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Name: 20160406_Wed_NightlyNews
Air Date: April 6, 2016
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Welcome to the InfoWars Nightly News.
I'm David Knight.
It's Wednesday, April 16, 2016.
Here are our top stories.
Tonight, the GOP election machine manufactures a big win for Ted Cruz in Wisconsin as the Washington cartel maneuvers to steal the nomination from Donald Trump.
Now we're in a phase of the campaign where organization matters.
Where knowledge of the arcane rules that surround delegate selection matters.
Meanwhile, Trump still remains way ahead of the pack in the battle for delegates.
And he is heavily favored to win the big primary in New York.
Plus, Obama sends out a warning to landlords.
If you refuse to rent property to criminals, you are a racist.
This is a message from the Fair Housing Act.
All that plus much more up next on the InfoWars Nightly News.
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Of course we had the Wisconsin GOP primary last night.
We're going to talk about the results of that.
But before we do, I want to address why we spend so much time on this election with everything else that's going on.
You need to understand that this election is about the path to global governance.
We've had elections in the past that have turned on things like Obamacare and other issues that are very important.
But this election truly does turn on the path to global governance.
It also is an election about whether or not we're going to have a calcified and corrupt political system.
For the very first time in my life, we've seen a real movement that would move away from this centralization and at the same time do a real challenge to those in power.
Even more serious, I believe, than the Ross Perot movement of the Reform Party.
Now, when we question whether or not these results are honest or not, I've had people contact me on Twitter and say, well, I think it's just sour grapes.
I think you're being paranoid or conspiracy theorists.
We're going to talk about that as well, but let's first take a look
At the election last night.
Now Politico reports this and says Cruz is still facing a daunting delegate math after the win in Wisconsin.
Yeah, definitely.
It was interesting that in another headline they said Cruz is surging into second place.
Yeah, he's surging into second place alright.
He's been in second place and he is firmly entrenched in second place.
Let's just put it that way.
They say he needs four-fifths of the delegates remaining.
It's a little bit more than that.
Let's be precise about that.
Take a look at this graphic.
Of the 1,237 delegates needed to get the 50% plus one vote, there are 882 remaining.
Now if you look at this chart, we've got Trump with 743, we've got Cruz with 517, and Kasich with 143.
Now if we break that down in percentage of the remaining delegates, the 882 that are remaining, to get to that magic number,
Trump needs 65% of the remaining delegates.
Ted Cruz needs 82% of the remaining delegates.
And, of course, John Kasich needs a ridiculous 124% of the remaining delegates.
That's the reality of this situation.
Now, what Ted Cruz was saying with his acceptance speech last night, he said, tonight is a turning point.
It's a rallying cry.
It's a call from the hard-working people of Wisconsin to the people of America.
Of course, there would be many more hard-working people there if Paul Ryan and others of the GOP establishment hadn't shipped their jobs abroad and imported workers.
But, they say, as a result of tonight, I am more and more convinced that our campaign is going to earn the 1,237 delegates needed to win the Republican nomination.
No, I don't think so.
He needs 82% of the remaining delegates, and about two-thirds of the states remaining are winner-take-all.
The rest of them are winner-take-most.
Let's go on.
He says, either before Cleveland or at the convention in Cleveland.
He's not going to win it before Cleveland.
That's pretty certain, folks.
But he's hoping that he's going to get this at Cleveland.
We will win a majority of the delegates.
He's going to try to steal them at the convention in Cleveland.
And he says, and we will beat Hillary Clinton in November.
Except he can't even win a majority of the GOP delegates, let alone even a plurality.
He can't even get a plurality.
He's way behind.
If you look at the number of delegates right now, Donald Trump has 60%.
He's got about 40% of the delegates.
How is he going to do this?
Well, he's going to be the establishment's tool.
And understand, when we look at the results of Wisconsin, and when they try to tell you for the next two weeks, because it'll be two weeks before we have another primary, the next two weeks are going to be filled with constant reports about the momentum of Ted Cruz surging into second place.
The reality of this is that he just won the D.C.
Remember when you had Rubio win the D.C.
Nobody paid any attention to it.
It wasn't a lot of delegates.
This is not a lot of delegates.
It was all Washington insiders.
And Wisconsin is the heart of the GOP establishment.
You've got Paul Ryan, you've got Reince Priebus, the chair of the RNC, who's talking about how they're going to steal and select, they're going to select the candidates, not you.
They're going to select it, it's their party, and you can cry if you want to, but they're going to take the, they're going to choose whoever they wish.
Now, as they're talking about Cruz winning the GOP establishment, Politico says he's disparaged his own Republican leader as a liar.
Yeah, Lyin' Ted called Mitch McConnell a liar.
And he dismissed fellow... That doesn't make Mitch McConnell a truth teller, by the way.
A liar calling another liar a liar doesn't make the other guy... It's just not a mathematical equation.
Anyway, so he dismissed fellow senators as part of the quote-unquote Washington cartel.
Now, he's also called all of his current advisors, his current foreign policy advisors, he's called all of them, just a couple of months ago, neocons and warmongers.
And they called him on that.
They said, hey, that's a pejorative term.
That's a dog whistle for your supporters.
Yeah, it was.
It was.
And his supporters don't understand that.
Because he is now allied with the neocons.
He's not wooing them, okay?
He has embraced them.
And he embraced them long before this moment.
Now listen to what Phil Graham, one of his supporters, former Texas Senator Phil Graham said.
When this is over, we need to be together on a set of issues we agree upon.
Yeah, and they agree on these issues.
He said the good news is that while people may have conflicts with Ted, our basic leadership totally agrees with him on the issues.
It's a huge difference with Trump, but we're basically all together.
So understand that.
The establishment agrees with Ted Cruz on the issues.
They always have, they always will.
He wrote the op-ed pieces with Paul Ryan talking about how they wanted the Trans-Pacific, Trans-Atlantic partnerships that will destroy our sovereignty, that will manage our economy from abroad by people that we have absolutely no control over.
We won't select them, we can't change the agreement, but they will change the agreement.
He was in support of that.
He supported the TPA the first time around when they thought they needed his vote.
Later on, when he's getting closer to running for president, then he does another little move here on us.
But he has basically been with them on all of the issues.
All the neocon issues.
All the forever war issues.
All the globalist trade issues.
The open border issues.
Ted Cruz is with the establishment.
You need to understand that.
That is why they're pushing so hard against Donald Trump.
Now, we have the former CIA director coming out and endorsing John Kasich, former director of the CIA and National Security.
General Michael Hayden says that Governor Kasich has some serious proposals to strengthen our military, to defeat ISIS, to stand up for freedom around the world.
In other words, he's my kind of neocon.
And this is Mr. Rogers, remember?
No, he was not Mr. Rogers before he started running for president.
And I think it's also interesting to see how Michael Hayden jumped to criticize Donald Trump on every issue.
Jumped to criticize him on torture.
Donald Trump, I believe, is wrong.
I think he's naive to think that we can get anything out of people when we torture them.
But when he started suggesting that he would do it, Michael Hayden said, hey, the military and the other branches of the government have a duty to disobey when they're told to do something that is illegal.
Except they didn't do it when Michael Hayden told them it was illegal.
Michael Hayden was the one who presided over the torturing.
Michael Hayden was the one who was in charge of the CIA when they called it enhanced interrogation.
Michael Hayden was the one who said, we need to keep this report secret.
We cannot let the Senate put this out.
But now, he is supporting John Kasich.
And of course, I think a lot of the ire of the establishment is tied to the fact that Donald Trump has questioned the idea of NATO, questioned the idea of us being the unpaid policemen of the world, and he's been questioning that for
Thirty plus years.
He's authentic on that issue.
Now, a Trump spokesman has said the Bush people are running Cruz's campaign.
Exactly, they are.
This is a Trump spokesman person said he's a tool of the Bush family, called the Texas Senator, worse than a puppet.
He is a Trojan horse being used by party bosses attempting to steal the nomination for Mr. Trump.
And they were arguing that the Cruz campaign is being run by the party establishment.
Particularly the Bush family.
Of course it is.
And that should neither Trump nor Cruz secure 1,237 delegates before the convention, they could both get duped out of the nomination.
They said the Bush people are now running Senator Cruz's campaign, Neil Bush, who spent millions of dollars invested with Common Core, and of course so did President Bush, all these other special interest groups like Goldman Sachs, like the hedge fund managers.
Nevertheless, as we look forward to New York in two weeks, Trump is now above the 50% mark in New York.
He has 52%, Kasich at 25%, Cruz at 17%.
That tells us...
Once again, that Ted Cruz is not a national candidate, okay?
He's also not eligible.
He's not a legitimate candidate.
Kasich is also not even a serious candidate, as we saw earlier with the delegate counts.
And at this level of support, Donald Trump would take all 95 delegates in New York.
Now, I think it's interesting to look at the integrity of the election.
And I said we were going to take a look at this.
People called me a sore loser.
You said that I was being a paranoid conspiracy theorist?
Because why?
Because I said last night, as we were covering the election news, it was pretty interesting to see how we had all these polls immediately before this election, just as we did in Utah, that gave us a very, very different picture than the election itself.
And if we look at the real clear politics polls, and of course they take the polls that everybody else has done, they put them up there and get an average of them,
We had polls ranging in the last week or so anywhere from Cruz up by 10 points to Trump up by 10 points, but most of them were Cruz up by 5 or 6 points.
Except that, and of course our average was Cruz at a plus 4.7, yet it turned out to be Cruz at plus 13%.
Earlier in the night as we were talking about that, at one point he was up 30% in the polls, but he finished at 13% up.
When we look at this,
People always say, well, gee, how did the pollsters get it wrong?
They always assume that the scientific polls were not scientific.
That even though they were fairly close agreement with each other, most of them, most of them were Cruz 5, 6, 7 percent, then when he doubles that, his lead, and conveniently gets even more delegates, because it was a winner-take-most, not winner-take-all, they did allocate delegates on a regional basis, on a congressional district basis.
So when he jumps up in the actual election, just as he did in Utah,
Nobody questions if there's something fishy going on in the elections.
It's always going to be the problem with the polls because, you know, the elections themselves are beyond question.
We can't question what the government does.
And when I look at the exit polls, one of the things that we see in foreign elections, I've mentioned over and over again, we looked at the Smartmatics company, which by the way,
It's run by the guy who is the vice chairman of the George Soros Open Society Foundation.
He's also been the vice president of the World Bank.
It's either the World Bank or the IMF.
Nevertheless, he has connections to the globalists and he's been involved, this company has been involved, with multiple elections in multiple countries where they questioned whether there was fraud or not.
One of the things that they did in Brazil was to make sure that there was no exit polling to
Kind of do a cross-check on what had happened at the polls.
Wouldn't you think that with everybody all massed in one place, it'd be very easy to do selective polling of just certain regions and say, you know what?
The reports that we got from these precincts don't match what the people coming out said that they voted for.
That's been done in other countries, but when they have fraud, they shut that down.
And they don't do that here in America.
This, I looked at the exit polls for Wisconsin and I got a lot of hits, but they tell you things like, well, exit polls say that Cruz wins on fear of Trump, or the GOP voters want a nominee that's like this, or they're excited, or they're scared about this.
They give you demographics about it.
They tell you what they're thinking, but they don't tell you who they said they voted for.
Don't you find that interesting?
I find it interesting.
When I look at
Wisconsin, and I look at these problems that we have here.
News reports the problems with polls.
They say, well, once a seemingly infallible cornerstone of the political system, recently public opinion polls have wrapped up big time failures, embarrassments that compelled a leading firm to conduct an internal audit to find out what went wrong.
Okay, nobody does an internal audit of the actual election itself.
As a matter of fact, when we look at what happened in Wisconsin...
We've had multiple elections in Wisconsin itself, where people believe that they've been rigged.
I'm not the first one to say this.
And they talk about the different ways that you can rig the elections, and we've mentioned this many times ourselves.
You can have optical scanners, for example.
This report from the Wisconsin Citizens Media Cooperative says, with optical scanners, they've had a situation in Medford, Wisconsin, where programming error lost over 25% of the votes.
Of course, they can also get different results each time they run the same ballots through these optical scanners.
Or there can be human manipulation.
Or then you get to the touchscreen voting machines.
Who programs the proms?
Who programs the electronics in them?
Well, you're not allowed to see.
Unlike a slot machine at Las Vegas or Atlantic City, where you have to have the software registered, where people can come there and verify that the software that's on the machine is actually what's been registered.
No, it's a trade secret.
And you can't inspect it on site.
And anybody can modify that.
But we'd be foolish to question the honesty of our elections.
This is what Roger Stone had to say about this earlier today on the Alex Jones Radio Show.
First of all, I have been looking at a very interesting quick study comparing the polling results with the actual results as reported by the state of Wisconsin on a finite district-by-district basis.
It is literally scientifically impossible for there to be this broad a swing
Between the polling results and the final results.
Now, the Walker machine has always been adept at vote stealing.
Richard Charnin, a respected mathematician, by the way a man of the left,
But someone I respect for candor has done yeoman work on a monograph showing how the Walker machine has stolen votes in past gubernatorial races and in a past recall.
So I suspect funny business in Wisconsin.
Secondarily, I would ask the folks who are with us here today, send an email to msnbc.com and let them know you won't put up with Soviet-style censorship.
That you believe in free speech, you believe in the First Amendment, and the idea of banning people like Roger Stone because I am politically incorrect is an outrage.
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Today, a Maryland Supreme Court pushed back on the idea that the police in Baltimore could turn your cell phones into a constant tracking device without a warrant.
The three-judge panel strongly rebuked the Baltimore police for concealing their use of Stingray from a judge when they applied for a court order to track the suspects.
Now increasingly, we see the government that is operating for our security become increasingly paranoid.
And increasingly secretive, even to the point where the police will not be honest with the judges.
And now we have another example of that, that Leanne McAdoo is going to tell us about, that also was in the news today.
Right, well speaking of putting lives in danger when you're not sharing intel, well last month there was a terror drill and nobody knew about it.
Not even the supervisors of the two men who were just testing the system.
And so here we have these Port Authority cops saying that they were surprised by this terror drill and they pose a risk not only to officers but also to the general public.
Now this happened last month in a New Jersey train station.
There were two men, suspicious, taking photos of security cameras, and so people called and reported the suspicious activity.
So then the Port Authority cops rushed over there, sirens and everything, but then they were shocked to find out that the suspicious men were Port Authority's own security analysts.
And according to the incident report, the two men said they were just testing the system, but none of the officers in the police department, not even their own supervisors, knew this was a test.
So, given what we know about the fact that there are jihadist sympathizers now infiltrating the TSA, airports, nuclear facilities in Belgium, is this something that we're comfortable with?
Well, I'm not comfortable with it.
Testing the system?
Yeah, I'm not comfortable with it even from a false flag standpoint because we know that the July 7 attacks in London subway, as well as 9-11 attacks, as well as many other attacks, it's been a hallmark of false flag attacks that there is a drill, a test that's going on for exactly the same thing, at exactly the same time, in exactly the same place.
And then they will have people come on and say, well, who knew that was going on?
What a coincidence that was.
And yet we see that over and over again.
And that's a deliberate tactic and technique of false flag.
So many times when people see there's going to be a drill, now they immediately think that it's going to be a false flag attack.
But they're doing so many drills.
And again, it creates yet another level, as the Police Port Authority Benevolence Association president there, Paul Nunziato, said,
What would the interview rewrite now if my guys had hit somebody?
If that was a woman or a little child that got killed?
And so that creates another level of it.
So it's just the terrorists who could be doing this drill to test the system.
It could be the government setting up a false flag attack.
Or it could just be keystone cops shooting each other.
Because they don't communicate.
I think about every time that we have these terror attacks that take place, there's always these false reports that come out about the three tall men in black that were there in San Bernardino, or you had the man running through the woods there in Sandy Hook, and oh, he just happened to be there.
Never mind, it was a long shooter.
And so you have these people, so were these
Guys just testing the system?
And that raises some red flags for me.
And of course now we have senators pressing for transportation security measures.
They want to up the number of government Viper teams that are going to be stopping and searching you and I. But they're really focusing on people who are passing through the system.
We don't even know who is actually working in the airport.
So, in Belgium, the airport police were threatening to go on strike there after it was revealed that they had security deficiencies.
At least 50 ISIS supporters are working as baggage handlers, cleaners, and catering staff at the Brussels airport.
This is what the police there are claiming.
So we can't vet the people as they're coming in as migrants or refugees.
We can't vet them as we hire them as airport workers or even police people.
But, of course, if you question any of that, you are the one who's paranoid.
You're the one who's putting out a conspiracy theory.
Because if anybody works for the government or they wear a uniform or they're hired by the government, we should just assume that everything is fine with them.
Yeah, everything's completely okay.
Now this was out of the American Thinker.
They're saying time to reconsider this ISIS internal security threat.
In the late 1970s, it became known to international security agencies that the Palestine Liberation Organization, they owned a variety of duty-free shops in the airport across Africa.
And so, you know, this was in the 70s, but what sort of things have been going on?
We know they've got these sleeper cells, we know they have people posing as fake tourists, or, oh, I'm just here to clean the airport, or I'm working on a construction project, or I'm with the Port Authority and I'm just here testing the system and taking pictures.
Today, actually, I was driving to the airport and there was a car parked suspiciously on the highway, and all of a sudden an unmarked police vehicle came up behind him.
You know, you're at the airport, you can't just park anywhere on the side of the road in the grass, and all of a sudden the man in the car starts putting on his construction worker helmet and his little, you know, bright colored vest.
That could have been anyone!
And then he says, oh, I'm fine, officer, I'm just here doing a little construction.
I mean, how are we supposed to vet these people?
And, you know, just take a look at what's been going on in the news the last couple of weeks.
We have a flight attendant accused of trying to smuggle nearly 70 pounds of cocaine at LAX.
She took off when she was called to have a random search.
She ran and left her bag there, and that's what they found there in her luggage.
And then she came later and said that someone gave it to her and said, here, take this on the plane.
So imagine if she was willing to take whatever payment
That they were, you know, accept whatever payment in order to put her career and life and freedom in jeopardy.
That could have been anything inside that luggage.
That could have been a dirty bomb.
That could have been stolen radioactive material.
But again, like we see with the war on drugs, we accept these incursions into our liberty, continually stripping us of our freedom and dignity, also taking our money, destroying our legal system, and we do it because we think it's going to make us free from drugs, or it's going to make us safe from terrorism.
I would just hope that people would stop and think about this, that it's really not working.
Either one of these things are not working.
And we don't need to be giving up our freedoms and dignity.
When you give up your freedom, it doesn't make you safe, it just makes you a slave.
Slaves are never safe, and people need to understand that principle.
But even if they can't understand the principles involved, they need to look at this from a pragmatic standpoint and see that this just isn't working.
Right, and they're turning all of us, everyone, into potential terrorists.
Even the people who are working with the federal government.
Everyone is a potential.
Everyone's a threat.
It's all suspicious.
No one has any freedom.
Now they're wanting to up the Viper teams in the airports, and of course with Belgium, that happened at the gate.
So now they're going to have to be moving the security out into the streets.
And eventually they'll move it into your living room.
Into your home.
And we need access to those surveillance cameras in your living room.
And again, we see going back to where we started with the surveillance and the stingray, you've got a situation where one part of the government will not trust the other part of the government.
And that happens within the police, within the FBI.
We call it eyewash, when the very top level has a very different purpose than the other people are looking at.
But even at this case, you have a police department that will not trust the judiciary when it comes to stingray.
We've seen this
With warrants that were called by a judge and said, show me the warrant that you had on that or show me what this device is.
And they said, no, we have a non-disclosure agreement that we've signed with this technology company.
Most of them are with Harris Corporation.
And he goes, well, you don't have a non-disclosure agreement with me.
And so basically what they did, rather than telling the judge what they were doing to violate the Constitution and search people without warrants, they just shut down this particular case.
They just walked.
Because the DA's office, the police department don't want to follow the law, and they don't want to tell other branches of the government that they're violating the law.
And they have more allegiance to this non-disclosure agreement that they've signed with this corporation than they do to the oath they took to the Constitution.
That's what we're seeing repeatedly with these people.
So what we're creating here is a kind of East German, Stasi surveillance state, snitches everywhere, law and justice for no one.
And that's what we're increasingly seeing with it.
Right, well because human trafficking, drug smuggling, all of these things are protected by the very high officials who are allowing these things to come through.
And so, but we're not supposed to question the government.
We're supposed to just, they're our authorities, they're our leaders, and yeah, they might be helping human traffickers and the like, but...
Never you mind.
Well, thank you, Leanne.
When we come back, we're going to have a replay from today's radio interview with Dr. Group, where he takes comments and talks about the new mystery flu that is killing people across the country.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
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Country music legend Merle Haggard dies at 79.
Bakersfield, California.
He was in Oakey, but part of that big flood out there in the Dust Bowl.
Country music legend and native of Oklahoma, Merle Haggard has passed away on his birthday.
He was 79 years old.
The singer-songwriter was one of the pioneers of the Bakersfield sound.
Haggard was also involved in the outlaw country movement.
Yeah, he got into country music when he heard Johnny Cash come sing at San Quentin.
I mean, truth is stranger than fiction.
In addition to his 40 number one hits, Haggard has won just about every music award.
Last month Haggard hit Mama Tried, was selected for presentation in the National Recording Registry.
Haggard was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 94.
He is the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.
So Merle Haggard, dead at 79.
And this just broke five minutes ago, literally.
Great job of the crew grabbing that song so quickly.
That's why Dr. Group is here with us.
Dr. Group, former Army
Operative in his own right, and of course holds many different medical degrees.
You can find out more at InfoWars.com in the bio section of our guest, or at GlobalHealingCenter.com.
Dr. Grip will be with us for the balance of the hour, then David Knight takes over in the fourth hour.
And I had a whole stack of news for why he was coming on the show today and what he was going to be discussing.
Flu season peaking later than usual.
That's the Idaho State Journal.
Stanton community grieves after educator dies from complications from the flu, and it's killing people in the lungs.
Flu season hits new highs, but massive vaccinations happening.
People say, you need to take the shot so I don't get sick, but they're the people that have taken it that are dying so many times.
I mean, if you're protected, then you're protected, I thought.
Flu season hits new highs, and it's going so late.
We have another article, others dying that are prominent.
So it just expands.
North Carolina reports eight more deaths from influenza.
We're going to be breaking this down.
But Merle Haggard, dead at 79.
Certainly some sad news.
But his great music will live on forever.
The Hag is dead.
I guess I could try to call up Willie Nelson.
I haven't hung out with him in a while, but he's friends.
And maybe get his take on this.
But what we really want to do is take this sad death and draw attention
To more and more of these mystery illnesses that are out there and the studies that admit when you take the regular flu shot it doubles your chances of getting the flu the next year and lowers your immunity.
But that's not something they tell people.
They tell them just get the flu shot every year, even though they've had studies out for 20 years, that three consecutive flu shots in a three-year period doubles your chances of early onset of Alzheimer's.
So we're going to discuss all of this with Dr. Edward Group, also one of the top formulators of products at InfoWarsLife.com.
Doc, thanks for coming in today.
Thanks for having me on.
Appreciate it.
This really underlines or highlights what you were already coming in to talk about,
One minute, two minutes before you're going on, the hag is dead, Weldon comes running in here, uh, country music singer in his own right, pretty darn successful, and then it's on the same subject you were about to cover.
That is weird.
It is weird.
What's weird is what happened to me about three weeks ago.
I was with my family on spring break in Utah, Park City, Deer Valley, where we go every year, and
When I got there, I looked in the sky and I saw chemtrails everywhere.
And my wife said to me, oh my gosh, look at all these chemtrails everywhere.
And so we started walking around the town and everybody was coughing and hacking and has respiratory illnesses.
And people were actually saying, I was asking a couple of people, I said, what's going on around here?
And they said, well, they're calling it the Park City flu.
And so I didn't think anything of it, and I ski for a couple days, and on day three I start feeling really bad.
I'm looking up, I'm like, great, now my whole vacation's gonna be ruined.
I don't even get sick.
I know that if I get sick, there's something seriously going on, and I can literally feel it in my body, and I know
That when there's something man-made or there's something strange or some sort of biological weapon that there's something else going on.
So I'm knocked out in bed, can't even move.
I'm drinking three bottles of silver a day.
I'm taking a hundred drops of oregano.
I'm taking a bunch of iodine.
And I'm barely getting by.
My throat, my respiratory, everything is going on.
So like on day three, I can finally start getting to the computer.
So I start looking and saying, there's something weird going on.
I need to find out what it is.
So I'm thinking it's spring break all over the country is going to be spring break for the next three weeks.
That's the perfect time.
For them to spray and you know everybody leaves their hometown for spring break, right?
So they're all going to the East Coast.
They're all going to the West Coast.
They're going to Arizona.
They're going skiing in Colorado and Utah.
So I started looking at the different chemtrail websites and trying to figure out what's going on.
Sure enough, I came up with, you know, digging deep enough with chemtrail flu and realized that they heavily sprayed the East Coast, right along the border of Canada and the United States.
They squared in the United States.
So the whole North.
And by the way, they cover a lot of this with geoengineering.
It's admitted they're doing it.
There are UN treaties on it.
They have proven they are retrofitting planes.
They also add key compounds to jet fuel, so it's compartmentalized.
We have the patents, so even the companies don't know they're directed by Homeland Security just to do it.
That's why even NASA admits the Earth is now 30% darker.
You can type in satellite images of chemtrails from space.
That's the layman's term, but this is going on.
There's also low-altitude spraying going on.
They admit CIA testing in almost every city of the US, in some cases spraying chemicals, biologicals, radiologicals on towns, then having the military doctors in the hospitals to, quote, test the response.
So, secret human testing.
This is massive.
Most of the public only knows about black people and Tuskegee because they wanted the public to know and think, oh, it's just the black people.
No, folks.
No, they've been injecting large parts of the population with syphilis in the vaccines.
You think it's a vaccine, it's really syphilis.
My grandmother got polio from the polio vaccine one week later.
This is a massive eugenics operation, as Prince Philip talked about.
Please continue.
So of course, me being a researcher, I wanted to dive into this even more.
And at the same time, by the way, we're getting emails from people that are sick all over the nation.
This has been going on, like I said, about three weeks ago it started.
And I don't even think we're in the real big...
You know, pandemic part of it yet.
Let's be clear, people get tested and don't even have the flu virus, they just say, people in Austin, because I'm taking people to the doctor and they said this, well we just call it the flu, we don't know what it is.
This is definitely not the flu.
I mean, they're going in and they're getting flu shots obviously, they're getting, they're being told it's influenza, but the research that I pulled up, it's not, and we can link
All these things with the pneumonia and the respiratory and the heart conditions that are going on all across the U.S.
Like I said, they sprayed not only did they square in the U.S., but they also sprayed right across the middle of the U.S.
That's why you're seeing all these deaths and everything happen along the East Coast, the West Coast, along the South and everything else.
And Merle Haggard just died.
And Merle Haggard just died.
From a respiratory deal.
So I pulled up some samples, there's an agency in Victoria, British Columbia, because whatever they're doing up there is really taking a bad, people are having really bad reactions, and this samples were given to this lab that are licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency, and they found ethylene dibromide, which is a pesticide, a banned pesticide,
Which causes severe respiratory reactions at low levels.
They found Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which not only causes respiratory infection, but also attacks the immune system.
I told my wife, I said, it feels like there's three organisms that are attacking me at once.
That was before I knew this, and sure enough, they identified three organisms.
The second one is Serratia marcescens, which is an antibiotic-resistant bacteria which causes pneumonia.
Endocarditis and meningitis, and the last one was streptomyces and molds capable of inducing heart disease, upper respiratory... That's right, they now admit there's all these weird mutated molds that are killing the bats, killing the turtles, causing people to have heart attacks, brain tumors are growing, and young people suddenly from mold.
Mold's getting through the blood-brain barrier and then mold's growing in the brain.
I mean, what have they done with the GMO?
Also, China heats up its big factories right now.
Its jet stream dumps in all over the United States.
So, this is insane.
Top it off with the aluminum nanoparticles that they're spraying down on us and everything else.
Which is an admitted giant secret program.
They admit they're doing it.
Billions being spent spraying us with aluminum.
And Monsanto's coming out with seeds that can grow in aluminum soil.
And then you got the Zika virus.
Which they admit is linked to mutations and engineered with the Rockefeller Foundation creating it, a souped-up version.
Right, I mean... I mean, you cannot make this up!
You cannot make it up.
It's happening.
If you talk to farmers all over the world, the aluminum nanoparticles are causing a very acidic soil, messing up all the plants.
This is scary.
And then you have congressional hearing reports where they call chemtrails an exotic weapons system.
It's going on.
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This is what you're actually designed to run on.
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We're good.
Back in August of 2015, ISIS destroyed a majority of a mixture of Roman, Persian, and Mesopotamian ruins in the city of Palmyra, Syria.
After Syrian forces drove ISIS out of the area, they discovered mass graves of mostly women and children as The Independent reported in May of 2015.
Opposition activists claim that hundreds of bodies littered the streets.
They said that many of the victims were from groups or families loyal to the government.
Amongst the dead were state employees, including the head of the nursing department at the city hospital and all of her family members.
I don't know.
43-foot-tall, 23-foot-wide arches of the Temple of Baal in New York Times Square and London's Trafalgar Square.
And the date to unveil the arches falls directly on the celebration of the all-important pagan holiday, Beltane.
Also, the anniversary of the massacre of the Branch Davidians at Waco and the Oklahoma City bombing, April 19th.
Michael Snyder of the End of the American Dream writes,
The New York Post writes that the Institute for Digital Archaeology ultimately hopes to put 1,000 of these arches in cities all over the globe.
Michael Snyder continues, If you're anything like me, this is an extremely disturbing development.
Ball worship is definitely not something that we should be celebrating as a society.
The name of the city of Babylon is believed to have originally come from an Akkadian word that meant Gate of God or Gateway of the God.
So could it be possible that we are laying out a couple of giant welcome mats for this ancient pagan deity by erecting these giant arches in New York and London?
Could we be opening up gateways and portals that are extremely dangerous and that we simply do not understand?
What do you mean choose?
We don't understand!
And for those of you unfamiliar with Baal worship, it involves human sacrifice, public bisexual orgies, and the offerings of the children produced from these orgies to the ancient Babylonian god Baal, or Bel, which means Lord.
Which is actually a catch-all phrase for a host of deities that sprang from Mesopotamian mythology.
And if you think those things all happened in the past, sadly, you are mistaken.
Another offshoot of Baal is that of the god Mardu, who can be traced back to the Sumerian king Nimrod.
And Nimrod is the seed that branches out into a host of occult deities.
One of those being the god Moloch, the very one worshipped at Bohemian Grove by world leaders.
John Bowne for InfoWars.com.
Again, finishing up with what I was covering last segment, I'm not trying to be negative, but I've made films on the subject, they're free online, like Blueprint for Global Enslavement,
End game.
Blueprint for global enslavement.
And so many others, in their own words, their own admissions.
You can go back to documentaries I made 17, 18 years ago and watch them, and like 90% of it's come true.
And it didn't come true.
They had already beta tested it.
They already had it.
They were announcing that they were going to be rolling it out.
And the
End of the story tells you they mean business.
So now I see what they say they want to do next.
And I know they mean business and so I'm freaked out.
I mean, it's like five years ago when Petraeus was head of the CIA.
He did an interview with Wired Magazine and admitted, no, all new tech, from washing machines to dryers to your refrigerator to your smartwatch, will be tracked in real time.
We're going to watch and listen to you, but don't worry, it's AI computers doing it, so if you're not a terrorist, it won't flag it for a human.
Don't worry about you having sex with your wife.
Don't worry what it is.
We're not going to look at you with the algorithms unless you're a terrorist.
Folks, they fund Al Qaeda and ISIS.
They are using all the data.
They're selling it to corner markets and to be ahead of trends where only select corporations can compete.
You go, well that's fine.
They'll know what we really want and give it to us.
They know what you want and figure out how to not give it to you.
It's mind control, it's future prediction technology, it's on record.
We told folks about Stingray 16 years ago by name.
Three years ago, Mikhail Thelen made international news when he got the secret documents from the city.
They're in Washington State, Seattle.
Where it was their own telephone towers everywhere, calling it police communications, what was really Homeland Security, grabbing everyone's info, cracking into your phone's live time, video, audio, fake transformers, fake power poles, fake light poles.
They were putting those up in 1998 in Austin, Texas.
A listener sent us the Federal Register, where they were spending millions to put it in.
It's in my film, Police State Do The Takeover.
What I'm getting at is, we are far down this road.
Far down it.
And next, they're coming with forced inoculations.
Next, they're coming with an economic collapse so bad, most families have to live in government-run dormitories, like North Korea or Cuba.
North Korean Cuba could have food and water and jobs.
Humans are incredibly organized and ingenious and hard-working.
Most Cubans now live in dormitories because they won't let you fix your house or have one.
They want you in a dormitory with a cot so your kids can't be kids.
They're raised by the state.
It's raising us like chickens.
The Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution.
They're now going to do a high-tech version of that here.
Under Cloward and Piven.
Under Agenda 21.
All these are just plans that carry out the same domestication.
The same imprisonment.
You put Native Americans on reservations?
Where had the British gotten that?
They'd done that in Ireland.
They'd done that in Scotland first.
Look it up.
The German concentration camp comes from the American reservation.
And the American reservation comes from the British.
And a lot of times we do to others what's been done to us.
You know that Andrew Jackson, who put millions of Native Americans in concentration camps and killed them.
You know his mother and brother both died in a British concentration camp.
When he was 11 and 12.
Took two years.
They had one of them first, his mom.
His dad had died previously.
He was in the Revolutionary War for five years from the age of 10 to 15.
And he was in giant Indian wars where he saw whole cities destroyed.
See, we lost a lot of those early wars.
I'm not saying it's good what Jackson did.
I'm just saying, think of the time he was in.
His mother and brother died in a concentration camp.
He saw almost everybody he knew killed by the natives after that point.
So he became their destroyer.
I'm just telling you where all this stuff comes from, ladies and gentlemen.
You can look it up for yourself.
Hitler was fascinated with the West and with news articles reprinted from the 1860s and on that he would read for hours a day sometimes and modeled much of Nazi Germany and what he did off of what he read in serialized articles in the press, much of it twisted and fictional.
Much of his Operation Barbarossa in Russia was tailored on the Indian Wars, how to round up the Russians and other Slavs and kill them.
I don't mean to go off on a history lesson.
I apologize.
It's just all so incredibly interesting, isn't it?
And we're being put into an electronic concentration camp.
We're being made where we don't have our own jobs, can't produce our own food, and are totally dependent on the system, and they admit that's their plan.
For heaven's sake, let's not go down this road.
The average bureaucrat's not your enemy.
The average cop's not your enemy.
The average person working at a corporation's not your enemy.
They're compartmentalized.
They don't know what's going on.
They're scared.
They just want to have a future.
You've got to let them know going along with the system destroys your future.
That's it for tonight's news.
Thank you for joining us.
Join us again tomorrow night at 7 central, 8 p.m.
Eastern for the InfoWars Nightly News.
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