all these other adjectives used to... He just said that this weekend.
That's called damage control, people.
If you don't know what that is, it's called damage control.
Well he is trying to control the damage to be done to him because Brennan is involved up to the hip with this and also the connections with Bandar and the Saudis and CIA.
All that stuff will start to unravel if we see that.
But of course also, you know, when the first time Donald Trump talked about that, before it was picked up by 60 Minutes and they started talking to Bob Graham and all the people, Democrats and Republicans.
Yeah, who were on the committee.
All these people who were the creme de la creme of the intelligence and military community, according to the establishment, these people were all calling for the 28 pages to be released.
They went on 60 minutes and then everything changed.
But weeks before that, you had the Wall Street Journal, the very first thing, what did they do?
They tied, they said, look at this.
Donald Trump talking about the missing 28 pages, Alex Jones.
He turned into an Alex Jones clown, okay?
That was National Review two weeks before 60 Minutes, and now all of a sudden, it's legit.
Okay, except now you've got Brennan saying, oh, this wasn't vetted.
The FBI didn't do their work properly.
That's what you always get.
This reminds me, you guys, during dinner, we were having a pretty interesting conversation between you and Biggs.
We were talking about what's going on at West Point.
And I think we have Joe Biggs and Jakari Jackson in our brand new refurbished studio and Studio B, Studio C. No, that would be Studio B, actually.
So let's go to those guys now and let's pick up that conversation and before we go to break because then we're gonna go to an interview we had I did earlier today with a I guess a fighter of social justice warriors we could call him.
That's right.
Hopefully he's gonna put out some information out there that could help you especially those of you in California who are going to be dealing with the social justice warrior onslaught in the coming weeks as we lead up to the June 7th
That's right.
I was listening to a radio broadcast out of Chicago, and this is a guy, one of the fellows likes to say, well, we're objective press, and we sit right on the fence, we don't take sides.
And he's got people from four different presidential campaigns, two Republicans, two Democrats.
And he's saying that he was in California, and as he pulled up to that area, he saw them block it, there was a traffic jam.
I don't think so.
I don't
He used stories about people who died from gun violence to push gun control.
All the time.
Should he be talking about these stories?
I said, well, yeah, I guess it's pretty good for him and it's fair game for that.
But, you know, he caused all this because he went to Chicago, he went to the university where Bill Ayers is, and that triggered all this because you can't go there because Bill Ayers owns that.
That's like saying the Central Park jogger who got raped, she should never have gone into Central Park.
Because that's where rapists go.
That's right.
You should know better than that.
It's utterly ridiculous.
But that's the world we live in.
Hey, do we have Jakari and Biggs in the other studio, in Studio B?
Hey, hey, we are here.
So, Joe Biggs, you guys were talking today about this, what's going on in West Point, and basically they're feminizing the Army.
This is all part of this, you know, turn the Army into a bunch of females wearing high heels, all that.
What's your take on what's going on in West Point?
I mean, it's an interesting thing.
I mean, we've already seen what the Obama administration has done thus far to our military, having our soldiers walking around in red high heels, having these social justice warrior classes, you know, in the military, which is something that these guys should not be focused on.
These are
Soldiers, and their job is to be in combat and to fight terrorists, not to sit here and find out what the new social justice warrior trending topics are.
And now we have West Point adding another female in there, one who has no experience in combat whatsoever, to train and get these guys ready for the rigors of combat, when this female herself has never been in combat at all.
Yeah, they have somebody, the commandant, who is in charge of the military training.
They have a dean who's in charge of academic training.
On Friday, they announced that the dean that they're going to appoint is a female.
She's a social science professor, as you would expect, okay?
Because this is social engineering.
The commandant that is female, 5'1", and she's going to be teaching combat, she was appointed in January of this year.
And now the two of them report to a superintendent who is still male, and we've got to get that changed, because that is absolutely sexist that they would report to a male there.
I mean, we're already bringing in females now to lead Rangers in combat missions.
It's a complete and total joke, especially when you have the guy who runs the training of the Ranger school coming out and saying, yeah, we're going to have a female Ranger regardless.
Which means that they have dropped the standards, ignored standard operating procedure, and are doing this to be politically correct.
We should not have any kind of PC in our military.
That's one place it does not belong.
And you're going to put people at risk.
I don't want some 110-pound girl as a firefighter who can't even pick me up to come save me if I'm passed out from smoke inhalation, much less I'm here with a whole bunch of guys.
We're taking on an enemy target.
We've got like 300 guys attacking us.
And I get shot.
And little 110-pound Nancy's back there, Private Nancy, is trying to run up here and grab me.
What's going to happen?
She's going to get shot.
I'm going to get shot.
The more people are going to come over here because they're going to see a woman go down.
And there's going to be more people.
It's ridiculous.
It just doesn't work out.
Well, everything has to be subordinated to their social agenda that they've got going on here, and that's precisely what's happening.
So, we're going to take a break, Joe.
We're going to be right back with more live coverage.
We're going to be taking your calls, too, so stand by for that.
There's a very important question that needs to be answered.
Will humanity survive?
And to look at that threat we have to ask another question.
What is the number one obstacle to human beings and our species surviving and becoming a type one civilization that isn't just dependent on this planet?
You could say that it's
Changes in the heavens, suns going supernova, tectonic earthquake and volcano events, nuclear weapons, genetic engineering.
But if you look at the race, the acceleration of technological development, I think the biggest threat overall is humanity not pacing ourselves.
Merging with artificial intelligence.
So they're trying to end humanity as if it's a good thing and create this new species.
Talk about mad scientists.
And there have been several new articles on this just the last few weeks.
DARPA is testing implantable chips in soldiers' brains, is one of them.
Another just came out in mid-April.
Rich Americans
Seeks black market brain implants in bid to plug into artificial intelligence matrix And they're going to go through the dangerous surgeries of being hooked up not just with a few wires But with thousands of connections total to the brain
to an AI computer to try to merge consciousness.
My father, a physician, recently went back to continuing education, part of keeping his medical license, and he brought me back some of the literature they gave them.
This is from the state
Medical boards right here in Texas that soon you'll have to have a DNA chip to get a prescription.
Not just that chips are going to be on the pills and medicines themselves, but now you're going to have to give your blood at basically every time a tiny prick into a DNA chip database that tracks everything going on in your body as well as your genes.
In this short report, we're only scratching the surface.
And the big issue here is things they denied 20, 30 years ago that were going on, they're now admitting today.
What are they doing that we don't know about?
We need to have a debate about our species.
We need to understand that the global elite have decided we're obsolete and are moving towards a robotic future where there's no place for humanity, as Bill Joy wrote over 15 years ago for Wired Magazine in his article, Why the Future Doesn't Need Us.
And the numbers are in.
Screen time.
All the television.
All the prescription drugs.
This modern culture is killing us.
Our IQs are dropping.
People are becoming more and more ignorant.
Society is unraveling and falling apart.
So we know that the fruits of this high-tech poison tree
We're good to go.
But the elite think we're ugly and bad and have decided it's time that humans be thrown in the ash heap of history.
We have taken some of the compounds that Mother Nature has produced and gotten the cleanest, purest sources of it and put it together in BrainForce, one of the most highly reviewed nootropic brain boosters on the market today that has an incredibly affordable price.
Check out Brain Force today and other game-changing compounds like X2, Survival Shield, at InfoWarsLife.com.
Again, that's InfoWarsLife.com or call toll-free, 888-253-3139.
Welcome back to the InfoWars Nightly News.
Now our next guest really needs no introduction if you've been a follower of the Alex Jones Channel and what's going on lately with all these social justice wars.
You can see the video, Anti-Trump Protesters Go Berserk, and that is Owen Schroer right there talking to a large gathering of anti-Trump protesters and basically by himself talked them down into a corner.
So he's gonna
Basically, what I invited him on here today is, you know, California's coming up, the primary.
There's going to be at least a dozen Trump rallies in between now and then.
So this is for people who are pro-First Amendment, pro-freedom of speech, even pro-Trump.
He's going to give you some tips on what you can do.
He's over my shoulder right now.
It's Owen Schroer.
He's going to tell you what you can do against these social justice warriors.
Owen, how's it going today?
It's going good.
I'm honored to be on InfoWars.com.
You guys are probably my favorite news source.
When I got the call from you, I was ecstatic, so glad to be here today.
Well, let me tell you, I was more than impressed, and we should have got you on a lot sooner.
I was really impressed with how you stood your ground.
You had facts.
You weren't afraid to be loud and just, you know, express your opinions out there in a group, you know, that was definitely hostile to what you had to say.
Well, and the thing was, I didn't go there to do any street debating.
I just went there to see Donald and hear what he had to say.
And it just reached a point where I couldn't help myself.
I was sick of being called a racist.
I was sick of being called crazy.
And I guess there's just a little rebel-rousing soul inside of me that whenever I see an all-you-can-eat buffet of social justice warriors, I can't help myself.
You know, what it came down to at the end of everything, as you said, was they were basically backed into a corner.
All I had to do was stand my ground and you can, I don't know how many knockouts I had in that little 20-minute session there, but they just come, they embarrass themselves, and then they disappear because they have no depth to their argument.
I actually felt like I was not my most coherent, not my most eloquent that day.
But it's tough to be when people are shouting racist at you and F Trump and whatnot.
Well, I agree with you.
And I raised my voice because a crowd gathered around me.
I mean, there were probably 200 people gathered around witnessing this thing.
So I started raising my voice and it really became quite a moment.
Well, yeah, and that's the thing.
You can't fault yourself, you know, looking back, oh, I should have said this, I should have said that.
I do that, too, looking at videos that I put out there and produce.
Oh, I should have said this, should have brought this up.
But at least you're out there, you're in the moment, you're getting in the game.
And I've got to see this shirt.
Show me this shirt that you're wearing.
It looks like a knockoff of Beavis and Butt-head.
It says, are you kidding me?
And it's got, well, there's Aide Skrillex and Carl the Cuck, the guys who made themselves famous by sticking their feet in their mouths, essentially, right?
Well, this is a man who claimed that he'd done his research and then referred to Mao and Lenin as capitalists.
So, right then and there, he pretty much trumped himself.
Well, they did get funding from the globalists, though.
So, I guess in that way, they were getting capital from the globalists who wanted to take down these other countries.
He doesn't even know what capitalism is.
He probably doesn't know what globalism is.
I call these people the hearsay mafia.
They don't do any research.
They don't have any depth to their stance.
They just hear and then they say.
I don't know what their sources are exactly, maybe MSNBC, you know, but they're the hearsay mafia and that's why they're so easy to defeat in a street debate because they have no depth.
Well, let's get right into it.
Let's get into tips that you could give other people out there, especially in California, who are going to be going up against these social justice warriors.
Aside from carrying a camera and having it ready and to record at all times and plenty of space, what else, what other advice could you give people out there?
Well, yeah, and that is key because the only reason there were probably three or four other moments that day that were very similar to the moment that Josh Owens captured.
So having a camera to capture it is very powerful if you want to get the viral video, if you want to get this illustrated to millions of people.
Other than that,
You know, if you're an informed individual and if you're courageous enough to stand your ground despite people yelling at you, now we're seeing this devolve into spitting at you, throwing eggs, whatever it may be.
If you're just courageous and you stand your ground and you know your stuff, you're going to defeat these people every time.
Now, I'll be perfectly honest, Rob, because you wanted to talk about what's going on in California.
What I experienced in St.
Louis, honestly, I think is going to pale in comparison to what people are going to experience in California, because these protesters have gotten much more aggressive.
So what I would suggest doing, and I'm planning on going to Cleveland, and this is kind of my plan,
Take a stance that is less aggressive.
Let them come after you.
Let them expose themselves for what they really are, which is the ignorant sheeple, the walking dead.
You know what most of these people are going to say because they're brainwashed.
So you ask them, oh, what's wrong with Trump?
What's the first response you're going to get?
He's racist.
He's a misogynist.
He's a xenophobe.
He's sexist.
He hates all Muslims.
Can you give me one example?
Can you give me one example?
And you hear the same thing.
It's, are you kidding me?
It's, oh my gosh.
Oh, I don't have to, you know, they can't give an example.
And there might even be examples.
You could probably give hundreds of examples, but these people have none.
And that's what it really comes down to.
If you go out there and you can get them in the ring with you in actual, a civil, a civil debate.
I mean, I know that it was very hostile in the streets of St.
Louis that day, but it was civil.
Nobody was violent.
Um, the one guy spit on me, but I think that's just because he was so out of control.
I don't even think he meant to.
Um, but I'm expecting it to be a lot worse with these people in California and they might be even
More ignorant than the people I experienced in St.
So you really need to come from a calm and collective point that tries to lure them into the ring.
Basically, you need to get them to play your game.
Because we can't play their game.
I'm not going to walk around in the streets chanting racist or F this or F that, throwing eggs and spitting at people.
That's not our game.
Our game is a civil discussion.
Our game is the information war.
That's our game.
So try to bring these people into the ring, have them engage in the information war, and you'll walk out undefeated like a lion in the ring with a bunch of gazelles.
Yeah, and you totally illustrated that.
I mean, you stood your ground for 20 minutes.
Most of the interactions I was able to record were way less than that.
I mean, five, six minutes at a time, maybe even 30 seconds.
But just standing up and standing in the ring is one way to defeat these people, because they don't have an argument.
When I was in San Francisco, just trying to talk to people.
Once you'd ask him a couple questions, oh F you, I'm out of here, and they would run off.
I'm not here to debate, I'm here to cause trouble, is actually what one guy said, he had a green handkerchief on, and of course he covered his face as soon as things started to get crazy.
So, I totally agree with you.
What do you think in general, what's going on?
Are we really living in idiocracy now?
I mean, these people, I don't know where they come from, or where they get their ideas.
Right, and I'm glad you said that.
Rob, this is something that I struggle with every day, and we know the whys, okay?
We can sit here and we can point out whys.
There's fluoride in the water, the mainstream news is basically just a propaganda arm of the globalist regime.
So, you know, beyond there's other factors as well, but just those two factors are enough for us to kind of understand
How these people got that way, you know, so there's there is a chance for some people, but these people on the streets.
I'm not sure if there's a hope for them.
I think that they're completely brainwashed.
They're basically just an empty vassal of brainwashing and I don't know if there's hope for these people.
Well, I'll tell you what.
One thing we have to do is illustrate what they're doing so we educate others out there who still can be reached.
I want to commend you for doing it.
Go ahead and plug your website and your YouTube channel.
I know you like to talk politics on YouTube.
Yeah, so I've got a YouTube channel.
It's Owen Schroyer.
It's really a podcast, but I do screen sharing as well.
I share the news stories because, you know, what we like to do is just have facts to back up our arguments.
Just this thing that we do in the information war.
But I go on, I usually do about an hour, two hours.
The name of the channel is Owen Schroer.
The name of the show is Engage Liberty.
You can follow me on Twitter.
All I do is Owen.
That's where I post updates for when I'm going to be live.
And if you like the broadcast, if you like the energy I bring to the air, and you want to support it, go to CameronLeeWorldwide.com and you can get these t-shirts.
We already talked about the Are You Kidding Me, Aid, Skrillex, Carla Cook shirt, but I've got other shirts on there.
I've got a Trump card shirt.
I'm trying to make something for myself, trying to fund myself.
That's what Trump's doing as well.
So that's true Americana.
That's true independence.
And that's what I think needs to be resurrected in this country.
And that's getting in the ring.
And as we go to break, I want to share with you guys some of the best of Belina Taitas.
That's going to be her new nickname as we travel the social justice warrior ecosystem out there.
We now have Belina Taitas out there.
So we're going to go to her as we go to break.
Thanks, guys.
Thanks for joining us, Owen.
Salute to the Info Warriors out there.
All right.
All right, Rob Dewitt with InfoWars.com.
You would think this would be a little block party scenario.
But if you look behind me,
There are mounted police.
There are police in riot gear.
People have taken over the streets of Costa Mesa.
So are you with the group that was running around topless earlier?
So are you guys here for Trump?
No, I'm with myself.
A lot of people ask me what is the most important
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I don't know.
Welcome back to our live coverage here on InfoWars Nightly News.
And of course, as George Will would put it, this is the latest episode in a protracted process.
But that process has just now contracted.
We've had Ted Cruz announce that he is dropping out of the race.
Ted Cruz has tapped out.
One of the best things he's done all election season long.
In fact, this is what they say from Politico.
Ted Cruz is quitting the presidential race, according to campaign manager Jeff Rowe, ending one of the best organized campaigns of 2016.
But after a series of stinging defeats, left Donald Trump as the only candidate capable of clinching the nomination outright.
He really didn't have anywhere to go.
He painted himself into a corner.
He said all these states in the Northeast didn't matter, you know, even though he lost every one of them.
And as I point out in 5 of the 6, he came in a distant third.
He said, ah, it's just the Northeast.
And then, but you know, Indiana, that's God's country.
That's my country.
And I guess America is going to hell, according to Glenn Beck.
And Ted Cruz's dad, and everybody else.
I just tweeted, what will Mark Levin, Dana Loesch, and Glenn Beck do now?
Well, we know what Mark Levin is doing, and we got this at the top of the Drudge Report.
Radio host Levin slams Fox News after Cruz lost and says, they'll be rubbing their own faces in their own feces!
And, of course, we've already seen Glenn Beck rubbing his face in Cheetos last week, just illustrating that he's not a clown.
I mean, he got a hit.
There you go.
Cruz, I guess he thought he could do it, and he just couldn't pull it off.
This is definitely the smartest thing he's done, but the way he changed as a candidate after he started getting those wins, he changed into the attack dog, and it didn't work at all.
It just didn't work for him.
And he started courting the establishment.
And exactly.
But I think the best thing of him leaving is now we've defeated Jeb Bush twice in this race.
He's lost twice now out of one.
And I shouldn't say that he was courting the establishment, because look, we all believe that he was the establishment all along.
We talked about the fact that he has been embedded in the Bush administration, you know, ten plus years ago, whatever.
He is a Bush guy.
And I believe from the very beginning he was chosen to be the face of the conservative libertarian side.
I think they believed that they had him there as a hedge, and just in case they couldn't shock and awe everybody with Jeb Bush's massive amounts of money, they would have him as the outsider.
And then they could unify the party together with the insider Jeb Bush and the outsider Ted Cruz, regardless of whichever one was on top.
It just didn't work out.
Carly was vice president pick for what, three days now?
That's right.
And that's one of the most ridiculous things, you know.
That's it.
And going back into history and looking at this, we've never had a presidential, a vice presidential candidate
Uh, chosen this early in the process.
Yeah, but they did it for a reason.
Yeah, they did it for a reason.
Well, they did it for a reason because they need someone to be able to lay off all those Cruz campaign workers.
So, they already figured she was the perfect fit for that.
She already did that at HP.
They're like, you know, Cruz is going to lose this.
We need someone to take care of this.
They're going to take it all the way so we can just make it a clean sweep.
I mean, Cruz right now is going to sit back, you know, drink some champagne, play with his kids that hate him, and then Fiorina is going to come in, sweep in, and do all the dirty work and fire everyone.
I mean, thank you for your service, but it's no longer needed.
That's right.
Well, as part of the race, this whole thing has been turned up to be.
That's right.
You know, when you think about everybody we've lost, the people who still remain, and my question now is, what are they going to do with Kasich?
Do they have some kind of plan for this guy going forward?
Well, he says he has pledged on Tuesday night to stay in the race until a candidate reaches 1,237 bound delegates.
Now, that word bound is pretty interesting because... He's still beaten by Rubio.
I know.
He's not going to win any today.
He didn't make the threshold of 15%, but the latest stats that we've seen, when it was at 55% of the vote in, they'd already given 45 delegates to Donald Trump out of the 57.
And of course, three of those are not going to be awarded because that goes to the RNC.
They kept their 5% of the count.
The remaining ones are going to go to the Cruz campaign staffers.
That way they have a little consolation prize as they go out.
Well, I wonder if they're still going to work on stealing delegates.
He says he's dropping out, so he's not even suspending his campaign.
Marco Rubio said, I'm suspending my campaign, which doesn't mean he's dropping out of the race.
Well, now that's the lower thirds on Fox, so we don't know.
He is a lawyer, and he does parse the words very, very carefully, Rob.
So you have to be very careful.
I meant suspending of thinking about dropping out of the race.
That's what I meant.
You know, we were talking to Joe and Jakari about what's going on with the feminization of the military.
The fact they've got the number two and, well, the two people right underneath the superintendent now are both going to be females, the social engineering that's going on there, and then of course
The move to have women register for the draft.
And I want to read this to you, Joe, because, you know, we had these outrageous comments from George Will over the weekend.
And now we've got another outrageous comment.
Listen to this.
This guy is Richard Cohen.
He's writing an op-ed piece for the Washington Post that came out today.
And he says, if Donald Trump looked at a demographic profile of his supporters, he would sneer.
Of course, now Richard Cohen is going to sneer at him.
He says they're just disproportionately out of work or not seeking it.
If they do have a job, they're probably working with their hands.
Maybe something a machine could do better or someone overseas could do cheaper.
A large share only have a high school education.
Trump, not one for the niceties of political correctness, might call such people losers.
No, he's not calling them losers.
Those are his supporters, and those are the people that he identifies with.
This guy's calling them losers, and he goes on to say, I think there's something else as well.
He said, in the old days, this is Richard Cohen talking, he said, in the old days, there was yet another term for such a person, cannon fodder.
Jobless and poor young men often would drift into the military and stay as long as they could.
Now, this is coming from a guy who has supported every war we've had in his lifetime.
And he sneers with contempt at the people that our globalist elite have declared economic warfare on, and saying, you're nothing but cannon fodder for our foreign wars.
And I think people are waking up to this, and they're understanding who the real enemies are, and they're not abroad.
What's his name again, so I can backhand him?
Richard Cohen.
Richard Cohen.
Richard Cohen.
David, when you were talking about the jobless drifters, I thought you were talking about the Bernie supporters.
Yeah, exactly.
You hit the nail right on the head, Jakari.
I've spent lots of time with these people.
It looked like maybe there was five jobs between the 10,000 of them.
There's a hilarious meme out right now that shows a Bernie guy and then an older lady with a Trump.
You sent me that.
Did you send me that?
Yeah, it says, the guy says, the guy threatens to leave America if Donald Trump wins presidency.
Mom supports Trump to get son out of basement.
That's a complete, that's the perfect analogy of these people rerunning to these social justice warriors at every event.
And I mean, I think the big issue is though, I mean, look at Trump won on a landslide.
There's not, it's not even close now.
It looks like Cruz has gone up another percentage point.
You know, it's,
Oh no, that was, I'm sorry, that was Sanders and Clinton.
And that's an interesting story now that Sanders is on top of Clinton and that's, you know, that's something that wasn't expected.
And I think it's, when you look at the delegates, it's not going to help them very much, because in the Democrat Party, they're going to allocate, at the state level and at the congressional level, all the delegates are going to be allocated proportionately.
So they're going to split them about 50-50, and again, the difference is going to be the superdelegates.
It's going to be the party establishment that's going to decide this, and all of his pleas to their sense of fairness are going to fall on deaf ears.
And he's, I mean, Trump won 15%.
That's a trouncing by any other name.
Oh yeah, that's right.
And, you know, this is the best Cruz has shown in six races now.
37% is the best he's shown.
I'm just glad we don't have to worry about the Zodiac Killer continuing to run for, you know, for being president.
Well, I thought this was going to happen.
I thought they all knew it internally, because yesterday as I was driving home, I'm clicking through the different channels and trying to hear people, and the typical never-Trump media didn't want to talk about the election.
They wanted to talk about other news.
And so I thought, oh, let's see what old Mark Levin is saying.
So I found him on my phone, and he was talking.
He says, I am so sick and tired of CNN and Fox News.
And he starts talking about the shopping network that he's watching and says like, OK,
It's over.
These guys know it.
Levin was melting down earlier.
He was completely just lost his cool earlier.
Because I always listen to him right after Michael Savage for a minute.
Everyone called into Levin's show and they were all Trump supporters.
And Levin was flipping out and screaming and yelling.
You could hear the tear ducts starting to ramp up as they were about to like
Niagara falls out of his face.
I mean, the guy is a loon.
He's just as bad as Glenn Beck and even worse than Cruz.
So Schadenfreude, and we're talking about what's going on with the military, getting back to that real quickly again.
They're going to draft women.
They're putting women at the top of West Point.
And then we've got Hillary Clinton coming out this weekend and saying, you know, I know how to deal with men that come off of the reservation.
So yeah, we're going to take a break here.
Was Darren coming through on the line?
No, no, no.
He was relaying a message from Alex.
I guess Alex is watching, and I think he said he's going to call in at some point.
When we come back from break, we're actually going to have Wayne Madsen pop in to talk about some stories that he's predicted, of course, way before the mainstream media even gets a hold of these.
And also, I think we need to play that Greg Gutfeld clip.
Oh yeah.
Douglas Flipp talking about how Trump is the conspiracy president now because he talks about truth.
Right, we'll be right back.
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I'm good.
Welcome back to our live coverage of the Indiana primary and the conclusion, we should say, of the GOP primary because we've just had Ted Cruz say that he is pulling out.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Kasich is still in the race.
There's still a chance.
There's still a chance.
Well, you know, Kasich said a while back, he said, you know, maybe being president isn't the job for me.
Maybe I'll go back and, you know, work at my son's school or something.
And I think that's a career path that you've got to consider.
Exactly, but we're looking at a 17% point win right now.
They're saying 69% of the vote is in.
And even more importantly, he's going to get all the delegates, except for perhaps three who were the RNC, and that's the key.
We have this unrelenting GOP elitist establishment at the top that is not throwing in the towel.
We've got everybody else looking at this and saying there isn't any chance, except I'm not really so sure.
That these people are going to play along nicely as we look at this.
But he's got all, he's pretty much has all of the delegates there in Indiana.
And the interesting thing that's happening right now is on the Democrat side because we've got Bernie Sanders coming up with about a five to six point lead over Hillary Clinton at this point.
Very surprising.
Yeah, very surprising.
But again, it's not going to help him much with the delegates because of the party rules.
The superdelegates are going to be, they're not too far apart from each other if you take out the superdelegates.
And he keeps saying that he believes that in sense of fairness that the superdelegates ought to line up with the way the vote, the states went.
And he said she's not going to get to the magic number without the superdelegates and superdelegates ought to
In the sense of democracy on a lineup with the way the states voted.
It's like, no Bernie, that's not the way they play.
That's not the way they play, but it is the way it should work.
Yeah, it is.
And we saw Ted Cruz going after Arizona.
He was really making a run there.
Arizona, Virginia now, which we had a caller on Sunday.
We were doing the Sunday show.
But let's get to that Gutfield clip first.
Let's hear that.
Yeah, let's play that because now the delegate thing is not really up in the air.
So let's play this breaking news that came out today because today, just as they're going to vote,
In a radio interview, Donald Trump started talking about this article that Wayne Madsen put together, and we had it about the middle of April on the Infowars.com site, talking about the connections, possible connections between Ted Cruz's father and the JFK assassination, the group of Cubans that were in New Orleans at the time.
And Greg Gutfeld had this to say.
Well, I think we're missing the biggest story of the day.
Imagine if Hillary Clinton claimed that Bernie Sanders had a role in the killing of Bobby Kennedy.
We would be going crazy right now.
Wait a minute, let's stop that right there.
First of all, Bernie Sanders didn't hold a job during that time, so there's no way he would have been anywhere near California.
He was up in the mountains of Vermont living in a cabin barefoot in a maple syrup farm.
Imagine if somebody said that Bernie Sanders was embedded with Che Guevara.
Now that I would believe.
If they said that he was fighting with the Sandinistas down in Nicaragua, that I would believe.
Into mass mind control with Sir Hans Sir Hans?
Nah, I don't think he was into that.
But let's continue on, Mr. Gutless Gutfeld.
In the killing of Bobby Kennedy, we would be going crazy right now.
We'd be going wall to wall.
But no!
Are we about to achieve a historical first in electing the first conspiracy freak president?
I mean, is this the pivot we've been talking about?
He's not pivoting for presidential.
He's pivoting to Alex Jones.
He's pivoting to crazy.
And why isn't it news?
Federal Reserve, Audit the Fed, that's crazy.
It's unusual that somehow it's not news when Trump does it.
It's kind of funny.
Wait, wait, will you tell the people what you're talking about?
What, about the National Choir?
They don't even know what he's talking about.
That's how not clued in these people are.
And I don't know why, why isn't Greg wearing his bow tie?
I mean, he looks like a guy that usually wears a bow tie.
Oh no, he should be.
I wear glasses, but he should have the little bitty man glasses.
These guys, like I said earlier, when Donald Trump started talking about the 28 pages, declassified the 28 pages about the 9-11 attack.
Audit the Fed.
And right away, Wall Street Journal says, he's putting on, he sounds like an Alex Jones caller.
That was the very first line in their article, and so here's this guy right here, and you know what?
It just, when people look at the evidence, that's why the mainstream media hasn't been able to pull out any of their establishment candidates.
That's why all the television ads that they spend $150 million dollars that Jeb Bush put out there, it was just wasted money.
Because nobody is paying attention to these people.
They've lost the attention of the voters.
They've lost their credibility.
And people keep seeing this stuff come out and it's like, yeah, there really is something there.
Well, and that ties hand-in-hand with your op-ed.
People who work with their hands, like that's a bad thing.
Like, knowing how to have manual skills, okay?
I put up a partial fence in my backyard over the weekend when I got back from talking to the social justice meatheads.
And, you know, it's like, that's bad.
Knowing how to use tools is bad.
Something that could be done by a robot.
You know, pretty soon, buddy, your job is going to be done by a robot.
Facebook's already looking at algorithms, and so is Apple News, to have robots write news stories.
That's right.
They're going to try to make everybody obsolete.
And of course, part of what this guy was pissing on these people about was that they didn't have college degrees.
And it's like, yeah, they don't have that debt.
A lot of them are small business owners that work for a living.
But you know, that goes back to what George Will said a day or so earlier, that Republican conventions should be sovereign.
It shouldn't merely ratify decisions that were made elsewhere, like in elections.
And just because you've got a mere plurality of voters in this episodically recorded, protracted process, he's just saying the elections shouldn't matter at all.
People like George Will know better than you.
And people like Robert Cohen are superior to those people that they send off to die in the wars that they start.
And you ought to just shut up and go fight for them.
There's Gutfield now live.
He's probably just, you know, crying like a little girl on Fox News.
Let me tell you something, David.
I've been to a lot of these rallies.
You've been to some of these rallies.
And I don't want to get crass, but when I was talking to the Trump supporters, they all look like they had life in their eyes.
They look like they had their own opinions.
You know, not all of them like Trump for the same reason.
Not all of them were like, I believe everything he says, but he's saying these things that I like.
And they all had something different to say.
And they all look like they all had jobs, for one thing.
And you go to the Bernie side, not to get crass once again,
And I've been accused of being a dirty hippie myself, so I don't feel bad saying this, but they smelled.
They smelled like they hadn't bathed, that they weren't interested in it, that they were on this degenerate path of life that they needed handouts.
And here's the thing, they sit there and bitch and bitch and bitch about the government doing stuff, going to war, doing this and that, yet they think the only solution is more government to help them.
Clear disconnect there in their way of thinking.
There's nothing
It doesn't take much to get a bunch of unemployed college students to show up to a protest.
It takes a lot to get people who have jobs, who have families, who have businesses to show up to a political rally.
It is virtually impossible.
We've seen across this country tens of thousands of people showing up for Donald Trump.
Because the Republican Party has continually
Deceive them about what they're going to do.
So we're going to do this.
They elect them and then they thumb their noses at him.
And now the task before the Republican establishment, according to George Will, is to make sure that he's going, that Donald Trump is going to lose all 50 states.
He says if he gets the nomination, we've got to make sure he loses all 50 states and hand it to Hillary Clinton.
That's what they want to do because Hillary will give them their globalist, multinational agenda.
And I think having the Republican Party, the GOP, work against Donald Trump is going to be the best thing for Donald Trump.
And it's going to bring more people to his side and say, look, neither side wants this guy in.
People are seeing through the BS.
People are, they're not part of the GOP that are voting for Trump.
There's plenty of people.
That are in the GOP that are voting for him, but there's plenty that aren't.
He's brought a lot of people over to his side just because people are sick of politicians, because the politicians haven't done anything.
They're only for their own special interests, just like Hillary Clinton.
She's Goldman Sachs through and through.
Her son-in-law's a banker whose dad was a criminal, went to jail.
That's right.
And it's going to get really interesting.
When I saw this, when Donald Trump, as far ahead as he is, when he starts to talk about this connection, JFK, with a possible connection with Cruz's dad,
When I saw that this morning, I said to my wife, this is going to be an interesting campaign, because he is going to pull out all of, all of Hillary Clinton's, all of her skeletons are going to be come out and dangled in front of the public.
Vince Foster?
I mean, it goes on and on and on.
Hillary is neck deep in skeletons.
It's going to be so interesting.
She can't pull them off herself.
It'll take a million Huma Abedins to pull those skeletons out of her butt.
She's going to be wearing all of this stuff on a continual basis.
Hey, we're going to take your calls when we come back.
We'll give out that number.
And we got Joe Biggs and Jakari Jackson.
We'll be right back.
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Central at InfoWarsNews.com.
And your support is helping us defend liberty worldwide.
Welcome back to our live coverage of the Indiana primary, which has now turned out to be our live coverage of the end of the GOP primaries, because we've had Ted Cruz officially drop out after being shellacked in Indiana.
So we're going to take a look at that.
Before we go on, we were just talking before we went to the break, Rob, about how it's going to be interesting now that the general election is beginning.
He's going to bring out all of Hillary's skeletons.
And she had a very interesting remark this last week when she came out and started talking about her off-the-reservation remark.
And I want to get Joe Biggs and Jakari Jackson to come in on this too.
Here's what she said.
I've had a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the way they behave and how they speak.
She says, I'm going to have trouble with Trump because I can handle men who get off the reservation in their behavior.
And he came back and he said, well, you know, first of all, she's insulted the Indians and they were upset about that.
I think she issued an apology to them, but she didn't issue an apology to men.
And I think she wants to put
Everyone, not just men.
I think she wants to put all of us on a reservation because, you know, the reservations are the original Agenda 21, the original socialist detainment camps.
She admitted that in a speech.
She called it fun camps.
Adults can go and have fun.
That's right.
We don't have to worry about working.
We don't have to worry about bills or taking care of our kids.
You're going to go to the reservation.
The state's going to do it for us.
It's a fun camp.
Back at, we had, you talked and you interviewed and you shot the interviews with Russell Means.
American Indian Movement.
And he wrote a book called, Were White Men Fear to Tread?
It's an amazing book, too.
He talked about how, he said, look, the American government has broken every treaty they've ever made with the Indians.
And he goes, now they're breaking the treaty they made with you, white man, the Constitution.
What are you going to do about it?
Look at the reservation system.
What they did to the Indians on the reservation system is now what they're doing in the cities to everyone.
And it is a system of socialist control.
And she came back and tried to walk these statements back and said, no, no, no, I was thinking about Rudy Giuliani and Rick Lazio.
And then she goes on to say, people have been dumping stuff on me for 25 years.
I don't think she was talking about Rudy and Rick.
I think people that have been dumping bad behavior on her was Bill.
I think we got that right from the very beginning.
It's a passive-aggressive Bill hating.
That's right.
And I guess no better person to bring on right now to talk about Hillary and the skeletons that are going to be in her closet when we see this general election kickoff is investigative journalist Wayne Madsen from the Wayne Madsen Report, also reporting for InfoWars.com.
Wayne, what do you make of the landslide victory today with Donald Trump?
Well, I'm really not too surprised.
I really believe that the reason Trump decided to go for the jugular of Cruz with the father, in association with Lee Harvey Oswald, is that his internal polls showed him so far ahead, he figured, look, I can just drive him final nail in the coffin at this guy Cruz, and it looks like he did it.
Yeah, absolutely, but I think he, and that's the thing about Donald Trump, I think they underestimate him as a candidate.
He is going to expose everything that Hillary has done, don't you believe?
He's going to go for everything.
Oh yeah, yeah the guy, you know the guy, I said a long time ago, I said,
You know, the reason why, remember Norman Lear created All in the Family, he was hoping white middle class, especially men, would laugh at the Archie Bunker character, and then thus they would look at their own failings.
He said, I never thought they'd laugh along with him.
That's right.
And they laughed at his model of the guy who was supposed to be reasonable, I guess, Meathead, right?
The son-in-law.
He was supposed to be the one to educate us all, and we were all laughing at him.
It's like, what a dupe!
That's right, that's right.
So what we have here is a case of people in Indiana
I think so.
People on both sides are frustrated with the political insiders in both parties and we're just seeing a visceral reaction against them.
Wayne, have you heard Greg Gutfeld laughing about the JFK story and saying that Donald Trump pivoted towards Alex Jones?
Did you hear that remark?
No, but Greg Gutfeld is an incredibly non-funny person.
I don't know what comedy clubs he appears at, but I would never pay for a ticket to listen to the guy.
Is he a legitimate comedian?
I don't watch him.
Is he really supposed to be a comedian?
He's supposed to be a comedian, but when you're a comedian, you're supposed to be funny.
And he's not funny, he's just an arrogant... well, I have some words I could use, I won't.
You know, I mean, the guy, you know, first of all, what's he doing on a political roundtable program?
You know, he doesn't have any credentials to talk about anything.
He's not a journalist.
He doesn't do any investigation.
He has a superficial knowledge of what's going on.
And so these other guys.
I mean, it was just a, it was what, about a month or so ago that they were laughing, National Review and the rest of these people were laughing about the 28 pages?
They didn't even know what that was, okay?
And so they were saying, hey, Donald Trump turned into an Alex Jones caller, and now we're hearing the same thing from this.
And when he brought the subject up, the people on the panel were going, what?
I don't know what that is, a JFK assassination?
Maybe they need to have Gilbert Gottfried join Greg Gutfeld on that show on Fox.
They can just bore people with their bad humor.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, they ought to do a little bit of investigation if they're going to get on a show and talk about things, but I guess we don't have to have journalists anymore to have a talk show.
They don't have to do any investigation.
You set the bar pretty low, I guess.
Well, that's true.
You know, the White House Correspondents Center used to be all journalists and their sources, and now half the people that show up are from Hollywood.
I mean, they don't add anything to the occasion.
I don't know why they're there.
But, you know, that's the way the Washington Press Corps wants it, the White House Press Corps.
And so they've got this sort of vapid annual event where
They get some comic, like in this case, Larry Wilmore, who really, I think, was despicable for using a term, whether you like Obama or don't like him.
I don't think that word had any place at that White House Correspondents' Dinner.
Well, yeah, at least to say politics is show business for ugly people.
I guess it's show business for people who aren't even remotely entertaining anymore, right?
Well, they call the White House Correspondents Dinner the Nerd Prom for a reason.
Now I just think it's not what it was.
I know people who went to these events many, many years ago when they were strictly a journalist event.
Either journalists were trying to curry favor with a source,
Uh, that they hope to get information from, or they did it to thank a source who had already given them some information.
So, it was, it was that type of, uh, uh, event, but no longer.
It's now, uh, almost like it's the Oscar, uh, uh, the Emmy, uh, the Emmy or Oscar awards.
Now, now, Wayne, over two weeks ago, you put out the article about, was the, uh, father of presidential hopeful Cruz, and, and you did it back in February too, involved in the JFK assassination, talking about that picture.
And now just yesterday you're talking about this voting fraud activist Gary Welsh who's found dead and this is just leading up to the Indiana primary.
He was the one, was he your source for the Marco Rubio foam sex parties?
He was the source of the photographs of the guy who looked an awful lot like Rubio at the foam parties in South Beach, Miami.
That made its way into the debate when Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, kept referring to Marco Rubio as the boy in the bubble.
I think it was quite clear what he was referring to.
You know, I mean, if Trump picks Chris Diaz as running mate, I think it's going to be quite an interesting... I mean, it's going to be a laugh a minute, isn't it?
It's already been a laugh a minute.
I mean, this has been, I think, it's funny how people get so serious about their candidate, especially the Bernie people and the Hillary people, are so serious about their candidate.
And if you say anything against them, it's F you and we're going to, you know, rough you up.
And you don't see the Trump supporters really doing that unless they're attacked first.
Unless people come into their house and start spitting on them, flipping them off.
I mean, if somebody's going to flip you off,
You know, I think you have some recourse at some point.
I mean, I personally wouldn't do anything to anybody, and believe me, I've been getting flipped off left and right at these events.
I just let them talk, because to me, it's just more ammunition.
It's just building the fire even higher.
Hey, keep talking.
Oh, I'm what?
Here I am with a microphone.
I'm so evil.
I'm so despicable.
Just keep talking.
Keep telling me how bad I am.
Well, what's happened is we've had the globalist agenda move forward so quickly that people are waking up to what's happening.
They're waking up in Europe.
We're seeing it with the Brexit campaign.
We're seeing it with the rise of these parties that want independence.
We're seeing it here in America as well.
It's a pushback of people who say, hey,
We want to control our own destiny.
We want sovereign nations, where we have some say-so.
And at the same time, you've got these elitists in both the Democrat and Republican parties saying, oh, you want a sovereign nation?
I don't think so.
I think we want globalism.
You want to have some say-so?
I think we're going to veto your election because you're nothing but cannon fodder for our foreign wars.
That's what they're telling us.
That's what people are getting upset about.
And so I think, to a large degree, I think there's a lot of people, as there will be with any presidential candidate, who will buy into a particular personality.
I try not to get involved in particular personalities because I don't want to be disappointed.
Look, everybody's got feet of clay.
We're all human, okay?
And so I'm not looking to Donald Trump to be the face of God to America.
That, I think, was a huge mistake.
For Ted Cruz, I think he turned off a lot of Christians by saying, hey, if you follow God, you need to vote for my son, okay?
That's what they're trying to do in Indiana, and condemning other people like that.
No, it isn't about that.
And we don't want a cult of personality.
The person who was selling the cult of personality was Ted Cruz, and he was selling
I don't know.
Right, Reverend Cruz is a dominionist.
He believes in a Christian theocracy.
Fundamentalist Christian theocracy in America.
He runs an operation in Dallas called something like El Mundo de Fer.
You know, the world of fire.
I mean, I haven't heard of such a kooky church since Flip Wilson's The Church of What's Happening Now.
I mean, the guy's obviously a Cuban version of Elmer Gantry.
Yeah, oh yeah, absolutely.
I've even called him that.
I've called him Gilmore Gantry myself.
He's nothing more than a con artist who's fleecing, you know, his Spanish-speaking congregants in Dallas who probably don't have much money to throw in his collection plate to begin with.
I would hope people would, you know, well it turns out people did see through this nonsense.
But Gary Welch who ran Advance Indiana out of Indianapolis, an attorney, a Republican party, but certainly not a Cruz guy or a Rubio guy, I believe he supported Trump.
They're saying he shot and killed himself over the weekend.
They found a gun next to his body.
The police said, oh well we're basing our suicide, even without the autopsy, we know how cops are with autopsies.
Or, the lack thereof, recently with Scalia.
The cop said, well he posted something, he said, I may not be around on Tuesday to see Trump win, but, and they say, well that means he obviously intended to kill himself.
Well that's like Martin Luther King said in his last speech, I may not get there with you.
But, you know, I may not get to the promised land, but he, you know, he obviously knew that his life was being threatened.
That's right.
They're going to say something like he hung his legs over the stairwell, shot himself behind the back of the head, and then fell to his death.
After that, it's going to be some ridiculous circumstances like with other people, like Terrence Yakey.
I don't believe Gary Wells shot himself.
I think he probably was having his life threatened.
And so, and then now, like with all these cases, like the D.C.
Madam, Danny Casolaro,
Gary Webb who I have been in contact with prior to his supposedly shooting himself twice in the head.
The police find and reporters find friends that say, oh he was despondent.
He had financial problems.
The New York Daily News said, well, he was gay.
What in the world does that have to do with anything?
Yeah, exactly.
You can build a case, and you don't typically do investigations like that trying to support your presupposition, right?
You come in and you offer a whole bunch of things, and then you rule them out.
Instead, we see that when it's a convenient situation like it is with Scalia, that, oh, well, don't worry about it.
We'll just gloss over this.
And as Alex pointed out, they certainly didn't do that with Prince.
You're going to find out who sold him the Percocet.
That's right.
Hey, before we go any further, I want to give out the 1-800 number, and we're going to load up those phone lines.
We're not going to go to anybody just yet, but just so we can get some people on the line right now.
And I think that spells out Alex.
There you go.
So start calling in and we're going to go to your calls there in a second.
There it is.
We got Jakari Jackson and Joe Biggs over in Studio B. Guys, do you have any questions for Wayne Madsen?
No, but I do have an interesting tweet that's going out right now.
It's kind of circulating the Twitterverse.
It says, breaking news, John Kasich holds out hope for an assassination.
Repeat that?
This guy is joking.
It says, breaking news, John Kasich holds out hope for an assassination.
Some joking about Kasich, how he's not going to give up regardless of the fact.
And I think they've officially called it for Sanders.
I believe that's what they're saying here on CNN.
Trump is now actually walking on stage.
So that means Hillary gets the delegates.
Sanders wins, Hillary gets the delegates.
Trump is now coming out right now to speak at a
About his victory and I'm sure talk about Ted Cruz as well.
I don't think on the Democrats side, I may be wrong, but I don't think they get any extra delegates for winning the state.
I think everything is done proportionately.
They award the delegates statewide proportionately and they award them per congressional delegation proportionately as well.
So there's not a winner-take-all at any level.
Well hey guys, can y'all pop in just a little bit of that audio of the Donald Trump victory speech?
See if he mentions Ted Cruz.
So important.
So important that the people of Indiana have been incredible.
I started, as you know, not very long ago, about six weeks ago, and I was told I had a 20-point deficit.
And I went there, and I worked very hard, and I campaigned, and I made lots of speeches, and met lots of incredible people.
Incredible people.
You don't get better.
And the crowds got bigger and bigger, and toward the end, it was like I didn't want to leave.
I almost said, maybe I'll just never leave.
And it resonated somehow.
And we had a tremendous victory tonight.
It was a tremendous victory.
And I have to thank Bobby Knight.
Boy, Bobby Knight was incredible.
You know, Huckabee said, hey, I was Governor... Bobby Knight was also known for telling it like it is, too.
That's right.
You know, and people didn't really want to go play for him because he was such a hard coach and he demanded so much out of his players.
He did not... and he won with less talented players than other teams did because he was able to take them, get them to focus as a team.
So, that's pretty interesting.
I've read a couple books on Bobby Knight.
Huckabee said that... He was actually the coach at my college.
I went to Texas Tech University.
Oh yeah, he did move there.
He was behaving himself really well the whole time he was there, though.
It was right after the Indiana incident.
He threw chairs and... Well, Huckabee said about the endorsement of Indiana's Governor Pence, and really it was kind of a non-endorsement.
Scarborough was talking about that and said, hey, if somebody gave me an endorsement like that, I would say, take your blanking endorsement back.
But Huckabee said, and when I was governor of Arkansas, if somebody had come to me and they had a choice of my endorsement or the choice of the coach of the Razorbacks, they'd be crazy to take my endorsement over the coach.
And that truly is what happened, I think.
And I think it made a big difference.
Hey, guys, we'll come back to him if he starts talking about Ted Cruz.
I think that might be really the only interesting thing.
And I guess from here on out, he's probably going to be campaigning.
And I think there's one more.
I don't know what the primary schedule is.
I know June 7th is California, but I think there's a couple more in between there.
I don't think Trump is really going to have- West Virginia might be one.
Any kind farewell kisses for Ted Cruz because Ted Cruz really went off the rails today about Donald Trump.
Pretty much called him everything he could think of.
Yeah, called him pretty much everything and tagged him at every personal level he could think of.
So I don't think that Donald Trump is really going to have much use for him.
I wouldn't.
He needs to stay in the Senate where he is and pretend like he's against the Fed.
He needs a Senate challenge when he comes up for his first re-election.
Maybe we could get somebody who's really an American from Texas.
You know, a natural born citizen.
David Simpson maybe.
Oh yeah, David Simpson.
David Simpson.
He'd be great.
He'd be excellent.
Except we need him here in Texas.
You know, that's the thing.
We don't need to send all of our best people to Washington.
You know, we need good people like David Simpson here in the Texas legislature.
Yeah, he had, uh, he, was he the one that came up with the bill, uh, just saying, hey, this, God made this plant, marijuana, and we should let people use it for medicine, and... He is a straight up...
You know, died-in-the-wool Texan, and he was the one who introduced twice the bill to stop the TSA sexually molesting our children.
And I got shut down at the... National news story.
Yeah, got shut down because the TSA said, we're going to turn Texas into a no-fly zone.
And it came out in the court documents when John Corbett was suing the TSA that at the very same time the TSA said in their internal documents
There is no threat to airports or airplanes at the same time they're saying we're going to shut you down if you don't have that.
So they took that down.
He came up a second time and then he's a real conservative libertarian.
He came up with that bill and said we're just going to remove marijuana completely out of all the criminal code of Texas.
And he at least got through the exemption for medical marijuana for people who have epileptic seizures due to their vaccine reaction.
I mean, that's the amazing thing.
They mandate vaccines and yet they wanted to try to keep out medical marijuana.
We still have medical marijuana as a class one drug here in Texas, which is to say that it has no medical usage except they have a medical exemption for it.
Hey guys, I got some breaking news from the Clinton compound.
What's going on there?
Hillary says if she becomes president, she will bring Bill out of retirement and put him to work in the White House.
What does that mean?
Is that a euphemism for something?
I don't know.
He'll make him the yard boy.
Servicing the female aides?
Is that what he'll be doing?
He's going to put them back on the reservation.
Hey, we still have Wayne Madsen, don't we?
Is Wayne still there?
Wayne, what can we look for?
What can we look for?
I guess the first couple skeletons that are going to pop out of Hillary's closet when we start.
The first skeletons to drop.
The first skeletons to drop.
I know we're going to get a ton of them, but what are the first couple that are going to be when she starts going against Donald Trump?
Well, since we saw with Cruz this old story with Rafael and Oswald, I would imagine we're going to hear about Vince Foster again.
He was the Deputy White House Counsel, of course, whose body
I don't know.
They call that a suicide or some feeling that it might not have been, but apparently he had a very close relationship with Hillary Clinton.
I really think, and I'm not saying I would do it, but I think we're going to hear the name Vince Foster once again after these many, many years because of his relationship with Hillary Clinton.
There wasn't much blood found at the crime scene.
This is stuff I'm just remembering.
Gone in the wrong hand, was it Wayne?
I was at the crime scene when they first let people in there and the thing that struck me was how there was like this rectangular area that had been swept clean of
Cigarette butts.
You know, Fort Marcy Park was well known as a place for guys to sell drugs at the time and also gay liaisons.
So you'd find all kinds of, you'd find hypodermic needles.
Cigarette butts and other unsavory things.
But this area where they found Ms.
Foster's body had been swept clean of every possible clue you could imagine.
Like a vacuum cleaner came in there.
And it was quite noticeable actually.
And then they closed the park for almost a year because they said they were refurbishing it.
Nobody could go in there.
Actually, the reason they did it, they didn't want the park used as a backdrop for television crews.
Because, you know, there was still a great deal of media interest in the Vince Foster case.
Well, of course, when they come back and they start to, I think it'll kind of, he'll kind of take his clue as to what she chooses to talk about in some cases.
If she starts to question some of his business dealings, I would expect him to bring up Whitewater, for example.
Talk about what a genius she was with her investments.
Her cattle futures.
Bernie's got Indiana.
Exactly, yeah.
I think some of that will, you know, there'll be a back and forth whenever she attacks him.
He'll hit her back pretty hard with some of her hits.
Yeah, well we got the email, the private email server, we got Libya, Benghazi, and I think, and look, I think also her personal life, Uma Abedin, the wife of Anthony Weiner, aka Carlos Danger.
I don't know.
That's right on the front burner right now.
I think he's really going to go there and talk on that because that hits on a number of issues.
You know, her girlfriend, Huma, has absolute direct links to the Muslim Brotherhood.
Her parents.
So possibly Hillary may want a focus to be on Vince Foster because he's probably the last male that she has reportedly had any sort of relationship with.
I leave Bill Clinton out of that list as well.
Should we start calling her the Black Widow then, I guess?
She consumes her mates.
Bill was too radioactive.
Blaine, anything else to add on the death of this investigator, Mr. Welsh?
Well, certainly it came as a shock to me because I had been in contact with him just as it was a shock when Gary Webb supposedly committed suicide.
I had been working with him on it.
We were investigating the same company, a company called Affiliated Computer Systems, which actually
Uh, had the contract to approve the student visas for Mohammed Adda and the other, uh, alleged hijackers.
And, uh, the focus, ironically enough, the focus was on Indianapolis where Gary Welsh died because Gary Webb and I, uh, were looking at a guy named Stephen Goldsmith, the vice president of ACS, who was a former mayor of Indianapolis.
Well, just for the record, Wayne, I'm feeling fine.
Wow, that's amazing.
I'm not thinking about suicide.
Neither is Rob.
And neither are you, right, Wayne?
You're feeling fine.
No, I don't have any ballooning mortgages.
I don't have any health issues other than I need to lose some weight.
I don't, let's see, what else?
Yeah, I can't think of... I'm not suffering clinical depression.
And people say, aren't you worried about the... I said, look, I have one simple rule I live by.
If anyone takes a shot at me, please don't miss because I won't.
That's great.
Very good.
Wayne Madsen from the Wayne Madsen Report.
I think you're going to be on the Alex Jones Show later this week to talk about this and other things.
Just basically how you're predicting and basically starting the news cycle because you were talking about this stuff months ago, especially with the JFK connections with Rafael Cruz.
So thank you for joining us and we're going to go to some calls now.
We have Taylor in Colorado who wants to ask you about Webster Tarpley.
I like Webster, by the way, but I just think he's misguided in a few things.
But anyway, go ahead, Taylor, what's your question?
Hey, what's up, guys?
Good show tonight.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Yeah, no, I mean, I'm not like a huge Webster Tarpley fan or anything.
I've just seen him in, what was it, the Obama deception, I think.
And Follow the Republic.
You know, he seems like a smart guy.
But I saw David's run-in with him and wanted you guys to elaborate on that a little bit more.
Well, it all started when I went over and I saw his sign, which Rob saw.
Trump equals Nazi.
Trump equals Nazi and they've got Trump out like that.
And so I went over and asked him, I said, do you really think that that's winning you any converts to attacking Trump when you do that?
Yeah, you do that at the
Yeah, the AIPAC convention, 15,000 Jews that are there to support Israel, and he puts Trump up as a Nazi.
I said, do you think that's really helping anything?
And they really got after me, assuming that, like I said before, that I support Trump on every single issue.
And I pointed out to them, you know, look, on libertarian issues, we don't have a candidate in the Republican or Democrat party right now.
Even, I think, some of the past libertarian candidates, like Gary Johnson, I think were very weak on a lot of the libertarian issues.
I think he was very weak four years ago on civil liberties.
I think he could have come out much stronger on that.
So, you know, we look at these things, and I said, it's about the globalism.
And he says, well, you know, I want to have a tax on trade and tariff and everything.
And I said, he has proposed a tariff that's even higher than what you're talking about.
So, you know, it was a back and forth that way.
The way I read Webster Tarpley is he's a big fan of FDR.
I'm not a big fan of FDR.
So we have a fundamental disagreement on that issue.
I believe that FDR did a lot of command and control and centralization of the economy and politics that I believe is unwarranted.
I believe it's anti-libertarian.
I don't support that.
I think that the Glass-Steagall Act that he champions, I agree with that.
I think that we should.
If we're going to allow banks to have some kind of a monopoly, there ought to be some strings attached to that.
But I don't think they ought to have monopolies.
I don't think we ought to be federally insuring the banks.
And so I think that when they remove those restrictions, and if I'm not mistaken, I think that was Bill Clinton that took out Glass-Steagall.
It wasn't even the Republicans.
So, yeah, I think that they're allowing them to speculate, gamble with other people's money, and then bail them out.
And that's the other part of the problem.
I mean, even if you allow them to speculate, if they fail, allow them to fail.
This is worse than the FDIC when we say they're going to be able to do anything that they want to, and no matter how much they lose, we're going to bail them out because they're too big to fail.
I mean, we've all had that discussion.
Openly contemptuous of that, and I think that's a big part of the frustration that founded the Tea Party and has founded this movement with Trump.
It's a pushback against crony capitalism, against the multinational corporations that are ripping us off.
And I had a run-in with a couple of Webster Tarpley fans in San Francisco, and they wanted to talk to me and give me a history lesson and this and that.
I was talking with them.
I'll let them talk.
One of the guys even did a speech in front of the crowd and I'm going to be cutting those pieces together because they are really, you know, they're pushing for this new deal for the people.
But when you go back and look at the new deal, people have studied that and they're saying the policies that Roosevelt put into place caused the Great Depression to last seven years longer.
That's right.
It caused massive unemployment because they were fixing wages that weren't economically feasible at the time.
They also went through and destroyed a lot of food.
See that real price exists.
And you had the issue where you had a farmer who said, I don't want to participate in subsidies.
I want to just grow stuff and sell it here locally.
And they said, you can't do that.
You've got to be part of the collective.
They took it to the Supreme Court and they said, even though you're growing all this stuff within your state, selling it to people within your state, you're still affecting the global economy with your little corn or whatever it was that he was selling.
And they got away with that because FDR packed the Supreme Court.
And that's one of the problems that I had with Ted Cruz in the sense that
He kept putting forward this notion that if we're going to protect the Constitution, we have to pack the Supreme Court.
If we rely and we allow the Supreme Court to be the final arbiter of the Constitution, we've lost.
We have to recapture that at the state and local level.
And if we don't do that, if we allow the Supreme Court to have the final say-so on everything, then we really have lost.
And it doesn't really matter who is president.
We're not going to be able to overcome these nine political appointees.
All right, thanks for calling, Taylor.
Now we got Daniel in New York wants to talk about geoengineering, weather modification, and the election.
Go ahead, Daniel.
Hey, guys.
How's it going?
I love them.
I love the crew.
Thank you for covering geoengineering.
No other really network I can even see covers that.
That's major.
Now I want to talk about what happened in Colorado.
About the judge ordering the mother's child to be removed because of her private beliefs.
Yeah, it's ridiculous.
I've got a story right here from Infowars.com from Paul Joseph Watson today.
Judge orders mother's child to be snatched because she believes in chemtrails.
And, I mean, that is ridiculous.
What about all the people who believe in UFOs and alien abductions and the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot?
And I'm not saying Kim, uh, Kim Jones and geoengineering belong in that.
But, you can't do that to people.
You're snatching, because of geoengineering.
And geoengineering is admitted.
It's admitted.
But go ahead.
Go ahead, Daniel.
That's what I'm saying.
It's complete insanity.
Like, lock me up right now.
The UN wouldn't ban it if it wasn't existing.
It's complete insanity.
We had the father of weather weapons on video talking about what they used to do.
It's essentially chemtrailing clouds to make giant monsoons to flood out the North Vietnamese.
Well what it amounts to is it amounts to the suppression of free thought and free speech.
There are certain things that you're not going to be allowed to say.
And there's nothing that harms anybody that's hateful about that.
This is not anything that's racist speech or hate speech in any respect.
This is not anything that is not violent or going to incite people to violence.
This is simply analysis and discussion.
And if you don't agree with it, you're not allowed to take people's children away.
What we need to be doing is we need to be taking that judge out of that court.
That's what the people in that area ought to do.
Whether they agree with chemtrails or not, whether they agree with the science of it or the investigation of it, we need to remove judges like this.
And that's what I'm saying when we...
We have to recapture our activism at the local level and not depend on a president to solve everything.
I don't think the president can do a lot of the things that need to be done.
They don't have the power and shouldn't have the power.
And we shouldn't elect a libertarian FDR if such a thing could exist.
I mean, that's a contradiction in terms, but...
Still, we need to do things at the local level.
One of the things we need to do is, when you've got a judge, is this outrageous?
You need to mount a recall operation.
We've had state legislators recalled in Colorado for gun control legislation.
Wasn't it in Colorado?
I mean, that's the sort of thing we need to start doing at the local level.
And it's hard to do that because the national media, like we are, we can't focus.
We pull up stories like this, but we can't focus to the degree that we need to focus on a particular state or a local problem.
We put stories out like this so people in this area can get activated.
That's right.
Holy crap, I better do something.
And they get on the phone, they get on their Facebook, and they say, we gotta go defend this lady.
We have to go to the judge and say, you're wrong.
That's right.
Follow this judge around.
We can tell you that that's happening.
We can tell you that that's happening, but then you guys have to act on it at that local level.
You need to recall that judge at that local level.
We can shine the spotlight on it, but that's really all that can be done at the national level is to focus on these individual cases of abuse.
I mean, seriously.
Judge wants cloudy skies.
I mean, that could be your petition.
This judge thinks that clouds coming out of jet planes and persisting and spreading out over a large area is normal.
And here's what it says.
She was triggered after Van Damm said that the inquiry was triggered after she raised the subject of chemtrails during a visit to her daughter's school and was immediately told to leave the premises.
Like, saying the word chemtrails is suddenly, like,
Using the n-word or something.
You know, just totally ridiculous.
Um, I guess you're in New York, but are there any laws or any judges like that in your area acting like this, Daniel?
Uh, I know the judges are actually really crooked.
I live in Westchester, so it's a pretty wealthy area.
Like, white boys getting arrested with things is not a problem.
So that's all I can really say.
I know they're crooked.
If you know them, you know, it's not a problem.
So that's all I can say about judges.
Other than that, I'm not really too informed about that.
I wouldn't be able to say.
The ideas that have been floated by a lot of the people who support that saying that we need to apply the RICO statute.
We need to prosecute people who are deniers.
And this is what's really dangerous when we start seeing, and that's really where we've kind of focused because that is a national movement.
It's an international movement to try to suppress free speech, discussion, scientific inquiry.
Science is based on skepticism.
Science is never finished.
We have seen all the major breakthroughs have been an overturn of accepted conventional wisdom in science.
And so we should never get to the situation where we start criminalizing scientific dissent and discussion.
And that's what these people want.
And this is a local example of this affecting somebody's family.
If you follow our news, if you see what is happening, you see the overall pattern, and this is just a very, very sad and fortunate incident that has affected one person to a great degree.
I'm surprised it's chemtrails and not vaccines.
Seeing vaccines in the store.
Exactly, and that's the same type of thing.
You know, I would think you would see that first before chemtrails.
But going back to our interview today that Alex did with Lord Monckton, talking about how he had a debate with a scientist.
They were talking about the specifics with carbon, how it's not going to double and that's going to re-effect and make everything explode.
And the scientist went back and said, you know what, you're right.
Because he didn't have people pressuring him because he's already retired.
He didn't have people pressuring him saying, you better toe the line.
Jerky, or you're out of here.
You know, he didn't have a pension, or what is it, tenure?
He didn't have tenure he was worried about.
So, you saw him go back and change his mind and write a paper about it, and it's going to all come out in a couple days.
Of course, we broke it here first on InfoWars, just like we're breaking all these other stories.
But it's all, the commonality of all this is that you have this intolerance, unfortunately, is coming from our institutions of higher learning.
The places where you're supposed to get a liberal education, which would mean
The original meaning of the word was open-minded, that it would give you the tools of education so that you would be liberated or freed to do your own inquiry.
Instead, what these people have become is this closed-click enforcing echo chamber.
Yeah, this rigid religion that they have.
And that's really what it's become.
It's become a cultic religion.
And that's where it's going.
It's going to that.
Daniel, I hope we answered your question.
We're going to go to another caller.
We have O'Brien wants to talk about Trump.
Go ahead, O'Brien.
Yeah, basically what I think is that basically Trump does have the, uh... You there?
Yeah, I'm here.
Okay, go ahead.
Trump has the... No, Trump has the way he used to win, but if they basically kill him, I mean, you know, it might be, it might be, the whole thing might be over and basically, you know, people would have thought that he was fake or something.
Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised at this point.
I think Alex brought that up today as well, that, you know, and maybe that's why Kasich's still in the race, you know, something, you know, none of us know.
And, um, but, you know, you can't live your life going, what if I get killed?
What if the person I'm in, you know, if that happens, then you got to expose it for one of what, what happens, what are the real circumstances behind it?
And, you know, that's going to be,
Harder than anything, because the mainstream media will come in and try to control the narrative.
That's why we need more people out there as citizen journalists.
Because it's going to be that one guy with the cell phone that's going to get the clear image of the person if anything does happen, and he's going to put it out on YouTube, and that's going to blow the whole case wide open.
And I believe that with Ross Perot, I find it credible that the Bush family would threaten him.
But you know, the fact that he dropped out, and in those days again,
You had the mainstream media out there telling people, oh no, our leaders would never do anything like that.
They would never try to assassinate anybody in a foreign country, okay?
But now people would believe that.
It hurt him when he dropped out and came back in, but I'm sure that Donald Trump has had a lot of threats.
And it's only going to, I think it's only going to intensify, but that's why, you know, the Secret Service are there and hopefully the Secret Service are trained and they're the best at guarding him.
Let's hope none of them are bought off or anything like that.
Let's go to Jim in Georgia.
And hey, Joe Biggs, Jakari Jackson, anytime you guys want to jump in and answer a question, please do.
Jim in Georgia, go ahead.
Thank you.
Yes, sir.
Leanne, Joe, Jakari, Richard, David, Rob, Wayne.
The Info Wars team is amazing.
Thank you for listening.
I love Alex and I love you all.
You are nothing but
Just a wonderful, exponential addition to the team.
Well, we couldn't do it without your listening.
Thank you for supporting us.
Imagine, from here in Georgia, with such a landslide, hey, finally our forces are going to work!
Yes, sir.
That's right.
It took a while.
It took many years.
I don't know who wanted Mitt Romney in last time.
And that's the thing.
I've never been a Republican or Democrat.
Well, I did vote for Clinton in 90, but then I switched over to Libertarian because I couldn't stand the two parties.
Look, we know last time they wanted a Republican and a Democrat who both were going to put through Obamacare.
Romney had already done it with Romneycare, and they're going to give you different personalities to choose from.
They're going to give you a few little differences in social issues, but the key thing they wanted
Yes sir.
And let this be a message to Nathan Deal.
On the carrying, the open carry bill he shot down.
Let it be a message.
Let them all eat cake by themselves in their little holes while they hide from we the people.
That's right, I agree.
Now one of the things that happened tonight in Indiana, which I was sad to see... I'm sorry, I'm celebrating.
I'm very much celebrating.
It was a good day.
It's good, and I want to see somebody like Donald Trump who's standing up to the globalist agenda, the open borders, the trade treaties that are going to manage our economy and destroy it.
But at the same time, there was also a Senate race there for an open seat, and Mitch McConnell's guy was way ahead of the other guy, okay, who was a conservative Tea Party outsider.
And unfortunately, that didn't get any attention.
And the press.
And nobody's really paying attention.
So the issue is, at the local level, do you know who the local candidates are that are going to make a big difference in your life?
Do you know, and I'm talking about not just the Senate and the Congressional candidates, I'm talking not even necessarily about the state.
Candidates that are going to be there, like we were talking about the excellent state rep that we have here, David Simpson.
But at the, even at the city and county level, do you know people that are going to make your life a living hell or are going to give you some freedom and some relief from oppression?
And that's the key thing.
If we're really going to be empowered, we're going to understand that.
And at the final level, we're going to understand that we have the power at the jury level.
And once you have some juries who assert their power, then you're going to have some people
Are going to have the courage not to plea bargain because 90% of the people don't even go to trial.
They're intimidated by the government about that.
Once we start watching each other's backs there, that's where we're only going to see a difference.
Yes, sir, and I've been involved here in Forsyth County, Georgia, in trials where I have been the last person and got somebody off on a charge that was just beyond, it was just, there was no reason for the charge.
We got him off of, well, I got him off just by being that one man of being in a child endangerment, just charged.
Everything else was enough.
I mean, it was bad enough, what we deal with.
I'm sorry, I'm so excited.
That's good.
No, that's the thing is that, you know, jurors need to understand that they're there to judge the way the law is going to be applied.
And if we don't agree with the way it's going to be applied, we're not there just to judge the facts.
We're there to watch each other's facts.
Carry that pocket constitution when you go into the courtroom.
Just don't let them know that you've got a constitution or they'll dismiss you.
That's one of the other reforms that need to be made is how they control the jury selection, but that's another story.
Thanks for calling, Jim.
We're going to go to Alex now in Massachusetts, talking about the 1986 Firearms Protection Act, which I started to look up because I don't even know all the specifics of that.
But go ahead, what's your question, Alex?
So, my question is...
Hold on.
Put him on hold for a second.
His phone is way too low.
See if y'all can fix that.
Let's go to Scott in California.
He wants to talk about the JFK-Ted Cruz connection.
Yeah, we've been talking about that all night.
Fox News doesn't like it when you talk about that, though.
That really makes them mad.
Go ahead, Scott.
Yeah, hey guys.
How's it going?
I just wanted to say first off that Rainforest and Silver Bullet have been amazing.
I love both those products.
We do, too.
Thank you for supporting us.
Thank you.
So, I think one thing that people are overlooking with the way that Donald Trump has talked about the JSK connection to Ted Cruz and the 28 pages,
Is that he's kind of broken the illusion that if you talk about a government conspiracy and politics, then your career is over.
That used to be what limited people from saying anything.
You're right.
Even the libertarians wouldn't go out on a limb and talk about those things.
But because Donald Trump is bold, he's not meek, he's not afraid to double down.
He's not.
They don't want to feel the wrath of his Twitter.
But you're right, he has directly confronted the little shibboleths that the media has erected everywhere, saying, you can't go here, you can't go there, and he just busts through these little paper barricades that they put up places, and part of it is the political correctness.
You know, he's directly confronted them, and that's why he has triggered them to such a great degree.
He said,
We understand what's going on here and we're going to talk about that.
And you're not going to say that I can't go to Chicago because Bill Ayers owns it.
He gets in their face and he comes out and he talks about these things and they say, oh polite company, you don't talk about government conspiracies or cover-ups.
Exactly, exactly.
So, I think now that it looks like it's going to be him versus Clinton, he definitely needs to come out firing all cylinders on all of her cover-ups, even the ones that are so out there that no one will discuss.
One quick question before I go.
So, wasn't Larry Nichols in possession of some secret documents about the death of one Clinton confidant?
I can't say that specifically because I don't know, because we've had him on so much, I don't watch every interview with Larry Nichols, but I imagine if anything's going to come out now, it would be the time for Larry to bring it out, because he's going through some health issues himself, and we pray for Larry Nichols, and he really has brought out a lot of stuff, and I guess he's trying to get in touch with the Trump campaign to give them some information.
Um, but go ahead, Ja'Karri.
If he does, he hasn't given them to us, and we haven't seen them, and we don't know anything about them at all.
One iota, and uh... Release the secret documents.
Just put them out, Larry.
Don't wait.
If he got anything, you know, because that's how... That's right.
That's how people end up, you know, dead at the bottom of stairwells in Indianapolis, Indiana.
In apartment complexes.
Well, now's the time before Hillary becomes president.
We don't want that to happen.
Hey, did Alex get his phone back in order?
Alex, are you there?
Up in Massachusetts?
Okay, yeah, you sound great.
Uh, yes.
Go ahead.
Can you hear me?
Go ahead.
Alright, um, so I heard that Trump is pro-Second Amendment, and, um, I'm wondering, if he became president, would he, you know, take down the 1986 Firearms Protection Act, which basically doesn't let you own a machine gun after May 19, 1986?
Right, I saw that.
And it's part of the instant background check, criminal background check system.
Now are you for the instant criminal background check or against that?
Um, well, I will say is I am with for background checks.
Um, you know, mentally, you know, cause we've, you know, we've had school, we have shootings cause people had a mental disability.
You know what I'm talking about, correct?
Oh yeah.
So I'm, I'm with that.
I'm with that.
But you own a machine gun.
I'm pro- what?
You're pro-machine gun though, right?
Yeah, you know, I don't see the harm of it, and you know, we should have it, we should be able to own one because they're Second Amendment, we should own a firearm.
On April 19th I had George Washington in the studio with me.
Actually, Mark Collins is the George Washington interpreter.
And he presented us with an assault weapon, which was a flintlock, in 1776.
They had flintlocks, which were state-of-the-art firearms.
They had cannons that the British moved to take away from them.
The Second Amendment is about defending our country from invasion and from internal insurrection and so forth, the militia.
And it's about having military firearms.
And the first Supreme Court decision that touched on the Second Amendment said that
This individual who, unfortunately, died as they were taking this case to the Supreme Court, so there was nobody to represent his side.
So they ran this through, they said, no, a sawed-off shotgun is not a military weapon.
Well, that simply isn't true.
It was used as a military weapon in the Civil War.
And in Vietnam.
Yeah, exactly.
But the bottom line, it's a very effective military weapon, especially when you're riding a horse and firing a sawed-off shotgun.
It's much more effective than a saber.
But the bottom line is that it's about having military weapons.
And when I try to scare people about the capacity of magazines, I try to scare them about assault weapons and don't define that.
We need to not back down from that.
And as you're asking this question, I had an article here from the New American.
We're good to go.
That they're trying to push through.
The Secretary of State, John Kerry, has signed.
And it has the support of nearly half of the U.S.
It was introduced by a Democrat, folks.
A John Wendell, who sponsored the bill, put this through.
And, as they point out in this article, you would think that it would be a no-brainer in a state as traditionally conservative as Tennessee.
But legislators successfully killed the bill when it was first put through, but it was then resurrected by citizens.
Here's the issue, folks.
You cannot rely on the Constitution to be protected by lawyers and the Supreme Court.
And that was the fundamental problem with Ted Cruz's talking about how he is going to protect the Constitution.
You have to understand, when we look at whether or not Donald Trump agrees with us on issues of liberty or not, we need to understand that it is ultimately up to us, just as the citizens in Tennessee,
kept pushing this thing even when their state legislators would not do it saying we are not going to allow the enforcement of a treaty that abrogates the Second Amendment.
You just have to not allow that to happen and there's multiple ways to do that and you can do that at the state level.
We don't have all of our chips on the Supreme Court.
We should never follow through on something like that.
We should never limit it to that.
And now, we aren't the two biggest gun aficionados here on this panel right now.
We have Jakari Jackson and Joe Biggs.
How do you guys feel about the... Yeah, go ahead.
Personally, I'm a fan of assault weapons.
I know many people want to ban them for various reasons.
You have people like Dianne Feinstein.
If you look at her list of, it was a hundred some-odd guns.
That includes things like AR-15s, AK-47s.
I believe there's even a pump-action shotgun on there.
In those type of regulations, I'm not a fan of, because people who are willing to go inside of a school or a liquor store, whatever it may be, they're willing to open fire regardless of what they have on them.
So I don't see the reason why banning the assault rifle would be more effective.
Now the rationale behind that, or one of the big reasons behind that, as far as my understanding, is the, I believe it was Los Angeles shooting, if you guys pull it up on YouTube, I'm sure you'll find it.
Look at the bank robberies.
Yeah, the bank robberies.
The guys were in full combat gear.
They had the fully automatic rifles and the cops basically had shotguns.
In that situation, you know, people ask, you know, should cops have those guns?
And that's not a situation I think a cop should have.
You know, AR-15 or whatever law enforcement is carrying to defend themselves.
But I don't think the issue to solve this is just to take all the guns away from the normal populace.
Well, and I think we really got to look at these no-knock raids.
You have to end these no-knock raids.
Because now people, cops are starting to get shot in these no-knock raids.
I don't have a problem with the police being armed.
I have a problem with the way that they use their arms.
In certain circumstances.
So there needs to be training and there needs to be a level of accountability when they harm people and it's not justified.
I use my AR-15 to put meat in the freezer, so come on.
You started messing with my belly and my food.
But what about machine guns?
This had a ban on machine guns.
Our caller, it sounds like Alex is a big machine gun fan.
Living in Massachusetts, I don't think they allow you a rubber band gun though, do they?
But how do you feel about machine guns, Joe Biggs?
I'm a big fan of them.
Well, hey, I'm still here today.
Automatic 50-cals, right?
240 Bravos, squad automatic weapons, Roger.
Those things work out.
I mean, I'm still alive because of those things today.
I mean, you can hand a random person one of those guns.
It doesn't mean that they're going to be able to go on some random spree.
The more complex the gun, the more harder it is to use, and the more you've got to clean it, take care of it.
So you're not going to have guys running around with big 50-cals mounted to their truck, going out and carrying out these complex attacks and blowing people down.
I had so many problems with a .50 cal that it was ridiculous.
I mean, you've got to treat that thing like a woman and, you know, it's crazy.
Also, I think there's a lot of misnomer about it because people don't see, you know, the Stallone movies or whatever where he's, you know, using a fully automatic rifle with precision.
Yeah, those guns aren't as precise as they want you to believe in the movies.
And also, a lot of people think that any type of, you know, quote, military style rifle is fully automatic.
If you go to some place like Cabela's or Academy, those guns are not fully automatic.
And they say, well, you can augment them into being fully automatic.
We can augment bath water into being liquor.
You know, it doesn't mean that you should ban the firearm itself.
You can do anything.
You can augment anything for whatever purpose, but it doesn't mean that you should ban the firearm itself.
Let me read one of the law's provisions here.
This is the Safe Passage provision.
It was that a person traveling from one place to another cannot be incarcerated for a firearm offense in a state that has strict gun control laws, which I think is good, if the traveler is just passing through.
Short stops for food and gas, provided the firearm and ammunition are not immediately accessible, and the firearm is unloaded, and in the case of a vehicle without a compartment separate from the driver's compartment, the firearm must be located in a locked container.
So when the carjacker pulls you over, you'll have time to go dig through all your stuff.
Excuse me, sir, can you put your gun away?
I need a few minutes.
I need to get my key.
I need to walk to the trunk.
I need to pick up the spare tire and get into this hidden little compartment or whatever.
Hold on, that's a smart gun, so I have to log into it.
I've got a three-digit code I've got to put in.
I've got to reboot.
Wait up.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Oh, I got the blue screen.
Wait one second.
The sad thing is the way this is used.
This is what I want to say.
If these guys want the smart guns, the cops get them first.
Cops get them first.
And once we have enough guys who have the sweaty hands, it doesn't work.
They got to take the glove off.
They got dirt on their hand.
It doesn't work.
It doesn't work.
Then if you want to keep it, then I'll listen to you.
I'm not going to go get one, but I'll listen to your argument.
He wants to use the law enforcement people as guinea pigs for this.
The Cop Tryout Smart Guns Enforcement Act?
Is that what that would be called?
No, I'm just saying we've already had people lift fingerprints and place them in other areas.
So once that happens, the criminals are going to find that other loophole.
They're going to be smart.
That's what they do.
That's why they're criminals.
And they'll start lifting fingerprints on people and get their stuff.
I mean, it's not that hard.
You know what?
I want a ban.
You know, I think we should have the 2016 ban on giving
Weapons to foreign enemies.
I think we should have that ban.
Yeah, let's ban those guns.
Let's stop arming ISIS.
Let's not kill one of our Navy SEALs today.
Let's stop arming El Chapo and the rest of these guys.
Yeah, we've got a Navy SEAL that died today at the hands of ISIS.
And where's ISIS getting those weapons from?
The Obama administration.
Let's ban that.
Through Turkey.
Through Turkey.
Through Saudi Arabia.
We can't come after Saudi Arabia.
Alex, did we answer your question effectively?
Uh, yes you did.
You actually exceeded my expectations, actually.
Thanks so much, Smartphone.
There's one thing we can talk a lot about.
That's guns.
We can take your guns.
We got a lot of people on the line.
Let's go to the next caller there.
Hold on, before I go, I'd like to say one thing.
I've been a short-time listener since January, since New Year's Eve, actually.
You know, instead of partying on New Year's, I was watching you guys.
But you guys have done a great job.
I know Alex doesn't like to be thanked at all, but you guys, you know, you guys have been my main focus on watching.
When I watch a video, I'd watch basically you guys most of the time.
You know, you guys taught me a lot of things.
You cleared up my mind, such as global warming, and you know, how communism is a bad thing, etc, etc, you know, whatnot, and I like to think that.
Well, and this is good information to have, and I think it's information you can use throughout your life, whether, you know, it's the health information we put out, whether it's the economic information, you know, we're not, we're not being controlled like, you know, Megyn Kelly over here, not being told by their sponsors what to say and what not to say.
And like Wayne Madsen, we're journalists.
We're trying to constantly learn things ourselves.
There's always this flood of information.
It's like trying to drink out of a fire hose.
We're trying to find the relevant stuff, sort through it, and pass that on to you as honestly as we can.
That's what we try to do.
So we try to educate ourselves and pass that on to you.
That's our mission.
So thanks for becoming a watcher and a listener and we hope you stay around for a long time and let other people know.
Infowars.com forward slash show for all the free streams.
And I guess, let's do a plug real quick while we're here.
We've gone, what, two hours now?
I guess we did have our commercial breaks in the first hour, but we just did a whole hour.
Didn't talk about the products once.
We had a caller call in and said he liked Brain Force.
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Yeah, and we have an amazing deal right now on storable foods.
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Do I have six?
I have six.
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And, you know, I have my storable food.
I'm not going to say how much, though.
But I have a lot.
That's right.
It's great packaging.
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You're crazy!
My wife, we still have our original 919 area code from North Carolina, so we got a call from the county we lived in, in North Carolina, telling us about what had happened to the water supply there.
Now, we were on a well, but they sent this broadcast message out to everybody with that area code and said, hey, you know, it just affects the look and the smell of your water,
But it's safe.
Don't worry about it.
It's just some stuff broke off and got in there.
And it's like, yeah, right.
We've heard the same stuff in Flint as well as it.
So now it's in North Carolina there.
They're warning everybody about it as well.
So there you go.
It smells a little fishy.
It's OK.
And the problem is when you don't smell it.
Yeah, exactly.
Because you're drinking that fluoride.
You don't know what's in there.
You're drinking the fluoride.
Harvard came out in 2012.
And you can look this up on Harvard's website.
Okay, they came out and said fluoride was just as bad as lead.
Okay, just as bad, and it's a neurotoxin.
Just as bad as lead.
Everybody's running around with their heads cut off talking about Flint, Michigan and their lead problem.
Let me tell you what, fluoride's at about 60% of the water supplies in our country and they deliberately put it in there.
It's not calcium fluoride either.
It's hydrofluorosilicic acid.
And you're paying for it.
Get your water filters.
You're paying for it.
What if they charged you to dump lead in your water?
Oh, there it is.
Oh, neurological developer.
Adversely affect the cognitive development of children.
Right there from Harvard University back in 2012.
Yet we're still putting it into our water.
Alex, thanks for calling.
Let's go to... is that Clovis?
I can't really... my eyes are just not what they used to be.
Chris in Indiana.
Go ahead.
Hi there.
Did you vote today?
I did vote today.
I voted at about 6.15 in the morning.
Who'd you vote for?
I voted for Donald Trump.
I voted for a couple of Methodist Church members, friends of mine, who are standing up for liberty, for their God, proudly.
And I'm so glad we're all coming together.
Our countries, we're on the right path, and we're having victory in Christ right now.
Chris, are you a racist?
I am today.
Are you a racist, or a misogynist, or a xenophobe?
I've never been a racist, and I thought racism disappeared.
I grew up, I'm 31 years old and I thought racism disappeared years ago.
Let me ask you that because you said we had a victory for Christ.
We've had Glenn Beck and we've had Ted Cruz's dad all saying that you have to vote for them or you're not a good Christian.
How do you feel about that?
I found that to be very offensive to say the least.
It is.
It's so offensive to me because
God speaks personally into your heart.
That's the fact that, you know, you can't really show somebody what you feel and your convictions in your heart.
It's just you can't show that to somebody.
But when you see somebody up there trying to use that as a manipulative marketing strategy, that's so offensive to me as a Christian.
It burns my eyes.
It burns my eyes.
I can't even imagine that somebody's going to stand up and be proud of their God for
You know, Chris, it sends all kinds of red flags up to me when I see people publicly displaying their piety because Jesus warned us to beware of people who do their works to be seen of men and so forth and so on.
And the very first, very first primary we had
Remember what happened to Ben Carson?
And that just validated all that for me right there.
It's like, you know, I already had a tingling spidey sense feeling about this, as they say, and then that happens.
It's like, okay, there we go.
End of story.
I don't need to hear any more from this guy.
And you know, he never could bring himself to apologize
Or take responsibility for what happened to Ben Carson.
They met multiple times.
They even met one time.
It was a very amusing situation where they met in a closet at one of these things.
The two of them, for a half hour they were there with their Secret Service entourages waiting outside this closet while they were in there.
And Ben Carson was not convinced that he was taking responsibility for this.
And so that's why he backed Donald Trump, I'm certain.
You're saying that Ben Carson didn't take responsibility for... I'm saying Ted Cruz didn't take responsibility for what people in his organization did.
And Ben Carson knew what that timeline was, and that's the key thing.
Oh, right.
The timeline was... Yeah, the timeline was 20 minutes before they started voting in the caucuses, there was a tweet by CNN saying, it's kind of strange Ben Carson is going to fly back to Florida tonight, but he makes it clear, he said that in the very next tweet, he makes it clear he's not dropping out one way or the other.
And so 20 minutes later, as the caucuses are starting, the Cruz organization across all the different caucuses in Iowa put out that he was leaving.
And the Carson people in some of these caucuses started calling, is this true, is this true?
And finally they put out a tweet 20 minutes after that and said no it's not true.
So for a full hour they're putting this out and it was clear because the same guy at the same time put out two tweets that said he's not getting out.
He's going to fly and they spun that around and then said hey we didn't know we were just confused and so forth and it wasn't true and Ben Carson tried to get Ted Cruz to admit to that to say he was sorry to take some responsibility he wouldn't do it and so that was a very telling thing to me.
It's obvious.
I'm so proud of our country.
I'm so proud of China.
And I want to show, okay, I got a couple things written down here.
What's I'm drooling right now.
I'm jumping up and down here, guys.
Dirty tricks.
I don't know what's going to happen, but there's going to be some dirty tricks.
Keep your eyes open.
Resistance is victory.
We're having victory.
This is Jesus showed us the way, the truth and the light was followed through.
We're having victory.
And I was on WISH-TV 8.
I marched with a snare drum and a flag.
I was on WISH-TV 8 in February, by God's grace.
He's a neighbor of ours.
He's an anchor on our CBS local station.
He's a neighbor, you know, within a couple miles of me.
He's seen me out there.
You can look it up.
It's on WISH-TV 8 in Annapolis.
Uh, local man shows patriotism in unique way on February 13th, 2016, um, and did a short interview with me on an 18 degree morning.
It was so cool.
Little bit of snow on the ground.
And these guys were.
All about it.
You could tell that they were so glad that I stood up and I was out there and they were able to do this story on me.
They wanted to get me drinking my coffee and all the little bits of it and what it was like for me doing this and what I thought.
So you're not a summer soldier, you're a winter soldier, right?
You're one of the guys that does it even though it's not convenient.
I'm very busy in the summer.
I do turf management stuff and I'm busy.
We're good to go.
We're looking at the video.
Our crew found it.
We're looking at the video.
You got the InfoWars stickers on the snare drum.
That's great.
I want to put this out to everybody here.
I got a note and a text.
Do we want to screen more calls?
How are you feeling right now?
How's the crew in the back feeling?
I'm fine.
I mean, I don't mind taking a couple more.
We got three left.
Let's take three more calls on top of these guys and that'll probably get us out of around 930.
Sorry to stop you, Chris, from talking.
We're just doing a little housekeeping here.
But go ahead.
Hold on.
You guys need to go to my Twitter.
Go ahead.
I have some footage up right now.
It looks like, you know, Cruz Loss is cool.
You can see him.
He looks like he's punching his wife and then elbows are right across the face.
I don't know what's going on.
You might want to go look at this footage.
And that Twitter is AdRamboBabes.
Look at that knockout.
I mean, what has happened to Cruz?
What's going on?
Like, look, take the defeat like a man, walk away.
You don't have to start abusing your wife now.
First Carly falls for Cruz and then he punches out his wife.
And I said, this is going to happen, I said, sooner or later they're going to be sitting there, you know, as Heidi says, God spoke to her and told her, told Ted Cruz to run for it.
I said, he's going to be sitting there in the living room and he's going to say to Heidi, what's going on, Heidi?
I thought you said God told me to run.
And she's going to say, no, it was Goldman.
Goldman, you didn't hear me right.
Well she just got sacked in the face.
Can we just keep that on repeat?
Just keep it going.
I'm sorry if you guys heard me laughing earlier.
It's poetic justice.
I'm sorry.
You have to look at the other...
You have to look at the other memes I put up as well, where they're saying that Cruz might, uh, now that he's had a drop out of the presidential race, he might go back to his Zodiac killer ways.
And then, uh, I've got some funny ones up like that.
I thought it was funny his wife actually responded and said, look, he's not the Zodiac killer.
Oh, you can see the Zodiac.
You can see the Zodiac in there now.
He's already started.
Well, she did say over the weekend, Ted is an immigrant.
He's Hispanic.
Yeah, she said that.
I liked what Trump said.
He said he's like the Keystone Pipeline.
He runs from Canada to Texas.
So Chris, what's next for you?
What are you going to be doing now that it looks like it's going to be Trump vs. Hillary unless Bernie can do a miracle bomb at this point?
And I didn't mean that in the football sense.
A Hail Mary.
40, 50 years ago, cannabis was probably not that big of a deal.
But, you know, they continue to have all the money lined up against it, ministry after ministry, and that's what we're up against.
Our Freedom College doesn't make as much money, or they think, as what they have.
I was at a friend's house, and he brought out this old magazine, I think it was Life Magazine from 1951, talking about marijuana.
And the interesting thing I thought about, because he had never read the article, he was like, look at this!
And I started reading the article, and apparently the guy whose name, LaGuardia, his name's LaGuardia, he was in New York, he thought that they were, I guess he was the mayor of New York, he didn't think there was any problem with marijuana.
He thought it should be legalized, and he was, you know, shut down by this committee, but I never, never knew that.
That was in 1951.
Who knew?
Like back then they were saying, no, there's no problem with it, but he was being pressured
To outlaw it and then go after people who were using it and smoking it.
Well what people don't realize is that the War on Drugs is a UN agenda that we have implemented to the T. Richard Nixon declared the War on Drugs and implemented the four schedules for drugs and that had already been done in 1961 by the UN.
They had created the four schedules, they had populated the four schedules with which drugs they wanted where, and then ten years later we enacted it as if it was our idea.
So I think conservatives need to understand how we've
...use the war on drugs to take away private property rights.
They need to understand that they're enforcing a UN agenda.
And they need to understand that it's totally unconstitutional.
And there's that picture again.
That's kind of creepy to watch that over and over again, to see him hitting his wife multiple times.
You know what?
I'm offended at this.
I mean, this is completely unpresidential.
Well, you know, he likes to spank people.
This is sexist and misogynist, isn't it?
First he's cheated, and now he's abusive, Ted.
I mean, what the...
He told that kid, he said, you know, if you're my kid, I would spank you right now, and he said earlier that he would spank Hillary Clinton, so I guess he's into that, too.
I don't know.
But people need to understand that about the war on drugs, and I think people need to wake up to the fundamental issue.
Here's the deal with the government.
They want to tell you what drugs you can't take, and then they want to force drugs on you.
So that's not the mark of a good group of people.
That's right.
They don't want to give you any personal freedom.
They think of you as their personal property, as their slave.
They do.
She got dominated.
She can take a punch though, I'll tell you what.
She kept the hug.
I know, I mean... She kept her grip.
I think they're going to go to the floor in a second.
Ground and pound.
Right there.
I'd like to hear what Joe Rogan's analysis of that punch is.
He's going in for his bubble bath boy.
His buddy back there.
She was getting in the way between one of the guys he met at a Ruby party.
And Fiorina's already fallen off the stage.
Alright, Chris, thanks for calling.
Keep making videos.
Good luck to you.
That's great.
That's how you get involved, and that's what our business is, is media.
Thanks for doing that, and that was great you put the InfoWare sticker on the snare drum there.
I'm surprised they showed the snare drum.
They didn't recoil in horror.
Let's go.
Who's next?
Dwayne in Illinois.
The Constitution is on the line.
Go ahead, Dwayne.
Yeah, that's all on the line.
I'd like to say hey to everybody there.
Yep, we're here.
You know, if they, let's talk about that marijuana again.
If they legalize marijuana, they just screw themselves because then they're not going to get paid for the fat trafficking, the marijuana here in our country, and they're not going to get paid for some pharmaceutical at the same time.
That's right.
So that's big money for them.
They're in both them markets, let's face it.
You know, an interesting question for Trump would be, back in the 90s when he was doing these interviews, I think it was a Playboy interview, they were talking about the war on drugs at the time and he said, the way you stop the violence and the crime that we've got going is to legalize it.
And nobody is asking that because, you know, we have these debates, we had so many debates with Fox News, CNN and others, they asked the same questions every election.
Look, I live in Illinois, and you want to talk about the most deadest state?
Everybody thinks I'm crazy.
I've been a Prison Planet member two years now.
I've been watching you guys for probably four.
Um, woken up.
Everyone that's talked tonight, that's called in, they're right on, you know, about you guys.
Thanks for listening.
Well, that's great.
And it's amazing, you know, you shouldn't be allowed to listen to Prison Plan TV in Illinois because, you know, Bill Ayers lives there.
How dare you?
I mean, that's got to trigger him somehow.
I'll tell you what, this place sucks here.
You can't do nothing.
You think it's bad here.
Where do you live in Illinois?
I live in Johnsburg, Illinois and believe it or not, the Johnsburg Police Department here
They're like the best guys around.
They're not out there giving everyone these stupid speeding tickets and all these dumb tickets, making money for them, whatever they need the money for, for their Humvees or whatever, but that's the only police station.
There are county cops here.
They almost threw me in jail when a drunk drove through my yard in a car, smashed it all up in my driveway.
Oh, and you had a problem with that?
The guy took off down the road.
Well, they couldn't find him.
The Johnsburg cop pulls up, finds the guy that lived, he lived right down the block.
Got him.
And they wouldn't even arrest him.
The county.
No DUI, no...
No, nothing.
No hitting, running.
Well, if that was me, then it's doing me in jail.
David got rear-ended by an illegal immigrant who couldn't speak English, and they just let him go.
They're like, well, you know, he didn't know.
He wasn't supposed to run his car.
Oh, it was even worse than that.
I was stopped at a stoplight.
The guy pulls up and stops behind me, and then the light turns green, and he's smacked into my car.
And it's like, oh, OK, we've got to get out.
And so I put it in neutral, and he hits me again, and then starts pushing me through the intersection.
And then after all this is over and the cops finally get there, they say, well, you see what the problem is?
Your car is too small.
It's your fault.
It's your fault, man.
Oh yeah, it was my fault this guy did that in my yard.
He should have your yard right there.
Who puts a yard right there?
That's ridiculous.
It is ridiculous.
Hey, but anyways, and I know you guys don't like it, Alex hates it, but we all say it.
We thank you guys.
We thank you.
You guys are doing a good job.
And I want to say another thing to Mr. Joe Biggs.
I want to say thanks to him.
Not only is he an info warrior, but he's a true warrior.
That's right, he is.
Roger that, thank you sir.
You are the man.
You are the man.
Alright, you guys have a good one.
Right on.
Alright, thanks a lot.
Let's go to Bill in California.
Uh, boy, my eyes are getting bad.
Comment regarding the Alex Jones Show format.
Oh, okay.
Well, yes, I've been an info warrior here for over five years, and lately I've noticed that there's an awful lot of time wasted during the broadcast.
Somebody's put up flickering screens, and we've got too much stuff to do to stretch it out with fillers.
I'd like to see Joe Biggs tell us something military every day.
Let's talk about uniforms and insignias.
Vehicles, other equipment.
Teach us.
So the fact that we added another fourth hour onto the broadcast isn't enough for you?
Well, I think you're talking about the breaks that we're going to, right?
Because I think what we did was we added some additional news or, you know, some production stuff that's there as opposed to commercials.
Is that what you're talking about?
No, I understand that and I appreciate that.
It's the flickering screens that do nothing.
Are you talking about the screens behind Alex?
The giant screens that we're sitting in front of right now?
Are you watching it?
No, the screen that I'm watching, it's got all kinds of crazy flickering images on it.
I think you're talking about the stinger.
Before we go to the reporter.
No, I think you're talking about the big TV behind us.
It might be your TV as well, the way it's picking things up.
I mean, I'm watching it on TV right now.
I'm watching myself with TVs behind me, and I don't see him flickering.
No, no, no.
Hey, do this, do this.
Do this, Bill.
It's used as a filler in between different... He's talking about the voiceovers we do, the hot topics.
It shows a picture and it just moves a picture around in the background.
Well, we're trying to make it interesting looking for people who are probably a lot younger than you, Bill.
Not to say you're an old guy.
I mean, I'm 42.
But I think a lot of the flickering is supposed to mimic the human voice because we don't have time every day to set up a camera and do those one-minute hot topics, edit them and get them on before the show starts.
That's something we do in the morning before the show.
Not what I'm talking about.
Those are okay.
You're doing great.
Right now we're not putting anything flickering out because we're not trying to flicker you or mind control you in any way shape or form.
We're not trying to make you have an epileptic seizure.
We don't want to knock you in the face like Ted Cruz.
And what I'm getting at is we don't call this a program.
This is a show.
We're showing you information.
We are not programming you.
We are leaving you to make up your own decisions.
So I definitely against any type of... You don't know what I'm talking about.
We don't know.
There's so much stuff going on, but you let me know.
Take a screengrab and send it to Rob.
RobD at Infowars.com.
Send me a screengrab of what it is and I'll be glad to take it.
Everybody email him right now.
I really want to say... Yeah, go ahead.
I like the way you guys do interviews.
You have some...
What's the word?
Respect for your guests that come in.
And I really think you should get rid of the interrupter in chief.
It makes me sick.
Hey, the reason we're all here, there's some flickering right there.
I think that's called a stinger.
Look, Alex Jones, for all of his faults, and he doesn't want us defending him at all, so I'm going to keep it short.
You know, none of us would be here if it wasn't for him.
That's right.
That man, back in the 90s, got pissed off about what's going on in this country and decided to make a change.
And he decided to carry the ball.
And when you look at what he's built, from the power of his voice, from the power of his interruptions, and if you watch, hey, if you watch Fox News, they interrupt people all the time.
People are used, because it's a long-form radio show, he's not doing quick bits of information, that, you know, they don't
You know, they think he shouldn't be interrupting, but let me tell you, the reason he's interrupting 90% of the time is because he's trying to make more information come out and get more information out there to people.
He's driving the guests in a direction that the guests may not want to go, and we listen to the guests because they do have a different opinion on things.
There's nothing wrong with being different.
Well, he let Lord Mocton talk.
Lord Mocton is actually a Ted Cruz fan, it seemed like, and he let him talk.
I just interrupted you right there, I'm sorry.
Well, you know, the key thing is, too, is that I tried to get some things done through the Libertarian Party, and for 40 years they haven't had a fraction of the influence that Alex Jones has had by himself.
He's doing something right.
He's doing a lot of things right.
But nobody's perfect.
Nobody's perfect.
That's right.
And people have different, you know, people respond to different styles and different personalities.
And Alex understands that.
That's why he's expanded the operation.
So, you know, different people have different styles.
They have different programs on Fox News and on CNN, and we have different styles and programs here as well.
You know, you could go to a new level if you had, what should I say, more to gravitas.
You know, David, you're very believable.
And I really think you should do all the news and commentary.
Because you do it, we believe it.
Well, thank you.
But there's not enough hours in the day.
I appreciate that.
And what we're doing here is organically grown.
There's nobody planning this out.
Alex comes in in the morning and goes, hey, did you see this?
We've got to do some stuff on this.
Remember this?
Six months ago and then we got this two years ago and I'm running around looking for video clips from six months and two years ago and trying to put them together before the show starts and you know there's stuff going on and I've been up since three in the morning looking at the news and you gotta have that energy and drive to keep an organization this size.
It really is.
It is not easy and now we and now it looks like something happened over on one of the cameras.
It says flicker cancel on this.
Oh you're canceling the flicker.
We're cancelling all the flicker on all the cameras now, Bill.
I hope that'll please you.
But hey, thanks for watching and listening for the last five years.
We appreciate it.
And hey, we're only growing.
You're only going to see more shows.
Now we have three full working studios here.
You're going to see a lot more of InfoWars and InfoWarriors out there, so stay tuned.
It's only going to keep getting bigger, and thank you for your support.
Once again, you can go to InfoWarsStore.com to support us by buying the NutraCeuticals, all the other preparedness products, especially get your damn water filter, people.
All right, let's go.
30 to 40% off.
Is that key?
Kelso in Alabama.
Man, I tell you what.
It's the lights of... Yeah.
Kelso in Arizona.
Yes, hi.
Nice to talk to you guys.
I'm here in rural Arizona.
First off, I'd like to say I take X2 and also the Super Metal Vitality, and it's awesome.
You know, that gets bottled in Arizona.
I've actually been to the plant where they make it, and it is really cool.
I saw some cool footage.
Saw the crystals that are in the safe that they bring out.
They're literally in a safe, and they brought them out and said, we can show you the crystals, and then they had to put them back.
And we put some on the hot plate and watch the gas go, and then they make the X2 in these giant glass vessels that stir, that are stirring.
It looks like a giant, I don't know the name of it because I'm not a chemist, but then they have guys that are bottling them and setting them up, and it's a pretty intricate process what Dr. Group has going there, so it's really amazing stuff.
How has it changed your life, Kelso?
Back to the marijuana thing, but I have a medicinal marijuana card and it really clears my thoughts all day long.
The iodine helps clear my blurry thoughts if there is any from the marijuana.
That's one benefit we hadn't seen.
You don't smoke the X2, do you?
Oh, hell no!
I'll tell you one thing I do, though.
Hey, you know what?
I put it on a band-aid if I have a cut, along with a drop of colloidal silver.
Put that on, and I don't use antibiotic cream anymore.
I've used colloidal silver on cuts.
Yeah, that stuff's amazing, also.
Really, though, the iodine, man, it really helps with any type of... If you even aren't remembering anything, not do it.
Just the blurry...
Blurriness in your head, you think clear all day, and it's amazing.
And then the next thing I'd just like to tell you guys is that I'm praying for you, and Jesus, I want to just say that Jesus is our authority for all men, and that Trump is going to be victorious
Because, in Jesus' name, and I wanted to say that on air, that people believe in Jesus and we will be victorious.
I agree.
Thank you guys.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I like the fact that he was a religious marijuana smoker.
Well, you know what, David Simpson is a conservative, I mean, you look at this guy, he looks like the most conservative guy, and he's absolutely right.
You know, we don't need to be locking people up.
Christians ought to be the first ones to have compassion for people.
And the first ones to recognize that God created this planet and he didn't make a mistake, and that's what David Simpson said, and he's absolutely right.
There you go.
Anything can be abused.
We need to understand that.
And the other thing is, and I mentioned this yesterday.
Yeah, exactly, your iPhone can be abused.
I mentioned this yesterday.
There was an article on NPR.
And they said, they were talking about addiction in general.
Alcoholic addiction and everything.
And they said, is it necessary to have a higher power?
Because we've got most of the people who do this go through the 12-step program and everything.
And it's like, regardless, of course they're coming back from a
standpoint of a secular psychologist and saying, oh no, we need to have psychology in here.
But the bottom line is, if Christians really believe that Christ could fix the problems in their life, they wouldn't be calling for the government to fix everybody's problems.
And that's not just the drug addiction problems.
That's every problem.
And I am sick and tired of seeing Christians who have absolutely no real faith and trust in Christ, just an assent to it, who are constantly looking to government to be their God.
And to fix all their problems.
That's the source of a lot of our problems.
If we had so many of these evangelical Christians who would come back and say, you know what, it's up to us to fix the problems and we can do it through Christ.
He can change lives.
If they would do that, we would see big change.
But we're not going to see it when they put it all on a presidential candidate, like we've been seeing in this campaign.
Oh, exactly.
And that's why when I see the liberals get all bent out of shape about Donald Trump, I'm like, first of all, he's not going to be able to control everything you think he's going to do.
I know you want to fight longer.
I think he's going to deport every person of color in the world, and he hates black people, and he hates Mexicans, and he hates Muslims.
Well, they've embraced this idea that the president is a dictator, because they're fine with Obama doing everything through executive order, so I think every president's going to do that.
And maybe that'd be a great thing for them if he did do some executive orders that they really hated.
We could all agree that we don't want presidents acting like tyrants.
There you go.
Let's go to Justin in South Carolina.
I wanted to talk about the
Non-Children's... I can't read these fonts anymore.
Non-Citizen Nationalism.
Justin, South Carolina, go ahead.
Alright, go ahead.
I'm always talking to... I hear you guys talk about Joe Bannister and, you know, different systems that are out there.
And for clarification, I want you guys to elaborate on the difference between U.S.
citizenship and non-citizen national.
I don't even know if I can answer that.
I can't answer that either.
And let me tell you, you know, we can make these distinctions.
Well, you know, we can make the arguments from a legal standpoint, but understand that the judicial system is not an honest system, just like our elections are fundamentally not honest.
Sometimes you'll win in that court and sometimes you won't.
Most of the time you won't.
I mean, when you go in and you make an argument, for example, we had the marijuana weed man who went for jury nullification in his particular case.
He had one judge who just shut him down and said, I'm not going to let you show the statutes from the state of New Jersey about jury nullification.
But then the next judge let him leave the statute sitting there on the desk as he represented himself.
He did it, he represented himself.
And so, and he was acquitted, 12 to nothing.
So, when you're trying to assert your rights, whether it is the right of the jury or whatever you're talking about, it all depends on this legal system and they can just shut you down and railroad you.
I've seen it so many times, whether it's a tax case or whether it's some of these other cases, so it's very
It's very difficult to try to appeal to the system for your rights.
I think our better way to tack this is to try to get everybody to stand for each other with jury nullification and try to correct some of the deficiencies in terms of jury selection and that sort of thing.
I think that's where we're going to have more effect rather than making these legal arguments.
More education to the public, basically.
That's right.
What do you understand the difference to be?
I mean, the difference that I've seen is, you know, there's a lot of groups out there, not that I associate with any, but over the years I've looked in the multiple, you've got like your Texians, the Republic of Texas, different people out there that
Yeah, and then they put the paperwork in and so forth and I just wanted to get clarification on that because I know there's some truth, at least from what I can tell, maybe I'm wrong.
I just don't think you're going to get a fair hearing in that.
I think you're going to have more fruit if we try to get each other to watch each other's backs in juries, and if we try to reform the rigged jury selection process and so forth and so on.
If people get confidence in the jury system and they will go to trial, we can protect each other.
Things like that, I think, are going to be far more effective if you go in by yourself in that system and you try to make some legal arguments.
The judge, in most cases, is just going to shut you down.
I know a tax protester went in and said, but wait a minute, look at Erwin Schiff, father of Peter Schiff.
I've listened to his presentation many times.
He used to come to the Libertarian Party and stand on the soapbox and read the transcripts of his court trials.
And they would just shut him down.
So we're not going to listen to that.
We're not going to allow that into, you know, so they would just censor you.
Sit down.
Shut up.
And so, you know, there's other ways that we can go around the system that I think are going to be more productive.
Alright, Justin, you go ahead.
I'll keep it up and thank you for the NutraCeuticals and everything you guys are doing.
Alright, thanks Justin.
God bless.
Let's go to Nelson in Florida.
Creating huge pockets of Infowarriors throughout the country.
Let me tell you what, I have seen huge pockets of Infowarriors throughout the country and I have been traveling the country.
I'm looking at the map right there trying to count how many states I've been in in the last four or five months following this Trump Brigade.
You've been in a state of constant travel.
Well, a lot with your son, too.
He's been a good travel partner.
But go ahead, Nelson.
Yeah, guys, I had an idea about doing a Woodstock Like Events.
Matt, who was on yesterday, alluded to it last week about holding rallies themed with music.
And I want to call it We the People Freedom and Constitutional Truth Tour.
And it will be hosted by the county sheriff.
Uh, you know, rodeos will be hosted by the county sheriff or the county sheriff.
There's hosting it, passing out, uh, constitutions, representative from Oath Keepers, a food babe.
You got the music.
The whole day is spent with the families talking about the truth, constitution around music.
And, you know, I think that'd be a great idea.
And another thing, idea that I had was about when you guys are out at the rallies, you need to have like a truth truck where you can have like 300 inch screens.
And show the people on the screen, the split screen, Alex interviewing people.
It's a big target for the eggs to be thrown at.
Yeah, I can just imagine what some of those social justice warriors are going to do.
Go ahead, keep going.
You could put plexiglass over that.
That's true.
What you're doing is getting it all on video.
You're getting the people to see themselves on TV.
That's where they get their information.
That is good.
Remote cameras going in.
Yeah, it's a good idea.
You're live streaming.
You're live streaming.
But I think we really need to push this We The People thing.
You know, we've got all these musicians, Charlie Daniels, Hank Jr.
We could pull massive amounts of crowds around this idea, and like David was saying, you know, we need to do this at a local level.
Hosted by Chuck Norris.
The only way to do this is to have a bunch of people doing it.
That's right.
That's the only way.
That's right, and there are a lot of good sheriffs out there, and you know, that's an elected office, that's one of the key, that's why it's so important, it's elected, and you could get some of those sheriffs to come in there and do that with you in a lot of those areas, I believe.
Yeah, and I guess Sheriff Mack's a good resource to find out who's a pretty good constitutional sheriff in your area.
That's right.
So that's a good idea, Nelson.
You know, we have only so much time in the day, and putting together concerts is not our forte.
We're definitely about making videos and putting them out there and going out and asking the questions and interviewing the people.
That's mainly our thing.
But if you get something going, let us know.
We'll be happy to tell people about it.
That's what we're good at.
We're good at getting the word out.
Well, that's why you guys need to help do this because you have the contacts for all this.
I mean, Alex talks to all these musicians every single day.
It wouldn't be nothing for you guys to say, listen, we're doing the People's Freedom and the Constitutional Truth Tour.
You know, this is where the events are being held.
Once we get the scheduling done and all that.
Scheduling is the killer, let me tell you.
You want to talk about herding cats?
Trying to get five or six different high-profile musicians on the same calendar.
And I'm not trying to fool your idea, I'm just saying that that's something you have to commit a lot of time to.
And that's something that we don't have time to do.
Practical issue.
Because we barely have enough time to get the jobs done.
They're going in different directions and they're trying to make money at the same
But you need, you know, I'm sure there's somebody out there who's a good concert promoter who's listening to this going, you know what, that's a good idea.
I know so-and-so who knows so-and-so and we can get these guys.
Well, I think it would work because, you know, you look at some of these documentaries that have come out, they're addressing an audience that Hollywood is not addressing.
And so if you could put together a freedom concert that is going to hit an audience.
That's right.
You're going to hit an audience that other people aren't addressing.
There's some real incentives there for people to do that economically.
I tell you what, I'm looking for things to go to with my family.
Because I like family events and, you know, I like to go listen to music, but I can't, you know, I can't go to these things unless I'm bringing the family.
You don't take them to the Burning Man.
I can't take them to Burning Man.
So, you know, a family event.
People are pro-family.
Let's have family events and have these things.
Make it happen, Nelson.
Let us know about it.
Send me an email.
RobD at Infowars.com or get in contact with me at DewsNews on Twitter.
It's D-E-W-S-N-E-W-Z.
We'd love to hear it.
We'd love to see this idea come to fruition.
Let's go to Scott in Texas.
Let's talk about the dreaded chemtrails.
I hope you don't have any children, Scott.
They may come take them away.
Well, stranger things have happened.
Listen, you did a great job in California.
I can't believe those drooling lackeys.
The first five minutes of your video I watched, I thought, how many of those people vote?
What do you think?
Is this real?
I was thinking, is this real?
What is going on?
Well, I'm watching that and I'm thinking, yeah, Trump just won Indiana.
He won the nomination and he won the election.
And the longer they keep this up, the higher he's going to go in the polls because it just validates everything that he was talking about.
It's ridiculous.
I was calling about the chemtrails.
Listen, if you go to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations and you drop down the licensing tab, there is a license for weather modification.
There is, and I've actually looked at those.
Yeah, but it doesn't exist.
I mean, why do you want to talk about weather modification?
Well, they have international conferences every year, and I reported it when it happened about a year and a half ago.
They were talking, they had papers, and I said, well, who gets to set the thermostat?
I mean, it isn't...
It's really an issue.
I mean, they've got treaties about it, saying you can't use it as a weapon.
We know that they have used it as a weapon.
But you can do testing.
As long as it's testing.
Hey, we're testing on the entire planet.
We're going to test the system.
They want to pretend that they're not doing it.
They want to pretend they're just thinking about it and testing for it and everything.
But yeah, we can see that it's happening.
As a matter of fact, talking about contests and other things, we did remember we had the
Paul Revere Film Contest.
One of the films that was in it, the guy also created an app.
It's called the Skyder Alert.
And you can Skyder Alert.
Look it up.
I think it's probably still there.
You could take a picture of the chemtrails across hatching of persistent contrails in your area.
Send it to them.
Take a picture of it.
And what they did was they did crowdsourcing with it.
They could notice that as people were reporting these chemtrails in their area, they were seeing the temperature go up.
And so these people who are talking about how we have to reorder our economy worldwide because of global warming, they're actually, maybe actually causing the warming in certain areas, right?
They think they're reflecting, their story is they're reflecting the sun back up into space, and what's happening is they're creating a blanket.
They're creating a blanket, and you can see right there, that's actually Kim Trow's stuff I shot.
But it doesn't exist, and they're probably coming for my kids next.
Move along, nothing to see here.
Hey, listen, I'd also like to hear Pastor Lindsey Williams, if y'all could get him on sometime.
Hey, they said Alex has been live on Facebook mentioned.
See if y'all can patch that through and maybe we'll get Alex to kind of take us out here.
Let's go to Dion in Illinois.
Is Trump a liberation supporter of the Constitution?
Time will tell.
But go ahead, Dion, what's your take on that?
Yeah, I'm a libertarian, so I won't be voting for Trump in the presidential election, but are you guys libertarians and constitutionalists?
So are you guys going to be voting for the Libertarian Party?
I consider myself a libertarian, and you know, the interesting choice that we have this time, and we'll have to see who the nominee is.
I was not that impressed, as I said earlier, with what Gary Johnson was covering the last time.
I thought that he was focusing on becoming a clone of the Democrats.
His focus was on just legalizing marijuana and legalizing gay marriage and abortion and that sort of thing.
And it's like, there's a lot that's going on that's affecting our individual liberties in terms of surveillance and other issues that I don't think they're hitting hard enough.
I think there's a lot of issues that they're avoiding.
So from that standpoint, I see Donald Trump directly attacking the foundations of the surveillance state of Homeland Security, and that is 9-11.
He's attacking directly the official government conspiracy story, and I think that is something that is very important.
And I also see that he understands at the federal level
And this is something that really is in the responsibility of the President.
He understands that our borders are being destroyed.
He understands that our economy is being managed abroad by multinational corporations and destroyed.
I think that's a very important reason to vote for him.
Now, I don't agree with him on a lot of individual liberty issues.
He's not, whenever he's spoken about individual liberty, mostly he's done it from an authoritarian standpoint.
But as I pointed out before,
We need to understand that on a lot of those issues, the President doesn't really have any authority to deal with it.
And we need to deal with it and can deal with it better at the state and local level.
And I think we need to flex our muscle and understand we're not going to solve all of our problems in one person in Washington.
We need to solve our problems outside of Washington.
Most of the problems we have to solve can be done by, need us to put a wall around Washington, not just at the border.
And so, from that standpoint, I think it would be a healthy thing for us to actually invigorate people if he does some of these authoritarian things.
I think it would invigorate people who are both conservatives and liberals to take a more libertarian point of view on some of these individual internal issues.
But for the international issue, whether or not we're going to have a country, whether or not we're going to have an American nation and a constitution, I think Donald Trump is very strong on that.
Hey, let's go to Alex Jones real quick.
We got him on Facebook Mentions.
Let's see what he's talking about right now.
He just stopped.
Unless he stopped.
Okay, sorry.
He wants to know we were coming to him.
Anyway, he had about 4,000 people watching him there at the end.
Yeah, Dion, I voted Libertarian since 96.
Every presidential election, although in the primaries I voted for Ron Paul.
Because I thought he was the real, true libertarian.
As a matter of fact, I ran as a libertarian.
Me too.
So I take issues of individual liberty very seriously.
I don't see anybody in the Republican or Democrat Party taking it very seriously, and I wish that the Libertarian Party would take it more seriously, and I wish that they would stand up and speak out on some of these issues that the government has used to
Establish the narrative of homeland security in the police state.
They have put these things out there, I believe, to get people to trade their freedom for security.
And I don't see the Libertarian Party directly attacking those foundations as much as even Donald Trump will.
And that's what one of the earlier callers was saying.
I think that's a very positive side effect of him confronting political correctness, talking about some of these things like the secret 28 pages.
There you go.
I agree.
Well, he put out his, uh, I think it was his whole economic plan and people have looked at it and they said it's going to raise, um, spending
Uh, spending income.
It's going to raise everybody's spending income between 3 and 16 percent.
Well, let me talk about... Which I don't even know, I don't think that's a lot.
I mean, I think he can do better, but to me that's a start.
That's a start in the right direction.
I mean, it's not 9 trillion in new taxes that Bernie Sanders has promoted.
The Supreme Court said that Obamacare was constitutional because it was a tax, okay?
That's right.
And it is a tax, and it's a lot of things.
It's a mandate.
He would repeal that mandate.
He has a very specific seven-point plan on healthcare, which I think is excellent.
What it does is it repeals the mandate, it offers incentives, it offers ownership, it offers competition, it offers transparency for people to see how the healthcare providers are doing.
So he understands the marketplace.
And I find that to be very encouraging when I look at the health care plan that was put out.
It's very detailed, very specific, and it is very free market.
And I think it would be a significant improvement over what we had before Obamacare, and it would be way, way better than Obamacare.
So I think that's very important.
So I think we would see some good stuff.
It's going to be a mixed bag.
It's not going to be whoever you have, you're not going to get everything that you want.
And from one guy.
You're not going to get it from any one individual.
You're not going to get it from anybody that I've ever voted for as a libertarian.
One guy isn't going to solve all the problems.
And we can't look to a president to solve all of our problems.
There are problems that we're facing right now.
Globalism versus nationalism versus national sovereignty.
Those types of problems need to be addressed by the president at the
At that level.
And he is the only one who is addressing that problem.
David, I'm sorry.
I just got up.
I had to go initiate some climate change here in this room.
We have some studio warming.
That's right.
They brought me some towels.
It's like, hey, why don't you turn on the A.C.
a couple degrees.
Yeah, we need to wrap up these callers.
Yeah, we got a couple more callers left.
It's 947.
We've been going three hours now.
And let's go to California and Indiana.
Thanks for calling, Dion.
Go ahead.
Shout out to all my info warriors in Indiana.
A couple, uh, three points I wanted to make was have you seen this new social security ad about getting you to sign up and like create a profile so you can log in and see what your benefits are going to be?
No, I haven't seen that.
That's kind of creepy to me.
Check that out.
And then, um, you know, I respect Trump for not smoking or drinking, but, and David mentioned he had saw a video from years back, but
Have we seen what his stance is on legalization and decriminalization?
You know, nobody has asked that.
Isn't it interesting that nobody has asked that question?
I think that's the amazing thing.
We've had all these debates and they never really brought up issues of civil asset forfeiture or the massive imprisonment that we've got, mandatory minimums.
They never talked about the foundations of the drug war.
They never talked about the fact that it's failing.
And, at the same time these debates are going on, we've got people who are in charge of it.
We had the head of the DEA saying that this is not working, it's failing, and so forth and so on.
Nobody talked about that.
We had a couple of admissions from Christie, from Carly Fiorina, saying, oh, you know, I had a relative who died of a drug overdose of alcohol, or I had a friend who died, Christie had a friend who died because he got addicted to prescription drugs.
Nobody really brought that up and and really seriously talked about that issue So yeah, that's a good question And we really don't know where he stands on it because he he mentioned that he was aware of that 20-25 years ago, but I don't know where he stands right now.
Nobody's asking him that question How do you feel about Nonviolent felons should be able to protect themselves and own firearms and lastly I think Alex should be appointed attorney general so we can lock all these damn criminals up
I think that if you're not a danger to society, if you're a danger to society, you ought to be locked up.
If they've let you out, then presumably you're not a danger to society, and I think you ought to have your civil rights restored at that point.
You ought to protect yourself.
Yeah, absolutely.
Alex Jones for Attorney General!
Alex Jones for Attorney General!
Alex Jones for Attorney General!
I don't think he'll do it.
He doesn't like government regulations.
Hey, I want to go to this one article before we take our final caller who is Tyrus in PA.
Biotech company granted ethical permission to attempt to use stem cells to reactivate brains of the dead.
There you go.
David, is this... I tweeted this out today, I said, cue the Walking Dead theme.
I mean, is this going to be... is this what's going to happen?
They're going to wake somebody up, but they're going to be not who they once were?
You know, the problem with technology is that it's completely divorced from ethics.
And just because we can do something doesn't mean that we should do it.
And we have lost all sense of that now with the genetic engineering, transgenic genetic engineering, where they take different species and put them together, this kind of stuff.
The kind of creepy surveillance technology that we're seeing.
Of course there's an article on Drudge Report.
The data mining that they're using against us.
Yeah, that Ted Cruz is using.
But I mean, this report that was on the Drudge Report talking about swallowable technologies.
Forget wearables, these are swallowables.
I guess people will swallow anything, literally.
They'll swallow that all of this stuff is going to help them.
I'm very concerned about self-driving cars.
I don't
Taxis, one at a time, okay?
Like your own individual autonomous taxi.
This is a very dangerous situation.
We see the confluence of Google, the car manufacturers like Ford and Volvo, and then you've got both Uber and Lyft are lobbying the federal government to remove safety regulations, and yet they're telling us that these self-driving cars are there for our safety.
The whole thing is a trap!
It's a trap!
It's a trap!
It's a trap!
Let's go to Tyrus in PA.
You're our tail gunner.
Anyone running third party?
I think there's a few people running for third parties.
I keep hearing about Jill Stein, who's running for the Green Party.
Go ahead, what's your question?
I was just curious what you guys thought about that.
Whether you think the Republican Party might conspire with the Democrat Party, put someone out there to get Hillary in?
I had a bad feeling about that since they don't want to accept Trump as their frontrunner it seems.
I think they're going to accept him at this point.
They see the writing on the wall and they see what the American people are about at this point and I think they're going to concede defeat.
But I don't think, you know, Trump said he's only going to take one four-year term.
I think that people like George Will and others are going to do everything they can to overtly or covertly help Hillary Clinton get elected.
I don't think they're going to do anything in terms of a third party.
I would like to have, you know, we try to reach out, again it's always a scheduling, we would like to get the Libertarian candidates to come on and debate some issues and we would ask them some questions like some of our callers have been asking that are never asked and we would like to hear their answers to some of the standard questions that everybody asks but also the issues that are never asked.
I would like to
Hear their response on that.
I think one of the things that could come out of this election that would be very very positive is to even have a multi-party election.
We don't have that, and you can see... Let's have five, somebody said we need five parties.
I was talking to people, they're like, we need five parties minimum, and that way you'd get more ideas, and you would get, you wouldn't have this, you know, universe of power between two... And you wouldn't have the back and forth on personalities.
Because if somebody started doing that to everybody, they would be the problem.
So I think that they would focus more on issues.
I think that would be a key thing to have.
And why is it
That we can have, you know, 30 different brands of cornflakes when we go into the supermarket to choose from, but we're only allowed two political parties.
It's because these guys are criminals.
They want to pretend that they're a monopoly when it suits their purpose, and then they want to pretend that they're open to the public when it suits their purpose.
And it is a monopoly, but they're running it like a racketeer organization.
Yeah, even though they get federal, they get funding from the taxpayers to run their elections, they then come back and say, ah, but we're a private party.
Why are the 32 flavors of ice cream when there should be two?
Republican and Democrat.
Oh man, yeah, they got two different parties, but it seems like they kind of, you know, they're pushing for the same thing.
But I was hoping that maybe there wouldn't be a third party to maybe, so Trump could have Hillary all to himself and maybe not get negated by the third candidate that kind of made
You know, maybe him, or maybe it would make her look a little more bad.
I don't know, but... I don't think there's anybody they could put in at this point that can command the media presence that Donald Trump commands.
I mean, he really has played them to... he's played them like a fiddle.
The media and the politicians.
And the third party is not going to be a factor as long as they maintain control of the debate access.
And they're not going to let anybody into the debates except for the Republican and the Democrat.
And that's not the way that it should be, but that's the reality of the way that it is right now.
Maybe that will change after this time.
We've had lawsuits from the last time.
Gary Johnson tried to get that changed.
They raised after Ross Perot was in, and he shot up in the debates.
He shot in the first place before they scared him out.
After that happened, they said, no, we're not going to let anybody in unless they get to 15% nationally, because they know that's not going to be attainable if you can't get into the debates.
But we may have somebody come along at some point in time that knows how to use social media like Donald Trump, and they might actually get to 15%.
But then they also know how to run these polls, too.
That's true.
It's all rigged, and that's the reason they don't like Donald Trump, because he's kicking their system to the curb.
I mean, imagine if he wasn't in the race.
I guarantee it wouldn't be Ted Cruz who was the frontrunner.
It would be somebody like Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush.
We would be looking at another just crappy election, which, you know, in terms of us,
We would be happy, you know, at that point whoever got in because we would, you know, I think be pointing out their flaws and we're gonna still do it if Donald Trump gets in and he's not acting like a statesman or a constitutional nationalist.
I never really supported him, you know, back whenever he was just a businessman.
I mean, I never hated him or nothing, but, uh, you know, he's the best candidate for the job.
You know, he's a businessman.
I mean, they doubled the debt since Obama's been in there.
We need someone who can at least try or at least has a good chance to get that back on track.
Well, we've given the politicians many years to try and they haven't done a damn thing for us.
Well, the thing that really bothered me about Donald Trump at the beginning, I was adamantly opposed to Donald Trump and I made it very clear because there was a cult of personality around him.
He was not being specific about anything.
It truly was at that point, people following him because he was a celebrity.
But after that,
He's come out with some very specific policies, like I point out, health care.
He's been under the tutelage, I believe, of Senator Sessions, who is the only person with the integrity to look at these trade treaties.
And he's got his former chief of staff, Stephen Miller, who's now the senior foreign policy advisor for Donald Trump.
This is, these are all very good signs, and Donald Trump has been authentic for 30 years.
He's been talking about the problems with trade being managed by these treaties, managed by foreign organizations.
So there's a lot of good things about Donald Trump.
We'll just have to see what happens with these other issues.
And guys, cue up that clip, Trump cucks Wolf.
Let's play that.
Oh yeah, let's play that.