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Air Date: March 29, 2016
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In this video, Alex Jones discusses protests at Trump's speech in Janesville, Wisconsin, debunking rumors about Bernie Sanders paying protesters. He also mentions InfoWars first reporting on the Iodine Conspiracy over two years ago and its connection to gut health. The show ends with a discussion on gun control and tyranny. The video also features interviews with Trump supporters at a rally, criticism of the National Review for supporting globalist trade deals and using accusations of racism against those who prioritize their own concerns over Israel's, and discounts available on health products through Infowarslife.com.

Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
For InfoWars.com, we are standing outside the Holiday Inn in Janesville, Wisconsin, just off the interstate.
This is I-39 here.
Interestingly enough, it's a toll road all the way from Chicago to up here.
So this is, of course, highway funding that was paid for by the federal government, but now people are paying again to use the roads.
But that's just a side note.
Now behind me you see the signs says Janesville Conference Center and that's where Donald Trump will be speaking tomorrow at 4 p.m.
Now earlier today in the lobby here at the Holiday Inn Express there was a protest stage with about 70 protesters blocking the entryway into the Holiday Inn.
They actually had officers even stationed in front of it to keep people from going in joining more protesters joining the area and then about six of them
Locked arms using tubes and these handcuffed devices and would not leave.
They staged a sit-in protest inside the lobby.
Eventually all six were arrested.
There was four women, two men, all from the Madison area.
And Kit Daniels, you were telling me it was about 10 p.m.
that they were arrested.
So the protest kicked off around 7, lasted between 30 minutes and an hour.
And then they made those arrests.
So at this time, there's definitely going to be more interesting action going on tomorrow.
I talked to a female police officer just a bit ago and she said, you better get some sleep because they're going to get here early.
They expect people arriving as early as like 5 a.m.
So it should be very interesting.
Kit, what are your thoughts so far?
Come on in here.
What are your thoughts so far about what's been going on?
When I called the police department earlier, they told me, I asked them, is this unprecedented for all these kind of protests to happen?
He's like, oh, we're kind of used to it.
And I remember earlier reading a newspaper article from the past month about a local pet shop here that was selling dogs that end up dying of parvo like a week or two later.
And they had a similar protest like the one we saw here at the hotel.
And then, like, remember we saw the satanic protests going on in the state capitol the past couple of years?
The Hail Satan protests.
Yeah, exactly.
And then we had Scott Walker.
Last time I was in Wisconsin was about five years ago.
And Scott Walker had that big deal with the, I think it was the teacher union.
So you had massive protests there.
To put it all in context, Wisconsin is a very volatile state.
When it comes to protests, so expect to see a lot of action tomorrow.
And as we discussed earlier, Roger Stone mentioned on the show today that this is Ted Cruz's last gasp, essentially.
If he doesn't make it here, he might as well drop out of the race.
We know Kasich's not going to drop out.
He's basically there to the end.
But with this, you know, new Ted Cruz sex scandal looming, who knows what's going to happen.
And also something that we debunked today was there was a Craigslist ad that was saying, you know, we're going to pay
Bernie, the Bernie Sanders campaign is going to pay people $15 an hour for a four hour block to come and protest tomorrow.
And then they listed an address where you could go and meet up.
Well, that address happened to be the local wastewater plant.
So either, you know, somebody's doing ultra wizard trolling as what's been going on.
Or it's just, you know, people making fun, but there's no... At this point, I don't think there's any truth to Bernie Sanders paying protesters to be here, but we'll find out tomorrow.
We'll be asking the protesters questions.
We have a lot of things that we want to know.
Why they're here, what they're doing it for, who's backing them, and other such, you know, instances of what's going on.
Yeah, I think there's a lot of demonization going on to try to push the Bernie Sanders people away from Trump supporters and kind of get them to fight each other.
Because as long as the two populist candidates are fighting each other, you know, the establishment wins.
So we're seeing a lot of that, and also I want to point out that last time I was in Ferguson, like two years ago, during the protests, we started seeing Agent Provocateurs coming out of Chicago.
Now, Ferguson was a lot farther away from Chicago than what we are now.
I think we're about, what, 100 miles or so?
Yeah, but it took us about an hour and 45 minutes to get here.
So I expect to see the agent provocateurs, our Black Lives Matter... Alright folks, there are a bunch of these special reports up on Infowars.com.
We're also tweeting them out.
I'm going to come back and launch the full transmission, but our reporters are in Wisconsin.
The scene of where we're reportedly going to have bikers and the Trump people and the police and all the socialists and everybody else in a clash.
Stay with us.
The State Department and Pentagon ordered the families of U.S.
diplomats and military personnel Tuesday to leave post in southern Turkey due to security fears, reports the Associated Press.
The two agencies said dependents of American staffers at the U.S.
consulate in Adana and other locations must leave.
The so-called order departure notice means the relocation costs will be covered by the government.
In a statement, the military's European command said the step allows for the deliberate safe return of family members from these areas due to continued security concerns in the region.
The move comes amid heightened security concerns throughout Turkey due to the ongoing fight against the Islamic State militants in neighboring Syria and Iraq, and was to be accompanied by an updated travel warning advising U.S.
citizens of an increased threat of attack.
It also comes as Turkey's president is set to arrive in Washington
To attend President Barack Obama's Nuclear Security Summit, you can find more reports on InfoWars.com.
More than two years ago, InfoWars first told you about our research into what has been called the Iodine Conspiracy.
I've told you about how scientists have known for decades that iodine deficiencies can devastate IQ, and how the government knowingly started taking iodine out of the food and adding fluoride, the bad member of the halogen family, into the water.
They took the good halogen out and put the deadly halogen in.
And when the Fukushima crisis worsened, as it still is worsening today, I was there telling you how to prepare yourself and your family.
Now, in 2016, even more information has been revealed concerning the connection between iodine and the gut, which many experts are now saying could be the biggest revelation ever concerning iodine.
You can pull these studies up for yourself.
This is the real deal, folks, and the truth is that iodine is essential, in my view, to any optimum health regimen.
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We're good to go.
Hitler took the guns.
Stalin took the guns.
Mao took the guns.
Fidel Castro took the guns.
Hugo Chavez took the guns.
1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms!
The Republic will rise again when you attempt to take our guns.
I am sworn upon the altar of God.
Eternal hostility against every form of tyranny.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We are accelerating towards what the social engineers believe is a singularity.
Basically, godlike, omnipresent knowledge.
I personally don't think that we'll ever reach a true singularity.
But there will be many singularity-like events that are lesser forms of what is predicted.
There will be massive events where you see a information singularity.
Where basically almost all news and all information is made obsolete when it comes to who is actually codifying it and codifying it.
Now exactly what that's going to look like, I'm not sure, but here's an example of it today.
Newspapers gobble each other up to survive digital apocalypse.
Bloomberg News.
There's a lot of reasons this is happening.
It's not just the digital age.
It's these newspapers take central information and duplicate it locally and then tow party lines and so the public knows there's no reason to go get that newspaper because there's nothing compelling or real in it.
It's all management groups trying to control public opinion while denying they're doing it.
The only newspapers that have done well and continued on have gone into multimedia, have gotten involved in community events, and have given the public real value when it comes to information that actually helps them, instead of delivering them into the hands of more corruption.
Now it's interesting we have this article out of Bloomberg today because there's one in the Telegraph and there is another that has come out in major German newspapers.
There's a boil down in Zero Hedge on it.
And here are the headlines.
China newspaper editor resigns over media control.
The public's
The public resignation comes amid louder calls from, quote, authorities for media to tow the Communist Party line.
Here's another one.
Top German journalist admits mainstream media is completely fake.
We all lie for the CIA.
Now, in Germany, more than anywhere in the world, the newspapers take direct orders from NATO, from Interpol, from the CIA, from the Pentagon.
Germany was never free after World War II.
Germany never got its sovereignty back.
They merged East and West Germany as part of a consolidation deal.
I personally, in the 80s,
Watch things like the government take East German defectors over, train them as journalists, and send them back to set up newspapers and engage in propaganda against
The Russians and East Germany, which absolutely deserved it.
I'm not saying that that was a bad thing.
The point is now, they have become the communist socialist system they claimed that they were fighting, and they push Soviet-style propaganda, Stasi, East German-style propaganda on us.
And you need to know, German newspapers are the most controlled in the world in a, quote, somewhat free country.
Sure, Communist China's worse, North Korea's worse, but when you get down to absolute manifest bull, it's the German newspapers.
And he goes over the whole deal, and it's got a bunch of other mainstream news reporters in the U.S.
saying the same thing.
But this is how it works.
It came out the LA Times.
Editor was a CIA agent and was ordered to discredit Gary Webb and his Dark Alliance articles for the San Jose Mercury Bee that he was winning awards for and was set to win the Pulitzer Prize for.
Then when he wrote a book vindicating himself, before it published, they shot him twice in the head.
They killed him better than a hammer.
And our media is not as controlled as it used to be.
Because major actors and other people that had the will went and financed Kill the Messenger that told the truth.
And that movie is like a documentary.
It really freaked me out because it was so accurate.
Who's that actor that plays the... He's the last born movie character.
He's the Hurt Locker actor.
He's a great actor.
Point is, he financed that movie.
On the other hand, you got Robert De Niro.
Your mic's distorted, sorry.
She was saying Jeremy Renner.
Yeah, Jeremy Renner, thanks.
On the other hand, you got Robert De Niro.
Who cozies up and puts out the CIA-styled movie, The Good Shepherd, that's actually pretty accurate and a true story about Skull and Bones, the CIA, Yale, you name it.
And from what I've heard, Robert De Niro's a pretty good guy overall, but kind of a classical liberal.
So he was going to put out the movie Vaxxed and give it a bunch of attention at his Tribeca film festival.
And for the first time ever, he selected a film he wanted to be seen.
And the media came in and bullied him.
And said, how dare you put a film out with the discredited, you know, doctor who's the director, Andrew Wakefield, and he backed off and said, OK, I won't show it.
So that's just an example.
Wakefield, by the way, has been vindicated that his study was real.
The government had done two secret studies previous with the same findings.
They already knew it was causing gut flora problems and toxic toxicity in the intestines and basically
Poisonous bruise growing with yeast and other compounds in the guts that were basically toxifying and poisoning the brain.
That's one problem that's causing a huge surge in autism, especially in boys, because their blood-brain barrier isn't as thick as girls.
That's well known.
And more evidence mounts, more evidence intensifies, but they ran that hoax saying Wakefield was discredited, and then Wakefield wanted me to be involved in Vaxxed.
He wanted to shoot it and produce a lot of it here.
We let him shoot some of it here.
But I'm so busy, I thought it was a distraction.
I said, listen, I'm not going your Hollywood route.
It's going to get censored.
And I don't want to mess with Hollywood.
They're a bunch of cowards.
I've already been down this road.
And so I guess he's not mad at me.
I mean, I let him use the studio some, but I said, I got a daily news show to do.
I got a radio show to do.
I got a small crew.
We're not a production house.
But his film's out.
I mean, it's pretty good.
Hasn't been seen by the public yet.
I've seen it.
It's powerful.
And De Niro saw it.
He's got an autistic son, of course.
And he wanted to do good, but he's just too controlled, too bullied.
But at the end of the day, it's good news that it's been banned now, because that will make more people want to see it.
And then if Wakefield would just take that and promote it that way as an underground suppressed thing, it would be huge.
But instead, the mindset is just keep going and groveling to Hollywood.
Truth is, nobody really cares that much about Robert De Niro and Jenny McCarthy and people outside of their acting.
When actors go out and do their own little thing on their own, it doesn't go anywhere.
It's a dead end.
The system's controlled.
You have to go out in the wilderness of media and create your own films and your own systems and put them out for free if you want to have 100 million people watch your film.
I have produced a film that was watched over 100 million times on YouTube and Google alone.
Loose change.
I have produced other films that have been seen over 200 million times.
One of them, 80 million.
I know what I'm doing.
But everybody else, oh, just absolutely knows exactly how to do it.
You're wasting your time with Hollywood.
You have to wag the dog.
You have to put out the ideas and the culture that then get imitated by Hollywood, not the other way around.
You don't change Hollywood by going to Hollywood.
It's boring!
Being around famous actors is boring!
Oh man, I thought it was cool maybe 15 years ago.
Thank God!
And I mean limited level thought it was cool.
Thank God I've been able to have experiences where I know that it is worthless, pointless, mindless, stupid, fake, not real.
I want reality.
I want access to high-tech advancements in life extension.
I want the advancements that are already here being suppressed.
I want it for myself and my family and for you and for everybody else now.
I don't pick up a People magazine and, oh, look at the stars.
Those people are miserable!
The only happy folks in Hollywood don't live in Hollywood.
They live in upstate New York or Austin, Texas or, you know, the middle of Canada.
And everyone just grovels to be on mainstream media and grovels to be a newspaper writer.
Big deal.
And then your editor is a MI6 or CIA or big foundation operative who just sits there lying to the public and having you twist disinfo and spew bull.
And I've got a stack of news today.
Where all these reporters are coming out and saying, this is pointless, this is mindless.
We're being told a lot of the public about fluoride, and about currency devaluation, and about war, and about everything else.
We're gonna go to break, come back.
But later in the broadcast, at 12.30,
I'm going to get into media control and break it down.
But here's the Globalist's big problem.
They always intended to get the media to lie, discredit it in the end, implode it, consolidate it, and then make brainwashing more in entertainment than it is in news.
They kind of want to end news as it's known.
The problem is, all these displaced reporters and people that know the inside baseball, once they lose their jobs, they're going to turn against you.
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By the way, I should tell you who's coming on in the first 30 minutes of the next hour.
Kent Terry, brother of Brian Terry, who was killed by a gun involved in Fast and Furious.
I followed the case, but talking to this private investigator, former Marine Corps officer, who is working with the family,
I have the notes and things that were hidden in Terry's boots.
The feds went in and tore through the Border Patrol agent's house, taking all his electronics and notes, but not before some of it leaked out of the family.
He had told the family that he was on to something big and was worried they'd come after him.
And then, of course, he got killed.
And, folks, he didn't just, the evidence points towards, just didn't get killed by some drug dealer.
But a lot of deaths involved covering up Fast and Furious and the false flag that was meant to be blamed on the Second Amendment.
In fact, for the interview, you guys please print me the CBS News article, and of course they got rid of that reporter for it, where they found the memos where the ATF was telling the slow-level agents, stop complaining.
This is fully authorized from the White House.
We're going to blame the Second Amendment.
That's the reason we're doing it.
That's who these people are.
In fact, it's in the news today that Hillary aborted multiple children and only had Chelsea as a pawn for campaigns.
She doesn't even have any maternal instincts, and I know some witches that do.
She is a true psychopath.
There's a big article out today with a psychiatrist doing an analysis of her.
She is a true psychopath, folks.
Hard core.
Hard core.
God help us.
God help us.
To keep one child, and to check and make sure it's a girl, and cap the boys.
And they say in the news, she's a true feminist.
Kill the boys.
As if a woman wants to kill her sons.
The bond between a mother and a son is probably even stronger than a mother and a daughter.
The evil of coming between men and women and their relationships, husband and wife, father and son, father and daughter, mother and daughter, mother and son.
It's the human family and this system attacks it openly.
Are they not pure death?
Every single one of us has mortal enemies in these guilds of psychopaths.
But they've turned so much of the public into arrested development, slacker, entitled, hateful, envious, lazy people, begging to be euthanized.
You got a problem though, there's a large contingent of humans across this globe that have the spark of liberty in their hearts and the animating contest of liberty.
We will never submit to your evil.
And as you come nakedly out against humanity, that is the beginning of the rise.
Rise of the human spirit, and the return of man.
There's a short segment, long segment coming up I'm going to get into.
Symphony for the Devil!
Rolling Stones Cuba concert, a business deal with the Castros that they all tried to cover up.
Because what communist dictator doesn't want a bigger yacht?
Like North Korea.
Kim Jong Un's bought himself some new yachts and things, but he's told the citizens prepare to starve to death, maybe by the millions.
That's communism for you!
Just ask any of these slack-jawed 56% of college students who want Bernie Sanders and socialism.
I'm not laughing at you.
I'm laughing in pain.
Because you're so dumb I'll never be able to reach you.
And I understand you're invincibly ignorant.
You got that bug-eyed look thinking you're real smart.
Nothing more pathetic than some pile of horse manure that thinks they're smart.
You're dead already.
I don't hate you.
I see you as an army of lemmings or like cattle stampeding a danger.
You're sad.
We're going to get into feds to find schools because we've got local government, don't we?
Feds to find schools for not following Michelle Obama's lunch rules.
The feds don't have the jurisdiction, don't have the power, but they make it about, she says.
Get used to dictatorship.
She says what you eat.
And they make it worse than prison food to train you to eat it.
Full of additives, full of chemicals, full of aspartame.
It's all about low calories, though, to make sure you have a shriveled brain.
We're going to be getting to that.
Told you this months ago because it's a fact.
And you know it's true.
FBI cracks iPhone, drops case against Apple.
That's a Mikael Thelen article at Infowars.com.
Boy, Mikael is hooked in and always is breaking the news there.
We're going to get into that and a lot more.
We're going to get into the latest Trump news.
Our reporters are on the ground in Wisconsin and all Hades has already broke loose there.
We're going to tell you about that straight ahead in detail on the other side.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the InfoWar.
They tell you there's a thousand different ideas and philosophies out there, and that's not true.
There's tyranny and conquest, and there's liberty and freedom.
There's two different systems, and that's it.
Anarchy on one end, total tyranny on the other.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The FBI will soon interview Hillary Clinton over her private email server.
Federal prosecutors investigating the likely mishandling of classified materials on Clinton's server are already setting up formal interviews with some of her closest aides, according to insiders, which indicates the FBI investigation is nearing its final phases.
These interviews will take several weeks, according to the LA Times, meaning that the scandal will continue to plague Clinton throughout her presidential run.
Back in 2009, Bureau of Diplomatic Security officials had an issue with Clinton even using her BlackBerry device in a secure office, worried that foreign spies could hack it and transform the BlackBerry into a listening device.
Little did they know that her BlackBerry was connected to her private, unsecured email server where she kept highly classified documents, including material labeled beyond top secret.
Of course, security officials had no way of doing anything about it because they had no idea the server even existed.
And that's the point.
The server allowed Clinton to avoid releasing emails to the public as part of the Freedom of Information Act.
This is Kit Daniels and visit InfoWars.com for more reports.
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I think so.
We've got it.
This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
All right, let me move quickly here because I got a bunch of incredible clips, a ton of election news, you name it.
Leftist protesters arrested pre-Trump rally.
Trying to take over a hotel.
To stop him speaking there.
Obama lecturing the media on how to do their business on Morning Joe.
While he hangs out with communist dictators.
I mean, he supports people being grabbed off the street and arrested for free speech.
Hillary Clinton campaigns about super PACs and big money.
When you can look it up, she's gotten more than the Democrats and the Republicans combined.
She's gotten the lion's share of the money in the 2016 campaign.
Just type in Hillary, biggest recipient of Super PAC money.
Biggest recipient of Wall Street money.
And so she gets up there and says that she
is against it, and it's terrible, and it's horrible, and that the big money's against her.
This is the inversion of reality.
We're going to play that clip.
Ted Cruz, quote, those sinful Trump supporters will join our campaign when we steal it at the convention.
Clinton supports illegal immigrants getting Obamacare.
Remember we said that was in the bill?
The way the law was written and people said, oh, you're a conspiracy theorist.
Well, now Congress is announcing it.
It's all being announced.
Because after all, I mean, America's greedy and evil.
We should pay for any illegal aliens health care, not just for them to have a baby, of course.
So now there is sick tourism where people get a visa as a tourist.
They come here and everything's free.
We're collapsing.
But if you're big mega banks,
That loan the country the money out of nowhere and you're going to end up owning everything?
Well, you're going to get people in debt, aren't you?
Just like those payday 300% interest loans are more than happy to give poor people loans on their paychecks.
So they can go buy lottery tickets.
It's like watching that video and those photos of Easter with the Pez dispenser factory and they had a Pez event.
They promoted it on Twitter and Facebook and a thousand people or so showed up and they're supposed to have the little kids run out and get the little Pez dispensers but instead the people rioted and ran over the little kids and trampled women for the Pez.
As long as it's empty, and fantasy, and some corn syrup, or a worthless lottery ticket, or a worthless Bernie Sanders, or a worthless Hillary, or a worthless Obama, or a worthless, just empty lie, people love it.
They like Fantasyland.
They like to believe for five minutes they're going to become rich and powerful, or they got something free, or they beat somebody.
I got the Pez dispenser.
Austin, Rick Linklater made the famous film about slackers, and Austin is really a headquarters of it, but it's all over the country, where people go get degrees, they go get jobs, and then they pretend they're intellectuals, they get a job, and they pretend they're doing things at the job.
They don't really want to have a job, they just want to pretend they have a job, and then take selfies about their job.
It's all where you make this little fake life, like dress up, like you're a four-year-old girl dressing up as a princess, or a four-year-old boy dressing up as a cowboy, as the Lone Ranger.
It's called Fantasyland.
And in Fantasyland, you got a big portion of people that will believe anything they're told.
That's the type of garbage we're talking about.
You can argue that, well, you're just believing in Trump, hoping he's better, hoping that he's something different.
No, not really.
The establishment is having a heart attack, a full seizure.
They're gouging their eyeballs out, basically, with daggers.
They're pulling their hair out, running around in circles, because they know he's never been beholden to them.
He's been his own guy, and he knows we've got two-sided, unfair trade deals that are 101 meant to shut our industrial base down, and he says it's not fair, and he intends to do a few basic things.
He may be dangerous, too.
He's got them scared to death.
But let me tell you, these people are bad news.
These people are eugenicists.
And the fact that they're scared of Donald Trump tells me that he's good, and regardless, he's making them steal the election in front of everybody that is unprecedented.
He is making them come out and go, your vote never counted.
Oh no, we can change the rule however we want and ignore your popular vote.
And Hillary's going, well yeah, I did take the delegates early on from Sanders to make it look like I was winning, and now I'm actually winning, because people are voting for me because they think he's a loser, though he just won three states over the weekend in the primary.
And so, now it's in the LA Times that Sanders is going and stealing the delegates now.
Well yeah, if they're undecided, if they can go to Hillary, why not go to him?
And they're acting like, he's stealing things now.
I mean, you talk about spin machine, baby, this is it.
So let's go over some of this economic news, and let's go over some of the political news here.
Briefly, though, a lot of people ask me, and I'm gonna do a joke video about this pretty soon.
I see it in the comments on InfoWars, I see it on YouTube, I see it on my Facebook, where I was at my
Parents and Buckley, my cousin, Anthony Guicciardi, were over.
He was over with his wife and Anthony was over with his girlfriend.
You know, we're sitting there in the hot tub and we do a Facebook mentions on Easter for about an hour.
And people are like, I can't believe his energy.
You know, he must be, you know, on drugs, cocaine, meth, whatever.
And I sat there and I read that.
And it let me realize how screwed up we are as a society that the fact that I'm mad that they're openly announcing that they're stealing the popular vote and basically canceling the election.
And that I'm mad that they're pushing vaccines that they know have cancer viruses in them and they know that the cancer is communicable.
That's even the New York Times now.
And they're bringing in a world government where these elites are exempt but want us to be under carbon taxes while Leonardo DiCaprio flies around on jumbo jets.
Private planes the size of jumbo jets.
I mean, literal 747s, you name it.
And it's so crazy!
It's the new royalty, it's total discrimination, and I'm being lectured, and I'm angry, and people go, that guy's got too much energy.
I mean, I've had one cup of coffee today.
I used to have three cups of coffee.
One at about noon, or one, and then one at about five.
I was gonna work late.
Now, no more than two a day.
Usually I'll have tea instead.
And it is because I'm upset, I'm involved, I'm taking action, I'm motivated.
And if you were ever around executives at real companies, or around, say, special forces troops, or around anybody that's successful, or a conductor that's into music, they're working 14 hours a day, they're obsessed with it, they love it, they have passion.
I mean, I'll just tell you, Tim Kennedy is going to be doing some news reporting and stuff as a liaison, not as an employee, but as a contractor.
He wants to work with us.
I want to work with us.
He's one of the more famous Special Forces guys in history, and most of what he's done is secret.
You know, the real exploits are pretty darn amazing.
Let's say beyond somebody like Chris Kyle.
And they're out doing shoots this whole week, getting up at 5 a.m.
And I don't have to tell him anything to do.
He just comes up with all these great ideas and is just off and going.
They came and did four blood draws two weeks ago on him over a week and cannot believe there's no drugs in him.
Guy doesn't even drink caffeine, doesn't drink beer.
Bouncing off the walls in a focused way.
That's what a souped up, strong alpha male's like.
That's what built civilization, folks.
And that's the type of guy that leads special forces groups.
That's who they are.
And maybe they've been siphoned off, and sometimes there's some stuff that isn't good.
The point is, is that there's the world of men, and the world of people with energy, then there's the world of TV heads.
And the average person is in a near-sleep trance, and watches mainstream TV all day, on record, and is brain-damaged.
And they watch me up on air, and they say, that guy's gotta be on drugs.
It's incredible, ladies and gentlemen.
They mean illegal drugs.
The truth is that I might be on one prescription a year for nasal spray.
Or things like that.
In my life, I tried hard drugs a few times in high school and college.
You know, different things.
I hated it all.
Just, oh, this is horrible, because I'm already high.
I don't need it.
The truth is, I have been a drinker, and have not drunk in my life for years, and drunk, you know, it's gotten, drunk too much, you know, been in control, but you know what?
It's because I can't handle my energy at night.
I need to stop thinking, and I've used sedatives, that's what alcohol is, it's a depressant, to take the edge off.
It's the opposite.
I don't need speed.
I should have never gotten on coffee and I'm phasing it out.
Buckley's quit.
Because it's just a drug, you get used to needing it, that's it.
So yeah, I'm on coffee, I'm on caffeine, small amount of it.
That said now, let me get back to the news.
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And the last bits are now coming off.
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Quite frankly, sometimes I do it by myself with no boat following me when the lake was like, you know, totally still at like six in the morning, nobody out there.
It's still not that safe.
I don't wear an orange cap on my head.
Uh, but, and I had to go jogging and lifting weights and I just got bigger.
My muscles got bigger.
I didn't lose weight.
Let me tell you, anthroplex, super male vitality.
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I'm on Mother Nature.
I'm on Mother Nature.
I'm on Mother Nature.
I'm on the genetics from my ancestors, who didn't lay down, weren't cowards, who were trailblazers on every front, on both sides of my family.
I guess that's what I'm on.
I'm on genetics.
I'm on will.
I am on exercise.
I am on Mother Nature, and I'm not perfect!
But thank God I'm not a zombie shuffling around, ugh, ugh, hating to do anything.
I love it.
I love life.
I love doing the laundry.
I love cleaning the garage.
But I don't do it as much because I got really important stuff to do.
I have somebody else to do it.
But you know what?
I enjoy planting a garden.
I enjoy changing attire.
And you might as well just enjoy it, folks.
And be more like people like Tim Kennedy.
All right, let's continue here, ladies and gentlemen.
Let me get into the Trump news.
Listen, come back and play the clips.
Trump aide charged with misdemeanor battery versus ex-Breitbart reporter.
And you see it where she walks up, she might brush by, he might touch her.
And so this is the new deal.
Somebody touches you, they can claim you assaulted them.
This is how much the system's coming after Trump.
Meanwhile, anti-Trump activists have faced bikers, riot police at Trump rally, Kit Daniels on the road in Wisconsin, Infowars.com.
Read the article, see the videos.
They're going to be covering this live today with live streams on Infowars.com via Skype, live streams via YouTube, live screens via a bunch of other platforms.
Like Facebook mentions.
Oh, I forgot we got censored by YouTube with false complaints about our live streaming taken away with the Arab TV stations trying to take us down for talking about their jihad.
Sorry, so we can't do that on YouTube.
I mean, they're after us, folks.
Anti-Trump activists to face bikers, riot police at Trump rally.
We're getting into that.
Anti-Trump protesters arrested for occupying Janesville Holiday Inn.
New national poll numbers show closest Democratic race in 2016 with Clinton and Sanders 49 to 43.
Clinton leading.
That's in totally cooked polls.
Sanders was way ahead of her, but she stole so many elections, so many states publicly.
People said, well, I want to bet on a winner.
That's what I'm part of, is a fantasy land with these candidates.
Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders has a plan to hijack Hillary Clinton superdelegates.
Hillary hijacked his in the early states and stole it.
The media wouldn't report on it, but now that he's trying to fight back and going to the delegates and realizing that they really voted for her, but that there's this fraud, and they go to the superdelegates and say, follow the will of the people, they're calling it a fraud.
You gotta love brainwashing, man.
It's hardcore.
Good times over at the LA Times.
I tell you, that is some super baloney machine right there.
Hillary had several abortions, kept Chelsea for political appearances, Bill's former lover says.
Isn't that just precious?
She's a true, quote, Gloria Steinem, that means CIA feminist.
Get rid of the boys and keep the girl for political purposes.
It's like the dog.
Remember the Clintons had, was it two dogs, that the day they were out of office, the next week both the dogs died in accidents.
Just get rid of the dog.
None of the staff even wanted the lab.
None of the staff wanted the other dog.
It was just, the minute they were done, euthanize them.
Yeah, liberal!
Yeah, Benghazi!
Yeah, Libya!
Yeah, she came, she saw, he died!
Slaughter those Christians!
We'll be back with some key clips straight ahead.
Stay with us.
This is Dan Pilla.
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Man, I've got so many crazy clips here I want to get to.
Look at CNN's Burn It on Dem superdelegates.
That sounds like the system is rigged.
Because the way the head of the Democratic Party is spinning it.
Well, yeah, your popular vote doesn't count.
It's the activists or the delegates.
They count.
And we want to empower them.
Operatives they appoint.
I mean, the way they spin this stuff is amazing.
She did a better job than the Republican leader.
Is amazing.
of the committee over the rules, who got up and said, yeah, your vote doesn't count, you shouldn't even vote.
Remember that two weeks ago?
But this is our elected government.
We elected them, right?
They've stolen the government.
They've hijacked it.
Now they've been exposed.
The spotlight's on them.
And they're going, nothing to see here, move along.
These aren't the droids you're looking for.
Are we that stupid?
Hillary complains about the super PACs when she's the number one person funded by them, compared to everybody else.
But right now let's go to Obama lecturing the media on how to do their job from MSNBC.
This is really rich.
Here it is.
The hallmark of good journalism, false equivalency, all too often these days can be a fatal flaw.
If I say that the world is round and someone else says it's flat, that's worth reporting.
But you might also want to report on
A bunch of scientific evidence that seems to support the notion that the world is round.
A job well done is about more than just handing someone a microphone.
It would be better served if billions of dollars in free media came with serious accountability.
Especially when politicians issue unworkable plans or make promises they can't keep.
And there are reporters here who know they can't keep them.
So he's saying you're a bunch of bad people because he's sitting there lecturing the media as Scarborough is saying when the White House is one of the most deceptive and secretive in history and the media is a bunch of attack dogs after anybody not supporting Obama and he wants them to come out
And attack people and say man-made climate change is a fact.
When we have their internal emails admitting they know it's controlled by the sun and they're trying to hide the decline.
And instead he has constant meetings daily when he's working and not on vacation with trendies from all these big movies and things like The Hangover to make him look cool to the trendy population of millennials that don't even watch the news who do support him and Bernie Sanders and Hillary.
I mean, it's like 75% or more support socialist or liberal causes, but it's not even socialist or liberal.
Top 20 corporations going into Cuba to exploit the labor like slavery and the Rolling Stones coming in to get paid millions of dollars to share the profit with the Castro brothers is a scam, is slavery.
China murdering Buddhists who are peaceful and taking their organs is wrong.
I know in the fantasy land bubble of the universities where you're going to school to get a career that already doesn't exist, you've already been chumped and they know you're going to want something free once you can't get a job when you get out in a couple years, so they're preparing you to be a socialist army soldier basically, to run around as a social justice warrior, to riot and demonstrate and henpeck until everyone sits there and submits to you.
A bunch of entitled, lazy, soft... I mean, I'm not trying to be mean.
I don't care what color they are.
Black, white, Asian, Hispanic.
You go to any major university, the people look like they've had lobotomies, and like they can hardly walk, and they're looking at iPhones, stumbling around.
And you talk to them, we do the man-on-the-street interviews, they are just gone.
They are gone.
Gone, gone, gone.
And it's the Army of Darkness, a brain-damaged zombie force, bred by television, now rising.
And the government and the elites are going to use them like an army of piranhas to eat us to the bone.
I mean, we are in trouble.
These are the enemy soldiers.
The zombie force.
And don't laugh at them, because there's a bunch of them.
The zombies are powerful.
In the first decade of my battle against the globalist, I gained close to 100 pounds.
Now in the last four years, with help from the products at Infowarslife.com, I have lost 80 plus pounds of that weight.
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It is game changing.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Coming up in the next segment, Kent Terry, brother of Brian Terry, is going to be joining us with an investigator getting into what really happened
With Fast and Furious, you do not want to miss that information.
Because there's been a lot of new developments that the media is not really covering that you need to know about.
It just illustrates the exact type of criminal activity we're dealing with.
The investigator is going to break down the fact that the guns are still being shipped down by the ATF and the Obama Clintonistas.
And the fact that Congress isn't really even looking at this anymore just shows you how controlled they are.
And of course it ties into blaming the Second Amendment as well, so that's coming up.
I just played the amazing clip of Obama lecturing the media that even Joe Scarborough had to say was ridiculous.
The media is so servile.
And this thing about, well, we know the reality.
If somebody says the world's flat, we know it's round.
The media needs to counter that.
Speaking of man-made climate change, and, you know, you need to go after these politicians on their lies.
On the lies!
I mean, it's just amazing how they keep trying to arbitrate reality.
But I want to go to this other one, and you can just type in for yourself.
Everybody knows this.
Hillary is the number one recipient of top mega-bank Wall Street money.
More than everybody else combined.
And she's
The biggest overall PAC receiver over any other candidate in both parties.
I showed a bunch of articles on screen and covered it last hour and mentioned it, but let's go to the clip of her.
This is like Adolf Hitler.
He'd have made it to Nuremberg in trial and would have got up and said, we need to take action against Nazis and against Adolf Hitler.
And I hate Adolf Hitler and have never met him and don't know him.
And Adolf Hitler standing there.
I mean this is that dumb.
This is 2 plus 2 equals 10.
This is you didn't build your business.
This is purposely psych warfare to screw you up and get you to accept your lies.
Let's play the Hillary Clinton complains about super PACs, big money and politics.
In 2014, the top 100 donors to Super PACs spent nearly as much as all 4,750,000 small donors in the country combined.
Now the idea, I believe, that money is speech turns our Constitution upside down.
Wealth should not be privileged in the courts.
In fact, it should have no privilege.
Yet at a time when inequality between working Americans and those at the top is starker than ever, the Supreme Court has given the wealthiest Americans even greater power to affect what happens in our democracy.
Justice Ginsburg says if there were one recent decision she'd overrule, it's this one.
The big mega banks that own the media can put out whatever propaganda they want, and they don't call it political speech or political contributions.
And the big money's putting its money right now universally against Trump.
It's like 90% of the money being spent against him, 20-something million per average state.
I mean, it's never been done before.
And it's not working.
So the Koch brothers and the Soros money isn't working now.
But they're always going to have the media.
They're always going to have their propaganda and just not call it political speech.
They want to restrict everybody else's speech like Dinesh D'Souza or mine.
I mean, I gave one time $3,000, the maximum amount, to Ron Paul.
And they made a big scandal out of that.
Because I clicked to give it.
And the computer messed up, and then I clicked again, and then two went through, so I deleted it on the credit card, or on the debit card, and sent them an email, and they deleted it out too, but it showed it as a record, and there was a criminal investigation reporter who started it, and Mr. Jones, and he's, he gave, you know, $6,000 or whatever it was, double the amount to, and of course, I could have, it could have been my wife giving it, it would have been okay, but the point is, I hardly give any political money.
I'm not a politico.
You know, just like Dinesh D'Souza got his friends to do an unofficial PAC and give some money to his friend running for Senate.
He spent nine months in prison, folks.
But Hillary can take money from foreign dictators into her foundation and use it in elections.
I mean, she's the worst of anybody, really, in history.
But she's up there and she wants to stop it.
No, they want to selectively, just like what the IRS does with the 501c3, go after anybody that isn't left a mouth to tongue.
The high life expectancy enjoyed in Japan is largely due to the nation's healthy diet, reports The Independent.
The population of the island nation, which has one of the lowest mortality rates in the world, eats diets high in certain carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, as well as fish and meat.
Such foods make for a diet low in saturated fats.
Researchers at the National Center for Global Health and Medicine in Tokyo
I'm good.
I think so.
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That's InfoWarsLive.com or call 888-253-3139.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us.
We are now into the second hour of the worldwide broadcast.
And for the next 30 minutes or so, we're going to be covering an incredibly important topic to the future of this country and freedom.
I mean, it is so big following this case.
I know many of you have followed it out there.
There's so many angles and pieces to it.
It is simply amazing.
But the first thing I just want to say here is we had the famous CBS reporter Cheryl Atkinson basically run out of CBS because she did her job and exposed that documents showed the ATF used Fast and Furious to make the case for gun regulations.
Now El Chapo's been found with .50 caliber rifles, you name it.
And the big news today is there's evidence that more guns
Are still being shipped down to Mexico.
We should see impeachment over this, shouldn't we?
But, we have not seen impeachment over this.
Now, we're going to go to Kent Terry, brother of the fallen Border Patrol agent, Brian Terry first.
Then we're going to go to an investigator, Matt Smith-Mack, who is a retired
USMC Lieutenant Colonel and an investigator, and has the background to be doing it, who's working with the family, the Border Patrol and others, to bring out exactly what's happening and the ongoing crimes.
So this is a big investigative report today.
In the time we have, I appreciate both men joining us.
Kent Terry, brother of Brian Terry, who died in 2010, will be on first to break down the basics of what happened, for those that may not know, and then what's developed since then.
But reading over all this, you guys sent me...
The fact that he had documents, handwritten notes in his boots hidden, the fact that the Feds came in and took all his materials, the fact that he was warning family that he'd gotten into some serious investigations.
You know, is it more than just some illegal alien drug dealer that shot and killed your brother?
This thing looks like an even bigger cover-up to me, and I know that's the direction this is going.
We're going to break it all down.
Kent Terry, thank you so much for coming on with us today.
Thank you, Mr. Jones.
I appreciate it.
Where should we start?
Well, everybody knows that Brian was killed with a fast and furious scandal by the Obama administration.
But the thing is though, the lies that my family's been told from day one.
Since day one, they told us they found three weapons and they apprehended four suspects.
Then within 12 hours later, they only found two weapons and they had to release the suspect.
But we never knew about Fast and Furious until Cheryl Atkinson reached the story, released the story with John Dodson.
But in the meantime, prior to meeting with Cheryl Atkinson and the John Dodson release, Dennis Burke, which was the Attorney General, State Attorney for Arizona, that was involved in Fast and Furious, made an appearance to our house.
Making sure that the weapons that Brian seen were not from Arizona, they're from a store in Texas.
And we're thinking, is this company right with this whole thing?
So when Cheryl asked him on that story out, right there we knew that this was a lie and a big cover-up in Brian's death.
And now you guys have done an intense investigation with Matt Schmithmeck and others, and I just, this is pretty bombshell.
I know he's going to talk about the direction it's pointing, but
In your gut, looking at this, and the way they've changed the story so much, and the fact that he had documents we're going to be showing to the TV part of the audience, you know, basically hidden so they would get to other people if something happened to him.
I mean, this sounds like an action-adventure-whodunit movie to me.
Well, you know what, Mr. Jones?
From day one, I knew something wasn't right.
I mean, especially when he told my mom two months before he got killed that, you know, Mom, I don't want to go back.
Something just doesn't feel right.
I can't talk about it.
My mom was like, Brian, you know what?
If you don't want to go, don't go back.
He goes, well, you know what, I love my job.
I love this country.
And a year later, when I was going through his materials and his belongings, I went to go try on these pair of boots, and I thought it was a paper from a brand new pair of boots, and I pulled out that journal.
I started going through it, and I'm like, about him intercepting, pulling over people with crate fulls of AK-47s.
You know, he had the GPS coordinates down there and everything, and was told by his supervisor to, like, go.
Right there, I knew, you know what?
The whole timing of Brian's death did not add up.
Fifteen minutes before he got off, the email he wrote to the Border Patrol Union regarding a situation going on in the border, and the Border Patrol Union told us it wasn't about a transfer and it wasn't about a time off, but looked into it.
So, I think Brian was on to fast and furious.
I don't think he knew the extent of it.
I don't think he knew how big it really was, but in my gut, the timing of Brian's death does not add up to what the government's telling us.
What was it like for you after December 2010, to then a year later, December 7th, 2011, almost a year to the date, CBS coming out and a valiant reporter documenting that this was a staged deal to blame the Second Amendment and to blame American gun owners for violence in Mexico.
I mean, what was it like when you saw news like that?
I was sick.
I was actually sick to my stomach.
This is what they're going to do to our own people here.
I'm like, you know what?
And this is... To me, it was their whole thing about changing the Second Amendment.
Showing there was a gun problem for the United States.
I think that was their whole idea, what was going on.
But that just made me sick about how they're blaming something else.
And it's just... I don't know.
I feel like I'm in a nightmare.
I still feel like I'm in a nightmare.
Now, I know we've got to go in about 10 minutes, so I'm going to skip this network break coming up because this is so important.
We're talking to Kent Terry, brother of slain hero Brian Terry, who tried to stand up and tell the truth and was clearly basically taken out or hit for it.
You're very, very sad, but thank God he's got a great family, and thank God this information ended up getting out, and there's patriots like Matt Smith-Mack out there, and I know he works with you and the family as a tireless investigator.
I want to bring him in, jump in any time you want, Kent, with points you want to make.
20-year veteran of the U.S.
Marine Corps, EA6B electronic countermeasures officer, attaining rank of Lieutenant Colonel before March 2006, veteran of Desert Shield, Storm, Bosnia campaign, Operation Enduring Freedom.
I'm not going to go over
This whole bio would take about an hour to do that, all the places, even stations, what he's been involved in.
But imagine all this background, working with FBI, CIA, DA, you name it.
It gives him a background to know what he sees when he sees it.
Amazing info.
How best to break down where your investigation's going, because I see in your notes here you sent me that there's more shipments, it's ongoing.
That is bombshell, because, wow, Congress isn't really doing anything, and if this comes back out, this could really
Really, hopefully, stop this activity, sir.
Yeah, Mr. Jones, hi.
Good afternoon.
Yeah, I think you're right.
It certainly would.
And dovetailing on what Brian just said, you know, we've been helping and working with the Terry family.
And I think what is important
is building off of what uh... what brian said you still have there is a a central figure that is uh... since two thousand twelve has been trying to help all law enforcement house oversight and senator grassley's office and uh... interestingly uh... all that there's been a lot of action but no no vector no direction
And also, interestingly, a friend of this program, as you know, Tosh Plumlee and I, both from congressional offices, were admonished to stop talking to the Terry family because it was told it was worrisome and unwarranted.
And when I talked to Kent, you know, Kent said, hey, we've never talked to those folks.
We've never talked to anybody in Congress.
We haven't said anything about you guys.
But I find it bizarre.
And I have actually an email from one of the people telling me to essentially back off.
So we found that
Very striking, and I think importantly to what
Brian was on to.
We have, beginning of late last year, let ATF, both in Tucson and the Chicago offices, know that weapons were still going across the border.
We're going to go across in early November.
Matter of fact, they went across on 10 November, the Marine Corps' birthday of all days.
Nothing was done to stop it.
They only met with the central character three days after the fact.
And again, we've also alerted some folks in the Congressional side because, you know, talking to a lot of the folks who were lost their jobs or retired or got in trouble over trying to tell the truth on Fast and Furious, you know, we're told, do not trust ATF leadership, do not trust DOJ, OIG.
So, ergo, we're trying to work with Congress, House Oversight, Senator Grassley's office of late, sir, actually, Congressman Trey Gowdy.
Who I've received an email from who asked me to certainly forward him everything, you know, always forward to him what I've got.
So I've been doing that.
But again, we've got a mid-May of this year time frame where another large shipment is scheduled to go across from basically Arizona into Mexico.
And we're trying to make sure that does not occur.
And the folks who were involved with this actually have agreed to meet with Kent
This other central figure, and actually an investigative reporter for a major cable news network, to recount everything.
I mean, they have locations, they have names, they have, as John Dodson had talked to me about, get evidence to lay hands on, and hopefully, sir, you know, mid-May, this could come to fruition.
This is huge, because looking at your bio, running major bases, Chief of Staff, Tribunal Member, Chief of Staff, Naval Base, Guantanamo Bay, for Office of the Administrative Review of Detention of Enemy Combatants, just going over your bio, you know, you've worked at every level, intelligence, you name it, as an expert, I mean, we can say you're an expert expert, you're an expert consultant, currently,
What does this look like to you?
I mean, we know they were doing it to blame the Second Amendment.
Was there more?
Why does El Chapo have all these Fast and Furious guns?
Why does the media try to cover it up?
I mean, what's the big picture?
I know you don't like to speculate, but, you know, we're five, six years into this now.
We have a lot of pieces here.
What do you think's going on?
Sir, what I would speculate is, um, dovetailing on what Tosh Plumlee has been on your program before and talked about, uh, this is a much, I think,
Part of a much larger international gun running operation.
As a matter of fact, a person in Congress had asked me to ask this central character, this integral figure that still is trying to help the Terry family, congressional oversight, that
You have a nexus between Fast and Furious, and if not Benghazi, at least the Middle East.
We know from accounts from the folks who were actually involved with running these weapons, in September of 2010, weapons separate from what we would call Fast and Furious were run down to Mexico.
Down to a town in Mexico, Caborca, actually, met with an international Middle Eastern arms dealer, and en route over to the Middle East.
This happened at least three times.
Again, starting in September of 2010, and I think of great import, is a Moroccan DST commander, their DST is their internal security forces, on 16 October 2010, reported to his
Supervisors that fast and furious weapons were in the kingdom of Morocco en route to arm the rebels in Algeria.
So here we have a Nella Nexus from weapons going across the southern border into Mexico and then from there going out to God knows where.
And I know some of the NATO sources, the Plumlee and others have said that.
And then so much of what Plumlee said three, four years ago has come out and been exactly true.
We now have so many of the heroes that survived, who were on the ground, who got the sat phone calls from the State Department from, you know, orders that no, the secretary says stand down.
And we have them now on Fox News basically exposing what Hillary's done.
And we know that there's a conduit basically fencing the guns through Mexico and then out to the Middle East.
Simply amazing.
And then you're breaking down intel of all your sources that it's still going on.
That is mind-blowing.
I mean, I know you're here talking about it.
I know Breitbart's reported on some of this.
What can we do as investigative journalists out there listening, myself included?
To draw more attention to this.
I mean, what's the bottom line narrative?
I mean, this just sounds like outrageous tyranny.
It's not just going to drug cartels.
Now it's going to ISIS and Al Qaeda.
Stinger missiles out of Benghazi.
We know that now.
I mean, when I was told that by Colonel Schaefer three, four years ago, I couldn't believe it.
I mean, he got in trouble for saying it on air.
It's turned out to be true.
I mean, I believed him.
It was just unbelievable.
And then now we got it from all these other sources.
I mean, the military knows about it.
How do they get away with this?
Well, sir, you know, as Lenin said, any lie told big enough or off enough is believable.
And I think people are hoping the American people just forget about it.
We have a short attention span, unfortunately.
But for me, it's very personal in that Brian, besides being a Border Patrol agent, was also a former Marine.
I'm a former Marine.
We do not let Marines stay on the battlefield, whether it's their body or their reputation or their soul.
So for me, it's personal.
And what I would say, sir, you know, we have made contact with Tristan Leavitt at House Oversight, with Jason Foster in Senator Grass's office, and unfortunately, you know, and I'd like to have, you know, certainly Kent come back in here.
Those folks, the Terry family, Kent in particular, not even, you know, getting the courtesy of return phone calls.
Stay right there, sir, because you make a good point.
You can stay longer, but Kent Terry, brother of Brian Terry, has got to go in about five minutes.
So you've heard the powerful points that Matt's made here, Colonel, has made.
What can you add to this?
What else would you like to impart to folks about your brother, sir?
You know what?
Give Brian the honor he deserves.
I mean, don't shrug him off, throw him under the rug like he's some piece of dirt, and that's what this country's doing.
Just not the country, just, you know, the Congress and Senators promised my family just accountability.
Even Elijah Cummings promised my mom, and guess what?
Nothing has happened.
They don't keep in contact with us.
They don't tell us nothing.
It's always every time they do call us, they want to know what we know.
And it's like, I'm getting sick of it.
I mean, like I said, my brother served 20 years in this country.
Over 20 years.
And this is what he gets?
Well, he was doing his job too good, and that's obvious, and he is a hero, and he helped unravel so much of this, so at least the public knows.
But you're right.
He's like the string that'll unravel the whole sweater.
That's why they want it shut down.
But thank God, good ATF agents and others, and people like yourself and your family have encouraged, and Lieutenant Colonel Smithmeck and others,
In court of public opinion, people pretty much know what happened.
But to me, it's so amazing that it's ongoing.
I mean, if we just let your brother hang out there and don't stand up for him, we're all in danger.
And I wish some of the public out there got how important this is.
If they can get away with crimes of this magnitude, Kent, we're all in trouble.
Do you agree with that?
Yeah, and another thing is, too, with all these ISIS threats and all these ISIS coming through the border, what makes you think they're not going to grab these weapons that are down in Mexico and use them on a, you know, a terrorist act here or another school shooting or a multiple shooting, you know, a mass shooting here?
Thousands a month of other than Mexicans from the Middle East, you name it, pouring across.
I want to ask Lieutenant Colonel Smith-Mack about that.
I mean, we saw the head of South Com just two years ago.
Come out and say, we got a big problem in South America, Central America, the Caribbean.
We are having groups affiliated with Al Qaeda and ISIS coming in.
That's now admitted.
They're saying at least 400 sleeper cell operatives in Europe have come in.
ISIS said that a year ago.
They were going to do it.
What's your information on that, Colonel?
Oh, I would say, I agree with you Mr. Jones in your points, and importantly, I think another
Yes, sir.
Well, you're going to be with us another 5-10 minutes.
I appreciate your time, Lieutenant Colonel.
Let's go back to
Mr. Terry's brother, Kent.
Any other points you'd like folks to know?
Any websites, any places people can go to learn more, get involved?
What can we do?
Yeah, my family started a foundation, Brian Terry Foundation, honorbrianterry.com, and we post all the stuff that's going on with the trials, who's been convicted so far.
That's another thing, too.
These people out there that they convicted for supposedly Brian's killing there.
Out of six guys, four of them they got apprehended.
We're waiting on one more I think from Mexico.
And supposedly none of these are the shooters, so it makes me kind of think that there's another shooter involved.
But yeah, honorbryanterry.com.
We pretty much put all our updates on there about what's going on with the foundation and with Brian's trial and accountability.
So I appreciate everybody that supports
Well, it's a great site.
People should go to it right now.
They should support you.
They should spread the word.
They may ignore the people.
They may ignore your brother.
But the establishment's in deep trouble.
The mainstream media is collapsing because they won't do their job.
It is despicable.
And thank you so much, Kent Terry, for your time.
God bless you.
Thank you Mr. Jones, appreciate it.
Thank you.
Going back to Lt.
Matt Smithmech.
Sir, you're the expert on this, but I mean I just look at it, it's so crazy.
What else can you tell the public?
What other tidbits are most important?
And then separately, we have a few more minutes after the break, just to get into general terrorism, what is the establishment going to do
When they bring in millions of people to Europe, hundreds of thousands here, don't even check their IDs on purpose because they know they've got backgrounds.
What are they going to do?
Let's cover that now.
What are they going to do when they attack?
They've already attacked San Bernardino.
They're already attacking all over.
They're already attacking Army, Navy, Marine Corps recruiting centers.
They already attacked Fort Hood.
Wouldn't call it terrorism.
What's going to happen when it really gets bad?
What are these politicians thinking?
How do they think they're going to get away with it?
Well, maybe the answer is they got away with fast and furious.
You know, sir, I tend to agree with what you just said.
Maybe they'll get away with it.
I honest to goodness think that they believe the American public has a short attention span, that we don't care, and this is likely to forget it and worry about the next episode of the Kardashians, or the Americans, or our next iPhone, and not something that is critical to this country.
As I was talking to one of your producers before, I said, you know, if we, whether it's this,
Benghazi, the IRS, if we as citizens allow this to happen and don't speak up and make our protestations known, then we are merely subject to not citizens and that's not what our country is about.
I mean, I know inside the military and police, this really woke them up fast and furious.
Now it's really woken them up that it turned out NATO and Obama and the rest of them have been funding ISIS and, you know, al-Qaeda groups behind the scenes against Assad.
I mean, it just seems like if that's going on, what else is going on we don't know about?
I mean, this is wild.
You know, I tell you, sir, it's interesting, just going back to Fast and Furious, one of the things that we made sure we got to, Representative Issa and House Oversight, end of September, early October 2013,
was uh... material material sent to him uh... that essentially said not only is it guns and rifles but also grenades grenade launchers military-grade night vision goggles black special forces technical uniforms and other of uh... importance there's a girl stay there to five more minutes with us is so important back in three decided forgotten about all the night vision uh... the hand grenades
Rocket launchers all out of the... I mean, this isn't stuff you're getting at gun shows, folks.
This is a big arms shipment, and the White House is running it.
And then, probably, probably had, you know, who cares?
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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By the way,
Lieutenant Colonel Matt Smith-Mack is the hero in his own right.
We'll go ahead and play down the intro.
Go ahead and bring me in.
You know, I tell you, it is just crazy to sit here and see this because...
There's so much corruption, there's so much that comes out, and more and more people don't get in trouble for it, and believe me, you get a lot of heat, you get a lot of threats when you do stuff like this, because I know we do.
And, you know, people call up saying, you better back off, you better stop.
These are dangerous folks we're dealing with, but if we don't stand up to them, we're going to lose everything.
Again, Alex Jones here, broadcasting live subjects like this, getting me so upset that I even forgot I had an intro coming in there, because
You sit back and you realize the people running our government are doing things like this and the sky's the limit.
And they're not even doing something dirty like in the Cold War against the Soviets or something.
I'd be against that because then you degenerate and it turns into something like this.
But to ship weapons...
Into Mexico, and then to ship them into the Middle East, to then start a war, and try to overthrow Syria, try to overthrow Libya, try to overthrow Egypt, and none of those are perfectly run countries, but compared to what we're putting in, it's crazy.
And then to try to lie to the military, and tell them we're not backing the jihadists out of Saudi Arabia, that lie has come crashing down.
And that's the good news here.
Individually, people may not have gotten in trouble for Fast and Furious or Benghazi, but basically everybody knows now.
And it really is crippling the ability of people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to continue to expand whatever it is they're doing, because it's hard to figure out how it's for American interest to put a bunch of Al-Qaeda people and ISIS people in charge of countries.
It's very, very dangerous, but the facts we know
They did this to blame the Second Amendment.
Now, sir, I want to, for the next five minutes, give you the floor again to break down other key points.
We're talking to recently retired Lieutenant Colonel Matt Smith-Mack, who has taken this case on.
I should also add that they wrote a very powerful article that's not been published yet that was written for a major newspaper.
I don't know if I'm allowed to say who.
You can talk about it if you want to.
And that they said they would run it, but then they didn't run it.
And not because of the information, you know, not being true, because they have, quote, cold feet.
We're going to publish this today at Infowars.com so that everybody can see it.
Who knows, Drudge might link to it.
I don't control what he links to, but this is pretty powerful.
And the headlines, did Brian Terry die in vain?
It's an important article and there's some talking points in here that I think I'm going to probably try to add into this or maybe augment the article because the headline should probably be, you know, researchers or experts
Fast and Furious linked to Benghazi linked to Syria or or I'm not sure where we should go with this.
I want to publish it just like this.
I'll publish it with this headline.
Did Brian Terry die in vain a call to Congress to find answers?
But in my experience, that might be a sub headline.
What is I mean, I've read the article.
Colonel Smith-Mack, what do you think the top headline should be, because as you know, that's emblematic of catching people's attention, to really get people to realize what a bombshell report this is.
Yes, sir, not being as accomplished a journalist as you are, but I would say it's a whole side of the story that's never been told.
I mean, I've never heard, except for talking to the Terry family,
What Brian Terry was doing, I mean, this has never been reported on, and his concerns that he was approached by, quote, bad agents, unquote, words he used to his mom, that they were aggressive, telling him to back off, that he didn't want to go back there, that his house was searched by the government without a court order or without permission of the family, that every electronic media device was taken out of his home, because when his dad, Brian's dad, had told the U.S.
Attorney there, Burke,
Who now, by the way, from what Kent was telling me, is that he and that former head of the board pro down there in Arizona worked together at a high-powered law firm in D.C.
that, you know, they went into his home and took an electronic media device, kept it away for a year, gave it back to the family with everything completely wiped.
I mean, cell phones, computers, laptops.
I mean, you talk to the family, you get that detail.
So my point is that, yes, sir, I think you had
You had Brian, perhaps unbeknownst to the extent, he was on to this.
He was uncovering this.
And when he would talk and call his superiors, they were told, let it go.
Let the vehicles go.
Let them go.
Let the weapons go.
And he was finding, you know, weapons in crates, OEM, original equipment manufacturing crates.
As you said, sir, you don't go and get all these things from a gun store.
You know, when we told Representative Issa and House Oversight back in October 2013,
That there are grenades and grenade launchers involved when these shipments go on south.
You know, DOJ-OYG didn't make that public until October 30th, 2014.
So a year ahead of time, you know, we're telling ICE and House Oversight that this is going on.
And again, a lot of commotion, a lot of, they say in physics, Brownian motion, there's a lot of activity but no vector.
And it's incomprehensible to me that, sir, that element that ATF, DEA, whomever else utilized to actually buy the weapons, run the weapons,
It seems as if nobody in law enforcement or the oversight has utilized that same group of people to get the answers.
And now, again, you have a central figure
Who is willing, has been since 2012, willing to work with, in this case, you know, law enforcement, House Oversight, Senator Grass's office, and no one's really pursued it.
The only person really pursuing this now, safe for you, is again, is another investigative journalist on a major cable news network.
And feel free to tell us about the individual that's willing to speak and the other cable hosts that's getting into this.
Yes, sir.
Well, you know, the name of the person, I don't want to use certainly right now.
It's because of... Okay, I understand.
So that source isn't out yet.
It hasn't been given to the media.
I understand.
That makes sense.
That's correct, sir.
You know, to be fair, it's Mr. William Lajeunesse of Fox News.
You know, I had a folks, a gentleman in Congress had given me an insight to email James Rosen.
And James Rosen, as gentlemanly emailed as he is on air, he referred me over to Mr. Lajeunesse.
Mr. Lajeunesse has taken it up and he's in contact with this person on a regular basis.
And, you know, there are plans to move forward to further uncover what's going on.
Yeah, Lajeunesse is one of the best people at Fox.
He's one of their roving reporters actually on the West Coast for folks that don't know who he is.
I think he's one of the best reporters over there.
He's been on the show five or six times over the years and I've been involved in one of his productions and he's one of the few people that actually will put his career on the line with this type of information.
Let's not forget what happened to Cheryl.
Atkinson when she exposed Fashion Furious.
I mean, they really come after people who are willing to touch this.
And that's why so much of the media won't go there.
That's why I say that, Lieutenant Colonel, you're a hero.
The family are heroes.
Because in a nation of cowards, and I love America, but in our media and our politicians, it's a lot of really cowardly people.
And as you said earlier, if you can just get back into some of the type of weapons, I remember seeing it in the news, that were military, full-auto, hand grenades.
I mean, civilians can't get those.
Even with a stamp, you can't get the hand grenades.
And this is going through, it's coming off military bases, it's coming out of different caches.
It's just wild that this is going on.
And then just finish up with getting into the intel on the fact that you're saying from your sources, more of this is moving across.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, more, as we said, about the weapons.
Again, not just rifles and pistols, and not 2,000, but more in the magnitude of about 4,700, would be more appropriate.
And you have a military nexus there.
You know, I was approached by a Colonel Taylor, who Air Force personnel, whether that was his name or not, I don't know for real, but that's what he identified himself as, in Air Force uniform.
I don't think so.
If you trace this back, you'll find that the genesis of this, or the birthplace of this, is in Yuma, Arizona, about circa 2005, and then it migrated its way off.
And perhaps why I got involved with this, or was asked to get involved, is I spent many years in Yuma at our weapons school in the Marine Corps, MOTS 1, which is the Marine Corps' top gun, and that's where it started.
And it migrated out, so we have repeatedly passed this information on.
Of note also, sir, on President's Day of 2014, I was approached by two folks who identified themselves as agents Weston and Maxwell, told me that my contacts in D.C.
had got a hold of them, they knew what was going on, standby, big news, soon.
That was a Monday, President's Day 2014.
Well, that Friday, guess what happened?
Guzman got captured.
You know, is it coincidence?
Who knows?
But I think there's so many layers to this, sir, like an onion.
And again, the fact that you have access to some of the folks who were actually involved, and nobody has really taken that up and utilized this person who's willing to put his life on the line.
And you're right, sir, people do get attacked.
As I was telling your producers and others, you know, March 22nd of last year, I got accosted.
I got knocked down.
I got told that obviously I wasn't getting the message.
Keep my mouth shut.
I made a report to the local police.
I made a report to the FBI.
I mean, this is the kind of stuff that's going on with this topic.
Wow, I didn't realize you've been physically attacked.
Yeah, I one time was investigating corruption in a federal court case and they got really upset and kept calling us and we're coming down there outside your studio to attack you.
And then when I got there, I was like, hey man, I was like, it was five, but four of them attacked me, guys that knew how to fight.
And I was like, wow, this is like a movie.
But I mean, it really shows why this country is in so much trouble.
That's amazing.
I mean, specifically what happened to you?
Did somebody just hit you from behind or what happened?
Yes, sir.
It was in the evening.
I got knocked down from behind hard enough to knock my glasses off.
And when I let go off, I don't see too far.
The person, again, I was on the ground, kicked me in the back, told me, trying to get it as accurate as I can, that obviously I wasn't getting the blanking measures to keep my mouth shut.
And then he took off.
There was a car backing out.
He got in the car, so it had to be two people, and took off.
And that was on the 22nd of March at around 10pm.
And then that next day, you know, I made reports both to the local police and called into the FBI and then went and actually interviewed with the FBI.
Well, I'd imagine you got that concealed carry strap to your side now.
Sir, I always was a Boy Scout as well, so I was always prepared.
I tell you, people that aren't involved don't know what it's like.
I didn't know you'd been physically attacked, but that's part of the course with these traitors.
You are a hero, Colonel.
Lieutenant Colonel Matt Smithmack, thank you so much, sir.
What I want to do with your permission is, I want to give this article to Paul Watson or one of the other reporters.
And I want to publish your report within the article, give some bullet points of the history, boil down this interview, have the interview there kind of cut down for tomorrow, so I can give this a full push.
Wednesday's the best day to launch an article in my experience.
I'd like to publish this at about 4 a.m.
tomorrow morning.
I mean, you've given us permission to publish it, but I'd like to publish a companion piece over it.
Is that okay?
Yes, sir.
I'd say do what you need to, one, to get the truth known, that the truth is paramount, that it must be manifest wherever it leads, and number two, get answers and closure for the Terry family.
Well, Matt, thank you so much.
All right.
It's just wonderful to be in association with people that actually care and have courage.
God bless you and be safe.
Thank you, sir.
That's my job, folks.
I tell you, I've been doing this 21 years and it just gets crazier and crazier by the minute.
Be sure and go to the Terry Family website.
We have it on screen.
I will put the URL up there as well.
For radio listeners, honorbryanterry.com.
And it's overwhelming evidence.
They killed him to cover up his investigation.
They're attacking other people like the Lieutenant Colonel here.
I have been threatened over Fast and Furious.
Not physically, but we've gotten the calls, and I have experienced this for a long time.
Stuff like in 1998, 1999, don't talk bad about Bill Clinton, don't talk about Waco, don't talk about Oklahoma City, or you're fired.
And then a month later, the owners of the radio, TV, slash print system showed up.
They'd never been down there from Scranton.
They own hundreds of newspapers, radio stations, TV stations.
Showed up and called me into a room and a guy got up and actually slapped me.
Not super hard, but like in a movie.
It hurt a little.
Hey, you stop it.
You want your job.
You know, we'll take care of you and give you a raise or whatever, but no more of this stuff.
And I was just up there talking about mainstream stuff, really, the Federal Reserve being private and what was being covered about Waco.
This is how the country's really run, people.
And I'm not going to roll over like a blob or a coward to this.
They're now stealing the election from Donald Trump, whether you love him or hate him, saying we're going to take delegates when he wins Louisiana and give it to Ted Cruz and the Bushes are endorsing him.
How far is it going to go?
Tosh Plumlee is such a patriot.
He was going to be on with us today, but for some reason it wasn't.
I want to get him back on.
That guy's a living legend.
And of course, people don't even know who he is.
Young people.
One time I was like, yeah, I got Chuck Yeager coming on.
And they're like, who's Chuck Yeager?
It's just, it's incredible.
But they know who some, you know, Beyonce or Kesha or any of those idiots are.
Our country's in a lot of trouble, folks.
I just, I don't know what to say anymore.
I don't know what to say anymore.
I just,
And even the ATF was not so evil as to not start blowing the whistle.
Now, the top of ATF carried out Oklahoma City bombing, the false flag of the Second Amendment and patriots.
But we're going to take this and write an article around the bombshells you heard, that interview that boiled down the facts and say, see below, the report that the Hill newspaper wouldn't publish.
I'm going to spend a few minutes here now talking about something really important.
I am committed
I mean, we broke Benghazi here first.
We broke the assassination of the Navy SEALs that were in the fake Bin Laden raid that killed a body double.
We've broken basically everything.
And by the grace of God, I'm still here.
But I do need your prayers, and so do these other people that are fighting, and we need your support.
Because if I'm going to go at this and sacrifice everything, potentially, I want to give the enemy the hardest blow I can.
I want to go all in.
If I'm going to kamikaze, I want to hit the crow's nest.
I want to hit the command tower in the information warfare.
I mean, I'm willing to go in no matter what it takes.
I may go in through and beyond.
The point is, I'm going into that conning tower.
I'm going right into the command operation.
I'm not trying to crash into the side and do nothing.
I want to go down the reactor shaft.
You understand that?
And the key is, we assault the enemy.
Not all of us flying down that, to use the X-Wing analogy, are going to end up hitting the target.
But we're leading the way, folks.
We're leading the way to the target.
And more follow, more take action, more blow the whistle.
We're going to get them.
We're going to get you.
We're not a bunch of sociopaths that are into child sex running and drug dealing and murdering and all this other garbage.
We're here to stand up against the globalists.
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Stay with us, I'm Alex Jones.
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You'll be glad you did.
Before we ever come this way again, and all the cheating sociopaths and psychopaths think they're so cool because they break the rules and are involved in evil,
You're the people bringing this country and this world down.
Honorable people did.
You didn't build it.
You guys are so corrupt now, you're openly stealing elections in front of everybody.
You're not gonna run on forever, you cowards.
I was almost late getting in here because I was in there with Adon Salazar, who is going to write the big bullet point article of everything off that interview with links to documents, admissions, with what he was saying, with the new info that military weapons are still being shipped out of a Marine Corps base and other areas down into Mexico to then be shipped to the Middle East.
Now, we've known that for a while, but this is a guy that basically ran that base.
That Lieutenant Colonel we just had on wasn't some Lieutenant Colonel that was out there, you know, doing supply or something.
He ran Guantanamo Bay.
He ran the Joint Strike Force Joint Program Office, Tribunal Member and Chief of Staff, Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the Office of Administrative Review and Detention of Enemy Combatants, Reviewing Combatant Status,
Working closely with the Secretary of the Navy, FBI, CIA, Endeavor, Deputy Branch Head, Aviation, Manpower, Headquarters, Marine Corps, currently Consultant and Entrepreneur.
And they physically attacked him.
Man, I gotta pack at all times.
I tell ya.
I can't believe they haven't met another.
Oh, I'm so sick of these people.
I am too fearless though.
I really gotta watch my six.
I wish I was a coward sometimes, I really do.
I just don't even care.
I just, I hate these people.
I wish I was afraid of the dark.
I'm actually afraid of letting scum like you run everything.
We're going to get our hands around your throat, don't you worry.
And when we do, we're never going to let go.
All you bullies and trash, running little kids and all the rest of it.
We're going to get you.
And the best part is God's going to get you too.
I know you don't think there's any God, but deep down you do know there is one.
I'm going to come back and start the next hour, and we've got Rob Deu and crew popping in at 1.30 today from Wisconsin.
I want to get to a bunch of other news I haven't covered yet.
An interview like that really whacks me out, as you can tell.
Because I'm a weirdo.
I have energy.
I get upset.
I care about freedom.
Having the president endorse communism freaks me out.
You know, I'm a freak.
Oh, what are you on, man?
I have energy.
Gosh, you got so much energy.
What are you on?
What are you not on?
I'm talking to people that make jokes about it.
Why do you think it's so weird to have energy?
Why do you think it's so weird to care?
What's wrong with you?
Why is it weird to not be a coward?
Explain that to me.
Or somebody that doesn't count and isn't involved and sucks their thumb all day.
Explain that to me.
Because I don't think of myself as something special, but when I look at everybody else it makes me sick.
Our listeners are awesome people.
I'm talking to folks tuning in for the first time, or people that make jokes about all this.
This isn't funny.
And by the way, you want to know what I'm on?
I'm on Mother Nature.
I'm getting back in shape.
I'm eating better.
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It's amazing.
I hardly ever even finish a cup of coffee.
Rainforest is incredible.
InfoWarsLife.com as well.
Support us.
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You know we're fighting hard.
We need your support.
I want to go to the next level.
I want to defeat the globalists.
Third hour, 70 seconds away.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, we've covered a lot of really scary negative stuff here, but it's like lancing a boil or pulling a rotten tooth.
It's for the better.
And putting it out there that it's happening exposes it.
That's why the enemy doesn't want it exposed.
It's obvious.
But so many people say, man, you're so negative, you cover all this scary bad stuff.
That's because the enemy doesn't want it exposed.
That's why we're exposing it.
I know I mumbled this this morning, but I'm going from memory.
We do have the guys popping in at 1.30 right from Wisconsin.
We've got good kid Daniels, Rob Dew, and Michael Zimmerman, I believe, are who we sent.
We've already got a lot of amazing stuff there with the Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, George Soros, moron bots running around with the usual suspects trying to violate people's First Amendment and then blaming Trump and others for it.
And they're hitting pay dirt with their operatives.
They had some of the folks with Breitbart.
I think it's an overall good organization, but there's been an attempt to divert them off course, obviously.
Bump into the Trump
Chief of Staff, Campaign Manager.
And I've seen the video from every angle.
It looks like he might grab her by the arm.
She doesn't fall down on the ground.
Her first report was she was pushed to the ground.
It's not true.
And you're walking along with Donald Trump, people are grabbing at you left and right.
I mean, you start getting your arms grabbed.
You go to a rock concert, trying to get up to the very front.
You're going to get grabbed, you're going to get pushed.
What do you do, call the police?
Don't put yourself in that situation.
But the cops let most of the people go that go punching people at these events.
They just let them go.
I always pronounce his name wrong.
It's Corey Luna Bobdowski.
Is that right?
Lewandowski, campaign manager for Donald Trump, is charged with battery!
Dun, dun, dun!
Hillary's not charged with Benghazi or anything, or Obama for ordering the Border Patrol to stand down, and high treason, or any of the other innumerable crimes, the IRS persecuting people, but let me tell you, that big old beanie, Megyn Kelly, is on him, and whoever talks in her ear on the teleprompter, whoever writes Megyn Kelly stuff, they are on Trump!
That'd be Roger Ailes.
The guy that launched Rush Limbaugh.
Of course, Rush Limbaugh isn't against Trump because he realized it's political suicide to be against Trump.
He is the populist figurehead.
I've said it a hundred times, I'll say it again.
Whether you love Trump or hate him, and I've got some reservations, they're scared to death of him.
He represents populism.
They are absolutely in trouble.
The fact that they're having to cheat openly is devastating the globalists irrevocably.
Irrevocable, irrevocation of what credibility was left.
They are running on fumes.
They had an inch of gas six months ago.
They are on fumes.
That engine's already starting to... You ever run out of gas?
Oh my gosh, I gotta get to a gas station.
There's one a hundred yards away.
There's one, you know, a mile away.
And then your car runs out and you gotta walk a half mile to get a gas tank and come fill it up.
The engine is sputtering.
They're out of gas.
Historically, they're going to pull some monkey business, you better believe, the globalists.
They're going to start some wars, some economic collapses, some terror attacks, you name it.
It's a very, very dangerous time, historically, to be alive, I can tell you right now.
I want to hear from you, specifically about Fast and Furious and other false flag events.
We're talking false flags until the crew joins us at the bottom of the hour, 800-259-9231.
Open phones, but on a topic.
False flags.
Fast and Furious is a false flag.
At least to blame the Second Amendment.
Now we know the weapons have been going to Mexico.
That's been confirmed.
Military weapons.
Because our own military didn't want to deliver them.
They woke up and said no.
Started leaking info to Congress.
So they went to ship them down to the Mexican drug cartels.
They'll then ship them out.
And who owns the Mexican drug cartel planes?
You remember Bloomberg even reported Wachovia, Wells Fargo, and other big mega banks.
The little nice man, Warren Buffett.
The drug cartels, you think they can launder $500 billion a year living in a jungle shack?
El Chapo is their front man, their movie star, their cowboy.
They burn when they're ready.
That's why El Chapo has said, send me to the United States.
He'll get in front of a federal judge and tell them everything.
The State Department and Pentagon ordered the families of U.S.
diplomats and military personnel Tuesday to leave posts in southern Turkey due to security fears, reports the Associated Press.
The two agencies said dependents of American staffers at the U.S.
consulate in Adana and other locations must leave.
The so-called order departure notice means the relocation costs will be covered by the government.
In a statement, the military's European command said the step allows for the deliberate safe return of family members from these areas due to continued security concerns in the region.
The move comes amid heightened security concerns throughout Turkey due to the ongoing fight against the Islamic State militants in neighboring Syria and Iraq and was to be accompanied by an updated travel warning advising U.S.
citizens of an increased threat of attack.
It also comes as Turkey's president is set to arrive in Washington.
To attend President Barack Obama's Nuclear Security Summit, you can find more reports on InfoWars.com.
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We're good to go.
From the Infowars.com News Center, deep behind enemy lines, broadcasting worldwide, you're listening to the leading voice globally in the fight for human empowerment against the global technocratic tyranny.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Corey Lewandowski is the chief of staff for Donald Trump.
And I've seen two different side videos of the woman.
Looks like she's touching him and he brushes past her.
Maybe he touches her shoulder.
She said he pushed her down on the ground.
There is no footage of that.
Some people say, oh, this is just, you know, some police report, so they had to do it because she pressed charges.
What's the big deal?
Well, it shows how when Donald Trump sneezes, they say that a typhoon hit Tokyo.
But we now have the surveillance footage that the police have, and we're showing it to TV viewers right now.
I'm describing it for radio listeners, and the reporter comes up beside him, and it looks like all he does is touch her on the shoulder.
I mean, that's it.
And we'll back it up and show it again.
It is just crazy.
You see Donald Trump come by and then she walks over and Lewandowski just touches her on the shoulder and steps in.
She's not pushed down any of it.
They can charge anybody now in a crowd.
This is wild.
Taps her on the shoulder.
And I've seen the other angle too, where that's what he did.
They said, oh, another angle will show him pushing her down on the ground.
Did not happen.
Did not happen.
Did not happen.
You talk about a staged event, you talk about a false flag, that's a frame-up.
It's a frame job.
But it's the way he attacked women, it's the narrative, like the Bush
Campaign person that worked for other big Republicans, gets up at the town hall, puts her hands on her hips and goes, why are you mean to women?
Why do you hate them?
I don't like you!
And then it turns out it was all staged.
All about manipulating women to go basically vote for Hillary.
All about demonizing Donald Trump to women.
And people love to be manipulated, like they're important.
And then you've got this woman, this reporter, all over.
The news.
Talking about how scared she was and how horrible it was.
And I personally have been involved in political rallies where the quote opposition has had a woman run up and claim that I pushed them when I haven't even touched them.
This is a classic classic.
It's like when they said that I said to kill Michelle Malkin within an hour of her putting that out at the Denver Mint at the RNC covering a protest.
They had national news and I'd said, kill Michelle Malkin.
And I ran to the hotel room, we had our own camera footage, showed the people that were with her at the event, behind me, screaming, kill Michelle Malkin.
They left with her.
And I had to send that to the media and they all did retractions.
The Denver Post, Extra, you name it, except the Dallas Morning News.
I had family in Dallas calling me going, you want to kill a little woman?
And I said, no.
They stood behind me and shouted it.
And then they shot footage from the front, but from the side to make it look like I did.
That's how they operate.
I personally, personally... In fact, that's still on YouTube.
I forget what it's called.
Proof Alex Jones didn't say kill Michelle Malkin.
But it's the perfect thing.
The man wanted her dead.
There were the crowd.
He incited them to kill her.
And I've learned since those setups,
When I go into a crowd now, I got an iPhone in my top pocket running recording.
And that way there's a complete record of everything, and I'm gonna get you when you think you get me.
And that's why I will not go in rooms, dressing rooms, behind stages where I'm speaking anywhere with a woman alone.
I see a woman come in, I go, excuse me, I need to get out of here right now.
Get back.
Jesse Ventura is the same way.
Get back.
Get back.
Get back.
Do not come in the room.
That's what you have to do in America.
Because it's the number one dirty trick they pull.
And now they do it on surveillance cameras from three angles.
He touches her arm and she's reaching out for Donald Trump.
And now he's the evil man that attacked the woman.
I got a bunch of clips I want to play but I'm opening the phones up right now.
Before we talk to Rob, doing others about 40 after there in Wisconsin covering the big Trump event coming up where the bikers for Trump are set to square off.
There'll be the police there and the anti-Trumpians.
We have video on Infowars.com.
We're going to play here of anti-Trump supporter attacks a man with a Trump sign.
In colleges everywhere, if Trump is written on the chalkboard or Trump is written on chalk, just Trump 2016, hysteria, psychologist, crying, trauma, fear.
The deans come out and say, this is trauma, this is hate, we're so sorry.
They validate the mental illness.
Imagine doing a skit where I walk around town and see Trump on a car.
Trump, I'm going to go, and then call the police.
I mean, actually call 9-1-1.
I mean, and then when the cops come and arrest me for false report, I'll go, no, I'm scared, my safe place.
But see, I won't do that because it's a false report.
Imagine, you know, it's like somebody calling the cops on somebody at McDonald's because their quarter pounder was cold.
You know, that really happened?
Or was it a Big Mac?
When you look it up, I think it's a Big Mac, but woman calls police on McDonald's because food is cold.
They arrested her for a false report.
But now, there it is, student president feels threatened by Trump 2016 written on a whiteboard.
And then another college was written in the chalk on the grounds.
Everyone's freaking out.
Psychologists are called in.
Remember the reports that Project Veritas did where they go in behind the scenes and go, I was frightened by a pocket constitution.
I'm traumatizing.
We'll get you student counseling.
You have a right to be traumatized.
That's a horrible document.
I'm scared, it's scary!
I saw the name, the name of, what in Pennsylvania, the name of the... Dormitory's Lynch!
They're gonna hang me!
Oh my god!
Oh yeah, and now they keep asking about internment camps.
Do we have that clip?
Yeah, here's Trump for the second time.
I'm going to go to Tucker, Alex, John, Sidney, and others, and Brandon on, what do you think is going on with Fast and Furious?
I mean, we know part of it, but how big is it now going to the Middle East?
You know, Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonels investigating, getting attacked.
I mean, death threats, you name it.
That last hour interview was bombshell.
We're getting that out big tomorrow with a big article with all the facts in the video.
We need a maximum push on that.
We're going to your calls in a moment.
But here's Trump.
Will you put us in internment camps?
Here it is.
Let me ask you, you said that Islam is at war with us.
A lot of people wonder, given some of your proposals, whether or not you would go the next step towards internment camps.
And I know you've never proposed that, but let me just ask you here now, would you categorically rule out the idea of internment camps for American Muslims?
I would rule it out.
But we would have to be very vigilant.
We're going to have to be very smart.
We're going to have to be very vigilant.
And if we're not very, very strong and very, very smart, we have a big, big problem coming up.
We've already had the problem.
Check out the World Trade Center, okay?
Check out the Pentagon.
We've already had the problem.
But I would say you have to be extremely strong, you have to keep your eyes open, and by the way, Muslims in our country have to report bad acts, okay?
When you look at what happened in Europe and Brussels, where many, many people knew this thug from last week was living right in the midst of them.
That's right.
And he was a open borders migrant rights activist.
Look, here's what's going to happen.
This is why Louis Farrakhan, who's a Muslim, doesn't want non-screen Muslims coming in to Greece with Donald Trump.
Because most of the Muslims in this country don't want to blow stuff up, and they're not bad people, okay?
Because they've been more westernized.
The radical ones come in, they're going to attack, and then all Muslims are going to get targeted.
That's what the clash of civilizations is being carried out by the neocons.
It's the ultimate false flag that they bring them in, let them attack, and then take our rights.
And that's what they're doing.
It's not Donald Trump's fault.
Alright, let's go ahead and go to your phone calls.
Alex in Virginia.
Alex, you're on the air.
What did you think of that interview last hour?
Well, I had two questions for you, Alex.
First of all, I'm 22.
I would like to know what you think about Fast and Furious.
Do you believe that it was intended to go to the Middle East from the beginning?
Or do you think it was just in the beginning for the drug war for their profits?
Anything that the globalists do, I've noticed over the years, is done to have multiple effects.
So, ship the guns in, destabilize Mexico, make sure you drive up the price of the drugs, shutting down some of the cartels, so the banks can launder more money, and then also you got the big international banks,
God bless you, Alex.
Well, thank you, brother.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I was listening to the interview, and I knew it when it came out, back when it came out originally, that it was about getting our Second Amendment.
And to be honest with you, I'm scared it doesn't put anything past them.
But my adrenaline, just like you, has never been as high as it is right now.
I just wanted to say God bless.
Every day it seems like there's something new.
It's ridiculous now.
These people need to be taken down somehow.
Well, exactly.
Imagine what we don't know about.
It's already so crazy, but it's double-pronged.
Send guns to Al-Qaeda and ISIS to take over, and get a bunch of people killed in Mexico and blame it on the Second Amendment.
I mean, that's admitted CBS News, the plan to blame the Second Amendment.
I mean, it just shows how evil these people are.
Anything else, Trucker Tim from Texas?
I'm not turning my stuff in.
I'm not turning it in when they come a-knocking.
And these are a bunch of friends that are awake.
I'm sick and tired of these zombies that are walking around.
And on a higher note, and to maybe put a smile on your face and mine, too, I wanted to say, how you doing, Mr. Hicks?
You're a sweetheart.
We're going to be back at Sam Bill Hicks, folks.
We're going to come back and take George Johnson's call.
This is Sharon Hunt.
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That's fpeusa.org.
You can see the unbelievable sight.
The helpless morons.
We'll put it back on screen.
Our crew is in Janesville, Wisconsin.
Thank you.
And you can see all the college students, the PhDs, the people with no future, worshipping Bernie Sanders, worshipping Hillary, running around with their anti-racism signs, all feeling good about themselves.
Just extremely helpless, extremely gullible, extremely controlled by the mainstream media.
They're to battle the evil racist who said that we should have sovereignty and shouldn't pay for everybody's free stuff and if they won't vet the Muslims coming in, they should freeze it temporarily until the government does its job.
People fly in and their IDs are not even looked at in many cases.
That's mainstream news and they think it's hateful to do it.
And I'm sorry, I mean, can you imagine that group of people right there?
I don't care if they're white, black, Hispanic.
Look at the helplessness of those people.
The dumbness.
The pseudo-intellectualness.
The well-meaningness is there.
But they're just a bunch of idiots that want to celebrate their political correctness out there together.
Bigotry is the enemy, which only exists in white people, right?
This is a celebration of the hate of America and Western culture.
No hate in our state.
Women are human beings.
Oh, he's so bad to women.
Don't worry about the Muslim majority that keeps women worse than dogs.
That's okay, that's alright.
We will trade Trump for refugees.
Yes, bring in more jihadis.
Like the refugee leader of a refugee program that blew up the airport and the train station.
I mean, I can't wait to interview some of these people coming up in the next segment.
I'm not a criminal, they say.
Trump hates.
They talk about bringing in all the refugees.
I mean, these folks want some refugees.
One Trump for 10,000 refugees.
And she's just hopping up and down, self-loathing, I guess wants a hood over her head to be drug off into some slave bed.
Senator Saudi Arabia, I'm not a criminal.
I'm a dreamer.
Can I dream?
Can I go to Mexico and get free welfare and free college?
Can I dream?
Oh, I'm a gringo.
And again, most Hispanics don't want free stuff.
Upwards of 70% in America.
Turned out in polls there aren't even citizens don't want open borders.
Mexico's got a wall, but Guatemala doesn't matter.
Intellectual facts do not matter.
Common sense does not matter.
Let's hear some of the moron chanting.
Can we fade this up?
I'll go back to calls in a moment on the false flagging.
Here it is.
Trump spreads hate!
Trump spreads hate!
Trump spreads hate!
Trump spreads hate!
Trump spreads hate!
Meanwhile, we're trying to stop the government shipping guns to Al-Qaeda and ISIS through Mexico that's killed 100,000 Mexicans.
And so we get blamed for killing the Mexicans because our criminal government shipped them down there.
The same ones that hate Trump.
These people are helpless.
They wouldn't even know what Fast and Furious was or Hegelian dialectic.
I'm not being elitist, but you watch MSNBC or CNN,
It's all about how incredibly smart the left is.
How they're just geniuses.
Go out and talk to some at a university.
It's like they've drunk a moron potion or something.
Skype's breaking up.
I'm going to go, uh...
I'm going to go back to the calls here for just a moment.
Let's go ahead and I'll continue on with Simon and Cheshire and John and Cindy and Brandon and everybody else.
Let's go ahead and talk to John in Wisconsin, who's up there.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, how you doing?
I'm doing alright, but looking at those anti-free speech protesters who've been, a lot of them trying to break in and shut down the Holiday Inn.
I mean, that's just a pack of authoritarian dumbos.
Well, I see a guy there that thinks he's a Donovan wannabe with the guitar over there.
I did see a wannabe beatnik, absolutely.
I was watching the video while I was waiting and I saw a guy reach over the snow fences that they put up on the sidewalk and hand somebody a long rectangular piece of paper and he looked at it and they were talking
He folded it up, put it in his pocket, and they shook hands.
Now, that doesn't look like a payoff to me for being here.
I don't know what does.
Well, it's true that they bust most of these morons in from local colleges and give them a lunch at 20 bucks for the day.
That's admitted.
MoveOn.org admits they're doing that.
Well, James Mill's got a jaded past anyhow.
They're very racist over there, and there's a lot of white supremacists and stuff like that.
Well, really, really there is?
Well, I'll tell you this.
I saw the white supremacists that have shown up in Belgium as the opposition to the Muslims, and they're a bunch of drunk idiots who want to act tough.
It's a bunch of gang members.
The Muslims turned into their own racist cult.
You say, well, it's not a religion.
Yeah, but it's like an Arab thing.
And then you got the white supremacists who look like a bunch of idiots, Mexican supremacists, just a bunch of morons.
And then they invoke all this.
It just, it makes me sick.
I mean, look at this beatnik.
I want to interview that beatnik when we come back.
We're going to go to the callers, too, but first we're talking to Rob Dewey and crew.
Thank you, John.
I want to talk to Ronald McDonald before he turned his hair red.
The guy is a Ronald McDonald look-alike.
A bozo the clown, literally.
We'll be back.
Infowars.com is where the resistance to tyranny starts.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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God bless you all.
Rob Dew has to change out cameras here in a minute.
The battery's going down, so we're going to get as much of the interview as we can now.
They are there in Janesville, Wisconsin, site of where Trump is going to be speaking coming up in a little while.
Rob Dew, tell us what's coming up, my friend.
Yes, this is Rob Dew reporting live from Janesville, Wisconsin, where the Trump rally is going to take place at this Holiday Inn Express to my left in about two hours, three hours or so.
He goes on at four.
And so a lot of protesters have gathered up.
This individual here is Luke.
He's been playing music for everybody.
And so Luke, tell me why you're here.
Donald Trump is a racist.
That's clear and simple.
He makes these accusations about people that are
Ask what the accusations are that are false.
Do you have any specifics that you can give me?
He said he wants to stop immigrants coming in.
He said he wants to vet immigrants.
He said there's nothing wrong with having immigrants.
He just wants to vet them.
Oh, oh no!
He said, he said, no, and I remember this.
No, no, no.
He said specifically, we're going to, we're going to shut down immigration until we figure out what's going on.
Yeah, they're only checking the IDs of immigrants.
The head of Homeland Security and the FBI said we don't, we can't properly vet Syrian refugees coming into this country and from other Muslim places.
Italy just closed three of its borders with Albania.
Explain this to the audience.
Is Italy racist?
The Homeland Security, they're scared of everyone, right?
I mean, they're looking at your emails, they're looking at my emails, like, so... Okay, what about Macedonia just put up a border wall for migrants?
Macedonia, they just put up a border fence, essentially, to keep migrants coming out, because they're being flooded and it's destroying their country.
Does that make it okay?
Well, that doesn't make them racist.
Ask him if he has a front door.
Ask him if he has a door.
That doesn't make him racist.
But the comments that he's making... Ask him if he has a door.
That's what they are.
Now, I think what's going on is there's racial division being propagated by a man named George Soros, who you're spotting a lot of his talking points, unfortunately, and he's a billionaire.
And you're here against billionaires, but George Soros is a billionaire.
George Soros is, yeah, sure, but- Ask him if he has a front door, it's the same as offense.
Is there any difference between George Soros and Donald Trump?
No, they're just the same side, they're two different sides at the same point.
But you're spouting his talking points.
Does George Soros care about
Ask Ronald McDonald if he has a door.
Ask if he has a door.
Does he have a door on his house?
Is there a fence on his yard?
Wealth inequality has gone up over the last 50 years immensely.
And it's because of guys like George Soros and Donald Trump who take jobs out of America and put them into... Actually, Bill Clinton helped take jobs out of America.
Ask this moron if he has a door on his house.
He's a neoliberal Democrat.
Alright, um, Alex wants to know if you have a door on your house.
Alex Jones is talking to you right there through that camera.
He wants to know if you have a door on your house.
Or a fence in your yard.
Um, I live with my parents.
I'm 18.
I'm in high school.
But you have a door in your house, right?
Is this what conservatives do?
Is they get online?
We're liberals, dumbass.
We're the real deal.
We're here to save the country, punk.
We built it.
We're the renaissance.
We did it all.
You're an idiot.
You keep uninvited people out, correct?
So then what's wrong with having that at your country?
What's wrong with having that at your country?
A door or a fence?
A door or a fence.
You're keeping people out that you don't want to invite into your country.
It's the same concept.
Why don't we want them here?
Why don't we want them here?
Because we're getting free stuff, Dumbo!
Tell me, why don't we want them here?
Because what they're doing is being brought here, and then they're giving lots of free stuff.
They're giving lots of free stuff?
Where's this magical free stuff coming from?
You'll find out.
You know who gets all the free stuff?
A lot of corporations do.
Oh yeah, a lot of corporations do.
We're against that too.
If you guys want to do this interview, that's cool.
I'm against that too.
Just come over there, though, and not kind of be like... A social justice lawyer just came over and said stop.
Let me see her.
I know.
Are you the handler here?
I'm just encouraging you to not stand in front of our sign, and you can do the interview.
No, I'm not.
No, no, no.
We have free speech.
We have free speech, too.
Stop it.
No, we have free speech, too, witch.
Well, your sign's pretty big.
My boss wanted to interview him.
He was playing.
He said, I'm just asking you to move over.
No, no, no.
Stay there.
Free speech.
We're conservative asking dumb questions.
Let's get out.
Let's get down this way.
And they're going to try to run him off there.
Now watch.
This will encourage them to run him off.
Get ready.
No, no, no.
Submitting to the... This is live TV, folks.
Infowars.com forward slash show if you want to see this.
We're live right now.
So, tell me about your sign.
It says, give love, live peace.
Do you know what sign you were carrying?
Oh, this one?
It's okay to hate things that are evil.
Fascism is evil.
I agree fascism is evil.
Yeah, what about Hillary funding the radical Muslims?
Is that fascism?
And he says things like, we're going to win this with our Second Amendment rights.
You can't tell me that's not threatening people.
I'm not saying that.
I think there's people shooting people all the time, especially in Chicago.
People I love came from Mexico.
They don't need to be sent back.
They don't need walls.
I live in Texas.
I have nothing wrong with that.
Ask her if people attacking Donald Trump supporters is okay.
The guy does not need to be our president.
So is it okay when people attack Donald Trump supporters?
People can support what they want.
Hey, dude, go back.
They don't want you over there in front of the sign.
Go over there and let them see how they do with the First Amendment.
Because it shows that there's still racism alive.
I guarantee you they're about to say, call over the muscle.
They're about to hung out.
There's still people that just hate.
Got it.
All right, well, thank you.
All right, we're going to go over here.
Look at these people, man.
They got the cops right there.
They're trying to tell him what he can and can't do.
We're going to run a Black Panther party.
All right.
I feel bad for this guy.
He's a young kid.
He doesn't really understand.
Let's see.
Let's interview... But they're calling Trump and everybody else a supporter of racists, so they're trying to shout us down.
I want to let them know that there he is.
Hi, you're live on the air right now.
I am Vincent Perret.
Nice to meet you.
Hi, nice to meet you, Vincent.
So why are you here and what do you hope to gain out of all this?
I'm here to make sure that, number one, that we get our message across, that we are trying to keep the love and respect in our communities and try to make sure people aren't being ostracized.
So ask them about Mexico having its own wall and stronger rules than we do.
Why is Mexico allowed to have a wall?
Do you know what happens if you're caught when you go to Mexico illegally?
Uh, no, I haven't got really a whole lot of idea.
They throw you in prison for a year, hard labor.
What's your point?
Well, that's why we have borders.
We were talking earlier about borders, right?
And why we have borders.
And if you just let everybody come in, then eventually it's going to tax the people that are actually paying taxes, paying for the resources that are going, like your parents are doing, and your parents' parents did build this country.
You notice that the toll roads,
Hey, dude, talk to the girl that's Gaga.
Now, dude's married, lady, you can't have him, but talk to the 18-year-old girl.
See that brunette right there?
Talk to her.
Hey, dude, talk to the brunette.
Yeah, they're owned by Spain, brother.
Talk to the girl, dude.
Talk to the girl.
Ask her why she's there.
I don't know if you can hear me.
I can hear you.
So why are you here?
It's just the same.
I have a discomfort with, I guess Trump in particular.
That is what I'm here for.
And it's just making sure that I can illustrate that in a peaceful way.
I'm not, you know, I'm not looking to seek out anyone there.
I, you know, and I don't want to shout at them and I'm not going to assume, you know, I have my information and my beliefs that might be wrong too.
So I'm just kind of a part of everything going on.
So you don't have, you're not strong one way or another, you just decided to come out here?
I mean, I am strongly against Trump.
That is why I am here.
It is to show that discomfort.
I just want to do it in a peaceful fashion so that it's constructive and I'm not shouting.
Ask her why she doesn't like Trump.
I just want to be a part of the whole against Trump without, you know, kind of like helping.
So what's, what's your biggest beef with Trump?
Um, to me, it's just, it's kind of nerve-wracking to see the way, like, he wanted to do our mass deportations, and I understand that, but just, when I was hearing things like the wall he wanted to build, and even maybe labeling Muslims publicly, where they need an ID of some sort.
Ask her if she knows in most Muslim countries we have to wear a hood over our head.
A lot of his policies might be a little too strong.
Ask her if she ever been to a Muslim country.
Have you ever been to a Muslim country?
You would have to wear a hood over your head if you were there.
You don't have to.
You don't have to, they'll just kill you if you don't.
It's actually a choice.
Ask that woman with the feminist shirt behind her if she won one of her big year pursuits.
I think in Qatar you can't either, and Bahrain.
There's plenty of countries there.
If you don't, they have a big problem with that.
This is live coverage at Janesville, Wisconsin.
You're seeing the face of the
Beautiful losers.
There are a lot of times in Muslim history that have been very reasonable.
Yeah, well this ain't it, brother.
Not since Saudi Arabia honched at it.
Well, ask them if we got a time machine, because we, you know, we don't want to go back to the Inquisition either, you know?
Well, they say white people blow up Oklahoma City.
Tell them about the Aztecs as human sacrifice.
Is just any culture the same?
Other than gun owner culture, that's got to be dealt with.
Alright, ask her if she's got anything else, this guy's a moron.
What do you want me to ask?
No, just tell him, ask him if he likes drinking fluoride.
Alright, what do you think of fluoride in the water supply?
Fluoride in the water supply?
I think it's a signal that our government needs to be paying a little bit more attention to the safety of all communities, and especially the poor ones who cannot afford all of the infrastructure.
So if fluoride's so good for
I don't know what you're talking about Florida Florida in the water.
They say it's for your teeth.
All right, right.
Yes What do you mean?
Why why what do you mean?
Why is it so good to drink us?
I'm a biochemist.
So I actually have a lot of biochemist.
I've interviewed by
Ask him if it's hydrofluorosilicic acid or sodium fluoride.
Something they believed was helpful to our health, much like a lot of... So do you know what hydrofluorosilicic acid is?
Do you know, like, dihydrogen monoxide?
Yeah, sure, that's water, punk.
Hydrofluorosilicic acid is what the fluoride that they call, what they put in our water supply, and it comes from the byproducts of fertilizer manufacturing.
It's plastic waste, weasel.
It's good for your teeth.
Yeah, so it doesn't really... what's your point?
No, even the feds have said take it out, jackass.
I'm arguing that you should not put hydrofluorosilicic acid into your body saying it's good for your teeth.
No, now even the American Dental Association says take it out.
No, there's plenty of people that say it causes brain damage.
These folks stormed the hotel yesterday.
Bunch of them are arrested.
In fact, one of the guys who was arrested is back out.
We saw him earlier in the middle of the crowd.
Bigotry is the enemy.
These people just want to feel good, hate everybody.
Do you want to go march through the crowd back in the back, maybe?
Yeah, we probably have to go around over... Yeah, we probably have to go around over this way.
Hey, go over and talk to that... What's that?
No, no, dude, dude.
Go the other way.
Go try to find that minder that was telling you you didn't have any free speech.
Where is she?
Right there in front of you?
She's in a public protest.
Ask her her views.
Again, we're not being mean to them, folks.
They're storming the event and stuff.
These groups have been Soros-funded, Hillary-funded.
They've been caught trying to violate... Talk to this moron.
No hate in our state!
No hate in our state!
No hate in our state!
No hate in our state!
No hate in our state!
No hate in our state!
No hate in our state!
No hate in our state!
No hate in our state!
No hate in our state!
No hate in our state!
No hate in our state!
No hate in our state!
No hate in our state!
No hate in our state!
No hate in our state!
No hate in our state!
No hate in our state!
No hate in our state!
No hate in our state!
No hate in our state!
No hate in our state!
That woman is smart, man.
She's an empowered woman.
Look at her.
I can tell you a little bit about myself if you want.
A lot of people have been, like GM and other companies that have left this area and taken away a lot of the jobs, which I think is why you have a lot of disenfranchised people, instead of blaming Donald Trump for it, who's actually employed people.
Well, I'm here as a white woman and a mother of two white sons, and I don't want to raise my sons in a world shaped by racism and violence.
And that's the kind of message that Donald Trump has used to empower himself.
So you think white people...
Are you the main problem?
No, I do not.
I don't think I'm the main problem, but I absolutely am if I'm silent.
Tell her more.
I will not be silent.
Tell us more about how other people aren't tribal.
I think she's done.
No, no, let her keep going.
Let's hear the little commie chants and idiot chants.
I mean, dude, this is pathetic.
Hey, you think we ought to go talk to some of the Donald Trump supporters?
Hey, you wanna interview the Easter Bunny?
You're gonna love this one, Alex.
And I think he's a fan.
Alright, go back and talk to that guy who's like a security guard.
You gotta meet the Easter Bunny.
Alright, we're live on TV.
So tell us why you're here.
Well, I'm here to see...
I don't know.
It's pretty peaceful.
I saw some people trying to instigate earlier.
It was people from Trump's camp.
But, you know, nobody's falling for it.
Ask him if he's ever taken LSD.
I think Trump people are the problem.
Trump supporters.
No, I mean, I just think they don't know what's going on.
I mean, I really don't understand how you could be behind that and sell the presidency and support
Ask him why the power elite worldwide and the communist Chinese are against him.
Ask this guy what he thinks of the Manson family.
Months ago, it was a joke.
That's what I thought a year ago.
Yeah, you know what?
Actually, we thought that too.
But he has brought out her husband's sexcapades.
Which I think is pretty damaging to what she's doing right now.
Well, yeah, I suppose so.
I mean, I wouldn't vote for Hillary.
Ask him what he thinks of Charlie Manchin.
Actually, Trump, when he started, it was sort of like a protest run.
As a candidate, I think he was surprised at the number of people... Ask him if he takes LSD in the house.
I thought it was a joke.
I really did.
But, Wisconsin for example, obviously there is a history here of people voting against their better interests.
So Alex wants to know, if you take LSD in that bunny suit, what do you think of the Manson family?
Alex Jones, you're live right now.
Oh, hey Alex, how you doing?
Good, we're doing well.
He said we're doing well.
No, no, no, I'm not on drugs and I, no, I'm not a Manson fan.
Are you a player?
What do you do?
What's your job?
I'm an artist.
You're an artist?
Does that surprise you?
No, not at all.
Show us some of your signs.
Let me ask you this, who's more handsome, Emperor Palpatine or Darth Vader?
My favorite Ben Franklin quote.
Oh yeah, he's got a Ben Franklin quote.
Alright, who's more handsome, Emperor Palpatine or who was the other one?
Darth Vader.
Who was the other one, Alex Jones?
Oh, who's more handsome, Emperor Palpatine or Darth Vader?
Alex Jones.
Oh, he said Alex Jones.
You won, Alex.
Oh my gosh, this is ridiculous.
Hey, Ashton Smith, doesn't he see that Trump is a populist manifestation just like Sanders is?
Whether you support him or not, the power structure is against him.
All right.
I kind of asked him that before.
So right now it looks like there's a left and a right populist candidate.
We got Trump and Sanders.
Why do you think that is?
You let me know.
Why do you think that is?
Well, I don't know.
This is the first election in a long time where there's been a full swing of the pendulum.
You know, we had eight years of the far right with Bush, the Bush dynasty continuing, and
Uh, you know, I'm sorry, but I kind of think that our president administration is very centrist at best.
Uh, there were a lot of things, there were a lot of things that the president, President Obama could have done, he should have done, and he didn't.
He played it safe, you know?
And I get that.
Like, running kids?
Alright, good.
Tell the Easter Bunny great.
Go talk to the guy in the red shirt.
There's a guy in camo back behind him.
Let's talk to them.
Over there.
Over there and then over there.
As if you can see me right now.
This is live coverage of the bedlam going on at the Donald Trump rally in Janesville, Wisconsin.
Talk to that Troy line right there.
The woman behind you, dude.
I think we're about to lose battery, but we'll go until we... Hey, do you want to tell me why you're here?
Um, to protest.
Do you know who you're protesting?
Because he's an asshole.
I hope y'all bleep that.
No, that's okay.
You can say that.
Oh, I'm sorry.
That's alright.
So why is he bad?
Just the mainstream media that tells you he's bad?
He's racist.
That's what everybody said today.
Everybody said he's racist.
Same media that tells you about lottery tickets tells you that.
He employs people?
I think he's a lot better of a person to answer your question.
I can't talk to you, there's some intellectual shit talking to you.
Alright, her handler doesn't want me to talk to you.
We're not in a protest to be on national media, which is acting cool right now.
It's for my Facebook's looking intellectual right now.
No, you're the one that said don't talk to her, not me.
Gary Fox, man.
Alright, we're gonna make our way into the crowd.
Let's see what goes on here.
We're gonna go until the battery dies.
Turn this way, kid.
Hey, what's up?
Oh, hold on, turn this way, turn this way.
What's up?
That's right.
No, I don't think he was trying to make it.
I don't think he was trying to help at all.
I think he signs a list every day and they bomb people with drones and he does it
They kill families, they kill wedding parties, they kill children.
Have you seen the children that have been killed by drug traffickers?
You're not in the right country.
You're in America, so that's your opinion.
That's my opinion, you know?
No, no.
Oh, I know.
Our government funded ISIS.
Whatever you think, it don't matter to me.
I know Trump don't need to be in the office.
That's my opinion.
Hey, what's that horn?
Hey, dude, dude, dude, dude.
Tell him thank you.
I want to hear this horn.
Who's blowing the horn?
Dude, that's enough.
I want to go talk to those people down there.
The hornblowers?
Yes, let's go talk to the hornblowers.
Alright, let's get to it.
Folks, this is all brought to you by InfoWarsLive.com and Hillary for President shirts.
Because Benghazi and Fast and Furious are reasons for it.
Take action today and fund the Temple Spear in the Info War.
You're financing new, wallowing around with these people.
So, how do you like hornblowing?
Actually, I'm getting back in shape from my French horn days of high school.
So you're an old pro?
I am an old pro, yes.
Tell me why you hate Trump.
He has no foreign policy.
He absolutely hates women.
He was against funding ISIS.
He doesn't want war with Russia for no reason.
If anyone knows somebody, first generation Mexican or other immigrant,
You know, how can you possibly support this man?
He has no policies that make any concrete sense.
He doesn't know what he's doing.
Ask this lady why countries are allowed to have borders but we can't.
Why can't we have borders but everybody else can't?
You put a seven point plan out.
Why can't we have borders?
Ask her if she has a door on her house.
Are you on Obamacare right now?
No, I'm not.
Ask her if she has a door on her house.
Ask her if she has a door on her house.
Does she have a door on her house?
Do I have a door on my house?
Of course I do.
I have many doors on my house.
I do not have a fence.
Yes, I do.
And I have a large dog as well.
Oh, a large dog?
So that's essentially what a border is.
Right, I understand that.
How many of the people come over here are actually violent and causing harm?
I would say not the majority of them, but the ones that are, we need to deport.
I believe in borders, but I do not believe in a wall.
Obama's gotten rid of it!
These people are idiots, man.
Obama is doing a good job at killing the border.
Look at this pea brain.
Talk to pea brain.
You build a 10-foot wall, they're going to be selling 11-foot ladders.
I think he just said it's going to get 10 feet higher.
I don't want to stand on your sign.
They're going to sell 21-foot ladders.
Obviously, that's a stunt to say it.
The point is, you've got to have some border... Even if it were a problem.
We're not bordering Switzerland, lady.
So you don't think...
Ask her if I can go to Mexico illegally.
Ask her if Mexico has walls.
Well, what if I go to Mexico illegally?
Are they going to accept me?
Yeah, my staff and I just moved to Mexico eight months ago.
You'd do it legally.
We're going to be back in 70 seconds.
We're going to keep rolling during the deal.
Oh, so she is.
Mexico doesn't have a border.
You heard her.
You can just go there.
Can't have babies for free.
Not true.
Stay with us.
Brainforce, it's completely different.
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Rob Dew joins us.
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From the Front Lines.
From the Front Lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Mother, tell your children not to walk my way.
Tell your children not to hear my words, what they mean, what they say.
Can you keep them in the dark for life?
Can you hide them from the weighted world?
I think their Skype just broke up, so they're gone.
Gonna take your daughter out tonight.
Gonna show her my world.
Do you wanna ram heads with me, baby?
Ah, we're getting into the Christian hymns here today, I apologize.
Infowars.com, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
And Rob Dew has come back in, his Skype has reoriented, and he's here to give us a final transmission before David Knight, back from on the road on the East Coast covering the Trump events, is with us.
Here's my deal.
I don't completely trust Trump.
He says stuff I disagree with, but the hysteria and misrepresentation over everything he says with the war crimes of Hillary and the evil of Obama and the neocon Republicans
The man has a saintly record compared to them.
And he isn't a hypocrite about women or anything else like Cruz.
I am down for Trump just to be anti-establishment and pro-populist.
Rob Dewey, what do you say from Janesville, Wisconsin?
His mic is internal, not external.
Plug your mic in.
Dewey's doing such a great job.
And hey, even mainstream media doesn't have tech that works this good.
We're doing great with Sky.
I hear you, go ahead.
You know, people talk about Trump's past or where he did this or that.
Bernie Sanders used to write smut porn and talk about how, like, women like to be raped.
They like to fantasize about that.
So, what's up, man?
I want to talk to him.
Hey, talk to this guy.
The thing is, we can't all get along if we have disagreements.
We can all, like, get along and be civil.
So, that's one thing that is going on here today, Alex, is that it's been very civil.
These people are misguided and I feel bad for them, but that's about all you can do at this point.
Well, Trump's coming up, what, in about two hours?
Trump's coming up in two hours?
I don't even want you to get in there and cover him.
I mean, he can't be won.
I want you to cover these people.
Yeah, I think it's going to get really heated about the time he gets here, so we'll be here covering that.
I've been putting up reports all day.
I've got a lot more stuff shot that I just haven't had time to upload, but we'll be uploading that.
Kid Daniels has been shooting.
He's done a great job.
The articles are up on InfoWars.com.
Hey dude, what about asking them why they get hysterical about the word Trump written on chalk?
Maybe you should get chalk and write it in front of them and see if they have a heart attack.
Alright, I'll see if we can do that.
That's a good idea.
I did ask a couple people about that and uh, you know, it's definitely getting louder.
Oh see, they had to change it.
Somebody came up, there's this lady here, and told them to change it to Black Lives Matter.
Let's go find out if she told them to change it.
She told them to change.
Hey, can I talk to you real quick?
So, they were just saying All Lives Matter, and then it said, did you go up there and tell them to just say Black Lives Matter?
No, I said we do each one.
Oh, no!
Yeah, because All Lives Matter.
Oh, you do each one?
You're not just breaking it up.
I didn't even know.
Well, tell her, Senate Bill stands racist to say All Lives Matter.
If you was not supposed to know, if you was not supposed to know, if you noticed, they were standing before I went over there.
I saw the All Lives Matter, I heard it.
And that's when I thought they switched.
I thought you went over there and took it off mic.
I'm sure they get scared if they see the name Donald Trump.
If I get scared of their sign, say Trump, I need a psychologist.
She's got a sign that says you're fired.
That kind of scares me.
I don't ever want to be fired.
But yeah, they definitely have learned how to shut down any type of discourse between people.
Do you know you're not getting fired?
No, I know.
I'm not worried about
We're going to have you set up on a big pink pillow in the control room.
Like a royal creature.
Yeah, this has been very interesting.
It's definitely... I see you're not a golfer.
Because there's three more events, Alex.
There's two tomorrow and one Saturday.
And there may be even more.
He's talking about going to Madison, Wisconsin, which is a liberal hotbed.
So that would be huge.
I think if he was there...
Next time, David Knight's coming up.
I want you to have him introduced.
Continue on, as long as your battery goes.
Now you've got to get recharged, you know, there are batteries and stuff.
But Rob, do a great job.
We'll follow your work and all the videos you're about to upload on HDinfowars.com.
There's 55 minutes of transmission left.
I'm Alex Jones.
David Knight's coming out of the bullpen.
The State Department and Pentagon ordered the families of U.S.
diplomats and military personnel Tuesday to leave post in southern Turkey due to security fears, reports the Associated Press.
The two agencies said dependents of American staffers at the U.S.
consulate in Adana and other locations must leave.
The so-called order departure notice means the relocation costs will be covered by the government.
In a statement, the military's European command said the step allows for the deliberate safe return of family members from these areas due to continued security concerns in the region.
The move comes amid heightened security concerns throughout Turkey due to the ongoing fight against the Islamic State militants in neighboring Syria and Iraq, and was to be accompanied by an updated travel warning advising U.S.
citizens of an increased threat of attack.
It also comes as Turkey's president is set to arrive in Washington
We're good.
Uh, yeah.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show on this Tuesday, March 29th, 2016.
I'm your host David Knight in the studio.
We're going to be going back to Rob Dew in Wisconsin.
And of course, Donald Trump is holding a rally at the hometown of Paul Ryan.
When Paul Ryan came out in opposition to him, strongly in opposition to him, and of course...
We're hearing all these GOP establishment figures like John Boehner, former Speaker of the House, saying, I want to have Paul Ryan as President.
And Paul Ryan, no, no, no, not me, not me.
No, no, no, I don't want the job.
And we heard that all before, haven't we?
We heard all that when they were offering him as Speaker of the House, and then they kept twisting his arm, and then he became Speaker of the House, reluctantly grasping the reins of power.
You know, this is a guy who's now saying he doesn't want to be president, but it was just the last election.
He was running for vice president, okay?
So this is part of the Republican establishment.
Donald Trump goes to his hometown to basically take it straight to him.
There's a large contingent of people there that are pushing back and this is something that was inevitable from the very beginning.
Donald Trump pushed back against political correctness and I think that's one of the things that those of us who like him and again I don't believe that he's a perfect person.
I don't agree with him on the civil liberties issues, but you know what?
It's really slim pickings on civil liberties.
I don't know anybody in either party that is currently running for president that is good on civil liberties.
I liked a lot of the stuff that Rand Paul said.
He's not there anymore, okay?
And I would have liked to have seen him a lot stronger on civil liberties than he was.
And even the Libertarian Party, I thought they were extremely weak four years ago under Gary Johnson.
He tended to focus on gay marriage and abortion and ignore the national security state, the police state.
I couldn't believe what he chose to focus on.
So, yeah, there's not a lot of choices out there, even running third party for civil liberties.
We're going to have to do that in a different way, folks.
I don't think we're going to find a person who loves to have power
Who's going to divest that from the center.
But we can do some things to block the globalists.
For whatever reason, Donald Trump for over 30 years has opposed the kind of globalist trade deals that we've seen.
He's opposed the foreign policy that puts America's interests last.
He is now proposing an America First foreign policy.
He didn't coin that term, but he is using it repeatedly.
And we're going to talk today about an in-depth interview that he had with the New York Times.
It was a very good interview because it was about 40 pages if you print out the transcript.
I don't want to talk about the back and forth, because this is what the establishment of both parties wants to focus on.
We have a very narrow range of issues that are always talked about.
And there's a slight distinction, but not much of a difference between the two parties on those issues, as I've said before.
And then on civil liberties, the only thing that's ever talked about is the Second Amendment.
Everything else is pretty much ignored.
This is the first time we've had a candidate who has directly attacked the establishment, the banks, the central banks, the globalists, the elitists who are writing these trade deals in secret.
I think that is a big thing.
But of course, going back to what I started to talk about, the political correctness and his attack on that, using that, as the left has, as the right is now doing with Megyn Kelly and Fox News,
They use political correctness and the perpetually offended victim ideas to shut down any discussion of issues.
Because if you start to get on to a real substantive issue, they shut you down and call you a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a xenophobe, whatever.
Just to shut it down.
They use these labels.
And that's what you heard as Rob Doo was going down the crowd and talking to people.
Why don't you like Donald Trump?
He's a racist.
He's a racist.
That's all they talk about.
So it was inevitable when he started pushing back on political correctness that it was going to be a head-to-head collision with these people, that they were going to be absolutely furious and call him racist repeatedly because it wasn't having any effect.
He went directly to their primary method of controlling the discussion by dumbing it down
By shaming you into silence, by calling you a racist whenever you disagree with them on a policy issue.
Rob Dues, ready?
Let's go back to that crowd.
I want to see what's happening there and ask Rob a couple of questions.
Rob, are there any people there lining up for the event tonight?
It's quite a few hours away, isn't it?
I have no Trump supporters here at all.
It's totally devoid.
These are all anti-Trump.
Oh, no, I'm kidding.
These are all the Trump supporters right here.
So the line starts over here, comes this way, and then snakes back beyond these people way over that way.
It's a huge crowd.
I'll show you the full crowd.
We're going to come around.
It's huge.
And I asked you that question, Rob, because...
I ask you that question because when we were in New York, everybody was focusing.
There was the event there, AIPAC.
They had about 15,000 people going into this massive Verizon Stadium there to listen to the speakers.
And they had a small group of protesters that were surrounded by police to protect them from the crowd, to protect the crowd from them.
And that crowd stayed there.
You could see that crowd after everybody had filed in.
But the media comes by, the drive-by media takes a picture of it.
I don't want to interrupt you, but here's the rest of the credit.
Stakes along back this way.
Wow, wow.
Way over there.
I think they should have got a bigger boat to quote Jaws.
And see, that's the thing.
You can see that there in Washington, they were all compacted and flowing back and forth into a, it was a line, but it looked like a massive mob.
What's up Alex?
Stay right here, I'll interview you in a second.
Yeah, it's amazing.
It's a lot of people here.
The protesters, I would say it's 21 Trump supporters who are protesters.
I got one right here who just came over to me.
He said he wanted to say hi to Alex Jones.
David Knight is actually on the air right now.
Why are you here?
What makes Trump like your candidate?
Because he says what's on his mind, and he's not afraid to say it.
So I like that.
I like where he stands on different issues.
Protecting America, making America great, bringing jobs back.
Well, what's wrong with taking care of America?
Every other country takes care of themselves.
Why can't we be proud Americans and do what's best for this country?
You're talking like a true racist.
They call me what they want to, but you know, I don't wear the label black, African American.
I'm an American.
And I, you know, I've learned a lot over the years and it's about America.
It's about this country and doing what's right for this country.
So that's where Trump is leaning, and so that's where I'm at.
I hope you make it in.
I think you're going to make it in.
Well, I hope so.
I've been here for over three hours.
So I hope I will.
David, I was out here at 9 a.m.
and there was already a line forming.
No protesters at that time, so it was definitely far out.
Do you have any questions for this man?
What's your name?
Ken Hereford.
This is Ken.
Do you have any questions for Mr. Ken?
Yeah, I was going to tell him that I was going to cover a story from National Review, where basically they're attacking the white middle class now, saying that white middle class sees themselves as victims.
They're just not doing anything.
They're using drugs and it's all their fault.
And we've heard this for many years about the black community.
That's the way they've attacked the black community as well.
And when I see him there, I understand that, you know, I think now when we look at this story, we understand this has been a technique to essentially shut down white people's sympathy for what's going on in the black community.
But now we need to understand that the real divide isn't between black and white, but it's between the elitist and the middle and lower class.
Long quest.
Yeah, go ahead.
Yeah, I know.
Just kind of giving that feel for you.
Yeah, sure, sure.
So this is a National Review article you're talking about?
Yeah, yeah.
So David's talking about there's a National Review article that came out and basically saying that it's the white middle class has screwed up America, the kids are spoiled, they're using drugs and you know just not being good citizens and so
David's saying that was the arguments they were also using in the 50s and 60s against blacks to try to separate people.
Trying to say, so now the middle class is bad for America and so I guess we need elites and then like low worker serfs.
I guess that's the only way we can have happiness, true happiness in America.
But anyway, what do you think about that and have you seen that in your living and your life?
No, as a matter of fact, that kind of takes the opposite opinion on that.
I believe one of the reasons that America has fallen, yeah, we got to deal with some issues.
America's not perfect.
There's racism.
There's all kinds of stuff.
But at the end of the day, the overwhelming majority of Americans are American.
And it's about America.
And so I don't buy into that.
I just think one of the problems, I think, with white America is this.
They're too intimidated to speak up for what's right because they're afraid of being labeled for stuff.
Speak up for what's right.
You don't have to stand up for what's wrong, but speak up for what's right.
Stop being intimidated because it's hurting the entire country because you won't stand up for what's right.
I don't care if it's a black person or Latino or white person commit crime, he needs to go to jail.
If he's doing things wrong, they need to be dealt with.
You know, and for the people who's working hard, doing right, we need opportunity to fail or succeed.
We don't need big government telling us what to do.
I don't need them watching over me, telling me what I can and can't have.
We don't need them shipping in their drugs either.
Right, exactly.
So if I succeed, I succeed.
If I fail, I fail.
But allow me the freedom to do that.
And I believe in liberty.
That's why I love this station.
Because I believe in liberty.
Right on.
Do you live here in Wisconsin?
Yeah, I live in Beloit, Wisconsin.
Alright, what do you do for a living?
I'm a substitute teacher.
All right.
I used to do that.
Middle school is the worst.
Hey, I think that's unanimous with all teachers, man.
You can try your hardest to stay away from the middle schools, but sometimes you got to go bite the bullet.
Those kids need help, too, though.
Hey, good luck to you.
Thanks a lot for talking.
Thanks a lot.
All right.
So yeah, Richard said you're from the Ukraine?
I'm actually not from Ukraine, but all four of my grandparents came over legally.
They had to wait the lottery.
They were refugees.
My grandfather, one of my grandfathers married my grandmother, and he came over to America and had to wait.
She had to wait to come over as well.
But in regards to that, I know I can just talk about anything forever, but I'm Ukrainian 100%, and what's going on in Ukraine right now needs to be addressed.
And I know that Kasich addressed it.
And I want to find out what Trump has to say as well because, to be honest with you, I voted Kasich in the Illinois primary because I was at the UIC Convention Center and he canceled it because of the protests.
And I didn't get to hear what he had to say, unfiltered by the media.
That's why I'm here today because even though I'm not a voter in Wisconsin,
He might be the president one day.
He might get the nomination.
Oh, if he gets the nomination for sure, like seriously, I will vote for him for reals.
Like for serious, I'll vote for him.
Sorry, I'm trying to be hip with the culture and everything like that and be on fleek, but you know.
We're not super hip at InfoWars.
David, do you know what's going on with Soros' or I guess Trump's view of what's going on in the Ukraine?
Has he come out and said anything about it?
I'm going to talk about his foreign policy approach to it.
Of course, what he said about what he said about the Ukraine, Rob, was that he was surprised that the countries that were close to Ukraine weren't taking a more active role in it if they thought that it was a danger from Russia.
And that, of course, plays into what he was talking about with America First.
We're going to go right back to Rob Dew.
Stay with us.
He's in Wisconsin at the Trump rally.
We'll be right back.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm David Knight, your host on this Tuesday, March 29, 2016.
Of course, we have Rob Dew and the Infowars crew at the Wisconsin rally that's at the hometown of Paul Ryan.
And when we come back, we're going to have Rob Dew ask some of the people online how they feel about this effort to take the delegates after the election.
This is what the GOP establishment is doing.
It's what Ted Cruz is doing with their encouragement, with their support.
And of course, Paul Ryan, from the town where this rally is being held, is one of the names that they're holding up as someone they might coronate.
Because, you know, the voters just can't get it right.
Yeah, I think we need to stop talking about how they're trying to stop Trump.
How they're trying to steal the votes from Trump.
No, they're stealing the votes from the voters.
Remember we had that political consultant on Showtime's The Circus saying, you know what, all Donald Trump's got is a lot of voters, so let's just take the voters.
Now he didn't say, so let's just take the voters.
He did say, all he's got is a bunch of voters.
Well, that's our voice.
That's our input into the government.
As small as it is.
As corrupt as the whole system is.
That's our only little voice.
And now they want to take even that away.
And that ought to make us incredibly angry.
Just as angry as if we saw them coming in with guns and carting out boxes full of ballots and burning them after we had voted.
Because that's what Ted Cruz and the GOP is doing.
They're using every tactic they can to get rid of the voters' preferences.
And we've got a situation where you've got a massive plurality for one candidate, and they throw this to the wind because they say, no, no, no, our magic rule is 50% plus one.
And it doesn't matter if we've got hundreds more delegates for this one candidate.
We've got a massive plurality for this candidate.
It doesn't matter if he won every single district in South Carolina, every single delegate.
No, no, no.
We're going to give those delegates to Ted Cruz.
They do that.
There ought to be a revolution, and if there isn't, this country is over.
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That way, they will never go out of stock for you.
Do we have... We got Rob back.
Let's go back to Rob.
I want to see if Rob can ask some people there how they feel about this Stop Trump movement, which is really Stop the Vote.
That's what we ought to start calling it.
Stop the Vote.
We had the GOP delegates say, hey, why do we have primaries and caucuses?
He said, well, that's a good question.
I don't even know why we need those because we delegates are going to be the ones who decide.
Well, hey, David, as I was I was over here in the Trump line, the people going to see Trump, I saw this lady.
Her name's Ariella, and she has a love Trump's hate.
And so I haven't even asked her this yet.
I just told her to stand by.
So are you a Trump supporter or are you a protester?
I'm a protester.
And so why are you in line to go see Trump?
Because as a citizen of this country I have a right to hear what a presidential candidate has to say.
And you're going to bring that sign in?
I'm going to try.
And are you going to try to disrupt the rally in any way?
No, my intention is to go in peace, for sure.
I just want to make my voice heard regardless.
I do feel like, you know, I have a right to make my voice heard, though.
What do you think about the Republican establishment coming out and saying, and this one of the heads, I think he was in Nebraska, said, these elections don't even matter because the party picks who they're going to run for president.
What kind of country is that?
One that's not controlled by the people.
So... How does she feel about the Democrat superdelegates?
Does she like that situation?
How do you feel about... So Louisiana primary, before it started, zero percent votes coming in.
Hillary already had six delegates.
How do you feel about that?
Like they're literally stealing it from Bernie Sanders.
I'm completely convinced that these elections are rigged.
I've seen evidence in prior elections that I've worked where the numbers didn't line up and I just didn't have enough evidence because, you know, I was only one person.
But the citizens always know, I think, in the end.
I agree.
Yeah, there definitely is something going on.
So are you going with friends?
Are your friends Trump supporters?
You know, all my friends are over with other protesters.
Nobody wanted to join me in the line.
So presently I'm going in alone.
So you're not afraid that you're going to get attacked or you're not afraid of any threats of violence against yourself?
It could happen to me, but Martin Luther King was willing to put up with a lot, and he died for his cause, so I kind of use him as my little inner hero.
He inspires me to stay strong.
We've got to go to break, Rob.
That's good, I agree with that.
I absolutely agree with going to a protest, holding up your sign silently as long as you don't disrupt and shut down other people's speech.