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Name: 20160419_Tue_NightlyNews
Air Date: April 19, 2016
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
I'm David Knight.
It's Tuesday, April 19, 2016.
Here are our top stories.
Tonight, Donald Trump is poised to win New York in a landslide.
But he could leave as many as two dozen delegates on the table, which might end up in the hands of his rivals, as the Republican Party bosses continue the big steal for the establishment.
Meanwhile, the Democrats are prepared to ensure that Hillary Clinton
Clinton takes New York, and Bernie Sanders is marginalized.
Live coverage of the New York primary is next.
But first, a warning from General Washington, deep behind enemy lines at the Central Texas Command Center.
This assault rifle was banned for importation in 1773 by the government because they wanted to control us, the people.
That's coming up next on the InfoWars Nightly News.
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Well today is election day in New York.
Kind of.
We've already got reports of missing voter rolls as well as missing ballots.
So the voters are missing, the ballots are missing, but hey, it's kind of a real election because they're not just meeting in a smoke-filled room where Ted Cruz kind of oils his way across the floor to get the delegates.
Already we've got complaints.
54,000 Brooklyn voters vanish
I had a primary day, and I'm sure there's a good answer for this.
We'll have to wait and see what that is.
But they're saying that they moved 63,500 people onto the rolls of the Democrats in Brooklyn from April to November, and then somehow only 9,000 of those appeared.
54,000 that they say are missing.
Now, were they missing?
Are these ghost voters that were added?
We'll have to wait and see.
Meanwhile, we have in Harlem, claims that there's no GOP ballots whatsoever in Harlem.
This is a story from CBS News, saying at one polling site at Carleton Avenue and Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, the site coordinator didn't even bother to show up.
That took about an hour and a half to find a replacement so that the poll could open.
And they have another report here.
Corruption in full force in Harlem.
I'm told there's no Republican ballots available.
So I was given this one.
And they show a picture of a Democrat ballot.
Say, after showing my voter card, I signed the book and was given a Democrat ballot.
I asked for a GOP ballot.
Said, sorry, don't have any more.
You'll have to wait.
One woman said if your last name was at the end of the alphabet at her polling site at Windsor Terrace, you had to vote with an affidavit.
Okay, then you've got the Attorney General office there of Schneiderman, said it got 562 phone calls, 140 emails.
So that's about 700 complaints.
They said back in the 2012 election, general election, they only had 150 complaints.
So it went from 150 to 700.
This is just the primary.
This is not even the general election.
Then you have somebody who's on radio.
Alex Silverman of WCBS 880 was also among those who had a less-than-ideal voting experience at CBS News.
He said he was in hell's kitchen.
I guess they're all blind like a daredevil.
Anyway, he said he saw a piece of cardboard on top of the scanner, realized there was a problem, and he was told electricians are on the way.
He says when the scanners aren't working, just slide the ballot under the machine and we'll get around to it later.
They're hoping that you can't see, and you know what?
We really can see.
We really aren't blind, even in Hell's Kitchen.
We know precisely what's happening with these elections.
We know how crooked and rigged they are.
We see the Attorney General in New York saying, voting is our most sacred right.
No, it is
A fraud that they're pulling on the people.
But we need to understand this.
The important thing about this process is that people see what is wrong with it.
And see if they're going to fix it or not.
Wall Street Journal is saying the fight over the delegate rules escalates for both parties.
They say it's put GOP leaders in historic and potentially explosive bind.
They have to explain why Donald Trump, who has the most votes, you know all he's got is the GOP consultants say, all Donald Trump has is a bunch of voters.
Yeah, he's got actually two million more than Ted Cruz, but of course the rules allow the officials to nominate somebody else.
And on the Democrat side, we got Hillary Clinton and her superdelegates.
Even though she has a lead at this point, she would win without the superdelegates.
That's still something that rightfully rankles people about what's going on in this process.
It is corrupt.
Now later in the show, we're going to have George Washington himself visit us from the past.
And he's going to explain to us what he said in his farewell address, among other things.
Of course, today is April 19th, the anniversary of the move at Concord and Lexington by the Redcoats to confiscate assault weapons.
He's going to have an assault weapon for us here live at the show he's going to present to us.
But when he gave his farewell address, one of the things that he's famous for was talking about avoiding foreign entanglements, having an America first foreign policy, if you will.
But what he talked about the most in his farewell address was the evil of partisan politics.
And now we can see how that is playing out.
Going back to this Wall Street Journal article, they say, both parties face intense pressure to explain why the outcome of primary elections may be overtaken by party rules.
Yeah, why would that happen?
Why would the party overrule?
See, the elections aren't being overtaken by the party rules.
The party is overruling the elections.
...say there are rulers who make the rules, who dictate the rules.
They say it gives an outside power to party leaders and to delegates.
This is a turning point for American political parties, says a former Clinton administration official, a veteran of Democratic policy debates.
After this, she predicts the parties will either cede more power to the ordinary voter, or they'll go back to the days where this is purely a party business.
Hey folks, it's been purely a party business for a long time.
You may not have seen this unless you actually got involved in the election process.
Trying to run as an independent, trying to run as third party, or even trying to come up through the party ranks.
You're going to see this unfold.
People are seeing this unfold now in a way they never have before.
They say the squeeze is particularly strong on the Republican side this year, where turnout is up by 57% over 2012, and viewership of the party's debates has set records.
But we can see one way in which the establishment party is pulling the party lovers.
They are threatening people who work for the Trump campaign with a kind of blacklisting, a kind of McCarthyism.
It's something we've seen before.
And of course, it's the tactics that we've seen used over and over again by the left, where they want to censor anybody who doesn't agree with them.
Or try to arrest them.
But now we see this, you'll never work in this town again, being applied to people who support Donald Trump.
This is Politico reporting on this today.
They say, when Matt Brainerd signed on to run Donald Trump's data team last fall, he got an email from a veteran GOP operative to whom he was close.
And in the email, his friend warned him, you realize that once you go Trump-tard, your career in GOP politics is over?
Well Brainerd took the job anyway, they said.
He explained that he believed in Trump and he wasn't worried about being blacklisted.
He says this isn't a career, it's a vocation and only God can take that away.
But they say, according to interviews with more than a dozen operatives, including several who oppose Trump, some who support him, and leaders of prominent D.C.
political shops, some of those who go to work for Trump face an implicit and occasionally an overt threat that you will never work in this town again.
Here's one of the people that's being threatened by this.
Phyllis Schlafly.
Now, who's Phyllis Schlafly?
If you don't know, she's a conservative icon.
She's been the national leader of the conservative movement for a long time.
She wrote A Choice, Not an Echo back in 1964.
She's been a leader of the pro-family movement since 1972.
She led the fight to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment.
She's now 91 years old.
She founded Eagle Forum.
And now there is an attempted coup to throw her out.
Because she supported Donald Trump.
They say on March 11, 2016, conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly endorsed Donald Trump.
But not everyone in her organization agreed with her.
So what they tried to do was to throw her out.
And I think it's instructive to see how they try to do this.
Because it's the same type of tactics that we see at these non-elections at the different states.
They say, well, you know what the rules are, you just come in and you know, you compete somehow to win delegates.
You know, you
You kiss the ring of the guy who's running the little state party here in Colorado, who has already said he's never Trump.
So you can go to him and you can apply.
And if you don't do that, we're going to say, well, you know, you knew what the rules were and you didn't want to try to win this.
So, you know, you're just a loser.
You didn't play by our rules.
Now, what happened to Phyllis Schlafly?
Two weeks ago, she released several board members for disloyalty to the organization.
The group is planning to hold rogue board meetings to take over Eagle Forum.
The rogue Cruz supporters.
This is not a faceless movement.
The face of this movement has become the mockish face of Ted Cruz.
They attempted a coup at Eagle Forum.
They held a non-sanctioned meeting.
They reportedly blocked Phyllis Schlafly from their conference calls.
And the Cruz supporters argued that she is senile and not in charge of Eagle Forum.
See, there you go.
Oh, no, you are mentally incompetent.
So they have a quiet, closed process where you're not allowed to participate.
Oh, and if you try to speak to somebody, you're a loser or maybe you're mentally incompetent and senile.
That's what they're saying about Phyllis Schlafly.
And of course, you can look at the video.
That article, and you can see, she's far from mentally incompetent.
We just had her on the Alex Jones Show not very long ago.
She's very bright, very articulate.
What we're seeing here, you need to understand, these are Soviet-style tactics.
Tactics of McCarthyism, blacklisting, censorship.
And twisting arms behind closed doors.
But if you want to show up at the convention, if you want to lobby the delegates who are there, who participate in this corrupt process to become delegates at the local level, then you're somehow a violent threat, according to Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz.
Now, the GOP chairman says none of this is a problem, and he went to Capitol Hill Republicans to talk to them about the upcoming election.
And House Speaker Paul Ryan, who will be chairing the convention, was there with Reince Priebus, and they were explaining to the congressman, they said, you know, we have a lot of questions.
We have questions like, how does the convention work?
How are the delegates selected?
So we're going to explain that to you, congressmen.
And I look at this article and I think, wait a minute.
We've got congressmen who don't understand how a convention works?
We've got congressmen who don't understand how delegates are selected?
See, that's it.
It's because it's a selection and not an election.
Maybe these congressmen thought that this was an election.
No, it's not an election.
They're trying to join us, says Reince Priebus.
You're trying to join our party.
This is our private party.
We happen to have monopoly powers that we have given ourselves in the political process.
We happen to be subsidized by the voters in these sham elections that we hold.
But no, this is our party.
It's private.
And we're going to explain to you, congressmen,
How this works, okay?
Why would the congressman need to know?
Look, George Washington got it right, and he's going to be joining us later.
CNN pointed out in his farewell address, he cautioned against the vengeful practices of political parties.
To him, they said, political parties put their own interests above those of the country.
You think?
We're seeing that pretty clearly now, aren't we?
He said, the alternative domination of one faction over another, this is George Washington, sharpened by the spirit of revenge that is natural to party dissension, is itself a frightful despotism.
Now you may need to unpack that and think about that a little bit because that's a little bit above our vocabulary today.
We don't talk with that many complex words, with that many multi-syllable words, but what he's saying is, we've got revenge, we've got fighting, we've got despotism, because we've got one faction fighting against another.
And then he goes on to say other things, too.
Of course, many of these were in his farewell address.
He says, political parties may now and then
Answer the needs of the people, but he said they become potent engines by which cunning, ambitious, unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people.
Oh, who would we be talking about there today?
Well, I see the face of Cruz, Priebus and Ryan and others when we talk about that.
Ambitious, unprincipled men, cunning, manipulating this process, subverting the power of the people, substituting their will, their backroom
Uh, processes for the people's vote.
To usurp for themselves the reins of government.
And guess what else it does?
It opens up the reins of foreign influence.
And now we can see that with a 9-11 report.
We've got, we've had the 9-11 families upset about the White House's efforts to derail the bill that would allow them to get compensation for Saudi Arabia if it is shown, which everybody is saying these secret pages show the Saudi connection to this.
And Obama said, I'm going to block that.
Now we see it's not just Obama, but it's Lindsey Graham talking about this.
It's Paul Ryan talking about setting this down.
Because you understand, there's one ruling party at the top.
And even though we may say that Chuck Schumer and John Cornyn both agree that the 9-11 victims should be compensated, Lindsey Graham is saying the same thing to the people who are accused of terrorism that he's saying to the victims of terrorism.
You don't get a lawyer.
Shut up.
Sit down.
Okay, that's what he told people who were accused of terrorism.
If the government accused you of being a terrorist, you don't get a lawyer.
Shut up and sit down.
Now he's saying that to the families, to the victims of the terrorists.
He says, I want to make sure that anything we do doesn't come to bite us.
Anything we do in this bill can be used against us later.
Why would he be concerned about that?
Well, because this is going to draw a trail, not only from the
But it is going to connect, I believe, the CIA through Prince Bandar.
As the New York Post points out on how the U.S.
covered up the Saudis' role in 9-11, they say in its report on the still-censored 28 pages, 60 Minutes said the Saudi role had been soft-pedaled.
Now the author Paul Sperry said, well that's an amazing understatement.
He said actually the Kingdom's involvement was deliberately covered up at the highest levels of our government and the cover-up goes beyond locking up the 28 pages of the Saudi report.
That's another part of the iceberg's tip.
That when it comes out we're going to see more involvement there.
Now this is what he goes on to say.
Case agents that I've interviewed
At the Joint Terrorism Task Forces in Washington and San Diego, the forward operating base for some of the Saudi hijackers, as well as detectives at Fairfax County Virginia Police Department, who also investigated several 9-11 leads, say that virtually every road led back to the Saudi embassy in Washington, as well as to the Saudi consulate in Los Angeles.
Yet, time and again, they were called off from pursuing leads.
A common excuse was diplomatic immunity.
Now, who is at the center of this on the Saudis?
None other than Prince Bandar, he says.
An investigator who worked for the Joint Task Force in Washington complained that instead of investigating Prince Bandar, the U.S.
government protected him, literally.
He said the State Department assigned a security detail to help guard Bandar, not only at the embassy, but also at his McLean, Virginia, mansion.
Former FBI agent who worked on 9-11 and related al-Qaeda cases out of the bureau said Bandar should have been a key suspect in the 9-11 probe.
They said the Saudi ambassador funded two of the 9-11 hijackers through a third-party look.
We understand, even just looking at what's going on in Saudi Arabia.
We know, look at these headlines.
Veteran Saudi player works to build support to topple Assad.
relies heavily on Saudi money to support Syrian rebels, so forth and so on.
Prince Bandar heads a secret Saudi CIA effort.
You connect this to the Saudis, you connect it to Bandar.
You connect it to Bandar, you connect it to the CIA.
When we come back, we're going to be talking to George Washington.
Stay with us.
Very important things he has to say to you about political parties and other issues.
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Joining us now is George Washington, veteran of the French and Indian War, of course, Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army.
He made a bold, audacious move in crossing the Delaware.
He ultimately defeated the world's largest military.
And when it came time for the first President of the United States, after we'd won our independence, there was nobody else that was even close to George Washington.
Now, you've come a long way, sir.
It is an honor to be with you today, David.
I've traversed some 200 years of history and 2,000 miles from my beloved Mount Vernon to be with you on the frontier of Tejas today.
And on a very momentous day, April the 19th.
Tell us what happened in your time.
Well, it's interesting.
There was a place called Lexington and there there was a man named Jonas Clark that stood in the way of the Redcoats.
Didn't call them the British were coming.
We were all British.
But the Redcoats were coming.
And they were in the lawn of the church there in Lexington, where the road split.
Now you would think the parson of that church would be upset that the war, the shot heard around the world, took place in the backyard of his church.
Except that parson was Jonas Clark, the head of the militia.
That shot heard around the world was due to the fact that those Redcoats were going to Concord.
And I'm sure you know why they were going to Concord.
To confiscate the arms and ammunition of the Patriot cause.
And so the shot heard around the world was actually over gun control.
We need to understand our history.
We need to know where we have come from.
I have been updated some by your staff and I understand that there's been an attempt to
Stop the importation of assault rifles, is that correct?
Yes, yes.
Things that would be used by the military.
Yeah, absolutely.
Well, I would like to present you with one of those assault rifles that has been banned by the government, if you don't mind.
Yes, I'd love to have it.
This assault rifle was banned for importation in 1773 by the government because they wanted to control us, the people.
And so I would like to present that to you.
Wow, that's a nice piece.
To remind, again, a forgetful nation of the legacy of faith and freedom that has been left to us as a nation.
And so that's why I've come.
I've also understood that, as they have updated me, that
There was a September, a fiery explosion.
As Muslim terrorists tried to interrupt our world trade, just as a new president had taken office.
Is that true?
We understand.
We're still trying to get information about that, but that is, that is something that we all know happened.
We don't exactly know at this point.
It's not been made public who was behind it, but yes, the Muslim... I can, I can shed some light on that.
That new president was Thomas Jefferson.
The year was 1801.
And that fiery explosion was the USS Intrepid in the harbor of Triboli on September the 8th.
September the 8th?
We must know our history.
We must know from whence we come.
That was the first war that our young nation was in, and it was against Muslim terrorists.
We're good to go.
Nothing has changed.
That's right.
Nothing new under the sun.
That's right.
Now, you are a large man.
What, 6'2"?
History says 6'2"-6'4".
Yes, yes.
And one of the best horsemen in the country, according to Thomas Jefferson.
Well, I'm humbled by that title, yes.
But I do enjoy my horses.
A man of great physical strength.
Understand that you could... I am humbled.
...crack nuts with your bare hands?
If hungry enough, yes.
And you got fairly hungry at Valley Forge, didn't you?
Oh, yes.
Those were some dark days.
Some very dark days.
Now, you talked about April 19th and the pastor who was head of the militia there.
Tell us about that because, you know, as we look at
Romans 13.
Today, in our time, we have a lot of people who will tell us that Romans 13 prohibits any questioning even of authority.
That we should unquestioningly obey authority.
Yet, Romans 13 was used by the black regiment, as they called the clergy.
To argue for the fact that we were justified to stand up to a king that was no longer under God, no longer under the rule of law, who had violated covenants that he had made with the people.
Tell us a little bit about that back and forth, because there were two different trains of thought at the time of the American Revolution, wasn't there?
There were many trains of thought.
In fact, we all struggled with that.
If you were a man of faith, to read those verses.
But as you read that, it says, for the Lord's sake.
And so many of us interpreted that to say that as long as that leader is honoring God, that we are to honor them.
But as we look at, for example, Hebrews 11, there were many honored men of faith.
Jacob, Gideon,
Barak, Jephthah, all of those men resisted tyrannical governments and were honored as men of faith.
Reverend Mayhew, he said to stand against tyrants is to honor God.
And that was many of the pastors, those black robe regiment that served me so well throughout our glorious cause.
They reminded the people that to stand for freedom is what the Lord would have us to do.
But it was a struggle in many of our hearts and many of our minds through those days.
To stand against oppression, against brutality, and against the confiscation of religious liberty.
Because we had the British King who was imposing his own church on everyone and was basically arresting, they had a history of arresting people in England who were not part of the Church of England.
They did not want to see that
Coming to America.
They believed that was going to be something that was going to come to America.
That was a key part, I believe.
Even as Jefferson was president.
The Danbury Baptist wrote him a letter in concern that there was going to be a state religion or state denomination and the separation of church and state where those words come from was to assure him that the government would never interfere with a person's right to their religious beliefs.
Unfortunately those words have been twisted and they're being used to do exactly what they ensured that they would not do.
Yes, absolutely.
Now when it comes to political parties, we have a lot of things happening with political parties in my country.
We have an election going on right now.
You were not a fan of political parties, were you?
No, not at all.
As you look at my farewell address, which there's another great concern as we're not teaching our children the science of government, which is something that I encourage as one of the greatest endeavors that you can undertake.
I said this in my farewell address, which was required memorization
To graduate from high school in the early 1900s.
You had to be able to quote, word for word, my farewell address before you could graduate from high school.
That was quite lengthy.
All we had to do was the first half of the first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence.
They didn't want you to memorize the part when government becomes destructive of these means.
It's the right and the duty of the people to alter or abolish it.
Don't memorize that.
Just the first part.
That's all we had to do.
They've dumbed it down quite a bit.
Seventy years ago it was required reading.
Now it is not even in the history textbooks anymore.
And so I warned you.
Many of those things, the reason it was so important back then, they felt like, is because it was a warning to the people of this nation of the many things that we need to watch out for.
And one of those, if I could quote it,
I said it is a fatal tendency, now fatal's fairly serious, to put into place of the delegated will of the nation the will of a party.
Often an artful and enterprising minority, they are likely in the course of time and things to become potent engines by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and usurp for themselves the reins of government, afterwards destroying the very engines that raise them to unjust dominion.
That was my warning to the people of America over 200 years ago.
And we have seen the fruit of that happen as we see cunning and artful men use these political parties to seize and retain powers and to keep, once they establish their parties, to keep others from establishing competing parties, even to that degree.
That's the kind of control that we have seen evolve out of that because
We don't heed the warnings of George Washington.
Our citizens are not being taught.
There was a man that said people without a heritage are easily manipulated.
That was Karl Marx.
And as we look at our nation today, our children are not being taught our history.
It's a revisionist history.
We, the founding fathers, were terrorists.
Stay with us when we come back.
We're going to talk to the man who brought George Washington to the present, and he didn't do it in a DeLorean or a police box.
We're going to talk to Mark Collins when we come back.
Stay with us.
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Welcome back.
We've been talking to George Washington, and of course on this April the 19th, he presented us with an assault weapon.
An original assault weapon.
We've been talking about his time, and before we come to the present time, I want to ask Mr. Washington about foreign policy.
We have a situation today where we are very much involved in Europe and all around the world, but that was something you had warned America about.
David, I warned you against foreign entanglements getting entwined with these foreign governments.
We paid a price.
France helped us greatly, but they began to delve into our business, if you will, and it caused a lot of angst among the colonies for a long time, and so I cautioned against it.
And here I see today, for example, the United Nations, I believe you call it.
It's everything but, as I have observed, what I've seen and heard.
But they have ICLA, or ICLEI, where there's these entanglements with our counties and our cities and states.
And it's circumventing the federal government, which is against the constitution of this nation.
These cities are breaking constitutional law.
And we need to be understanding that this is a dangerous thing.
They're entwining their beliefs, their thoughts into America.
We've been one of the most blessed nations in the world.
And if we were to still look at your farewell address, we would see how you had warned us that foreign interests would be combined with political parties to essentially destroy our country.
And that's what we are now seeing.
We see these foreign interests dictating to us
Not only what we're going to do with our land, but also dictating our trade and our economy.
All these things are being done by foreign powers.
We're being blackmailed by foreign powers.
It's truly amazing when we see this.
Now, I want to talk to the man who brought you here.
Mark Collins.
And of course, this is Mark Collins.
And let me introduce him to you.
Of course, he's no stranger to George Washington.
He's played him in many occasions.
He's been in a 10-part miniseries for the History Channel titled The Revolution.
He has been at the National Day of Prayer.
He has also performed at Mount Vernon, the Republican Convention, and of course, in Revelation, the movie.
And some amazing clips that they shot of you in Revelation the movie.
You are a Baptist pastor, and of all places, Yorktown.
Yorktown, Texas, of course.
They didn't have a Mount Vernon, Texas, that you could go to?
They actually do.
Oh, they do?
Well, I'm surprised you're not there.
That's going to be my second choice.
Okay, great.
Now, you are exactly, and this is the interesting thing, Mark is exactly the same size as George Washington.
And prematurely gray, as George Washington.
Since I was 27.
Yes, wow.
Is that right?
That's amazing.
And when you look at this picture, this split face, now this is, this was an artist from the 18th century that... Held on, made a life mask, literally made a life mask of Washington's face.
It's the only real image they have of Washington.
Wow, that's amazing.
Now, let's talk a little bit about what you typically do
Of course, I just listed all the different places that, uh, big things that you've done, like movies and that sort of, those types of appearances.
But you do a lot to educate children.
You do a lot of school appearances, don't you?
You know, Washington said one of the greatest endeavors that we can undertake is teaching our youth the science of government.
Yes, I do.
We don't even teach them the concept that government is a science.
Cause and effect.
You can actually measure those things just like you can with a chemical experiment.
And we don't teach them that.
We don't teach them to look for those things.
Government's just a random thing that happens.
And your beliefs or your truths are not my truths, but they're just as valuable.
It flowed out from the character of the individual, which is why they would say things, as John Adams said, that, you know, unless we have a moral nation, Christian nation, we will not be able to maintain our democracy.
They understood that, and they understood, they were not idealists when it came to human nature.
That's why they subdivided the government.
That's why they tried, the thing they were most concerned about was the consolidation of power at the federal level.
They would have been absolutely horrified
At the consolidation of power at the international level.
Oh yes.
Those entanglements that we just talked about.
It is so concerning to see what we are doing as a nation.
We're giving away our nation and it's an assault on the people of America.
Now you go and talk to a lot of school classes.
You told me that you'll ask them in advance questions that they have for George Washington.
I would imagine if they even know this anymore, the only two things that they would know about George Washington, and maybe those are even too esoteric in our current environment for the schools, maybe they don't even teach them about the cherry tree myth or the wooden teeth issues, right?
I imagine that would be the only two things they think they know about George Washington.
Not being true, of course, right?
Yes, yes.
For the record, Washington said he never knew that cherry tree.
Yes, and of course his teeth were not wooden.
That's an interesting story and the fact that Stuart was a portrait artist that had been commissioned by Martha to paint the General, as she called General Washington, and as he did it,
Washington's actual dentures, which were made out of lead bases, if you can imagine, with some of his own teeth, hippopotamus ivory, and cow's teeth.
They're on display at Mount Vernon.
I would have lunch after you see those because they're not pretty.
And I've read that his teeth, which again, not wooden teeth, but the dentures were so bad,
And he complained about them so much they'd distort his mouth, make it difficult for him to talk.
It made him a bit more reticent in later years than he would have been.
Perhaps more engaged as some of the other founders were, like Jefferson or Adams, that possibly pulled him back and limited his influence somewhat.
He was known to distance himself from many people.
He had very few in his inner circle.
If you ask his peers who was his greatest confidant,
It would be Billy Lee, a slave.
You mentioned that Washington was known as the best rider in Virginia.
The second part of that sentence was always in Billy Lee was second best.
And they would hunt together.
There's actually in Washington's journal where they hunted 17 days in a row, the two of them.
Can you imagine fox hunting together with a slave?
But they considered, those that observed said he was closer than anyone else on Washington's deathbed.
Of course, everyone wanted to come and see him.
The only person allowed in the room besides family was Billy Lee.
Is that right?
Isn't that interesting?
In fact, you see the portrait of Washington on his deathbed, and you'll see a black gentleman kneeling at the end of the bed.
That was Billy Lee.
And he freed all of his slaves.
He put it in his will that all of his slaves were to be educated and then freed.
Which was very unusual.
And that's the thing too, you know, when we look at the founders and we look at the issue of slavery, as Jefferson said, they had a tiger by the tail.
They didn't really know what to do about it.
At that point in time, when I go back and I look at the people, the wealthy people, the plantation owners, like the founders who had slaves, they had not a... it was a relationship like you just described.
It was, for the most part, they were not hateful of the slaves at all.
They were
Patronizing of the slaves.
And so they look at him and say, well, I can't release them because they wouldn't be able to survive in this society.
So they actually created Liberia to repatriate the slaves, give them freedom and say, we'll put them somewhere where they'll be able to not be oppressed by other people.
So there was that kind of patronism that we saw there.
But I think the real hatred that you saw came during Reconstruction in the South, basically looking at my understanding of history as I look at that.
It is very interesting to look at that complicated history that we see there.
We've got one minute left.
Tell us a little bit about the new movie, Revelation, that you're in.
Oh, it's very exciting.
Chuck and Anita Untersee, who is the producer of that film, approached me looking for a Washington, and it was amazing.
I knew a lot of our history, our past, but I really didn't know where we were, that we were that frog in a boiling pot.
With Agenda 21 and a lot of these other things that are coming at the American people so fast, and so for yours, and most Americans have no clue.
It is an excellent documentary.
I saw it this weekend.
If you haven't seen this movie, we're going to make it available when it comes out.
Hopefully it's going to get a national theatrical release.
It's in Houston.
If you're in the Houston area, and I know that right now they've had massive floods, so it's going to be difficult for people to get to the movies, but if you can, it is something to see.
It gets a tremendous amount of information out there.
And Chuck Undersea did a fantastic job of editing.
He's got so many different sources, and he intermixes their stories together very quickly in a way that I think few documentaries do.
I think it's going to be a riveting experience for people, and it is going to expand their understanding of truly where we are.
All right, stay with us.
We're going to be right back with more from Mark Collins as George Washington, and we'll tell you a little bit more about Revelation the movie.
We'll be right back.
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There was a mighty nation, blessed above all of creation.
It was a rare and precious pearl.
Conceived in faith and liberty, home of the brave, land of the free.
It was the envy of the world.
But this shining city on the hill has turned from the Creator's will and let evil take control.
Now the reckless men who lead them Want to strip away their freedom And to steal their very souls
Now it's smoking mirrors, switching baits, criticize and confiscate and let the guilty walk away.
What difference at this point does it make?
In this once righteous godly nation, in the halls of education, they permit a child to pray.
Our society is moving towards Marxism.
They say we need to spread the wealth.
They pretend to guard the health of the feeble and the poor.
While the hand they hold behind their back confuses and conceals the fact that the proof is at the door.
There's an unseen hand that pulls the string.
It makes his little puppets dance to every song he sings.
As the night falls in on a rising tide.
Look beyond the shadows.
Behold a pale horse ride.
Something's wrong.
Well, they claim to speak a new world order.
Nations without borders.
But don't believe the lie.
Even in this wealthy nation, it can come down to starvation and the twinkling of an eye.
They tell us there will soon be peace.
Our lives will be in endless speed.
But they lead us toward the dark.
In the distance, sabers rattle.
And the army's trained for battle.
As the beast repairs his mark.
There's an unseen hand that pulls the string.
Behold the pale holy sky.
The nation has been hijacked by international forces.
The dark side bent on global governance.
Time to ride, boys.
We need a thousand Paul Revere's.
No is a powerful concept.
And again, that was Charlie Daniels singing the song from Revelation, the movie, and in that movie you saw Mark Collins as George Washington crossing the Delaware, a great historical reenactor.
Mark Collins, tell us your website, Mark.
My website is GWLives.com.
GWLives, and this is when you're doing, again, exactly the same size as George Washington, and you really
Really have the persona down and you're filled with interesting facts about George Washington.
You do school appearances as well in many places.
So if you want to contact Mark Collins you can find him there.
Now we're talking about Revelation the movie and there was a story a couple of days ago
About another movie called Ambience.
This is over the weekend.
The world's longest ever movie.
The trailer for the movie is 7 hours and 20 minutes.
The movie itself is 30 days long.
Okay, so if people can set through a movie that is 30 days long or a trailer that is 7 hours, you can certainly set through a documentary for a couple hours.
That will educate you and your family about world government.
And this documentary, Revelation the Movie, is very entertaining.
They have reenactors like Mark Collins' George Washington.
They also have the Alamo and many others in this to spice it up.
But the key thing about this is the editing.
You know, when I look at this movie that is 30 days long, I say, you know what they need is they need an editor.
I could have helped them with that.
When you've got a movie that long, you desperately need an editor.
Chuck Undersy did a great job of editing Revelation the movie.
There are so many different people, so many different issues, and the way he interweaves the different people's stories on these issues, I think, is truly amazing.
I really hope people can go see the film.
It will change this country if we get enough people in those theater seats.
It really will.
Yeah, I really do believe it will.
And of course, whether it gets a national release or not, we will still see it on DVD and you will be seeing that here at InfoWars when it comes out.
Alex Jones is in that as well as Charlie Daniels.
He has a large role in that.
It goes back and forth between him and General
Thank you so much, yeah.
General Jerry Boykin.
So they're kind of the two central figures that tie the narrative together.
But he has a slew of people who are part of the Patriot Movement, and he hits on so many different issues in the Patriot Movement.
Again, that's Revelation the movie.
If you're in the Houston area, and if those theaters have not been submerged, they had the weekend opening, and I went to Houston to see it this last weekend.
But yeah, if those theaters are still there, it's a good thing to support that.
We're good to go.
Well, not only what is happening on the Republican side, but of course, this is the home state to Donald Trump, to Hillary Clinton, and to Bernie Sanders.
Well, I guess we could say it's Hillary Clinton's home state.
It's her adopted home state, let's put it that way.
And we're going to see what's coming up with that.
Thank you so much, Mr. Collins.
Mark Collins, George Washington, thank you so much for coming in.
Thank you.
I do have something before we go that I would like to present to you.
This is a picture of me at Valley Forge.
And it has what is considered Washington's life motto, not words but deeds.
And David, I feel like you and here at InfoWars, you guys portray that better than anybody.
Also, Washington created the Purple Badge of Merit for meritorious service.
Wow, the original Purple Heart.
The original Purple Heart.
And so I would like to present that to you for your service to this nation.
A replica of the Purple Heart.
Replica of the original Purple Heart.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Best of luck to you.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
And if you want to know George Washington, if you want him to go to your school or you have some other event, you cannot find a better enactor of George Washington.
Excellent job.
Thank you so much, Mr. Collins.
God bless.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back with live coverage of the New York primaries, Democrat and Republican.
First things I remember are frosty Carolina mornings with a cheery fire crackling in my mama's big black wood cook stove.
I'm Charlie Daniels.
Today, something's wrong.
And we all know it.
The nation has been hijacked by international forces.
I got shot through the shoulder.
My first thought was, damn, that hurts.
Even Hollywood couldn't make up stuff like this.
The people of the world are waiting for Americans to wake up!
We the people have the right to keep and bear arms.
The average citizen is photographed 300 times per day.
The fence ends right here.
Beheadings, beatings, torturing, burning people in barrels.
It's indicative, I think, of their confidence now that it doesn't matter if this is open.
We have so much power here that they can't take us down.
The biggest stumbling block to this plan is the United States of America.
Why is that?
Because we have a tradition of individual freedom and liberty.
We have to protect America and the American way of life first.
World government is only the beginning.
The cock is crowed, friends.
Denial will not stand.
Once they have control, they plan on absolutely dehumanizing humanity.
When I was a boy, things were pretty much like those wonderful Norman Rockwell images of 30s America.
And all you ISIS people threatening us?
Hey, we're not a French newspaper.
We got people that have taken your asses out in this building right now.
We're armed to the teeth, and we're not scared.
You got that, you sons of bitches?
This is Texas.
You wanna threaten me?
You can go straight to hell.
You understand that?
Never water yourself down just because someone can't handle you at 100 Proof.
It's the Alex Jones Show, because there's a war on for your mind.
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And your support is helping us defend liberty worldwide.
Welcome back to our live coverage of the New York primary.
GOP and Democrat, I'm David Knight and joining me now is Jakari Jackson.
Jakari, I'm looking at the Drudge headlines and we see that voters are disappearing on the Democrat side and ballots are disappearing on the Republican side.
Works the same way.
It works the same way.
They just have different approaches.
See, on the Republican side, they disappear the ballots and the elections.
And on the Democrat side, they disappear the voters.
Just completely got rid of them.
They've got their own way of doing things.
Because, you know, the political parties are just so different from each other, aren't they?
Yeah, and this is always what we talk about.
I have this article here.
This is from The Observer, and they're talking about how the comptroller will perform an audit in New York City, and they say 100,000 voters have pretty much disappeared from the rolls in Brooklyn.
No problem.
You know, it's like it never existed.
We're going to be joining our reporter Richard Reeves, who's in New York in front of the Trump Towers, in just a few moments.
We're also going to be following the election as it unfolds.
And right now, Drudge is the only one that's reporting any results based on exit polls, because major networks won't report results officially until all the polls are closed.
And they are just now closing in New York.
Now, the early results that Drudge has been reporting are Trump 61%.
Kasich, 24, and Cruz, 15.
A distant third.
One quarter of what Trump got in New York.
Now, what Trump needed to do was to get significantly over 50%.
That's what everybody was looking for.
He needs to get a large number of these delegates again, chasing that magic number of 1,237, because Cruz is going around the back door taking delegates that Donald Trump has already won.
And let's understand, this is not a politics effort, okay?
This is taking somebody, they've been elected delegates for one reason and one reason only, and that is to vote for Trump or to vote for Cruz.
So when you go in and take these guys, that's as if you voted for a Republican and you get a Democrat.
Okay, it's one issue that they're going to do this for.
So they're hoping they can throw this into a contested election going into the second ballot and then he's already got his people in place rejecting
The wishes of the voters.
Now, on the Democrat side, we've got Clinton at 54, Sanders at 46.
Again, Hillary Clinton needed to show that she was moving ahead in this race, get her momentum back.
Bernie Sanders has won eight of the last nine elections.
And on the Democrat side, they really are elections.
They're not these kind of selections that they've been running, these voterless elections that Cruz has been winning.
Sanders is not really trailing Clinton by that much when you remove the superdelegates.
But when you put in the superdelegates, she's got a huge lead.
And as we've seen before, and as we've covered before on Infowars, they've talked to the superdelegates in New York and they've asked them, would they switch if the voters chose Bernie Sanders?
And many of them, all the people that would respond to them, basically said, no, we wouldn't.
I'm going to vote for Hillary.
She's my friend.
And the thing about that is, we have another article here, this is from Fox News, and they're talking about the thing that you're talking about right here, these superdelegates.
And they're saying that when Democrats caucused in Washington State last month, Bernie Sanders scored an overwhelming victory, 73%.
But that wide margin did nothing to sway the state's superdelegates, who were already committed to Hillary Clinton.
That's right, that's right.
We've seen over and over again.
That's right.
When asked about this, of course, you know, saying that it looked like he was behind about eight to ten points in the polls, he says, what does it mean if I lose?
He says, well, it means I lose.
So it's no big deal, he says.
That's all it means.
However, I want to talk to you about what it would mean if Bernie Sanders were to win, if he were to win the general election and become president.
Let's take a quick look at
What would happen to your paycheck?
This is a story from the Daily Caller.
And then they look at it and say, well, what would it mean for my paycheck?
You know what?
You're going to lose if Bernie wins the presidency.
They had a study that was done by the Tax Foundation.
They say it's a non-partisan Washington, D.C.-based think tank.
They looked at every income bracket, including the lowest bracket, and everybody across every bracket would lose at least 7% of their take-home pay.
But there's other issues involved here as well.
But let's look at some of these different brackets.
They say if you look at the very poorest people, the bottom 10%, you know, Bernie Sanders and the Democrat Party, they're there for those people on the bottom.
They're there for those low-earning, wage-earning people.
They said those who are making $18,870 a year, and of course now what they're doing here is a single filer, no children, using standard deduction.
So look at this income level, $18,870.
They would see a $45 drop every other page period, okay?
7.3% reduction.
That's a reduction in their take-home pay.
An individual in the lower middle income range, that would be about $23,400, would take home 7.6% less money, okay?
Their check would fall from about $751 to $694.
You didn't need that money, really, you know?
Well, David, I think you're completely missing the point here because you're going to get free college.
It's all worthwhile.
Yeah, right.
You're going to get free college.
He's got some other freebies for you, too, but there's also some ancillary effects of that besides just your take on pay.
Let's look at a couple more of these.
Middle income earner, $36,200 a year in the 50th percentile.
They would see an 8% reduction.
Their paycheck would go from $11.31 every two weeks to $10.40.
Now, let's take a look at some of the highest earning wage earners.
Okay, $92,000.
They're going to see an 8% drop, 8.3%, or $218 taken out of every bi-weekly paycheck.
But those in the highest income tax bracket, the very highest,
They're going to get slammed.
Doesn't it make you feel better?
They're going to get slammed with a 17.9% decrease in their take-home pay.
Okay, now, do you really think that's going to happen, Jagari?
And would it make you feel better?
No, it doesn't make me feel better.
It doesn't make me feel better that somebody is being screwed worse than I am.
Because it makes me think, like, it may be one day if I do climb that mountain, David, then the same thing is just going to happen to me.
But see, that's the whole point of socialism.
You're supposed to feel better even though they take an extra 8% out of your paycheck.
You're supposed to feel better that the really rich guys are going to take home 18% less.
So that makes you feel better, doesn't it?
Well, they have the tax havens.
They have the lawyers who jump through all the loopholes.
That's the thing people don't get.
When I talk to people on the street, they don't understand that these guys have lawyers dedicated to finding every little... They're gymnastic.
You're ahead of me.
That was my next point.
It was like, guess what?
They're not going to pay the 18%.
This is a hypothetical situation.
Very much.
The people at the top don't do any tax planning.
And they are the ones who plan it the most.
They're the ones who get their congressmen to write special exemptions for their business or whatever.
They're not going to pay that extra increase.
So you, all of you at the bottom, the middle, and the high middle, you're going to be the ones paying 8% more on the income tax.
But they say, don't worry.
You're going to save some money because we're going to take away the health insurance costs and we're going to give you those free college benefits, okay?
But now, that's going to take away, that's going to add some benefits here, but understand what would happen.
They say the GDP would drop an estimated 9.5% because everybody's going to be taken home a lot less.
Anywhere from 50 bucks a paycheck to a couple hundred bucks a paycheck less.
So, the GDP is going to drop, they estimate, 9.5%.
Capital investment would plummet by 18%.
We're good to go.
With Washington is the money that's there.
It's the black hole that pulls in all that money and power.
And as long as you've got that, no matter what rules you put in, no matter how you finance campaigns at the federal level, you're still going to have corruption.
You're still going to have crony capitalism and you're going to have crony socialism as well.
And so they say it would also result in about six million
Full-time jobs would be lost.
So, you know what?
If Bernie loses, as he says in New York, he loses.
If I lose, I lose, okay?
But if he wins, you lose.
That's exactly right.
It is just the other day, David, I saw a fight for 15 protests.
You know, these McDonald's workers who have won $15.
Now, hey, if you guys can swing it, best of luck to you.
But we also saw the article just a couple days ago.
I think it was on Drudge how they're starting to replace the McDonald's workers with the machines.
So you already have the pop machine.
Now it's going to be pretty much a kiosk.
You know, like this pad I have here, you go in and hit you want a Big Mac or whatever, and it pops out.
So you're pricing yourself out of a job.
And that's the way it has always worked, because they've never realized any real gain from increasing the minimum wage.
If they were, let's just raise it to $1,500 an hour.
Let's make everybody rich.
You can't do that, because it's going to percolate through the system.
People are going to make adjustments in the prices of their goods, or they're going to lay people off, or they're going to have to adjust to the reality of the real world.
So you can't, by fiat, make yourself wealthy.
And that's what the workers at the bottom don't understand.
But you're right, Jakari.
Now there's a new dynamic coming in, and that is they're going to be able to just completely replace you.
Not with a foreign worker that they bring in at a lower price wage, but with a robotic worker that they don't basically pay.
He's just going to be the mechanic, like the guy who goes to the Redbox machines.
He goes in there, he switches out the DVDs, and that's pretty much going to be the person who works at McDonald's now.
That's right, that's right.
Now, we've also got a story that's up on the Dredge Report.
The AP, by the way, just called it for Trump.
There you go.
We knew that was going to happen pretty quickly, they were going to call it for Trump.
Now, here's the deal, and we're not going to be able to give you an answer on this tonight, and that is, how many delegates does he get?
Well, if he's got a really, really large
61% majority.
There's a good chance he's going to get most of those delegates, at least for the first round, until Ted Cruz comes in and steals them.
And that's what we're going to talk about in just a moment here.
And it says, just real quickly, out of this article from CBS News, they're saying that New York has a total of 95 delegates for the GOP.
So how many of these he'll actually walk away with is just a matter of time to see.
Well, he gets 14 delegates if he wins the state by more than 50%.
So he's got his block of 14 delegates there.
But then they're going to go in congressional district by congressional district.
And that's why we're not going to know tonight what the delegate math looks like on either the Republican or Democrat side, because they
Ted Cruz is saying.
Because he had a back-and-forth exchange with Sean Hannity.
This is up at the top of the Drudge Report.
Cruz slams Trump and says the Trump campaign seems to be incapable of, quote, running a lemonade stand.
He says all this noise and complaining and whining about the elections has come from the Trump campaign because they don't like the fact that they've lost five elections in a row.
Were they elections?
I forgot.
No, I didn't know anything about any elections, David.
Trump's campaign doesn't know how to organize on the grassroots level.
So when the delegates are elected, the real conservative activists show up.
You know, the people who support him, the party operatives.
You know, you're joining us, as Reince Priebus says.
They're trying to join our little tiny party here, and we don't want to make sure that that little tiny party doesn't get any bigger.
We don't want any people who've never voted before.
We don't want independents.
We don't want Democrats to come in, and we don't want
The real grassroots out there.
No, we want the old line party hacks who are here, okay?
The people who are running the local party, the state party.
Who do what we tell them.
Exactly, exactly.
These are the people who are the party apparatchiks.
It's not the grassroots level.
But Ted Cruz does know a great deal about how to reach out to the grassroots level because one of the things that he's done, which really should creep you out,
There's a way he's data-mined everybody's preferences, and he customizes as they go door-to-door to talk to voters in the few places where they've had real, genuine, authentic elections.
They go door-to-door, talk to voters, and the person who's going door-to-door has a program that tells him exactly what your issues are.
So that he can customize.
His campaign lies to the individual voter.
I mean, we all know, and especially Ted Cruz is Exhibit A of somebody who will say anything to get a vote anywhere.
He goes to Denver and he tells the voters out there, hey, I'm all for federalism.
I want to let you guys continue to have pot.
When two years ago, he was saying that it was abuse of executive power that Obama wasn't shutting that down.
Now he's all for it.
And it's like, wait a minute.
I thought you were Mr. Constitution.
You just discovered the 9th and 10th Amendment?
I mean, two years ago, if Barack Obama stood by the 9th and 10th Amendment, then that was an executive abuse of power.
But today, he's all for that.
Well, it's always these guys, they're constitutional lawyers, they're constitutional scholars, and then just one day, they happen to discover, like you said, that there's actually a constitution there that they actually need to read.
That's right.
Let's look at some of these people who feel like they were disenfranchised.
Of course, our reporters went to Colorado, went to many places, New York, Colorado, Portland as well.
We've got a clip here of Colorado delegates speaking out about how this election, quote-unquote, really was run.
Let's run that clip.
This lady approached me, said she was a delegate at the convention.
Did you actually go to the convention?
Yes, I did.
I attended the 5th Congressional.
You are a delegate for... Yes, I was selected in my precinct and then selected from my district.
So you said you were a state delegate?
I went to state.
I was one of the top delegates, not only out of the precinct, but out of the county as well.
America is about your vote, not about people selecting a vote for you.
We're ticked off, and I've never protested before, but I'm mad as hell.
And the mainstream media is making it seem like you guys are calling sour grapes, y'all didn't understand the process.
Did you understand the process?
Yeah, I fully understood the process, and we were disenfranchised.
So we showed up first night of caucusing.
They said, you know, sit down, it's a little bit different this year.
When we went to the caucus, been going for 20 years, we always had a straw poll.
This year we didn't, and we didn't find out until the night of the straw poll.
It looked like there was a lot of weird stuff going on.
I know that at the assembly it looked like there was a lot of cruise operatives there.
The convention turned out to be a joke.
Our precinct captain lied about the results of our makeshift straw poll that we did do that night because we all demanded having one.
The fact that we only had, and I wrote it here on this sign, we only had 10 seconds to speak.
So 60% of the people there were unbound delegates.
That would lead me to assume that 60% of the people there were like, well, we don't know who we're going to vote for.
Let's listen to all of these delegates and see who we like, who can speak our voice for us.
We only had 10 seconds, man.
The thing that's most disturbing is March 1st,
Tens of thousands of Trump supporters went to the caucuses where they learned for the first time, this is something that the average voter doesn't know, they learned for the first time that they couldn't take a vote, and if they did take a vote, it wouldn't count.
But from what I saw, with how low the attendance was at the precincts,
It's not an actual representation of Colorado's voters' actual vote.
That's basically just my opinion from what I saw.
I saw an old-timer there and he actually said to me when I asked him, why wasn't there more advertising to get the word out about the caucus?
He said, well, the GOP likes it that way because then the people that shouldn't be coming to vote won't come.
Someone made the decision.
I received an email saying I'm no longer a delegate, but I received an email that I could be considered as an alternate.
This is completely wrong.
Before I went to the previous election with Mitt Romney, I was a delegate and apparently my vote was counted then, but in this election it's
I am for Mitt Romney and I am for Donald Trump but I mean the individual vote should be counted and we should go to a primary where we just cut all this nonsense.
You can debate whether it's an open primary or a closed primary but let's just get the vote of the individual should be counted not someone who's sitting behind a closed desk.
We didn't know that there wasn't going to be a straw poll.
Both my wife and my son and I showed up, and normally we always do a straw poll.
We've been doing straw polls every year and the delegates have been bound.
Well, that night we found out that they had unbound them and they weren't going to do a straw poll, so it was a surprise to us.
Actually, in my precinct, even though there weren't many people that attended or knew to attend, which seems like the GOP didn't advertise it on purpose, but the majority were Trump people, actually.
But we ended up sending, I think, two others as crews and me being the only Trump because we just didn't really, I guess we didn't understand the process and we
Well, when you work behind the scenes and you spend months setting it up so that the person that majority of the ordinary new voters like Julio and others we've heard from don't get a chance to speak, those people are resentful and they're angry and it could break up the party.
I think the party's finished.
As a Libertarian, I wish my party, the Libertarian Party, was stronger.
I wish that its message was clearer.
But this message ought to be clearer.
We need a third party.
We need a new party in America that gives the people a chance.
And it starts with a primary.
Hell with the caucus system.
We need a primary.
It needs to be changed.
We need reform.
We need comprehensive election reform.
Okay, now those were people in Colorado that our reporters talked to.
Clearly, they do not agree with Ted Cruz that this is just standard operating procedure.
That the problem is, is that Donald Trump doesn't know how to organize at the grassroots level.
These are people who say, hey, I've been coming to these things for decades.
I've never seen anything like this.
Or the lady who said, hey, the GOP guy that I talked to said,
Well, we don't want the wrong people coming to these things.
Yeah, the people that shouldn't be here.
It's like this little country club thing.
They're going to find out.
They're going to have a very, very tiny tent to hold their party.
And we're going to go to our reporter Richard Reeves in New York in just one moment.
Give us a quick update on the vote totals, Jakari.
Yes, I have a few different sites here, David.
Starting on the Huffington Post, we see 68% for Trump.
Kasich is actually leading over Cruz, and of course, Mrs. Clinton is leading with 61%.
Similar numbers on CNN and also on AP, Google News, they have Trump winning with 71.8%.
And we're looking at only about 3% in.
So it's jumped up from 60% to 70%.
We don't know if it'll stay there that long.
And on the Democrat side, it's about 7% of the vote in.
And it's about 60-40, 61.6 to 38.4.
So it's a big win for Clinton and Trump at the very least.
And interestingly enough,
They haven't called it for Clinton even though she was 7% I'm sorry is that yeah that's 8% of the vote in now.
She's at 62 and Sanders is at 38.
They haven't called it for Clinton even though they've got more in so yes I guess they're confident that Trump's numbers are going to stay up maybe not so confident that that lead is going to hold for Hillary Clinton.
Let's go to our reporter Richard Reeves who's in New York right now in front of the Trump Towers.
Yes sir David.
Hi David thank you very much y'all doing a great job there in Austin and
As you can see, I've got the Trump Tower right behind me.
We're waiting for that press conference from Donald Trump about tonight's victory.
And I'll tell you what, if everybody's not suffering enough election fatigue yet, if everybody hasn't rolled the eyes in the back of their head enough, probably an even bigger event that we're going to be talking about tomorrow and in upcoming shows.
A bigger thing going on right now than even the New York primary tonight is the GOP-RNC committee meeting going on in Hollywood, Florida this week, where they're going to be talking about what rulebook to use.
They're either going to use the rulebook from the House of Representatives, the U.S.
House, or they're going to use Robert's Rules of Orders.
So you can just imagine the attorneys and legalese and ratsnest that that's all going to be.
And they're going to be talking about
They're going to be talking about also that Rule 40B, which by the way, it looks like they've even discovered a loophole.
You know, they're supposed to have their Rule 40B where it talks about the
You know, that you have to have the majority of eight states to even get on the nominations ballot.
Yeah, that was the one they put in so they wouldn't allow Ron Paul to even speak, let alone be put in a nomination.
They didn't want him to talk, they didn't want him nominated, so they created a new rule just to keep Ron Paul from speaking and now that rule is coming back to haunt them because everybody knows about that rule and now they've got to waive that rule to get anybody but Donald Trump in because nobody qualifies other than Donald Trump.
Well, guess what, David?
It looks like these legal eagles, you know, here's the thing.
Oh, yeah.
We are, we are the college senior varsity team, whatever, when it comes to politics, and we're up against the New York football Giants, the Super Bowl version of the Giants, because they're already talking about that even if they don't get that rule changed, that they've figured out a loophole in it, which would be to just, prior to the nominations being done,
Is just get eight states, which by the way, the territories count as a state and those territories are highly controlled by the GOP establishment.
That's right.
So they can get territories, you know, Puerto Rico, things like that, the Virgin Islands, you name it.
They can get those territories to be part of those eight states.
What they'll do is have a poll, an informal poll, a head count and get it in writing.
That we've got majorities from these eight states and or territories, which like I say, they count as states.
So maybe Obama was right when he was talking about 57 states, right?
Yeah, that's right.
He knew something we didn't know.
And all this time we said Obama was going to suspend the election, but it's going to be the GOP establishment that suspends the election.
Well, like I say, it looks like there's potentially a big fat loophole already in Rule 40B.
Even before the RNC has meetings prior to the convention.
It looks like, from what I've read today, which I've been studying heavily today because this is such a big deal, all this stuff going down in Hollywood, Florida, is basically, it looks like what they will do is potentially go to however many states they think they've got majorities in, that being the GOP establishment, that being the Paul Reino faction, the old John Boehner faction, etc., the Mitt Romney faction, and they'll just gather up in writing,
This is not a formal vote for nominations, but they'll just get it in writing.
Oh, we've got majorities from these eight states.
As long as they submitted one hour in writing before the nominations are formally submitted, then guess what?
That meets the requirement.
So even if those delegates are obligated on the first ballot to go with Cruz or Trump or Kasich or Rubio, potentially, depending on the states, the breakdown and all that, potentially that's how they're going to circumvent
Rule 40B even before the Rules Committee in Cleveland even meets.
So how about that?
Well, we've heard the GOP establishment say, yeah, Donald Trump, all he's got is a bunch of votes.
Yeah, he's only got a couple more million votes than everybody else at this point in time and they're not finished with the process yet.
I would change your analogy.
I would say, look,
It's not that we're the college team and they're the professional football team.
I don't believe it's that way.
I think that what we've got here with a mass of people, we need to understand we have the power.
We're the professional team.
They're the junior high school football team out here who has the refs.
They've got the league doesn't want the professional football team to win, so they're going to rig it for the junior high school guys, okay?
And they're going to change the rules.
They're going to control the refs.
And they're going to move the goalposts if they have to.
That's what they're going to wind up doing.
So yeah, that's exactly what's happening.
They're rigging this game as crooked as it can be.
And the most important thing coming out of this is for people to see how crooked this is.
And that's one of the things I'm glad to see in this election.
We saw a lot of crookedness, didn't we, in the last election with Ron Paul.
And yet Ron Paul didn't call him on it like Donald Trump is doing.
And I really appreciate the fact that Donald Trump is not letting them get away with this fraud.
Well, your analogy's valid, David.
You know, the thing that the two analogies have in common, yours and mine, is either way, we lose.
That's right.
That's a big problem.
So, you know, you can look at it however you want to.
Bottom line is, they've got their thumb on the scale.
There's no doubt about that.
Their thumb's on the scale.
Oh, you know, they won't talk about Riggs.
But it's just like, you know, so many Patriots go into court pro se.
And you know, the thing is, man, you go in there and they'll beat you on procedure because you didn't dot an I, you didn't cross a T. That's right.
Or they'll just say, shut up, you're not going to speak.
I mean, we just had a piece of news that we covered last week where you had a guy who was representing himself.
And he was trying to speak, and the judge said, shut up, I don't want you to enter that into evidence, and he kept talking, and the judge told the sheriff who was there, he had a bracelet on him, an electric bracelet, and had the sheriff shock him into submission right there on the floor, torturing him, because basically put him on the floor there with an electric bracelet.
Well, even what we saw with that report from Rob Dew just a second ago, where he was talking to the delegates, the guy said, I have 10 seconds to talk.
Yeah, exactly.
Completely ridiculous.
And that's what they did in Colorado.
So just keep in mind, what we saw in Colorado, that could end up being child's play compared to what we're going to be seeing in Cleveland.
Well, people need to understand.
That's why we've got to be ready.
And people understand the fraud, and we're going to make sure they see the fraud.
We're going to cover that fraud as we go to the convention, and we are going to have people get in their face about it, say we're fed up, we're mad as H, and we're not taking it any longer, and that's the first thing that you have to do to start to take this government, this country back.
We're not going to fix everything with one election.
We're not going to fix everything with one guy at the top.
We're going to fix it when people realize they've been disenfranchised, they've been cheated and robbed by people like we see here at the upper echelon of the GOP and like we see on the Democrat side as well with the superdelegates.
Although superdelegates really aren't the factor at this point because Bernie Sanders is losing the popular vote as we see in New York as well.
Right, so finally that Democrat race might finally get put to rest because it's been decided long ago as we know
It's just been a dog and pony show, I think, to distract from more people focusing on the GOP race.
So hopefully that'll bring more people to the big civics class that we've got going on here in the GOP race.
And I'm telling you what, here's kind of my boil down on Cleveland.
We're going to have lots to talk about, but here's my boil down.
I think 70% of that delegation in Cleveland are going to be anti-establishment folks.
They're going to be divided among, you know, between Cruz and Trump.
It's going to be 40% Trump, 30% Cruz.
But then you're going to have that 30% establishment faction.
So, deals have to be cut.
You know, Trump's got to connect with some establishment or some of Cruz.
Cruz's got to connect with some Trump, some establishment.
You know, the establishment's going to have that 30% minority.
Now, what they've got, like you said, they've got the referees.
That's right.
So, that gives them an edge.
But you know what?
When they hold their hands up and get a roll count, 30% is not going to add up to 1237.
No way, no how.
So basically, and then to add to this 3D level chess game that we've got going on, is actually Rule 40B probably benefits Ted Cruz more than it benefits Donald Trump.
Because let's say if Donald Trump sees that he is, if he's got the 1237, then boom, he tries to get on the first vote, hopefully he wins.
But if he has to go beyond that, or maybe he sees he's already short before the vote ever occurs,
Well, Rule 40B, if that's done away with, which like I said, I think there's a big fat loophole in there anyway, it actually would hurt Ted Cruz because that establishment coalition that they've been building right now, well, guess what?
That's going to evaporate.
Ted Cruz will lose that establishment.
So, it actually potentially hurts Ted Cruz the most on the 40B.
So, I tell you what, this is 1776 levels stuff without the blood, the bullets, and the bayonets, man.
Well, and I hope it doesn't come to that.
But you know, it was John Kennedy who said, if you make peaceful change impossible, you make violent change inevitable.
And to paraphrase him, I don't have the exact quote.
But that's what we don't want to see happen.
We hope that these people who are in power will pull back and try to fight at some other level.
But I think it's very instructive for people to see this.
And as we move forward, it's going to get very interesting there in the rest of the Northeast.
As Paul Manafort had said,
By April 26, he believed that Ted Cruz would be dead in the water because we're looking at him getting about 12-13% of the vote right now in New York.
He's not going to do much better with these states that are coming up next week that are all in the Northeast.
He's not a national candidate.
He told everybody he was going to do well in the South.
He couldn't even do well in the South.
He couldn't win the Evangelicals in the South.
The only places that Ted Cruz has done well is in the Midwest, in these caucuses in the Midwest where he can play these Machiavellian lawyer games.
And that's the kind of nonsense that they're going to be doing as they come into the convention.
But this is where Kasich thinks he's going to win it.
He needs 150% of the remaining delegates to win.
But he's not looking at that.
He's just hoping it's going to go into a brokered convention where he can play these kind of backroom deals with people.
Yeah, he's already playing that game.
Basically, to me, when I saw this go into a, at least, at the very least, a contested convention, was back after Super Tuesday, where Texas was involved on March 1st.
We heard right there, I think it was the Thursday, right?
We had a debate in Houston, Texas, that following Thursday, after that first Tuesday, I believe that's when it was, or it might have been the following Thursday.
But anyway, when they had a meeting, when Jeb Bush met with Cruz and Rubio and Kasich and all that,
That is the moment when this contested slash brokered convention began.
And we are heavily into it.
And you're right.
Ted Cruz is most likely after tonight going to be mathematically eliminated from the potential of getting the 1237 prior to the convention.
But, you know, as y'all everybody knows now, it's all about, hey, he's going to work on getting that 1237 somehow magically delicious via the back the backroom delegate process.
It's going to be interesting to see.
It's going to be one heck of a civics class.
Hopefully too many of us don't pass out from it.
Well the top of the Drudge Report says that when they did exit polling, I think it was exit polling, they asked, yeah it was an exit poll, more than 70% of the people say that the candidate who has the most votes, in other words a plurality, not the magic majority of 50% plus one vote, but the person who has the vast plurality should be the nominee.
So that clearly is where the public sentiment lies and you don't want to just throw out millions of votes unless you want to completely burn down the party and I think
That the Republicans are willing to burn down the party because the thing that is important to them this time around, four years ago it was Obamacare.
They were going to get Obamacare with either Barack Obama or with Mitt Romney because Mitt Romney had already done that in Massachusetts with Ted Cruz.
He'd done Romneycare, exactly the same thing as Obamacare.
This time around, they want these trade treaties, and they want the open borders.
And they are willing to burn down the party so that they can get Hillary Clinton in, and they can get their three legs of their globalist government moving forward.
And the Republicans are quite willing to burn the party down in order to get ahead on those three issues.
I think that's really what's coming up.
Thank you, Richard.
Are you going to be staying in the Northeast to report on more elections up there coming up this next week?
Well, I'm scheduled to fly back down to Texas tomorrow.
I've been up here.
Tomorrow will be a full week.
But shortly after that, I'll be hitting the trail once again with more reports.
And I'll be standing by for more tonight here after we hear Donald Trump.
It looks like, actually, I'm sitting here watching.
It looks like he's approaching the stage right now.
I'm actually streaming it on another phone.
Uh, and it looks like he's about to talk.
Like I said, they like making a horse race out of the Democrat race, even though it's not even a horse race.
Thank you guys, and we'll talk to y'all in a little bit.
Talk a little bit.
The missing 28 pages has been in the news a lot.
We really haven't talked that much.
I talked a little bit about it in the fourth hour, about where these different candidates are on the missing 28 pages.
I've got a couple of things I want to read to you about that, but before we do, we're going to play this clip.
Remember we had the video in Portland where we had the transgender, transvestite, maybe not a transgender, maybe just a transvestite, who spit on a guy who was a pro-Trump person, basically pulled down the mask, spit on him and said, oh, and you can't hit me because I'm a woman.
And my son who was there said, the other guy should have said, well, for right now, I'm a woman.
Yeah, I still identify as someone who can defend themselves.
Okay, but here's this report.
This is the person who was spit upon, and this is what he has to say.
Let's go ahead and run that report.
Hey guys, my name's Robert.
I'm the guy that got spit on by the communist tranny April 16th at the Portland Donald Trump event.
To me, the event was first and foremost about freedom of speech.
Donald Trump second.
It was really about standing up to the hypocritical, oppressive, extreme left that we've been dealing with that wants to dismantle our freedoms.
They want to take away our freedom of speech, our right to assembly, our religious liberties, our right to bear arms.
All of it makes them uncomfortable for some weird reason.
I was there for freedom.
These people were really just there to disrupt.
They didn't come with substantive arguments, ideas of their own, substantive critiques.
I mean, nothing.
They came with noise, nonsense, intimidation, hate.
That's all they had.
You got a communist pig flag.
That's right, commies are pigs.
They want to take everything you work for and put it away.
You know, you're working for billionaires.
You realize that?
You're working for billionaires.
I mean, these people are mentally unstable.
They really don't perceive any wrong that they do.
They think that they are 100% in the right.
It's very sad.
A lot of people are asking why I didn't fight back.
And to me, it's not worth it.
It's... I appreciate having gun rights.
And I'm not going to let some little twerp
With identity confusion and a bad temper, take away my gun rights.
We are not going to be intimidated by communist organizers.
We will not have our freedom of speech shut down.
We stand for democracy.
We stand for the rights of every citizen in America.
But we stand for citizens, the rights of citizens, the interests of citizens.
We will not be intimidated by these people.
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And welcome back to our coverage of the New York Primary.
Jakari Jackson here with David Knight in studio.
Now, we were laughing during the break about this video we just saw here.
And think about this, David.
I've been to many protests, as I know you have.
Oftentimes, when you meet people, they're like the people you see in that video, the counter-protesters.
Such as, like, we went to Planned Parenthood here in Austin.
And we were there, we were open to debate, but we didn't get people with debate.
They came out there with signs physically covering people up, like a big censor mark.
They yelled at your wife.
They tried to push an old man into the street.
The guy was like yelling, and I got in his face because he was yelling at this old man.
I was like, you want to do something?
He was like, no, I'd rather...
Yelling at that guy over there.
It's these young punks who, you know, have the nerve to spit in your face and then say you cannot defend yourself against me because, in his own words, he was a tranny.
They spit on our car.
My wife was leaving with my adopted daughter.
They spit on our car.
At my daughter.
That's the kind of people they are.
And they don't want to debate.
They want to... They don't even have their own signs!
They don't!
They don't have any intelligent argument.
They showed up with a black sign to redact your protest sign.
And then when you give them the microphone, they just cuss at you.
And they say, you guys are racist.
Well, I'm black.
Well, you guys are sexist.
Well, she's a woman.
And they just spout these things out hoping that you're going to melt away like the Wicked Witch.
But when you stand firm and you actually have facts to back up your point of view, they don't know what to do with that.
Well, you know, why articulate your position on the issues when you can just gesticulate with a middle finger, right?
That's all that's about.
Or just spit on somebody because you can't think of something to say.
It's absolutely amazing.
Again, we're looking at the results here and it is right now with 21% and for the Republican side it's 63% for Trump, 23% for Kasich.
We're good.
The way it works on the Republican side, Trump, with getting more than 50%, will get 14 delegates.
And then, with that kind of majority statewide, he's probably going to win most, if not all, of the congressional districts.
But of course, we've seen in South Carolina, where Donald Trump won every single congressional district, we now see Ted Cruz going in and taking his delegates.
Which brings us to the 28 pages.
I think it's very interesting, as we see this picking up steam.
We of course have been covering that specific small part of 9-11 for quite some time here at InfoWars.
We've had Congressman Walter Jones on many times to talk about that.
And of course that's just one aspect of the fraud, of the lies.
Involved in the official conspiracy theory, but it's very instructive just as we're seeing with these elections and the stealing of these elections with somebody like Ted Cruz who consistently loses unless he can play these Machiavellian games.
I think it's interesting to take a look at where these people stand.
On the missing 28 pages.
Let's start with Ted Cruz.
He was asked by Sean Hannity last Friday in an interview.
Hannity asked him, next question, the exit question, do you know what's in the 28 redacted pages of the 9-11 report?
And Ted Cruz said, I have reviewed those pages.
I believe they should be made public.
Hannity said, can you give us some insight into what's in them?
Cruz said, I can't without violating laws on classification.
So I'm not allowed to do that without violating the law.
And then the transcript says they're shouting and booing because people are not happy about that.
And Hannity says, no, no, no, no, no.
I promised the senator that if he reveals it, I will bring him a cake with a file.
OK, well, let's talk about that a little bit, because there's an article from the Tampa Bay Times.
I want to tell you what a real statesman would do.
A real statesman would not let them put a gag order on them.
Here's Bob Graham.
He's a guy who's a former governor of Florida, former
Senator from Florida.
He was part of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.
He was part of the 9-11 Commission.
And he has gone public.
He's been kind of a central figure in saying these 28 pages ought to be made available to the public.
He went on 60 Minutes to talk about this.
Here's a story from last August on the Tampa Bay Times.
And they talk about Graham, former legislator who was in the Senate from 87 to 2005.
He is absolutely convinced, says the Tampa Bay Times, absolutely convinced that the hijackers had outside help from Saudi Arabian officials.
What Ted Cruz would not say, he will say.
He says high-level law enforcement officials have told him to, quote, forget it.
And then he told them, the Tampa Bay Times, former Senator Bob Graham said this.
He told them about the day in 2011 when he and his wife Adele were heading to Washington, D.C.
to spend Thanksgiving with one of their daughters.
He says, as they stepped off the plane at Dulles Airport, two FBI agents approached him and asked the Grahams to follow them, accompany them, to a nearby agency office.
Graham had not informed the FBI he was traveling to the Washington area, and to this day he does not know how they knew where he planned to spend Thanksgiving.
Or on what airplane he would be aboard.
Oh, gee.
Maybe they're watching.
Maybe they're watching you, Senator.
Yeah, maybe they're watching you, Senator.
Maybe you shouldn't have signed that Patriot Act.
Yeah, just like Feinstein.
She was all for people being spied on until it actually came to her.
She's like, you guys are spying on me, too?
Yeah, it kind of creeped him out.
But then it gets better, Jagari.
He says they take him to a nearby office.
Where Sean Joyce, deputy director, the number two guy at the FBI, was waiting for him.
They say the number two guy in the FBI had traveled from the District of Columbia to meet him.
Graham said he didn't feel threatened by the sudden attention from the FBI agents because he thought the agency was finally going to release information that he had been requesting them to release for months.
There you go.
See, he even thinks, oh, they're going to do the right thing.
They've been reading my mail.
They're going to release this information.
No, they are going to browbeat him and pressure him to shut up.
That's what this meeting was about.
They go on with this, they say, when he got to the FBI office at Dulles, his wife, Mrs. Graham, was placed in a room by herself while Graham was ushered in to see Sean Joyce.
After some period of time, Mrs. Graham knocked on the door of her cell-like room and asked for something to read, so the FBI gave her an FBI training manual, noting that was the only thing they had lying around.
No copies of the Constitution.
No pocket Constitution.
I'm sure they don't.
Those things are probably illegal.
Yeah, here's a little bit of the NDAA for you thrown in here, okay?
Indefinite detention without charges.
No, but she's sitting, they put her, sequestered her in a room while they browbeat her husband, former senator, who's on the 9-11 Commission.
I probably should have read it to them so they could have learned what to do.
Yeah, exactly, yeah.
Maybe they haven't read those rules.
So meanwhile, Sean Joyce was telling Graham that the FBI had done a thorough job investigating all the events in Sarasota, concluded there was no communication between the Saudi family that fled and the 9-11 hijackers who flew airplanes on the World Trade Center.
Forgive Graham for doubting the FBI, says the Tampa Bay Times, but he had just seen some FBI reports and a Florida Bulldog, that's a publication, a Florida Bulldog story about the investigation of that Sarasota family.
It included interviews with guards at the gated subdivision where the Saudi family lived and an allegation that cars linked to Mohammed Adda and other Saudi
Pilots quote-unquote I'll put that in quotes who trained in Florida had been frequent visitors to the Saudi owned house south of Sarasota Okay, Graham had reason to be suspicious He was former chairman of the US Senate Intelligence Committee when the 9-11 attacks occurred, etc Part of the he was co-chair of the Congressional Commission that investigated the attacks.
Okay now
He told, Graham said he told Joyce on that November day that he had seen two reports indicating ties between the family and the hijackers needed more investigation.
He said Joyce told him that the reports were based on information that had been taken out of context.
By an FBI agent.
So they throw their own FBI agent under the bus and he says, no, it's out of context.
Graham said, well, I'd like to see that context.
So then Joyce scheduled a meeting in a few days on December 7th, scheduled a meeting with him in Washington and said, I'll have an agent show up and give you the context.
Well, Graham paid himself.
To travel on his own nickel.
He paid to return to Washington on December 7th to talk to this FBI agent.
And he was told by Joyce that, no, Agent Sheffield is not going to be allowed to talk to you.
Okay, and Agent Sheffield, that was supposed to talk to him, left the FBI after 20 years.
Okay, he is still not returning phone calls.
Sean Joyce, the number two guy, retired from the FBI shortly after that, went to work for Price Waterhouse Cooper, which does a lot of work for multinational corporations, including the CIA.
The company, okay?
So, when they talk about
When Ted Cruz says, oh, you know, I can't talk about that.
I've actually read it.
But I can't talk about it.
They put me in jail.
Well, you know what?
We've got some senators who are angry enough about the injustice that they will talk about it.
The families are out there wanting justice done.
The families want to know what's behind this.
And there is a bill out there supported by people like Chuckie Schumer as well as John Cornyn.
People on the opposite sides of things.
And yet the people at the very top
Like Paul Ryan, people like Lindsey Graham tell the people, hey, shut up.
You don't get a lawyer.
You're an enemy combatant, basically.
Well, you're not even an enemy combatant.
You're a family member of somebody who was a victim of a terrorist attack.
So the victim's families can shut up because they don't get a lawyer either because that's the way it works, folks.
When you shut down due process, when you have a criminal dishonest government, they're going to shut it down at every level.
And so now we see Lindsey Graham out there blocking this.
We see the others doing it.
And there was an article
Last June, when Rand Paul was trying to get the 9-11 pages declassified, and at that time, last June, Ted Cruz was not supporting him in that effort.
Not supporting.
But now, of course, all that
Yeah, he's all into it.
And now we're pretty much at the mercy of our president.
It's come out in the news, I believe it's on Fox News as a matter of fact, talking about how I believe it was Senator Graham or former Senator Graham approached the White House and they said they would have a response for him within the next 60 days or so.
Oh yeah.
Yeah, well we already know what that response is going to be.
That response is going to be, no, no, no, I'm going to be going to see the Saudis, I'm going to be bowing to them again, because remember we have all those pictures of Obama bowing to the Saudis.
He's going to go back and he's going to kowtow, literally, to the Saudis.
He's not going to release this.
We've got the Saudis essentially admitting it, blackmailing us, saying they're going to pull $750 billion out.
Yeah, it'd be like, we need to bail out the truth is really what we need to do.
Okay, we've done that before.
We had an $800 billion TARP bill or more, and we bailed out the crooked lying banks.
Let's bail out the truth of 9-11.
I think it is encouraging, David, to see that even though it's taken so long, they are talking about this stuff on 60 Minutes.
You know, so it's been a long time coming, but it's to the point where it's not a conspiracy theory.
It's on CBS now, folks, so you can believe it now.
That's true.
You can listen to what they say in those reports, and then people will start to ask the questions.
Well, maybe there is something to these guys, to these hijackers, and possible Saudi connections.
Well, we know where Donald Trump stands on this.
Donald Trump said, hey, let's release these pages.
Remember back in the debate, he said, release these pages.
We're going to find out.
It wasn't the Iraqis.
It was the Saudis behind all this.
Because we all know what's in this, essentially.
We don't know all of the details, but still, even though we know that the Saudis were involved in this and the Saudis admit it, saying they're going to blackmail people, we should still have this released.
Let's look at one of the other candidates.
And of course, when Donald Trump said, let's release this, National Review said he sounded like an Alex Jones caller.
Total 9-11 truther because he wants to release what Bob Graham, who is a Democrat, Bob Kerry, who was a former senator, who was a Democrat.
We got Leahy, who was Secretary of the Navy for the Reagan administration.
We got all these people who are on the 9-11 Commission said there's absolutely no reason this should be classified.
It's classified to protect the Saudis.
And here's the deal.
And real quick before you get to that, also remember Richard Reeves confronted Jeb Bush
He said, hey Jeb, you want to release those pages?
Sure, you got them?
Yeah, you got them.
Well, what did Kasich say about this?
Well, Kasich was confronted again last August, and they asked him about the 28 pages.
And he says, well, they said, Bob Graham wants to have these declassified again.
This was in Florida where he was encountered.
And he says, well,
I don't know what Bob Graham is saying.
He might also say, I don't care.
I don't know or care what Bob Graham is saying.
He says he can have his opinion, okay?
He can have, and it's the same opinion as the other 9-11 commissioners.
But let me tell you my view on Saudi Arabia.
I think we've coddled Saudi Arabia for too long.
I'm going to get tough with them.
I think when they support things like madrasas and so forth, look.
Look, it's far worse than that, okay?
There are front men with Al-Qaeda, okay?
There are front men in Syria with the moderate rebels, the ISIS people, al-Nusra, the people who became ISIS.
But then he goes on to say, that doesn't mean that we overthrow our relationship with Saudi Arabia.
That's John Kasich talking.
Because they share more things with us than they don't.
In other words, they share like 750 billion things with us, don't they?
It's called the petrodollar.
We're the Democrats.
Okay, real quickly.
Bernie Sanders says he hasn't read it.
And he's not intending to read it, but he'd like for you to read it.
He doesn't want to be bothered.
He doesn't want to have that on his contacts.
No, I'd love to read it.
Yeah, yeah.
So he'll let you read it.
He thinks maybe you ought to read it, but he hasn't read it.
And you know, quite frankly, I don't think he's read the TPP, either of these other secret agreements.
Hillary Clinton refused to answer.
Essentially, she says, I'm not going to comment.
Won't even tell us if she's read it or not.
And continues to say, well, I think we need to be very concerned with national security.
Not irony.
Concerned enough to read a document like 28 pages.
Well, National Security, the lady who put all the secure documents on her server and then goes on to say, well, hey, if there's nothing there, then fine.
Nobody's held accountable.
Because that's the way this is going.
In other words, A, it's about national security, but the Saudis aren't going to be held accountable any more than I'm going to be held accountable, says Hillary Clinton.
And real quick, I think they have called for Mrs. Clinton with 60%.
I see the story.
CNN and also 62% for Trump.
Kasich at 23 and Cruz at 14.
We're going to call it in just a moment here for the InfoWars Nightly News Live Edition here, now that they've called the election.
Before we do, real quickly, I know you follow guns very closely, Jakari.
One of the things I thought was interesting on the Democrat side, as they bantered back and forth about this,
Hillary Clinton, who doesn't want to hold the Saudis responsible for 9-11, wants to hold gun manufacturers responsible for what happened in Sandy Hook.
And of course, there's a Connecticut judge that came out and said, we're going to allow the families of 9-11 to sue Sandy Hook.
We're going to allow them to sue Remington Bushmaster.
And she's all for that.
And she was haranguing Bernie Sanders because he had voted for a law which is in the Congress which says if gun manufacturers, firearms manufacturers, ammunition manufacturers make something and they make it the way that it's supposed to work and somebody goes out and commits a crime with it, you're not going to hold them responsible for the crime.
I mean, that's a fundamental tenet.
Of the justice system.
That shouldn't even have to have been put in there, but they put it in there because of people like Hillary Clinton, because of people like Michael Bloomberg, and yet that's not good enough for Hillary Clinton.
So she was blaming Bernie Sanders, who voted to uphold the rule of law, says you're not going to hold somebody responsible or liable for something if they haven't done anything wrong.
She was blaming him.
For the deaths of Sandy Hook.
Which, I don't understand this mentality, David, because we often have this conversation about guns, but the basic thing we always talk about, what about vehicles?
A motor vehicle?
It happened right here in the city of Austin, Texas, South by Southwest.
I attended the press conference the next day myself.
A guy drives on the sidewalk, hits numerous people, I think 20 or so people, two or three of them die.
We just had a couple months ago, the woman in Las Vegas.
So they should have been able to sue Ford.
Yeah, so the woman in Las Vegas drives on the curb, hits many people as well, but nobody sued Ford or Chevy or Mazda or whatever she was driving, because people have the common sense in that situation to understand this isn't the vehicle's fault.
The vehicle didn't drive itself.
Now, we do have self-driving cars.
That's not an issue.
But in this case, these crazy people decided to drive on the sidewalk maliciously, intentionally, and harm people, and they held those people responsible, not the vehicles that they were driving.
A similar thing should happen in Sandy Hook.
Nobody at Bushmaster or Remington made the gun that purposely shot Children or anything to that nature.
Yes, the gun was fully functional, but it wasn't made for that intended use to murder Children.
It was made for a responsible gun owner to defend their families or hunt or whatever they wanted to do, not for that purpose that was used in Sandy Hook.
And it's absolutely amazing that Hillary Clinton, who will not take any responsibility for releasing classified documents, documents above top secret, because they were on her unsecured personal server, so she keeps her own personal secrets there.
She won't accept any responsibility for that, but she wants to hold people who don't have any responsibility for these other events responsible.
And then they shift the blame when we talk about responsibility.
You talk about responsibility for Benghazi.
We saw the document came out just the other day, I believe Steve Watson put it out on our site, documenting how she admitted just the day or so after the Benghazi attacks, she was talking to the Egyptian Prime Minister, admitting that the movie, the stupid movie, whatever it's called, The Innocence of Muslims,
I don't
We're fighting all these guns coming in from Vermont.
It's Vermont's problem.
And the governor of Vermont says, well, hey, I support Hillary Clinton.
I'm a superdelegate for Hillary Clinton.
But she's wrong to blame our state for that.
She went ahead and blamed Bernie Sanders.
And Bernie Sanders caved on this, illustrating why he's consistently gotten a D minus to an F rating from the NRA.
He comes in and says, hey, if
They're selling a lot of guns or a lot of ammunition to somebody, then they have responsibility at that store.
That's like saying if somebody goes out and buys several cars for their taxi company or their truck company, and then they run over somebody because now Ford does have liability.
I mean, that's the insanity.
Very quickly, David, just so you think about to the story of Elliot Roger a few years ago.
A guy who used a car, a knife, and a firearm to go out and murder people, but the next day the only people who wanted to vote thing, or ban things, wanted to ban the firearm.
There we go.
That's right.
That's the insanity that we're up against.
Also the insanity of these rigged elections.
We'll know tomorrow what the delegate count is going to be as they sort this out.
And I'm sure we can trust them to get the right answers.
For InfoWars Nightly News, I'm David Knight with Jakari Jackson.
Thanks for joining us.
Join us again tomorrow night at 7 Central, 8 p.m.
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